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Humza Yousaf is a racist

Posted on April 13, 2024 by

Scotland’s fringe wankertariat has been terribly piqued by the amusing fact that Humza Yousaf’s infamous “WHITE!” speech has been reported as a hate crime more than any other event in Scotland since the introduction of the Hate Crime Act 12 days ago, on the grounds of its supposedly being racist.

The Observer, for example, blamed the stat on “neo-Nazis”.

But even if that were true, it wouldn’t of course disprove the claim. A stopped clock is right twice a day, and something isn’t intrinsically false just because a neo-Nazi says it. Hitler had some pretty messed-up ideas but the world didn’t become flat just because he said it was round.

So as is our wont, let’s look at the facts.

We’ve all seen the clips of the central passage of the speech.

But as the entire Scottish establishment circles the wagons to protect the First Minister, we’re now told that the clips are “taken out of context”.

We read the Ferret piece in question at the time, and even under that site’s hilariously debased sub-student journalistic standards it was an embarrassment. It didn’t “check” a single “fact”, it merely ASSERTED that the speech wasn’t racist, in an “investigation” none of the Ferret’s blue-haired child staff wanted their name on.

Now, frankly the abject quality of punctuation alone ought to discount the piece from any sort of journalistic credibility. According to The Ferret, Yousaf was actually listing a bunch of people whose NAME was White, and asking questions about them.

But interestingly, they weren’t the only people having trouble transcribing the speech. The Official Report of the Scottish Parliament – Holyrood’s version of Hansard – is a seriously inaccurate record of what was really said.

Watch the video again. That isn’t what happened. How many of those “is”es did Yousaf actually say? The transcript suggests a calm, steady listing in normal spoken English. But what Yousaf actually delivered was a stacatto series of exclamatory stabs, each one spat out aggressively as a distinct sentence of its own, with clear pauses between.

“The Lord President: white!

The Lord Justice Clerk: white!

Every High Court judge: white!

The Lord Advocate: white!

The Solicitor General: white!

The chief constable: white!

Every deputy chief constable: white!

Every assistant chief constable: white!

The head of the Law Society: white!

The head of the Faculty of Advocates: white!

Every. Prison. Governor: white.

And not just justice:

The chief medical officer: white!

The chief nursing officer: white!

The chief veterinary officer: white!

The chief social work adviser: white!”

It’s only after the 16th item in the list that Yousaf starts using the word “is”. That’s not a minor semantic quibble, it’s a radically and significantly different tone of speech to the one recorded in the Official Report. The latter is a statement, the former is a series of accusations, the word “white” being used in the same condemnatory way one would use the word “guilty”.

That assessment is supported by the final line in the passage, when Yousaf says “That is not good enough”. There’s no ambiguity in that statement. The listener is left in no doubt that these people being white is in some unexplained way a bad thing.

But to establish whether Yousaf is being racist, we have to try to establish WHY he’s saying it’s a bad thing. Does he have a valid point of some kind? Let’s do David Leask of the Times the massively unwarranted courtesy of taking his claim at face value and examine the full “context” of the speech, not just the clip.

We’ve already given you the link so you can read the whole thing for yourself, so let’s step through it paragraph by paragraph.

To be scrupulously fair as always, the specific reference to “horrific racial injustice” is about George Floyd. But he then says that “we” are “dealing with” – which can only reasonably mean Scotland, since nowhere else is any of Holyrood’s business – racism of every sort, whether “overt”, “subtle”, “institutional” or “structural”.

His evidence? Someone on LBC, a London radio channel, was asked why they stay in Britain if they don’t like it here, something Yousaf claims would never happen to a white person. (Trivia fact: Afua Hirsch was born in Norway and does in fact have a choice of countries she could call home, even more than everyone does.)

But Wings would be willing to bet that nearly everyone reading this article has been asked that at some point in their life, especially when espousing left-wing views. “If you don’t like it here, why don’t you go back to Russia?” is a bog-standard jibe favoured by the right wing, to the point where it’s a universally-known cultural meme and has been for so long that it dates right back to when Eddie Izzard was a man.

We bet Owen Jones has heard it 1000 times. (Yes, we’re only a few paragraphs in and we’ve already cited Hitler AND Owen Jones AND Eddie Izzard.)

So Yousaf’s only evidence so far for his claim that Scotland is mired in racism is an anecdotal personal opinion which (a) didn’t happen in Scotland and (b) is in any event demonstrably untrue.

But then he moves on towards the contentious passage.

Now, as anyone who knows even the first thing about statistics will tell you, a cohort of 300 people isn’t even remotely enough to manifest any sort of probability. It’s like saying you’re guaranteed to get a “heads” by tossing a coin just twice, or that if you toss 100 coins at once you’ll definitely get exactly 50 of each.

(Got some coins in your house? Try it out. Get just 10, toss them all at once and see how many times you have to do it before you get five heads and five tails.)

Secondly, “20 years” is a technically accurate but wildly disingenous claim. Years are not how you measure the selection of politicians, it’s elections, and those 20 years encompass just SIX Holyrood elections, and therefore only SIX opportunities to elect “a woman MSP of colour”.

Now, remember that 20 years ago Scotland’s non-white population was only half of what it is now. The 2001 census found 98% of Scots to be white. The number of non-whites then doubled in a decade, from 2% to a still pretty tiny 4% in 2011. (Due to the massive shambles the SNP made of the 2021 census, those are still the most up-to-date figures we have.)

And of those 2% of non-white people, the vast majority were located in Glasgow and Edinburgh, so in huge swathes of the country there were pretty much NO black or brown people, let alone ones putting themselves up for election as an MSP.

If you put those figures together, even before you start including any other factors (eg class, poverty, education, culture), it’s already massively unlikely that Scotland would have any BAME female MSPs, purely as a function of statistics.

(Those odds have already been defied in terms of Westminster MPs – which Yousaf conveniently ignored – by Anum Qaisar and previously by Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, and there’s another on the SNP candidate list for this year’s UK election, although Simita Kumar is highly unlikely to capture Edinburgh South from Ian Murray. And of course, less than a year after Yousaf’s speech Kaukab “DECAPITATE TERFS” Stewart was elected to Holyrood.)

So the idea that the absence of BAME women in Holyrood is “evidence” of a “problem of structural racism” is simply unmitigated, unsupported drivel from the first principles. It’s a function of basic arithmetic. But Yousaf was about to ramp it up.

The Scottish Greens and Lib Dems have only had a total of 40 different MSPs between them in the history of Holyrood. The idea of probability/”representation” manifesting itself in a cohort THAT small, over just SIX instances, is beyond idiotic. In mathematical terms it’s the equivalent of picking six lottery balls out of 100, once, and being shocked that No.47 or No.91 didn’t come out.

(The Scottish Greens in particular are a hyper-white party. We’re not aware of any non-white people in the party who have ever been a candidate with any hope of election, which basically means top of a regional list.)

The Scottish Tories have had even fewer MSPs (just 31 different people in total since 1999) and almost every one of them represented a rural constituency – the exact places where Scotland has basically zero black or brown people.

But WHY do we “have to make change”? Why is any of this a problem anyway? Is there any evidence that there IS under-representation of ethnic minorities, let alone that “structural racism” is the reason for it? And that’s where we came in, with Yousaf’s big list of whiteys.

In it he identifies somewhere in the rough region of perhaps 50 or so people, of whom “almost” all are white. But if even ONE of them wasn’t (which he implies is the case), that would already be pretty close to a statistically appropriate representation for non-white people.

(In fact we KNOW at least one wasn’t, because despite Yousaf’s claim that “every chair of every public body is white”, at the time of the speech Neena Mahal had been chair of NHS Lanarkshire, a public body, for seven years.)

If 4% of Scots are non-white, that’s just TWO people in every 50. But senior positions, by definition, generally take years to attain. If you want to be a High Court judge today, you really better have started at least 20 years ago, when only 2% of Scots were non-white, so it’d actually be one in 50.

(As an example we picked one of the more recent appointments, Lord Sandison, because he represented us in court against Kezia Dugdale before rising to the bench. He was admitted to the Faculty of Advocates in 1996, so it took him 25 years as a barrister – never mind all the years of work to reach that level – before becoming a High Court judge.)

And since there are currently only 35 Senators of the College of Justice in Scotland (the official term for a High Court judge), the proportionate number of non-white ones should therefore be 0.7ie less than one. And since human beings don’t come in fractions, less than one is zero.

So there is NO “under-representation” of non-white people as High Court judges in Scotland. There are in fact exactly as many as statistically you’d expect there to be.

(You can’t just round up. Show up at Starbucks with 70% of the stamps on your loyalty card filled in and see how much luck you have getting a free coffee.)

Yousaf says that at 99% of meetings he’s “the only non-white person in the room”. But if there are 50 or fewer people in that room, then statistically he should be. He’s fulfilling the quota all by himself. Only when the numbers get to 50 should there be two.

But as we’ve already noted above, Yousaf doesn’t just observe these (highly selective) figures. He expressly says they’re “not good enough”. But WHY aren’t they good enough? Is he alleging, say, that structural racism in the judiciary is leading to unfair court outcomes for non-white Scots?

But there’s no evidence that that’s the case. As of 2021-22, 94% of the Scottish prison population is white. That’s pretty much in line with the general population, especially when adjusted for other factors and the fact that the non-white population has probably increased since the last census.

So the idea that the video clip is “out of context” is absolute nonsense. Other than a couple of references to George Floyd, the context IS the supposed over-representation of white people in Scottish public life. That’s what the speech is about, which we know because Yousaf so obviously co-ordinated it in advance with Anas Sarwar’s.

Nor does Yousaf make any assertion that the list of people he names is collectively incompetent, or (perhaps more pertinently) that their jobs would be somehow be done better by non-white people. He offers no reasoning for their having their posts not being “good enough” – the mere fact of their colour apparently makes it axiomatically true.

His ONLY stated objection to them is their skin colour – something which in itself is no more surprising or outrageous than most lawmakers in Pakistan or Nigeria being brown and black people, or most officials in China being ethnically Chinese.

As has been pointed out with monotonous regularity but never refuted by anyone, a white person going to one of those countries, somehow being elected political leader of the nation and then issuing an angry rant about how nearly everyone else in the Parliament was brown would be howled down as the staggeringly obvious racism it would be.

Because objecting to people for no identifiable reason other than their skin colour, well, breaking news, folks: that’s literally what racism is. On the evidence available, Humza Yousaf IS, empirically, a racist, and no amount of “context” changes that one bit.

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0 to “Humza Yousaf is a racist”

  1. Giesabrek

    FYI Stu, that first image of the Observer article links to the wrong page.

  2. duncanio

    The truth of the matter is that Humza Yousaf has over-achieved in attaining the office of First Minister given he comes from the (4%) cohort of the population that identifies as non-white.

    The other truth is that his achievement is very obviously not merit-based.

  3. Antoine Roquentin

    Captured journalists axiomatically produce journalism of a likewise nature. Another fine piece of free-journalism from Stuart Campbell.

  4. shug

    What about Anas Sarwar did he not make the same speech?

    What about Leader of Labour – Hutchie
    Leader of SNP Hutchie

    Why why why??

    What happened TO INDEPENDENCE

  5. Agent x

    For information:

    Photo and list of SNP candidates for the next general election.

    Notice anything?

  6. Karen

    Yes, judging people by their skin colour is racist. Has he done a genealogy check on all those “whites” to check no-one has a Japanese grandmother?

    Also, the UK Labour Party has never had a female leader (just one example), yet women’s concerns are apparently “not valid” and misogyny was deliberately excluded from the HCB.

    I complained about Humza’s speech, but I am left-wing, and I went to a comprehensive school, unlike him.

  7. Agent x

    Don’t forget:

    “The wife of Scotland’s health secretary has dropped legal action against a nursery the couple believed had discriminated against their daughter, allegedly because she had a Muslim-sounding name.

    Nadia El-Nakla and Humza Yousaf, one of Scotland’s most prominent Muslim politicians, had accused Little Scholars day nursery in Broughty Ferry, Dundee, of refusing to give their two-year-old daughter a place while accepting children with western-sounding names.

    El-Nakla launched her legal action after the Care Inspectorate found the nursery had failed to “promote fairness, equality and respect”, and instructed changes in its procedures, after a complaint from the couple in August 2021.”

  8. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “FYI Stu, that first image of the Observer article links to the wrong page.”


  9. Mark Beggan

    Swing low sweet chariot.

  10. Geri

    Dumbza holds the pretendy highest position in Scotland even though he’s as thick as shit & a racist.

    The electorate will help remedy that & not by choosing the other one, his wee pal who gave a similar speech.

    This bullshit needs put in the bin.

    Let’s all return to “the best candidate for the job” & forget all the failed quotas of parachuting in dunces, right kind of genitals, no genitals at all, skin colour, mentally ill, screw loose, sick notes, walking wounded & every other sympathy vote bullshit for fictitious disabilities.

    It’s a failed experiment. Let’s return to normal.

    As for neo Nazis… FFS give us strength…

  11. SusanAHF

    It’s all this critical race theory and social justice shite imported from elsewhere. By the by, I don’t see ” brown” elites in ” brown” countries making a very good job of things.

    Yes yousaf IS racist.

  12. Geri

    Agent x

    “Notice anything”


    Falkirk – Toni Giugliano LOL

    The SNPs very own Murdo is trying his luck again.

  13. Vivian O’Blivion

    From the report Elitist Scotland?, 2015, David Hume Institute, commissioned by Scottish Government: 4% of Scottish school pupils are privately educated while 45% of senior Judges are privately educated.
    Two out of five political parties that gained Holyrood representation at the last election have leaders who are privately educated and those are; taadaa, Humza Yousaf & Anus Sarwar.
    Non-residential private schools in Scotland disproportionately draw their pupils from Scotland’s South Asian diaspora (Humza’s ahem, “friend” Anum Qaisar MP would be another example). This is a cultural phenomenon and is entirely within their rights. Female students from the South Asian diaspora flourish in the academic institutions and enter the “Professions”. In time, we could expect female, Scottish Asian representation in the Law profession and its associated off-shoots to be disproportionately large

  14. Alison

    I’m one of the thousands who reported this racist speech from Yousef. In the comments I stressed that it wasn’t merely what he said but the *way he said it that made me “feel unsafe as a native white Scot in my own country.”
    (TRAs aren’t the only ones who can use ridiculous rhetoric.)

