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Enough is enough

Posted on September 20, 2014 by

If we hadn’t already been sure, this would have sealed it.


Because we all know what really happened in George Square last night.

gs4(Pic: Jon Brady)










We watched it on live video feeds from the state broadcasters of other countries, ones we’ve been taught to regard as less truthful than our own. We saw it on pictures and Vines and video clips sent by people who were actually there. We know.

But we don’t know about it from the BBC. The BBC’s story was for many hours tucked away halfway down a piece about Alex Salmond resigning. Eventually it got a page of its own where it was portrayed as a clash between rival groups, rather than what it was – a mob of thugs attacking people who’d been peacefully and happily assembled in the square for days, with not a single disturbance or arrest.

The Unionist gangs roamed the streets for hours, intimidating anyone they suspected of being different from them – gay people, coloured people, anyone who might have voted Yes. Mounted police with helicopters blocked streets to prevent them from spreading. Yet the BBC played it down and lumped the peaceful Yes supporters with half of the blame.

For the past three years we’ve highlighted individual failings but avoided claiming any more widespread, systematic abuse of the Corporation’s legally-mandated obligation of impartiality and balance. That position is no longer sustainable.

As such we’ve reluctantly concluded that the time has come for advocates of Scottish independence to withdraw their funding from an organisation which has over that time, and especially in the last month or so, simply abandoned any pretence of fairness and actively sought to influence the referendum in one direction.

Despite the name, it is not obligatory to possess a TV licence in the UK if you own a television, nor even for watching BBC programming. A licence is only needed to watch programmes live, or recorded as live. (So you DO need a licence to record something on a Sky+ box or similar and then watch it later.) The BBC iPlayer website notes that a licence is NOT necessary for watching shows on the catch-up service.


Most people now own a device capable of accessing iPlayer or similar catch-up services. Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and “smart” TVs can all use them. (You do NOT need a TV licence to watch iPlayer on your television if you’re only using the catch-up service rather than watching live.) For live news or sport, radio broadcasts do NOT require a TV licence, even if they’re BBC ones.

The TV Licensing enforcement department uses menacing language, advertisements and action to frighten people into believing TV licenses are required in circumstances where in fact they’re not, and to gain entry to people’s homes to intimidate them with threats of prosecution, heavy fines and criminal records, and until recently jail terms.

One in 10 UK court cases are TV Licensing prosecutions. The reality, however, is that licensing officers have no special powers, and almost all cases require viewers to have made purely-voluntary confessions.

In the interests of clarity, this site DOES NOT advocate or condone breaking of the law. If you want to keep watching TV live or recorded as live, keep paying your TV licence fee. However, if you’ve decided to only watch catch-up shows and wish to avoid being harassed repeatedly by TV Licensing operatives, these are your rights:

1. TV Licensing staff call themselves “officers” but are ordinary private citizens employed by Capita and have NO LEGAL RIGHT OF ACCESS TO YOUR HOME. If they knock at the door and ask to be admitted, you don’t have to let them in (unless they’re accompanied by a police officer with a warrant).

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the homeowner or a tenant. You do not have to answer any questions they ask. If you do let them in you still don’t have to comply with any requests they make, or sign any forms they produce.

2. It doesn’t matter if your TV is capable of receiving broadcasts or not. You don’t need to detune it or disconnect the aerial (you could legally be using it to only receive radio). To be guilty of an offence you actually have to be caught in the act of watching a live/as-live broadcast without a licence. In practice, the only way this can happen is if you allow a TV Licensing operative into your home voluntarily, or they look through the window and see you doing so.

(So if you live in a 10th-floor flat, that’s not going to happen.)

3. If you own your home (in England and Wales) you may withdraw the “implied right of access” to your home by writing to TV Licensing doing so. TVL operatives then may not even approach your property.

If you’ve decided to stop paying, you should formally notify TV Licensing by filling in the appropriate form, which will also enable you to receive a refund for any payments already made in advance.

Once again, we emphasise that this site does NOT advocate or condone any illegal act. Readers should make their own decisions about whether to keep funding the BBC or whether to stop doing so within the law. We, unfortunately, have to keep watching, because it’s our job. But you don’t.

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381 to “Enough is enough”

  1. Seasick Dave says:

    Why aren’t these people reaching out to us and saying, “Welcome to Britain, we’re better together”?

    Also, with regards to the BBC, if these had been Scottish Nationalists with anti English banners and chanting racist and homophobic chants, what month do you think that they would stop bleating about it?

  2. Jack says:

    I’d be careful about withdrawing the implied right of access. While it does stop them contacting you for two years and prevents them from approaching your property (without a warrant) – it actually makes it easier for them to get a warrant.

    Current best-advice for remaining “legally licence free” is to have as little contact with them as possible. Ignoring the threatograms and closing the door on them as soon as they identify as TVL is supposedly effective.

  3. ewen says:

    Any pc can be attached to a relatively moderntv to watch streaming media. I have a dedicated HTPC under the telly but anything will do, even your smart phone. Anyone need any help, I will be happy to help help re connections, setup and devices.

  4. Al says:

    Stopped paying mine nearly 3 years, not missed it one bit. I no longer have a TV and use my computer to watch things when I want on catch-up sites.

  5. Mikewr says:

    TV Licence cancelled and now a member of the SNP. My wife has joined ScotGP.

  6. John says:

    I thought the license was for the ownership of a device capable of receiving TV broadcasts? But to be fair I’m going back many years.

  7. Moreida Lord says:

    How utterly depressing – ‘no surrender’ they shout and they have surrendered power to Westminster. The irony is clearly lost on them. Watching the video made me feel sick – a feeling I have never had in 25 years living in Scotland. I fear this is going to escalate and we – the 45 – would get the blame somehow.

  8. Andrew Boner says:

    Twas cancelled 6am Friday only wish I had done it sooner

  9. Lisa says:

    ewen – you still need a licence to watch ‘as live’ broadcasting.

    I really wish I had a TV licence, because I’d take great pleasure in cancelling it today.

  10. Gillz says:

    Here here!! Sick to the back teeth of what we have had to put up with from the BBC, I’ve been meaning to look into the rules around the requirement to hold a licence for a few days now. It is an absolute disgrace that we are expected to fund this politically corrupted organisation – they are not worthy of our fee so long as they are not working to their public service obligations. Thanks for doing the groundwork

  11. Lisa says:


    That probably was the case years ago. But TV can be used for watching non-live material now: mine doesn’t have a cable connection to an aerial, and I use it to watch movies on Apple TV etc

  12. DavidDesu says:

    I’ve tried the official declaration to them but it reaches a stage where it says a License is still active and won’t let me get past that. I’ve cancelled my DD so it appears I need to wait until that failed next payment happens before this declaration can be completed (seems odd you can’t do it in advance). Anyone got any advice, just wait and complete the declaration later? Would rather not have “officers” at my door!

  13. muttley79 says:

    The same reporting in the Herald. Portrayed as fighting between Yes and No supporters.

  14. I’ve not paid for TV licence for several years now. I don’t watch or record live television as it is broadcast. There’s simply no reason to in this day and age. I am now, actively boycotting the BBC. 🙂

  15. Dinnatouch says:

    I’m sure the talks due to begin next year regarding the renewal of the BBC’s charter had no bearing on their coverage of the referendum.

  16. Michael says:

    Can someone confirm whether you need a licence to watch non-BBC TV live?

  17. Ali says:

    As part of the new powers package the proindy parties should campaign for all of the TV licence fee to remain in Scotland to fund an independent Scottish Broadcasting Service. This could buy all BBC programmes for about £20-30 million per year (about what the Irish pay). The rest of the money would stay in Scotland to make news drama and cultural programmes. This would mean creating jobs and opportunities in the media across Scotland. it would also mean no more repeats of what happened during Commonwealth Games where Gary Lineker and Claire Balding broadcast from Glasgow describing Scots as them and making us feel out of place in our own country.

  18. ewen says:

    Lisa, It doesn’t have to be live/ as live to be streaming media. Think Netflix.
    Also, watching news is exempt.

  19. Lisa says:

    DavidDesu – The officers can be quite intimidating – they were to me. But if so you can report them. I did.

  20. Lyndsay says:

    I haven’t watched live TV for several years and can confirm that everything here is absolutely correct. TV licencing will try to pressurise / intimidate you into paying the licence fee, but, as long as you follow these guidelines, you are under no obligation to do so. Be polite, be firm and you will eventually receive a certificate that exempts you from paying the licence fee. You can then show this to their staff if they come to your home. Another couple of points worth noting are:

    1. If you live in a flat, it’s impossible for TV licencing to detect which flat is receiving live TV broadcasts without a licence.
    2. If you are a student, you will receive a certificate of exemption for one year at a time, as TV licencing assume that you will move more frequently than other people.
    3. If you move home, notify TV licencing immediately of your change of address, as a certificate of exemption is only valid for the address given when it was issued.

  21. Alf says:

    If you want to live in Nineteen-Eighty-Four, pay your taxes and plug into the state propaganda telescreen. Live your life in miserable servitude.

    Otherwise, get rid of the damned thing. Simple.

  22. Delia says:

    Same here Lisa.

  23. Robert Bryce says:

    So theoretically if there was some some kind of central TV with a single TV licence; could a feed then be taken from this TV and streamed over the internet via a media player thus ensuring all those receiving the stream (Like iplayer) wouldn’t be breaking the law?

    A thousand viewers legally paying one license fee?

  24. annie says:

    DavidDesu – I cancelled last week still active ’til November. I got phone call yesterday and told them it was in protest a being lied to by BBC and did not intend to pay for the privilege. He explained I could not watch TV legally after November. I received a you must renew your direct debit letter today in post. I would think you will here from them as soon as your bank informs them direct debit cancelled.

  25. heedtracker says:

    Don’t watch their garbage at all. Viewing figures matter for the powerful BBC in Scotland but the BBC is the real political power in Scotland. They will never stop until Scotland becomes a nation state again.

  26. Albert Herring says:

    Quite apart from the politics, surely this is an utter dereliction of duty by BBC Scotland.

    By not reporting this rioting in Glasgow City Centre on a Friday night, the BBN have put innocent people, out for a night on the town, in clear danger.

  27. Falwall says:

    Five years of non-payment. I just don’t miss television and if there is something I really want to see, catch up services are available for pretty much everything

  28. Clare O'Brien says:

    Many people in the Highlands do not have fast or reliable enough broadband to watch catch-up or streaming services. thanks to BRITISH Telecom, who have a monopoly and refuse to invest in the infrastructure to bring decent broadband out to all our rural communities. (They still charge their usual rate, though.)

  29. Lisa says:

    Robert Bryce. I don’t know, but think it odd that anyone would cancel their licence on the basis that an organisation is corrupt and then go to such lengths to watch it!

    I cancelled my licence because I don’t trust the BBC. Why would I even want to see its programmes?

  30. purplebadger says:


    Yes, you need a TV licence to watch any live TV, whether it’s on the BBC, Sky, ITV etc.

  31. Kenny says:

    What’s the appetite like for continued monthly protests at Pacific Quay?

  32. Votadini Jeannie says:

    What about +1 channels? Are they classed as “as live”?

  33. A.N.Surgent says:

    Get rid of your licence now, plenty of sites on-line which show tv programmes, games consoles provide access to many sites now, they cant afford to take everyone through the courts.

  34. JimnArlene says:

    Bullshit broadcasting continues, can’t say I’m surprised. Licence fee cancelled.

  35. Barrie m says:

    I’ve stopped mine. Please can everyone do the same

  36. Lisa Houston says:

    Thank you for clarifying this…I am going to cancel my TV licence….my son has done this already.
    I will never again watch a BBC news programme or documentary without questioning/doubting the provenance or purpose of the information. …or the motives of the person presenting it. The bias they have shown during the referendum is astounding ….the BBC’s disregard for the people of Scotland, who needed to trust the information they were being given to help them make a decision ….about the most important question we are likely to be asked… unacceptable. Information has been manipulated by the BBC …a public service corporation who have misled the people of Scotland at one of the important times in our history….

  37. Lesley-Anne says:

    I am utterly astounded.

    We stopped paying out TV TAX some time ago and do you know what, the strangest thing happened. All of a sudden what was once a 50 inch Television suddenly, in the blink of an eye became a 50 inch computer screen! Funny that. 😛

  38. Molly says:

    Referendum TV was a live broadcast with Leslie Riddoch and Iain Mcwhirter during the Edinburgh Festival . Wouldn’t it be great if it could continue as a source , as an alternative ?

    After the last few days ( including events last night) we now see clearly what the opposition look like and more importantly the lengths they are prepared to go to maintain their position.

    We’ve crowd funded before and we have the talent – over to you Leslie, Iain , Derek , Alison etc etc

  39. Chris Darroch says:

    Direct action. Ideas are what we need and the MSM should be our prime focus.

  40. Jimbo says:

    @ Moreida Lord

    I watched these thugs last night. The irony was clearly lost on them as they gave the Nazi salute by the cenotaph for the men who died fighting the Nazis.

    Re the BBC: Can pay – won’t pay.

  41. Pacific Quay needs a new Logo.

  42. Cuilean says:

    can we not start up our own tv channel via crowd funding. Derek Bateman could host it. WE must have the talent, know-how to do so. Then we could report the news whilst the BBC distorts the news and the BBC can then FRO #EverybodyCanFuckRightOffDay. I recommend Greg Moodie twitter for much needed anger therapy too!

  43. John says:

    Stopped paying my licence in May. Why should I pay the wages of these people who hate Scotland and the Scots? The behaviour of BBC Scotland has been appalling. How about the Scottish Government/SNP backing us up by not prosecuting us non-payers? We’ll never see any balance unless we make a stand.

    Also, I’m now boycotting ASDA and supporting Lidl and Aldi, both of whom supported us, instead of doing Davy Cameron’s bidding. ASDA was right up there with Sainsburys, John Lewis, B & Q and Marks and Spencers last week in scaring people into believing that prices would rise if we dare to vote for Independence. Well that lot can go the same way as Baxters Foods, Mackies Crisps and Ice Cream manufacturers and Tunnocks of the teacake and caramel wafer fame. Haven’t bought any of these for over a year, since they all donated heavily to Better Together / UKOK.

    We need to stand our ground where these companies are concerned and show them that interfering in the democratic process in Scotland is unacceptable. I’ve noticed that ASDA is suddenly advertising much more heavily. Don’t be taken in. Stop shopping there or buying the products of anti-Scottish businesses. It’s the only thing these people understand. Encourage your friends and family to do likewise. Don’t worry about job losses of their employees, pro-Scottish companies will step in and hire them as they expand their share of the market.

  44. Karmanaut says:

    The vine of No voters ripping this girl’s national flag from her hands fills me with disgust.

  45. Robert Louis says:

    Listen peeps, take heart at this, the SNP are reporting they have just got over 4,000 new members in the last 36 hours – many are ex-labour who are sickened. Their servers are struggling to cope with the number of applicants.

    Make no mistake, Labour in Scotland will be slaughtered (metaphorically)at the UK general election, in a few months. Like Thatchers tories, they will NEVER be forgiven at their utter betrayal of the worKing people of Scotland.

    A revolution is coming.

    Chins off the floor!!

  46. ronnie anderson says:

    Kestral had a chat room a wee while back what happened to that.

  47. mai parks says:

    Al Jazeera commented from Edinburgh that it was NOT rival YES and No factions , but groups of loyalists set upon causing trouble.
    Well reported AJ !

  48. Minty says:

    After joining the SNP and spending all day reading and talking to fellow Yessers, its clearly on for May 15. Two of Scotland’s most marginal WM seats are in Edinburgh and I will be working my backside off to unseat the Labour wasters that currently sit in them.

  49. Calgacus says:

    Tony, Tony where are you? I would like a wee word with you about the above events in our proud YES city of GLASGOW.

  50. Famous15 says:

    After I cancelled and got my refund I was cheekily asked what I would do with my time now that I would not be watching TV and I just as cheekily told them that I would be spending my evenings in prayer for the souls of those who work at the BBC as their evil lies would bar them from heaven.
    She immediately said ok we will not visit.

    If they do visit decline your name and do not let them in,they have no power. Keep saying “no comment” or “I do not speak to strangers” any hesitation on their part to leave your door then call the police .Always lock your door behind you if you go to the phone.Better still do not unlock to them in the first place.
    Incidentally I do watch iPlayer and other catchup and DVD’s…all legal without a licence.
    Ewan,watching News is NOT exempt unless it is iPlayer etc.

