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Don’t vote in ignorance

Posted on September 17, 2014 by

Scottish Labour and “Better Together” have clearly decided to go out all guns blazing with their pitiable last-ditch desperation slogan “If you don’t know, vote No”.

Blair McDougall faithfully recited it on “Good Morning Scotland”, and the leaflet on the left-hand side of the image below was being shoved through people’s doors last night. (Complete with the English, not Scottish, NHS logo. Classy touch.)


That the once-proud party of the people (and its Tory funders) have reached such a low point as to be telling voters to vote in ignorance rather than finding out the facts speaks for itself. We have a different view.

There are still almost 36 hours left before the deadline by which Scots must cast their vote. That’s plenty of time to get informed. We’ve laid out our case in the Wee Blue Book, which takes roughly an hour to read. It’s available in print and digital formats, in Gaelic, as an audiobook, and as a narrated video on YouTube.

And because we’re fair-minded, we’ve collated the No case for you too.

If you study both cases and feel you still have to vote No, fair enough. But please, for the sake of this generation and those to come, don’t do it out of cluelessness.

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728 to “Don’t vote in ignorance”

  1. highseastim says:

    Nicola was struggling to keep it together there in the emotion of the moment.

  2. Kevin evans says:

    Alex is almost in tears – real passion – not Cameron’s fake attempt

  3. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I am hearing that Cameron will make a major national ( Should that be on Friday, a multi national), address concerning Syria and Iraq.

    With a bit of luck we will have jumped that one.

  4. call me dave says:

    @highseastim and @Kevin evans

    that makes three of us then!

  5. dadsarmy says:

    Perhaps people are wondering if there’s any last minute thing to do, points to make, plans even, to swing it.

    I think no, just keep on as you / we are. From near 2 years posting on the Herald I notice the YES posts are mostly positive, knowledge and research, backed by URLs and quotes.

    Whereas the NOs are just dismissive, oil is running out, you can’t have the pound, SNP are fascists / N…s, Salmond is a (insert perjorative). Bitter and angry.

    And that’s what Darling is, Brown curiously being a one-day wonder.

    I think the seccret is just – stay happy, smiling, polite, confident, happy. All positive aspects. All YES!

  6. Lemon says:

    Just like to add my thanks to the Rev, the Wee Blue Book and all the members on here.

    But my biggest thanks has to go to Claire Lally (remember her of I am a just a normal mum fame). Her mock outrage of being called Pat Lally’s daughter made me realise that BT have no arguments, no case for the Union, no moral fiber and I had to do something. That spurred me to get involved and join the local Yes campaign and get out there chapping on doors and trying to convert the undecided.

    So good luck to you all tomorrow and I will see you all on the other side of the greatest day of our lives.

  7. Dorothy Devine says:

    Was in George square this afternoon but couldn’t stay too long. I too have the Christmas Eve feeling enhanced by the sheer variety of Yessers that I have seen on all the rallies.

    I loved seeing babes in prams with “Bairns not Bombs” signs.

    YES posters in many windows in J/hill ,Broomhill area and I’d love to identify the enterprising person at Broomhill Cross who succeeded in putting a Saltire out of the attic window in a block of posh flats! Well done whoever!

    May I add my thanks Stu – for preserving my blood pressure at a reasonable level and my sanity ( such as it is!)

    I love the site , it feels like a family connection – a family which educates and nourishes. Indeed ,if it weren’t for Wings and Wee Ginger Dug ,I might have sunk into a deep depression.

    I have held on to Pauls ” we can do this ” like a drowning woman on a life raft . Between both him and Stu I began to believe and I now know we can do this.

    Roll on tomorrow!

  8. Tony Little says:

    It’s been a long haul. Thank you Rev Stu ad everyone else who has contributed to this site. to the commentators and supporters. Tomorrow I hope and expect it will have been worth it. We certainly wouldn’t be in this position without tho site and the WBB

    I’ll raise a few tomorrow night to the future of a newly (re)Independent Scotland.

    Well done

  9. boris says:

    Gordon Brown. Gifted, flawed and angry. On record as an ardent admirer of the, “Red Clydesider, James Maxton”, Brown has been strutting his stuff in halls the length and breadth of Scotland of Scotland these last few days relishing his self appointed role as the savior of the Better Together campaign. oft quoting Maxton as his inspiration.

    But James Maxton will be, “turning in his grave” even angrier than Brown, at the audacity of the man abusing his memory and historical facts pertaining to his political aspirations for Scotland. In Maxton’s day his address meant one thing. Independence.

    Brown is putting his own slant on history seeking an introduction of Devo – Max., (which incidentally was not permitted, by the government to be included on the ballot in the referendum. But neither Brown or any of the , “three amigo” is capable of delivering anything. Westminster has the right of veto over any revision in the powers devolved to Scotland and there is little doubt the Scot’s, if they believed in brown’s message and voted no will reap the benefits of that decision.

    Westminster does not take kindly to any challenge to it’s authority. Ireland is a recent example and Scots will face the full brunt of a civic assault on Scotland, (remember what happened after 1979).

    I fully expect, after a honeymoon period, so as to add distraction, Westminster will send Scot’s to the, “naughty step” for around 10 years. In that time any assets of power likely to be used as leverage in any future disturbance will be transferred back to Westminster, never again to be devolved. In effect Scotland will be erased from the map of the world forever absorbed into a single country called Greater England. Scotland might, (as a sop to the past) be named Lesser England, (a place to the North of London.)

    James Maxton, in a famous speech in a 1930’s rally in Glasgow Green said;

    Give us our parliament in Scotland. Set it up next year. We will start with no traditions. We will start with ideals … men and women will spend their whole energy, their whole brain power, their whole courage, and their whole soul, in making Scotland into a country in which we can take people from all nations of the earth and say: ‘This is our land, this is our Scotland, these are our people, these are our men, our works, our women and children: can you beat it?’

    James Maxton

  10. RenateJ says:

    Great paper for these intellectual types that don’t want to risk against the status quo.

  11. a2 says:

    I still have 2 wee blue books that I forgot to pick up in a rush to get out the door earlier. if anybody in Glasgow thinks they can make a last minute difference and gets in touch in the next half hour , I will take them to them. I don’t want to be left with a souvenir.

  12. fred blogger says:

    the political awaking of scotland, has awakened everyone in the, globally, and terrified the establishment, a victory in itself!

  13. macart763m says:


    I’m looking for a very merry YESMAS. Its been a long campaign ma friend since those early days on Newsnet.

    Early to bed for me, I’ve a hot date with a polling booth at stupid o’clock on the way to work. Don’t know if I’ll get much sleep though. Wound as tight as a wossiname tonight. 🙂

    Let’s get it done.

  14. Truth says:

    No matter what happens tomorrow and for the result in the early hours of Friday, I want to thank each and every one of you wingers and the many others in the yes shops and stalls and knocking the doors.

    I won’t mention individual names, but everyone has played a part.

    It’s been a long campaign, but the last few weeks have been a joy. To see people coming together, the friendly community spirit and atmosphere I’ve seen on the streets, and the hope, above all the hope this campaign has inspired, really gladdens the heart.

    We are a special country, our people, all of them, are special people. I’m not old, but I’m certainly not young any more and I have a new excitement about the future.

    We have to do this for the young, the old, the vulnerable, for all of us. Even our southern cousins.

    If there are any undecideds out there or even wavering yes voters please be brave, please don’t be scared by the media onslaught. They lied to us in 1979 and even admit they did. They lied to us in 1997, and that’s been shown to be the case.

    That was over a Parliament. Don’t let them cheat you out of your country.

    Please, vote yes.

  15. fred blogger says:

    and no getting up early and creeping down the stair fri morning, to peak @ your presents, neither. 🙂

  16. boris says:

    Gordon Brown. Gifted, flawed and angry. On record as an ardent admirer of the, “Red Clydesider, James Maxton”, Brown has been strutting his stuff in halls the length and breadth of Scotland of Scotland these last few days relishing his self appointed role as the savior of the Better Together campaign. oft quoting Maxton as his inspiration. But James Maxton will be, “turning in his grave” even angrier than Brown, at the audacity of the man abusing his memory and historical facts pertaining to his political aspirations for Scotland. In Maxton’s day his address meant one thing. Independence.

    Brown is putting his own slant on history seeking an introduction of Devo – Max., (which incidentally was not permitted, by the government to be included on the ballot in the referendum. But neither Brown or any of the , “three amigos” is capable of delivering anything. Westminster has the right of veto over any revision in powers devolved to Scotland and there is little doubt the Scot’s, if they believed in brown’s message and voted no will reap the benefits of that decision.

    Westminster does not take kindly to any challenge to it’s authority. Ireland is a recent example and Scots will face the full brunt of a civic assault on Scotland, (remember what happened after 1979). I fully expect, after a honeymoon period, so as to add distraction, Westminster will send Scot’s to the, “naughty step” for around 10 years. In that time any assets of power likely to be used as leverage in any future disturbance will be transferred back to Westminster, never again to be devolved. In effect Scotland will be erased from the map of the world forever absorbed into a single country called Greater England. Scotland might, (as a sop to the past) be named Lesser England, (a place to the North of London.)

