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This can only end well

Posted on March 01, 2016 by

Goodness gracious.


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  1. kiltedsplendour says:

    I could never bring myself to support anyone called Toby. I know it’s irrational but it’s how I feel.

  2. JillP says:

    The most worrying part of that is that he is serious. 🙂

  3. Andy Macneil says:

    Do we need to put on proper suits and do up our ties as well…? Delusion knows no bounds, it would seem.

  4. ArtyHetty says:

    The ‘union of nations’.

    Are we at war or something? Looks like they want their cake and eat it. The arrogance of this is just mind boggling.

    I will always sing GSTQ, of course, sex pistols style.

  5. CageyBee says:

    Surely there will be a few surprised yoons that thought gstq was already being used at such

  6. proudscot says:

    I would suggest England supporters could adopt that “anthem” the blue rinse brigade bellow out at the Last Night of The Proms, with a slight change of words – “Land of Dopes and Tories”.

  7. Macart says:


  8. Quentin Quale says:

    I think Toby and his friends will find that England and English sport – fitba in particular – will be getting quite a lot of TLC from the media and others this year. I’m already compiling my 1966 Bingo Chart.

  9. geeo says:

    Good grief !!!

    “You are now entering….the twilight zone” !!!!!!

  10. Ross Lowe says:

    Wait a minute – He wants the Scots, Welsh & the Irish to sing the ENGLISH national anthem at sporting events even if it is against the English (say the 6 nations for example)? I am flabbergasted that someone wants the other nations in the union to abort there own anthem to sing the UK/English anthem. This cannot be for real! Nobody is that stupid…..surely!

  11. AngusSkye says:

    “The Right Thing To Do” – this vastly overworked phrase is an immediate off-switch for me. Slick Dave uses it constantly.

    You can almost guarantee that whatever is being proposed by Slick Dave, or any others of his ilk, is certainly not “the right thing to do”.

  12. heedtracker says:

    BBC guest full of usual UKOK puzzlement, “Most Scots actually want to sing god save the queen as well” Aye we do.

    Anyway its the Red Flag, anthem of the once great Labour party, until they went red toryboy mad. Another tragic Blair, Brown, Darling etc legacy. Not for them ofcourse, they got loadsafackin money.

  13. blackhack says:

    I wonder if “Toby’s” Carer/responsible person knows he’s put this on the internet ??

  14. Takeour blueback says:

    Not gonna deny our English cousins a National Anthem but seriously….”To show their loyalty”?

    I have two words in tribute to Frank Kelly – “Feck off!”

  15. David Mills says:

    So Welsh, Scots & the peoples of Northern Ireland should be “God save the Queen” to promote unity but for the same of English pride they need their own anthem.
    Go ahead an have anthem but noone is stopping but the hypocrisy of ask other nations to sing GSQ is staggering.
    At best you suggesting that international events are delayed by having two anthem sung and in the international arena that just not going to fly.

    Suggestion drop the other UK show loyalty nonsense and just campaign for an English anthem

  16. Macart says:

    Is this halfwit aware of how the UK’s press portrays Scotland and its parliament? The casual racism aimed at the Welsh, Scottish and Irish? A narrative created by politicians to cause massive societal division and WE apparently have to show respect.

    Just wow! 😮

  17. Nana says:

    I thought the name rang a bell, sure I watched the debate. Alex Salamond spoke as did Rees Mogg. It’s probably still available to view.

  18. Vestas says:

    Couple of months “old” but priceless none the less :

  19. Macbeda says:

    O/T or then again maybe not

    Remind me.

    Which of these does the Scotland Bill give us again?

    Because EVEL gives all of these to England and not to the other nations.

    Setting a National Minimum Wage
    Taxing Oil and Gas Revenue
    Setting Inheritance Tax
    Changing Taxes on Fuel
    Changing Duty on Tobacco
    Changing Duty on Alcohol
    Varying Statutory Sick Pay
    Changing the Equality Act
    Changing VAT
    Setting National Insurance
    Having a foreign policy
    Changing the Jobcentre Network
    Setting Statutory Maternity Pay
    Holding a Constitutional Referendum
    Setting the State Pension
    Setting Child Benefit rates
    Removing our Weapons of Mass Destruction
    Changing Income Tax Allowance
    Renationalising the Railway
    Scrapping the Bedroom Tax
    Setting Bereavement Allowance
    Receiving Revenue from Savings and Dividends
    Changing more than 15% of your welfare
    Collecting the correct amount of Corporation Tax due
    Receiving our EU funding monies directly
    Having a say on Common Fishing Policy
    Having a say on Common Agricultural Policy

  20. Lollysmum says:

    I find that leaflet absolutely pathetic & embarassing. I’m allowed to say that as I am English. I wouldn’t sing GSTQ if you paid me & I’d willingly kick the scrounging ‘benefits family’ out of Buck House as well. We have to work so the same should apply to them.

  21. Pa Broon says:

    I think Toby may be a wee bit simple of mind.

    His flyer makes no sense. Are other people going to sing to make me feel included or do I have to sing it? Am I going to be singing the English national anthem or the UK one?

    And if I’m going to be singing ‘god save the queen’ in order to make England feel equal, is that not a wee bit cringing and obsequious?

    On balance, its a no from me.

  22. starlaw says:

    Brings back memories of the stampede for the door when GSQ was played in picture houses .. not a place for the fainthearted

  23. Steve Bowers says:

    Pah ! Whining porridge wogs, sing our anthem and know your place

  24. bobajock says:

    Holy craptripe. I will never sing the song that derides the Scottish in verse, not a hope in hell of singing that thing.

    I am typically moved by our current standard Flower, but can imagine others should we choose.

    Lets respect the taxpayers, not the 1%’ers 1%.

  25. Richard Smith says:

    Ideally, Scottish football supporters would sing the Liberal Democrats’ party song.

