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The voices of unity

Posted on September 22, 2014 by

Just a small sample.


“You were rumbled, you fucking traitors. Now shut up.”


“We are ALL BRITISH now!”


“The tears of the separatists are a joy to behold.”


“Hahahaha…back to being a region. England powers on!”
“You’re our bitches, our little tartan bitches.”

Trust us, readers, you don’t want to see our email or Twitter timeline.

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    1. 22 09 14 11:06

      The voices of unity | FreeScotland

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    1. Jim Thomson says:

      Was expected. Ho-hum.

    2. “good won over evil” (from the second box of quotes)

      Funnily enough, I don’t see it that way at all. I might well, however, have seen getting rid of Trident, child poverty, and the need for food banks, in those terms.

    3. Moreida Lord says:

      Salmond was sent homeward tae think again? WTF????

    4. Barry Blust says:

      Back in the ’60s the rednecks in the USA who supported the Vietnam war (and as it led to increasing fatalities) were know to say, ‘My country right, my country wrong… my country!’ Am I hearing a similar ignorance here in Scotland?

      Does Finlandization play any part?

    5. heedtracker says:

      Its hard to think of a more ghastly cluster fuck, certainly in Europe. The US has similar grotesque rage but its not half as bad as it is here. The top of teamGB is no different from the bottom and they protect each other too.

    6. jon doig says:

      Relax brother. delete as you receive.
      Get everyone you know to vote SNP in the coming election.
      This is just the beginning of the end of the union, they cannot oppose the cultural change in the voice of a generation.
      A majority of under 55s voted NO.

      Stay positive.

    7. Staunch says:

      Fuel for the fire.

      Watch this space you hateful “No’s”.

    8. Susan says:

      I could not read pass the 2nd comment. I would hate to think what vile they would write if they had lost the vote.

    9. bookie from hell says:

      labour party conference

      NHS in danger tory party

      amazing what a NO vote can do

    10. Macart says:

      Better together?

      Well done no voters.

      This is your union?

    11. Shirley says:

      This is just utter nonsense. And they wonder why they get their BT campaign a bad name. Let’s just hope for all their sakes that things work out well for them. They may think that they won, but once the government take action with their austerity cuts and ukip get even more votes in May, hell mend them! As a good friend quoted on the day after the referendum “to win without risk is to triumph without glory” Pierre Corneille.

    12. gillie says:

      Time is on our side. The NOs will simply die out in the next few years.

    13. Alistair says:

      We need to keep a very close eye on Westminster. It might appear that the politicians have gone back to business as usual but I can guarantee there are far more conversations going on about how to emasculate Scotland permanently rather than how to give Scotland more powers. We came so close. They are not sitting backhand basking in victory. They have all the power and they will be wielding it against us. We need to anticipate and prepare.

    14. Breastplate says:

      You can tell they really agonised over the pros and cons of the referendum question.

    15. desimond says:

      To be fair, winners get to gloat, it comes with the territory. So what? let them wallow in their self delusion and sense of oneupmanship.

      They think this is all over ( See what i did there?) whereas we all think its just started.

      Like a master sculptor, lets keep chipping away and gradually, the finished work of art will finally present itself.

    16. Wilma Watts/ memaw says:

      I have actually started writing, Scotlandshire, on my address.
      I am not taking down my Yes signs, they will be there until they rot or fade. My husband and I will wear our Yes badges to let youngsters know that we were not in this supposed massive group of over 65s that let Scotland down. Also the behaviour of the Loyalists thugs in Glasgow is despicable. Where have they been all this time? Why were they not out in force when the likes of J. Murphy turned up with his crate. Why are they so angry, they WON!

      BTW have you seen BBCSCOTLANDSHIRE’ s tweet using the 45 logo? Priceless, we still have our sense of humour.

    17. KT says:

      Isn’t it amazing that centuries can pass-by and the people of Scotland never seem to let go of independence? I can’t see anything changing.

      So, we we’re cheated out of this one, mostly by the media. But all of that media is there, for posterity, for all generations to regard and make-of what they will. the media didn’t serve Scotland on this occasion but it will for the next. Children have seen parents weep over this, can you imagine that?

      Yes, continue to send your poison tweets and send your gangs of Westminster thugs, in their panic, to Scotland, your gangs of Rangers/Unionist thugs to Glasgow – that’s not the way to make a nation proud to be a part of ‘Britishness’.

      Please continue to rub us up so. We’re not going away, not anytime.

    18. Bebe says:

      Bet the media won’t publish the union vile comments….too busy trying to discredit the YES voters, and NO we will NEVER give up the fight to be independent …. Proud of my allegiance

    19. Ken500 says:

      Scotland cheated out if it’s Independence by a bunch of interfering cowardly liars. The battle is no over yet. Just a slight pause. Soon they will be yesterday’s men. Vote YES. Alex Salmond for President. UK RIP.

    20. Valerie says:

      Anyone like me spending the last couple of weeks on Yes pages, and groups, news threads, will see this now as “normal”. The word went out down south, and we were infested with this, again, real Scottish No people were scarce and just bitter, negative, but the troll accounts were legion and vile. They may drag their knuckles, but they can operate their phones.

    21. nelliejean says:

      My husband reckons that, next time, the No campaign will be called “NO SURRENDER”. I’m starting to think he’s right.

    22. Cal says:

      Disgusting! The filthy underbelly of the Union. Bitter Together right enough.
      We lost because of the media. We need to do something about the media. Cancel TV licence. Don’t buy newspapers, don’t read them online unless via an link. Starve them of money. Sign the following petition to have power over BBC Scotland devolved to the Scottish parliament

    23. Swami Backverandah says:

      They’re ignorant of the fact that what they’ve actually done is played into the hands of the Westminster corporates.
      If they didn’t wake up now to the 1% and their propaganda machine, like the one dispatched to Scotland to make it bow down, they will one day.
      Let them crow.
      Their victory is pyrrhic.

    24. crisiscult says:

      so I hope this is inspiring you to carry on Rev: it’s certainly motivating me even more. More than happy to chip in to fund your site, but please make sure you’ve got yourself covered e.g. internet provider can’t be taken down by British state (they could claim you are inciting hatred, or just do it surreptitiously), and other personal stuff – network of close supporters/a team that will watch your back and help with your work.

    25. Batman says:

      Seems like they are a wee bit pissed off, especially poor Gavin. Shouldn’t give them the satisfaction of seeing their names on here though, it makes me feel dirty reading it lol

    26. Macart says:


      No they won’t. Just like they didn’t during the entire campaign, but happily the internet and social media is a wonderful place for spreading the wordage of the emotionally challenged folk above the line and it would seem like a waste not to let their words be seen by as many as possible don’t you think? 😉

    27. Katherine hamilton says:

      Sorry you’re getting that shit son. True colours indeed. We will rise above this. As others have said we’re not going away anytime soon.

    28. goldenayr says:


      They’re still worried and so they should be.

      Right guys,ready for Plan B?

      Time to get behind the new campaign.

    29. my neighbour sang Rule Brittania at me yesterday. One of the pensioners who’ve robbed the children of Scotland of a new country. Nice. Not. Reconciliation ? No

    30. fred blogger says:

      being fair minded visionaries, when up against highly corrupt state machinery, does have it’s short term disadvantages.
      we know that victory in the vote belongs to us, and truth.
      we won all of the arguments.
      those arguments are still valid, and everyday we are being proved correct in those arguments.
      our senses told us we are in the majority, we still are, because we are not going home.
      the fight for social justice continues, 100% unabated.

    31. schrodingers cat says:

      does anyone have a copy of this socalled time table? i cant find it online

      and a text of the vow please

    32. bookie from hell says:

      2.15pm: Scottish report, with speeches from Johann Lamont, the Scottish Labour leader, and Margaret Curran, the shadow Scottish secretary.

      should be a fun watch

    33. Greannach says:

      They sound more worried than anything else to me. Theey must know what’s around the corner.

    34. Chin up Stu … my badges are still on and today a teenager came up to me in the street and gave me a hug “For fighting for my future”

      They are NEVER coming off till those kids can govern themselves.

    35. Gav Bain says:

      Is this what “Better Together” looks like?

    36. Les Swanson says:

      Using my real name now (AberdeenLoon has gone). Everybody in my local now more defiant..We will keep on doing this. Got over the hurt stage now entering the angry stage.

    37. cynical lowlander says:

      @ cat

      Write to your MP using
      http://www.write to

      They should be able to find out for you.

    38. Dorothy Devine says:

      I was so depressed and angry that I wrote a little blank verse , I apologise in advance for any offence.

      Fuck it – it’s only Scotland.

      They voted NO
      The stupid the selfish ,the greedy , the liars
      But fuckit – it’s only Scotland.

      They voted YES
      For Trident ,its big brother and to pollute the Firth of Clyde further
      But fuckit- it’s only Scotland.

      They voted YES
      For to pay through the nose for health and education
      But fuckit – it’s only Scotland

      They voted YES
      To cretinous promises never to be fulfilled
      But fuckit – it’s only Scotland

      They voted YES
      To the sneers of the BBBC, and the Scottish media
      But fuckit – it’s only Scotland

      They voted YES
      To tugging the forelock to their masters
      But fuckit – it’s only Scotland.

      They voted YES
      To believing they’re too wee ,too poor and too stupid
      But fuckit – it’s only Scotland
      And as they see their children and grandchildren emigrate in droves
      They’ll say fuckit – it’s only Scotland.


    39. Nana Smith says:

      Aye we’ve rattled their cages and shown up the ugliness within.

    40. Luigi says:

      During my first 24 hours of utter despair, I was planning to throw away all my YES posters and stickers. Until some unionist pillock came on the TV, saying it was all over now, we should all get back together, take down our signs and come back together. Kiss and make up. In other words, return to the back of the bus and eat your cereal.

      My young daughter led the way in my house, steadfastly refusing to remove her YES badge from her car.

      My signs are now going back up and my badge is going back on – I wasn’t on the winning side this time, but I was on the right side.

      I feel no shame for the shameful deeds of others.

      If the “silent majority” are happy to go to the back of the bus, then good luck to them. Not the 45.

      YES will remain visible.

