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Posted on September 30, 2016 by

The Daily Telegraph just released a video called “100 Reasons Why Brexit Was A Good Thing”. It listed them to a soundtrack of “Jerusalem”, the same song that closed the Labour Party conference earlier this week with its stirring ode to just one of the four nations of the United Kingdom.

We’ve saved a few of the highlights below, just in case the Telegraph should delete the video in a fit of sanity. We’ve also added one fake one. See if you can spot it.















































We were lying earlier. None of them are fake. Happy Brexit, everyone!



PS This is our favourite bit:

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197 to “The green and pleasant land”

  1. Craig P says:

    Those damned clinical trials red tape! Finally I can sell ny Dr Quacks Back to the 70s Real British Men Guaranteed Hairgrowth (TM) pills in the UK again!

  2. David Smith says:

    “No EU flags in UK”.

    We’ll see about that… ??

  3. jimnarlene says:

    A veritable tsunami, of pish.

  4. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    No Fridge Red Tape

  5. Kevin Evans says:


  6. heedtracker says:

    Oh god. Europe must be really puzzled why Scotland voted YES to be reigned over by these idiots.

    Its got to be, “end work time directive.” Great British socialist workers Bomber Blair and Crash Gordon, fcuked that off years ago. Or its the rule Britannia hangover cure.

  7. Flower of Scotland says:

    Watched the video. Unbelievable. Folk were asking on Twitter if this was a parody. Is it?

    I think that the hangover cures might be the answer. Maybe not. They are all ridiculous.

  8. mike cassidy says:

    X factor


    Could someone translate for me?

  9. Jamur says:

    Deary me. Should have bought the daily mail!

  10. scotspine says:

    What an utter dump the UK is about to become – well a much worse dump than the utter dump it currently is.

    Laughing just now at BBC Northern Colonial News (Highland Savages edition). More SNP bad over “late” or “erroneous” EU subsidies that is apparently the fault of SNP.

    I will laugh even harder when the No voting farmers realise that EU subsidies stop after Brexit and Westminster dont step up to keep them in the style they are accustomed to.

    Whose bloody fault will that be then Farmers? EH?

    Im sure the Torys will look after you…….

  11. galamcennalath says:

    Utterly embarrassing!

    Most of those, a few exceptions, are exactly why I value EU membership!

  12. Noel Darlow says:

    Fuck. Me.

    Finally I get Brexit: a bunch of dinosaurs who want to turn the UK into Jurassic Park in their image.

  13. mogabee says:


    We’ve all been at a massive rave and I’m stil tripping here :}

    Nothing else makes sense…

  14. Lanarkist says:

    ‘View from a different Planet”!

    It does make you wonder about the Torygraphs World View when they can expend so much highly paid time on such an Award winning piece of propaganda.

    It only reinforces how alien the print culture seems now and just how far both England and Scotland have drifted apart!

  15. heedtracker says:

    No Human Rights Laws! Only in toryboy teamGB. And did those feet in ancient times…

  16. mogabee says:


    NO NO NO..I looked 🙁

  17. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Kent “Champagne” would clearly be fake.

    Sparkling white wine, manufactured in Kent, using the method Champagnoise, they would get away with.

    But, I cannot see a Supreme Court, even one stuffed with Tory/UKIP placemen allowing “Kent Champagne”.

    They are losing it completely down there.

  18. Rock says:

    The EU can’t wait to get rid of England.

    But England doesn’t want to leave. It just wants to blackmail the EU into granting concessions.

    Fortunately the EU is having none of it.

    Scotland should be fully independent by 31st December 2017 to get the best possible terms out of both the rUK and the EU.

  19. Robert Louis says:

    Seriously???? God help us all. I cannot believe what I have just seen, this is a manifesto from hell.

    What it really says, is, no clinical trials regulations (they exist to ensure results are meaningful and humans are not killed in the process), no EU working rights, longer working hours for all of us, less help for the poor sick and desperate, and more, lots more, uber British nationalism.

    And then to make sure we REALLy get the sheer lunacy of it, and understand what a freak show Brexit really is, they have ‘old style blue passports’. FFS, I mean, seriously, FFS, because our national UK debt doesn’t matter, not enough hospital beds doesn’t matter, overworked over-tired doctors doesn’t matter, kids starving and starving parents getting baby food from foodbanks doesn’t matter, cutting help and support for the most disabled and terminally ill in society doesn’t matter, polluting our environment doesn’t matter, human rights don’t matter, insulting and abusing those from other countries doesn’t matter, a right to privacy doesn’t matter, just as long as we have BLUE FREAKING PASSPORTS.

    Boy, am I angry, at least in Scotland we have a way out of this madness, but people in England should be literally sh*tting themselves.

  20. Robert Louis says:

    Seriously, this must be a hoax. It cannot be real.

  21. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Rev. Stu says:

    “We’ve also added one fake one.”

    It has to be ‘More Indian Doctors’, and I claim my £5!

    There is no way the Neo Facist Right Wingers would think more foreign anybody coming to UK was, even Doctors was a good thing.

    It was more likely to have appeared in a UKIP 100 reasons why #Brexit needs to happen.

    Remember it was all about “taking back control of England’s green and pleasant borders” 🙂

  22. Tinto Chiel says:

    Help ma boab!

    April 1 or Parallel Universe?

    Sheesh! No way of guessing the fake one in that list.

    We need out pronto.

  23. Dr Ew says:

    Wow. This can’t be for real. Can it?

    I’ve always known we’re a different country but this reads like something from another planet.

  24. Breeks says:

    Look on the bright side.

    If this was America, these Express rednecks would be armed and married to their cousin.

  25. Connor McEwen says:

    That Wee Ginger Dug is having a proper dog’s Brexit every morning now.
    Mundane, err, sorry Mundell and wee runty Ruthie are fluffed and tanked up with a bull cereal of doggone Brexit from Conservative party HQ, spoonfed to the Daily Bile and Von Ryans Daily Express.

  26. Tinto Chiel says:

    Damn! Missed that last line.

    Makes it even worse.

  27. mike cassidy says:

    Scotspine 6.17

    The farming subsidy situation is even weirder than you think.

    But I suspect by ‘Sensible Farm Subsidies’, the Telegraph does not mean tell the Queen to gtf.

  28. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    scotspine says at 6:17 pm

    Westminster will devolve Farming post Brexit but definitely with effect 2020, just after the EU stop paying subsidies.

    Scots Gov. will then have to find the cash from their already cut budget or be accused of letting down the farmers.

    UKOK won’t take the rap and it will be SNPBaaaaad vote Tory.

  29. ClanDonald says:

    Can someone please make an equivalent video for all the crap things we’ll get if we leave the EU:

    Visas to go on holiday,
    we won’t get free health care on holiday,
    we won’t be able to work freely in Europe,
    a massive hike in prices to use your phone on holiday,
    much more expensive imports,
    no more bringing back tons of cheap fags and booze from holiday,
    food will be far more expensive without farming subsidies,
    your rights at work will be eroded,
    unemployment will soar,
    all the elderly ex-pats living on the Med will come home,
    we’ll have to drink Kent Champagne,
    Maggie Thatcher would’ve wanted it…etc etc

  30. galamcennalath says:

    i must have masochistic tendencies, I watched it again!

    Know what? If I were commissioned to put together a series of threats from Brexit to really scare the shit out of any reasonably minded person, most of those here would feature! Though I must confess, my imagination wouldn’t have come up with some of the nastiest.

    With a few edits, it could be a future Indy political broadcast.

    Every Scot must watch this. Then decide how much they want to be part of this vision of a future UKOK.

  31. heedtracker says:

    mogabee says:
    30 September, 2016 at 6:26 pm

    I love that version. And it opens in Newcastle, where they enjoy transport infrastructure spends way beyond any Scottish city’s wildest dreams. Especially in comparison to cities like European oil capital Aberdeen, with similar populations. Its not by UKOK chance either.

  32. Dr Jim says:

    Jeezus, oh jesus jesus jesus

  33. HUGH KIRK says:

    Christ! I thought they were all fake except the bendy cookummbers.

