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Asking for it

Posted on March 01, 2015 by

Because this is an actual thing that’s happening.
















Send in your own favourites, readers.

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    Jim Murphy is taking questions on the BBC | My Little Underground

568 to “Asking for it”

  1. Nana Smith

    Scunners love in with Gordy tonight in Glasgow. Check out the comments

  2. Nana Smith

    Lenny ooh sorry my bad! It’s been a long day.

  3. The Man in the Jar

    Just had a peek at “Scot goes pop” on it I read that the Record has been running a poll “Was William Wallace a terrorist?” The poll is running at 80% yes.

    I look forward to tomorrow’s poll in “The Record” “Was Edward the first of England a genocidal fucking maniac?”

  4. Dr Jim

    @ronnie anderson 11.12pm
    Was it incompetence?
    Was it lack of respect?
    Was it “Ah jist dont waant yous tae win Hosie ya bas”
    Will it matter? i dont think so
    Too late fur the Laybur Bastirts

  5. crazycat

    @ K1

    Thanks for that link; I had been looking for a list.

    Some candidates are using Indiegogo instead:

  6. crazycat

    @ The Man in the Jar

    The question in the poll was “Is William Wallace a freedom fighter or a terrorist?” – which makes the 80% Yes rather amusing/ambiguous. Also note the present tense.

  7. george

    *looks at curran’s facebook page. runs and hides in cupboard*

    do you think that having brown as a guest has mibbie backfired a wee bit for her?

    to be fair, it’s comfy in this cupboard. i might stay a wee while.

  8. Capella

    @ nana
    Good link to the wit and wisdom of M Curran.
    The comments are hilarious.
    Also enjoyed the Martin Sheen speech. You’re working hard today (well somebody has to!).

  9. caz-m


    Why are you still getting letters, did you not tell them that you don’t watch telly and also refused them “right of access”?

    See you at Pacific Quay and we can tell them where to shove their letters.

  10. scunner

    @Nana Smith

    “Scunners love in with Gordy tonight in Glasgow…”

    wait a min, Scunner’s whit the what now? 🙂

  11. caz-m

    Murphy, Brown, Curran, Davidson, Alexander, etc, etc, etc…

    I really DETEST the Scottish Labour Party, really, really detest them, every single one of them.

    Then through into the mix, BBC Scotland and the Daily Record,

    Why do they dislike the thought of true democracy in Scotland so much?

    The fight against Scottish Independence,

    “Funded by the UK Government” and Danny Alexander.

    Oh, I need cheering up, fast.

  12. Tam Jardine

    Interesting comments on Margaret’s facebook page. The old 1979 confidence vote gets a wee run out again which is amusing… I was about 1 and a half year old so I can’t help thinking of the Kezia defence of irrelevance due to the passage of time.

    Of course for the SNP to support labour after they stabbed Scotland in the back seems ridiculous but if we are talking ancient history, can any of our older Wingers recall the Daily Record being a conservative rag before it became a labour rag? Up until 1964 apparently?

    I read this on Wikipedia and hadn’t heard this before and didn’t know if it is a wiki joke edit. I suspected it was a joke as the entry also questions the papers current political stance: “Since Murray Foote became editor in February 2014, the publication’s stance has become less clear cut.”


  13. Brian Sherry

    Brown,Curran…..Major,Currie….Murphy,Dugdale…Clinton,Lewinski…political word associations….puke,lol…:-)

  14. bookie from hell

    labour are following same script as referendum

    trash snp
    steal same policies
    have a frontman-jim murphy
    when frontman fails bring in gordon brown
    use daily record,bbc,MSM

    scottish electorate will see thru this

  15. Tam Jardine


    If it Cheers you up, the movement to regain our independence has not been stronger for hundreds of years and the hold of Westminster has not been weaker. This will happen. The referendum wasa a huge step closer and May will be another huge step.

    It’s comin yet for a’ that.

    Hope you are well brother and no digging the black stuff up too quick. Leave some in the grun for the future exchequer

  16. GrahamB

    Tam at 12:29
    The DR could well have been ‘conservative’ up until the sixties.
    My grandfather, who died in 1968, used to get the Record but he was very middle of the road as far as politics went, possibly even apolitical. He was a foreman joiner at Nobel’s Ardeer works so on the side of the ordinary working man but still couldn’t understand why the country had turned against Churchill when ‘normal’ politics returned after the war. Don’t think he had much time for the proper Labour Party then though as I remember my dad saying a year or so before my grandfather died that he would have have been mortified to realise that it was a Labour paper, so it must have changed without him realising it as he aged.