  15. alf baird

    Excellent analysis Rev.

    We are dealing with racism in Scotland which is “overt”, “subtle”, “institutional” and “structural”, but as you suggest this is not because of colour; it is because of us Scots being colonized.

    That the supposed leader of our independence movement has no understanding of the ‘hateful racism’ intrinsic to all colonial rule (Cesaire) should be enough reason to replace him.

    That he is openly attacking and now oppressing Scots with his hateful ideology and oppressive laws because of our colour is another reason he should be dismissed, and prosecuted.

    But we know he won’t be, because, like his predecessor, the colonial regime is protecting him. And the many ignored complaints made against him simply prove this beyond doubt.

  16. Mark Beggan

    Humza wants to turn Scotland into a refugee camp for his brown friends.
    His gloves puppets, all white girls, do his bidding.

  17. Dave Hansell

    It seems reasonable to observe that the key problem here is not so much that those on the opposite sides of these kinds of issues are not on the same page they are in fact not operating on the same medium.

    Thus, no matter how much rational analysis and science based statistical evidence is presented – as in this article – it will be rejected outright along the lines of being ‘the science of the patriarchy’ or similar by people who have completely lost the plot.

    This is what a society and its culture looks like when it is being run on the basis detailed in ‘The Lord of the Flies.’ There are no longer any actual grown up’s anywhere at any decision making level across the Collective West. They have all been systemically expunged from every corner and crevice.

    We might as well start referring to ourselves as ‘Numptyland'(©)

  18. Martin

    My family are Irish Catholics (I’m 3rd generation). There has been far more “racism” against our community in Scotland than against any other. Banned from being educated, overlooked for jobs. Systematically bothered in society. I know this happened to BAME people too, but if we look at proportionality….

    Scotland absolutely does have a problem with racism. The difference is the victims are classed as white. Looking at the stuff Yousaf talks about, it would be far more useful to track the progress of the country based on the Irish Catholic representational changes… But he’s only interested in skin colour. Which is…. Racist?

  19. Campbell Clansman

    Stu writes:
    “The Scottish Greens and Lib Dems have only had a total of 40 different MSPs between them in the history of Holyrood. ….
    The Scottish Tories have had even fewer MSPs (just 31 different people in total since 1999)”

    Wrong, Stu. What you looked at in that website you link to is the count of current MSPs, not of all MSPs since 1999.

    The Conservatives, for example, have had 69 different MSPs since 1999, not 31. 31 is just their current count.

    Humza Yousaf is also wrong when he asserts that the Conservatives (among other parties) have not had a single “MSP of colour” in the last 20 years. Last time I looked, white is a colour. But even by Humza’s racist definition of “colour,” there’s at least one serving right now, Dr. Sandesh Prakash Gulhane, Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Glasgow region since May 2021. He is the Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care.

    Anyone surprised that Humza lied?


    Racism is a nest of scorpions which will certainly sting those who pursue the theme.
    Scorpions seem to have more common sense than certain species of human.
    Scotland, btw, is the land of «common sense», realist philosophy.
    Rhetorical question, is there such a thing as a country being too Muslim?
    A fatuous postulate?

  21. Dan

    Does the #DugdaleDunceDefence not kick in here. In that if Humza is too thick to know that what he said was racist, then no crime has been committed…

    Scotland does have a truly epic proportion of chronically dumb folk in positions of power and influence that are holding us back from managing to deal with the most basic of tasks in a satisfactory manner.

  22. Mac

    I don’t even know why some folk doubt it. It is the most racist speech I have ever heard from a UK politician in my entire life. That is not an exaggeration. I can’t think of anything even close to it…

    This article lays it out perfectly and demolishes every flimsy excuse that has been thrown to obfuscate it from the obvious racism.

    It is as racist as you can get and also really dim and lazy. In other words, classic Humza Yousless.

    When you logically analyze it the only thing that survives the scrutiny is racism. Everything else just does not make any sense nor add-up.

    It is just a racist speech, from a lazy spoiled privileged Asian man who harbours lazy anti-white sentiments. Sarwar is just the same IMHO. Two racist peas in their wee racist pod.

    I dare him to repeat it if he is so confident otherwise. He is basically standing there and saying it is a bad thing people are in a job as they are WHITE!. That is literally all he has got. Their whiteness.

    That is racism. And this is the plank that has brought us this dreadful hate bill. Again you could not make it up.


    The acceptable face of ethnic hatred?
    The «We hate Israel, but we love the Jews» mantra?…..pull that dirty old wool.

  24. Robert Hughes

    I always took dafty’s ” Blanc ! Blanc ! Blanc ! ” merde as him trying to * perform * a Malcolm X-style declamatory denunciation of ” The Man ” – and failing risibly .

    That it came out of the mouth of a privileged , privately – very expensively – educated scion of a very wealthy family just added to it’s ludicrous nature .

    Like his equally ridiculous predecessor railing about the lack of women in positions of power/influence FROM THE VERY TOP OF THE SCOTTISH POLITICAL SYSTEM , these clowns use every self-serving trope in the * Progressive * Handbook to ( attempt to ) burnish their credentials in the hermetically-sealed world they inhabit ; and to distract attention away from their failings as human beings and in the jobs they are supposed to be doing as Politicians , ie helping as large a majority of the people they ( are supposed to ) SERVE as possible . Not catering almost exclusively to minuscule * Special Interest * groups .

    Yousaf may or may not be * Racist * – though that now infamous statement will haunt him for the rest of his days and could quite rightly be deemed as such – but one thing he undoubtedly is , is fckn stupid ; well , two things ….fckn dangerously stupid , and should be nowhere near the position he is in now .

    The grim fact is , even if he is removed , I can’t think of a single – likely – candidate who would be any better ; they would just find a way to be as bad in a different way

  25. Effijy

    His Brother in law’s alleged Cocaine supply- White
    Clouds- White
    Polar Bears- White
    Snow- White no disrespect to the 7 other small occupants of that house.

    Now the U.K.’ Scotland and Wales are all headed up by people who are not white, are we better off?

    The leader in N Ireland and Donald Trump were Orange but now they are out on their whatsit.

  26. James Jones

    Is there even a “Far Right” in the UK, or is it just that Left-Wing policies have drifted so far it has pulled the political spectrum out of whack? The sensible, middle ground of a few short years ago is now supposedly Nazi territory. It’s a ridiculous accusation.

  27. President Xiden

    Humza Yousaf is a clown. I admit to being clownaphobic.

  28. Young Lochinvar

    Yousaf will be gone as FM by the end of the year, sooner even depending on whenever the GE actually is.

  29. ClanDonald

    I can confirm that when discussing Brexit with hard-line Brexiteers I’ve been told on more than one occasion if I like the EU so much I should go and live there.

  30. Robert Hughes

    James Jones
    Ignored says:
    13 April, 2024 at 2:40 pm

    ” Is there even a “Far Right” in the UK, or is it just that Left-Wing policies have drifted so far it has pulled the political spectrum out of whack? The sensible, middle ground of a few short years ago is now supposedly Nazi territory. It’s a ridiculous accusation. ”

    ” Far Right ” is just the name given to anyone/thing that the Extreme Centre disapproves of , and , yes , the Left has been pulled so far from it’s once recognisable worldview that it sees everything it disagrees with as ” Far Right ” – at least , tries to demonise it as such . Hilarious Clinton’s ” Basket of Deplorables being the prime example .

    The concern is – or should be – that given the almost inevitable tendency of things to snap at the extreme , these unhinged buffoons are setting the ground for the unstoppable rise of a truly Extreme Right backlash .

  31. Ross

    Wild when the PM, First Ministers in Wales and Scotland are all ethnic minorities as well. What’s the chances of Pakistan having three white folk as leaders?

    I had NEVER even thought of myself as white until a few years ago. When you’re from falkirk if 20 years ago in your formative years being white is not an identifier of any sort! Scottish? A man? Lefty to an extent? A bairn? Aye, those are identities but I genuinely don’t think people really even mouthed the word White as an indentity. It’s something you read about in Modern Studies in USA, no a real part of your own place.

  32. Ally

    What I hate more is that in a representational democracy is the insinuation by Humza that his needs and wants can only be brought forward by someone that looks like him…

    The duty of msps is to represent all of their constituents not just the ones with same pantone…

  33. Lorna Campbell

    I hear you’re a racist now, Yousaf?

  34. Republicofscotland

    Your dissection of Yousaf’s racist rant is bang on, the breaking down of the statistics shows that the reason white folk are in office is because of the white proprotionality of the population being higher.

    Yousaf’s white rant is racists but nothing will happen to him as he’s protected, imagine if he had swapped out white for brown, they’d have been calls for him to resign.

  35. MOCO

    Can you imagine Yousaf’s speech in another context?

    Der Lord Advocate – Jude!

    Der Chief Constable – Jude!

    Alle Prison Governors – Juden!

  36. Ruby

    Is there a term for someone who is ill at ease with the colour of their own skin? Skin colour dysmorphia?

    Whatever it is Humza has it. He always seem very conscious of the colour of his own skin also of his religion.

    He doesn’t seem happy about being a minority.

    He blames white people for that. Too many white people resulting in him being in the uncomfortable position of being a minority.

    I think he has mentioned being a minority on a number of occasions.

  37. Mark Beggan

    Vær sød at gå væk

    is what Danish people say to Leslie Riddoch

  38. Hatuey

    I doubt if Humza’s goal was to stir up racial division or tension, though, and motivation or intent (as I understand it) is and always has been a consideration as far as the law might be concerned. Of course, I am guessing about his motivation and intent; I have no way of knowing.

    It’s hard to discuss and oppose racism without reference to and dependence on racial stereotyping which leaves you open to accusations of racism. MLK, for example, was once described as “perhaps the most dangerous racist in America today”.

    A few weeks ago Ruby said something along the lines of ‘we are all racist to an extent’. I didn’t express agreement at the time, but I think she was probably right. Consequently, I don’t think it’s as harsh or as serious a thing to be accused of as some seem to think it is.

    Where it becomes harsh and serious is when you impose ill-considered laws on society that hinge on highly subjective interpretations of values and intent. And the fact that someone like Humza, whose intention was most likely to make a virtue signalling argument against racism, could be found guilty of violating laws intended to outlaw racism, tells you exactly how terrible the Hate Crime Laws are.

    For me that’s the real point here, whether Humza is deemed to be a racist or not; the hate crime laws are a disgrace.

  39. Ruby


    I had NEVER even thought of myself as white until a few years ago.

    That reminds me of an ‘African’ friend who I met when studying in London. She had come to study in London from a country in Africa (I can’t remember which one). She said she didn’t know she was black until she came to the UK.

  40. Geri

    “Wild when the PM, First Ministers in Wales and Scotland are all ethnic minorities as well. What’s the chances of Pakistan having three white folk as leaders?”

    I’m noticing a theme here. None of them were actually elected by the public . It’s a coup..LOL

    Another theme..
    Object to being ethnically cleansed = yer a terrorist.
    Object to draconian laws = neo nazi

  41. Neth

    How many of the incumbents of all those positions Yousaf cited in his speech are English?

  42. twathater

    If Useless was so intent in exposing in his opinion the unfair proportion of WHITE representation in Scotland’s establishment and hierarchy why did he also not point out the unfair proportion of gay and lesbian representation within the Scottish parliament that his party encourages, or is it only white heterosexual people that he has a problem with

  43. Andrew F

    There’s another aspect to this which is also racist in itself.

    In a democracy people get to vote for their representatives.

    In a democracy any person who qualifies can stand as a candidate.

    Doesn’t matter what colour or sex the voter is, they all get to vote. Doesn’t matter what colour or sex the candidates are either.

    The obvious conclusion the clowns are trying to draw is that democracy is racist.

    PS: Of course, if you do not actually have a properly functioning democracy with a fully informed electorate and no financial or structural barriers to candidacy, then that is a separate problem – and it IS the real problem.

  44. Ruby


    Being a racist has to be a very bad thing hence all the laws.

    It’s the same as being a ‘transphobe’ that is a very bad too. It’s criminal!

    Many laws needed to control us.

    Nobody wants to be branded a racist or a ‘transphobe’ so we just all go around pretending.

    I am a racist & so is Humza I am also a transphobe and so is Humza but he’s just pretending he isn’t.

    The SNP can’t be seen as ‘transphobes’ because all their members & voters are trans.

    My ‘racism’ has absolutely nothing to do with the colour of someone’s skin. I just don’t think multi-culturalism works if it worked you wouldn’t need so many laws.

    Same for ‘multi-genderism’ or whatever you want to call it. That doesn’t work either. Hence all the laws.

  45. Tom Halliday

    As a tradesman in Edinburgh, I have a fairly large Asian clientele, they are almost exclusively shop owners or medical professionals such as consultants, doctors, surgeons, neurologist. Are they statistically over represented in their chosen career path? I would guarantee that they are and by quite a large margin, it isn’t Scotlands institutions to blame for the Asian community having preferred occupations

  46. Andy Ellis

    Interestingly the proof of Yousaf’s racism cuts both ways. If he’s a racist for the content and presentation of this speech (which I agree on balance he is) then there are many of the usual suspects posting interminably BTL on here about non-native Scots who are depriving “indigenous Scots” of independence, monopolising jobs in “our” civic, business, political, academic, juridical and policing spaces.

    They are surely just as guilty as Humza. If civic nationalism has no space for anti-white racism like Yousaf’s, or anti-Catholic sectarianism or anti-Roma or Traveller racism, it can similarly have no space for anti “New Scot” discrimination either.

    Who is going to tell all the “Scotland as Colony” nativists and those calling for non-indigenous Scots to be disenfranchised the bad news….? 🙂

  47. Mark Beggan





  48. Garavelli Princip

    (Almost) every university principal in Scotland: English

    (Almost) every director of a cultural institution in Scotland: English

    (Almost) every individual interviewed in a BBC Scotland Vox Pop: English

    (Almost) every head of a major business in Scotland: English

    (Almost) everybody in the most scenic parts of Scotland: English

    (Almost) everybody at a theatre performance in Edinburgh: English

    In fact (Almost) everybody in Edinburgh: English

    You might think that the alleged Leader of the SNP and First Minister of Scotland would be more concerned at our increasingly obvious colonial status than he would be at the majority colour of our skins.

