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The Nurse Who Wasn’t An Actress

Posted on February 26, 2015 by

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326 to “The Nurse Who Wasn’t An Actress”

  1. Betty Boop says:

    Now there’s a thing – well, well, well!

  2. One_Scot says:

    OMG, how deep does this hole get that the Daily Record keeps digging.

  3. FatCandy says:

    Face. Palm.

  4. Fiona says:

    Hmm. Curious…

  5. Betty Boop says:

    How they forget the reach of WOS. I await developments with a fair bit of amusement.

    Shades of Lally.

    Stu, you can see right through them, can’t you 🙂

  6. gillie says:

    So she is a feckin actress ….. jesus wept.

  7. One_Scot says:

    Seriously either the Daily Record is unbelievably incompetent on so many levels it is incomprehensible, or they are trying to set up an elaborate sting.

    I’m gonna plumb for the first option.

  8. themadmurph says:


    What a complete shower of tossers!!!

  9. Foonurt says:

    Get me Dowdall!

  10. Macart says:

    Good grief.

  11. bookie from hell says:

    NHS stunner

  12. Shex says:

    Priceless !!

  13. Jim Bo says:

    Fair play to you Rev. Let’s see how the Record downplay this one!

  14. R-type Grunt says:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave…

  15. Ken500 says:

    She certainly likes to put it out in the public eye. Likes cheap publicity. Outed once again. Page 3 Camera, video and lies.

    ‘Oh look it wisnae me’. The damned cheek of it.

  16. Chris Baxter says:

    “They published Suzanne’s picture next to the casting profile of a Scots actress who bears almost no resemblance to her, suggesting strongly that they were actually the same person.”

    Almost no resemblance to her?? wtf!

  17. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I smelled a bear trap when the leaflet arrived and was pounced upon here.

    Little did I realise that the people who would fall into the trap were the bears.

    Oh, shit, did I just say that?

  18. No no no...Yes says:

    If she’s got talent, she won’t get far in the Labour Party.

  19. One_Scot says:

    Does this mean The Record is going to have to issue another apology? I can’t keep up with this, man, where’s that popcorn when you need it.

  20. Callum says:

    well that’s decided. I’m voting labour. Up the union, bulldogs etc.

  21. JillP says:

    I feel sorry for the poor girl. She has been used by SLAB for their political gains. The more they protest, the more Wings will find.

    But to misquote Michael Rifkind, “I did nothing wrong, it was just an error of judgement”

    A very big error it would seem and SLAB are making it worse for the poor girl.

  22. gillie says:

    It raises the question was she hired and paid as an actress by Better Together and Scottish Labour or did she give her time freely as a ‘concerned’ NHS nurse?

    SuzanneGate has just got a lot more interesting. I would imagine the nursing profession and her employers will take a very dim view.

  23. Alastair says:

    You have just won a Crackerjack pencil and pen.

  24. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Any fool can see those are just photoshopped snaps of Willie Rennie.

  25. bookie from hell says:

    So her name isn’t Suzanne Hunter as Dugdale said fmqs?

  26. William Nicoll says:

    At First Ministers questions today Kezia Dugdale identified the Clackmannanshire nurse as a Suzanne Hunter

  27. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Meself –

    Just noticed it’s a ‘Talent Agency’, so I take that back.

  28. Grizzle McPuss says:

    “Come in Mrs Rifkind…your time is up”

  29. Taysideterrier says:

    Well, if she is a nurse but not a nurse and isnt an actress but is an actress where did they get the uniform from for the non actress non nurse photo?

  30. Macart says:

    @ BTP

    S’okay Panda.

    Technically you’re a giant racoon. 🙂

  31. Dr Jim says:

    What a tangled web, oh dear,
    At FMQs Dippitty Dug was bangin on about poor hard working Suzanne Duncan/Hunter
    She’s obviously quite busy
    It’s like a slow motion car crash unfolding before your eyes but you can’t stop watching
    Oh Dear…

  32. donald anderson says:

    I could have sworn I saw the DR editor leading the Orange Wok. I couold be Wong.

  33. Foonurt says:

    Keep awaw fae isolated west Highland singull-track roads!

    Awe luk, thurr jist aboot tae toappull.

    Very fine work Mr Campbell (doffs bunnet).

  34. Martin Wood says:

    It can be the same “better together” Suzanne Duncan can it?
    Must be a complete coincidence…
    There must be two Suzanne Duncans with broadly similar features in Scotland

  35. gillie says:

    The DR is well acquainted with the All Talent Sonia Scott agency.

    “Revealed: Scots model boss calls in fraud specialists after bogus Dubai tycoon bids to scam agency out of £30k”

  36. Fiona says:

    I remember reading a story some time ago about nurses having to work second jobs, to make ends meet.

    Just like Mr Rifkind, in fact.

    Just saying…

  37. Nana Smith says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    Any fool can see those are just photoshopped snaps of Willie Rennie.

    Ian my lunch is now on the floor,soon to be in the dog! But thanks for the laugh

  38. Is there anything honest, truthful or genuine about Slabber, It is no defence that this the Westmonster way, Scotland deserves better.

  39. Sasha Callaghan says:

    Goodness, I just can’t keep up with this. Maybe I should just stick to thinking about cereal.

  40. Aileen says:

    I am astonished! The duplicity is glaring. 🙂

  41. Alan L says:

    working for Sonia Scott Talent Agency doesn’t mean she’s not a nurse.

    My partner is listed on Sonia Scott’s website too and only does acting/modelling in spare time.

    I imagine it would be hard to do both with a full time job though.

    It does mean the Record are lying by saying she isn’t an actress though.

  42. Stoker says:

    Sorry, not read article yet, rushing into this comment.

    Just a thought, is there not serious “moonlighting” issues here?

    She’s supposed to be a full-time professional nurse but also, apparently, offers her services as an actress.

    Hope her taxes are all in order!

  43. Doug Daniel says:

    Bear in mind folks, just because she’s listed on a website as an actress doesn’t mean she’s a successful one – so it’s likely that she is genuinely a nurse too. She certainly wouldn’t be the first aspiring actress to have to hold down a normal job at the same time.

  44. ErinT says:

    What. WHAT

    No way. No freaking way. This is more entertaining than House of Cards now. Plot twists everywhere!

    This looks absolutely terrible for Scottish Labour and the Daily Record especially now. First there was the actress who wasn’t an actress but a hard working nurse that Scottish Labour and the Daily Record exposed to be breaking protocol guidelines and the Daily Record leads on her not being an actress when it turns out she is an actress.

    Right. Might need to start making a couple of gloriously infantile flow charts to keep up with all this. Taking all donations for prit-stick, glitter glue and crepe paper (pink, purple and red preferred dears)!

    So, is she a nurse and an actress? Or just an actress?

    Tangled webs everywhere chickadees!

    And the comment;

    “I’ll be voting Scottish Labour on 7 May because they’re the only party who can get rid of the Tories and pull our NHS back from the brink.”

    Is pretty funny. If people were actually honest about why they were voting – close friendships, liking the party leader, liking a policy, anything like that – people might not be so disillusioned with Scottish Labour and their broken record about fixing the NHS (no proof at all of that being planned) and especially about being the only party that can get rid of the Tories. Uhhhmmm. Nope.

  45. gillie says:

    The Strange Case of Nurse Jekyll and Miss Hyde.

    Who would have thought it?

  46. ErinT says:

    @Sasha Callaghan

    Special K or Alpen honey?

  47. One_Scot says:

    The Daily Record –Scotland’s Champion.

    Do you think they are they getting the word “Champion” mixed up with” Clowns”.I mean lets face it, going by their recent howlers, it’s a definite possibility.

  48. les Wilson says:

    Well this blows another cold wind for the Daily Rag.
    Well done Stu, I assume you will be requesting a public apology?
    Or was it deformation of character? Now that would be a big WOW!

  49. Tony Little says:


    If this is the same person she could be both Hunter and Duncan. Actors often use “stage names” for various reasons.

  50. inky Pic says:

    I’m confused. Is this a real actor or a real nurse or both? If an actor, who got the quote from her saying she was a hard working nurse & that she was offended or is she a nurse after all & just looks like this actor? My head hurts……

  51. Proud Cybernat says:

    Well, Suzanne, at least if your SNHS employer gives you the boot (which I sincerely hope they don’t), you’ll have something to fall back on.

  52. Sinky says:

    One of the people who identified her as “Suzanne Duncan” was Craig Miller, a parliamentary assistant to Labour MSP Richard Simpson.

    Kazia outed the nurse at FMQs at which Nicola Sturgeon was again on top form.

    I do wish that Nicola always mentions that The Scottish Government’s discretionary budget is being cut by nearly 11% in real terms over the five year period to 2015-16, reflecting the UK Government’s plans, to make a total of £37bn of cuts across the UK in 2014-15 and 2015-16. The Chancellor also confirmed his intention to continue his austerity drive, backed by Labour at Westminster, until at least 2018-19.

  53. Fudgefase says:

    So is she a nurse and aspiring actress or an actress playing the part of a nurse?

  54. donald anderson says:

    One_Scot says:!The Daily Record –Scotland’s Champion.”

    ‘Champion the Wonder Ass’.

  55. Quentin Quale says:

    Probably just one of the cast of McTernan’s new blockbuster Carry On Up the River Without a Clue.

  56. Balaaargh says:

    I fear the point has been lost amongst the “Is she, isn’t she?” arguments.

    I think Rev, if anything, that you have let your normal standards slip here. The emphasis on these articles seems focussed on casting doubt about who she is rather than proving categorically that Labour are lying and I think some people, myself included, have been too eager to jump to the end conclusion.

    There are gaps that need to be filled:

    * why has her surname suddenly changed or rather, why were two different names used? If she were using her maiden or married name, why the change in which one was released into the public domain?
    * Whose bad photoshop (or lack of) has dumped her in the doodoo?
    * Is she the nurse whose entry is on the NMC?
    * Is she an actress part time?

    Personally, I think the two people do look alike however, the nurse has a mole on her right cheek which the actress doesn’t.

    I stand by my demand of the public photoshoot outside the closed A&E dept in Falkirk. Except now bring the actress while you’re at it and let’s see the two of them in the same place at the same time.

  57. RMAC says:

    Dear oh dear, they’ll need to deliver a crash cart round to the Daily Retread’s offices to resuscitate Murray Foote and Torquil Crichton.

    Where’s an actress when you need one

    There will be an apology issued any minute now, yeah just about now…

  58. bookie from hell says:

    Nurse,s uniform is least of Labours problems


  59. steviep says:

    Hmmm. Don’t think this is the same girl, though. The “nurse” in the leaflets has a mole under her right eye and another on the left side of her neck. Can’t see either on the actress’s profile pics.

  60. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Hmmm. Don’t think this is the same girl, though. The “nurse” in the leaflets has a mole under her right eye and another on the left side of her neck. Can’t see either on the actress’s profile pics.”

    Seriously? You’re seriously suggesting they’re not the same person? Has your cataract surgery been delayed again because the nurse was off for some reason?

  61. Mike says:

    People say politics is boring but they are missing out on the comedy Gold that is Scottish Politics.

    Wha’s like us?

  62. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “working for Sonia Scott Talent Agency doesn’t mean she’s not a nurse.”

    Nobody said it did. It seems absolutely clear that she’s a nurse.

