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2015: Hamish’s Nightmare

Posted on April 20, 2024 by

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  1. Frank Gillougley

    Love it.
    Yeh, truth is always a helluva lot more ridiculous than fiction. It’s a farce!

  2. Alex Browne

    Best one ever.

  3. Marie Clark

    Spoilt for choice this week Chris. Well done, nice to see oor Hamish back.

  4. Black Joan

    Is the fortune-teller Yvonne Ridley?

  5. robertkknight

    Do they still do Police auctions for the confiscated proceeds of crime? Quite fancy a camper van, at the right price. (So long as the S&M gear isn’t left in the storage space under the dining table seat).

  6. willie

    Mind now Plod says not to talk about this and folks who do so do at the risk of 2 years in pokey. Plod has also disabled comments on it’s website.

    And the COPFS ( or crime only pays for some ) have issued equally vehement statements that folks are to haud their wheesht.

    Cue the old Rod Stuart song again about not wanting to talk about it. Hum it every day under your breath of course. But this is a big thing. This is the charging of a man at or near the very heart of devolved government. Some may say that it was a tooth fairy that embezzled money. Or maybe no money was embezzled at all. Certainly taken Plod long enough to get this far. Maybe there is money woven through the fabric of the union jack kilt.

    No wonder poor Hamish is running away. Without being racist this a loon ball country – or should I say devolved colony

    But mind now, nae speaking. You will haud your wheest until you are telt.

    And meanwhile Prof Alf Bair in a podcast has calculated that by 2030 Scotland’s renewable energy output at today’s retail rate of circa £0.30 per KWH will equate to £60bn ( or £60,000,000,000) annually. ( and potentially £100bn a few years after that )

    Let that sink in. Divide £60bn by the number of people in Scotland and you get how much per person, per typical family? And that’s every year. No wonder our energy is a Klondyke. But again, we don’t want to talk about it.

    Switch off the heating and dance. Spandau Ballet in fact!

  7. Ian McCubbin

    Oh such a good cartoon and on the mark.

  8. sarah

    Chris, why is the end of Hamish’s tail cut off?

    It is lovely to see Hamish again – the personification of we stalwart Sovereign Scottish people preserving some spirit of defiance in the false world imposed by the Union.

    Honestly, how can any Scot vote for the Union? Why do they want their own country run by another, drained of our wealth, and our culture and character destroyed? I don’t get it.

  9. SteepBrae

    sarah 9.42> “Honestly, how can any Scot vote for the Union? Why do they want their own country run by another, drained of our wealth, and our culture and character destroyed? I don’t get it.”


    Answers? Something to do with taking the path of least resistance maybe? Easier to close your eyes & ears and walk away with your candy floss than to face the nightmare of what’s in that crystal ball?

    And the break in the tail? Has poor Joe/Hamish Public had his tail wagged for too long? An astute commenter last night in the previous thread gets it: ‘Magical Puppetry’. We really are being played.

    Maybe at tomorrow’s mock rally there will be candy floss stalls in place of the banned YES stalls. Nae doot there will be queues. Sadly.

  10. stuart mctavish


    It’s England’s way of explaining us what we can do with our American dreams of freedom – even the leaders of our country will be denied the wherewithal to enjoy so much as a post retirement horsebox..

    On a more interesting level, the English woman charging Pete Murrel with his wife’s failure to hold a referendum pre Brexit/ COVID/ Jan 6/ ww3, etc must be very healthy sign indeed.

    ie, either:

    The Geordies are keener for Scottish independence than nuSNP


    Police Scotland* is keener for Scottish independence than nuSNP

    ..and possibly (probably?) both

    *If this, I’m wondering if that could have been a deciding factor in Lee Floyd’s observation yesterday about MI5/ 6 stepping back from the idea of forcing Miss not proven to seek compensation (eg for vicarious liability) in the civil courts.

  11. SteepBrae

    not tomorrow – today!

