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The safety of the town

Posted on May 04, 2015 by

This morning we noted the weird double standards of the media when it comes to reporting politics-related violence (and/or the absence thereof) in Scotland. We weren’t expecting such a good illustration of it to come along within two hours.


Today Jim Murphy held another of his brief “rallies”/press photocalls of a couple of dozen screaming placard-waving Labour activists in Glasgow, this one again outside the St Enoch’s subway station. He was accompanied by celebrity Labour fan and “Better Together” fundraiser Eddie Izzard.

As usual, also present were tiny handful of numpties who turn up and shout at most Scottish Labour events – Sean Clerkin, a left-wing activist of no known alignment who’s eternally trying to recreate the moment of fame in 2011 when Iain Gray ran away from him at Glasgow Central train station and hid in a sandwich shop, and a couple of noisy but harmless loonies calling themselves “the Scottish Resistance”.

As far as we’ve been able to gather, the Murphy gang numbered around 40 (including the ever-present media pack) and the protesters numbered five, plus one other unconnected chap who’d turned up with a PA on a bike to more entertainingly play the “I’m So Ronery” song from “Team America World Police”.

Events proceeded as normal – Murphy shouted through a microphone, the Labour faithful surrounding him roared and chanted and waved their placards obediently, the photographers snapped some close-cropped shots to make it look good in the papers, the protesters yelled at Murphy, and the long-suffering folk of Glasgow tried to get into the station to catch their trains without too much earache.

At some points it was ALMOST as rowdy as one of the Scottish leaders’ TV debates. But today, for some reason, the media have decided to portray it as a riot.


Above is the actual scene hyperbolically described by the BBC’s James Cook as “absolute chaos on the streets of Glasgow”. Channel 4’s Alex Thomson, who knows perfectly well what Jim Murphy’s “rallies” are about, unaccountably fired off a series of tweets and a blog entry about the hecklers “denying freedom of speech”.

(Click the pic to enlarge, or here for the un-annotated version.)

Unionists then began circulating bizarre rumours that Clerkin had been “tipped off” about the event by SNP press officer Campbell Gunn, which he categorically denied.




Within minutes Reporting Scotland was leading its lunchtime bulletin with talk of “scuffles” and Izzard was wailing about “waves of hatred” and “violence”, though none had been seen or reported. (Thomson later tweeted there’d been none that he saw.) Cook tweeted that he’d been unable to get more pictures as he’d been “watching [my] cameraman’s back”, though he didn’t specify who he’d perceived to be threatening it.

[EDIT 5.20pm: we’ve watched all the footage that’s been uploaded, and so far the only physical aggression we’ve seen has been several Labour goons shoving Sean Clerkin around, away from Murphy and Izzard.]

And weirdest of all, the Basingstoke Gazette – legendary for its real-time coverage of events in Glasgow – had a hefty 900-word story (this post, for reference, is about 1000 words and the first draft took over an hour) on the cataclysmic events.

It wasn’t alone, of course. The Press & Journal, Huffington Post, Guardian, STV, BBC, Daily Record and more also had pieces up within moments of the first heckle.

The inquiring reader will probably find all manner of questions arising in their mind from these events. Why is it suddenly major news that Sean Clerkin and his eejit pals have been yelling at Jim Murphy, as they’ve done a dozen times in the last few weeks? Why would someone need to have “tipped off” Clerkin, as he clearly ALWAYS knows about Labour events? Why would Campbell Gunn, of the SNP, be in on Labour’s “secret” plans anyway? How did all these stories get written and published so fast without anyone establishing the fact that there’d been no “violence” whatsoever?

More to the point, how are six people shouting at 40 also-shouting people denying anyone “freedom of speech”? Glasgow’s streets are as much the protesters’ to protest on as they are Jim Murphy’s to conduct press photocalls on.

(And why are the press following him around anyway? Is it news for him to shout the same script at the same supporters in the same place for the 20th time in a month? Or are they just desperate for this sort of thing to happen?)

Demonstrations being met with counter-protests are a regular occurrence, yet very rarely do journalists report that, let’s say, anti-bigotry protesters noisily decrying racist marches by the BNP or Britain First are “denying them freedom of speech”. (Let alone if there are only six of them and nearly 10 times as many of the racists.)

Murphy had no interest in reaching the wider electorate – he was surrounded on all sides as usual by an impenetrable wall/shield of his own supporters. He was conducting what was an essentially private activist pep-talk, he just happened to be doing it loudly in a public place, getting in people’s way as they tried to go about their business and then scuttling off in a waiting car after five minutes as always.

Sean Clerkin and the “Scottish Resistance”, while not known to be members of any political party, are a toe-curling embarrassment and a liability to anyone who wants the SNP to win the election. We have no idea what they think they’re going to achieve by giving Jim Murphy exactly the sort of publicity he desperately craves.

(You can see the mile-wide grin on Murphy’s face every time Clerkin’s class-warrior collective turns up, and you can practically hear him thinking “Oh please God let one of them throw an egg or try to punch me”.)

Nevertheless, they’re as entitled to shout on the streets of Glasgow as Jim Murphy and his bellowing, screaming Labour Youth gang are. We’re not aware of them being arrested at any of these events, even though their identities are well-known to the police and they’d be easy enough to pick up if any crime had been committed.

But they play so willingly into Murphy’s hands that a reasonable observer might well come to the conclusion that they’re either so stupid they can’t see an obvious trap coming, or that they might want to do a little investigation into who it is that keeps telling them where Murphy is going to be. Because the only people who gain anything from them being there are Scottish Labour.

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    290 to “The safety of the town”

    1. Robert Roddick says:

      Thanks for that Stuart.
      It really is frustrating that it seems impossible to get an honest report from the media in Scotland. Or England for that matter.

    2. Bob Mack says:

      Rentamob? To be honest Rev,if I had been passing I might have given him pelters as well.

    3. Stephen Armstrong says:

      Let the message be clear to all supporters of
      Scottish Independence:

      Stay away from British political rallies!
      Do not give their supporters the time of day!
      Do not give them the OXYGEN OF PUBLICITY!
      Do not fall into the BRITISH MEDIA TRAP!

    4. Jamie says:

      Maybe Sean Clerkin is MI5, Jim Sillars did say they have anti SNP agents, this could be their secret plan, operation Streetnat?

    5. Patrick Roden says:

      I think Sean Clerkin knows his protest against Ian Gray, was a pivotal moment in Scottish politics, so he want’s to achieve a similar effect again.

      However the debate moved on during the Independence debate, and now the agenda of Jim Murphy and his BT staff, is to paint SNP voters as dangerous, violent, intolerant, etc.

      He is only able to do this because of people like Sean, who get right in his face and wave cardboard placards in such a way as to be easily portrayed as intimidating (because it is)

      Sean, I know you mean well, but you are falling right into Murphy’s trap!

    6. The Rough Bounds says:

      Isn’t anyone going to mention the fact that Eddie Izzard was wearing lipstick and makeup and wearing a skirt and heels?

      After all, the press usually comments upon Ms. Sturgeon’s dress and footwear.

    7. ArtyHetty says:

      Well what a surprise. Not. Smurphy, sorry can’t help calling the guy that name, loves the photo calls while he shouts abusively at passers by, breach of the peace really. He would be run out of town if we resembled anything like a democracy for lying and scaremongering so much of the time. An embarrassment to politics, he is possibly there for that reason.

    8. R4 says:

      I’m sure I saw a natsy, sorry nasty protester drawing Jackanory Jim a dirty look.

      I’ve never seen such cruelty in all life.

    9. Nick Parker-Stevens says:

      I used to like Eddie Izzard, he seemed like a reasonable guy and his comedy was funny. Now he’s apparently decided to add himself to the list of lying shills already present in this campaign. Way to sabotage your own reputation there, Eddie.

    10. neil allan says:

      I think that you are a bit shrill if there was no fuss caused by Clerkin.

    11. Quentin Quale says:

      Absolute chaos, James Cook? Best not stop off in Baltimore on your way to LA. You’ve used up your hyperbole quota.

    12. Craig Murray’s been predicting this for a while now –

    13. Grouse Beater says:

      How do the ‘Irritants’ know where Murphy will appear?

      Are they the same from Rent-an-Egg?

      The “Absolute chaos on the streets of Glasgow” comment would not have come from the same BBC Scotland James Cooke in this essay, would it?

    14. Cauld tattie says:

      According to Herald article, it was an East Renfrew Labour party member,who tipped Sean off.

    15. Joemcg says:

      Izzard has spent too long in the company of liars with the bullshit he spouted on the mic today.

    16. Joemcg says:

      And Cook protests that he is not biased?!

    17. ErinT says:

      I’m really disappointed in Alex Thomson for his coverage of this. I had been enjoying everything so far, including portions critical of every party but this is really sad. I think our media needs to be made aware as to what free speech actually is.

      This has gotten me so annoyed. I was hoping we might see some non-partisan reporting. Nope. Apparently not.

    18. muttley79 says:


      Maybe Sean Clerkin is MI5, Jim Sillars did say they have anti SNP agents, this could be their secret plan, operation Streetnat?

      And maybe Clerkin is who he appears to be, a loud mouthed attention seeker. I really hope this blog does not become a paranoid independence supporting site. Why listen to Sillars anyway, he always walked away in a huff when the going got tough?

    19. James M says:

      I rarely view the BBC website but was curious of their coverage, have a look:

      Mountain out of a mole-hill??

    20. Roughian says:

      On EBC 2.00pm news they stated Murphy was heckled by Scottish Labour opponents, very clever!!!
      They then quoted Murphy as saying the protesters were SNP.
      Any complaint to EBC and they’d knock it back.

      If there was violence and chaos on the streets where were the police?
      I was in George Sq on the night before the referendum and there was a lot more venom coming from the Union flag waving people than these 4 today.

    21. James D says:

      People should just point and laugh if they’re unfortunate enough to bump into one of his “flash-riots” and feel the need to express themselves.

    22. R-type Grunt says:

      James Cook is a lying wanker, who knew?

      And yes James, please sue me.

    23. Alastair says:

      Izzard has been used, duped. And I hope he knows it.

      Murphy knew exactly what would happen today and how he would spin it with the Scottish media following along like sheep.

      Its the Indy egging again.

      Contrast the staged street meeting in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago at 7am. Its a setup.

      He is the lowest of the low. The pensioners scare letter now this. Its gutter politics.

    24. rosa alba macdonald says:

      Well it’s Glesga…one of the Resistance’s neighbour’s Auntie Freda is probably the barista in Labour HQ.

      Also I would put money on the fact that it was broadcast as likely to happen at some point this am on GMS. I am sure I heard Izzard mentioned. Central Glasgow is not huge for the purposes of satnavving in on a Smurph rally.

      But yes. As I said…agent provocateurs….are not a new phenomenon. And Lab seems rooted in timewarp political manoeuvreing.

      All in all 4 malcontents and an tartan-trewed Rasta anarchist with a pink bike trailer belting out music is more the Clash of the Loudhailers at a Sports Day than say Killiecrankie, the Paris Commune or Armageddon.

    25. K.A.Mylchreest says:

      Just keep publishing and tweeting lots of longshot photos showing what a pathetic exhibition Labour are making of themselves. “Preaching to the converted” was never more true, at least if you leave out the press. Indeed, I’ve seen bigger ‘scrums’ around some of those wild-eyed religious nuts you find preaching in the High Street from time to time. Maybe that should be Murphs new vocation, although I doubt if it pays very much.

    26. Kenny says:

      Why even pretend Murphy is important? He should be totally ignored. This guy is a numpty and is just playing into the hands of the unionist press.

      Sean, you would be much better off standing on Sauchiehall Street and handing out copies of the McCrone report to passers-by and engaging in civil conversation, if you want to do something for Scotland, than drawing attention to Murphy (who was being ignored by one and all at Clarkston yesterday).

      So right — why give Murphy the oxygen of publicity he so craves?

    27. Colin Church says:

      Another Murphy hijack of news. Eggasperating.

      Since Clerkin is always around Murphy like a bad smell how come Cook and the rest don’t call him out specifically. Saw McTernan smiling when they turned up at the last one and could almost see the cogs turning as this latest stitch up was hatched.

      Creates Murphy’s speeches for run in.

    28. Grouse Beater says:

      Two years of our nation belittled and traduced by violence from the privileged and elite and media, and they have the audacity to scream ‘the death of free speech’?

    29. James123 says:

      If anyone ever needed proof that the BBC was just as much a part of the hysterical unionist media as any newspaper then here it is. “Chaos on the streets of Glasgow”, give it a fucking rest mate. He’ll be complaining tomorrow about intimidation without providing a single shred of evidence.

