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Posted on January 02, 1968 by

For off-topic chat. Duh.

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    1. Daisy Walker says:

      Perpignan is served by the Gare de Perpignan railway station, which offers connections to Paris, Barcelona, Toulouse, and several regional destinations. Salvador Dalí proclaimed it to be the “Cosmic Centre of the Universe” after experiencing a vision of cosmogonic ecstasy there in 1963.[8]

    2. Tinto Chiel says:

      Hi, Daisy.

      I haven’t had any cosmogonic ecstasy since 18/5/91 but this chiel experienced somethng similar in Narbonne, apparently:–QM_tJ-s

    3. Tinto Chiel says:

      Fifty years on but never so topical……

    4. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Hacka: “Govern wisely and fairly…”

      Now there’s a novelty!

    5. Tinto Chiel says:

      “They were unique, like so many others!”

      Except they did make an instantly recognisable sound and are completely out of fashion today. Love the throbbing bass which comes in about 2.11.

      A song for Alba, perhaps, because the dream will never die…..

    6. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Well, TC, if you’re gonna make it a 70s night, I’ll offer this cover. I think it was released on the RAK label in 1974/5.

      In the way Vanilla Fudge totally revamped songs, Mike Berry did the same with this. Still in my 7″ vinyl collection. I like it…

      And, typin’ aboot Vanilla Fudge, (back to the 60s) gotta link (again?) to this epic… Every local band, that had an organist, played this around 1968/69. I remember The Oryx from Alloa, did a decent version. We (the BB) and the Guides in the same church, booked them for our Dundee city centre dances, alternatively, every three months.

      Them were the days!

    7. Tinto Chiel says:

      Them were the days but where have they all gone? Went to bed early with my Trollope and missed all the action.

      I’d forgotten all about Mike Berry and the enigma wot was VF. Were they trippy hippies? Were they heavy metal or a strange mutant strain (topical)?

      Saw a reed bunting yesterday and a flock of swallows hoovering up flies above the loch. Don’t they know snow is on the way, the silly sossages? Welcome to Scotland.

    8. Tinto Chiel says:

      Meant to append this, another Berry, this time from the 60s. Smallaxe once told me an interesting tale about him:

    9. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Dave Berry… I immediately remembered that he did strange things with the mic and its lead.

      Vanilla Fudge? I guess they could be described as psychedelic hard prog…

      Here they are live in 2011 with a Zombies cover.

    10. Cactus says:

      On this day: Was the first Wings meet-up at The Counting House in Glasgow (a political generation of 7 years.)

      – Putting Nicola Sturgeon to the side, pro-indy Scottish voters who were disillusioned and didn’t fully turn out to vote in the 2017 General Election (because the SNP’s policy was to ‘Stop Brexit’ rather than save Scotland) can now exercise their pro-indy desires, by voting for the SNP on the Constituency (holding vote) and Scotland’s ALBA party on the crucial List vote.

      The only stock that will be getting taken count of after the vote, will be a pro-indy supermajority and with a true champion for independence like Alex Salmond (and fellow ALBA colleagues) in place, what’s not to like.

      – REMEMBER: Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP do NOT own independence.

      – The people of Scotland can hold (the proven tainted politician) Nicola Sturgeon to account (for all of her misdemeanours and false promises) by making sure they vote SNP on the Constituency (apart from the Glasgow Southside seat to be re-deuced with selected others) and ALBA party for and on the List.

      – As some Unionist voters are now realising that their tea’s oot on the List vote, many Unionist voters should be considering voting for the ALBA party, along with the mainstream majority of Scottish voters. This will allow the ALBA party representatives to hold the acting First Minister to account (which is what Unionists want afterall.) Unionists now have nothing left to lose but their faeces.

      – It’s probably important to mention that there will also be diehard Unionists moonlighting as ‘SNP only’ supporters (putting out the twa votes SNP lunacy) in the hope that they will still be able to scrap together some List seats for their London based Unionist parties.

      – An open statement to all previous NON-voters of Scotland:
      I acknowledge that many of you are understandably disillusioned with politics and that “all politicians are the same”. Well that was then and this is now. This coming crucial election is not about ‘getting one over’ on somebody else, it’s about preserving and saving the very fabric of our country. If you’ve never voted in an election before, you’ve still got time left to register.

      Even if you can’t support a vote for the current SNP on the Constituency seat, that’s once again understandable, BUT, if you registered JUST to vote once on the List/Regional ticket and vote for the ALBA party, you would be doing yourself and Scotland an immeasurably noble and selfless deed. See how you feel like voting on the day, but get yourself registered to vote! Please consider this for the sake of Scotland.

      A sovereign citizen of Alba Scotland.

    11. Cactus says:

      – Encore une fois.

      “I wish I had a million dollars… Hot Dog!”

      ALBA is cooking:

    12. Tinto Chiel says:

      Yes, as I recall, Dave’s gimmick was hiding his face behind his hands, artfully staged props or simply turning away from the camera, which was actually rather annoying.

      PHP sounds about right to me…… 😉 .

    13. Tinto Chiel says:


      Re the coming elections:

      I used to try to analyse Moon’s drumming style but I eventually decided he was wonderfully insane.

    14. Cactus says:

      Hey Tinto Chiel, aye we’re never to be fooled again. Some were first fooled back in 2014 by BT and come now full-circle throughout the past seven years it has happened again… the New SNP were supposed to be the saviours of Scotland and look how that turned out!

      Can I ask for some assistance/advice please folks?

      Like many others, I took the bold step of joining the ALBA party as a founder member yesterday afternoon (yesterday being a poignant day). The transaction appeared to go through okay on screen, but unfortunately no confirming e-mail or other contact was received.

      I’ve since contacted the ALBA Party via their Facebook account (as there is no option on their website) and still awaiting a reply.

      I understand they are having teething problems but the lack of feedback is concerning (even if it is a Easter Bank Holiday weekend).

      Hopefully they’ll get back to me soon as I’m holding-off on a donation to the active crowdfunder until my membership details have been confirmed.

      Yeah any further advice/direct contact details would be helpful.


    15. Dorothy Devine says:

      My Prickly pal , is it really 7 years since the fire alarm went off?

      I suppose I should thank them because I probably wouldn’t have got round everyone but because of the alarm I met Paul WGD and Ronnie before I had to vanish into the night.

      I do remember the unsolicited assurance of the doormen , trying to convince us they had not set it off.

      Ian B had the best handshake in the world and John King had the best T shirt!

      A happy memory!

    16. Tinto Chiel says:

      @C_Man: I got a confirmation number by return on the day I joined.

    17. Cactus says:

      Hey Dorothy-lady and Tinto-gent.

      Greetings and yipee y’all. I too am now a sovereign member of ALBA. Everything went smoothly right through to the checkout, but nothing was received in my standard inbox… so where were these acknowledgments sent, where else but my Junk mail-box (hardly). All other authorised transactions go straight to my Inbox, so dunno why this happened? I put into the crowdfunder too and got a notification as normal in my focused mail. Splendid.

      Exciting to read the latest article relating to the New SNP’s money trail on the missing RAF. It’s like a Cluedo treasure hunt. Who did it and with which political weapon did they use in which chamber? (Note: The New SNP – Estb. 20/11/14).

      I took a big walk last night from the south-side heading for George Square. On route, somebody had written on the pavement in chalk “Register To Vote 0141 287 4444” at Eglinton Street just under the M74 flyover, so that was pleasing to see.

      On arrival in the city’s centre (just before midnight), I had the whole square to myself in the silence to mark 701 years to date. On returning back home through the city (via Paisley Road West) I almost got hit by falling masonry down by the Clydeside… my tread must have been quite heavy to shake the foundations of the old sandstone building, yikes! (called it in to be sure).

      Scotland is now fighting for our freedom on several fronts:

      “It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.”

      ALBA for Scotland.


    18. David says:

      Blimey, whoever came up with that SNP party political broadcast is either a Rikki Fulton fan, or an 80’s McEwans Lager ad fan.

      (90 second video, with the lager ad, followed by Rikki’s spoof of it.)

    19. JGedd says:

      SOS BDTT, if he’s looking in. Seeking advice on voting in South of Scotland with the advent of Alba. Joan McAlpine is second on the list and wouldn’t want to lose her if possible.

    20. Cactus says:

      1984 revisited. Yeah the NewSNP’s latest party political propagandacast was cringingly insulting. They can bleat all they want about “The Tories did this and the Tories did that”, but NOT ONCE did the NewSNP ever CHALLENGE them on ANY of it. They have zero accountability or credibility. It looks like they’re now going all out in vain, to try and coerce the remaining vulnerable, impressionable and apolitical persons to also give them their list vote – Not a chance – It must be ALBA only for the Scottish list vote.

      It also reminded me of this scene from this marvelous movie…

      All aboard HMS Sturgeon:

      This time next month…

    21. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi JGedd.

      I haven’t crunched the numbers for South Scotland -yet! – but I see that Joan McAlpine is standing for the Dumfriesshire constituency.

      If things go according to plan, she’ll win that on current constituency polling.

      I’m on holiday next week so I’ll try to do South Scotland, as in the Quarantine comments. I’ve done Highlands & Islands but haven’t published it yet.

