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First off the mark

Posted on March 22, 2016 by

Brussels terror atrocity = SNP BAD.


Chris Deerin, Iain Martin, Alan Cochrane and Ian Smart will be hopping mad.

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185 to “First off the mark”

  1. Andy Howie says:

    Honestly words fail me. Total oxygen theif

  2. Macart says:


    Lost for words.

  3. Martin says:

    They’re obsessed. It’s tragic really. Can’t see May being much fun for them. Oh well….chortle

  4. Betty Boop says:

    In his own words “…thirty years of academic work on managing identity/resource conflicts…” Epic fail. Wonder if the bloke gets paid for that.

  5. The Man in the Jar says:

    Can’t help but wonder how on earth these yoon minds work. Honestly perplexed. An atrocity happens and even before they count the dead the first thing they think of is how to try and use it against the SNP.

  6. Peter Mirtitsch says:!!!

  7. Malky says:

    Ye gads. Those journos you mentioned will be hopping mad at this.

  8. mealer says:

    What a stupid comment for anyone to make at this moment.

  9. Jim Graham says:

    The outrage is only a few hours old. Many of the loved ones of those who died probably dont even know yet that they have died and still this cretin uses their passing to lambast the SNP. There are no words that could accurately describe people like that.

  10. Thepnr says:

    What qualification is necessary for a rabid Unionist to gain the title Emeritus Professor? Whatever it is there seem to be a few around with the same qualification.

    The clues are there, an expertise in Politics or History must be one but the vital ingredient remains a mystery. Flummoxed.

  11. Jimbo says:

    Gallagher is either mentally sick or a completely crass imbecile.

    I would go for the crass imbecile, they are the ones who like to make political capital out of other people’s deaths and tragedies.

  12. FatCandy says:

    Difficult to believe he is a Professor.

  13. Alan Gerrish says:

    Dearie me, this is well beyond silly.

    Just take your tablet, Tom, then you’ll feel much more secure in yourself. We really do think you’re a smart intelligent sort of guy who doesn’t need to keep trying (and failing) to prove it.

  14. Arbroath1320 says:

    Utterly DISGUSTING!!!

    Who the hell are these ignoramuses?

    If this shiteheid had a solitary brain cell he’d be dangerous!

    This BASTARD writes this SHITE and yet his Twitter bio carries this description:

    Currently Edinburgh-based (Glasgow-born) with thirty years of academic work on managing identity/resource conflicts on the peripheries of Europe.

    Will someone just send this IGNORANT BASTARD to the Middle East where he can manage the conflicts of the Middle East!

  15. Golfnut says:

    Gob smackingly stupid comment, or maybe just plain evil.

  16. ClanDonald says:

    Goodness, they’re not very nice, these extreme British nationalists.

    Take heart from the fact it’s their own cause that they’re harming with this spiteful nonsense.

  17. Helena Brown says:

    Heaven help this man’s students. I just cannot believe someone using this as a Party Political subject but it seems all these people and Stuart knows all their names are educated to beyond the level of stupidity.

  18. Ken Povey says:

    What an idiot, should have been drowned at birth.

  19. Nana says:

    Another atrocity, people are dead and injured yet that is his comment.
    Seriously Mr Gallagher get some help.

  20. scav says:

    That is pretty fucking terrible.

    Apart from anything else, I don’t know anyone less intelligently choosy about Middle-eastern allies than the current Westminster government.

    Sucking up to Saudi Arabia for lucrative sales of weapons that are being used on civilian populations in Yemen.

    Sucking up to Turkey because they are our NATO allies, while they bomb the brave Kurds who have been the most effective force against Da’esh so far.

    If those are the allies of the British State’s security services, then it’s completely rational to identify those security services as the enemies of democracy, in Scotland and the UK as a whole.

  21. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @Arbroath 1320

    “Will someone just send this IGNORANT BASTARD to the Middle East where he can manage the conflicts of the Middle East!”

    He can team up with Jim Murphy and Tony Blair?

  22. Helena Brown says:

    I do not use Twitter but just come from the Wings page and I see self same cratur is not finished with one tweet but continues on. Stuart has asked if Emeritus Professor is latin for Arsehole, I would have to say I agree.
    If this is the best our opponents can come up with, I doubt their sanity.

  23. ScottieDog says:

    “difficult to believe he’s a professor”

    Don’t confuse education with wisdom.

  24. Dan Huil says:

    Just when we think britnat hatred can’t sink any lower…

  25. Robert Roddick says:

    Tom Gallagher. This guy’s an academic for christ’s sake. When I was at university, my professor’s were men ( yes in those days, professors in the sciences were all men )of World stature. In view of his utterances over the years, I have formed the opinion that Gallagher is a clown. He allows his prejudices to over rule demonstrable fact.

  26. FJS says:

    meanwhile, over at the Telegraph, Allison Pearson seems to think it’s a justification for Brexit:

    the tories must be pissed that this didn’t happen a couple of days ago.

  27. This idiot was my course tutor at university……dept for PEACE Studies @ Bradford. Would you credit it? What a upon.

  28. This idiot was my course tutor at university……dept for PEACE Studies @ Bradford. Would you credit it? What a yoon.

  29. ScottishPsyche says:

    Unfortunately academia is littered with these people. It used to be Emeritus was the title given to them in the hope that they went away.

  30. Arbroath1320 says:

    Whilst we are all getting mad at earseholes like this and mad at the murderers in Brussels we still need to remember that life goes on so here is something to lighten the mood at this dark time.

  31. Bob Mack says:

    The stupidity of this amazes me. Does he forget that the situation in Ireland had combatants from both sides moving pretty freely to and from Scotland. Yes, amazing as it sounds we had terrorists from both sides living in Scotland,and all of them fundraising here.

    Some of them moved here over the last few years. Not unknown to the government in Westminster who signed off the Good Friday agreement.

    Terrorism happens because you disenfranchise a people or a nation. They always have a target who get blamed for government actions.Sadly it is generally the innocent who end up suffering.

    Nobody ,but nobody starts life as a “freedom fighter” a “terrorist” or a “jihadi”. We create the scenarios where they can be cultivated.

    When oh when will we learn.

  32. While my sympathy goes out to the families of those who have been killed or injured in the Brussels terrorist attack.

    My contempt for these unionist scum who attempt to use such an attack to smear the SNP knows no bounds.

    As for professor Gallagher’s comment about the SNP being unchoosy about its middle East Allies show s there are simply no depths the unionists won’t plumb to attack the SNP.

    He would do well to remember all those despots the UK
    have been supplied with weapons.

  33. Kenzie says:

    There’s stupid; there’s downright idiotic, then there’s Gallagher.

    Now, Tom. Open mouth, insert both feet……

  34. Ken500 says:

    The Westminster (US/France) illegal wars, causing millions of innocent deaths, causing the worse migration crisis since the 11WW and ruining the world economy.

  35. bjsalba says:

    Doesn’t say much for the university that has him on the staff. If I were them I’d be looking at the contract. The phrase “bringing the name of the institution into disrepute” comes to mind.

    Young folk are going into lifetime debt to be taught by this individual? Not exactly a recommendation for the worth of their qualifications.

  36. Kenzie says:

    Gallagher really is beyond parody. He has all the depth of a saucer.

  37. Ken500 says:

    He is retired.

  38. Wulls says:

    This is not the considered words of an academic.
    This is the knee jerk opinion of a failed, sad bastard seeking any kind of attention.
    The utter futility of challenging this arsehole is a sad reflection of twitter.

