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The scum of the Earth

Posted on June 06, 2015 by

The Daily Mail, having unaccountably failed to notice the slew of Unionists who tried to blame the SNP for Charles Kennedy’s death before the body was cold on Tuesday, suddenly remembered to look at its Twitter timeline again today.


There, it conveniently found that vile cybernat hate mobs had hounded the former Lib Dem leader into an early grave (rather than the alcoholism-induced haemorrhage that the post-mortem concluded was responsible).

We suppose they’d know all about that sort of thing, right enough.

Reporting the aftermath of Kennedy’s election defeat, the Mail claims:

“As he pulled up outside the tidy cottage, built a stone’s throw from the river Lochy by his late grand-father, Donald, he came across what appeared to be a nasty ‘welcome home’ present.

‘It was a Friday morning, when the rubbish gets taken out in and around Fort William,’ recalls Kennedy’s campaign manager, Conn O’Neill.

‘When Charles got back to the cottage, he discovered his bins upturned and left at the end of his driveway. It seemed as if someone had gone through them and spread the contents everywhere. There was litter all over the place. Most of it ended up strewn over the field across the road.’

This unedifying act of vandalism — carried out, O’Neill assumes, by someone loyal to Kennedy’s political opponent — wasn’t the only unpleasantness he came home to that morning, either.”

The paper then goes on to quote a handful of nasty tweets and Facebook comments of the sort that any public figure on social media gets every day, tying them together with the disturbed bins, one frame of a Greg Moodie cartoon published in The National several weeks ago and some unattributed quotes making allegations of “bullying and intimidatory behaviour” to build the whole thing into a co-ordinated “hate campaign” which threw a “dark shadow” over Kennedy’s final weeks.

The implication which leaps from the article, cobbled together from scraps of nothing, is that the SNP and its supporters partly brought about Kennedy’s death. The Mail repeatedly points an accusatory finger, quoting one unnamed source saying Kennedy:

“was knocked sideways by the campaign and the way the SNP and its supporters went after him, before, during and after polling day. It was unnecessary, and at times very unpleasant. Exactly the sort of thing that, alongside a bereavement, would drive a man like him to drink.”

(Emphasis ours.)

The claim comes despite no known complaints having been made to police about any “intimidation”, and despite Kennedy making no reference to anything unpleasant in his concession speech. Elections are by nature combative affairs, and Charles Kennedy had been involved in them for decades. He gave no indication – publicly or, as far as we know, in private – of having found 2015’s especially vitriolic.

(The anonymous sources in the piece are all quoted in weasel words about how he “might have” felt it to be so, rather than reporting anything actually expressed to them by the man himself, or even second-hand.)

And the bins? Alert readers might reasonably wonder why “cybernats” would bother going through Charles Kennedy’s rubbish on election day, when it was far too late to glean any information which could have damaged his chances.

But there IS a group in society which is well-known for raking through politician’s bins for juicy gossip and dirt that might sell a few papers whether the subject was an MP or not, and whether they were alive or dead.


The words “secret lover” suggest that Charles Kennedy wanted his private life kept private. But the Mail, along with several other papers, just couldn’t resist reporting his death with a side-order of salacious tittle-tattle.

(The article in question spoke of his “contented private life”, expectations of his being made a peer and of him looking forward to campaigning in the EU referendum, not of a man tormented beyond endurance by some tweets.)

We have no reason to believe that such information was gleaned from rifling through his bins, of course. Indeed, we don’t know that ANYONE went through his bins. They may have been disturbed by foxes, or simply blown over in the very windy weather Scotland’s been experiencing recently.

But for the Mail – a paper which loves nothing more than to muckrake about political opponents and intimidate ordinary members of the public it’s chosen to “monster” for holding political views the Mail doesn’t like – to allege, without the slightest shred of evidence, that SNP supporters were responsible, and that it was part of a co-ordinated campaign that drove Kennedy to the bottle and by implication to his death, is journalism which would lower the tone of a sewer.

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    269 to “The scum of the Earth”

    1. Croompenstein says:

      It’s part of the steady drip, drip of anti-Scottish and anti-SNP rhetoric. They are building up to something and we must fight against them at every turn.. well done Stu.

      But WTF has happened to Felicity Kendal 🙁

    2. Donald MacKenzie says:

      It’s pathetic, unfortunately.This in relation to a man who bore no bitterness or ill-will towards anyone, even those in his own party who forced him from office.

    3. Dave Ball says:

      Is it not more likely that it was some animal like a fox that had been at his bins?

    4. RogueCoder says:

      A minor point – the initial post-mortem was apparently “inconclusive” ( and more tests are being done. The family however seem satisfied that the suspected hemorrhage was as a result of his medical condition. We’ll get the full results in a week or so – no doubt giving the Mail another opportunity to run a smear against vile nationalists.

    5. Rockhopper says:

      I live in Mr. Kennedy’s constituency and is hardly a hotbed of anger and recrimination. One thing that was clear was that Mr. Kennedy was playing the ‘local’ card in attempting to smear Ian Blackford. It was particularly unpleasant and seeing as many of the constituents now are from other parts of Scotland/the UK, it didn’t sit well with many. As for their upset over Where’s Charlie, that was entirely to do with his voting record being approx. 30%. As is seen in the results, the people here felt they deserved much better representation.

      Before the election I, for one, felt that owing to his issues Kennedy should have been advised to step down and not contest the election to allow him the opportunity to rest and get healthy. Sadly he did not do so.

      I voted against CK and, whilst I feel very sorry for his family after such a tragic end to his life, my vote was not a death sentence. Charles Kennedy is responsible for his choices, not me.

    6. Paul Miller says:

      You should read the comments section in that article. The anti Scottish bile is truly horrendous.

    7. Kevin says:

      I often go to Oban and Fort William for my holidays, it’s not uncommon to see bins lying on its side and some rubbish scattered everywhere on bin collection days due to them being blown over when it’s windy outside.

      This is just Daily Mail stirring up sh*t as usual.

    8. The tragic irony is that Charles Kennedy is not around to comment on this. If he were I’m sure he would set aside political differences and condemn this behaviour.

      Disgusting that Ruth Davidson saw fit to circulate this ‘bile’ via Twitter.

    9. Camz says:

      The Mail has always been scum. They will always be scum. People who read it risk becoming scum.

      Some family members were out of the country and their first taste of British news was the Daily Mail and it’s reporting on the SNP’s behaviour during the first week of Parliament.

      So when we had a chat about current affairs, they went off on one regarding how the SNP MPs had been disgraceful etc. When I queried why they were making so much of it, versus something like brawling in the Commons (Joyce – 2012), they did reiterated their point. They had been wound up tight as drums.

      When I queried the source, and suggested the Mail, they both got huffy. Ding, ding…correct guess.

      The Mail peddles scum and turns people against each other. It does more harm than any Scottish politician or group of political supporters.

    10. Wull says:

      I wonder what Conn O’Neill might think or say about this, but I expect he is not pleased. There might be a disclaimer, or a clarification, quite soon. If so, who will report it?

      It is absolutely certain that the SNP would never condone or support such behaviour. The new SNP MP for the constituency would not consider anyone acting in such an obviously reprehensible fashion to be ‘loyal’ to him. To the contrary …

    11. heedtracker says:

      Daily Mail is relentlessly demonic in its creepiness. But freedom of the press on one hand means neo fascists, lechers, peado’s etc are a newspaper market on the other.

    12. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Croompenstein asked:

      ” WTF has happened to Felicity Kendal”?

      Sadly mate, like all of us – even the fragrant Felicity has grown old. She has perhaps taken the wrong advice/treatment, in an effort to fight-off the inevitable process.

    13. indyracer2014 says:

      On one level I genuinely don’t care what the Daily Mail says as it seems so remote from Scottish daily life and politics…and then I remember (again!) that we’re still in this bloody union and it does matter what these hate filled English papers and the rest of the MSM circulate.

    14. Dr Jim says:

      Once again Rev Stu you demonstrate your use of language to report and comment on an item of news is superlative

      The correct research the salient points identified the facts
      presented and the readers choice to self opinion observed

      Instead of the MSM constant ramming in your face drivel where only the less developed are taken for even denser than they already are and with no respect for the subject or the truth

    15. Grouse Beater says:

      I wonder if the dregs published constitute incitement to racial hatred?

    16. tartanarse says:

      The Lib Dems. Tories and Red Tories actually HAVE killed people.

      The MSM can be as anti Scottish as they like. It serves no purpose. Even if all of RUK hated Scots as a result, there is nothing they can do to change the current situation.

      Scots have woken up mainly, to MSM. Only the most brain dead of RUkkers could believe them.

    17. Stoker says:

      Quote from the Rev’s article above:
      “When Charles got back to the cottage, he discovered his bins upturned and left at the end of his driveway. It seemed as if someone had gone through them and spread the contents everywhere. There was litter all over the place. Most of it ended up strewn over the field across the road.”

      And of course we don’t get any wind in Scotland, eh!
      Those nasty cybernat nazis. Feckin bin rakers!

    18. Dr Jim says:

      @Dave Ball

      More likely the very papers who would print the rubbish on the SNP hoping for something to use later on Mr Kennedy
      The Press are no respecters of anyones privacy or grief

      I think we’ve all noticed that the odd time
      I’m amazed they haven’t stuck a microphone in his family’s face yet
      I think that’s Kay Burleys job though

    19. Richardinho says:

      It’s a horrible newspaper, but it always has been and it didn’t manage to stop 56 happening.

    20. Richardinho says:

      As for the mystery of the bins isn’t it more likely that they were overturned by some vermin.

      A Daily Mail journalist for example?

    21. HandandShrimp says:

      The Mail is a gift that never stops giving. The almost comically bad churnalism is like something from a Joe Orton satirical comedy.

      However, the comments below are incredible. I wonder if any of those people phoned up a Scot to tell them they loved them. The Mail is wittingly or unwittingly dismantling the Union. They are typically vile in the process and I would rather not see them doing it but I suppose every little helps.

      Also, outraged people of England, if you are so fucking sorry for the Lib Dems why didn’t you vote for them?

    22. Robert Unwin says:

      Perhaps the most disturbing (if bitterly humorous) element of all this is reading the dreaded comments section below. Not a particularly original point to make I know, but the number of people that buy into this kind of absurd, nasty, anti-factual and hypocritical “story” is astonishing! And for many of them, articles such as these become merely a springboard to rant not just against the SNP, but explicitly Scots themselves using the hoary old tropes (Whinging, poor Scots scrounging off us prosperous English stuff etc). Of these borderline – and often over-the-borderline – xenophobic comments, strangely none are ever removed by the DM moderators.

    23. heedtracker says:

      Also that election defeat “night of the long Sgian Dubhs” was an awful nazi slander on everyone that voted.

      BetterTogether canonising of unionists like what’s gone on last week, is completely pointless after that kind of soul sucking malice.

      It’s never forgotten.

    24. Dan Huil says:

      The anti-Scottish vitriol expressed by unionist rags like the Mail can only aid the break-up of this disgusting “united” kingdom.

    25. Chic McGregor says:


      You are running the risk of having an organised demo of genuine vermin outside your house. 🙂

    26. Proud Cybernat says:

      Maybe I am missing something–a sandwich or three–but why is it that only SNP supporters are charaterisd in the gutter press as ‘Cybernats’? Are we to assume that BritNatz are too thick to use computers to launch ‘vile cybernat’ attacks?

    27. Capella says:

      It is relentless and it does matter, especially subliminally. I listened to some catch-up radio, the Book at Bedtime, “The Wolf Border”. Good BTW

      It was broadcast after the election and at the end of each episode it segues into the news of the day for a couple of minutes. I was struck by how many news bulletins started off with “David Cameron …” meets somebody, announces something, flies off somewhere etc.

      If a Radio Scotland news bulletin ever started with “Nicola Sturgeon…” did something perfectly normal for a First Minister, we would all be astonished. They are still pretending that Labour are the party of government in Scotland.

    28. Bill Fraser says:

      Shocking!! I think it is time we tried to do something with this S..t But how many folk are buying this dirt rag in Scotland.?When buying our local paper DON’T cover the said rag in error!!!

    29. Chic McGregor says:

      Ve haff vays off making you talk.
      Iff only ve had vays off making you listen.

    30. dakk says:

      Good article again Stuart.

      Thanks for continuing to highlight the nonsense that this ridiculous newspaper continues to publish.

      The more you expose them,the angrier they get and the more absurd and unhinged their ‘journalism’ becomes.

    31. Democracy Reborn says:

      See if you can join the dots from the MSM lexicon since before, and particularly after, the election:-

      “bullying and intimidatory behaviour”
      “hate campaign”
      “online abuse”
      “one party state”
      “Dear Leader”
      “50% of Scots ‘disenfranchised’ ”

      It’s the new narrative. When Labour were, for decades, were routinely winning 40-50 Scottish seats, everything was hunky-dory and no questions of legitimacy were asked. But when Scots have the temerity to elect 56 MPs on a 50% share of the vote – more than Thatcher (majority of 144), Blair (majority 170+) and Cameron (37% vote share) ever managed – there’s suddenly a crisis of democracy with overtones of ‘dictatorship’. Leading to the preposterous rantings of those like Iain Martin because we have road signs that say…. “Drive Carefully” (because you see, that’s an example of the Big, Bad Brother SNP state).

      The irony is that these are exactly the same people who want to abolish the Human Rights Act.

    32. gillie says:

      No one believes what the Daily Mail prints. They simply lack any journalistic credibility. The are simply a scandal rag that appeals to people’s prejudices

      The Beano is more newsworthy.

    33. Les Wilson says:

      The best response is from those who still buy this shite, by stopping to buy it at all. Sales count, as do lack of them.
      People need to be aware of their bile.

      The rev seems to be the only trumpet in town, we need others.
      As I have suggested a few times all the YES sites and bloggers should get together the way the Unionist groups do, and act and report in mass, together to amplify the message.

