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We are four

Posted on November 07, 2015 by

So, it’s our birthday. It was exactly four years ago today, on the 7th of November 2011, that Wings Over Scotland published the first post of what was supposed to be a pretty insignificant spare-time blog picking out interesting politics stories in the day’s Scottish media and challenging any inaccuracies in them.


It got a bit out of control, frankly.

Over its lifespan Wings has now been read by more people than the entire population of Scotland, with page views approaching 120 million. Crivvens.

We’re not going to bang on at length about it – we’ve already had one stats post this month, and everything’s been said before anyway – but since we’ve never been able to find a decent WordPress plugin for the function, we thought you might like a little reference guide/nostalgia trip through the 100 most-read posts in those four years.

So here they are.

1. The Wee Blue Book (11 August 2014)
First edition.

2. Enough is enough (20 September 2014)
The BBC report the George Square riots.

3. And then my heart went boom (13 September 2014)
The BBC report Yes crowds in Glasgow.

4. How Scotland will be robbed (20 August 2014)
Our most popular article of many on the “more powers” trap.

5. We told you so #2 (23 September 2014)
The trap is sprung.

6. Us, now, or never (18 September 2014)
Our best shot.

7. Out in the open (11 September 2014)
The complete Nick Robinson vs Alex Salmond

8. Our man on the scene (24 September 2014)
No, the referendum wasn’t “rigged”.

9. Dear Alistair (9 August 2014)
A letter to Mr Darling. By Robert Moffat.

10. We are not afraid (14 September 2014)
A very brave woman climbs up a castle.

11. Handed back on a plate (11 September 2014)
The first report of Robinson vs Salmond.

12. Here comes the love (20 August 2014)
After lovebombing fails, the big stick is brandished.

13. From the office of Ed Miliband (28 October 2014)
The Daily Record and The Vow.

14. Waiting for Nicola (4 May 2015)
A little girl and two Nazi thugs as the First Minister comes to town.

15. It’s England’s Oil (28 August 2014)
James Naughtie, unlikely Scottish nationalist.

16. The safety of the town (4 May 2015)
Panic on the streets of Glasgow with Jim Murphy and James Cook.

17. The country that wasn’t (19 September 2014)
The morning after.

18. This is how dumb (22 April 2014)
Two editions of the same paper, two very different pensions stories.

19. Why Labour doesn’t need Scotland (10 January 2012)
Our first big myth-busting hit.

20. Unleashing a firestorm (3 February 2014)
The Financial Times sets the cat among the pigeons.

21. Be sure the truth will find you out (15 October 2014)
Having got what it wanted, the Daily Record starts to panic.

22. Point and counterpoint (10 September 2014)
“We love you, Scotland! Sod off, Scotland!”

23. Asking for it (1 March 2015)
Some things funded by the UK government.

24. Stronger for Scotland (7 May 2015)
Some election-day Photoshopping.

25. The pride of Britain (31 July 2013)
Smiling MPs open foodbanks.

26. Under rocks and slime (2 June 2015)
Unionists blame SNP for death of Charles Kennedy.

27. And now for the truth (27 November 2014)
Deconstructing the Smith Commission report.

28. Why we love Twitter (29 October 2015)
Our own Doug Daniel‘s pranking of Kezia Dugdale goes viral.

29. The best of friends (22 September 2014)
Scottish Labour and the BNP/K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

30. Setting the Record straight (20 February 2015)
The Daily Record’s £20bn devolution lie exposed.

31. Not quite getting it (19 November 2014)
Kezia Dugdale demands Nicola Sturgeon takes over the UK government.

32. A serious case of hypocrisy (23 April 2015)
Scottish Labour’s massive double standards on internet abuse.

33. Popularity contest – results in (5 May 2015)
Gypsy Rose JK Rowling, fortune-teller.

34. The desperate hours (3 May 2015)
Scottish Labour stare into the electoral abyss.

35. When you’re happy and you know it (29 July 2014)
Project Fear’s Greatest Hits.

35. The only stat that matters (5 August 2014)
The strange tale of polling after the first Salmond-Darling debate.

36. The Great Work’n’Dole Swindle (9 July 2015)
Even the Daily Mail can’t bend the reality of austerity enough.

37. The scum of the Earth (6 June 2015)
The Daily Mail picks up the “SNP KILLED CHARLES KENNEDY!” ball.

38. Welcome to the debate (27 November 2013)
Katie Hopkins on Scottish independence. Oh yes.

39. Zoomer Patrol (9 March 2015)
The Natpocalypse looms over a terrified media.

40. Fooled you twice, suckers (19 September 2014)
An optimistic Ed Miliband plots to betray The Vow once elected.

41. The Ne’erday Game (1 January 2015)
For people who still don’t see the parallels between football and politics reporting.

42. Taking the biscuits (4 October 2014)
The Lib Dems thank the media for saving the Union.

43. To break your walls (10 March 2015)
Nicola Sturgeon as Miley Cyrus.

44. Fury as new hospital is too amazing (28 April 2015)
Vile SNP spends too much on NHS.

45. Kezia Dugdale is a liar (25 August 2014)
The perils of telling people to check your facts.

46. What does it mean to be Scottish? (3 August 2014)
Nationalism, internationalism and identity. By Ryan Miller.

47. The Nurse Who Wasn’t An Actress (26 February 2015)
Just another ordinary voter.

48. The historical debt (3 April 2014)
How Scotland subsidised the UK long before oil.

49. How the north was lost (11 May 2015)
Jim Murphy’s pitch for the “drunken football thug” demograhic goes wrong.

50. An actual letter from America (29 May 2014)
What the US really thinks about Scottish independence. By Will McLeod.

51. The lockout (12 May 2015)
How two Scottish MPs get to dominate the views of the other 57.

52. The thickest of it (4 June 2015)
Myths and truths about Labour’s electoral implosion.

53. Club membership increases (11 October 2014)
David Mundell on UKIP winning Clacton. By Chris Cairns.

54. The lesser of two stupids (1 September 2015)
Very slightly controversial piece on Gaelic and Tory lies.

55. By way of example (8 October 2014)
Scottish Labour hypocrisy part 1,729. This time on ScotRail.

56. A lie won’t fly (21 September 2014)
The dangers of breaking The Vow, by former Labour MP Eric Joyce.

57. Zoomers on stunned (20 April 2015)
As the polls stubbornly refuse to shift, the media starts to lose its mind.

58. The angriest man in Scotland (28 August 2015)
How the Holyrood electoral system might make Adam Tomkins an MSP.

59. The apprentice (11 August 2015)
A closer look at the CV of Michelle Mone, peer of the realm.

60. Your friends and neighbours (2 May 2015)
Some ordinary Scottish Labour voters write remarkably similar letters.

61. Spoken in jest (16 March 2015)
The Sun portrays Scots as scrounging immigrants.

62. We have a number of questions (16 September 2014)
The Telegraph thinks several million pounds is a “six-figure sum”.

63. Yeah, that definitely seems fine (9 March 2015)
Steve Bell of the Guardian trolls the Nats, with unhilarious consequences.

64. Lies caught while you wait (17 August 2014)
Alistair Darling tries to pull a fast one over taxation in Denmark.

65. All over the place (7 September 2014)
Ed Miliband’s border guards, and the first confused trailers for The Vow.

66. On public record (23 May 2015)
The top flies off the “MemoGate” can of worms.

67. Voters less ordinary (10 June 2014)
Clare Lally makes her debut on the political stage. Or does she?

68. More ordinary voters (14 August 2014)
The Tories jump on the “normal people in your area” bandwagon.

69. Kicking the dog until it bites (6 September 2014)
Our friends in the south.

70. A matter of scale (12 April 2015)
The BBC makes a visual adjustment to the SNP’s electoral prospects.

71. Advice for Jeremy Corbyn (27 September 2015)
How to squander a couple of million people’s goodwill overnight.

72. Nick Clegg Signs Another Pledge (15 September 2014)
Our snap judgement on The Vow.

73. Ask and ye shall receive (7 February 2014)
English people urge Scots to vote Yes so they can move to Scotland.

74. Friendly help for Kezia Dugdale (23 April 2015)
Ian Smart, This Is Your Life.

75. The faithful lie (19 November 2014)
Dismantling Scottish Labour’s most cherished myth: “Vote SNP, get Tories”.

76. Don’t vote in ignorance (17 September 2014)
Scottish Labour plead with those who don’t know anything to stay that way.

77. Margaret Curran, Buzzfeed User (18 November 2014)
How one Labour MP was more expensive than an entire government.

78. Less than the whole truth (3 October 2015)
The media covers up the real reason Scotland’s police want to quit.

79. To my friends in Labour (13 September 2014)
A Labour case for independence. By former member and activist James Forrest.

80. The ordinary people (23 August 2014)
Yet another tale of not-so-normal voters.

81. On our own two feet (22 December 2013)
A Treasury civil servant and the truth about Scotland’s finances. By John Jappy.

