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To last throughout the years 319

Posted on July 12, 2017 by

We’re not often genuinely shocked, readers.

But then we switched on BBC1 Northern Ireland today.

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Towers of hate 159

Posted on July 12, 2017 by

It’s a sleepy Wednesday in July, so let’s celebrate some proud British culture!

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For Sadiq Khan 216

Posted on February 25, 2017 by

What does racism and separatism actually look like? How would we know it if we saw it? What are its defining characteristics? Who are its advocates?


Let’s see if we can find out.

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The smell of fear 418

Posted on February 13, 2017 by

The ultra-hardcore Unionist community – or the Yoons, as they’re better known – are in a pretty much permanent state of wild and terrified rage, but it’s been turned up to 11 for most of this year. Constantly proclaiming that the people of Scotland don’t want independence, for some reason they’re absolutely petrified of putting that to the test.


And it’s sending them to some dark places.

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A matter of disclosure 372

Posted on February 08, 2017 by

There’s a truly abominable piece of hatemongering in today’s Times. A grotesequely dishonest Nat-bashing smear job based on stupendously misrepresented fragments of quotes, it’s penned by Patrick Harkness, someone who the paper identifies as “a past co-chairman of the RSE [Royal Society of Edinburgh] Young Academy of Scotland”.


For some reason it’s chosen to leave a few lines off his CV.

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Towards a better, kinder world 96

Posted on December 29, 2016 by

A few people objected to this post when we first ran it a year ago, then came to regret their decision. So for their sake we’re putting it up again, in a new and updated form, in the interests of civilised and productive discourse about Scottish politics.


It’s the most constructive contribution we can think of to make Twitter a less toxic place over the next 12 months. It’s our block list.

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The green and pleasant land 198

Posted on September 30, 2016 by

The Daily Telegraph just released a video called “100 Reasons Why Brexit Was A Good Thing”. It listed them to a soundtrack of “Jerusalem”, the same song that closed the Labour Party conference earlier this week with its stirring ode to just one of the four nations of the United Kingdom.

We’ve saved a few of the highlights below, just in case the Telegraph should delete the video in a fit of sanity. We’ve also added one fake one. See if you can spot it.

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Neither blood nor soil 249

Posted on September 08, 2016 by

Supporters of Scottish independence have known for years that the civic “nationalism” espoused by the Yes movement bears no relation to the so-called “blood and soil” varieties found in many other countries. Every racist or ethnic-nationalist organisation in Britain – the BNP, the EDL/SDL, the National Front and so on – was stridently No.


But a YouGov poll released today puts numbers on it for the first time.

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Proud Scot Of The Week 262

Posted on March 27, 2016 by

It’s the “your” that makes it.


The next time you hear Scottish Labour whinge that nationalists have “stolen” the Saltire or some such, remember what they really think of it.

First off the mark 186

Posted on March 22, 2016 by

Brussels terror atrocity = SNP BAD.


Chris Deerin, Iain Martin, Alan Cochrane and Ian Smart will be hopping mad.

Together in unity 104

Posted on March 01, 2016 by

Weirdly, right after seeing this earlier this afternoon, we sat down to watch an episode of The Professionals on ITV4, which contained what seemed a rather apt segment.

We don’t think it’s a younger Iain Martin of the Telegraph (accompanied by colleagues Alan Cochrane and Tom Gallagher), but don’t make us swear to it.

This can only end well 150

Posted on March 01, 2016 by

Goodness gracious.


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