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The Grooming Of Holyrood

Posted on January 23, 2023 by

It’s been hard to avoid the puffy, perpetually-smirking face of Edinburgh transactivist Beth Douglas, the co-convener of the Rainbow Greens, recently. He’s been all over the media, from Glasgow Live and Edinburgh Live to The National (print and podcast) to Penis News to various national TV bulletins, and interviewed by Owen Jones.

Last week he was prominent in a protest outside Queen Elizabeth House against the UK government’s S35 intervention over the Gender Recognition Reform Bill. He spoke alongside MSPs including Patrick Harvie, Karen Adam, Ross Greer, Paul Sweeney and Alex Cole-Hamilton, who lavished fulsome and effusive praise on him, going so far as to say that it was for Douglas personally that MSPs had pushed the bill through.

But Douglas wasn’t always called Beth.

In July 2014, a fresh-faced and amiable-seeming young man called Jack Douglas became President of the Students Association at the University Of The West Of Scotland in Paisley. His election campaign had made no mention of gender issues, or even of wider LGBT issues.

He held office for two years, during which time no events of any particular significance seem to have occurred as far as we can tell, other than him getting a bit chubbier and growing a rather manly beard as seen in this video from November 2015.

But then something happened.

Because by the middle of 2017 Douglas had become “Bee”, a prostitute with “natural perky tits”, a “7 inch surprise in my underwear” and a very major problem with women.

As “Beth”, Douglas had become involved in radical queer politics. By September he was the co-convener of a militant organisation called Trans Pride Scotland.

He was also involved with a Facebook group called Anti-Capitalist Queers – Pride 5 Solidarity (ACQ). In January 2018 some members of the group, including Douglas, aggressively disrupted a feminist meeting called “We Need To Talk About The GRA” in Glasgow. The streamed internet video of the incident is unfortunately extremely corrupted due to technical issues:

But Douglas can be clearly identified through the distortion 55 seconds in.

His appearance on the night in question can be unmistakeably matched with pictures of the protest group with their banner outside the venue:

Douglas had become aggressive during the protest and another member of ACQ had had to intervene to separate him from some of the women and calm things down. Such behaviour was very much in character with his new persona, because he’d become a strong advocate of violence.

In August 2017 he was arrested over violence at a Pride march in Glasgow.

Also arrested with Douglas was Jess Bradley (born Joshua Harry), a Trans Officer from the National Union of Students and the author of a Huffington Post article entitled “There’s No Such Thing As A ‘Real Woman'”.

Bradley was also director of an Edinburgh group called Action for Trans Health (ATH), which the alertest of Wings readers may recall issued an infamous “manifesto” of outlandish demands in June 2017.

In December 2018, after a string of scandals involving pornography and allegations of indecent exposure, Bradley was accused of a series of sexual assaults by people both within and outside ATH, which he managed to suppress by hiring the famous London firm of specialist libel lawyers Carter-Ruck. (The source of his financing to hire such legendarily expensive counsel remains a mystery.)

He resigned as a director of ATH in April 2019, and was suspended by the NUS two months later and never reinstated. He subsequently went into hiding and his current name, whereabouts and activities are unknown. The NUS – one of the most historically and comprehensively trans-captured institutions in the country, and a direct channel into politics – has never published the result of its investigation into his conduct.

(In 2017 the NUS had elected Douglas to a position meant to be reserved for women.)

Bradley is second from the right in this picture, in yellow, with Douglas at the far left.

It was taken at an event at Napier University in September 2017 called “Putting The TRANS In Transparency“, organised by the Scottish Trans Alliance (STA), whose then-director (now consultant) James Morton is at the far right of the image. (Ironically, the bearded Morton is the only actually female person in the photograph.)

STA is a “project” of the Equality Network (EN), a Scottish Government-funded quango set up in 1997 by a group of activists including Duncan Hothersall, who is of course someone well known to Wings readers.

(In 2017 EN and the STA had put out a joint statement protesting about the arrests of Bradley and Douglas at the Glasgow Pride event.)

The fourth person in the image, between Douglas and Bradley, is another transwoman using the name of Ellie Aradia Mulreany (sometimes “Autumn Elanna Mulreany” and previously known as Myk Mulreany), also a campaigner for Trans Pride Scotland and another keen violence enthusiast.

Mulreany also worked for Scottish Trans Alliance and Stonewall Scotland.

In March 2019, a transwoman and performer known as Peyton Rose (born Benny Monteux), who’d been due to headline at a TPS event for Trans Day Of Visibility, had called for trans activists to “throatpunch” the feminist group For Women Scotland for handing out flyers in Edinburgh.

TPS had initially leapt to Rose’s defence, issuing a statement portraying him as the victim and his comments as both “tongue in cheek” and “self defence”.

The statement had been written by Mulreany and supported by Douglas.

The official TPS Twitter account also liked a post saying “no one is wrong for wanting to punch TERFs sometimes”.

But after an angry backlash, TPS retreated and issued a new statement saying it did “not believe in trivialising violence” and had a “zero-tolerance” policy.

Mulreany was outraged and quit the group, calling them “turncoats”.

And soon there was yet another schism and more sexual abuse allegations.

It seems hate doesn’t make you happy.

Douglas also bitterly attacked the new anti-violence stance, and called for a vote of no confidence in the TPS committee.

Also visible in the above image is a comment from another transwoman, Sukhdev Parhar. He’s a now-recovering alcoholic and drug abuser who was (and may still be) in a relationship with Douglas.

The couple fantasised about violence against women who might “misgender” them. (The hyoid is a bone in the neck often broken during strangulation or hanging.)

Parhar too was furiously outraged by TPS’s decision to renounce violence, asserting that “violence in itself, as a concept, is subjective” and that “a blanket non-violence policy is intrinsically racist”.

He also “loved” a comment on their Facebook page saying “this is your daily reminder to Punch A Transphobe In The Throat”.

But Parhar was only one of many transactivists to become romantically involved with Douglas, in a deeply insular and incestuous scene that’s rather light on external dating options. In May 2018 Douglas and a young transman called Emrys Mordin had created a fundraiser on GoFundMe ostensibly to help them become pregnant (despite them already being a biological man and a biological woman).

It told a remarkable tale which defies summarising, so we’ll let you read all of it.

(As far as we can tell, “Olli Mordin” and Emrys Mordin are in fact the same person, who has subsequently detransitioned and now lives peacefully as a lesbian, which we’re not linking to. The reference to Douglas’s supposed testicular cancer may also possibly offer a clue as to what it was that could have turned him from a seemingly nice and normal young man into what he is now. Or there could be other reasons.)

Sources have told Wings that one of the other co-parents of the prospective child in the complicated multi-partner arrangement was to be Ellie Mulreany, who had also been in a relationship with Beth Douglas in mid-2017, and was again in early 2019.

(Mulreany, incidentally, has his own fundraiser on the go at the moment, ironically for surgery to combat male pattern baldness.)

The Douglas/Mordin baby fundraiser only raised £175, and the relationship turned sour, with Mordin dubbing Douglas an “abuser” and implying that she’d been pushed into doing sex work through a lack of support.

(The Scottish Government officially classes prostitution as violence against women, but it’s fine to endorse and encourage it if you’re one of their woke young darlings.)

Mordin wasn’t the only person to level accusations of abuse at Douglas. By this time (the middle of August 2018) Anti-Capitalist Queers had dissolved itself, in the process naming Douglas as “an abuser of many people” whose activities had “tarnished” the group’s work to the point it could no longer continue.

Wings has spoken to someone connected to ACQ, who did not wish to be identified in this article but described Douglas as a “psychopathic rage-monster”. They also said that Douglas favoured sexual practices involving strangulation – echoing the remarks made by Sukhdev Parhar – and cutting partners with knives. (They did not make any allegation that these activities were non-consensual.)

Douglas certainly does appear somewhat obsessed with knives and bladed weapons.

He claims these comments and his other abuse aimed at feminists (particularly Joanna Cherry and Joan McAlpine of the SNP) are “jokes”, yet his actions and his history tell a very different story – that of someone endlessly willing to trivialise, defend and actively advocate violence, turning furiously on his own allies if they disagree.

And yet his current allies, office-holders in the Scottish Greens, line up to lionise and make excuses for him, having learned nothing from those who went before them.

(Douglas’s predecessor as co-convener of the Rainbow Greens was of course the equally abusive nappy fetishist Eilidh Martin, who has retreated from social media after being exposed by Wings but to the best of our knowledge still remains a welcome and active member of the party.)

Douglas has always liked to use his physical bulk to intimidate women in real life, not just online, and nothing has changed.

We’ve been told of similar examples to the above by other people who didn’t wish to be identified in case it led to Douglas harassing them or worse, given his oft-stated beliefs that violence against “TERFs” is not only acceptable but laudable. He’s already boasted proudly of infiltrating one feminist group in Aberdeen, reading women’s private and very personal discussions and finding out the home addresses of several.

One group member told us “some of the women had been abused as kids. So when some articles were shared some of the women occasionally would say what they’d experienced. Knowing that creep was reading those messages and no doubt getting his jollies is horrible”.

Mirroring the rhetoric that had surrounded the Peyton Rose incident, Douglas just weeks ago presented a mob-handed intimidatory male invasion of the women’s toilets in the Scottish Parliament during the GRR debate as an act of self-defence.

We’ve left an awful lot out of this article to keep it to a manageable length, readers. But Jack/Beth Douglas is a man too toxic and abusive for radical pro-violence activists, a cheap bully who’s spent most of the last few years hanging around with sex offenders and violent criminals. He is the very lowest sort of slime, not by our assessment but by that of those who have known him most intimately. (Literally in several cases.)

And yet in a world where liking the wrong tweet can get you cancelled, and making a single mild joke about a mobile phone’s autocorrect gets you ostracised and disgraced and your career ended at a stroke, and where the representative you elected and maybe even canvassed for will block you on Twitter for the slightest hint of an awkward question, this grubby, creepy sleazeball and his sordid associates are apparently hero-worshipped by most of the Scottish Parliament. This is who they want, because you’re so very ordinary, unfashionably “cishet” and unworthy of their interest.

Look at the SNP MP (Kirsten Oswald) and MSP (Kaukab Stewart) proudly standing under a banner on Saturday calling for other women – including their own colleagues – to be decapitated by guillotine and eaten for the crime of believing that biology is real.

(They of course played dumb when caught, but unless they’re blind AND stupid they must have seen them at some point during the demo – it wasn’t a very large gathering – and decided that as elected politicians they were happy to be part of a protest where such placards were being waved. They were joined by Alison Thewliss MP and two males, Stewart McDonald MP and Ellie Gomersall of the Scottish Greens. Remarkably, not a single one of them noticed the signs before being pictured with them.)

At Saturday’s demo, as at every gathering of transactivists, the threat of violence was always direct and upfront. There are three violent messages here within a few feet of a collection of SNP representatives (the scrawny one with the glasses is Michael Gibbons of Out For Independence).

Or as Ross Greer of the Scottish Greens (another pasty, malnourished dweeb who we doubt could violence his way out of a wet paper bag) put it when tweeting pics showing all of the abusive banners: “Glasgow at its best”.

Look how much all the woman-hating politics men love the woman-hating knifey man.

Who brags about teaching people how to illegally manufacture and inject themselves with non-prescribed drugs which could make them impotent or sterile or worse.

(He did so in the same grubby Glasgow pub where yesterday’s placards were made. In 2019 the SNP council in the city gave the bar £5,000 of public money.)

Greer, Patrick Harvie, Karen Adam, Paul Sweeney and Gillian Mackay are all giddy with excitement to share a platform with an “edgy” character like Jack/Beth Douglas.

Alex Cole-Hamilton extravagantly expounds his praises on camera (looking for all the world like one of the Commanders of Gilead from The Handmaid’s Tale in the process). Maggie Chapman and numerous other Scottish Greens officials enjoyed a celebratory knees-up in an Edinburgh pub with him after passing the GRR.

Joe Fitzpatrick, SNP head of the Holyrood committee that [cough] “scrutinised” the GRR, abandoned all pretence of neutrality to demonstrate with Douglas.

And scores of MSPs, including most of the SNP, turned and stood to subserviently applaud him when they passed the bill enshrining the destruction of women’s rights.

What we currently have in Scottish politics is a situation where a micro-sect of sinister, “queer” anarcho-Marxists deeply enmeshed in violence, prostitution, sex crime, alcohol and drug abuse, porn and paedophilia are in effective control of the Scottish Greens, who in turn have the SNP in their pockets due to the coalition agreement.

It’s a vicious little ghetto of unashamed, unconcealed misogyny where people feel free to express their utter contempt for women on a daily basis:

The country’s politicians can see all this stuff just like we and you can. It’s in plain sight, on Twitter and Facebook and Buchanan Street, inches from their faces. It’s not like nobody’s told them about Douglas and his pals. They get told every single day.

But they don’t care. Instead, they block everyone who warns them, and they snigger and gloat and cheer as they vote down amendments to protect women from rapists.

(Former SNP councillor Hunter – Nicola Sturgeon’s right-hand woman – is friendly with most of the people we’ve identified in this piece, including the @sky_traffic account from a couple of pictures up who wanted to shoot Labour MP Rosie Duffield with a gun, see Kellie-Jay Keen run down and killed in Glasgow and watch gender-critical feminists “exploding like bags of baked beans” on people’s windscreens.)

They call women trying to defend their rights “Jeremy Hunts” and “WITCH!”.

They threaten them with rape, physical assault and murder.

(The SNP leader endorses and supports these abusers in public.)

And they enthusiastically, excitedly, gleefully queue up to embrace this rancid nest of severely mentally-damaged and sociopathic extremists to whom they’ve in all practical senses (and as openly boasted by Alex Cole-Hamilton in the video at the beginning of this article) given charge of the Scottish Government’s legislative agenda.

In short, Holyrood hasn’t just been captured. It’s been groomed.


Thanks to several people for their invaluable assistance in the research for this article, mainly women, whose names are withheld for their safety. You know who you are. If anyone has further information relating to aspects of this article or its subjects, you can contact us in confidence.

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0 to “The Grooming Of Holyrood”

  1. It couldn’t have been easy pulling this frighful evidence together. Thank you.

  2. Linda Hamilton says:

    This is brilliant. However, a lot of us are at the point that we just don’t believe that the SNP will do anything about it. However the public will be interested

  3. Dave Llewellyn says:

    This was well worth getting up early for.
    They never should have banned smacking.
    A load of those would definitely have benefitted from it.