    James Maxton, in a famous speech in a 1930’s rally in Glasgow Green said;

    Give us our parliament in Scotland. Set it up next year. We will start with no traditions. We will start with ideals … men and women will spend their whole energy, their whole brain power, their whole courage, and their whole soul, in making Scotland into a country in which we can take people from all nations of the earth and say: ‘This is our land, this is our Scotland, these are our people, these are our men, our works, our women and children: can you beat it?’

    James Maxton

    Full article here:

  17. mr thms says:

    I felt both Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond’s speeches would appeal to undecided voters

  18. Dorothy Devine says:

    May I add my thanks Stu – I don’t know what I would have done without you and Wee Ginger Dug not to mention the
    ” family” of commentators.

    It has been an enlightening and enlivening experience – and tomorrow there will hopefully be a YES result.

    I was in George Square this afternoon and was impressed , yet again, by the variety of ages present, from old dodders like me to babes in arms. Great!

    It has to be YES.

  19. Croompenstein says:

    Alex was absolutely superb in his last speech tonight, tears blinnin me YES WE CAN

  20. heraldnomore says:

    Having watched the livestream from George Square I’ve been catching up on comments on various favourite sites. There is some wonderful writing out there tonight, some real emotional tugs.

    And even on the BBC Ref Live scroll I think they finalise realise what is happening; even Nick Robinson can feel it on the streets; and even, it looks to me, as if the BT folk no full well what is happening.

    Keep on reading, keep on posting. There will still be some folk tomorrow who will appreciate a WBB, or a lift to the polling station. Don’t lose focus. There is still work to be done. We can party later.

    Bella has had some marvellous pieces lately, and the new issue of Closer is immense, especially the 98 year old great granny Read it if you can.

    Now I’m off to see what Bateman and Murray, and Munguin too have to say. There have been so many heroes of this past two years. It’s close now. It’s time. Savour it. And remember some words I saw from Nicola’s speech earlier. Today we are a Yes campaign and a No campaign; but in a couple of days we are all part of Scotland, one country moving forward. Remember that.

  21. Truth says:


    Where can I see Alex and Nicola’s speeches?

  22. Dorothy Devine says:

    Something peculiar going on .
    First post got a ” you said that already”
    So reposted a briefer version, if it turns up too then grovelling apologies all round!

  23. col says:

    George square today was amazing. Great atmosphere, hope it was an eye opener to undecided folk going to queen street station today. Will be back tomorrow for the carnival feeling. I say carnival feeling but there were some great speakers with a quite serious message. Bairns not bombs, Scottish socialism, green for independence were just a small few of many groups there. I hope there is some good videos on youtube by now

  24. call me dave says:

    An eloquent FM says and sets out a great vision for Scotland.

    Brilliant speech setting the tone and the right mood for the day tomorrow.

    Well done to him and all his government team.

    Scotland has been sick for many years but can be restored to full health tomorrow.

  25. HandandShrimp says:

    Going for an early night. Fingers crossed for tomorrow, it has been one hell of a ride. This site has been a Godsend… and my Last Politician Standing cards arrived today too 🙂

  26. Lesley-Anne says:

    I’ve just heard that after we left the YES stall in Annan today the stall was mobbed by the school kids from Annan Academy. Apparently they were having an independence debate later on in the school. They practically cleared the stall of all the information they could lay their hands on I understand. 😀

    I don’t have the actual figures for the vote after their debate but by all accounts YES won quite convincingly! 😛

  27. SquareHaggis says:

    8 hours until sovereignty, let’s not throw it away.

    X marks the Saltire.

  28. Devorgilla says:

    Thanks Boris for the Maxton quote.

    Horrific that a unionist charlatan like Brown can so subvert what the man stood for.

  29. Bugger (the Panda)

    Heard today from a journalist that the Newsroom was abuzz saying Cameron is going to declare war on Syria on Friday.

  30. benarmine says:

    Bastard Obama sending another unwelcome message of support for Uk apparently. I hope he doesn’t have to look for any favours from Scotland in the future.

  31. Croompenstein says:

    @Truth – I watched them live on the BBC News24 channel. A super atmosphere not even James ‘Bannockburn’ Cook could dampen the spirits although he tried with his nation divided pish and his bigging up of Crash Gordon.

  32. call me dave says:

    Ed is conspicuous by his non-appearance, doesn’t want to cause a scene! Both leaders of the main UK parties cannot make a speech in Scotland any more and on the eve of the biggest vote in history.

    I find that astonishing!

    Ming Campbell still spluttering Federalism for NO’s event tonight.

    Three smaller countries are a counterbalance to England.

    Without Scotland, Wales & N.Ireland’s position would be difficult.

    Ming is well past his sell by date. They all could be if we can do a YES.

  33. msean says:

    Again from Mr Obama,and from a former colony too. Freedom loving country that,so it is.

  34. scunnered says:

    just witnessed a major cock up on the bbc news there…the presenter said..gordon brown said if youre uncertain you should vote yes…brilliant

  35. Craig says:

    Cheers Rev for all your hard work, I have used your articles in the last 8 months to debate with my work colleagues and undecideds, the information that you have researched and found has been a great help

    Thank you

    Thanks must also go to Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon for all their hard work and never ending tour of Scotland explaining why a YES vote is a must.

    I must admit to feeling a wee bit emotional knowing that come tomorrow morning, I will have the power to vote for independence, something that has been denied Scotland since 1707

  36. Journalist told us that their newsroom are abuzz saying Cameron is going to declare war on syria on Friday.

  37. nigel says:

    Read fuzzy Cochers in the Torygraph.

    I think hes preparing his CV for his next employer!


  38. call me dave says:

    Size is important Gordo’s crowd is less than 10% of the crowd filling the hall in Perth.

  39. Lesley-Anne says:

    Guardian were around at our Stall today interviewing some of the A-Team. 😉

    The Guardian journalist also went out in the YES van, no NOT our YES Truck, when they were canvassing tonight and interviewed our chairman. Not only did he get interviewed by the Guardian he was also interviewed by RTE as well.

    It may just be me folks, but is there something BIG happening tomorrow by any chance? 😛

  40. Ann says:

    It’s hard to believe how time has flown since Alex announced that Thursday 18th September 2014 will be voting day for the referendum.

    We have come a long way and considering the non-stop onslaught and negativity from the media and the opposition the YES campaigners on the whole have behaved with dignity and smiles to what has been a long, long haul.

    No matter what to get near or win with the constant bombardment, it will be looked at in years to come as an immense achievement, triumph over adversity.

    The Scots have re-invented the word “campaign” with modern technology taking over from the main stream media and it has been both a pleasure and a priviledge to have part of this bottom-up movement.

    We can take pride on what we have achieved, taken on a bigger foe, and hopefully with the result of a yes vote on Friday morning, we can put all this talent and resourcefulness into making our country a fairer, better one and one that we can be down right proud of for years to come.

    ………. and we can say to our chidren and grandchidren with pride. “I WAS THERE”.

  41. Truth says:

    Thanks croompenstein

    I’ll see if I can find it online before I turn in for the night.

  42. Les Wilson says:

    Having watched a bit of Brown’s ranting, he should be in a straight jacket. He must be seeing this as his big chance to get back into Westminster politics, the giant that he sees himself as. Totally dellusional.


  43. call me dave says:

    YouGov results just announced:

    Yes – 48%
    No – 52%

    Thank Christ for that. ( as the poster said)

    Survation have 47/53 for Y/N

    That’s it then we are within striking distance.

  44. reform says:

    Posted 10 February 2007 – 11:48 AM

    “The UK does not like to believe its politicians are corrupt. The media is always telling us we have the most honest democracy in the world. It is of course not true. It is not “honest” or democratic”. Blair has taken corruption to a new level and hopefully this will eventually be recognised and we can then start to reform this deeply flawed political system.”

  45. Phil says:

    Can’t see him declaring war, he will have to at least consult with the Houses Of Parliament. There would normally be a vote.

  46. Flower of Scotland says:

    Sky news says all the polls say No is going to win! Let’s show them! It’s a YES!

  47. Brian Ritchie says:

    Thank you Rev Stu. What an absolutely bloody magnificent job you’ve done!

  48. Peter G says:

    It matters that Gordon Brown is a congenital liar. A man who doesn’t know who or what he is and who needs massive doses of chemicals to even behave like a normal human.

    This is the man who is being smashed into our faces as the New Messiah and saviour of Scotland from the evils of Freedom, Democracy and all that stuff that only real countries get to enjoy.

    The man who paid for the Iraq war. The man who happily left his constituents building radioactive sandcastles. The man who scares pensioners and transplant patients.

    He is one of the most evil men who ever lived. True evil.

  49. scunnered says:

    ach he said if youre uncertain u should vote against..sorry it sounded like getting carried away..time for my bed

  50. john king says:

    Good night my many dear dear freinds,
    I’ll see you all on the other side.

  51. Iain McDermott says:

    Tomorrow evening at 7.00 pm local time (6.00 pm Scottish Time) in Brussels, Flemish Nationalists from all the diverse and sometimes warring Flemish Independence groups and organisations are gathering together on Independence Square, Brussels, to show their support for Scottish Independence.