  63. Eckle Fechan says:

    “Suzanne”‘s probably delighted then, with the free publicity improving her chances of scoring another casting credit hit. Is River Shitty still running?

    It’s like, how much more stupid can you get? And the answer must surely be none, none more stupid. Surely?

    Believers 45, Collaborators 55. But the tide is turning and the dream shall never die.

  64. HandandShrimp says:

    This is just getting weird.

    Is she a nurse who moonlights as a model?

  65. karmanaut says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me.

  66. galamcennalath says:

    So, what is the actual situation? Is she …

    A. A labour supporter, actress and nurse?
    B. A labour supporter and actress?
    C. An actress and nurse?

    It would appear she is NOT simply …

    D. A labour supporter and nurse

    …. as the original leaflet implied.

  67. Fiona says:


    You don’t think that glam pics of the sort shown on the actress’s website could be “airbrushed” to improve the appearance of skin, as a matter of course?

    Photography magazines regularly have features on how to do this, for amateurs to get the same results. Tisn’t hard

    Not saying it is the same person: but it surely looks like her.

  68. Black Douglas says:

    Twins? 🙂

  69. gillie says:

    I wonder how much it costs to book anyone from the agency?

    Perhaps WoS can arrange a photo-shoot using aspiring agency actors and models to plug a promo.

  70. Grouse Beater says:

    Well …

    Same gap in top front incisor teeth, similar upper teeth proportions, same mouth line and size, same length of nose, same eyebrow line, similar large deep-set eyes and eye colour if we can judge by photographs on a computer, same earlobe and ear size, same high cheek bones, same high forehead, hair line and hair colour.

    Mole on ‘nurse’s’ left cheek can be hidden by makeup for talent shot, ‘nurse’ has large mole on right side of lower throat, an area out of shot in talent portrait.

    Don’t call us, we’ll call you.


  71. kalmar says:

    man alive!

  72. Ross says:

    Noone’s coming out of this well. WoS has written an accurate if misguided story, Labour have tried to monster the site on the back of it, Daily Record has tried to settle its own scores.

    The girl involved does not deserve this. WoS should not have published these pictures. Of course, they are publically available but the intended purpose of modelling; not to be dropped in the middle of a political facile argument with all the loons of the day involved.

    Please stop. First time really I’ve been compelled to say Wings has allowed itself to be drawn into the gutter alonside the Record and the Scottish Labour party.

  73. Fiona says:

    @Black Douglas.

    Very likely! I find that most parents who have twins find it less confusing to give them the same first name, but different surnames. It is a bit tough when the twins are a boy and a girl, but not insurmountable….

  74. Grouse Beater says:

    working for Sonia Scott Talent Agency doesn’t mean she’s not a nurse.”

    As I said in the sister topic, nursing isn’t her vocation. It’s clear she has ambitions for a different role in society, and it includes lots of media exposure.

  75. Malki Stephen says:

    Is her talent de-stoning cherries? In her underwear?

    You wouldn’t want to get the juice on your clothes of course. Terrible hard to get out.

  76. Ricky says:

    OH REV Please

    My sides are splitting 😀

    I need a rest 🙂

  77. Bob Mack says:

    Date on the agency site is 2009 apparetly. so was she therefore (still a nurse in Forth Valley) and acting on the side ?.Or if you prefer reverse that last question. Oh me! Oh my! Taxi for Foote.

  78. bookie from hell says:

    Carry On Nurse

    Set in Haven Hospital where a certain men’s ward is causing more havoc than the whole hospital put together. The formidable Matron’s debut gives the patients a chill every time she walks past

  79. Valerie says:

    Nice tat in her glamour shots. Think it reads Better Together.

  80. Mark says:

    Message from Susan Scott Agency website:

    “Resource Limit Is Reached

    The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.”

    Looks like lots of folk want to check out Suzanne.

  81. Seasick Dave says:

    How the hell does she think that Labour are the only party that can save the NHS?

    Health is a devolved issue anyway.

  82. cearc says:


    They did say that referendum divided families.


    Moles can be hidden or added just with make up and then there’s photoshop.

  83. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    The Daily Record—–Scotland’s Chumpion.

  84. HandandShrimp says:

    Oh well, we certainly have raised Suzanne’s media profile, can’t be a bad thing for her if she has aspirations in media and acting.

    As for the Recoil…what can one say 🙂

    Did Kezia really raise this at FMQ? Now that is funny.

  85. Bob Mack says:

    Dugdale acts like one of the characters out of Kevin and Perry when she scowls and twists her face. (Kevin I think). I await her yelping “offtt Mum”

  86. Patrick Roden says:

    Now, if this is indeed the same person, then there is further problems for her.

    Nurses are not supposed to do a second job, but if they do, they need to get permission from management, at her Trust.

    When they decide, they are required to look at how the second job would reflect on the high moral and social standards of the NHS.

    Looking at those semi naked pictures, and sultry looking into the camera, I would imagine the managers at Forth Valley NHS would have some explaining to do as to why they considered this work appropriate.

    Unless she hasn’t told them?

  87. H says:

    she got a mention form Kezia on fist minister question times today,maybe thats that her doppelganger hence the name mix up 🙂

  88. Seasick Dave says:

    Why the hell does she think that only Labour can save the NHS?

    Health is a devolved issue anyway so not part of Westminster campaign.

  89. Taranaich says:

    Alright, now I’m getting paranoid: are New Labour & the Record trying to divert our attention from something really serious, or are they truly this incompetent & spiteful?

    The idea that the Record would go to all this trouble to monster Wings – which would risk its readers actually visiting the site, and thus being exposed to the circumstances of their very serious misdemeanour – all for a person in a leaflet who may or may not be a nurse and/or actress… well, it has my tinfoil hat itching, let me tell you.

    What else is going on? What could they be hoping to divert us from? I’d better stop now before I start seeing Blair McDougall stalking about outside my house!

  90. One_Scot says:

    Man, there are identical pictures of her with going around the internet with glasses on, glasses off, spot on, spot off. I’am half expecting any minute to see one with a comedy clown nose next.

  91. Helena Brown says:

    Well that fair made my day.

  92. ErinT says:


    I’ve not had a chance to listen to FMQs today yet but why would Dugdale be bringing this up? What point does it serve? Is it another lame attempt to try and associate the SNP with WoS?

    That is a dangerous game for Scottish Labour to play lest they want to be tarred by the same brush as the Orange Order, EDL, SDL and other less than lovely people they associated with for a common goal. Attacking someone on the basis of similar ideologies is not the way to go. If Dugdale has an issue with WoS then fine – she has a right to express it and I would be in agreement with some of her points on some subjects covered here no doubt – nursegate included pending the outcome of my glue and glitter flowchart when all of this makes sense. But, FMQs doesn’t strike me as a suitable venue to raise concerns as Sturgeon (or the SNP) isn’t running this site. Pretty certain distancing remarks were made in the past as well.

  93. turnbull drier says:

    You know.. You think things can’t get any weirder, then *BAM* you fall off your chair laughing.

    Hello Daily Record readers.. *waves* have a look around, you might just like it 🙂

  94. Mike says:

    Well at least the pair wee lassie has a get out of jail free card with the NHS. She can now claim she was working for the Labour party in her capacity as a actress and not a Nurse. But that means of course the Labour party will have to recall all their leaflets and print out new ones highlighting this fact.

  95. Not a nurse, not an actor, think AirFix. made up just like her statement. There is no such thing as bad publicity, Still it’s is good that she is not a nurse being fed to the wolves.

  96. Bob Mack says:

    Hire her and pay her to tell how good the N.H.S. is as part of her role !!

  97. ErinT says:

    “well, it has my tinfoil hat itching, let me tell you.”

    Is it whispering Gryffindor?

  98. Morag says:

    How many Suzannes are there anyway? I’m confused. The two Suzanne-the-actress pictures look like the same person to me, registered with two different agencies. You guys are all saying this second photo is the same person as Suzanne-the-nurse, and as I have poor facial recognition skills I’ll take your word for it.

    We’ve no definite proof there is a second Suzanne, as the actress in the original photo hasn’t come forward.

    Is this shaping up to be that Wings was right in the first place, it was the same person on those two shots, it’s just that she’s a nurse in her day job who is also a wannabe actress registered with a couple of agencies?

    That is beyond funny, if it’s true. Not that the Record will admit it if it is.

  99. K1 says:

    So, was she her nurseself Not acting as a nurse in the leaflets, or her actingself acting as her nurseself in the leaflets?

    If she was her nurseself then she is in trouble work wise, by appearing in her nurseself uniform in the leaflet.

    If she was her actingself then she is still in trouble work wise as she is wearing her nurseself uniform in the leaflet.

    Unless of course she can prove that her nurseself uniform, is just her costume for her actingself’s part in playing her nurseself.

    In the Record piece then, she wants to play her nurseself as a wee victim but she also wants the publicity which this has brought to her actingself.

    Is she acting in the Record piece then? Is she her nurseself or is her actingself playing her nurseself as a ‘victimeself’?

    I think her victimself is probably covering for her nurseself but the whole point is her actingself has been found out.

    She’s a Player.

  100. Bob Mack says:

    Twins ? One of them married ?

  101. Almannysbunnet says:

    Has anyone seen the Suzanne the actress and Suzanne the nurse in a room at the same time? Could she be a twin or heaven help us one of a set of triplets? Maybe a third Suzanne will turn up soone as a _________, fill in the blank yourself.

  102. Almannysbunnet says:

    Has anyone seen the Suzanne the actress and Suzanne the nurse in a room at the same time? Could she be a twin or heaven help us one of a set of triplets? Maybe a third Suzanne will turn up soon as a _________, fill in the blank yourself.

  103. Mark says:

    “steviep says:
    26 February, 2015 at 1:38 pm
    Hmmm. Don’t think this is the same girl, though. The “nurse” in the leaflets has a mole under her right eye and another on the left side of her neck. Can’t see either on the actress’s profile pics”

    Have you heard of Photoshop?

  104. Brahann says:

    Guess What! There is no “suzanne duncan” on the nmc register in forth valley where she apparently works!

  105. Tommy says:

    I’m sure it is a coincidence as well that Ms Suzanne Hunter on Facebook (friends with Dr Simpson’s assistant Craig Miller) just happens to have a remarkably similar tattoo in a remarkably similar place to the actress above….

    I used to scoff at the idea that politicians and journalists were treating the public like idiots but this puts it beyond dispute. Or maybe I’m just paranoid from following Wings for so many months…. yeah … right.

  106. shug says:

    cheque for the Rev
    Cheque for the Rev

    fund raise now

    You may need extra security

  107. galamcennalath says:

    Labour and the Record are willing to damage a nurse’s career for cheap political shots. That shouldn’t surprise us.

    Let’s not lose sight of that leaflet which Labour thought appropriate to put through a great many letterboxes. Is that the best they can come up with?

    Firstly, this is a WM general election, next year is Holyrood when the NHSS should be an issue for discussion.

    Secondly, Labour claim it’s about protecting NHSS. The guaranteed way to protect it would be to ensure the source of funding was secured through Scotland having FFA. Labour oppose anything like this!

    Thirdly, they suggest increased spending. As always, with Labour, exactly where does this money come from? The Scottish Government is on a fixed budget and balance the books. What would Labour running Holyrood (heaven forbid) cut back to provide the extra health spending?

    I return to my initial point about the leaflet, is that all Labour can come up with!?