    Look for the nice lady with the green scarf in the wee tent but keep away from the candy floss and the koolade.

  12. Alf Baird

    robertkknight @ 9:17 am

    “Do they still do Police auctions for the confiscated proceeds of crime?”

    Colonialism is regarded as a crime (against humanity), quite profitable too by all accounts:

  13. 100%Yes

    Where’s the Jag? I bet even now he’s itching to have a spend at costco, this is how I am with Deals of the day but don’t worry its my own money. The wife keeps saying its all shit, then all you’ll do is put it in a draw, aye but its my draw.

    We’ve all heard of Cabury’s Chris Pincher finger sticks now there’s a new version Pete Pincher.

    Peter Piper picked a peck of Camper van,
    A peck of Camper van Peter Piper picked;
    If Peter Piper picked a peck of Camper van,
    Where’s the peck of Camper van Peter Piper picked?

    I don’t know whats worse steeling from people like myself who had donated on the believe a referendum would be forth coming or from Scotland which denied Scotland from being Independent.

  14. Cynicus

    sarah says:

    20 April, 2024 at 9:42 am

    “Chris, why is the end of Hamish’s tail cut off?”
    Possibly he moved on to the next phase at the Sandyford after finishing the puberty blockers.

  15. Chas

    ‘Honestly, how can any Scot vote for the Union? Why do they want their own country run by another, drained of our wealth, and our culture and character destroyed? I don’t get it’.

    The problem Sarah is who would run our country if Independence was achieved? Most Scots can see that there is an alarming lack of competent Politicians anywhere in Scotland. All too busy looking after themselves first and foremost. Our current Government!! are proof of that. For change to happen it has to be perceived and demonstrated that matters could be better if we handled ALL of our own affairs. No one is even attempting to do that and you simply have to ask WHY!

    For some reason, many of the stalwarts! on here seem to take offence if someone, anyone puts forward a case that after Independence your average Scot would be better of mentally, physically and most important financially. The same individuals, like yourself, then say things like ‘drained of our wealth’. ‘Show us the Money’ does seem quite important after all.

    You cannot have it both ways Sarah!

  16. Doug

    CAMPer van. Just got it. Sorry for being so slow.

  17. Hatey McHateface

    Some bloke may or may not have helped himself to some dosh.

    Some other bloke defo helped himself to the position of First Minister of Scotland.

    The first bloke, if he did it, didn’t act alone. Come on, get real.

    The second bloke defo didn’t act alone either.

    I know which of these two blokes really gets up my nose, sticks in my craw, and impugns Scotland’s honour, as he strides the world stage as our “leader”.

    And I wonder. Is that the first draft of Mr Cairn’s text bubble? Or did he originally write something much more explosive?

    Probably not. If he had done, every hair on Hamish would be standing on end.

  18. Ruby Tuesday

    Black Joan

    I thought it was wee sister Gillian.

    Nicola Sturgeon’s sister turns back on NHS career to do tarot readings full time. D. Express

  19. Doug

    @Chas 10:50am

    We can only handle ALL our own affairs after independence not before. So it’s therefore impossible to prove competence in ALL our own affairs before independence and those who demand to see competence in everything beforehand are being deliberately disingenuous.

    It’s a bit like unionists claiming GERS proves an independent Scotland can’t survive economically. GERS of course only shows Scotland’s current economic situation within the union; it is useless as an accurate pointer for an independent Scotland.

    But as usual unionists want it both ways.

    The gamble, however, must be taken sometime soon. In my opinion it’s a gamble definitely worth taking.

  20. Agent x

    Glasgow George Sq webcam = for those wanting to watch the independence event today.

  21. Republicofscotland

    Nice one Chris, the Keystone Cops aka Police Scotland finally got their fingers out, it only took them nearly three-years, and now the balls in the COPFS’s court, we’ll see what happens there but don’t hold your breath I say.