    At 8.30 pm local time (7.30 pm Scottish Time), 1800 candles in a the form of a large Saltire will be lit in a symbolic display of unity with Scotland and our
    hope of achieving our Freedom tomorrow.

    They intend to follow events on TV and they even have a special Independence beer for the occasion.
    What happens tomorrow is not only being watched closely throughout the World, but for these countries that strive for their own Independence, who have at present
    no realistic hope of attaining it anytime soon, like Flanders, what Scotland decides tomorrow could help them that bit closer to achieving their own freedom.

    I find it very humbling, as a Scot, that we have such support for our cause; we
    must prove, tomorrow, that we are worthy of such admiration.

  52. Nana Smith says:

    As I don’t watch the bbc perhaps someone on here can confirm the hatchet job mentioned in the tweet below…

  53. Scottishdragon says:

    I want to add my thanks to Stu and everyone here. It’s been invaluable, and kept me sane!

    Bed now, it’s been a long road from seeing newsnet banned on Blether with Brian to being a few hours away from the greatest opportunity afforded to us. Voting at 7am tomorrow!

  54. Lesley-Anne says:

    Oh jeez!

    Everyone’s favourite Radio Scotland presenter, the one, the only Kay with an “E” is on the papers review at 10:30 p.m. on SKY News. 😛

    I’ve just heard the new SKY political correspondent, Faisal Islam, make reference to the Radical Independence Group and the work they have carried out over recent months viz a vie signing up unregistered voters. He said that they, RIC, are planning to bus these voters into the polling stations tomorrow and that he does not think the polling companies have picked up on this and therefore he thinks the polls could very well be far off the mark! 😉

    I can tell you Faisal, I’m pretty damned CERTAIN they haven’t and YES they ARE very wide of the mark! 😉

    Could it be I have just witnessed the FIRST sign of the television media accepting that all the shite they have been pushing over the last few months has been in vain and in fact YES has WON? 😛

  55. Peoples Republic of Balmaha says:

    Can’t remember who said it but it was very succinct.
    ‘Tomorrow, Scotland retakes it’s sovereignty for the first time in 300 years and during that 15 hours we have to decide whether to retain it or give it back’. Who the hell let Gordon Brown out of the cupboard, that’s all we would need is a failed Prime Minister for First Minister.

  56. call me dave says:

    What! Nick R. in Perth pushing the Obama tweet. Good old BBC.

    He predicts that 1.8 million votes for YES can do it.

    Scot Goes Pop ( comments boxes) should be worth a look in a wee while.

    See what SS has to say.

  57. Gfaetheblock says:

    There is a lot of unpleasant comments about Gordon Brown on the site tonight. I thought Yes was supposed to be the positive campaign?

  58. muttley79 says:

    Poor old Martin Kettle has really jumped the shark over on the Guardian:

    Seems to be trying to outdo Cochers! The poster Will Podmore is posting on Cif ranting about Wings? Do not know what he trying to say. Very bizarre post.

  59. Phil says:
    17 September, 2014 at 10:14 pm
    Can’t see him declaring war, he will have to at least consult with the Houses Of Parliament. There would normally be a vote.


    I would have thought that there would be a recall of Parliament, as there would be a debate.
    But then the UK does not have a written constitution and that allows the PM a lot of power.

  60. Robyn - Quine fae Torry says:

    Good luck, all.

    Praying for independence. I am so glad Wings has been on our side and can only thank you, Rev Stu, for all your efforts.

    I read Wings every day and I hope this site continues regardless of the referendum outcome. It has been a real education reading not only the Rev’s articles but also the comments from so many intelligent and passionate contributors.

    There have also been many moments of comedy gold – my own particular favourite being the Scotsman using a satirical article from The Porridge as a legit source and one wag on here commenting that they should have known that porridge is usually taken in Scotland “with a pinch of salt” 🙂

    Proud to be Yes.

    Robyn xx

  61. heraldnomore says:

    One Stu Campbell, there’s only one Stu Campbell…

  62. Cadogan Enright says:

    Just one poster to put up first thing – Then working on ‘knocking up’ all day.

    early to bed

    If you have not found your local knocking up team – start looking now

  63. Vote No and every Scottish soldier that is injured or worse fighting in foreign lands propping up America`s foreign policy of destabilization in all oil rich countries is down to you.

  64. bringiton says:

    I don’t normally comment on this site because it is all said and done by so many other enthusiastic people.
    I had a conversation this afternoon with Craig Murray and we both agreed that Donald Dewar’s statue should be replaced with Stu Campbells given their relative contribution to Scottish independence.
    Dewar was a very reluctant convert to creating a “parish council” in Edinburgh and as we all know was,along with Broon,Darling et al a Westminster creature at heart.
    At the Newington Yes shop this week,we rapidly ran out of Wee Blue Books which have been instrumental in changing Grans and Grandas from No to Yes.
    So…thanks Stu and fingers crossed for tomorrow.

  65. pussy nancy says:

    With ref. to the war thing.
    I think I read somewhere recently that it wouldn’t need to go through Parliament because it would not be declared on Syria but on ISIS?

  66. North chiel says:

    Fingers crossed , I hope and believe we have done enough
    I will be carrying a sprig of “lucky white heather ” into the
    Polling booth and will lay it on the ballot paper before the “st Andrew”s cross”
    For yes is my “head and heart ” marked wish for my country’

  67. Harry McAye says:

    I saw something earlier on twitter about Polling Day advice/dos and don’ts. It mentioned not wearing anything political or just display your allegiance. I was planning on wearing my Yes t-shirt. What is everybody doing, are we adhering to this advice?

  68. Ann says:

    It’s hard to believe how time has flown since Alex announced that Thursday 18th September 2014 would be the day for our Indpendence Referendum.

    A lot has passed since then.

    The bottom-up grass roots campaign has been a sight to behold. People from all walks of life with no political interest have started groups here and there which blossomed into a movement with meaning and purpose, something that Scotland can be proud of.

    There have been marches, concerts, fundraising, stalls and all done with in the main diginity and a welcoming smile for all, and I am proud to be part of that.

    We have had to take on a biased media and the multi-faceted, multi-named opposition, but circumvented this by using social media, where nothing can ever be hidden for long.

    We Scots created a new way of campaigning that would have made our more famous ancestors very proud.

    If we, and I really believe that we will vote yes, we can take all this talent and industriousness into taking our newly independent country forward and create something that is fair and better for all and a beacon to the world how things can be done peacefully. No bombs, no bullets.

    Something to make us all very proud off…… and we can say to our children and grandchildren “I WAS THERE”.

  69. Fairliered says:

    Tomorrow we will make history. Our future is on our hands.
    The world is watching and hoping we vote Yes – for peace, for equality, for the final nail in the coffin of the British Empire and its Tory, public school hangers on.
    Let’s do it!
    And ….. Thanks Stu, we wouldn’t be on the verge of victory without you, Wee Ginger Dug, Derek Bateman, Mike Small and everyone who has contributed to this site.

  70. dadsarmy says:

    The only person who can take the UK to war is the Queen. She delegates this responsibility to her Ministers, and the three Ministers are the Prime Minister, the Foreign Secretary and the Defence Secretary.

    Sorry to be anal, did a lot of research over the months. But it won’t be war as that would be illegal, it would be action and because it was put to a vote in parliament last time (lost), it would almost certainly have to go to Parliament and a vote by precedence almost.

  71. Liquid Lenny says:

    James Caithness and co

    There was a comment earlier on this thread saying that the Guardian was tweeting that Westminster was briefing Journalists when Parliament had been recalled on a Saturday. Seems to tie in, are they trying to do a Maggie Thatcher, bit late I would have thought 🙂

  72. Robert Kerr says:

    I shall discretely wear my golden wings on my lapel.

    Be interesting if they are noticed and by whom.

    Tomorrow is Scotland’s rite of passage.

    Our ancient Nation renewed.

  73. Lesley-Anne says:

    Cadogan Enright says:

    Just one poster to put up first thing – Then working on ‘knocking up’ all day.

    early to bed

    If you have not found your local knocking up team – start looking now

    Erm, would you like to maybe think about rephrasing part of your post Cadogan? 😛

  74. Kevin evans says:

    So many of my friends and family aren’t here anymore who I know would vote yes – when I make my X in the yes box it will be for all my friends and family not here anymore as well as my family and kids who are still here.

  75. Midgehunter says:

    Germany is awash with Scotland news, no. 1 in the news bulletins. Mostly neutral to positive. Braveheart, Highlander being given the prime-time films.

    Been corresponding with the ZDF news (ITV similar) editorial team and feeding them info for the past few days.

    They’d been reporting a bit too near to the London bubble type of thing so I sent them lots of info about taxation, energy, Barnett Formula, oil/gas etc. and suddenly yesterday evening they started using the type of figures and general info which sounded a bit like the stuff I sent them. That felt good. 🙂

    Been doing the same with various magazines and newspapers so that the YES version got plenty of airing.

    Most of it was of course what I’d learnt (nicked!) from WOS and Business for Scotland.

    Thanks Rev.