  17. Tam Jardine


    Interesting – it is strange looking back at how politics has v changed. There are still significant numbers of pensioners voting conservative who, if they took the political compass test would find themselves a country mile away from where the tories are now.

    Old habits die hard. I think my generation have very little understanding of how bad things were in the 70s with bodies left unburied and rubbish filled streets. There are plenty folk who had never voted labour before who would always only vote conservative after that experience.

    My politics have diverged so far from my parents that we can no longer speak about it. Needless to say we buy very different newspapers now. My father (who had a joinery firm) bought the Scotsman for many years when I was growing up but I think it was the same paper on name only to the dross they churn out now.

  18. ronnie anderson

    £ 87.708 keep it gone people.

  19. ronnie anderson

    @ Caz-m Ah deny them right of axcess verbaly on the doorstep,its no ma money their spending wie letters an visits ha ha. You keep yer chin up, we,re much loved by the Media,their giving us free advertizment ha ha.

    I hope you can make 1st of May & meet more of the Family o Wingers.

  20. ronnie anderson

    @ Nana yer a wee Gem that Sheen vid is brilliant xx

  21. ronnie anderson

    Thistle says:
    2 March, 2015 at 10:05 pm

    Got an idea…

    Looking for individuals, groups, organisations who would be interested in having their own regular show on our livestream channel?

    The beauty of this is that it can be done from the comfort of your home and you have full control to discuss whatever you want and chat to guests. All this can be done via Skype and we livestream it to our channel (“The Citizens Broadcast Livestream Channel”).

    We need content to help grow the numbers and this can help give people a voice.

    Email Kevin: liveindependence [at] gmail [dot] com

    I discussed this with Kevin the other week, its something that could work from home /pub / cafe ,wee discussion groups family/ friends / Face Book. Whats your thoughts.

  22. Stoker

    Funded by the UK Government – It speaks for itself:

  23. Stoker

    Funded by the UK Government:

    I really hope the Rev is hard at work on one of the new projects.

    Scotland really needs to give that cesspit a rude awakening.

    Protect Scotland’s interests – Dump the LibLabCons – Vote SNP.

  24. john king

    Nana Smith @ 8.04pm
    Makes you proud to be Welsh 🙂
    pity Im not Welsh, 🙁

    Do “they” control the weather? ;/

  25. weedeochandorris

    Mmmm the telly tax and flag shebang diversions from the real issue of Gordy’s big idea to steal our oil for Westminster. Oil fund, right enough, for anyone but Scotland. I would like to see the Scottish Govt coming out with some strong worded statements about where he can get aff. Pronto.

  26. Macart

    Only one country has the right to ‘nationalise’ this resource and that country has to willingly allow its representatives to make such an offer to a house of joint government.

    That’s the reality of a treaty you see? What are you willing to give away and what are you willing to retain? Sovereignty? Resources? Mr Brown is required to ask your permission. We aren’t subjects of the crown in Scotland. Two signatories, the resource belongs geographically to only one country and one of the signatories and is administered by the joint government of both.

    Strangely today I’m not feeling over generous and I’m not sure Mr Brown has asked the people of Scotland if they are willing to make such a generous gesture. We could of course make our feelings on that suggestion of his known on May 7?

  27. Tam Jardine

    Just read on the telegraph site of fledgling tactical voting campaigns from unionists still fighting the referendum. Anyone in Perth shire aware of ‘Forward Together’? Or ‘Scotland in Union’? The latter promises to ‘provide polling and research’ to help people tactically vote.

    If there are indeed lib dem, tory and labour members then surely they should be getting punted for supporting another party. Of course they will.

    It will be interesting to find out where the money for these anti democratic and desperate campaigns is coming from. Shades of vote noborders.

  28. Effijy

    Seriously Worried about the Funds raised and especially by the number of contributors!

    This is the most informative web sight I have ever clapped eyes on, the has all the qualities that you would want in a leader, and there are a host of wonderful people on-line every day who have
    morals, care about the planet, society, and the truth.

    We are fighting wanton corruption by a foreign invader who are
    happy to fill their pockets, and those of their corporate friends, from the poor, disabled, disadvantaged, and the average
    hard working family.

    We are trying to tackle the media of mass distortion and hate filled lies, and we have less than 2,500 contributors from a
    population of 5,000,000 plus?

    I’ll be making another donation tonight as I couldn’t bare the thought of the Rev not gathering a 6 figure some with which to do battle.

