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Posted on September 07, 2014 by

So, first this happened:


Then this happened:


But then this happened:



Except that unfortunately for Labour, these had already happened:



So that was embarrassing.

But then this also happened:


Except that that CAN’T happen:


Because we’re in the “purdah” period and both governments are committed to the rules that say they can’t make “arguments for or against any outcome” of the referendum any more. Indeed, just last month, this happened:


In which the official No campaign said it couldn’t even take part in a debate after the postal votes were sent out in late August, because doing so would be unfair to those voters. But now, apparently, there’s going to be a whole new offer of new powers for a No, AFTER thousands of Scots have ALREADY cast their votes by post.

Or maybe not, because then this happened:



So in fact the “radical new deal” is in fact just the same old deal as before.

We think it’s a fair assessment at this stage to say that the No campaign’s right hand doesn’t know whether its left hand knows its arse from its elbow or not.

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    316 to “All over the place”

    1. Zen Broon says:

      Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie,
      O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!

    2. Frost says:

      I believe this plan of action/constitutional convention was the idea of the Canadian Liberal Party and was suggested to Carmichael on a fact finding mission to Ottowa earlier this year.

      Couldn’t even be bothered thinking of his own ideas to present to the people of Scotland.

    3. Indigo says:

      It’s been quite an interesting morning hasn’t it?

    4. Edmund says:

      I’d never read the Edinburgh Agreement or the Referendum Act before.

      Notice that the Scottish signatories to the agreement are bound by an Act, whereas the UK government has merely made a ‘commitment’. Westminster has no checks whatsoever on its ‘sovereign’ power and is incapable of making any.

      Also I think it’s disgusting that Scottish ministers and public bodies are barred from simply encouraging people to vote (whether Yes or No) – surely in a democracy you want as many people to vote as possible?!

    5. Grouse Beater says:

      Liars and cheats.

      They can not even agree amongst themselves.

      And after all the threats and warnings of not an inch, not a yard more suddenly they have more ‘powers’ to offer, but not oil or genuine self-determination.

      The Dancing Guard and Liberty – grousbeater.wordpress

    6. Croompenstein says:

      Ed Balls: Pish spewing forth from my mouth ‘inevitable’ 😀

    7. steve allan says:

      oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice too decieve

    8. MajorBloodnok says:

      They’re such lying conniving bastards aren’t they? Plus they think that we’re that stupid we won’t notice that they’re lying conniving bastards. I think that covers it.

    9. Votadini Jeannie says:

      Final sentenced just sums them up. And what’s more, they don’t even seem to realise that we can all see they’re in panic mode. It’s brilliant!

    10. Gaavster says:

      The man o’ independent mind he looks an laughs at a’ that…

    11. McHaggis says:

      This kind of thing is priceless Rev.

      Between the WBB and confirmation of the number of lies BetterTogether come out with and are caught out with, I think have been the biggest driving force in persuading No’s to Yes.

    12. paul gerard mccormack says:

      MajorBloodnock has it.

    13. Tim says:

      It’s AORR

    14. twenty14 says:

      O/T but looks like the Sunday post has just scraped the remainder of the barrel aided with the Westminister Gov re: Scottish prisoner and ISIS

    15. bjsalba says:

      Interesting article over on Lallands Peat Worrier

      “The No campaign’s real credibility gap on more powers doesn’t derive from 1979, but from the behaviour and choices of its composite parts in 2012, 2013 and 2014.”

      Hits the nail slap bang on the head.

    16. Ken500 says:

      Ha Ha

      The feeble fifty

      Gordon Brown is a disgrace. Shared resources? They have, secretly, had the equivalent of £200Billion. He can’t get enough. Condoning food banks in the 21st C. Scottish Budget cut by £1.3Billion a year. Oil tax increased 11% (£2Billion a year) now up to 90%. Scotland has lost the equivalent of £Billions misused by Westminster rule.

    17. Billy Manson says:

      It’s like the left behind doesn’t know what the right tit is doing…

    18. Patrician says:

      This is incompetence on a truly staggering scale. This is enough material to be the basis for thesis’ by students of politics for years to come.

    19. @LabourForIndy

      on facebook too incl. Labour women for Independence, follow and share

    20. Scotsbob says:

      Interestingly the narrowing of the poll started the day after the first debate and then narrowed again after the 2nd debate.
      I am convinced this is because those who intended to vote no, in the belief more powers would come, realised this was a false promise and changed to yes.
      The no side tried to spin the reaction to the first debate but it didn’t work, the tide started to turn from that moment.
      All the bluff and bluster about plan B and currency was to cover up Darling being unable to answer the question about additional powers.

    21. Footsoldier says:

      Wales Online asking should Scotland be independent. Get on to website and vote Yes:

      Following Osborne’s announcement of more powers, the Welsh are demanding the same powers too, no doubt Northern Ireland will want them, not to mention other parts of UK

      This is unbelieveable, after thousands of postal votes have been cast, the British Government changes the agenda. This is disgraceful, incompetent and hopefully will change nothing. Has Johann Lamont been involved in these discussions?

    22. tom says:

      Regarding border guards yarn, it’s te old trick: say something to grab headlines, then deny it, hoping the headlines have done their damage.

    23. stewart bc says:

      Looks like The Daily Mail is now pursuing its own post-independence agenda ….. Miliband just the pawn ……

    24. Oui Things says:

      Que 10 days of hilarious mix of leg humping and shin kicking.

    25. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Iain ?@Cuphook108 11h

      Ed Miliband & his border guards arrive to protect international socialism #indyref


    26. Ambrose Harper says:

      In Japan, there is a proverb, “In victory, tighten your helmet!”. It is a warning to remain vigilant and to not rest on ones laurels and to be ready for your enemies to return. Celebrate a win in battle and you may lose the campaign. Pushing onward without re-evaluating your position can be disastrous. We must keep this in mind! Well done to all involved in the YES campaign – it makes me proud to be part of this wonderful country 🙂

    27. Renka says:

      Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring!!!

      They’re like rabbits caught in the headlights now but – keep going guys, you’re doing wonders for ‘YES.

    28. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      The yellow tory Carmicheal is a complete car-crash.
      All over the fucking place. Riotously funny. 😀

    29. Joe says:

      Reminds me of dads army with the don’t panic and we’re doomed . Westminster is now in full dads army mode. Offers of a CU should be looked at carefully before accepting, if a 3% gap caused jitters last week what is a 2% lead gonna do this week. Bumpy ride ahead for Bitter together . Independence is coming 🙂

    30. heedtracker says:

      It just shows how money can’t buy elections, let alone a decent UKOK campaign, maybe because this isnt an election.–with-hmrcs-blessing-9624358.html

      “The Tory donor whose firm is one of Britain’s biggest tax avoiders – with HMRC’s blessing” “Ian Taylor’s vast oil trading company paid barely 10 per cent tax on profits of £9bn”

      and donated £550 grand to the Tory Party, £500 grand to Bliar MacPantsonfire ProjectFear.

      Personally I’d have just let the BBC get on with monstering Scottish democracy, and all for just £145.50 and endless repeats of Family Guy.

    31. Grouse Beater says:

      There is NO ‘Devo-Max’ on the ballot paper.

      When offering something for sale it has to exist for the prospective buyer to know what it is they are paying for!

    32. Graham_Lister says:

      Come on Scotland – we have these Westminster bastards on the run now. Let’s re-double our efforts for a big yes victory.

    33. Radar says:

      So, according to Carmichael its the ‘same plan of action he’s been putting forward for months’

      Yet in this piece from RTE, Osborne gives the impression the new powers will, in the event of a No vote, come into effect immediately?

      Quote: Mr Osbornes said “Scotland would be given more tax powers, more spending powers, more powers over the welfare state. This will be put into effect the moment there is a “no” vote in the referendum.”

    34. Dave Lewis says:

      It sounds to me that the brown stuff is trickling down their legs. Just back from a NATO Industrial meeting in Lisbon at least the English member of the group are starting to talk as if Independence can happen. It has always been a Big YES from me roll on the 18th.

    35. Cath says:

      I had a strong sense after the first debate that a large number of undecided, silent, and even soft no people suddenly realised how disappointed they were by a Yes “loss”. There was also a really surprising amount of previously silent people coming out with ‘why on earth did Salmond not say/argue x, y, z etc?’

      People are a lot more tuned in, and thinking much harder than the media or BT might like – and more than many in the Yes campaign give them credit for as well. I have a feeling that was the first turning point – that realisation for many that they did actually WANT Yes to win, or at least not be hammered.

      Interesting thing now will be whether the momentum begins to bring more people out the woodwork who were silent or slithering due to not thinking it will happen, and whether it brings them a lot more out to Yes and creates a critical mass that’s unstoppable. Or to no because they think a very close loss is actually the best result for more powers and are convinced by the panic now. Still all to play for!

    36. Cath says:

      *swithering*, not slithering!

    37. HandandShrimp says:

      I’m a wee bit tickled by Ed’s border guards. The notion of fences, barbed wire, machine gun towers, searchlights, goons with Uzi’s (Atos obviousment) patrolling the marches in the snow seems a fitting end destination for New Labour

      Question is are they keeping us in or preventing the English escaping?

    38. Pam McMahon says:

      However, without sites like these, who would be any the wiser? The MSM and the BBC have been dire throughout this campaign so far as unbiased comment and reporting is concerned, and should be called to account when we are independent.

    39. tartanfever says:

      Time to complain to the Electoral Commission.

      Surely they must have something to say about this ?

    40. Juteman says:

      This is all so predictable.
      Man up Scotland!

    41. Croompenstein says:

      @Pam McMahon – However, without sites like these, who would be any the wiser?

      Nice to see you commenting again Pam, we need all our shoulders to the wheel and not be put off by insults

    42. Bribery and threats … the British establishment at its finest, a playbook that goes all the way back to the days of Empire. One last throw of the dice from Better Together, as Yes moves into the lead ….

    43. HandandShrimp says:

      Pam If we secure a Yes vote then I think we will find it hard to find a BBC person that was ever against – nothing quite like self preservation.

    44. panda paws says:

      I’ve not actually sent my postal vote in yet. And now I’m being offered some jam tomorrow. What to do?

      You know what, I’ve already eaten my cereal so I’ve no need of any imaginary jam, and it’s going to be a YES from me.

    45. Cod says:

      The No campaign must wish it really was still 1979, so they could get away with saying and doing whatever they want, as they did then. They certainly act like it is, and like they have never heard of the internet, or realised that people are perfectly capable of taking apart the claims they make, using things they themselves have said or agreed to.

      As Homer might say,: d’oh!

    46. Graham_Lister says:

      Ed Milibusted has to be the most pathetic leader of the Labour party in its history. Only with Johann Lamentable standing next to him could Milibusted briefly look like someone with an IQ above room temperature.

      The anti-independence motto should be “exiguous information meets egregious ignorance”. Lies, smears and absurdly stupid misinformation (border guards???) is their only tactic.

