"A new and awful low in Scottish politics" – Margaret Curran

Wings Over Scotland

Books On The Ground 188

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How newspapers work 127

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These two stories today are based on the exact same quotes from the exact same interview in a magazine.



Thank goodness the press is here to interpret stuff for us, eh?

A slight stramash 236

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We thought it’d be worth making a timeline of Hampden on Saturday for posterity.

Because a lot of nonsense is being talked on all sides. This is the reality.

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Statements of the obvious 187

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So a few things need said about the events of the weekend.


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The History Boys 419

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An act of sabotage 201

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Yesterday we reported how the only people who were risking the privatisation of key ferry services to the Western Isles were the Scottish Labour politicians and media crowing about how the decision to keep them in the hands of publicly-owned operator Caledonian MacBrayne had been made for political reasons.

(Which, were it true, would render the award of the contract illegal under EU law.)


We had no idea how low they were about to sink.

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Two Scotsmen 194

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Here’s (a few seconds into the clip) George, Baron Foulkes Of Cumnock.

Born in 1942 in Oswestry in Shropshire and privately educated at The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School in Hertfordshire, George was first elected by the public in 1979, serving for 26 years. During his time as an MP he was convicted of a drunken violent assault on a policeman and fined £1,050. In 2005 he was ennobled into the House Of Lords and will make laws for UK citizens until he dies, no matter what voters say.

You’d think he’d have learned better manners by now.

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Scottish Politics For Dummies 142

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As we write there’s a protest going on outside the Scottish Parliament regarding the privatisation of ferry services to the Western Isles. It was formally announced almost three hours ago that there definitely wasn’t going to be any privatisation and that the service would remain in public hands, but the protest still went ahead.


The people conducting the protest, who’ve got the exact thing they wanted, are now doing their level best to lose it again. Welcome to Scottish politics.

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Phenomenon Of The Week 140

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Over the past few days, readers, we haven’t been able to avoid noticing a recurring theme among Unionist types on social media – namely that the Holyrood election results are proof that support for independence is declining.



But it’s not until you ask them to explain that it gets completely mental.

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The taxonomy of lies 246

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For much of its life, this site has been warning readers that, as their default position, they should always assume newspaper headlines are a lie until proven otherwise.


Today, Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper admitted it in public.

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Fenian blood never failed me yet 136

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James Kelly is a liar 330

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Last night the Labour MSP James Kelly – who was resoundingly rejected by voters in Rutherglen earlier this month but was forced on the Scottish Parliament anyway by his party – appeared on Scotland Tonight to debate the Offensive Behaviour (Football) Act. You can see the full segment from 15m 35s here.

Mr Kelly told a number of quite serious lies. We’ve edited them together.

Let’s examine them in turn.

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The politics of hatred 370

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It must be bewildering being the SNP sometimes.

You win a historic third election with a second massive landslide, getting more than twice as many seats as your nearest challenger – the first time such a thing has ever happened in a Holyrood election – on the back of what’s (self-evidently) by and large a very popular policy programme and record, and before you’ve even taken your seats in the chamber all the parties you just thrashed out of sight line up to explain how you’ve been doing everything wrong.


And as alliances go, they don’t get much less holy.

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