  51. slackshoe says:

    If it wasn’t for the wife I would have sold my TV and cancelled my license years ago.

  52. Dr Jim says:

    If you were a normal country already Independent,would you want to join “THIS” ???

  53. Lesley-Anne says:

    I’m not sure we’d be able to make any protests in person, due to where we are Kenny. That said however I’m pretty sure that now, more than ever those who proudly and lawfully protested in the past wold still be up for the protests to continue. After all as we have seen in the last 24 hours the BBC STILL has no clue about how to go about reporting the TRUTH! TRUTH is all we want, at least to start with.

  54. Rich says:

    On crowd funding a micro channel as an alternative (if there is interest)

  55. Barry Blust says:

    You can’t fix stupid.

  56. Elaine Deighan says:

    Anyone know the phone no? I’m cancelling now

  57. handclapping says:

    Ironic that we have to pay a tax to the BBC to be allowed to watch live the proceedings in either of our Parliaments.

  58. turnip_ghost says:

    So, since we know they’ve broken their charter of balance…Seriously….can we not sue?! Crowd fund it…representing everyone who is sick of it.

  59. Michael B says:

    I watched some videos of Yes supporters on facebook being abused by a couple of neanderthals in Glasgow. He started spitting “Nationalist scum” at them, do these idiots not actually understand what nationalism is? What do they think they represent with their “no surrender” crap? They bend over and lube up for Westminster, dragging the whole country down with them and still yell “no surrender”.

    The BBC and the Orange Order need to be removed from Scotland, wholesale. One’s an organisation of bigoted terrorists, the other a mouthpiece for Westminster, although I’m at a loss for which represents which. I don’t have a TV licence and neither do I want one. It isn’t difficult to ensure you don’t require one with devices like NowTV boxes and streaming sites.

    The answer to an earlier question is that if you watch or record any kind of live broadcasting, whether that’s ITV, channel 4 or something on sky, then you need a licence, but say, if you regularly watched eastenders on iplayer, two hours after it has aired, then you do not need one.

  60. heedtracker says:

    Aberdeen Press and Journal exaltant today, ecstatic, drippy vengeance/mockery but its a private business, so whats new.

    P&J spent themselves monstering Salmond and Scottish democracy and its Nicola’s turn now. No wonder Swinney doesn’t want the job.

    It is going to be interesting to see if Press and Journal go back to merely not reporting Holyrood like it doesn’t actually exist or their hard core thuggery gets much more proactive.

    Its all on the word of ugly old man worth £800+million, hiding in a tax haven, called London.

  61. grahamlive says:

    Very enlightening. I didn’t know any of this. My license will be cancelled. Thank you for this. I have defended the Bbc in the past but their bias is now clear and undeniable.

  62. tonymac says:

    from bbc referendum live

    15:15: George Square – police statement

    Police have vowed they will find and arrest anyone involved in criminality in Glasgow’s George Square last night.

    In a statement, officers said they already arrested six people for public order offences after more than 700 supporters of the union and independence gathered in the square.

    700 of em

  63. Dr Jim says:

    This is Your Britain Mr Cameron, and Your supporters
    Are you “Proud” Well,are you?
    Word to civilised NO voters,USE YOUR BRAIN NEXT TIME!

  64. T222Deracha says:

    Everyone who voted YES should flood the comments of all papers down South. Ordinary folk do not realise the depths the Labour party has sunk, you cannot get a fag paper between them and the Tories in terms of nastiness. They also fail to realise just how easily the media dances to the Establishment tune.

  65. Midgehunter says:

    Here’s something from Irvine Welsh to lift your hearts and help you realise these nutters (and I include the BBC) are living on borrowed time.

  66. Albert Herring says:

    I very much doubt you need a licence to watch the live stream from nor that of its enemy equivalent.

  67. Alt Clut says:

    Stuart; my first tears since the referendum came on reading your article above. But not tears of weakness about the fascist monster that the British state, headed up in Scotland by the ‘labour’ Party, has released amongst us – I always knew that it would come very fast after a referendum defeat.

    They are tears of joy that there you are still with us in the front line. As my long gone Italian comrades used to say forty years ago, “Lotta Continua” – the struggle goes on: and so shall we. Regroup and fight !

  68. CameronB Brodie says:

    The BBC has responded defensively.

  69. blackhack (cabbies for independence) says:

    1800 new members of Scottish greens in the last 24 hours as well…..Labour are finished in Scotland as they sold the jerseys and backed the tories….

  70. heedtracker says:

    Brown tells Scots: let us be a nation, united again, is front page Graun in London but interesting switch from these conmen

    “Gordon Brown: promises will be upheld”

    Lies. fraud, fear, insult and real provocation but now nice fascism commands, like us again.

  71. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    Support the yes city of glasgow, proud of them.

  72. tonymac says:

    cynicalHighlander says:
    20 September, 2014 at 3:33 pm

    Pacific Quay needs a new Logo.
    logo link big
    error in firefox

    Request-URI Too Large

    The requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.

  73. jamie macdonald says:

    Sick of it.. you want me to endorse new contracts for the likes of Clarkson and Ross? it’s just rubbing our noses in the shit from ‘the Saville show’ -more abuse and you lot can pay to watch.. GTF!
    Same goes to these clowns in the video and pics, trying to turn us into Northern Ireland? I don’t see that finding any favour with the majority of the No voters, hopefully this and the next few f@ck-ups from W.M. will bring more to see it from our side…
    I currently have an ‘I called..’ -stalkers note from the TV license lot, left by them when I was out.. I don’t have a TV but there’s an old dish outside.. now that I’m informed I canny wait till my next visit noo!

  74. Norma Ballingall says:

    The Times had reports about Thursday and Friday night. Thursday’s was about about the violence and intimidation towards the No supporters By the Yes supporters ( this had been a peaceful rally by Yes until it was interrupted by a crowd of union flag bearing, Nazi saluting unionists). Friday’s report amounted to a stand off between the Yes and No camps with the Yes group again being portrayed as the protagonists with nothing mentioned of the rampaging of the unionist mobs terrorising Glasgow city centre.I put them straight suggesting they look to Facebook for video and photographic evidence. When they did update the story the main picture still made it look like the Yes supporters were the instigators of the violence and the report of the riots was completely toned down.I told them I would be cancelling my subscription.

  75. kestral says:

    If you want – lets blow the total out the water on this petition – use you people power to get an enquiry going and publicly shame the BBC

    it already stands at 76,000

    Suggest you could then crowed fund the investigation – get someone impartial to conduct it

    sky new truthfully reported what happened once they had the facts – thier broadcast stated that the yesers had been in GS before the unionist descended

  76. eddie says:

    No point in starting our own station, or continuing with lesley r’s live broadcasts, if we still need to pay the bbc to watch. I’d be happy to support continuing work on youtube channels like national collective.

  77. cauld tattie says:

    Stopped TV license at the start of the campaign nearly 2 years ago. It was one of the best things we’ve ever done. Netflix is cheaper per month and we watch very few programmes on Iplayer as most of it’s shite. My conscience is clear because i do not fund these Barstewards. I urge people to try it, you won’t regret it, you won’t miss it and you ‘ll feel better about yourself guaranteed.

  78. Tasmanian says:

    You don’t need to phone anyone. Just stop paying. You’ll get an amusing series of toothless threatening letters you can then write a blog about:

  79. Joe Ghandi says:

    Rev, the beat goes on……..

  80. Victoria says:

    Can you watch other channels such as sky1 as live without a TV licence legally or are they classed the same as bbc? I’ve never been sure. I know the income from the fees goes only to bbc.

  81. Robert Louis says:

    Glasgow’s new slogan – ‘The YES City’.

    ps I do know there were others like the fabulous Dundee etc..

  82. kestral says:

    how do newspapers fund themselves online – is it by the subscriptions or by the adverts?

    Do not ever click an advert on these papers websites

    If they offer the three article read before being restricted then trying going incognito on your browser to get round this


  83. Steve Bowers says:

    Hi guys ( going O/T Rev, feel free to delete ) I’ve so enjoyed the last two years, it’s been brilliant, the result wasn’t what I wanted, totally gutted. we’re off on holiday on Wednesday, time to recover and plan for the future. With this in mind I’ve set up a site It’s going to be a bit different to Wings so no contest for the Rev. I’d love you guys to come join and in, our country is going to need all the help it can get, I want to use Scotsoutlook as a kind of “ordinary ” Scot lobbying page for the Government, let them know what WE want and at the moment I’n thinking what the hell have we got to lose. Cheers. S

  84. Kenny Hermse says:

    The Times outdid itself in one of the most grotesque distortions of the truth I’ve yet seen in the glut of BritNat referendum reporting:

    I don’t have access beyond the paywall, but the opening three paragraphs are quite enough to set the tone.

  85. liz says:

    Bella and Derek Bateman are up for creating a new media outlet and WoS should also be involved.

    With all the different talented groups that appeared during the indy campaign we need to get this to happen

    The BBC, MSM will never change.

    I am going to watching the proud Scots rugby team next time they play an international being despised by some of their support and probably all of their opponents.

  86. EphemeralDeception says:

    I hope that video was handed to the police.
    Theft, disturbance of the peace and physical abuse + a clear view of the criminals

  87. heedtracker says:

    Like me says Crash as he lies about his own THE VOW lies.

    “The eyes of the world have been upon us and now I think the eyes of the world are on the leaders of the major parties of the United Kingdom. These are men who have been promise makers and they will not be promise breakers.

    “I will ensure that as a promise keeper these promises that have been made will be upheld.”

    He’ll probably just keep making “passionate” speeches like this for the next thirty years.

    2044, British oil and flowing strong, Scotland still the scrounger region feeding off the goodwill of the hard working English tax payer, right Goggsy.

    The day after the NO vote the timetable for further powers will be published or, the fact every single UKOK news media BBC etc and all UK parties have totally ignored all of it pretty much sums them all up. Lying bastards.

  88. rockysimson says:

    WINGS must stay alive and keep posting strong.

    Wingers/45ers someone with the brain of a planet must take control and cobble a new popup SINGLE political party, which the 1.6million YES can join and vote for in next elections, and demolish all UK parties in Scotland.

    At the moment we are multiple parties, which is great for UK Union’s divide and rule techniques.

  89. Karmanaut says:

    I’ve always wondered if the BBC could legally stop someone with a TV license from sharing all of their TV programmes online with whoever wanted to see them.

    If I have a license and it is therefore legal for me to record live TV, why can’t I keep that TV it in a format which is available online? Or are you just legally allowed to record it for your own use?

  90. Kenny Hermse says:

    Oh, and as an avid reader but non-commenter here on Wings, I’d like to add to the chorus of voices pleading with you top stick with the fight, Stuart. You surely did more than any single individual to get the truth into the out there, and now we need you more than ever to counter the mendacity of the organs of state.

  91. Capella says:

    The Newsdrive reporter yesterday described the scene as it happened. Cameron Battle, reported that groups of Unionists descended on the square and had union jacks hidden in their jackets. They shouted abuse, sang Rule Britannia and threw flares at the crowd which had been peaceful until then. Newsdrive Radio Scotland on the iPlayer yesterday at 2hrs 28 mins 29 sec.
    He returned at 2.51.38 but his report changed somewhat to two rival groups clashing. He had obviously been told to be more “balanced”

  92. Shuggy says:

    Sorry if I’ve posted this before, trouble with posts but –

    Could I urge everyone to please please and thrice please also contact the BBC separately, tell them you’re doing it and TELL THEM WHY!

    By e-mail then by post, just so there’s no doubt.

    In fact, e-mail several departments within the corporation.

    Even a fraction of 1.6 million e-mails and letters would keep them well occupied for some time,eh?

  93. Nana Smith says:

    I would like to see the indy sites get together in one large building with enough space for a print press and whatever other equipment needed to produce a regular newsletter.

    Surely we could all contribute through crowd funding or whatever.

  94. Capella says:

    Newsdrive here and Cameron Battle at 2.28.29 and 2.51.38

  95. Shuggy says:

    Sorry if I’ve posted this before but –

    Could I urge everyone to please please and thrice please to also contact the BBC separately, tell them you’re doing it and TELL THEM WHY!

    By e-mail then by post, just so there’s no doubt.

    In fact, e-mail several departments within the corporation.

    Even a fraction of 1.6 million e-mails and letters would keep them well occupied for some time,eh?

    That goes for all the other post-Ref boycotts as well – the supermarkets, the banks, the businesses.

    They need to be made fully aware of the volume and strength of public opinion. Again and again.

  96. l says:


    Over 4000 new members of SNP in last 36 hours.

    Over 1800 new members of the Greens.

    The monster asleep slowly opens one eye, looks casually around and says:

    “You thought that Friday’s result has killed me off for a generation did you Mr Cameron. Well listen up Bubba, cause I’m gonna tell you this just one more time!

    I am NOT dead. You and your fellow fraudsters are in for a shock.

    Once I’ve had my cereal, shaken myself down and fully woken up you Bra, are in for one hell of a shock!

    Welcome to the party, the YES party, the party that is going to give you wee side kick Milliband such a kicking that he’ll be greeting for 6 months!”

  97. “It takes a certain kind of mind, after all, to stand in front of a World War 2 memorial, with a Union Jack wrapped around you, making a Nazi salute. The sheer lunacy of the act itself is compounded by the fact that not one person amongst the group of them understands how wrong, how terribly, tragically, sick and wrong, that act is.”

  98. heedtracker says:

    I think I prefer Press and Journal’s kneel before your masters take on stuff now. Graun’s like us, we’re really fascists is too creepy. P&J have half page photo of £1.5 billionaire Sir Ian Wood grinning broadly and he’s joyful about being bettertogether or “best of both worlds chosen” he says and “Westminster must now honour devo promises”. Good luck with waiting old man.

    At the very least this rich con artist didn’t get to destroy the heart of Aberdeen but they’ll be back.

  99. Robert Louis says:

    I agree with the ideas of creating our own media, since the BBC are just plain old vanilla liars and propagandists of the very worst kind. ALL those who work there should hang their heads in shame.

    I think the combined talents of Bella, Newsnet, Wings and national collective and so on, could if crowfunded be very successful. I visited the live ‘indy TV’ at the fringe on its last day of broadcast, and we had steven paton, derek Bateman (ex BBC) and Angus Roxburgh (a world class journalist and ex BBC), plus the likes of gregg Moodie (who in real life doesn’t wear the x-ray specs I thought he did).

    We have a sea of talent, plus of course we have BBC Scotlandshire, Dateline Scotland, and many, many others.

    Let’s make it happen. As Steven Paton kept telling us, ‘don’t get angry at the media, become the media’. I agree.

  100. Taranaich says:

    I haven’t been paying a TV license for close to ten years now. I grew up without a television. It’s surprising how easy it is to get by without one.

  101. TJenny says:

    Nana Smith – that might make them a bit of a sitting duck for arsonists. (as in Herald generator being set on fire).

  102. Hayzo69 says:

    I’m with you Cuielan. This is the only way to fight them properly.
    I’d pay a subscription for that.
    We need a sat channel as well though. The web won’t get through to everyone.

  103. IcySpark says:

    A question if anyone can answer please, as it seems a grey area.

    You can watch the BBC channels online live.

    You can watch up to two hours behind the live-stream.

    Is it legal to watch from 30 minutes behind the live-stream?

  104. wee_monsieur says:

    My mate worked for a company delivering enforcement notices for non-payment of the licence fee. Horrible job – he had to pack it in.

    Anyhow, he tells me that in some areas of Glasgow he had to deliver to entire streets!

    Also said that they have stopped reporting them to the Procurator Fiscal. Just too many.

  105. Andrew Neil ? @afneil
    Some dishonest numpties using pics from Tottenham riots to claim this is Glasgow tonight. Yes and No should unite to condemn.
    1:18 AM – 20 Sep 2014


    Well what do we expect Andrew Neil works for the BBC after all.

  106. Michael Pearso says:

    Speaking to the wife going to buy the shows she watches on DVD and use Netflix,NowTV then the licence is getting
    binned.No more money for a bias viewpoint

  107. Iain MacLachlan says:

    Does anyone know of any recent court cases for refusal to pay the TV licence? Letters are easily dealt with but intimidating visits are not so easily passed off.

  108. dtr1001 says:

    Stu, I’m sorry for reposting this in this thread but your point in this article is about a failure of a publicly appointed organisation to meet the obligations of its charter. It is the entire MSM that is guilty here and I’m not sure that going down this road will gather much momentum. Isn’t it about time that we called the electoral commission into account as how can it preside over a referendum where the media has been so blatantly one sided?

