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Zoomer Patrol

Posted on March 09, 2015 by

These are getting so numerous now we needed a place to keep track.


We have a feeling this page is going to get a lot bigger until May.


“Perhaps, after this week, the time may have come to shelve the mantra: ‘It’s the economy, stupid.’ Because this General Election is rapidly turning into a freak show in which the old rules no longer apply — with potentially ruinous consequences for us all.

For here in Scotland, it’s not the economy; it’s the Saltire, stupid. National prosperity is almost an irrelevance in an election driven by synthetic grievance and down-right fantasy.

Though the atmosphere is not (yet) as menacing as it was during the referendum, the vitriol is mounting on the internet and on the streets.

One hotelier whispers that he fears an orchestrated savaging of his hotel on TripAdvisor if he voices any anti-SNP sentiment. Labour candidates complain of being followed by SNP activists with cameras, looking out for footage to exploit.”

(Robert Hardman in the Daily Mail)


“Nicola Ferguson Sturgeon is a very dangerous woman. Although poles apart politically – and Sturgeon herself would run the Royal Mile in Edinburgh at the comparison – she shares many similarities with Margaret Thatcher.

Like Mrs T, the SNP leader transformed her image from that of a dowdy egghead into a glamorous, power-dressing imperatrix – emphasising a mixture of elegant feminine charm and steel. 

Her strength of character and willpower have driven her to the top of a party that has traditionally been dominated by powerful men in kilts.

There is a growing fear in England that she could hold Westminster to ransom.

By propping up a Miliband government, she would try to impose her left-wing agenda: big-state socialism, ferocious opposition to an austerity programme, the non-renewal of the Trident nuclear deterrent, demands for expensive public spending projects that fly in the face of economic reality.

If that happens, Britain would face a political crisis as the English (who number 53 million) would feel justified in rebelling against a government that depended for its existence on the votes of a neighbouring country of just five million.

Such a situation would, inevitably, become unworkable and collapse, with incalculable consequences for our political system.”

(Chris Deerin in the Daily Mail)


“We are just seven weeks away from a nightmare scenario in which a minority party of ultra-Left barmpots and crankies will be able to dictate how the United Kingdom is governed – against the democratic wishes of the rest of us.

The Ghost of Salmond will haunt the Commons chamber, a grim harbinger of the havoc that lies ahead if the polls are right and the SNP is about to toss a caber in the works.

Many are already sick of the excessive subsidies English taxpayers send over the border. Is it part of Cameron’s overseas aid policy to let Jockistan have even more?”

(Chris Roycroft-Davis in the Express)


This year’s General Election will be the closest since 1974 – and the nastiest. 

We have already seen vile behaviour in the course of the Scottish referendum campaign, with insults flying, open hostility in the streets, and a nationalist mob braying outside the BBC in Glasgow. 

The mood in Scotland remains tense and ugly – and those living south of the border should take note because the mood could quickly sour there too.

If, as many fear, the Scottish Nationalists take control of English affairs, that mood will turn to fury.

(Allan Massie in the Mail On Sunday)


Russia was once briefly as free as Scotland still is now, but it was a failure to resist creeping tyranny that has allowed the nightmare seen there today to unfold.”

(Demented Telegraph columnist Tom Gallagher in The Commentator)


If the English vote fragments, while the Scots and Labour’s northern dependencies cast ballots for a socialist paradise in numbers opinion polls suggest, then a historic tragedy beckons for the UK.

Should this come, the backlash in the south will prove bitter indeed. If prosperous England is obliged to bankroll improvident Scotland, and also to see the SNP’s demands imposed upon the UK House of Commons, then a storm will break.

The English people already feel let down by their politicians. Their dismay is nothing, however, compared with what they will feel if Nicola Sturgeon, red in tooth and claw, becomes kingmaker for us as well as for her own deluded followers.”

(“Mad Max” Hastings in the Daily Mail)


Britain could be run by a “doomsday alliance” after Ed Miliband refused to rule out a post-election pact with the SNP, it was claimed yesterday.

Senior MPs on all sides warned of mayhem if the party that wants to break up the UK was let anywhere near the levers of power.

One senior Labour MP warned: ‘Many of us are deeply concerned by Ed’s silence. He must make it clear he would under no circumstances enter into an agreement with the SNP. I could see people taking to the streets in protest if this were to happen.’

Lord Bilimoria, the founder of Cobra Beer, warned any Labour-SNP alliance would be ‘terrifying’.”

(Political editor David Wooding in The Sun On Sunday)


How to crush the Nats’ hopes for Scottish independence (print title)

The SNP would grab anything on offer, while demanding more and intensifying their programme of rolling blackmail. Nothing short of full independence will satisfy the Nats. In the meantime, they would use additional powers to highlight their differences from England, whatever the cost in misgovernment.

In a federalised Scotland, the SNP would continue to undermine the education system while wrecking the Highlands and the Scottish economy. A broken Labour Party would offer no resistance. Indeed, Labour survivors would join the Nats in plundering the rest of Scotland to subsidise higher welfare payments in a de facto nationalist and socialist coalition.”

(Bruce Anderson in the Telegraph)


Plans to officially rename Glasgow’s George Square as ‘Freedom Square’ and replace the 80-foot-high Sir Walter Scott statue with one of Alex Salmond have been shelved, although the Government denies this is due to the permanent protest established there by crowds of the elderly and the young unemployed — the ‘45’, as they style themselves — demanding a union with England, which they believe is the route back to economic stability.”

(Daily Mail fruitloop Chris Deerin)


Forced sales of country estates. Snooping state guardians for every child. Contempt for the wealthy… and Britain. Fantasy? No, it’s the stark reality of an SNP landslide.

The East German Stasi would have loved to have a database that linked health, tax and much other private information on its citizens. It could become reality in Scotland.

And yet, despite its contempt for individuals, for families, for property rights and for liberty, the SNP is riding high in the polls.”

(Some more measured, thoughtful Mail On Sunday commentary from Allan Massie)

If you spot any, readers, do let us know.

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257 to “Zoomer Patrol”

  1. MajorBloodnok says:

    Don’t Panic!

  2. No no no...Yes says:

    When is Jim Murphy, that true patriotic Scot, going to condemn these attacks on his fellow Yes and No voting countrymen and women?

  3. Baheid says:

    They don’t like it up em Mr.Mannering

  4. jimnarlene says:

    I’m still feeling the love, of eh, whit?

    To all unionists, you wanted Scotland to stay, Scotland stayed; get over it.

  5. JWylie says:

    Feel the love.

  6. mogabee says:

    This could become a very, very, very BIG page.

    I do hope they are watching their blood pressure, it may get messy. lol

  7. Brian Powell says:

    If there were any countries out there thinking the UK was still some kind of power in the world, they must now look at the small man frothing, gibbering fear being shown at all levels of the Establisment, newspapers and politicians, and now think, Naw.

    It could all have been so simple; three years ago, a rational measure consideration of real Home Rule, presented for consideration to the public, then included in the Ballot.

    It would have strolled through. Now We know too much, have found out much more of the real political history of Scotland over the last 50 years, and before.

    Greedy, mediocre, self-serving politicians in London, and in the three opposition parties in Scotland, just couldn’t step up and contribute to one of the biggest constitutional events in the last three centuries.

  8. muttley79 says:

    Major, its far to late for that for Tom Gallagher, Allan Massie, Deerin, Hastings and Cochrane and co… D: D:
    Never let it be said of Brit nat fanatics that they cannot whip up batshit crazy hysteria when they want to.

    I simply do not recognise the Scotland they are describing. For Gallagher to compare Scotland to Putin’s Russia is just about the most ludicrously mental thing imaginable. Massie and others have completely jumped the shark as well. They really need to lie down in a darkened room. They must burst blood vessels writing their barking, hysterical rantings and ravings.

  9. Martin Wood says:

    They really are quite panicky about us

    Wonder why….

    I thought we were a burden of £1800 a year?

  10. Jimbo says:

    Definitely a case of Massie hysteria.

  11. BrianW says:

    If Calsberg did….

    Hysteria Loaded Imperialist News Reporting, they’d be the best in the World..

    It is hilarious how they’re pulling out all the stops to stamp us out of existence.. Other than report us as incestuous sex addicts trussed up on the kitchen table like a Tory MP in sussy’s, being spanked on the bottom by your sister/aunty (same person surely) whilst riding a Unicorn round the Kitchen singing Scotland the Brave wearing a YES to Debauchery T-Shirt, I dunno what else they can do.. Nothing really shocks me..

    They’re not touching cloth any more.. They’re shitting themselves at the thought of the SNP being democratically elected by their Better Together Jock Neighbours north of Rory’s wall..

    The only thing I’d be interested to know is how do our No Voting Brethren feel about seeing their Nation being portrayed like this in the press?

    Do they still feel the love from remaining in the United Kingdom?

  12. Leodhasach says:

    Posted this to the facebook page too. That Massie article has properly wound me up!

    ‘For the English regard a government dependent on the SNP as undemocratic and an insult to democracy itself’. WTF? Why? Why is a democratically elected party an insult? Do us voters in Scotland not count? Is our vote worth less? If we overwhelmingly and peacefully vote for the party of our choice is that not EXACTLY what democracy is about? That cartoon in the guardian didn’t really bother me but articles such as this make my piss boil!!

  13. jim heraghty says:

    On the one hand they’re telling us that WE’RE insane, ignorant and stupid for supporting SNP in such large numbers, but then, despite calling us so stupid, they then want us to vote for a unionist party.

    I think I’ll just stay stupid.

    And, being so stupid, I’m completely baffled as to why Labour’s Scottish poll ratings are so high.

  14. beachthistle says:

    This Allan Massie?

    Allan Massie: I was wrong, Salmond was right – this is a more contented country (Saturday 27 October 2007)–this-is-a-more-contented-country-398012.html

  15. Mealer says:

    Let’s all remember that not everyone in England despises us as much as their media does.

  16. Doug Daniel says:

    “Prosperous England”? Ha ha! I had no idea Max Hastings was a comedian.

  17. dennis mclaughlin says:

    Don’t we just love all this ‘Press Freedom’…

    They (the British Press) are bordering on racial hatred here.

    Whatever happened to ‘Better Together’ chaps?.

  18. Lollysmum says:

    Well Ghandi is being proved right & we know just how much WM loved him NOT.

    They’ve done the ignoring,the laughing & anger bits & now we are into the fighting stage.

    Not far to go now.Heads up,let’s fight back with all we have at our disposal-Humour,people power, speedy responses.

    Show WM up for the lying, deceitful thugs they are. Gloves off!!

  19. Soda says:

    I find the undertone in all this deeply disturbing. The implied recourse to violence was never too far away during the referendum campaign from those with links to Northern Island and the OO.

    The threat of state sanction violence and paramilitary intervention is a spectre that is all to prevalent in the world both in the past and today but we mustn’t allow these despicable hacks to sow the seeds of this possibility happening in our nation.

    They must be taken to task over this, robustly and completely. We must make it clear we will not allow them to threaten us in this way. We will not be bullied and we will not be intimidated with these bottom of the barrel warnings and scare tactics.

    We should call them out in this immediately and not allow them to perpetuate this dangerous notion any longer. This needs to be pro-actively nipped right in the bud.

  20. Wee Jonny says:

    Oh FFS!!!
    No voters/unionists, whatever the fuck you call yirsel YOU WON GET OVER IT. MOVE ON.

    Set Scotland free vote SNP.

  21. Jim Mitchell says:

    I have already said that the unionist press went so far with their deceit and lies during the referendum campaign that there was no way back for them. They have to continue trying to whip up hysteria they have no other tactics!

  22. heedtracker says:

    Red and blue tory scorched earth, all to prevent Scotland actually running Scotland.

  23. Stoops says:

    Well, you can’t blame me, I voted ‘Yes’.

  24. Xaracen says:

    Hmmm… Funnily enough I can’t find the “Thames will be foaming with blood” piece in the Scottish Edition.

    Disclaimer! I don’t buy it, my wife does for the celeb stuff, and even she thinks it’s time to ditch it. I only looked through it just now it after reading this thread.