  26. mealer says:

    I think GSTQ is a perfectly suitable anthem for all sporting events.To ditch it for some other anthem would be highly disrespectful for Her Brittanic Majesty The Queen of England (long may she reign).Its this sort of thing that cost England her empire.If we’d turned water canon on those Scotch savages who booed the National Anthem at Murrayfield all those years ago,we could have nipped all this Scottishness in the bud.

  27. Quarmby says:

    Aye, very good, Toby. You utter fudrick. This fresh lunacy is right up there with ‘Clean For The ‘Queen’.

  28. Famous15 says:


    The committees of the HOC exploring procedures for the Europe Referendum is beginning to show how the Scottish Referendum was fixed!

  29. Skip_NC says:

    Macbeda, I think if the Speaker certified “Money Bills” as subject to EVEL, it would create a serious constitutional issue. About half of your list are items that properly belong in a Money Bill. I should hope the Speaker would recognise the implications before certifying anything that even smells like a Money Bill.

  30. robertknight says:

    Awe, bless… 🙂

  31. jimnarlene says:

    I’ve never sang it, never will.
    The Pistols version, on the other hand, many times.

  32. Bob Mack says:

    Thinks for a second, No ,it’s not happening

  33. Stoker says:

    “England needs to be given a little TLC”

    Well, i for one fully agree with that part of their bumflet and i’m being serious when i raise this point again;

    Rev, i truly feel it’s about time you set up a Wings Over England sister site. The people of England need to know the truth as much as we do.

    Surely you must have more than a few acquaintances who are cable of assisting you in that wee adventure? Just make sure you stay as head honcho at WOS.

    Can you imagine the sort of funding possible with that size of potential market. There will be more than a few kittens available. I can smell the Drunken Horseshit already.

    That would be one helluva fire to start.

    SNP x 2

    A WOW would not be such a bad thing either!

  34. Toby D says:

    Shit! As a huge supporter of Scottish independence, does that mean I’ll have tae change my name by deed poll?! ??

  35. Tartan Tory says:

    Lets be fair and pragmatic here….

    The Scots have their own semi-official national anthem in ‘Flower of Scotland’. So too, the Welsh with ‘Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’ (Land of My Fathers). Even the N.Irish have ‘A Londonderry Air’, which is more of a regional than national anthem, but it exists for sporting occasions.

    However, I’ve no idea about an English national anthem. Land of Hope & Glory perhaps? Jerusalem maybe? A bit odd to have your antherm named after a foreign city!!

    Anyway, the truth is that ‘God Save The Queen’ is NOT an English anthem at all and should never be considered as such. It is effectively an anthem for all the Commonwealth countries where the queen remains as head of state. It’s as much English as it is Scottish, or even Barbadian for that matter.

    The problem with Toby and his all too common ilk, is that being English of itself is somewhat meaningless these days. They have no soverign country, no national anthem, no signature product on the world stage and virtually no national identity at all. Even the British Bulldog sporting the Union Jack isn’t English – it’s BRITISH!!

    In fact, the only things they have that are intrinsically valuable can be found in the ‘UK’ and not in England. This is why they can be such ardent BritNats, especially when it comes to their neighbouring environs.

    One day, they will waken-up and realise that they have nothing at all which makes them great. Perhaps many of them have already done so, which is why they campaigned so hard to keep Scotland.

    But give poor Toby some slack folks!! He only want’s what his neighbours already have and he is green with envy. He’s just too proud to say it. 😉

  36. Petra says:

    Will we be asked to sing the full version? The one that includes the verse that clearly let us all know of their future intentions.

    ”Lord, grant that Marshal Wade
    May by thy mighty aid
    Victory bring.
    May he sedition hush and like a torrent rush,
    Rebellious Scots to crush.
    God save the King (Queen).”

  37. mik johnstone says:

    more BritNat brainwashing ? I’d rather not, I’m Scottish no British …

  38. Skip_NC says:

    Now, now people, lets all stay united and play the one tune. England can sing GSTQ and the rest of us can sing My Country, ‘Tis of Thee.,_'Tis_of_Thee

  39. think again says:

    Any national anthem dedicated to religion/god and or the monarchy is likely to upset a goodly proportion of any sporting crowd or public gathering.

    GSTQ would be a backwards step for forward looking nations. Time for England to have its own anthem and a fresh one for Scotland – as much as I like Flower of Scotland.

  40. shiregirl says:

    This is a joke, right?

  41. David says:

    This from a Labour MP?

  42. Hugh Kirk says:

    “Clean for the Queen”, that;s just stoopid,Fucking really stoopid and now singalonga “God save the Queen”…….that’s beyond stoopid but I’ll reckon there be more stoopid to come, a lot more and then we’ll get to the balls out batshit crazy stuff. Don’t turn that dial.

  43. yesindyref2 says:

    I totally agree with him and support him

    with his campaign for an English anthem.

    The Irish have the presidential anthem as well as the Irish one for home matches which is a bit tedious, but I guess the UK could do the same with gstq. It might not be sung with the same gusto in Scotland, Wales or NI though!

    Oh good grief, for home matches in Ireland they’d need THREE anthems to be sung. I can’t see that going down well in Dublin …

  44. Kirsty says:

    Dear me. I’m not sure whether to laugh or call social services to go and check on Toby. This is just mad stuff. The best bit was, well, all of it really but I especially love how we’re being exhorted to show ‘loyalty’ by singing the English or UK anthem (he’s a bit vague about which – maybe he means they’re the same. Who knows?). I also suspect he also hasn’t quite thought through the whole treating England equally thing either somehow. ?

  45. scotsbob says:

    Swing Low sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home ……then it just fades out because they don’t know the rest of the lyrics.

  46. mumsyhugs says:

    Awww come on folks – we could merrily sing away whilst we “clean for the Queen!” 🙂

  47. gerry parker says:

    I think Toby’s been at the jug.

