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Towers of hate

Posted on July 12, 2017 by

It’s a sleepy Wednesday in July, so let’s celebrate some proud British culture!

Those are pics from the Orange Walk in Alloa last weekend. But let’s see what lucky Scotland could upgrade that to in the future – thanks to the lovely Scottish Tories and everyone who voted for them – with a little glance across the water into the world of our fellow Brits in Northern Ireland, and what they’ve been doing with a great big pile of taxpayers’ money this week and previously.

So let’s just run through the list of who’s not welcome in the Loyalist UK:

– Catholics
– Politicians of non-Unionist parties
– Irish people in general
– Polish people
– Black people
– Gay people
– Palestinians
– ISIS (meaning “pretty much all Muslims”)
– Anyone who doesn’t want their house burned down
– Anyone from Europe
– Anyone interested in a “shared future”

Congratulations, Ruth, Murdo, Adam and the rest. Well done you.

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158 to “Towers of hate”

  1. Croompenstein says:

    It’s Europe, it’s the 21st century and we have people burning the flag of their neighbouring country… where else would this be tolerated?

  2. Bruce L says:

    “But what do the pallets stand on?”

    “Don’t be silly, son, it’s pallets all the way down.”

  3. auld highlander says:

    Holy shit.

  4. Di Forrester says:

    Just imagine if all that energy & effort could be directed at something positive, inclusive and constructive.

  5. Dan Huil says:

    Murdo Fraser and his “Queen’s eleven” will be smiling.

  6. Michael McCabe says:

    And they wonder why they are not liked on the mainland. Looking forward to giving them there marching orders when we are Independent. Love the way you have highlighted this.

  7. K says:

    They’ve got the Polish flag upside down, looks like they’ve got issues with either Indonesia or Monaco…

  8. heedtracker says:

    I’ve been emailing these around the planet and its really tragi-comic, people’s reactions. Perplexed, just doesn’t come close to great british traditions like these.

  9. Fergus Green says:

    Are there no pollution controls in Northern Ireland?

    Or do they burn these as well?

  10. bobajock says:

    Many is the time I have built a huge pyre only to be let down by a lack of brain cells as to why.

    Hatred fostered by parents who have been crapped on by the British state and convinced the problem is the blossoming neighbour ..

    Pathetic in the most egregious manner imaginable.

  11. Dan Huil says:

    This is what Colonel Blimp is fighting for. Tally ho! God save the queen!

  12. jfngw says:

    Religious porn for the masses, it makes you feel a bit sordid just looking at the images.

  13. David says:

    They don’t know their own history, the majority of people in Northern Ireland have nothing to do with any of this nonesense, ofc they live in communities where they have to appear to support whoever controls the scene there, that’s just self preservation and common sense, why do you think lots of irish people come and live on the uk mainland, because they hate whats happening in Northern Ireland

  14. Ally says:

    The pic of the guys standing on top of the pallets with their “taps aff”…

    Are they competing for the title of Mr Yooniverse?

  15. Doug Daniel says:

    I just don’t understand how this kind of stuff can still be going on in the 21st century. How on earth can anyone defend this kind of nonsense? This isn’t culture, it’s hatred. It’s time folk stopped pandering to the Orange Order knuckle-draggers.

    Imagine if Bannockburn was marked by huge bonfires covered in England flags and the like. It’d be shut down, and quite rightly so. But it’s not, because the entire tone is different.

    The 12th July stuff is pure negativity. Sectarianism will never go away as long as the parades and bonfires continue.

  16. Senlac says:

    Whether intentionally or accidentally, that’s the Indonesian flag (or alternatively, Monaco) that’s in the 5th photo down. So you can add them to the list.

    Also I’m sure there were photos going round of pyres with the Ivorian flag on it.

    For a bunch of people obsessed with flags, vexilology really isn’t their strong point!

  17. Senlac says:

    Whether intentionally or accidentally, that’s the Indonesian flag (or alternatively, Monaco) that’s in the 5th photo down. So you can add them to the list.

    Also I’m sure there were photos going round of pyres with the Ivorian flag on it.

    For a bunch of people obsessed with flags, vexilology really isn’t their strong point!!

  18. Mrs Cloudy says:

    Fairly sure they don’t like the environment either. Really weird to see this going on in 2017.

  19. X_Sticks says:

    These people are mentally ill. End of.

  20. colin alexander says:

    I found this article interesting regarding the N.I. / Eire border:

  21. David says:

    You missed out The Ivory Coast.

  22. Capella says:

    These are just the lumpen foot soldiers. The real criminals are in Westminster “playing the orange card”.
    Randolph Churchill.

  23. geeo says:

    Why on earth are bonfires allowed to be built in the middle of the fecking road !!!

    Because the police are scared of them.

    Police; “sorry, no bonfire in the middle of the road chaps”

    4am. ‘Knock knock’ (visit from DUP sponsored UDA terrorists to ‘chat’ about that earlier refusal)

    The uk should have cut N.I. loose long ago and left them to it, N.I. add nothing to the uk.

  24. TD says:

    Do they buy the pallets? Or are they stolen? If the latter, do the police investigate?

  25. Robert Louis says:

    The ONLY upside of the 1.5 billion pounds BRIBE of taxpayers money paid by the Westminster DUPTORY Government to the extremist DUP, is that at last we might see just a smidgen of scrutiny into the frankly disgraceful behaviour of ‘loyalists’ and unionists, like the DUP and orange lodge in N.Ireland and elsewhere.

    Normal people in Belfast go away on holiday whilst this rubbish takes place every freaking year. Normal people, both protestant or no faith, utterly despise what goes on. It is utterly shameful.

    These people are akin to neo-nazis. They want to burn the Irish, lebaneese, Polish, Catholics, Muslims, YES voters, and ANYBODY who does not too enjoy their disgraceful racist behaviour.

    What was a very long time ago, a true celebration of the Boyne, has become a tawdry excuse for all the most hateful racist people in society to gather and live out their hateful racist fantasies, bullying local residents and businesses, and anybody who disagrees with their stupidity. Banging their racist drum of hate.

    But this is EXACTLY what Ruth Davidson has signed up to. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing Murdo Fraser encouraged by tweeting of the rangers football team, “the Queen’s eleven”. This IS Theresa May’s ‘United’ Kingdom.

    Yet despite all this Ruth Davidsons Tories, seem hell bent on encouraging this kind of thing, and importing it into Scotland. That’s Ruth Davidson, leader of the Conservatives in Scotland, who supposedly believes in gay equality. Hypocrite, writ large.

    These people and those who encourage them are literally playing with a box of explosives. Tories in the past had the wisdom to see that, but people like Ruth Davidson and Theresa May are either too stupid or too obsessed with their own career agendas to see it.

    Tories in the past, especially in Scotland whilst having right wings views, would have not gone near this kind of thing, or these people, with a barge pole. They really understood how dangerous it was. They ‘got it’. The current crop, like Ruth Davidson and Murdo Fraser seem to have no understanding of how their stupid comments feed this monstrous racist (and EXTREMELY dangerous) beast in N.Ireland. They heed no warnings.

    Shame on Ruth Davidson, shame on the orange lodge, shame on the extremist DUP and their Tory enablers in London and Scotland. Shame on them all.