  4. Luke Warm Dave says:

    Outstanding work Rev. This is what we’d been missing during your sabbatical. Thank f**k your’e back.

  5. Gavin Barrie says:

    Sometimes you see someone and something just doesn’t feel right. You know they are dodgy, even just over social media never mind in real life. For me that was pickle bee but I had no idea how deep the rot went. And this person is a pseudo adviser to the SNP and deep in the greens?? Good god.
    Well this is on Nicola Sturgeon. She has enabled all of this and truly has betrayed Women. It’s time for the stables to be sluiced clean.

  6. SusanAHF says:

    What an explosive expose Stu. Journalism at its most incisive. My disgust at these people deepens.

  7. Fraser Reid says:

    NuSNP voters : this is all lies and hatred
    Me : can you prove any of this is wrong
    NuSNP voters :
    Me : thought so…

  8. Jessie Ramage says:

    How vicious and threatening do people/groups of people have to be before they are proscribed as “terrorists”?
    Daft laddies reading “right wing” books who simply download the “Anarchists cookbook” face having their parents’ door kicked in before dawn by heavily armed police, being seized , handcuffed, interrogated endlessly, prosecuted and imprisoned without having made any believable threats against anyone.

  9. Terry says:

    Outstanding – well done – and thank you so much. We owe you a debt of gratitude.

    Napier university picture though – isn’t that 4th person on the right James Morton? If so he is a she – a trans identified woman – not a man. I think that was the person responsible for campaigning to get men into womens prisons – others who know better may wish to comment on that fact,

  10. robertkknight says:

    Words (of the printable variety) fail me…

  11. Geoff Anderson says:

    The Holyrood handmaidens will be chanting “What evidence? I can’t see anything! They are just joking….they are just expressing themselves! The Tories are the threat!”

    I hope this article is forwarded over and over.

  12. smitty says:

    This is utterly terrifying but also no surprise. For the benefit of the doubt, let’s say the MSPs/MPs did not notice these signs. However the event organisers and all other participants did so but did not intervene. These threatening messages were approved by the organisers and accepted by the participants. This is the culture at these events and these politicians attended knowing that. If this had been a For Woman Scotland event with signs threatening trans with violence and murder, they would be expected to resign.

    It is common knowledge that Stewart wants to be the first woman of colour minister. However she does all the dirty work as a whip including going to a detransitioner event at the parliament to ‘observe’ behaviour and to report back directly to the leadership on who attended. She is a Stasi insider who wants to grass and back stab her way to a senior position. However this photo will forever haunt her and her ambitions will remain unfulfilled.

    I read recently a journalist predicting that the GRA bill was going to burn so many politicians. Saturday was ab example of that too, and have no doubt that they were ordered to go in a coordinated effort along with Robisons ‘leaked’ letter and Sturgeon’s disastrous interview with Kuensberg. They know that this disastourous policy is failing with what little public support they have draining away.

    I can only imagine that the likes of the Ewings, Maguire, Regan et al will be at home watching these events unfold and everything they said coming true. The all did the right thing in voting against it and getting the hell away from the most toxic bill ever to have passed. Sturgeon will throw more of her hapless clapping seals at this, causing the burning of more careers.

    There will no doubt be a leadership election in the next year. Nobody who voted for this can now be regarded as aserious contender. Ash Regan for FM? Would get my vote.

  13. Luigi says:

    Fantastic piece of investigation, Rev. Whether folk agree with these beliefs or not, it is vital that this activity is out in the open for the public to see. People voting SNP or Greens need to know what they are effectively supporting. If they still decide to do so, then fine, as long as they know about it. Great efforts are being spent to hide the links with the (infiltrated) parties, so this investigation is so important. You have to dig a bit to find out what lies (just) below the surface. Well done, Rev – keep up the good work.

    WARNING TO ALBA: Keep your house in order and watch out for infiltrators. Disturbed individuals will do anything to influence legislation. If ALBA gradually gains popularity, you will start attracting individuals and groups with sinister motivations. Of course they can join (it’s an open house), but keep them well away from decision-making.

  14. Ottomanboi says:

    Nauseating exposure of the proselytizing sexual perversion that has penetrated the heart of Scottish government. Had the established system planned the destruction of the national movement it could not be bettered in its alienating, divisive effects.
    What is to be done? We all know the answer.
    No quarter! This Augean stable must be made clean.

  15. Heather McLean says:

    Another outstanding piece of journalism Stu – how we have missed this! So glad you’re back doing the job that main stream journalists should be doing instead of being complicit by ignoring all this stuff. The women of Scotland salute you for exposing this. Thank you!

  16. Effijy says:

    Dear God,

    Reading about these violent delusional miscreants almost made me think about voting Tory.

    Why on earth are no checks made on these people before accessing government funding and
    political parties should know better than to adopt people’s protests without background research.

    Not for being Trans but for the violence and threats made they should be in padded cells somewhere.

  17. Thank you stu. For this. It will take a few reads for me to understand it totally. I am frightened
    Someone they are going to end up murdered by them.

  18. ScottieDog says:

    I wonder, ultimately, who’s behind it all?

  19. Patsy Millar says:


  20. Aulbea1 says:

    All on & through the nicola’s watch.

  21. James Barr Gardner says:

    ….and the SNP think a egg thrower is a dangerous criminal who would damage the Cause of Scottish Independence by their action.

    Meantime the SNP hold court with some more than dubious characters, as they say the Idol has clay feet……

  22. Jobbycatchers says:

    Thank you for putting this all together and publishing it. Truly a beacon of light in some very dark times.

  23. David Holden says:

    Well done for that and it is going to take a few reads of the numerous links before I can take it all in. It looks like my choice in the next election is going to be extremely limited if I have one at all unless Alba or ISP stand out here in the wild west.

  24. Ottomanboi says:

    Twas all mere idle chatter   
    ’Twixt Chateau-Lafite and Veuve Cliquot.    
    Friendly disputes, epigrams    
    Penetrating none too deep.    
    This science of sedition    
    Was just the fruit of boredom, of idleness,    
    The pranks of grown-up naughty boys.
    «Alexandre Sergeyevitch PUSHKIN»
    Has the great liberation cause been reduced to this?

  25. desimond says:

    Greens in their control….SNO in Greens control.

    Why did Labour and Lib Dems vote for it too though?

  26. Paul B says:

    Without even touching on the contents of this excoriating (and much overdue expose), remember when the UK (and Scotch) press were falling over themselves to make stuff up to down the SNP and it’s leadership?

    The slimmest of links made huge and incontestable? The most unfounded banter taken as gospel? Heck, if they could find a lose thread to pull, they’d just make it up.

    This is actually happening, and nothing.

    This is worse than the Salmond stitch up (which was **bad**), because it’s swallowed the whole party and parliament. It affects so many.

    I think it’s the SNP’s – no, Nicola Sturgeon’s – worst scandal.

    She absolutely needs to go.

  27. Mac says:

    Wow. I had to read it twice just to take it in.

    I knew it was bad but it is so much worse than I thought.

    “What we currently have in Scottish politics is a situation where a micro-sect of sinister, “queer” anarcho-Marxists deeply enmeshed in violence, prostitution, sex crime, alcohol and drug abuse, porn and paedophilia are in effective control of the Scottish Greens, who in turn have the SNP in their pockets due to the coalition agreement.”

    This is what Sturgeon has done instead of pursue independence, that and attempt to stitch-up Alex Salmond, working hand in glove with the UK media to relentlessly and viciously smear the man.

    And that uber slime-ball Cole-Hamilton, who never missed an opportunity to smear Salmond during the Fabian Farce, eulogising and gushing like a teenage boy with a crush over a horrendous violent sexual abuser really says it all about the sickening depravity and perversion of him and his rancid party. An utterly vile character.

    So much to comment on this piece, brilliant investigative journalism the like of which you never see in a so called Scottish ‘newspaper’. You hardly know where to begin…

    I now realize these people really are much more dangerous than I first thought. They are clearly inciting violence and know exactly what they are doing.

    They way they can switch instantly from violence-threatening abuser to role-playing the victim is pure psychopath stuff.

    They way they couch their threats as ‘self-defense’ as if they are being attacked is another very psychopathic trait. They know exactly what they are doing ‘playing the system’.

    These people are really manipulative and devoid of any moral code of conduct. Very dangerous.

    So why has Sturgeon empowered them all and taken the independence movement down this fucked up blind alley.

    I think we all know why. And those who would not see are now finding it harder to continue to look away.

    For years they said Wings was obsessed blah blah blah. Well he wasn’t. Good instincts.

  28. Ruby says:

    Terry says:
    23 January, 2023 at 8:44 am

    Outstanding – well done – and thank you so much. We owe you a debt of gratitude.

    Napier university picture though – isn’t that 4th person on the right James Morton? If so he is a she – a trans identified woman – not a man. I think that was the person responsible for campaigning to get men into womens prisons – others who know better may wish to comment on that fact,

    I totally agree this is an outstanding piece of investigative journalism by Stu.

    Article about James Morton

    He says:

    Yet pension companies still ask you to show your birth certificate, so if you’ve not changed it as a trans person, you can end up outing yourself to your employer simply to join the pension scheme.

    Isn’t it weird that he doesn’t want to out himself to an employer yet he’s happy to out himself in the press.

    If Mridul Wadhwa is an example of what happens when you out yourself to your employer there shouldn’t be any problem.

  29. William Habib Steele says:

    “There is only one way in which the murderous death agonies of the old society and the bloody birth throes of the new society can be shortened, simplified and concentrated, and that way is revolutionary terror.” Karl Marx

  30. Lorna Campbell says:

    This is a stunner, Rev. You and Graham have surpassed yourselves. Well done and thank you. More and more decent men are seeing what is really happening. These people are dangerous. If I hear another, “but it’s not the real trans”, I’ll vomit. No, there are men, transsexuals, who have fully transitioned, and they are no threat to women BUT they still use women’s facilities instead of campaigning for their own.

    I have yet to hear of any ‘trans’ campaign for third spaces. They opened the door to this latest wave of insanity because they never once asked us whether we objected, and every day now, we hear: ‘trans’ women have been using your bathrooms for years and you never noticed”.

    Except that we did, but, because we are decent human beings, we said nothing. Well, guess what? We’re saying, no now because of this. Good, decent men, whether straight, gay or ‘trans’ would understand that breaching our boundaries is wrong. We need to have the 2004 GRA repealed; it is defunct anyway, and other legislation exists now, and the 2004 act exists now simply to be a springboard for more and outrageous demands.

    The 2010 Equality Act must also be rewritten or amended to reflect the category of sex as being unassailable, and referring to biological sex only. Third spaces. No biological man in female spaces, rights, sports, jobs, wards, healthcare, etc. Above all, use your votes wisely, ladies, and make these politicians who have betrayed us, pay.

    They have betrayed our sex class and they have betrayed us as independistas because they allowed independence and the SNP to be hi-jacked by parasites. Getting biological men in frocks into female spaces and rights is more important to them than our well-being as a sex class and as a society. There can be no middle ground now, that is evident. Just as independence is an existential struggle, so is the retention of the female sex class.

    The GRA 2004, the weak EA 2010 and the GRRB all threaten our existence as members of the female sex class. We are half the human race and we have as much right to exist on this planet as men have, and not only to exist, but to exist as autonomous, whole and full-realised human beings without having our hard-won rights attacked intermittently by misogynistic men, even when they woman face. We will not roll over.

    The SNP/Greens should also be investigated for possible corruption: all these ‘trans’ groups are receiving public money. When a government pays people to disseminate policy throughout the bodies politic and social, pays the media to suppress the truth, which the SNP/Greens have done via Stonewall champions diversity, etc., and then try to force through that policy into law, that is corruption. Stonewall, and all its various arms, also require to be investigated for masquerading as charities when they are all aggressive lobbying groups way beyond normal. Every group that spoke in favour of this bilge in the consultations were, and are, funded by the SG.

  31. Jeremy Wickins says:

    And yet, these blokes claim they are at risk of violence for being trans, even though they have never been threatened by anyone on the side of reality.

  32. David says:

    Yep. Made the right decision in leaving the SNP back in 2019 and never voting them or Greens ever again. If anything I left it too long to abandon that binfire.

  33. Ian McCubbin says:

    I hope the work you have done to amass all this evidence of how corrupt SNP are does bear fruit. I will never vote for any of them again.

  34. Andrew Davidson says:

    Nah mate. It was all photoshopped apparently.

  35. DaveL says:

    If ever you think ‘I’ve seen it all now’ or that you find nothing shocking anymore you can be guaranteed someone somewhere will be saying ‘hold my beer’.

    Mad, insane, crazy, these words just don’t cut it anymore to describe how low people can go because the bottom of the barrel is as distant as the end of the rainbow. Just watch that space and you’ll see.

    My hat’s off to a journalist, with thanks for keeping on doing what you do.

  36. panda paws says:

    Some of this I knew, lots I didn’t but it’s a damning indictment of the state of Scottish politics. They might have gotten their claws into SNP and Greens but all parties voted for GRRB including 3 Tories. Shame on them.

    These people need voted out of office. No-one that credulous should be making law. For those anti GRRB and pro indy you have the ISP and Alba to vote for. Do it. There’s an Aberdeen by election coming up. If you know someone eligible to vote, show them this piece and give them the Alba candidate’s leaflet!

    By God when you remember what they did to Salmond and compare it to their elevation of these miscreants, you weep!

  37. Allium says:

    I imagine that was actually traumatic to write, as it made for very difficult reading indeed. The capture of the SNP is shocking and disgusting. Thank you for shining light on this miserable situation. People need to know.

  38. Kevin Cargill says:

    It’s only a matter of time before we hear the repeated mantra from Sturgeon et al “We had no reason to suspect anything!”

  39. DebzoHighland says:

    Thanks for shining a light on the leading ranks of those demanding unfettered access to women’s rights & privacies.
    Hopefully the ostriches will take their heads out of the sand now & listen….after all, having their arses in the air is not a safe position to be in with this lot!

  40. Andrew scott says:

    What a cess pit these people are turning scotland into

  41. Shug says:

    AC Hamilton is such a daftie he would not understand but what is Nicolas connection??

    Is there a direct connection between her and this group

  42. mike cassidy says:

    The SNP policy of winning over the soft ‘no’voters is going well then

  43. MacCumhail says:

    As Scottie dog asks, I am also wondering where this all comes from. I gather it’s not just Scotland but it has been weaponised against independence.

    I think we need to follow the money.

  44. Graeme Hampton says:

    Thank you for shining a light.