    Let is instead call for an independent public inquiry into what happened to democracy here? I think more people would support that – we need to expose the failings of the ENTIRE msm, not just the BBC.

    My earlier post: “I posted this in cif this morning in response to a link to a poll that had been created demanding a recount:

    “There may be more of an appetite for this from the ranks of the disenfranchised, now being swelled by NO voters realising they were duped – IF the demand for an independent enquiry were to include an examination into these issues:

    No exit poll – why?
    Wall to wall undemocratic representation of the establishment view from media outlets vested in maintaining that view.
    Wall to wall undemocratic representation of the establishment view from the BBC who guided by their own constitution and are paid by license fee payers to be IMPARTIAL, but clearly were not.
    The undemocratic abuse of power of Cameron meeting with supermarket bosses moments before negative outpourings from said supermarket bosses are spouted in the complicit media.
    Failure to report adequately key pro independence stories about the value of new oil fields being explored.

    …and so many more examples of how this process was manipulated by just a few vested interests to get the result it wanted. That’s the level of analysis that I want to see. I don’t know if the ballot counts were rigged or not but it’s pretty clear that the process was. Independent Public Enquiry on this please!!”

    I think this is the direction to take this.”

  109. tom keatings says:

    just make bbc viewing pay per view,no law broken and licence fee scrapped,if you watch it pay for it,thats how it should be.Johann Lamont was being interview on BBC when this kicked off,she dismissed it with a contemtious wave of the hand and said it was all something to do with football.Her embrace of the Loyalist brigade and the Orange Order should be investigated.They were out in force in Cowdenbeath and Dunfermiline bye elections,leafleting for the Labour Party.She sent Mathieson,Labour leader on Glasgow council to apologise to a gathering of Orange Order in Paisley townhall,he had plans to limit the number of walks in Glasgow,there are more Orange Parades in Glasgow than anywhere else,he had to withdraw his plans and grovel oot an apology,the fellow Labour councillor on point addressed the gathering as brothers and sisters.She has followed that up by choosing Karen Whitefield as prospective parliamentary candidate for Falkirk,Karen lost the Airdrie and Coatbridge seat at Holyrood to Alex Neil,not because Alex zoomed in votes but that it was made public that Karen was in fact a high ranking official in the women`s Orange Order,the above was preplanned,I watched it evolve on youtube until the feed was cut,almost military in operation.,they hit the square from 3 sides all at once and drove the Yes remnants off the square.RT lets us see it,BBC shower of scum

  110. @tonymac

    Sorry about that it was a nice pic of Pinocchio with full nose extension.

  111. Bill Hay says:

    We need our own newspapers up here like the sunday herald.. When you have crap like this …

  112. Jon Duffy says:

    If they turn up at your home with a search warrant, they CANNOT LEGALLY FORCE ENTRY. The Police will be on scene, but they are only there to prevent BREACH OF THE PEACE. The police CANNOT and WILL NOT enforce the warrant. It is a CIVIL warrant, NOT a criminal warrant, and therefore CANNOT be enforced by the police. Don’t let them bluff you into letting them over the doorstep, all you have to do, is refuse to let them in. Make sure you tell the police that YOU KNOW that their sole purpose on the scene is to keep the peace, and any other action by them, will be reported to the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) You MUST film EVERYTHING,(even on your phone) because if you don’t, these people will lie through their teeth. If you want to discuss it with them, is better if you do this through a window, because if they get ONE FOOT inside your door, they will legally have gained entry, and then you CANT physically remove them. Even if they gain entry this way, and find your TV with live broadcasts, they still can’t legally demand your name(which they need, to pursue their CIVIL case against you) and the police can’t LEGALLY demand it either. You are only legally required to give the police your name, if they suspect you of committing a crime, and watching live TV broadcasts without a TV licence IS NOT A CRIME. Its NOT a law, Its an ACT.

  113. Mimi says:

    ‘coloured people’- a rather dated term, you should probably change it. Otherwise good article! I have gone off the BBC.

  114. Brian Powell says:

    What about a mass join the SNP campaign? as well as cancelling TV licences?

    I’m doing both.

  115. Shuggy says:

    Can I suggest a great website for news resources:

    The Big Project carries UK national and regional press plus worldwide and miscellaneous publications as well as TV news channels

  116. TJenny says:

    cynicalHighlander – I saw it, but who was the one in the hat?;-)

  117. DaveDee says:

    Jack Straw trying to prevent another referendum

    Can’t get full access as under a paywall


  118. Robbie64 says:

    Sadly I cannot cancel my TV license as I run a business with guest rooms, will be cancelling my SKY subscription though, and how about us starting a campaign sugesting we all refuse to buy the News papers?
    If my business model involved alienating nearly 50% of my market god only knows what my partners/staff would say – probably along the lines of are you insane.

  119. heedtracker says:

    Not nice fascists misreported by not nice fascists and phoney proggresive fascists

    Crash Gordon says unite with us and we will deliver more powers, while your oil underwrites his City fraudsters tax dodgers chums.

  120. boris says:

    Brown the Patriot-How He Won It For the Unionists

    Brown’s personality combining authority and passionate moral outrage singled him out as a serious figure in the Commons and potential high-flyer in the Party. His oratory is relentlessness and delivered in an overpowering, lecturing or hectoring style leaving his audience in no doubt that they are in the company of a man who basks in the confidence of knowing he possesses an intelligence much greater than anyone present and in terms of the matters being discussed there is nobody that knows more about them than himself.

  121. Robert Louis says:

    Recently in Westmidden, they have been wittering on about how they need a dedicated English parliament. I thought it would be worthwhile to look at just how ‘disenfranchised those poor English MP’s really are within Westminster.

    From Scotland, there are 59 Mp’s however, 6 of them are SNP, and as such as a matter of party policy, NEVER vote on English only affairs. So, from Scotland we have 53.

    From Wales, we have 40

    From N.Ireland, we have 18, but 5 of them are Sinn Fein, who abstain, so effectively 13.

    From England we have 533.

    So, let’s just consider then, that in a typical English only matter in the current house of commons, there are 165 votes from outwith English constituencies, and 533 from England. Thus, we can say, that in such a scenario, 31% of the voters are from outwith England. So you could argue, there is a slight problem, but even so it is nothing compared to the likes of Wales or Scotland.

    Some matters which pertain to Scotland are still under the control of the FULL Westminster. So, in any vote, there are 59 votes (The SNP would vote) from Scotland, with 639 votes from outwith Scotland, that is decisions on Scotland can be made, where Scottish MP’s are just 9% of the vote.

    So in summary, in English only matters, there is ALWAYS an English MP majority by some considerable margin (368). In the case of Scotland, there is ALWAYS a Scottish minority, so the views of Scottish MP’s never count.

    The same scenario applies to Wales and N.Ireland, to varying degrees.

    Now, remind me again why it is so urgent for England to have its own parliament?? Truth be told, it already exists, it’s called Westminster.

  122. Dave says:

    That’s it. I’ve just cancelled my license fee now. I will pay for the SBC when the day comes.

  123. Bernard says:

    It’s in the British States interest to deter support for independence, it clearly can not tolerate 45% of Scots wanting independence, the best way to achieve this is to have sectarian violence break out in Glasgow and for it’s compliant media to put all the blame on the “seperatists”.

    These are agent provocateurs encouraged by the British state to cause trouble and encourage a yes supporting counter force to the Unionist thugs.

    It’s a tactic called divide and rule, bring the Troubles to the streets of Glasgow and support for Yes drops off only strongly supported by Catholic minority that is widely distrusted.

    Don’t be swayed in your support even if a sectarian violence occurs from a counter group that gets associated by the press with the Yes campaign.

  124. ronnie anderson says:

    Im having problems with posting comments

  125. Sunshine says:

    I have been at all the BBC protests at PQ and although well attended and with speakers etc. essentially we are all just standing shouting at a big glass building, which is mainly empty on a Sunday. Apart from when the Commonwealth Games were on and we were moved so we could all stand on grass, listening to speakers while watching tourists and boats go by.
    It is not just the BBC, it is all the media, and I know the BBC is publicly funded and that is the difference, but it is the bigger picture. If there was any further demos as has been suggested, then I wont be going unless it is in George Square, in the heart of the City, on a Saturday afternoon. That might catch some attention, gather some support and show the rest of the people our concerns.
    I am sick of pussy footing about.
    What is our Scottish Government doing about all this?
    You know the ones in power.

  126. boris says:

    Brown the Patriot-How He Won It For the Unionists

    Brown’s personality combining authority and passionate moral outrage singled him out as a serious figure in the Commons and potential high-flyer in the Party. His oratory is relentlessness and delivered in an overpowering, lecturing or hectoring style leaving his audience in no doubt that they are in the company of a man who basks in the confidence of knowing he possesses an intelligence much greater than anyone present and in terms of the matters being discussed there is nobody that knows more about them than himself.

  127. msean says:

    Aye right Mr Straw,what a great way to peace and harmony by cutting off democratic choice. You would cause a strife never seen for a long time in Scotland. Great feckin idea,not.

  128. Croompenstein says:

    Cancelled my brainwash tax yesterday and will be joining the SNP, my mate and his wife have joined the SSP. This has to be our goal to rid Scotland of the Labour Party. We must eradicate this cancer from Scottish public life and hope that a true Labour movement arises who will put Scotland and her people first.

  129. Dr Who? says:

    Cancelled mine back at the start of the year. Easy to do and found it much, much easier to live without than I thought I would.

  130. msean says:

    Obviously,something thought up by a capitalist warmonger right winger,even the Tories didn’t come up with that stuff Mr Straw.

  131. Ron says:

    I’ve never had a tv licence. It got to the point during the campaign where I was on the verge of phoning up to get one just so I could phone and cancel it the next day. I loathe the MSM and reserve special section of my bile and hatred especially for the BBC.

    Anyway in other news I note that something like 70% of 16 and 17 year olds are reckoned to have voted YES as opposed to the 73% of over 65s who voted no. Clearly the demographics are showing us that young people are very engaged with the independence movement and anecdotal I can tell you that the vast majority of my friends and acquaintances under 30 are yessers. However I fear that unless we reach out to them then we will lose their support and interest as quickly as snow aff a dyke. We need to do something as a movement to keep these young voters engaged. What AS was saying about this being a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity is fine if you’re in your 40s or 50s but are we really telling our 16 year old – and younger – supporters that they face another 60+ years of Westminster rule? I am in my mid 20s myself and the thought that I will never see an independent Scotland in my lifetime is just too bleak to contemplate. I really, really want to do something to engage and encourage younger supporters of independence before they drift off or the media gets to them but I really don’t know what. Ideas anyone?

  132. Kara says:

    This is what we did yesterday, went to the bank and ended our dd for our t.v licence – with the endorsement of our 10 year old son and 13 year old daughter – even they see the media bias and were so upset yesterday. Imagine if 45% of the population terminate their licence! Hit them in their pockets. I also stopped my online subscription to the Herald – I read it mostly for the comments on articles from other readers, which I can still do. I will miss a couple of their writers but it had to be done.

  133. Kenzie says:

    I stopped paying this ridiculous tax (for that is what it is)months ago. An “officer” came to my door and without any preamble said “You have not renewed your TV license”. I asked him if I was obliged, by law, to answer any of his questions and he replied “No”. (They are obliged by law to tell you this if you ask them). I then told him to go away but not in so many words.

  134. Kilty says:

    I would advocate using a live stream website rather than actually setting up a TV channel as I’m sure it would cost less. It would also mean that people will become more accustomed to watching programmes on the internet rather than their television, which, if we include the use of social media (hyperlinking to websites with further information etc), can be a great way to broaden their understanding of the news in general. This would also hopefully increase the likelihood of people engaging more with the news and politics, and starting to question the narratives promoted by the more traditional media (i.e. TV and newspapers). 🙂

  135. Eileen Keeling says:

    Umm No Surrender – from whom?

  136. schrodingers cat says:

    the bbc boycotte is the start

    but all of the yes journalists and tv guys need to get together and decide the way forward

    the wingers need toget together with wgd, stu, bella, news net etc and decide a way forward

    too many new facebook pages springing up.

    the politicians need to get together and decide a way forward

    Alan Cocherane, the torygraph vote noer, said that the Yes campaign were
    fanatics, there maybe some truth in this. what we do know is that the no
    camp had virtually no activists on the ground, all of the political
    activists were out for yes. What is apparent now, its that labour has been
    badly damaged in this campaign, 4000 new snp members and 1200 new green
    members in 48hrs, both of there websites have crashed under the strain.
    the no supporters came out in numbers too on thursday, but they will
    dwindle away in the coming months.
    westminster will not honor the vow they made to the No supporters
    the unionists parties will be wiped out in the may2015 ge, 52mps from
    scotland will be yes supporters
    if the tories and ukip win power, then an eu referendum will follow in 2017
    the unionist parties will be wiped out in holyrood in 2016
    another referendum will follow in scotland if the uk votes us out of the
    EU or if they dont honor their vow. I am not bound over by any gentlemans
    agreement regarding more referendums

    the ability to hold another referendum, by ourselves, will be the first
    power westminster tries to remove from scotland.

    we lost a battle, not the war

    what we require is leadership, the bbc boycotte is just the start

  137. Nana Smith says:

    Check it out, many signatures in a short time.

    A lot of people who had postal votes were angry when the unionists started waffling about new powers. Angry because they had already voted.

    Surely that alone should demand a revote.

  138. Lesley-Anne says:

    You are not the only one Ronnie.

  139. heedtracker says:

    Great lie to say bye bye suckas from Bliar

    “Wish FM well & deserves praise for service. But should stop creating betrayal narrative. Here’s timetable promised.”

    as he slices off his own timetable to suit himself.

    Blair MacDougall, triumphant and shameless liar to the last. Fair enough really, enough agreed with him so have at it. Wonder what this extraordinary liar will do next. Get a job in UKOK politics.

    What could have been stolen by a bunch of shysters who just can’t stop themselves even in victory.

  140. Croompenstein says:

    I know you shouldn’t mix sport and politics but I will never enter Ibrox stadium again. I will not financially contribute to an institution that will not condemn that bigoted, sectarian, evil part of their support which pisses on Scotland and her people. GRFC #fuckrightoffday

  141. schrodingers cat says:

    does anyone have a link to where on the bbc one can
    officially deny the right of access? or an email address and a sample of the email text?

  142. saporian says:

    @Robert Louis
    “Listen peeps, take heart at this, the SNP are reporting they have just got over 4,000 new members in the last 36 hours – many are ex-labour who are sickened. Their servers are struggling to cope with the number of applicants.

    Make no mistake, Labour in Scotland will be slaughtered (metaphorically)at the UK general election, in a few months. Like Thatchers tories, they will NEVER be forgiven at their utter betrayal of the worKing people of Scotland.

    A revolution is coming.

    Chins off the floor!!”

    Robert I so hope that you are right and the Labour Party are wiped out at the next election. However, I have a feeling that the old “vote Labour to keep the Tories out” will once again see the same old troughers elected once again. This will be achieved partly by the same method in which they won the vote for the NO Campaign. The OAP vote and collection of postal votes from Care Homes, Sheltered Housing and OAP Clubs. The Labour Party have these votes for life (and sometimes after the person has died).

  143. call me dave says:

    Radio Scotland special programme started few minutes ago re (extra powers) Wales and N. Ireland input. Seems that we are witnessing the breakup of the UK.

    New powers for all! Aye F.all!

  144. Gary45% says:

    Hi, Put me forward for crowd funding a tv channel, I am pretty sure everyone will chip in. I am still meeting Yes voters who have read the WBB but never visited the WoS site,
    getting the WoS website graphic put on my works van and car, so more people will know about it. I am up and down the A9 regularly so hopefully more people will realise what the bbc and news papers are up to.
    We have to keep the momentum going I feel a re-election coming. Gary

  145. Yes Nairnshire says:

    Glad to see other posters saying that we need our own newspaper, radio station too . Online is not enough, and without our own voice nothing will change. We have dis-empowered ourselves with that NO vote: But, to paraphrase Gillian Martin of National Collective, the Yes Campaign was like David against Goliath, except that we had no stone in our sling. The stone is a mainstream newspaper outlet that can have headlines screaming from a stand in a petrol station or supermarket. There are so many good journalists, writers , bloggers, artists, photographers in this campaign, including the Rev. How hard would it be to crowd source the purchase of one of Scotland’s failing newspapers and make it somewhere where the truth is written….