    And just a final point, make no mistake this rubbish is perpetrated by members of the orange lodge, despite their nonsense denials. Everybody in Belfast knows it. They claim to be loyal to the Queen, every lodge has her portrait on the wall, so my question is this, at what point will she publicly state she wants nothing to do with these thugs in the orange order?? A tumbleweed scenario methinks. She seems quite alright with it. Quite happy. Rule Britannia, eh.

  26. Fireproofjim says:

    You would have to be very brave in Northern Ireland to stand up to these barbarians.
    The brainwashed knuckledraggers who burn flags and rejoice in religious and racial hatred would have no hesitation in beating up (or worse) anyone who objected to their nonsense. Even in Scotland they seem to think they have a right to block streets and manhandle anyone who “crosses the March”
    The United Kingdom is welcome to them but let us leave all this far behind with independence.

  27. Geronimo says:

    I find this entire episode so sickening that in the 21 century in a so called civilised society that this sort of thing can be allowed to continue…….”coronel” Davidson hang your head in shame

  28. thingy says:

    I find it amusing that these characters imagine themselves superior to anyone or anything. They look and act like a social underclass of feral, knuckle-dragging riff-raff.

  29. Robert Louis says:

    TD at 1132,

    Yes, many are stolen, and NO, the police don’t investigate. The equation goes like this; stolen pallets or riots (or worse) in the streets. Their is always an implicit threat when dealing with these people. That is the reality they face.

  30. Sinky says:

    Also time that anti Catholic Guy Fawkes bonfire night was banned in November ..known for years as “Gunpowder Treason Day”.

    As it relates to the English Parliament pre Treaty of Union there is no justification in Scotland and that’s apart from all the distress to animals and potential danger from fireworks.

    PS. Come from staunch protestant family in case you are wondering

  31. mike d says:

    Well I’m glad to see decent people in Scotland have finally had their eyes opened. And never mind this sh*tey excuse by the media that ‘one lots as bad as the other ‘. There’s only one ‘bad’.bigoted lot here.

  32. cearc says:

    Not so surprising or alien.

    The whole of England burn a catholic effigy every Nov. 5th. It’s their ‘culture’.

  33. pa_broon74 says:

    It does rather seem to be over the top. Flies in the face of that world renowned British reserve…

    I would say, you left one thing off the list of things not welcome in loyalist UK.


  34. Robert Louis says:

    As regards Guy Fawkes, what many Scots do not know, is the reason he wanted to blow up the English parliament (Scotland was independent) was because at that time they had a Scottish king (James VI) in London. He literally hated Scots.

  35. Proud Cybernat says:

    Still, Better Together, eh?

  36. mike cassidy says:


    You’re upsetting Arlene with all this rhetoric stuff.

    Shame on you!

  37. harry mcaye says:

    But we’re the bad guys; the racists, the bigots, haters of the English, the reviled on twitter, we even put nasty stickers up where we probably shouldn’t. And one of us even once chucked an egg!!! These nice fellows are the good guys. Ruth and Murdo like them so it must be so.

  38. donald anderson says:

    Bigots are proud of themselves and don’t know they are bigots. Will they ever wake up to the fact that they are being used and the English actually despise them?

  39. Phil Robertson says:

    “There’s only one ‘bad’.bigoted lot here.”

    Really? Try the tweet including a video of flooding in Wales, which was captioned with: “Pity it cant hit birmingham then we could get rid of all the pakis.”

    Paul Monaghan MP saw fit to urge on the author of that with “I enjoy all your posts and your sense of humour. Keep it up”.

    What a charmer!

  40. fillofficer says:

    time they banned pallets in norn irn, no ?
    wonder what else they would burn ?
    mibbe ask that tory LADY yesterday

  41. fillofficer says:

    i wonder, did the petrol station go woof ?

  42. Calum McKay says:

    I once heard an orange man on the TV citing an orange march as a family friendly colourful pagent of culture, music and rememberance that brought people together.

    The more exposure these people and the OO get, the more English people will cotton on that something fundamentally wwrong, wicked and unjust has happened vis-a-vis the DUP and tories.

    Most Scots should aleady have a pretty good idea!

  43. Valerie says:

    I’m sure the majority of Scots don’t even have a clue to this level of barbarism, however, it will certainly arrive here very soon, unless we break from the UK.

    I read recently that Glasgow actually has more Orange parades than Belfast, and I’m not surprised, given the attitude of that Council in recent years. If the new GCC have any sense they will issue edicts that these parades are going to be severely curtailed, with a view to stopping them.

    This is what is driving me to consider if I can plan a way to afford, and leave Scotland. I can’t bear to see this shit, along with the destruction of Scotland, if we are not independent.

  44. Valerie says:

    BTW, just read that firemen were attacked as they tried to deal with an out of control bonfire, near Larne.

    This is how children are radicalised.

  45. Proud Cybernat says:

    It’s British ‘Culture’ y’know…

  46. Johnny says:

    How depressing. Sad, sad, sad behaviour and outlook on life.

  47. Stoker says:

    That’s exactly what the British Armed forces stand for, isn’t it Ruth. All that hatred those cultured inbreds eat, sleep and live.

    Apart from possibly stolen materials such as pallets is it not illegal to burn tyres/rubber?

    Never mind, i suppose Colonel Gadaftie, Queenie Fraser and the OO will continue to support and promote adult males exposing themselves in public in front of women and children, not to mention soiling our streets.

    Filthy scum, every last one of them!

  48. Legerwood says:

    I had to travel all over the world with my job and was in some hairy places at awkward moments but the only place that really scared me was Belfast. I hated going there.

    The Troubles were over, the Good Friday Agreement signed but the tension was palpable. The wrong word and it could all blow up in your face.

    This rogues gallery shows things in the undergrowth have not changed since I was last there 12 years ago.

  49. Macart says:

    There is no excuse. There is no other way of describing it. What they do is wrong and perpetuates a cycle of hatred and abuse. It knowingly causes pain and puts people in harms way.

    Still, I’m sure they can live with that because… reasons.

  50. heedtracker says:

    Cant see BBC news live broadcast coverage of great bigot march, but don’t all these thousands of marching bigots have jobs, on a UKOK Wednesday?

    And we are supposed to be surprised at the UKOK productivity stats being so low?

  51. Dr Jim says:

    Yet if you asked any one of them is it because they respect the Inglish they’d rip your arm off and beat you to death with it because they actually despise Ingland and everything to do with it

    They just like being subservient to it because Inglind protects their rights to be morons which in turn gets political votes to remain the Tory and Unionist sectarian party of division and lunatics

    Much better to have these Nutters roaming around Scotland than have those awful Nicola Sturgeonators people who want to peacefully run their own country without the lunatics

    In other news Michelle Barnier is to meet and discuss Brexit with our particular N in the UKs woodpile
    The N word in our case not an un pc reference to a persons ethnicity but Scotlands First Minister and N-ationalist Nicola Sturgeon, about which Mr Barnier says, although negotiations for Brexit will be discussed with the UK government Scotlands position is hugely significant and important and that is why I will be meeting the First Minister

    If I could just add a Hee Hee Hee and a one fingered gesture towards the Tory power munchers I feel no one on this site will be overly upset

  52. stewartb says:

    Robert Louis @11.34am

    You state: “The current crop, like Ruth Davidson and Murdo Fraser seem to have no understanding of how their stupid comments feed this monstrous racist (and EXTREMELY dangerous) beast in N.Ireland.”