  25. HeehawBaws says:

    Allan Massie is right. Democracy IS at stake. These people seem to think that the third largest party in the United Kingdom, if democratically put into power by the people and democratic system of the United Kingdom, should be prevented from being allowed to help govern the United Kingdom. I thought we voted No, after all. Aren’t we part of the United Kingdom?

  26. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    ‘scottish’ Labour are already fighting like ferrets in sack over the tiny amount of resources they have.

    “A party insider said: “Margaret is getting a terrible reception on the doorstep, and the more hostility she gets, the more resources she wants for a seat nobody thinks we are going to hold.”

    Another Scottish Labour source said: “Margaret has always been out for herself and Jim needs to have a word with her. It will be a blow to Labour if we lose our Scottish Secretary but we can take comfort in the knowledge that the IQ of the Westminster group will rise when Margaret goes.”

    Now you add to that the hilarity of the out of touch posh boy Cameron seemingly happy to throw his one and only scottish tory MP Mundell under the bus.

    Cameron portraying Miliband as in the pocket of Alex Salmond is hardly going to be a hinderance to getting unhappy Labour voters over to our side everywhere. Quite the reverse. Miiband is detested in scotland which is obvious from his poll ratings even among Labour supporters.

    That being the case, Labour voters can be persuaded to vote for the SNP to get rid of the one remaining scottish tory MP David Mundell instead of throwing away their vote on a waste of space like Miliband.

  27. handclapping says:

    So this is what the Wee Red mist Book is to be about then? Are you trying to break the SNHS with strokes and heart attacks? 🙂

    Dear Tom, the exemplar of the perfect academic who knows more and more about less and less ’til they become unable to talk to anyone sensibly.

  28. badgerboydarling says:

    Better Together? Only for the brit colonialists down in Westminster it would seem and placemen up here. Scotland dearly needs rid of this wicked parasite asap.

  29. Luigi says:

    The BritNats have nothing to fear but fear itself. So many red and blue blood vessels are now bursting, all because little festering figments of imagination and prejudice were left take hold. It’s been eating away at them since 2007. All in the unionist mind. They now continually look behind them, they expect an evil separatist is lurking behind every corner, just waiting to pounce. How long before they start checking under their cars in the morning? With mindsets like these, is it any wonder that they despise Scotland and all things Scottish. Individual separatists cannot be identified, so they must assume that all scots are vermin and not to be trusted. Even NO voters will be shunned – after all, how can one establish one’s worth to the union? Perhaps they only pretended they voted NO.

    No, we are now all tarred with the same brush now. Many of those who voted NO will soon come to realise this, if they haven’t already. The realisation will be a painful experience for many.

  30. Helena Brown says:

    Dear,oh dear, oh dear. There will be little old ladies just ower the border waiting on the Scots invading next. Funny that, the invasions always came from the South except when we were supporting the French, and sometimes I wonder why we bothered.
    I can almost understand some of this, but there was an answer. first they look up the meaning of the word Independent, none of them seemed to understand that, and secondly if we had been on our road to that they would not have to worry their rather stupid heads. Should we imagine that nobody in England is similarly informed as to the state of play here after all we can watch the English News, Newspapers etc.

  31. Marie clark says:

    Don’t panic, don’t panic. Too late,man, they are really keeching themselves.

    The part that makes me smile is, they actually do not see that, what is happening now is their own fault. It was always supposed to be a union,ergo, we all work together for the betterment of all. Unfortunately, they could not play straight, could they.

    All down the centuries we have been kept in our places, robbed and lied to, big style. They are aye’ moanin, that we are scroungers,drunks and useless into the bargain. Except when they need oor money and ither resources. Like young soldiers, sent away to die in illegal and utterley useless wars. What a waste of our young folk.

    Westminster aye demeen us, and tell us time you stood on your own twa feet and took responsibilty. To which a lot of us replied a’ richt, let’s have oor ain independence and we will burden you nae mair.

    That worked out well, didn’t it. They threw everything including the kitchen sink at us. Doon on the hands and knees telling us we love you, please don’t go. Every Tom, Dick and Pinnochio kidon celebrity signing letters to us.

    So here we are, for the moment. As far as I can see, we are not doing anything wrong. We are playing by their rules, and they are behaving like a bear wae’ a burnt backside.

    There’s nae pleasing some folk, but denigrating ordinary folk like us calling us Nazti’s and names like that, does not help. We are after all only excercising our democratic right.

    You wanted us, so here we are. Don’t like it? Really? Tough.

  32. David Wardrope says:

    I’m an average person, have a young family and live in a street with decent enough folks round me. I get along with the neighbours and talk with them occasionally, and during referendum we spoke on occasion of where we stood on the whole thing (it was obvious where my household stood though, you just had to look at the house/car windows.) I never had any problems or arguments with those who intended voting no.

    I have a real issue with the vastly increasing media villification of SNP supporters, and their portrayal of us as some of the worst kind of people in political history. Their reporting absolutely comes across as if we would cause untold trouble to anyone with even the slightest of opposing views.

    I put up some window posters/stickers at the weekend, and while (I hope) my close neighbours can see the people who live in my household, I really am apprehensive of whether others will not see past the posters (and therefore the media pish), and if this in any way would cause my children any trouble, I will hold media accountable for creating division and hatred where there was none before.

    Make no mistake, the vast majority of people voting SNP know exactly what they’re voting for. If the UK establishment has a problem with democracy (albeit, a poor version of it), then perhaps the medias’ dictatorship analogies are being directed at the wrong party.

    I am sorry for the rant.

  33. Wulls says:

    Har de har…..
    “If they think I’m a threat to the establishment …. They’re right”
    Alex Salmond.
    He didn’t say anything about causing an epidemic of dihorrea in the press though.
    Possibly an oversight because all I see is Westminster waking up to the fact Scotland will be punching above or weight come May and absolutely shitting them selfs.
    Very amusing ……
    Very very amusing.

  34. Lollysmum says:

    Here’s the archived version of Allan Massie’s 2007 article.No sensing in giving unionist papers more clickbait.

    Allan Massie-I was wrong & Salmond was right

  35. Greannach says:

    I always thought Alan Massie was just boring. I never realised he was boring AND mental.

  36. K1 says:

    So now we know who the true terrorist are. Talk about incitement.

    Lies and Propaganda is all they have.

    Keep calm and get on with our lives.

    We’re not sheep, let’s not follow the dog whistlers.

    Vote SNP For Scotland.

  37. bookie from hell says:

    Once Upon A Time,long long time ago in the land of Scotland

    “Better Together launch marks the formal beginning of a positive campaign for a stronger Scotland in the United Kingdom”

    Lib Dem MP Michael Moore

  38. Dr Jim says:

    Newspapers exercising their desire to decide and influence yet again (Whip em up Rawhide) lets see how well it works post referendum after every lie they produced was debunked
    You have to say anyone who thinks they have this power or even wants this power is seriously mentally flawed because when you’re caught out in attempts to manipulate free will as you always are, eventually the consequences can be severe
    but then these people always think the public are to thick to spot it
    Mibbes Aye Mibbes Naw
    We shall see!!!

  39. Clootie says:

    Stop it… sides are hurting.

    Is this truly the vision of Scotland held by these idiots or is it just the same old bigots switching to a new target.

  40. heedtracker says:

    What are journalists like Alan Massie actually on these days as in, vote SNP and get the “specter” of English countryside marches and the “shadow” of the poll tax anarchy apparently.

    His Mersey and Thames foaming with blood metaphor is just barbaric and has to be aimed directly at ProjectFearing Morphy’s 190 thousand undecideds. Who wants the Thames foaming with blood these days. The red and blue tory boy barbarians are at the keyboard.

  41. Proud Cybernat says:

    There is but one Tory MP in Scotland and we accept Westminster’s right to govern here. Scotland rejected the ruling party of the UK but we do not work ourselves up into a hysterical frenzy about them governing us.

    If things go as the polls suggest in May, then there will be many more SNP MPs in WM which the people of rUK did not vote for. Tough. That’s the WM system. Scots have had to suck it for generations. If Scotland can live with another country ruling us, why can’t England? What’s their problem?

    They wanted us to stay. They love-bombed us to stay. They VOWed us to stay. The (almost) held hands across the border to keep us in the Union. They even threatened us to stay.

    We stayed.

    Now deal with the consequences and get over it.

    If England objects to Scotland having a say in how England (rUK) is goverened then the Union has truly reached the end of the road. If the Home Counties do not want Scotish MPS to have any influence in WM but merely allow us to attend there and do as they tell us, this Union is over.

    Why don’t they see that?

  42. Stu Magoo says:

    Better Together?
    Be careful what you wish for…

  43. galamcennalath says:

    “The mood in Scotland remains tense and ugly – and those living south of the border should take note because the mood could quickly sour there too.”

    I reckon this is arse for elbow.

    Things already sound rather tense and ugly down south to me!

    As for here, apart from within SLab inner circles, things here seem bright and rosy, Spring is on the way, the nights are drawing out, and we have some fun to look forward to in May.

  44. ErinT says:

    “Should this come, the backlash in the south will prove bitter indeed. If prosperous England is obliged to bankroll improvident Scotland, and also to see the SNP’s demands imposed upon the UK House of Commons, then a storm will break.”

    Why are people like this allowed to write for newspapers? Why are people like this allowed to write at all? Why are there people like this?

    And Allan Massie is an idiot. Not an “oh, you support the party I don’t like” idiot but just an idiot in general.

  45. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    The anti-scottish bigoty and outright lunacy in the westminster establishment press is nasty stuff but not all that much of a surprise considering the press barons in charge of the newspapers don’t think twice about corruption and lawbreaking on an industrial scale as we saw with phone hacking.

    They are beyond redemption and will drown in their own fetid pool of corruption and greed as their circulations keep getting smaller and smaller and smaller.

    The scottish public knows how pitiful their hate speech is and even in rUK there will be more than enough people who will realise this campaign of hatred is the desperate screams and tantrums of a westminster establishment nobody trusts any more.

    The public in England and Wales and NI can easily find out the truth by watching Nicola Sturgeon making speeches like this.

    Then they will see why the scottish public respect her so much and rate her so highly in all the polling. Then they will understand why the westminster elite hate and fear her and the SNP so much.

    When the rest of the public see Nicola at the coming leadership debates you can be certain these hate-filled idiots foaming at the mouth over the SNP are gong to look even more stupid than they do right now. Which is saying something. 😉

  46. Marcia says:

    I never knew that 59 MP’s representing Scotland can outvote 591 MP’s outwith Scotland. Must be a different type of arithmetic in the House of Commons.

  47. Karmanaut says:

    O/T There was a tweet last night from someone whose son was on a plane to London. The plan was full of people who had come up from England for the Scottish Labour Conference.

  48. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

    @ David Wardrope

    Don’t apologise David,you didn’t rant.

    To state the obvious the media are telling lies to whip up anti Scottish sentiment in England to mostly support the Tories. Us Scots, whether pro or anti Independence are not at each others throats nor will we be.

    The Labour branch office have tried and failed to whip up hatred of the SNP for their self preservation, among ordinary voters. The voices that demonstrate hatred were there before the referendum and will probably remain.

  49. badgerboydarling says:

    We are the cash cow that keeps them afloat. Why else were they begging on their knees back in September. Actions speak louder than words afterall.

  50. Sinky says:


    Has anyone lodged a Freedom of Information request to HM Government asking :

    (a) How much was spent on their pre election propaganda leaflet “Scotland’s Changing”?

    and (b) Where was it printed?

  51. Grizzle McPuss says:

    Joseph Goebbels would be so proud of the Unionist journalists.

    (I nod to Mr Godwin)

  52. Cuddis says:

    This stuff is grossly offensive and provocative. That’s what it’s designed to be. But the authors reveal so much about our current MSM antagonists. Nice to see them all in one place alongside similar hysterical examples. As others have already observed we should not be distracted. This just means we are really, really getting to them.

    Seems like the exercise of our democratic rights now poses an existential threat to the ancien regime (quelle domage). In fact so strong is this impression that I have been forced to re-interpret two of my favourite poems.

    Yeats’ ‘The Second Coming’ obviously refers to the Establishment’s current concerns that their Duck Houses may be sinking faster than they think. Faster even than that if the SNP return 50-ish MPs in May.