  49. Grouser

    What I found interesting was the timing of Humza Yousaf’s decision to drop his case against the nursery school. He did that around the 7th February. Was it just a coincidence that Nicola Sturgeon resigned around the 15th February.
    Was he given the heads up to clear up any outstanding issues before beginning the process of becoming FM?

  50. crazycat

    @ Campbell Clansman at 2.09

    But even by Humza’s racist definition of “colour,” there’s at least one [non-white Conservative MSP] serving right now, Dr. Sandesh Prakash Gulhane, Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Glasgow region since May 2021.

    Yousaf’s speech is from 2020, at which point that part of his statement was true.

  51. Sven

    Mark Beggan @ 16.43

    I’ll dig the hole … you provide who’s to go in it. (Said in a very jocular, non hateful type of way).

  52. Mark Beggan

    Bla bla bla digging holes bla bla bla. ” where’s the body” bla bla secret consignment bla bla bla government corpses
    That’ll cost more bla bla

  53. Hatey McHateface

    Excellent journalism from Rev Stu. As always.

    Surely the solution is obvious?

    Some of those whiteys listed by Yousaf should self-id as black or brown.

    I think it’s still legal for them to adopt ‘black face’ or ‘brown face’ too, should they want to prove they are prepared to pass the “living as” test required for gender self-id.

    I’m loving this new era in Scotland’s colourful history, me. Assuming we are going to have nothing going on here in the future but tourism, this period will make for some fascinating re-enactments.

  54. Sven

    Really depressing to think that MSPs such as Mr Yousaf, Harvie & Ms Slater & Robison can probably continue indefinitely at Holyrood, election after election, secure as long as they remain near the top of the closed Lists of their political parties.
    Just another “benefit” of the D’Hondt voting system, that gift which keeps on giving.

  55. Hatey McHateface

    Tom Halliday 4:31

    Critical Race Theory (CRT) has dealt with the conundrum you describe by classifying Asians as “white adjacent”, and thus in possession of unearned privilege.

    I recommend a study of CRT to anybody interested in finding out what we’re dealing with.

    Any “white adjacent” race, alongside the white race, can be discriminated against in the pursuit of DEI initiatives and positive discrimination for the under privileged.

  56. Mark Beggan

    Comic Strip Presents

    Five go mad in Holyrood


    Angus Robertson as Julian
    Kirsten Oswald as Dick
    Humza Yousaf as George
    Patrick Harvie as Anne
    Nicola Sturgeon as Timmy

  57. Robbie

    He will eventually be found out as being enormously incompetent. When they replace him he will shout from the high heavens that it’s racist and no doubt try to blame Westminster. I am retired now but was politically active in my youth. In my day you voted for a candidate that represented your general views, as discussed at work and in the pub with workmates and friends. Some of the candidates views were against mine, as an example, the death penalty. However, in general you got what you voted for. Holyrood run by the SNP and Greens clearly live in a never never land that seems to represent .005 of our population and is hell bent on independence. It’s a cabal that anywhere else in the the world would be shut down!

  58. Mac

    Should have bunged Roddy Dunlop an extra grand and had him opine on the legality of Yousless’ and Sarwar’s WHITE! speech had they made it post 1st April just for the lolz. I’d be very interested to see what he thought.

  59. Tommo

    I wonder has anybody actually seen the ‘proforma’ reply allegedly drafted for the Poileas in relation to complaints made against Yousaf ?
    The fact that it exists (if it does) suggests that any complaint against the revered FM will simply trigger an automatic reply- in effect an indemnity under his own laughable legislation.
    Whatever the decision made in regard to the ‘Whitey’ speech Yousaf made, there may for all I know be other alleged incidents complained of-will they simply trigger the standard response? If so what of the pledge to investigate all complaints ? And has a similar indemnity been prepared in like manner for J K Rowling ?And if not, why not ?
    I gather that a 74-year old lady has been carted off to the police station (under arrest or otherwise I know not) in re an alleged incident between two neighbours over a rose bush; Scotland’s legal system- said by some, well into my career, to be the envy of the world- has been reduced in less than two decades to an international laughing stock.

  60. DavidL

    The speech also ducked around the very capable Sheriff Principal Aisha Anwar, appointed SP of South Strathclyde in 2020 and thereafter SP of Glasgow in 2023. She will almost certainly be our first female of colour on the bench in the Court of Session, probably in the next year.

  61. Hatey McHateface


    What colour of rose?

  62. willie

    Could this be the same Humza Yousaf who when his daughter could not secure a place at a popular Broughty Ferry nursery commissioned agents to masquerade a Asian parents to entrap the nursery as racist.

    And was it just a coincidence that the Scottish Government regulation authorities then turned over the Little Scholars Nursery looking for deficiencies.

    And another coincidence that after embarking on legal action to sue the Little Scholars nursery Humza and his wife’s lawyer advised that they had ” an unstatable case ”

    And is this the same Humza whose wife tried to secure selection to stand as an MSP using her own name. Or is this the same Humza Yousaf whose cousin who trades under two different names tried to unseat the long term Ayrshire MSP. ( NB aforesaid under different name was director of an Asian charity that had some difficulty in accounting for what substantial government grants had been spent on)

    Now I don’t know about all other folks but white, white, white Humza Yousaf and his family come across as being exceedingly anti white and pro colour, or at least pro Asian colour.

    Scotland does not deserve this. We have had enough trouble with the Rangers and Celtic thing to have a First Minister spouting hostile anti white bilge. Truly we do not need that behaviour. His anti white ranting, pro colour bias, will deliver no good, no good at all, and I think it fair to say that many who previously did not see colour will now do so.

  63. willie

    Indeed yes DavidL the promotion through the ranks of the very capable Aisha Anwar to the positions of Sheriff Principal and likely on to being Scotland’s first woman of colour appointed as a judge in the Court of Session shows that colour has not been a hindrance to Anwar.

    And if you read about Aisha Anwar’s progress from graduate to trainee to associate and then to partner in Maclay, Murray and Spence you will see just how meteoric her promotions were. Ability was her key to success and it lays bare the hollowness of useless Yousaf’s lumpen racist rhetoric. Good on Ms Anwar!

  64. Confused

    is it coz I went to HUTCHIE?

    skewered by numbers? – better watch that, the woke call it “positivist discourse” and is a feature of “white supremacism” and “patriarchy”. Maths and logic, that’s just like, your opinion, man, and don’t mess with me in the feels.

    humza’s apologists scrabbling about, offering the “context” defence, served up with a side dish of sophistry … I wonder how many rubes, low class, native Scots, will be offered the “context” defence when they get huckled by the woke bottom inspector hate police? And as for intent, your “intent” will be inferred by your accuser, with no defence.

    I am told in asian families, the clever ones get pushed into medicine, the second tranche into business and the idiots become imams (first cousin marriages); I think politicians sit somewhere between #2 and #3. I support incomers coming in, if they themselves want to be part of us, and have high talent; many pakistani surgeons have fixed various bits of mine and my family, but it does make you wonder when entire teams are asian. The “hybrid vigour” argument does not extend to an open door policy for the trash of every shithole, jihadists on the lam, and so on.

    english jails are now run by muslim gangs, an innovation (helter skelter?); maybe we should start to notice over-representation when it happens and ask if it is a good thing? Maybe not, it’s just coincidence and/or meritocracy.

    multiculturalism is the procrustean bed of social organisation; the people who promote it want to kill you, your people and your culture – and want you to help them do it, otherwise you are a bad person

    let’s ave it, oldskool, a vibrant melange of the gay, the black, the asian shopkeeper and the little englander

    if we have to have an asian in charge, I say we swap humza for imran khan, nationalist, anti imperialist, anti corruption, modernist, technocrat politician … not all p4kis are created equal, humza less equal than most

    – was that a bit “racist” of me? – or did you take it out of CONTEXT?

  65. alf baird

    Hatuey @ 3:32 pm

    “A few weeks ago Ruby said something along the lines of ‘we are all racist to an extent’. I didn’t express agreement at the time, but I think she was probably right. Consequently, I don’t think it’s as harsh or as serious a thing to be accused of as some seem to think it is.”

    Here we have to consider the reality within a colonial society. Postcolonial theory distinguishes between on the one hand the ‘aggressive racism’ of the colonizer, and on the other the ‘defensive racism’ of the colonized (Fanon).

    Aggressive racism therefore ‘forms a consubstantial part of colonialism’ (Memmi), which only works by debasing the colonized group, making them and their culture inferior. The colonized are forced to assert themselves and their culture in order to ‘break’ the colonial chain and to become liberated.

    As colonialism involves ‘aggressive racism’ and hence ethnic oppression, this means that liberation is a matter primarily for the oppressed ethnic group (Memmi).

  66. Name (required)

    now do the (over) representation of non hetero normatives in
    political life

  67. Republicofscotland

    And if Yousaf is guilty of racism which he surely is, what about Anas Sarwar who gave a similar rant he too must be racist, and he too should resign from office with immediate effect.

  68. Person-Of-Pallor

    The ‘Why don’t you go back to X?’ thing is not an exclusive possession of the Right. Spend any time advocating anything remotely redolent of a free-market / small-State / low-tax / individual liberty position and it will not be long before some Leftist or Statist deploys the ‘reductio ad Somalium’…

    It sounds like, “Hey, if you hate government so much, just move to Somalia.” It is implied that, since Somalia has been without a centralized State since 1991 and since economic conditions there are poor compared to our own and since statelessness ‘obviously’ caused said poverty and no other factors could possibly have contributed and things were so much better when they had their disgustingly corrupt State — it is implied that you should go reap what your philosophy supposedly sows and leave the place the local State claims control over. If you stay, you consent to be governed.

  69. Dan

    Name (required) says: at 7:44 pm

    now do the (over) representation of non hetero normatives in
    political life

    This previous work from a few years back kind of covers it.

  70. alf baird

    Dan @ 2:16 pm

    “Scotland does have a truly epic proportion of chronically dumb folk in positions of power and influence that are holding us back”

    Indeed, and according to postcolonial theory (Albert Memmi) a ‘mediocre meritocracy’ is a standard feature of colonial governance; this is due to the ‘narrow stream’ from which elites are drawn, i.e. colonial/private schools and from the ‘mother country’.

  71. Hatuey

    Ruby: “if it worked you wouldn’t need so many laws.”

    That’s a bit simplistic and you could say it about every piece of legislation aimed at combatting discrimination, including most of the legislation designed to advance the interests and rights of women.

    In reference to what a couple of others have said above, I think the most impactful form of discrimination in Scotland is the sort of quiet and unnoticed selectivity that exists when it comes to managerial and decision-making roles. Grousebeater talks about this in reference to the arts, but it’s much more widespread than that, as I am sure he is aware.

    In short, the higher up the ladder you go in Scotland, the more likely you are to find non-Scots calling the shots. And that, in my experience, is across the board in all sectors.

    I believe this could be a much more profound problem than simple discrimination, though. I think it’s possible that Scotland, through centuries of poverty and mechanisms like ‘the brain drain’ (features that are characteristic of colonies), is short-staffed when it comes to the sort of skills and experience required in many top jobs.

    It’s a generalisation, of course, but when places like Glasgow were booming economically and the empire was in full swing, most of the jobs were quite low status (hard labour, menial, and semi-skilled for the most part). It’s likely that most of these jobs only came to Scotland because of the endemic poverty that existed in the first place (taking advantage of cheap labour, in other words).

    This is all characteristic when it comes to colonies, where the economy is configured for wealth extraction and exploitation rather than long term development. Most of the people with the brains and the skills have left, along with the low-status jobs that the masses once enjoyed in industries like shipbuilding and mining, and we are left with a sort of hollowed out carcass of an economy alongside a largely redundant population that is unable to fill the relatively few good jobs that exist.

    It’s structurally tragic.

  72. Northcode

    @Alf Baird at 7:32pm

    “Here we have to consider the reality within a colonial society. Postcolonial theory distinguishes between on the one hand the ‘aggressive racism’ of the colonizer, and on the other the ‘defensive racism’ of the colonized (Fanon).”

    I need some help gettin’ ma heid around the concept of ‘defensive racism’, Alf.

    I understand the idea, I think, of an ‘aggressive racism’ coming from a coloniser, but I don’t see ‘defensive racism’ as any kind of racism at all. I see it simply as self-defence.

    What am I not understanding here?

  73. Mac

    Scotland like most of the West is ball achingly woke and PC. We all know it.

    This bogus projection onto Scotland that it is a hotbed of racism is laughable.

    The countries where racism and tribalism and the caste system are rife are in India and Pakistan.

    It seems like our new unelected ‘leaders’ are introducing racism, tribalism, and in the Hate Act, a new caste system.

  74. alf baird

    Hatuey @ 9:05 pm

    “the higher up the ladder you go in Scotland, the more likely you are to find non-Scots calling the shots. And that, in my experience, is across the board in all sectors.”

    You are right that this is characteristic of a colonial society, which is no doubt why Professor Michael Hechter described it as: “a cultural and ethnic division of labour within the UK internal colonialism model”.

  75. David Hannah

    I know where the sex shop in Glasgow is, down the back of the Polo Lounge in the gay district of Glasgow.

    Someone needs to go into the shop and report Humza’s white speech. On camera.

    Someone should do it.

    No I’m not here to buy an Iron or a gimp suit – I’m not Peter Murrell or Nicola Sturgeon.

    I’m here to report a hate crime. Get it up them. Solidarity with 74 year old pensioner Morag Brown.

    Humza is a mongo. A spazzy mongo!

  76. David Hannah

    74 year old pensioner. Morag Brown arrested then released without charge. For saying her neighbour was a mongo for cutting her rose bush.

    The SNP. Full of spazzy mongos. Our country deserves better. We will not be silenced.

    Hate Crime. We’re sick of the fucking lot of them. Get the SNP out now! GET THEM OUT NOW!

  77. David Hannah

    Saturday afternoon. The football is on. The grand national is one. Everyone enjoying themselves.

    Apart from Joe Farrell’s clown shoed boot boys. Nicola Sturgeon’s statsi.

    Humza Yousaf’s mongo brigade. The thought police. Arresting at 74 year old woman. And not even giving her a lift home.

    You’re a disgrace to Scotland. Scotland will not be silenced. Hate Crime the fuck out of this you pathetic excuses for a police force.

    Wokeratti out now! Get them out now!