  146. Mealer says:

    My phone has been ringing all day with people asking “what now?”
    This isn’t over.

  147. Ken500 says:

    Gordon Brown the useless cretin, that can’t even count. Who caused more death and destruction in the world. The most unpopular politician on the planet. Puts his big nose in to stop Scottish Independence. Scotland could sort itself out from years of useless Westminster rule.

    Brown is so jealous of Alex Salmond, the best, most capable, most popular politician Scotland has ever had. Brown totally lies and thinks he has got rid of him. He hasn’t. Alex Salmond for President.

    Bitter Brown for jail. Labour Unionists are totally unless.

  148. heedtracker says:

    BBC teatime news shyste says devo is deadlocked until after next election. So that’s what they’re going to tell the Scotland region, yes we promised more powers but its all in deadlock because England’s devo is ofcourse the priority but thanks again for getting it all up and running suckers.

  149. Kid Spotlight says:

    The BBC has been an elite propaganda tool for years but people only notice when it hits them, I guess. Addiction to the gogglebox comes at a terrible price, with the irony being there is nothing at all of value to watch.

  150. ben madigan says:

    Thanks for that link. i wonder if Mr straw has thought out the implications of his proposal.
    A referendum for a United ireland vs staying in the Uk is guaranteed by the good friday agreement which sealed the peace process in northern ireland.
    Apart from how the scottish nationalists react – how do you think the irish republicans and nationalists in northern ireland are going to react to news like that?

  151. Ruby says:

    I haven’t had a TV licence for about 3years. I informed the BBC and they paid me a visit I explained that I just watched catch-up on a computer and they said a lot of people are doing that now. They didn’t ask to come in. The men who called were very nice they just ticked something on their clip board and off they went.

    I did buy a TV for use as a computer monitor and I got a letter asking if I now needed a TV licence I just wrote back and said NO.

    I’ve also discovered that you can read all the papers online via the library website which is handy if you want to read papers like the Times or Herald which are behind a paywall.

  152. Clarinda says:

    Is the remarkable number of people joining the SNP/Greens in the last 48 hours what Alex Salmond was perceptively referring to he stated that he thought a significant number of those about to vote NO were really “deferred Yessers”?

    I suspect Mr Salmond knew that either a No or Yes win – there would be a realisation of the sham that was/is Better Together and it’s odious patron – Westminster. It’s just that the No vote is exposing the sham so much faster than a even a small Yes win.

  153. a friend of mine got a visit from an official looking person , but it turns out that they are shy , they don’t like being filmed on a mobile phone or being challenged

  154. Kevin Evans says:

    Just write to bbc saying

    “you now only just your TV for catch up services, watching dvd’s and Netflix, as using these services does not need the use of a licence I wish to cancel my licence and if in the future I decided to start watching TV again I will inform you immediately. This matter is now closed and any attempt to phone, contact by letter of visit this property shall result in a complain at an executive level. I am removing your right of access onto my property and failure to comply will result in myself contacting the police. Thank you (your name and address)”.

    They even give Ya money back as your paid up 6 months in advance.

  155. twenty14 says:

    Why don’t we crowdfund a front page ” VOW ” in the Daily Record that the fact that they’ve broken their vow then we will be holding a referendum in 2016. Our First Minister stated it was once in a Generation – well he won’t be FM for much longer so his “vow ” is null and void

  156. Jamie says:

    Is it ok to have a sky subscription and cancel the BBC license fee?

  157. heedtracker says:

    BBC in Scotland softening up sucker Scotland for the upcoming “stick yer devo up yer arse” devo. Its like watching a mausoleum now, one deary liar after another. Next up, how George Square YES voters put their faces into fists of lovely union supporters, outrage.

  158. Kid Spotlight says:

    The design of this website is clearly not able to take the amount of comments being posted. It is not consistently accessible using different search engines. It is likely that it also being closely monitored – but I’m sure the Rev is already aware of that.

    For this, and obvious security reasons, I strongly suggest it is upgraded and re-designed with upgraded security protocols as imho it has become a very important conduit for opinion and political free speech.

  159. Kevin Evans says:

    Youtube even has a video of a police woman talking to someone on the doorstep admitting TV licences have nothing to do with the law in (hate saying this) Britain.

    She goes on to confirm there is nothing the law can do to force you to pay unless you admit to watching live TV.

    She was only there at this guys house because the TV licence guy had reported he had been abused by the home owner when he came to call. That was the only reason the police officer was there.

  160. Proud Cybernat says:

    Makes you wonder how these loyalist thugs would have reacted if they had lost the vote. Or is it that they only fight when they’re winning?

  161. Kevin evans says:

    Add to the fact your liecence has been funding a peodophile ring for years.

    The bbc stole your nation.

    Stop this funding now.

  162. Jason Plessas says:

    For a post essentially about honest reporting of events, it’s a little incongruous to have clearly photoshopped images of hands holding ‘No thanks’ banners, but conveniently not showing any whole people holding any. You might want to get rid of these ones!

  163. pipinghot says:

    I think it is just time for people to get on with cancelling the licence fee, and put your TV in the cupboard, But do it now please if you can. Mine done, and have time away from the drip,drip,drip of shit. We all here have internet and can choose what we watch. Roll on a true STV and press in scotland because lets face it, when we go for this again we will need it above all. Please do it now.
    love and thanks

  164. Drunken Hobo says:

    This is of absolutely no surprise. Considering the gushing support BBC showed for UKIP during the European elections, I’m not surprised they’re glossing over fascist riots.

    The UK is gong to turn into 1930s Germany. We’ve already had illegal invasions, where murdering 150,000 people is seen as acceptable because of their skin colour. We have a media that is scapegoating the poor, the disabled & immigrants, whilst glossing over the crimes of the rich. We’ve got no form of democracy & politicians that can do whatever they like with no consequence.

    And of course, we have a pathetic population that just stands by and lets all of this happen, because they’re all right. I genuinely hate the UK, and this pathetic little region in the north that I inhabit. I want out.

  165. Lesley-Anne says:

    Now more than ever does the phrase “For so long as 100 of us remain alive we will NEVER surrender!” ring true

  166. fred blogger says:
    more important things to do what like invading other counties etc etc.
    i am personally not interest in prompting WM into delivering on devo-devoid-max VOW.
    even if i was can anyone tell me exactly what was offered?
    they conned 100000’s of over 55’s and pensioners into voting no, they have no shame and no interest in democracy.

  167. Kevin evans says:

    And for the record – I do only watch netflix

  168. macart763m says:

    The true face of ethnic intolerance and division in all its glory.

    Well done NO voters, well done and welcome to Britain being better together.

    You voted for this, we all have to live with it.

  169. heedtracker says:

    Very airbrushed BBC report on George Square last night. They certainly know how to look after their own at Pacific Quay.

  170. G H Graham says:

    If the TV TAX chasing goons show up at your door, DO NOT give them your name or indeed anyone’s name. DO NOT reveal you are a tenant or the owner of the property. They have no authority to demand it but may ask anyway. Simply reply with “No comment” & ask them to leave the premises immediately since they have no reason to be there.

    DO NOT discuss your watching habits or your equipment. They have no legal basis to force you to tell them anything.

    AND DO NOT let them in.

    They have no authority to enter, inspect or search your premises unless they have a warrant from a court AND are accompanied by a police officer.

    And that would only happen once they already have proof of you watching LIVE broadcasts.

    So if you don’t have a TV license because you genuinely don’t need one, then you have nothing to fear because you are not breaking any laws.

    Throw the harassment letters in the bin & refuse to engage with any of the clowns that are sent to intimidate you to buy a license even if you don’t need one.

  171. schrodingers cat says:

    online newspaper with accompanying paper copy

    radio station

    tv channel

    i said months ago that without them we would be hamstrung
    we cannot beat westminster without them

    they have a ready made audience,

    could anyone advise how to deny the bbc access to your property? stu’s article link only takes you to a news article which doesnt actually explain how to do it

  172. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Have just sent this to my MP via

    Please feel free to amend/use.

    Dear Katy Clark,

    With a heavy heart, I am writing to inform you that I will actively campaign for whichever candidate has the best chance of unseating you at the next General Election.

    Any time I have contacted you you have been courteous and prompt in your replies (apart from the one time when I suggested that you might like to consider leaving the Labour Party and helping LFI become a properly constituted party). I have defended your performance as an MP on many occasions.

    However, your support for the Better Together campaign leaves me no choice – your party helped to bully and frighten the most vulnerable members of our community, and they opted to become the ONLY British citizens ever to vote for the ‘United Kingdom’.

    I will never contact you again – you do not represent me, my family, and the 45% of fellow Scots whose struggle for freedom from Westminster rule will continue.


    Yours sincerely,

    Ian Brotherhood

  173. G H Graham says:

    TV License payers –

    Why do you believe it is acceptable & reasonable to pay a TV tax that is used to fund & broadcast blatant propaganda straight into your living room?

    The propaganda is designed to alter the reality of the state in which you live. It is created to give a false impression of events. It deletes, exaggerates & alters facts to coerce you into reaching a conclusion that is different from the one you might reach if presented with all of the correct facts as best as any reasonable person might be able to reach.

    The BBC is an orchestra of manipulation so that news & current affairs are presented to alter your perception of individuals, groups, institutions & government.

    But always to present the British Establishment in the most benign & beneficial way while undermining anyone & anything that works to expose the reality or present an alternative viewpoint that it considers threatening.

    If anyone still needs to be convinced of the pervasiveness & effectiveness of the propaganda that is created, distributed & broadcast by the BBC, a review of George Orwell’s, “1984” presents a frightening facsimile.

  174. Lesley-Anne says:

    twenty14 says:

    Why don’t we crowdfund a front page ” VOW ” in the Daily Record that the fact that they’ve broken their vow then we will be holding a referendum in 2016. Our First Minister stated it was once in a Generation – well he won’t be FM for much longer so his “vow ” is null and void

    I would NEVER touch that poisoned piece of trash with a DOUBLE length of barge poles far less write anything for it, front page or not!

    Your sentiment itself Twenty may have some credence but NEVER in the DR. Perhaps somewhere like the Sunday Herald would suit better. After all they were the only newspaper to support independence.

  175. Betty Craney says:

    I cancelled my TV licence fee a few months ago after following a video on YouTube . It also advised how to deal with the’goons'( their word -not mine ) . Don’t give your name or any details ,don’t allow them in . Tell them you are revoking their implied right of access . Film them if you can .

    I’ve had a few letters since then . I was about to tear up the latest one but opened it to find a nice wee refund.
    Happy days !

  176. Alistair Donaldson says:

    Direct debit cancelled for TV tax. While we’re at it, might I suggest that the Sun rag is condemned to rot on the shelves for ever – anyone seen their front page today? If Liverpool can do it, surely we can. Mind, I doubt readers of this site buy this rubbish anyway – more suited to the clowns in George Square.

  177. kestral says:

    please ensure when you cancel you licence you sign this petition

    protest with taking thier cash

    protest with forcing the world to see what they did to us

  178. Kevin evans says:

    Fracking licenses are already been put up for bids in Westminster across the central belt of scotland. Once this begins it’s going to cause a house price crash for 80% of the population. Thatcher created a lower/mid middle class dependent on house values (much like what cause the economic crash in Eire).

    Property prices in scotland only will fall by 80% causing default payments allowing the uk elite with deep pockets to buy up propery and create a Dickensian scotland of low quality hosing and high rents.

  179. I'veNeverSeenBraveheart says:

    I didn’t renew my TV licence when it was due around 18 months ago. I still have a TV. I watch catch-up on the TV via iPlayer on the Wii, or on my laptop.

    About 3 months later, 2 chaps with clipboards came to my house, saying they had note that I had no TV licence. I said “I don’t have a TV licence because I do not need one – I do not watch, nor record, live TV”. They asked if it was OK to come in, but I told them they had no need to come in. (I was also in the early stages of labour, so I think I may have actually frightened them!). They ticked their sheet and went away. It was all very polite.

    I haven’t heard anything from them since. No need to worry. If you don’t watch live TV (& also don’t record live TV, i.e. as it is being broadcast) then you do not need a licence. You can still have a TV in your home. You do not need to disconnect it.

  180. heedtracker says: this dude was also on BettertogetherBBC news just now saying that Labour in Scotland had been irreparably damaged which is not something Graun wants to mention. Graun doesn’t sell much in the Scotland region but they left behind a giant stain of old shite in Scotland.

    At least now all teamGB press etc will go to never mentioning Scotland which is nice. So will soul sucking horrors like Jim Murphy, Chairchoob and co, back to the great trough in the south. Just cheered myself a tad:D

  181. Lesley-Anne says:

    Don’t you just love how last week Fred this incompetent ("Quizmaster" - Ed) couldn’t stay away from Scotland and now that he and his fellow ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s have conned and lied to the majority in Scotland suddenly DEVO anything is no longer important. I’m guessing it is not as important as say trying to save his own job as the laughing stock of Westminster millionaire leaders perhaps?

    there is this crowd funder currently running schrodingers cat that may be along the lines of what you are thinking.

  182. fred blogger says:

    p s i’ve not had a TV for years.
    nor have i bought a newspaper for years.
    it’s not done me any harm. 🙂
    well i suppose that depends on who you talk to.

  183. crisiscult says:

    @Kid Spotlight

    agree. I was told by a friend in ex Soviet Union who is in the web business that China is the best place to have host your website if you’re worried about intervention by Western governments. I don’t know much about all this myself but perhaps that’s an option, or a mirror site?

    Btw, does anyone know where I can get a ’45’ icon/avatar and has anyone produced badges, t shirts etc?

    Great that this site seems to be active! Considering only the over 55s voted no, there’s a lot of hope of getting a yes in the future, if we are on the ball re the Westminster tactics to break us (you know, things like trying to make the Scottish parliament more unpopular through cuts and forcing tax increases on the Scottish Government).

  184. fred blogger says:

    we are just a revenue stream to them.
    they come up here to goad and vomit their lies, then they go home and count our money kerching.
    they’ll never be forgiven and they insult us by expecting it.
    bye bye slabs your history.
    i expect the price of ermine is soaring.

  185. Fiona says:

    @Iain MacLachlan

    Does anyone know of any recent court cases for refusal to pay the TV licence? Letters are easily dealt with but intimidating visits are not so easily passed off.

    Can’t speak for anyone else but the visits I have had are not intimidating at all

    I have related this before but some time ago one of them came and he caught me at a grumpy moment. To my shame I went off on one, and ended by demanding to know why he was harassing me on the doorstep of my own home. He replied “Because I have a crap job”

    Fair took the wind out of my sails 🙂

  186. Erling says:

    I’ve seen a few mention receiving the BBC signal and sharing it online. In fact there is a service that already does that. I am not sure if it is available in the UK.

  187. boris says:

    Westminster will send Scot’s to the, “naughty step” for around 10 years. In that time any assets of power likely to be used as leverage in any future disturbance will be transferred back to Westminster, never again to be devolved. In effect Scotland will be erased from the map of the world forever absorbed into a single country called Greater England. Scotland might, (as a sop to the past) be named Lesser England, (a place to the North of London.)

  188. Seffer says:

    I though we Bosnians are only ones to have ("Tractor" - Ed)s and losers. I cant believe that someone doesn’t want independence of it own country. Unbelievable….

  189. G H Graham says:

    Indeed a TV License (TAX) is a poor title. It has nothing to do with ownership of equipment. You could have 10 TV sets in the house & still don’t need a license.

    The TV Tax is simple a means of extracting revenue from people who chose to watch “live” broadcasts which includes repeats and the +1 broadcasts.

    It doesn’t matter how you receive & watch those broadcasts, only if you watch them “live”. But “live” also means that if you chose to record a “live” broadcast but watch it later, you will need a TV license.

    Catchup services like BBC i-player do not require the viewer to have a license.

    But why would you wish to record propaganda just so you could watch it later at your convenience? Unless perhaps you were conducting academic research so that you could measure the type & amount of propaganda.

    Of cousre, that was already done wasn’t it, by John Robertson from University of West Scotland. And what did the BBC do when presented with his damaging conclusions?

    That’s right, they laughed at him but only after intimidating him by contacting his boss.

    That’s how agents of propaganda work. When they are threatened they act to eliminate the threat.

  190. James123 says:

    We need to become the mainstream, that means a TV channel and a daily newspaper. Can you imagine having the only national newspaper that is owned in Scotland, we could easily compete with the London titles.

    Twitter is buzzing, this isn’t over, it’s just begun. We’re back with a fucking vengeance.