    The Second Coming

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
        The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
        Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
        Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
        The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
        The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
        The best lack all conviction, while the worst
        Are full of passionate intensity.

    Ozymandias, by Shelley, now seems to describe what a future observer might make of the ‘colossal wreck’ of the Westminster Establishment, post-independence.


    I met a traveller from an antique land
    Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
    And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    `My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:
    Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!’
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
    The lone and level sands stretch far away”.

    If only I’d known this when I sat my English Highers!

  53. osakisushi says:

    What bothers me with this nonsense is simple. Are ‘they’ attempting to provoke trouble in Scotland to justify the gloves coming off?
    Goodness knows HMG has form in this department.

  54. Marcia says:

    Grizzle McPuss

    Makes him look like a moderate.

  55. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Soda says:
    9 March, 2015 at 12:29 pm

    I find the undertone in all this deeply disturbing. The implied recourse to violence was never too far away during the referendum campaign from those with links to Northern Island and the OO”

    I think the events in George Square on the 19th of September was a orchestrated warning to us not to get back up out of our box.

    Just remember who ran the protestant murder gangs in N Ireland.

  56. Iain says:

    Pitiful, desperate stuff. For all the decades in which an English majority has determined politics for the whole UK, including Scotland, we were supposed to meekly acquiesce. But if democracy throws up a result that achieves the converse, the toys are out the pram, and it is suddenly an intolerable scenario.
    It’s democracy. UK democracy. It’s what they wanted in September.

  57. call me dave says:

    Cochrane in the telegraph.

    “The mood music was excellent at Labour’s special conference but I didn’t find anyone who wants to talk to the Nats. Mr Miliband should take note of that”.

  58. Proud Cybernat says:

    We want you in the Union, Scotland, but only on England’s terms.

    Sorry, but those days are over. For good. Deal with it.

  59. Grant says:

    It would be interesting to question these journalists on their positions during the last two referendums in the UK.

    A YES vote for either AV (instead of First-Past-The-Post) or Scottish Independence would have avoided this ‘nightmare’ scenario.

    Chickens roosting, etc. etc.

  60. ann says:

    So it’s OK for third most popular party in 2010 to take the cudgels with the Tories, but not OK for the SNP who will probably be the third biggest party to take the same in 2015 and all because they represent the people of 1 country rather than all.

    This printed hatred will only anger us Scots more and make us more determined to get out of this disgrace of a Union.

    I don’t deem myself, the Catalans, the Ukranians in the East or any other peoples that want self determination as separatists, but as someone who is looking for better that what we have now.

  61. I’m still a wee bit stunned at The Guardian cartoon this morning … not too stunned to give them a slap.

  62. galamcennalath says:

    Iain Gray’s Subway Lament says:

    “Cameron portraying Miliband as in the pocket of Alex Salmond is hardly going to be a hinderance to getting unhappy Labour voters over to our side everywhere.”

    I’ve always thought Cameron has seen ‘the Scottish situation’ as an opportunity to damage Labour.

    Which would he prefer? Scotland to send 40 Labour MPs or 40 SNP MPs?

    If it’s 40 SLab then Cameron has no chance of being PM.

    If it’s 40 SNP, all he has to do is rouse the rabble down south to make SNP ‘interference’ in their government unacceptable. Perhaps this is what all the articles above are really about!

    Given that more SNP than SLab is an almost certainty, the Tories only chance of governing is to now ensure the SNP cannot become involved in an WM government. That may be what is happening.

  63. Nana Smith says:

    I am starting to wonder where these ‘journalists’ live. The place they write about is far removed from where I am.

    Everyone is getting on with one another in the same way as before the ref.

    What comes across from their increased ranting seems to me an attempt to sow discord and racial hatred and that is worrying.

  64. HandandShrimp says:


    …and the more I read, the more I think these people so need this to happen just so they can get their eyes to swivel the full 360o

    Fantastically mental. Allan Massie is so over the top as to be meeting himself coming the other way

  65. r esquierdo says:

    Alan Massie is speaking out of his waste expulsion pipe.

    It is pure unadulterated lumpy shite. It is of the same viscosity as Gordon Browns.

  66. Helena Brown says:

    David Wardrope @ 12.38, I can understand your problems I live on a road which leads into the estate and whilst I trusted my immediate neighbours not to do anything stupid I could not rely on the house etc being damaged during the Referendum by passing trade and we did have virulent UKOK types in the area. I would agree with you though on the fact that anyone joining the SNP and deciding to vote for them have thought about the decision. It is positively insulting to tell people that they should not vote if that is their wish. You will perhaps notice the SNP are not telling people how to vote, strange that, everyone else is.

  67. big jock says:

    Well I know which lager I will never drink again! Cobra was it! Right all you 45 scumbags out there get the word out. Never drink Cobra again!

    I love when these big firms cut off 1.5 million of their potential market by political interference.

  68. Author_Al says:

    Funny how every YES gathering I went to was always a happy, peaceful, family-friendly affair. I guess you just had to be there rather than read about it in the biased unionist papers…

  69. Joemcg says:

    Dear Max Hastings please explain how a country £1.5 trillion and counting in debt can be “prosperous?”

  70. ross says:

    WOW! Im shocked at how they are painting us. And we get accused of being anti-english!!!
    Well hell mend them. We will be independent in 3 years ????

  71. karmanaut says:

    Isn’t this fun?

    I love it when Unionist bigots start throwing tantrums about the indignity and unfairness of Scotland having a say in “their” government.

    They are *terrified*.

    Roll on May. I can’t wait.

  72. Malcolm says:

    This is dangerous rabble rousing. And his “not in an Enoch Powell racist way” shows that is exactly what he meant. A dangerous fool.

  73. Valerie says:

    The Steve Bell mince is certainly doing the rounds of Scots.

    A Dundonian living down south has just posted it on her FB page, outraged.

  74. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

    I firmly believe that the poison writers are frustrated that post referendum Scotland is peaceful. They would be delighted if the consequence of the birth of The Independence Movement had resulted in violence.

    Their last desperate act is a pathetic attempt to encourage such action.

  75. North chiel says:

    Yes “Sinky” ,and I am getting rather “fed up” of the”hourly ” “Scotland
    Is changing” “propaganda bulletins ” on local radio.Is the “Scottish taxpayer
    Financing this also?

  76. Joemcg says:

    Soda-I gave up 2 days of my week every week to help man the Yes stalls. I always felt an undertone of intimidation on any given day at some point from one or two individuals.Don’t know if the rest of the campaigners experienced this? Maybe it was just the nature of the vote that got the more zoomer like of the general public’s hackle up. Lodge and orange order psychos?

  77. Valerie says:

    I hope its ok to leave this here – the crowdfunder for Alex, backed by the local SNP branch.

    This and submitting my complaint to IPSO, make me feel a wee bit better. I am already working for the local branch when I can!

    If anything these zoomers should fire us up!

  78. muttley79 says:

    Waste explusion pipe! I love it! 😀

    We certainly are getting to them Cuddis. The hysteria is so bad that sadly I have to dismiss the theory that the British establishment are comically mimicking and satirising Adam Curtis` The Power of Nightmares in regards to Scottish politics. They really are crapping themselves.

  79. gavin lessells says:

    If the Scottish Government does not produce a riposte to the drivel received called Scotland`s Changing then it will fail to do the job it was elected for.

  80. Stewart fae stoney says:

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear, but did they not tell us we are better together, how their attitude changes when we are a threat to their cosy little englandshire, I can hear a lot of them now take your independence and F— off please

  81. Free Scotland says:

    Funny how the prospect of Scotland ruling England gives them nightmares, isn’t it? What about the prospect of England ruling Scotland? Is that somehow more acceptable?

    Didn’t David Cameron tell Scotland it needed the broad shoulders of the so-called united kingdom to manage the precious resources found in the North Sea? Just how broad are those shoulders if a nation of less than six million is capable of bringing England to its knees?

  82. Dougster says:

    “The English Bulldog is now beginning to snarl”.
    I say just send for Ceaser The Dog Whisperer. Sorted.

  83. Valerie says:

    Yay! Huff Post reporting that the “Tin Hat” selfie has gone around the world, and showing lots of good selfies, including canvassers from SNP Eastwood (Smurph’s seat) with pots on their head.

    Well done to those guys, and the Huff.

  84. Roger Mexico says:

    It’s worth pointing out at whom at all this nonsense is aimed. It’s not really about the Scots or the SNP, it’s about trying to impose guilt by association on the (English) Labour Party – hence the rather inept mock up in the Sun piece.

    The message is to English and Welsh voters and is “Vote Labour, get SNP”. (This ignores the obvious retort that if they vote Labour enough outside Scotland they won’t need to rely on the SNP). Failing that working, the hope is that Labour can be scared into refusing any sort of cooperation in the new Parliament.

    Whether it’s working or not is another matter. If you look at the comments below that demented Massie article, many of the most popular ones are refuting the article and none are attacking Labour. Maybe lots of Mail readers just don’t care enough about their own country estates.

    More seriously, though we haven’t had much polling on this – often a sign that those saying what the public thinks are scared to find out the truth. But there were some interesting questions in the last ComRes poll for the Mail (ironically):

    Since the Scottish independence referendum last year, support for the Scottish National Party (SNP) has grown. Some people have suggested that following the General Election in May this year, the SNP may have enough MPs to be able to join with Labour or the Conservatives to form a coalition government. For each of the following pairs of statements, which comes closest to your opinion …

    The SNP should not be able to join a UK-wide coalition government 37%

    The SNP should be able to join a UK-wide coalition government 57%

    Don’t know 6%

    The figures for England and Wales are exactly the same as the above by the way – indeed the Scots are very slightly more against (in favour 57%-41% in a small sample).

    The only political group against were Conservatives, suggesting that what resentment there is is partisan (ie people will only object to a coalition with the SNP if it’s not going to be with them).

    Now given that the SNP have said they don’t even want anything as formal as a coalition, it’s likely that support for such an arrangement would be even higher.

  85. Chris kilby says:

    Isn’t that a picture of David “Diddy” Hamilton MP?

  86. galamcennalath says:

    I do wonder if what we are witnessing is the Tory press sowing the seeds which will make it very difficult for Labour to accept SNP support.

    Lab + SNP and the Tories have no chance.

    However, Lab ‘not allowed’ due to English pressure to accept SNP support, and the Tories could still form a government.

    Cameron’s only chance to be PM might be to demonise the SNP in England.

  87. K1 says:

    Clardinda, on the subject of ‘sorry’…which they are not!

    Here’s Karine Polwart’s ‘Sorry’; This song exemplifies my feelings about the whole rotten lot of them.

    (Karine is one of the women on the front page of The National today)

  88. lumilumi says:

    Wow, seeing them all collected in one place like this, it truly hits home how terrible the UK press is.

    The Finnish press has been critical, even mildly hostile to our UKIP-style party “True Finns” (anti-EU, anti-immigration but actually quite lefty on economy/social policy) ever since they first started gaining some traction maybe ten years ago, but nothing like this.

    Maybe the UK establishment and press love Scotland, as they were in great pains to say during the indyref campaign. They just don’t like the people there. Especially the ones who’re refusing to go back into their wee box and do as they’re telt.

  89. Dr Jim says:

    News just in
    MOD says; depending on who wins the GE 30.000 regular soldiers will be cut from the defence budget and most of that will be Scottish Regiments
    But Trident will be renewed

    Shades of blackmail and pre referendum noise here again considering Hammond on Andrew Marr said there would be no cuts to regular troops who were at their lowest level of 80.000

    Vote SNP Get unemployed soldiers, and still get Trident
    They’ll try anything
    Sorry Englandshire, No Bitin that wan…

    Although there might be enough unemployed soldiers to get a cricket team out of
    The Empire grows smaller…

  90. De Valera says:

    Hastings is a nasty reactionary , a good advert for the British Establishment.

    Tom Gallagher is simply mad.

    Allan Massie is jolly proud to be Scotch, he always gives the chaps a cheer at Murrayfield. Tally ho!

    Where does the Fail find these Scottish zoomers? Deerin is one , Hamish McDonnell is another. Maybe there is an agency somewhere.