  45. Milady says:

    This is one of the best pieces of investigative journalism I’ve seen from Wings and there have been many, Channel 4 News would be proud of this. I hope Police Scotland are reading it too. What an utter mess the Greens and SNP have made for us in Scotland. Trying to undo this will take years and frankly, other than never voting for them ever again, I’ve no idea how we start to fix this.

  46. Dan says:

    I always wonder why so many folk just zone out and watch fictional soap operas, when the plots and twists of the real life antics of some individuals and groups playing out are far more interesting and important to observe.
    If more folk had actually switched off the TV shows, Netflix, or leave their insular social media bubbles and took the time to learn what is actually going on with the capture of so many of our politicians and institutions throughout Scottish society, then we may not find ourselves in the predicament we are in.

    Another aspect to this is that so many of these individuals with dubious qualities have been able to manoeuvre themselves into these influential positions at the expense of more balanced and suitable folk.
    A situation often facilitated by reasonable and moderate folk who simply fail to recognise and support individuals with the attributes that were potentially of far more worth than some of the loud mouthed roasters that ultimately cause more damage than good.
    I guess Scotland is still an area with too many folk that think tactics is a type of mint… 🙁

  47. Bob Mack says:

    Newtons third law will eventuaally apply, one way or another.

  48. JGedd says:

    I had never come across that quote on Pathocracy before but I’m sure many people like me recognise what we had been thinking ourselves. It describes what can happen to society when sociopaths take over. Where there are a few, they soon can become many through attracting like minds or distorting the reality for others so that weaker characters are influenced to become like them.

    It always seemed that that must have been what happened in Germany under the Nazi regime. It is impossible to believe that the German population suddenly became psychopaths. For a society to act that way you simply need enough psychopathic personalities in power and the rest will follow, leaving those who don’t, dangerously marginalized.

    If you have ever read the story of the Batavia you see in microcosm what can happen to a society when psychopaths subvert it. I read about the wrecking of the Batavia and its subsequent horrors many years ago and it seemed a frightening forecast of what can occur to our fragile belief in human values when those with sociopathic detestation of those rules take charge. Our frail reliance on human decency is little protection against the overwhelming anarchic desire of sociopaths for supremacy at all costs and their contempt for weakness.

  49. Marie Clark says:

    Good grief Stu, that is an absolutely horrific read. It shakes you to your very core.

    Why has Sturgeon and these other brainless numpties of politicians, with a few honourable exceptions, gone along with this. What exactly do they want to achieve. Do they want to wipe all women out. If that’s their aim, the planet will depopulate, and rapidly.

    They are a truly an evil bunch, and it is becoming frightening for we ladies. I can’t get over how they have been encouraged by these clowns in Holyrood, what the hell is going on here.
    Any trans person that I have met are generally quiet people who just wish to live their own lives in peace, not try and draw attention to themselves.

    This is just a bunch of truly evil men, or mostly men with a very sick and violent tendency and just want power over women to do what they say and don’t dare question it. For me they are as bad as the Taliban are in Afganistan.

  50. Stuart MacKay says:

    It would be very unwise to think that the Conservative Party is immune to this – it’s society wide, not just some fringe issue on the Left. Sure they have to keep their base in mind. There’s a lot of harrumphing, tut-tutting and finger-wagging in the likes of The Telegraph but these folks won’t live forever. Since it’s all about the money and the votes I’d expect them to soften their position and eventually come to some form of accommodation. All the victims are the edges of society and no prizes for guessing that the Conservatives really don’t give a f**k about those. It’s definitely not going to impinge on middle-class professionals anytime soon so, just like the Maggie Chapmans’ in the SNP they’ll happily thrust this on the poor, disadvantaged and vulernable, because they deserve it.

  51. Shug says:

    So who paid carter ruck

    There has to be a link there.

    Why and how would such a low life even know where to get their phone number

  52. Flower+of+Scotland says:

    Thank you Wings for this. Let’s see how the media react. Maybe they might surprise us and report this, we’ll see!

  53. Christopher Pike says:

    mike cassidy says:
    23 January, 2023 at 10:22 am
    The SNP policy of winning over the soft ‘no’voters is going well then


    I was an undecided but I could see that an independent Scotland would become an identity politics obsessed nightmare.

    These are the fruitcakes who would be setting up and running the formative years of an independent Scotland. If you don’t want this vile ideology, then you MUST oppose independence.

    Alba is irrelevant, the party launched and failed in spectacular fashion. Like a wounded animal, the party needs put down… permanently.

    As someone who despises the Tories, I don’t have many options at the ballet box. I’m economically left-wing but socially conservative. If I vote for a party that I agree with on economic issues, then I also get weird identity politics as a side dish. likewise, if I vote for a party opposed to identity politics, then I’ll also get economic policies that harm working class communities. Welcome to modern day politics.

  54. Mac says:

    “The reference to Douglas’s supposed testicular cancer may also possibly offer a clue as to what it was that could have turned him from a seemingly nice and normal young man into what he is now. Or there could be other reasons.”

    I wondered about this bit. I am guessing testicular cancer is a risk when taking drugs / hormones designed to ‘feminize’ a biological man e.g. grow boobs, supress facial hair, whatever.

  55. Our top award tonight, The Investigative Journalist of the Year, goes to Mr Stuart Campbell.
    And here to present the award is the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon.
    And then I woke up.
    This is devastating for Sturgeon. All irrefutable evidence which shows she’s in it up to her neck. She’s totally responsible for the whole mess which she’s orchestrated from on high.
    The big question is of course, if the unionist media are so against her, why aren’t they covering this story?
    As has been said by others, they are on the same side.

  56. Tamus says:

    Wow that was a long read, it must have taken an age to put together, but I couldn’t stop reading once I had started, these violent sexually deviant weirdos have captured the political class of Scotland all under the direction of the SNP and Greens. They really are dancing with the devil, they have really opened the Pandora’s box, a sick violent Pandora’s box, this is so frightening. Stu that was an utterly brilliant piece thanks for all your hard work, well worth my monthly subscription, well done so good to have you back.

  57. outraged of Lanarkshire says:

    Great piece of work Rev. I hope the media pick up on this. I work as a volunteer in a debt charity. Our funding is being cut again yet I see significant monies going to trans and Green organisations. I’m still baffled as to how to sort it. All the young people I meet seem to have bought into this madness.

  58. Alex Stone says:

    One of your best Stu, and worth reading more than once. If we were living in a country with a police force that had integrity, a lot of these reptiles would be in prison now for their threats and actions.

  59. Astonished says:

    Brilliant piece of journalism. Glad I’m paying your wages, worth every penny (and it is just pennies).

    Sturgeon and the transcult have got to go. Groomers and enablers all of them, without exception. Looking at you Cherry, McNeil and Whitford (You’re an anatomist for God’s sake).

    Bet none of this reaches a newspaper. Or if it does you won’t be credited.

    Police Scotland where the F**k are you going to do something about this ? Are you too captured to care ?

  60. Dramfineday says:

    I know you used to enjoy watching Frasier, Stuart, so perhaps a quote from Kenny is appropriate “Wow, just wow”.

    I’ve followed you (and Graham) on this subject from the off and warning people that we were standing our women and children into danger was not appreciated or believed. Well there’s no excuse now.

    Well done guys for the article. Staggering Stuff.

  61. PB says:

    This is all engineered, ‘our’ politicians are not going along with this out of stupidity but out of fear and self preservation.

    Sturgeon is using Scotland as a testing ground, she was esoterically signaling this when she dressed up and posed like Thatcher not so long ago.

    Next test will be 20 minute neighbourhoods:

    This would be more accurately defined as open prisons – harder to sell though when you can call it something that will make the captives feel warm, fuzzy and willing about the situation.

    We’re all stuck in Plato’s cave being mocked daily by our captors who think they are gods fulfilling prophecy…

  62. stuart mctavish says:

    Is that an arrest or the gay gordons (and how does it compare physically to the citizens arrest* of a sheriff they suspected of corruption/ criminality (or had evidence of same), that appears (from reports) to have been unlawfully perverted into charges of abduction and assault being brought against the concerned citizens making the arrest)?

    *As opposed to say, mounties v a coughid victim or CRS v a gilet jaune/ fellow civil servant

  63. Cath says:

    It would be very unwise to think that the Conservative Party is immune to this

    Oh they’re not. That stuff on pathocracy is fascinating. It is as much what is affecting British politics as Scottish: it’s coming from that top. Scotland is a colony of a pathocracy, so it’s unsurprising its colonial administration is a mini-me.

    Neither the Tories nor the SNP, Greens, LDs etc care about ‘trans peope’ (whatever that means: removing any definition has been part of the tactic. It’s now anyone who claims to be and that includes all the narcissists, psychopaths who get to use it to claim ultra special most oppressed status). It’s all a culture war game to them, and one they’re inflicting on all of us to create divisions and destroy progressive movements. Voting Tory is not the answer here.

  64. Ruby says:

    Lorna Campbell says:
    We need to have the 2004 GRA repealed;

    I’m guessing like me none of this comes as a surprise to you.

    I agree re the 2004 GRA but there isn’t a political party in Scotland with the repeal of the GRA in their manifesto.

    Any hope of someone starting one. We could do with a Kellie J Keen type party

    Since 2004 one dangerous legal fiction has gripped our national conversation.

    The effect on the truth has had a profound impact on our people.

    We’re going to make it history.

  65. Athanasius says:

    “Obscenity” is a somewhat dated, even antiquated word. I’m thinking about bringing it back.

  66. Soda says:

    Are we witnessing the end of the independence dream? Is it being set up to be forever associated with this insanity? Will it all come crashing down soon as the people of Scotland are ‘woken’ up to this sordid malign horror show by a state orchestrated madia blitz?

    Has Sturgeon et all been bought and sold or played or worse, chosen to destroy it from within?

    Its over. There’s no coming back from this. It will be 70 or 80 years before we ever get to anywhere near where we were before 2014.

    I weep.

  67. Stoker says:

    That’s one helluva in-depth article, Stuart. Well done! And thanks to all its contributors. Looks like a ‘PROUD TERF’ T-shirt is the latest must-have addition to the wardrobe. 😉

    There needs to be a mass co-ordinated movement of exposure on this scandal the inept & corrupt UK media are deliberately ignoring. For instance, the bbc routinely produces hour-upon-hour of “news” based on American elections & American politics whilst avoiding in-depth coverage of our own politics on serious matters such as this.

    There also needs to be a backlash starting immediately from the real LGBQT+ community ousting and exposing these mentally disturbed violent individuals. And distancing themselves as far as possible from them because a few rotten fruits does affect the whole barrel. That’s just another scientific fact the LGBQT+ community need to accept.

    I also note, further up thread, a good comment from ‘Smitty’ but i’m surprised you omitted Police Scotland from that comment Smitty. They too would have been present at that gathering/demo and they too would have seen the placards. But yet they failed to take any action. And if they too try and claim they didn’t see them then they need to be sacked. A police force who can’t see the crime & evidence right in front of their faces? Aye! Right! Police Scotland have form for that sort of thing.

    Gavin Barrie says on 23 January 2023 at 8:34 am: “Well this is on Nicola Sturgeon. She has enabled all of this and truly has betrayed Women. It’s time for the stables to be sluiced clean.”

    Good comment, Barrie, especially the quoted part. It’s been a while since you’ve posted anything. For several years Sturgeon has done nothing seriously to take back our right of self-determination. She has wasted all those years, with one excuse after another, to focus on pleasing that extreme minority, and at Scotland’s expense.

    A full-on campaign against Sturgeon is what is needed. A co-ordinated and targeted campaign to also educate the public as to the true intentions of Patrick Harvie and the others who have highjacked both the environmental and independence movements to peddle & promote their sick agendas off the back of far more popular causes.

    And never ever forget, folks, Sturgeon further manipulated ‘The Greens’ into the position of “king makers” by peddling the blatant and utterly shameful deception of “Both Votes SNP”. Her hatred of Alex Salmond was just a convenient prop to disguise the fact she was wanting Patrick Harvie & Co in power beside her. You can tell a lot about someone by the sort of people they are willing to share a bed with.

  68. Breeks says:

    The plan to remove Scottish Sovereignty from the clutches of Westminster and the Tories, now requires a plan to remove Scottish Independence from the clutches of Holyrood and the SNP.

    Both plans require to succeed.

  69. Alan Henness says:

    I hope you’re aware that the manifesto of Edinburgh Action for Trans Health includes this gem:

    “We demand immediate release & pardon for all trans prisoners.”

    The ultimate trans “Get out of jail free” card.

  70. Christopher Pike says:

    The Scottish left used to be represented by good men like Jim Sillars – a man who fought for better economic opportunities and conditions for the working class – it is now represented by these crackpots. Identity politics and gender ideology acts as recruiting sergeant for the right. The gender benders have turned Scottish politics and our Parliament into a complete laughing stock. The SNP/Greens must be removed at the next election.

  71. Ruby says:

    Feb 5th at George Square ‘Furries Against Fascism’

    Parents should definitely watch this:

  72. Bob Mack says:

    You will find most of these people in the WHO classification of illnesses. They are well documented in ICD 10. Most are personality disorders and variations on that theme. They are recognised by the WHO as being mentally unwell and yet our government follows their lead in making policy.

    What is happening?

  73. laisydaisy says:

    Hiding in plain sight. I wonder how long it will take Scotland to realise this is what’s happening.

  74. Karen says:

    But women need have “no concern” copyright Nicola Sturgeon. And Guy Ingerson so niave he doesn’t realise gay men will get the backlash.

  75. JGedd says:

    The Tory Party is not immune to this. They are caught on the horns of their own dilemma. There is a move by backbenchers in Westminster to bring in their version of Conversion Practices as a bill.

    I don’t know where that leaves the recent move by the SoS to halt the passing of the GRRB into law because of safeguarding issues then. I’m sure passing laws which limit freedom of speech and control thought would have many Tories licking their lips but doesn’t actually present Tories as sensibly preserving protections from the recklessness of the Scottish Parliament. What about the pastoral care by some churches? Some conflict there I think for the Tory Party psyche on a collision course with religious belief and the rights of parents.

  76. panda paws says:

    “If you don’t want this vile ideology, then you MUST oppose independence.”

    Your reminder that all the LibDems, all but two of those present in Labour and 3 Tories voted for this bill.

  77. William Wallace says:

    Wow. What a bunch of absolute mentalists this mob are. I’m going to have to read it again just to put all the pieces in place. It was hard to digest it all in one sitting.

