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Ask and ye shall receive

Posted on February 07, 2014 by

Today, the Prime Minister of the UK, who wants Scotland to stay in the UK but won’t go there and make the case for it, asked the non-Scottish citizens of the rest of the UK to tell Scots how they felt about Scottish independence.


This is what some of them said.

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God bless you, people of the UK. You’re welcome in our country any time.

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    161 to “Ask and ye shall receive”

    1. Alan MacD says:

      Cheers for this Rev, had a big lump in my throat today when you were retweeting them.
      To read the genuine understanding from our neighbours was probably my favourite moment of the campaign…So far!

    2. Salt Ire says:

      A good day.

      Large dram and steepling my fingers ala Monty Burns.

    3. Alan MacD says:

      Especially the last one.

    4. TheGreatBaldo says:

      I assume your collating some of the less polite love bombs frequently found on the Mail or BBC comments 🙂

      Have you seen this new book that’s been reviewed by the Guardian….

      Duffy’s brisk novel of ideas imagines the chain of calamities that could ensue if Scotland voted to leave the union: far-right nationalists coming swiftly to the fore,


      Terry and Paul are a likable lesbian couple who suffer at the hands of people less tolerant than themselves,

      Clearly the author has done a bucket load of research on contemporary Scotland…..

      Mostly BTL at The Spectator & The Daily Mail by the looks of it

    5. Salt Ire says:

      There’s echoes of the taxi-driver’s rant in a few tweets there. He did another one quickly after – guessing the hits motivated him – that’s just as punchy.

    6. FlimFlamMan says:

      You’re welcome in our country any time.

      You might end up with a lot of us.

    7. Helpmaboab says:

      Dear Mr. Cameron,

      Thank-you for your contribution but I regret to inform you that I wouldn’t trust your opinion as far as I could spit.

      For several decades your party and its allies in the London media have told the people of England that we Scots are a nation of feckless subsidy-junkies who sponge off England’s wealth. This huge lie probably served your interests at the time.

      Now, with Scottish independence a distinct possibility, you’ve decided to change your tune and instruct the same English people to plead, on bended knees, for us to remain under Westminster’s control. Perhaps you’ll claim that you’re doing so out of good-natured charity?

      You, sir, are the worst kind of Westminster kleptocrat: A devious, dishonest, self-serving, over-privileged hypocrite. I intend to spend the next seven months putting every effort into ensuring that you and your kind are permanently eliminated from Scotland’s national life.

    8. Marcia says:

      A very disappointed Derek Bateman has had no calls;

    9. gerry parker says:

      Well, there will be a lot to do sir.

    10. MolliBlum says:

      When your long-lost relative calls at David Cameron’s behest — be nice.
      Invite him/her to come and stay in your spare room (if you can afford the bedroom tax, that is). Leave plenty of time to explain the importance of independence and remember that they can still register as voters by 3 Sept. 😉

    11. Thejourneyman says:

      Seems our referendum may mean far more than we realise and yet again the BT team show how out of touch they are with the people of the UK. They campaign for people without a vote to tell us we must stay and it results in many, many people telling us we must vote Yes. Now that does make you proud to be British and it’s why we can be confident after independence that we will retain great relations with the vast majority of our English, Irish and Welsh cousins!

    12. pa_broon74 says:


      A good day for sure, I rather suspect Iain Martin in the Telegraph is living in an alternate reality.

      I would do one of those archive link things but I’m at work and they think its porn or something.

      Particularly enjoyed Salmond’s interview on the BBC this morning, the interviewer tried her best to sneak in some soundbites, he was having none of it.

      Meanwhile, there will no doubt be a lot of back slapping at 10 Downing Street. Great speech Dave, fantastic.

    13. Jonty says:

      But who will give England independence from the likes of Scots, Blair, Brown and son of a Scot,Cameron?

    14. AnneDon says:

      My timeline was full of similar tweets. Just shows, Scottish Labour don’t even represent working class English Labour!

    15. Juteman says:

      The ‘tipping point’ often crops up in discussions, and I have the feeling it has just happened.

    16. Clare Gallagher says:

      This is wonderful to see 😀 I knew the majority of the English were with us, but this just proves it, beyond a doubt!

    17. heedtracker says:

      Progressive and democratic England on Twitter! Love it but they should all be warned that the likes of the deeply creepy Daily Mail will hunt them down and attack them in print for days and all for tweeting against the UK? or as we call it in Scotland, voting FOR Scottish democracy Sept 2014.

    18. Cankert Callan says:

      Are we going to have to set up some kind of underground railroad after the border controls are set up?

      To get both the English in and the unionists out.

    19. Calum Craig says:

      I’ve had a shut day at work so that was just the ticket to cheer me up for the weekend.