    47. donald anderson says:

      Why dis not Miliband have the guts to release his military Border plans when he was slithering about Scotland last week?

    48. Footsoldier says:

      From the Mail Online today:

      “A senior figure in the Better Together campaign concedes the Scots haven’t heard enough from the rest of Britain. But a clear message from them could be crucial. So, if you want to save this country: phone a Scot and tell them you don’t want them to leave.”

    49. davidb says:

      Ed may well be looking to the next rUK election.

      There is an issue for Labour in Scotland now. They would perhaps be wise to get the putsch out of the way now. Surely they will have noticed Mr Sheridan drawing crowds far greater than anything Mr Murphy can muster. They will know their activists don’t want to fire on the home crowd.

      It would be better in the longer term for them surely just to leave the field or to come over to the Yes side.

    50. Jim D says:

      Mr ED makes an ass of himself :

    51. JBS says:

      To hell with Westminster, its lies, its threats, its transparent attempts to deceive.

      Vote Yes to Scottish independence on September 18.

    52. SquareHaggis says:

      Two things;

      The headline about borders should read “Milliband, We’d put guards on English border”. It would be against International Law for Milliband or anyone else to put up borders on the territory of another sovreign country.

      As to more powers; Will postal voters who have already made their decision based on pre-PV offerings be granted their right to take their votes again?

    53. HandandShrimp says:


      That is hilarious. We have heard the Mail loud and clear and they really don’t like us. Like everything that seems to be coming out today it is all a bit late.

    54. bookie from hell says:

      Andrew Neil @afneil ·

      Whatever happens September 18th — and it is now very close — tonight will go down on history as night end of UK became a real possibility

    55. Galasaysyes says:

      The Sunday Post has a two-page spread pushing the line that ISIS is threatening the Scottish hostage in order to get Scottish people to vote Yes. That way, the SP reporters say, it will show the UK to be weak and divided. In other words, if you vote Yes, you are supporting mad Jihadists. This use of the hostage situation and the anguish of his family as a political football is despicable. It also smacks of desperation, but these are levels to which I didn’t think any journalists would sink no matter how panicky they got.

    56. The Earthshaker says:

      Footsoldier, that’s a cracker our first minister here in Wales says the NO campaign has to become more Scottish, 11 days before the vote – you can’t make this stuff up!

      Go for it Scotland, VOTE YES!

    57. Barbara Watson says:

      BTUKOK etc are breaking the electoral rules, does anyone else think that after a Yes vote they could declare it void because of this?

      I’m quite concerned about it.

    58. cockney lad says:

      As an Englishman living in Scotland, this is the final straw, voting YES is the only honourable thing to do…..these shysters know no shame!

      “And you will see, in great confusion, schemes of thieves, stratagems of swindlers, undertakings of scoundrels and, moreover, sweet aversions, bitter pleasures, mad resolves, fallen faiths, limp hopes and little charity; great and shrewd judgement regarding the affairs of others and lack of insights regarding one’s own; words that are mouthed but not the least bit meant; the truest believer also the most deceived; and universally the love of money. All of which produces quartan fevers, spiritual cankers, weightless thoughts, silliness beyond measure, laureate lunacies, magisterial blunders, and slips of the tongue to twist your neck in knots, and more: desire that drags, knowledge that nudges, action that reaps, and diligence, the mother of all success. In conclusion, you will see nothing that’s certain, but lots of action; plenty of defects, little that’s pretty, and nothing of any worth. I seem to hear the characters approach. Farewell.”

      [Prologue to Candelaio by Giordano Bruno]

    59. fred blogger says:

      they are re-coiling, punch drunk, from beating themselves up and tying themselves up in knots.
      they really ought to sit down in a darkened room for @ least 2 weeks, that’ll do them the world of good. 🙂

    60. G H Graham says:

      Better Together & the Westminster Government will surely be a monumental & historic example of what the worst political campaign in British politics looked like.

    61. bookie from hell says:

      when Gordon brewer asked Carmichael if he has salmonds phone number


    62. Ann Onnymus says:

      “stewart bc says:
      7 September, 2014 at 12:20 pm
      Currently at 50/50″

      67/33 at 12:40 !!

    63. tartanfever says:


      Which is exactly why the Electoral Commission should be asked for their view on these events.

      If the Electoral Commission say that these latest/new offers from BT are not breaking the rules of the Edinburgh Agreement, then it’s hard to see how the vote could be questioned.

    64. Paul D says:

      It is as if they are deliberately looking for feet to shoot themselves in!

    65. Jim McIntosh says:


      I said something similar in an earlier thread. Could a disgruntled voter (or voters) who have already voted use this as an argument to challenge the result. Up to 30% have already voted, surely they shouldn’t be moving the goal posts now. The electoral commission should be looking into this.

    66. Grouse Beater says:

      Westminster love bombing is akin to date rape.

    67. Jim Bo says:

      Perfect reading for a Sunday morning Stu. Thanks so much for your tireless efforts.
      They just keep digging and digging- down down they go, where they’ll stop nobody knows.
      It feels nice to be looking in from the light outside.

    68. Jack McKenzie says:

      So sad to see history repeating itself once again re: 1979. Westminster plainly doesn’t get it. No ‘40% Rule’ this time to get them out of jail. I’m almost embarrassed for them if they think they can con the Scots again?

      O/T – Just discovered ATOS are a major sponsor of the Paralympics in Rio 2016. You cannot make it up.

      Beam me up, Scotty!!

    69. JimnArlene says:

      It’s the same old pish, used in ’79. Vote no and get more powers. We didn’t fall for it then, having actually voted for devolution and we’re not falling for it now.

    70. john king says:

      Does anyone else get the impression they’re trying to get the result declared null and viod as one of the parties changed their proposal after the start of Purdah?
      The fact that IT WAS THEM is beside the point!

    71. Grouse Beater says:

      Well, we can look forward to weather forecasts similar to Spain and Portugal where the weather stops at the border.

    72. John says:

      Bribe time.

      Sound familiar?

      Didn’t they end up offering a heap of incentives to vote no in ’79, then tell us to phuck off after they won?

      Don’t be fooled again.

    73. Mike says:

      Off topic but you may be interested to know that MPs are getting ready to award themselves another 9% increase in salary. Yee hah.
      This is because the commission set up by MPs to advise and propose MP salaries and levels of increase decided that they do a very important and significant job well enough to deserve this level of increase.
      By direct implication this means that everybody else doesn’t do an important nor significant job well enough to deserve this largess.
      You have to laugh at the blind Ivory tower ignorance of a commission declaring the magnificence of the work done by a Parliament about to dissect itself in a massive implosion as a direct result of the direction and policies taken by its members.
      A 9% wage increase to the members who have done everything they can to destroy the joint Parliament of the UK of GB.
      For Christ sake vote Yes if for no other reason than to rid ourselves of this level of utter blinkered stupidity and corruption.

    74. Clootie says:

      I just watched a Labour grandee on SKY around 12:30pm state that Labour have to convince Scots that the Labour Party are going to win the 2015 GE and that they would know “everything was going to be all right if they voted NO”

      I’ll be generous and accept they could win the 2015 GE. Can they guarantee it? Can they guarantee that they will win the 2020 GE and the one after that?

      They just don’t get it do they. The turns each in power of right wing parties is no longer an option to consider when you can be Independent.

      Additional Powers – they will promise anything to get a few NO votes. Does anyone believe for one minute that they will deliver AFTER the pressure of a vote has been removed.

      The one thing you can be sure of – vote NO and you will NEVER get the chance to have a referendum again.

    75. Croompenstein says:

      Has anyone seen or heard from Flipper he is the leader of Bitter Together after all, be nice to hear his thoughts on the yougov poll and his party leader’s trashing of Scotland

    76. Jim Mitchell says:

      The term headless chickens comes to mind!

    77. Grouse Beater says:

      The only reason the Labour party allowed the baucle Lamont to lead the Scottish group was to have someone they could control.

      An intellectual devoted to Scotland’s interests would never be countenanced.

      Labour wrote its own defeat in Scotland.

    78. Barbara Watson says:


      @Jim McIntosh

      I agree, the Electoral Commission need to make a statement now.

      What are the chances of that? I do wish they would grow a pair!

    79. Absolutely loving the “phone a friend in Scotland” line from the Mail. Hilarious.

    80. Malcolm says:

      The patronizing wife in her kitchen will go down as one of the most significant adverts in political history, a monumental disaster for UKOK.
      They are breaking, folks, up and at them!! ( after you have finished your cereal, obviously)

    81. Mike says:

      You have to laugh. Another surge in the polls and they will offer us all the Gold we can eat.
      How does it go again? “Its in the post” or “I will pull it out before I climax” 12 kids are enough.
      FFS how gullible do we have to be to be taken in by this especially at this stage.

    82. Papadox says:

      George Osbourne: who will control the oil revenues?

    83. Croompenstein says:

      @Jim Mitchell – The term headless chickens comes to mind!

      Like this you mean…

    84. piggy says:

      They have lost the respect of the people, for they do not offer respect.

      The people have turned their attention to important work that they must undertake, because those with responsibility are not capable.

      They offer us nothing, but would deny us everything.

      The people of Scotland are busy working and preparing for the future of the country, so to get our attention, those who would deceive us have called in the magicians and illusionists.

      Their purpose is to make you think you see something that isn’t there. They dress up to say that they are important, so you will listen.

      Their words and actions have informed us greatly in recent times, so we now recognise their habits and their language. We see them coming, and the sight is pitiful.

      They do not understand us, but we understand them.

    85. Jim Mitchell says:

      I wonder if anyone has thought to ask if there will be border posts set up on the Ulster/Ireland border as well?

      BTW, Meanwhile, Yes Scotland published findings from a new poll, commissioned by the Yes campaign and conducted by Panelbase, which finds a record high of 47 per cent support for independence among women, with the gender gap between male and female Yes support virtually closed.
      The overall support for Yes in the Panelbase poll is 48 per cent, excluding undecideds. When undecideds are included, Yes support is at 44 per cent – the highest recorded by Panelbase so far.
      The Panelbase poll also finds that an overwhelming majority of people in Scotland believe that the referendum is something to be proud of – by 69 per cent to 15 per cent.

      (From the Yes Scotland page)

      Our nice Mr Carmichael has just been on the news (radio) talking about this, of course he only mentioned the 48% bit!

    86. john king says:

      Panic over,
      scrolling banner on sky news says “there is an underlying confidence that the status quo tends to win in a referendum”
      As you were people!

    87. Greannach says:

      Imagine getting a phone call from a random Daily Mail reader. Like being hectored from afar by the likes of Margo Lead better or David Starkey. Sure-fire winner.

    88. Les Wilson says:

      Big lessons here for all big governments that we are in a new age. Old scare tactics go not work as they did in days of old.
      The Internet is now the tool of the people, one that can neutralize potent propaganda regimes, and that gives power for democracy. We in Scotland have shown this, the world has now changed.