      The dream will never die.

    41. heedtracker says: England’s such an odd country. This is the worst yet from nice progressive liberal’s that lied to and insulted Scotland for quite a long time. Why is the Saltire dress even the same size or not in flames and why is the English lady’s hand not checking out the Scot’s wallet and on it goes.

      The English UKOK media did everything they could to destroy Scottish democracy 2014 but they did a lot more harm than just that.

    42. Morag says:

      Ironically, one of the things we were discussing in our village Yes/WFI group was the need to reach out to our No-voting neighbours if it was a Yes win. To reassure them that we all had Scotland’s best interests at heart, that the scare stories were just that, and that we bore no ill will to them.

      Now look.

    43. Graeme Doig says:

      Could only be expected. We set ourselves up and have now been shafted by proud scot but’s.

      We’re a laughing stock the world over and if i hear of any ‘no’ voter claiming to be Scottish or any of these pathetic 90 minute patriots i’ll not miss them and hit the wall.

      Still angry!

    44. David says:

      Can i ask what this is achieving?

      All you do by reading this (and posting it) is opening your mind to negativity.

      All it does is fog the mind when now of all times we need clear heads.

      There are assholes everywhere and in every country/ethnicity. Who cares?

      Our biggest rallying call is clear headed factual argument backed up by a continuing eroding of quality of life for the people.

      Forget those poor sad people in those posts, they are pathetic.

    45. Fiona says:

      Rev Stu,

      Isn’t it amazing how brave all these heroes are now that the vote is over? Isn’t it inspiring to see their hatred displayed, and their magnanimity in victory. I am sure that all of those who voted NO are proud to be associated with such stuff.

      You put yourself in the line of fire for what you believe: where were they?

      I am so sorry you have to be subjected to that, but it surely can’t surprise you. It has to hurt, for hatred always does, no matter how predictable. But it is the measure of how important you are to this campaign.

      Please do not let this get you down. They are truly beneath contempt

    46. Ken Clark says:

      I for one hope this isn’t the last post for Wings and co. How much of the 45% can be attributed to this site and others is impossible to say, but I firmly believe a substantial number voted YES after reading articles here.

      Perhaps you should include some of your twitter and email comments Stuart. My partner and I witnessed some of the ugliness of the NO side when Orange Order marchers passed us on the way to the rally in Edinburgh. The hatred was palpable, and they had no hesitation in aggressively intimidating anyone in their path. Even some female pensioners at a bus stop were legitimate targets for a glaring rendition of their battle songs.

      You’ve just got to love the feelings our Better Together union engenders in many of it’s supporters.

      We’re still with you Stuart. The “45”.

    47. Murray McCallum says:

      The 55% Proud Scots but dependent are a sorry bunch of $%£&ers. They add nothing to anything but want everything.

    48. JimnArlene says:

      Narrow minded imbeciles, they may crow and gloate now, but when the Westminster cuts slash at their standard of living and the empty promises are shown for what they are, some will realise they were wrong.
      Others sadly, will remain deluded, dreaming of a glorious equal union, that never was.

    49. Alan McHarg says:

      Share this far and wide. Let the “englands bitches” know their value in this union of theirs. Yes the 45

    50. Jim Thomson says:

      @Morag 10:50am

      Simply show them the bile and ask if that’s who they support.

    51. Training Day says:

      You know, I think members of Labour’s shadow cabinet should really act with more decorum than they’ve shown in these messages.

    52. David says:

      Reading this achieves nothing.

      Exposing your mind to this kind of mindlessness does nothing for you.

      Clear thinking is whats needed and reading that crap doesnt do anything to achieve this.

    53. Ghillie Mackay says:

      So, please explain to me why we would want to stay united to that?

    54. schrodingers cat says:

      snp 14,358 new members in 3 days

    55. James Dow says:

      On the elderly vote. If you are cognisant enough to react to spin and propaganda, then you should also be cognisant enough to bother verifying the truth or otherwise. They were nimble enough to mobilise like a great army to get to the polls to protect what they thought was their vested interest. Bugger you Scotland it’s about ME. You young people have your whole life to get over it.

    56. George Kerr says:

      We can fight back. We have to hit the finance powerbrokers where it hurts. Nobody who supports Yes should leave a single penny in RBS, an organisation owned by Westminster and which threatened to move its registered office from Edinburgh and now graciously says it will stay. I have accounts and ISAs with RBS which I will transfer to a wholly Scottish bank – Airdrie Savings which is fully protected under the compensation scheme. Still spread your risk of course so any investments over and above £85K could go to Santander who kept out of the discussion. Leaving money in a Westminster owned bank is just crazy after their part in persuading a no vote.

    57. heedtracker says:

      In the build-up to Thursday’s referendum, Mr Phillips retweeted a message which read: “Government spend per head under the Barnett Formula: Northern Ireland £9,385, Scotland £8,623, Wales £8,139, England £7,121. #indyref.”

      Austerity teamGB comes to poorest Scots but as it does hit them the hardest and it will, NO vote Scotland will still demand their “freebies” as Trident 2 arrives in Faslane. We lost so much last Thursday night.

    58. fionan says:

      Big hug from me Stuart – must be so frustrating and horrible for you, but don’t let them get to you, they are trying to provoke the type of reaction that will give the msm something to jump on with their usual glee, to discredit you and all those of us who follow your site.

      Rest assured you have the support of probably close to 1.5 million people who have read the wbb or visited your site. Revenge is a dish best served cold, or as a very wise Irishman mentor once said to me, don’t waste energy trying to get even, just bide your time, even if it takes years, and when they are close enough, shaft’em!

    59. Macart says:

      1.6 million people no longer buying newspapers or buying into hate mongering titles would help. 🙂

    60. Kevin evans says:

      Not surprised by English making they comments but scots saying that kind of thing is just beyond my thinking.

      My polling booth was right next to a lodge covered in union jacks manned by skinheads and lodge members slowly getting more drunk as the day went on. They were all very interested how ya intended to vote. Unless your answer was “no” they would make sure they let ya know it was there business how ya intended to vote.

      That was ibrox in Glasgow though – unionist heartland.

    61. Doreen Milne says:

      Dear Rev.,

      I too have been subjected to an outpouring of rage from those that voted NO or are in England. I’m stumped as to their motivation. We did not foment any anti-English feeling, the Referendum was all about OUR country not theirs. However, I’m pleased that their rage/gloating is only serving to fuel people to move forward in gaining Independence in the future.
      Stay positive, Rev, you have been a beacon of sense in all the misinformation and bias. We still need your wisdom. x

    62. Alex Clark says:

      We need to make all the political parties that supported Yes a stronger force. Do what many thousands have already done and join the party closest to your beliefs.

      Taking my sons lead I’ve joined the SSP, not with an eye on the next opportunity of a referendum but in order to defeat Labour and take them on with every single issue.

    63. desimond says:

      @bookie from hell

      Only way you could get me to watch that would be similar to brainwashing scene for Malcolm McDowall in A Clockwork Orange. Prepare the eye drops!

    64. fred blogger says:

      just exactly what voter groups, did the invasion, on pay and expenses, horde of WM mp’s target?

    65. Roughian says:

      Like the touch of showing their email and ISP address.
      With your IT skills can you forward these all and more to Brown/Darling/Cameron etc. Better Together thats a laugh.
      If by looking at the email address you could see they had used an employers account perhaps they have committed an act of gross miss conduct and might be dismissed. Oh dear, what a pity, never mind!!!
      Ian Findlay is an example is the University of Bolton.

    66. slackshoe says:

      I wouldn’t have posted this. We know there’s arseholes who are taking great pleasure in rubbing it in. Don’t give them the attention they desperately crave.

    67. goldenayr says:

      Just bought a badge maker.

      Time to start making badges.Thought this would be best.

      “We are the 45”

    68. Jim says:

      Can I suggest you all bite your lips and get on the BBC HYS and show your support for an English parliament.
      After all we cannot support Independence for our own country and deny it of others.
      The cat is getting skinned again folks, show your support.;-)

    69. Ken500 says:

      Thanks for all you have done Stu, and are going to do in the future. You are a hero. Your wish is our command.

      How about a Marching Rally in Edinburgh? With over a million people.

    70. heedtracker says: When they thought it was all over

      “For their part, a majority of Scots would have achieved what they wanted — while the English, Welsh and Northern Irish would be able to pursue a shared destiny unencumbered by a heavy financial subsidy to Scotland.”

    71. stuckinoz says:

      Events over the last week have me feeling increasingly that the two most important things to lay the groundwork for future success are

      1. Unbiased daily newspaper and TV news channel. By unbiased I don’t mean pro independence, I mean willing to show journalistic integrity that was sadly lacking from almost all sources during the referendum. This would hopefully earn the respect of people over a number of years and put these papers/news stations in prime position to get the truth out there in any future referendum

      2. The sectarian nonsense has to be challenged as it is a blight on Scotland. This will be hugely unpopular with sections of society but its simply not acceptable to have organizations of hate in a forward thinking Scotland. Tackling this had on would mean shot term pain for long term gain and break up their ability to mobilize this section of the no vote.

      Both of these are possibly unachievable but it has the potential to bring about conditions conducive to a yes vote, or at the very least a better Scotland

    72. Now's the Hour says:

      Those ‘Better Together’ comments strike me as the last gloatings of a very worried group of people. They have no arguments – and know it – so they just play the ya-boo-sucks-we-won card. Perhaps they think we care? Perhaps they are oblivious to the fact that nearly half the Scottish electorate voted to dissolve their beloved union? Let them enjoy their puerile ranting. Let them share their glory with the scum who infested George Square and its environs on Friday night. We know that the future is ours. And so do they.

    73. Luigi says:

      Those cowardly, unionist retards are a tiny minority. They are only acting tough now, because they think we are beaten. Where were they during the campaign?

      If we stand strong and united, and show them our massive independence movement is here to stay, they will soon slink back into the filth and the shadows from whence they came. It will be scary but have courage – there are 1.6 million of us. That’s the equivalent of three Glasgows!

    74. Kevin evans says:

      Just remember tho – there are no’s who done think that way too.