    Not sure I agree about this. My concern is that they may well have a very clear understanding and have chosen to adopt a deliberate (and yes very dangerous) political strategy. I hope I’m wrong. However, there has been a slow introduction of the ‘Ulsterisation’ of Scotland into the discourse over the past couple of years and this has accelerated recently.

    It may well have had the effect of activating the OO and related vote in favour of the Scottish Tories. However, the greater ‘prize’ for British Nationalism is to introduce into the wider electorate in Scotland a fear of further division of the kind that has been experienced in NI – “don’t push for, don’t risk independence, look what could happen”!

    Just the next in a pattern of British Nationalist fear-mongering? It would be by far the most dangerous to date.

  53. colin alexander says:

    The 12th of July 1690: The victory of William of Orange at the Battle of the Boyne.

    The Glorious Revolution.

    As part of that we had in England the Bill of Right and in Scotland the Claim of Right. (1689)

    These were important, From Wikipedia: “The effect of the Claim of Right was to “bolster the position of parliament within the Scottish constitution at the expense of the royal prerogative”.[3]” I think that was important. The Bill of Right also contained many important “freedoms”.

    Also, let’s not forget before this we had the “Killing Times” during the 1600s in Scotland. The martyrdom of many Scottish Protestants because they were Covenanters or just deemed to sympathise with the Covenanters. Many more tortured or imprisoned too.

    Because of the Stewart Kings wanting to control the Protestants’ religious freedom.

    We can find positives underneath the modern day sectarianism. It’s thanks to the courage and faith of the Covenanters and Protestants who were willing to suffer and die for their religious freedom, for their faith, that we today can have freedom of religion or none. That the Crown cannot just hunt us down in the fields and summarily execute us as rebels of the Crown if we dare disagree.

    These things happened BEFORE the Union was created in 1707. Therefore, I can’t see any logic in those who support Protestantism being anti-Scottish independence, as independent Scotland also embraced and legislated to protect the Presbyterian church.

    Except, Northern Ireland. Those who want to keep N.I. under British control, WM control, see Scottish independence as undermining keeping N.I. under British control.

    Many of those (British) Irish then Ulster Loyalists following partition are descendants of English and then later Scots’colonists. People who looked to the UK to defend them from Irish Catholic threats. People who see any dimunition of power of the UK as a threat to their political power.

    That’s the historical context, very briefly, so I’m not claiming to have the perfect history.

    We also have the huge influx of Irish who have moved to places like Glasgow during the 1840s famine and ever since, hoping for a better life.

    Like some immigrants today, they were used as cheap labour, undercutting Scots workers and their religion and politics was viewed as a threat by some.

    In the 50s Protestants in Glasgow, even working class ones, would vote Tory, as Labour was for Catholics.

    We have seen a slight revival of this mentality under the Tories and Labour to support the Union. However, I think WoS and others have blown this out of proportion.

    There’s always been that mentality of anti-Catholic, anti-Protestant bigotry especially in the West of Scotland mirroring Ulster politics.

    This is linked with support for Rangers and Celtic football clubs.

    However, despite there being a significant hard core Loyalist grouping, many ordinary Rangers fans do support independence. Despite there still being a small hard core of Catholics who follow the old ways of “if you’re a Catholic you vote ( Unionist) Labour” for many that mindset was for previous generations.

    They sensibly can separate the events of the 1600s and 1700s rule of Kings and the aristocracy from 21st century democracy in Scotland.

    The world has changed since then. The majority have changed with it.

    Independent Scotland will be a Scotland with freedom of religion for all or the choice of none, if that’s your preference. It’s not our religion that divides us, it’s the haves and the have nots. Foodbanks for some ( Protestants and Catholics and others alike) and huge wealth for others ( Protestants and Catholics and others alike).

    People in Scotland of all religions and none support independence. I also believe many who voted No have no great love of Westminster rule, but feared negative economic consequences. They don’t support WM political domination, but see merit in the pooling and sharing of resources insurance policy.

    Convincing people of the economic benefits of independence is the way forward, not focusing on what divided us in the past.
    To do that, the SNP should be already coming out with lots of information to show how Scotland can be sovereign and more prosperous as a result of the exercise of that sovereignty.

    If the majority are not yet ready for full political and economic independence, then political sovereignty should be asserted to the fullest possible extent within the Union until the majority are ready to agree to full political and economic sovereignty as the best option for Scotland.

  54. Croompenstein says:

    What a charmer!

    Uber Yoon Phil Robertson tries to justify this horror show with some innocuous nonsense SNP baaad…

    Just do one on this Phil, there is no reasonable excusing of this hatred and bigotry..

    Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings – Heinrich Heine

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing – Edmund Burke

  55. orri says:

    Tangentially related but,

    The line in the so called “imigrant song” about the famine being over and why don’t you go back home is kind of self harming if it comes from a NI loyalist.

    As there prejudice would have it that jibe is aimed at catholics who no doubt vote for Ni to rejoin the rest of Ireland should there be a border poll. My naive assumption being that they’d all be nationalists.

    Which begs the question, have those singing that song actually thought it through?

  56. mike d says:

    noticed the 8th pic down with its KAT flag. ‘Kill All Taigs ‘yes definitely ‘bad bigots.

  57. James Mills says:

    I wish I owned a few shares in the Pallet business – it must make a fortune at this time of the year .
    Now we know why the DUP held out for the £1.2 billion- as a down payment for pallet-burning bonfires for the next five years .

  58. Effijy says:

    I’m totally disgusted to find myself tied to a Westminster Government that is in power due to giving my Tax revenues to the
    official representatives of these neanderthal beings.

    The DUP and Tories ply the media with news that they are working hard to reach an agreement with the Irish Republicans?

    Who the Hell in their Right Mind would consider sitting down in the same room with these people, let alone negotiate?

    Its going to be up to the corruption skills of the UK Media now to back up the situation and blame the Republicans for intransigence.

    A sane and innocent friend lives over there and explained how the Fire Brigade and Police are not allowed to take any action when the Bonfires are spreading to adjacent properties, as this would lead to mass civil unrest?

    They cannot put out a Bonfire but they are allowed to spray their
    hoses on the adjacent houses, if they don’t get in their way.

    With the Tories and DUP backing each other up, and SLab encouraging Scots to Vote Tory, there is only SNP as a choice for Sanity, Law, and Order.

  59. mike d says:

    And i think inciting people to murder constitutes hate crime. I’ll await charges with baited breath.

  60. Tackety Beets says:

    I recall,many moons ago, a friend with relatives in IR showing me photos of the murals on gable ends etc The feeling of shock , horror and intimidation etc I felt just looking at the pics has never left me…..until now , these pics supersede.

    Growing up in west ABZ, we were all completely oblivious to it all, folk were folk & their church was their church.

    I’m shocked to note we have these “marches” creeping in 1 by 1.

    I even understand they have been heading from Falkirk up to Inverness in recent years too !

    On a more pleasant note anyone able to do links for the several videos of dancing & party time in Dingwall High St recently?

    Well done Liam Christie for a good nights entertainment…looked fun.

    Not sure may be a connection to North Highland Radio if you are googling ( James Martin )

  61. Petra says:

    @ Valerie says at 12:15 pm …. ”I’m sure the majority of Scots don’t even have a clue to this level of barbarism, however, it will certainly arrive here very soon, unless we break from the UK. I read recently that Glasgow actually has more Orange parades than Belfast, and I’m not surprised, given the attitude of that Council in recent years.”…..

