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It’s England’s Oil

Posted on August 28, 2014 by

This is Polly Toynbee of the Guardian and Eddie Bone of the Campaign for an English Parliament in a remarkable nine minutes of “Good Morning Scotland” this morning.


It’s the nearest to sounding like a Yes voter you’ll ever hear James Naughtie. Enjoy.

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  1. J. R. Tomlin says:

    Maybe even Naughtie is starting to have his eyes opened. It is possible. Unlikely but possible.

  2. heedtracker says:

    Polly’s an odd duck. She told Andrew Neil on his Politics show that no Scot should ever be allowed near high office in Westminster again, no matter what the result

  3. Gordon says:

    Eddie Bone. Wow.

  4. JimnArlene says:

    Haven’t listened to it yet but, naw it isnae it’s oors.

  5. Derrick says:

    Listened to this live on my way to work. Naughtie sounded genuinely indignant. Long time since I started a shift with such a smile on my face.

  6. Tony Jensen says:

    This is an extraordinary tape. There must have been a few undecideds who heard this on the train or in their car and thought “Well, these two are being really frank about NHS privatisation, there must be some truth in it.”

  7. Andy smith says:

    This should be shared by all, Eddie bones statement that only way Scotland can save its health service is by voting yes took me completely by surprise, given all that he’d said beforehand.

  8. Chitterinlicht says:

    I know more folk than ever voting yes but bookies are still saying no. Any ideas?

  9. Croompenstein says:

    Feel the love from Eddie Bone-Head, this has to be heard by as many undecided and soft no’s as possible.

  10. heedtracker says:

    Polly says she doesn’t think the people of England have got it in for Scotland but that Toynbee chat with Neil actually goes far beyond what the Campaigner for England says, that no MP from a Scottish constituency should be allowed to be the leader of a Westminster party or “indeed hold the great offices of British state, no matter what the result”

    Slash the funding handout we give them, bar them from any Westminster government jobs, bish bosh bettertogether.

    It makes you wonder just how bright any of these vote No commentators actually are.

  11. BB says:

    Remember that Polly writes for the “left wing” Guardian. Imagine what the all out Tories and UKIP types will be thinking?

  12. heedtracker says:

    No taxation without representation gets closer and closer.

  13. JimnArlene says:

    WTF. Mr Bones, we pay more in than get back….Fact.
    NHS Scotland, feked if we vote no.
    For the love of your, country, bairns, family and friends; for the unborn generations to come..,….in the name of what ever you believe in, VOTE YES.

  14. heraldnomore says:

    I was astonished this morning. Has he read the WBB? Maybe we should put a supply at PQ reception. They might dump the Naughtie boy and give us a Smith/Kuenssberg double act for the next three weeks.

    Or it might be back to normal tomorrow. The FMs on with the fragrant KwithanE.

  15. sinky says:

    Latest survation poll yes 47 no 53 Daily mail in meltdown to save the union

  16. heraldnomore says:

    Wonder if Archie was listening?

  17. Jamie says:

    Naughtie standing up for the truth was a shock, but I think the really significant part was when both Bone and Toynbee agreed that Scotland should vote for independence to save the NHS. People need to hear this!

  18. Andy smith says:

    Its a question of how much is being staked,most people off the street betting yes tend to only bet small amounts is £10 to £50 . its been well reported on the other hand that a few heafty bets,the largest being £400,000 have been placed on a no result
    Most of these bets seem to originate from the London area however,suggesting someone is trying( and succeeding) to manipulate the odds.

  19. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Here’s what happens to Naughtie, after doing back-to-backs with Darling, McDougall and Carmichael:

    ‘I’m Mad As Hell And I’m Not Going To Take It Any More.’

  20. Baheid says:


    To have to pay out several million (on a YES vote) is money well spent.

    Backing Westminster will bring far more riches for them.

  21. Murray McCallum says:

    Eddie Bone’s initial remarks about spending in Scotland have been ignited by the better together campaign and its cheerleaders like James Naughtie. they have played the Scottish subsidy card to the max.

    You reap what you sow.

    Eddie Bone’s remarks about NHS privatisation – he seems to have spent 20 years working in it and thinks Alex Salmond has a point.

  22. Chitterinlicht says:


    What about bookies usually more accurate guide. They still predict no which is against what I am seeing. Just concerned.

  23. Paula Rose says:

    (Ian honey message on O/T)

  24. Chitterinlicht says:

    Thanks people. Don’t get betting to be honest. To be fair this is a very unusual circumstance. Most people I know are yes with some exceptions (Edinburgh/finance sector).

  25. msean says:

    Misinformed re oil,but spot on with the NHS funding and advising Scots to vote yes. After the Scots have been educating themselves on the Indyref issues for the last three years,most of us can spot this stuff a mile off. 🙂

  26. wee_monsieur says:

    Wow. That’s all.

  27. KenC says:

    Hello James. Welcome aboard.

  28. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    looks like Jim Naughtie has been up here too long.
    He is starting to go “native”.

  29. Taranaich says:

    If Mr Bones finds the “extra funding” Scotland has offensive, what on earth must he think of London’s extra funding?

    After all, you said it yourself, Bones: “the people of England want equality when it comes to expenditure.” Maybe you should start thinking about equality in your own country before you start making assumptions about the other constituents of the UK, eh?

    Also, he can give the *actual figures* of £10,152 spending per person in Scotland, £8,529 spending per person in England, £49 billion to Scotland… but NOT the *actual figures* of taxes from Scotland?

    Good of him to actually show a modicum of honesty in acknowledging the reality of the NHS in the event of a No vote, though.

  30. Sinclair Macleod says:

    I feel sorry for Eddie Bone. He’s been fed a diet of lies, constructed to put barriers between the ordinary people if Scotland and England. All designed to stop people realising how much London sucks the life out of all of us. It was nice to hear James Naughtie behaving like something approaching a real journalist but I suppose Mr Bone isn’t a real member of the establishment.

  31. HandandShrimp says:

    Bit ironic regarding the NHS when Cameron is trying to paint the Yes campaign on the NHS as scaremongering.

    Bone spills the beans.

  32. Papadox says:

    We are not wanted pretty clear from the English guy.

    Don’t think they will share English oil with us, they don’t like us being scroungers on the good folk of England.

    Would be nice if the Scottish snobs could listen, digest and understand. They are scroungers.

  33. heraldnomore says:

    Meanwhile over at BfS GMK is on form with a letter on the charges for whisky promotions at embassies. I’ll expect hear the BBC apology in the morning; and the HMG apology at the same time they refund the charges. Or not.

  34. AndyC says:

    Anyone got a list of the 100+ businesses against independence?
    I’m fussy where I spend my bawbees.
    I know about Baxters, Mackies crisps/ice cream,Tunnocks,B+Q.
    Also don’t buy Hovis since they started wrapping their loaves in Union Jack.
    I’d like to know who else to boycott even after we win on the 18th. It will never be forgotten in this household!

  35. BrianW says:


    I am truly Gob Smacked at that. Unbelievable.

    Everyone is Scotland should hear this.

    Who’s up for driving around in an Ice Cream Van with LOUD speakers on top (driving around like the end of Mars Attack)

  36. Nation Libre says:

    Mr Bone, if England is such a great tax earner, why is there approx £100billion UK deficit each year.

  37. Karmanaut says:

    New Survation poll out.

    41.1% Yes
    46.7% No
    12.2% Undecided

  38. cearc says:


    Bookies balance the books.

    The odds are set by how much they will have to pay out if Yes win v. how much they will have to pay out for no. It is not a who will win prediction as such (Generally speaking they win).

  39. JimnArlene says:

    BrianW, I’ll happily use my camper for such a use.

  40. Karmanaut says:

    I’m told the new poll comes out as

    YES 47%(+4)
    NO 53%(-4)

    Once undecided voters are not counted.

  41. Midgehunter says:

    A truely remarkable 9 min of beeb radio!

    First Eddie weighs in with the Scotland is subsidised from England guff, Naughtie clearly irritated butts in with a need for proof in numbers. Eddie crashes.
    Amazing, is Naughtie a maybe YES man?

    But the best bit is still to come. Eddie and Polly both go flat out for Scotland needing YES to save the NHS-SCO from privatisation and why. No if’s an but’s, vote YES.

  42. Peter Macbeastie says:

    I heard this in the morning but it’s good to hear it when I’m not half asleep.

    Polly Toynbee is wrong in places but compared to that pillock Bone she’s positively Yes. She’s certainly bang on where NHS Scotland is concerned.

    Naughtie clearly hates Bone. He really did a Paxman on him and the moron really, really floundered. ‘I don’t have the figures to hand’ followed by ‘I know what the figures are’ has to go down as almost Rumsfeldesque for sheer stupidity.

    Oh, in parts I have no doubt he was actually right. We vote no, budget cuts are coming. But his reasoning for it was wired to the moon. England is the only part of the UK to have positive tax receipts. My arse it is.

  43. Vincevincible says:


    The bookies make their money from balancing the betting book (matching volume of bets for Yes with volume of bets for No) and skimming the profit from the over-round (essentially lowering the odds so that Yes + No > 100% probability). They only lose money when lots of people only back one outcome and they can’t then balance the book.

    If a small number of people are heavily backing No and a large number of folk are making smaller bets on Yes the bookie will be pretty happy with either outcome.

    Of course the other option might be the No backers know something we don’t (e.g. the vote is rigged and there will only be one winner?). But that’s pretty unlikely given the number of people who will be looking to make sure the vote is a fair one.

  44. CameronB Brodie says:

    At least Polly Toynbee’s view appears to have evolved, somewhat. It is a pity the guy undermined his health warning with his opening statements.

  45. Training Day says:

    This is the predicted clarion call for the No vote to turn out from the Daily Heil. Without, of course, ever showing Yes ahead.

    Dug Alexander’s ongoing narrative about postal votes (get them back quick), polls (used to justify a rigged vote) and ‘the millions of Scots who oppose separation” (used to justify a rigged vote) is of greater significance.

  46. Thepnr says:

    Where can the Better Together lot hide behind after this?

    They have no answers, are ignorant of the Scottish contribution to the UK treasury. Tax receipts are only a minor issue as far as the rUK economy is concerned.

    They would probably get away with borrowing an extra £6 billion or so to make up for there loss. what they won’t get away with is having to import £40 billion worth of oil a year from Scotland, billions in electricity and no longer having Scottish Whiskey as an “export” from English ports.

    The balance of payments issue for them is the main problem. A Scottish pound would be worth 20% more than an English pound, that’s why in the short term at least there will be a currency union.

  47. CameronB Brodie says:

    Could someone please upload this to youtube, for tivo or other smart doodads.

  48. margo allan says:

    Loved the comments ,that,s one of the reasons I am voting YES, I admire the English ,they are the nationalists I know,

  49. CameronB Brodie says:

    meant to for those without t’internet, but who have tivo…..

  50. PeeGee says:


    Is this our RevStu getting a mention in the Guardian before he became a Cybernat and no longer welcome?

    For a more comprehensive round-up, you should head immediately to the Your Sinclair Official Top 100 Spectrum Games of All Time, which was persuasively and entertainingly written by Stuart Campbell. He put the motorbike-riding-through-forest thriller Deathchase at number one.

    3D Deathchase better then Jet-Pac? Knew he wasn’t to be trusted.

  51. highseastim says:

    AndyC another on the list was Jimmy Buchan of Trawlerman fame and failed Tory mp!!

  52. Betty Boop says:

    Has anyone sent Naughtie a Wee Blue Book?

    I was astounded at his quick and tenacious defence of Scotland’s economy, although, to be fair, I think Naughtie is probably more gobsmacked than me.

    Do you think the Beeb have booked his bus ticket back to London?

  53. HandandShrimp says:

    The Mail’s poll seems to bring their series in line with other recent polls. There really isn’t much between the two sides now and it will fall to who is more committed. I will be impressed if it is a 85% turnout but if it is around the 80% mark and the Yes voters turn to, then we should win this.

    That said when I speak to people at work the thing that surprises (and delights) me is how many Yes voters there are. More than the polls seem to suggest. There are No voters too obviously and we all rub along without the Armageddon that out of touch politicians like Douglas Alexander witter on about.

