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Advice for Jeremy Corbyn

Posted on September 27, 2015 by

Maybe check anything Kezia Dugdale tells you before you go on telly with it.

Let’s just quickly run through those facts, shall we?

“The SNP are privatising CalMac.”

Not true. The SNP are following a tendering process which is required by EU law, and which was also undertaken in an identical fashion by the last Labour-led administration at Holyrood. No decision has as yet been made.

“[The SNP] were behind privatisation of ScotRail.”

Hang on, what? Britain’s railways (including Scotland’s) were privatised by the Tories under the Railways Act 1993. The Scottish Parliament didn’t even exist at the time.

Privatisation/nationalisation of railways is reserved to Westminster under the same act – it’s totally outwith the Scottish Government’s control. It’s currently forbidden by law for the public sector to own/operate Britain’s railways except in emergencies.

(We suppose “were behind” could be taken to mean “supported”, but as far as we can establish the SNP opposed the privatisation in 1993. What we can say for sure is that they voted the same way as Jeremy Corbyn in all the Commons divisions on the bill, and also that Labour didn’t repeal the Act during 13 years in power from 1997-2010.)

“[they’re] also cutting college places”

An old Labour misinformation favourite.

“[they’re] also privatising services”

We’re not sure what this means. Off the top of our heads we’re unaware of any public services moved to private-sector control under the SNP.

“[they’re] also cutting local government funding”

In fact, despite having to deal with heavy reductions to its budget from Westminster (10% in real terms since 2009-10), the SNP has protected local-government funding, and indeed just days ago it was shown to have OVER-funded local authorities by £165m in compensation for its policy of freezing the Council Tax.

If Jeremy Corbyn wants to win back voters in Scotland, readers might feel that telling them a pack of casual lies probably isn’t the smartest way to go about it. That’s the strategy Scottish Labour has adopted ever since 2007, and it doesn’t seem to be going terribly well.

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374 to “Advice for Jeremy Corbyn”

  1. proudscot says:

    Be fair now, RevStu. If Kezia stops telling porkies (aplogies to the PM) she’ll have virtually nothing to say!

  2. No no no...Yes says:

    Poor Jeremy. He is quoting from the Neil Findlay book of rabid political stupidity.

    I would add more but distracted watching Ian Murray being torn to shreds by Gordon Brewer of all people.

    Labour in Scotland cannot and will not be allowed be be different from UK Labour.

  3. Chitterinlcht says:

    Same old same old

    Corbyn is just another london centric private school educated squirrel who doesn’t really understand Scotland. He just proved it.

  4. Wulls says:

    Jeeze….. Just watched this tripe on the TV.
    What the hell is he thinking about ????
    The assertions made by him are patently untrue, simple to refute, and unlikely to sway anyone in Scotland.
    I expected far better.

  5. muttley79 says:

    Terrible start for Corbyn on Scottish politics. Dugdale, Murray and Findlay could all be behind this lying. No wonder SLAB are in the state they are. If Corbyn continues like this he is not going to last very long as leader.

  6. Croompenstein says:

    Do they think folk will believe it because he says it in a softer voice… fanny

  7. thoughtsofascot says:

    Maybe he’s thinking of council services that have been privatised, like Glasgow Life, which happened under the SNPs first term on power but was carried out wholly by the scum in the Labour council.

    Yet another example of Labour doing something disgusting and pinning the blame on the SNP. They are the masters of projecting.

  8. Grouse Beater says:

    When Andrew Marr fails to contradict Jeremy Corbyn’s falsehoods about Scotland, by what criteria does the BBC claim to be impartial?

  9. Paul D says:

    Well that’s the honeymoon period over. Seems Jeremy Corbyn is just as dishonest as the rest of his party

  10. John Moss says:

    Glad to seee that Jeremy is continuing the Labour policy of getting things very wrong 😉

  11. walter scott says:

    Corbyn appears to be a fairly decent guy & I don’t believe he would deliberately play all the usual scottish labour games. He will eventually come to realise that his northern branch are obsessed with the nasty snp & need to be opposed at every turn. Corbyn has more in common with the snp than he does with his scottish labour brothers & sisters

  12. Grouse Beater says:

    Dugdale informing Jeremy Corbyn about Scottish politics is akin to Patrick the star fish advising Spongebob Squarepants about Bikini Bottom.

  13. JLT says:

    So finally in it’s own little way, the mask slips ever so slightly.

    It’s maybe high time that one of our senior reporters (such as Ponsonby) should begin asking Mr Corbyn, not only how he perceives Scotland, but what of ‘devolution package’ that it should be getting.

    Let’s see Jeremy true perceptions of a United Kingdom if Scotland is to remain within it. Let’s see what powers (if any) he would devolve further to Holyrood. I suspect that Jeremy will only use Scotland (and the 56 SNP MP’s) if it furthers his own ideology, while also sticking to the usual Labour format of carrot and stick when it comes to Scotland.

    He will hint at what he ‘could give us’, and yet (surprise, surprise) never deliver on those promises to us.

    A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Personally, I don’t believe Jeremy will fall too far from the Labour ‘Blairite’ ideology. Certainly, debate on Trident should be an interesting test for him and his party.

    But for the people of Scotland; and especially those of the Labour persuasion, they should maybe just look that little bit harder at what is being presented as a ‘socialist saviour’.

  14. steveasaneilean says:

    Looking forward to the FM calling out the caretaker of (Not) Labour at FMQ this week over all these fibs.

  15. Kragos says:

    Watched it this morning and deeply disappointed at the lies he peddled about Scotland. The ScotRail one was just bizzare, bit like a an Alan Partridge/monkey tennis moment.

  16. thingy says:

    Meet the new boss, just as mendacious as the old boss…

  17. Grouse Beater says:

    (An interpretation of Corbynspeak for the hard of hearing)

    The SNP want to privatise everything, but Labour will not nationalise the Royal Mail, unlike Salmond.

    We don’t do Scotland. We have a branch manager located somewhere there who does Scotland.

  18. galamcennalath says:

    Corbyn’s been a busy fellow of late. However, given the significance of the constitutional situation regards Scotland, I would have thought he would by now have ensured he was better clued up.

    I wouldn’t have expected a backbencher from London to be well informed, but he’s now in a position of some responsibility. If the ‘Scottish situation’ isn’t in his top ten priority areas, then something is far wrong!

    What also looks bad. When questioned outside his knowledge base, he should have had the wit to avoid make an hash of it. Not very statesmanlike.

    Concerning Scotland, he basically crashed and burned on every level. A very bad start!

  19. peekay says:

    That’s at least the second time I’ve heard him going down this ‘privatising Cal-Mac’ route. Somebody, somewhere must be telling him this and he’s obviously never bothered his own arse to go fact-check.

  20. R-type Grunt says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is a liar.

  21. Colin says:

    Good grief,
    Hardly in the job a fortnight but has picked up the SNP Bad line quick enough

  22. bunter says:

    Re privatisation, quite the reverse as seen with NHS cleaning contracts.

  23. dakk says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is a sneaky wee BritNat leftie of the same ilk as the likes of George Galloway,Tony Benn and Keir Hardie.

    Anyone who trusts anything this guy says is naive and gullible in extreme.

  24. Dr Jim says:

    Ignorance can be no excuse for what came out of Corbyn’s mouth this morning, he’s the Labour party leader now so he should know the facts, Conclusion: He’s as big a lying Bastirt as the rest of them

    As for Kezia and her autonomous Scottish Labour, well good luck with that Dippity, Ian Murray practically did cartwheels and back flips to avoid answering anything Idiot Brewer had to ask him on the subject

    It’s become all too clear exactly what’s happening here Corbyn is the leader as long as he’s in earshot, the minute his back’s turned Tom Watson will change the plan back to what it was in the first place

    Sew confusion wherever you go seems to be the order of the day or is it pick a card any card but don’t look up our sleeves

    We’re back to the good old days when Labour used to lie about everything but you could find nobody to blame because they’re all innocent of knowing the facts

    Ah Didny Know Honest

  25. donald anderson says:

    A Brit is a Brit is a Brit.

    The old Brit left were exactly the same about Scotland till they became more opportunist.

  26. Jack Murphy says:

    Five lies in 18 seconds must be some kind of record—-even for Labour. 🙁

  27. Capella says:

    A public apology from Jeremy Corbyn, at least as prominent as the lies, is the least we should expect. He is very likely being misled by his Scottish Branch professional liars. I noticed that during his address to the Glasgow faithful on his tour of Scotland before being elected.

    But that is no excuse. He is the leader of the Labour Party and ought to be capable of dealing with the actuality. Check the facts!

    Andrew Marr is also shown up to be either ignorant or biased.

    At least we have Stu who is the most alert journalist in the UK.

  28. Ken500 says:

    Kezia Dugdale is a liar, and she knows it. She is deliberately lying to line her pockets and defraud the Electorate. Fifty years of hard Labour.

    Westminster refused to allow the (SNP) Scottish Gov to part renationalise the transport system. Sea and Rail. Non devolved power.

    Thanks again.

  29. Macart says:

    Well if there was ever any doubt before, that load of utter bollocks should pretty much end it.

    New, nu, noo, auld Laour – same shite, different day. When you spin a line with so much supposed confidence and authority on air, then you are selling a narrative. Mistakes repeated often enough are no longer mistakes. They mark clear intent.

    I don’t give a flying squirrel if Mr Corbyn’s heart (much like Mr Murray’s) is in the right place, he has the same serious issues with the rest of his organs. He’ll still spin a narrative, lie his ass off for party and state and place a party agenda before the desires and directions of an electorate.

    I wish the progressive left well in England, but Mr Corbyn’s way of practicing politics is no radical change for the better. Its the same politics which has caused so much strife and tribal nonsense across our government for decades and on the back of that showing, I’ll not be changing my vote any time soon.

  30. Valerie says:

    Haha, well that went downhill quickly.

    What a clown to declare they will win back Scotland, then proceed to insult everyone with a pack of lies.

    Folk south of the Border need a principled left wing to support and follow, but are there not any with an IQ in double digits?

  31. The Isolator says:

    WTF??..just not enough face palms to do this slaver any justice.

    To the 56, steer well clear of this lying shitehawk and his party.

  32. MARY VASEY says:

    But he has been an MP for what, 30 odd years, he must know about railway privatization, so downright lies then. Typical labour unionist SNP bad, no change there.

  33. John Kerr says:

    Totally agree with you Stu. Corbyn talking complete bollocks. Hoped he might have brought in a bit of honesty.

    Problem is people watch this crap on the BBC – all of it completely unchallenged – and believe what is being said, because the BeeB is impartial. My arse!

    I am so sick to the back teeth of the BBC, scumbag newspapers (National excepted) and all the Unionist parties with their constant lying. If they’re trying to push us into another Referendum, sooner rather than later, they only need to keep up with this shit. The Scots will not make the same mistake again.

    Who do they think they are? And more to the point, who do they think we are, that they can behave the way they do. Okay, so enough folk lost their nerve at the last minute and voted for more of this nonsense, but they are regretting it and saying as much too.

    When it gets to the stage that 2 women in the supermarket are pointing at packs of pork sausages and one saying to the other “you cannae eat these, these’re Tory sausages, look, it says on the label – may contain traces of Cameron”. You know it’s time for something different, but Corbyn and the rest of the lying Labour scumbags are not the answer.

    Time for a fresh start. Time to show RUK and the rest of the World how it should be done.

  34. heedtracker says:

    On one hand, new guy, huge job, even huger domestic and foreign brief, vast amounts of info, etc. On other hand, he’s a Labour Westminster MP for over 30 years, or just another nasty old conman on the make.

    Very sad.

  35. G H Graham says:

    Is it possible that Corbyn quietly attended the Jackie Baillie School of Economics?

    Motto: “Retine vim istam, falsa enim dicam, si coges.”

    Translation: “Restrain your strength, for if you compel me I will tell lies.”

  36. Helena Brown says:

    Kept saying that I would wait to see how Corbyn’s Labour Party voted before passing judgement, well how left wing is a Party who agrees to support the Tories, John McDonnel and Osborne now in agreement, who would have thunk that.
    Heard yesterday on R4 that 3,000 people had left the Greens to return to Labour in England, I would suggest they kept their powder dry, looks like a stinky mess to me. As for “Scottish” Labour apart from it not existing what the branch does, and it doesn’t do much other than lie and shout loudly SNPBAD. I suggest if Mr Corbyn wants to see any revival in his Parties fortune here, he cleans out the stables and he does his own research.

  37. Bruce L says:

    This serves as a useful and snappy reminder about two things:

    1) As much as we might like his politics, Corbyn is probably essentially mostly ignorant about Scotland, and will say whatever he is told to say. I’m willing to give him some time to correct himself though.

    2) The BBC will rarely, if ever, challenge lies like this, as they are told by two of the three main parties, as well as the Lib Dems.

    To me the second point is the more depressing. Despite everything else, when it comes to Scotland Corbyn is a stooge, but we kind of already knew that and it’s not as if we’ll lose much sleep over it. The BBC otoh is just selling its soul bit by bit every time it allows unionist “facts” to go unchallenged.

  38. One_Scot says:

    Do we really have six more years of this pish to suffer?

  39. Wuffing Dug says:

    Ha ha there wasn’t even a mask to slip!

    Advice for Jeremy Corbyn;

    A) shut up

    B) fuck off

  40. Stephen Daly says:

    Corbyn playing the same old game as the Red Tories . . . nothing changes and that’s why Labour are dead in Scotland and on life support in the rest of the UK!

  41. craig murray says:

    Very disappointed. He has been briefed by Neil Findlay (not a conjecture). Let’s hope he improves.

  42. yesindyref2 says:

    Is that what Corbyn’s saying? Who’s his advisor on Scottish politics, one or more of the unemployed Better Together gang?

    I think Scotland as a whole would be prepared to give him a chance, but not to lie.

  43. green_pedant says:

    The rot from Slab spreads up, only so much you can do with colleagues like Kez.

  44. dsinlon says:

    So, new UK Labour leader is badly briefed, tells lies and appears totally ignorant about Scotland and Scottish politics. Subject normal then…

  45. Ken500 says:

    Under Labour £600Billion was being raised in taxes and £150Billion was being borrowed. To pay for illegal wars, tax evasion through the City of London and banking fraud.

    Now £466Billion in being raised in the UK £90Billion is being borrowed. Scotland raised £54Billion+ in taxes. The rest of the UK raises pro rata £39Billion and borrows £90Billion. Scotland gets £50Billion- back. Two different tax systems are illegally being operated in Scotland & the rest of the UK/NI by Westminster. Illegal tax evasion through the City of London. Westminster run HMRC is not for public purpose. A total disgrace, administered by the crooks in Westminster.

    Any cuts in Scotland are a result of Westminster’s insane policies, over which Scotland has no say. Outvoted 10 to 1. Scotland has been secretly and illegally deprived of it’s revenues by Westminster Unionist liars. £Billions have been illegally and secretly taken. Most of Westminster Unionist politicians are a bunch of lying, parasites. Most of them should be in jail.

    Colbyn is just another ignorant, arrogant lazy Labour/Unionist parasites. Why stay in a political Party for 30 years whose policies are non agreeable. A weak person. Do not lie about Scotland.


  46. Wuffing Dug says:

    Give him a chance?

    No way.

    Lies lies lies.

    Do you think he will retract all that shit?

    God I hate the labour party.

  47. Grouse Beater says:

    Corbyns modus operandi is, allow everybody to vote as they think fit, but if the vote runs counter to the common good, or in the case of Trident, does not further world peace, so be it.

  48. Indigo says:

    Scotland doesn’t tolerate liars any more.

    Nicola was right in her speech a few weeks ago, with the most educated electorate in the world, ill informed politicians and journalists can only do damage to their own reputations. Mr Corbyn should educate himself or wheesht.

  49. Bruce L says:

    I wonder are any of Corbyn’s constituents Wings readers? One thing I keep hearing about him is that he is an extremely hard-working constituency MP. Maybe someone would be up for visiting one of his surgeries and asking him why he said those things when they’re not true.

  50. Jock Scot says:

    I don’t watch live TV these days so am still looking forward to watching I.Murray squeal but having just watched Corbyn on Marr, I think the narrative of Frenchgate could have been that Nicola Sturgeon would have been happy to have either Cons or Lab win the GE. Either of them will make the case for 2nd Indyref.

  51. Kenny says:

    The problem is that Scotland is clued-up. People have all the facts at their fingertips. Hence why there has been no Corbyn bounce for Labour in Scotland.

    I am rather underwhelmed by someone who has been in politics for so long, a professional and head of a party, knowing so little about what goes on in his country.

    Getting Corbyn instead of Blair/Broon/et al is like getting the Guardian delivered to your house instead of the Daily Mail or Sunday Times. Difference for Scotland = 0.

    On the subject of newspapers, a story came up on my twitter feed:

    “By Jaber Mohamed For The Mail On Sunday Nicola Sturgeon was accused of backtracking last night after it was revealed she had ‘no plans’ to let Syrian refugees live in her home despite promising to do so during a television interview.”