  191. Lesley-Anne says:

    Dear MI5, MI6 and GCHQ.

    After all the ponderings I and others have done over recent days it has become perfectly clear to us that YOU are all barking mad! WOOF! WOOF!

    Have none of you realised yet that the independence movement, far from being crushed by the LIES, DECEIT and MISINFORMATION of the news media, BBC, SKY etc, it is very much ALIVE. Not only is it alive but is in fact actually GROWING!

    WE, the fully paid members of the 45 will NEVER SURRENDER!

    You can block us, DDOS attack us, threaten us but we are up for the challenge. Not only are we UP for this fight but we WILL overcome all and every pitiful block you attempt to put futilely in our way.

    Our advice to you is this. Give up now and return to your other perhaps more useful duties elsewhere.

    For so long as 100 of us remain alive we will NEVER surrender!

  192. heedtracker says: having his sexy little told you so dance with a sexy tie. As a jedi I know not give in to the dark side but I really hate British journalists, every last one of them.

  193. Jaffa McNeill says:

    Stu, there’s no point harping on about the BBC. Those of us with long enough memories know they did exactly the same in the miners strike, playing footage of Orgreave backwards to make the miners response to Met attacks look like unprovoked aggression. We can also remember them night after night supporting “our lads” over the people on the streets of Belfast and Derry. They do not pretend to be anything other than the propaganda wing of the British state when it’s under attack.
    What can we do? My tuppenceworth is, join the SNP en masse and finish the job of turning it into the party of social justice in Scotland.

  194. Kevin evans says:

    What’s this thing flying around Facebook of over 600,000 votes missing?

  195. Edward says:

    To be effective you must treat all Labour, Tory and Libdem politicians as pariah, which of course they are. Regardless if they are an MP, MSP, councillor or what ever.

    Do not treat them with any form of respect. I hasten to add, nothing physical!. But look down on them as if you are wiping shit of your shoe.

    Politicians like to appear and be popular, they hate to be ignored.

    Plenty opportunities coming up for the 2015 general election, when they will be out on the street, hoping that all that has happened has been forgotten and looking to ‘press the flesh’ and get your vote. Just brush right past them, ignore them as if they are not there.

    By all accounts Labour will be struggling to have enough ground support as their membership spirals down the drain. But if you come across any of the door chappers, again ignore them. If you answer the door, close it on the faces.

    A thought – you could go ‘underground’ pretend to help labour, once you have the flyers etc, take all the Labour crap to nearest recycling centre. The idea is stifle them completely.

    A thought – form flash mob protest groups to attend council meetings as well as Scottish Parliament debates. As soon as a Labour, LibDem or Tory stands to talk , the flash mob just start talking loudly, cough, heckle, anything to interrupt. If there is more flash mobs the better. As you can operate different groups, so as soon as one group is removed and procedures start, another flash mob can start. The idea is to break up what ever, labour , Libdem or Tory are trying to do.

    Make life hell for these parasites, all they want is for you all to roll over and act as nothing has happened

  196. McDuff says:

    There must be another demonstration at Pacific Quay, but this time instead of 1000 demonstrators there needs to be 20,ooo, causing traffic jams and bringing to the attention of the world this state controlled vile right wing organisation that has trampled on democracy in Scotland.
    If the police are lumping independence campaigners amongst this filth then they need to explain themselves too.

  197. Nana Smith says:

    @Kevin evans

    Can you explain further?

  198. Lesley-Anne says:

    There is nothing that we can do about the issuing of Fracking licences Kevin but do NOT forget that just because a company has a licence that does NOT mean they have immediate right to start Fracking. Far from it in fact. They, once they have bought and paid the relevant M.P. to get the right licence, still need to get drilling rights licenced by the local authority. It does not even stop there because if a council unbelievably awards a licence to drill then the locals have the right to appeal the Scottish Government. So long as the current SNP government is in power, or a similar one in future governments then NO drilling licence will be permitted to be issued in Scotland!

    I agree Fred. We, the people of Scotland have been lied to for far too long. It has taken far too long in my view but finally I believe the people of Scotland have had their eyes well and truly opened. Labour in Scotland is DEAD. We the people of Scotland must ensure that this happens. There is, in my view, only one way to achieve this … the YES party.

    We need every one who was involved in fighting under the YES Scotland banner now to regroup and fight again under a new banner … the YES party banner. We need everyone to continue to work together such that come next May’s General Elections and the Holyrood elections of 2016 instead of a multitude of parties, SNP the Greens SSP Solidarity RIC Common Weal etc, standing against Labour there is only ONE candidate the YES party candidate. I believe if we can achieve this then Labour really is well and truly DEAD!

  199. Edward says:

    Kevin evans
    Any links?

  200. Kevin evans says:

    Just got a text from a friend who is heading to Dundee tomorrow to be part of a protest – the txt was very limited – I’ll find out more

  201. TJenny says:

    fred blogger -‘the price of ermine’ has already been paid – Scotland. 🙁

  202. Bigheed says:

    I have just calmed down a tad from Friday morning to be able to write this,

    I have given away my Ibrox season book that I have proudly possessed for 24 years. I want no affiliation with these scumbags, my language would be stronger but manners prevail.

    I have also sent the SFA an email to say that I have resigned from the Travel Club, expressing my opinion that I only followed my country and as of Friday we stay in a region of England, so it follows that there is no legitimacy to the organisation as Scotland no longer exists.

    I unfortunately want Westminster to now f@ck this region we stay in, into the ground and I will laugh my head off.

    I sadly am no longer Scottish due to 55% of the deluded deciding my fate, on behalf of my children thank you for aspiring to mediocrity Scotland.

    Stu thanks for giving me hope over these last few years, ultimately we went through 90 mins of watching Scottish Sport, close but no cigar.

  203. sinky says:

    I was going to discard my yes car sticker but after hearing gordon browns appeal yo get rid of all yes and no badges as the uk establishment want the issue to go away, so it will be staying on
    Refused to renew tv licence three months ago and now getting threatening red letters saying my property is under survailence.

  204. Edward says:

    It will be interesting to see who is awarded for services to shaft Scotland with the Queens New Years honours crap

  205. Lesley-Anne says:

    Kevin evans says:

    What’s this thing flying around Facebook of over 600,000 votes missing?

    I think Kevin the 600,000 are actually the difference between those who did vote and those who couldn’t be bothered getting off their lazy earse!

  206. schrodingers cat says:

    The old betrayed the young, the comfortable betrayed the poor and the powerful betrayed us all

    neil paterson

  207. Kevin evans says:

    Your probably right – I take Facebook with a pinch is salt – still 12pm in Dundee tomorrow a protest at the cairdhall

  208. Colin says:

    Just for the record, not every over 55 voted no so please stop making sound like it was all my fault.

  209. scotspine says:


    If an enforcement agency is putting you under surveillance, they will be legally obliged to obtain an authorisation under Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act first.

    Failure to do this is illegal and renders them liable to a major arse kicking in court.

  210. fred blogger says:

    the stunned “silence” will soon pass.
    we recover our spirits and good humour, and away we go again positive, vibrant, defiant, assertive, inspirational and with eyes open even wider.
    the deleterious of MSM and the slabs scraped clean.
    our friends from around the world know we’ve been robbed, cheated. they get the message loud and clear from what has happened here. support for our cause will be stratospheric.
    WM has done massive damage to it’s reputation, and we have boosted scotland’s reputation because we are now seen for who we are.

  211. ronnie anderson says:

    I have just now opened a letter Aug 2014 from Tv licensing
    Motherwell Enforcement Manager ( Sarah Armstrong ) I,m not going to type it out for you,s takes to long, but threatening Court Action, at last at last,somone taking me to Court,bring it on you,s BassTwatts I’v got plenty of time & you,s Basstwatts have plenty of my money.Put up or shut up BBC.

  212. Andrew Shaw says:

    To all those worried about ‘enforcement officers’ from tv licensing visiting your home after cancelling your licence, you can send tv licensing a ‘denial of implied right of access’ which prevents them from approaching your property. Otherwise, tell them to sod off and there’s not a thing they can do. They have no powers of entry whatsoever.

    Also, if you fill in the form on tv licensing website telling them you don’t need a licence, you won’t get their threatening letters either.

    At the end of the day, detector vans have been proven to be another bbc lie (freedom of information request) it is technically impossible for them to know you are watching live tv.

    Otherwise, there is the 100% legal option of just using catch-up services.

    Licence free for 2 years and counting.

  213. Graeme Doig says:

    Currently in discussion with the boss re cancellation of unionist propaganda tax.

    Never got this far before. She’s also looking into joining the SNP.

    My wife is turning into Alec Salmond and I’m delighted 😮

  214. msean says:

    I knew the media weren’t always unbiased in the coverage of stuff since the Iraq invasion,but shrugged it off until recently. Only when it is aimed at your country do you actually realise how much.

  215. Lesley-Anne says:

    Yo Cameron, Clegg and Milliband!

    Have ANY of you Muppets seen this?

    You know that referendum thingy that you lot of millionaires lied about to the people of Scotland that you thought would just go away well … erm … I guess you could say it has gone away … then again … maybe NOT!

  216. Proud Cybernat says:

    ‘The 45’? Not so sure that’s such a good ‘banner’ to continue the fight. Has shades of the ’45 Rising’ when Bonnie Prince Charlie raised the Jacobite standard at Glenfinnan. It didn’t end too well the following year.

  217. McDuff says:

    Howz about an organised date for the cancellation of our tv licience for say one month, if thousands of people made a protest like this there would be a run on toilet roll at BBC HQ.

  218. twenty14 says:

    Lets all crowdfund Ronnie’s defence :}

  219. scotspine says:

    Ronnie, Are they threatening to interview you under caution under Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984? (its usually somewhere on their threatening letters).

    If so, it doesn’t apply in Scotland. Its English Legislation.

  220. Right then 45, I want to see a website set up showing a complete list of companies to boycott.

  221. iain taylor (not that one) says:

    Just to repeat for effect, I stopped my licence 4-5 years ago. I didn’t tell TV Licensing – just didn’t pay a renewal.

    After a series of threatening letters (binned) the enforcers arrived at the door. They asked to come in & ask a few questions. I declined and asked them (a bit gruffly – I think I was eating or cooking) to go away.

    They did.

    Occasionally I still do get threatening letters (addressed to The Occupier) which get binned.

    It’s easier for me – I’m a lawyer and used to dealing with these antics – but be confident and stand your ground. If you haven’t been cheating, that’s your right. They have none.

    Definitely never sign anything or answer questions, even if you have been cheating. You’re just handing them the evidence they didn’t have.

    If you let them in and they see a TV connected to the mains or cable, I believe they do try to use that to start a prosecution. You’d maybe have to go into the witness box to give evidence that you never use the TV (just the radio, or whatever) and it then comes down to credibility (who the judge believes). Best avoided.

    Like Rev Stu, I’m not advocating or facilitating anyone breaking the law.

  222. Nana Smith says:


    The video is from the 17th.Found on reading down the comments.

    I did hear there is something planned for tomorrow?

  223. fred blogger says:

    correct their were 4.29m reg to vote 600000+ lunched out.

  224. twenty14 says:

    oh dear – thread disappearing Hi 5 gchq

  225. Andy fitz says:

    I’ve just cancelled my tv license been thinking about it for a while but recent events have been the last straw, what’s the deal with the license regarding watching live football. sky sports I don’t need a license for that do I?

  226. bookie from hell says:

    I’m playing VOW bingo

    Everytime a pledge is broken I make a X

    double points for clegg

  227. Stephen McMahon says:
    That screenshot from the BBC site looks off. If you visit the page there is a still shot picture and you can see a Yes banner on the right.
    If you watch the video, this still shot doesn’t appear anywhere in the video. In fact, in the video, it looks like the police are clearing out the square from the middle, rather than separating two factions. You can see Union Jacks on the left and the right.
    Are the BBC manipulating things to look like a standoff between Yes and the Loyalists, held apart by the police?

  228. Fred says:

    Jim Murphy strangely silent on this Nazi violence.

  229. Fiona says:

    @ ronnie anderson

    Was it this one? (I linked it earlier)

  230. Luigi says:

    O/T, but related as always.

    We need to start a mass campaign for real devo max. All the YES supporters, potential Labour supporters, many of the soft NOs – we can pull huge numbers into this. If the SNP and Labour can come together, as they did for a Scottish parliment, this could be unstopable.

    Remember 70% of the scottish people wanted devo max. Real devo max, not the fake, watered down tax responsibilities that will soon be offered. We have to accept that full independence is off the burner for a while. What better way to keep the pressure on than start a mass campaign for devo max. Henry McLeish could be involved (depsite our disappointment with him, we still need people like him to join us).

    The referendum may be over, but Westminster has never been weaker.

  231. mr thms says:

    I would love it, if the non-Unionist parties win the vast majority of seats in Scotland at the next GE.. My question is..How do Labour do it? Monopolise the postal vote?

  232. Scandiscot says:

    The miltant wing of the Labour Party in George Square last night.

    What ye sow, so shall ye reap.

  233. Luigi says:

    Another thought on devo max – why not make it UK wide. Wales and the northern regions of England are probably up for a fight. Let’s get them involved.

    Give us real devo max or it’s another referendum for independence sooner than you think.

  234. Croompenstein says:

    @Bigheed –

    I have given away my Ibrox season book that I have proudly possessed for 24 years. I want no affiliation with these scumbags, my language would be stronger but manners prevail

    Well done Bigheed, I know lots of really decent guys and lassies who support the team but the institution is being dragged down by the mindless bigots and doesn’t condemn or try to tackle it in any meaningful way. I would also urge supporters of all other teams to boycott Ibrox and not financially support this poison

  235. Mealer says:

    Correct.And we need trade union members to go to their branch meetings and make sure their union leadership does what the members want.

  236. Marie clark says:

    Luigi dear boy, you can count me out on that one. After the way we have all been treated indepence is the only thing I am willing to accept. Devo schmeevo is oot the windae. As for Henry McLeish he can GTF. He is every bit as bad as the rest of them.

  237. fred blogger says:

    another vid in dundee.–ZgdOxIm8

  238. Harry McAye says:

    O/T and I don’t know if this has been mentioned but a friend of mine who works at Wilkinsons told me their boss told staff on Tuesday that there had been a memo from head office in England, advising all staff that they should vote No or their jobs could be at risk. My friend was disgusted but it seems most of their colleagues were No voters anyway. Another shop to add to the boycott list.

  239. John Blyth says:

    I agree with Putin. Most likely stolen.

  240. bookie from hell says:

    Prince Willisam is off to celebrate 50 years of Maltese independence

  241. crisiscult says:

    message for Bigheed and any others feeling like him. Please don’t give up. We need maximum numbers for the fight that goes on. I know this is not football but as a follower of the Scottish national team for as long as I was able to see as far as the telly I’m used to getting knocked down. I have got back every single time. When we lost to Portugal 5-0 around about 1993 I didn’t think I’d ever recover.

    I’m not running away from this. I’ve met far too many ex pats from whatever country you care to name who put down where they come from (except yanks – lets not go into that one though). Scots are no different from other nations. We love and hate our countries, like we love and hate our own families sometimes. But most of us stick by them. I’m only 40. I’m in this for the long haul.

  242. @schrodingers cat says:

    The old betrayed the young, the comfortable betrayed the poor and the powerful betrayed us all

    No the were lied to by Labour politicians and activists that they would lose their pensions if a Yes vote won. Labour are the scum of the earth.

  243. Luigi says:

    The independence referendum campaign made me realise that we have potential massive support, for more powers, in England and Wales.

    Let’s use it this time.

  244. Muscleguy says:

    I’m not going to join a political party. I’m a RICer sundry member. I may well go out and help a party campaign on elections but I’ll be guided by RIC and the Commonweal as to who that might be.

    I did however in the last week before the referendum join Scottish CND. Getting rid of Trident was one of my main reasons to vote Yes. I’ve been anti nuclear since my teens in NZ and helped vote in the fourth Labour Govt there which made NZ nuclear free in my first election. So it was about time. Got a taste for political campaigning for RIC and occasionally for Yes Scotland.

  245. Calgacus says:

    @Fred Blogger – or did the votes end up in the clyde?

  246. fred blogger says:

    that’s right they were lied to.

  247. ronnie anderson says:

    @Colin 8pm some of the childer sounding of Colin take no notice, Im over 55 & didnt vote no ha ha, am welding a twase fur you childer stop abusing the aulder yins.

