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The desperate hours

Posted on May 03, 2015 by

The general election 2015 has rounded the last bend and is heading down the final straight, with no clear winner in sight. Four days from now the UK electorate will go to the polls and deliver, if the numbers are to be believed, an unholy mess. Only one part of the country seems to know with clarity what it wants, and that’s “not Labour”.


The North British branch of the party has in truth been a political Easter egg for years – big and impressive-looking on the outside, but entirely hollow within – and this year it looks like the voters are finally going to shatter the shell and leave nothing but a small heap of fragments revealing just how little chocolate was ever there.

And the realisation has sent Labour completely out of its mind.


Above is a picture of the Conservative candidate for the East Renfrewshire seat, David Montgomery, campaigning yesterday at a stall in Clarkston shared with Scottish Labour regional manager Jim Murphy. (Who can be seen below at the same location a little later the same day.)


We’ve had unconfirmed reports of the same thing happening in other Scottish towns this weekend – open, unashamed public alliances between the two parties who swear blind that they’re mortal enemies and that each is the only hope of stopping the other forming the government.

It’s as if the referendum was this September, not eight months ago, and “Better Together” still lived. (An impression bolstered, of course, by the presence of so many of BT’s leading lights – to use the rhyming slang – at Scottish Labour HQ.) But it’s just one symptom of the demented, furious madness gripping the party that won 41 of Scotland’s 59 seats in 2010, and which could yet cost it the election.

Yesterday we highlighted the deception being practiced in Anas Sarwar’s seat, with a whole army of imaginary voters being concocted in order to send identical “personal” letters to residents of particular streets.

(We’re told by a source inside Labour, incidentally, that particular pressure is being put on the city’s Muslim and Asian community by Sarwar’s influential father Mohammad, a business kingpin who’s knocking doors and warning people not to kick out his son.)

We’re also seen another re-run of a classic “Better Together” tactic, with Jim Murphy sending frightened elderly voters a letter warning of dire consequences for their pensions should the SNP win.


More alarmingly, we’ve also seen a fake letter sent to a new SNP member purporting to be from the party, which starts plausibly before urging the recipient to vote Tory on the grounds that an SNP-Labour collaboration couldn’t work.

Despite that ostensible appeal the only logical source for the letter would be Labour supporters seeking to horrify new members who’d almost certainly have come from Labour, and send them back to the party.


That whoever sent it appears to have access to a database enabling them to target new SNP members is an especially sinister development.

It’s not just in Scotland that insanity has seized Labour. The Observer reports today that Ed Miliband plans to install a nine-foot stone monolith in the Rose Garden at 10 Downing Street if elected, with his key pledges (including the infamous “CONTROLS ON IMMIGRATION”) engraved on it, so that he can see it from his office.

(Combined with the Tories’ pledge to pass a law forbidding themselves from raising tax, thoughtful voters might well find themselves pondering why the two main parties have so little apparent belief in the honesty of their OWN promises that they need to either legally disqualify themselves from breaking them or build a ridiculous giant “Vowhenge” to keep themselves on the straight and narrow 24 hours a day.)


And the Labour website Labour Uncut has thrown caution to the wind and driven a coach and horses through every electoral law in the country by not only admitting that Labour has been illegally surveying and tallying postal votes, but then actually publishing the findings.

As far as we’re aware there’s still an ongoing police investigation in Scotland into several Unionist figures, including Scottish Labour’s chief of staff John McTernan and Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson, breaking postal-vote laws in similar but lesser ways during the independence referendum.

But it seems not to have dissuaded Labour or Labour Uncut, either from stomping all over those laws even more flagrantly or from gloating about it in public. We can only hope, for the sake of public faith in the democratic process, that there’ll be a serious reckoning for all of them to come.

The litany of lunacy seems almost without end. The same John McTernan last night suddenly conducted a complete U-turn of the principle on which Scottish Labour has conducted its entire election campaign – “the biggest party forms the government” – as media outlets leaked that the Tories would declare themselves the winners should they get the most seats, and left-wing pundits denounced such a move in horrified terms as a “coup d’etat”.



Of course, should the Conservatives attempt such a “coup”, they’d be able to produce dozens, perhaps hundreds, of quotes from senior Labour MPs – almost all Scottish – explictly backing their right to do so in the clearest possible terms.



Mindbogglingly, this appears to be a scenario that didn’t occur to Labour as they frantically tried to cling onto their Scottish fiefdom. And the implacably strident manner in which the UK party has rejected the democratic right of nationalist parties in Scotland to participate in UK government (while working enthusiastically with an Irish nationalist party) has deepened the hole Ed Miliband has idiotically dug himself into.

In essence, Labour’s strategy has been to attempt to hold the entire UK hostage in order to secure the seats on the Westminster gravy train of a bunch of Scottish MPs who are ultimately irrelevant to its chances of forming the government. “Don’t you dare vote SNP, however much you want to, because it’ll let the Tories in and that’ll be your fault” has been the constant hammer.

Yet as noted in the Labour-supporting Sunday People today, success for the SNP in Scotland actually HELPS Labour overall, because the SNP will not only vote against the Tories but can capture Lib Dem seats which currently support David Cameron and which Labour would have no hope of taking.


Currently Scotland provides a net 35 anti-Tory MPs (47 Labour and SNP minus 12 Tory and Lib Dem). Even were the SNP to pull off a clean sweep, wiping Labour out totally, that number would rise to 59 anti-Tory MPs. That’s 24 extra anti-Tory votes in the Commons compared to Labour’s Scottish landslide of 2010.

In an election as tight as this, those 24 extra votes could easily make the difference between Labour getting in and the coalition managing to cling on. But in its demented, blind, tribal hatred of the Nats, Labour not only risks handing Cameron that 24-seat advantage, but also the moral right to form the government even should the arithmetic be against him, by using Labour’s own “biggest party” lie against it.

Astoundingly, some Labour campaigners have even been complicit in a tactical-voting movement that would give even MORE Scottish seats to the Tories and Lib Dems – 16 rather than 12, whichever variant of the hilarious “wheel” you choose to follow, and every one of them giving the Tories at least six seats to their current one.

(Were the wheel to succeed entirely in its aims, Scotland would provide a net figure of just 27 anti-Tory MPs rather than 59, increasing Cameron’s advantage to 32.)


This year’s may be the single most catastrophically stupid election campaign ever undertaken by Labour (or anyone) in the UK, eclipsing even the party’s infamous 1983 “longest suicide note in history”.

Faced with an inconceivably brutal Tory administration which has failed in the single goal – ending the deficit – which it used to justify its cruelty, and the near-certain total collapse of the Lib Dems, only the most staggering ineptitude could have cost Labour power this time. But having thrown away a double-digit lead from the mid-point of the coalition, Ed Miliband may yet snatch defeat from victory’s jaws.

If he does so, the blame will lie almost entirely with his Scottish lieutenants, whose unthinking bile has led him to the brink of a Tory trap laid by David Cameron the day after the referendum. Counter-intuitive though it seems, Miliband’s best hope by far of being the next Prime Minister now lies in the SNP winning as many seats as possible.

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451 to “The desperate hours”

  1. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    They’ve all gone crazy over there. Self combustion and accelerated Darwinian evolution in full belt.

    What will be ;last throw of the die this time?

  2. thewaterbeastie says:

    The arithmetic is pretty raw and unforgiving.

  3. joe macfarlane says:

    How many red tories would then vote in favour of a blue tory queens speech as at the end of the day there would be little difference between a red and blue queens speech policy wise.

  4. One_Scot says:

    I believe that the United Kingdom is probably one of the most politically corrupt countries in the world.

    I also believe Scotland deserves better than this.

  5. Scott says:

    And yet none of this reported in the mainstream media. The depths to which the North British branch of the Labour Party will sink is truly shocking. What a disgusting, nasty party. Cannot wait to experience their oblivion. What you reap you sow

  6. jimnarlene says:

    That’s some fankle they’ve got themselves in to. We all reap what we sow, Labour have a huge harvest coming their way, in the shape of an electoral kicking. Hell mend them.

  7. Gavin says:

    That fake “SNP” letter

    Disgusting, deplorable and very sinister behaviour.

    If it is from labour then it just goes to show that they will go to any lengths to cling on to their Scottish power base, including scraping the bottom of the proverbial septic tank.

    Lets kick these bastards out once and for all. Vote SNP on Thursday.

  8. Joemcg says:

    What a damning article. Excellent. Well done Rev.

  9. Holebender says:

    The fake SNP letter talks about the SNP’s first four year term as if it were ongoing. Currently we are in the SNP’s second term in Holyrood, and it’s a five year term. Even if the vote Tory message hadn’t rung any alarm bells that section would have for me.

  10. handclapping says:

    They just cannot conceive of themselves being out of a job and irrelevant. They think that on 8 May they will still be a big beast. Little do they understand that to the remaining members of their party they will be the ones that lost and threw away the advantage that their ancestors spent a century building.

    Pariahs not pandas

  11. IanH says:

    Excellent article, surely the final piece of the jigsaw leading to an SNP landslide


  12. Indigo says:

    The Easter egg analogy is spot on

  13. Sean McNulty says:

    Thought my eyes were beyond popping when I visit this site, but the above proved me wrong.

    One of your finest posts, Stu. Essential (if sickening) reading.

    The coming Slab annihilation will be sweet beyond words.

  14. Desimond says:

    This may be the single most catastrophically stupid election campaign ever undertaken by Labour (or anyone) in the UK

    Bravo to you Stu for that sentence and Bravo to Douglas Alexander for this campaign

  15. Grouse Beater says:

    Contrarian opposition policy in epitome:

    If you dislike our policies vote for parties we oppose, but never vote for the SNP whom we detest. Voting SNP achieves only policies you want but policies we oppose.

  16. Pam McMahon says:

    Is there any point in complaining to the Electoral Commission or Police Scotland about the opening and “sampling” of postal votes, as demonstrated by Labour Uncut link above?

    We should be posting it far and wide.

  17. xShuggy says:

    I reported the Labour uncut allegations to the Electoral Commission and also to that new Crimestoppers Initiative. Can’t report the ‘new SNP member’ letter as I don’t have a clear copy.

    It’s been quite clear for months where the two main parties’ coalition intentions lie – with each other. They’ve just stopped the pretence.

    By the way Stu, your French is a bit off – the correct phrase for the current situation is “coup d’etwat”.

  18. Patrick Roden says:

    “The North British branch of the party has in truth been a political Easter egg for years – big and impressive-looking on the outside, but entirely hollow within”

    Brilliant! 🙂

    The ‘end-game’ is in sight, and all the Tory Party’s rhetoric about Ed being in Alex/Nicolas pocket, demanding that Labour tell ‘The Nation’ (England) if he will do a ‘back-room-deal’ with the ‘Separatists’ is now beginning to come to fruition.

    The Tories have bullied the gormless Ed into painting himself into a corner, so now Cameron has every right to declare that he will declare himself winner if he has most seats.

    This dares Miliband to attempt to get into number 10, without the same right wing media who have been bullying him screaming that he has done some sort of murky back-room-deal with the SNP.

    He (and Labour) will be painted as ("Tractor" - Ed)s to England, who are willing to let the Scottish hoards rule of England just so that Labour can get into power again.

    If they wouldn’t or couldn’t stand up to the Media’s onslaught before the election, just wait ’till we see the complete meltdown of the right wing media with threats of anarchy in the streets of England’s cities, (therefore goading English Nationalists into action)and the relentless demonising of every Labour MP.

    Labour will become the Anti-English Party, that will simply build on the ‘far to Scottish’ party that they were portrayed as when Gordon Brown/Darling/ etc were in power.

    Labour are completely finished, they just haven’t realised this yet.

  19. Giesabrek says:

    The utter stupidity of Labour, especially their Scottish branch, laid beautifully bare there Rev.

    Although I do think you don’t give enough credit to Millibland for his part in his own downfall.

    It’s astonishing how Labour have fallen into so many Tory traps.

  20. Patrick Roden says:

    That should be ("Tractor" - Ed) Ed rather than tractor Ed. 🙂

  21. Alastair says:

    Great and powerful post Stu.

  22. Fred says:

    Great pic’ of Broon in a “Brown Study”. 🙂

    Presumably McVermin has his wages paid by the Labour Party, anybody know his salary and is he paid by results?

    Murphy making out to Sally Magnusson that the Slab membership is around 20,000, no details available apparently as to what a member actually was.

  23. Geoff Huijer says:

    A ‘must read’ article.

    Thank you!

  24. galamcennalath says:

    The fraudulent letters to SNP members apparently using info from SNP databases seems particularly shocking.

  25. JBS says:

    Three wheels on my wagon,
    but I’m still rollin’ along,
    the SNP
    have gone past me
    they look glad
    things look bad
    but I’m singin’ a happy song…

  26. Calgacus says:

    When all of these gaffes are put together like this one can only gasp in amazement.

    Over and over they tried to fool the public and have only conned themselves.

    I am afraid that Miliband is too weak to be Prime Minister and the SNP should demand his head as a price for cooperation.

  27. Joemcg says:

    This article brings to mind the gruesome medieval torture method used on the royal mile with rats being used on the victims stomach trying to desperately gnaw an escape route. Labour as the rat.

  28. Connor McEwen says:

    Can’t get Wacky Races by Hanna Barbara cartoons out of my mind.

    Cameron is Dick Dastardly
    Muttly is now any Libdem
    Penelope Pitstop is Nicola
    Slag Brothers are any P.R.for Westminster
    Anthill Mob are UKIP
    Other suggestion are available

  29. michaelc says:

    Pretty much says it all

    Rev Stu’s finest hour

  30. Aceldo Atthis says:

    Rev. Stuart: “only the most staggering ineptitude could have cost Labour power this time…”

    I agree and would add that it takes a really good education to mess something up so badly but I wonder how else — realistically — Labour might have responded to the tsunami of SNP support.

    I think Labour is paying the price for the Vow-Lie more than anything. Now they are opposed by the stalwart 45% and those who thought the Vow guaranteed Devo-max.

    Nobody ever goes back to Labour once they see through their lies. Most people I know go away totally raging that they were ever so stupid as to trust Labour in the first place — it’s quite remarkable. We’ll never go back to them, not ever.

  31. BrianW says:

    The fake SNP letter is interesting.

    Not the fact they’re having to stoop to producing fake letters to further scare folk – nothing the Better Bedfellows do surprises me any more.

    What does interest me though is this bit Stu:

    “..whoever sent it appears to have access to a database enabling them to target new SNP members is an especially sinister development.”

    If that were to be the case then would surly be a breach of Data Protection legislation. I hope that if there is any suspicion of this being the case it has been reported to relevant authorities to investigate, and prosecute if need be.

    P.S In Elgin on Sat the parties all had their own stalls. Labour & Tories had brand new wall-paper pasting tables (good shout for who ever bought them as at least they’ll get used for their actual use after the election as they’ll not be used again by either party any time soon for canvassing). The SNP had the full set up – pop-up gazebo, cheerie chatty folk with foam hands, badges etc with a good crowd of folk stopping. The fermirs market wiz on tae, & the pipe band was oot an ‘a.. Fit’s nae tae like.

  32. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Great post rev Stu,

    Slab deserve to lose all their seats for such despicable fraud and deceit.

    They have lost all moral compass in their drive to hold a few Scottish seats.

    Let’s kick them all out on the 7th of May.

  33. Davie says:

    From Duncan Hoth on Labour Hame

    “Honest answer, Davie? Blair McDougall is a Labour hero, and John McTernan is a brilliant Labour strategist. I’m glad they are on our team.”

    What an absolute shower Labour and their acolytes are. The positive is that they are a million miles from ever turning their present predicament around.

  34. heedtracker says:

    What a disgusting indictment of unionism.

    THE VOW fraud, another giant historic rip off. No one knows what The Vow is going to produce, if anything at all but all we got was Brown/Daily Rancid/BBC and their vote NO for devo-max, federal UKOK, devo-max plus even. It will be interesting to read the Brown memoires and how he saved the union with THE VOW dramtic last minute intervention and frightening Scottish pensioners.

  35. Robert Peffers says:

    I see Ed now reduced to, “My Red Line’s bigger, and redder, than your red line”.

  36. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Rev.,

    Another excellent piece of research.

    But I am getting filled with rage – not least because I was a former Labour voter – at all this creepy crookedness coming from somewhere that has the stench of New Labour about it.

    This lawbreaking MUST be stopped and quickly too.

    PLEASE can readers report that FAKE letter to Crimestoppers…

    0800 555 111

    Crimestoppers are currently having a “special” initiative on electoral fraud.

    That FAKE letter, if it turns out to be what it looks to be, is breaking the Electoral Law, the Data Protection Act and likely some more serious legislation with a custodial sentence.

    I would URGE any reader here to call Crimestoppers and report this lawbreaking.

    The Independence Referendum was stolen by a 5% swing with a dishonest vow and Labour’s disgusting tactic of scaring elderly voters last time – and now from the above Murphy-death-o-gram, they are at it again.

    If this lawbreaking is allowed to continue, the old adage goes:

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    I for one am utterly ashamed I ever voted Labour.

    Never again Lord Murphy of Lies.

    Murphy you have managed to turn this lifelong Labour voter into an SNP voter. Well done you clutz.

    I’m now away to telephone 0800 555 111 and report this disgusting breach of the law and affront to democracy. PLEASE can you consider doing the same?

    Thank you.


  37. handclapping says:

    Gordon’s pensive look in Dalgety Bay yesterday morning?
    “I really should have done something about the radiation.”

  38. John H. says:

    The Labour Party must be in possesion of names and addresses of new SNP members. Yesterday, the East Dunbartonshire candidate himself stood outside my home with three canvassers. He looked over at my house, consulted a clipboard, then indicated to the others to move on.

    All of my neighbours were canvassed but not me. My wife and I couldn’t understand why we were missed out. We joined the SNP last September, immediately after the referendum.

    Something’s not right here.

  39. HenBroon says:

    The fake letter has McTernan smeared all over it like thin skitter.

  40. Chitterinlicht says:

    Top post Mr Campbell

    “Vowhenge’ genius. Be using that on twitter.

    What a shambles Mr Milliband has got himself in. If he needs middle England to rule and says fuck off to Scotland to show how hard he is well that is them finished up here. Arse

  41. Kenzie says:

    I wonder if one of the advisers that Moribund has been listening to in Scotland is Saint Dougie of the Diminutive? If so, that might go some way towards explaining why they are in such a mess. I mean, wee Dougie is not known up here as The Village Idiot for nothing.

  42. Fiona says:

    I suspect that the sheer lunacy of the stone means that labour will lose in England as well. It displays sheer contempt for the electorate, no matter where they live.

    He should be handing out red buttons “back of heads, for the use of”: it would probably be cheaper

  43. Joemcg says:

    Re-the 12 seats labour are trying to save. Surprised they have left out poster (lol!) girl and boy, namely Curran and Alexander out to dry.

  44. Paula Rose says:

    Edstone doing that trendy thing on twitter.

  45. Alex Waugh says:

    Exhibit A
    From Labour Uncut
    “Although the parties are legally not allowed to tally votes at these events, they all do and the constituency teams then dutifully pass their field intelligence back to HQ.”

    Exhibit B
    The fake ‘SNP’ leaflet.

    NOW can we call the police?

  46. Jimbo says:

    “Ed Miliband plans to install a nine-foot stone monolith in the Rose Garden at 10 Downing Street if elected, with his key pledges (including the infamous “CONTROLS ON IMMIGRATION”) engraved on it, so that he can see it from his office.

    What an inane, ridiculously juvenile idea. Did he come up with that one all by himself? I hear Miliband wants to be Prime Minister when he grows up. The quicker that happens the better (grows up, I mean).

