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This is how dumb

Posted on April 22, 2014 by

… they think you are.


(UK edition on the left, Scottish edition on the right.)

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    1. 22 04 14 17:06

      This is how dumb | FreeScotland

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    1. heedtracker says:

      Is it the 5p offer?

    2. Thomas William Dunlop says:

      This is most reposted thing I have seen on Facebook. I think the people in Scotland have got the message.

    3. Grant Cruickshank says:

      Astonishing. And not in a good way.

    4. Minty says:

      I see the Law Society have resigned from the CBI. How many high profile organisations have to go before his position is untenable?

    5. beachthistle says:


    6. Barry Tanser says:

      Greyhoundmeat toasties all round.

    7. john allan says:

      This how the labour party have done it for years.
      Allowing the press to tell England they subsidized Scotland.
      Whilst letting us think where to wee to poor and to stupid.

    8. Ian Brotherhood says:


      What a difference a few words can make, eh?

      Here’s hoping someone gets a copy of both and inserts them sideways into Gordon Brown in front of the cameras.

    9. fairiefromtheearth says:

      LOL how stupid do they think we are answer as stupid as an express reader.

    10. David McCann says:

      Meanwhile former Chancellor Gordon Brown, the man who scrapped the tax relief on dividends paid into pension funds in 1997, costing pension savers at least £100Billion, tours Scotland, warning of the dire consequences to our pensions if Scotland vote Yes.

      He really must think we are buttoned up the back

    11. Jimbo says:

      It’s the double standards of the UK media that we all now take for granted.

      The kind of standards that the UK media now considers to be acceptable – spin over substance, lies before facts.

    12. geeo says:

      I smell cataclysmic consequences for BT.

      Big clappy hand emoji.

    13. And there we have the BT campaign in one snapshot. I call in 1970’s syndrome, only 3 TV channels, they own all the press and there is no internet…


    14. HandandShrimp says:

      Now that is integrity free journalism

      Absolutely splendid and a complete gift to the Yes side 🙂 Better Together can’t be happy about that.

    15. Minty says:

      Its like the Express haven’t been told about the thing that we call ‘the internet’.

    16. Sydthesnake says:

      watch to see if Calamity Jane (JoLa) and Crash Gordon can spin this to positive, in the spirit of their new found positive campaign

    17. Taranaich says:

      Unbelievable – to think that people in Scotland couldn’t possibly be interested in Susanna whatsername from Strictly Come Whatsit.

      Then again, considering this is the paper where the supposedly “UK” edition’s logo is a crusader bearing a shield emblazoned with St. George’s Cross, why should we be surprised at the contempt they clearly hold to their readership?

    18. HoraceSaysYes says:

      It is indeed laughable (admittedly like most things in the Express).

      I do have to admit though, that seeing them side by side like that is the first time I have noticed that even the logos are different between the two editions.

    19. Nick says:

      Honesty free journalism, now packed with Vitamins and Minerals to aid in digestion!

      Translated as:
      A pile of steaming bullshit that we are expected to swallow!

    20. Brian Powell says:

      Also put this on the Guardian comments as soon as I saw it on the twitter account.

      Every bit of exposure helps.

    21. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Without cheating, who do you think just tweeted this?:

      ‘My view: we’ve invested for centuries in making London a global economic powerhouse. We’d be mad to give it away.’

      Give up?

      Oor wee pal, Duncan Hothersall. Unless it’s a spoof account? If not, it would appear that the bold Dunc and his last marble have finally parted company.

    22. Morag says:

      Stuart, if you click on that picture you get the previous article, not an enlarged version of the picture.

    23. No No No...Yes says:

      I don’t have Facebook or I would be signing in to the Daily Record website and posting details of this latest farce. The DR has the usual GBrown fanclub message. Do they really think we are all stupid?

    24. memaw says:

      Gordon Brown must have the brain of a rhinoceros as well as the skin.

      Not exactly off topic: did you know that when Gordon Brown was Prime Minister they wanted to name a new steam locomotive after him? When this was being discussed at the York Railway Museum some joker said, ” We don’t have to go to that expense, just take the F off the Flying Scotsman, that’ll do!”

    25. Flower of Scotland says:

      I facebooked it along with a wee message to Gordon Brown. Must be making my NO Facebook friends fed up! Hopefully they’ll see sense and Vote YES!

    26. Murray McCallum says:

      Posted a similar picture on facebook this morning and an Australian friend living in Singapore “liked” it and queried if I had photoshopped it.

      I posted the different online versions for him too.

      These kind of things are instant “eye openers” to people previously not looking closely at the debate. It’s almost as if some UK organisations are not aware of the existence of the internet and social media.