    22. Tinto Chiel says:

      @C-Man: glad your Alba problems disappeared. I admire your nocturnal rambles of the solitary walker 😉 .

      @David: yeah, that Sisyphus-Escher stuff was what sprang to mind with the SNP horror show, with a large dollop of Orwell.

      Still out in Brazil or coming back to watch St Mirren in the post-split fixtures?

    23. JGedd says:


      Thanks for your reply.

      My constituency SNP candidate is Emma Harper and I would have to grit my teeth in order to vote for her. Joan MacAlpine might not get in as SNP MSP in the next door constituency but is second on the SNP list. She is a list MSP already and I’m more pessimistic than you about her winning the constituency this time either. The Tory vote here is pretty tenacious and immovable, unfortunately.

      So, I will await your sage advice. Thanks again for all the number crunching so that lazy sods like me don’t have to!

    24. Tinto Chiel says:

      Can’t remember if I’ve posted this here before but since the Rev. has blown a fuse you might fill in the time before his next blockbuster a lot worse:

      Given the cast and director, you can assume a lot was going on off camera, usually alcohol-themed 😉 .

    25. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      There’s a well-known in Dundee story about the Chookie Embra.

      At the link below, click on the smaller pics below the bigger one of the pub to get the story.

    26. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi JGedd.

      Two articles from The National…

      SNP in with shout in Galloway and West Dumfries – but it could be very tight

      SNP have genuine chance of unseating Tory MSP Oliver Mundell in Dumfriesshire

    27. JGedd says:


      Thanks for that. I stopped reading The National some time ago but those articles are helpful.

      I’m still not so optimistic about Joan McAlpine’s chances in her constituency and therefore still concerned about her not getting in on the list since Emma Harper – candidate for my constituency – opted to use the ‘new’ mechanism identifying as disabled for the list by leapfrogging over J McAlpine to the top of the list, pushing Joan to second place.

      I hope Joan makes it as constituency MSP but I have my doubts.
      The Tory vote is intractable and the demographic changes The National tentatively alludes to, is that a large estate has been built on the edge of Dumfries, mainly inhabited by people from England, where those houses were primarily advertised. It’s handily situated near the A75 making a relatively easy commute to Carlisle. Perhaps these new incomers are sympathetic to independence…? Is there a blue moon tonight? Might be wrong on both counts.

    28. David says:

      Hello Tinto Chiel @ some days ago, yes I am still in Brazil, and no I won’t be spending £3,000 on a flight (plus two weeks enforced quarantine) to watch the Buddies finish 7th…

      I’ve hardly been following sport, any sport, at all this past year, as I’ve not been able to work up any enthusiasm for it. I think life under lockdown has left me a bit depressed, but I deal with that by watching old Scooby-Doo cartoons on tv, and cooking & eating large amounts of tablet. You can never have too much tablet, or too much Scooby-Doo.
      (Scooby Doo Theme Song)

      On a more upbeat note, my wife got her first covid vaccine jag this week, so we can start being hopeful for an end to the current situation. Brazil is far behind Scotland on vaccinating its people, so far only about 10 or 11% have had their first jags. I am hoping to get mine either this month or next. I’ll be brave.
      (‘The Needle and the Damage Done’- Neil Young)

    29. Tinto Chiel says:

      @David: hmmm, yes get your point about the cost of watching the Buddies on a “flying visit”…..

      Had to laugh about your lockdown tablet habit but I hope you have a good dentist. Reminded me of a wedding we were at a few years ago which had quite a few English guests. The menu promised coffee and tablet which seemed to bemuse them. I think they thought that eccies were going to be freely available for the post-dinner orgy, which was always rather unlikely in Bishopbriggs anyway.

      Meanwhile, in other news, there have been some really hard frosts Where I Am the last four nights or so enjoy the warmth WYA.

    30. JGedd says:


      Nature Notes:

      I’ve had a blue tit dashing itself at one of the kitchen windows for the past two days. I think it’s fallen for its own reflection. I’ve tried scaring it away but nothing works. It only goes away at sundown and returns rapturously every morning to woo its reflection. ‘The madness of spring’ right enough.

      It’s a little jewel but sadly fated to be an evolutionary dead end. There’s no future in self-love, as religion has been sternly admonishing us for centuries.

      So, keep your hands above the bedclothes because God is watching! (Why do I hear that in my head in an Irish nun’s voice?’)

    31. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi JGedd.Have a look at the figures at this link:-

      It looks like Labour voters from 2011 moved almost equally to Tories and SNP – Labour down 14%, both Tories and SNP up 7%. Joan Macalpine only lost by 1,230.

      If you could get a (local) campaign going to persuade erstwhile Labour voters to switch to the SNP, Mundell could be out.

    32. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      A5 leaflet?

      If you were a Labour supporter,
      who voted Tory or Labour in 2016,
      why not vote SNP this time,
      To kick out the Tory?
      Your country need YOU!

    33. Cactus says:

      Ladies and Gents of ALBA Scotland, there are 25 days to go…
      (3 weeks on Thursday)

      – Political party definitions:
      1) NS and her NewSNP is the party of indefinite devolution.
      2) The ALBA Party are for Scotland and will PUSH for independence.

      – T’would be good if there were ALBA supporters outside every polling station with a placard saying something like… “a vote for ALBA is a vote for Scotland” and say to passing people entering to cast their votes, something like… “thanks for coming out to vote”. A neutral but friendly gesture (and then just freestyle it from there if people are curious and interested.) Remember, keep smiling, this campaign is a positive campaign, for Scotland.

      – Now that Scotland is beginning to have more of our previously known freedoms returned to us, if you’re thinking of going away for a holiday this year, try a staycation for your nation. Let’s try to help our Scottish tourist industry back on its feet. The same applies for eating and drinking out… I foretell that this Summer of ’21 is going to be a heatwave for Scotland!

      – I wonder if the NewSNP will ever be the same again? It’s like the purpose of the NewSNP has gone from proactively wanting independence to being some kind of unpalatable Diet-SNP counterfeit copy, lent alone a fully skimmed No Sugar Added-SNP version – Yuk! Will the Original SNP ever be returned to the shelves? ALBA MAX is the way to go.

      – Voting on the 06/05/21 comes in stages (Stage 1 is the easy automatic bit:)
      1. Reach for the PEACH paper first and put your X beside the ALBA Party.
      2. Take your LILAC paper and do what you feel you must.
      3. Check that your voting slips have a unique ID or barcode.
      4. Post your papers into the ballot box.

      Upon looking for the Spitting Image videos about ‘Scotland – The Testing Ground’ and the one about the ‘South Africans’… these videos have NOW been deleted from the YouTube system, interesting eh, but I did come across these curious ones:

      Check out the thoughts of the other international peoples of the world.

    34. Cactus says:

      A further curious observation of thought:

      – When Scotland has returned to being an independent country and the Queen of England thereafter dies, what flag will be/may be chosen to fly (if at all) at half-mast throughout the length and breadth of these different lands? As the Union flag would no longer be a valid flag, I imagine people in England would opt for their St. Georges Cross flag (seems reasonable and appropriate.) Northern Ireland and Wales would probably fly their own country’s natural home flags too if they wanted to. Then on to the people of extended Europe and beyond if they are interested.

      Independent Scotland? What about the people of? The People of iScotland? I reckon some Scottish people would lower the many already flying saltires to half-mast too, as per their own personal interests. Fair doos. Most other saltire flags I would imagine probably remain at full-mast blowing proudly in the wind. It’s all about personal choice via association with or not, but, incorrect use of a Union flag would be of times past and like the flightless dodo.

      NB the best thing about the word ‘beyond’, is that when applied, beyond has no boundaries.

      (am now using my non-hotmail address if this is the preferred way)

    35. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: yes, I’m pretty sure it’s become enamoured of its own reflection. A wee goldcrest (which I had never seen close-up before) did the same routine on a window frame a few years back and I remember discussing its extraordinary behaviour with the much-missed “cearc” at the time.

      On the much less wholesome topic wot you done allude to, I remember seeing in a Britannia music catalogue about twenty years ago (when they made things called cassettes) a bizarre section on self-help books (!) which had a most unusual entry, coyly called The Joy of One. I do hope its content was suitably gender-balanced and inclusive going forward in terms of pushing the envelope towards a full-spectrum equality situation (to string together more mindless phrases so beloved of Da Meeja).

      Saw two treecreepers yesterday. I feel better now.

      And a dead bank vole.

    36. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Here’s a wee puzzle for yooz.

      When I first bought this 7″ picture single, I identified 9 samples. I’m sure I got up to 11 subsequently.

      How many can you find? And name them?

    37. Tinto Chiel says:

      Wouldn’t look in case they were faecal samples. It is breakfast time, after all.

    38. Tinto Chiel says:

      A good cast but could do with a bit more oooomph:

    39. JGedd says:


      The ‘Joy of One’; the very definition of self-help.


      Thanks for the info on Dumfries constituency. One of my sons lives in that constituency and is quietly confident that Joan Mcalpine could make it as constituency MSP this time. I’ll ask him about printing out some of your A5 leaflets.

      I followed your instructions and submitted my first archived link successfully yesterday. I’m so proud!

    40. JGedd says:

      Tinto ( the Grey Owl de nos jours?)