    20. Calum Craig says:

      Ha, autocomplete…

    21. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Had a good day in our YES shop today. Progressive YES committee meeting with lots of plans. Then in came a young man from Yorkshire. Lives up one of our glens and offered to leaflet it for us. Next a couple ex Leicester “Did you hear that stuff from Cameron? Can’t understand why any Scot would vote no. Give us some of your pamphlets. ”

      I think a majority of the English in Scotland will be voting Yes. Shames some of our own fainthearts.

    22. Macart says:


      Bless em all.

      That’s brilliant Rev. 😀

    23. Gayle says:

      This just made my day.

    24. CameronB says:

      Has the Rev.’s post won the Priceless award for the century, already?

    25. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “But who will give England independence from the likes of Scots, Blair, Brown and son of a Scot,Cameron?”

      We will, duh. You think English people are going to elect “foreigners” as their Prime Minister if Scotland is independent?

      Take your weak-sauce trolling elsewhere, sonny.

    26. Glass Girl says:

      Turns out many folk in England love old Dave about as much as we do. Who would’ve thunk it? :p

    27. Murray McCallum says:

      Is David Cameron testing a new job share initiative for the highly paid? Phoning around and trying to get complete strangers, many of whom do not like you, to do your job.

      That could go wrong (or right if you are ‘Yes’ minded).

      Making a speech from the Olympic site was just plain daft. How embarrassing. The kind of thing a cheap PR man would do.

    28. Alastair wright says:

      Out of interest, and balance, has any one in England told us to vote no and stay?

    29. Roseanne says:

      Thanks for putting these positive coments together, it warms my heart to know the support we have.

    30. heedtracker says:

      If you can watch it, Wednesday’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart rips the life out of the latest big money right wing BetterTogether/Project Fear campaigns currently rolling across the USA. Its amazing how similar it all is to BetterTogther fear mongering but its worth watching just to see USA projectfear campaign managers that are a lot like McDougall and Shorthouse, backed with big money, all the media, press etc and they’re just as much liars and bullies as our BetterTogether chums. And they lost badly.

      Also George Clooney’s in it too.

    31. kininvie says:

      And here’s the maveric Douglas Carswell – who appears among the Rev’s contributors ( ) – not exactly holding the party line:

    32. lumilumi says:

      These tweets are the real love bombing. People in the rUK care about people in Scotland and urge Scots to save themselves… and could we come along, too?

      I had a quick look at BBC’s website’s comments earlier today and so many people want to come with us.

      comment #2565 by Lyndon

      Dear Scotland,

      Don’t just take the North and the Midlands with you – if we can get to the surface, we’d like to come too, please!

      Yours sincerely,
      Atlantis (Aka The South West)

      With this sort of real love bombing maybe border controls aren’t a bad idea – to control the rUK immigration to indy Scotland.

      The official “love bombing” has totally bombed out. “We love you, really, stay with us, or else…”

      Or a well-known Eton/London politician will swim with bagpipes.

      Dearie me.

      O/T watching the Sochi olympics opening ceremony, their version of Russian history. I wonder about WWII stuff, when the Soviet Union attacked Finland unprovoked… Oh, they skated over it and moved on to post-war period.

      Danny Boyle’s London olympics opening ceremony was a political statement (the critique in it the present government missed/misunderstood in their jingoism) and this is a Putin-fest.

      I dislike how olympics give the reigning elites a chance to stoke up imperial jingoism or forward their political agendas but I have to confess, like the non-political, sporting side of olympics.

      Tomorrow I have to wake up at 07.30 Finnish time (05.30 Scottish time) to see if two more Finnish snowboarders will make it to the slopestyle final – 2 have already made it. Finland might get its first medal tomorrow! Yay!

    33. Alastair wright says:

      Another thought – shouldBrave Dave not have been on his knees to make his speech?

    34. Flower of Scotland says:

      What’s happening ! Even the BBC weather man has spent longer talking about Scotland tonight , not just a sweep of the hand to engulf North Britain , ie N of London ,
      I don’t know how much of this ” loving ” I can take ! We’re not used to it !

    35. Juteman says:

      I think there has been a power struggle going on in the No camp. The Uncle Tams have been running the campaign up until now, hoping to bore us into a No, but the Eton Rifles have just taken over. The end for No will now come quicker.

    36. Indy_Scot says:

      OMG, I have just been told on Reporting Scotland that Project fear is working.

    37. rab-the-doubter says:

      Rev, apparently you are a vile xenophobic nasty piece of work according to a michael scanlon who posted that on Billy Btaggs facebook page. I think you should be asking BT to rein in their Cybergits.

    38. Ken500 says:

      Doesn’t seem to be working, Our nice English cousins are saying, ‘ run for your lives’.


    39. CameronB says:

      I’ll believe the tide has turned when the BBC weather map shows a proportionally sized Scotland. Is there any wind for Dundee? We never get wind (on the map). 🙂

    40. Albalha says:

      Mr Cameron seemed to suggest that a Yes vote would impact on BBC World Service, now how does that work?

      Have asked former WS colleagues if they know what he’s on about.