  78. David Hannah

    The SNP want to treat Whites as second class citizens. The voice of football fans. The voice of Celtic Park. Is that this is our fucking country. Don’t like it. Fuck off back to Pakistan humza with your bigotry.

  79. Hatuey

    Breaking News: Iran has launched a bunch of drones at Israel…

    Apparently they’re going to take about 6 hours to get there.

    My understanding is that it’s all a stunt arranged by the US, Israel, and Iran, much like a fireworks display.

  80. David Hannah

    A firework display. So that we can all give the military industrial complex. Also known as NATO more money.

    We need out of NATO more than ever. Out the EU. And we need Donald Trump to win in America and gut the deep state like a fish.

  81. Geri


    “I wonder has anybody actually seen the ‘proforma’ reply allegedly drafted for the Poileas in relation to complaints made against Yousaf ?”

    Good point. I think the public should see this supposed “script” that the police have issued that excuses Youseless of his own law.

    The context was clear. He was spitting with rage.

    & All that rage & these new laws are the result of an English radio station? Lol. Does he not know what Nation he’s in?

    He should not be receiving preferential treatment. Now we’ve to have a two tier legal system? Those who have an exempt clause & those who don’t.

    Scotland doesn’t need or want another RUC set up.

    Get these clowns out of Holyrood & out of Westminster. This shit has their paws all over this. That’s exactly how they operated in NI. i.e Pick & choose what’s investigated & criminalised & what’s not depending on nothing more than whit school you attended or if you were in the ludge..

  82. David Hannah

    I want no part of World War 3. I conscientiously object. And will vote for Independence. Given the opportunity.

  83. Geri

    It’ll hardly be a stunt?

    They’d have been far better to cut off the oil.

  84. alf baird

    Northcode @ 9:20 pm

    “I understand the idea, I think, of an ‘aggressive racism’ coming from a coloniser, but I don’t see ‘defensive racism’ as any kind of racism at all. I see it simply as self-defence.”

    If colonialism and its ‘aggressive racism’ is about obliterating another culture and people, and thus destroying an ethnic group or ‘race’, this suggests that ‘defensive racism’ involves a people defending their ethnic group, and also rebuilding themselves and their culture and languages, and nation, from the damage caused.

    The colonized ‘only become nationalists in order to reclaim their sovereignty’ (Fanon).

    ‘Self-recovery’ for a colonized group requires a real transformation and shift away from the colonial society norms and hierarchy, structures, assimilation etc, liberation from oppression and an end to ‘colonial procedures’ and exploitation, cultural as well as economic.

  85. Ruby

    13 April, 2024 at 9:05 pm

    Ruby: “if it worked you wouldn’t need so many laws.”

    That’s a bit simplistic and you could say it about every piece of legislation aimed at combatting discrimination, including most of the legislation designed to advance the interests and rights of women.

    ‘Women’s rights’ is a fine example of things that are not working.

  86. David Hannah

    Zionism is despised. The news is in a frenzy. Most people will say. Israel brought it on themselves. No sympathy. Zero fucks given from me! Zero fucks!

  87. Geri

    Trump won’t do anything but follow orders.

    The two party shite is the exact same as here. Two cheeks of the same anti democratic arse.

    Someone explained the yanks election process once. It’s an unbelievable mountain to climb for votes, then it needs doubled & also $millions to bankroll it even just to get to standing for election which explains why they only have two & cuts out everyone else.

    Yet these same feckers invade other countries & install regime change at the drop of a hat.

  88. Den

    If that speech wasn’t racist then I’m a banana

  89. ross

    I see Stewart MI6Donald has blessed us all with a vapid, non point today in the Times.

    Wonder if the Times will keep him on after he’s lost his seat.

  90. Geri

    Zero fcks from me either.

    They’re committing genocide.
    They’re executing aid workers.
    They’re executing Doctors & surgeons.
    They’re executing reporters.
    They’re executing ppl feeding the hungry.
    They’re executing UN aid workers.
    They’re executing civilians.
    They’re executing an embassy protected under International law.

    They’ve lost their minds & someone needs to rein them in before they start reaching for nukes.

    I’d have opted for cutting them off completely but obviously the yanks want a war…All that Gas & oil won’t control itself y’know..Mad fckn Max strikes again.

  91. David Hannah

    Israel reap what they sow. They’ll shoot down every firecracker. Yet the US will escalate it. It’s the American way. And it doesn’t command support of most people! Most normal thinking sane normal compassionate people. That don’t exist in Hilary Clinton’s world!

  92. David Hannah

    Joe Biden’s got his dementia on the button. He wants to press fire. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He wants to turn Scotland into the 1984 film Threads. He wants us wiped out and left to pick up the pieces. He wants our skin to burn off from radiation sickness. He wants us dead while he lives out his retirement in his bunker!

    These people are unhinged!

  93. Geri

    Craig Murray has appeared on “Neutrality Studies” if anyone wants to check it out.

    I heard Ray McGovern name drop him a few times over the last few weeks. So odd to think ‘oh, he’s wan o oors they’re talking aboot” lol..

  94. David Hannah

    I’m watching Sky News. I’m looking at the night-time image of Tel Aviv. Live 00:54. It is utterly pathetic what they’ve done.

    “Iron Clad Israel.”

    Israel does nothing for the West. It offers nothing. We have no affinity to Israel.

    We’ve got more affinity to our muslim shop keepers with Glasgow accents. Than Israel.

    Fuck Israel and it’s right to defend itself. Zero fucks given for zionist genocide commiters.

  95. David Hannah

    Imagine being Israeli and waking up every single day. And patting yourself on the back for killing Palestinians. Or chasing a palestinian out of the West bank. As you settle in their home. Having burned down their neighbours like the KKK.

    Ku klux clan.

    Israel are a disgrace to humanity. God is with Palestine. Jesus the refugee was a palestinian. Clearly!

  96. Northcode

    @Alf Baird at 10:18pm

    Thanks for the more detailed explanation. It clarified the meaning of ‘defensive racism’ for me and makes sense in terms of a reaction from a people whose existence is under threat.

    I think many of us have been conditioned to think of racism in a certain way and the word ‘racism’ in the term threw me a bit. I think I understand what Fanon, and yourself, mean by it now.

  97. Hatey McHateface

    Lots of fcks from me.

    More than enough to overcome the zero fcks brigade.

    Any chance one of the zero fckers will explain how us being on the losing side of the escalating war will help Scotland or advance Indy?

    I’m thinking myself the zero fckers really do believe this is going to just pass us by, but don’t let me put words in your mouths.

    Spell it out yourselves. Spell it out how the war is going to pass us by, how Scotland is going to benefit, and how it’s going to accelerate the progress to Indy.

    Or post some juvenile potty mouthed insults. Stay in your comfort zone. No skin off my nose, but sometimes it would be encouraging to see some signs of joined up thinking on here.

  98. Hatey McHateface

    David Hannah says

    “God is with Palestine”.

    Have you any evidence for that? That’s not really a claim that can be treated as credible without evidence.

    Others might claim that God so hates the Palestinians that he cursed them with Hamas.

    And with Israel. A double whammy, courtesy of the big man upstairs, in other words.

    I’m not making that claim though, even though it has more evidential support than the claim you made. I’m loving both sides equally and wishing they would get like us friendly Scots, kiss and make up.

    I’m not thinking God cares either way.

  99. Geri

    What does your pathetic warmongering achieve?
    In every country.

    Absolutely zero.

    Do you think your side is above international laws, conventions & international treaties?

    It’s morons like you that are a threat to world peace.
    Fck off grandad. Go fapp over the Zionist BBC & gies peace.

  100. David Hannah

    Israel are the losing side John. They’ve lost international support. The UN has even voted for a ceasefire which they violated by bombing a refugee camp today. Meanwhile 31 children have died of starvation. They wont let the food aid in.

    The Holy Land belongs to all faiths. Not just the Jews. As a Christian. I’d love to think I could book a flight to Bethlehem to see where baby Jesus was born.

    Unfortunately. The Zionist occupation of the West Bank has made that impossible! I don’t want to be blown up!

  101. David Hannah

    We’ve all been charged with blasphemy against Israel our entire lives. Like Jeremy Corbyn. It’s time that israel was hoist by its own petard. They’ve nailed their colours to the mast. Judea hung Jesus from the cross. For blasphemy. We are all. Jesus Christ. We are all with Palestine!

  102. Geri

    “how Scotland is going to benefit, and how it’s going to accelerate the progress to Indy.”

    The United Nations will shape up & eject the Zionists.
    Or an entirely new organisation will result.

    Far too long the yanks, & their poodles, have broken international laws, security council resolutions (That ARE legally binding) humanitarian laws, clear ICJ rulings & defied security council instruction on illegal wars.

    That cannot go on much longer before there is either a clean break.

    The whole world will benefit from a clean break from the agitators ruling the roost. The USA, I*rael & it’s various poodles in the EU all need cut off & cleared out.

    They’re like a bunch of NEDS…

  103. Hatey McHateface

    @Hatuey 9:05

    You’re over thinking it.

    Any uneducated livestock breeder on a mud patch in the sticks can tell you what happens to the quality of the herd when you select the best of every generation and sell them off the farm.

    That’s what has been ongoing in Scotland for around 300 years. Admittedly our finest have been leaving of their own choice for some of that time, but the principle holds. The same genetic rules are in play.

    There’s a good debate to be had over the role of immigrants in our top jobs. I’m not aware of any English people holding down Scottish MP or Scottish MSP roles, although there may be one or two. If Professor Baird’s claims that all the top jobs in Scotland are held by English, then if that does actually matter, it just shows how unimportant our MPs and MSPs are.

    If they are unimportant, I guess Yousaf can replace them all with his preferred racial profile and it won’t really matter and nothing fundamental will change.

  104. Geri

    It’s my understanding that’s what killed off the league of Nations too.

    Everyone is equal until one Muppet thinks they’re more equal than others & mayhem ensues.

    The UN will go the exact same way now.

    They’re completely lawlessness & toothless. It needs a reset & if yer not a “world power” GTF off the security council. You’ve no business being a fcking yap with a Vito if you’ve zero army to back up whit yer gob is running off with.

    Sanction. Sanction. Sanction. Remove state status fae the genocide deniers & book them a one way ticket to Gaza. They’ll be able to judge more clearly once they’ve a front row seat in the thick of it.

    There ya go. Sorted.


  105. David Hannah

    Israel started the fight. Now they’re acting victim. It’s pathetic.

    Just like they hung the British squaddies and boobie trapped the bodies. We owe Israel nothing.

    The 100,000 people that marched on the streets of London should be enough to tell the Israeli zionist lobby in the UK that it’s over.

    It is over. We’ve finally broken the chains! We will not be silenced!

  106. David Hannah

    Sky news actually covered Fireworks being set off in Jeruselum. They zoomed in. And it was fireworks!

    There’s definitely some underhand deep state shithousery going on behind the scenes!

  107. Hatey McHateface

    If you can’t explain how Scotland and Indy benefits, then just keep on deflecting. I’m not surprised and I doubt if many regulars on here are either.

    You’re fixated on Gaza because you’ve been conditioned to adopt that world view. There are much more dire tragedies happening in Sudan and Yemen right now, but you’re not interested because nobody has told you to be.

    Muslim on Muslim violence, destruction and famine you see as just part of their cultural behaviour. You roll your eyes and shrug your shoulders as if to say they can’t be held to the same standards as us. Israel is a de facto part of the west and thus your double standards kick in. They, like us in the west, have to be held to a different set of values, and fight with one hand tied behind their backs.

    What is almost beyond parody is that the people you so want to support, Hamas and their fellow travellers, would destroy you without a second’s hesitation.

    Sometimes I wonder if it’s that realisation that underpins your attitudes. If it is, would you ever admit it, even to yourselves.

  108. Northcode

    I came across a story about an islander, a man called Tammas, who claimed to have survived an encounter with an Orcadian demon called Nuckelavee, described by British folklorist Katharine Briggs as “the nastiest” of all the demons of Scotland’s Northern Isles.

    According to some folk, Tammas’s account of his confrontation with the demon might have been the inspiration behind the events in Robert Burns’s poem Tam o’ Shanter (1790).

    Anyway, I was inspired to write a wee poem of my own and recruit Nuckelavee to aid the Scots in their quest for liberation. Here it is:

    awaik, ye doverrit sowels, awaik
    purge aw doolie dreyms an ryse
    untreuthfull visioune beluvit weype
    fae dounwart glaumered een

    hae mind o richts forleetit clayme
    lang-lippent fredome aye cried doun
    nou strive wi unfeart fettle keen
    invok the Mither o the Sea

    throu sommer’s shorebretsh brimskud cry
    bawl oot a pouerfu gramarie
    beseik fayr mistris blintrin lycht
    tae loose demonic Nuckelavee

    deep mirk-daurk fadom lang hit rysis
    creests watters wyld a skyn tyned naig
    throu bindin oath trew Scots tae keep
    an shaik thaim frae fairce malsoun

    frae banie skult ill-scance’t ey accurse’t
    leukt fearsum oot tae sloak hits drouth
    abandoun’t skaims tae haud Scots doun
    ther makkirs fearfu rin deleerit grue…

    hurrit hame tae saufer grund

    The more I discover, and re-discover, of the Scots leid the more I am amazed at its expressive power.

    There are some artist’s impressions of Nuckelavee online an a richt fearsum visioune hit is tae.

  109. Geri


    This isn’t about religion. Its BRICS & the fact that Gaza needs cleared to get their hands on the oil & Gas that the UN had already ruled half belonged to Gaza.

    The nutters are losing their grip on their bully boy world currency & power too.
    They’re trying to do the same as they did with Lebanon the last time someone mentioned dumping the $.

    By starting a war.

    They need Ruskies & Iran out the way so they can go after China.

    So far Ruskie mission has failed & in the toilet. Now it’s Iran’s turn.

    Two corrupt, racist senile old men starting WW3 for greed when both should be in jail for other offences.

    Including stealing other countries reserves & assets + interest.

    It’s unbelievable that there are roasters on here excusing the white supremacists of every bad act as well as genocide.

    The UN is very clear on its definition of what constitutes genocide & yet there is so much fake confusion about it. That doesn’t wash & won’t wash when they’re pulled before the courts.

  110. Hatuey

    Yip, I was right… a fireworks display, and not a very good one at that.

