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Patrick Harvie is a racist

Posted on April 29, 2021 by

A strong statement? Here’s the evidence.

He hates women too, but we already knew that.

Harvie was appearing on Sky News this morning to fail to explain what his definition of a woman was for the second time this week. But this time he added whole new levels of offensiveness. The interview was strewn with numerous lies, most of which we’re going to overlook here or this post will end up absurdly long. But the key passage came at 1m 12s:

ADAM BOULTON: A trans person who identifies as a woman, should they have the same rights and same access to women’s spaces?

HARVIE: Yes of course. A transwoman, like a black woman or a disabled woman or a Jewish woman, should not be discriminated against. 

BOULTON: So a transwoman is a woman in your view, even if they have male genitalia, for example?

HARVIE: It’s not just my view, it’s the law.

Black women, disabled women and Jewish women are women. Transwomen are not. The only transwomen the law recognises as being legally female for some purposes are those with a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC). But trans people with a GRC only represent  an estimated 1% to 2% of all the self-identified “transgender” people in the UK, according to official government documents.

The absolutely overwhelming majority are still legally (as well as biologically) the sex they were born as. Patrick Harvie is free to regard the other 98-99% of transwomen – those without a GRC – as women if he wants, but the law categorically does not. The law – specifically the Equality Act 2010 – is extremely clear that a transwoman without a GRC is still legally a man.

Even transwomen with a GRC can be treated as their real sex and lawfully excluded from female-only spaces under certain conditions.

The Scottish Greens’ policy position is that anyone who SAYS they’re a woman literally is one – their 2021 manifesto explicitly states that the party’s gender policy is “statutory self-declaration” – so when Harvie talks of “transwomen” it’s absolutely plain that he includes the 99% who are both biologically and legally men, and therefore have no current claim in law to women’s sex-based rights.

By including black, disabled and Jewish women in the same category he is therefore saying that they too are not really women, and have no more legitimate claim to the rights enjoyed by white women than men do. (Nobody ever says “transwomen are women just like white women are”.)

Assuming the “default” state of a woman to be white, able-bodied and non-Jewish, and all other types to be lesser subcategories no more intrinsically female than some bloke with a beard and a penis who’s decided to put some lipstick on and call himself Jemima, is just about as racist (and ableist and anti-Semitic) as it’s humanly possible to be.

(Ironically, Harvie has this week accused women trying to defend their sex-based rights and single-sex spaces as akin to racists”, a phenomenon we gather is known as “DARVO”.)

So Patrick Harvie can sue us over this article’s headline if he wants. But the facts are clear. He doesn’t think black, disabled or Jewish women are any more female or any more entitled to white women’s rights than male people are, which to most of them is a massively offensive insult.

(And of course we know that to the Greens someone being offended is proof in itself that a hate crime has been committed.)

We’re still, of course, waiting to hear Harvie and the Greens’ definition of what a woman actually is. And if any Scottish journalists or broadcasters should suddenly – to coin a phrase – grow a pair before the election, we’re looking forward to the same question finally being put to Nicola Sturgeon and see if she can make any less of a cock-up of answering it.

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112 to “Patrick Harvie is a racist”

  1. Milady says:

    I have no words for just how despicable I find this man and his views. Well, I do but I’m too polite to post them here.

  2. Lenny Hartley says:


  3. Dave R says:

    More woke rubbish from the uber-woke party. Why has the otherwise admirable Green Party with their bike lanes etc decided to obsess over this stuff? A vote loser surely?

  4. Neil Mackenzie says:

    That’s what happens when you try to be clever and you’re not clever.

  5. Ian Brotherhood says:

    I don’t suppose the sot Boulton challenged him?

  6. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    The video is RIGHT THERE, man.

  7. Monica Worley says:

    Willie Rennie was on the radio this morning saying TWAW as well. Two men who want men included in women’s spaces. Why can men not accept transwomen as the men they are and include them in THEIR groups? TW are not women and will never be. You can’t change sex.

  8. Helen says:

    He is a very strange person:

    When asked specific questions about Women, he answers by talking exclusively about trans people.

    When asked a specific question about transgender people, he answers by talking about women.

  9. Willie John says:

    So does this mean that those courts who have demanded that plaintiffs/witnesses who call the accused he/him have themselves broken the law?

  10. Mia says:

    “I am not sure I remember struggling to answer that question”.

    Well of course he does not remember because he never answered the effing question, did he? What he did was to take a ridiculous and rather long verbal detour around the Apennine mountains to avoid addressing the question. He produced a response and his lips moved alright, but answer came none.

    I am finding the persistence of these mediocre politicians in treating us like idiots, increasingly offensive and insulting.

  11. Marty Curran says:

    Trans women should not be discriminated against based on their being trans. Neither should biological women.

    The complete inability of these people to understand that what they are doing is removing women’s rights and giving them to men is astounding.
    I doubt if many actual trans people have been consulted over any of this. Most just want to get on with their lives and be accepted for who they are – only the radical, pervert ridden, extremists want to eradicate women’s rights.

  12. Wulls says:

    I’m not sure if Patrick Harvey is a racist or not.
    What I am utterly convinced of is he is a dim, easily offended, bleeding heart, opportunistic, arsehole who is playing to the crowd in his head.
    I honestly believe he is too dim to think his statements through to their logical conclusion.

  13. PhilM says:

    In the Exorcist, the men of the cloth were trying to extricate a demon from Regan, the little girl.
    Our very own man of the cloth, Rev Stu, by the article above, has probably performed a reverse exorcism and introduced a frothing, howling, screeching demon into the convulsing, writhing, vomiting body of wee Patrick there.
    Nice work…

  14. winifred mccartney says:

    Whenever they are questioned closely on this topic they just show how ridiculous it is and yet women are losing their jobs and being called many things because they follow the science/biology. The greens are more interested in gender id etc than climate change or independence and the wool is being pulled over everyones eyes.