    27. John Dow says:

      “Annual bill would be three times Scots oil”

      Indeed – and as pensions are funded by NI payments that have already been paid to the Treasury, that bill would be met by Westminster.

    28. What? says:

      There’s nothing to see here? One article relates to private pensions and the other the cost to administer the state penison. Once again an example of the Yes campaign working off of incomplete information.

    29. Brian Powell says:

      It’s funny, every film shows newspapers as intrepid seekers of the truth, they just got to find the right angle to put it out there, steps forward more intrepid newspaper journalist, played by Dustin Redford.

      It’s disappointing to find after observing them over the last few years, the image that comes to my mind is a line of tubs of lard; not sure why.

    30. Andy Xn says:

      noticeable Professor Brian Cox retweeted this , not from WoS but from another source

    31. Soda says:

      And the unionist fundies will still vote NO!

      A bit O/T but i amused myself this morning by messing about on a BBC HYS. ( ) Hope you enjoy this half as much as i did…

      “2. Sons Of Albion
      6 HOURS AGO
      Not bad at all. Lets have a bash at 2064.
      I predict that by 2064 half the worlds population will live to be 100+ whilst half will see life expectancy fall to below 60 and most nations will enforce a limit of 2 children per female in a bid to ensure food supply remains sustainable.”

      In response the the above post i said…

      “2. Sons Of Albion

      And if we in Scotland fail to grab this opportunity to break away from that den of inequity that is Westminster then there is no need for predictions as to what half we will belong to.

      How about a HYS on the fact that the decision of CBI to come out in favour of the NO campaign is because its chairman is also head of Marine Babcock, who of course services the subs at Faslane?”

      This of course was relentlessly thumbed down and quickly deleted as were all my other posts that went like this..

      “And true to form my comment has been reported by the lapdogs and removed. also true to form and contrary to the rules all subsequent comments quoting and answering me are left to stand. The BBC is finished in Scotland and just for the record the sun doesnt rise and set on London. If only the rest of the UK outside of the south east would grow a backbone then these islands might just about improve.”

      “73. Damian

      No you are right not everything is (about Scotland) but dont you think this is an important story and worthy of at least being reported on by our national and often proclaimed unbiased and balanced broadcaster? But what do we get instead? Preston bleating on about how the economy is improving (when its still massively in debt!) and a silly piece on future predictions of yesteryear! What an irrelevance”

      “88. Omegon

      This isnt about one man and if you cant see past that (no matter how round that man is) then you really should expand your information sources beyond the Mail and the BBC. Just for the record tho Salmond has delivered on every election promise he has ever made, can the same be said of the Westminster coalition? You may have been born in Scotland but i’m guessing you dont live here now.”

      “Haha! Shamed into deleting the other comments! The BBC have become a joke up here. STV, Universities all over the country, Aquamarine Power, Balhousie, Visit Scotland have all left CBI… will the BBC leave? If not then it agrees by default and there goes all pretence of impartiality. The link between chairman and trident is an important story, very important. Why hasnt the BBC reported on this?”

      “I pay the BBC to report the news, not to decide what news should be reported according to their own agenda. I would have at least some respect for the organisation if they would just come clean and admit they are a pro union entity who take their orders from the elite in London and are anti Scottish, biased and lofty in their attitude towards the people they should be serving.”

      “BBC, proven to be biased. Promotes censorship. Withholds information. Thinks they are above the people. Dying a slow lingering death. Goodbye BBC, after Sept 18th you will be irrelevant.”

      Well, it made me smile and passed a bit of spare time 🙂

    32. Clootie says:

      They haven’t quite grasped this internet communication concept have they?

      The 19th. century thought control methods don’t work anymore. However the real surprise is Labour and the MSM still don’t get it!

      LabourHame website is a pretty fair indicator that the entire organisation is a front with no foundations.They have a legacy vote – how long will that last without control of the media.
      The first newspaper to ask some difficult questions of labour will collapse the house of cards. The BBC is shoring up Labour and BT hard but it is only a matter of time now.

    33. Craig P says:

      “..and we’d have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for that pesky internet!”

      Andy Xn says:

      noticeable Professor Brian Cox retweeted this

      This is amusing even if you aren’t a cybernat 🙂

    34. Marker Post says:

      One of the most jaw-dropping juxtapositions of headlines in the No campaign so far.

      Got me wondering though, on the timing of these UK stories, on the very day that Gordon Brown delivers his speech. Is someone making a mockery of GB?

    35. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “There’s nothing to see here? One article relates to private pensions and the other the cost to administer the state penison.”

      “Anyone bothered to look past the headlines of the express front pages to see that one is about the private sector pension black hole and the other is about the Scottish public pension bill.”

