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On the frontline of the Gender Wars 218

Posted on June 16, 2024 by

I’m a professional community organiser, and a tenant and housing activist for some 20 years. I saw the old Scottish Tenants Organisation get smashed by Jack McConnell’s government to make way for council housing privatisation, which in Glasgow created the Glasgow Housing Association.

I’ve long wanted to rebuild a national body to give housing schemes a political voice and to push to end the housing crisis. That’s why I got involved with Living Rent, organising my community to become their first branch. Little did I know that would lead to a brush with crazed gender ideology, and see Queer Theory used to try to destroy it.

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Step right up for the clown show 191

Posted on June 15, 2024 by

Holiday Boy is still off single-handedly feeding the cats of Greece, but the modern SNP is all the cartoon you need.

Square One 250

Posted on June 13, 2024 by

We’re still trying not to pay attention to the election because it’s so tedious and awful and pointless, but this is worth putting on the record because it’s in The National and otherwise nobody’s going to read it.

Short version: all the way back to surrender.

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As far as they can take it 354

Posted on June 09, 2024 by

Particularly alert readers may recall this from a few months ago:

An SNP pledge? About independence? Bound to be kept, then, right?

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Fossil Free Books Fix The World 144

Posted on June 08, 2024 by

Holiday Boy has of course chosen the general election campaign to spend the next three weeks feeding stray cats somewhere sunny, so here’s a cartoon by the brilliant webcomicname that summarises the Baillie Gifford story for anyone joining us late.

Because, y’know, idiots.

The Two Kirstys 187

Posted on June 07, 2024 by

January 2018, with no general election due for four and a half years: “I very rarely talk about Scottish independence in the chamber, because I talk about things that matter”

June 2024, with an election in four weeks and a £91,346 salary, expenses and pension at stake: “ROBERT THE BRUCE! BANNOCKBURN! DECLARATION OF ARBROATH! FLOWER OF SCOTLAND! FREEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOMMMM!”

We suppose at least it distracts her from wondering what sex she is.

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The Elite And Me 245

Posted on June 05, 2024 by

If you wanted to hear me yakking on about Scottish and UK politics for 45 minutes, an excellent way to achieve it would be clicking this image.

If not, it’s probably best if you don’t.

Agents Of Change 122

Posted on June 04, 2024 by

We’re going to be really, REALLY generous and not quibble about the “us”.

Because it’s not even nearly the funniest thing here.

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Outside the fence 108

Posted on June 03, 2024 by

We were a little perplexed by this story.

Because, for startlingly obvious reasons, even the SNP hasn’t had the brass neck to do a general fundraiser for this election, with the police’s inquiries still going on into the whereabouts of the cash from their last big appeals.

But in fact the party has managed to wring over £100,000 from the most gullible of its remaining supporters in the days since the election was announced. It’s just been a bit more subtle about it.

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Bottle Rockets 263

Posted on June 01, 2024 by

The Chef’s Kiss 317

Posted on May 30, 2024 by

The Scottish public were just given a surprising answer to the question “Is it possible to be TOO much of a creepy misogynist pornsick nutcase for even the Scottish Greens?”

But goodness gracious, that last line is a stone-cold mic-drop.

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The forgotten women 227

Posted on May 28, 2024 by

Last week’s controversy around the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre put the spotlight on the need for single-sex services to protect vulnerable women, but it’s very far from the only example of how Scottish women are being let down in this regard by both the Scottish Government and civic organisations.

The homelessness system in Scotland has collapsed. Emergency accommodation is dangerous, sub-standard, and overcrowded. There has been an epidemic of deaths in hotels and B&Bs in recent years.

Shockingly, 67 women in Scotland have died in homeless accommodation over the three-year period up to 2022, the most recent figures available, and the situation is steadily getting worse. Read the rest of this entry →

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