  15. Stuart MacKay says:

    So 0.007% of the UK population are legally trans.

    I guess all of society’s problems are solved and we’re now fishing around for the last of the loose ends.

  16. Sinky says:

    Rev says, “ we’re looking forward to the same question finally being put to Nicola Sturgeon and see if she can make any less of a cock-up of answering it.”
    Cock-up….. ????
    Badoom tish…
    Quality chap, pure quality. ??

  17. Eileen Carson says:

    There aren’t enough cells in Cornton Vale for all the Scottish women who will say a transwoman is a man! #JailMe

  18. Lady Lyon says:

    I despise this man every time he opens that offensive most of his. He’s top of the list of who I would like to see lose his seat and get out of my parliament

  19. Allium says:

    Very upsetting. This has become quite hideously toxic.

  20. Chris Downie says:

    Harvie reminds me of the bastard child of Michael Stipe and Heinrich Himmler, but without the talent of the former.

  21. Lorna Campbell says:

    Spot on, Rev. Your definitions are the law. However, what has been happening is that the law is being pre empted right across the board and these pre emptions are being enabled way before they become law – if they ever do. In other words, we already have self-ID and gender recognition without a Gender Recognition Certificate. This is the de facto position in Scotland and many other places right now.

    This shows, above all other things, that the legislation that does exist – e.g, Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, the 2010 Equality Acts, etc. – was never intended to do what it has been usurped to do, and Stonewall and its arms know that to be true – which is to allow male-bodied people into sex-based female spaces and rights.

    That governments right across the world have bought into this stuff and have enacted legislation that should never have been enacted, to ensure that it is enabled, leaves a huge stink. Why? Money? Yes, certainly. Cheaper to take away all women’s rights and spaces.

    That is not the whole story: there is more to this than meets the eye because the trans issue has captured every Western state, including the US and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the Nordic States, and so on. Someone somewhere is enabling this stuff. Wee folk like Patrick Harvie did not have the power to bring this Stonewall lobbying outfit to the power and influence it has, despite cancel culture. It has become too powerful too fast for there not to have been a Mister Big (or a number of Mr Bigs) behind it. Why?

    Patrick Harvie is very careful to make this about empathy and understanding, even as he eliminates, as you say, several female categories and lumps them in with trans women. People in high places, with power, influence and money appear to have a stake in enabling the trans lobby. Why? Behind all the hyperbole, all the obfuscation, the smoke and mirrors, some very big cheeses stand to benefit because wee folk never get this far.

    Why is this being pushed so strongly. Why is it necessary to occupy ALL women’s spaces and rights as WOMEN rather than trans women – which will be the longer term outcome? Just what are women gatekeeping at the moment that means that some men must destroy the very notion and legal definition of womanhood to get through that gate? It must be more than simply validation.

  22. Mark English says:

    Any politician, regardless of party, who thinks that this Trans rights stuff is what exercises the minds of the average Joe, is seriously deluded…..

    For the vast majority of people, this is not just a non-issue , it’s also bloody annoying .

    The politicians need to get a grip and focus on the important stuff….

  23. Stuart MacKay says:

    Rev. at first I thought you were just stirring with the racist thing but then I got to “Assuming the “default” state of a woman…” and you’re absolutely right. Harvie’s position is that these are qualified groups i.e. not fully paid up members.

    Still not sure if that’s racist – being white, male, privileged and all but that’s easily 10 points on the Richter scale for causing offence.

    Hopefully we’ll see a lot more of him in he next few days. Maybe his new pal Nicola will put a good word in for him at the same time.

  24. Wee Chid says:

    Eileen Carson says:
    29 April, 2021 at 6:05 pm
    “There aren’t enough cells in Cornton Vale for all the Scottish women who will say a transwoman is a man! #JailMe”

    And we’ll be sharing them with all the convicted offenders who “feel like women”. It’s going to be a busy place.

  25. Robert King says:

    I can smell another court case coming.

  26. ahundredthidiot says:

    I am beginning to think one of their supplementary objectives is establishing gender neutral prisons.

    (trying to legalise paedophilia being their ultimate objective)

    The Devil has many employees. PH being one of them.

    Anyone voting Green is an absolute moron.

  27. Mike says:

    For a guy who supposedly believes in the science underpinning the green movement and call for action, he doesn’t come across as a moron here.

    I mean you actually just have to take a few moments to actually ponder the absurdity of what he’s actually saying.

    By the same logic, pollution, oil and CO2 emissions are just beautiful environmentally friendly entities that identify as nasty climate scourges.

    Where does this end?

    We put things into categories for a reason and yes there are sometimes exceptions but this is now abuse of logic, reason, science and renders language meaningless.

  28. Mike says:

    Doesn’t half!!

  29. Fraser Reid says:

    In there he also says that once an alleged rapist is proven not guilty that the “victim” should still see them go to prison…..

  30. akenaton says:

    While at work this afternoon, I engaged with the householder on the coming election. His pick was SNP1 Greens 2, when I asked him why he announced that he wanted Independence and that was the way to get it. My efforts to enlighten him resulted in an enraged customer who, if he didn’t have a leaky roof, would have thrown me off his property. Alex Salmond is now the devil incarnate to these people and most folks that I speak to are either SNP both votes or SNP1 Greens 2. never in my life have I encountered such a naive or politically ignorant electorate.

  31. Dulwich says:

    Patrick Harvie is beyond belief what a complete fuckwit. Anyone voting Green next week needs a prompt visit to Carstairs.

  32. Republicofscotland says:

    The lying scroatfaced rodent Harvie again claiming he didn’t struggle to say what the definition of a woman is.