    Are there people out there who think it’s not up to them to chip in but pray for the benefits of removing Westminster from their lives for ever?

    Are there others who value this cause at £1?

    Do some of you think the Rev only needs £45,000 to scrape by?

    For centuries people have put their lives on the line for freedom and all you have to do is put your hand in your pocket!

    If Scotland ends up with it’s 16th Labour majority of MPs
    in a row, you will get the same slimy profiteers selling your best interest to the Westminster elite, and you will be punished for your rebellion of recent years.

    Actions do speak louder than words!

  29. john king

    What I don’t get Macart is WHY Gordon Brown would propose a scenario where his own country is shafted post independence, does he hate HIS OWN COUNTRY THAT MUCH?

    What drives people like him Ian Davidson and Jimmy Hood, I just cant get my head round the level of hatred these people have, its frightening
    it really is scary, at least with Smugurphy you get the feeling he would shovel whatever shite is put in front of him but these people you get the impression would rather die than see us independent!

  30. Sinky


    From The National

    Gisela Stuart said Labour should consider a deal with the Conservatives after May’s General Election that would see the two main Westminster parties united in government for the first time since they came together during the Second World War.

    “If on May 8 you had a position where Labour had more seats than the Tories but not enough to form a government — but the Tories had more votes than Labour — I think you should not dismiss the possibility of a grand coalition in terms of regrouping of the main,” she told a London-based newspaper.

  31. Dorothy Devine

    Anyone read the ” unite against the SNP” article in the Herald?

    Someone below the line said it was written by Mrs Cochrane , the SNP/Alex Salmond/Yes campaign hater but I saw no name below it.

    I presume the Herald has a death wish as it continues to plumb new depths of idiocy. Sadly , it will tarnish any fledgling paper associated with it.

    I remember the once mighty Glasgow Herald as a paper willing to explore all sides and arguments and allow its readership to decide.

    How are the mighty fallen – in the Heralds case into the gutter alongside the Record and Scotsman.

  32. caz-m

    Ronnie and Tam

    Brown really pissed me of yesterday. It’s the way he is given top billing by our biased media. He turns up at these meetings to invited guests only, doesn’t take any questions, then rides off into the sunset.

    Yesterday he came up with this brilliant idea of having an oil fund, now why didn’t anybody else think of that one Gordon.

    Why didn’t Scottish Labour come up with all these ideas when they were in power in Westminster and Holyrood.

    I’ll tell you why, it’s because they thought they had Scotland in their back pocket, they thought they had jobs for life.

    Roll on May, tick tock.

  33. Macart

    @ John King

    They’re believers in project UK. Its that simple.

    They want two nations to become one. They want to rewrite that entire treaty, remove the independence of Scottish law, church etc. They want the whole ‘what’s yours is mine’ thing, but without the ‘what’s mine is yours’. Their idea of overturning the establishment is to work from within in a land without borders. Oh and that’s for those who have such an ideal, the rest as we’re well aware are simply careerists riding on the coat tails and seeing what they perceive to be the ermine trimmed pot of gold at the end of a long and ignominious career in the big toon.

    Brown is wrong however and wrong in the worst possible way. I believe he honestly doesn’t see that the establishment beat him and those who believed as he does. He doesn’t see that the establishment not only manipulated him and his dream, but actually came up with the damn idea themselves in the first place. The greatest con the establishment ever pulled was to convince the public they were powerless. And all it took to do this was the subversion of Labour.

    Why does the current Labour crop hate the SNP so much? Perhaps because in them and indeed the greater independence movement they are forced to remember what they were themselves upon a time.

  34. Macart

    @ Clootie

    Bwahahahahahaha. 😀

  35. Lanarkist

    Dorothy, Yes Jenny Huill, aka Mrs Cochrane. Her pic and name are on the header on front page. Seems odd that she is calling for a Grand Coalition, almost like she is admitting defeat.

    Be interesting to see if her husband follows up with a similar piece in the Telegraph!

  36. Les Wilson

    Well I guess the REV is off on holiday, maybe Bermuda or somewhere equally exotic! LOL!

  37. jackie g

    O/T I came across this on the Iplayer last night.

    The daft bit on the plane aside it is a very sobering watch.

  38. heedtracker

    Why does the current Labour crop hate the SNP so much? Because like all zealots they believe they own Scotland and Scotland loves them for it.

    Its all been a real eye opener though on teamGB 4th estate staggering hypocrisy, corruption and sneering malice.