    If we thought that being ruled from London for over 300 was bad enough this just trumps it all Valerie. It’s time for ALL Scots to open their eyes to what’s going on here before it’s too late. We have to work, work, work …. fight, fight, fight to get our Independence and send this lot, the scourge of the earth, packing with their flutes and drums.

    I posted some good news on the last article and that is that the BBC announced BREAKING news earlier today. Breaking news being that Barnier has just stated that he’ll be meeting with the Scottish and Welsh leaders. A right kick up the backside for Big T and her wee sectarian loving lackey Moothie Davidson.

  62. Linda says:

    Gives a whole new meaning to “Orange is the New Black”

  63. Jamie says:

    Anyone still think republicans and loyalists are the same?

  64. mike d says:

    Jamie, phil Robertson obviously does

  65. Dr Jim says:

    Of course if you’re going to fall for the image of a Jesus who’s a Western European looking man or that the image of God is an elderly white man with a lovely Santa beard you’re likely to believe anything you’re told

    I’ve got no problem with folk believing there is a deity in the sky if they want and it gives them comfort but I do have issues with the guys who made up loads of different rules to follow their particular brand of second hand car salesmen religions to control the masses leading to the worldwide nonsense we have today over who’s got the bestest and most rightest rules of all the beliefs or you’ll die, or we’ll murder you

    I believe in Marvel comics superbeings btw at least they’re cool, now that’s entertainment!

  66. gus1940 says:

    What would happen if to celebrate Bannockburn Day one of these huge bonfires of pallets were built at Bannockburn but covered in Union Flags and anti English slogans?

    Would the authorities just stand back and let it happen and if they didn’t what questions (if any) would be asked and action taken at WM re the similar practice in NI?

  67. Highland Wifie says:

    Growing up in central Scotland I was twelve years old before I heard reference to ‘the sash’ and realised there was such a thing as sectarianianism. (Lucky me to have non bigoted parents).

    First time I saw OO march I was 19 and was shocked to see an elderly woman manhandled roughly as she tried to cross the road. This was forty years ago Why are we still tolerating such appalling attitudes and behaviour?
    I believe all schools should include specific reference to this problem when discussing racism and other forms of intolerance in society in social ed classes.

  68. colin alexander says:

    Do you mean intolerant domineering people, full of self righteous “I know best and don’t you dare have a different view from me” attitudes?

    People like yourself and others on WoS who scream obscenities and insults at people if they have a different view of how to achieve Scottish independence?

    Aye, it’s no just the people who indentify with a religion who are prone to self-righteous, intolerant dogmatic bullying.

    The non-religious people can be just as bad or worse.

  69. colin alexander says:

    @ Dr Jim

    Are you referring to intolerant domineering people, full of self righteous “I know best and don’t you dare have a different view from me” attitudes?

    People like yourself and others on WoS who scream obscenities, mock and hurl insults at people if they have a different view of how to achieve Scottish independence or have different beliefs from you?

    Aye, it’s no just the people who indentify with a religion who are prone to self-righteous, intolerant dogmatic bullying.

    The non-religious people can be just as bad or worse.

  70. manandboy says:

    None of this could take place without the say so of the Loyalist paramilitaries, like the UDA who are currently power sharing in the UK through their political wing, the DUP.

    Come the start of Bonfire Night, loyalist style, I’m sure Arlene will be snap-chatting pictures & videos of the fires with Theresa & Ruth, in a demonstration of the raw political power of Unionism in the British Province.

    This is a hatefest alright, but beneath the hatred lies the loyalist bedrock of absolute defiance and the threat of extreme violence. It is this that the Westminster Establishment are contemplating letting loose in Scotland as a means to cling to power. Such is the measure of their desperation to deny Scotland its independence, which in turn is the measure of England’s need of Scotland’s wealth.

    Ps. For those who attribute sectarianism in Scotland to religious schools, take a closer look at the above article, and then tell me this is an appropriate cultural context for the education of children – of any background.

  71. The Isolator says:

    As was heard walking from bus to Ibrox Stadium last season “Check your watches lads what actual century are we in”.

    Not enough face palms can cover this I’m afraid.Shocking state of affairs.

  72. starlaw says:

    Passing through Belfast in August some years ago, seeing the remains of these bonfires… nobody had bothered cleaning up behind them.

  73. colin alexander says:

    Dr Jim’s How to lose an independence campaign in easy, simple steps:

    Step 1:

    insult people’s religious beliefs.

  74. colin alexander says:

    Dr Jim’s How to lose an independence campaign in easy, simple steps:

    Step 2: Tell supporters of independence to “F*** off” on a pro-independence public forum.

  75. gus1940 says:

    Given that TV is a visual medium and the news agenda is frequently determined by what pictures are available one would have expected pictures of last night’s wee fires in NI to be featured on the BBC National News.

    Totally ignored – surely a sign that The BBC dances to the WM government’s tune.

    I haven’t looked at the on-line metropolitan blats yet but it will be interesting to see if they feature any bonfire pictures.

  76. Ghillie says:

    Whoa, those leaning towers of hatred.

    How can fires that huge not damage houses and roads? This is insane behaviour.

    I can only hope and pray that no one is injured tonight.

    Peace and love needed now more than ever.

  77. HandandShrimp says:

    Pretty much exactly what Jesus wanted…..:/

  78. Dr Jim says:

    So cat stuck up a tree can take about a minute to report on the telly but BBC Scotland takes around 25 seconds to inform us that post Brexit 50% of Scottish farmers could go out of business due to subsidy withdrawal by the EU, accompanied of course by a couple of shots of some cows eating stuff

    That’s how to not report news

    Oh and poor wee Colin cannae read

  79. Kat hamilton says:

    Knuckle draggers and mentally challenged doesn’t sum it up…why are the authorities, police and fire brigade not allowed to step in and dismantle these affronts to decency, and control the mobsters….oh silly me, they don’t apply in the north of ireland where it’s perfectly sound to abuse, ridicule and threaten without fear of any reaction…positively condoned from the government, locally and nationally…..shame on them all……wish Scotland’s citizens would grow a backbone and ditch this scourge, nuclear weapons, Westminster corruptions that are buried to protect the scumbags, omg and so much more….what’s left in this rotten midden of a union…who wants to remain in this cesspit, that I’ll never comprehend…indy 2 can’t come quick enough…

  80. Ghillie says:

    Dr Jim, I do believe in God and Jesus = )

    No idea what they look like.

    But you are right to a degree, that faith all over the World has been twisted and abused in the name of false gods, power, greed, hatred.

    Marvel comic heroes are cool =) but God is SUPER COOL = )

    CA back off, too harsh.

    It’s peace and love we need now xxx

  81. Robert Harrison says:

    Dr Jim I know factions of religion have zealots there’s no denying that same with politics ruth davidson is one such britnat zealot when she told Nicola to sit down and shut up during the rape clause debate.

    But don’t fall into the trap of blaming the majority of religious people because of a few zealous morons among them.

    These bonfires was ruled unsafe they chose not to listen and did it anyway that’s what zealots do

  82. Big Jock says:

    My tinfoil hat is firmly in place today.

    Colleague ( I use that term loosely) sat next to me with grey union socks. Someone joked about whether he would be wearing them on the 12th. I don’t think anyone thought he was dumb enough not to get the ironic joke. But he is pretty dumb it turns out.