    I wonder, if a pledges is delivered, will the twat have a tick engraved beside it?

  47. Malcolm says:

    They are scared, they are terrified.
    Misquote of the week from me:
    “Let slip the dogs of democracy”

  48. TheItalianJob says:

    Great article Mr Stuart. And just in time to educate us all on the desperate measures of mis information coming out from Labour.

    Like most here I find the false SNP letter the most disturbing. An absolute affront to our democracy in Scotland. How can this be allowed. Very serious issue in my opinion. But what power do we the ordinary people have to counteract such measures.

  49. Fiona says:

    According to Ruth Davidson on Twitter, even Johann Lamont though the stone was a stupid idea

  50. Joemcg says:

    Alex-and the unionists called Salmond Kim Jong Eck! They seem to be operating on levels N. Korea can only dream about!

  51. bookie from hell says:

    Danny Alexander told Sky that any Lib Dems ruling out coalition with the Tories would not be “respecting the democratic will of the country”.

    funny–libdems ruled out SNP

  52. JLT says:

    My personal view, which I have stated before, revolves around the theme of history. In this case, reflection on the political individual and their place in history. Tony Blair for example, fretted all the time, wondering how history would remember him as a political leader. When he finally made the greatest mistake of his political career, and decided to join in with George Bush and the invasion of Iraq, Blair’s place in history was cemented, but probably not as he wished. Remembered now as a slightly delusional figure with a severe streak of narcissism controlling his actions, Blair has found out to his cost, that the Gods play cruel tricks, and that he should have been more careful for what he wished for. Remembered he will be, but not as how he wished.

    And this fate now awaits Ed Miliband in less than a weeks time. Already burdened with the view of fratricide after stealing his brother’s position as party leader, Ed Miliband could find that his name will become a different form of derision than that of Blair, as the spectre of absolute failure will surround the name of ‘Edward Samuel Miliband’.

    Should Ed refuse to sit down and discuss options with Nicola Sturgeon, Leanne Wood and even Natalie Bennett, then Ed in all probability, will be not only be creating his own cross, but will be nailing himself to it.
    To refuse to work with Sturgeon, the most liberal and conscious minded female politician …probably ever, will see Ed possibly handing the keys to No. 10 to his rival, David Cameron. The fallout from such a scenario, will see Ed demonised by his own party, removed from the position of party leader, and thrown into the complete wilderness as a person who cannot be trusted to take the initiative, while the Labour party in vain, will try to pull itself back from the chasm of absolute oblivion.

    Should Ed fall, and Cameron is given a 2nd term, the Labour Party will forever be mocked as party that is indecisive; be labelled as ‘bottlers’; and will even see their hardcore membership walk away in disgust.

    If we think the names of Michael Foot and Neil Kinnock are reminders of great failure, then Ed will take those words into a whole new level of context by next weekend. So disastrous could Ed’s decision be on Friday, that the Labour Party could fall away to the level of the Lib-Dems over time.

    Ed on Friday morning will be the most important person in the country. He has to make one decision. Yea or Nay with Nicola. The Tories will sit on tenderhooks gleefully awaiting his decision either way, but at least with Nicola, he gets 5 years in office to prove that the decision that he made was the correct one, while he will face oblivion in the space of a second if he chooses otherwise.

    The Gods watch, and the history books await …so what will it be Ed?

  53. Al-Stuart says:

    Having reviewed the law on the “FAKE” letter above, it appears to be a matter for POLICE SCOTLAND.

    Several STATUTES have been infracted. The Police will likely say this is “not a police matter” and try and stear any complainant to the Electoral Commission – and away from the police. Helps with the police crimesolving numbers etc.

    However, whilst it is competent for either Crimestoppers (a charity) or the Electoral Commission to review this FAKE and UNLAWFUL letter, this FAKE letter is definitely a police matter.

    PLEASE CONSIDER DIALLING 101 and ask Police Scotland to investigate. Do NOT be put off or fobbed off by an attempt by the police triage call handler to stear you to the Electoral Commission.

    Gerrymandering of the electoral process is a very serious issue.

    Stuart has obtained some damning evidence. Not just criminal breaches of the Representation of the Peoples Act 1983, but other criminal infractions such as fraud, identity theft, fraudulent impersonation and deceit, obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception, data protection breach, mailing breaches – a whole raft of lawbreaking.

    So if you do dial

    Police Scotland on 101

    Politely let the call handler know that if the police fail to take this appalling effort to gerrymander an election seriously then it may well be a case of lodging a formal “Neglect of Duty” complaint against Police Scotland.

    This is a grave matter. Literally.

    Austerity is killing disabled and vulnerable people and whatever your view on politics, electoral lawbreaking and fraud by people who wish to steal an election and corruptly gain political office and pecuniary advantage is not tolerable in a democracy.


    Hundreds, possibly thousands of those FAKE letters have been sent out, and the miscreants require to be found and brought to proper justice. Only the police have the investigative powers to do that.

  54. carjamtic says:

    John H. @ 1:10

    Exactly the same,I am in Aberdeen South,last week I watched them canvassing the street,both Red and Blue Tories.

    The Blue Tory chapped my door,we had an amicable chat and I did not take his leaflet,all good,I waited in anticipation for the Red Tory (Anne Begg) to chap the door approx 1 hr between Red/BLue canvassers.

    I waited,running over my questions a few times to make sure I was on the ball.

    Here they come,next door,then they consulted their clip board and did not chap my door,moved on down the street,>_<

    Definitely knew

  55. Joemcg says:

    Al- hate to ask the obvious but why don’t you phone them?!

  56. Joemcg says:

    Carjamtic-who would have access to the SNP database? And then hand it to “scottish” labour?

  57. donald anderson says:

    Murphy’s Union Jack pants must be well fired by now.

  58. Grizzle McPuss says:

    New and unchartered times lie ahead for us all in Scotland after the 7th, and I do wonder what that situation will be afterwards as we move forward with whatever scenario comes to play.

    So much mistrust has formed, so much deception played out and then, the outright falsehoods uttered by the many who fear change to their comfortable status quo.

    I wonder how those long established institutions, be they political or media based, are going to face the majority of the Scots electorate (if the current polls are reflective and accurate)…those who they have blatantly dismissed as extremist, deluded or whatever derogatory jibe suits their particular audience, in order that their well entrenched ‘club mentality’ can continue its detached agenda to suit the few.

    …and let’s not even get started on the contradictory and detached Nazi, Commie, extremist bile dished out to so many ordinary Scottish voters.

    For all those who have championed the “we won – you lost, get over it” or the “Smith Commission now delivers greater powers”…what will their honest and ‘well reflected upon’ response be to the majority Scottish voices that they have been so disparaging of?
    What will be their track-record defence to those who have rejected their gerrymandered vision of the Scottish status within the now fractured, but well-established as a corrupt UK political system?

  59. muttley79 says:

    But why will the people not think of all the uncertainty? D:

  60. HandandShrimp says:

    The ‘Edstone has to take the biscuit. I thought that was just an idea being floated by Ed. I only realised an hour or so ago that the thing actually exists.

    It is certainly giving people a laugh. The 2001 Space Odyssey take off is funny.

  61. No no no...Yes says:

    This is a great article and exposes that the Labour Party and it dinosaurs have all gone completely mad and have tried everything to stop the winds of change sweeping through Scotland.

    On checking Twitter it would appear a postie has leaked plans that the last throw of the dice for the Labour Party is getting the Royal Mail to deliver leaflets to EVERY household in Scotland.

    The subject is “save the NHS” and first leaflet says “48 hours to save the NHS” and is to be delivered on Tuesday.

    The second leaflet is to be delivered on Wednesday saying “24 hours to save the NHS”

    Would voters really fall for that? Did the get this from focus groups?

    This could be correct or misinformation and they have something else up their sleeve.
    I suggest the latter.

  62. Alex Waugh says:

    Can’t call 101 as I’m not in the UK but fake letter and Labour tallying of postal votes both reported to Crimestoppers. If I was in Scotland I’d be on to local copshop pronto. Will also mail Electoral Commission. If enough people complain someone might just do something, but breath not being held.

  63. carjamtic says:

    joemcg@ 1:45

    Joe I am no conspiracy theorist,even after indyref,I can only report what I see,I assumed all the parties would have a list,if such lists existed.

    I can tell you that the driveway/access to my door is the most wheel chair friendly in the whole street so can rule that out.

    The Red Tories consulted their clip board and gave me a body swerve,normally I would not have noticed,probably,but now politically active,I eagerly awaited a wee doorstep debate.

    My wife had a good laugh at me being left disappointed and I never gave it a second thought until today,just saying they knew that’s all,no accusation’s,maybe this is perfectly normal.

  64. Proud Cybernat says:

    Murphy doesn’t give a hee-haw about the arithmetic. He’s just in it for himself. Pure and simple.

    “Every man for himself. Women and children first. No wait–stand aside. Jim Murphy coming through.”

    Please let there be a God and get rid of this self-serving, egotistical, narcissistic, lying, cheating, loud-mouth, motor-mouth trougher. Aye–and all his pals too: Alexander, Curran, Davidson, Sarwar, Harris – the effing lot of them.

    But Murphy would be the icing on the cake. Please God make it happen.

  65. donnywho says:

    I can see the MSM headlines now as to respond to theft of the SNP database.

    The SNP loses your confidential and personal data. How can we trust them in government.

  66. schrodingers cat says:

    Paula Rose says:

    Edstone doing that trendy thing on twitter….

    should read FRedFLINTstone

  67. James Kay says:

    “Ed Miliband plans to install a nine-foot stone monolith in the Rose Garden at 10 Downing Street if elected, with his key pledges (including the infamous “CONTROLS ON IMMIGRATION”) engraved on it, so that he can see it from his office.”

    … and beside it, another stone inscribed with the famous front page of the Record, when the three stooges made a solemn VOW to the people of Scotland.

  68. HandandShrimp says:

    No No No Yes

    That might be a UK Labour leaflet. It has more relevance if it is UK wide. A bit mental if only Scotland.

  69. robert graham says:

    ok we know the twisted nutjobs have lost it ,two things in the article can’t be let go or overlooked evidence in order to secure a investigation into (1)sampling of postal votes (2) access to the SNP database i know its all hands to the pumps on the run up to Thursday’s vote can anyone provide this information not second hand he says etc this must be passed on if its not it will be buried as the Frenchgate investigation will be don’t just moan about it get it out

  70. Aceldo Atthis says:

    The fake letter doesn’t in itself indicate they have access to a database of members. And I think people should calm down a bit.

    Are you really suggesting that they are systematically printing fake letters, purporting to be from the SNP, using illegal access to a database of names and addresses, for this sort of thing?

    Apart from the fact that it would probably be a wasted effort — who in their right mind would swallow it and vote tory? — they would be caught immediately.

    It’s more likely a one-off prank that someone has concocted for a relative or friend who they know has recently joined the SNP.

    Nothing to see here, move along now…

  71. Al-Stuart says:

    Joemcg at 3 May, 2015 at 1:45 pm says: Al- hate to ask the obvious but why don’t you phone them?

    Hi Joe, Fair play, a good question. I have made a formal complaint to Police Scotland regarding this letter. So have family members.

    There is a certain correlation to VOLUME of complaints and police action. It should not be this way, but anyone who knows what happened to Commander John Yates at the Metropolitan Police in London…

    …may understand that the more evidence that is gathered, and the more witnesses interviewed, the stronger the case against the miscreants if/when brought to court.

    So Joe, I’ve done a civic duty today in reporting that corrupt FAKE letter to Police Scotland.

    Please can I politely ask if you, and indeed others here who may care about democracy and corruption of it being prevented, take a few moments and call Police Scotland on 101 to make a FORMAL complaint alleging lawbreaking. This is clearly evident by the above FAKE missive corruptly misrepresenting another and deceitfully urging the recipient to vote Conservative.

    Also to investigate how many of these have been sent out, in which constituency – as there may be a rerun in the FAKE letter constituency similar to the Oldam High Court ordered rerun…,_2011

    Cheers, Alastair

  72. Joemcg says:

    They are not body swerving houses because you have SNP posters in the windaes?? Lol

  73. Joemcg says:

    Ok well done Alistair. I’m not very forceful especially over the phone so I would probably get fobbed off I’m afraid.

  74. fred blogger says:

    yep, a very good post, extra box of mint chocolate stick things this coming friday evening for the author.
    remember hold, hold, hold, hold, your nerve scots, vote snp for stronger voice in the union.

  75. Craig P says:

    That fake SNP letter is hilarious. More than likely the recipient has a friend who likes a practical joke and knows he’s just joined the SNP.

  76. muttley79 says:

    To add to the circus clown fest that is Scottish Labour, Duncan Hothersall has said on Twitter that Blair McDougall is a Labour hero, and John McTernan is a brilliant Scottish Labour strategist! Where do you even begin with that nonsense?… D: D:

  77. Dr Jim says:


    “Edstone”…I’m still Laughing


  78. Don NcNab says:

    The unionist politicians in Scotland remind me of rats deserting a sea worthy ship that is heading in a different direction to them.

  79. Joemcg says:

    Note the words Collaboration and rhetoric in that fake letter. Unionist mantras. It does seem like a practical joke though it’s that poorly written and pathetic!

  80. carjamtic says:

    No I am in ‘spam valley’ ;-),not a single house has poster for any party,don’t know why,good neighbours n all that,but nobody discusses politics cept in the pub over a beer…..guess that rules out a lot of them,maybe down to indyref 🙂

  81. Kenzie says:

    “This could be correct or misinformation and they have something else up their sleeve.
    I suggest the latter.”

    I agree. I think that something rotten will be put under our collective nose close to the 7th but not too close that we will be able to do anything to refute it or prove its fraudulence.

    But it won’t make any difference because we’ve been here before and they simply don’t get it.

  82. Robert Louis says:

    This is an excellent analysis. We can but hope Miliband might actually see it, before this Scottish chums completely destroy his electoral chances.

    It is truly, truly beyond belief, that there are LABOUR folks in Scotland trying to ensure Tories win seats, just to keep the SNP out, without actually realising they are making another Tory Government more likely.

    Labour in the Scottish branch office, has lost the plot. For their own selfish interest, they will happily sacrifice Miliband’s chances, and secure a victory for the Tories.

    In all my days, I never thought I would ever see such rank, selfish, stupidity.

  83. kevin meina says:

    John h 1310:referring to your comment my wife receives slab propaganda addressed to her but I as an SNP member have received nothing but recycle bin is good enough for them anyway.

  84. Lesley-Anne says:

    Finally, a picture of a man who knows he has been well and truly BEATEN! (top pic)

    Broon the Loon sitting at a table all on his little ownsome with a face that looks like it has been slapped a dozen times with a wet fish. Why has it taken folks so long to, in effect, tell Broon to **** off?

    Broon the man with NO power since 2010 and yet thousands still hung on his every word. Now he is in the final death throes of a numpty nobody and at last everyone can see him and Labour for what they really are … desperate incompetents!

  85. Bob Mack says:

    Any chance Labour have hacked the SNP sites and taken the information ? The papers they work with have history in that direction

  86. dave says:

    Good analysis Stu
    However I think it would be a mistake to assume that the SNPout mob are centre left in thier political persuasion.

    I believe that they are trying to increase the Tory vote. I also think that some of them are of the far right persuasion

  87. John H. says:

    Joemcg says:2:13 pm

    “They are not body swerving houses because you have SNP posters in the windaes?? Lol”

    My house is on a busy road Joe, with the O/O marching past regularly. Do you think it would be wise of me to put up any SNP posters?

  88. Luigi says:

    RE: Ed’s nine foot monolith.

    A fitting tombstone.


  89. Dr Ew says:

    Dear Stu

    Wings has had several amazing achievements over the past few years, not least your calling out the supposed professional pride of our journalists and point up the absurdities of our political culture. Behind occasionally juvenile jokes you’ve maintained a high standard of journalistic integrity on your pages impossible not to respect even if readers do not always agree with your conclusions.

    I have to say today’s post sets a new standard of excellence. There is a tectonic shift taking place and there can be no further denial. It only remains to be seen whether the British State will respect the expression of people’s democratic will. Whatever’s coming you have an important role to play.

    Best wishes

    The Doc

    P.S. ‘Vowhenge’ might be the sharpest, funniest barb I’ve read during this campaign.

  90. Scunterbunnet says:

    Great article Stu.

    Just a word of caution about that fake SNP letter. Is there any evidence that there is more than one of these letters out there? For example could it just have been sent as a one off noise up to the recipient, by a ‘quizmeister’ chum? I can’t imagine that the SLab high heidyins would sanction such an obvious fraud… they’re too obsessed with covering their own bahookies: typically Labour lies are couched in a terms that could let them wriggle off the hook when caught.

    I’d want to see a few more examples of this before starting an ‘MI5 gave SLab the SNP member database’ panic.

  91. Luigi says:

    Bob Mack says:
    3 May, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    Any chance Labour have hacked the SNP sites and taken the information ? The papers they work with have history in that direction

    Or “an agent” has passed on the information, which is even more sinister.

  92. Dr Jim says:

    It passeth all understanding says Rev Crash Broon

  93. Effijy says:


    I joined the SNP after the referendum but my wife just doesn’t
    take any interest in politics, but I hope she follows my ramblings about the Westminster parties.

    Every piece of literature through our door comes address only to my wife?

    Letter and fliers from the Local alleged MP, and a letter from Brown Gary Train himself.

    How do they know not to waste their time with me?

    From the evidence abouve, they have breached data security at the SNP HQ. Criminal act but will the elitist’ police do anything?

  94. Joemcg says:

    John, I was only joshing! Yeah I would not put my posters up in any loyalist enclaves either. Seems to be a west of Scotland problem that. Really think the SNP should clamp down on these marches on both sides severely.

  95. Kevin evans says:

    If the polls hold true and on Friday labour need the democratically elected snp MPs to get ed in to no10 I really hope our MPs bleed him dry and we take every last bit of his temporary power to get what Scotland needs to flourish.

  96. haud on the noo says:

    Luigi at al,

    I’d suggest it almost guaranteed there are “insiders” at SNP HQ.

  97. Clydebuilt says:


    Utterly Brilliant analysis

  98. Kevin evans says:

    O/T – am gutted I missed the wingers get together on Friday. I had to work. Sorry folks

  99. schrodingers cat says:

    “I have here 15 comman…….crash
    “I have here 10 commandments

    if not the longest suicide note in history, defo the heaviest lol

  100. Ally McEwen says:

    I’ve just received some guff from Libs saying, according to latest Survation poll, Jo Swinson is 2% ahead of SNP. Anybody know if there’s any truth in this?

  101. Robert Peffers says:

    No cut in stone pledge to NOT speak with the SNP, though.

  102. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @Pam McMahon says:
    3 May, 2015 at 12:33 pm

    “Is there any point in complaining to the Electoral Commission or Police Scotland about the opening and “sampling” of postal votes, as demonstrated by Labour Uncut link above?”

    In Ref 2 thre had better be.

    Amybody think that the SNP false letter is not the work of Dirty Ops UK?

    Time to get the fuck out.

  103. call me dave says:

    Ed Moses…no the labour


  104. TheWealthOfNations says:

    On the subject of Labour having access to the Membership database I can only say that I know for a fact that both Labour and the Conservatives have been sending addressed leaflets through the Royal Mail to SNP members.

    Their efforts, if anything, have seemed clumsy and spectacularly ill-informed.