    41. ronnie anderson says:

      And to All the Tweeter,s above, many thanks,and hears a Song for You,s,

      We Gotta Get Out of This Place if its the Last Thing We Ever Do.

      Co mon guys,techo dept vid search.

    42. handclapping says:

      The Rennies are from Dundee? There was a family of lime plasterers.

    43. msean says:

      o/t Great show from the Russians,well done.

    44. CameronB says:

      Perhaps I am related. My dad always said I was a total plaster.

    45. call me dave says:

      Aye “Cameron’s billet doux probably won’t work but ‘project fear’ is still working” says commentator on BBC, “A lot of folk are still scared”. Jackie Bird on hearing this relaxes her muscles, the tension lessens.

      The hunt for red Darling is not proving easy all I can find on google is this.

    46. Seasick Dave says:

      No phone calls yet from the English in-laws.

      I’ll maybe call them as I think that they would relish living in Scotland and voting Yes.

    47. Flower of Scotland says:

      Thanks to all our friends in England for your phenomenal support !
      Here’s hoping you guys in Cornwall and Somerset get some real help soon !

    48. handclapping says:

      No calls yet but then the cheap minutes don’t come in ’til 7pm. Its not just the Scots that have been driven to penury by our Westminster masters.

    49. Dramfineday says:

      Thank you Stuart – it is indeed comforting that the bile can be offset by the kindness of others. It would be ironic that, far from being the basket case portrayed by being too wee, too poor and too stupid, we were able to be a counterpoint that would attract some of the contributors to come and live here as our friends and neighbours.

      Roll on!

    50. msean says:

      I agree about that help, Flower of Scotland,6 for the head of the environment agency to turn up to see for himself,seems unreal.Hope they get what they need.

    51. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Seems people have been calling David Cameron’s office after that speech.

      Here’s a leaked couple of minutes from his ansaphone:

    52. Morag says:

      Someone mentioned this on another thread, but it’s worth another plug. There are people really hurting in the south-east of England. I know we’re all saving our pennies for the big Wings fundraiser, but if anyone has the odd tuppence left over, there is an appeal to help the flood victims, here.

    53. Cyberniall says:

      The BT campaign is said to be too negative, whereas the Yes campaign is said to be too optimistic. I think the only way Scotland will vote yes is if the Yes campaign reminds them in what way GB is “just fine” the way it is and the way it is going. Maybe the No side need a bit of scaremongering. Any thoughts?

    54. Famous15 says:

      Well now I know . McWhirter on Radio Scotland listing what “Alex Salmond” wishes to retain included the NHS in the litany of the Queen,currency,BBC etc. Who ever thought he was neutral?Cunning Inionist more like.

    55. Taranaich says:

      THIS is the social union is action: people from England, Wales and Northern Ireland who don’t care that we’d be a “foreign” country, who don’t care about chaff like the pound or the EU or whatnot. People who just want the best for Scots, because that’s what good people want for everyone.

    56. TYRAN says:

      Everyone was cheering Usain Bolt too – the man is not British. How does Cameron explain that?

      Thought there was a post Olympic poll done at the time that showed there was no big love for this like Cameron makes out.

    57. call me dave says:

      Torcuil, unlike Darth Vader, is not impressed.

      Torcuil Crichton: If David Cameron wants to appeal to Scots.. he should at least be in Scotland

    58. ronnie anderson says:

      State Broadcaster,s / News Paper,s, Nth Veitnam.

      KIM JUNG UN,’.,k768903i12kl2-= KIM JUNG UN,&%&_%$£”>@L@#~}{

      #.,;’-7680%4225 we love you plea to stay.

    59. alexicon says:

      Ooh! please someone with a facebook account put these people right.,0,962386.story

    60. Niall mck says:

      First post!

      Why doesn’t Yes campaign organise bus loads of volunteers from England to help with Yes vote? Maybe set up some call centres?

      Just a thought!

    61. Big Jock says:

      I want that taxi driver as our foreign secretary to negotiate with England!

    62. Jamie Arriere says:

      Really heartwarming to see non-Scots who “get it”. Scottish self-respect is growing, and our friendships will not be lost with a Yes vote.

      Peace & love

    63. Andy-B says:

      Reading those comments it seems, most English, Welsh and NI people, actually wish us well on the independence front, some even want to move to Scotland, its a very strong possibility that David Cameron’s, “Hug a Scot” sortie will backfire spectacularly on him.

    64. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @Ronnie anderson says:
      KIM JUNG UN,’.,k768903i12kl2-= KIM JUNG UN,&%&_%$£”>@L@#~}{

      Ronnie, if you said “&%&_%$£”>@L@#~}” in North Korea you’d get arrested …

    65. The Dog says:

      O/T so apologies. During Pete Wishart’s speech in the House of Commons debate on Scottish independence in Westminster yesterday, you can clearly hear someone telling him to f**k off 10 seconds or so after he starts to speak. It speaks volumes that they can gush artificially about how valued we are but all it takes is one cabrón to reveal what they really think.

