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It’s kinda funny

Posted on September 09, 2015 by

To be honest, readers, this site isn’t very bothered about a bit of rudeness in politics. The sainted Aneurin Bevan, father of the NHS, once famously called the Tories “lower than vermin”, and his contemporary opponent Winston Churchill wasn’t averse to a few strong words either.

So long as nobody’s inciting violence, it’s our view that adults should be allowed to express dislike of each other in whatever terms they choose – at the end of the day, words are just sounds, and it’s absurdly irrational for a civilised species to arbitrarily pretend to take offence at the sounds “uck” or “unt” but not the sounds “urp” or “erk”.

So we’re not too fussed if dim-witted and boorish Conservative councillor Gordon McCaskill would “like to see” ISIS fanatics rape, behead or blow up Nicola Sturgeon. Unless he actively encourages or assists them to do it, he can think and say whatever he likes. That’s what free speech in a free country is supposed to be about. You don’t need to like something to defend it, as we demonstrated last week.

But our job is to monitor the media and the comical double standards thereof, and in particular the BBC, which is funded by taxpayers and which (unlike newspapers and other broadcasters) is supposed to be bound by law to impartiality and fairness.

And in the case of Cllr McCaskill, the leader of the Conservative group on East Renfrewshire Council who’s now been suspended by the Scottish Tories pending an investigation over his comments on Twitter on Monday, we suspect that alert readers won’t be entirely surprised by what we’ve observed.


Above are the opening paragraphs from the BBC News website’s reporting of the incident. And the interesting line is the first one, in which the state broadcaster refers to the tweet as “a joke”.

That’s rather odd because at no point has ANYONE claimed that Cllr McCaskill was attempting to be humorous. He’s refused to make any comment about the matter at all, and the Tories have issued only a terse statement of fact about his suspension.

There are no legitimate grounds whatsoever on which to make that assumption – Cllr McCaskill, a former police officer, has a long history of obnoxious, offensive and borderline-violent language on social media.

Readers with not-especially-long memories may recall events earlier this year around SNP candidate Neil Hay, who stood for the Edinburgh South constituency at May’s general election and was subjected to a sustained and hysterical monstering in the media over some Twitter remarks of his own.


Hay’s most heinous offence in the eyes of the press had been to tweet, under the pseudonym “Paco McSheepie”, a link to a satirical story on the spoof news site BBC Scotlandshire which referred to some Unionist politicians as “Quislings”.

A casual observer might reasonably feel that posting a link to a comedy website under a comedy name was rather more likely to have been a “joke” than enjoying the thought of murderous fundamentalist barbarians in the First Minister’s home. Yet when the BBC reported the story they saw no need to lessen the impact by speculating that Mr Hay might have been merely joshing.

(Indeed, in the case of Cllr McCaskill, the broadcaster doesn’t even speculate – it simply states as a flat-out fact that the tweet WAS a joke.)

It’s not the job of journalists to embellish stories with their own baseless assertions. But what’s perhaps more disturbing is the thought that it would even have occurred to a BBC reporter to consider that putting terrorist killers in Nicola Sturgeon’s spare bedroom might have been an amusing notion.

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    438 to “It’s kinda funny”

    1. Ian says:

      Well done. Caught them in the act. I am frustrated by sensible people (and others) who try to say there is no bias or partiality from ‘auntie’. Folk like Iain McWhirter, Derek Bateman are kind to the BBC. Blair Jenkins even denies there was any bias at all. Okay I’ll drop the word bias and let’s try DOUBLE STANDARDS instead. Good to have such neat simple example which rams home the point.

    2. Jamie says:

      The BBC should be forced to explain this. They are so biased all the time. Completely corrupt.

    3. bugsbunny says:

      Maybe I could “joke” that some Syrians refused to share a room with either George Galloway or Jeremy Corby as they did not want to associate with supporters of terrorism? See how they like that?


    4. Jimbo says:

      When pertaining to matters political I think the BBC know that in a great many homes they have the power to influence the thoughts of others, and, where the SNP are concerned, the BBC see it as their job to shape the news accordingly.

    5. Grouse Beater says:

      “It’s not the job of journalists to embellish stories with their own baseless assertions”

      The attempt at creating an acceptable opinion is well spotted, Stuart, but the line above denies BBC policy.

      The BBC encourages interpretation and extrapolation, SKY especially, (SKY, as in we’re not FOX, kinda) in keeping with the policy of newsreaders and hacks as celebrities in their own right … but they adhere to an agreed narrative. The narrative is, whatever is the conventional wisdom as dispensed by the government.

      Now and then they are allowed an investigative report, but it is always one that doesn’t unhinge the administration or the power elite. Weeding out political paedophiles is okay. It’s tolerated because it doesn’t impinge on government policy, but rather it makes the government seem cleaner.

      As for hacks embellishing facts, the BBC likes to call it insight borne of experience.

      That way ‘extraneous’ commentary can be excused as personal ‘opinion’ if challenged. And any opinion expressed is ‘not necessarily the opinion of the BBC’.

    6. muttley79 says:

      So the BBC interpretes that an elected unionist was joking when he said he would like to see ISIS share a house with the First Minister, but Neil Hay, and lets be honest anyone in the SNP, are interpreted as being serious when they say anything even mildly controversial? The BBC is not biased, not that is a joke.

    7. Bob Mack says:

      Putting a murderous terrorist in Nicola Sturgeons home is exactly what the Unionist BBC would like to happen.
      Amazing how many people disguise prejudice ,hate ,and racism under the banner of humour.It appears to be used the same as a “get out of jail free card” in Monopoly.When in doubt— “it was only a joke”.

    8. James Anderson says:

      If you did not exist sir, we would have to invent you. When I read this piece all I kept thinking was how wholly unrepresentative and how counter-intuitive news reporting is in our country. The past couple of years have been like an extended laboratory hot-house for applying all that Second Year sociology critical media studies I thought I’d binned!

      Ideological bias, we have learned, is less about explicit opinion in the case of the Beeb and rather more about insidious drip-drip of shaping the narrative (as the Beeb has here) or omitting key facts (Beeb’s reporting of EU Referendum rules amends).

      Do it consistently. Do it in plain-sight. Do it without apology. Few will notice or care. Except this site. More power to you and us all.

    9. Grouse Beater says:

      Incidentally, never having engaged him, out of the blue Constable McCaskill attacked my Michelle Mone essay. (‘Of Tarts and Old Farts’)

      He tweeted:

      “You don’t believe in brevity”

      I replied succinctly:

      Nor you truth.

    10. Training Day says:

      A cursory glance at the front page of the BBC website this morning confirms its role. It is saturated with uncritical tributes to the monarch (and by extension tributes to the ‘status quo’), drivel about the England football team, and has a nice strapline where it talks about ‘the BBC around the UK’. The strapline covers BBC Scotland, Alba, BBC Wales Cymru and BBC Northern Ireland. No mention of England being ‘around the UK’, because of course the BBC IS England.

    11. ronnie anderson says:

      Am no making any adverse comments aboot the Councillor in case he ends up getting a job as a Traffic Warden,he ticks every box as a ideal canditate for that job.

    12. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “As for hacks embellishing facts, the BBC likes to call it insight borne of experience.

      That way ‘extraneous’ commentary can be excused as personal ‘opinion’ if challenged. And any opinion expressed is ‘not necessarily the opinion of the BBC’.”

      You can just about get away with that if the piece is bylined to a specific reporter. This isn’t. It’s the view of the BBC.

    13. RogueCoder says:

      My favourite is that Daily Mail headline “Hate-Rant Candidate Backed By Sturgeon”. It just encapsulates everything that is tawdry and wrong about the British press.

      Still, good to see another Tory evicted and other parties starting to be held to the same standards long imposed on the SNP. Kudos to Neil Mackay for picking this up and running with it. After years of having no dead tree press voice, the Sunday Herald and National are starting to redress the unionist monopoly.

    14. Colin McKerron says:

      Keep up the good work!
      Mind you, the big question is, ‘is it a political joke or a personal joke?’
      Perhaps Mr Dunlop QC could enlighten us!

    15. Chris Cairns says:

      And still the apologists will trot out the cock-up over conspiracy line all over again: the BBC is just incompetent and unprofessional – not, you know, actually biased in any way.
      I recognise the need to reform, not eliminate, the Beeb in Scotland. I understand the importance of the state broadcaster in our lives and I appreciate it employs a good many hard-working and fair-minded journalists.
      But the starting point for fixing a problem is to correctly diagnose what the problem is.
      BBC Scotland’s editorial perspective is so skewed it is in incapable of seeing the country as it actually is. The instinctive unionism and knee-jerk anti-SNP sentiment are so ingrained they’d probably only be admitted to now under hypnosis.
      The result is an organisation that IS institutionally, politically biased. The sooner the commentariat as a whole admit this, the sooner we’ll be spared the BBC’s pathetic denials and pretence of innocence.

    16. heedtracker says:

      Neat display of how BBC etc daily misreporting works. Rancid The Graun also want to make sure you obey your queen today Scotland, liberal and progressively ofcourse

      A wee taster of the all out monstering JC’s lined for, via BBC creep show.

    17. CameronB Brodie says:

      And the BBC spoketh unto the gathered masses, calling out the truth of the Lord(s):

      Now here this! Blessed are they who convert their neighbour’s ox, for they shall inhibit their girth” – a false profit

      Perhaps the BBC is simply expressing a One Nation mentality, where even the concept of a Scottish identity is a fantastical proposition.

    18. Brotyboy says:

      What Chris says.

    19. Luigi says:

      Double standards. Them and us.

      It all depends on which side of the constitutional fence you stand. This softly-softly on the unionists, bash the nats; approach by the BBC and tory press does not help their own side in the long term, however. It merely encourages them to become more bold and offensive, invariably stepping over the line and making complete Michelle Mones of themselves.

    20. Macart says:

      What can you say about media double standards that hasn’t already been said?

      They’ve made themselves toxic. I believe there was a recent poll which determined that less than half the population trust their output these days. There’s no need to wonder why anymore and I’m sure they are fully aware of their situation. Their morale must be near rock bottom at PQ.

      Trusted by less than half the population, openly ridiculed and/or criticised, beset by scandals of their own and their output increasingly ignored by the public in favour of newer, more representative and wider spread of sources.

      Living proof that “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

    21. ArtyHetty says:

      Indeed Chris the bbc needs reform, the tories are good at reform when it suits their agenda. I wonder what a reformed bbc Scotland would look like. They are certainly good at what they do, by keeping the majority of people in a catatonic mind knumbed state, ohm.
      Even better, they pay for the privilege!

      State controlled media, win win situation.

    22. BIll McLean says:

      British and BBC hypocrisy bears no examination at all and they blurb about exporting “British values”. What sickens me most about this disgraceful Britain is that I believed in it until I was about 40 – now a long time ago thankfully!

    23. ArtyHetty says:

      Indeed, the bbc needs reform, the tories are good at reform when it suits their agenda. I wonder what a reformed bbc Scotland would look like. They are certainly good at what they do, by keeping the majority of people in a catatonic mind knumbed state, ohm.
      Even better, they pay for the privilege!

      State controlled media, win win situation.

    24. Marcia says:

      The referendum opened up a few eyes to the bias of the BBC. I doubt they will report the TNS opinion poll that seems to be on twitter that if there were a referendum today Yes would win 53 to 47%.

    25. Luigi says:

      I don’t know if these nasty rumors about a mandatory, universal tax to fund the BBC are true, but the way people are feeling right now, this could cause a lot of trouble. Mass demos and civil disobedience eg disrupting BBC business, blocking BBC car parks, hounding reporters etc, may ensue. People are already at boiling point.

    26. Chitterinlicht says:

      Powerful juxtaposition.

      on another matter is Ian S Smart still suspended?

    27. Janet says:

      It’ll go from bad to worse when the State Broadcaster gets replaced by Fox News or whoever.

      We know full well that the BBC is full of Establishment / Labour / Unionist types, who know instinctively how to act but at least we can point to the contradictions.

      Give it time and the Neocons will have Fox etc spewing out even more corporate rubbish.

      Regarding the BBC, be careful of what you wish for! Not that I’m defending the Beeb…

    28. Karmanaut says:

      What strikes me as astonishing and revealing about McCaskill’s tweet is that – in his mind – the idea of terrorists infiltrating the Scottish government is funny because it would (presumably) either endanger Nicola Strugeon or undermine the SNP.

      The idea being that the Scottish Government would somehow “get their comeuppance” for taking in refugees. National security would be put at risk and lives would be put at risk. But because that would damage the Scottish Government, and show them up, it would be funny.

      To me, that is very telling. It goes way beyond merely wishing someone harm.

      That tweet shows that McCaskill would find it entertaining to see people put in danger, if that meant damaging the Scottish government. That’s essentially wishing harm on innocents, or at least wishing for innocents to be exposed to harm, for political gain.

      This guy should be fired. I don’t want people like that working for the public.

    29. Les Wilson says:

      With the BBC the “joke” is as only ever, a joke, when it is us.They are below the gutter. We really need shot of them,
      but it ain’t going to be easy.

      Maybe if Corbyn becomes Prime Minister(which I doubt)it could happen as he is sure to have issues with them.
      On our own, it is going to be a big task, still I live in hope.

    30. gordoz says:

      O/T – Rev Apologies (couldn’t resist)

      On this momentous special day and the BBC’s reflection of Scotland’s links with the UK monarch.

      As per a Michael Greenwell posted on twitter I believe this sums the people’s position best –

      “The idea of a hereditary ruler is as absurd as the idea of a hereditary mathematician ”

      Thomas Paine – ‘Englishman / American Revolutionary’

    31. Symptom of the times. The lesson from all of this is that if you have or intend to have in future any public profile in politics, be very careful about what you tweet or retweet. Your enemies will use it to their advantage when they can.

    32. heedtracker says:

      Give it time and the Neocons will have Fox etc spewing out even more corporate rubbish.

      What’s the dif?

    33. Martin says:

      Complaint submitted, breath held…

    34. K1 says:

      Should Neil Hay not have some recourse to the law on this basis?

      Given the outright smearing of his name by the whole of the msm in Scotland and the UK and the subsequent impact of Murray retaining Edinburgh South seat as a direct result of this (imo). Does Mr Hay have a case here?

      It’s like the ‘inverse’ of Carmichael’s, the vote should be void as he was ‘politically’ smeared for this very purpose.

      If you click on the link, you can easily see the ‘pile on’ from all quarters, including ‘labour list’ over Mr Hay’s tweet. It was a sickening and cynical ploy to ensure Murray held his seat.

    35. X_Sticks says:


      TNS Poll:

      “SNP lead eases, but support for independence rises a year after referendumnews”

    36. Dorothy Devine says:

      Aye Macart , toxic indeed but I very much doubt that those living in the wee bubble of Pacific Quay have flagging egos over us plebs thinking they are duplicitous , underhand , manipulating , biased liars,.
      Sadly , I think they are quite happy picking up their inflated salaries for their tainted talentless output.
      The same applies to the ” newspapers” of Scotland .

    37. Another Union Dividend says:

      On Edinburgh South, last week I received Labour leaflet published by one Duncan Hothersall promoting the new Red Tory candidate from Morningside described as a local businessman.

      However no mention is made to the Labour candidate’s expensive private schooling, Stewarts Melville fees £10,548 per annum with lunches extra, or that his business experience is all at his rich Daddy’s numerous firms or that he previously worked for disgraced MP Nigel Griffiths.

      Find out more at

    38. galamcennalath says:

      BBC bias has been discussed so much, so often. There is always a bit of doubt about motivation.

      On the one hand (and many say this) it all comes down to ignorance, arrogance and stupidity. They have never come to terms with devolution and its inevitable consequences. The London Bubble is a nice secure predictable cosy environment and outside of it there is only ‘foreign’.

      On the other hand. The BBC could well be acting as a state propaganda machine.

      Over the last couple of years the truth lies in either/or and both. My own view is that up until September last year BBC London was simply out of touch and therefore didn’t know how to deal with unfolding events. They made a hash of it. However, BBC in Scotland has long been infiltrated by Labour and shown obvious and continuous bias.

      Since we Scots refused to go back into our box, I think it pretty obvious that all of the BBC has now switched to ‘save the Union by any means’ mode. There are no longer excuses about The Bubble and being out of touch.

    39. Jeff says:

      Could someone tell me what was Gordon McCaskill’s final rank on retirement from Strathclyde Police?


    40. Proud Cybernat says:

      No doubt the BBC still think Jimmy Saville was all just a big joke.


    41. Macart says:


      If they’re not feeling the heat or reading the writing on the wall at this point Dorothy, then they’d be extremely foolish.

      They may feel themselves buffered against the public by London HQ to some extent at the moment, but as their usefulness wains a means of disinformation, who is there to protect them from their employers and their political chain tuggers?

      Its a pickle for PQ right enough.

    42. galamcennalath says:

      OT great to see another Yes leading poll.

      I think it’s time to start a new Yes campaign. We can safely say the No campaign has started!

      The swing to Yes is probably being driven by Tory and Labour (sometimes suicidal) behaviour versus SNP continued competence. What is needed is some definite Yes promotions.

    43. heedtracker says:

      John Major also has a pop at trolling his Scotland region

      “One of those prime ministers, Conservative Sir John Major, rejected any suggestion the Queen had been too passive as head of state: “The monarchy wouldn’t be as popular if they were part of politics – they’re above and beyond it.”

      So what was the threat she made in Balmoral church car park to the press just before the ref, Lord Major or whatever it is your called now?

    44. EphemeralDeception says:

      When I first seen the BBC article title, and the screenshot from the twitter page showing a tweet about football it was clear that the bbc were playing games. Why show the tweet under the headline totally unrelated to the headline? Puts the reader of balance right at the start.

      The article is clearly carefully constructed from top to bottom. In this case the BBC definitely framed a suspension matter such that the reaer thinks its all just a joke blown out of proportion.

      In the bigger picture its just one example and one method by which the bbc pushes its pro union, imperialist stance. It is part of the fabric of the BBC and is getting more obvious. They are now less cautious and more overt.

      We now how this works. There is a whole series of tactics used by the BBC to meet its strategic goals. The stratgic goal being: Keep the UK together at all costs and weaken the case of any detractors, Especially the SNP as a major threat.

      This is done in many ways –
      UK Side: Promoting UK in General, focus and prominence of UK positive news and positive angle. Damage limitation (like above) and suppression of negative stories.

      Indy/ Scotland Side: Misreporting, selective reporting, obfuscation, distortion, exclusion or relegation, weighting (eg 4 Unionists views v 1 Indy rep in debates and commentary.

      The thing is, the BBC is certainly very good at this and the whole approach is well orchestrated. What is not clear to me is how the orchestration is managed internally.

    45. robertknight says:

      BBC = Blatantly Biased Coverage

      Getting more blatant by the day it would appear.

    46. Dr Jim says:

      If I say I’m going to invade England, everybody laughs,
      If Alex Salmond says the same thing everybody laughs calls him a Bampot but then wants his head on a spit for the evil nasty Nationalist that he is and has so long held these evil views

      If you’re a nobody, then nobody cares much what you say
      This guy McCaskill is a Zoomer but probably only that and more comedic value than a worry

      But the BBC however is different,because they know exactly what they’re doing
      The great majority of the population probably misses on a conscious level a lot of this type of, call it propaganda stuff, and if you believe that subliminal brainwashing works, and I certainly believe the BBC does or it wouldn’t have been doing it for years and used as a tool in past wars, then you would have to accept the BBC are at War with Scotland

      Then you would have to ask under who’s orders are the BBC carrying out this concerted attack on a Nation and the answer could only be the British Establishment which is run from and by England

      Which brings me back to my first comment, I am going to invade England and Exterminate Exterminate Kill Kill Murder Murder

      Everybody still laughing at the nobody

      See what happens, Oooh this guy’s a wee bit eh I’m not sure Oooh eh

    47. The Man in the Jar says:

      The BBC are worthy of their own dedicated Wee Blue Book. I dislike suggestions but Stu, GA Ponsonby and Prof Robertson could get their heads together and produce something to totally discredit them. The BBC is a major dog turd on the path to independence.

    48. Sinky says:

      Agree with Chris Cairns above and as I read elsewhere.

      Chomsky’s notion of media elites (owners, editors, senior reporters) interlocking with other elites (in industry, education, politics, business) to manufacture consent in a ‘democratic’ or more accurately ‘corporatist’ society explains the bias exposed by empirical research.

      No conspiracy is required as the members of elites become such because, mostly, they already think the same way. They think the same way because, commonly, they come from similar class backgrounds, go to similar elite schools and universities, socialise in the same groups and work in the same places.

    49. Legerwood says:

      What do you think the odds are that on this day when the BBC is in wall to wall Queenie mode that they will omit to mention that Ms Sturgeon is on the train with the queen?

    50. David McCann says:

      And while we are commenting on BBC bias,I notice that it looks as though it is mandatory for BBC journalists to refer to refugees as migrants.

      It’s across all BBC platforms, so looks very much like it’s an instruction.

      A couple of nights ago on Scotland 2015 Sarah got very excited when challenged on this very topic

    51. Ken500 says:

      The BBC is a joke.

      How were Neil Hay’s comments made public? Data protection broken at the Scotsman. Sue the Scotsman.

    52. Well done to everyone who lodged a complaint to
      Ruth Davidson and the Tory party over the offensive
      comments made by Tory Councillor Gordon McCaskill.

      Now that he has been suspended, hopefully he will
      be expelled and will also have the decency to
      resign as a councillor.

      However if he doesn’t and stands for re-election
      in 2017, then his constituents should do what
      they can to ensure he is not re-elected.

    53. Vestas says:

      It should come as no surprise that the English press are as one on this.

      Telegraph : Tories launch investigation after councillor jokes about Isil ‘moles’ invading Nicola Sturgeon’s home

      Guardian : the same phrase EXACTLY but now edited.

      Basically it makes no odds whether you look right or left (although Labour are far from “left”), the English press like nothing better than “Jock-bashing” – with the possible exception of “muslim-bashing” which they absolutely love.

      This is England. It will always be the same narrow-minded, xenophobic racist country so don’t expect them to change.

    54. Lollysmum says:

      @ Legerwood

      “….omit to mention that Ms Sturgeon is on the train with the queen”

      Poor Nicola-there is no escape so just has to grin & bear it. Can’t really use communication cord. Not the done thing y’know!

    55. heedtracker says:

      Rancid old UKOK Graun pile in, complete irony impairment as per-

      Dr Who “Capaldi, who returns in the latest series of Doctor Who on 19 September, admitted that the corporation “is not perfect” but said it contributed a lot to the UK.

      “I absolutely love the BBC,” he said in an interview with The Big Issue. “It is not perfect, but it has given us so much more than it has taken. I think it is vital to have a public service broadcaster of this scale. The opportunities it brings to the country are immense.”

      Ancient show that died respectable death 30 years ago, costs a mega fortune, give us your money, fcuk your Scottish football or tennis, Andy Murray, anything Scots, everything England sport/fitba, everything…

      BBC’s much like royals, odd noises behind stage curtain, curtain pulls back, audience howls with laughter, someone once said.

    56. louis.b.argyll says:

      Yeah well,
      When’s a joke not a joke?
      When it has no punchline.
      Joke’s over now bbcscot, and you have made fools of our civilised tolerant society by failing to flag up ‘abuse’.

      But these BLATANT and CONSTANT and DELIBERATELY INFLAMMATORY reporting standards WILL drag you down.

