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A serious case of hypocrisy

Posted on April 23, 2015 by

A few days ago, a constituency poll by Tory peer Lord Ashcroft found that the SNP were leading narrowly in Edinburgh South – a seat in which they secured a paltry 7.7% of the vote in the 2010 general election. Keep that fact in mind, readers.

Today the Edinburgh Evening News (EEN) published an article by David Maddox, a senior political journalist on the Scotsman, alleging that the SNP candidate for the seat, Neil Hay, had “liken[ed] anti-independence campaigners to Nazi collaborators” in a tweet over two and a half years ago (from a pseudonymous account under the name “Paco McSheepie”), and had also tweeted a series of attacks on pensioners.


Scottish Labour immediately leapt on the article and demanded Mr Hay be sacked as the candidate, less than two weeks before the election. It’s not possible to replace a candidate at such a late stage – some voters may already have voted by post – and such a move would thereby effectively have handed the seat to the Labour candidate and previous MP Ian Murray by default.

The story turned out to be an absurd, massive exaggeration and misrepresentation of the reality. But it also exposed a level of naked, shameless dishonesty and hypocrisy in Scottish Labour, and in particular its deputy leader Kezia Dugdale, that even this site hadn’t previously dared to imagine.

Above is an extract from today’s First Minister’s Questions in which the issue was discussed. In it we hear Ms Dugdale repeat the accusations from the EEN and assert that Mr Hay had “described the majority of Scots as traitors”.

But that allegation is a total falsehood. The Scottish Sun tracked down the offending tweet from Mr Hay’s pseudonymous (now deleted) account and it says no such thing.


That’s a reference to this article on the satirical website BBC Scotlandshire:


It’s absurdly plainly not meant to be serious, and even if one were to have mistaken a site headlined “OCH AYE THE NEWS” as a real one (something that’s certainly not beyond Scotsman journalists) it makes no suggestion that “the majority of Scots” are being described, but instead a small handful of named Scottish politicians.

As for the comments on pensioners, which Maddox described as Hay’s “strongest attacks”, they too were in reality somewhat less than incendiary.


Now, that might not be a particularly nice or tactful thing to say, but it’s also not actually untrue. Many old folk are somewhat confused, yet are legally able to vote. “Umpteen” doesn’t suggest that it’s all or even most of the elderly, but an unspecified number which most Scots would interpret as a couple of dozen at the most.

The third supposedly offensive tweet is this one:


It’s a link to this blog article, which makes a bewildering and incomprehensible connection between calls for a public inquiry over historic child abuse cases and the Parliamentary expenses of former Labour MP Eric Joyce. Again it’s not very nice, but “Westminster is venal and corrupt” isn’t exactly a startling new idea.

(Incidentally, so far as we’ve seen nobody seems to have explained how Neil Hay was “outed” as having been the author of the “Paco McSheepie” account in the first place. It seems to be undisputed but we’re curious as to why there’s been no explanation for the revelation, or why it’s only come to light now, when he can’t be replaced.)

Those appear to be all of Neil Hay’s crimes. (A hard-to-read text archive of some of the other account’s tweets can be found here, but as yet we’ve encountered nothing awful in it.) Two links to other people’s website articles and a statement of fact. They seem incredibly slight grounds for a sacking, let alone in these circumstances.

But then we get to the skeletons in Kezia Dugdale’s closet.

The Scottish Labour branch office deputy manager appeared startled when Nicola Sturgeon went on the counter-attack in the chamber, citing comments by Labour blogger, activist and BBC pundit Ian Smart. Dugdale feigns ignorance of Smart’s recent attack on the SNP as “fascist scum”, claiming not to know who the FM was referring to, yet this website has established that she follows Smart on Twitter, where the comments were made.


Dugdale has personally conversed with Smart on a number of occasions:


So it’s something of a stretch to imagine that she wouldn’t have been aware of his long string of extremely offensive comments over that period. Even if she’d missed the “fascist scum” one in all the excitement of the election, over 50 other Scottish Labour MPs and MSPs follow Smart on Twitter, including branch leader Jim Murphy, so readers might be forgiven for thinking that if Dugdale was so committed to cracking down on online abuse, someone would have alerted her.

Dugdale goes on to make wildly untrue claims about Neil Hay’s tweets:

“This is a man who is categorically challenging the right of pensioners to vote. [commotion from SNP benches] I’m afraid he is – when you look at the detail of his tweets, I would encourage the SNP backbenches just to take a minute and look at what he said. He is challenging the right of pensioners to vote in the general election.”

But as we’ve seen, that’s utter nonsense. Hay made a comment to the effect that some old people suffer from dementia, which in itself is perfectly true. Such people are entitled to vote even if they don’t know what day of the week it is or which end of the pencil to hold, as this blog post from 2012 – coincidentally (we assume) just a few weeks before Hay’s comment – notes:


Whether one agrees or not, it is surely at least a legitimately contestable opinion that that should not be the case. But in any event Hay was making no suggestion that such a rule should apply to all pensioners, merely making an observation.

(Dugdale then also claims that Sturgeon had made “apologies” to a number of people in recent weeks about abusive comments, including the BBC’s James Cook and Channel 4’s Faisal Islam, implying some degree of responsibility. To the best of our knowledge that’s also untrue – the FM expressed regret that they’d been subjected to attacks, but not any kind of culpability.)

Readers of this site already know, of course, that Kezia Dugdale has a habit of making “categorical” assertions which turn out to be untrue if one actually follows her invitation to check the facts. We had an example just a few days ago:

One or two cases might be unfortunate, but it’s something Ms Dugdale does again and again, to the extent where we must consider it a trait.

Scottish Labour are in such a panic that they’ll stop at nothing to try to save even one seat in Scotland. But Kezia Dugdale stood up in the Holyrood chamber today and utterly misrepresented some ancient Twitter comments, then made some deeply unconvincing attempts to pretend she didn’t know who Ian Smart was or what he’d said, when Smart’s tweets were infinitely worse than anything Neil Hay has ever been shown to have said.

In a decent world she’d be issuing a grovelling apology to both the First Minister and Mr Hay today – as would David Maddox – and Ian Smart would be finding himself ejected from the Labour Party. We suspect that none of those things will happen, and that absence will be only the latest in a very long list of reasons for Scottish Labour to be ashamed of itself.

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339 to “A serious case of hypocrisy”

  1. Joemcg says:

    Fantastic article Rev. Best one yet. Total expose of this shambles today and I’m shocked as to how much the facts above have been so distorted. Absolutely sickened with Labour.

  2. Pat says:

    Shouldn’t she also have to apologise for misleading Parliament. If she had any honour she wouldn’t have to be asked.

  3. Luigi says:

    Rev, this is sensational. Heads have rolled for far, far less.

    I expect the gracious Ms. Dugdale will do the honourable, and hand in her resignation first thing tomorrow morning.

  4. Luigi says:

    Wot are we gonna call this:

    DugGate ???

  5. george says:

    well said

  6. Pentland Firth says:

    Nailed it, Rev., totally nailed it.

  7. We would be unsurprised if Ms Dugdale were to find herself honoured at this years awards. Perhaps in the ‘desperately making it all up’ category.

  8. Dan Huil says:

    Stating the obvious, but it must be said over and over again: Dugdale, in denying she knew Ian Smart, was lying in the Holyrood parliament.

    Legal action, in parliamentary terms, must be taken against her.

  9. jimnarlene says:

    So when are Labour (north branch) going to “take on the perpetrators”, of bile and pish within their membership?

  10. K1 says:

    Indeed this is ‘low politics’. They have nothing left if this is all they have got. To vilify Mr Hay, to smear his character, to sink so low so as to gain a seat by ‘default’.

    In the name of all that is goodness and to rid ourselves of these creatures posturing as human beings, I implore the people of Scotland: vote SNP to rid ourselves of this toxic party. Kezia Dugdale has simply lost her soul.

    These are people bereft of conscience.

  11. carjamtic says:

    Nice One Rev.

    Stupid Girl,Garbage 😉

  12. Truth says:

    The red Tories are sick.

    Terminally sick.

  13. Harry McAye says:

    She’s just embarrassingly bad, isn’t she? Her Dad must be cringing today.

    Neil Hay was a bit daft, several years ago. Ian Smart is a stark raving lunatic today in 2015.

  14. a2 says:

    I suppose it would be a bit much to ask a political journalist to show Mr Smarts comments to Kezia live on air asking her to comment on whether she thought they were appropriate. Relevant surely?

  15. Sean McNulty says:

    Brilliant work again, Stu. Seriously. So glad your never threw in the towel last September.

  16. Geoff Huijer says:

    I woudn’t wish dementia on anyone or the impact it has on their loved ones. But, Mr Hay seems to be pointing out a situation rather than asking for a ban on old folk voting; he even refers to them as ‘poor souls’ which is hardly nasty.

    Funnily enough I believe a certain Lord Janner was participating in the House of Lords up until about a month ago.

    Now his dementia is such that he is unfit for being charged and taken to trial over allegations of child abuse.

  17. Joemcg says:

    That first tweet is laughable he is just repeating a headline from another website yet the story is saying he used the Q word! Fuck’s sake.

  18. gillie says:


    Brilliant Luigi

  19. Donald MacKenzie says:

    I’m hard pushed to grasp that even Labour would think that this abandonment of any moral standard or sense of dignity would make it appeal to voters. It’s a disgrace and hopefully, with time for reflection after 7th May, some in the Labour camp might be able to see and acknowledge not only the stupidity put the vileness of what they are doing.

  20. Onwards says:

    I was thinking exactly the same when I read the article.
    What’s all the fuss about here?

    The most ‘offensive’ tweet is a total misrepresentation.
    It seems to be a defensive observation to someone questioning his own right to vote.

    This is an election where 16 and 17 years olds can’t take part, yet everyone knows there are senile old pensioners out there getting their postal votes abused.. on all sides probably.

    It’s an everyday opinion, and the biggest mistake seems to be in not recognising that it would be spun as a blanket attack on old folks in an election campaign.

    It’s on the same level as saying that *some* old people aren’t fit to drive. Which is quite true.

  21. Calgacus says:

    Thanks Rev. Stu, excellent analysis of Labour’s evil practices. Only 2 weeks left of their shite.

  22. Robin Ross says:

    If all the parties opposed to the SNP with all their advisors haven’t the competence to organise one good smear or attack that works, what makes them think they are capable of doing something complicated like running a country?

  23. handclapping says:

    Labour is as Labour does. What is more worrying is that this is not exposed in the MSM. The only reason they have licence as the fourth estate is that they expose such stuff as this and antics like Lutfur Rehman. They don’t.

    Is it time to think about the licence given to the BBC and the tax exemptions given to the newspapers on the grounds that they do not do what they claim on the tin?

  24. This post is just brilliant and forensic –

    We need a big push in Edinburgh South, as this will have cost votes in one of the closest seats ( 2% between SNP & Slab ).

    Of course, as you point out so well. this shouldn’t cost votes as it reflects so much worse on Labour. Trouble is, take the students out of Edinburgh South, and you have a demographic that still leans too heavily on msm for info.

    Ian Murray has also come out against Trident renewal.

    I’ve met both candidates prior to this campaign, last year. Neil Hay is a gentleman. Three minutes into my conversation with Ian Murray he told me to “fuck off or else” – this in response to me asking, politely but repetitively, why he was lying about pensions at the Meadows Festival.

    I’ve previously commented on Kezia’s general demeanour of bewilderment –
    but that shot of Kezia at FMQ – makes you want to get her help rather than vote for her.

    I was rushing through town today and passed Murphy’s ‘rally’ – looked like a few people helping someone look for a contact lens.

  25. a2 says:

    “Funnily enough I believe a certain Lord Janner was participating in the House of Lords up until about a month ago.”

    lets not miss out that his pal Uri was saying he wasn’t able to recognise anyone 3 years ago. still ok to pass laws tho.

  26. Tam Jardine says:

    As clear a case of hypocrisy we have seen and Kezia knows it. In her zeal to help out her good friend Ian Murray in this, his darkest hour she has forgotten about all the abuse from her own camp.

    Absolutely pathetic. If she really wants to help Ian she could release her place on the list and fight for a seat in 2016 allowing Ian to parachute gently into Holyrood. Then if they both win they can sit next to each other and pass wee notes.

  27. Jason says:

    Dugdales face at the end sums up labour pewrfectly. out there depth and gubbed!

  28. Big Jock says:

    Jack McConnell was tweeting Smart on his Twitter page as recently as 2 days ago. Smart still referring to no victory as defeating fascists 2 days ago. What are you going to do about this element in your party Milliband.

  29. Joemcg says:

    Looks like Dugdale DOES know Smart. Those look like personal and friendly exchanges to me. First name terms but she does not know him! If she said that in a court of law what she stated in our parliament today she would be up on a perjury charge.

  30. galamcennalath says:

    Dugdale clearly mislead parliament today.

    Wiki “The Scottish Government ministerial code requires ministers to resign if they mislead Parliament.”

    While I have no idea whether the leader of the opposition is actually covered by the same code of conduct, it would seem reasonable to expect a resignation from any senior politician holding a responsible position.

  31. K1 says:

    And…excellent investigative journalism Stu, goes without saying always, but in this instance needs acknowledged in light of the appaling excuse for ‘journalism’ that the likes of the EEN clearly passes off as ‘news’.

    F***in’ disgraceful the lost of them.

  32. Ken500 says:

    Hypocrites. The Scotsman trolls are a disgrace. The website is a nonsense. A troll complains about trolling. The mad, bad world of Labour/Unionists. It’s just incredible. Another own goal for Labour. The Scotsman should give up it’s secrets. Or just give up.

    Maddox was praising Nicola/SNP on Sky News.

  33. Bill Hume says:

    Stuart, Stuart…….please slow down, I can’t keep up. I log in at least 4 times per day and I really can’t keep up. Seriously, we need you to conserve yourself.

    There’s a couple of weeks left to go.
    I worry you might drown under the liquid shit that is thrown daily at the SNP’s campaign.

    Conserve your enegies young man….we still have need of you.

    p.s. Note paragraph breaks…..put the hammers away.

  34. Albaman says:

    Thankfully there is no hiding place from Rev Stewart and “wings”

  35. Tackety Beets says:

    I’ll need another hour to absorb it all .

    Can I strongly advise everyone to view the video of FMQ for the fun but more importantly to see KD face in the last 30 seconds

    If Carlsberg did ………………………. absolutely priceless !

    Well done Nicola and Rev. Stuart Cambell our RWM.

  36. Alexander MacDonald says:

    Anyone complained to the Evening News to request that the story is retracted and an apology is made?

    Awful awful patter. Especially considering that the election is only two weeks away. I hope that this doesn’t scupper his chances.

  37. Tam Jardine says:

    Dan Huil

    I didn’t hear from the clip Kezia deny knowing Ian Smart as her denial of knowledge of Ian Smarts comments was made before Mr Smart’s name was mentioned. Had she done so she would indeed have been lying to parliament and dragged over the coals.

    I have not seen the rest of FMQ so I could be wrong.

  38. Kevin evans says:

    That’s the Labour Party of the 21st century for ya. Scraping at the bottom of the cesspit to try and demonise opponents rather than make policies that might benifit the people.

  39. Yesitis says:

    This is a very fine piece, Rev Stu.

    If the Dugdale/Labour line is pursued by the press tomorrow, then we know they *are* toeing the Labour Party line, and should be treated accordingly.

    I want Labour out. I want Labour cleared right out of this country, and May`s General Election is beginning to feel like an exorcism.

  40. Gary45% says:

    I have bowel motions more interesting than Dipity Dug.

    I think the Trougher parties seem to have this never ending problem of asking a question but never listening to the answer, as they normally spout the same question after an answer has been given, over and over.
    Maybe it’s because the Westminster parties continually lie to each other.

    Vote SNP get SNP.

  41. Robert Louis says:

    This article by Rev Stuart Campbell, is what the so-called ‘journalists’ in Scotland should be writing, exposing the day after day lies and hypocrisy from the Labour party. Instead this will gather little coverage, and the damage, if any, will have been done to Neil Hay.