  34. And did they build Jerusalem in England’s Queen ans Peasant land …

  35. Ken500 says:

    The Non Dom tax evader Barclay Brothers who live in splendid isolation off shore, milking the UK tax system. For some greedy multimillionaires enough is never enough. They don’t like foreigners or footballer not paying their taxes. Massive hypocrites. The vulnerable are being sanctioned and starving.

  36. Nana says:

    Blimey, thought I’d taken one too many cough medicines and was hallucinating.

    Take back north sea because they love us, really they do

    Nick Eardley? ?
    PM: “Economic importance of Scotland being part of the UK far overwhelms” that of EU membership

  37. sandycraig says:

    Fuck that. I gave it 20 seconds and switched off.

    What a load of bullshit. I have English cousins who would be embarrassed by that.

  38. David Mills says:

    I said it before & I say again the Telegraph a vital resource to the papamashy industry and only the papamashy industry.

  39. Proud Cybernat says:

    They forgot one…

  40. Ken500 says:

    Westminster Tories took increased CAP payments made to Scottish farmers. Scotland receives the lowest subsidies in the EU as part of the UK. The EU gave an extra payment to Scotland. The Tory minister illegally took it and gave it to farmers in the rest of the UK, without sanction. Said ‘Better together’ when doing it. Despite complains from Lib/SNP/Labour? MP’s. On Parliamentary Channel.

  41. mike cassidy says:

    And those luddites would want to put the boot into windfarms just as space technology might be taking us closer to overcoming the storage problems.

  42. Bob Mack says:

    Are the English going mad or something ?. This stuff defies belief, primarily as the real reason is most of them don’t want Johnny foreigners as a neighbour is in case they own a Kalashinikov or bring down the tone of the area.
    So much for the British stiff upper lip. They reek of fear in old England. I hate it when they cloak their racism in the clothes of protecting our own.” Our own” means not foreign.
    A nation who can watch babies pulled from the sea dead, or who can watch the indescribable suffering which we caused,and then turn it’s back on those wretched people looking for sanctuary. Even denying children a safe haven.

  43. K1 says:

    Aye Nana, cause Scotland’s England’s cash cow.

  44. Robert Peffers says:

    Ye canna keep a guid newspaper doon – and yon Telegraph ane is naethin like a newspaper, never mind like a guid ane.

  45. Dr Jim says:

    Yer wummin May’s just been on the telly telling Scotland it’s basically not a part of the United Kingdom Government so it’ll do as it’s told and lump it

    To be fair to yer wummin she stuttered it out nicely as she admitted we can have a referendum and she cannae stop us but then issued the threat of our vastly hugely and much more important trade with the UK

    Which remember we’re not really a part of when it comes to any decisions anyway

    Just a personal observation here but I don’t think this particular set of Tories are going to mount much of a challenge against us leaving, it’s as though they’d rather like the idea but they just cannae say so out loud

    So it’ll be all down to Kezia “The vote winner”

  46. Bill Hume says:

    No, no. They all look perfectly true to me…..probably.

    p.s. got a ‘you are posting too fast’ for the first time.
    Now I feel like a real Winger.

  47. Morag says:

    Jaw. Officially. On. Floor.

  48. Bill Hume says:

    ” Breeks says:
    30 September, 2016 at 6:35 pm

    Look on the bright side.

    If this was America, these Express rednecks would be armed and married to their cousin.”

    Actually, I think you mean their sister, or perhaps in these more enlightened times, their brother.

  49. Grouse Beater says:

    British Nationalism Rules – Okay

    ‘Trade with Australia’ – the Torygraph omits mention of New Zealand, a country the UK dumped unceremoniously for the EU, butter and all, and won’t ever trust dear England again.

  50. kininvie says:

    Clickbait, everyone…

    Intentionally designed to arouse wrath, joy, hollow laughter and outrage and get thousands watching it.

    It’s Telegraph does Buzzfeed without the zany self-mockery, and they’ll go laughing all the way to their advertisers.

    And you’re falling for it??

  51. Mike says:

    I think the Torygraph is taking a leaf out of the Heralds book by deciding to just clickbait online instead of pretending its still a tabloid.
    Its the fall in share values that has them running around bat shit crazy and desperate for revenue.

  52. Alan says:

    It doesn’t quite top the Golden Day of Destiny video (search YouTube) but that a supposedly mainstream newspaper puts out this shite without the slightest sense of shame is jaw dropping.

  53. Movy says:

    Really? Is this a real Telegraph video?? Not a joke???

  54. Artyhetty says:

    Jeezus, almost as bad as the joke that the England exitEU is costing lots millions £s cos they now need an office and 500 staff, no joke. Ffs.

    Ok, this must be a ploy, you know, to let people down gently when brexit is a soft one, soft landing so to speak. Or, they are playing to the tune of seriously fckd up right wing gits who really believe all this shit is a great thing.

    I really love William Blake’s work, even with all the religious connotations, but you know he was a good guy, this was just a moment of madness, (patriotism in troubled times?) writing Jerusalem. He was done for sedition for chucking a soldier out of his garden and shouting expletives at him, but the court saw that he was a bit soft, a bit harmless and let him go.

    He was a universalist, who saw the industrial revolution as the beginning of the end, thing is, he was probably right, reading about the climate outlook makes for stark reading, the Paris aggreement means little and the tipping point is projected to take on serious affect as of 2051. 🙁

    I suspect Blake would though have been a thoroughly modern thinker had he been around today, and would have despised the tories for all their backward cruel destructive plotting and sceming. The Chimney Sweeper poem, springs to mind.

    Any Blake experts do correct me if I am wrong.

  55. margo allan says:

    Australian trade deal [ there with be none ]

  56. mike cassidy says:

    My 6.15

    I really don’t get the x factor and BGT entries.


  57. Papadox says:

    Just saw The PM on reporting Scotland.

    Gave me a very nasty feeling that this woman has got her plan for managing Scotland in her bag. She reminded me of some two faced back stabbing gangster. She sneers as a smile she avoids definitive answers although throws out veiled threats with relish and feeling, stairs menacingly down the lens of the camera.

    Just remembered who she reminds me of … ROSA KLEBB! A truly nasty piece of work but a dead ringer. Teresa May is a very very nasty piece of work IMHO, AND NOT THE SLIGHTEST SIGN OF A CONCIENCE. she is quite prepared to do whatever she thinks will get her the prize. ANYTHING! Watch yer backs.

  58. Katsoft says:

    If this is hoax then it’s brilliant.
    If it’s real then they missed a bit.
    NO JOCKS ’cause we’ve all p@$$&d off
    And are staying in EU
    So I say in hope
    Cheerio, Cheerio, Cheerio (repeat at will)

  59. Sinky says:

    Its time all Wingers contacted Unionist Press letters pages / BBC phone ins laying out the clear choice of the prospect of Indy Ref2 or zenophonic little Englander rule for at least the next decade.

  60. ewen says:

    Dear Telegraph,
    Are you from the past?

  61. Artyhetty says:

    Re; Papadox@7.34

    You have the measure of things regards May, a truly nasty piece of work, Scotland beware.

    Black moon tonight, wonder if that has a bearing on UK britnat madness getting even worse, plenty black moons around in that case then.

  62. ScottishPsyche says:

    What is this strange state of mind befalling the rUK? Is it a strange bunker mentality to deny what is about to happen?

    The population vote for something based on a false premise. They do not get what they vote for. The government and the press then try to dupe them into thinking they got something worthwhile by ramping up this jingoistic trivial crap.

    It happened in the Indyref and now they are trying it with Brexit.

  63. Balaaargh says:

    I think the fake one is where you say there are no fakes, Rev. I counted over 20 which were far too absurd to be real!

  64. yesindyref2 says:

    OH, I’ve found the genuine one – hangover cures, the rest are fakes. Do I get the prize? 🙂

  65. Cuilean says:

    Christ. Thought you’d made all of that up!

    The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

    Stop the world! England wants to get off!

  66. Capella says:

    @ Artyhetty – agree about poor old William Blake. He will be birling in his grave at this travesty. The Torygraph is an affront to common decency.

    But isn’t that the Bullingdon Boys way? Trash everything then stroll off whistling.