      What next..? Sexist ‘jokes? Racist ‘jokes’?

      Joke’s on you from now on..

    57. EphemeralDeception says:

      @galamcennalath “On the other hand”

      It is in the BBCs remit to keep the UK together and to promote UK. BBC Purpose from the charter:
      The Public Purposes of the BBC are as follows—
      (a) sustaining citizenship and civil society;
      (d) representing the UK, its nations, regions and communities;
      (e) bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK

      IMO this means keeping the UK together and shown as one society with some ‘regional’ ‘where you are’ representation thrown in.

      Over the years the independence movement, devolution and Scottish assertiveness in general has pushed the BBC to more and more extreme measures to maintain purpose a) above.

      Many at the BBC and BBC within Scotland are all too happy to oblige. So, the BBC is certainly part propaganda machine but it is linked to its fundamental role to keep and promote and protect the UK above anything else.

    58. Ken500 says:

      ‘The Queen gets a rapturous welcome’. There were two hundred people there.

    59. jacksg says:

      hello all,

      I just clicked on google and there at the bottom was a wee message.

      Congratulations Ma’am

      can you guess where the link takes you?

      Overkill or just another day in the UK.

    60. Les Wilson says:

      EphemeralDeception says:

      Yes indeed, but think what that really means, lies, desception, and no democracy. Keep Scots and others under the English jackboot.

      There is no excuse apart from the fact it is, at the end of day, a UK propaganda machine.

    61. scott says:

      O/T but on the same line,I just checked to see what what Darling is now a Lord and had a look at twitter and found this.
      Alistair Darling ?@A_LordDarling · 21 hrs21 hours ago
      The Tories suspend councillor Gordon Mccaskill following unfortunate online remarks. All due to the hard work and pressure of Kezia Dugdale.

      Did Dugdale really do this I thought Ruthie was his boss

    62. Bill McDermott says:

      I have lived a life subject to the state propaganda about Churchill. I have no doubt he was a useful idiot during the war when messages had to be simple and, err, propaganda. Brought up in a mining family, there was often seething anger at the way he did for the miners in 1926, but it wasn’t until I clicked on your Wikipedia link that I realised the full breadth of his disdain for the WOG. Diplomat he was not.

      He was truly a product of the aristocracy and the Empire, but the likes of John Major eulogising about Betty is just as likely to eulogise Churchill the statesman.

      The aristos? They really are a class apart. They did it with style and somehow convinced the populace that everything they did was in their best interests. Paul Mason’s book on post-capitalism gives the lie to that.

      I truly hope that the flowering of nationhood in Scotland allows us the freedom to re-think how we organise our society.

    63. Quakeawake says:

      Maybe we need to move on from the bias itself – it’s a fact, a given, we know it exists, highlighted day in day out on this site. It is, as Chris Cairns says above, institutionally ingrained. It’s illegal and it’s disgusting, but will it change?

      For me the big question is why so many people still believe it. Something about the BBC’s messages conforming to these people’s own world view so they keep sucking at the tit and the tit keeps giving it’s tainted milk.

      We need to keep weaning these people off that twisted nipple. The alternative media was never more important.

      There’s a very good article over on Bella from a couple of months ago on how they try to keep us all signed up – and sealed up – to “The Official Agenda” and the BBC is a major tool in their box. Here’s a quote.

      “Meanwhile, we should remain vigilantly aware that the Official Agenda is not there to explore the critical issues of the day, but to ensure that they are not aired. The Official Agenda is intended to close debate, not open it; its purpose is not to inform, but misinform. The Official Agenda is not the servant of reason, but its enemy. The Official Agenda is there not to celebrate democracy, but to defeat it.”

    64. GallusEffie says:

      Day 2 of Independence from the BBC

      I love the idea from The Man in the Jar.

      So sick of the MSM misrepresenting and not representing me whilst misinforming those that do consume traditional media.

      From the looks of the polls, the young wans have their heids screwed on right.

      Patience is a virtue, but it’s a sair fecht in the meantime.

    65. Quakeawake says:

      @Vestas 12.06pm
      “It should come as no surprise that the English press are as one on this.

      Telegraph : Tories launch investigation after councillor jokes about Isil ‘moles’ invading Nicola Sturgeon’s home

      Guardian : the same phrase EXACTLY but now edited.”

      There it is – right there! That’s exactly what I was talking about above. The Official Agenda at work.

    66. galamcennalath says:

      And why did the BBC choose this pic for their site?

      They couldn’t have found a more unflattering one!

    67. Jack Murphy says:

      BBC Complaints VIDEO. “What happens to your complaint.”
      “What to expect when you complain and what the BBC does about complaints”.
      Voiceover accompanied by moving pictures. 🙂

    68. Brian Powell says:


      That Alistair Darling is a spoof account.

    69. Jim says:

      The BBC are not using a picture of the actual tweet rather they are using another picture of a tweet about the Scotland team thinking they can beat Germany.

      Can they prove it was unbiased to do a hatchet job on Neil Hay but not afford the same for Gordon McCaskill.

      One referred to a spoof website the other wished for the death of Nicola Sturgeon through inadvertently allowing an isis terrorist into her home.

    70. Nana Smith says:


      Angus Robertson appointed to the security and intelligence committee.

      The new appointments to the intelligence and security committee, which can summon intelligence chiefs to give evidence, include;

      ?Alan Duncan MP, Former International Development Minister
      ?Dominic Grieve MP, former Attorney General
      ?George Howarth, Labour MP
      ?Fiona Mactaggart, Labour MP
      ?Angus Robertson, SNP leader in Westminster
      ?Keith Simpson, Conservative MP
      ?Gisela Stuart, Labour MP

    71. Dr Jim says:


      I’ll tell you what’s not a joke
      When David Cameron expresses amusement that Scotlands fishing industry in Fraserburgh is having problems due to the contracts disappearing and making their way down to Grimsby
      Was Sainsburys one of the Supermarkets who came out for NO under instructions by David Cameron

      Fishermen in the North of Scotland “You were warned”

      They’ve interfered in Electricity now Fishing what’s next
      to get stripped out

    72. louis.b.argyll says:

      Macart, say,..”fool some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”..

      Unfortunately only a ‘majority’ of the electorate need to be fooled, for a successful undemocratic trick to be played out.

      And only a select few of the upwardly mobile establishment careerists need to be fooled to spin these lies/joke’s in the first place.



      Consider that phrase, and it’s application in our lives.

      The polling companies SELL services like that for product marketing, it’s a science.

      And with all the data flying around these days, it’s a piece of cake to create distrust or desire.

    73. frogesque says:

      I wonder if the BBC’s ‘household levy’ (poll tax) will be trailed in Scotland first.

      Should work out well if they do!

    74. Richie Bradley says:

      I have made a formal complaint on the BBC feedback pages. I’d urge everyone to do the same. Remember, they work for us licence fee payers.

    75. Jim says:

      scott says:
      9 September, 2015 at 12:34 pm

      O/T but on the same line,I just checked to see what what Darling is now a Lord and had a look at twitter and found this.
      Alistair Darling ?@A_LordDarling.

      That is a spoof account, not the real deal.

    76. handclapping says:

      Auntie Beeb, home from home for “Uncle Jim”, is now gunning for Nicola:-
      “There were cheers and cries of “congratulations” from the crowd as the Queen stepped out of her car and was greeted by the First Minister.

      After a quick wave to the crowds, the royal couple climbed aboard the train, and amid a puff of steam and blast of the whistle were off on a landmark journey to the Borders.” accompanied by pic of Her Maj and Nicola through the train window.

    77. Nana Smith says:


      Ach sure they’re only jealous. Can’t recall any slabber or bbc Scotland reporter appearing in vogue.

    78. arthur thomson says:

      So the BBC thinks it’s a joke. Well I am not laughing, I am not taking it as a joke. It isn’t a joke. I am taking it in the spirit that was intended – as an attack on common decency by an scumbag.

      The BBC is losing the propaganda war in Scotland. For example, today’s crap about the monarchy will raise the saliva level of those poor souls who have been unable to break out of their brainwashing but for yet more people it will be the final eye opener to the fantasy world promoted by the BBC.

    79. JBS says:

      I have just looked at the guide to the Wings block list and entered Jill Stephenson’s current username on Twitter, ie @1919onthelist. It tells me that this username is actually ranked 1918 on the list.

      Ooft! 😀

    80. heedtracker says:

      galamcennalath says:
      9 September, 2015 at 12:43 pm
      And why did the BBC choose this pic for their site?

      They use anything to attack the SNP, bad photos especially. This much we know, making whatever these staggering hypocrisy of The Guardian are on about, even more mental-

      Good old rancid Graun, who also use same Sturgeon looks like a right gleck photo as the BBC creeps today, shock.

    81. Auld Rock says:

      Hi All, quick change of subject, just watching BBC News at one where Lizzie has just arrived at Tweedbank. BBC news about new railway but not one mention that it was built on time, on budget and with no money from our so called ‘Better Together’ partners in Westminster. This despite the billions of pounds poured into London, £15billion on crossrail alone not forgetting HS’s 1, 2 and 3 and much, much more. Anyway don’t know why Nicola could not have done the honours, certainly would have cost a lot less?

      Auld Rock

    82. Johannes Climacus says:

      Funny, the comment I made yesterday on the Herald report of this incident which made exactly the same point has been deleted.

    83. Col says:

      The BBC today gives a huge part of its lunchtime propaganda to promote the Queen. But they balance it out with one 3 second comment from a republican.
      Fuck the BBC and fuck the royal family. Look at the way this world is going and these people think they deserve to be elevated above all by taking our money to do so.
      Makes me so bloody angry it’s unbelievable!

    84. Macart says:

      @louis. b.


      Couldn’t agree more, consent in the current UK political system is without doubt manufactured, the product of naked political and media manipulation. Its easy when you control the message and all the means of delivering that message. But then Abe was right too. We’ve seen some fooled all the time and we’ve seen all fooled some of the time. What we’re seeing now in Scotland, is what happens when you attempt to fool all of the people all of the time. People have discovered and are continuing to discover new sources of information. They are listening to differing messages. In short they have choice which they didn’t have before.

      People have become engaged, aware, savvy of the wonk speak and politics in general. Sites like this continue to inform and educate. Others allow us the ability to communicate and express. An engaged and eager readership use modern communication technologies to disseminate and spread the information. Its why we are where we are today and why one of the reasons why the established news media’s readership numbers are falling off a cliff and our state broadcaster is under a microscope as never before.

      Old Abe was right, the other shoe will always drop eventually and lies, misinformation, manipulation, actual and attempted, will always come back to bite the offenders on the bum.

    85. Clydebuilt says:

      O/T…….. BBC radio Scotland at 1.30pm …… Programme started up with out any introduction……..a one man show, hosted by ……Gordon Brown, subject Keir Hardie, very Sneaky, by not giving an introduction listeners had no warning, and he didn’t reveal his identity immediately…, another example of the tricks they are going to be getting up to

    86. Robert Peffers says:

      @Grouse Beater says: 9 September, 2015 at 10:28 am:

      “Incidentally, never having engaged him, out of the blue Constable McCaskill attacked my Michelle Mone essay. (‘Of Tarts and Old Farts’)

      He tweeted:

      “You don’t believe in brevity”

      I replied succinctly:

      Nor you truth.

      These people, and I include BBC Scotland, simple lack both common sense and intended humour. For example I fund myself in kinks of laughter this morning while listening to Call You Kaye we wan e’e.

    87. tartanarse says:

      This joke sits neatly with the political lie.

      Can’t get away with political lie. Call it a joke. Easy. Unless your not establishment. Then you’re in a world of shit. Or jail.

    88. heedtracker says:

      Also funny kind of, or, unionists say the most horrific things to get elected, then back pedal as hard as possible when it doesn’t work. Wonder what else will Scots Labour be embarrassed about

      Scots Labour leader Kezia Dugdale ’embarrassed’ by party’s anti-immigration mug
      10:27, 9 SEPTEMBER 2015
      A MUG bearing the slogan “controls on immigration” was dished out by Labour before the general election in a desperate bid for votes.

      UKOK royals are immigrants too, Germans.

    89. Grouse Beater says:

      Wings: “It’s the view of the BBC.”

      Yes, it is the view of the BBC, but the BBC taking refuge in the view of the MSM.

      They can claim they’re representing accepted, general opinion. We can argue otherwise, that it is not the BBC’s job to parrot, but we won’t win on those grounds because they then argue it’s not their job to interpret.

      Yet the accusation remains: where is the BBC’s neutrality?

      Never forget the best example they gave of ‘neutrality – reporting the 19th of September physical attacks in George Square as ‘both sides’.

    90. DerekM says:

      i agree Rev politicians should be allowed to be a bit rude especially if they are denigrating a political colleague who has been caught oh say lying his ass off or on the fiddle.

      This guy however is just a fanny and maybe the onions should give them a crash course on the rights and wrongs about what you can and cant say on twitter.

      As for it being a joke well if it was he should stick to his day job because it was not funny and he deserves to be suspended regardless of what colour rosette he wears,well as you so elegantly point out they did start it with all their faux pas outrage at Neil.

      Hope you have a job lined up Cllr McCaskill because come 2017 your ass is history.

    91. Robert Peffers says:

      @Chris Cairns says: 9 September, 2015 at 10:40 am:

      ” … I recognise the need to reform, not eliminate, the Beeb in Scotland. I understand the importance of the state broadcaster in our lives and I appreciate it employs a good many hard-working and fair-minded journalists.”

      Chris, one of the things I admire most about your work is your acute perception that cuts through to the essential truth.

      However, in this instance I feel you have missed the real target. I hold the opinion that BBC Scotland, in its entirety, is well beyond any form of reasonable help. For example I’m presently listening to Gordon Brown doing a programme on his claimed hero, James Kier-Hardy.

      Anyone less like Kier-Hardy would be hard to imagine than the Clunking Fist. This from BBC Radio Scotland while the SNPs own MP Angus Robertson is, (today Wednesday), leading an SNP led debate, in the House of Commons, calling for Westminster to increase its efforts to help refugees from the Middle East.

      This SNP, “Opposition Day Motion”, is backed by the leaders of six political parties including Labour, Plaid Cymru, the Lib Dems and the Green Party.

      Yet not a single word about the actual events happenings in Westminster’s debating chamber Scotland.

      Instead they have, no doubt decided to commission, a totally hypocritical broadcast by the Red Tory former leader Gordon Brown.

      No trace of the present BBC Scotland staff members or the present human setup should be allowed to remain extant in a free and independent Scotland. We deserve far better.

    92. The Man in the Jar says:

      I see that the BBC has published a “Top Ten” list of the most overcrowded trains of 2014.

      Number 1 is the 04:22 Glasgow to Manchester Airport

      Number 2 is the 16:00 Manchester Airport to Edinburgh

      All the rest are “down south” apart from number eight

      Number 8 is the 18:00 Manchester Airport to Edinburgh

      Aren’t we so lucky to be better together. All that investment and everything! 🙁

    93. Malcolm McPherson says:

      In my youth I used to think of English people in general as being fair and opened minded. I suppose, foolishly, I also placed the bbc in this context.

      Roll on a couple of decades and I see the English people as very much changed and the bbc has become an overt tool for uk state manipulation.

      The saying about England loosing an empire and not finding a role is very true. Couple this with erosion of state in social matters and changing demographics, England is moving closer to a US free market economy rather than an Europen mixed economy.

      I am forming the impression English people believe they are under threat and hard done by, hence their resistance to change about them, e.g. Immigration, Scotland and EU. I don’t blame the Engish people for this state of affairs, it’s the establishment that have reaped what they have sown.

      This changing mindset of England has been formed and framed by thatcher, through out the tory years, continued by labour and now back to the tories. It has been exacerbated by the US war on terror.

      For Scotland our lack of confidence stems from clinging on to mummy’s piny, because the bbc and others from day one of our lives have told us this is the way things are and change is bad. This will continue until independence and we will experience this BS from the state broadcaster untill the glorious day.

      So thanks to Stuart, et al that monitor the bbc on our behalf – appreciated!

    94. Stoker says:

      Rev wrote:
      “So long as nobody’s inciting violence, it’s our view that adults should be allowed to express dislike of each other in whatever terms they choose..”

      I agree 100% so lets put it to the test.


    95. dakk says:

      Janet. 11.14

      ‘Regarding the BBC,be careful what you wish for’

      You kidding ? Do you think Fox would harbour and lionise a star paedohile operating under their auspices.

      The BBC are a 3 Thousand Million Pounds a year tax payer funded abomination.

      At least with Fox there is no compulsion for individuals to fund under threat of imprisonment.

      With corporate media at least they do not extort money out of the populace under false pretenses of being fair,honourable and virtuous.

      Give me Fox any day.I can ignore it without fear they can have me thrown in jail for not wishing to fund their largesse.

    96. Brian says:

      I have complained to the BBC via their Complaints Process on their website. If they were constantly bombarded with thousands of complaints, it might just make a difference. At worst, makes me feel better.

    97. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I agree 100% so lets put it to the test.”

      Nice try. But while I think you should be allowed to express yourself in those terms if you like, it doesn’t follow that I think you should be allowed to do it on MY website.

    98. Stoker says:

      @ Rev (3.18pm).

      Och, ye canny blame a man for trying, eh! God loves a trier or so they say. Looks like i’ll just have to stick to “Slabber”, “tractor” and “Dirty Redcoat”. It was worth a try!

    99. manandboy says:


      – under the Tories.

      Since 2013, the Government has been in the process of changing the voter registration system, and changing constituency boundaries, a plan to give the Tories a huge advantage in a General Election ie. the next one, in 2020.

      The Government has ignored the Electoral Commission’s advice and is rushing through changes which could mean up to 10 million people losing their vote, and Labour losing 30 seats in a Parliament reduced from 650 to 600 MP’s.

      Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, Lucy Powell MP, says
      The Tories are clearly trying to rig the system,”

      The new register will form the basis of boundary changes that will rig the electoral system for generations to come.

      And people still insist IndyRef 14 was clean?

      Credit to Nana at 8.27am

    100. carjamtic says:

      Dougal Haston
      ‘In winter,the Scottish mountain seems to regain it’s primitive,virginal pride and no more do the howling,littering,summer masses,tramp it’s more accessible slopes’

      We must make Scotland akin to the Boomerang Nebula,for those whose moral demerit has come to occupy a position on the moral continuum well below the point at where there is any balance.

      The BBC occupies such a position,they themselves know this and previously played the Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde game hoping we would not notice……they have long since day abandoned this strategy and no longer even try to hide their bias.

      UKOK need to realise that lying is the obliteration of one’s dignity,as a human being, a man who does not himself believe what he says to another……has even less worth than if he were a mere thing… Scotland the BBC is a mere thing it will not be missed.

    101. ScottieDog says:

      @Auld Rock
      With regard to the funding of Scottish projects, the problem is that most folk in England Simply believe they fund our projects. I had an old friend to stay the other week from Yorkshire. He was looking at the how the new forth bridge was coming on. I told him it looked like it would be on time on budget. He replied “I hope so, WE are paying for that”.

      This is their belief system – as sure as the sun rises in the east and its fed by their MSM.

    102. manandboy says:

      Scotland is England’s credit card.
      They now know we’re going to take it back.
      That’s why they’re shittin’ themselves, and sayin’ bad things about us.

    103. Bob Mack says:

      This United Kingdom has always been xenophobic. It is perfectly fine to invade other countries and strip them of their resources,but Heaven forbid their citizens should actually want to live here.This has been going on for hundreds of years.

      The Tories can’t quite admit to the fact that an influx of refugees would not go down well with a majority of voters,and would affect their support.

      Now we pander to the lowest voice of society,which preaches the mantra of “I’m all right Jack”, and though they admit feeling sorry for the unfortunates, they do not want them in this country.

      This is going to fuel the in or out debate for membership of the E.U. rather timeously,as I can see Middle England reacting against the possibility that the E.U. may impose on us an obligation to admit more refugees.

      The debate about membership of the E.U. may after all become a watershed moment in the history of this country.

    104. TInto Chiel says:

      Robert Peffers said, “However, in this instance I feel you have missed the real target. I hold the opinion that BBC Scotland, in its entirety, is well beyond any form of reasonable help. For example I’m presently listening to Gordon Brown doing a programme on his claimed hero, James Kier-Hardy.”

      But I thought his great hero was Jimmy Maxton, Robert? After all, he wrote his doctoral thesis on him and produced a biography, probably still available from any book shops which still survive out there.

      If there’s an afterlife, there’s two Scots who’ll be feeling rather uncomfortable.

      It’s a funny old game, Saint, innit?

    105. Blair paterson says:

      Stu.,you say adults should be allowed to express their views how they wish so why can’t we describe ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s as ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s and ("Tractor" - Ed)s as ("Tractor" - Ed)s?OT i wonder if the queen will visit any food banks while she is in the borders like MR., Mundell did?

    106. manandboy says:

      Scottiedog above.

      At a stroke, David Cameron could dispel the myth that the English pay for Scotland’s upkeep. He doesn’t do it because it helps preserve the Union, through the English thinking ‘if we pay for it, it’s ours’ and through the two million Scots who think ‘ I’m glad we have the English to keep us going’.
      If only we could unpick this lie.

    107. Clootie says:

      It is not the BBC’s job to report facts.

      This remit even extends to the protection of idiots lest they should sully the good name of “Britain”. They simply label it a joke and by doing so it dismisses any suggestion of intent.

      “It was only a joke” seems a very poor defence.

    108. ClanDonald says:

      Twitter on Monday night was chockablock with people raging about BBC bias in the Panorama hatchet job on Corbyn, looks like England is waking up to their lies too. Tick tock.

      On the subject of the BBC, last week I posted on here about BBC radio 2 claiming that the call to police in the Bell/Yuill car accident had been 999. Rev Stu then did lots of research and all the information he came up with said it was a 101 non-emergency call.

      Anyway, I found one of the reports so you can hear it for yourselves, it’s at this link to Radio 2, you can find the 999 claim at 2:01:58. More lies to attack the SNP with.

    109. James123 says:

      On that archived BBC page about Neil Hay it states:

      “Neil Hay, who is standing in Edinburgh South, referred to supporters of the UK as “("Quizmaster" - Ed)s” on Twitter, under the pseudonym “Paco McSheepie”. “

      That is a flat out lie, at no point did Neil Hay refer to supporters of the UK as ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s. As has been said all he did was post a link to comedy article on a comedy website which was directed solely at the Labour Party. Hay actually made no comment about the article.

    110. louis.b.argyll says:

      ..the TRUTH will out..

      We’ll make sure of it.

    111. Bill Fraser says:

      One observation, a civilised species would not elect a government intent on punishing the poor and defenceless. It seems we do not live in a state populated by civilised people.

    112. Harry McAye says:

      I was surely not alone in my disappointment in Nicola Sturgeon’s failure to defend Neil Hay and point out that he did not call anyone Qsling, he merely posted a link to a satirical site that did. The barefaced lies from the BBC and the rest of the MSM(rags that I wouldn’t wipe my backside with), was utterly sickening.

    113. Dr Ew says:

      The Guardian’s take on MacAskill’s suspension is, I believe, factually correct but in the second half veers off into a bizarre and completely irrelevant commentary on Nicola Sturgeon’s photo-shoot / interview with Vogue. Just… weird.

    114. yesindyref2 says:

      If I were to mount a spirited defence of the BBC over this, I would point out they still like to stereotype non-English and in fact non-home counties people in various ways, which is of course perfectly acceptable to them, it’s just a “joke”.