  91. Taranaich says:

    Rev, I realise you like Alex Massie, but I honestly think this piece has about as much zoomery as some of the things posted above:

    “The noble, if mischievous, Lord’s research reveals that, as matters stand, the SNP are still on course to all but wipe Labour – and everyone else – off the political map. It will be a bloodbath; a night of the long claymores.”

    “Gordon Brown’s Kirkcaldy seat? Gone. Alistair Darling’s Edinburgh constituency? Taken. Charlie Kennedy’s Highland fortress? Sacked. Even Jim Murphy’s East Renfrewshire seat is threatened by the Nationalist insurgency. So too is the last remaining Tory MP in Scotland, David Mundell.”

    “We’ve not seen anything like this, you know, since Sinn Fein won a landslide in the Irish portion of the 1918 election. And you will remember what happened after that.”

    Describing it as a “bloodbath” and having “highland fortresses sacked” is par for the course, but I think metaphorically comparing the democratic election of SNP MPs to Nazi political murders and bringing up the spectre of the Irish Civil War is at least as wretchedly irresponsible as his dad’s Enoch Powell quote.

  92. cruicky says:

    Tory party tapping into “British/English” hysteria via media no wonder Ashcroft keeps churning out the polls. It’s all getting pretty ugly. If this does play out and there is a Labour/SNP government how quickly can UKIP/Tory MP put forward a bill for an English parliament /federalism and enhanced powers for all.

    Will Labours partnership with SNP be more toxic than going into bed with Tories. Is this the end of Labour?

    SNP are playing a blinder.

  93. Patrick Roden says:

    Karmanaut says:

    “There was a tweet last night from someone whose son was on a plane to London. The plan was full of people who had come up from England for the Scottish Labour Conference”

    It might be them having to pay people to fill the hall,

    But it may just be that Labours Westminster MP’s, from Scotland, along with some staff, made the day trip up to be at the conference.

  94. Al says:

    Hi all. O/T but here’s the link to the next stage of fundraising to get rid of Ian Davidson in Glasgow South West:
    New and Improved! Now with added Paypal!

  95. Karmanaut says:

    I fixed that picture in the Commentator piece, so it now shows the real ugly truth of Nationalist intimidation.

    And then there’s this one…

    But perhaps most frightening of all is the following picture of sheer, cold-blooded Nationalist thuggery… You can almost taste the violence ready to brim over.

    God help us. Who will save us from these vicious Nats with their cheery signs and balloons?

    Maybe these guys?

  96. K1 says:

    Oops…Clarinda, apologies for mispell. 🙁

  97. HandandShrimp says:

    The remarkably thing about all the zoomery is that the voting public in England are, by and large, relaxed about a Labour Government which has support from the SNP/Greens/PC/SDLP etc.

    It is the strident Tory types that are sorely vexed. They didn’t like Labour Scots being in positions of power either though.

  98. Luigi says:

    cruicky says:

    9 March, 2015 at 2:27 pm

    Is this the end of Labour?

    Nope, it’s the beginning of Scotland.

  99. Patrick Roden says:

    Alan Cochrane said:

    “And then there’s the tactical voting situation to ponder. Most Labour MPs I spoke to said they were being offered support from Tory and Lib Dem voters to stop the Nats. Any such support could be jeopardised by talk of deals with the SNP ”

    So ‘MOST’ Labour MP’s that Cochrane spoke to, told him that they were being offered support and campaigning help from the Tories!!!


  100. Valerie says:

    Patrick Rosen @ 2.39, but that is no surprise, Tory and Lib dems will defo turn out to vote Labour, they are Unionists, and they know their candidates have no chance, so they will vote Labour as the best of a bad job.

    I would suggest we will see that pattern from now on. We do have to accept there are Scots who will never be persuaded to empower our country.

    It’s so sad they would prop up candidates that are anything less than excellent public servants. People that don’t lie, evade, run down the electorate, cheat on expenses etc.

    I also hold Labour responsible for the monumental cover up of sexual abuse in WM. Any MP worth their salt should screaming relentlessly about that.

  101. ronnie anderson says:

    Rite hauns up whit wan o you’s added mair SCOTCH BONNET CHILLIE,S tae their VINDALOO,their erses ur oan fire.

    Should hiv added mair tae reach the Feet,sos strike that,ah Arsehole goat in the wie & stopped it reaching the feet.

  102. Thomas William Dunlop says:

    I see the angry right mob have been blunting their crayons recently

  103. Barontorc says:

    The obvious scenario is that all this orchestrated press and media bluster is part of a distraction strategy and the real question is – just whatever is the UK Establishment up to on the dark side while its ground-troops in the media are setting up these smokescreens? Don’t forget the ‘Stolen Referendum’.

    If we can learn by what happened in the past we’ll be ready for the next ‘surprise’ events.

    And on the other matter, Steve Bell, unwittingly showing in his ‘incest-n-country dancing’ skit, not the common-garden Scot, but the many chinless wonders, who claim to be pwoud Scots in their Eaton accents who’ve been heavily in-breeding for centuries to hold onto their ill-gotten gains.

    Like the dodo they too will be finding their resting place and at long last consigned to historical folklore. To think they are all NOs is kinda ironic, ain’t it?

  104. Dr Jim says:

    Forgot to mention
    My lady wife is off out to the hairdressers to get a new style guess what it is readers
    Yep you guessed it “The Nicola Sturgeon”
    She says “If Jennifer Anniston could do it so can Nicola”

    Am i proud?….I’ll tell you when she comes home

  105. Macart says:

    The UK media and political system are utterly, utterly insane. They spend two years engineering a win in the referendum, then a further six months alienating and othering those they spent two years terrifying and/or bribing/wooing.

    What they are doing now will have societal and political repercussions for decades to come. Typically of our press and political class they don’t appear too bothered about collateral damage.

    Irresponsible doesn’t seem quite adequate as a description somehow.

  106. Jim Stirling says:

    The obvious solution for all this English angst is a referendum,with a vote to free themselves from hundred’s of years of Scottish oppression. They could add it on to the EU referendum.
    Joking aside this is little more than the squeals of pigs at a trough worried that a party genuinely interested in reducing the inequalities and unfairness,may impact their huge share of the feast.

    As it is now capitalism is anti-democratic and anti-fairness, it is about protecting the rich vested interests at the expense of those who have little or nothing.The normalization and promotion of greed as a desirable trait is truly at the route of nearly all the worlds ills. It is little surprise that the mouthpieces of the rich , espouse such rancor and hatred towards anything that may threaten their position.

  107. big jock says:

    Yes I suspect something is afoot. A secret pact between Milliband and Cameron to thwart Scotland?

  108. Papadox says:

    Brittish/ENGLISH nationalism GOOD!

    Scottish/Welsh/Irish NATIONALISM VERY BAD! Other countries on request.HMG

  109. Cadogan enright says:

    “if (milliband)doesn’t cast the Nats as the pariahs of this election thanks to their boastful opportunism and determination to wreck the Union then he risks a major row with his Scottish party. Most of it, and with good reason, loathe the Nats and hate the idea of any kind of cosying up to them, even if it did help support a Labour government.
    And then there’s the tactical voting situation to ponder. Most Labour MPs I spoke to said they were being offered support from Tory and Lib Dem voters to stop the Nats. Any such support could be jeopardised by talk of deals with the SNP.

    The mood music was excellent at Labour’s special conference but I didn’t find anyone who wants to talk to the Nats. Mr Miliband should take note of that.”

    From the telegraph.

    I cannot see Ruthie calling for a labour vote somehow. AND Milliband won’t have to worry if there are no SLAB MP’s

    Anyone prepared to offer B&B at a reasonable rate for The month of April in East Remfrewshire?

  110. Tinto Chiel says:

    Massie and Gallagher are so out of touch they probably share a bijou maisonette on Pluto.

    Do they really believe what they say? Or are they just very cynical demagogues?

    I can’t make up my mind.

  111. Clarinda says:

    K1 at 2.12pm

    Have a listen to Karine Polwart singing Freedom Come All Ye in the Italian Chapel on Orkney mainland.

  112. manandboy says:

    If what is written in English newspapers about Scotland,
    were written in French newspapers about Germany,
    & vice versa, or between any two countries in the EU,
    then there would be a very serious political crisis in Europe.

    That this is not the case between England & Scotland,
    is a true measure of the view England has of Scotland.
    That is – Scotland doesn’t matter.

    To the English, Scotland is an allotment –
    with vast oilfields underneath.

  113. Craig P says:

    I can confirm Tom Gallacher genuinely believes what he says. Unlike Alan Cochrane though, who away from his day job of Nat hating is apparently a good laugh, Gallacher is a genuine fruitloop.

  114. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Not OT but relevant

    On Bella re the Guardian cartoon, Prof John Robertson has just publishe an e-mail exchange between himself and Stevin April and another tp him,(Bell) today.

    “From: Steve Bell []
    Sent: 29 April 2014 19:51
    To: John Robertson
    Subject: Re: Cartoons of course

    How dare you accuse me of being anti-Scottish, ye fatuous nationalist dupe. As a half breed myself I can say what I like about Salmond, and youse can stick yer report on bias up yer airse.

    On 29 April 2014 16:50, John Robertson wrote:
    Please stop the anti-Scottish stuff
    You don’t understand
    It’s upsetting me because I still love all your other work
    Gonnae no dae that?

    I think Steve Bell has many problems and little time.

  115. ronnie anderson says:

    For ever situation there’s a happy song, sing up People

    An there parahraph breaks are perfect Rev.

  116. Robert Graham says:

    reminds me of a line in the film “a very british coup” do we really scare you that much ?? are we so dangerous to the continuance of this british empire looks like it by the total hysteria being whipped up from down south ha ha brilliant all we need is a reminder of 1966 and that would put the tin lid on it a message from the north get it up yeh

  117. Karmanaut says:


    The Vow was not a Vow at all, but “an antic of the editor of the Daily Record” according to Lord Forsyth of Drumlean (Conservative)

    So I guess we now know that David Cameron didn’t sign up to it after all.

  118. Kevin evans says:

    Massie must be one of the most racist backward evil men I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.

    There ya go people – your votes worth less than an English vote.


  119. Richard Lucas says:

    It seems that the era of post truth politics is set to continue for a while as the Unionists try to demonise us

  120. gavin lessells says:

    CynicalHighlander 3.07

    Thing is, all this propaganda is being paid for by the UK tax payer.

    Surely it can be countered by equivalent spending by the Scot Gov. We have a majority.

    The Labour very expensive sheets coming through our doors will be financed by UK Labour. The claims they make might be garbage but you cannot fault them on presentation.

    If we do not get our act together and produce similar presentation, leaflet wise, then the polls could change.

  121. manandboy says:

    Apologies if already posted.

    Ashcroft National Poll: Con 34%, Lab 30%, Lib Dem 5%, UKIP 15%, Green 8%
    Monday, 9 March, 2015 in The Ashcroft National Poll

    By Lord Ashcroft

    The Conservatives retain the lead in this week’s Ashcroft National Poll, conducted over the past weekend. The Tories are unchanged since last week on 34%, with Labour down a point at 30%, UKIP up one at 15%, the Greens up one at 8%, and the Liberal Democrats down two at 5%, putting them level with the SNP, who are up one point. All the changes are within the margin of error.

    As the parties debate the coalition’s record, I found only one fifth of voters saying they thought either they or the country would be any better off now had Labour been in government for the last five years. Indeed only half of Labour voters themselves thought this: four in ten said it would have made little or no difference either to the country as a whole or to themselves and their families. A majority of swing voters thought things would have been about the same if Labour had been in government, but they were twice as likely to think things would have been worse for the country (30%) as to think they would have been better (14%).

    With speculation about the shape of potential future coalitions high on the agenda, I asked again how happy or unhappy people would be to see each of the smaller parties play a part in government after the election. (For simplicity my question asked about participation in a coalition, rather than explaining details of other potential deals like supply and confidence arrangements, but the results are a good indicator of how keen people would be to see the parties have a degree of power and influence).

    As the prospect of a majority Conservative or Labour government recedes, so the idea of an administration supported by any of the other parties has come to look less attractive: the net “happy” score for each party has fallen since I last asked the question at the end of November.

    The Greens still top the list as the only party which more say they would be happy to see in government (48%) than say they would be unhappy (44%). This support was not even, however: Labour voters said they would be happy to have the Greens in government by 59% to 37%; Conservatives said they would be unhappy by a forty-point margin.