  108. ErinT says:

    “Maybe a third Suzanne will turn up soone as a _________, fill in the blank yourself.”

    fruit scone

  109. Chic McGregor says:

    That now exposed ear does look very similar doesn’t it?

    The thing that made me think it was not her was the hairline and upper eyelids, but looking at it now, if her hair was pulled tightly back somehow, maybe that could raise her hair line and lift those upper eye areas, effectively a kind of temporary face lift.

    The cheekbone structure is quite distinctive and very similar in both.

  110. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Taranaich

    Mmm Miliband, fearful of the private polling results in Scotland is about to get rid of Murphy and offer the SNP independence if they support Labour after the Westminster GE?

    Bearing in mind the ferkin nonsense going on now, anything could happen in the next half hour.

    Cue Thunderbirds opening theme.

    Thunderbirds are go!

  111. Stoker says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:

    “Any fool can see those are just photoshopped snaps of Willie Rennie.”

    “@Meself-Just noticed it’s a ‘Talent Agency’, so I take that back.”
    🙂 LLF
    Sore jaws and streaming tears.

  112. Henry McToosh says:

    Moles left and right
    This smells of McTernan,
    the schect shifter.
    Mind you Suzanne appears
    to knead some elastic…

  113. Dr Ew says:

    You evil Cybernat!!! How dare you persecute this innocent HARD-WORKING (two jobs, at least) actress / nurse / housewife / totally non-political paramour of a totally non-political Labour MSP’s non-political parliamentary assistant.

    I don’t know or care who she is or what she believes, but the fact the Labour Party used her image emblazoned with an NHS logo was wrong on at least three counts I can think of, and there is nothing the faltering Daily Record can say or do to make that otherwise. And according to the recent metrics you published, WOS probably now has a greater reach and influence than the tattered rag at the fag end of its commerical life.

  114. Rob James says:

    Shooting oneself in the foot is usually the result of accidental stupidity. Doing so on this scale verges on insanity.

  115. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Macart

    Thank you for the kind reassuring words.

    So, if I am a giant racoon, what does that make Jim Murphy?

  116. Gary Doc says:

    Don’t know what the fuss is all about, she’s clearly a full time nurse/part time actress.

    And fights crime dressed in a latex cat suit at the weekend.

    Ends meet.

  117. Clootie says:

    I had just finished cleaning the keyboard when I reached the post below and had to start again!
    Thanks Ian

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    26 February, 2015 at 1:17 pm

  118. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Almannysbunnet

    Jim Murphy?

  119. M4rkyboy says:

    Honestly Stu,bravo.
    I did not expect to log-on and see this after the furore yesterday.
    Brilliant,i take you broke out into a big cheesy grin like i did when you saw it?

  120. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I think Jim Murphy has to resign.

  121. manandboy says:

    Just popped through my letterbox
    an A3 folded Labour sheet of lying electioneering.

    ” A Plan to protect our NHS”
    Suzanne is in it, now joined by Pauline from Lenzie,
    pictured with her three kids.

    Inside we find
    ” Breaking News: SNP’s A&E Crisis”
    Thousand of Scots forced to wait
    for more than four hrs to see a doctor.
    The a big map of Scotland showing where
    the numbers waiting more than four hours are detailed.

    The leaflet is promoted by Brian Roy(SLAB Chairman)
    and printed by Anton Group EssexS S15 6TR

    This is ‘The McTernan Plan’ to win the Propaganda War.
    Labour will save our crisis ridden NHS for YOU.

    SNP can’t do A&E management. They are useless.
    Vote Labour and we’ll sort it. Only Scottish Labour has a plan.

    Let’s face it, this is a no brainer.

    Every day, hospitals are busy, health centres are busy,
    GP practices are busy,
    clinics of every description are busy,
    pharmacies are busy.

    Every day, people are using prescription medicines and various treatments.
    More so the elderly.
    Every day accidents happen which require medical attention of some description.
    Most of the population uses the NHS at least some of the time.

    If you were John McTernan, what is in this leaflet
    is what you or I would do,
    if we were in the dire situation that SLAB is in.

    This dire situation for Labour is McTernan’s speciality.
    He’s a bare knuckle street fighter
    who will punch, kick and gouge his way to a result.

    This is the referendum Campaign all over again.

    Frighten people – this time everyone who uses the NHS, about 85% of the population.

    ‘Scare the elderly, Mothers with children, the chronic sick and disabled’, McTernan says in his communication centre to his team.
    ‘Get on the phones’, he will tell them, ‘and call the Press – I’ll speak to John Boothman myself at BBC’.

    ‘We’re going to scare the Scottish population shitless
    till they’re so scared, they will be gagging to vote Labour
    and at the same time screw those bastards the SNP who we love to hate.’

    This how the propaganda war is conducted.

    Just watch Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker
    in “The Thick of It” if you have’nt already done so.
    You’ll get the idea pretty quickly.
    Warning – it’s full of expletives.

    It’s a game in which the McTernans of this world
    seek to create perceptions in the minds of millions
    of people, the voters;
    perceptions which will result
    in the
    electorate doing exactly
    what John McTernan commands them to do.
    at the polling station.
    Forget the details on Labours flyers
    and in the Press and on TV.
    All you’ll find there is lies and fiction.

    This is not about politics – which is done by politicians.

    No, this is a PROPAGANDA WAR,
    conducted by political PR hatchet men like John McTernan.

  122. Clootie says:


    Can we hire her to promote Wings. A few captions about her enjoying reading Wings every day…please…please!

  123. ErinT says:


    “I think Jim Murphy has to resign.”

    Would make for an interesting Friday.

  124. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Guess What! There is no “suzanne duncan” on the nmc register in forth valley where she apparently works!”

    She’s probably registered as Suzanne Hunter.

  125. M4rkyboy says:

    @Bob Mack
    I like the way your mind works sir,this is genius.
    I second this motion.

  126. Arabs for Independence says:

    I think she is the granddaughter of Pat Lally

  127. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    cmon stu, get the fundraiser goin, im itchin to donate

  128. Grouse Beater says:

    Mark: The “nurse” in the leaflets has a mole under her right eye and another on…

    See my post at 1.47pm – observations made by the practised eye of casting for theatre 20 years, movies just over 10 years.

    As a photograph reproduced onto a flier, photographed again and transferred onto a computer, reinterpreted again by our individual computers and iPads degrades and distorts – one can’t be 100% certain – but the similarities are remarkable.

  129. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Rev. When you were ah wain did your lucky bags hiv mair sweeties than the ither wains.

    May all they,re Boomerangs be made oota shite.

  130. Bootsy81 says:

    Received a reply from NHS Forth Valley just a minute ago. It reads as follows:

    “Good afternoon Mr MyName

    Please see the statement below

    “All staff working in the NHS are obviously entitled to their own personal views and opinions and can support any political party of their choice. As the majority of NHS nursing staff in Scotland wear a national uniform which bears the NHS Scotland logo, staff should avoid wearing their uniform in any situation which could potentially align NHS Scotland with any political party or campaign. NHS staff should also follow organisational polices and relevant professional codes of conduct, which for nurses are set by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. We are aware of the leaflet and are work is underway to establish the facts and circumstances surrounding this issue”.”

  131. Arabs for Independence says:

    Bugger the Panda @ 2:25

    “Anything could happen in the next half hour” – that’s Stingray. Troy Tempest will have your guts for garters 🙂

  132. manandboy says:

    ” Working as a nurse every day..” Suzanne, the actor.

    Stu – Malcolm Tucker himself would be hard pressed to come up with a fitting description and accolade for you and your talent and your work.
    But he would probably use a day’s worth of expletives – in a complimentary way of course.

  133. JayR says:

    I’m Suzanne too.

  134. gillie says:

    So are all these Suzannes the one and the same?

    1. Suzanne the nurse from Better Together
    2. Suzanne the nurse and Labour activist.
    3. Suzanne the actor from CastingNow.
    4. Suzanne the actor from the Sonia Scott agency.

    How many Suzannes who are wannabe actors are from Clackmannanshire?

  135. Macart says:

    @ BTP

    “So, if I am a giant racoon, what does that make Jim Murphy?”

    A chameleon of some sort I think.

    The fella changes tack and camo so quickly its hard to tell.

  136. MajorBloodnok says:

    I say, those surgical gowns are getting rather skimpy. Wait. What?

  137. Lesley-Anne says:

    I have a complaint to make here about all this nonsense about nurses, actresses, Labour party, Daily Record is she or isn’t she (thinks back to old hair spray advert on telly 😉 ) … resumes complaint …

    I have NOT received my personal copy of the Labour leaflet. This is undoubtedly unfair. What have I ever done to the Labour party for them to refuse to deliver to me my personal very own copy, for posterity you understand, of this now infamous leaflet, it’s not like I signed up to receive their begging letters from Ed and co. or anything is it?

    Oh wait a minute I did sign up up for their begging e-mails didn’t I … as Gordon Brown from North Queensferry! 😀

  138. Onwards says:

    I don’t know if she was working as a nurse or an actress or whatever.

    But it was EXTREMELY foolish to be used for Labour propaganda with the official uniform.

    NHS Scotland is supposed to be impartial.
    She can represent herself, but NOT the NHS.

    This whole saga makes it look like Forth Valley Hospital is campaigning for Labour.

    Plenty of staff there are just as sickened with the red Tories as the rest of Scotland.

  139. dakk says:


    I don’t care whether she’s a Red or Blue Tory,or the BNP,I think I’m in love !!

  140. Bob Sinclair says:

    Breaking news:

    Trinity Group Newspapers have just announced that their Scottish Flagship Title formerly known as the Daily Record will now be titled the Daily Apology.

    Unconfirmed sources state the reason for the name change as being ‘easier to achieve than keeping track of all the & misrepresentations printed under the current name. Rather than printing retractions every day it is easier to cover all under one global apology.

  141. Bob Mack says:

    No,(on reflection) I think she is the one.What parent would name twins the same ?

  142. M4rkyboy says:

    So Suzanne Duncan is her actors union name,i guess?
    I had a mate whose name was already taken on the actors union and he had to change it to register.

  143. Luigi says:

    I don’t know about the recently manufactured crisis in the NHS, but there sure will be an authentic one in the Daily Record and Red Tory branch offices today. The dedicated BBC-Labour-DR emergency phone line has been glowing hot for at least 24 hours.

  144. HandandShrimp says:

    Whilst all this is entertaining (and it is entertaining) let’s not be side tracked too much by Suzanne. The real issue and the important issue is the duplicity of the Labour Party machine and the Record.

  145. brian mcardle says:

    Record should be hit,with a very large fine ,for lying to public

  146. gillie says:

    NMC code:

    21 Uphold your position as a registered nurse or midwife

    To achieve this, you must:

    21.5 never use your professional status to promote causes that are not related to health, and

    21.6 cooperate with the media only when it is appropriate to do so, and then always protecting the confidentiality and dignity of people receiving treatment or care.

    It would seem that Suzanne is in breach of the NMC code on two accounts.

  147. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Arabs for Independence

    I am getting old, teeth worn down, memory fading.

    Somebody call the Nurse please.

  148. ronnie anderson says:

    Underneath the lamplight at the hospital gates

    there a woman in a nurses uniform awaits

    Paula Rose whit ur you playin at,bringing discredit on your uniform.

    And the moral of this story, dont prostitute yourself for the Political gain of others.

    Rev unleash the crowdfunder appeal.