  76. call me dave says:

    AS will be getting a phone call tomorrow from CMD whatever way it goes.

    Maybe if it’s a YES he’ll be politely asking permission to bomb ISIS.

    If it’s a NAW permission will not be required.

    Come on Scotland!

  77. sinky says:

    Kaye adams and other journo praising gordon brown but no mention of scotlands first minister

  78. Marcia says:

    Harry McAye

    If you are simply going to vote then there is no issue about wearing a Yes tee shirt. If you plan to stand at a polling gate encouraging voters to Vote Yes then you have to stand away from the entrance and don’t enter the polling station unless you are a polling agent with the authorisation to come into a polling station.

  79. Flower of Scotland says:

    Having trouble all day commenting here! No trouble anywhere else!

    Thanks again Stu for this wonderful site, full of information and like minded people that have kept me sane during this period! I am transporting people tomorrow to the polling booths so will clock in later and see how everyone is feeling!

    It’s been an exciting time! I was in tears listening to Alex Salmond tonight! I want this so much! YES!

  80. DoziR says:

    I was told this today at work by lovely kind intelligent so i thought ladies. They believed it said it’s better to do that because if people don’t know then it’s better to vote for things to stay the same. Also when talked about food banks they justified it saying but they are around the whole country not just Glasgow they even have them in Sweden now. Couldn’t believe my ears! Also relayed Lindsays story and they all but called me a liar as it hadn’t been on news or in the papers ditto with the BBC bias protest. God help us if things don’t go to plan. They will of course. Thank you so much for all you have done. Xx

  81. annie says:

    Noticed “ordinary mum” Ms Lally on the platform at the Gordon Brown speech today.

  82. msean says:

    Usual north british stuff on tv tonight then.

  83. Lesley-Anne says:

    sinky says:

    Kaye adams and other journo praising gordon brown but no mention of scotlands first minister

    I heard that Sinky. I noticed as well that she, quite rightly, declined to indicate which way she’ll be voting. Mind you with both the reviewers singing Brown’s praises I think we all can have a pretty accurate guess, right folks! 😉

  84. fred blogger says:

    it looks like they have excepted the inevitable, don’t it.

  85. DoziR says:

    I truly now believe Gordon Brown is in fact a Dalek!

  86. Big Jock says:

    If 1.8m can win it and 1.4m signed the indie declaration.400k is not a lot of voters to find.I don’t know who works out these things out!

  87. Nana Smith says:

    Goodnight & sleep well Wingers!

  88. John says:

    Call Me Dave
    “The polis involved regarding postal votes in Edinburgh?
    Leaking info.”

    I have been to the Edinburgh postal votes centre twice this week as Wings Referendum Agent and one of our Wings polling agents was there today. No reports of anything out of the ordinary so far. Current operations running smoothly.

  89. muttley79 says:

    @Big Jock

    Where is the source for the independence declaration?

  90. AndyC says:

    AS playing his usual calming presence on Newsnight despite the usual journalist heckling. Will they still talk over him when he is the head of an independent European state?

  91. dadsarmy says:

    Quote of Salmond’s speech (so far): (how we’re having this referendum) “Westminster parties agreed to it because they thought they had it in the bag”.

    That’s a great “get it up ye” line. Could be worth a few votes.

  92. Big Jock says:

    Mutley someone mentioned it on here!

  93. tonymac says:

    Taking about Ignorance..
    One good reason to #VoteYes A few mins ago in #GeorgeSquare Nazi salutes FFS!! @chunkymark PLZ RT Thnx #indyref

  94. A.N.Surgent says:

    The only thing I found linking polis and polling was a guy selling his vote on e-bay.

  95. James123 says:

    Just watched the paper review on the BBC with the editor of the Sunday Herald, the presenter pointed out to the viewers that his newspaper supported independence, “just to let everyone know where he stands”, she said.

    Funny I’ve never seen them do that when there’s a journo from the Daily Mail or Telegraph or any of the other umpteen pro-Union newspapers.

  96. heedtracker says:

    Tomorrow we the people of Scotland run Scotland, so it’s for one day or forever. Good luck tomorrow everyone. It’s be incredible meeting you all, virtually:D

  97. Natasha says:

    why the two Arbroathians on C4 Naw thanks interview both middle class English says an awful lot now.

    Oy! I’m middle class English, and I had to push my weegie husband into supporting independence! Please let me join your club, Scotland; I’m a good egg, really I am. 🙂

  98. Dal Riata says:

    Thanks Stu for all the work you’ve done – pure class!

    Got polling duties tomorrow so up at 6.00 am. Sleeping is going to be tough, though, adrenaline already pumping!

    To all the contributors on here, well, what can I say, but thanks to each and every one of you.

    Scotland and its people deserve their independence, we the people know that.

    Yet, I do admit to feeling pretty damn nervous that BTUKOKNoThanks’s lies, fears, smears and sneers might have done their job to get a No vote majority.

    If we are deprived of our independence by the unforgivable behaviour of Westminster and the worldwide cabal of Bilderberg interests then… well, I don’t know, but I’ll be mighty angry to say the least.

    Let’s hope there is enough of us out there, positive, fearless and strong, to give Scotland its independence and freedom. We, the people of Scotland deserve nothing less.

    Tomorrow, the 18th of September, 2014 vote Yes!

  99. Lesley-Anne says:

    I think they mat have Fred. I can think of nothing more satisfying than watching the news on Friday and seeing all those dripping faces as they all begin to realise that they threw everying at us, and I mean EVERYTHING, and we still told them to sod off! 😛

  100. Free at last? says:

    Well I don’t know what the fek to say. Due to a combination of the professional thing, and ill-health, we haven’t been able to knock doors. We have key-board warrier’d away to the best of our ability. Done our best.

    When we could talk, turned 4 – 5 people around. Wife, best friend, daughter-in-law, etc etc.

    Wife turned out to be mental yes!!!

    Have spent all night on FB, turning one bloke living in Scotland, but just as importantly chatting to friends and family in England.

    Filled with a profound sense of sadness. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s a sense of history. Or just sheer nervous tension.

    I think it might be an impending sense of loss about the unity we have achieved. From rabid socialist, to loony green, to tartan tory, to the boring dunno how to vote guy, we might be allowed to lose this wonderful, supposed not to be possible unity.

    Well here’s a thought. Yes or no, let’s keep this site and movement going. Too tired to do the speech – others know what I’m saying.

    Just for fek’s sake vote yes.

  101. Lenny says:

    Just heard WoS name dropped on Newsnight!

    Good luck “Yes” voters – I’m rooting for you!

  102. Helpmaboab says:

    I’ll be wearing my silver wings when I vote tomorrow. It’ll be a small, private tribute to what this extraordinary community has achieved in the last three years.

    I’ll then put them away somewhere safe as a memento of the time when Scotland re-entered the community of nations.

  103. ScottieDog says:

    WBB still finding its way to undecideds as we speak…

  104. fred blogger says:

    we’ve had enough of their nightmares, now it’s time to live our dreams. 🙂

  105. Lesley-Anne says:

    Big Jock says:

    If 1.8m can win it and 1.4m signed the indie declaration.400k is not a lot of voters to find.I don’t know who works out these things out!

    BJ, here is how I’ve worked out the winning post. The 80% figure is because most people seem to think that 80% of the eligible voters will actually turn out to vote.

    Total number of eligible voters 4385323

    80% of eligible voters 3508258

    50% of the 80% eligible voters 1754129

    50% +1 of the 80% eligible voters 1754130

    signatories to the Declaration of Independence 1400000 (approx)

    Outstanding number of voters to “find” 354130

  106. Douglas Macdonald says:

    MORI, probably IPSOS-MORI, were on the telephone to me this evening. Unfortunately, they wanted someone in the 16-35 age group and we’re all over 65! Presumably, there must be another poll coming up, but for whom I wonder? The STV IPSOS-MORI poll was declared at 6pm, yet the call came after that. Any thoughts on the matter?

  107. Wales for Indy says:

    O/T but every vote counts and there’s one available if we can get 21 more people to vote in the following online poll. A Wrexham FC (the oldest football club in Wales and the 3rd oldest in the world) fan from Scotland has put a referendum poll on our fans website – Red Passion (its in the “Off Topic Chat” section; there’s also a separate thread with a general referendum discussion). He will cast his vote on the 18th for whoever wins the poll. At the moment “no” is winning by 20 votes and the poll closes in an hours time, so we need some help . Registering for the website is easy, you just need an e-mail address and to agree to the terms and conditions.

  108. Skip_NC says:

    Greetings from Raleigh, North Carolina. I feel quite homesick right now. For those lucky enough to be involved on the ground, there is much work to be done in getting out the vote, observing the polls and at the counts. It will require strength and energy. Eat your cereal.

    Seriously, good luck tomorrow. I may yet be able to convince my American wife that our future lies in an independent Scotland.

  109. Big Jock says:

    Sums up the no campaign. They ship up Eddie Izard to Maryhill who doesn’t have a vote. He reads a text from his phone of another English multi millionaire JK Rowling:”Scotland my head says no and my heart shouts it”. Well obviously your heart says no as you are not a Scot.Your head is looking at your bank balance! Meanwhile food banks,homeless people,unemployed disenfranchised people are pushed aside by Brown and co. He wants Scotland to do what rich English people tell it to do. He said Salmond doesn’t own Scotland…he should have finished with..Westminster owns Scotland.