    Great article Stu and I could not help but genuinely laugh out loud at this:

    Alex Cole-Hamilton extravagantly expounds his praises on camera (looking for all the world in the pic above like one of the Commanders of Gilead from The Handmaid’s Tale)

  78. ScottieDog says:


    It’s certainly how the right destroys the left/progressives. The right has the advantage of simply not caring.
    If it’s a Whitehall attempt to wreck independence, then from an objective point of view, it’s bloody good. Of course they’ve had plenty of practice.

    Question is how we clear the wreck off the road in order to keep moving.

  79. fruitella the hun says:

    I found thus explanation of Stonewall’s outlook helpful.

  80. Nally Anders says:

    Truly excellent piece of journalism, Stu.
    Looks like anything goes as far as Police Scotland is concerned. Just so long as you don’t post pictures of ribbons or use words like ‘reap the whirlwind’.
    Can’t describe my feelings towards the Politicans who gave a standing ovation to those abject horrors in the public gallery.

  81. John+H. says:

    Sturgeon sits like a spider at the centre of the web and says nothing.

  82. Archie says:

    The SNP are allowing Scotland to become more treacherous by the day. I’m fed up with it.

  83. Ted says:

    You are second to none in exposing this utter cultural destruction brought about by the identity-marxists of the SNP. It has to be stopped in Scotland before it infects the whole of the UK. Thank God the government of the UK has been able to step in and say: Enough.

  84. Ruby says:
    Furries Against Fascism

    Feel free to bring banners, megaphones, musical instruments, and face masks to protect your identity from doxxing if you feel unsafe.

    They are not going to need a black pampers face mask if they are wearing a furry animal outfit. Gary Glitter or Rolf Harris could be hiding under one of these furry suits and nobody would know.
    Warning: Don’t go handing your child over to a furry not matter how cute!

    Will SNP politicians attend this event? I do hope so.

    All this because
    Women can’t be allowed to speak!

  85. Luigi says:

    Christopher Pike says:
    23 January, 2023 at 11:58 am
    “The SNP/Greens must be removed at the next election.”

    And how do you propose to do that?

    You hate the tories, Labour and Liberals are in the same camp, and you seem to be terrified that Alba will start to gain traction.

    You yoons will have to do a lot better to convince anyone. Your recent effort was pathetic.

  86. sarah says:

    Sturgeon is holding a press conference right now. I can’t bear to hear what she is saying.

    Is it a coincidence to distract from this brilliant article?

  87. Ottomanboi says:

    This mentality is everywhere in «the West», it has found a home in education, media, the language, particularly Anglo-American, as well as among the national political and globalist «influencers», and sinisterly within the realms of the sciences, medicine and psychiatry; the «great reset» indeed
    Has the long forecast «decline of the West» arrived? The big players have screwed up big time and they now are intent upon inflicting their skewed worldview on all they have contact with.
    It is easier to redirect a small country than a large one. This is a mess that is fixable, providing there is the political will and nous to do so.
    Time for a Ceausescu moment?

  88. PacMan says:

    As others have mentioned, this isn’t going away.

    Bottom line, it doesn’t matter about opinion polls showing massive rejection of this issue. Very few people are engaged in the democratic progress and bodies are elected on low percentage of votes. As there are enough suckers who get caught up in drag queens on Dancing on Ice and other such nonsense on TV that makes the Trans issue an electoral winner.

  89. Breeks says:

    sarah says:
    23 January, 2023 at 12:29 pm
    Sturgeon is holding a press conference right now. I can’t bear to hear what she is saying.

    Is it a coincidence to distract from this brilliant article?

    Please, please, please,… let it be the resignation,.. Oh please, please….

  90. Josef Ó Luain says:

    Shallow-minded politicians are nothing new. Jumping on bandwagons, self-censorship and virtue-signalling are what they do best. This particular bandwagon is methinks heading for a land-fill site, with only the grade-A witless remaining on-board. Great work, Stu Campbell! But what is uber-posh correspondent, Kieron Jenkins, choosing to look at, along with his London-centric bosses, amidst all of this?

  91. Maureen says:

    Stephen Stalker
    12 mins ago
    User ID: 2337838
    Maybe NS (and for completeness, Alex Cole-Hamilton and Maggie Chapman) would care to make a statement on the matters disclosed in “The Grooming of Holyrood” in Wings Over Scotland this morning. If you want to understand what sits behind those placards, this is where you’ll find it. A warning though. – it’s very sobering reading.

  92. red sunset says:

    Years ago I read that the Roman Empire began its decay due to a loss of moral standards.

    This corruption puts us into that same camp. Be in no doubt, it IS corruption, in both meanings of the word. Power and authority are being traded for personal gain. At the same time our traditional moralities are being legislated away. Our moral compass is dying.

  93. Stoker says:

    Well said, Cath on 23 January 2023 at 11:25 am:

    And just look at the ‘indy bad’ brigade coming out of the woodwork with their utter tripe and desperation to associate this with indy. We even had one of them, just the other day, claiming he was a “Muslim”. I couldn’t even be bothered to confront him on how much he actually knows about Islam etc.

    Or how old Allah’s “bride” was or their extreme misogynistic attitudes towards women etc. Nor could i be bothered questioning him on how much he knows about a seriously questionable activity carried out by adult males in some Muslim communities. A disgusting activity that involves young girls straddling the adult males knee/thigh area.

    And just for balance, folks, i’ve no tolerance for *ANY* religious hypocrite. Each to their own but if you’re going to attack my religion [Independence] whilst using your own religion, you better be prepared to be called out on it. Especially if i believe your religion claim to be a fake one.

    Anyone thinking this is an ‘indy only’ issue seriously needs their heads looked. Like a virus it has spread into every corner of the western political world.

    And here’s another wee fact for ‘Private Pike’ & Co: It’s taking place whilst Scotland is very firmly in the grip of London rule. You utter clowns have absolutely no idea what form a future indy Scottish government will take. We can see right through your Unionist pish. So take your multiple usernames and go and infest elsewhere.

    EVERY political party, and their branch offices, in Scotland has members who support this crap. And one more thing we all know very well here on WOS is that the branch offices will *ALWAYS* do what head office instructs.

    Follow the money and i bet you’ll find head offices in London being financed by “interested parties”. In the article above, Stuart refers to one of the weirdo’s being financially backed to help prevent the truth coming out against him. That’s how powerful the backers are who hide in the background.

    Mega-rich business folk with very powerful companies. Are Yous trying to tell us those folk are not Tory at heart? LOL! Then there’s the fact this issue will be used to try and destroy the idea of indy *THEN* it’ll be promoted into law by the very same folk in Westminster. Now jog-on, muppets!

  94. Ottomanboi says:

    Stonewall, the locomotive of this species of bogus theory, evokes the terms racist and colonialist to attack those who disagree with their outlook. The biggest distortion, and a wicked one, is to describe their opponents as the equivalent of anti-semites.
    Plainly the domain of intellectual argument is one the proponents are keen to «no platform» as they smirk behind the veil of self-righteousness.

  95. Matt Hall says:

    Creating a tier of politicians sub-UK Parliament was always going to be a disaster. Tiny minds, no moral compass, slavering with ambition, utterly ignorant of culture and history and in hoc to the mentally deranged and damaged fringes.
    Take your children to church. Drill them in history and morality.
    Reject the madness.

  96. akenaton says:

    A lot of hard work involved Mr Campbell. Thank you and I hope your work is productive, this stuff has reached epidemic proportions and I’m afraid that it is too late to save society.
    Of course we must try, but younger people today live in their own heads, Sharing ideas and learning about life by exchanging views is a thing of the past.

    When people become isolated by technology, they lose the ability to relate to one another and that is the stage we have reached.
    Who’s fault? ours of course, we required people such as yourself twenty or thirty years ago, but we sat back and let it happen.
    The thin end of the wedge went in and is now buried so deeply that I fear nothing, not even Independence will shift it.

  97. Calum says:

    I think we knew it was bad but I don’t think we thought it was *this bad.

  98. Caroline Wilson says:

    Outstanding and painstaking investigative journalism. I’m afraid I’m veering towards the pessimistic side (partly my naturally cheery Eeyore disposition) when it comes to the tackling this at a political/governmental level. At a conservative estimate, it’s going to take years to ‘clean these stables’ – years, supposedly, dedicated to achieving independence. As far as the chance of Scotland’s fearless media running with this, ‘a hae ma doots’.

  99. James che says:

    Rev stu,

    So who funds the Scottish governments social engineering for trans issue?

    Who ever it is seems to be funding governments in Canada, Australia, and Germany also, with just as much violence.

    And why have our police force been prevented from taking action against the violent tweets and comments that are out in the open for all the public and police to see.
    This appears not to be investigated so far.

    It needs deeper investigation,
    if adult women are being threatened, with throat punches, rape and knifes, and advertised , encouraged towards violence of the the people and public in Scotland by scottish political parties,
    Children and teenagers will be exceptionally prone to this form of violence. Which police Scotland seem to agree with.

    Social engineering Scotland into violence and intimidation certainly takes the attention away from a independent Scotland.
    I suspect in a independent Scotland our (societal ) LAWS ON POLITICIANS PROMOTING AND INCITING VIOLENCE towards any member of the public with the lack of policing towards the suspects of violent intimidation and incitement would not last as long as it has in this proxy devolved Scottish government where our laws are dictated by westminister and the supreme court.

    I have no doubt the snp and greens would have booted out of our own parliament a long time ago, but as it is they are protected under uk laws, election and referendum systems.

    I am sure Scots law of the peoples sovereignty over parliament and crown would have sufficed.

  100. Shug says:

    I see Mr Flynn is calling for Sunak to “clean up this sleazy Tory government”.

    Bet Sunak will pull a muscle laughing at that.

    I hope he is kicking in Sturgeons door for leaving him looking like a complete dick.

    If she is not removed by the MPs and msps now they diesrve to lose their jobs at the next election

  101. Caroline Wilson says:

    Outstanding and painstaking investigative journalism. I’m afraid I’m veering towards the pessimistic side (partly my naturally cheery Eeyore disposition) when it comes to tackling this at a political/governmental level. At a conservative estimate, it’s going to take years to ‘clean these stables’ – years, supposedly, dedicated to achieving independence. As far as the chance of Scotland’s fearless media running with this, ‘a hae ma doots’,

  102. Daisy Walker says:

    Back in the 1980’s the Labour Party imploded with the influx of the ‘loony left’. They had been infiltrated almost at time of coming into being, but this was a real coup, as aposed to quiet sleeper agents gently nudging the party to inertia.

    Thanks to the ‘loony left’ element they became unelectable for 20 years.

    When you look to recent events with the Government in Malta – one can see the Gender Woo Woo’s usefulness as specific tactic to ‘poison the well’ of a political party, and overtake a government.

    And they’re doing it deliberately.

    The 2 tier voting system at Holyrood actively enables this type of take over.

    The Constituency Vote – you go for the person who looks, acts, dare I say ‘qualifies’ for the position.

    The List vote, ‘ach we’ll give wee so n so a chance, they’ve been trying for years’.

    I did the whole ‘write to your MSP’ thing over the GRRR using a pro forma site. I got replies from 9 MSP’s for my ‘area’. I didn’t recognise the name of 4 of them, and I wouldn’t recognise them if they came up and shook my hand. (Unlikely to happen, I admit).

    So at best we get duffers in on the list, anything for a big wage and a quiet life, none of whom are accountable if a specific incident happens on their patch, and at worst we get a system of extreme, creepy, personality disorders, actively recruited by the Party in order to be their attack dogs, or credibility destroyers as and when required.

    It would however be fair to point out, that as this policy of recruiting creepy, roasters into positions of power within the SNP got rolled out, the people in charge of doing so had decades (each) at the forefront of political and governmental work. Really, really not their first rodeo.

    Nicola Sturgeon – was it 18 years as an actitist and 7 in Government?
    John Swinney – 25 years?
    Pete Wishart – 15ish?

  103. Stuart MacKay says:

    In Part 2, the Rev and Linehan reveal why…

    I can certainly understand why a few grifters jump onto the Dear Leader’s pet issue to improve their chances of promotion to top trough, however there has to be more to it than “gullible politicians get conned by axe wielding maniacs”?

  104. Shug says:

    I see Flynn is calling for Sunak to clear up the sleazy Tory government.

    There is a good chance Sunak and Jack will be cracking open the Champaign after this

    What a mess sturgeon has made

    If the MPs do not move on her now they deserve to lose their seats

  105. robertkknight says:

    Sturgeon trying desperately to put some distance. Hah! Too little, too late…

    If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas, and Sturgeon’s rancid SNP is positively lowpen.

  106. Chas says:

    Like most people I read this with horror. I knew it was bad but not this bad. The sad thing is that Scotland is giving them exactly what the crave and that is ATTENTION.
    Do people still want Independence with the SNP/Greens in charge of EVERYTHING? The reality is, that if Independence is won anytime soon, Nicola, her incompetents, together with the loons in the Greens will rule the roost!
    I have obviously read a sheltered life as I do not know exactly what a TERF is but assume it is a derogatory term that the insane use to describe the sane. In all honesty I do not want to know.
    Looking at the the face of Kirsten Oswald with one of the ‘posters’ behind her saying ‘I eat TERFS’, it is fairly obvious that she has munched her way through a few already!

    Is there any decent, honest, competent politicians out there who live in the real world?

  107. Confused says:

    Wow, the rev kicks over the rock to reveal all the creepy crawlies. Top job.

    This guy should be sectioned and sent to the state hospital, carstairs. Why do people catapult their mental illnesses all over social media?

    Interesting reference to Lobaczweski – I have a copy of “Political Ponerology” – I believe the phenomenon of groups of organised psychopaths taking over is a general feature of society and it occurs whenever we create hierarchically structured organisations (most of them). The psychos go where the power is and cause havoc, but the insight of this work is that as a collective you get a whole “nother level” of evil going on.

    There was also another work, can’t recall it – but the psychologists argument was that the structures put in place to select people for the top jobs all manage to put the wrong people there (- his main data was on the French generals).

    Someone is paying for all this – it reeks of “antifa” which is NOT funded by Soros, which is mere conspiracy theory.

    People get freaked out about the funding of political parties, but no one seems to bother about NGOS, which are warm and fluffy; they are a force of pure subversion and every country in the world should kick them out, except, here, our government funds them. How mental is that?

  108. Liz says:

    This is what happens when you give away any individual thought processes.

    Four of the Borg were told by the great leader to get themselves along to support our pervert siblings.