    Why on earth would folk who loves their wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, grannies and granchildren vote for him or his Green party, when all you’d be voting for is to allow blokes in dresses into women and girls private spaces such as toilets changing rooms etc.

    Make no mistake the kind of blokes that want to gain access to women and girls private areas under the guise of self-id aren’t doing it because they think they’re women, I’ll leave it to your imagination as to why they want access to women’s safe spaces.

    The Greens are completely unelectable from top to bottom, lets get them out and in the process at least remove one party that’s pushing these vile gender policies. Even if you don’t want to vote for the ALBA party don’t give any of your two votes to the Greens for you’ll be hurting the females in your family if you do.

  33. covidhoax says:

    ‘Abolish the Not Proven verdict’ – GFY

  34. akenaton says:

    The Rubicon was the equal marriage legislation.
    So most of us share the blame. Remember how it was celebrated, how the “antis” were vilified?

    “Well they’re not celebrating now!”

  35. James says:

    lolz so glad I left the land of my birth.

  36. Kat says:

    Decriminalisation of abortion? Why would that need to be in their manifesto? Last time I checked it was legal to have an abortion in Scotland.

    The man it’s a complete tosser and needs to be kept far far away from Holyrood.

    Women of Scotland…if they don’t respect your sex don’t give them your X next week.

    Men of Scotland…stand up for your women folk we need your support.

  37. Cenchos says:

    Patrick Harvie reviews his day:

  38. Josef Ó Luain says:

    That’s one very dim loon.

  39. Heaver says:

    ” Weirdo Scottish Greens the LEAST green party !”

    There you are, DM.

  40. Lorna Campbell says:

    Robert King says: “… I can smell another court case coming… ”

    If the law is being pre empted, Robert, yet another court case is pointless. ForWomen Scotland fought a strong case, but the judge’s ruling in the Judicial Review involved the premise that trans women are women because the law says they are (2004 GRA). This fight is all but lost. I think we need to start digging down to the roots of this stuff and find the evidence for why so many high-powered people are backing it.

    It can’t just be down to cancel culture and funding allocations from gullible governments. No one high-powered is backing natal women. What is it with this trans lobby that makes them worth backing when, reputedly, only 0.004-7%, or somewhere around that figure, are genuinely body dysphoric people and fully transitioned people, while natal women are 51-52% of the entire population of the world? It won’t be altruism because the types of people who would back this stuff are rarely, and simply, altruistic.

    What makes paraphiliacs of all kinds a safe bet into which to sink money, but also to back to the hilt the encroaching on all women’s safe spaces and rights as women? Only as ‘women’ can male-bodied persons with paraphilias gain access – but to what, exactly, is the question? Why are we being told that it will have no effect on women’s rights and spaces when it patently will? Why the soothing tones?

  41. Mia says:

    “There are a minority that do not accept the equality of transgender people”

    And here we go, Mr Harvie setting himself again to send his tongue on a long verbal detour, this time deep down into the Marianas Trench.

    What I see here is that all the focus is being deliberately placed in defining the concept of woman, subjectively implying that the definition of woman must be changed. Why? Nobody is talking about changing the definition of man.

    But the truth is that this deliberate focus on the definition of woman is continuing to distract us big time from something that has been deliberately missing from the very beginning of this farce: the definition of the word transgender.

    What does that word mean exactly in practical, biological, psychological and physiological terms?

    Another thing that is missing here is who gets to choose the threshold of where a woman ends and a man starts. Surely that is a combination of biology, psychology, genetics, physiology among some scientific disciplines. So, where is the biology and measurable scientific evidence that supports the definition of “transgender” and what it represents?

    I would love to see that, because so far I have not seen it.

    The concept of woman/man has been well established for many centuries. The idea of “transgenderism” however is a newer, and like it or not, much less established concept. And yet, this minority of people and a bunch of light-weight opportunistic politicians like Mr Harvie here have embarked on a mission to challenge the well established concepts of woman/man but refuse to accept for the concept of transgenderism to be subjected to any form of scrutiny at all.

    Why? What is it exactly that these politicians stand to gain?
    Is this simply a strategy to get those pesky independence polls to tilt back towards NO?

    One has to wonder.

    And who does Mr Harvie think he is to deny us our legitimate right to question what we do not believe, do not understand or do not accept?

    In fact, I am not sure anybody has actually bothered defining convincingly the meaning of the word transgender in a proper, scientific, biological, psychologically and physiological way.

    The concept of woman/man, has its base in biology and it is identified by sexual secondary characteristics. Where is the actual scientific or biological basis for the word “transgender”? Where is the actual scientific or convincing, irrefutable biological evidence for the existence of more than two genders? How can you identify a transgender? How, in Harvie’s opinion, can you differentiate a boy or a girl from a transgender at birth? (I am assuming that transgenders and those who advocate for hundreds of genders would find repulsive to be addressed as something as binary and conventional as boy or girl).

    Children start to speak around 2-3 years of age. How does Mr Harvie propose us to address babies and toddlers until they can tell us what gender they are? Should we address them as “it” when talking about them in third person?

    And how should we dress them so we don’t create gender confusion until they can tell us what they are? Jute tunics and wood clogs? Should we leave their hair long or cut it all?

    I know what a transsexual is and I do recognise the need for the existence of this word. If I understand correctly, a transsexual person is one that does not recognise their secondary sexual characteristics as theirs and they are a source of painful distress.

    I also know what a transvestite is: it is a person who likes to wear clothes associated to the other sex, but these people have no real desire of changing their sexual characteristics. As far as I understand, a transvestite is not a transsexual.