    30. michaelc says:

      I was a little surprised to see Alex Thomson take the initial line he did although he later backtracked a little on it. He is still far and away the best mainstream tv reporter out there. He’s been more than objective in the majority of his reporting from Scotland in this election and I am glad he’s still covering it.

      This “rally” was clearly set up and intended as an attempt to provoke a “sensational” newsbite for Labour and the question of who did the manipulating and or orchestrating behind it is not one defficult to answer bearing in mind the two unscrupulous chancers behind Labours spin machine in Scotland.

      I am old enough to remember “proper” rallies like wot we used to have. This is just the dying efforts of a spin machine that has had its day. the idea of serious political discourse on the street to atract voters passing by to your side are long in the past and wouldn’t have crossed Murphy’s mind as an objective in doing what he did today in St Enochs Square.

      Ever felt used Eddie?

    31. heedtracker says:

      That second photo of Cooke’s “absolute chaos on the streets of Glasgow” is one appalling example of BBC propaganda in action.

      Why do we tolerate out and out BBC political corruption like this? Oh yes we have no choice.

    32. Grouse Beater says:

      Cook should go to Los Angeles for fun, and get a bloody good lawyer! He’ll need one.

    33. Spout says:

      People get off their arses and protest – good on them.

      Although the “Scottish Resistance” is awful as a name – uncool.

    34. Thomas William Dunlop says:

      Compare with coverage of this event

      alongside all of the other evidence in todays previous post. We could write a manual on how the press works

    35. Mary Sutherland says: watch the video – who’s hecklin who?

    36. Grouse Beater says:

      Wussel Bwand says, maybe not the Gweens after awl, maybe better the Red-Bwoos. Stand by for his decision tomorrow…

    37. Tony Little says:

      While I accept that this runs the risk of my being labelled a fruit-cake (Dundee) is it not within the bounds of possibility that these set-ups are part of an orchestrated plan of agent provocateurs? I mean, who exactly IS Sean Clerkin?

      The fact that the biased media are all over this like a rash – remember the Frenchgate saga and the immediate responses then – leads me to think it MORE likely than less. It is so obviously a set-up I do wonder quite how many people will be influenced by it?

    38. Thepnr says:

      “Unionists began circulating bizarre rumours that Clerkin had been “tipped off” about the event by SNP press officer Campbell Gunn.”

      Strenuously denied by Campbell Gunn.

    39. smorrow says:

      seems strange that they now think they are getting tips ”directly from the snp” i heard about this rally from an email labour sent me, and then a councilor friend mentioned in one of his many posts about labour about the visit/walkabout, stroke load of nonsense labour are pedalling as campaigning. If i knew about this, then i can’t be the only one who did, outwith the labour party.

      Seems Millidillmurphy is only good at setting traps, next time he turns up on a street corner, anyone there should just turn their backs on him and give him the silent treatment.

      Although judging by the way the media responded today with their pieces written by labour press office, it will go down as people cause trouble by not listening to the great ones speach….

    40. Muscleguy says:

      Credit where it’s due Ben Quinn on the Gruaniad does a fairly balanced piece that carefully doesn’t even imply they have anything to do with the SNP, which I think from a now London based paper is pretty heroic reporting. Compared to Alex Thompson anyway.

    41. frankieboy says:

      Aww look at Smurf’s face. “Ma mate Eddie, gien me hauners”… Smurf is a ned.

    42. Graeme Purves says:

      James Cook’s credibility is totally blown now, I would say.

    43. Cheekwind says:

      This farce has John McTernan written all over it. People are wise to this type of ruse. Undoubtedly Labour will get some mileage out of this, ably assisted by the more than helpful MSM but how much good it will do them is questionable.

    44. If any of those so called journalists were doing their job,they would have interveiwed Sean Clekin afterwords to get his veiws.

      In doing their bloody jobs,they would find he is not a mouth piece for the SNP and we would get a balanced report.

      I guess im hoping for too much though….

    45. Meindevon says:

      The Daily Mail have another outrageous article by Chris Deerin. Apparently a friend was given a bloody nose and abused for being English. Anecdotal, of course, he wasn’t present.

      This accompanied a photo of Nicola Sturgeon.

      ‘There is more to the cause than smiling selfies with wee Nicola, pictured out on the campaign trail, as with all nationalisms based on a perceived grievance and the desire for something that doesn’t currently exist, darkness is always and everywhere close by: violence, abuse, hatred, intimidation, tribalism, racism.’

      They had an article yesterday day re the ‘Ugly Scenes’ at the labour rally at the leisure centre where a few guys with a megaphone played the Muppet song. A bit cheeky at most. The article implied it was nothing short of a riot. Every last word was believed by their readership and the comments below the line were just disgusting. One said Scotland should be ‘carpet bombed’ and we were ‘animals’.

      Can the daily mail not be had up for inciting racial hatred with its lies?

    46. Grouse Beater says:

      The press and media downgrade it to ‘scuffles.’

      As a kid I’m sure I had a hamster called Scuffles. 🙂

    47. desimond says:

      Is Eddie “Wannabee London Mayor” Izzard wearing a Butchers Apron scarf?

    48. Gary45% says:

      It looked like a FundilyMundily in a tea cup.

    49. muttley79 says:


      If it is a lie then Campbell Gunn should sue her. It has all the hallmarks of a smear.

    50. desimond says:

      The easiest thing for any protestors to do is simply slow hand has the added joy of the recipient actually thinking praise is being given then truth dawns.

    51. joe kane says:

      As Murphy shouted and bawled in the street hoping to attract aggro, as per McTernan’s Oz playbook tactics, huge crowds were gathering in Clyde Square, Greenock, awaiting the visit of the First Minister –
      “The crowd is building as is the anticipation for @NicolaSturgeon arriving at Clyde Square”

    52. I remember an older work colleague telling me many years ago about the actions of reporters in Glasgow when ‘Rock Around the Clock’ was first shown in the cinemas. The story from down south was that Teddy Boys had slashed cinema seats in London Ehen the film was being shown. My colleague told me he saw reporters in the cinema queue in Glsgow asking young guys if they would be slashing seats. That was the story they were after.

      Murphy making a cod of himself and shouting at people is not a story. Somebody shouting at Murphy and prompting his reaction is what the press were after.

    53. Quentin Quale says:

      It’s amazing how these stories just grow and grow – Huffington Post Politics now reporting thet Eddie Izzard & Murphy ‘forced to flee Glasgow rally as Nationalists chant Red Tories Out’.

      Top reporting guys.

    54. Karmanaut says:

      I don’t know why James Cook is getting such a hard time.

      “Absolute chaos as Murphy and Izzard try to be heard over protestors.”

      Come on, that seems reasonable enough to me. It’s not exactly “vile seperatist attack on democracy”.

    55. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      This event was being mentioned on pro-independence Facebook pages last night so it was hardly a secret.

    56. chalks says:

      I’d imagine Clerkin was tipped off by a member of the media, rather than the SNP.

      It’s not exactly a secret amongst media types as they are told in advance, whereas for Campbell Gunn to know, he would actually have to care.

    57. chalks says:

      Oh btw, I think James Cook is being sarcastic, but hey ho.

    58. Easwald says:

      I hope someone asks Mr Cook how many people were arrested when chaos erupted on the streets of Glasgow?

    59. Airdrieonian says:

      The “missing link” tweet tying these 4 shouty counter-protesters with the SNP has come from one Rhoda Macdonald.

      She’s a director at Hanover Communications PR company. Based in London.

      I’ve asked her a few times whether her breathless eye witness accounts of the “truly hideous,frightening, and very upsetting” scenes in Glasgow are personal or related to a campaign she’s working on.

      She’s not denying it…

    60. Black Joan says:

      Murphy mission accomplished. Brave Red Tory’s defence of freedom of speech against Glasgow rabble is lead item on EBC Radio 4 3pm news. Wot, no eggs?

    61. Grouse Beater says:

      Graeme: James Cook’s credibility is totally blown now, I would say.

      Give Cook his due, he points out to Murphy and Izzard the hecklers are anarchists and anti-Labour, not SNP, but that doesn’t stop Murphy from doing what he does best – lie.

    62. fletch49er says:

      Now we know why Murphy was pulling an all nighter last night. He obviously needed something to take focus off Fundilymundily gate. Bet he was on the dog and bone to media prepping this whole happening for the benefit of the media. You’re all Murphy’s stooges!! Step back and see the truth and grow a pair!

    63. Grouse Beater says:

      ‘Absolute chaos’

      From what we see on record that phrase is over-ripe.

      Reporters on location should remain cool, calm, and collected as far as is possible otherwise hyperbole runs away with their tongue. Or you work for Fox and hyperbole is your basic tool of trade.

    64. Andy-B says:

      This kind of reporting really does highlight the need for a devolved media.

      Scotland will never get a fair crack of the whip whilst broadcasting remains a Westminster weapon against us.

      It’s even more sickening to see journalists and broadcasters obey their London BBC masters,and smear fellow Scots.

      And they wonder why we look upon them with sheer disdain.

    65. Karmanaut says:

      The Mail are now depicting this as a violent scrum started by “SNP supporters”, despite the fact that it wasn’t violent and SNP supporters weren’t involved. But they have quotes from Jim Murphy and Eddie Izzard which make it seem so.

      Demonise the SNP/Nationalism. Make English voters fear Lab/SNP deal. Urge waverers/UKIP voters to vote Tory to stop any chance of a coalition with the Scots.

      Scottish Labour and it’s supporters are dutifully spreading the Mail’s agenda all over Twitter right now.

    66. fletch49er says:

      I’m guessing Eddie Izzard my go back home feeling used!

    67. fletch49er says:


    68. Alan says:

      I don’t know if anyone else heard on the BBC news channel(I shouldn’t watch it but it can be funny)a reporter saying that the SNP are acting in an undemocratic way in this election (that really made me laugh but shocked and then pissed off)just more ways of the BBC acting on behalf of their established friends,roll on Thursday we will see who is acting undemocratic ????

    69. Dorothy Devine says:

      These journalists should be ashamed of themselves , what utter balderdash and piffle form James Cooke.

      A good job someone said that Izzard was the one in the high heels and the skirt – I thought it was some unbraw lassie from the labour party.

      And who are the thickos that give them the opportunity to play victim with the aid of every media outlet?

      Get a bloody grip and leave them to party on their own.

      The demise of the BBBC ,STV ,the Herald , the Record and every other shameful piece of media cannot come quick enough.

      Free speech? I’ll give them free speech the bleating hypocrites.

    70. Martin says:

      I actually – and I am not kidding – I actually have a really strongly Labour friend/activist on Facebook (whom I politely refrain from commenting upon this persons political aspersions, as I frankly can’t be arsed), and I am able to see the most ridiculous faux-upset response I’ve ever seen. Literally shrieking in despair, bursting into tears kinds of responses to Jim Murphy and Eddie Izzard getting heckled in the street by a handful of bams in St Enoch Square.

      The ironic image of Jim Murphy, the illegal-war supporting, right-wing, expenses leech prancing about Glasgow City Centre three days before an election with a cross-dressing, Better Together-funding millionaire…. seems to be completely lost on them.

      If anyone is losing the plot here, it’s not SNP voters. Trust me on that!

    71. carjamtic says:

      The type of behaviour in the ‘workplace’ is to be condemned.

      In the process of carrying out the job a ‘task risk’ assessment,would have been followed by control measures,a tool box talk would ensure all members of the work party were aware of any hazards and the appropriate control measures.

      At any time during the task any member of the work party can ‘stop the job’ if there are any safety concerns.

      I am of course assuming that this a work related incident,was this an actual work party or just members of the public exercising their right to free speech ?

      There is no room for complacency here,safety has to be the number one priority,is this type of task/electioneering suitable for the year 2015,we want to ensure everyone goes home to their famillies in the same condition as when they left the house.

      We are not living in the 1970’s,Team Leaders have a responsibility for the safety of their team,surely a basic requirement,in addition,in this day and age,anyone with any safety concerns has the right to contact their safety rep.

      This needs to be addressed before someone is injured let’s not wait until it’s too late.

      Stay Safe Everybody

    72. Dave the Rioting Squirrel says:

      This doesn’t work anymore because there are way too many openly sane people who are going to vote SNP. Nobody believes we’re all nuts anymore – it’s just the diehards on each side fighting over the last few votes IMO. Words will fly.

      That said, it is right of you to denounce those who are gullible enough to fall into Labour’s trap. They need a soft voice and a Horlicks to chill them out.

      Even this week, some people remain unaware that modern media is a fully-fledged Howitzer of bullshit. But not many people.

    73. Stoker says:

      Murphy & Co are repeatedly creating a breach of the peace each and every time they perform one of these antagonistic get-togethers.
      And they’re getting away with it every single time.

      Protect Scotland’s interests. Make Scotland a Tory Free Zone.