    I don’t find anything about sectarianism funny and can’t make light of this disease the way some do. Most of all I feel sad that some people don’t want to be Scottish. The act of buying the socks is to be pitied.

  83. Thepnr says:

    Wee anecdote, in the early 80’s I worked offshore with a Glaswegian Protestant and Rangers supporter, not having a dig as I once once all those things too until moving to Dundee.

    Anyway, this guy I knew got himself another job after we had all been paid off. He went to work at Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast one of the biggest employers in NI at the time though infamously would not employ Catholics.

    So he made friends with a few of the locals and one weekend was invited to the social club they frequented. He had to be signed in by the new friend as he wasn’t a member.

    He hadn’t finished his first pint before a committee member approached the guy who signed him in and told him out loud, “yer pal has to leave, he’s not welcome here and some of the guys don’t like him”.

    He left right away, why didn’t they like him? His name was Peter. That’s the mentality of some.

  84. Smallaxe says:

    Ghillie says: “It’s peace and love we need now xxx”

    Peace and Love to you and yours Ghillie and to all People who can embrace the concept of Peace, Love and Compassion.

    Peace Always All Ways

  85. Petra says:

    @ Smallaxe at 1.34pm …. Thanks for posting the videos Smallaxe. They bring some sense of Scottish normality, decency and cheer into our lives. Nana once posted a brilliant video on here relating to Indyref1 which included Scots dancing in a park / green? I’ve never seen it since and can’t find it now. Maybe someone will recognise the video I’m referring to and if they have the time will post it on here. Helps to wash off sectarian bile.


    @ Ghillie says at 1:36 pm …. ”Whoa, those leaning towers of hatred. How can fires that huge not damage houses and roads? This is insane behaviour. I can only hope and pray that no one is injured tonight. Peace and love needed now more than ever.”

    One was built right beside a petrol station Ghillie. What do you make of that? More to the point why didn’t the Council and Police do anything about it? That’s the real scary issue as far as I’m concerned.



    The Tories are sitting on a report which was given to them last year which examines the foreign funding of extremists in the UK. To compound it all they are holding it back following a number of hellish extremist attacks in England recently. It’s nothing short of a scandal. Another one.

    The Green party co-leader, Caroline Lucas has stated that the delay in publishing the Home Office investigation, believed to focus on Saudi Arabia, “leaves question marks over whether their decision is influenced by our diplomatic ties”.

    The report was commissioned by David Cameron and approved by May as part of a deal with the LibDems to secure the party’s support before a crucial vote on airstrikes in Syria in December 2015.

    Another Vow broken! ‘Say what you like to get what you want at the time’ seems to be the ‘Westminster Way.’

    Ian Blackford raises the question again. Bercow intervenes in calling for Ian to withdraw the word ‘hypocrisy.’ As soon as he starts to speak again he’s shut up. Another ‘Westminster Way.’ Westminster democracy in action.

    People right across the UK were horrified when one person after another was killed in the attacks, in particular youngsters in Manchester. As far as the Tories are concerned selling over 80% of their Arms to Saudi seems to count for more than a potential continuation of extremist attacks in the UK and loss of life.

    We should all back the SNP MSP’s and the Green politician at Westminster and demand that the report is made public NOW. More to the point every last person who voted for the Tories in Scotland should be demanding that those they elected do something about it right NOW. Do SOMETHING for the big bucks they’re raking in.

  86. Ali says:

    Imagine if on the mainland once a year we spent a night burning an effigy of an uppity Catholic!

  87. Alan says:

    Safe version for Guardian readers:

    Eleventh night bonfires in Northern Ireland – in pictures

    No racism, no bigotry, nothing to see. Move along.

  88. Les Wilson says:

    All this and what are the authorities doing, nothing seems.
    Heavy Fines on the DUP might help, they would not like that, but of course it will not happen.
    This surge is on the back of Westminster leaning ever more to the right. All the encouragement they need, without much fear of political action against them.

    Yes, Ruthie and the friendships she keeps, have a responsibility to condemn all this but will they, I rather doubt it, the will see it as a warning to what could happen in Scotland. They will be happy with that.

    Westminster is, and has always been the problem for Scotland, infiltration of all our institutions, denying our history, stealing our assets. They are scum of the worst kind, and we really really need away from them, and quickly.

  89. ManikinSkywalker says:

    what issue do they have with Monaco? pic7

  90. Dr Jim says:


    Colin has no sense of humour (most probably unlike God who must have one if he made us lot)
    and is just picking a fight as usual because he misses the point which is to choose or not but that doesn’t mean hate because no sane people think that’s a good idea

    And that was part of my point as you rightly spotted and I thank you for it

  91. Big Jock says:

    Ali -If it was Glasgow it would probably be brushed off as banter. That’s how deluded some people are unfortunately.

    There exists an undercurrent of anti Irish-ness and anti Catholicism in Scotland. It’s right beneath the veneer and has been there since I was a child not old enough to ken it.

    I remember being called a wee fenian shite by my next door neighbour in Bishopbriggs when I was 7. It was for the cheek of having ginger hair and an Irish name. Yet my dad was in the SNP and I was a third generation Scot.

    He brought me up a Thistle fan and a Scotland fan. Some younger Rangers neds think this is all a bit of fun. The older ones have the brains of 5 year olds and know exactly what it means to hate Irish people and Catholics.

    I don’t consider myself any religion these days. I believe in something after death , but I am pretty sure we don’t go to different Heavens or Hells based on medieval hokum.

  92. Ghillie says:

    Thanks Smallaxe, that’s put a big smile on my face = )

    Peace and Love to you and yours and all here and everywhere 🙂

  93. Brian Powell says:


    And no comments section on any article about NI.

  94. North chiel says:

    Ref ” Petra @1251″ , our FM to meet Barnier . Given the present ” stand off ” between the EU & UK over EU citizens rights and the jurisdiction of the EU court as regards EU citizens living in the U.K. , should it not be the case that the Independent legal jurisdiction of Scotland should initially be responsible for all citizens ( including EU nationals) residing in Scotland. Thereafter , as EU nationals ,should not the EU court be the final arbiter after Edinburgh ?. Also, should other Scottish citizens wishing to retain EU passports ( instead of ” UK passports” ) not have similar protection/ continuing EU citizenship? Perhaps our FM could discuss this during the forthcoming meeting. Also the undemocratic denial of a vote for all EU ( tax paying) nationals in last year’s referendum . Could this have changed the result? ( Although apparently UK nationals living abroad for less than 15 years were allowed to vote?).

  95. Cwiffer says:

    This is why, as an Ulster born Protestant, I left Northern Ireland in 1991, and will never live there again. There are some wonderful people there, but as a society it’s just disgraceful, intolerant, bigoted, broken, jurassic, and just plain out of touch. Thank God for Scotland and its civic nationalism – and a plague on ‘Colonel’ Davidson and her witless minions for their continued efforts trying to bring politics in Scotland down to this sort of level.

  96. Liz g says:

    Dr Jim
    How to truly win a country…
    Keep all the fighting that ye do to words and you’ll no go far wrong….aye!
    Just like we do here!

  97. A sense of entitlement the British government
    supported this shower of bigots during the troubles

  98. Brian Powell says:

    Dr Jim

    Where did the quote on Bernier meeting the FM come from?