    I also know what a pervert is: it is the person who that would take advantage of any opportunity to exploit others for their own unacceptable sexual behaviour. A male demanding to be considered a woman so they can access female changing rooms for his own sexual gratification would fall within this category.

    I also know what an misinforming, dishonest political movement is: attempting to distort the figures of sexual attacks provoked by women by adding to those figures the attacks perpetrated by males simply dressed as women would fall in this category.

    I also know what a mediocre opportunistic is: a male forcing their way into women sports so they can win what they could never win in a man competition, is an example of this.

    The last 3 have one thing in common: total and utter contempt for the safety of women, their own feelings and their rights to compete in a fair context without being setting them to fail. To include a male in women’s sports is setting adult females to fail.

    But for the life of me I do not have a clue what on earth a “transgender” is, nor I am actually convinced the concept has been designed to include transsexuals. Why? Because I am not sure that after a transsexual has undergone gender reassignment surgery you can talk about them as “transgender” anymore.

    If the name “transgender” refers to males who like to be seen as women but who have no interest in changing their male secondary characteristics that will identify them a men, then it seems to me that the concept of “transgender” is simply a different name for “transvestite”.

    I don’t see how an heterosexual male attracted to females that is perfectly comfortable with his own male sexual characteristics and that enjoys dressing as a woman can ever be considered a woman.

    I do not see how somebody telling a woman without words that they are nothing more than clothes and make up cannot be seen as anything other than an incredibly offensive remark. It is the pinnacle of sexism and misogynism to belittle women to the point of forcing them to accept that their womanhood is not natural and is just a state of the mind or worse, a choice of the day like you can choose a pair of shoes instead of a pair of flip-flops.

    I am still trying to figure out who on earth has the power here to deny science and to decide that a male that has no interest whatsoever in changing their male secondary characteristics is a woman.

    I wonder what makes Mr Harvie or Sturgeon for that matter think their personal opinion is of more importance or relevance than mine. From where I am standing they seem a pair of dishonest and opportunistic individuals.

    I also wonder who gets to decide that the opinion of a male, without any scientific, biological, physiological or psychological evidence to back up their claim, is far more important than the opinion of a female that has lived all her life as a woman, when deciding what a woman is.

    Perhaps Mr Harvie could actually answer those questions without patronising us or sending us on a boring and meaningless verbal detour to the North Pole.

  42. Confused says:

    Has anyone examined the environmental impact of trans policies; all that transitioning, drug generation, online hysteria etc – must generate a lot of carbon.

    – it all adds up.

    Save the planet – stick with the genitals God gave you.

  43. Red says:

    Why does Patrick Harvie’s smile look like he’s doing a massive, painful jobby?

  44. Ian Mac says:

    Patrick Harvie has to say such such illiterate rubbish because a) he is desperate for a plum government job which Sturgeon has offered him in order to make her woke coalition (since she won’t win a majority on her own, and she is desperate to snub the independence party Alba); and b) for some reason he has encouraged a cult of very strange people to have a massively disproportionate influence on green policy, all of course on gender.

    Weirdly, he does not have much to say about actual green policies, in the same way Sturgeon doesn’t have much to say about independence policies. They must be smoking the same stuff. They are both very keen to deceive the voters on what their actual priorities are. I can only surmise both of them have a personal vested interest in gender policy, so obsessed are they with it.

    And why do they pick on Harvie to ask thie fascinating question, but continually let Sturgeon off the hook?

  45. Athanasius says:

    Women are adult human females. Men are not women. That is all.

  46. Stephen says:

    He should stick to saving the rainforest.
    In fact that’s where he should go.
    Off to Brazil making the case for the Jaguar in person.

  47. Heaver says:

    Cenchos says:
    Patrick Harvie reviews his day:

  48. Ruby says:

    “Medical diagnosis will still be required in England and Wales after consultation on 2004 Gender Recognition Act”

  49. Republicofscotland says:


    Hopefully more will defect to the ALBA party after the elections.

    “A SECOND SNP councillor in Glasgow has defected to Alex Salmond’s Alba.

    John Letford announced today he has quit the SNP to join the former first minister’s new pro-independence party.”

  50. David R says:

    Worrying but not surprising that our politicians and media have no idea on current law regarding trans men and women. Even the police seem to have a problem with it.

  51. Ian Mac says:

    Oh look, just at the end there as his bid to sound like he cares about women, he says he wants to abolish the not proven verdict. I wonder what could possibly have motivated that?

    Another little obsequious nod to Sturgeon, who is still insisting that her drive to jail Salmond was only denied by such a law, despite all the evidence. Clearly they want to make it easier to convict people on hearsay, rumour, gossip and one person’s claims. Vindictive doesn’t cover their nasty agenda.

    This is the man, of course, desperate to curry favour with Sturgeon, who says he is not that bothered about independence. Should get along like a house on fire with her then. They both think the same, the trans issue is far more important then mere independence.

  52. David Hannah says:

    Self ID isn’t a non issue. This is the snatching of women’s rights.

    A Gender Recognition Panel is surely there to protect abuse. I believe it to be 2 years you must live in your accuried sex with the support and care of the NHS at every step of the way.

    To declassify gender dysphoria for Self ID, but to censor and assault women’s right groups with a Hate Crime Bill.

    Why is no one listening to the women? I watched the debate on the sexual offenses bill.

    Joanne Lamont said, A right is not a right if its not enforceable.

    As a young guy, and for like most of my friends. This issue isn’t widely spoken about. I’m listening to the women, and to weigh up the argument with the woke element of University politics.

    We are soon going to fund out, just how big an issue this is. Women are saying they don’t want this. SNP and a Greens going to lose votes over this. Big time.

    Were it not for the Alba Party, the Tories and Lib Dems would have capitalised on the women’s vote. Ultimately we risked losing the Independence Parliamentary arithmetic.