      Red, Blue and Amber Tories Out – VOTE SNP.

    74. desimond says:


      Eddie Izzard wishes the Labour nomination for next London Mayoral elections. Hes a wannabee player and no mistake.

    75. annie says:

      Does this mean we will be treated to Jim Murphy on Reporting Scotland tonight telling us all how he wont be driven off the streets by “nasty nats” or will BBC show some guts and refuse to be taken for mugs again.

    76. 45 & Counting says:

      Last throw of the dice for SLab and their media sycophants. Falsely portraying a few noisy protesters with megaphones giving them pelters as a ‘violent nationalist attack on democracy and free speech’ is in itself an attack on democracy and free speech.

      Ill judged as it is to follow Jim Murphy around shouting over him in this way the protesters have every right to do so and it is an absolute disgrace and dangerously irresponsible that they are falsely accused of being violent by Murphy and the media.

      Amazingly enough the only incident shown on TV that could have been described as ‘violent behaviour’ came from a female Labour activist repeatedly barging and shoving one of the protesters.

      The FM and the SNP need to challenge this type of distorted reporting because if it goes unchallenged by them then they allow it to be become ‘the truth’ when it is anything but.

    77. candyman says:

      Sean clerkin was SSP candidate in Paisley by election in 1997. He admitted to reporters today he is a campaigning socialist. He is from Murphy’s constituency so has many contacts there and with journalists. There was no SNP activists at today’s events and this should be made clear to all media reporting today’s events

    78. icyspark says:

      This has McTernan all over it:

      It was a pretty obvious setup by SLAB.

      JULIA Gillard has been forced to admit her own staff helped spark a violent demonstration on Australia Day which trapped her and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

    79. heedtracker says:

      Karmanaut says:
      4 May, 2015 at 3:08 pm
      I don’t know why James Cook is getting such a hard time.

      BBC and C4 are public service broadcasters with charters that are clear on impartiality and non bias. I know right, why even bother now. Sad to see that C4 git lying his head off too though.

      C4 are as bad as the ghastly BBC but they’re funded by adverts They wont be sold off by and today is a great example of why and why UKOK attack propaganda unionism needs them.

      Attack, attack, attack and all to stop people in Scotland voting how they want to.

    80. steveasaneilean says:

      All you need to know about Rhoda:

      “Prior to consultancy, Rhoda worked as Special Adviser to the Rt Hon Helen Liddell, Secretary of State for Scotland. Her knowledge and understanding of Scottish issues means she can provide invaluable insight and advice to clients with business interests in the devolved administration.

      For nearly two decades, Rhoda worked in the media in Scotland, as a programme presenter, journalist and producer”.

    81. Joemcg says:

      Methinks this wee stunt will backfire on them anyway. Desperation stakes now.

    82. annie says:

      @fletch49er – Izzard feeling used, don’t kid yourself, he was probably in the office when they ‘phoned Clerkin this morning. He’ll likely get a boost for his London Mayor campaign in return.

    83. farrochie says:

      Murphy is reportedly “addressing activists”. Why do this on the street?

      Totally staged event worthy of “Drop the Dead Donkey”

    84. icyspark says:

      Yep McTernan at the ready to blame Gunn for this, even though it was Labour themselves that told Clerkin:

    85. JGedd says:

      Afraid Alex Thompson’s fickleness is not unique or even hard to read. It seems, sometimes, that as soon as people on this side commend a reporter for a decent interview or presentation, then they revert back to herd behaviour.

      It’s either a corrective for career advantage – a feeling that they might have overstepped the bounds and have to quickly step back, or else someone has had a word in their shell-like. I think that Chomsky commented that establishment media can tolerate the occasional maverick as long as they don’t seriously challenge very often and as long as they are few.

      Sometimes this erratic behaviour, the odd slippage in presentation, might be psychological – not wanting to be estranged from their colleagues, or mindful of their career, have to pay tribute now and again to the status quo. It’s easier in lots of ways just to lazily hand in the same copy as everyone else.

      A little dalliance with danger can gain you the reputation as being unafraid, a stalwart for truth, as long as you show yourself willing to be part of the pack at other times. That’s why a seemingly impartial reporter can mystify when they do a step-change like this. It’s all to do with career trajectory and not alienating colleagues.

    86. Valerie says:

      Clerk in is absolutely harmless, annoying and attention seeking, but I saw him being jostled in the vid.

      It looked no more than a mild scrum at a busy bar at the weekend to me!

      So disappointed in Izzard, who I used to like,but no more if he wants to align himself with a vile loser like Murphy. All the stills from this alleged chaos, show Murphygrinning like a hyena, so I’m pretty sure the whole thing was staged to expose poor old Eddie.

      Eddie, don’t try so hard with the outfit, that scarf looks like the Butchers Apron around your neck, nasty looking.

    87. Mary Sutherland says:

      Speaking afterwards, Mr Clerkin stood by his approach, denying it was intimidating and aggressive whilst handing his opponents an open goal.

      He insisted he was not acting on political instruction, saying he had left the SNP eight years ago in a protest over its housing policy.

      The serial campaigner also claimed he had been tipped off about the event by disaffected members of the Labour Party within Mr Murphy’s East Renfrewshire heartland

      He said: “Of course (his protest) is a good thing. This isn’t just me. There were 25 other working-class people there, people who are saying Labour has become the red Tories and we’re there to demonstrate against £30billion in cuts.

      “This will be portrayed as something else by the establishment but its just old-fashioned political heckling, a democratic tradition. But I am being called obsessive and delusional.”

      He added: “I was told by members of the Labour Party in East Renfrewshire at 8.30 am this morning. I had time to ring around people. I believe the intentions of those who told me was honourable. They have told me plenty in the past.”

    88. ErinT says:

      “Isn’t anyone going to mention the fact that Eddie Izzard was wearing lipstick and makeup and wearing a skirt and heels?

      After all, the press usually comments upon Ms. Sturgeon’s dress and footwear.”

      Just a general warning here. I’ve seen quite a few transphobic comments pop up on Twitter regarding Izzard’s gender expression and I’d like for people to be careful with respect to what they say as it would be very easy to run a few negative Twitter comments as showing an anti-LGBT agenda amongst “SNP supporters”.

      That said, why no comment on Izzard’s makeup and outfit? As a similarly gender non-conforming person I would say it is because his makeup and outfit weren’t very good today. Might sound a little bitchy but, eh.

    89. Dcanmore says:

      Clerkin was set up here, a tip off from a ‘disgruntled’ Slabber then confrontation. Slab knew what the outcome would be if Clerkin turned up with his PA system. Izzard is there to generate news outside Scotland as Murphy isn’t worthy of column inches in England. Then it all kicks off, within minutes every newsspaper and news outlet in the UK is sent a fully fleshed out story, with cropped pictures, over the wires. Job done.

      Conclusion, leave Murphy alone with his paid for dozen followers, he’s talking to nobody anyway. Why give him oxygen?

    90. Nation Libre says:

      I kind of think Murphy and the media were hoping for some trans-gender abuse of Izzard to again point to Nasty Nats

      Given the streets were in chaos and it was the centre of Glasgow and with all the video evidence, surely several arrests are imminent. Has anyone contacted Police Scotland?

    91. sadiedoll says:

      Roda has now made her tweets private, presumably after some legal advice. Thank god for social media, outing idiots/liars like this swiftly.

    92. Blind Squirrel says:

      Does that make me one of the bad guys because I a Scottish nationalist and not a British nationalist? Why they insist on portraying us like this really is beyond me, in the mean time they harden my resolve whilst they continue to lose respect from all around them.

    93. CameronB Brodie says:

      Another ‘convenient’ example of the eggregious ‘nationalist’ hatred towards London’s man and ‘civil liberty’? They’re all Stalinist Nazis you know, if they refuse to tug forelock.

    94. davidb says:

      Magritt Curran’s looking awfy young in that video. Has she had work done?

    95. manandboy says:

      Labour’s man in Scotland, Jim Murphy, is like the outside of a set of Annushka Russian dolls.
      Inside Jim is the Orange Order; then the Ibrox faithful;then comes the very far right wing groups within the ‘gers fans; then you come to the Loyalists from Northern Ireland, including representatives of the UDA, the UVF, and the UFF. All these layers of Unionists are heavily laden with sectarianism and racism, hatred and violence, and I suspect one or two other little surprises.

      The BBC with James Cooke and Glenn Campbell and the rest, are never going to let you see all the dolls.

      Which is why I am offering them a little hand. So when you next see Jim Murphy, just think of all the Unionist dolls he is fronting.

    96. ErinT says:

      “I kind of think Murphy and the media were hoping for some trans-gender abuse of Izzard to again point to Nasty Nats”

      As a transperson myself, I had a feeling that this might have been the case with Eddie’s identity being exploited for cheap press. It makes me feel gross.

      However, I’ll warn against making suggestions that that is why Eddie Izzard presented in such a manner today. If he is genderfluid he could just have swung to the femme side which is a perfectly normal thing for some people with gender dysphoria.

    97. Les Wilson says:

      Another press/labour set up, see Murphy smirking all the time. Followed by the atrocious press/tv reports.

      It IS an outrage right enough but by unionist set piece propaganda insulting the people of Glasgow and the SNP at the same time,absolute trash.

      Work hard for Thursday folks, let’s show them.

    98. Edward says:

      Well with only 4 days (3 days of campaigning) and Labour in Scotland struggling, is anyone actually surprised at this set up by Labour?

      Just reading tweets from McTernan, lying his arse off on Alex Thompson Twitter feed, blaming Campbell Gunn of the SNP

      We should all be on our guard as Labour will use any and every opportunity with their pliable media friends to cause promblems for the SNP

    99. David Agnew says:

      And yet behind it all is glaring reality that it is precisely this sort of thing that drives people away from Scottish labour. It is precisely why Scottish labour unwittingly gifted the SNP more than half of its vote. If this was an attempt to keep hold of what little they have, then it won’t be enough. If it was intended to win back all labour lost, then frankly the “egg” incident would have achieved that last year.

      This is what Americans would call doubling down on failure. The delusional mind state that the reason a plan has failed so far, is because you didn’t do enough of it last time.

      So Mr Murphy getting his arse kicked once again in a TV debate, goes back to heckling his placard carriers and someone tips off a professional heckler to heckle him. The media dutifully goes into overdrive mode to once more polish a turd on a stick.

      At some point the other shoe will have to drop that this was a fight Murphy could never win, and his mouth is writing cheques his party can’t cash.

      The real loser here is the UK media. As once more the overwhelming majority of those voting for the SNP, simply come to perceive it as either mind mindbogglingly idiotic or simply corrupt.

    100. Edward says:

      Isn’t Tweets cached? 😮

    101. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Dorothy Devine(3.23) –

      ‘unbraw lassie’ ! 😉

    102. YESGUY says:

      Thank goodness we have the web.

      The tweets and blogs are in full pelt debunking this epic fail by Dim jim and his scummy party. Even as they speak folks are showing this as another pice of fiction.

      Thurday cannot come quick enough. Oh the joy to see the look on the faces as they collect their P45’s .

      Labour will never be forgotten or trusted again by anyone. They have scraped through the bowl to the dirt underneath to fool voters.

      EPIC FAIL 😀 😀 😀

    103. Louis B Argyll says:

      This latest escapade in biased reporting WAS EXPECTED.

      The arguments are lost, so time for The Beeb to scare the pensioners with OVERBLOWN ANGSTY REPORTING of a square off between opposite sides.

      Was there actual violence?

      Looked like restraint won the day..

    104. icyspark says:

      So basically this is what happened:

      Labour tell Sean Clerkin that Jim Murphy will be at a certain location at a specific time.

      Hothersall tweets: Sean Clerkin is going to confront Eddie Izzard? Please let there be cameras. And @Callum_Munro. And @JamieRoss7 for the snark. #electionfun

      Press pack all turn up, tweet about Clerkin being there before Murphy turns up.

      Murphy appears. Much shouting. Press go batshit mental. Stories appear everywhere with no fact checking, blaming SNP.

      McTernan tweets it was Cambell Gunn that leaked Murphy’s whereabouts, in an attempt to link the SNP. Flatly denied by Gunn.

      Reporters then go with McTernan’s view.

      Other reporters have deleted their tweets about blaming Gunn, no doubt realising that they have been fooled by McTernan.

      Total fucking obvious SLAB setup.

      The MSM NOW have to tell the REAL story here. That Labour set the whole thing up, to create faux outrage and bring the SNP into disrepute.

    105. sadiedoll says:

      Rhoda McDonald’s tweets have been screenshotted by many, so that won’t get her out the mire. Few media outlets now rowing back – even the Daily Fail have tweeted that Slab in East Ren was supplying them with info.