    In the post-truth world, everything is fake — fake news, fake wars, fake pandemics, fake vaccines, fake independence parties, fake politicians, fake everything.

    Israel likes to pretend it’s some sort of island of hope and democracy surrounded by enemies in a sea of antisemitic hate, but that’s all fake too. Most of the surrounding countries, including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, Iraq, and the UAE are on their same side — Team Genocide.

    Most people who were alive during WWII could legitimately claim they didn’t know about the Nazi’s genocide. The whole world knows about this one, though, and nobody is really doing a thing about it. Most western governments are actually supporting it.

    Strange days indeed.

  111. Bortwiskels

    Grouser @ 4:49
    Absolutely correct, there was clearly an early heads up and an action plan put in place. I noted the dropping of the case at the time, not least because when the case was raised Humza’s name and photo were all over it, but when it was dropped it was all about his wife instead. It made sense when NS stepped down, it made even more sense when the likes of Shona Robison rushed to back HY’s leadership bid.

    This is a staunch article and it needed to be laid out starkly like this, and I’m very glad the Rev has taken time to do so. My primary objection to HY being FM is the HCB, he needs to be held accountable for the abomination it is.

    To Hatuey’s point about intent, I don’t think intent enters into the law as written. As Stu has argued solidly here, the police and those who control them can try to dodge this allegation, but by the letter of the law, the white speeches should be investigated or at least recorded as non crime hate incidents. Surely either the law falls over trying to defend it’s creator or these speeches are recorded as hate crimes. Brassing it out can’t be an option, people tend to notice when government members don’t have to adhere to their own rules.

  112. GM

    13 April, 2024 at 7:16 pm

    is it coz I went to HUTCHIE?

    skewered by numbers?…

    I have Imran Khan down as a patriot and a man of principle. Sturgeon, who took the shilling, still has Humza by the baws. Corruption is everywhere amongst the political clique and its parasites. No amount of press fakery can make people believe their narratives. The Scottish people are being targeted by these wannabe elitist no marks. Thankfully they are so useless they are even making an arse of that.

  113. Geri

    Hatey McHateface

    Piss off with yer “look everyone, a squirrel! Over there!” shit.

    “If you can’t explain how Scotland and Indy benefits, then just keep on deflecting. I’m not surprised and I doubt if many regulars on here are either.”

    I have already explained, ya dunce.

    A return to world order where international law matters.

    Readers on here, ya eejit, know all too well of the yanks policing every single country on the planet including their elections & elected puppets.

    Everyone will also remember Obama sticking his nebb in to indyref that was absolutely zero to do with him. If he loved Britnats so much – have the USA dump 4th of July & sign back up.

    & Gies peace on I*rael. It’s the most secure, monitored, surveillance clad shite hole in the world with a rogue state bankrolling its weapons supply & a bunch of s*ttl*r terrorists & mercaneries fae all over the globe burning ppl out their homes & lest we forget the mandatory army & indoctrination Fae the cradle to the grave.
    “Hands tied” my arse. Try rocks.

    Away & talk pish elsewhere. No one’s buying yer wares & fake concern. They’ll be reduced to collapse & they’ve only themselves to blame. Half have already fled back to their own countries where they belong.

  114. Geri

    “Most of the surrounding countries, including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, Iraq, and the UAE are on their same side — Team Genocide.”

    That’s cause the NEDS will sanction & steal their reserves if they so much as speak out of turn. Their population will force them to in the end tho as pressure mounts..

    I don’t see it lasting. Turkey may also join the party.

  115. Geri

    Bortwiskels & Grouser

    Dumbza has mentioned he has Nicola on speed dial & that they’re very close friends. I’m sure during the leadership campaign he admitted Sturgeon had phoned him prior to stepping down & going public so sure as shit she gave him the heads up to clean house in preparation for his shoo-in.

    Forbes played her part too by not pressing the membership issue with Ash & letting the result of a farcical election stand unchallenged when there was so much controversy around who exactly was voting.

  116. Saffron Robe

    The pot calling the kettle white!

  117. Breeks

    Ignored says:
    14 April, 2024 at 1:35 am
    “Most of the surrounding countries, including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, Iraq, and the UAE are on their same side — Team Genocide.”

    I have to confess, the situation isn’t easy to read. I want to draw parallels with H(tilers) pugnacious aggression being met / encouraged by appeasement while on the rise, and that the Israelis are pushing all right thinking Nation’s to their limit, and the tipping point will be reached.

    While that parallel does cover Israel’s barbaric conduct in the Middle East, the big difference from 1930’s Europe is the weight of US and UK military capacity, which has ostensibly abandoned international law and long held codes of moral ethics and decency, (or at least the pretence of such), and fully thrown it’s lot behind the psychotic nutter in the bunker.

    If you think about it, that’s exactly what Adolph wanted for victory; Powerful allies in the West to defeat his Bolsheviks. Nothing has changed. We’re just playing musical chairs.

    If Netanyahu is indeed the Hitler of our time, better buckle up folks, because however criminal, depraved and unhinged he might be, he’s nevertheless the bewildering choice of horse our depraved Western “democracies” are backing.

    Well, not in my name. “Our” conduct in all this, our Western bias and double standards, heart sickens me to the very core.

    I have no beef with Russia. Modern Russia isn’t communist Russia, and even if it was, in living memory the Russians sacrificed 26 million of their people to destroy a megalomaniac Nazi and restore peace in Europe. That was about 16% of their population. That would be like Scotland losing 900k people since 2020, and then be expected to carry on as if nothing had happened. If some of us can’t find it in our hearts to be thankful, then personally I despair, but at the very least the Russians are worthy of a little time and respect in my book. What they DON’T deserve is an aggressive Cuban missile crisis orchestrated on their doorstep.

    As for the Chinese, well, I suspect communism has impoverished their society just as it did Russia, but like Russia, it may yet prove to be a bumpy transitional stage necessary to rid their society of a deep rooted autocratic tyranny leaching on their daily lives. Whatever my thoughts on the matter, that’s ultimately a matter for the Chinese people. Given the toe curling history of the Opium Wars, I am quite certain Britain of all places has no moral authority to interfere. What they DON’T deserve is an aggressive Cuban missile crisis orchestrated on their doorstep.

    As for Middle East? These “troublesome” nations which roll off the Western tongue, the Iranians, the Iraqis, Syrians, the Persians, the Palestinians, the Egyptians… ALL of them boast long histories of progressive and advancing societies dating back millennia, to the origins of all modern society. When we bomb this history, we bomb our own history. “They” were contemplating the intricacies of the known Universe while we were savages driving most of our indigenous wildlife inexorably towards extinction at the end of a pointy stick because they had furry skins which we wanted.

    Sadly, as native Americans, Africans, and Australians will all testify, we white Europeans are very accomplished masters of the pointy stick. Our philosophy hasn’t developed or grown, we’ve just evolved beyond using sticks.

  118. Johnlm

    Nice of Iran to attack when the world finance markets were shut for the weekend.

  119. Robert Louis

    Excellent article, really exposing what a nasty speech that was by Humza.

    Let me tell Humza, I am older than he is. In the late 1970’s, I went to London for the very first time. I am born and bred in Edinburgh. I still remember the genuine shock I experienced when I arrived at London Kings Cross station, at the number of black people. Why was I shocked? Not because I am racist – I really have no time for that at all. No, the reason I wads shocked was simply that even in Edinburgh, you rarely ever saw black folk. I had literally never seen so many black people.

    I grew up in a council estate, and even then, such folk were rare. There were a few of Indian and Pakistan origin, but that was all.

    I have watched Humza’s speech again, and he really needs to get a grip. Scotland IS (as pointed out above) mainly white. That is just a FACT. It is not racism, just a cold, hard, fact.

    I really, really, really do not care one bit about Humza’s skin colour. I do not know anybody who does. I do, however, care about his overt anti white racism. I do care about the fact that he has done feck all to advance Scottish independence. I do really, really, really care that he has used his office as First Minister and that speech, to smear my country, Scotland, as being overtly racist.

    Scotland isn’t racist. The first Minister does, given that speech, sound like he is.

  120. Imp

    96% of the Scottish population. White! Or didn’t I read that in The Official Report of the Scottish Parliament?

  121. Andy Ellis

    I see the islamo-fascist Iranian regime’s attempt to swamp Israel’s “Iron dome” air defence system failed, with the support of the US, UK, Franc and surrounding Arab states.

    It does kind of beg the question as to why the West collectively has refused to provide the Ukrainians the air defence systems and resources to achieve similar results to defend themselves from Vlad and his Orcs.

  122. Shug

    I read Angus Robertson is pulling the snp away from nato and nuclear weapons. Now I do not see a difference between being shot blown up or vaporised although the latter does sound less painful. However this step is designed to insert a wedge between scotland and the western countries and is to London’s advantage.
    Given the history of him and his wife I can only assume he is a plant and working fir Westminster.
    The pair of them need to be questioned about their protected activities or just dumped out the party and soon

  123. Robert Hughes

    Breeks @ 6.55

    Outstanding post , compadre . Absolutely correct on all points .

    The Fertile Crescent- comprising ( modern-day ) Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria, together with northern Kuwait, south-eastern Turkey, and western Iran- is where Civilisation began , and was the location of technological/scientific/philosophical advances when – as you say – the * West * was still barely distinguishable from our Neanderthal forebears .

    Ditto China . Whose Philosophers were discussing intellectually sophisticated ideas about the Cosmos and Humanity’s place in it , along with great insight into the human psyche and suggestions for optimum societal harmony when the peoples of the * West * could only grunt n chase things with pointy sticks .

    As for Russya , what sickens me most about the ” kill them all ” idiot Goon Squad on here – and elsewhere – is their refusal to understand the national consciousness of a people that has sacrificed/suffered to unimaginable degrees in order to persevere . Yes , they’ve had their share of tyrannical despots – what country hasn’t ? – but the crude , imbecilic propaganda that attempts to conflate contemporary Russya with the Soviet Era & V.P as no different from Stalin is the last resort of fckn clowns desperate to shore-up support for a corrupt-to-the-core , profit obsessed and now clearly psychotic U.S + Euro Alliance of the Fucked .

    I mean , look at the state of the * West * .

    The U.S incapable of producing a leader any better than drooling Biden or Donnie Trumpet , FFS ; Europe no better in that respect , with wee Nappy Macron , Baloney Meloni , Oaf Scholz , ” our own ” wafer-thin human abacus Richie Rich Suknackered et al , fuck ! what a roll-call of abject failure they represent . You wouldn’t trust any of them to tell you the correct time of day if asked .

    When they write the book on How The West Was Lost – this time we’re living now will have several chapters to itself .

    Assuming there is anyone around to write it .

  124. Johnlm

    1 billion dollars in ack ack used last night against a few cheap drones.

    The Servant of the People Party is a busted flush.
    404 have run out of ack ack and Natzo don’t have the production capacity to supply all of their schemes.

    Moderation is fierce today.
    I wonder why?

  125. Ruby

    Everyone on the entire internet is talking about ‘The Cass Report’ except BTL here on Wings.

    I don’t know if I want to talk about ‘The Cass Report’ or anything about ‘transgenderism’ to be honest I’m bit worn out thinking about that topic. It’s all pretty insane.

    Here’s a tweet posted by

    Sall Grover
    The moment I realized that puberty blockers keep children biologically pre-pubescent as time passes to the age of consent I couldn’t unrealize it, and I am highly contemptuous of every single person who supports it.

  126. Johnlm

    Moderation is fierce today.
    I wonder why?

    Suffice it to say #AngryAndy is confused

  127. willie

    Indeed yes DavidL the promotion through the ranks of the very capable Aisha Anwar to the positions of Sheriff Principal and likely on to being Scotland’s first woman of colour appointed as a judge in the Court of Session shows that colour has not been a hindrance to her.

    And if you read about Aisha Anwar’s progress from graduate to trainee to associate and then to partner in Maclay, Murray and Spence you will see just how meteoric her promotions were there. Ability was her key to success and her successes lays bare the vicious hollowness of useless Yousaf’s lumpen racist rhetoric. Good on Ms Anwar!

  128. alf baird

    Northcode @ 12:48 am

    “hurrit hame tae saufer grund
    The more I discover, and re-discover, of the Scots leid the more I am amazed at its expressive power.”

    Braw poem demonstrating the expressive pouer o langage, whit loups oot an minds a fowk hou thay hiv aye been doun-hauden.

    Aye, an we might imagine the cultural damage done tae a hale fowk depreeved o thair ain langage, bairns in schuil forced tae lairn anely anither fowk’s ‘mither tongue’, whit gies thaim a ‘false persona’ and a confused identity; and, due to this ethnic oppression ‘a people’ and their culture are thence made subordinate, subject to socio-linguistic prejudice for their entire lives in thair ain naition, whilst their land is plundered. Colonialism is ‘hateful racism’ (Cesaire).

    On ‘mythical’ Orcadian creatures you may also be interested in the ‘stoor worm’.

  129. Ruby

    Of course the topic here isn’t ‘The Cass Report’ isn’t the ‘War in the Middle East’ it’s about racism and whether or not Humza Yousaf is racist.

    I’m treading on eggshells re this subject I don’t feel free to honestly express my views on the subject of ‘racism’ I think that has been the case for many since the introduction of the ‘Race Relations Act’ way back in 1965.

    I’m not totally sure what the word ‘racism’ even means now. It was probably clearer way back in 1965.

    Someone mentioned Imran Khan being a patriot. I’ve often wonder about the people coming here from India and Pakistan to what extent they were patriots.

    Why did Humza’s parents come here? Why did Sarwar’s parents come here?

    I can’t help thinking that coming to live in a white Christian country must have been damaging for their children. I think Humza & Anas etc have been damaged psychologically by the experience.

    They seem to be looking for someone to blame for them being a minority which is understandable nobody wants to be the odd one out but is it fair to blame the white ‘Christian’ majority? Maybe I should say ‘non Muslim’ rather than Christian.

    I’m wondering if my thinking is totally at odds with everyone else’s (probably) or if I am just more honest and everyone is just pretending.

    Of course we have ‘multi-culturalism’ and there is nothing we can do about that now but I think it should be recognised that the population of the UK did not want that.

    It’s the same thing with ‘sex changes’ the majority of the population do not want that but that is going to be foisted upon us like it or lump it. It has been foisted upon us (by Labour) since 2004 but for some reason nobody noticed back then.