  48. Macart says:


    Don’t you dare. 😀

    You have absolutely nothing to feel embarrassed about. That fella however could probably do with a time out. 😀

  49. yesindyref2 says:

    It occurs to me that if the national anthem has to be played when any visiting head of state is at a sporting event, they should try their best to get all 196 heads of state at a match sometime.

    Mmm, 196 x 4 minutes = 784 minutes = 13 hours and 4 minutes.

    I think I’ll invest in a burger van and a brewery. And sleeping bags.

  50. Craig P says:

    I thought I understood the message behind this but having read the comments it is obviously not clear at all. And having read the leaflet again, it is certainly not clear!

    So here is my understanding. Toby wants two levels of national anthem. One where we all sing our national songs at national sporting events (football, rugby), and the UK anthem to bind us at UK sporting events (Olympics, athletics).

    If he were to think things through further, we would also sing the EU anthem at European sporting events (Ryder cup).

  51. Weechid says:

    When someone can explain to me the logic of having royalty and when Scots have been awarded compensation in the form of independence for the notorious “Rebellious Scots” verse, then, and only then, I might consider it – or not.

  52. GusI says:


    The Scotland Bill allows the SG to set the Income Tax thresholds but not for Dividend Allowance or Personal Savings Allowance. Dividend Allowance means that from April the first 5000 pounds of dividend is tax free and Personal Savings Allowance from April the first 1000 pounds of interest is tax free.

    You also forgot Capital Gains Tax where the threshold for calculating it will be the rUK tax thresholds and not the Scottish ones.

  53. Al Ba says:

    Maybe the eejit’s a month ahead of himself? Wonder what’ll be sprung on us on 01/04?! ?

  54. @Pa Broon

    Thought I was just being dim,after reading it 3 times I still not sure what he/it wants from me or them (??),

    England can do/sing whatever it wants, `I really don’t give a tuppenny f#ck about their anthem conundrum`.

  55. Al Ba says:

    Maybe the eejit’s a month ahead of himself? Wonder what’ll be sprung on us on 01/04?! ?

  56. Al Ba says:

    Maybe the eejit’s a month ahead of himself? Wonder what’ll be sprung on us on 01/04?! ?

  57. velofello says:

    It would a better response here for Toby if some suggestions for an English national anthem were proposed.

    Lets see now,the melody needs to be simple, how about:-

    “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I think I’ll go and eat worms….”. it’s a good campfire song.

    Or Matt McGinn’s, “Polly had a Poodle”. Substitute England for poodle, and politics for references to furniture in the lyrics?

    Be nice, Toby is hurting.

  58. yesindyref2 says:

    Really and truthfully the UK as a whole needs a new anthem, something along the lines of a haka, but to reflect the UK position in the world so as to instill total intimidation into any opposing teams or athletes. I’m thinking:

    We have our gorious missiles
    Long range Trident missiles
    If we don’t win
    Fire them with viciousness
    Dreadful and glorious
    Long to rain death on us
    If we don’t win

    That should do it.

    (had to cut and paste the lyrics as I didn’t know them!)

  59. call me dave says:

    @Hugh Kirk

    Clean for the Queen (unfortunately) is alive and well in the Fife schools where only a few minutes ago my partner’s grand daughter announced she was going off to the local Glenrothes park to pick up litter as a ‘Clean for the Queen’ later in the week.

    It’s not finished there either as she had to do a birthday card to celebrate Betty’s birthday…

    I offered her my SNP high vis waistcoat to wear but she turned me down with a wee smile. FGS!

    Took me back to the 2 weeks ‘school holiday’ in the 50s where you were expected to do some tattie picking for the local farmers…

    Aye roll on independence and then have a referendum on the royals.

    SNP x 2.

  60. Thepnr says:

    Hard to believe now but remember when the BBC used to closedown with God Save The Queen every night.

    Hard now to believe that this practice only ended on the 8th November 1997 less than 2 months after a 74% vote to establish a Scottish Parliament.

  61. Karen Busher says:

    Maybe I have missed something but what’s happening on 4 March?

  62. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Haud oan there, brake. I took the trouble to go into the England In My Heart website for a look.

    The flyer, as put up by the Rev is badly-written, the website explains in better detail what this guy is after.

    He wants a specific English anthem: be it Jerusalem, There’ll Always Be An England, Land Of Hope And Glory, whatever. He simply wants England to, like the three Celtic countries, have a specific “English” anthem, rather than God Save The Queen.

    Nothing wrong with that in my view.

    For my part, I would like to see GSTQ, if it has to be retained, used, as is Hail To The Chief in the USA, specifically when the monarch is present at an event, to mark his or her arrival.

    We could then have Land Of Hope And Glory or Rule Britannia (or something) for specifically UK-wide sporting and other events, with the four Home Countries, including England, having a nation specific anthem for those occasions when they are individual entities.

    And yes, as someone wrote above, Ode To Joy for the Ryder Cup matches.

  63. Land of hope and glory is a British anthem the words were written by a Scotsman so England would have no right to use it as their anthem by the way do you notice in the news now they NEVER refer to English people being English they are always British it seems they do not mind losing their identity in these things especially if it,is causing trouble abroad ., spread the blame is the name of the game tar us all with the same brush

  64. SOG says:

    It remided me of Jimi Hendrix playing the US anthem at Woodstock. Which is on youtube if anyone cares to look.

  65. Haggishunter says:

    Toby has just shoved pro Independence support up a wee bit.
    I kin a song we could use that would be inclusive towards both side of the Northern Irish issue;
    It’s called the sash, but with Scottish Republican vocals;
    O Scotland hasnae got a Queen, and she hasnae got a king, how can we hae a second Liz, when we never had the first…tra la la laa….etc etc

  66. Ally says:

    Who do you think you are kidding Mr Campbell
    If you think old England’s done

  67. tarisgal says:

    Sorry – O/T…

    Famous15 says:
    1 March, 2016 at 4:49 pm


    The committees of the HOC exploring procedures for the Europe Referendum is beginning to show how the Scottish Referendum was fixed!