    34. Macart says:

      The UK press at its very best, supposition, innuendo, hearsay, smear and most essentially projection. This is what any reasonable person calls a smear job.

      The sooner we see the back of this media, the better.

      Mr Kennedy’s family have been through enough, but to use the passing of the man as an excuse to score political points.

      Just grim.

    35. Marie clark says:

      Still that disgusting rag won’t leave the poor man or his family alone. Says it all really.

      By the way, have the not got round yet to blaming the SNP for the strong winds in Scotland, that more than likely blew the bins over.

      SNP, bad, bad, bad. Very, very bad. Sheesh. It wid weary a buddy.

    36. galamcennalath says:

      The Unionist media ( and that is most of it ) will use absolutely everything and anything in their anti-SNP/anti-Scotland campaign. They have no morals or discretion on what topics they chose.

      So long as there is an ongoing threat to the Union, this disgusting behaviour will continue.

      Scum? They give our ordinary everyday scum a bad name!

    37. Capella says:

      @ Marie clark
      The strong winds support the case for more wind farms. Bad!
      Look – there’s a cybernat.

    38. heedtracker says:

      Romy, West Sussex, United Kingdom, 32 minutes ago
      This is so awful. I have such feelings of unbridled HATE for these ‘welfarer ‘ SNP Pigs. I wish them unhappy vile lives. In the end they voted for a BANKER instead of a devoted true Scotsman !

      Romy, west Sussex follows through CiF.

    39. Albaman says:

      I must admit, I noticed the “headline” on the B.B.C.s web site, ( what the papers say), I read part of it, but anger got the better of me , WHY are they allowed to get away with what is nothing more than excitement to create public unrest.
      Everyone shouts about the freedom of the press, but there has to be limits to that so called “freedom”, there must be a way to hold them to public account, rather than is stupid self regulation.
      The sooner we can rid ourselves permanently of this type of gutter press, with their anti Scottish views, the better for all in Scotland.v

    40. Capella says:

      The author of the above incitement piece is Guy Adams. Even he thinks he’s a twat.

    41. Robert Peffers says:

      @Dave Ball says: 6 June, 2015 at 12:58 pm:

      “Is it not more likely that it was some animal like a fox that had been at his bins?”

      Well no, Dave, the most likely culprit would be the wind in that area and the reported fact that most of the spilled stuff was spread over the nearby fields bears that fact out.

      Would a marauding MSM investigative reporter bother to spread the contents of a bin over the fields?

      I stay on the outskirts of Kelty and we have foxes in the farmland and Loch Ore Country park. I’ve never had foxes bother my bins but just last Monday had to not only right my bin but collect much of the contents after it blew over in a none too strong wind.

      Another thing is that if the wheelie bin lid blows open you can sometimes get seagulls rake through it. I have CCTV cameras that I can show on a spare TV Channel and have watched foxes pass my bin on their way up to the Main street to feed at the village cairrie-oot shops’ bins. If they have cubs I often see the vixens come back from the village carrying food for their cubs.

    42. Bill Steele says:

      This kind of thing in the Mail and other MSM may just succeed in driving more Scottish voters into the independence movement.

    43. Breeks says:

      The next campaign against Scottish independence is already underway. Lies, dishonesty, smear, intimidation, agenda manipulation, disinformation, hypocrisy… It’s all unbridled.
      And what else should we expect? It worked the first time.
      We cannot ignore austerity issues and general running of the country, but Scotland MUST rid itself of this vile and hateful Media of Occupation.
      Until we do, EVERY initiative to make Scotland a better country will be jealousy resented by these alien agencies who will work to undermine it. We MUST have a broadcast TV media to enlighten our people. Nothing less will do… Not command of the Internet, not a friendly newspaper. That helps, but it isn’t enough. We need the mass exposure through television. We need the BBC exposed for the state propagandist it is, but we also need truth broadcast into our living rooms.
      It is this issue above all others which has defined our country, and what we as a people consider tolerable. Like it or not, it is being tolerated…

    44. Marie clark says:

      @Capella, ” The strong winds support the case for more wind farms – BAD”. I that’s true Capella, and just think all that wind is free as well. Oh Bad, bad, bad.

      ” Look- a cybernat”. Eh! where. Oh aye a see them, aw aboot us on WOS. Terrible intit.

      Good job that we all have a sense of humour or we might get a tad upset by all the shit flying our way from MSM. Dinnae buy their rubbish, that’s the best way to deal with them.

    45. Robert Peffers says:

      @Donald Urquhart says: 6 June, 2015 at 1:11 pmT:

      “Disgusting that Ruth Davidson saw fit to circulate this ‘bile’ via Twitter”

      Aye! Donald, but I’ve noticed Wee Ruthie,(who BTW:, is not so wee as she used to be these days), has been showing her true Nasty Party Tory credentials more & more over the past weeks.

    46. @Les Wilson
      `The rev seems to be the only trumpet in town,`

      Bit harsh.

    47. Valerie says:

      Well said, Rockhopper at 12.59, if there is any blame, then it is to the party who allowed him to stand at the GE, they should actually be ashamed, as they had the opportunity to deselect him, but look at the Carmichael farce.

      The Mail really will do anything to sell papers, and its vile that this titillation sells.

      When I saw that ‘secret lover’ headline, I thought, here we go, crapping all over a dead man, and trying to ruin the life of a bereaved partner – truly scum.

    48. Fireproofjim says:

      Sadly, the biggest piles of papers in our supermarkets are the Heil and the Record.
      I guess somebody buys them and is accepting of their foul drivel.
      I note the National seems to be selling steadily.

    49. Pam McMahon says:

      The CyberNats upend my wheelie bins every week, looking for out-of-date Tesco vouchers and old copies of the Daily Mail. It’s usually made easier by the Highland Council bin men not replacing the vast cairn of rocks I have to use to pin it down up here in the Far Beyond.

      One of the priorities of the 56 should be independent and devolved press and broadcasting regulation. It has become beyond a joke now, and is harming the reputation and memory of a decent man and adversely affecting his family and friends.

    50. Dal Riata says:

      Ruth Davidson has tweeted:

      Ruth Davidson MSP ?@RuthDavidsonMSP

      “”Oh dear. Now I’m supposed to feel guilty… Well, F*** you. I’m not”.

      Dreadful stuff on the hounding of Kennedy.”

      To whom is she directing her, “Well, Fuck you. I’m not.”?

      By “Dreadful stuff”, does she mean Guy Adams’ article itself for being lies and smears, or for the SNP and cybernats allegedly causing Kennedy’s death according to the article? I’m going with the latter, but I’m willing to be corrected.

    51. Capella says:

      O/T George Square filling up – not. There might be nearly 100 people there though some of them will be stewards.
      Well done Glasgow. Treat it with the ignoral it deserves!

    52. PictAtRandom says:

      More droppings from the Mule.

      But there’s a pattern here.

      I was reading the Torygraph thread on Michelle Mone. It started off with the usual “100 reasons why ‘Jock’ will never succeed”, moved on to anecdotes about the intimidatory atmosphere in Scotland and progressed to accusing nationalists of anti-Semitism – suggesting that Scotland’s Jews might want to leave for Cheshire or London after independence. Way beyond a joke.

      People down there seem to be creating their own kind of truth about Scottish Nationalism. It feels as though it could be used as a pretext for doing something in the future.

    53. G H Graham says:

      Paul McMullan, a tabloid journalist, testified at the 2011 Leveson inquiry to having undertaken a wide range of illegal or unethical activities to get stories besides phone hacking: bribing police officers, stealing documents, going through celebrities’ rubbish bins …


      On Milly Dowler’s phone hacking, he had this to say to the inquiry …“not a bad thing for a well-meaning journalist who is only trying to find the girl to do”.


      Meanwhile, the Daily Mail publishes an article on Leveson, on 12th Nov 2012, which makes it abundantly clear that it hadn’t yet understood the meaning of irony when it wrote …

      Why did no one carry out ‘basic journalistic checking’ of facts? Why weren’t those ‘facts’ put to the other side — the first rule of journalism?


      On 15th Nov 2012, the Mail was still oblivious to its own sense of irony when it enjoyed reporting the colossal error of identity that caused the McAlpine scandal, when it wrote …

      This was followed by a grudging apology from the BIJ, which read: ‘The bureau’s trustees apologise to Lord McAlpine for the extent to which its contribution to the Newsnight broadcast on 2 November fell short of the high standards it expects and for any incorrect speculation about the identity of the politician that may have been encouraged by the bureau managing editor’s tweet in advance of the broadcast.’


      Seems to me that the English tabloids & their staff only choose to use morals, ethics & journalistic standards when it suits them.

      The Mail’s tag line aught to read, “Never let facts get in the way of a juicy story”.

    54. heedtracker says:

      UKOK fascism just took another bite out of civil liberties. Its unlikely this will trouble the Heil reprobates.

      Its unlikely to be even mentioned by the BBC obviously but watch yourselves from now, or at least until Independence. Oh how they laughed as they marched us down to the football stadium.

      “Ministers yesterday slipped out an announcement that, amid all the spending cuts, agreement has just been reached for the first ever cross-Whitehall contract to monitor what people Tweet, post and blog about the Government. Under the terms of the deal five companies have been approved to keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and blogs and provide daily reports to Whitehall on what’s being said in “real time”

    55. Stoker says:

      Bill Fraser wrote:
      “Shocking!! I think it is time we tried to do something with this S..t But how many folk are buying this dirt rag in Scotland?”

      Well, for starters Bill, we need to stop buying these Unionist rags AND stop posting direct links to their web sites.

      Every purchase and every click to their sites helps to promote and pay for the pish they peddle. The more we pay them the more they print.

      Sales figures and web site hits matter.

      People need to take a stance and change their reading habits.

      Don’t pay them to peddle putrid pish, make them pay for it.

    56. Cuilean says:

      If he was capable of being honest with himself, CK would not have run for public office. Sadly, an ‘honest alcoholic’ is an oxymoron. Alcoholism’s first victims are self-knowledge, integrity and veracity.

      MPs Westminster culture on alcohol needs to change. Perhaps the place needs to be made, like oil rigs, an alcohol free working zone?

      After all, doctors, nurses, chemists, teachers, taxi-drivers, oilrig workers, police, firemen, etc. can’t drink all day and ‘work’ at the same time!

      Perhaps the Parliament’s cameras should be in the 8 bars as well as in the two chambers? It’d certainly let constituents see exactly what they got for their votes.

      I’m no killjoy and enjoy social drinking. There are, after all, no shortage of pubs in central London for the dedicated MP drinker, and with their 10% payrise, unlike the rest of us, they can well afford central London pub prices.

    57. Fiona Fletcher says:

      I actually think someone should buy this paper. Just one person that is, start up a group which shows which companies advertise in this rag and let us know so we can all boycott them en masse and hurt these hate filled people where it hurts – in their pockets.

    58. Papadox says:

      Keep kicking us HMG, EBC & MSM that kind of “friendship & love” most normal people can do without. You insist that the Scots are your serfs and we are NOT.

      There is some skulduggery afoot here, which will become evident at a time and place of HMG’s choosing. They are currently trying to avoid SNP MPs unless they can badmouth them on trumped up charges.


      Away and poke about someone else’s middens or maybe your own. Daily Mail your only good for getting a fire started, and I thought shit could’nt burn, how wrong I was.

      I had a very close family member who suffered the EXACT same fate at age 42 with 3 young kids.
      Was it all the fault of the cybernats and SNP? DAILY MAIL YOU ARE SCUM!

    59. Muscleguy says:

      Here in Dundee I have stone/concrete blocks and an old picnic table shade stand that I put on the bins to stop them being blown over. I neglected to put the glass recycling bin out first opportunity last month because the weight helped keep it upright in the winds. We’re lucky in that at the end of the drive behind the low gatepost (gate permanently open) there and along behind the low wall is a high, dense shrub that cuts the strong Westerlies or more of our bin contents would end up strewn about. We came back from being out just today and there was a curled up national lottery ticket outside our front door, provenance unknown but not there when we went out, the wind is strong. It has not won anything mores the luck.

    60. Dal Riata says:

      Janet Street-Porter has tweeted:

      Janet Street-Porter ?@The_Real_JSP

      “Guy Adams has written an excellent piece about Charles Kennedy in the Mail today. Why do these bullies go unchecked?”

      Janet Street-Porter…? Who on 10 June, 2014, via the BBC said: …

      “I know what you’re thinking. What right does this southern loudmouth have to come to Scotland and to trample her way into our referendum debate? And I suppose you have a point.

      But, unlike many of my friends and colleagues, who would struggle to point to Scotland on a map, I’ve been coming here for years. It is my kind of a place: the wide open spaces; and you are my kind of people: funny, direct, warm.

      … But there’s been something nagging away at me ever since Alex Salmond and David Cameron agreed that there would be a referendum on independence. It’s fair to say most people down south are barely aware it’s happening let alone across any of the arguments. If they talk about it at all, they seem to suspect the Scots have gone stark raving bonkers.

      And I started to worry. I had thought Scotland and I got along just fine. But then I began to think: is it because they don’t like us? Is it – as Newsnight supremo Jeremy Paxman suggested last week – because you Scots hate the English? Is it me?

      … It was on this stage of the walk that I felt one of my theories beginning to fall apart. As I interviewed “Yes” campaigner Robin McAlpine, of the Jimmy Reid Foundation, from a crane over the Clyde, he told me: “It’s nothing at all to do with the English. It’s not that we don’t like you. It is that you are not part of our lives. It’s so not about the English. It’s absolutely not.”

      And down the road in Falkirk, playwright Alan Bissett, another “Yes” supporter, said the same thing.

      He told me: “I can see how it might seem like that because if you are not part of the debate that is happening in Scotland, which is a very deep and immersive and diverse debate, it just looks like this thing erupted out of nowhere – ‘Oh, you must be doing that because you don’t like us.'”