  248. crisiscult says:

    Welsh not British (@welshnotbritish)

    Yes, I want that too. Am I right with the following:

    Standard Life
    Barrhead Travel
    mobile networks – most but not Giffgaff and maybe some other smaller ones

  249. call me dave says:

    For those who have (like me, a year ago) told the BBC tv to get knotted.

    Radio 5 live from Discovery Point Dundee and referendum programme on now and at 22:00hrs Big Debate from Scotland.

    Gordo’s vow in tatters tonight say some voters.

    Commentator seemed surprised that 5000 new members have been signed up by SNP in last few days.

    St Giles reconciliation service tomorrow Ch of Scot.
    Worth a listen, the debate, not the St Giles

  250. Luigi says:

    Marie clark says:
    20 September, 2014 at 8:28 pm

    Luigi dear boy, you can count me out on that one. After the way we have all been treated indepence is the only thing I am willing to accept. Devo schmeevo is oot the windae. As for Henry McLeish he can GTF. He is every bit as bad as the rest of them.

    I share your disgust, Marie.

    However, we need to draw in as much of the Labour support and soft NOs as possible. Think of devo max as another step towards full independence. This could be massive.

  251. fred blogger says:

    we definitely need a boycott notice board.
    did they think we would be so humiliated we’d just lay down?

  252. davidb says:

    SNP membership up nearly 5000 by today.

    I arrived at wings a few months ago. I understand its been going 3 years. If we can keep up the momentum we have elections next year for Westminster then Holyrood. There are council and European parliament elections. A coordinated campaign over the next few years could realistically see Indy candidates sweep the board of all elected positions. We have all got experience of campaigning now. What’s to stop us keeping it up. We can become such a pain in their arse they will be glad to be rid of us.

    I intend to research past campaigns now for things like universal suffrage and colonial independence. We are without doubt going to win our freedom.

    MOT propaganda tax:- I can get a Netflix or Amazon Prime account for much less than they steal. I am still doing research into a suitable tuner free device because I like my big screen. I will be legally verifiably free of those parasites within weeks. I actually hardly watch any of their guff anyway. Suggest you write a diary of what you watch by channel. MOT stuff is not up there. And although I watch 2 1/2 Men and Scrubs on TV, I own the box sets. Its just inertia that keeps you from sorting this. So I’m in – soon.

    The reason the informed became informed was because they didn’t read newspapers or watch the idiot box. Facebook, twitter, Youtube, blogs. Why would you need to go anywhere else?

    If you really need to know which envelope opening Mylene or Abbey were at last night, use a browser like Firefox fitted out with adaware, ghostery and noscript. I don’t see ads to click on, but I still get to look at the photoshopped images. Papers are history.

  253. Frank says:

    dtr1001…I think your suggestion is spot on and we should push for that as the enquiry will put the UK media under the global spot light and hopefully be called to account.
    At the very least it will open a few more eyes to everyone in the UK.

    Moaning about it now will probably be seen as just sour grapes again but how can it be classed as a fair referendum with such widespread bias?

    (I am still cancelling my TV licence though!) 😀

  254. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:


    “No the were lied to by Labour politicians and activists that they would lose their pensions if a Yes vote won. Labour are the scum of the earth.”

    You don’t know that half of it mate. We were informed of an actual Scottish Labour MP at a No street stall telling any pensioner that walked by that their bus pass would be useless in an Independent Scotland. Then a tearful mother asked if it was true that a Yes vote meant her disabled son would have to pay for specialised care and prescriptions from down south after speaking to a Nawbag campaigner.

    Labour are going to get exactly what they deserve after this. If they want to be Cameron’s obedient little poodles then let’s hope they like seeing their candidates faces right next to him on huge numbers of campaign posters and leaflets in 2015/16.

  255. leavergirl says:

    I bet that with lots of people cancelling, they’ll try to change the regulations. Do it quick. I haven’t had TV for 12 years now and do not miss it at all. The thing is, after a while, I found that it was making me unwell to watch… with everything louder and faster and nastier. Good luck! (And help yer neighbors too.)

  256. Croompenstein says:

    Was out a walk earlier and the streets of North Britain feels like that film Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, anyway I met a unionist shill who goaded me with ‘well nae luck you lost and the union prevailed’ Oh yeh I said ‘I am not lost I am found and your mirage of union will fall and I will still be standing

  257. kendomacaroonbar says:

    Chaps and Chapesses

    Here are some talented media individuals who are determined to create a platform to counter the negativity and bias by omission by the MSM. If you can help, pls do !

  258. Luigi says:

    I wonder if we could involve Tommy Sheridan in a campaign against the BBC.

    For all his faults, his leadership of the poll tax non-payment campaign many years ago was fantastic. It brought down Thatcher.

  259. Harry McAye says:

    crisiscult – as I stated a few minutes ago, you can add Wilkinsons to that list.

  260. Luigi says:

    I thought seriously about joining the SNP today, but I am a bit torn between them and the greens and Scottish socialists (all of which have certain policies that I support). Who to join? Still not sure, but I will keep you posted. I deliberately avoided joining any political party during the referendum campaign, as it was important to demonstrate that non-members were involved.

  261. crisiscult says:

    Also I’m willing to do my stint outside a branch of whichever company handing out leaflets informing customers of the company’s stance on Scottish democracy. Don’t have the leaflets as yet: I guess that’s stage 2 after getting our list together.

  262. schrodingers cat says:

    here ya go, remember and date it,

    All agents acting for and behalf of:

    · TV Licensing, Bristol BS98 1TL

    · Capita plc, 71 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0XA

    Dear Sir or Madam,


    We are writing to inform you that we have removed your Implied Right of Access to the above property. If we find that you, or any other representative of the companies named above, have entered onto this property without our prior written permission, you will have committed a criminal offence of Aggravated Trespass and we can take your statement under caution in accordance with Sections 68 and 69 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

    We are taking this step because:

    •The Communications Act 2003 does not require us to purchase a TV Licence at the present time.
    •Under Section 2 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, it is a criminal offence of harassment to make demands for money in such a manner that it causes alarm, distress or intimidation. This is the case no matter what method you use to make contact – whether by telephone, email, letter or in person. Punishment on conviction is six months imprisonment and/or a level 5 fine of up to £5,000, plus legal costs.

    The removal of your Implied Right of Access is the first step in our action to seek prosecution. Please be aware that should you or any other representative of your company set foot on the above property at any time, your statement can be used as evidence, along with any video and audio evidence obtained.

    Aggravated Trespass is a summary offence that is heard in the magistrate’s courts and carries a maximum sentence of six months imprisonment. A charge of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass also carries a maximum six-month sentence, but it is an indictable offence, which means the case will be heard in front of a jury in the crown courts. We take this offence extremely seriously and have successfully prosecuted others for this same offence in the past.

    We strongly advise that you act now to stop representatives of your company from entering onto the above property, as failure to do so may result in a criminal prosecution against your company and the individuals involved. You can avoid this easily by updating your records to show that a TV Licence is not required at the above address, and kindly informing your staff that they will be subject to criminal prosecution if they intrude onto the above property.

    Yours faithfully,

    address + post code

    The Legal Occupier

  263. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “For a post essentially about honest reporting of events, it’s a little incongruous to have clearly photoshopped images of hands holding ‘No thanks’ banners,”

    Not so. I took one of them myself from a live video stream. Lots of pics show NT banners of various colours.

  264. Stevie boy says:

    Bigheed @ 7:47pm

    Feel ur pain mate. U have sacrificed a great deal u believe in as u believe so much in Scotland.

    Hat off to u man, u have done the right thing.

  265. Croompenstein says:

    @crisis @fred – facebook page set up for boyotts let’s hit these bastards where it hurts, wonder if Thick British Tony the unionist chuggers company is listed yet??

  266. Ealasaid says:

    Ewan 3:04 pm

    Sorry came to this post late. I have been wondering about setting up a PC to stream catch up TV to my TV set since yesterday. Would get rid of my cable box and the old aerial from the roof.

    Not sure about how to do it though. Would love more information. Do not want to put my email on line. Could you get it from Rev Stu?

  267. Barbara says:

    The BBC decided to blame both sides. Have a wee read of today’s (20/9)Times. According to them, the fault lies solely with the Yes voters

  268. ChrisB says:

    This page has some BBC responses to FOI requests for information about TV licences:

    Only had a quick look, but this response to a query about licences in Wales may be of interest:

    It says; “…Now turning to the other part of your question, where you asked to know the “number of households in Wales paying the Licence Fee”.”

    “The BBC does not report on the exact number of licences in force below the level of UK…However we do receive a monthly report which lists Licences in Force…”


    [Blah blah read the whole thing for details of how they work next bit out]:


    “Licences in Force in the British Isles, November 2011

    Northern Ireland…..664,413

    Again, the above figures do not relate specifically to domestic addresses but include all types of addresses including those relating to businesses and other types of organisation. However again based on the fact that approximately 96% of addresses are classified as ‘domestic’, we can assume that approximately 1,202,435 of the 1,252,536 licences in force in Wales (as at the end of November 2011 report) relate to domestic properties.”


    So on this basis, domestic properties in Scotland accounted for around 2,109,444 TV licences in 2011.

    I’m in France, so I doubt they’d respond to an FOI request from me. Perhaps someone could do one asking about Scottish TV licence figures – and keep repeating it at whatever interval is appropriate to see how it’s changing?

  269. Kenny says:

    I honestly think if you are not sure which party to join, maybe join one of the smaller parties like the Greens or SSP. They are also great people (British Greens the only Westminster party to support us) and will probably be overlooked in this rush to join the SNP. Although, personally, I will be joining the SNP. And I have NEVER be interested in politics in my life!

  270. schrodingers cat says:

    the address for the withdrawl of access is

    BBC Complaints
    PO Box 1922
    DL3 0UR

  271. ronnie anderson says:

    I though the site was fixed

  272. call me dave says:

    Tonight Mr Salmond has stated he is surprised how quickly the plan to give more powers for Scotland is already unravelling.

    His interview is on the telly tomorrow.

    Heseltine on now Radio 5 totally sympathetic to plans for new devolution in England.

    Says the Scottish debate has brought the opportunity to do this.
    ‘Sauce for gander’ analogy as per Boris in London.
    Legislation through parliament has no chance unless devolved powers to rest. Scots should not be able to vote on English matters. What do you say Gordo and Glegg and Ed.

    Y’know not once in the last few days has anyone mentioned that SNP MP’s do not vote on matters in England.

    Gerry Hassan is sitting there as a commentator and he has not mentioned it either. Shocking!

  273. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    Message from the 45% to the Daily Heil, Paul Dacre and Lord Rothermere.

    Go fuck yourselves. 🙂

  274. Ken500 says:

    Euro News has a report on the Unionists Masonic violence in Glasgw. The rabble. Scotland’s shame. Tolerated by Labour/Unionists.

  275. Croompenstein says:

    @ronnie – I though the site was fixed

    Nah ronnie the referendum wiz 🙂

  276. call me dave says:

    Stolen from Herald comments.

    How now Brown vow! First smile since Thursday 🙂

  277. JLT says:

    Glad you’re still fighting the fight, Rev. This ain’t over! Honestly, really glad you didn’t throw in the towel. SNP membership up as far as I hear. The rise of ‘the 45’. Multiple apologies from No’s who wished they had voted Yes …and Scottish Labour panicking as pledges are broken over and over. No wonder Brown is bricking it! Lamont will be in for one helluva kicking in the Parliament next week. What they won was a pyrrhic victory. Nothing more.

    And people really are angry over the multiple broken promises from Westminster. I can see the clamouring for a new referendum in the near future …no matter what Westminster says. We are a sovereign people. We have the right! If we want one, then we’re bloody well having one!

  278. crisiscult says:

    OK, so re boycotts, I’m assuming it’s this one:

    if correct, seems a fair staring point, but needs stage 2, 3, 4 etc. Stage 2 will need to be ensuring we have a clear and unambiguous list of companies that actively got involved to smear independence (for example, as far as I can tell, Asda claim they never said their prices would go up).

  279. Bill McLean says:

    crisiscult – I wrote a letter of complaint to Barrhead Travel re telling staff to vote no – turn out it was one of their non-executive directors idea but it is not the policy of the company!

  280. John H. says:

    I wonder if anyone could tell me, if I cancel my BBC licence for my tv at home, will they expect me to have one for my caravan? Or are caravans exempt?

  281. I'veNeverSeenBraveheart says:

    Sorry O/T: I’m still struggling with this tbh. I’m with Greg Moodie and his #EverybodyCanFuckRightOffDay. I don’t want to talk to any of my No voting relatives or friends, and I’m sick of all the No voters on FB posting “reconciliation” pictures! 🙁

    I know I’m not dealing with it very well. I know if it was the other way round, I’d be trying to do the same, and struggling to understand why the No voters were worried because everything was going to be ok.

    But I think that what is pissing me off so much about this whole thing is, we had the positive, beautiful, grassroots campaign. They had liers and troughers and fear and negativity. It pains me that all the lies won, when really I should not have been so gullible. If it had been a fair fight, it would have been easier to accept. I fear all the No voters don’t know what’s around the corner, and I could scream with frustration because we’ve all been trying to warn them for months. And I know that is an incredibly arrogant way to think, and if it was the other way around, I would be pissed off with people assuming I was too thick to understand, but there we go, this whole thing has turned me into a big ball of negativity too 🙁

    Sorry, needed to vent and nowhere else!

    So, anyone able to help me out and give me hope or a way to get through this? 🙂

  282. Colin downie says:

    Until recently the BBC was one of few British institutions that I was proud of in any way. That has changed entirely for the past few weeks and months. Not another penny.
    As far as the biggots goes ian archer was too kind when he called them a permanent embarrassment and occaisional disgrace and that Scotland would be a better place without them. They are a permanent disgrace and the world would be a better place without them.

  283. Edulis says:

    Luigi etc.

    The party you join is not as important as the party you support at next year’s GE.

    We have to do two things:

    1) Ensure that each constituency has an MP who advocates independence as part of his/her manifesto promise

    2) Ensure that the Labour Party is put out of its misery. Many commentators are now saying that the Inderef result is bad for Labour. Personally, I think that Milliband is playing right into Cameron’s hands and will be shown up as anti-English in the argument over devolution and the West Lothian Question, thereby securing a Tory or Tory/UKIP victory next May.

    With a mandate for independence, we can then declare independence, definitely debt-free, if currency union is rejected by Westminster.

    I hope Dennis Canavan is up for this because we need somebody from the left to attract all the left leaning voters. How’s about it Dennis?

  284. S.McLaughlin says:

    @call me dave. Listening to 5 live now ,Same old sh*te cut the yes voters midflow ,English guy from Arran voted no because im English wtf.
    They interviewed a few folk just before the Killie game a guy mentioned the 45.

    We had a few millionaires on the yes side how about getting them on board for Scotlands own tv channel.

  285. Leginge says:

    Liverpool has a local tv that can be accessed on Freeview – not sure how it is funded, but it may be a template to follow for any new Scots Independent tv station.

  286. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    See photo in this tweet of audience show of hands at today’s Bloody Scotland post-Indyref debate, to confirm belief in BBC bias on referendum coverage:-

  287. Robert Peffers says:

    @ jamie macdonald says: 20 September, 2014 at 4:01 pm:

    “Now that I’m informed I canny wait till my next visit noo!”

    When I reached 75 I decided I’d had enough of the BBC crap. I was hardly watching anything other than, the now cut to the bone, CEEFAX text service and the occasional newscast. So I just didn’t bother renewing my licence.

    This triggered an ever increasing torrent of threats and downright abuse. So I attempted to use their on-line forms to inform them I was refusing to renew my licence due to the BBC bias and very poor quality programmes. Like someone else observed the forms are difficult to get accepted if you do not fit into one of the BBC’s wee pigeon holes.

    So I gave up but filed away all the threatening letters but one day I had a knock on the door and to get to the door the caller had to pass by bay window. I opened the window and asked the callers what they wanted. The couple, one male one female, immediately launched into a verbal attack saying, “You’re watching TV and we saw you through the window”. I said, “and you’re invading my privacy and have no right being on my property peering through my window”.

    They got rather annoyed until I pointed to a small CCTV audio/video unit pointed right at them and said, “Smile please you are on Candid Camera and I’m going to sue you for harassment”, they began to make a hasty retreat and I called after them, “I’ll also be calling your boss to make an official complaint and recording that too before I complain to the police”.

    I got a nice letter from their boss and an apology for my inconvenience.