  149. M4rkyboy says:

    If Duncan is the name on her Actors union card then whatever literature she appears in with that name surely she’s appearing in the capacity of a A?ctor

  150. fittie says:

    BBC reporting Scotland will have an item about the NHS tonight .

    under orders from Shadows Mcternan

  151. Dr Jim says:

    I don’t think it really matters who or what she is
    It’s the deliberate deception on the part of Labour to pass people off as ordinary people when in fact they clearly are not what they seem
    The Daily Records faux outrage is a deflection and a consequence of being caught yet again in more flat out lying as a Newspaper the Daily Record could not give two monkeys what happens to this young woman they have a long record of using, discarding and re-shaping history
    Take a look at what’s happening right now on the MSM Jimmy Savile yet again as if we don’t already know everything we need to know, a complete deflection from what’s actually the main story they would have at any other time of the year been tearing into, Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind
    Nobody is going to have the guts to question this because they would be portrayed as insensitive regarding the Savile Enquiry
    Once again, manipulation of the MSM for political gain
    and while we’re at it lets jump on Sir Cliff Richard that’s always good for some copy
    If by now the people of our country aren’t getting it then i do begin to despair they ever will
    As far as this young woman Labour have used for their ends without the proper warnings of what could happen should her background be examined as she should have been warned, it’s nothing new is it
    Only this morning “UK grants licences for wind farms in Scotland” GOOD!
    Scottish Government proposes wind farm BAD!
    Wake up Scotland VOTE SNP
    Don’t let Westminster Politicians hold on to our country to allow Labour to get a grip again
    I’m not usually this serious, apologies for my temper

  152. a supporter says:

    “Did Kezia really raise this at FMQ? Now that is funny.”

    She really did. Just shows how out of touch the top Party brass are (including the SNP) since NS wasn’t aware of the story either OR she decided to ignore it. The ‘nursie’ saga was obviously planned as a BIG campaign for LAB. But Wings has now spiked it before it got really started. That’s why they are hopping mad about Wings’ pieces.

  153. Achnababan says:

    Je suis non Suzanne

  154. Karmanaut says:

    Labour’s election strategy appears to be:

    1) Say there is a “waiting time crisis” in the Scottish NHS.
    2) Tell people that only Labour can fix it.

    There are two problems with this.

    1) There is no waiting time crisis in the Scottish NHS.
    2) Labour control the NHS in Wales, where waiting times are much worse than they are in Scotland.

    And remember, Labour have already been caught lying about the actual NHS figures.

    Another winner, then.

  155. Lesley-Anne says:

    My reading and “village idiot” understanding of that reply from NHS Forth Valley Bootsy tells me one thing and one thing only … no matter how well intentioned her thoughts were this Suzanne, whatever her surname is, has been caught bang to rights breaking the NHS Scotland rules and undoubtedly will also be found to be in breach of the NMC organisational polices and relevant professional codes of conduct.

    As many others have said before on this thread and on previous threads I do not believe that, even after serving as a nurse for 8 years, she has fully understood the full gravity of the situation of letting the photograph of her in her NHS Scotland uniform be used for this type of leaflet.

    Unfortunately, in my view, poor Suzanne has been found to be the scape goat. The saddest part of this whole sordid mess is that it is not those people who will be voting for the S.N.P. who have dropped her in at the deep end of the doo doo pool but it has in fact been her own side, namely Labour and the Daily Record.

  156. Onwards says:

    I wonder how many more people are now aware of the Record’s massive LIE to their readers, and their forced apology because of this site.

    Trying to deceive Scots that the Smith Commission powers would result in a massive windfall.

    Oh sorry folks, turns out we got it wrong by £20 BILLION.
    No worries, move along now..

    Sometimes distraction tactics backfire !!

  157. Lollysmum says:

    Anyway that you can work out how many extra readers came to WoS today compared to a normal day? It would be so nice to be able to thank DR publicly wouldn’t it?

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  158. Grouse Beater says:

    DKK: I don’t care whether she’s a Red or Blue Tory,or the BNP, I think I’m in love!!

    Still chuckling … 🙂

  159. K1 says:

    Rev…do put the crowdfunder up today…like many have said it’s the perfect thing to do right now…let’s show them what they are dealing with…puhlease?

  160. HandandShrimp says:


    It might be worth having a short term sticky at the top of the site for Record readers linking them to the article showing the ruling against the Record…perhaps with the title “Saw on us the Record…this is why they hate us” or something else

    Just a thought

  161. Joemcg says:

    Got the offending leaflet this morning hidden inside a dominos leaflet. I take it Slab do not have any people stupid enough to post them for the cause.

  162. Lollysmum says:

    Tell you what folks-I like this kind of thread. 158 comments in 2 1/2 hours. That really is some going 🙂

  163. gillie says:

    M4rkyboy says: “If Duncan is the name on her Actors union card then whatever literature she appears in with that name surely she’s appearing in the capacity of a Actor”

    That is a very good point.

    We have Suzanne Hunter the nurse and we have Suzanne Duncan the actor.

  164. Kenny says:

    Was it the Two Ronnies who once did a skit about the filming of a soft-porn movie called NIGHT NURSE? These tawdry pictures remind me of the skit, because the “film” was deliberately a Z-movie, the sort of thing schoolboys would make. Why does SLAB insist on trawling such low depths? Not because they don’t have any concrete policies or principles, I hope?

  165. ronnie anderson says:

    one two three ah leery
    weil hud the whip
    an doze yer peerie.

    An WOS is crackin it & Paula Rose yours is in reserve.

    Crowdfund Crowdfund finger oot Rev.

  166. Did not members of the Labour party make serious accusations of Wings bullying and an assortment of other vile things ”to a poor wee nurse”.

    Rev Stu obviously is wings. So as the Rev didn’t do any of the things Labour were spouting, would he have a case for libel against these people?

  167. Ian Brotherhood says:

    I’d love to see a proper, professionally shot photie of Jackie Baillie in nurse’s uniform with a mole on her neck. (Not a birthmark. An actual mole.)

  168. Alabaman says:

    One thing that would identify who is who, is the fact that the actress has a tattoo at her left armpit, let’s see both suspects right armpits, any ideas on how folks?.

  169. steviep says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    26 February, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    “Hmmm. Don’t think this is the same girl, though. The “nurse” in the leaflets has a mole under her right eye and another on the left side of her neck. Can’t see either on the actress’s profile pics.”

    Seriously? You’re seriously suggesting they’re not the same person? Has your cataract surgery been delayed again because the nurse was off for some reason?

    lol! ok Rev, I broke out the varifocals – and I stand corrected.
    Comparing the photo from the leaflets alongside the “Suzanne and Craig Miller” pic and the model’s profile shots, I’m now of the opinion it’s the same girl. Same ear, same teeth, same nose.
    “It was the Craig Miller shot (with mole included!) wot dunnit.” 🙂

  170. ScotsCannuck says:

    well, I’d say from those photographs she appears to have a formidable bedside manner ……. I’l get ma coat !!!

  171. donald anderson says:

    Ed Millipede says Jim Murphy has a mole on his bum right cheek.

  172. Big Jock says:

    Ian c’mon man I’ve no had ma tea yet. Jackie Baillie moles and nursing outfits…feeling pretty sea sick now!

  173. Luigi says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:

    26 February, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    I’d love to see a proper, professionally shot photie of Jackie Baillie in nurse’s uniform with a mole on her neck. (Not a birthmark. An actual mole.)

    Sounds like you are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

  174. nrs135 says:

    Although I agree with exposing lying and hypocrisy of the likes of the Daily Record, Scottish Labour, Senior Politicians etc. I’m getting a bit worried about this hapless nurse/actress/whatever.

    If you worked as a highly-pressurised, low-paid nurse all day, wouldn’t you see acting as a way to a better life? OK, maybe she showed bad judgement or was badly advised into advertising for Better Together and Scottish Labour in a nurses uniform but I doubt she deserves the public pillorying she’s getting from the anonymous internet community.

    Rather than creating another Justine Sacco or Lindsey Stone, the finger pointing should be at Scottish Labour and the Daily Record for putting her in the spotlight like that.

  175. Luigi says:

    donald anderson says:

    26 February, 2015 at 3:43 pm

    Ed Millipede says Jim Murphy has a mole on his bum right cheek.

    Jim Murphy is a festering boil on Ed Milliband’s left cheek.

    It needs to be lanced.

  176. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Bugger the Panda jist pore yersel anither gless of riddy biddy an you,ll be rite as rain , an if it happens you do need nursing care weil send Paula Rose over to you to mop yer fevered brow.

  177. Big Jock says:

    Aye Grouse it’s amazing how a man’s priciples can go out the window for a bonnie lassie! I think you are right though!

  178. SairNuts says:

    I suspect she has opened a can of worms for herself.

    The taxman might be keen to see her actress/modelling income declared fully.

    Her insurers will need to know about her modelling and actress work. Hopefully she has declared those jobs otherwise she could have her motor policy invalidated and be driving without insurance. Her additional occupations will increase her premiums significantly.

  179. dennis mclaughlin says:

    Shucks! and i thought we were going to get a Full Frontal of Jackie Baillie in a NHS Scotland uniform!….

    hopes dashed again!

    come on DR you can do it!

  180. Big Jock says:

    Luigi – Is that the mark of the beast or where the red hot poker was inserted!

  181. Aidan says:

    Good grief.

    Is a like a pantomime with Daily Record playing the comedy horse.

  182. velofello says:

    Poor wee Kezia, look to be of the same calibre of script reader as Johann before her, at FMQs. Can’t think on her feet.

    ” I must keep to the script given to me,I must keep to the script”. For Kezia to mention the hard-working nurse Suzanne was so so stupid.

    Picture all these pairs of eyes in bandaged heads following nurse Suzanne as she walks down the ward in her Carry on Nurse style uniform, munching cherries.

  183. Gods Country says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 3:38

    Ha ha – The She Devil by any chance!! Got bile in my throat at the thought of it 🙂

  184. manandboy says:

    The Labour Party, Scotland Branch, is going down.

    Like most sinking ships, it will take a bit of time,
    and at the end there will be explosions and wrenching
    and tearing as things come apart
    under the pressures involved.

    If there are a lot of people on board,
    there might well be a lot of noise,
    shouting and screaming and what not.

    If time and effort prevail, then lifeboats will be launched,
    and those on board will disembark.

    This is not straightforward however in all cases.

    So it will be for the rusted bucket of a vessel
    known as SLAB.

    Sadly though, in this case, there will be a lot of pollution,
    which will have to be cleaned up.

    But overall, Scotland will be the better for it.

    Beginning on May 8th.

  185. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Big Jock & Luigi –


  186. David McKeen says:

    There are simply no words to accurately describe this debacle; it would be funny if wasn’t so serious.

    The BBC and The Daily Record disseminate this pish day in, day out and, as these are the main sources of information for a great many Scots, people are going to believe it.

  187. BrianW says:

    Every time I see the Title of this post:

    “The Nurse Who Wasn’t An Actress”

    I can’t help think on Nerys Hughes – The Actress Who Wasn’t A Nurse. (well district nurse to be pedantic)

    ..and I’m not entirely sure that’s the explosive story the Record are looking for though..

  188. MajorBloodnok says:

    Ian Brotherhood said: I’d love to see a proper, professionally shot photie of Jackie Baillie in nurse’s uniform with a mole on her neck. (Not a birthmark. An actual mole.)