  110. Marcia says:

    Douglas Macdonald

    The poll will be for the London Evening Standard which will appear tomorrow.

  111. CameronB Brodie says:

    Don’t vote in ignorance, here is No Better Together Thanks grass roots support. Nazi salutes and SLabour signs.

  112. Andy says:

    Have you herd some of the pish being spouted on c4 by the pro onion fannies

  113. Kevin evans says:

    Am confident when someone is faced with the question tomorrow vote for your right as a free nation or stay as slaves they will vote correctly

  114. chalks says:

    Folks,cup final 2moro.

    Lets do this. Get our vote out,we win.

    Help out RIC and something very special will happen.

    Love you all and see you on the other side.

    Forza Scotland

  115. benarmine says:

    Like others I’d just like to thank Stuart and all the rest of you for saving me this last year and more. If you hadn’t been a second home I don’t know what I’d have done. See you on the other side when there’s negotiations to discuss. All the best tomorrow, only one result possible!

  116. Graeme Doig says:

    So many posts to agree with/reply to.

    Enough to say i’m proud to have been part of this with all you good people.

    And a nod to our FM who has been magnificent.

  117. A.N.Surgent says:

    CameronB Brodie

    The true colours of the union.

  118. James123 says:

    Brian Taylor tonight said “just over 300 years ago the people of Scotland chose the Union”.

    Really, Brian, did they?

  119. George says:

    Well guys the big debate just finished on channel 4 and if looks are anything to go by the yes side is gonna win whiskey for me on friday which for all of us shall now be known as the beginning of scotland a proud strong compassionate and caring society long live Independent scotland!!!

  120. BrianW says:

    Last post before bed and getting up to vote in the morning.

    I feel quite in awe that I can help in changing Scotland’s future for the better by putting a wee cross and a box next to the word YES.

    This way I feel strongly that we rid ourselves of trough-ers like Brown, who don’t really give a shite about the people. His ilk see fit to dipping their hands in the pension pot, deregulating banking to help the rich get rich, and the poor poorer. He calls people Bigots off camera, but is lauded in front of the masses to preach the benefits of a dysfunctional Union by telling lie after lie after lie (as has been proven on Wings and many other sites)

    My cross is going in the box next to YES Gordon, to stop you and your fellow MP’s from leading us down a dark dark, road. Thanks for helping me confirm my choice of the right path. The Path to Yes. You on the other hand Gordon are on a shoogily peg..

    P.S @ Bugger (the Panda) 9:28pm

    I did hear that military personnel have had all leave cancelled and rumoured to be deployed soon after the vote – (all via word of mouth from the BBC Demo where some military personnel were there, so nothing to confirm or deny this rumour)

  121. handclapping says:

    As someone who’ll be at the postal openings tomorrow, would anyone with a postal vote to cast please go to their polling station, any polling station in the Council area will do, and hand over their postal pack by the end of lunchtime so it can be taken to the counting centre early to be processed into the postal ballot box.

    Ones and twos can be dealt with by hand quite quickly but if thousands turn up, and Fife still has 7000 out there somewhere, it can be 3 hours to get them through the system. That means about 0130 before the last ballot box goes on to the tables for tallying and a declaration well later than the 0400 scheduled.

    As they say in Northern Ireland, Vote early, (Vote often.)

  122. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    Wonderful to meet some of the Welsh people up here supporting YES at this evening’s YES gathering in the Meadows.

    And YES, all the Welsh blokes can sing. They proved it …

  123. Flower of Scotland says:

    If anyone has a minute, Bella is having a NO attack! Maybe go on and give Mike Small some gratitude too! Citizen journalism should support each other!

  124. flux_capacitor says:

    I have been a silent lurker on Wings for some time now. Thought it was time to chip in with some words of thanks for the sterling efforts. Wings has been an invaluable source of myth-busting and inspiration. Unfortunately my 3x attempted conversions with the WBB don’t appear to have worked. I did seem to pick some very stubborn targets though. Some people are too entrenched in their own realities. So massive respect to Rev Stu.

    My dad is 71 tomorrow. He said although he will appreciate all his presents on the 18th, he said the cherry on his cake would be to wake up on the 19th to FREEDOM 🙂

    Born in WWII, saw action in the British Army in the 60’s, and latterly rose up through the ranks in the Aberdeen Oil & Gas industry. He has seen enough of politics in the UK over the years, and has been a long time supporter of independence.

    All my family in Aberdeen are YES.

    Here’s hoping we have done enough to make it happen 🙂

  125. Stone_Truth says:

    Just laid £500 notes on a Yes win, couldn’t pass up on that soon to be gone currency could I!

  126. Harry McAye says:

    I joined YouGov several months ago and I’ve never had a poll asking any political questions, mainly just household stuff. Needless to say I won’t be bothering with any more polls.

  127. Famous15 says:

    Obama is no big deal .Remember Alistair Cambell did something similar for Clinton to take attention away from the stain on that dress.

  128. Natasha says:

    Does anyone have a link to an uncut video of the FM’s speech earlier tonight? I went to look at it on Sky, but they’ve obviously edited it.
    Thanks in advance.

    I love you all and I have barely slept for 48 hours; glad you’ve finally joined my insomniac existence, Alex Smith! And CameronB I am a good egg. Have faith, everyone, we are going to win. We love you, Rev Stu; cometh the man, cometh the hour.


  129. Deontas says:

    Some on here have met each others, some will never meet others, What this sight has done is truly outstanding, brings folk together who probably have walked past each other in the streets, we have all done great, stand up, chest out, deep breath, big shoulders, smile, be proud………be very very proud!! We are doing it for Scotland!!!!

    Thank you EVERYONE, Enjoy your independence people of this unique and wonderful wee country with a huge huge heart.

  130. Andy Howie says:

    We bled with Wallace, We were led by Bruce. Tomorrow we have the chance to do what these legends did, not with a sword, but with a pencil. We can do this, we can rise and be a nation again

  131. Indy_Scot says:

    I knew Brian Taylors maths was bad, I did not know he was crap at history too.

  132. Calgacus says:

    There will be NO further powers of any significance. Scotland will be extinguished.

    Vote Yes make history.

    Vote No make Scotland history.

  133. liz says:

    @Lesley – Ann I’m bloody furious at those front pages tomorrow after all the shit they have chucked our way.

    They really have no clue how we think – hell mend them

  134. Tackety Beets says:

    This has landed on my FB Page . Does anyone know more ?

    “It has been rumoured that Redford Barracks is on alert rediness, with all leave cancelled. it appears that after the referendum is over, there will be a ground assault in Iraq. and air strikes. Is this want we want in our name “

  135. MacDara says:

    Albain go brách! Le gach dea-ghuí amárach ó muinttir na hÉireann.

    My friends and I will have a whiskey in your honour on Friday- maybe even a whisky!

  136. Ron says:

    Wales for Indy – what you’ve just posted is illegal under the 1983 Representation of the People act!

  137. YESGUY says:

    It is finally here.

    Good luck and goodnight Wingers.

    I have to say it has been some thing special. Magical even. Lets wake up with pride in our hearts because we got this far.

    years of scares, smears and abuse ends in a few short hours.

    We the people of Scotland are ready to take our place among all the free Nations. We have the power.

    And remember too, the eyes of the world are watching , and many of these eyes have Scottish roots. Millions and millions of them. We are not alone.

    take good care folks. I look forward to reading all your experiences and sharing your joy.

    A very proud Winger.

  138. Indy_Scot says:

    Alex Salmond quote of the day,

    “Wake up knowing you did this – you made it happen”

  139. Fireproofjim says:

    Tacketty beets,
    I live close to the barracks and all is peaceful, with the squadies as usual in the local pubs or taking the bus to Edinburgh.
    Just a bit of paranoia.

  140. Lesley-Anne says:

    Indy_Scot says:

    I knew Brian Taylors maths was bad, I did not know he was crap at history too.

    How the hell do you think he ended up at the BBC Indy? 😛

    liz says:

    @Lesley – Ann I’m bloody furious at those front pages tomorrow after all the shit they have chucked our way.

    They really have no clue how we think – hell mend them

    Compared to some of the shite they have all thrown at us of late Liz I think these front pages are relatively tame. 😉

    Still they are nothing to what they are going to have start printing from Saturday. 😛 Friday’s papers will be a non event I think mainly cause they will have nothing really to print because the results will not start appearing until around 2 a.m.

    Saturday’s papers are going to be a scream I reckon mainly because they will have to be full of the “We are so sorry that we mistreated Scotland please change your minds, we really, REALLY love you don’t you know!” 😀

  141. Andy says:

    Lesley Anne, wat do you expect from pro onion msn

  142. Lesley-Anne says:

    Andy says:

    Lesley Anne, wat do you expect from pro onion msn

    Oh I don’t really know Andy mind you I think the TRUTH might be a good start! 😛

  143. Indy_Scot says:

    Signing off now, need to rest, got some unfinished business to deal with tomorrow.

