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If you want to know the facts 197

Posted on May 02, 2024 by

…just read Wings Over Scotland, folks.

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Volkssturm John 414

Posted on April 29, 2024 by

In the dying days of World War 2, as Berlin crumbled to rubble under Russian bombs and rockets, the Nazis played a desperate last card in the shape of the Volkssturm, an ad hoc fighting force primarily comprised of old men, invalided veterans and those not deemed fit for normal military service. (As most of those were already dead.)

They were rounded up and sent off to the front (usually only a few hundred yards away) in their civilian clothes, armed with whatever odds and sods of weaponry could be scrabbled together – most commonly the one-shot Panzerfaust anti-tank grenade, as seen in the pic above – and invariably slaughtered in the streets by the disbelieving battalions of the Red Army, because it didn’t matter to Hitler whether they lived or died.

And here we are again.

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2015: Hamish’s Nightmare 61

Posted on April 20, 2024 by

The mutability of history 135

Posted on April 15, 2024 by

Truth matters in public life.

So we’ve sent the letter below to the Scottish Parliament this morning.

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Well, that’s showbiz 121

Posted on March 22, 2024 by

Fashion is fleeting.

2020 seems a very long time ago, doesn’t it?

At the Seven-Eleven 933

Posted on November 07, 2023 by

Wings Over Scotland is 12 years old today. And since absolutely nothing is happening in the world of Scottish independence – and hasn’t for, frankly, years – we thought we’d take you on a trip back to the day we were born, since when things DID change.

Remember when we had a leader who could get the UK government to do stuff it didn’t want to do, readers? AND actually increase support for independence? Good times.

Ashes, Two Ashes 183

Posted on October 31, 2023 by

Maybe he thinks Ash Denham and Ash Regan are two different people.

Still, consistency, honesty, decency and integrity: no great loss.

The National Embarrassment 156

Posted on October 16, 2023 by

We thought this was overdue an update. It’s got about 16 new front pages on it, one whole new row and a handful of newly-rediscovered replacements. It really is worth taking a few minutes to peruse it properly (click on the pic to enlarge it) to get the full effect of eight wasted years of deja vu disappointment.

It’s not even The National’s fault. They’re a business, they’re simply trying to sell a few papers to a diminishing audience of endlessly gullible eejits. The real fault lies with the halfwitted SNP members who just keep on doggedly failing to learn a single lesson, and repeatedly vote to carry on doing what they know doesn’t work and never will.

Ach weel, as they used to say.

Glory days 242

Posted on October 10, 2023 by

The SNP put out this party political broadcast (PPB) last night.

And alert readers might already have noticed something odd.

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Going on a journey 116

Posted on October 04, 2023 by

Or not, as the case may be.

All aboard!

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From the archives #16 132

Posted on October 02, 2023 by

Someone tweeted this today:

We were curious to find out what we’d said, but it seems to have been expunged from The National’s website. We eventually managed to track the email down in our vaults, though, so just as a bit of a change, here it is, as a reminder of a different time.

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Nine More Years A Slave 201

Posted on September 18, 2023 by

To be honest it barely seems worth marking the ninth anniversary of the indyref. The day our nation – albeit narrowly – bottled out of becoming a real one again is nothing to be celebrated. The supposed party of independence has run away from the fight, concerned only with feathering its own nest, and its era of power looks to be drawing to a bitter and deserved close.

But there remains one grave and glaring grievance.

And no matter what anyone says, it’ll dog democracy and condemn Scottish politics to eternal stagnation until it’s addressed.

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