    A majority of Tory voters (54%), would be happy to see the Liberal Democrats in coalition again, while Labour voters disagreed by 51% to 46%. Nearly four fifths (78%) of UKIP supporters said they would not want the Lib Dems back in government.

    As for UKIP themselves, a majority of all voters (57%) said they would be unhappy to see the party in government – indeed Conservative voters (33%) were less likely to say they would be happy to see UKIP in power than voters as a whole (36%).

    Voters were unhappy with the idea of the SNP playing a part in government by 61% to 31%. Conservatives were opposed by a 74-point margin (86% to 12%), and Labour voters were also more likely to be unhappy at the prospect (51%) than happy (44%).

  122. Harry McAye says:

    Sinky says:

    9 March, 2015 at 12:57 pm

    Has anyone lodged a Freedom of Information request to HM Government asking :

    (a) How much was spent on their pre election propaganda leaflet “Scotland’s Changing”?

    and (b) Where was it printed?

    Never mind Sinky, I’m sure Call Kaye will be doing a feature soon, “Was the HM Government leaflet money well spent?”

  123. Grouse Beater says:

    Grouse Beater, ‘The common man’s philosopher,’ shows his face, almost. 🙂

  124. Alabaman says:

    That first picture says it all.

  125. Bob Mack says:

    Does anyone else on this thread suspect that the reason Osborne is cutting public spending so fast and so deep ,is to try and get Englands deficit reduced, as he knows that an inevitable separation is coming within the next few years. It just seems to me that a lot of preparatory work is going on to reduce the ability of their smaller neighbour (Scotland), to function properly.
    The latest cuts coming to the Scottish regiments ,and Browns oil field purchases by the State being other examples.They have already infringed on our territorial waters,claiming a vast tract as being English.
    I also cannot believe that these journalists with political affiliations to Westminster do not have sanction for these stories from their political masters, with the ultimate aim of justifying any action they take to the English electorate.Strange times indeed.

  126. Capella says:

    OT Foreign Office prevents Humza Yousaf from visiting Palestine re Scottish aid. Two reasons given:
    “Firstly that the security situation in the region presents a greater than usual risk and that officials are advising against all ministerial travel; and secondly an assertion that the UK works exclusively to a reserved foreign affairs agenda in Gaza.”

    Yousaf goes on to challenge the notion the UK “works exclusively to a foreign affairs agenda in Gaza.”

  127. Vince says:

    The day the empire died was when the victorious Orange Army from 1690 invaded George Square after the referendum result.
    They saw themselves clearly as the front line foot soldiers of that empire in Scotland and the decent citizens both of “Yes” and “No” from this country were quite rightly disgusted by them.

    These current horrendous press articles have been written not by dinosaurs but by those like the Order members who cling onto a 17th and 18th century Britishness which is all about power and entitlement.

    Thank gooddness the YES/SSP/Greens/SNP have moved forward to the 21st century.

    Those who have written these articles are to be pitied as they see their world crumble under the strength of the people just as the Berlin Wall was pulled apart by the hands of the people.

  128. CameronB Brodie says:


  129. Valerie says:

    Bugger @3.42, what a nasty piece that so called cartoonist is, sadly lacking in intellectual rigour in his drawings, and his emails.

    Bile and prejudice just oozing.

  130. Brian Powell says:


    I’ve heard Karine Polwart singing Freedom Come all Ye, and visited the Italian Chapel several times. Great singer in an atmospheric surrounding, as the Chapel ws built and
    created by Italian prisoners of war.

    But I find the setting strange for that song. Orcadians, not only vote for a LibDem, at the heart of the Tory Government, but Secretary of State for Westminster in Scotland. None are interested in the Independence stance.

    But great song.

  131. Grouse Beater says:

    For long enough we tried to tell our English friends their compatriots didn’t give a damn about Scotland, only that England owned Scotland. Now they know the truth.

  132. Papadox says:

    The TOLLIES and Labor (international HQ) will have a secret pact in place so they can bully bonnie wee Scotland like the bullies they are and not upset this wonderful “democracy” by letting the peasants play

    SLAB will be doing bayonet practice in case they have to finish off their kith and kin. It’s not an easy job but the pays not bad and somebody’s got to do it.

  133. call me dave says:

    @Bob Mack

    That is the big picture and I hope they (WM) are too late.

    Vote SNP get Scotland.

  134. Helena Brown says:

    Well said Vince, what you said was so true, we have arrived in the 21st Century but it will take those of a “British” mien a good while to get there if ever.

  135. liz says:

    Hi posted this on the previous thread but we have moved on.
    It’s for all those who want to check if they are registered to vote, you need to get in touch with your local office, not the site.

  136. call me dave says:

    Confirmation that Kaye on BBCRadio Scotland is having her time doubled to an astonishing 3hrs. Monday..Monday so good to meee!

    Fred is gone, well it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

    Take your medicine Scotchland… 🙂

  137. manandboy says:

    As Kojak and a hundred other TV detectives
    on the books of LAPD or NYPD have informed us
    a million times, to prove a homicide,
    you have to prove, among other things, motive.

    So when considering the media onslaught against Scotland,
    as depicted above in Stu’s collection of serial media psychopaths,
    we must pose the question ‘why are they doing this?’

    Since IndyRef, we have ‘uncovered’ the oil and gas reasons for
    keeping Scotland tied to the UK Treasury,
    but with true English sentiment now shining through
    all the Better Together lies and love bombing,
    and the continuing belief throughout England
    that Scotland is heavily subsidised by the English taxpayer,
    there is an ongoing, fundamental anti-logic about the English position.

    The ‘love you – hate you’ rhetoric retains a logic vacuum.
    Something is still missing – and until it is revealed,
    then the Kojak in us all won’t be happy
    and the case won’t be closed.

    The question remains.
    In a democratic Society, which is part of a political Union,
    why is the Unionist Establishment (and electorate)
    opposed in extremis, to the fundamental democratic right
    of the majority of the Scottish electorate to vote freely,
    for the SNP, and to have the democratic consequences
    of that vote play out at Westminster,
    in supporting the Labour Party in Government.

    The implication, as stated elsewhere by eloquent wingers,
    is that without respect for that democratic freedom,
    there can be no political union.

    One cannot exist without the other.

    The electorate need to know this.
    The UK Gov need to stop them knowing this.

  138. Mealer says:

    Brian Powell,
    You kind of write off all those thousands of Yes supporters in Orkney as if they don’t exist.

  139. Brian Powell says:


    Not intentional, but there does seem a large majority for Carmichael and against Independence. So the connection to the Tory Government seems strong.

    Though interestingly, the Shetland flag was designed by an SNP member, or one half of the pair who designed it was SNP.

  140. Illy says:

    “the Scots and Labour’s northern dependencies cast ballots for a socialist paradise”

    What’s wrong with voting for a socalist paradise?

  141. Grouse Beater says:

    Confirmation that Kaye on BBC Radio Scotland is having her time doubled to an astonishing 3hrs.

    BBC Radio Scotland, designed for hard working, bored housewives, with not much knowledge of the world outside their street, but hoping against hope to see Peter Andre next visit to their local Iceland store.

    She won’t be adding 100% of Fred’s fee to hers. More likely a half-again pay rise. Shouldering all those hours on one person a big responsibility – no increase in listeners and it’s time to move on.

  142. peekay says:

    One can only assume ‘Scotlands Champion’ will be pointing out this vicious bile to her dwindling readership……..and I’m off now to feed my unicorn with fairy dust

  143. Taranaich says:

    @manandboy: Voters were unhappy with the idea of the SNP playing a part in government by 61% to 31%. Conservatives were opposed by a 74-point margin (86% to 12%), and Labour voters were also more likely to be unhappy at the prospect (51%) than happy (44%).


  144. Joemcg says:

    Hastings-“Cameron should not have allowed the scots a referendum” British democracy in action. Just confirms where we stand eh?

  145. Barontorc says:

    Mealer says:
    9 March, 2015 at 4:47 pm
    Brian Powell,
    You kind of write off all those thousands of Yes supporters in Orkney as if they don’t exist.

    What is a mystery is why do Orcadians and Shetlanders actually vote for two absolute losers in Carmichael and Tavish Scott?

    Being of a LibDem mind is one thing, strange as it may be, that it still has a hold anywhere given all the political prostitution it slithers about in, but these two are dumb and dumber.

    Could you say Mealer, why is the YES side still not breaking through in these areas? Or is it possible that an almighty shock is about to happen?

  146. call me dave says:

    Pop goes Pop updating poll and…

    SSP may not stand a candidate in E Renfrewshire?

  147. call me dave says:

    Scot goes..doh!

  148. Lollysmum says:

    From the Guardian & hypocritical given their publishing of Bell cartoon today & deleting of comments on it. Think they are trying to lower themselves to or even below that of BBC now. They are succeeding admirably 🙂 on BBC forcing out journalists reporting on Savile cover up.

    Well done BBC & Guardian-you deserve each other!

  149. gerry parker says:


    Coincidence, I was listening to that this morning but was working and too busy to post it.


  150. galamcennalath says:

    Joemcg says:
    “Hastings-“Cameron should not have allowed the scots a referendum” British democracy in action. Just confirms where we stand eh?”

    Indeed. Anyway, Cameron only agreed to one because he had been given advice that Yes would not get enough backing to win.

    Bearing that in mind, there is absolutely no chance that IndyRef2 will be authorised by WM. We can expect them to try every tactic they can to prevent another!

  151. Barontorc says:

    Grousebeater @ 5.05,

    I don’t feel in the least bit sorry for Fred McAuley – he’s milked that job dry – and if that suits him – so be it – it’s his life – but it wouldn’t figure in my CV unless I was looking for a career in watching paint dry.

    Kay (with an E) is a very different kettle of fish and she knows her predilection for being pro-union and very anti-independence is on richter scale equivalence with Jackie Burd, but she also doesn’t give a tinker’s cuss, what people, except the torags that run Pathetic Quay, think of her.

    This is no more and no less than 110% Labour / BT propaganda looming up and the comic get’s dumped for the real ‘article’ so to speak, to get going. Seemingly endless – three bloody hours a day!

    So don’t worry about Kay(e) and overwork …..’Shouldering all those hours on one person a big responsibility – no increase in listeners and it’s time to move on.’….. It’s all done for ‘the cause’ and the lots of filthy lucre we’re forced to pay for by law!

    Hope to God it’s well and truly finished off once and for all by 2016.

  152. Sinky says:

    Haven’t seen any TV to-day but what’s betting on BBC/ STV / SKY national news programmes showing the Tory advert (not supposed to be seen in Scotland) or Steve Bell’s cartoon?

  153. call me dave says:

    D. Torrance (not posting archive on this) he’s boring, in the Herald

    Picture the (increasingly likely) scenario: on the morning of 8 May dozens of Labour MPs will face the media having lost their seats to Nationalists in the unlikeliest of constituencies, including several senior figures. Even if the numbers add up, it’s almost impossible to believe that Ed Miliband will then swallow his pride, ignore the advice of (former) Parliamentary colleagues and invite Nicola Sturgeon for talks.

    Even if that happened, the SNP would arrive with so many “red lines” that even an informal deal would mean the Labour leader having to agree to three impossible things before breakfast. Perhaps realpolitik would trump all of that; perhaps the necessity of forming an administration lest the markets take fright would make friends of foes, but somehow I doubt it.

    No deal then!

    PS: Posted footie links and other sports on O/T

  154. Proud Cybernat says:

    The kingmakers in May won’t be the SNP (imo).

    It will, once again, be the LibDems. Milliband won’t rule out a Lab-SNP alliance before the election because he does not want to appear anti-Scottish. But as soon as the elction is over he can effectively blackmail the LibDems at WM into a deal.

    The LibDems will be told that if they form an alliance with the Tories then, and only then, will Labour offer a deal with the SNP to effectively scupper a new Tory-LibDem alliance for a Lab-SNP alliance will likely be able to outvote a new Tory-LibDem alliance.

    Labour can offer the LibDems a deal knowing that they can still operate as a minority government because the Tories will never be able to outvote such an alliance because the SNP will not vote with the Tories to outvote the minority Lab-LibDem govt.