    Most people just obey the laws/’dicktats’ but there is still a lot of resentment and that resentment could account for the racism and transphobia which might never go away.

    I haven’t copied the above from a newspaper article this is just my own personal opinion all drawn for lived experiences.

    The issue of the rebranding of ‘the corner shop’ & the ‘Kasbahification’ of The Royal Mile I will cover in another post unless I decide to go off topic and post about ‘The Cass Report’ or something.

    I’m off to read the newspapers so who knows what I might post about next.

  130. Geri

    Johnlm 9:28am


    Breeks – well said.

  131. Republicofscotland

    No one wants the top job of overseeing the physical and mental destruction of our kids, but no doubt the SNP government and the Greens will keep looking for someone to oversee the butchery.

    “NHS can’t find consultant to lead controversial gender clinic after 5 month search”

  132. Republicofscotland

    Where did the £5.3 million quid go to? Certainly not to the children via bikes.

    “SNP spent £5.3m on free bike pledge but barely any poor kids have got one”

  133. Ruby

    14 April, 2024 at 9:28 am

    Moderation is fierce today.
    I wonder why?

    Wot is there something new? Did you post the banned word mAnu*script or comPu*ting or something similar.

    Something other than the following & every word that contains any of the following.

    Let me know so I can add it to my list.

    Al*ba g*u brà*th
    You tube link with the http: included
    Any link containing any of the above

  134. Hatey McHateface

    It’s quite astonishing how Breeks can bang on about the historical national scars on the Russian psyche, and how those racial memories are the key to understanding and justifying their current behaviour, yet deny the same understanding and justification to the Jews of Israel.

    I used to think it was lazy thinking to assume crude anti-semitism was behind every poster like Breeks, but when continually faced with mental gymnastics of that calibre, it makes sense to just deploy Occam’s Razor.

    As for “progressive” and Iran deployed in the same sentence …

    I wrote last night there are endless interesting and mature debates to be had about what’s going on in the world right now. But not on Wings BTL.

    Opium Wars, FFS. Because some bad bastards, some of them Scottish, exploited China four generations ago, we who are alive today have to sit on our hands and accept we have it coming to us while China floods our towns and cities with deadly synthetic opioids?

    “Man up Jock, it’s tough your son is dead of an OD at age 19, but read up on the actions of Jardine Matheson in the 1890’s and you’ll feel much better.”

  135. dearieme

    I don’t think the Neena Mahal example proves much. She’s an attractive woman so she’s treated as an Honorary White.

    It’s dim, rat-faced people like Humus Useless who have trouble getting senior jobs. Except Humus Useless of course.

    We could turn his argument around and point out that no white as hopeless as Humus Useless has ever been Scottish First Minister so that’s clear evidence of anti-white bias.

  136. James Che

    Surely the publicised piece calling larges swathes of English and Scottish people Neo- natzies in Britain is a racist slur without evidence is…..Racist in of itself,

  137. Hatey McHateface

    @Robert Hughes 9:08

    I reckon we’re still regressing.

    I am confident you can still grunt, but I doubt you could run 50 yards for a bus, never mind chase something with a pointy stick.

    Looking forwards to you discussing the differences between VP and the Man Of Steel. MOS leads by several million on the unmarked graves metric, but let’s not count the scores before the final whistle, eh?

    VP’s Poseidon could net him some tens of millions, just while opening his score. After that, the sky’s the limit.

  138. Republicofscotland

    A segment from that bastion of decency and honesty Ian Blackford MP’s speech on Iran returning the favour to the Zionists.

    “He had earlier posted on social media: “Thank goodness that air defence systems limited the damage from the Iranian attacks on Israel. Iran must be universally condemned for the attack on Israel and the right of self defence of Israel clearly stands.”

    Of course Blackford omits that the Zionists attacked an embassy of Iran’s in a third party country, Syria to be exact, of which part of this third party country is also illegally occupied by the Zionists.

  139. Robert Hughes

    Main – fuck off you buffoon and take your fellow prick Ellis with you . I have not the slightest interest in anything you or him might dribble , neither of you have a fuckn clue , about anything

    Ellis and his ilk are the reason ALBA is heading for the same ditch the snP are drowning in and you are just a clown in search of a circus

  140. Hatey McHateface

    There’s an interesting and realistic opinion piece about Iran by Simon Tisdall, just published on the Guardian Online.

    The heading photo repays study by anybody interested in diversity, inclusion and progressivism.

  141. willie

    Israel kills with gay abandon. Extra judicial, extra territorial it matters not a jot. And they cite the bible as their authority to kill their men, woman children and animals.

    And we in the west indulge them. We gave them the weapons to flatten Israel. We put a ring of steel round Israel while they flattened Gaza, displacing nearly two million and killing tens of thousands of innocents.

    And now after a retaliatory missile launch against Israel for their murderous attack on the Iranian embassy, the good old USA and their Brit poodle have had their military aircraft in the air engaging Iranian hardware. Indeed, the USA has mobilised warships together with sending thousands of marines to give Israel ” ironclad ” military assistance.

    Clearly Israel does as it wishes and the US and the UK follow on. Now whilst I know that this maybe over generalizes the situation Britain and the US are already at war. And its not just in the middle east but in Ukraine too.

    Most international reports say that the US and UK have lost their proxy war in Ukraine, that economic sanctions have backfired on the the West, and that Russia, China and the East have become stronger.

    It is therefore difficult not to conclude that the land plates have shifted and that like the old USSR the west is in decline as a new world order takes over.

    The British Empire disappeared very quickly after the second world war. And whilst the UK may have hitched its wagon to the US it now looks like the US is going exactly the same way as the British Empire and or the USSR.

    What you take with force you lose ultimately. The world knows that and the memory of colonialism, oppression and wealth extraction is not forgotten. You get more through cooperation than conflict.

    But hey, look around Broken Britain, look at the decline in every area that you look at, and then look at our propensity to wage international war. And then do the same in the USA with its rust belt states, urban poverty and utterly divided politics.

    But hey, we’ve wars to fight. Evil dragons to slay. God is on our side.

  142. Northcode

    @Alf Baird at 9:42am

    A thank ye fir yer compliment, Alf. An a weelcome it wis haundit tae mi in the Scots leid tae.

    A’m awa tae leuk oot thon ‘stoor worm’ ye mentioun.

  143. James Che

    This head politician that is calling out the skin colour tone colour of Scots in Scotland is displaying verbal animosity to the Scottish nation in particular in this Country, if I remember Correctly he is another one of those politicians that slipped In ” unelected”… by the people

    There is in fact a double display of Racism from Humza Yousaf here being disparingly displayed.

    For he accuses people in certain positions for being white, , in cluding the police and justice system,

    But his racism does not curtail itself to skin- tone.

    He also says…..”here in Scotland” ….he accuses the nation of Scotland for being extra racist compared say to elsewhere in Britain out “Here in Scotland” the nation of Scottish white people are Racist.

    Who else could manage to make, two racist comments against a one Country and its people in one speech. But a unelected slip in ” party” selected politician.

    So a double racist remark.

  144. Johnlm

    Does anyone ever go to the yoon links that Genocide John likes yo post here?

  145. James Che

    Racism particularly against Scots -here inhabiting Scotland.
    Racism against White Skin- toned Scots.

    The racist slayer of Scots and The nation of Scotland. “Here in Scotland”,

    Does anyone perceive that they have been targeted twice with a hurtful “Hate Crime in (here ) Scotland” by the first minister.

  146. Northcode

    Aye, James Che.

    More troubling for Scotland than what sounded like an anti-white rant delivered by a man who is now her First Minister in an ill-considered public speech is his definite disdain for the Scots, the people he is meant to serve.

    Yousaf’s speech although wrapped in an achromatic skin tone was targeted at the indigenous people of Scotland .

    The Scots weren’t the intended audience for his speech, though. His rant was for the ears of everyone but the Scots. Yet another underhand tactic to denigrate the Scots; to fabricate a lie that the Scots as a people are racist and to diminish their good name in the eyes of the world.

    Yousaf is a Scot himself but his allegiance appears to be to a different master than the one he has been charged to serve.

  147. Anton Decadent

    There are a few types of racism in Scotland which are not spoken about, only the evil, hated whites are capable of racism in this brave new world we find ourselves in.

    Look up convictions for modern day slavery in Scotland and it will take you to Govanhill/Crosshill. In the same area if we go back around twenty years when the Roma first started to arrive there was a small Somali community living at the Dixon Avenue/Langside Road part of what is Crosshill. They and the Roma clashed in a turf war which culminated in a mass running street battle along Dixon Avenue which the Somalis lost and were ran out of the area by the Roma, that is why they are down at Eglinton Toll. The Roma then had a population explosion going from a couple of hundred to five or six thousand in a small area. They were being housed by Pakistani slum landlords who had been given the opportunity to buy a chunk of city housing stock in a private deal without these properties ever going on the market, the landlords had connections within GCC and the Labour Party and quite probably SNP, this is being slung down the memory hole. At one point whilst speaking off the record to a person of Pakistani origin who worked for the local council they told me that it could take decades to find out who actually owned these houses to carry out factor repairs etc as there were a trail of offshore shell companies owned by a string of family members. Organised crime gangs from Pakistan, Romania, Kosovo and even China are working together in the area with regard to the trafficking of women for the sex industry and/or sham marriages for Visas.

    If we really want to talk about racism in Scotland let’s talk about the Pollokshields area and the three brown on white murders which have occurred either in the area or the victim being abducted there. The first of these was around 1994 when a mixed race couple were walking past the park in Kenmure Street and the Asian female received verbal sexual abuse from Pakistani males. Her white partner knew some Urdu and replied and was battered to death by them with cricket bats. His murderers fled to Pakistan and Anas Sarwar’s father was involved in negotiations to have them return after an extended holiday from justice. The second was the murder of Kris Donald which was a murder waiting to happen, I remember someone I knew being kicked into a coma by some of the same people who murdered Kris Donald. This guy I knew was an introvert who kept himself to himself and Baldy etc were bullies who got away with this because of their ethnic background, I remember the sister of the guy who had been beaten into the coma being in the paper saying that they were having to teach him to read and write again whilst justice was not being served because his attackers were of Pakistani origin and they went on to commit the torture murder of Kris Donald and from there to try to take over the Scottish prison system via extortion bully gangs. The third to be murdered in Pollokshields was fifty seven year old Willaim McKeeney who was kicked to death outside of his house in Melville Street in 2012. His partner saw the attack from her window and thought that they were kicking a binbag full of clothes down the road then realised that is was her partner. Asif Rehman and Adel Ishaq were convicted of his murder. That is three murders in the same area in twenty years or less all carried out by people of Asian origin against people of white origin and, imo, we really should be questioning why no one in the media will go near this.

    Another thing which appears to have been memory holed is the murder of an Indian man and attempted murder of another Indian man at an Edinburgh bus stop by a black man. The media appear to not have the level of interest in this that they would have if his murderer had been white, imo.

  148. David Hannah

    Humza Yousaf’s popularity has dropped after controversy around the Scottish Government’s hate crime laws, a new poll has suggested.

    A Norstat survey showed that the First Minister had fallen in popularity by 15 points since January to a net approval of -32 with the general public.

    This means that 32 per cent more people think he is doing a bad job than doing a good one.

    He is also struggling among SNP supporters, with only 29 per cent of people who voted for the nationalists at the last general election believing he is doing a good job. Some 36 per cent think he has been poor in office.

    This net score of -7 is a huge drop from January when he scored +14 among SNP voters.

    It comes after controversy over the new hate crime law, which came into place on April 1.

    Polling guru and Strathclyde politics professor John Curtice told the Times the poll shows Yousaf “is deeply and increasingly unpopular”.

    He added: “However, do the SNP have any option other than to make the best they can of Mr Yousaf ‘s leadership?”

    SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn and ex-finance minister Kate Forbes – who Yousaf beat in the race to succeed Nicola Sturgeon – have been touted as potential replacements if Yousaf resigns following the general election.

    The First Minister’s drop in approval ratings was larger than his rivals.

    Tory Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was three points worse than Yousaf on -35, although he had increased his popularity by 10 points.

    Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross’ popularity fell by 10 points to -38.

    Labour also saw a dip in fortunes. UK leader Keir Starmer saw his approval rating go down by 13 points to -26.

    Scottish leader Anas Sarwar dropped by 14 points to -17.

    Both the SNP and Labour were predicted to win 32 per cent of the Scottish vote at the general election. This would result in Labour winning 28 seats and the SNP taking just 18, according to Curtice.

    The SNP won 48 constituencies in 2019 and Labour took only one.

    With undecided voters left out, support for independence is at 47 per cent, with those against at 53 per cent.

    The Greens are on four per cent and Alex Salmond’s Alba are on two per cent.

    This could make a significant difference in key SNP-Labour contests.

    Curtice told The Times “The SNP’s prospects for Westminster would be transformed if these voters could be persuaded to back the SNP instead.

    “Even with Labour still on 32 per cent, the SNP might find itself with nearly twice as many seats (31) as Labour (16).”

    Norstat spoke to 1,086 adults in Scotland between April 9 and 12.

  149. David Hannah

    NHS Scotland has failed to find a doctor to lead its controversial child gender services clinic despite a five month search.

    The senior role at the Sandyford Centre in Glasgow was advertised in November last year with a salary of up to £138,000 for a 24 hour week, but remains vacant.

    A source has told the Sunday Mail consultants are avoiding the job because of the toxic debate around gender treatments and a lack of direction from government.

    A landmark review of services for under-18s in England and Wales last week warned children have been let down by a lack of research and remarkably weak evidence on medical interventions.

    “Part of the reason for that is government ministers don’t seem to be able to make up their mind whether they want to go along with Dr Cass’s findings because the issue is now bound up with so many other policies which are unravelling.

    “Meanwhile waiting lists are growing and vulnerable young people are going without the medical care they deserve.”

    Sexual and reproductive health consultant Louise Melvin held the role of interim clinical lead at the Sandyford from August 2021 until October 2023 but her Linkedin social media profile says she is now on a “career break”.

    Louise Melvin appears to be the name of Scotland’s trans butcher in chief!

  150. Hatuey

    Ellis: “I see the islamo-fascist Iranian regime’s attempt to swamp Israel’s “Iron dome” air defence system failed, with the support of the US, UK, Franc and surrounding Arab states.”