      …. One more thing, though. About the Scots disliking the English? I was completely wrong on that one. And you don’t hear me say that often!” …?

      Ahh, right. So it’s now SNP BAD! And cybernats BAD! And the corrupt, increasingly right-wing and hateful UK MSM GOOD!

      Better together – doncha jus’ lurve it…!

    61. Stoker says:

      “Hounded by the hate mob” by “Guy Adams INVESTIGATES”

      There you have it, everything that is wrong with Unionist journos.
      They need to go back and learn their journalistic basics.
      That is, the true meaning of the word “INVESTIGATES”.

      Guy, wee tip, when you write a piece full of non factual putrefaction you cannot class it as investigation, that is what is commonly known as lying. Back to school for you ya twat.

    62. a supporter says:

      Dave Ball says a 12.58 pm

      “Is it not more likely that it was some animal like a fox that had been at his bins?”

      YES. Daily Heil reporters raking for muck.

    63. Calgacus says:

      What a lovely day it is today, watching the not so massive Orangery in Freedom Square via webcam.

      While Project Fear worked on our most vulnerable during the referendum it is apparent after our stunning success in the GE that this shite doesn’t work any more.

      What kind of person reads this scummy paper? What is it’s circulation figure in Scotland?How do we persuade these readers to change?

      My inclination is to shun them but that doesn’t win votes.Maybe we should target them for a slagging.

    64. Michael Granados says:

      There is rubbish in our road all the time. It is usually a combination of wind, crows and seagulls or so we thought but now we realist it is political opponents.

    65. K1 says:

      O/T George Square isn’t exactly heaving is it? I notice from the little you can see from the web cam, that it seems very quiet in general, especially for a Saturday afternoon, in the surrounding streets…does this mark a silent boycott from those of us who live here perhaps? if so, well done us. 🙂

    66. Dal Riata says:

      Lucy Powell MP (Labour) Shadow minister for the cabinet office and Miliband’s campaign chief (LOL!) has tweeted:

      Lucy Powell ?@LucyMPowell

      “How Charles Kennedy was ‘hounded’ by SNP hate mob via @MailOnline – a very disturbing account”


      Jo Swinson, EX (very!) Liberal Democrat MP for East Dunbartonshire from 2005-15 has tweeted:

      Jo Swinson ?@joswinson

      “Disturbing account of online hate directed at Charles Kennedy – tweet at end of article says it all.”

      Love your work ladies! (Is “ladies” allowed, by the way, or is that now wail-out-loud misogynistic?)

    67. Alex Waugh says:

      Fireproofjim says:

      6 June, 2015 at 2:26 pm

      ‘Sadly, the biggest piles of papers in our supermarkets are the Heil and the Record.’

      No, Fireproofjim, that’s the good news – if there’s piles of them it’s because they’re not being sold!

      Apropos of scummy UK press: I live in Cyprus and a Cypriot colleague, who was raised in England and has dual nationality, has been watching Outlander online (I assume). Out of the blue he says to me last week, “The English are bastards!” Well no, I reply, not all of them..but let me show you something. I pulled up a selection of the tweets re the SNP having ‘murdered’ Charles Kennedy and a few Mail stories (just for a laugh). He read for a minute or two then turned to me in genuine amazement and asked, “Who are these fucking idiots?”

      I can’t even repeat what he said when I told him about Outlander having been denied to Scottish viewers after meetings between Cameron and Sony, but between swearies he did laugh derisively a lot.

      So there you have it; the reaction to this pish from an educated foreigner with no axe to grind and who saw through it in the time it took him to read it. I’ve been messaging newspapers in the US with details of the anti-Scottish campaign (lots of Scots and their descendants in the New World). Others might also like to copy links to the more egregious shite to US, Canadian and Australian forums and pages (that stupid Tory woman’s ‘joke’ about enslaving the Scots might not go down too well in America) – you never know. It’s certainly worth letting the wider world know what’s really going on in the UK, since all they usually get is MSM rehashes and the official version of events. Maybe there’s hope after all.

    68. Dcanmore says:

      People who are saying that nobody believes The Daily Mail, well, that’s not quite true. There has been a disturbing shift to the Right in England over the past five years and that is still continuing. The Daily Mail is a hugely successful newspaper which has seen its circulation go up recently, bucking the trend.

      The title is now not far off being the biggest newspaper in the UK, just behind The Sun by a 150,000. The top five biggest newspapers in the UK are all now venomous right-wing rags which sell five million daily combined. The DM’s website is one of the most popular ‘news’ websites in the world, with particular interest from North America.

      Many people in my office in London are taken in by the rubbish being spouted by the DM, some because they are little Englanders to whom the DM exaggerates their predjudices, others are made to become frightened of what these newspapers tell them to be: immigrants, socialists, EU, Jocks/SNP, benefit claimants, unemployed, poor, NHS etc. It is amazing (and worrying) to see well-educated friendly people being brainwashed, it could be 1930s Germany again (ironically the DM has a dark history there too).

      This trend is not going to subside, things will be getting more hysterical especially in the run up to the EU referendum with these top five gutter rags all backing an exit. The bastard sons and daughters of Thatcher’s revolution are in power for the next five years again, they will probably be in power for another five years after that too. Labour are now in their weakest position since 1983 and looking at the mix battling to become their new leader, they’ll be taking the Blairite position of chasing the soft Tory vote to boost their chances. It’s not going to go well for the Left in England.

      The truth is the Left is dying in England, the Labour vote is now down to their core level and it will be a big struggle to climb that hill again, it will take a generation. Even if Labour do manage to win 2020, I believe they’ll be no more than a Shadow Tory Party, managing the changes brought on by the forthcoming five years of Tory majority rule.

      Expect nothing from Labour in Scotland, if they don’t separate themselves from London (and they won’t in any meaningful way) they will just keep carrying on to SE2016 doing what they are doing now, opposing anything and everything SNP. It’s the nature of the beast, they won’t/can’t change unles there is a revolution within the party.

      Best thing Scotland can do now is batten down the hatches, circle the wagons and try to protect itself, try to put Scotland into a stronger position to resist Tory changes. The storm is coming with the Tories turning England into a carbon copy American State where every facet of life is subjected to the free market. Just look what 30 years of Reaganomics has done to once great cities of Detroit, Baltimore, Philadephia and St Louis, ravaged by poverty and hopelessness. Camden NJ looks like it’s been through a war.

      The Tories are ruthless, they won’t find compassion any time soon. Scotland was used, abused and trashed in the 1980s and they will do it again if it made London/SE anymore richer. They will have the backing of every top-selling newspaper out of London because it is only the whiny nasty Jocks, who cares about them.

      Change is coming, be prepared.

    69. Connor McEwen says:

      Quite a few southerners now know how much they have depended on our natural largesse in bailing out Wheeshtminster debt .The southerners are also loath to admit it, so the bile spills out in Geezer like torrents.
      Keep the bile coming and MAYBE it will work on the brain dead and Racist inclined.

    70. Robert Peffers says:

      Why worry about the MSM, they have probably converted more Scots to vote for independence than I ever have and I’ve been trying to do that all my adult life.

    71. Caroline Corfield says:

      Y’know, if I was Alistair Carmichael I would be paying for some independent bodyguard to keep an eye on me. If there is involvement of others higher up the food chain to himself, there is the distinct chance that like Dr. Kelly he will have been found to have ‘succumbed to the relentless pressure of the publicity’ and gone for a wee walk, or maybe even a wee drive, maybe even into a wee burn and then to have conveniently chucked the gun several metres away as his dying act…

      I would trust the British security services to do anything it takes to protect the state, and that includes making sure nothing comes out in court that would damage it further. If I was Carmichael I’d take employ a nationalist or a member of an organised gang, they’re the least likely candidates to be agents. Definitely no ex-army guys.

    72. Jim Thomson says:

      @K1 3:14pm

      Also noticing a distinct lack of UJs. Do you think that there’s team orders?

      As you say not exactly heaving. Quite satisfying really.

      I’m not sure if they also have the square reserved for tomorrow or not. They have a few “walks” organised according to the GCC website. 21 at my count. The list starts here:

      I can’t be arsed looking through them all to see where they are meant to finish up so, I have no idea if Geo Sq. is the target.

    73. donald anderson says:

      World shattering News from the Brit propagandists. ‘MP’s Wheelie Bin Blown Over!”.

      They are still shooting each other in Ireland.

    74. Fred says:

      Ruth the Tank Straddler is a nasty piece of work, I’ve always thought so, and having led the Scottish Tories to their worst defeat in yonks she, along with Rennie, should have resigned. Murphy, despite his clinging to the wreckage, is going under very soon. O for a Tory with an intact spine to give this virago the boot.

    75. IAB says:

      This torrent of drivel is becoming intolerable – can they be taken to court? Serious question – I’d be glad to contribute

    76. K1 says:

      Rev, you mention about the ‘blowy’ weather on twitter. It’s not that blowy compared to the truly windy weather we experienced last week. I think the attendance is down to a massive silent boycott from the citizens of Glasgow. And possibly ‘orangefest’ toning it doon due to all the publicity against their presence.

      Does anyone have any reports of any marching bands through the city centre, are there any heading toward the square for some sort of finale?

    77. Al-Stuart says:

      The odious necro-profiteer and would be editor of the Daily Mail, Paul Dacre has “previous convictions” for making a quick buck for his paymasters with this sort of bile.

      In October 2013, Dacre was criticised across the UK media and political spectrum after the Daily Mail published a trash article maligning Ralph Miliband, a deceased Marxist academic and father of the Leader of the Opposition, Ed Miliband.

      Dacre runs pieces like this regularly to profit himself and fund his selfish lifestyle. Also to try and stem the Daily Mail’s hurtle towards bankruptcy (financial – it is already morally bankrupt).

      With Ralph Miliband, he desecrated the man’s memory and upset his family by describing Mr Miliband senior as…

      “The Man Who Hated Britain”


      What a truly awful human being this Dacre reptile is.

      Did Lord Leveson not do something about the Daily Mail and their ilk, or am I mis-remembering.

    78. K1 says:

      Aye Jim, I think there has been a bit of ‘rearranging’ going on and I actually as I just said, think they have ‘toned’ it down in light of the petition. I won’t be looking through that list either, there’s only so much of that kind of info. I want to be informed about…don’t want to give the ‘clicks’ to the council website either, they might mistake it for ‘active participation’ and as an encouraging sign of engagement! 🙂

    79. Jack Murphy says:

      Scottish daily newspaper circulation figures.
      March 2014 to March 2015.
      Listed is the average Scottish Daily Mail sales :-89,232.
      Down 2.4%

    80. PictAtRandom says:

      Had a look at the Freedom Square webcam a few minutes ago and the Orangefest turnout looked like a painful embarrassment.

      Where are the usual suspects? Celebrating the anniversary of a scuffle in North Ardoyne Tesco Local alcohol aisle?

      (Thought about signing the petition but decided “no”. We should be scrupulously fair to sterile triumphalist Saltire-haters. When TPTB move against us with bans &c then we’ll have right on our side.)

    81. Al-Stuart says:

      Here is an example of how the Daily Mail make up FAKE photographs so as to help FABRICATE STORIES…

      DAILY MAIL QUOTE Feckless: Taxpayers are shelling out out hundreds of millions of pounds each year to benefit claimants for conditions including piles, headaches, dizziness and ‘malaise’ (pictured posed by model)

      The picture fabrication agency “Alamy” should be banned from this sort of cr@p.

      So this and the Charles Kennedy hate-make-click-bate article are what passes for “journalism in the UK.

      I never used to be person who would vote for Independence, but I am now.

      The sooner we leave that festering pile of dung and flea infested fabrication factory called Fleet Street in London and become and independent nation the better.

      Bring on Indyref2 as soon as possible please – and that is from someone who used to be neutral on the subject.

      So I reckon the Daily Mail is acting as a recruiting sergeant for the SNP. I certainly have my shiny new membership 🙂

    82. Craig says:

      I don’t know how much we can take of this, how the hell are the papers allowed to get away with such filth?

      Why is it seen as a bad thing to want what is best for own country? Is it because they are afraid that Scotland can inspire people to do the best they can and lead the way in creating a just and fair society.

      Thank goodness I have my heavy metal to keep me sane or this anger and agression I feel everytime anti-Scottish smears pop up like this would lead me to do something I really would regret.

    83. Broch Landers says:

      There are times, such as in their perverted exploitation of CK’s death, when papers like this are clearly shown to dwell in the sewer.

      But on the whole, I find that reading the mail/mail online is like watching a classic Michael Winner movie.

      A guilty, mostly ironic, pleasure.

      The perennial question I pose is this:

      Does indulging in such pleasures actually transform one from being a tree-hugging metrosexual leftie into a badger-baiting petit bourgeois fascist?

      Or is the point that the prurient fascist is actually always in there anyway, lurking in one’s mental sewer?

      Much to ponder in the pub tonight, alongside marvelling at the ongoing brilliance of WoS.

    84. David says:

      I am so glad that Wings is reading the Daily Mail, keeping an eye on their bile and responding and offering criticism and alternative views to their pathetic output. I think if I had to regularly read the Daily Mail I would probably lose the will to live.

    85. Eddie Munster says:

      My mother bought the Daily Mail.

      First of all-

      1. She voted “YES”.

      2. She voted SNP.

      She bought it for all the money off vouchers and “cheep” wares it advertises, laughably “furrin” holidays etc.

      Also shes a hoarder, and the daily mail is so thick full of shite, that she thought she was getting value for money.

      She freely admits the daily mail paper, had been turning her in to a racist.

      She was in hospital and was handed “The National”. She couldn’t believe how good the paper was.

      She now no longer buys the daily mail, even though she misses all the cut price deals it had. She doesn’t miss being made in to a racist by reading it.

      On a separate issue . . . people complain about all the rain and wind in Scotland, I’m loving it just now.