      For instance the Scots are mean, the Irish are drunks and the Welsh are thieves. The Lancastrians wear clogs and Yorkshire folk are strong in ‘t arm and thick in ‘t head.

      They probably actually believe it, such is the incredibly miniscule size of their brains, and their dire need to go to specsavers to see anything past their own navel.

      Umm, I think that was a spirited defence, where’s the whiskEy from Scotchland?

    115. Meindevon says:

      I was listening to Radio Five Live this afternoon in the car when they were going over the opening of the new Borders rail line.

      The reporter was talking about Nicola’s speech and just how gracious she was, although his tone of voice was that it was quite incredulous that the First Minister could be gracious to the Queen.

      He then mentioned the National Anthem. Apparently, In his opinion, Nicola did sing it but not with as much gusto as she could have because, of course she doesn’t want Scotland to be part of the UK.

      I thought the bbc were there to cover the Queens long reign and the new railway opening, but as usual they managed to use it for another negative slant on the SNP and half of Scotland’s population.

      How I didn’t prang the motor I don’t know!

    116. yesindyref2 says:

      From the Scottish Social Attitudes survey:

      Sales (July to December 2014) Change from July to December 2013
      The Courier 47,000 -7%
      The Herald 37,000 -5%
      Press and Journal 60,300 -5%
      The Scotsman 26,300 -11%
      Scottish Sun 235,000 -9%
      Daily Record 197,900 -10%
      Daily Express 53,700 -13%
      Daily Mail 91,500 -4%
      Daily Telegraph 17,000 -9%
      The Guardian 9,700 -10%
      The Times 18,800 +1%

      From personal observation and blethering to sellers printed Guardians are read mostly in Scotland by English tourists and visitors, holiday homers and those living here.

    117. Dr Jim says:

      The unflattering picture of the First Minister is now circulating the Interwebby Networks with a wee caption which I’ve inserted to improve the situation

      Hope you enjoy it

    118. yesindyref2 says:

      Radio Five Live is an anagram of “I drive evil oaf”.

    119. yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, or even “I evil oaf diver”.

    120. heedtracker says:

      This is merely smear, Guardian style.

      “the second half veers off into a bizarre and completely irrelevant commentary on Nicola Sturgeon’s photo-shoot / interview with Vogue. Just… weird.”

      Big issue but Sturgeon the lightweight focuses on her looks. Usual stuff from Graun wet farts. They’re all freaking out over just the sight of a very real Scottish leader greeting their ukok queen. They think they’ll own their Scotland region for ever and ever.

    121. Robert Peffers says:

      @Janet says: 9 September, 2015 at 11:14 am:

      “It’ll go from bad to worse when the State Broadcaster gets replaced by Fox News or whoever.”

      Perhaps so, Janet, however, as the Government demands the BBC is paid for by all who watch any broadcaster, the only legal way to avoid financially supporting their propaganda wing is to not watch any broadcaster.

      So I suppose it will be better to watch even worse TV than the BBC than none whatsoever. The BBC, to be fair, do some things very well. The do a great job with sporting events, just a pity they are invariably English biased or conversely of poorer quality.

      As I only view the TV in my friends house occasionally their absence will not bother me a bit.

    122. Nana Smith says:


      So someone has started a fundraiser for Carmichael. Does this person not realise it contains fraudulent statements.

      I see some of the commentators have already pointed this out.

    123. yesindyref2 says:

      Guardian is an anagram of “I ran dung”, so what do we expect?

    124. heedtracker says:

      Guardian is an anagram of “I ran dung”, so what do we expect?

      The Guardian has a famous wimmins thing that’s be bashing away for years and then they turn round and monster a Scottish woman day in day out.

      The stench of Graun hypocrisy is a far worse than dung. But they’re just another bunch of English nationalists that have had their progressive liberal democrat pants pulled down by actual democracy, in a region they lost control of last year. Its really stretching the whole Britnat London media corp thing.

    125. Tinto Chiel says:

      Thanks for that, Nana @6.11 pm.

      Not going terribly well for Fozzy, is it? Never mind, I’m sure the “false pretences” bit will turn out ok.

      As Brillo-Pad Heid (Arch UKOKian Ginger Cringer) would say, “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooft!”

      BTW, isn’t Photo Shop wonderful? The digital dividend!

    126. Iain More says:

      Well thanks to the Butchers Pinny waving Brit Nat insects blocking my path to the station platform at Waverley and despite my polite requests for them to shift they didn’t and I missed my train to Aberdeen. The next train was also late. Result being I get home 3 hours later than intended.

      So if anybody spotted a Yes badge wearing tall bloke snarling at Brit Nat Sis this morning at Waverley it was probably me. I stopped being polite about life the universe etc.

      Time for a Republic is long overdue.

    127. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Nana 12.57 Cameron said, he hoped Angus Robertson would be on the Inteligence & Security Committee. I would leave them to it & not get any SNP MPs elected to their cozy committees.

    128. Gary45% says:

      You Pay the licence fee, you pander to the Sh*t the Biased Broadcasting Corporation broadcast.
      STOP paying the licence.

    129. Robert Peffers says:

      @TInto Chiel says: 9 September, 2015 at 4:11 pm:

      Robert Peffers said, “However, in this instance I feel you have missed the real target. I hold the opinion that BBC Scotland, in its entirety, is well beyond any form of reasonable help. For example I’m presently listening to Gordon Brown doing a programme on his claimed hero, James Kier-Hardy.”

      ” … But I thought his great hero was Jimmy Maxton, Robert? After all, he wrote his doctoral thesis on him and produced a biography, probably still available from any book shops which still survive out there.”

      Aye! Tinto Chiel, Which is exactly why I worded it thus, “Gordon Brown doing a programme on his claimed hero, James Kier-Hardy”.

      Like much of Brown’s other claims he changes his claimed beliefs to suit his present arguments.

    130. Nana Smith says:


      I didn’t know Cameron had said that.

      But Simon Hoare MP N Dorset talks of an ‘infestation’ of Scots in the House of Commons a wee while ago.

      Imagine that a son of a hoare calling our mps an infestation.

    131. dakk says:

      Robert Peffers 6.10

      ‘They (BBC)do a great job with sporting events’

      The BBCs sporting coverage is patchy,dull,outdated,melancholy, and unenlightening when compared to satellite broadcasters.

      I would struggle to watch anything on BBC without feeling mildly depressed.

    132. John Jones says:

      STV are nearly as bad, first item on the news tonight was the report of ” Queen Elizabeth the second ” opening the new rail line. Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I’m aware there has not been an Elizabeth of either Scotland or the UK until the present monarch.
      I’m a fervent supporter of home rule and been ambivalent about royals but this ongoing, rammed down my throat ERII is getting to me.

    133. David McDowell says:

      In the BBC’s “Notes of Guidance on the Correct Use of Language by Political Journalists” (Rule 42, Section 25) it explicitly states:

      25.4 “A distasteful tweet from an opponent of Scottish independence should be referred to as “a joke”.

      25.5 “A distasteful tweet from a supporter of Scottish independence should be referred to as ‘a hate rant”.

      Note to section 25: Further detailed guidance on the correct use of language in this area can be found in the book “Nineteen-Eighty Four” by George Orwell.

      p.s. this itself is “a joke”, as defined by Rule 42, S.25, p.4 of the Notes of Guidance outlined above.

    134. Tinto Chiel says:

      Mr Peffers said, “Like much of Brown’s other claims he changes his claimed beliefs to suit his present arguments.”

      You’re surely not implying he’s a jive-talking humbug, are you, Robert?

      Fan my brow!

    135. Alan Gerrish says:

      Wait a minute! The BBC is making the substantive point that a councillor has been suspended after posting a joke, and presumably thinks that this is a normal state of affairs and hence not worthy of comment. Does this mean that BBC employees will be suspended if they post jokes? Are they (the BBC) so effing dumb as to believe we could accept such utter tripe?

      If so, then they are beyond redemption in my view. Not only should the BBC be disbanded, but perhaps they should all be locked up as anyone making this assumption is surely in need of psychiatric help?

    136. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      In connection with the BBC…

      Apologies if this has been posted before but I just picked it up from Chris Law’s Facebook page, a wee while ago.

    137. Albaman says:

      This has , as far as I am aware, not been reported on, nor commented on.c
      As I pointed out the other day, even the Q.C. In A Carmichael’s court case, complained, regarding its reporter report on the proceedings,
      The Q.C. commented that he’d doubt that the reporter had even been in court to witness the proceedings.
      Now I’d have thought that that would have raised alarm bells somewhere , but nothing that I noticed.

    138. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      As an aside…

      When I did my post at 7.53pm, the last post showing was at 7.28pm.

      I reloaded this page every couple of minutes or so then, at 8.02pm, the posts at 7.52pm, 7.53pm and 7.57pm eventually appeared.

      Jiss sayin’, like…

    139. Tinto Chiel says:

      Nana Smith @6.11.

      My previous post disappeared into the GCHQ ether, Nana, but thanks for this.

      Oh, dear, it’s not going terribly well for Fozzy, is it? Never mind, I’m sure the “false pretences” bit will all be sorted out quite amicably.

      As our famous Brillo-Pad-Heid Ginger Cringer would say, “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooft!”

      I must say, after looking at that photo of Mr Carmichael, isn’t Photo Shop wonderful? The digital dividend.

    140. manandboy says:

      Carmichael’s fund raiser is being lacerated on Facebook. Promoted by one Shiela Ritchie. But which one?

    141. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Here’s a side-splitting video of a Hungarian camerawoman kicking and tripping-up refugees as they run away from police.

      Hey, she just did it for a ‘joke’, right?

    142. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Nana Smith 7.07 Awe Nana you need tae moderate your language a person of your standing on WOS doesent need to resort to fowl a tongue, I,ll do it for you.

      Son of ah Feking Whore.

      Please note I corrected your spelling mistake (Imagine that a son of a hoare) lol xx.

    143. Just read the Craig Murray post that Andy-B linked above. If you haven’t read it, READ IT, and share it, and tweet it. Utter proof that UK ‘democracy’ and ‘the rule of law’ is a sham.

    144. Nana Smith says:

      @Tinto Chiel

      Not going well at all. What is it with these unionist types, truth being such a difficult concept for them.

      I’ll tell you what though they don’t care much for the digital dividend, internet revealing their lies and dodgy dealings.

      Posting this at 20.42 and wonder when it might appear! Gremlins in the works?

    145. Rock says:

      The BBC is Scotland’s enemy number 1.

      We will never get independence as long as it exists in Scotland.

      It is time to fight to destroy it once and for all.

    146. louis.b.argyll says:

      GCHQ? Dipping into the online culture?


      It’s a question of trusting
      Anachronistic, antagonistic, anagrammatical, elitist empire builders.



    147. The Moidart says:

      I know it doesn’t seem as though we have had a lot to be thankful this last year and I certainly ain’t thankful for much.

      But I can’t help smile every time I hear or read about another one of these unionist anti Scottish anti democracy “people” or organisations going to the wall.

      The mischief maker’s numbers are lessening every week it seems. Asda, BBC, Labour. Lib Dems. Every excuse for a newspaper in Scotland.

      Cameron. The tories. Sewel.Carmichael This clown McAskill. Dugdale, Davidson, Murray and Mundell will all fall too.

      Latest poll shows 53 to 47 in favour of yes. All of those named have diminished at a rate of knots since the referendum a year ago. I wonder what it will be like a year from now.

      I’m optimistic we are moving towards a new era in Scotland. A fair, just and progressive future based on empowerment and decency with values and empathy. Something I’ve never known.

      This son is rising.

    148. O/T “Younger voters remain the most committed to independence, with 59% of 16-34s supporting a Yes Vote, with 28% for No (and 13% don’t know). Among those aged 35-54, Yes leads by 53%-39% (8% don’t know), and the over-55s favour a No vote by 58% to 31% (12% don’t know).”

      [from latest TNS poll]

      The grey vote is still against us. We need to find creative ways to contact, reassure and persuade the over 55s. Suggestions, anyone?

    149. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Scunterbunnet (8.39) –

      Many thanks for reposting that link to the Craig Murray piece – powerful stuff.

    150. Dr Jim says:

      Our First Minister has the patience of Joab the heart of Mother Theresa and Cleopatra’s Asp in her handbag

      Make no mistake some folks time is coming

    151. Graeme Doig says:


      Apologies if this has been linked already. Govt petition by WOW (have searched but still can’t find what it stands for) which i found on SNP twitter supported by Natalie McGarry. It calls on the UK govt to conduct an impact assessment of cuts to support & social care for disabled people.

    152. Nana Smith says:


      Can’t thinc how I got that spelling wron, I’m thincing a wee visit to the opticin is in order.

      Hope your piles are easing after the last couple of days on the benches xx

    153. Tinto Chiel says:

      Scunterbunnet, 8.39.

      Just so, my friend. A great post by CM which exposes the whole tawdry basis for the murderous acts by HMG.

      Boy, is he going to get trolled!


    154. @Nana Smith at 6.11pm

      I have contacted the site and they are investigating.

    155. louis.b.argyll says:

      Propagandist presenter on BBC”news”24…
      ‘ Aleppo… a very important Syria city..’

      Aren’t all cities important.?

    156. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      At 19.17pm, the last post showing is at 9.01pm.

    157. Brian Doonthetoon says:


      At 9.17pm, the last post showing is at 9.01pm.

    158. Paula Rose says:

      (Beedeeteetee dear – get a life xx, btw I’m on page 90 of the new iscot, that should take your mind off such niggles.)

    159. shug says:

      A flyer promoting wings might show examples of msm “truth” and why visiting wings is so important
      Post a pdf and I will run off and leave on bus and trains
      Wings supporters all over doing the same might have some effect

    160. dakk says:

      Scunterbunnet. 8.50

      ‘suggestions anyone’

      Bring back euthanasia for over 55s.

      That’ll be me suspended from Wings,though I was only joking I’m sure the BBC will be keen to report.

    161. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Paula Rose I had a sneak preview, but I was sworn to secrecy by Kendo, You look absolutely devinely Gorgeous.

    162. Tinto Chiel says:

      Och, BDTT 9.19, dinna fash! Yir GCHQ file’s growin’ by the minute.

      Noblesse oblige.

      Meant to say on a previous thread re. SAHB: I feel Alex was simply overwhelmed by family circumstances and his health was terminally affected. He was an original.

    163. Broch Landers says:

      These cute wee daily slices of censorship and bias reek of low-level panic.

      Who says the BBC doesn’t do entertaining comedy drama any more.

    164. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Albaman There was plenty of people taking notes, 3 in front of Me another 3 in front of them Dunlops Assistant. Mitchells Assistant & the young Lawyer behind her + there Lordships + recorded.

    165. Midgehunter says:

      Here we go again – Test

    166. Midgehunter says:

      Looks like the “Curse of the comments” has finally caught up with me.

      No more writing brilliant comments which no one is interested in, gone the excitement of glorious vanity when the comment appears.
      Alas the “submit comment” no longer leads to an instant vision of genius to be forever forgotten.

      It’s twenty minutes of waiting and losing the plot. Start again – wait, wait, wait. Pure f****** frustration.

      And I’m innocent!

      I still use Win 7, Kaspersky, Firefox, don’t change the settings, eat my porridge, am nice to No voters and other strange misguided people.

      Should I go Apple?

    167. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Radio Scotland news just mentioned crowdfunding effort for Carmichael’s legal fees.

      Caught mention of such earlier today and truly believed it to be a wind-up, but no – seems they’ve got £2,000 in the pot already…

      Anyone have a link for the site so we can watch that figure soar?

    168. ann says:

      Scottiedog at 3.45PM

      Hope you put your friend straight on the matter who is paying for our new bridge.

    169. Midgehunter says:

      “‘suggestions anyone’

      Bring back euthanasia for over 55s.”

      DAKK – are you mad!

      Half the Wingers would be gone at a stroke….!! 😉

    170. dakk says:

      Ian Brotherhood. 8.27

      ‘Hungarian camerawoman kicking and tripping up refugees’

      That’s the kind of ‘making the news’ journalist who would fit right in at the BBC.

      They may be headhunting her right now with the Scottish uprising a growing concern.

      A few rough edges smoothed down and she could be the next Jackie Bird.

    171. velofello says:

      Sorry, can’t comment, not a client of the BBC. Why pay to be lied to?

    172. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Midgehunter.

      Sorry, it happens on Macs as well. The 20 minute delay started for me when I went from Firefox 35 to 40.

      It’s a real bummer!

    173. @Ian Brotherhood

      Check Nana at 6.11pm

    174. louis.b.argyll says:

      And right in the middle of the international refugee crisis and the double standard terror drone scandal…

      DEMOCRACY fails in Northern Ireland..
      ..representatives are refusing to represent.

      …and it’s going to happen again and again and in many other ‘reconciled’ countries.

      The cause?…

      Peace was ‘set up’ like in a former colony, with former opposing group leaders aping the style of confrontational politics of their former regulators.

      I was in London when they sealed up all the litter-bins in the West End to deny the Irish terrorists.

      The IRA were literally too close for comfort for the political classes.

      Soon establishment figures on every side played out their parts in an approved peace process to appease A-list world leaders.

      However…a peace-process should be derived from natural factors in the societies involved if it is to succeed.

      Peace is a state of mind.

      Desperation allows the outside influences, often for political and electoral reasons, to offer a peace/business plan to simply ‘bribe’ a certain convenient generation or community.

      Power struggles return as generations die out – although conservatives would like things to never change from the deal…being that they benefit.

      And so, trouble is stoked..and the next bribes are set-up for the future.

      We will have to literally ‘fight’ war, itsel!- as without imagination and change, the continuing cycles of power
      and corruption will destroy our very humanity.

    175. HandandShrimp says:

      I don’t have particularly strong views on the monarchy. In truth I don’t really think about them from one year to the next. However, the Queen seemed quite dignified and slightly resigned about the longest reign thing.

      On the other hand, the abject toadying by the press and TV was nausea inducing. It was like a Pathe News Reel from 1935.

      I do wonder what it was that Nicholas Witchell did that consigned him to Royal Correspondent. He must have pissed in a lot of coffees to get that gig.

    176. Paula Rose says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood – do you not read the thread? This from Nana Smith

    177. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Here’s a link to the Carmichael fundraiser you’re all gagging to help out…

      Apparently, this trial is all a ‘witch-hunt’ by the SNP.

      Worth a swatch, for the comments if nothing else.


      ‘Help Alistair and stop the SNP’ –

    178. Albaman says:

      Aye Ronnie Anderson,
      I did see reference by you that you’d attended, so on the second day, I looked at the “on lookers”, trying to figure out which one was Oor Ronnie, still not sure!.
      Anyway, I take it that you heard Jonathan Mitchell Q.C. make those remarks?.

    179. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Ian B, there you go…

    180. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @cynicalHighlander & Paula Rose –

      Sorry folks, I’ve been playing catch-up, didn’t see Nan’s post.

      Anyhow, we’re all now on-board and up to speed, so let’s see how Fozzy Fierypants fares in the wonderful world of crowdfunding.

      Right now ‘he’ has £2765 in the tin.

      Anyone care to hazard a guess as to how much will be in there at midnight?

      Will Sheila Ritchie hit her £50,000 target?

      Could it be that she’s doing him more harm than good?

      Does anyone care?

    181. Gavin says:

      Was unfortunate enough to see 5 minutes of the ten o’clock news tonight and listened to a report from that crawling sycophantic arse licker Nicholas witchell. The BBC in full unionist and royalist mode showing people in Scotland waving butchers aprons in appreciation of her majesty. It was enough to make me feel queasy.

      As Rock says at 8.44, the BBC is the main enemy of independence with its never ending stream of state propoganda.

      The BBC. The British Brainwashing Corporation.

    182. john king says:

      “I still use Win 7, Kaspersky, Firefox, don’t change the settings, eat my porridge, am nice to No voters and other strange misguided people.

      Should I go Apple?”

      Well there ye go then!
      no wonder yer posts are not going up immediately.

    183. yesindyref2 says:

      Crowdfunding Carmichael’s defence? That’s interesting.

      I think the loser pays the costs. Is that the prediction of the originator of the gofundme crowdfunder?

    184. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Aghhh, refreshed the page to see Ian B asking for a link, then posted him one, pressed submit and then page reloaded with about another 10 posts, with several answering his request. Bloody delay! Regarding the autofill, mine hasn’t worked since the DOS attacks last year, with Firefox and win7

      Echo comments above. The best part of the fundraiser is the range of comments, not all flattering I should add.

    185. Tam Jardine says:

      Luckily for us all Nicolas Witchell has solved the ongoing debate on the monarchy. The ‘republicans’ (a minority we are told for merely the 3rd time in 15 minutes) are wrong and British leaders, south and north of the border are right.

      Now thats been put to bed and the BBC have settled the matter along with working out that Scotland should not only be ruled by our larger neighbour AND an elderly woman and her descendents in perpituity, can we also have rulings from the BBC on all other matters arising. Should we have an ‘ask the BBC’ service where we email questions to members of the metropolitan media class and they can give us definitive answers?

      Say I want to know about the link between the flu vaccine and narcolepsy and a definitive answer doesn’t seem to exist- can we get a BBC science correspondant to make a ruling? I want to know whether Scotland are going to reach France for the Euros next year and I don’t want impartial, wishy washy information: I want a ruling. Is there someone in Salford I can contact?

      What about the big ethical questions- abortion? euthanasia? Capital punishment? Why can’t we just get Nick Robinson or Robert Peston to just consider the arguements and decide, definitively once and for all.

      Is this what they mean when they bang on about being impartial- they are telling us they impartially weigh up the options and then make their judgement and broadcast it to the masses?

    186. GallusEffie says:

      @Graeme Doig 8:57pm

      My earlier attempt has gone astray. This is the 2nd attempt at this petition. The 1st took too long to even approach 100k. Disability is not a sexy topic…

      As far as I recall WoW was war on welfare – it morphed from Pat’s Petition in the first instance.

    187. dakk says:

      Midgehunter. 10.10

      ‘Half the Wingers would be gone in a stroke’

      What better epitaph could they have if it sealed independence for Scotland ?

      I’m sure Stuart would crowdfund a wee monument in memorial 🙂

    188. manandboy says:

      While thinking of Queen Victoria, the Queen may have said to herself ‘If she can do it, so can I’. Now that she’s done it, perhaps she will want to retire; to relax a bit more. She’s not getting any younger and Phil looks as if he could chuck it anytime. I wouldn’t be surprised if they packed it in soon. That would freshen things up a bit!

    189. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Alan Mackintosh –


      The effort is appreciated mister. I’m sure you’ll be gratified to know that, when I did find it eventually, I only donated a fiver. 😉

      Why don’t we start another crowdfund to mark the achievements of ‘Sir’ Danny Alexander? A pair of big red granite arse-cheeks protruding from one of the hills in his old constituency…‘a strange hole has appeared in Badenoch, and the local police are looking into it…’

      Aye, one way or another, the Lib Dems have certainly left their mark in/on the Highlands & Islands for many years to come, and they won’t be easily forgotten. 🙁

    190. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      here is the link to the Carmicheal funding page which is being promoted by STV and the P&J.

      The comments page is very interesting seening how it claims the petition to remove Carmichel is an SNP plot and nothing to do with concerned constituents from various parties.