  67. CameronB Brodie says:

    Remember kids, nations are imagined and inherently limited, appart from England obviously. British nationalism is actually English nationalism. Fancy that?

    The World Today: Imagined Communities – On British Nationalism

  68. Glamaig says:

    The worst thing about that is that it doesnt surprise me. (my personal favourite is the ‘proper weedkillers’).

    I was in the S of England last week, for the first time in years. This time it really felt like a foreign country. I bought a Times every day, and the only mention of Scotland I spotted was a photo of a dead red deer, with the caption ‘The Isle of Rum has red deer with very large antlers and is a popular destination for stalking’ (no article), and an incidental mention that ‘Ineos own Grangemouth’. The SNP, the third party in Westminster, dont exist, and some place in the far north may be useful for fracking and shooting wildlife. In some ways its already as if we are independent, except for some reason we still hand over all our resources to the UK Treasury.

  69. Dr Jim says:

    Trade with Australia sounds good though
    That’ll be next day delivery and £2000 postage for a furry Wombat from ToysRlost in the post
    Crocodile mince at Morrisons Deli counter as advertised by Ant and Dec

    I’m a Scotsman get me outa here

  70. Thepnr says:

    I saw the tweet from the Torygraph earlier but laughed, I didn’t take it seriously. That’s how ridiculous it was.

    Now I have my doubts.

    These idiots are serious about convincing us that Brexit was a great idea and a victory over the EU.

    BRITTANIA RULES!! and don’t you forget it.

    Deary, deary me. What a disaster it will be for Scotland in having to accept the decisions these arseholes will make for us in our EU/UK exit negotiations.

    I’m personally having none of it. I’m staying in, and I fucking mean that. I’ve been a EU citizen for more than 40 years and I intend to remain one.

    May and Johnson or any other tube that gets in the way can go and take a flying fuck.


  71. Ian MacDonald says:

    Ironically, the fake one is “No EU Human Rights Laws”. Which you’d kinda expect to be a big selling point to the loony right. But hey, old fashioned light-bulbs! Go for the heart strings.

  72. Alan says:

    Even Tories think the country is being run by lunatics:

    Anna Soubry brands Liam Fox’s free trade speech ‘delusional’

  73. yesindyref2 says:

    Oh, “The National”.

    Sorry sorry sorry, but nobody had mentioned it for an hour.

  74. Ian Brotherhood says:

    The ghost of Alf Garnett stalks the land, enjoying the last laugh after all…

  75. Graeme says:

    mike cassidy says:
    30 September, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    My 6.15

    I really don’t get the x factor and BGT entries.


    I assume it means no foreign contestants


  76. Phronesis says:

    Au contraire the Iron Lady didn’t seem to want that when she made a speech in 1983-unless of course she really was for turning.

    ‘We were elected with a clear commitment to the European Community and to fight tenaciously for British interests within it. We have honoured that commitment. We have both fought for our interests and extended our influence. But we are not half-hearted members of the Community. We are in, and we are in to stay. And I look forward to another famous victory in the European elections next June’

    But this is not about Brexit really is it- the Telegraph is softening up England’s electorate for their EU exit (Scotland is now actively being written out of this narrative). Scotland’s staying and can decided for itself what its relationship with Europe will be. No-one will experience any emotional pain of separation as Scotland’s autonomy naturally comes into being.

  77. paulTgeist says:

    One of the captions in Stu’s piece above states – “A More British EPL”. Did the English Football Association not recently formally announce that there would be no inclusion of Celtic and Rangers in any future English Premiership expansion? So what does the contradiction in terms “More British EPL” mean? Whatever happened to the idea of Better Together? Oh my head!

    Alan says at 7:25 pm – “It doesn’t quite top the Golden Day of Destiny video but that a supposedly mainstream newspaper puts out this shite without the slightest sense of shame is jaw dropping.”

    Then you go and post a direct link to one of those rags in your post at 8:32pm helping them to pull in advertising revenues. A rag that has shat all over Scotland since its creation. Strange!

  78. Petra says:

    Ha, ha, ha.

    Looks as though England is descending into some kind of nationalistic madness. Jerusalem being belted out constantly and Union Jacks being used as a backdrop at every turn. Welcome to the Great British Emp… England.

    Not so long ago the Telegraph was reporting that …. ‘None of the options for Brexit is appealing. They’re ALL bad.’ So said the experts. And now? Well it’s OK because ‘Maggie would have wanted it!’

    More than anything they still don’t GET IT: The key reason for people voting for Brexit and it’s not about being able to eat small kiwi fruit, twisted cucumbers, straight bananas or drinking (lousy) English wine. It’s all about wanting rid of non-white faced ‘furriners’. So ‘more Indian doctors’? That’ll go down a treat and see a massive rise in UKip support. Too bad that that no-one ever mentioned anything about this before the vote, that is that as they kick EU nationals out of the UK their jobs will be filled by individuals from Commonwealth countries such as India, Pakistan and Jamaica. In other words England was duped big time.

    They’ve outlined 100 reasons for embracing Brexit. I can think of double that amount for embracing a Scotexit and it can’t come soon enough. Roll on 2018.

  79. Croompenstein says:

    I saw the kiwi fruit and thought of this….

  80. Capella says:

    @ yesindyref2 – too late – I mentioned it on the previous thread at 8.34

  81. Iain says:

    Just watching “the man in the high tower” and all of a sudden it makes sense, admittedly the people of occupied USA have a more free and objective media than we have, but it is up to us to change that. We have human rights and surely we can break the BBC. It is still 21 ist century Europe and we deserve a better free and objective media, than wastemonger provides.

  82. Papadox says:

    We will be getting fed red/white// blue shit rammed down our throats via the MSM/EBC propaganda from the tolly conference next week. Ruth the Mooth will be learning her script and practicing her expressions, good, bad and mostly ugly. She is a fake well trained by the EBC for the job as smiling attack dog. The ENGERLISH are in a very black place and attacking anything that looks like a threat to them.
    This union is dead and has been for a long time, maybe the yoons are beginning to wonder where the smell is coming from. Hope the penny drops soon or if it doesn’t then they can accept everything that is on its way and suck it up. My gloves are aff.

  83. geeo says:

    I thought it was a trick and all were FAKE….lol

  84. Artyhetty says:

    Re; Capella@8.09pm

    Aye, it’s been the tory way since forever, it’s what Blake could see, the rich undeserving, britnat rule britannia gits sh****g on the poor and destitute, as being the real hell on earth, not some religious far removed fantasy, it was and is real. Oops, that’s my take on Blake. Pretty base, but intellect for intellects sake, was not really his thing.

  85. Iain says:

    I think the main reason for brexit is that the non-dom billionaire press owners thought that the EU was closing in on their uk tax havens and decided that enough was enough.
    After all, the impoverishment of a few million prolls is a small price to pay compared to billionaires having to be properly taxed.

  86. Francis Mooney says:

    Is this a wind up?

  87. Valerie says:

    Why would anyone be surprised if you managed the last two weeks of QT? This is just a jauntier version.

    Yes, it may be clickbait, but Brexiteers will bookmark this to throw into arguments at us ‘remoaners’ on social media.

    I’ve just had some lowlife thug calling me deluded because I pointed out Nissan may well pull out of the UK. He posted up an ancient headline about the Juke being made in Sunderland. He was using this as proof they make loads of cars there, and no way are they pulling out.

    I told him Nissan would most likely be interested in his levels of business expertise.

    I consider myself lucky, I have an Irish passport if it all goes to shit at indyref2, and there is no way I want to move, but I seriously can’t begin to think how far down this country will be dragged, as the weight of England increases.

    I’m seriously filled with trepidation, and I’m no shrinking violet.

  88. Ian Sanderson says:

    It’s the “Cheap women” that convinced me…!

  89. Iain says:

    Let’s do something about the bbc, nothing would scare the yoons more. We are people in 21 ist century Europe we have nothing to lose, but our chain’s. We can sit and watch “mis reporting Scotland” or we could demand some local tv that represents the people of Scotland we are being taken as mugs as our country’s resources are stolen by a neighbouring country.

