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5 to “Contact”

  1. Hillbillyholiday says:

    Dear Stu, I created this wee tribute, for inspiring me as a nipper –

  2. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Dear Stu, I created this wee tribute, for inspiring me as a nipper –

    Crivvens, that’s awfully kind, but I had to ask for one Wiki entry to be deleted ages ago because it came under sustained attacks from vandals/stalkers, so I wouldn’t hold out hopes of it lasting too long unmolested…

  3. Hillbillyholiday says:

    Thank you Stu,
    I felt it was the least I could do, and what with the ‘heated atmosphere’ surrounding the Indie debate, I figured a decent impartial article would help a little.  I already asked a Scottish admin contact of mine (who helped me deal with the Thatcher fallout so is used to dealing with ‘contentious figures’!) to keep an eye out, as will I.
    If needs be he can either semi-protect the page (a la Maggie or the Pope) or if it gets really bad it is possible to fully protect it (like Scientology).
    All the best,

  4. Hillbillyholiday says:

    Ah, I see now the trouble you had before. Took some digging, given the morass of data (and shiteness of search-engine on WP). How unfortunate about that murderer chap. I liked this in particulars:

    " my experience Wikipedia is staffed by arrogant jobsworths drunk on the power they wield over the encyclopaedia's hapless subjects."

    Many of us feel that way..

    (p.s. Although, to be honest, they're not all monsters, it's a pretty thankless task for those that perform it well – personally I wouldn't touch the job, as I detest authority in general and the voting process is savagely critical of new candidates)

  5. Hillbillhoilday says:

    To a large extent, WP is a meritocracy based on your edit-history.
    The most famous editor in wikiland is a Manc called Malleus Fatuorum (Hammer of Fools) You’d probably get on. He is quite foul-mouthed and abusive to those who make dumb errors, and recently he conducted a two year “sockpuppet” mission to prove a point/take the piss out of admin, a move that would have seen anyone else banned like that. However, he has a track record of years of serious editing, which counts for a lot over there.
    As a relatively new user, I don’t carry much weight, so I tried to alert a level-headed Scottish admin to intervene in that situation earlier. Unfortunately, he is a tad slow at times, and someone else got the other guy involved. It sucks, but the work you are doing here is far more important, fuck Rangers!
    If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then clearly I’m completely mistaken, am waffling utter shite, and wasting your time., so sorry for that. 🙂

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