  39. Stoker says:

    I wish these chimney sniffing warmongering b@$t@+d$ would just go and fly into a hillside. Sick to the back teeth of these wee boys in big toys destroying our peace and tranquility.

    Just had umpteen of the scumbags, over a 5-minute period, polluting our sky’s as they played chase me games. OH FECK, even more as i type.


  40. Stocky Al says:

    I read Tom Gallacher’s posts religiously. Every time I see one I say ‘Jesus Christ’.

  41. Arbroath1320 says:

    I agree BtP, shove him, wee Jimmy Murphy and war criminal Tony Blair oot the back o a Hercules over Syria. Let the three o them sort Syria oot. After all they are the experts … allegedly!

  42. Robert Peffers says:

    The fact that this congenital idiot uses the terms, “Our security Services”, nails his idiocy and hatred very well indeed.

    He quite obviously subconsciously separates the majority of Scotland’s electorate, and the SNP, from the rest of the Westminster Establishment.

    It is now really quite obvious to most Scots that the Westminster Establishment, has long ago, acted as the enemy of Scotland and the various peoples of Scotland.

    This, so called, “Union of Kingdoms”, first began as a Westminster Establishment con-trick with undercover agents manipulating the Scottish landowners/parliamentarians with lies, extortion, bribes and threats.

    It included the so called, “Jacobite Rebellions”, but, as Scotland was still an independent Kingdom in 1688 when the English Establishment deposed their monarchy, Scots could not be rebelling against a monarchy not their own.

    It also included, “The English Navigational Acts”, and the Establishment manipulated, Darien Expedition, to penalise Scotland, along with the rest Europe, from trade with the English colonies. Meanwhile the English army was massed at the Scottish borders and an English, “Royal Navy”, fleet anchored off Berwick.

    The facts, even today, are that Westminster, and the English in general, have always viewed and treated the Treaty of Union, (a treaty between two equally sovereign Kingdoms), as an English take-over of Scotland.

    Note the more recent claims of the Westminster Establishment, Government commissioned paper, that was quoted by the present Secretary of State for Scotland as, “The Treaty of Union, “extinguished”, the Kingdom of Scotland and renamed the Kingdom of England as the United Kingdom”.

    The truth is that nothing, in either the treaty or either Act of Union, says anything of the sort. It is no more than the Establishment interpretation of what they want to believe.

    There is no such legal proofs of such and this congenital idiot, Tom Gallagher, has only reinforced that fact as utter idiocy and will only have the effect of turning even more of the, Peoples of Scotland, (are you listening Ms Dugdale?), to the truth that the Establishment imagines Scotland as their colony to do with as they please.

    NOTE:- Dugdale has referred to the SNP representing, “The Scots”.

    The long established SNP definition of who they represent has long been defined as, “Those, of any colour, creed or country of origin, who are mainly resident in Scotland and who are registered to vote in Scottish elections”.

    Seems Ms Dugdale also subscribes to the notion, long held by the Establishment political parties, that, “The Establishment”, and, “The Scots”, are two quite distinct entities. You had best request Ms Dugdale to define what she designates as, “The Scots”, as her views are not in line with those of either the SNP or the YES movement in general.

    If you live mainly in Scotland, and have registered to vote in Scottish elections, then you may not be born a Scot but you most certainly are one of, “The People of Scotland”, and the SNP stands up for you.

  43. Jimbo says:

    Are the degenerate cyberyoons Gallagher, Smart & Co competing to see who can demean himself the most?

    Do they do it in the hope that it will attract the attention and friendship of a celebrity author?

  44. heedtracker says:

    Sometimes the UK establishment really do make you want to weep.

  45. bugsbunny says:

    And theres more from Tom Gallagher’s Twitter,

    10.13am: “Predictable Uproar from the SNP faithful when I point out that under them Scotland is Belgium but with an unmistakeable anti western focus”.

    10.16am: “Scottish lives might be saved + reputation of the country if Brussels tragedy focuses attention on SNP external record from Megrahi release on”.

    10.57am: “Opp parties would boost chances of depriving SNP of MAJ if undisguised anti-Western stance a clear election issue”.

    I don’t know what time this tragedy happened, but exactly 2 hours ago he wrote…

    9.11am: “One of the joys of greater Euroland is we could merge our intelligence corp with…..that of disfunctional(sp) Belgium. (It should spell dysfunctional).

    Stephen Roney.

  46. Arbroath1320 says:

    From reports on RT it appears that some Arabic was shouted before shooting started and the explosions went off at Brussels airport.

    There has also been an explosion at Maalbeek metro station.

    RT have quite a few articles up on their website covering this series of atrocities.

  47. frogesque says:

    To be pitied more than pilloried.

    How can a supposedly educated man be eaten by hatred of a movement that only wants peace and freedom to go our own way?

    He sounds like a bairn who has had their tube of Smarties taken off them and been given a soor plum instead. Emeritus he may be but in my book that just means retired and well past sell by.

  48. Training Day says:

    Those hopping mad journalists will currently be assuaging their ire by composing pieces on how a ‘respected and impartial academic was savaged without any reason by vile, vile cybernats.’

  49. bugsbunny says:

    Is this him folks?

    Stephen Roney.

  50. Thepnr says:


    that of disfunctional(sp) Belgium. (It should spell dysfunctional)

    “Mid east” should read Mid East.

    Seems like good spelling and grammar is not a prerequisite to becoming a professor. Wouldn’t normally be such a pedant but Professor Plum deserves to be ridiculed.

  51. Paul Fraser says:

    Question, why is he saying this that Red Tory? When Comment on their pages, we document it with reports and news articles with links!!! And this moron all he has to say is SNP bad!!! He is a cancer for minds and a cancer for the minds for who believes him!!!

  52. ArtyHetty says:

    It’s a sad day when these people attempt political gain, playing political games, when many people have lost their lives.

    Lost for words really, but these people need to look in the mirror, it might just reveal their very ugly souls.

  53. Thepnr says:

    Emeritus is Latin originally meaning “veteran soldier”. Wonder the the Latin is for retired sad old git?

  54. Valerie says:

    Just wow, the guy needs professional medical help.

    Fuelled only by hatred, is a hellish way to spend your time.

  55. Cuilean says:

    That’s racism and an offence under anti-race hatred legislation. A racist like Gallagher should not be allowed anywhere near an education facility. He should be suspended and sacked.

  56. YesMeansYes says:

    ?”Thepnr says:
    22 March, 2016 at 10:19 am
    What qualification is necessary for a rabid Unionist to gain the title Emeritus Professor? Whatever it is there seem to be a few around with the same qualification”


    Indeed there are “a few around” and for a reason. In a similar fashion to climate change denial groups when you cannot get a professor to back your case look around for a retired former professor (often out of their field) to add false gravitas.

    I remember in my university days that when a once great academic figure was loosing their marbles they were said to have “Gone Emeritus”

  57. Macca73 says:

    You can imagine the scene as this idiot sits in front of his PC or his phone with that flashing cursor given the absolute horror of what’s just happened in Brussels and this is the best he could think to post.

    Not a thought for the people out there some of which I know as I used to live there. This man is UTTER SCUM and I sincerely want him to know that.

  58. Almannysbunnet says:

    I was going to say words fail me then these came to mind, pathetic, deplorable, wretched….need I go on?