    I do not visit the Mail website, can someone clue me up on this story? I presume she has not got around to it and is really planning on doing it, instead of rushing through a mere gesture.

  52. yesindyref2 says:

    @Wuffing Dug
    He didn’t get off to a good start when he said “I am a socialist, not a unionist”, then went on to say he wanted Scots to go for socialism within the UK.

    But it looks like, with what are outright lies, he’s being given the chance to hang himself, which is a shame.

  53. Andrew Imrie says:

    Will Corbyn be forced to make a retraction of what he has said on TV today?

  54. Dandy Dons 1903 says:

    Just another unionist showing his true colours. His party is finished in Scotland as is the union, Corbyn is just another snake of the brit establishment.

  55. BigMac says:

    Thanks again WoS, as I no longer watch or listen to BBC TV or Radio I wouldn’t have known about this without you mentioning it.
    Is there no way these points can be raised, discussed and clarified to a wider audience. It would probably need to be TV to get maximum coverage.
    It bugs me rotten to see how these lies are pumped out as truths to the unknowing.

  56. Wuffing Dug says:

    The labour party just can’t shake off the disease that it suffers from.

    Lying bastarditis.

    There is no known cure.

  57. woosie says:

    Well, that’ll be that, then.

    Through poor advice from totally discredited slabbers, Corbyn just spouted lie after lie, which Scots will identify quickly.

    Any slim chance labs had of regaining any kind of foothold in Scotland has vanished, hopefully forever.

    Good riddance!

  58. Bill MacDonald says:

    Just watched the small clip as I’m in Canada on holiday. Was He challenged on the statement made or did our good boys in the BBCjust let that go?

  59. Robert Peffers says:

    @walter scott says: 27 September, 2015 at 12:10 pm:

    ” … Corbyn has more in common with the snp than he does with his scottish labour brothers & sisters”

    Then he has one hell of a strange way of showing it.

    He has access now to not only the entire Labour Party resources but those of the entire Civil Service staff of the House of Commons. Yet he is either a total bare-faced-liar or he has been bothered to check his pontifications before opening his mouth without his brain.

    Do you imagine that the Leader of a genuine political party has not a staff whose sole job is to research, check and correct anything to be published in the public domain.

    Let’s just face it this is both official Labour Party policy, (writ large), and Westminster Establishment propaganda as propagate by the Establishment owned media. A pseudo-democratic-Socialist who is neither a democrat, a socialist nor an honest man.

    If he is any or all of these he will soon be back with an apology and a bowed head – what, do you imagine, are the odds on that happening?

  60. Iain More says:

    Why am I not surprised by the Brit Nat BS coming from Corbyns mouth and credit to Marr as he let the numpty get on with digging an even deeper hole for the Brit Nat Labour Party in Scotland.

    Corbyn showing he is just anther Brit Nationalist reptile.

    Oh and are us Jockistanis getting blamed yet for the Welsh humping the English at Wuggah yet?

  61. Marie Clark says:

    Well then that didn’t take long. Oh dear Mr Corbyn it’s the same old song right enough.

    I hope he doesn’t think that this garbage will win back the Labour voters who moved to the “ither” side, as they would see it.

    We the electorate of this braw country, have heard it all before Jeremy son. Many, many, times, from various Slab eejits and ithers.Disnae wash noo, noway, nohow.

    Anyone who harboured hopes of a Slab revival have just been torpedoed below the water line. Will Kez be confused about this. It’s getting to be like the grand old duke of york, getting marched to the top of the hill, and then back down again. Sigh!

  62. Sinky says:

    No no no…Yes says at 12.03

    Wasted ten minutes of my life watching Murray interview on Politics Scotland. Asked several times what his stance was on several issues and each time cane the reply “its up for debate” even when asked whether he took his orders from London or Edinburgh, However admitted he had signed up for the Tories financial plans over the lifetime of the parliament.

    Herald running with story of more Glasgow Labour cronyism in favour of AS Scaffolding / Andy Smillie who are regular Labour donors.

    Same old Labour politics at Westminster as Jeremy Corbyn’s son Jeb has been appointed Chief of Staff to John McDonnell and Pat McFadden MP, shadow cabinet Minister for Europe, has claimed almost £22,000 from taxpayer for renting a second home in his Wolverhampton constituency despite owning a next door property and renting it out.

    He also owns a home in London valued at £1.2 million.

  63. Dr Jim says:

    @Craig Murray: “Let’s hope he improves”

    At what exactly

    The man’s a liar no ifs no buts, no ignorance of the facts excuses, no inaccurate briefings mistakes, he’s a liar and it was written all over his face as he did it

    Look again, you don’t need training to spot what he did
    anybody can do it

  64. heedtracker says:

    On this display of casual lying and If he is the next UKOK prime minister, you can just picture the same euphoric hope that carried Bomber Bliar and Crash Broon into high office 97. And then it would all kick off again, war, war, war, slaughtering people in hot countries that can’t defend themselves against the latest range of hi tech tech UKOK weaponry. And just like Bliar and Brown, JC will have all and any proof he needs from whitehall’s corrupt finest and the maniacs running the BBC teamGB freak show.

  65. Jimbo says:

    It would appear that Corbyn’s just as big a liar as all the rest of his Labour cohorts.

  66. annie says:

    Am wondering if it was intentional to misinform Corbyn on Scotland. If twitter and wings is an example of how disappointed people in Scotland who were willing to give him a hearing feel, he can forget any Labour bounce he may have been hoping for. He has let down a lot of people who thought he was a breath of fresh air.

  67. Ray Forbes says:

    Schoolboy error

  68. Wuffing Dug says:


    Anybody with any integrity would have checked the facts for themselves.

    Being busy, new position etc no excuse.
    Passing on the untruths given by his sock puppets up here bad news.

    End of.

  69. David Agnew says:

    Carping from the sidelines since 2007. 8 years of Labours endless, whining and bullshit. Casual lies delivered with a sneer. Never held to account by the press, they practically contradict themselves with their own lying and end up lying about the lie while coming up a with a new lie. The end result of this was Scottish labour seeing its near 50 year domination of Scottish politics brought to a grinding halt.

    Corbyns’ response?

    Lets keep talking bollocks to Scotland.

  70. Kenny says:

    The problem with England is that it has not had any grass-roots change. Everyone has flocked to this new “saviour”, only he is going to be as big a disappointment as Barrack Obama was in the USA (his campaign slogan was “change”).

    Left-wing England has nothing like Common Weal, RIC, Women for Indy or all these independent figures like Lesley Riddoch. They are all tuned into the Guardian and BBC. So they have gone flocking en masse to Corbyn.

    In Scotland, we might be behind the Nicola and the SNP. But that is because we have decided from the bottom up that this is the way to secure independence. If the SNP really did start doing all these things Corbyn claims (wrongly) on live TV (unchallenged!), then everyone in Scotland would simply switch their allegiance to someone else. Goodness knows, we are not short of talent, parties, political infrastructure, social-media platforms!

    England is going to be very disappointed in Corbyn… unless it gets off its backside and sees that it must make change happen for itself, instead of some messiah suddenly appearing and making it all happen, like in some fairytale. Life is not like that!

  71. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    His Facebook page should surely be in meltdown with messages from Scotland

  72. gordoz says:


    You missed an open goal headline –

    Jeremy Corbyn is a Liar ! 🙂

  73. Jim Thomson says:

    The other way of viewing this is that the anti-Corbyn tribe within Labour are feeding him the briefings that will make him look (of course, he might not need help …) like a complete Wally (apologies to all genuine and decent Wallies out there).

    That will be the part of the campaign to rid the party of a leader who is patently incompetent (or at least portrayed to be so by those he thinks he can trust – clue here Jeremy – trust no-one, do your own research).

    Or am I just being illogically kind?

  74. Valerie says:

    C’mon @ Craig Murray!

    SLab suffer the biggest and most decisive kicking in political history EVER, and Corbyn makes a schoolboy error of being briefed by the dregs of the party?

    His statements don’t even make sense – how could SNP flout the law, and privatise stuff?

    Has he been living under a rock, or is he really that lazy or stupid to parrot what Findlay told him.

    It beggars belief, even when I was prepared to give the guy a chance before making a pronouncement on him!

  75. Capella says:

    About FE College courses. The non-vocational and some vocational courses, such as RSA typing, used to be delivered in local Community Centres on a self-financing basis. Partly this helped local people to organise activities of interest to all age groups (‘cradle to grave’ was the term used), but also it gave people an experience of organising things for themselves.

    During Labour’s tenure – mainly under Cathy Jamieson as Education Minister, Community Education was sidelined and FE Colleges allowed to take over the non-vocational courses e.g. introductory computing courses. This replaced a democratic decision making system with a more authoritarian top down organisation. More in keeping with New Labour ideology.

    It is sensible to remove these courses from FE Colleges. But they should, at the same time, be returned to Community Centres where they originated.

    So much time, energy and money is wasted compensating for the self centred folly of Westminster politicians.

  76. liz says:

    Like many others, I got the email from ‘Corbyn’ asking me to send him a Q for PMQs, which I ignored.

    However after the car crash ‘interview’ with Marr, I asked why he was talking garbage on the BBC.

    Since it’s unlikely the original email was sent by him, I’m not holding my breath.

    Same old, same old crap from Lab regarding Scotland who have only ever viewed us as voting/cannon fodder.

  77. Elliemack says:

    Only thing I’m going to disagree with you on is that this is a result of bad briefing.

    While I can agree with you that with his background the poor love probably wouldn’t know what Calmac is he most certainly knows what British Rail is and when it was privatised, so if his briefing paper on Scotland was full of lies he most certainly would have known it, and apparently very happy to repeat them.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Corbyn’s interest in Scotland is exactly the same as every other unionist politician, how can I exploit it . Just like all the rest of them, no matter how many nice speeches he gives, he is bad for Scotland. Anyone else who thought differently was, I’m afraid, kidding themselves.

  78. craig murray says:

    Dr Jim at 1.37pm
    You ask me at what he needs to improve. At not repeating lies he has been fed by Neil Findlay, obviously.

    I can understand his need not to take on the non-Blairite elements of “Scottish Labour” like Findlay, while he’s taking on the Blairites. But it is still very, very disappointing he parrots this nonsense.

    Of course I hope he improves. We need as many people sympathetic to Scottish independence as possible, or at the very least willing not to try to obstruct it. Valerie at 1.49pm why on earth would I not want him to improve?

  79. Capella says:

    By Westminster politicians, I include those Unionists who sit in the Scottish Parliament but really serve Westminster’s agenda. What is good for Westminster – and that really means a small sector of the population of SE England – is not necessarily good for Scotland.

  80. dakk says:

    Long before I ever heard of Corbyn the evidence was there as to what kind of man he was.

    It’s not rocket science. Anyone still member of the British Labour Party or votes for them is a war crime apologist.

    For people like him,Party and career come before principles,and that is the beginning, middle and end of it.

  81. Robert Peffers says:

    @Capella says: 27 September, 2015 at 12:38 pm:

    ” … Andrew Marr is also shown up to be either ignorant or biased.”

    Nope! Capella, Andrew Marr is both ignorant and biased

  82. One_Scot says:

    I suppose one good thing has come out of this.

    We now know that pissing about with these deck chairs isn’t gonna change anything.

  83. Ellie Mack says:

    Jim Thomson – Yes you are. Even if the briefing paper was full of lies he will have known that the Scotrail one was wrong, I have yet to meet a labour party member who can’t give you chapter and very detailed verse on what happened to British Rail. So why then did he repeat and outright lie which he will have known to be a lie?

    I’m afraid as try and people might there are no excuses. His interest in Scotland is exactly the same as every other Unionists politicians, how can I exploit it? I suggest that people stop treating him as cuddly Jeremy and start treating him as what he is, the leader of the second largest political party in the UK and therefore and opponent of Scottish self determination.

  84. heedtracker says:

    The fact is that whatever JC’s actually up to, they still have to win England’s centre right British nationalist middle England Daily Heil/BBC vote. That’s why he’s on whisper thin ice and the New Labour red Tory crew will take him down. Almost 40% of England don’t vote at all. Another Bliar/Broon tragic legacy.

    Kezia and red Tory SLabour didn’t weewee all over JC election for no god reason.

  85. galamcennalath says:

    It is not surprising Corbyn finds difficulty responding to the suggestion he is a Unionist. The label, ‘Unionist’, really only has meaning in Scotland and Ulster. In London, there is zero understanding of the concept of a Union. He probably has always viewed the UK as simply Greater England.

    Old dog, new tricks? Nae chance!

  86. thomaspotter2014 says:

    O/T folks

    But is there a media blanket ban on the Catalan result.

    Obviusly they ve voted for Independence.
    Good old impartial UK media huh?

  87. thomaspotter2014 says:

    O/T folks

    But is there a media blanket ban on the Catalan result.

    Obviously they ve voted for Independence.
    Good old impartial UK media huh?

  88. Robert says:

    Forwarded, with a request for comment, to Mr Corbyn!

  89. Sinky says:

    Last year a higher proportion (65 per cent) of full time further education college students completing their course successfully compared to 2011/12 (64 per cent)

    Also average student learning hours at college have increased by 53 per cent since 2006/07 and are now at a record level.

    The research Excellent Framework (REF) 2014 results has found that each of Scotland’s 18 higher education institutions undertakes research of “world-leading” quality – and that 77 per cent of Scottish research submitted to REF in 2014 was “world-leading” compared to a UK average of 76.1 per cent.
    This new report comes on the back of previous studies showing Scotland as the “most highly-educated country in Europe” and the best place to study in the UK.

  90. galamcennalath says:


    They are voting right now, and turnout is high.

    Yes, UK media seem to be avoiding the issue!

    The problem for Together for Yes, the Catalan Indy coalition, is they really need 50% of votes cast. If the get the seats, but not the popular majority, their case is more open to challenge.

  91. Kirsty says:

    I had my doubts about Jeremy Corbyn by stint of the fact that he’d been happy to remain in the Labour party all these years despite their huge lurch to the right. I thought anyone who held the views he apparently does would’ve stood as an independent years ago when he saw that the Labour party had irrevocably swung to the right if he really believed in those things. Shame he’s proved I was right to be suspicious of him so quickly. Different day; same old mendacious, hypocritical nonsense from yet another politician who assumes we’re all too stupid to notice. A pity.

  92. katherine hamilton says:

    Hi Rev
    I watched the interview this morning to see what he was like. Amazing that he was OK till he got to Scotland. Then it was just lies. What is it about us?
    I just knew you would nail him.
    Well done lad!

  93. Capella says:

    @ thomaspotter2014
    the vote is today (Sunday) so not yet over. You could check out RT if BBC is being a bit coy. But on R Scotland yesterday a.m. they actually interviewed an SNP MSP in Catalunya to monitor the vote. Could hardly believe my ears!

    Independence Live is also covering the vote

  94. John Hastings says:

    Well …. I was prepared to give this clown a chance … just to see what he could bring to oppose the Tories. An alternative vision perhaps. But what have we got? Another embarrassing idiot with nothing to say once he is in the spotlight. I had never heard of him before he crawled out the woodwork, and I am sure he will soon fade from memory.

  95. muttley79 says:

    Valerie is right, why on earth did Corbyn trust the word of SLAB, given the trouncing they have take here since 2011? A competent political leader would never have taken a briefing by members of a completely discredited branch office of his/her own party at face value. What was Corbyn thinking about?

  96. sandycraig says:

    Well I was prepared a couple of weeks ago to give him a chance to bed in, but now I see he’s cut from the same cloth as the rest of them.

    Obviously knows nothing about Scotland never mind Scottish politics. Just another “misspeaking” erse.

    O/T Saw the last performance of the CHEVIOT,STAG AND BLACKBLACKOIL at Dundee REP yesterday. Asolutely wonderful show.

    I laughed, I cried, I had a lump in my throat.
    Cameo appearance by D Cameron dancing with a puppet not unlike a pigs head near the end. Hilarious. Should be compulsive viewing for secondary school Scottish history.

  97. broonpot says:

    Against my better judgement I watched Marr this morning and he lived down to my expectations.

    Corbyn was quite inspiringly fresh during most of the interview until he got to the ‘Scotland’ bit.

    Thanks Stu you have coolly and clearly articulated all the issues I was jumping up and down about.

    In the light of these rather casual lies more people will now have serious doubts about his ability and his judgment. Did he knowingly lie and was he lied to knowingly?

  98. thoughtsofascot says:

    Heres an idea Stu, if wings still has some leftover money.

    Send Corbyn a copy of Joe Pikes project fear as a christmas present. Clearly he’s oblivious to how mickey mouse the entire branch office operation is. Some educating is required.

  99. handclapping says:

    So Corbyn knows bugger all about Scotland, but if he can’t trust Findlay who can he trust? He, with Murray and Kez, is in as bad a position as Porky Dave with Fluffy and Ruthless.

    But it doesn’t matter to them, Scotland is a sideshow. Real power lies in England. I just wish they’d smell the coffee and let us go as it would change nothing in their frame of reference.