    106. Vince says:

      Wishful thinking perhaps but surely many sane Better Together supporters can see Murphy for what he is. A cowardly bull dog who is trying to turn the people of Scotland against each other for his own political gain.

      Speaking as a fervent SNP supporter, for pity’s sake if the good people of East Renfrewshire want to get round a Better Together figure to try and oust the SNP get behind the Conservative candidate not this unintelligent sickening rabble rouser. I’m sure many National Party supporters would praise your actions if Conservatives kept this lowbrow out of Scottish and British politics.

    107. JGedd says:

      @ Nation Libre 3.49pm

      The same thought had crossed my mind. I might be wrong and correct me if I am, but I thought Izzard varies the way he dresses – as he is entitled to do, of course ( variety is the spice of life after all!) but it seems that he is at times less flamboyant than today. It occurred to me, that they might have been hoping for some personal remarks. It appears that those remarks were not forthcoming, so despite their nuisance value in having fallen for this stunt, I must commend the hecklers in that respect anyway.

      What on earth was Eddie Izzard contributing to the debate in Scotland anyway?

    108. Robert Louis says:

      So here we see the last flailings of the cornered animal called ‘Labour Scottish Branch office’. Unable to discuss policy, unable to convince voters, Labour phone some demonstrators, then phone the obliging ‘press’, who then report chaos – even though no such chaos occurred etc..etc.

      Oh, and please somebody from the ‘scottishy’ media, please tell me, when was it decided that our politicians were too, too precious to be openly verbally challenged when they choose to shoot their own mouths off in the street. It is called democracy.

      No politician, especially Murphy, has some god given right to be heard unchallenged in the public street. To pretend otherwise is to bestow upon the likes of Murphy a status which he does not deserve.

      Seriously, what has become of the Labour party, that they are resorting to this kind of petty behaviour? Much, much worse, is the complicit and frankly craven Scottish ‘journalists’ who play along with Labour’s charade. Scrawling their lies, so to claim a ‘scoop’ by lunchtime.

      It is the Labour party itself, which is holding Scotland back. We cannot be rid of these charlatans, and their lapdug ‘scottishy’ media apparatchiks soon enough.

    109. Thepnr says:

      @David Agnew

      Very much the same view as yours.

      Labour may have got the reaction they wanted from the press and the BBC. Only problem is that despite all the hyperbole the pictures and video tell a completely different story.

      I doubt if many will be taken in by this, I believe it is more likely to work against them. Have Jim Murphy and McTernan not yet realised that it is political stunts such as todays that have helped lose them almost 50% of their core vote.

      There are also a lot of journalists and TV reporters who are making themselves look totally ridiculous.

      Wonder what’s on the menu for tomorrow?

    110. muttley79 says:

      Yet another piss poor grubby smear from Scottish Labour. FFS, all I can say is roll on Thursday so I can vote SNP, and we can vote these clowns out.

    111. TYRAN says:

      I really wouldn’t put it past them staging handbags between a few of their own people in the coming days; like watching Kendo Nagasaki on Saturday afternoon. This was a hoax.

    112. Nana Smith says:

      Good grief it’s that Rhoda McDonald. An attention seeking wee clipe. She’s obviously not changed since schooldays.

    113. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Izzard wants us to take him seriously, and Jim’s providing all the laughs. Crazy old world, innit?

    114. Robert Louis says:

      As for Eddie Izzard, up in Scotland to patronise ‘the Scots’ yet again.

      ‘Cake or death’ was actually funny about a gazillion years ago. Nobody really knows just why he feels the need to come up and patronise us now. It’s all a bit pathetic – just like labour.

      O/T Just a wee reminder to make sure all the people you know do actually go out and vote on Thursday. Every vote will count, both in seat terms and percentage terms.

    115. bugsbunny says:

      I bumped into Eddie Izzard on a day trip to Dumfries during the 2010 General Election, with him trying to be “down with the kids.” 14 to 16 year olds going home in their school uniforms just laughed at him and called him a freak.

      He’s in good company then with Jim Murphy.


    116. Nation Libre says:


      I’m not suggesting Izzard has dressed a certain way for a reaction, I followed him enough over the years to know he wears what likes.

      I’m sure however that it was on the mind of Murphy, McT and McD when they invited him up. I know Izzard was up during the whole BT bull, but what on earth has he got to do with voting Labour in Scotland?

      Hopefully he will be feeling more than a little used although listening to his pathetic turning of anti-labour protest into an anti-english/evil nationalist ‘I ran 8 marathons in a saltire’ pish, he can go and piss off

    117. G H Graham says:

      Convinced that his much publicised crate tour of Scotland in 2014 was on the right side of history, Murphy clearly believes that a repeat of his rabble rousing pontificating will achieve a similar, pro BritNat result.

      But it wont. Because the decision by Labour to join the Conservatives at the hip during the NO campaign has left a devastating imprint in the minds of much of Labour’s traditional support.

      The details of Murphy’s neo con behaviour in Westminster these past 10 years or so may well be unfamiliar to the rank & file but his allegiance to Blairite principles is not.

      Finally, Labour is simply no longer able to simultaneously present two faces to the electorate. One of those is a leftish looking ticket for hard core voters in Scotland & the other is a right wing ticket that might appeal to conservative minded voters in the south east of England.

      Thus, the rare convergence of three features will conspire to put Labour in a position, unthinkable even six months ago.

      This stunt in Glasgow today, is simply a desperate but fruitless attempt to win some ground back against the overwhelming tsunami of support for Sturgeon. Not even the might of the BBC can help him now.

      In essense, he just comes across as desperate. And having trousered nearly £1/2 million in expenses this past term, he at least, has an excuse. Even if it’s inexcusable.

    118. Dcanmore says:

      Those wondering abour Izzard’s involvement. He’s there for the London-based Press, Jim’s a nobody outside Scotland so cue well-known celeb and wannabe-national treasure to take abuse for the cameras. It’s the news angle that gets traction outside Scotland and onto nation-wide coverage.

    119. One_Scot says:

      If anyone was not sure why I do not pay the BBC tax, this is why,

      Why would I pay the BBC to be biased in favour of the union.

    120. manandboy says:

      Murphy is merely doing a daily BBC theatre production on the street for news broadcasting. Everything you see on your screen has been organised to the last detail. This is pure Unionist brainwashing of the viewing public. If you’re already fed up with it, there’s bad news – it is set to go on without limit and become daily stock news in Scotland. The entire BBC news & current affairs Dept. will have as it’s top priority, the destruction of the reputation of the SNP, the Scottish parliament and the independence movement.

      Thursday isn’t the end of anything nor is it the start of anything. It is just one more day in the escalating propaganda war between the super rich Establishment who are siphoning off Scotland’s wealth, and non-unionist Scotland.

      We will be Independent but it will not be achieved without further progress up the learning curve – and a little more suffering.
      Perhaps too many in Scotland still see Indy as an option and not yet as a necessity. The English certainly do not see Scotland’s wealth as optional, but that’s the kind of clarity that comes with imminent bankruptcy.

      Vote SNP sack the BBC

    121. robert graham says:

      well the lie is out there before the truth has got its shoes on job done media fed move on ,a non story and a compliant media assists in its over promotion by the way who gave murphy sole possession of the streets in glasgow if he wants to do the shouty thing he is inviting a reaction well he got it, his and i stress his lot started the pushing but cooks over the top tweet i mean get a grip and he just happened to be passing aye right

    122. Paula says:

      These times are manic. It really isnae that far-fetched for Scottish Labour to be using false-flag protesters.

    123. bookie from hell says:

      pity Daily Mail dont follow own house rules

      Rule 5: No libel or other abuse

      You must not make or encourage comments which are:

      defamatory, false or misleading;

      insulting, threatening or abusive;

      obscene or of a sexual nature;

      offensive, racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory against any religions or other groups.

    124. JaceF says:

      Turning up in Margaret Thatcher cosplay was genius, lol.

    125. Rod Robertson says:

      I have it on very good authority two members of East Ren Labour Party “tipped off” Mr Clerkin about this “rally”

    126. Dcanmore says:

      Gotta remember folks, if you live outside Scotland (like myself) then you are subjected to a tsunami and anti-SNP ant-Scottish rhetoric from the right-wing media in London for weeks on a daily basis, ever since the SNP has seen to be a threat to Westminster. Izzard’s involvement is a cynical plan to stop any softening of that right-wing view in the national Press. The SNP must be seen as evil, money-grabbing fascists right up until 10pm on Thursday night.

      Why? Simply beause the English left are endearing themselves to Nicola and will wholly accept a Labour-SNP pact. Either Izzard accepted an invitation to help Murphy to shore up his support knowing full well the events at hand or he was played like a fiddle (as Clerkin was) by those responsible in orchestrating that staged rammy.

    127. charles says:

      Reporting scotland very crafty when attatching coments from tories and lib dems about snp before the footage from made up event/trap. There is no need to say that as its unrelated to the report. Yet another example of the bbc attacking snp

    128. Roger says:

      the headlines are saying Russel Brand is calling on people to vote Labour – but listen to what he actually said, the ‘Scots know how they will vote’ but in England – outside of Brighton – vote Labour. That sounds ideal, but it’s not making the headlines.

    129. Dougie Bee says:

      Haven’t read all the excuse me if I’m repeating what someone else has said

      Thats not Izzard with murphy.. surely its mags curran wae a wee bit o lipstick an makeup on..

      PMSL when I saw it

      By the way..murph is a wanker of the first degree…xxx

    130. Gary says:

      Certainly this was waaayy overblown but actually, there WAS a ‘scuffle’. I saw quite clearly on film three people pushing and jostling a man, it didn’t actually become violent but that was only because the man didn’t push or shove back. Look for the incident at the back of the crowd, a man with a loud-hailer is shoved around but this stops when the Labour activists realised they were being filmed manhandling a peaceful protestor on a public street…

    131. Effijy says:

      Thank Goodness Mr Cook was hiding behind his camera man.
      The camera must be jam packed with photographic evidence
      showing the faces of that rampaging mob of 4 people armed with
      a piece of cardboard and a £20 mega phone.

      How could Mr Cook have hoped to survive with his group numbering
      50 plus against a hoard numbering anything up to 5?

      We must ask Mr Cook to press charges and apply for Criminal injuries from the evidence that he gathered at the event.

      He must be worried sick that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have wrongly connected to anything that occurred. No doubt these people can be identified and forced to confess if they were directed by any political party.

      Does anyone know if Mr Izzard was able to run from these street warriors in high heels?

      Mr Cook, you seem to be an equal of Mr Murphy with regard to your general character. Noted for future reference.

    132. Mealer says:

      A lot of neutralish people will have witnessed this stom in a teacup today and when they hear it being reported as a near riot they’ll be thinking “that’s pish”.And so distrust of the media spreads a bit more.

    133. James123 says:

      In England Farage is confronted in the street in an aggressive manner by a member of the public, nothing too serious says BBC reporter. In Bath protesters turn up to heckle David Cameron and an egg is thrown at him, barely a mention of it.

      Meanwhile in Scotland 4 protesters turn up to heckle Jim Murphy and we get, “Absolute chaos on the streets!” “Violent emotion?” “What does Sturgeon have to say”.

      Fucking joke.

    134. manandboy says:

      The Unionists just can’t stop digging. They are blinded to the impact of their corrupt campaign on the Scottish electorate. No one who pisses on the living room floor expects to be invited back.

    135. The megaphone's feedback says:

      I’ve always found Eddie Izzard to be a bit of a riot….

      Shouty Murphy is also a one man riot…..

      Was there a disappointed punter heckling because they didn’t do any new comedy material?

      That’s the problem when you do too many shows on the road

    136. snode1965 says:

      Having watched several video clips fae the news channels and listening tae BBC radio, the one overriding message from today is Red Tories Out!

    137. Clootie says:

      …who was it said that Cook was a fair journalist?
      …are they still convinced of that?

    138. CyberMidgie says:

      It strikes me as interesting that the photo in Mr Cook’s tweet was taken from behind the Labour supporters, because the placards they’re waving are blank on the back.

      That allows the photo and the tweet together to imply that the placards are being waved by the protesters, making it seem as if Jim Murphy is being swarmed under by his opposition, when nothing could be further from reality.

      As usual, we see the dubious media technique of tightly-shot closeups to make the event look like much more of a scrum than it actually was. However, we can still see two edge-on placards at the right hand side of the photo. Lo and behold, they’re the red and yellow of Scottish Labour.

      Finally, if you zoom in on the photo, you can see that the woman with the Labour rosette is using a microphone. If they get to blast the area with a PA system, so do the protesters. Free speech is for everyone, after all.

    139. Paula says:

      @Dougie Bee

      My first thought was no of The Curran, but “Oh my, Anne Robinson has really let herself go, no wonder the BBC hasn’t commissioned any more of The Weakest Link”

    140. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ Dougie Bee

      Better lookin than Magrit too.