    75. desimond says:


      Lets not go anywhere near this “Perhaps call their work” approach please.
      Its been discussed many times on here in the past and always sits uneasy with me. I for one like how we face idiots down with facts rather than making calls to HR Depts.

    76. Martin Wood says:

      To be honest I thought it would take them longer….

      Within 6 hours Tory MP’s and the English based media were complaining about the “£1600 extra” we get and that it needs “looked at”.
      I may have given them too much credit about the length of time before they started jumping up and down on us….

      …but this morning….

      … on UBC Scotland radio….

      we had an English LABOUR MP making the same comment about how unfair it was that we get “£1600 more” than England and it needs “looked at”.
      I have taken the time personally to point this out to some No voters I know.

      How it equates to a £4.5bn cut in the Scottish economy when it goes..
      equivalent to no free prescriptions..
      no free tuition fees…
      no free bus passes…
      and still leave a big enough whole to get a 1/3 off the NHS in Scotland..

      I attempt to lift the worried looks on their faces with the reassurances…

      It’s OK I say…. our new tax RAISING powers will ensure we pay for it twice…we’ll just need to pay about £1000 more in taxes here in Scotland just to maintain the current levels… probably more due to the unemployment figures…
      improvements will need more tax…

      alongside Labour’s new proposed child benefit cuts it will be a breeze for the disadvantaged…

      I have admittedly rounded of with the jolly rejoinder asking them if they are comfortable cozying up to the “uber” Loyal demonstrators so eloquently expressing their joy at a no vote in George Square at the weekend.

      finding it hard to forgive them…. for they know not what they have done.

    77. Doug Daniel says:

      Gavin King from is rather persistent, isn’t he?

    78. yesindyref2 says:

      See if this works for the gravatar.

      So, they’re gloating and still bitter. That’s good news. Now the 55% don’t have to worry about the YES vote any more, they can sit back and see who they voted NO with, the company they keep.

      Perhaps some of the NOes will turn other NOes back to undecided. For the next time.

      I registered yesindyref first and realised that was dumb – we had indy ref 1, it’s indy ref 2 we’re working towards getting and winning. Time to retire dadsarmy I think, and move on.

    79. AuldA says:

      Mind you. I am French, so I normally shouldn’t give a hoot. But no, I am a huge yes supporter (even considering joining the SNP). Just to let you know that they are people, even outside Britain, who staunchly care and cherish the idea of an independent Scotland whose society would be based on solidarity and justice.

    80. mogabee says:

      Is that really Rob Murray Brown from BTnawthanks? Always thought he was a nice guy, NOT.

      We won the arguments..and they have none…poor souls!

      I have not taken down a single poster, sticker or badge and don’t intend to give up…nosiree.

    81. Macca73 says:

      This isn’t over .. not by a long chalk!

      Starting top down is one thing and attacking those companies that shamed themselves by listening to Westminster lies to fit it’s own ends is one thing. My main focus of interest is those 40 or so MP’s that Labour have sat in seats in Scotland. I want every single one of them ousted and replaced. Let’s see the likes of Jim Murphy without a seat try and be a “Hero of the Union” when he represents nobody. Time to go to work!!

    82. Derick Lamond says:

      Totally unsurprised by moronic comments. Now we’re seeing them getting all shouty and pointy about #the45 on fb and twitter.

      They expected us to go back in our box and shut up. The fact that we haven’t has left the naws with a problem: while they’ve disintegrated into their normal factional fighting along party lines, we have stayed unified in belief.

      We’ve not slunk off into hiding, and we have re-grouped in a fraction of the time I even thought possible. They weren’t expecting that, and their insults ring hollow. Certainly a few on fb, some also display almost a degree of hysteria that ‘we beat you, so why are you not going away?’.

      To them I reply, “We are not going away, and our numbers will continue to grow”.

    83. Dr Jim says:

      Perhaps it may be time to take civilised action on things like the outlawing of racist and religiously bigoted organisations like the Orange Order or football clubs who’s culture is to promote the same either side of the divide
      ie; ever seen any Black or Asian faces in THE O.O.or indeed many Chinese supporters in these particular football clubs
      Beware what you think are your rights Better Together people,we can vote you out pretty easily i would think,and the elderly, bewildered and frightened wont help you next time

    84. Albalha says:

      The irony, the irony, D Alexander on his feet at the Labour’s get together in Manchester has just talked about we don’t need ‘narrow Nationalism, re the vote.

      Let’s make sure they’re voted out in Scotland next year, once and for all.

    85. HandandShrimp says:

      These people and comments are already irrelevant. The political mood in Scotland is rapidly changing and there are going to be unsettling times ahead for the No camp. I predict that it might be hard to find people who are proud they voted No in a year or two…just like it was hard to find people that admitted to voting Tory after Thatcher.

    86. Robert Peffers says:

      Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!
      Big Ben’s hands move on over the Westminster de facto Parliamnet of England but I’m for independance and I’m not going away.
      Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!

    87. ronnie anderson says:

      I like that Rob Murray Brown tweet ( what happened to the £130k )

      We spent it on Crisps n Irn Bru how else could we be online

      night & day. gie,s a bob(5p) BoB fur our next crowd fund.Oh ah

      furcoat the ButterScotch sweeties.

    88. frankieboy says:

      I was getting the same shit today. He is a Scottish unionist. Calls it ‘banter’.

    89. fred blogger says:

      i would endorse a YES 4 indy political party.
      there is also a dire need for a scottish socialist trades union movement.

    90. Neil Mackenzie says:

      Everyone has 2020 hindsight and we might like to remind people of that in 2020 which is the next possibility for another referendum.

    91. Mae Carson says:

      Hi everyone just joining in previously only a reader, but many will know me from twitter, Guardian and NNS as Mae Carson or Maisiedotts.

      I’m still pretty stunned, angry, frustrated (but never demoralised) by the result of the referendum. Hugely dismayed by the scenes of violent BritNat ‘glorification’ of the Union in Geo Sq which followed. This type of person we will never win over and frankly we wouldn’t want to.

      Labour (in Scotland) however is a different matter and it is very satisfying to see the numbers of genuine socialists leaving them to join SNP, ScotGP and SSP rising substantially.

      The greed, self serving and participation in the downfall of democracy in Scotland by the “people’s party” and scenes of partying after the result will stick in most people’s craw for many years.

      My abiding memory will be of the 102 year old WW2 veteran who had waited all his life for the chance to vote for Independence. Inspirational!

      I’m here, I’m staying, my efforts and vote will always be for Scotland’s benefit. Together we will prevail, perhaps as a YES alliance of parties? Westminster and the UK gov (plc) are a corporate entity facing a revolution without bullets, one they do not understand and will have difficulty countering … provided we stay united!

      Onwards and upwards, this thing ain’t over until Jackie Baillie sings, which can’t be far away!

      Good luck to us all.

    92. Stevie says:

      We’ve started our reorganisation and we’re aiming for INDYREF2 – don’t know wtf they’re on aboutn, we’re all up for it and we’e all up from it frrom an established grassrooots army. We don’t tire, we don’t give up and we’ll win.

      So BritNats – we’re breaking this union and get used to it.

      I will add what a scummy lot they are and the stole the referendum result via the postal vote system (it was an open fraud door and to be expected).


    93. HandandShrimp says:

      Danny Alexander doesn’t want narrow nationalism…he wants rotund union flag waistcoat John Bull nationalism.

    94. fishwifie says:

      Scan, sigh and bin ’em. Can’t afford to waste time on these. Better things to do. We all know the type of folk out there, and you won’t be hearing from the decent naws (yes there are some). Sorry Rev that you are on receiving end but it’s kind of a perverted compliment reflecting your impact.

    95. heedtracker says:

      Both my Slovene girlfriend and Prof Tomkins are ecstatic with joy at winning for the UK and for England. Its CiF reams of NO you separatist scum but its still interesting, not merely for the CiF fraud he tries on and the savaging Scottish democracy/SNP at any level, especially and obviously legally and all of which can be argued legitimately.

      But Tomkins did always have a point about how large a majority it seems to take for smaller countries to secede from much larger ones, like England.

      Ofcourse dudes like the Prof are merely English Britnat conservatives that deeply despise Scotland but we all have to come to terms with the fact that the middle class of Scotland really are not yet ready to say Yes. They may want to but its going to take patience and good government to convince them.

      If Lamont gets back in, what will they do to show us what we’re capable of.

    96. Pin says:

      Meh. Quietly chuffed they got another Proud Scot mention in there. I was going to miss that bunch 🙂

    97. r baxter says:

      YES 45 pensioner a genuine scot until my sell by date.

    98. scotsbob says:

      If I had allowed the media to manipulate me and frighten me into voting no, I wouldn’t be boasting about it.

    99. Haggis Hunter says:

      TV License Direct debit payment cancelled.
      Fekk them

    100. Dave says:

      Stu, I wrote to you but now I’m worried you may not have got it in all the hate mail. The short of it: don’t go please, we need you, I’ll contribute again to the next fund raiser.

    101. Robbie64 says:

      I`m proud to be called a ("Tractor" - Ed) – because to the union I am.
      to me they are ("Tractor" - Ed)s to scotland
      Remember – its about perspective – if is the worst they can manage, then, we can and have risen above this before.

      To the rev stu please don`t give up – i`ve been in this game over 40 years and have had years of defeats (my dad over 70 years of campaigning). We were laughted at and derided in the beginning, now they are scared, our time will come again. I felt like quiting on Friday and leaving Scotland for ever, but thats not a solution its running away from the problem(s)

    102. Camy says:

      We’ll never win over these types – We have to put forward a case to get the switherers / DK’s that would be prepared to listen to a reasoned argument.

      Don’t Raise Your Voice – Raise Your Argument

    103. Greannach says:

      Bizarre that someone from the travel company would use their work email to send such stuff. I know who I won’t be recommending to tourists.