      Future’s bright for Scotland and it certainly aint Orange.

    86. thomaspotter2014 says:

      I’m with Robert Peffers on this,the MSM continually fill the SNP and Indy groups with new members

      As for the disgrace that is Ruth Davidson,why doesn’t she get pulled up on her transparent drivel?-last time it was: “folks couldn’t vote for Mundell cos there was big burly Nationalists terrifying them” FFS

      Now it’s ok for her to push this Daily Mail venom-WHICH IS SLANDER- cos she got to sit next to David Cameron at the tory conference FFS

      All these others like Swinson and Powell-who really gives a flying fcuk what these snakes spew forth-them days are gone-but they are just part of the Westminster clique of flaming propaganda enforcers who will say and do anything required to keep up monstering SNP-Scotland and her people

      The days of this crap are done

      Not long now till it’s end game

    87. Auld Rock says:

      Does anyone else remember the less than savoury things that the Snail (amend that to Slime) had to say about CK’s illness before and after he resigned as L/D Leader also their similar taunts about appearances on shows like HIGNFY, of course that could be aimed at Ian Hislop who is no lover of the Slime, just read any edition of Private Eye. It’s also worth reminding everybody that the Slime’s owners were foremost in supporting Hitler and his Nazi’s.

      Auld Rock

    88. Capella says:

      @ Dcanmore
      Interesting comment on the state of the Labour Party. Depressing but true.

      Re complaints to IPSO – Code of Practice (apart from obvious things like don’t persecute children or ill people) has virtually nothing that would allow a complaint. Accuracy seems to be the only grounds:

      Clause 1 Accuracy

      i) The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, including pictures.

      ii) A significant inaccuracy, misleading statement or distortion once recognised must be corrected, promptly and with due prominence, and – where appropriate – an apology published. In cases involving the Regulator, prominence should be agreed with the Regulator in advance.

      iii) The Press, whilst free to be partisan, must distinguish clearly between comment, conjecture and fact.

      iv) A publication must report fairly and accurately the outcome of an action for defamation to which it has been a party, unless an agreed settlement states otherwise, or an agreed statement is published.

      Clause 2 Opportunity to reply

      A fair opportunity for reply to inaccuracies must be given when reasonably called for.

      Personally, I don’t think I could be bothered. But certainly the SNP should probably set up a small team to send out complaint emails every time this type of thing is published and collate the results. It could then be published regularly like G A Ponsonby’s “London Calling”.

    89. Al-Stuart says:

      Jack Murphy @3.50pm

      Many thanks for that Jack. A point you make well about the Daily Mail’s declining circulation in Scotland.

      Might I add a postscript to your posting – the truly awful decline in Daily Mail readership in the United Kingdom…

      2010… 2,120,347

      2015… 1,688,727

      That is roughly a 21% DECLINE in circulation over the last 5 years.

      Anyone care to give a guess what year the Daily Mail will go into ADMINISTRATION given the factual circulation rate of decline?

      Serious question. At what level of circulation will the Daily Hate Mail cease to be viable?

    90. I genuinely do not think that the unionist media can stoop much lower. They are often referred to as the ‘gutter press’ but in the case of the Daily Mail the term ‘sewer’ is far more appropriate.

    91. Robert Kerr says:


      “Ruth the Tank Straddler”

      Brilliant ! LOL!

      But is that “Laughing Out Loud” or “Loyal Orange Lodge”?

    92. Dal Riata says:

      The Daily Mail Does Racial Hatred’s article from troll-as-journalist Guy is not the only piece of let’s-incite-hatred-against-the-Scots. The über Conservative, Scotland’s very own John MacLeod at the end of his two-page article entitled, “In these toxic times [LOL! Aye, Johnny boy, pure toxic so they are!], Scotland needs the liberalism that defines Charles Kennedy” he has this to say:

      “What they [the SNP] seek – in a word Nicola Sturgeon uses so often she is in danger of wearing it out – is a ‘progressive’ Scotland; progressive policies; progressive values. A country, basically, doing things Tories do not like and every Left-leaning luvvie you know thinks absolutely wonderful.”

      Tsk! Scots wanting progressive policies and values…? Shocking, so it is. “Doing things Tories do not like” … but wait a wee minute, did the good Tories of Marchmont and Morningside not vote for Labour thanks to your mob’s smear campaign against the SNP candidate…? Weird, eh, Johnny boy. Pure mad!

      “And all in the context of the most unnerving certitude; a view of the world dividing everyone, really, into good people and Unionists; one where Jim Murphy, filling up his car weeks after losing his East Renfrewshire seat, can be accosted by an entire stranger and told to ‘F*** off, you f****** Red Tory…’ – and people are so dehumanised they insist this is not just quite right; but actually funny.”

      “good people and Unionists”… Yup, I’ll give you that one good people GOOD! Unionists – BAD!

      Is that you, a good right-wing Tory, speaking up for the ex-leader of the Scottish Labour branch office? Well, who’dathunk it, eh! What’s that, Johnny boy, ‘But Jim is no more Labour than I am.’ True dat, Johnny, true dat!

      And loads of us poor wee “dehumanised” Scots *would* find that funny. Pure mad, eh!

      “That Scots are now woefully divided as to what country we belong to is bad enough; that our politics increasingly divide over one emotional issue – the Union – reflects growing, debasing Ulsterification.”

      As a Scot, I’m just not feeling this “woefully divided” pish you’re spouting, Johnny. You wouldn’t be making that up now, would you?!

      “what country we belong to”… Me, masel…? I’m Scottish, so I suppose I ‘belong’ to Scotland. What about you, Johnny boy, the UK, is it? Tsk! Sorry, but the UK sure aint a ‘country’. Never mind, loads of people make that mistake…

      “Ulsterification”… Ahh… so that’s what you’re trying to insinuate, Johnny boy… Tsk! Tsk! Very, very naughty!

      Ain’t gonna happen, sorry. You and your fellow right-wing Unionist nutters would just love for that scenario to take place in Scotland. Then you could bypass the present ‘cold’ war and go straight to a ‘hot’ war, eh – army, guns, tanks, ‘terrorists’, bombings and all that.

      You lot would just be in your element if we fell for that black-ops trick. Naaah! We’ll have our independence by the ballot box, thank you very much. And it will be all the sweeter for that!

      See you on the other side, Johnny boy.

    93. Bob Mack says:

      Charles Kennedy like every other alcoholic I have ever known, was anything but vulnerable. They are openly pleasant when sober but subconsciously look for excuses to indulge.He would never have got to where he was by being vulnerable.
      Most alcoholics are the architects of their own downfall.
      I am afraid there is always an end price to be paid.Ask the likes of Gazza,who enjoys the sympathy of wealthy benefactors,otherwise he would be destitute. It is an illness,but the sufferers are anything but pleasant or vulnerable when drinking.They tend to be self centred ,self pitying and and too self absorbed to be aware of the effects they have on others.I am sure Mr Kennedy was nice enough when sober,but I have seen the other side of that particular coin.

    94. Al-Stuart says:

      For Guy Adams, the “journalist” responsible for this appalling piece of hate filled SNP-Bad and anti-Scots sh!te…

      Guy, given the fact, as per declining Daily Mail circulation figures posted on this thread already, at what point are you expecting to get your jotters – your P45?

      FACT, this is what is happening to your fellow scribblers…

      Face it Guy, the Daily Mail’s profits are in decline…

      The ONLY thing saving your wage packet is a temporary surge through shock-click-bate and online revenues, which can be very, very fickle.

      Do you really want to risk your “journalistic” future, your ability to pay your mortgage. Though you could always go back to your “acting” career playing muggers on television soaps. You just couldn’t make this stuff up!!!

    95. John McIntosh says:

      The greatest proven culprits of ransacking rubbish and phone hacking is the ENGLISH media. Before accusing others with no previous history of this, I suggest the accusations be made in the obvious direction !!!

    96. frogesque says:

      First let me say that Charles Kennedy will be missed. His family will mourn him and have an absolute right to their privacy. They have also been brave and honest about his illness and how it caused his death.

      Charles all also be missed in the political and media spheres he enlivened and he will also be remembered for opposing the Iraq war. He is gone now and the World at large must move on.

      Whether it is more scandalous that Scottish vermin, and I include gutter journalists, foxes, corbids and/or seagulls should rake through his bins (searching for empties?) or whether it was the vagaries of a blustery and unpredictable Scottish wind that upset his bin I can’t tell.

      What I can say from those who knew the man personally and their tributes is that he would have bourne his electoral defeat with fortitude and probably a decent bottle of malt.

      What will have absolutely broken his heart though is the disgraceful behaviour of his own party, particularly, one Alistair Carmichael. Above all others, he is the one who should hang his head in shame

    97. Maureen Luby says:

      About the orangefest today. It was reported last night that they were scaling it down, on the advice of GCC, due to the weather forecast of gusts up to 46 mph. Still, rather satisfying that it turned into a non-event. 🙂
      Re Ruth Davidson, I’d also be interested to find out at whom is the ‘you’ in the f**k you’ directed . She’s really showing her true colours now, after her lying tweets on election day she has certainly reached a new low.

    98. Packhorse Pete says:

      The thing about Dacre is that he’s also a cowardly toe rag. When the Miliband father story broke, Channel 4 chased around London trying to interview him, but he hid behind his minders. Venomous little man.

    99. Croompenstein says:

      LibDem arseholes sure stood behind Charles Kennedy.. don’t let these self serving bastards pontificate to anyone…

    100. yesindyref2 says:

      Can you imagine, someone walks into a bar and gets blethering to a few people. Then one of them asks “who do you work for?”. The answer “The Daily Mail”.

      These poor people deserve our sympathy.

    101. Simon Curran says:

      I remember seeing some figuers recently that suggest the Mail is set to become the biggest selling paper in England. Sad times indeed.
      As for Davidson I used to have some respect for her but she seems to be opting for the politics of the gutter. I thought she was better than that.

    102. Tinto Chiel says:

      Every time I see the words Daily Mail, I think of their 30s headline: “Three Cheers For The Blackshirts.”

      Always does the trick for me.

    103. Greg says:

      I hate this paper. I hate this paper so, so much I can’t put it into words

    104. Capella says:

      The tents are coming down at the Orange Fest.

    105. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      I’ll leave Wings readers to work out who it was behind some distinctly furtive looking characters suddenly appearing in Kennedy’s local pubs when they got wind of his death. And why they were handing out drinks and cash while sniffing around for anything salacious on Kennedy.

      Or indeed after most of the locals told them to fuck off why that kind of scum would then head straight for Kennedy’s bins to ascertain whether anyone was staying with him, snoop through discarded receipts/bills/letters.

      To top it all off some of Clegg’s most repulsive spinners at lib dem HQ have been caught feeding the Mail bits and pieces about Kennedy.

      Those kind of kind of low-life spinners clearly have no principles AT ALL.

      So whether it’s just for cash, to smear the SNP or whether it’s just to advance Clegg’s right-wing agenda by trying to discredit the left-wing Kennedy, take your pick.

    106. K1 says:

      Well done Greg, I believe you just put it into words.:-)

    107. Another Union Dividend says:

      The Daily Mail remains hugely popular with female readers.

      But lets not ever forget where the Daily Mail comes from:

      The right wing press in Britain is all pervasive and the BBC takes its cue from the morning’s national newspaper headlines.

      Despite the Daily Mail monstering Ed Miliband, Labour’s Ian Murray asked for a Daily Mail column during the General Election to attack his main political rival by telling lies and distorting out of context historic tweets made by Neil Hay.

    108. Lochside says:

      Ruth ‘Tank Commander’ Davidson is the Tory leader in Holyrood representing the despicable right wing bunch that we all fear and loath.

      Yet this principal boy of the ugly pantomime known as the Conservatives is allowed to lie and cheat with impunity. When is she going to explain publicly her knowledge re. the postal vote situ during the REF? Or are Police Scotland turning a blind eye to yet another criminal offence by a politician?

      The msm allow her to make up various porkies and soft soap her on the Tories fascist policies. All because they hate us and the SNP more.

      The war continues and yet we seem unable to prosecute any of these rags or individuals with hate crime. I know that in the past English people in Scotland have brought successful prosecutions against Scots for racial abuse. The reverse has , to my knowledge, never occurred here or in the rest of the UK. If this correct, why?

      The reptilian Katie Hopkins was not charged despite her gutter attacks on a gravely ill nurse, purely because of her nationality. Why did Police Scotland see nothing to charge her with?

    109. Croompenstein says:

      Do ITN or Daisy McAndrew have ‘blood on their hands’ as they instigated his demise within the party…

    110. CatSilver says:


      I always imagine The Daily Mail being read by people who enjoy working themselves into a righteous lather. “What would you like for breakfast, dear?” “An aneurysm!” It’s a means of feeling better about themselves by sneering at those they consider beneath them. Not everyone who reads it is like that, of course, but that’s the demographic they’re aiming for.

      Was Guy Adams the one who conned a food bank last year? Or was that one of their other morally superior “journalists”? Because, yanno, if it wasn’t the wind then pushing someone’s bin over is WAY worse than taking food away from hungry children. And The Daily Mail will be more than familiar with what a midge-raked bin looks like so I’m happy to accept their expert opinion. *cough*

    111. K1 says:

      I know Maureen, about what was reported (and given most of what is ‘reported’ is just plain manufactured spin I don’t believe anything they report on anymore). I like my ‘spin’ better as it suits ma agenda: that we silently boycotted and that the true reason they scaled it down was because of the petition. We can all play that game 🙂

    112. peekay says:

      Bloody evil cybernats. Here was me thinking the occasional time my wheelie bin gets kicked over it is just some drunken wee arsehole getting shits’n’giggles at 2am. Apparently not, apparently I too am the victim of an evil cybernat campaign. Together we shall unite and fight this twisted oppression…..Free the Giffnock One(and his wheelie bin)!