      The two things are inextricably interlinked:

    36. Robert Louis says:

      Well there on those front pages, is one very good reason for voting YES. The utter contempt these people have for Scots is truly breathtaking.

      Meanwhile, i don’t often get very angry, but today I am absolutely pissed off. How dare that shadow of a man, Gordon Brown, deem it fit to run around Scotland scaring pensioners regarding their pensions, when it was HE, That man, Gordon freaking Brown, single handedly who did much of the damage to ALL UK pensions, when in power.

      As unelected Prime Minister, he helped orchestrate the biggest financial collapse in UK history, the man who sold the UK gold reserves, when they were at a record low (something exacerbated by virtue of him telling the entire freaking world of the sale in advance thereby causing the gold price to crash even further), the man who didn’t even have the common courtesy or personal integrity to telephone Alex Salmond when he won the election, the man who did nothing to clean up Dalgety bay whilst he was prime minister, THAT man is running round TV studios telling everyone how Scots running their own affairs will somehow be bad.

      What a joke. What a sad pathetic freaking joke. Begone with you.

    37. What? says:

      FOA: Rev. Stuart Campbell

      Yes, the issues are linked. However this in itself does not make the headlines unjust.

      Based on the text of the articles alone I see no issue whatsoever with the headlines.

    38. Arbroath 1320 says:

      When is a pensions time bomb not a pensions time bomb?

      Answers on a post card to Daily Express! 🙂

    39. heedtracker says:

      The mail and the express do have incredibly mixed messages for evil and cruel YES voters though. Today Crash Gordon is a financial genius desperate to save Scotland from itself but not so long ago in BetterTogether land

      Brown is the worst Prime Minister in Britain’s history

      GORDON Brown’s premiership will go down as one of the darkest episodes in modern British history.

      Under his disastrous leadership our country has been brought to the brink of financial and moral bankruptcy.

      Our sense of national identity has been destroyed by the twin forces of mass immigration and multi-culturalism. our independence has been undermined by the abject surrender to the European Union, our democracy by the greed and corruption of the political class.

      Our public finances have been saddled with unprecedented debts, our streets with record-breaking violent crime.

    40. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Yes, the issues are linked. However this in itself does not make the headlines unjust.”

      The thing that makes the Scottish headline unjust is that Brown is talking utter arsewater, as demonstrated in the link I posted (which is why the image in this post links to that one). The juxtaposition with the UK Express cover is mainly just amusing, but as I noted, state and private pensions are inescapably connected. If the state pension wasn’t such a mess, it wouldn’t matter so much that private provision is so screwed as well.

    41. west_lothian_questioner says:

      If I said this shocked me, I’d be lying.

    42. gordoz says:

      O/T > Vote for Britain !

      Now for the views of someone ashamed of being Scottish, please head over to the Revs ‘Zany Comedy Relief’ folder under Tom Gallagher, (boak). For some real journalism (?)

      Tam is Professor emeritus (of some crap) at Bradford University

      ‘Sure you’ve never voted Tory Tom; are you sure ? ’cause you’re a natural believe me.

    43. HandandShrimp says:


      Surely you can see that the two headlines on the same day are less than ideal for the Better together campaign. Better together are desperate to tell us that all is safe and secure in the Union when in fact there is are serious problems facing all the things they wax lyrical about be it pensions, welfare, defence and the EU. No is not the status quo it is just a different set of risks. All of life is a risk.

    44. SquareHaggis says:

      Noticed somebody has placed this edition face down in the newsagents today 😉


    45. Grouse Beater says:

      For once spotted before Wings – but thankfully Wings has the readership to make the black propaganda wider known.

      Amazing how one editor doesn’t confide in the other.

      Pitiful Hapless Gordon – allied himself with a right-wing tabloid; piss poor timing as usual.

    46. What? says:

      FOA Rev. Stuart Campbell & HandAndShrimp

      Personally see it as all fair in my eyes. Yes the Express has a mandate to support the No campaign and it can be argued that these headlines do so. Is that a bad thing? Is that not to be expected?

      Many shall believe Brown’s words. Express readers no doubt. Does that not therefore make sense that the articles should be supported by such headlines?

      Anyway. You’ve clearly already made up your minds on this debate thus continuing is futile. I personally think that the headline writer(s) have done little wrong here. Indeed if there mandate is to support the No campaign, they’ve done bloody well.

    47. Grouse Beater says:

      Gordon Brown’s premiership will go down as one of the darkest episodes in modern British history.

      There’s worse before him that did irreparable damage to British society. You can trace the rot right back to the early sixties. And let’s not overlook Thatcher who embraced shock neo-con economics still admired by many as a force for good.