    89. paul gerard mccormack says:

      Come the revolution we really have to begin to look at our collective use of politically cliched language in this brand new nation of ours. I for one, object seriously to that dog reid’s oft parroted phrase ‘we must REDOUBLE our efforts’! GTF! I’m going full tilt just now and you want me to quadruple my efforts! Away! Ya numptie. Good, that’s that sorted then. Post-revolution there will be no re-doubling of efforts. Agreed? We have to get our priorities right at the end of the day in all fairness to tell you the truth blah blah blah…… just get these people out! pigs and men, pigs and men…….

    90. liz says:

      If they try to get the result null and void we would have to contact the EU – there must be a law against that.

      I’m a bit worried soft Yes’s will believe it.

    91. Indy_Scot says:

      Aye, Scotland’s so much of a burden on England, they’re now trying to bribe us.

      Let’s make sure we show them we’re not “too stupid”.

    92. Mary Bruce says:

      The Labour party are being set up by the Tories to take the blame for a yes vote. Darling and Milliband will be the fall guys, it will be their fault that the labour vote went yes.

      I hope Salmond takes full advantage of the YouGov poll to keep insisting on a Cameron debate, it’s becoming almost impossible for Cameron to avoid it with yes in the lead.

    93. Clootie says:

      I agree with Carwyn – pig in a poke

      Carwyn Jones AM/AC @AMCarwyn

      “But we must be wary of taking new powers that carry a significant cost without a transfer of resources”

      9:49 AM – 7 Sep 2014

      9 Retweets 3 favorites Reply

    94. Mary Dove says:

      Love the comments, especially Zen Broon’s. Thanks to this website and other similar ones for the terrific commentary and on-the-ball assessments. And all delivered with great humour.

    95. wingman 2020 says:

      One suspects that the postal votes to date were already secretly counted… Its the only explanation for this level of furore.

      Whatever the ‘new offer’ I expect we will dissect it thoroughly… then vote YES.

    96. Papadox says:

      The problem with liars is half the lies they tell ar’nt true. The problem with Westminster and the elite is none of their lies are true. They are just self seeking pathological liars intent on robbing anybody to enrich their own pockets and don’t care who gets hurt for their greed.

    97. Nick says:

      This carry on means we have to all the way laughing to YES

      Did you see Osbournes’ pant evil sneer when he was being introduced by Marr-Hilarious

    98. Proud Cybernat says:

      So, the UK Govt has broken the Edinburgh Agreement. If they can so casually disregard this agreement, if we vote No on the basis of promised ‘new powers’, why should we expect them to honour their latest promise?

      With Osborne’s latest bribe, the UK Govt have disregarded the Edinburgh Agreement. Why then should we expect them to honour any promise?

      As Jim Murphy will attest–a Westminster promise–like and egg–is easily broken.

      Westminster No More.

    99. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      I’m assuming these exciting new mystery panic powers will have to include the power to make tory promises believable to scots? 😀

      Though let us not forget they must also include the power to make Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg seem trustworthy to the scottish public.

      Magical panic powers indeed. 😉

    100. Joe says:

      Mike says:

      “You have to laugh. Another surge in the polls and they will offer us all the Gold we can eat. ”
      Unfortunately for them Gordon sold it off at a buy one get one free special offer , independence is coming 🙂

    101. Indy_Scot says:

      Just imagine how exciting Scottish politics will be, come the 19th of September.

    102. Robert Louis says:

      If I am not to believe that the electoral commission truly is the proverbial chocolate teapot of democracy, then they MUST step in now, and remind unionists and the UK Government EXACTLY what the rules are. They might also like to remind the media.

      This shifting the goal posts once people have ACTUALLY VOTED is not on.

      So, come on electoral commission speak up or forever be regarded as puppets of Westminster. Democracy hangs in the balance.

    103. seanair says:

      Latest polling news
      Shop in Canonmills, Edinburgh, “Interiors Scotland” is having a competition involving two types of cushion—one with a Saltire flag sewn in and one with the Union flag. Position today stands at 53 saltire cushions sold, 7 union ones sold.
      Who needs You Gov?

    104. JWil says:

      I notice the knives are out for Douglas Alexander. Apparently he hasn’t come up to the mark since he got involved with the Better Together campaign and he is now going to be he fall guy. Well deserved too.

      I had no love for him before, but what completely put me off him was during a recent interview with Sarah Smith when he and Nicola Sturgeon were in the BBC Scotland studio.

      Alexander was given the first bite of the cherry and said his piece, without interruption, at a rate of about 100 words a minute. When Nicola had her turn and started refuting what he had just said he sat their grimacing at her and talking over her. He came over as nasty.

    105. macart763m says:

      No, I suspect what they’ll do is simply use the same words rearranged to come out in a different order. 😀 LOL

      They all have the same end result though. They’ll promote well deserved, deep seated suspicion and or outright derision.

    106. muttley79 says:

      @Mary Bruce

      I think the chances of a Salmond-Cameron debate in the last 10 days of the campaign are tiny. Cameron did not even watch the live debate between Salmond and Darling.

      Should the Electoral Commission not been making a statement on the unionists offering more powers, when people have already voted? Surely they cannot allow this to happen?

    107. HandandShrimp says:

      Local shop is selling Yes and No T Shirts. He passed by our stall yesterday and said that it was 8 to 2 shirts in favour of Yes.

      Does tend to only reflect the T shirt buying public though
      I think the main obstacle remaining for a big Yes win is to convince the pensioners that their pension is safe.

    108. JWil says:

      I am certain that Newsnet Scotland will be contacting the Electoral Commission this very minute for their views on this offer at this time and taking them to task. It’s what Newsnet Scotland do so well.

    109. Footsoldier says:

      Catchy new name for Yes Scotland in today’s Telegraph.

      “Scotland is on course to become an independent nation after a poll placed the pro-separatist Yes campaign ahead for the first time.”

      Little wonder why Yes is gaining ground.

    110. bugsbunny says:

      Just got the Orange Lodge marching through Dalmellington, with the usual crowd cheering them on. I heard cries of Vote No from a few onlookers, Fuck Alex Salmond and the Pope and Fenian Bastards. Oh what joyous times we live in. I’ll kick the complacency out of those who think its a shoe in? Just imagine what it will be like if these bastards win? Edinburgh is going to be an interesting one.


    111. Port Jim says:

      They don’t actually seem to be offering anything new except, maybe, a commitment to set up (another) convention to “talk” about federalism, new powers etc.
      If we were mug enough to fall for that then, who knows, when the pressure was off them I suppose they might agree to something useful, and they might put it in their general election manifesto, and they might get elected. Then, I suppose it’s possible that they might keep their promise and (eventually) put a bill before the house, and it might pass without getting too badly diluted. The Lords might not even veto it.
      If you believe that scenario, I’ve got this really good money-making scheme – can’t fail, and risk-free. Just send me all your money and I promise I’ll get right back to you!

      A bird in the hand or pig(shit) in a poke?

      Keep pushing and vote yes!

    112. Robert Louis says:


      Wholly agree regarding Alexander. The whole business with his sister put me off the man. You can have different viewpoints on many things, but I expect elected MP’s to behave with a bit of humanity, respect and dignity.

      I am of the opinion, that they will all be blaming each other at ‘BTUKOKLabourtoriesnothanks’ today. It has been clear for the last few months, that they cannot agree on strategy, nor who to lead it. Today they have wheeled out clunking fist Gordon (Britin, Britin, britin) Broon AGAIN, the man who as Prime Minister near single handedly destroyed the entire UK economy, and who as Labour leader never ever won an election for the party.

      Gordon brown and Douglas Alexander have failure written all over them. Like two peas in a pod.

      Each one of them in the anti independence cabal will be jockeying for position in order to survive. Their phones will be red hot, plotting, conspiring and casting against each other. Like rats fae a sinking ship.

      Now is our moment, to re-double our efforts to ensure we win, and then some. It is Scotland’s time. The whole world is watching.

    113. Papadox says:

      The clunking fist on sky news, he is going to guide Cameron and the tollies to victory. The people of Scotland are beginning to waken up. This clown pretends to be a democrat and intelligent o and sociable.

      A son of the manse who follows the money changers. A very spiritual selfish b*stard, beware of the asp.

    114. bookie from hell says:

      Piers Morgan @piersmorgan · 14m

      Love Scotland, love Scottish people, – loathe the vicious, violent, dangerously deluded rhetoric of some of these YES campaigners.

    115. jacksloan2013 says:

      I suddenly feel like we have all been given leading roles in Borgen!

    116. Harry Shanks says:


      Inviting Alex Salmond to do something physically impossible with himself is one thing – but the shouts of “Fenian Bastards” are certainly unlawful.

      One has to wonder why the Police don’t act on these marches whereas the same behaviour at football matches sees them keen to do so.

    117. Kenny says:

      Hi everyone. Just a wee reminder that music sales this week count towards the charts for referendum week. Yes, it’s that close! A few of us think that with a wee bit of concerted action over the next few days, we can make a dent on those charts with a fresh Scottish voice. Let’s get Son I Voted Yes by Stanley Odd to Number One!

    118. tonymac says:

      Darling on SKY NEWS IN 10 MINS
      They want questions – they say..

    119. cockney lad says:

      These new Gideon bribes are not even worth the non-existent paper they’re not written on, and break the Edinburgh Agreement to-boot……Ain’t democracy grand!

    120. Lesley-Anne says:

      Hmm, RED Ed threatening border guards etc, maybe AYES maybe NAW. This complete and utterly useless MUPPET has shot himself in BOTH feet. (Does he actually have any feet left to shoot off? 😉 )

      Immaterial as to whether he actual said this or not the word is out in the ether now. When the 2015, or whenever, General Election happens this will be getting thrown in his face! First by the population in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It will no longer just be a case of the unionists in Scotland screaming our family Dan Suff will be furriners it will now be, thanks to RED Ed, our family Up NOFF will be furinners and will I need a passport! What a vote LOSER this will be for RED Ed. 😛

      Secondly, any chance Labour had of “call me Dave” running into a wee bit of trouble in the election has now gone! “call me Dave” will no doubt be using this to constantly beat RED Ed to a pulp during the next Westminster General Election. 😀

    121. Robert Louis says:


      Alex Massie seems to be on form at the spectator;

      Quote “YouGov’s previous poll was an Oh f*** moment for Unionists. Today’s upgrades the threat level by another couple of notches. We’ve reached DefCon Oh my f****** God. But not in a good or droll way.”

      (note: I removed the sweary words (which are in the original) to avoid the spam filter).

    122. heedtracker says:

      Does the Orange Order march in Edinburgh pass or stop at Holyrood?

    123. Colin says:

      By knowingly breaking the rules by offering more powers at this late stage is there any way these bastards could sabotage the referendum all together?

    124. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      I believe that the “united unionists” offer in the event of a no vote (no chance imho) will be a constitutional convention or something on those lines.

      All they really can offer is a discussion about what could be further devolved as any actual offer of this or that would be like adding a devo (something) question or option to the referendum form.

