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When you’re happy and you know it

Posted on July 29, 2014 by

Alert readers will of course remember a few short weeks ago in April, when “Better Together” attracted much great hoopla in the press for its relaunched, “more positive” campaign strategy which would dazzle Scots with the feelgood benefits of the Union.


We thought it’d be worth checking in and seeing how that was going.

Remember, these are only the scare stories SINCE APRIL 2014. Older classics here.

“Scotland heading for a ‘Great Depression’ after a Yes vote”

“Independence: Criminal gangs could exploit new border to evade arrest”

“Independent Scotland would struggle to monitor intelligence”

“Telecoms groups set to warn of price rises if Yes vote triumphs”

“Independence might literally kill the Queen”*

“Scots families face cost of living crisis if UK splits”

“Scotland would have to increase taxes by up to £18,000 per person”

“Independent Scotland faces doubling of BBC licence fee'”

“Independence Could Put Scotland In Danger Of Russian Invasion”

“Yes vote will be catastrophic for all”

“Savers’ money at risk if Scotland votes Yes”

“Scotland team may miss Rio Olympics in event of vote for independence”

“Independence: Business Leader Evokes Fears Of New Jacobite Wars”

“Scottish independence: £750m welfare bill claim”

“£780m school cuts after Yes vote”

“Scottish independence means new wave of painful austerity”

“Shopping bills will rise if Scots vote for independence”

Yes vote would be a betrayal of fallen WW2 comrades

“Independence would lead to decades of pain and aggravation”

“Every Scot £480 worse off under independence”

“Yes vote risks EU veto and Wonga style interest rates”

“Universities braced for brain drain if country votes for independence”

“Yes vote risks foreign aid”

“Yes vote is threat to freedom”

“Scots would lose access to BBC shows after independence”

“Independent Scotland’s viewers must pay extra for BBC”

“Alex Salmond’s currency Plan A would collapse within a year”

“Independent Scotland’s economy would crash if it tried to use sterling”

“Go-it-alone Scotland ‘defenceless’: Nation will be left without weapons”

“Mortgages up £1600 if Yes”

“Scottish yes vote could lead to currency limbo, say MPs”

“Postal costs in Scotland could rise after independence, say MPs”

“Scotland and the UK will separate geographically, as well as politically”

“Yes could be catalyst for sterling crisis”

“Yes will send shares crashing”

“Labour claim 1m may lose jobs after independence”

“Darling: Independence could cost Scotland £8bn”

“700,000 to Leave if Union is Broken”

“Yes vote would lead to economic crisis worse than the crash”

“UK split to set back cure for cancer”

“Gordon Brown raises organ-transplant fears ahead of referendum”

“Scotland’s tourism industry is threatened by independence”

Split ‘may cost Scots £400m for welfare IT’

Yes vote pension cost warning

Vulnerable people could lose benefits in an independent Scotland

Bank bailout doubt if Scots vote to quit UK

Independent Scotland Could Suffer Iceland-Style Financial Collapse

Consumers would snub separate Scotland’s brands

Scottish independence ‘would harm world’s poorest'”

Go-alone Scotland faces threats from space”

Scottish Independence Will Lead to Soaring Energy Bills”

Scotland faces £143bn debt after independence”

Fears for fishing in breakaway Scotland”

Thousands of defence jobs will be at risk if Scotland votes Yes”

“Scottish independence will cause civil war in Africa”*

Scottish independence would be cataclysmic for the world”

We’ll be keeping this page updated with the latest entries. Send in any we’ve missed.



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    169 to “When you’re happy and you know it”

    1. Danny says:

      The one about 700,000 people leaving is an absolute cracker.

      “The poll of 1,041 people, conducted for The Sunday Times and Heart radio station” Of course that easily extrapolates to 700,000 people.

      I wonder what The Sunday Sport and Saga FM have to say on this matter?

    2. heedtracker says:

      Another daily helping of vote no or else misery from rule Britannia Graun.

      Remember proud Scot buts, vote no because you won’t be able to invent stuff like the phone, TV, penicillin, the krankies, unless your ruled by your masters in Westminster

      “They can take comfort in knowing that many illustrious Scots on the iconic “Wha’s Like Us” tea towel would not have a referendum vote either. Did John Logie Baird carry on paying his rates in Helensburgh while he was working on his televisor in Soho? What about Alexander Fleming with his penicillin in Paddington, or Alexander Graham Bell with his telephone in Canada? They might be proud Scots on the tea towel, but they too would be disenfranchised by the rules of the September 2014 referendum.”

    3. handclapping says:

      When you’re happy and you know it

      Clap your hands, here comes Darling

    4. Lesley-Anne says:


      I’m just ever so glad that Project Feart have revamped themselves into a more *ahem* positive 😉 campaign. I’d hate to see the headlines if they had decided instead to go for a more negative campaign. 😀

    5. Les Wilson says:

      Yes, because they have no ammunition to actually positive with, end of, really.
      We can expect their ” positive” position to continue to bore us to death ( possibly their intention!)
      right up to the start of Indy, and even then, maybe right up to Independence day.

    6. Macart says:


      I don’t think I could stand any more positivity from BT. 😀

    7. Murray McCallum says:

      It’s odd the way they keep changing their strategy. Their negative stories are force 12.9 on the Darling scale.

    8. hevghirl says:

      I’m cataloguing all these instances. Thought it might be a useful resource. Although, I have a lot to catch up on!

    9. Lesley-Anne says:

      The thing about the photo of the Welsh team with the YES Saltire Robert is thatr it appeared up on Twitter a few nights ago. It didn’t last long before Twitter apparently removed it. Never mind though others have regularly posted it back up on Twitter since then. 😀

      You and me both Macart. I hear the “Darkened Room” a calling methinks. 😎

    10. Ken500 says:

      One of the BBC ignoramuses said, ‘she sounds more Scottish than normal’, about a Scottish athlete.

      Happy with the sound down.

    11. heedtracker says: Oddly enough my Slovene girlfriend Professor Aliesalbas Tomkins, has piled in very hard on Guardians daily attack on Scottish democracy too.

      Adam’s once more parroting the growing LabConDem calls for FM Salmond and Nicky Sturgeon to resign and she backs up their demand by sticking the post ref words of former Québécois PM Jacques Parizeau in Salmond’s mouth.

      Nice try I suppose, if mental, you could do that with anything ever said. We do still live in a democracy?

    12. BuckieBraes says:

      Well as every schoolboy knows, in mathematics ‘a minus x a minus = a plus’.

      Clearly ‘Better Together’ believes that doubling the level of negativity equates to positivity.

    13. Lesley-Anne says:


      This is a warning to all readers. Stu may not be the same for the next wee while. He has received a piece of … wait for it … FAN MAIL! :0

      I jest you not! 😀

    14. faolie says:

      Hilarious really. When did you ever see a BT supporter looking happy? Can’t even make their own side smile 🙂

    15. CameronB Brodie says:

      I worry about the psychological damage being done to the Scottish people. There is a line between expressing a rational opinion and abuse. Better Together stepped over that line more than two years ago and their is only one court where their crimes can be judged.

      Vote Yes for dignity.

    16. Susan says:

      Last night, Jim Murphy was warning us about job losses in shipbuilding, because England will not give contracts to a foreign country! Then again he was talking to approximately 30 Labour Party diehards who were lapping up all his nonsense. Nothing about any benefits of staying in the union but all about made up disadvantages of being an independent country. And he believes moving WMD a few miles south of the border is not an advantage, so we best just keep them!

    17. sionnach says:

      Hardly surprising. Everything they say is dictated by WestMINCEter. 😀

    18. panda paws says:

      @Robert Tyler

      Read the link. Apparently a woman was escorted out of Tollcross by police for having a Yes sticker and a Yes saltire. I watched the swimming and saw a Union flag and a wee girl with a Team GB t-shirt. Why were they not escorted out too since the UK is not a participating nation? Like we don’t know!