  105. call me dave says:

    Archive not working on BBC 🙁

  106. unchillfiltered says:

    Edstone is a massive misjudgement of “In the thick of it” proportions. Complete own goal. The mis-step that the Tories and their allies have been wating for. Still can’t really believe that professional media operatives have allowed this to happen -and it must have taken quite a while to organise. Miliband has thrown away England. It’s an absolute ridicule goldmine that will haunt him to the ‘grave’.

  107. fred blogger says:

    is it true that hawkwind are playing @ the 1st vowhenge festie?

  108. Kevin evans says:

    I’ve just read an artical in the torygraph post by “wiffy beans” on the SNPout Twitter – it is completely disgusting reading trying to insight racial hatred towards anyone who votes snp. After May the 8th it’s gonna get really dirty.

  109. Effijy says:

    I see Ed is leaving Wallace & Grommet for another Cartoon.

    I doubt Labour would know how to get planning permission for that Stone age Garden Vow .
    There would be no shortage of Chiselers in the party who could jot down their revised list of stone.

    The slimy slugs would never go near it.
    Well the type with shells might?

    Labstones. Meet the Slabstones.
    They’re stone age modern party.
    They scrapped down to Bedrock,
    They’re a page right out of infamy.

    Let’s rid that party from our street.
    Through the courtesy of Ed’s two right feet.

    When you’re with the Slabstones
    Have a yabba dabba doo time.
    A dabba doo time.
    We’ll have a great old time.


  110. Helena Brown says:

    Luigi, I would take bets on there being someone from the Establishment in the SNP, perhaps more than one. The IRA found that out. The SNP may have never taken up arms but they intend to (as they like to say) break up Britain, so everything will be done to scupper that.

  111. Andy Nimmo says:

    And yet out canvassing at the weekend the same old statement could still be heard
    We’re fine as we are
    The best analogy I can come up with is the slave getting mercilessly whipped and saying it could be worse they could be using barbed wire

  112. Helena Brown says:

    Kevin evans, we have spent a bit of time removing stickers off lamp posts and post box with SNPout. Someone spent a bit of time in an evening putting them all on. Well we took off a few but shall we say there are more of us than there are of them.

  113. Ian Brotherhood says:

    When Rev tweeted a link to this ‘Edstone’ story late last night I had a quick glance and laugh but honestly thought it was a joke.

    I’m almost fifty-two and cannot remember anything even remotely close to this for brazen witless fucking stupidity. I mean, really, FFS, who could ever think this was a good idea? Stunning.

  114. muttley79 says:

    I see Iain Martin has written yet another batshit crazy article for the Telegraph. These fools must be in need of a long lie down in a darkened room. Their imaginations are running riot, and it is spilling over into terror, utter panic, and utter madness. If this is want they are like before voting, imagine what they will be like if the results go our way? Ooft. :D: :D:

  115. call me dave says:

    Sunday Herald saying that the membership of the SNP (more than 110,000) is catching up fast on the UK Tories which is estimated to be 150,000 and the UK labour which is about 200,000 with the Lib/Dems in at a UK value of about 44,000.

    Good read today. I bought it for the front cover, it is full of excellent SNP articles for the first 14 pages.

  116. Tom Parkhill says:

    Much of Ed’s planning seems to be based on the assumption that the SNP will note vote against a Labour minority on a confidence motion. I don’t thing that he realises than an SNP abstention in such a vote would kill a Labour government just as much as a vote against, but (if properly handled) have fewer consequences for the SNP.

  117. Robert Kerr says:

    My paranoia continues. I already posted on Off-topic that Linkedin has Kezia Dugdale listed as someone I may know.

    There are three voters in this house, early on my daughter received a letter from J Hood, yes him, now my wife has received the same,

    I feel so unloved! No letter!

    I am not a member of any political party so I suppose WoS is their source. Maybe all Robert Kerrs are filtered out.


  118. donald anderson says:

    Labour dinosaurs back to the stone age.

  119. Lesley-Anne says:

    Bob Mack says:

    Any chance Labour have hacked the SNP sites and taken the information ? The papers they work with have history in that direction

    Anything is possible Bob remember the YES HQ computers were allegedly hacked during the referendum. As far as I’m aware nothing has ever come from that investigation.

  120. call me dave says:

    McWhirter: (Hope archive works)
    Of course, no-one believes these polls. I can’t see the SNP winning every seat in Scotland. Even after catastrophes, some people are left standing and I fully expect that on Friday morning there will still be a number of Labour MPs boasting that they survived the Nat-aclysm.

  121. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Someone’s got to do it…

    Spinal Tap, ‘Stonehenge’ –

  122. Lesley-Anne says:

    Sorry for O/T here, but as a wee follow up to recent discussions about voting fraud on various articles thought folks may be interested in this.

  123. muttley79 says:

    There cannot be many people who have access to the full membership of the SNP at the party’s HQ. I am very wary of jumping to conclusions though. It may have been hacked, who knows. I suppose it could have come from one or more of the branches as well. It is probably best just to concentrate on getting the best result that we can.

  124. Doug Daniel says:

    I’m looking forward to Thursday and Friday so, so much. Absolutely pissing it down in Torry this morning, and we still had about 14 of us chapping doors. Just as well, since Aberdeen South is apparently one of the 12 seats Labour are bussing activists up to from England!

  125. Free Scotland says:

    @call me dave at 3:05 p.m.

    Here it is!

  126. Marie clark says:

    Oh well done Rev, that is one of your best ever. Oh for the MSM to have such journalistic standards.

    Hatred is such a soul destroying emotion. It destroys you from the inside. SLAB viceral hatred of the SNP and their sense of self entitlement is what has helped to put them where they are now.

    Their two biggest mistakes came during the referendum. Being the mouthpiece for better together and standing on the same platform as the blue tories, scunnered most of their heartland. Standing up there with great big grins on their faces, decrying their own people. Then the idiocy that was the VOW, how that has shown them up to be the liars that most of us new they were.I remember posting last year durng the referendum campaign, that come the general election SLAB would be handed out the same fate that befell the blue tories, and it looks as if that is about to happen. Big time.

    Then we have Miliband ‘s no deal with the SNP or Plaid Cumru. Then this morning I read about his big stane for the rose garden of number 10. Well his chances of that happening seem to be receding each time he opens his mouth. I don’t think he really wants to win.

    Having watched all of this, I always thought that Miliband would not make a good PM. To wishy washy and lilylivered. Now I’m quite sure that he would be a complete and utter disaster. What happens now when the smoke clears on the 8th May, I have no clue. I think Miliband might find himself knifed from within Labour, and Camerson replaced with the idiotic Boris. God help us all.

    So well done Labour for a truly dirty and unedifying campaign. Mabye you should have tried telling the electorate what you stood for, then the might have listened to your policies, if you had any.

    Well done also to that most spineless of creature, Douglas Alexander. What a way to run an election. I sincerely hope that Mhairi Black wins his seat.

  127. Iain More says:

    re Those databases and how the eff do they know.

    I am just off the phone to a mate in Aberdeen. He seen the Labour canvassers coming and put the kettle with the full intention of inviting them in for a cup a tea and to delay them as much as possible before telling them he was going to vote SNP 🙂

    They walked right past his house. He doesn’t even have any posters stickers up etc. He was canvassed by Yes Scotland during the referendum but never by the SNP in the past and he is not a member of the SNP either. Indeed up to 2011 he was a life long Labour voter. He had ben canvassed by them in 2007 but not since. Perhaps Labour are using Yes Scotland databases as they don’t seem to be using their own???

    There is a rat aboot!

  128. HandandShrimp says:

    I see the In The Thick of It producer has sighted the Edstone as one of the reasons there is no point to making any more programmes. The politicians are doing it all themselves now.

  129. maryfoll says:


    Brilliant take off the Flintstones. Singing away but couldn’t get a picture of Alistair Carmichael out of my head ( I know wrong party but a ‘Tory’ all the same)

  130. fred blogger says:

    donald anderson
    delighted, see skara brea.
    most people stick post it notes on the fridge!
    not that’s there’s anything wrong with one’s own personal henge, but it’s something i would only tell my closest friends about.

    i’d worry as a customer, a mechanic needed a note ‘pick up spanner’ ‘to tighten nut right hand thread, turn nut clockwise, lht anti-clockwise’.
    i use the nut example wisely.

  131. Dr Jim says:

    @Ally McEwen

    My constituency Ally and she’s well behind John Nicholson
    even though Lib Dum High Command has thrown the kitchen sink in terms of money at it Swinson has practically no activists
    I’ve seen her plowing a lone furrow through the streets, but not often, she’s a big head who feels entitled
    Her main policy seems to be vote SNP get cancer (not prone to scaremongering the lib dums eh)

    If she were to win here I’ll eat my own head
    or according to Jo Swinson I’ll get cancer

  132. GrahamB says:

    Kevin evans at 3:08
    Don’t panic. The source story is here –
    There main findings were
    “The poll, with methodology designed by the LibDems but carried out by an independent company, shows a mere two per cent divide between Ms Swinson from SNP candidate John Nicholson.

    It also predicts that Labour will take just 16 per cent of the vote and the Conservatives just 13 per cent.
    The results were: Lib Dem 34.5%, SNP 32.1%, Lab 16.2%, Con 13.1%, Green 2%, Ukip 0.7%

    A total of 413 people took part in the telephone poll with seven questions, carried out on April 9.”

    Telephone polls are not regarded as very accurate and such a small sample should automatically reduce the accuracy to around +/-5%. Also worth noting ‘methodology designed by the LibDems’!

  133. Almannysbunnet says:

    Robert Kerr says:
    3 May, 2015 at 3:27 pm
    My paranoia continues. I already posted on Off-topic that Linkedin has Kezia Dugdale listed as someone I may know.

    Robert I wouldn’t worry about it. It could be a friend of a friend ad infinitum. Linkedin and Facebook do it all the time. I get similar “someone you might know” messages about people I have never heard of.

  134. velofello says:

    Ed Miliband:

    Our nation of Scots have travelled and settled throughout the world. Emigration/immigration, we are full participants in the migration of people.

    Ed Miliband, the son of an immigrant, leader of the Labour party, the Red Flag flying high, tells the ancient Scots nation – equal signatories to the Union of Parliaments – that he will not accommodate, treat, or take account of the expressed democratic wishes of our nation should we vote SNP even if his stance fails to gain power for his party. Further he adds to his embargo the people of Wales. And the many citizens of England who may have vote Labour at the coming election.

    Ed Miliband is not fit to be a public servant.

  135. Robert Kerr says:


    Thanks but!

  136. muttley79 says:

    Miliband looks like he wants to throw away the election to the Tories. I am not getting the expression that they Labour in general want to win, and be in government. Miliband’s actions in the last few days have been utterly ridiculous. His comments on QT, and this fucking stone idea are batshit crazy. The ****** looks like he wants to hand the Tories the keys to Number 10 already.

  137. Almannysbunnet says:

    Ah the stone of density. That monolith will be on Ebay by the end of the week, “unused folly, will ship to mainland UK, shipping to Scotland extra, call for quote.” Shows how easy it is to fake a signature though, even in stone. C’mon Ed prove that you signed that yourself, let’s see the blisters.

  138. call me dave says:

    There may be trouble for Ed! But moves are afoot to save him.

  139. Another gem, Stu. When you get into full dissertation mode there is no one better.

  140. Dissection mode. Sorry

  141. Charles Edward says:


    I love this site.

    This nasty fake letter is dirty.
    We should open a little kitty jar with a reward leading to the exposure of those involved.
    There are a few starting points.
    Where it was printed, distributed and how it gets into a letterbox.
    Even after the election has passed we can’t afford to have these individuals operating freely.

    I get the feeling it’s got creepy written all over it, but hard proof would be better.

    Reaching out to anyone who had mixed feelings about being involved in this campaign tactic.
    The fact that the majority of people in this Country will feel embarrassed to know you should maybe prick your conscience?
    Whoever has employed you to do this has made you into a Troll.
    They will disown you, you have been their monkey.
    They have given you something to do that will always be something shameful in the eyes of your people.

    Tell us why you felt this was needed. This will never be something to be proud about.

  142. chris kilby says:

    That’s no monolith. It’s a tombstone!

  143. Croompenstein says:

    Ed is the new King of Rock and Roll…

    Vowhenge and a bacon roll that is.. 🙂

  144. Bob Sinclair says:

    My eyesight is obviously not what it used to be, I just read the title as ‘The Desperate Hoors’

  145. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “However I think it would be a mistake to assume that the SNPout mob are centre left in thier political persuasion.”

    I don’t assume that at all. They’re Tories playing a few gullible Labour people for chumps.

  146. Robert Kerr says:

    Slightly O/T.

    Now we know why Craig Murray was not selected by SNP.

    I shall say no more!

  147. Connor McEwen says:

    To Kevin Evans; See independencelive livestream and go 20 mins. in
    Lollysmum from London , [just outside of] and others.
    David Cameron is the biggest instigator of the SNPout’ers

  148. Kenny says:

    I know this sounds completely bizarre, but given the performances of Murphy and now Ed, I am seriously beginning to think that the Labour Party has been infiltrated by the Americans in order to make them unelectable!

    It was never a problem in the past, because the Red Tories were always compliant money and ermine chasers. But because a Labour government would need to rely on the SNP — all principled and genuine left-wing politicians — that is no longer possible to imagine for the US pawn in the EU and UN Security Council. All that talk of the rule of international law and UN charter of human rights!!

    Ironic, given the claims in the 1970s that the Soviets had infiltrated the Wilson govt, talk of a military coup… But I have just no other explanation for the performances of Murphy and Ed! Murphy is bone-headed and naturally thick; Ed is a puppet who is incapable of putting his shoes on without getting prior permission…

  149. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Stu.,

    Am wading through Police Scotland mud just now, and need to know if this the FAKE letter you posted is a “joke” or whether the Glasgow constituent is one of MANY.

    If the former – a joke – then in fairness to the police I think we let them do what they seem best at – fobbing people off with crime isn’t a police matter. Just let the gerrymandered FAKE letters issue drop, so they can get back to chomping on donuts.

    Though little wonder Police Scotland Chief Constable Sir Stephen House is close to getting his P45 with his silver bedecked uniform hanging on a very shoogly peg. Am keen to be afforded the facility to question him at the next available opportunity when he is summoned before public committee at Holyrood.

    Notwithstanding that, IF this FAKE letter is a concerted effort to GERRYMANDER an actual constituency seat by even just a few percentage points and effectively steal it from another candidate then we are looking at serious infraction of several laws, plus some heavy questioning of Sir Stephen about those constables he pays who allegedly demonstrate fear, favour, affection, malice or ill-will contrary to the police regulations and enacted laws. This sort of mess has, as mentioned happened before…

    …and if a Glasgow Constituency can be proven to be the subject of fraud and corruption then Police Scotland, under the law, are now liable to pay towards the cost due to possible negligence – subject to the ruling of a Sheriff or High Court Judge.

    I’d be really grateful if you could advise whether you reckon the FAKE letter is a “joke” or alternatively if it is a concerted effort to phish and/or dupe even just a few voters? If so, then it really requires police action under the relevant statutes and common law crimes.

    Best regards,


  150. galamcennalath says:’s “possible coalitions of alliances” is interesting.

    Basically, the Tories cannot form a working government without Labour support!

    Will Milliband really allow the Tories into government? He seems to say he would, but will he?

  151. Bittie Glakit says:

    Would Channel four launch an investigation? They seem the most likely TV company to be fair. What about John Pilger? These issues need to be looked into. However we need to maintain our cool. Have a chuckle. There are always things to laugh at.

  152. Rod MacKay says:

    Fred Blogger, ta, Guinness a’ ower the screen.

    Re Edhenge, Neolithic notes for a neolithic mindset.

  153. Fred says:

    “Vowhenge” love it! 🙂

    I have an SNP sticker in the windae to keep Magrit Curran away, I’ve been looking for a wee rowan branch to nail over the door but it’s no oot yet!

  154. Marco McGinty says:

    Nice of Jim Murphy to get his letters printed in England! Scottish Labour, ignoring the entire Scottish print industry again!

  155. bugsbunny says:

    I want at least 50 SNP MP’s on Friday. I want at least 75 SNP MSP’s (plus another 5 to 10 Scottish Green/Socialist etc MSP’s), a year come Friday.

    I want an increase in SNP’s Councillors, 2 years come Friday including control over Aberdeen City Council, Dumfries and Galloway, East Dunbartonshire, East Lothian, East Renfrewshire, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Fife, Glasgow, Inverclyde, Midlothian, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, South Lanarkshire, Stirling, West Dunbartonshire and West Lothian.

    Even though I’m Anti-E.U. I will reluctantly vote against leaving Europe if it helps Scotland be at odds with Anti-E.U. England.

    I believe this vote will take place the same day as the Local Election Vote. If the U.K. as a whole votes to leave, 5th November 2018 would be a good day for a “U.K. Independence day”. Remember, remember the 5th of November and all that guff. Just in time for the Century celebration of Armistice day, 6 days hence. At that point, if not after the U.K. Secession vote 18 months earlier, the Scottish Government should, at the very very least, go into the 2020 Scottish Election with a promise for a 2nd Independence Referendum.

    I instead would personally start to organise a second referendum after May 2017 and then plan to go to the country no later than May 2019.


  156. Kevin evans says:

    @connor mcewan
    Yea I checked out the get together on livestream last night – it looked like a good laugh

  157. scotspine says:

    Hi Al-Stuart.

    How dare you malign all of Police Scotland in this way.

    My husband has twice this week been about to walk out the door at the end of his shift and ended up working an additional 8 hours on each occasion, because someone needed help in one form or another.

    This goes for all who have the same attitude. Shame on you.

  158. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Helena Brown at 3.17

    You could bet your sweet life in that. I could give you names.

    As I have said before anybody who believes that the SNP is not seriously infiltrated would wonder what the UK Government is doing with the taxes it collects.
    Of course the SNP is infiltrated
    Of Course the YES campaign was infiltrated

    (and probably the SSP,and the Greens and even elements in the Labour party)

  159. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘Edstonegate’ has masonic involvement written all over it.

  160. Valerie says:

    ‘Controls on immigration’- I bet Cameron is wishing he had thought of getting this tattooed on his butt, or forehead, or projected in Technicolor onto the Palace of Warminster.

    I am seriously ashamed that the UK makes xenophobic statements a jewel in their crown of shite manifestos. Especially insensitive at this time, of the UKs part in cutting search and rescue in the Med knowing deaths would result, but hey, it might reduce the ‘pull factor’.

  161. Juteman says:

    The desperate hoors?

  162. fred blogger says:

    Rod MacKay
    perhaps stone-ed should re populate easter island.

  163. Scunterbunnet says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill

    “Of course the SNP is infiltrated… and PROBABLY… elements in the Labour Party”

    “Probably”! LOL, roflmfao … you mean there’s somebody left in Lab who’s NOT a furtively lurking creepy neocon apparatchik???

  164. bugsbunny says:

    I said this here as far back as February. There will be a Grand Alliance between Tories and at least a right wing Labour Rump.

    If you think of the election as a Game of Volleyball, with the net as the half way line of 325 MP’s, the Main protagonist on the left is wearing red shorts but a pink top as the red has been washed away, (Labour). On this side is a girl in a green leotard shouting meat is murder, (Green), another girl in green and white talking in Welsh, (Plaid Cymru), with two red headed girls doing an Irish dance, (SDLP and Alliance).

    On the Right hand side is the guy in the blue shorts with a turquoise top as it’s also faded a little, with a couple of boys in red white and blue playing flutes, (DUP and UUP), and an old Colonel talking about Wogs starting at Calais, (UKIP).