      More Nature Notes:

      My wee besotted blue tit is still battering at the window for the fourth day. I’m afraid that he is going to exhaust himself to death in pursuit of the unobtainable.

      Even the sparrows are looking on askance and you know what Chaucer had to say about sparrows.

    41. Tinto Chiel says:

      Grey Owl? I hope not: our heiresses had a very strange one of those when they were in the Brownies. Looked like she smoked Capstan Full Strength and resembled one of Marge Simpson’s sisters.

      Growing concerned re your lascivious blue tit. He’ll wear himself out at this rate. If he were human you would suggest a night class or joining the local library, of course.

      Chaucer? I was always more of a Nigel Molesworth man myself but I catch your drift.

    42. JGedd says:


      Haha, I liked the portrait of your daughters’ Brown Owl. We had a music teacher like that but she was said to smoke Woodbine and had a voice like Satchmo, probably as a result of all those fags.

      No, I had in mind this gentleman with a colourful past, who used to do nature programmes on BBC. ( Well before my time, honest guv.)

    43. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      “Archie Belaney”…

      Interesting stuff!

    44. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd: fascinating story about Grey Owl. Never heard of him before but at least he done right in the wrong way. Sometimes I wish I could escape to the wilds of Canada, where nappy-wearing weirdos seem thinner on the ground. Mind you, then I’d have to start worrying about Bigfoot as I wander along the Athabasca river.

      This is my favourite enigmatic character. God knows what the actual truth is:

      @Brian: yon Bugger The Panda ain’t much of a singer, is he 😉 ? Great footage, though, of an optimistic time when independence seemed oh so simple: “Give us the votes and we’ll finish the job.”

      *Sighs, stares bleakly out of window at the mist*

    45. David says:

      Yes! £50,225 raised in the ALBA party crowdfunder!

    46. David says:

      Great old song by the Bonzo Dog Band – “No Matter Who You Vote For The Government Always Gets In”

      Not so sure of this year’s follow-up – “No Matter Who You Vote For The SNP Government Always Gets In (And Puts Indy On THe Back Burner For Five Years)”…

    47. Meg merrilees says:

      Message for Daisy.
      If you contact Allison on this e mail she might be able to help.
      midscotlandandfife [at] albaparty [dot] org

    48. Daisy Walker says:

      Thanks Meg, have done so, waiting on a reply.

    49. Cactus says:

      The new and latest Yew Choob production presents:

    50. Dan says:

      @ Daisy

      Emails to that specific Alba address have already been sent regarding campaign signage and leaflets and are awaiting a response.
      Really hoped they’d have been replied to very quickly as many folk have moved to postal voting and the ballots have already been delivered and filled in by some…

      If you get a response and access to material then please let me know on here. I’ll do likewise.
      Could probably muster a few folk to assist with delivery too.

      In the meantime I’m just continuing to contact folk that will be receptive to voting Alba in my local area and busy working my way through my personal contacts.

    51. Tinto Chiel says:

      Testing HTML tags. I’m a slow learner.

      The blackcaps and willow warblers have arrived.

    52. Tinto Chiel says:


    53. Daisy Walker says:

      Thanks Dan – no reply as of yet. Iain Lawson has passed on the message alos. Think they must be having early days/logistic probs.

      Are you based Tayside area, if/when I go to collect, will I bring you a supply, and how much?

    54. Dan says:

      @ Daisy

      I got a message this morning from a contact that stated a response from the Alba Regional Coordinator had been received. They have arranged to be a hub for the area.
      It looks like Alba boards and leaflets should be arriving over the weekend.
      I’ve offered to help distribute this stuff.

      Can we catch up for a chat? It sounds like we are all aiming for the same thing and no point duplicating efforts.
      We’ve met before when you were getting your vehicle serviced at a garage in Arran Road a couple of years back. I’ve contacted them and if you call them they will give you my number. 😉

    55. Daisy Walker says:

      Hello again Dan, I thought it was yourself.

      Was it Allison you contacted, if so I have her e-mail? And will contact her to forward my e-mail to you.

      Just a wee heads up, I’m otherwise engaged on Monday, but the rest of the callander is looking good.

    56. JGedd says:

      Postal vote envelopes delivered to our house for the first time ever yesterday. Keep looking at mine then putting it away again.

      I know I’ll have to bow to the inevitable and commit to my vote but weakly procrastinating, just for, now I shove it away out of sight. One day soon I’ll take a lunge at it, pen in hand, and force myself to vote SNP in the constituency. Then I’ll feel very, very bad.

      The second cross for Alba will be easier though. (God there are some mental parties standing on the list and I don’t just mean Galloway’s Hole in the Wa’ Gang. They are an assortment of right wing Unionists but I don’t hear Sturgeon being scathing about the unionists gaming the system.)

    57. Dan says:

      @ Daisy

      Allison was contacted by a committee member of one of our local YES groups.
      I passed on her email address to that group as thought it would have more chance of getting a response if an email request for materials came from an existing YES organisation which could act as a hub to then distribute materials to activists in the area like they have already been doing for years.
      So I haven’t contacted Allison myself as thought it would be more efficient use of her time if she wasn’t snowed under by lots of different individuals trying to get stuff.
      If you want to get in touch with me then just call that garage and they will give you my number.

    58. Tinto Chiel says:

      It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

      Frederick Douglass

      *End of test*

    59. Tinto Chiel says:

      Wot happened to my horizontal dividing line?


    60. Tinto Chiel says:
    61. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      A lot of ‘on-topic’ posts on here today!

      Let’s get back to basics.

      There’s a TV presenter, usually on BBC2 or BBC ALBA!, called Paul Murton.

      When I’m busy on the leedle Mac, I have the TV on for audiovisual wallpaper, in the background.

      He does documentaries, usually titled “Grand Tours of Scotland’s whatever”. They are rather educational. I find myself pausing the Mac input to pay attention to what he’s bletherin’ aboot on the televisual apparatus.

      He’s got a prog on the moment, on BBC2. Covered the ‘Clootie Well’ as an example.

      My question is – His progs are usually bereft of waffle & p!$$. Why is he never mentioned in the MSM as a “presenter”, unlike the hairflicker, who attract media coverage, like wasps to a jar of jam?

      Edinburgh Central? You have a pro-indy candidate who isn’t Mr Dempsie.

    62. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Tinto Chiel says:
      16 April, 2021 at 6:29 pm

      How DARE you come in here and type Nothing!

    63. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      That track always reminds of the Rhine Valley.

      When I was on my school exchange trip to Würzburg in 1968, ! had a wee transistor radio with me.

      Train from Hook of Holland to Frankfurt, then train to Würzburg.

      On the way down the Rhine valley, I was able to tune in to AFN Nuremburg – and that track was playing.

    64. Dan says:

      Tinto Chiel says:
      16 April, 2021 at 6:29 pm


      That is some quality minimalist shiz you got going on right there Tints!

      In other news that Patrick Harvie should but won’t be impressed by… I found a large half full tin of Pantone 300 paint in the shed, so proceeded to cut up and paint some recycled plywood boards and an old slate.
      Guess I’ll be brushing the white paint the morra…

    65. Andy Ellis says:

      I think I’m going to enjoy leafleting the my home turf in Edinburgh Central for Alba.

      The West End might not be a hot bed of Alba support but I’ll enjoy ruffling a few feathers! 🙂

    66. Tinto Chiel says:

      “How DARE you come in here and type Nothing!”

      “That is some quality minimalist shiz you got going on right there Tints!”

      Gentlemen: I’ve been doing that here for years. Haven’t you noticed 😉 ?

      Seriously, I was trying for a horizontal line, using “” w/o the ICs like I was pure done telt by Da Man.

      * Bulgars Orff (Carl’s brother) in disgust…….

    67. Dan says:

      @ Andy

      What’s Stockbridge like now? Have The Colonies off Glenogle Rd next to the Water of Leith been colonised by multi-millionaires yet?

    68. Tinto Chiel says:

      Wot happened to my ?


    69. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Since I discovered Dean Village a few years ago, I visit it a couple of times a year via Google Maps.

      It’s quite a thing that that area has been allowed to survive.

    70. Andy Ellis says:

      @Dan 9.14 am

      The Stockbridge Colonies are pretty “des res” now, yeah. Even tho’ they are pretty small properties they can go for > £300K now. The whole of Stockbridge, Dean Village and Comley Bank is pretty steep. We’ve been flat hunting for the outlaws who are moving here and it’s bee a real eye opener!

      I prefer the West End tho’. Closer to town and bigger properties. The whole area is going a bit up-market tho’: even Dalry and Haymarket area is getting a bit trendy, loads of good restaurants and cafes. With the new development in the old railway yard at Haymarket, the station and the tram it’s got a lot going for it I reckon.

      (No, I’m not an Estate Agent, honest….!) 🙂

    71. Daisy Walker says:

      Dan, I’ll contact the garage on Tuesday and get your contact number.

      Cheers for now.

    72. Dan says:

      @ Andy

      Fairly sure my folks bought the property in the colonies I was raised in for a couple of grand if that.
      Stocky was a pretty cool laid back place with quite a village feel to it. Though that may have been down to all the peace smoke being exhaled by the hippies!