  59. Graeme Purves says:

    It’s difficult to know how to begin to unpack this fevered nonsense, but I rather think that it’s Belgian security services who are having to deal with the outrage in Brussels.

    Does the final allusion suggest that Tom is working himself up for another article alleging the SNP’s involvement in a sinister plot to establish a global Presbyterian Caliphate?

    I think he heeds help.

  60. Cuilean says:

    Just had a wee look on his twitter account. Honestly don’t go there. e’s just a giant anti-SNP/YES troll. Starve him of oxygen.

    Also, in a recent tweet this alleged ‘professor’ can’t spell ‘dysfunctional’!

    Full Yoon howling at moon nut job.

  61. bugsbunny says:

    I just tweeted Tom Gallagher and told him to wipe the blood of his keyboard. I also asked him if the first thing that crossed his mind when this happened was SNP BAD? This is one SICK individual. I wonder if he’ll respond?

    Stephen Roney.

  62. Dr Ew says:

    Wow. There’s low and there’s low.

    Not as bad as the nasty Cybernats, of course, who as we all know are worse than ISIS.

  63. bugsbunny says:

    My tweet to Tom Gallagher. Awaiting reply with baited breath.

    Stephen Roney.

  64. Pauline Coyle says:

    Here he is…his pic is under the piece he writes about Nicola Sturgeon…

  65. Proud Cybernat says:

    High intelligence. Low mentallity.

  66. Wellreadned says:

    They’ve showed their true hand here.

    They never shut up about the ‘divisive’ S.N.P whilst sneerily dismissing just under half the voting population as brainwashed Nazis.

    Tom Gallagher, Alan Cochrane and their fellow rocket Gill Stephenson were very close to the Darlings during the referendum. This crazed hatred comes straight from the top. You can see it in the Polis desperate pleas to Darling to stop talking about “carnage at the polls”. Stuff like this is actually small potatoes; nothing is too low, underhand or dirty.

    I get the feeling that if it was looking like it was a Yes then Darling and his fellow nutters would have welcomed “carnage at the polls” whilst the O.O got in place to become the “paramilitary organisation” its leader let slip it would become in the event of independence.

    And if anyone thinks the above scenario is unlikely, then just remember how they behaved when they won.

    Nothing is too low, nothing is too underhand, all is permitted.

  67. hamish says:

    What should we expect from an ally of George Foulkes and Jum Murphy ?

  68. galacennalath says:

    I am sure there are similarly disgusting nutters on the pro-Indy side, however, the Yoon idiots seem so often to be people in positions of influence and prominence. In this respect, it is a Yoon specific phenomenon.

    We can all name other Yoons who have shown equal lack of judgement, humanity, decency, or compassion.

    What is it about the Unionist / British Nationalist cause which attracts such well connected low life in numbers?

  69. call me dave says:

    Well he got his response here and on the twitter network too!
    But his tweet was a low-life calculated smear… SNP bad! ๐Ÿ™

    Kezia’s big idea: (yeah another one)

    Sturgeon has spoken but no real details of her proposals yet.

  70. British Imperialism’s answer to their own atrocities is always more security. Where will that end.

    Also, their answer to poverty is always charity: the favoured method of mediaeval robber barons and 19th century sweat shop capitalists.

  71. cctxt says:

    No one should be too surprised when you take a look at the shite this dick publishes :

  72. call me dave says:

    Gosh Nana’s on the ball. Here is her post from the other thread.

    SG proposals:

  73. I wonder how many of the unionists will not only publicly dis-associate themselves from his comments but also condemn them.

  74. bugsbunny says:


    The answer to that one, in all honesty will probably be none.
    They neither know any compassion or care about anything that doesn’t put sillar in their pockets.

    To Quote Oscar Wilde,

    “What is a cynic?”

    “A man who know the price of everything, and the value of nothing”.

    For cynic read Yoon.

    Stephen Roney.

  75. Wha Me? says:

    Email of complaint sent to Prof Gallagher’s University of Bradford e-mail address, PA to vice-chancellor copied.

  76. ahundredthidiot says:

    Arbroath1320 @11:14

    Please don’t link speaking Arabic with terrorism, despite the pressure.

  77. scotspine says:

    What? Eh? Seriously, WTF!!!!

    Are these people mentally unstable?

  78. J Galt says:

    “Emeritus Professor” in the academic Politics and History fields normally means Bought and Paid For!

  79. Dorothy Devine says:

    I wonder if the media will be all over this as they were about Susan Calman and JK Rowling ? D’ye think?

    Or will it vanish beneath some invented offence and some faux outrage about zilch.

    The man Gallagher is disgusting , possibly demented.

  80. New depths of stagnancy from this person who describes himself as an โ€œacademicโ€. Shameless.

  81. dakk says:

    Yup,Tom Gallagher’s comment reflects the blind visceral hatred of anything overtly Scottish which I hear on a daily basis in my contact with unionists.

    They’re really not keen on Scotland at all ๐Ÿ™

    Why is that? What harm have we done to anyone ?

  82. Clootie says:

    …every time you think they have hit bottom they manage to slither even lower.

    That someone would leap to use the death and misery resulting from this event to create a sound bite attack is sickening. As regards directing it at SNP politicians accusing them of crocodile tears is a clear sign of the madness of unionist bigots.

    A cretin who should be deeply, deeply ashamed of his post.

  83. Clapper57 says:

    The real form of extremism is in the imbecilic rantings of UKOK yoons like this, however as it is so blatantly irrational and extreme then it will only resonate with other yoon UKOK extremists.

    They are so desperate that they resort to making insane comments to try and justify the reality and sheer hypocrisy of the LIE that was and is Better Together in this dysfunctional union.

    Comments such as this from the ( ahem) professor are more beneficial to those who seek independence than to the the yoons, as it proves to those who still are Indy doubters just how fanatical some of the yoons are in their obsession with destroying the SNP .

    Academics….Education….University….the enemy within….more politics than actual learning , or so it would seem.

  84. @bugsbunny
    22 March, 2016 at 12:15 pm

    I believe you may very well be proved right.

    Though it does say a lot about those so called Labour international Socialists who think it acceptable to use
    the victims of a terrorist attack, as a means to attack their political opponents.

    But then we’ve been here before haven’t we, under the Blair Government when on 9/11 a terrorist attack was being carried out in the USA, Jo Moore thought it was a good day to bury bad news.

    I condemned her actions at the time in a letter to one of my local newspapers, the silence from Labour was deafening!

  85. Dr Jim says:

    Just a quickie

    Kezia’s other really good tax idea is a “”tourist tax””

    #Nyooze the pouwurs

  86. Malcolm says:

    A tradgedy and the first thought is “How can I spin this as an anti SNP story?”
    Sad really.
    But imagine the uproar if one of our Nationalist nutters (we do have a few but, admittedly, not at such a “respected” level) had tried to link this to UK politics.
    Sure reporting Scotchland will be all over this…….

  87. Hamish100 says:

    Arbroath 1320

    The points you make would have much more weight if you didn’t have to resort to profanity.

    Just gives an excuse for the BBC or others to copy paste your comments as an example.

    Incidentlally maybe some reflection on those that have lost their lives and survivors and families who have been permanently scarred is worthy of comment or we all fall in to his trap of vitriol.

  88. Cutommy says:

    We send people with bombs to other countries which kill and maim
    innocent civilians. Why are we so shocked and surprised when they respond by sending people wth bombs to our country which kill and maim innocent civilians.