    19. CameronB Brodie says:


    20. Defo says:

      You really really deserve a rest Stu. What time do you want woken up on Friday ?

      BBBC are pushing the Fracking agenda big time.

      We can use this issue.

    21. desimond says:

      BT Positives…hasnt Ron Shorthouses mortgage balance reduced?

    22. bugsbunny says:

      Here’s a wee joke for you all.

      A policeman is walking through Glasgow when a crowd draws his attention to a man on a ledge three stories up ready to jump. So having got to the next window through the wall, and being a caring individual with negotiating and social skills, he starts to encourage him to get off the ledge to safety.

      He starts off by saying, “Don’t jump, think of your wife and children”. The man replies, ” I’m single and I don’t have weans”. So the Officer says, “Don’t jump, think of your Mum and Dad, Brothers and Sisters”. The man replies, “I’m an orphan”. So the Policeman said, “Don’t jump, think of your workmates and your friends”, the man replies, “I lost my job, my workmates were backstabbers and I’ve got no pals”.

      So in desperation, the Policeman said, “Don’t jump, live to vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum on 18th September and along with me and many others, vote YES TO INDEPENDENCE”.

      At that the man replied, “I’m a Tory Unionist, and an Orangeman, and I am member, supporter and and an activist with BETTER TOGETHER, and I will be voting NO”.

      At this the Policeman shouted, “JUMP YOU BASTARD”.


    23. panda paws says:


      The Graun is becoming VERY tiresome. The same people saying questions haven’t been answered when they have they just don’t like the answer given. It’s like Groundhog day with the current crie de jour being “why can’t Scots outwith Scotland not vote?”

      I think you made the right decision to bow out, I think I’ll be joining you soon.

    24. a2 says:

      Ah but if they go all positive , they won’t be able to have another inspiring positive re-launch , and those are the best bits.

      I think Gordon’s due another one of his independent re-launches soon though, so there’s something to look foreword to.

    25. Papadox says:

      Well proud feart Scots your Governor General has told you in unequivocal terms we (yes,no & DK)
      Are going to be taken in hand for collective punishment if we reject independance, that’s his promise backed up by the establishment and HMG Westminster.
      We are to be treated as naughty children so don’t say you haven’t been warned, don’t complain when Osbornes austerity cuts are applied to your pensions and benefits. You can complain to your SLAB MP if you can get their snouts out the trough long enough. With a big grin on their face they will tell you “THATS WHAT YOU VOTED FOR” now f*** off were busy.

    26. Ken500 says:

      The taxi driver with a No sticker in the cab, wouldn’t get a tip.

      ‘it’s nae me. It’s the night shift boy. He puts them on, I take ’em off’

      The Polis in front of the No propaganda at Mount Florida. No one around, just a Press propaganda reporter trying to stir it.

    27. Jim Marshall says:

      Lesley- Anne 12.41

      “This is a warning to all readers. Stu may not be the same for the next wee while. He has received a piece of … wait for it … FAN MAIL! :02

      Yes Stuart is heading for fame and fortune. He is now a CELEBRITY.

    28. heedtracker says:

      @ panda paws, Graun is horrible, it’s their joyless grinching UKOK hypocrisy that’s the worst around really, aka Libby Carrell. You know where you stand with all the vote NO liggers at the BBC, Torygraph, Record etc but Guardian progressive liberal stuff just stinks, unless you’re Australia, or anywhere but Scotlandshire really.

      They blocked me too but I’ll start buying their grot again after independence:D

    29. Les Wilson says:

      Defo says:

      Yup, fracking across the Central Scottish belt, however apparently Westminster did not even consult the SG.

      A fine example of “you will do what you are told!”
      However, planning regs are devolved, so I would expect a very long planning time, with many serious conditions will apply.
      In annual stages of course!

    30. Macart says:

      @panda paws

      Gotta say, I’ve been giving the Graun a miss recently. They’re simply not speaking the same lingo anymore. The title has lost its ‘right on’ social conscience when it comes to Scotland and its metrocentric commentators leave me cold with their supposed knowledge of what’s occurring here in Scotland.

      The real journalism and the real commentary are happening right here.

    31. Mat says:

      I can’t help myself, was back at VoteNobs this morning. They appear to have had around £6000 donated yesterday. WTF are they spending it on?

      Their own Project Fear assault has turned into a weak piss dribble, the stuff is so bad they’re not even referencing it on their own site … take a look, if you can be arsed, at their YouTube channel – another dire ‘Cinema’ ad which brings the shock revelation that some athletes living outside Scotland cannot vote, and an 82 year old bloke who wants to know what independence means.

      Surely, surely, surely we cannot be beaten by this dross?

    32. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry for going O/T but we are currently rolling on the floor having read the latest *ahem* newspaper from our *ahem* friendly Labour M.S.P. Elaine Murray who very kindly hand delivered it to our friend. :-0 Funny how she has NOT hand delivered anything to us! I wonder why, it couldn’t be anything to do with the truck parked outside the door with a *cough* minuscule covering of YES posters by any chance could it? 😎

      Sorry about this but I need to let folks read this shite!

      Your top questions answered

      Q. Will we keep the pound as our currency if we vote for independence?
      A. The UK government has stated that they would not enter a currency union with Scotland and all the major political parties in the UK have stated that they would not share a common currency. In the SNP’s own words “The SNP Government have no currency plan for an independent Scotland.”

      Q. What’s best for jobs,schools and hospitals?
      A. Scotland receives over £1,200 more per person than other parts of the UK. This money pays for our schools,hospitals and free personal care for the elderly. Firms including BAE,Standard Life, B&Q and Sainsbury’s are saying that a ‘Yes’ vote is bad for jobs and investment. Scottish firms sell twice as much to our UK neighbours as we do to the rest of the world, and one in five Scots are employed by UK firms.

      Q. How secure will our pensions be?
      A. We have a proven pension system that works. The pensions of one million Scots are guaranteed by the UK welfare system. The UK Pensions Protection Fund is paying pensions to thousands of Scots whose pensions were lost when the company they worked for folded. Scottish pensions are better protected by being part of the UK with the backing of a strong and secure economy.

      Q. Will Scotland be better off if it has all the oil revenue?
      A. Even with all the oil money Scotland has run a deficit in 20 of the last 21 years. This year we saw a £4.4 billion drop in oil revenue – the budget for our schools is £4.5 billion. Oil prices go up and down as supplies diminish, it becomes more costly to extract.

      Q. Will Scotland remain part of the European Union?
      A. The European Commission President said it would be “difficult, if not impossible” for an independent Scotland to immediately join the EU. Scotland would need to apply to join and renegotiate entry into Europe. It is unlikely that Scotland would gain admission without losing the UK rebate or being forced to join the Euro.

      Q. What will be the cost of becoming an independent Scotland?
      A. The impartial Institute of Fiscal Studies has stated, leaving the UK would mean an average increase for Scottish basic rate tax payers of up to £1,000 per year, along with cuts to jobs and vital public services.

      I have NEVER read so much shite in all my life. LIES, LIES and even more LIES!

      Again I apologise for this extra long post. 😉

    33. Chris Silver says:

      The irony-o-meter is being sent into orbit and sent from Scotland’s spaceport as the Unionists deride the negativity of the Yes campaigns scare stories.

      I love them sometimes, they make me laugh but I do question those who support them and the whole begrudging admission Scotland could be an independent nation and then use a catalogue of scare stories but then never actually say, well if all that is true how could you say that independence is possible as you haven’t registered one positive. Then the other frankly bizarre and unique situation that Scotland finds itself in being the only oil producing nation where that is a problem, the Norway oil fund is again ridiculed in typical British nationalist disdain we can’t save and spend, missing the whole point of good management over rank incompetence or short term greed take your pick. Other nations have transformed their countries infrastructure for tourism etc. What have we done ?

    34. caz-m says:

      When you contrast the likes of Darling and Lamont to those on the YES campaign, it really is like night and day.