      Not legal imho.

    125. Colin says:


      I believe the march ends at Holyrood.

    126. muttley79 says:

      Here is the links to the Electoral Commission:

    127. Adrian B says:

      This deserves to have a wider audience:

    128. Harry McAye says:

      Hope I’m now out of moderation.

      Bugsbunny – I think for many of that type the Perfect Storm could be coming. Scottish Independence and Rangers Mark 2 going into administration or even liquidation again (or for the first time!). Their whole world could be about to be rocked and there could be “carnage”.

    129. Marcia says:

      Deaf voters explain their reasons for voting Yes;

    130. muttley79 says:


      If we could not survive then why the fuck are the British establishment and their MSM buddies trying so hard to stop us from voting Yes?

    131. Papadox says:

      To all NAW voters:

      ” There is a principal which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – That principal is contempt prior to investigation.”

      – Herbert Spencer.

    132. Dorothy Devine says:

      “By knowingly breaking the rules by offering more powers at this late stage is there any way these bastards could sabotage the referendum all together?”

      The world is watching Colin – fear not!
      Not even Westminster wants to look a complete prat/shit on that oh so elevated world stage.

    133. Lesley-Anne says:

      Eyebrows on SKY NEWS now.

      Shite alert just been set to DEFCON1 😛

    134. muttley79 says:

      This is a proper link to the Electoral Commission, it did not work in my last post:

    135. CameronB Brodie says:

      Sorry if already posted, but I wondered how long it would take for this to happen.

      Scottish independence: Church of Scotland ministers back ‘Yes’ vote 🙂

      Note how the No Better Together Thanks representative disagrees with the ministers and used the thought terminating clique of Best of Both Worlds to justify his opinion. That’s nice. 😉

    136. heedtracker says:

      @ Colin, Lovely, so that will be a spectacle to view from a very safe distance like the top of Arthur’s Seat.

      Far right Spectator nary as ever “Perhaps Scots will peer over the edge and think, jings, that’s a long way down… Bloody hell, if you’re going to jump I’ll jump too. Even if it is a long way down.”

      Usual sneaky creepy patronising arrogance but why is NOT handing over your taxes and your countries rich resources to another country. who then invest/squander it all In their country, while calling us scroungers when they grudgling give us back what they decide we need or deserve, a tad more sensible.

      Ask that of BetterTogether and it’s why they’ve lost. It’s been 300 hundred years of shutup youre not Scottish your British and now we can choose.

    137. Marcia says:


      Please explain what DEFCON1 is? I have seen this mentioned but I don’t know what it is.

    138. Lesley-Anne says:

      Good comment from James Mathews on SKY News there I think.

      “Momentum is feeding momentum.” 😀

    139. Stevie boy says:

      Osborne constantly on the news channels ‘promising’ imminent new powers for a No vote!

      Electoral Commission HAVE to step in here or what is the point of it?

      What’s next.. Every Scot to be offered £1m to vote No?

      The whole vote will turn into a mockery!!!

    140. heedtracker says:

      It’s grades of preparation readiness for war Macria. It goes up to 5, all out WMD launch.

    141. JimnArlene says:

      I think we’ll have jam tomorrow and every day after that but, it’ll be homemade Scottish jam. Not Westminster value brand jam on the morrow, that never comes.

    142. Marcia says:



    143. call me dave says:

      Def Con: Defence Condition

      If it’s DEFCON OMG!it’s serious (Oh My God) 🙂

      You knew all the time!

    144. heedtracker says:

      Graun fraudsters keep on going to the bitter end

      “Scotland offered increased powers as parties unite to rally no voters”

      But I have voted YES already Sir.

      “Osborne said it was clear Scotland wanted more autonomy and the Tories, Labour and the Liberal Democrats had agreed to deliver on that. “You will see in the next few days a plan of action to give more powers to Scotland. More tax powers, more spending powers, more plans for powers over the welfare state.”

      Tough luck sucka

    145. Lesley-Anne says:

      Marcia says:


      Please explain what DEFCON1 is? I have seen this mentioned but I don’t know what it is.

      DEFCON is the old favourite from USA Marcia. It is short hand for Defence Condition. There are 5 levels of DEFCON and they run from 5 (the lowest level) up to 1. (the highest level) In normal military terms it means “bloody hell we’re at an imminent state of attack.” Up until the 9/11 it usually stood for an imminent state of nuclear attack.

    146. heedtracker says:

      Marcia! Sorry about the typo.

    147. call me dave says:

      We can have all the jam, we make our own, and spread it thickly on the ‘better together’ they’re all toast.

      But still lots to do.

    148. cadgers says:

      Hee haw, they’re rabbity

    149. Kenzie says:

      Re promises of extra powers. Mr Salmond delivered the knockout-blow to this nonsense on Sunday Politics this morning.

      By the way, is Gordon Brewer looking more bedraggled every time I see him, or is it just me?

    150. heedtracker says:

      Graun reports “Osborne said Alex Salmond, the SNP leader, was not telling people the straight truth about what kind of currency Scotland would use. “What are the notes I am going to pull out of my wallet or coins out of my purse, and the coins I have in my pocket if this country is separate from the rest of the UK?”

      Funny how none of teamGB liggers have not asked Osborne what happens if there’s no CU, in England? You’d think progressive liberal broadsheet might look into consequences and inform readers, ha ha ha!

    151. Kenzie says:

      Mr Salmond also made known his thoughts on these “promises” being made after the postal votes had been submitted.

      He didn’t miss anybody and hit the wall.

    152. tonymac says:

      we’re waiting darling..
      Darling on SKY NEWS IN 10 MINS
      They want questions – they say..
      update sky means 10 mins+30 mins of adverts..
      or are they going to go “off bt script” so darling not doing it hmm wonders

    153. Greannach says:

      The poll is big news on the German news channels n-tv and N24. Must check the French ones now.

    154. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Jim Murphy will breathe easier now that the secret Cybernat training camp has been located :

    155. Jim says:

      Do they think people are stupid enough to believe this crap?
      The question of more powers in the event of a no vote was refused to be allowed on the ballot paper for the simple fact they would have had to state categorically what those powers would be and they wouldn’t therefore be able to renege on them.

    156. call me dave says:

      For those who missed it. Sunday Politics Show 30mins of …….
      (fill in word of choice)

    157. Marcia says:


      Italy also. A friend had a relative in Italy phoning about the poll.

    158. heedtracker says:

      Gordon Brewer is heading for BBC Radio Norwich grave yard shift aka Alan Partridge aha! Or he’ll maybe get a start as English frontier guardsman, along with all the rest of them, like Ian Davidson, Danny Alexander. Corporal Carmicheal, Passports please, didn’t you use to be Gordon Brewer?

    159. Stevie boy says:

      It’s amazing the lengths politicians will go to and the ‘love’ they will show you.. to keep your oil and vast resources!

      F*ck off Westminster.. we ain’t as stupid as you had us ALL down for.

      Just sent my complaint email off to the Electoral Commission.. something has to be done here!!!

    160. fred blogger says:

      will those slabs soon come out for yes, i wonder?

    161. bookie from hell says:

      heedtracker says:

      7 September, 2014 at 2:52 pm

      Gordon Brewer is heading for BBC Radio Norwich grave yard shift aka Alan Partridge aha! Or he’ll maybe get a start as English frontier guardsman, along with all the rest of them, like Ian Davidson, Danny Alexander. Corporal Carmicheal, Passports please, didn’t you use to be Gordon Brewer?

      bfh–could move to America and do –up all night–5 live

    162. Proud Cybernat says:


      Catherine Stihler MEP on BBC News–she is happy that Croatia believes there should be no shortcuts for countries to join the EU.

      Ms Stihler–when Scotland votes YES on 18th September, will you remain with your view that it should be made as hard as possible for Scotland to remain in the EU?

    163. boris says:

      Michelle Mone, (she of tortured soul) has been active in the last few days spouting forth that she will leave Scotland should it become independent. But she already has left. her new company is registered in london. Lots of other snippets included in the report

    164. call me dave says:

      Carmichael is looking dishevelled and concerned on the politics show but he was so happy earlier on BBC radio Scotland this morning extolling his favourite meal from Orkney ‘scallops in garlic / salt’ ….. on toast!

      He was on the verge of a car crash saying ‘more powers’ but he’s bluffing he is the last of the UK plotters that Osborne or Dave would consult on.

      He’ll find out at the same time as us. 🙂

    165. Ally Currie says:

      I watched George Osborne this morning, this is NOT a re-hash of what has already been offered, it offers MORE powers that were not there before the restriction came into force.
      Therefore, if they cannot keep the committment they signed upto in a legally and binding document, what would their promises be worth ?

    166. jacksloan2013 says:

      Marcia and Heedtracker

      Orange Order march ends at Regent Road but goes past Holyrood.
      Full details here including Police Scotland letter of conditions.

    167. And this German Monarchy of UK is getting worried about losing hundreds of millions from their minions in Scotland.?

      Where was Jelly bean when Her Govt removed our Passport Rights in 2007 when Krash,Flipper,Skeletor,etc and all their SLAB scab MP`s shifted Pasport Processing from Glasgow – to BELFAST – on the 300th Anniversary of the Act of Union of 1707.

      Granted “Royal Assent” by a cuddly monarchy in 2007.

      Freedom`s just another word for nothing left to lose.

    168. ronnie anderson says:

      And never forget all those that saught to deny the Scottish People they’re democratic rights.I hope they will be happy in they’re Service of Recosillyation,cause by christ they have a lot to be sorry for.Lying,Cheating, Scumbags.

    169. Stevie boy says:

      Call me Dave

      Thanks for the link to Sunday Politics.

      WTF is going on with BBC now.. I missed the program and I’ve been trying to watch it for the past few hours on catch-up. It seems let me watch every program EXCEPT that. Skips past it and won’t let me view.

      Thanks again for the link!!

    170. Lesley-Anne says:

      Oh well that’s the shite stirred again. 😉

      I’ve just e-mailed a complaint off to the Electoral Commission. 😛

      Oh by the way I am NOT holding my breath waiting for any action or statement to be forth coming. 😀

    171. Wp says:

      Darling frightened to face the camera. Sky been waiting over an hour.

    172. goulashman says:

      In the event of a NO victory, and exposed to the virulence of Orange Order and UKIP and other rightest ideological elements of the several main Westminster parties, a Scotland with diminished identity, a diminished spirit and in abject helplessness could be hammered with a ‘Duke of Cumberland’ ferocity. Expect no favours from Westminster. Any proffered ‘gift’ can be as quickly withdrawn. Only days left to avoid such an ugly future.

    173. Jim says:

      Stuff Carwyn Jones, if you want more powers go get them yourself, Muppet.
      Scotland does not want any crumbs from the rUK table but if that is what the Welsh want then don’t try to use Scotland to gain them for we will be taking our destiny in our own hands!

      “The Welsh First Minister said it was important for Wales to “move closer” to Scotland in the Union and that it wouldn’t be in Wales’ interests.”