    Credit to Stuart Campbell for listening to these women.

  53. Mia says:

    In the video included in the article of WoS titled “Harvie hates women”, Harvie said that 5 political parties made a promise 5 years ago to reform the GRA. But I do not recall any political party to promise 5 years ago to destroy female’s rights, to take away from them some or most of their sex rights and transfer them to a minority of males. If they had done so, I doubt Mr Harvie would have enjoyed his seat in parliament for the last 5 years.

    But who were those 5 political parties that made such a promise are? Do those other 4 political parties have the same intention as Mr Harvie’s party to force in the yagyakarta principles and to take rights away from females to hand them over to a minority of males to the detriment of women who will be put at risk?

    And why is Nicola Sturgeon and the other 3 leaders that made that promise not being subjected by the MSM to the exact same level of scrutiny that Mr Harvie and Ms Slater are being subjected to in this matter?

  54. Stuart MacKay says:

    Where there is harmony may we bring discord.
    Where there is truth, may we bring error.
    Where there is faith, may we bring doubt.
    And where there is hope, may we bring despair.

    – St. Margaret of Grantham

    Seems as good an explanation of this madness as any. Hail the Glorious 0.007%

  55. Haud says:

    The snp and the greens have a never to be repeated chance to make a global statement on a new fully renewable future for energy generation.

    Instead they’re fixated on the genderwoo nonsense.

    Missing a real chance of a world legacy. Instead distorted misjudged shite.

    I despair.

  56. Lothianlad says:

    Harvie and sturgeon are well matched! Thanks to wings we know their real agenda! It’s Not independence.

  57. Ruby says:

    I think it might be a mistake to ask him what a woman is he’ll just spout that there are bigots who don’t accept the 2004 Gender Recognition Act.

    I think the better question would be to ask him what a transwoman is and if anyone can be a transwoman if they want to?

    The other question would be what obligations do transwomen have once they have gained their GRC? Can they just carry on living as a man?
    Like the prisoners mention in this article:

    “This officer reports that several male-bodied prisoners who identify as transgender on arrival immediately stopped dressing in feminine clothing and reverted to masculine presentation. When women prisoners ask “is that a man?” confidentiality rules mean she is not allowed to reply directly.”

    I refer to these transgenders as PT transgenders
    PT = Piss Taking & Part Time.

    The above article is worth reading.

  58. Neil Wilkinson says:

    Which human rights of trans people were being breached???

  59. stonefree says:

    @ Fraser Reid at 6:52 pm
    @ covidhoax at 7:08 pm

    Re‘Abolish the Not Proven verdict’

    I too caught that, Harvie is now Sturgeon’s Whore,
    Learning from her he’s wrecked party and the potential that the Green Party had

  60. willie says:

    Patrick Harvie is indeed a liar. But if you looked at the family you’d understand.

    Honesty, integrity is what we want in politicians. If not they should fuck off and get a job, something many are loathe to do.

  61. Ian Brotherhood says:


    Apologies for my daft 5.37, dunno what’s happened to my alertness.

    Anyway, I hope Harvie does sue – then we’ll have the Mother of All Fundraisers.

    There’s no way he can get away with this shite forever. Boulton’s disdain at the end spoke volumes.

  62. On the video at 2.40 Harvie talks about Green manifesto has “de-criminalising abortion”.

    I thought that women were able to get an abortion, legally now and have been for a very long time.

    So what is Harvie on about?

  63. PacMan says:

    On this subject, Patrick Harvie is showing himself as either very incompetent or manipulative.

    It’s not looking good for him.

  64. Ruby says:
    Boris Johnson scraps plan to make gender change easier

    Boris making more sense than Harvie, Sturgeon & Bonkers Blackman.

    “More than 100,000 responses were received to the consultation. Insiders say about 70% of those backed the idea that anyone should be able to declare that they are a woman or a man. However, officials believe the results were skewed by an avalanche of responses generated by trans rights groups.

  65. ClanDonald says:

    You hear this racist trope a lot on twitter – “trans women are women in the same way that black women are women.”

    No. No they’re fucking not.

    It’s so offensive, it not only compares black women to males but it implies that they are just a subset of women in a way that white women aren’t.

    If this creep gets anywhere near power it will only be a matter of months until the term “woman” legally means nothing more in Scotland than an opinion that someone can have about themselves. Don’t vote green, people.

  66. David Hannah says:

    Well the not proven verdict was helpful in distinguishing the alphabetties that were committing perjury and the lady who was forced into a criminal trial against her will. Then ignored.

    That’s right. I read that too. Well get Big Eck back in to Parliament. And I fully expect the truth will see the light of day as he says when he takes on Leslie Evans and shakes the establishment to the core.

    But that’s for another day. Right now we need Alba candidates in Holyrood to restore and demand the Independence agenda.

    Hail Alba!

  67. boris says:

    Lib/Dem petition to scrap the Forth Road Bridge toll charges sunk by the Lib/Dems

    The Party carrying the blame for the continuation of tolls on the Forth Road Bridge is the Lib/Dems since the Scottish Transport Minister is the hapless Tavish Scott who said would be bad for the environment if they were scrapped. His opposition screwed up his party’s chances of taking Dunfermline West from Labour but effectively ended Rennie’s future as an MP.

    Small wonder Rennie was squirming on Politics Scotland when Isobel Fraser skewered him into saying he had “faith” in Tavish after exposing the lack of “credibility” he now has on the issue of tolls. Poetic justice indeed. Elected on the issue of tolls and exposed and rejected on the issue of tolls.

  68. cynicalHighlander says:

    He’s employed way way above his pay grade.