    Only if the SNP threaten that they could vote with the Tories (which they have said they won’t do) can they force Labour into a deal with the SNP. Otherwise the SNP could be frozen out.

    Milliboy is smarter than we think. The SNP need to get smarter with this.

  155. JBS says:


    Funny, I thought the only thing the English Bulldog did these days was sell car insurance on TV…

  156. Wee Jonny says:

    The really really silly thing aboot a this rivers o blood pish is that most of us have friends and family in England, Wales and……. Oops I forgot Wales and Ireland aren’t important to our Imperial Masterbaters are they? so they’ll see these stories and will react to them the same way we will – by laughing.

    Yes there’s gona be a few “Zoomers” (© Stu C.) on both sides of the border who’ll believe them but who gives a funk aboot them? For the most part, anyone with a slight bit o common sense can only see that they’re shiting themselves that :-

    We’re on the march we Nicky’s army.
    We’re goin to show them there’s a new queen
    And she’ll really shake them up
    When she drinks fay Westminsters cup
    Coz Scotland has the greatest political team.

    I’ve heard it said that Boris is the best that’s ever been.
    Some people think that Davie is the greatest that they’ve seen.
    There’s the Alexander’s – Danny and Dougie, “England’s” famous two,
    But Nicky’s tartan army love the boys in Scotland’s blue.

    Oh- We’re on the march we Nicky’s army.
    We’re goin to show them there’s a new queen
    And she’ll really shake them up
    When she drinks fay Westminsters cup
    Coz Scotland has the greatest political team.

    When it comes to FMs, we surely got the champ.
    When Margo and Martin left to join the Independent camp,
    We had to get a FM who could make all Scotland proud.
    She’s our Muhammad Ali; oor Alistair MacLeod.

    Oh – We’re on the march we Nicky’s army.
    We’re goin to show them there’s a new queen
    And she’ll really shake them up
    When she drinks fay Westminsters cup
    Coz Scotland has the greatest political team.

    When she reaches the Big Smoke she’s really gonna show
    The world a brand of politician that they could never know.
    She’s representing Britain; she’s got to do or die
    For England cannae dae it ’cause their politicians dinnay qualify.

    Oh – Oh – We’re on the march we Nicky’s army.
    We’re goin to show them there’s a new queen
    And she’ll really shake them up
    When she drinks fay Westminsters cup
    Coz Scotland has the greatest political team.

    We’re on the march we Nicky’s army.
    We’re goin to show them there’s a new queen
    And she’ll really shake them up
    When she drinks fay Westminsters cup
    Coz Scotland has the greatest political team.

    Yes Scotland has the greates political team.

    Ha. That was fun.

  157. Anon says:

    Tom Gallagher was my first year tutor at Bradford University. Believe it or not he lectured on social change and peaceful revolutions…….to me, he never seemed to have any heart for the subject.

    strange fellow though!

  158. Wp says:

    And to think until recently the only time they took any notice of Scotland was the Queen’s trip to the Braemar games. Whatever did we do to receive all this attention ?

  159. ScottieDog says:

    So all we need now is some nutters down there to dish some out to an unsuspecting jock.
    Completely irresponsible journalism from Massie.

  160. Jim Thomson says:

    @Dr Jim 3:04pm

    Is she back yet?

  161. Mealer says:

    I really don’t know.I would say,though,that Yes campaigners in the Northern Isles worked damned hard for the votes they did deliver,which was far,far more than was ever expected when the referendum campaign began.Well done them.

  162. Lochside says:

    I said several years ago on here that the internal contradictions of the British Union would eventually burst like the ugly boil we are now witnessing.

    English Imperialism and its racist views towards the Irish, the Welsh and just about everybody have been extant for centuries but always lain only partially dormant in regard to us… the last colony, Scotland.

    Now the ugly suppuration of hatred towards our refusal to be assimilated in tandem with a raging envy of our natural resources is driving supposedly educated and liberal metropolitan voices to vent disgusting anti-Scottish hatred. Many of those are our ain proudscotsbuts….("Tractor" - Ed)s, ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s and pimps to the ephemeral empire we all know and loathe as Great Britain.

    But the whole English Establishment is behind them funding and encouraging the turning of a blind eye to our very existence being denied and disdained and ultimately destroyed.

    The Post-REF riot by Loyalists in George Square is the missing piece to this conspiracy. Known N.Irish Loyalist killers residing in Ayrshire and S.W. Scotland have been allowed to settle here undisturbed. Why?

    The iron fist was waved that night to remind Scotland what we could expect from these atavistic lumpen scum if we had had the audacity to vote for our freedom. Massie and pimps like him are playing the same dirty tricks game of intimidation and threat.

    Operation Fear never went away. We must vote these oppressors and imperialists and their ‘Scots’ lackeys out of our political and cultural life forever. It starts with the G.E.

  163. Sam says:

    Criticism from the Mail? You’re clearly doing something right!

  164. Mealer says:

    Proud Cybernat,
    I expect SNP MPs to vote on an issue by issue basis in Scotlands best interests.Thats all.I don’t think they need to do any formal deals.

  165. Gary says:

    It’s not an attack on policy or a party. It’s an attack on a people, the people of Scotland for being Scottish. It’s not some ‘swivel-eyed loon’ in The Daily Mail comments section, like we get all the time. This is different, this is front page of more than one newspaper. It hasn’t caused a stir, it’s being considered acceptable. We are being demonized for no discernible reason. This scares me..

  166. Harry McAye says:

    Immigration a major issue in the forthcoming election, according to the polls says Bird. Really? Are those Scottish polls or UK wide?

  167. Macart says:

    @ alexicon

    That’s brilliant. 😀

  168. Cadogan Enright says:

    @Harry McAye 9 March, 2015 at 4:09 pm
    Sinky says:9 March, 2015 at 12:57 pm
    Has anyone lodged a Freedom of Information request to HM Government asking :(a) How much was spent on their pre election propaganda leaflet “Scotland’s Changing”? and (b) Where was it printed?


  169. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    Most lib dem activists (of those who are left) want nothing to do with any coalition after May, even if they did have enough MPs to do so. Something that looks more unlikely by the day as their dire polling shows.

    Clegg and his spinners might want another coalition and cushy job in government but Clegg is almost certain to get booted out on his arse as leader after the election.

    You can check lib dem blogs where it is a very common viewpoint among their remaining support that the lib dems need to regroup and rebuild for the next five years under a new leader after May and have nothing to do with yet another disasterous coalition.

  170. orri says:

    Thinking about how this works. The Torys go all out to tel voters in England that if you vote Labour you get SNP, and they seem to be avoiding mentioning the socialism that entails. Doesn’t that mean that if England votes in a plurality of Labour MPs that they will accept that is the will of the English people?

    I understand that Wales also returns Labour and Conservative MPs but for this particular argument it’s those in England that count. Of course Labour relying on Welsh MPs to give them the largest number of seats is always a possibility which might give rise to anti-welsh propoganda but doing so will let the cat out of the hat.

  171. Neil Mackenzie says:

    Do you agree that Steve Bell should go and fuck himself? YES/NO

  172. Dr Jim says:

    @Jim Thomson
    Sorry i took so long to post
    Still in shock, she did it, and you know what, it’s not half bad, and that’s a lot from me

    Got guts my wife and the funny thing is i am wee bit proud
    Whodah thought eh

  173. Now's the Hour says:

    They sowed the wind. Now they are reaping the whirlwind. Hell mend them.

  174. HandandShrimp says:

    My Scotland’s Changing went straight in the bin unread.

    Scotland will change but it is as yet a work unfinished so any leaflet now is premature.

  175. Callum says:

    During the referendum; I could forgive the unionists for using nasty tricks to undermine the YES cause. However, using the same tricks in a Westminster election is pretty much unheard of.

    Sure, there were some fairly blunt election posters during the 1997 election – but I can never remember one side calling the others incestuous or being outright racist during a general election campaign.

    However – the institutional racism of Westminster is now out of the bag and the 40+ Labour MPs have been allowing it to persist through the years.

    If Labour or Tory win outright – then Scotland will be truly done for in the next term of government.

  176. Footsoldier says:

    Did the Mail on Sunday Scottish edition have the same article?

  177. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Nana 6.42 thats the ? Nana is he standing or sitting,answers to Diddy Dave ( freepost )

  178. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Lochside 06:37

    George Square on the 19th was everything about telling us what would happen if we climbed back out of our box.

    What ever happened to the miscreants who were lifted by the Polis. Anybody know?

  179. caledonia says:

    just told my some of my friends that they are now calling the scots pedos and incest people with kilts and now they are angry

    I finished my email with a big VOTE SNP GET SCOTLAND
    And they replied with VOTE LABOUR GET ENGLAND


  180. tartanarse says:

    Neil at 7.04 said:

    “Do you think Steve Bell should go fuck himself? YES/NO”

    Now I’m not normally pedantic Neil but you seem to have actually given a NO option there.

    I’m assuming that this was force of habit for normal questions and we will let this one slide.

    Carry on.

  181. gus1940 says:

    Is that ‘Historic Scottish Regiment’ The Rifles still stationed at Edinburgh’s Redford Barracks?

    Can anybody tell me how many times since WW2 an English Infantry Regiment has been stationed in Scotland?

  182. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Proud Cybernat did you take into account of the LibDems going back on their promise to the Students.Vince Cable,s sell off, of the Royal Mail,Libdems will lose a lot of voters in England.

  183. Nana Smith says:

    @Ronnie Anderson

    Well Ronnie, Alex is correct when he calls them “fundamentally stupid”

    Don’t tell anyone but I call them a lot worse!

  184. Conan_the_Librarian says:


    Royal Tank Regiment, Glasgow 1926.

  185. Tam Jardine says:

    Maybe we should ask the Alan Massies of this world who should be allowed to form part of a UK government. Is it really only the tories, labour and lib dems or some combination?

    If the SNP are unthinkable as forming even 1/5th of the government then I presume having Plaid Cymru on board would be unthinkable also? And presumably Sein Fein are impossible, as are the DUP (after all, how could we allow Northern Ireland to ‘rule’ the UK by being in coalition).

    I see – parties big in England can rule! So much for the family of nations.

    It is not a failing of the SNP that they are doing well in the polls – it is a success. They are playing the Westminster game, fielding candidates, staying disciplined and sticking up for the people. If the other parties up here are so discredited that even the big names are due to fall then boo fucking hoo that’s democracy.

    All you right wing journos did all you could to campaign for a no vote so suck it up. You wanted us to stay well here we are, bound together so move over the bed a bit and stop bitching.

    If you get a labour – snp government then surely that would encompass the right wing policies of Ed’s labour party and the progressive left wing ant austerity agenda of the SNP… is that not what you call the Best of Both Worlds?

  186. JPFife says:

    Gordon ‘zoomer’ Brown has just replaced Scotland with UK for his latest piece o’ keech in the Grauniad:

    “And we must talk about how the Hong Kong option – “leaving Europe to join the world” – is really the North Korea option, out in the cold with few friends, no influence, little new trade and even less new investment.”

    Part of something bigger:

    “…our core message must be bigger than the business case, bigger also than principled arguments for European engagement: that the true patriotic course for Britain is not just to engage but to lead in Europe…”

    “An England that glories in isolation is not the England that I know and love.”

  187. ronnie anderson says:

    Millibands joined the Borrowers

    Hey big man kin ah borrow your votes to become the Prime Cut

    Your better asking the Wee Wummin in the TinHelmet

    Word of advice Ed

    Start practicing ah groveling position the noo

    Lower Ed

    Naw even lower than that.

  188. Taranaich says:

    @Proud Cybernat: The kingmakers in May won’t be the SNP (imo). It will, once again, be the LibDems.

    That’s depending on whether enough Lib Dems survive for a deal to be viable, of course. 🙂

  189. Onwards says:

    To give Allan Massie the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he is tailoring his articles, giving the Daily Mail what he thinks they are looking for.
    A bit of provocative Clickbait stuff to pay the wages.

    It seems a bit sad though.

    The very idea that Scots could get above ourselves, and have some real power at Westminster – despite all the fine words about an equal union.

    Breaking up the ‘great estates’ instead of doffing caps to the Laird..

    It all just seems to betray a bit of an old fashioned inferiority complex.