    48. Grouse Beater says:

      Personally see it as all fair in my eyes.

      Excuse me, you dropped your white stick.

    49. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @What? –

      If you walked into a newsagent/supermarket and they happened to have both editions on sale, which would you pick, and why?

    50. Davy says:


      the positive launch of better-together and with a resounding splat it falls flat on its erse.

      A joke media backing a joke campaign, led by joke politians.

    51. What? says:

      FOA Ian Brotherhood

      Ha! Neither. If indeed I did pick up one I would certainly be needing the white stick Grouse Beater mentions.

    52. Morag says:

      (which is why the image in this post links to that one)

      Isn’t there a better way of doing that? Because I really want a link to a jpeg of that picture, preferably a bigger and clearer version if available.

    53. heedtracker says:

      One massive weirdness about socialist worker Gordon was how Rupert Murdoch turned on him over night. From close family Uncle Rupert with stuff like backyard barbies for the Brown/Murdoch wives and kids, to “the worst Prime Minister ever” is quite a betrayal for such close friends. eg.
      which one of these twerps was lying here to Leveson, Brown or ex bestie Murdoch?

    54. Thepnr says:


      How often have misleading headlines been exposed on this very site where the front page headline states one thing only when you get into the meat of the article and read the actual quote from whomever it is apparent that the headline is misleading.

      Headlines themselves can carry a message even if you don’t buy or read the paper online. These two headlines together carry a pretty powerful message that if not at all favourable to BT. If they’ve “done bloody well” I’d say only for the Yes campaign.

    55. Grouse Beater says:

      @ What

      Ha! Neither.

      It’s one of the joys of internet “chat” how easily one can wriggle out of stupifyingly ignorant opinion and common sense even after stating further discussion “futile.”

      If you don’t know the meaning of futile, how do you expect anybody to presume you know the intricacies of the UK pension system?

    56. Marcia says:

      Stephen Noon on Gordon Brown’s scare story:

      Gordon Brown is not a stupid man. He knows that what he is saying today on pensions is nonsense and he has specifically selected his statistics to present a picture that is wildly far from reality. That is a clear and deliberate choice. It is the cheapest sort of negative campaigning, twisting the truth with the sole aim of frightening people.

    57. Colin says:

      In response to the Gordon Broon story on the Guardian, someone posted this reply.

      “The British should clearly spell out how economic sanctions would work against Scotland ASAP. Also, London’s full diplomatic weight should be put behind getting the US and Brussels to sanction Scotland in case of a vote for independence.
      If that’s not enough, military action to secure UK assets in Faslane should be prepared.”

      And Darling talks about the Yes campaign “Monstering” the no campaign.

    58. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I really want a link to a jpeg of that picture, preferably a bigger and clearer version if available.”

      That was the original source size, unfortunately. But where a pic is a link to something other than the full-size image, you can still see the full-size image by right-clicking and selecting View Image.

    59. Grouse Beater says:

      The British should clearly spell out how economic sanctions would work against Scotland ASAP

      This from the same whose revisionist historians declare there was no pressure on Scotland to sign a loaded Treaty.

      We were enticed by a long row of chocolate drops laid from Edinburgh to London.

    60. Erchie says:


      I do not think you appreciate what a “mandate” is. A mandate is the power to do something from an officially recognised source of power.

      As an example, in the UK it is said that the Coalition did *not* have a mandate for reforming the NHS in England because they had been elected on the opposite platform. Their mandate was NOT to do top-down reorganisation

      Contrast that with the SNP who *did* have a mandate for a Referendum.

      As the Express is a newspaper owned by an individual, it has no mandate. It has something that it is doing, but that is editorial policy probably with the support of the proprietor.

      What it is definitely not is impartial or even-handed

    61. Les Wilson says:

      Oh I am soooo happy this landed today, dear old Gordon will choke on his dinner reading this. By now it is allover the net, what a liar, what a pillock.

      CBI, “Select” should also withdraw from them, and ALL the rest in Scotland.

    62. Phil Robertson says:

      Naughty! Naughty! The two headlines refer to different stories.

      The UK one is about the lack of private pension provision within the UK population as a whole. The Scottish one hinges on the relative costs of state pensions in Scotland and in the UK as a whole.

      If you read beyond the headlines you should have realised that.

    63. Bill McLean says:

      If you understood how newspapers work Phil you would know exactly what they are up to!

    64. HandandShrimp says:


      I am glad that you recognise that the UK and Scotland are two quite separate things though 😉

    65. Famous15 says:

      The two headlines are are inextricably linked

    66. Morag says:

      But where a pic is a link to something other than the full-size image, you can still see the full-size image by right-clicking and selecting View Image.