    So where does that leave the Liberal Democrats and the SNP? Well, the Liberals are a small red haired dwarf wearing an orange top and shorts running under the net going from left to right saying, “Pick me please, pick me”, and the SNP are a yellow ball with a black knot, being hit from left to right over the net, being passed from pillar to post, neither blue shorts nor red shorts wanting anything to do with the yellow ball of Scottish Nationalism.

    So what happens? Mr Red shorts drops the ball, goes over and puts his arms round Mr Blue shorts shoulder, and together walks hand in hand into the sunset dangling the keys of Number 10. Mr Red shorts might hack his left limbs off to get through the narrow door with Mr Blue shorts, but he’ll think it’s worth it to become Deputy Prime Minister.

    A Grand Alliance of Right and Centre Labour MP’s with the Tories.

    An Alliance made in hell.


  165. Bob Mack says:

    @scotspine, Hopefully you are joking.I dont tnink anyone has maligned the police that I can see.Why are you taking offence?

  166. stewart fae stoney says:

    Check the state of Broons coupon in the first picture

  167. desimond says:

    A Gordon Brown lookalike with an Easter Island Statue ties in nicely with Eds rock of shame

  168. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Where Labour vows, pledges, promises and solemn undertakings go to die…

  169. crazycat says:

    @ Ally McEwen at 3.01 and several other people since:

    Apologies for taking so long to reply (computer sulking); I see you have had a number of answers in the interim, but here’s what I planned to say – it goes further than the libdemvoice link, with a debunking from Scot goes POP! –

    Re: poll putting Swinson ahead – it’s almost certainly a “comfort poll” taken by the LDs a couple of weeks ago.

    James Kelly discusses it here:

    It needs to be debunked, if you happen to be talking about it to anyone who might be swayed.

  170. Gary says:

    Just as a wee aside, doesn’t the promotion of tactical voting by party officials breach the terms of their party membership? Surely asking voters to vote AGAINST your own candidate is working against the interests of your own party?

    If they wanted to be open about their plan they could simply have decided to field only one ‘unionist’ party candidate, couldn’t they?

    Are they ashamed, embarrassed or worried they’re breaking rules?

  171. gillie says:

    Lib Dems are to sacrifice more devolved powers for Scotland in order to secure another Coalition with the Tories.

  172. Patrick Roden says:

    Yep, I had a letter addressed directly to me, from my local Labour loser in Dundee.

    I have a Vote SNP sticker on my front door. so they aren’t hovering addresses.

    I don’t think they have hacked SNP databases or anything like that, they will just be buying names and addresses from voters rolls or other sources, something that is quite legal.

  173. MrObycyek says:

    You take Ed Miliband’s name off that tombstone and you would be hard pressed to tell who wrote it. Those pledges sound just like what the Conservatives are saying as well.

    Yet again this “hard working families” is used. Are they not supposed to try and represent all families no matter what their circumstances may be?

    I have said it before and I will say it again: New Labour and the Tories are two cheeks of the same bum. Come Friday here is hoping that arse is booted black and blue.

    After all the brutal cuts Cameron and his cronies have made, and would continue to make, you would think that Labour would be miles ahead in the polls and yet they are not because people see no real difference between them. At the end of the day if people chose to vote yet again for these tired old parties and their morally bankrupt policies then they deserve everything they get.

    As for the nasty letter if there are a few going around I am sure we will hear about it albeit not from the media. 🙁

  174. Jim Thomson says:

    O/T (a wee bit)

    Do MP’s have a contract of employment?
    If so, what are their working hours? Is it a Zero Hours Contract?

    Just curious.

  175. woosie says:

    Aye, Vowhenge hits the spot!

    If you look at the content of this tablet, there’s actually nothing that could be disproved in 5 years; it’s all vague promises of things getting a bit better. They obviously think it worked on the thick Scotch plebs, the English ones will swallow it.

    Know what? They could be right.

  176. Jim Thomson says:

    If you need a wee smirk …

  177. Onwards says:

    unchillfiltered says:
    3 May, 2015 at 3:06 pm

    Edstone is a massive misjudgement of “In the thick of it” proportions. Complete own goal. The mis-step that the Tories and their allies have been wating for. Still can’t really believe that professional media operatives have allowed this to happen -and it must have taken quite a while to organise. Miliband has thrown away England. It’s an absolute ridicule goldmine that will haunt him to the ‘grave’.

    It’s amazing. Number one social media trend in the UK.
    A giant headstone.
    How on earth did they not see the potential for ridicule ?

    I don’t think the Tories could have asked for a better final week. Royal baby and nationwide VE day special on the BBC a couple of days before the vote to fill everyone with feelgood Britishness. And now this massive #EdStone screw-up.

    One good thing is if the Tories get a majority, the SNP won’t get the blame – this election will now be remembered for a giant tombstone.

    We still need as many SNP MP’s as possible to protect Scotland.

  178. chris kilby says:


  179. chris kilby says:

    2015: A Debased Idiodyssey

  180. clochoderic says:

    Suggested pledge number 7 for the Edstone –

    ” No left turn unstoned.”

  181. Fred says:

    Anent this infiltration business, Will Podmore & Sensibledave are taking notes……..:)

  182. HandandShrimp says:

    Ed’s pledge to control immigration, what does that mean? More? Less, the same but in a very orderly queue? As a pledge it means nothing. I can’t see why he would need reminding that he hasn’t committed to much of anything.

  183. Al-Stuart says:

    scotspine says: 3 May, 2015 at 4:56 pm Hi Al-Stuart. How dare you malign all of Police Scotland in this way.

    Scotspine, firstly I was NOT maligning your husband.

    For one, I used to work as a police officer with Strathclyde Police, so I KNOW for a fact that there are GOOD and BAD police officers in the 8-force amalgamated Police Scotland. Indeed I have had the privilege of knowing some EXCEPTIONAL and highly commended police officers.

    However it sticks in my craw when the current DISREPUTABLE POLICE SCOTLAND triage system tries to fob legitimate complaints of alleged lawbreaking away from being reported. ALL first point contacts are institutionally fobbed off. FACT. That needs to be remedied as it does a disservice on good police officers. Civilian complainants should not need to turn into Taggart and have to present Police Scotland with a completed case ready for the Procurators Fiscal before it is deigned to be processed.

    When I EVENTUALLY managed to speak to a police constable at POLICE SCOTLAND – and it wasn’t easy – he tried a persistent, but lamentable sixth form debate club effort to make me direct reporting a breach of legal statute – carrying a fine at level 5 on the Standard Scale – to the Electoral Commission. You wouldn’t graduate from Tulliallan with that lamentable effort.

    The fact of the matter, and it has now been elevated a couple of ranks, is the particular officer demonstrated evident bias and was determined to avoid doing his job. He didn’t even know the difference between a crime or an offence. He failed to read the FAKE letter fully before pontificating that I would have to be “stupid” to be taken in by it. He could not comprehend that it takes only 5% of less engaged or aware voters to be conned to impact on an election.

    The constable also failed to understand the statute contained in the Representation of The Peoples Act, as amended.

    With all due respect scotspine, I believe your husband IS one of the decent officers, but in all candour he will be able to impart the fact that any police service has officers below par.

    No personal offence was meant towards your husband.

    My issue is with a particular police constable who thinks the General Election this coming week is a joke. Do you think this General Election and alleged electoral fraud is a joke?

    Or are you wanting a rerun of the Independence Referendum with dodgy ballot box counting and electoral fraud going on with the possibility of the police turning a blind eye?

    Scotspine do you agree that the FAKE letter above, if proven to have been one of several hundred, is something that the police should just ignore? Especially as there is clear STATUTE making such action an offence in Scots Law?



  184. PictAtRandom says:

    Is there still time for Scotland’s Mount Rushmore:
    Gordie, Magrit, Jimbo and Wee Dougie?

    (Just as evidence for future generations that we really did live this way.)

  185. Fireproofjim says:

    There is, off the south coast of England, an even bigger rock which has been known as the EDDYSTONE Rock. Currently supporting an enormous lighthouse.
    Nice coincidence perhaps.

  186. scotspine says:

    @ Bobmack.


    Al-Stuart’s assertion that all they are good for is eating donuts, fobbing people off and not adhering to the ethos of “without fear or favour”.

    My husband has had knives pulled on him, been assaulted, entered burning buildings to pull folk out, recovered bodies from rivers, given first aid to victims of domestic assault. Not a superman, but someone who does a demanding job with consequences.

    I’m not getting into a pissing competition over this, but sweeping statements like Al’s completely piss me off. I wonder what he does for a living?

  187. heedtracker says:

    Ed’s pledge to control immigration, what does that mean?

    No doubt all the Brits abroad will also welcome all new and exciting Labour control of immigrants.

    Wonder what the EU will say to the fcukwits when UKOK border check points go up again, as they scrap fundamental freedom to travel and work anywhere in the EU. Stuffed shirt Milliband threatened Scotland with armed checkpoint charlies at Carlisle too. Or is just this one carved in stone promise alone, a load of Labour rubbish?

    If they had to balls to get a Tobin tax going but Balls and co will prostrate themselves to their City over lords all over again, just like Crash and the Flipper.

    “Yet Tobin taxes are still in place in some of the world’s fastest-growing financial centres – Hong Kong, Mumbai, Seoul, Johannesburg and Tapei – where they are said to collectively raise £12bn a year”

  188. Macart says:

    Both the Conservative and Labour party have laid the groundwork for a constitutional bear trap of their own making. The arithmetic is inescapable. In the event of a hung parliament they will either have to talk to other parties to form a government which carries the confidence of the house or declare for another election if they either refuse to do so or cannot find enough common ground with others.

    Or in other words they need to grow up and start acting like they are capable of governing. Their rhetoric, their politics, their campaign strategy has been that of othering and societal division. They are the ones so determined to save the UK by pandering to votes in a handful of marginal seats. To do so they have alienated voters right across the rest of the UK and most especially Scotland.

    Not exactly the acts of a caring, unifying, potential government is it? More the acts of self interested, power centric, establishment politicians. The acts of parties who wish to direct their electorate rather than govern on their behalf. Same old, same old.

  189. HandandShrimp says:

    Anyone read the rather odd piece by Iain Martin in the Telegraph. It comes across as a “you better not vote SNP otherwise the people in England will be angry”. Totally weird and not particularly convincing although I dare say a few Kippers might well throw their toys out the cot. Is that what the Telegraph is now reduced to? A mouth piece for the swivel of eyed.

  190. Gareth Young says:

    Who wins the most ENGLISH seats is crucial.

    Ed Miliband might be able to use the SNP and Plaid Cymru to give himself a UK majority but if Labour are still only the second largest party in England, then he will be seen as lacking democratic legitimacy.

    Miliband can hardly say to the English: “Labour oppose an English parliament but we’re going to use Scottish and Welsh nationalists to impose our legislative agenda on England, even though you didn’t give us the mandate and can’t even vote for the SNP and PC”. The Labour Party would be crucified if it did that.

    David Cameron will probably have the most English seats. His problem is legitimacy in Scotland. In the circumstances that he had the most seats I would expect him to make an audacious offer to the SNP.

  191. bunter says:

    I am SNP member, wife not. She gets personalised SLab leaflets and even last week a phone call from SLab, asking for her, only. Me, not a thing. Don’t even know where they got our phone number as not in the book, but they seem to know I am an SNP member, somehow.

  192. Stewart Glendinning says:

    I have received both letters and e-mails both from my local Labour MP and national begging letters for both money and support. I think these are a hangover from the referendum campaign where I’m sure I exchanged e-mails with local labour folks. If it’s not that it’s just simple trolling.

    I’d suggest it is unlikely that Lab have hacked the SNP database or that they have been handed the data by an inside plant. Even at local branch level individual members do not have access to membership details. Indeed only elected branch officers have access to these details and then only for their individual branch.

  193. terry says:

    Infiltration of the SNP database? Who knows – but we know what the Union is capable of – Frenchgate to give but one example.

    I wonder what odds I’d get for the following post GE outcome – Salmond to enter Westmisnter with Cameron, Milliband, Clegg, Murphy and Farage losing their jobs? (If not seats in the case of Cameron and Milliband.) If that’s the case then I can imagine Eck’s wry smile – tee hee.

  194. gus1940 says:

    If he hasn’t already got a copy would it not be a good idea to send John Pilger a copy of The Dunoon Referendum Report?

  195. shiregirl says:

    @ Onwards and unchillfiltered:

    Totally agree. Edstone just like a scene from The thick of it.

    Complete and utter omnishambles of epic proportions. To quote a Tuckerism, ‘from bean to cup, he f**ks up’

    Just waiting on the guy dressed as a giant chop to start appearing at his public appearances. 😀

  196. Davy says:

    So the red tory party have discovered an “eddystone”, this is very rare indeed, as it is formed by concentrated thickness and is normally found in a gravestone shape.

    The rarity of an “eddystone” is due to the fact being a complete dunderheed in the quanity required to form the concentrated thickness is almost unknown.

    Please treasure this rarity, as you may never see it or the red tory party again.

  197. Natasha says:

    Stewart Glendinning at 7.10pm is absolutely right; only certain branch officials have access to lists of branch members, and even then only for their own branches.

    For all those SNP members who have posted on here with concerns about whether the local Labour party have access to their details, can I urge you to contact your branch secretary or convenor and alert them to your concerns. At least then the party will be aware of possible issues and can look into them.

    Another possibility is that you are simply not on their list, which could mean that you are not on the electoral roll (hopefully this is not the case!) but might equally be because their list is incorrect.

    We find when we are knocking on doors that there are some houses which are simply not on our list. This should be because they are not on the electoral roll, but our lists are not always totally up to date – I don’t expect Labour’s lists are either.

  198. Taranaich says:

    Currently Scotland provides a net 35 anti-Tory MPs (47 Labour and SNP minus 12 Tory and Lib Dem). Even were the SNP to pull off a clean sweep, wiping Labour out totally, that number would rise to 59 anti-Tory MPs. That’s 24 extra anti-Tory votes in the Commons compared to the Labour landslide of 2010.

    Astoundingly, some Labour campaigners have even been complicit in a tactical-voting movement that would give even MORE Scottish seats to the Tories and Lib Dems – 16 rather than 12, whichever variant of the hilarious “wheel” you choose to follow, and every one of them giving the Tories at least six seats to their current one.

    (Were the wheel to succeed entirely in its aims, Scotland would provide a net figure of just 27 anti-Tory MPs rather than 59, increasing Cameron’s advantage to 32.)

    It says a lot that the SNPout campaign has taken off when you’d *think* the Labour voters of Dumfries & the Lib Dem constituences would be more inclined to support the SNP – after all, don’t they want to stop the Tories and their Lib Dem enablers?

    But apparently not.

  199. Joemcg says:

    Nicola is looking a wee bit tired. Still playing a blinder though.

  200. FairFerfochen says:

    FFS, another Attack Nicola Sturgeon debate on 1 🙁

  201. BuckieBraes says:

    What, the ‘Scottish’ Labour Party is just a hollow Easter egg, without as much as a cellophane bag of mini-eggs inside?

    Good metaphor, mind you!

  202. FairFerfochen says:

    Murphy tells Ruthie “how dare you call me a liar”


  203. Joemcg says:

    Murphy “how dare you call me a liar Ruth!” Good yin Jim.

  204. Betty Boop says:

    Desperate hours!

    It’s Comedy Central on the Leaders Debate right now.
    Smurf and Davidson going at each other.

    “How dare you call me a liar!” Ruth has annoyed Jimbo. LOL

  205. Al-Stuart says:

    scotspine says: 3 May, 2015 at 6:56 pm Al-Stuart’s assertion that all they are good for is eating donuts, fobbing people off and not adhering to the ethos of “without fear or favour”. My husband has had knives pulled on him, been assaulted, entered burning buildings to pull folk out, recovered bodies from rivers, given first aid to victims of domestic assault. Not a superman, but someone who does a demanding job with consequences.

    Dear Scotspine, PLEASE read my polite post to you at 6.44pm above.

    As for your dubious comment I wonder what he (myself) does for a living?

    EXACTLY THE SAME AS YOUR HUSBAND. As a police officer, I too have dragged people from the sea – both alive and deceased. Rescued people from burning buildings. I have administered lifesaving procedure on a number of people who would not be here otherwise. Have the commendations to prove it, in spite of your words. As you seem to feel the need to have a competition, I, like your husband, have had knives pulled on me, disarmed criminals, gone to the aid of fellow officers being assaulted, had broken bottles within an inch of my eyesight, even been shot. SO WHAT IS YOUR POINT ASKING WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING?

    Scotspine, unless YOU have served as a police officer, PLEASE don’t overdo the vicarious righteous indignation bit. It can backfire badly if you fail to think before having a good old rant, no matter how good you feel after pressing the “send” button.

    Again, with all due respect, you have completely LOST sight of the point. Police Scotland do HAVE a TRIAGE system in place that INSTITUTIONALLY deflects legitimate complaints. Numerous police services have had inquiries into this sort of thing, especially when it impacts on police statistics being pauchled. The particular electoral and statute law breach regarding the FAKE and FRAUDULENT LETTER was repeatedly deflected by Police Scotland. The dubious cop couldn’t be bothered to click the link which gave a statement from WoS to the recipient indicating this letter was NOT a JOKE.

    Scotspine, if you are someone who genuinely respects the law and democracy that should concern you far more than a misconceived slight on your husband. The evidence of electoral fraud is well worth a read…

    So PLEASE go have a long think about whether your husband’s employment is an issue on this article by the Rev Stuart Campbell, or if, perhaps there is a more serious matter than being thin-skinned. PERSON OR PERSONS AS YET UNKNOWN ARE SEEKING TO STEAL GLASGOW ELECTORAL SEATS FRAUDULENTLY. Unless you are wanting a dodgy election with a gerrymandered result, perhaps be a little less paranoid, and a bit more constructive? THANKYOU.



  206. Cadogan Enright says:

    Just in from canvassing in East Renfrewshire – should be interesting ! last day tomorrow if anyone has time between 11 and 7. Heading out from Clarkeston office at 11.

    Not sure if I can bear to watch the 3 scoundrels and the BBC shout at Nicola and interrupt her for an hour.

  207. Training Day says:

    BBC attempting a last-ditch Murphyfest with their favoured son given free, uninterrupted rein in front of a remarkable amount of Labour supporters.

  208. Joemcg says:

    Aye, it’s the usual three against one yet again.

  209. Craig Murray says:

    Robertkerr 4.30pm

    What on earth do you mean. Here is Yasmin Alibhai Brown on precisely the same subject, to a parliamentary committee

    Q398 Mr Prentice: Just two other points. You have both said in your own ways that the honours system is corrupt. You mentioned this on the Today programme. You told us about the named individual from Blackburn.

    Ms Alibhai-Brown: No, I did not say he was corrupt. I just said we should be told why he was awarded a place in the Lords.

    Q399 Mr Prentice: You were talking about henchmen and rewarding influence.

    Ms Alibhai-Brown: No, no. I said it very clearly: maybe you should find out what were the reasons for Lord Patel, for example, ending up in the House of Lords. I have not given you any of the names I could have of henchmen.

    It is exactly the same thing that Mohammed Sarwar is doing as noted by Rev. above. Anybody who thinks that due to political correctness we must not mention intimidation within our ethnic communities, is not actually helping those communities at all.

  210. heraldnomore says:

    No interrupting agreement. That’s what Glenn started with. Who’s doing the interrupting Glenn?

  211. Training Day says:

    It’s the Campbell and Murphy tag team folks.