    It makes me angry, just so very angry, that Scotland under London rule is this quasi colonial outpost, where the so -called ‘Scottish’ media dances to the beat of the London drum day in, day out. Anything to keep London in control. Anything. It is a disgrace. It is an affront to democracy.

    As for Dugdale, she should be ashamed of herself.

    Makes me even more determined to ensure the SNP win.

  42. a supporter says:

    Excellent article. We MUST fight back vigorously against this nonsense. Dugdale is a total idiot. I’ve listened to her on a number of occasions during the the last few days and it is excruciating to hear the lies and misinformation tripping of her tongue in a never ending stream. Even Gordon Brewer can’t get a word in…or maybe he has just given up trying to get any sense out of her.

  43. Croompenstein says:

    Stu says –

    Many old folk are somewhat confused, yet are legally able to vote

    Aye Lord Janner he’s confused but he still gets his £300 appearance money… FFS

    It does make you sick having to pussy foot about these bastards so as not to scare the horses but they are c*nts out and out c*nts

  44. Tinto Chiel says:

    A comprehensive debunking of this Grade A hypocritical mince, Rev., for which, thanks.

    Not the remotest chance of a gracious reply or apology in the Scottish Parliament, of course.

    Warning to Labour: End of Days.


  45. Cath says:

    “only the latest in a very long list of reasons for Scottish Labour to be ashamed of itself.”

    What’s left of the Labour party in Scotland isn’t capable of shame. Or self evaluation. Or anything else vaguely decent.

  46. paul gerard mccormack says:

    It’s the feigned ignorance, of who me? on her face that is damning. Yes hypocrisy, but also misleading the Scots parliament, which is surely the more serious charge?

    Thank you Stu for all your diligence. Hopefully, this will run, but i doubt it.

    The best I think that can come of it will for it to be mentioned again in parliament. i dont expect any favours from any commentator and Labour will drop what Kezia said today like that favourite family game of ‘pass the crock of shit’.

  47. Louis B Argyll says:

    Very good expose..

    Will the MSMEDIA PICK THIS UP..?

    A political story for tech savvy voters.

    Investigative journalism exposing media manipulation..


  48. shiregirl says:

    Hypocrisy. Pure and simple. I was almost embarrassed for Kezia (almost but not quite!)

    And she got a skelping for trying to put one over our first minister.

  49. heedtracker says:

    Scotsman stuffed with hard core blue tory boys but takes some front to stand up in any parliament, on tv and radio and internet and spout a pack of lies though.

    Could anyone do it or is it some kind of pathology. Crash Gordon’s on the move again via rancid Graun and their soon to be foreign correspondenderiser, Libby Carrell.

    “Brown reveals that on day one of a Labour Government, Scottish Labour will send 167 Scots food banks emergency payment of £5,000 each to tackle poverty crisis”

    After 70 years of SLabour in Scotland, this is the real legacy of the maniacs. Mind you they have made stacks of cash for themselves, and that;s what its all about!

  50. Robert Louis says:

    So, given we know the truth now, will the BBC, Scotsman and Herald be ‘exposing the truly very offensive comments from Labour’s Ian Smart.

    I’ll not hold my breath.

  51. pleidiwr says:

    Labour tried exactly the same trick in Ceredigion, Wales. They found 2001 article where Plaid candidate Mike Parker had written an article attacking BNP and racism. Labour twisted this to a complete untruth by say that Plaid man had called ‘all English nazis’. Labour candidate Hugh Thomas naturally called for him to resign

    It all backfired when a blogpost written by the Labour candidate Hugh Thomas in 2004 was found where he had incited people to damage English owned cars. Naturally Labour did not ask for their candidate to resign

  52. rosa alba macdonald says:

    On the evening that Smart posted the Gothic Script German Newspaper thingie, I tweeted Scottish Labour, Scottish Labour Press (I think), and poss London Labour. I also posted Johann Lamont who occasionally “responds” to me about Mr Smart’s tweet and history of similar and asked it was addressed.

    I could not tweet Kezia as I am blocked.

    I am no big player but it is clear that those at the top know.

  53. EphemeralDeception says:

    Its not a case of hypocracy its a case of desperation. Labour have used FMQs and the timing as a vehicle to try and change the outcome of just 1 vote: the Edinburgh South vote.

    That they have to resort to diatribe, hypocrisy and distortion of the truth to try to achieve that shows just how far they have fallen so far. Also, that rock bottom has still a way to go.

    In any case Dugdale is just a marionette, by her own admission. No point in criticising a puppet.

  54. Chitterinlicht says:

    Thank you Mr Campbell. This is why I gave you some of my hard earned cash.

    No ONE else is exposing this sort of hypocrisy.

    Money well spent and thank you, seriously.

  55. Luigi says:

    Thanks to brilliant analyses by Rev Campbell and the WoS team, the red tories have nowhere to hide. But here’s a thought – how can we put pressure on those journalists that are clearly protecting them by deliberately downplaying any inconvenient truths? After all, the red tories are merely being…. red tories. It’s the journalists and reporters that are not doing their job properly – they need to be named and shamed in some way.

  56. gillie says:

    A Labour-Scotsman fabrication, a dirty little conspiracy gone wrong.

    David Maddox must be shitting himself.

  57. Jim Stirling says:

    The problem we face as ever with these constructed storm in a tea cup scenarios, fully mis-reported by the unionist media. Is that the truth will never be mentioned by them and an apology will definitely not be printed front page on a newspaper.
    I am assuming Edinburgh South is a reasonably affluent area with a significant number of elderly people and no voters so as far as Dugdale et al are concerned it is job done. For those who do not follow the online blogs and websites {such as your good self} which provide the real picture, such as no voters and many of the elderly population , what they read in the papers or see on TV is all they have to go on

  58. Joemcg says:

    Donald U. – “Fuck off or else!” Nice man Ian Murray. Great orator.

  59. fillofficer says:

    this is a real filthy game & we’re not done yet. even folks not remotely interested in politics are havin a laff at the intelli-fkn-gentia. sad

  60. Craig says:

    It appears that Keiza Dugdale has deleted her Twitter account, I can’t seem to find her on Twitter anymore

  61. Luigi says:

    they need to be named and shamed in some way

    Apologies – I forgot that Rev Campbell’s recent filleting of the Daily Record. More of the same please!

  62. manandboy says:

    Dugdale will be remembered for lying to the Scottish Parliament.
    Added to her other ‘assertions’ and ‘assurances’ which turned out to be false, the lassie is growing a reputation as a liar. A Labour politician telling lies regularly – shocker!

  63. muttley79 says:

    I suspect that the culture around SLAB elected representatives towards the SNP is extremely poisonous, and has been deteriorating since the defeats in 2007 and 2011. That is the only conclusion I can take from their actions. Kezia Dugdale must have known fine well that Smart thinks the SNP are Nazis/fascists. You can only guess that in their circles the SNP are referred to in this manner. This oozing hatred and poison seems to be devouring SLAB. I can only really think of Malcolm Chisholm as an exception to this, perhaps there are others who do not like it, but just keep their heads down.

  64. Francis Mooney says:

    Whitabootery is of a limited stretch. Your defence is superb and having read the tweets, all remains a struggle. Keshia’s turn to the left, as in, who? Was quite funny. Remains difficult to oppose. There is only one clean, squeaky!

  65. Take Independence says:

    There is always one that fucks it up with his/her mouth, SNP MP now we can see what is likly to come being part of the Westminster elite these westminster MP may cost us our Independence I dont see any good of this at all.

  66. Grizzle McPuss says:

    That face of ‘TELT’ from Kezia at the end of the rebuke from Nicola…


    Brilliant stuff Stu…brilliant

  67. Lesley-Anne says:

    Just think Stu, six month’s ago you were talking about giving this up … ALL this! Are you not glad you listened to sense … well the begging posts from your followers on here anyway and carried on. 😉

    I think if I were an honest person, which apparently I’m not cause according to wee Dugdale’s bestest mate I’m a Nazi Scum, I’d be thanking Labour for bringing this issue to light. Why I hear you ask. Well that is easy. Had Dugdale not brought this issue to light we would actually be doubting ourselves about how stupid Labour really are. However, with this latest episode we can all rest easy.

    Labour are as corrupt and unintelligent as we have always known. They just make a load of noise throw tons of mud and hope some of it sticks. Unfortunately for some folks some of the mud does actually stick … to LABOUR! Now if only there was something Labour could do that might restrict the level of hillarity aimed at them … WHAT? there is! Please pray enlighten us. … It’s called RESEARCH! If only Labour had the miniscule level of intelligence to actually carry out some proper research BEFORE Dugdale’s hillarious outburst today then she and Labour would not be topping the Comedy Awards chart tonight! 😀

  68. Louis B Argyll says:

    Rev.. It’s true the hammers text is overpowering in its directness. Gives a mental picture which distracts me from your graciousness.

  69. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Conserve your enegies young man….we still have need of you.”

    In truth I’ve been slacking a wee bit this week, as not all that much has been happening. But this sort of stuff is what Wings Over Scotland exists for.

  70. Lesley-Anne says:

    Sorry for going O/T but here’e a wee video from Tommy Sheridan in Freedom Square yesterday *ahem* advertising Saturday’s *cough* wee get together in Freedom Square. 😉

  71. X_Sticks says:

    Sorry O/T but for those interested the Democratic Socialist Federation’s “Report on the Referendum Postal Ballot” ON NOW from Live Independence.

  72. StevieMcB says:

    This Woman should not be in politics.

  73. Lesley-Anne says:

    Craig says:

    It appears that Keiza Dugdale has deleted her Twitter account, I can’t seem to find her on Twitter anymore

    Her Twitter account is still up Craig, well from what I can see, which isn’t very much cause I’ve been *ahem* BLOCKED! WOO HOO! 😀

    As you know her twitter account is @kdugdalemsp, perhaps you may get passed the “You are blocked” message. 😉

  74. David S Briggs says:

    1. How was he identified as the author of the tweets? and when was Dugdale in possession of the information?

    2. Why did Dugdale wait until the candidate couldn’t be replaced before revealing the ‘facts’ surrounding the tweets?

    3. Has Dugdale overstepped the mark (lied) during her questioning of the FM and should the Presiding Officer sanction her?

    These need answering. Any other questions?

  75. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    It’s beginning to look a wee bit like Murphy and his spinners have set up Deputy Dugdale to be his human shield as Dugdale comes away from this having been proved to be a bare faced liar. There is no ‘spin’ possible to excuse her lies and even the westminster establishment media can’t cover up the facts.

    Pretty damn telling that Murphy keeps using Dugdale these days to do all these dimwitted and backfiring attacks. This while Murphy hides in the background waiting to see what happens. I wonder why? 😉

    Murphy would shed no tears if, somehow, a good deal of the blame was to fall on his Deputy for the coming ‘scottish’ Labour catastrophe instead of him. Something the hapless and out of her depth Dugdale might just be beginning to realise.

  76. Edward says:

    Craig @8.28 pm

    Dugdale’s twitter account still active

  77. brobb says:

    Robert Louis says:
    23 April, 2015 at 8:09 pm
    This article by Rev Stuart Campbell, is what the so-called ‘journalists’ in Scotland should be writing, exposing the day after day lies and hypocrisy from the Labour party.

    Totally agree Robert, really rare now to get a msm forensic examination of any political/election topic now. This is why I keep tuning into Wings everyday, great to have Stuart digging deep and questioning the stories many journalists just regurgitate without thought.

  78. James says:

    This really is one for the editor of the National…

  79. muttley79 says:


    Mind you they have made stacks of cash for themselves, and that;s what its all about!

    It is about that, and power and control.

    Of course Kezia Dugdale was one of those in SLAB who were enthusiastically pushing the ludicrous smear against Nicola Sturgeon over the Daily Telegraph bullshit. Now she is yet again attempting to smear the SNP. Does Dugdale have an ounce of integrity in her soul?

  80. DerekM says:

    lol poor Kez she has a face like a slapped arse after Nicola tears into her ,what they are claiming is total bull ,if the labour party want to start a precedence with the level of Neils so called crime then i expect to see them all sacked tomorrow.

    But that wont happen so we will do the next best thing and hand out p45`s starting soon.

  81. liz says:

    Did notice when Deputy Dug was making her accusations, that very few Lab MSPs were clapping.

  82. Dan Huil says:

    Tam Jardine. My comment was clumsily put. It is, of course, how the Rev states it above.

  83. Morag says:

    I’m really pleased Stu wrote this article. Earlier today all I saw on Twitter was pro-Yes and pro-SNP accounts abasing themselves in grovelling apologies for the “bad behaviour”, the vile tweets, the abuse and so on. I assumed the accusations must have been justified.

    The alleged attack on old people was plausible, because a number of people did launch attacks on elderly voters after it became clear that this demographic was in effect responsible for the No majority. And let’s face it, lots of people have used the q-word, including on here, despite Stu telling everyone not to do it.

    But then I saw an unstable archive copy of a Sun article about it, and although I couldn’t see all the tweets, one of those quoted was entirely unexceptional. (The one about Westminster being a cess-pit. What’s controversial about that?) I remembered Calmanballs. Never assume someone has been abusive, or someone has been attacked on the internet, without screen captures.

    Then I saw a tweet to or from Stu pointing out that the “("Quizmaster" - Ed)” reference was nothing more than the title of a BBC Scotlandshire satirical piece linked to in the tweet. THAT WAS IT?

    Bella Caledonia was being censorious about nationalists doing the whatabootery in reference to Smart, and declaring that we should condemn our own side without reservation. I asked to be shown the “bad” tweets, and someone else linked me to them.

    They’re not quite my style, but if I had tweeted any of that, I wouldn’t have been especially ashamed of it. The only actual abuse is directed at Anas Sarwar and frankly an elected politician is fair game. And it was all two years and more ago.

    Some Labour researcher has been trawling Neil Hay’s old twitter archives (and how did they even find out that he was “Paco McSheepie” anyway), looking for some mud to sling. They’ve been set to do it precisely because the Ashcroft poll came out and showed Hay was set to beat Murray. If that’s the worst they could find, Mr. Hay is close to being a plaster saint in my opinion.

    But they tried it anyway. The man is not fit for polite society, he must be sacked, and Murray given a walkover.

    What concerns me is the rush by Neil Hay’s own side to condemn him. Perhaps Nicola had little option. If she tried to point out what Stu just pointed out, the hostile press would crucify her for defending an “abuser” and it would all get worse.

    That poisonous article in the Evening News might have lost the SNP that seat. There’s pretty much nothing we can do about it. But at least the online Yes and SNP supporting community can tell it like it is, and explain to anyone who happens to read it that Neil Hay is not vile, or an abuser, and the accusations are entirely trumped-up.

    Too many wetnats hairshirting about this, and playing right into Labour’s hands by agreeing that the accusations are true. Plaudits to Stu for telling the truth.

  84. Dr Jim says:

    It’s no fair she’s doing all her best faux outrages and high voices, pathetic looks for all to see and still she canny win

    It’s no fair ah tell ye, it really isnae

    Don’t worry Dippity you’ll not have to keep this up for long
    Murphy will soon be gone and you’ll be……

    Totally on your own Da Da Da Daah…..Mbwaahahahaa…

  85. Lollysmum says:

    Can we get #DugGate moving on Twitter folks-just for a laugh 🙂

  86. Ken500 says:

    Didn’t the Scotsman libel Rev Stu?

  87. shiregirl says:

    @ Lesley-Anne

    Seriously? you were going to give this up? why?
    I am a recent convert. why?
    I first read the wee blue book and that got me thinking.
    Then I started to lurk and read what people had to say. And that go me thinking a bit more.

    Now, even though I know nearly nothing about politics I am eager to learn and am aware of the media manipulation in play and what Scots are up against – and the tories version of democracy. Because of your site I am a paid up member of the SNP and am embarrassed at my naivity of politics.

    Now I get all my pals to come on the site and read up. They think I am a geek thanks to you!!

    So, no. Don’t ever give it up as even one convert is worth it, surely?

  88. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Did notice when Deputy Dug was making her accusations, that very few Lab MSPs were clapping.”

    I noticed that too. The FM’s counter-attack (rather than the usual bland condemnation) really did seem to catch them all totally unawares, including Dugdale. It did my old heart a world of good to see it, been long overdue.