    Odd. Because I just came across this… (sorry, not au fait with the archive process!)

    Makes your late submission of election expenses look a bit silly, Rev.!

  68. liz says:

    @call me dave Think I would have something to say about that unless your partner’s family are pro royal

    She might pick up something which could cause an infection.

    This is just reminding the plebs of their position

  69. Gary45% says:

    Toby Perkins!!
    If this is not a wind up, then he is a total FLANGE.

  70. Robert Louis says:

    Here’s the news for Toby; have your wee English National anthem if you want, but let’s be clear, HELL will freeze over before I will sing that racist, colonialist, anti-Scottish, offensive dirge, God Save the Queen.

    Fact is, God Save the Queen is and always will be in reality THE English national anthem.

  71. Auld Rock says:

    What a jug. I take that in future he’ll be advocating the singing of the Irish National Anthem – Amhran Na BhFiann – The Soldiers Song.

    Auld Rock

  72. Graeme Doig says:

    As a rebellious Scot I don’t give a xxxx what Toby and his pals get up to on a Saturday afternoon as long as they get their machinations and their hands off Scotland

  73. clan rossy says:

    i would rather die than sing that song . the man has completely lost it unbelieveable .

  74. Robert Louis says:

    Thepnr at 552pm

    I too remember the god awful god save the queen, played by the BBC every night. Usually all it took was the sound of the drum roll at the start, and then my telly was off. Hadn’t realised it only stopped in 1997.

    The BBC ‘Nation shall speak propaganda unto nation’.

  75. Croompenstein says:

    Here’s the bold Toby bringing his bill before parliament and Rees-Mogg speaking against….

  76. galamcennalath says:

    Our southern neighbours really are having an identity crisis.

    Who can blame them?

    For years they have drifted along in a cosy dream where England, Britain, United Kingdom, whatever, were synonymous. Suddenly they don’t have a scooby what they are called, who they are, where they live, and what symbols identify them. Sad really!

    I blame the BBC. They’ve been passing off England as the UK since 1922. Still at it, just watch any evening news bulletin.

  77. Marcus Ward says:

    As an Englishman, I’m with you Scots. He’s a bloody nutter. Yes we are a union and I think we’re stronger for it but lets not forget our individual identities and be proud of them.

  78. sensibledave says:

    Macbeda @ 4:43 pm

    You wrote “Which of these does the Scotland Bill give us again?”

    And … “Because EVEL gives all of these to England and not to the other nations.”

    Setting a National Minimum Wage
    Taxing Oil and Gas Revenue
    Setting Inheritance Tax
    Changing Taxes on Fuel … etc, etc,

    Macbeda … You couldn’t be more wrong if you said that Scotland had brilliant football team!

    To other Wingers —- Are you going to tell Macbeda how EVEL works – or would you like me to?

    Never mind, I’ll do it!

    Macbeda, please try and understand this once and for all. Any new law that applies solely to England can only be passed as a result of a majority vote by the whole of the House of Commons – including Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs!

    Please try and keep up!

  79. Hamish100 says:

    what no takers?

    “..rebellious Scots to crush…..”

    How unpatriotic can you be to Engerland……

  80. frogesque says:

    Sensile Dave. It’s off topic I know but haw many English MPs are there compared to Scottish, Welsh and NI MPs COMBINED?

    England will get what England wants regardless of EVEL

    On topic: Hate that Royal dirge, Musically it’s rubbish, the words are gloating and crass and it’s a Porgy George piece of outdated jingoisim. If GSTQ is the best England can come up with then they are welcome to it. It wouldn’t inspire a drain rat.

  81. Marie Clark says:

    O/T sorry folks need a wee bit of help here from some of you clever people with links.

    I’ve been looking for link to councils sitting on millions in reserves, but can’t finds any so far. Son raging,works for council and been told that they have to reapply for own jobs at 5 grand less per year. It’s all the SNP’s fault and that’s the last time he’ll vote for them. I’m trying to explain but could sure use a little help .

    Thanks folks, sorry again for O/T

  82. Croompenstein says:

    @Marie – This today in the national…

  83. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Ever get the impression that some people never stopped reading the Eagle and believing in Biggles and Dan Dare

  84. yesindyref2 says:

    @Marie Clark
    If you google for “audited accounts 2014-15 X” where X is Edinburgh or wathever council, you’ll usually find the official annucal accounts.

  85. carjamtic says:

    Q : How much does a Yoon Picost ?
    A : Too kinmuch.

    Take three Yoon parties,add a Massive Lie
    Mix it all together to make a pie.

    Layer on some Jack,smooth and thick
    Watch EBC serve it up…..with a smirk.

    Wash it down with some UKOK realpolitik…

    Hing oan…

    Though Scotland’s humble,you can Ram your crumble…….it makes us sick.

    Tick Tick

  86. Thepnr says:

    @Marie Clark

    “Son raging,works for council and been told that they have to reapply for own jobs at 5 grand less per year.”

    That’s atrocious, does he work for an SNP run council?

  87. Robert Louis says:

    Marie Clark,

    Here are the facts, hot off the press today. Tell your son to read paragraph 2 in particular. NOTE, these are the official statistics (with 2015 being the last full budget year).

    QUOTE: “Local Authorities reported an overall revenue surplus of £69.4 million (0.46% of gross revenue expenditure) for 2014-15, compared with an overall deficit of £54.8 million in 2013-14. This surplus increased revenue reserves. On 31st March 2015 local authorities held total revenue reserves of £1.879 billion. This is an increase of 3.6% (an increase of £65.2 million: £69.4 million of revenue surplus less £4.2 million of movements in reserves) since the 1st April 2014.