  69. Ottomanboi says:

    When persons of a sexual orientation, chosen or not, can be classed with persons of «ethnicity» to the extent that they have equality and parity with the latter something has gone very wrong.
    This is another case of appropriation which appears to be symptomatic of this type of genderist propaganda.
    My fixed culture and ethnicity cannot be equated to that of people with a possibly transitory psychological problem no matter how socially disadvantaged they may feel themselves to be.

  70. velofello says:

    Through my fairly lengthy life I haven’t experienced any difficulty identifying a male and a female. As a young boy I had an aunt Fan who always dressed in dungarees and never had a boyfriend. She was a nice kind person. In the Boys Brigade we had two officers who were close to each other, our parents understood, and we knew. They were fine supportive gentlemen upholding the standards of the Boys Brigade.

    Live and let live is a fair, reasonable attitude to life. Trouble is that when a “sect” starts to demand more than”live and let live”, starts to shout in your face, and make illogical demands trouble will arise.

    The physical reality of the difference between a male and female body cannot be denied.The psychological sexual difficulties that a person may be experiencing is no justification for encroaching upon the dignity and privacy of women. And challengeing the defence of women by their menfolk.

  71. Republicofscotland says:

    “Neil Wilkinson says:
    29 April, 2021 at 8:01 pm
    Which human rights of trans people were being breached???”

    The ones where men dressed as women can’t access real women’s safe spaces for dubious reasons.

  72. robertknight says:

    The world is entirely flat and has gone bat shit crazy… Scotland needs purged of these lunatics.

    I’m struggling to figure out WTF is behind this crap, and can only conclude that it’s nothing to do with ideology or equality or anything remotely close, but dirty big-Pharma money.

    Let’s face it, the SNP is skint. The Scot Greens were never flush.

    What’s driving this madness?

    Has to be the £… directly or indirectly it always comes back to £.

    Somebody needs to do some digging…

  73. Sweep says:

    @Monica Worley 5:42 pm

    He needn’t worry. Nobody, but NOBODY wants to be included in Willie Rennie’s spaces.

  74. Neil Wilkinson says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    29 April, 2021 at 8:39 pm
    “Neil Wilkinson says:
    29 April, 2021 at 8:01 pm
    Which human rights of trans people were being breached???”

    The ones where men dressed as women can’t access real women’s safe spaces for dubious reasons.

    —————————————————————–A very strange ( bogus) Human Right

  75. Ruby says:

    You guys may not be safe from the ‘transcult’ either.

    Remember Jessica ‘shave my balls’ Yaniv?

    On Twitter there are messages saying:

    “A transgender woman Jessica Yaniv has posted a graphic photo of their post-operative, surgically created vagina on Twitter.”

    Some say ‘they’ have had an op others say it isn’t true.

    However over a period of two weeks they have called the fire-brigade 30 times (twice a day) to request the firemen give ‘them’ a lift out of the bath!

    I’m thinking it’s true and ‘they’ want to show off their ‘surgically created vagina’ and also hope that the firemen slip up and make some transphobic remark/misgender in order for ‘them’ to sue the Fire Department.

  76. PacMan says:

    Ruby says: 29 April, 2021 at 8:49 pm

    You guys may not be safe from the ‘transcult’ either.

    Whetherspoons and other ‘stab inns’ may not be such a bad choice to have a quiet pint in the future LOL.

  77. Doug McGregor says:

    At 2.40 he says his manifesto is going to “decriminalise abortion” , what exactly does that mean?

  78. Mia says:

    “This is another case of appropriation which appears to be symptomatic of this type of genderist propaganda”

    Personally, I am beginning to think that the whole transgenderism thing might be just an attempt to undermine the importance of genetics determining sex and gender.

    Your genes is what makes who you are. In the same way that an artificial tan is not all what you need to become black, a pair of knickers, stilettos, a handbag and a wig do not make you a woman either no matter what Mr Harvie says.

    A transwoman is not the same as a black woman because the transwoman has XY chromosomes and does not look like a woman naturally. It has to take hormones and undergo surgery. The black woman has XX chromosomes and does not need to undergo surgery or take hormones to look like a woman.

    I like to think that what Mr Harvie was meaning to say with that unfortunate comment is that transgenderism (whatever that means) is not associated to ethnicity. And that would be fair enough.

  79. crazycat says:

    @ James Caithness at 8.09

    Abortion is legally available in GB through the Abortion Act 1967, but still regulated by criminal law. There are still, at least theoretically, conditions which must be met; it is not “available on demand”. This Act remains in place in Scotland, even though abortion law was devolved by the Scotland Act 2016.

    Presumably PH wants to remove these conditions.

  80. Shocked says:

    Thanks to the SNP1 crowd this odious little shite is going to be a cabinet minister in a couple of weeks,

  81. jimbob says:

    Certainly Harvie was, by all accounts, a bit bolshie at school but not particularly intelligent, and it shows here.

  82. Ruby says:

    PacMan says:
    29 April, 2021 at 9:01 pm
    Ruby says: 29 April, 2021 at 8:49 pm

    You guys may not be safe from the ‘transcult’ either.

    Whetherspoons and other ‘stab inns’ may not be such a bad choice to have a quiet pint in the future LOL.

    Take care! Not all transwomen are lesbians. You could be accused of a hate crime if you give the lady with the beard a knock back! 🙂

    velofello says:
    29 April, 2021 at 8:32 pm
    Through my fairly lengthy life I haven’t experienced any difficulty identifying a male and a female.

    That is not the case for everyone. I worked (abroad) in a holiday resort for a few summers. Each summer a troop of transvestite dancers performed in the casino. These dancers were amazing, they looked like female supermodels. Extremely difficult to tell they were male.