      Which leads me on to PQ3 and thanks to all who helped put together a very successful fundraiser for the foodbanks. Gerry Parker and the rest of us done what we could.

      But a special thanks has to go to Ronnie Anderson. The guy is amazing. The amount of organising and the running about different places he does, the work he puts in behind the scenes without any fanfare. Ronnie does it all without looking for ANY thanks what so ever.

      He really does inspire you to put in that extra bit of effort.

      Ronnie has a few problems of his own, but never looks for sympathy from anyone. A true gentleman.

      It’s a pleasure knowing you Ronnie.

      “Lang may yer lum reek”.

    35. alexicon says:

      A taxi driver with a no sticker wouldn’t even get a fare from me.
      I’ll take the next one thank you.

    36. “S`Wunnerfool, s`marvellous”
      Wales says YES.

      Well, that wee bit that crafty cybernats managed to coerce – under the affluence of incohol (??) – to pose at CW Games with a “YES Saltire Banner” ?

      Who smuggled it in ?

      It makes me Proud and Loud to recognise that our YESSERS are learning from the underhand tactics deployed by BT.

      If only incohol were cheaper, we might get an english BBC COMMENTATOR to say something truthful about the PQ Protest that was signally ignored by all and sundry at BBC (SKITLAND).

      Alan Hanson got £40 grand per week of our money from BBC Sport and his contract was still operational in Rio – when an ex- soldier was found STARVED TO DEATH in Stevenage on June 28th

      Makes ye proud to be Brittle – ish.

      BTW – is Lord Ashcroft Funding the Belize athletes as a thanx for hiding his wealth (not common) in the TAX HAVEN of Belize (formerly British Honduras).?
      Three cheers? Any Scot??

      “Help for Heroes” ? Not in Stevenage.
      The blood and gore is still dripping on BamCam and Clegg`s mawkish Military Covenant that excluded the Tory constituency of Stevenage. OOPS.

    37. R-type Grunt says:

      I’m sorry to go off-topic so early, but…

      Derek Bateman is on fire!

    38. kendomacaroonbar says:

      I heard a rumour the other night that Jackie (no stranger to a fish supper) Baillie’s daughter, is allegedly a YES supporter.

      Positively negative for our Jacqueline if it’s true.

    39. heedtracker says:

      Fracking across Central Scotland is entirely safe. Fracking is not dangerous to anyone but the real issues are green house gas pollution and who gets the profit.

      Fracking in Scotland will be exactly the same as wind energy, with a tiny number of extremely rich landowners taking all profit and state subsidies, while simultaneously attacking subsidising them, as you do.

      Check out big fat Tory Lord Strathclyde, big fat juicy wind farm subsidies from, kicks the living crap out of Scotland running Scotland.

      It’s all just a classic case of UKOK poor inherits the earth, rich get the mineral rights in teamGB.

    40. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      “It’s ‘Positive’ Jim, but not as we know it …”

    41. Faltdubh says:

      Haha, nice on Ken500.

      I’ve had a few waves and toots and smiles for my wee yes sticker.

      Although was giving the finger by a fat baldy man in a BMW.

    42. G H Graham says:

      After absorbing the astonishing £100 billion export figures that an independent Scotland would enjoy, it works out at almost £19,000 for every man, woman & child living in Scotland.

      If my arithmetic is correct, that’s a significantly higher value in exports per person than Germany which stands at around £11,000 per person.

      Germany you might recall also happens to be one of the world’s most successful, post war exporters.


      It’s not hard then to find positive reasons for Scotland becoming an independent country. One just has to ask the right questions.

    43. Macart says:


      I see they’re not up to date on Mr Juncker’s statement then. 😀

      FFS, gaping prat fall on the EU and still the guff about being forced to join the Euro.


      Mind you its as risible as the rest of their Q&A but still, they could at least make the effort to keep up to date with the rest of us. 😀

    44. Ken500 says:

      The No sticker was only noticeable in the Cab – discrete?

    45. Lesley-Anne says:

      kendomacaroonbar says:

      I heard a rumour the other night that Jackie (no stranger to a fish supper) Baillie’s daughter, is allegedly a YES supporter.

      Positively negative for our Jacqueline if it’s true.

      I’m thinking that THIS explains why every time I see here, Jackie Baille, on the TV she always looks like someone who’s just had their face slapped with a fresh and wet kipper. 😀

    46. Nana Smith says:

      Time for Danny to ride the merry-go-round again. Nothing new to say just repeating the same old guff…

    47. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’m actually beginning to wonder if any of them have realised yet that Barosso is OUT and Junkers is IN!

      As far as keeping up is concerned Macart I’d put them in the same basket as unionist journalists… LAZY and INCOMPETENT!

      In fact I tore a strip, or two 😉 , off of our pet Tory the other week about the Euro, amongst other things. Let’s just say that by the end he was red faced, blustering and didn’t know where to look. 😀

    48. Jim Marshall says:

      Macart 1.15

      “The real journalism and the real commentary are happening right here.”

      Right on the button there.

    49. Dcanmore says:

      what’s missing from the list above is widespread raping and pillaging, and the slaughter of the innocents (mainly catholics according to GG).

    50. Defo says:

      Telling voters that the UKOK govt have just given themselves the right to impose fracking, running roughshod over local wishes might open a few more eyes to Yes.

      Pointing out the glaring holes in their propaganda effort to push this agenda on, wouldn’t hurt either.

      Biggest hole is the fear factor. Telling people we need to protect blighty from Putins hand on the stop valve is a bit naughty, when we don’t currently use Russian gas in the mix.

    51. wils3957 says:

      I am so hooked on Wings don’t know what I will do when indy arrives on the 19th September Yes I do have a party.

    52. Macart says:


      Heh, oh I think they’re aware all right. They’re just too damn deceitful to draw attention to the fact in their propaganda.

    53. desimond says:

      If this is BT looking positively then I cant wait to see the new forward-thinking stuff coming out of Better Together soon… I imagine it will include classics such as

      Scots Leprosy rates will be stable under a NO Vote

      Irn Bru will continue to be quite gassy if vote is No

      Paint Thinner still available in Poundland if Scots stay

      Team GB will enter Commonwealth Games after YES defeated

      Orange Walkers to lose weight thanks to extended marches reward after NO victory

    54. Ken500 says:

      The Daily Record is more libel than the Guardian.

    55. X_Sticks says:


      “It’s a pleasure knowing you Ronnie.”

      Seconded, caz.

      Don’t think anyone deserved a gold Wings badge more, except maybe Rev Stu 😀

    56. Lesley-Anne says:

      Aye they are certainly deceitful Macart. I think it is inbred into their D.N.A. It is almost certainly part of the selection process.

      Can you Lie … Yes

      Are you deceitful … YES

      Can you misinform … YES

      Can you deny all accountability … YES

      Do you hate the S.N.P. … YES

      Do you want to wear a cloak of ermine … YES

      Congratulations … you are now a fully fledged member of the Labour party in Scotland and our new candidate for Holyrood, Brussels or Westminster, which ever comes along first!

    57. Jim Marshall says:

      Ken500 1.33

      “The No sticker was only noticeable in the Cab – discrete?”

      It is likely that this taxi was infringing the hackney carriage bye-laws of the licensing authority. I understand that commercial advertising is normally permitted but political campaigning is not.

    58. heedtracker says:

      And another thing, what a pompous arse like me wants to know is, if 700 thousand No campers do actually up and leave the new nation state of Scotland after 18th Sept, in exodus to Englandshire, whats going to happen to the property market up here? Or watch as a sudden flooding of Scots houses on to the market, sends prices of Vote No people’s houses plummeting. Should be some bargains for Yes voters though.