    My bolding.


  88. FFS. Are Toby et al really so fcuking tone deaf?

    PS & O/T Who is this Brian MacCulloch character on Twitter + male & female groupies currently spouting bile over Rev Stu’s fundraiser?

    Interesting to note that Bella likes his vitriol.

    Have blocked his narcissistic rants.

  89. Dr Jim says:

    Rule Britannia, Britannia waves the rules, Britain never never never shall be fools


  90. Marie Clark says:

    Gee whiz folks, thanks a million, you’re very kind and helpful souls.

    Yes the links are great, I’ll tell him to read them

    Thepnr, he works for Edinburgh council and I agree it’s outrageous, but the union is hard at work on the case, so here’s hoping for a good outcome.

  91. yesindyref2 says:

    @Marie Clark
    I looked at a few councils accounts when this started in the media and found a chart somewhere with all councils usable reserves. The lowest were Dundee and Glasgow, and in the case of Dundee it did look to be in trouble. Perhaps it didn’t make cuts when the others did, perhaps it had to spend more because of the Waterfront development, no idea.

    The accounts also show allocated reserves though, and I’d presume they include amounts for wages rather than just materials and expenditure. Most councils are at it, they have enough reserves, and times are hard. But there do seem to be the couple of genuine ones. Having said that a lot of councils have vanity projects and unneccessary spending, jollies, fact-finding, a load of rubbish.

    Your son might know of wastage, perhaps he can be persuaded to think about that?

    Another factor is this SNP income-tax sharing idea, which might replace lost income for councils in a year or two. Shrug.

  92. HandandShrimp says:

    No issue with England having Jerusalem or something as their sporting anthem (lovely tune) but singing two is a bit mad.

    Just leave the Queenie song for official things (which I would be unlikely to attend anyway).

  93. call me dave says:

    Analysis: SNP poll dominance is not surprising but will EU referendum campaign change Scots’ opinions?

    Tom Costley, Head of TNS Scotland

    Scotland has four of the top 10 most europhile areas of Britain

  94. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Haggishunter.

    “O Scotland hasnae got a Queen…”

    Here you are – sing along!

  95. yesindyref2 says:

    @Marie Clark
    I was going to mention Edinburgh as one Coouncil that does have plenty of reserves despite being one of the larger squealers of the councils. From memory there’s more than enough usable reserves to cover any central government cut this coming year, so they could use their flaming reserves like most people in Scotland, the UK – and the world – are doing at the moment. Lucky people who have reserves left to use!

  96. Breeks says:

    I have a very good friend, who happens to be English, and an ex Royal Marine. He has a son who must be in his teens now. They go to sporting events and such like, I once tagged along to Farnborough Air Show with them and had a great time. You know what? When I’m in a crowd and the God Save the Queen kicks off, I just focus on my mate and his laddie doing what comes naturally, and launching into their patriotic war chant / anthem whatever and loving every minute of it. I can honestly say I smile thinking about it. It doesn’t bother me any more than a German belting out Deutchland Uber Alles or whatever it’s called. It’s what you’re supposed to do.

    The thing that sticks in my craw is they can’t understand that I can’t do likewise. My country does not enjoy the liberties and privileges it would enjoy as a sovereign state. In my mind, my country is an Independent country, but before you can revel to excess in your national anthem, you have to have a Nation. I don’t hate GSTQ, nor the English who enjoy singing it. True, I’ll be looking for the bar perhaps when they sing GSTQ, but I’ve been swept along with friends singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot, or Jerusalem, because they are belting good songs to sing in a crowd. It was a good time, and I have fond memories. I do have negative feelings of course, but inwards. I am very jealous that belting out Scotland’s patriotic anthems has airs of rebellion in it; It shouldn’t be that way. I want free access to my Nationality as clear an unequivocal as they have theirs. Why should joy and faith in my country be tainted as an act of rebellion? That’s all I want. Parity.

  97. frogesque says:

    1 March, 2016 at 7:15 pm
    FFS. Are Toby et al really so fcuking tone deaf?

    PS & O/T Who is this Brian MacCulloch character on Twitter + male & female groupies currently spouting bile over Rev Stu’s fundraiser?

    Interesting to note that Bella likes his vitriol.

    Have blocked his narcissistic rants.

    Maybe a spanner in the works?

    Gets coat ~~~>

  98. yesindyref2 says:

    OT councils again.
    From vague memory, Dundee had usable reserves of 3% of annual expenditure (non-capital DEL) which was right on the lowest recommended percentage, Glasgow perhaps 5%, but Moray and Edinburgh were riding high on about 10% or more. In fact I think Edinburgh was higher, maybe even 14%. Can’t be bothered going back though all those pdfs again!

  99. North Chiel says:

    O/T , however latest ” Misreporting Scotland” propaganda technique. As regards to the asylum seeker ” eviction” report , I noted the statement from the ” home office” was delivered in a “Scottish accent” instead of the ” usual” ” impeccable Home Counties accent. ” Is this a ” forerunner” to the ” Scottish six” where statements from London controlled institutions will be thus delivered ” locally” ? A blatant ” con” to imply that this was a ” Scottish” based statement.

  100. seanair says:

    I laughed at the weekend at the football match at Wembley. The players lined up and an exuberant announcer shouted that it was now time to sing the National Anthem.
    Only snag was that of the 22 players on the field only 3 or 4 were English, and neither of the managers was English. Were they supposed to sing a foreign (to them) anthem?
    One day The Tobies of this world will see the light.

  101. yesindyref2 says:

    Program on BBC4 right now on Ireland “Great Irish Journeys with Martha Kearney”. Required viewing! So much is true about Scotland too. Anglification.

    And tae think for some odd reason I thought at one time my wife was a NO voter “how long have we been married?”.

  102. Thomas Brotherston says:

    You still using that hammer St?