    So after a couple of days “new media” WoS, raises nearly £100k with a media black out, unless its twerpy attacks like Daily Record making fools of themselves. Talk about useful idiots of the press. Still none of it gets even a mention by even red Tory Guardian.

    “Whipped up by last year’s independence referendum, Scottish voters can have a decisive impact on the general election.”

  39. manandboy

    It now looks as if the Better Together Team assembled to
    ‘rescue’ the Scottish Branch of the Labour Party,
    is doing a repeat of the strategy
    which allegedly won them the Referendum.

    That being the case, then BT need a replacement for Alistair Darling –
    a Westminster Labour politician who has a bit of status
    with Labour Voters, to lead the campaign.

    Step forward Jim Murphy.

    Knowing that GE15 is the Big One,
    and that the SNP have a good grip on Holyrood,
    Ed Milliband is only thinking as far as May 7th.
    The result of GE15 is just too important for Labour and the Union-
    Milliband is far too busy to be meddling in the Holyrood elections in 2016.

    Darlings replacement will do what Darling did – what he’s told.
    Jim Murphy will return to Westminster on may 8th.,
    with or without a seat in Westminster.

    The ONLY thing concerning Milliband is to keep
    as many Scottish MP’s as possible
    to help him gain power in Westminster.

    Like Darling, Murphy might well just disappear from view.

    Everything on the BBC and in the Press about Murphy,
    is designed to make him appear important,
    so that the voters will take him seriously,
    and relate to him as they did to Darling – Campaign Leader.

    Politically, Murphy’s only here to hang onto his seat,
    to offer the illusion that Scottish Labour is a unit,
    complete with Leader,
    and draw all the media-gaze away from the SNP,
    by behaving like a very noisy, disruptive spoiled brat
    in the classroom, who only wants attention.

    But it works. He sure is getting lots of it.

    But as for his claims that he’s here for the Dux Medal,
    only the truly dense will buy that one.
    But that’s Labour voters for you.

  40. CameronB Brodie

    Gordon Brown is another anti-Scottish MP with a non-ferrous neck. A UK oil fund? Macrone Report!

  41. Robert Kerr

    @Macart @John King.

    My take is that these people have realised how powerful the real Brit Establishment is and are backtracking to protect themselves. The real power is not in WM/HoC. They finally understand and are afraid for themselves. Damage limitation is all.

    This is Imperial Strategy from at least Roman times. Carrot and stick but subvert any potential uprising by bribing the leaders and showing them who is really in charge.

    Toe the line and you will prosper. Else. . . .

    Sad that it works. With some! But there are others. NS, AS. etc

    Our day shall come!

  42. Lollysmum

    Tam Jardine
    Thanks for pointing that out.

    If you read the article, it’s premise falls at the first hurdle by saying Pete Wishart doesn’t want to be at Westminster. What a joke? He’s been there since 2001, that’s 14 years fighting for Scotland’s corner when the Tory, Lib Dem & Labour MP’s in Scotland have just been seatwarmers collecting their fat paychecks & expenses for doing absolutely nothing for Scots. Yes Pete’s ultimate aim is to leave WM but only when the job is done. But that isn’t on the cards right now.

    They keep saying that SNP hasn’t accepted the referendum & this is indyref 2. Bollocks-it’s they that haven’t got over it. Survivors guilt maybe? They know they got a bloody nose last time & they don’t want worse to come in May.

    Scotland has moved on but some of the dinosaurs of the old guard haven’t & they are struggling with the concept that people don’t hold them in high esteem every time they open their mouths & spout their self serving nonsense.

    This article just smacks of desperation from the landed gentry & ex military types. Launch dinner? Was Hyacinth Bucket there because she’d fit right in:-)

  43. Nana Smith

    I’m seeing more and more panic online, keep the nats out is the cry. Democracy is dead and buried in Westminster.

    I rather believe it was all for show anyway, make the plebs think they have democracy. Over the years we have seen they don’t listen to the people and this latest bunch of crooks prove it.

    They know fine well how Scotland has been done down for decades and should the snp have access to the books will
    prove it. That’s why they are calling for a grand coalition.

    At the heart of it all the scots like Brown who have
    betrayed us all and shamed themselves.

  44. Brian Powell

    Did STV ask Brown where the money for the Oil Fund would come from?