    104. Sally Aitken says:

      I can’t believe the person who said ‘I don’t want any more powers’. This has been the hardest thing about this section of no voters who think like that, that I can’t understand. They say they care about Scotland but are blind to see what the political heads are doing to them. Have they ever visited England, Wales or Northern Ireland the union that they love so much? If they do fair enough but if they’ve never been then why are they bleating on about it as if they care so much about them? They also speak about the Yes voters as if we’re anti England, Wales and Northern Ireland and the amount of times I’ve had to say ‘we’re not’! Westminster are going to make sure Scotland goes to the dogs, cutting our budget more and more to suit themselves. I wonder if this person who doesn’t care about the powers Scotland has will be thinking that when it starts hitting him in the pocket or when his children don’t have the opportunity to go to university as the costs will be around 40k or his benefits are cut because our budgets cut or if he’s ill and it takes forever to get an appointment because he can’t afford to pay for private healthcare. These might not be situations facing us right this minute but give it 4 years and they will. It’s such a shame that some people only think within a box and they can’t see the bigger picture for all the people that live in Scotland.

    105. fred blogger says:

      with lines like; “A spokesman for the Scottish Green Party said he was encouraged by the increased interest in the political process but called for a greater unity in Scotland.
      He said: “We encourage constructive activism at all levels but now is the time to reach out and move on in the best interests of the country.
      “We have always said Scotland will be what we make of it and what we don’t want is divisions among the people.” which has just created division, the greens will not get my vote.

    106. yerkitbreeks says:

      As this was about social justice, the reactions from those that won’t benefit are entirely predictable.

      The gloating of the toffs at the other end of the scale is there but too subtle to get on the media.

    107. Ramona says:

      Let them have their short time of satisfaction, and it will be short. On the 19th I was heartbroken, and cried the most of the day. On the 20th, I remember my old grunnie, saying ‘there is more than one way to skin a cat’, many on social media thinking the same. That night tried to join SNP, site down as it could not cope with volume of people wanting to sign up. On the 21st, signed up to SNP and various other groups, but this time I’m raring for a fight. By night time, read and digested so much information, my head hurts. Today 22nd, have more fight in me than I had before the vote, which I did not believe possible. So Westminster and bigots of England enjoy your wee piece of success! Westminster is running scared already, you surely didn’t think we would quietly lie down again!

    108. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Just broke the habit of a lifetime and joined a political party; the SNP of course.

    109. Paul Williams says:

      Folks, I would make sure this is spread as far and as widely as possible. A lot of people who voted No will be equally disgusted by this sort of thing so it is only going to help you. Show the No voters what they really voted for!

    110. HandandShrimp says:


      Spot on, if someone calls me a ("Tractor" - Ed) I just smile and shrug. I simply don’t care because I don’t think of myself as British. The fact that Nay Sayers foam at the foam at being called ("Tractor" - Ed)s to Scotland is because they know they are and it hurts, whereas a Britnat like Prof Tomkins no doubt smiles and shrugs at the ("Tractor" - Ed) jibe because it means no more to him than it does to us.

    111. Kaspar says:

      The ip address which is given on these comments can give an indication of where these comments come from.
      I believe the Gavin King ip address originates from Paisley

    112. Capella says:

      These are deeply disturbed, unpleasant people just like the fascists who stood in George Square, draped in Union Jacks , making nazi salutes. The MSM turns a blind eye because they know that their fellow travellers are even more toxic than the political wing of the Unionists.
      What is interesting is how much they have been forced out into the open during this campaign. We now see the BBC, and right wing press as enforcers of state power. We can now see that the Westminster political elite are just managers for the corporations.
      Let’s ignore these moral bankrupts and keep on building the kind of Scotland we want to see.
      You are in the front line, just as Alex and Nicola & Co are. So sorry that you will be targeted by this bile but hope you can delete and ignore.
      If you haven’t seen Alex’s speech to his Constituency Association yesterday then take heart from the fact that he is in sparkling form, the SNP membership is soaring and they are at 49.2% in the polls for 2015 GE.

    113. Luigi says:

      The glass is not 55% empty, it is 45% full!

      When the referendum date was announced two years ago, I quietly thought that it was way too soon. People were just getting used to voting SNP en masse. The next step was too massive. Understandably, the SG had been give a majority mandate and had no choice but to go for it.

      Despite all the media bias, corporate power and BT lies ranged against it , YES Scotland made a real go of it, and almost made it over the line. It took a panic change of course and a Labour party vow to save the union. This is about to haunt them big time. To go from 30% to 45% in favour of independence in the space of two years is a stupendous achievement. We need to now consolidate that 45% support into hard support as we move forward. BT have actually helped in this respect with their blatant lies and promises – 45% of the population is severely pissed and may exact terrible revenge, especially on the Labour party that betrayed them.

      The referendum was a bridge too far this time, but we have made fantastic gains. We will bide our time, grow stronger, and strike back when the time is right. The people of Scotland are not quite ready for full independence yet, but they will be soon enough. And when that happens, no corporate power, no Westminster legislation, no dirty tricks, no media bias will be able to stop it happening.

      The establishment is panicking. We walked boldly up the garden path and knocked on the door of independence. Next time we will kick it in.

    114. I'veNeverSeenBraveheart says:

      Can we please stop with the demonising of certain demographics?

      The only people I personally know who were No voters were people in my age group – mid 30s/40s, with a nice house, job etc, and they didn’t see the need for change nor want any upheaval. I don’t know how we connect with or persuade these people, but anecdotally from FB at least, a lot of them were the “silent majority” – they didn’t speak out on FB until after the result, and they seem to think we are the intimidating bullies with all this talk of “The 45” and not accepting defeat etc 🙁

      My dad is 88- he started as a No, believing we couldn’t afford it, but eventually was convinced of a Yes. My mother was the same, although still wary and unsure. However, my 2 siblings were in the group of No voters described above, one of them had a letter from her employer stating their work depended on UK govt contracts, therefore she was worried about her job. My mum in the end did not vote – she said the decision wasn’t for her but for the next generation, but as her children were divided about it, she decided it was best not to take sides. I think if my sister had not had her job threatened, my mum would have been a Yes. Maybe a lot of those who did not vote fell into the same category as my mum?

      I’m hoping we can keep this momentum up, but we need to be mindful of the no doubt spin of Labour in the run up to the GE, and forgetful or gullible people who will buy the “you need to vote Labour, not SNP, or risk letting the Tories in” line. People really aren’t that stupid, are they?! 🙁

    115. heedtracker says: In God we trust. I mind their moderator boss being extremely nasty about cybernats too. So there they stand shaking hands in a church portal triumphant, rich, powerful, our establishment.

      See they’re lashing out a few billion on a dozen or so of these bad boys.

      Amen and thank you oh God for letting the right side win.

    116. David Stevenson says:

      Internet hard men can be ignored. Street violence is a different and real manifestation. Did any of the papers give coverage to Friday’s events in Glasgow? Wonder how it compared to Jim Murphy’s egging.

    117. George Minty says:

      Cast your mind back to the loyalist furore over curbs to excessive use of the British flag on Belfast City Council. It’s the same hatred we saw in George Square fueled by a deepseated realisation that demographics will sweep away any electoral advantage they gain through support from an ageing
      group of voters

    118. desimond says:

      “At a time when the public services that pensioners rely on are under such pressure, we will stop paying the winter fuel allowance to the richest 5% of pensioners.” – Balls.

      Im sure the No voting pensioners wont even notice.

    119. Ian Brotherhood says:

      SSP meeting ‘What Next For Scotland’ tomorrow evening, 7.30, Turf Bar, High St, Irvine. Richie Venton will be speaking.

    120. Callum says:

      O/T Anyone got any ideas as to what the strategy that the Daily Express (and other unionist papers are referring to) with headlines like “Scotland will go independent anyway”

      All I could think of was:

      1: a legal challenge to the edinburgh agreement based on purdah rules being breached

      2: a legal challenge based on the spending rules being broken

      3: a long term game to flood westminster with SNP/Green/Radical MP’s and force a coalition – although, perhaps the English devolution will be designed to stop this? the YES campaign has shown that the Pro-indy parties can work together.

      4: a massive majority at the next holyrude MSP elections and declare UDI? again seems like the chance has been blown because of the referendum result.

      5: A second referendum; based on failure to deliver the pledge on the allotted timetable. this time, having a much more plausible story on currency and the EU. i.e. agree these things up front; just say we will use typeX sterlingisation with an exit from pegging in 10 years.

    121. heedtracker says:

      Gavin King @ Assistant seems nice:D

    122. Tamson says:

      The most important thing to remember, I think, is that these people are utterly unrepresentative of No voters. I have No-voting friends for whom the antics in George Square, and the media reaction, were an eye-opener.

      We must keep opening their eyes.

    123. Alba 46 says:

      Have been a follower of Wings for a while though this is my first post.I am 68 years old and a supporter of Independence.
      I like most users of this site am gutted at the result of the referendum and has taken me until today to shake myself out of the dark place I have been for the last three days.
      The result has raised a number of issues that need to be addressed.

      Firstly the subject of the media. There is no doubt that the MSM had a dramatic effect on the outcome. When you have all the TV companies, newspapers and Radio all relentlessly projecting the Unionist agenda to the detriment of the Independence message its a big hill to climb. The newspapers always fall back on the line “freedom of the press” and basically print what their London owning masters want. There is no pretense to project both sides of the argument. if we are waiting for the newspapers to give a fair and balanced assessment of the independence situation, hell will freeze over before that happens. The only way to hurt them is stop buying newspapers.
      STV falls into the same bracket as the newspapers. They at least tried to provide a more balanced debate but struggled and the bias of the so called reporting team was there for all to see.

      The BBC is no more than an organ of the Westminster state. Its coverage of the many months of debate up to the referendum made no pretense at balanced reporting. They had an agenda supplied by their political masters to relentlessly pursue the cause of Unionism and to hell with the Independence viewpoint. They pursued this agenda with relish, and Dr Goebbels if he had been alive today would have been very proud of them.
      The so called journalists who work for the BBC have no right to call themselves journalists. They are a disgrace to their profession. They collectively lacked backbone in standing up to their bosses and at least try to present a balanced report.
      The newspapers and STV are in private hands therefor they can do more or less what they want. However if they had any semblance of morality they would be more balanced in their output.
      However the BBC is funded by the taxpayer through the licence fee. This is where we must get some action. The BBC is accountable by charter to the government in Westminster. BBC Scotland should be devolved, by charter, to the Scottish government. Part of that chapter must be rewritten to ensure that all issues including political issues are dealt with on an EVEN basis with no support to any one side. This has to be the way to get a more balanced output.