  90. Nana says:

    Been reading Faisal Islam’s tweets today, check out the tweet regarding act of union

  91. winifred mccartney says:

    This really does have to be spoof of some kind – no one can produce this tripe and be serious.

  92. Socrates MacSporran says:

    PaulTgeist @ 9.08pm

    Once the UK exits Europe, it will be much-more difficult for EPL clubs to recruit top European talent. At the moment, under freedom of movement, there is no bar on non-UK players coming here.

    However, without this free movement, the recruitment parameters are far-stricter. Any player signed by an EPL team, or for that matter an SPL one, will have to have played in a certain percentage of his country’s recent internationals, for instance.

    It will also be more difficult, if not impossible for the big English clubs to recruit promising young Europeans. Paul Pogba for instance, first arrived at MU as a teenager, that will not happen aftr Brexit, so, we might see more Scottish players in the EPL.

  93. Sinky says:

    Noticed BBC Scotland TV 6.30 news bulletin had sublinimal red white and blue union flag as background to Theresa May anti Scottish report.

    Will we see a saltire background every time Nicola sturgeon is given space on mis reporting London Calling?

  94. Dave Greig says:

    This is very scarey stuff. The fact that it may not be enough to get the no voters to convert is even scarier. How on earth can even your most dogged, explosive blood pressure red faced Orangeman not question the legitimacy of the Union after watching that.

    Yes, yes I know that for many there’s no thought, logic or sense of self worth to it, it’s about a lifetime of indoctrination. We can only keep trying to convince them and hopefully, at a time not too far away they’ll see the light.

    Or eventually die off and let the young folk do what’s right.

    Can we afford to wait that long though?

  95. Bilptoe says:

    Cheaper women don’t need insurance.

  96. Sunniva says:

    And they call us nationalists?

  97. Valerie says:

    @Nana 10.06

    Wow! There is NO way the SG are not aware of this, hence the sideways comments about blocking Brexit.

    OMG, this could really be the thing that breaks our chains!!! No need for a referendum.

    The problem is the resident yoons.

  98. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Iain (10.01) –

    ‘Let’s do something about the BBC.’

    We, including you, already are, by making this site so busy.

    Every comment counts, no matter the content.

    The BBC has already suffered the beastly indignity of having foreign news-teams film mass protests right outside its Glasgow garrison. There will be more (at a time of our choosing) and there’s nothing they can do about it.

  99. Cherry says:

    I’m beginning to think that those down south are suffering from “complete and utter delusions of grandeur”…they are the empire makers and should be marvelled at, they just don’t know how to behave in the real world…So used to thinking that they are supreme, the rest of us are just here to wonder at them. I just wonder how it’s taken so bloody long for us to see it…I just want my country back.:(

  100. David Jardine says:

    Why so happy with the straight bananas? What are they going to do with them?

    And those pesky EU human rights laws and working time directives, just haudin us back, eh?

    Proper weedkiller. At last, proper weedkiller, so we can grow our GM vegetables.

    Future, here we come!

    It reminded me that I hadn’t wished Guy Verhofstadt best of luck with his coming negotiations; sending him a link gave me a good excuse to correct that. Also bumped the link to France Inter and Charlie Hebdo, I’m sure they’ll appreciate the finer points of l’humour britannique.

  101. Tam Jardine says:


    Good spot- I think Faisal Islam is one of the best- he doesn’t seem afraid to tell it like it is. I think we should ask him to front the SBC news when we get there.

    I think, as Valerie alluded to that this could be the supreme court shenanigans Nicola was talking about. We have the power to repeal the act of union- we always had it. Interesting times we live in.

    As for the telegraph’s list- I want almost none of these things. More Indian doctors? Great but not to the exclusion of French, German, Polish etc etc. Cheap food? I want good quality food people can afford- I don’t want cheap food.

    It is instructive they offer nothing they consider down sides. It is a huge own goal- they need to stop talking about brexit as any examination just leaves sane people feeling repelled.

    It’s mind blowing really- I could go on but everyone else has pretty much summed it up.

  102. mike cassidy says:

    Graeme 8.50

    Never having seen those programmes, I presumed they were just talent shows.

    Surely being in or out the EU has nothing to do with who the contestants are.

  103. Dr Jim says:

    Tonight preparations are underway for Englands most popular political party conference to take place
    The erection of Barricades, Fences, Snipers positioning themselves on surrounding rooftops and Armoured cars moving into place are just some of those preparations required for democracy to be seen to be done in order that the will of Englands people be carried out for the benefit of us all in the Tory realm of the United Kingdom of England and it’s colonies

    God bless us every one

  104. Tam Jardine says:

    OT received ipso reply to my complaint on the Siobhan Macfadyen piece which claimed there was widespread outbreaks of violence during the indyref.

    The dude asked if I was disputing that police Scotland set up a taskforce- presumably he thinks that is some kind of checkmate. Mind boggling idiocy. Strawman pish with a side of sarcasm. Check out his email and my response…

    Dear Mr Jardine,

    I write further to our earlier correspondence.

    I am sorry to trouble you further, but I note that there were reports of a special police task force following the referendum. If it is your position that these reports are inaccurate, I would be grateful if you could explain the basis for this position.

    I look forward to hearing from you, in the next seven days.

    Dear Mr Stammers

    Thanks for your reply. I did not dispute such a unit had been setup although as your source is a Daily Record report based on a piece in the Sunday Express it is not exactly a source independent to the Daily Express.

    That such a unit existed proves nothing of course- police attend football matches every week for example and yet there is not violence at every football match. 

    How does the existence of such a unit prove widespread violence as described in the Daily Express? It does not- particularly in light of the Police Federation dismissing this rhetoric as “baseless speculation” in their pre-indyef statement:

    “Any neutral observer could be led to believe Scotland is on the verge of societal disintegration yet nothing could be further from the truth.”

    It would have been strange if Police Scotland had not made special preparations to monitor the situation but nothing in the Sunday Express piece or the Record piece or the Daily Express piece proves the ridiculous assertion I am challenging that Scotland endured “widespread outbreaks of violence”, before during or after the referendum.

    I look forward to the results of your review of my complaint. 

    Yours faithfully

    Thomas Jardine

  105. yesindyref2 says:

    Anyone know the closing date for the SNP depute thing? Just found out I was never emailed my voting thing – same thing happened last time and I had to chase it 🙁

  106. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Bill Hume says at 7:04 pm

    Breeks says at 6:35 pm

    Talkin’ O’ Rednecks:

    You’ve obviously never met Buffalo Bill fae Bettyhill, wide fronted wellys and a velcro boiler suit.

    Now there was a redneck (red fae the wind burn, nae the sun mind)

  107. Big Jock says:

    When is the fecking indi ref! We need out before we all top ourselves!

  108. Brian Powell says:

    The only positive thing when the Indy Ref was lost was it would be possible to move to another EU country.

    Now with Brexit we will be stuck on this island. Are we really the most shit scared nation on the planet that we will put up with Brexit, Fluffy Mundell, Tories, a fake Brit identity when the Tories have already broken up Britain and sold it off?

  109. Jock McDonnell says:


    October 12th I believe

  110. Geoff Bush says:

    The fake has to be Kent Champagne.
    We should encourage the torygraph & other papers to release this sort of stuff as it is all grist to the mill. Jerusalem is a great tune though – shame about the words.

  111. Tam Jardine says:


    12th October. I went for Tommy Sheppard but I think there are no bad choices. I like Angus Robertson but he has a big job already. I’ve met Alyn Smith ages ago and was really impressed. No bad choices like I say.

    I voted for Stuart Hosie last time- thought he performed the role pretty well. People make mistakes and I was very disappointed he had to go. I hope he can put this behind him and really get stuck in for the struggle ahead- indy is so much bigger than these tawdry domestic issues.

  112. Nana says:

    Went digging around and found the following.