      Used to fish the Water of Leith in Stockbridge and Dean Village as a bairn. Aye, you can go catch Marlin or Barracuda off of Key West, but I’ll never forget the adrenaline rush of the fight and managing to land a discarded rusty ScotMid trolley on a Woolworths spinning rod and 4lb line! 🙂

      @ Daisy

      Ok, will catch up next week.

    73. alba says:

      Okay Andy, if you want to debate
      “Is there anyone left in Scotland who would actually admit to being a member of the SNP??? Or worse still,,,is there anyone left in Scotland who would actually wear their SNP badge with pride??? Because what you are actually telling the world is,,, “LOOK AT ME,,, I’M A FUCKIN PERVERT”.

      Then fine. I’m not too busy today. IF your genuine then nows your chance. I’m not and never have been a member of SNP. But I AM a member of ISP; so certain….aspects….of the SNP party I fundamentally oppose. But I’m still giving them my constituency vote.

    74. Dan says:


      Spent an hour getting all artistic with a brush and white paint. My bespoke Alba signs look da bomb*.

      * That’s “da bomb” as in the yoof wordage for cool as fuck, not to be misinterpreted as violent or weapon like such as “killer heals” has been in the past.

      Andy, turns out the house in The Colonies we lived in could have been bought for 600 quid cash! But because of my parents needing to set up a loan it ended up costing £1600.

    75. Dan says:

      @ Daisy

      I’m guessing you may have had a delivery today? I’ve collected a limited number of boards to distribute.
      I understand there should be more next week.

    76. Cactus says:

      Alba X.

      – Halò. As the Electoral Commission has proactively prevented the Alba Party from adding our ‘X’ to the logo listings on the PEACH voting papers, this could be a test for the modern day voter… previously when presented with the image of a fish, people had to draw in an eye to pass the test.

      Therefore, to prove you are a true Scot, when presented with your peach voting paper, to pass the Scottish test of being a true Scot of the 21st-century, you need to mark your cross (X) in the square shaped box next to the ALBA PARTY. Any alternative markings made (on the peach paper) will confirm support for Unionist representation in Holyrood… and the costly fine is eternal shame and banishment from the land.

      – When ALBA Scotland win big we’ll be saying “we’re well on our way”. This Scottish Holyrood Election is the one that can make a real difference. Consider this one to be the formal dress rehearsal for indy that Scotland has been waiting for since 2014.

      – We need a new Scottish song to get behind and sing to, howsabout a new Scottish song called “ALBA for Scotland”. It would be good to celebrate and sing something positive on the seventh.

      – Anyone want to start a chitty for who will be assigned to the role as the next Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament… mibbies George Galloway ah haha.

      – Votes should be formally counted at each polling station that they are cast within. At 10pm close the doors and under trusted supervision, empty out and count all the votes up there and then (what say 2 or 3 thousand votes tops per polling station.) Thereafter return all of these votes to each polling box, seal them with a wax stamp or whatever and attach to each of the polling boxes the unique totals for votes cast per party. These counted results can then be sent to a central location and physical paper votes kept should a verification of recounting be required – if the vote results are tight. Results can also be e-mailed directly to a central source.

      – Important Q: Will there be EXIT POLLS carried out for this election?

      – Speaking of super-injunctions… as words appear to not be permitted, could a picture paint many a word instead? Certain castles are always bonnie at this time of year (think of the name of a popular chicken & haggis dish.)

      Here’s an appropriate song for the serving First Meanister:

      It’s what inside that counts.

    77. Cactus says:

      – In summing up:

      Do you remember way back in 2014, Cairnstoon’s ‘The candle’ with the Union flag cufflinked shirt arm and hand extinguishing our flame of Hope:

      Come forward to the present day, the flame of the candle has now been re-lit by the Alba Party, but instead there is a new arm and hand with rainbow-painted fingernails underneath our candle holding a lit lucifer. As the hot wax drips down, it eventually snuffles and puts out this lucifer and leaves a trail of hardened evidence all over the arsonists hand. The flame remains the same.

      A political generation of seven years have now passed.

    78. Iain MacLachlan says:

      Can anyone help?
      Where can I purchase ALBA posters for my window?
      I can’t print them off as my printer won’t talk to my Mac since the Big Sur update.

      I’m in Edinburgh and could collect locally.

      Any ideas?


    79. Cactus says:

      There now follows a non-political party preview warning…

      For reference:

      (credit to Breeks from the MSPreachers thread for sharing)
      – – – – – – – – – –

      Do any of the following videos seem familiar, any similarities?

      Beware of the wicked one in the red dress: (3mins:24secs) (5mins:01sec) (5mins:48secs) (9mins:26secs)

      Essential viewing and listening.

      The New Visitors have arrived.

    80. Dorothy Devine says:

      Ian MacLachlan ,if you have contributed or joined ALBA check your spam/junk mail. I discovered all the ALBA information had been deposited there by microsoft.

      In Glasgow there is a 3 day distribution event in George Square with times indicated. I assume there will also be one in Edinburgh.

      Morning my Prickly pal! I’m off to see what gems you have posted on youtube!

    81. Cactus says:

      Hey Dorothy, hope you’re keepin’ groovy, yeah I’m still getting the same mail going to my junk-mail inbox too, it must be an internet thing. Good to hear we’re getting the written ALBA word up and out to Edinburgh and the Glasgow folk there already X.

      Might I also suggest everybody here gets chatting more on off-topic about off-topic, but topical things, whenever like 🙂

      We find ourselves in the middle of the approach to voting day. We are are on the edge of Scotland’s very fabric and being with this one. Our next returned liberties begin again this coming Monday. Thank God for ALBA. Let’s keep all of the ideas going aye.

      We’re fighting for our very freedoms of 2021 and beyond.

      We have Wings main excellent articulating articles Yes, with guests, and there is also HERE, “backstage triple-A-pass off-topic” for your pleasure, desires and just general off-topic chat, yeah.

      It’s your stage Scotland, step on it.

      Sweet Home Alba-Mama:

    82. Dorothy Devine says:

      Hey Prickly Pal , used to ride those roads in my youth – pillion of course ,strangely incapable of mastering the machine so that anyone would give me a licence!

      Nowadays far too arthritic for the saddle!

    83. Betty Boop says:

      Hi Folks,

      Sad news today. Peter Carnegie (aka “pete the camera”) passed away this morning.

      For those who knew Pete, you know that he was an absolute stalwart for Wings and indy. He attended many events, despite serious health issues, and literally, along with Brian, made thousands of Wings and Yes badges, sometimes on the spot and sometimes the pair of them even sat on the ground making them with dozens of folk around waiting for a new badge.

      He will be very much missed. There are no details about arrangements yet. Please pass the message on to friends.

    84. Marie Clark says:

      Aw that’s very sad news indeed betty boop. Thank you for letting us know, and condolences to all the family and friends that Pete made along the way.

      Condolences to you as well BDTT, sad day for you too.

    85. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Well said, Gillian.

      He’ll be missed.

    86. Dorothy Devine says:

      How sad. As Ian B said , I wonder how many more good folk won’t see independence.

    87. Cactus says:

      Putting all of their other common party pledges aside… here’s a question for all true independence supporting Scottish Green/New SNP voters to consider when they vote on their List option (peach paper).

      Q1. When would you like Scotland’s independent status to return?

      a) Next year (2022)
      b) 3 to 5 years (between 2024 and 2026)
      c) why am I even asking you for a ‘c’ answer to the question

      A1. None of the above, because these are all squirrel answers for the future…

      Q1+. When would you like Scotland’s independent status to return?

      a) The ‘when’ is not the important bit. The important bit is SECURING a VOTE for independence FIRST. Once that has been achieved, independence will be thereafter delivered (full transitioning can take time – See Brexit.) Therefore the use of an excuse for not being able to hold a vote for indy during a health crisis is neither valid nor sustainable.

      b) The ‘when’ is not the important bit. The important bit is SECURING a VOTE for independence FIRST. Once that has been achieved, independence will be thereafter delivered (full transitioning can take time – See Brexit.)

      c) The ‘when’ is not the important bit. The important bit is SECURING a VOTE for independence FIRST.

      A1. All of the above, correct.

      Scottish Green/New SNP voters SHOULD vote Alba on the List.

      A vote FOR independence COULD be SECURED in eleven days time.

    88. Cactus says:

      Hey Dorothy.

      When your pillion days have passed, advance to go on a super-comfort-trike:

      Westminster (and NS’s New SNP) should be consigned to Room 101:

    89. Tinto Chiel says:

      Dire days at the moment: the loss of a stalwart like Pete and even The Rev. is sounding downbeat. We seem to have been led up a dark path.

      This appeared in my YT ganderbox yesterday and cheered me up a little. Seems to be a French or Belgian production:

      I loved the way Dave listens intently and respectively to his soloists (note the artful framing of his head between the clarinet and Paul Desmond’s left arm).

      The best part imo is when, after an increasingly off-piste performance by Joe Morello, where he flips the sticks and uses the butts to magnificent effect, DB simply turns his seat and returns calmly to the original piano and clarinet part.

    90. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Respectfully” obvs and it was Belgian.

      Och, bugger…………………..

    91. Dorothy Devine says:

      Prickly Pal , it looks super comfortable but they don’t have the agility of two wheels – mind you , neither do I!

      I am so looking forward to the freedom to march for Scotland and to seeing some weel kent faces again festooned in saltires!