  54. SquareHaggis says:

    @Peter Macbeastie

    Rumsfeldesque, I’m so stealing that 🙂

  55. Chitterinlicht says:

    My mate wrote code for 3d death chase. V addictive. jet PAC hmmm not so eye bleeding exciting. Sorry #Indyref

  56. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    I read occasional concerns regards vote rigging by the british state, isnt the referendum being run by our govt at holyrood? if so, more likely be rigged in our favour, which i wouldnt mind at all. The humiliation and criminality of being caught vote rigging should be enough to see an honest outcome i believe.

  57. Nana Smith says:

    @Findlay Farquaharson

    Tartan Tory has just put up a great post re the vote[set up/rigging etc]over on off topic. It is excellent.

  58. Capella says:

    @ CameronB
    What a blight on the Better Together narrative. Great links. thanks.

  59. Thepnr says:

    Couple trolling tonight, one should have been banned already today for an earlier misdemeanour.

    There is nowhere to hide we know who you are 🙂

  60. Tom Platt says:

    Westminster and the BBC may be realising now that the hard knots of numerous lies of “No” have been unravelling for a little while…the rope is straightening out so fast that Westminster can’t keep hold of it. On the strength of this interview even James Naughtie seems to have let go and let the rope swing free. The big hope has to be that “Yes” will continue their efforts not to allow “No” to build barrages to prevent the turning tide of opinion for Indy from coming in on the 18th September. Scots must have their path kept clear to surf in on the crest of a vote of “Yes” to be able to keep the rope of truth free. If an as yet unseen or unconstructed barricade stops us and a vote of “No” results, it is clear from this interview that the rope will be re-knotted by the right wingers down South to hang us and there will be little that Scots can do to prevent it. We must keep working for a “Yes”.

  61. Kalmar says:

    That’s the most astonishing thing I’ve ever heard on Today. Up is down, black is white, etc

  62. Tam Jardine says:

    Jim Naughtie bristling with anger at his homeland being so maligned. Interesting times.

    I had a quick look at the poll tables – looks like a majority for Yes from the 25-54 age bracket with the 65+ bracket skewing the figure.

  63. Another Union Dividend says:

    Thepnr at 11 pm says:

    Don’t wish to be a pedant but it really annoys me when proud Scots refer to Whiskey, Murdock and Gaelic.

    To maintain our culture we most stick to Scottish usage.

    On the latest opinion polls the 5% gap can be overturned by going out on the door steps contacting and speaking to all the undecideds.

    Waffling on Wings,street stalls and leaflets don’t cut it.

  64. SquareHaggis says:

    @Training Day,

    I’ve been sensing the same things as you mentioned re rigging.
    Anyone with a postal vote should seriously consider turning up at the polling station on the day or changing it to a proxy before Sept 2nd (I think).

    There is no way on god’s earth a million Scots have registered for a postal vote, not a chance.

  65. highseastim says:

    @square haggis, unfortunately I have no option as I go offshore the day before!!

  66. Davidb says:


    I hope I am not the only slightly right Yesser. For those of a similar bent, this is quite interesting

  67. crazycat says:

    @ANother Union Dividend

    The street stall I was at last Saturday was giving out the WBB and had a fair few potential converts, so I don’t agree it was useless. (There are street stalls and street stalls, of course 🙂 )

  68. Thepnr says:

    Sorry 3 trolls on tonight, must have been party invites sent out 🙂 🙂

  69. liz says:

    First of all I think Polly Toynbee is back tracking on her ‘No Jocks please we’re British’ because she was brought to task big time in the Guardian over those remarks and how did this square with her feminist, liberal credentials.

    She made the mistake of most London-centric people in that she didn’t realise this was being broadcast UK -wide.

    Secondly I think Naughtie is annoyed because this confirms the ‘back-lash’ of the English electorate and it doesn’t square with the ‘we are all British together’ mantra of the Brit-Nat Scot.

  70. cearc says:

    nana smith,

    Looking forward to meeting ‘not Paul’ at the count, shame you can’t be there.

  71. Training Day says:

    Name the trolls thepnr

  72. BB says:


    Notice when they try to compare Scotland to others for funding they never highlight the HUGE difference between London and the north of England. They give an average that masks the true drain of resources from everywhere, flowing into London.

    The second misleading part in the spending argument is part of the “Scottish” spend actually funds UK/Westminster/English projects and we don’t really benefit or only a small part of what we put in is spend here – Trident (parked here to make sure the risk is far form London and costs us a fortune), military spend (including a navy that doesn’t even bother to park a boat up here), HS2 that will never reach us, London sewer upgrades, Westminster refurbishments, London crossrail, M25 upgrade, House of Lords refurb, etc. Spending that either doesn’t benefit the people here or which enriches people living down south (they get the jobs, contract and spending in their local areas). Constant construction and refurbishment alone injects huge amounts of money sucked from around the UK into these areas of England, a useful way for Lab/Tory to bribe the swing voter electorate in those areas or the wealthy business owners/party donors who get the contracts.

    The third misleading part in that recording is the claim over “tax profit”, by which we can assume he means “surplus”. The borrowing and growing debt clearly demonstrate this part is simply not true. If you pretend ever increasing borrowing is profit then you’re in the realm of Enron.

    I hope the folk in the north of England realise it’s Westminster that’s to blame for their plight and not the scapegoat Scots. At least after independence Westminster won’t be able to blame Scots any more, possibly even face having to admit the truth of the arrangement.

  73. Thepnr says:

    @Another Union Dividend

    “Waffling on Wings,street stalls and leaflets don’t cut it.”

    So other than criticising everyone posting here, working on stalls and ponding the pavements handing out leaflets. Just what is it you do?

  74. kalmar says:

    Was at the Kinross Yes event tonight, and the opening slide of the introduction was the Wings ad about newspaper bias 🙂

  75. Thepnr says:

    @Training Day

    The other two you might like to find for yourself. They are not hard to spot.

  76. CameronB Brodie says:

    The Planning Resources link is to indicate this info is considered of commercial value.

  77. Training Day says:


    You think I’m a troll? Ask Stuart Campbell.

  78. CameronB Brodie says:

    Also note where the poverty and hence need is located. It ain’t in Scotland, is it. So where will our wealth go once needs based funding is introduced. Then think about a privatised DWP and NHS, on top of that.

    Crushing. 🙁

  79. CameronB Brodie says:

    Sorry, ??. Missed them. 🙂

  80. Marcia says:

    Scottish Daily Hate Mail front page for tomorrow;


  81. caz-m says:

    Would someone please put up a link to the egging of that lovely Labour Party gentleman today.

    Needing some late night comedy. He is becoming a must watch at night, very addictive.

    many thanks.

  82. Thepnr says:

    @Training Day

    No way have I ever thought you a troll haha.

    I’m calling out PeeGee the nasty swearing who would like to hang people and now talks of the Rev’s video games and Chitterinlicht who knows nothing about bookies odds and also talks of video games.

    This article is a VERY serious piece showing the reality of what a NO vote means, the 3 I mention try to demean the whole article.

    You just need to read all the posts, people will go off topic for all kinds of reasons but video games are not usually one of them.

  83. Fireproofjim says:

    You are welcome here. There are people who see different roads in the new Scotland, but it will be a better democracy, and all voices will have a better chance to be heard.

  84. Faltdubh says:

    Means absolutley zilch in the grand scheme of it all, but just searching ‘postal vote’ on Twitter – is very nice viewing, quite a number of people seem to have ticked Yes and sent it back.

    Many of these when you look on their profiles have no Yes twibbon or any posts/tweets about Indy.

    We will live in hugely INTERESTING TIMES.


    3 WEEKS!!!!

  85. James123 says:

    @Another Union Dividend
    “On the latest opinion polls the 5% gap can be overturned by going out on the door steps contacting and speaking to all the undecideds.”

    A 5% percent gap actually aquates to a very narrow victory for Yes simply because independence supporters are more inclined to actually vote than No’s. When you add into the mix the many pro independence disenfranchised voters who do not appear in these polls the outcome will be over 55% in favour of Yes and possibly pushing 60%.

  86. Training Day says:


    My misunderstanding bud. Let’s win this.

  87. CameronB Brodie says:

    We are all under the same banner, so party politics shouldn’t really come into it, even though a lot might identify social justice as their main reason for supporting Yes. I know this site tends towards a left leaning attitude, but appearances can be deceiving. We are creating a new paradigm. 😉

    Tartan Tory around? 🙂

  88. Patrician says:

    So Mr Bones two points are that Scotland has to vote Yes, if it doesn’t want to lose oil and the NHS.

    A No vote, in effect means the oil belongs to England and the NHS will be privatised.

    That is a message that will not go down well with the undecideds.

    O/T, had a catchup and conversation with one of my undecideds to ensure they had a WBB. Their lunch group had met today and the topic of discussion had been the referendum, everyone at the lunch agreed they were now moving to Yes. The reason being that after the last debate between Mr Salmond and Mr Darling, they still had not heard a positive vision for staying in the union. The vision and positives were all on the Yes side, i wonder how this is being reflected up and down the country.

  89. handclapping says:

    Those Survation poll tables are fascinating.
    Its within the error in West Glasgow Central and Mid+Fife. Central has Yes ahead! Those are where it will be won.

    Thats not to say the efforts in South Lothian NE and H+I aren’t useful. They will cut their No vote lead and make winning in the top 4 easier.

    Got my first No who won’t vote – If I’d known what a palaver it would be I’d never have moved here!

  90. Thomas William Dunlop says:

    I’m sure I heard Jim Naughtie’s sole swearing that he should vote yes (if he had one….) to escape interviewing eejets

    Mind you it was doubles all round when the numpty for an english parliament backed the up YES campaign on its assertions about NHS safety.

  91. Zen Broon says:

    I wonder if people are beginning to wake up to the real consequences of a No vote. Just as Devo Max is not in the ballot paper, nor is the status quo.

  92. call me dave says:

    Been away doing bullet point presentation notes for Monday, coming out off retirement for a while…all this pension scare stuff. 🙂 So I missed all the news from tea time.


    Well done to Naughtie, I’m moving him a peg up in my ratings. But the real gold is the content and a huge shocker for the DK’s who are swithering.

    I heard a few seconds of the Radio Scotland news a wee while back. Cameron embarrassed by a speech by a member of the CBI at dinner evening tonight over Europe I think. Anybody up to speed with that?

  93. SquareHaggis says:


    You may still have time to switch to a proxy.
    I’m sure you still have up until Sept 2nd or 3rd.

  94. fred blogger says:

    he claims to be cross party org but fails to realize there is no longer any crossparty.
    “they’re all in it together.”
    the WM collective cognitive convergence, is that their subjects should keep them in a style/manor, that they have quickly become accustomed too.
    he is selective in the figures he quotes coz he does not want to see the truth, afraid to be angry @ WM like a stockholm syndrome.
    he’s in denial.
    some say ignorance is bliss.
    i feel this from craig murray is applicable here.
    “I cannot begin to describe to you the incredible feeling here of renewal and of something like revolt, an upswell from ordinary people taking their own country back. It is astonishing. And never can most of an entire population so quickly have awakened from the propaganda thrall of the mainstream media. Anyone scared that an independent Scotland would still be subservient to a ruling elite should come here and just talk to people. It is the most marvelous and heartening experience imaginable.

  95. CameronB Brodie says:

    I don’t see why you would be concerned posting that here. I don’t agree fully with it but it’s not the worst I’ve read. 🙂

    IMO, the companies expressing concern are simply voicing their shareholders are watching. They are pitching for opportunity and advantage. You might wonder why if they weren’t. And do they really prefer dealing with larger countries? Look at the pressure on breaking up eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa right now.

  96. Doug Daniel says:

    It’s a shame Naughtie wasn’t so keen to cut through bullshit when Wendy’s Brother was on. Just let him spout pish.

  97. Thepnr says:



  98. James says:

    Off topic but interesting. A page on Facebook calling themselves. Coatbridge museum did a poll on Facebook earlier and just posted the results. The count was 5020 votes and result was 80.7% yes and 19.3% no, that would be a nice result on September 19th 🙂

  99. X_Sticks says:

    @call me dave

    Front page on the Herald

    “Cameron humiliated as CBI chief attacks EU vote plan”

  100. CameronB Brodie says:

    Would that be the same CBI that supports No Better Together Thanks?