    Meanwhile the usual pish from the SNP here as SAS does her best to finger point, if the SNP under Sturgeon the Judas hadn’t sold us out Scots would’ve more than likely been better-off in some departments than they are now.

    We’re in this position because of what the SNP didn’t do do.

    “THE Scottish Government has responded to Rishi Sunak’s “heartless proposals” to change the welfare system to end “sick-note culture” and “over-medicalising the everyday challenges and worries of life”.

    Responding to the announcement, the Scottish Government’s Social Justice Secretary, Shirley-Anne Somerville (below) told The National that the proposals were “heartless”, and that the Scottish Government “completely rejects” them.”

  22. Hatey McHateface

    @Doug says 11:14

    Indy supporters who are adamant Scotland will be in the EU want it both ways too.

    Admittedly, EU membership absolves our politicians of any requirement for competency. They will be sumptuously rewarded for doing what Brussels tells them to do.

    It’s easy therefore to understand their enthusiasm. The expenses on offer will be great as well, not a consideration to be sniffed at. It will make it worth their while to sell us out.

    Our enthusiasm for it, as ordinary Scots though. That’s more mystifying.

  23. Agent x

    “Humza Yousaf ‘shocked’ by embezzlement charges against Peter Murrell”

    Why is he shocked – where does he think the money went?

  24. Chas


    Maybe if our Politicians showed competence in ANY of our own affairs that would be a good start.

    Independence will be a gamble, no doubt about it. One thing is clear, an honest, competent Government will be required. Where is it? The one in charge just now or is there one in waiting?

    Why is it when someone ask relevant and pertinent questions they are classed as a Unionist? ‘It will all be fine’ after Independence is for the brain dead.

  25. Hatuey

    Is that meant to be a big grogger on Hamish’s head?

  26. Northcode

    Inspired by Chris’s creative genius; perfectly capturing the disdain of the Scots who are beginning to cotton on to the manky machinations of their ‘bought and sold’ compromised ‘government’ – I hiv penned anither poem:

    The Unreal Reel

    They caw themsels the yoonyinists and the Scots they’d see doun haud
    They think thir pens are mightier than the mighty Claymore sword

    They prance aboot Wings golden threads deliverin’ aw thir drivel
    A tough and tricky dance tae dae whin yer eyes are aw-a-swivel

    They spout ideas beyond thir ken and like tae think thir British
    They says things Scots wid never say, weird things like ‘I’m British’

    Thir words are full o traps an tricks, the sentiment is clear
    “We cannae dae without Scots wealth, that’s why we hae the fear”

    Doun there in Anglo-Saxon land where Britannia waives the rules
    They think us Scots are easy prey and tantamount tae fools

    But us Scots, that’s right, us Scots wha built the world
    Hiv never really taken tae thon Union flag unfurled

    So they kin dae thir jig and carry on and reel on through the threads
    Nae true Scot has listened tae a single word they’ve said.

    And damn richt soon for aw tae see and wi Jupiter’s good luck
    Scotland will be free once more and they can get tae…

    This one is in a slightly different style, a higher more erudite and culturally advanced style some might say, from others whit a hiv penned. But wha am a tae say? A juist quill oot thochts thit come intae ma heid.

  27. GM

    Hatey McHateface
    20 April, 2024 at 11:28 am

    @Doug says 11:14

    Indy supporters who are adamant Scotland will be in the EU want it both ways too.’

    You are exaggerating again over something you know very little about looking at it through an English prism as you do.

    Turnouts for Euro elections in Scotland averaged around 30%. That’s on memory but having voted in all of them. I wonder now how low the EU vote turnout would have been if it had not been for nationalists like myself voting in EU elections solely to advance the fortunes of the pro independence party to advance the cause of the Scottish nation.

  28. Hatuey

    Funny how people that read The Daily Mail hate the EU but love NATO.

    Membership in both cases has huge implications for independent decision-making and both are based on the same collective ideas.