      We will not be voting no to serve the interests of Wales. We wish you well of course but our country comes first not yours which is why we will be voting YES on September the 18th.

    174. Chic McGregor says:

      As Alex said, their problem is they say one thing in public but another thing in public.

    175. call me dave says:

      A stroll in the park for AS this morning. Reassuring all who were listening and deftly hiding his new besom behind the chair.

      Roll on an Independent Scotland.

    176. Dennis Smith says:

      Stevie boy says:

      “Osborne constantly on the news channels ‘promising’ imminent new powers for a No vote!

      Electoral Commission HAVE to step in here or what is the point of it?”

      But is Osborne offering something new or rehashing something old? We’re already promised more powers under the Scotland Act 2012 (more x 1) and all three unionist parties have promised further powers beyond that (more x 2). Osborne should certainly be called to account if he is promising anything that goes further again (more x 3).

      According to the story on the BBC website ” Whitehall sources suggested the proposal would be centred on the areas of overlap between the competing offers which the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats have already made.” That is, these ‘new’ powers are just a repackaging of more x 2.

      Scottish voters seem to have rejected this first time round. I doubt if any kind of repackaging will help now.

    177. Jim McIntosh says:

      Well that’s it settled then – Darling says no extra powers.

    178. tonymac says:

      @Wp says:

      Darling frightened to face the camera. Sky been waiting over an hour.

      Or there is jigery pokery over “the script”
      and he wont do it..

    179. Lesley-Anne says:

      Oh dearie me, the eyebrows certainly do NOT have it today. First question and he completely loses it … the sound that is. Aye right Darling we’ve seen you play this game far too often. What a scardy cat! 😛

      I wonder how Darling’s backdrop of NO supporters enjoyed their wee bus trip up from Dan Suff. 😛

    180. Lesley-Anne says:

      Oops I forgot to thank Darling for reinforcing the idea that Scottish independence is irrevocable and is for ever! Thanks Darling I now know why I’m voting, and I’m voting YES! 😛

    181. blackhack (cabbies for independence) says:

      I’m not going to make a long political statement re; the naw mob, All I’m going to say is “They’re bricking it”

    182. Jim McIntosh says:

      Watching Sky News – the rentamob behind Darling don’t look happy 🙂

    183. Bean an Tighe says:

      Re today’s Sunday Herald article “Polish workers told by No activists; you would have to leave an indy Scotland”, I can confirm that this is true at least in my area. Went on Poles for an independent Scotland facebook page & every single article is being trolled by a guy authoritatively & colourfully citing a certain Scotsman article “MI5 file links former SNP leader to Nazi plan”. Crude attempt to link a Yes vote to nazism, knowing full well how that might be received by Polish people.

    184. goulashman says:

      Darling – a term of affection now sullied beyond repair: now a synonym for duplicity…..

    185. Stevie boy says:

      Flipper is a lying B’stards!!

      How ironic.. trying to sell the BT message at one if Scotland’s most beautiful places.. then planning to FRACK it.. omg!!

    186. Jim says:

      Darling for reinforcing the idea that Scottish independence is irrevocable and is for ever!
      That one always makes me laugh, especially the one about forever being a long time.

    187. GG says:

      The Yes campaign plans to send out 675,000 letters from engineering tycoon Jim McColl, urging undecided voters to support independence. Alistair Darling described the planned letter as “rank hypocrisy”, arguing that Mr McColl was not based in Scotland.

      Not based in Scotland? Rank hypocrisy?
      I had no idea all these people were based in Scotland it’s a wonder I don’t bump into them every time I pop to the shops….

      Eddie Izzard, Sir Paul McCartney,Sir Patrick Stewart,Sir Bruce Forsyth, Sir Mick Jagger,Stephen Hawking,
      Jenny Agutter,Sir Ben Ainslie, Kriss Akabusi, Kirstie Allsop, Sir David Attenborough, John Barrowman, Helena Bonham-Carter, Sarah Beeny, Angelica Bell, Dickie Bird, Cilla Black, Lord Melvyn Bragg, Jo Brand, Gyles Brandreth, Rob Brydon, Will Carling, Michelle Collins, Steve Coogan, Simon Cowell, Sara Cox, Steve Cram, Richard Curtis, Tom Daley, Richard Dawkins, Dame Judi Dench, Michael Douglas, Gareth Edwards, Bryan Ferry, Ranulph Fiennes, Ben Fogle, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, Gloria Hunniford, Griff Rhys Jones, Ross Kemp, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, Dame Vera Lynn, Davina McCall, Sir Michael Parkinson, Esther Rantzen, Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Cliff Richard, Sir Tony Robinson, Ian Rush, Greg Rutherford, June Sarpong, Sandie Shaw, Helen Skelton, Peter Snow, Phil Spencer, Sting, David Suchet, Alan Sugar, Daley Thompson, Alan Titchmarsh, David Walliams

    188. Jim says:

      Osborne said an action plan would provide ”the best of both worlds. I thought we already had that according to their campaign?

    189. Scott says:

      Hi Rev,
      How about getting clips of what Osborne,Carmichael and now what Darling has been saying on Sky News to me it is all different statements,no more powers Darling says,all liars I think.

    190. heedtracker says:

      Thank you Nana. We have to get Coburn out on the hustings now,

      “The MEP was also critical of the way in which the anti-Scottish independence campaign, known as Better Together, had been run. Ukip, along with the Orange Order, British National Party and other pro-UK organizations were barred from being part of the official Better Together campaign at the start of the year.
      “We offered our services to the official Better Together campaign but they excluded lots of people,” Coburn told RIA Novosti.

      “The reason why the Better Together campaign has made such a hash of it is that they have the same views as the Scottish nationalists and that is they are pro-Europe,” Coburn added.

    191. Lesley-Anne says:

      Jim says:

      Darling for reinforcing the idea that Scottish independence is irrevocable and is for ever!
      That one always makes me laugh, especially the one about forever being a long time.

      Oh I know Jim. In fact thinking about it I think THIS should have been awarded the title as “Best joke” at the Edinburgh Festival. 😛

    192. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’m just *ahem* enjoying the ripping into Carmichael segment by Mr Brewer earlier today. I’ve never heard a guy waffle on for so long and at the end og the day feel like I have just wasted my time. Jeez now Carmichael is telling Brewer how to do his job and what questions he should be asking Alex Salmond. 😛

    193. Papadox says:

      Darling says everything on offer has been announced all that will be announced next week is the time table.

      Osbourne says there will be more powers announced next when that have been worked out.

      The clunking fist said , well nothing of any substance with a sneer on his face.

      I think it might be more effective if they got together some time what a bunch of chancers and back STABBERS. they would sell their grannies.

    194. Les Wilson says:

      Darling just now on SKY news, says Osborne was talking about the parcel of “enhancements that have already been agreed with the Unionist Parties. EH?

      Osborne was talking of NEW additional powers, but not they seem not to be new, as per Darling’s statement. Another con.
      Also a Westminster source said “wait a bit here, we have not had time to put together new powers!”

      Pinch of salt folks, no substance, Westminster would still control the purse strings no matter what they say.
      Independence is the ONLY way to REAL powers!

    195. call me dave says:

      Andrew Marr show.

      For those who missed it or want to see the fun again.

      32min:40secs in for Osborne.

    196. Jim says:

      All politicians are lying scumbags but the difference in an Independent Scotland is that we can elect the Government the majority want and get rid off them if they are not doing the job they were elected to do.

    197. Wp says:

      So Darling’s big message to the nation after the humiliation of Yes going in front is: nothing new, same promises as before. His boss Mr.Osbourne won’t be happy, they are tying themselves in knots. As Napoleon said “never disturb your enemies while they are making a complete arse of themselves”. ( well, that’s the 21st century version).

    198. packhorse pete says:

      Osbourne – here are my principles. If you don’t like them…well, I have others.

    199. Stevie boy says:

      Tried for the final time to watch Sunday Politics on my BT vision with BBC iPlayer.. it’s not even there now to try and view it.. they stoop lower and lower by the hour.

      Given up will watch it via the link our wonderful readers have put on here.

      Let’s try and link to Facebook etc to make sure as many people as possible watch it.. must be good if they won’t even let us watch it now!!

    200. heedtracker says:

      “No ifs no buts, Scotland cannot share the pound” Osborne, so whats happening next week…

    201. Just off to the doctor’s to see about that zip at the back of my head, feels as if someone’s been pulling at it …

    202. Lesley-Anne says:

      Osborne: Stop asking me about my principles, can’t you see I’m far too busy practising my towel folding techniques ready for my next job interview! 😉

    203. Brian Powell says:

      Could this Yougov poll be an ‘opportunity’ to slide in the long lost devo-max?

    204. Nana Smith says:

      Here we go…Betty is apparently horrified that Scotland may leave the union. I believe the daily mail started this in the morning and now other media are getting on board.

      Funny that as I’m sure when Cameron begged her to get involved his said No. I’m sure if Cameron and pals tell her she will have to start paying some of her own bills then no doubt she will find her voice.

    205. heedtracker says:

      Marr and Osborne, “Its got nothing to do with personalities or a protest against or anyone resigning,” “very wise Chancellor”, next breath, “what will you do if Alex Salmond can pull this off and win on 18th?”

      If ever there was a reason to tell the BBC to shove their licence fee where the sun don’t shine its right there.

    206. ronnie anderson says:

      Is Diddy dave Salmond fishing at Balmoral, Sky news report

      said a source at Downing St says Diddy Dave will strain

      every sinew in defence of the Union. Am waiting on him straining every Fibre of his being,whens that gonna happen.

    207. Tom Foyle says:


      After I fired off an e-mail to the complaints commission – from which I also expect no response – I’ve become aware of the frantic back-pedalling now taking place in an effort to prevent said commission from pursuing the matter. Since BT and the Govt. are by now used to looking over their shoulder, it’s unlikely they’ll fall over. One can live in hope.
      Even should an investigation take place, we know how long these things can take, so by the time any findings are released – if ever – it will be far too late. Either way.
      There’s really only one sensible course of action for us all!

    208. call me dave says:


      We all know that feeling. Checking there myself now .. nope I’m OK

      Money markets Monday, will my shares be OK?

      Where is Douglas Alexander and Johann? Douglas was always there on the tv or radio to wipe up the mess previously, oh I forgot he was fingered for the last NO patronising advert and Johann told to go forth and multiple in Govan.

      Who next then ?

    209. fred blogger says:

      Nana Smith
      i thought she was supposed to be neutral.

    210. Lesley-Anne says:

      I totally agree with your analysis Tom about EC investigations etc and yes there IS only one way to resolve this … vote YES on 18th … job done! 😛

      I heard the other day CMD that there appears a sudden case of the long knives being drawn ready to stab said wee Dougie in the back. As for Johann Lamont most of Labour’s elite are running around asking Johann who? 😉

    211. Andy-B says:

      They’re all over the place, scurrying about like blind mice,hoping to find some sot of deal that will placate the Scots, too little too late it must be YES.