  101. X_Sticks says:

    Haha beat me to it Square Haggis 😀

  102. Patrician says:

    @ThePNR, if PeeGee is annoying you, use the contact form to update Stu. He doesn’t spend much time reading comments on here now as he is too busy, and be careful he doesn’t like people calling others troll on here, he is the judge on that matter.

  103. Grouse Beater says:

    Pee Gee: Fuck you Thepnr

    This is the Wings site. We don’t talk to each other as if animals. You are looking for the Scotsman website down the corridor, and into the basement. We’re friends here united in a common cause.

  104. Clootie says:

    We will save the NHS
    We will build a fairer Scotland

    We will win!

    ….and we will all remain active on wings,Bella,Newsnet etc to build something much, much better. I don’t want a mini UK.

    This is going to be something special – stay involved.

  105. CameronB Brodie says:

    @ David Cameron
    Go on Dave, bow to your masters and rejoice in this nouveau retro age of British fascism.

  106. Tartanarse says:


    Icy spark, massive Yes flag in Martha Place, Larkhall, near the rusty old 50’s car. given that you know the area, you,ll know where I mean. Also well done to the Yes guy I drove past I. hamilton earlier tonight.

    Naughtie has woken up a little too late. still a twat.

  107. X_Sticks says:

    Clootie says:

    “stay involved.”

    Just try keep me out.

  108. fred blogger says:

    after a few weeks of dodgy broadband speed.
    i say hang adsl filters.

  109. SquareHaggis says:


    Sorry bud.

    You still looking for helpers?

  110. Thepnr says:

    Ok quite simple, I said I was “calling out” PeeGee as a troll for two reasons, his earlier post today on the polishing all the truth thread has now been deleted.

    Can only offer this as evidence that it was ever there.

    Robert Louis says:
    28 August, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    Suggesting Douglas Alexander should be dangling from a rope, is not necessarily the best way to persuade people to vote YES.

    Just saying.

    Now I’m sure Robert won’t mind me using that as it is in the public domain.

    My second reason is from this thread at 11:05pm

    Pretty innocuous but all about video games and nothing to do with the article. Example:

    “3D Deathchase better then Jet-Pac? Knew he wasn’t to be trusted.”

    Meaning the Rev.

    My third reason, didn’t know I had one is obvious:

    Fuck you Thepnr. What’s wrong with hanging war criminals?

    Explain dear cunt and call me a troll again and I’ll be hunting you down and terminating your miserable no voting life!

    Whether PeeGee is a Troll or not, I don’t want his type posting on Wings.

  111. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    Still not completely convinced this isn’t some elaborate parody. Incredible ignorance on show not just from comedy spending ‘research’ guy but Polly ‘I obviously don’t have a clue what DevoMax is’ Toynbee.

    The amusing ‘sighs’ from Naughtie are a bit more likely to be because he knows just how badly this will play to scots listening rather than some kind of damascene conversion. Though god knows, that should have been more than enough to convince even him.

  112. Jim says:

    Scottish independence: Referendum votes ‘for sale’ on eBay:

  113. CameronB Brodie says:

    Seconded. OK this is a public open forum, but there is also a minimum standard of conduct and decency, IMO. Come out with that out on the streets and your likely to get cautioned, at least. Now I’ll probably get it in the neck. zzzzzzzzzzzz

  114. goldenayr says:


    With you all the way.

  115. goldenayr says:

    Grouse Beater

    I’ll vouch for that.

  116. Mary Bruce says:

    “This is the Wings site. We don’t talk to each other as if animals. You are looking for the Scotsman website down the corridor, and into the basement. We’re friends here united in a common cause.”

    Virtual up tick for Mr Grouse.

  117. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Thepnr/Cam B –


    I saw the comment referred to, not long after it was posted.

    PeeGee? You’re doing yourself no favours. As Paula Rose might say, ‘You’re being very silly dear’.

  118. goldenayr says:


    That ad was dated the 17th July.

    Why are they only now doing something?

    I smell sh1t.

  119. Onwards says:

    I suppose we will know if internal polls show a YES swing underway if we get a last minute bribe of genuine powers.

    If Scotland got to keep, say, a 50% share of oil money.. crown estate was devolved, along with a bunch of other tax and welfare powers, that could be enough for some people.

    It would still be second best, but could prevent a neck and neck result and a big gamble that Westminster will lose control of Scotland.

    Hopefully the emotional appeal of being a normal country, with our own place in the world, will pull us over the finish line.

  120. X_Sticks says:

    @Square Haggis

    Was hoping you might help out. Still needing help to cover the postal vote openings at Inverurie 9:30 until finished (see Tartan Tories recent post on O/T). Hopefully one or two days cover each should be enough.

    If you fancy a late night on the 18th there’s room for another Counting Agent at the AECC.


    Id so, drop me an email colinizat (at) Hotmail (dot) com with your Full Name, address and contact number. Let me know what you’d be willing to do re time/transport/travel.

  121. Jim says:

    Well I could be wrong but the way I see it is Naughtie gave Eddie Bone a hard time because Bone also sees the break up of the Union as a good thing and possibly pissed Naughtie off when basically calling Scots scroungers!

  122. Clootie says:

    Goodnight all – less than 20 days when I get up – We can do it. One more push!
    (When I say one more the means until the next one more – you know the script by now!)

  123. Grouse Beater says:

    Cliches Scotched – grousebeater.wordpress

    (Good word, ‘scotched.’)

  124. Jim says:

    Just noticed that too, makes you wonder then how many have been put up for sale and actually sold.

  125. Ian Mackay says:

    The data tables for the new Survation poll show that the thing keeping the No vote afloat is the pensioner vote. We need to keep talking to our pensioners. Then we’ll get the Yes vote we all want.

  126. The Man in the Jar says:

    I am back from the Veterans for Independence talk in Bearsden and have had time to watch the video recorded by Independence Live. A big thanks to Kevin and the crew all of whom were quite excited about the on-line take up.

    I have watched the video and am not as embarrassed as possibly I should be so Im happy to post about it.

    Im the old git with the white beard, wearing a black collarless shirt and clutching a WBB. I was wanting to give it a plug and had it bookmarked at the “Jobs in Faslane” page but it never came up. It is a pity that I only had the one copy with me. Several folk had clocked it and asked if I had any spare ones with me. I should have raffled it and made a good skin. 😉

    Please take a look it is a bit different from the normal events taking place. Everyone on the platform were just ordinary ex forces folk except the one and only politician Keith Brown (SNP) who is a former Royal Marine.

  127. Jim says:

    Scottish independence: Cameron promises more powers for Scotland ‘soon’:
    Someone please explain to me why this person is sayimg more powers yes and soon but flatly refused to have more devolved powers on the ballot paper?

  128. X_Sticks says:


    The Veterans for Independence was excellent. I agree it was (is) a bit different from the usual, but all the better for it. Some really moving and heartfelt testimonials from all concerned. Totally recommended.

    Absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, you did a fine job.

    Bothwell castle, eh? We’ll need to compare notes on that playground sometime 😀

  129. X_Sticks says:

    Night all.

  130. call me dave says:

    Thanks for all the links to the PM getting his dinner spoiled.

    I was watching Murray at tennis he’s doing fine. link for the interested.

  131. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Man in the jar, Kevin asked me to be there as I had the WBBs,but car problems stoped me from being there,you,s all do good.

  132. geeo says:

    PeeGee has surely posted a death threat ?
    I trust police Scotland have been informed ?

  133. Thepnr says:


    Not yet, he said I had to call him a troll again. Maybe he will issue the death threat tomorrow once he gets the message?

  134. Thepnr says:

    There are certain forces and individuals who want to break your back as well as your resolve.

    I laugh at that them, they have no grassroots or friends hahaha. Those voting Yes know what they are doing, we are getting rid of them that abuse and threaten us.

    I’m getting on a bit but I can handle their crap however it is served up, so bring it on. LOSERS.

  135. CameronB Brodie says:

    Did you ever get that back rub from Paula?

  136. Barontorc says:

    I was taken quite aback by Jim Naughtie’s attitude in this broadcast, maybe there’s hope for him yet, however the abysmal performance of Wendy’s wee brother later this morning told me never to trust a unionista.

  137. Thepnr says:


    Don’t knock that back rub, it gives you a straight spine and you will stand tall.

  138. YESGUY says:


    Good on you buddy. The arse is a troll and an abusive one at that. So everyone lets ignore the toe rag and eventually he will get bored and return to his basement under the Scotsman building.

    Now that is one shitty paper.

  139. K1 says:

    Man in the jar, vey moved by Veterans for Independence…heartfelt testimonies and intelligent discourse. I am so happy to be part of this incredible time in our history and that we have articulate, kind and sane people in our midsts…and there are more of us than them.

    We are nearly there…

  140. Michael McCabe says:

    @ Thepnr I saw that post you are talking about. been deleted now. No need for it in the first place. Vote Yes.

  141. goldenayr says:

    The Man in the Jar

    Ken’t y’re navy lad when he was a sublt.

    I feel old.

    Not got to you yet,had to pause when the lad broke down.

  142. bookie from hell says:


    defo troll

    needs reported

  143. David Rushent says:

    Here is a wee gem on how the Whisky industry is charged £3000 every time a British Embassy Promotes the Scottish Whisky Industry abroad.

  144. macart763m says:

    Just WOW!

    What a cracker that lad is.

    I don’t think he’s left any doubt what the general level of knowledge or feeling is thanks to Westminster and the media’s narrative. These nutters have been primed. If we vote no those who fall in line with this mindset will be 100% behind whatever Westminster feels like visiting upon the Scottish electorate.

    I have a cunning plan.

    Let’s vote YES and disabuse them of their ignorant daydreams.

  145. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    I want to know what “the ackshull figahs ah” means.

  146. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I have always been torn between two opinions about Polly (Squawking Nonsense Variety) Toynbee.

    On one hand she seems to chime a cord with a section of the left and seemingly joined up writing but, on the otherhand she talks beyond nonsense.

    She and Tam Dalyell occupy a wee wing of the socialism; the Secure Wing.

    She even gets paid for being who she is, which is something I have singularly failed to do and she seems immune to common sense and criticism.

    Best just to have a morning laugh and move on.

  147. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    You just in, going out or posting from New Zealand?

    I like your spam pornographers on your old posts.

  148. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Pee Gee

    There’s a nice troll, go find and play with Great Big Billgoat Gruff.


    Find a road with lots of traffic and play in it.

  149. galamcennalath says:

    Survation poll
    41.1% Yes
    46.7% No
    12.2% Undecided

    DKs have been converting 2:1 for Yes, consistently.

    Puts us neck-and-neck if DKs split 2:1 as they have been doing.

    However, I believe Survation is a telephone poll and possibly will be underestimating the Yes following in demographic ED groups. Also, people who haven’t voted are before are weighted down in their algos and might tend to Yes.

    Looking good.

  150. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Help quiclky

    Anyone know how I can download the Naughties interview?

    I have no internet connection and the local café is choc a bloc with market traders at this time of the morning and I can hear SFA.

    If I can download it, I can hear in the peace and quite of ma wee flat.


  151. Grouse Beater says:

    BtP: I have always been torn between two opinions about Polly … Toynbee.

    She is smart enough to acknowledge the movement for real democratic powers is a just one, but not generous enough to think it should result in self-governance.

  152. bunter says:

    Couple of interesting headlines this morn. Herald runs with Cameron humiliated regards the CBI criticising his EU exit threat to jobs and The Sun headlines a Better Together road rage attack on Salmond.

    The Sun one is more interesting for it will no doubt spoil the NO campaign attempt to smear the YES campaign over egg-gate.

    Will The Sun come out!

  153. Ken500 says:

    Once Scotland is Independent. Scotland with 25% surplus energy can invest in electric cars. 5 times cheaper to run.

    Bring it in

    No food banks. Vote YES

    The Polls are fixed. Get your bets on for the food banks. Erase poverty in Scotland and the world. Vote YES

  154. Ken500 says:

    The papers are criminals. Vote YES

  155. Robert Louis says:

    Thepnr, Grouse, and others above re: trolls

    Firstly, I hope REV Stu won’t mind me saying this,

    Thank you guys for calling this guy ‘pee gee’ out. Thepnr, thanks for sticking to your guns on it. I posted about it yesterday, but nobody seemed to notice (the comment I posted which you cited wasn’t a joke, in case you thought it was – I was trying to be polite, because REV Stu doesn’t like people getting called trolls). We can do without vile threatening behaviour like that.