  212. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Stuart,

    Please forgive me, but I need to quote the statement from Ruairidh Mason on this important FAKE letter thread for a certain Police Scotland Inspector, who may be afflicted with THE SAME inability to click on links as their junior rankers, and so they can see from the witness statement, this letter is NOT a joke, but a clear breach of the electoral law, and infracts other legislation as well.

    By the way, Rev Stu., GOOD WORK with this article, it may well result in a rerun election if the Labour win the Glasgow seat by a small majority.

    Best regards,



    For Police Scotland Inspector: Statement from Ruairidh Mason…

    “A couple of days ago, after recently signing up to become a proud member of the Scottish National Party, I received this letter deceitfully addressed from the SNP headquarters.

    Before I go any further, I will nip the issue in the bud right now and say that the letter is fraudulent and in no way representative of the views of the SNP or anyone affiliated with them, but I’ll come back to that in due time.

    I would urge you to read the second half of it in particular where it lazily attempts to sell the idea that a SNP/Labour coalition would not work and that, in fact, the SNP wish to form an alliance with the Conservative Party; it indeed goes on to actually suggest that I should vote for the Tories on May 7th as the SNP have sufficient support already in my constituency without any substance or reasoning. When I received this, I was understandably in an initial state of shock and disgust, yet it’ll take more than a copy and pasted picture of Big Nic and a phony signature to pull the proverbial wool over this wannabe Willy Wallace’s eyes.

    So I immediately sought correspondence with the SNP, and low and behold I was swiftly met with a reply categorically denying the authenticity of the letter and that Mr Hamish McLeod is no more of a member of their Strategy and Futures department than the Boogeyman or Gandalf the Grey…”


  213. Joemcg says:

    Referendum referendum referendum! Fucking obsessed.

  214. steviep says:

    Did Jim Murphy just say that the Barnet formula was “Fud Murphy important?”


  215. FairFerfochen says:

    Rennie can’t answer a question without turning it into distribe against SNP.

    Gampbell acting like a gestapo interrogator.

    Fecking shameful.

  216. shiregirl says:

    jeez. Murphy coming over very passive-aggressive.

    Scary – he looks dazed – he’s slurring his words.

    Nicola is doing well. Loads of applause.

  217. Joemcg says:

    Ruth ” it is legitimate we just choose not to do a deal with youse!” OMG! What a nutter!

  218. Paula Rose says:

    This is for our policey wingers

    darlings chill xxx we don’t want our lovely lurkers getting the wrong idea.

  219. Kev says:

    Well done Nicola, she seems to be turning round what seemed to be quite a hostile audience at the start. Willie Rennie saying snp canvassers talking about 2nd referendum at doorsteps is a despicable lie.

  220. Cadogan Enright says:

    This BBC ?Glenn Campbell fella is utterly useless.

    What a disgrace . . Think I will make a cup of tea and catch up with my emails

    Will someone let us knows how the debate goes

  221. YESman says:

    Never mind Ed saying no deals, we all know he’ll need SNP support after the 7th. A statement of sorts from Nicola saying that Ed is running the risk of losing any sort of SNP backup in his minority government if he continues to use this ” no deals ” strategy would be nice… Throw the cat amongst the pigeons !

  222. HandandShrimp says:

    Haven’t bothered with yet another leaders debate, I saw it was the BBC and that once again they have pitched it in Edinburgh.

  223. Joemcg says:

    WTF is going on with the audience questions? Biased as fuck.

  224. Training Day says:

    Yet another shocker from the BBC. Not one single challenging question asked of Murphy.

    Guess where the real ‘ red line’ lies for the Unionist parties? Devolution of broadcasting.

    That’s the one thing they will die in a ditch to prevent.

  225. ronnie anderson says:

    Is there ah Doctor in da house,naw he,s to busy rubbishing the SNP on there housing policy , on TV how do they get on these debates awe the time.

  226. Kev says:

    Keep seeing the same faces that were in the audience the last time round, BBC screening is farcical, oh it’s finished, thank f*ck

  227. Valerie says:

    What a biased audience in Edinburgh debate!

    Nicola does look tired, I think, although she is always on point. I spoke briefly to my local SNP candidate on Thursday, and said to him he must be exhausted, and he said he was. The SNP branches are working really hard, so I feel if we don’t get what we want in terms of seats, it won’t be for lack of work!

  228. Wp says:

    Establishment last gasp attack. 3 against one on the stage and nothing but unionist ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s in the audience. Roll on Thursday FFS.

  229. Joemcg says:

    That guy in the blue shirt saying “it’s a disgrace” looked very familiar. Is it yon Edinburgh Uni better together activist? He was on a recent Rev Stu story.

  230. MrObycyek says:

    That BBC debate was car crash TV at times.

    Jim Murphy’s line about “A formula in Barnett” was pure comedy gold. In these debates he seems to just come out with utter nonsense. When he is not talking the usual New Labour party nonsense that is. I am probably being a bit harsh as nerves can make people say strange things!

    As usual though with these debates Nicola Sturgeon came across as someone who speaks like a normal human being. She seems to go from strength to strength. Roll on Thursday!

  231. Wp says:

    Need to stop watching telly till after Thursday. My wife worries that the neighbours will be thinking I’m swearing at her.

  232. Alan of Neilston says:

    Thank God that “DEBATE” is over. Nicola held her and SCOTLANDS ground well against the usual suspects 3 Unionist Party’s plus Glen Campbell B.B.C Unionist Coordinator!! No use complaining to B.B.C they always answer and say how well they have done to cover in such a fair and unbiased way (never believe them).

  233. Alan Mackintosh says:

    JoeMcg, Yep its the same guy, Scott Arthur I think, civil engineering lecturer or something like that. He was ranting on gms on Fri with Gary R about Neil Hay before Gary cut him off.

  234. Ian Brotherhood says:

    What is it with Murphy and the self-mythologizing? At it again – he and his granny and his great granny and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all lived in a matchbox with no running water…etc…etc

    Imagine getting landed in the pub with him? Must be a nightmare.

    GTF, ya boring arse.

  235. Joemcg says:

    Alan-yep thought so. Recognised him right away. How the hell does he get on everything? Noticed the fanny even applauded his own question! Dear oh dear.

  236. Iain More says:

    BBC disgrace again tonight. Is there anybody here still paying the Brit Nat TV Propaganda Tax. If anybody calls it a license I will tear them a new arsehole!

  237. JLT says:

    Sat and watched the first few minutes, but when Murphy, Davidson and Rennie started whining about the ‘R’ word again and what could categorically kick one off, well that was it! I was off!!

    Off to clean the bathrooms which seems to be more worthwhile task that listen to the 3 Unionists party leaders gang up on Nicola over another bloody referendum! Even I’m getting to the stage that I never want to hear about another bloody one (….only kidding, yeah! but you know what I mean LOL)

    Ach well …only a year to go before we go through another set of these god-damn awful TV debates. Roll on Friday and then we’ll see if Ed will blow away all of Murphy’s conspiracy theories about what the Labour not working at all with the SNP. I now want that ******* to be seriously questioned by the media afterwards, if Ed should cut a deal with Nicola. ‘So Jim …this mince that you spouted when you said that Labour wouldn’t work with the SNP…

  238. heedtracker says:

    Joemcg says:
    3 May, 2015 at 8:36 pm
    That guy in the blue shirt saying “it’s a disgrace” looked very familiar. Is it yon Edinburgh Uni better together activist?

    Scott Arthur. We listened on the car radio and he’s so familiar now we now recognise him by name. He’s probably working for SLabour MP selection in much the same way Duncan Hothersall is also failing miserably at.

    Scott’s been in at least 4 BBC referendum and 2015 GE debate audiences now. Sounds like he’s going a bit bonkers on the radio though and Scott likes to end each of his vox pops blurting out “its a disgrace”. Future UKOK SLabour Prime minister in the making and BBC Scotland just love him in their audiences.

  239. Dr Jim says:

    Nicola Sturgeon is an absolute Amazon

    To be aware that she’s stepping into an arena with three Anti SNP politicians pre prepared to attack her on anything and everything yet still stand there and tough it out on our behalf says exactly who she is

    The carefully selected audience which was to represent all parties clearly didn’t as the style of questions were for the most part attacking the First Minister even so she stood firm

    It surely is a testament to her character and energy that she is as strong as she is
    The opposition parties Waffle Bleat and Blame their own failings on the SNP with constant gnashings of teeth and succeed in no more than creating a nuisance of themselves

    On Thursday the chance will be here to begin the change we need in our country
    If there are still people out there who doubt that fact there’s no more to be done but to say

    Give Scotland a chance, how can you not take that step
    forward The SNP are going to win many seats that’s clear
    make it another step by joining in

    Vote SNP

  240. muttley79 says:

    Firstly, the positives from that debate, Glenn Campbell was very good at stopping the shouting that ruined the previous one in Aberdeen. It showed that James Cook was just nowhere near firm enough last time.

    Nicola Sturgeon was fine, looked fairly tired although that is not really a surprise given the amount of campaigning she has done in the last 5-6 weeks. It looks like it is catching up with her.

    The debate itself was very mediocre, they all seemed to be going through the motions. Rennie was appalling, Murphy was less aggressive that normal, but really looks out of his depth. Davidson was okay.

    In terms of the audience, the Labour members in the audience seemed to want to have a go at Sturgeon, rather than ask and relevant and challenging questions. One guy near the end in particular was aggressive, there was also a woman who made a jibe at NS’s parents, and there was also a guy in a beard who ranted on a bit about the SNP benefiting from tactical voting?…The good thing was they were so obvious, and they wasted their chance and questions.

    One final, but not exactly insightful point; the unionist politicians confirmed that they remain absolutely obsessed by the SNP, and a second independence referendum. I suspect the SNP would be best just to let them stew in the short term.

  241. donald anderson says:

    It wasn’t three to one. It was four to one, counting Murphy’s aid in the middle.

    I would like to ask Murphy on Yes or No question. Are you a soicalist and he he says yes, then call him a liar.

  242. sadiedoll says:

    It was Dr Scott Arthur, of Heriot Watt Univ and numerous twitter identities. Rev Stu wrote about him during indyref. He actually clapped his own fatuous comments, sad act that he is. Dunc Hoth with a Ph.D.

  243. Sassenach says:

    That was no debate, it was the most biased audience and Glenn Campbell certainly seemed to know where his ‘follow-up’ questions should be picked from!! Uncanny.

    Until we get BBC broadcasting to be fair and impartial, we will always be behind the curve.

    Pray that Murphy gets his marching orders this week.

  244. Paula Rose says:

    Are some of you still watching the BBC in real time? We pay the Rev to suffer for us.

  245. Footsoldier says:

    Glen Campbell is one crap chairman and interviewer. Almost in the same league as Gordon Brewer but that’s really saying something.

  246. Joemcg says:

    Aye, looks like this Arthur donut is shadow boxing for a slot in “Scottish” labour. He will fit in well with the other muppets. Seems to have a high opinion of himself judging by his FB. If he was chocolate….

  247. Al-Stuart says:

    FAO POLICE SCOTLAND. Inspector dealing with:-

    The report regarding the FAKE electoral fraud letter as reproduced above and alleged infraction of the Representation of the People’s Act 1983…

    …plus a number of other offences including, but not solely limited to the Fraud Act 2006…

    Maximum penalty 10 years imprisonment (on indictment) referenced to indicate the gravity of this matter.

    Further details as required:-

    THE letter dishonestly breaching electoral law and the Fraud Act 2006 states thereon the address within the constituency of:-


    Details of this constituency are a matter of public record. However even though sub-judice is not yet applicable, this information is provided in a redacted format to efficiently progress your actions, and record that provision of information in the public domain.


  248. Cadogan Enright says:

    @sassanach “Pray that Murphy gets his marching orders this week”

    Last day canvassing in East Renfrewshire tomorrow – leaving Clarkeston office at 11 – good canvassers welcome

  249. Joemcg says:

    Bit below the belt from the hard faced blonde bint mentioning Nicola’s parents council house situation when thousands of others have done exactly the same thing. Total shitebags these unionists.

  250. Luigi says:

    heedtracker says:
    3 May, 2015 at 8:59 pm

    Just got this up on a certain audience member’s timeline 😀

    Lol. It would make a braw poster!

  251. TJenny says:

    But the best thing to come out of the Leaders’ Debate tonight is … there’s a cracking ‘Vine’ of Smurphy saying ‘fundilymundily’ (instead of fundamentally) which has now become a Twittery thing trending, at least in Edinburgh at number 1. I just love how we Scots find humour in all this – it’s just magic! 😉

    Hope this link to ‘fundilymundily’ Twitter, works. And the Vine’s hilarious – Jimbo is definitely cracking up, can’t imagine what he’ll be like by Thursday.

  252. Luigi says:

    The Labour robotic “members of the public” that appear in these debates, with their pre-prepared questions and faux outrage truly are abysmal. They can’t even ask a simple question without making it look so obvious.

  253. Joemcg says:

    Sticking up for FundillyMundilly here I think his comment that there is a deliberate attempt at job centres to sanction claimants and that it’s a Tory policy is probably true. So Ruth, you are the liar.

  254. Robert Louis says:

    What an utterly pointless meaningless ‘debate’. Seriously, I don’t know why they bothered.

    I think most Scots will have been the other channel.

    As for the BBC, it was clear as day who some of the labour plants were. A tawdry propagandist broadcaster, the very worst of its kind.

  255. HandandShrimp says:


    Is Jim channeling Ed Flanders?

  256. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @TJenny –


    What will he be like by Thursday? Imagine Stanley Unwin on a cocktail of ketamine and skunk washed down with MD20/20, eyeballs hanging out on stalks and not a solitary hair left on his big bony heid:

    ‘My familyborling was ever so fundilymundily poverty-bovvered that we never never not-not ever munched on properly grubblies, but only tinymost pieces of newspaper scraploids and the occasionalwise sawdusty. Ah! Deep joy!”

  257. MoJo says:

    We can laugh at this idiocy all we like, and Labour are history in Scotland, but if the English and Welsh voters can’t trust Ed’s lot, and don’t vote for them in in sufficient numbers, we are going to all end up with another Tory a weeks time, and we will all be on the losing side…for a while anyway.
    English press talking more and more about Tories refusing to step aside and going for minority government
    The worry is that there are plenty of right wing Blairites out there to support them ( UKIP irrelevant here if only 1 or 2) ….This will rip Ed’s party in two down south, and there is no way Labour will survive a year in opposition like that never mind five.
    It is going to get messy…and our SNP 50 will need plenty of stamina. I hope they are up for it…

  258. Grouse Beater says:

    Labour MPs have been saying that Jim Murphy is to blame for Labour’s problems in Scotland. He isn’t. Murphy is a capable politician on the wrong side of history.
    Iain Macwhirter

    That means Murphy is an incapable politician on the right side of history.

  259. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Perhaps he was trying to say that he’d had ‘a fun day in Mandalay’?

  260. UncleBob says:

    Just after the debate my son, who lives in Edinburgh, ran up to the venue for a glimpse of Nicola. He was absolutely delighted when as her car went past him it stopped, she got out and spoke to the small gathering of SNP supporters there and had her picture taken with them. She is a class act.

    I thought she looked really scunnered during the debate. Same old same old. Mr Murphy should not be allowed out on his own.

  261. K1 says:

    O/T Interesting wee article that utterly vindicates our postion regarding the deliberate destruction of our manufacturing industries by the elite and the harm that it has caused. In Forbes from earlier this month (I think, or March):

    ‘What Scotland’s Insurrection Can Tell Us About America’s Worst Economic Mistake’ By Eamonn Fingleton; Former editor for Forbes and FT.

    “While few Scottish voters can probably articulate a clear case against the postindustrial consensus, they sense in their bones that the sacrifice of their industrial base was totally uncalled and one of the greatest tragedies of their nation’s history. They are right.”

    Found it over at #leadersdebate

  262. Now's the Hour says:

    No attempt made to disguise audience bias, particularly that aggressive guy near the end and the smarmy blonde bint who had a pop at Nicola’s mum and dad. No doubt they were proud of themselves. Would love to see their greetin’ unionist faces on Friday morning!

  263. FairFerfochen says:

    Did Murpho not say he’d get rid of the HoL?
    Anyone got a snapshot of the debate?

  264. Joemcg says:

    Aye, the blonde and Arthur did look particularly smug after their planted questions.

  265. shiregirl says:

    I’ m confused….after curiously looking at Dr Scott’s several twitter accounts, are these political opinions his own or are they his professional opinions also? – i.e. representative of his employer also? The accounts list him as being a university lecturer, etc but also give his very strong political views.

    Not being draconian here, but don’t you need to be careful about political/professional views noting being viewed as being representative of your profession/employer? – I know in the NHS and council, you need to be very careful so your views are not ever causing others to be uncomfortable or being taken as being representative of your employer. But also agree everyone entitled to their opinions and freedom to express.

    He is also bigging-up his own comments which is pretty sad.

    Like I said, just wanting a bit clarification. cheers

  266. HandandShrimp says:

    Dr Scott or should I say Dr Von Scott

  267. Paula Rose says:

    Fun dilly mun dilly?

  268. Quentin Quale says:

    In Jim’s alternative world I bet he hears the opening line of Rebecca as ‘Last night I dreamt I went to fundilymundily again’.

    New Word Order, Jim. Well done.

  269. Rock says:

    Craig Murray,

    “It is exactly the same thing that Mohammed Sarwar is doing as noted by Rev. above”

    What is Mo Sarwar doing here?

    Did he not give up his UK OK nationality to become a governor in Pakistan?

  270. bookie from hell says:

    thank Christ the debates are over

  271. Rob James says:

    Many years ago, a friend of mine who was in the military, signed a CND petition one saturday afternoon, whilst under the influence. He was greeted by the security services on his arrival at work on the monday morning.

    Does MI5 have access to the SNP membership lists? Do bears defecate in afforested areas?
    Do not underestimate them.

  272. Mealer says:

    So,the polls seem to be settled around the 49 percent mark for SNP,as are the polls for Yes.4% higher than the September referendum.I reckon that SNP support in each individual constituency will be about 4% higher than the Yes vote was in that constituency.There will no doubt be exceptions to that general rule.What do you all reckon?

  273. Hamish10 says:

    So it looks like snp will be the majority party in Scotland in MP terms.

    What fun when the Secretary of State for Scotland is chosen from one of the the big two parties who may have no MP’s or at best just a few.

    Even more Governer colonial style General.

    Alex Salmond for SoSS. Just think of all the secret correspondence he can see from Embassy’s etc. Oh –the lib dems leaked and altered them!

  274. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    From further up the page, regarding the how and why of receiving stuff from Labour.

    I have an email address, which I have only used for two purposes:

    1. To register with Linkedin.

    2. To register with The Herald, to get a limited number of ‘free’ articles every month.

    To narrow it down, I have registered with The Herald using 4 different email addresses, which are used, depending on which location (home/work/mobile) I am at.

    The email address I am receiving the Labour bumf at is the one that is also used for Linkedin.

    None of the others used for The Herald are receiving Labour emails, from candidates all over Scotland and from Labour’s chief branch office. Only the one that is used for Linkedin.

    Which leads me to believe that Labour has been harvesting email addresses from Linkedin. After all, most peeps on Linkedin will provide their ‘business’ location and, also, you have to provide a postcode during the registration process.

    I know that, because I have just joined Linkedin using another well underused email address but gave my true postcode.

    Be interesting to see if that email address starts receiving stuff from the red tories…

  275. Free Scotland says:

    Red and blue tories should check this out:

  276. muttley79 says:

    All I can say now is roll on Thursday to write the old X on the ballot paper, and watch the results come in.

  277. fred blogger says:

    Grouse Beater
    absolutely right.
    he’d make a great town crier.