  288. crisiscult says:

    @Bill McLean

    There we have the problem with this boycott. How many companies will say they’ve been misrepresented? Still think a leaflet including those companies including Barrhead travel but encouraging people to independently verify and interpret what these companies actually said. I’ve blacklisted the companies mentioned earlier: B&Q, M&S, Asda, Mackies, Tunnocks. Happy to add to my list.

    Just read article on Newsnet by Lesley Riddoch and it’s much more positive than my message here, but we have anger as well as positive energy, and I think it’s important that anger is channeled correctly and channeling anger at the establishment that thinks only about its preservation seems fair enough to me.

  289. John H. says:

    I found the answer to my question at 9.52.Trivial I know, but it would be easy to get caught out this way.

  290. S.McLaughlin says:
    Women fae orkney or close raging atm

  291. Marian says:

    45% voted for Scotland to be independent and if Westminster thinks for one minute that they are going to meekly accept a 55% majority thst was only obtained by Westminster and its media lackeys lying and cheating all the way through the campaign, then they had better think again.

    YES campaigners should now unite to form a political force even stronger than it was complete with streaming TV and Radio and online news to rival and even better the British media in every way to reach out with a message of truth to the people of Scotland that makes it the number one choice for viewing and listening to news and current affairs in Scotland.

    Then this new political force campaigns like never seen before to make Scotland’s Westminster MP’s unionist free. We’ve already done it to the Tories, the LibDems just need one last small push, and now the Westminster Labour party in Scotland are ripe for eradication too.

    Once Scotland returns every MP as one who wants full political and fiscal autonomy we have an unstoppable weapon to get exactly what we want.

    Once we have r

  292. John D aka Nkosi says:

    All unionist party member should be on Wanted Posters

  293. Kalmar says:

    Damn straight, I stopped paying the propaganda tax last year. I hope this catches on.

  294. ronnie anderson says:

    @croompenstein ah know it wiz fixed ah wiz there,the sites been buggin me all day

  295. Dal Riata says:

    Get tae fuck BBC! Haven’t paid the British state propagandists for over two years. If they harrass you, tell them to do one. Their threats are as worthy as their coverage of the referendum – fuck all, just lies and pish.

    As to the fascist, bigoted, hate-filled trash waving the Union Jack and singing such charming ditties as ‘Rule Brittania’, ‘Three cheers for the red, white and blue…For the army and the navy and the UVF’ and ‘The Billy Boys’… well, the 55% Nos, that’s what you what you voted for, so, congratulations, you must be so proud.

  296. Cymro says:

    I was so sorry to see the result, but I’m glad you are continuing the fight. I remember the despair after 1979 in Wales.
    During the campaign for S4C (the Welsh Channel 4) about 2,000 people proclaimed that they would refuse to pay their TV licences. The whole idea was to be taken to court and many people did appear in court. It gave a great platform to argue why you were refusing to pay and, even in those days, clogged up the local court system.I don’t know the situation in Scotland, but in Wales so many local magistrate courts have shut that the system could not possibly cope.

  297. Robbie64 says:

    off topic a little. I`ll be getting some t-shirts printed up saying

    Don`t blame me I voted yes

  298. fluffnik says:

    I make a point of always referring to these Unionist thugs as “The British”.

  299. Lesley-Anne says:

    I think I saw one idea earlier like that Robbie, brilliant idea. The one I saw earlier also had this on the back:

    “Your shame is not MY Shame!”

    Can the members of the 45 come up with some brilliant T-Shirt slogans or what? 😛

  300. Proadge says:

    On war criminal Jack Straw’s piece: yes, the British Establishment moving quickly to pave the way for the legislation that will permanently enshrine in law Scotland’s subordinate status, as predicted. But, of course, if you close down legitimate, peaceful, democratic avenues to create constitutional change (and Yes Scotland was/is the most peaceful and democratic of political movements, and one we can all be very proud of), then people use other means. Do the British Establishment ever learn anything from history?

    As for the BBC: they are the UK state’s propaganda organisation and anyone with the slightest interest in Scotland’s freedom should not pay them a penny. Get rid of your TV would be my advice. You won’t regret it.

  301. Lesley-Anne says:

    O.K. folks, this is from my partner’s Facebook page wonder what the legle eagles out there amongst you think. Don’t concentrate on the Lord Stirling thingy, apparently he’s not a real Lord whasit.

    On the face of it, if it can be confirmed as a legal route then I say we, Scotland, should go for it. More over if fraud can be confirmed in any way shape or form then we could be looking at Scotland being declared independent WITHOUT all the rigmarole of going through another referendum.

    Just a wee thought. 😉

    Lord Stirling

    Sep 17, 2014 7:37 PM

    If there is vote rigging to prevent a YES vote; there is a legal remedy for the Scots. In 1707 when the Treaty of Union went into effect, the sovereign Scottish parliament, known as the Three Estates, went into adjournment. It can be recalled by the existing regional Scottish Parliament. The Three Estates was made up of the representatives of the burghs (cities and towns), the representatives of the shires (counties) and the members of the ancient Scots Peerage.

    The existing regional Scottish Parliament are elected representatives from the burghs and shires, they only have to add the members of the ancient Scots Peerage (such as myself) to their existing membership and call back into session the fully sovereign Three Estates. That sovereign national parliament can declare fraud and proclame immediate independence of Scotland!

    Earl of Stirling

  302. M4rkyboy says:

    I hear gunshots

  303. M4rkyboy says:

    oops,fireworks 🙂

  304. Hob nob says:

    Listen up noobs, still paying license? Cancel now, accept the letters for a year, wait until letters turn red, fill in online form to say you don’t need one with a name pulled out your ass and never hear from them again. Carry on watching TV. Works best in a flat.

  305. david mclaine says:

    I’m not surprised that this flotsam has surfaced. I only regret they didn’t do it earlier. BUT then the bbc would not have shown it.

  306. steven says:

    look here it offers advice in a peaceful manner

  307. Calum says:

    Yes the BBC follow the editorial narrative they’re told to, but I don’t think this can be lumped in with the ‘BBC bias’ conversation.

    There is often (and I believe it applies in the case of this story) deliberate burying/downplaying of stories to avoid spreading material that could become propaganda inspiring violence/hatred or threatening security.

    It happens regularly across the UK news networks. A good example is the DPRK escalation in 2013, and a very recent example the release of a feature length film by IS today which BBC TV has not reported at all. It is essentially censorship, not bias

  308. tombee says:

    To my fellow 45ers.

    Instead on concentrating your efforts on denying the BBC the funding you provide, thereby perhaps incurring Legal penalty, why don’t we all concentrate our efforts on bringing about the complete annihilation of Labour members of parliament to Waste monster.

    Using the strength of our democratic vote to bring about the downfall of corrupt politicians who only serve their own interests, is a much better way to combat this obnoxious situation than withholding licence fees.

    Once we have achieved our common aims, then perhaps a new form of proper representation at W M can be achieved.

    The same goes for the next election of candidates to the Scottish Parliament.

    Our collective strength is in our vote, when we are allowed to use it properly, without it being corrupted. Let’s use it.

    We will need the backing of the forces for good in this. By that I mean the element of the Social media which served us so well during the referendum proceedings. Wings, N.N.S. and all of our other like minded friends.

    give it some thought. Let’s abide by the law.

  309. Robert Peffers says:

    @Victoria says: 20 September, 2014 at 4:05 pm:
    “Can you watch other channels such as sky1 as live without a TV licence legally or are they classed the same as bbc? I’ve never been sure. I know the income from the fees goes only to bbc.”

    It is a licence to receive LIVE TV … ALL LIVE TV reception.

    The ONLY Programmes you can legally watch from are recorded programmes NOT coming from a Broadcast station.

    That is cable, iplayer, or the ITV player, YouTube, Netflex or other recorded on-line stuff.

  310. tombee says:


    I was of course referring to Scottish labour members of parliament.

  311. Robert Peffers says:

    @Karmanaut says: 20 September, 2014 at 4:13 pm:

    “I’ve always wondered if the BBC could legally stop someone with a TV license from sharing all of their TV programmes online with whoever wanted to see them. “

    Copyright belongs to the BBC or/and the makers of the programmes.

  312. doganon says:

    Dear @tombee,

    Why make this a dichotomy? Surely one can a) dump the license fee, *quite legally* if one stops watching live t.v. and b) eliminate, electorally of course, the unionist WasteMonster MPs?

  313. Kevin says:

    No bbc no daily record please all yes,s–no labour or tories am a snp supporter from now on-long life the 45

  314. Swami Backverandah says:

    @ doganon re @ tombee
    I agree.
    Dump them both.
    If I manage to kill off the Monster, I don’t want its mouth as a souvenir.

  315. SandieK says:

    Ref TV licence etc – they cannot possibly know if you are receiving a live tv signal. A friend of mine used to work in the dreaded TV-checker vans with the revolving gizmo on top. The van was totally empty inside – no equipment, nothing! They do not have a way of knowing if you’re receiving live TV. I’m not advocating breaking the law, just telling you that there’s nothing in the vans. I don’t know if they use the vans anymore, as they probably just assume everyone has a tv then you’re on a database until you prove (ie write to them) that you don’t have a tv or don’t watch/record live transmissions.

  316. Dennis Smith says:

    My wife and I have never possessed a TV so have never had a licence. This led over the years to some mildly threatening correspondence and a couple of years back two of enforcement officers turned up on the doorstep. If my wife had been in they would have got no further. But I’m an accommodating kind of guy so I invited them in (while well aware that I was under no legal obligation to do so) and showed them our living room. They admired our taste in paintings and went away again, subsequently sending a letter to confirm that we were in the clear.

    The interesting point is that this team at least were only interested in looking for a TV in our living room – they emphasised that they had no wish to look anywhere else. They expressed no interest in my PC which is fully capable of receiving TV. I don’t know if this is general policy but some people may find this useful.

  317. Scotty Land says:

    Bill McLean, Barread Trave. Same as the others who have now turned round and said Naw no me. Oh that’s all right then we will still give you our dosh as it isn’t company policy, aye right . In an earlier posting regarding the vow I said if that was enough for six percent to vote no, that vote cost us a majority and therefore the right to rule over ourselves. In otherwards they cost us our Country. Like in the words of one of the No loyalists who’s supporters were running amok in George Square last night, give us the name (of the non Exec Director) then maybe we will decide who we believe. There are lots of Travel Companies out there and easier by the day booking on line. Ciao, Bell Travel, been alright knowing you. Maybe you can do your stuff from East Mids or somewhere else dan saff:)

  318. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    Iain Mcwhirter on anger at BBC expressed at Bloody Scotland book festival:-

  319. John Malcolm says:

    Cancelled my TV licence and direct debit earlier tonight. It felt cathartic. The reporting of the post-referendum stuff was the final straw. I hadn’t actually had my TV switched on for about a year and a half anyway.

  320. Iain More says:

    Welcome to Better Together Britannia – Fancy a kicking?

  321. purr says:

    As all broadcasting produced by the BBC is recorded, even the news has a delay edited in so they can cut anything they do not like,
    Can anyone tell me how this is in legal terms live broadcasting.
    Are 3 year old bargain hunt programmes live broadcasting?

    I do not believe that there is any such thing as live Broadcasting

  322. ATMo says:

    License fee cancelled. But hey I agree with previous comments re: other culprits…let’s not stop there. Someone please compile a comprehensive hit list of all the “brands” who have either interfered with democratic process or betrayed the poor and vulnerable of Scotland.

    Stand up ASDA, B&Q, Royal Bank, Lloyds, every single redtop and broadsheet (excluding Sunday Herald even though it is rubbish), Edinburgh, anyone over 65, The Scottish Labour Party, etc

    PS Joking about etc…etc has done nothing wrong and should be allowed to continue to be added at the end of sentences where appropriate.

  323. Kenny Hurford says:

    This is an insult to all true Scottish Patriots!!! This is the sort of SCUM we need scooped off our streets and incarcerated. Dog Shit is more acceptable!!!

  324. Malcontent says:

    I fully understand the legal position of Wings on the legal issues so the following thoughts are my own alone.
    Failing to pay only costs the bbc my measly licence fee of 145.50 for each person.
    But (hypothetically) my direct debit has now been adjusted to be 1 pound short every week (yes, you can pay weekly I think). Make sure you ask for the free text reminder as that will be a cost for the bbc.

    So, every week will generate 2 bbc letters and many legal letters escalating the threat of prosecution. Obviously you simply pay the weekly arrears just before court.
    Each short payment is an individual offence and must be treated as so.
    After a while I am sure the bbc will ask for an annual payment and deny the right to spreading the payments but that will take several weeks at best cost more letters etc.
    I really think each individual could cost the bbc 10k.
    Or am i spouting bollocks?

  325. Duncan Bryceland says:

    twenty14: After being very disappointed that Alex Salmond stepped down, I got thinking about it, and remembered what a shrewd politician he is, he gave a vow, but future leaders haven’t, or the Scottish people, so to me it now makes perfect sense. If the SNP get a overwhelming majority vote at the UK and Scottish parliaments they have the right to call a fresh referendum. So i think it’s clear what we have to do.

  326. Graeme McAllan says:

    I can proudly say at the age of 54 I have never paid for a TV license – my folks used to make a big deal about paying it, but I never bought into the idea of paying for the crap they offer 🙁

  327. Andy Law says:

    I know I’m late to this comment and am no apologist for the BBC, but they did, on Saturday night’s Reporting Scotland, show Friday’s ongauns in Independence Square and you’d have been hard pressed not to see the truth of it. The Daily Telegraph’s report on the other hand………….have a look: no surprise break out of even-handedness there.

  328. Patrick Roden says:

    Just a thought, but what is the legal position if Scotland votes a majority of SNP MP’s in at a general election?

    Does this not mean that the majority of Scots have said they support independence in a democratic election and so in a western democracy this should at the very least trigger a referendum.

    This thought should be shared far and wide as it gives people the target to aim for.

  329. STEU says:

    Was asked this but unsure of answer so would very much appreciate clarification, if at all possible.

    Does the ‘live TV’ rule applies if you’re watching a foreign broadcaster through satellite?

  330. Jimbothescot says:

    Don’t fill in their online form stating you dont need a license, all that does is book an appointment for them to come round and ‘make sure’ and start the intimidating letter process (disgraceful way for a company to make money)

  331. David Wright says:

    I agree that the BBC has a lot to answer for, but so have the press, including the so called “neutrals” in Scotland. There has been talk of crowd funding a TV channel, but how about crowd funding a new newspaper for Scotland? There must be plenty of pissed off journalists out there who had to tow their papers line on independence, who would like to be part of this. Thoughts?

  332. Tricia in Argyll says:

    I have followed this website over the past few months. This is my first time posting. I want to say thank you! I have never been interested in politics until this referendum. I gave out copies of the wonderful wee blue book – the one publication I have seen that gave information in ‘straight answer’ way. I have seen newspapers and all tv stations dance to Westminster’ tune.
    I voted YES – and this morning my husband and I joined the SNP. We’ve still to have the conversation about the TV license but I’d stop paying it tomorrow (have been watching live news this morning!).

  333. Bill McLean says:

    Scotty Land – the name of the Barrhead non-Executive director was published in the press – i’ll have a look around and see if I can find it for you. I hope you are not implying with your “do your stuff from dan saff” remark that I am not as committed to independence as anyone else on here – I live withing 6 miles of Dunfermline and I am a long term member of the SNP and have leafleted many time for YES – have you? Be more careful with your language or you play into the hands of our adversaries

  334. themadmurph says:

    I cancelled my TV license DD in May, but due to the way it works you are 6 months in advance. I was hoping by November we were on our way to independence and I would start paying again.

    Yesterday I cancelled Sky. I told them while there is a requirement to have a TV license, I can’t have their service. I asked them to lobby to remove this requirement.

    We have to use our monetary might to keep this fight going.

  335. Coinneach mac Raibeart says:

    I gave up on television 26+ years ago.

    Those of you who are about to take your boxes to the tip will find that you miss it for about the first six weeks. The only other times I missed it were the first Gulf War (1990 – 1991) and the events of 2001 09 11, both of which pre-dated broadband. Since then the Internet has quite satisfactory for my information requirements.

    In the early days I was aware of having much more free time than other people because I was not glued to a box watching mind-rot. More recently I have had less free time than other people because I’m glued to a different kind of box. I’m generally better informed than them though.