  144. Big Jock says:

    Lesley I am surrounded by some really bitter no people at my office. I came out today feeling really stressed and depressed. I come on wings and everybody is happy and George Square is ablaze with colour. I just want to see their faces if we win. I know if they win they will just continue the bitterness. If we win it will stop. They are really angry that we are this close to beating their cosy establishment. We must do this for everyone as it will make us all better people if we win.

  145. skozra says:

    Good luck tomorrow everyone and thanks to all ! Tomorrow is going to be some day for sure 🙂

  146. A.N.Surgent says:

    The london media circus will be heading south to plead the case for war on isis. Scottish pravda will be on its own.

  147. Andy says:

    Good luck on that one lesley

  148. Big Jock says:

    Flux we are expecting an earthquake when Aberdeen declares. No pressure!

  149. Graham says:

    Goodnight and God bless. A day like no other is almost here.

  150. Grouse Beater says:

    Choose Free Will – Choose Hope – grousebeater.wordpress

    To everyone here, I join with you in a great civic revolution – regaining our nation’s sovereignty and returning it to the people.

    I do so with trepidation but tremendous excitement. I have no idea where this journey will end, but I take the step with confidence and generosity, and in fine company.

    Thank you, Stuart, for giving me this invaluable platform of communication, to talk and to discuss ideas and ideals with others. It has been a pleasure. I hope to return triumphant to celebrate our success.

    My own blog is a modest contribution to the cause, nevertheless I am proud to have been part of this community, this movement for social justice, Wings Over Scotland.

    Let’s make Thursday the 18th September, the People’s Day –

    – let us join together to make it our annual ‘Flag party.’

    The time has come to choose hope!

  151. no more says:

    “The CEO of SERCO is Cameron’s mate, fellow Old Etonian Rupert Soames, brother of Tory MP and Cameron loyalist Nicholas Soames.

    No wonder Scotland’s so desperate to get away from Westminster.”


    “Tony Blair and BAE Systems”

  152. James123 says:

    Saturday’s papers are going to be a scream I reckon mainly because they will have to be full of the “We are so sorry that we mistreated Scotland please change your minds, we really, REALLY love you don’t you know!”

    I think it will the opposite, more along the lines of “okay well fuck off then, we never really loved you anyway”. But they’ll get over it and soon will be friends again, but just friends, no funny business.

  153. Liquid Lenny says:

    Good Night Fellow Wingers, it has been a pleasure over the last year or so. We must have another night out in Glasgow , probably need to be the Hydro!!!

    Only 15 minutes to our day of destiny, I have to get up in six hours to head to a polling station. I can tell you it feels good to say that. Stay positive, as the great Alex Harvey said “Tomorrow belongs to Me”

  154. Big Del says:

    Kilt and Scotland top looked out. Me and the boys off to Stirling to Sample a bit of atmosphere. Flags up at the hoose and 1 WBB left. Might leave it in the booth for a undecided to check out.( you never know).
    Nervous anticipation, excitement and shitting my self all rolled into one.
    Keep the heid, be respectful and come on Scotland Please vote YES.

  155. A.N.Surgent says:

    Got something important to do tomorrow, cant remember what it is.
    Oh YES I can, throw off the shackles of 307 years of imperialist
    oppression. 🙂

    The power is in our hands tomorrow, lets use it VOTE YES.

    Night Wingers.

  156. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    All the best to everyone tomorrow – especially Rev Stu.

    It has been an exhilarating experience – true democracy.

    We are going to win this – the power of YES.

  157. Big Del says:

    And thanks rev. We would not be here with out you and your team.

  158. Kevin evans says:

    Wow.. News night didn’t vet there audience very well for the no side .. Lol keep the nutter talking .. More votes for yes.

  159. K1 says:

    I can only concur with so many on here on the outstanding contribution you, Stu, have made to informing, educating and genuinely enlightening those of us like myself, who had opted out decades ago due to the overwhelming direction of travel that was apparent as far back, for me, as the early eighties.

    The moment I found this site (and others) I knew I had found the ‘right place’ in the context of the unfolding of what has become one of the worst mental and emotional assaults on the people of our country in living history. The btl comments and insights have been a balm, it has been a great comfort to find kindred thinkers, who have expressed the complexity of some of the issues, in clear, factual terms.

    I am immensley grateful to you all.

    One last link which many may not have seen, so maybe worth a post on some FB pages as I don’t have FB.

    It’s the Mark Carney clip revealing the true wealth of the Scottish economy. The truth will out.

  160. Twenty14 says:

    Am shittin myself night all and hopefully tomorrow will rid my insomnia

  161. Seasick Dave says:

    The future is ours to choose.

    Lets not leave it to Westminster governments.

    Many thanks indeed, Stu, for your immense efforts.

    You are a hero.

  162. Colin Church says:

    Press review on SKY now. Kaye confused about time line. She hasn’t seen FM speech but has seen Brown. Kaye bullies some VERY JUNIOR hack. Too much time in green room Kaye – this is not about the banality of TV filling shite at lunchtime. WHY do you have a “job”.

  163. Lesley-Anne says:

    As far as I’m concerned BJ it is ALL about belief! If you believe then you are well on the way.

    In my case my belief starts with the overly simplistic concept that the polls are WRONG. Not only are they wrong but YES is far further ahead than any poll suggests. My argument for this is based on FOUR ideas:

    1) the opinion pollsters have no idea of how to deal with this referendum because there is no history of polls for them to refer to.

    2) The pollsters have no idea of how to deal with the 16 and 17 year olds.

    3) the pollsters have no idea of how to handle all the hundreds of thousands of people who have never voted who have now registered to vote.

    4) the pollsters are totally unable to deal with the simple concept that people voted Lib/Dem, Tory or Labour, especially Labour, who are all now voting YES. Remember there are upwards of 42% of Labour voters who are now going to be voting YES.

    For me the most important point is the last one. The pollsters when working out their national voting intentions apparently use the voting intentions at the 2010 or 2011 elections to even out the percentages. However THAT can NOT work in this case for the reason I outlined in point 4.

    As a result of my 4 points I have always been of the mind that YES was further ahead than anyone made out and THIS is why I say we WILL win. Remember NO ONE who was unregistered to vote but has now registered has done so, in my view, to vote NO!

  164. Kevin evans says:

    Lmao – 3 undecideds on news night all just jumped on the yes boat .. Lol

  165. Elizabeth Sutherland says:

    Rev. Stu, commentators, lurckers, have a great day tomorrow, and enjoy every minute. My mam 87 and me 55+ will go shopping in the morning have some lunch then head to the polling booth. We are both YES for the bairns not bombs. It’s been a rollercoaster ride this Indy Ref campaign, so we are looking forward to the celebrations of a Reborn Nation of Scotland.

  166. Cindie says:

    Goodnight Wingers. I haven’t had time to read all your posts tonight, but I just wanted to say that it’s been an honour to be a part of this journey with you all.

    Stuart Campbell, if yes wins tomorrow, you have been such an important part of that. Scotland owes you more than we can ever say. xxx

  167. hopper69 says:

    Just back from yes event in Perth.Speeches were great.There is a party rocking outside the hall(with Doug Mclean)Got a fish supper from the craigie chippy to round off the night.
    Cant wait to vote yes tomorrow.
    They don’t like it up em.

  168. James123 says:

    The Rev’s had a few, he’ll be telling us he loves us all in a minute. Love you right back Stu, thanks for everything.

  169. Lesley-Anne says:

    Andy says:

    Good luck on that one lesley

    Aye well I didn’t actually say they would do anything about the TRUTH Andy it just seemed a good place to start. 😛

    James123 says:

    Saturday’s papers are going to be a scream I reckon mainly because they will have to be full of the “We are so sorry that we mistreated Scotland please change your minds, we really, REALLY love you don’t you know!”

    I think it will the opposite, more along the lines of “okay well fuck off then, we never really loved you anyway”. But they’ll get over it and soon will be friends again, but just friends, no funny business.

    I think you may right about the F OFF part James, at least with the monsters of the media like the Daily Mail. I do however do feel there may actually be some real sorrow in some of the more intelligent papers. 😉

  170. kalmar says:

    I don’t think it’s going to go our way, chums. But don’t give up, go and help get the vote out tomorrow if you can.

    Well done to everyone on Wings for the effort, it’s been pretty bloody amazing and we can all feel proud of the effort, even if it’s for nought. You fought the good fight.

  171. stewartb says:

    Off to bed – expectant, hopeful of tomorrow.

    Last thought from all here around me in my home – many thanks Stu and to all Wingers for what you have done and achieved for the people who live and work in Scotland.

  172. Jim says:

    All the best guys

  173. Vote Yes a world changing decision.

  174. liz says:

    Thanks Rev Stu and thanks for all the support on here.

    Goodnight fellow wingers – see you on the other side.

  175. James123 says:

    Has any article gone over 1,000 comments? Insomniacs we can do this!

  176. Midgehunter says:

    Natasha and Paula Rose – two English roses fighting like lioness’s for Scotlands independence. 🙂

  177. dadsarmy says:

    Here’s hoping for 75% YES, 25% NO.