    They were just following orders.
    The lame apologies after were an insult to our intellegence, sack the lot of them.

    PS fed up with these ‘new Scots’ here 5 mins and in power bringing their WEF shite with them

    I posted the above on the previous thread but it’s just as relevant here.

    Great article Stu and Graham.
    Seeing it all put together makes more sense.
    Especily the quote from Pathocracy.

    This has come about because we have have a weak, pliable, empty vessel, to quote Ruby, leader.

    Seems to me that most of the people here are misfits, I include NS in that, looking for acceptance.
    They’re lonely.

    If Pickles problems started cos he had testicular cancer, maybe trying to sex his way out of it, he needed help not confirmation.

    James Morton is a nasty piece of work, she hates women including herself, hence why she pushed to have men in womens prisons.

    Our airhead elected politicians care about nothing except promotion.

    I hope this and Saturdays demo, rushed through their demise

  109. Ebok says:

    If the missing 600K is the tip of the iceberg, we must be getting close to the deepest, darkest, lowermost point of that iceberg.

    I’m not religious, but I know some biblical stories and couldn’t help but compare HR to the Sodom and Gomorrah tale where Abraham negotiates with God to spare Sodom if 10 righteous people could be found.

    In HR, only 9 could be found, with one coward, whose influence and support could have had a significant impact, betraying the 9 and hiding far from her conscience.

    Time for HR to suffer the same fate as Sodom.

  110. James Che says:

    The green party and the snp are guilty of encourging and inciting violence to members of the public.

  111. Geri says:

    Great article, Stu!

    Jeez, I bet you have the headache from hell going down that particular rabbit hole. Take a beer & decompress from that deep dive into the sewers from hell.

    They’re all mentally unstable & Scotgov is funding this abomination. Does no one ever do background checks anymore?

    Holyrood needs a major clear out.

  112. George says:

    Stu, thanks for this. Excellent article which must have taken ages to put together, your efforts are appreciated. If the MSM could emulate this then perhaps their sales wouldn’t be plummeting.
    As others have mentioned above, who is behind all this? As you mention, the services of Carter Fuck don’t come cheap, who paid for that and why? The people you reference in the article are the ‘sheep’, who’s the shepherd in charge of them?
    For years the MSM have enthusiastically published articles demonising the SNP and Independence supporters yet for some reason when presented with an open goal like this they take a vow of silence. One wonders why?
    Keep up the good work.

  113. Davy says:

    You mentioned the cancer risk associated with the drugs, hormones etc.
    If you want a ‘cui bono’ for all this, there’s your Pharma industry goons right there.
    Think about the profits they can make from.medicalising childhood phases…

  114. Davy says:

    In the unlikely event of a 2023 indyref, I shall be abstaining…

  115. AntonDecadent says:

    “We will make the West so corrupt that it will stink.” Willi Munzenberg of The Frankfurst School.

  116. Merganser says:

    Akenaton @ 1.06

    Good post. I think ‘ensnared by technology’ could also be used instead of ‘isolated by technology’, but I get your drift.

    Things have moved so quickly in the last 30 years. The basics of life (shelter, food, warmth, safety) are taken for granted by many if not most younger people. The void is being filled with the internet and mobile phones, which quickly spreads the latest gimmick or trend. It’s so shallow.

    The Devil makes work for idle hands they say, and he has mixed this bottle which Stu. has so ably highlighted in thi article.

    10 hours hard work on a farm every day in all weathers would soon give a lot of these people a different outlook on life and survival, rather than being glued to a screen.

    Scotland seems to be at the forefront of this race to disaster judging by the actions of its SNP Government, backed by the other parties. A clearer case of ‘the blind leading the blind’ would be hard to find.

    It will all end in tears one way or another. As for independence – would it make any difference if the rest of the world is set on this route?

    Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate.

  117. Confused says:

    The essay by Nassim Taleb on “the dictatorship of the minority” is also good and explains why, e.g. food provided by public bodies is likely to be halal/kosher even when muslims are 3% of the population. Being a loud, obnoxious, implacable minority beats the numbers.

    – or in this case, the beliefs of a fraction of a percent of society’s sexual perverts, is being used to shape social policy. The key feature of this is that democracy is to be avoided – it is achieved through bureaucratic capture and legislation; stuffed down our throats, in other words.

    PR voting systems and multi party democracies are designed to result in stalemate, supportive of the status quo, except in some cases you get a tiny minority holding the casting vote; this is as un-democratic as it gets, with the veneer of super-democracy.

  118. JGedd says:

    In the photograph with a group holding the Out For Independence banner, standing to the left, is the ‘stunning and brave’ individual who is holding up his placard saying ‘Decapitate Terfs.’ If Police Scotland is supposed to be looking for this individual, I wonder how long it will take them to find Wally in this picture? Quite beyond their powers of perception?

  119. Jm says:

    A spooky bunch.

  120. Liz says:

    For those asking who’s behind it.

    It’s the WEF.
    Sounds like a villian straight from James Bond, the people behind it, Klaus Schwab, dad an SS Nazi, Bill Gates to name 2 of the lower group, have plans for world control.

    At least in the Western world, the East and Africa want FA to do with them.

    These are the people behind, just stop oil, climate change,world vaccination programme let’s all eat insects to save the planet.

    Whilst they of course fly about in private planes, travel the world in super yachts, eat the best steak etc, etc.

    It seems they’ve targetted small countries, population wise,with weak leaders
    Canada, NZ, Oz are on programme, except there’s a campaign against it in Oz, Ardern has resigned, Trudeau next….?

  121. Lewis Moonie says:

    This is an invaluable contribution to the debate as to the extent Scottish politics has been infiltrated by these creeps.
    Many if not all of these examples will have been noted with a sigh, a grimace or a curse as we navigate social media, but seeing them all at once is chilling. Thank you.

  122. fruitella the hun says:

    “These are the people behind, just stop oil, climate change,world vaccination programme let’s all eat insects to save the planet.“

    Pretty sure Shell and Exxon and Aramco and the NCB were (are) the people behind climate change.

  123. AntonDecadent says:

    Re “(He did so in the same grubby Glasgow pub where yesterday’s placards were made. In 2019 the SNP council in the city gave the bar £5,000 of public money.)”

    Almost directly across the road from it is a gallery which was ran by the husband of Susan Aitken for £1 a year rent. I believe he was pushed from control of the board but I have not heard anything about the £1 a year rent changing.

  124. SusanAHF says:

    Have enjoyed reading the replies, many very articulate. Puts mine well in the shade

  125. John McPhail says:

    Seems like Cole-Hamilton is somewhat besotted with oor Beth….

  126. Willie says:

    Great article Rev Stu. Lays bare what has been going on.

    Of much interest is the news that has just emerged from West Dunbartonshire Council is that SNP Councilor and sister of Martin Docherty MP has stood down to become an independent Councilor due to disagreement with the SNP’s legislative gender agenda.

    In standing down the Clydebank branch Organiser Ronald MacDonald paid tribute to Diane by issuing a statement saying –

    “Diane is a personal friend and will remain a good friend.

    “As the one who convinced Diane to stand for council I am pleased that she became an excellent councillor for the people of her ward, and I am sure she will continue to represent her constituents well.”

    Correspondingly, and of further interest her brother Martin Docherty MP stood down as the Westminster whip after just six weeks in the job.

    It more than certainly looks like change, or be changed is coming to the Sturgeon.

  127. Republicofscotland says:

    Excellent article Rev, and the same praise applies to those who helped you.

    The majority of Holyrood politicians have been captured by this lot, and there can be NO more pretence that Sturgeon cares about women and their right she doesn’t.

    This article must be very alarming for women and young girls in Scotland, knowing that this bunch of raving lunatics with a penchant for hurting real women has the majority of our politicians supporting their backs.

    Getting the SNP and the Greens out starting with the next GE, and then onto Holyrood must be a top priority to take some of the pressure off our threatened women folk.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  128. Ottomanboi says:

    There is a ref. to Nassim Taleb, whose forte was math model « quantitative trading», in a comment above.
    This contextualizes him.
    Just what did he see in Cameron?
    Another gullible politician perhaps?
    His view on SarsCov-2 is notable, it has turned out to be a global gamechanger in a way he did not predict, an increased skepticism regarding politics, experts, authority and the whole «guru» business.

  129. David Holden says:

    I would like to say sorry to all the Wee Ginger Doggers out there as they were right and Nicola did have a secret plan all along. The fact that her plan was to reduce the SNP to a freak show that will be hard to get elected is beside the point she did have a secret plan and boy did it work.

  130. Merganser says:

    O/T. Sturgeon likes alternatives. She now says her challenge to the s.35 order is because it is in the public interest to get some judicial interpretation of s.35. Translated, this means ‘ I know I’m going to lose the case, but I can pretend there was some merit in spending so much money on it’. It’s only public money after all. How much did she waste in the Salmond judicial review case?

  131. Willie B says:

    And this article has been worth the payments made, proper investigative journalism that has been sadly lacking in the MSM, please keep it up

  132. Gregory Beekman says:

    Is there an executive summary of this article? It’s a lot to follow.

    Some people like kinky sex and they’ve spoken to some politicians and thus Holyrood is compromised – is that the summary?


  133. socratesmacsporran says:

    Being in my eighth decade – I am not going to change my mind, even if The Duchess of Dreghorn makes it compulsory.

    If you’ve got a cock and balls – you’re a man.

    Get rid, have gneder-changing surgery, I will allow you to be a woman.

    Otherwise – you’re a man and should not be allowed into women-only spaces.

    To me, it’s that simple.

  134. covidhoax says:

    So, hundreds of Scottish people are dying every week after being tricked into taking the covid jab and all you go on about are these stupid sex freaks, Sturgeon must be over the moon you are obsessed with these odious fools instead of calling her out for the jab induced genocide.

  135. Dave Hansell says:

    Lorna Campbell’s observation:

    “When a government pays people to disseminate policy throughout the bodies politic and social, pays the media to suppress the truth, which the SNP/Greens have done via Stonewall champions diversity, etc., and then try to force through that policy into law, that is corruption. Stonewall, and all its various arms, also require to be investigated for masquerading as charities when they are all aggressive lobbying groups way beyond normal”

    …..describes a process and a model which is not limited to this issue. The very same model and process, its features and results, can be observed in multiple examples of NGO’s used by captured Governments – see here for example:

    using similar ‘shock and awe’ strategies to undermine social cohesion for the benefit of powerful outside interests. In terms of methodology, process etc the same model can be seen in operation from the use of NGO’s in so called ‘colour revolutions’ across the globe to undermine anyone designated ‘Official Enemies’ of what is probably best labelled ‘the crazy’s in the basement’.

    Similarly, sticking with process, the description of Pathocracy – in terms of the key feature of people with actual competence, real world feet on the ground experience, and a moral compass either being forced out or abandoning ship as a result of finding themselves in a minority – is now endemic across the entirety of Western institutions.

    Whether its those, in whatever capacity in any organisation, institution or field – from workplace, academia, politics or wherever – who voluntarily bailed out for a quite life or those forcibly removed, wherever you look the crazy’s are in charge to the extent that nothing works or functions properly such is the resulting systemic low quality standards of individual, institutional, organisational and corporate decision making.

    Perusing that window with the list of demands suggests that social atomisation has reached a point in which social cohesion has shattered to such an extent that those who make such demands no longer see themselves as a part of any kind of society but as a mere individual product requiring constant redesign.

    And there’s the problem. Whatever descriptive term/label you might use, the bottom line is that whether we are talking about this issue or others which spring to mind, we are dealing with a mindset which – like Thatcher and Ayan Rand – rejects the concept of society and puts the individual at the center of deciding and defining what is and is not real.

    And these are now the crazy’s making all the decisions. A situation applicable not simply to this issue but also across a de-industrialised economy (no longer fit for purpose on every metric, including the capacity to engage in industrial warfare) in which – much like society the organisational cohesion of organisations and institutions has been compromised as a result of atomisation to the point in which outcomes are less than the sum of the parts.

    In terms of the gender issue, whether its Scotland or elsewhere, it provides an extremely canny Overton window strategy of controlling the narratives (plural) to the extent that the Tories have largely positioned themselves as the more sane option.

    How else does one account for the fact that GC arguments against the artificially manufactured woke hierarchy of oppression – in which class has been expunged in favour of the intersectionalist nonsense where people are divided into smaller and smaller silos (just like organisations have been) in the name of so called ‘unity’ – are now mainly to be found in traditional Tory organs such as the Spectator or Spiked?

    The Tribune under Micheal Foot would have given this pile of shite short shrift. Now it pushes the extreme individualism of Thatcher as ‘progressive’. Ditto for many other individuals, organs, and institutions which used to properly understand class politics.

    What i am increasingly seeing is a growing realisation that the point may well have been passed in which it is possible to stop the rot and systemically reform matters from the inside. When the shit hits the fan, and it will, oasis’s such as Wings, among others, will form the building blocks of coming out of the other side.

  136. Ottomanboi says:

    Iconic Edinburgh ex dept store on fire. Things mysteriously catching fire, think the unresolved Glasgow art school blazes, is very rather Scottish. Pity that politics «on fire» hasn’t caught on.
    Nothing like having a sturgeon to damp things down.
    Although, even sturgeon responds to a good grilling!

  137. Breeks says:

    Detecting very few signs of this resonating in the enemy media.

    Gives you reason to suppose it’s a little premature to run with this big a scandal, when the plan has always been to coordinate it with an Election campaign, if not and actual referendum.

    If I was an up and coming Reporter, I’d consider this the perfect time to inquire whether the likes of Oswald, Thewliss, or Stewart, (three ladies apparently mortified about looking the other way when those horrible nasty threats were behind them), might now like to express some support for their colleague Joanna Cherry, after looking the other way when those horrible nasty threats were right there in front of them.

    Hmmm…. Guess not.

    It’s so out of character too. We all know Sturgeon is usually delighted with any excuse for a Press conference…

    … You clearly need a better “Agent” Ms Cherry…

  138. rogueslr says:

    For the conspiracy theorists. Isn’t it convenient that tomorrow’s headlines are probably going to all be about the blaze at Jenners department store. Now I’m not saying it’s connected but…

    Powerful article Rev, by putting this stuff out there the MSM can’t say there wasn’t any evidence they could find.