      Secondly it is a worry that only a fraction of the continuances voted for independence considering that the SNP has a majority in the Scottish government. It would appear on the face of it that they are soft “YES” supporters and not inclined to take the ultimate step. The focus on other posts seem to be we must tackle the Labour strongholds and convince them. I agree but it appears that we have a problem in our own backyard that also needs to be addressed.
      We didn’t fail by much but we must fully investigate and establish why we failed to gain independence. If we don’t do that we will never ever win.

      Thirdly the resignation of Alec Salmond. I think he made the right decision. He has brought the SNP from virtually nowhere to the possibility of Independence. If the opposition parties think that he is going to get out his pipe and slippers they have another thing coming. Now that he is free from being polite and statesman like I think he will be a bigger pain in the backside to their cause. They might be glad to see him go but there is not one of them fit to lace his boots. As far as the Scottish opposition is concerned they are political pygmies and he has shown them for what they are, a bunch of incompetent non entities.

      Fourthly Alec Salmonds replacement. As a newly paid up member of the SNP (joined yesterday) Nicola Sturgeon will get my vote. She has been mentored by Salmond for 20 years therefor she will be a safe pair of hands. We are lucky in that we have a lot of talented MSP’s in the SNP and I am sure that whoever gets the job they will have a unanimous backing. There must however be a proper election with at least 2 or 3 candidates. We must never go down the road of nepotism like the Labour party. This must NOT be a coronation but a proper election.

      I think I have said enough for my first post. Sorry for rambling

    124. Robert Peffers says:

      @gillie says:22 September, 2014 at 10:28 am:

      “Time is on our side. The NOs will simply die out in the next few years.”

      I cannot wait that long and the truth has already hit the ventilation equipment – 13,382 new members sign up to the SNP and that is over 40,000 independence seekers in the SNP. Many thousands more have joined the Greens, and Scottish Socialists and other por-independence movements. Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!

      Meanwhile Labour are promising to cut Family Benefit for a further two years after 2016. Cameron wants to prevent Scots MPs votinge in the de facto parliament of England on what he considers England only matters. Thing is as there is no legal Parliament of England he is preventing Scots, Welsh and N. Irish mempers from United Kingdom matters. Remember too he is going to cut Scottish Members below 59 members in the next de facto Parliament of England. Then theres that other lot, what is they call them again?

    125. Papadox says:

      The BT, am all right jock I’m sure are very proud of the tolly storm troopers performance in George square at the weekend, let them see their allies in action. Then their English counterparts are showing them how well they are thought of by their Southern allies.

      Aye BT sure enough. The NOs will live to regret their decision, Westminster is planning their demise as I write.

    126. Andy Howie says:

      bortaS bIr jablu’DI’ reH QaQqu’ nay

    127. cynical lowlander says:

      @ bugger.
      Well done sir, you and 10,000 others since Friday.

    128. fred blogger says:

      i received an invitation to claim winter fuel payment.
      so it is not an automatic payment now.

    129. Capella says:

      There’s a large statue of William Wallace by Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen. On one side is the inscription:
      “I can not be a ("Tractor" - Ed), for I owe him no allegiance. He is not my Sovereign; he never received my homage; and whilst life is in this persecuted body, he never shall receive it.”
      In a democratic system, proposing change and voting on it is not treason. Perverting democratic process through intimidation, ballot fraud or partial and unfair broadcasting is treason.

    130. desimond says:

      heedtracker says:
      22 September, 2014 at 11:54 amGavin King @ Assistant seems nice:D

      I fear poor Gavin may have “Assistant to the Director” syndrome like Gareth in The Office who claimed to be Assistant Regional Manager only to always be corrected with a “to the” utterance from David or Tim.

    131. ilyana says:

      I think you should forward these to the scab SLAB MP’s and ask if this is their opinion also. Mind you, it is quite likely that they are the ones writing them…

    132. Robert Peffers says:

      @Wilma Watts/ memaw says: 22 September, 2014 at 10:30 am:

      “Where have they been all this time?”
      From what I hear many of them were on day-trips from N. Ireland. The rest were probably just back from the Glasgow Rangers last game.

    133. Capella says:

      @Bugger (the Panda)
      On the brink of doing the same!

    134. Clarinda says:

      In a warped way it’s almost inspiring when a significant part of your opponent’s support is able to spew it’s level of critical thought and analysis. I’m surprised so many have remembered most of the alphabet and retained some ability to recognise letters.

      What’s that saying – “It is better to remain silent and only be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”.

      Off to join a political party – if their site has recovered – would love to be the 15,000th new member.

    135. HandandShrimp says:


      Likewise, I looked yesterday but the server was having a rest. I will try again later.

    136. WellHackett says:

      I’m south of the border, and for what it’s worth, some of us really wished you luck. Arseholes like that are rife down here, especially now that the press are taking the opportunity to whip people into a frenzy over ‘ungrateful’ Scotland.

      Still, some of us were watching and we learned from the Yes campaign. There are a lot of commenters here who have mentioned joining a political party; being in the wrong bit of the union for the SNP, I’ve found myself starting my own. Use your momentum, people. Change is there to be had.

    137. Luigi says:

      I’m sure we all have friends that voted NO.

      We just have to stay friendly, keep upbeat and show them that we are not going away. Even if they would rather forget it, just mention that it was a disappointing result but how happy you now are how things have progressed in two years and that you do not intend to give up. The YES virus is highly infectious to at least 70% of the population. 45% are now carriers. We just have to give it some more time.

    138. Golfnut says:

      Hi, well I guess we are still standing then. 6 of my family joined the SNP before
      sytem collapsed. Presume they have back up and running again. I like all the ideas
      about working under a common banner with the initial aim of removing the labour party as a political force in Scotland.

      Like many I do believe that the vote was manipulated, and must shouted from the rooftops, written about, petitions signed talked about. Information given the police of instances
      where this might have happened. Will anything come of it?
      For certain the 2015 GE election will go the same way if we don’t.

    139. ErinT says:

      Not much to be worried about really. People will always express narrow minded views, especially if they think they can get some sadistic glee out of it. Just the way of things unfortunately =/

      The important thing now is that this has started something wonderful despite the prize being lost! It isn’t about the 45% or the 55% but the 84% that were engaged. Pretty brilliant to seen the SNP, Greens and SSP shoot up in membership. The Greens now have more members than the Scottish Lib Dems and the SNP have more new members in the past three days than Scottish Labour has in total!

      Next up? Sending a nice big contingency of Yes supporters down to Westminster.

    140. Ken500 says:

      FFS the £4Billion ‘extra’ is countered by £10Billion+ south. Oil tax revenues when there is proper management is £12Billion+ Oil licences fees. The £4Billion ‘extra’ is easily counter balanced by £1.5Billion saved by a tax on cheap ‘loss leading’ drink, an inheritance tax on non productive land, £1.5 saved on Trident/illegal wars/redundant weaponry, an increased (EU Grant) investment in renewables and a Scottish Defence force based in Scotland. Not subsidising tax evasion in the City of London.

      Ie running your own economy. The levers required.

    141. Ken500 says:

      Take the winter fuel allowance. If it is not needed. Give it to the food bank.

    142. Les Wilson says:

      Are these the vote rigging crew celebrating?
      Proud Scots? really?

    143. heedtracker says: It is a mad mad mad Tory boy world. Graun hired Mackenna and he’s Daily Mail’s man in Scotland and now he wants advice on being a dad.

      Fortunately I was his daughter’s age when St Thatch really going, so I have limitless bullshit tolerance levels but have to say, teamGB liggers for UKOK are the most ridiculous knocking around. Who the feck do they think they are trying to kid etc

      Whatever happens with THE VOW devo nada, if it comes next year, after next UK elections, after their farce EU ref, after the queen checks out, after hot war on defenceless middle east people, after PM Bojo bites yer bum, oor Kevins class have got to take UKOK austerity slash and burn on the chin. They voted teamGB, they live the teamGB dream.

      Now if you’ll excuse me I have to start the late shift with a rather international crew who are all waiting to cluck the La Marseillaise at me very loud and all afternoon.

      Still a proud Scot, British never.

    144. Proud Cybernat says:

      They don’t get it, do they? We only need to win ONCE.

    145. Croompenstein says:

      Wee Nawbag Rangers fan I work with was winding me up and I told him we will have the last laugh we are legion, he said naw you are region. I managed a wee snigger through the grrrrrrr

    146. Onwards says:

      I have seen the Airdrie savings banks mentioned a lot. They would be wise to change their name to reflect a national rather than a local bank. There must be thousands of Scots willing to switch from RBS

    147. HandandShrimp says:

      I agree Luigi, we need to watch and wait as the Better Together promises and threats fall apart. Already there are No voters that are feeling uncomfortable with their choice. We need to welcome them all with open arms. The pressure was immense from media, business, trades unions, international leaders. Some people were directed to vote No by employers. Aspects of the campaign were not pretty.

      We have the grass roots movement and activists and now need to help the Yes supporting parties do well. There is a buzz happening and I think those that are die-hard unionists are worried. Far from killing off independence and the SNP the whole process has only strengthened and increased the number that now want that thing.

      Anybody know how the No parties are faring…I heard that Labour were losing members over this.

    148. desimond says:

      Next up? Sending a nice big contingency of Yes supporters down to Westminster.

      Better still…hold the balance of power and get Westminster coming up here before any of our guys even have to head South.

    149. Sean McNulty says:

      A priority IMO should be an entertaining, non-preachy, gently pro-indy tabloid distributed free to every household in Scotland. Supported by ethical advertising and money saved on subscriptions to Unionist rags and the licence fee, written by our incredible team of Yes creative talent, and delivered by volunteers ready to engage people in friendly chat on the doorsteps. A weekly at first, and then a Metro-style daily.

    150. ewen says:

      This might have annoyed me on Friday but now ducks backs and water comes to mind. It actually gives me a warm glow.

      If we had been totally defeated a lot of the trolls wouldn’t have bothered but they are very worried that we haven’t gone away.