  100. Robert Peffers says:

    @craig murray says: 27 September, 2015 at 12:53 pm:

    “Very disappointed. He has been briefed by Neil Findlay (not a conjecture). Let’s hope he improves

    Oh! Craig, I fear you may be disappointed in that hope. I’ve been listening to these people since shortly after the Labour Lot gained power in the mid 1940s. Then, just a few years later, getting inspired to become involved in Scottish Nationalism.

    It was a long and hard road to follow. Finding real facts back then was very, very difficult. However, as more and more real facts emerged, I began to realise we Scots had been getting lied to since long before the false claims of A Union of the Crowns.

    Subsequent revelations have perhaps made me an old cynic but with an ever receptive hope to see things change for the better.

    Here’s the result, plain for all who wish to see, to observe. We Scots cannot trust any member of the Westminster Establishment to tell the truth if they belong to any of the three main unionist parties.

    The main reason being rooted in our false history. There is no doubt whatsoever the Treaty of Union was a forced and abusive marriage within a system, that condones and encourages the abuse. Furthermore, it doesn’t believe in divorce nor in marriage assets being joint property in the event of a separation.

    Corbyn has just demonstrated to all that he is no different from the rest of the Establishment – he just uses different language to tell the same old lies.

  101. handclapping says:

    You can tell who dont pay to be lied to by the BBC. They’re the ones still posting on here even though Scotland are playing 😀

  102. Big Jock says:

    What really angered me was his done to death line:” I care about poor people in Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow, a flag will not independence is not the answer”.

    Two things Jeremy. That line has been done to death. You are 10 years out of date. We tried staying in your UK and they don’t want what we want. Secondly I care about poverty all over the world not just Scotland or the UK. Are you suggesting we just have no countries at all?

    Thirdly the UK is a right wing country. Your lot have had 50 years to change it. Instead of backing independence, because you have failed and will go on failing.You want to hold Scotland to right wing England and be run from London, by Tories with 15% of the vote. Where is the fairness and democracy in that.

    Finally Manchester and Liverpool are cities in England that voted Tory. Glasgow is a,city in Scotland that voted Snp and yes. I would argue that your loyalty to the Union has cost Scotland dearly. It is essential for us to go our own way for the sake of our sanity and survival.

    Scotland is not abandoning poor people in England. England abandoned themselves and they need to sort that out not us.

  103. cearc says:

    It is really quite irrelevant who briefed him.

    He was an MP when the railways were privatised by the tories and when devolution was enacted.

    To say that the SNP did it is simply a deliberate lie. In fact you could say, following the latest contract issue to an offshoot of the state owned Nederlands Spoorwegen, that the SNP re-nationalised the trains. Albeit to a foreign government.

  104. Robert Peffers says:

    @Indigo says: 27 September, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    ” … Mr Corbyn should educate himself or wheesht”>

    No, Indigo, Corbyn has had 30 years being sweetly paid to already be educated before being elected to lead a political party.

    He has the full resources of the Westminster parliament at his fingertips and he has the full resources of the Labour Party to call upon. He has staff who should check his every public statement.

    What would we do to a medical or surgical practitioner who we found to not know the basics of their trade after 30 years? What would we do to a teacher not sticking to the national curriculum?

    Yet we persist in allowing these well paid political hacks lie through their teeth.

  105. Al-Stuart says:


    Jeremy, the SNP are NOT privatising Calmac. The SNP are simply following the law as required by EU Infraction Proceedings of 2006.

    Remember 2006 Jeremy? The heady days when Labour ruled the Scottish Parliament (with the politically promiscuous LibDems in bed with them).

    Back then the EU required that FAIR tendering be put in place for Lifeline Ferry Services. That was after Labour FM Jack McConnell and his LibDem Transport Minister made a bit of a pig’s ear of the demand from numerous islanders to have some fair competition. People on Islay, Arran and Mull were looking for something akin to the likes of that which exists in Orkney. Fair competition and a service that didn’t cost the islanders a small fortune in ferry fairs. Also a ferry service that didn’t burden the taxpayer with £100,000,000 in avoidable annual subsidies bled from the public purse.

    Orcadian company Pentland Ferries Ltd., build their own new ships at NO cost to the taxpayer, and run a first rate UNSUBSIDISED service.

    There is a big issue surrounding CalMac. Islanders love and hate the CalMac in near equal measure. For those islands and islanders who are held hostage every time CalMac go on strike or break down, the HEAVILY SUBSIDISED Lifeline Ferry Service kills off that very lifeline.

    By all means enter into a debate about the merits and demerits of privatisation Jeremy, but not from an IGNORANT waffle that you just came out with.

    The SNP have NO wrongdoing on this complex matter. Labour left an almighty mess after ignoring pleas from islanders about alleged monopoly abuse, which the EU issued Pre-Infraction Proceedings over.

    All the SNP have done is inherit a dreadful mess.

  106. Iain More says:

    I see from his FB page that still too many brain dead are swallowing the BBC and Labour lies. They still view the BBC as somehow honest. Aye there is one born every minute unfortunately.

  107. John Kerr says:

    Handclapping@ 2.51pm

    Correct. Haven’t paid since June 2014 and I don’t watch their poisonous lies on live TV.

    Blood pressure back to normal and haven’t kicked the TV once in the last 15 months.

  108. Big Jock says:

    Just proves it’s the same old Brit Nat Labour party. Even the left wingers in England are poles apart from the left wingers in Scotland. I would argue that working class people in England have very little in common with Scotland pitifully.

    Scotland might as well be Mars. Labour are in terminal decline now.

  109. handclapping says:

    @John Kerr
    They call high blood pressure the silent killer. Does this make the BBC the noisy killer? 🙂

  110. Gary45% says:

    Could Corbyn be a secret tory plant?

    Maybe he has been in one of those sleeper cells, one thing is for sure, each passing day the mask slips further.
    Come the end of the year it will be goodbye from him.
    Remember this guy was the best of a truly rotten bunch.?!?!
    Tick Tock

  111. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Not sure if this has been posted before but really a worth watching.

    Derek Bateman, Prof Robertson and Paul Kavanagh on the need for a true Scottish Media.
    by Phantom Power

    Good night in Edinburgh – really enjoyed meeting up with the Wingers.

  112. walking on sunshine says:

    Corbyn is a twat. Opening his big gob and spewing out utter nonsense when it comes to Scotland. He knows what’s happening in London but when it comes to Scotland he is a total chancer. He has accepted that Dugdale is the boss in Scotland. So why doesn’t he just stick to south of the border where he belongs? The map shows yellow so he will just have to get used to it. Twat that he is. Can’t stand the man.

  113. Weejay says:

    Surprisingly the BBC News website on Scottish Politics has a “fact check” on what he says with comments from the SNP

  114. Robert Peffers says:

    @Kenny says: 27 September, 2015 at 1:18 pm:

    “I am rather underwhelmed by someone who has been in politics for so long, a professional and head of a party, knowing so little about what goes on in his country.”

    It is actually worse than you imagine. BBC is reporting that Corbyn said to Marr, “Flags don’t build houses”.

    This Corbyn may well be far more dangerous to the SNP than the other Unionist Party Leaders. After 30 years in the Commons he knows nothing of the United Kingdom outside the London bubble or conversely he doesn’t want to know.

    By the way the statement that he knows nothing about HIS country is false. The UK is not now, and never has been, a country. It is exactly what its title describes it as, “The United Kingdom“. That is a Royal Realm. At best it is a state composed of four countries and, by the way, it is not Britain either.

  115. ClanDonald says:

    I hate the lies so much because every time they lie like this they’re giving us vast amounts of work to do, by the time we go round the doorsteps or do our online activism, or in the case of the Rev, writing and promoting articles like this one.

    I’m thinking of keeping a record of my hours and invoicing the BBC and Labour for my time. If we have to work to refute their lies then they should bloody well pay us for it.

    When you think about it, Labour and BBC lies must be worth millions to the Scottish economy

  116. bookie from hell says:

    Ian Murray speech Labour conference is jaw dropping

    SNP bashing max

    ( : > )

  117. Papadox says:

    SLAB tell so many lies to each other that they have no idea what the truth is anymore they are an absolute vipers nest. If by chance a truth slips out then the ENGLISH PROPAGANDA UNIT will cover it up, ignore it or spout their own lies via the ENGLISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION or MSM to spin it as SNP baad.

    Labour HQ (London) is in such a shambles that nobody believes a word they say as they are all briefing against each other and Corbin is doing his own thing apparently believing all the lies that he gets told or wants to believe. Facts, truth and reality have been thrown out the window. The proud Scots of the unionist brand are Cannon fodder for the ENGLISH gangsters.

    The EBC is a utter disgrace totally corrupt and a tool of the English state, a dangerous arm of government and we pay for it. Maybe the English are right we are pretty stupid.

    Aye better the GITHER! in a pigs mouth.

  118. dakk says:

    Gary. 45%

    ‘Could Corbyn be secret Tory plant’

    Red Tory,Blue Tory,London Establishment sleeper to help keep Scotland.

    There has always been a market for these fake or superficial lefties.Galloway,Benn,Wilson etc.

    They give the appearance of a healthy democracy,but they work to protect vested interests in Team GB,whilst giving gullible lefties a plausible outlet.They never changed UK one iota.

    Corbyn may or may not be one of these (yet),but the biggest existential threat to the status quo is Scottish Independence, so the Establishment may allow his dissident utterances in the short term if he can be used by the MSM to keep Scotland.

  119. galamcennalath says:

    Corbyn said to Marr, “Flags don’t build houses”.

    I totally agreed with him on this point. So, exactly how do with get rid of these Union Flag waving BritNat idiots who insist in getting in the way of Scottish self determination?

  120. ronnie anderson says:

    Live Labour party conference Bbc now a Short Vidio of Kezie’s interviews ( Jim Thomson must be playin wie they knobs again) av NAY BLOODY SOUND ,it must hiv been to good tae share wie us Plebs.

  121. ronnie anderson says:

    kezie,s gonna be Scotlands chumpion in Education / Health ect ect.

  122. ScottishLass says:

    Anyone would think Corbyn was being set up to appear incompetant and foolish…..which he does… school boy error…he needs to do his own homework and up his game.

  123. Effijy says:

    I don’t use social media, but I’m praying that those Scots who
    do batter these lies to death on Corbyn and Labour’s pages.

    I didn’t think Corbyn would stoop this low and wonder whether he has just taken the “word” of Dipity Dug, who is worked from the back by McTerror-on?

    Then again it may be Corbyn’s concession to go back to new Labour’s old ways- Scaremonger, Lie, and get your arse on the Westminster Gravy Train.

    PS Thank God for the Rev! Bless you!

  124. ronnie anderson says:

    Nia Griffith MP Welsh Shadow Secretary.

    Welsh labour will stop the Sale of social housing. Is there any bloody social housing left, horses have bolted an aw that. An another vidio wie nae sound, whit dont they wunt us tae know ( jist injected ah wee bitty Lamont in there) ah didna misspell Want.

  125. galamcennalath says:

    ScottishLass says:
    “he needs to do his own homework and up his game.”

    I reckon he won’t bother. He will never have given Scotland more than a passing thought in his life. He won’t change now.

    Scottish constitutional events will wash past him and, like most of the London Bubble, he will be left standing in an independent rUK wondering what just happened.

  126. shug says:


    send a list of the lies to the Daily Mail and sit back and watch them make hay!!

    Note that I read the paper but fight fire with fire

    I wonder how many new labour members have appeared in scotland

  127. shug says:

    I know people who work at Scotrail and they think it was the SNP government sold the railways to Abellio.

    He can get away with these lies because the BBC report it as fact

  128. gordoz says:

    Labour UK Conf

    Pretty poor fare indeed for the impartial observer from Labour North reps, Dugdale and Murray.

    Blah, blah, Blah … Indyref 2 / SNPbad. (Thousands of new members in Scottish region – no number though)

    Aye big change under Corbyn right enough.

    Kez classic …. “We lost election cause no one knew what Labour was about” … lots of words and rhetoric. Public still no bloody clearer what Labour is a bout other than we hate SNP.

    Hopeless bunch;(they’re still just dont it).

  129. Phronesis says:

    Interesting to state that the SNP is privatising services. Could he be using rationalisation(where the arguer believes the claim for other reasons)as a form of manipulation by persuasion, to achieve deceptive intent- aided and abetted by a complicit MSM? Where is his evidence for such a statement or is it yet another example of lazy rhetoric and a distinct lack of awareness of what’s happened in Scotland over the last 3 years. He might want to read this;

    The passing of the Health and Social Care Act

    or this;

    an individual who has had an interesting journey to his current role as Chief Exec of NHS England…

    Labour seems to be excellent at recruiting all manner of individuals who are eager to further the cause of privatising state assets without any open and transparent engagement with the electorate. Let’s not forget that the Health and Social Care Act 2012 was passed (with the assistance of Lords and Ladies from all political backgrounds- including Labour- who had vested financial interests in doing so) to allow the completion through passive market processes of the gradual privatisation of the NHS conceived during the 1980s and quietly put in place, piece by piece, by each successive government administration and that does include Labour.

    Someone who makes such an assertion publically with the implicit claim that it is valid in the sense of being true is either grossly misinformed or is being deliberatively deceptive. Labour should put its own house in order first. Scotland in case they haven’t realised is forging its own destiny and is perfectly capable of doing so as an autonomous and independent country.

  130. thomaspotter2014 says:

    Porky Dave Cameron says-
    “By Jove Giddy we really need to knock all these pig fucking stories off no.1 spot,any ideas?”

    Giddy replies”Why don’t we blood the new guy on the team-let him do what we really set him up for-bashing up the jocks!”

    Porky Dave says”Splendid idea, how soon,I’m desperate.”

    Gimpy Giddy-“We can have him on the Marr show sunday morning.”

    Pigfucker Dave-“Thank God go for it”

    Gimpy Giddy-“Sorted”.

  131. Gary45% says:

    McTwatnen, FUD and the rest of the Labour incompetents must be behind the information Corbyn is receiving.
    Having watched the Scotchshire branch office of his party implode over the year, you would think he would check his sources for information.
    Or is he really that bad? maybe he is getting distracted watching Dugdale running round in circles chasing her tail.
    As for Morningside-shires Murray, “your tea will soon be oot”.
    Tick Tock.

  132. heedtracker says:

    Man who shouts “disgrace” at anyone YES on BBC tv debates, also puts the JC boot in although what coffee red toryboy Doc Arthur drinks is another teamGB mystery.

    Scott Arthur ?@DrScottThinks 29m29 minutes ago
    This is awkward for the pseudo left in the SNP. It is time to smell the coffee.

  133. thomaspotter2014 says:

    Anybody who thinks the BetterTogether crew was a one off need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    Nothings changed apart from BTUKOK getting more determined to stop Independence at all costs-gravy train before all else.

    Jeremy Corbyn,the new saviour of the Universe?

    Do me a fucking favour.

    There won’t be any helpful leftie emerging from the Westminster Pig Market any time soon.

    And as for Trident-these troughing pigs have all got commercial interests in the’it’s already been decided’ bracket-
    just ask Union Jacket Murray.

  134. Dan Huil says:

    Corbyn hasn’t a clue.

  135. Thomas bell says:

    So my hopes that a Socialist leader of the Labour party might just get a cohesive oposition going at West minster. To combat all the henious cuts, and drastic austerity policies, that the Tories have planned for us. Now we discover he’s just as big a liar as Brown, Murphy, Dugdale and all the rest of this shoddy excuse, for what was once a great party and defender of working men and women.
    God help us, cause good old Jeremy doesn’t appear to be up to the job. Nor do his researchers. And they include some right liars as well.

  136. ronnie anderson says:

    Am so enthrall & inspired by the speeches of the Labour party conference.

    i,ll just leave this short vid here (sound on)

  137. Jamie Arriere says:

    Labour have passed the darts to their new man, and they still can’t hit the fucking board

    Easily dismantled, easily outscored by the Rev


  138. Gary45% says:

    I think someone has said to Corbyn “Wake up and smell the pension”

  139. Andy-B says:

    Looks like we’re going to have problems with Mr Corbyn, if I recall right he’s opposed to another Scottish referendum, in his opinion, it’s already settled.

    I don’t know what to make of that clip, did he listen to Kezia Dugdale? Surely Mr Corbyn wouldn’t be inept enough to speak in such derogatory terms about the SNP without checking his facts first.

    Or is this a resumption of normal service from the Labour party, which we all know is to yell out loud SNP BAD!

  140. Betty Boop says:

    @ Dan Huil

    Corbyn hasn’t a clue.

    I disagree. As noted by others, Corbyn has been around for a long time and he knows he is lying.

    No surprises as far as I am concerned; the only surprise is that some folk are surprised at the duplicity of Corbyn. Just another chancer who told folks what they wanted to hear to claw his way up the ladder. No better than the other three, he just told a different lie.

  141. gordoz says:

    Well, Well …

    No vote on Trident at Labour Conference !

    Failed to get support needed.

    Corbyn’s reputation in tatters ( Labour lost its Soul years ago)

    Charlatans the lot of them.

  142. gordoz says:

    All credibility gone now as Corbyns new dawn pony refuses at first hurdle.

    Where’s the credibility over Trident now ????