    I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. They can be nasty vicious bad-tempered creatures when stuck to your neck and moles aren’t much better either.

  189. Lesley-Anne says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:

    I’d love to see a proper, professionally shot photie of Jackie Baillie in nurse’s uniform with a mole on her neck. (Not a birthmark. An actual mole.)

    Here you go Ian. 😉

    Well sort of. 😛

    Unfortunately I couldn’t get any photo’s of a nurse’s uniform think Paula is still using hers. 😉

    If you look long enough and hard enough at the two pics above I’m sure you can see the mole on Jackie’s back Ian, with or without the necessary uniform!:D

  190. frogesque says:

    London North Branch Office AU (aka Daily Retard, Script Dept.) been playing ‘Nursey Nursey’ and caught with their collective pants down.

    Now it’s time for the rectal thermometer. Bend over!

  191. KennyG says:

    Strange thing just happened, I was driving over the Kingston bride and I heard this mega loud voice yelling, “get those fucking researchers in my office NOW!” I’ve no idea where it came from. The radio was off!

  192. gillie says:

    In summary;

    We have Suzanne Hunter the Labour activist as Suzanne Duncan the actor playing herself as Suzanne Hunter the nurse but under her stage name as Suzanne Duncan.

    Is that correct?

  193. Kevin Evans says:

    She does have nice tits … Lol

  194. Chic McGregor says:

    “I think Jim Murphy has to resign.”


  195. Grouse Beater says:

    Ian Brotherhood:
    I’d love to see a proper, professionally shot photie of Jackie Baillie in nurse’s uniform

    Hattie Jacques? 😉

  196. Bob Mack says:

    .Surely you mean a molehill out of a mountain?.

  197. Oui Things says:

    How about booking her for a Wings merchandise shoot?

    Surely worth a wee fundraiser?

  198. David Mooney says:

    I’m bored. I mean really, really, bored with this BS. I can’t help thinking this is all a diverson, with the goal of luring everyones attention away from the real and more important issues of this election.

    Personally I have more important things on my agenda to worry about. Like the demonisation of the unemployed, the disabled, immigrants and foreign workers. Corruption by big business and the rich/establishment. The obscenity that is nuclear weapons. The renationalisation of public utilities and railways. A viable energy policy, an end to austerity and much much more. The scare stories about the NHS are an invention by Labour with the help of MSM. An extremely blunt political tool used by Labour to bash away at any opponent – SNP in Scotland – Tory/LibDem in rUK.

    Lets please get back to discussing the REAL issues. The Daily Retard can gtf as far as I’m concerned. As for the nurse/actress, at 28 years old she made her own bed, she can lie in it.

    Remember (as has been discussed here many times) Murphy’s mob are using the same tactics deployed by Putin’s propaganda crew. Which is basically to confuse the electorate by using disinformation, lies, misinformation and contradiction on such a scale that the ordinary voter (who generally takes little interest in politics) becomes so overwhelmed they do not know what to do. They end up voting for their particular status quo.

  199. bookie from hell says:

    Coutts & Co – the Queen’s own bank – is being investigated by German authorities for tax evasion.

    The German prosecutor is examining the Swiss arm of the 300-year-old private bank for “alleged aiding and abetting of tax evasion by certain Coutts & Co clients”, its parent RBS revealed today.

    Coutts & Co is also still waiting to hear from the US Department of Justice over unpaid taxes, and a figure is expected to be fixed upon this year.

  200. Doug Morrison says:

    Kenny says:

    Was it the Two Ronnies who once did a skit about the filming of a soft-porn movie called NIGHT NURSE?

    Oh, don’t disillusion dakk!

  201. JayR says:

    “I am not, and never have been, Suzanne Hunter” – Jim Murphy MP

  202. Tinto Chiel says:

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for SLAB…

    Fan my brow.

    And spank my spandrels.

    Taxi for McTernan?

  203. Doug Morrison says:

    KennyG says:
    26 February, 2015 at 4:03 pm

    Strange thing just happened, I was driving over the Kingston bride

    Quick! Call a nurse!

  204. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

    Murphy vows to have 1,000 more models on any Labour-run catwalk.

  205. Stoker says:

    She will probably be suspended for the duration of the investigation, and then sacked for several breaches of various rules.

    Here are just 5 i can think of:

    (1)-She is promoting complaints publicly on political material instead of using the internal complaints system, which all staff are urged and required to do.

    (2)-She is abusing her position as a registered nurse within our Health Service to promote a political party and urging people to vote for that said party.

    (3)-By promoting political material in this manner she is presenting herself as the voice of the entire Scottish NHS.

    (4)-She is undermining the fantastic efforts of all her colleagues throughout the Scottish NHS.

    (5)-She has brought extremely serious questions as to her integrity and capabilities to carry out her full role as a registered nurse. A nurse who will be in a position to access seriously confidential information.

    Also, don’t forget, she has appeared at least 2/3 times in political material in her “logoless” tunic, but that safety device was blown well out of the water with her appearance in the most recent political material.

    In that material she was wearing her tunic with the real logo clearly visible. That alone could be treated as a sackable offence.

    Now, as if that wasn’t bad enough, rather than go to ground and let things settle and hope things blow over, she then appears in the shit-for-brains Rectum, playing her lying poor me game, dressed in her NHS Scotland tunic, with logo very clearly visible.

    She’s a Labour activist who has seriously abused her position to further her political cause. And she’s no innocent in this.

    The powers that be will have no alternative but to sack her.

    I will be surprised if she gets to keep her job, very surprised.

  206. Grizzle McPuss says:

    Raise the bar folks, these comments are starting to read like an edition of The Sun…with full (mental) images included.

  207. Chic McGregor says:


    “How many Suzannes who are wannabe actors are from Clackmannanshire?”

    Soosans? Well, hunners onywie.

  208. Eckle Fechan says:


    I Am Suzanne!

    Anyone else…?

  209. Patrick Roden says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:

    26 February, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    I’d love to see a proper, professionally shot photie of Jackie Baillie in nurse’s uniform with a mole on her neck. (Not a birthmark. An actual mole.)

    When oh when will the Rev start an ‘Evil Cybernat of the week’ competition?

    JB in a nurses uniform on, rolling around the floor trying to pull a mole aff her face!!!


  210. Kevin Evans says:

    Let’s fund raise to make her the star in a wings tv ad. We can get her to play thatcher. Or we could get her to do an ad like the drink driving one where the barman goes through multiple characters. She could start as thatcher and end as Cameron via all our other fav political ("Tractor" - Ed)s.

  211. HandandShrimp says:


    I’m not coping well with the mole image

    I think we need Paula to come and crack the whip and raise the tone.

  212. MrObycyek says:

    I still have my magnifying glass out after having needed it to read the Daily Record apology and so I will use it to scrutinize all current available pictures of this lady. This is all purely for professional investigative purposes of course.

    According to the Record view of the day “This is a world of conspiracy theories, hatred and paranoia”.

    I have always hated the term conspiracy theory as it seeks to slander anyone who should have the temerity to question things from people in authority. It is the responsibilty of all citizens to question their government. Blind faith in authority is a far greater danger to democracy than so called conspiracy theorists.

    The Record view does manage to get something right however, when it mentions that everyone should be accountable and be ready to acknowledge their mistakes. It is not a weakness to admit that you are wrong and as a great man once said “An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it”. Wise words indeed.

  213. Potter says:

    The “Nurstress”.. not mine but good.

  214. robertknight says:

    At least “spare time” model Suzanne has a sense of humour; “Wasn’t satisfied with treating heart attacks, wanted 2 be the cause of them 2 haha.”

    Unfortunately for her, being involved in political campaigns can be a curse as well as a blessing. Unlike her experience/exposure with Better Together, Labour, through incompetence or malice, have likely placed in her a position of having broken the T&Cs of her employment with Forth Valley NHS.

    I don’t believe anyone here would wish her employer to take her to task over Labour’s incompetence; Better Together’s campaign material rightly did not involve the NHS directly through inclusion of the NHS logo. A Forth Valley NHS staff notice reminding employees of the rules regarding such activity will hopefully be all that emerges from this.

    What doesn’t sit well however is when Labour, as BT did in their own literature, try to portray people as ordinary Jo/Joe Bloggs, the concerned citizen/public servant, when the reality is that they already exist within the ‘political world’ to some extent; be that as a Councillor, ‘party’ member/volunteer/employee or simply an acquaintance of a prominent party member/employee.

    Craig Miller, Secretary of Clackmannanshire and Dunblane CLP and “parliamentary researcher” to Dr Richard Simpson MSP, Labour Shadow Minister for Public Health, would appear to know Suzanne personally:

    2014 Burns’ Supper –

    2013 Charity marathon donation –

    Of course, both hailing from “Clackmannanshire” could account for these coincidences, however it just leaves the reader of Labour’s literature feeling that they’ve been duped into thinking that ordinary, hard-working nurse Suzanne may not be as ‘ordinary’ as she first appears.

    Labour and their friends in the MSM can bring on the faux outrage as much as they like, but really they should have known better and, as with BT, removed the NHS logo from their literature. That, after all, is the real issue.

  215. JayR says:

    I Am Suzanne!…for the right appearance fee.

  216. Nana Smith says:


    Just read Ian Bell’s piece in the national. Grab a cuppa…

  217. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    McTernan’s a fuckwit. Quite probably THE most incompetent spinner and PR man in politics today. I couldn’t have been more delighted when Eggman Murphy hired him and ensured the kind of comedy gold that McTernan provided to Australia as he destroyed the reputation and fortunes of the Australia Labor party and Gillard.

    This leaflet (and plenty more to come) is simply Murphy doing as he’s telt since his boss, wee Ed Miliband, has decreed that the Labour campaign is going to be centred on the NHS.

    It may well work a bit in rUK, but it sure as hell won’t work in scotland when the most obvious and pertinent question we will ask voters on the doorsteps and on the streets is..

    Who do you trust to best protect and improve scotland’s NHS and stop the increasing westminster privatisation of the NHS?

    David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage or Nicola Sturgeon?

    Simple as that. 🙂

  218. gavin lessells says:

    David Mooney 4.08

    Well said! Could`nt argue with any of that!

  219. She appears to have lost the wee mole under her right eye in this image, although that would be very easily removed with photoshop.

  220. KennyG says:

    @Doug Morrison 4.10pm

    Lol. Would it be a real nurse though, or an imposter?

  221. ronnie anderson says:

    Doctor Richard Simpson MSP.

    Oh Doctor Doctor where are you
    am wie DimJim oan the Buroo
    its oan yersels you,s brought it
    wey awe yer lying an cheating

  222. Capella says:

    Good work Stu. The level of hysteria in the MSM is truly alarming.
    The real culprits are John McTernan and his fellow spin doctors. This woman is just a victim of their duplicity and exploitation.

    Exposing the lies and mendacity of the political class in Westminster and their Scottish Branch is a very useful contribution to the political debate. The domination of the MSM is an important political issue. There is no democracy without a free press. So I don’t agree with those calling “move on”.

  223. Christian Schmidt says:

    Given that the photo is the same, how did Labour gt it? My understanding is that Better Together is formally a separate organisation from Labour, so how come they have passed on personal information?

  224. Andy-B says:

    The Daily Record is desperate to get one over WoS, we must NEVER buy, that filthy anti-Scottish rag again, hit them where it hurts.