    Taken from the Hol debate on brexit

    70.We asked Sir David whether he thought the Scottish Parliament would have to give its consent to measures extinguishing the application of EU law in Scotland. He noted that such measures would entail amendment of section 29 of the Scotland Act 1998, which binds the Scottish Parliament to act in a manner compatible with EU law, and he therefore believed that the Scottish Parliament’s consent would be required.83 He could envisage certain political advantages being drawn from not giving consent

  113. Geoff Bush says:

    Further on Jerusalem – the lyrics form a series of supposedly rhetorical questions essentially about England – the answer to all of them of course is “NO”

  114. Auld Rock says:

    Think they need a long visit to ‘’!!!! Same old MSM and Torygraph, English = British = English AGAIN. Thought that there was an SPL???

    Auld Rock

  115. Tam Jardine says:

    Brian Powell

    I don’t intend to leave the EU Brian- if the SNP fail to protect my citizenship the card is going in the bin and it’s man the barricades time. Far too early for that nonsense though.

  116. K1 says:

    What a weasly worded reply Tam, it’s like he’s being deliberately obtuse…to deflect from the salient point of your complaint. Fucking Orwellian pish in essence. I look forward to you showing his reply to yours.

  117. fraser says:

    it must be the fluoride in the water starting to kick in. No fluoride in Scottish water.

  118. Flower of Scotland says:

    @yesindyref2 11.05pm

    I couldn’t find mine either but was advised that the email might be in my Spam. It was.

    Happy voting!

  119. mark johnston says:

    Like others I’m also a bit concerned about the ‘red tape’ on clinical trials. I think we’re agreed on that insanity. I mean…what the actual fuck?

  120. Stu Mac says:

    And these papers slag off Trump!

  121. Tam Jardine says:


    Yeah- pure pish reply. I think it might be a wind up. This is my first ipso and my impression is already that it will be dismissed entirely. I feel like asking for a face to face discussion.

    If you can’t challenge an out and out falsehood then there is no point in having a mechanism. One thing that heartens me – Stammer obviously presumes I am an idiot to be palmed off.

    He presumes wrong- I grind dicks like that as you would chewing baccy

  122. Iain More says:

    England’s Green and pleasant land is soon to be less than pleasant and way less than Green. Of course they have us lined up to dump all their Nuclear and non Nuclear shit on.

    I cant make up my mind if the Better English Footie Team or Still in Eurovision is the fake one!

    The EPL is soon to become the shitiest most overpriced League in the World and they will still suck at Eurovision.

  123. K1 says:

    Aye Tam presumptive dick’s the world over have no doubt been ground like chewing baccy by many a Scot. 🙂

  124. Fireproofjim says:

    The chairmen of Nissan and Jaguar Landrover have said they are putting hundreds of millions of pounds of new investment on hold until the results of Brexit become clear. (Including the new Qashquai.
    This stupid Tory government are well on the way to destroying industry in the UK. Who will come to the UK when they are risking a 10% tariff on all products sold to Europe.
    Scotland could be the new base for such manufacturers.

  125. yesindyref2 says:

    @Jock, @Tam Thanks. I sent an email asking to resend.
    @Flower of Scotland It’s a possibility it got rejected if they use the same mass mailing outift as some of the spamming outifts do! I have rejections or discards on anything from them 🙂

  126. stephen says:

    Nana @ 10.06
    Concerning Faisal Islams tweet concerning possible breach of the Act of union.Wasn’t the Act of Union breached when the Poll tax was imposed on Scotland in 1989?

  127. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Fireproofjim says at 12:05 am

    The new Quashqai will be built/assembled in Spain unless the UK Govt. makes promises it really can’t deliver.

    Aye David Davis, the UK car industry really is a bargaining chip isn’t it??

    UK really isnae OK (Shhh, you won’t hear that in MSM).

  128. manandboy says:

    Faisal Islam ?@faisalislam
    Government lawyer says it’s “unarguable” that triggering Article 50 breaches the Act of Union with Scotland, as courts have no jurisdiction

    I just like to see that again. Lawyers have just gone up in my estimation. Thanks Nana.

  129. manandboy says:

    Thank you Nana. This stuff bears frequent repetition.

    The role of the devolved legislatures in implementing the withdrawal agreement

    70.We asked Sir David whether he thought the Scottish Parliament would have to give its consent to measures extinguishing the application of EU law in Scotland. He noted that such measures would entail amendment of section 29 of the Scotland Act 1998, which binds the Scottish Parliament to act in a manner compatible with EU law, and he therefore believed that the Scottish Parliament’s consent would be required.83 He could envisage certain political advantages being drawn from not giving consent.84

  130. Sandy says:

    Ah, The mythical world of England. Keep taking the tablets.

  131. Kingseat says:

    The crass stupidity of it all just makes you want to weep in anger and utter frustration in equal measure. Can’t wait for the day when we get shot of it all for good. Roll on Indyref2. Genuinely feel sorry for all of the decent English folk, and there are millions of them, who have to endure this infantile shite.

  132. manandboy says:

    Does England doing its utmost to impoverish Scotland qualify as ‘material change’?

  133. silver19 says:

    The way things are going once that Article 50 is signed the Act of Union could be over (Yeah), We might not need to vote for indyref2, Thank you Leavers of England you have done Scotland a great service.

  134. Petra says:

    @ Valerie says at 9:49 pm …. ”I consider myself lucky, I have an Irish passport if it all goes to shit at indyref2, and there is no way I want to move, but I seriously can’t begin to think how far down this country will be dragged, as the weight of England increases. I’m seriously filled with trepidation, and I’m no shrinking violet.”

    Valerie like you I’m a real ‘fighter’ too but at times feel that I have had enough of this sh*t. I work my butt off, for this cause, to the point that I’m totally worn out and then I think of those who fought before me and my input seems to be totally meaningless, or more so meagre, in comparison. For example I’ve never had to take up arms, fight for my country / my life, against a greater military force on an empty stomach, worn out shoes and with a pickaxe in my hand. Being hung, drawn and quartered! My battle is online or on the doorstep. NO comparison.

    I’ve got a New Zealand passport and could also apply for an Irish passport. I often think (as no doubt do many others) that I can’t stand much more of this and if we don’t win next time round I’m for the off and then I think of Scotland, the country that I love so much: Adore in fact. It’s in my heart, soul and bones. Could I leave as so many others have done before me? They did leave but no doubt their hearts ached / yearned for their homeland to their dying day.

    This is what Westminster wants of course and the depopulation of Scotland has been the name of the game for them over centuries now. They wanted to get their claws on an UNINHABITED land or one with a broken, totally demoralised people like the Red Indians, Aboriginies and Maories. Undermined (too wee, poor and stupid) and left without a homeland as such, broken, drunken, helpless and hopeless. It hasn’t worked out for them except for those Scots who are still brainwahed and blinkered. The youngsters in this country are putting paid to that now thank God.

    They’ve used different tactics from replacing us with sheep, burning us out, paying millions to get rid of us and scunnering us by ensuring that we had a low standard of living / no jobs. Better Together Britain as was and continues to be.

    MOST of my ancestors left Scotland in search of a better life. You’ll all know what I’m talking about. One of the people I loved most of all left when Thatcher got into power. He was a Labour man through and through. A key player in the STUC but he couldn’t stand it any more. He, in his sixties, left for Australia and I saw him twice before he died. Hell mend Westminster.

    Most of my family members are living abroad now (all educated to a high standard). The latest has managed to get a job with Ferrari in Italy (competing against hundreds for the job Worldwide). A great loss to us. Italy’s gain.

    I posted earlier about Keith (Rupert) Murdoch and his wife Anna. Their families left Scotland too. Trump’s (main man in the news) mother bu**ered off. Carnegie was born in Dunfermline and emigrated in 1848 to the United States with his very poor parents seeking a better life. God the list is bl**dy ENDLESS.

    Time, HIGH time, to bring this horrendous saga to an end. I’m not going anywhere until Scotland gets it’s Independence. Worn out or not. Westminster can get to …. get lost. Over and out.

    I’m posting this link but there will no doubt be ‘omissions’ here too.

  135. chris kilby says:

    Is this a joke?

  136. frankieboy says:

    Does the Telegraph have an office in Broadmoor? It should have. A nice cosy, padded one, with Union Flag curtains, paper ones so the journalists, sorry, ‘inmates’ don’t hurt themselves.

  137. keaton says:

    Are they seriously pinning The X-Factor on the EU?