    151. CAPTKIRK says:

      These people are vile

    152. Molly says:

      Luigi , I understand your sentiment but in essence the NO vote was for the Tories and redtories ( as they are the only 2 major parties at Westminster) to run your country. Who else do the No folk think will make the decisions?

      The people have voted, I accept that but I will remind everybody who voted No that they voted for the Tories . It’s funny the perception is Scotland hates the Tories , we hate them that much we voted to continue letting them to make the big decisions about our country.

    153. Dcanmore says:

      On Friday my brother-in-law came back from his workplace (a manufacturing company of 150 people) and he told me that almost all of those who voted NO started already to regret their decision. The YES people are telling them ‘told you so’ … it’s having an effect. The 1.6 million will grow.

    154. Joe says:

      what are all those rangers fans gonna do when her majesty’s tax man finally takes their club away, financially bankrupt again and closed for good.

    155. donnywho says:

      But we could buy the scotsman, the irony would be sweet, there will be backers out there

    156. ronnie anderson says:

      @Neil Mackenzie 11.26 WATCH THIS SPACE, your better aff watching your Hinnerend.

    157. liz says:

      @Rev Stu – could you please ask heedtracker to stop posting links to the MSM liars.

      I have asked 4 times to archive them but s/he keeps posting links.

      Daily Mail FFS – every time I see a live link my blood pressure rises.

    158. Viking Girl says:

      There speak the rabid subsidy junkies so detested by the other British, south of the border. My message to them is this:-
      You might love them, but they hate you and that will never change. They’re simultaneously laughing at you for being so obedient, and detesting you for being so dependent. Go and get some help about your Stockholm Syndrome, you stupid Philistines.

    159. Greannach says:

      Skye voted Yes.
      Kilmuir 70%, Tarskavaig 69%, Sconser 67%, Kyleakin 63%, Ardvasar 58%, Portree 58%, Dunvegan 57%, Elgol 57%, Minginish 56%, Braes 55%, Edinbane 55%, Skeabost 55%, Duisdale 54%, Uig 54%, Broadford 52%, Struan 48%, Staffin 48%, Glendale 47%, Raasay 47%, Waternish 37%.

    160. alexicon says:

      The irony of them calling us ("Tractor" - Ed)s!

      Remember folks keep wearing the YES badges and keep the YES car window sticker on.
      They don’t like being reminded of who the real ("Tractor" - Ed)s are.

    161. Jim says:

      Support an English parliament, skin that cat.

    162. Chris Baxter says:

      This kind of thing must be welcomed. It highlights the reality of what many people feel.

      Let’s embrace that truth, and let’s publish that truth.

    163. Midgehunter says:

      Just do it Capella. Bugger did it, I did it + loads of others.

      We need to get up to speed again as quickly as poss. and drive these scum from our shores.

    164. Bill says:

      Lots of lovely IP addresses geo-locating now and finding open ports!

      *Starts up Kali Linux Box*

    165. AussiewannabeScot says:

      Those love bombs just keep on a-droppin’!? We shouldn’t laugh too hard at these simple gloaters. Their vitriol only betrays their deep-seated insecurities and fear of change. Real change will come soon for Scotland and the rest of the UK if we hold to positivity and ignore haters. Well done Scotland for inspiring the rest of world and showing us that it really is possible to revitalise public participation in politics and create a strong and exciting momentum for change. I hope to participate in this movement as one of the newest Scots before too long.

    166. Jim says:

      The 1.6M are just the shoot of the plant that is about to grow into full bloom and to use the same analogy the no campaign has flowered already and now it’s about to wither and die on the stalk.

    167. cynical lowlander says:

      @ jim.
      e mail or use
      to ask your MP to support English MP’s for English only Laws.

      Our Scottish Labour MP’s should not be wasting their time on English only legislation, all that research then voting wastes valuable time and doesn’t affect their constituents, they could be spending time on ending poverty, Jim Murphy seems to think that’s important.

      Then we can all watch when the Scottish labour MP’s have their voting powers stripped from them by the English majority.

    168. liz says:

      Re voters changing their minds – my daughter and her partner were No, then DK and on the night before polling asked me to send my top 5 reasons for voting yes.

      Despite them having a large mortgage they both voted Yes.

      This is her first ever vote but when talking to her afterwards she has suddenly become very politicised.

      She just texted me to say that the majority of her workmates, a lot of whom voted no, are all discussing what next and she said most of them will vote SNP.

      We must not let this momentum drop as heard Mags Curren aka stairheed rammy is going to reach out to the Yes folk in her constituency.

      People are too nice and she being a bare faced liar will promise them the earth – we can’t let this happen

    169. Mae Carson says:

      Just noticed that SNP membership over 40k has overtaken that of UKIP and that UK wide! On course to overtake the LibDems to become the 3rd force in British politics … revenge a dish best served cold but oh so sweet.

    170. Robert Peffers says:

      Luigi says: 22 September, 2014 at 12:10 pm:

      “I’m sure we all have friends that voted NO.”

      I used to have a few, Luigi, … Not any more though.
      Oh! I’m not looking for revenge. Just choosy with whose I decide to keep company with. After all there are a fair old number of friendly YESSERS dotted around Scotland.

    171. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry if someone has already said this but I assume all these hyper intelligent individuals went along to George Square on Friday night to *ahem* celebrate with their fascist, right wing, Orange Order brethren.

      What a bunch of MUPPETS!

    172. Kiakaha says:

      @Robert Peffers

      What a sad statement to make – you’d honestly end friendships over this. How purile.

    173. Rizzo says:

      Oh noes you have their IP addresses Bill! And you can use Backtrack, oh my god!

      You ultimate hacker!


    174. john ferguson says:

      In the middle east the UK and allies made war to control oil and gas. here in UK the needed only lies, they got Scotland’s oil and gas without firing a bullet. All the BS about powers etc is a box of red herrings to keep our eyes off the ball. So, we can kiss our NHS,Water, and whatever is left to sell goodbye. As the man said, there’s no cure for stupidity. Well Scotland how stupid you are. Food banks , the fastest growing industry. Scunnered.

    175. Macandroid says:

      The self-interested NOs need to hear stuff like this from before they vote again.

      “…why is our leaving causing the stock market and sterling to swoon? Because Scotland’s wealth is critical to the UK. We are the Wealthy Nation in the Union. Their panic confirms it.”

    176. Robert Peffers says:

      @Caesar! 46 says:22 September, 2014 at 11:57 am:

      “I think I have said enough for my first post. Sorry for rambling.”

      Rant away, Caesar! 46, we all need to get it off our chests now and again. Just a couple of wee points. The reactions of those like yourself who have decided to join a party now have given we old stagers a real boost.

      The fact is that, at present, we don’t know if the new members are all non-party aligned newbies or transferees from other Unionist parties. Whatever the answer the future of the movement is assured but is doubly assured if the newbie came from a unionist party.

      Another point is that as you get to know more of the strong SNP MSP and MP elected members you will discover some who are very, very good indeed. For example besides Nicola there is such as Stewart Hosie, with whom I have been increasingly impressed. Like you I believe Nicola has what it takes to lead but feel having a strong team behind her improves the chances greatly. In fact I cannot think of an already elected member who is not of the highest quality.

    177. fionan says:

      still a problem with disappearing posts? I posted a virtual hug to Stu to try to help cheer him up in the face of all these sick abusive tweets, but it has gone. Anyways, I am sure the very many readers of this site and of the wbb are fully supportive of him and of course these britnat thugs will soon get bored if they get no response – they are just trying to elicit an aggressive reaction.

    178. fred blogger says:

      Robert Peffers
      spot on!
      after all it wasn’t a vote about which flavour of ice cream we should have.
      it was a vote about who should prosper or not,

    179. muttley79 says:

      Luigi’s post at 11:46am sums up much of what I am feeling. Still very disappointed. However, if we make a cold, hard headed analysis of the progress and the campaign, there are considerably more positives than negatives. I think we have to acknowledge that we were stuck between 30-35 per cent support for independence for to long. The major positives are that the Yes campaign became a real, grassroots, broad based independence movement. Another big plus is that we performed really well in the last year. We gave them a real scare.

      Thinking it over as calmly as I can, I reckon it may just have come too soon. I wonder if Salmond, Sturgeon etc believed this as well. They were right to hold the referendum. The last few years cannot be wiped away. They happened. We lost the vote, but we went through the process of holding an independence referendum. This has set off immediate and long term effects. We also came through a shitstorm of abuse, fear, and hysteria from the British establishment, their place people in Scotland, and the MSM with our pride intact, and our heads held high.

    180. Robert Peffers says:

      @Onwards says: 22 September, 2014 at 12:25 pm

      “I have seen the Airdrie savings banks mentioned a lot. They would be wise to change their name to reflect a national rather than a local bank. There must be thousands of Scots willing to switch from RBS”

      Aye! Onward, and I’m one of them and two of the accounts I’ll be closing are the BOS & the Halifax, which, in case you had not noticed is a town in England and being so did not seem to do them any harm.

      The thing is, when you have a reputation as good as the Airdrie Savings Bank it is not a good idea to change it. As the English writer guy, I forget his name now, said “What’s in a name A rose by any other name will smell so sweet”. Dammit! What was that obscure authors name again?

    181. Sean McNulty says:

      donnywho “We could just buy the Scotsman”

      Its circulation is tiny, and it’s too easy for Noes or waverers to just ignore it. The same goes for internet TV and radio stations.
      We need to get the information *into people’s homes*, with the bonus that volunteers delivering the free pro-indy paper could also engage people in friendly chat on their doorsteps.

      A couple of ideas on this from reddit:

      — Fundraising gigs/festivals by prominent Yessers like Frankie Boyle, Kevin Bridges, Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand, Belle and Sebastian, the Proclaimers, etc. Who wouldn’t attend a Yes summer festival with that line-up?

      — Celebrity interviews by prominent Yessers given first to the paper

      — It must be first and foremost an entertaining paper that anyone, and the old especially, would be happy to receive for free. The pro-indy message might even be tampered down at first, only working away on people slowly, subtly as time goes on.