  89. manandboy says:

    the Democratic Socialist Federation’s “Report on the Referendum Postal Ballot” mentioned above by X_Sticks has bandwith issues due to location and is fragmented as a result making it really quite difficult to follow. I gave up eventually.

  90. Lesley-Anne says:

    galamcennalath says:

    Dugdale clearly mislead parliament today.

    Wiki “The Scottish Government ministerial code requires ministers to resign if they mislead Parliament.”

    Well this is not the first time galamcennalath. As most Wingers will recall oor favourite M.S.P.’s from a couple of years ago are not unknown for the grand axct of telling porkies!

    I refer to Jackie Baillie as case #1. She is on the record, I can’t find the link at the moment unfortunately, where she *ahem* proudly admitted to the Herald newspaper that she had in fact in the chamber over hospital beds.

    I would like, m’lud, to offer up Johann Lamont as case #2. She attacked the Scottish Government over their record on rapes. Unfortunately the particular case in question that she raised in the chamber NEVER existed. What DID exist was a rape case identical to the one she described that happened … erm … when LABOUR were the Scottish Government! 😀

    So you see galamcennalath misleading parliament is not a rare occurance in fact it is, if anything, the NORM for Labour. However, Labour being Labour they NEVER apologise to the chamber over anything but they DO expect the S.N.P. to apologise for EVERYTRHING! 😉

  91. Clarinda says:

    This endless potshot of Labour squirrels (particularly from the branch office drays) masquerading as political strategy on the eve of a GE seems to be more affective as ricochet as The Rev. clearly illustrates.

    Miss Sturgeon, in a vain attempt to point out the patently obvious to Ms Dugdale that the reason why Labour in Scotland is polling so very badly, may get a more enlightened response from the debating chamber houseplants.

    Labour must be doing this deliberately?

  92. Sandra Allison says:

    Brilliant rev as per usual keep up the sterling work

  93. Quentin Quale says:

    An astounding piece of journalism. I hope journalists and editors across the country are aware of this work. This is what you should all aspire to – maybe then you would realise why so many of us are turning away from the mainstream media.

  94. Kenny says:

    This is VERY serious. We are talking about a politician deliberately misleading oor ain Parliament!

    If we allow this to pass, what next? I suggest everyone does what I intend to do now and that is to contact my local MSP and ask this matter to be raised at Holyrood.

    If your MSP is a unionist and you are a member of the SNP or Greens, then I suggest you contact an elected member of your ain party.

    We all get the parliaments and leaders we deserve. Do we want Holyrood to descend to the level of Westminster? I urge everyone to contact an MSP today.

  95. John Young says:

    Last year, because it would cost them more in Paypal charges I made a donation to the Labour party:
    Hi John,

    We have successfully processed your generous donation of £0.01.

    We really appreciate your decision to donate to the Scottish Labour Party – and own a piece of our campaigns.

    Together, we can create real change – and it starts now with this donation.

    Our promise to you is to use this money wisely to help build a campaign fighting for Scotland’s future, and we want you involved every step of the way.

    Thank you for your support.

    Ian Price
    Scottish General Secretary

    PS. there are certain checks we need to make on big donations, so we might need to be back in touch – but if you don’t hear from us you can assume that everything is ok.

    Today they’ve asked for more

    I wanted to send my thanks for donating to the Scottish Labour Party. Your contribution has helped us talk to over 60,000 people every week. Every conversation helps us come a step closer to delivering a Labour Government. Your support makes you an invaluable member of the Scottish Labour team.

    You will know already, how crucial this election is. We have the chance to end the Tory agenda of austerity and deliver the Labour agenda of fairness and social justice.

    You’ve already made such a difference and I’m asking again for your help – I’ve calculated what our organisers need for this last two week stretch, we need another £25,000 to get our message across Scotland. Can you help us get there?

    If you can donate even another £3, your support will help us win.
    You’ve supported us before and I hope you will again. You can also pass this onto friends and supporters you know who would like to donate.
    Thank you for all your support,
    Brian Roy
    Scottish General Secretary

    Don’t think I’ll bother.

  96. muttley79 says:

    @Rev Stu

    But this sort of stuff is what Wings Over Scotland exists for.

    Hell yeah! 😀 😀

  97. Connor McEwen says:

    Wings and Rev quicker than a speeding bullet.
    Got independencelive x-sticks.
    Sound not GREAT

  98. John says:


    Superb. I can’t thank you enough.

    Neil Hay is a very decent man, who wants to make Scotland a better place for all. There is not a discriminatory bone in his body. We are immensely proud to campaign for him in Edinburgh South.

  99. a supporter says:

    Jim Stirling at 8.24

    “what they read in the papers or see on TV is all they have to go on”

    No it isnt. Canvassers tell them the truth. Few ‘older’ people and many not so older people don’t read Scotsman/Evening News and especially not the ‘political’ guff so unlikely this nonsense will have much effect. But great that Stu is doing his utmost to disgrace Dugdale and Scotsman/Evening News.

  100. stewart fae stoney says:

    DUG gate it should be DUNG Gate she is full of Bullshit

  101. Capella says:

    Is David Maddox possibly guilty of defamation? Falsely alleging that Neil Hay called voters Nazi collaborators sounds pretty damaging to me. Saying it 2 weeks before an election could be extremely damaging.

  102. Joemcg says:

    Murray earmarked for some top job? A lot of work behind the scenes and in parliament to help him out with this bull crap today. Must be for a reason.

  103. JonM says:

    Impressed you know how many of a thing ‘umpteen’ is, you clever fox. How many does that make ‘several’?

  104. Wee Alex says:

    Can’t say this comes as any surprise, cornered rats etc etc.

    Mud sticks of course but I doubt if it will have minimal impact, especially in these days of instant media.

    If the MSM do there job the loser should be Dugdale. Who are her advisers? What future does she have now?

    If its McTernan, he should know better but they are desperate. I expect every SNP candidate can expect the same, be prepared.

  105. Joemcg says:

    Agree. Maddox could have just cost this man his livelihood and ruined his career. Something has to be done.

  106. manandboy says:

    Re: Kezia Dugdale lying to the Parliament today.

    The Presiding Officer will find herself compelled to take some action, otherwise her own Office, as well as the Parliament will be damaged.

    Holyrood is not a football field where serious mistakes are made, but are dismissed under the heading ‘these things happen’ during the course of a match, and are then forgotten about.

    It is not impossible that Ms Dugdale has failed to appreciate the significance of the place where FMQ’s are conducted. Perhaps she thinks that she can get away with anything, anywhere, as most Unionists do.

    Before I forget, Stu, this piece of work is truly exceptional, as so many have said already. You are most certainly to be congratulated – and when the time comes to hand out awards, you had better get one. For no one does it better.

  107. JLT says:

    Now that is a bollocking!

    That last second off footage with Kezia speaks a 1000 words, and poor Kezia knows it; it’s etched all over her face. I actually do feel sorry for her in that last second of footage. I kidd you not. That is a lass who is being badly used by Labours advisors, and is too young to be carrying the mantle of Labours problems on her shoulders. This is morally wrong as to what is happening to this young lady by those in her own party.

    But at the same time, she needs to get a handle on what is happening to her. She was a rising star in Scottish politics apparently. She needs to stop listening to the basket case rantings of Murphy as well as the poisoned whisperings of advisors such as McTernan and McDougall, and start focusing on what she believes. She needs to learn to keep quiet, get the correct information, research it herself instead of listening to the likes of Murphy, McTernan and McDougall, and then decide for herself as to how to present her case.

    Instead, she just steams right in. How many times is she going to be ticked off in public. This no longer sits well. This isn’t even a case of giving a wry smile anymore when the lass gets it wrong. Her father has given her a public skelp, and now Nicola Sturgeon has just humiliated her not only in front of Parliament, but right across Scotland.

    This is a lass who needs to wisen up very very quickly. The clock is ticking on her career and before you know it, the Scottish elections will be here way sooner than she thinks.

    If I was Kezia, I would sit down with the one person she can trust; her father. She should ask him for advice. To hear what she should do, not what the others want her to do. She needs to stop listening to Murphy, McDougall and McTernan if she wishes to save her career. Those 3 are career opportunists who will happily throw her under a bus if it meant furthering their own career, or to carry on the parties now twisted ideology.

    Taking the job as Deputy must now haunt her in her own way, for it has to be perceived as one of the most poisoned chalices now, in the UK political spectrum.

  108. broonpot says:

    “….But this sort of stuff is what Wings Over Scotland exists for.”

    Correction. This should read “..renowned for.”

    Your Modesty and inaccuracy in this respect is confusing to me. 🙂

  109. montfleury says:

    Just did a canvassing run for Neil. Nobody much cares about this stuff. One guy brought it up and he’s now got a poster in his window.

    People are focused on the big picture, not just one wayward candidate.

  110. KEU says:

    Once more so glad we have Wings with the know-how and ability to find, unravel and reveal the utter trash and deceitful nonsense Ms Dugdale and her ilk revel in. Thanks Rev.

  111. heedtracker says:

    muttley79 says:
    23 April, 2015 at 8:52 pm

    Mind you they have made stacks of cash for themselves, and that;s what its all about!

    It is about that, and power and control.

    Its got that Project Fear stench via MacTernan and Bliar MacBloater reeking off it all. If they so save enpugh SLabour hides, they’ll be boasting about it all at various Labour autumn conferences, “how to succeed in UKOK regional politics when you’ve fcuk all to lose and the BBC at your beck and call.”

    Guest speakers, see above.

  112. Casper1066 says:

    Hard to believe that this is the standard of politician in Scotland, she is too weak and stupid.

  113. Marie clark says:

    Miss Dugdale would do well to remember that old adage that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    This is absolutely outrageous, in the words of John Mc Enroe ” you cannot be serious”. Everytime these numpties try something like this, it comes back and bites them on the bum. I hope someone at Holyrood passes this on and something is done about lying to parliament.

    Mr Dugdale, I think you need to have a serious word with your daughter about her disgraceful behaviour. She would appear to have no shame. I’m quite sure that you brought her up to behave better than this.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures right enough. I hope that this backfires, bigtime on SLAB.

  114. Now's the Hour says:

    Dugdale knowingly lied to the Holyrood chamber. FACT. Will this be splashed all over tomorrow’s front pages? Hardly. Will appropriate action be taken at Holyrood? Alas, I doubt it. Will her own party show moral backbone and take action against their depute leader for blatantly lying? Ha bloody ha.

    Two weeks to go tick tock

  115. Mealer says:

    Good work Stu.This is dire and desperate stuff from Kezia Dugdale.Shameful.

  116. Walter Scott says:

    The pathetic fake outrage & hysteria is like the run-up to the referendum. They probably think it might just work again. It might, nobody knows for sure. An unhinged bampot calling the SNP fascists when that party is further left than the labour party is going to be repeated over & over. You made a very good observation Reverend, that these categorical tablet of stone pronouncements by Kezia Dugdale are becoming a trait. She has absolutely no intention of apologising to anyone. Darling refused to apologize over his outrageous statements during the referendum campaign either. Cameron called Salmond a thief but it’s totally acceptable. This has been said hundreds of times by better writers than me. We must turn out in great numbers & kick labour out. How brilliant would it be to see Murphy, McTernan & other the other propagandists signing on.

  117. icyspark says:

    I use the exact same way of linking a story on Facebook etc, as Neil Hay has done on that twitter post, as do countless others.

    i.e. Story headline, Link to story.

    Case in Point:

    Nicola Sturgeon – the most dangerous woman in politics
    Don’t fall for the SNP leader’s charm – she only cares about destroying the Union

    It does NOT mean that I endorse the story. Nor does it mean that I agree in any way, shape or form, with the content of the story.

    It is simply there to alert the reader of the context of the story, prior to them clicking the link, to read the full story.

  118. EphemeralDeception says:

    @X_Sticks 8:39

    Thanks for the link.
    The full report on Postal vote fraud in the referendum is avalable here:

  119. gerry parker says:

    @Kenny at 9:03

    Agreed, also very easy to do using this link.

    In addition, look up the Presiding Officers e mail address and e mail her. We certainly do not want our parliament to be a wee westminster. We should have higher standards.

  120. Croompenstein says:

    I dunno about Neil, I mean when he was a wean he must have shat his nappy FFS he is standing for election this must be investigated 😀

  121. Joemcg says:

    So we have had Ferrer Rocher gate and now Dug gate,both trashed,what next? Washington post eat your heart out!

  122. HandandShrimp says:

    The desperation amongst the Labour ranks is incredible.

    It is also incredible that Kezia wasted a FMQ on piffle like this 14 days before a GE. Evidence, if any were needed, that she is utterly devoid of political substance and still operates at 16 year old internet troll level.

  123. Pin says:

    Never seen Nicola Sturgeon stronger. Brilliant

  124. Tackety Beets says:

    A wee bit o relief on BBC News 24 right now , actually sound like they may be starting to get it !

  125. Mealer says:

    Ms Sturgeon didn’t initially state who had made the “fascist scum” remarks.She just said it was a well known labour activist.Ms Dugdale claimed not to know who had said such a thing.Perhaps Ms Dugdale knows lots of Labour activists who refer to 49 percent of the Scottish population as fascist scum and so couldn’t tell which one of them was being referred to by Ms Sturgeon.

  126. Ian Brotherhood says:

    All this palaver hasn’t dented the odds – SNP still Evens to take Ed South, Labour 11/10 to keep it.


    (Can’t find any prices offered on Kezia resigning before the week-end though…strange.)

  127. X_Sticks says:

    shiregirl says:

    “Don’t ever give it up as even one convert is worth it, surely?”

    Indeed shiregirl and it’s good to have you on board 😀

    I think many of us thought of chucking it on the 19th, including Rev Stu but Wings helped us all pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and gradually get back to the fray.

    Here we are now finding that even though losing the indyref we are still moving forward with an unstoppable force. There is only one direction of travel it’s just the ETA that is uncertain.

    And now you know posting doesn’t hurt I hope you keep adding your views to the mix too.

  128. The Isolator says:

    Memo to Milliband,

    I make no bones about this…IF/WHEN your poxy party requires propping up by the SNP post May 7th I sincerely hope the Scottish electorate trample whats left of your shitey northern branch into the ground in 2016.

    Then when you have served your purpose the same SNP rip away the supporting pillars and you and your miserable ilk tumble into feckin oblivion for ever and a day.

  129. Richardinho says:

    I think what I find most objectionable about Kezia Dugdale is her pious ‘holier than thou’ tone. This though is pretty much par for the course of any Scottish Labourite.

  130. Lesley-Anne says:

    Sorry folks for going O/T here but I think, despite being a wee football video, it describes oor wee Kezia exactly! 😀

  131. John Sm. says:

    Rev, yer a star.

    Thank you.

  132. X_Sticks says:


    Thanks ED I meant to post a link and forgot. Doh!

  133. Now's the Hour says:

    Re Mr Hay’s comments – I know a guy who works in a care home and he tells me that if a resident is unable to understand what they are doing at the election for any reason, be it from dementia, Alzheimer’s etc., then they do not get to vote. No-one is allowed to ask where they want to put their X and do it for them, neither him nor their relatives. So, rather than say that pensioners shouldnae vote, as Dugdale would have us believe, Mr Hay is essentially pointing up a basic electoral fact.

  134. JLT says:

    Iain Gray’s Subway Lament says:

    It’s beginning to look a wee bit like Murphy and his spinners have set up Deputy Dugdale to be his human shield as Dugdale comes away from this having been proved to be a bare faced liar.
    Mate …I think your comment is bang on the money as to the situation that Kezia is finding herself in. Yes, I also believe that what you state is definitely the case.
    Naivety is her major flaw, and it is being used by certain ‘advisors’ for their own agenda.

    I actually do feel sorry for Kezia. It is crystal clear that she is out of her depth. This job came to her 10 years to soon. She is surrounded by an ill-set of advisors, and is carrying the problems of the party on her young shoulders. Personally, I wouldn’t wish the job that she is doing on anyone. Working under teh likes of Murphy, McDougall and McTernan. Jesus! You would weep! Neil Findlay and Co must be quietly thanking the Gods right now, that they never won any of the positions when they were up for grabs.