    It patently obvious, that the Daily Record has someone monitoring WoS, probably the chinless wonder Torcuil Crichton.

    The Record appears to working hand in glove with the London Labour branch in Scotland.

    Keep the good work up Rev.

  225. Grouse Beater says:

    Battle of Culloden movie playing as I write – shot in the days before computers could multiply infinitely the number of actors available. Nevertheless, lots of smoke help to hide paucity of regiment number yet still unbearable to watch. 🙁

  226. ronnie anderson says:

    Ah’ll never look at ah bottle of Night Nurse in the same light again. Wiz Suzanne advertizing fur Michelle Mone’s Ultima Bra & panty sets,questions must be asked.

  227. Chic McGregor says:

    Daily Record editorial.

    “The two women do not look like each other in anyway”

    That’s got to hurt.

  228. dougiekdy says:


    “Alright, now I’m getting paranoid: are New Labour & the Record trying to divert our attention from something really serious, or are they truly this incompetent & spiteful?”


  229. a supporter says:

    David Mooney
    “Remember (as has been discussed here many times) Murphy’s mob are using the same tactics deployed by Putin’s propaganda crew.”

    You must be a BT mobster. They are the only ones who believe Putin is the bad guy.

  230. One_Scot says:

    “She appears to have lost the wee mole”, lol.

    She has also misplaced her specs.

  231. peekay says:

    There is a Suzanne Mary Hunter registered as a Forth Valley nurse on the NMC since 20/9/07. My bet is on full-time nurse with a wee acting sideline

  232. Legerwood says:

    To remove all doubt could someone Photoshop some specs onto the model.

  233. Onwards says:

    @Stoker says:
    26 February, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    “She will probably be suspended for the duration of the investigation, and then sacked for several breaches of various rules.”

    Let’s be clear.
    I don’t think anyone here wants her sacked.

    But she needs to be raked over the coals by her employer, and it would be nice to see an apology.

    The Labour party were stupid enough to use her for political propaganda in uniform, and she should have known better.

    But perhaps they lied to her that the logo would be photoshopped out.

    As mentioned, it’s fine for anyone to campaign on a personal basis.

    But NOT to give the impression she is officially speaking for the Scottish NHS or Forth Valley hospital.

  234. Linda McFarlane says:

    Laughter is the best medicine.

  235. Gillz says:

    checked the NMC register – there’s no nurse Suzanne Duncan registered as practising at Forth Valley, but there is a Suzanne Hunter.

  236. Steve Stewart says:

    Jeezo. This is a brilliant example of the Daily Record doing everything in its power to defend the Labour Party.

    They can support whoever they like but this is as close to being written by Labour as you get.

  237. MrObycyek says:

    Does this lady nurse have a tattoo under her arm like the lady in the photographs?

  238. Ricky says:

    This slagging off the NHS is a full scale propaganda war.

    Have a wee read of this .

    Puts things into perspective.

    the unholy trinity of BBC/Labour and the Rancid.

    Get this out folks, once the scales are removed there is no going back. Slowly but surely we are getting the message out.


    Big thanks to commenters over the last two days . i have never laughed so much . 🙂

  239. Graeme Doig says:

    Stoker & Onwards

    So, Suzanne gets sacked. There’s an outcry where Wing’s gets there blame and then Broony rides in to promise the building of a new hospital to be named after the poor soul.

    Seriously though, i really hope she does not lose her job. She may have lessons to learn but does not deserve to lose her livelihood over this.

    This is, however, a clear case of Labour continuing to to deceive at any cost.

    Labour are dangerous for your health Scotland. Stand well clear!

  240. call me dave says:

    Just read the two stories in a discarded Daily Record.

    Record + Labour + BBC Scotland trumpeting the same message all over Scotland for the hard of thinking – sorted.

    They think it’s all over but how fortunate we are in having sites like Wings and Newsnet and others to spread the truth.

    Posted footie link Off-Topic Celtic game on-line in 20 mins.

  241. a2 says:

    “although that would be very easily removed with photoshop.”

    What’s the average waiting time for that operation?

  242. MrObycyek says:

    The picture of her smiling on the acting website is the best picture to compare with the picture of the nurse smiling. They look identical, minus the gregory pecks.

  243. Linda McFarlane says:

    Kezia Dugdale at FMQ’s today named the nurse as Suzanne Hunter. If Suzanne is indeed actress Suzanne Duncan, then shame on Dugdale for potentially losing the poor girl her job.

  244. DickieT says:

    Poop Poop!!

  245. Joemcg says:

    Wearing her uniform to represent her employers and a publicly funded organisation then spouting lies and pish on a political leaflet put through millions of doors? I’m afraid if that’s not gross misconduct then I don’t know what is.

  246. highlandsparkle says:

    There’s no mystery Suzannes or acting names.
    Better Together’s Suzanne Duncan simply got married around January and became Labour’s Suzanne Hunter.

  247. Lesley-Anne says:

    I realise that the last few days have been more than a bit depressing for all of us on here. It is not easy these days in 21st Century Scotland to stand out from the crowd on your own and try to speak. We all know … we have all tried … and failed! 😉

    So in order to try and cheer everyone up a wee bit I came across this wee insignificant little poll over on Twitter, where else would I find such thing? 😛

    If I’m honest I wish I had checked the voting results BEFORE voting. If I had I might just have changed my vote. Wee Willie Winkie Rennie looks awful lonsome on 0.00% Who am I kidding there’s no way I’d have voted for the woman I did actually vote for! 😀

    Oh if anyone was wondering about who this snpout crowd are well take a wee gander at this wehile you are at it.

  248. Derick fae Yell says:

    This is becoming increasingly funny!


  249. Capella says:

    @ Lesley-Anne
    I too voted before checking the numbers.
    Nicola on 99 point something approval rating is doing quite well! The comments are amusing. SNPout may need to change its name.

  250. OT: Anyone else unable to rt click and paste on this site now?

  251. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “the finger pointing should be at Scottish Labour and the Daily Record for putting her in the spotlight like that”

    That’s exactly what we’ve been doing, over and over.

  252. Balaaargh says:

    Grame Doig, Stoker & Onwards

    In 1994, I failed to turn up for work one night at a certain fast food restaurant no longer situated at the East end of Princes St, Edinburgh. The following night, I turned up for my shift and gave my apologies, giving my not entirely honest reasons.

    At the end of my shift, the manager on duty asked me again about the previous night before dropping a copy of that day’s hootsmon on his desk in front of me.

    There, front centre, was I in a crowd shot at a rally I had attended the previous evening.

    My point (other than you don’t s*** in your own garden) is that we are all adults and we are all responsible for our own actions.

    I don’t care if she keeps her job or not, it is not my business and I am not her employer. I’d be a bit saddened if people here were petty enough to report her for it but ultimately, this stooshie is about her and enough attention is now on her that her actions will be scrutinised. By her own stupidity, her employer and professional body have been alerted to her actions and she will have to face those consequences herself.

  253. Paul says:

    Have to agree with Ross@1.47pm. Wings is a great site generally but seems to have lowered itself into the same gutter as the Record with this story.

    Yes, the Record and Labour have fallen into Wings’ clever trap and the Labour party have dropped the poor girl in it by naming her and not bothering to remove the NHS logo, but I don’t see that the girl herself has done anything wrong other than express a political view that is different from ours.

    All these comments about what moles and tattoos she might have and trying to find
    her on nursing registers is just creepy and stalkerish. Please stop.

  254. alan crerar says:

    In war, especially a propaganda war, truth is the first casualty. Maybe Suzanne will get a job on Casualty and complete the circle.

  255. Michael says:

    Oh Paul, really, you’re over dramatising it a bit, aren’t you?

  256. Morag says:

    Help me out here. Just looking at the two casting agency pages, never mind the leaflets or the nurse here.

    Does anyone seriously think it’s not the same person? If you do, I’ll reconsider, but if I’d just come across these pages without any of the background I’d be in no doubt it was the same actress registered with two different agencies.

    In that case, if you’re all so sure that the second actress photo is indeed the same person as Suzanne-the-nurse, then there is only one Suzanne.

    Now, what about “look nothing like each other” (probably sincere but over-egged comment) “I don’t know her but she’s probably as upset as I am” (barefaced lie if they are indeed the same person) and the way the Record never actually says Suzanne-the-nurse isn’t an actress, which kind of suggests they knew fine but were just going to run with it anyway.

    I just want to know, here.

  257. Two brunette women called Suzanne Duncan? Impossible!

    Really though, these women don’t look that alike to me.

  258. Dal Riata says:

    Let’s not forget, the real villain in this whole fiasco isn’t the aspiring actress, nurse Suzanne: that well-earned title belongs to the Scottish Red Tories and their diabolical friends in the media.

    Backed into a corner by their once faithful voters, they are grabbing or lashing out at anything they believe will somehow help stem the tsunami coming their way on the 8th of May.

    Now, having been caught out lying, or, at the very least ‘misinforming’, they are calling out – via the corrupt Scottish media – the one/s who caught them lying as being the devil incarnate – classic sociopathological deception propaganda tactics, accusing others of doing of what they do/have done themselves.

    Anyway, hopefully this whole affair will be another own goal for the worst team in Scotland, the Daily Record (and the BBC, who will, no doubt, be getting their team talk via their ‘manager’, McTernan, as we speak).

  259. Grouse Beater says:

    If the same person did the Labour spin department pay her for her services!
    And is her talent agency(ies) on 10%?

  260. ErinT says:


    “All these comments about what moles and tattoos she might have and trying to find
    her on nursing registers is just creepy and stalkerish. Please stop.”

    Agreed! There has been a lot of leering and comments that are bordering on shaming over some of the pictures – which are lovely, well done and there is no issue with any of them. Toning down the snide comments and massive amounts of implied sex negativity (on an issue where it isn’t even suitable to bring such up) would be lovely <3

    Focus on the stuff with Labour and the Daily Record; not the person here otherwise things will get very demagoguey (yeah, made up word whatevers)

  261. Oh dear, just read a little more and realised that the nurse’s surname is unknown … so all you’re going off is the fact that she’s called Suzanne and has brown hair!

    Mental stuff

  262. Effijy says:

    Yesterday I had hoped a stupid wee lassie would keep her nursing job.

    Today I really don’t mind if a confidence trickster, that is supporting a crowd of political and media gangsters, ends
    up with Tory Government benefits.

    Lying should come at a price!

  263. Stoker says:

    @ Graeme Doig (5.33pm).

    We’ll just have to differ on our opinions on that, Graeme.

    There are standards to be upheld.

    She’s nae wean, she’s almost 30 and is a Labour/No campaign activist.

    She not only helped to pish all over our countries future she is also actively campaigning to get people to vote for a party the majority of us hold responsible for destroying our future.

    I could make many more points but what’s the point?
    I have absolutely no sympathy for her, she helped wreck our future and keep thousands in poverty.

    Rules are rules, why should she get special treatment.

    An example has to be set and standards upheld.

    As i’ve said, i doubt she’ll be sacked but she should be.

  264. David McKeen says:

    There is a Suzanne Hunter on Facebook, who is a friend of Craig Miller, whose contact details are for Suzanne Duncan; I think it would be fair to assume that they are one and the same.

  265. Tackety Beets says:

    Broke the rules at work today .
    Made a cup o tea and thought Id sneak a wee squint on here . FFS
    Could na wait to get home read the posts .