      There is also a very handy “Report” button in the centre of the screen if you happen to think this is a fraudulent claim…

    191. manandboy says:

      My bet is that Carmichael’s fund raiser is designed to stop people thinking about who IS funding him. One thing’s for sure – it’s either the lib dems or their coalition partners, the Tories. Since the lib dems are skint that leaves the Tories – who’d have guessed, with the original idea for the smear probably coming from inside 10 Downing St.

    192. ClanDonald says:

      Witchell is a nauseating turn off. The more he shoves all this union jack, god save the queen pomp down our throats the more I want to tell him to take a hike. He’s a great asset to the independence campaign.

    193. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Hi Ally – same here…

      Did not see all these links on Carmichael until I posted mine.
      Did raise a complaint on the “Report” page 🙂

    194. Graeme Doig says:


      Maybe we can make it a bit ‘sexier’ thanks to Wings 🙂 No harm in giving a bit of moral support for the cause.

      Not holding my breath for any action from WM even if debate was to take place.

    195. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood Carmichaels fundreaiser has come to late for me to contribute I sent my Colonic samples to KingsX hosp, had I know that was coming up i would have put a couple of big dods in & sent that to the Fucker.

    196. Paula Rose says:

      Dakk wants me dead! Sobs… eek age giveaway – where’s the fucking delete button?

    197. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Here’s a lengthy and comprehensive dissection of the Carmichael-supporting petition, copied from the comments (none of which, so far, appear to be supportive, despite various people lobbing in £50 here, £100 there…)

      I hope it transfers okay, and I’ve taken the liberty of inserting occasional paragraph breaks so that neither the original author or meself are face-mashed to death with mallets and hammers by psychopathically intolerant CyberNat overlords.

      (It runs out at the end – that’s how it appears on the petition Comments page.)

      ?????? ????????

      I have reported this fundraiser to Go Fund Me:

      This fundraiser is both factually incorrect & slanderous and at the same time a sham possibly reaching the point of fraudulent. I will address each point one at a time.

      The fund claims to be raising money for Alistair Carmichael, a member of parliament in the UK who is currently in court over making false statements under the law during the past election.

      The description of the fund states “He has told me that his defence will cost £50,000. That’s a lot of money.” This cannot be correct as when I spoke to his party they made it clear that in fact although his fees could reach £50,000, the fees were being paid by the political organisation he is affiliated with (the Liberal Democrat Party) therefore there is no cost to him personally.

      The party in question has a contingency fund for exactly this purpose, therefore this statement is misrepresentative of the truth and a clear indication that the person who started this crowd funding campaign is attempting to receive monies through deception.

      I will now go through the description itself an explain the inaccuracies contained in it which are not just wrong but are in fact ball-faced lies. “Everyone in the Northern Isles knows someone who Alistair has helped, and he has fought so hard for his constituents,”

      This statement straight away is incorrect because not everyone in his constituency feel that way. Indeed at the election, his majority vote which was at 12000 over his closest rival in 2010 was shrunk to only 817 votes. Therefore, he has lost credibility in the eyes of just over 11000 people, not including those who do not vote. This is, therefore, an inaccurate statement of fact.

      “During the election he made a mistake which the SNP has blown out of all proportion. They are using a vague law to try and overturn the election result, even though what he did is not related at all to his hard work on behalf of his constituents. This is nothing more than a ruthless attempt by the SNP to eliminate any remaining opposition to them in Scotland. Alistair is a fantastic local MP, and we need to stand up for him now.”

      This statement in its entirety is infact libellous. The reason being that the SNP (Scottish National Party) have no link what so ever to Mr Carmichael going to court. The case is based on lies he told to the general population which he admitted. The claim against him was brought to the high court in Edinburgh by a lawyer representing four of Mr Carmichaels local constituents and not the SNP, an entirely different thing from what this portrays.

      To remove SNP involvement completely from the picture, Go, Fund, Me should be advised that in fact the 4 individuals bringing the case against Mr Carmichael do not even support the SNP. I know each of them personally. 3 of them are Labour Party voters and the 4th is a green party, voter. They have no affiliation with the Scottish National Party what so ever.

      “He has told me that his defence will cost £50,000. That’s a lot of money.” True – it is a lot of money, but it is not money he will be liable for. As previously mentioned the Liberal Democrat Party are covering the costs.

      “Please donate what you can and help stop the SNP witch hunt. This is an attack, plain and simple. Alistair deserves to be an MP.”

      Again, the person mentions the SNP, as previously stated, the SNP have no interest nor responsibility for bringing the case against Mr Carmichael. It is his own constituents who are doing it, none of whom has any affiliation with the SNP. These facts have been detailed in the press on numerous occasions including live tv interviews with the constituents where they declared their party allegiance live on TV.

      As for witch hunt, it most certainly is not. Mr Carmichael has publicly admitted to not only releasing private and confidential information into the public domain but has also publicly admitted to lying about it. The case is being brought to court under Section 106 of the Representation of the People Act 1983: 1)A person who, or any director of any body or association corporate which— (a)before or during an election, (b)for the purpose of affecting the return of any candidate at the election, makes or publishes any false statement of fact in relation to the candidate’s personal character or conduct shall be guilty of an illegal practice, unless he can show that he had reasonable grounds for believing, and did believe, that statement to be true.

      The facts are not in dispute, as testified to by both the claimant’s lawyer and HIS lawyer. The facts are not being argued in this case because they are not in dispute.

      The entire case revolves around whether or not the law in question is applicable to this situation. In short, the entire description of this Go Fund me project is a fable and a lie in terms of the details of what the case is about, who brought the case and indeed who is pushing for t…

    198. notallusenglishareeejits says:

      BBC = Buggering British Children….since 1922 (and not just mentally either).

    199. Onwards says:

      ..”She’s not getting any younger and Phil looks as if he could chuck it anytime.


      The Queen will hold out to do her patriotic duty and kick the bucket 2 weeks before Indyref 2.

      Seriously, I think she should make it a round 64 years, then give Charlie a shot. Fair’s fair.

    200. dakk says:

      Paula Rose. 11.37

      I’m sure we could find a way to exempt sweet honeys like yourself 😉

    201. Onwards says:

      Gavin says:
      9 September, 2015 at 10:50 pm

      ..that crawling sycophantic arse licker Nicholas witchell..

      What’s funny is the royals think he is a prick too.
      Witchell must have sobbed himself to sleep after the microphones picked up that remark from Prince Charles.

      “I can’t bear that man. I mean, he’s so awful, he really is.”

    202. dakk says:

      notallusenglishareeejits 11.46

      ‘since 1922’

      You can add the Westminster political class to that role of honour and be sure they will remain immune from justice.

      Nice one though.

    203. Ian Brotherhood says:

      At 10.49 last evening the Carmichael legal-aid pot was standing at £2765.

      Now, at 12.30, it’s at…hang on a sec till I check…tap tap tap…scan, double-check…tap tap tap…

      …DRUM ROLL!!!!…

      …ay, definitely…


    204. mike cassidy says:

      Background to the War On Welfare petition here].

    205. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @BDTT and others –

      Yeah, very slow tonight, worst it’s been for a while – typing this at at 00.46, and last comment showing is 12.18


    206. David says:

      Clip 1:Reporter says in 1952 Elizabeth went home “to become Queen of England” after the death of King George 6. BBC reporter. British BBC reporter. Today. Of all bloody days.


      Second clip, uses a shortened version of video from Kenya, avoids the reporter’s mistake.

      See, I can understand, and forgive, reporters from foreign countries who say “Queen of England”. It’s not their country, they don’t really have a duty to me to get it correct. (It’s a different, centuries-old, problem of our embassies and consulates not bothering their arses to inform them of the correct terminology to use.)

      But when an experienced BRITISH reporter, “BBC Africa Correspondent Alastair Leithead” uses the term “Queen of England” in all seriousness, that is a different matter. Is he betraying his own unconscious bias, is it part of BBC culture, or what?

      Ach, I’ll be generous and say he’s just anticipating by a few years the result of IndyRef2: The Sequel! 🙂

    207. notallusenglishareeejits says:


      I consider both to be one and the same. The Boob is State controlled, and we all know what kind of twisted sick sociopaths run the State. Most people I know down here in Southern Britainshire (the tiny minority) only watch the Boob for the weather anyway. It has no credibility left because it has no shame. The notion that it is ‘fair, balanced and impartial’ on a number of issues is ludicrous- they’ve jumped the shark so often now they can no longer disguise the fact that they have become nothing more (apart from the weather) than an overt propaganda mouthpiece for the Whitehall mafia and those unelected inbred parasites who live in that large council house down the end of The Mall. The final straw for me came in 2003 and Iraq and I haven’t watched it since (apart from the weather).

    208. notallusenglishareeejits says:


      GCHQ = Genetically Castrated Hirsute Qunts

    209. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’ve got a rude one that begins in Ghastly and ends in Hilariously Quaffed. 😉

    210. Sandy Henderson says:

      Re. McCaskill’s ‘utterance’.
      He might have opened a can of worms or worse still, caused mayhem & fear. I refer to tory ‘grandees’ employing vastly underpaid Moslem domestic staff. There again, these ‘sleepers’ may be waiting for the right moment.

    211. Socrates MacSporran says:

      See this wakening-up in the middle of the night and being unable to get back to sleep; it does strange things to you – like driving you onto Wings.

      I got to thinking about the unconscious symbolism of yesterday’s events on the new Borders Railway.

      Leaving aside all the arguments about value-for-money and cost-effectiveness; here we have the Scottish Government righting a wrong which was done to a significant area of Scotland, by a previous Westminster government.

      Of course, there is a case for a complete re-opening of the old Waverley Line, but, this is a start.

      I have nothing against the Queen opening the new line, it is one of the things we pay for.

      However, to ask a lady, in her 90th year, who is in a post from which she cannot retire (well, she could, but the last regal retirement didn’t go too-well, so, it’s a no-no) is maybe a wee bit much.

      But, to then ask her to travel in an out-dated coach, drawn by an out-moded form of locomotion – well, that was typical of the out-dated Establishment thinking which surrounds so much of the institution the lady represents.

      So, in 21st century Scotland, opening a new railway line was best done in this way, by an impressive, but obsolete juggernaut of a railway engine;belching clouds of steam and smoke and making a lot of noise. An example of 19th century technology, which could only go one-way, right to the end of the line, and, when it got there, it could not be turned around.

      Isn’t that a metaphor for England’s attitude to Scotland?

      On a foot note; the streamlined A4 Gresley Pacifics, such as ‘Union of South Africa’ remain impressive examples of steam locomotive technology. But, some 50-years ago, when a groups of us Ayrshire train spotters, during the school holidays, organised a day trip to Edinburgh, specifically to go round Haymarket engine shed, I remember how excited we were at our first live glimpse of an A4 Pacific – the said 600009 Union of South Africa. We were soon brought back to earth by some of the Edinburgh train spotters. It seemed this engine was a local staple, everyone had spotted it. It was no big deal.

      Also, given the way Nelson Mandela and the African National Conference swept aside a repressive small ruling elite to give South African its first truly-representative government, might not the Westminster Establishment have got a different engine to haul the royal train.

      By the way – was the Viceroy there?

    212. Cag-does-thinking says:

      I think that the steam train metaphor was a deliberate attempt to piss on a successful addition to Scottish infrastructure. I’m sure when the A9 is finally fully dualled Maj will be back to open it on a horse and carriage.

      I did notice that the Conservative suspension has disappeared from the BBC website almost as quickly as it grudgingly appeared.

    213. gerry parker says:

      @ Socrates MacSporran.
      On your footnote.

      Yep, I recall spotting “streaks” running through Coatbridge hauling “The Mail” and “The Fish” every evening.

      It was a real treat to see one. “Luggers” and “black 5’s were more common on this run.

    214. Socrates MacSporran says:

      gerry parker:

      You were lucky, we had to make do with the odd Royal Scott class, or maybe a “Patriot”, to add spice to the contant diet of “Blackies”.

      Until, that is, some A3s, with the tiny Italian-style smoke deflectors were sent to Corkerhill to run the Thames-Clyde Express. That was different and exciting.

    215. starlaw says:

      as a young boy I was taken to the old Caley station to meet a cousin, saw my very first arrival of a train. It smashed through the buffers and ended up on the platform, I was mightily impressed but disappointed I didn’t get to wait for another one.
      Ive heard references to this smash but do not know if there were any casualties.

    216. Karmanaut says:

      People calling Elizabeth “Queen of England” won’t do the independence movement any harm. I’m all for that.

    217. ronnie anderson says:

      A wee piece from Kendomacaroonbar

    218. Flower of Scotland says:


      SKY News is energetically reporting that MPs expenses will be revealed today and seem excited that “some” haven’t payed back monies that they should have!

    219. call me dave says:

      Catching up as I’ve been away since Sunday. Luckily missed most of the Queenie stuff.

      National good today: Gordon alert!

      Giving evidence to a parliamentary group at Westminster on devolution, the former Prime Minister expressed frustration at the process of handing over more powers to Holyrood, and said the Scotland Bill was falling short of the recommendations made by the Smith Commission.


      Frank McAveety the new ‘aunt sally’ elected in Glasgow and Jeremy waiting in the wings as voting closes at midday.

      Digital currency for Scotland (plan ‘B’) and a chance to count the moths in the garden as it’s moth week all good stuff. 🙂

      Oh!…Except A9 about time, been waiting decades so much too late and …er expensive …SNP bad. It’s all on radio Scotland.

    220. Grouse Beater says:

      People calling Elizabeth “Queen of England” won’t do the independence movement any harm. I’m all for that.

    221. John H. says:

      On the BBC this morning – The tories are considering linking the BBC licence fee to the council tax. Also, the higher your tax band the higher your licence fee. Just one idea being considered.

    222. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Some dude just lobbed £100 into the ‘Help Fozzy Smash The SNP’ crowdfunder.

      It’s the only donation since we left it last night – total now £2865

    223. Nana Smith says:

      O/T links. Tried to post already this morning, site very slow.

      News depressing again, war and refugee crisis. Everything this government does just brings chaos.

      Rupert Murdoch is a warmonger, but we already knew that right…

      and here’s another war criminal…

    224. call me dave says:

      “Our country is blessed with fantastic natural resources and this industry – with its strong brand and talented people – is Scotland’s jewel in the crown.

      Wee snippet from the independent: Last word on Queenie.

      As the Queen reaches a new milestone of becoming the UK’s longest reigning monarch, the question of her worth to Britain’s economy has once again been raised.

      According to fresh research by Brand Finance, the value of the monarchy has been placed at an estimated £56.7 billion. This figure includes the value of tangible assets such as the Crown Estate, the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster and the Crown Jewels.

      When these tangible assets are stripped out, the total value of the monarchy to the UK’s economy is an estimated £1.155 billion for 2015, according to their research.

      This figure has been calculated by netting off costs such as the Sovereign Grant, the millions spent on security and the maintenance of the palaces against sources of income such as the surplus generated by the Crown Estate, the uplift in tourism and the price premium from brands carrying Royal Warrants.

    225. GallusEffie says:

      @Graeme Doig at 11:25pm

      Sorry if I sounded a bit accusing, the members of Wings are the kind of people who do sign the Wow petition, outward looking, compassionate folks who oppose the horrible direction our Social Security is going.

      I didn’t elaborate, but at the time of the 1st petition my timeline in Twitter was swamped for days with people pleading for me to sign for the badgers. It just fills me with despair that looking after sick, disabled and vulnerable members of our society is such a low priority for so many.

      I get that it’s a game of numbers, if you’re not in it, it can be hard to understand that help does not rain on you from the skies if your circumstances change for the worse and you need support. There are some wildly wrong preconceptions out there about all folks needing social security, but with sickness and disability also the whiff of “faking it” or getting too much help. Ha!

      Nae herm tae the badgers or any animals, but for me it’s people first.

    226. Ian Brotherhood says:

      For those who don’t get the National, and those who criticise it, here’s today’s editorial about the Queen.

      ‘Congratulations, then, to Elizabeth Windsor, our longest reigning monarch. She’s not been the worst. It can be difficult to remember which has lasted longest – her reign or the wait for the Chilcot Report.

      We bear no ill will towards Elizabeth, despite her interference in the referendum campaign last year, or, indeed her “purring” to David Cameron the next day. But the truth is that she is no longer necessary. Her Majesty is surplus to requirements. We are a modern, progressive country. Let us act like a modern progressive country.

      Let us stop sending taxes, land and resources to someone who has been made our ruler purely by an accident of birth.’

    227. t42 says:

      ‘suggestions anyone’

      deliver The National for free to over 65s

    228. Breeks says:

      People like Blair Jenkins and Derek Bateman need to realise there will be no compromise with the BBC. We, those who want to see an Independent Scotland are an anathema to BBC and the Britnat State. To them, we are the Huns who bayonet babies; the horror that they must be strong against.
      It runs as deep in them as our faith in Independence, and in many cases stems from a similar origin. We have all of us been raised on a diet of plucky British stoicism in endless Ealing comedies and war films where our appetite for war and aggression can be celebrated without guilt or remorse. MGM’s Battle of Britain remains one of my favourite films, despite my niggling annoyance that Stuffy Dowding was a Scot, Keith Park was a Kiwi, Sailor Malan (Adolph) was a South African. Minor truths airbrushed from the film because we’re all British really…
      But some of us, and increasingly more of us, are tuning in to what’s happening.
      To quote R. B. Cunninghame Grahame, “… Our real enemies are among us, born without imagination”.
      A question suddenly occurred to me, not how or why the BBC and Unionist Press came to be so dominant, but why it has to be. The truth is, it has to dominate the agenda or the Proles risk hearing the other side of the issue and start thinking for themselves. Suddenly the BBC spell is broken.

    229. Jim says:

      The last desperate roll of the dice in the hatchet job on Corbyn:

      He is accused of joining in chants of, ‘British troops, murderers’, a claim made by ex Met police commander, Mark Cullen and one which corbyn vigorously refutes.

      Unfortunately for Corbyn, even if he is telling the truth it is irrelevant as the smear will have damaged his reputation in the eyes of many people who will take the word of Mark Cullen as gospel truth.

      I hope that Corbyn defies the propaganda machine and does indeed get elected as the leader of the Labour party.

      They say he is unelectable as PM but if that were the case then why are they defecating in their union flag knickers at the very thought of him as leader of the opposition.

      I think they know that he is the best chance the Labour party has of forming the next Government of the UK and that is why the hatchet job has been escalated to defcon 5.

      Is Corbyn in danger rather than ‘a danger’?

    230. Jim says:

      On another note I see Glasgow City council has a new leader with a penchant for ogling and commenting on the looks of wee schoolgirls.

    231. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Would it be ironic if we booted out the royal family and Germany refused to take them?

    232. heedtracker says:

      According to fresh research by Brand Finance, the value of the monarchy has been placed at an estimated £56.7 billion.

      Her cabinet is minted also. First thing they did in office 5 years ago, give themselves a tax cut. But England and cringers like it. They extract oil from their Scotland region, the Highlands are their playground and their nukes are dumped in Argyll, for our protection and for those millions of jobs Trident brings to Scotland land. Any opposition is

      “That potpourri of centre-right liberals, Iraq war rebels, Celtic fringe Methodists [and] local populists turned out not to be very coherent,”

      “Writing in the Sun last month, Osborne said “an unholy alliance of Labour’s leftwing insurgents and the Scottish nationalists” would shatter decades of near-unbroken Westminster consensus in favour of maintaining a nuclear capability.”

      Says our toryboy imperial master in the ever more toryboy Graun. At least Gideon gives Scotland region types a mention but Celtic fringe Methodist is quite a new toryboy slam, which Gideon probably didn’t invent on his own, great CiF tag though.

      Thanks again proud Scot buts

    233. Macart says:

      @call me dave

      Yeah, saw that piece in the national and hands down it wins understatement of the year award.

      A translation for Brown’s statement would be ‘they have delivered hee haw and indeed never intended to deliver what the public were led to believe was promised’.

      The man who personally guaranteed delivery of the near federal, home ruliest wee parly in the world skeedaddled as soon as the vote was in the bag and the only thing that was categorically promised, the permanence of the Scottish parliament enshrined in law and the UK constitution, was binned at the first hurdle.

      Better Together, HMG, the collective leadership of established parties of the UK lied their wee hearts out to the Scottish electorate.

      Now the party before people types who beat the BT drum can probably live with their lies, its what they do for a living after all, but how about the voters who backed the BT/HMG line and bought into their narrative? Discounting the UK right or wrong types, there were a lot of folk who simply bought the BT/Media line. Are they happy with the outcomes so far? Are they happy with what’s been done in their name? How they were roped into a result based on a false/non existent promise?

      On the back of the last two polls, there’s been an eight point swing toward a yes vote since last September. This would suggest some folks aren’t best pleased at how they were used and I’m sure more to come. We’re going to need every single new bod on board to make this right.

    234. Grouse Beater says:

      Discovered this passage written by George Monbiot about BBC ‘impartiality’:

      “The debate has been dominated by political and economic elites, while alternative voices – arguing that the crisis has been exaggerated, or that instead of cuts, the government should respond with Keynesian spending programmes or taxes on financial transactions, wealth or land – have scarcely been heard. Those priorities have changed your life: the BBC helped to shape the political consensus under which so many are now suffering.”

      My experience of BBC colleagues is, they think they are doing a good job. Excluding the SNP from discussions and interviews for a generation was for them not censorship. They simply do not recognise choosing pundits Rolodex-style who fit their prejudices IS slanting the news and opinion in one direction, and one direction only.

    235. Grouse Beater says:

      People like Blair Jenkins and Derek Bateman need to realise there will be no compromise with the BBC.

      I have to agree with you.

      It will only change is there is in existence a flourish SBC. Or if BBC Scotland is withdrawn and the closet Scots in it shift loyalty and energy into promoting Scottish talent and culture internationally … by joining an SBC.

      The ethos must be established from the start.

    236. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      On STV’s coverage of queenie’s visit among us in the report from Braemar Andrea Brymer (previously Grampian’s top TV reporter) described the wee women as “Elizabeth the Second” and repeated this with obvious relish. How very silly.

    237. Haggis Hunter says:

      That is what I love about the Wings, it is Scotland’s defence against a manipulating, lying and corrupt British media, and Scotland’s defender, along with the SNP.

    238. When we get Independence,will Lizzie still be Queen of Scots and will Independence dissolve the Union of the Kingdoms or are we just dissolving the Union of the Parliaments?

      The last thing we need is for Lizzie to take early retirement and then have a Coronation,just think of the worldwide unionjackery and UKOKory that would assault our lives for months if not years.

    239. Kev says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Re Carmichael’s crowdfunder, I see top of the list now with a whopping £105 is a “Jim Wallace”, now that wouldn’t be Baron Wallace of Tankerness by any chance would it? I sincerely hope that’s not coming oot his £300 p/day taxpayer-funded tax free allowance…

    240. The Man in the Jar says:

      I see that the BBC Scotland news site has a somewhat sympathetic article regarding Carmichaels legal fees crowdfunding. At least it quite correctly doesn’t mention the SNP.

      I am left wondering if they have actually visited the site and read the comments. (Anyone who hasn’t should. they are a hoot.) 🙂

    241. Graeme Doig says:

      Gallup Effie

      ‘Nae herm tae the badgers or any animals, but for me it’s people first.’

      Non-humans have rights too 😉

      I’ve got no issue wi animal rights folk doing their stuff but i’m with you and your priorities. I watch people passing dog owners giving the dog plenty attention and completely ignoring the owner. Eh?