  138. Cactus says:


  139. Cactus says:

    Keep lovin’ it y’all.

    2017’s comin’..

  140. Vambomarbeleye says:

    I was in the pharmacy in Kyle yesterday waiting for a script. Wee English family in front of me also waiting to collect a prescription. One of them had been taken ill while on holiday.
    The look of surprise and shock as the man took his wallet out. To be told there are no prescription charges in Scotland.
    What happens in Scotland is not even on the English radar. We are saddled with English news on the tv. They don’t benefit from have news from any where but england

  141. Cactus says:

    2017’s comin’, whaddya think of that cool independent people?

    Was at Sitges today.. some beach.

  142. Vambomarbeleye says:

    One of the things I find strange with English fascism. They will puff out their chests on how England stood alone against the Hun. But if it wasent for the polish pilots and other nationalitys. The Battle of Britain would have definetly been lost. The Polish squadron shot down more Germans than any one else. Because they got in much closer to engage the enemy.
    What are they teaching for history in English schools.

  143. Peter Hutchison says:

    Sorry should have been racism but Bethan’s right with fascism after all.

  144. Cactus says:

    Eitherway, it’s awe the same.



  145. Liz g says:

    Stephen @12.08
    In theory the poll tax legislation could have breeched the act of the union.
    While you’re best bet here is to ask Robert Peffers.

    I will give it a go to try to explain the difference.

    This vote (EU) explicitly asked what the people themselves wanted.
    Which is compatible with not only Scot’s Law but with the concept of popular Soverenty (AKA people power) which is something most people can live with,as opposed to the other thing ( Parliamentary Soverenty ) which is the thing that tells you that whenever you elect a government to decide,they will in fact decide.Like it or lump up.

    With all sorts of legal arguments later it boils down to…..

    When the Poll Tax was brought in…. Because….
    Our elected representatives (Westminster…all of them !!!since the Act Of Union ) who are charged with guarding Scotland’s interests took no issue with it being imposed.
    Then the point of view is created that Scotland through her free and fairly elected representatives dose indeed allow this tax to be enforced.

    All those arguments when it comes to Brexit,are a wee bit different

    Scotland has not only asked her government —-both of them—to keep her in the EU,she has politicians who will argue to do just that,and Scotland’s current politicians have said they will act.

    This is where the difference comes in ,
    Poll Tax = Is fine with the act of Union because nobody (Labour ) could see why not …so didn’t ask,a court,to say anything about it.

    Would it have said yay…or….nay..who knows ?

    Brexit = will be challenged, and, only when challenged can a choice/decision be made about the Act of Union.

    This is and has always been my view…This Treaty would and will easily be struck down in court

    Therefore the plan is to not ever let it get there.
    Poll Tax protesters had no route to Court.

    Holyrood has the ability to ask a Court to look to see if the terms and conditions of the Treaty have been breeched the only barriers were the Scottish Government’s willingness to do so.

    Hope that helps.

  146. Smallaxe says:

    Hi Cactus what have you been up to and where.I see a friend of
    TSAHB above you in the thread,WOT no man in the jar.NEXT.


  147. Kevin Evans says:

    Read a few posts from people voicing worry at an indyref2 lose and in they circumstances they would leave Scotland. I wouldn’t blame yous but I hope you don’t have to make that choice and we win our freedom,

    I can’t do another sept 19th.

    What the uk doesn’t understand is brexit has left them out in the cold and the world sees this and now the uk’s chickens are coming home to roost. There are so many nations like India who have a history with the U.K. That is not favourable towards the UK. There all gonna want to put the boot in.

    We need out this Union.

    I seen a tweet about article 50 bring started would be illegal under the act of union. It would be handy if that prevents brexit and England dissolves the Union for us. Fingers crossed.

  148. Ghillie says:

    Hmm, I wonder how that went done with all our Proud Scot But…no voters?

    That wee film surely has to be a great boost for Independence = )

  149. Petra says:

    @ Vambomarbeleye says at 2:45 am …. ”One of the things I find strange with English fascism. They will puff out their chests on how England stood alone against the Hun. But if it wasent for the polish pilots and other nationalitys. The Battle of Britain would have definetly been lost. The Polish squadron shot down more Germans than any one else. Because they got in much closer to engage the enemy. What are they teaching for history in English schools.”

    Vambomarbeleye just yesterday we heard on the news of a Spaniard who saved Britain during World War2, 70 odd years on. Forgotten about, AGAIN, now no doubt.

    My husband is of Polish, German and Austrian descent. A number of his relatives fought on either side of the divide during WW2. Fought in Warsaw to save the Jews. Flew with the Luftwaffe. Many shot down. The stories that could be told are utterly remarkable and amazing however the BBC aint going to tell anyone soon. Just keep on plugging the stiff upper lip English as being the winners of the War.

    No mention either of the SAS being established by Scots.

    No mention of the brave Canadians, Australians or New Zealanders.

    The Polish airmen turned the tide of the war completely around. Probably saved Britain from Nazism but what credit did they get? Nought. Worst still they weren’t even allowed to march in the 1946 Victory Parade. The ONLY Nation involved in the War to be excluded. Well they were UTTERLY heartbroken as you can imagine. I know as I knew one of them. Worst still when they were told to bu**er off out of the UK and return to USSR Poland where they would be imprisoned, tortured and killed. USSR Poland agreed on by Winston Churchill. What’s new?

    And then again German SS agents were allowed to stay in the UK. Scotland. Covered up. I knew one of them too.

    Going back in time one of my direct ancestors was William Thomas Turner Captain of the Lusitania. He at that time was also Commodore of Cunard and bestowed with the rank of Commander in the Royal Naval Reserve by the Admiralty. Most of this now deleted online. He was made a scapegoat by Winston Churchill. His ship torpedoed, and hundreds of lives lost, to bring the US into the War. He survived but died a broken man. Do I hate Westminster? YES oh YES I do.

    Video of a proud people. Research highlights that they are the most hardworking people in the UK. Work ethic second to none. Contributing greatly to the Treasury. Reviled now in Brexit England thanks to ….. Westminster and the stinking media. ‘Go home Poles’. Truly heartbreaking.

    Video (one of my fabulous, most decent, young relatives 1:19 in).

  150. Jeannie says:

    Can I add one more:

    John Brown’s Shipyard reopens in Clydebank to manufacture undies for Janet Daley.

    We need some comic relief from these clowns.

  151. Jeannie says:

    All kidding aside, take this from an ex-pat who works for the Australian government:

    If the May government think that they will be making big trade deals with Australia any time soon, they are dreaming.

    When the UK joined the common market in 1973, they dropped Australia like a ton of bricks. For the past 40 years, Australia has been an integral part of the South-East-Asian trading bloc. These trade agreements took years and years to formulate.

    There was a massive glut of wool with no buyers. The (then) Prime Minister Paul Keating built a bridge to China and made many visits to negotiate a trade agreement. In China’s first order, they took the ENTIRE mountain of wool and set up knitwear factories all over China. Since then, China has been a big importer of Australian goods, notably iron ore from the Pilbara. Australia also has solid trade agreements all across South-East Asia (or Australasia) as does New Zealand our neighbour.

    It would take a generation (at least) for the UK to formulate such lucrative trade agreements. And remember, almost half of the Australian population voted to end the monarchy in the referendum of 1999.

    The days of colonial loyalties are over. Australia is a multicultural country, and many of its citizens are from other former colonies of the UK who don’t see the UK as a friend.

    They want their cake and eat it. Wakey, wakey time…the world has changed and power politics have taken a big shift.

    Just saying…

  152. Clootie says:

    I thought it was the 1st. of April….I also spotted several fakes…nice trap 🙂
    I think I’m going to be sick!

  153. faolie says:

    They’re mental. They really are stark, staring mental. They really do think we’ll be back to the days of Empire by leaving the EU.

    And I’ve no idea who Allister Heath is.

  154. Breeks says:

    @Jeannie 4:46

    Never heard that Jeanie, but the woollen industry in the Borders went into steep decline in the 70’s and has never recovered. It was always put down to cheap labour in the Far East, but the Chinese having such cause for building a wool industry overnight has never come to my attention before. It would seem Scotland’s woollen industry meant as much to Westminster as Scotland’s fishing industry.