    113. cirsium says:

      @thomaspotter2014, 4.06

      Are we not in the end game now? Max Keiser talks of a “gone people” in the first half of the following programme

      All I have to do is compare Lucy Frazer MP to Philippa Whitford or Mhairi Black or Eilidh Whiteford. We are a “gone people”.

    114. Dr Jim says:

      Maybe this is all a co0ordinated effort by Herr Cameron and his Nasty Party to encourage the break up after all the control he really wants is from London to the south east

      Is that not why he keeps coming up with policies to rid the south of the poor (Bedroom Tax, Council House Sales, Immigration,)He’ll have the Immigrants wearing Tags next (The Conservative Nasty and Unionist Party)

      Has a nice ring to it don’t you think
      Did I spell Nasty right

    115. galamcennalath says:

      The DM has a habit of going over to the ‘the dark side’!

    116. Capella says:

      Oh the irony! Sun streaming down on George Square now that the tents are being towed away.

    117. Tinto Chiel says:

      Another Union Dividend: thanks for your link. I got it wrong, it was Hurrah, not Three Cheers.

      Still does the trick for me, although I do know two Yes voters who still buy the DM (for the puzzles).

      The MSM don’t realise it yet but they’re dead in Scotland, otherwise there wouldn’t be 56 SNP MPs.

    118. Juteman says:

      The Daily Mail is probably only read in Scotland by elderly No voting little Englanders, that moved to Scotland to escape all those swarthy looking immigrants.
      The fact they are immigrants in a different country probably escapes their bigoted little minds.

    119. Iain says:

      It’s a pathetic, trashy rag. A disgrace to the country it is sold in.

    120. Petra says:

      @ Breeks says ”We MUST have a broadcast TV media to enlighten our people. Nothing less will do… Not command of the Internet, not a friendly newspaper. That helps, but it isn’t enough. We need the mass exposure through television. We need the BBC exposed for the state propagandist it is, but we also need truth broadcast into our living rooms.”

      Breeks this is the crux of the matter. Broadcasting MUST be devolved to Scotland. How on earth can people like Cameron and Mundell say that we will soon be the most devolved country in the World when the MSM is being controlled from down south (or abroad)? Beggars belief.

      @ Capella says ”Personally, I don’t think I could be bothered. But certainly the SNP should probably set up a small team to send out complaint emails every time this type of thing is published and collate the results. It could then be published regularly like G A Ponsonby’s “London Calling”.

      @ Grouse Beater says ”I wonder if the dregs published constitute incitement to racial hatred?”

      It’s high time the SNP legal bods did something about this such as setting up a team to deal with media smears and suing at least one newspaper for defamation or inciting racial hatred. This type of situation is only going to get worse especially in the lead up to the elections. Someone should nip it in the bud now. Wont stop it but may help to minimise this type of behaviour.

      A study of propaganda techniques such as those used in Nazi Germany, in the demonisation and scapegoating of the Jews, gives you some idea of what they are up to.

    121. velofello says:

      Good that many of you are recognising Wee Ruthy for what she is.

      She is leader of the Nasty party. She was voted into the position by nasties.

      Takes one to know one.

    122. galamcennalath says:

      In the GE, 47k Scots voted for UKIP. If you are willing to vote UKIP then you will have no problems with the views expressed in the DM! Perhaps there is a bit of an overlap between these groups – UKIP voters / DM readers.

    123. Effijy says:

      We really shouldn’t read the Facist Guttet Press
      From the Paedophile Protectorate of Westminster.

      They are mearly corrupt suppression tools of
      Their tax avoiding elitist masters.

      They please their masters by generating lies and smearing anyone
      Who wishes to work toward a Fair and Just zzz Society.

      Inflation has seen their 30 pieces of silver turn into £Millions
      Which their masters see as very good value for the £Billions
      That they pocket with scaremongering and corruption.

      These creatures have been raiding celebrity dust bins abducting children
      For inside scoops, paparazzi who hid in doorways and beaches,
      hacking phones that cruelty gave false hope to
      Bereaved parents. The people who killed Lady Diana and made millions
      Out of it just don’t like us!

      Thanks be to God we are totally different
      To this scum.

      No religious beliefs, no morals, no humanity.
      No Thanks!

    124. G4jeepers says:

      Just yesterday my neighbour put the bin out and the wind cowped it over.

      Shortly afterwards a durty great seagull appeared with his mates and dragged the contents all over the street.

      It was a very White seagull pretty much the same shape as this one:


    125. Capella says:

      De Valera published the Irish Press in 1931, using money raised in America, to print “the truth” which supported the nationalist Fianna Fail party. It ran till 1995.
      If there had been TV in 1931 he would probably have set that up too!

    126. Peter says:

      Ruth Davidson has been around politics long enough to know exactly what this article is about but jumps on it for political gain. One has to wonder why she appears NOT to be outraged by the cover up of Westminster paedophiles.

      Jo Swinson , who used cancer as a weapon in shameful leafleting during the election can just fuck right off! Yet again she seems NOT to be outraged at the current allegations against ‘a liberal MP’ or co eggs refusal of an enquiry into who knew about Cyril smith.

      Now wouldn’t you think these are things to be genuinely furious about? Does party loyalty actually mean they won’t speak out and demand answers because it will damage their own party? Even when we are talking about the rape of children?

      But a ‘SNP bad’ article in the mail? Jump on it! Be outraged! Let’s tar every SNP voter with the cybernat brush! Look! A squirrell!

      These people have no soul! Believe me, as a fully paid up card carrying SNP member , if there was a suggestion that SNP had been covering up child abuse , I would be SCREAMING for justice! These issues ARE important , not the false outrage over a fox in a bin!

    127. Petra says:

      I wonder if the Daily Mail has considered that Charles Kennedy’s life must have been made utterly miserable at the end seeing his beloved party being decimated (in part due to Clegg cosying up to the Tories against Charles Kennedys advice) and of course Alistair Carmichaels disgusting behaviour.

      I reckon that would have been much more depressing for him than finding his bins blown over or more likely raided by a Daily Mail reporter.

      I just wish that someone close to him, and in the know, would complain to the Daily Mail but of course they’ll all be far too devastated to deal with this kind of nonsense at all. And that’s what they are banking on and makes this absolutely horrendous: the man in question has passed on and therefore can’t deal with it and the family are in mourning. Well done Daily Mail the newspaper that professes to care about Charles Kennedy my a*s.

    128. Rock says:


      “The Mail has always been scum. They will always be scum. People who read it risk becoming scum.”

      People who read the Mail ARE scum.

    129. gus1940 says:

      I understand that Paul Dacre Mail Editor has an estate in Scotland.

      I wonder what day his bins are put out.

      While I applaud last night’s tribute to Charlie on HIGNFY the BBC continued with their policy of including a scripted with film clip anti-Scottish gag.

      On the subject of tributes to Charlie K I can’t help noting the absence of anything from The Great Clunking Fist, Creepy Jim or Help Me Rhona Carmichael.

    130. Rock says:

      Ruth Davidson is the most disgusting and nastiest politician in Scotland in my view.

    131. John Young says:

      “There was litter all over the place. Most of it ended up strewn over the field across the road.’”

      Small point, I have walked this road many times, there is no field across the road from Charles Kennedy’s house, the other side of the road is the River Lochy river bank.

      It used to be a good river for trout fishing.

    132. heedtracker says:

      Buried under all their Scotland will the most powerful devolved parliament in the world stuff, there’s a Kennedy tribute from Fluffy Mundell as he’s the Secretary of State for Scotland, who knew nothing about the last one and his historic leaks.

      Even this account stinks.

    133. Croompenstein says:

      @gus1940 – Not that I am sticking up for that rancid Dalgety Bay irradiating grumpy fucking clunking Crash but if anything else on WoS we are fair so fairs fair…

    134. T222Deraha says:

      Many Scottish people read the online version of the Dail Heil everyday. They peruse it’s pages and titter and laugh, while not realising the dross they read is skewing their view of the world. Young and old alike seem to think the Heil is the place to go for accurate information.
      My late Dad would have said” What the blue blinking blazes are these people thinking….it’s enough to make you cry out loud!”

    135. Dr Jim says:

      Yep, George Square looking lovely now

      Maybe the OO brand of their God wasn’t for smiling on them today or could it be it was a wee hint Ooohoo!!Spooky

    136. Ealasaid says:

      O/T Has anyone else on this site experienced this? When you leave the site it does not close immediately, but takes a few seconds. The screen changes to a grey page with black writing across the centre which reads:

      “Wings Over Scotland: The problem voice of unthinking Scottish nationalism.

      I have encountered this at least twice, but I do not seem able to replicate it. It does not happen every time I leave the site. I am beginning to wonder if it is related to the time I have spent on the site.

      Anyone else encountered this?

    137. Woke up this morning to find my bins had been gone through, again. My missus suspects it was a cat but I know better so I’m only going to ask you fanatical separatist cybernats once. Please stop coming all the way down here to empty my bins.

    138. Macandroid says:

      I would love to see Nicola ask Ruth in parliament to divulge which word she was disguising when she used “f**ck” in her tweet.

      Could be argued that Ruth is guilty of bringing the parliament into disrepute!

      C’mon Tricia hang her out to dry.

    139. Murdo MacDonald says:

      The pattern forming appears to be that nationalist camp is disciplined, with the exception of a handful who cross line of decent behaviour towards political opponents. This includes throwing two eggs, use of a microphone and online crass stupidity towards a couple of celebrities.

      The other side, the british nationalist side can kick a pregnant woman in the gaze of a TV camera, unionists who Twitter to the world a tree where the First Minister should be hung, run amok in major city square attacking people in the gaze of TV cameras, injure a female canvasser, government minister who lies to the electorate and fabricates stories in the gaze of the whole country, news papers and other media who manufacture negative stories about the SNP and the vile stuff that the previous blog on here discussed, this list is not exhaustive.

      Curious, but if Charles’ bins were emptied, whom is it most likely to be? An SNP activist or a London based news paper reporter?

      This needs to be raised and debated in Holyrood, it does no one any good and brings Scottish politics into disrepute, exactly what the mail and others seek.

    140. dramfineday says:

      @ Ealasaid 6.44

      Anent the problem you identified – I can confirm that I too experienced this today ( for the first time ) and was puzzled about what I was looking at. I had been off air for a while and opened the site from favorites (mobile phone) and got the stranger site. Tried again and got the proper site. I confirm your observation regarding the wording.

    141. Capella says:

      @ Elasaid
      No I haven’t noticed that. But it does take more time than usual to load and refresh and seems to scroll down the page more slowly while the background is all grey. I mentioned this yesterday but as nobody else commented I assumed it was just my browser.

    142. heedtracker says:

      Another very desperate BetterTogether nutcase going really big with Heil’s thing.

      Effie Deans ?@Effiedeans 10h10 hours ago
      How Charles Kennedy was ‘hounded’ by SNP hate mob Do they even realise the damage that they do? Do they care?
      View summary 94 retweets 41 favorites
      Reply Retweet94 Favorite41

      Why is election campaigning, “hounded by SNP hate mob” and other queries that these strange characters don’t do.

      If you’re a heavy drinking alcohol abusing anyone, let alone an MP, you’re health will start failing in your fifties. If that is you, you can either lay off the booze or you are looking at the end of the line.

      Nasty tweets don’t kill people, let alone MP’s that started at 23.

    143. Paula Rose says:

      @ John Young 6:31 – love it!

    144. Ealasaid says:

      Thanks for that. As I cannot repeat it I was beginning to think I was going mad. I let Stu know.

      I am on a desktop computer Windows 8.1 using internet explorer. I have only seen it when leaving the site. Just trying to figure what is triggering it.

    145. gillie says:

      Ruth Davidson’s response is in breach of standards of behaviour expected of MSPs.

      Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland

      Thistle House
      91 Haymarket Terrace
      EH12 5HE

      Email: info [at] ethicalstandards [dot] org [dot] uk

    146. call me dave says:

      Yes. When I google Wing..

      I still get a google list offering choice second one on list is

      Wings over The problem voiceof unthinking nationalism

      Noticed it last week, anyone throw any light on it?

    147. ArtyHetty says:

      Dr.Jim @5.26pm

      ‘Is that not why he keeps coming up with policies to rid the south of the poor (Bedroom Tax, Council House Sales, Immigration,)He’ll have the Immigrants wearing Tags next (The Conservative Nasty and Unionist Party)’.

      Hmm, well getting there. I happened to be looking at types of benefits for people with disablities other day, if lucky you might get a bus pass depending on where you happen to live in ukok. In Scotland if severe enough you can access a bus pass and for a companion to travel with you for free, only place you can get that.

      Anyway, I saw that the unemployed in London can get a bus pass, which clearly states that they are the dregs of society! It’s to get to the job centre to be humiliated.

      Also spotted something about ESA when doing some research and saw that they say they will reduce it by something like £72 if the claimant refuses treatment like jags, surgery, etc..never read that before, suspect it’s in extreme cases, but still very chilling to read.

      Ukok really is getting very close to making certain sections of society wear armbands, or worse.

    148. angelswithdirtyfaces says:

      There is some serious and disturbing CyberBrit abuse on the Mail’s thread comments – almost all from non Scottish addresses.

      Yes, I did read a lot of nasty alcohol related abuse about Kennedy online during the campaign from the CyberNats. It was pretty ignorant stuff given that alcoholism is a serious health issue. One of my old school friends – a doctor – died of alcoholism a few days before Kennedy. It knows no boundaries.

      A very few CyberNats have a disproportionate impact as they are cannon fodder for the vitriol soaked anti Scots hate campaigns by the unionist right (like Daily Fail and Torygraph muck rakers) which then stir up blanket racism against all Scots. Some CyberNats do need to realise they are capable of damaging their own cause. We really do need to rise above the gutter level of the Mail.