82. Know what you’re voting for (28 January 2015)
Scottish Labour’s secret and meaningless “constitution”.

83. The non-political Games (25 July 2014)
Only one side tried to politicise the Commonwealth Games. Guess which?

84. A difficulty with facts (4 March 2015)
Kezia Dugdale tries to rewrite Labour’s history on tuition fees.

85. The cream puff (28 October 2014)
Daily Record editor Murray Foote gets defensive over The Vow.

86. In your media today (24 June 2015)
Vile cybernats and the SNP team up for a “republican insurrection”.

87. The biggest lie in history (27 November 2014)
Catching the Daily Record red-handed in a £20bn whopper.

88. This is how you tell a lie (5 March 2015)
Debunking Scottish Labour’s “biggest party forms the government” hypocrisy.

89. The power of the press (10 May 2015)
The incredible success of the “SNPout” tactical-voting campaign.

90. What’s your point, caller? (17 March 2015)
Your humble reporter rings in to the Kaye Adams Show.

91. You just can’t make this stuff up (24 October 2014)
Johann Lamont resigns because she doesn’t have enough independence. Irony.

92. It’s kinda funny (9 September 2015)
At least the Tories do actually sack their abusive elected representatives.

93. If only someone had thought (8 November 2014)
George Osborne has the bright idea of setting up an oil fund.

93. The pooling and the sharing (16 October 2014)
Scotland sends £12bn to Westminster in return for £1bn of spending.

94. The sharpest bulb in the packet (1 March 2015)
Kezia Dugdale fails to practice what she preaches.

95. The REAL reason Labour fear the SNP (12 March 2015)
The political party that was petrified of power.

96. A letter from Quebec (23 June 2014)
Some advice on referendums. By Viviane Martinova-Croteau.

97. The voices of unity (22 September 2014)
One Scotland.

98. The something and nothing election (8 May 2015)
We live in almost unprecedentedly interesting political times.

99. I think the Nazis are pretty good (27 April 2015)
Clickbait for a purpose.

100. The truth about CalMac (short version) (22 June 2015)
This one’s got some way to run yet.

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234 to “We are four”

  1. Itchybiscuit says:

    Hippy Birdie Two Ewes!

  2. Fiona says:

    You have achieved a hell of a lot and it was much needed. You should be very proud. But you know that 😉

  3. Bob Mack says:

    Many happy returns to you Rev,and all the contributors.
    Wings is our “baby” ,and as such is loved and cared for by many.
    Can’t wait to see how you grow up.

  4. Donald MacKenzie says:

    Just a pity it’s not a reputable site. Kezia said it wasn’t, so it can’t be!

  5. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Fantastic work, Stu. You must sometimes look around and think “Christ, how did that happen…”

    Re the stats, does the word press thing have any indicators for where people are accessing wings from, from server traffic? Scot, UK, world? Or is it too blunt a thing to determine.

  6. Rob says:

    Yes, happy birthday. Many happy returns, four years well spent!

  7. Capella says:

    Some reading list there. Congratulations on the fantastic success of the site. Who would have thought that a Vicar of Bath would have such a following!

  8. The Man in the Jar says:

    First off Congratulations on this wonderful success. I will bet that Stu never foresaw that it would become such an influential “thing”. Pioneering stuff as well. Certainly as far as the indi ref was concerned Wings was the first of many to use crowdfunding.

    Plenty of nostalgic reading above. Just the thing for a very dreech Saturday. Having said that some of my “favorite” articles are missing from the list. I am sure that it’s because there just weren’t that many visitors back then. I dont mind admitting that I was hiding behind the sofa during the Ian Taylor of Vitol stooshie. Which of course Stu handled like a champion.

    I would love to know what Stu’s favourite all time post was and which article he is most proud of. (Not necessarily the same thing)

  9. Happy Burdy, Rev. I don’t what we would have done without you!

  10. Sandra says:

    What was it Her Royal Nukeness called you? ‘The SNP’s Cybernat General’?

    How far you’ve come in four short years. A proud day indeed.

  11. ClanDonald says:

    Happy fourth birthday.

    If the unionists want rid of Wings all they have to do is stop lying, then you’d have no reason to exist. Simples.

    Anyway… Here’s to the next four years!

  12. Brian Powell says:

    Mapping the collapse of the Brit Establishment Empire.

    We usually need to wait 50-100years before such histories are written; and in a footnote Scotlab.

  13. George S Gordon says:

    Happy Birthday Stu, only a few more to go until full maturity (of our nation) is attained.

  14. a2 says:

    great stuff, although i’ a bit dissapointed Scott Minto’s “A chocolate teapot” …

    hasn’t been read at least twice by everybody on the planet.

  15. Lanarkist says:

    Happy Birthday.

    Oh Ambassor, you spoil us with this choice of these hundred splendid articles of pure gold!

    Onwards and upwards.

    Keep on keeping on!

  16. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Re the stats, does the word press thing have any indicators for where people are accessing wings from, from server traffic?”

    90% UK. Data breakdown any further than that is pretty unreliable because of how the internet works, but supposedly Edinburgh, Glasgow and London account for around 15% each. Everywhere else (of which Aberdeen is highest) is below 6%.

  17. Lanarkist says:

    Interested to hear what caused the huge spike in the Bounce Rate graph!

    It is the only stand out feature in the long term trend.

  18. Robert Roddick says:

    Thanks for everything and long may you continue to make this old punter very happy.

  19. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Interested to hear what caused the huge spike in the Bounce Rate graph!

    Change of hosts/domain and therefore site address.

  20. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “hasn’t been read at least twice by everybody on the planet.”

    Aye, but remember, a top 100 is only about 2.7% of our total posts…

  21. JLT says:

    Well done, Stuart. Seriously …well done, mate!

    And I suppose it should be said …’Happy Birthday Wings’

    Now …go and have a wee dram to celebrate …and that’s to everyone! LOL

  22. heedtracker says:

    Keep on doing what you’re doing.

    If there was thing that our imperial masters will never understand, its that people don’t like being told what to think, by anyone. So when there is an actual alternative…

    SLab can never get that, toryboy world, BBC vote SLabour Scotland, all UKOK hackdom, red or blue tory? haha!

  23. Flower of Scotland says:

    Happy Birthday to Wings!

    Met up with another “Winger” on Thursday and both of us agreed that we don’t know where we would be without Wings!

    More power to our elbow Rev.

  24. john donnelly says:

    well done sir truth always wins

  25. galamcennalath says:

    Congratulations on making history!

    Looking at the (not really very clear) graphs showing traffic.

    What I find really uplifting is that it didn’t take long after the referendum for things to pick up again!

    It appears that traffic from say October on seems to be almost as high as the months running up to the referendum. While the general election peak isn’t as high as the referendum one, it seems broader.

    Conclusion – Scottish politics and constitutional issues are as hot as ever!

    The Unionists thought we’d all be back in our wee box at the back of the cupboard, and neither seen nor heard. Nae chance!

  26. john king says:

    I cant remember when I first found Wings but I reckon about mid 2012, which went onto change my life (for the better) Thanks Rev for everything, we all of us owe you a great deal.

  27. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “It appears that traffic from say October on seems to be almost as high as the months running up to the referendum. While the general election peak isn’t as high as the referendum one, it seems broader.”

    If you take the August/September/October 2014 spike out, we were getting roughly 250,000 unique users a month before that, and we’re getting roughly 300,000 now.

  28. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    And I was one of your first readers.

    If I remember correctly, you had done or two posts with Jeff Breslin and some wummin.

    Nice to see you are still here and banging them out.

    I honestly believe I, and a fair few others who read you, would have gone doolally with the constant degradation we have received from the BBC and inky fingers Press.

    Long may you prosper.

  29. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Happy Birthday, Rev Stu!

    I now find that around 80% of my web time is spent on Wings. Facebook has dropped to around 5%. The Herald and National probably take up another 5%. The other 10% will be ‘general’ browsing.

    The only newspaper I read now is The Courier, because the Medical Library at Ninewells gets a copy every day. I stopped buying it when its price went up by 17%, compared to my pay rise of 1%.

    I wonder if we’ll be independent by the time of Wings’ 8th birthday?

  30. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    This is the post we ran on our first birthday 🙂

  31. Connor Mc Ewen says:

    And the Beat goes on, by The Whispers.
    Aint no Stoppin us now, by McFadden and Whitehead.

    Seems appropriate songs to play while reading.

  32. X_Sticks says:

    Happy birthday Wings.

    Thanks to you Stuart for all that you do and giving us a place to breathe and reflect in these stormy times.

    Thanks to all the Wingers quite a few of whom it has been my pleasure to meet, and all those I have come to know through their posts. Here’s to all the lurkers too, who read all Stuart’s and Scott’s and Lindsay’s et al’s excellent articles and take the message out onto the streets. As always I invite the lurkers to take the plunge. It doesn’t hurt. And if you haven’t made it along to one of the ‘socials’ then you’re missing out.

    There’s been some top class BTL posts over the past few weeks, months and years, but been particularly good recently. I’m usually too late to the party and find everything useful’s already been said better than I could ever do it and I’m sure many other feel the same, but don’t let it put you off. It doesn’t stop me 😀

  33. Stoker says:

    “It got a bit out of control, frankly.”

    Read it and weep Hunionists!

    Great stuff Rev, thank you.

    When are we going to get some sort of decent search facility?
    There are far too many top-class articles which are almost impossible to find and most likely will never be seen again by the majority of us, without a decent retrieval system.