  278. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Fair play to Murphy – he did say he’d like to ‘astonish the Mouse of Mumbilygrumbilys’.

  279. Robert Peffers says:

    @James Kay says: 3 May, 2015 at 2:08 pm :

    “Ed Miliband plans to install a nine-foot stone monolith in the Rose Garden at 10 Downing Street if elected”

    If elected and erected, (in that order), it could become a nice little earner for London. They could stick one of those Historic England plaques on it and charge tourists a fee to view the memorial to the death of the Labour Party Branch Office in Scotland.

    Mind you only if Nicola agrees to let them and only if they have a wee note at the end directing the tourists to the place of the Labour Branch office death in Scotland.

  280. Albaman says:

    Yes by all means complain to the appropriate authorities, but Stew, have you passed this letter information over to The National, so that they could give it national exposure?.

  281. Tam Jardine says:

    Cadogan Enright

    Dare I ask how the mood on the doors is in East Renfrewshire?

    Does the MP/MSP question get much traction? What reaction is Kirsten getting from non SNP voters? As in the indyref, living in Edinburgh doesn’t give much insight into what the mood is elsewhere.

    Thanks for all your work from one SNP to another

  282. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘Fundilymundily, I’ve been very clear about this…’

  283. MrObycyek says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    I thought Jim Murphy said he would like to astonish only the exploitative Mice of Mumbilygrumbilys’. I think it is important to make that distinction as not all Mice of Mumbilygrumbilys’ are bad.

    That blonde woman at the end of the debate was rather nasty and personal in regards to her question to Nicola. Where do they get these truly odious people from?

  284. caz-m says:

    #fundilymundily vine video.

    Lets all laugh at Murphy. Brilliant.

  285. Peri Urban says:

    Holy Crap! The SNP will win MORE left of centre seats than Labour would have! Could the final days of the campaign see Labour about turn and begin to encourage their SNP brethren? Or is that Edstone gonna be marking a grave.

  286. Fred says:

    I get phone calls every day from India & China, I had two on behalf of Magrit Curran. I don’t lose any sleep over any of them, much good will it do them. What does it matter! Get a phone which can monitor your calls.

  287. caz-m says:

    Nicola might not want to mention the “R” word but I will. I want a Referendum ASAP. We need to get away from these crackpot Unionists as soon as we can.

    We MUSN’T get drawn into a Westminster talking shop for years to come.

    Scottish Labour/Labour Party really are the pits.

    Red Tory, Blue Tory. Get us out of this nightmare Nicola.

  288. Grouse Beater says:

    An essay, a last flash in the pan of politics before the general election reminds Scotland how good a subservient country is at winning second place on the world’s podium but rarely top prize – unless a nation state.

  289. schrodingers cat says:

    current polls in edinburgh show the snp on 50%

    i counted 1 audience members question favourable to nicola, the rest were unionist

    the 3 unionists spent their time kicking lumps outta nicola

    after thursday, i have a cunning plan to remove these unionists politicians from holyrood which, when the bbc make up their audiences after 2016, should reflect the reality on the bround.

    watch this space

  290. Grouse Beater says:

    On the 8th May the dawn will come up like thunder on the road to Fundilymundily.


  291. Giving Goose says:

    A poem;

    Lavender blue FundilyMundily
    Lavender green
    When you are king FundilyMundily
    I shall be Queen

  292. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @caz-m –

    Cheers for that link. TJenny’s didn’t work for me.

    I don’t think he’s saying ‘fundilymundily’. I reckon he’s saying ‘fundilybundilymundily’. As we all know, that means something else entirely.

  293. Grouse Beater says:

    That blonde woman at the end of the debate was rather nasty and personal … to Nicola

    Did she come out with a version of ‘ a kent her faither’?

  294. yabadabadoo says:


    you are absolutely right, the physical economical destruction of Scotland has been deliberate to take us from a viable productive society to a basket case.

    Tonight’s “debate” had the blue and red and liberal tell the barefaced lie that we have to balance the budget to pay the debt. NS just omitted the truth and played the banker game by saying that she would pay the banks but just slower. Why does NS and AS always side with the banks?

    Why does any country borrow money from the “market” (the market is all those bankrupt casino banks that create money out of thin air), when the government can just print its own money at ZERO percent.

    The size of the debt is nothing… its the cost of servicing the debt is the problem. It is demanding that this debt is serviced rather than people housed, fed, educated and healed that is satanic.

    That is why usury was always seen as a grave sin. It still is in Islam…Oh is that what the war on terror is all about?

    Here is a youtube regarding the Bradbury pound that was printed by the UK government at ZERO percent interest at the start and during the first world war.

    I bet you did not get taught that in school.

  295. desimond says:

    Dear Jim
    Is tomorrows Bank Holiday a FundiyMundiy?

  296. JaceF says:

    In opposition who’s votes would labour rely on to vote down the Tories? Are they saying no deal with SNP for keys to No10 therefore also no opposition to Tory Gov.

  297. heedtracker says:

    Gordon Brown’s man at the treasury, same civil servant top brass that decided his UKOK civil service is not impartial or unbiased strikes again. Christ they’re all out tonight.

    Does he know Crash is about to make one of his sudden but election winning “interventions” next week and save Slabour for teamGB greatness?

    What an arse.

  298. Luigi says:

    Nicola only had to avoid tripping up tonight (or having an Eddystone Milliblunder moment), which she did with ease. That said, she did look tired (understandably). She should get the smart and capable Stuart Hosie to deputise for her more often. The much-needed game-changer never appeared for the Magic Murphy and the Monotones, in spite of the BBC’s best efforts.

  299. icyspark says:

    Just seen the National from page for tomorrow. Lol

    Referendum, Referendum, Referendum, FundilyMundily, Referendum.

    There will be a report by George Kerevan on Labour’s hypocrisy with dealing with the SDLP. Thank you Stu for bringing it to the National’s attention.

  300. msean says:

    Don’t like the idea that any party representatives at all can look at a selection of postal votes pre polling day. Pre Indyref,I thought they were all opened at the same time in public at the counts when the polls closed.

    Vowhenge,a classic. 🙂

  301. Betty Boop says:

    The Desperate Hours indeed.

    Here is Brian Donohoe outside his hastily opened hub (I think) accompanied by a pasting table and a Tory.

  302. Cadogan Enright says:

    @Tam Jardine 10.02

    hard to say as I started in East Remfrewshire only after running out of canvass sheets to do in Troon and the Kyle villages.

    By the time I arrived there last week there were only lists of ‘not ins’ and awkward Toryish areas left.

    that being said I was fairly impressed with the response given the areas concerned. The stats for the ward I am in show the SNP ahead of the other 2 parties even if u allocate the refused and undecided categories in proportion to them.

    I was blown away withe the numbers and enthusiasm of the local teams.

    Last day tomorrow as letter delivery starts Tuesday and I am booked to do this in the Kyle villages

    Candidate has Good local connections and the surname has local resonances

    I have mostly canvassed for Philppa Whitford who has an appeal to non SNPers that would be hard to match by anyone

  303. Sassenach says:

    @Cadogan Enright

    Thanks for the invite, but unfortunately I’m unavailable, and have to be back for the evening ‘Ask Nicola’ rally in Dumfries – fundilymundily I need to be there!

  304. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Grouse Beater –


    Good blog there mister. Your description of Murphy reminded me of this:

    Oasis, ‘The Importance Of Being Idle’ –

  305. call me dave says:

    Prof Curtis on radio 5 live just blew Jim Dim’s ‘largest party gets to be the government’.

    He confirms what we all knew, that both the SNP and labour (through Murphy tonight) will vote down any conservative Queen’s Speech.

    Looks like Dave won’t even be getting to go to the palace unless some miracle happens daun South.

  306. Robert Kerr says:

    Craig Murray,

    I was only trying to point out that your article opens up too much for the SNP to be comfortable with.

    Sub-continental immigration and postal voting were deliberate policies of New Labour.

    The consequences are with us now. Postal voting here is a disgrace. Compare and contrast with that in the Irish Republic.

    Please do not take offence.

    I follow your blog with interest and sympathy.

  307. chipmonkey says:

    There was a wee Murphy was splattered in Fife
    Fundily Munduly Murphily
    (Tae keep his seat is the fight o his life
    hey willy walachy etc)

  308. Grant McAdam says:

    labour will have to speak to the SNP, the positive side is that it won’t be the clowns from Scottish labour led by murphy the SNP leadership will have to talk to, it’ll be milliband, balls and mandleson.

    benefit of speaking to these people is that they won’t talk over you, accuse you of calling them a liar or go into a trance stating the largest party forms the government.

    Least I hope not;0)

  309. James Dow A voice from the diaspora says:

    No way known that MI5 has not hacked every SNP electronic communication. After all it’s their sworn duty to protect the empire.

  310. Effijy says:

    Dim Jim was just singing the Vow song:

    Super uber mega devo maxi indepndence

    Fundilidily Mudidily Dumb Dumb Dumb.

  311. Valerie says:

    Thanks for the link to the Fundilymundily clip, it does bring tears to the eye.

  312. Grouse Beater says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    Grouse Beater – Good blog there mister. 🙂
    Your description of Murphy reminds me of this:

    Thanks, and thanks for the clip!

  313. Kevin meina says:

    have to agree with previous my candidate has lost a stone and a half and she was thin to begin with .She has worked her bollocks off as a footnote we have 350 members 40 are active why join ?

  314. heedtracker says:

    Daily Heil lunatics pile in with quote of the election from blue tory boy Cameron

    “In has come Cameron Mark II with a new upbeat, muscular tone designed to ‘cut through’ to voters
    Took aim at ‘bonkers’ Nicola Sturgeon, arguing she would ‘eat Miliband for breakfast, lunch and tea’ and telling how the pair of them will ‘take away our country.”

    No wonder the Reverend’s away on holiday May 8?

  315. Cadogan Enright says:

    @betty boop 11.17 Having canvassed Donohoes Central Ayrshire in several places and seen the response to the local team, I would have every Expectation that he is toast

    If he has a campaign team it must be well hidden, I have seen greens and Tories but only one labour-plastered car in Symington outside someone’s house as we canvassed

    Fingers and toes crossed !

  316. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Unfortunately, ‘fundilymundilygate’ probably happened too late for Greg Moodie to get it into his usual Mondaily-Fundily National cartoon strip.

    Never mind – it’ll be hanging around Big Jim’s neck for many years to come. And let’s hope no bawbag starts up about feeling sorry for him or ‘mocking the afflicted’ etc – the guy did this by himself, and has never shown any signs of having a speech impediment or anything similar. He’s just an arse who tripped-up over his own low-hingin’ cobblers. Simples.

  317. Betty Boop says:

    Re the caring sharing Tory and Labour parties, they just keep confirming they are two sides of the same coin. Here is Mr Donohoe walking away after he noticed the camera. Think he might be a bit embarassed.

  318. Tam Jardine says:

    Cadogan Enright

    Thanks – sounds very promising.

    One aspect of our strength scarcely mentioned in the press is the strength of candidates which is linked to the vast membership.

    In Edinburgh N & Leith we had 14 (fourteen) candidates to choose from. Then Joanna Cherry QC dropped out after selection to Edinburgh SW (down to 13) and deputy Lord Provost Deidre Brock was chosen from a very strong field.

    Dr Whitford is another example, as is Kirsten Oswald I am certain. Overlooked by our opponents, but the strength in depth of candidates and activists is amazing and inspiring.

  319. A MacRitchie says:

    If Smurphy claimed he was a socialist I think someone should tell him that

    A)labour have not used the word socialist in any of its communications since 1992.

    B) Blair changed clause 1v

    C)they’ve changed their socialist logo.

    D)they are no longer a full member of the socialist international but something called progressive alliance which has nothing to do with Engles or Marx.

    E) they have abandoned the working class in favour of middle class or tory vote. Thus do not support working class revolutionary ideology…….socialism

    F)they embraced Thatcherism then Blairite policies which is capitalist ideology.

    G) Labour has supported wars to promote capitalist ideology to maintain state conquer new markets exploit other countries resources exploit people in these countries.

    So if he stated he was a socialist he doesn’t know what that means.

  320. Almannysbunnet says:

    Over the last year I’ve been shocked, saddened and angered at what politicians have said and reporters have written. I’d like to thank Jim Murphy for finally making me laugh out loud. All the well rehearsed and oft repeated Slab BS, all the McTernan planning summed up by Jim, at the BBC, in front of a “fair and balanced audience”. Oh the irony. Jim will forever be remembered as a Slab fundilamentalist. Fundilymundily we need to totalyvotaly for the SNP and turfilyMurphily out on his arsilyfastily. We all knew you were a muppet thanks for confirming it on your favourite TV channel.

  321. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Betty Boop –


    Were those photies of Dunnykenthenoo taken in Irvine or Kilmarnock?

    (Since the Bridgegate got that facelift they look very similar. Just wondering…)

  322. K1 says:

    No we didn’t yabadabadoo. we didn’t get any of that information taught to us at school.

    I think at this time in our journey Nicola is echoing what the fella’ in the vid is talking about, unfortunately we are too tied in to the fiscal set up we find ourselves a part of.

    Maybe if we get our country back we could look at issuing our own money in the way that he describes?

    We are at least in Scotland starting to invest in big infrasstructure products, and the SNP’s forward looking prospectus is focusing on apprenticeships as a means of reinvigorating and reskilling our former expertise in engineering and manufacturing sectors.

    It’s the only way forward, we have to become the builders and innovators again. We have it within us to create a much better future for the generations to come and we must stop this demonic march of profiteering by the few at the expense of the many.

    Thanks for posting. (I can’t actually ‘see’ the vid, but I can listen, there’s summit it up wi my flash thingy, that I have as yet, been unable to suss out and fix! Naturally I will perservere till I get it sorted!)

  323. Lou Nisbet says:

    I don’t post here normally as the last time I did I was named as a troll for – believe it or not quoting SNP policy on an issue. However there is a technical point about these fake letters which should be brought to people and Police Scotland’s attention.

    Many modern colour printers embed an ID code in their printout. So the Police are the ONLY people to investigate these crimes as they will very easily be able to determine where these letters were printed if they were made with such a printer.

    I wonder if the idiots that printed them know this? I doubt it as it’s tantamount to printing your confession of the crime along with the crime.

    Here’s good luck to Labour’s Scotland HQ in disposing of their expensive colour laser printers.

  324. K1 says:

    He’s a Sosophist…

    *picks up scarf whilst gettin’ coat*

  325. crazycat says:

    @ Ian B

    I think that’s Irvine; I was also wondering whether the woman talking to the Tory is ex-MSP turned councillor Irene Oldfather. I can’t see the picture well enough to be sure. She must be one of the last remaining SLab campaigners there (rumoured to be as few as 8 last year, and all elected representatives and their relatives, which I think implies a slightly higher total).

  326. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Almannysbunnet at 12.10


  327. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @crazycat –

    Good spot. I think you’re right.

    What on earth she’s doing anywhere in Donohoe’s vicinity right now is beyond the understanding of mere mortals, and Donohoe looks like a man who’s just realised that he’s about to be flattened by an eight-foot tall limestone slab.

  328. Betty Boop says:

    @Ian Brotherhood, 12:14am

    Hi Ian

    I am presuming Irvine considering the posters with Donohoe’s name on the windows and a comment on FB that photos of “our lot” had just been taken. I am presuming “our lot” was the SNP stall on the other side at Bridgegate.

  329. Betty Boop says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood

    Re Donohoe’s Lab/Tory love in. Did you see the full frontal shot of Mr D I posted at 11:17pm as well as the other two photos?

  330. call me dave says:

    Just heard it about Ed.

    “The limestone cowboy” 🙂

  331. Betty Boop says:

    @ Cadogan Enright, 11:54pm

    @betty boop 11.17 Having canvassed Donohoes Central Ayrshire in several places and seen the response to the local team…/blockquote>

    I am quite aware of the campaigning in Central Ayrshire, but, experience teaches me never to be complacent and always try to keep eyes on the ball. 😉

  332. thomaspotter2014 says:

    For my part I’ve always maintained that the Labour Party are only part of the’Westminster Party’ and as such they have ,like so many other things in the hold of the establishment,been in managed decline to suit the ruling class manipulation.

    That is why every time it looks like they might strike a blow for the opposition to the status quo they suddenly give out some moronic vote losing initiative that puts the tory ruling elite back on their perch.

    Make no mistake Cameron and his Bullingdon bullies are pulling the strings of the sham that is alledgedly the opposition party.

    Do me a favour and stop expecting that Prick Milliband to produce the goods

    Best plan I’ve heard so far is that the SNP refuse to put Labour in government of this sham crock of shit unless they ditch Milliband.

    Or that Nicola Sturgeon is installed as the overall choice for Prime Minister of the UK-by popular demand


  333. HandandShrimp says:

    I believe Nicola will landing at Largs around 3pm tomorrow for a chat, a selfie or two and maybe a Nardini ice cream.

  334. Valerie says:

    The National has Fundilymundily on the front with Murphys fizzog parroting referendum as well.

    Well done The National picking up on Fundilymundily at the 11th hour of printing!

  335. Betty Boop says:

    @chipmonkey, 11:30pm

    O/T sort of…

    There was a wee Murphy was splattered in Fife
    Fundily Munduly Murphily
    (Tae keep his seat is the fight o his life
    hey willy walachy etc)

    He widnae debate unless he could spin,
    Nickety nackety noo, noo, noo
    An’ shout ower a’body’s heid, whit a creep,
    Hey willy walachy, wi’ thon Blair MacDougall
    An’ jakey McTiernan, roo, roo, roo.

  336. call me dave says:

    Labour warning it’s self it may not have the right to govern in the Times!

    Anything but SNP.

  337. Paula Rose says:

    Fun dilly mun dilly

    fee fi fum

    I smell the blood

    Of the fear of the

    unionist scum

  338. Paula Rose says:

    Time to save the UK

    You pleaded with us to stay.

    Fun dilly mun dilly.

  339. Paula Rose says:

    Is “fun dilly mun dilly” going to be carved in stone?

    serious question

  340. peekay says:

    Rev says – “Only one part of the country seems to know with clarity what it wants, and that’s “not Labour”.”

    One part of what “country” would that be exactly Stu? 😉

  341. Betty Boop says:

    He gang tae the merket an’ bocht a hair shirt

    Fundily mundily piffley too

    And telt a’ the Tories he’d tak the hit

    Och, fundily duplicitly Murphily


    Even though topically pertinent, guess we’d better go O/T with the creativity or Stu might explode! 😉

  342. Paula Rose says:

    Sshh Betty Boop honey – tip toe away quietly.

  343. CameronB Brodie says:

    A MacRitchie said:

    If Smurphy claimed he was a socialist I think someone should tell him that

    A)labour have not used the word socialist in any of its communications since 1992.

    B) Blair changed clause 1v

    C)they’ve changed their socialist logo.

    D)they are no longer a full member of the socialist international but something called progressive alliance which has nothing to do with Engles or Marx.

    E) they have abandoned the working class in favour of middle class or tory vote. Thus do not support working class revolutionary ideology…….socialism

    F)they embraced Thatcherism then Blairite policies which is capitalist ideology.

    G) Labour has supported wars to promote capitalist ideology to maintain state conquer new markets exploit other countries resources exploit people in these countries.

    So if he stated he was a socialist he doesn’t know what that means.

    They’ve even got a catchy name for the condition you have just described. “Southern Discomfort”. 😉

  344. woosie says:

    Slab are trying everything now.

    We’ve had Crash Brown taken out of “retirement” to add big beastliness to their campaign. Tarzan Heseltine freed from his sectioning under the mental health act to admit he was a lab all the time.