    The Iranian response is being described as “calibrated” which means it was essentially a political stunt. You could have read about it two days ago in the FT, along with reports of the US begging China and others to encourage Iranian restraint.

    My understanding is that the US arranged this symbolic gesture directly with the Iranians, so that knowledge of targets, the routes, the timing, and everything else needed to minimise damage, was shared in advance. It sounds nuts but it happened before.

    If it’s true, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was, we should wonder why the US hasn’t done as much to prevent Israel’s genocidal attacks on the defenceless Palestinian population.

    It’s interesting how the rules of engagement — in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and everywhere — change when “the enemy” can hit back. The US has done more than anyone to teach the world that lesson; if you want to live in peace, arm yourself to the teeth, ideally with nukes…

    It is rumoured that Iran could, if it chooses, hit back very decisively; and if it doesn’t already have nuclear weapons, could probably muster up something just as destructive.

    I have a feeling this isn’t quite over, ‘the best laid plans’ and all that, but we will soon see.

  151. Hatuey

    Ellis: “I see the islamo-fascist Iranian regime’s attempt to swamp Israel’s “Iron dome” air defence system failed, with the support of the US, UK, Franc and surrounding Arab states.”

    The Iranian response is being described as “calibrated” which means it was essentially a political stunt. You could have read about it two days ago in the FT, along with reports of the US begging China and others to encourage Iranian restraint.

    My understanding is that the US arranged this symbolic gesture directly with the Iranians, so that knowledge of targets, the routes, the timing, and everything else needed to minimise damage, was shared in advance. It sounds nuts but it happened before.

    If it’s true, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was, we should wonder why the US hasn’t done as much to prevent Israel’s genocidal attacks on the defenceless Palestinian population.

    It’s interesting how the rules of engagement — in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and everywhere — change when “the enemy” can hit back.

    It is rumoured that Iran could, if it chooses, hit back very decisively; and if it doesn’t already have nuclear weapons, could probably muster up something just as destructive.

    I have a feeling this isn’t quite over though. The best laid plans

  152. David Hannah

    We have a name. Doctor CutDeBaws and breats –

    Louise Melvin. Scotland’s gender doctor in chief!

    Shame on her. ‘She’s on a career break’ Of course she is. She should be struck off for playing operation on children too young to vape, get a tattoo buy alcohol. But its okay for them to take lupen – used to castrate sex offenders.

    Shut down the Sandyford Clinic!

  153. Dan

    Hmm, I guess the now deid swan lying 5 meters away from the broken sewer pipe is just a coincidence. TBH I think if I had spent the last few months swimming around on and sticking my head into effluent and algae polluted water looking for scran, then the relief of death would probably seem like a grand option.
    I did ask SEPA weeks ago if they would come out and check the toxicity of the obviously polluted water to ascertain ongoing risks to wildlife, but they had little interest in doing so… 🙁

  154. F I MacIllFhinnein

    Humza Yousaf has displayed his true colours – as a devolutionist. The major UK institutions and companies in Scotland (the UK Civil Service and the BBC among others) all sign up to targets for recruitment profiles, including these nominal “race” profiles. Of course, these are based on English samples – which is why we have the slightly odd sight of people of rare ethnic profiles reporting on Scottish affairs, for example. They are there to represent under-represented minorities in another country. The current First Minister is just taking a lead from English concerns. He is unlikely to be concerned about the under-representation of Scottish minorities, e.g. travelling folk or Gaelic speakers, because they don’t really count in the UK scheme of things.

  155. Ruby Tuesday

    14 April, 2024 at 12:20 pm

    Does anyone ever go to the yoon links that Genocide John likes yo post here?

    Are you referring to the innarestin’ articles?

    I’m wondering if these innarestin’ articles have innarestin’ btl discussion and wtf he does remain there instead of here when he believes

    there are endless interesting and mature debates to be had about what’s going on in the world right now. But not on Wings BTL. ‘Hateful John McHateface Main’

    I don’t think he post links (hyper links) just the name of the innarestin’ article and how innarestin’ it is.

  156. Hatuey

    They’ll be dancing in the streets of Ross County tonight…

    If Schauffele wins at Augusta, this will go down as a very special weekend indeed.


  157. alf baird

    Ruby @ 10:23 am

    “I’ve often wonder about the people coming here from India and Pakistan to what extent they were patriots.”

    History tells us that many of the native population who worked for western colonial powers in former colonies prior to and after their independence and decolonization had to/or decided to leave their homeland. Recent examples include Afghanistan and Hong Kong. Similar ‘decolonization’ migrations appear to have occurred in France and USA.

    In this sense ‘multiculturalism’ seems to be a particular feature resulting from decolonization and hence is closely related to imperial powers.

    The question of ‘patriotism’ is clearly another matter; the main issue in a colonial society is that because people cannot serve two masters one must be sacrificed to the other (i.e. usually the colonized, until decolonization), which also relates to ‘dependency complex’ in postcolonial theory (Cesaire).

  158. James Che

    The first ministers disdain for white people that have attained high positions in Scotland through years of hard study and work rather than by skin- tone he mentioned himself publically,

    The police in Scotland also got ” named” as being racist white people by Humsaf Yousaf publically.

    When Scotlands nation of people which are over 89% white from the beginning of its history had No say prior to their birth, what skin- colour they ought to be born for generations so they could please…. ( One )….. person thousands of years later that may become a exploitive skin-tone racist politician.
    A unelected politician by the nations of Scotlands vote I may Add.
    And Labour MP ANAS’s syncronised speech along with Humza Yousafs was just as racist,

    But accusing a whole nation of people in Scotland as racists is Racism against Scots, he acted on his racist thoughts while he Was the justice minister in Scotland to bring a law into Scotland against the Scots and falsely called it a Scots Law,
    Whilst in a rolled down devolved government under the statues laws of Westminster parliament. Given Royal assent of the Sovereign.

    Dissecting The different layers and which part the Crown and Sovereignty of parliament “claims” brings to ones attention the reality who gave this bill permission to pass and it not actually being Scots law,

    The Scots may not have been the intended audience for his speech,
    However the “Scots were the intended recipients” of his, the “ex in- Justice Ministers Hate Crime Bill,

  159. Ruby

    Innarestin post ‘Ruby Tuesday’ but you have made quite a few typos. Let me correct them for you. HTH


    14 April, 2024 at 12:20 pm

    Does anyone ever go to the yoon links that Genocide John likes yo post here?

    Are you referring to the innarestin’ articles?

    I’m wondering if these innarestin’ articles have innarestin’ btl discussions and wtf he doesn’t remain there instead of here when he believes

    there are endless interesting and mature debates to be had about what’s going on in the world right now. But not on Wings BTL. ‘Hateful John McHateyface Main’

    I don’t think he posts links (hyper links) just the name of the innarestin’ article and how innarestin’ it is.

    There you go all sort RT.
    BTW Ruby Tuesday could you stop including ‘ignored’ in your posts. Delete it before you post. Telling people they are ignored is hateful.

  160. Hatey McHateface

    @Robert Hughes 11:56

    Was I right about the bus? Just a lucky guess, honest injun!

    Don’t take it so personal. Obey the law and treat all Scots with respect and affection.

  161. James Che


    I ment to address my comment at 1: 48 pm for you in response to your comment at 12: 39pm.
    My apologise

  162. Ruby Tuesday

    Sorry Ruby I did spill a bowl on ‘French Onion Soup’ on my desktop and some of it got onto my keyboard. It’s £80 to replace so I’m struggling on with a sticky keyboard.

    Who is this golfer who will cause dancing in Ross County?

    Has it anything to do with Hailey Davidson?

  163. Northcode

    @James Che

    “However the “Scots were the intended recipients” of his, the “ex in- Justice Ministers Hate Crime Bill”

    Indeed they were, James Che. There’s no doubt about that.

  164. Hatey McHateface

    @Hatuey 1:01

    “defenceless Palestinian population”

    So good you posted it twice.

    IDF reporting 260 dead since October last year. Bet they’ve had a few chipped nails and grazed knuckles too.

    I guess you might want to write these off as “friendly fire” incidents or simple lies. Fill your boots.

    And it’s still the slowest and least efficient genocide in world history too.

    “it is rumoured”. Sure it is, I start some of them myself.

    The Taiwan invasion fleet is on the Ferguson’s slips awaiting the windows being painted on. How’s that?

  165. Ruby Ruby

    I don’t think people are taking ‘Humza’s Hatey Crime Billy Willy’ seriously.


    Still perfectly legal to call someone a cunt and tell them to GTF.

  166. James Che

    Anton Decadent,

    Well done for bringing to our attention the racial crimes that have actually happened already but swept under the MSM carpet,

    It is a good thing that the MSM pile on about all things “baad about Scotland kinda news”
    , has inadvertently advertised around the world the oppression and suppression that the People in Scotland feel in having to contend with the double layers of statues, legislation and laws imposed on Scotland through a rolled down devolved government compared to the Country of England which only has one legislator for laws in the UK.

    The assault on Scottish freedoms may backfire world wide yet,
    I was watching Australia MSM news, discussion and talking about how appalling on freedom of Speech, the Scottish Hate Crime Bill was that had passed and been given Royal assent to pass as a bill the Monarch of Britain.

    It has had news ramifications beyond Scotland bringing focus on Scotland and suffering Scots are going through.

  167. Republicofscotland

    “Man up Jock, it’s tough your son is dead of an OD at age 19, but read up on the actions of Jardine Matheson in the 1890’s and you’ll feel much better.”

    So some co-opted Scots living high on the hog, back in the day when the English empire was in full swing justifies 300+ years of the union, which began by illegal bribes and an English army waiting at the border to invade if the bribes didn’t work.

    What we got in return (immediately) was the Malt tax and we took on a share of England then £18 million quid debt, and we’ve being paying a portion of England’s debt ever since.

    Most Scots lived in poverty, other we’re killed and forced overseas as England hunted down and murdered (again with the aid of some co-opted Scots) the remainder of Scots who knew the union was bad for the majority of Scots, other Scots saw no way out of the poverty at home and signed up to fight for English wars as cannon fodder.

    Even today the English military trawls Scottish schools and poor areas looking to sign up cannon fodder for English wars.

    So why should a country with a small population compared to some in Europe have the highest death rates from drugs abuse, its all part of colonialism, where a sense of hopelessness is prevalent as our very own colonial government keeps the status quo intact, colonialism breeds hopelessness, anger, resentment, frustration and a million over negative emotions that leads to abuse of substances in our young and older folk. Only the co-opted Scots who are making a good living out of the status quo (a small proportion) and those suffer from the Scottish Cringe, or are utterly propagandised think the current situation is acceptable.

  168. Breeks

    Ignored says:
    14 April, 2024 at 1:01 pm

    …My understanding is that the US arranged this symbolic gesture directly with the Iranians, so that knowledge of targets, the routes, the timing, and everything else needed to minimise damage, was shared in advance. It sounds nuts but it happened before.

    I’d heard similar. After the Israelis bombed the Iranian Consulate, not only was retaliation a racing certainty and lawful, but even the Americans were saying that Iran had the right to retaliate. The Israelis had gone too far,… again. The complicated bit was how it would be done, and how it might be interpreted as “appropriate response”.

    Since last year, Iran has reported having Fattah hypersonic missiles which allegedly travel at Mach 15. But I imagine they’re rather expensive. I wonder too if they’re Russian or Chinese design. A couple of Russian hypersonics were intercepted over you-know-where, but the Chinese criticised the Russians for flying them on a straight trajectory, thereby making their course predictable. The implication being the Chinese ones don’t fly straight.

    But who needs Hypersonic missiles? Iran’s low-tech Shahed drones reputedly cost $20k, and rumours has it they sent 200 of them. That’s $4million by my arithmetic. Somewhat ironic, (or maybe Iranic), that $4million is the cost of a single US Patriot missile, and presumably the Israelis fired hundreds of them. Kerching! X 100.

    So I dunno. All done for the cameras? Maybe. Iran has a lot to gain from restraint, particularly because the Israelis are currently on full blown psycho mode, (probably on mouldy old boxes of Pervitin), and reliably shooting themselves in both feet with dead-eye accuracy.

    But if I was an Iranian, would I be trusting the US to keep their word? Hmmm….

    Don’t forget too, how powerfully iconic a single man in a paraglider can be. It’s not how he died that matters, but that he took off in the first place.

  169. Hatey McHateface


    Be careful of that Ruby Tuesday character.

    She has a suspicious bulge in her dungarees.

    Could be she’s wearing ‘whiteface’ too.

    I’m thinking she needs to be showered with affection, tolerance, sympathy and understanding, in accordance with Scottish law, but it’s important you don’t go there unless you are prepared to stay the course.

    Leading her on, then dropping her flat, would be cruel and hateful.

  170. Republicofscotland

    “The Iranian response is being described as “calibrated” which means it was essentially a political stunt. You could have read about it two days ago in the FT, along with reports of the US begging China and others to encourage Iranian restraint.”


    And they did show restraint, instead of hitting Tel Aviv they hit secret bases in the Negev, lets not forget the Zionists attacked Damascus the capital of Syria, so Iran had the right to attack the Zionist capital but it didn’t.

    What I find utterly disgusting is that the English airforce aided and abetted the Zionist genocide committing forces in shooting down Iranian drones missiles, as did the Great Satan (US).

    London Washington and Tel Aviv are determined to bring war to these shores (UK) and Scotland will suffer as we host a foreign countries weapons, no one should fight for the axis of evil London, Washington and Tel Aviv, Scots should not be cannon fodder in foreign wars stared by England.

  171. Ruby Tuesday

    I don’t think people are taking ‘Humza’s Hatey Crime Billy Willy’ seriously.


    Even if they were people who can’t run for the bus or are on crutches it’s perfectly legal for them to call someone a cunt and tell them to GTF.

    Better watch it ‘Cuntey McCuntface’ Age is included in ‘Humza’s Hatey Crime Billy Willy’ and so is disability you could be bookey wookied by the Hatey Crime Polis Wolis and charged with a non crime hatey crime crime for what you posted earlier to the lovely, clever, witty, incredible amigo & hermano Robert Hughes.