    So much for the love of sovereignty. They don’t mind being dragged into a major war over a patch of soggy land in Eastern Europe, but draw the line at being forced to protect the health and safety of Scottish workers.

    Yes, contradictory in itself but entirely consistent with British propaganda. Some might wonder why purported supporters of Scottish independence are so open to British propaganda but the truth is they probably aren’t aware that they’re being manipulated.

  29. carjamtic

    If you care to acknowledge that a sudden inflation/deflation of a country’s spirit can be just as much psychological or accidentally on purpose as economic.

    Yes supporters understand perfectly well what is going on here, but would prefer it if some economics seers would assist (now and again) with the explanation

    At present and with barely a trace of logic ,it appears explanations are to “on the hoof” or if you like somebody running to get through the closing clockwork orange door before the train pulls out of the station or maybe more appropriate a teacher trying to teach a pupil the whole of mathematics in time for an exam which is only three days away

    This has to stop, if only we knew people who understood all of these things to advise us, some underground historians,even some truth tellers, some digital technology, to challenge the colonial misuse of history.

    As far back as the 12th century Scots had acquired all of the ethnic,linguistic and territorial components and were firmly established as a nation.

    These ideas have always been present in most Scot’s minds and even the author of the Declaration of Abroath of 1320 did no more than articulate this, in strikingly brilliant,memorable language.

    Our job is simply to remind people of all of this,no more,no less and if we all do that,the people will decide, what really matters within the economic soul of the nation.

  30. Hatey McHateface

    @GM 12:12

    ScotGov policy has been for some time that a vote for Indy will de facto be treated as a vote for EU membership too.

    That this fact is denied so often points to the con those pro-EU enthusiasts would happily pull on the Scottish people under the guise of “Indy”.

    I have absolutely no problem with a post-Indy sovereign Scotland negotiating an EU accession treaty and then putting it to the Scottish people in a referendum. Show us the terms & conditions on offer in exchange for our newly won freedom, and we can democratically decide.

    But that’s not what ScotGov intends. And the duplicity stinks.

  31. stuart mctavish

    I dunno Chas/ hatey

    Beginning to look like SNP might be taking advantage of Humza’s gift of failing upward to extent that, when Greens collapse SG over any suggestion it should benefit, sans embezzlement, from the sale of Scotland’s oil, there would be no barrier (other than our seething hatred for each other) to holding 2 defacto referendums on GE day, just to mak siccar – and, strangely enough, it would certainly now be illegal (for the reason stated) to not vote Scotland United A 1, Scotland United B 2 in what would arguably be the more important one..

  32. Breeks

    Agent x
    Ignored says:
    20 April, 2024 at 11:23 am
    Glasgow George Sq webcam = for those wanting to watch the independence event today.

    You’re two weeks early.

    The All Under One Banner march is on 4th May.

    Today in Glasgow is the Fraud’s Parade, not an Independence march, but the latest con to undermine the YES marches, and steal, subvert and devalue everything good, progressive and wholesome about the 2014 YES Movement.

    If the Independence Movement wants genuine unity, then I’d call on everyone to show that unity on May 4th, stand arm in arm with Neil Mackay, and just ignore the stunts organised by grifters on the scroungers like Riddoch and MacIntyre Kemp.

    Why would these c%#ts do it eh? Why? Couldn’t wait two fkg weeks eh? They knew AUOB were marching in a fortnight, but time and time again they orchestrate conflict and division and tirelessly rebrand all things YES with their own ersatz “Designer” labels.

    Can’t you see it any YESSERs out there? The insurgent subversion is going on right there in front of you, today, in Glasgow. Shame on anyone dumb enough to give this fools parade today in Glasgow the time of day. Wise up, and be there on May 4th.

  33. James Barr Gardner

    Amazing the Freedom (George) Square webcam is up and running today, a first for an Indy event ?