    141. Famous15 says:

      Therewere no SNP supporters present so why was Izzard on about nationalists. He was scripted into the whole scene!

    142. Fred says:

      Sean Clerkin, if I ever bump into the guy I shall buy him a drink. 🙂

    143. Gordon Mackay says:

      Sean Clerkin has now admitted that it was a member of East Refrewhire Labour Party that tipped him off about the location of the rally

    144. Croompenstein says:

      It pissed me off when AS praised Cook and toodle-oo-the-noo after the ref, slugs the 2 of them. Then I thought maybe it’s the old keep your friends close but your enemies closer..

    145. the Penman says:

      Good to see the “All hail your Imperial Masters!” guy on the rickshaw with the loudspeaker was there too, and instead of th Imperial March it was a selection of “goodbye” songs – “So Long & Thanks For All The Fish”, “So Long Farewell” (from Sound Of Music), “Stay Another Day” by East 17, etc. Made me chuckle.

    146. Betsy says:

      Here’s Alex Thomson’s take on events

      It might be an idea for Mr Clerkin to reflect on why people in the Labour Party are leaking this information to him. Then again he’s no friend of the SNP or the wider indy movement. Check SNP Mhairi Hunter on Twitter – he’s falsely accused her of assault and disrupted Nicola Strugeon’s surgeries. Not to mention his protest in the Yes office.

      He’s not an easy person to ignore but it really would be for the best if that is what happened.

    147. BuckieBraes says:


      Come Friday morning it’ll be, ‘Scottish Labour, you are the weakest link. Goodbye!’

    148. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      It looks like this may be strangled at birth, just like the leaked memo from the FCO/LibDems, by social media derision.

      They fundilymundily cocked it up…

    149. KennyG says:

      It would be interesting to see what a seasoned war correspondent would make of a fellow ‘journalists’ view of ‘chaos’.

    150. Gary45% says:

      Seems a bit strange.
      Referendum last year, no problems until
      FUD takes an egg for the union, and then the BIASED media goes into overdrive.

      A few days before the GE same thing again, someone shouts at Mr Shouty and the same BIASED media spout the same Pi*h again.

      Look out for this person to have another pop at the FUD before Thursday.

      The LYING SLab party will be behind this.

    151. Macart says:

      They really are getting desperate.

      Stay away from these people and just get to the polling station on May 7. The best way to deal with this culture is to remove from office those who practice this kind of politics and media manipulation.

    152. Defo says:

      Could life ever be sane again?
      But Honey Pie, you’re not safe here

      I wonder to myself..

    153. X_Sticks says:

      @Nana Smith

      Have you got a hotline to GCHQ? How can one person find so many excellent links. It’s beyond me!

      Thank you

    154. Arabs for Independence says:

      Just off the British Airways flight from Edinburgh to London Gatwick and all the air hostesses are dressed up as Eddie Izzard.

    155. Effijy says:

      I survived a similar incident to this some years back.

      One person picked up a small plastic box only for another to become agitated. Suddenly they both began wailing and matters escalated with 2 minor pushes, one against the other.

      Fortunately the Nursery Nurse arrived and both parties agreed to share the box of Lego 50/50.

      BBC Headline: Scottish Educational Institution has full scale riot over discussions on the country’s building programme. lol

    156. BOB Mooney says:

      Was passing and you could not move for riot police, the Glasgow kind and the Mujahadeen.

      In the background was was Moses bringing his tablet of stone up the stairs from the Underground.

    157. Colin Dawson says:

      This has all the attributes of a false flag operation.

    158. Does Jim not have his own copy of Ed’s moanylith to lug around with him, like some Labour Sysiphus?

      Fundilymundily Jim proves ma Granny right on the issue of vessels with nothing in them and noise ….

      Jim’s like that boxer Pacchidermus or what ever he is called, always quick with an excuse to explain why he cannot land a punch while taking the money and running …

    159. Nana Smith says:

      Derek Bateman writes about today’s shouty event

    160. HandandShrimp says:

      If James Cook wants to see absolute chaos he should get his over-excited arse over to Nepal. What a load of hyped up mince. Alex Thomson came all the way down to Largs just to ask Nicola about poor Jim being heckled…like she would know anything about it.

      You despair for what passes as journalism.

    161. heedtracker says:

      Cant be arsed watching but creepy Morphy riots will be UKOK tv headline news BBC England, BBC Scotland, Channel 4 news, STV news, local news, international news etc

      James Cooke is some man for the BBC propaganda but who’s back at Pacific Quay pulling the puppet’s strings?

    162. Martin McDonald says:

      Eddie Izzard really comes across as an absolute prick.

    163. Kenny says:

      On Izzard’s gender identity, it’s maybe worth stating that as far as I know he identifies as a transvestite man, i.e. as a man who dresses in women’s clothes. I’m pretty sure he’s straight too. Presumably it’s the fact that he’s a man that means his clothes are not worth remarking on, unlike the FM… :-/

    164. muttley79 says:

      The guy with the ricksaw, who plays the music, is an uber legend of the independence movement. Does anyone have any footage of his latest wind up? On the other hand, Clerkin is a fool, and needs to STFU, and do so for a meaningful length of time.

    165. Cactus says:

      “(You can see the mile-wide grin on Murphy’s face every time Clerkin’s class-warrior collective turns up, and you can practically hear him thinking “Oh please God let one of them throw an egg or try to punch me”.)

      Got me thinking, there are alternative socially acceptable methods of protest.. the throwing of cut flowers appears to be a peaceful & popular option in these modern times of ours..

      In this scenario, the tossing of a red or black rose would be rather fitting (especially for disgusted ex-Labour voters.)

      Also, ditto what Alex Waugh suggested on the previous thread.. “turns your backs on em.” Let’s see that on the televisual screens!

    166. yesindyref2 says:

      Oh, whoops, is that Eddie Izzard? I described him as “some woman” in the Herald, on the “fully detailed” article which, from the timing, appeared about 5 minutes after the so-called event, presumably from a press releasse hot from Labour, describing the abuse hurled at Murphy & Co, falsely headlined by Magnus Gardham as “Ugly scenes as hardline nationalists disrupt Labour event in Glasgow”.

      Which story has this line in it “A girl aged about six or seven was carried from the crowd in tears.” which is kind of curious, as the article had previously used that line about the Miliband affair outside Tollcross on Friday.

      The Herald really needs to be more thorough with its lies, make sure they’re consistent, and not repeated.

    167. Capella says:

      Truly pathetic.
      @ Nana
      Thanks for the link to the Empire Biscuit video. It puts the “riot” in perspective. I note that a Labour activist accuses Rickshaw Man of playing “So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye” from Sound of Music. She says the “Nazi children” sung it. In fact it was the Von Trapp children who were fleeing the Nazis as I recall.

      Labour are not often right but they are wrong again.

    168. galamcennalath says:

      All it does is make you even more certain that Scotland needs to rid itself of all these lying, cheating, conniving scumbags.

      Politics has never ever stooped this low. Then again, Scotland has never ever reached these levels of prominence in politics! They want us back in our wee box being spoken to, but never heard.

    169. Katie says:

      I used to like Eddie Izzard as well. What a dissapointment. How can he possibly know what its like to live in Scotland as a normal person (not the Elite) and the issues we face? Oh… yeah… sorry he once ran a marathon in Scotland waving a saltire, ah well he must be alright then…. w#nker!

    170. heedtracker says:

      Thi8nk about what must pass for a conscience between the ears of these professional liars and conmen. Sitting about going, oh yes I’m a fantastic journalist at the top of my profession me, like Nick Robinson:D

      Equal ghastly is same UKOK creep show goes off round the planet reportaging shit and how much of it as even remotely honest about anything they send back?

      TeamGB BBC style journalism and media really stinks.

    171. Mealer says:

      James Cook,BBC.
      James,I’ve seen aerial photographs.You have to realise that fully half of the Glasgow public support independence.They have cameras and social media.You are making a fool of yourself with your sensationalist reporting of a Labour Party attempt to smear their opponents.Get a grip or become a laughing stock.

    172. joe kane says:

      An interesting youtube video of the last time Shouty Jim was at the exact same spot bawling away through a speaker-amplifier at his pre-paid crowd of plastic worshippers. Watch as the bald guy and aspiring heckler gets followed, jostled and crowded out by Jim’s rentamob. The initial speaker in this segment is Glasgow City Council Labour supremo Gordon Matheson.

      Jim Murphy’s Soapbox Circus 2 of 2

    173. yesindyref2 says:

      Ah, to correct that, what the Herald article says about the Tollcross affair two-thrids doen the article is “The centre was still open to the public and one young girl was seen in tears with her mum as they walked through the protest.”. The “A girl aged about six or seven was carried from the crowd in tears.” is at the top of the article.

      Some coincidence surely.

    174. Don Macleod says:

      I wouldn’t get too bothered with the BBC on this occassion. On their News website they report with no real bias I think.

      ”Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy and comedian Eddie Izzard were heckled by opponents during general election campaigning in Glasgow.

      There were scuffles involving Labour Party supporters and their opponents in the city centre.

      Protesters, who played loud music and shouted “Red Tories out”, drowned out Mr Murphy as he tried to speak.

      The protest was organised by Sean Clerkin, who described his group as “anti-austerity campaigners”.

      He told the BBC that details of the event had been passed to him by a disillusioned member of the Labour Party in East Renfrewshire.”

    175. jim68 says:

      How can you be “tipped off” about a public rally in a the busiest street in Glasgow. Surely it was either A) public. Or B)private but pretending to be public. 40 supporters, 15press & 1000s of passersby knew, bur we are supposed to believe it was a conspiracy…

    176. FairFerfochen says:

      Reporting Scotland news at 1 had a report on this.

      First up Murphy riot with lots of background noise and heckling.

      Then they went to a report on Nicola Sturgeon in Glenrothes.
      Could hardly hear her speech for the (what sounded like) heckling in the background.

      Followed by another report by either Rennie or Ruthie which had the exact same background heckling as herad in the NS report.

      If anyone can source the piece it may be worth looking at.

    177. Grouse Beater says:

      Why does the press insist on calling Murphy’s old fashion soap box speeches a ‘rally’?

      The meaning of another word devalued.

      A rally usually involves many hundreds if not thousands.

      We used to go and listen and heckle the ‘Hyde Park Corner’ orators. Murphy hasn’t even reached the level of oratory, but they call every street stop he makes a ‘rally.’

      Give me strength.

    178. Stoker says:

      BBC Scum News now reporting that senior Labour figures are in talks with LibDems on a possible coalition.

      Waste of good Oxygen, Murphy & Izzard, spouting PISH about it being Scottish Nationalists when we all know it wasn’t.

      Typical of the zero credibility BBC giving that pair of freaky liars a free stage to promote their lies.


    179. thomaspotter2014 says:

      Is this all they’ve got?

      Deary deary me!

    180. CameronB Brodie says:

      I think the von Trapp family would be more than a little annoyed with that numptie Slabourite suggesting they were Nazi sympathisers. F**fuckwit.

      When the Nazis annexed Austria in 1938, the von Trapps realized that they were on thin ice with a regime they abhorred. Georg not only refused to fly the Nazi flag on their house, but he also declined a naval command and a request to sing at Hitler’s birthday party. They were also becoming aware of the Nazis’ anti-religious propaganda and policies, the pervasive fear that those around them could be acting as spies for the Nazis, and the brainwashing of children against their parents. They weighed staying in Austria and taking advantage of the enticements the Nazis were offering—greater fame as a singing group, a medical doctor’s position for Rupert, and a renewed naval career for Georg—against leaving behind everything they knew—their friends, family, estate, and all their possessions. They decided that they could not compromise their principles and left.

    181. PictAtRandom says:

      I see that The Girniad has a poll showing that Nick Clegg will defeat Labour by 42% to 35% in Sheffield Hallam. Seems that around 9% of his supporters are tactical voters.
      So the hunt for the prime casualty of Election Night narrows.
      Heh heh.

    182. HandandShrimp says:

      If it was a Labour chap that told Clerkin where they would be perhaps Jim wanted hecklers there so they could do the storm off in a huff thing.

    183. James123 says:

      “What do you think Jim?” ask James Cook, or put another way he’s a free chance to air your insane rantings on the BBC without challenge.

    184. sadiedoll says:

      Will be a shame if Clegg holds on in Hallam. The young Lab guy running against him has run a great campaign. Clegg relying on the Tories to prop him up. Better Together, eh?

    185. Stoker says:

      I don’t understand the “disappointment” about Izzard.

      He has always been a Champagne Socialist Luvvy and has played his part in many varieties of Labour promo material over the decades.