    In an ironic sense, Kezia is getting a real education in just how poisonous and brutal politics can be. If ever the phrase ’keep you friends close, but your enemies closer’ then it would almost fit perfectly here for Kezia. However, I think the perfect wording should be ‘keep you enemies close, but your friends closer!’ …for surely having friends like Murphy, McDougall and McTernan, you would want to know exactly how they were setting you up.

    The lass needs to do some self-reflection and even a bit of soul-searching at this point in her career. She needs to speak to people she can truly trust; not those who would use her as an expendable item to further a cause that has become twisted beyond recognition.

    Personally, I hope she does wisen up. She needs to. Seeing her reading from a script, probably written by others, is destroying the career that she once must have thought at one time would be one of certain significance and to a more ideal cause.

  135. Tamson says:

    Might be a blessing in disguise if this faux “scandal” saves Edinburgh South for Labour. Remember, that could mean Ian Murray is their sole surviving MP…

  136. colin Brown says:

    Suspect the security services behind revealing Neal Hay’s
    Probably trawling through every SNP candidates electronic trails looking for traction.

  137. Rock says:

    If Labour and Milliband had any shame, both Dugdale and Smart would be kicked out of the party tomorrow.

    Even one Labour MP in Scotland after 7th May will be one too many.

    People of Scotland, awake and throw the whole lot of them out.

  138. Legerwood says:

    On the subject of electoral fraud interesting case in London today where the election of the Mayor of Tower Hamlets has been declared void because of corruption and fraud in the election.

    In the report on CH4 news tonight it seemed that the Electoral Commissioner acting as judge in the case had some not very complementary things to say about postal voting.

  139. Graeme Doig says:

    I would like to know why Nicola didn’t think it was appropriate to give a bit of defence to the guy. She must know the truth of these tweets so why allow him and SNP chances in that constituency to be dragged through the mud?

    Damage and job done.


    Interesting to note GB talking to an ‘audience’ in Kirkcaldy lying about lack of SNP action on the bedroom tax. No shots of audience on bbc24. Possibly all sitting wi there bingo books waiting for the warm up act to get off.

    What an utterly despicable lot our imperial masters are.


  140. Training Day says:

    Even earlier today, some on here were saying that they expected better of Dugdale.


    She is a fully programmable and reliable drone of McDougall and McTernan, and will faithfully parrot anything she is tellt by the duo.

    Happily the Rev’s journalism – take note and learn, Maddox – should put to bed the idea that Dugdale should be lent any benefit of the doubt whatsoever.

  141. Advice needed on how to formally complain, re deliberate misleading of Parliament –

    is it a petition?

  142. For clarity – above comment regarding Kez and Scottish Parliament

  143. Foonurt says:

    Wull, she fair cawed thoan peenz fae urr.

  144. The Rough Bounds says:

    They ought to place an empty chalice with the word Poison engraved on it right on top of Ms. Dugdale’s desk. Then when she gets dumped, or simply resigns, she can pass it on to her presumably hapless successor.

    She’s just being fed lies and baloney from her superiors, and the lassie is obviously not sharp enough to see what is happening to her. As someone said on an earlier post, speak to your dad; he seems like a sensible chap.

  145. macnakamura says:

    Nicola” What about offensive conduct by Labour ?”
    Kezia ” Could you narrow it down a bit?”

  146. muttley79 says:

    FMQs is usually a lot of nonsense (lets face it that is being overly kind), but that counter attack by Nicola Sturgeon on the hapless Kezia Dugdale was worthy of the Rubble in the Jungle. Ouch, take that Kezia. It was also worthy of Alex Salmond at his best. NS has certainly learned from the master. Dugdale just looked completely overwhelmed, she did not see it coming, and bang what a counter thrust. Fucking marvellous stuff. 😀 😀

  147. One_Scot says:

    How can we look our children in the face and tell them we did nothing to stop their country being repressed and manipulated by a corrupt political and media establishment.

    If we tolerate this, then our children will be next.

    On the 7th of May we need to let Westminster know that Scotland is theirs no more.

  148. Mosstrooper says:

    Stood at an SNP stall in Erskine today, excellent response made all the more sweet by the number of people who came up for posters and badges and who said ” I always voted labour but not now, Their lies have done for me”

    Fair gives ye a lift. Keep it up Kezia, yir playin a blinder.

  149. Johnny says:

    It occurs to me that, in the second video, Kezia is in effect admitting that (contrary to Labour’s claims around the time of Smith) the ‘Vow’ has not been delivered.

    We know that, of course, but Kezia states that ‘we’re gonna keep our promise’ on the Vow, indicating something not yet done. So what was with all that ‘Vow delivered’ carry on at the time? Drivel, eh?

  150. IvMoz says:

    O/T – Scotland tonight – Lesley Riddoch as impressive as ever

  151. Shaun the Sheep says:

    We know from experience that there will be more of this in the next two weeks. Our priorities must be to get out the vote, wear the badges, display the posters and talk to folk. Time is short now. We will all feel better if we feel that we have used our time constructively. Canvassing and leafleting ( a first) have been positive experiences for me and something I would thoroughly recommend.

  152. ScottieDog says:

    The times, they are a changing.
    5 or 6 years ago this sort of garbage would go unchallenged but not anymore.
    Labour are complacent because they know the establishment media have their back but thanks to sites such as this its all being debunked.
    Please don’t think it’s just us under attack Look at the flak Russell Brand got when he replaced the SUN awning with the TREWS awning at a newsagent In London…

  153. John from Fife says:

    O/T. Murphy on EBC2 still talking about biggest party and 1924 and refusing to confirm that Liebor will accept the SNP help to form a Government. Also still denying he said no cuts.

    Vote SNP get Scotland

  154. Effijy says:

    Anyone know what size Kaiser Dugdale takes in a Jack Boot?

  155. Tackety Beets says:

    Anytime I view FMQs have since SNP were in power Labour have hardly ever had any decent value added to the debate , infact its been nearly always “A cry of p1$h ringing out” We all remember the classic Ian Gray telling Alex he was opposed to the 20K apprentice places with IG arguing it should be more .
    Alex reminds IG that Labour had promised 5K ! IG classic plonker moment !

    Clunky “Federal Broon ” just rolled into town “A cry of p1$h rang out”

    In fairness the Tory tries to bring debate to the Parliament .

    Gee whiz whats it coming to when some of us are seeing Tories in a better light than the Labour Party aaaggghhh FFS !

    As Tinto Cheil says

    Tika Tika Timex …… Tra la la ….

    Swinney Time !

  156. Edward says:

    I think Stuart will have his work cut out to find the best bits of creepy Jim’s interview on Scotland 2015

    Time after time he just talks total shit

    Mindbogling comes to mind, even Sarah Smith is taken aback about his two faced approach

  157. Almannysbunnet says:

    @X_Sticks says:
    23 April, 2015 at 9:58 pm
    @shiregirl says:

    Here we are now finding that even though losing the indyref we are still moving forward with an unstoppable force. There is only one direction of travel it’s just the ETA that is uncertain.

    Or to use my favourite saying from the Best Exotic Marigold hotel, “Everything will be all right in the end, if it’s not all right then it’s not yet the end.” That’s the only way to look at our fight for independence. 🙂

  158. Rookiescot says:

    Why is it that we have to rely on the Rev’s superb work to expose stuff like this?
    What are all the other journalists across the country doing?

    Did they really spend all those years at Uni, dreaming of exposing the next Watergate, just to become shills of the establishment?

  159. X_Sticks says:

    Just been watching a bit of FMQ’s. Nicola wasn’t taking prisoners.

    Just a pity this could mean Murray hanging on to his seat.

    I suggested on the other thread that South Edinburgh folks should print Rev Stu’s three articles on this subject and get them delivered to every house in the constituency. Some truth might make a difference.

    Perhaps we could organise a one-day campaign-bomb in the area to get it done – a la RIC indyref mass canvass events.

  160. X_Sticks says:

    Well, seems QT will have TWO progressive politicians on the panel. Might give a bit of balance. Won’t hold my breath.

  161. velofello says:

    First class reporting Rev.

    Regards Dugdale. You are judged by the company you keep.

  162. Mike says:

    I will still happily vote for Neil in 2 weeks time, although, as I mentioned earlier, I feel his chances will be rather slim now in a seat that was always going to be real tough nut to crack for the SNP.

    Sure, Neil said a few things which were not exactly the epitome of political conduct but the sheer hypocrisy of Dugdale and SLAB to attack him when the entire premise of their campaign is predicated on nothing but bile and resentment towards their fellow countrymen.

    As others have noted, I sincerely hope the MSM does not unravel any more of these mishaps in the coming 2 weeks.

  163. Andrew Haddow says:

    Well, well, well, David Maddox follows Ian Smart on Twitter.

  164. sadiedoll says:

    Murphy currently dying on his arse on Scotland 2015. All over the place. He’s trying to use his special soft voice but can’t resist trying to patronise/talk over Sarah Smith.

  165. edulis says:

    Just watching smurf get his comeuppance from Sarah on Scotland 2015. What a prat.!

    I do believe he is blushing with embarrassment.

  166. MajorBloodnok says:

    You’ll be glad to know that BBC Scotlandshire have already taken measures to ensure this does not happen again.

  167. gary says:

    It’s true that the tweet about the elderly was the worst, but it takes me back to the day of the vote.

    I was helping elderly people get to the polling station, and I helped a man who said he had dementia and had forgotten it was the day.

    I drove him to the polling station to vote No, then helped him get some messages, then dropped him home safe.

    I’m still called a nasty cyber nationalist though.

    Can’t please everyone.

  168. stewartb says:

    Confirming Now’s the Hour’ comment at 10.04pm

    The following is advice to sufferers and carers on the Alzheimer’s Society web on voting rights in the UK:

    “Question: Can a person with dementia vote in the UK general and local elections?

    Answer: Yes, a person with dementia can vote regardless of their capacity. It is clearly stated in the Electoral Commission’s guidance for Electoral Registration Officers that mental health conditions do not constitute a legal incapacity to vote, so a person would not be stopped from voting at the polling station.

    However, it is important to note that the guidelines also state that the decision as to whether and how to vote at an election must be made by the elector themselves, and not by a carer or a person making decisions on behalf of the elector.’

    Candidly, this is a something I had not been aware of. No sense in Hay’s tweet that he was arguing against this policy.

  169. Cat says:

    O/T-Scotland 2015- ‘I hope you don’t mind me saying’: This guy is creeping me out.

  170. Stoker says:

    Thanks, Rev, another WOS classic article.

    Just watched the footage you supplied of the Dug at FMQ’ and after being slapped right off her high horse by Nicola you can see it written all over Deputy Dugs face.

    That manky puss of hers had the look of guilt and anger written all over it. Being humiliated in a very public manner but entirely brought upon herself.

    She has also inadvertently exposed her office manager, Dim Jim, for what we all already know him to be – grossly incompetent.

    Considering what the Dug was demanding Nicola does, ie; sack someone for a far lesser offence, can we expect news of Smarts sacking first thing tomorrow morning, going by the Dugs expected standards.

    And the Scottish Parliament must take action against the Dug if she has clearly lied to and mislead parliament. There are no two ways about it. The Scottish Parliament must uphold standards or risk becoming as bad as the Warminster we despise and seek to leave.

    There is already a growing level of ignorance and interruptions creeping into parliamentary business and its mostly coming from the Unionist seats.

    I’m not saying the SNP are entirely blameless but the worst offenders are the Unionists and in particular the Red Tories.

    And the Dug should be told that “an apology is not enough.”

    ((( BINGO )))

  171. Free Scotland says:

    Didn’t Dugdale’s Old Man remind her recently that she should engage her brain before opening her mouth? Must be difficult for her, mind you, knowing that she’s only good enough for the post of assistant branch manager of a failed political outfit.

  172. macnakamura says:

    “Kezia, yir Da’s oan the phone !”

    “Tell him am no in”

  173. Paul says:

    Dimbleby just said it would be a catastrophe if the union broke up on QT.

    #BBC bias

  174. Les Wilson says:

    Well,for those who have not taken the time to look at the Electrol Fraud link, you should try and wade through it, these guys have put so much work into this.
    It really should be read.

    I remember all the gloating before the result of the Referendum. One that told me things were wrong,was Cameron himself,ashen and panicky,then suddenly all smiles.
    Now it seems my gut feeling was right.

    McTeran has not been seen much lately, very quiet, repeating the excercise?

  175. Almannysbunnet says:

    And yet this is still sitting on the BBC page under Brian Taylor’s moniker.

    “First, though, Labour’s Kezia Dugdale wanted to spotlight injudicious remarks made – pseudonymously, on Twitter, need you ask – by Neil Hay who would be the SNP MP for Edinburgh South, should the voters so choose.
    Ms Dugdale wanted Mr Hay sacked. This Ms Sturgeon cannot, entirely, do in that his name is now on the ballot paper and cannot be withdrawn. The SNP could suspend him or withhold support from him. Ms Sturgeon opted rather to condemn his remarks but to suggest that it might be sensible, given the proximity of the election, to let the voters decide.
    The First Minister also noted that Labour was not entirely guiltless on the topic, citing a Labour activist – not a candidate – who had been less than complimentary about the SNP.”

    So Ian Smart’s vile tweets are “less than complmentary about the SNP.” Of course he’s a “labour activist – not a candidate.” So that’s all right.

  176. Chic McGregor says:

    Sleep well U-Bots, another job well done, or at least as well as you can manage.

  177. Training Day says:

    In the two minutes hate on Question Time the election of SNP MPs has just been described as ‘an affront to democracy’ by the UKIP bod.

    Little sign of disagreement from the audience in West Bromwich.

  178. Dumb Unicorn says:

    I was going to post on here earlier to ask if anyone knew how the twitter account had been attributed to Neil Hay but seems others are asking the same question.

    The only plausible explanation to me is that someone has been actively digging into his background. It’s very worrying that they’ve been able to identify someone from an anonymous account whether it’s been done by hacking or they have some other inside information.

    Makes me think of the circumstances where a certain Mr Murphy won his seat. The original Tory candidate Allan Stewart resigned 5 wks before the election after being outed in the press for an affair and alcohol problems. Then within a week or so, the Tories’ most likely successor Michael Hirst fell victim to rumours about his private life, leaving the Tories to hastily find a new candidate and with very little time to overturn the image that all Tories were immoral. Very handy indeed, for Labour anyway.

    The timing of today’s ‘scandal’ is deliberate and will only benefit one party. They may well have a pool of similar scandals up their sleeves ready to release at opportune moments.

    I wish May 7th would hurry up! I should be excited that the party I’ve voted for all my adult life may actually win in my seat and a great many others. But I just keep watching out for the next banana skin.

  179. Big Jock says:

    Remember when they smeared Mhairi Black her vote share increased in Douglas Alexanders seat. Do not underestimate the Scottish public. They may well see right through this. We are taking all the yes votes with us plus many pissed off Labour voters. I also belief the SNP vote was down weighted.

  180. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Check out WOS Twitter feed – Daily Mail going with this big-time. (Seems the Murph also tried to squeeze it into his Sarah Smith encounter?)

  181. revjimbob says:

    Blooming hell – you have been thorough with this one.

  182. Maureen says:

    Nicola on newsnight. Brilliant!

  183. Big Jock says:

    Well guys can you imagine any of us standing to be MPs and finding some of our posts. Then taking them out of context in years to come?

    Welcome to the murky world of Labour unionist politics. Did Murphy not bully students once at a demo and was asked to leave as he wouldnt stop shouting and theatening them.

    So someone is trawling the internet on a daily basis. How desperate and immoral are these individuals!

  184. X_Sticks says:

    BTW menat to say – this whole smear just stinks of McTernan – again.

  185. dramfineday says:

    Ho,Ho,Ho, and I repeat once again – you thought you would pack it in – hah. The unionists and their appalling pals in the press wish you had!

    Cracking article and great response from the First Minister.

  186. John from Fife says:

    Re Scotland 2015 – It now seems that according to “a poll” Labour seem to think that they will have a overall UK majority to form the Government and will not need support from the SNP. They are now saying that they will not need any type of support/coalition (The clunking fist also said this in a Kirk in Kirkcaldy today).