    Glasgow CC have had a policy of shutting it down when any political event is being held in the Square.

    A few years ago there was an OrangeFest held by the ludgers with the webcam on, it so happened that it was one of the rainiest day that summer, the Square was sparcely occupied.

  34. Andouilette

    Breeks; I am looking at the webcam and I see somebody has made a portrait of La Riddoch on the grass at the bottom right corner! That cheered me up no end.

  35. Hatey McHateface

    Pants on fire, Hatuey.

    That “patch of soggy land” is the most fertile and valuable real estate in Europe.

    Everybody with any kind of education knows that. I’m certainly not ruling you out on that measure, so why did you turn up on here trolling, eh?

    Love and hate are immature and irrelevant concepts when we’re discussing politics and economics. You know that too, so again, why the playground stuff?

    My conclusion is that you’re just another Indy carpet bagger who is far more interested in using the Indy movement to further your own agenda, than you will ever care about Scotland and us Scots.

  36. SteepBrae

    The title of the cartoon
    2015: Hamish’s Nightmare
    says it.

    We/poor Hamish dreamt an unrealistic dream back then, didnae see the nightmare.

    We see it now.

    But will the residual dreamers will keep the puppet masters holding the strings? It should become clear once the votes are counted. It’s all about votes.

  37. Hatuey

    Economics is for the Indy supporter as ornithology is for the birds…

    At least, that’s how it should be. The idea that Scots need everything spelled out for them in economic terms is something of a myth.

    Economists are the last people anybody should trust these days — they make weather forecasters look competent. Don’t believe me? Show me one recession in the last 50 years that economists predicted in advance…

    As for Scotland, we have a particular reason not to trust a word they say when all of the economic institutions in the UK are openly right wing British government think tanks. They lined up to tell India and all the other colonies that they would never be able to manage on their own — why would anyone expect them to tell us we’d prosper?

    We don’t need economists to tell us we’d prosper, not that they would anyway.

    We are the most energy rich country in Western Europe. We have an abundance of skills and technical know-how, world leading in a bunch of sectors. Software development, banking, medicine, engineering, are just a few areas we excel in.

    And on top of all that, we have the best scenery and the best booze in the world.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  38. Hatey McHateface


    Good one! Keep that up and McGonagall’s coat will be on a shoogly peg.

  39. Hatuey

    No mystery, Hatey, and no moon-howling conspiracy theories required; I’m openly and unapologetically pro-EU.

    Not something I often shout about these days, for obvious reasons.

  40. SteepBrae

    Breeks 12.41

    spot on

  41. Confused

    In my opinion, what I reckon, and I want this to be spread as widely as possible, especially to any potential jurors in his trial … they must have found the bloodstained, cum and shit encrusted, clown suit hidden in the camper van, next to the hamper of childrens toys and haribo – and this is what the indy money was spent on; no idea what was going on there (childrens toys and mattess in a camper van?), but the money was mis-spent for sure being put on the SNP credit card.

    (- another possibility is the network of secret tunnels under holyrood / jacksons entry)

    I love how all the folks who would have gleefully arranged a lynch mob/neck tie party for Salmond, are now soberly muttering about

    – innocent until proven guilty
    – rule of law
    – due process

    along with “don’t talk about it” – contempt of court. Then there is the deflection – “this is taking us away from the real issue … the tories” (the tories are cunts, always doing cuntery, it is a constant, no more worthy of attention than the sky being blue – we can get back to them in good time)

    Some legal beaver was eager eagling yesterday to the line of – no trial till 2026 !! – so good luck with that. It’s not quite up to british justice standards – let’s have a public enquiry which takes so long most of the participants are dead, but it is getting there. Scottish justice is just so reliable when it “doesn’t want to go there” – remember the ayrshire police “investigation” into CIA torture flights from Prestwick? How is that going? Will we see an interpol warrant for the CIA director?

