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What it is to be kind 219

Posted on May 03, 2021 by

“Why can’t you just be kind?” is the signature cry of the transcult. Anyone professing a belief in the material reality of biology in 2021 is viciously attacked as a cruel and heartless bigot for refusing to affirm and validate this sort of madness:

(We had to look up “Achillean” too.)

But it’s those who indulge it who are the monsters here.

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The non-useful idiots 266

Posted on May 02, 2021 by

Now, it hasn’t come as any surprise to us that “Bonnie Prince Bob”, who is this week’s darling of the Scottish media and is running for the Edinburgh Central seat against Angus Robertson, is a deeply tiresome faux-revolutionary Bella Caledonia-type poseur straight out of the most insufferable kind of student drama society.

We were already aware of the fact because he’s been morbidly and creepily obsessed with Wings (and in particular my sex life for some unfathomable reason) for years.

Bob (and as far as we can tell BPB is actually his legal name – we’re told, perhaps mischievously, that he was born Alec Macock and we’d have changed that too if we were him) is a dedicated self-publicist to whom the election is just an opportunity for a bit of attention-seeking and grifting. He’s raised over £8,000 for unspecified purposes in a campaign that’s being conducted almost entirely online at next to no cost.

But hey, everyone’s got bills to pay, so good luck to him on that. There was a gap in the market for a cross between a slightly less clever pro-indy Neil Oliver and the oblivious wearing-outdoors-accessories-indoors bombast of George Galloway, and he seems to have cornered it with a modicum of aplomb.

His other goals are a bit more suspect, though.

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How it started and how it’s going 279

Posted on May 01, 2021 by

Our always-alert readers will probably have noticed that Nicola Sturgeon’s constant catchphrase this week has been how Yes supporters still need to “build the case for independence”, rather than actually do anything to achieve it.

But the thing is, she’s the leader of the SNP. Building the case for independence is literally her job, and she’s now been doing it for six and a half years. So how much progress have we made?

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The Poisoner 256

Posted on April 30, 2021 by

The grim thing is, the Daily Record’s headline isn’t even a lie.

You can check by listening to the interview yourself here, from 2h 10m.

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We have a problem 123

Posted on April 30, 2021 by

It’s pretty stark when you see it laid out like this.

In just four months, the SNP – because if you aggressively assert sole ownership of a political campaign, there’s nobody else you can blame when it goes south – have turned a 10-point lead for independence into a seven-point lead for the Union with the same polling company.

And while that’s pretty brutal in itself, it’s not even the real fly in the ointment.

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Patrick Harvie is a racist 112

Posted on April 29, 2021 by

A strong statement? Here’s the evidence.

He hates women too, but we already knew that.

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An open letter to the Rainbow Greens 139

Posted on April 28, 2021 by

Hi lads. This website has, we’d be the first to admit, made some pretty strong criticisms of you fellas in the last week or two, but we’re pleased to note that you finally HAVE actually manned up and released your “minifesto” tonight.

We’ll let readers judge it for themselves, but we do have one question.

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Greens in black and white 151

Posted on April 28, 2021 by

If there’s still anyone reading this site thinking of voting Green:

Nice to have it finally admitted openly, we suppose.

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Traitors’ Gate 447

Posted on April 26, 2021 by

“They don’t even live in Scotland!”  

It really is quite uncanny how similar some SNP supporters have become to the most frothing, abusive blood-and-soil Yoons of 2014. But we can live with this company:

And let’s make something very clear.

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Harvie Hates Women 148

Posted on April 25, 2021 by

Patrick Harvie on a radio phone-in today, refusing to say if he knows what a woman is and refusing to guarantee them safety from men in women’s single-sex spaces.

No wonder there’s a hashtag.

Don’t vote Green unless you hate women too, readers.

Pick your hypocrite 127

Posted on April 25, 2021 by

God help the poor voters of Scotland.

Because this is a pure embarrassment from the notional main opposition leader. Even if it was all true – and we’d be very sceptical about that until we see the workings – £4.5 billion over 14 years would be £321 million a year.

That’s a substantial amount of money, but it’s also almost exactly 1% of the Scottish Government’s budget, and no government on Earth has ever had everything it attempted work out perfectly. Sustaining 99% efficiency on spending over nearly a decade and a half is actually pretty good going.

More to the point, it’s a staggeringly audacious attack line from a Westminster MP in a party whose government wasted £12 billion on ONE project in ONE year alone – the catastrophically failed COVID test-and-trace app.

(We’d still like someone to explain to us how in the world you can possibly spend £12 billion in a few months on a mobile phone app, even if it had worked.)

But who’s the alternative?

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The Midas Touch 160

Posted on April 24, 2021 by

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