    This article is also a wee reminder to everyone else how important it is to keep promoting the site at every opportunity. Just don’t rely on others doing it. Spread the word far and wide.

    Be inventive, run your own wee promotional ideas. Simple ideas include purchasing some WOS business cards and hand them out in pubs, clubs, shops or anywhere else you get to talk to folk.

    Another simple idea is to get the sites address printed across the back of a jacket. I’m glad winters here now because i was beginning to look a bit suspect when wondering around in the middle of August dressed for a day in the Arctic.

    Keep spreading the word and directing folk to WOS, it’s one of the most simple and important activities we can all commit to in the fight for independence. Lets get the truth out there!

  34. Patrician says:

    @john king I must have wandered in here about the same time, it is impossible to say exactly when as I thought I was just having a look at another blog. I didn’t realise what a impact this would make as to how I became involved in the referendum campaign.

    I can remember when this was all fields, when an article was busy when it had 50 or so posts, how things have changed. You can’t keep the truth down, no matter how hard you try.

  35. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “When are we going to get some sort of decent search facility?”

    What’s wrong with the search facility? It’s better than most websites’.

  36. Nana says:

    Oh Wow. This is just awesome. No wonder the establishment don’t like sites that tell the truth.

    I can not remember exactly when I found Wings but I read for a long time before I posted a comment.

    Because of this site I have met some wonderful people, too many to mention and hope to meet more in the future.

    I thank you Rev for your commitment, please take care and watch your back!

  37. Helpmaboab says:

    Scrolling down through the comments on your first birthday post, above, I was thrilled to see so many familiar names.

    I was thrilled even more to read a comment by one ‘Effie Deans.’ She wrote:

    “Happy birthday Wings. You show your passion for independence and deserve considerable respect for reaching such a large audience. Even a unionist like me welcomes the chance to read well written articles from the nationalist standpoint and engage in reasoneddebate with political opponents.”

    Where did it all go wrong?

  38. I am glad you started this 4 years ago. Hate to think where we might have been otherwise.


  39. terry says:

    Happy birthday Wings.

    Knowledge is power and every day you are making us more powerful through brilliant journalism and dissection of all the unionist lies and spin.

    I don’t know where I’d be without Wings. It makes me happy – happy that I know that our corner is being fought in the best way possible.

  40. ahundredthidiot says:

    I knew this date rang a bell!

    Two weeks ago I was invited to a night out on 7th November and I was wracking my brains about the date, but accepted anyway – wife tagging along too.

    Yesterday she reminded me it was our wedding anniversary.


  41. Stoker says:

    “What’s wrong with the search facility? It’s better than most websites”

    Can’t argue with that but have you ever tried going right back to see articles from the earlier days? Unless i’m doing it wrong, page by page, via the “Previous Entries” link at the bottom of each page. It takes forever just to go back a couple of months never mind trying to go back to the beginning.

  42. Alex Birnie says:

    Many happy returns, Stu! My daily fix….I gat quite down if I log on and you haven’t blogged. I work in Norway, and log on about 5am Scottish time – still…..why are you not up yet?? 🙂 I can’t believe that there are still MSM journalists who still write crap…..are they masochists? 🙂

  43. indigo says:

    Happy Birthday Wings!

    Amazing how many of those top 100 are post Sep 2014.

    Just imagine the wingspan this site will have during indyref2.

    Onwards, upwards etc

  44. ian says:

    I have to say your responsible for my third addiction the first two being music and football.Without you i would still be wandering around thinking Scotland was too small,poor but not necessarily too stupid.I have moments when i wonder if my awakening(thanks to my English wife)was such a good idea but what price would we all be prepared to pay for our freedom?

  45. Dr Jim says:

    From a teeny weeny thing to the scourge of Yoons wherever they are found (great innit)

  46. mealer says:

    Happy Birthday Wings.Wish I could say it in Gaelic.

    This is surely a case of the right person in the right job.A special thanks should go to the MSM for providing so much raw material.Thanks too,to all the regular contributors above and below the line.

  47. yesindyref2 says:

    Mmm, statistics there are, I can analyse.

    Top 10, 3 are after the ref, next 10 4 are after, next 10, 8 after. Most by far of the rest are in the last 6 weeks or so before, reflecting …

    … who cares, well done Ref.

  48. Gary45% says:

    Humpty Bumpty WoS.
    Keeping the sanity in the face of UKok madness.

  49. dramfineday says:

    Well done Stuart. I was so glad that you decided to stick with it post referendum, and what rewards we, the readers, have had as a result. Brilliant.

  50. Prj says:

    It would be nice if this could be printed in a newspaper format. To be distributed throughout Scotland. A crowd funder?

  51. Inbhir Anainn says:

    Happy 4th birthday Wings Over Scotland may your ink never run dry and thanks for the journey so far.

  52. Karmanaut says:

    This website is the best weapon we have against the constant tirade of unionist lies, propaganda and self-serving pish. Thanks for all the hard work.

  53. yesindyref2 says:

    Well done Rev, not Ref. Mind you, if the Rev was the Ref during Indy Ref 2 that’d be 11 or 15 red cards, depending on the shape of your ball. Would be interesting.

  54. Patrician says:

    @stu, I remember that post so I must have been here before that. Having a look at the comments I see effie deans, I had forgotten she was an irregular troll here. Morag mentions a missing troll, who if I remember correctly was sm735 or some such, and sm753 was outed as being a regular poster on some dodgy sex site. Never to be seen again after that revelation 😆

  55. Ruby says:

    Wings is a totally brilliant achievement. Very well done!

    You should be very proud!

  56. Caroline Corfield says:

    So glad I found this site, I think I came to it via BBCSCOTLANDSHIRE site, which a pal posted a article on fb of. Got hooked within a few days. See Satire; it’s a gateway drug to the truth.

    And extra glad you relit the candle after the 18th.

    Happy Birthday Wings.

  57. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Many happy returns WOS. 🙂

    On serious note, is there anything legal that can be done about that Foulkes’s tweet last night? I suspect I already know the answer, but no harm asking. It’s just astonishing and sickening to see him get away with such filth.

    And what’s worse? He’s doing it deliberately.

  58. Tom Kane says:

    Happy Birthday Stu,
    You’re doing something important, amazing and brilliant. Thanks for it.

  59. mealer says:

    Is there any way for me to find my first ever post?

  60. muttley79 says:

    Happy fourth birthday Stuart! I cannot believe Wings has been on the go for 4 years. Sometimes it feels a long time, other times it feels such a short space of time.

    I believe the years from 2011 to 2015 will go down in Scottish history has being very important ones, and be a very influential period. Wings has been here, and has chronicled and recorded the momentous and historic events.

    That said we still have a lot of work to do, not just to achieve independence, but to create and sustain a far better society as well. There are times when the SNP and the wider independence movement needs to be criticised and prodded if we are to achieve our potential as a society and nation. This does not mean unionist style SNP Bad type hysterics and hatred. But dissent and debate are essential to our movement, and self criticism can be very healthy and positive, if done in the correct way, spirit and manner.

    Onwards and upwards Wings and Yes to independence!

  61. Anne Graham says:

    Happy Birthday! I would send a cake, but given my many failures in the kitchen, It’s better that I don’t.

    It is really tricky, though, when you try to cook anything at all using the Dugdale and Baillie notions of quantities and numbers and stuff.

  62. One_Scot says:

    I am trying to remember how I came across the site.

    It must have been a few years ago at the time when Newsnet Scotland were tightening up on comments and Brian Taylor was pulling up his draw bridge. I am sure a link was posted on Newsnet to this site and I had a look.

    It may have taken me a few visits to realise that there was not any site I knew of that was better for political analysis and free comment.

    I am not sure how it has become so successful, but if I had to have a guess, I would say it’s probably down raw talent and being in the right place at the right time.

  63. galamcennalath says:

    mealer says:

    “Is there any way for me to find my first ever post?”

    Easy. Use google. Search string, exactly … “mealer says”

    …. Then set the time range to a few months near the beginning of when you reckoned you first came on. Then adjust this to find the oldest.

    I found my oldest easily.

  64. Proud Cybernat says:


    S’all I have to say.

  65. Roughian says:

    I was standing at reception of the Inchyra Hotel, Grangemouth yesterday as a guest booked in.

    Receptionist “Papers Sir”?
    Guest ” Record & Sun for Saturday and Sunday Mail for Sunday”!!!!!!

    I thought thank goodness I’ve got Wings for my news. I don’t buy newspapers anymore and don’t watch TV news.

    Keep it up Rev.

  66. galamcennalath says:


    I answered your question but it must have been treated as spam! Try again …

    Use goo gle

    Search for “mealer says”

    The use search tool and custom time to narrow in to the time you reckon you started.

  67. Iain More says:

    Lasted 4 years and that is longer than all SLAB leaders since Joke McConnell. In political terms that means you should be applying for a zimmer frame.

  68. Garrion says:

    Dunno if this might fly a bit close to the “Rev” part of your life, but…

    If you didn’t exist, we would have to have invented you.

    I’ll get ma coat.

    Congratulations, and deep and sincere thanks.

  69. GrahamB says:

    And it’s having the desired effect on the original targets, the MSM.