    59. Lesley-Anne says:

      I hope all those 700,000 leaving Scotland on the 19th of September remember heedtracker that I will be on the border personally checking every vehicle heading South to ensure nothing belonging to Scotland is taken over the border … bottles of Scottish water … bottles of whisky … haggis … Killie pies … Arbroath Smokies … Forfar Bridies … to name but a few things we will be checking for. So they had better be prepared for a long, LONG wait in a long LONG queue cause all this checking will take some considerable time! 😎

    60. TD says:

      While I enjoy the comments above that pull BT’s leg, so to speak, we do need to remember that negative campaigning works. If you ask a typical No voter why they intend to vote No, they will typically come out with “We will lose the pound” or “we’ll be thrown out of the EU” or “I’m worried about my pension”. The BT message of fear and despondency does get through.

      I sometime wonder if we on the Yes side should start our own “project fear”. We could point out the likely Tory / UKIP coalition that will govern the UK from next year. We could point out that austerity is just warming up and that foodbanks are going to become the norm throughout the UK – including Scotland if we are still in the UK. We could point out that we are unlikely to ever get rid of Trident or its replacement. And we could point out that the UK is in the departure lounge of the EU.

      I’m not a political strategist and I really like the idea of fighting a positive campaign. But I do wonder sometimes if we are missing a trick. And much as joking at the expense of BT and their ridiculous scaremongering tactics amuses us, we need to be careful not to assume that because we poke fun at them, they will fail.

    61. heedtracker says:

      Also but not only, 700 thousand leaving Scotland because they can’t bear to live in er, Scotland, will be fantastic for the Scottish job market and we will also be able to welcome anyone from anywhere that really does want to be in Scotland, with their marketable skills and not seething with loathing of Scotland, or Scotland running Scotland rather. I’m sorry but the vote NO 700 thousand exodus could be a good thing.

      Mind you my Slovene girlfriend Adam Tomkins says he’s quitting his cushy number at Glasgow uni law dept and going back to Slovenia, so that’s going to be sad:-(

      Don’t forget demented old Cockers of the Torygraph.

    62. Ken500 says:

      Glasgow Taxi firms infringing the Law. Never. Get the polis.

      The taxi drivers are OK, not UKOK.

    63. Lesley-Anne says:

      TD says:

      While I enjoy the comments above that pull BT’s leg, so to speak, we do need to remember that negative campaigning works. If you ask a typical No voter why they intend to vote No, they will typically come out with “We will lose the pound” or “we’ll be thrown out of the EU” or “I’m worried about my pension”. The BT message of fear and despondency does get through.

      Thing is though TD these sort of *ahem* fears are so easy to quash, hell even I do it at times. 😀

      I adopt a two stage approach to arguments like these TD. First off I ask them who told them or where did they read this nonsense. Secondly I suggest, ever so politely 😉 , that they get onto a website called Wings Over Scotland run by some reprobate in Bath who has absolutely NO idea what he’s talking about and see what he has to say about the ridiculous idea of Scottish independence. 😛

    64. pete the camera says:

      @wils3957 says:
      29 July, 2014 at 1:51 pm
      I am so hooked on Wings don’t know what I will do when indy arrives on the 19th September Yes I do have a party.

      We can all have a big “country warming themed party” on the 19th September safe in the knowledge we will not be sold down the river by Westminster hangers on.
      We will have to keep the momentum going on the web until the constitution has been fairly set up,no point in taking our eye off the ball to early as there are to many nawsayers who will want it to fail and I would not put it past the unionists to try and spoil our good thing just so they might look good in history

    65. Lesley-Anne says:

      pete the camera says:

      @wils3957 says:
      29 July, 2014 at 1:51 pm
      I am so hooked on Wings don’t know what I will do when indy arrives on the 19th September Yes I do have a party.

      We are currently working on the new road signs that will be erected on the 19th of September for all drivers to see as they drive North from England into Scotland.

      “Scotland is currently closed for business.
      Scotland is currently enjoying a wee party.
      We apologise for this inconvenience.
      Please return after Scotland re-opens on 19th October when we will be happy to do business with you.”


    66. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Caz_M all the praise should be for all WINGERS who get of they’re arses & contribute not to anyone person, we all contrabute in our own way.You,s put in a good days work in on Sunday & to all the Wingers Yesser Scotland for Your donations.Jim will put a update later.

      Caz_M ma lum canny reek, Im AQUA heating.

      Posted in O/T on Maryhill foodbank this morning.

      Thanks again to all.

    67. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Sad to say Patricians ( jim brown ) Mother passed away.
      Im sure that the Many Wingers will have every Simpathy to Jim & Jan & Family R.I.P.

    68. handclapping says:

      Its a pity you didn’t top and tail the list with more quotes from No like
      “Our argument has never been that Scotland couldn’t be independent.”
      “Labour claim 1m may lose jobs after independence”
      “Darling: Independence could cost Scotland £8bn”
      “700,000 to Leave if Union is Broken”
      “Yes vote would lead to economic crisis worse than the crash”
      “UK split to set back cure for cancer”
      “Gordon Brown raises organ-transplant fears ahead of referendum”
      “Juncker Ends Salmond’s European Dream”
      “Scotland’s tourism industry is threatened by independence”

      “It would be wrong to suggest that Scotland could not be another successful country.”
      but irony is difficult to get across on the internet.

      If you don’t know who said which you don’t deserve an Alert Reader badge.

    69. heedtracker says:

      @ Nana Smith, usual far right AlicSamin monstering from the Daily Heil but these liggers can’t even edit their own rants with


      Read more:
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      What does LAGES mean in daily Heil speak?

      The Flipper says Scottish independence is going to be a bigger crash even than the 2008 City crash but it’s funny how Flipper can spot this new Scottish crash coming but he hadn’t a clue about the bank fraud crash of 2008, until it happened.

      He’s a odd lad old Flipper.

    70. Jimmie says:

      Someone’s famous:

      “An attack on the integrity of one side affects all of us. Who wins by demonising the other? What common good is achieved when Johann Lamont – the leader of Scottish “one-nation” Labour – talks about nationalism as a “virus”? Or when yes activists persist in linking to the sort of blogger who can describe an MSP as “fat, troughing scum”?”

    71. Dan Huil says:

      On September 19th, after confirmation of a Yes win, I will open my third bottle of wine and put on Beethoven’s 9th symphony [James Loughran, Halle orch. 1982. Vinyl] at a very loud volume then follow it up with The Proclaimers’ 500 miles. The neighbours have been warned [and invited].

    72. Tarian says:

      New poll in Wales shows over 60% think Scotland should be independent and almost 70% think Scotland should keep the pound.

    73. Jimmie says:

      “Or watch as a sudden flooding of Scots houses on to the market, sends prices of Vote No people’s houses plummeting. Should be some bargains for Yes voters though.”

      Er….what about all the yes voters trying to sell their houses at the same time?

    74. lorna cruickshank says:

      A bit o/t but can anyone tell me when we will get the result of the indyref.Will it be announced constituency by constituency or do we have to wait for them all to be counted.By the way well done Stu on the radio,no wonder yer gettin fan mail.

    75. Les Wilson says:

      TD says:

      I tend to agree, what is more than likely to happen in Scotland if there is a no vote SHOULD be plastered everywhere. People need to be reminded of what they will be doing to Scotland and themselves,and everyone they know.

    76. Jimmie says:

      “Apparently a woman was escorted out of Tollcross by police for having a Yes sticker and a Yes saltire. I watched the swimming and saw a Union flag and a wee girl with a Team GB t-shirt”

      Did her flag have ‘vote no’ on it, or any kind of political statement?

      If not, then there’s your answer.

    77. TD says:

      I agree – it is relatively easy to debunk most of BT’s arguments. But to do so, you first have to engage the No voter in a conversation. So the ground work – door to door, meetings, casual chats in the workplace are vital. The voters are bombarded with BT nonsense throug the MSM almost constantly so we need to work hard to counter this.

      My point is that just because Stu and the commenters on this site make BT look ridiculous does not meen that BT’s messages are failing to get through. Alasdair Darling and Johan Lamont may have been exposed as incompetent idiots, but they could still win.