      IMO, he has also always been a rank rotten comedian.

    186. Marie clark says:

      Oh dear, sigh. How pathetic. I wish Sean Clerkin would give it a rest for the next day or two. He’s had his 15 mins of fame, now gie the rest of us piece.

      As for Murphy, best thing to do with him is totally ignore him. His stunt has been shown up for what it is, and in a short space of time. No chance that EBC liars will correct it, so just let it lie.

      It’s too little, too late for Jimbo. He won’t turn the tide now.

      There’ll be plenty mair pish to contend way in the next two days, just keep your powder dry and go and vote on Thursday. That is the only way to deal with this rubbish.

      As for Labout high heid yins talking to the Lib Dums, they must be awfie sure that there will be enough of them to make a difference. No enough in my opinion.

      Just sit back Nicola, see what mess they get themselves into, then decide what you want to do after that. Me, well I’d tell them to GTF. Pronto.

    187. CameronB Brodie says:

      Well, is AS likely to acknowledge he thought they are a pair of cupid stunts, even if that were his opinion? I doubt it would gain him much media support. 🙂

    188. Fiona says:

      Sorry, not read the thread yet. Just in – I was walking about the war torn streets of Glasgow, enjoying the sunshine.

      Can someone tell me why anyone needs to be “tipped off” about where and when a “rally” is going to happen? Is it not the point of a “rally” that as many folk as possible get that information?

    189. John Phillips says:

      A riot in a teacup?

    190. Scunterbunnet says:

      I’m disappointed with a lot of the commenters on this thread. I totally agree that the actions of this morning’s protesters are counter-productive in terms of the SNP vote, and play into the hands of unionist MSM.

      However, these people are perfectly entitled to try to get their point across – in the face of a mass media that ignores the Labour party’s connection with the Bedroom Tax, with ATOS, with the many deaths of sanctioned disabilities claimants etc, as much as it denigrates the YES movement. I note that nowhere in any of the TV or press reporting so far can the message of these protestors be seen via their placards, or heard. MSM is as keen to snuff out the anti-SLAB message of disaffected socialists as it is to defeat the SNP. These protesters are ill-advised, but may feel it is the only way to air their main grievances. So let them.

      And as for the allegations on here that the guy Sean Clerkin is a Labour plant or an agent of the state… please just drop it. I have no doubt whatsoever that such things do go on, but spouting random accusations against anyone on your own side (basically) who makes a tactical error is self-defeating. I have no way to prove that SC isn’t MI5: he might be; I might be; Rev Stu might be; you, dear reader, may very well be too. But in the absence of any evidence, it’s stupid to spray this kind of F.U.D. about in a public forum.

      And while we’re at it, let’s drop all the glue-sniffer, ghetto-kid, slum-dweller, etc. comments against Dim Jim as well. (The horrible c*** deserves much stronger invective than that anyway) … these type of comments are insulting to hundreds of thousands of Scots who have suffered extreme deprivation under 36 years of Thatcherist WM misrule, and corrupt Slab local administration.

    191. sadiedoll says:

      Chaotic scenes here in Edinburgh North and Leith too, as my neighbours’ kids play outside on their bikes.

      In other news, I narrowly avoided being doorstepped by Slab this lunchtime – never been canvassed before. They must be scraping the barrel – this ward voted overwhelmingly Yes.

    192. CameronB Brodie says:

      Do you know if he was wearing brown shoes? 🙂

    193. Big Jock says:

      My question to Eddie Izard. What the ferk has the Scottish nation and the way it votes in an election got to do with you. You dont live here,you don’t vote here and its our decision not yours. Stop telling Scottish people how to vote and go back to your own constituency.

      I am pretty angry that eejits like Izard think they have a right to comment on affairs which are nowt to do with them. You have a right to do what you want but why bother you ill informed moron!

    194. Thepnr says:


      Alex Thomson shows today where he really stands. Read his piece on todays “absolute chaos” here:

      I tried to post a comment, moderation as yet. Let’s see if he allows me my freedom of speech to post on his blog?

      If any politician turns up with a group of 30 or so supporters already brandishing that politicians message on their placards into any city street in the UK, then opponents of that politician have a right to put their own message to the public at the same time.

      No political party or politician has exclusive right to shout through a microphone in a public space without expecting those of an opposing view to challenge them.

      “You could not hear either Murphy or Izzard. That is shameful in a democratic election.”

      Are you saying then, that the 75% of the Scottish public who do not intend to support Labour should “shut up” and not challenge what is being said?

      Here’s me thinking too that you were arguing for freedom of speech. I guess we just have differing opinions as to what that actually means.

    195. Nana Smith says:


      See once we get the hell out of this thoroughly rotten union, I’ll tell all!
      But until then my lips are sealed, a girl must have her little secrets hahahahaha

      @Capella yes indeed compare that so called stooshie to the unionist hatred on the night of the indyref.

      I truly despair at the media bias I really do.

    196. geeo says:

      Disgusting behaviour yet again by labour.
      They really are stupid if they think this utter pash will make the slightest difference.

      So to summarise…

      Murphy and his ‘partner’ Ed turn up in Glasgow to talk shite, they ‘tip off’ local characters to come and annoy them, in full knowledge his pals in the media will go full hard-on with fake tales of ‘violent nationalism’, which is now apparently defined as a couple of guys with a megaphone shouting over a lying politician!!

      Considering that Murphy continually shouts down opponents in every debate going, it is a miracle Murphy didn’t trip over his own irony.

      All that media hanging with Murphy recording this dangerous mission, i am pretty sure the police will soon be making dozens of arrests in regards to this shocking outbreak of shouting in the Streets of Glasgow today….

      The 4 guys responsible may want to google countries with no extradition treaties with the uk….????????????

    197. X_Sticks says:

      muttley79 says:

      “The guy with the ricksaw. Does anyone have any footage of his latest wind up?”

      Nana posted it here:

    198. yesindyref2 says:

      Some media reports were of Clerkin (or SNP supporters) thrusting a placard in Murphy’s face. If anyone watched the longer clip on BBC news, you can clearly see Murphy walk forward towards the placard, and thrust his face into it.

    199. PictAtRandom says:

      Big Jock says:
      4 May, 2015 at 6:45 pm

      “My question to Eddie Izard. What the ferk has the Scottish nation and the way it votes in an election got to do with you. You dont live here,you don’t vote here and its our decision not yours. Stop telling Scottish people how to vote and go back to your own constituency.

      I am pretty angry that eejits like Izard think they have a right to comment on affairs which are nowt to do with them. You have a right to do what you want but why bother you ill informed moron!”

      On the other hand I’d pay good money to see David Bowie and Wee Dougie Alexander performing “Under Pressure”.

    200. Big Jock says:

      I think ultimately this will backfire on Murphy. He was smiling like a sociopath when it all kicked off. Telling people how to think or vote does not go down well with anyone. Calling 50% of Scots hooligans is not very smart Jim. I have seen the ugly unionists that you don’t seem to want to talk about. They are on your side Jim. The Orange Order, Ulster Unionists, UKip…!

    201. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’m not suggesting SC has his N.I. paid for by H.M.G, but that does not mean he’s not a DUPE. As with the egging incident, where was Lurch’s security?

    202. icyspark says:

      I would like to know how Duncan Hothersall knew Sean Clerkin was going to waiting for Jim Murphy’s arrival?

    203. EphemeralDeception says:

      Since it is stated that the ‘the Scottish Resistance’ group turned up before Murphy, and that it is a public place, so Murphy setup amongst an existing, though tiny, protest with people obviously protesting against him and his groups policies and actions.

      Murphy could have elected to leave but decided to remain in the same place and so maximise the opportunity for conflict.

    204. Croompenstein says:

      It reminds me of the bit in American Werewolf In London where the doctor tells Jenny Agutter’s character that there’s a ‘disturbance in Piccadilly’…. aye just a bit…

    205. Stephen kilday says:

      I used to like Eddie Izzard as someone who stood up for his beliefs/sexualit. Trust me, he will have been”mobbed” by bigger and more agressive groups at and outside his gigs. He’ll have been “mobbed” by bigger fan groups looking for autographs.
      Why was he here??,he’s not resident.he has no vote here, he’s now just a wanna be politician looking for a photo opportunity( how sad!!) and using spud and Scotland for his own ends.

      By the way Eddie, i’ve seen more aggresive crowds on a sunday morning at The Barras lookin for a wee bargain, now THAT’S FRIGHTENING, especially if you get in the way of a wee Glesga wummin who thinks you might be shuvin in

    206. Louis B Argyll says:

      CHANNEL 4 NEWS…..

      SHAMEFULLY SLACK JOURNALISM… Facts are in the public domain yet you ignore them, actually musinforming viewers that THE SHOUTERS were “nationalists”, not left wing anti austerity activists..


    207. yesindyref2 says:

      Well, just 3 headline days to go before the election day.

      Herald headline Tomorrow: “Confirmed: SNP really do eat babies”. Hundreds of rabid Nationalist supporters were seen sharing a single packet of Jelly babies as they assaulted innocent Labour supporters trying to make themselves heard with a 5,000 watt disco loudspeaker system. The Nats threw words at the huge crowd of 10 passers-by all carrying Labour regalia. A whole P3 classroom of weeping wailing and gnashing of teeth seven year old girls were carried away by the teacher from the huge number of 2 motionless protestors.”

    208. Ron says:

      Why has Jim Murphy never been lifted for Breach of The Peace? If I went out into the High Street and caused a rammy like him, I’d be off to the jail quicker than you could say “SLAB rent-a-mob”

    209. James123 says:

      The BBC said that “Nicola Sturgeon has condemned the violence”. Sorry, what violence! There were no arrests and no one was injured. NS said that she condemned the ‘scenes’ not ‘violence’, such blatant lying bastards.

    210. Big Jock says:

      Murphy is just reverting to type. If you can’t win the argument,because you are too stupid. Play the victim to the media. First it was the eggs that he phoned the police about. Now he plays the same card saying big boys were shouting at him,and calls teacher!

      Its an obvious set up by McTernan and it will come out in the wash. But like smeargate the MSM will ignore the truth for a few days to do maximum damage!

    211. Kate says:

      Deja vu anyone? This story was published on the 21st of April. It’s a report on Jim Murphy getting shouted at by “James Scott” who “is standing a few feet from Murphy with a loudhailer” and who is wearing “a T-shirt that spells out ‘The Scottish Resistance'”. Poor Jim, all he was doing was standing “near St Enoch’s square” and “joining a lengthy chorus with his band of supporters” during which “he shouts : ‘Let’s get the Tories out.'”

      St Enoch? Tick
      The Scottish resistance giving him hassle? Tick
      Loudhailer? Tick
      Band of supporters? Tick
      Jim shouting? Tick

      Either there can’t have been enough press for his liking that day, or it was just a dress rehearsal…So transparent.

      (I only noticed the date when I went to post a comment about the irony of comparing Jim Murphy’s one-man campaign to the film Fight Club. (SPOILER: He turns out to have exhaustion induced delirium and is really just fighting his own imaginary alter ego.))

    212. Malcolm McCallum says:

      Arise Sir Edward!

      If this was for his comedic talents, I”d say well done.

      Today was an obvious sham, izzard was fed his lines by murphy.

      It’s one thing to meddle in others affairs, it’s another to play the deceitful nonsense in others affairs we have seen today.

      Ever feel you’ve been used mr izzard?

    213. Thepnr says:


      Hahaha. Yes, just so.

    214. Rock says:

      Pravda GB says:

      “Absolute chaos on the STREETS of Glasgow”

      This gives the impression of wide scale rioting in the city.

      All this must have been meticulously planned in advance.

      Thank goodness the Establishment has not created actual riots so far, although it is not beneath them to do so.

      They will rig the vote – be ready for 25+ unionist MPs to be elected from Scotland.

    215. yesindyref2 says:

      Posts disappearing off the Herald on that first thread as fast as criticisms of Magnus Gardham can be posted by people. I barely get time to upvote them!

      Only 4 days more, and I can ditch the Herald for good, it’s even worse than the Record or Mail. At least they’ve got the sense to adapt a bit, to something nearer the truth.

    216. Thepnr says:

      @Croompenstein & Kate

      Films to watch tomorrow and Wednesday:

      An American Werewolf in Glasgow

      Fight Club (Directors Cut straight from Glasgow)

    217. Liz Sherlow says:

      How happy does Jim Murphy look !

      He has that ‘Job done’ expression on his smarmy face.

      Eddie, stick to what you know, you are so out of your depth. Why not preach to your fellow countrymen about getting ‘Tories’ out.(Labour/Tories neck and neck in your country .Dah! ) You are preaching to converted up here.

      God give me strength.

    218. Thepnr says:

      Unsurprisingly there are still zero comments on Alex Thomsons blog where he is championing free speech.