  99. Meindevon says:

    I was talking to some friends yesterday and remarked about the Battle of the Boyne anniversary coming up on the iPhone calendar for today. Not one of them knew what it was. Not one of them had any I clue about the bonfires or the Orange Order and their marches.

    These people are clever, intelligent people. I have said before that the best thing about living in England is that nobody cares or asks what religion you are.

    Today I have posted this on my Facebook page. I normally shy away from political things but I felt that Tory voters, no make that all voters, down here have no idea how the DUP are funded and supported or have the first clue about what they stand for. So I decided a little education was called for.

    I will be curious to see if anyone comments. I’ll let you know.

  100. Liam says:

    God help us when they discover the wheel.

  101. Over here we are shaking our heads in disbelief.

  102. Ghillie says:


    A bonfire built beside a petrol station!! Madness. That can not end well. I believe another is close to a hospital. We can only hope that all is well by the morning.

    Petra @ 2.26 pm That report on funding of terrorists absolutely has to be published. As usual TM fluffs about and doesn’t answer the crux of the question. What is being kept hidden?

    Dr Jim, God does have a lovely sense of humour, makes me laugh out loud alot 🙂

    We love the Marvel comic films too = ) and so does a certain Rev, I believe!

  103. Lobby says:

    I thought the Poland flag was the Monaco flag… I was wondering what these assholes have against tax havens

  104. Andy-B says:

    Not welcome, anyone who doesn’t live, breathe and love, the loyalist red, white and blue.

    Northern Ireland is truly f*cked.

    Here in Scotland we need to quickly ban marches that promote hatred. Or we’ll end up like NI.

  105. Big Jock says:

    I am now going to contradict myself about banter.

    Q- Why have Orangemen not got any good songs?

    Answer – Have you ever tried to play a piano with cloven hoofs?

  106. Big Jock says:

    I am pretty sure their Queen is in her palace drinking a wee toast to her loyal subjects. She must be so proud of them, even if they don’t pay their taxes.

  107. Smallaxe says:

    Let’s get the enthusiasm going again that we had 2014.

    Hope over Fear in Freedom Square;

    Are ye feart?

    Peace Always

  108. Ghillie says:

    Big Jock @ 2.42 pm

    That’s horrible that you were exposed to that ignorance and hatred as a small child.

    So many of our children today are facing racial and religious hatred, together with all the old school bullying for anything at all. When will we ever learn?

    The common denominator is fear, fuelled by ignorance. The hate-mungerers wouldn’t feel so clever if they knew that that was at the core of their retched behaviour.

    See you on the other side one day Big Jock 🙂 (a long long time from now I hope!)

  109. uno mas says:

    @senlac 11.15am


    Had to look that one up. In fact I looked it up twice since your post appeared twice.

    Same meaning second time.

    Also to add to the list are Cubans as their flag is top of the pile in photo number eight.

    What on earth have the poor Cubans done to upset these people!!

  110. Valerie says:

    @ Meindevon

    I’m sure your friends are intelligent, but there has never been the ‘need’ for sectarianism down south, and I would argue that race has always been the dividing line in England, as we can see well and truly exposed now thanks to Farage and Brexit.

    Religion has been used in NI to suppress the Catholic population and their access to jobs, housing and political positions, and the change to try and bring balance has been decades.

    In Scotland, a lot of the same happened in coal mining, using one religion against another to drive down wages, strikes etc.

    What goes on in NI today, as shown by the Revs piece, is the tip of the ugly iceberg. It is all just simmering under the surface. There has been no devolved gov’t in Stormont since Feb this year, and yet the Tories put it all at risk, via the deal with the DUP, which I suspect they know can’t be sustained.

    For the first time ever, we now have openly Orange Order councillors in our local Councils. They may have been there prior to this year, but it was covert, it’s all out and proud now.

    Davidson’s antics in uniform, all chime very nicely with this mood music.

    I’m pretty convinced that because the snap election didn’t deliver a fatal blow to SNP, this is Plan B. If this shit isn’t halted – hello Ulsterisation.

  111. jack elliot says:


    interesting times


  112. The Dog Philosopher says:

    This is the proud legacy of British imperialism, which the London political establishment and the Royals prefer to keep at arm’s length. They’d prefer to call it ‘the Irish’ problem but it’s very much a British problem, created by a British desire to control, suppress and exploit the people of another country. They ‘managed’ the religious divide to their own advantage.

    Just imagine if a foreign power had occupied and imposed its will upon England, and millions thereafter then suffered and died as a result. Imagine if the people of England then resisted through acts of terrorism and social unrest. Imagine if English patriots then starved themselves to death in a political protest. They would be hailed as heroes of England. Statues would be built.

    But now the Tories and assorted Unionists of Scotland hope to create the same levels of sectarian division here in order to retain ‘British’ control. Every person who votes for a Unionist party hereafter is now complicit in an act of betrayal.

  113. Luigi says:

    Defending this monstrous behaviour as identity, culture and history is no better than defending genital mutilation for the same reason. The sight of massive pyres decorated with images of people and flags they don’t like is very sinister.

    Utterly disgusted.

  114. colin alexander says:

    @ Ghillie

    No problem.

    And I do have a sense of humour.

    I laugh every time people on here think:

    an indyref is some type of magic wand that turns NO voters into YES voters like a magic spell without credible economic policies from the SNP to persuade people that they won’t lose their jobs, incomes and public services like the NHS.

    Especially when the price of oil is a third of what it was and so much of the previous White Paper was based on a presumption that the price of oil would remain high.

    That some people think swearing at and abusing people will persuade people to support their cause.

    That the SNP is infallible, all-wise and only capable of good things because Nicola Sturgeon and her advisers are intelligent.

    The reality is:

    Intelligent people get things very wrong. The SNP have made some bad mistakes, as we all do. However, there is no evidence yet they have learned from those mistakes. The SNP are supposed to be having a re-launch in Autumn.

    That again sounds like SLab patter or Theresa May when the voters reject them. A re-presentation of the same auld mince. But, hopefully there will be more than a repeat of empty slogans and spin.

    Scotland could achieve sovereignty, can be prosperous and successful, but it will take more than patriotism. It needs a sound economic case and excellent strategies.

    We need someone who can take the lead, set the agenda, strategies, not just respond defensively with hollow threats.

    We need people whose number one aim is independence or at the very least Scottish sovereignty within the Union, not people with their strongest eye on administering subservient WM devolved powers with an independence referendum as a possible add on – if or when they get permission from WM.

    The 2014 campaign had many successes that could be built upon, but it ultimately FAILED.
    I was as gutted by that as anyone on here.

    I want us to win, not come a close second.

    Circa 45% YES is a great starting point, but not good enough.

    NOTHING the SNP have done since 2014 has prioritised independence. They only got a SG budget through and won a SP mandate for an indyref thanks to the support of the Greens.

    That’s how poor the SNP have become. If a YES campaign is based around the SNP’s record in devolution govt and how wonderful an SNP ruled indy Scotland would be – the YES campaign is fooked.

    I’m sure I’ll get the usual abuse for the negativity, but where is the SNP’s positivity for an independent Scotland? Not devolved Scotland’s economic figures. That says nothing about independence.

    Where is the good news from the SNP about how good an independent Scotland can be? Where is the good news that it’s not Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP who will decide how our country is run, but the people of Scotland – they will decide.