    We need to all be vigilant, as I posted yesterday, as I have noticed recently an increase in very aggressive/threatening type postings on this website by ‘new’ posters, masquerading as YES supporters – although the pee gee one was the worst I’ve seen. They occur almost randomly, but they are happening, and they are by posters few would recognise.

    This may be a concerted campaign, until a sufficient number of such comments have been posted, then the opponents of Scottish democracy and independence will go screaming to the media about it, with screenshots.

    Make no mistake, Wings over Scotland is very effective at destroying the bare faced lies of the anti independence campaign, the Labour party and Westminster, and there are some who might like to damage its reputation.

  156. john king says:

    Heraldnomore says
    “Or it might be back to normal tomorrow. The FMs on with the fragrant KwithanE.”

    I (early riser) sat for a moment wondering if I had seen this Maori chic Ka-wit-han-E on the BBC
    before I realised who you were talking about! 🙁

    So, mr numbskull, sorry mr bonehead, oh dear, Mr Bone I mean
    says rubbish when Naughty says Scotland puts in more than it takes out, then proceeds to say “you cant count the oil, thats UK oil”!
    And surprise surprise he’s got the facts and figures to tell us sweaties EXACTLY how much largesse we get from England, but it would appear the “dog ate his homework” with the tax reciepts from Scotland bit on it?
    wheres that tumbleweed gone?

    I have a question Mr Bonehead,
    oh Ive done it again oh well,
    and its this,

    Maybe you could read this over and, er, maybe give us your thoughts? no rush, we know, you being eh, a busy man an all.

    Taranach says
    “Good of him to actually show a modicum of honesty in acknowledging the reality of the NHS in the event of a No vote, though.”

    Dont be daft Taranach he WANTS Scotland to bugger oft.

    Heraldnomore says
    “Meanwhile over at BfS GMK is on form with a letter on the charges for whisky promotions at embassies.”

    I thought about why that is and I reckon it’s because just about all the Whisky distilleries are foreign owned, and the government cant be seen to subsidise foreign companies, just a thought, mayube I’m wrong.

    Peegee @ 12.17
    Oh dear someone needs his mouth washed out with carbolic.

    Jim says
    “Well I could be wrong but the way I see it is Naughtie gave Eddie Bone a hard time because Bone also sees the break up of the Union as a good thing and possibly pissed Naughtie off when basically calling Scots scroungers!”

    No your not wrong Jim I think you hit the nail on the head, Naughty boy is not our freind.

    after seeing the video of that guy egging Murphy,
    Im not so sure my wife’s instinct (and her instincts are usually water tight) was correct, guy in a black jacket clearly looked like he could handle himself, eggs Murphy, and hardly a reaction from Murphy almost as if he was expecting it, and our freind sidles up a lane towards Tesco’s and no one trys to stop him in spite of the fact I could count about twelve Murphy acolytes? one of them was the bully who had a painful grip of that kids arm,

    Now Im starting to think it was a false flag op as was asked of me yesterday, on the subject of the crowd, I spoke to a person with a yes jacket on handing out leaflets a few yards away from the melee and she was quite annoyed at thw behavour of the YES crowd heckling him ,and Im sorry but Im forced to agree with her, however its easy to allow the atmosphere (hostile) to affect you,

    When Murphy himself wound the crowd up by taunting them saying “dont be ashamed of being nationalists, theres nothing wrong with nationalists”, knowing full well the majority of them wern’t nationalist,

    A guy near me started shouting “Im not a nationalist Im a socialtist” but when the local cancellor sprayed a woman on an electric disabled buggy with spittle, shouting “Im a socialist”
    I retorted “then why are you standing shoulder to shoulder with the Tories”
    but (in a Brootherhoodesque style) 😉
    my words were lost in a maelstrom of sound and fury.

    One guy did get the point I made about not going to the Murphy soapbox rant with yes markings and changed his Tshirt but I was wasting my time trying to persuade the yes crowd to leave the yes material in the shop, they wanted to drive Muphy out of town and really all they did was make him all the more determined to stand his ground,

  157. Derek M says:

    interesting interview from our old buddy James Naughty i had to listen to it 3 times before my brain would accept it was really him and he hadnt been locked in a cupboard and a doppleganger was on the loose.
    hehe but i guess maybe Jamie boy might finally be seeing the light and doing what any good journalist should be doing and that is searching for the truth and to hold those who lie to task,keep it up James and who knows me might even forget your past indiscretions regardless of how you vote or your personal convictions as all we want is the truth nothing more nothing less.

  158. CalumCarr says:

    @Bugger (the Panda)

    Right click on interview image above and ‘save link as’.

  159. Tattie-bogle says:

    I know it’s Jim Naughtie but are we starting to see the “hold on a minute that’s my Country you are talking about enough is enough” is this beginning to happen surely a point must be reached when folk get so sick of it the FIF kicks in.

  160. todayinscotland says:

    New post, please share

    A Hard Rains A Gonna Fall, Part 1 | todayinscotland

  161. Derek M says:

    ot/coming on right now people wee eck on RT with Sophie and Co discussing Scottish independence.

  162. Ken500 says:

    Most of Westminster/politicians, Press/Police are criminals. They get away with murder.

  163. Derek M says:

    ouch sorry all i thought it was a new interview but its not damn RT and their repeats just about as bad as the BBC lol still it is a great interview worth watching again 🙂

  164. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    @ Bugger

    As ye ken, I much rather ‘take it to the enemy’ than post on here; obviously I lurk, but rarely feel the need to say anything.
    It’s usually said before I log on.

    Alert readers indeed.

    I’m proud to be with you lot, I really am.

  165. Macart says:

    People need to see this.

    Go to Capella’s embedded vid about a third down the page.

    This is what Westminster and the establishment is all about.

    And if you are still in any doubt about what these bastards are all about, go here and hit play.

    I defy anyone to vote no after watching both and consider themselves ‘proud’.

  166. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    @ Macart

    “Proud Scots” are usually anything but.

  167. john king says:

    Re Camerons free lunch
    When he says “independence is too big a risk when being part on the union PERMITS sharing risks and benefits” makes it sound almost like Maggie again,
    ” We the English are a marvellouis people and are very generous to the Scots”

  168. Grouse Beater says:

    Cameron: ”We the English are a marvellous people and are very generous to the Scots”

    Did he then mumble, ‘even though the bastards don’t deserve it’?

  169. Grouse Beater says:

    Cliches Scotched – grousebeater.wordpress

    Please pass it to those you know undecided or dithering.

  170. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    @ John King

    Did you get a good price on eggs in Kirkaldy?

  171. Indy_Scot says:

    Apologies if I have picked this up wrong, but are the postal voting instructions effectively telling people to vote No.

  172. john king says:

    It wisnae me, big boys dun it an ran away .

  173. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    @ Indy_Scot

    Can you post the form?

  174. Grouse Beater says:

    I trust the egg that hit Murphy was free range.

  175. Derek M says:

    wit someone hit poor old jim with an egg what a waste i could have had that for breakfast doesnt the chucker know he should have donated it to a foodbank ,as im sure Jim has plenty of cash to buy his own eggs.

  176. David Stevenson says:

    I think Gary just got his arse kicked by Alex Salmond…

  177. Macart says:

    I am fair sick of hearing platitudes and meaningless fuckwitted sound bites from ‘proud Scots’.

    I’m Scottish, I certainly don’t feel proud. I feel mainly used and abused, mugged and conned. Frankly I feel stupid for ever having voted for any establishment party in my entire life.

  178. Nana Smith says:


    See my post yesterday 5.37pm. Pic of form.

  179. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    Who ever he was, it was amateurish.

    I’ve a box of six dated 2 AUG 07 in my shed.

    Alas, Thatcher is deid now…

  180. Indy_Scot says:

    There is a photo on the Revs twitter account, just click on the twitter link at the side at the top of this page and scroll down.

  181. Hood says:

    Indy_Scot says:

    “Apologies if I have picked this up wrong, but are the postal voting instructions effectively telling people to vote No.”

    It is not the actual voting forms but rather it is instructions being sent out by the Unionists, they obviously hope it it will fool a few into filling out exactly as they instruct.

  182. David Stevenson says:

    Hood: I find it hard to believe that leaflet is legal. Anyone know if there is a publishers name on it? There isn’t one visible. That is definitely illegal if so.

  183. Hood says:

    I am not sure of the actual form these instructions take, they may be within a booklet as I am sure I saw one person saying it was signed by Ruth Davidson.

  184. bunter says:

    Poultice talking down the survation poll.

  185. Hood says:

    Not sure if everyone has seen but it seems the true identity of BT’s Patronising lady has been revealed.

  186. bunter says:

    Has poultice moved from being a pollster now to being a general political pundit and font of all knowledge for the BBC.

    He is now defending the #patronisingBTlady advert. Suggested it might have touched a nerve.

  187. Famous15 says:

    Why is Prof Curtis viewed as neutral? He is a poster boy for UKOK.

  188. caz-m says:

    Why does Gary Robertson of BBC Scotland GMS fame, go to all the trouble of inviting Alex Salmond into the studio, only to talk all over the top of the First Minister’s answers.

    Gary Robertson comes across as a bitter, hyper active, unionist, who sees his job at Pacific Quay finally coming to an end.

    He is a guy who realises that a new forward looking team with a vision for Scotland, will be brought into front the Scottish Broadcasting Corporation and he will not be involved in it.

    Cheerio Gary, you will not be missed.

  189. Hood says:

    seems there is some tiny text right at the bottom saying its printed for the Cons and Unionists, so that will make it legal I suppose.
    see pic.

  190. Nation Libre says:

    Call KayE with her usual fake callers at it again

  191. john king says:

    Brilliant Indy_Scot
    Already shared it on Facebook 🙂

  192. john king says:

    Thats far too dark to read Hood.

  193. caz-m says:

    Kaye Adams as bad as Gary Robertson for interrupting Alex Salmond.

    You will probably find that all the callers to Alex Salmond will be Tory voting pensioners.

  194. Indy_Scot says:

    Hood, thanks for that. Still feels very wrong in a manipulative controlling way.

  195. Hood says:

    totally agree but it is the norm from them, only way they have the slightest chance of winning is by fear and deception.

  196. john king says:

    KaywinanE says to Salmond there is a body of water between Jersey and England when discussing the common travel area?

  197. Chris Baxter says:

    I listened to the whole clip, but must have missed the part where anyone said it’s “England’s Oil”. I definitely heard Bone say that it’s “UK oil”, but nothing relating to the oil being England.

  198. Heather says:

    Bone is a prat but he doesn’t actually say it’s England’s oil. He says it’s the UK’s oil. He does later on go on to say England raises the taxes. The headline should say that instead of ‘it’s England’s oil’. This annoys me as its a distortion of what was said. Just like the quote supposedly by Farage or some other UKIP MEP supposedly saying the English want revenge and taxes cut in line with the rest of the UK when it was actually Bone that said it. It does us no favours to misrepresent what was said and really annoys me, even if the people involved are loathsome. They have plenty of rope to hang themselves with already. Plus, we can do without the No camp blaming us for ‘yet more distortions’or ‘lies’. Leaver that to then to do.

    As for Naughtie, he is like many unionist Scots – it’s ok for them to tell us we’re rubbish, quite another to have an outsider tell us we’re rubbish. Talk of him coming round to yes is just pie on the sky thinking, I suspect

  199. R-type Grunt says:

    As a fellow Portonian I’d like to say Kaye Adams is our shame.

  200. Heather says:

    I should qualify, I’m not saying Wings attributed that quote supposedly by Farage or some other UKIP MEP doing the rounds. It’s doing the rounds on twitter and even Bella had wrongly attributed it.

  201. john king says:

    What Heather says.

  202. call me dave says:

    Soft spoken Salmond this morning, oozing with reason, and gently batting away the questions and some daft questions too here and there. 🙂

    Go for it AS we are all rooting for a better Scotland.

  203. caz-m says:

    This is what Better Together DON’T tell you about the UK immigration problems.

    The Daily Mail,

    “Secret report warns of migration meltdown in Britain.”

  204. john king says:

    Old lady says
    is it not dangerous to move the nuclear weapons, is it not better to just leave them where they are?