      I guess free speech is whatever he decides to allow. Hypocrite.

    219. chris kilby says:


    220. Ron says:

      I’m a member of an Internet forum for one of my hobbies and there is an election thread on it. The membership is almost entirely English and they’re currently posting that the SNP have made Scotland a no-go place for anyone with an English accent. They talk about state-sponsored intimidation and violence in the streets and make it sound like a state of civil warfare exists “up there” as they put it. They report that Labour supporters fear for their lives. one post compares our country to Northern Ireland at the height of the Troubles.

      These normal, mild mannered people believe everything they read and hear in the media. They express strong “anti Jock” opinions freely despite admitting to never having visited Scotland, nor ever planning to do so. It’s not very nice seeing my political beliefs being slated as if I’m an evil nazi ("Tractor" - Ed) who wishes violent insurrection.

    221. Scunterbunnet says:

      @Cameron B Brodie @7:07pm … I wasn’t aiming my previous comment at you: I agree with you that these folk are dupes, in the sense that they play into the hands of UBC and McTernan. But there are other comments above, insinuating that they are agents provocateurs for the establishment, rather than just patsys… which I feel is unlikely.

      In terms of disrupting the Labour media machine, the guy with the rickshaw (also there today) is much more savvy. His imperial masters stunt before the referendum was a pure peach, and I dare say contributed to a lot of yes votes on the day.

    222. CameronB Brodie says:

      I thought indyref was bad, but with all this prolonged fiddling with the fabric of reality, the unionists appear to have ripped the space-time-continuum a new one.

      As we enter the Scarey Door, where’s Captain Kirk?

      The Scary Door

    223. Edulis says:

      Airdrieonion@ 3.13 pm offers a bit of a grenade for Smurf if it is true, viz. That he handed the publicity for the event to Rhoda MacDonald a professional PR person to big-up the counter protest.

      James Cook should be told.

      Devastating for Jim if it is true!!

    224. yesindyref2 says:

      Thanks for that C4 link. I’ve put a comment in, “does he seriously expect the SNP to police events organised by other political parties?”

      I’ll keep my eye to see if it’s posted, first time I’ve tried C4.

    225. Katie says:

      @Ron: only reason creepy jims no been arrested for disturbing the peace is coz he’s been too off his face on superglue!

    226. Rock says:


      “Oh btw, I think James Cook is being sarcastic, but hey ho.”

      Why do lawyers like yourself support Scottish independence?

      To make a killing?

    227. Paula Rose says:

      @ Thepnr

      Perhaps we should send a group of wingers along to these events/rallies to make sure that the truth is spoken and reported.

    228. X_Sticks says:

      As far as I can see from his ‘on song’ interviews on tv Izzard wasn’t used he was #fundilymundily and completely complicit in the scam.

      No doubt favours will be returned come his campaign for London mayor.

    229. CRAIGthePICT says:

      My comment to the Alex Thomson story on Ch4 blog as they are choosy what gets through ‘moderation’.

      “one of the most effective single pieces of campaigning of the entire British election”

      This is a very interesting quote. The quote can actually only be true if you believe the media to be not only hugely biased but fundamentally dishonest. If what actually happened is only to be reported in a literal way then there is not much to report. Half a dozen people turn up to shout over shouty Jim Murphy.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think these 6 protesters do more damage than good, it’s counter-intuitive and all sides have a moral right to be heard. Let’s be clear. They broke no law and one may even argue they are exercising their own right to protest.

      More importantly, what about the moral right for the BBC for example to let all sides be heard equally and events to be reported fairly, not to mention the other branches of mass media outlets that are shocking in their so-called reporting.

      Your quote really does hint towards the real story/problem that exists in our ‘democracy’.

    230. Tam Jardine says:

      The Battle of St Enoch’s Square AKA the right to protest. It must have been strange for the good citizens of Glasgow to witness their city descend into scuffles and raised voices. Such scenes are almost unheard of outside the marching season, and the fitba season, and the weekend…

      How funny to contrast with the Battle of Buchanan Street when football hooligans clashed during the Scotland England play-off in 1999. I recall a cordon outside central station formed by more police than I have ever seen while groups of violent people a few streets away used the occasion to kick the shit out of each other.

      That’s just my experience – it may be possible that others have witnessed scenes approaching (but surely not surpassing) the seriousness of today’s altercation.

      Brigton on old firm days? No- perhaps if someone brought a loud-hailer.


      This is straight out of the BT play book (and if anything a poorly executed example). If this is the best McTernan has in his cupboard he really needs to step up his game.

      I would love to know the genesis of the press briefing – not just when it was disseminated but when it was conceived, written then tweaked.

      Snaw aff a dyke stuff at this stage.

      Whether we agree with Sean Clerkin or the Scottish Resistance (I do) or agree with their strategy (I don’t) there is a line in protest and on one side it is completely acceptable. You cross the line and the police make arrests.

      I am quite happy with the previous arrangement where the police decide when that line is crossed. I don’t think we should change the arrangement and give that decision to BBC Scotland. After all I don’t want Police Scotland to present the news!

      Here’s a great question: how many assaults, robberies, breaches of the peace and acts of vandalism more significant occurred today in Scotland, unreported?

    231. Thepnr says:

      @Paula Rose

      Until Scotland has control of its own media we have to expect the same shite everyday from the BBC and C4, both incidentally owned by the British Establishment.

      The MSM is awash with the Glasgow Riots and the “absolute chaos” when there was obviously nothing of the kind.

      More shovels at work as far as I’m concerned. Doughheads LOL.

    232. CameronB Brodie says:

      I wasn’t about to take the huff but thanks for clearing things up. The rickshaw guy is a star. 😉

    233. Thepnr says:


      What! You think “freedom of speech” actually applies to journalists blogs? Think again 🙂

    234. James Caldwell says:

      Just a theory

      Apologies if someone has already posted this.

      1) Jim Murphy arranges high profile event with a celebrity Labour supporter (Eddie Izzard)and the usual selected small number of placard carrying Labour activists.

      2) East Renfrewshire Labour Party arrange for a so called ‘disaffected member’ to contact Sean Clerkin – a known anti austerity activist and independence supporter to tip him off regarding the time and location of the event.

      3) The Labour Party inform the MSM that there will be a high profile public meeting with Eddie Izzard as guest speaker and provide time and location.

      4) The event takes place with Sean Clerkin and small number(6?)of anti austerity activists in attendance.

      5) The activists, having been primed in advance heckle the speakers.

      6) Jim Murphy arranges a confrontation by walking forward into the space of one of the activists.

      7) The compliant MSM lap it up and blow the whole thing into a major riot caused by Nationalists.

      This of course is only a theory. You may well think that it outlines the likely facts, but I couldn’t possibly say.

    235. Big Jock says:

      The Sun has reported the truth in their newspaper. It says Labour supporters and fringe nationalists pushing each other. Eddie is not some patsy. If you listen to what he is saying it is carefully calculated. He even talks about fighting two world wars. So the inference is if you are Scottish and want independence then you are a fascist.

      We hear you Eddie. The sad part is that you just don’t have a clue what you are actually talking about. The only facism comes from the British state rejecting Scots who don’t vote as their expected or told to are a clown Izard. Stay out of Scottish politics unless you actually spend some time living in our country. Then you will never know the life of the average Scot. I have no interest in English politics and do not pretend to understand it because I don’t live there.

      What makes you think you are so special that you can waltz in as an out of towner. Casually call people who don’t agree with you fascist.Then go back to your cozy upper class lifestyle in Chelsea saying good egg. Maybe you need to spend time with Morrissey, Billy Bragg and Will Self. You might learn about democracy,knowledge and awareness of socialism.

    236. John McArdle says:

      Seriously unimpressed by the insulting comments made by the Rev regarding Dean Clerkin and his merry band of activists.

    237. Edward says:

      Now that we have seen todays events played out
      It is clear in my mind that Sean Clerkin has been played like a fucking fiddle

      Its clear from the get go that Clerkin was set up (Didn’t McTernan not arrange something similar in Australia?)

      The old adage of ‘beware of a friendly face in a pub offering a genuine Rolex for a fiver’ comes to mind

      If a tip is too good a chance to take up – walk away

      Labour have their backs to the wall, all they have left is to play dirty with some help from their chums in the media

    238. ClanDonald says:

      Shame on James Cook, he’s been well and truly caught out campaigning for the labour party. “Absolute chaos”?? Seriously misleading journalism.

    239. Edward says:

      John McArdle
      Sean Clerkin IS a tit for falling for the con
      He was set up and Labour got the result they were after

    240. Fiona says:

      @ Edward

      What makes you think Sean Clerkin’s objective is the same as yours?

    241. stewart fae stoney says:

      So Labour have resorted to dragging an Englishman up to Scotland dressed in a skirt, tights and stilettos and caked in make up to try and convince scottish people to vote labour hahahaha wake up and smell the coffee Jim Murphy that is a big FAIL

    242. Murphys smirking face said it all, what a scumbag.

    243. may election says:

      Today hundreds of people in Largs enjoyed a visit from Nicola, Greenock also had hundreds. Not a peep from the press.
      4 or five protesters thought it would be better that they got the coverage than hundreds of peaceful folk. Should that be right?
      Dont feel I have it in me to understand why but I hope they see Jim’s smiling face and realise how much he wanted it to happen and at least ask to get paid for being his stooges.
      it’s feeling like a rerun of the indy ref. Some people should have a look at themselves and ask just how important they really are that they drag us all down.

    244. Edward says:


      You may be right and that Clerkin was more than just a patsy and was a willing participant.

      Interestingly reading his tweets, he lacks clarity regarding who ‘tipped’ him

      But the bottom line is we should all be on our guard in he coming days

    245. Kelpie says:

      Since today’s subject covers media compliance/complicity I thought I’d share a literary nugget I came across around September last year.

      This is HG Wells writing more than 100 years ago:

      “Power was passing even in the Victorian time to the party machinery, secret, complex, and corrupt. Very speedily power was in the hands of great men of business who financed the machines. A time came when the real power and interest of the Empire rested visibly between the two party councils, ruling by newspapers and electoral organisations—two small groups of rich and able men, working at first in opposition, then presently together.”

    246. RascalRachael says:

      I had a look at this take on matters

      And I think that suggestions must be put forward to help these people protest/object less vehemently and more humorously.

      I am not a fan of football, but I have heard it used effectively and wittily to express ideas.

      A good chant, which was both witty and clever, could work as a better put down to ‘better together’ candidates. The added bonus would be more fun (and myth squelching) than the type seen.

      Maybe it should start in a way that sounded like an endorsement of labour, but have a refrain which kicked that idea into touch.

      If only I had access to a bunch of folk who had the ready wit to suggest such withering commentary…

    247. Take Independence says:

      we can see how labour has started the propaganda war, phase 1 begun phase 2 lock the SNP out of any negotiations with the Lib-Dems support, phase 3 will start after May 7th the union will start there bombardment of how the SNP has causing chaos. Today was staged because labour owns Scotland like a farmer owns a sheep dog. I am talking to the true blue let’s not let them win if we make a scene
      the media and press will give them the voice they need and we will destroy all the hard work the SNP and the people of Scotland has put in.

    248. kestral says:

      watch this video showing murphy intentionally walking into cardboard – most people tend to try to walk round obstacles unless of course they are try to make it look like they are being harassed



    249. yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, Herald article “Political leaders unite to condemn “disgraceful” scenes as nationalist protestors target Labour rally” look at the photo of Murphy face to face, Murphy higher, eyes not meeting, lighting wrong, higher definition – and zoom in if you can bear to, on Murphy’s top lip and the funny red bit attached to it.

      Photoshopped confrontation anyone?

    250. Capella says:

      @ Thepnr
      Just watched the Alex Thomson piece you linked to at 8.04. That is one of the most deceptive instances of broadcasting I have ever seen. He claims to believe that the hecklers are SNP although he knows perfectly well that they are not. Because he asked them!

      Smear by association is a well known nazi technique. Do these journalists expect a massive reward from the hoodlums who govern the British state for their compliant “reports”? Is that the sort of county we want? Well is it?

    251. Thepnr says:

      Sean Clerkin is as entitled as any other “British subject” to voice his opinion as to whether or not he agrees with the Murphy spiel.

      Whether that is sensible or not is irrelevant, without opposition in public then what do you other than subservience.

      I wouldn’t have done what he or his supporters did today. I do believe he fell into what appears to be a trap. Daftie.

      However, the trap has failed and as far as I’m concerned ANY member of the public can turn up and shout as much as they like at any politician.

      That is democracy and “freedom of speech”.

    252. Chic McGregor says:

      So, Labour have Eddie Izzard huh? Their main problem is they also have an Ed who izzn’t.