    If humza was any kind of leader, he would have cleared out the murrell cabal from the SNP as soon as he took over, but he can’t since he is their puppet. Even now, when they are down, he doesn’t have the balls to cut them loose. If he has any chance of surviving, he should distance himself, but he is too weak to even do that.

  42. Confused

    That the current scotgov is shite, is no argument for the union. Far from it.

    plutocracy? autocracy? oligarchy? … what is the worst form of government? well, the answer is simple and the system does not matter, what matters is “who”.

    there is no worse form of rule available than : rule by an englishman

    – for the anglo is, in his national character, a narcissistic psychopath who believes everything is his, history is all about him, what he does is right, never wrong, it was the other guys fault – they are congenital, pathological liars and you cannot do deals with them, trust them, or allow them power over you – better you slit your own throat.

    the last 300 years is proof of my thesis; the worst people on earth, by far, the villains of history for 1000 years.

    and we are stuck with them, siamese twinned, back of the pantomime horse, together in a broken lift, for all eternity.

    the people all the world hates, the people who – once booted, no one ever wants back. The fuckers can’t even go on their holidays and behave themselves without inciting a near pogrom.

    “brits” = fucking english bastards

    Scots, take heed. Note the lack of “tenerife cringe”. State plainly what the real problem is, and act.

  43. GM

    Hatey McHateface
    20 April, 2024 at 12:31 pm

    @GM 12:12

    I maaybe misunderstood your earlier post actually so if that was the case then apologies. I agree with your point.

    We like England, Wales, ireland, Germany and Canada, Australia everywhere you look has governments pushing through the same policies against punblic opinion. Ireland, where the people are now fighting back, is a pretty extreme example.

    It’s like an International political club was formed behind our backs that has gradually been revealing tiself over the last decade and is desperate to force certain things on our societies. It seems to me at least they have all been captured by an elitist ideology. This ideology seems to believe it must destroy nations, communities, societies. The deep societal disturbance caused by Gender ideology (which i believe to be child abuse)has gone from a fringe cult to being accepted in the corridors of power across dozens of major western countries at the same time. I do not understand how this has happened. It is confusing. Maybe something is contained within community, society, human culture, nationhood which poses a threat to the ideology of our political elites and their parasites? The political classes are trying to destroy those things.

    It is hardly surprising that they support entry to the EU with or without the consent of the punters.

  44. GM

    20 April, 2024 at 12:47 pm

    Breeks; I am looking at the webcam and I see somebody has made a portrait of La Riddoch on the grass at the bottom right corner! That cheered me up no end.”

    What do you make of Riddoch? I don’t know what to make of her.

  45. James Che


    I responded to your comments on Stu’s previous post,

  46. Republicofscotland

    “If humza was any kind of leader, he would have cleared out the murrell cabal from the SNP as soon as he took over, but he can’t since he is their puppet. Even now, when they are down, he doesn’t have the balls to cut them loose. If he has any chance of surviving, he should distance himself, but he is too weak to even do that.”


    Yousaf can’t distance himself, for they have the dirt on him as well, how do you think he became FM in the first place he’s an ultra obedient puppet. Like Forbes Yousaf wants to go cap-in-hand to Westminster for an S30, infact he’s on record saying that if Nicola Sturgeon couldn’t deliver independence NO ONE CAN.

    Yousaf was the ideal candidate to put into Bute House, dirty as hell and loyal to a fault, Murrell and Sturgeon knew fine well the dam wouldn’t burst with him in office, that why the new SNP leadership contest was geared up to favour Yousaf, with Forbes added in to dilute the vote, or give it a bit more credibility, Murrell even called in GCHQ to make sure there were no slip ups and Yousaf was crowned FM, Regan didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of winning.

    You look at the broad smile and delight on Forbes face when its announced that Yousaf won the “contest” conversely Regan looked dejected and utterly surprised at the result, especially since the other two offered nothing on the indyfront.