    182. cynical lowlander says:

      If you’re down south could you write to your MP using

      Ask them to support the removal of voting rights the Scottish MP’s have in voting for matters that only affect England.

      The Scottish MP’s have to waste time investigating and voting on laws which do not affect their Scottish constituents.

      Their time would be better spent on fighting poverty in Scotland (as Jim Murphy says)

      More than one way to skin a cat, the English living in England will be massively in favour of this, the Scottish Unionist MP’s will be humiliated. The SNP MP’s already do not vote on English only matters.

    183. wingman 2020 says:

      My experience working South of the border at the moment, is that the majority of professional people are desperate to believe that it was a fair debate and referendum.

      They are relieved that ‘sensible Scots beat the bitter Nationalists’. The see zero ‘blame’ attached to UK MSM, BBC or Better Together. A minority in of Scots in Scotland caused this problem.

      We tried to break up their country.
      We used underhand tactics and scaremongering.
      We are a selfish and bitter bunch of nationalists.
      Our leader slunk off embittered after defeat.
      We get more than our fair share of funding and England actually funds us.
      All confident that it would have been NO without the need for a VOW

      I could go on.

      I am serious. There is no debating with them. And I am not talking about a few that I interact with, I am talking about professional groups, forums and organisations through whom I do business.

      The NO result has made them all the more vociferous. They are glad of the result. They want to hold Scotland tight. And its not just about friendship and family.

      My eyes have been opened that wee bit wider since the vote. We never made it Scottish versus English, but they sure as hell are.

    184. wingman 2020 says:

      On the Guardian on Friday, in case you missed it.

      “The final issue is that the referendum has highlighted some of the weaknesses in the UK economy – in particular the importance of the North Sea oil in disguising the weakness of the balance of payments caused by the decline of manufacturing. Without oil and gas, the UK would be running a current account deficit of 7% of GDP. Even with the help of the North Sea, the gap stands at 4.5%, extremely high for a country in the early stages of an economic recovery.

      The prospect of an independent Scotland taking control of 90% of North Sea reserves would undoubtedly have sent sterling into a tailspin. Even though that threat has now been removed, the size of Britain’s trade gap means the upward movement in the pound is limited. Sterling is vulnerable to bad news – be it a slowdown in growth, problems in the eurozone or a widening current account deficit. Once the dust has settled, it is likely to fall back.”

      Next the major Oil finds.

    185. i'm a fan says:

      Just wondering about the mass signup to the SNP and Greens.

      I get the symbolism and I get the practical help those monthly subscriptions would make, but are these people who voted for them anyway, but just weren’t paid up members, in which case it will have no noticeable change to voting intentions.

      I also wondered if anyone had thoughts on the idea that once you subscribe to the idea of an independent Scotland you have kind of crossed a line, and that number can’t really go down?

    186. Robert Peffers says:

      @ewen says: 22 September, 2014 at 12:34 pm:

      ” … they are very worried that we haven’t gone away.”

      You had better believe it, ewen, I have discovered I can get a great reaction from just saying, … Tick! Tock” Tick! Tock!

      That is after some sneering unionist has attempted to goad me. I mention the fact that every independence organization has seen a massive jump in membership in just a couple of days. Next time they pass I say –
      “Tick! Tock” Tick! Tock!”.

      I have one guy, Labour stalwart, he made it his business to goad me on the day after the vote.

      He has to pass my gate at least twice a day or he has a longer walk to the village. So after telling him of the massive increases in membership I did no more than go –
      “Tick! Tock” Tick! Tock!”.

      Strange thing is he has not passed by my gate today. I’m looking forward to the next wet, windy day now.

    187. Alt Clut says:

      Enough mourning and moaning !

      Say together and move on:
      * consolidate our movement around a new name – ’45’ is best so far;
      * reorganise into local federations of previous ‘Yes’ groups with each federation trying to keep one shop or office open;
      * everyone join the Yes alliance party or tendency nearest to their beliefs to tie the mass movement and the parties together;
      * be ready to campaign on NHS, Trident, boycotts and a host of other issues as they arise:
      * turn the Yes alliance of SNP/Green/SSP etc into an electoral pact with a single candidate,in each constiuency, on a social justice platform, to pull down as many Labour MPs/MSPs as possible;
      * build an alternate media around Wings/Newsnet/ Ginger Dug/Bateman etc etc;
      * expose the failings of the “new powers”;
      * seek active allies from the constitutional debates breaking out across the UK;
      * add whatever I’ve missed out;

      and above all – be brave, calm and united. The other side is nothing but a ragbag of backward looking social detritus fronting media and state power.

    188. Lesley-Anne says:

      i’m a fan says:

      I get the symbolism and I get the practical help those monthly subscriptions would make, but are these people who voted for them anyway, but just weren’t paid up members, in which case it will have no noticeable change to voting intentions.

      My understanding of the now almost 16,000 new members of the SNP iaf is that a significant number of them are former Labour members and or Labour voters so the rise in SNP membership WILL, in my view, have a significant effect. I actually believe that we are no where near finished yet either. Ever since Friday there have been so many trying to join the SNP, I read that they have had to install a second phone line to TRY and cope with all the enquiries they are receiving.

      One other thing. Don’t forget it is not just the SNP seeing their membership rise, the Greens have seen their membership rise by around 2,000 and the SSP membership has risen too, I think they have gone up by around 1,200.

    189. Robert Peffers says:

      Lesley-Anne says: 22 September, 2014 at 2:55 pm:

      i’m a fan says:

      “My understanding of the now almost 16,000 new members of the SNP iaf is that a significant number of them are former Labour members and or Labour voters so the rise in SNP membership WILL, in my view, have a significant effect.”

      Every one they lose that siugns with a YES group has double value. What is more at least some of them will be activists a gain to us and a loss to them.

    190. Al says:

      You do realise that you published all their e-mail addresses too . . .

    191. Michael says:

      Comforting thought, given the demographics a number of those who voted No on Thursday are already dead. Oh well, ho hum………….

    192. Lesley-Anne says:

      Aye you’re right Robert, and to think all the while that these figures for the SSP, the Greens and SNP are for FOUR days across in Labour HQ they have seen their membership RISE by 17 over a MONTH! 😛 What is more that 17 can in no way make up for the hoardes of Labour members who have literally burned their labour membership cards and joined one of the YES groups. 😛

    193. Ken500 says:

      Spam the scum

    194. Airdrieonian says:

      Three things to say:

      1. I hope none of the No commentards have used their real email address on their posts as it would be dreadful to think of anyone using them for pranks!

      2. I’m probably going to join the SNP but I wish that they would consider changing their name to reflect the shift in focus – something like the Scottish Democratic Party would work for me and would help shift from the “narrow nationalism” slur bandied about.

      3. Conversely, I don’t see anything wrong with the ASB name!

    195. caledonia says:

      Gavin King from

      Is this a company email because i really hope its not a business otherwise they will lose a lot of trade

      wonder if his boss is aware of this unless he is the boss

    196. Boorach says:

      I would like to see a site along the lines of ‘Indy Poster Boy’ be established as a library of (preferably) A5 leaflets in PDF format for downloading and home printing.

      There’s a huge range of general topic subjects which could be covered: Oil, Pensions, The Scottish NHS, Barnett Formula, comparison of average wage and tax take etc of Scandinavian countries with UK demonstrating difference in spending power with UK. etc,

      Let’s get our street stalls back out there and educate our neighbours so that when the call comes we are ready and the scare stories have already have been neutralised.

      Pesonally I use a laser printer and with the winter approaching would suggest that folk who don’t have one look to aquiring one. They are not expensive and the toner doesn’t run when damp. Also, they are actually cheaper to run than inkjets.

    197. Robert Peffers says:

      @Michael says: 22 September, 2014 at 3:24 pm@

      “Comforting thought, given the demographics a number of those who voted No on Thursday are already dead. Oh well, ho hum………….”

      I’ve explained it before but must do so again. We old gadgies come from an age when people like myself were like hens teeth. Very Very thin on the hills and Glens of Scotland. We have campaigned all our lives for Scottish independence and taken the abuse, sneers and spite of those old folks who are the Faithers & Grand Faithers of the numpties who now tell our doorstep canvasers they are voting Labour/Tory/Liberal and even, (around these parts), communist, like their fathers & grand fathers.

      Now it’s our turn as SNP lifetime supporters to have our time but those older voters who you now abuse are life-long supporters of the Unionist parties. It is thus logical to find a greater proportion of unionist among the oldsters, many of them have never voted other than their chosen party all their lives.

      If anyone has failed it is you, and your like, who failed to understand the demographics of the situation and treated those older unionist folks with disdain. Next time round try a bit harder and spend a bit of time to speak with and understand the older people’s viewpoint. If you had followed this blog for a while you would know I have told several times of those older unionist folks I personally changed to independence. Being of their generation I spoke with them as equals and didn’t treat them as sufferers from Alzheimer’s Disease or such like. For your education the term, “Geriatric”, simply means aged and many such could teach you something – if only reasonable good manners. Those who genuinely believe they are right are not the enemy. It is those who know they are telling lies and those who don’t tell things they know are anti-Scottish who are the enemy.

      I rank the BBC as the top liars and evil forces.

    198. Craig says:

      I saw this on Tommy Sheridan’s Facebook and I thought I would share it, what Tommy says makes sense

      Tommy Sheridan
      Over the last couple of days I have been inundated with thousands of facebook and twitter messages from disappointed YES supporters looking for a way forward. I am encouraged so many have decided to become politically involved and stay politically engaged. Leaving politics to the politicians is a recipe for poor governance.

      Obviously I welcome those wishing to join my own party Solidarity. We have some of the best activists around and can be contacted at New members are positive. However it is not enough.

      What I am about to say is uncomfortable for a socialist like me. I oppose the SNP position on NATO membership, cutting corporation taxes for big businesses, retaining the Queen as a head of State, sharing sterling and other policies. BUT in order to maximise the pro-Independence vote in next May’s General Election I believe all YES supporters should vote for the SNP and all other pro-Independence parties should not stand if the SNP candidate will commit to fight for a new Referendum as soon as possible AND against all Westmonster austerity cuts to welfare and public services.