  205. john king says:

    Alex doing sterling job of NOT patronising her.

  206. ronnie anderson says:

    @Famous 15. I would be very wary of useing the UKOK in reference to Prof Pumice.A very Respected & much loved Winger would get upset,were that UKOK site be abused.

  207. john king says:

    KaywithanE repeats a comment
    What will Alex Salmond do to combat the wave of anti English racism?

  208. Ally McEwen says:

    Why have the electoral commission allowed this misleading pamphlet, posing as ‘voting instructions’ to arrive in the post with the postal ballot papers?
    I’m going to phone them and ask if I should follow the instructions and put my cross in the ‘no’ box?
    Do they think it’s just possible some naive old (no disrespect) person might be tricked by this?

  209. Robert Peffers says:

    @JimnArlene says: 28 August, 2014 at 10:54 pm:

    “BrianW, I’ll happily use my camper for such a use.”

    Aye! JimnArlene, I pledged my VW Autosleeper van to the local group too. They are also ideal for use as mobile stalls and the extra batteries are great for tannoys.

  210. Arabs for Independence says:

    Mr Salmond is doing a great job this morning – some of the callers and texts are cringeworthy.

  211. Jim says:

    @john king
    KaywithanE repeats a comment
    What will Alex Salmond do to combat the wave of anti English racism?
    Are you calling these people foolish Mr Salmond?
    No Kaye, he didn’t say that, we know it, you know it so why infer it?

  212. Ally McEwen says:

    I recall a Radio Scotland interview with Poultice when Tony Benn said to him “you silly little man”.

  213. Jim says:

    How come Alexander got an easy time with Louise White and the FM gets Kaye Adams nipping his heid?

  214. ronnie anderson says:

    @ caz_m the French Police are not stopping to illegal immigrants at Channel ports, its to costly for the French Gov,so they’re going to be more trying to get over the Channel.

  215. call me dave says:

    Herald reporting Murray will play for Scotland if ther’s a YES. Who else would he play for?

    Anyhoo! if true well done Mr Murray.

  216. Colin Church says:

    Child Care focus today from FM. BBC “let’s put the boot intae that then”. Let’s twist an opportunity into a compulsion. FFS!

  217. Jim says:

    Anybody planning to try phoning in?

  218. Brian Powell says:

    I think Naughtie is terrified that if we hear this we will vote Yes, that is why he is questioning so hard.

    He is a Labour man who wants a Labour Government in Westminster and wants the resources of Scotland at their disposal.

  219. heedtracker says:

    Keep the Salmond radio updates coming!

    Its England’s oil

    ‘A pound spent in Croydon is far more of value to the country than a pound spent in Strathclyde’

    Do you agree? strength, power, broad shoulders UKOK punching above your weight,safety, security, part of something very iffy?

    All quotes from the grand old teamGB

  220. Robin J Horn says:

    THe lin is telling me the file is corrupt for some reason not sure if its a problem at my end or not…

  221. Jim says:

    @Colin Church
    Child Care focus today from FM. BBC “let’s put the boot intae that then”. Let’s twist an opportunity into a compulsion. FFS!
    Yeah, what do they get if they want to stay at home and look after their children
    The incentives of free childcare are going to be there to help women get into work if that is what they wish.
    This woman wants paid extra to stay at home and look after her own child.

  222. call me dave says:

    Colin Church

    Aye Kaye doing her best to pick away at it but Mr Salmond is up to speed on the nuts and bolts of the policy as well as the overarching principles. He’s doing fine.

  223. john king says:

    Not a hope in hell of getting on Jim, I didnt even try.
    I’ve tried many times in the past ,getting the researcher, being asked what my question is, and saying hang up and we’ll call you back, still waiting.

  224. The world is a scary place when James Naughtie decides to defend his own countrymen versus an ignorant Eddie Bone and a potty Polly Toynbee.

    Unfortunately, there are still some posters who think they can “Trust a Postal Vote” despite having a “PROXY” vote available to them – until Sept 2nd.

    Dead men voted in 1979.

    SLAB ploughs the dead-see scrolls at every election.

  225. Sinky says:

    Now that UKIP is again dominating the BBC’s airways when will they insist on a UKIP spokesperson appearing on a referendum debate panel as there seems to be a lack of Tory representatives as that is considered detrimental to the No campaign.

  226. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Grouse Beater

    She is a true Patrician.

    The only real people she meets are the office cleaner, the restaurant staff and those who look after her Tuscan villa.

    The World exists to serve her.

    Bet she can’t explain the offside rule either.

  227. heedtracker says:

    Its not even England’s oil really

  228. call me dave says:

    Residency to get a vote question?

    Old chestnuts being raked but hey, all grist to the mill!
    Mr Salmond shrugs, what can I do, the UK government agrees


  229. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Jim (try phoneing in)I,m still waiting on the callback from yesterdays phone

  230. Jim says:

    The world is a scary place when James Naughtie decides to defend his own countrymen versus an ignorant Eddie Bone and a potty Polly Toynbee.
    Naughtie doesn’t want the break up of the union so he’s attacking Bone on two fronts the second being he was insulted because the guy basically said Scotland’s people are subsidised by English tax payers. Cognitive dissonance at work right there.

  231. heedtracker says:

    10 years ish ago, I was at uni in London and one time in the Q for a cash machine near Marble Arch behind two frightfully nice young chaps, the first one had £375,000 in his current account. I didnt.

  232. Blair paterson says:

    I wish the people on here would stop talking about these phony polls they are all a load of lies And you should have realised that by now ,and as I keep on saying they are only the results of the few people they ask they do not in anyway represent the views of the whole of Scotland ,but by keeping on quoting them you are helping to spread their lies please desist from doing so , vote yes

  233. Jim says:

    @ronnie anderson, john king

    I guess I wont bother, lol.

  234. call me dave says:

    A YES over a 1st pension question That’s good.

    Lady with 2nd pension question. Agnes got her answer but still cannot accept it, too good to be true. Aye right!

  235. Colin Church says:

    Pensions hit out of the park by FM on GMS. Must be worth 1000s of pensioner votes.

  236. heedtracker says:

    Dave Cameron enters the job market with a bang

    “With no experience outside politics, he did what any old Etonian might do and worked his contacts. The mother of Cameron’s then girlfriend Samantha, Lady Astor, was friends with Michael Green, then executive chairman of Carlton and one of Margaret Thatcher’s favourite businessmen. She suggested he hire Cameron, and Green, a mercurial millionaire, obliged. The 27-year-old was duly recruited on a salary of about £90,000 a year (the equivalent of more than £130,000 today).”

  237. heraldnomore says:

    Let’s not get too excited yet on our favourite tennis player. Whilst confirming he would gladly wear the saltire he also mentioned that, having followed the matter very closely, he didn’t think there would be a Yes vote, before firmly stating he was there to talk tennis not politics.

    No doubt we’ll hear more of that bit as the day goes on.

    Send Andy a WBB someone, or at least a download for we need the precious hard copies for those who have a vote.

  238. Robert Peffers says:

    @Jim says: 29 August, 2014 at 1:19 am:

    “Just noticed that too, makes you wonder then how many have been put up for sale and actually sold.”

    Is that from pre1706/7 or just this referendum, Jim?

    The Paircel o Rogues sold their votes to get us into this mess.

  239. Jim says:

    @Blair paterson
    I would say interest in the polls are just a psychological
    thing, i.e, even though we know they can be manipulated one way or the other we still get a boost when they show an increase in our favour. I doubt anybody really takes what they say as a real gauge of public opinion.

  240. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Agnes getting her pension questions answered , thats another Gray area (where will the money come from for a OIL FUND ) Ginger bottles Agnes, an ah know a man that hiz a couple of spare crates.

  241. Jim says:

    @Robert Peffers
    You are right Sir but the general population didn’t get a vote then so many more to sell when you take into account the whole electorate.

  242. JPJ2 says:

    GMS now.

    As expected much more belligerent questioning of Salmond than the gentle questioning of Alexander yesterday.

    BBC advancing their unionist agenda as per their institutional bias.

    Salmond coming across brilliantly, also as expected.

  243. john king says:

    The reason Im not a politician,
    Old woman sceptical about Alex’s assurances her pension is safe after independence as she cant see how a smaller work force can afford current pensions in spite of being assured the DWP have guaranteed it she still sceptical,

    I finding myself shouting at the radio as to her crass stupidity roaring she didnt pay her taxes in the future but in the past when the UK treasury took her money so are 100% responsible for her pension to her death,

    Oh god, roll on the 18th, I am losing the will to live.

  244. heedtracker says:

    You have to hand it to call me Dave Cameron, he’s made quite a lot out of an awful lot

    “Mr Cameron had a stroke of luck. His predecessor having lasted only a few weeks in the job, he suddenly found himself in charge of corporate communications, almost doubling his £49,000 special adviser’s salary.

    Early in his Carlton tenure, David Cameron had a stroke of luck. His predecessor having lasted only a few weeks in the job, he suddenly found himself in charge of corporate communications, almost doubling his £49,000 special adviser’s salary

    He immediately began using contacts made in his former role to introduce Mr Green to potentially useful politicians. On one occasion, at the 1995 Conservative conference in Blackpool, Mr Cameron arranged a dinner with a minister at a restaurant deep in the Lancashire countryside. Unfortunately, the minister forgot the invitation and the two men must have sat in uncomfortable silence.

    High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights.

    Yet even given his rapid elevation, the job would not have been seen as especially covetable within his social circle, full of high flyers already making their mark in established professions. Some friends watching from outside doubted the wisdom of joining such a company.

  245. Edward says:

    Kaye Adams doing my head in!

    For the second time, she intentionally badgers Alex Salmond for answers, knowing full well they are about to go to the news (she does have a bloody big clock in front of her!)

    So when Alex Salmond starts to answer or tries to answer, Adams cuts him off to go to the news

    Over all impression comparing Alexander’s free ride yesterday. Adams just cant help but break up and talk over Alex Salmond’s answers.

  246. Jim says:

    As expected much more belligerent questioning of Salmond than the gentle questioning of Alexander yesterday.
    I suspect that is why they wheeled Adams out grill the FM rather than Louise White.

  247. Joe Swan says:

    AS is steady and succinct. Doing a great job.

    Why didn’t they put some of these callers up for debate instead of the pointy/shouty man?

    Some of them are making good points and I’m sure he is converting some open-minded DKs. At least he is not using ‘fear tactics’.

  248. Barontorc says:

    Listening to Prof John Curtice this morning he was really hitting the stratosphere of speed talking, all of it pointing to his, already sensitive, hyperactive response mechanism kicking-in and when you put this in context with his avalanche of pro-union / anti-independence spin we see not even a pretence of objectivity.

    His piece this morning was barely decipherable, totally missing the fact that there’s a mountain of previously ‘non-voting’ votes coming in. In other words, all polls are fatally holed beneath the relevance water-line and he knows it – hence the bluster.

    Looks like his mystic-meg ability hasn’t improved much since what should have been the salutary experience of his 2011 forecast. Why doesn’t he just admit ‘We’re all doomed!’and get oot the road.

  249. Edward says:

    I case some one from the BBC is reading this

    Note that we are all for robust interviewing , but it has to be balanced

    Clearly comparing yesterday’s Morning call with Douglas Alexander and this morning’s with Kaye Adams, there is NO balance what so ever

  250. ronnie anderson says:

    @ John King keep the heid, you do know my car broke down,sos I wont be able to attend your funeral,keep on breathing we need avery Winger,an tings will get better.

  251. Robert Peffers says:

    @Ian Mackay says: 29 August, 2014 at 1:21 am:

    “The data tables for the new Survation poll show that the thing keeping the No vote afloat is the pensioner vote. We need to keep talking to our pensioners. Then we’ll get the Yes vote we all want.”

    You do realise, Ian, that the reason the, “Pensioners”, are the group that is mainly voting, “No”, is not because they are thick, deaf or deprived of internet use. It is because they are the generations born and lived all their lives as old Labour voters. Their lifetime loyalty to Labour is almost unshakeable. It is my impression that if any one of them does come over to the YES side their relief is palpable for they too do not agree with Nu-Labour.

    It’s a bit like supporters of Hibs, Hearts and Rangers.
    All three are relegated and have obviously been playing badly to get there. The supporters, though, want to watch better football but cannot overcome there old club loyalty.