  187. DerekM says:

    @ Graeme Doig

    She could not Graeme if she had it would be all over the papers and news ,they would have spun it against her ,now Nicola doesnt attack very often but this time labour were stupid enough to try and back her against the wall ,well they learned a valuable lesson when she needs to she will strike and it will not be pretty.

    What is incredible is that labour must think they are all saints to try this kind of pish its astonishing.

    My dunce cap of the day goes to Kezia for listening to fat boy and the necromancer do yourself a favour girl get as far away from them as possible before they end your career for you.

  188. ClanDonald says:

    God, you’re good, Rev Stu, exposeur extraordinaire 🙂

  189. IvMoz says:

    TBH Neil’s public comments about the elderly were inappropriate.

    When the breakdown of the referendum voting came out I too was guilty of being disparaging of the older voters & supportive of the 16/17 years old electorate.

    Guilty as charged.

    I however did not publish those kind of thoughts on Social Media.

    Additionally I am not a prospective Parliamentary Candidate

    Admittedly little did we know in 2012 that comments on Social Media would be scrutinised so much later on. However we have to reap what we sow.

    Yes attack Kezia for hypocrisy but Neil is no saint. His comments were wrong.

    Probably swimming against the tide here but attack me for my viewpoint only.

    SNP activist since ’83 ” Win With Watt” I’ve the battle scars to prove i.

  190. Big Jock says:

    Ian Daily Mail probably trawled the internet for the tweets and passed to McTernan. It just shows the whole thing was a set up. The fact that this is the worst they can find. Tells you they are really struggling. They will be doing it for every SNP candidate.

  191. Morag says:

    That’s quite clever the way “quisling” turns into “("Quizmaster" - Ed)” when you post it. Very droll, Stu.

  192. Betty Boop says:

    Isn’t there some rule or other which states that politicians during the campaign period are not allowed to knowingly tell lies?

    The run up to the referendum was utterly disgraceful on the unionist side and it could hardly be imagined that these cretins could wallow deeper in the muck, but, the past few weeks have demolished that theory. Maliciously blackening an opponent’s character in this way, could, I hope find Dugdale answering in law.

    Anyone on here who is in Neil Hay’s constituency should, if they can, get out there on the campaign trail, start knocking doors and do street work to put the record straight if necessary. You can never talk to too many people!

  193. manandboy says:

    Just dropped into the Institute for Fiscal Studies to check out who exactly it is that does the studying. It doesn’t look good if you want a thoroughly independent examination of something like, say, Scottish annual mineral revenues for the last forty years with an auditors guarantee attached.

    The research Director, Professor Sir Richard Blundell CBE is very obviously an extremely gifted and very highly honoured man and is respected throughout the world in his field.

    The Director is Paul Johnson. He has worked and published extensively on the economics of public policy. As well as a previous period of work at the IFS his career has included spells at HM Treasury, the Department for Education and the Financial Services Authority. Another very talented guy in his field.

    However, in a game of cricket between Scotland and England, I would imagine they both would choose to bat for England. Every time.

    So when you hear figures being quoted as from the IFS, you may rest assured that those figures will never tell you the truth about the Scottish Economy, in spite of the fact that Scottish revenues almost certainly help pay for the running of the IFS.

  194. HandandShrimp says:

    Labour are in dire straights when the only strategy they can think of to save their seats is to try and get the opponent out of the race. What next? Acme anvils dropped from the top of canyons?

    Labour are Dick Dastardly.

  195. Graeme Doig says:


    No doubt Derek and to be honest the damage was done when the EEN ran the story. Plenty older folk need their daily EEN fix.

    Nicola dismantled Kezia with her response but very few get to see that.

  196. Les Wilson says:

    John from Fife says:

    John they probably have already laid out the postal votes!

  197. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Almannysbunnet (11.11) –

    ‘And yet this is still sitting on the BBC page under Brian Taylor’s moniker…’

    Just as well it wasn’t under his arse.

  198. Betty Boop says:

    @ a supporter, 23/4/15, 9:09pm

    Jim Stirling at 8.24

    “what they read in the papers or see on TV is all they have to go on”

    No it isnt. Canvassers tell them the truth. Few ‘older’ people and many not so older people don’t read Scotsman/Evening News and especially not the ‘political’ guff so unlikely this nonsense will have much effect.

    A lot read the readtops, however, and watch tv for their news. I already commented in O/T that an elderly SNP supporter I spoke to this week had never heard of The National even though she and her husband buy a daily paper.

    The lack of access to social media amongst their age group is a serious disadvantage. Most likely if they had, they would have heard about the only daily reporting with integrity as well as myriad online news and blogs.

    Buying an extra National or two and donating them to sheltered housing lounges and the like, or passing them on to elderly relatives, would be a worthwhile investment.

  199. Graeme Doig says:


    The BBC told me today that, and i paraphrase, when the IFS tell you facts about the economy politicians and journalists take notice. This is due to the fact they are completely impartial and have, and i quote, ‘no axe to grind’.

    Do you still stick by your comment? 😉

  200. manandboy says:

    betty Boop says “it could hardly be imagined that these cretins could wallow deeper in the muck, but, the past few weeks have demolished that theory.”

    Enter the Masters of the Dark Arts of political campaigning, John McTernan and the Australian, Lynton Crosby, PR Guru’s for Labour and the Tories, respectively. These are men who are hired to win elections under difficult conditions; under losing conditions. Democracy is simply not a part of their brief. Spreading muck most certainly is – it’s a speciality. These men, Crosby in particular, charge very large sums of money for their skillset.

    This is the world of how to conduct an election whereby, even if you lose, it will be made to appear that you won; and the electorate will be persuaded that the result is genuine, even though it is not.

  201. Doug Daniel says:

    Just when I think it’s not possible for Nicola to go any higher in my estimations, she goes and Sturgeonates Dugdale beautifully in the chamber. That’s such a satisfying clip to watch. It’s just a perfect performance, complete with a skilful head wobble.

    (And seriously impressive bit of research from you, Stu. This is why we pay you the big bucks.)

  202. terry says:

    Brilliant Stu. And even when we get our indepedence we will still need you. Fair play to the SNP and the Green party but who guards the guards? Who loks out for the people? I think we will always need you – just in case!

  203. Legerwood says:

    If people are going to dig back into the things people have written on Social Media then think what it will be like in the not too distant future when parties are trying to select candidates given the ever increasing numbers who post on various sites.

    Or people are considering whether to enter politics. They would have to make a decision aged 8 never to post on Social media.

    Under those conditions we are likely to end up with people of such stultifying blandness that they would make the current crop of clones, with some honourable or right honourable exceptions, look animated by comparison.

  204. Eckle Fechan says:

    I add my endorsement for another quality and clinical post that epitomises the essence of Wings and will surely stand the test of time for up and coming truth sayers of the future to learn from.

    DUG a hole there, eh Kez? Bet your Dad’s proud.

  205. Morag says:

    TBH Neil’s public comments about the elderly were inappropriate.

    When the breakdown of the referendum voting came out I too was guilty of being disparaging of the older voters & supportive of the 16/17 years old electorate.

    Guilty as charged.

    Yes I’m going to disagree. That’s not even a rough approximation to what Hay tweeted.

    His tweet was posted nearly three years ago. June 2012, long before we had any idea of the result of the referendum. It was nothing to do with the older demographic voting No. Indeed, it was nothing to do with older people or pensioners as a group.

    He pointed out that there are old people who are so confused they’re not capable of knowing there’s an election on, never mind who’s standing and what their policies are. Nevertheless they are on the electoral register and can legally vote.

    Discussing the problem of advanced Alzheimer’s sufferers being able to vote and (not stated) the possibility that someone else may vote by post in their name, in a Twitter conversation, is hardly “public comments about the elderly” in the sense you imply.

  206. Morag says:

    Something Stu didn’t highlight. One of the tweets that made its way into the (small and innocuous) collection of apparently unacceptable statements was a recommendation to read Wings.

    Apparently someone things that simply recommending Wings is enough to damn a politician.

  207. Thepnr says:

    In two weeks time when this is all over what are we going to do with ourselves? There will be no one left to aim Wings arrows at. 🙂

    Just jesting, two weeks time will just be the beginning.

  208. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi IvMoz.

    Methinks you miss the point.

    Hay’s original tweet was a link to a spoof/satirical/humorous web site, of which many of us are aware, in which he quoted the spoof site’s headline.

    The headline on the site was/is:-

    Prizewinners celebrate success at this years Scottish Quisling awards

    And here’s the link to the page.

    ttp://"Quizmaster" - Ed)s.html

    Now him providing a link to a comedic web site: that means he, personally thinks more than half of Scots are †r@!†ørS???

    AS I see it, he has done nothing to warrant the wee brunette dug’s affront at FMQ’s today.


    Hi Rev Stu.

    Your stories, today, on this subject, must rate as some of the best INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM we have seen in the past few years.

    Would that the ‘professional’ media could cam close…

  209. scunner says:

    @ Morag 12.34

    I had a similar discussion with the wife. The Care Home vote.
    We’ve all had failing relatives, those who remain sharp as tacks right to the end, and those that lose their faculties on the way.

    Who “helps” these poor souls with matters such as voting?

  210. Rev, hiv tae say wan o’yir best.

  211. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    OK, the link got screwed up because,
    A) I missed out the primary “h”
    B) The Rev’s automatic Qü!zling filter screwed up the the rest of the link.

    So, go to the top of this page, and click on the “Och Aye The News” graphic, which will take you to the original article – which is a SPOOF!

  212. Malcontent says:

    Great work, Stu.
    Superb to see Nicola go on the attack as I am sure Slab have more of this pish to come.
    But the rattled look on Deputy Dugdale’s face means they may think twice.
    “The Sturgeonator” Love it!!

  213. AlbertaScot says:

    Some interesting banter on Deputy Dad’s Twitter account.

    No reply yet from Jeff Dugdale yet after the Stu’s stellar work was pointed out to him.

    Should be a good read when the old school teacher gets around to responding to his own thread.

    Over to you, Jeff.

  214. manandboy says:

    Graeme Doig says:

    The BBC told me today – ‘no axe to grind’.
    Do you still stick by your comment?”

    Most certainly, Graham.

    No axe to grind presupposes one is in the middle and ambivalent to both sides.

    The IFS could not publish figures for Scottish Oil and Gas throughout the period of the Secret McCrone Report (1974 – 2004). It would be normal of course for a Gov funded institution to be subject to the Secrets Act, but the point is the IFS could not be ambivalent in such a situation. It had no choice and it had no axe.

    But then, in 2005, when the McCrone Report was made public, the IFS still didn’t provide any accurate analysis. How could it, with the Gov still very anxious to keep the whole Scottish oil issue as quiet as possible; something the Gov has continued to do to this day. When was the last time anyone heard a Gov Minister speak openly and truthfully about Scottish Oil. It is almost never talked about.

    No way the IFS is going to thwart the Gov efforts to keep the whole issue quiet, by supplying reliable data openly. The Gov would just shut them down.

    It suits the Gov to have the population believe the IFS figures are solid, because then anyone who disputes them is considered a nut job. And the BBC, as the Gov mouthpiece, is going to uphold that belief.

    If the IFS told the truth then the Government couldn’t lie. Now that’s not going to happen is it.

  215. desimond says:

    Kezia once said…

    Communication is absolutely everything in 21st century politics. From the sofa of STV’s new Scotland Tonight to the superhighway of Twitter and online campaigning

  216. manandboy says:

    The vast majority of people in these islands have lived their lives in the belief that the Welfare State would pull them up if they fell.

    But in recent years, especially the last five, people have come to realise that if they fall, the government will just cut the rope.

    Labour and Tory have told everyone they are going to keep on doing that, with promised cuts of at least £30billion.

    That’s why the country has turned against both Tory and Labour and may not trust them ever again.

    Cameron and Miliband, touring the country with a pair of scissors in their pocket. They just don’t get it.

    Nicola has no scissors, just a helping hand.

    But she’s not out to make a fortune either. That’s the real difference.

  217. Louis B Argyll says:

    After “chage”


    creating and maintaining

    the atmosphere for a spark

    is a relentless duty.

    …but the burning quest for progress must be


    with ideas

    The hard work ahead IS the bright future.

  218. Valerie says:

    Errr, just wow! Well done Rev. great piece of investigation.

    How in the name of the wee man could Dugdale tell that bare faced lie in the Chamber????

    I really do hope the National picks up on this, the electorate deserves better than this, as I pointed out two threads ago when some were downplaying the cretin known as Smart. Labour should have distanced themselves many moons ago from his filth to have any credibility/honesty with voters.

  219. Louis B Argyll says:

    After “change”


    creating and maintaining

    the atmosphere for a spark

    is a relentless duty.

    …but the burning quest for progress must be


    with ideas

    The hard work ahead IS the bright future.

  220. Dr Jim says:

    Once again the rotting stench of Labour fills the air just as it did in the Referendum in coalition with the State Broadcaster and print media

    Win or lose Labour will have had it’s last hurrah in Scotland
    for the Electorate will have seen through all of the bile and acrid smell that are the tactics of a Party almost a corpse and will reject them as surely as they rejected Scotland

    The elderly whom they manipulate and prey upon with horror stories of lost pensions and NHS disasters will be replaced by a more informed and more difficult to scare population plus our youngsters coming of age to vote will bring another dimension which will not be burdened in the same way as their grandparents before were

    It’s saddening the last couple of weeks of this General Election which promises so much looks as though it may be even worse than the final weeks of the Referendum in terms of the amount of outright badness that’s starting to appear
    born again out of the desperation of the Unionist desire for power for powers sake and not for good

    Whether the SNP do well or not(and we all hope they do)I think will not worry me for I see the death of the Union as clear as day and a great deal of the cause strangely enough will probably be down to the English because I see David Cameron (if he wins) prepared to keep playing the race card to gain the destruction of Labour and Scotland keeping his class where he believes they belong… as rulers..
    Although, of what

  221. charlie says:

    Jon Piennar made some usual BBC slur against the SNP earlier, but be cool, on May 8th, a week after Workers Day which Labour has abandoned, the Scottish Labour Party will cease to exist. All their pish and shite will be for the minister to say the best about and bury them with dignity and allow them to mourn in the House of Lords.
    This will stop this being a Scottish political site but will, God willing, be a site to debate how the British Isles moves on.

  222. Still Positive. says:

    My late Mum had vascular dementia and was in a care home because she was a danger to herself.

    In the 2011 election my sister brought Mum’s postal vote (delivered to the home she had shared with my sister) to the care home to be filled in. We both had Power of Attorney but we disagreed on whether Mum should vote.

    I felt strongly that Mum should not vote as we never knew how she voted in the past – she kept that secret. But my sister was adamant that Mum being a very proud Scot should vote SNP in both the constituency and list votes. My sister and I voted likewise and we got the result that we wanted.

    Incidentally when my Mum died in November 2012 I had ‘Flower of Scotland’ played as her coffin was carried in to the crematorium on St. Andrew’s Day.

    My sister died in September 2012.

  223. jock mc X says:

    Is there nobody in the labour party who cares about the
    damage thier doing to themselves and the scottish people.

    Brilliant work by Wings…Nicola =”class”.

  224. geeo says:

    Point of order @ charlie.

    The Scottish Labour Party already DOES NOT exist..

    Nice touch from Natalie Bennett on QT regarding disrespect for Scottish voters (and nailing dimbleby as a disrespector)

    Labour Car Crash on Scotland 2015.
    Even with S.Smith as an airbag protecting him from a shouty breakdown by being sort as shoite on him, he made a complete zoomer of himself yet again.

    Will catch up with newsnight tomorrow, sides were hurting after all the comedy on display !

    Remember…SNP Bad !(c)

  225. John Boyes says:

    And all to save the skin of this man

    “RSS Feed

    Ian became MP for Edinburgh South on 6th May 2010.

    Ian was born to a cooper father and shop worker mother in 1976. Brought up in Wester Hailes, Ian when to Dumbryden primary school, then Wester Hailes Education Centre. Ian enrolled at Edinburgh University at the age of 16. He supported his studies with part-time job in a local fish & chip shop, where he then set up and ran a pizza delivery service. Ian studied Social Policy and Law and graduated with an Honours degree at the age of 20. He went on to work at the Royal Blind Asylum and then in pensions management after graduating.