      Thanks to mike cassidy for that info re Wow last night.

    242. Graeme Doig says:

      Ian B

      Reckon that’s a fitting final word on Queenie. She got enough attention yesterday, the wee soul.

    243. DerekM says:

      hmmm all sort of weird ideas coming out to try to enforce the TV tax on people.

      Could it be that the BBC is in more trouble over non payment than they pretend,has a lot of England said screw you take me to court as well?

      I wonder what just are the estimates for non payment from our cousins down south.

      Cant help thinking if they do lock it into the council tax it will be another poll tax from the party of poll taxes,cant see that going well for them but then it is so dastardly it could only be tory.

      Not sure how that would work up here in Scotland the SNP would have grounds to say no as its against their policy of freeze on CTax which is a big vote winner in Scotland.

      And could become a huge administration nightmare ahem 😉

    244. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Please fellow Wingers – can we leave Mrs Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor alone. She is not the problem, the attitudes which surround her are more of a concern.

      It will make no difference if she is styled: Elizabeth the Second, rather than what we Scots consider to be the correct, Elizabeth the First. The decision she should be thus named was taken 63-years ago, when times and attitudes were different.

      Back then, the Scots people as a whole, were not greatly-bothered that she was seen as the new “Queen of England” and that Scotland was that overlooked, poor, top 40% or so of the island of Great Britain.

      Back then, the guys such as my father, who voted for the then dominant Scottish Unionist Party, really did believe we were better together.

      But, these days are past. Scotland has changed, the Royal Family has changed, but, not as much as Scotland, while the Tory establishment has, rather than being a “One Nation” party, become more-right-wing, more deeply entrenched in its reactionary views and less-willing to change.

      HM will not be around too-much longer. Given what I have seen of him since he became a regular visitor to these airts since he got involve in Dumfries House, I have high hopes for the Duke of Rothesay. I believe he truly will advise, consult and warn whichever Government is in power in Westminster. And, if as I hope, Scotland is independent by then – I am sure he will be an excellent King of Scots.

      What happens thereafter doesn’t concern me – I will be deid by then, most likely.

      The Queen isn’t the problem. If we gain Independence during her life-time, she will adapt, just as she has to all those Commonwealth countries which have become independent during her long reign. The problem is the same now as it has always been – the Establishment – Westminster, the London-based Civil Service, the armed forces, Oxbridge, the BBC, the London-based media.

      These, rather than a small, elderly lady who would, I am certain, far rather be breeding horses and dogs and spending time trying to make it up to her disfunctional family than reading and initialling the shite she has to wade through as she deals with “the red boxes” every day.

    245. heedtracker says:

      They simply do not recognise choosing pundits Rolodex-style who fit their prejudices IS slanting the news and opinion in one direction, and one direction only.

      They know exactly what they’re doing GB. They explain their ukok propaganda publicly and privately as merely presenting the news and views that the majority want to hear.

      Its probably how all con artists live with themselves. They were asking for it, need it, vital work, we’re the best in the world…

      Anyone can own a news corp and use it to get what they think is right in a free country, the right government, right pay, right tax breaks, pet wars in the middle if you’re a bloodthirsty and self important billionaire, who can touch you, but BBC propaganda machine is so massive because it has to be. Red or blue tory, they all know it and they will make everyone pay. So Tory boy hypocrites of the Graun say, if you live under a UKOK roof, you will pay for the BBC.

      “BBC licence fee replacement gets backing from culture secretary
      John Whittingdale says household levy connected to other bills similar to council tax is simplest option and would be an improvement on ‘regressive’ flat-rate fee”


      Two cheeks of the same toryboy press arse

      Best wishes in your new BBC jobs to Ian and Jamie and can we have some more please?

    246. Karmanaut says:

      The pro-Carmichael fundraiser is hilarious.

      The Lib Dems using lies to raise money to defend their man against lying, and judging by the comments of people giving money (they genuinely think they’re donating to “stop the SNP”), the lies are working.

    247. Nana Smith says:

      @ Socrates MacSporran

      One of those red boxes contained the papers regarding transfer of 6000 sq miles of Scottish seas by Blair and Dewar.

      The queen then came up to open the Scottish parliament knowing fine well the Scots had again been shafted.

      As to future king or queen of Scotland I say no thanks.

    248. Dr Jim says:

      But at least we’ve got the Safestest and Fastestest delivery of the powers over road signs

      We’re on our way ( Yaaaayy )

    249. louis.b.argyll says:

      Yes, let’s not get personal against the Queen…


      They put greed and privilege into a twisted perspective…

      … that wealth should be respected above the struggle for progress.

    250. Anagach says:

      Socrates MacSporran says:

      It will make no difference if she is styled: Elizabeth the Second, rather than what we Scots consider to be the correct, Elizabeth the First. The decision she should be thus named was taken 63-years ago, when times and attitudes were different.

      What have all the little old ladies of conservative royalist persuasion died out ? they used to go totally postal over this sort of thing.

    251. sandycraig says:

      ” Socrates @ 1107 ”
      Good post. She is just doing what she has to do. Things have changed dramatically since the 1950s/60s.

      I even remember going to my great aunt’s house to watch Princess Margaret’s wedding with a house full of people with cake, flags and all that crap. Just a wee boy then so I thought it was great. Don’t think that would happen today.

      Social media makes us all more aware of how we have been screwed for years so we are not so gullible today.

      The real problems are all in London as you state, and unless we get independence, we will never rid ourselves of that ball and chain.

      The establishment and all the rest will never let us go. Despite what they say we are too valuable to them.

    252. Jack Murphy says:

      OT. Craig Murray former British diplomat,has written on his Blog yesterday:
      The Header:- “Exclusive:I Can Reveal the Legal Advice on Drone Strikes, and How the Establishment Works”.
      Begins:-” This may be the most important article I ever post,because it reveals perfectly how the Establishment works………..”.

      A long read,but worth it,from “an insider”.
      Link in right-hand column here on WOS,or here :

    253. Clydebuilt says:

      On BBC radio Scotland this morning…..Prof. John Curtice…….labour voters in Scotland are to the Right of Labour Voters in England……… makes sense, In Scotland Socialists have left Labour, mostly for the SNP.

    254. K1 says:

      Are Labour voters in Scotland not simply Tories who voted for them in Morningside 🙂

      Labour are the new Blue.

    255. call me dave says:

      “ello! ello!…What’s going on here then?”

      “None of your business officer, be off with you”

      Moth week.
      Garden: flutterbyes 2 -moths 0 I’ll have recount this evening 🙂

    256. heedtracker says:

      Another round of funny if it wasn’t so sad from rancid Graun and isn’t Murdocn a rotter readers of guardian.

      “The public wants newspapers to be accountable for their errors and injustices, not to let them act as judge and jurors in their own interest. The sheer cruelty they can inflict on people, destroying lives, which no apology can ever redress, can be worse punishment than courts can inflict. Victims at a Hacked Off meeting this week spoke powerfully of what had happened to them: of casual brutality without accountability. (See their cases in the Failure of Ipso report.)”

      Destroying Scottish democracy, led and coordinated by the BBC is fine but the public gets what the public wants, who rancid Graun’s public is, is not’s so clear, probably loads of fake liberal progressives, in England, completely untouched by blue Tory austerity, they do the voting after all, well their kids are stuck with student fees but fcuk em, as long as it’s not affecting the value of ones houses, polly Toynbee is rather good on that swine Murdoch. Rule Middle England, middle England rules the waves.

    257. Grouse Beater says:

      Clydebuilt: In Scotland Socialists have left Labour, mostly for the SNP.

      Is her talking about Labour supporters or socialists who traditionally voted Labour?

    258. orri says:

      So the Queen of Scots travels in a train named after what was initially a Dominion of the British Empire and is now part of the Commonwealth. Do they really want to remind us that, avoiding the pariah status during apartheid, Scotland might at some future date take it’s place as the newest member of that organisation?

      As to the timing involved. Perhaps we might find that historically she didn’t officially become Queen of Scots (or of Great Britain etc) until agreement was reached and the proper ceremonial acknowledgement given. So Queen of England might have been the only title she could properly claim at the time of her fathers death.

      Meanwhile it seems apt to refer to her as Queen of Scots when she is in Scotland as a reminder that it’s the people who give her her sovereignty here and not the land.

    259. David Wardrope says:


      On BBC radio Scotland this morning…..Prof. John Curtice…….labour voters in Scotland are to the Right of Labour Voters in England……… makes sense, In Scotland Socialists have left Labour, mostly for the SNP.

      And those who are left supporting labour are repelled further right because they can’t be seen to be supporting anything even closely resembling an SNP policy.

    260. manandboy says:

      O/T and it must be the most boring subject in Scotland, but there’s news from Hurricane Energy of more oil and gas flowing from the Lancaster field in the North Sea.
      Isn’t it funny that NONE of the oil exploration companies pay the slightest bit of attention to reports by the Unionists & the BBC that North Sea oil is, well… almost finished.

    261. Tinto Chiel says:

      Every time I hear the expression Queen Elizabeth the Second I get this irrepressible desire to attack a post box with a bastard file.

      Possibly too much Radio Malt in the 1950s.


    262. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I will probably, and gladly, have to bow to the view of Robert Peffers on this, but: Is the position not that, with the Act of Union in 1707, the titles of King/Queen of England and King/Queen of Scots were kicked into the long grass, to be replaced by a King/Queen of the United Kingdom?

      So, no King/Queen of Scots since then, and no coronation in Scotland since King Charles II was crowned in 1651.

      The fact that in their arrogance and contempt for history, the English refer to HM the Queen as “Queen of England”, whilst it is annoying, should not bother us too much. Help them faither, fur they canna help themsels should b our motto.

      I wonder what the constitutional position will be, should we be independent by the time the Duke of Rothesay or the Earl of Strathearn take the throne – assuming we have not become a republic before then.

      Will we chip-in to a coronation at Westminster, or, will we crown HM’s successor at Scone?

      Decisions, decisions.

    263. galamcennalath says:

      @David Wardrope

      I have serious doubts if many remaining Labour voters in Scotland actually understand what they are voting for!

      If most thought things through, they wouldn’t be Labour voters any longer. Those left, for the most part, simply haven’t opened their eyes and engaged their brains.

    264. manandboy says:

      I apologise for stating what is self-evident, but England would have almost no power over Scotland if Scots refused to listen by switching OFF their TV’s and radios at news times, and NOT buying English/US owned newspapers.

      Propaganda works like the string on a puppet. When we listen to propaganda, we are being manipulated, consciously or unconsciously. Don’t listen to it. It’s the only way.

      Freedom is in our own hands RIGHT NOW – if we would only take it. SWITCH OFF.

    265. galamcennalath says:

      Re Elizabeth the second …

      Official title is Oz is “Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories” … There sure wasn’t a First of Australia either!

      However … “Typically, the sovereign is styled Queen of Australia and is addressed as such when in Australia or performing duties on behalf of Australia abroad.”

      Perhaps there lies a precedent. ER should be Queen of Scots when in Scotland etc..

      Chas can be Mr Windsor.

    266. Robert Peffers says:

      @Ian Brotherhood says: 10 September, 2015 at 10:11 am
      “Would it be ironic if we booted out the royal family and Germany refused to take them?”

      Ian, you don’t know the half of it – nor even a fraction of it – read on for just a little of some real UK, fairly recent, history: –

      The house of Windsor name came from the marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert in 1840. Albert, who was the son of the, “Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha”, and thus the name then used by the British royal family. However, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha turned out not to be Albert’s real surname, which was Wettin, (another aristocratic German dynasty).

      It was only in 1917 that George V, (because of WWI anti-German feelings in WWI), ordered the royal family to scrap Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Wettin for Windsor. Yet matters are not even that simple either.

      While the name of the royal house is Windsor, the surname of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh [Prince Philip] is Mountbatten-Windsor. The duke is also from the house of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg and so, arguably, are his UK Royal heirs.

      Even more embarrassing than names the length of the Forth Crossing are the family’s links to Nazi Germany. The Duke of Edinburgh is Greek and some of his relatives sympathised with the Nazis while others of them actually were NAZIs. One brother-in-law, Prince Christoph of Hesse, was a member of the SS and flew fighters that attacked allied troops in Italy. Many of Philip’s other relatives also had Nazi links, such that when he married the Princess Elizabeth he had a very restricted list of guests to invite to the Royal Wedding.

      George VI and his wife, the late Queen Mother, had hoped to avoid war with Germany in the late 1930s and just weeks before Germany invaded Poland he sent birthday greetings to Hitler.

      Worse still his royal brother, the former abdicated King Edward VIII, (who became the Duke of Windsor in 1936), was a Hitler supporter. As late as 1970 he told one interviewer: “I never thought Hitler was such a bad chap.”

      The duke and his wife, Wallis Simpson, visited Germany in 1937 and were taken to meet the Führer. When they left, Hitler said of Simpson: “She would have made a good Queen.”

      Suspicions still linger that if Hitler had been successful in invading Britain, he might have tried to make the duke king again. Mind you confidential files released in 2003 reveal Nazi officials thought the duke was “no enemy to Germany” and would be the “logical director of England’s destiny after the war”.

      Files released from the national archives last year revealed how a former head of British Naval Intelligence thought the duke’s return a real possibility. This UK admiral, (who attended Hitler’s 1937 Nuremberg rally), also featured in an MI5 report as having said that Hitler “would soon be in this country, but that there was no reason to worry about it because he would bring the Duke of Windsor over as king”.

      Other royals also had links to the Nazis. Baron Gunther von Reibnitz, the father of Princess Michael of Kent, was a NAZI party member and an honorary member of the SS. And the brother of Princess Alice, a great-aunt to the Queen, was a NAZI who said that Hitler had done a “wonderful job”.

      There’s lots more if you dig around a bit.

    267. Nana Smith says:

      Criminal courts charge: Mass resignations amid judicial revolt against ‘extremely unfair’ fees


      Just look at the man’s expression…

      Scotlands fishing industry is about to be hit with 900 jobs loss

      Youngs Grimsby were given cash relief from the government’s regional growth fund when contract was lost.

      Tories deliberately trashing Scotland. What’s next.

      Youngs products added to my banned list.

    268. Petra says:

      ‘’Scenes we’d like to see: the refugees Nicola invites into her house are Daesh moles’’ tweeted by Gordon Mccaskill Tory Councillor.

      Can you imagine if this had been tweeted by an SNP supporter, never mind an SNP Councillor, with reference to JK Rowling? The BBC / MSM would have been all over it like a rash. A joke? Aye right! Unbiased, impartial BBC my as*.

      @ Karmanaut says at 8:53 am ‘’People calling Elizabeth “Queen of England” won’t do the independence movement any harm. I’m all for that.’’

      From weegingerdug:

      ‘’The correct title for the current monarch in Scotland is of course Elizabeth the Last …………….. I’ll just console myself with the comforting thought that every new day of Liz the Last’s reign takes us a day closer to Scottish independence, and a referendum on a republic.

    269. Luigi says:

      Karmanaut says:

      10 September, 2015 at 11:40 am

      The pro-Carmichael fundraiser is hilarious.

      The Lib Dems using lies to raise money to defend their man against lying, and judging by the comments of people giving money (they genuinely think they’re donating to “stop the SNP”), the lies are working.

      I think it is, as someone has already mentioned, a smokescreen to hide his real backers. He would not have gone ahead with this if he did not have a promise of some seriously big bucks behind him – blue tories?

      Who has most to lose if Carmichael goes down?

      Who else knew about that email?

      I think there is a possibility he may “win” to save face(and possibly a few tory conspirators) and then graciously step down playing the poor victim of course – SNP bad), appearing in full ermine a few months later when it’s all died down.

    270. Dr Jim says:

      @Nana Smith

      You could also blame Sainsburys who colluded with the deal by cancelling their initial orders but now set to make their new orders with Grimsby supplier of the same product

      Pulling (Scotlands jobs out) and Shearing our businesses off

      What’s next

    271. heedtracker says:

      @ Nana Smith, another spectacular UKOK fraud, mind how the BBC brainwashed us into believing blue Tory boys would be the greenest government ever. Maybe the propagandists real skill is picking stuff like this what red and blue Tory vote wants to believe.

      Scotlands fishing industry is about to be hit with 900 jobs loss

      The head of the ever dimishing Scottish Fishing industriy is a ferocious NO blue Tory but a lot of fish industry people, in Aberdeen in particular, were YES. The major NO in the fash is the large processors that exploit slave wage labour and then Osborne turns round and tells them their living wage has to go through, some day, eventually. It’s nice to know that the hardest Toryboy NO votes is going to pay a living wage though and it’s all down to Scottish democracy.

      Oddly enough one of the biggest fash processors in Aberdeen used to CiF vote NO in the Graun all the time, he still probably does. His NO clever dick thing was SNP focus only on central belt but the Osborne went and focused on his slave wage business. Irony such a teamGB bitch for these guys. He’s a lovely bloke though, just very Scottish conservative. Privately he says Con’s will ditch living wage plan anyway. Who’s to stop them? Red Tory Kezia?

      Mon Jezza! Fire Kezia and all the red Tory creep show.

    272. Robert Peffers says:

      @louis.b.argyll says: 10 September, 2015 at 12:00 pm:

      “Yes, let’s not get personal against the Queen…


      They put greed and privilege into a twisted perspective…

      … that wealth should be respected above the struggle for progress.”

      Sorry to disillusion Louis. B, but the head of the Establishment is indeed Their Royal Highness’, and this has been the case since the Roman’s left South Britain.

      You will note that under the laws of the Three country, Kingdom of England, the Monarchy is still the legal owner of everything and everyone in Their Majesty’s Kingdom.

      Their Majesties are the legal head of the Established Church. It is Her Majesty’s Government that sits in the Palace of Westminster. The Bank of England operates by Royal Charter and is the bank for Her Majesty’s Treasury. The Coins and notes of the official currency all bear the head of Her Majesty and are made in her Royal Mint.

      The armed forces are The Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and the Soldiers of the Queen. The head of the Government is titled Her Majesty’s Prime Minister and if you break the law the case is titled Her Majesty vs A.N. Other. Every living thing in the Kingdom belongs to HM and the people are HM subjects.

      Although the Parliaments run the whole shebang, nothing can become law unless it not only bears the Royal Seal but is signed by HM. Note that the Established Church has Lords sitting in the HOL as do LAW lords and HM is the head of the hereditary peers who only hold their ranks by order of HM.

      You will be pleased to know that the laws of Scotland do not regard HM as sovereign as the people of Scotland have that hereditary honour.

    273. heedtracker says:

      Just got this emailed. A tad different perspective going on there, if you’re a YES vote. Newsnight with ads, the horror. I dont have to buy SKY if I don’t like it etc

      Same BBC reprobates just paid a gazillion quid for American football tv rights but they refuse flat out to show Scotland football matches or Andy Murray, world No.3 and greatest athlete ever produced by teamGB.

      Dear Numbnuts,

      Government plans to rip out the heart of the BBC are taking shape. [1] Imagine a BBC where newsnight is riddled with adverts. Or a BBC so underfunded that independent news becomes a thing of the past and the airwaves are dominated by Rupert Murdoch’s media. This is what the Government wants – we need to stop them.

      If we’re going to stop these plans we can’t rely on newspapers or TV channels owned by Murdoch and other media moguls. Instead, we’re going to have to use people-power to show the government that we won’t stand for them destroying our independent BBC.

      Just before the summer break, the government snuck out a ‘public consultation’ on the future of the BBC. It’s full of gobbledegook questions – they were obviously hoping that nobody would respond! So the 38 Degrees staff team has ‘translated’ the questions into plain English, and the time’s come to make sure they hear our voices.

      It takes a few minutes to fill in the survey. Without our voices, the government can claim that people don’t care about the future of the BBC, opening the doors to Murdoch. So can you add your voice and stand up for the BBC?

      Click here to respond to the government’s survey

    274. Karmanaut says:

      @Luigi says: “I think it is … a smokescreen to hide his real backers. He would not have gone ahead with this if he did not have a promise of some seriously big bucks behind him – blue tories?”

      I’m not convinced the fundraiser is much of a smokescreen, but I agree otherwise. He definitely has some seriously wealthy backers who don’t want this out in the open.

      But it seems to me that the fundraiser is very clumsy. It’s fraudulent because it claims the SNP are behind the court case, which simply isn’t true.

      So the fundraiser could well get pulled, which would make for some interesting headlines and further damage the Lib Dems. “Carmichael backers accused of fraud.”

      I suspect Carmichael will get away with his lies. The establishment has too much to lose by letting him sink. But even then it looks so bad. If lying for political gain is found to be acceptable in court, then what does that say about the political system?

    275. pitchfork says:

      It is high time that there was a campaign for people to simply stop using antidemocratic titles such as “Queen”, “Sir”, “Lord”, “Lady” etc. Just stop using them. Regardless of the personal qualities of any of the individuals bearing these titles, the titles themselves are incompatable with the idea that all men (and women!) are equal.

      So no more “Lord Robertson”, “Baroness Williams”, “the Queen” or for that matter “Sir Alex Ferguson” or “Sir David Attenborough”. Just Mr Robertson, Ms Williams, Mrs Windsor etc. Cut the old servile terms out of the written and spoken language.

      In honour of yesterday’s milestone we could call it the 9th of September Movement 🙂

    276. Fred says:

      @ Tinto Chiel, where are these Elizabeth II boxes you’re on about? they were removed in Scotland. You won’t find it on the livery or vans either.

      PS, thought Auld Philip looked ghaaastly yesterday!

    277. Gary45% says:

      Listening to EBC radio Sotchshire this morning.
      I heard the new Glesca labour gadgy speaking, it sounded like the usual sh*t spouted by his predecessor.( but less shouty)

      Labour RIP.

      As someone mentioned the seafood industry earlier, (associated with Sainsbury’s)
      We have not spent a single penny in Sainsbury’s since the referendum.( We used to spend a fair amount there.)
      We boycotted them, and all the other bas*ards who tried to sway the vote.
      Never forgive, never forget.

      STOP paying the TV licence. (you will thank me for it)

    278. carjamtic says:

      The Bullingdon Club boys doing a superb job on Scotland,aided and abetted by MSM/BBC who have continued the myth of UKOK.

      As they say perception is reality,as long as they stay on message the ordinary punter has no idea (even though it’s happening right in front of them),they are playing people like fools and getting away with it.

      That’s because they are well practised at the art of deception,all they are interested in is their rich mates/family members and to hell with everybody else.

      I don’t blame no voters they are the victims of this deceit,I don’t blame MSM as they are owned by the rich elite……I blame the BBC…….time to get rid of this propaganda machine.

    279. Iain More says:

      Well if I ever need legal advice or representation I wont be using a certain legal firm in Aberdeen because they sound right incompetent.

      I can just imagine the words to the Judge right now

      “My client committed a political robbery so that makes it okay and he is being really very hard done by! And he has the SNP BAD mantra off by heart milord!”

      Or perhaps

      “My client committed a legal murder so that makes it okay! We have recordings of him repeating the SNP BAD mantra milord and he is being victimised by the Evil SNP!”

    280. annie says:

      Got my reply from BBC after complaining about them stating the McCaskill tweet was a joke. They said that other news agencies had previously stated this so they were entitled to do likewise, in other words piss off.

    281. Robert Peffers says:

      @Socrates MacSporran says: 10 September, 2015 at 2:29 pm

      ” … Is the position not that, with the Act of Union in 1707, the titles of King/Queen of England and King/Queen of Scots were kicked into the long grass, to be replaced by a King/Queen of the United Kingdom?”