    Hootsmon nearly down the tubes, DR declining and now the Herald is looking as if it is on a shoogly nail. One of my pals, an everyday buyer of the Herald, has been swithering for a while but yesterday he announced that these days are over although he might still buy it on the days when Ian Bell or maybe McWhirter have articles.

    Even today why I went for my National the wee shop man said they had sold out very quickly so I had to go and search for a copy. I was back in the wee shop half an hour ago and he asked if I managed to get a National then showed me the big pile of unsold Heralds. I used to get one on Saturdays for the TV for the week ahead but no more and it looks like I’m not alone.

    Keep up the good work!

  70. jimnarlene says:

    Gaun herself, yer helpin us, be oorsels.
    Mauny happy returns.

  71. Helena Brown says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wings, Lang may you continue, because we would be lost with out you.

  72. jimnarlene says:

    Yerself, not herself…

  73. skozra says:

    “I am trying to remember how I came across the site.

    It must have been a few years ago at the time when Newsnet Scotland were tightening up on comments and Brian Taylor was pulling up his draw bridge. I am sure a link was posted on Newsnet to this site and I had a look.”

    Same for me, found out about Wings through a link on Newsnet ages ago.

    Never thought in a million years that anything whatsoever to do with politics/news would become, for me, the best site on the internet. Incredible stuff tbh !

  74. Dorothy Devine says:

    Just add my Happy Birthday and much thanks for all your hard work on behalf of Scotland and the motley crew who frequent this site.

    Goodness knows where my sanity would be without you and Wee Ginger Dug.

  75. yesindyref2 says:

    To establish the importance of this website, for Ref 1 and the General Election, it’s not just the primary readership that’s important, it’s the secondary one of readers and journos using information or views here, and even gaining encouragement, motivation to carry on. Particularly for the ongoing “war of independence”, from the 19th Sep 2014 onwards.

    Sounds like a decent post-grad university project, but as well as putting together a layered questionnaire, it’d need to poll perhaps 20,000 random people to get enough data for the layers of questions to produce meaningful results, and it’d need a mix of researchers with different skills to put together and analyse the data.

    It should probably be done and perhaps sponsored by social media companies.

    From the reactions of the media though, it’s certain this website “hit the spot”.

  76. When we get independence, weeeel be mindful to erect a wee wings statue on George square, not just in homage to yourself but to say to the new politicians we are watching you.

  77. Stoker says:

    One_Scot wrote:
    “I am not sure how it has become so successful”

    In a word – Truth – delivered in a no nonsense style.
    Coupled with the promotional efforts of other Wingers.
    The undisputed champions of the indy cause.

  78. mealer says:

    “We are four”

    I take it the “we” is Wings and Kezia.Twins! aw,cute.

  79. yesindyref2 says:

    @Stoker “promotional efforts of other Wingers”

    Very important to keep this going non-stop. Whether direct links, full naming, or veiled references with enough info to help people search for it, but not specific enough to get postings removed from main media forums. And of course f2f.

  80. Jon in Chicago says:

    Mazel tov from the Midwest. You’ve developed one of the best sites out there for journalism as it can and should be. Keep raking the muck, comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.

  81. Schrodingers cat says:

    Most memorable moment

    Watching the rev lose the plot with the punters btl when choosing the best wings logo during a rebranding exercise, lol

    Happy birthday wings 🙂

  82. yesindyref2 says:

    Kind of obliquely relevant by the way, is the old UseNet definition of “troll”. A good description can be found here:

    for instance: “The well-constructed troll is a post that induces lots of newbies and flamers to make themselves look even more clueless than they already do, while subtly conveying to the more savvy and experienced that it is in fact a deliberate troll.

    If you don’t fall for the joke, you get to be in on it.”

  83. Brian says:

    Thanks for helping me stay sane. Looking forward to your fifth.

  84. maureen says:

    Happy birthday wings! I along with many others would be lost without wings and all the knowledgeable commentators who help to make our understanding of the murky side the corpsmedia all the clearer!

  85. jock wishart says:


    I have just been into the Co-op in Glenrothes to purchase a most excellent bottle of Chardonnay to celebrate your birthday.

    Everyone in the queue was asked if they wanted a free Sun.
    Guess what? Not one taker.

  86. yesindyref2 says:

    That was a good one.

  87. Paula Rose says:

    Most memorable moment

    Walking through the door to Off-topic and finding I was the first one there!

    Happy Birthday Wings!

  88. Xaracen says:

    I was directed here from the JREF forum, specifically from Morag’s Implications of Scottish Independence thread, and I’m pleased to notice now she was the very first commenter on your very first article.

    I was definitely reading Wings in early January 2012, and might possibly have visited even earlier.

  89. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Can’t argue with that but have you ever tried going right back to see articles from the earlier days? Unless i’m doing it wrong, page by page, via the “Previous Entries” link at the bottom of each page. It takes forever just to go back a couple of months never mind trying to go back to the beginning.”

    Um, you’re doing it wrong 😀

    Over on the right-hand side of the page there’s a drop-down menu that lets you go directly to any month…

  90. scott says:

    I have been a visitor to the site for most of the four years and have bookmarked many of the stories.
    Tongue in cheek but do you think if we nominated you for an honour for distinguished and honest reporting they would take notice,maybe Murphy and Dugdale would also support you.
    Have a good day and a laugh at my suggestion.

  91. yesindyref2 says:

    Cometh the hour, cometh the man.

    Happy Birthday Wings!

  92. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Watching the rev lose the plot with the punters btl when choosing the best wings logo during a rebranding exercise, lol”

    Seriously, when it comes to art you people have NO TASTE 😀

  93. Andrew says:

    Well done. Thank you!

  94. heraldnomore says:

    Thrilled to have been allowed on board for the whole journey. Got a ticket for the next leg.

    Are you watching Magnus Gardham? How are your stats looking?

  95. carthannas says:

    Congratulations and many thanks for a great site! Also, just received souvenir edition of WBB – brilliant, and thanks again.

  96. Grizzle McPuss says:

    Still here, watching quietly, getting informed and still impressed…keep going Stu.

    Happy Wingsday

  97. Schrodingers cat says:

    If you don’t fall for the joke, you get to be in on it.”…

    I got booted of the telegraph for trolling, you couldn’t make it up eh?
    When I told them It was because I was a frustrated artist…they wouldn’t listen.

    That’s when I found wings…..:)

  98. Mat says:

    A trusted and essential part of these strange, unpredictable times. Constantly grateful and appreciative of what you do and how you do it.

    Congratulations, and thanks.

  99. Croompenstein says:

    The first article I read was Julie’s Sunshine on Maryhill and I was impressed and bookmarked the article. From there I looked at past articles and starting reading every day and the Rev is an absolute fuckin hero.

    I am convinced that the Yes vote would not have polled anywhere near 45% without Wings Over Scotland. Thanks Stu for opening my eyes..

  100. gordoz says:

    Là breith sona dhuit WoS.

    The media of the independent mind

  101. Skintybroko says:

    Happy birthday wings, the go to site for cutting through the drivel produced by the MSM, keep up the good work.

    Hope it continues beyond independence and keeps our government on its toes. ????????

  102. Tony Little says:

    Massive KUDOS to you Rev. It’s been a wild ride so far and there’s more to come.

    All the best and more power to your keyboard

  103. Schrodingers cat says:

    I am convinced that the Yes vote would not have polled anywhere near 45% without Wings Over Scotland.


  104. gordoz says:


    totally agree

  105. gordoz says:

    Song for birthday night – Jump Around ( House of Pain) ?

  106. Sheryl Hepworth says:

    Happy Happy Birthday WIngs!!! And may you have many more!! Keep it up Rev you are an invaluable aid to Indy!!

  107. Westviews says:

    Happy Birthday. ????
    Please don’t ever stop doing what you do.Wings is the first thing I check in the morning & the last thing I check at night.

    Sending links of your posts to those who thought they were Unionists made them realise the were both Nats & Cybernats! Your site will be referenced during history lessons long after we’re all gone.

  108. mumsyhugs says:

    To paraphrase a well-known advert for a certain energy drink – “Rev Stu gives you Wings!”

    Cheers Rev – happy birthday and thanks for giving us the energy to keep fighting! 🙂

  109. X_Sticks says:

    I hope it’s not too soon for O/T but important (I think) cause:

    “We are all waiting for Monday…

    We would be very grateful if you could share our Indiegogo page as widely as possible on social media. It’s important to keep the campaign in the public eye, to raise awareness and keep the donations coming.

    Thank you all for your continued support.”

    Fiona MacInnes

  110. mealer says:

    galamcennalath 4.17

    Thanks for the info but I still can’t find it.Im just not upto this !

  111. turnbul drier says:

    Happy birthday Wings and stonking work Stu.

    The, literally, millions of words you have written have be spread far and wide in many forms. You should be immensely proud of your contribution to the political awakening of so many people.

    Have a munchie box on us, but remember the candles and the
    “interestingly” flavoured cider 🙂

  112. annie says:

    I remember discovering this site back in I think 2011 or 12. I had contacted Newsnet about a story in our local paper about how Tory Councillors were openly admitting to standing for Council in Highland area just to reduce the SNP vote. You obviously read it and barked a reply about them not providing links to the story and somehow I felt like it was my fault. Anyway I found you online and have been a daily reader ever since. Happy Birthday.