    After this Ian was head hunted by an Edinburgh based internet television station ( during the boom where he helped to build a new online TV station. Ultimately, the company ran out funding but, after being made redundant, Ian progressed to set-up his own event management business, 100mph Events Ltd.

    As an event manager, Ian ran the largest arts festival in Europe for 7 years, during which time he was involved in television production, artistic programming, sponsorship and financial management and all other areas of the business from building scaffolding to presenting artists. Ian’s proudest moment as an event manager was his concert with Billy Bragg, Chrissie Hynde, Steve Earle, Joan Baez and Emmy-Lou Harris, which raised over £100,000 for the Landmine for a Free World Charity in 2004. Ian’s event management experience has included organising live music concerts, broadcast over the internet, from various of Edinburgh’s large music venues.

    Ian also organised a student exchange programme in Nepal to fund school buildings and staff.In 2003, Ian stood for the Council in Liberton and won a seat at the age of 27. He has continued to be a Councillor in this part of the world since. Ian has been involved in the hospitality trade, having rennovated and operated 3 establishments during the last 6 years with his partner of 10 years, Hannah. He was responsible for working with the police to set-up a pub watch scheme in the Newington area.

    Ian is a Trustee of the Great War Memorial Committee which built and maintains the only
    Edinburgh War Memorial on the Somme. His interest in wildlife and conservation includes a longstanding support for Care for the Wild and it’s polar bear research programme. Ian is a member of Amnesty International, USDAW Union and the Fabian Society. In rare moments of spare time, Ian enjoys reading, watching films, inexpertly playing tennis and football, going to live music concerts, visiting art galleries & museums and cooking.
    Hide full bio
    Entries by Ian Murray”

    As was said in “House of Cards “You might very well say that, I couldn’t possibly comment”

  226. Macart says:

    What goes round, comes round.

    That verbal skelp has been a long time coming.

    The FM on top form.

  227. If Quislings sold out their country to the Nazi’s, who did Slabour sell out their country to. No, beats me, if only I had 9 years of university to fall back on.

  228. Morag says:

    Manandboy, 01.18. That’s a really perceptive comment. Why didn’t I realise that?

  229. Ghillie says:

    Kezia Dugdale is a very very naughty girl who simply does not do her homework.

    I expect her dad will be having very stern words with her.

  230. Another Union Dividend says:

    Although not a constituent, and unlike the hate rant Daily Mail, I knew Neil Hay through the Yes campaign where for two years he worked tirelessly for a cause he believed in.

    His comments were stupid but he has immediately apologized and not made excuses for something that only ranks 1 on the on the Cyber Richter scale or in comparison to the unionist press’s demonisation of people and causes they don’t like.

    Neil Hay is very conscientious and hard working and does not come from the normal political bubble of being a councillor or parliamentary researcher or assistant.

    He overcame a horrendous spinal injury when he was told that he would never walk again but with great determination and fortitude over several years he overcame severe pain and as a loving father of two delightful young children Neil now works for the Edinburgh Cyrenians a charity involved in homeless prevention.

    He also volunteers in local projects using his business skills to mentor disabled people in finding jobs, and volunteers at night shelters through his local church where he is an active member.

    Having lost the political argument, Labour and their media allies are now playing the man rather than the ball.

    No ordinary punter like Neil, can be prepared to deal with this media onslaught but Wingers might like to redress the situation, where appropriate, with a few facts about the real Neil Hay.

  231. caz-m says:

    Kezia Dugdale’s forte’ is,

    “torn face, rants”, (with bulging eyes).

  232. caz-m says:

    One more year Kezia, then you are oot in your ear as well.

  233. Robert Louis says:

    Another union dividend, at 0629 am,

    Your comment is 100% correct. Totally agree. Now we know all the facts thanks to Wings, it is clear that what happened yesterday was nothing short of yet another tawdry attempt by Labour and their media chums to smear an SNP candidate. Labour and their unionist cabal in the media have found that smearing Nicola doesn’t work, so now they are scraping around for titbits to manipulate into ‘shock horror SNP bad scandal’ nonsense about candidates.

    I would agree with your assessment of Neil Hay. As I said yesterday, he is a good man, and we should back him to the hilt, to ensure such smearing based upon lies does not work. In my book he has done nothing wrong.

    On the plus side, I genuinely do not think this kind of thing by Labour plays well with the electorate, as most see it for what it is, just dirty nonsense by a very desperate Labour party. I really do not think it will affect the vote for Neil.

    People need to get behind Neil over the weekend, to make sure Labour’s Iain Murray is booted out of office, and we get a decent, hard working, committed SNP MP to stand up for Edinburgh south at last.

    Sick and tired of Labour’s disreputable behaviour. Really sick and tired of it. It is a smokescreen so they do not have to fully explain their policies to Scots, like their support for weapons of mass destruction.

  234. Les Wilson says:

    Be prepared folks for another day of democracy Westminster style. What these parasites do not realise is that we now see through their spin, lies, deceit and propaganda which is running at Goebbles levels. He would be so proud of his followers, but might not have been smiling this time.

  235. Stoker says:

    Just watched last nights edition of Scotland 2015 on the iplayer.

    For the first time ever i sat through a full Dim Jim broadcast.

    This is what i came away with.

    (a): He’s still a creepy lying turd.

    (b): His latest 2 catchphrases seem to be – “I hope you don’t mind” and “let the pollsters poll and the voters vote”.

    (c): He’s still a bullying control freak.

    (d): He’s still one of the most ignorantly rude people i have ever had the misfortune to hear, with his constant interrupting of and talking over people – it stinks of childish fingers in the ears as he shouts LA LA LA NOT LISTENING LA LA LA.

    (e): He has to be eliminated from his seat and our political process. This pathological liar is a danger to Scotland and positive progress.

    (f): That’s approximately 30 minutes of my life i’m never going to get back and you will not catch me doing that again.

    I think i need another shower, with a dose of delousing.

    Red Tories out – Vote SNP.

  236. Iain More says:

    This BBC and Labour muck raking is just a smokescreen to cover for its lamentable lack of genuine policies that appeal to Scots voters. Well that and the fact that Labour has the full backing of Thatcherite Tories wanting their fellow dirt bag Tories to vote tactically to keep the SNP out. Oh and we also have the ignominious site of Labour and Lib Dem candidates out with begging bowls for those same votes as well. There are no words to describe how evil these people are.

  237. Anagach says:

    Excellent legwork. If only just one of the main stream media channels would spend some time and effort in challenging this kind of political chicanery. But I guess they have their own agendas.

  238. Robert Peffers says:

    @Morag says: 24 April, 2015 at 12:34 am:

    ” … Discussing the problem of advanced Alzheimer’s sufferers being able to vote and (not stated) the possibility that someone else may vote by post in their name, in a Twitter conversation, is hardly “public comments about the elderly” in the sense you imply”

    Has to be pointed out, Morag, I’ve been involved in volunteer work since my early teens. Thus been inside all sorts of institutions and clubs for every age group. If put on the witness stand I’d have to swear there are confused people in every age from cradle to grave.

    The real story is that the candidate did not say what the news article stated he did. It is a lie – nothing more and nothing less.

  239. T.roz says:

    We’ll said Stoker, I noticed that his latest catchphrase was well used ” I hope you don’t mind” Murphy is treating this as one big joke. He is impossible to follow.

  240. Robert Peffers says:

    @scunner says: 24 April, 2015 at 12:48 am:

    ” … Who “helps” these poor souls with matters such as voting.”

    I’ve a very long history of volunteer work in all sorts of institutions, Scunner. The only ones, other than staff or family, I have ever observed doing so were known labour party, (mostly local labour councillors and MPs), and Trade Union officials.

    These came already armed with application forms for postal votes and mostly took applications and actual completed postal ballot envelopes away to, (Ahem!), post.

  241. john king says:

    Dan Huil @ 7.42pm
    “Dugdale, in denying she knew Ian Smart, was lying in the Holyrood parliament.”

    Did anyone hear a cock crow three times? 🙂
    a2 @ 7.56pm
    lets not miss out that his pal Uri was saying he wasn’t able to recognise anyone 3 years ago. still ok to pass laws tho.

    And he did pass go and he did collect £300.00 (a day) not SO incapable as to forget that!
    What did they do?
    wheel him in on a sack barrow?

    Tam Jardine @7.56pm
    “Then if they both win they can sit next to each other and pass wee notes.”

    He could mibbe let her have a wee shottie o his Union Jack Jaiket anaw eh? 🙂
    Tackety beets @ 8.03pm
    “If Carlsberg did ………………………. absolutely priceless !”

    If Carlsberg did schadenfreude absolutely priceless !

    finished that for you. 🙂
    Robert Louis @ 8.09pm
    “Makes me even more determined to ensure the SNP win.”

    I think your right Robert all they will have achieved there is that they have spurred the local activists on to even greater effort, well done Kez, well done.
    Tinto Chiel @ 8.10pm
    “Not the remotest chance of a gracious reply or apology in the Scottish Parliament, of course.”

    Nail hit squarely on head,
    the level of hypocrisy to be seen on a daily basis in public life is reaching saturation point and WHEN we do get independence we should demand the same standards of our politicians that the law demands of us,

    No lying, no stealing, no fraud, no libelous comments, or face the wrath of the public, deselection and prosecution.

    ps and there should be no parliamentary protection for MSP’s who make dishonest comments in the house!
    Heedtracker @ 8.15pm
    ““Brown reveals that on day one of a Labour Government, Scottish Labour will send 167 Scots food banks emergency payment of £5,000 each to tackle poverty crisis””

    Cumon noo, be fair the man also wants the local bus companies to provide free travel for people to get to foodbanks, but no mention of how they’ll end the NEED for them in the first place ,

    What gets me is all of those great people are spending their time looking after oor ain folk (which shouldn’t even be necessary in the first place) rather than focusing on the poor dispossessed, refugees from war torn countries (that strangely we took a hand in bringing security to), to the point you could almost walk across the Mediterranean without getting your feet wet on the dead bodies of the migrants,

    I weep for the poor people of Lampedusa who have to helplessly stand by and watch the relentless cavalcade of coffins being taken to the local cemetery to lay to rest the souls who were trying to escape the creatures known as ISIS, yet another spiffing wheeze created by the western security services, last time they got a willing band of people together to fight Soviet expansionism in Afghanistan we ended up with Al queda!
    Lesley-Anne @ 10.03pm

    Woohahahahahahaha hilarious. 🙂
    JLT @ 10.09pm
    “It’s beginning to look a wee bit like Murphy and his spinners have set up Deputy Dugdale to be his human shield ”

    I refer the honorable gentleman to the evidence provided by the estimable Lesley Anne @ 10.03pm, snigger. 😉
    Donald Urquart @ 10.22pm
    “Advice needed on how to formally complain, re deliberate misleading of Parliament –”

    Public Standards committee
    Effijy @
    “Anyone know what size Kaiser Dugdale takes in a Jack Boot?”

    Dae ye dae it in a Brogue?

  242. john king says:

    Legerwood @ 12.28am
    “Under those conditions we are likely to end up with people of such stultifying blandness that they would make the current crop of clones, with some honorable or right honorable exceptions, look animated by comparison.”

    Cumon folks isnt it about time we stopped kicking wee Willie Rennie in the face?
    He’s hid enough cumon noo. 🙂

  243. john king says:

    Morag @ 12.35pm
    “Apparently someone things that simply recommending Wings is enough to damn a politician.”

    It isn’t?
    I thought it was tantamount to having an illicit copy of Mein Kampf under your mattress?

  244. john king says:

    Thepnr says
    “In two weeks time when this is all over what are we going to do with ourselves? There will be no one left to aim Wings arrows at. 🙂

    Aw 🙁 .

    Just jesting, two weeks time will just be the beginning.”

    Yea 🙂 .

  245. Bob Mack says:

    For months we on this website have been discussing the manipulation of the elderly by Labour and other Unionist Parties.It is one of the reasons we lost the referendum.
    The tone of Mr Hays tweet recognises that potential long before the referendum took place a nd he was right.
    It would seem to me at least to be somewhat hypocritical to now stand back and say he was wrong to send such a tweet long before the referendum,when we ourselves on this very site discussed the potential for manipulation of nursing home and care facility vote harvesting by Labour and its supporters
    We know it happened.
    Re tweeting the name of an article is also not a crime.Are we now debarred from mentioning books or articles on any given subject.We only learn and grow through reading ,learning and filtering information from many sources.
    I myself have read some unsavoury publications,discussed them, learned from them,and decided their siutability or otherwise..
    Mr Hay has done nothing wrong,but rather got it right in my book.If Nicola has taught us anything,it is to be honest.

  246. john king says:

    Scunner says @12.48
    “Who “helps” these poor souls with matters such as voting?”

    Why the labour party of course.

  247. Robert Peffers says:

    @manandboy says: 24 April, 2015 at 1:05 am:

    ” … How could it, with the Gov still very anxious to keep the whole Scottish oil issue as quiet as possible; something the Gov has continued to do to this day. When was the last time anyone heard a Gov Minister speak openly and truthfully about Scottish Oil. It is almost never talked about.

    Note my emphasis of the word Scottish, manandboy for there is the whole root of the creative accountancy scam but it also points to the Establishment’s case that they subsidise Scotland.

    In all Westminster accounts the oil does not come from Scotland but from, “Extra-region-territories”, and is thus United Kingdom Oil & gas. This scam is not confined to just oil & gas revenues either. They skim off large chunks of Scottish earned revenues by simply crediting it under headings that make it United Kingdom revenue on paper.

    This is in line with many more Establishment scams. Take the conflation of UK and England by the Establishment – even to the extent of the Westminster parliament itself. It is nominally United Kingdom but de facto England. Now we have Cameron telling us he will set up, “English votes for English laws”, and even more idiotic an English rate of Income Tax.

    As there is no such legal thing as an English Parliament, no such thing as English funding, no such thing as English Ministries it must soon become clear that the Establishment has indeed made the Kingdom of England the United Kingdom and extinguished the Kingdom of Scotland. You just cannot have any kind of legal law, tax, or funding for a parliament that does not legally exist.

    Dave’s claims can only make sense in a mind that already has accepted the bipartite United Kingdom has become the Kingdom of England both nominally and factually.

  248. Hughonabike says:

    Dear Dippit Dug,If only science can operate on your distorted brain and put it to good use,
    Society will reap a great benefit……….But I would very much doubt it.

  249. gordoz says:

    Hey – One for all the No voters on here (You know you are )

    Taking recent statement form our English Nationalist friends at Westminster, after this election, still think the people of Scotland will feel like loved, respected, valued ‘equal’
    partners in this relationship after all the latest ‘love bombing’ & ‘rough wooing’ via the media ??

    Especially when our next batch of MP’s from Britain North arrive, or will they be the wrong type of equal citizens.

    Neither equal complicit troughers or equal rollover poodles like your old Labour / LibDim friends.

  250. john king says:

    Icyspark @1.58
    how the hell did you do that?
    creeping me out! 🙂

  251. X_Sticks says:


    “In two weeks time when this is all over what are we going to do with ourselves? There will be no one left to aim Wings arrows at”

    Then it’ll be time to roll up our sleeves and get started on the 2016 Holyrood election so I hope you haven’t worn youself out too early. 2016 will be a fight and a half. We ain’t seen nothing yet..

  252. Luigi says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    23 April, 2015 at 8:36 pm

    In truth I’ve been slacking a wee bit this week, as not all that much has been happening. But this sort of stuff is what Wings Over Scotland exists for.

    Aye, Rev. You have been relatively quiet the past few days.

    You are up to something!

  253. Nana Smith says:

    I have nothing much to say regarding Dugdale and the faux outrage of slabbers. Each time they open their mouths shows them up to be incompetent liars so nothing new there. Empty vessels make the most noise.

    Spotted a tweet last evening re Gord Brown. Something along the lines of he has registered his sons in a US school.
    Running away, the cowards last resort perhaps.

    Anyway a couple of links

    Know anything about this Gordy? or any of the missing files and names contained within.