    66. Indy_Scot says:

      I read a comment somewhere today along the lines of, when they have to start using emotional blackmail, you know they are worried.

      I think there is a lot of truth in that.

    67. Dorothy Devine says:

      I read all those comments from down south and wondered how many will actually come – them all I hope ,we need immigrants to boost the population.

      I’m feeling quite pleased with today!

      Deary me , that sounded a little smug but with the FM sorting out a couple of interviewers ,the London taxi driver and all those folk happy ,indeed urging us to run for it ,I feel a warm glow.

    68. Morag says:

      Idiot on C4 News suggested that the entire independence movement was “just because you (AS) want to be called Prime Minister”.

      Good grief, how shallow can you get? Twenty years before Alex Salmond was born, a group of Scots decided to launch a political party so this combination of gametes could get to be called prime minister.

      AS himself spurned Labour, Tory and even the Liberal party when he was a first-year undergraduate and decided to join a political party with a single MP, all so he could get to be called PM. When that party threw him out, he didn’t go and join one of the big numbers even then, but worked to get back into the no-hopers.

      My God, that is some long-term planning.

    69. Andy-B says:

      Maybe this is why David Cameron loves Scots so much, don’t you just get that warm fuzzy feeling.

    70. James123 says:

      Prof Curtice just on the BBC News Channel lying through his teeth. He said that a majority of people in the rest of the UK want Scotland to stay, when actually a majority don’t care or would be happy for the Scots to gain their independence.

      When asked about how Scots feel about a Salmond Cameron debate he completely dodged the question, instead saying “you have to question why the opponents of the NO campaign want this debate”, not mentioning of course that a vast majority of Scots are in favour.

    71. CameronB says:

      Dorothy Devine says at 7:36 pm:

      “I read all those comments from down south and wondered how many will actually come – them all I hope, we need immigrants to boost the population.

      I’m feeling quite pleased with today!”

      It wouldn’t be the first time. My great granny ran away from service in Blyth, Northumberland, to get work in the Dundee jute mills. She might even have been one of the original Hecklers, but then I’d like to think I am Bridei.

    72. Horacesaysyes says:

      Awh, it fair warms the heart! 🙂

    73. fairliered says:

      What the bookies think of Cameron’s speech.

      Compare the current odds with those from 3 months ago.

    74. HandandShrimp says:

      Listened to Torquil and McWhirter on the radio tonight. Torquil was actually talking sense and McWhirter was talking in cliches which I confess surprised me. I think McWhirter is a Devo Max supporter and is actually making a plug for Devo Max

      That or he had rented his brain out to someone else for the day.

    75. heedtracker says:

      Prof Curtice has to keep in with the BBC in Scotland, its great for his business. Make as much as you can, then scarper on the 19th Sept.

    76. fairliered says:

      We have plenty of friends south of the 100,000 bitters who will be linking arms along Hadrian’s Wall (and more in Northumberland north of the wall). Can we swap them for the britnats who want to move to England after the Yes vote!

    77. CameronB says:

      As in son of Maelchon. 😉

    78. Croompenstein says:

      It must have went something like – Tony Blair “right Donald are you sure this devolution pish is safe to let happen” DD – “oh yes Tony it will placate the natives we will have perpetual Labour/Lib govt and those nationalist fuckers will be eradicated” TB – “if you say so Donald”

    79. HandandShrimp says:


      When I look at some of the people that say they will leave if it is a Yes vote and then look at those that say they would like to come if it is a Yes vote…I can’t help thinking we are getting the better deal.

    80. Croompenstein says:

      @fairliered – great idea we could take the ‘champions of our future’ and we could send the ‘ye can stick wer independence up wer arse’ brigade doon there

    81. Morag says:

      I think McWhirter is a Devo Max supporter and is actually making a plug for Devo Max

      MacWhirter is a federalist. He has never been anything else. He writes well, and sometimes seductively, but he is a unionist. And a LibDem I think.

      He is also frequently wrong, plumb wrong, in many of his most important opinions, predictions and attitudes. Don’t be fooled.

    82. Mutters says:

      This is wonderful! Yes Scotland’s message in return to all these well wishers should be “Move on Up!” as a theme tune … Curtis Mayfield

    83. Clootie says:

      I really think we could have a major impact on English politics by voting for independence.

      The example of a fairer society would have a greater influence than a Labour sell out to Tory values in order to get elected.

      Support English hopes and aspirations by voting YES.

    84. dodecostanza says:

      What a brilliant day. Have been posting links on my FB page for a while now, to no effect. Posted this link (English responses to Dave) along with the Taxi Driver… Wow. 2 cousins saying they’re now convinced Yes, and 2 former No’s now giving them likes and positive comments and re-posts. Things have definitely changed…!

    85. Morag says:

      What the bookies think of Cameron’s speech.

      Compare the current odds with those from 3 months ago.