  45. galamcennalath

    Tam Jardine says:
    ” ‘Forward Together’? Or ‘Scotland in Union’ ”

    Unionists seem Hell bent on re-running the referendum. They won that vote. So now it’s back to party politics for a while. Is that not what they wanted? Scotland is still in the UK and we will still be sending democratically elected representatives to WM.

    Or, in their wild imaginings did they think one close vote would stop us in our tracks? Did they think the SNP would disappear after one defeat? Odd as that seems, it certainly looks like they held that delusion! Their idea of party politics is having a selection of different flavoured Tories all singing together.

    What they wanted, and what they’re going to get are quite different. Perhaps next time there is a referendum, the London elite might consider if they want independence for Scotland too!

  46. Macart

    @ Robert Kerr

    I reckon there’s a good dose of that in the mix too Robert. There’s nothing like a fully paid up membership to the self preservation society to focus some minds.

  47. dougiekdy

    @Brian Powell

    Nope – thought the piece was fairly balanced until;

    1 – they had a pro Brown plan comment from Alex Kemp (surprised at that)
    2 – Ian Murray got his usual slab pi*h in, then
    3 – Stewart Hosie wasn’t given a chance to reply and got cut off – boy did he look pi**ed off.

    The National this morning has an article where Prof Alex Russell basically rubbishes Brown’s plan – why wasn’t he given the chance to counter Alex Kemp’s comments last night?

    I used to think that STV gave a (slightly) fairer balance but having my doubts now…

  48. john king

    Clootie @ 8.10
    Do you think we could get him to lick a truck battery?

  49. galamcennalath

    A thought. It is becoming the norm for us to portrait Lib Lab Con UKIP as all Tories of different subtle shades of grey. I certainly do that.

    There might be a danger of talking up how similar and interchangeable they are … we might actually encourage tactical voting.

  50. Robert Kerr

    Thanks Macart.

    There is also the realisation that being only a life-peer is second rate!

  51. HandandShrimp

    I think the Record fixed that Wallace poll to make it sound like a sane question. 🙂

    As to the notion that after everything is said and done in the election that the Tories and Labour could get together in a coalition just beggers belief. What is the point of voting if they are going to do that? I haven’t bothered with the Red Tory label (other than to annoy Geneer on cif and then only a couple of times) but if they did this then it would be a label that would stick for years if not decades.

  52. Fred

    Very strange! Broon takes time off from his enforced purdah at his North Queensferry counting-house and sallies west to yet another closed & self-selected meeting. No doubt pacing the stage like the deranged individual that he has become and unveils his latest cunning stunt to Magrit & Co.

    One might suppose Broon was running for election instead of running away from it. He gets back in the Broonmobile, doubtless to rapturous applause, and heads back east to his sequestered retreat, like some unfortunate stricken by ebola.

    Back to counting the cash and awaiting divine inspiration for the next trooping of the great mans ego.

  53. Snode1965

    Macart, I totally agree with your reasoning behind Labours hatred of the SNP. When SLab MPs look in the mirror they won’t see a social democrat that’s for sure. Most of these people have been in power for decades and ken fine well what Labour are supposed to stand for.

  54. manandboy

    A stranger came into my grandmothers’ house
    and managed to find where her savings were.
    He took all of the paper money but left a bit in coin.

    After a few weeks, the police caught up with him.
    They arrested him and confiscated all his belongings,
    including most of Gran’s savings.

    Standing before the judge, he pleaded ruin and destitution.
    ‘This is a personal disaster for me and my family’, he said.
    The Judge ordered all the stolen stuff from the man’s house to be returned to its rightful owners.
    Hearing this, the man wailed.

    Then the judge passed sentence. Jail.

    When the bankers gambled trillions and lost,
    they were immediately provided with more money to play with by the Government.
    The money they lost, the debts owed by them, together with the cost of bailing them out,
    was passed to the general population.
    The method of paying those debts we call ‘AUSTERITY’.

    But lately, more and more people are waking up to the truth
    about this debt and who actually belongs to it,
    and how the wealthy gamblers are determined that the ordinary people will just have to suffer in order to meet their gambling debts.

    People are angry and have decided to fight back against austerity and those imposing it, the Government.

    The rich gamblers, the Bankers, have called this fight back
    But the Government have re-assured the bankers that everything will be done to make sure that things stay the way they are.
    But the people think otherwise.

    So now, the Government has embarked on a huge propaganda campaign
    cleverly designed to make the people who are protesting
    look like very bad people.
    The ordinary people are being called every bad name you can imagine.