  89. bugsbunny says:

    In just over an hour the death toil has just went up from 15 to 26.

    God, this is an awful world to live in.


    Yoons can bark at the moon, parade down streets like a modern day SA (Brownshirts), with a penchant for the absurd, but heaven help any Nationalist Politician who sneezes in public. The Daily Mail absorbs more urine than cat litter. Their readers are the scum of the earth, and all the can think of, day in and day out is how to make up scare stories about refugees/disabled/pensioners/jobless/homeless etc. Remember their 1930’s headline, “Hurrah for the Blackshirts?” They openly supported Pegida and the EDL. You can’t make them see sense. A typical Yoon will believe any rubbish they are fed.

    Stephen Roney.

  90. Arbroath1320 says:

    ahundredthidiot says:
    22 March, 2016 at 12:29 pm

    Arbroath1320 @11:14

    Please donโ€™t link speaking Arabic with terrorism, despite the pressure.

    Ahundredthidiot it was not me who was linking Arabic to the atrocities in Brussels. As I said in my post at the time

    From reports on RT it appears that some Arabic was shouted before shooting started and the explosions went off at Brussels airport.

    The actual RT report can be seen here with the statement about the shouting in Arabic at around 3 minutes 10 seconds.

    I know you are right Hamish but there are times when I just have to say what I feel at the time. Sometimes this manifests itself as a profanity. It may upset some folks in which case I apologise but for me it is the only way to “clear the air” and get back to thinking clearly about the situation.

  91. Thepnr says:

    Sometimes using a profanity is the absolute correct response. It is an emotional response and can be justifiable given the circumstances.

  92. Bert says:

    I see that Professor Tom Gallagher is the chair of East European Studies in the Department of Peace Studies at Bradford University and a research fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington DC.

    The National Endowment for Democracy has been exposed as a tool/front of the CIA used to infiltrate “civil society” to overthrow governments by ex CIA agent Philip Agee.

    Notice how these ‘terror’ events are immediately seized upon by those with agendas to push.

  93. TJenny says:

    Call Me Dave – in your link to the Herald, the CT table shows two band Fs – with 2 different values and 2 different CT rates. Any idea why? (or do I need new specs? ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  94. Marie Clowes says:


  95. Sorry if I have already sent this post, computer probs.

    22 March, 2016 at 12:15 pm
    I fear you may very well be right.

    Though what does it say about the morality of
    those so called Labour international socialists
    who believe it acceptable to use the victims of
    terrorist attack to smear your political opponents.

    Of course we shouldn’t be surprised by their callous attitude to the victims of terrorist attacks from Labour.

    After all we’ve been here before under the Blair Government
    when terrorist attacks were taking place on 9/11 in the USA, Jo Moore thought it was good day to bury bad news.

  96. Stoker says:

    Thepnr wrote:
    “Wonder what the Latin is for retired sad old git?”

    Jimmicus Murphycus!

  97. Hamish100 says:

    Thepnr says:

    22 March, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    Sometimes using a profanity is the absolute correct response. It is an emotional response and can be justifiable given the circumstances

    My comments were directed at 1320 -maybe you are the same person?

    If you hit your thumb with a hammer understand. To be explicit in your comments again and again is unthinking twaddle and just gives our opponents a weapon. Most comments are on here are not littered with 4 letter words etc. Why should there be. Let Gallagher sink in his own bile. We are better than him.

  98. gordoz says:

    Well; what else would you expect, other than top drawer Union Jackery from this eejit ??

  99. Thepnr says:


    A very interesting link, do you have one that shows Prof. Gallagher as a fellow of The National Endowment for Democracy?

    Just shows what the agenda is of the neo-lib establishment and what the ordinary punter is up against.

    Does western democracy have a fourth estate?

    If so, then why doesn’t the general population have a clue as to what really goes on? Silly me, the establishment control the fourth estate.

  100. Dorothy Devine says:

    I always have a wee smirk when the prof is described as a professor of Peace Studies – he could start a row in an empty hoose!

    My heart goes out to Belgium and all those dead and grieving.
    But the “good day to bury news” rings a bell.

  101. Dorothy Devine says:

    I don’t suppose the dolt whose moniker is Brian Spanner could be an emeritus professor??

  102. Arbroath1320 says:

    Oh look the foul mouthed earseholes are STILL at it!

    Every one of you who said refugees are welcome, if you said ‘let them in’. You are responsible for Brussels. And you still can’t see.

    This *ahem* delightful tweet came from none other than Katie Hopkins the intelligentsia of journalistic reporting … NOT!

  103. Thepnr says:


    Not everyone who reads Wings is so sensitive to the use of expletives. In fact I’d guess that many who read and post here use expletives as a form of expression. You know, like when the’re a bit pissed off with something or other.

    I’m almost certain that the guy who writes these articles that we come to read is prone to the odd expletive himself when warranted.

    As for you wee jibe “My comments were directed at 1320 -maybe you are the same person?”

    Not been reading here that long I take it?

  104. Almannysbunnet says:

    If my kids were being taught by professor Tom Gallagher at Edinburgh university I’d want to know why. This “seat of learning” also employs Dr Jill Stephenson who called Mhairi Black anโ€œappalling harridanโ€ and a โ€œfoul mouthed little slutโ€.

    Who is vetting these clowns for Edinburgh university?

    Founded in the 16th century, floundering in the 21st century.

  105. orri says:

    Seems the cut of his jib.

    Not sure he was ever a simple Professor but going by his Emeritus status it’s possible it’s something he got upon retirement. Supposedly looks good for both him and the institution he belongs to. Wonder if his bringing himself even further into disrepute might make them change their minds about that.

    From a brief Google his last paid work for a newspaper was July last year. One might also wonder if that’s true and if so why.

  106. Arbroath1320 says:

    Not been reading here that long I take it?

    I think that is kinda obvious Thepnr. After all most folks on here can easily identify who is who between you and *ahem* that foul mouthed Arbroath 1320. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m guessing our style of humour should not be used either. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  107. Iain More says:

    Just a plain evil individual. He would probably agree with the BBC who couldn’t resist a disgusting too wee dig at Belgium today. They just cant help themselves. I am being polite about it as well.

  108. bert says:

    @ Thepnr,

    Links here: & also here where is states that he was a fellow in 2008…. probably still on the payroll…….

  109. Nana says:

    I can honestly say watching the tories in Westminster makes me want to hit something. Never have I heard a chancellor tell so many lies and laughing while his opponents are spelling out the truth re the damage they have done to the poorest in society.

    Vile man and a vile party.

  110. Arbroath1320 says:

    It looks like there is a slight possibility that Brussels may not have been the only target today folks. This was reported on RT around 1400hrs GMT today.

    Dutch police have conducted a special operation to detain a passenger traveling from Brussels to Amsterdam, TASS reported citing the Dutch Broadcasting Corporation. The train was reportedly stopped at the Hoofddorp station, one stop prior to Schiphol Airport, with all passengers evacuated to a nearby hotel. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen armed police removing one individual from the train.

    I may be well off the mark here but if this “passenger” turns out to be another terrorist then I think we are on the verge of seeing the Schengen free travel area completely shut down.

  111. K1 says:

    Hamish? Who are you? The polite police, get aff people’s backs, and go figure out why your conditioned response to ‘swearing’ is just that, ‘conditioned’.