  47. Frank Gillougley

    Agent x 11.23,

    Compared to the AUOB marches years ago of easily about 100,000+ this looks like between 500-1,000 and a hundred of them are brits. A useful infographic if ever there was one.

  48. willie

    Ye may have heard of the Burrell collection. But now there is the Murrell collection.

    The latter comprises of a suit case full of money, a luxury campervan, and a suite of new office furniture.

    And a wee bird is suggesting that the luxury campervan may be exchanged for a prisoner transfer van bedecked in Plod Scotland livery.

    Pollok Park it’s not. Bollock Park more like.

  49. Andouilette

    GM; re LR. Just utterly grim. Sanctimonious, pious, moral highgrounding, interfering, catbum-faced, hypocritical old trout. Born in England, privately educated, PPE at Oxford. Have she and David Cameron ever been seen in the same room at the same time? I jest, of course.
    PS I am an old trout so am allowed to say that.

  50. sam


    On the off chance that you are not simply at the wind up.

    No country will have a healthy economy without a healthy population.

    Scotland had a healthy population until the early 1980s.

    It has been known for centuries that poverty and poor health go hand in hand.

    Across the UK in the 1980s poverty rates nearly doubled. Inflation briefly dropped below 5% in the 80s and reached 10% in 1990.

    Poverty rates remain now above 20% across the UK. UK gov has been creating ill health for over 40 years.

    It is not individual choices that determine how long you will live and live without disability. It is your postcode. the richer you are the longer you will live.

    Without independence any Scottish gov whatever its political stance lacks the means to change that.

    Incidentally, where do you live?

  51. twathater

    @ ROS 11.26am “Shirley-Anne Somerville told The National that the proposals were “heartless”, and that the Scottish Government “completely rejects” them.”

    Is this the same Shirley Anne Shit For Brains Somerville who REFUSED the transfer of disabled benefits from WM to HR because SHE couldn’t cope, the SAME incompetent CLOWN who mirrors Humza Uselesses incompetence in every post they have held, maybe SAS will be fraudulently appointed to be leader fm of Scotland same as DUMZA the racist

    Chas as usual denigrating Scotland and Scots by ignoring the total clusterfuck governance of the uk by ALL the unionist parties for decades , but,but,but,Scotland is shitier than the great engerland, Ma pals at the golf club said so

  52. Anton Decadent

    My prediction is that Murrell will be aiming to be the next tobacco Baroness of HMP Stirling.

  53. sam


    There meay be good reason for delay.This from the Herald.

    “BENEFIT claimants could end up worse off once Holyrood is handed control over some welfare powers, Scottish Parliament experts have warned.

    The Scottish Parliament is expected to gain control over carer’s allowance, industrial injuries benefit and severe disablement allowance under the powers negotiated in the Smith Commission on Scottish devolution.

    This will allow MSPs to raise or cut these benefits in line with the specific needs of the Scottish people, and “top up” payments from the new universal credit (UC) which will remain the purview of the UK Government.

    However, some benefits will be treated as income when deciding how much UC should be awarded.

    If the Scottish Parliament increases its devolved benefits then claimants will get a pound-for-pound reduction in their UC, the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICE) has warned.

    Holyrood could then top up claimants’ depleted UC from its own budget – but the SNP said this goes against Smith’s principle that additional income for the recipient should not result in money being offset from somewhere else.”

    The Smith Commission looks like attempts to punish Scots for the referendum.

    The tax powers are a mess. The benefit powers look the same.

    Swinney was heid of the negotiating team while Jim Cuthbert described the SNP as mugs for accepting the Commission outcomes.

    What advice was the SNP receiving from its own civil servants about these negotiations?

  54. Dorothy Devine

    Northcode , keep ’em coming !

    P.S I think you are far superior to William Topaz McGonagall!

  55. GM

    20 April, 2024 at 3:07 pm

    GM; re LR. Just utterly grim. Sanctimonious, pious, moral highgrounding, interfering, catbum-faced, hypocritical old trout.