    Best giggle for weeks , aye an at the expense o the Retard ! Brilliant .
    The quality of Jounalism @ the Retard beggars belief .

    Rev , 12/10 this time for sure .

  266. Papadox says:

    Who forced this actress/nurse into the public arena with her opinions or script? If she has been tricked into this situation then let us know or else the silence speaks volumes. Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.

  267. JLT says:

    LOL !!! This has more twists in it than the game twister!

    Seriously …what’s next?

    Now …where’s the Record? Buy, am I dying to hear their take on this development!!

  268. Onwards says:

    @Joemcg says:

    Wearing her uniform to represent her employers and a publicly funded organisation then spouting lies and pish on a political leaflet put through millions of doors? I’m afraid if that’s not gross misconduct then I don’t know what is.

    That’s why I think she was lied to.

    Surely she isn’t so thick as to believe she could appear on election propaganda, giving the impression she is speaking on behalf of the Scottish NHS.

    Labour probably told her they would remove the logo and then ‘forgot’ to do so.

    No-one wants her sacked for their idiocy.

  269. Robert Louis says:

    Day by day, since the referendum campaign started several years ago, more and more people in Scotland have found out about the cosy relationship between Labour, the BBC and the Daily Record.

    Each Scot, once they find out how they have been deceived by the so -called ‘Scottish’ media, will never go back to falling for the lies.

    The daily record, with its infantile behaviour, since being found out regarding their deception over the Smith powers, is just looking more desperate with each passing day. They and their craven friends within the UK Labour party Scottish sub branch are simply not wanted in Scotland anymore. Stuck in a political delusion from the 1980’s, they are Yesterday’s men, out of touch and out of support. Their time is up.

  270. Wee Jonny says:

    From the Daily Ranger – “Suzanne said last night: “I’m shocked and upset and insulted. I don’t know the actress but I bet she is really upset and angry too.
    “It’s a smear on my character. The people writing all this nasty stuff don’t know me and they don’t know what they are talking about.
    “I don’t even look like the other girl.
    “I had never heard of any Stuart Campbell before this but I hear that this website has done this kind of thing before.”

  271. crackers says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    “Guess What! There is no “suzanne duncan” on the nmc register in forth valley where she apparently works!”

    She’s probably registered as Suzanne Hunter.

    indeed there is a Suzanne Hunter registered at Forth Valley on NMC

  272. MrObycyek says:


    Yes in the Record article the nurse in question never denies that she is an actress.

    Any proper rebuttal would surely have made a point of addressing this question.

    ps. Are you the same Morag who regularly phones into morning call on BBC radio scotland? If so I am a big fan. 🙂

  273. Lesley-Anne says:

    Tackety Beets says:

    Broke the rules at work today .
    Made a cup o tea and thought Id sneak a wee squint on here . FFS
    Could na wait to get home read the posts .

    Best giggle for weeks , aye an at the expense o the Retard ! Brilliant .
    The quality of Jounalism @ the Retard beggars belief .

    Rev , 12/10 this time for sure .

    TB you been going to those mathematical classes being held in the evening by Murph the 117% Smurph again, 12/10 indeed you KNOW it has to be 15/10 at the very least! 😀

  274. Grouse Beater says:

    Paul: Have to agree with Ross

    You misjudge the issue.

    If all is true – the public is being hoodwinked, again.

  275. Lollysmum says:

    I was under the impression that this site fourishes because debunking lies is what it’s good at & that we need to get that indormation out to people with the evidence so that way they too are aware of it.

    That is what Wings has done here. That leaflet has been posted out to almost every household in Scotland with the sole intention of duping people/voters.

    Doesn’t matter where the lie comes from but it does matter who is being lied to & it needs to be debunked if there is deception involved. With this leaflet deception is being used against the people purely because one political party believes it is entitled to Scotland’s vote.It doesn’t matter what underhand tactics they use to persuade people as far as Labour BBC & MSM is concerned. The result favouring them is all that matters.

    If Wings isn’t going to expose the lies & deception then it might as well shut up shop right now (even though we know few other sites have the capacity to do this work) and let Labour frighten the population into submission as they did last year and for the last 80 years.

    I’m not even Scottish but I believe in your cause even if some of you here don’t. A deception is a lie & deserves to be publicised.

    Rev you did the right thing in exposing this & most Wingers want to see this continue. I’m with you all the way 🙂

  276. peekay says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s “stalkerish” to scrutanise an individuals credentials that has voluntarily put themselves forward for a party-political campaign.

    One thing we have learned today is that the rule against public employees being in uniform for political campaigns is there for a damn good reason

  277. Effijy says:

    Old Nurse Mole
    Was a merry wee soul
    And a merry old soul was she;
    She cried wolf for Labour
    But now called Lier and Hater
    And she called for her Actress’ Fee.
    Every fiddler has a Riddle
    And the Daily Rancid in the middle;
    Oh, there’s none so rare
    As Smurph can compare
    With Old Nurse Cole and her fiddlers Fee.

    The Record and Labour must work harder to create better quality lies. Perhaps they could employ a grown up to help them? lol

  278. Dal Riata says:

    Kezia Dugdale using FMQs to make this an issue of national importance is SLAB at its most puerile.

    Deflection tactics by Team SLAB.

    Trying – and succeeding, thanks to Our Friends in the Media – to make political capital out of supporters of Scottish independence/people who will be voting SNP in May ‘monstering’ a poor wee defenceless nurse – A nurse! – who ‘just happened to’ speak on behalf of SLAB in a wee leaflet thingy… the black affrontery if it! ‘What do you think viewers/readers, eh? Bloody disgraceful, isn’t it, eh?’

    (Allegedly) Backstage, Dugdale on phone to McTernan:

    KD: How was that? That should stir it up, eh?
    McT: Great stuff, Kez! Keep them on the back foot no matter what inconsequential shit we can stir. Oh, aye, and we’ll get that bastar’ Campbell yet, so we will.
    KD: And the Record? They’ll keep the ‘WOS is an evil nest of separatist activity fronted by a ‘Rev’ who lives in England.’ story running as long as they can get away with it, right?
    McT: Of course they fucking will! I’m on their case morning and night. They’re well up for it. They hate that bastar’, Campbell, even more than the rest of us here! And the BBC will be on it, too, soon. Mark my words.
    KD: Good on you! Talk again tomorrow.
    McT: Yup! Usual call, back of nine.

    Just another ‘normal’ day in SLAB-land.

  279. Paula Rose says:

    Should I wear my “acting” nurse’s uniform or a real one?

  280. Grouse Beater says:

    When shooting PPBs – party political broadcasts – one of the main criteria I had to honour was engaging genuine members of the public to express their opinions on behalf of SNP policies. It takes time to find the right mix. Moreover, commitment is one thing, amateurs speaking to camera untrained another.

    The strict rules bar the employment of actors given a script to speak.

  281. Marcia says:


    The Morag that phones in lives not that far from me here in Dundee.

    This is her;

  282. Croompenstein says:

    WTF! been telling folk today about the nurse who was mistaken for an actress and she really was a nurse, now come home to this that the nurse who wasn’t an actress is now an actress but she is also a nurse FFS.. Nurse, their a Doctor in the house 🙂

  283. Stoker says:

    @ Lollysmum (6.52pm).

    Well said.

    Is it not about time you moved lock, stock and 2 barrels north of the dyke?

    Plenty of room up here for your kind.

  284. David says:

    “A Suborner’s Love Song”, ghostwritten by Slab SpAd Craig Miller for his Labour boss Doctor Dick Simpson MSP.
    (Based on John Betjeman’s ‘A Subaltern’s Love Song’)

    Miss S. Hunter-Duncan, Miss S. Hunter-Duncan,
    Furnish’d and burnish’d by Forth Valley sun,
    What strenuous denials we mouthed after tea,
    We in the Record – you supporting me!

    Lie-thirty, lie-forty, oh! weakness of joy,
    The speed of the Record, the SNP to destroy,
    With carefullest carelessness, how you spoke such bunkum,
    I am weak from your mendaciousness, Suzanne Hunter-Duncan.

    Miss Suzanne Hunter-Duncan, Miss Suzanne Hunter-Duncan,
    How mad I am, sad I am, glad that you flunk ’em,
    The cold-hearted racket that is Scotland’s press,
    Give my shock-troops in Labour, no need to confess.

    Miss Suzanne Hunter-Duncan, Miss Suzanne Hunter-Duncan,
    I can hear from Jackie Bird the truth has been found,
    Oh! Clackmannanshire twilight! inebriate band!
    Oh! strongly adorable actress/nurse/tennis-girl’s hand!

    Around us are Hillmans and Avengers, the cars,
    That are not made in Linwood -’twas shut from afar,
    And here on my right-wing is the actress/nurse of my choice,
    With her Pinocchio-nose due to lies given voice.

    And the scent of her scrubs, and the lies Labour said,
    And the ominous, ominous SNP-hating ahead.
    We sat in the hospital car park till our plans came to none
    And now I’ve totally dropped Miss Suzanne Hunter-Duncan.

  285. K1 says:

    Half of Scotland has been cast as a ‘virus’, ‘nazis’ et al. The Daily Record took a stance that was encouraging of this potrayal throughout the campaign and did not fairly report on the rather inconvenient truth that many people genuinely socialist in outlook saw an opportunity through the independence route, that was more in accordance with their beliefs and aspritations.

    We don’t have a voice within our own country, we are treated as if we are the enemy for the simple fact of supporting a postition during the referendum that equated with an alternative way of running our country. But every No voting politician, party, corporation and any individual with contacts to those parties was and is still given a platform to make out that they are the victim.

    This isn’t a ‘wee lassie’. She knew exactly what she was doing.

    But that isn’t the point. The point is the Daily Record have failed to inform the public of the true nature of the Smith Commission’s Recommendations and instead presented a wholly false account of the outcome of those talks.

    They got found out, IPSO said so. And instead of making a clean and honest and public apology. They instead buried a wee ‘we didnae dae it really’ apology in their rag and still have the article that IPSO described below:

    “As a consequence of the inaccuracy, the article significantly misrepresented the fiscal consequences of the Smith Commission’s recommendations. The article was therefore significantly inaccurate in a manner that required correction in accordance with Clause 1 (ii).”

    On their website.

    What they have done over the last 24 hours is nothing short of a full smear campaign against Wings Over Scotland.

    Once again potraying Wings, that’s you and me, who read and comment on this site as well as Stu, as some sort of ‘plague’ of ranting loons. Once again writing lies and conveying a completely false narrative, deliberately avoiding the obvious point that Stu was making:

    The ‘wee lassie’ is on a leaflet that is going into the homes of people in Scotland. The ‘wee lassie’ is a nurse who works for the NHS in Scotland. Scotland’s NHS is a devolved matter. So a leaflet encouraging folk to vote Labour in the GE 2015 on the basis that the NSH in Scotland will be protected by doing so is an OUTRIGHT LIE.

    The ‘wee lassie’ with further journalistic investigation from Wings, has been found to be an actress and has worked previously for the Better Together campaign during the referendum. So she’s not a victim of anything that has been revealed on Wings. She has stated her political views, as she has a quite perfect right to do. That’s not the point though, IS IT?

    Once again we are apparently at fault for the stoating crime of NOTICING and being INTERESTED in what our political parties are up to in our country.

    And more heinous than those two crimes for having the TEMERITY to QUESTION the MSM and the LABOUR party in Scotland about the LIES that they keep telling us!