    92. hackalumpoff says:

      Yer tea’s oot people

    93. JGedd says:

      Tinto Chiel@8.18pm 26 April

      Liked that. I think that was the first jazz record I ever bought. Think it was on an EP too. Now that’s going back a bit.

    94. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I don’t like a lot of jazz but I do like this.

      And I’m not averse to a bit of trad. And the theme tune to the original “Casino Royale”…

    95. Daisy Walker says:

      Right folks – do not link to the below… please wait for some kindly person to archive it.

      Then when you do, you might want to enlarge the photo of Nicla and have a look at her eyes, pupils to be exact.

      They appear to be in the enlarged position, which is odd, since she is in good light? Hmmm. Normally the pupils contract in bright light.

      There are very few photographs clear enough that you can see her pupils, but this is one.

    96. Daisy Walker says:

      Sharks eyes – are similarly structured to other vertibrates including humans, in that they have retina and pupils, etc.

      Because light quality is very low in the depths of the sea, their eyes need to allow as much light to enter as possible in order to focus in on prey.

      Cocaine misuse causes the pupils of the eyes to dilate (ie open) regardless of the light conditions. For this reason many cocaine addicts will often wear sunglasses at night or indoors, as their eyes are receiving too much light and it becomes uncomfortable.

      Every day is a school day. Beware of sharks people.

    97. Dan says:

      DR link archived for you Daisy.

      I’m not convinced her pupils are dilated in that pic. I can just make out the amber of her iris which wouldn’t be visible if she was on the pukka E which can open pupils to the point it leaves around 1mm of iris colour showing.
      The dark eyes in pics may well be down to some quirk of camera tech struggling to cope with flash lights and high contrasts.
      Here is a better pic showing her eyes.

      She will be under a lot of stress both mentally and physically and that will undoubtedly be taking its toll.

    98. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Hacka: much food for thought there. The delivery was so “dry” I think some folk might take it at face value. The “military grade” chocolate on the Tunnock’s teacake was a personal favourite. Civilians can only access them directly and in person from the factory shop in Uddingston, I believe.

      @JGedd: you know it’s jazz because most the snippets of Take Five on YouTube are quite different, hee, hee. One even dispenses with a solo from Joe Morello.

      @Daisy: interesting theory but Milady Leaderene may simply have accessed the Scottish militray ration pack all in one go 😉 .

    99. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Had a telephonic blether with Qinie Frae Angus tonight.

      We agreed that any success for ALBA will be achieved by ‘the grassroots’, like it was in 2014.

      When you have people like “Wee Dundee Annie” moving from the SNP to ALBA, you know that the SNP is in trouble with losing feet on the pavements.

    100. Jock Scot says:

      Brian, Annie made it into the latest YewChoob supplemental video as did your hat. #AlbaRising

    101. Cactus says:

      Howde’s Briandoonthetoon and Jock Scot ~

      I’m within our beautiful sunny east coast. I was out covertly campaigning yesterday in Crail and have partially hidden 10 ALBA leaflets (some more prominent than others) throughout the village and surrounding coastal walks. If any locals fancy a treasure hunt… now is the time (hint, there were at least 2 leaflets placed in the harbour area.)

      I’ve got a new (but original) idea to help further promote Scotland’s ALBA Party.

      Here’s the pitch (and there is the political field).

      1) TAKE a photograph(s) with you and the word ALBA on it (poster/leaflet.)
      2) CHOOSE picture(s) to be taken by a familiar landmark or HOME.
      3) SHARE photograph(s) on your social media platforms.

      In summary…
      MAX and saturate social media with personal pictures of ALBA.

      Word up and word out.

      Note: Landscaped photos only (with ALBA) are cool too, smile. 🙂

    102. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Eh’m dae’in’ fine, Cactus.

      You may have seen my link today to

      Reminded me of the now long gone Jaggy Thistle blog. I wrote an article for it back in 2001. You can read it here –

    103. Cactus says:

      Aweright Brian, yeah I took a look at Rob’s site, it’s good stuff. It’s gonna be a long week dude, catch ye all up when timings are suitable, hopefully we’ll all have something positive to celebrate! I hope it’s warm and sunny for the physical turnout Vote on Thursday, cheers.

      What’s the point of voting for the Scottish Green Party – they’re just lapdugs to NS and her New brand of SNP – like what the LibDems are to both the London Labour and Tory parties (irrelevant) and they’re not even ‘in-to’ independence anyway – the Greens that is and it’s going to be a real shock to many of their indy supporting voters when reality bites. They’ll end up rebranding to some multi-coloured emblem no doubt. They could be The Grainbow Party.

      SO good luck for Thursday, Scotland. The Scottish People who are passionate for independence (in a timely and pro-active manner) know what to do next week. Keep getting out and back on the streets again, document Alba, talk with each other, take photographs, share yours and other peoples shares everywhere AND DO IT ALL BEFORE VOTE-DAY!

      Just add ALBA and you:

      This has been, week ending, Week 17.

      USE your Cross of Alba.


    104. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Jock.

      Dundee Annie asked me to post a message to you, saying that she feels rather chuffed when you feature her in your videos.

    105. Jock Scot says:

      Hi Brian,
      I have never met anyone with her energy or fight. Feel priviledged to have met her, you and all the Wingers. Sadly, because I’m working tomorrow, I won’t be able to pay my respects to one of the lovliest and genuine men that I have had the chance to encounter in person. I think Pete made all of our lives better for having sat with him and he is dearly missed but never forgotten.
      Send Annie my love and respect.Best wishes. X

    106. Dan says:

      Test as can’t post on MT

    107. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Ruglonian (If you’re lurkin’).

      I sent you an email on Wednesday, 5th May.

      No reply up to now.

    108. Ayeright says:

      It looks like Alba will not make the breakthrough they had hoped for and it will be up to the SNP together with the Greens to take forward the case for Independence.

      We should now get behind them and not be distracted from that goal, the goal that has always been there, and that is our Independence.

    109. Cactus says:

      Hi folks, notwithstanding altered procedures and any potential jiggery-votery-pokery, like many have already suggested, now is the time to take to the streets again. We should get a big march organised soon. Let our true physical numbers reflect our voting voices.

      There are a lot of things to be dicected with this most recent vote…

      In the meantime, onwards for Alba Scotland:

    110. Cactus says:

      Some other topical videos to dissect with a dice ha!:

      All aboard:

      Ach well:

    111. Tinto Chiel says:

      Well, looks like that’s that.

      I’d hoped to finally meet some of the names I’ve enjoyed chatting to here at an independence party somewhere in Scotland but that seems unlikely now or at least for a long time. Inspirational and intelligent folk like Smallaxe and cearc didn’t manage to see an independent Scotland and I suspect many of us will be joining that number, sadly.

      In the meantime, maybe I’ll meet a few of you at an AUOB march or something, if they’re not banned by our nasty little government.

      “The dream will never die.”

      God, this is fifty years old………..

    112. JGedd says:

      Tinto Chiel

      Looks like the end of an era right’nuff.

      One of my favourite farewell songs:

      Also posted this at the beginning of the year:

      ‘One day the anger will little by little turn cold’

      ‘Above all I think that not everything is lost’

      ‘I think I can see a light on the other side of the river’

      (Excuse the translation.)

    113. sarah says:

      I hope the next march will be angrily outside Bute House calling for Sturgeon to go. I will carry my Wings bag and keep an eye out for you all.

      It is a sad time, right enough. I have “met” many good people through Wings and we have all tried to help Scotland regain its rightful place.

    114. Marie Clark says:

      Well folks, looks like the end right enough. Never got the chance to meet some of you, but feel like we are already friends.

      I can’t tell you how sad I feel, but, I think that Stuart has made the correct choice for himself. Disgusted at what the WGD tried to do to him, I thought we were all on the same side.

      Tinto, take care of Mrs TC, the chielettes and the granweans. OH, sorry, and Harvey as well. It’s been fun.

      I don’t know if some of us will still pop in here from time to time, but in case that doesn’t happen, it’s been a pleasure knowing you folks.

    115. Clapper57 says:

      Tinto Chiel, Brian D , J Gedd, LizG , Marie Clark, Ian B , and all of the others I may not have mentioned as list would be too long, hope to meet you all one day…..lovely people.

      Tinto miss our wee chats on here……you are a great guy who was patience personified at my JM lovefest on here….

      I wish you all the best for the future.

      God willing may hopefully have the opportunity to meet you all before Indy or on the other side……of Indy.

      Take care , be happy and keep on keeping on….


    116. Dorothy Devine says:

      Prickly Pal , I hope that march is soon – see you there!

    117. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi peeps.

      Maybe we can meet at the Edinburgh rally @ Hollyrood on 22nd May?

      And a big thanks to Rev Stu for lifting my pre-moderation.

    118. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd, Marie Clark and Clapper 57: before I disappear beyond the internet for the final time may I do this as I respond to you Lovely Laydees?

      *Twirls luxuriant moustaches roguishly*

      I feel better now……

      Great music up to the end, JG. You have been an education in so many ways.

      Marie, all the best to you and yours too. I know you are actually Ginger Rogers in disguise but have no fear, I will be gripping my grand-daughters’ hands all the tighter in the coming years in this dystopian Scotland which no manifesto prepared us for, the bastards (heavy-handed political point).