      It seems a rather grey area, Socrates, but it is factual that not only have the two separate royal coats of a arms been retained but so also have all the royal titles and royal standards.

      The Royals, including Her Majesty, still hold different titles in each kingdom. Mind you most also have multiple titles. One that seems to be used throughout the United Kingdoms is that of, “The Prince of Wales”, a title long reserved for the first royal son but he too has a unique Scottish title as the Duke of Rothsey.

      I once witnessed, many years age, the royal limo crossing the border. The vehicle stopped and the royal standard was changed. I also note that if the Queen speaks from a lectern it bears the appropriate royal arms of the country as does the royal banner that flies over the royal residence.

      Then too the two sets of crown jewels are used as are the royal regalia’s such as the orb & mace. Far as I know, and I may be wrong, the only thing that seems to have been changed was the Royal seal used in the (ahem!), de facto parliament of England at Westminster.

    282. Nana Smith says:

      Stormont First Minister and DUP leader Peter Robinson is to resign with Arlene Foster taking over as temporary First Minister

    283. Grouse Beater says:

      Me, a day ago:
      Yes, it is the view of the BBC, but the BBC taking refuge in the view of the MSM.

      They can claim they’re representing accepted, general opinion. We can argue otherwise, that it is not the BBC’s job to parrot, but we won’t win on those grounds because they then argue it’s not their job to interpret.

      And on cue and on script …..

      Annie today:
      Got my reply from BBC after complaining about them stating the McCaskill tweet was a joke. They said that other news agencies had previously stated this so they were entitled to do likewise

      The challenge remains: where is the BBC’s neutrality?

    284. KOF says:

      @ Fred 16:13 and Tinto Chiel

      There’s an Elizabeth II post box in Galashiels. It’s at the entrance to Asda.

    285. manandboy says:


      The Independence referendum result has lain buried for nearly a year. I remain certain that the result was rigged. I remain sick in the pit of my stomach each time I think that Independence was stolen.
      In the past twelve months, I have not come across any answers or explanations as to why the Referendum was conducted in the way it was. Why, for example, did 970,000 postal ballot papers have to go to England for verification. Why, for example, was there no exit poll, as there was in GE15 which predicted so accurately the result.

      Why was the SG so ready to dismiss our concerns and our instincts and so quick to accept the result as being true and fair.

      And where were the 2 million No voters at the General Election, just eight months later. How did the SNP have such an overwhelming landslide victory, unprecedented in political history? The explanation spread by the Tory Gov is that while Scots want to remain in the Union, they don’t want to be ruled from London. But that is what a No vote means – being dependent on Westminster! Is that really how 2 million people in Scotland think?!! The Indy14 result and the GE15 result don’t match up.

      Now I know that most people are absolutely fed up with Indy conspiracy theories, so why am I writing about it here. Well, it’s because we’re going to have to go through it all again in the EU Referendum in the very near future. The Westminster Parliament is already discussing it. The IndyRef result and the methodology is going to be dug up and re-examined, not least because the Tories are going to try to rig EuroRef.

      Most people may not have thought too much about it yet, but EuroRef is going to be much bigger than IndyRef and with as much riding on it. It is also going to be nasty, and then, a little later, it’ll get worse. I say that because the UK is currently a political powder-keg.

      The population is under so much stress through austerity, corruption, poverty, the refugees, immigration, politicians lying, the rich taking from the poor and a very unpopular Tory Gov. ruling on 24% of the electorate. What are the remaining 76% going to do. I’ll tell you what – it’ll be a case of the last straw. And I’m not just talking about the result – but how it is achieved.

      We have a clue about EuroRef in the way in which the neo-Liberal, Tory-lite, section of the Labour Party are trying to rig their leadership election so as to prevent the Socialist candidate, Jeremy Corbyn becoming leader. Remember that the Tories and the Blairite right wing of the Labour party are close allies in the preservation of their shared rule arrangement at Westminster and of the Union – funded by Scotland.

      Let me finish on this. The UK is on the move in a way not seen before. We are all involved, including 5.3 million Scotland. The way we vote in HR16 in EuroRef and then in the Scottish Council elections in 2017 are going to have a HUGE bearing on where Scotland will be in a few years time. Ignoring what is going on is NOT an option.

      IndyRef may be buried – but it aint dead.

    286. liz says:

      @Annie, so the BBC just copies other news. It doesn’t bother to research it’s own, pathetic

    287. CameronB Brodie says:

      OT. I had a kind of fun spell late this afternoon, hanging about outside the home of the Royal Archers, as you do. For the uninitiated, the Royal Archers are the titular “queen’s bodyguard” when ‘She’ is in Scotland.

      The Archers were obviously having a klan gathering this evening, so I had the opportunity to inform/remind the attendees that their time is neigh. To an individual, the Archers were over 60 years old, well-heeled and spoke in plumy, heavily anglicised tones. Unsurprisingly, they rejected the proposition that a traditionalist society that fails to evolve, is doomed. Further, they refused to accept that the British state is a crypto-Fascist enterprise (scam) and Scotland will almost certainly be an independent nation-state in my life-time. Posh fannybaws.

    288. manandboy says:

      All the action is over in Belfast. The UK is on the move alright. Fasten your seatbelts.

    289. CameronB Brodie says:

      P.S. Being posh is not a crime, simply dangerous when mixed with ignorance. 🙂

    290. call me dave says:

      @Nana Smith
      Sobering post Nana. At least in Scotland there may be a better way in the near future.

      Aye…and some have ‘greatness’ thrust upon them as the last WM labour turkey in Scotland. 🙁

      Looking up the donkey jackets and the Breton hats on Amazon but the Corbyn look doesn’t grab me.

    291. CameronB Brodie says:

      P.P.S. Which is a good thing, as I’m aware many would consider me posh as I went to a private school.

    292. scottieDog says:

      New economics foundation role out a plan for a new digital currency which runs on parallel with the pound…

    293. Iain More says:


      Well you are not alone in your thoughts. I would go as far as to say that if it looks like the little Englanders will vote No in the Euro Ref then the Euro Ref will be rigged to make it look like Scotland Wales and NI will also have voted No. Just so as they can say we are all the same and that we are all British. No part of the UK will be allowed to vote differently from any other part of it.

      More likely though is that the EU Ref vote will be rigged in England since they could potentially vote No and the rabidly pro EU CBI will be calling in its favours after its loyal service to the Brit State in the Indy Ref.

      The Tories after all do need that Corporate funding to sustain themselves. Well to fight elections at least and of course gain Directorships etc once they are out of official politics.

      You can bet the English right wing with UKIP inclinations will cry foul if there is a to Stay in vote in England.

    294. heedtracker says:

      Why, for example, did 970,000 postal ballot papers have to go to England for verification. Why, for example, was there no exit poll, as there was in GE15 which predicted so accurately the result.

      The referendum had an exit poll from the moment the postal arrived at polling stations where they were examined “sampled” in front of YES and NO representatives who were then illegally recording the poll ballot results and reporting them back to NO campers HQ. It may not have been illegal, what is in teamGB when it comes to their politics? We only know about this exit polling because Ruth Davidson told us live on TV 18 Sept. Why she’s not still faced any police or court action is just one more teamGB mystery.

      The biggest rigging of all was their historic The Vow fraud days before the ref, or devo-max which they had specifically denied Scots a vote on at the ballot box. The Vow is their biggest UKOK fraud possible, a total fraud on the people of Scotland. One UKOK year later and all we have is no absolutely change, but with say Toryboy Glasgow Herald’s guys explaining how it wasnt all lost due to currency was it.

      There is so muxh UKOK bullshit going on right now, UKOK could float on it all.

    295. Cadogan Enright says:

      @Nana 5.19

      SDLP were never likely to support the clueless Unionists in suspending the NI assembly. It might trigger an election where their vote would disappear and Martin Magennis of SF emerge as Frist Minister

      Unionist parties have got themselves into a bind , each trying to outflank the other in opposing power sharing. Really surprised that UK Government held the line and did not do bidding of DUP leader Robinson and ‘suspend’ the Assembly using emergency legislation They don’t normally think long term in Ireland. There must be a back story here.

      Crisis triggered by political machenations in Police, with Chief Constable Desprately trying to undo the damage of highly questionable underlings.

      Irish Government in a panic and acting like a headless chicken- as a SF first minister in the North could act as a catalyst for Adams to be propelled into pole position for Taoiseach in the 2016 elections in the South on the 100th anniversary of the 1916 rising.

      All fun and games here!

    296. scotspine says:

      At the risk of sounding “concern trollish” we need to get the f*** out of this shit quick. (Full stop)

    297. galamcennalath says:

      heedtracker says:

      The biggest rigging of all was their historic The Vow fraud days before the ref, or devo-max which they had specifically denied Scots a vote on at the ballot box. The Vow is their biggest UKOK fraud possible, a total fraud on the people of Scotland.

      That is certainly the way I see it.

      Initially there was to be no discussion of more powers. The better Yes did, the more they talked about powers. Total U turn. On 5/6th Sept they saw private polling which suggested they might lose. Starting in the 8th DevoSuperEverything was on offer.

      Here’s a twist. I was told early summer by someone whose info was reliable that there was talk that Cameron would offer Home Rule if it got too close. It was his last ditch plan, and possibly always had been.

      The more savvy Yes supporter knew they weren’t serious about delivering. That deceit too would have been part of the plan.

      The problem was, that last week just wasn’t long enough to expose the fraud to the more gullible.

    298. Robert Peffers says:

      @manandboy says: 10 September, 2015 at 6:04 pm:


      “You cannot be serious?”

      I was just a schoolboy in the late 1940s when I first became sure of something that few others in those days believed would ever happen. I knew then that it would happen but I just didn’t know when. Scotland will return to being an independent country again. Sometimes, when things were particularly discouraging and among the many setbacks the party suffered I would revive my belief by re-reading, “The Declaration of Arbroath”.

      In particular the part that reads, (Speaking of King Robert Bruce). : –

      “To him, as to the man by whom salvation has been wrought unto our people, we are bound both by law and by his merits that our freedom may be still maintained, and by him, come what may, we mean to stand. Yet if he should give up what he has begun, and agree to make us or our kingdom subject to the King of England or the English, we should exert ourselves at once to drive him out as our enemy and a subverter of his own rights and ours, and make some other man who was well able to defend us our King; for, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom — for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself”.

    299. Robert Peffers says:

      @liz says: 10 September, 2015 at 6:08 pm:

      ” … so the BBC just copies other news. It doesn’t bother to research it’s own, pathetic.”

      Matter of fact, Liz, they nearly all do these days. How the news printers and broadcasters work now has long been done by doing no more than reading the news as reported by, “News Agencies”, and by taking video and images from on-line sources. I kid you not – Go Google, “Reuters UK”, (probably the best known news agency in the World).

      So why bother reading a newspaper, or watching a TV News Channel? Just bookmark Reuters UK on your browser and get the same news reports direct from Reuters – just as the BBC and the other news propagators do. You read Reuters and then read the newspapers and find they are almost word for word as the news agency reports.

    300. galamcennalath says:

      heedtracker says:

      The Vow is their biggest UKOK fraud possible, a total fraud on the people of Scotland.

      To add some figures to my post @8:06

      Ashcroft Scottish Referendum Poll
      18th-19th September 2014

      Why did you vote No?

      “A NO vote would still mean extra powers for the Scottish Parliament together with the security of remaining part of the United Kingdom, giving the best of both worlds.”

      First choice reason to vote No for 13.7% of all voters.

      Second choice reason to vote No for 20.7% of all voters.

      3.7% of voters made up their minds in the final month to vote No primarily for the above reason.

      4.8% of voters made up their minds in the final month to vote No gave the above reason as their second.

      Here’s what you have to bear in mind – there NO SUGGESTION of “extra powers for the Scottish Parliament” at the beginning of the campaign. Somewhere between a quarter and a third of ALL voters were persuaded by promises of extra powers.

      Those ‘made up mind in last month’ figures can’t be proven to be directly related to The Vow, however they are in the right ballpark to suggest “extra powers” was what swung it for No at the end.

      As we all now know, any notions Cameron had of extra powers he might deliver fell far short of those offered to those No voters.

    301. Bill Hume says:

      Cameron B Brodie,please don’t be too hard on the Royal Archers.
      I was at a Royal Garden Party a few years ago (wife got the invite, I was her partner).
      The Archers were the highlight of the whole miserable experience. It was a bit windy and watching these wretched morons chasing their ‘bunnets wi’ feathers in’ was very entertaining.

      Watching them trying to march was even funnier….my wife’s brownie guides could have done better.

      Mind you, I had to share the afternoon with some of the most insufferable people you can imagine.

    302. Graeme Doig says:


      I’m sure Ronnie A will be relieved about that as well 😉

    303. Ian Brotherhood says:

      The ‘Fozzy’s A Liar But He’s Still Not As Bad As The SNP’ crowdfund has now gathered £4335 of its £50,000 target.

      It’s now reached the stage where people who can’t stand Carmichael and know he’s as guilty as sin are lobbing in tenners for the ‘entertainment value’ of the comments…

    304. Graeme Doig says:


      Just do me with hammers quick before Ronnie gets here.

    305. CameonB Brodie says:

      Bill Hume
      I overlook their ‘drilling square'(formerly Scotland’s oldest bowling green(?)). It’s a hoot, though I’m sure they can do without my exuberant ‘encouragement’. 🙂

      Graeme Doig
      Well you live and learn. It’s a funny old world. 😉

    306. gerry parker says:

      @ heedtracker

      “it may not have been illegal.

      check here

      Schedule 7

    307. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Richie Venton’s latest blog – the SSP’s submission on the 2015 Trade Union Bill.

      There is some truly worrying material in here. I can’t pretend to have much of a handle on it, but it’s information that anyone who pays union dues and/or wants to defend the right to take part in lawful demonstrations MUST make themselves familiar with.

      This generation of Toryboys, in emulation of their Goddess, are spoiling for a scrap with some of the bigger kids on the block, perhaps having tired of kicking the weakest and most defenceless. They want some ‘action’, right?

      Please forward/link to anyone you know who you feel should be aware of this stuff.

    308. manandboy says:

      Robert Peffers at 8.24pm.

      I always enjoy reading the Declaration of Arbroath, or parts thereof, so thank you Robert for that.
      As to belief that Scotland will one day be independent, I did not come to that until long after your good self. I freely confess I believed it would happen in 2014. Now, the waters are muddied and it is hard to predict when Indy will take place. In addition the political landscape of the UK is nothing like it was and it is unlikely to ‘settle down’ as David Cameron dearly wishes, especially as the Unionist Establishment are now very alert to the enemy in the northern region.

      Which leads me to ask. What’s your point ?

    309. Fred says:

      @ KOF & Tinto Chiel, is this Asda box a tall modern plastic thing? there’s one inside my local Asda, whose portals I haven’t darkened since the Referendum, and I haven’t had a look at the cypher. We can hardly set about blowing up post boxes inside unionist supermarkets now can we?

      You might see the odd van with the English livery, ditto artic’s, but they’re either based in the south or on loan. When you join the (Scottish) Royal Mail & sign the Official Secrets Act, the story of the differenced livery goes along with the induction.

    310. heedtracker says:

      galamcennalath, it was the Vow fraud and two hysteria of Project Fear blitz delivered by the BBC wot won it, and our chums Bliar McBloater and Macternan too. All day BBC World, Gordon Brown on stage, the fury, the rage, the abject degenerate ukok lies.

    311. Graeme Doig says:


      A very succinct and hard hitting response from Ritchie Vernon to the proposed attacks on workers rights.

      He calls it right when he states it is more of a public statement as he is sure the govt will pay scant attention as the consultation is a sham.

    312. manandboy says:

      Having watched Peter Robinson resign on BBC online video, I then read the text of the report. It lacked something, so I considered an alternative and ended up with RTE. Their report was far better. But then I guess it should be.
      BTW, Theresa Villiers looks a bit ‘isolated’ – I’m not sure she’s coping. Maybe those NI politicians take a bit of getting used to.

    313. Harry McAye says:

      I’m running out of paces to buy my daily necessities.

      I wasn’t aware that Sainsbury’s were that bad in the run up to the indyref. I shop there the most. In Hamilton there is a Morrisons just around the corner from the Sainsburys. I rarely go in there mainly because their store was plastered with Union flags months before the vote apparently because they were sponsors of Britain’s Got Shit for Brains or some such waste of airtime. No attempt to redress the balance was made during the Commonwealth Games, no saltires to be seen so, as I said, they rarely get my custom.

      Asda was boycotted until May but I still rarely go there. M&S is a must for the food as I live on ready meals. Lidl and Aldi get my custom much more now but Aldi especially is trying my patience; you walk in and are confronted with piles of Daily Records, The Sun, Daily Mail and The Times. No Nationals. And every time I’m there I get stuck behind Daily Mail buying pensioners and that puts me in a foul mood.

      Are Tescos indyref ethical? I hate the company but there is a Tesco Quick near me, so I could go there.

    314. Tinto Chiel says:

      Fred, sorry, I missed your earlier post, was over on Craig Murray’s site, which was interesting. KOF got it right. Those things that can be revealed, will be revealed. Unleash your inner bastard (file).

      Things are not as they seem. Can’t speak for the OSA, although I signed it myself in 1974.

      Damn that Radio Malt.

    315. louis.b.argyll says:

      Sorry, but I would say it is worse putting up with the posh than the mere rich.
      We can aspire to be wealthy, and struggle to improve our lot.

      But to aspire to be posh..deary me.

    316. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Manandboy, this may be of interest to you re your earlier post regarding the missing No voters.

    317. Cadogan Enright says:

      Go find me replied to my complaint about Carmichael’s funraiser saying they were investigating and suggested

      “In addition to the report you have submitted to us, we encourage you to contact law enforcement officials in your area if you believe this user is committing fraud or breaking the law in any way.”

      I wonder if the Carmicheal fund raiser amounts to fraud? Apart from the obvious lies, it would appear to be an attempt to procure funds by deception given the fact that we know Carmicheal is not paying for his legal fees

      I need to think it through before contacting the police…..

      Suggestions welcome

    318. call me dave says:

      If I remember correctly the Machan Engineering Co in Denny for distribution in all parts of the UK who were making pillar boxes had no orders just prior to privatisation of the Royal Mail. The Scottish type only had the crown while those going daun Sarf had ERII.

      But the ERII types may be quietly migrating North and are passing , in some places, unnoticed. Anyhoo! Back in 1952/53 it was a big issue and should still be. Asda being an example.
      I’ll check out the one at the quite recent one near me tomorrow.

    319. KOF says:

      @Fred 21:41

      Yup, it’s one of the modern plastic ones. It’s situated just inside Asda at the front door and definitely doesn’t have the Scottish cypher on it.

      I made a complaint about it to Asda a couple of years ago, but, unsurprisingly, it’s still there.

      Blowing up post boxes? Crivvens, no! I prefer education. The nice woman I complained to at Asda had never noticed the cypher on the post box before and had never heard about the Pillar Box War in the 1950’s either.

      Little seeds and all that. 😉

    320. Tinto Chiel says:

      Harry McAye, I feel your pain, believe me. All I can say is most of the staff at Tiny Tesco were Yes: I gave away four or five rubber wrist bands during the campaign. Some good staff in there.

      I loathe all the Union Jackery on packaging: more brainwashing.

    321. CameronB Brodie says:

      Harry McAye
      I think they were reasonably neutral, though don’t hold me to that. Better Together definitely misrepresented them to scare folk about increases in food prices, resulting from independence.

      How fecking low is that? Black propaganda to terrorise poor folk into believing they won’t be able to feed themselves, if they choose to govern themselves.

      @ BBC Labour Better Together in Scotland UKOK
      Pox on you!

    322. Taranaich says:

      @Tinto: Every time I hear the expression Queen Elizabeth the Second I get this irrepressible desire to attack a post box with a bastard file.

      Those poor post boxes were the real victims in all this.

    323. Daisy Walker says:

      Re Carmichaels fundraiser, just had a wee laugh at the intro…

      ‘They are using a vague law to try and overturn the election result, even though what he did is not related at all to his hard work on behalf of his constituents.’

      Not exactly helping his case any, are they? Given his entire defence case is resting on the… I never lied in a personal capacity, it was purely a professional lie your Honours.

      And given its the Representative of the People Act (or something similar) you’d have to think, public perception of his actions might just have bearing on the outcome of this one, wouldn’t you?

      Vague laws… always such a pisser.

    324. Quakeawake says:

      @Harry McAye Thanks for that – your post cheered me up. Very amusing.

      But we do need answers. Where is a Yes voter to shop? I’m pretty sure my corner shop people voted yes but they don’t sell much fresh veg. I don’t even think Waitrose is ok. I’m sure their head guy came out with some load of twaddle too.

      The Coop?

    325. Tinto Chiel says:

      Taranaich: “Those poor post boxes were the real victims in all this.”

      At least I can go off to bed with a smile on my face.

    326. Brian Doonthetoon says:


      Anyone intending to go to the Wings get-together in Edinburgh on 26th September, check out to posts in Quarantine and ‘off-topic’.

    327. Training Day says:

      Anyone else catch STV’s half hour PPB for Labour masquerading as Scotland Tonight?

      After discussing Labour’s leadership contest with ex Labour MPs, we moved on to news about Labour’s Frank McAveety, followed by the revelation in ‘5 things that happen tomorrow’ that Labour’s Kezia Dugdale will be meeting with Labour’s Frank McAveety tomorrow. Oh, and Labour announce their candidates for the London mayoral election tomorrow too.

      The BBC are atrocious in their bias, but STV are their only too wiling bedfellows.

    328. CameronB Brodie says:

      I wasn’t endorsing posh-ness, I just didn’t wanting to look like a ‘class warrior’.

      A life spent aspiring to elitist, exclusionary values and the unavoidable corresponding snobbery, has to be one of the saddest wastes of a life, IMO.

      “Right-mindedness”, the perception that one is correct simply because one is materially successful, is also dangerous. Recent research suggests that right-mindedness is self-perpetuating.

    329. Dr Jim says:

      Aldis for me, if it doesn’t have a Saltire on the poke it doesn’t go in my mouth ( sounded alright in my head )

      Greens voted with Labour against SNP in Glasgow City Council

      Just a wee minding there’s no abstaining in the Council

    330. Sinky says:

      BBC reporting Ian Murray “happy to serve “ under Corbyn.

      What after his insulting remarks about Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn being a pensioner and therefore unsuitable to be a Labour leader merely show that he has no principles whatsoever as many believe that Ian Murray only held onto his Edinburgh South seat after he and his acolytes relentlessly attacked his main political rival over three year old tweets.

      If he had any principles, Ian Murray will resign as Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland if Corbyn wins.

      Meanwhile Kezia Dugdale, who also trashed Corbyn, proves she is completely out of touch with reality by proposing that the 800 strong members of the House of Lords should sit in Glasgow rather than be abolished as an antiquated relic of the British establishment and privileged entitlement.

      No doubt Kezia Dugdale will also step down if Jeremy Corbyn is selected by Labour members.

      Oh wait like Murray she’s got a career to think off.

    331. Gary45% says:

      Imagine if the SNP found the cure for all cancers,
      EBC Scotchland would run with.
      It has taken 80 years for the SNP to find a cure, thousands have needlessly died,(Latest NHS crisis will lead to housing shortage)
      and now because of the cure, thousands of specialists will be out of work.
      SNP baaad.
      And the EBC wonder why they are disappearing up their own ars*holes.