  190. Big Jock says:

    This is how it feels living in a sub nation,that has become the enemy of the state. The state will try and destroy us.

    How little the UK has changed since Eire had to fight them all those years ago. We are replacing occupation with domination that’s the only difference. This is never going to be a clean fight. Every dirty trick will be used following an SNP majority.

    The irony is. Their dogmatic and authoritarian attitude to Scotland. Will lead to independence. Because the UK they want to preserve is England running the show.

    Tick tick the UK is nearly at an end. If you leave us no option other to leave. Don’t expect us to quietly go back to our caves and say och well. Scotland has changed. The people now know what democracy means in the UK.

  191. Billy says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if establishment set up some kind of terrorist act in the name of the NATs. That would stir more hatred and resentment to us.

  192. johnny come lately says:

    These hysterical articles and this shameful cartoon are obviously aimed at the rest of the UK and not Scotland. The Tory media (of all shades) is now exposing England, Wales and NI to project fear 2. This will eventually give a backlash and backfire just as it has in Scotland.
    This is not England or the ENGLISH. This is the actions and poison of a political system and its henchmen, which is at the end of its tether and nearing collapse.
    The political system is becoming more and more unstable, disjointed and erratic with each passing week. The behavior of the MSM and Westminster politicians is becoming more and more panicked and irrational with each new twist and turn.
    To actually think that all of this hatred and bile is being brought about because Britains 3rd largest political party is having the audacity to want to take part in the democratic decision making of the UK.
    Imo it is only a matter of time before something gives. You can almost feel its pain as every new self created catastrophe and every new self inflicted wound creates more fissures and cracks. How and when it will come to a head is anyone’s guess, but I have a feeling it is going to be quite dramatic when it comes.

  193. McDuff says:

    IT would be interesting to see a reaction from The National and the Sunday Herald towards these reckless and dangerous comments from these so called respected journalists.
    I won`t be holding my breath.

  194. Bill Hume says:

    johnny come lately.. you are correct. The cracks will become fissures and then the whole edifice will crumble.

    Like you, I think it will come swiftly………..perhaps too swiftly to comprehend. I hope no blood is spilled when the end comes.

  195. De Valera says:

    @ Lochside
    Well said.

    An excellent article by wee ginger dug. What really made me sit up is the link between the 1910 cartoon of John Redmond and how the SNP are being portrayed a century later.

  196. Bill Hume says:

    Conan_the_Librarian says:
    9 March, 2015 at 7:51 pm


    Royal Tank Regiment, Glasgow 1926.

    You have lost me on that one, however while trying to figure it out, I came across a name I had (to my shame), forgotten.

    Manny Shinwell. A real socialist.

    Where are his likes now? Not within the Labour Party, that’s for sure.

    Scotland (and a goodly proportion of the rUK) call out for someone with his socialist principles.

    Alas, we are voices crying in the wilderness of Westminster’s wastelands.

  197. Xaracen says:

    “Did the Mail on Sunday Scottish edition have the same article?”

    No, it did not have either of the Allan Massie articles.

  198. alexicon says:

    “Wouldn’t be surprised if establishment set up some kind of terrorist act in the name of the NATs. That would stir more hatred and resentment to us.”

    Maybe that process is underway.

  199. A. Murray says:

    I could say that I am shocked and appalled but I think we’ve all become a little desensitised to it by now.

    The concept of Scotland actually having a democratic mandate in the affairs of the United Kingdom (“our great family of nations”) for the first time in decades (ever?) really has them foaming at the mouth, doesn’t it?

    Better together… more like having your cake and eating it.

  200. Valerie says:

    Off topic, RT reporting that UK Special Forces are going back into Northern Ireland, for ‘aggressive surveillance’

  201. Haggis Hunter says:

    Scotland is ruled by England, Britain, whatever, but they cannot stomach Scotland ruling them!
    Thought we were better together? 😛

  202. G4jeepers says:

    I suspect a lot of this anti-scottishness is down to the monumental disaster that was Broon n Flipper.

    One North Brit and someone vaguely Scoddish has gone and gotten us all tarred with the same brush.

    I hear it all the time “Scottish MPs running the govt in WM? Yeah, look what happened last time!”.

    Tarred AND feathered.

    Some legacy and one the SNP will do well to correct.

  203. Big Jock says:

    Bill I think the royal tank thing. Relates to Churchill sending tanks into George Sq in Glasgow to crush the striking Clydesiders!

    I could be wrong though.

  204. Fred says:

    Just watched a prog’ about psychopaths, Oor Skeletor sprang immediately to mind!

  205. ronnie anderson says:

    Valerie says:
    9 March, 2015 at 9:11 pm

    Off topic, RT reporting that UK Special Forces are going back into Northern Ireland, for ‘aggressive surveillance’

    diz that mean there gonna stare menacingly,

    did you happen tae notice if arse n elba were mentioned.

  206. Hoss Mackintosh says:


    Meanwhile HSBC director Rona Fairhead has been asked to resign from the BBCTrust for being either incredibly naive or totally incompetent for her failings over the Swiss HSBC corruption disaster.

    How on earth does a director of a corrupt bank become responsible for the BBC Trust. It is like putting the foxes in charge of the hen house.

    Is it ust me or has the whole country gone mad?

    People like Rona Fairhead should be in jail – not running the BBCTrust.

    We have to get out of this fucked up country where the bankers still rule the roost after they destroyed the whole economy.

    We need to start again and set up an Independent Scotland – free from all this City of London and Westminster corruption.

  207. JLT says:

    I don’t know about you other guys, but over the last couple of days, I’m wondering if the recent attacks on the Labour Party are part of a bigger game here.

    Realising that a Labour-SNP alliance is potentially bad for the Establishment, and it appears that the SNP WILL hold sway no matter how the elections turn out …unless of course …one of the big parties (and in this case, Labour) are sacrificed for the greater good (well, the good that the Establishment perceive!)

    Is there now an underlying plot by the Establishment to sicken English voters away from Labour by making them look either foolish or weak (as in, Labour won’t rule out a coalition with the SNP), and in doing so, have a good portion of them turn to the Tories. If enough did turn to the Tories, then the Tories will get their ‘majority’, and thus it won’t matter what the SNP do, they will be kind of silenced in Westminster. Labour will still be the party of opposition, but what it means is that the ‘Union is saved’.

    The only thing that may still cripple the Union is that Scotland will be so sickened with another Tory government that it will demand a referendum, but for the Establishment, that is a battle to worry about another day. For this moment in time, they will perceive the status quo has been preserved.

    So …has anyone else picked up on the media suddenly getting tore into Labour, and do you think there’s a new underhanded game going on here?

  208. orri says:

    If the DUP have ruled out any coalition with the Conservatives then it’s even less likely there will be a second term for Cameron and co? In addition any black op violence in Scotland might serve to incite real violence not only in Scotland but Northern Ireland too. Westminster parties even contemplating freezing out a whole section of it’s electorate is reminiscent of the very actions that led to the civil rights movement in NI which in turn was hijacked by the IRA.

    It’s something the members of the DUP and other political parties in NI will be well aware of and would rather Westminster didn’t repeat. Especially when the Westminster government is so keen to stand down as many conventional forces as possible in favour of WMDs. If they follow through with their threat to exclude the SNP then they are going to be hard pressed if a false flag results in a genuine uprising. So I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

    Also the idea of a unitary state being imposed on a single island where one region wishes to remain separate isn’t exactly something helpful to the unionists of NI who wish to maintain their separation from the republic.

  209. Casper1066 says:

    Why are the English news papers treating their readers like a bunch of idiots. No electorate would believe the nonsense being said. But could you imagine the frenzy if it was Scotland saying it.?

  210. Achnababan says:

    Massie is a fine writer, but like his hero John Buchan, he shamelessly toadies up to the establishment, believing Scots should be like good old John Brown, a loyal servant to the Crown.

  211. jock mc X says:

    Bill Hume says:

    Manny Shinwell. A real socialist.

    Where are his likes now?

    You mean Lord manny shinwell.
    That’s where his likes are now,the house of lords,bit of a
    problem that aint it.

  212. Effijy says:

    If Miliband’s incompetent party can’t be saved by the barrage
    of lies and distortion from every UK media outlet, he will be encouraged to sacrafice himself for the sake of his terminally ill
    collective, his UK establishment, and for a really good earner
    a European Something or other, possibly global ???

    Just the same type of made up job that half wits like Blair, Robertson, and Kinnock landed as pocket fillers.

    A little down the line, we the Tax payer, can present him with Ermine robes and another pouch full of money in the House of Lords.

    Would a statue be in order for so little given up for so much?

  213. Big Jock says:

    JLT – Ferk knows what they are up to. I think even they don’t know sometimes. It all looks like panic.

  214. call me dave says:

    Here is a page + video with reference to 1926 stike.

    Don’t rule anything out!

  215. ronnie anderson says:

    Ah wee snippet of news today Osbourne payed of the £ 1.9 billion dept (for the 1st world war) better late than never,

    COST OF INTREST £ 5.5 billion, thats where the money goes popped intae the pockets of Weasals.

  216. snode1965 says:

    @ JLT, I have been thinking along the same lines this week. QT on Thursday was a Tory setup to humiliate Kezia Dugdale, two Tories on the panel…in Glasgow and a bussed in Tory audience. Don’t get me wrong it was most enjoyable watching Kezia finally get a doing on the BBC.
    Since then we’ve had Murphy mauled on GMS, and Labour MPs slaughtered on BBC politics shows every day.
    Something has changed dramatically at the Ministry of Truth, and Labour may well be sacrificed to keep the elite in control at Westminster.

  217. JLT says:

    Big Jock

    Oh, I agree, it’s a panic. But the Establishment won’t just let us roll up to the front door with the tanks. This lot are ruthless …absolutely ruthless. They would eat their own children if it protected their own power base. I do not underestimate them. I think they will do anything …absolutely anything to retain control.
    I just have this feeling that the Blue Tories (the real Establishment) will happily throw the Red Tories (the Wannabees) under the bus if it protects their own personal interests.

    Personally …I think this might now be the new game. Will interesting to watch over the next few days and see if Labour take a further beating from the media.

  218. @Hoss Mackintosh
    Margaret Hodge said BBC Trust chair Rona Fairhead should resign or be sacked.

    I have seen Margaret Hodge chairing Public Accounts Committees and she certainly takes no prisoners even Lords, Admirals, Generals, civil service Mandarins are not above her withering contempt.

    Might be proved wrong but she seems one of the very few good uns.

  219. Big Jock says:

    Nice balanced panel on Scotland Tonight. Ian Davidson saying the SNP can’t be trusted! I am just dumfounded. That man needs to lose his job. He is a bampot!

  220. Big Jock says:

    So is the establishment aim to help the Tories get a majority! I don’t think they can even if Labour slides. The Tories would still need the SNP to get their policies through. Not sure what the endgame would be for the establishment if they are going to pound Labour.

  221. call me dave says:

    Mr Bateman’s blog re: Margaret Hodge.

    I think he likes her…a lot!

  222. Snozzle says:

    I’d like to laugh at this nonsense too but I’m with osakisushi. A few weeks of this to scare the living daylights out of the electorate. A couple of England v Scotland fist fights that are bound to kick off as a result of this so informed ‘press opinion’. Follow that with some salacious reporting of Nationalist violence breaking out and everyone will sigh with relief when the Conservatives and Labour announce that for the ‘good of the country and the Union’ they are ready to bury their differences and work together in Government. Ain’t democracy a wonderful thing! I hope I’m wrong but what do we do to head this off at the pass? Thinking caps on please.

  223. Lollysmum says:

    To me it looks as though they’ve run out of ideas for how to persuade Scotland to return to its box so they’re now just throwing everything they can think of but everything they try tends to disturb Scotland for a couple of hours then it moves beyond it to something which interests/concerns Scots more.

    The resilience being shown by Scots is beyond their understanding & was completely unexpected. In some ways, the indyref campaign is I believe the main reason for it. In those two years, people started thinking for themselves, imagining a different future whilst being on the recieving end of Project Fear. That has built up a resistance in the population that just says we’ve had enough of this, we’re now going to fight back because it’s just plain wrong.