    (From sky news ribbon)

  143. Terry says:

    Corbyn is at best an idiot and at w

  144. Macart says:

    RE: Corbyn and briefings

    If Mr Corbyn isn’t aware of the constitutional make up of the UK and the status of Scotland as a signatory to the treaty of union, then he has no business being leader of the Labour party and no business seeking to become Prime Minister.

  145. gordoz says:

    Trident Failure for True RED Labour ? Disaster

    Described as a shambles from within Labour Parry Sources

    Utter failure – corbyn has let down thousands of new members if this stance prevails

  146. Valerie says:

    @Craig Murray 2.04

    Good luck with hoping Corbyn improves. My irritation lies in the fact that the man has access now to SPADs/researchers etc. and its beyond him to move beyond SNP baaad?

    He knows the Marr show is important, he knows SLab suffered a rout, he must know the Press trash talk SNP, but he uses this platform to just bray SNP baaad, and hope the lies are swallowed.

    I’m sure, like many in Scotland, I was keeping an open mind on this man.

    His performance was beyond crass, and the pig lovers in WM will make mincemeat. That’s if his own party don’t get there first.

  147. frankieboy says:

    In the late 1970s I was chucked out of our local Militant for having a rant at them declaring themselves as socialists. The gist of my attack was that wearing a wooly jumper at the weekend and sporting goatee beard does not make you a socialist. On to 2015…och! I’ve been chucked oot already.

  148. gordoz says:

    Corbyn – ‘Flags don’t build houses’

    SNP – ‘Cowards won’t scrap Trident’ ?

  149. gordoz says:

    Well, at least scrapping Trident wasn’t carved in Stone 🙂

  150. Clootie says:

    …very,very saddened by that performance.

    I had thought that Corbyn would be balanced and rationale and be capable of seeing through the irrational hatred of those who represent Labour in Scotland. However he simply read out a pack of lies handed to him. If this man was a real “thinker” he would have at least checked some of those “facts” in advance.

    My hopes have been dashed. I thought we were about to see a new refreshing force in politics. Instead we have another politician surrendering deeply held values in order to hold his party together. Party before people once again.

    It is with deep regret that I find an exceptional backbencher turning into a tool of the system.Another leader who will surrender values to gain party success.

    The New Labour Blair smirk is beaming out as they see the moulding process begin.

    The Trident replacement vote will see Labour continue as present and Corbyn will sell it as democracy…..what happened to the leader elected only a few weeks ago.

  151. dakk says:

    Betty Boop

    ‘He just told a different lie’

    Spot on.These ‘maverick’or ‘firebrands’as they like to portray themselves know there are safe constituencies out there they can feed off.

    Seen it all before as I watched in disbelief as gullible Scots reelected Labour decade after decade in countless elections thinking their wee tribal chiefs would fight their corner and change the world.

    I never thought I’d see the day we would wake up,but we are now stirring.

    You can be sure though that whether Corbyn is a useful idiot,or Establishment toady/convert,he will be used by Westminster and their MSM to try put Scotland back to sleep.

  152. Gerry says:

    I thought for a few days that Corbyn was playing a clever game. After all, the guy can’t be that stupid having been an MP for so long.
    It is actually starting to look like Corbyn is actually just an idealistic clown who believes that he can be all things to all people. Watching him jump on the very media bandwagon that he spoke out brings a different light onto it. I hope his party rips itself apart into oblivion and dies slowly.

  153. scotspine says:


  154. macnakamura says:

    gordoz says:
    27 September, 2015 at 4:56 pm
    Well, Well …

    No vote on Trident at Labour Conference !
    Room for mischevious motion for debate in Commons.
    SNP could put a cat amongst the parliamentary pigeons.

  155. scotspine says:

    3 times Ive posted from my laptop and they haven’t appeared.


    Re You Tube film Altered State (Scottish Referendum).

    We all need to broadcast this far and wide. Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else.

    Beat the MSM or they will beat us.

  156. Robert Peffers says:

    @muttley79 says: 27 September, 2015 at 2:25 pm:

    “What was Corbyn thinking about?”

    And thereby hangs the tail – Corbyn quite obviously was not thinking but was just doing what Labour do best. Sticking to the party mantra. It is like the dedicated bible thumper. No matter how scientifically or blindingly obvious the bible story is mince in must be believed explicitly.

    So Corbyn trots out the same old myths and the obvious question must be, if he gets such simple to check things so very wrong by taking someone’s word for it, can we trust him if he were in charge of the big red button that launches nuclear missiles?

    Ring! Ring! “Hello Jeremy, This is Kezia speaking, could you please fire the nukes as the Russians have just threatened to nuke the Clyde Base”?

  157. Davy says:

    Corbyn’s statement on Scotland has as much credability as the P&J’s poll this week on scottish independence, total bolloxs.

    Also did he not mention something about scottish(spit) labour having thousands of new members ??? where’s the numbers?

    No pigs were abused in the making of this comment, but a new donkeys earse hole did appear, on the Marr show.

  158. gordoz says:

    @macnakamura – Good point.

    I think this will be a wound worth irritating at every opportunity now.

  159. Nana Smith says:

    Union men dictating policy.

    Corbyn new leader same as the old leader, a liar and a coward.

  160. Sinky says:

    On Corbyn’s jibe about houses not flags.

    SNP have built 4,432 new council houses and are on track to complete 30,000 affordable homes by 2016.

    Last Labour / Lib Dem Scottish Executive built a total of SIX council houses in whole of Scotland in their last year of office.

  161. dakk says:

    Stuart Campbell

    ‘Advice for Jeremy Corbyn’

    Never mind the ‘Advice’. Gonnae jist get him a taxi.

  162. Pam McMahon says:

    So, the Labour conference will not discuss Trident, after Len McCluskey, on behalf of Unite, said he would back renewal and wee Kez said the Labour party in Scotland would have a free, unwhipped vote?

    The Labour party managers have saved them both from the major embarrassment of answering difficult questions about their stance on this, by saying “not enough members” wanted this debate.

    Maybe if Trident was relocated to a port in the South of England and McCluskey wanted the job security of Unite members in…a port in the South of England, working on Trident,it might bear some credibility.

  163. June Maxwell says:

    JC also said he doesn’t ‘do’ irritated. Well, Ive watched him at least twice get really angry in interviews like C4 with KGM and I can say he certainly does do irritated – with finger-jabbing for emphasis. Maybe Mr C is not all he seems or wants to appear

    Even worse than this, his shadow chancellor JMcD that I had such high hopes for, is now voting with Tories on their charter. So, so disappointing.

  164. gordoz says:

    @ scotspine – you mean this ? (it is excellent)

    Re You Tube film – Altered State (Scottish Referendum)

  165. Bob Mack says:

    Corbyn has to deliberately lie ,in an attempt to win bacl Labour voters in Scotland. Wearing his emperors clothes of socialism,he hopes that he can produce enough credibility to bring Labour voters North back into the fold.

    Without Scotland he has even less chance of pulling off the Great Socialist deception.Sorry Jeremy,we in Scotland are too clued up these days.

    You have become a charlatan.

  166. Big Jock says:

    Corbyn is anti Scottish. The majority of Scots voted Snp and he belittles us as flag waiving imbeciles.We are all suffering from mass hysteria. I wonder if he went to Dublin and said flags don’t build houses. Oh I forgot Eire is a legitimate country but It’s celtic cousin Scotland is full of fundamentalists.

    It’s good because now the veneer has been removed. People can see him for what he is
    is. A disrespectful,narrow little Londonder . We might as well ask Barak Obama his opinion on Scotland as he is probably more knowledgeable.

  167. Ruby says:

    Is Jeremy Corbyn’s performance on the Andrew Marr show not something SNP/Independence supporters should be celebrating?

    I hope we see more of Jez, Kez & Morningside Murray on TV.

    What they say is only a problem if there are a large number of people in Scotland being fooled by their con and I really don’t think that is a major problem as they are not really very good con artists.

  168. dakk says:

    Robert Peffers

    ‘Can we trust him if he were in charge of the big red button’

    If anyone was in any doubt,the US Commander in Chief would hold/override the codes for Trident deployment, then I would think the name Jeremy Corbyn will surely end the doubt.

  169. gerry parker says:

    @ Robert at 5:29
    “Ring! Ring! “Hello Jeremy, This is Kezia speaking, could you please fire the nukes as the Russians have just threatened to nuke the Clyde Base”?”

    Jeremy: How many Labour voters would we potentially lose if they did nuke it”

    Kez: Oh about a hunderd or so.

    Jeremy: Let me get back to you on that.

  170. gillie says:

    Today has shown Jez is out of his depth. He is a pasty.

  171. Ruby says:

    ‘Big Jock says:
    We might as well ask Barak Obama his opinion on Scotland as he is probably more knowledgeable.’

    I don’t believe that he is not knowledgeable I think he hopes that voters in Scotland are not knowlegeable. I think that might be one fact about Scotland that he might have gotten very wrong but we’ll see what happens in 2016.

  172. gordoz says:


    As ‘Scotspine’ said – this is an excellent 20 min film – very powerful with commentary from Paul Kavanaugh (Wee Ginger Dug); Derek Bateman, Prof John Robertson & Chris Silver.

    Key points on how ref was stolen by UK establishment.

    Def worth a watch & spread wide.

  173. Sassenach says:

    Corbyn said he will be coming to Scotland on Thursday (and again the following week!!) – what about a nice warm welcome for him??

    Plenty of flags would also seem appropriate!!

    Lying toad.

  174. Lollysmum says:

    Independence Live broadcasting live now from Catalonia

  175. NN says:

    There we have it. Corbyn is another lying politician who will say anything to get a taste of power and the access to favours and money that comes with it. The party comes before the people or basic decency and honesty.

    Same old with new wrapping. Cannot be trusted. Expect nothing but lies, compromised principles (in reality all the promised high principles straight into the bin as soon as it helps the party or his career), and spin. This isn’t new politics, it’s the same old and it stinks. Well past its use-by date.

    The system itself is broken. Blindly turning the crank to keep it running constantly for generations in the hope that it will heal itself will never work. The machine will only produce the same results.

  176. Kenny says:

    Totally OT but cannot resist posting this information I have just come across:

    In 1435, the future Pope Pius II, then a cardinal from Siena, was sent on a secret mission to Scotland. He swore that, on arriving, he would walk barefoot to the nearest shrine of Our Lady from the landing port.

    This proved to be Dunbar; the nearest shrine was 10 miles away at Whitekirk. The journey through the ice and snow left him afflicted with pain in his legs for the rest of his life.

    There is actually a fresco, designed but not painted by Raphael, of the future pope at the Scottish court. You can see it in the library which is part of Siena Cathedral (included in your visit to the cathedral).

    I am sure there is a moral in there somewhere!

    PS He fathered a child in Scotland but it died (perhaps eaten by a cybernat?)

  177. thingy says:

    It’s somewhat disconcerting to read that some folk are surprised/disappointed with Corbyn today. He’s a unionist politician, ffs. Let’s be quite fucking blunt about this – we’re not dealing with honourable people.

    How steep is this learning curve, guys?

  178. Camz says:

    Lies and spin from Corbyn. Establishment speaks. Media don’t correct or even question.

    Project Fear is still alive and well and living in Westminster.

  179. Gerry says:

    thingy says:
    27 September, 2015 at 6:16 pm
    It’s somewhat disconcerting to read that some folk are surprised/disappointed with Corbyn today.


    Aren’t you?
    Did you expect the proposed trident debate to be called off?

  180. Gary45% says:

    For Corbyns visit, how about a house( big or small) covered in flags.
    Or a big banner saying “Who are you?”

  181. Sooz says:

    Advice to Corbyn: check all the facts you’re fed by the Scottish branch office. That said, you’ve been an MP for 30 years and MUST have known what you were saying was tripe.

    You’ve just lost Scotland again.

  182. gordoz says:

    Having finally watched that train wreck display on the Marr show from Corbyn, Im left thinking the moniker ‘Tomb Tabard’ is an apt description (although I also suspect he is now as useful as Catweazle).

    What a useless numpty

  183. Ken500 says:

    Catalonia, Quebec and Scottish Independence movements are totally different. More diffences than similarity. Too different to be compared without qualification. Scotland’s is the strongest. There is more support for Independence (pro rata).

    Different, history, administration, culture, Laws, universal suffrage history, voting rights. If people in Scotland don’t want other Gov’s interfering in Scotland’s Independence. Wish them well but don’t interfere in their’s. The Scottish Independence movement has greater grievance and more support in Scotland.

  184. Wuffing Dug says:

    Loving some of the comments on here.

    Didnae take long fur the wheels tae come aff Jerry’s wagon. Lying bastirt.

    The wheels fell aff much faster than I thought….


  185. yesindyref2 says:

    “Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will avoid a showdown over the renewal of the Trident nuclear missile system at his party conference because motions on the issue have not won approval”

    No sh^t. Sherlock!

  186. thingy says:

    Gerry 6:32

    Nothing surprises me about them, Gerry. We’re talking about people who abstain on their own amendments.

    What were you expecting?

  187. yesindyref2 says:

    “… motions were not approved”

    Must have been a stool pigeon in the ranks.

    Back to (recorded) rugby. 39-16 whoohooo bonus points 🙂

  188. gus1940 says:

    What about the Trident Debate Dugdale promised for the impending Branch Office conference?

    Let’s not forget that she is in charge in Scotland – allegedly – just like Creepy Jim was.

  189. Cal says:

    Jeremy Corbyn has been like the pied piper in England. I’m afraid a lot of people are going to be very disappointed. Many, I’m sure, voted for him out of desperation as they have no one credible they can vote for.

    As far as his attitude to this country is concerned, it was obvious to me some time ago, when I took the trouble to listen to a couple of his speeches on youtube, that he is an old school British nationalist Labour man. The speeches are peppered with references to Britain – “Britain this” and “Britain that”. He wants the railways nationalised and the rest. Well, so do I but I want that in an independent Scotland not in an old centralised British state. The thought of a return to old monolithic state run industries controlled from London by faceless unaccountable bureaucrats leaves me cold.

    And all the fine words about reforming/abolishing the House of Lords and the removal of Trident are just that, fancy talk. Fine words butter no parsnips. Only the revolutionary change brought about through independence will make these things happen.

    Yes, there’s going to be a lot of disillusioned people.

    Good luck to our Catalonian friends.

  190. Big Jock says:

    If anything Corbyn has helped Scottish independence. He has proven once and for all the UK cannot be reformed.

    It’s like trying to get the Orange Lodge neanderthals to wear green. It ain’t ever going to happen ever!

    The only solution is to leave the club that will never change and always rip off the members.

  191. thomaspotter2014 says:

    Deep State(who actually run this fraud called British Democracy) will never allow Trident to be cancelled.End off.

    Labour/LiarDems/BTUKOK Grand Coalition bedfellows have already decided it’s going ahead.

    And there’s not a lot we can do about that unless Nicola decides the affront to Scotland and her people constitutes a material change and tells them to FUCK OFF.

  192. One_Scot says:

    Looks like it’s all kicking off down in Spain.

  193. Gerry says:

    thingy says:
    27 September, 2015 at 6:48 pm
    Nothing surprises me about them, Gerry. We’re talking about people who abstain on their own amendments.
    What were you expecting?
    I’m not sure to be honest. I certainly did not expect the PLP/unions to alienate their membership quite so blatantly as this, and I don’t think that JC did either. All in all, not a bad thing for scottish independence.
    As I said earlier, I thought JC was perhaps playing a very politically astute game. Today confirms to me that the guy is just another idealistic muppet with no spine.
    Given his lies this morning re Scotland I hope he gets the welcome that he deserves when he visits after the conference.

  194. Grouse Beater says:

    Corbyn didn’t even manage a debate on Trident, let alone a vote. To his weaknesses we can add…..

    No. Authority. Of. The. Personality.

    Oh, to be in Catalonia now free will is there.

  195. One_Scot says:

    Does anyone know if there is a TV link for the Catalonia results

  196. Robert Louis says:

    So now we see the charade of Jeremy Corbyn in broad daylight. He opposes Trident, but the party he LEADS (allegedly) will not debate the matter at their conference. How convenient. Just like my waste of space MP Iain (I’m really a tory) Murray ‘opposes’ Trident, but is still in a political party that not only supports the current Trident system, but also supports the NEW trident system. Men of integrity, Jeremy and Iain.

    It is clear from what the new labour leader said in Scotland today, that amongst the lies, his lack of understanding of Scottish matters shows he really isn’t up to the job. For anyone who has been an MP for 30 years,, and lived through rail privatisation to suggest that somehow it wasn’t Westminster but the SNP who did it, is just stupid, pure and simple.

    An inept leader for a dying party.

  197. yesindyref2 says:

    Seriously though, it’s madness. The guy potentially had street cred, make mistakes is fine, even change his mind if he finds he can’t do something he wanted to, he’s human, but lie?

    Point about calmac too, by the way, is that the ships are owned by the ScotGov i.e. us and would remain so, no matter who does the admin or runs the service on those ships.

  198. Ghillie says:

    Jeremy clearly does not do his own homework and has been caught copying from the girl to his right.