    The Bullshit covering the U.K. runs deeper and deeper…

  155. Breeks says:

    Not saying the UK is on the same path as 1930’s Germany, but in the books I’ve read, many in Germany couldn’t understand what happened to the sensible Germans who were intelligent creative people with a respectable and structured society, but who couldn’t get their act together to prevent their country heading into chaos because by the time the dangers were realised, the Nazis had a momentum that was unstoppable.

    I find myself asking the same question about the considerate and intelligent conscience of England. Wake the feck up and stop the madness.

  156. Ken500 says:

    Heath. Employee – editor? Of the Telegraph. The non Dom tax evaders Barclay Brothers employee They live on an offshore island. They want to ruin the world economy so they can tax evade. People are being sanctioned and killed. Enough is never enough for multimillionaires like May Thatcher and associates. They rotten to the core lying criminals. They make people sick. People are sick of the sight of them. Going down like a lead ballon. Plundering public money. The reason they are in politics is to line their pockets. Along with their associates. Try to ruin the Scottish economy.

    26Million Russians died in the 11WW. They made the biggest sacrifice, not the West. Poland was handed to Russian dominance after the War. In Europe 1/2Million French died. 1/2Million British. 2million US. (Higher pop) 6 million Poles, 6 Million Jews. Most pro rata in Germany. The bomb
    Was dropped by the US. There are reports Japan tried to surrender. The US dropped the bomb to show Russia dominance. British war debt was only repaid in the 80’s ?

    The EU is really important to keep Europe united and safe. The US, France and the U.K. Have been bombing the Middle East and taking their resumes for nearly 100 years. The Balfour Agreement 1917. Lord Balfour, Rothschild – Lloyd George – gave the right for an apartheid State in Palestine. No universal suffrage. Britain and France (US) carved up the Middle East. Took all the Oil resources and left the people in poverty. Reneged on promises of the vote for support in the 1 and 11 World War. Lawrence of Arabia was campaigning Westminster to give the Arabs the vote. He was killed in a motorcycle accident. The Middle East has been plundered, betrayed destroyed by the West.

    Russian Revloution 1917. ‘The divide right of Kings’. British dominated European monachy. Victoria’s children and grandchildren. Cousins inter-married. No universal suffrage until 1928 in Britain. Later for many European countries. 1978? for Spain. Switzerland women got the vote much later. World War 11 -‘ let the Nazi’s and the Communist fight it out’- France and Britain. The Russian called it a ‘capitalist war’ and told the working class not to fight.

    The EU was founded after the 11WW because people were starving in Europe. Marshal Plan etc. It was formed to trade and prevent future wars. It is mainly a trading – human rights organisation. Germany and Japan were not allowed armies – weaponry after the 11WW. There were major fears about re-armourment. CND. Germany and Japan economy became more successful not spending the equivalent of £Billions on redundant weaponry. There are moves to allow then to re-arm. Germany sold submarines to Israel.

    Russia and the US started an Arms race after WW11. They had to stop in the 1970/80’s. It was bankrupting both countries. They signed unilateral nuclear disarmament treaties to limit nuclear weapons. Now Iran has nuclear, supplied by the US. Israel has 122 warheads supplied by the US. Without US support Israel as a military base would not exist.

  157. Ken500 says:

    The UK can trade with who it wants but will not have the advantageous terms of EU membership. The negotiating collective power of 500 million people. Both within the EU and as a member. The US, India, Brazil etc can put up tarriffs and barriers to protect their markets. The EU collectively can challenge this with the regulation for free trade. Or threaten to retaliate in a trade war, Not beneficial to either parties/companies etc. US multinationals are granted patents, creating monopolies, charging any remuneration and no paying taxes. The EU can challenge these restrictive trade practices as a larger group/body. Eg Google will have to pay taxes equally in each country. No have an unfair tax advantage against other EU companies.

    The UK gov and their associates want to tax evade. That is why they want out of the EU. The UK/US are the most unequal, unfair countries in the world. People are being sanctioned and starved. The U.K./US are involved in illegal wars destroying the world economy. Leading to poverty and deprivation. Millions of innocent people have been maimed and killed.

  158. Like me, has anybody been following Will’s and Kate’s visit to the Canadian colony?
    To see Our Royal Majesties and their simply wonderfully photogenic children representing Empress Elizabeth in the colonies makes me feel so proud to be part of the Empire.
    Brexit is long overdue.
    I concur with Boris on this one.
    It’s time to reclaim the Commonwealth and reform our Great and Wonderful British Empire.
    I’m so pleased that George Gallowa

  159. Ken500 says:

    Australia has 20million people NZ 5 million? Plus transport costs. Not a 500million nearest market.

    The Tories are a vacuous joke. They are a danger to the economy. They have tried to destroy the Scottish Oil sector with high taxes when the price had fallen. Losing £Billions and thousands of jobs. Now importing US Fracked Gas to benefit the US economy. Putting up the balance of payments deficit and the debt,

  160. Like me, has anybody been following Will’s and Kate’s visit to the Canadian colony, our hearts bursting with pride that we are ruled by such wonderful royals?
    To see Our Royal Majesties and their simply wonderfully photogenic children representing Empress Elizabeth in the colonies makes me feel so proud to be part of the Empire.
    Brexit is long overdue.
    I concur with Boris on this one.
    It’s time to reclaim the Commonwealth and reform our Great and Wonderful British Empire.
    I’m so pleased that George Galloway has decided to wrest Glasgow East back from those Jock insurgents.
    No more bendy cucumbers for me!

  161. Undeadshaun says:

    Watching that video and seeing how lots of people voted, made me think about this film..

  162. BJ says:

    Jack Collatin@7:48

    Sky news presenter Sarah-Jane (ithnk that’s her name) commented on how cute George was with his knee high socks and will make all those republicans in Canada think again when they see him!!!

    A recent survey found that 64% of Canadians support wee Betty at the moment but that figure of support for the crown would drop to 34% if it was Charlie on the throne.

    Future dissent in the colonies maybe?? Get the Redcoats prepared.

  163. galamcennalath says:


    Betty is queen of 16 realms, so Wiki tells me.

    I would expect when she pops her clogs, very few will continue with that system for head of state.

  164. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @BJ –

    If any of us survive long enough to witness it, Madge’s send-off should be quite something if her old man’s is anything to go by.

    Somehow I don’t think it’ll be quite as lavish a gig as his, but have a listen to the voice of the ‘commentator’ – sound familiar?

    ‘Funeral of King George VI’ –

  165. TheWallace says:

    Remember Scottish lives were used to gain ‘The Empire’. Until the Act of Union in 1707, England had conquered SFA…Cromwell had managed to slaughter loads of Scots and Irish, but neither nation was subjugated. After the ‘Union’, Scots were the vanguard in taking Canada, India etc. Waterloo, Balaclava ‘Thin Red Line’ …always ‘Jocks’ dying…’Tis no pity if they fall’.

    The twentieth century: 1/5 of all British war dead..150,000 are Scots in First war with a 1/10 oof the population…yet all we hear is crap about the ‘pals’ battalions from the N. of England. Yes they existed, and yes they suffered, but rememberin every village and town in Scotland there was loss of life unprecedented south of the border.

    The Second world war…Dunkirk…the iconic ‘triumph’..actually a shameful evacuation predicated on the sacrifice of the Highland division at St. Valery, left by Churchill as the rearguard. Still fighting on dyas after the Dunkirk lot were safe in merry England. Whe are we going to see that documentary?

    In the same century we lost nearly 2 million to emigration. Prof Tom Devine described it as Scotland becoming almost ‘unviable’ as a nation. The reason? British RUK Gov. indifference and desire to subjugate us as they have always done for the past thousand years.

  166. paul miller says:

    It’s quite funny how they don’t acknowledge that they are the non civic and non joyous nationalist movement (the things they accuse us of). The rhetoric is unreal. The nonsense of bringing back a clapped out old boat moored currently in Edinburgh is another example of this. Can you imagine how embarrassing that would be!