    Nice try Record….EPIC FAIL. (as they say)

    (Rant over)

  286. Mosstrooper says:

    I will repeat the advice given to me many years ago when i contemplated a political career;

    Every heid above the parapet is a legitimate target and

    If ye fly wi the craws ye maun get shot as a craw

  287. Dal Riata says:

    If you stand back from this nurse/actress issue for a moment, isn’t it amazing how much this site – a blog let’s not forget – causes such ructions among political circles and the mainstream media in Scotland!

    What does it say about the paucity of belief, reasoning, good cause and common decency in the Labour party (Scottish Branch)? What does it say about how much they trust their own message? What does it say about well they are doing reaching out to the people of Scotland?

    Well, it tells me that they, and their media partners, are running scared, shit scared.

    They are so uncomfitted by their own incompetence, and fear of losing out on boarding the gravy train to the Great Trough that they are resorting to the methods of Project Fear in the referendum. That should, perhaps, come as no great surprise considering the refugees from Project Fear, such as McDougall, who now drive SLAB’s ‘message’.

    The pro-unionist written media in Scotland is in terminal decline. That they have to resort to smearing a website, with the collaboration of SLAB, that tells the truths that they don’t, which receives more views than any of their own websites, that is respected for fighting against the lies and corruption of the dying UK, only serves to magnify their increasing irrelevance.

    The ‘voice’ of all this propagandizing is, as we all know, done by the ever-compliant BBC. That they reason themselves to be unbiased and politically neutral is a mockery to the people of Scotland.

    Anyway, well done, Stu for exposing the liars and their lies!

    And be careful out there.

  288. Sandra Wilson says:

    Labour and the Daily Record should be held accountable for their blatant lies. If Suzanne is indeed a nurse then she is a professional who should be fully aware of the rules of her employing organisation and the professional code of conduct. She seems to have chosen to disregard this. She is a responsible Adult not some niaive adolescent. Hell mend her

  289. Stoker says:

    @ K1 (7.34pm),


    pssst, that “wee lassie” is a 30-year old Unionist activist.

  290. Effijy says:

    Does anyone know if the Daily Rancid actually has a proof reader
    to ensure that no truthful items get printed by mistake?

  291. john king says:

    I was eh just reading a link,
    SqueuedPerspextive made me look at it,
    I didn’t want to but he made me,
    and I found something,

    I’ll just eh put it here, 🙁

    If you want Ruth you need to vote for Wullie. I’m not entirely sure why, Hothersall did start to explain it to me but you know what he’s like. One glimpse of his unrequited love in Bath and he loses the plot.

  292. Cuilean says:

    I assume you have lodged a complaint with IPSOS against the DR?

    The public trust of the nursing profession is a sacred trust. It is profoundly immoral and unethical for any nurse to besmirch or demean that sacred trust (and, at the same time, breach her code of professional conduct), by conflating the wholly trustworthy nursing profession with the wholly untrustworthy political profession.

    NHS Scotland (a) belongs to, and (b) is cherished by, every person in Scotland. For any nurse to abuse his/her position of trust for her own private and political gain, is, in my opinion, unforgivable.

    The nurse in question must realize, (too late), that it is not the Daily Record, it is not the Labour party, it is not her fellow political activists, it is not her (hopefully) ‘friends,’ who have breached their professional code; it is she, and she alone. She, and she alone, must now face the consequences. I do hope they support her.

    I think any nurse will be angry at their uniform being ‘used’ and abused for political gain, by any one person, or party, whatever their political allegiances.

    However, the malign acts by Labour & the DR reveal the sheer depth of their sense of ‘entitlement’, which for over 70 years allowed them to look upon Scotland as their personal fiefdom.The ever-faithful ‘Lassie Come Home’ Scotland voters, will aye vote Labour, no matter how often you kicked, cajoled and ignored them; they’d stick by you and never leave you, like poor old abandoned ‘Grey Friars Bobby’, would never leave his master’s cold grave. That ‘entitlement’ died on 18 September 2014. Sticking to the dog allegory, as Dorothy observed in ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore’.

  293. Alabaman says:

    Sorry folks,
    The tattoo was/is under her right armpit, (must have been looking via a mirror!).

  294. G H Graham says:

    “Pedant Pushes Paparazzi Over Precipice”

  295. Mrobycyek says:


    Thanks for that info. It is much appreciated.

    The Daily Record should be known as the Daily Regret from now on due to their almost constant howlers.

    Coming soon to the BBC, a tale of political intrigue and deception in which nothing is as it seems or is it? Starring Suzanne Hunter as the Nurse, a beautiful young woman with a deadly secret and Mark McGivern as the hapless journalist who finds himself under her spell. Don’t miss the BBC original drama ‘The Nurse Who Wasn’t An Actress’. Available soon on BBC iplayer.

  296. dakk says:

    @ Dal Riata. 7.45

    Stop trying to freak Stuart out :-\

  297. Chitterinlicht says:

    I could be wrong…..

    I could be right……

  298. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Robert Louis.

    You typed,
    “…the cosy relationship between Labour, the BBC and the Daily Record”

    I think we, in this community, are aware of that.

    Hi Dal Riata.

    You typed,
    “…they are resorting to the methods of Project Fear in the referendum.”

    I was at a meeting of a ‘grass roots’ organisation last night, which, apart from its core purpose, will also be campaigning for the SNP, leading up to 7th May, and our local SNP candidate came in for a blether.

    He told us some interesting stuff about how the SNP see the way forward in the next 60-odd days but, he did mention that one of the things we will be up against (apart from the unionist-complicit media) will be “Project Fear 2”.

    Seems the SNP is acutely aware of how the media campaigning is gonna pan out in the next few weeks.

    Attacks against WOS is only one element of the PROJECT.

  299. A. Mylchreest says:

    If a nurse happens to also be an actress, then there is nothing to stop her playing the part of a nurse, any more than any other rôle. The point is, is she speaking as herself, or is she acting. In which case the words attributed to her are not her own, since actresses are paid to say whatever is in their script. Actors pretend to be people they are not and express opinions not their own, *all the time*. It’s their job!

  300. Morag says:

    MrObycyek, Marcia is quite right, the Morag that phones in to Call Kaye is not me. I don’t even listen to the programme any more. “Essential Classics” for me.

    I have heard her once or twice, and I’m an admirer too.

  301. I would imagine in her professional capacity as a actress, she would hide the presumed moles, she has as a nurse, as it would hinder her chances of getting work as a actress..i not a expert on these things, but, moles of which I have many could hinder rather than enhance her chances of getting thespian roles on eastenders….

  302. Tackety Beets says:

    Lesley-Anne , Happy to “ahem” stand corrected( Sorry) .
    Maffs was my best subject aat i squeel but aats a filey seen .

    15/10 just about covers it . Maaaagic !

    It certainly was an amazing revelation …….of astronomical proportions .

    I note that despite her connections to the Labour Party Suzanne has no knowledge of WOS or our REV , mmm aye right , but then again this may fit her naivity ?
    As other mention she does not deny the “acting” connection …. surely that is imperative .
    Maybe I’m a bit dopey here but I did not read anything that was really nasty etc , even then if she is unaware of the site why is she feeling bullied etc ?
    No mention of twitter stuff ?

    Speed reading the post I feel most feel Suzanne deserves a dam good tellin’ off but nae the boot , aye thats rich commin’ fae me .

    I’m confident most agree ,this is not about any individual but the Lies and deception carried out by Labour leaflet and the DR.

    If things get sticky @ NHS for Suzanne , maybe it would be in WOS interest to campaign to have her re-stated ?
    Just a thought / only saying .

  303. Tackety Beets says:

    Ach well it’ll be “High 5s ” all round .

  304. Mr MacBeth says:

    Kezia Dugdale quoted a “Suzanne Hunter”, a nurse/actress “from Clackmannanshire” today in the chamber of the parliament. If Ms Hunter really is this actress and SLab know she is really an actress, doesn’t that mean that Ms Dugdale lied to parliament, quoting a made up nurse as if she were real? Shouldn’t someone at the parliament be investigating this, because I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed – unlike lying on Slab election literature, which obviously is perfectly acceptable (??!!).

  305. jakedm says:

    My nurse didn’t look like this, oh wait…. maybe she did!

  306. jakedm says:

    Probably been said before but a stage name is a must to protect against weirdo’s etc

    Duncan is probably a stage surname

    It could be seen that when speaking as (Surname) Duncan, she will be speaking as an actress. When speaking as (Surname) Hunter, it will be as herself / as a nurse.

    Let the confusion commence 🙂

  307. Paula Rose says:

    Perhaps they are all stage names?

    To where I’m not sure.

  308. Neil MacKenzie says:

    FOI request should disclose which capacity she was speaking in.
    If as an actress she will have received payment through an agency in which case her bio kicks in (ahm pure dead brilliant at making fowk believe me).
    If as a nurse, she won’t have received payment but has exposed herself unnecessarily to criticism at her work.

  309. Angus says:

    Well well, Better Together still at it, this is incredible.
    What about condescending BT lady, wasn’t she an actress?

  310. Andrew Walker says:

    Well. Very interesting. I take back my previous comment which no one will have read anyway and say well done Stuart.

  311. This is quite confusing, so what is the truth behind it?

  312. donald anderson says:

    Reply to robert ramage

    And I thocht being ugly and greetin’ faced was and entrenched requirement of being employed on Eastenders.

  313. Has anyone else noticed that this actress/nurse and her friend/boyfriend who apparently happens to be the PA to a Labour MP, also seem to be the very same couple whose faces appear right next to Gordon Brown on Brown’s Sep 17th speech that was televised.

    Go google the faces for yourselves and see if you also think they look like the same people seen in this article

  314. chris kilby says:

    I thought The Thick of It was a sitcom not a documentary…

  315. chris kilby says:

    What a Carry On, Nurse.

  316. chris kilby says:

    Curiouser and curiouser…

  317. Tackety Beets says:

    @ OxfordsMadHatterCandidate @ 6.43pm

    Well spotted .
    Sitting between the unmentionable CL and JoLa ?

    LOL , all very cosy . Federal Broon surrounding himself with his ilk .

  318. Lollysmum says:

    I don’t think it’s the nurse. There was someone from the School of Dentistry who was on the NO side because they’d been told their funding was being cut. She gave a few speeches & interviews in the run up to the referendum but I can’t remember her name.

  319. Lollysmum says:

    Tackety Beets

    I’ve forced myself to watch that Gordon Brown speech again & it was painful believe me.You may be right with your identification of her.

    The student dentist wore a completely different style of specs.Someone suggested early on in this thread that the person pictured in the photos was the student dentist but that was dismissed quite quickly.

    I’m surprised you picked up on it. Evertime I watch that that piece of film it goes through my mind that they look like performing seals because they seem to be clapping & cheering to autocue. That thought tends to distract me from looking at the faces for any length of time.

  320. Tackety Beets says:

    Thanks Lollysmum , interesting . I did think the it was only a “close” likeness .

    I’m sure they are all tied together with a piece af SLab string tho’

    I couldna thole watching it all the way . Jeeezo !

  321. Paula Rose says:

    The BBC are using a photo of me now in my nurse’s uniform.

  322. Tackety Beets says:

    @ Paula Rose ….Vey Nice ! …….. Mega wolf whistle ! If not too sexist .

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