  139. Holymacmoses says:

    Thank you for all your hard work Mr Campbell – this must have been a VERY difficult article to put together and I can’t over-emphasize how much I believe Scotland should value you and your research. Your day will come, I’m sure of that. Jack Douglas needs to be stopped and I wonder how many people are simply protecting him out of fear of being either physically hurt or sexually exposed. It is impossible to understand how he has attained such status EXCEPT that when one reads the Witchcraft trials of Scotland and ‘The Private Confessions and Memoirs of a Justified Sinner’ we realise that there is a streak of hedonistic and violent insanity in our history which emerges under one guise or another from time to time.
    Thanks again.

  140. Jm says:

    Follow the money-and there’s alot of it

  141. SusanAHF says:

    Thank you socrates, I beg to differ : a dickless man is still a man. Women are not just dickless men.

  142. Ross says:

    Some of the BTL comments here resemble Q Anon and the language is identical.

    I think a shark has been jumped today.

    A bad person this nobody may be but it’s no evidence of a state capture cabal ffs

  143. Bob Mack says:


    Are you Nicola or just stupid?

  144. Bob Mack says:


    Are you Nicola or just generally stupid?

  145. John Main says:

    @ fruitella the hun says:23 January, 2023 at 2:47 pm

    Pretty sure Shell and Exxon and Aramco and the NCB were (are) the people behind climate change.

    Gonna beg to differ with you there.

    I am one of the people behind climate change, with a little help from several billion others.

    It was always a choice between transport, heating, lighting, cooking, etc. etc. and a cold, miserable, starving, early death.

    And none of the multi-nationals you list ever forced us to travel, light, heat, or eat – we always had that choice – we could have died instead.

    Still not making the death choice, so I guess climate change it is until the new replacement tech is widely and cheaply available.

    Did you know that every email has a carbon footprint – every minute your PC is on, every post BTL?

    Just saying 🙂

  146. SusanAHF says:

    Bob Mack, just ignore Ross he has form as a flame baiter

  147. James Che says:

    Bob Mack.

    He could be either, with self id, either way stupid is the title heading for either choice.

  148. JGedd says:

    Ross, you should return to the WGD site. There are nice, cosy narratives there that you obviously prefer. Nicola’s nice and has a great plan and the GRRB legislation is only about being nice and things just happen for no reason at all, don’t they? Alternatively, there’s the People’s Friend.

  149. Government capture by the transcult is happening all over the world,

    the `most marginalised` group in the history of civilisation

    has the backing of the US gov the Canadian Gov the Brazilian Gov the Irish Gov the Australian Gov the New Zealand Gov
    the EU the UN the Church Big Pharma the WHO most Universities most charities reliant on Gov funding most media and artist/tv/film

    also the largest law firm in the world `Dentons`.

    Think they need to redefine the word `marginalised`.

  150. Bob Mack says:


    That’s the problem Susan. We can’t ignore them any longer.

    Silence is being taken as consent.

  151. Rose Ford says:

    Thank you.

  152. d n wade says:

    Well done, very well done.
    May I suggest that you send this article to every MP at Westminster, especially Rosie Duffield who needs all the help she can get against her own party.
    Interestingly the cause for real women can often best be found on the Mumsnet website.
    Viva J K Rowling Viva

  153. Jm says:

    Ross says the language is identical to Qanon stuff then employs the jumping the shark meme..LOL

  154. Shug says:

    If the BBC or the unionists do not make an issue of this at the next FMQ one has to ask why they protect her from it.

    Hmmmmmm let me think why would the BBC protect Nicola

    Answers if a card please

  155. SusanAHF says:

    I stand corrected Bob Mack. You are right.

  156. Lorna Campbell says:

    Socrates: you deliberately or inadvertently, hit the nail on the head: a man who has his penis removed remains a man; he is not and ca never be a woman. For six+decades, transsexual men have been breaching female boundaries by using their loos. They were the vanguard that allowed this latest wave through. Figuratively speaking, they threw open the door of female spaces to other men. For six+ decades, not one transsexual has even bothered to campaign for third, safe spaces. Says it all. Any who do speak publicly, exempt themselves from this, but they are just as culpable for ignoring our boundaries, and they always seem to avoid answering why they consistently breach our boundaries instead of establishing their own safe spaces. It is very telling and reinforces the autogynephile explanation. The 2004 GRA needs to be repealed. Nothing less will do now. The 2010 EA also needs to be considerably strengthened. ‘Trans’ can be ‘trans’ without piggybacking on our spaces and rights.

    Ruby: yes, the Rev has done this with Graham at Glinner, and they have surpassed themselves. Some of it I was aware of, but a lot I was not. The banking crash of 2008, when investigated, was obviously the work of sociopaths and psychopaths. This stuff has the potential to even more destructive of society. I agree that we need to organise to make ourselves into either a new party to deal exclusively with how policy impacts on females and children, and before it becomes law, or a pressure group to dog political parties and politicians and to bring concerns to the public arena. We should also bear in mind that the Lib Dems and Labour and even a few Tories voted for this, too, so none of them is are clean tatties. We are half the voting population as well as half the population, amd we need to make that count.

  157. James Che says:

    John main,

    What are you doing contributing to pc carbon footprint, ?
    Why have you got a plastic made computer from the oil industry,
    Why have you got a phone of any kind,
    Why have you got shoes on your feetand clothes on youre back,
    All these derive from chemicals,

    How do you travel from one climate chage meeting to another, push bike with rubber petro chemical tyres,
    Perhaps by car made up of all these chemicals and more,
    Perhaps by train or flying, using the very same chemicals.

    Do you have a micro wave plastic coated cooker or a metal one full of plastic coated wires for connection,

    Where does your shampoo and soap come from, do you wash your clothes in a puddle,

    How did your house get its roof tiles or wood to build it, or the shower/ bath in its bathroom, were they delivered by modern petro chemical means,
    perhaps you should be living in a cave, wearing no clothes, shoes, phone or pc to avoid these issues of idealogical hypocracy

    Your own body has roughly 18. 5 of a natural carbon biology.

    And if you genuinely did live by your ideaology, the how would the other several billion people get in touch with you.

    You can’t send smoke signals, not allowed right Duh.

  158. SusanAHF says:

    I see Emma Broddick is blockading on twitter. Emma , living proof of the validity of that Polish guy’s theory of the pathocracy. Borderline personality disorder? Oh yes, perfect for a politician. Erm, no, perfect for an unbalanced moron, more like, who can be wound up and pointed in the right direction. Own it Roddick. Mennie too.

  159. George Ferguson says:

    Thanks for the article Stu. I have to keep putting some of the words into the slang dictionary to understand what’s being said. Things were simpler back in the day. Yer teas oot was quite sufficient.

  160. James Che says:

    Scott Finlayson.

    Well said.

    It is indeed across parties, across universities, across religious establishment, across governments and across Countries.

    So who is paying and funding it all for the purpose of Chaos in Countries around the World,
    From climate change, blm matter, antifa, to gender identity?

    These people cannot travel without funds, cannot communicate without plastic cased phones, and PCs, without permission of passports, before, during and after covid, etc,

    Either they are capitalists kids with rich parents with nothing else to do with their time,
    Or they are payed for by the establishments.

  161. Scotsrenewables says:

    Do we really have to tolerate this space being used for climate change denialists?

  162. ronald says:

    ( ATH )

    Lee Majors played the 6 million dollar man what do these Trannies want To be rebuilt .

    No account was taken into consideration of these health issues before the bill was passed but these clowns expect US the public to pay for their body alterations FFS .

  163. fruitella the hun says:

    John Main 5.15

    “And none of the multi-nationals you list ever forced us to travel, light, heat, or eat – we always had that choice – we could have died instead.”

    Those companies have known, it turns out for fifty years, the consequences of addiction to their product. We could have spent the last 35 years at least insulating homes, building renewables – wind especially – reducing the reliance on commutes in cars, growing more of our own food and importing less, establishing community schemes for sharing tools and facilities etc, etc. Instead those companies, or their billionaire beneficiaries’ foundations, kept the necessary changes off the political agenda by various easy to imagine means. It is very much a case that the “multinationals” did indeed force us to travel, heat and eat in unsustainable ways. We are paying heavily for that now.

    Were you “just saying” that people had a choice or they didn’t? It’s not clear

  164. Anne Johnston says:

    (Real) journalism.

  165. John Main says:

    @ James Che says:23 January, 2023 at 5:52 pm

    My point, at 5:15, was that much climate change is the result of our own necessary and unnecessary actions.

    Mine. Yours. Everybody that has not pared their fossil fuel use down to the minimum or zero.

    From where we are now, with what we know now, blaming climate change on multi-national corporations is just a cop-out. Some big companies did it then ran away doesn’t cut it.

    That’s my point. Feel free to disagree completely!

    This is Wings BTL FFS. I bet you could start a pile on that JM is responsible for climate change, but everybody else is innocent, if you really want to give it a go.

    And more on topic. Does my local filling station push petrol on me? Does Big Pharma push gender reassignment on vulnerable teenagers?

    I would say that both are enablers, not pushers. Individual people, whether young, confused, or Clarkson-obsessed petrol-heads, still have agency.

    An old-fashioned view, of course.

  166. James Che says:

    Personality disorders, especially when threatening violence to the public is actually a reason that asylums and certain hospitals were invented.

    The rich and elite used to place their family members in them, including monarchy.

    Nowadays the elite choose to let them endanger society across the compass, they even let them take on false identities, let agressor’s and rapist out of prison.

    A social experiment?

    Wait until they have you eating bugs while they tuck into steak and salmon.
    Or Mr Gate’s promise of a virus around 2025.
    Nothing like planning ahead for these rich unaccountable hypocrites eating the best platter during private meetings whom jet around the world on daily excursions for climate change,

  167. Liz says:

    To all going on about saving the planet.
    Fuel cells have been around for decades.
    Fuel cells split water into H+ and OH- ions which produces electricity using a fuel cell and recombine to produce H2O.

    If the world controllers really cared for the planet, why are we not using hydrogen technology?

    Oh that’s right, because it removes the petro dollar.

    And please don’t tell me it’s because they’re not efficient.

  168. @James Che,

    they self finance through gov hand outs,

    this is part of the transcult franchise as laid out by the law firm Dentons,

    it`s the same franchise playbook all round the `progressive left ` world,

    you infiltrate and once in you recruit like minded then take over and then redirect funding towards your supporters and then deny funding to any that oppose you,

    there does`t have to be a millionaire backer you create your own funding from those you have infiltrated,

    similar to a Hostile Takeover in big business where you get enough shares to get on the board then force/manage the board to do your bidding.

  169. Mike says:

    I still have to wonder what the motivation is for Sturgeon in all of this? I mean, could it be sexually motivated? If not directly, but perhaps through her husband’s kinks and fetishes? Some men are very good at steering their female partners into highly deviant behaviour.

    None of this makes sense and I cannot believe she’s oblivious to some of these cretins.

    Maybe Sturgeon will transition herself after she resigns or divorce Murrell for a woman. Something is way off here and time may tell.

  170. Mairi Chaimbeul says:

    Thank you Wings. The residents of the Western Isles are horrified. Our MP, Alasdair Allan, who owed everything to Alex Salmond and was helicoptered into the constituency on the basis that he apparently ‘speaks Gaelic’ and therefore knows the constituency needs to go. Now. I know several people who will stand against him and letters are going in to the party demanding that he is deselected. People will not vote for him.

  171. James Che says:

    John Main.

    Like you said its you’re choice to go along with it, and still do.

    Unlike you, I down sized my car thirteen years ago, don’t use soap or shampoo or conditioner.
    Never had gas or oil central heating,

    Do not have a mobile phone since 20 years ago, grow my own veg and fruit,

    Walk more than using public transport,

    I have never been on a industrial jet fuel’d plane, etc etc,

    Your apparently new to the game and do not practice what you preach, give up your phone . your, Pc, weave yourself some shoes, then get in touch with the electric company to turn off your electric footprint, your central heating and cooking facilities.

    I accepted a third hand pc from the 70s instead of it going into landfill.
    Make my own clothes and furnishings.

    I have been aware longer than you were out of nappies, which were probably plastic ones.

    I certainly do not traipes around the country or world preaching to others, I lead by example, as you should.

  172. robbo says:

    I must admit, this loony is the wan that makes me laugh so much. Should be in care this thing.

  173. ronald says:

    PIKE 10.54 .


  174. Ruby says:

    SNP MPs Stewart McDonald, Alison Thewliss and Kirsten Oswald, as well as MSP Kaukab Stewart, were photographed on Buchanan Street Steps in Glasgow. Two signs in the background of the photograph caused outrage, one of which read, “decapitate TERFS,”.
    The FM said the signs were “completely unacceptable”, adding that she condemns the message.
    “I don’t think it’s fair or credible to suggest that representatives there share those views,” she added.

    That depends what is meant by “decapitate TERFS,” It probably means they want to silence terfs which they definitely do & Sturgeon & her representative are fully on board with that idea.

    Have you ever heard them speak out the many attempts to silence women?

    Sturgeon was asked about the incident at Edinburgh University when the showing of a film couldn’t go ahead due to protests her answer was she knew nothing about it.

    So yes I would say Sturgeon & her representatives do share those views.

    I think that photograph of ‘Sturgeons Representatives & the Decapitation of The Terfs’ is a brilliant & very powerful work of art.

  175. Mario says:

    This is a common, but complete misunderstanding of energy. Hydrogen is a carrier of energy, that means it requires an input to create and store the gas.
    What you get out from burning the hydrogen (or converting it back to electricity via a fuel cell) is approx one quarter of the energy that you put in.

    It’s a non-starter economically, but oil and gas companies have absorbed many millions in grants from gullible politicians imagining a green future that unfortunately is just a distraction from the true answers, which would not involve the oil and gas companies.

    In other words it’s a scam. Mass deployment of wind, tidal, and solar (and nuclear if you really must) with a pan-national grid to share it around, as well as massive amounts of storage at all levels is the right answer. Scotland is well poised to take advantage of this, which is one of the reasons the UK will not let it become independent.

  176. KT Lorimer says:

    Mike 6:55

    It makes perfect sense if the intention is to keep support for independence at or around 50/50 – it ensures continued number of seats, running the parish council and not having to do very much at all.

  177. Geri says:

    Lorna Campbell 5:47

    I’ve heard chatter in various circles of late that Holyrood needs a 2nd chamber to stop the government going rogue which is exactly what Holyrood has become.

    Obviously they’d be elected but a possible answer to nonsense ever getting this far in the future.

    Sturgeon repeatedly fails to take legal advice on board.
    Now she’s off wasting yet more money on legal challenge she’s no hope of winning. She’s already been told she won’t but cloth ears just soldiers on reckless & regardless.