    There were often hate crimes/violence committed in night clubs when men who were thrilled to be dancing with a supermodel found out that the supermodel had an erection. They would be doubly annoyed when they found out all their pals knew and were having a laugh at their expense.

  83. The Honourable Yona says:

    @Lorna Campbell
    What are women ‘GATEKEEPING’?

    Access to children!

  84. Daisy Walker says:

    Kat says:
    29 April, 2021 at 7:12 pm

    Decriminalisation of abortion? Why would that need to be in their manifesto? Last time I checked it was legal to have an abortion in Scotland.’

    You make a good point. As far as I am aware the laws currently surrounding legal abortion are well thought out and work very well. I believe there are also instances whereby exceptions can be made to the main guidelines depending on medical and other circumstances – ie in built flexibility for emergencies.

    Some of the guidelines make sense, eg the procedure can only be legally carried out by a qualified medical practitioner.

    And, I believe, if the woman (shoot me, I said it) is under 16 years of age, parent/social worker or both are notified – for what should be obvious reasons.

    I can’t think of any high profile incident that is causing waves of protests requesting changes to the current abortion laws and guidelines.

    Another made up issue by the greens. But most probably tied in with reducing the age of sexual consent, and then removing the need for under agers to have a guardian or social services informed of their condition.

    Creepy bams.

  85. John Martini says:

    He is starting to look more like Michel Foucault every day.

  86. MaggieC says:

    Received an election leaflet today with this on it , I’ve left out what party it’s from at the question mark because it actually sounds quite reasonable ,

    “At this election, our future is at stake
    This our chance to tackle the climate emergency
    To build a fairer Scotland after the pandemic
    And to secure our future as an independent country
    ? Msps have delivered so much for Scotland

    The only problem is that it’s from the Scottish Greens and there’s no mention on it of them wanting to reform the GRA and taking away women’s rights . I wonder why they don’t want the WOMEN and the MEN of Scotland to know what they really stand for in this election .

    As far as I’m concerned Patrick Harvie can get to f*ck .


  87. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    Watched the Green candidate for H&Is on tonight’s husting. The only thing that made her seem a little less flaky was the comparison to Super Woke Emma from Inverness, the SNP top regional candidate. ( self declared disabled )

    Andy Wightman wants the slow lane to Independence and it needs “a big majority” in support of Indepence in the polls before we have a Referendum.

    I’m glad my ALBA Regional postal vote is in the system.

  88. Shocked says:

    As will be your SNP1 vote sturgeonite.

  89. McDuff says:

    I would have liked Boulton to have pushed the self ID a bit more, like “so you think its ok for any man to put on a frock and walk into a woman/girls changing room and you would defend his right to do so”.

  90. Meg merrilees says:

    Eileen Carson @ 6.05pm

    If I have remembered this correctly some 57% of male prisoners in Scotland now self identify as Transwomen!

  91. Meg merrilees says:


    one particularly violent transwoman/male prisoner was being restrained by male prison officers and complained that (s)he should only be restrained by female officers with obvious consequential injuries owing to the prisoner’s violent nature.

  92. stonefree says:

    Hypothetically what would happen if everyone claimed to be a trans-person?
    Would Harvie have a fit?

    BTW the beard is staying and the rest

  93. Lost says:

    See instead of whinging about the length of time for a first appointment for trans people, why not just increase the funding for it so they don’t have to wait as long?

    Or am I being logical about this, is it because it would remove alot of funding from other areas for a relatively small number of people. Or actually give them time to think “is this the right course of action for me?”

    But naw, the Greens want to change the LAW instead. Nut and sledgehammer come to mind.

    If that’s the case let’s change the law for women and men too. Because equality.

    Patrick Harvie went right on the defensive and out came a lie. That a vocal number of people don’t accept the equality of trans people. That’s just nonsense. People just don’t accept all women’s equality disappearing because a small number of people want things a bit quicker.

  94. Lorna Campbell says:

    Mia: all the excuses come after the fact. The one essential undermining all this stuff is that men should be able to Self-ID as women. If you are a cross-dressing gynephiliac, you know you are not a woman; if you are a nappy-wearing paraphiliac, you know you are not a woman. Almost every fully transitioned trans woman I have ever listened to abhors this stuff, because they know they are not women and they fear a backlash.

    So, the crux of the matter is that these men MUST present as women in order to get into women’s spaces and rights. and circumvent the law. The trans warriors are the small fry. Even Stonewall and its arms are middle fry. The foolish and gullible politicians who enable this stuff are just above the middle fry.

    Who are the big fry? Why are they bankrolling and controlling this movement? Money is a large part of it, predatory capitalism, but it cannot be all. Something far more sinister is behind this stuff. If it is the enabling of men’s sexual rights into law, and into international law, of which it has all the appearance, we really are in deep doo-doo with realities and issues such as consent, age, mental ability, etc. Everything and everyone will become fair game and anything will go. We should be very afraid.

  95. Red says:

    James Caithness says:
    29 April, 2021 at 8:09 pm
    On the video at 2.40 Harvie talks about Green manifesto has “de-criminalising abortion”.

    I thought that women were able to get an abortion, legally now and have been for a very long time.

    So what is Harvie on about?

    The thing to bear in mind about wokeywoos is that on some level they think they’re American. Hence the performative roleplaying over Black Lives Matters as if the death of a man in Minnesota tells us something about race relations in Methil, the obsession with US politics, and the general rush to copy whatever dopey word salad is trending on Twitter.

    Abortion is a sacrament to a lot of woke American progressives, who’ve mostly moved on from wanting it to be “safe, legal and rare”, i.e. a medically regulated last resort, to openly celebrating it and demanding the right to end the life of a baby in the womb right up till the moment of birth. Anybody who disagrees with this is apparently a patriarchy-crazed theocrat like in that Netflix show where the women dress up like Amish or something. That’s why the Greens have latched on to it.