      Greyed-out on my system unfortunately. Never mind.

    67. Ian Brotherhood says:

      RGU petition just went over 400:

    68. Andy-B says:

      Better Together had has two big scare stories, currency, we all know what happened there, and pensions, and you’ve already dissected that one and shown it to be an utter lie. If nothing else Better Together are at least consistant with their lies.


      Scotland’s largest selling newspaper, the London owned Daily Record, has unbelievably come out in their Record View column and admitted that the Tories WILL win the 2016 General Election. I never thought I’d see the day.

      If this ultra unionist Labour paper expects the Tories to win hands down then, no wonder lying Labour politicians are all over Scotland just now preaching the false merits of the union, they must be terrified of independence.

      No link, I’m afraid only in paper version.

    69. BuckieBraes says:


      ‘[the London owned Daily Record] has unbelievably come out in their Record View column and admitted that the Tories WILL win the 2016 General Election.’

      What – the Tories will be governing an independent Scotland? Unbelievable indeed!

    70. Caroline Corfield says:

      For an individual who has worked the word ‘pension’ means their occupational or private pension. We all know there will be no state pension for us when we are finally allowed to retire. The Express knows this is the case too.

      The word ‘pension’ is generally the state pension in the minds of people already in receipt of it, people whose income will be secured as much as Westminster cares to do for all pensioners. That will not change in an independent Scotland as countless pensioners in Spain will attest to you, unless Westminster change the rules for all pensioners not residing within it’s borders whatever they turn out to be, and this is entirely feasible given they randomly change things at the drop of a hat in other areas like education and the English NHS for example.

      The Express is being duplicitous, which is nothing new, but perhaps a bit shocking that they have decided to be so badly duplicitous in this case. Perhaps someone has it in for Gordon Brown?

    71. Phil Robertson says:

      >Famous15 says:
      >22 April, 2014 at 3:31 pm
      >The two headlines are are inextricably linked

      Can I suggest you read the actual stories rather then the headlines. They are separate stories and that is the HUGE flaw in the original posting.

      But the Yes campaign has never been over-worried about accuracy.

    72. Les Wilson says:

      You know this all shows just what a mess this Union is.
      As they become more and more frantic, they are making more and more mistakes.

      These now get amplified across the Social Media, and they are struggling to make ANYTHING stick, even doubters must be seeing the light for YES.

    73. heedtracker says:

      In response to the Gordon Broon story on the Guardian, someone posted this reply.

      “The British should clearly spell out how economic sanctions would work against Scotland ASAP. Also, London’s full diplomatic weight should be put behind getting the US and Brussels to sanction Scotland in case of a vote for independence.
      If that’s not enough, military action to secure UK assets in Faslane should be prepared.”

      That’s actually oor Polly Toynbee elucidating on her plans for rebels jocks on the wrong side of their border that doesn’t exist anyway, if your north of it. Never ever forget there is no Scotland/England border, unless your English, then there is but only UKOK nice one.

      “That’s the Guardian’s Polly Toynbee on this afternoon’s Sunday Politics London during a discussion on Nick Clegg’s leadership of the Lib Dems, telling presenter Andrew Neil that even were Scotland to vote No in September’s independence referendum, it would be unthinkable for any Scot to ever again lead a UK political party, or hold any of the great offices of state.”

      The clip is worth watching again to see Andrew, considerably more English than you from Paisley, Neil’s face.

    74. Andy-B says:

      A look at independence through the eyes of an Australian newspaper, Mark Gilbert sounds a unionist, but makes a statement, saying from the EU websites which plainly states. “The EU is open to all democratic European countries,that wish to join”.

    75. Helena Brown says:

      @What and @Phil Robertson, considering I have more trust in Alex Salmond who is an economist than Gordon Broon who is a Historian, Labour Party Historian at that, I really could not give a toss what the headlines or the body of that story says, oh and I am a pensioner, with both sorts of pension.

    76. seanair says:

      Phil Robertson
      If it’s not a story why is Guido Fawkes following WOS by showing the same pictures on “Order-Order” blog? He’ s not a member of the Yes campaign so far as I know.

    77. bookie from hell says:

      someone should hand out both versions daily express at entrance of glasgow university

    78. Murray McCallum says:

      My eldest daughter just got sent a mail from an English class mate (we live in SE England) pointing out this exact story and the Express front page headlines.

      Her friend is neither Scottish or that interested in the independence referendum. She is simply amazed at the divergent dramatic headlines on the two front pages.

      If a 17 year old kid in SE England can see through this crap you have got to hope Scots can too.

    79. galamcennalath says:

      And another gift from the No side.