    People are not sick of hearing how good independence could be. They are sick of SNP rubbish: “We aren’t talking about independence or a referendum. We want to keep Scotland strong at Westminster”.

    The great reforming powers the SNP won us from Smith: eg Carers allowance less than a tenner more than WM pay. What a waste of time that is. That extra will only just pay for the Daily Record and Sunday Mail for a week.

    People kid themselves: The SNP aren’t socialists, they aren’t independists.

    The SNP are a WM devolutionist political party with the offer of an independence referendum which we know from experience is a losing strategy.

  115. Phil Robertson says:

    Croompenstein says:
    12 July, 2017 at 12:37 pm
    Uber Yoon Phil Robertson tries to justify this horror show with some innocuous nonsense SNP baaad…

    Have you read the tweet! It’s vile.

    To paraphrase your quote, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is to call race hate innocuous”

  116. chris kilby says:

    Doesn’t it make you proud to be British?

    I’m sure the BBC will make a jolly documentary celebrating “our” wonderful, inclusive culture…

  117. Bill McLean says:

    “British values” – all £1,5 billion of them!

  118. K1 says:

    You find ‘one’ tweet from one person and you think this is ‘equal’ to the full blown bigotry that this article highlights?

    That’s desperate Phil.

    No one condones the tweet, but ‘proportionality’ surely must be a factor to consider when comparing ‘like for like’, the scale of this bigotry and hate on show and now the orange marches being broadcast by the BBC as if this is some sort ‘cultural’ traditional ‘festival’ we are witnessing and not the hatefest that we all know it to be…is surely what any rational person would be focused on Phil?

    But not you, you dig up ‘a’ tweet’ from someone in the snp and claim ‘this is equal to that’.

    It’s not Phil. It’s intellectual dishonesty on your part whilst giving those who partake in these bigoted and hatefilled events a free pass.

    You ‘said’ nothing, just like the ‘decent’ man you think you are, and evil triumphs because people like you don’t condemn what is plainly wrong and what this article highlighted. Instead you sought ‘equivalence’ thereby revealing your shallow and obvious ‘loyalties’.

    ‘SNP bad’ first, second and only.

  119. Song42 says:

    Facking idiots! I could have built a fence or decking with that wood! What a waste in all respects.
    Oh right, forgot they have NONE.

    @Smallaxe 3.31. Thanks I needed that, my blood was boiling! Brought a tear to my eye.
    I remember that day so well. Some sang, some cried, some dance and the fags still waving.

    The dance isn’t over.

  120. Song42 says:

    (Sorry predictive text madness)
    FLAGS still waving.

  121. Song42 says:

    I laughed too.. 🙂

  122. Song42 says:

    Aye…I laughed too. 🙂

  123. Phil Robertson says:

    K1 says:
    12 July, 2017 at 5:18 pm
    No one condones the tweet, …..

    Condone? How about condemn? At least the Tories dealt with the woodpile offender but, not the SNP, here Paul Monaghan urges the tweeter to “keep it up”.

    “But not you, you dig up ‘a’ tweet’ from someone in the snp and claim ‘this is equal to that’.”

    That is not the case. It’s one because it’s an example. It’s not difficult to find others. It was in response to the holier than thou claim that “There’s only one ‘bad’ bigoted lot here.”

  124. K1 says:

    Yeah the clue is in the ‘lot’, you’re still equating ‘snp’ rather than ‘a’ person in the SNP, Phil. This ‘lot’ are ‘bigoted’ through and through…the SNP are not that ‘tweet’ Phil.

    Keep digging though…it’s amusing tae watch your contortions on this…you haven’t ‘condemned’ that ‘lot’ atl either Phil. That’s my point isn’t it? You went straight to a tweet from the ‘a person’ in the snp, but Phil where are all the bigoted and racist tweets from Labour, Tories etc, if you’re going down this road, you’d better make sure it’s ‘inclusive’ eh? (Were you just being ‘narrow’ minded?)

    SNP bad, Phil…yer ‘colours’ are showing…rather than outrightly condemn the actions of those referred to in the atl, what did you do?

    That’s yer ‘lot’ Phil. I rest ma case.

  125. Smallaxe says:

    Song42 says: “The dance isn’t over.”

    I’m glad that I managed to remind you of how positive we all felt back then, that’s the reason that I posted the video, we need to get back that sense of purpose and camaraderie. We have had some setbacks but moaning and arguing with each other has to stop, it achieves nothing but bitterness and negativity.

    I agree the dance isn’t over let’s pick our partners well for the last waltz to freedom from this now very obviously Evil Union if decent people still can’t see or hear what is coming then we are wasting our breath, if you dance with the Devil he’ll dance you to Death.

    Peace and Love to you and yours my Friend.

    Peace Always

    Peace Always

  126. Smallaxe says:

    Song42; the second “Peace Always” was for your fags!
    🙂 🙂

    Live Love and Laugh

    Hi, K1.

    Peace Always

  127. galamcennalath says:

    They are really not going to enjoy reunification!

    If some of them move, let’s hope it ain’t to Scotland!

  128. mike d says:

    Galamcennalath it ain’t gonna be to England. They don’t want them.

  129. mike d says:

    They will probably join the rest of their terrorist pals in south ayrshire.

  130. Robert Peffers says:

    @uno mas says: 12 July, 2017 at 3:35 pm:

    Had to look that one up. In fact I looked it up twice since your post appeared twice.

    Yes and I looked it up twice two. Not because I didn’t know the definition but because I didn’t recognise the spelling.

    So when I looked up Vexilology on-line, I found it referred me to Vexillology and when I looked up Vexillology it referred me to Vexilology, and I couldn’t remember were I’d left by hard copy dictionary.

    I thus just assume either spelling to be acceptable.

  131. Clootie says:

    …bigots are the bedrock of unionism!

    I can think of no better reason to seek Independence than the objective to define such behaviour as illegal as well as offensive ( …and I grew up in that world of “Bruttish” bigots )

    This is the monster Mrs May has unleashed on the World.

  132. David says:

    Tory MP speaks of “n****r in the woodpile.” Gets suspended.
    Racist message in woodpile in N Ireland. No arrests.

    Details for the MP:

    Details for the message on the bonfire:

    I love the smell of #Ulsterisation in the morning. 🙁

  133. HandandShrimp says:

    Try the tweet including a video of flooding in Wales, which was captioned with: “Pity it cant hit birmingham then we could get rid of all the pakis.”


    OK, I have tried to find it and failed. Can you provide a link please. I want to see 1) if it exists 2) that Paul Monaghan said those words in response to it. I can find a Huffington Post article suggesting that it happened and a Hootsfart article simply copying the Huffington article. Neither verify or show the tweet. I’m guessing from your post you do have an archive of it otherwise you would not be so certain.

  134. K1 says:

    Hi Smallaxe. 🙂

  135. mike d says:

    These scum are a minority on the island of ireland,and if they can’t/refuse to integrate. Then they can fcuk off to England. Though they’ll be lucky. Nobody wants vermin in their neighbourhood.

  136. stewartb says:

    O/T The reference by Mr Phil Robertson earlier to Paul Monaghan (@ 5.56pm) seems to be an example (albeit a weak one) of using the ‘salient examplar’ strategy in discussion as described by George Lakoff, formerly Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley.