  103. Robert Louis says:

    Marie Clark,

    Here are the facts, hot off the press yesterday. Tell your son to read paragraph 2 in particular. NOTE, these are the official statistics (with 2015 being the last full budget year).

    QUOTE: “Local Authorities reported an overall revenue surplus of £69.4 million (0.46% of gross revenue expenditure) for 2014-15, compared with an overall deficit of £54.8 million in 2013-14. This surplus increased revenue reserves. On 31st March 2015 local authorities held total revenue reserves of £1.879 billion. This is an increase of 3.6% (an increase of £65.2 million: £69.4 million of revenue surplus less £4.2 million of movements in reserves) since the 1st April 2014.

    My bolding.


  104. Thepnr says:

    @call me dave

    Interesting to see on your posted link that the most Eurosceptic part of the UK is the town of Havering LOL

  105. heedtracker says:

    Interesting to see on your posted link that the most Eurosceptic part of the UK is the town of Havering LOL

    Stop laughing at Haverers, some Haverers say, some don’t, some aren’t sure.

  106. Thepnr says:

    Sorry, Havering is not a town it is Borough of London that includes Romford. Who’d have thunk it?

  107. liz says:

    Re the council cuts and jobs

    This is why SLAB is pushing that it is the SNP who are at fault for the cuts with full backing of the corporate media.

    People who are not well informed will believe it, this is why we need to get them cleared out of councils in 2017.

    We will probably find loads of dosh down the back of the sofa.

  108. chris kilby says:

    Even that dodgy verse about Marshal Wade?

    # Lord, grant that Marshal Wade,
    May by thy mighty aid,
    Victory bring.
    May he sedition hush
    And like a torrent rush,
    Rebellious Scots to crush,
    God Save the Queen # ?

    Jings, crivvens, help ma boab!

  109. Croompenstein says:

    This just doesn’t seem to be moving, they got over 100,000 signatures for the don’t bomb Syria petition but getting rid of illegal weapons from our back door isn’t registering…. please sign if you haven’t already and share far and wide..

  110. Ian Mackay says:

    Toby Perkins is the new Marshal Wade, I see, trying to crush us rebellious Scots.

    “Lord, grant that Marshal Wade,
    May by thy mighty aid,
    Victory bring.
    May he sedition hush,
    and like a torrent rush,
    Rebellious Scots to crush,
    God save the Queen.”

    Crushing the Scots is simple, fair and the ‘right thing to do’.

    As all genocides surely are.

  111. LesRoches says:

    I think the UK National anthem should now be changed to “God save us from more Tory cuts”.
    Incidentally,the guy singing in the professionals was the guy who played the Luftwaffe officer in Colditz TV series,nice to see the continuity department keeping the German/ Royalty theme going.

  112. Almannysbunnet says:

    Toby, Toby.
    So the idea is to bring us together? What utter utter codswollop! It’s like sticking Union Jacks on everything including our driving licence, it’s to make us feel more British. It has the exact opposite effect. You can’t force people to “feel British.”
    I have some sympathy with the English wanting their own national anthem but do any of them have the balls to drop God Save the Quine at the same time? Not a chance, so let’s sing two songs.

    I’ll support Toby if he drops singing GSTQ, if nothing else it might make the Scotsbutts heads explode as they wave their Union Jacks while singing Flower of Scotland or my preference Caledonia.

    By the way has anyone noticed that the French football club, Paris St Germain, has started using the Flower of Scotland tune as their anthem. It’s a slightly up tempo version and sounds quite good. I read somewhere that they have been doing this since the terrorist attacks in Paris. Not sure what words they use. I heard it at a recent Champion’s league game.

  113. G H Graham says:

    Am I the only one to think that singing “Flower of Scotland” is just plain contradictory?

    …Those days are past now,
    And in the past
    they must remain,
    But we can still rise now,
    And be the nation again…

    Just not now cos not all the oil has run out yet.

  114. Ian Brotherhood says:

    We had a discussion here, not that long ago, where it was pointed out that ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’ was originally sung by English rugby fans as a blatantly racist response to their team fielding a black player.

    And ‘Jerusalem’ was written by William Blake, a solitary genius who despised cruelty and discrimination and was very nearly jailed for sedition when he was overheard muttering insults about the king.

  115. Tam Jardine says:

    That flyer is a load of bollocks but the actual aim on the website (to replace GSTQ with Jerusalem for all English national sporting occasions) is just fine by me.

    How about this for English Nationalism:

    “We also feel that to confuse England with Britain at sporting events is disrespectful to Scotland and Wales, as is sometimes shown when the Scots or the Welsh boo the British anthem, an anthem we all share.

    Although different nations, we are neighbours with a close common bond and history. England is a distinct nation, as is Scotland and Wales. It must be difficult for Scots and Welsh fans, that still consider themselves British, to listen to God Save the Queen played specifically as an English anthem.”

    I have to say I was very surprised to find this level of sensitivity to Scotland and Wales. In trying to express their own Englishness and at the same time respect other countries of the UK- I think it is to be applauded.

    The stuff about showing loyalty- well they can fuck right off. But I for one can forgive this fledgeling foray into national identity for England. Lets face it, they will need to develop a sense of self pretty quickly after we leave.

  116. Muscleguy says:


    I know a wee boy in Edinburgh called Toby (proper name Tobias). He is a delight with a heart of gold and looks to be going to a Gaelic primary school. His Dad was Swiss where they don’t have such hangups. So please do not let your antipathy to the name hurt him please.

  117. Bodincus says:

    “Sing for the Queen, you unrepentant Jocks!”

    Delusional cockwomble and demented wankpuffin.
    How on earth nobody around this poor lost soul didn’t stop him making a fool of himself and most of England?

  118. karmanaut says:

    The people who write these ‘proud to be English’ leaflets should really go and learn how to use an apostrophe.