    Whether you think the use of as you term it ‘profanity’ is helpful to those who write the utter tripe that Gallagher spouts or not, is completely irrelevant.

    I won’t be schooled in what’s appropriate language to convey my feelings by those who have no such respect for those of us who support Independence. The last time I checked they didn’t give a flying fuck whether they write some of the most atrocious articles, tweets, and spout their eye watering lies about the SNP or independence supporters.

    Why then should I ‘bow’ to that ‘standard’ set by them?

    If you don’t like the language used by those of us who ‘speak’ in this manner, don’t read the posts. Don’t come on here telling us we’re ‘bad’ children if we don’t watch our p’s and q’s because our enemies will use it against us, as if our language will somehow miraculously transform the Unionist establishment’s tawdry approach to those of us who support Scotland’s independence.

    Yer not the blog prefect, go talk to some Unionists about the atrocious outright maligning of our entire movement and see if they respond in a manner that suits your need for non profanity. Maybe you’ll be persuaded by the merits of their argument, on the fundamental premise that they didn’t use the word ‘fuck’ in a sentence.

    I repeat, we don’t need telt to speak proper in case the unionists think we’re ‘bad’.

  112. Arbroath1320 says:

    I repeat, we donโ€™t need telt to speak proper in case the unionists think weโ€™re โ€˜badโ€™.

    There is one wee itsy bitsy teeny weeny flaw with the Yoons K1 whenever they try and use our use of language good or *ahem* bad against us. WE turn their attacks around and, like poor wee Georgie Folkes use their attacks against them and wear their attack terms on our arms, chest where ever with PRIDE! ๐Ÿ˜€

    THEY can NEVER win! ๐Ÿ˜€

  113. Thepnr says:

    Thanks Bert

    Can’t say I’m surprised.

  114. Thepnr says:


    “Yer not the blog prefect”

    A real LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. Valerie says:

    Totally agree @K1

    Swearing is the least of our worries, when we have Unionists and the entire BUM fabricating lies n shit every day.

  116. Onwards says:

    Unfortunately these attacks make the chances of an BREXIT more likely as the debate become more focused on immigration, religion and refugees.

    The security services here are going to be on full alert as the referendum date approaches.

  117. ahundredthidiot says:

    Arbroath1320 @ 1:09

    Yes, I heard it first on RT too, but there was no need for you to repeat it because it could appear that you either agree with that position, have some sort of respect for RT as a news outlet or are just caught up in the moment.

    My point being, I fear that Arab speaking people are now being categorised as extremists, particularly after all the hard work which has been done to educate people about Islam and the tiny minority of Muslims who become extremists not reflecting on that religion.

  118. arthur thomson says:

    @Iain More .. 2.06

    I heard that Iain. The comment from an ‘expert’ in the field of ‘intelligence’. One of those who was convinced about the presence of WMD’s in Iraq? One of Gallacher’s ‘security services’ people.

    There is no moral level to which these people will not stoop. Surely someone in Europe must be asking themselves how the middle east disaster began. What news of the Chilcot Enquiry?

  119. Thepnr says:


    That tweet from Gallagher is more than dire, it is inflammatory and threatening.

    I now believe this man should be locked up, a padded cell would be best to stop him doing any more harm.

    The Unionists go on and on about Wings but never on here have I read anything about creating an atmosphere for political violence. His words, his Unionist views are all that matter.

    My mind is made up, Gallagher has lost the plot, he is deranged.

  120. Not Convinced says:

    What always strikes me about these sorts of loons is not so much that they use events like Brussels to further their goals, but rather the method in which they use such events. It would surely be easy to go with approach along the lines of “This morning’s tragic events show why we’re #BetterTogether”?

    But they can’t seem to help themselves from going straight for “SNPBad!”. I suppose it may be because whilst they’re rabidly in favour of retaining the United Kingdom they’re often rabidly against remaining in the EU, and it’s hard to consistently argue in favour of unity on the one hand and disunity on the other?

  121. Jet123 says:

    Hi K1 I think hamish has a fair point I like to read the posts with my family some younger (kids) some older ( grandparents) the swearing might express you emotions at a point in time but does nothing to further our cause for independance and could to some people be offensive or used by our enemies to portray us in a poor light the standard you talk about is not set by unionists but set by the vast majority of any society
    You have the right to swear as often as you like and I would always defend that but in my humble opinion this does not add any weight to our cause and has the possibility to detract from it
    I have supported independance my whole life and agree with you about the lies from msm
    But surely hamish is entitled to his say or did the fact that he disagreed with some one on here offend you

  122. Foonurt says:

    Fuck me. Yurr BBC R4FM – ‘Making History’ (3PM>), jist spewin shite [Chritian Wolmar), aboot yoan ‘Fleein Scoatsman’ no huvin ah richt tae bae kent iz wurr best yin. Souins lik thoan name, wiz stickin in his craw.

    Hamish, fuckin awfae ivent, jist lik thoan faimily in thurr caur aff ah harbour.

    Jist wurdz, in um no furr thoan cant ae yurr bunnet.

  123. gerry parker says:

    The PNR at 10:19

    “What qualification is necessary for a rabid Unionist to gain the title Emeritus Professor?”

    They’ve got to be tossers. That’s how Matheson got to be one.

  124. Andrew Mclean says:

    In all the time I have read wings I have come to the conclusion that those working for an independent Scotland, are more tolerant, caring and friendly and that by a massive percentage.

    I suppose by posting here I would be labelled cybernat, and we are supposed to be at the extreme end of the independence movement, so are judged by the enemy’s of democracy, i.e. unionists, as vile extremists who harbour criminal intent towards our fellow Scots.

    But really if you want vile humans, who hide behind a mask of respectability you don’t have to travel far into unionism, the nod – nod wink – wink acceptance of Spanner, the ludicrous name calling and belittling of social class, from so called leaders or opinion makers in Scotland who use any outrage, whether the holocaust, fascism or even the tragic events of today to peruse their warped agenda.

    Here is the nub, if you have to use those examples to progress your agenda, you have no foundation to your argument, instead you use the tactics of the bully, the incompetent and the ignorant.

    Today not far away from us someone has lost their life, not just the physical life of the victims’ but the emotional life as they realise their loved one will not be returning home, not today not ever.

    And on such a day how sad it makes me feel that there are those in our society who use this for their agenda, to promote a centralist civilised political party over another centralist civilised political party.

    So to take one example Tom Gallagher, why would someone regardless of political persuasion be so morally corrupt that his first urge is to make a political comment, has he no family, no connection to the world at large that he is so bereft sympathy so lacking of empathy for his fellow man.

    If his intention was to enrage, he has failed, all I have is sadness and sympathy, not just for him but his loved ones. And in that I give more to him that he ever could conceive to give to his opponent.

  125. Thepnr says:


    I honestly do respect your opinion though I also believe that this is a site for adults. Some adults swear and some don’t, Hamish and Arbroath 1320 are equally allowed to post whatever they like here.

    In my view that is the way it should be, in fact the majority of sites are censored to such an extent that you never get a true picture of the “feelings” of the posters.

    Wings is very different from the mainstream and that is part of it’s success, to get blocked from here you would have to do a lot worse than use a few sweary words.

    So what to do? Leave it as is, an open forum where absolutely anyone can express their view or censure posters by banning them for using words that are deemed offensive to some?

    Every adult I have ever met has used expletives at one time or other. Sticks and stones?