    Lord Greville Janner child sex abuse file ‘lost’ by Home Office

    On oil…

  254. Joemcg says:

    I see the proud scotchman is still repeating the distortion of the facts on this story today. Fucking liars.

  255. galamcennalath says:

    OT Telegraph

    “Postal voting fraud is ‘easy’, electoral commissioner says”

  256. yerkitbreeks says:

    What great journalism – I saw a bit of this on the TV and decided it was froth, but to see the machinations revealed…….

    The reason you’ve so many viewers, Rev.

  257. Nana Smith says:

    How disillusionment with Labour in Scotland has turned to raw rage

  258. Brian Powell says:

    Nana Smith

    On the oil issue. I almost don’t blame the Tories, it is what they do, entitlement is built in.

    It is Labour in Scotland that stand utterly condemned. No matter what Labour London branch did, Labour MPs in Sotand should have been standing as a solid group arguing for a real share directly to Scotland. Specifically to reinvest and rebuild.

    The complained often enough about what Thatcherism did here. We had Brown, Darling, Alexander, Blair, Dewer, all supposedly big political hitters, but they did nothing.

    In Dewer and Blair’s case they did less than nothing! Taking away vast areas of Scottish waters, transferring them to England.

    The others stood by and raised not a finger of protest, more a finger of tuff luck.

  259. Almannysbunnet says:

    @X_Sticks says:
    24 April, 2015 at 9:14 am

    “In two weeks time when this is all over what are we going to do with ourselves?
    Do you honestly think this will be all over in two weeks? Even if we win every seat in Scotland and we hold the balance of power in Westminster “they” will never let up. There will be a constant barrage of hate. Every word that an SNP MP speaks in Westminster will be dissected, rearranged and fed to the public as the minority sweaty socks running Ingerland. Evel is being pushed forward today in an attempt by Cameron to swing some more votes his way. Even with 40-50 seats they are trying to make sure there is nothing we can vote on.

  260. Fireproofjim says:

    Nana smith.
    Thanks for the links.
    The one on the ” lost” files on Lord Janner is disgusting and exactly what we can expect from the corrupt Westminster establishment. (Leon Brittan and Cyril Smith were similarly protected)
    However your link on the ever-renewing crude oil fields is fantasy. As someone who has spent many years in the oil industry I can assure you that it takes many millions of years to convert the remains of plants and plankton to hydrocarbons and only takes a few dozen years to deplete a typical oilfield. However that is not to say that there are not many undiscovered oil fields in Scottish waters, especially on the unexplored West coast.

  261. laukat says:

    With the news that HSBC is considering relocating its HQ outside of the UK I would assume that the general election will be cancelled as the UK is no longer capable of being Independent due to the risk of ‘capital flight’ and we will be asking Germany or France to take control?

    When these Nationalists learn that the UK is too wee, too poor and too stupid to be Independent?

  262. Malcontent says:

    Any comment from the erudite Mr Smart yet?
    I havent been called “facist scum” for days now.
    I guess I must be a communist after all. But at least I am very dangerous, Sir Digby said!!

  263. Joemcg says:

    Nana-good article that.Think if Labour took a neutral stance during the Ref. they probably would have held most of their seats but it was all about personal gain and all they could see was the trough getting taken away from their snouts and betrayed Scotland in to the bargain.

  264. Stu, this is one of your finest pieces, in what is already a superb body of work.
    You should organise a training coarse and invite those so called journalists in the MSM to attend. You might make a few bob and we might get better journalists.

  265. Legerwood says:

    John King @12.28

    Oops. Forgot about Mr Rennie.

    So the future has already happened.

  266. Macart says:

    @ Thepnr and X_Sticks

    “In two weeks time when this is all over what are we going to do with ourselves? There will be no one left to aim Wings arrows at”

    Plot to take over the world? 🙂

  267. heedtracker says:

    Vote Slab or else The Guardian says today Dougie Alexander says stuff like below

    “Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond’s words have a lot more to do with campaigning than governing,” Alexander said. “They have spent their entire lives not trying to help the Labour party but to end the Labour party. So forgive my scepticism as to their latest overtures.”

    Not trying to help Labour’s nae bad for 2nd last Friday morning of their ownership of their Scotland region. No doubt ConDem tactical votes with their Daily Torygraph/Heil wheel of tactic voterising fortune will save Dougie this time and its doesnt get much worse than that.

  268. Capella says:

    “In two weeks time when this is all over what are we going to do with ourselves? There will be no one left to aim Wings arrows at”

    The goal is Independence. So next year we have to sweep the Unionists out of Holyrood and the year after that, sweep them out of Local Government.

    Then proceed to write a new Constitution declaring our Independence. We could do that online like Iceland did! In fact we can start now. Why wait?

  269. gus1940 says:

    Last night’s Misreporting Scotland trailed Brown’s ludicrous speech.

    Said speech which was apparently the usual crap and lies but with the additional bonus of a load of fresh ‘promises’ none of which were mentioned in Labour’s National Manifesto or its alleged North British Accounting Unit’s Manifesto.

    This morning i have watched PQ’s Breakfast TV news bulletins and listened to several GMS bulletins but nowhere was there so much as a whisper about Brown’s ravings. Can anybody suggest a reason for this mysterious silence.

    As for Creepy Jim’s pathetic performance with Sarah Smith I lost count of the number of times he said ‘I hope you don’t mind—‘ His ability to avoid answering questions is a sight to behold.

    I cannot understand how any sentient being can fail to see through this obvious Political Charlatan and yet there will still be some who will vote for him.

  270. Nana Smith says:

    @Brian Powell

    I agree with all you say re Labour. These people were chosen to ‘represent’ Scotland with one goal in mind and that was to keep Scotland under the cosh.

    The internet has been their downfall as at last we have the proof.
    Duplicitous, lying, out for themselves, corruptors on a massive scale.

    I do wonder what secrets we don’t yet know about, blackmail is a powerful tool for keeping people in line.

  271. Fiona says:


    Spent their entire lives not trying to help labour become ever more plutocratic and right wing? why is that a bad thing?

  272. X_Sticks says:


    The Wings and arrows of outrageous fortune?

    Wings over the World?

    I like that 😀

  273. Andrew McLean says:

    The shameless dishonesty and hypocrisy in Scottish Labour is systematic of the terminal disease that if they are not careful will end them as a political force in Scotland, perhaps for a very long time, the day after the referendum i wrote this; This is not the end, but this is the end of the beginning,

    When I started wishing for Scottish independence the best we could hope for was 15%! Over the years we have slowly but surely moved as a Nation to yesterdays high tide mark of 45%, with only 5% of votes between us and the breakup of the union. So as we stand now looking forward, we have a clearer path on the long traveled road, it’s not going to be easy, yesterdays battle was not won, but the next campaign in the battle for Independence has been truly joined.When in the days and weeks ahead the promises made in haste vanish, and the cabal of unionist parties disintegrates in the bitter contest for their Westminster seats, the progression towards independence will continue. Historians in the future will look at the referendum of 2014 as the tipping point in that journey. Remember history is not sudden events but the culminations of all the forces that came before, to the Yes camp I say take heart and rejoice, to the Union I say the clock has started on your demise. To quote Voltaire: God is not on the side of the big battalions, but on the side of those who shoot best.

    The reason why I thought that hasn’t changed in fact everything is still on plan to Independence, what surprises me the most is that Slab still don’t get it? evidenced by Jim Murphy ever time he speaks, personally I think the national labour party have given up, but i will also say an animal is at its most dangerous and unpredictable when its wounded and backed into a corner, so I wonder what their next move will be? but I bet it wont be very well thought out!

  274. Famous15 says:

    I am elderly and in my annual check the doctor asks a series of questions including the one i go with a prepared answer and that is who is the Prme Minister but my next MOT is 10 Th May. I am doomed.

    Since all you youngsters are ganging up on us geriatrics I am going to clype toKesia that you kill hamsters with hammers. That will teach you to respect your elders and often belters,sorry betters.

  275. Nana Smith says:

    Someone been listening to Nick Lowe?

    His lyrics could easily apply to how we feel about Labour

    14 days

    One single grain of sand
    Just broke the camel’s back
    One final fleck of down
    Was enough to make it crack
    It didn’t hardly weigh a thing
    But it might have been a ton
    For the animal’s all in
    Too much damage has been done

    So I’m giving you my notice
    And it works this way
    In two weeks time you will notice I’ve been gone
    For fourteen days

  276. Angus says:

    The look on her Fizzog says it all.

  277. scott says:

    Did anyone else notice that Murphy tried to introduce Dugate into his car crash interview with Lab Sarah last night,mind you she did try to get Murphy to answer her questions but did not push him far enough.

  278. Cadogan Enright says:

    Well for all you moaning minnies giving off about Kerzia Dugdale, the solution is in your hands.

    It is within the power of SNP voters to get rid of her simply by voting Green in the regional list and she and her friends are toast.

    While I am canvassing (and have been fundraising) for the SNP in this election – I will be pretty pissed off if a deal is not reached with the Greens next year on the regional list. And there are a lot more like me.

    You can make the Greens the official opposition.

    See the numbers here

  279. Thepnr says:


    Thepnr says:

    In two weeks time when this is all over what are we going to do with ourselves? There will be no one left to aim Wings arrows at. 🙂

    Just jesting, two weeks time will just be the beginning.

    I totally agree that this election is but the first step on the “Long Walk to Freedom”

    “A Nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but it’s lowest ones”
    ? Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom

  280. galamcennalath says:

    Nana Smith says:
    “How disillusionment with Labour in Scotland has turned to raw rage

    Good article. There are many reasons for SLab’s demise, but for me the biggest was that they sold their soul in return for a No win.

    As the article says, in previous referendums Labour allowed a split of opinion within their ranks and the two sides had a mature debate. After the vote, the two sides got back on track.

    SLab have spent years sitting in a huff in the corner chanting ‘SNP Bad’. They entered the independence campaign with an official line of ‘SNP Bad’ and didn’t accept open rational debate nor the reality that many of their supporters were Yes backing. This was behaviour which would inevitable drive away many from their ranks.

    The combination of a united front with the Tories and media, Project Fear instead of a case for the Union, and also deceitful offers, won the referendum. However, the price may actually turn out to be SLab not continuing as a credible political force.

  281. Capella says:

    @ Cadogan Enright
    Holyrood next year can open up to a range of political opinion after the one party Neo-Liberals are sent packing. Exciting prospects ahead.

  282. HandandShrimp says:

    Is it possible that Maddox has stitched Labour up by running with this story?

    Labour jumped on the Frenchgate smears without checking the background and now Kezia has done the same again with this. How long would it have taken to see he was not calling anyone a Quisling but linking to a satirical article no different from ones on the Daily Mash or any other satirical site?

    Maddox must have known. Did Maddox guess that Labour wouldn’t bother checking and go off at half cock? The Scotsman is Tory paper, making Labour look incompetent seems to be part of the Tory campaign.

  283. big jock says:

    Cadogen – I kind of agree with you. However I usually tick SNP first and Second on my ballot. I like the Greens but always worry that splitting the second vote would let the Labour party in.

    Maybe you can explain the process so we can all grasp it!

  284. jackie g says:

    Cadogan Enright says at 10.55am

    You can make the Greens the official opposition.

    Damn right! 🙂

    The greens will be getting my second vote we need a decent opposition.

    Will be very interesting 😉

  285. heedtracker says:

    Fiona says:
    24 April, 2015 at 10:13 am

    Spent their entire lives not trying to help labour become ever more plutocratic and right wing? why is that a bad thing?

    Scotland’s been a virtual one Slabour party state for 70 years, with the blip in the 50’s, so look at the shockingly corrupt politics its produced.

    As democratic change is presented to Scottish voters by parties like the SNP or the Green party, a whole universe of dysfunctional SLabour right to rule for ever and ever implodes.

    They know Scots want devo and they could have offered a plausible devo, not even devo max. Instead, we got horrific THE VOW fraud, enraged UKOK bigots such as Smart, ranting buffoons like Murphy, sockpuppets like Dugdale, whoever it is that think they own BBC Scotland, all fighting democracy in Scotland with Project Fear 2 and all clutching at tactical ConDem vote straws.

    If its not the end of SLabour this time, it will be next time.

  286. Almannysbunnet says:

    “I first noticed something strange about Herr Spud during one of his many televised tête-à-têtes with Jackie ‘The Burd’ Bird. When ‘The Burd’ asked questions, the camera always showed Herr Spud full length and side on. When he was answering the questions, however, the camera showed him only from the shoulders up.’

    And that’s when it struck me—Herr Spud was lip-synching whilst simultaneously talking through his arse, a deception that concealed the true origin of his discourse.”

    Brilliant, cheered me up no end this morning. See the rest here.

  287. Free Scotland says:

    Jim Murphy’s song for Tony Blair:

    I hope you don’t mind,
    I hope you don’t mind,
    That I wrote down in the words:
    “How wonderful life is, while you’re in the world.”

  288. ronnie anderson says:

    @ X Sticks
    @ Thepnr

    You,s mean tae say we,re just gonni carry On N ON N ON after the 8th May.I,ll no be needing tae buy new pillows this year LOL. Onwards N UPwards,who needs sleep.

  289. Jim McIntosh says:

    Really disappointed with The National’s take on this story this morning. I’m not convinced anything Hay said was that controversial.

    He didn’t, as their headline state ‘send abuse to his political opponents’, he pointed everyone to a spoof site with a made up story about a made up awards ceremony.

    Nowhere in the tweet I saw about ‘poor souls not knowing their own name’ (paraphrase) does he mock them or say they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. He was pointing out one of the idiosyncrasies of the current system.

    Stating that people who voted the same from the cradle to the grave are dying off is not disrespectful, it’s a fact. He quite astutely said this in 2012, and many of us said the same thing after the referendum.

    The article does mention Nicola’s references to Ian Smart and his tweet about ‘fascist scum’ but then uses a graphic of his tweet about cybernats not condemning anti-Semitic writings in the SH. While I appreciate the two are linked there was no reason to be so obtuse.

    How difficult would it have been for them to find the actual tweet with ‘fascist scum’ in it. Well not difficult at all, I’ve looked on his twitter account and it was posted the same day – tweet reads: “The heirs of Arthur Donaldson are out in force tonight. Fascist scum then. Fascist scum forever.”

    The National should be better than this, if Stu can see through the fog of deceit so should they. This was/is total spin from the red tories and should have been challenged robustly.

    I can see why the SNP hierarchy have to condemn Neil Hay in public, but hopefully they have his back in private.

  290. Fiona says:

    @ heedtracker.

    If its not the end of SLabour this time, it will be next time.

    The values of the traditional labour party never go away, any more than tory values do.

    Labour support at present seems to be unable to understand that they have abandoned those values and become tories (though how they can miss that obvious fact is a mystery to me): but that support is now a minority if the polls are correct.

    Labour people who can understand that, and who currently support the SNP, will not do so forever, IMO. More likely, after a wipe out, should that happen, they will form a real labour party in Scotland, independent of the current sham which no longer even talks the talk consistently.

    Such a party has a large bedrock of potential support, because a shift to the SNP is for many a melancholy journey: it is not easy to give up the hopes and aspirations of a life time; not easy to accept that your party has left you for good and can never be revived.

    This is not the end of the Scottish Labour party: it may be the beginning of one

  291. DerekM says:

    @ Manandboy

    Ah the old foreign policy that nobody speaks about ,chunkymark hit the nail on the head about this and Scotland`s oil is just a small part of the global tyranny British top corporations inflict on the world ,but shhhh we Brits arnt meant to talk about us starting wars and digging up other parts of the world and stealing their resources to feather the nests of the London elite.

    Remember now no talking about our corporations they are all good people helping to develop the savages in the third world by building the odd school,poor housing and giving them a job,even though their wage has to go to paying for their school and housing and the pollution we leave behind will end up killing them all but hey ho at least we got the resource and no we are not an empire we do this out of the goodness of our hearts as democratic free caring people well its not like they needed all those resources anyway good old British pooling and sharing.

    One day the UN are going to see through the UK and the world will sanction us and we bloody deserve it.