    212. Roddy Scott says:

      Dear Ed Milliband,

      I would like to point out a major discrepancy in your statement that you will put guards on the border if Scotland votes yes and you become PM.
      Your chances of becoming PM of the rUK are as likely to happen as my goldfish has of winning best of breed at Crufts.
      I think that you might find it a little bit difficult after losing 49 Labour seats in the House of Commons due to Scotland winning its Independence.
      Might I suggest that you take a couple of tranquilizers and go lie down in a darkened room with a damp towel on your obviously fevered brow and suck your thumb like a good little brat.
      A Labour PM! Don’t make me choke on my cereal again!”

      Yours truely,

      A Yesser.

    213. ronnie anderson says:

      Ive never heard of any oath by the Crown to preserve the Church of Scotland It is Independant of the Crown. She is Head of Church of England & has a oath of preservation to that only.

    214. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry Roddy the “Darkened Room” can only be entered by YES supporters. As RED Ed is most definitely NOT a YES supporter he’ll have to use the wee run down roofless, doorless and windowless shack round the back! 😛

    215. cameron says:

      How do Know when a Unionist is lying? Their Lips are moving!

    216. Nana Smith says:

      @fred blogger

      So did I. I know some folks will be very angry if she does intervene.

    217. lumilumi says:

      Been away for a while and trying to catch up.

      The Finnish media haven’t reported much about Scotland, and when they do, it’s usually based on BBC/ITV/London-based papers, so full of BT guff.

      Then, today YLE reported the 51% YES lead and it seems their correspondent has woken up and done some reading.

      Exciting times. Keep pushing the positive YES message, you can do it!!!

    218. No no no...Yes says:

      BT are in freefall. I was about to type “If, according to Darling, they were always going to offer the timetable or new powers, then why did they wait until the Yes had a lead in the polls?

      The First Minister has just challenged them on BBC News, asking why they didn’t say this before thousands of people sent in their postal votes.

      Prof Poultice, with his hair combed, now trying to minimise the damage by the latest figures!!

      We won’t we will be conned this time round!

    219. Keith Hynd says:

      Can I ask where the photo pane on STATUTORY PROVISIONS is sourced from? I intend to send an email of complaint to the electoral commission, I want to get my facts clear first, and I can’t find this in the Edinburgh agreement or the referendum act 2013.

    220. Mikemarkets says:

      Very nicely put – hilarious!
      I particularly enjoyed the pic of the hapless Milliband. “Don’t panic Mr Millband!!

    221. Lesley-Anne says:

      I think this is what you are looking for Keith. It is parapraph 29 or the Edinburgh agreement.

      Government activity during the 28 days before the referendum

      29. It is customary for there to be a period before elections in the UK, during which Ministers and other public bodies refrain from publishing material that would have a bearing on the election. Section 125 of PPERA sets out the restrictions that apply to Ministers and public bodies in the 28 days preceding referendums held under that Act. Both governments recognise the importance of respecting the 28-day period prior to a referendum, in the same way that both governments already respect each other’s pre-election period for Parliamentary elections. The Scottish Government will set out details of restricted behaviour for Scottish Ministers and devolved public bodies in the referendum Bill to be introduced into the Scottish Parliament. These details will be based on the restrictions set out in PPERA. The UK Government has committed to act according to the same PPERA-based rules during the 28-day period.

    222. Nana Smith says:

      @Keith Hynd

      Click on the pic, it will take you to the Edinburgh agreement.

    223. Helena Brown says:

      Wales online when I voted was 91 for, 9 against just a wee while ago.

    224. Helena Brown says:

      Nana, I am sure Her Grace is perfectly aware that we are not leaving the United Kingdom as formed by the accession to the throne of England by her distant ancestor James the sixth. Scotland was an independent country from 1603 to 1707 which I am sure covers James, Charles one and two and William and Mary as well as the Lass it went with Anne.
      As for being head of the Church of Scotland, boy is the Moderator going to be mad at that one, there is no head only an elected representative. The Queen is an ordinary member of the Kirk, that is when she turns up.

    225. heedtracker says:

      Guardian’s fraud’s pretty blatant

      “The announcement of the package also represents a shift away from the negative tone of the previous no campaign to a positive offer of the benefits of staying inside a United Kingdom. Many polls show support for wider devolution but there has been a lack of clarity about what it represents in practice.”


      “The political parties said it was unlikely the joint statement would set out detailed new powers beyond those already promised, but focus on a credible timetable and process for the transfer to come about. The three parties have already issued a joint statement of further transfer of powers in June but, judging by the latest polls, this may have had little effect.

      So trust us, vote no for a credible timetable n shit.

    226. YESGUY says:

      Foot soldier.

      Voted YES buddy and so did my Welsh wee brother. And the Phone a friend thing- Whowantstobeyesvoter. Chuckle vision. I await the ringing and i have a big family down south Friends as well as serving down there with our forces .

      Pam MacMahon.

      The power of the internet is unstoppable. This digital revolution will be example to all. the powers at be are a tad nervous methinks. And the whole world is watching too. Does it get any better ??


      It means No one can harm me with impunity . Or a more modern version say Threaten me if you dare, or the like.

      For years they have threatened us. Even when neutrals tell them it’s not working and only making us more determined . But there is no stopping “Project Fear” .

      Mr Salmond . When they come asking for a currency union to stop the £ crumbling , make them wait. And get the cameras round to show the telegraph and guardian readers they’re great leader begging.

      Nawbags are toe rags.

    227. Helena Brown says:

      thedogphilosopher says: Funny you too, I thought it was just me, I thought I put a padlock on it.

    228. Tried watching Marr but that Alan Johnson is such an arrogant hypocrite I gave up.

      Reminder that Tommy Sheridan, Lennoxtown

    229. Paula Rose says:

      Vote No for a timetable, no thanks.

    230. Helena Brown says:

      Thought I would add I got another Better together lesflet this morning, Boy they are going to hate that they sent it through my door, it is coming back with a vengeance.

    231. Keith Hynd says:

      Cheers for that guys PPERA is where I should be looking thanks.

    232. We, in Scotland, don`t need a crystal ball to foretell the Bleak future in store for us if we are stupid enough to vote versus Freedom.

      Mibbeland willingly accepts ALL THE CUTS being proposed by BamCam and Osboring (£25 BILLION) long before the Westminster elections.

      Lamontable and her pet economist have also promised to Cut £2.2 billion from the Holyrood Parliament Budget in 2016.
      Pass our money to the Needy – in England.?

      Where is the Results from her Cuts Commission that have been 3 years in deep despair and produced zero that they can ever publish.?

      Next Saturday we will witness the obscene sight of Scots Marching in an Orange Order Brigade to keep thousands of Scottish JOBS – IN ULSTER.?

      Incandescent rank idiocy that ensures their own children and grandchildren in Scotland will prop-up the Unemployment Rolls whilst fellow marchers are laughing at their submissive and idiotic stance before they return to Ulster – where they own Scotland`s Borders, Scotland`s Passport Processing, Clyde Coastguard HQ and where Scots pay tax to build a brand new RAF Base in Ulster.

      Where the oldest Scottish Regiment in the British Army is to be PERMANENTLY BASED – in Ulster.
      AND OO MUPPETS in Scotland ARE MARCHING, VOTING to be duped by the bigots of Belfast.?

      Marching “FOR UNEMPLOTMENT” in Scotland is a new twist on Pythonesque Mania.

    233. Lesley-Anne says:

      YESGUY says:

      Mr Salmond . When they come asking for a currency union to stop the £ crumbling , make them wait. And get the cameras round to show the telegraph and guardian readers they’re great leader begging.

      Once the camera’s are rolling and the *ahem* great leaders are on their knees howling and begging like there is no tomorrow turn to the cameras and say “They had their chance of a currency union to save their political careers but they turned it down. WE are now an independent country so our response to their begging is this … NO! You had your chance mate and you blew it! BYE!” 😛

    234. Jock Scot says:

      @Croompenstein 1.07pm


    235. Muscleguy says:

      I chapped a door this afternoon here in Dundee for RIC and the chap said he had been a lifelong Labour voter but never again and he was a solid Yes. My campaign sheet had him as undecided. He specifically mentioned how disgusted he was by the unionist campaign. Well done Labour boys and girls, you are rapidly turning off your own support by chummying up to Tories, spending their money and treating people like idiots. The Scottish people have woken up and as the song says ‘we’re not going to take it any more’.

    236. bookie from hell says:

      Roddy Scott says:

      7 September, 2014 at 3:58 pm

      Dear Ed Milliband,

      Your chances of becoming PM of the rUK are as likely to happen as my goldfish has of winning best of breed at Crufts.


    237. ann says:

      I’ve just fired an e-mail off the the Electoral Commission. First time I’ve ever done anything like that.

      Must be getting bolshy in my old age.

    238. Edward says:

      Nana Smith
      Mail on Sunday are a complete disgrace
      If anything the article itself will make the Queen furious

      Constitutionally the Queen as with any Monarch since well before the Treaty and acts of Union have been above and outside politics.

      What the mail article (an no doubt the Times) ignores is the fact that the union that the referendum I all about is the political union and has nothing what so ever to do with the crown.

      The Queen will remain Queen of Scotland.

      I’ve read the Mail article and its a complete piece of garbage talking about having to appoint a Governor General if Scotland becomes independent. That in itself is utter nonsense (Governor Generals were only appointed to represent the queen, due to distances, making it difficult for any monarch being in any overseas location at any one time – If the Queen needs to be in Scotland, its an hours flight north, or if she is in Scotland, an hour to London if needed there)

      The other telling piece of the garbage is using phrases like ‘Buckingham Palace aides and ministers close to the 88-year-old British monarch told The Sunday Times that the prospect of a “yes” vote “horrifies” her household’

      Its not about what the Queen stated, its about some flunky with a loose (as in had a few gins courtesy of the press) tongue. This is more about a flunky or a minister getting uppity about the queen residing in Scotland.

      This isn’t new, Benjamin Disraeli, famously hated having to trail up to Balmoral, when Victoria had a long extended stay in Scotland. Its all part of the Londoncentric metropolitan mindset

    239. heedtracker says:

      So this all new exciting powers package for suckers means that

      “Section 125 of PPERA sets out the restrictions that apply to Ministers and public bodies in the 28 days preceding referendums held under that Act. Both governments recognise the importance of respecting the 28-day period prior to a referendum, in the same way that both governments already respect each other’s pre-election period for Parliamentary elections. The Scottish Government will set out details of restricted behaviour for Scottish Ministers and devolved public bodies in the referendum Bill to be introduced into the Scottish Parliament. These details will be based on the restrictions set out in PPERA. The UK Government has committed to act according to the same PPERA-based rules during the 28-day period.”

      All means that UK government does not respect or recognise a 28 day period prior to a referendum at all and my vote since posted is either void or I have been misled by on what NO vote means.