      The comment on Kennedy’s “night of the long sgian dubhs” being Nazi is at the very least over sensitive – Kennedy was a scholar of politics and it was Harold Macmillan about whom it was first used in the British government context of a merciless major clear out as that is exactly what he did to his own cabinet.

    149. ArtyHetty says:

      Will keep an eye out for rogue redirections regards WoS, sounds like they really are threatened. ????

    150. john king says:

      Has anyone taken the trouble to ask the Daily Mail how they knew Charles Kennedy’s buckets got couped?

    151. call me dave says:

      I have to google WoS because it no longer comes up on my home screen as a favourite. Laptop Windows 7 Chrome.

      However on my tabletop version Windows 8.1 chrome WoS appears as a favourite and don’t need to google it.

      Thanks for bringing that up.

      Now you have me wondering…need to get into my laptop and reset history or something!

      Funny old world init!

    152. Maureen Luby says:

      K1 gotcha! A bit slow on the uptake, I am lol!

    153. Fireproofjim says:

      Check out on Google ” Stephen Fry – Lord Dacre -Appeasing again”
      A great denunciation of the foul Daily Mail’s foul owner.
      Plenty of excellent background to combat their vile smears.

    154. Ealasaid says:

      @call me dave

      Thanks for that. It sounds like it is a second site. I also went into Wings from favourites so it may have been picked up at the same time and was lurking underneath when I exited the first time.

    155. De Valera says:

      This is the moment that the Mail finally pissed itself over a cliff of intolerance into a sea of fascist bile.

      Also another example of Ruth Davidsons immature politics retweeting this garbage.

    156. Joemcg says:

      Is there a good chance of Ruthie tank commander losing her seat? Please make it so.

    157. steph says:

      This was my local campaign. We fought a good clean campaign, and all the folk involved are lovely. We know what to expect from the likes of the Daily Mail tho, unfortunately.

    158. galamcennalath says:

      “Some CyberNats do need to realise they are capable of damaging their own cause.”

      While there are loonies on both sides …. my immediate reaction when I hear about a deluge of cybernat abuse, is …. false flag?

      With everything else that gets thrown at the Indy side, online false flag seems almost certain!

    159. heedtracker says:

      The comment on Kennedy’s “night of the long sgian dubhs” being Nazi is at the very least over sensitive –

      “The Night of the Long Knives, in June 1934, saw the wiping out of the SA’s leadership and others who had angered Hitler in the recent past in Nazi Germany. After this date, the SS lead by Heinrich Himmler was to become far more powerful in Nazi Germany.”

      Why would it occur to anyone in Lochaber early Friday, May 8 2015, to bring up Nazi German history?

    160. liz g says:

      Here in sunny Abronhill its wheelie bin night.
      I was so “moved” by the disturbing “news” paper reports, I took the precaution of moving my no voting neighbours bin into the middle of the of the line (it looked so vulnerable) I hope it will be ok.
      I hope I did enough.
      I guess what I am really hoping for is some sort of reassurance it will be left in peace to forfill its destiny to just be empited.
      Can any of you find it within you’re heart’s to use whatever influence you may have to ensure that this humble bin is not interfered with.
      Thank You in advance X

    161. Graeme Thomson says:

      “This is so awful. I have such feelings of unbridled HATE for these ‘welfarer ‘ SNP Pigs. I wish them unhappy vile lives. In the end they voted for a BANKER instead of a devoted true Scotsman !”

      Typical from the comments section. I really have to stop clicking on these links!

    162. Another Union Dividend says:


      Half Time: FC Barcelona 1 Juventus 0
      Visca el Barça, Visca Catalunya
      Més que un club
      We should support MSN (Messi Saurez and Neymar) than the tired old BBC (Buffon, Bonucci and Chiellini) or even BBC2 (Bale, Benzema and Cristiano)

    163. wingman 2020 says:

      Daily my hate grows for this union. Get us the fuck out of here.

    164. Sinky says:

      Don’t do twitter Rev, but Neymar never gives the ball away scores goals and has plenty of assists. I would have him in my team anytime. Even Brazil missed him after he got injured during last World Cup.

    165. Fred says:

      If you can believe The Ludge’s figure, the Orangefest cost £27,000. Money well spent, eh no?

    166. tartanarse says:


      I fear there may have been a few of those flaggers around here recently.

      Nothing we can do about them except expose them. They usually know nothing of Scotland and talk nonsense.

    167. Cag-does-thinking says:

      I actually think the main reason that we see it in different terms is that south of the border they actually believe some of the stuff that is spouted by mainstream media.

      Maybe it’s laziness of thought down there but if one thing has changed in Scotland as a result of the referendum it’s that we are all now much more aware of the attempts by the main stream media to control the debate and increasingly in Scotland they are finding it a futile excercise as more and more people are aware that all the people being smeared are actually the public who read the papers. Each time it happens another tranche of people find out for themselves that it’s our democracy that’s being messed about with and it defeats the purpose of articles like this one.

    168. call me dave says:

      To Scotland she came, she saw, she frothed!

      No heat and very little light produced.

    169. Brian Powell says:

      I saw Yvette Cooper at a traffic lights crossing in the Royal Mile on Thursday.

      Unfortunately she was crossing in the other direction. I had wanted to tell her she was three years too late.

    170. Kenny says:

      The sad truth is that Charles Kennedy was always going to be liable to such an end because of his sustained alcohol abuse.

      He was my MP at one point and, while he was unable to help me when I had a problem (I felt – because of his problem as it was when it was very pronounced), I was planning to write to him, as I still had his email address on my computer, to wish him well after his election defeat. So sad I did not manage it on time.

      The Daily Heil is basically the nasty and sneaky “playground bully” who will use anything to attack decent people, whether it is blaming Kennedy’s sad death on the SNP or having a dig at Kennedy himself with its not-so-subtle revelations about his “private” life.

    171. carjamtic says:


      To counter OO today


      Wee quiz as well

      Slange Wingers

    172. call me dave says:

      In Edinburgh Evening News.

      Good game of footie just finished. Sighhh! Only Scotland V Ireland to go…

      Oh wait! Woman’s world cup starts tonight. 🙂

    173. K1 says:

      I don’t think Maureen that your’e slow on the uptake, It wiznae obvious I had a bit of tongue in cheek going on by what I had said, I came across as sincere…lol…i.e. that I think it is down to the petition, not the weather, which I genuinely do.

      But the point is they (msm) insinuate their meaning over and over until we just accept it cause we read it on an msm news site like the BBC, or read it in the paper! I thought I would just repeat ma take over and over in the hopes that, this would insinuate itself into people’s consciousness’s (that’s a mouthful), too.

      An alternative and not too unreasonable narrative considering the lead up this week with the petition (large body of people really unhappy about it), business’s such as restaurant’s cancelling bookings etc, being on the msm’s radar too, and of course GCC’s.

      I think orangefest was ‘semi-cancelled’ so they didn’t lose face, and that the ‘weather’ is being used as an excuse. I mean if you consider the met can forecast a good couple of weeks in advance, and most certainly 4 or 5 days in advance, strange how they waited to ‘scale down’ the night before?

      These people know their own people, there was bound to generate a lot of publicity if they couldn’t control their core element. And if just one of them ‘played up’ like they do every time they march the streets, well, that’s it isn’t it?

      Marches are one thing they’ve been getting away with for years, rarely if ever is it in the news except when the violence has caused real injury. But it’s not worth reporting the very real intimidation and fear that people feel if they are in the unfortunate position to find themselves amongst it. It’s never been overtly focused on by the BBC or STV.

      But a petition signed by nearly 30,000 people brought it right up to the surface. And into full msm view. Therefore mass public scrutiny was brought to bear on this event (and therefore, the OO) in a way that it never has been before. And if the whole mass event had gone ahead, with the ‘world’ watching, how do we think it could have played out?

      Was it ever going to be a lovely family day out for anyone not part of it?

      An aside to this also: incredible that they can control their own group in this way isn’t it? So this is from on high in the organisation. Did they just give the go ahead on the 19th September too? Just saying.

      Matheson screwed up. Whit’s new?

      As I said, I’ll spin it ma way, we can all decide for ourselves what’s the most likely reason for the ‘scale back’.

    174. Robert Peffers says:

      @call me dave says: 6 June, 2015 at 9:31 pm:

      “To Scotland she came, she saw, she frothed!

      No heat and very little light produced.

      Did anyone expect anything else would come out of it?

    175. Macandroid says:

      Joemcg says:
      6 June, 2015 at 7:49 pm
      Is there a good chance of Ruthie tank commander losing her seat? Please make it so.

      Will she have the courage to stand as a constituency MSP as she might lose her seat? She only got in because she was a list MSP.

      One to watch – bye bye Ruthie, tank straddling, kick boxing, not very nice person.

    176. donald anderson says:

      Reply to Fred
      “If you can believe The Ludge’s figure, the Orangefest cost £27,000. Money well spent, eh no?”

      The Silly Billies have started a bad precedent. Labour introduced the Public Order Act to prevent demonstrations against their austerity Government, thus ending the right of free assembly.

      To have a rally or a protest you must first notify the local Council and police with 28 days notice. Then the local authorities try to get you to jump through hoops, demanding payment for the police, insurance, medical stewards, roads departments, litter charges, public toilet cabins, etc. All unnecessary and prohibitive to organisations or spontaneous protest groups. Only the big Onionist Parties and their LOL wing can afford that sort of “Civil Rights”.

    177. North Chiel says:

      The people of Scotland are not only up against 24 hr blanket propaganda from BBC London
      Network “great British” this, that and the next output .In addition there is never ending “period dramas” to remind us of “our place” and ” soap operas propagating “East end” or ” northern (English) culture” . I notice now that there is very little or even no ” American ” programming, eg
      Hill street blues, Cagney& Lacey, Frank Cannon, Starsky& Hutch, Dallas,Charlie’s Angels etc. Etc. The list goes on & on and the blanking of any U.S. Influence as regards this type of programming is
      Definitely deliberate dumbing down of aspirations of the UK population.
      This has been quite noticeable in recent years where broadcasting is now “awash” with” BRITISH” everything.I wonder why ?
      News output is not the solely exclusive area of broadcasting where London control is so apparent ( notwithstanding the fifth column operating from P.Q )
      As I have repeatedly said before devolution and control of the media is paramount if we are to win this war, ( because this is the fight we are now in) Have no doubt about this .

    178. crazycat says:

      @ Ealasaid at 6.44

      This might explain what you have observed:

    179. boris says:

      o/t Lib Dem Party funded by venture capitalists in Jersey and other tax havens. What a bunch of chancers. Time to clear them out of Scottish politics

    180. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Re this typing about a spoof or otherwise WOS site.

      I have WOS’s home page as a ‘pinned’ tab in Firefox. I just click on reload to see what’s new. The page’s title, at the very top of the window, for quite a while, carried the legend,

      Wings Over Scotland| Scottish independence, plus jokes.

      At some point, between 16th April and 19th May, the text at the top of the page changed to,

      Wings Over Scotland| The problem voice of unthinking Scottish nationalism.

      Today, it just says,

      Wings Over Scotland

      If you feel that is is too easy an explanation, you can check out the archived pages for the above dates at the Internet Archive.*/

      There’s really nothing strange going on – Rev Stu is just playing about with the home page’s title.

    181. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Craig.

      You typed,

      Thank goodness I have my heavy metal to keep me sane

      Does this help?

    182. heedtracker says:

      “Spectre of nationalism” is what Tristram Hunt calls Scotland voting SNP, on BBC r4 what happened to Labour show on right the now.

      Spectre’s not very nice either. SNP vote must be the most slander and insulted vote in teamGB history.

      Tristram is a very common name among the Labour vote, like Rupert, Crispin or Julian and Tristram really has it in for the SNP.

      What ho Geeves.

    183. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Every time I see Ruth Davidson getting to her feet at FMWs I imagine her tucking a swagger stick under her oxter and grumbling ‘esprit de corps!’ like the elephant Major in The Jungle Book.

      That’s why we should always stand and give a full salute whenever we hear or read her name.

    184. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      The most incredible thing about all this is that after the smearing Liar Carmichael was caught red-handed feeding lies to the Torygraph most of the very same Lib Dem HQ spinners who helped him do that have now moved onto feeding far-right scum like the Daily Mail lies in a putrid and nauseating attempt to use Charles Kennedy’s death to attack the SNP.

      Make no fucking mistake, if you thought the lid dems had a bad result at the GE in May then just wait till next May at the scottish elections.

      The Liar Dems will set even more new records for lost deposits while proving a complete and utter irrelevance to progressive politics in scotland.

      Doesn’t matter a jot who leads the yellow tories from westminster now, be it Farron or Lamb.

      The scottish lib dems are making themselves absolutely as toxic as Clegg was with their continual tabloid smears and lies led by a few hate-filled lid dem HQ spinners.

      Just think, these lib dem HQ spinners are feeding the Daily Mail private details of Charles Kennedy’s personal life and his drinking just so they can lie about the SNP and attempt to smear them.

      The scottish electorate tends not to vote for unprincipled liars who specialise in dirty tricks by openly plotting and colluding with right-wing tabloids and the tory press. As the lib dems will most certainly find out come the Holyrood elections.

    185. heedtracker says:

      Uh oh! Someone called Torquil’s on next to explain why SLab are down to the one MP in Scotland. Its kind of a who can come up with the nastiest clever dick insult for SNP voters. Money’s on Torquil here. Will he mention his THE VOW shyste?

    186. crazycat says:

      @ Brian Doonthetoon

      Re: playing about with the title – I remember seeing this mentioned on twitter, and managed to find the link, which I posted above (but here it is again, confirming what you were probably typing at exactly the same time.

    187. Almannysbunnet says:
      Paul Dacre, Mail editor, Scottish landowner, trouserer of EU subsidies, generally a cnut!
      Your time is running out son!