    The obvious answer from WM to that repeated failure would be to either cut our funding or just to shut Holyrood & be done with it.

  178. Dan says:

    @ Ronnie at 6:12 pm

    Re. Health costs. Aye, anything involving surgery must have huge costs due to all the equipment and number of staff required for even the most simple procedures.
    A while back I got a shard of glass splinter from a smashed bottle through my glove whilst litter picking the roadside. The shard embedded in a ligament and was pulled sub-dermal so had to go through the entire start to finish procedure of surgical intervention with initial and post op consultations, and attending surgery to remove the glass, plus all the related administration of correspondences.
    There were half a dozen folk in the theatre for 30mins during the relatively simple procedure. I was mortified that quite so many folk were necessary for even such a basic procedure, and the resultant cost that would accrue.
    I consented for the newly qualified orthopedic surgeon to carry out the procedure under the watch of the more experienced surgeon, so a bit of a positive as it allowed the next generation of surgeons to wield the knife and gain experience.

    @ Liz at 6:42 pm

    Hydrogen fuel cells aren’t efficient…
    Conservation of energy principles dictate that energy is neither created nor destroyed. It may transform from one type to another.
    And that’s the rub, it takes energy to transform ie. crack the H2O molecule. So unless the energy used to release the hydrogen in an HHO generator is created by a renewable source then it ain’t a green fuel, see Green / Blue / Grey Hydrogen production.

  179. Kenny says:

    Those chilling images of Douglas wielding an axe are reminiscent of ‘recently transitioned to a woman’, Sydney axe attacker Evie Amati who attacked 2 innocent bystanders in a petrol station.

    Amati was sentenced to 14 years after carrying out the unprovoked and mindless attack on Ben Rimmer and Sharon Hacker. Rimmer suffered a fractured nasal bone, eye socket and cheekbones, and bled profusely onto the petrol station shop’s floor.

    Hacker, struck in the back of the neck, had the potentially fatal blow softened by thick dreadlocks.

    If these are the type of crackpots the Scot govt are encouraging, assisting, then maybe it’s time to fight fire with fire? It’s clear to me that the SNP and Greens are not the least bit interested in the inevitable backlash of protecting those who openly promote violence?

  180. Derek says:

    Ah, Messrs. Carter-Fuck (see Eyes passim ad nauseam, as they say).

  181. JaneDoe says:

    Well done for this. Bottom line is that Scotland, whether independent or part of the UK will be a perverts paradise. The Thailand of Europe.

  182. George Ferguson says:

    I understand why women have lost confidence in Holyrood. The Parliament has sided with quark, strangeness and charm. Or it might as well be to women including my wife that are too busy to deal with all this shite. For years I have punted structural amendments to the Holyrood committees, processes and a small upper chamber. We have made bad law for years. And have an unrepresentative body politic. We will never achieve Independence without the support of our women.

  183. Mac says:

    Remember when prostitution was seen as exploitation?

    And it did not matter what sex you were, male or female. Now under the SNP it is a virtue.

    So how did we end up with Rhiannon Spears endorsing ‘sex workers’ as if it is some normal job like being a postie or bus driver. Standing there taking grinning selfies like the woke ghoul she is…

    It is not acceptable and it is another sign of the deep perversion of human values that not that long ago would have made it blindingly obvious to folk what a sick head case Rhiannon Spears and co really are.

    Making prostitution normal… How many of us would want our kids having to go down that road to survive. What the fuck is she actually thinking…

    The SNP are utterly obsessed with their genitals, perverted sex and deviancy. It is all they seemingly care about. It is amazing watching a political party go mentally ill from the head down.

    All the mental roads lead back to Sturgeon. She opened the sluice gates and welcomed the lunatics and deviants in to take over our house.

  184. Alf Baird says:

    National sovereignty and hence national identity has long been and remains crucial as the main bulwark against the forces of neo-imperialism.

    Global gender identity ideology seems intended to weaken or even to extirpate national identities, which is “the root of diversity” (Cesaire). National identity and therefore national consciousness are also the main motivation for national independence and the recovery of national sovereignty by ‘a people’. If a national identity is weakened/replaced, so will be the prospect of national independence.

  185. Kcor says:

    IMHO, from Sturgeon down and especially her, almost all SNP MPs and MSPs are highly compromised persons who can be blackmailed at any moment by whoever is behind all this.

    Send this article to whichever court hears Sturgeon’s case against the UK government blocking her charter for rapists, perverts and “minor attracted people”.

  186. Lothianlad says:

    Well done Stu!! I again applaud your courage and determination to expose what’s happening.

  187. Robert Louis says:

    Creeps. Thugs. Bullies. Women-haters.

    What on earth is the SNP or indeed the green party thinking by even remotely associating with this filth??

    This is now way to make policy, or run a country. It is no way to ‘make Scotland better’.

    I simply find it hard to believe what has become of the SNP. Every last one of them is in for a helluva shock come the next election.

  188. Derek says:

    “Dan says:
    23 January, 2023 at 7:41 pm

    And that’s the rub, it takes energy to transform ie. crack the H2O molecule. So unless the energy used to release the hydrogen in an HHO generator is created by a renewable source then it ain’t a green fuel, see Green / Blue / Grey Hydrogen production.”

    I believe that it takes less energy to extract hydrogen from urine, as the chemical bonds are weaker (from ammonia, perhaps?). So if you stick a wee* turbine and some solar panels at your local sewage plant, there you are contributing to the clean-up process. As ever, the trouble is in storing the stuff because of its atomic size.

    Can’t remember where I saw this information.

    *aye, I know…

  189. Scott says:


  190. John Main says:

    @ Dan says:23 January, 2023 at 7:41 pm

    I am impressed by the strides being taken in synthetic fuel production; gasolene, diesel and kerosene.

    Batteries for transport are possibly a big mistake. A ton of battery needed to provide the energy stored in 50 pounds of liquid fuel.

    KLM undertook to run all of their aircraft on synthetic kerosene pre-Covid. I don’t know what progress they have been making, but synthetic petrol has been available for years in motor sport, and its price is coming down.

    Renewable energy from turbines, etc. is used to power the chemical reactions synthesising the raw materials for liquid fuels. These fuels are pure, without the trace chemicals found in fossil equivalents, such as sulphur. So much less pollution, no expensive infrastructure changes, no charging points needed, no reduced ranges for vehicles, and decent performance, with servicing possible by the existing squads of mechanics and garages.

    No need for people to throw away their existing cars, trucks and vans and replace them with much more expensive, complex, but much less capable, replacements.

    No third-world pollution digging rare earths for batteries, and no enslaved kids in the mines.

    Alas, no vast profits to be creamed off as all of the current fueling and maintenance infrastructure is thrown away, and a brand new one built in its place, so maybes a lot of resistance from those who stand to make billions from the “battery revolution”.

  191. Kcor says:

    Davy says:
    23 January, 2023 at 2:05 pm

    “In the unlikely event of a 2023 indyref, I shall be abstaining…”

    That is exactly what Sturgeon and her fellow rogues want – make independence stone dead so they can carry on with their rich life styles at the people’s expense.

    They can blame the Tories and Westminster to distract the people but wouldn’t last a couple of months in an independent Scotland.

  192. Breeks says:

    Mario says:
    23 January, 2023 at 7:16 pm
    This is a common, but complete misunderstanding of energy. Hydrogen is a carrier of energy, that means it requires an input to create and store the gas.
    What you get out from burning the hydrogen (or converting it back to electricity via a fuel cell) is approx one quarter of the energy that you put in.

    I disagree it’s a scam Mario.

    The formula of energy in versus energy out doesn’t tell the whole story if the energy in is in fact a massive surplus in clean renewable energy… which it seems Scotland is destined to produce.

    If the energy, presumably for the electrolysis of sea water to release the hydrogen, is a clean and sustainable source and in surplus, then what is the downside in using that surplus, in the production of vehicles which only produce H2O as their exhaust?

    You can “solve” the problem of efficiency by making efficiency unnecessary.

    Efficiency is only a burden if you have a finite resource and need to ration how the resource is consumed, and also deal with the by products.

    If your source energy is renewable and sustainable, your hydrogen fuel cell can power vehicles without any harmful pollution, then ok, efficiency is never a bad thing, but is there really a price to paid for stage profligacy on the way towards eventual efficiency?

    For example, in the age of tall ships, the limit on the size of ship was the capacity of the masts and rigging that could be brought into contact with the wind. The more wind you caught, the faster your boat, but for many barges etc, speed didn’t matter. What percentage of that wind was “wasted”? Did it mater? The wind was just a free resource you tapped into. Isn’t that the same principle behind a wind turbine?

    Renewable fuels, whether it’s electric, hydrogen, one day nuclear fusion,.. they cannot be judged by the same criteria as fossil fuels or fuels which have a finite source that can be exhausted, or produce waste by products which become problematic.

  193. ronald says:

    Dan 7.41

    I’ve mentioned this Trans health care from the start / If the SNHS is in a bad way now I would hate to see what its like should STURGEON/GREENS pass a health care act for these deviants .

  194. Tommo says:

    I actually assumed that the two persons to the front of the first photo in this brilliant expose were in fact transexuals until I learned that they are in fact august elected members of your independence movement. That is fortunate as I might have ‘misgendered’ them otherwise.

  195. David Hannah says:

    Nicola Sturgeon: The beast of Bute House.

  196. John C says:

    If I were an MP/MSP I’d making sure tonight that there was a distance between them and Douglas as if this is just what’s sitting there in the public domain, what the hell is lurking there? We get wee hints of some of that here (if hardcore far-left ‘Queer’ Marxists disown you then what the hell have you done?)but there’s enough here to make sure that Douglas never gets near anywhere near anyone in a position of power.

    Though I have to wonder just what it is that Douglas has to attract MP’s and MSP’s to him a it clearly isn’t just the Trans cause?

  197. Mark+Boyle says:

    … and just when Stu thought he was having a perfect day, Aberdeen deliver a minter at Scotland’s most financially doped club, non-league Darvel (and that’s against stiff competition from Troon and Brora Rangers and the rest of the funny money brigade …).

  198. George Ferguson says:

    Ah well Stu the shape of things to come. Goodwin has to go. Sturgeon has to go. The milk monitor has to go. Murrell has to go. Everybody has to go. Commiserations Stu.

  199. Wee Chid says:

    Mac says:
    23 January, 2023 at 8:04 pm

    Aye, wait until they make prostitution a legal form of employment and start sanctioning the unemployed for refusing sex work.

  200. Dan says:

    OT Fuel chat

    There are many engineering solutions and gases (see what I did there 😉 ) to reduce emissions if the will was there.
    A slight parasitic loss incurred by powering a small onboard HHO generator on a vehicle to feed hydrogen into the engine along with the injected diesel can improve combustion efficiency. Likewise water or propane injection.
    Or just running the engine solely on gas like they used to do in mainland Europe for many years, but which never really caught on here, even with our huge gas fields.
    The engine oil barely gets dirty in an autogas engine unlike all the mucky particulates and carbon that occur in petrol and diesel combustion.
    An acquaintance used to run big Caterpillar diesel generators converted to run on the gas emitted from landfill sites. Impressive use of technology where he could sit at home and monitor all the live data on each site. Such as the millibars of gas pressure emitting from the landfill field which would determine how many generators could be run, plus each engine’s data such as coolant temp, oil pressure & temp, exhaust gas temp etc, and could start or shut down engines remotely if required.

    Ethanol can be produced from the waste whey product of the dairy industry.

    Of course in the scheme of things we could jist stop importing quite so much cheap disposable tat from far flung lands on bunker fuel burning ships. Or importing all these 100s of pre-built bulky wind turbine bases on multiple ship journeys for all the new offshore fields, when it would be more efficient to import the steel so we could then make them here which would create employment for our ain folk.

    On the subject of reducing oor emissions and kerbing our consumption, how would a “green” minded individual go about offsetting all this energy intensive superfluous surgery, pharmaceutical production, and excessive use of make up and hair dye…

    Ach it used to be so easy back in the day, every lunch time you could watch Mr Ben transition into someone else, or watch an episode of Manimal.
    Did nobody teach the bairns these programmes were fictional fantasy and in no way realistic and can actually happen in the real world.
    I’m now embracing being SuperTrans and in the course of the day can morph many times, from being a chef making my breakfast, to a mechanic for a few hours, a chauffeur driving a vulnerable person to an appointment seeing as there is heehaw public transport, back to a chef whilst making my lunch, maybe an hour as a gardener whilst I tend my veg garden, possibly a wee shift as a builder or joiner as I crack on with the house restoration, chef again for dinner, then a dishwasher, oh, best add occasional political commenter / some arsehole on t’internet (delete as appropriate) at times.
    TBH in amongst all that graft and activity I barely have time to think about my expressed gender or shagging anything.

  201. George Ferguson says:

    It difficult to rationalise priorities. We have the FM seeking some sort of legal redress over the S35 that doesn’t involve a Judicial Review. A blank sheet of paper means let’s ignore the S35. Getting more dangerous by the moment. And I am on the wrong side of gender woo woo.

  202. Mia says:

    What a great, frank, no-nonsense article. When you read this, you immediately understand why the traditional newspapers have to die. That all this has been going on for so many years and not a single newspaper has found the balls to look into it, never mind reporting on it, tells us the press has run its course.

    I felt disgust watching my MSP in that demonstration with those placards which are text book example of hate speech.

    Watching him there felt like being rubbed salt on the wound he opened when he voted to rush the perverts-charter through, against the interests and the safety of all women and girls in his constituency.

    Well, he can be sure that my household will never again waste a vote on him. I will aim to convince as many women as I possibly can to stop voting for him and will encourage them to convince their men to vote against him too.

    But the question remains:

    Why. Why are our MPs and MSPs behaving like idiots allowing themselves to be dragged by the nose into this toxic manure by a bunch of deranged freaks. How our MPs and MSPs could possibly have the mental lapsus and the stomach to turn around and clap like well trained seals to a handful of misogynist freaks in a gallery after they knew they had just deliberately betrayed and eroded the rights of their own wives, daughters, granddaughters, mothers and sisters. What kind of worthless men and women do such a thing?

    What do the freaks in costumes and the murky interests they represent have on the clapping seals?

    And why haven’t all those SNP MPs posing in front of hate speech placards asking to decapitate women been immediately expelled from the party? What the hell are elected MPs and MSPs doing in a demonstration that is calling for the decapitation of women? Did they lose their minds? Are they for real? Don’t they have any sense of propriety or shame? What kind of careless, unprincipled idiot is Sturgeon when she is letting her MSPs/MPs look like they are endorsing the decapitation of women? Where are her standards? Or are the freaks setting her standards too?