      They probably think they can think they can get away with it as the media won’t mention it and a few hundred thousand voters can like it or lump it. Will there be sudden BettertogetherBBC UKOK changes to No on the actual 18 th Sept polling day and will voters be sitting at home watching BBC propaganda continual altering the No status with exit polls because this is exactly what’s happening now.

      Quebec’s been mentioned this weekend, did they have this kind of bullshit around what voting NO meant, days before their ref?

    240. Jim says:

      Seems like Labour has got a price,
      How can Lamont sleep at night
      When the Tories comes first
      And the truth comes second.
      Just stop for a minute and sigh!

      Why is Darling so serious?
      Acting so damn mysterious?
      Got blinkers on his eyes
      All he does is lie
      I wouldn’t even give him the time!

      Labour used to lean to the left (to the left)
      Now they all lean to the right (to the right)
      Can you see that, (yeah)
      They’re paying with their souls tonight?

      It’s not about your money, money, money
      We don’t need your money, money, money
      We just wanna have your oil today
      Forget about the price you’ll pay
      Ain’t about the (uh) cha-ching cha-ching
      Ain’t about the (yeah) ba-bling ba-bling
      Your NHS we’ll attack
      Forget about the bedroom tax

    241. Jim says:

      We need to take it back in time,
      When the rogues made us all unite!
      It was all low blows, now we reap what they sowed
      Am I the only one getting tired?

      Why is Westminster so obsessed?
      If Money can’t buy us happiness
      Can we all vote YES, get freedom right now?
      Guarantee we’ll be feeling alright

      Labour used to lean to the left (to the left)
      Now they all lean to the right (to the right)
      Can you see that (yeah)
      They’re paying with their souls tonight?

      It’s not about your money, money, money
      We don’t need your money, money, money
      We’ll privatise the NHS,
      Tuition fees are coming next
      Ain’t about the (uh) cha-ching cha-ching
      Ain’t about the (yeah) ba-bling ba-bling
      Wanna keep you oppressed
      Forget about distressed.

    242. Muscleguy says:

      BTW I divested myself of two WBBs on today’s canvass (thanks to Yes Broughty Ferry for the supply). I still have two left for the coming weeknight canvasses. They have gone only to definite undecided voters and it is great to have something to put in their hands that has a good chance of moving them in the right direction. I moved one woman from No to Undecided (6) by talking to her on the doorstep and hopefully she is now digesting the contents of the WBB.

    243. Lesley-Anne says:

      Thanks for the idea Muscleguy. I’ve just tweeted this to Better Together. 😛

      I think this song is suited to you and your attitude thanks!

    244. heedtracker says:

      2pm exit polls 18th Sept show strong Yes win, Osborne comes on news with CU offer but only if we vote NO for security and strength in UK. Couldn’t happen but it’s happening right the noo.

    245. heedtracker says:

      Full devo max from Osborne, for security strength UKOK, by 3pm exit polls

    246. Nana Smith says:


      It’s all just tittle tattle from aides and flunkies. The media jump on anything no matter how trivial, and if they persist I would hope her maj would tell them to stop.

    247. Davy says:

      I do love a good panic, and our friends on the NO side are certainly showing us how to do it.

      Osborne’s showing on the Marr show this morning was pathetic, a mixture of bribery, whining and scare story’s. And they still don’t get it !! that we don’t give a shite about about what anybody from Westminster says.

      Just keep working hard fellow YES’ers, and lets stuff Osborne’s words up his earse.

      PS, I think that welsh poll is not going to give the NO campaign any hope (90 + YES).

    248. SquareHaggis says:

      @call me dave,

      I see the Scotland – Germany game won’t be shown on terrestrial 🙁

      Are you able to direct me to one of those channels you often peruse?

    249. piggy says:

      As the world reads, watches and listens, those who took up positions of national responsibility now demonstrate to everyone, including world leaders, that they are incapable of rational thought and have no relationship with the people whom they serve.

      This moment is important, because, as they anxiously react to a situation that they cannot now control, the panic that they now feel and demonstrate will intensify.

      It is likely that we shall be reminded of authority, but in doing so, will only heighten the repulsion and mistrust now felt by the people who have been deceived as they seek a better and just country.

      The magicians and illusionists offer us nothing, we know that the red case is empty.

      We now walk to a better future and leave them behind to consider their misery, deceit, panic, hate, anger and fear.

    250. call me dave says:

      Queenie although officially neutral will have an eye on what’s what and is working behind the scenes. Anyhoo!

      Euro Qualifiers footie

      Georgia v Ireland

      link on O/T

    251. Lesley-Anne says:

      You could try this SS.

      It’s a bit early for the game to be showning on their list but it may show up in an hour or so. 😉

    252. call me dave says:


      What a coincidence

      You can download permanent sports link and choose your own poison at any future time only needs an ad blocker of your choice and off you go.

    253. heedtracker says:

      4pm 18th Sept, devo max, trident moved, just don’t call yourselves Scottish Ok!

    254. muttley79 says:

      So the No campaign’s promise of more/new powers is actually only a timetable, that they are releasing this week, of the powers being implemented by the 2012 Scotland Act! Therefore, there is no new powers at all… 😀 😀

    255. goulashman says:

      Will Cameron, Darling et al trot out the Tory leaning Queen to plead the Unionist cause? I would not put past them/her – a final ugly possibility.

    256. Paula Rose says:

      Perhaps it’s a timetable for HS2?

    257. heedtracker says:

      5pm 18th Sept, devo max, trident moved, don’t call yourselves Scottish, no border guards and we still fly the Union Jack over Scotland and call Scotland ours.

    258. Jim McIntosh says:

      Just watched Sunday Politics using the link above Carmichael looks like he’d been up all night. Least he could have combed his hair.

      He was all over the place, Brewer made him look a buffoon (not difficult). He said several times that the new timetable had been arranged, then goes on to invite the SG to join in with the talks. Needs to make his mind up, have they already decided this or not (think we know the answer).

      Alec on the ither hand came across as totally at ease with what is going on, even agreeing we are still the underdog and still have a lot of work to do.

      Typical BBC though, at the end of the prog the newscaster quine still leads with the story that gideon has promised additional powers to be announced later this week, even although Ali 1 and Ali 2 both said this is not true. Ironically this terrible editing works in our favour. Anyone watching will think “What the …..” and decide if they can’t get their story straight, how can I believe any of them.

    259. Viking Girl says:

      Doesn’t it just show you how little some of these teenagers that are running Westminster actually know about Democratic procedures? Osborne can’t make offers now. It’s too late.
      There’s another more sinister side to this: the same young man that threatened us about the currency now thinks he can bribe us! Maybe he should try and bribe us by offering a currency union!
      Seriously ‘though, the lot of them make me sick.
      and Zen Broon, didn’t Cameron say ‘brestie’ rather than ‘breestie?’ That’s brestie to rhyme with beastie. Anyway…

    260. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well I don’t think it will arrive on time then Paula. 😛

    261. Kenzie says:

      Dear Heedtracker

      “Corporal Carmicheal” He would never have made that ranks in the Army I served in. Our corporals tended, by and large, to be leaders.

    262. heedtracker says:

      Thing is right. I still haven’t sent in my postval, it’s too precious BUT if I am DK that yesterday voted YES but today votes well how? How do you decide if UKOK keeps changing the deal during the vote period? They are making a mockery of our referendum and giant fools of themsleves. It’s safe to asume though that Brown and Osborne etc are not offering any new devo at all or they didn’t realise that altering what they are UKOK campaigning on now effectively voids all posted votes.

      I think this is the time for strong leadership and or the UN to move.

    263. Jimbo says:

      Re Miliband’s threat, “We’ll put guards on Scottish border.”

      That is exactly what they did back in 1706 to ensure the birth of the Union. English troops were massed on the English side of the border and in Ulster to invade from both the south and west – had they failed to sign the treaty Scotland was to have been taken by force.

      The Duke of Marlborough was in command of England’s army at the time of The Great Debate. In 1705, Marlborough was in Flanders fighting the Spanish wars of Succession but the Scots were left in no doubt that they would suffer invasion by England’s greatest captain, Marlborough, and his veterans on their return from the continent should they refuse the treaty. Historian Gordon Donaldson wrote “the scanty ill-trained Scottish Regiments could not have resisted Marlborough’s veterans”.

      24 warships fitted out for blockade to prevent the Scots dealing with France.

      26th November, 1706.
      Sir David Nairne in London wrote to the Earl of Mar advising him that “The troops on the boarders are three regiments of foot, and in the North of Ireland three of horse, one of foot and one of dragoons, and they have the necessary orders; but all relating to this affaire must be kept very private”.

      10th December, 1706.
      Sir David Nairne in London again wrote to the Earl of Mar advising him that a further 800 horse had marched to the border on the instructions of Marlborough “for he thinks they will be more useful than thrice there number of foot”.

    264. fred blogger says:

      “Scottish independence: Osborne’s further powers plan ‘not against purdah rules'”
      the uk govt have just admitted any offers from no camp are hot air.

    265. heedtracker says:

      Please excuse all the typoes:D

    266. Clarinda says:

      Just watched A. Carmichael on the Sunday Politics link. Was watching out for a hand sneaking onto screen to switch him off as it looked like he was plugged into the national grid – was some joker trying to make him look even more ridiculous with sockets behind him in full view and his ear-piece askew?

      Down town in Perth this afternoon – never seen such a downcast bunch of ukok-ers attempting to apply stickers to passers-by. Not much uptake by the look of things.

      Lalland PW blog excellent on the latest relabeling of Westminster Jam.

    267. Tom Foyle says:


      Yes, you’re definitely back on form!
      BTW, if you aren’t familiar with Jen Kober, (think that’s the spelling!) check her out on YT – I think you’ll enjoy…

    268. Lesley-Anne says:

      I love this bit Fred.

      However, the UK government claims the offer would come from the pro-Union parties, not the government itself.

      Excuse my ignorance here but do the coalition parties of the Tories and LibDems NOT make up two thirds of the Pro union parties?

      I think we are being treated to another round of Too wee, too poor and too stupid with remarks like that!

    269. Milady de Winter says:

      Hubby has emailed complaint this am to Electoral Commission re breach of Purdah…got back an auto message saying thanks and stating their service standard was to reply “within 20 days”! ( Then after this he then went on to debate with various friends (no s and maybes) online for a bit while I was making lunch..all this resulted in me genuinely coming out with the line “give the referendum a rest just now and eat your soup!” Following a long pause as I realised what I had said…much hilarity…! )

    270. Muscleguy says:


      My wife was a Twisted Sister fan when we met way back in 1985. Um, okay, got together towards the end of ’85, we met in ’84. Lived just along the corridor from each other for 2 years at university before we did get together. Ironically the next year when we were definitely an item we were on different floors.

      Anyway that is where that song got hard into my mind.