    332. Tackety Beets says:

      Harry McAye @ 10.14

      I’m on the same train Harry. Am no lover o Tesco either but in fairness to them they came out “quietly complaining” about the BT leaflet as being inaccurate.

      I felt they should have made a bigger fuss and made sure everyone heard their complaint.

      If Lidl or Aldi sell these rags its hardly quite the same crime , supply & demand etc .
      Maybe take 5 mins & speak to the manager about getting the National in ?

      I stopped buying rags years ago, Mrs Beets bought the Sun and fellow workers bought the Rangers News & Mail , even in the 80’s I thought they were “economical with the truth”

      Aldi & Lidl were also both were supporting Scottish Product and used to loads of Saltire flags on stuff , mmm you’ve got me thinking now . Not so obvious these days ? Mmmm , Gonna check next visit .

      All very Derren Brownesque , these UJ eveywhere , gie ye the boak !

    333. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Cadogan Enright (10.35) –

      ‘Suggestions welcome’


      Kudos to ye for even bothering to lodge a complaint, and I’ll hazard a guess you’re not the only one who’s done so…that’ll all be ‘on the record’…and then there’s the screeds of ‘advisory notes’ in the comments…all ‘on the record’…

      Is anyone, in days/months/years to come, going to even TRY and pretend that Carmichael wasn’t aware of all this ‘advice’?

      (The organisers of the Fozzy-Fund haven’t thought this through at all, have they?)

      My own suggestion, cynical though it may be, is to buy a stack of popcorn and/or a bottle of yer favoured tipple, and watch the last act in this comic-tragedy unfold.

      No-one can say for sure how it will end from a legal POV, but there will be a twitching bundle of rags onstage as the curtain goes down, and beneath it, emitting occasional whimpers, lies the ex ‘Secretary of State for Scotland’.

    334. Quakeawake says:

      @Cadogan Enright

      Does this help from the Fraud Act 2006.

      “A representation is defined as “false” if it is untrue or misleading and the person making it knows that it is, or might be, untrue or misleading. Actual knowledge that the representation might be untrue is required not awareness of a risk that it might be untrue.”

      The fact that it’s been pointed out by many people now that their claim that the case is brought by the SNP is false and they have ignored same seems to me to be reasonable proof of actual knowledge.

      I think it could well be worth reporting this to the police under the Fraud Act. Making false representations for personal gain.

    335. Molly says:

      Dr Jim

      Genuine question can councillors not abstain ? Or do you mean they should have abstained ?

    336. Nana Smith says:

      Media blackout for Scotland, wonder why

      Comment from twitter

      this is democracy in action,they march for freedom while we take scraps from the wm table,BT= food banks & sanctions

    337. crazycat says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      I also complained, and received exactly the same response as Cadogan. Go Fund Me are based in California and could not reasonably have been expected to know until we told them. I hope they will take action.

    338. CameronB Brodie says:

      What I meant by right-mindedness being dangerous, is that is is a self-perpetuating fallacy that acts to entrench itself across generations.

      Our environment shapes the structure of our brains and correspondingly our perception. This perception guides our value judgements and decision making, so assists in shaping our environment.

      Recent psychiatric research suggests it is hard to avoid right-mindedness if one perceives oneself as ‘successful’. Tories breed Tories.

    339. manandboy says:

      Alan Mackintosh says:
      10 September, 2015 at 10:35 pm
      Manandboy, this may be of interest to you re your earlier post regarding the missing No voters.

      Thanks for that, Alan. I have skimmed through your material but it clearly needs a more forensic approach – probably over the weekend, as right now I’m in the middle of recalibrating my portable heavy water reactor-generator.

    340. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi manandboy.

      You entered into the annals,

      ” as right now I’m in the middle of recalibrating my portable heavy water reactor-generator.”

      Strange… mine has given up the ghost – I think the picture valve has blown.

    341. manandboy says:

      You’ve got to laugh!

    342. Tackety Beets says:

      BDTT , PCL805 ?

      Naw ECC83 will get it ” Lined up”.

    343. CameronB Brodie says:

      Check the thrombic modulators.


    344. Arthur's Seat says:

      @Fred, KOF & Tinto Chiel

      “We can hardly set about blowing up post boxes inside unionist supermarkets now can we?”

      Definitely not. However if they were all painted a nice (let’s say saltire) shade of blue, Scottish post boxes would look excellent in the future.

      A recent trip to Dublin reminded me how An Post’s post boxes were repainted from red to green after Irish independence.

    345. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I was always a great supporter of the EL84, as used in many Dansette record players, over the (60s) years, but never as a picture valve.

      Did you know…

      That in the event of a nuclear strike, the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) would destroy transistors, making radio communication defunct, but valves would be unaffected? So, the answer is, keep a valve radio in your loabby press…

    346. manandboy says:

      Pacific Quay could do with a coat of paint – I’m not fussy which colour tho’ I do like a muted lilac.

    347. Gerry says:

      From HMG advice on Register of Interests…

      “Donations to political parties are recorded separately, on the webpages of the Electoral Commission, although if a donation is linked to a Member he or she may also need to include it in their Register entry.”

      So anything received from this would have to be declared here within 28 days of receipt. The fact that the libdems would be picking up the tab for this in any event means that this crowdfunder is for all intents and purposes a libdem fundraiser built on an even more blatant lie than admitted to by their MP.
      This is shaky ground for the Libs if the fund organiser has an affiliation to them. I would imagine that the SNP might well bring the matter to the attention of the standards committee. I have never seen the code of conduct, but there’s bound to be something in there regarding telling blatant lies about the party that your MP is on trial for telling blatant lies about and taking in cash from it in the process…

    348. CameronB Brodie says:

      Wish I spoke Italian.


      All cultures can be subdivided into two paradigms: cosmocentric cultures (main object of discourse is nature/cosmos) and sociocentric cultures (main object of discourse is society/ morality). Interaction between cultures of the same paradigm is easier than between cultures belonging to different. When something is borrowed without due understanding it usually leads to cargo cults. Europe is a cosmocentric world; Abrahamic traditions are sociocentric. That’s why Europe isn’t Judeo-Christian civilization and Christianity in Europe is nothing but just a cargo cult. Islam is also an item of Abrahamic paradigm and that’s why it’s deeply alien to Europe. Those Muslims who come to dwell in Europe should accept values of secular Europe and should be assimilated. Multiculturalists and nationalists are derivates of the same root: they both like their utopias more than real life. Politics and international relations should be based on cultural anthropology as well as medicine is based on microbilology/chemistry.

    349. Petra says:

      Any one else totally worn out, as I am now, with the knowledge that the Tories are working their way around Scotland trying to demolish one industry after another? Maggie reincarnated. On a positive note? those who will lose their jobs (previously influenced by Better Together) and their family members will hopefully vote for Independence next time round.

      Anyone else worn out and absolutely terrified with what’s actually going on Worldwide with narcissistic leaders, arms dealers, media moguls and so on all hell bent on controlling our World in an attempt to make big bucks?

      I just watched the BBC news tonight (don’t forget that Sir Roger Carr, ARMS DEALER, is Vice Chairman) and we have just zapped up another notch towards supporting (being brainwashed) the UK bombing of Syria due to reported cases of mustard gas attacks on Syrians such as babies and young children. The scenes were absolutely horrific in relation to previous BBC News broadcasts. Shocking and extremely, extremely harrowing watching young children suffering. Absolutely heart-breaking in fact. Strange that BBC News hasn’t shown such images (for decades) beforehand such as the hellish injuries and deaths of children in Iraq. The report swung from blaming Assad to Daesh, or both, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we move onto just blaming Assad some time soon: End of.

      Newspapers like the Sun are going positively wild in their attempts to get us all to agree to the bombing of Syria. How on earth can their journalists live with themselves? Is there anyone (journalist) half decent left out there? Is your wage more important than the total destruction of the most ancient country on the planet, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of individuals (millions) and total mayhem in Europe. Come on folks, MSM, get real and start telling the truth. You contributed, heavily, to the Iraqi situation. Stop now. NO MORE. PLEASE.

      From Pilger: ‘’In 2003, I filmed an interview in Washington with Charles Lewis, the distinguished American investigative journalist. We discussed the invasion of Iraq a few months earlier. I asked him, “What if the freest media in the world had seriously challenged George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld and investigated their claims, instead of channelling what turned out to be crude propaganda?” He replied that if we journalists had done our job “there is a very, very good chance we would have not gone to war in Iraq.”

      Murdoch with his partner Rothschild will make (even more) mega billions if Assad can be overthrown as Israel has awarded them the rights to extract oil and gas from the country. More than anything overthrowing Assad will ensure that Israel has a (energy) stranglehold over many Middle East countries (and beyond) overall. Israel WILL RULE the Middle East no matter the price paid.

      The Sun (pretending to give a sh*t about the refugees) also highlights that UK bombing will take out many of the key intelligence centres so far untouched. How come that the US (with their MOST superior military capability) through constant DAILY bombing haven’t managed to do this so far? How come the UK managed to take out a couple of guys from Scotland and Wales (note not England) in Syria but couldn’t find Jihadi John (knowing his real name and with photograph). Give us all a break!

      Cameron is toeing the line (But who is calling the shots? US Zionists?) that he wants us to toe also. Note the recent move from blaming IS (Daesh) to Assad for the refugee crisis and atrocities. He’s making political hay whilst the sun shines (sun not shining on the refugees, eh!) in his attempt to get us all to support the bombing of Syria whilst not wanting to help any one of them at all. A crisis that was created, in the main, by the US and UK. Not just Labour and Blair but the Tories too by supplying arms to both sides in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq.

      As a bye where is the Warmonger and blo*dy mass murderer Blair? Cleaning out his MANY, MANY homes in preparation for welcoming Syrian refugees? Is he as a Christian, recent convert to Roman Catholicism, giving his billions away (made off the back off millions of deaths) to ease their pain? As a Christian I would say the term ”Anti-Christ” comes to mind. And he is just one of many now.

      So who / what has created this latest situation in Syria other than what we all know about already re. US, UK and Israeli interference (over many years) in the whole region? Are the Syrians leaving in droves now because of Daesh, Assad or US bombs? The US ‘moved in .. bombed’ after the so-called Assad chemical attacks on the Syrian population (the chemical weapon attack was made on the VERY day that the International experts arrived – let’s get real here). The US blamed Assad. German Intelligence disagree. More than likely carried out by Syrian (or other) rebels financed and armed by the CIA, MI6, Mossad, MIT (Turkey) and the GIP (Saudi).

      There are many youtube videos that show that the Syrians actually actively SUPPORT Assad (some of these beautiful cities have now been totally demolished by the US).

      I’m not so ‘brainwashed’ either to believe everything I see or hear but has anyone actually carried out any kind of research to ascertain what their main fears are … Assad, Daesh or US bombing? Hundreds of thousands of people are flooding into Europe. Is anyone monitoring the situation? I’m sure they must be. If so why not tell us what is actually going on?

      Oh and Nana thanks for the very interesting links. I see that one of yours mentions David Kelly.

      Dr David Kelly was murdered to basically ‘shut him up’ as he was probably the Worlds most eminent military biologist who was well aware of the development of (for one) ethnic chemical weapons that could differentiate, say, between Israelis and Palestinians.

      And his role at Porton Down. Anthrax War / Biological warfare.

      The Zionist agenda, Dr. David Kelly and The propaganda of the BBC By David Halpin

      On a last note I have an interest in astronomy and astrology and I understand that the latter subject is ‘rubbished’ to some extent even although many great minds such as Einstein supported and in fact used the subject matter to great effect.

      Whatever the case I would like to mention that a fairly unusual astronomical / astrological event is finalising this month (13th and 28th September) called the last of the blood moon (four) tetrad … The last and most unusual lunar eclipse will be a super blood moon (as close to the earth as is possible – perigee) on September 28th 2015 on the Feast of Tabernacle. NASA holds the data / records of such events.

      These four Blood Moons, in a row, coincide with Jewish feast days. There have been 3 over the last 2000 years (1400s, 1948 (Israel became a Nation) and 1967 (Recaptured Israel / Jerusalem) and there wont be another relating to blood moon tetrads coinciding with Jewish Feast Days for over 400 years. Many Jews see THIS month (September 2015) as being ‘the time’ that will change the whole World. Some say it relates to the US stock market plummeting others reckon its more Armageddon like with a triumphant Israel overcoming all obstacles or all Israelis triumphantly being ‘whisked’ off to heaven in the blink of an eye.

      And another link that may seem very off-beat too. Just take a note of names and check them all out.

    350. Dr Jim says:


      Sorry for not replying quicker Molly

      Yes councillors can and do abstain from time to time, but this is GCC the Helmsdeep of Labour where you pick your allies and fight the Orcs (SNP) to the death

      With GCC it’s not about (let’s do some good) it’s about let’s protect our Labour Party gravy
      The electorate don’t count, neither their needs nor wants
      or benefit to the City

      The particular issue (which isn’t important in the scheme of things) was buses for school kids
      The Labour Party and Greens said kids can walk SNP said no on safety grounds
      Greens say Less Emissions as their excuse Labour say expense as theirs, all smokescreen tactics in order to inflict defeat on the SNP which is the point

      It’s why it’s been so difficult for the SNP to gain control of councils in order to organise budgets and expenditure properly because corruption has always been rife in Labour councils and GCC has traditionally been the worst

      Frank McAveety the new Labour leader to replace Gordon Mathieson has a long and illustrious past of corruption within Government both in Holyrood and local level so it looks like the Greens have picked their side in order to not be frozen out (Cross Labour and you’re the enemy)

      In Glasgow City Council it’s that simple

      Trouble is not enough folk pay attention to local council elections that’s why Labour have been getting away with it for years

    351. CameronB Brodie says:

      Language contraction is shaped by the unequal distribution of power and resources, both between the language community and the dominant society, and within the contracting language community itself. Gender is connected to other social divisions and inequalities, rendering it central to processes of maintenance and loss.

      For indigenous groups struggling for recognition and rights, public acknowledgement of intra-group fractures may be political suicide, but for scholars it is crucial, albeit absent from the outpouring of attention to endangered languages.

      Linguistic ideologies about place, gender, and social change naturalize, reinforce, and mediate subjectivities, ethnolinguistic repertoires, national identities, and collective moralities.

      There is scarcely a more important task in contemporary politics and political philosophy than giving full consideration to developing universal enlightenment and with the greatest possible force turning against both the prevailing right and leftwing forms of culturalism and their enslavement of the individual in his or her own “culture”.

      A glance at the criticisms directed by the Left at the culturalism of the Right provides a point of reference of how far the Left has strayed from its starting point in the Enlightenment. It also reveals how little the Left actually knows about its political opponents in the battle that has developed over the last few decades, during which the question of culture has appeared on the agenda and gradually replaced prior debate on divergent political utopias.


    352. Tackety Beets says:

      BDTT ,
      How did I just Ken you wid have knowledge on valves ! Oooo and Dansette type record players . LOL , memories.

      Dr Jim @3.10 am

      Jeepers that’s quite a statement !

      So very true , well said .

    353. john king says:

      Harry McAYE SAYS
      ” I rarely go in there mainly because their store was plastered with Union flags months before the vote apparently because they were sponsors of Britain’s Got Shit for Brains ”

      Whoohahahahaha love it,
      consider that one stolen!

      Self same reason I kicked up fuck with them about plastering their store with union flags for a fucking crappy tv programme but not only did they not manage a single saltire for the Commonwealth games but managed to make me see red for the last time when my wife and I abandoned a stacked shopping trolley in the middle of the shop and left, on our way out I stopped by at the customer service desk to advise them to go to isle 6 and put back all the stuff we had in our trolly and spelled out why,

      some weeks after the UJ vomit in morrisons and just before the Commonwelath games with the aforementioned dearth of any mention of it, we were assailed from the tannoys by two songs one was vindaloo and the other was three lions at which point I snapped and explained to the very nice girl she would be well advised to get another job because morrisons are going out of their way to piss off the entire population of Scotland, and I for one wont be back in their shop, I left with the plaintive whisper from the girl that I wasn’t the only one to have said that.

      btw rev dont kill me with hammers for not giving the name morrison a capital letter, I did that deliberately because they’re not worth using the caps lock on my keypad

      Britains got shit for brains,
      love it. 🙂

    354. john king says:

      Taranaich says
      “Those poor post boxes were the real victims in all this.”

      I’ll bet it wis that wee man in Denny wot dun it. 🙂

    355. john king says:

      Manandboy says
      “Pacific Quay could do with a coat of paint – I’m not fussy which colour tho’ I do like a muted lilac.”

      Or just muted? 😉

    356. ronnie anderson says:

      just goes tae shows you,s, you,s can still live withoot Loaves N Fishes. I used to buy morrisons instore baked bread ( you know the kind the wan you cut wie a bread saw).

      I stopped shopping at morrison’s,as they would,nt stock the National.

      I see some People up thread, are complaining to Aldi,s for not stocking the National. Make your complaints to HQ Essen Germany (not)HQ UK.

      Kendomacaroonbar has given me some back issues of iScot Magazines for the HOFear 19the Sept & some Sept issue (limited) so come early to Wings Stall at the (Scott Statue) Donations welcome.

      Can I also remind Wingers the iScot crowdfunder is still ongoing.If this Magazine is representative of the New
      Scottish Media (& it is) then we have a Quality Media Magazine. Cmon Guy,s N Gals support Kendo & the iScot team.

      Thanks People.

    357. john king says:

      Government spokeswoman Theresa Villers SoS for nornirn saying on BBC news that Westminster does not have the power to suspend Stormont!”It would require a new law to do that”

      And yet the refused to sanction the same thing for Holyrood,
      who knew?

    358. Grouse Beater says:

      And yet the refused to sanction the same thing for Holyrood

      NI has always been run as a semi-autonomous province, John. An insult to Scotland when you think about how much Westminster dictates Scotland’s affairs.

    359. Stoker says:

      @ John King (7.50am):

      Not that i would ever advocate violence of any sort but there is a lot of truth to the belief (from a certain perspective) that if you really want the politicians to sit up and take note then you have to target them, not the ordinary citizens.

      The threat in Ireland is ever present, unlike here!

    360. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Manandboy, with regard to your deuterium oxide, you might find this of use too…

    361. Nana Smith says:

      @ronnie anderson

      Is there any way I can contact you re a specific enquiry which I’m unable to go into here.

    362. ronnie anderson says:

      @ BrianDTT

      Ah hivna goat ah Loaby press,? is, wid ma Trooser Press still work effter a nuclear strike. One has to maintain one,s standard’s hasent one.

      @ CameronB Ah wee bitty heavy gon at this time in the morning, but i,ll catch up later tonight.

    363. t42 says:

      Thanks John King, never realised Morrisons were evil-boycotting them from today.
      Aldi and Lidl for weekly shop tomorrow. 🙂

    364. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Nana Smith Im on Scot2scot Facebook chat .Gerry Parker has my details BrianDTT/PeteTC/ Paula Rose,Kendo (iscot) if some of them have your E Mail addy they,ll forward my contact details.

    365. fionan says:

      Above comments suggest that people are ‘lobbing tenners’ into carmichael’s fundraiser just so they can read the comments.

      There is no need to donate in order to read, or indeed make, a comment. I commented and read comments, but I am damned sure I didn’t donate!

      There are infinitely more deserving and needy causes requiring those tenners. What about our new media? IScot on indiegogo for instance? Newsshaft for instance? Do we lose them just so we can read comments on a deceitful fundraiser for a liar?

      Carmichaels fund had reached £4500 when I commented. I agree with others here that this fundraiser is just to throw people off questioning who is funding Carmichaels defence. If it was genuine, it would have been launched before he decided to defend his fibs.

    366. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Nana Smith sos I wont be online today I,ll be at Maryhill Foodbank & can be contacted through F/B page.

    367. Dorothy Devine says:

      OT I have just been watching Crosstalk on RT and am in a state of utter shock.

      Corruption capitalism doesn’t quite cover it, the implication of Washington evil and collusion by the IMF.

      As they kept saying the media in the UK will not be covering these stories – a bit of an understatement as the UK media will be busily burying it in some inaccessible place and shouting “Putin bad ” at every opportunity.

    368. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Fionan, I think that was Ian B who mentioned bunging a few quid his way. Obviosly I cant speak for Ian, but I would suggest that the idea of him parting with some cash for a lying libdem is not the most likely scenario. Methinks it was a little tongue in cheek…

    369. Nana Smith says:

      Not on facebook Ronnie. Only Archie not Erchie has my email address and the rev.

      If Jock has yours would he pass it on if you asked him to. As you now we have communicated!

    370. fionan says:

      Ronnie, your links to the iScot fundraiser aren’t working?

    371. Another Union Dividend says:

      O/T Another Union Dividend

      THE Scottish Professional Football League has struck an improved deal with Sky Sports and BT Sport that will continue their top flight TV coverage until the end of season 2019/20.

      A deal was in place until 2017 that shared the rights to 30 Premiership games a season between the broadcasters, earning the SPFL £15million per campaign.

      That contract has today been improved and extended and will run until the end of the 2019/20 season and include up to six of the Premiership promotion Play Off matches each year.

      The new deal does not include coverage of any Scottish Championship matches and while the exact figures have not been revealed, SPFL sources say the terms have improved by around 25%, earning the top flight clubs an extra £3.75m a year.

      BBC pays around £66 million a year for English football highlights but only £1 million a year for Scottish football highlights and pays the presenters of Match of the Day more a year than they spend on Scottish football.

      Using our licence fees, in a deal with BT Sport , the BBC pays around £16 million a year to screen 16 live English FA cup ties which comes on top of £206 million to renew the Match Of The Day.

      The English Championship has a £265 million deal which brings English second tier £88 million a year.

      Commenting on the latest report (August 2015) from accountants BDO Charles Barnett professional sports group partner said that Scottish football suffers from a disproportionate share of TV money compared to the English Premier League, and that club directors should be driving a harder bargain.

      The accountant said: “Simple arithmetic indicates that if Sky and BT are happy to pay £1.712bn a year for English football the comparable figure for Scotland should be £142m (Scotland has 8.3% of the population of the UK).

      “To be getting just over one tenth of that at £15m a year needs to be reviewed. Equally the BBC gives just £1m a year to Scotland’s football clubs against £66m for its Match of the Day highlights.

      “These figures are only exacerbating the gap between English and Scottish football and should be examined in more detail by the appropriate authorities.”

      Check out football TV figures here. Most English Premiership games get under one million viewers.

    372. Andrew McLean says:


      given that I constantly hear about how little oil we have and how uneconomical it is now, I was surprised to be sent this link
      someone telling porkies?

    373. gus1940 says:

      Imagine if Pillar Boxes started to appear all over Scotland painted in Saltire Blue.

    374. heedtracker says:

      Rancid Graun puts another UKOK boot in

      Sturgeon accused, row, warned, collapse, warning warning, “catastrophic”, “arbitrary” and “damaging”, fresh row, loss, loss, warnings

      “Scotland’s leading universities have accused Nicola Sturgeon’s government of threatening their academic and financial freedom after ministers proposed new powers to control the membership of their ruling councils.”

      Not so smily face of bettertogether piles in with her ghastly threat too. Hammer of the Scots JK wouldn’t stop funding medical research would she. Really nasty piece of work.