    78. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Don’t feed the troll

    79. HulloHulot says:

      @panda paws
      The Graun is becoming VERY tiresome. The same people saying questions haven’t been answered when they have they just don’t like the answer given. It’s like Groundhog day with the current crie de jour being “why can’t Scots outwith Scotland not vote?”
      I think you made the right decision to bow out, I think I’ll be joining you soon.

      I understand bowing out; I want to bow out myself, but I hope you stay with us a little longer – or find another way to contribute to the yes campaign.

      In my family, the shift towards yes from undecided was in no small part due to the fact that on the Scotsman, on the Guardian and others, the pish that was being peddled above the line was being called out for the pish it was below the line. In the comments section there was an informed debate that talked of a Scotland whose politics, people and reality we recognised; there was a conversation where the media were only keen on a monologue.

      I see less of that conversation now, I see fewer people working to create an informed debate and that’s why I hope that those who do stay. You’re one of them. It’s exhausting and repetitive pointing out that Balkan football results do not prove the SNP are anti-democratic dictators again and again, but fatuous nonsense like that turns people away from the debate we’re having here in Scotland.

      That might be why it’s posted, but I think that’s why it should be challenged.

      As I said, I hope you stay a little longer, but I honestly can’t grudge you bowing out from CiF.

    80. caz-m says:

      Ronnie Anderson
      “Sad to say Patricians ( jim brown ) Mother passed away.
      Im sure that the Many Wingers will have every Simpathy to Jim & Jan & Family R.I.P”

      Jim and Jan, our thoughts are with you and your family.

    81. Luigi says:

      BT activists seem to be working very hard this week (and why would that be, I wonder?)! Absolutely dreadful timing. Their actions reek of desperation and fear. Can you imagine, for example a family watching the CGs at home, really feeling proud of our wee country, punching above it’s weight, when the doorbell goes, open the door, and wham!, there is some annoying little sod, preaching about how crap Scotland is and that we are better together.

      A bit of a hard sell, I would say.

      BT are still trying to run a marathon like a 100m sprint. They will be burnt out by the middle of August. Compare that with the YES campaigners, who are most definitely keeping their powder dry until the games are over in a few days time.

      Things are going to get very interesting in a few days time.

    82. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      lorna cruichshank

      I believe that the result will be announced when one side gets more counted votes than the other and greater than then uncounted votes.

    83. Les Wilson says:

      If 700,00 were to leave Scotland, and I can never see that happen, just watch the property market recover quick.
      We will definitely have more jobs, many expats will come back
      to help fill the jobs.

      People will come to a socially just Scotland, showing how things can be done better. A whole lot of English will come too. Let it happen, but in truth it is just another scare tactic.

    84. Peter Macbeastie says:

      Ah yes, the lass with the Yes flag removed from the Tollcross swimming centre for first having the brass neck to wave a Saltire with Yes, and then having the sheer brass neck to not hand over her property to the police. Mind that; her property.

      This is not what happened to the Labour guy at Hampden who unfurled a Union flag and a Saltire over the edge of the top level emblazoned with No. He got told to take them down, eventually, and that was the lot. The problem, therefore, in my eyes is not that political banners are not allowed; it’s the difference in how each side was treated.

      I know the Yes lass in question; you wouldn’t consider her a major threat to society. She’s a quiet, intelligent supporter of independence and wishes to remain anonymous; if anyone reading this also knows her please do not name her on social media where she is active. The Daily Record has stated in their article on her removal that they would like to speak to her; she does not want to hear from them.

      With regards to the Better Together positive campaign; the only thing positive about it is that it seems positively unbelievable that they know what positive actually means.

    85. Jimmie says:

      “700 thousand leaving Scotland because they can’t bear to live in er, Scotland”

      Users of this site can’t really criticise people choosing to leave Scotland and live and work in England or elsewhere can they?

    86. Lesley-Anne says:

      ronnie anderson says:

      @ Sad to say Patricians ( jim brown ) Mother passed away.
      Im sure that the Many Wingers will have every Simpathy to Jim & Jan & Family R.I.P.

      Like everyone else on here can I add my commiserations to you Jim on your sad loss. Our thoughts are with you at this time.

      Jimmie says:

      “Apparently a woman was escorted out of Tollcross by police for having a Yes sticker and a Yes saltire. I watched the swimming and saw a Union flag and a wee girl with a Team GB t-shirt”

      Did her flag have ‘vote no’ on it, or any kind of political statement?

      If not, then there’s your answer.

      Apparently her flag did have YES on it Jimmie and she also had a YES badge on her bag. The question that has to be asked though Jimmie is if she was removed because of her flag why was NOTHING done about this flag, the Saltire has NO across it, at the SAME venue? 😉

      I agree TD a lot of hard foot work is required, but if you encounter someone in the street which is where I tend to meet them, Nay sayers, then these are the sort of responses I give. That is always provided they stand and listen. Most are too feart to listen and march on by so it’s kinda difficult for me to make the point being in a wheel chair and all. 😀

    87. Dan Huil says:

      @ Les Wilson. As well as English moving to an independent Scotland, there might, according to recent messages of support, be quite a few moving up from Wales. Although I would like to see an independent Wales as well.

    88. X_Sticks says:


      Sincerest condolences Jim. My thoughts are with you and your family.

    89. Jimmie says:

      To be fair, the rules regarding political statements at the games are pretty clear – even the athletes have to abide by them.

    90. Lesley-Anne says:

      Damn it I guess it helps if you actually post the link to a photo! 😀

    91. heedtracker says:

      @ Jimmie, don’t catch your drift there Jim? What’s your vote No or else bollocks now, 700 thousand say they will leave Scotland if we democratically decide Yes, Scotland will run Scotland. So goodbye and good luck with your new lives in England, is what I say.

      There are millions of people wanting to come here Jim

    92. Les Wilson says:

      Dan Huil says:

      Dan, you are of course right!

    93. X_Sticks says:

      Aye heedtracker, they’ll have trouble getting across the border for the rush of folk coming north to get away from England and right-wing westminster.

    94. G H Graham says:

      The 700,000 that the English media claim will leave Scotland forgot to mention that Theresa May will be erecting border posts & security checks.

      And since London loves to puff about Scots losing their British nationality & passports, few if any will be allowed to cross the border anyway.

      Or are they just cherry picking the scare stories to suit the “armageddon of the week” story?

    95. Bob W says:


      Anyone else in Fife received a leaflet from a group calling themselves “SAVE THE UNION”?

      Web site :-

      They also have a fairly sparse facebork page.

      The leaflet is glossy A5 and covered in red, white and blue finery, you can imagine the content. If anyone’s interested I can scan and put a copy up on my web-space.

    96. heedtracker says:

      @ X_Sticks, what will they all do when they escape from Scotland anyway, join the slave wage neo con ConDem world of rUK, maybe live off whatever profit they made trying to sell their houses in a swamped market? There”s no dole now so it’s going to be refugee camps overflowing with white collar oil workers from Aberdeen trying to buy million+ quid 2 up, 2 downs in North Landan housing estates, guvnor. Or, who exactly do they think they are trying to kid

    97. Lesley-Anne says:

      I hope all those 700,000 heading South on 19th September have got their Health insurance fully paid up, credit cards are all in order and they have the necessary funds for their kids Uni fees!

    98. TD says:

      You make the point perfectly. Some Nay-sayers and DKs just don’t want to listen. They are shut-heided. But they will be soaking up their daily ration of nonsense from BT. Others will listen and when they do, more often than not they at least move in our direction.

      I think a lot is riding on the Salmond / Darling debate when I expect the gutting of Darling by Salmond to provide the type of TV viewing that the public will notice. This will provide momentum to Yes and together with the groundwork being done up and down the country will hopefully give us the votes we need.

      In the meantime, we should of course keep poking fun at BT. It may not win us that many votes, but it gives us a laugh.

    99. Nana Smith says:

      Ooooh are you feart yet??
      Danny seems to be wetting his pants, must be the thought of having to attend the job centre.