      Sadly, Harvey seems to have decamped (ooh, matron!) with the new bunny on the block at number 17. Floppy moved in at the start of May and his head has been turned further than Carrie’s by her dew-bedecked organic carrots.

      Don’t know how to break this to you, Clapper57, but I have often been mistaken for James “Dulcet Tones” Mason. Admittedly, these times have been a) at night b) in the woods c) during a solar eclipse but three out of three ain’t bad ; . I have always enjoyed our daft conversations.

      I agree with BDTT: there is hope as long as Wee Annie frae Dundee is with us. She is a force of nature who makes you feel so energised just for having met her.

      And so, mes braves, for the last time: TO INFIRMITY AND BEYOND!

    119. dramfineday says:

      Dear Stuart, from the depths of my old heart, thank you for your articles and commentary.They hooked me from the start when this site had only a few regulars (generally the Friends of Wings team) and a worry that there was not enough female readers or commentators.

      As the saying nearly goes “from tiny acorns, etc.” Just look at what you have grown and the wonderful range of contributers and commentators that have developed as a result of your drive and insight.

      I never did get that gold wings badge when you came to Edinburgh, I couldn’t get in the pub door for the press of readers who wanted to meet this phenomenon and shake his hand, shades of things to come.

      Even back in 2014 there were oiks in the SNP who thought you to be beyond the pale. Not me, and if the SNP had produced a “Wee Blue Book” instead of interminable newspapers, the result may have been different. I know the book went down very well with those who read it and I wish I had been stuffing that through letter boxes.

      Over the years I’ve chipped in a few quid to keep things ticking over and I trust you to disburse the residue in a suitably Wings manner (best story was watching the disbelief of Scottish “journalists” as every appeal rapidly exceeded the previous, hahaha, brilliant).

      We’ve never met, but I wish you all the very best with your future endeavours, and if you relaunch at any point, give me a heads up and like Arnie, I’ll be back.


    120. JGedd says:

      One last toot from me: at one of the demonstrations at Pacific Quay we met a nice old fella and he happened to mention this was going to be played at his funeral.

      While hoping that he is still waiting for that final farewell, I thought Peggy Lee should have the last word at the demise of this phase of the independence struggle. (Let’s hope it’s just a phase as my mother used to say about me.)

      (Meantime, keep rowing, amigos. We might reach the other side of the river….some day.) Or re Tinto’s comment, before infirmity gets you, keep dancing.

    121. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I was reminded of this tune by a commenter on the first page of the latest btl comments, who posted a link to “The Last Post”.

      It was originally the B side of Les Reed’s “Man Of Action”, the A Side being the signature tune of Radio NorthSea (Nordsee) International, in the early 70s, a pirate station off the coast of Netherlands, which I tuned into.

      Onnyhoo, I got a lot of mileage out of the B Side, during my career providing a disco for family parties – 18th, 21st, 40th, 50th and 60th birthday parties, engagement parties, wedding receptions, silver weddings, golden weddings and the like.

      At the end of the party, I would remind the audience that there was only one way to finish off a traditional Scottish party, and got everyone up on the dancefloor, in a circle.

      I then played this:-

      SHAZBOT! It’s not on YouTube. I played “Hokey Cokey” by The Yetties, a Dorset band who obviously sang it with South-West England accents. You can get a feel of them here (They wirnae too bad at the Scottish stuff an’ a’.):-

      While everyone was still in a circle, I finished off with the second half of Les Reed’s B-side. For some reason, as this finished, I always got a standing ovation. Nice…

    122. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      OK, rant ensues.

      I’m watching Landward at the moment and they showed a plate of food.

      What gets me is that on all the progs that feature Chefs and meals, The main course is so sparse that it looks like a small starter.

      Huv they no’ heard of a “plateful”?

      Doesn’t matter how well it is “presented”, if it dizznae fill yir belly, what’s its purpose?

      End of rant.

    123. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      #1 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

    124. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      #2 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

    125. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      #3 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      It was the Bay City Rollers, when they were a gigging band, with Archie Marr on the organ, who turned me on to this single, in the JM Ballroom in Dundee.

    126. ahundredthidiot says:

      Joining the dots is never easy.

      The old boy at 76 (a learned man) had never heard of Gobekli Tepe (makes you think)

      I would offer University of Edinburgh report on it (18 pages – easy read) and Randall Carlson on YT under ‘After Skool’. Fascinating lecture on Geometry (2 hours and I have watched it twice, it’s that good) with a quite terrifying last ten minutes.

      Which is why no one is or has been talking about Akure, Nigeria March 2020. Or Washington March 2021 – or the hundred in between. (feel free to suck up the lame excuses for these events)

      When the penny drops, you will realise why you wont be going to Benidorm anytime soon.

    127. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi ahundredthidiot at 8:54 pm.

      You commented,
      “Joining the dots is never easy.

      The old boy at 76 (a learned man) had never heard of Gobekli Tepe (makes you think)”

      Another thing that “makes you think” is that the last ice age ended around 11,500 years ago. It appears that human history only dates back to that time.

      We’re now in an “interglacial” that is due to end around NOW.

      There have been around 22 ice ages/interglacials over the past 2.5 Billion years. The ice ages last around 90,000 years and the interglacials around 10,000 years. We are around 11,500 years into the current interglacial.Towards the end of previous interglcials, there was increasing events like volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, wildfires and so on. Sound familiar?

      Where is the history from previous interglacials? How long have humans been around?

      What purpose does glaciation carry out? It dumps loads of minerals and elements as it melts back. This causes soil to be nutrient-rich. Like 11,500 years ago. The Garden of Eden? The start of human history?

      Makes you think, iye?

    128. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Therefore (as opposed to “so”),
      #4 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

    129. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      #5 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

    130. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      #6 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      This was actually the B side of “Daddy Cool”.

    131. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      #7 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      This band’s singer was one of Billy Connolly’s ‘surname clan’. He was a guy from Glasgow, by the name of Henderson Gibson.

      Further info:-

      I think I may have linked to this song in ‘off-topic’ in the past.

    132. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I’m gonna paste content here, that I have just posted on my Facebook page.

      What’s the story with the new Texas song?
      Have Scottish bands lost their distinctive originality?
      It uses (samples?) the riff from Donna Summer’s “Loves Unkind”, then compounds the plagiarism with a note for note copy of the line from “Nathan Jones”, “Nathan Jones you’ve been gone so long” by The Supremes. See the next two comments.

    133. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Seeing as this haven is rather peaceful just now, I’ll post #8 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      This is another B side – the B Side of the Bay City Rollers’ first single “Keep On Dancing”, from the time when they were still a gigging band. They did a rather good version of “Born To Be Wild” at the time. They also introduced me to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s album “Pendulum”, as they covered both “Hey Tonight” and “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” from that album.

      The pic featured in the video shows what I would suggest was their classic lineup – with Archie Marr on the organ and Nobby Clarke as vocalist.

      Onnyhoo, this is “Alright”.

    134. Tinto Chiel says:

      Hmmm: seems this place isn’t dead after all. Thanks to BDTT.

      Onnyhoo, I bring you this low-rider depravity from 1975, before I even owned a motor:

      Funky as Freuchie, if you don’t mind me saying…..

    135. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Yi wahnt cowbells, TC?

    136. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Now, I’ll post #9 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      This single had the misfortune to be released at the time of a BBC strike, so TOTP was off the air for around 6 weeks, otherwise it probably would have been a #1.

      The B side is a great track also. John Peel, allegedly, opined that the B side was “the best rock track of 1974”.

      I haven’t listened intensely enough to either track to detect the use of cowbells.

    137. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      In this comment, I’ll post #10 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      This single, as far as I know, was never a UK hit but, around 1967/68, almost every local band attempted it. This is, probably, the best-known version, by Tim Rose.

      In recent years, through delving into British “Pop-Syke”, I discovered this version by Episode 6.

      This is a decent wee “documentary” video. Check out the info below the video and listen to the interview, to see who was in Episode 6 and hear their version of Morning Dew.

    138. Tinto Chiel says:

      Well, fan my brow, as Oliver Hardy used to say, BDTT: Unit4+2!

      Completely forgot about them, with their wee jumpers and all: great track from Them Days, reeking of nostalgia for a grave dodger like myself.

      Coincidentally, I have been musing on Sweet recently. At the time I didn’t realise they were the supreme piss-take glam-rock band. They could actually play their instruments and Mick Tucker was an impressive drummer.

      I can confirm no cowbells were were used in either recording…..

    139. Tinto Chiel says:

      How could I forget this piece of cowbelliana?


    140. Liz g says:

      Hi Brian I was wondering if everything was ok with all things Anderson ?
      I haven’t heard from Ronnie in weeks and I’m reluctant to phone and stick my big nose in if he’s wanting a bit of peace for his own sake .
      Have you heard from him at all ?

    141. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Liz g.

      I hear from him once or a twice a week. He often mentions that he’ll have to phone you. He’s fine but not 100%. He’d probably appreciate a call from you.

      Coming to Dundee for the AUOB rally in City Square on 31st July?