    253. sydthesnake says:

      was that Eddie Lizard, I thought it was JoLa
      seen the mighty SNP on the Girvan main Street on Saturday, all smiling faces no scuffles no shouty people seems the common denominator for scuffles and shouty folks in Jim Murphy soon to be ex MP here’s hoping

    254. Joemcg says:

      Kestrel-what a dick that Murphy is, that’s a shocker!

    255. Lochside says:

      Give it a break ffs…Sean Clerkin is a known activist on behalf of disabled people and other disadvantaged folk in Glasgow. He has been fighting Glasgow Council for years.

      He is fully entitled to heckle the Sham known as Murphy and his cross dressing mate. People are allowed to challenge an imposter blocking the pavement with his assembly of sycophants.

      Why are nationalists so afraid of liars like Cook and the BBC that no legitimate protest louder than a fart is permitted?

      I watched BBC news at 10 and it was a fucking disgrace. The only shoving was Clerkin getting bulldozed by Murphy and some of his hired hands. The report was worthy of North Korean t.v.

      The SNP must made it part of any deal that Broadcasting is totally devolved so that Cook and the rest can take their p45s and piss off down the road to Mother England.

    256. Becky Cohen says:

      “The Rough Bounds says:
      4 May, 2015 at 2:21 pm
      Isn’t anyone going to mention the fact that Eddie Izzard was wearing lipstick and makeup and wearing a skirt and heels?
      After all, the press usually comments upon Ms. Sturgeon’s dress and footwear.”

      As another poster has pointed out, there is no excuse for the transphobic comments that have been appearing online. If you are one of those feminists who believes that you can fight sexism with transphobia then instead all you are doing is scapegoating women from an oppressed minority group. Way to go if you want to make the SNP merely the Scottish equivalent of the BNP!

    257. icyspark says:

      How interesting, especially the last line:

    258. Charles Edward says:

      Dearest Eddie,

      You should maybe question your business hanging out with Mr. Mirthy.
      Marathons have been your thing for a while and you believe UK is ok.
      Your UK patriotism might include a desire to run around draped in the flags of different countries. Perhaps you feel at liberty because you are a citizen of the world.
      There are certain parts of the UK where it’s not cool to run around in the Union flag. Perhaps you have encountered this ?

      The concept of ‘Settled will of the people of Scotland’ does not exist. Scotland is unsettled, I thought your mind had the capacity to ask why that might be.
      In some way you deserve a measure of respect for voicing your opinion. But travelling to one of Scotland’s free cities, with frankly unpopular company, standing to the media attention and the dramatic ‘waves of Hatred’ must have been exhilarating for you. It certainly was provocative but I think you like the excitement.
      Unfortunately for us people here in this Country we grown tired of those who have ministerial position, love the power, status and attached grandeur but perform their duties to a below average standard. Their duties are not to you or a flag or a party, their duty is to all of us.

      Perhaps you and Jim can have a giggle about it all if you get into the big Brother house, maybe plan a reprise of the cows sitcom? You owe Jim a part.
      By the way, why aren’t you funny anymore?

    259. kestral says:


      yeah intentionally walking into the cardboard while pretending to have not seen it WAS SOOOOOO for the camera’s

      unfortunately for Jim he can be seen staring right at it as it comes into view on the shot

      he knew fine well it was there – he was intentionally trying to create the pictures to inflame the story

      looks so false as he tries to pretend he doesn’t see it

    260. Thepnr says:

      Still zero comments on Alex Thomsons blog with regards to “free speech”.

      No longer just a hypocrite but now an establishment hypocrite.

      We need to ignore these divvies. No more last chances, get rid of the lot of them. Their way of talking to the electorate make me puke.

      Thomson. Your a fraud and we know it. GITFUY.

    261. David Smith says:

      I hope the press lackeys who spread this poison all lose their jobs soon and never work for anything beyond minimum wage again. They have made the UK a toxic brand in my opinion; such is the hate they are stirring up on behalf of their Whitehall/City handlers.

    262. wull says:

      Staged and fake events being set up and reported as if they were real, a compliant and complicit media systematically misinforming the public, lies and deception going entirely unchallenged and unhindered, politicians accompanied by thugs, behaving like thugs and encouraging thuggish behaviour… All this in a country where civilised debate is deliberately sabotaged, issues are drowned out in a plethora of venomous personal attacks, elections are turned into a circus and politics reduced to a mockery … this is Britain 2015.

      A Britain where violence stalks the streets.

      This is the British state at work, the one we chose to stay part of only eight months ago. The one whose propaganda used to be so subtle most never noticed it; they never even imagined that it existed. The state whose subtlety has dissolved, and whose mask has slipped for ever. The one whose red raw angry fangs are now bared, and apparent for all to see.

      The one that doesn’t want to give up its nuclear weapons, and pretends that only other states have failed. That still wants to wage illegal wars when and as it pleases. The one constrained by no written constitutional code. The state that will still casually wipe out vast civilian populations in order to feed its own belly, and guarantee its own complacent comfort.

      The one whose overwhelming greed made it wage a sustained war against its own (Scottish) citizens. The mad one that gorges on itself, and dismembers its own body … while all the time bellowing to preserve itself.

      This is the Beast, no longer on a leash.
      This is the Fascist state, plain for all to see …
      This is Britain 2015.

      Even if we did not believe in independence, or if Devo-Max and FFA were not our thing; even if the focus of our interest were the rest of the UK and not Scotland; indeed, even if we were convinced Unionists, it would still be our moral duty – and that of every other Scottish voter – to vote SNP on Thursday.

      The alternative is too scary to imagine. If the likes of Jim Murphy get back into Westminster, we will have failed everyone, not just ourselves. The SNP is the only force that can provide a bulwark to preserve some sanity at Weatminater.

      I wish voters throughout Scotland, those of East Renfrewsahire in particular, good success.

    263. Charles Edward says:

      Surely I haven’t got it all wrong?

      Is this part of some intelligent cross discipline art piece?
      Eddie as British Airways stewardess?
      (well spotted there Arabs, good work) Does that make jim the pilot or traffic controller? The others holding up jims signs why do they shamble instead of move normally( I saw something like this at the Laban Centre in 1983?)
      Oh what does it all mean!!

      Don’t call me Shirley..

    264. Capella says:

      @ Wull
      Well said! Very eloquent summary of the state we are in.

    265. Hoss Mackintosh says:


      and I like the timing of Rhona Macdonald’s tweet blaming the SNP five minutes later after Duncan H’s one.

      All before the riot started – how convenient.

      Another ex-BBC Scotland hack – tied into Labour – surprise, surprise.

      And she is bleating about it on Facebook still – pathetic.

    266. liz says:

      Have come to the conclusion that us Scots have been shat on for so long we are almost immune to the constant put downs and stunts like Murphy pulled today and I don’t mean in a bad way.

      We are portrayed by the British MSM as racist, sexist, sectarian Neanderthals.

      So when Izzard turned up today in full dress, they expected some kind of reactionary comment, but Glasgow is a place where people couldn’t care less how people dress, speak, are, so nobody gave a damn.

      They want us to react violently, but we seem to absorb it all and throw it back in jokes..

      We will win someday and IMO today was another nail in Labour’s coffin.

      BTW don’t believe McTernan is a friend of Labour

    267. boris says:

      Murphy should be asked to report to the local police station in the morning. The duty Inspector should then issue Murphy with a formal caution relating to today’s nonsense which was clearly generated by Murphy’s inner circle. Sean Clerkin should also be invited to inform the police just who released the information about the visit of Izzard and their plans for the day.

    268. Thepnr says:


      Quite possibly the final nail. Find out on Friday.

    269. Paul M says:

      How about this? Labour candidate getting in amongst another person’s campaigning. acceptable?
      notice the spin though, she’s the one being manhandled. but no question of her being in the wrong, unlike anyway in Scotland who tries to interject with NuLab. funny that

    270. William mccaughey says:

      Jim Murphy himself posted the time and date of this charade yesterday. I seen it on one of the 45er sites but cant remember which one.

    271. Jaybee says:

      Whole thing stage-managed and Murphy is enjoying every moment. Rest assured, McTernan’s fingerprints are all over it. Police Scotland really should be involved but won’t.

    272. Mark Wilkinson says:

      Not James Cooks finest hour I’m afraid. He had been doing so well too.

    273. gus1940 says:

      It is essential that The National puts the murphygate21 photo on its front page between now and thursday.

    274. Andy Hay says:

      I’m no fan of this James Cook. I keep reading that he’s a decent journalist. Well he comes across as another snidey BBC unionist to me. I can see no balanced viewpoint. Been way too many overreactions from him in recent weeks and that initial BBC debate from Scotland was shameful.

    275. Peter Mirtitsch says:

      Sorry Stu, but I have to disagree with your opinion that they were “numpties”. As was pointed out, five protesters shouting at a severely stage managed couple of dozen SLAB crew with nearly as many press again received much more coverage in the media than the 12000 the week before. They had valid points to make, and exposed the ludicrous state of affairs surrounding SLAB and Jim Murphy.

      In addition, watching the actual video demonstrates Labour goons manhandling people until they realise they are being recorded. (At one point, the guilty party starts PATTING his young victim after grabbing his jacket)

      The essence of freedom of speech demands that people are allowed vocal dissent, and it is a fine time honoured tradition that soap box rallies have their hecklers. This is no difference. I saw no waves of abuse of violence offered up, and TBH we should have realised long ago that the MSM publish what they want, so we shouldn’t just pander to them anyway.

    276. Dougie says:

      The BBC are an absolute joke. In the event of a future referendum they should be taken off air in Scotland for the duration of the campaign until they can show a fair and unbiased method of reporting.

    277. bookie from hell says:

      James Cook was one of the first tweeting.MSM saw it and thought,foook me if a BBC journalist can say that,let’s go the full Monty.

      Cook ends with quote from Izzard

      Eddie Izzard condemns “violent” and “aggressive” protestors at Labour campaign event in Glasgow. #ge2015


      Eddie Izzard(No Jim Murphy) Edinburgh a few hours later

      20 labour activists,0 protesters,0 crowd,bar a few tourists

      in short- Jim Murphy mock up shaming labour Glasgow/Scotland

    278. Alan T says:

      I think Jim is heading for a Zero Hours contract on 7th May

    279. Paula Rose says:

      More footage of the chaos and riot…

    280. Drew says:

      That burd wi the specs and the microphone tae Jim’s left, is that Margaret Curran’s younger better-looking sister? Still widnae!!!

    281. Eckle Fechan says:

      Izzard & Murphy campaigning? What a double act that is – Rags & Bones.

      Here’s a fact I hope will be borne out on Friday: the Biggest Liars get to go home and do some serious thinking, again.

      As we approach the campaign climax it feels like the fire-fight is intensifying as tensions mount and desperation leads to even more desperate measures.

      Couple of quotes that come to mind:

      “First one that makes a mistake gets to burying some people.”
      [Alan Sharp, screenwriter.]

      “Go on, pick it up. Pick up the gun.”
      Jack Palance in the film Shane, throwing a gun to the sheep herder’s feet. After the shots ring out, the clink-clink of spurs, followed by, “You saw him, he had a gun.”
      [Bill Hick’s take on US foreign policy…]

      I have an idea for the Murphy homecoming on the Last Train To Clarkston. Why don’t we have a special whip round via Wings, and buy him a hundred empty Irn Bru crates, sent special delivery and gift wrapped in Saltire paper?

      Just a thought.

    282. Tony Little says:

      Rev. The herald have an article about Clerkin in which they state:

      He had been, in his own description, an SNP local elections ‘paper candidate’ in 2003 for Cranhill in Glasgow but left a few years later over housing issues.

      They also make sly references to Alex Salmond to try and muddy the waters.

      I have no idea what a “paper candidate” is, and they make no mention of his candidacy with SSP/SSA as detailed here. Do we have a definitive truth? as I would like to challenge the Herald if we have the evidence.

      To be honest, I had not heard of this muppet before the last couple of days – I had not realised it was he that sent Gray off for an early lunch – and his involvement is a negative for the SNP, this stooshie completely set-up, and the medias’ response entirely predictable. Is Clerkin a “genuine” idiot, or simply a “useful fool” for Labour, or worse?

    283. Fred says:

      @ Paula Rose, thanks for Empire Biscuit hen, Murphy would have made a greater impact if he wore the skirt & lipstick.

      Anent Sean Clerkin, last time I looked this was still a free country, more power to Sean’s elbow. 🙂

    284. Casper1066 says:

      Murphy is so desperate it wouldn’t surprise me that they organise their own rent a mobs.

    285. James Scott says:

      Instead of all the crap that people make up here is the truth of what happened in May this year regarding Jim Murphy former Leader of the Labour Mob in Scotland.

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