  252. Edward says:

    Now some twat called ‘Mark’ on trying to make out that Alex Salmond doesn’t answer any questions, then proceeds to talk over Alex Salmond when he tries to answer questions

    Clearly this is a plant as Kay Adams is giving ‘Mark’ free reign

  253. Edward says:

    I wonder if this ‘Mark’ who is completely rude, is actually phoning from Scotland?

    Any thoughts?

  254. G H Graham says:

    The UK Treasury is borrowing £2 billion (£2,000,000,000) per week this year, just like last year & the year before that.

    Source: HM Treasury

    So even after all the austerity, spending still exceeds tax receipts. And Osborne has stated in his budget (see above, page 113) that he is likely to borrow another £100 billion before FY2014 has ended.

    By 2019, the UK, according to Osborne’s own figures, which he has proven to permanently underestimate, will have accumulated £1.7 trillion (£1,700,000,000,000) of debt.

    The interest payment alone on this debt, is the same amount spent on the entire annual Defense Budget, twice over!

    It really is time to get off this sinking ship, “Britannia” & swim to higher ground.

  255. Jim says:

    Now some twat called ‘Mark’ on trying to make out that Alex Salmond doesn’t answer any questions, then proceeds to talk over Alex Salmond when he tries to answer questions

    Clearly this is a plant as Kay Adams is giving ‘Mark’ free reign
    “Let’s make this a conversation between Mark and the FM”, please make this brief MR Salmond”.
    Yep, stinks to high heaven

  256. kendomacaroonbar says:


    It’s open season on Salmond on the BBC Radio this morning. He’s coping well in my view.

  257. heedtracker says: is worth a look sometimes as its often laying out the why and what of teamGB stuff that Labour in Scotland dont like to discuss. Also Duncan Hothersall’s a Executive Committee member, but its a very quiet part of the site

    De-reged catastrophe in the making, with our money…

    “Darling authorised Mervyn King at the Bank of England to “put as much money into RBS as was required to keep it afloat that day” – later writing “we would stand behind RBS if it took every last penny we had.”

    In retrospect, Darling and Brown’s “half-baked” bailout of RBS, which did not place any conditions upon RBS and its management (ie. on bonuses) is a failure of the highest order.”

    Are Brown and Darling insane or just not very good at their jobs, is not asked.

  258. Rolf says:

    A brief insight from BBC Radio Scotland’s phone in:

    “Hello Kaye, I’m Mark from Elgin. Will Salmond answer the question, yes or no, are you the devil? Yes or no! I demand an answer from liar Salmond. Wahhhhh!!!!”

  259. kendomacaroonbar says:

    I just wish he’d clarify that Corporation tax is not applicable to only BIG companies.

  260. Joe Swan says:

    I spoke too soon. Mark rudely shouting ‘just answer Yes or No’ over AS’ answers about assets and liabilities.

  261. To be fair to Eddie Bone – he is a typical Englishman, he gets his information from the Daily Heil, the Torygraph, the Depress and so forth.

    My old school-mate, in Brighton, tells me he gets this sort of stuff on a daily basis.

    Bone actually has a point, the lack of an English parliament post-devolution was one of the main factors in us getting to the present position. Mind you, if we do vote Yes, he will move closer to having an English parliament.

    He is, however, along with Polly Toynbee, correct in highlighting the threat to the NHS which a No vote posts.

    As regards Gary Robertson’s piece with Alex Salmond this morning – as a Linlithgow boy, Wee Eck was probably too-polite and well-brought-up to do it, but, GR’s rude, aggressive questioning simply cried out for a well-delivered Glasgow Kiss.

    The line of questioning which Yes spokespersons have had to endure from the braoadcasting media, whilst Better Together representatives’ treatment is almost of the legendary 1950s: “Is there anything you wish to tell the public, minister” style, is all too evident.

    So, fair play to Wee Ecl and Co for keeping the heid.

    As I said to John Barnes, all those years ago, after Jim McLean gubbed him: “Why the fuck didn’t you hit him back”?

    To paraphrase Humphrey Bogart: “I’ve yet to meet a BBC journo who didn’t understand a slap in the mouth”.

  262. Jim says:

    They even had a program advertised for stress relief techniques saying at the end, will Mr Salmond be listening.
    Jesus H Christ!

  263. dennis mclaughlin says:

    How about a modicum of respect for our First Minister, some of the I’ll disguised disrespect is disgusting – BBC Scotland!.

  264. Jim says:

    Kaye Adams, Amazon is an Online shopping company, leave Scotland, FFS!

  265. heraldnomore says:

    Oh FFS that wumman – can we have a commitment not go give her a contract with SBS please.

    Oh and the Wee Ginger Dug, thoughts…

  266. Robert Peffers says:

    @Grouse Beater says: 29 August, 2014 at 8:16 am:

    “I trust the egg that hit Murphy was free range.”

    Dunnow if it was freerange but Murphy was certainly within range.

  267. Jim says:

    @dennis mclaughlin
    How about a modicum of respect for our First Minister, some of the I’ll disguised disrespect is disgusting – BBC Scotland!.
    Bet she never even offered him coffee and a biscuit, lol.

  268. Joe Swan says:

    Not too late for the final caller ‘I don’t believe a word he says’ for a finisher.

    Very well balanced, my ar$e

  269. kalmar says:

    Man, that call-in program is DIRE! What a travesty. Salmond calm and collected though, and respectful.

  270. Jim says:

    Last word to some wifie who says, “I don’t believe a word that Alex Salmond says”.
    Revenge for the retired Schoolteacher that savaged Darling methinks. lol

  271. ronnie anderson says:

    Ahh the last question on the Bbc they dont have time tae answer it Kaye yer TEAS oot ,same wie the National Lottery Kaye, we decide whither or not to buy tickets if they dont play the baw.

  272. Arabs for Independence says:

    Lady phones in and asks about energy costs – gets a very detailed answer from Sir Alex of Salmond – then she says I don’t believe anything you say.

    A day in the life of the best politician in the UK

  273. heedtracker says:

    Kaye Adams has weeks to go and maybe just maybe there are other women in Scotland that could do these jobs for life BBC jobs.

  274. Jim says:

    @Joe Swan
    Sorry man, didn’t realise you’d pointed out the same thing.

  275. dennis mclaughlin says:

    Alec Salmond’s demeanour was statesmanlike amidst all the vitriol,I doubt I could have bitten my tongue to these I’ll mannered trolls on Call Kaye…….she disnae like oor ‘eck ;).

  276. SquareHaggis says:

    Mark from Elgin loses marbles!

  277. Jim says:

    Yep, loose women beckons again!

  278. john king says:

    Patronizing woman from banff (herself English) demanding to know how much electricity prices will go up when we dont have English subsidies for wind power and why would England buy our expensive power when they can get it cheaper from France?

    In a nutshell why we need to get away from this attitude I am tired of this one sided patronizing shit.

  279. john king says:

    “Mark from Elgin loses marbles!”

    Oooh hahahahahaha

  280. Joe Swan says:


    No probs. I thought he did a brilliant job though.

    Bugger better get a shift on now to catch the bus to work.

  281. Marcia says:


    You win the quip of the day award.

  282. heedtracker says:

    Kaye Adams is as much a unionist politician as any of them out there.

    Call me Kaye knows full well that have refused any pre negotiation or information on anything post indy Scotland, from EU membership to the lotto but there goes Kaye, demanding policy “commitments” from Scotland’s First Minister who repeatedly tells her all of the above.

    Tick tock Call me Kaye, or have the decency to actually stand as an MSP, ha ha

  283. Greg says:

    A quick point about Polly Toynbee, I have heard her talk on a number of occasions about how jealous she is of SNP politics in Scotland, her talk about referendum in Northern England is to that end. I think her earlier comments were not her opinion, rather her painting a scenario.

  284. JPJ2 says:

    Kaye is a blatantly obvious no voter-therefore meets the BBC definition of neutral 🙂

  285. liz says:

    I agree with all those who say that Naughtie is a unionist and is scared this will make folk in Scotland think twice about the ‘equal partners’ arguement – in no way do I think he is changing his mind.

  286. Jim says:

    Yep, don’t host a radio current affairs program if you cannot remain impartial no matter your own personal beliefs.

  287. Robert Peffers says:

    @Nation Libre says: 29 August, 2014 at 9:01 am:

    “Call KayE with her usual fake callers at it again”

    Aye! Kaye wi the wan e was, “at it”, before Alex even got a word in. You could detect the hate, aggression & loathing oozing out of her voice from the word go.

    Then it was quite obvious the phoners had all been hand picked and vetted by the BBC well beforehand. The Anglo/Tory voices were well to the fore too. How Eck manages to stay calm is beyond my ken.

  288. JLT says:

    If Scotland votes Yes, it will be highly interesting to watch Westminster squirm this way and that as they try to stick to their version of how the rUK ‘subsidises’ Scotland while Scotland begins to walk away with literally every product that is a major tax revenue.

    The people of England are going to go absolutely batshit when the realisation that the lies that they have been told for decades finally hit home. The English media will also be heavily in the firing line.

    England …get ready to be politically engaged. Welcome to the world that Scotland has been inhabiting for the last 3 years!

  289. crisiscult says:

    listened to call Kaye. I don’t have a problem with the level of respect or disrespect people showed, but when you get the Westminster chaps, it’s oh so different.

    the shrill to shrieking chappy Mark was known to Salmond. Wasn’t sure how, but you could tell Mark had a personal grudge against him. I actually thought it was Jerzena the Slovene to be honest.

    I love the way a lot of callers, particularly of a certain age, love to apply the old kettle logic, which is that Alex Salmond cannot be trusted/is lying because I get my information from Alastair Darling/Johann Lamont. There’s also the good old fashioned form of critical thinking which goes as follows:

    That sounds really good e.g. free child care, no bedroom tax, etc. I need to be suspicious of thinks that sound good. Conclusion: it’s too good to be true i.e. it’s false.

  290. dennis mclaughlin says:

    KendoMacaroonBar is running ‘Friends of Wings Over Scotland Fundraiser 2’,so dig deep boys & girls.. …… it’s all going to a good cause :).

  291. flux_capacitor says:

    I didn’t catch the whole thing, but toward the end it was clearly hijacked by an angry BT mob with the sole intent to waste as much constructive Q&A time as possible. Time that people genuinely need to ask important questions.

    I hope the BT callers got some satisfaction from their chance to insult the FM on radio. I expect it helped top up the seething casket of bile that describes their daily existence.

  292. Jim says:

    One thing is that it has politicized Scotland’s people on a level never before seen, let’s hope it remains that way and not, to use an analogy, like betting on the Grand National where people that don’t normally bet will have a flutter then forget about it until the next one comes around, let’s remain engaged!

  293. Edward says:

    Well the last caller was a female version of Mark
    curiously with the same kind of accent 😉

    She wasn’t willing to listen to what answers Alex Salmond was providing

    I would hazard a guess and say those ‘sceptics’ that called were not ordinary citizens of Scotland and that the unionists

  294. Edward says:

    meant to add that the unionist are cacking themselves 😉

  295. john king says:

    I just find that the level of disgraceful behavour by people who hold the Fisrt Minsister on this country in such disdain that they feel able to treat him in such a disgusting fasion, I hold the BBC and main stream media WHOLLY responsible for this,
    these revolting people should ask themselves, supporting him or not would they even dream of speaking to David Cameron like that?

    Mark from Elgin I have 6 grandkids who could teach you how to behave,
    your manners are atrocious,
    do you agree with me YES OR NO?
    cleary his upbringing!

  296. ronnie anderson says:

    Mark of Elgin, if anybody know Mark please let him know that Wings can arrange for a Domanatrix to ajust his spine,they domanating people like to be dominated. Paula Rose would take great delight in walking up & down that clowns spine in her Saltire High Heels.

  297. john king says:

    JLT says
    “The people of England are going to go absolutely batshit when the realisation that the lies that they have been told for decades finally hit home. The English media will also be heavily in the firing line.”

    Dont kid yourself JLT the media will already have been well breifed on how to spin an obviously sucessful Scotland as a product of their careful stewardship so the can stand aside a we ride away with our stabelizers

  298. heedtracker says:

    Call me Kaye is perfectly entitled to put the boot in whenever she likes BUT only if she works for a private media business. Otherwise she’s just one more UKOK shill taking the piss.