  119. Tam Jardine says:

    As for god save the queen- a song asking our own superstition, to bless a single already very rich and privileged human who is absurdly believed to have been appointed by a fictional supreme being is pretty strange. One mythical figure blessing another mythical figure. Why not Queen Save the God?

    If I wandered about requesting the sun bless Simon Cowell folk would look at me askance. And if I sang a song requesting my own human insecurity and fantastical irrationality reach out and shower riches on the Duke of Buccleuch that would be weird as well. Flower of Scotland has its detractors but it is inspired by things that actually happened to real people.

  120. tarisgal says:

    Seems to me these are simply the nonsense ramblings of, as someone here so eloquently put it,(and deepest apologies to that person because I cannot for the life of me remember who it was!) a ‘spoon licking goblin cuddler’!!

    ‘God Save the Queen’??? Huh… DON’T think so!!

  121. galamcennalath says:

    “saving the UK?”

    Too late, it’s beyond saving!

    The majority of Scots believe Indy is coming. It won’t be long before that view becomes the norm throughout these islands, and beyond. Plans to save the Union are, like everything from London directed towards Scotland, too little too late.

  122. X_Sticks says:


    If these people knew how to use an apostrophe they probably wouldn’t be writing such leaflets.

  123. mike cassidy says:

    I’m up for the tobmeister’s suggestion –

    as long as the English are expected to show their loyalty at sporting occasions by singing ‘flower of Scotland’

  124. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Auld Rock in the thread above, mentioned the Irish National Anthem – Amhran Na BhFiann – The Soldiers Song.

    I find it funny that, when Ireland plays on the main island, Great Britain, against England, Scotland or Wales, the anthem played for the Irish is the new “unification tune”: “Ireland’s Call”.

    Only in Dublin is Amhran Na BhFiann played, and it is always funny to see, as the TV camera pans down the line of Irish players, the Ulster contingent standing there, stone-faced, staring straight ahead and, for all I know, perhaps singing The Sash under their breath.

    Irish captain Rory Best always looks particularly uncomfortable, mind you, to be fair, when they play Ireland’s Call, he still looks uncomfortable.

  125. Ken500 says:

    Anyone can sing what they want, except when it is intended to give offence. No wonder the terraces are empty. Unionists politicians continue to give offence. They are criminals above the Law who break every rule in the book. Another cheap publicity stunt.

  126. CameronB Brodie says:

    Re. the song “Jerusalem”. Fighting a world war? Need a stirring tune to sell Britain’s occupation of the Palestine? Well, why not dust off some old lyrics that have been lying about for half a century doing no one any harm, add some stirring stanzas from Sir Hubert Parry and Bob’s your uncle. A tune that ordinary folk can sing without worrying about troublesome English/British nationalism/imperialism. Simples, insidious and extremely cynical, IMO (William Blake was against British imperialism).

  127. Robert Kerr says:

    On a personal note I have travelled a long way in the last two years.

    No longer access the North Britton on the web.

    No longer access the Herald on the web.

    No longer drink a “loyal toast to the reigning monarch” at functions

    No longer sing GSTQ.


  128. Robert Peffers says:

    The truth is that God save the Queen/King is indeed an English prayer first written and performed in 1745 when Bonnie Prince Charlie was marching on London.

    The words and music were first printed in, “The Gentleman’s Magazine”, on 15 October 1745 and the first public performance was in the Drury Lane Theatre on September 28th of that year.

    Here is a reference :-

    In 1745 it became publicly known by being sung at the theatres as ‘a loyal song or anthem’ during the Scottish Rebellion. The Pretender was proclaimed at Edinburgh Sept. 16, and the first appearance of ‘God save the King’ was at Drury Lane, Sept. 28. For a month or so it was much sung at both Covent Garden and Drury Lane; Burney harmonised it for the former, and Arne for the latter. Both words and music were printed, the latter in their present form, in the Gentleman’s Magazine, Oct. 1745.

    How far God save the King was compiled from older airs will probably never be known. Several exist with a certain resemblance to the modern tune.

    The original version contained the verse : –

    Lord, grant that Marshal Wade,
    May by thy mighty aid,
    Victory bring.
    May he sedition hush,
    and like a torrent rush,
    Rebellious Scots to crush,
    God save the King.

    Mind you the Scots didn’t let it pass without reply. This was the Scots verse that replaced the anti-Scots version in England:-

    God bless the prince, I pray,
    God bless the prince, I pray,
    Charlie I mean;
    That Scotland we may see
    Freed from vile Presbyt’ry,
    Both George and his Feckie,
    Ever so, Amen.

    I took these quotes from my old notes but the, (almost complete), archives of, “The Genleman’s Magazine”, used to be on-line if anyone cares to try and find if they still exist. Lots of information can be gained of how things were regarded in London at the time. For example the use of the term, “Scottish Rebellion”.

    Fact is that in 1745 the so called, “Scottish Rebellion”, was just a part of the Jacobite uprisings that had begun in 1688 when the then still independent Kingdom of England deposed the independent monarch they shared with Scotland and invited King Billy & Queen Mary of Orange to become monarch of the English Kingdom and just assumed this also applied to the still independent Kingdom of Scotland.

    The Scots could not rebel against a monarchy not their own. This was, of course, the reason why the English had to force the Treaty of Union upon the Scots. Logic tells us that if the two kingdoms had actually been a United Kingdom from 1603 there would have been no need for a Treaty of Union.

    Just one more instance of the English/UK writing history to suit their own ends and they have been doing that since the Roman occupation of South Britain.

  129. Thomas Brotherston says:

    “God save the Queen” ? What from? Poverty? The people’s wrath. Prefer the Bolshevik option. ” you still using that hammer Stu? “

  130. michael diamond says:

    Blair patterson 1st march. I see what you mean about english people calling themselves british. Like the 6? ‘British people (who came from southampton) who caused a flight to be diverted to berlin last week. But we all know how they would have been described had they came from glasgow or aberdeen, and it wouldnt have been f*****g british. Ebc scum.