    100. JLT says:

      The 700,000 folk leaving scare story is right up there with Lord Robertson’s Armageddon from space scenario fable. It’s a belter of a scare story that not even the most rabid ‘No’ can truly believe in.

      To begin with …at least half of these folk will want to sell their homes. Straightaway, with so of these ‘Proud Scots’ selling their houses on the market, they will struggle to find a decent price for it in a market where every 10th house is up for sale.

      Once they’ve sold their house for less than they bought it for, they then have to take their new found debt with them into England, and then find a new house. But horror of horrors! With so many folk looking to buy, the house prices in England just doesn’t rise, they go shooting upwards stratospherically!

      Then these poor souls …err …’Proud Scots’ have to find a job. Once again, the demand to find work will drive wages down since the available employment workforce has just been boosted by an extra 700,000 bodies.

      Meanwhile, back in Scotland, there are at least 350,000 houses going cheap and are worth ten a penny, but the bonus part is that there will be a need to fill 700,000 job vacancies, and fill them fast, so the salaries to get those jobs filled will rocket.

      So, anyone coming up from England can get a good job and buy a house at knockdown prices, whereas anyone leaving for England, will be in hock, get a piss-poor wage, and buying property that means they are working to the age of 108.

      Yeah… right…

      Someone senior at The Scotsman should sitdown with the journalist of this shitpiece scare story and explain the very basic principles of supply and demand to them…

    101. Lesley-Anne says:

      Think you’re right TD. The up coming Darling demolition by Alex Salmond will be the next big game changer. I actually think Darling was a bigger fool than we all know him to be to keep challenging A.S. for a debate because now he has no where to run to and he will also be shown to millions to be completely incompetent.

      The one worry I do have is the impartiality of Bernard Ponsonby. I’d rate him higher that almost every counterpart he has in BBC (spit) but will he be totally fair or will he allow Darling to wander all over the place in his answers whilst constantly interrupting A.S. when he answers. I do hope that Bernard Ponsonby can be totally impartial and treat both people with the same standard of chairmanship.

    102. Lesley-Anne says:

      Someone senior at The Scotsman should sitdown with the journalist of this shitpiece scare story and explain the very basic principles of supply and demand to them…

      Erm … I think they already have JLT the trouble is they used one of those BBC calculators during the lessons! 😀

    103. Bunter says:

      Don’t think the BritNat media will allow Salmond to come out on top in the upcoming debate. Remember B Ponsonby alluded that this is when A.S. will have to answer questions, just him! There is also the ‘carefully selected” audience who never seem to be interested in what the endless possibilities an iscotland would be.
      We will get the usual circular argument on the pound, EU, pensions. All the same stuff we have listened to over the last 2 years.

      If by chance Salmond did come out on top, the media will turn it upside down the next morning with a Salmond caught lying headline or something.

      I may be a cynic, but the media covers flippers back. Always has.

    104. heedtracker says:

      It’s all there in black and white in the Daily Record

      “However, flags from non-competing nations or flags affiliated with to other organisations or causes, political or otherwise, are restricted.”

      TeamGB aren’t competing, teamGB flag’s the Union Jack.

      So she gets kicked out but all the union jacks worn by say England’s cycle teams are permitted. Time for to make formal protest and complaint because this is a farce, written by Glasgow City Council ordering the Police to take action but only against Scottish flag holders. Give the evicted a refund and front seat tickets to all and any event.

    105. Lesley-Anne says:


      You a cynic Bunter, NEVER. Put it this way if YOU are a cynic what the hell does that make the rest of us? 😀

    106. balaaargh says:


      Can you tell the truth? NO.

      Are you honest? NO.

      Can you be informative? NO.

      Will you accept any responsibility? NO.

      Do you have any positive views of the SNP? NO.

      Are you happy living the common life like your constituents? NO.

      There, fixed it for you. 🙂

    107. BrianW says:

      So does this mean that I can report a crime..

      Some of England’s Cyclists had a Union Flag on their head gear. And going by the quote on both the Daily Wales and Daily Record..

      “However, flags from non-competing nations or flags affiliated with to other organisations or causes, political or otherwise, are restricted.”

      I take it this restriction is not enforced or is very selective..

      Should it be by public duty do report any unlawful offences being carried out – after all, there is no United Kingdom team competing is there?

    108. Lesley-Anne says:

      Thanks for the fix balaaargh. 😉

    109. ticktock says:

      Re the AS v Flipper thing, AS must surely know that they’ll be trying to stitch him up any which way they can and so he’ll be prepared accordingly.

    110. Lesley-Anne says:

      He always is ticktock. Trouble is the Nay sayers still have not cottoned on to this simple fact. They think all they have to do is turn up, spew out some lies, job done. They have no real concept of being a) properly prepared and b) working off script. Cue image of Johann Lamont at F.M.Q.’s 😀

    111. Ken500 says:

      The Scotsman trolls disappear when Westminster is in recession.

    112. Luigi says:

      No “unaccompanied” white and blue smoke from the red arrows allowed. YES saltires banned from all venues. And yet union flags (hiding behind saltires) handed out to spectators and sported on Team England cycle helmets. Televised coverage presented predominantly in the context of Team England’s performance.

      Why oh why are they so nervous? After all, they have been telling us for over a year now that the NO’s have it. It’s in the bag, no point in bothering to vote.

      This is what happens when a international sporting event is covered by the media of another country. It is not a natural position. It is quite deceitful, ungenerous and very unhealthy.

    113. Defo says:

      Flipper to McDonut – “Think of a number, double it, and run it through Wet boys calculator of doom Blair. ”

      McDonut – “Todays BBC briefing Al ? What kind of catastrophe befits the number 700,000 ? Mind keep me in the loop now, I’ve seen the videos”

      Flipper, eyebrows raised – “What videos ?”

      McD, visage resembling someone sooking lemons – ” Your ahem, ‘casting couch’, remember ? The one those bastards at MI5 did ? “

    114. heraldnomore says:

      Anyone know if you’re allowed in wearing a Wings badge, either one of Ken’s enamel beauties or just a wee set of wings. I say ‘just’, but you know what I mean.

      Let’s just enjoy The Home Nation games, as they’ve never been known.

    115. Marco McGinty says:

      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

      That’s how positive the No campaign has been!

    116. BigRik says:

      Fracking , how dangerous could it be? I live in Falkirk where they are test drilling , fracturing the rocks in an area criss-crossed by hundreds of miles of old mine workings , nah… can’t see a problem there.

    117. big jock says:

      Fracking is going to have a very low take up in Scotland. I think they mentioned this when the license was granted. Maybe the RUK need Fracking to counter the loss of oil. Do they secretly know that they are going to lose this referendum.

    118. Patrician says:


      I went to the rugby 7s on the Saturday night with my wings skip cap and badges, (there is a picture of me on twitter, it isn’t one of the best as it is a bit dark). I had on the same fleece jacket I wore to PQ3, which is covered in different Yes and wings badges. I had no problems at all. If you check the photos for PQ3 you can see me at the wings stall wearing the fleece.

    119. lorna cruickshank says:

      @btp thanks for the info,have booked the night off work,cannot wait to see the BBC crumble as they are forced to report a resounding YES vote,will be a pleasure to watch.Have converted a couple of folk at work(NHS nurse)but a bit dissapointed that many are still not engaged.Will plod along nonetheless,I suspect interest will increase after the debate on Aug 5th,cannot wait to see Al’s gas put to a peep.

    120. X_Sticks says:

      big jock says:

      “Maybe the RUK need Fracking to counter the loss of oil.”

      Got it in one big jock.

    121. JWil says:

      All these doom and gloom stories assume that Scots are gullible and uninformed. A total insult.

      The thought that 700,000 Scots would just up sticks and emigrate is laughable, but I would not put it past the people who did the survey to have selected NO voters who would tell any lie to get the result they wanted.