      The underlying problem is … it’s extremely easy to talk nonsense, but it’s extremely hard to do so such that all the nonsense appears to actually make some sense! Truth has a habit of being consistent.

    80. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      At least Gordon has an “ology” from his Alma Mater:


    81. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      I need a bottle of palliative.

    82. MochaChoca says:

      @ Phil / What

      Newspapers are good at using headlines to hit their opponents over the head with, this is just a case of what goes around….

      Anyhow, no-one is misrepresenting the stories and if anyone to whom the comparison is circulated to wishes to delve deeper into either story they are free to do so.

    83. EdinScot says:

      Calamity Broon scaring people about their pensions. Nice man eh, not. Its the stuff of folklore with him selling off the gold reserves at rock bottom rates so why on this earth would he or his fawning spineless media think we would trust anything this disaster of a man has to say. Irony and sheer brass neck only begins to cover it.

      Rev Stu, Finally got a reply to your devo tax 6 questions text i emailed to Malcolm Chisolm Labour msp, albeit short and sweet. Ive also it to you via your contact button.

      ‘Thanks but it is quite simple really. The standard rate can be increased or lowered but the higher rates can only be the same or higher’.

      Best Wishes

      Malcolm Chisholm

    84. Training Day says:

      @Phil Robertson

      You’ll no doubt be just as worried about the accuracy of people telling us..oh, off the top of my head..that we’ll simultaneously be chucked out of the EU and be forced to adopt the Euro. No?

    85. Grouse Beater says:

      @Phil Robertson

      Naughty! Naughty! The two headlines refer to different stories.


      Both headlines are an attack on the UK’s pension schemes, state and private. They are part of a concerted attack on the welfare state begun over 15 years ago.

      If you don’t “realise” that you know nothing.

    86. X_Sticks says:

      EdinScot says:

      “Malcolm Chisolm”

      Do you get the feeling his heart isn’t in it any more?

    87. Morag says:

      One headline says that pensions (of whatever sort, most people have a mix) in the UK are fatally buggered. The other headline says that Scots would be better off pension-wise staying in the UK.

      This is finestkind doublethink.

    88. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “If you read beyond the headlines you should have realised that.”

      And if you read comments before posting one you’d have realised that has already been addressed.

    89. Misteralz says:

      Posted this up on Facebook earlier and it’s had a far higher number of shares than any other pro-Indy article I’ve posted before. It’s also had one of my previously hard ‘Jo’s friends near enough come out for Yes. There will be more. Even if the floodgates aren’t open yet, the dam is beginning to burst…

    90. Andy-B says:

      Here the Newstatesman newspaper claims Gordon Brown is a potent weapon for Better Together, Why? well according to the Newstatesmans logic, Gordon Brown refused to join the Better Together camp, at the beginning of the campaign thus he shunned the Tories. Now according to the Newstatesman, Brown is seen as a credible voice against independence.

      Gordon Brown and credible, can they even be said in the same sentence, without howls of laughter, cascading throughout the land.

    91. Appleby says:

      It is sickening to see how they spin everything. Always pushing the “too poor, too wee, too stupid” angle, even when UK wide disasters are looming.

    92. Roll_On_2014 says:


      Even Guido Fawkes has picked this up on Order Order.

    93. EdinScot says:


      Re Chisolm – Yeah its really been more of a surprise that he has stayed a Labour msp those last few years. I beleived and hoped that he wouldve walked to being an independent msp where he probably wouldve shored up his big majority in Edinburgh North & Leith. His majority has now been decimated and SNP are only a few hundred short to take his seat wherein it used to be thousands. Sadly for him it seems to have backfired staying with Labour. The no to independence stance lets him down.

    94. Alba4Eva says:

      I was just sitting in the spangly new Hard Rock Cafe (less hard rock/more upper market commercial enterprise)… speaking with a mate and I said this very thing about the English editions and Scottish editions of papers.

      I think Stu has been on a mind meld with me today, cos we were in a Vegan restraunt to satisfy the majority of the group today… and lo and behold Stu’s next story is entitled…

      Weird. LOL 😉

    95. Andy-B says:

      O/T Rev, I do apologise.

      David Cameron,s constituency office called the police,on the Bishop of Oxford and Reverend Hebden (Maybe you know them Rev, maybe not.) even though David Cameron’s office WERE expecting them. The Bishop and the Reverend, were handing in an open letter, on food poverty, and instead of being greeted by Mr Cameron’s staff, the Bishop and the Reverend, were confronted by three police officers.

      It claims many clerics and bishops signed the letter, and goes on to name a few, but the manner in which they were treated was appalling, this is the attitude of the Tories towards, the not so fortunate, and another good reason to vote YES.