    142. Liz g says:

      Thanks Brian … good to hear he’s doing ok .
      I’ll give him a ring later on tonight and see how much I can piss him off then 🙂 -:) -:)

    143. Liz g says:

      As for Dundee …. certinaly thinking about it -:)

    144. Dorothy Devine says:

      Liz g, when you are in touch with Ronnie send him my best and big hug please!

    145. Liz g says:

      Dorothy Devine 7.25
      Well you should be able to tell him your self soon Dorothy 🙂
      The Rev has reconsidered and lifted his ban …. yay…
      I managed to get a hold of Ronnie about half an hour ago to let him know so nae doot he’ll show up shortly 🙂

    146. ronald anderson says:

      Helloo fellow Wingers thanks to Liz G for contacting the Rev on my behalf Im going through some health issues so not up to par . I hope U Dorothy Devine are in good health Big shout out to all Wingers

    147. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Liz g.

      Just off the phone to Ronnie.
      He said he had posted a short reply to you, just before 7 but it doesn’t seem to be here.

    148. Liz g says:

      Hi Brian just seen your comment
      Mibbi it takes some time to sort .
      I’ll message the Rev tomorrow and see if he knows about it

    149. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      That’s weird.

      I just received an email notification at 18.53, telling me that Ronnie had commented in ‘off-topic’.

      I’ve refreshed the page but it’s not there. I’ll just try another refresh.

      Nope – still not there!

    150. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Here’s the proof from the email at 18.53.

      ronald anderson commented on Off-topic.

      in response to RevStu:

      For off-topic chat. Duh.

      Helloo fellow Wingers thanks to Liz G for contacting the Rev on my behalf Im going through some health issues so not up to par . I hope U Dorothy Devine are in good health Big shout out to all Wingers

    151. Liz g says:

      Think we’re sorted now Brian 🙂
      Must have been a glitch of some sort …. anyhoo not to worry he’s getting through now ..

      Hi Ronnie 🙂

    152. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Liz g.

      He must be in moderation. Last night’s comment only appeared in the last wee whilie.

    153. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      And it’s disappeared again! It was timed at 6.46pm when it momentarily appeared.

    154. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Ah! It wasn’t last night – it was the 1st July. It’s showing now.

    155. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Ronnie.

      Nice to see you’re back! (As opposed to your front…)

    156. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Just found this at the right hand side of a YouTube page. Filmed in Switzerland.

    157. Dorothy Devine says:

      Hey Ronnie , good to hear you . Big hug to you and big thanks to Liz and Brian for keeping us in touch!

    158. Tinto Chiel says:

      All the best, Ronnie: the human face of Wings (along with his tremendous team) at so many marches and a tremendous ambassador for the movement.

      This is a wee fillum about Nancy Dorian, an American who has done more for Gaelic studies than most Scots have ever done.

      The wee story about what happens when an English-speaking stranger arrives in their community epitomises much of the problem with the transmission of Gaelic to younger generations:

    159. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      In this comment, I’ll post #11 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      I remember playing this one in a wee sequence of “summer-type” tunes in the Bowlin’ Alley around 1979. The idea was to increase the ambient temperature in the venue.

      There were also these…

    160. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      In this comment, I’ll post #12 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      Up until January 1968, our family record player was a 78rpm deck in a cabinet that my Dad had got built by a carpenter. Deck on a sliding drawer. The audio fed through a Cosser 10 band mains radio that sat on top of the cabinet. I still have the cabinet. It acts as a stand for my 24″ TV used as a monitor for my MacPro.

      My Dad took me to buy second-hand 78’s from a second hand shop in Tally Street when I was around 4 or 5.

      So, all through the 60s, I only bought 45’s as Christmas and birthday presents for others – yi’ know “others”.

      Onnyhoo, in January 1968, a family friend (who went on to become my step-grandmother) donated to us her Dansette and 45’s, with which I had been familiar for years.
      Jerry Keller “Here Comes Summer”, Mantovani’s Big Hits EP, and other stuff from the very early 60s.

      So, in January 1968, I started scouring the second-hand record shops and stalls in Dundee. The first two records I bought were “Revolver” by The Beatles (from the Magazine Shop in Princes Street for 15/-) then I walked into doon the toon and bought “Albatross” by Fleetwood Mac in Low’s in Crighton Street (6/3).

      The Dens Road Market was a fertile source. Nearly all the stalls had a collection of 78s, 45’s and LPs. I picked up the “Beatlecracker Suite” EP for 1/- there.

      Arthur Wilkinson And His Orchestra – Beatle Cracker Suite EP (A)

      Arthur Wilkinson And His Orchestra – Beatle Cracker Suite EP (B)

      Onnyhoo, back to #12.

      Wherever I went in the search for vinyl, there were always copies of this single. I guess every hovelhold in Dundee must have possessed a copy of it at some point.

      I saw this band, live, once. Supporting The Who in the Caird Hall in the early 70s.

      So # 12 is…

    161. sarah says:

      Does anyone know if the Rev is on holiday or has given up completely? I ask because he hasn’t said anything for 3 days on Kings over Spotland twitter.

      Things are bad enough without the Rev losing the will to communicate at all.

    162. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I had a coffee with Dundee Annie on Thursday afternoon and she mentioned the above “classical” links (Arthur Wilkinson).

      I pointed out that they were all Beatles’ songs, arranged in the style of Tchaikovsky. She hadn’t spotted that!

      Onnyhoo, in this comment, I’ll post #13 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      This guy had a hell of a voice.

    163. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I think this was his biggest UK hit…

    164. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Och, seeing as I’m in “Easy Listening Vocal” mode, I’ll offer you #14.

    165. Marie Clark says:

      Hi Brian. I see that you’re keeping OT going almost by yourself. That was quite a wee walk doon memory lane there. Ah when A wiz a teenager, and noo am an auld wuman. Where did the time go. Thank you for your selection of tunes.

      Nice to see my dancing partner Tinto Chiel posting now and again, Dorothy Devine, Ronnie Anderson again after a long time, Sorry to hear that you’ve not been too well Ronnie, hope your health picks up.

      I thought that we had all said our cheerio’s when the the Rev sort of pulled the plug, but nice that some of us have not given up yet.

    166. Marie Clark says:

      Oh forgot to add, while we’re in Joe Dolan mode, here’s another tune. I could never sing along with Joe, too high a key for me. I ain’t a soprano you know. Byeeee.

    167. Dorothy Devine says:

      Morning Marie, Brian and all! I pop in every now and again just to see what music is being touted and who is still around and about.

      Thank you for the reminder of Joe Dolan – I had forgotten him completely but I suppose that happens as we age!

    168. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Marie.

      Seeing as we’re in ‘male solo singers’ mode, in this comment, I’ll post #15 + 16 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      Both from 1970 I think.

    169. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Might as well change the tone with the first Queen vinyl I bought.

      #17 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

    170. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Back to 1968 for #18 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      She was a wonderfully aesthetically pleasing wummun. I still have a poster of her from “Fabulous 208” magazine. Great use of the mellotron and phasing/flangeing in this track.

    171. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Many of these singles are on playlists I have on my “leedle iMac”, for playing while I have a two hour snooze. Hence I link to them here.

      So, #19 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      A wee slice of Prog.

      This band’s full name was “Premiata Forneria Marconi”, shortened to PFM. I liked this single as soon as I heard it in Chalmers and Joy.

      How many keyboards did the “organist” actually need?

    172. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      #20 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      When this single first came out, it was entitled “And The Band Played On”. As I’ve had a lifelong interest in Titanic, I had to have it. (Via The Maryfield Hospital Portal, I was born 40 years and 6 hours after Titanic went under.)

      It’s title was changed on re-release to “Down Among The Dead Men”, taken from the chorus.

      The guys behind “Flash And The Pan” were Vanda and Young, who had been in Ozzie band “The Easybeats” (Friday On My Mind) in the 60s and then went on to produce AC/DC, whose guitarist was another member of the Young family.

      Onnyhoo, “And The Band Played On”…

    173. Tinto Chiel says:

      It’s the silly season and much too hot, so I bring you this:

      You don’t have to be a moderate, responsible petrol head like me or Dan The Man (who is probs developing a lockdown diesel engine, quarrying Ballachulish slate or hoeing his parsnips at the mo) to enjoy this. It has lots of social history, of course, like the seeming survivor of the American Civil War standing bewildered in the middle of the road at about 1:07.

      But my main reason for all this is the weirdest taxi ever, two of which appear on the left carriageway at 0.40-0.44. It looks from the front like a cross between a jeep and an Art Deco nightmare, with louvred radiator fronts and wall-eye headlamps in strange, surrounding reflective bezels, the best views being from 2.15 and 3.15 and following.

      At 4.12 in the right lane you see its rear end, with landaulet top and awning for the hot weather, while another tootles past in the left lane.

      Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Checker Model A taxi.

      Beauty or beast?

      Faites vos jeux…..

    174. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Even for the USA these cabs are something else!

      #21 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      This was actually the B Side of Manfred Mann’s last single “Ragamuffin Man” in 1969. The group split while the single was still in the charts.

      The track was used in a Manikin advert, featuring the visually pleasing Caroline Munro.

      “The Cult of Caroline Munro”

    175. Dan says:

      Just catching up with OT now Tints!
      Those weird Checkers are pretty radical looking. I’m picking up a few batmobile vibes…

      That vid shows a lot of vehicles in the city and a lot of reek being generated, no CATs or DPFs back then so surprised anyone made it past 30!