    188. Grouse Beater says:

      My local branch decided to nominate only women to replace their MSP. Am in two minds whether that’s a step too far or a good thing. We men are in enough disarray about our role in life without getting marginalised by our own party.

    189. Ealasaid says:

      @Brian Doonthetoon

      Thanks for that. Don’t do twitter so didn’t know what was going on. Anyway my computer has now had a good wash and brush up which won’t do it any harm LOL

    190. JLT says:

      There are no words that can be expressed as to that Daily Mail article. It is beyond disgraceful that they will use the death of a very popular politician who was highly respected throughout the whole of Scotland, and use his death to smear the SNP for no apparent reason than for just sheer hatred.

      This has gone beyond the stage of truly scraping the bottom of the barrel.

      Personally, I may never have been a Lib-Dem supporter, but I truly respected Charles Kennedy as a man. Scotland did lose a giant this week in tragic circumstances. To be quite honest, I would just ignore the Mail altogether. If anything, we should pay tribute to the man himself Charles Kennedy may not have backed Independence, but he was a very fine Scottish politician who always followed his principles. He will be sadly missed.

    191. davidb says:

      The DM was Farages cheerleader. They achieved one MP elected. They polled 47 thousand votes ( 1.6% ) in Scotland, and 12.6% of the votes in the whole UK. So what exactly is it that the DM is for? They had pretty much no influence in Scotland at all.

      Sure we can all fulminate about the anti Scots bias and racism, but so what? All that shows is it gets to us. It doesn’t get to me. If anything, perhaps their scare stories will deter a few more Indyref2 potential No’s from retiring to Kintyre or Galloway. No bad thing.

      People who know us, know that we are not monsters. As our MP’s – Mr Sheppard this weekend on AQ’s Radio 4 – turn up on the media. As they are seen by ordinary English people. As we find ways of being heard ( like say a Billy Bragg or a Mark Steel pointing out we are on the side of right ), and even as we 50% of Scots who voted SNP speak to suppliers and customers in the south, or exiled relatives. Gradually it will be obvious even to their own shrinking readership that the DM is full of bile-shit. So why worry what they print?

      Did they stop gay marriage? Did they end immigration? Did their 1930’s support of Herr Hitler get the result they were looking for?

      The only real menace in Scotland is Pacific Quay. It is a drip drip of constant propaganda which washes over you. You may not even notice the constant bias. So rage about them. But a fishwrapper with a falling 89k circulation ( and how many are paid btw ) ? Many more people read this blog.

    192. Re this site behaving weirdly it has been doing that for months only today other strange phenominen like spellchecker and highlight/copy even paste are now unavailable to me only on this site, looks over shoulder nervously.

    193. call me dave says:

      @Brian Doonthetoon

      Thanks for the information. I need to pay more attention 🙂

      For those who remember about my partner’s Lib/Dem voting parents in Oban who I spoke to once a week at least on the phone but not since the GE.

      Tomorrow will be exactly a month since the vote but never once have they asked to speak to me when my partner calls them or vica verca.

      To them I was a figure of derision when I pointed out that changes were afoot in Scotland, my SNP views were too radical for them even though I couched them in a mild and courteous manner.

      In hushed patronising voices they both chastised me as the Queen’s picture and their 1953 Royal Coach tapestry glared at me from their lounge wall.

      But it has all come to pass as I predicted, Charlie K was their hero, say no more!

      I am preparing a wee speech for their 60th wedding anniversary, when they come down to Fife next month to a posh hotel at my expense for four days.

      “Don’t mention the war” kinda thing my partner says!

      Funny old world init! 🙂

    194. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Feeling robbed because the weather denied us a spectacle in ‘George’ Square today?

      Have a look at what you could’ve won, or as near as…some sunny footage of the APOD (Apprentice Boys Of Derry) doing their thing at Bridgeton Cross, Glasgow, Saturday before last:

    195. TheItalianJob says:


      You raise many good points ref influence of the DM on many issues.

      In effect the DM plays to a certain tune aimed at certain readers. If anyone with a bit of nounce ensure they read up on issues and check stories printed through other sources including Wings they will ignore most of the drivel printed in the DM.

    196. MoJo says:

      I saw this vile Daily Mail headline this morning in my local Sainsbury – and not for the first time turned them all over and covered them with a pile of Nationals.

      Charlie was a typical Highlander,friendly and respectful to everyone but also a private man.
      Why can’t these subhumans leave him and his family alone ……

      The only hate mob here are the newspapers and their owners desperate to make some kind of profit out of others’ misfortune.

      Hell mend them…hope they go bust.
      Meantime don’t buy these rags and challenge anyone you see reading one….

    197. @Grouse Beater

      The most able person not gender should be the first criteria only if that is equal can one institute any gender preference one way or tother..

    198. Iain More says:

      Nasty Nazi Rag!

    199. Robert Kerr says:

      On a lighter note. O/T. Sorry.

      The MSM are not totally agin us.

      Try this re sleeper trains to/from the great wen. Courtesy of the Granuad.

    200. Grouse Beater says:

      “The most able person not gender should be the first criteria”

      My immediate reactions:

      Had I wanted nominated I’m blocked from participation.

      No woman has troubled to make friends with me sufficiently that I feel informed enough to support her nomination.

      I didn’t realise there exists at Holyrood an anti-female resistance to women as MSPs.

      An intelligent woman surely prefers she attains high office because she’s as good if not better than any male contemporary.

    201. call me dave says:

      Interesting data about the % of newspaper’s readers who voted SNP.

      Seems if you read any paper at all your not likely to vote SNP 🙂

      I’ll wait until someone works out the formula for it all.

    202. @Marcia

      There is a Livestream event tomorrow sometime about that guy can’t paste links because this site is getting weirder by the day in what I can do here.

    203. yesindyref2 says:

      Thanks for that, I was about to post that perhaps Rev’s server was brute force password hacked (telnet / SSH), a trial one and then reinstated ready for the main attack. Apparently not!

      Regarding Kennedy, The only criticism of him I can find is the poodle question he made in PMQs during the Ref enabling Cameron to launch a nice attack on Independence. That really was beneath Kennedy.

      His speech 15th Jan 2013 House of Commons in the Indy Ref Section 30 debate was an excellent one, and the best one of the debate. He managed to show his support of the Union while also showing deep respect of “the Nationalists” to have a referendum. I re-read it twice after hearing of his death. He was also very critical of the BT campaign, wanting it to be postitive, and wanting the 3 unionist parties to come out with an agreed set of pwoers before the Ref.

      It’s a pity there weren’t a lot more like him in the Unionist camp, and we could have had a real debate instead of having Project Fear rammed down out throats and one of the most dishonest campaigns in the history of politics. Shame on the rest of them for putting indoctrinating tactics to win, above the principles of open, free and honest democracy.

      Like many I wanted the SNP to get all the seats in the General Election if possible, but him losing his seat was still one of the few sad ones.

    204. Robert Peffers says:

      @cynicalHighlander says: 6 June, 2015 at 11:17 pm:

      “Re this site behaving weirdly it has been doing that for months only today other strange phenominen like spellchecker and highlight/copy even paste are now unavailable to me only on this site, looks over shoulder nervously.”

      You may well be correct, cynicalHighlander, I’ve spent days getting rid of some rather nasty stuff on two of my three computers. I really don’t know where it came from as I’d installed a new version of my video editing suite of programs but I couldn’t trace the nasty stuff back to that installation. I checked it out before installation anyway, as per usual and it was clear.

      I didn’t have much in the way of e-mail and do not tweet or use facebook. So even my usual on-line stuff was not visited except for WoS. I was so busy cleaning up both my main computers and they both have lots of extra disk drives and DVD/Blu-ray drives due to the video, audio and photo editing. So I was more or less just on-line at WoS.

      This nasty stuff is particularly hard to detect as it hides itself away, re-generates other malicious stuff and also opens the door to other stuff. I’ll tell you how hard it was to get rid off – I have so much hard disk and storage on the desktop it takes 30 odd hours to do a complete scan of everything – and I still had to manually track the damned thing down in the end.

      I would not be surprised if we have come in for some special attention from that new anti-terrorist 77th Brigade the establishment has claimed it has set up. I said at the time it was more likely we were the targets rather than the Taleban.

      Here’s a cut & Paste about it :-

      >”The British Army has created a new psychological operations and propaganda unit to wage online war and “control the narrative” during conflicts.

      The 1,500 members of the 77th Brigade will be drawn from across the British Army and Territorial Army reservists, and will begin operations in April.”

      And here’s a link : –

    205. Ian Brotherhood says:

      This footage doesn’t come with much information, apart from the opening title stating that it’s Belfast, 2010. The title is intriguing though – Orange ‘Fest’.

      Is this where the idea came from? Hard to see why anyone, in GCC or elsewhere, found this inspirational. Ach well, tae aw their ain an aw that…

    206. boris says:

      Anna Soubry Tory Minister likes to dish it out but finds it unbearable when she is subject to similar treatment. Well done Alex say I!!!!!

    207. heedtracker says:

      Daily Heil creep show reaches across Europe too

      “Manolis is a port security guard who is angry to find a British journalist here. “Why do the British papers say the things they have said?” he says, referring to a Daily Mail article last month which suggested that Kos was overrun with migrants bothering tourists and hanging dirty washing around the harbour.

      “It will destroy us if the tourists stop coming. Already we are 27% down for the month. These people don’t make trouble. They stay a few days and are gone. These people are quiet and friendly and just escaping war.”

    208. Dr Jim says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Interesting film with fortunately a high percentage of participants suffering from morbid obesity a good omen for the future of this organisation (and the men are just as bad).. boom boom !!!

      I particularly admired the side arm pouches many of the fancy dressed chaps were sporting, Ive often said if they could get away with being armed they would

      A good chase at a fair lick would see most of them die of heart attacks, these folk are not the picture of health
      Maybe that’s not a requirement in the Ludge

    209. Dr Jim says:

      They talk about wee Ruthie’s kick boxing

      I think they really mean she kicks boxes

    210. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Robert Kerr.

      You provided,

      That was a decent read – even the BTL stuff. Thanks!

      PS: I admit to being a railway nerd.

    211. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Dr Jim –

      Indeed. We may never know ‘who ate all the pies’, but, based on that footage, we can surely hazard a guess.

      It’s depressing viewing for those of us who envisage a fresh start for Scotland, but it’s valuable documentary all the same. For me, the worst aspect of it is seeing toddlers dressed in the same militaristic garb as their fathers and grandfathers – they’re being prepared, by their own kin, for ‘national service’ and have no say in it. 🙁

    212. Ian Brotherhood says:

      It’s so late now that no-one will see this, but it’s for anyone who, like me, got a bit irked at hearing Edwina Currie being given airtime (and, presumably, a fee) to lecture us, via John Beattie’s show, on Tory cuts and why we simply must get used to them.

      This clip is from an RTE show broadcast in 2012. Next time this rancid character turns up on any broadcast media in Scotland, the researchers/presenters should, at least, be made aware of this:

    213. Connor McEwen says:

      Oh aye, Daily Bile bought over Metro.
      The free [Newspaper?] that is left li=lying about on public transport for the blaise sleepy public to read on their way to work or the jobcentre.

    214. chris kilby says:

      Can’t help wondering. Has The Heil always been so admiring of Charles Kennedy or respectful of his widely-publicised drink problem? Perish the thought that Dacre & co are just a cynical, self-serving bunch of muck-raking, swivel-eyed, right-wing shitehawks…

    215. RogueCoder says:

      Wee Ginger Dug has posted a really beautifully written blog about this. I really struggled with my anger and feelings of despair that they could take this man’s memory, poison it, and use it against us. Paul encapsulated and voiced those feelings in such a remarkably precise, almost poetic way. Do please read, it will make you feel better.

    216. Michael McCabe says:

      @ RogueCoder 3:52am Thanks for that link. I read it. and it did make me feel better. Cheers.

    217. Dorothy Devine says:

      RogueCoder, it is a great piece , had me greetin’ again!

    218. Hi fellow scottish people.

      I think this “good” politician had personal demons.

      He must’ve known about ppl like Sir Cyril Smith and the rest of the filth in Westminster and being a Scottish moralistic man he couldnt handle it and hit the booze.

      Or he was taken out as he was ready to blow the whistle about the sadistic psychopaths in westminster.

      This is my own opinion, drawing my thoughts from multiple news sources and ignoring the government propaganda toilet paper like the daily fail. That “news” paper is a disgusting, racist rag.

      The BBC is just as bad, Kev Baker show calls it “the propaganda arm of the government.”

      peace and love to you all.

    219. James Westland says:

      Ian Brotherhood – that video is something else. Speaks for itself. That fat guy banging the drum about the 1:38 mark…. What an embarrassment. Lars Ulrich eat your heart out!

      And the litter lying around – edifying isnt it?

      I wonder if GCC saw this video and thought “Hey, it would be great to have that here!”

    220. ewen says:

      The comments pages in the mail and express are quite a window on a large vocal section of the English populace.

      They seem to genuinely believe that Scotland is a no go area full of packs of rabid snp supporters bringing fear to the local population. The rampant hate for Scots is only halted when some Uncle Tam posts a sickening self hating anti Scottish post.
      I used to find the posts funny. Now I find myself never wanting to go to England and a bit worried of meeting a mail or express reader on holiday abroad. They seem a bit dangerous and threatening.

    221. Lollysmum says:

      Frankie Boyle on Scottish Independence. Even the headline makes you LOL ‘In the interests of unity F**k off’

    222. ben madigan says:

      @james Westland and ian brotherhood-

      “Orangefest” was the name dreamed up a few years ago in NI to make the Orange order marches seem less sectarian and more like a family festival. The video showed how successful that was!!So much so that I don’t think the name is used anymore because there is no way to hide/change/modify what orange order marches are really all about.
      Here are some of the economic and social costs to orange order marches and what some visitors to belfast thought of “orangefest”

    223. call me dave says:

      OMG! BBC telling us the ‘Highland Liberalism’ is dead, no more, deceased.