    122. heedtracker says:

      I will read this later but I am guessing its making a fool of both sides this afternoon, for the amusement of progressive liberal Guardian readers, The Graun, loo roll for English progressive liberal middle class bums.

      “The Scottish independence debate should be about more than yes or no
      The attacks by both sides are descending into idiocy”

    123. Les Wilson says:

      big jock says:

      Aye, that could have something to do with it, and there is also another reason, They’r skint!

    124. biggpolmont says:

      speaking to an elderly lady this am in the supermarket she was looking at newspaper headlines & she said I dont know which to buy their all as bad as the other! I pointed out that most of them were shouting about team Scotlands medal haul. AYE thats for the now but when the games stop then it will all be back to the doom and gloom. By that time there were three or four of us at the papers. An old boy chipped in and its all bloody scaremongering!There is never anything positive! Another few moments passed and there were eight of us standing talking and everyone agreeing that the papers were doing the work of the no’s. The elderly lady said there was no way that she would be voting no. and everyone else agreed ! I could not believe it they had swung about half a dozen elderly in the matter of ten minutes! brilliant!
      Off they went to do their shopping I decided not to bother with a daily rag and went to stick a couple of quid on the lottery. I spied that this nice old lady had a yes badge stuck on her purse I told her I liked the badge and that I had several thousand at home just like it.
      She said “I’ve been rumbled” She introduced me to Frank her husband ( the elderly chap who was in the group )
      They told me that this was their double act that they did it at different supermarkets most days.It was a great way to get the elderly folk talking about the referendum and then swinging the older folk over from the dark side .
      I don’t know how long they’ve been doing it but long may they continue We left each other there with them saying we all do what we can! I practically laughed all the way home !

    125. Defo says:

      Lessons in BBBC propaganda strategies…

      Westmidden announce usurping the plebs rights with their fracking laws.

      BBBC run a watered down story, giving facts & figs on the process itself, but skirting around the where’s & why’s of the need to frack at all, never mind asking why their chums thought passing such a law was really needed.
      Emphasise the ‘Fear’ !
      Twice yesterday a BBBC interviewer alluded to Putin as a threat to ‘energy security’, when the fact’s are, we don’t buy Russian gas now.

      Next day… BBBC bury the same story, one that garnered a huge comment count btw, in the bottom of the Science section. Obviously not a political story then, silly me.
      R4 going hard on the “aren’t windfarms ugly” message today.

    126. Robert Bryce says:

      It doesn’t matter how dangerous fracking is really.

      Supposing the next generation are born with 3 eyes, no toes, totally fucking deformed with nothing to drink but toxic stew, as long as they are consuming and racked with debt it’s fine. Nothing to see here, carry on!

    127. Graeme Menzies says:

      I was curious, so I just asked British Cycling the following;

      “Dear Sir / Madam,
      Could you please direct me to someone who could answer why Team England competing at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow were wearing kit clearly displaying or marked with the Union Flag?
      The Union Flag does not represent England, It represents the UK which is a State and not a Country.
      Thank you.”

      Prompt reply

      “Dear Mr Menzies,
      Please note Team England kit was done by an agency called Kukri in association with Commonwealth Games England and the design was passed by all the relevant agencies.
      British Cycling had no involvement in any aspect of the clothing.
      Certainly looking at the cyclist’s clothing, I can see no example of the Union flag.
      James Lyon
      Events Department”

      I have just emailed (commonwealth Games England)

    128. Robert Peffers says:

      On my way out this forenoon I found a, (delivered by postie), Better Together leaflet at the door.
      (I’d been blaming the wee dog for the powerful smell of shite)
      I decided to read it later – it is now later
      It begins with, “10 Reasons why Fife is Better Together in the UK.. Then lists 10 quite obvious lies and each one has been exposed on Wings at least once.

      Then it churned out the same old lie about the pound and ends with the biggest laugh yet.
      “Rosyth Shipyard worker says we can have the best of both Worlds”. Paul Gibson, Rosyth makes the tired old claim that we need the UK to order ships. You will note, of course, it is just a lone Dockyard Worker. Bit like a turkey voting for Christmas Dinners.

      Then it gives a small tick-box list of questions with only boxes for the answer that Better Together wanted. It also asks what matters are important to the recipient. I told them.

      It then asks how you voted in the last election, what party you support and

      I honestly could not find a single question or claim in the whole document that wasn’t a pack of lies.

      Notice how they keep harping on that postal vote, though?
      I did not tick the box but wrote NOT BLOODY LIKELY

    129. John Young says:

      Just found this, it is very good

      Published by ScottishIndependence
      A collection of arguments supporting Scottish independence.

    130. Brian Powell says:

      On the Guardian becoming tiresome, there is a revolving door of negative comments on the Pound, the EU, when oil resources are ‘discussed’ then Shetland is in, there was the Borders briefly.

      There is always the same sequence; the article, reply comments on the content of the article, immediately followed by negative comments on the comments by the same unionist trolls.

      They continue from morning until late, as long as there is a comment, they will be there.

    131. Brian penn says:

      If 700,000 leave does that makes us the 8th wealthiest country in the world?

    132. David Stevenson says:

      I hadn’t come across it before, but the article on the alleged threat to CRUK funding in Scotland is outrageous lies. More garbage pouring out of Gordon Brown again. He never improves.

      Does anyone know if he has publicly apologised to CRUK for this gross misrepresentation of the charity’s position? After all, it could impact negatively on fund raising in Scotland if Yes supporters believed that the charity was going to pull out in the event of a Yes vote (which it will not, btw).

      Bob Doris sets the record straight here:'an_integral_part_of_our_charitable_activities'/

      Further, hundreds of CRUK employees and fund-raisers heard Harpal Kumar, Chief Exec of CRUK outline the charity’s research and fund-raising strategy for the next 5 years only a month ago.

      When asked if CRUK had a strategy for research in an independent Scotland, he made it clear that the Charity took no position on the referendum vote and that CRUK would work with whatever result the referendum provided. He went on to say that CRUK raised a lot of money in Scotland and spent a lot of money in Scotland and that he didn’t see that changing. (Admitedly, he could be expecting a No vote, but he certainly didn’t attach that proviso). Nick Jones (Chief Scientist at CRUK) added (tongue in cheek) that CRUK had aspirations to be more international anyway.

      There is no way in the world that CRUK are going to walk away from cancer research in Scotland regardless of the constitutional position post 18th September.

      If the figures in the Excess article are accurate, the CRUK spend in Scotland is about 9% of the current CRUK research spending total of £375M, so pretty much in line with likely fund raising I would reckon. No subsidy junkie story there, BT must be gutted.

      In essence, rather like the organ transplantation story from Brown, he is spouting a pack of lies to frighten people (CRUK employees and people with an interest in supporting cancer research in Scotland) and in this case creating a threat to CRUK fund raising in Scotland. He is a disgrace of a human being.

      Despite his wider view on the issue, I am surprised that Paul Nurse followed Brown’s lead and made parallel comments which are equally without foundation.

      Perhaps Stu could contact CRUK (as he has done the EU and other organisations) to ask for public clarification given that these comments were propagated in the national media. (Unless of course, such a statement has already been made by CRUK).

    133. Bob W says:

      @Robert Peffers

      Have you received the SAVE THE UNION leaflet?

    134. Lesley-Anne says:

      Graeme Menzies says:

      British Cycling had no involvement in any aspect of the clothing.
      Certainly looking at the cyclist’s clothing, I can see no example of the Union flag.

      Are they BLIND Graeme?

      I mean the Union flag is there for all to see square in the middle of the damned helmets! Oh wait a minute I’ve just realised that helmets do NOT constitute part of a cyclists clothing it’s just a wee bit of fancy dressing. 😀

    135. castle hills chavie says:

      O/T Jim just heard the sad news about you mum, many sympathies.

      It was great meeting all the Wings folk at PQ3 on Sunday and really enjoyed helping out with the stall, look forward to the next one.

      Here’s from me and mine to you and yours Jim and Jan.

