Scottish independence referendum, plus jokes.

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David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative conference today:

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Wings stats for September, for those keeping score.

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There’s only one possible sane response to this story. It’s below:


Click the pic to sign. Let’s see who gets the most, shall we?

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Because nothing scares Etonian Tory Prime Ministers like a poster on a van.


Your time is over, Daily Record. Tick tock.

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Daily Record, Saturday 27 September:


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Sittin’ on a beach 369

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Don’t panic, readers – I’m not about to make you look at all my holiday snaps. But after Thursday’s “Gone fishin'” post, I was buying milk in the local Co-op and got busted by a reader demanding to know why I wasn’t at the seaside, so this is for him.


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The topics of the day 592

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Can be discussed below. (We don’t know what they are, we’re on holiday.)

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More information here. Wings Over Scotland endorses (and indeed, may well become actively involved with) this event or product.

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Right then. I’m now back in Bath, which sadly is not yet technically in a foreign country. To be frank, readers, after the last three years and especially the last two weeks I’m mentally, emotionally and physically done in.

But on the 19th I said that it was “difficult to think of any useful purpose [Wings Over Scotland] can serve” in the aftermath of a No vote, and that’s no longer the case.

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No regrets 334

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Or some regrets. It’s so hard to tell.


The UK media, ladies and gentlemen.

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There’s been a lot of talk on Twitter and Facebook of irregularities at the referendum counts, leading to accusations that the referendum was somehow fixed, culminating in a petition to have the procedures investigated, or even the referendum re-run. As with most conspiracy theories, this is largely down to people not understanding what they’re seeing, as the videos flying around the internet showing bits of the count have been removed from their context.


For example, there’s a video showing a counting table with a No sign on it with a pile of ballot papers, with the top paper showing a cross beside Yes. To the uninformed observer, this looks like Yes votes have been dumped on a table of No votes; but in reality, the pile of votes were still waiting to be split up into Yes and No at this point, and if the person making the video had bothered to check, they’d have found this out.

So here’s a quick guide to how the count worked, as observed by one of this website’s own official monitoring agents (specifically me).

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