    The cuts to benefits for those that are disabled, the sanctions of the the unemployed and the illegal wars are much more worthy of our disdain than wee sweary words on a site for grown ups.

    They are just words, descriptive words. I don’t have a problem with that though understand that some will. I am offended by the actions of a cynical government that currently are destroying the welfare state and the NHS in this country.

    Sweary words, not so much.

  126. Blair and Bush visited ‘Shock and Awe’ on Baghdad, an estimated 1 million Iraqi men women and children died in this illegal war to promote the Manifest Destiny of the Neo Liberals’ in the US and UK Imperial zeal to bring Freedom and Democracy, New World Order, to the people of a sovereign state.

    There were no WMD, and while US troops guarded the Oil installations, and offices, the Museum of Antiquities was stripped of all its treasures, to which rape and pillage, Donald Rumsfeld observed :- ‘Shit happens’.

    Iraq it may be recalled was cobbled together by the Brits, as usual, to protect the oil of course, by Gertrude Bell, Kim Philby’s father, St John Philby, and Lawrence of Arabia.

    Kurds, Sunnis and Shia, forced into a Brit Empire coalition, if memory serves, because Old Winston Churchill, then Heid High Yin at the Admiralty, ordered British battleships to be powered by oil instead of coal.
    It goes that far back.

    As part of Blair’s and Bush’s emancipation of the Iraqis, they sacked the armed forces, the police, the civil servants, teachers, formed a green zone around Baghdad, and didn’t anticipate the sectarian carnage and insurgency that would ensue in the now ungovernable country.
    All those men armed, but with families and no income.
    What the hell did they think would happen?
    Professor Gallagher. Be ashamed.
    You appear to be a neo-liberal warmonger.

    Creative destruction to bring US style democracy to the world whether other nations want it or not?
    Aye, right.
    Scotland will be self determining, sooner rather than later.
    The psychopaths who committed these atrocities today fill us all with horror and disgust.

    To use this terrible tragedy to bad mouth the SNP takes a special warped sense of BritNationalism.
    Repent, sir.

  127. Thepnr says:

    @Andrew Mclean

    Your first paragraph describes exactly why I am so passionate about an Independent Scotland.

    Thank you Andrew.

  128. Bill McLean says:

    Just finished reading all the links to “Professor” Gallacher – I am more than ever convinced that I support the right side!

  129. Jet123 says:

    Hi thepnr I was not aware that this is an adult site I thought it was a site for any one who supports
    Independance our young people. Vote at 16. What age do you want them to start reading wings (a fantastic site with a wealth of information and views ) on there 16 birthday the vast majority of posts have no swearing in them I think this tells us what most people think the swearing does not bother me as a individual but does not help our cause while I totally understand the sentiment and emotions involved we have to think of everyone who reads. The posts

  130. Thepnr says:

    Hi Jet123

    The site is what it is, you alone can chose whether to introduce it to your children or elderly parents.

    I can’t see it changing anytime soon because some may disagree with the fact that some posters swear.

    It’s your choice, you know the content, until the Rev bans swearing I expect there will always be swear words in the posts on every article. That’s just the way things are.

    Nothing to do with me what your decision is, we don’t have to think of everyone who reads. They too have a choice to read or not.

    Let me tell you something Jet123 when I first read Wings I was like “whoa” way too radical for me, avoid. I changed, Wings didn’t. No one can come here with ideas about how it might be “improved”.

    Just accept that the Rev runs this site as he sees fit, after all he is the one the will take the flak if any is due. We are just guests and we come in all different flavours.

  131. skozra says:

    This :

    ” ‘In all the time I have read wings I have come to the conclusion that those working for an independent Scotland, are more tolerant, caring and friendly and that by a massive percentage.’

    Thepnr says:
    22 March, 2016 at 4:22 pm
    @Andrew Mclean

    Your first paragraph describes exactly why I am so passionate about an Independent Scotland.”

  132. Clootie says:


    Well said!

    We all accept the right of the Rev to run HIS site and we support him when needed. Look at the journey of Bella and NewsNet as people “improved” the sites.

  133. Jet123 says:

    Hi thepnr you still stick to your point that this site is for adults that is wrong it is for all independance supporters and you ask me. Just to accept it I never accept the status quo
    That is why I am here and as for your point about being radical swearing is not radical it’s just. Swearing
    Hamish made a fair point and just because you do not agree does not make it less of point
    No one said swearing should be banned apart from you just said it does not help our cause and has the possibility
    To detract from it

  134. Thepnr says:


    Fuck off troll.

  135. Andrew Mclean says:

    Thepnr says: @Jet123

    hand bags at dawn!

    cool guys, cool!

  136. Andrew Mclean says:

    If this is an adult site, it is not what I imagined at all, in fact I feel short changed!

  137. Not Convinced says:

    Andrew Mclean said @ 6:02 pm
    If this is an adult site, it is not what I imagined at all, in fact I feel short changed!

    Given Rule 34 (if you can imagine it, there’s porn of it on the internet) I’d guess that if you’re looking for an “adult ๐Ÿ˜‰ pro-independence” website it probably exists somewhere …

  138. Sunniva says:

    Look. The Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qardawi are not our friends. Honest.

  139. Thepnr says:

    @Andrew Mclean

    Lets have a close look at Jet123 last post:

    you still stick to your point that this site is for adults that is wrong it is for all independance supporters and you ask me. Just to accept it I never accept the status quo

    I believe all I said was that you alone had the choice to read or not read. If swearing offends you then consider this an adult site.

    That is why I am here and as for your point about being radical swearing is not radical itโ€™s just. Swearing

    I never meantioned the word “radical” at all, where did you get that from? I did say we are of all flavours.

    No one said swearing should be banned apart from you just said it does not help our cause and has the possibility
    To detract from it

    I certainly never said “swearing should be banned” so don’t start putting words in my mouth. Here’s my quote “until the Rev bans swearing I expect there will always be swear words in the posts”

    I’m not surprised that posters here swear when faced with dealing with the rubbish written by the likes of Jet123 who in his last post has just spouted absolute crap.

  140. mike caassidy says:


    How appropriate to discover that ‘Sad old git’ in Latin could comfortably be translated as


  141. Jet123 says:

    Hi thepnr you make my point for me if we don’t agree with you we should not be here
    Supported independance my whole life but if I dissagree with you once then I am a troll
    Face facts you lost the argument. So I am not welcome anymore very sad for you for this site and for me as I thought I was with friends here. But I was wrong I will alway vote for Scottish independance /snp as that is my choice but if me and my family are not welcome then we won’t be back pity because I loved this site and it’s contributers as I have said in previous posts
    But I guess your views are more important than ours

  142. Thepnr says:

    Hi Jet123

    Justify your comments in your last post that I have highlighted before I cry at the loss that you won’t be gracing this site again.

  143. K1 says:

    When I was 11 years old and at school, one fine afternoon our teacher took us tae the chapel…a big class full of 11 year olds walking along the road, mucking around, yakking with each other and our teacher. I fell back behind the teacher in line with other stragglers a few short feet away, one of them uttered the word ‘fucking’, loud enough that our teacher heard.

    But she did not ‘react’ to the pupil’s swearing, so I sidled up to her and said “Miss, miss he said the word ‘fucking’!” she glanced down at me , without skipping a beat and gently chided: “don’t act like you’ve never heard the word before K1” and smiled at me.