  199. Lollysmum says:

    News from Catalonia-the 3 pro-indy parties have between them a majority in the elctions

  200. yesindyref2 says:

    Separatists win majority of seats according to exit poll:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

  201. thingy says:

    Gerry 7:08

    So we are agreed, then? 🙂

    I did/do expect infighting and thus far have not been disappointed. Mostly likely the internal scuffling will rumble on until the next GE defeat… and so on…

    Labour are no use to us.

  202. One_Scot says:

    Found it for anyone who wants it,

  203. mike cassidy says:

    And this is how the BBC report it.

    Poor Souls! Struggling with the concept of having to monster two things simultaneously.

    Oh, if only Nicola and Jeremy could fall in love!

  204. dakk says:


    ‘Aren’t you.Did you expect the Trident debate to be called off ?’

    Like Thingy,I stopped expecting anything from Unionist parties/politicians a long long time ago.

    Even if they debated Trident,it would be a fudge/spin/nuanced.

    They do not speak to me.

  205. Truth says:

    The irony of irony in all this is that the SNP has actually taken a private enterprise into public ownership and done the opposite of what (false prophet) Corbyn is suggesting.

    Only, I doubt Kezia has told him anything about Prestwick airport.

  206. Alan says:

    New, New Labour: It’s Alive!.

  207. Iain More says:

    Seems the exit polls are predicting an Indy majority in seats in Catalonia

    Oh dear!

  208. Gerry says:

    @thingy – 100% yes.
    I expected Corbyn to at least be allowed to have the illusion of power, but they’re not even giving him that. If I was an english voter who had returned to supporting labour on the basis of the breath of fresh air that Corbyn was presented as, I would be seething at the PLP/Unions right now.
    Turns out that corbyn was not just a breath of fresh air, but actually every breath of hot air.
    Now let’s see what the EU has to say about Catalonia. Interesting times and thanks for the link One_Scot.

  209. Glamaig says:

    Wings at it best, exposing the liars. Thank you Rev. These interviewers should be jumping on this stuff and challenging it. They are either useless and incompetent, or complicit in a campaign of propaganda lies. Which is it?

  210. Iain More says:

    First Catalonia results expected at about 10, I think that is 10 p.m our time.

  211. Gerry says:

    dakk says:
    27 September, 2015 at 7:36 pm
    Like Thingy,I stopped expecting anything from Unionist parties/politicians a long long time ago.

    Even if they debated Trident,it would be a fudge/spin/nuanced.

    They do not speak to me.
    I think you are misunderstanding where I am coming from. I expected at least some increased resistance from the labour party in the Corbyn honeymoon period. This leaves an open goal for the SNP in Westminster and Holyrood.
    Labour voters just bought the exact brand new car they always wanted only to realise that it had no wheels. This bodes well for our independence.

  212. caz-m says:

    This is worth repeating and I hope one of our fine Scottish Journalists nails Corbyn about it when he visits Scotland this week.

    I have just listened to Jeremy Corbyn on the Andrew Marr show. I think he has just snookered himself regarding Scottish Independence.

    He was asked about Independence for Scotland and his reply was the usual Unionist crap that Gordon Brown would come out with.

    He was then asked what he thought about a United Ireland and surprise surprise, he was all for it.

    So, he thinks Independence for Northern Ireland is OK but Independence for Scotland is a no no.

    You cant have it both ways Jeremy, you cant be a Unionist when it comes to Scotland and a Republican when it comes to Northern Ireland.

  213. Dr Jim says:

    Aye, the Scots are stupid, tell them anything, NOT!!

    I love this Broad Church thing they keep saying, is this the one with the upside down crosses in it that exonerates lying Bastirts

    Lets all agree to disagree together and then you’ll forget about what we were talking about, just join up, go on go on
    Really what on earth are these people on,

    Bring back Murphy, at least he was a laugh when he talked Shite, definitely better than Murray the village clown
    I’m a Tory yes I am no I’m not,
    I’m a Tory yes I am no I’m not
    I’m a Tory I’m a Tory
    And I love to tell a story
    I’m a Tory yes I am,……… whit wiz ah singin again

    Oh aye Labour isn’t it…silly me, forgot

  214. galamcennalath says:

    Catalan Indy parties are in line to achieve a majority.

    However, it is touch and go whether they get 50% of the popular vote. Certainly hope they get 50+ because it makes any moves more democratic.

  215. Chris Baxter says:

    Blaming Dugdale or Murray “advice” for Corbyn’s idiocy is nonsense.

    If Corbyn doesn’t know the basics of rail privatisation from 1993 and that it’s not devolved to Scotland, then he shouldn’t be in his position. Either he’s a liar or completely incompetent. I suspect a mixture of both.

    Fuck him.

  216. Training Day says:

    We were assured by a prominent commentator on this thread just a few days ago that Corbyn was no Britnat.

    Arf, Mr Murray.

  217. Maurice Duffy says:

    To me, it seems that the LabConDems know that they have lost every politically aware voter north of the border and are just playing to those who still believe in the BBC and the Redtops.
    There are a great many people in the UK who form their opinions from headlines and soundbites without paying serious attention to the small print or fact-checking – many English voters and Unionists will simply accept what he said as fact on the assumption that it wouldn’t be broadcast if it weren’t true.
    SNP baaaaaaad!

  218. Gary45% says:

    Corbyn, McDonnell and Dugdale, its like watching Last of the summer whine.
    But a shi*e version.

  219. gordoz says:

    Go Catalonia !!!!!

    The Brave win the Day !!

    Scotland watch and learn not to live in fear.

  220. gordoz says:

    Catalunya Separatists 🙂 projected % of vote 56.2%

    Clear mandate even UK would recognise surely 🙂

  221. Robert Peffers says:

    @Big Jock says: 27 September, 2015 at 2:58 pm:

    “Thirdly the UK is a right wing country. Your lot have had 50 years to change it.”

    Nah! Big Jock, The United Kingdom is NOT a country. It has never been a country and it never will be a country. When I went to school, and they were teaching us to read and write, the teachers used to tell us to sound the word out and the second word in that title is K-i-n-g-d-o-m and it sounds out as KING-DOM. My dictionary explains that means it is the realm of a king.

    My teachers also taught me I lived in the country of Scotland which was one of the four countries of the, “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.

    The problem is that the people in the country of England and the Unionists in the rest of the, “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”, not only want the United Kingdom to be one country but try to make us all actually be one country.

    So why the hell are you siding with them and commenting here about, “Britain Being a right wing country”. Now the hell, if the, “United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland”, is not a country single country can the whole of Britain, (that’s the British Isles), be a country?

    After all there are another four countries in Britain that are not part of the UK? Why are you spreading the Unionists propaganda for them?

  222. Louis.b.argyll says:

    Poor effort Jeremy…

    What next..?
    …’we can’t be bothered to help the poor..
    …in case they damage our economic security?’

    Been asleep on those backbenches?

    You haven’t a clue about SCOTTISH POLITICS and it shows.

  223. gordoz says:

    O/T Catalanoia

    Best coverage on RT nothing much on BBC online so far

  224. louis.b.argyll says:

    Aye, cracks are showing, not just in the ‘private’ schools around Europe.. but now in the Empires they’ve built too.

  225. Taranaich says:

    Mr Corbyn now utters in words what he only hinted at prior to his election: (11th July 2015)

    Left-winger Jeremy Corbyn, whose leadership bid has been boosted by trade union support, said: “The SNP are very good at presenting themselves as the anti-austerity party.”

    But he argued that SNP plans for full fiscal autonomy would have resulted in “turbo-max austerity” in Scotland today.

    “We need to be campaigning for fair funding for Scotland, which means perhaps formulating it around the needs, the poverty, the desperation, that some of the people of Scotland face,” he said.

    “This city contains some of the poorest people in the whole of the UK … these things have to be addressed, and they have to be addressed by us.

    “Labour has got to be the party that is standing up for the poorest people wherever they are.” (14th August 2015)

    I think issues now are about the way in which the powers which have been devolved to Scotland operate, the funding of Scotland and particular issues surrounding welfare, as well as spending on education, particularly college education, and issues around the running of the economy such as privatisation of rail and of Calmac.

    If nothing else, it’s good of him to remove any ambiguity as to what he thinks about the SNP – and the people of Scotland, for that matter.

    @yesindyref2: Who’s his advisor on Scottish politics, one or more of the unemployed Better Together gang?

    We know that Neil Findlay and Katy Clark briefed him before the election:

    But even Corbyn’s allies agree that he knows little about Scottish politics or the SNP. Corbyn has spent several hours on his Scottish tour in private briefing sessions with Findlay and Katy Clark, a leftwinger who lost her Commons seat to the SNP in May. He is on a steep learning curve, said Nathan Morrison, a local organiser of the Corbyn campaign who was elected as a Labour councillor in Aberdeen at 19.

    But he would be worth the investment. “There’s potential for that because, with Jeremy Corbyn’s policies, we would be presenting a river of red water between us and the SNP. They won’t be able to give us that nonsense of ‘you’re just red Tories’. There’s no way they could call a Jeremy Corbyn-led party that.”

    Mr Findlay is the man who lost a leadership election against someone who turned out to be the worst Labour leader in history. Ms Clark lost her seat in May, when her five-figure majority was overturned.

    The way I saw Mr Corbyn’s election, I knew one of two things would happen: either he would reform the party and thus provide a possibility for a more equitable UK at the cost of *perhaps* slowing independence, or he would fail, and truly kill Labour in Scotland and hasten it.

    Either way, we would make it work for us. It’s a shame it looks like the second option after the Trident fiasco.

  226. Papadox says:

    Corbin is only a fall guy for the Establishments “Labour” wing. The main manipulator and power behind Corbin is IMHO Tom Watson who when the order is given will plunge the knife in Jeremy’s back up to the hilt and smile as he does it.

    Then establishment Labour will assume their part in the Westminster pretendy democratic pantomime and get back to the trough. Job done red Tory’s back on script.


  227. Corbyn says `Flags do not build houses`,which I think is an attack on nationhood.

    Stephen Kinnock (Labour MP and son of Glenys Kinnock)says Labour needs to claim back the Union Jack flag which seems to be good nationalism,

    Will Corbyn sing Labour`s national anthem `The Red Flag`or will he think he would be seen as a hypocrite.

    Union Jack good,

    Red Flag good,

    Saltire bad.

  228. davidb says:

    @ Gordoz.

    Please refrain from using that S word. Its propaganda. They are not separatists.

    They, like everyone else in Europe seems to be nowadays, don’t want to cut themselves off. They want to be equal partners in the EU, and wider world, just like everyone else, and to choose their own path, but not in isolation.

    Try democrats, or freedom seekers, or don’t bother with any adjective, and just call them Catalans.

  229. De Valera says:

    So this so called radical spends a great deal of his first big TV interview attacking a real radical movement. I was surprised so many independence supporters welcomed Corbyn, he is Labour after all, what did we expect?

    Ever since the Norman Conquest, the English/British establishment has been convinced of the need to control the whole island and no establishment figure will ever be geniunely sympathetic to Welsh or Scottish self determination, Corbyn is merely another exponent of this mindset.

    The next time this republican sings GSTQ, maybe he will sing the rebelious Scots to crush verse, after all thats Jeremy’s political goal.

  230. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Gordoz, well dunno if they will recognise it but I seem to recall that 55% was “overwhelming” so 56+% must be that at the very least, no?

  231. dakk says:

    Gerry 7.52

    ‘I expected at least some increased resistance from Labour in the Corbyn honeymoon period’

    Agreed,and may I also add that I am very grateful to all the people who do listen to unionist politicians/parties and critique them,so I can add my plebs tuppenceworth.

  232. gordoz says:

    @Alan Mackintosh

    That’s what I thought but the BBC have gone very quiet on the matter.

    According to them I think vote was cancelled due to rain. 🙂

  233. Tinto Chiel says:

    As someone who had been a bit worried about the potential Corbyn Effect on our more gullible soft SNP voters, I have to say that today is the day JC finally and inevitably blew it. Parroting drivel from the Slab lie-sheet is an obvious mistake which, coupled with a classic Labour fudge on Trident, clearly indicates he has no more principles in his dealings with Scotland than the rest of his miserable party.

    He neither knows nor cares about Scotland: he’s a metrovincial Unionist who can’t even be bothered researching the facts.

    His “lefty” shadow chancellor has already signed up to Osbourne’s austerity package. I’m sure Nicola is looking forward to the debates next week at Holyrood. Good luck, Kezia.

    You know, if we had even a half-way fair media in Scotland, we would be free of this rotten, pernicious Union forever.

    Good luck, Catalunya!

  234. gordoz says:

    That’s me told Rev – So No more Separats either ! 🙂

  235. Thepnr says:

    Ach well, was good while it lasted. Bye Mr Corbyn.

  236. robertknight says:

    “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”

    Just another Brit Nat bulls#t merchant.


  237. Glamaig says:

    Looking at the last couple of weeks, Corbyn is starting to make Ed Miliband look quite good…

  238. Tinto Chiel says:

    Forgot to add: he’s a metrovincial Unionist who’s also in favour of a United Ireland.

    He’s a more conflicted individual than even Ian “Angry” Murray.

    Bet he wears UJ boxers under his Ché Guevara T shirt.

    An utter, utter imposter.

  239. James123 says:

    Apparently pro-independence parties in Catalonia have won 71% of the vote according to exit polls. If that isn’t a mandate for independence I don’t know what is.

  240. gordoz says:

    “Stiglitz, Piketty to help Labour shape anti-austerity policies.”

    Wasn’t Stiglitz an advisor on the Fiscal Commision for Scot Gov and in favour of a currency union ??

    I thought Labour said SNP stole their ideas ?? Hmmmm ?

  241. Drsteinberg says:

    New face same script. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

  242. michael diamond says:

    Aye no doubt tomorrow the scummy bbc and media will try and ignore/play down the result in catalonia, in case the plebs in north britain start getting ideas.

  243. thingy says:


    Rubbish majority, send in the tanks.

  244. NN says:

    The sad thing is that there will still be poor deluded souls who think that simply “voting for the other guy” will solve the problems or suddenly make Westmonster decent.

    We need independence or bust.

  245. Rock says:

    Anyone who remained in Labour after it was formally Torified by Blair and led the country to an illegal war has no credibility.

    Tony Benn was a total fraud.

    His chameleon of a son Hilary Benn has now taken over from him.

    Independence and SNP supporters should not trust anyone inside Labour one bit.

  246. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Gordoz, but I thought the rain in Spain fell mainly on the plain?

  247. alison rollo says:

    Very sad — I had great hopes for Jeremy and was enjoying watching Marr. I enjoyed the fact he supported a United Ireland. I waited for Marr to ask him — if supported Ireland to be free of Westminster what was his position about Scotland? He then just spruttled lie after lie!!! Just wants Scotland for votes to make him PM! Honesty? NO!!!

  248. ronnie anderson says:

    Ochon Ochon

    Kezia said she,s the new Scottish Chumpion PMSL, next she,ll be saying the Slab conferance wull be debating Nuclear sub renewal.

  249. Stoker says:

    Troughers, every last one of them!

  250. Cadogan Enright says:

    Aljazeera just now. Jeremy Corbyn

    “Throughout the summer we had an election campaign in England for leader……..”

    Nuff Said?

    Meanwhile Aljazeera are being very BBC about Catalonia

  251. gordoz says:


    Don’t know if the confusion is deliberate; but looks like 70% fig was for % of votes cast but BBC did say this was for YES (via reuters)

    But when checking Reuters just now (15mins ago) its quoting Yes side as getting only 47.33 % of overall votes.

    Don’t know what is going on ??

  252. thomaspotter2014 says:


    Scotland next?

    Hope so.

    One positive about Corbyns Scottish crucifiction on the Andrew Marr show is that FUD Findlay has tied his’flag’ to Corbyn”s sinking ship.

    May they all go gaily down with the Labour Titanic.

  253. Tinto Chiel says:

    Stoker, I’m trying to digest a late dinner!

    The fact that Osbourne was in China when all this blew up makes me deeply suspicious. Lots of jolly japes in the Pig-Sticking Party, no doubt.

    The scum always rises to the top.

  254. Cadogan Enright says:

    Also, while I was upstairs reading a good night story to the wean, the Missus says that Aljazeera reported that OFCOM has upheld a complaint by the BBC against RT for not being balanced – the 14th ruling this year against RT

    I don’t think she is pulling my leg

    The BBC complaining to OFCOM about RT??????????

    And RT (and everyone else) not able to complain to OFCOM about the BBC…….

    Now what’s the number for Aljazeera?

  255. Wuffing Dug says:

    I think things are going to get very interesting over the next few weeks.

    Don’t like popcorn so ordered nachos and hot dog.

  256. Glamaig says:

    The BBC will report Catalonia – there is a small article discretely tucked away on the Europe page.

    Many world issues are variously played down, ignored, seen through the special BBC distorting lens, or alternatively they really go big on other things and never stop banging away about them.

    With ‘sensitive’ issues such as Catalonia, and the pigs head, for example, there is sometimes a delay in reporting, perhaps while they have meetings on how to spin it, or wait for orders.