    This explains the surge to left leaning parties, Women for Indy, RIC, Common Weal-people joining together to fight a common cause having recognised that as individuals they can do very little.

    What that two years taught a huge swathe of the population is that taking your own decisions is empowering & that things can be done differently to achieve better results than the status quo allows. It also enables the creation of communities of interest, people grouping together to work in the interests of their country, community or cause. The end result- people taking ownership of their country & wanting to be proud of it & how it looks after its own.

    I see that very much like a child growing to adulthood & acquiring maturity & wisdom along the way.Learning by experience, making mistakes then having to find solutions to avoid the same pitfalls in the future.

    Personally, I think Scotland has come a very long way in a short period of time & WM has been shocked at the way Scotland has weathered each & every battering, bouncing back from every knock & is still saying “we’re not beaten yet, not by a very long way -Oh and by the way, we are now going to exercise our democratic rights to vote for whomever we please.”

    Yup-WM are in a panic & now they are living day by day trying everything they can to stop uppity Scots making headway of their own & WM & MSM is failing miserably & it knows it 🙂

  224. Big Jock says:

    Lolly that’s what I think. It seems to scatter gun to be anything other than ad hoc panic!

  225. John Sweevo says:

    “Another Scottish Labour source said: “Margaret has always been out for herself and Jim needs to have a word with her. It will be a blow to Labour if we lose our Scottish Secretary but we can take comfort in the knowledge that the IQ of the Westminster group will rise when Margaret goes.”
    ROFL 🙂

  226. North chiel says:

    Yes “Big Jock” watched “the party political broadcast for
    The “North British Labour branch” followed by “Scotland for the union”
    “Luvvy” on Scotland tonight .On this showing why not just rename
    “Better together”

  227. geeo says:

    Considering the amount of unionist vitriol aimed at the Yes campaign and the SNP in the last 3 years, we only “lost” the indyref by 6%, and the SNP are flying high in membership numbers, yet after 8 years in power, are enjoying incredible satisfaction ratings.

    Despite this, the idiots still think throwing more insults, smears and bitter rants at us will somehow break our resolve when it so obviously hardens our resolve.

    Wonder how all the labour voters who voted Yes and are possibly voting SNP feel about how labour clearly feel about them, as they (labour) try to reach out to them to ‘stay with the labour family’?

  228. Poor wee foolish Slabber, they tried to become Tory, but that didn’t work, They tried to be SNP but that didn’t work, no vacancies. now they are trying to become Ukip, how sad is that.

    If opinion polls are to be believed, Scotland is intending to support the SNP because they listen and reflect the electorate. Slabber and their MSM machine must be aware that their insults are therefor directed at the Scottish nation.

    It was not Scotland that told them to lay with the Tories to lie, misrepresent and fail the Scottish people when argument would not deliver the desired result. Suck it up or be gone forever.

  229. chris kilby says:

    Who will rid them of these turbulent Scots…?

    (Well, we would have. If the bastards had let us!)

  230. Seasick Dave says:

    People like Alan Massie are very proud Scots.

    They are so proud that they hate it when we vote to be ruled from Scotland.

    Its far better that Westminster, with all its corruption, financial mismanagement, scandals and military aggression, keeps control over our lives.

    Unfortunately for Mr Massie, his inflammatory language reinforces my need to vote SNP and rid ourselves of Westminster.

  231. alexicon says:

    Yes they love us.

    Spread this far and wide.

  232. alexicon says:

    Sorry about the last comment, you’ll have to scroll down to see the daily star’s headline.


  233. alexicon says:

    I’m sure there’s a subliminal message there.

  234. Almannysbunnet says:

    Notice on Gordie’s piece that he mentions patriot/patriotic 10 times in the article. Definitely the new labour buzzword. They try to rewrite history in Scotland by convincing labour No voters they were really patriots. They even passed a motion to write the word into the labour constitution “To these ends we work for the patriotic ends of the people of Scotland”. Utter bollocks of course but keep an eye out for it. On the general topic of brain washing I have a suggestion, for Lanarkshire Council, to replace the “Palestinian SEPARATISTS terrorists” question with the following;
    Which English patriot said the following “An England that glories in isolation is not the England I know and love.”
    1. Queen (purrs like a cat) Elizabeth. (current monarch)
    2. Richard the 111 (past monarch)
    3. David (please stay) Cameron (current prime minister)
    4. Gordon (Scottish patriot) Brown (past prime minister)

  235. Almannysbunnet says:

    Labour have fallen in love with the word PATRIOT, maybe it’s a precursor to them proposing their very own “Patriot Act”, like the one in the USA, introduced “due to broad concern felt among Americans from both the September 11 attacks and the 2001 anthrax attacks.”
    The labour version would be due to broad concerns felt among British nationalists from both the September 18th attack on democracy and to prevent a repeat of the 2015 election result.

    Surely not 🙂

  236. lumilumi says:

    @ alexicon

    That Daily Star story is hilarious in its ridiculousness.

    “Huge holes are clearly visible under bushes where it is thought the rats have been burrowing towards England.”

    A couple of paragraphs later:
    “The industrial park lies just 20 miles from the border with England.”

    Shock! Horror! Panic!

    Terrifying Scottish ginger mutant rats burrowing 20 miles into England. What next? 😀

  237. Muscleguy says:

    @Brian Powell

    Except proper Home Rule aka FFA would have blown the financial covers off even more than the referendum did. There could have been no subsidy junkie jibes with the numbers laid so bare then. After a few years of realising we are subsidising the rest of the UK and independence would be like Catalonia.

  238. chris kilby says:

    @ JWylie:

    “Feel the love.”

    Smell the shite.

    (And, you know, fear.)

  239. chris kilby says:

    So THIS is what the best of both worlds looks like. We really are Better Together!

  240. chris kilby says:

    Allan Massie is a historian the same way David Irving is a historian.

    (Hysterian, mair like!)

  241. chris kilby says:

    I simply can’t even begin to get my head around that Massie article. The Mail? It’s like something out of Der Sturmer!

    “Democracy is at stake”?

    You can say that again!

  242. Fred says:

    Is this the Allan Massie who was born in a fucking rubber plantation, attended the kind of public school where sodomy is squeezed into the curriculum between science & techy drawing and thinks the sun hasn’t yet set on the British empire. That Allan Massie?

  243. Hi Rev, Just to let you know I have made an official complaint about the Max Hastings article (published 06/03/2015) to the Daily Mail senior management, Paul Dacre, Editor and Robin Esser, Executive Editor. They know me of old, so I should get a response quite quickly. I will keep you updated.

  244. Jo Walls says:

    this kind of hysterics being shown by ENGLISH /unionist media can very easily get out of control . Look at the rubbish they write about countries before they invade or start wars with them ? We need this knocked on the head before Scotland ends up like NI . Next thing you know we will be under martial law …….

  245. From: DM Managing Editor []
    Sent: 13 March 2015 18:13
    Subject: Private & Confidential: Response from Alex Bannister, Group Managing


    Dear Mr McDermott,

    Please see below from Alex Bannister, Group Managing Editor.

    Very best wishes,
    Managing Editors’ Office
    Daily Mail


    Dear Mr McDermott

    Thank you for your email.

    I was sorry to read that, having previously respected Max Hastings’s work, you now hold it in low regard.

    As I’m sure you are aware, Max Hastings has a peerless journalistic pedigree, having reported conflicts for
    the BBC, edited the Daily Telegraph and the Evening Standard, presented numerous TV documentaries and
    written 23 books. He has received many awards for his military writing, as well as a knighthood for his
    services to journalism.

    With regard to this particular piece, I appreciate that there are strong opinions expressed and you are of
    course entitled to disagree with them. If there are facts within it which are inaccurate, however, please let
    me know and I will gladly investigate.

    In the meantime, please be assured that we value all feedback – whether positive or negative – and that
    your comments have been passed on for future reference.

    Thank you again for taking the time and trouble to write.

    Yours sincerely

    Alex Bannister
    Group Managing Editor

    From: Iain McDermott []
    Sent: 10 March 2015 21:43
    To: Paul Dacre; Robin Esser
    Subject: Article by Max Hastings published 06/10/2015

    Dear Sirs,

    In reference to the above named article, which was published on the 6th of March.
    I did not initially read this article on the day of publication, but was informed of it a couple of days ago;
    hence the reason that I have not written to you until now.

    I used to have a great respect for Max Hastings as a military historian, from which is what he has achieved
    some prominence in this field; in fact I have read most if not all his books.
    It was only when I carried out my own research, that I found that quite a substantial amount of the
    information in these books, was based more on myth than any real historical fact and in reality had been
    written for a particular readership, that were more than happy to accept as truth all that was mentioned in
    these books. More like stories from the old Victor comic; if either of you can remember it.
    Of course the constant rewriting of history is always going on, especially to maintain a status quo for a
    government, that allows it to disregard or change historic facts that are now seen as inconvenient to the
    present government’s aims and objectives.
    Fortunately history is not just written exclusively in the english language (a bit inconvenient I know) and it is
    possible if one does some research to find out the actual historical truth behind some of the historic myths
    continually being perpetuated by so-called respected historians.

    So with this in mind, I read Mr Hastings latest article (having been informed of it, as I said) with some
    reservations, having read some of his other recent offerings, to find that in this latest article he had used
    his extensive knowledge of fiction and for deliberate misinformation. The article contained lies (I don’t use
    the modern word untruths) from start to end, evoking aspects of xenophobia, that I know are quite
    acceptable to both you and your readership; after all the whole history of the Daily Mail has been devoted
    to this stance of hatred of foreigners or of anything that does not conform to UK establishment thinking,
    the active support of both your paper and it’s proprietor for Nazism during the 1930’s & 1940’s, being just
    one example.

    Therefore in this article I find that, not only is Mr Hastings an inveterate liar, trying to cause unfounded
    hatred between the peoples of the present UK, but I also condemn him as an out and out racist, in his
    portrayal of the people of Scotland.
    I have been informed that this article was not published in the Scottish editions of the Daily Mail; I wonder

    It is only right That I give Mr Hastings the opportunity to reply to my accusations and I am more than happy
    to discuss this directly with Mr Hastings.
    By the way, the usual response by yourselves that this article was a personal opinion of the author is not
    acceptable in this instance.

    It is only fair that I give you a reasonable opportunity to reply to my e-mail; I will therefore give you until
    next Tuesday the 17th of March to reply, before taking further, possibly official action, on the racist

    Your Sincerely,
    Iain McDermott

  246. In Reference to my e-mail chain “comment” above.
    As a follow up I am compiling a list of “inaccurate facts” for the attention of the Daily Mail.
    Any and all contributions from Wingers accepted; let’s make it a joint effort

  247. As a follow up to my e-mail chain comment above; I am compiling a list of inaccurate facts in the Max Hastings article, to send to the Daily Mail for their attention.
    All contributions from Wingers are more than welcome, lets make it a joint effort.

  248. James Tilburn says:

    When you guys finally gain independence can I come too? There’s too many crazy people down here dragging England somewhere very dark and nasty.

  249. ghostly606 says:

    This level of arrogance really pisses me off, excuse my French:

    “We are just seven weeks away from a nightmare scenario in which a minority party of ultra-Left barmpots and crankies will be able to dictate how the United Kingdom is governed – against the democratic wishes of the rest of us.”

    This is democracy! You can’t please all of the people all of the time.

  250. Casper1066 says:

    Its like water of a ducks back…

  251. Gary says:

    I had said during the referendum campaign that someone should collate all the nonsense promulgated by Project and release it in book form. It could be ‘Project Fear’s Bumper Book of Scare’. But now with ‘Zoomed Patrol’ the scare stories could be interspersed with this funny stories from The Daily Fail, Torygraph etc. It would provide light relief between the scare stories. Perfect for Horror Fans and Comedy Fans alike.

  252. Casper1066 says:


    Guys Scotland has no problem with you, never has, ever will. But boy is your papers having a fit, hope you don’t for all for it, they are really being disrespectful to you all. Good luck, hope you get better more proffessional media representation soon.

    Scotland, land of hope and progressive change

  253. Charles Wood says:

    Solution for Trident, base nuclear submarines in the THAMES ESTUARY, nice big river.Missile storage , BORIS ISLAND, no use for anything else now anyway

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