    Now they’ve reactivated Professor Stanley Unwin to write Murphily’s scripts. What chance do we have?

  345. john king says:

    Why lord WHY? aaaarrrggg
    A huge, interesting, erudite, humorous, and generally no bad post lost because I clicked on a twitter link ARRRRGGGGHHHH

  346. john king says:

    Woossie says
    “Now they’ve reactivated Professor Stanley Unwin to write Murphily’s scripts. What chance do we have?”

    The devilsodes,
    we’re doneley forbo boys!

  347. john king says:

    “Just heard it about Ed.

    “The limestone cowboy” :-)”

    What if the hollow out that big stane stick a cludgie in it and stick a door on the back?
    They could call it Eddie’s stone shitehouse. 🙂

    I’m going I’m going no need to push,
    what about my coat? 🙁

  348. Robert Peffers says:

    @K1 says:3 May, 2015 at 9:32 pm:

    “O/T Interesting wee article that utterly vindicates our position regarding the deliberate destruction of our manufacturing industries by the elite and the harm that it has caused. In Forbes from earlier this month (I think, or March):”

    Perhaps it is, “interesting”, K1, but I find this phrase, (below), extremely condescending as if Scottish voters are inarticulate morons.

    “While few Scottish voters can probably articulate a clear case against the postindustrial consensus, …”

    There may probably not be a more articulate and politically aware electorate in the World at this time and the author of the piece should be aware the term, “Postindustrial”, should be hyphenated, thus, “post-industrial”.

    In fact it is my experience that the average Scot can articulate extremely well in English, Scots and, often, (being quite angry), in very flowery language, the exact chapter and verse of the case.

    Furthermore they will most certainly not only articulate it but accurately identify the main female Englander responsible for deliberately causing the disastrous effects.

  349. Kevin Evans says:

    Just watched the latest debate. Not much to say on a positive scale concerning the BBC once again and there bias. Blatant set up questions to undermine the SNP and blatant use of people in the audience who follow there agenda the BBC are tryin to promote.

  350. carjamtic says:

    BBC Radio Scotland, Willie Rennie interview takes propaganda to a new level,reading off a script surely not…..Q&A…what the f##k.

  351. Calgacus says:

    Still laughing at Fundily baws.

    I would just like to thank the BBC for providing the unequivocal evidence that they are completely biased against the SNP. From allowing Rennie to talk over the FM within minutes of the rules being agreed that interruptions were not permitted to obvious plants in the audience, particularly towards the end of the 4 against 1 “debate”.

    All to no avail as we enter the last lap with the SNP heading for a famous victory over the forces of darkness.

  352. Bob Mack says:

    Fundilly mundilly,

    A word that’s quite silly

    But that was not Big Jims intent.

    to save his own skin ,North Labour must win

    or he’s doomed to pay his own rent.

    Take a tip Murph, for what it is worth

    Don’t talk ,just listen instead

    you will blunder in whilst seeking a win

    To places where Angels won’t tread.

    Friday will come,and goodbye to some

    Who cast of their Socialist clothes

    and opted instead, to jump into bed

    with Englands proud symbol the rose.

  353. Charles Edward says:

    How do you solve a problem like Jim Mrrpho?
    How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
    How do you find a word that means Jim Mrrpho?
    A flibbertijibbet! A will-o’-the wisp! A clown!

    Many a thing you know you’d like to tell him
    Many a thing he ought to understand
    But how do you make him stay
    And listen to all you say
    How do you keep a wave upon the sand

    Oh, how do you solve a problem like Jim Mrrpho?
    How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand


    We all have a fundamental duty to dismiss this embarrassing person from the Scottish political platform.

    If come Thursday you still feel Murphy is your man it will be a sad and shameful decision, not just for yourself but for all of us.

  354. john king says:

    Robert Peffers says
    “While few Scottish voters can probably articulate a clear case against the postindustrial consensus, …”

    That bit really angered me as well Bob, he should try coming to Lochgelly and saying that an ex miner they’ll nail his arse to a pit prop!

  355. CameronB Brodie says:

    This article argues first, that Britain’s industrial performance since 1960 has been relatively poor; secondly, that despite the views of Crafts and others, the deindustrialisation which has resulted from this relatively poor industrial performance is a serious problem for the whole economy – not just for the industrial sector itself; thirdly, that neither the specific problem of deindustrialisation nor the consequent general problem of continued relative economic decline were solved in the 1980s; and fourthly, that the key reason why British industry has been doing relatively poorly has been underinvestment in manufacturing. This underinvestment has been allowed to persist by the lack of any strong modernising forces within British society, with the trade union movement having been either too weak or too defensive, and with government policy at best being rather ineffectual and at worst positively harmful. The reasons for this policy failure lie in Britain’s economic history and in the resulting distorted nature of both the economy and society. This fundamental problem, of a lack of any strong modernising force, has if anything been exacerbated since 1979.

    There appears to be a large group of clever people, across many disciplines, who agree that Britain needs to change in order to survive in the modern gobalised economy.

  356. bjsalba says:

    Why do people assume that the SNP database has to have been breached? How many new and existing members pay by cash? Simply extract the data from the bank payments system.

    Since NSA and GCHQ are said to be monitoring them already anyway, it would be quite simple to put the data together.

    If Treasury officials think it acceptable to work with political parties against the Scottish Government when it is run by SNP…

  357. HandandShrimp says:

    Willie Rennie just talks about referendums because anything is better than talking about the Lib Dems rolling over and playing poodle to the likes of IDS and Osborne.

  358. Louis B Argyll says:

    Ooh.. Labour sending comedians from the 90s to make us laugh to our senses.

    Does Izzard have new material to write..

    Maybe Jim will inspire him, his Learesque language now legendary..

    Will he be staying long.. Or just key marginals..? No doubt a charity tie-in somewhere.

    BBC suggest he’s here to appeal to younger voters..

    Utter botox.. Nobody under 30 knows who he is..

  359. Tackety Beets says:

    O dear o dear , the Unionist are throwing the toys and the blackest oot o the pram .

    I missed the Radio Tay broadcast yesterday .
    I just heard the 8 o clock news and Malky Bruce giving it SNP bad !
    Jackson Carlow ( Tory MSP) now giving it ” We will now co-operate with SNP in a minority GVT ”

    WTF > sounded like we have moved to 2016 !

    No wonder. Some of our people are confused about what is devolved to Holyrood etc .

    The Onionist really are squirming , o gee MC being very vociferous , verging on being crabit !

    Failing to endear herself to the people .

  360. Robert Peffers says:

    You know that saying, “Follow the Money”?

    Well why not? It usually does clarify confusing situations.

    So here’s the basic monetary facts.

    Much of the Western World has become politically neoliberal. Mainly by slavishly following the largest self appointed World policing USA under such guises as NATO and the UN.

    Those governments that did so then relaxed their restraints upon the worst excess of their financial sectors and thus allowed them to become so powerful they wielded great influence over the neoliberal governments and when the inevitable happened and the USA economy faltered it dragged down those USA following economies along with the USA’s.

    So in most cases the neoliberal governments refused to prosecute the guilty financial sectors and used government revenues, (actually taxpayers contributions), to bail out the failing financial sector. So let’s stand back a few paces and look at the big picture in reality.

    World wealth is rather like energy. It cannot be created and although we speak of generating energy the truth is we can only convert it from, or to, other forms of energy.

    So is it with wealth – we do not create wealth we convert it from other sources of wealth. Just where has the former wealth of those suffering Austerity cuts been converted to. Where has it gone and who or what has gained at the expense of the those suffering austerity cuts? A week or so back the media published a, “Rich List”, to show the United Kingdom’s richest people and the truth was out.

    This Rich-List showed the top richest people had more than doubled their wealth. Increasing their share of the wealth by 2.2 times. As total wealth is a standard sum then everyone else must then have became poorer and many, many more of the poorest UK people were being forced to use food banks.

    And who was it that was making the rules, (Laws), that shifted that balance of wealth?

    No one but the Westminster Establishment, and as the Labour lot have pledged to not only maintain the Tory/LibDem Austerity cuts but from time to time promised to outdo the Tory/LibDem Austerity cuts which, looking at that rich list, consist of diverting funds from the poorest to the richest.

    There is really no great difference between the three Establishment parties, for between them, the results are going to be the same. Labour were in charge when the crises began and the other two took control from them but the conversion of wealth from the poor to the rich goes on as before.

  361. Bob Mack says:

    @ Charles Edward,
    What does fundemental mean.? You surely meant fundillymundil.?

  362. gerry parker says:

    @Tam Jardine.
    Dead right Tam, Kirsten Oswald is an outstanding candidate as is Phil Boswell, contesting Coatbridge Bellshill and Chryston against Tom Clarke. Havent seen much of Labour on the streets, I think they’re away helping oot Mags Currans Fundimundilly Jim and wee Dougie.

    More leafleting today, and a good team out canvassing too. Coatbridge hub very active.

    May manage an Edinburgh do when this is all over.


  363. Now's the Hour says:

    Had Wullie been sniffing Jim’s Uhu on GMS this morning? Referendum…referendum…referendum…

    Roll on Thursday.

  364. Footsoldier says:

    Reuters this morning:

    “(Reuters) – Prime Minister David Cameron is Britain’s most popular major party leader” also “….and married a woman who traces her ancestry back to another king – Charles II of England”.

    Scotland ignored again, and historically excised out of the monarchy too.

  365. Robert Peffers says:

    @john king says: 4 May, 2015 at 7:58 am:

    “That bit really angered me as well Bob, he should try coming to Lochgelly and saying that an ex miner they’ll nail his arse to a pit prop!”

    See! There’s the proof, John, your comment is not only articulate but very, very much to the point.

  366. Mealer says:

    I’m a bit behind the times.Whats all this fundilly mundilly stuff about?

  367. HandandShrimp says:

    While it is possible that the SNP database is compromised I think it more likely that whoever is sending these letters simply knows who has left their party or through canvass returns is a new SNP voter.

    Advising people to vote Tory is odd though. You wouldn’t think Ruth’s lot would stoop to this so I think it might be a spin off from the main parties and that the Pouters are behind this. That or it is a particularly inept Labour double bluff trying to connect to the quiet bat people…which given the Edstone is always possible.

  368. Albaman says:

    What are you up to Stew?, we have not heard from you for a while, which suggests to me that there is some “detective ” work going on!!.

  369. Les Wilson says:

    While none of us had any doubt, the British Bias Corporation was open to view with it’s famous bias on full view last night.

    The gloves are well and truly off, they no longer make any serious attempt to hide it anymore. They must think Scots are blind, as well as stupid. Well I do suppose that prior to Indy, they may have been right in the sense that politics did not motivate the masses.

    That is most certainly not the case now, and episodes like this ” debate” aka Setup! are now recognized for the way they set up these events. Open bias by Glen Campbell, complete with audience plants.

    We need mass action against the BBC, as they are so deeply involved in propaganda against Scottish wishes it really cannot be ignored. Why can’t we have international impartial monitors at all major political events, we badly need them.

    How can it be that the Scottish legal fraternity cannot challenge the BBC on behalf of our people?

  370. caz-m says:

    Regarding this stone tablet that Labour is sending to Downing Street.

    Someone mistakenly thought that a big brick was going to Downing Street on May 7th.

    The actual message was, a big prick (Ed Miliband) was going to Downing Street on 7th May.

  371. Charles Edward says:

    A brand new cartoon character for the Beano?

    ‘Fundillymundilly Jim’
    Prince of principles, justice fighter, fitba-boozer, bru – guzzler, adhesives expert, strangelover PHD., Limestone gunslinger,
    Scotland’s penfriend.
    Geriatric boogie maister.
    Inventor of new words to describe stuff he doesn’t understand.

    Even though he’s got a Cape he can’t fly, but he’s always forgetting this.

  372. caz-m says:

    BBC Radio Scotland’s Call Kaye phone-in really has it’s finger on the pulse of the Nation.

    Three days before the biggest GE for years, and Kaye Adams wants to talk about banks and solar panels.

    Go Kaye!

    You can always rely on BBC Scotland to keep you un-informed and off-message.

  373. Nana Smith says:


    Reposting this link for those who missed it, well worth reading…

    I saw a report yesterday which showed a graph of wealth distribution since 2006 and honestly it was shocking. I have tried finding it again with no luck.

    If I remember correctly it was statistics from the ONS.
    Basically Scotland was shown as shrinking to extreme while London and the south east was burgeoning.

    Rather proved the point that Scotland subsidises England.

  374. Bob Mack says:

    Yes the evidence was there last night in the form of Scott Arthur,who is never off facebook and twitter supporting Labour in Edinburgh.I have had many a run in with this Labour wannabee.He is not terribly knowledgable on anything really other than Labour propoganda.
    It can be no accident or coincidence that this guy manages to obtain entry into at least 4 events I have seen on the BBC. when others are denied.The audience cannot therefore be chosen at random from various groups.
    Naughty naughty BBC

  375. Bill says:

    I offered last Monday in the Kirkcaldy SNP shop to assist with anything, leaving my number.
    They haven’t been in touch!
    I hope they know what they’re doing.

  376. call me dave says:

    Tory minority government?

    Earlier the Times were reporting that some head yin in the labour party were saying they “must have 15 seats more than the labour or it’s over to you Cameron”.
    (see further up the thread after midnight)

    Now this in the independent.

    Woke up to the wailing and gnashing of teeth from Curran on GMS desperately trying to garner a few votes. 🙁

  377. majestic12 says:

    Ian Brotherhood 9.31 pm:

    “……a fun day in Mandalay”.

    I can’t stop laughing, tears streaming. Even funnier than Murphy himself.

  378. CameronB Brodie says:

    International observation of a Security Council member. It is desperately needed but will never happen. 🙁

  379. Robert Peffers says:

    @CameronB Brodie says: 4 May, 2015 at 8:07 am:

    “This article argues first, that Britain’s industrial performance since 1960 has been relatively poor; …

    All very true but it only explains the situation we are in, it doesn’t nail what caused the problem in the first place.

    “This underinvestment has been allowed to persist by the lack of any strong modernising forces within British society, with the trade union movement having been either too weak or too defensive, “

    And there is the glossed over main reason for the decline. The Thatcher emasculation of the Trade Unions. No one with a modicum of common sense would deny there were problems that involved the Trade Unions but the real problem was never properly diagnosed and thus it failed to be solved.

    The problem was not what the Thatcher Government claimed it to be – They claimed it was because the Unions were too powerful but the truth was far more simple.

    In any dispute between management and workforce there are two elements and often three. That is workforce, Management and owners. It is thus wrong to blame only one side for poor relationships. Even more wrong to legislate against just one side. That ends in a dictatorship and that dictatorship is the real problem.

    It was the Labour Party’s adoption of the Tory mantras against Trade Unions that led to the decline in UK industrial strengths and by co-incidence the ultimate decline in the Labour Party. What is more the United Kingdom industrial decline will not end until the balance between workforce and management is rebalanced.

    The anti-Trade Union legislation needs drastic realignment.

  380. HandandShrimp says:


    Things are pretty hectic with so much going on and it could easily be that the information wasn’t passed on to the person organising leaflet drops and the like. There is one more new leaflet to go out so they will likely need people to take a bundle and pop them through letterboxes and I think the plan is to have polling agents at every polling station throughout the day with volunteers needed to do a stint during the day….might be tight to register for that now, not sure.

  381. Dr Jim says:


    Murphy in the debate on telly couldn’t wrap his tongue around the word ” Fundamentally ” and it came out “fundilly mundilly”
    great wordilly I thoughtilly he’s a silly manilly

    I’ll stop now I’m being sillilly


  382. Legerwood says:

    An interesting quote from the Eamonn Fingleton article in Forbes:
    “Almost as much as the Conservative party, the Labor party has now come — finally — to be blamed for Scotland’s industrial implosion.”

  383. caz-m says:

    In case you missed it last night. Here is oor Jim in the

    #fundilymundily vine video.

  384. Naina Tal says:

    Jist me, but I read the title of this piece as desperate hoors.
    Fundimundily,It micht hae been richt eneuch!

  385. Joemcg says:

    Well judging by the “scottish” labour Facebook page and their most recent post they are completely fucked. 1.5 thousand comments on a video of “Nicola keep your promise” (oh dear) and 99.9% are going anti red Tory mental.Some great comments too, worth a read.

  386. gillie says:

    A new word enters the political lexicon, “fundilymundily”

    Definition: making a right erse o’ oneself on TV

  387. X_Sticks says:

    Well, the bbc (Northern branch) in full propaganda mode this morning.


    The nasty SNP will bring down a labour government! They will! They’ll vote against a labour budget, honest they will!

    And they want another referendum, so they do, those nasty anti british nats!

    And that #fundilymundily lovely Jim Murphy will be out campaigning to save the union again today.

    Oh, and that nasty insurgent Nicola Sturgeon will be campaigning to destroy our wonderful family of nations.

    This is what we are going to hear from bbc Scotland for the whole of this week.

    They really are desperate. All pretence of impartiality has been thrown out to try to rescue some seats for ‘Scottish’ labour. Might also be smokescreen to cover the postal voting frauds that I believe will be perpetrated by the british state to save the ‘important’ labour seats of Alexander, Murphy, Davidson and Curran.

    This is as important to the british state as the referendum was. In some ways perhaps even more so.

    PS That article on the Constitutional Implications of the Rise of the SNP Nana posted at 9:01is well worth a read.

  388. biecs says:

    It is getting to the point that morning news on R4 is less damaging to my blood pressure than that from the northern branch.

  389. Cuilean says:


    Has anyone seen Carmichael recently, MP for Orkney & Zetland? He’s been off radar since Frenchgate. I pray he gets his comeuppance, tho’ a forlorn prayer.

    Westminster past a special act of Parliament in 1986 by Margaret Thatcher with the help with George Younger & Malcolm Rifkind to ensure that the Constituency of Orkney & Zetland could never be amalgamated into a larger mainland Scottish constituency. It was also put into Scotland Act when setting up Holyrood.
    This is to blatantly ensure that, should Scotland ever become independent, it is easier to manufacture a vote in Orkney & Zetland, for the rUK to keep its grip on the oil, defence and fishing rights.

    Whose to say that MI5/6 don’t keep a special eye on the postal votes for Orkney & Shetland given the other lengths their Imperial masters have gone to before in this constituency? e.g. the median number of voters on a Scottish constituency is 69,000; but in Orkney & Shetland it is only

    rUK stitches Scotland up like a kipper, (not the Farage ones). Have enough of us woken up yet? Pray God yes.

  390. Louis B Argyll says:

    No matter the result of this election, negative campaigning has ruled.

    The very concept of “political news” is now suspect.

    “Current affairs” is almost exclusively focused on reactions to accusations… Shouty Shouty…etc etc

    The “papers” are mere magazines, themed to suit their owners personal preferences.

    TV “news” is all about calming our reaction to disaster, whether real or political.

    They continually reassure us that it’ll all blow over. And so it all does, the wars and the famines.

    Polarising opinion, instead of looking for common ground , makes every issue someone else’s problem.

    The links ( to the real causes of suffering and inequality) are glossed over daily, allowing only preferred questions to be asked, seemingly…
    … by society.

    Scotland has seen it, linked to its history, the same old fudges, same old unfairness.

    It’s over.

  391. Macart says:

    Was there no meant to be some super duper, big, huge important press release from Labour this weekend? Or was the giant stone suppository the story?