    In this way, the Government is trying to trick the majority of the population into accepting the austerity and to let the gambler bankers who brought ruination to the country off – and give them yet more money from the public purse, so that they may continue their lives of unbridled opulence.

    Scotland has a choice –

    to believe the UK Gov and stay in the Union
    to pay the debts of the very wealthy


    to refuse to pay the debts of the super rich,
    to reject austerity,
    and to take the path that leads to independence
    and self-determination.

  55. frogesque

    I’ve been saying for while now that there could be a Government of National Emergency to freeze out the SNP and others.

    The new coalition party will then call itself the Bacon party where all the troughers can form an orderly line.

    Belly pork and ham anyone?

  56. cynicalHighlander

    Gordon Brown’s oil fund – the ultimate contradiction

    Will someone phone RS and tell them that chronic neck pain can be cured by switching them off.

  57. Author_al

    Effigy, There are plenty of Pro Indy people out there who don’t know Wings exists. I was chatting to a group of determined, shall we say elderly, ladies at the weekend who are not computer savvy yet they had organised a pro Indy coffee morning. If only I had had some flyers or leaflets extolling the Value and virtues of Wings.

    My other point us that if the computers folk among us know how to tweet then we should be tweeting all local Yes groups. I have been doing my area and hope more people will visit the donations page.

    Anyone know a few Yes millionaires? I would guess though that more millions reside with the unionists as they count their ill gotten gains from shafting Scotland.

    195% ain’t bad though.

  58. Macart

    @Snode 1965

    Labour were created to fill a need, provide a voice for those who couldn’t speak or stand up for themselves. They started as a popular, progressive, people’s movement, but the important part of all that was ‘PROVIDE A VOICE’. They were created to reflect our needs and aspirations, not the other way round.

    Somewhere along the way they wilfully made a decision to abandon this founding premise in favour of becoming an election winning machine. Their upper echelons subverted by the establishment, their members geared toward winning with no true purpose in mind other than ‘to win’. They forgot why they had to win and what they were meant to be doing when they won.

  59. Almannysbunnet

    @author_al @ effijy
    It’s hard/costly/needs organization to start a leaflet campaign to extol the virtues of Wings, Bella, Weegingerdug etc and get the message out there. For what it’s worth I print off articles from all of them, 10-20 a week and deliver them to people with no PC access. Also sneak a few into the doctors surgery and pin them to some bulletin boards. Who knows, if we all printed off a few and distributed them we could make a difference. You could even post a few through the letter boxes of known staunch Broonites 🙂

  60. Marga

    frogesque – see story in the National today on Gisela Stuart’s view that Labour shouldn’t rule out a LabCon “grand” coalition.

  61. cirsium

    In reading about Mr Brown’s outrageous proposal to annex the oilfields using PPP financing, among others, I could only think of Oliver Cromwell’s address

    You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go

  62. Robert Louis

    With all this rather desperate union jackery being announced by our English Parliament, it is easy to forget what could, and previously did happen up here.

    When I was younger (a long time ago), the BBC had no night programming, and would close down each night, to a stirring rendition of the English national anthem, god save the queen. I do wonder how long it will be, before we have the same thing re-introduced.

  63. Captain Caveman

    Gah. Words just fail me and I don’t want any further involvement in all of this, so last post from me here.
    Bye all, take care.

  64. donald anderson

    Deny what? If you read the posts you will see that is clearly not the case. tt is Scots we attack mostly with support from our enlightened and progressicve English posters.

  65. Lollysmum

    Ok own up-who upset the troglodyte?

  66. CameronB Brodie

    Captain Caveman
    That’s a pitty, I got the impression you enjoyed following the debate. I hope its nothing someone has said to you here. If it’s the site, could I ask you to let us know what has driven you away?

  67. Captain Caveman

    Nah, it’s no-one here as such, just don’t agree with the premise or content of the article which personally I find offensive. I really don’t want to be drawn on this though, so let’s end it on a nice note. 🙂

    I truly wish Scotland all the very best, whatever the future holds for us all.


  68. CameronB Brodie

    Captain Caveman
    Thanks, I’m sure your good will’s appreciated by more than myself. All the best. 😉

  69. Fred

    Just listening to the Shortbread News, hatchet job on consultants overtime payments with Greek chorus of SNP Baaaad.
    Finally the response from the Baaad Health Minister Shona Robison & surprise, surprise! you couldn’t hear the wummin for traffic noise!

  70. donald anderson

    The record and the Labour party are still conservative and unionist. The so called difference is not worth arguing about and fit for only EBC political chat shows.

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