  131. I don’t attend sporting events, but even if I did I sure as hell wouldn’t be standing to attention and singing the ENGLISH national anthem God Save Liz.

    I never have in the past and never will in the future!

  132. Grant says:

    The rest of the World views the United Kingdom/Great Britain as being England, so “God save the Queen” is also the United Kingdom/Great Britain and English national anthem.

  133. Clapper57 says:

    When Toby Perkins ( Labour ) first instigated in HOC the proposal of a new English national anthem , I thought fair enough . However I did wonder, at the time , whether it was perhaps an inopportune moment to be highlighting this so soon after the Tory EVEL plans.

    And then I realised Blue Tory / Red Tory …same hymn sheet really …no interest in Scottish politics/voters …all, bar one are , a majority of Labour MP’s representing English constituencies .

    The above declaration is either a wind up , tasteless so par for the course , or it represents the total lack of empathy , judgement and consideration that UKOK English MP’s have towards what is happening in Scotland.

    If we are all meant to embrace being British in this union then why are the unionist parties fervently promoting English nationalism ?

    However on the plus side , kinda bad timing the promotion of English nationalism in run up to May elections in Scotland.

    Gaun yirsel Toby .

  134. sensibledave says:

    Off Topic

    frogesque says:

    You wrote: “Sensible Dave. It’s off topic I know but haw many English MPs are there compared to Scottish, Welsh and NI MPs COMBINED?”

    Ah, sorry, I see now, its democracy that you object too.

    EVEL only allows a majority of English MPs (of all parties) to potentially veto a new law that is being proposed that only affects England.

    If you have a genuine problem with that – then, honestly, I really don’t care! Given the amount of devolution that all the other Nations within the UK have, We, in England, are still holding the short straw – so stop the “victim hood” whining.

  135. JLT says:

    Is this for f****** real! Seriously!!!

    Sing ‘God save the Queen’ …What?!?!?!

    Right …I have to stop typing or it’s going to end in a lotta lotta effin sweary words!

  136. michael diamond says:

    So why then sensibledave are english mp’s voting on what affects scotland, when they have no mandate to do so?. Not much ‘democracy’ in that.

  137. Meindevon says:

    This is definitely getting passed round my Scots, Welsh and Irish friends down here!

    Wonder if this TLC works both ways? Maybe there could be set sporting events every year where S,W,NI get to sing Toby’s ‘English’ GSTQ and others where England get to sing the S,W,NI Anthems. How does that sound Toby? No? Now perhaps you understand the wee flaw in this fab idea.

    Mind you it does remind me how I love to wind my English bro in law at Scotland England matches that I can sing both anthems! I sometimes wish Hampden would sing GSTQ with as much gusto as FoS just to wind the opposition up but definitely not because it’s the English anthem!

  138. Ghillie says:

    Robert Peffers @9.45am

    Thank you for that explaination of the origins of ‘God save the king/queen’.

    The fact it was a prayer, born of panic and forboding, to protect the English monarch when they feared Prince Charlie’s army was marching on London, makes it very clear to me that that song is utterly inappropiate as a ‘national’ anthem for the four nations of the UK.

    Which means the English may keep it if they wish and rededicate as their national anthem exclusively and free the rest of us from it henceforth.

    Though for the sake of the people of England,and for their sense of identity, I think England should have it’s own brand new national anthem. Do they have a song writer or folk band who can create something that would win their hearts and encapsulate England’s hopes and dreams and joy in their own country?

    I know of a fair few songs about Scotland and the Scots that do that for me!

  139. bugsbunny says:

    This would be less embarrassing an anthem than GSTQ.


  140. bugsbunny says:

    The German Empire anthem. Sounds familiar?


  141. bugsbunny says:

    I’l try that one again.

    The German Empire anthem. Sound familiar?


  142. bugsbunny says:

    The German Empire anthem dates from 1871, but was a rip off of the Kingdom of Prussia anthem from 1701. 45 years before it was heard in Britain.


  143. Ghillie says:

    Well well well.

    Bugsbunny @2.18 and 2.25am… the things you learn on this station!

    Who needs the BUM!!

  144. The Anti-Tory says:

    My stupid may be showing here, but isn’t God Save the Queen the English national Anthem anyway?

    It’s a bit weird that they demand their own anthem when it’s their effing queen it’s about. She’s descended from usurpers who usurped the last Scottish king, so when it comes to singing GSTQ Toby can ram it.

  145. Davosa says:

    Well if they want an anthem for England and continue to be all creepy little monarchist acolytes, they should use ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ by The Prodigy

  146. Clapper57 says:

    Perfect solution for Toby.

    The English can sing 6th verse of God Save the Queen :

    Lord, grant that Marshal Wade,
    May by thy mighty aid,
    Victory bring.
    May he sedition hush,
    and like a torrent rush,
    Rebellious Scots to crush,
    God save the Queen.

    The ‘No Surrender ‘ mob can sing a short lived additional verse:

    From France and Pretender
    Great Britain defend her,
    Foes let them fall;
    From foreign slavery,
    Priests and their knavery,
    And Popish Reverie,
    God save us all.

    And the Scots can sing (same tune as anthem ) obvs :

    God save Scots from this Sh*te,
    Help us to win this fight
    This isnae right
    Make us victorious
    Happy and Glorious
    None to reign over us
    God save the Scots

    Then respective countries can then sing their own National anthems:

    England 1 : Still TBC
    No Surrender mob ( England 2 ) : The Sash
    Scotland : Flower of Scotland

    Slightly unfair I know as the UKOK Brits get to sing two songs in own anthems ( The TBC and The Sash ) after respective various British National anthems hey ho….could be there all piggin night singing all versions of each country’s anthems lol

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