  178. Cactus says:

    Best wishes Mr editor and good luck to you Scotland. Looking forward to your article on Friday, titled ‘We did it!’.

    Dedication to WoS:

    Wall of Sound ~ Slade (“WoS power” / “24 hours of power”)

    Stay tuned to this frequency.

  179. Training Day says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    This day brings a Scottish Dawn.

  180. Jeannie says:

    Good luck to all of us tomorrow. It’s been a long journey and I can hardly believe how far we’ve come from when Wings first started. So thanks, Stu. I’ll be thinking of you all tomorrow but especially Velofello, Major Bloodnok, Hand and Shrimp and Morag and Arb ( yes I know, Lesley-Anne) – had some good laughs with you lot. So good luck tomorrow. Hail Alba.

  181. The Morgatron says:

    Thanks Stu and thanks all , fot the knowledge, banter and somewhere to go when facing their lies and scaremongering
    Sleep tight for tomorrows our day.

  182. Big Jock says:

    Yes Lesley. I agree about disenfranchise people registering to vote for change it makes logical sense. Due to the polls all doing the same thing now it is clear they haven’t a clue. Also the weighting for English born people has not been applied and there are simply too many in their samples.The panicked of the no side also suggests they know what is really going on. And there was that secret poll they refused to publish! I believe the first declaration is in the highlands.We might get a small idea of what is coming after that. Tommy Sheridan said 60\40 to yes!

  183. Rose says:

    Great stuff WOS. I’ve relied on this site for hard evidence to support the yes campaign, and it’s been an entertaining read, including the comments! Best of luck everyone!

  184. Gallowglass says:

    Where are the projecting the No thanks onto Castle Rock from?

  185. Fireproofjim says:

    Now’s the Day and now’s the Hour.
    Some us have waited more than fifty years for it.
    The significance of what we are about to do will ring down through Scottish history for hundreds of years.
    We are very fortunate.
    Let us be worthy of the challenge.

  186. Colin Church says:

    Will vote YES early. Inspired by the whole movement. Proud and humbled by the energy.

  187. North chiel says:

    Yesterday is history
    Tomorrow”s a mystery

  188. Stephen McKenzie says:

    Still the polling stations to man today – Oh 6hrs on my feet is nothing after all those flyers and Newspapers – I still remember my inky hands after one lot of Newspapers had to be folded and posted through “snappy” letter boxes – and then get your fingers out quick before that dug that is pounding down the hall..

    You have been a great bunch and I am proud to have been part of Wings.

    So its Friday same place and time, my round. 🙂

  189. Lesley-Anne says:

    Here are a couple of links that may help you work out who declares when BJ.

    One thing I will say though is that talking with someone down here in Annan who had travelled down from Stornaway there is a very intensely POSITIVE feeling about not only the Western Isles, but also Shetland, Orkney and the Highlands. I would therefore ignore the idea that the links are indicating these areas as being for NO. It appears in fact that they may very well be strong YES. 😛

  190. Kevin evans says:

    If there’s one thing I’ve learnt through all this – polls are nonsense.

  191. Lesley-Anne says:

    Particularly polls Kevin that use General Election formulae to calculate overall percentages in a REFERENDUM. It just can NOT work!

  192. William Duguid says:

    Just to add my thanks to Rev Stu for setting up this astonishing site, and to the whole band of Wingers for keeping it lively, persuasive and friendly to undecideds.

    The Wee Blue Book, in particular, is an astonishing achievement. In the face of massive odds, it’s helped to turn what once seemed unattainable into a strong possibility.

    Let’s do this!

  193. Midgehunter says:

    To all fellow Scots.

    Today you are a sovereign and free people, it’s your choice whether you stay that way.

  194. Big Jock says:

    Thanks Lesley North Lanarkshire could be interesting. Cumbernauld and Kilsyth! I travel through there its big yes country!

  195. Ananurhing says:

    Sat outside with my family tonight. Beautiful sunset, stunning starry night. Had a wee drink and discussed our hopes for tomorrow and the future.

    It dawned on me that everything I can see from my house for miles around as far as I can see…. the hills, the trees, the river, the beasties, everything but the sky is owned by 3 people. None of them live or pay tax in this country. All of them recieve eye watering levels of hand outs of our money.

    After tomorrow, we have to do something about this folks.

    This is a momentous day coming, and you’ve all been phenomenal. It’s been an honour and a priviledge to be associated with you all on this journey.

  196. Alex Smith says:

    60/40 sounds good to me!

  197. Lesley-Anne
    On the polls…
    Tried explaining that logic to some No voters at the weekend.
    They just do not understand it.
    However, hopefully they will get a shock on Friday morning.
    Vote YES to sort them out!

  198. TJenny says:

    The Rev’s put a new post up, well a tune for us all. Don’t know what we’d have done without him, WOS and this wonderful WOS family of ours.

    Don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight, just soooo excited.

    Goonight and good luck one and all. 🙂

  199. macdoc says:

    Just want to say if we win then a huge thanks to Stuart and the rest of the usual contributes. No one has worked harder. Very much appreciated.

  200. Lesley-Anne says:

    If there any areas I was REALLY concerned about BJ it would be Edinburgh, the Borders, down my neck of the woods, Dumfries and Galloway and possibly Aberdeen. Other than that I feel quietly confident about all the other councils returning a YES win. 😀

    That is the problem Doc. They are of, or for the current establishment, therefore they do not want to see what is staring them point blank in the face. They are terrified that what we are saying about the polling being all wrong is TRUE. They can NOT handle the TRUTH about the failures of how the pollsters do their calculations. I’m with you though, come the results on Friday they will finally learn that WE were speaking the TRUTH about the pollsters and that their WORST fears are indeed realised! 😛

  201. dadsarmy says:

    Just finished watching the Newsnight. The 3 undecideds all turned to YES because of the positivity from YES side and the negativity from NO. I’ve met NOs and most are reasonable, but some are like the one at the back of the room there, angry, shouting over, negative, even insulting. I just nodded my head and moved on, may as well talk to the back end of a mule, there’s more sense comes out of it.

    II had to keep pausing, very restless tonght, kind of agitated, I guess it’s because there’s not much more I can do now except wish you al the best – and double efforts – today – for the last 20 hours and 25 minutes.

  202. Stevie boy says:

    Big Jock

    I live in Cumbernauld and am active in the local Yes group.

    Yeah ur right.. big Yes from here. Some areas of it are a bit mixed but overall definately confident in a good Yes win.

    Kilsyth is also on the good side of Yes 🙂

  203. Kevin evans says:

    Am on a YES high

  204. Thanks Stu, this site has been a revelation, educational,
    informative and entertaining…but most of all inspirational.
    Thanks to everyone who has contributed positively.
    Scots wae hae, Alba Gu Brach, Hasta La Victoria Siempre.
    The Sprit of Wallace is with us today.

  205. Stevie boy says:

    Good luck all for tomorrow.

    We WILL do it!!!

    Sleep well.. if you can!! 😉


  206. Ken500 says:

    The usual subjects. Mr & Mrs Brown millionaire, tax evaders. The reason the NHS is underfunded. They should be black affronted. Fronting a NO campaign. Along with the fantasy friend. Who elected her?

    Vulnerable, worried, hungry people get sick.

    Nearly there can’t wait. Thanks Stu for everything. One in a Million Haste yer back. Will ye no come back again.

  207. Lesley-Anne says:

    Well I think it is that of night for me to go beddy byes. 😉

    Can I just say a mega huge THANK YOU to Stu for everything you have done over the last few years to get this site to where it is today. You have been, I think an inspiration to all of us. You have switched the light on in many of us where there was just a light socket before. 😉

    As others have mentioned before, after the result, the YES win result, is announced on Friday you are due a mega huge thank you from the people of Scotland NOT just the lucky few on here. Thanks to your inspiration Scotland and her politics has been awakened and the genie will, I hope NEVER return to the bottle.

    Good night all.

    Sweet dreams of a Better Scotland, a Fairer Scotland, a more caring Scotland!

    The nightmare is over people. Our path towards the light begins later today with two crossed black lines on a simple piece of paper!

    Let’s DO IT!

  208. Jamscot says:

    t’s past midnight and so today my fellow Scots you have our country’s destiny in your hands. I say ‘your’ as unfortunately because I moved to London 16 years ago I cannot vote. Irony is my London-born wife supports a Yes vote, as do I by the way.

    Frustrated that I cannot vote I hope I have contributed to our victory as 2 weeks ago I came up to visit my mum (in East Kilbride) and convinced both her and my aunt to vote yes.

    They were both definite Nos in no small measure due to ‘Project Fear’ and in particular worries about their state pension. Thanks to this site and others (and especially the WBB) I was fully educated to allay their fears to the extent that they are both now staunch Yes voters.

    That I cannot be up there with you guys breaks my heart but I am proud that I have delivered 2 votes that were otherwise lost to the dark side.

    I watched Sky tonight and Nicola Sturgeon’s speech had this big, gruff Scot in tears. Alex’s wasn’t too bad either 🙂 Proud a Scot as could be.

    BUT…Please believe me if we miss this opportunity London/England /The Establishment will never let us forget we ‘bottled it’.