    136. Graeme Menzies says:


      It certainly seems so.

      I will wait on a response from the England people…but not holding my breath.

    137. Lesley-Anne says:

      Aye best not hold your breath Graeme. Holding one’s breath does not do you much good these days. 😀

    138. caz-m says:

      castle hills chavie

      You done a great job you done on Sunday, what an amazing amount of money we raised for foodbanks, Ronnie will post final total later.

      Was nice meeting you and see you some time very soon.

    139. Grouse Beater says:

      700,000 people to leave Scotland if there is a Yes vote.”

      The actual poll came to a different conclusion:

      ‘700,000 think they might leave if there is a Yes vote.

      The same Sunday Times, together with a dozen other UK dailies, told us only this year that a survey showed the most favoured place to live in the UK is Scotland, the preference, Edinburgh. It was trailed all over television news.

      The Sunday Times interviewed some happy settlers:

      “The quality of life is superior to anything we experienced in the south of England.”

      So, a great proportion of those people interviewed are now part of a straggling, bedraggled caravan, winding its weary, disappointed way home to Essex.

      That’s some volte-face!

    140. castle hills chavie says:


      It was a pleasure to meet all you guys finally and I had a belter of a time. To raise the amount of money we did was amazing, especially as it was for Maryhill food bank, as that is where I campaign.

      Aye hope to see you all again soon, maybe at the Helensburgh Wings do being talked about or at PQ4, where we can get in their face this time.

    141. Patrician says:

      Just a word of thanks from myself and Jan for the words of support. They are very much appreciated at this time.

    142. Maureen says:

      Had a wee laugh to myself whilst watching S.A. swimming champ Chad Le Clos’s father being interviewed by the BBC this evening. He was so vocal they hardly got a word in but the funniest thing was when he was asked if he had been here before and said he’d never been to Scotland but the people were so friendly and welcoming and that it was nothing like the UK where they would [it sounded like] shove or shut you downstairs but up here it was nothing like that and he loves it!! He wondered if it was just because of the games or were people in Scotland always so nice. They conceded that we were always like that but they couldn’t shut him up quickly enough after that!! YES, Mr Le Clos!!

    143. castle hills chavie says:


      You have a lot of good friends around you, I know, I just met them all a couple of days ago.

      Big hug and kiss for Jan.

    144. TJenny says:

      EEk – Duncan Hothersall’s on Scotland Tonight now. Would never have recognised him from his avatar.

    145. John Walsh says:

      Scare stories An Indy Scotland will lose naval contracts on Glasgow’s two remaining shipyards jobs lost according to NO
      Jackie Baillie 110000 Hammond 6000
      Actual number MOD conf FOI request 520 .

    146. Glenn says:

      So can someone help me out here? This 700,000…….are they the same people who said they would leave Scotland (but didn’t) if we were to vote in favour of a Scottish Parliament, or is this a different lot?

    147. Andy Murie says:

      Oh and the billions it will cost to convert to driving on right

    148. Doug Daniel says:

      If you take a few letters from each headline and jumble them around a bit, I think it spells out the positive case for the union…

    149. TYRAN says:

      What happens if someone has a YES tattoo inked across their forehead and cheeks. Will the police eject them for merely sitting in the stands?

    150. John says:

      “Go-it-alone Scotland ‘defenceless’: Nation will be left without any weapons if it votes for independence and refuses to take its share of UK debt, MP warns”

    151. Ian Stewart says:

      Not that much of a buffoon when it comes to feathering his and wife Yvette Cooper’s nest. Claiming double second home expenses even though they live in the same house in London and have, one assumes, only a single mortgage on the property. They also claim the London house is a second home although they spend all week there (their children attend London schools) and only visit their “main” home in the constituency at weekends and during the holidays. Yet they see it morally justifiable to claim over £40,000 a year while supporting the Government governments austerity measures by confirming Labour if elected will carry out the Tory/lib dem cuts to welfare. Shame on you both.

    152. Laura says:

      So aliens might invade??? That’s me voting no…….

    153. Joe says:

      not sure if this has been linked already , an excellent article on the independence struggle, has WOS almost completely, and beautiful condensed into a few paragraphs in a newspaper, from Canberra in Australia, as from the msm in uk as possible , they can see the one sided media, the world is watching and taking notice 🙂

    154. Joe says:

      forgot link

      I just signed the petition “BBC Trust: Dismiss Tony Hall, Ric Bailey, Sarah Smith, and Nick Robinson for bringing the BBC into disrepute and misleading viewers.” on

      It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link:



    155. Tattie-bogle says:

      coming soon to a MSM platform near you –Vote yes and we will invoke the alien act 2015 Aerosols the lot of them

    156. JBS says:

      Oh. A ‘Great Depression’. Would that be anything like the Recession of 2007-2008, when banks collapsed, national economies went into meltdown, and vast numbers of people lost their jobs? A Recession which has never really gone away and which politicians and central banks did nothing to prevent although they could have done so by means of proper and responsible regulation of the banking sector?

      Vote Yes to Scottish independence on September 18.

    157. Caroline Corfield says:

      John Walsh,
      think you might have your numbers a bit confused, those are the numbers who are employed at Faslane and are directly affected by the removal of Trident, the FoI request was done by CND, the wild speculation was done by the usual suspects.

      The two ‘Glasgow’ shipyards have been confirmed by their owners BAe systems as being the yards which will build the remaining contracts that the MOD has with BAe systems.

      There was a graphic floating around on fb that showed the shipyard jobs from the referendum in 1979 to today, both Scottish and Glasgow, and used the scaremongering voiced back then that the jobs would be lost in the event of a successful Yes vote (back in 79). You can see in the graphic that the jobs went faster and harder after the unsuccessful Yes vote of 79 under the conditions of ‘Better Together” than even their scaremongering prediction.

      That is the essence of their scaremongering even today, they leave out the fact that these disaster scenarios will actually be worse in the event of a No vote. Talk about economic with the truth…

    158. mutters says:

      Doesn’t all the current scaremongering by financial traders and drop in value of the point actually mean that the UK would be losing something very valuable if Scotland leaves?

      If Scotland is a financially unviable package, then why wouldn’t investors in the UK markets & in the pound be cock-a-hoop at the prospect of ditching us?

    159. mutters says:

      Oops that should have been “drop in the value of the pound.”

    160. Phil Robertson says:

      Would you care to clarify how many of these are source from Better Together and how many are fanciful stories gleaned from the press? I suspect the numbers are none and all respectively.

      By the same token we would need to identify the Yes campaign with some of the personal abuse and anglophobia that appears on this site.

      Ironic considering how often WoS complains about misleading stories in the media.

    161. George S Gordon says:

      One of the worst scaremongering headlines – “There will be a £6bn black hole in Scotland’s finances, requiring cuts in public services or higher taxes.” By contrast, the UK has a deficit rather than a black hole. No critique of this was made in MSM – e.g. it would actually be about 2/3 of that because we wouldn’t be paying for England’s extravagances (it’s all in the WBB!). Also, our deficit is more sustainable than that of the UK because of our higher tax take per head.

    162. Ian Sanderson says:

      Given that the SBS appeal has now reached £30,155 (5 mins ago onywey) is it not time that a triumvirate was formed between SBS, Derek Bateman & Newsnet. Add in the Wee Ginger Dug as well.

      We may have an inexhaustible fund of enthusiasm but I doubt if many of us have a money tree in the back garden…

    163. Kara's Aunty says:

      My favourite is ‘Independent Scotland would struggle to monitor intelligence’.
      Yeah, that’s only because we have so much of it.

    164. John Young says:

      David Miller @BBCDavidMiller 23m23 minutes ago Edinburgh, Scotland
      Waiting for @AlexSalmond at Bute House in Edinburgh, ahead of one of his last news conferences as First Minister… why are the Scottish people unable to watch or listen to this?

    165. Casper1066 says:

      Its hard to believe that people have got paid for writing some of that nonsense.

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