      Would someone mind explaining to me what this actually means. I’m odds-innumerate.

    86. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      a woman i know has recently went from no to yes, becoming quite common.

    87. Mutters says:

      @ fairliered, great idea, a big welcome to them.

    88. ronnie anderson says:

      @elexicon 7.18, heard your plea, sorted as much as I could.

    89. Macart says:

      I’ve had a fair old toddle around the net today and the feedback from Dave’s speech has been truly amazing. Every site has had an air of ‘go for it’ from well wishers across the border and the first time yes posters popping up all over the place is mind boggling.

      Dave’s done us a solid and no mistake. 😀


    90. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      morag, if you back a horse at 2/1 it means the bookies think it has a better chance of winning than a horse at 3/1. if that helps.

    91. Croompenstein says:

      I watched that Elvis film where the announcer says ‘Ladies and Gentlemen Elvis has left the building, I repeat, Elvis has left the building’ I so want to get on the Westminster tannoy on March 25th 2016 and say ‘Ladies and Gentlemen the Cash Cow has left the building, I repeat, the Cash Cow has left the building’ and for the slab mp’s – ‘the sneevling, ("Quizmaster" - Ed) bastards have left the building, I repeat…

    92. rab-the-doubter says:

      Radio 4 any questions no scottish panel representation – will they discuss the Cameron BS – maybe but I cant see any balance. I await with intrrest….

    93. Luigi says:

      I cannot believe what I heard tonight:

      Did the rattled C4 presenter actually tell AS that he
      “cannot have his haggis and eat it!”?

      That must be worth a few YES votes this evening.

    94. Mutters says:

      @ fairliered, but no-one should want to or have to leave either.

    95. gordoz says:


      What an embarrassment to Scotland; clear vanity case for current Principle. Might not be the smartest use of the brand and logo.

      How impartial, hope the Scottish Govt remember this when the Uni’s looking for funding and hope staff remember this fact long after Sept 18th 2014, when she’s looking for support.

      Shameful use of position and awkward for staff and alumni who may not support her views.

      Most unfortunate.

    96. Hi,

      Lurker-turned-poster here. This is vaguely relevant to the topic because it’s about some of the sorts of rUK people who actually are urging us to vote No.

      I’ve got this pro-Yes thing I’ve been working on, Choose Your Friends Wisely, but I think it might be too negative and sort of bring the campaign into disrepute. I thought here might be a “safe space” to try and gauge reactions from Yes folk before I start actually printing these these out and leaving them places. The last thing I want is to harm the cause inadvertently through an excess of zeal.

    97. Dramfineday says:

      @ lumilumi 6.26

      this covers it I think –

      Best Regards Dram

      PS what a great hour exploring the tactics and weapons of the Winter war.

    98. muttley79 says:


      On Iain McWhirter: he said today on Radio Jockland that a Yes vote was “highly (or very) unlikely.” Does he really believe this? I am not saying Yes will win, but I in no way think it is very unlikely.

    99. alexicon says:

      @Ronnie Anderson


    100. Morag says:

      I cannot believe what I heard tonight:

      Did the rattled C4 presenter actually tell AS that he
      “cannot have his haggis and eat it!”?

      That must be worth a few YES votes this evening.

      Yes he did. I thought Alex was going to implode!

      I just forgot that one after the same numptie then invited Alex to admit that the entire independence movement was constructed so that he could get to be called “Prime Minister”.

      Some people are believing too much of their own propaganda. Or other people’s propaganda. Or something. Lazy, incompetent journalism.

    101. Paula Rose says:

      Perhaps our next poll should find out if those outside the M25 would prefer to send representation to Holyrood and leave those inside the M25 to their fate?

    102. Morag says:

      morag, if you back a horse at 2/1 it means the bookies think it has a better chance of winning than a horse at 3/1. if that helps.

      I can go that far. But what is it that today’s odds tell us?

    103. Morag says:

      On Iain McWhirter: he said today on Radio Jockland that a Yes vote was “highly (or very) unlikely.” Does he really believe this? I am not saying Yes will win, but I in no way think it is very unlikely.

      Bear in mind what I said about how often MacWhirter is wrong. It’s pretty consistent over the years and indeed the decades. I’ve sadly had to remind myself about that when he’s made optimistic predictions in bad times.

    104. Marcia says:

      Here are the latest betting odds. I managed to place bets at x 4.5 of original bet.

    105. Catherine Rowan says:

      I’m not Scottish but please Scotland take this chance to get away from Dodgy Dave and his country wrecking crew. He is a complete embarassment and I’m sorry he is such a wimp. And please could you invade Yorkshire so that we too can be Scottish?

    106. Morag says:

      Oh for goodness sake forget the links, I wouldn’t understand them anyway. How much better has it got? What were the old odds and what are they now?

    107. Ananurhing says:

      I’m sure there are many people in rUK who would consider moving to an independent Scotland. Perhaps we should start a ‘Better Come In’ campaign.