    I’m watching you BBC. Er, listening to the radio and reading your website anyway.

  257. yesindyref2 says:

    BBC Fact check (LOL LOL LOL LOL):

    “The latest ferry contract has not yet been awarded, with the Scottish government-owned CalMac bidding against private firm Serco as part of the tendering process, which is required under EU law.”

    That is wrong on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start with their buffoonic ignoramus moronosity. Hello, stupid pathetic ignorant BBC, netiher CalMac nor Serco build ships! I’ll repeat that, they don’t build ships!

    But also in other words:

    “First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed Ferguson Marine Engineering Limited (FMEL) as the preferred tenderer for the contract to build two ferries for the Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd’s (CMAL) fleet.

    Once finalised, the new £97m contract will create new jobs at the shipyard and secure employment for the existing workforce of around 150 people, providing a boost for shipbuilding on the Clyde and the local economy.” (31/08/2015)

    2. Stupid pathetic ignorant useless BBC, CalMac don’t own the ferries, nor would Serco. The clue is in the Scot Gov announcement which your usual news source, LabPartRelProp(agenda) neglected to tell you about. Clue – it’s in the bit which says “to build two ferries for the Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd’s (CMAL) fleet”.

    In fairness to the BBC it’s not just anything about Scotland they’re bone pig (snort) ignorant about, I stopped using the BBC news as any kind of meaningful source of news in the 90s. For me that’s the 1990’s, I daresay some would say the 1890s.

  258. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Looks like Kez is engaging mouth before brain again, this from Michael Crick…

    Kezia Dugdale: “stop talking about ‘Scotland’ when you mean Scotland. Talk about coming to Edinburgh, or Glasgow, or Dundee or wherever.”

  259. Thepnr says:

    I’ve tried to remain calm, held my breath and counted to ten. None of that has worked, I’m angry again.

    This man Corbym is an idiot and as others have said a total fraud. No debate on trident, what a joke that is, though few are laughing.

    What has this countries so called democracy come to when even the official opposition WILL NOT ALLOW DEBATE? No doubt through fear of losing the argument.

    Who are the puppet masters? Who is really pulling the strings? The likes of Lord Ashcroft and Lord Darling.

    The whole Labour leadership election now looks like a charade.

    Corbyn doesn’t offer HOPE when he himself is a NO HOPER.

  260. Chic McGregor says:

    “Do they think folk will believe it because he says it in a softer voice… fanny”

    Didn’t work for a well known creeping Jesus, don’t expect it will for a cycling one either.

  261. Iain More says:

    On Catalonia

    Are Si Que Es Pot an Indy Party? I smell the media playing funny canutes over this!

  262. Anagach says:

    If Corbyn is smart he and his aides will be head hunting the total idiots who fed him that piece, and not to offer them a better job.

    One way to alienate any group of people is tell them lies so obvious, and so quickly identified, that they would have to be ignorant, deluded or both to sand a chance of even considering them.

  263. Robert Louis says:

    Well done Catalunya. 🙂 A great day for democracy.

    If only Scotland had also voted YES, we would by now be looking forward to the permanent end of London Tory mis rule of Scotland. Instead, people like Labour scared so many Scots into voting NO, and now we are burdened by a Tory Government which nobody in Scotland wants.

    I will NEVER forgive Labour for siding with NO and the Tories. Never.

    Good luck Catalunya. You have done what too many Scots were feart to do.

  264. gordoz says:

    It is weird not having Prof Kurtz crawling all over any poll figures.

  265. Big Jock says:

    Well folks. France the US puppet has bombed Syria. The Yanks are moving towards conflict in Syria. Looks like another Iraq moment for the UK. The difference this time are the Russians and refugees all over Europe. This is very like the start of World war 2.

  266. Cadogan Enright says:

    5th story into BBC world news at 10, no word about Catalonia, 11 minutes in

  267. Robert Peffers says:

    @dakk says: 27 September, 2015 at 5:53 pm:

    “If anyone was in any doubt,the US Commander in Chief would hold/override the codes for Trident deployment.

    Yes Dakk, I spent a lot of my working life working on electronics for the instrumentation for checking nuclear radiation, the remote handling gear for refuelling those subs and CCTV units for reactor refuelling.

    The point is that the UK gov are in that special relationship with the USA warmongers and in fact really just a branch office of the White House.

    When that USA commander in chief says jump the UK parliamentary leader is expected to just requests how high.

  268. One_Scot says:

    Yes 48% No 39%, right to decide 11%

  269. HandandShrimp says:

    It looks like things are about to get interesting in Catalonia. I fear Spain’s stance will be unpleasant but a wheel is turning and it will not be stopped.

  270. galamcennalath says:

    Iain More says:
    “Are Si Que Es Pot an Indy Party?”

    Junts pel Si is the main Indy coalition.

    CUP are a left wing party also supporting Indy.

    Combined, it looks like they are getting about 47% of the vote.

    So, in fact it’s looking much like Scotland! With Indy less than 50% but pro Indy parties hold a majority of seats on the parliament.

  271. yesindyref2 says:

    Stiglitz working with Labour? Good grief, though I guess it’s no surprise if he could have an influence on the UK.

    Sep 14 last year he wrote in the Scotsman, an article which could have made a difference to the undecided if they read it. Such as:

    “Should Scotland stay in the UK, and the UK continues in its current policies which have resulted in increasing inequality, even if GDP were slightly larger, the standards of living of most Scots could fall. Cutbacks in UK public support to education and health could force Scotland to face nothing but a set of unpalatable choices – even with Scotland having considerable discretion over what it spends its money on.”

    On currency he said there was no problem. Basically speaking I’d say he supported Indy for Scotland.

  272. Training Day says:

    ITN: ‘separatist’ parties win majority in Catalonia.

    Britnat news scripted by the Daily Telegraph complaints department and Johann Lamont.

  273. Cadogan Enright says:

    19 minutes in to BBC 10pm world news 10 seconds on Catalonia

  274. Stoker says:

    JC re-harvesting all the old Slabber excrement?
    I feel a song coming on – all together now.

    (((((OH i’ve got a brand new Corbyn-harvester, Oo-ar-oo-ar)))))

  275. Natalie Hughes says:

    It is pretty obvious Labour have chosen the wrong leader. They should have elected a former Nigerian general with a fortune tied up in a Nigerian bank, if only to give the party some credibility.

  276. JLT says:

    thomaspotter2014 says:

    VIVA CATALUNYA!!!!! Scotland next? Hope so.

    Actually, this runs a lot deeper than just what is happening in Scotland and Catalonia. Sure, both the UK and Spain have become deeply alarmed at recent events in both countries in the last year, but they are not the only ones. Other Western European nations are watching in trepidation.

    For if Catalonia can …somehow …get ‘recognition’ of this recent result, then it not only pushes the door of recognition of smaller ‘states’ or nations stuck in ‘Unions’ within Europe, but it may accelerate the breakup of these ‘artificial’ nation-states. These ‘artificial’ nation-states of Western Europe (including Britain and Spain), also encompass Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia), France (Brittany, Occitania, Provence, Savoy), Germany (Bavaria) and Italy (Sicily, Venice and Tuscany).

    Once one of the ‘artificial’ nations finally loses a key piece of its landmass, then the others nation-states may slowly breakup within a short period of time. The one thing that it may all reside on is the EU, and for the EU, it may find itself in a terrible bind.

    The key objective to an integrated Europe is to have all nations harmoniously working together. To kick out a newly-found nation would go against that rule. And worst of all …all of these ‘aspiring’ states and countries would not only become equal and legitimate with other nations in the eyes of the world, but all are rich in so many ways. All these ‘aspiring’ nations have populations that are highly literate, highly skilled, have stable economies, and sit in major areas of Europe.

    So going with those factors …would the EU really kick out resource-rich countries such as Scotland, Venice, Brittany, Bavaria, Catalonia, Flanders, Wallonia, Provence, Savoy? …I seriously doubt it!

    If Catalonia (should it finally succeed in breaking away from Madrid) get acknowledgement from the EU that it would remain a member of the EU …then just watch the ‘artificial’ nation-states fall like dominoes.

  277. Alex says:

    Contrary to some of the posters on here, I am NOT disappointed at Jeremy Corbyn’s alarming lack of grasp of Scottish Affairs.
    It has merely reinforced the fact that unionists – of whatever hue – have a single, defining characteristic: none of them knows, or WANTS to know what is happening in Scotland
    As I say, the Red Tories have aeons of form here, and this is no surprise
    And the fact they will not even discuss the appalling vanity that is Trident at their conference displays their utter contempt for Scotland
    Well done to Reverend Stuart for highlighting the KeziaLieFactor

  278. Albaman says:

    Robert Peffers,
    Firstly, remember I’m only asking a question man, so no double barrels eh!.
    Why are these islands of ours not referred to as = The United KINGDOMS of ect, ect,?, instead of using the singular “Kingdom”., was that because of James the six and one ?, making it one Kingdom, or what.

  279. yesindyref2 says:

    OT – don’t forget the red moon.

    “From the UK, weather permitting, skywatchers will see the Moon begin to pass through the Earth’s shadow from 01:10BST.
    At 0207 BST, the Moon starts to enter the umbra, the dark core of the shadow
    It will completely be within the shadow from 03:11 to 04:24. It will end when the Moon leaves at 6:24am”

  280. Papadox says:

    EBC NEWS: ramping up the need for a bombing campaign against Syria to try and stop the Syrian people leaving their own families and country to escape being bombed and shot in their own homes by the RAF, USAF and anybody else who have got any spare bombs and a anger management issue or if they hate Moslems.

    The EBC will inform and educate the proud Scots as to their role in Westminster politics. See nowt, Say nowt, and bend doon and touch yer tase

    Aye better the gither.

  281. Wuffing Dug says:

    @Stoker 10.21

    FFS just spat my beer out.

    ‘I’ve got twenty acres and you’ve got forty three’

    He’ll be getting a coupe of ‘achers’ all right!


  282. Marie Clark says:

    Bloody hell Stoker! Sheesh man, you might have warned us about that picture.

    AAAAAArgh! Creeps me out, bigtime. I’ll no bloomin sleep noo efter that. Yuk.

    Viva Catalunya, interesting to see what happens now.

  283. Gary45% says:

    Jez here goes ,
    Can I mention the word Anarchy?
    I know it is not the answer, but as I said on a previous post,NOBODY owns me, yes we have to live by law and order, but when a minority of the law makers don’t know their arse from their elbow, why should we listen to them?.

    As said earlier, when the US and A say jump, our useless establishment say how high?.
    I never voted for America to police the world if they think I will listen to them they can go and stick their heads up somewhere dark.
    Our so called “friends” billed the uk for help in WW11, and we just finished paying off that loan. BP???????
    Friends????? aye right.(and they were never on the moon)
    You want proof? Sometimes I cannot phone my wife 1 mile away, in 2015? and they claim to have spoken to someone on the moon in the sixties. Russia won.
    Mon the Catalans.

  284. caz-m says:

    If Scottish Labour don’t “get Scotland”, then what chance is there of a London Labour MP “getting Scotland”.

    Corbyn is going to carry on where Gordon Brown left off.

    Same script, too wee, too poor, too stupid.

    Let Jez and Kez do your thinking for you.

    perra warrmurs!

  285. Thepnr says:

    Radio news, Trident “A motion to discuss the matter has failed to win support”

    Well for me at least that just about sums up the impact that Mr Corbyn will have in UK politics. Fucking useless in short.

  286. Achnababan says:

    JLT = you forgot Sardinia and Crete

  287. HandandShrimp says:


    Labour terrified to talk about issues. It looks like that they could be on a rocky road. However, when it comes to a vote we will see which Labour MPs vote with the Tories on this one.

  288. Lochside says:

    Jeremy Corbyn: Homage to Catatonia.

  289. Ken MacColl says:

    I watched the Corbyn interview on the Marr show. It was obvious that he had been seriously misinformed along SLAB “SNP bad” lines as he parroted the predictable Kezia mantras. Disturbing how easily Corbyn seemed to accept this claptrap that is so effectively refuted in your intro.
    Of more concern was the dumb acceptance by Marr of this.
    He is trailed as a Scot. How can any informed political commentator fail to contest demonstrably false information?

  290. ronnie anderson says:

    Viva Viva Catalonia

    ah,ll need Badges (Salire & Catalonian Flags) fur Salou in Oct, nae panic fae the Wingers at Edinburgh nite oot we,re no asking fur the wans givin oot PeteTC get pressin mair lol.

  291. Onwards says:

    JLT says:
    27 September, 2015 at 10:24 pm
    If Catalonia (should it finally succeed in breaking away from Madrid) get acknowledgement from the EU that it would remain a member of the EU …then just watch the ‘artificial’ nation-states fall like dominoes.


    I don’t think anyone seriously believes EU membership for Catalonia wouldn’t be sorted out, once the threats no longer serve a purpose.
    You would think many pro-EU officials would support this as a step towards a more united Europe. Smaller units of government, cutting out the middle man, working together in a large common market.

    It will be interesting to see what happens from here.

    At the very least there now is a large majority for a referendum – that is impossible for Spain to ignore without looking completely undemocratic.

  292. Marga says:

    Just to say that in spite of winning an absolute majority of deputies, Catalonia seems to now be in stalemate.

    Problem with elections instead of referendum is that social issues distort voting patterns, and an absolute majority in parliament has fallen short of 50% of voters. Also any new government must be hard left/left/centre right, an unlikely combination, unless another party steps forward.

    So a relieved Madrid now holds even more of the cards, refuses to recognise the mandate of the winners, will now punish Catalonia (next week, president Mas may be called for trial to Madrid, for example), and the region may be broken by financial and other measures.

    Most commentators are pessimistic tonight, let’s see what tomorrow brings.

  293. Marga says:

    Apologies to readers, that last post on Catalonia should have been “OT”.

  294. heedtracker says:

    Complete Catalan election blackout by these twerps

    But reported in full elsewhere.

    “With 99 percent of the vote counted, the “Together for Yes” group of secessionists had 62 seats in the 135-member parliament.”

    Together for YES is great, for next and last Scottish ref.

  295. Valerie says:

    Hooray for the National they are running this story, and a good front page of Jezza, looking knackered.

  296. galamcennalath says:

    Corbyn, a thought for today. … the SNP didn’t get where it is by sitting in a huff in the corner chanting LabourBaaad!

    Catalonia, looks like Indy parties only got 48% of the vote. One of the parties, CUP, has said it will only support independence moves if more than 50% voted Indy. So it must all be a bit up in the air this morning. If one of the other Catalan parties were to get on board, things could move forward. I have no idea if that is likely.

    Surprisingly, perhaps, Scotland may be moving into a stronger position than Catalonia.

  297. Sinky says:

    Ken MacColl says @11.50 pm:

    On Andrew Marr’s failure to challenge Corbyn.

    After the criticism over the BBC’s referendum coverage you would have thought that their London based journalists would insist on having researchers who were up to speed on Scottish politics.

    Or of course in the words of Lord Foulkes “But they are doing it deliberately”.

  298. HandandShrimp says:

    Ian Murray actually pressed on the radio this morning about Scotrail and Calmac and was wonderfully evasive over the direct question “these claims are not true are they?”

    The eventual answer was ‘they sort of are a wee bit, the SNP should have waited and tried to bring them back in house once we have all the amendments I have laid down down in the Scotland Bill’.

    Bit academic, by the time the bill is through and passed by both Parliaments and takes effect we will be close to the break clause anyway so that option will be open. The 2012 Scotland Bill only really kicks in properly next year.

    Disappointed in Corbyn spouting this pish as if it is gospel. He should get better advice on Scotland. Murray was smart enough to stay evasively away from repeating it. Labour had 13 years of huge majorities to get rid of Tory privatisation and anti-union laws and what did they do? More privatisation. Most of the civilian jobs at Faslane went to Babcock under Blair not Thatcher.

  299. uno mas says:

    Lochside says:
    27 September, 2015 at 11:35 pm
    Jeremy Corbyn: Homage to Catatonia.

    Clever Lochside, very very clever!!

  300. Haggis Hunter says:

    Corbyn doesn’t seem to be anti trident anymore.

    He says Scotland will not get another referendum.
    Got news for you Jeremy, you and your Brit Nat colleagues wont be deciding that, the people of Scotland will be.

  301. Tinto Chiel says:

    I think you’re all being very unfair about the BBC. They are, after all, by their own admission, the most impartial broadcaster in the world. And as for the absurd claims about ignoring the Catalan elections, they had a very interesting piece on the Today programme about the new Danger Mouse film.


    Some people on here are so cynical.

    Gosh, look at that big spider!

  302. While I believe Jeremy Corbyn is sincere in his belief on the policies he is putting forward.

    However I don’t trust an inch, his comments about Flags not building houses and SNP policies continuing austerity in my view only confirms this, and he will do whatever he can to undermine Scotland and the SNP government.

    I believe he has also said he won’t campaign with the Tories against Scottish independence.

    My take on that comment is that he would have a separate Labour campaign to oppose Scottish independence.