  292. Edward says:

    handandshrimp @ 11.07

    Maddox is 100% Labour through and through
    He eats, sleeps and does other stuff, Labour

    Every single article Maddox writes for the Scotsman praises Labour, to the extent that he is just a mouth piece for Labour
    He has never ever wrote a piece criticising Labour

    His only critical essays are kept for the SNP

    So make no mistake, what ever Maddox writes come straight from the Labour spin doctors and no doubt he has John McTernan on speed dial

  293. manandboy says:

    Been over on the Guardian website which is a reminder that England is a different country; one that doesn’t seem to understand that Scotland is not England. They’re all experts on Scotland down there, like they’re all experts on Slovenia or Switzerland.

    They’re in denial about the divorce.

  294. schrodingers cat says:

    @big jock

    time enough for this conversation, in 2 weeks it will be the main topic of conversation, full details to follow

    lets get rid of the unionist in may first

  295. big jock says:

    I still think we will win Edinburgh South. I think our new tactic should be putting as many pictures of Ian Murray up, wearing that ridiculous Union Jack suit!

  296. gordoz says:

    As Rev notes on twitter “Has Jim Murphy told his constituents how long he’d stand as their MP for if re-elected yet? He said he’d tell them first didn’t he”

    Response – refused to say on hustings !!

    Anybody know how to get this up and running – 2wks to go folks

    ‘Freedom of information’ Inquiry in East Renfrew constituency.

    The people want the facts BBC / STV news team.

    Murphy has dodged the question long enough.
    Next time he appears – no bloody photos or publicity.

    Just as a question – how long will you stay as East Ren MP Jim ? (very hypothetical of course)

  297. Harry McAye says:

    The National is quite disgraceful today on the Neil Hay story. It’s like they have made no effort to get the facts. He did not “Send abuse to political opponents”, he posted a link to a satirical site that used the Q word. And they go easy on Ian Smart, failing to mention his litany of abuse towards all things SNP for years.
    An apology to Neil Hay is due.

  298. Andrew McLean says:

    Edward @ 11.35

    Maddox and the rest of the pro union press, do get a lot off their feeds from spin doctors like McTernan, but you cant wholly blame them, given the cuts in most newspaper staff, you either take the work given to you on a plate, or use AP, OK some journalistic integrity should be used, but if your editor says do you do!
    But in this case the more we get from McTernan the better we will do, its paradoxical but true nevertheless. if your answer is Jim Murphy you don’t understand the question!

  299. desimond says:

    Big Jock

    Mind add tbe slogan ” Ian Murray: The next Secretary of State for Scotland – No Thanks!”

  300. Fred says:

    The Dugdale phyzog, post Nicola’s slapdown, was a delight to see. Truly, a face like a horse in the huff! as ma auld grannie used tae say. 🙂

  301. FraserMcF says:

    It’s not big enough to be ‘Duggate’, might I suggest ‘Dugflap’?

  302. Andy-B says:

    I agree with your analysis Rev,but in all honesty Neil Hay,should know better,with just two weeks to go until voting ends,and they show that particular seat a close run thing Mr Hay,shouldn’t have left himself open to such criticism.

  303. desimond says:


    How many times have we heard the cry “Real Labour will return”

    Labour are clinically dead. With each passing generation the red rose tinted memories of what Labour where long ago dies some more. All thats left is husk and shadow.

    Todays SNP are the real Labour returning.

  304. galamcennalath says:

    manandboy says:
    “Been over on the Guardian website which is a reminder that England is a different country; one that doesn’t seem to understand that Scotland is not England. ”

    I’ve always felt that my reasons for wanting Scottish independence might best be explained by something like – I believe 21stC standards of democracy are totally incompatible with British Nationalism and how it exercises power.

    However, this last couple of months have shown British Nationalism in its true colours, raw English Nationalism. I now conclude that UK Unionists outside England are BritNats, those in England have actually no real comprehension of Britishness. The anti SNP, Scottish even, campaign from London exposes this totally.

    England is indeed a different country with different attitudes among many of its citizens, but not all. As for understanding Scotland, Britain, the Union … again many, have no idea!

  305. Robert Kerr says:

    To much concern here.

    That’s akin to censorship before the fact. Don’t say anything that may be controversial in later years. A recipe for brain-death and anodyne politics.

    I enjoyed the “bitch slap” at FMQ.

    Make what you will of that statement.

  306. Capella says:

    @ Andy-B
    So a pro Labour and Unionist hack spins a 2 year old comment into a vile hate fest and somehow Neil Hay, two years ago, should have foreseen this and kept his mouth shut? Really?

    The framing of Neil Hay has nothing to do with the content of his tweets, harmless as they are, and everything to do with trying to hang on to Ian Murray’s Edinburgh seat. Like others, I see the destructive hand of McTernan in this. I do hope Neil Hay wins.

  307. HandandShrimp says:


    I never read the Scotsman these days. It went from a top quality paper in the 80s to trash in such a depressingly short space of time. I can’t recall ever reading Maddox on anything so I will bow to your knowledge on the man. If he is a Labour man then he is incompetent or simply doesn’t care about professionalism in his effort to appease party officials. That is their problem. It perhaps explains why they are doing so badly.

  308. manandboy says:

    I have come to realise that all McTernan’s instincts are such that if applied, he will only make matters worse for Labour. Should any dirty tricks appear from here on in, the electorate will make up their own minds without waiting for proof .

    He won’t just be digging a hole – he’ll be digging a grave.

  309. Rab says:

    couldn’t agree more

  310. David Wardrope says:

    @ Andy-B

    The tweets are at least 2 years old. You can only guess as to why they are being dragged through the media now (certainly nothing to do with the Ashcroft poll on Edin South earlier this week I would have thought…)

  311. X_Sticks says:

    Picked this up from Gothgirl @GrumpyGoth on twitter:

    Great read ~> Report from Glasgow – a city on the brink of a political earthquake | Westminster blog

  312. dakk says:

    There will always be a constant information war of attrition with the Establishment and their media acolytes, red or blue versions.

    W o S is crucial in getting the truth out there on a scale that gains traction in the public domain.

    Keep up the good work all.

  313. Tam Jardine says:

    Maddox’ piece in the Scotsman today is extremely poor even by the Scots man’s own standards. I searched in vain for the obligatory sentence of balance at the end acknowledging Nicola Sturgeon’s blistering counterattack at FMQ.

    In deliberately avoiding all mention of the First Minister’s highlighting Dugdale’s hypocrisy Maddox’ credibility dissolves.

    Next page we have Gordon Brown claiming ‘nationalists only flourish when Tories succeed’ which is the opposite of historical reality, even though you may expect it to be the case. Stu destroyed that myth in a post some time ago.

    What a shite propaganda rag the Scotsman is.

  314. Colin Church says:

    @Harry McAye
    Read the National. Piss poor, lazy coverage.

  315. Clarinda says:

    O/T – re BBC Scotland complaints

    Well, well – just received a reply from Auntie about my first ever complaint about the Brewer-lead debate a couple of weeks ago which was possibly the worst display of attack dog tactics and eye-watering discourtesy to the First Minister.

    Auntie has apologised profusely with complete humility, the presenter has been put on bread and water, all political leader debates in the future will be held in front of self-selected audiences in publically accessible open spaces, BBC Scotland will be decommissioned and re-established by the next majority Holyrood government, all future BBC complaints will be dealt with in an honest and personalised manner and airborne pork is stratospheric.

  316. Edward says:


    Completely agree, the Scotsman used to be a quality newspaper
    but as you state it has gone down hill

    I used to comment on the Scotsman articles but found that the ones ‘written’ by Maddox, my comment was removed (as I unfortunately corrected him by name – which he doesn’t like)

    By the time of the referendum, I gave up commenting and only occasionally read it online if I think (or expect) some words of ignorance to flow from Maddox, to which I’m rarely dissapointed (as he always writes crap)

    There are two Labour side kicks on the Scotsman, apart from Maddox there is also Peterkin, who also copies Labour briefings

    Its little wonder that sales of the Scotsman have dropped like a brick as it no longer contributes anything meaningful

    As an aside I once was good friends with the great grand daughter of the Scotsman’s founder (she has since passed on). I asked her once what she thought of the paper , she said that it was now very disappointing as it had lost its original values.

  317. Angus says:

    Looking at the conversations on Facebook, it seems that most people are of the opinion that this is dirt slinging and can they (Labour) no just talk about what their policies are.

  318. Kevin Evans says:

    Just tried to watch Jim murph on Scotland 2015 last night. I couldn’t stomach much. Horrid, slechit, twisted man. I cannot stand him one little bit and that’s got nothing to do with the party he represents.

  319. Big Jock says:

    Stu I have some pictures of Murphy in Glasgow with around 10 lackies today.How do I send them they are priceless.

  320. heedtracker says:

    This is not the end of the Scottish Labour party: it may be the beginning of one

    Events Fiona. EVEL promised now for Tory England, UKIP get some MP’s and Barnett gets cut badly, PR Westminster suddenly all the rage, not to stop SNP MP’s having any influence you see, no much more because our chums in the south suddenly see the extraordinary wonders of electoral reform and save the union too.

  321. jackie g says:


    Trade union, religious and refugee groups have voiced their anger at having been refused access to the Dungavel immigration removal centre.

    A delegation led by the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) wanted to visit the South Lanarkshire centre to assess the welfare of detainees.

    But they were denied access by the Home Office.

    Not really a surprise is it when some of the refugees in Dungavel are on hunger strike?

  322. John says:

    @Jim McIntosh and @Harry McAye

    I totally agree with you about the National and today’s Neil Hay story.

    I am a digital subscriber, and I often buy a couple of paper copies, to pass on. All of this can be curtailed.

    Someone at the National will be reading this… We don’t need more brain-dead distortions of the facts. Are you going to help a very capable candidate, or what? All we want is the truth which can be found at the top of this web page.

  323. Croompenstein says:

    I see James ‘Bannockburn, I’ve seen the memo’ Cook the worst debate moderator since Pontius Pilate is off to the US of A, thank fuck. Can we crowdfund another couple of seats and he can take toodle-oo-the-noo with him. Hope i don’t get another row for that..

  324. Barontorc says:

    It looks to be an appropriate and timely thing for Neil Hay ‘the damaged person’ to take legal advice regarding potential litigation against EEN and David Maddox for libel and it follows that if Kezia Dugdale is not to be censured by the Speaker in Holyrood, which implies there has been no breach of Holyrood Rules, to sue her for slander.

    As said in an earlier post, what has been said publicly by these sources will have damaged his political career and his potential income.

    ‘…Today the Edinburgh Evening News (EEN) published an article by David Maddox, a senior political journalist on the Scotsman, alleging that the SNP candidate for the seat, Neil Hay, had “liken[ed] anti-independence campaigners to Nazi collaborators” in a tweet over two and a half years ago (from a pseudonymous account under the name “Paco McSheepie”), and had also tweeted a series of attacks on pensioners…’

    Excellent work by Rev Stu, as always……but what on earth was the editor of the National thinking by letting today’s piece on this matter be published as it was? Not good.

  325. Phronesis says:

    A lengthy but very informative article from Bellacaledonia- of course dont expect any of this in the MSM- they prefer the political debate to be reduced to toxic tweets and a myopic vision of Scotland’s autonomy. I think its legitimate to ask what is a UKOK politician’s job decription exactly- the public are now undetaking the job of critical appraisal of policy showing a remarkable grasp of complex issues.WM is a crumbling facade of democracy- the real communicative action is happening on this site

  326. Fiona says:

    @ heedtracker and desimond

    I am aware that the idea of a reinvented labour party is not new, and has not been forthcoming to date.

    However I do think that the values that historical party embodied are permanently present in the electorate, and that the gap will be filled. Now that gap is being partially filled by the SNP, and it may be that will be enough. I don’t think so, however. They are far further left than nulabour, but they still subscribe to the debt and deficit story (though I accept that may be realpolitik given the hold that story has on the public perception at present) than is at all comfortable.

    The reality is that many who used to support labour are saddened by the party’s abandonment of all principle. what I think many would like is an “old labour” party to vote for, and I think that will re-emerge. I also think an “old tory” party will re-emerge, for their party abandoned them too, though I think they are the biggest element of the tory vote in Scotland.

    You may be correct if you are suggesting that those erstwhile labour voters will find a permanent home with an SNP which reflects their goals and aspirtions: and it may be that the political map in Scotland will change enough to make the greens the natural party of opposition in the future.

    I want a truly socialist alternative, and I don’t see it in the SNP at present, though I support them and admire their demonstration that no new thing can arise under our current system.

    But after independence I expect to see further radical change to our arrangements, and I welcome that prospect.

    Please do not misunderstand: I am in no way defending what labour has become. I just think that a great many who have now concluded that labour=tory would be attracted by a brand new old labour option, and that the sentimental attachment to that name and the history is still important

  327. Malcolm says:

    Just seen Clegg’s comments on an SNP/Lab deal being against the democratic will, even if they can command majority.
    We are heading for a right wing (Con + LibDem + MSM) coup here.
    The cradle of democracy???? On tin hats, folks.

  328. Robert Peffers says:

    @Fiona says: 24 April, 2015 at 10:13 am:

    “Spent their entire lives not trying to help labour become ever more plutocratic and right wing? why is that a bad thing?

    More to the point, why does the mumptie imagine an SNP party owes any form of loyalty to a unionist Establishment Party when the whole clampamphry of unionists has always been a united force standing against them as the NATIONAL ist Party of Scotland?

  329. seanair says:

    The Scotsman is losing experienced staff who are not happy with the direction the paper has taken. The particularly biased front page on 18th September was a shocker.
    Drop in number of staff mean many articles are written by outsiders. Only ones who hate the SNP can be relied upon e.g. Mad-ox. Sad that an Edinburgh/Scotland paper should have taken this step, and the only way is down.
    All started by employing Andrew Neil of course.

  330. Macart says:


    “Todays SNP are the real Labour returning.”

    I’d go further. The party values people speak of don’t belong to parties, I’d say that they belong to everyone. The parties are our voice, our representation and avatar. A means of carrying our wishes and aspirations onto government, legislation and law.

    No party can lay claim to be the sole arbiter and source of social justice it can only claim to speak on the behalf of.

    Labour’s problem? It stopped speaking on our behalf and started speaking for its own benefit. It deliberately threw away its founding remit in pursuit of power and position. It pretended to be one thing and became another. It didn’t lose its way, it drew it’s own map and followed its own course. It did so without considering the final destination and it did so without considering that what can be given in trust, once abused, can be taken away in anger.

    Those who gave the Labour construct a charge and responsibility upon a time can bestow their charge on anyone of their choice.

    In short, Labour is just a name like any other, the people were always the heart, the soul and source of those values.

  331. Thepnr says:


    Got it in one. Only the people are relevant. A party name is but just a name.

    The Scottish electorate really are wakening up.

  332. shiregirl says:

    Bought the National today for the first time, but to be honest, really disappointed. Is this silly – I thought it would be more pro-SNP and challenge the very one sided tweet-gate stories being reported in msm? It didn’t do this and appeared very…factual -there was no questioning or investigative process used in the reporting.

    Not very impressed and not sure I would buy again, I’m afraid.

  333. Robert Louis says:

    This is all just like the last two weeks before the referendum.

    Let’s do the same as we did then, get out there. The voters do not like this kind of smearing – they usually see it for what it is.

    I hope Neil is successful on 7th May, as he is NOT the person being portrayed in the slimy, lying ‘Scottishy’ newspapers.

    Fortunately the laughingly titled ‘Scotsman’ is nearly on its knees, and it may not have long to go. It will NOT be missed.

  334. Andy-B says:

    Dave Wardrope


    These thing have a way of coming back to haunt you,no matter how old they are especially when the media is not on your side.

    If you think back 2 years ago we were in the process of pushing for independence,the media was against us then as well,any old dirt not discovered back then,can and will be used now.

    There will never be an amnesty for the SNP and nationalists the press and other political parties,will mud sling at every turn.

  335. raineach says:

    Was out on the stalls in Morningside and Bruntsfield which are in Edinburgh South. We had less than half a dozen hostile references to the twitter entry, all from people who weren’t voting for us anyway. Otherwise, reception was unchanged from previous weeks

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