    108. Dorothy Devine says:

      I should have stayed happily smug – instead I ventured forth and found myself on the DT and the Iain Martin piece.
      The comments below the line were only marginally worse than the article , so where do all these sane and charming tweeters come from and what do they read?

    109. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      morag, at one point last year odds were 6/1 on a yes vote they are now 3/1 so they have halved.

    110. Morag says:

      OK, faint but pursuing.

    111. gerry parker says:

      There are so many people posting Yes papers, posting comments and posting links, that I think we could easily run a Scottish Postal service in tandem with that privatised one until we get it back.

    112. CameronB says:

      A bit rich given the number of ethnic minorities who appear on CH4. Not that that is a bad thing, but pot…. Peter Snow was always a bit slack with his attitude,IMO.

    113. Iain says:

      ‘morag, if you back a horse at 2/1 it means the bookies think it has a better chance of winning than a horse at 3/1. if that helps.

      I can go that far. But what is it that today’s odds tell us?’

      Paddypower cut their odds from 7/2 to 3/1 and Hills from 7/2 to 16/5 today, possibly after Dave’s intervention.
      Below is a history of all betting movements over the last 2.5 years.

    114. Richard Bruce says:

      ronnie anderson says:
      State Broadcaster,s / News Paper,s, Nth Veitnam.

      KIM JUNG UN,’.,k768903i12kl2-= KIM JUNG UN,&%&_%$£”>@L@#~}{

      #.,;’-7680%4225 we love you plea to stay

      Ronnie, is that a link you tried to post? Or is it what Kim Jun Un said when he heard Cameron’s speech?

    115. heedtracker says:

      C4 news guy tonight had one good question about what you’d miss about England but the rest is usual badly edited UK media/Westminster repressed anger “how dare you even try take Scotland from England.” Its not like C4 Scotland ever reports anything Scottish anyway which does not bode well for C4 transfer of Sarah Smith to the BBC in Scotland where Ms Brown began her BBC grad entry training. Lord have mercy on Scottish democracy.

    116. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Why did the lecturn that Dave Cameron spoke from display a Glasgow Caledonian University Logo ?

    117. Ken Mac says:

      Judging by the number of folk who are going to move here post indy it looks like we will solve our demographic problem in a oner.

    118. mr thms says:

      ‘everything which is not forbidden is allowed’

    119. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Odds 13/12/13
      Odds today

      Nice one. Swiping that 🙂

    120. Seasick Dave says:


      Welcome to WoS!

      First things first, but we’ll see what we can do! 😉

    121. Mosstrooper says:

      Somehow I keep hearing that song by Lionel Ritchie

      Hellooo! is it me you’re looking for?

    122. Thepnr says:


      You’d prefer it in % terms so if the odds are 4/1 then the bookies believe that there is a 20% chance. 1/(4+1)

      Or a more unusual one 100/30 = 30/(100+30) = 23%

      9/2= 2/(9+2)= 18* ect. ect. ect.

    123. tartanfever says:

      Catherine Rowan says:

      ‘I’m not Scottish but please Scotland take this chance to get away from Dodgy Dave and his country wrecking crew. He is a complete embarassment and I’m sorry he is such a wimp. And please could you invade Yorkshire so that we too can be Scottish?’

      Thanks Catherine, we’re trying our best. You and the rest of Yorkshire are more than welcome up here.

      We need people, our working population is too small. So give us a couple of years to get up and running and then in return for you living and working in Scotland we will give you:

      a written constitution that enshrines your human rights,

      free university education,

      free healthcare and prescriptions,

      guaranteed retirement age at 65

      no unelected politicians (House of Lords)

      no illegal wars

      no nuclear weapons

      a fairer tax system

      etc etc.

    124. Albert Herring says:


      Odds of A/B means there’s B chances in A+B. So fro example 5/2 is 2 chances in 7 or 28.6%.

      The best odds have shortened from 9/2 to 7/2. This means the bookies’ assessment of the likelihood of a YES vote has increased from 18.2% to 22.2%.

      Of course they’re wildly wrong.

    125. Greannach says:

      Does Glasgow Caledonian University have a campus in the London Olympic Park or was Cameron trying to pretend he was in Scotland?

    126. BuckieBraes says:

      Sorry for being dim, but hours later I’m still trying to work out what William Roache and his family have got to do with this!

    127. Kev says:

      More to the point, whats the odds on an all-cabinet square-go in Aberdeen in a fortnight’s time, and wee Wullie Hague greetin when Nicola gets him in a headlock?

    128. John Murdoch says:

      Born in Scotland but living in Manchester. Got no vote = Wish I could vote for Independence for the sake of Caledonia. Be Brave !

    129. Dcanmore says:

      as for the bookies, a couple of them have shortened the odds of a YES win to 3/1.