  299. john king says:

    JLT says
    “The people of England are going to go absolutely batshit when the realisation that the lies that they have been told for decades finally hit home. The English media will also be heavily in the firing line.”

    Dont kid yourself JLT the media will already have been well breifed on how to spin an obviously sucessful Scotland as a product of their careful stewardship so they can stand aside as we ride away without our stablizers while the video their wee sprog for posterity.

  300. Faltdubh says:


    I have no doubts at all that Kaye Adams and that unfunny supposed comedian Fred MacAulay are staunch BritNats. Even before this refrendum, there’s always been sly digs at Salmond and the SNP etc.

    Not heard Morning Call, but will listen later on whilst at work. I don’t mind Louise White so much, and she’s nowhere near as bias as Adams is. As for Robertson, can’t say I’ve heard too much of him on G.M.S but he usually just buts in over everyone.

    BBC’s star man has to be James Cook. Doesn’t pander to either side.

  301. john king says:

    Ronnie@ 10.59
    wooo hahahahahaha

  302. bugsbunny says:

    Anybody seen that 21 year old Murdo McDonald from Tannadice, Angus? He twice nearly ran the First Minister off the road, and brags he will do it again, to his cheering pals, no doubt Tories/ Orangemen? He was given a warning by the Police. Try doing that with Cameron or even a minor Royal and it would the jail for him. His grinning face is on Page 1 & 4 or todays Sun.


  303. HandandShrimp says:

    I guess the Mail headlines rallying people to save the UK in light of the latest poll may have had an impact. I have certainly noticed that some of the No posters over on the Guardian have increased in number over the last three months (a number only joining recently) and have also become a lot more abusive, sweary and aggressive.

    Something is making them angry. In some cases they seem to be trying to provoke Yes supporters to respond but with very little success. Indeed the mods in the Guardian are starting to prune their posts, so far over the mark have they stepped.

  304. G H Graham says:

    If I were Alex Salmond I wouldn’t bother any more with the BBC.

    It’s just an excuse for them to put up illiterate mobsters.

  305. themadmurph says:

    I actually enjoyed that! Jim Naughtie doing his job for once!

  306. art1001 says:

    o/t Just turned a ‘we are too poor’ NO to a YES in ten minutes just by concentrating on the implications of a NO.

    She did not know about the certain threat to Scotland’s budget with a NO. She knew nothing of Scotland’s wealth and feared the start up costs of a country would be too high. She understood that maybe the media/BBC had a reason to be biased in the information they were giving/releasing. I comforted her by informing her that Labour people including Denis Canavan are voting YES.

    In the end she spontaneously made the connection and said ‘Oh my God we would end up like District 12 in the Hunger Games! She will spread the word. She is shocked.

    Indeed a kind of internal colonisation under Tory/UKIP is indeed a possible future. They hate us and will seek to punish us. We really have to get the facts on what a NO will mean across in the last couple of weeks. In my experience a lot of NOs are soft and once they realise that things will never stay as they are, that NO is a huge risk, then they turn immediately.

  307. heedtracker says:

    Salmond’s job is to go on the BBC. Its vital too. How do you react when he gets monstered by all and any passing attack caller?

    Well you’re far from alone.

  308. Clootie says:

    ronnie anderson says:
    29 August, 2014 at 10:59 am
    Mark of Elgin, if anybody know Mark please let him know that Wings can arrange for a Domanatrix to ajust his spine,they domanating people like to be dominated. Paula Rose would take great delight in walking up & down that clowns spine in her Saltire High Heels.

    Now that would make an interesting YES Broadcast for the TV. It would have to be in a kitchen though 😀

  309. caz-m says:

    Kaye Adams hates the sight of Alex Salmond.

    And if she wasn’t a crap presenter, then she would have made an excellent understudy to Johann Lamont in the Scottish Labour Party.

    They are all cut from the same cloth,

    Kaye Adams
    Johann Lamont
    Kezia Dugdale
    Jackie Baillie
    Jenny Marra.

    They all have one aim, to bring down the Scottish Government.

    What a shower they are.

  310. john king says:

    “Try doing that with Cameron or even a minor Royal and it would the jail for him. His grinning face is on Page 1 & 4 or todays Sun. ”

    Try doing that with Cameron or even a minor royal and it would be a death sentence for him.

    Fixed that for you.

  311. call me dave says:

    I left the house as Mark was talking over the FM but I can see from the comments that, in general, it went well.

    Elgin marbles…. That’s funny.

    The union on a knife edge says my purloined copy of the Mail as I enjoy my coffee and try to cope with predictive text on my tablet. 🙂

  312. themadmurph says:

    The absurdity of removing oil from Scotland’s figure drives me nuts. It would be interesting to see the reaction of people if you were to quote England without London, or England without Finance Sector!

  313. TheGreatBaldo says:

    Did chuckle during the show, when Kaye kept saying ‘I’ll just read out one of our texts’,

    Then Kaye would then go on to read out what was more of a lengthy statement with umpteen caveats than a question.

    I was impressed with just how much information these people managed to cram into the standard 160 character limit of a text 😀

    Actually, I think these sort of set up jobs do YES a huge favour.

    The First Minister sounded calm and reasonable in his answers…

    It was the folk phoning in who sounded unhinged like say Mike from Elgin or the last caller who gave the game away with her closing comments of…..

    “Well I was never going to believe a word HE says anyway…”

    I think most undecided voters would have picked up on that and Ms Adams, shall we say aggressive and dismissive tone.

    I don’t think people need bias pointing out to them they as they pick it up quite naturally themselves

  314. ErinT says:

    Speaking of Good Morning Scotland – on this morning’s show Brian Taylor seems to make an excuse for only one Conservative MP in Scotland by stating that the size of the constituency, Dumfries, Cyldesdale and Tweeddale, is the same size as Belgium. Certainly this isn’t by population but I am having a hard time believing that area is equivalent. Scotland is about 78,357 sq. km while Belgium is 30,528 sq. km. Is the Dumfries constituency really that large?

    I’m surprised!

  315. DaveDee says:

    O/T Independence Postcode Referendum


  316. Graeme Doig says:

    Think it’s fair to say that No better together thanks have thrown all they’ve got at us and by all accounts folk still turning to Yes. Don’t think we could have hoped to be in a better position at this stage.
    Thought Eck was superb. Steady, assured and confident in his position.

  317. ronnie anderson says:

    Gavin Esler on Bbc2 questioning people on Islay

  318. desimond says:

    @Bugger (the Panda)

    To download, right click on the recording above and choose ‘Save Target..’

    This will save as an MP3

  319. heraldnomore says:

    Still no word yet on how the 3sec delay ‘failed’ yesterday.

  320. heraldnomore says:

    Is that the ‘ordinary postmaster’ from Islay, Ronnie?

  321. Luigi says:

    A few angry unionists quizzing the FM this morning on GMS. They did not listen to a word he said but they were all dealt with appropriately, nay superbly by the FM. So many important points brilliantly made – well done Mr Salmond.

  322. Of course David Wha’shisname’s constituency is like Belgium – can anyone name three famous people from Dumfries and Galloway?

  323. Guys, you need to try and stay calm because I can hear blood vessels bursting in Caithness – from Glasgow – as your blood pressure soars to danger levels, because KaywithanE spatters and splutters and slabbers over AS on radio.

    Like all the MP`s and Lords, she is fighting to keep her job and the well-funded Pensions we provide.

    Kaye doesn`t seem to understand that she will be redundant,has been redundant for years, but will need to compete in the real world of journalism – down south – after Sept 18th.

    Given the fact that she has been proven totally wrong on every subject in the IndyRef for 3 years, who would be bought or bribed with her disastrous CV.

    Another shameless self-serving charlatan who does not give a monkeys for her fellow Scots.
    Cheerio hen – you won`t be missed.

  324. Robert Peffers says:

    @Heather says: 29 August, 2014 at 9:16 am:

    “Bone is a prat but he doesn’t actually say it’s England’s oil. He says it’s the UK’s oil.”

    Thing is, Heather, the, “misrepresentation” is more than justified if we consider a few truths. The Naysayers are the masters of that game and by a very long chalk indeed. Listen to their , “Heid Bummer”, Cameron and you will hear it in spades. He constantly claims he is The British Prime Minister, represents Britain and speaks of the British Parliament and British armed forces.

    Thing is he is only the PM of, “The United Kingdom”, and he even misrepresents that as, “His Country”. However, the United Kingdom is exactly as it describes itself on the tin, a bipartite union of KINGDOMS. It is not now, and never has been, “ A COUNTRY. Even if it had been it is, as a KINGDOM, and thus Her Majesty’s not his.
    Note: – The British Isles contains 8 countries – only four of then are in the UK. These are Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland, Bailiwick of Jersey, Bailiwick of Guernsey, Ilse of Man and – now what was that other one again? Oh! Aye! It is England). I keep forgetting it is a country as well as a Kingdom.

    Now let us consider the Naysayers claims in regard to that bipartite United Kingdom Parliament. It was instigated as an entirely new parliament by Article III of the Treaty of Union. Which article reads thus, “That the united kingdom of Great Britain be represented by one and the same parliament to be stiled The Parliament of Great Britain.”. There are only two signatory Kingdoms and the Kingdom of England in 1706/7 was comprised of three countries having annexed Wales in 1284 by, “The Statute of Rhuddlan”, and Ireland in 1542 by, “The Crown of Ireland Act”.

    Thus Westminster is legally a bipartite parliament of a United Kingdom of two equally sovereign Kingdoms. Why then is the present incarnation of the legally bipartite United Kingdom Parliament the de facto Parliament of the country of England and it is handing down, (devolving), the powers of that de facto Parliament of the country of England’s powers to three devolved, countries? One of which is actually the legally equally sovereign KINGDOM partner in the United KINGDOM.

    Are you sure you are a YES voter upset by other YES voters misrepresenting things?, (or have I exposed yet another sad troll)?

  325. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    There is something a bit odd about the egging of Murphy. Some photo journalists appear to have been primed that this was about to happen. Who can find out who the guy was?

  326. john king says:

    someone needs to get a new calculator Erin

    Dumfries and Galloway is 6426 square km.

  327. Auld Rock says:

    Disgusted that oil/gas especially the Atlantic Margin was not covered by the biased Bittertogether Broadcasting Corpn. it is perfectly obvious that this vast reserve must be kept hidden for as long as possible.

    Auld Rock

  328. goulashman says:

    These callers confronting the FM! Where do the Unionists find them? Do they have a daily dose of an aggression/nasty/ignorance pill? And the presenters …… The fact that YES is doing so well a tribute to the justice of the campaign, growing in support DESPITE but perhaps BECAUSE of the ominous hatred and preponderant propaganda of the BBC and MSM. The heart beats faster and the anxiety mixed hope grows stronger as September 18th approaches!

  329. David Stevenson says:

    Erin: just more unchecked nonsense from BBC journalists. Facts? Forget it.

    Maybe Taylor has a twitter account. If so, is it possible to correct him?

  330. john king says:

    So clydesdale and Tweedsdale would need to be over 23.000 square kilometres mibbe no eh?

  331. Jim says:

    I see that Alex Salmond had to call in cops after his car was chased and overtaken twice by some BT nutter that can only be explained as the love child of Oddbod from Carry on Screaming.
    If this was David Cameron’s official car the guy have been stopped and shot on the spot, well, could have been a terrorist. No huge spread about it in the paper anyway which there would have been if it was Alistair Darling getting chased by a mad Cybernat.

  332. Robert Peffers says:

    john king says: 29 August, 2014 at 9:22 am:

    “Old lady says is it not dangerous to move the nuclear weapons, is it not better to just leave them where they are?”

    Aye! as per an article on Newsnet Scotland. I wonder if old Dearie was put up to this, for (with some very notable exceptions), Old Ladies tend to not be overly clued up on nuclear physics. There were sound biological reasons for keeping females between the early teens to the early 50s away from nuclear radiation. If involved in such things it tended to be involvement in Radiological Detection and Protection rather than in the reactor or weapons side of such things.