    I’ve just watched ‘Casa Susanna’ on the BBC Catch up thingy it’s all about men’s addiction to a fetish. The fetish is called ‘autogynephilia’

    Someone once described AGP & trangenderism as

    “Fetishistic men on a sexualised ego trip living out
    their sexual fantasies in public”

    In the 50’s 60’s it was difficult from them to live out their sexual fantasies in public but could at ‘Casa Susanna’

    In the 1950s and 1960s, deep in the American countryside at the foot of the Catskills, a small wooden house with a barn behind it becomes home to the first clandestine network of cross-dressers.

  172. Hatey McHateface

    @Republic of Scotland 2:17

    What are you on about?

    Or maybe, just, what are you on?

    It was Breeks that started banging on about how we Scots have it coming because of the opium wars. Maybe he meant the British Empire was something the English did while we Scots were staying home singing hymns, but that’s just his delusion.

    If you don’t agree (like I don’t agree) take it up with him.

    Sure, shit stuff happened in the past. Just as shit stuff is happening today. Show people a credible future with less shit stuff happening and they will choose to take it.

    It’s not my fault your chosen champions turned out to be substantially sub-standard on the “credible” front. Just as it’s not my fault now that your ideas for that future with less shit happening are leaving the majority of Scots voters immensely underwhelmed.

    Find new champions and embrace some new ideas. Ditch the failed shibboleths of the past.

    Tell Student Grant you’re not going to hang out with him any more.

  173. JB

    What I didn’t realise until today, that upon seeing a post attack picture of the Iranian Damascus consulate, it that it itself was not attacked. It still stands.

    It was an adjacent, admittedly within the Iranian consular compound, which was targeted and flattened, but the consular building is still intact.

    That doesn’t remove the poor judgement on Israel’s part, but maybe they just got sick of attacks by Iranian proxies, and decided to hit the organ grinder, rather than the monkey’s.

    The next question is what will be the scope of Israels’ retaliation? If they limit it to degrading military establishments, weapons, and facilities within Iran then things may end there. If they do more, then that could set of the whole tinder box.

    We can however expect some response from Israel, as the Iranian response to the prior Israeli attack was attempted overkill.

  174. Ian

    From Hutchesons School website – “we are clear in our mission to target our support to those who need it most”.

    I wonder what the objectives were and did they achieve them with Humza Yousaf. If not, then Mum & dad may have a strong case to claim a refund (2023 annual fee £13,428).

  175. Johnlm

    Mention of the 1 billion in air defence spent last night seems verboten on here today.

    Anyhoo, I see the Axis has surrendered (unsuccessfully) to Ansarallah.

  176. Ruby

    The ancient crafts that nearly died out and the people saving them

    I spotted this article & thought it might be of interest to Breeks & Dan but probably not.

    It seems to be just crafts that would be of interest to owners of stately homes & to museums and the Royal Family who need parchments & feather quill pens that don’t leak.

    “Owen Jones, one of the last known swill basket makers left in the UK, learned his craft in 1988”

    Obviously not that Owen Jones but wouldn’t ‘swill basket’ be an interesting swear word and name for the more famous OJ.

    WTF is a swill basket?

    More research needed.

    Could it have something to do with ‘The Pigs Dinner’

    I’m liking ‘swill basket’ a lot as a swear word.

    GTF you total ‘swill basket’ and take yer ‘Pigs Dinners’ with ye!

  177. Hatey McHateface

    @Republic of Scotland 2:28

    You’ve just broadcast the existence of the “secret bases in the Negev” to the world.


    BTW, Jordan downed a few drones too. Are you genuinely unaware of that, or is it just another case of awkward facts spoiling another of your synthetic narratives?

    My advice is that you post an immediate claim that this has been fabricated by Zionist and Satanic sympathisers. It is essential to your cause that you continue to maintain that the entire Arab/Muslim world is in lockstep with the terrorists and warmongers.

    Just as the fact that nobody really wants to help the Palestinians, apart from the West, is fatal to your claims of a helpless population of civilians being genocided.

    Off you go then, chop chop. Get posting.

  178. Hatey McHateface

    Wheesht JB.

    There’s an elaborate but rickety structure of lies built on the foundational lie that the Iranian consulate was attacked.

    Knock that foundational lie out and the entire structure of lies will collapse.

    The consulate liars will be disconsolate!

    That might be a hate crime.

  179. Johnlm

    Desperate coping from JB and Genocide John.

    Even Chatham House says the consulate was attacked.

  180. Republicofscotland

    “It’s not my fault your chosen champions turned out to be substantially sub-standard on the “credible” front.”

    So you think the current SNP is suppressing Scots all by their lonesome, or are you referring to the likes of Fletcher of Saulton for his and his ilk not halting the union back in the day.

    The former have help from the English security services to help keep the status quo intact, that’s why I keep on saying that the English parliament and it security services ARE the enemy of Scots.

    However Fletcher and his anti unionist politicians of the day found the same problem as we have today corruption though bribery, though today we can add in extortion, basically the English security services have the dirt on many Scottish politicians and the English media would quite happily air it if they chose to release it.

    Glasgow has the most CCTV cameras in the UK we can’t have the natives getting restless can we, Scots are also in my opinion the most propagandised people in the world their entire media is foreign. Considering this and 300+ years of Britnat brainwashing it remarkable that almost half of the Scottish population see independence as the way forward.

    Imagine what that figure would be if we had a real indy government in place and the English government and its security services, along with a small portion of House Jocks didn’t interfere in indy process.

    But that’s our (Scots) problem to solve not yours, you are part of the problem not the solution.

  181. Ruby Tuesday

    Another repeat post from ‘CMcC’nudge nudge wink wink face’

    Women need to wear dugarees, corchet themselves a ‘soft packers’ and even wear a tool belt in order to pass as a FTM in order to be covered by Humza’s Hatey Crime Bill.

    No bulge no rights!

  182. Republicofscotland

    You’ve just broadcast the existence of the “secret bases in the Negev” to the world.

    Site 512

    “Sometimes something is treated as an official secret not in the hope that an adversary would never find out about it but rather [because] the U.S. government, for diplomatic or political reasons, does not want to officially acknowledge it,” Paul Pillar, a former chief analyst at the CIA’s counterterrorism center who said he had no specific knowledge of the base”



    BTW, Jordan downed a few drones too. Are you genuinely unaware of that, or is it just another case of awkward facts spoiling another of your synthetic narratives?

    Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia etc are all just acting out of self-interest, once the axis of evil Washington, Westminster and Tel Aviv fail to subdue Iran, Yemen etc their deep loathing for the axis of evil will come to the fore, they currently only comply with the Great Satan (US) and it minions through fear.

    Western hegemony relies on fear as a weapon of choice.

  183. JB


    Look at the video here, the consulate building (flying the flag) is still standing, the building to the right of it was destroyed.

    I first saw it in a still image earlier today.

    So Israel did strike within the Iranian consulate compound, but the consulate building itself was not destroyed. I imagine it suffered some damage due to the strike next door, akin to those of houses in the London Blitz when V2’s destroyed one house in a terraced street.

  184. George Ferguson

    The original article by Stu proposes that Humza Yousaf is indeed a racist. Subsequently there is evidence of infiltration in the Civil Service to promote friendly Islamic policy decisions i.e. Sharia Law. Further evidence is available of affiliated groups in the SNP diverting policy emphasis. We have a Governing party in Scotland that has lost control of the narrative. So is Humza Yousaf racist?. I think so, the Prima Facie case is that Humza Yousaf is racist.

  185. JB

    Here is a better image, just the picture of the consulate and the adjacent rubble site:

  186. Johnlm

    Not sure what point you are trying to make.
    I think you’ll find that that pile of rebar used to be part of the consulate, Iranian sovereign territory.
    Maybe you think they should have used a bigger b0mb?

  187. James Che

    I am personally not to happy with a double second layer of laws in the Uk suppressing the Country of Scotland and the people of Scotland through the devolved government from Westminster parliament.

    In Scotland the people have to contend with Uk law and legislation,
    In Scotland the People have to Contend with the rolled down from Westminsters devolved governments second layer of law and legislation passing falsely under the radar as Scots laws,

    England does not have to contend with this second layer of laws and legislation,

    Firstly let me make a clarity of thought.
    I am not racist towards anyone or one person in England, as they did not invent the devolved parliaments to Scotland, Wales or N Ireland. Nor did they pass the law of the Great- Britain Westminster parliament,
    So lets separate the politicians in Westminster from the ordinary citizen of England, just as we separate the Scots people from the politicians here in Scotland
    But herein will be speaking of the country ruled By that parliament-Westminster the parliament of Great- Britain
    Personally I realise that this Westminster parliament is colonial in its Racism towards Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and those three Countries peoples, in applying a second tier of ” their” Westminster governance parliament in a oppressive manner with two sets of laws and legislation passing bordering Colonialism to suppress Scots,.

    Scotland are the only Country that created a supposed treaty of parliamentary union with the old parliament of England,

    And Then Scotlands old parliament To be side-lined by the Dissolution of its parliament from a “parliamentary union” of so called the treaty of union in 1707.
    and now renegated to a second class Colonial devolved parliament in Scotland,
    How did this come about,
    How as Westminster parliament been left as the sole parliament of England,

    Some of this I have explained in previous posts here on wings, regards the Upper House of the House of Lords of the Westminster parliament of England and The Upper House of the Westminster parliament of the new named Westminster parliament of Great- Britain being one and the same group of parliament members,

    However perhaps the biggest obstacle to a genuine parliamentary Union between Scotland and England can be personified by the inferiority Complex of the parliament of England politicians
    and the connecting foundation of that inferior complex begins with those politicians feeling they were a to Wee, to Small a D.. i.. c. complex compared to the other leaders and Countries.
    This inferiorty D… i… k Complex drives them to create and instigate mulitude’s of Wars, with countries that have in their eyes bigger d..i ..ks than they do, hoping to extend, build up and add some Strength to their political members.
    But the dik is the one at the level of cranium,

    Her is a Extract quote from one of those talking heads.

    “Article 111 of the Articles of the Union transfers Authority to legislate for Scotland from the parliament of Scotland to the parliament of Great- Britain,”

    “The parliament of the united kingdom of Great- Britain and northern Ireland can have no greater power than its Author the parliament of Great- Britain”

    “Article XX11 provided that in the new parliament of Great-Britain Scotland would be represented in the House of Commons and the House of lords”

    Article XX11 has been repealed by the parliament of Great-Britain,

    Article 111 became spent and obsolete when Queen Anne by proclamation/ declaration put the Scottish parliament under Dissolution, removing the members of that parliament and their representation of Scottish Constituents from the parliament of Westminster.

    The authors of the Parliament of Great- Britain?
    Were; Scotland and Englands old parliaments respectively,…. Ireland was not mention in the Anglo- Scottish treaty of parliamentary union,

    In fact officially Ireland did not join the united kingdom of Great – Britain until a much later date.
    Anglo- Irish treaty. 1802/02.

    Here we find politicians in Westminster parliament convincing their talking heads “belching out Corksrew history”, that the newly camouflaged Westminster parliament of Englands Great-Britain and its members have untimate control of the treaty of union, without Scotland.

    Having repealed Artcle XX11,
    Having convinced themselves that The Great- Britain parliament were the authors of the Great- Britain parliament.

    These extract Quotes can be found in ” A Case For Lord Gray” UK parliament.
    Which I gave details on a day or two ago and how to find them.

  188. Ruby

    14 April, 2024 at 2:54 pm

    From Hutchesons School website – “we are clear in our mission to target our support to those who need it most”.

    Is it a special needs school?

  189. James Che


    How does the police retaining Scottish peoples records that are not charged with a hate crime and the personal protection data Act, in UK?

    And if the treaty of union has any merit left how does it ageeable conflate with article of union Scots private rights under the evident utility of the people of Scotland?

  190. Robert Hughes

    @ Ruby * Baby *

    Muchas gracias amiga & hermana : eres muy preciosa , un genio de la comedia , más inteligente que cualquiera de los presentes y un martillo para la vanidad de ese par de idiotas: Hilda y Evadne.

    * heart * emoji

  191. James Che

    The parliament of Great Britain which retained its parliament of England members has no Authorisation.
    As it removed the Scottish parliament representation members, thus it Scottish parliaments constituents and representation by Dissolution in 1707.

    Why would Westminster parliament 300 years later suddenly realise that Scotland under “their Scotland Act devolved parliament” require such a government in Scotland if they had been equally represented in Westminster along with England?

    A second layer Colonial administration from Westminster parliament?
    They realised Scotland had not had representation at all in The Not so Great Westminster parliament of England/ Great-Britain?

  192. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “Moderation is fierce today.
    I wonder why?”

    Because apparently people can’t take a fucking hint.

    (1) If I put a subject in the filters, here’s a clue about what that means: I DON’T WANT MY WEBSITE USED FOR DISCUSSION OF THAT TOPIC. So if you use some other term to get round it, then if you’re lucky I’ll just put that term in the filter too.

    (2) You see that bit IMMEDIATELY ABOVE the comment box where it says “If your comment does not appear immediately, DO NOT REPOST IT”, in bold fucking capital fucking letters? If you then repost your comment 10 fucking times, and then include a snarky line about why it hasn’t appeared just for good measure, then if you’re lucky I will put you on permanent pre-mod, and if you’re not lucky I’ll just ban you permanently on the spot.

    We clear?

    I’ve added another bunch of terms to the filter this evening. I do not advise attempts to circumvent them.

  193. Geri

    In my opinion they’re playing the long game.
    They’ve taken one of Ps spliffs & just chilling lol

    Revenge is a dish best served cold. That firework display was a waste of everyone’s weapons except the few sparklers that cost peanuts. I’m no weapons expert but I’ll assume that wee exercise is a few $ million down for all who took part..

    Biden, Sunak & everyone else is tanking in the polls.

    I think other countries will isolate it & slowly stop trading & it will collapse itself sooner or later. Half the population has already left..

  194. Geri

    “We clear?

    I’ve added another bunch of terms to the filter this evening. I do not advise attempts to circumvent them.”

    Well I didn’t know that. I thought you didn’t moderate the site & that the censorship was from WordPress. I wasn’t aware it was you that was doing it..

  195. Geri

    Oops! Remember there’s a delay..


    *Dies fae hammers*

  196. mark mcgregor

    is boasting that “…we’re up to our knees in Fenian blood”, a hate crime? I wonder!! my kid’s school recognises (rightly) Diwali and the various Eid’s, but St Patrick’s Day?? no chance!!! Scotland doesn’t have an elephant in the room. it has a blue whale, no pun intended!

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