    130. gordoz says:


      Good point

      Sure Rev could make mileage from that –

      Cameron the Pretender

    131. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
      7 February, 2014 at 8:52 pm
      “Odds 13/12/13
      Odds today“

      Nice one. Swiping that 🙂

      That’s why I started archiving as “We are all in this together”

    132. ronnie anderson says:

      C non lads n lasses, Cameron opened up the flood gates,

      on Lovebombing,get on those papers comments pages,

      Telegraph/Guardian, direct those people on to site,s such

      Wings/Bella/ Buisness we have learned the

      people of the r UK are largely Ignorant of Scotland,s

      politic,s, financies, because of Westminster LIES,those

      comment pages are full of people, who dont know what,s

      happening in Scotland. Inform them.

    133. Brotyboy says:

      Greatorex, you are welcome in my home any time.

    134. ronnie anderson says:

      Field Of Dreams, build it and they will come,

      We,re already built,come all you,s that are heavy burdened

      by Westminster rip off merchants.

    135. Frazer Allan Whyte says:

      I think the reverend is being a bit harsh with Jonty – because he/she has a good point – Scots have not always had a positive effect when they go to a foreign land,and as for their/our own history, I tell my Kurdish friends “You think your history is bad…” The term “parcel of rogues in a nation” was not coined accidently.

      Let’s face it, a whole pack of Scottish political exports to England – pardon me – the UK – are candidates for trial as war criminals. Let’s recognize this fact and make it a point of honour that in the coming independent Scotland these people will not be allowed to walk the land unpunished.Let Scotland be a light for justice not only within its own borders but around the world by truly holding to the equality of humankind – not just in the area of rights but also in the area of consequences when its citizens impinge on the rights of others as Blair and his vicious greedy pack have done.

    136. ronnie anderson says:

      @Richard Bruse 8.48, naw richard ah wiz at a loss fur
      word,s + hoping Bbc / Stv hiving a keek roon the door,+
      our cherished Jounalist,s, & our unbias news paper,s,
      awe its a day fur a lovein,love is allaround every where I go.

    137. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Frazer Allan Whyte –

      It’s the one thing that does worry me. I don’t doubt for a nanosecond that we’re going to win this thing, but the people you mentioned are facing a fight for their lives – literally.

      Blair’s already a fugitive for all practical purposes, and will be for the rest of his days. Everyone has different lists of who’s culpable (prominent on mine are Adam Ingram, John Reid, George Foulkes, and a whole raft of lesser Scots politcos and media-slappers) – if we win then they’ll be like cornered rats.

      After what we’ve seen them do to completely innocent civilians all over this planet, does anyone truly believe that they would lose a moment’s sleep over using any and all tools to keep what they have?

      To them, we’re all ‘fair game’.

    138. Stevie says:

      I am so proud of these English folk – by heck yer welcome to come live here any time – let’s make a beginning

    139. JLT says:

      It has been my belief during this debate that if Scotland does truly become independent, then we will never worry about immigration.

      I have always believed that a million Englishmen will move north to live a better life.

      …and you know what …they would be most welcome…

    140. Cankert Callan says:

      @Ian Prowse

      We really can’t forget. we are running for our LIVES!

    141. Frazer Allan Whyte says:

      Ian Brotherhood – I am frightened by the fact that they don’t seem to have any insight into what they have done and no conscience about profiting from the blood of their victims – and anything that impinges on their sense of entitlement is either demonized or devalued and ignored.That they are even willing to take down their own nation says it all. Who in their right minds would want these people lording it over them? If Yes fails then these are the very thugs who along with their war criminal wannabes will gut Scotland – so Yes must succeed.

    142. fairliered says:

      Hello Morag. Just back home. What the bookies odds are saying are that, although they still think it is more likely that we will vote no than vote yes, 3 months ago they thought there was a 14% chance of a yes vote, yesterday they thought there was a 25% chance of a yes vote, and today, after Cameron’s speech, there is a 28% chance of a yes vote.

      They actually think there is a bigger chance of a yes vote, as the figures they quote allow for their profit. Therefore they probably think there is a 33% chance of a yes vote.

      Hope that makes sense.

      P.S. Whatever the bookies think, we need to make sure there is a 100% chance of a yes vote!

    143. Morag says:

      Thanks for that! I won’t believe we’re winning till we’re getting regular polls showing Yes ahead of No, but there doe seem to be something in the air.

    144. fairliered says:

      We may never hear about polls showing yes ahead of no, apart from Rev Stu’s. That won’t necessarily mean were aren’t ahead. (Awaits confirmation from Scottish Skier.)

    145. Morag says:

      No. It’s a depressing thought, working all summer with the polls against us, but it has to be done.

    146. Don Cameron says:

      He might have our name, but that’s about where it ends, because he shares nothing else in common with most of the other clan members, well at least the ones I’ve spoken with.

    147. Grendel says:

      Some fantastic comments from people across England, wishing us well and urging us to go for it. Those good people are ALWAYS welcome here!