    I recall the effect of her casual chiding as a mixture of being caught out in a lie and a revelation all at once. It stopped my mind for an instant, I saw clearly the ‘fact’ that swearing of course was something ‘known’ to me, especially that word, and pretending that I was ‘surprised’ was the lie.

    The revelation was that this was what hypocrisy looked like. Here was an adult who was not ‘moralising’ but merely pointing out the fact. The parents, scolded us for the use but swore themselves, same for most ‘authority’ figures. Do as I say not as I do.

    It’s not swearing that is the problem, it’s living in a world where it’s all around you and being told ‘you shouldn’t do it’ as it ‘represents’ something you were taught reflected you in a ‘bad’ light if you ‘do it’.

    It doesn’t reflect anything ‘bad’ about anyone, it is really just words, sounds.

    If you haven’t worked that out yet, then it just indicates a deeper internalised ‘authority’ at work…ergo a constant ‘listening’ out for the words, and a need to tell others off for using them.

    ‘magine having to listen to yer own mind saying the word fuck as you read it, then blaming whoever ‘wrote’ the word for your ‘own’ sense of discomfort? Cause that’s what we’re talking about.

    If you’ve grown up being admonished for swearing it must kill ye to just see it on a page, cause the ‘fact’ of its existence can’t be wiped out of your mind. And yer mind still fucking sees it!

    And can we just stop with the really outlandish notion that ‘swearing does not further the cause of Independence’ schtick? I mean…s e r I o u s l y?

    Swearing is just swearing.

    The best explanation I ever saw anyone give to someone enquiring: “why’dye swear so much?”

    Was: “Because I’m normal”.

    Rev Stu Campbell on twitter, a wee while back.

  144. Arbroath1320 says:

    ahundredthidiot says:
    22 March, 2016 at 3:05 pm

    Arbroath1320 @ 1:09

    Yes, I heard it first on RT too, but there was no need for you to repeat it because it could appear that you either agree with that position, have some sort of respect for RT as a news outlet or are just caught up in the moment.

    I’m sorry there was no need for me to repeat what was reported on RT … REALLY … why not?

    I’m not sure if you are aware but there are a great deal of people who consider RT a more valuable source of news than either BBC/STV/ITV/SKY. I am one of those. I do consider RT to be a more reliable source of news than any British *ahem* news source.

    On a second point. As a result of very many folks trusting RT above British news sources then I considered it very appropriate that folks on here SHOULD be aware that RT was reporting the comments.

    I do not believe in blocking folks from news sources. All I do is report to folks what I have read/seen/heard and leave it up to others to make up their own minds. This is why people come onto this site, and others. Links are posted and people are then left free to make up their minds about the credibility of the issues in the links.

    No one on here behaves like the “news police” in determining what people should and should not read/see/hear.

  145. Thepnr says:

    if we donโ€™t agree with you we should not be here

    Troll speak.

    Supported independance my whole life but if I dissagree with you once then I am a troll

    More troll speak.

    Face facts you lost the argument.

    Didn’t even realise I was arguing, troll speak.

    So I am not welcome anymore very sad for you for this site and for me as I thought I was with friends here.

    You reap what you sow.

    I won’t go any further other to say you have not given any views whatever other than to disagree with mine. What is that all about? I believe I was civil in explaining my point of view yet you respond with.. let’s face it a pile of shite that bears no relationship to anything I actually said.

    Hahaha readers of all the posts can make their own minds up. Not all are as stupid as you may presume ๐Ÿ™‚

    K1 above has summed it up better than I ever could. I shall not weep at your disappearance.

  146. K1 says:

    Can I just say, I love my 11 year old self…wis a lot brighter than I am…as are most kids versus so called ‘adults’. ๐Ÿ™‚

  147. Gary45% says:

    Yet another Yoon “Who still doesn’t get it”.

    Another World Class professor!?!? up there with wee squeaky Mathieson from Glesca Cooncil, expect this sort of shite coming from him also.
    Meethinks, arse and elbow would be too difficult a question for them.

  148. Jet123 says:

    Hi thepnr First you lose the argument then apparently your memory so I will give you a hand
    1 Your words ” I believe this is a site for adults ”
    You see the statement you never made
    2 Your words” when I first read wings I though “whoa ” way to radical for me. ”
    You see the word RADICAL that you never mentioned
    3 your words ” until. The rev bans swearing
    The first time banned was mentioned
    4 you then went ” f**k off troll ”
    Because I disagree with you I am a troll does that seem fair not to me
    We can’t all agree with you that’s life
    I don’t think your a troll because you disagree
    But I appreciate I am no longer welcome and I can do nothing about that
    Thanks to all the wingers who have helped me through dark days I will miss you all

  149. Rock says:


    “Hamish and Arbroath 1320 are equally allowed to post whatever they like here.”

    The hypocrisy of the likes of Thepnr and Ian Brotherhood rivals that of Scottish Labour.

    The thing I can’t stand is the stupid and unnecessary “ahems” and “coughs” that the reincarnated Lesley-Anne inserts in her posts.

    As soon as I see her (other) name, I skip to the next post.

  150. Thepnr says:


    You still here? Take it your hanging around looking for some sympathy. Well I for one feel sorry for you.

  151. University of Bradford now where have I heard that name before ???

  152. Thepnr says:

    Rock hello man.

    Here to give handers are we? Luvin it ๐Ÿ™‚

  153. Arbroath1320 says:

    Glad to be of *ahem* service to you Rock. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You want to *cough* skip over posts just gie me a call. ๐Ÿ˜€

  154. Jet123 says:

    Hi thepnr you asked me to justify comments so I did as you asked so why have a go at me for it
    Just don’t understand why if I disagree with you I am a troll

  155. Andrew Mclean says:

    Sorry I disappeared there, you should see the stuff that comes up when you look up Scottish independence porn, I didn’t know where to look! Amazing what you can do with some misshapen veg and a spatula? Though I would want my lunch box filled with that cucumber, given where it’s been kept!

    Anyway we all pals again or a we still throwing rocks!

    Anyway I can confirm categorically this is not an adults only site, so swearing is ok, I once went to a school we were working on in Glasgow, don’t worry I heard swearing I haven’t heard in my life, apparently I am a Fukien dobber? Who knew!

  156. Andrew Mclean says:

    That should read not want my lunch box filled, that porn really is morally corrupting!

  157. Skooshcase says:

    As the hardcore Britnats get their layers of increasing vileness peeled away and exposed week-by-week, eventually all that will remain of each and every one will be a pustulating heap of maggots eating away the final lumps of rank hate-shite from where it all began.

    @Jet123: Take a fucking hike and take your concern trolling pish with you…

  158. Foonurt says:

    Jet123, whit wid ye dae, if ye met somdae wae Tourette’s Syndrome.

    Young yins, urr mair thin aquaintit wae swearie wurdz in thurr moadurrn derivatives. Mine ye, they kid jist iz weel inhabit some monastery urr nunnery.

    Ah cannae see whaur oamdae loast onnae argument, jist folk pittin furrit thurr peiynts, in thoans whit wurr here fur.

  159. David Anderson says:

    Yup Thepnr, I also see you as a bit of an internet belter who dishes out nonsensical accusations will-nilly due to your apparent inability to accept anything other than your own limited worldview. Shame really, this site has some very insightful posters. I supose we just have to accept there will always be some who drag down the debate to a binary choice instead of a spectrum of opinion. However facts are facts and you are not always right in any place other than your own head. Troll? Nope. Correct in this instance? I do believe so…

  160. Thepnr says:


    LOL now you really are at the wind up. Sorry not biting ๐Ÿ™‚

    See you tomorrow, maybe?