    96. Alba4Eva says:

      Ach… missed out that it was the Hard Rock in Glasgow and I put one too many ‘Today’s …oh I long for the days of being able to revise yer baws ups oan Wings! 🙂

    97. ronnie anderson says:

      @Nana Smith 3.39,Well done Nana good find well worth the read,mair power tae You.

    98. HandandShrimp says:

      Re: Brown shunning the Tories in Better Together I have to confess that I always thought it was Darling he was shunning. They have reportedly sort of come to a truce…it osn’t clear if either are standing in 2015 so perhaps the politics bit is at an end.

      As to What and Phil’s claims that we are misrepresenting the Express..I am not sure the Express cares whether the two headlines clash or give an impression that fundamentally undermines Brown. Were they not berating him for his lack of attendance in Parliament not so long ago?

    99. Desimond says:

      Arsewater?….hmmm….dont you get a bottle of that free when you buy the Telegraph?

    100. ronnie anderson says:

      Andy-B 4.59,And the Parable of the Political Elete to those

      who fall by the Wayside { fall upon them and kick their

      teeth in, they’ll eat less } here endeth the lessons of

      Mr Cameron PM UK.

    101. seanair says:

      X-sticks and EdinScot
      Sorry to disagree with you, but I will explain.
      A few weeks ago I attended FMQs in the Scottish Parliament. The questions were flying and suddenly Chisholm was on his feet with a barbed question for the SG to answer. Also sorry that I can’t remember what the question was but I was rather shocked at the time that he raised it. Didn’t sound to me as if it was coming from someone who was contemplating “coming out” as a YES.
      Of course it could be a double bluff to make JoLa relax…..for the moment.

    102. EdinScot says:


      Re Chisolm – Och well there we go eh..seems he’s settled for the careerist option and sat on his morals. Another one bites the dust it seems. Lived in hope more than belief that he’d see which way the wind was blowing. Me? I always gave my vote to the SNP when i was in Leith and still now im in North Edinburgh anyways!

    103. JLT says:

      You couldn’t make it up…

      When I pointed out the above picture to a Unionist colleague, he STILL said ‘we would be better off being in the Union because Scotland can’t live off the oil forever!’

      Knowing that his answer was hokum, I decided to play along and follow his warped sense of reasoning by asking, ‘So what happens then when the oil runs out? What does Scotland do then? What will it get from the UK?’

      His answer.

      ‘Well, we’re just f***ed after that. Scotland will just have to accept whatever it gets from the UK’

      To say my jaw cracked a paving slab would be an understatement. You can guess what happened next …I went radge at him! To counter the verbal onslaught, he tried to change the conversation to ‘Well, look at the money the SNP wasted on the trams!’

      Well …I seem to be causing quite considerable damage to the paving slabs of Edinburgh at the moment. Sorry folks if your council bill goes up in Mid-Lothian!

    104. seanair says:

      I like to think I live in Leith but I know really that I’m across the Newhaven Road boundary. Still I’ve got the EH6 postcode.
      Malcolm Chisholm sits in Leith Library on Saturday mornings waiting for constituents to approach him. Perhaps I shall ask him the big question one day and see what he says!

    105. geeo says:

      There is a wee phrase being used on unionist trolls every time they produce bullshoot rhetoric over on the indy debate on onefinfalkirk website.


      Works quite well.

    106. Dorothy Devine says:

      Seanair, I remember watching that and thinking how he was going down in my estimation with the utterance. Certainly dashed my hopes that a man for whom I had respect would join with Labour for Indy.
      I can’t remember the statement /question though.

    107. HandandShrimp says:

      Isn’t Malcolm retiring in 2016? He should be pretty much a free agent to express his views as he doesn’t have to worry about de-selection.

    108. Kestral says:

      Got a question which someone with more knowledge of logistics industry might be able to help with

      If Scotland dropped vat back to 17.5% and import duty to 10% instead of 12% (approx – dependent of the goods category)

      Would English companies import through Scotland?

      How much does the UK import from Non-European countries?

    109. EdinScot says:

      Seanair, not a million miles from you but ive gave up the EH6 for an EH5 one. Other side of the old chain pier! Oftne wondered what Mr Chisolm’s inner thoughts on independence are. Surely he knows it makes sense. Maybe i put it to the test also…

    110. Diane says:

      Very undecided FB friend of mine is raging about this so all good : )

    111. john king says:

      “The voice of Scotland”,
      is what The Express used to have on its banner, even in the early 70’s I laughed at that claim.

    112. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      Calling Police to eject a Bishop!
      What a complete hipocrite Cameron is…

      Another “good” Christian like Tony Blair.