  303. scunner says:

    @ Ronnie Anderson

    I got a lovely discreet enamel pin badge off ebay last year.
    The (Chesire-based) seller is still doing them.


  304. Robert Louis says:

    I think the National newspaper has it right today, with the headline ‘Same old Labour’. Over the weekend, I have seen their ‘new’ leader talk bilge and lies about Scotland, and then this morning we are treated to the supposedly anti capitalist shadow chancellor talking about having a ‘big conversation’ with the electorate about economic policy.

    Now, where have I heard that phrase before, about having ‘big conversations’ with the electorate? Oh, I remember, it was thon Johann Lamont, the failed North Britain branch manager for the red tories. It worked well for her then, so I’m sure it’ll work well for the red tories now.

    Aye, ‘same old Labour’.

  305. Macart says:


    I don’t believe its that Mr Marr failed to challenge Mr Corbyn, more that he had no intention of challenging Mr Corbyn.

  306. heedtracker says:

    Rancid Graun explains. Rancid says 4 regions of Spain wanting indy, 21 across the EU.

    Andalusia, Catalonia, Basque country, Galicia,

    The 4 in Spain certainly change things there but why does rancid The Graun leave out Wales and Northern Ireland from their list and ofcourse their lovely graphic of the UK?

  307. Once Corbyn spoke the words they are out there, and nothing, no matter how many denunciations we issue, will change that fact, and therefore the damage is done. The only chance to refute his lies would of course have been if Marr had immediately cross-examined on his statements, which, as we have come to know, and expect, didn’t happen.
    Until Scotland has control over it’s own P.S.B, this bias will continue unabated, and indeed will only increase as we approach next year’s Scottish elections.
    It’s brainwashing of course, and has been going on for over three hundred years, and will never change, even after we gain our independence, but by then we will have our own S.B.S which I hope will be a great improvement, couldn’t be anything else really, on the present state propaganda.

  308. Ken500 says:

    @Craig Murray blog.

    There is higher support for Independence in Scotland and rising pro rata as a %.Scotland just needs a 5% swing. Extremely achievable.

    Catalonia/Spain has a different electroral/criteria system. Catalonia has more autonomy than Scotland.

    A majority in Catalonia didn’t vote YES to a Referendum in Catalonia – 2Million out of 5.4Million who voted 80%? turnout. Pop 7.5Million+ Something is being lost in translation. Differ

    Catalonia/Quebec and the Scottsh Independence movement are very different. Too many differences to be similar. Not comparing like with like.

    Catalonia has bigger Rallies etc because the administration has control of the media. The Rallies are held on public holidays and more people are informed/aware and there’s a larger pop (pro rata)

    Catalonia/Quebec are being used to discredit Scottish Independence Movement and people’s right by not comparing like with like. To lead to a negative narrative, ‘too wee, too poor, too stupid, too weak. That is not the case. Scotland is going forward on a position of strength. After the Ref was illegally usurped and people were lied to again. Westminster corruption,secrecy and lies. ‘The Official Secrets Act’.There have been many Independence Movements in the world. The majority have been successful.

  309. Nana Smith says:

    O/T links

    and for comedy value…

    Oh and did you know Cameron is in New York apparently talking about how we can eradicate poverty from the face of the earth. Yes the same Cameron who is creating poverty on a huge scale in the UK.

    Won’t hold my breath waiting for a journalist to ask any pertinent questions.

  310. Ken500 says:

    Guardian Oxford Graduates are out of touch. Part of the Establishment Low influence. Pigs tell porkie pies and cover for the Establishment lies. Dead pigs lose their tails but leave a trail to the tales. Lame ducks.

  311. Ken500 says:

    Guardian Oxford Graduates are out of touch. Part of the Establishment Low influence. Pigs tell porkie pies and cover for the Establishment lies. Dead pigs lose their tails but leave a trail to the tales. Lame ducks.

  312. Ken500 says:

    Guardian Oxford Graduates are out of touch. Part of the Establishment Low influence. Pigs tell porkie pies and cover for the Establishment lies. Dead pigs lose their tails but leave a trail to the tales. Lame ducks.

  313. caz-m says:

    The GMB and Unite Unions are the real power brokers in the Labour Party.

    They are the ones who closed down the Trident renewal debate at the Labour Party Conference yesterday.

    They are also staunch Unionists and anti-Scottish independence.

    They are a shower of self-serving, look after number one, shower of troughers. If you are looking for proof of this, then look no further than the new title given to the leader of the GMB Union Paul Kenny. He is now SIR Paul Kenny, pro Trident and anti Scottish Independence.

    Please do yourself a favour today. If you are a member of the GMB or Unite Unions, then cancel your membership ASAP. You are paying to keep these bastards afloat. Sink them today.

  314. Ken500 says:

    Scottish Gov does build houses Westminster doesn’t.

    Westminster squanders £Billions, they haven’t got, borrowed from the Chinese (no universal suffrage) on White elephant Nuclear power stations and train lines that don’t stop at any stations. Making train journeys throughout Britain longer, and ruining the economy. There will be more (congested) road journeys in the south (cheaper) and more flights in the North (dearer). Where will the nuclear waste be deposited, Scotland? £100Billion on Trident waste while the vulnerable are starving.

  315. gordoz says:

    Put this up late last night for anyone who missed the info

    “Stiglitz to help Labour shape anti-austerity policies.”

    Stiglitz was an advisor on the Fiscal Commision for Scot Gov and provided info in favour of a currency union (Which Labour blocked)??

    And Labour say SNP steal their ideas ?? Hmmmm ?

  316. Luigi says:

    Are those Nuke unions happy about the conventional forces and jobs being slashed in order to pay for Trident 2, or is yet it another case of “I’m alright Jack!”?

    Trident is one hell of an expensive job creation scheme.

  317. Ken500 says:

    Error post thrice Gremlins in the system

    Re Rail line/Nuclear stations – cheaper, more efficient, efficient safer alternatives. Renewables/electrification etc.

    China 1.2Billion population more successful economy. Growth/expansion. In most (capitalist) economies the population is static or falling.

    Japan pop 100Million people. One of the most densely populated island in the world. Subsidised transport system needs bullet trains. Dangerous nuclear stations near sea and communities. Flooding etc.

    The last Nuclear Station to be built in France and Finland (7 years over) were years over time and over budget. Reconciliation discussions with the governments’ and the companies over finance. Nuclear contamination in Japan ruined the local economy and cost £Billions of losses. There are safer better more effective, cheaper alternatives.

  318. K1 says:

    So, he’s not the new messiah, he’s just another red Tory boy.

    Vote SNP/SNP all the way. Let’s kick the lot of them out 2016. Fuckin’ branch office numpties. Time to get serious.

  319. galamcennalath says:

    @Nana Smith

    Just read Pete Wishart’s thoughts on Labour members (allegedly) being allowed to campaign for Yes. Pete pondering when a senior Labour politician will come out for Yes.

    My first thought is a fear. Given their past record of having no principles whatsoever, I wouldn’t put it past some of them to come out pro-Indy before May to help stem the flood of voters leaving. However, when IndyRef2 comes along they might not be so enthusiastic!

    A second thought. If Labour does indeed split and campaign in a grown up fashion, what about BBC Jockshire? The two organisations, Lab and BBC branches, at times seem one and the same organisation. So my second thought is a more optimistic one – perhaps the BBC will take a more neutral stance. Pipe dream?

  320. Ken500 says:

    Union leaders were always self serving, often against their members interest. Colluded (secretly) with Government and Employers against their members interest. Not elected by the electorate but keen to interfere in Administration/Gov against the majority wishes and the public interest. Self seeking, arrogant, ignorant insular troughers who unite with the Authorities/Establishment/status quo. Small minded and don’t see the bigger picture.

    Some support their members interests are articulate and do not meddle. E.g. Crow etc. Do their job. Too many are jumped up jobs worthies. Can’t improvise and throw away the Rule Book.

  321. caz-m says:

    In the last few years all we have heard from the Labour party is that we need to talk, we need to have a debate, we need to understand the electorate and what they are looking for from the Labour party.

    Lamont even set up a commission to get to the bottom of it. Jim Murphy set up something similar, Dugdale and Murray are also talking about having talks to see why they are losing so many elections.

    So what happens when they have the chance to discuss Trident renewal, one of the biggest issues in UK politics today, they voted at their Conference NOT to discuss it.

    The Labour Party are nothing more than a joke Party and they should be treated as a joke Party.

  322. Robert Peffers says:

    @Albaman says: 27 September, 2015 at 10:30 pm:

    “Why are these islands of ours not referred to as = The United KINGDOMS of ect, ect,?, instead of using the singular “Kingdom”., was that because of James the six and one ?, making it one Kingdom, or what.”

    First of all James I & VI didn’t make the Kingdoms of Scotland and England into a united kingdom as there was no union in 1603. That’s why the English/Welsh/Irish Kingdom needed to force Scotland’s landowners/parliamentarians to sign a Treaty of Union in 1706/7 and why Scotland and England remained at war until 1745.

    The history time-line is : –

    1284 – Statute or Rhuddlan – The English King, under the law of Divine Right, annexed Wales. (not a union – a take over).

    1542 – Crown of Ireland Act – English king, (also under Divine Right of Kings law) – annexed Ireland.

    So, in 1542, there was only one Kingdom of England that included England, Wales & Ireland.

    Scotland had trouble after the Maid of Norway drowned and left Scotland without a monarch. Queen Margaret, Maid of Norway, drowned on 6 September 1290 while travelling to Scotland and this began a dispute as to who was the next Scottish Monarch. The Scots then asked the English King to mediate and he took the chance to attempt to take over Scotland. (Google, “The Ragman Rolls”).

    This eventually led to Robert Bruce Killing The Red Comyn on the Alter Steps of Dumfries High Kirk. The English King told the Pope, (then the international authority), that this was murder and the Pope excommunicated Scotland. No one knows if it was or was not murder as the two men were alone so it could have been self-defence.

    So the Pope ruled that one royal contender was dead and thus the other one had to be the monarch and ex-communicated Bruce. But ex-communicants cannot have Divine Right and as Bruce was now Monarch the Pope applied the laws of Divine Right which meant the Monarch owned everything, including the subjects so all Scotland was ex-communicated.

    In fact the Pope ordered that every English, (three countries), church service began with them cursing Scotland.

    This is what led to the Declaration of Arbroath. In which the people of Scotland, not the monarch, declared that Scotland was an independent Kingdom but also that the people were sovereign and the monarch was their subject who they could, and would, cast out if he did not do as he was told.

    So Scotland’s law was NOT Divine Right and Bruce became the accepted king by the Pope – and that is still the way it is under Scots law The people are sovereign.

    Meanwhile the King of England was falling out with the Pope and declaring himself the head of the church, which was why the Pope agreed the Declaration of Arbroath.

    This all started Scottish wars of independence with England which Scotland won and the signing of the Edinburgh-Northampton Treaty that the English soon broke.

    So when James VI inherited the English crown he could not just do what the English Monarchy did and tag his inheritance onto his existing Kingdom as Divine Right did not apply in Scotland.

    So James did the obvious thing and decamped his entire court to England where he was sovereign from Scotland where he was not sovereign. The Stewarts spent the rest of their lives attempting to form a United Kingdom but failed to do so.

    There was no United Kingdom in 1603 – just one monarch with two independent kingdoms. The English, though, never have accepted that fact. So when they threw out the Stewart monarchy in 1688 and imported King Billy & Queen Mary as their monarchy they just assumed that this also applied to the still independent Kingdom of Scotland and kicked of what they called, “The Jacobite Rebellions”.

    As you cannot rebel against a monarchy not your own this so called rebellion was actually a replay of the wars of independence.

    Now the so called English, “Glorious Revolution”, of 1688 also changed the laws of England/Wales & Ireland as it removed from their royals, “The Divine Right of Kings”, but, unlike Scotland, it did not give it to the people but delegated the English Parliament to do the Royal’s job but legally retained the Royals as heads of state.

    Remember, though, that when they forced Scotland into the Union in 1706/7 that Jacobite Uprising was still being fought for another 39 years after the Treaty of Union was signed.

    So the fact is there were actually only two Kingdoms in Britain in 1706/7 and the English had been assuming Scotland was part of their Kingdom since The Maid of Norway drowned.

    Sorry but there is no short way of telling it and the above is skipping lots of details. In short the English leaders have just assumed Scotland was part of England since the Maid of Norway died.

  323. Nana Smith says:


    I personally believe the ‘no principles’ argument and therefore hope to vote them out in 2016.

    and talking of no principles the lib dems say

    Do not abandon us as The Liberal Democrats are now destined for a faceoff with the SNP

  324. galamcennalath says:

    The National, Corbyn … “So we’d like to make a suggestion. When you’re forming your opinion on Scottish issues, don’t just listen to Kezia Dugdale.”

    Looks like WoS is being read far and wide 🙂

  325. louis.b.argyll says:

    Corbyn should show he’s ‘new’ by issuing an apology relating to accusations of privatisation…


    Remember, Jeremy, Scotland showed the way in resisting Thatcherism, unfortunately that resistance was undermined by weakness from OLD LABOUR, followed by trickery and complicity from NEW LABOUR.

    You sat and watched the whole thing from the backbenches.. Tit.

  326. Ken500 says:

    Britnats wave flags while Scottish Gov build houses. How many more people have the Labour Party duped. Same old, same old, has beens, when people want change.

  327. Dan Huil says:

    Jeremy Corbyn – cor anglais – out of tune with Scotland.

  328. gordoz says:

    That was a whole ‘Call UKaye’ show this morning without a phone call from ‘Scott from Edinburgh’ (Dr Scott) to say SNP Bad !.

    Complaint sent to BBC now (standards are dropping) 🙂

  329. gus1940 says:


    In the face of continued and accelerating Asset Stripping Of Scotland does anybody have access to or the ability to compile a list of the Scottish Companies which have been taken over in say the last 50 years and production moved to England? Figures for the resultant job losses would also be useful.

    Here in Edinburgh we once had thriving industries involved in amongst other things, Printing and Publishing, Brewing, Biscuits and Bakery and several Insurance Companies with head offices in the city.

    Take Brewing – what happened to:-

    Campbell Hope & King
    Steel Coulson
    The one at Murrayfield whose name I forget plus Fowlers at Prestonpans

    How much of the beer drunk in Scotland is brewed here?

    Bakery and Biscuits:-

    Scott Lyon
    Young Bros.

  330. jackie g says:

    SSI Redcar steel plant mothballed, costing 1,700 jobs.

    Labour MP’S and unions calling on the goverment to do something?

    Fat chance, okay Mr Corbyn show us what you are made of.

    To folk in Redcar don’t hold your breath.

  331. handclapping says:

    An election, any election even one billed as an independence election, is not a referendum. The SNP got a majority in the 2011 election, the referendum was lost. The SNP got 56 out of 59 last May yet the polls show 50:50 at best.

    Lets see how Catalonia gets on with setting up a Foreign Office and a tax authority through their parliamentary process and lets also see what the Madrid elections in December bring.

    And not taking my own advice, 😀 , did you see that 70% of the vote was in favour of having a referendum?

  332. louis.b.argyll says:

    Sorry Rev / Wingers.. Getting upset and using bad language and sentiment.

    Corbyns lies got right under my skin.

    Sadness at loss of the left, replaced by anger at the whole SORRY MESS OF OUR UNITED KINGDOMS.


  333. handclapping says:

    The killer is the Great Seal of the USA. Stu should add that to his list.

  334. Bob Mack says:

    McTernan states that “new labour supporters cannot win you an election,even if it is 500,000”.

    He maintains House of Commons M.P’s have been listening on the doorstep,and what people want is at odds with what Corbyn is offering, therefore the M.P’s feel that it wrong to support Corbyn policies.

    Knives are out.

  335. Albaman says:

    Robert Peffers,
    Almost wished I’d not asked!!, Ach no, ’twas informative.
    So what your telling me, and others, that when, say the unionist parties use the phrase “United Kingdon” they are actually referring to England as the only Kindom, and that the other parts of these isles, are now within that Kindon, ( Hey, this reply of yours is going to be good!!, sorry about is Rev, well, no I’m not !)
    Anyway Robert, I’m going to have to check all this out with Niel Oliver !!!!!!!!!!,
    (p.s. Is it not about time you renewed your Saltire flag ?.)

  336. msean says:

    Don’t know what snp this shadow chancellor is talking about. Voted against the living wage last week apparently,next, he’ll be saying Labour never abstained on anything. Listening to a labour in Scotland that seems to live in a parallel universe will lose you even more in Scotland.

    We are awake now.

  337. galamcennalath says:

    Bob Mack says:

    House of Commons M.P’s have been listening on the doorstep

    My understanding is the only doorsteps Lab MPs get round are those in marginal English constituencies. Their philosophy is to target floating voters. Of course voters like that will be right of centre. Obvious flaw with approach is they have been forced to act like people who can attract Tories!

    As Stu so sensibly pointed out recently, why aren’t they targeting the millions of English voters turned off politics by Major’s sleeze or Blair’s crash to the right and hellish foreign policy? If they spoke to these potential voters on the doorstep, they’d get a different view!