      Except that it isn’t! For like Sergeant Markoff, in Fort Zinderneuf, the BBC prop up the dead round the parapets to give the illusion that that it’s no deed at awe.

      However as the GE result shows there is a clear ‘Blue Water’ between them and the SNP. (blue water-get it?) I Beau Jeste!

      Oh! and there is a Viking funeral in that book / film as well.

    224. Bob Mack says:

      Andrew Marr show very enlightening today.Apparently Kennedy wanted to form a new party in N Britain because he believed Labour and Lib Dem were finished in Scotland.
      Also ,listened to potential Labour candidate Liz Kendall,who espoused policy similar to Tories .Is she Cameron in Drag?
      Socialism in the rest of the UK is a dying belief. Thank the Lord for Scotland and her people.We do care for each other,whilst England marches on the road to complete selfishness..

    225. heedtracker says:

      Andrew Marr ends another awful BBC display of state broadcasting bleh. Marr smears SNP with Kennedy again, Sturgeon must control her cybernats slander etc, as ever Angus Robertson’s sound problems BBC style from Speyside. No sound problem with their terrible band right the now though.

    226. John H. says:

      @ Brotherhood 12.00am.

      Interesting video Ian. One thing that struck me was that they all looked so poor. I’m sure anyone brave enough to point that out to them would be asking for trouble.

      Amazingly, these people seem to think that they are better off in the UK. They are being used and don’t know it.

    227. Big jock says:

      Remember folks. Scotland rejected the lies and smears of Westminster in May. They continued right up until the day of the vote. We won! Scotland has changed but they haven’t.

      The lies and venom will continue. That’s the British way. Scotland has rejected the lies for truth. We have already won. These are just vile entities in a failed state. The UK and Westminster are finished, it’s game over. Remember when a victim fights back the bully lashes out. It’s all they know.

      We have our dignity they have nothing.

    228. Robert Kerr says:

      @John H.

      If they don’t understand the purpose of the “Protestant Plantation” that is very sad.

      To know yourself know your past.

      Same for us too!

    229. Joemcg says:

      Ian-re:-that video, dunno how they can wear those effeminate outfits. What a riddy! I couldnae leave the house with that garb on.

    230. frogesque says:

      @ Bob Mac 9.54:

      Liz Kendall. Blue Tory in a red dress

    231. John H. says:

      @ Robert Kerr.

      That’s how the British state has always worked, divide and rule. They have tried it in Scotland too, but hopefully, slowly,we are overcoming that now. During the ref. they even frightened people with the prospect of breaking up Scotland. Something that they had no power to do, and I don’t think would ever have happened anyway.

      Ian Brotherhood. I typed your full name in Ian,but for some reason it didn’t come up. Gremlins.

    232. Donald Gillies says:

      Just thinking, not all journalistic knowledge from households can be gleaned from phone hacking.

      The old methods of going through the rubbish bins must still be practised and that’s a more likely answer for that ” atrocity”.

      Also, as an American friend observed, it’s gey windy here in the Highlands.

      The folk of Lochaber and Fort William, indeed most o the Highlands, liked that man too much to have been physically destructive on his property, indeed, it’s all garbage!

      Like the Daily Mail!

    233. Joemcg says:

      Scroll down that Boyle article and one of the commenters state “what do you mean your oil?? Even though it’s in Aberdeen the vast majority is and always has been English!” Spat ma coffee out at that one!

    234. Legerwood says:


      There has been some discussion on recent threads about TTIP, the trade agreement being drawn up between the US and EU, and its likely impact on the NHS etc. Well here is the daddy of all trade agreements – the one going for world domination

    235. Tackety Beets says:

      heed tracker @ 10.01

      “Alistair Robertson”. WTF

      Angus has been SNP leader in HOC and Marr shows his true colours. He should have at least corrected himself !

      I wish I had started logging the ” comms failures” for me it seams to nearly always be with SNP .

      AC spoke on another program during the week about CK thoughts on a new party but AC intimated it was not ever a realistic possibility.

      “The SNP need to pull in and control their Cyber Nats “.

      And for balance Mr Marr ?

    236. Grouse Beater says:

      An indication of the degree to which a politician is an intellectual dunce lies in their attempts to bully the interviewer:

      Interviewer: Can I begin by getting your view of privatisation in the NHS?
      Politician: I am for protecting the NHS but we need balance-
      Interviewer You often mention ‘balance’. What do you mean by-
      Politician: You’ll never know what I mean if you keep interrupting me.

      Politician continues avoiding the question. It was the first interjection, an attempt to get a straight answer. The politician thinks Thatcher a goddess because of the way she intimidated interviewers.

    237. Printmaker says:

      Like Rockhopper I bide in Ross, Ske & Lochaber and I’m in total agreement with his comments. I would add that, at the one public meeting I attended, Iain Blackford pointedly made no personal comments about Charles Kennedy – other than to say how highly he regarded him. I was saddened therefore by some of the election material put out in CK’s name: it was so unworthy of him that I wonder (given his well-known disdain of detail) if he was even aware of it.

    238. Grouse Beater says:

      “The British public want restrictions of free movement”, says Tory MP holding tight to the notion the United Kingdom is England.

      The irony is in the interview by a Scot working for the BBC.

      Scottish journalists are welcome in England if holding unionist sympathies, but Scots for Scotland are detested no matter their occupation.

    239. Brian Powell says:

      Tackety Beets

      We can only go on pointing out the failure of the BBC and it’s presenters, will they change, who knows. We will do what we need to do.

      But they, and the UK establishment, remind me of the descriptions of the British Empire society before the retreat from Kabul.

      In the summer before the retreat they did as they always did, with no preparation or awareness. They played polo, had parties, doing what the great Raj always did, then when they finally moved out of Kabul, of the 10,000 who started only a few hundred made it to Pakistan.

    240. Joemcg says:

      Otherwise intelligent and sane people on my FB timeline in England are outraged over this story and ripping in to us cybernats. Arrrgggghhh! Dangerous, dangerous paper this.

    241. thomaspotter2014 says:

      Re:Andrew Marr BT UK OK Show

      Just another Sunday morning ‘let’stick it to the jocks’rant.

      We need to demand broadcast powers right fucking now.

      And the power to ban BBC creep show’s like these.

    242. Grouse Beater says:

      Political suicide made easy:

      BBC Interviewer: If you were Liberal leader will you rule out a pact with the Tories?
      Liberal politician: I would not rule out a pact with any party.

    243. Macart says:

      Mr Marr isn’t interested in balance or rather doesn’t even realise its absence. The unionist press have yet to even admit publicly that by far the most prolific evidence of hatred and intolerance spread in any media have been committed by their own support, or indeed that it exists at all. There has never been any documentation or highlighting of the problem by the UK media and they show absolutely inclination to do so any time soon.

      This is all by the way in this instance. Most reasoning human beings know what certain elements of the press and soulless, heartless, opportunist and frankly vile politicians are attempting to do here. Its beneath contempt.

    244. desimond says:

      Kezia on Scottish Politics….car crash stuff again…shes talking pooling and sharing…now echoing SNP popularity tactics “come join us and get elected next year”

    245. BJ says:

      Kezia on politics show. What a bore. I know I’m biased but she just doesn’t know when to stop Grr

    246. heedtracker says:

      Tackety Beets says:
      7 June, 2015 at 10:47 am
      heed tracker @ 10.01

      I wish I had started logging the ” comms failures” for me it seams to nearly always be with SNP .

      Indeed there is a regular technical hitch when BBC talk to SNP people. All part of daily politics BBC creep show plays.

      Next up, Ligger Neil does

      He wont. Viewers in BBC Scotland region certainly wont. In England, Liggers doing same thing what happened in Orkney and Shetland and re election’s being held for Tower Hamlets Mayor, Lutfur Rahman was found guilty of corrupt and illegal practices in last year’s election campaign under the under the 1983 Representation of the People Act.

      Raham’s election win is now void. Will same thing happen to Carmichael and will the Ligger even mention it?

      Foe viewers in Scotland, I’ll let you know but dont put money on it!

    247. desimond says:

      Haha…Kezia getting so mixed up she rants about SNP inaction then finishes with “And i think that all demonstrates what Labours about”

      10 minutes of non speak…the lassies doomed even if she wins

    248. heedtracker says:

      BBC Politics England land ARE reporting Tower Hamlets re-election, High Court decision, three legged action, last one “smearing opposition as a racist.”

      As per, NO mention of Carmichael, Orkney and Shetland. Oh well, maybe BBC haven’t heard about Carmichael legal action stuff yet.

      You’d think they would though, Carmichael was sec of state whilst leaking, he is a LibDem UK MP in Westminster and he is the last one in Scotland and the Ligger did discuss the end of LibDem party for a long time.

      Detailed by rancid The Graun

      Viewers in their Scotland region wont have heard about any of this, hopefully eh Pacific quay creeps?


    249. Seems tha a re-boot has cleared up some of my gremlins.

      Sheku Bayoh – Celebrating His Life

    250. Geoff Huijer says:

      “Gary Adams Investigates”

      Aye, right.

    251. heedtracker says:

      Ligger’s end’s his England only show with good hard BBC monstering of SNP and Salmond, who’s over reaching himself, give Scotland FFA, that will really fcuk them, Salmond liar about Kennedy and the union, Ligger and Labour dude says Salmond lied that Kennedy was not really a unionist, Salmond actually said Kennedy thought Project Fear was a bad thing BUT, another round of UKOK politics farts out into the ether.

      FFA means stuff like give Scotland complete control of Scotland’s oil fields and there’s not a chance in hell red and blue tory boys will ever do that, ya bams.


      PS, BBC also creeped out because Sturgeon is going to meet with the 56-57-58 once a month in Westminster, THE HORROR.

    252. call me dave says:

      Mundell grimaces with eyes screwed up and fingers crossed releases a pigeon, disguised as a peace dove!

      No chance of this happening and I see labour muddy the waters further on social housing. 🙂

    253. Dr Jim says:

      Pooling and sharing by Deputy Disaster this morning
      Any minute she’ll say “HELL YES” it’s good to see the Labour Party has a whole new strategy now (That was Sarcasm)

      The First Minister is going around the world talking to the EU, the World Bank, the Americans, and various other important folk

      But is there any point they ask

      Eh, Whit, Really, What a country we live in when our own people even in the Media are so small and Petty Minded
      as to still, after all that’s happened recently are happy to be “Nothings” “Nonentities” Puerile Little useless Articles bending over to the oppression of another yet still refuse to stand up alongside the SNP and make a fight of it

      The mindset of “We canny win because”…. is nothing less than cowardly

      What these folk don’t seem to get is, we don’t have to win every battle, we just have to make a good fight and keep making it until the other side gives in through lack of will to continue
      Bullys don’t like being stood up to and especially don’t like being hit back and hit back constantly

      Herr Cameron and his Generals will soon have too much to cope with inside their own Party
      Not to decry women, but every woman understands the wearing down strategy (If you want something done annoy the council every day keep at them till you get that new house and eventually the council says OK just to get rid of you)

      My Mum taught me that one…

    254. Sinky says:

      thomaspotter2014 says:
      7 June, 2015 at 11:21 am

      Re:Andrew Marr BT UK OK Show

      Have you read London Calling? How the BBC stole the referendum?

    255. JimK says:

      Peter Preston in today’s Observer cites an excellent example of the vile abuse heaped on Charles Kennedy – by Quentin Letts of guess which newspaper ? Dates from the 2004 Lib Dem conference.

    256. RogueCoder says:

      Kezia is suggesting people follow Kevin Hague on Twitter.
      That’s her leadership fucked then.

    257. Craig says:

      @ Brian Doonthetoon 6 June, 2015 at 10:26 pm

      Hahahaha, cheers mate, yeah that did help, I tend to be more on the extreme side of heavy metal, out of repsect for my fellow wingers here, I won’t post any of it as I don’t want them to be running away in terror lol

    258. Bob Mack says:

      What about “nothing else matters” by Metallica.That may be subdued enough.

    259. James Westland says:

      Bob Mack. Good one – thats 2 references to Metallica in the one thread (earlier I compared the fat orange drummer to Lars Ulrich)

      Right, need a third one… \m/ 🙂

    260. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      OK – here you are James:-


      BTW Craig. Re Gravedigger – see my post from last night, here:-

    261. Robert Peffers says:

      @James Westland says: 7 June, 2015 at 4:02 pmBob Mack.:

      ” Good one – thats 2 references to Metallica in the one thread (earlier I compared the fat orange drummer to Lars Ulrich)

      Right, need a third one… \m/ “

      Ah’ll gie ye anither ane James – the only thing heavy metal is good for is as a ship’s ballast.

    262. Lucy Storey says:

      This report alludes that his death was of suicide rather than a spontaneous haemorrhage which resulted from years of alcohol abuse. This is enormously disrespectful to a man who was optimistic about his future political opportunities and time to spend with his son. It disrespects his son by creating a false memory of how his father died and the events surrounding it. This should be challenged and an apology sent to his family. I am shocked.

    263. thomaspotter2014 says:


      Yes Sinky ,got London Calling by GA Ponsonby,

      Got bout 2/3’s of the way through then had to leave it for a while,

      Blood pressure and all that m8

      That book should be pushed all over the planet to let the world see what we’re getting saddled with from these Establishment weirdo’s

    264. Paula says:

      I didn’t know that foxes and gulls are also called “cybernats”.

      Charlie Kennedy’s tragic death is a prime example of the failure of healthcare for the mentally ill. After the loss of his father and his seat in the election, Kennedy, who long suffered from problems with alcohol, turned to drink to ease his mental distress. His family or party colleagues should have got him help, and he should have been sectioned. In England, mental healthcare is being cut back under austerity, and everywhere in the UK is underfunded. Suicide and drug/alcohol abuse are the top killers of young men.

      This is the real scandal.

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