    The press/Mps/Lords etc down here are straining at the leash to rip up all and any promises made by the 3 Stoogies. I assure you if its a No then Scotland is a sitting duck.

    That I cannot be there tomorrow pains me …but I will be there in spirit, heart and soul.

    I’ve got you 2 votes. Can you get us just one more?

    It could be the difference between freedom and servitude.

    Do It Now!

  209. Free at 63! says:

    My daughter-in-law who came to Yes through her own research and has been in the Yes shop in the days she doesn’t work, like me, she is punching holes and preparing the YES boards for lamp-posts. Her husband, my youngest son has been putting them up.

    What she told me today is that our MSP had put a flag aside for my 16-month-old grandson, who has been in the Yes shop with mum and me, and when he couldn’t find it, he took the one from his car and gave it to Christopher, saying to my d-i-l it is for the children we are doing this.

    She tried to take it from Christopher to put on the car but he refused and was waving it all around the shopping centre.

    My 16-month-old red-headed grandson knows where his bread is buttered.

    Vote Yes today for him and the rest of the children of Scotland.

  210. h_johnny says:

    All the best everyone, you have all been legends to the Yes cause.

  211. JWil says:

    It seems far too much of a coincidence that the polls show the two sides neck and neck (50%/50%) a few days before the eve of the referendum. What is the probability of that happening?

    Could it not be that the surge carried the YES vote well into the lead after the crossover point was reached and the polls have somehow been manipulated to stick at giving NO a slight lead as a last minute encouragement to them ?

    I live in hope.

  212. Fiona says:

    Whether we win or lose we have achieved a great deal and we should not forget that

    1. We have shown that the MSM is not as powerful as it thinks it is. With the whole of it ranged against a yes vote they have not maintained the no lead. It should have been a dawdle for them, in the circumstances. Many people have learned how our news is filtered and how the media decide what we think about and how we think about it: and they have realised that their own views are shared, no matter how much they are excluded from the apparent debate. That has become plain, and it will not be forgotten. For a long time many have argued that the internet would challenge the MSM power: and there were earlier examples. But here in Scotland it seems to me that we have the best example of the potential for having our own conversation, where the terms are not dictated by the corporate interests which have had a monopoly for far too long.

    2. We have shown that the charge of apathy on the part of the electorate is false. People are not apathetic: they correctly judged that their votes made no difference and so disengaged. That is also now very, very clear. The fact that Westminster lives in an echo chamber, alongside their corporate and media friends, and serves only a small minority is obvious. Their behaviour in the last few days reinforces the fact that they can do that only if we allow them to. The power in this land does not lie with us as consumers; it does not lie with the financial elite; it lies with the electorate. For we are the only people who can sack them. We should remember that they have an interest in presenting an alternative reality and that reclaiming democracy is essential. It can be done

    3. That it doesn’t have to be this way is shown in the fact that Scottish politicians can walk about the streets and talk to people without hiding behind the need for “security” We can now demand that they stop preaching to us and start listening to us. The current crop will not do that: it is inconceivable to them: but that demand won’t go away either. A lesson learned, at least in Scotland.

    If the vote is no then I will be beyond disappointed. But I will hold on to these truths, because I must live in this country whatever the outcome. I have always believed that learned helplessness has been our biggest problem and it has undermined our democracy till that term no longer describes our political arrangements: we now live in a plutocracy. But we live in it because we have surrendered. They cannot take the power of the vote away from us: at least not yet. And they cannot take our ability to talk and act outside their bubble either.

    This and many other sites have been enormously important in showing all this and I am greatly impressed by the professionalism which allows so many topics and so much information to be made available by so very few. I will never be a Stu Campbell or a Paul Kavanagh or a Derek Bateman: they have real skills I have not got. But every one of us can have a voice now, and that is not going to change either.

    The propaganda of the MSM is not confined to the issue of independence: and the skilled people who can make information available and analyse the bullshit we are being fed exist in many fields of interest. We have an opportunity to extend the range of opinion which can be heard, whether the issue be war, or economics or social policy, or anything else. We don’t have to accept that there is only one possible opinion about such things: nor the consequence of that view, which is that it is merely a question of how best to manage the implementation of that opinion. We have been told that we are all on the same side and that there is a middle way we can all agree is good. And the spiral of silence has meant that we have felt isolated in our distaste for what has been done to many of us and our discomfort with the divisions which have been promoted and the fear which has been engendered. Turns out that many of us share those views, and that too is now obvious.

    I think that we will win this referendum tomorrow and that Scotland can move on in this knowledge. But if I am wrong I believe that those lessons have also been learned by some of the people outside Scotland and that is a basis to build on. We must guard against the despair that got us into this plutocratic nightmare in the first place.

  213. Jamscot says:

    Andy Murray @andy_murray · 20m
    Huge day for Scotland today! no campaign negativity last few days totally swayed my view on it. excited to see the outcome. lets do this!
    ReplyReplied to 0 times RetweetRetweeted 1,864 times1.9K FavoriteFavorited 1,258 times1.3K

  214. Wifey4Indy says:

    My thanks to WoS and Rev Stuart for launching my first wee video in May but particularly for the inspired decision to make everyone produce the source for their statements. That led to the creation of the WBB. We don’t treat our fellow citizens like numpties – what a disgrace that slogan is!
    Here is the link to my final filmed speech in Hamilton last Friday and the rough cut of an amazing documentary on the sell off of NHS in England!They have given it to NHS for YES to use in these last days. If yoiu have a DK who you think you can get to sit still for an hour, get them to watch and see if it helps get things straight as to what is important. If we want to protect the things we value like the NHS, free education and provide decent social security ( a phrase you don’t hear much any more!) then we need to be in control of them!
    Thanks to all alert readers – you have been a huge resource for the Independence campaign.
    Take care,

  215. Wifey4Indy says:
    Doh! Posting the links would help!

  216. macart763m says:

    @Stevie Boy

    “Kilsyth is also on the good side of YES”

    I knew it would be. 🙂

  217. blunttrauma says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Rev. I’m staying up all night so I can be the first in Falkirk to vote yes.

  218. Nigerian Pirate says:

    Today I board an oil rig on the other side of the world. My postal vote went in last week with an an X in the Yes box.

    I was a No voter initially but between their campaign and Wings I changed to Yes.

    I managed to turn 4 others from No to Yes, including my wife which was the hardest one. I used arguments but mainly used the WBB.
    When I return in a month I really hope to come back to a new Scotland.

    It’s all been said before by others and much more eloquently than I can manage but would just like to add my thanks to Stu for helping to make me see sense.

    I’m proud to have had a chance to play my part in what will hopefully be the chance to create a new and better place to live for us all.

    Thanks to you all, we can bring this home.


  219. jim arnott says:

    I’m up at 4:30am on this momentous day. I have waited 27,856 days to be able to vote Yes and will be at the polling station at 7:00am to put my X in the Yes box. There is an inner calmness in me today which will last until ten o’clock tonight and then Wow!!!!! Scotland will have been sovereign for 15 hours and I know we will not give up that sovereignty. May the Force be with us.

  220. stephen Windsor says:

    The one ‘promise or vow’ I never heard Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling, John Reid, Jim Murphy et al give us was that THEY will never take us into an illegal war again. With the blood of hundreds of thousands on their hands one would have thought an apology would be forthcoming.

  221. Iain (orri) McCord says:

    I think that Lord Reid had it right the first time. There’s a decision making technique where you toss a coin in order to make a choice. The fun bit is that if you were actually leaning to one side then if the coin says the opposite you simply ignore it. On the other hand if the coin comes up with the decision you wanted in the first place, even though you didn’t realise it, then you accept it.

    As to where Reid was right, as far as the unionist campaign goes, when he said don’t vote he was avoiding the kind of situation I’ve just described. On the other hand when voters who start out fully intending to vote No on his advice are at the polling station, or even before then, they might have a change of heart or realise that they really want to vote Yes.

  222. JWil says:

    “With the blood of hundreds of thousands on their hands one would have thought an apology would be forthcoming.”

    It seems that it’s a necessary quality of ‘statesmanship’, that they can be responsible for some of the most heinous things happening in the world and be totally immune to them.

    If they can do that to ‘them’, I believe they would have no compunction about doing it to ‘us’.

  223. bookie from hell says:

    PeterOuld · 4m
    My final #indyref forecast an hour before the count – Yes edging up slightly to 47.9% – chance of Yes victory 4% –

  224. WHAT have they voted ” FOR “.?


    AMONG these moddafukkas.

    I am an old man now and I want to know how to knit one of those vests, one of those parts of a suit that makes a difference – because SENSE does not work.

    When the muppets WILL BUY Krash Gordon in Scotland – WHY – would`nt they buy his same shit in the UN and NATO –
    after Iraq, AFTER he wrecked the Economy.?

    My abiding source of LIGHT is that young singular lady, only last week (am NOT TRYING to be funny))WHOSE TWO LUNGS HAD THE BELLOWS of a wheezing gnat, when SHE could climb the rocks of Embra Castle to emblazon “YES”across those ancient rocks – I will stand up tomorrow and start to fight the next round of this non-stop battle.


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