    271. heedtracker says:

      Referendum Purda rules “However, the UK government claims the offer would come from the pro-Union parties, not the government itself.” not broken. That’s too thin, BBC is not going to push it, t’s easy way out for BetterTogether but it’s still electoral fraud as obviously people have already voted.

    272. Grouse Beater says:

      Jimbo: Miliband’s threat, “We’ll put guards on Scottish border.” That is exactly what they did back in 1706 to ensure the birth of the Union. English troops were massed on the English side of the border and in Ulster to invade from both the south and west – had they failed to sign the treaty Scotland was to have been taken by force.

      A timely reminder of the similarities to today’s situation.

      They also offered the Scottish nobles £12,000 each, those impoverished because of their (bankster) investment in the Darien Scheme – two expeditions.

      What will the bribes be this time?

      £1,000 to every person who votes No?

    273. Stevie boy says:

      I see that Westminster are remaking a film starring Cameron and Osborne.. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!!

      Where will they get the time, they’re already on our tv’s each week.. Would I Lie To You!!

      Was gonna say you couldn’t write this stuff.. but then again..

    274. Lesley-Anne says:

      Thanks Tom it’s great to be back. 😉

      Milady does this mean that “eat your soup” is the new *ahem* in phrase and “eat your cereal” has already been souperceded! 😛

      Looks like your wife had excellent taste Muscleguy on numerous levels. 😉

    275. Tom Foyle says:

      Fred B.

      Thanks for the link. What struck me most, though, was the big, cheesy smile on the face of AS – was he imagining last night’s poll results, one wonders?

    276. call me dave says:

      Just talking to my partners father(dyed in wool unionist and Sunday Post reader) in Oban even has tapestry of coronation coach done by his father. Anyhoo!

      Says the Scottish game not on the terrestrial tv tonight but we got England v Norway through the week. He was miffed! He said that was unfair.. “You’ll be voting YES then” I joked.

      “Splutter, splutter” He doesn’t have postal vote believes in walking into the polling station. WBB in the post Monday when I get my e-bay delivery. 🙂

      Ireland 1 Georgia 0

    277. JWil says:

      I don’t know if this is the latest scam from Better Together, or if it has generally been known about already, but it is the first time I have heard about it. Someone I know has been told:

      ‘if you don’t vote your vote will go to the YES side.’

      This downright lie seems to be an underhand way of saying it’s better to vote NO or you will be helping the YES side. I just wonder how many people will be taken in by it.

    278. Stevie boy says:


      The start of our football qualifying campaign against none other than the mighty world champions and not even on terrestrial tv.. (we even had to endure a meaningless pathetic friendly between England and Norway last week on OUR screens from ITV!!

      Although.. the thought of watching thousands of our Tartan Army waving YES flags in the air must make them extremely nervous.. hell I bet the Germany fans are even waving them!

      Move over BBC.. SBS is coming. I’d even happily pay more for it if needed.. at least we might get a service!!

    279. Lesley-Anne says:

      It would be interesting to get that in writing somewhere JWil so we can hit the Better Whatsit gang with this LIE as well.

      They are certainly bringing ALL their lies out of the woodwork now aren’t they guys.

      “All Poles will be deported on a YES win.”

      “If you don’t vote your vote will go to the YES side.”

    280. Fiona says:

      I am really puzzled by what they think they are doing Though it is pretty typical of their incompetence, to be sure.

      It seems to me that a great many in rUK have already made it plain they oppose greater powers for Scotland if the vote is No. For the Westminster parties to offer such powers is at least as unacceptable, electorally, as is agreeing to CU. So it seems to me obvious that if this succeeds we will get some variation of: well we tried to give Scotland greater powers/ implement a more federal structure across the UK, but we could not get a mandate: sorry, but shucks, that’s democracy.

      I believe that this will merely demonstrate to a great many undecided Scots that the case for independence is founded on truth. The question of why they would wish to retain the union if we are a drain on their resources has always been a good one: but this response cannot be read as anything other than a concession of the economic case for independence, as I see it.

      I do not think that Scottish voters will be anything other than insulted by this move, coming as it does so late in the day. It is perfectly clear that none of the people who are now saying we will get more powers believe that is a good idea. If they did they would have offered to put those powers as a third option on the ballot.

      Westminster prides itself on parliamentary sovereignty. They will NEVER give that up. I think everyone knows that. Further powers are meaningless unless that principle is abandoned. Not going to happen

      I honest think this will boost the yes support because people will see it for the cheek it is

    281. Stevie boy says:

      After decades of being look down on and bullied and lied to and made to feel like shite..

      isn’t it just so good to sit back and watch it the other way and see them pathetically beg us to stay.. I’m f*cking living every minute of it and imagine most of my fellow Scots are too. Brilliant!!!

    282. farrochie says:

      Good to meet up with X_sticks on the Yes trailer at Grampian Motorcycle Convention today.

      Seems like there were no Noses there.

    283. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      What a day we had in Dunoon yesterday with Alan Bissett at the Burgh Hall on the evening and David Hayman a the Queen’s Hall with his play “The Pitiful Storm” later on. Every body should see this if they can. Very moving and David answered questions afterwards with great aplomb/
      Nice to hear the Freedom Come A’Ye used as support music. Download Dick Gaughan and 5 Hand Reels marvelous version of what should be our national anthem.

      We had a thought the other night .
      10,000 pipers. What effect might it have on the undecided if the pipes were playing somewhere neat polling stations onthe evening of the 18th

    284. Free at last? says:

      The really annoying thing is, if we knew the UK government was going to fuck things up on this truly monumental scale, we could all have put our feet up, not bothered talking, persuading, campaigning etc etc etc. There are many worthy candidates, but today’s events represent the most crass, inept and frankly embarrassing political act by a UK government that I can remember. It’s a toss-up between how stupid they have been, and how stupid they think we are.

    285. HandandShrimp says:

      Another glorious sunny day so I joined our Yessers on the stall down at the sea front. It is wonderful to see the stocks of badges, stickers, posters all going down because people want them. We will need to scavenge more for the grand finale next weekend.

      Still no sign of our BT counterparts, bit strange given how short time is but Jim Murphy walked past….but he didn’t take a badge. 🙂

      The other odd thing was that someone went around the town and put leaflets under wipers of cars (including mine so I have one) of a
      They died to save our Country
      Your Vote can Save the Country
      Vote no
      with pictures WWI soldiers, Edwardian Union Flag and Poppies. Not marked as being made by anyone and the stuff on the back sounds like it was written by Norse Warrior Tellen etc., It uses the expression YeSNP several times and rabbits on about the SNP dragging Scotland undemocratically into the EU.

      Anyone know who produced this?

    286. Lesley-Anne says:

      I heard a wee story about our stall in Annan yesterday.

      The folks manning the YES stall saw a granny approaching with her grandkid in a wee buggy and they all thought oh shit here we go again cause the wee grandkid was holding a vote NAW balloon that had been pushed into its hand by the Labour councillor manning the NAW stall down the street with THREE leaflets on it. Any way when she arrived at the YES stall she asks if any one can REMOVE the NAW balloon and can her grandkid please have a YES balloon. I’m close to coming to the assumption that this granny is a YES supporter. 😛

      Let’s just say that balloons were quickly swapped and the NAW one burst with great gusto. 😛

    287. ann says:

      The Germany v Scotland game is on SKY5.

      SFA sold their souls for seven pieces of gold. Rather like the BetterTogether lot.

    288. Stevie boy says:


      Haha. Seems like a lot of Naw balloons have been burst today then 🙂

    289. TYRAN says:

      OT: Brown on TV news around Kirkcaldy; shown campaigning in small OAP residential single-person single-storey housing area of the town.

    290. Nana Smith says:


      UKIP most likely, horrible people…

    291. Lesley-Anne says:

      Funny I thought that when I heard about it yesterday Stevie. 😛

    292. fred blogger says:

      Tom Foyle
      like a cheshire cat who’s just had his tuna.

    293. HandandShrimp says:


      You are probably right, although UKIP usually like to stick their name on stuff. Might be BNP or Britannia or whatever they call themselves. It was the style of writing that intrigued me, so very similar to a well known visitor to these boards (although they may have nicked his material).

    294. Tom Foyle says:


      …And is looking forward to not jam, but…er…Salmon…d tomorrow? Sorry, couldn’t resist it!

    295. Auld Rock says:

      As a lad growing up in Greenock I always remember my uncle who was a marine engineer in Kincaid’s Engine Works had a saying which sums-up the bittertogether mob, “They don’t know whether their arses are punched, bored or coonter-sunk”. Could not put it any better. Let’s just keep pushing that 51% up, and up, and up.

      Auld Rock

    296. SquareHaggis says:

      Ruddy ducks, all this talk of wildfowl has me pissing myself.

    297. Lesley-Anne says:

      Great watching BBC going on about the YES lead etc. I was just wondering how many of those NAW thanks nutters in the video were bused up from Dan Suff and have they all received their £25 travel expenses and £10 allowances yet. 😉

    298. revjimbob says:

      “Sit down, man, you’re a bloody tragedy.”

    299. Bill says:

      We dropped off the bow section for PoW Aircraft Cartier in Rosyth last week, go tell folks were still building the carriers.
      Also Rosyth is only dry dock big enough for Hull surveys for said Carrier.

      P.s Stu you deserve a medal, if I win lottery Im sending you a million quid.

    300. Bill says:

      I ate spell chuckers, a Carrier not a Cartier – that’d be a huge watch.

    301. Lesley-Anne says:

      It certainly would be a huge watch Bill but hey WHAT a huge watch it would be. 😛

    302. ann says:

      With regards to Mr Brown going around OAP areas. Should the caretakers of the said homes not be telling him to go away and leave these vulnerable people alone.

    303. Lesley-Anne says:

      Are you sure he is not going round OAP homes looking for a place to move to Ann? 😛

    304. Ross says:

      In Barrhead yesterday we had a street stall and for the first time NTBTVNBUKOK also set up stall…no more than 2 metres from the Yes stall. They lasted only 2 hours as 20 odd Yes volunteers turned up to support the cause and handout WBB and speak to passer bys. We were there nearly 5 hours and it was very positive. Anyway, the point is they must be bricking it big time to turn out at all in what is a labour town!

      Out delivering papers early this afternoon and just as we were finishing, Ken Macintosh and a bunch of 12 minions arrived. Had a wee dig at him as I passed asking how the grassroots is going, and where were they all bussed up from, Liverpool?

    305. deewal says:

      I’ve just seen the Open Letter from Jim Sillars where he states that the DWP said in January 2013 “If Scotland does become independent this will have no effect on your State Pension, you will continue to receive it just as you do at present”
      I have googled and searched for two hours and cannot find a link to that DWP statement.
      Do we have it here anywhere ?

    306. deewal says:

      Thanks for that link. I knew I’d seen it somewhere just couldn’t find it.
      Now I have some thing to tell and show my DK Pensioners.
      This is very important as this question is the one I’m being asked at the doors of Pensioners.
      It’s also good for me as I’m also a Pensioner but I’d gladly give it up for Independence. 🙂

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