      J.K. Rowling ?@jk_rowling 13h13 hours ago
      J.K. Rowling retweeted Severin Carrell
      Speaking as a funder of medical research, I find this deeply troubling. J.K. Rowling added

    375. Nana Smith says:

      @call me Dave sorry I missed your post last evening.

      Sure Murray will roll whichever way is beneficial to Murray.

      What do the greens stand for, does anyone know?

      Ruth Davidson MSP ?@RuthDavidsonMSP 9 hrs9 hours ago
      Robin Harper, former @scotgp leader, backed a No vote at #indyref & has now come out for fracking. Knew he was sound.

    376. Will Podmore says:

      John King tells us “Britains got shit for brains.”
      So pleased to see this level of civility expressed. It sure ends all those notions that SNP supporters are above abusing their fellow-citizens.

    377. fionan says:

      Alan Mackintosh, You are likely correct re ‘tenners’ comments being tongue in cheek – sorry, I can be very slow at times!

      And I am so disappointed by the lack of support for our new media – while I admit a vested interest, I have that interest mainly because I want to see the MSM and state broadcasters beaten and sent packing, to be replaced by sound Scottish homegrown media in all formats. I believe the only way to shift the YES movement forwards is by counteracting the negative messages of the MSM and state.

      Yet the support for iScot and Newsshaft, as two examples of a quality new media, has been poor, yet iScot in particular is best-placed to reach the fearful older generations with the most positive of messages, the facts about how rich and successful and innovative Scotland and its people really are.

      The new media are in their infancy, they NEED our support right now, and we NEED our new media to counteract the constant low-level brainwashing by the msm and tv channels, as well as the in-your-face loud messages of negativity.

      The low-level stuff has been ongoing since the union curse first fell upon us,so we need constant counter-messages, subtle, constant messages of positivity and success, the true facts, as well as louder messages, and we need these in all formats. The National is sometimes questionable, but it is insufficient anyway. We need numerous and different approaches. Wings has achieved marvellous things, but it doesn’t reach everyone. So many commenters point this out regularly, but they are not supporting the huge efforts already being made. Please support these fundraisers, don’t sit back and let them fail due to apathy – indyref2 may come along when we least expect it, lets get on with the groundwork now, by getting the positive facts out there, to every section of our society.

    378. Molly says:

      Thanks Dr Jim,
      I was genuinely wondering asI’ve been told second hand about ‘closed council meetings’ and there seem to be serial abstainers in my local council !

    379. Jim McIntosh says:

      @Will Podmore

      Anyone who participates / watches that rubbish does have shit for brains. I don’t care if they’re from John o’Groats or Jersey.

      Nothing to do with the SNP you dummkopf.

    380. Petra says:

      John Pilger on Assange and Jeremy Corbyn (from 17:07) 17:07

      Chunkymark … Tories about to unleash HELLFIRE on Jeremy Corbyn

    381. heedtracker says:

      UKOK neo fascist jacks it in

      Twitter favourite Chris Deerin on why he has quit social media:

      “Twitter has changed in the past year. It has become a harder and angrier place. The nastiness and aggression of the cybernats during the referendum campaign was one thing… In recent months, though, this tiresome trend has spread south as the Corbynites – effectively cybernats without the whisky tears – have risen. My Twitter feed became a conveyor belt of anti-semites, moral relativists, America-haters, and pop-eyed ideologues spewing tedious old guff. It wasn’t just dispiriting; it was boring. And I got fed up of blocking idiots.”

      Good byeee!

    382. dakk says:

      Will Podmore

      ‘abusing their fellow citizens’

      You may call that abuse.What I call abuse of fellow citizens is the State Broadcaster BBC and Westminster Parliament harbouring and protecting paedophiles over decades.

      Unfortunately many British citizens/subjects like yourself seem able to turn a blind eye to that.

    383. Jim Thomson says:

      @fionan 09:14am

      The link to the iScot fundraiser is:

      Hope that helps 🙂

    384. Robert Peffers says:

      @Will Podmore says: 11 September, 2015 at 9:49 am:

      “John King tells us “Britains got shit for brains.”
      So pleased to see this level of civility expressed. It sure ends all those notions that SNP supporters are above abusing their fellow-citizens.


    385. Dorothy Devine says:

      Petra , thanks for Chunky Mark – actually thank Chunky Mark for Chunky Mark!

      We have a hideous establishment and I am more distressed than ever that so many voted NO.

      Neither do I subscribe to Blair Jenkins deciding that we will vote for independence in 2021 – I was planning for independence far earlier than that.

    386. woosie says:


      Yes, I agree; Scotland’s industries are being stripped on a daily basis, all under the ukok radar. Lets hope more and more no voters begin to see the picture.

      I think this will get much worse. The proposed “northern” powerhouse (north uk being Yorkshire) will, if allowed to go ahead, directly affect Scottish businesses.

      There is clearly a plan behind these modern-day clearances. Red tories – Corbyn included – won’t speak out against it.

    387. gordoz says:

      O/T WM Parliament TV

      Apologies I know its a tough subject (Assisted Dying Bill); it must be just me.

      But I cannot take this surreal compassionate stance being delivered by endless Tories right now.

      The hypocrisy is staggering and sad to say laughable – blatant

      Again apologies its the hypocrisy that’s just mindblowing.
      English / Welsh residents vote for these creeps ???

    388. heedtracker says:

      Funny creepy or funny ha ha? Toryboy UKOK waffle for coffee time

      “The SNP is a centrist party employing (when it suits) left-wing rhetoric.

      Thus, the nationalists condemn Labour as “red Tories” while offering free university places to kids from wealthy families; they berate the Conservatives for being in hock to big business while pledging corporation tax in an independent Scotland would be slashed”

      Its still worrying to think we actual lost the ref to these very odd Britnat travellers of the right. Wonder what neo fascist Effie Deans blog will be about this weekend, last week UKOK ethnic cleansing of Scots out of Scotland, this week invading Poland.

    389. Dorothy Devine says:

      Thanks Cirsium – you have disturbed me further!

    390. Grouse Beater says:

      Imagine if Pillar Boxes started to appear all over Scotland painted in Saltire Blue.

      A great idea! Love it. Eat yer heart out, Banksy!

    391. Grouse Beater says:

      News Just In:

      “Food banks running out of money”.

      Osborn ring-fenced trillions for Trident so hungry poor can starve in peace not war.

    392. David Wardrope says:

      Will Podmore
      @ dakk

      ‘abusing their fellow citizens’

      You may call that abuse.What I call abuse of fellow citizens is the State Broadcaster BBC and Westminster Parliament harbouring and protecting paedophiles over decades.

      Unfortunately many British citizens/subjects like yourself seem able to turn a blind eye to that.

      Nah, being called “shit for brains” is higher up in the hierarchy of Will’s (boringly long) list of things to be outraged at apprarntly…

    393. Bill says:

      Only when No Voters are on thier knees will a 2nd Indyref be successful. When the jobs have been moved, like Youngs.
      Stupid stupid No Voters.

    394. shug says:

      Our cry for the next few years must be we are not leaving the UK we are leaving Westminster and joining the world

    395. shug says:

      Where is the Rev
      Is he OK

    396. Nana Smith says:

      Scotland’s child poverty levels so severe teachers are sent advice on spotting malnourished students

    397. JBS says:

      I see that Heather MacLeod’s tweets are public again. However, it appears that during the time her timeline was private she deleted not only the now notorious “interesting scenario” tweet, but also the subsequent ones in which she attempted to backtrack, saying that she didn’t understand, she didn’t wish the FM any harm, she was dyslexic, etc. Her timeline is now full of re-tweeted anti-SNP garbage.

      Thank goodness so many people screenshotted the now-deleted tweets. It’s good for the collective memory.

    398. Brin Powell says:

      The Daily Record has parked a ‘permanent’ attack SNP tweet at the top of SNP twitter time line!

    399. heedtracker says:

      And why not. Independent online news

      “Jeremy Corbyn’s team has sent a complaint to the BBC over its Panorama feature on the Labour leadership front-runner, The Independent has learnt.

      His camp claims the BBC lied to them about the purpose and content of the programme and has also complained about factual inaccuracies contained in the documentary.

      It is demanding an apology from the broadcaster over its handling of the programme, which was given the title Jeremy Corbyn: Labour’s Earthquake and shown on BBC One last Monday.”

      If its BBC vote SLab Scotland they’ll be to fcuk off, or what they fcuk off anyone with in their Scotland region, its BBC journalistic, artistic or literary stuff, so fcuk off.

      Channel 4 teatime news didn’t completely crap all over JC this week in their England only UK news show, which was a bit weird to watch. C4 state broadcaster so maybe hedging a bit on JC, and monsters Scottish relentlessly, for kicks.

    400. Brian Powell says:

      Further to DR tweet: It’s there as Top News, though not sure why, unless DR staff are rehired to keep re-tweeting it to make it top news!

    401. ScottieDog says:

      Yes BBC is no stranger to being very selective about which harrowing images they show.
      They engaged mostly in ’embedded’ journalism during the conquest of Iraq – ie journalists in camp with the British military. What kind of reporting is that going to produce.

      If they had shown the images captured by the likes of Pilger and other freelancers there would have been outrage.

      Sadly the majority in UK are too lazy and thick to look beyond the mainstream press.

    402. galamcennalath says:

      Bill says:

      Stupid stupid No Voters.

      … not all of them. Perhaps half were hardcore BritNats who knew exactly what they were doing. They will vote the same way again.

      Then the other half … what the Hell did they think would happen if they voted No?

      Many must have not seen the connect between voting No and the inevitability of condemning Scotland to 10years of no-mandate Tory rule. Either they viewed each vote as entirely separate issues, or they thought Labour would win the GE and somehow deliver a Union worth staying in. Either way, stupid is about right.

      Also, many thought they were being promised the best of both worlds – lots of new powers to Holyrood which might shield us from the worst Tory excesses, but also keep so much of what was comforting: pound, BBC whatever. They honestly believed that?

      Your point is that No voters will need to feel pain as a result of WM policies before coming to their senses. For some, this will probably be true.

    403. Robert Peffers says:

      @Jim McIntosh says: 11 September, 2015 at 10:04 am:

      Anyone who participates/watches that rubbish does have shit for brains. I don’t care if they’re from John o’Groats or Jersey. Nothing to do with the SNP you dummkopf

      Ach! Jim, You are wasting your time on Podmore. I am well over 75 and decided not to bother renewing my TV licence. Only partly because of the BBC’s very obvious anti-Scottish racism and anti-independence political bias. I’m old and disabled and thus much more a captive audience than most of the Scottish viewing public. I thus was exposed to more TV than the average viewer.

      I had become filled with boredom to the back teeth with, in particular, BBC programming output. Any reasonably intelligent sentient human only needs look at a typical BBC programming guide of any days viewing to see the utter banality and bias of the BBC.

      The endless banal quiz games, the endless cooking programmes, the limited interest house buying/auction/renovation shows and the equally limited interest antiques/junk dealing programmes interspersed with the monstering of the old/sick/disabled/workless and the vast number of Britain/British/UK this that and the other.

      I used to think there was little more the BBC, in particular, could do to dumb down what now passes for entertainment/music/drama and comedy. Nor the TV driven cult of the celebrity – what more can one say of the mentality of those viewers who are sucked in by this vile cult that takes the very worst of the dregs of bad taste and exposes them endlessly in viewers living rooms to create totally talentless ‘Celebs who they then hold up as role models for us to aspire to being like.

      As a school boy my classmates would aspire to being Doctors, nurses, scientists, engineers, teachers, Tradesmen/women or even artists, that is after they passed the stage of wanting to be engine drivers, firemen or Spitfire pilots. Ask a youngster now what they want to be and the answer is likely to be some form of pop-star or other. Or perhsps any other form of celebrity – and that is quite apart from them having no talent whatsoever in their chosen ‘Celeb field. Just as long as they obtain their ‘Celeb Status.

      What more can we expect when they have only a constant diet of talentless DJs, musically devoid pop-stars, sportsperson or untalented actors who have relied upon the Big-Brother School of actors rather than that of, “The Method”, or dare I say it RADA? The only standards the BBC now hold to are Digital Widescreen and Hi-Def widescreen.

      Podmore is much more a victim of the system than he imagines himself to be. Marx is often misquoted as saying, “Religion is the opiate of the masses”..

      What he actually claimed was, “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people”.

      It was then misquoted as, “Gin is the opiate of the people”. In my lifetime there is no doubt that TV has become the true, “Opiate of the masses”, and like both religion and Gin was promptly adopted by the UK establishment to control the masses.

    404. Petra says:

      Catalan Parliament to vote on UDI from Spain

      Catalan pro-independence leaders ready to declare unilateral independence

      @ cirsium says at 11:00 am ‘’Following the IMF billions in and out of Ukraine’’

      Thanks for the links Cirsium and thank God that the ordinary man (woman) in the street now has access to the Internet and can search for the Truth (such as on this site). The New World Order cabal are running out of excuses for their ‘involvement’ in so many countries around the World and can be seen for what they truly are that is regime changers. Removing Heads of State, however bad they are / may seem to be, to replace them with someone usually even more monstrous that will do their bidding, allow them to rob the country blind and have total control over the populace: in the ‘process’ wreaking absolute havoc and misery on millions. One of the links that Nana posted earlier re. the demonstration (and petition) against Netanyahu fairly cheered me up. Cheered me up to see that more and more people aren’t having the wool pulled over their eyes including a number of Jewish people in the crowd. Cameron of course is a staunch supporter.

      @ Nana Smith says at 12:13 pm ‘’Scotland’s child poverty levels so severe teachers are sent advice on spotting malnourished students ‘’

      Nana one wonders how bad this will have to get before everyone takes to the streets? Billions to be spent on Trident! Billions being pocketed by bankers, CEOs, tax-evaders and so on. Billions that could be used to lift everyone out of poverty and provide a breakfast and lunch for every child in the country. And what of the babies and toddlers that are going hungry behind closed doors? I can hardly bear to think about it. God I can’t wait for the day we rid ourselves of Westminster. They’re destroying millions of lives / the absolute fabric of society.

    405. ArtyHetty says:


      Did anyone else have the privelege, not, of having an Independent paper (FREE!) shoved through their letterbox by the postie this morning? The so called, ‘National newspaper if the year’!

      On the front, Scottish children go hungry at school, ‘Scottish Government blames London for devastating cuts’. Well the tone of that is just so so manipulative, blaming someone eles implies guilt! Oh those Scots blaming England again meme.

      It is just a tad worrying that this rag, with a huge piece on her mage, is being posted into people’s homes now, or am I the only victim? It will do for cat litter, but I thoroughly abhore this rag and all others like it. Now have to do a sign to put on the door, but it would be good to know if it was the post office being paid for this?

    406. Tam Jardine says:

      Don’t think this has been posted yet: leith walk by election yesterday:

      Marion DONALDSON (SLAB) 1623
      Mo HUSSAIN (lib dem)255
      Tom LAIRD (libertarian) 17
      Alan Gordon MELVILLE (UKIP)102
      Gordon MURDIE (Con) 501
      Susan Jane RAE (S Green) 1381
      Natalie REID (SSP) 97
      John Lewis RITCHIE (SNP)2290
      John Ferguson SCOTT (Ind) 26
      WHITEHEAD Bruce William (left unity) 32

      2 councillors duly elected, SNP and SLAB

    407. john king says:

      Will Podmore says
      “John King tells us “Britains got shit for brains.”
      So pleased to see this level of civility expressed. It sure ends all those notions that SNP supporters are above abusing their fellow-citizens.”


      Noo Aa ken how Niel Hay feels! 🙁

    408. Gary45% says:

      I would have thought referring to some UK citizens as having shit for brains would have been taken as a complement.( you kNOw who are).

      As far as state run media goes.
      It seems to be like the methadone programme.
      Keep the population under control, by drip feeding it daily sh*t.
      Don’t ask, Don’t think and do what we tell you, you are too wee and too stupid to survive without your masters control.
      Well nobody told me.
      UKOK,can FOFF

    409. Jack Murphy says:

      Nana Smith said at 9:46 am:-“Sure Murray will roll whichever way is beneficial to Murray”.
      The Guardian:- End of July:- Ian Murray backs Yvette Cooper saying the party needs it’s first female prime minister.
      “Asked whether Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-Trident stance would make him more appealing to Scottish voters,Murray replied with a degree of sarcasm that may infuriate older party members:-
      ‘I’ve got a problem with Jeremy.I think it’s about time the Labour party had a leader who is a pensioner………’ ” 🙁

      Rollover time Mr Murray!

    410. Petra says:

      @ Robert Peffers says at 1:07 pm ”Anyone who participates/watches that rubbish does have shit for brains. I don’t care if they’re from John o’Groats or Jersey. Nothing to do with the SNP you dummkopf.”

      Another great post Robert. So insightful and also gave me a much needed laugh.

    411. Tinto Chiel says:

      Rather depressing, Tam, that as many as 1623 people voted SLAB. Perhaps the Corbyn Effect? It certainly couldn’t have been the Angry Murray Effect.

      O/T but it’s a long thread: could any kind soul (perhaps Brian DTT) provide me with a link to “Ananingananeanaw”, that paean to the “peh”? I’ve lost it and can’t live without it.

    412. CameornB Brodie says:

      Will Podmore
      Your understanding of the human condition and the circumstances surrounding it appears virtually non-existent, your logic is tortured and your argument week.

      Why do you keep coming back? Is someones paying you to muddy the waters?

    413. Robert Peffers says:

      @Petra says: 11 September, 2015 at 1:33 pm:

      “Another great post Robert. So insightful and also gave me a much needed laugh.”

      We aim to please, Petra.
      Seriously, though, I’m not joking when I say this. I spent all my working life involved in electronics even before the general public knew what the term meant. I worked on computers when they were top secret and built into very large aircraft hanger type buildings.

      So I have a fairly sophisticated home, (hard wired), network of TVs, computers and audio/video/photographic gear all working together. I’d get up of a morning and check out what was available as entertainment that day.

      Then I realised, that in spite of the hundreds of TV channels available on air, I was hardly ever able to find reasonably interesting programmes to watch on the free to air channels. My viewing had become news only and I now found that was being manipulated by the establishment.

      I had become much more reliant upon such as Reuter’s News Agency for news. I then didn’t bother to renew my free TV licence as I wasn’t watching live TV. Then the thought occurred, Why are the BBC so intent upon having me watch their output after I told them I didn’t watch live TV.

      It was obvious they were more interested in brainwashing me than entertaining and informing me. I had to threaten them with legal action to stop the torrent of threatening letters attempting to force me to accept their output. Yet around a year after being assured I would get no further bother the torrent has begun again.

      I assume the BBC have something they are reluctant to let us know. I wonder what the figures they refuse to show actually are? Can it be the BBC is in much more trouble than they are ready to own up to?

    414. CameronB Brodie says:

      Re. the BBC’s use of harrowing images as an aid to sell ‘liberal intervention’. I hope folk are aware that the BBC has been caught using images of Iraqi atrocities to portray Assad as the Devil. A blatant WARCRIME, IMO.

    415. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      BTW: the complete phrase is,

      “Twa bridies – a plehn ane, an’ an ingin ane an’ a’.”

      I’ve never come across an onion pie…

    416. CameronB Brodie says:

      Will Podmore
      Your political ideology emerged as a socioeconomic philosophy, before any of the ‘mind-sciences’ had been invented. As such, your outlook is ill-informed and your opinion misguided.

      You’re out of your depth here, comrade.

    417. Will Podmore says:

      Cameron writes, “Your understanding of the human condition and the circumstances surrounding it appears virtually non-existent, your logic is tortured and your argument week.
      Why do you keep coming back? Is someones paying you to muddy the waters?”
      Abuse is the last refuge of the loser.
      No Cameron, ‘someones’ is not paying me – why do you assume – without evidence – that those who disagree with you are paid agents?

    418. Robert Peffers says:

      @CameronB Brodie says: 11 September, 2015 at 2:19 pm:

      ” … I hope folk are aware that the BBC has been caught using images of Iraqi atrocities to portray Assad as the Devil. A blatant WARCRIME, IMO.”

      This propaganda thing has always been the role of the BBC. In the beginning, it has to be acknowledged any government making broadcasting a state funded operation has more than a passing interest in manipulating both the public broadcaster and the population the broadcaster wishes to serve.

      If more evidence is required then consider this – the Establishment not only funded the early broadcasters but licenced and controlled both them and the audience they aimed to serve. A free, not state controlled broadcaster, has to have a motive to broadcast. Note that there are two forms of broadcasting.

      The first is purely communication and this is best done in a two way manner. These include public services such as fire, police, medical and other disaster rescue services. There are, of course, the one-way services such as shipping and inshore weather services. These services may be provided by a government or on a private, for profit, basis.

      The second form is public entertainment and in the early days of broadcasting public entertainment was most certainly on a for profit basis. So why would a government fund public entertainment? The early, “Wireless”, began to erode the entertainment industries and remember, “Video killed the Radio Stars”, of their day.

      Yet the Establishment conned both the providers of entertainment and the audiences of that entertainment into funding the BBC and they prevented free enterprise from getting, if you pardon the pun, “getting in on the act”.

      Why did they not allow free enterprise sell their product to the public? After all, just about every other free country in the World let Radio & TV companies either sell subscriptions or else make programmes that were either sponsored by private business or allowed paid-for advertising breaks in their broadcasts. Hence the term, “Soap Operas”, for programmes mainly funded by the sellers of soaps and detergents. Ergo, the BBC has always been a state propaganda machine paid for by those being brainwashed.

    419. call me dave says:

      @Robert Peffers

      Same here. Another epistle from the BBC today. (That’s about seven now)
      They’re coming to take me away they say Ha Ha! Ha Ha!

      They are sending an investigation team to my home address.

      Aye right!

    420. Tinto Chiel says:

      Thanks, Brian DTT for the link. I feel better now. I didn’t realise it was a bridie and not a pie.

      I don’t suppose you pass it very often but Taylor’s in Strathaven do an amazing beef and mutton pie with or without ingans.

      Food of the Gods.

      Best wishes, Zeus.

    421. JBS says:

      And the unionist confusion continues. Maggie Vaughan the latest to be gulled by the new @historywoman on Twitter…

    422. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Tinto Chiel.

      And if you’re ever in Dundee, check out the steak and gravy pie from Scott Brothers in Nethergate, between Whitehall Street and Union Street.

      They are absolutely stapped full. I have one for lunch every Monday.

    423. Tinto Chiel says:

      Brian DTT: message received and understood. Will try to pay a visit when the Mighty ‘Well come to town, if Mrs TC allows. She worries about my snake-hips and cheese-cutter cheek bones.

      The Ladies, eh!

    424. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Oh, I don’t worry about ‘the ladies’ any more. They had their chance (both of them) and they blew it.

      I now soar above them, on Wings of steel.

      But I’m open to offers…


    425. crazycat says:

      @ Petra

      If you’re still reading this thread, I hope this link:

      will be of interest to you regarding Einstein’s support for astrology. (I should say that I agree with Albert!)

    426. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Tinto cheil, BDTT, if you fancy something other than pehs, how about mince…


    427. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Unfortunately, you can’t eat mince out of a bag…

      Oh, here’s the link fixed.

    428. Tinto Chiel says:

      Just noticed this. That’s a complete hoot. Thanks to you both, Alan and Brian. On its way to Scots exiles everywhere…

    429. Will Podmore says:

      If Einstein supported astrology, it just proves that he was not a consistent materialist in philosophy.
      Read James Randi’s books, which expose all sorts of charlatans, including astrologers.

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