  113. John Sm. says:

    Happy birthday Wings, my, how you’ve grown 🙂

  114. balgayboy says:

    Still with you, watching you go from strength to strength. Great job.

  115. Bill McLean says:

    Happy Birthday. My you look big for four!

  116. ArtyHetty says:

    Certainly has kept and still keeps me going, and staying sane when all about (unionists and their media) are still lying, conjuring, stifling and attempting to steer the political process toward their nasty, backward dangerous mindset.

    So, thanks indeed. Keep going and celebrate! Or vice versa.

  117. Barbara Watson says:

    I found Wings 2 years ago, it has totally transformed the way I think about politics, my bullshit radar is always switched on.

    In the past 2 years I have cancelled my TV licence and hardly looked at corporate media and I’m a much less fretted person for it. I’ve also boycotted many retailers and left the GMB union and attended the protests at Pacific Quay. I even canvassed in my local area.

    I’ve found the Wee Ginger Dug, Munguin’s Republic, Bella and so much more, it has kept me sane throughout the Project Fear and too wee, too poor and too stupid fest.

    The day after the referendum was utterly depressing, my first port of call was Wings, always is and always will be so long as you are around and I can’t see you going anywhere else but up.
    Thank you so much Rev and all the posters on here, I have laughed and cried and laughed till I cried with all of you.

    So a big Happy Birthday to all, and again, Thank you x


  118. former labour person says:


    Perhaps Iam being naive, but could you tell me what is wrong with Tory councillors standing for the council just to reduce the SNP vote ?
    I would imagine that all councillors of all parties want to reduce their opponents vote

  119. Lollysmum says:

    Happy 4th birthday to Wings-a magnificent achievement Stu-you should be very proud of your considerable contribution to Scotland’s future.

    Providing the information for activists to use on the doorsteps has to be about the most important contribution you could make. Without that info many would still be in the dark on so many subjects & unable to dispel the myths surrounding the unionist parties, the economy, oil & everything else you’ve written about in the last 4 years.

    Watching your crowdfunder rise so incredibly fast this year was simply hilarious but it was also an acknowledgement of the impact you & this site has on so many people & its geographic reach throughout Scotland.

    Keep up the good work young man-you have definitely found your niche 🙂

  120. fillofficer says:

    congratulations on your wingspan (sorry) been an avid reader for only 18 months but you have taken over my life (sad, I know) how blind we were prior to wings. I love the daily exposé of the MSM & opposition (they’re not, really) onwards & upwards, nips & dumps 2u

  121. ronnie anderson says:

    Seriously, when it comes to art you people have NO TASTE 😀

    Chist hud the bus there ah min Mr, dont go insulting your readership, ah ken aw aboot the Haywain, ave played in mony ah stack.

    An You keep stackin the Information up, we,ll be needing it before to long.

  122. tony O'neill says:

    All hail!,
    Wings over Scotland.

  123. Training Day says:

    Happy Birthday Wings.

    Been here almost since the start, after noticing an irascible poster on Newsnet with a handy turn of phrase 🙂

  124. Cadogan Enright says:

    @Rev I would love to know how these stats compare to those in the Corporate Media.

    Of course, how ever they compare, the Corp Media could not copy the ripple effect of the wingers rippling out from post exposing the BBC, Unionist Parties or Papers. You could probably double these figures

  125. Itchybiscuit says:


    Weel ah nivver.

    Ah didnae ken ye were an Aiberdeen fan Rev Stu. Ah’m fae the Broch. (just spotted yer Twitter feed, min)

    Supporting that fitba team wid’ve cost ye mair sleepless nichts than ony referendum result. ;o)

  126. Cadogan Enright says:

    re searching old posts – with coaching from other wingers I finally found out how to use on Wings and its very good

    Despite Revs protestations its hard to find specific subjects – and ‘advanced google search’ makes it easy

  127. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This would be a fine point for some lurkers to get on-board and introduce themselves – how about it, oh ye silent friends?

  128. Paula Rose says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood – tea and scones ready and waiting.

  129. John Sm. says:

    “Seriously, when it comes to art you people have NO TASTE”

    Aye, right.

    We remember the ‘Jim Murphy nurse hospital bed cartoon’ which someone did in the absence of Chris Cairns…

  130. Phronesis says:

    Encompassing, enlightening and empowering- WoS- enraging the MSM. A truly collective effort with all the knowledge attributes to help us on our way to an independent Scotland.

  131. Croompenstein says:

    @John Sm.

    We remember the ‘Jim Murphy nurse hospital bed cartoon’ which someone did in the absence of Chris Cairns…

    I’ll take a wild stab in the dark and say Chris was probably on holiday.. 😀

  132. eledin says:

    Many Happy Returns! What a joy to see a website of such intelligence and integrity thriving.

  133. john king says:

    ” how about it, oh ye silent friends?

    Eh Aa dinnae ken aboot that Ian,
    am a bit shy, 😉
    an Aa’ve no put ma shed in,
    coo’s lick.

  134. dakk says:

    Happy Birthday Wings

    Cutting through the lies and spin of the establishment media old boy network.

    Wings offers a unique service to all Scots interested in truth and transparent democracy.

    I cannot thank you all enough.

  135. Free Scotland says:

    @John Sm. & @Croompenstein

    Just in case you couldn’t find it, here’s the link.

  136. Wuffing Dug says:

    Happy birthday Stu and Wings.


  137. john king says:

    I vote Barbara Watsons post @6.22 as the best of the night 🙂

  138. Sooz says:

    When the opposition and the corporate media feel they have to trash WoS we know you’ve won and they don’t like it up ’em. Happy Birthday to one of the finest sources of information, news and research anywhere on the web.

    Have a cake. And a crate of something suitably strong.

  139. Fireproofjim says:

    Like so many people here I believe there would not have been a 45% Yes vote without Wings and when the referendum was lost, and I was totally depressed, Wings was a light in the dark tunnel.
    For three years I have followed Wings and I find it to be the only antidote to the poison pouring from the so-called MSM.
    Definitely a statue or at least a pub sign after independence.
    Happy Birthday

  140. mealer says:

    galamcennalath 6.16
    Thanks for that.I was searching way back nearer the beginning of wings for my first post.I forgot that I started out with a different name ,but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was! I’ll have a look at some early threads and see if I can find myself.

  141. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Reading this made me scroll into “The Dirty Game”, a piece from me that was published on Wings in 2013.

    It is startling to think that that story is now ended and Scotland is now in a completely different political place because of that.

    We have to be alert however to make sure the story isn’t dug up again

  142. James Barr Gardner says:

    All the best Stuart, Wings has kept me sane over these trying years, the site has been my ray of sunshine, the dream of a free independent Scotland. Ronnie I’am still angry.

  143. Simon Chadwick says:

    I suppose I count as a lurker nowadays since I never post, but I have been here almost 3 years according to the google trick above. Wings is pretty much my only news source these days.

  144. John Sm. says:

    @ Free Scotland 7.30pm.

    Thanks for the reminder 🙂

    I actually loved the cartoon. Funny as.

    A missed opportunity though, we should have made it into a T-Shirt design 🙂

  145. Big Jock says:

    What would my life be without Wings. Like a flightless bird drowning in a cess pool of lies.

    The truth is more important than popularity amongst those who would do you harm.

  146. thomaspotter2014 says:

    A very Happy 4th Birthday to Wings and all

  147. One_Scot says:

    Okay, I know I’ve had a few cans of Strongbow, but I’m sure I speak for many others when I say, if it was not for you and the work you do, I don’t think my hope and belief would be what it is.

    I believe you are a God amongst mere mortals and I am 100% convinced you will be remembered for a very long time.

  148. Mojo says:

    Brilliant birthday compilation!
    If you ever fancy publishing as hard copy -( the wee Rev’s Book…)
    I am sure it could be crowdfunded in a few hours – just shout.
    There are 5 million of us out here apparently…

    Well done for your hard work and resilience over past 4 years.
    I too want to echo Barbara above at 6.22
    Wings has kept me sane and informed through many of the dark days of media madness and misinformation over last couple of years.
    Thank You you are worth 10 tv licences…

  149. Velofello says:

    Wings provided an outlet for those of us who were sitting feeling frustrated and denied to express our views via MSM. A great service.

    Add to that Wings provided articles containing facts and truths that the Unionist/ Establishment have tried their damnest to refute and have failed.

    Then add in the polling data, the crowd funding, the smears against Rev Stu., his acerbic wit.

    All in all, well done Rev Stu, from one of your early readers.

  150. TheItalianJob says:

    Great results and what an achievement. Don’t know how you can produce so much with limited resources.

    Been an avid reader almost daily for 3 years. Don’t post too much as there are too many more learnred people who post that are e.g. Robert Peffers springs to mind. I also like John Kings posts plus many others to many to mention (headtracker springs to mind).

    Keep up the good work. It means so much to us.

  151. uno mas says:


  152. Swami Backverandah says:

    I know I should be over on the ‘Barnett consequentials’ post, but no one’s gonna see me there and I need help.