    As for TVL, the best tactics are evasion and stealth. *Do not* communicate with them, tell them what you are doing, make protests, perform acts of bravado. That helps them identify and track you. Just vanish from their radar. When the old BBC Resistance site was still up we organised cells to give each other warning when agents appeared in the area. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by simply not answering the door. It became a secondary objective to make them waste as much money chasing you, to no result. It was actually quite good fun.

    Make sure you are on the right side of the law though. Here is a good source of information:

    Its forum can be quite entertaining but be aware that there are a lot of UKIP types there. They are approaching the situation from the opposite side and have abolition of the license on their manifesto.

    Oh, and TVL will send you a love letter every month which you can pin up on the wall of your cludgie.


  336. DickieT says:

    Any reason these pictures gave faces pixilated. I assume police have originals

  337. biggpolmont says:

    ironic that they stand giving Nazi salutes beneath the war memorial dedicated to the men & women who gave their lives to defeat fascism the first braoadcasts that came through did make it plain that the co ordinated attack was by unionists against a good natured group of yes supporters who had been there for most of th days and that it was completley unwarranted that being reported by their man on the ground but that obviously did not suit the needs of the bbc so they changed it BYING LASTARDS!

  338. G H Graham says:

    I canceled my TV license & subscription to Sky some time ago because I refuse to have British State propaganda broadcast into my house any more.

    I know my rights so I know how to deal with those threatening letters or when their agents (TV tax thugs) appear at my door.

    The threatening letters are promptly shredded and the TV tax thugs are firmly told where to go after being advised that their presence is being recorded. That alone is usually sufficient to cause them to tick a box & promptly piss off.

    These TV tax thugs have no right to demand anything including entry so I give them precisely the opposite of what they came to get; nothing. Not even my name.

    So when you cancel your own TV tax, be confident that the law only requires a TV license IF you watch live broadcasts from broadcast networks on any device.

    More important is the sudden elevation in your productivity as well as the improvement in peace of mind when you no longer find yourself stuck in a trance in front of the telly.

    I imagine it’s like sniffing cocaine without any of the side effects.

  339. Natasha says:

    @Schrodingers Cat

    Thanks for the text of the letter to TV Licensing and the address. The Acts to which you referred in the letter – do they apply to both England and Scotland?

    By the way, does anyone have a link to the full video of the First Minister’s resignation speech? I don’t want to watch it on i-player because I don’t trust the BBC not to have edited it.

    Cheers, folks; keep fighting, we’ll get there.

  340. dougmacleod says:

    Ah, the BBC, also known as the Jimmy Saville Club. Take a look at the statues adorning the front of Broadcasting House in London and the centrepiece in the foyer. They are by sculptor Eric Gill of whom Wikipedia says “His personal diaries describe his sexual activity in great detail including the claim that he sexually abused his own children, had an incestuous relationship with his sister and performed sexual acts on his dog.” The BBC have not taken them down

  341. MarkAustin says:

    Ken500 says:

    Euro News has a report on the Unionists Masonic violence in Glasgw. The rabble. Scotland’s shame. Tolerated by Labour/Unionists.

    I am a Freemason, and I can can assure you that all the Grand Lodges of the British Isles adhere firmly to the principal of non-involvement in politics. It’s one of the quickest way to be kicked out: using Masonic connections for political purposes. The Orange Order is a collection of bigots and fascists who ape masonic customs to make themselves feel important.

  342. Anneka says:

    May I suggest you start your own house boycott list.

    1. Stop your TV licence. If too difficult stop watching the BBC. If not definitely stop watching BBC news. This will not stop it’s mouthpiece in Scotland but it may stop the big wages to Jackie Bird and the like.
    2. Stop buying papers. Yesterdays front page in the Sun was repugnant, totally unjust and shameful. To a man of honour and integrity. Who history will judge as a giant of his time.
    3.Don’t buy from the shops who were so eager to come out for no.
    4.Join a pro Indy group or make a donation.
    You get the idea get them in their pockets where their head and heart resides.

    This was round 1, we lost on points but made the establishment rock on it’s heals so much so it is still hitting out wildly at anything it perceives as a threat.
    Bring on round 2.

    We have our hand on the handle to a better future don’t let go.

  343. Liquid Lenny says:

    I stopped my direct debit several months ago, and stopped watching, at first it was like when I gave up the Herald, kept on wanting to watch, but after a week I didn’t miss a thing, I’ve watched the occasional DVD but apart from that nothing and to tell you the truth I don’t miss it a bit.

    Neither do I Listen to any UK Radio stations I have an internet Radio and its a brilliant way of listening to thousands of Radio Channels worldwide.

    The only downside is that I’m no longer any good at answering the current affairs questions in the local pub quiz 🙂

  344. James Dow says:

    Ibrox a pox Make Rangers strangers, simple, like them.

  345. James Dow A voice from the diaspora says:

    Alex Salmond is very canny, by standing aside he has removed himself as a target for all the unjustified personal attacks by Labour voters who could not cope with defeat and their own short comings. Their railing against the SNP from now on will only add to the SNPs ranks as they have been exposed for lacking all the qualities required for good governance. The most obvious INTEGRITY.
    I hope they try to shift their venom onto Nicola. That should work right? (for the SNP}

  346. Colin Mccartney says:

    Had a TV license muppet at the door buzzer of my flat
    HIM – I understand you don’t have a TV license any longer, do you have a TV?
    ME – Yes, but I don’t watch or record live TV any longer
    HIM – But if you have a TV you have the ability to watch live TV
    ME – Do you have a computer?
    HIM – Yes
    ME – if you have a computer, you have the ability to download child pornography

  347. debra ward says:

    i hope we can be free of the tv license as it is to much so that is me not paying no more TV Licensing

  348. Any good suggestions on where to donate the 145.50 that would have gone on the licence? Alternative, independent news organisations?

  349. PaulaB says:

    Tears of laughter at last

  350. The Saint says:

    This is focusing on the wrong issue – we’re going to need a strong BBC Scotland to form an SBS come independence. The focus should not be on individual removal of licence fees, but on making broadcasting a devolved powers. Make BBC Scotland management look over their shoulders worrying about what Holyrood thinks rather than what Westminster thinks.

  351. Christine says:

    I hope you’ll forgive the intrusion. I just wanted to give you the view from south of the border. We don’t all trust the BBC. We are not fools, we know they have an agenda. We feel for you, and whilst we don’t want you to leave, we understand why so many of you want to. We don’t consider you as anything other than a proud hardworking nation of tough guys who know how to party. Though we know many of you view us much less favourably. We are very much afraid that Scotland will tear itself apart over this. You are beautiful people with a beautiful land. We hope you will rise above the mindless thugs and find a peaceful way forward. We are proud to call you neighbours. Please remember this. You have never been 2nd best to us. The best way to fix the BBC is by making them answer their broadcast with the truth.

  352. Paul Taylor says:

    BBC iPlayer uses different addresses and port numbers depending on whether you’re accessing Live TV or Catch-up TV. It ought to be possible to have the live access blocked by a firewall. If this can be done by the ISP and confirmation put in writing, it would be very helpful if the licence people don’t believe you’re no longer watching live TV.

  353. Grant says:

    Of course, I saw Friday’s events on social media.

    Reported as you might hope internationally:

    While *utterly* perverted by The Times here:

    (paywall, but the top is enough for me)

    Absolutely gross.

  354. Susan says:

    Cancelled! That feels good. I only ever watched the news on BBC, and it hasn’t done my blood pressure any favours. Thought nothing else could surprise me, but their ‘coverage’ of the loyalists’ riots has been dumbfounding and disgusts me from the pit of my stomach.

    The BBC has betrayed Scotland, Yes and No voters alike. If they hadn’t put a No slant on everything, and if they had paid more than occasional lip service to news supportive of Yes, we could easily have convinced 6% (or far, far more) of those No voters to vote Yes. The BBC played a huge role in costing us the referendum. I will never forgive them.

  355. maggie laidlaw says:

    HI, I would appreciate some advice on cancelling my licence fee. I rarely watch TV, but would appreciate some help to allow my family to watch catch up via a laptop/TV set..
    My main concern through, is someone calling at my door. My grown up son is autistic (high functioning) and is often at home alone while I am at university. He is semi independent and is capable of looking after himself while I am out, but he would be quite traumatises by anyone demanding entry, or could be tricked into allowing someone inside.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

  356. AllyPally says:

    Some time ago, if I had received any sort of TV without a licence I would have been summarily dismissed from my job. No appeal, nothing. It was in my contract of employment.
    No longer

  357. JohnB says:

    Not paid for a license since 1997, worked for the post office in the BBC software dev team (sub’d to the PO) The manager there explained the law and no right of access to your house. The old radar vans were a sham and no judge in the land would sign a warrant for a tv license violation…!!


  358. Brotyboy says:

    Presumably no licence is needed to watch foreign tv through satellite? Can anyone confirm?

  359. Coinneach mac Raibeart says:

    “Presumably no licence is needed to watch foreign tv through satellite? Can anyone confirm?”

    Unfortunately you do need a licence for this.

  360. Ellie Fulton says:

    Due to the horrific events that have happened all over Scotland from these sectarian marches and mindsets I have created this petition in order to have the marches banned. This is hugely important and Glasgow has the worst sectarian based problems in Scotland so my thinking here is, if we can secure a ban for Glasgow then other cities will follow in our footsteps. We can once and for all rid ourselves of sectarianism in this country.

  361. G H Graham says:

    This is so important, the instructions should be on the font page.

    Once you have canceled your direct debit, there are two courses you can take …

    1. Simply ignore the threatening letters & bin them.
    2. Engage with TV licensing by letter & advise them that you have removed their implied right of access.

    Either way, you will still get these nonsensical letters saying that a court case is imminent or that an “Officer” will arrive at your door to check.

    As always, don’t even tell them your name or even if you have equipment to receive broadcasts. It’s not in their gift to extract any of this info from you UNLESS they have a court order from a judge. And that would only happen if they already have evidence that you are watching LIVE broadcasts, without a license.

    But rather than take the BBC’s advice, check this website out and read all the pages that reveals the sham that are the “TV Detector Vans” & the intimidating tactics used by the BBC to extract money from people even when they don’t need a license.

  362. G H Graham says:

    If you are more comfortable writing instead of ignoring them, I suggest you write to the TV licensing with this letter or variants thereof …

    Head of Customer Relations
    Customer Relations Department
    TV Licensing
    Bristol BS98 1TL

    To all agents acting for and on behalf of:
    TV Licensing, Bristol BS98 1TL and Capita plc, 71 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0XA

    Date …..…………………….

    Dear Sir or Madam,


    This letter is confirmation that your Implied Right of Access to the occupied property at XYZ, has been removed by the Legal Occupier. You or your agents or indeed anyone acting on your behalf may believe they have a “common law” right to approach a property. But only in so far as all people have a right to approach a front door. Thus, unless subject to a warrant issued by a court, the right of the Legal Occupier to permit or prevent access is absolute.

    Consequently, the Legal Occupier at XYZ is making it known to you in writing that your Implied Right of Access has been removed. Thus, if you or any other agents & representative acting on behalf of the companies named above, have entered onto this property without our prior written permission, you may have committed a criminal offence of Aggravated Trespass. Thus, a statement may be taken under caution in accordance with Sections 68 and 69 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

    This step is taking place because:

    • The Communications Act 2003 does not require a TV Licence at these premises
    • Under Section 2 of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, it is a criminal offence of harassment to make demands for money in such a manner that it causes alarm, distress or intimidation. This is the case no matter what method you use to make contact – whether by telephone, email, letter or in person. Punishment upon conviction is six months imprisonment and/or a level 5 fine of up to £5,000, plus legal costs.

    Be aware that should you or any other representative of your company set foot on the above property at any time, your statement can be used as evidence, along with any video and audio evidence & may lead to a prosecution of Aggravated Trespass or a Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Trespass.

    You are strongly advised to act now to stop representatives of your company from entering onto the above property, as failure to do so may result in a criminal prosecution against you, your company and the individuals involved. You can easily avoid this by updating your records to show that a TV Licence is not required at the above address & by informing your staff that they may be subject to criminal prosecution if they intrude onto the above property.

    Finally, TV licensing does not legally require the name of a Legal Occupier to accept that a right of access has been withdrawn. Thus any correspondence from you or your agents in response to this letter proves that the withdrawal of the right of access has been sent from the Legal Occupier.

    Your correspondence may also be placed before the court as evidence that you have received & accepted the instruction to withdraw implied rights of access, even if you do not expressly say so in your own correspondence.

    Yours faithfully,

    The Legal Occupier

  363. Sarah Malcolm says:

    I am 34 years old and I have never paid for a TV license, I have always refused to do so. I have a big TV, to which I have the games console/pc and dvd player connected, but if I watch any programs, they are either downloaded or streamed (not live). I am contacted by the licensing company every 1-3 years asking why I don’t have a TV license… I just tell them I do not watch TV and I refuse to pay for one. Once they tried to suggest I take the receiver out of my TV, but I refused to do so on the grounds that it would void my warranty/insurance. They have said a couple of times that they MAY send someone round to “check” (what they want to check, I don’t know, all they could do is check whether or not I have a TV, which I have never denied) but, as yet, I have never had anyone here and I have been in my current house nearly 9 years.

  364. Jim Thomson says:

    Just spent a happy (not) half hour plodding through (this is the relevant part of the legislation regarding licencing of TV reception)

    and (this is one of the definitions of a telly) along with

    It should be noted that reception of ANY off-air programming regardless of provider and regardless of whether it’s via an aerial, sat dish or cable/ISP through phone line, needs to be licenced.

    The only way you can get round it is to have a telly that doesn’t have any receiving capability (in which case it’s a monitor) and that includes having a Sky box (other providers are available) connected to the “monitor” because it is capable of receiving live broadcast material.

    I had hoped to be able to simply stop the licence because I no longer wanted to see the BBC, but that doesn’t seem to be possible.

    The next course of action might be an FOI request to identify the portion of the licence fee that relates solely to the BBC funding aspect and NOT the pure “licence to receive broadcast TV” bit. I can see that there might be a legally challengeable benefit there.

  365. Jim Thomson says:

    OK, that’s the FOI request away. I’ll post any response. Not holding my breath.

  366. VFRbabe says:

    Just got my letter for the Biased Broadcasting Corporation ready and cancelled my DD payment to them. It’s no less than they deserve. I point the finger directly at them for denying us our Independence. The old people I know had no other means of finding ‘facts’ on the referendum apart from the ‘newspapers’ and we all know how biased that was as well. We need another chance soon but we need the news to be forced to be impartial this time!!!!

  367. Fred says:

    I don’t know how anyone ever gets fined for not having a tv license. I haven’t had one for 20 years. In all that time the inspectors have come knocking on my door about once every 5 – 7 years. They have never got past the front door and still write threatening letters to the householder as they haven’t manged to find out who I am. When reciving a threatening letter from them I always take immediate action as demanded. I immediately put in in the bin.

  368. Jim Thomson says:

    The people in charge of enforcing the licence fee collection are now Capita, apparently. That means they will be results driven because their profits will rely on them being able to recover costs.

    More privatisation by the back door.

    The sooner the BBC is wholly privatised, and supported via advertising, the better.

  369. Ged Mitchell says:

    There are two types of law in the UK: Common Law and Statute Law. Because the Houses of Parliament registered itself as a company with companies house all laws made from then are statute law=company law (based on maritime law), Common law (to make it easy) is where you can be arrested for an arrestable offence, you cannot be arrested for going against statute law.
    Statute law (maritime/company law) only applies to you if you consent to it. Therefore, a police officer, or a magistrate, are only police officers and magistrates under Common law as they have to give an oath to function as such. So, if a bailiff comes around to your house, under statute law, and shows you a warrant you can be 100% certain that it is not legal for you have to consent to it being legal. There is also a line in the warrant that the magistrate has to sign. He will not sign that line as he will be breaking Common law by impersonating a magistrate. Remember that he is only a magistrate under common law; not statute. If a policeman turns up at your door with a TV licence guy or a bailiff he is NOT there to enforce that as he can only uphold common law; not statute. He is there to keep the peace and you do not have to give out any information to the TV guy, bailiff or police officer.

  370. Alan Dunlop says:

    RE: this article (point 3) and G H Graham’s copy/paste letter – beware as the logic here is flawed. The article linked to applies to English law only.

    As the withdrawal of “implied right of access” or withdrawal of the common law right for TV Licensing’s officers to approach your property isn’t recognised under Scottish law. I have tried this approach and discussed it with the TV licence customer services.

    This is what happens in the age of internet only research. Article makes sense but is incorrectly applied to Scotland which has a totally different legal system.

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