    Cheers Andouilette. A strange character nae doot. Very late to supporting Independence during the referendum. High profile Woman of the people stuff never washed. Keeping the Independence industry on track takes effort and commitment.

  56. willie

    Good point Confused about how Humza Yousaf won the leadership. It most certainly doesn’t seem to been based on merit. There are also big questions about the integrity of the votes.

    if he lasts that long the pupped tractor Yousaf will gain the pleasure of seeing the SNP wiped out at Westminster at the next General Election. Mr Continuity has played well. But will he stay that long.

    July sees a new baby coming for him. That could well as rumours suggest be his time to excuse himself on family grounds. Moreover the forthcoming trial of his wife’s brother for drugs, abduction and extortion in a case where a man died from falling from a top floor flat and where a women has been charged with homicide will not be a pleasant experience for either the accused or his family. The glare of publicity on the FM, his wife and the wider family will not be good.

    Innocent until proven guilty of course but birds of a feather is a perceptual reality. How did he get into this mess guilty or innocent.

    So hard times ahead and maybe, just maybe, like the departed Sturgeon, shagger may soon be off the stage.

  57. Northcode

    O Great Empress o’ the North, Princess o’ Egypt an Shieldmaiden o’ Scots, Lady o’ the Lochs an Glitterin’ Soul o the Glens, The Divine Dorothy, Dorothy Devine…

    Ta much, Dorothy 🙂

    (I’m in poetic mode today)

  58. Geri

    Chas 11:31

    “Maybe if our Politicians showed competence in ANY of our own affairs that would be a good start.”

    Aye, cause Mayhem, Truss, BoJo, Sunak etc all are really fucking knocking it out the park on the competence front eh?

    Why has Scotlands oil wealth been spent & why is there no UK oil fund?

    Yoons can ask as many questions as they like. They just don’t like the answers & bend over backwards excusing morons who can’t stand Scotland or it’s people but somehow believe another country’s government (& one we never vote for) is far more able to run our affairs than we are.

    Also, it’s a well documented fact, Sturgeon only passed vetting to Sturgeon sycophants & kept a tight clique. If yer face didn’t fit or you asked too many questions you were either relegated, demoted or not chosen to stand for election.

    That’s not excuses. That’s fact – as documented over the years by various ppl who left or found themselves deselected.

    Joan McAlpine – ousted over GRR.
    Joanna Cherry – demoted from Justice & replaced with a dance teacher.
    Philippa Whitford – demoted from Health – sent off to the EU we’d just Brexshitted.
    Angus McNeil – position made untenable for pushing indy.
    Margaret Ferries – made an example of for travelling on a train. She should’ve hitched a train ride with the Royals..

    There’s just a few. NEC was the Murrells Mafia.

    She also shut down party democracy. No one was allowed to vote on anything. She also gave NEC positions to weans with woke pish.

    So when you next ask where is our competent government bear in mind it was systematically shut down. Branches too & conference votes. Good ppl left, were ousted or flat out rejected at selection .

    She even blocked Cherry from standing for Holyrood elections. She continually tweaked party rules to keep herself in place & thwart any possible challenges.

    There’s loads more she did. Ian Lawson has it all well documented as well as Robin McAlpine & various other authors.

    When she is finally gone & SNP is banished from Holyrood we’ll all see a remarkable difference because she is worse than fcking Thatcher with her hand in every level of government.

    She worked well for her handlers in London to quash the independence movement & not use a single mandate, gain a single new devolved power, fcked up the Smith Commission after indyref, allowed powers to be stripped back, flooded the SNP with unelectable eejits & made sure we were dragged out of the EU.

  59. Dorothy Devine

    Northcode , positively lyrical!

  60. Jacqueline

    Thanks Chris. I’ve just had a snap on my life. Been going on for years.. Thanks.

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