    Re the difference between GERS now, and I&E in an Independent Scotland, could it be said that the reason that GERS is not a particularly helpful guide to predicting the economic health of an Independent Scotland – even as a starting point – is not so much because of the income part, but the expenditure part.
    For example, if I get pocket money of which 60% I can use how I see fit, but the other 40% is spent by my guardians on my behalf on things ostensibly for my benefit, – whether they are or not, this is not in any way indicative of how I would spend 100% of my pocket money, if I was given the opportunity?
    Is that why GERS can’t be used reliably in the case of an Independent Scotland.
    Even though money may or may not be much the same, the spending certainly would be very different.

  153. uno mas says:

    john king says:
    7 November, 2015 at 7:36 pm
    I vote Barbara Watsons post @6.22 as the best of the night 🙂

    My own personal favorite is uno mas@8.16 however I think you have a very valid point of view -:)

  154. Ian Brotherhood says:

    A lot of people, including Vonny Moyes and family, are stranded in Kilwinning railway station after there was an ‘incident’ further up the Glasgow line.

    Please check the WOS Twitter for details – seems no busses have been provided, people are stuck. Let’s help if we can.

  155. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Seems Vonny and family are sorted, but not sure how…trains back on perhaps?

  156. One_Scot says:

    TheItalianJob, you should post more often, how learned you are is not important, what is important is that everyone has a say, even the trolls.

    I can recall the Rev stating that only 1% of the people who visit the web site actually post. That for me is far too low. I would love to see as many different names as possible, even if it is just to say hello.

    Come on say hello.

  157. Andy drynan says:

    many happy returns, keep nipping at the heels of these pigs at the trough.

  158. Angra Mainyu says:

    Yah, well in and all that. Jolly good show, that chap…

    Not sure I like the design and structure of the site as a whole though, looks a bit dated which has implications for other stuff like perceived trustworthiness. Usability could be improved too.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not inclined to simply be negative for the sake of it. This site has huge strengths and any criticisms or changes I’d recommend would be aimed at playing to them.

    Get back to me if you want a quotation…

  159. Rock says:

    Politically, the second best thing that happened since Scotland was sold for a few pieces of English gold, the best being the election of an SNP majority government.

    The nation will be ever grateful.

    Four more years of the same hopefully leading to independence by November 2019.

  160. Bob Mack says:


    I have to ,just have to congratulate you on nailing Mr “Economics “Keverages’ arse to the barn door on twitter.
    Wow. Respect.

    Clearly he is an expert on financial defecits…Ha ha ha ha ha

  161. Schrodingers cat says:

    Let us pray…..


  162. caz-m says:

    Happy 4th Rev.

    Like many on here, I started off on Newsnet Scotland in 2012. I was looking for a site that went after BBC Scotland. Newsnet were starting to organise small rallies in Glasgow city centre.

    But late on 2012 I came across Wings. (I had a different name in those early days). And what a god-send this site was. It just ticked all the boxes, including having a go at MSM.

    Well we are still here.

    This site has also brought so many Wingers together, meeting at different rallies, including Ronnie Anderson and the gang.

    Wings keeps us primed and ready for the next campaign.

    Thanks Rev.

  163. Marcia says:

    4 years that seem to have flown by so quickly. Little did we know then how this site would take off to be a boon to those advocating a Yes and be a thorn in the side of the political establishment. As I said on your first anniversary, ‘Lang may your lum reek’.

  164. No no no...Yes says:

    Happy Birthday Wings over Scotland!

    Many happy returns is a well used phrase but is appropriate given the number of readers you attract!

    Rev, Raising a glass or three to you tonight to celebrate this leading online contributor to the independence cause.

    I found out about Wings in early 2014 when reading the comments page of the Scotsman (I know, I know) and someone had put a link to this website. It was around the time that Johann Lamont was at a meeting and her minder stopped the audience asking awkward questions. I start to read..and read..and read. What an learning curve.

    Wings and other preferred sites became the mainstay of my Indyref education, spurring me on to active duties during the campaign- something I never thought I would do!

    There is no doubt that Scotland will be an independent country one day and Wings Over Scotland, it contributors and followers will have an important role to play along the way.

    We will prevail, cheers!

  165. Iain says:

    Congratulations to wings, you have helped us to be a nation again. You have opened our eyes to the lies of the msm. We owe you so much. A statue in George square would be a cheap price to pay when we will be independent, which will happen sooner than you think. Just remember vote SNP,SNP in May.

  166. yesindyref2 says:

    “I can recall the Rev stating that only 1% of the people who visit the web site actually post. That for me is far too low. I would love to see as many different names as possible, even if it is just to say hello.

    Come on say hello.”

    Indeed. I seem to to remember an always open thread for people to do something like that, but can’t see it on this page. Something like, to go above “Recent Posts” and the list:

    New Posters
    Introduce yourself, no flames allowed, no abuse, nice and friendly
    Recent Posts

  167. yesindyref2 says:

    That thread would be “policed” sometimes by the likes of Paula and others, and any regular (or newbie) that stepped out of line would be squashed.

    It’d be kind of like Demon’s Newuser group which new subsribers for the TAM were automatically subscribed to (along with turnpike and homepages authoring). Regulars, experienced posters, in disn would then help out, and indeed politely squash the inevitable occasional flaming posters “you clown, you ignorant fool, you blockhead, you worse than senseless thing”.

  168. TheItaianJob says:


    Thanks for that. I might take you up on that.

    Hit me hard last Sept when a Croatian waiter asked my why Scotland didn’t vote Yes for Independence. I must admit It was hard for me to try and respond to him.

  169. Stoker says:

    @ yesindyref2 (4.53pm)

    Couldn’t agree more, every opportunity to promote WOS must be utilised. We should be aiming to get the site established on the lips of every citizen over the age of 15. A big ask but not impossible. I’m currently working on a permanent WOS promotional idea for my own house windows or garden.
    The Rev wrote to a suitably embarrassed right tit (aka me):

    “Um, you’re doing it wrong. Over on the right-hand side of the page there’s a drop-down menu that lets you go directly to any month”

    Mind you, if my slabberesque stupidity has helped to educate and prevent others from making the same mistake then i’ll take that.

    Sumtimes ah jist like lernin the hord wae!
    (rolly eyes thingy)

  170. Ken500 says:

    Sheer Genius

    Next time

  171. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Swami Backverandah at 8.19

    Exactly. A big part of our “pocket money” is spent on “national expenditure” (London mainly) and Government procurement to which we fully contribute but get about half of our population share.

    The much vaunted “£1200 extra” ignores about one third of our contribution but itemises all Scottish expenditure on services etc. You could provide the same sort of skewed figure or a lot worse in all areas of the UK except Greater London and the South East which actually has by far the biggest per capita spend

  172. Swami Backverandah says:

    Felt a bit rude crashing the birthday thread with my question, so I refound the GERS post and went to the end of comments but they’re having a conversation about ‘what the Romans ever did for us’, so I came back here.

    Well done to everyone keeping the Wings flying!

  173. scott says:

    Sorry O/T just to remind what like the Tories are like

    annie says:

    7 November, 2015 at 5:55 pm

    I remember discovering this site back in I think 2011 or 12. I had contacted Newsnet about a story in our local paper about how Tory Councillors were openly admitting to standing for Council in Highland area just to reduce the SNP vote. You obviously read it and barked a reply about them not providing links to the story and somehow I felt like it was my fault. Anyway I found you online and have been a daily reader ever since. Happy Birthday.

    Annie is this what you meant I emailed Ruthie but got no reply.
    Tory council candidate Les Mason is standing in a North, West and Central Sutherland ward at next month’s council elections following a telephone request from Conservative headquarters. Mr Mason only agreed to stand for the party on the condition that he did not have to campaign, and as long as Tory HQ gave him a guarantee that he would not be elected.

    Mr Mason lives almost 100 miles away from the area where he is standing as a councillor. He has no plans to visit the ward where he is a candidate. Mr Mason admitted that the Tory strategy was to put up candidates like himself as spoilers, and freely acknowledged that he is only on the ballot in an attempt to split the vote and reduce the chances of the SNP candidate getting in.

    Interviewed Mr Mason said: “Someone in Edinburgh at the top of the party phoned me up and asked if I would like to help them out. I emphasised I would but only if they could guarantee that I would not win.

    “I did offer to go up to North West and Central Sutherland but the party bosses said there was no need to.

    “They told me to do nothing and that was it. All they wanted was my name on the ballot paper to reduce the chances of the SNP getting in.”

    He added: “That’s why people like me have been asked to stand, not because we have any hope of winning, but to split the vote and reduce the chance of the SNP getting in. That’s the Tory strategy.”

  174. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Iain at 8.53

    Is that John McLean Square you are talking about, with Connolly street and Hardie Street running into it

  175. JimBo says:

    A very Happy 4th Birthday to Wings!
    The 1st website I check in the morning and last before I sleep. Pretty sure I haven’t missed an article since I started reading about 2.5 years back such is the quality of your writing. You do an incredible job Rev- please keep it up!

    Got me wondering if you are you aware of any similar sites in other countries?

  176. Iain says:

    Just remember we are going to win this fight, no matter what it takes. Just remember we are right and we will not be put back in our boxes, whatever it takes we will win. Remember vote SNP,SNP in May

  177. Clootie says:

    Electoral Calculus assessment of boundary changes which will be implementd for next GE
    …get ready for Tories again.