  161. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Jet123.

    Do you seriously believe that 16’s and under are bereft of a scooby when it comes to ‘swearie words’?

    Here’s a wee story for you…

    Man A is sitting in a railway carraige compartment, when, at the next station, a bishop, in full regalia, enters his compartment and sits down opposite.

    The bishop bids Man A “good morning”, then pulls “The Courier” out of his attache case and begins to do the crossword.

    After around 20 minutes, Man A hears the bishop muttering to himself. This goes on for about 5 minutes, the bishop becoming more and more agitated.
    “Something wrong?” says Man A.

    “Maybe you can assist me.” says the bishop. “I’m doing this crossword but I must have a wrong word here, because it leaves me with one word that doesn’t make sense.”
    What’s the clue?”, says Man A.

    “Well, it’s four letters, ends in “u-n-t” and means ‘essentially feminine’.” replies the bishop.
    Man A has a think and says, “That’ll be ‘aunt’.”

    “Right enough!” says the bishop. “Can you lend me a rubber?”

    If one understands the joke, well, sorry, you’re already corrupted…

  162. lumilumi says:

    I saw the tweet that is the subject of this article/thread and just could not believe the brass neck, and the sheer callousness. Anything to twist it into SNP/Scotland bad.

    My brother lives in Brussels and regularly flies out or BXS, but I knew the chances are close to nil, so I wasn’t worried.

    Early afternoon, my brother emailed me and everybody he knows to let us know that he’s OK and that there’s nothing troublesome in his neighbourhood. Apparently lots of people from Finland and other countries had tried to get in touch with him, but the mobile phone network crashed, voice didn’t get through, only some SMSs and then the email got through.

    The funny thing is that none of our family had tried to get in touch with him. Not even mum and dad, let alone his sister or brother. Uugh, we must be horrible people.

  163. Thepnr says:

    @David Anderson

    Internet belter? I like that, thanks Funny that.

    I look at you in exactly the same way, just another internet belter. Can you provide an example where I “drag down the debate to a binary choice instead of a spectrum of opinion” I’d like to read that.

    Facts are facts David, what is it you know that I don’t?

    What exactly is your opinion, at least I expressed mine.

  164. ahundredthidiot says:

    Arbroath1320 @6:59

    Point taken, but it strikes me as mildly hypocritical to swap one state media broadcasting station for another, particularly if you believe that those msm outlets present the news in their states best interests.

    I do watch RT from time to time, but for the most part it is a joke – just like BBC, sky, ITV etc – so for what it’s worth, a skeptical if not cynical approach may prove useful in forming opinion.

  165. ahundredthidiot says:

    …..forgot to add, MSM news is not reporting the news, they are repeating the news.

  166. K1 says:

    Brian, I’m corrupted! An that bishop’s a durty minded bastahd! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  167. Grouse Beater says:


    He unchose indiscriminate.

    The professor does not have a clue what he’s talking about, but he knows he’s very good at it.

  168. K1 says:

    Agreed Foonurt, there was nae argument…just venturing opinions and that is what we do here, isn’t it?

  169. Fred says:

    Girls, girls! fuck sake.

  170. Foonurt says:

    Aye, K1. Wull, that’s hoo ah see it. Ah cannae unurrstaun folk, thit come oantae ah sicht lik this, wae some puritanicull bent, expecting everyhin tae bae pure iz yoan driiven snaw.

  171. tooz says:

    Yet again the irony of not lowering oneself to the depths of the idiots proves itself a temptation too far.
    And will as per usual not even be aware its occured.
    A relative ‘plank of wid’ who’s self importance and arrogance knows no bounds.
    What a chunter.

  172. cearc says:

    ‘The points you make would have much more weight if you didnโ€™t have to resort to profanity.’

    Well I agree that I’d have been pretty annoyed if any of my family had come out with language such as Arbroath’s ‘managing identity/resource conflicts on the peripheries of Europe’, quote but it hardly constitutes profanity.

    Nothing else said that one can’t hear everyday and other commentators used ‘stronger’ words (and quite rightly) to describe this despicable individual.

    Might be worth pointing out that Arbroath was posting pro-Scotland information on forums such as the BBC before WoS was even started.

  173. bugsbunny says:

    So this is now a pornographic site according to some?

    Come on Rev, shake a leg. “Tits oot fur the lads”. lol.


  174. Josef O Luain says:

    I heard Gallagher at a conference in Glasgow years ago.He was a total prat back then and time, it would seem, has done nothing to mellow him.

    Who employs these nutters?

  175. Wellreadned says:

    One day, we will tell our grandchildren about our Yes vote.

    And we will point out lunatics like Gallagher. and he knows it and fears it.

    That man is going to be on the wrong side of history – they all are and it scares them. The handmaidens of the George Square and their far right followers with their nazi salutes and their frantic craziness – we see you, Gill and Tom, we know what you are up to and we know what you are. You are the obsolete monsters of Yesteryear.

    We know you encourage that type of thing, like Hitler egging on the S.A., you and Tom would be happy for the O.O to smash in Yes supporters. I see you…I see you sneaky wanks and I am not in the least bit surprised or intimidated.

    We will be will punching back next time and I will persona1lly punch a Unionists jaw off if they even breathe the word “cybernat”. Did you read that Gallagher? I fucking hope so.

    Talk all the pish you want but next time, ah, next time – I won’t think twice about breaking a rioting Unionists jaw with a crowbar.

  176. ScotsCanuck says:

    … totally unbelievable !! that an individual with such an education could make such a crass, offensive and blindingly stupid statement is beyond comprehension.

    I can and do forgive mistakes in judgement, as we are all human, but unless he atones publically for this outrage then there will be no forgiveness for this disgrace …… shame on you Gallagher and I can only hope any and all in his academic circle, regardless of political colour, turn their back on him.

  177. defo says:

    Westminster votes to start an illegal war, without which Daesh wouldn’t have been born. Then pours petrol on the flames with the shortsighted (if you’re being kind) Libyan intervention, not to forget ‘legal’ death from above in Iraq, and illegal bombing in Syria, providing weapons and expertise to our Saudi friends bombing in Yemen, the Afghanistan intervention, total failure to tackle the Israeli oppression of the Palestinians etc etc.

    And now their lickspittal Gallagher immediately co-opts the Brussels horror show, claimed by Daesh, into an attack on the SNP, who voted for none of the above, in our name.
    What a guy.

  178. Andrew Mclean says:

    Well read need,

    I think that was the response he was waiting for, I would urge all if they see acts of violence or intimidation to inform the police.

    We are not and never will be on their level, this is our country, our law, our home, and that’s why they are so insane, they wrongly though that if they humiliated themselves in front of their perceived betters, those reprobates in Westminster and St James, the they would keep Scotland in servitude.

    Theirs is a lifetime of humiliation shrouded in a falsehood, that there exists a construct called United Kingdom, we have proved it is a paper tiger based on lies and an abusive political system.

    This little world of their own making, is falling apart every day, every week and everything is strange and bewildering to them. So it drives them insane.

    We have an excellent NHS, and if necessary a fantastic police force and court system that will deal with them.

  179. Foonuirt says:

    Fuck this, am awaw oot side, iz ma ribs urr sair laughin.

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