      I must start getting the Express – both editions – on subscription.
      Just Brilliant.

    113. john king says:

      A scorpion asks a frog to carry him over a river. The frog is afraid of being stung during the trip, but the scorpion argues that if it stung the frog, the frog would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog agrees and begins carrying the scorpion, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When asked why, the scorpion points out that this is its nature.

    114. john king says:

      “But the Yes campaign has never been over-worried about accuracy.”

      I never forget a name but in your case I’m prepared to make an exception.

    115. Bob F says:

      And the problem is?

      The right hand edition says Scottish.

      What makes you think that the rest of Britain, especially England, care what happens in Scotland?
      Isn’t that one of the reasons for independence.

      What did the leader of Plaid Cymru say today, this week, this month?
      See – you just did it too and they’re even a Celtic race.

    116. john king says:

      Andy B says
      “Gordon Brown and credible, can they even be said in the same sentence, without howls of laughter, cascading throughout the land.”

      That reminds me of the programme I just watched about elderly people ripping the pish out of passers-by called “OFF THEIR ROCKERS”

    117. rob evans says:

      Was worried about the mess with the sterling, i dont want it or the euro both are a poison chalice, one will give westminster control over Scotland AGAIN the other will give a failing europe control over us.But i would rather we got away from the corruption of westminster and stayed out of the EU, if we are going to fail( i don’t think we will) lets do it as a stand alone country, NO MORE INTERFERENCE FROM PEOPLE WE DIDN’T WANT GOVERNING US IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    118. john king says:

      Someones fibbing

      Better Together

      Dear John,

      This coming weekend, Friday 25th – Sunday 27th April, Better Together will be staging a National Campaign Weekend taking our positive message to all corners of the country.

      We will have hundreds of events across Scotland with the intention of speaking directly to our target voters and making sure they have everything they need to cast a No vote in September.

      Building on the success of the last few weeks, in Mid-Scotland and Fife there will be many events taking place across the weekend.

      Can I count on you to join us?

      See what we have planned below and click on the links for full details and to RSVP.

      Join in and make a difference!

      Friday 25th April:

      North East Fife – East Neuk Leafleting

      South Fife – Crossford Leafleting and Canvassing

      Saturday 26th April:

      North East Fife – East Neuk Leafleting

      Clackmannanshire – Alva Leafleting and Canvassing

      Perth – Auchterarder Public Meeting

      Perth – Pitlochry Street Stall

      Stirling – Kilearn Leafleting and Canvassing

      St Andrews Leafleting and Canvassing

      Sunday 29th April:

      Stirling – Fallin Leafleting and Canvassing

      In addition, there will be the delivery of direct mail ongoing in Kirkcaldy and Glenrothes.

      Email Derek (redacted) in Glenrothes or Peter (peter@ redacted) in Kirkcaldy to help out.

      I hope to see you out there at the weekend.

      Many thanks,

      Bruce Holborn
      Local Campaign Organiser for Mid-Scotland and Fife

    119. Craig says:

      Malcolm Chisolm is as bad as the rest of Labour MSPs when it comes to attacking Alex Salmond, the SNP and Scottish independence.

      He is in favour of corrupt Westminster rule over Scotland to Labour rule.

      I don’t have any sympathy for him.

    120. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “And the problem is?
      The right hand edition says Scottish.
      What makes you think that the rest of Britain, especially England, care what happens in Scotland?
      Isn’t that one of the reasons for independence.”

      You may have just set some sort of new world record for “distance person has missed the point by”, Bob.

    121. Hoots says:

      Talking of the BBC, which many are, have you noticed how they have a ‘Scotland correspondent’ in the same way as they have a ‘Brazil correspondent’ or a ‘Japan correspondent’?

      They already consider us a seperate country.

    122. Taranaich says:

      And the problem is?

      The right hand edition says Scottish.

      What makes you think that the rest of Britain, especially England, care what happens in Scotland?

      Isn’t that one of the reasons for independence

      Except both papers are talking about the exact same subject (pensions within the UK) just with entirely different perspectives. The Scottish one highlights a speech where Gordon Brown wrongly stated the relative costs of pensions in an independent Scotland compared to the UK. The UK one shows just what a “safe” state UK pensions are in.

      I swear, the number of people I’ve seen who are actually trying to defend this idiocy (“Shock, because it’ll be hard on everyone, safer because it is better to be part of a larger pool than separate” = ACTUAL QUOTE) astounds me.

      What did the leader of Plaid Cymru say today, this week, this month?

      See – you just did it too and they’re even a Celtic race.

      Really? Bringing race into it now?

    123. caz-m says:

      test hhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwww

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