    New Boundary Estimates: Conservative Majority of 50

    There has been recent interest in the likely effect of new boundaries which may be brought in under this parliament. Electoral Calculus prepared a full set of notional implied results under the 600-seat “Sixth Periodic review” of boundaries which was conducted around 2013.

    Although these boundaries were not used in 2015, they can still give a good approximation of the likely effect of the boundary changes. If we use the actual election result (adjusted slightly to compensate for model deficiencies) and feed it into the user-defined predictor, then we can see the effect of the boundaries.

    Verify 2015 using old boundaries (Seat Boundaries = “Historic 2010 election”)
    Predict 2015 using new boundaries (Seat Boundaries = “Proposed 2013 boundaries”)
    Using these figures and the old boundaries gives CON 331, LAB 232, LIB 9, UKIP 1, Green 1, SNP 55, and Plaid 3, which is almost exactly correct. Then when we switch to the proposed 2013 boundaries we get

    CON LAB LIB SNP Plaid N.Ire
    325 202 5 49 3 16
    This gives the Conservatives a majority of 50 seats, well ahead of their current majority of 12. This is equivalent of nearly another twenty seats for the Conservatives.

    Without any change to legislation, the Sixth Review should restart this year for completion in 2018. It looks unlikely that the Conservative government would want to slow this process down.

    13 May 2015

  178. Graeme Doig says:

    The Rev

    Never knowingly undercooking unionists since 2011.

    Respect to you 🙂

  179. Still Positive. says:

    Happy Birthday and a huge big thank you Rev Stu.

    Wings is my first port of call in the morning and the last one at night.

    More power to you!

  180. yesindyref2 says:

    Interesting article in the Herald by the way:

    EDINBURGH will never recover from the failure of its two largest banks at the height of the banking crisis in 2008, according to a former Scottish Government economic adviser.

    Professor John Kay, who was a member of the Council of Economic Advisers until 2011, said he would regard the permanent loss of the capital city’s leading position in the banking industry as a ‘tragedy.’

    Sad for those who were told “vote for Independence and your jobs go south”, because it was a NO vote and jobs have either disappeared or, indeed, gone south regardless.

    Good news for Indy Scotland with its 1200% exposure or whatever it use to be because of the banks, I guess some of us silently hoped the financial sector would become smaller after the ref, capital which means nothing to us would flight south, at least in terms of liability, before the next ref, and something the credit rating agencies commented strongly about as well.

    If it continues, and the financial sector does seem to be shrinking anyway, then it makes less of an argument can be used against Indy, come Indy Ref 2.

  181. WRH2 says:

    Happy Birthday Wings. I enjoy reading WoS every day you’ve posted. It’s a real miss if you’re having a well deserved day off.

  182. Gordon Taggart says:

    Happy 4th birthday WOS!

    As a traveller, WOS is always my first point of news from home and it keeps me connected with the latest shenanigans of the “meeja” & their overlords.
    Thanks for the 4 years to date and in advance for the next 4 to come.

  183. Black Joan says:

    Fourth birthday coincides with 45,000 followers on the Wings Twitter account. Excellent.

    Thank you Rev, for all you do.

  184. manandboy says:

    Happy Birthday no 4, Stu ; and to all Wingers everywhere.

    Scotland has known a few Rev’s in its time, Stu, but I am not aware of any like you. I hesitate to say you are heaven sent but as has already been said,’cometh the hour cometh the man’.
    You certainly have powers bestowed on very few. And how Scotland needs them.

    The names of Scotland’s Revs can be found in registers and official documents across the land, but your name, Stu, is destined to be written on the pages of Scotland’s history ; a history still unfolding, and in dramatic fashion in this as yet incomplete era.

    So, congratulations Stu, I hope you are celebrating down there in Bath. As for those wings of yours, you won’t be needing the likes of me to remind you how to use them – I only hope they remain over Scotland.

  185. Elizabeth Sutherland says:

    Happy Birthday Wings,
    Not posted for sometime but still my favourite site for keeping up with political opinions in new Scotland.
    Keep doing what you are doing,they are hurting.????

  186. Free Scotland says:


    They said B&Q would consider moving out of Scotland if we voted Yes. What happened? About 6 months after the “No” vote, B&Q announced it was shutting about 60 of its branches with a loss of around 3000 jobs. And RBS, which jumped on the better-together bandwagon during the referendum campaign, recently announced branch closures in Scotland.

    Have they never heard of the boy who cried “Wolf” once too often?

  187. ben madigan says:

    coming late to the birthday celebrations!
    many happy returns Wings!
    Là breith sona dhuit WoS.

    Since we’re swopping stories of how we found Wings – here’s mine!

    I found my way here by accident,was put off by the Rev (didn’t want to be preached at) and was finally encouraged by a friend to stick with it and find out more about independence.

    As a clansman, once I had watched the re-convening of the scottish parliament on TV in 1999 I expected Independence would come, sooner or later.

    As it will

  188. handclapping says:

    It seems I first commented here 10 April 2013 on the Vitol donation to BT. It was NNS closing its comments that switched me as was BwB going off air that drove me to NNS.

    Curious that freedom of speech turned me into a raging cybernat!

    How many blogs can say born 2011 still going strong? Happy Birthday

  189. Robert Louis says:

    Happy birthday Rev. Well done. Mind you, I do need to point out your logo looks a bit like a nazi symbol, doesn’t it? Haha, just a wee joke.

    Anyway, I was perusing the listed articles above,and for some stupid reason, I decided to torture myself by reading No. 17. It brought it all back, the sicky feeling, the immense anger, everything. Had to have a sit down and a tumbler of talisker, to get over it.

    Anyway, well done on your success.

  190. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    The best headline I saw somewhere today (and I paraphrase) “Disaster at new hospital. Journalists have to wait over sixteen hours for somebody to die at it.”

    The point is that fighting the May election on the SNP’s record in power is high risk indeed. It doesn’t matter how well we do anything MSM will rubbish it.

    Which is why I think we have to in parallel run a vigorous independence campaign painting the picture of our huge assets and resources and pointing out how much better we can do things if we are in charge.
    In an unparalleled position of power we now somehow find ourselves answering questions from those we trounced. It should be them answering our questions

  191. cearc says:

    Happy Birthday, Wings.

    Well reading all this praise, I think oor Stu’s head will be as swollen as his jaw! Quite deservedly of course.

  192. Lanarkist says:

    O/T. STV on prime time advertising for information on any scams that people in Scotland have encountered for a new expose!

    The Vow, National Grid Feed in Tarriff, EVEL, VAT on Emergency Services, BBC License Fee, etc. etc.

    Pick one send it in!

  193. cearc says:

    Free Scotland,

    I actually met someone who was voting no because ‘RBS would close and it’s the only bank in the village.’

    Guess what closed a few weeks ago?

  194. Ianmc says:

    Don’t want to be a DOWNER but…what would happen, to Wings if your were knocked down by a bus Rev?

    This resource is so important that surely you have a contingency?

    If not….do it.

  195. heedtracker says:

    Well reading all this praise, I think oor Stu’s head will be as swollen as his jaw! Quite deservedly of course.

    “How far that little candle throws his beams. So shines a good deed in a weary world.”

  196. mogabee says:

    You know, reading the comments I’m amazed how many of Stu’s “flock” came via Newsnet, as did I, though used a different name then.

    I initially followed the trail with a link from Morag after NN changed and so many were pretty disgusted.

    I must admit, it took a bit of time to get used to the way Stu “mollycoddled” the readers…….OK OK.. put that in so’s not to scare any new folk!! 😀

    Yep, a great formula… ;D

  197. Schrodingers cat says:

    How far that little candle throws his beams. So shines a good deed in a weary world.”

    Stealing that

  198. dakk says:

    Ian mc

    ‘what happens if you were run over by a bus’

    Nice !

    We will assemble another model.Dontcha know we’re all robots.

    That particular model is of rare vintage however,so nothing else will seem quite the same.

  199. Craig says:

    Happy 4th WOS, you are one the websites that opened my eyes to what was happening within Scotland and during the course of the referendum campaign.

    For years I was a Labour voter, I accepted what Labour told me as the truth, I wasn’t really interested much in the spats with the SNP as I simply felt it was part and parcel of politics, just as the Tories and Labour have their spats.

    I always believed that Labour had Scotland’s interests at heart, I mean, they were the party that delivered the Scottish Parliament weren’t they? (Obviously the truth came out after that on because of WOS).

    It was only during the referendum campaign, I started getting these werid feelings, why is my party sharing a platform with the Tories, why is my party being so dismissive of the citizens of Scotland, why is my party so hateful of the SNP and Alex Salmond especially, it wasn’t his name on the voting slip, it was a simple YES/NO to a question.

    I can’t remember exactly when but there was one incident, it was a minor one but enough to make my alarm bells go off and I thought, I better research this through the internet and came across WOS.

    Talk about an eye opener…………Jings, the stuff that was diseceted, the derailings of the MSM lies, my jaw just dropped, that was the moment I started to see Labour for what they are and I felt foolish for being taken in for so long.

    I soon found out about other Pro-YES websites and then heard about the group Labour for Independence and such like.

    After the vote, I and 1,699,999 who hearts were broken, I felt sick to the stomach seeing those Labour activists and MP’s all dancing with delight made me realise, I was finished with Labour.