      In other words I suggest we in the YES Movement promote continued unity by backing the most likely Independence supporting candidate at next May’s election. In concrete terms that means advocating an SNP vote to try and unseat as many pro-NO party supporters as possible. Let’s punish the reactionary and dishonest NO parties at the ballot box next May. Let’s punish the shameful Labour Party in particular for siding with the Bankers,Bosses, Billionaires and Millionaires to try and crush our dream of a new and better Scotland with an avalanche of fear and lies.

      The Holyrood elections in 2016 allow for more socialist, green and diverse candidates to be elected. The Westmonster system doesn’t. If SNP candidates commit to fighting for a new Referendum and against austerity cuts let’s unite behind them. If successful then we should insist all pro-Independence candidates in the 2016 Scottish election commit to a March 2020 Referendum. This magnificent movement for independence and change can continue and grow. We have youth, energy and hope on our side. Hope can triumph over Fear in 2020. I realise some socialists will find it difficult to support SNP candidates. That is understandable. BUT the stakes are huge now. We cannot let down the 1.6 million who defied the threats and intimidation from the rich to vote for a new and better country and world. Unity is strength. Don’t let our differences weaken our cause. ?#?HopeOverFear? remains our clarion call. Tommy (My personal opinion)

    199. katsoft says:

      I always wonder how these people manage to put anything on Twitter. Or are the now allowed something sharper than a crayon.
      Oh just thought touchscreen on wall of padded cell.

    200. katsoft says:

      I always wonder how these people manage to put anything on Twitter. Or are the now allowed something sharper than a crayon. It makes me wonder about whether humanity should be allowed to continue on this planet if it allows brain dead to give out their bile
      Oh just thought touchscreen on wall of padded cell.

    201. Mark Coburn says:


      Forget these arseholes.

      Most cathartic thing to do right now would be to post the links of the SNP/SSP and Greens and get folk to join those parties. The numbers are rising. You can make them rise higher.

      In addition, post a link to get folk to go to the RIC conference in Nov.



    202. ewen says:

      @Michael says: 22 September, 2014 at 3:24 pm@

      “Comforting thought, given the demographics a number of those who voted No on Thursday are already dead. Oh well, ho hum………….”

      And a number who voted Yes. I don’t think we should wish such a thing. That demographic includes my parents, lifelong nationalists, who now can’t see it happening in their lifetime but won’t give up because they are thinking of their children and grandchildren.

    203. Red Squirrel says:

      Instead of posting this tripe, they should instead be wondering why all the Yes voters are smiling…

      Tick tock…

    204. Big Mike says:

      All this talk about “Proud Scots but”! They may still be able to call themselves Scots, but it strikes me they have little or NO (their favourite word) right to use the word Proud. We may not have won our own country back last Thursday, but we should certainly have an undisputed claim on that single word. So …

      PLEASE — Someone (maybe Goldenayr, above, who’s just started making badges) design a badge/poster/T-shirt/flag with the legend “ONE OF THE PROUD 45”. I’d suggest white lettering on a background the colour of the Saltire.

      In this case, it’s not just a legend. It’s the truth.

      I might not be the first person to buy the above items, but I’d like to think I’d be somewhere among the first two …

    205. Sam says:

      Pffft… how depressing. Just wanted to say please continue with the site, widen it out to the rest of the UK if necessary. There aren’t that many places where you can read articles so well-written and argued. And I cant think of many other places that you can read anything that takes a left leaning but pragmatic view. It is worth paying for.

      On the plus side people did at least turn up to vote, which is more than we get here in Wales.

    206. Peter Macbeastie says:

      I was about to say something else, but Red Squirrel; that is excellent, little red rodent 🙂

      I have seen more positive action in the last two days than I would have believed possible. The organisation going on in some places is on the same level as at the height of the Yes campaign… other areas are doing even more.

      Tick tock indeed. The unionists seem to think we’re finished and going back into the box. I can only wonder at their level of delusion.

      Smiling a little bit more every day. The Yes badge is back on, and smiling while you’re wearing that really seems to worry some people. Out the darkest part of the night comes the dawn.

    207. Dorothy Devine says:

      I’m wearing my badges , the YES is still on the door and in the window ,my car is still covered with stickers but you are a better person than me Peter , because you are also wearing a smile – I’m still greeting , swearing and scowling.

    208. Gary45% says:

      Totally Devastated on Friday morning, but since then
      each day brings a sense of joy e.t.c
      It is amazing how the Yes campaign has gathered momentum,
      and the westminster parties are going into meltdown.
      We can sit back and laugh as the deathstar that is westminster implodes
      I think the Rev Stu is way above bothering about the comments of morons.

    209. mutters says:

      All the more reason not to spend another second of your valuable time on such people, and focus our efforts together on making the future better for all Scots.

    210. The mcQueens says:

      “How can I be a Traitor, when England is a Foreign country to me”…

    211. The McQueens says:

      Peter Macbeastie….Like you my smile is returning and growing each day,my tears are no longer tears of anger but tears of joy as I read my fellow 45`s post, my badge is worn with pride still, my car still displays YES and my YES Saltire is now being modified to include the 45, thank you to all the posters, you give me hope and faith that Scotland`s day will come….Hail Caesar!

    212. Albaspark says:

      Can’t get on to become another SNP member…grrrrrrr ????

    213. Rock says:


      “UK RIP”

      If there is one entity I wouldn’t want to RIP, it is the UK.

      Are you going soft, Ken500? It is not quite like you!

    214. Rock says:

      Gloating would be fine, if they had won fair and square.

      They ‘won’ based on a disgustingly dishonest campaign faught by the unholiest alliance ever.

      But let them gloat – it makes us more determined than ever and brings true independence closer.

    215. Rock says:


      “How about a Marching Rally in Edinburgh? With over a million people.”

      Any marching has to be done in Dundee or Glasgow.

      The majority of people in Edinburgh don’t want independence.

    216. Scott says:

      What is it about the UK identity system that encourages or licences hatred like this?

      It’s not restricted to Scotland or Britain. A few years ago in Sydney Australia there were race riots, where young white people (men AND women) used the Australian flag – especially the British component – to bash those they presumed to be of a different race.

      Where does it come from?

    217. Free Scotland says:

      I’ve got my answer ready for the next sneering unionist I meet: “Oh, by the way, I saw some of your friends in George Square at the weekend.”

    218. ewen says:

      Just watched Scotland 14( I know but I’m abroad) Anas Sarwar stuttering through a bit of home truths and generally talking through his forename. As usual, Labour leaderdottir let him have the last word.
      Then there was the home rule crap. Basically preserve the union via SNP wets. Sorry. It is independence, nothing else. Gradualism got us this far but …

      We have them scared. Blabbering about the referendum result by Labour isn’t going to save them or the UK. Labour are bricking it.

    219. Rock says:


      “I saw this on Tommy Sheridan’s Facebook and I thought I would share it, what Tommy says makes sense”

      Yes, it does indeed. It shows his greatness.

      To make it easier for Labour, Socialist, Green etc supporters of independence, I very much hope that a Yes Alliance can be formed for the 2015 Westminster election.

      Their leaders can therefore all be given seats to contest without SNP opposition.

      In addition to talented SNP politicians, that would send Tommy Sheridan, Alan Grogan, Patrick Harvie, Dennis Canavan, Colin Fox, Lesley Riddoch etc, etc, etc to Westminster.

      With these people at Westminster and the Yes Alliance holding the balance of power, it would be the greatest thing that ever happened in 308 years!

    220. DoziR says:

      That kind of stuff should be made public not deleted esp. to no voters that think they have done the right thing.

      I’ve listened to people saying what a terrible show yes voters made in Glasgow causing all that trouble and how nasty and vile yes supporters/campaigner have been to innocent poor wee English folk. They believe you hate the English. They believe what they see on the bbc they’re brainwashed but not brain-dead yet and still scared.

      Joe public seeing this kind of stuff might give them more of perspective. They think they are morally in the right because they haven’t seen anything to make them think otherwise.

      What’s the point in keeping it all to yourselves reassuring yourselves. It’s the people out there that have the votes.

      Main stream media/social media both show one side of the argument to one side of the population. They need to meet. Or at least have a leaflet drop or something, inside asda leaflets.

      We relied on numbers, high turnouts and promised votes, please don’t make the same mistakes.

      Cheers for the posts esp. the hope one it’s helped a lot.

    221. Isabel Melville says:

      New SNP members now above 20,000, servers still struggling to cope with huge numbers. Just keep trying. It only took me two days to get through to join.

    222. Wee poor stupid Scotsman says:

      Morons will be morons.

    223. Roger says:

      Posting this and not deleting the email addresses is a bad idea. It can be misread as intimidation or incitement. What happens if one of these people can be identified by their email address and some hot head takes a swing at them as a result of this? This is not wise. I’m sorry, but that’s my opinion.

    224. Brian Fleming says:

      “Barry Blust says:
      22 September, 2014 at 10:17 am
      Back in the ’60s the rednecks in the USA who supported the Vietnam war (and as it led to increasing fatalities) were know to say, ‘My country right, my country wrong… my country!’ Am I hearing a similar ignorance here in Scotland?

      Does Finlandization play any part?”

      Huh??? I think you have the wrong Nordic country. Could the word you’re looking for perhaps be ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s?

    225. Nick says:

      I thought we were trying to do something new here in Scotland. Tolerance, freedom, equality and all that.

      Does that only apply to people who agree with you?

      – Black and white thinking
      – Branding one group as right and the other as wrong
      – Believing your views are superior to others
      – A section of the community coalescing to proclaim themselves superior (Arian?) to the rest of the population
      – Demonising and “outing” individuals for their views (however different they are from yours)

      Sounds like same sh*t, different international border to me.

      We can do better than this. Heal the divides, don’t widen them. WoS this is the responsibility of you and the other prominent voices on both sides of the debate.

      This self serving “we’re so right and they’re so wrong” stuff serves no-one, least of all Scotland.

    226. bob mack says:

      I tend not to regard the opinion of these English colonists who have been infesting this country for generations. Many profess to be Scottish, but have allegiances to the English establishment either through Honours received or religious bigotry. We will eventually overcome, and begin to build something worthwhile with, or without them.

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