  167. galamcennalath says:

    “The Telegraph’s bizarre list of 100 reasons to be happy about Brexit”

    New Statesman lists and ridicules the 100.

  168. Anagach says:

    Ok I read this article, and I have heard about it.

    I have not seen the video.

    I am not sure I can bear to look.

    It sounds like an entry in the Turner prize, perhaps titled, Narrow Parochial Little Englander Redux 2016.

  169. Tattie-boggle says:

    What if a woman isn’t cheap will she still get insurance?

  170. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @paul miller –

    The chance for an amicable spilt was right there, in ’97, when Britannia was decommissioned.

    We could’ve said to Madge et al, ‘Okay, load it up with as much booty as you can carry, cash in yer chips at Threadneedle Street and we’ll give you a decent send-off. Send us postcards now and then. Bon voyage.’

    They would’ve received a warm welcome on that island where The Chooky Embra’s considered a God.

    But nah…they’re still here…the Visitors from Hell.


  171. Smout says:

    Did the telegraph really publish this?

    Don’t think I have ever seen anything that both made me feel so nauseated and scared at the same time.


  172. Vambomarbeleye says:

    @ Petra.
    Good post.
    I was stationed in Germany for many years. Made a lot of friends. Learnt about history and how events unfold.
    One friends father was the first brown shirt in Wuppertal. Another’s father high ranking waffen SS. He had Himmler as a friend. Yet another. Her father was one of the first 600 into Auschwitze. Got out at the end as well.
    Another friends family escaped over the ice from Koningsberg to Danmark. The father was on the last plane from Stalingrad. POW in Russia till 1950.
    I’m rambling.
    These were unquestionably bad times. There is a film with Himmlers secretary. She admits to being politically naive. How many does that apply to in Scotland, U.K. EU. now.
    We have to be ever vigilant as we know in Scotland to our cost. Freedom is something that can be lost all too easy.
    There is a very nasty element in England. Most likely all ways was. Jewish pogroms in the 1200s, black shirts in the 1930s, national front etc.
    You really can’t afford to take your eye off the ball. Perhaps a big wall at the border is not such a bad idea after all.

  173. Richardinho says:

    ‘None of them are fake.’

    lol- brilliant trolling. Just about at every one of those I thought it had to be the one that was too bat shit crazy even for the Telegraph!

  174. Brian McHugh says:

    For comedy value, it’s a work of satirical genius. 😀

  175. Effijy says:

    Just explains why many call the rag The Daily Telecrap!

    The Daily Hail, an alternative right wing extremist rag
    made a claim in the Emma I hate Scotland Cowling column, that you could buy “I hate Shortbread” Badges at the Labour
    Party Conference?

    I take it to be an anti-Scottish comment, as it is mandatory
    for her to include at least one negative comment against Scotland, or it just would be her or the Mail.

    Seen that Fanny Fraser Nelson on Murdoch’s Sky News last night, and it seems that he has lowered himself to make contact with the working classes?

    It seems that they, that’s you and me, have never had it so good, Ever, although there is some difficulty with a shortage of housing.

    Are you an Ecstatically Happy Homeless, Zero Hours Contract, Disabled Person who voted Remain and for Independence, who has to suck Lemons to stop the pain of smiling all day?

  176. Vambomarbeleye says:

    Just seen in mail.
    Government planing a one million pound memorial for the polish airmen to be built in Hyde park. There is one at Northolt but the want something more prominent.
    Also school curriculum to reflect that other nations fought with a Britain etc.
    Full article in the DM

  177. MJT says:

    There’s some inciteful words in this Spectator article explaining how Jerusalem by William Blake, (who was a sound geezer) is not patriotic.

    “The truth about Jerusalem is that it isn’t a patriotic poem at all. Parry’s music gives the hymn an upbeat tempo – especially with the booming orchestration by Edward Elgar – but William Blake’s original words are as laced with resentful irony as Shostakovich’s Leningrad symphony. Famously, Blake asks four questions in succession, and the answer to each is a resounding no.

    Christ’s feet never trod in England; the Lamb of God didn’t gambol – preposterous as the image is – around the Cotswolds; the Holy Spirit wasn’t regularly spotted in London fog; and most directly of all, there was no sense of Jerusalem in the dark Satanic mills of the Industrial Age.

    The consequent fantasy of building a New Jerusalem in England is widely understood by anyone who studies Blake to be a stonking parody of Napoleonic Era nationalism. Even in 1804, no one sung and danced about their own ‘mental fight’ and expected to be taken seriously.

    Instead, Jerusalem encapsulates Blake’s fears about the all-too-easy suppression of the individual spirit.”

    The only version of Jerusalem worthy of Blake is The Fall’s version on ‘I am Kurious Oranj’

    It’s funny how some people of Englandshire sing or hum along to Jerusalem without thinking about the meaning in the words, or to think about the kind of man William Blake was. And here we are, middle-class England holding the song close to it’s collective chest no knowing the song is actually a bit of a fuck you. Fuckin bawbags.

  178. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @MJT –



    If you haven’t seen it, this old South Bank Show about Blake is soo-perb.

  179. Simon Curran says:

    In addition to The Fall Billy Bragg has a decent version of it and Mike Scott launched into it in a Waterboys song though of the top of my head I can’t recall which one. Both artists capture the spirit of Blake much more than the usual jingoistic English nationalism as represented by the soundtrack to that bizarre Telegraph list.

  180. Tam Jardine says:


    Thanks for posting that- absolutely brilliant. I never really paid attention to the lyrics before! I will think of it every time I hear Jerusalem and laugh.

  181. David Agnew says:

    That was toe curling. The rUK really is the Grand Duchy of Fenwick

  182. Edward Bruce says:

    English wine, delightful!. Perfect for toasting the re-birth of the Great British Empire.
    I recommend:

    Big Nobby’s
    English Wine
    Chateau de Dartford, Kent

    £2.49 per carton
    (buy 2 get 1 free)

    Bottoms up!

  183. Donald Marr says:

    It’s sad to see such support of a customs cabal that pays over 10 000 of it officials more than the British PM.
    It’s a gravy train ,of little relevance to most peoples lives .

  184. Muscleguy says:

    Too right Grouse Beater. I was a kid in NZ when the UK entered the EEC and the shutters went up. The words expressing betrayal were shocking to me.

    A rather ramshackle collection of freezing works was rationalised, rebuilt and regional container ports built so produce for export did not have to travel far to get on a ship. Just like no sheep had to travel far for slaughter.

    NZ became leaner and cannier. Those freezing works hired Imams, developed a humane halal killing method (approved, with minor changes by Temple Grandin) and started to export sheepmeat to Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia etc. The humble, hairy Chinese Gooseberry was rechristened as the kiwifruit and an industry was born. A new culture of entrepreneurship flourished and trade deals feted in the Media. We sold sand to the Arabs and bartered butter for Ladas with the Soviets. The NZ Dairy Board (now Fontera) controlled 60% of world traded milkfats despite NZ only accounting for something like 15%.

    NZ has just signed Free Trade agreements with China and NAFTA, it has trading rights with the EU. Why would it want to deny those by putting bulk it no longer had unassigned into the rUK? It makes no sense.

    Especially since the Pound relative to the NZ$ is weak at the moment. My sister over in London from NZ couldn’t believe how cheap everything was. The pound is worth something like NZ$1.30c. When we came to the UK in ’93 it was about NZ$2.40.

    Selling for pounds is just not attractive. To buy NZ produce English importers may have to pay in Euros.

  185. gus1940 says:


    Perhaps Angus Robertson could ask a question based on what you say at the next PMQs and see what the reaction of Theresa and the 3 Brexiteers is.

    If he did ask it you can be guaranteed that the media wouldn’t report it.

  186. Andy.D says:

    Sing, that’s the way ahuh ahuh I like it ahuh ahuh. F..k the EU lets make it work, Scotland the Brave.

  187. Fraser Darling says:

    If you do the poll you’ll get an amusing result.

    Q: what most excites you about brexit

    A: (57%) deciding our own destiny

  188. Anne C says:

    Had genuinely presumed this to be a parody. Wow.

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