    I soon joined the SNP 5 days later and now being a member, I am now seeing the constant attacks to my party.

    Thank you WOS for helping me to open my eyes, here’s to another 4 years.

  200. cearc says:


    ‘…surely you have a contingency?’


    Look he’s not the Messiah, just a naughty boy.

    Or were you thinking more of prevention. Like wearing a suit of armour at all times, swapping his car for a tank (Ruthie might be able to help out there)?

  201. Michael McCabe says:

    Happy Birthday to Wings over Scotland and all who sail in her. And a wee song for the Rev. to let him know what his Flock think of Him.

  202. Garry Henderson says:

    Happy Birthday Wings and Wingers.

  203. Laverock says:

    Got to get my good wishes in before midnight.

    A heartfelt thanks for what you do. I don’t often get the time to post but I read wings every day and it lets me know I’m not alone or mad seeing things the way I see them. Nothing else sustains my spirit so well. Thank you.

  204. proudscot says:

    I bet Wings is also in the top ten of the GCHQ and MI5 reading list too! If not, you should be disappointed. To misquote a late lamented comedian, “You are awful, but they like you!”

  205. Tackety Beets says:

    Ianmc@ 10.53 pm

    A wee word o advice

    NEVER talk about such incidents in future.

    ALWAYS use past tense ie What would happen if Ianmc HAD been run over by a bus YESTERDAY

    Think about it , you know it makes sense , Smiley fing .

  206. Ronnie says:

    I too, came here from Newsnet around February 2012, was impressed and have been a daily devotee ever since. (Mrs Ronnie would describe it differently).

    All the preceding accolades are well-deserved and I should like to add my own here.

    Lord Reith of Stonehaven, back in the 20’s, decreed that the BBC should ‘Inform, educate and entertain.

    Perhaps it did, back then, but I believe that now, that cloak should rest more comfortably on the shoulders or ‘Our Stu’.

    Rev Stuart, you have done us proud over the last four years, I have no idea what our information levels would be like today if it were not for the efforts and dedication of the ‘Winged Messenger’ from Bath.

    Happy Fourth Birthday to WoS and all who sail in her – our future is bright, thanks to you all.

    BTW, anyone interested in a Wings Tea Dance in Aberdeen should stick their hands up (!) in Off-Topic.

  207. Alistair Grapvine says:

    Just want to add my best wishes, I am a newsagent and I don’t read any of the papers anymore,
    However I read Wings every day,
    Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  208. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I too was on Newsnet and contributed cash
    Then I got barred from it
    And despite many requests they wouldn’t tell me why.
    It might possibly have been because I described Better Together as “Campaign Urging No To Scots” but they wouldn’t tell me.
    So I’ve never read it since.

  209. reedlichtie says:

    Rev – I read every day – I comment infrequently, but I rely and depend on the every day reality check and information that I read and that you and others provide. I cannot thank you enough for your words and insight and commentary. Please keep doing what you do. Thank you.

  210. Petra says:

    We’ve all heard the saying that ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do NOTHING.

    This site is testament to the fact that one man, his many supporters and multitude of readers have striven and continue to strive to do SOMETHING (for the betterment of Scotland): if not negate evil as such (Mmhh!) most definitely attempt to bring TRUTH to light.

    Happy Birthday Wings Over Scotland. Many thanks Stuart for putting your heart, soul, time and energy into this cause.

    When I reread this my thank you seems so feeble, so inadequate! I can’t begin to thank you enough Stuart for all you have done for us: For Scotland. Let’s keep on going, fighting the good fight together as one, until the day we free Scotland from Westminster’s shackles.

  211. Donald MacDonald says:

    Congratulations – keep up the good work…

  212. Ghillie says:

    Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday Wings Over Scotland!!!!

    Sweetheart you are really big for your age!

    Thank you for being there and where you have brought me.

  213. Kyle Mackay says:

    Happy birthday Wings! where would we be without you?

  214. Fixitfox says:

    Congratulations Stu. I will personally campaign to have your image immortalised in the new Scottish passport after Indyref2. Sincere thanks for keeping us informed, and our eyes wide open.

  215. Craig Fraser says:

    WoS is my first port of call in the morning – It was really useful going through some of the previous entries ALL still valid. It is a shame that the MSM refuse to allow their jurno’s to report fact instead of fiction. This union is well and truly broken and is repairable. I can see a new book ‘The top 100 morning reports’ a sort of annual edition just in time for Christmas?

  216. Chitterinlicht says:


    Stats tell the story.

    You are entitled to time off by the way.

  217. HandandShrimp says:

    Wings – reaches parts other news sites fails to.


  218. annie says:

    Former labour person – you asked what was wrong with Tory standing just to reduce SNP vote, it was the fact that he was in his 80s and openly admitted that he didn’t even want to serve on the council if elected.

  219. annie says:

    scott says – Yes your recollection is correct the story was first broken in the Northern Times, I remember being so shocked I contacted Newsnet and the rest as they say is history.

  220. snode1965 says:

    Congratulations to everyone at Team Wings!
    It has been quite a journey, from humble beginnings to *he who shall not be named*, to being openly referenced by msm and opposition politicians.
    Keep up the great work Stu.

  221. Macart says:

    @Rev Stu

    A very well done to you Rev.

    In fact a very well done to Wings and wingers alike.

  222. Thepnr says:

    Happy 4th birthday Wings.

    See when the Rev posts his last article, Scotlands people will have their destiny in their own hands.

    Until then please carry on the good work.

  223. Scot in Sweden says:

    Happy Birthday Stu and I thanks for the efforts of you keeping the heat on those who would have their way with us.

    Also for providing a central point of contact for those of us not in Scotland allowing us an alternative to the spin of the British Establishment.
    To those who also read this blog I thank you too for showing me there are still so many like minded but politically different people back there keeping the fires burning.
    Good luck and lets hope before you’re 10 that a renamed Wings over Scotland to Wings of Scotland providing an alternative to sponsored commercial media which would be a better use of that license fee given to the Brits to spellbind us with rhetoric

  224. Swami Backverandah says:

    ” Dave McEwan Hill says:
    7 November, 2015 at 9:20 pm

    Swami Backverandah at 8.19

    Exactly. A big part of our “pocket money” is spent on “national expenditure” (London mainly) and Government procurement to which we fully contribute but get about half of our population share.

    The much vaunted “£1200 extra” ignores about one third of our contribution but itemises all Scottish expenditure on services etc. You could provide the same sort of skewed figure or a lot worse in all areas of the UK except Greater London and the South East which actually has by far the biggest per capita spend”

    Only just saw this – Thanks for the response DMH.
    Have been reading the Bruce GERS post trying to find a way of making that 60%/40% split into something that could be referred to in a short paragraph, to people who need quick, sound information.

    So are you saying the ‘pocket money expenditure’ analogy is OK to use.
    I don’t want to give out misleading info.
    But I’ll go with it until I hear otherwise.
    Cheers once again.

  225. Robert Peffers says:

    @Stoker says: 7 November, 2015 at 3:29 pm:

    ” …Unless i’m doing it wrong, page by page,”

    Just in case no one else has replied, Stoker, The search is up at the top right hand side. Just at the bottom/right of the thing about First timers with the wings badge on it.

  226. Robert Peffers says:

    @mealer says: 7 November, 2015 at 3:41 pm:

    ” … This is surely a case of the right person in the right job.”

    Now who was it again who said, “Cometh the hour, Cometh the man”?.

    (It is one of those quotes that no one knows where it comes from).

  227. Robert Peffers says:

    @GrahamB says: 7 November, 2015 at 4:30 pm:

    ” … Hootsmon nearly down the tubes, DR declining and now the Herald is looking as if it is on a shoogly nail”.

    Don’t know if anyone else noticed but the BBC seem to be feeling the pinch now too. News item says they have lost the rights to, “The Voice”, to a rival broadcaster. Not able to outbid them these days.

    Slowly they are losing programmes and thus viewers/listeners.

  228. Kennedy says:

    Happy birthday wings.

    I love this site. The information and the humour are brilliant.

    Hope it continues to Independence and beyond.

  229. mealer says:

    We are four.We are legion.

  230. Hugh Barclay says:

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Fantastic job doing done by Stu
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Unionist Bull(shit) Gives you Wings 🙂

  231. Hugh Barclay says:

    No wonder the Rev hates me posting on this site.
    Typo sorted.

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Fantastic job done by Stu
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Unionist Bull(shit) Gives you Wings 🙂

  232. Stoker says:

    Robert Peffers says @Stoker:
    “Just in case no one else has replied, Stoker, The search is up at the top right hand side…”

    Aye, Robert, i was aware of that and have used it previously, i appreciate the thought though, cheers! The Rev has pointed me to the “archive” facility where i can search at a far superior speed.
    Thanks again Robert but problem successfully resolved.


    For those not aware and those who would enjoy studying old articles stemming way back to the sites birth, the Archive search facility is on the right of your screen, as you look at it, and just under the list of ‘Recent posts’.

  233. Paula Rose says:

    Some of my favourites that still apply today are not on that list –
    my bookmarking of them has long since disappeared.

    Do people have ones they’ve saved that fall into that category?
    If so please link to them on this thread.

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