  333. biggpolmont says:

    thought it was hilarious this guy was so extreme that naughtie was cringing at first and thenalmost faught bach on Scotlands side but the best bit actually came near the end when the guy said that only a yes vote would protect the nhs as we know it Naughtie asked polly for her opinion expecting her to say no the nhs was safe but she to said there was more that an element of truth it if Naughtie exit stage left red faced

  334. Luigi says:

    It’s becoming crystal clear that the long, two-year run in to the referendum was a master stroke. The BT-BBC and BT-MSM are throwing everything at us now but it’s the same old, tired material. Nobody is paying attention anymore. The people have been desensitized by continued exposure.

    BT tried to fight a marathon campaign like a 100m sprint and now they are knackered. They are flagging. The finishing line is now in sight and the YES campaigners have suddenly upped a couple of gears.

    No time for complacency, however, we still have work to do. But I believe that we are now at the stage where, if everyone who believes in Scottish independence gets off their backsides and votes on September 18th, we will win comfortably. Come rain, hail or shine, we should get a big turnout. This is good for democracy. This is good for democracy.

  335. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Desimond et al

    Managed to get and hear it in a quieter place later. Thanks.

    Problem is, I am using Mac OS and whatever it is on the iPad thingy.

    I am sure there is a key combination but I would need a while to research and learn, which I don’t have as it is 3 weeks since my ADSL w
    Ent tits up. copper connction problem so, between internet provider and France fekin Telephone And August French Hols I am buggered.

    The EngNat was a bit of a mixx and match fruit bat.

  336. Arabs for Independence says:

    Erin T @11.20

    If you add all of D&G + SLC + SB the land mass is around 14,000 sq km – I think?

  337. cearc says:

    Calling all Highlanders,

    We need volounteers to be at the opening and closing of boxes.

    Can you not go to vote a tad earlier or later and do that?

    Also still have places for the count.

    Am I to bethe only woman there? C’mon ladies,stepup!

    email garve at scott-lodge dot com

    Our ancestors fought and died for this. It’s not much to ask.

  338. Jim says:

    It’s becoming crystal clear that the long, two-year run in to the referendum was a master stroke. The BT-BBC and BT-MSM are throwing everything at us now but it’s the same old, tired material. Nobody is paying attention anymore. The people have been desensitized by continued exposure.
    BT tried to fight a marathon campaign like a 100m sprint and now they are knackered.
    I never thought on it that way but you are quite right, time needed to be given to get the bullshit out of the way and allow the truth to be told.

  339. Jim Marshall says:

    Socrates McSporran 11.32
    “Of course David Wha’shisname’s constituency is like Belgium – can anyone name three famous people from Dumfries and Galloway?”

    Thomas Carlyle, John Paul Jones and Thomas Telford. Scottish right to self determination was asserted in Dumfries by the slaying of the Red Comyn.

    Now apologise to the people of Dumfries and Galloway.

  340. Brian Powell says:

    While we are working to improve he lot of every part of Scotland the BBC with the likes of Gavin Essler, scurry around in a desperate attempt to ‘divide and conquer’.

    So where they think there is a difference, in the islands or the borders, they are back there again and again, digging for ‘stories’.

    Pity he wouldn’t go to Govan or Dundee.

  341. Morag says:

    Oh it’s too hard, one single constituency in Scotland is the size of Belgium!

    Scotland’s too wee!

  342. Robert Peffers says:

    @Edward says: 29 August, 2014 at 10:08 am:

    “I case some one from the BBC is reading this”.

    The point, Edward, is that BBC Scotland’s aerials are designed as transmitters not as receivers.

    ‘Nuff Said?

  343. Juteman says:

    The difference between the callers on the two phone-ins seemed quite obvious to me. Alexander got folk angry at his lies and worried about cuts to the social budgets. Salmond got angry posh folk worried about their own finances.

  344. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    This makes the view from our betters even more clear:-

    (genuinely brilliant)


  345. Tam Jardine says:

    Socrates MacSporran

    course David Wha’shisname’s constituency is like Belgium – can anyone name three famous people from Dumfries and Galloway?

    Where do I start Socrates?

    John Paul Jones – father of the US navy

    Kirkpatrick Mcmillan – inventor of the bicycle

    Thomas Telford – roads – bridges, that kind of thing

    And for the young reader, Calvin Harris

    Don’t disrespect D&G

  346. highseastim says:

    Don’t be surprised about Mark from Elgin, you just need to go on to the Northern Scot website and see some of the rabid, homophobic garbage from the bitter together side and the Editor does nothing about it!!

  347. highseastim says:

    Try asking an independent in Moray council what their political leanings are, no answers. But the last one that retired a John Hogg from Alves, ended up an election agent for the local Tory candidate, tells you all you need to know about independents!!

  348. Dan Huil says:

    @ Jim Marshall. God bless Thomas Telford. We could do with some more of his canals to drain away all the flood water. A man ahead of his time.

  349. Midgehunter says:

    @ Gerry Parker

    “That was our very own “The Man in the Jar”

    Thanks for the info – saw it on the previous article.

    M.I.T.J is a good man to have on WOS. Jim did well too. 😉

  350. Dan Huil says:

    @ highseastim. Agree about the Northern Scot. Not even fit for the bottom of the budgie cage.

  351. turnbull drier says:


    Wingers Of Midlothian..

    I’m still needing some volunteers to help out at polling stations with checking the opening and closing of the boxes.

    This is too important to have Jiggerypokery going on…

    Please email turnbulldrier AT gmail DOT com

  352. Brotyboy says:


    Thought about trying a mifi? I got one after frustrating week in Italy. Pop in a 3G Sim and you’re good to go.

  353. Tam Jardine and Jim Marshall.

    Banter chaps. I have great respect for the Galloway Irish. I could throw in David Coulthard and Alan McNinch from motor sport, or, since Langholm is in D&G, Christy Elliot; even Kevin Kyle.

    In my former life as a football writer, I enjoyed many great afternoons at Palmerston Park.

    I like you – honest.

  354. Quentin Quale says:

    Eddie Bone saying Scottish MPs should not be allowed to take part in English matters. So only pooling and sharing money, then?

  355. Edward says:

    your right there, Robert Peffers 🙂

  356. Tartan Tory says:

    @ CameronB Brodie

    Yes, I’m here, but I appear to be in too many places at once just now!

    @ DavidB

    You are not alone! I’m so far right that I’m touching left!! In my old age (?), I’m also beginning to describe myself as a ‘socialist conservative’. I’m one of the company directors who signed the letter of 200 recently. Is that ‘right’ enough for you in this hotbed of pure Lefties they call Wings? 😉

    You know, people matter to me more than parties and as I’ve aged, I’ve come to a startling realisation… Many people are just in it for themselves, regardless of their political hue! There are a number of Yes voters who just think they will suddenly become rich for nothing and there are a number of No voters who think “I’m all right Jack so the status quo is fine”. They are both wrong.

    I too am ‘all right Jack’ and while the ‘status quo’ may be fine for me, it’s not OK for my country. It’s not OK for people who might not have been as lucky as I have been and it’s certainly not OK for people who are in their early twenties on zero-hours contracts and unable to get out of the rut.

    I was there too a few years (decades) ago, but the system helped me out. I got a council flat as a teenage incoming worker to Fife in the 80’s within three months of applying for one. That allowed me to set-up home and get married. I had nothing to speak of but the shirt on my back at the time, but I was in a position to knuckle down and get on. I dread to think where I’d end up if that were me today.

    So, I want to change it, not into some kind of socialist state, but one which helps the disadvantaged, whilst encouraging people to do well. Utopia? Who knows, but it sure as hell isn’t the plan of the Bullingdon Tory twonks that have the cheek to suggest conservative values. They are an insult to Adam Smith.

  357. cearc says:


    Nice one.

  358. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I listened to the whole clip, but must have missed the part where anyone said it’s “England’s Oil”. I definitely heard Bone say that it’s “UK oil”, but nothing relating to the oil being England.”

    He says it’s UK oil, then he says “England is the country that raises the taxes for Britain”. Therefore Britain’s taxes are raised by England, and the oil is therefore England’s.

  359. Chris Baxter says:

    “He says it’s UK oil, then he says “England is the country that raises the taxes for Britain”. Therefore Britain’s taxes are raised by England, and the oil is therefore England’s.”

    I doubt the Bone-head sees the oil as a tax receipt. He doesn’t have a clue about the whole process. So while your logical extension may well be correct, his intention isn’t to say “The oil is England’s”. Also, he most probably doesn’t think that Scotland provides zero money from taxation. He doesn’t really know what he’s saying, other than that English people want Scotland to receive less money from Westminster.

    You do an absolutely sterling (pun intended) job, so I’m not knocking you. I think though that on this one, the headline isn’t particularly spot on.

    It does continue to amaze me that so many people keep thinking that the vast majority of the oil isn’t Scotland, but the UK’s. If the oil was located in the Thames Estuary, would it still be UK oil then?

  360. John McCaig says:

    Aye. Keep dreaming you fruit cake. ‘No Scot should be allowed near Westminster’ was her last mad rant. Time for your medication dear!

  361. Tartan Tory says:

    Chris Baxter says:

    You do an absolutely sterling (pun intended) job, so I’m not knocking you. I think though that on this one, the headline isn’t particularly spot on.

    I too am bemused by the headline, but doubtless Stu will have an agenda for making it so! 😉

    However, headlines aside, I think this radio interview is a bit more dynamite than such a throw-away heading makes it out to be.

    I’ve added this recording to my Facebook page asking people to give up nine minutes of their day to listen to it. The views expressed may not be from a politician, they may not be those of the ‘English majority’ interests, but the real explosion is what this guy says about the NHS. The oil thing is simply a sideline.

  362. Tom Foyle says:

    I think I’m becoming hearing-impaired, or, in old money, DEAF. Whose side is Mr. Bone on again? Well, if ANYONE has any doubts concerning the NHS, this should dispel those doubts nicely.

  363. aknoyd says:

    I’m also appalled that the BT campaign are able to send out “voting instructions” in the same colour scheme as the postal vote envelopes, and on the same day. ONLY POSTAL VOTERS HAVE RECEIVED THESE TO DATE (the remainder of the Better Together leaflets will be sent out in due course). Surely, surely, this breaks some kinda rule?!

  364. Phantom Flan Flinger says:

    Probably the most stupid comment ever written (from the BT Stirling Facebonk group:

    YYYYY XXXX: I came to a realisation that I don’t think most people understand in this debate. Just saw something on the yes campaign page with someone saying they had changed from no to yes because he wasn’t getting answers. The problem is people don’t understand that not agreeing with one side should not mean you agree with the other side. Just because you don’t agree with no (or yes) doesn’t mean you have to vote for the other side. Bad decision making.

  365. Lochsie says:

    @Socrates MacSporran,
    Galloway Irish? at Palmerston? Think you’re showing your ignorance even more, big time!

    The Galloway Irish are ‘Cleyholers’ who usually support Stranraer. Queens fans are Doonhamers. Glad I didn’t have to read your fitba reports… probably even more drivel than your comments!

  366. robert dewar says:

    I am so tired of these english people saying the scottish people are being subsidised by english people , if that is the case , then stop trying to persuade us to stay in the union . I would say that scotland gives more to the union than we are given credit for , so if we are “sponging” off the union let us go our own way .

  367. Phil Dowling says:

    Of course it’s (mainly) England’s oil! Yes it’s geographically nearer to Scotland, but where did most of the investment to get the stuff in the first place come from? Yes, England!! Or is there no such thing as “Scottish fair play”?

  368. Ken Field says:

    My view on Scottish Independence is quite simple. I am English and wish that England could leave the UK and be independent. However, I realise that is unlikely to happen just yet, so instead, Scotland leaving the UK is a good first step for England. I am sure that under Alex Salmond Scotland will have the government it deserves.

  369. Steve Branston says:

    Thanks for that Ken, so kind.

    Of course, we might not vote for Salmon in 2016 if we gain independence. His party will have lost some of its relevance for a start, although I’m sure they’ll manage to refocus.

    One thing is for sure, we will get the government we vote for, unlike now.

    If you want England to leave the UK maybe start an English Independence Party (maybe one already exists?) – if enough of your compatriots agree with you then I’m sure it’ll be a success. Good luck breaking the duopoly under first past the post though.

  370. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Of course it’s (mainly) England’s oil! Yes it’s geographically nearer to Scotland, but where did most of the investment to get the stuff in the first place come from? Yes, England!!”

    From multinational oil companies, you doofus. We have no state oil producer.

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