      Spent a few summers in the US “working” at the summer camps for kids. One year when camp finished I bought a Honda Civic and did a 12,000 road trip with a few other folk. Good times cruising through the States.
      Another year spent some time in New York with a family in Greenwich Village that actually owned a Checker Marathon as their daily car. It was vast and I felt like a half sized human sitting in it.
      The square Chevy Caprice was the common NYC taxi when I was there in late 80s early 90s, but iirc there were still a few yellow Checker cabs on the road.

      Slating work is completed now, but it’s too damn hot to point round chimneys with mortar at the moment.
      Yesterday the removal of an awful leylandii hedge was completed. Grousebeater would be proud of the deforestation of such appalling arbres. The only good leylandii is a burnt one!
      And before I get any eco grief, in mitigation I’ve germinated and brought on 60 trees this year. Plus the local beavers have killed more trees than me.
      On mention of animals, unfortunately the bloody deer was back again this morning and had managed to jump through my extra elaborate fencing additions that were supposedly guaranteed to keep deer out… Yet more beetroots destroyed… 🙁

    176. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan: yes, I thought you would be busy on various projects but didn’t know your troubles extended to nibbling deer and beavers (perhaps I could have phrased that better 😉 ). Have you considered the anti-personnel mine and Maxim water-cooled heavy machine-gun crossfire combo? Hope no Bambyists are reading…..

      I feel your pain re Leylandii. We have really nice neighbours but they have let theirs go mental so we have no sun in our south-facing garden after about 6 o’clock for much of the summer. We made friends with a forester in the Mount Shasta area while on holiday a few years ago and I wish I could pay to get him over here for some radical nocturnal pruning.

      Reading a bit more about the Model A Checker, I found it seemed to come in for quite a lot of criticism re. reliability and comfort, and yet I found this footage from 1945s NYC, five years after the original footage I posted. As soon as the car with the camera turns right at about 0.40, you start seeing them regularly during the rest of the footage.

      I’ve been enjoying your Voice of Sanity vibe on the M/T and noticed your very specific questions to Mr E. didn’t get a response.

      Och well, we live in hope. Thought I’d give you a Phwoarrrrrrrrrrrr! moment with this baby:


    177. Tinto Chiel says:

      On reflection, it might have been better had I linked to the 1945 NYC film clip:

      The NY streets seem much cleaner than today’s. I blame fast food joints masel’.

    178. Dan says:

      @ Tinto

      Talking of phwoarr, I clocked a Pumpers Express vehicle at the 4 min mark in that last NYC clip!

      And after the Deltic vid, continuing with engine porn, in that first clip it sounded like the camera was attached to a vehicle running a two stroke diesel. They have quite a unique sound.

      Regarding the deer and weaponry. My hoarding of stuff may come up trumps again as considering making a trebuchet out of a loft ladder spring mechanism.

      Whilst here, I’m sure you’ll recall my Pike Jalfrezi as you posted a pike poem in response several OT pages back.
      Well with the shelves getting low in the supermarkets and low stocks of beetroot… I am developing my culinary recipes with more of the Pike that infest the local water.
      Fishing is meant to be relaxing but I walk 10 minutes to the water and catch one first cast, whack it on the napper and bleed it out, and then have to immediately walk home again so the fish flesh doesn’t start to turn in this infernal heat.
      Such antics simply don’t furnish me with a solitary moment to sit a chillax.

    179. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Dan: yes, I noticed that Pumper’s Express lorry myself and was somewhat mystified/afraid to ask. Btw my Checker total for the clip came to 18, including two parked on the left kerb, not bad for a car that was only made for two years.

      The internet can be a dangerous place for those obsessed with engine sounds: only recently I chanced on a video talking about Harley Davidson engines and just got out by the skin of my teeth before I went mad. As for Indian motorbikes 😉 .

      Yes, I do remember your pike jalfrezi and was seriously tempted but SWMBO placed a curry-cooking embargo on me many years ago because of the lingering smell. I had a fantastic pakora recipe (which I have since lost) so those days are gone now and in the past they must remain. I miss the tamarind the most, I think.

      You’ve got problems? I used a weed and feed two weeks ago on my rather nice front greensward and, to my horror, it killed off half the grass instead, so now I’ll have to re-seed the bare patches and it looks bloody awful at the mo. Need to wait till it rains too because the soil is dry as a bone just now and once the seed is down the two glaikit wood pigeons which hang around the garden will peck away at it and infuriate me.

      You trebuchet idea is becoming more and more attractive. If it could sling a net then it could be pigeon pie for tea but I don’t have the heart to thraw their necks. Our resident sparrowhawk only visits occasionally and seems to prefer collared doves, for some reason.

      It’s a funny old game, Saint.

    180. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      #22 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      This single is another that makes good use of the mellotron. Dates from when the band were chucking out stuff to no formula (unlike the 70s).

    181. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      #1 in a series of “album tracks I have liked over the years for one reason or another”…

      This track bears no resemblance to their chart hits, which allegedly, they didn’t play on. Quirky but fun.

    182. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I’ll make this my last offering for tonight.

      #23 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      This was actually the B Side of “Hi Ho Silver Lining” Written by Jimmy Page. A great B Side. Features Keith Moon on drums. Nicky Hopkins on piano. You have to read the info given on the YouTube page.

    183. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      These are my earliest memories of “songs I liked as a bairn”. Some of them were actually 78rpm 10″ singles.

      #24 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      That one has an interesting feature; when they go into harmonising, the female is singing the lower part, whilst the crooner sings the higher part.

      #25 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      My family never had a copy of that one. We used to visit “Auntie Doll and Uncle Willie” weekly. They had a copy.

      #26 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      #27 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      Three of these records date from 1956. So I must have been becoming aware of commercial music on record when I was around 4. I recall sending a request to Radio Luxembourg when I was around 6 or 7 so that was probably the source of my popular music education. There are quite a number of other ‘faves’ from my childhood, up to around 1962/3, when the whole scene changed with the advent of ‘beat groups’. I may threaten you with them in the coming days/weeks.

    184. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Eh’m on a roll here so, #28, 29 & 30 in a series of “7 inch singles I have liked over the years”…

      Thhat’s all for tonight, folks!

    185. Tinto Chiel says:

      Never had a copy of Hi Ho Silver Lining, so thanks for Beck’s Bolero: quite a find. Typical of Moon to damage the equipment 😉

      Only recently discovered nostalgia literally ain’t what it used to be. Its original meaning was acute home-sickness but now it’s most often used in the sense of a fond remembrance of the past or even a longing for The Good Old Days (which never existed). Pass the madeleines, Marcel.

      Robert Wilson, Kenneth McKellar and Moira Anderson all had fine voices but I never liked their douce, mim-mouthed style: twee shortbread music that had all the guts ripped out of it, unlike these:

      Always a pleasure to hear the marvellously deranged Cherry Wainer of Lord Rockingham’s XI: things were simpler in them days.

      Just noticed sly old dog Dan The Man’s new avatar. Don’t worry, we’ll all come and visit you in prison for offences against pronouns, me old haricot.

    186. Dan says:

      @ Tinto

      You’re meant to be alert! I changed it a good while back when I was transing into something or other. I can’t even remember what it was I was transforming into now as have been so busy with work, house renovation, garden, and now deer hunting… that I just haven’t had time to mull over a myriad different ways I can aspire to push the limits of being a more unique, obnoxious, self-obsessed idiot.
      TBH being just an average common or garden idiot has served me pretty well up to this point anyway.

      Rest day today as yesterday was a long shift spent working in amongst classic car porn, sorting out electrical issues on a beautiful 40 year old German model that is nearing completion of a nut and bolt restoration.
      On way home I replaced an alternator on a pal’s car which was the usual Tourettes inducing experience which come as standard with modern cars.
      Had to perform all sorts of contortions to get my hands and tools where they needed to be.
      Whilst finally playing the puzzle of getting the replacement alternator into position, I wrestled with it to get the mounting bolts in and it moved and squashed my finger, so now have the joy of a black finger nail. 🙁 It’s the worst one I’ve had and went to bed with a throbber! Pain was too much though as shooting up nerve from finger, wrist, to elbow, so proceeded to get out my scratcher and used a 1mm drill rolled between my fingers to carefully bore through the nail and release pressure.

      The recent rain and hot weather will mean the chanterelles will be out so going to head out for a walk in the woods.

    187. sarah says:

      @ Dan: you certainly know how to enjoy yourself. You are wasted as an obsessed independence supporter. Just think what you could achieve doing something worthwhile such as e.g. work in Gove’s office, or Johnson’s. A drill bit could do wonders there. Better still, in SNP HQ…

      Anent the deer raiding your garden, you will [?] be interested to hear my deer tale. For the first time in 16 years of living on the loch shore a stag has come past over the last few weeks – happily he has ignored the vegetable and soft fruit area that he could easily jump into and has just grazed on tree growth and pasture. No doubt the long winter kept the deer low – 3 strolled along the only road in our township in May.

      @ Tinto chiel: thanks for the latest music links – have enjoyed listening to both.

      Will either of you manage to get to Edinburgh on 31st August to tell Holyrood what we really, really want? I won’t be there but will tell my MSPs etc my views.

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