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The Third Sex 74

Posted on February 02, 2023 by

Get ready to curl your toes, readers, as the excellent journalist and author Ella Whelan puts economy-grade script-reading robot Jenny Gilruth of the SNP on the spot during tonight’s Question Time.

Despite having watched Nicola Sturgeon be tied in embarrassing knots by Douglas Ross on the same question hours earlier, Gilruth was powerless to deviate from the line that self-declared “transgender” rapists are a mysterious and separate species, neither male nor female – Schrodinger’s Rapists, if you will – because otherwise the SNP’s entire gender reform ideology dissolves instantly into mist.

Bepenised individuals who rape women – will we EVER know what they are? Judging by the groans of the studio audience as she blustered away vacuously, everyone in the room but Jenny Gilruth was already pretty sure.

Nicola Sturgeon is a transphobe 67

Posted on February 02, 2023 by

This afternoon’s FMQs was a new low in the career of the First Minister, in which she haplessly let herself be comprehensively humiliated by Douglas Ross, of all people.

Worse than that, though, is that she must surely now be expelled from the SNP.

Hey, we don’t make the rules.

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Round the mulberry bush 121

Posted on January 30, 2023 by

We’re very busy today, but there’s always time for a chuckle.

She’s going to need to buy a ticket to get back into the stadium after that.

Doublethink, Expert Level 144

Posted on January 27, 2023 by

This is incredible.

We couldn’t put it better than Alba MP Neale Hanvey, who said:

A cunning plan… let’s fight to preserve a law we’ve just done a major U-turn on, completely undermining our claims it was ‘safe’. Remember when Scottish Labour played opposite sides of the argument? Well, even they didn’t argue both sides on the same front page on the same day.”

The SNP are a flailing shambles of incompetence, under a leader fast losing her iron grip on her own party as they watch her turning it into a laughing stock with growing horror. More and more disquiet reaches our ears from within her increasingly leaky and nervous Parliamentary groups. Who will be the first to tie their courage to a flagpole and make the move to mutiny? We can only wait and see.

Scotland’s Dregs Problem 150

Posted on January 26, 2023 by

Man, we wish we hadn’t used this headline up two days ago.

BBC Scotland’s Debate Night programme last night was rather peculiar. It took place in a mostly-empty studio, but clearly not due to COVID precautions because the people who were there were all jammed tightly together in the middle. (In fairness, given BBC Scotland’s audience ratings they may still have outnumbered television viewers.)

On an all-female panel it featured, “by popular demand”, someone presenter Stephen Jardine described as “one of our best-loved comedians”, a former electrician called Susie McCabe, who we’d never heard of in our lives. (She apparently presented the channel’s Hogmanay show, something no sane adult has watched since 1982.)

She made one particular contribution that set social media aflame.

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The joke isn’t funny any more 217

Posted on January 24, 2023 by

Last night we couldn’t help chuckling at this.

Because as someone else on Twitter mocked, what’s actually laughable is the idea that criminals would never engage in any kind of deception in order to commit crimes, and that someone like Peter Tatchell would be so idiotic as to suggest such a thing.

But tonight it’s not even blackly comic.

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Sometimes there are no words 89

Posted on January 23, 2023 by

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Look, no elephants 83

Posted on January 20, 2023 by

Our sinister network of shadowy agents informs us that the document below has just been sent by Murray Foote to all SNP Parliamentarians. (Click to enlarge.)

It would appear that the SNP is feeling some heat.

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The more that I saw you burning 131

Posted on January 17, 2023 by

The recently-restored Wings Twitter account has a little over 56,000 followers, the vast bulk of them accumulated at a time when this site had far less reason to criticise the SNP or the Scottish Government. So while this poll isn’t scientific, the indy-friendly nature of the respondent base makes it pretty interesting.

Those numbers closely mirror what every actual proper poll tells us about Scottish people’s opinion of the GRR itself – they oppose it by margins of between 3:1 and 4:1. So if the Scottish Government is counting on the UK’s intervention to increase support for independence, frankly it looks like they’re onto a massive loser.

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The lowest of the low 168

Posted on January 16, 2023 by

…by which we mean “IQs in the history of the Scottish Parliament”.

Put a cushion on your desk before you start listening to this, gang, or you might hurt your jaw. Because surely nobody quite as paralysingly, catastrophically thick as this clueless, bumbling, deranged and dangerous imbecile has ever been allowed to make the laws of Scotland before. We wouldn’t let her make orange squash, to be honest.

And yes, we’re including Kezia Dugdale and Jamie Greene in that reckoning.

(If you weren’t aware, the UK government HAS now decided to use a Section 35 order to block the appalling Gender Recognition Reform bill. We support it wholeheartedly.)

Pete’s New Programming 118

Posted on January 11, 2023 by

A few months ago, we all had a good chuckle at Pete Wishart’s screeching 180-degree turn on the subject of using a plebiscitary election for independence, a strategy which switched overnight from “suicidal, disastrous fringe lunacy with no hope of success” to “genius plan Nicola herself came up with”.

But after that crude ad-hoc field patch, we’re delighted to be able to report that Pete has submitted himself to SNP HQ for a full operating system update and is now fully compliant with the New Truth.

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When farce becomes horror 68

Posted on December 20, 2022 by

One of the most memorable lectures I had as an undergraduate student at university was on Eugene Ionesco’s play “Rhinoceros”, a defining work of the Theatre Of The Absurd genre. It is both a timeless and timely text, on a par with 1984 or The Crucible.

During the opening scene, the everyman protagonist Berenger sits having coffee with a friend. Midway through their conversation, a rhino charges past the café. Berenger is startled and concerned but his friend seems unperturbed, in denial that they even saw a rhinoceros.

Throughout the rest of the play, Berenger watches in incredulity and terror as, one by one, every person around him, colleagues and friends, transform into rhinoceroses, the cause seemingly being part-infection, part-capitulation.

In the final scene, he stands at his window looking out over the carnage, and in a moment of desperation, tries to force himself to transform into a rhinoceros. Despite his efforts, he is unable to and upon regaining his senses, vows in a hopeless frenzy that he will never capitulate.

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