    Anyroads up, not a lot of good reading to be had for the policy minions oot there this morning. Labour and the Conservatives neck and neck. Bullingdon Dave regardless of being ‘pumped’ (something I’d never admit to on telly), not making any headway regardless of a full month of fear mongering bollox throughout the right wing meeja. Huh, hell yes Clint Milliband still fails to impress as potential PM material on his own and both have been at great pains to alienate significant sections of their own potential post ballot support.

    The Tories have been assaulting the Libdems (genius plan that) and Ed has allowed the Conservatives to bully him into alienating Scottish support (equally genius). Net result? Two useless tools who will need to go cap in hand to the other parties post May 7th or risk a crisis of continuity at the very least and thanks to their election campaign tactics, a constitutional crisis at worst.

    These arses want to lead the UK you know.

  392. chipmonkey says:

    @ Betty Boop

    Love it. I added a verse too:

    There was a we Murphy got splattered in Fife
    Fundily Mundily Murphily,
    To save his seat was the fight o his life
    Fundily Mundly John McTernan
    alane quo Murphily no no no

    He couldna speak and he couldna win
    Fundily Mundily Murphily
    For the savin o his labour kin
    Fundily mundily John Mcternan
    alane quo Murphily no no no

  393. Grouse Beater says:

    ‘Group’ telling people to vote tactically in Scotland to beat the SNP interviewed by BBC incognito because they fear reprisals!

    Jeezus! The BBC encouraged this preposterous infantile ruse.

  394. Roughian says:

    To all our Imperial Masters

    May the 4th be with you!!!!

  395. caz-m says:

    Bill 9.04am

    Regarding your “no-reply” from the Kirkcaldy SNP Hub, I wouldn’t take it as a personal snub. Call back in and tell them that you would like to assist in any way possible to get the message out.

    There are SNP Hub’s all over Scotland who will be looking for people to help them in the final few days before the election.

    You don’t need to be an SNP member to help out.

    If you can, then please contact your local SNP Hub and tell them that you are reporting for duty.

    One more final push will do it.

    Vote SNP.

  396. Almannysbunnet says:

    Anyone googled fundilymundily this morning? Zoomed around the world before Jim got his jammies on. I just lurv the interwebby.

  397. Phronesis says:

    We are truly blessed- the limestone commandments to guide us as we grapple with the pressing issues of the day and now Labour’s new policy proclamation-Floccinaucinihilipilification.
    We do indeed live in fundillymundilly times.

  398. woosie says:


    Saw that on Sky News; hadn’t heard of that group before, so thanks to msm for highlighting their obvious importance! Can’t even find their website.

  399. Nana Smith says:

    @Cuilean Carmichael snoozing while the SNP marches on…

  400. donald anderson says:

    Please give fundilymundily s rest. It is demeaning and fundilymundilyist.

    Wings is better than that.

  401. rongorongo says:

    Interesting Guardian article by political playwright James Graham, where he suggests that the party which will stand the best chance of commanding power on the 8th will be the one that spins the best narrative. Personally I would not hold my breath in expectation of leadership or wisdom from Cameron or Milliband.

    He also points out the stress that the 1974 minority Labour government inflicted on its MPs: 19 are said to have died from stress or exhaustion and there were first fights in the corridors of Westminster.

  402. Joemcg says:

    Says something about your political career that he will be most remembered for a clockwork orange style garbled new fangled word! Millions of pounds of taxpayers cash for THAT?! BTW did anyone see him attempt to sing along with the busker? Toe curlingly embarrassing. Reminded me of the George Bush air guitar clip. He even kidded on he knew the words,Gormless twat.

  403. Mealer says:

    Aye.Eric Joyce would have been in his element.

  404. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Let’s get some acronyms going…

    GTF – Get To Fundilymundily

    TGIF – Thank God It’s Fundilymundily

    IFS – The Institute for Fundilymundily Studies

    BOGOF – Buy One Get One Fundilymundily

    And so on…

  405. donald anderson says:

    So Miniband has been given the tablets of Mount Sinus waffledom.

    Is he going back into the wilderness, after the election, to hallucinate?

  406. ronnie anderson says:

    Murphy’s 9yrs at Uni,was Prof Stanley Unwin his tutor,standby for more of his repertoire.

  407. Mealer says:

    Bill 9.04.
    I’m really sorry to hear this.Anyone offering help should be given a job,however small.It could be your number has been lost or it could be the branch has everything planned out and in hand,in which case ad hoc jobs need to be given.Go and ask them again.

  408. A. Murray says:

    It’s really depressing that Labour behave the way they do because, ultimately it’s less time spent on the issues that matter.
    I can see the conservatives getting back in. Labour will of course blame everyone but themselves. But the truth is, they are not worthy of office. I wish they were, if for no other reason than to improve the quality of the debate.
    Labour need to change drastically or become obsolete.

  409. fred blogger says:

    if a party like the snp were to start today would it succeed/gain traction under the current political oppression of all competition to the establishment?

  410. Bill McLean says:

    Now if you were all as “pumped up” (I know, I know) as Dave
    the Destroyer how he feels fundilymundily about the Stone of Goon being erected in The Holy of Holies in Downing St

  411. desimond says:

    The Jim Murphy Vegetarian Cookbook

    Mushrooms & Beans aka ‘FunghilyMungily”

  412. Grouse Beater says:

    woosie says:

    Grousebeater – Saw that on Sky News; hadn’t heard of that group before, so thanks to msm for highlighting their obvious importance! Can’t even find their website.

    Yes, it was SKY. (TV out of my vision but not my hearing.) Outrageous. The broadcaster took the loonies at face value by NOT showing their face.

    Another MI5 smear tactic?

  413. Louis B Argyll says:

    British Board of Fundillimunilly Classification

  414. X_Sticks says:

    Just seen DTaylor on twitter saying there aren’t going to be any exit polls in Scotland:

    That sets my alarm bells ringing loudly.

    Can anyone confirm if this is true?

  415. North chiel says:

    Noted “call me Dave” ref. Tory minority government ” speculation”. It’s now becoming
    Obvious that the Lib Dem seats in Scotland are crucial to Cameron returning to no.10.
    Let’s hope that the SNP can win enough of these to “lock Cameron out”

  416. Louis B Argyll says:


    Unexplainable Fundilymundily Objection


    Big Fundilymundily Giant

  417. Grouse Beater says:

    Bill McLean: Now if you were all “pumped up”

    As in a spare tube? 😉

  418. manandboy says:

    In the Ronald Reagan era, I can remember thinking that it would be impossible for someone like Ronnie to become the UK Prime Minister. But here we are in an age when our political leaders can hardly string two words together. Even then, they still manage to lie.

  419. Anna says:

    A comment from Craig Murrays site and on

    As far as corruption is concerned you don’t have to fiddle a few votes here and there (or 800,000 postal votes) you just have to fiddle with the final computerised counts (from afar)…..How easy is that? ‘Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections’

    An account from inside the Renfrewshire counting venue (the region that started counting all postal votes on the 10/09/2014 as per information given to me) was provided by enumerator Jim Daly. His statement is as follows:

    “I would like to offer the following observation. I was an enumerator at the referendum vote count on behalf of Renfrewshire Council. The Returning Officer was David Martin, Chief Executive of Renfrewshire Council.

    The vote counting was finished at 2.30am. What then happened appeared to be a mystery to me. Mr Martin and his assistants in suits seemed to be in a flap. This consisted of staring at laptops in front of those who were responsible for collating results and strong words were obviously exchanged.

    As time marched on Mr. Martin paced around the hall rather nervously.Then there were more meetings, in a corridor, out of view.There was one lady with a laptop who, it appeared, was responsible for collating all the votes, but something wasn’t going well. She was taken away by one of Mr. Martin’s assistants, out of view of the public, only to return and disconnect her laptop and leave the hall with it under her arm.

    Mr. Martin still paced the floor looking uneasy, talking to what looked like aides. As time passed from 2.30am until declaration time (4.52am), there were visible signs that those in charge weren’t happy with something.

    During this process there were observers watching everything that the enumerators were doing but not what was being carried out by those recording [numbers] on the laptops. From 2.30am until 4.52am the reason we were given for non-declaration was [that we were] wait[ing] for a TV slot….’’

  420. here’s the scenario…..Cameron has largest number of MP’s chooses to form minority government……Labour don’t challenge – no deal with SNP! SNP hold balance of power and vote down Tory budget. General election called…..SNP villified for bringing down government. Labour still harping on about 1979!

  421. Nana Smith says:


    I asked a local snp councillor last week to clarify their stance on exit polls.

    Here is the reply I received.

    Regarding exit polls Nana as a party we don’t do them as highland folk don’t seem to respond well to being asked who they voted for!

  422. CameronB Brodie says:

    Robert Peffers

    All very true but it only explains the situation we are in, it doesn’t nail what caused the problem in the first place.

    It doesn’t iron your socks either. 🙂

    I think what the article is saying, is that the UK is a busted flush. I would like to have seen the analysis extended to the mid-19th century-1900, as I think it would have shown similarly poor and declining investments trends. It’s the British way.

    The British Establishment supported the Confederates during the American Civil War, partly because of a shared plantation mentality and macro-economic outlook. The wheels kind of came of that cart, with the rise of Germany and the USA as industrial powers, coupled with the loss of the Empire. Britain is still a slave economy though.

    It can be easy to mix up ailment and symptom, not that I’m implying you’re wrong in suggesting that Thatcher’s emasculation of Trade Unions was intrinsically anti-social. It was part of the process required by the neo-liberal money markets, to adjust the balance of the UK economy, to ‘better reflect’ the geographical ‘realities’ of globalisation. The UK did not have a free-hand in how it responded to this changing global economy, as British Labour were required to adopt monetarism in 1976, after the IMF bailed the UK out. Thatcher had an open goal when she came to power. Who has benefited? As you suggest, follow the money.

    Britain is still largely a traditionalist society, reluctantly undertaking the process of modernisation, whilst becoming increasingly uncompetitive in a post-modern globilised economy.

    P.S. Appologies for being a bit nippy the other night.

  423. K1 says:

    Aye RobertP @7.17am, agreed, we are not fundilymundily inarticulate on the why of the asset stripping, nor with whom the fault lies.

    The author I feel was generalising in that regard. I took the view that whilst we all knew this was happening, there was little any of us could do over the past forty years or so to really affect a change of course (as a polity).

    The author clearly has no insight into the ‘actual’ nature of people of Scotland to whom he refers in his piece, and his ‘condescending’ is perhaps borne of that ‘academic’ tone that writers revert to when discussing economics and the peoples’ lives that decisions taken by the ‘elite’ have affected?

    I personally thought he was just using ‘our’ present circumstance to punt his book and blowing his own trumpet about how ‘he knew’ what was going on before everyone else. 😉

  424. laukat says:

    Alex Thomson’s twitter feed is very funny just now as he’s posted up a couple of videos from the Murphy rally in Glasgow. The background music on the following links are genius

  425. Pog says:

    If there is no exit poll in Scotland, then any glaring discrepancy between the postal vote and the in person vote won’t show up. Is it too late to organise our own?

  426. bald eagle says:

    Joemcg says:
    3 May, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    Carjamtic-who would have access to the SNP database? And then hand it to “scottish” labour?

    joemcg it will be the same person that hacked the snp datdbase during the runup to the referendum did we hear anything more about that

    me personaly by the way blair jenkins ran the yes movement i wouldnt rule him out remember his words


    there was something sus about him even on tv the guy was totaly crap and he had control of the database and where i live we got almost no info i had to download info from this site to back up my arguments and when i popped into the yes shop for leaflets i was asked to pay for any material

    the snp should get the computer specialists in and go through all the records that have members details

    by the way how do i get intouch with the rev i have got a funny idea who it was and cant say here incase im wrong

  427. Joemcg says:

    Historically have their been exit polls at a GE in Scotland? I’m not sure. Certain their has been ones at by-elections as they know who has won in the first hour or so.

  428. sadiedoll says:

    To those asking – there is a huge UK wide exit poll conducted by Ipsos-MORI for Beeb/Sky/ITV – that’s the one used immediately as polls close to open the TV coverage. Last I saw, there was talk of it being bigger this time, to examine the complexity of the likely result – nothing specific about Scotland, though.

  429. Capella says:

    Helpful BBC article on exit polls here:

    They’re organised by the BBC, ITV and Sky and were remarkably accurate in 2010,

    The BBC and ITN used different pollsters from 1974 right up until 2005 when they agreed to a joint exit poll conducted by MORI and NOP.
    In 2010, Sky News joined the other two broadcasters in sponsoring the exit poll and this triumvirate continues for the 2015 general election exit poll, which will also be conducted by MORI and NOP.

  430. DerekM says:

    deary me i go away for a few days and come back to Jim being an idiot again ,doesnt he take a break somebody call the world record breakers bunch ,our Jim has got to be close to a few.

    the most ever pish talked in an election campaign he has got to be fundimundily in with a shout for that world record.

  431. Fiona says:

    @ Gordon Anderson

    I have been racking my inadequate brains to try to devise a scenario post election which will benefit labour and explain their behaviour. I honestly can’t

    If Cameron gets the most seats, he has said he will declare victory. However if he cannot get enough support to command a majority in the house of commons it is the same kind of victory america declared in vietnam. Presumably he intends to make a queen’s speech. But it is unlikely that he will be invited to do so, given reports of the queen’s stance on this.

    Even if he is invited to do so, it can only pass if labour either abstain or vote with the tories. They would presumably fall back on “biggest party has the right”, a la Mr Murphy. Some english voters might believe that: but his core vote? I don’t think so.

    Thereafter his government will rely on labour votes for all of their controversial legislation and labour will actively be propping up a tory government until they stop. That won’t be hard for them since there is not much difference in reality. But the illusion of choice is essential to the labour party’s existence, so long term they die. Or so I think

    In that scenario the SNP do not hold the balance of power: labour do.

    Or, Cameron is not invited, or declines, to make a queen’s speech since he cannot command a majority. In that case Mr Miliband is invited to form a minority government, if precedent is anything to go by. In that case, if he sticks to his “no arrangement” statements, he too is a minority and he has rather more choice. He can rely on tory votes, just as the tories would, outlined above: or he can rely on the progressive parties. To that extent he is free to make any speech he likes, presuming the tories do not want to be seen to force a second election. So if it is acceptable to the progressive it passes: and if not it may pass with tory support

    Thereafter his government also relies on one or the other to get their legislation through, and again the illusion of choice vanishes; or he is open to the charge of being dependent on those wicked Scots.

    This is lose lose, so far as I can see. And both main parties appear to be playing a game of “I double dare you”, based on their confident assessment of how the public will see this. I think they are profoundly wrong about how the public will see it, however.

    It will be interesting

  432. Joemcg says:

    Bald-have to agree, that Jenkins character probably cost us votes. He was rubbish and came across very poorly on telly. Every appearance he got crushed by any opponent he was up against.

  433. Roughian says:

    Is FUNDILYMUNDILY contagious?
    My wife has just tried to read out an article on minority governments to me and she’s called Milliband
    1 Ediband
    2 Moniband
    3 Billyband
    in the one sentence.

  434. Stoker says:

    Fundilymundily Madmentalspudfudderry.

  435. ahundredthidiot says:

    Here is the fundilimundily reason why Unionist partied doing badly in Scotland.

    All 3 party leaders answer to to their bosses in London. Nicola answers to the people of Scotland. And the good news is that the main parties will never be able to ‘copy/adopt/simulate’ that.

    And more and more people living in Scotland are starting to realise where their best interests will be served. SNP is the only party to vote for on Thursday.

  436. De Valera says:

    I would just like to add that I am fundilymundily looking forward to goimg to see Nicola and Richard Arkless speaking in Dumfries tonight.

  437. manandboy says:

    Propaganda, indoctrination & brainwashing.

    Is there a government anywhere better than Westminster at population mind control.

    The UK is drowning in a sludge tank of corruption while the electorate cling to faded memories of truth, justice and democracy.

    GE15 isn’t so much an election as one more stumble on the way to an almighty crash, no matter who gets to No.10.

    Independence has become a necessity.

    Vote SNP

  438. sadiedoll says:

    Populus are also conducting some form of exit polling, but no word on methodology yet. All a bit vague at this stage.

  439. A MacRitchie says:

    Cuilean 09.34

    Check The National p6-7

    George Kerevan picked up the SDLP hypocrisy.

    But at last the 79 issue out in mainstream at long last.

  440. HandandShrimp says:

    I see a rather over exuberant crowd have chased Jim and Eddie Izzard. I guess we will get Jim back on his evil nats hobby horse although I am not sure who the anti-cuts protestors were at this point.

  441. Grouse Beater says:

    Cameron: Britain is still largely a traditionalist society, reluctantly undertaking the process of modernisation

    Good post.

    People who advocate repressive or regressive policies always justify them as ‘modernisation.’

  442. Gary45% says:


    Could make a good t-shirt.

  443. Robert Peffers says:

    @CameronB Brodie says: 4 May, 2015 at 11:21 am:

    “P.S. Appologies for being a bit nippy the other night.”

    Actually I’ve always been of the opinion that a bit of nippiness in any forum is a very healthy thing. It would be quite pointless if we were all too much of one mind.

    A bit like the Establishment in fact.

    As to the original topic of the article my point was that Thatcher started several really idiotic trend that were followed through by subsequent Labour administrations.

    One was the muzzling of the Unions both with propaganda and legislation. Another was deindustrialisation and both began a trend that was only ever going to lead to a cheap labour economy and an unbalanced economy. Labour then just followed her trend.

  444. Robert Peffers says:

    @bald eagle says: 4 May, 2015 at 11:28 am:

    “by the way how do i get intouch with the rev i have got a funny idea who it was and cant say here incase im wrong”

    Very top of page – third buttom from left is, “Contact”>

  445. CameronB Brodie says:

    Robert Peffers
    As to the original topic of the article my point was that Thatcher started several really idiotic trend that were followed through by subsequent Labour administrations.

    One was the muzzling of the Unions both with propaganda and legislation. Another was deindustrialisation and both began a trend that was only ever going to lead to a cheap labour economy and an unbalanced economy. Labour then just followed her trend.

    Totally agree, with the caveat that Thatcher didn’t start de-industrialisation, though she ensured it would be inevitable. She was of an opportunist with a particular mindset. She armed and supported Pol Pot!

    The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

    (from a North American perspective but addresses global matters.)

  446. Edward says:

    Just reading Alex Thomson of Channel 4’s news twitter feed
    interestingly he is either shovelling loads of satire regarding Murphy’s ‘street rally’ or me thinks he is being leant on by London not to be so cosy with the natives

    Murphy had one of his ‘street rally’s’ with the usual entourage of 30 Labour activists. Plus Eddie Izzard

    FOUR people heckled Murphy and Izzard and Alex Thomson claims its an attack on free speech

  447. bald eagle says:

    Robert Peffers

    thanks robert been up all night my mind is trying to shut down


    if its true what i think i will post here the back ground about my concerns you will have heard about this guy he chased me for years using the same tactics

    he was in and out my computer willy nilly if the rev wont touch it i will try and get your details and pass the info on to you and you can have a look for yourself

    robert be warned if you look into him he will try and friend you and all hell will break loose him and his staff chased me all over the place any comments i left on articles i was reading got changed i ended up downloading tor just to get rid of him

    when i found this site i was still with tor and forgot to drop it and people where asking who i was it was stu that made the comment about tor and then the penny dropped it was me they were talking about thought it was safe to come out and the crap started again he reads this site and will know who im talking about

    i played his game and the dirt i found is amazing i dont post much here but one or two posts i did put up concerned him i didnt name anybody but my posts tell you what you need to know about this mob i will understand if you say no i would not blame you grouse beater replied to one of my posts the other day and was going to write about the school of art or something to that effect

    so again thanks for the contact info

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