    148. I think Cameron may have put the ball into his own net with this one. Someone I know who was leaning towards no sent me a text tonight saying that he had really annoyed her big time with his speech. During the past week I have also had contact from another two people who were in the no camp. One of them is now a definite Yes and the other one – who is about as staunch unionist as you could ever get – is now leaning towards Yes – which knowing the person concerned extremely well has astounded me. My thoughts are that if these two people – one a hard left Labourite and the other a self employed businessman with Tory leanings are switching – Mr Cameron is in big trouble and he possibly knows it.

    149. cjmasta says:

      That was really quite heart warming to read through those tweets. It reminds me of my trips to different parts of England and meeting normal, decent folks there.
      Scottish independence will be a gift for those good English cousins of ours, England will have to change the way it is governed i`m sure. It might not happen straight away but it will be on the right road.
      We have to remember that the English media fill their heads full of shite and push agenda`s as much as much as what we have had to put up with.
      They`ve been fed the same lies but when they eventually realize that Scotland wasn`t some poor neighbour reliant on their taxes but actually contributed a great deal to something which was at one point great (GB) they`ll turn on the media like we will when those who voted no eventually have the same realization.
      It`s about power being in our hands and not in the hands of a few millionaires and billionaires.
      I think in the future there will be revolt`s across the globe towards media and how they play us like fools against each other. What has happened in Scotland and the wider UK should serve as an example to everyone how men with money and power couldn`t give a damn about truth, decency or the wider population so long as they are raking in a healthy profit from us sheeple.

    150. Albert Herring says:

      “I won’t believe we’re winning till we’re getting regular polls showing Yes ahead of No”

      I think the pollsters are, for various reasons, seriously underestimating the YES vote, I think possibly by 10-20%. This appears to be borne out by what we are finding on the doorsteps. The confidence of YES as opposed to the obvious panic stations of NO also bears this out, informed on both sides by their private polling.

      I reckon YES has never actually been behind since the start of the campaign. The polls are part of the propaganda.

    151. Alfresco Dent says:

      I’ve actually long suspected these views to be the case so I’m not entirely surprised but it is refreshing to see it spelled out so clearly.

      O/T apologies – I’m posting this here because, let’s face it, everybody reads here these days.

      Yes Dundee Drop-in Cafe, today 8th February, 11:00 to 13:00, Fairfield Sports & Social Club, Drumgeith Road, Dundee.

      Stewart Hosie, amongst others, will be speaking.

      All welcome. Bring a friend.

    152. seoc says:

      So when Cameron talks of the Scottish tail wagging the UK dog, he’s talking bollocks.
      Who’d have thunked it?
      Just who is it that Cameron et al represent, then?

    153. Spansco says:

      It was so encouraging to read these comments from people in England. We in Scotland are lucky that we can break from the right wing Tory rule of our country with their bias towards the South East of England. I have family in the North East and know that they have suffered the same purges on their industrial base as we in Scotland have. They unfortunately are stuck with Westminster, but I’m sure many will look North with envious eyes when we become an independent country free of Tory rule forever.

    154. TYRAN says:

      Anyone had a call from Ken Barlow and his mystical ‘Circle of Love’ sect then?

    155. In using my right to reply to David Cameron and the no campaigns patronising speech to the Scottish people. We are not your Country !! We are the Scottish people standing up for equal rights in our Own Country and for every other equal rights movement in the world. E.g this week the Scottish Government passed the same sex marriage bill while in the south of England a Tory mp stood on national tv and said “the reason I lost my seat was because I voted for the same sex marriage bill in Westminister”. With the terrible atrocities that is happening in Russia today against gay people, David Caneron prefers to use the Olympic Political stage to plee to Scots all over the to persuade the Scottish family members the basic civic right of running our own affairs. Where as in Scotland when we take the world stage at the common wealth games the message we are telling the world gay straight or by come here you are welcome and we are not afraid to stand up for your rights too ! That’s how the Scots show social Solidarity on a global scale Mr Cameron !! And I also to took your advice and spoke to my wee cousin Stuart Thomas Anderson who stays in Manchester ” so for MOTHERWELL TO MANCHESTER WE SAY YES!! …. And if you didn’t understand that I’ll put it in simple economic terms ” supply and demand” don’t underestimate the power if the gay rights movement globally both politically and economically . There is no one that likes a luxury good more than gay people because THEY HAVE STYLE ” and MORALS, which Westminster is sadly lacking. That’s Scotland is in abundance of. That’d from another Great Scot Called Adam Smith, that’s how we do Scottish and proud !!! Have a good day and don’t forget to shut the back door on your way out of Scotland lol !!! Yes and to all our neighbours thank you for your support you are welcome here anytime

    156. Gil says:

      I think we could accomodate the North of England no bother, as I think we have more in common with each other than those further south

    157. Paula Rose says:

      So we just go with the border being Hadrian’s wall for the time being? Nice line out into the North Sea btw.

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