    And who is giving the freaks enough power to control the FM, an entire government and parliament against the will of the people of Scotland?

    I think it is about time those clueless SNP politicians, labour, libdems and Greens cut the trans-flag waving crap and tell us for once and for all why the hell Scotland’s taxpayers have been forced to subsidize these freaks and their freak quangos to the tune of millions while Scottish children go to school on an empty stomach.

  203. willie says:

    Just listening to the Sky News and the grooming of domestic households on how and why they should voluntarily cut off their electricity.

    Using a fat double chinned moron of an apparent mother of a family we all had to listen to her in strangulated vowels explain the wonder-fullness of how she and the whole family switched off all of the house lights and appliances and crammed into one room where they all played cards.

    And the Sky news presenter recognising the voluntary acceptance of this valiant consumer choice then when on to say that this was the future of the future. A graph was then shown as to how the price of electricity at peak times was hight and how this was the future of the future.

    By fuck if this is the future of the future to voluntarily bleed your deepest veins to do without electricity because it is dearer at peak times in the morning when folks are getting up or in the evening when folks are going home, then the English are even more fucking stupid than I thought.

    Do the dick not know that utility energy is a basic need of life. Does the double chinned fatso who extolled the voluntary benefits of going without electricity not realise that electricity is needed for heat, light, the powering of medical equipment and much more. Does the Dumbo not realise that the country needs sufficient production and that putting people in darkness because of peak power costs, or should we say profiteering is a dumb way to go.

    This is the country that left the EU cutting its nose off to spite its face. Dumb, dumb, neoliberal morons. Maybe they’d be better cutting the scare or hospitals power off to save money increase corporate profits.

    Mind you, in a country like Scotland with a surfeit of power, gas, oil and electricity, we have our own share of morons, many of whom are going involuntary lack of light and heating due to astronomical corporte power prices.

  204. Well Said Mia at 10:08pm !

    What, indeed, are supposedly mature MPs and MSPs, of either sex, doing supporting these delusional Trans freaks, led by the Murrell Clique and Shona Robison?

    It would be interesting to hear what our “permanent” Finance Secretary, Jane Forbes, makes of it all.

  205. harry mcaye says:

    One of the two thousand plus who re-tweeted this today. I will set up a small regular payment to Stuart in due course. This is journalism. I expect he’ll be getting some credit in the papers tomorrow, except the Record of course!

    What a bunch of vile people. But not a shock to me or anyone who has been reading Stuart’s output these past three years.

  206. Derek says:

    That’s a long and quiet bus trip to Aberdeen…

  207. David Hannah says:

    Unbelievable article. It’s like storyline from Taggart. It gets more sinister the more you read! I’m terrified to get to the end. This Beth, is crazy.

  208. David Hannah says:

    I remember I read a really gritty book called Laidlaw by William McIlvanney, I’m getting vibes of that book reading this. I’m fairly sure there was a eerie cross dresser in that novel. Canny mind.

    I really hope no one gets decapitated when I get to the end of this.

  209. robertkknight says:

    I actually have a huge degree of sympathy with genuine sufferers of gender dysphoria.

    We should do well to remember that this is a genuine medical condition and it is tragic for those diagnosed with such a condition that individuals with agendas tending towards social anarchism, having violent, misogynistic dispositions and showing all the signs of psychotic illness, have become the self-appointed cheerleaders for those who wouldn’t come within a country mile of anyone carrying signs advocating the beheading of women. Women whose only “crime” may be objecting to sharing a female only space with a 6’2″, 18 stone individual who, despite their preferred pronouns, is nonetheless an anatomically intact male.

    Anyone who feels trapped in the wrong body and is prepared to undergo the psychological, social and physical hardships which transitioning requires, simply in the hope of finding happiness in themselves, has my sympathy.

    The violent, misogynistic, cross-dressing psycho wannabes and their facilitators have nothing but my utmost contempt.

  210. Maxxmacc says:

    The First Minister NS will actually be appearing in person this Saturday 7pm at the Govan SNP Burns Night at the Urban Hotel in Paisley Road West, Glasgow. It’s only £40 for the unwaged, but it would be nice if there was a welcoming party for her outside!

  211. Maxxmacc says:

    I hope Nicola enjoys her Burns Supper this Saturday in Glasgow. It’s not often she has the guts to show her face in public these days.

  212. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Creepy, angry, clearly mentally disturbed troubled souls.

    These men are a clear danger to our female families and friends.

    It is time they were shut down.

    This article shows why decent people cannot support SNP/Green party.

    I hope Alba do well at the next election but I doubt they will get the support needed.

    Sturgeon and her odd team have served the Union well.

  213. What Rot says:

    Please, please watch your back. I don’t believe any of these creatures could actually fight their way out of a paper bag, but they’re clearly not right in the head and who can tell what the loonies might do when not safely incarcerated in an asylum.

    You’re a hero. Thank you for everything you do.

  214. Louise Hogg says:

    Thank you for that. Good to see so much brought together in one place. I have forwarded to a naive and disengaged friend who I don’t want to bore with multiple articles.

    Interesting stuff re fuel. As a former chemist, hydrogen from sea water, using wind power is the way to go. Along with less global importing, as suggested. Be careful of the feedstocks for non-fossil fuels eg palm oil.

    As to why Nicola Sturgeon has cultivated the perverted and deranged and gone down this road? A combination of the reasons already hinted at: Borderline Personality Disorder results in loneliness which those nearby with ill-intentions exploit; TRAs provide a ready-made mob of enforcers for a weak leader; Trans is both currently in fashion internationally and being pushed by vested interests and she wants ‘affirmation only’ in those circles; She has failed to have the courage, skill, or personal career disinterest to pursue and win Independence and so is trying to turn her enforcers into a consolation prize; They have turned to bite the hand that feeds, as bullies do, eg the Hostage Video, so she is afraid to stop now.

    Why trust ALBA when their Leader gave us Nicola?

    Alex’s first mistake was to focus on one potential successor, rather than encouraging natural competition to bring out the potential of a few. I suspect he’ll have learnt from that.

    His second, to mistake BPD for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    People can recover from either. But where the latter can take a few years and some effort to reach previous health, the former generally takes significant time, in a low-stress environment and, crucially, a willingness to seek a new outlook the sufferer has never previously experienced.

    The top of Government is not such an environment.

    (Both appear to have the same cause, trauma, not just similar symptoms. The difference is when that trauma happened. It’s the difference between finding your way home to the house you left at 18 and the one you left at 6 months old.)

  215. Donibristle says:

    Depressing read but thanks anyway Stu. Bit like “Lord of the Flies” on hormones.
    Couldn’t help wonder about what Bee’s parents think watching his transition from a wannabe young man in the Students Union to a screwed up violent deranged transvestite prostitute that takes it any which way.
    I agree with Daisy ! We’ve been discussing this gender crap since 2014. It’s no accident. Equality for women hadn’t even happened.
    This has to be London protecting the Colony from self rule.

  216. Cuilean says:

    Apart from the Wee Black & Blue Books, this is your most catalytic piece of journalism to date on the totalitarians in the SNP/Greens, warmly enabled by SLAB & Libdems.

    Definition of ‘Totalitarian’:

    “Of or relating to a political regime based on subordination of the individual to the state; and strict control of all aspects of the life and productive capacity of the nation especially by coercive measures (such as censorship and terrorism).

  217. Lothianlad says:

    Let’s not miss the fact that while this all goes on. The british state benefits. I believe they had a covert hand in all of this.
    Compromise, blackmail and bribe the leader of your opposition, control them, and destroy from within the organisation of opposition.
    Mi5…. mission accomplished!

  218. Cuilean says:

    All men outraged at what is being forced on to their: wives, daughters, girlfriends, granddaughters, grannies, great-grannies, nieces and aunties, get yourselves to George Square, Glasgow, on 5th February at 12 Noon, to protect women from the Beth Douglases of this world. Men are of course welcome and can speak too. It is not an event just for women!

    This is a war against women, girls and children by Big State and Big Business.

    If women’s rights to protect their children fall, our children are the Beth Douglas’s of this world’s next target.

    Remember, Maggie Chapman, leader of the Scottish Greens, thinks it’s OK to talk about children transitioning as young as 8, possibly even 6!

    Time to pick a side.


    It should, of course, be Kate Forbes – not “Jane Forbes”! I was asking what she thought of messing up gender with sex for a definition of a woman.


  220. Alastair Naughton says:

    And the SNP want us to sign up to their ‘Code of Conduct’ before we’re ‘allowed’ to participate in any independence campaigning? GTF! And by the way, what independence campaigning would this be? Do enlighten us! Because as far as I can see, the SNP has not progressed the case for independence by even one millimetre since she took over the leadership nine years ago!

  221. Cuilean says:

    I knew nothing about ‘Furries’ until I knew they are organising a protest against ‘Let Women Speak’. So I did some research.

    Well at ‘Furry Conventions’, you must NEVER take off your costume. i.e. you are disguised throughout.

    At furry conventions, it is arranged by the organisers, that each ‘furry’ partners with another furry, and they then design what their ‘furry children’ will look like.

    There are very many dangerous, predatory people who occupy the furry world solely to access children.

    They are not cute they are deeply sinister grown men akin to the guiles of the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

    Reading this over, I am amazed and shocked at how dystopian, crazy, disturbing and bizarre what I have just written sounds.

    We are through the looking glass now.

    But the more people that come out and protest against this cult, the quicker Scotland gets rid of it.

  222. Paul Davies says:

    It grieves me to see how many intelligent Scots who sold their souls to the SNP over the years now believe that just getting rid of those evil useless clowns will allow the sunny uplands of independence to appear. The independence premise is totally flawed, economically financially and socially – its time to get real and remove the doubts and concerns that business and potentially inward immigrants have about their welcome in Scotland, then the sunny uplands may appear

  223. ian foulds says:


    Your usual high standard of research and information.

    All Indepentistas need to reconnect and move our Country away from the numerous topics of madness we have endured since 2014

  224. Liz says:

    @mario no one mentioned, burning hydrogen.
    That’s not how fuel cells work.
    There is no burning involved.
    But thanks for the patronising tone.

  225. McDuff says:

    Why are the rest of the elected SNP members not speaking out at this madness. All those who remain silent are complicit in this mire.
    This article is truly terrifying and if it wasn`t for the rev how many of us would be ignorant to this insanity.

  226. anton de grandier says:

    Is anyone surprised by any of this?I’m not.During the 2014 campaign it was drop dead obvious umpteen orgs were using Indy for ends other than just Independence.Given a lot of these were on the Left gender issues were prominent which,again,was not surprising.I was sceptical of their motives then as was demonstrated at one meeting in Glasgow when I posited the possibility of a Right Government being elected in Scotland post indy.I was told flatly if that could happen Independence should be opposed.Democracy?Only if it’s the right kind.

    The resignation of Alex Salmond,and Scot Gov subsequent behaviour towards him,gave the green light to the nuts that this was their time.It’s been all downhill since then.It’s also worth pointing out that what is published here is the least of it.There is MUCH more and those attending the rally in glasgow,where they were unable to see any daft banners,are aware of it.
    Nicola Sturgeon has destroyed the SNP and when the collapse comes it will be epic.

  227. Kirsty says:

    Thank you so much for this. The picture that amoozebush posts, is that not Maggie Chapman in the picture with “Beth”?

  228. James says:


    “….And just look at the ‘indy bad’ brigade coming out of the woodwork with their utter tripe and desperation to associate this with indy…..Anyone thinking this is an ‘indy only’ issue seriously needs their heads looked. Like a virus it has spread into every corner of the western political world.

    And here’s another wee fact for ‘Private Pike’ & Co: It’s taking place whilst Scotland is very firmly in the grip of London rule. You utter clowns have absolutely no idea what form a future indy Scottish government will take. We can see right through your Unionist pish. So take your multiple usernames and go and infest elsewhere.

    EVERY political party, and their branch offices, in Scotland has members who support this crap. And one more thing we all know very well here on WOS is that the branch offices will *ALWAYS* do what head office instructs.

    Follow the money and i bet you’ll find head offices in London being financed by “interested parties”. In the article above, Stuart refers to one of the weirdo’s being financially backed to help prevent the truth coming out against him. That’s how powerful the backers are who hide in the background.

    Mega-rich business folk with very powerful companies. Are Yous trying to tell us those folk are not Tory at heart? LOL! Then there’s the fact this issue will be used to try and destroy the idea of indy *THEN* it’ll be promoted into law by the very same folk in Westminster. Now jog-on, muppets!”


  229. tapedrone says:

    “Kirsty says:
    24 January, 2023 at 4:16 pm
    Thank you so much for this. The picture that amoozebush posts, is that not Maggie Chapman in the picture with “Beth”?”

    I’m more surprised that no-one (has Stu?) noticed nappy creep Eilidh Martin right there in Beth’s ‘fists threat’ photos from Jan 1st.

  230. Calibra says:

    It was to track bums like these we had Kiwi Farms, but you’ve done a magnificent job anyway. Thanks for the hard (and no doubt nausea provoking) work it must have been.

  231. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I’m more surprised that no-one (has Stu?) noticed nappy creep Eilidh Martin right there in Beth’s ‘fists threat’ photos from Jan 1st.”

    The resemblance is uncanny, but apparently it’s not. Apparently that’s an actual woman, remarkably enough.

  232. tapedrone says:

    Return to the original pickle_bee tweet of 1st Jan, save and open the images he posted in full resolution, zoom into the glasses wearer’s upper lip, just to its own right side. Eilidh Martin and Mystery Glasses have the same lesion. It’s visible in both high res photos of that tweet.

  233. tapedrone says:

    My apologies, I did some further research and it’s not the same person. Must be a spot or artifact of the photo, but the person is @alice_is_a_boy. Warning don’t click too far into their Twitter media if you’ve just eaten.

  234. Al Eddie says:

    And what will the SNP do about any, letalone all of this?
    Nothing- because this is what the SNP has become..!

  235. Harry Storm says:

    What I don’t get is why the authors of the violent tweets and posts aren’t arrested for incitement of violence. I’m a free speech advocate and believe that incitement is the only speech that should be criminalized. “Decapitate terfs” etc. is clearly incitement. They should be charged, convicted and jailed.

  236. Big Jock says:

    If this is representative of the SNP. Then the election will be rigged and the dream is over. Well certainly not before we are all in care homes, being paddled by a male nurse in a wig called Bridget.

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