    Damn … I’ve it again. Given good advice to Labour. They never take good advice, so no harm done 🙂

  338. gordoz says:

    J McDonnell speech now

    Seething hatred of the SNP still evident. (Lets put the olive branches to bed now FFS).

    Sad to say the rhetoric coming out of this bunch of muppets leading Labour now reaffirms the need for the SNP to steer clear of pacts etc, (untrustworthy as ever – wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole) SNP should vote on matters with Labour support by coincidence only.

    No pacts with vindictive lying nutters thank you very much.

    Labour as always will be the biggest hurdle to independence – ‘failing Unionists to the core’.

    Nothing New Labour I’m afraid

  339. Robert Peffers says:

    @galamcennalath says: 28 September, 2015 at 11:09 am:

    ” … what about BBC Jockshire? The two organisations, Lab and BBC branches, at times seem one and the same organisation. So my second thought is a more optimistic one – perhaps the BBC will take a more neutral stance. Pipe dream?”

    That all depends upon how you regard the relationship between the Labour party and the BBC. For that matter the relationship between the BBC and the Unionist parties as a whole.

    In my view all three unionist parties, the Church of England, The aristocracy, The English Education System, the Civil Service, the Armed Forces, the Security Services, the main private owned media services and the BBC all form inter-linked parts of the English Establishment. This Establishment has always been with us since history was first recorded in Roman times.

    So consider that perhaps the real situation may be that the Scottish Labour, Tory and LibDem parties are useful tools of the BBC – rather than the BBC being a useful tool of the Labour Party.

    Here is, perhaps, a clue. Since the three Unionist Parties were almost wiped out in Scotland BBC Scotland has provided far more air-time for all three Unionist parties than it does for any of the independence parties.

    If they gave air time on the basis of elected members the SNP, Greens and the others should be getting far more coverage. So are the Labour Party using the BBC as a tool or are the Establishment, in the shape of the BBC, using the minor Scottish political parties?

    Put it another way – are the BBC the public face of the Establishment? Strikes me the BBC has far more influence upon Scottish Politics than any one of the Unionist parties.

    I wonder how much it would cost to set up a couple of new independence pirate radio ships sustained by selling advertising spots? It might be easier and cheaper to set up net-based stations but these can be easier to block by the authorities.

  340. Nana Smith says:

    Re the stv story notice they do not mention the teenager was a no voter. Had it been a yesser imagine the headline.

  341. Papadox says:

    Labour away day at Bournemouth: the wee plaque on the podium states “Straight talking. Honest politics”.

    John McTeirnan spouting on daily politics. Jo Cockburn hanging on his every word. The EBC pushing the Westminster propaganda in between SNP baad, Syria needs bombing. Hope they remember who the yanks want bombed?

    Aye bitter the GITHER!

  342. Ken500 says:

    Out of 7.5million+ pop in Catalonia. The electorate is 5.5Million 2.5Million do not have a vote. 33% (-children) are not eligible to vote. 2Million? Do not have voting rights. Only residential qualification? @ Craig Murray blog.

    The majority are not voting for a Referendum or Independence. Only those with voting rights are voting. 2Million? are not allowed on the Voting list.

  343. Dr Jim says:

    I’ve been watching the Labour party conference with interest this morning and my gosh doesn’t it take you back (ABOUT 50 YEARS!)

    Just think, if this thing were to be successful we’d all have to go out and buy Blazers with badges on saying COMMITTEE join a Social and Sports club and have Bingo on Thursday’s for the Weemin then home to see to the Pigeons before we go off to the Dog Racing

    I’m not being a snob here but those days are gone a long time ago when the Labour party set up Quango’s in conjunction with the Unions everywhere employing their relatives and friends and ripping off their own next door neighbours

    We’ve got the Tories for that now, so it’s the very same thing in reverse, AGAIN and they hope to sell this Guff to the English, well, I have to say, I think not

    It would seem that, devoid of an original idea the Labour party has gone back to Protest Student Union Politics of the past and hoping nobody will notice

    A country today is a business and it belongs to us so both parts of that business must be nurtured to stifle one part is to have the same effect on the other
    Ruin the top end and the bottom end suffers and the other way round, all aspects of the country must move at the same pace or it becomes unbalanced

    The Tories ruin it with their own avarice and desire for more and hatred of the poor, Labour do the same with their desire to punish rich people from the same perspective

    It’s all a bit old fashioned and boring but I suspect some young disenfranchised people might fall for this because they haven’t seen it before and then come General Election time come crashing to the ground in disappointment when the English reject it

    In respect of Scotland, thank God we’re smarter (I hope?)
    and won’t be conned by this politics of bitterness and lies

    Corbyn looks like he is going to be overrun by his Union supporters and the Labour Agenda looks dark and dirty

    So I’ll be voting SNP twice for Smiley Faces and the future of Scotland
    and not have to be afraid of a Tyrannosaurus chasing me or Indeed a Bullingdon Bully trying to bite my bits off

    Just an opinion

  344. Gary45% says:

    It was only a few weeks ago we were told the term Red Tory was now a thing of the past, after Corbyns win.

    They could have been a strong partner with the SNP in Westminster, but have truly shown their colours.

    Independence is the only way forward for Scotland, as it is obvious the union are basically one party, one colour.
    Scotland feeds and funds the UK but its still not enough for the Union.
    Once we have nothing left regarding industries commerce etc, we will get Independence on the Uks terms.
    I hope the Nay sayers start to wake up before its too late.

  345. ronnie anderson says:

    The Northern Power House.

    I don’t think the Tees,side redcar workers would be popping any champagne corks today , Better Together leaves a BITTER TASTE.

  346. pitchfork says:

    Breaking news. Corbyn in second interview with BBC accuses Scottish Government of hypocracy over nuclear weapons.

    The Labour Leader points out that it was in fact the SNP who first commissioned Trident. Not only that they also invaded Iraq.

  347. louis.b.argyll says:

    Daily Politics presenter Andrew Neil, BBC, some advice..

    Keep your own mouth shut for more than ELEVEN SECONDS…otherwise your interview is USELESS.

    Unless of course, that is your intention.

    Only one full sentence was un-interrupted…

    ..even when your guest said ‘can I just make one point’… interjected with YOUR point ‘how often, monthly, quarterly, how often..come often.. ‘ but..

    ..The lady just said ‘can I make just one point’…

    A Rude Tory pretending to be a balanced journalist…

    This is UK politics in a nutshell..


    We’ve got to get out of this place..

  348. K1 says:

    Louis b, don’t be sorry for what you feel, this is incredibly enraging, here we have a so called socialist party whose raison d’être was to represent and care for the interests of those in less fortunate circumstances in our society. Who’s illustrious names echo throughout history as the working classes hero’s, who fought for better housing, medical provision, decent wages and a dignified life.

    Reduced to a protest group against today’s real representatives of those traditional values, still resonating deeply within the Scottish psyche. This is why we are voting for the SNP. Because there is no Labour party, there never was, and that is the bitter pill we are choking on.

    Corbyn just got elected leader on the very values that he is now attacking the SNP for ‘not having’. It’s just a full blown utter lie. And it’s difficult not to be incensed by the blatant hypocrisy in this quick turn about.

    They are charlatans. And people ‘fell for it’ again. This so called Labour party is a myth. A carefully crafted one that if not for the advent of social media, and our recent referendum, we too would perhaps have fallen for it as our English counterparts have.

    It’s hard not to be affected by this, cause you’re actually a real live human being who genuinely holds to his values and has not been suckered into believing empty rhetoric.

    These people are careerists, they are not honourable, there is a black hole where their hearts are supposed to be. This ego driven self seeking ambition is all they have. It’s called money in the bank.

    They know or more accurately make up, the price of everything and the know the value of nothing.

    Your anger is justified. It hurts to witness such deception on this scale.

  349. Robert Peffers says:

    @Albaman says: 28 September, 2015 at 12:25 pm:

    ” Almost wished I’d not asked!!

    Fact is I wish you hadn’t asked too.

    “So what your telling me, and others, that when, say the unionist parties use the phrase “United Kingdon” they are actually referring to England as the only Kindom, and that the other parts of these isles, are now within that Kindon.”

    Where have you been?
    Not only do they use the terms interchangeably but during the referendum campaign the Establishment commissioned, (at our expense), a paper by two tame academics.

    This paper claims exactly that the Treaty of Union, legally “EXTINGUISHED”, the Kingdom Of Scotland and renamed the Kingdom of England as, “The United Kingdom”.

    Then that numptie, David Mundell quoted from that paper thus : –

    “(p.s. Is it not about time you renewed your Saltire flag ?.)”


  350. X_Sticks says:


    Re: Redcar

    Remember Ravenscraig.

  351. louis.b.argyll says:

    K1, Robert P,

    Thankyou, both your posts make me proud to be here with you, and all the rest of us.

    .. keeping the frustration levels down takes self distraction…
    …one thing at a time..
    …until we get it right..
    …unlike our adversaries who sink lower with each day…
    …but must not be allowed to drag us down with them..

  352. yesindyref2 says:

    From the LibDemVoice link earlier:

    ” SNP high command could not have believed their luck in May by not getting the grand slam all Scottish seats landslide; with three MPs, one from Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats, the “bad things come in sets of three” mantra writes itself. “

    That’s what I thought at the time as well, a token MP from all 3 Unionist parties to either mend their ways, or show how bad they are, compared to 56 SNP MPs standing up for Scotland. It couldn’t have worked out better.

  353. Sharon says:

    These Wings posts are invaluable. Was just on Corbyns FB page where everyone is going crazy over his Andrew Marr interview and I was just putting a few comments to correct people thinking he was so honest. Then what looks like a No voter crowd (who tag their mates to back up their rubbish) so had to put them right on CalMac, but didn’t have the facts myself. So your post on this helped a great deal. Thanks!

  354. Effijy says:

    Nana Smith says:
    28 September, 2015 at 12:40 pm

    Isn’t strange that they never revealed which side of the referendum this brutal thug was on?

    As per the norm with UKOK, we can take as read he is a Unionist Thug otherwise every newspaper, tv and radio station would have made an epic out of the encounter follow by an SNP Bad link.

  355. Tinto Chiel says:

    caz-m: two excellent posts.

    Robert Peffers: just about the only thing I would quibble with in your potted history is the use of the term “wars of independence”. Like “Union of the Crowns”, this is a misnomer. Scotland was free and independent before the two King Edwards tried to annexe Scotland. It had never been conquered and never was (unless you class the Union of 1707 as a form of conquest). It’s a term used by Anglo-Scottish historians to suggest Scotland’s independence (recognised by the treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton) is more recent.

    They’re a slippery, mendacious bunch.

  356. yesindyref2 says:

    @Tinto Chiel
    Yes, “Wars of Independence” indeed. Both expected and had some support from the English, both were more about succession and religion. Who gets to wear the crown and what church they go to.

  357. Socrates MacSporran says:

    What about Wars For Independence – Wars For Continued Independence, or Wars For Freedom?

  358. Grouse Beater says:

    Poo, Volkswagen, the people’s car, is in deep dodo. How far will the scam unravel?

  359. Katie MacDonald says:

    What a dissappointment! Just another red tory.

  360. louis.b.argyll says:

    The old (need for)..

    ” wars of independence ”

    ..would be replaced in today’s “civilised ‘ society with…

    “a (required) period of negotiation ”

    Things took forever, in the middle-ages.

  361. Stephan Jorgens says:

    Privitised the railways is a stretch…possibly you could say the scottish government gave tacit approval to privitisation by going through the recent tender process that replaced First with Abellio.

    If he’s arguing that the Scottish government should have put forward or supported some kind of publicly financed bid then fine but he should argue that.

    In terms of other privitisations the one that springs to mind is that the operation and management of the Fort Road Bridge and The Queensferry Crossing when it’s finished has passed from FETA to Amey, that’s a fairly straight up privitisation.

  362. chris says:

    “Privatisation/nationalisation of railways is reserved to Westminster under the same act – it’s totally outwith the Scottish Government’s control. It’s currently forbidden by law for the public sector to own/operate Britain’s railways except in emergencies.”

    No it isn’t. The rules of the Tory Railways Act 1993 forbid licencing a franchisee from the public sector, but they don’t forbid the designated authority (in this case the Scottish government) from running the railways directly. However it’s basically about funding.

    The Westminster government has the same powers in respect of English railways as the Scottish government has in respect of Scottish railways under the Railways Act 1993. They are both the designated authority for railways in their respective areas, and apparently sections 26ZA(1)(b) and 30 of the act give the Scottish government the power to operate the railway directly. The power the Secretary of State for Transport invoked in England for East Coast Main Line is the same power the Scottish Transport Minister has under the Act in respect of Scottish railways.

    Under s23(1) of the Railways Act 1993 rail passenger services are to be operated under a system of franchises. s23(3) provides that the “appropriate designating authority” in Scotland is the Scottish minister, and in England is the Secretary of State for Transport. Franchises are licenced for a fixed period of time; once the franchise comes to an end (for example, FirstGroup’s ended in 2014) then the rights revert to the designating authority (in ScotRail’s case, the Scottish minister).

    Abellio (a Dutch nationalised operator) tendered for the licence. Under s26ZA(1)(b) of the act, if the designating authority concludes, “the services would be provided more economically and efficiently otherwise than under a franchise agreement entered into in response to the tender” then they may, invoking the provision of s26ZA(2)(c), “decide not to seek to secure the provision of the services under a franchise agreement”.

    So if the Scottish minister thinks that there is another way other than franchising a private company to provide the services and IF it would be more efficient and economical, they can decide to ignore the requirement under s23(1) to franchise it. If they do that, and allow the previous franchise to end WITHOUT issuing a new licence, then the provisions of s30 come into effect; that is, the designating authority has a DUTY to directly operate the service. This is what the Labour government did in respect of the East Coast Mainline in its capacity as Secretary of State for Transport, the same power the Scottish Transport Minister has.

    The Westminster government in 2009 did not enact any other legislation, they used the legal provisions they already had under the Railways Act to bring the East Coat Mainline back into public ownership. The Scottish government could have done that too, but chose not to.

    Finally, what the Smith Commission proposes is to devolve the power relating to s25 of the Railways Act 1993. That forbids a public sector operator from bidding for franchises. This is less sensible in the Scottish context; the reason activists want s25 repealed in the English context is that we have large public sector operators like TfL in London who could bid for rail services. In the Scottish context, there is no large-scale pre-existing public sector operator. The only existing entity that is going to have the wherewithal to do this there is the Scottish government, which already has the power to simply not award a franchise (in which case the section 30 duty to operate the railway themselves comes into effect)

    So the Scottish government had all the powers they need to run the railways directly; all they had to do was not licence a new franchisee and then section 30 of the act entitles them to operate the railways directly or through a wholly-owned subsidiary just as Directly Operated Railways did on the East Coast Main Line.

    Presumably in 2014 when the SNP government awarded a 10-year contract with a total value of over £7 billion to Abellio it considered that it would be more efficient and economical, as there was no existing wholly-owned subsidiary such as Directly Operated Railways or TfL, in Scotland. They would have had to set one up. That would have required funding. It clearly decided that it preferred to fund an expansion of the Scottish railways by investing £294 million and reopening the Borders line from Edinburgh to Tweedbank. This was the biggest railway construction in the UK for more than 100 years. It seems fair to say that Scotland prefers to invest in new network lines rather than nationalising the train operating company.

  363. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “The rules of the Tory Railways Act 1993 forbid licencing a franchisee from the public sector, but they don’t forbid the designated authority (in this case the Scottish government) from running the railways directly.”

    I could be wrong, but as I understand it that’s only permissible if there are no private-sector bidders.

  364. chris says:

    No. As I mentioned above – sections 26ZA(1)(b) and 30 of the act give the Scottish government the power to operate the railway directly. Under s23(1) of the Railways Act 1993 rail passenger services are to be operated under a system of franchises. s23(3) provides that the “appropriate designating authority” in Scotland is the Scottish minister, and in England is the Secretary of State for Transport. Once the franchise comes to an end the rights revert to the designating authority (in ScotRail’s case, the Scottish minister. Under s26ZA(1)(b) of the act, if the designating authority concludes, “the services would be provided more economically and efficiently otherwise than under a franchise agreement entered into in response to the tender” then they may, invoke the provision of s26ZA(2)(c) and “decide not to seek to secure the provision of the services under a franchise agreement”.

  365. Peter Clive says:

    First draft of Corbyn’s remarks on Scotland in his big speech today …

  366. Will Podmore says:

    ‘Rev’ Stu calls Corbyn’s comment – “[they’re] also cutting college places” – ‘An old Labour misinformation favourite’.
    Check the ‘Rev”s reference, where he writes, “there’s still been a fall in the total amount of teaching and learning in Scotland’s further-education colleges by the WSUM measure since the SNP took power.”
    So it was not misinformation at all but the truth.

  367. Will Podmore says:

    Chitterinlcht wrote on 27 September, 2015 at 12:04 pm,
    “Corbyn is just another london centric private school educated …”
    Adams’ Grammar School, actually, not a private school, not Eton.
    Check your facts.

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