    Lakoff, identifies the use of this strategy as a key feature of Donald Trump’s campaigning style and approach to the use of social media. Lakoff defines the ‘salient exemplar’ in the following terms in the context of twitter but this is relevant to other forms of communication:

    ‘Salient Exemplar (extrapolating from specific to general) – a salient exemplar is a strategy in which the author takes a specific single case or episode and suggests that it applies broadly e.g. to everyone who shares a characteristic similar to the person involved in the case or episode.’

    As discussed in Wired ( ), Lakoff cites Ronald Reagan’s ‘welfare queen’ as the signature ‘salient exemplar’. “Reagan’s straw woman—a minority mother who uses her government money on fancy bling rather than on food for her family—became an effective rhetorical bludgeon to curb public assistance programs even though the vast majority of recipients didn’t abuse the system in that way. The image became iconic, even though it was the exception rather than the rule.”

    Lakoff, who has written much on media bias and ‘framing’, offers a taxonomy of Trump’s communications on social media and argues the importance of those who are readers/listeners to be aware of the techniques in use. In addition to the salient exemplar, there is:

    Preemptive Framing – devising the manner in which the author wants a topic or issue to be understood BEFORE others get a chance to frame the discussion around the issue. Framing is a strategy used to avoid focusing on something that may make the tweeter or his decisions look bad.

    Diversion – in this strategy, a major issue comes up but the author brings up a different issue designed to DIVERT ATTENTION away from the major issue. The goal is to get people to talk about the diversion rather than the major issue that the tweeter is trying to avoid.

    Trial Balloon – in a trial balloon, the author throws out an idea that is sometimes controversial to SEE HOW PEOPLE REACT in the hope that their reactions will offer guidance on how to act.

    Deflection – when deflection is used, the author attacks the messenger or person who is criticising him/her in an ATTEMPT TO UNDERMINE the credibility of the critic. The hope is that the public then does not take the criticism as seriously as it may deserve to be taken.

  137. stonefree says:

    I would have thought it would be better to recycle the pallets…..Still I don’t suppose they do “Green”

  138. Morgatron says:

    Must be some size of zip fire lighter these retards use .
    Knuckle dragging , one eyed hill Billys.
    Ashamed of any connection to these single celled hate mongers.

  139. K1 says:

    Yes stewartb, I would say Phil particularly favours ‘salient exemplars’. Another more recent poster is particularly fond of ‘diversion’ and ‘trial balloons’ as a means of changing the btl discussion and to use the replies to attack those who disagree with him on Wings, usually resulting in rancour amongst btl posters.

    Tbh, I’m surprised at how many ‘regulars’ aren’t aware and more specific in calling out those who are plainly utilising these methods, for what they are, calling people ‘trolls’ isn’t helpful, as invariably that becomes a kind of encouragement for them to claim ‘victimhood’ status and reinforces their ‘lone voice’ in a sea of ‘conformity’ btl. All quite untrue, of course.

    The one I love best though is (deflection) when they are challenged on their pish is this: they claim that calling them out and disagreeing with them ‘puts lurkers off’, or/and somehow ‘damages the independence movement’, and if that’s unsuccessful yes, they get ‘personal’ in an attempt to ‘undermine the credibility of the critic’, it’s the ultimate ‘reveal’ in terms of a true ‘deflector’ at work.


  140. fletch49er says:

    You missed the Ivory Coast (see 19th photo from top) off the list 🙂

  141. Tackety Beets says:

    Thank you Smallaxe for finding those clips for me & sharing a bit o Cheer on one of Rev’s (IMHO) Worst , by way of subject and content.

  142. Smallaxe says:

    Tackety Beets,

    You’re very welcome my Friend, glad to have helped.

    Peace Always

  143. Ghillie says:

    Song 42 @ 5.28 pm = )

    ‘The dance isn’t over’

    Thank you Song 42, I like that 🙂

  144. Ghillie says:

    K1 @11.44 pm

    Gish Gallopers.

    Entertaining to watch their efforts from a distance.

    Nothing there to engage with.

  145. Xaracen says:

    “Where did the quote on Bernier meeting the FM come from?”

    Joanna Cherry’s twitter feed has this:

  146. Jamur says:

    Brain dead mutants.
    When we get Indy I hope the British yoons in Scotland stick to thier word and move to NI or England.
    Would happily start a fundraiser

  147. Street Andrew says:

    One could despair, but why bother.

    What are these people smoking?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bonfire as well as the next man. (sounds sexist, I know, but I’ve never known a woman who liked bonfires, not since Bloody Mary anyway).

  148. Ben says:

    Think I saw a Cuban flag too set for destruction.
    Whatever Castro’s done to them I don’t know?
    I’ve said it a million times I simply see the Klu Klux Klan
    when I look at these inbreds. In fact if I’m not mistaken think I saw a Dixie flag… imbeciles?
    Could you really share a future with them anyway?

  149. Clydebuilt says:

    O/t. Call KayE , debate on sexism in sport, a caller brought racism into the debate, pointing out that the English (mens) football team get all their games broadcast on council telly, whilst Scotlands games are not.(unless they are playing England). Is this an example of racism? the caller asked? All of a sudden KayE’s voice hardened.

    One of the few places that Scotland exists internationally is in football, it’s our national sport. BUT unless a kids parents can afford a Sky sports package they won’t get to see their national team playing their national sport.

    What sort personality accepts this and votes for a unionist party to keep it all going?

  150. Ian McCubbin says:

    It’s frightening. The whole future from this with right wing money could lead to repeat if 1960-70s or worse.
    I hope not and that democracy will prevail. I hope Ireland reunites and Scotland becomes independent, despite this intimidation.

  151. LesRoches says:

    When I first saw the picture of the pallets in the National newspaper with the proud unionists chappies standing on top, I immediately thought of the rock of Gibraltar for some reason…then sanity kicked in and thought that was very unfair to the monkeys who would clearly have better things to do.

  152. Scottish Steve says:

    Northern Ireland is such a backward shithole. So glad I don’t live there. I am pro-Irish unification but if I lived in the Republic, I’d want this appendix of the UK cut adrift from the Emerald Isle.

    No doubt plenty of Scottish bigots crossed the water to join the “celebration of British culture.”

    Is the British media reporting this? Of course not. Had this been Yes voters though…

    Utterly vile.

  153. mike d says:

    I remember many years ago driving through norn irn on my way back to Scotland,after visiting my dad in co mayo. Got stopped by the then ruc at a a checkpoint in Fivemiletown near the border. Big smile when he heard my Scottish accent,but his face tripped him when he looked at my irish passport. I could see his wee brain pigeonholing me.

  154. David Martin Edmunds says:

    There must be a shortage of pallets!

  155. Ottomanboi says:

    The historic link between Scotland and crude sectarianism is something we need to honestly acknowledge and resolutely combat. Protestant Unionism, itself the product of the UK’s divide and rule imperialist strategy, is deeply ingrained in the national psyche. Independence ought to gradually kill it off but there is no guarantee that this visceral irrational distaste for Catholicism as something ‘alien’ will not assume a new supremacist guise. Scotland was existentially damaged by the Union, in ways that go far beyond the purely political. The socio-cultural disfigurement classically manifest in the lamentable ‘Scotch cringe’ will need repair through a process of re-education. The shadow of the Union blocks out the world. 300 years is a long time in the cultural shade. Those primitive images from NI are sinister.

  156. Foonurt says:

    Whit izit, wae thae pyromaniac erses? Awe, wid-pellets in pallets.

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