    The irony that Greenies are statistically unlikely to ever conceive a child in the first place is lost on them. Though I suppose it’s always possible Patrick Harvie might grow a disgusting Mini Me through cellular mitosis or whatever the Thing did in THE THING, and then kill it. You never know with these people.

    I blame the TV show “Friends” for this stuff. It inspired a generation of idiots to think they’re yanks. David Bowie tried to warn us, but we didnae listen.

  96. Anton Decadent says:

    I was walking through a part of the southside earlier today, a part in which some of the 24/7/365 virtue signallers whom I know who took part in covering up the exploitation of women for the sex industry in Govanhill choose to live. It isn’t Govanhill but one of the nicer areas in which the management classes who wage war on the working classes reside rather than live in the slums they help to create and maintain.

    I noticed a number of Vote Green posters in windows and a number of the same windows have been hosting BLM signs since it became the fashionable thing to do for those who use being offended as a means of career advancement. The two together didn’t come as a surprise.

  97. Alastair Naughton says:

    It’s all too easy to say he should be shot, but you shouldn’t be too flippant about this sort of thing. Sorely ****** tempted to make an exception to my rule though!!!

  98. Charles Hodgson says:

    Is Sturgeon pegging Harvie with a huge strapon, or is it the other way around?
    The man clearly has no penis.

  99. Charles Hodgson says:

    …Unlike those he campaigns so relentlessly for.
    No wonder Cameron Meickleson interviewed the co-leader. An actual female – what a bigot! Hervie would’ve got the business end of of his truncheon up his business end.

  100. PaulaJ says:

    Neil Mackenzie says:
    That’s what happens when you try to be clever and you’re not clever.

    It’s also what happens when your country’s MSM isn’t worth a candle. Invertebrates, the lot of them.

  101. PaulaJ says:

    Presumably, this means that Police Scotland are currently breaking the law by treating self-ID transwomen as women?

  102. JamesC says:

    Genuine question: might reporting this as a hate crime be possible? Comparing black women to men? I suspect being bitten by their own absurd hate crime law a few times might be the only thing that ever makes them rethink it.

    Worth remembering in the constituency vote, if you’re in a seat where a sensible indy candidate doesn’t exist, that the Tories were the *only* party to oppose that bill, and are currently the only constituency party opposing self-ID. Bitter pill to swallow for some but we have to have at least one eye on what kind of country an independent Scotland will be. I’d rather it not be a theocracy.

  103. RouterAl says:

    Burned for a Heretic here I come, when I first moved to Glasgow back in 1974 there used to be a pub on the corner of Byres Road / Dowanhill Road, it was male only women were not welcomed, the pick up joint was the Rock further up the road. By their non stop complaining and protest the Wimin complained enough to get the pub turned into a plastic pick-up joint like the other pubs. Men cannot have their own spaces you see , they must have campaigns and non-stop whining by Wimin so they can force their company on men. Well ladies as they say you sow the wind you reap the whirlwind. You opened the door to our more undesirable blokes with or without members and we now will be everywhere you are just like your sisters wanted, enjoy.The road to hell is paved with good intentions, but that’s were you end up never the less.

  104. Graeme says:

    Years ago The Daily Show with Jon Stewart had a clip of a GOP senator or congressman saying he believed in equality for “men, women and ethnic minorities”.

  105. Graeme says:


    …where men were men and biscuits were soggy.

  106. Patsy Millar says:

    I bet you he was the class clype!

  107. Thistle's Bristles says:

    Ruby says:
    29 April, 2021 at 9:26 pm
    PacMan says:
    29 April, 2021 at 9:01 pm
    Ruby says: 29 April, 2021 at 8:49 pm

    You guys may not be safe from the ‘transcult’ either.

    velofello says:
    29 April, 2021 at 8:32 pm
    Through my fairly lengthy life I haven’t experienced any difficulty identifying a male and a female.

    That is not the case for everyone. I worked (abroad) in a holiday resort for a few summers. Each summer a troop of transvestite dancers performed in the casino. These dancers were amazing, they looked like female supermodels. Extremely difficult to tell they were male.

    There were often hate crimes/violence committed in night clubs when men who were thrilled to be dancing with a supermodel found out that the supermodel had an erection. They would be doubly annoyed when they found out all their pals knew and were having a laugh at their expense.

    The apparent intent of at least some males in transitioning, and their surgical/pharmacological enablers, is to present as convincingly as a female as possible. Many trans’women’ are unconvincing or even grotesque parodies of womanhood, but as medical (sic) techniques advance (sic), distinguishing them may be increasingly problematic.

    Not only that, but in law it seems there is a push already for individuals to not only be legally recognised as the sex they choose, but for any references to them as their birth sex (true, biological nature) to be erased.

    The question will then arise – and already in some cases it has – in forming relationships, how can each party be sure of the true biological sex of the other, if that other chooses to conceal it or dissemble?

    It seems to me that to feign a sex and enter into a relationship with that as the basis would be an utter betrayal, not akin to but actually equal to rape – of a new and medicolegally-facilitated form.

    Many if not most male-female couples form with at least the acknowledged potential – if not deliberate intent at the outset – of some time having children together. Of course, actually having or not having such children (through chance of infertility, say) does not totally determine the quality of a relationship, but it is a primal and basic emotional component.

    Present trends tend toward a future in which no-one can tell at a glance, nor be entitled to find out, ever, what sex ANYONE else is – whether counsellor, medical attendant, care assistant or intimate partner.

    If someone finds they have invested years of their life and intimacy with someone who knew themself not of the biological sex they wantonly purported to be, what will be the likely outcome? What if their reproductive years have been passed in a hope that was always vain?

    What anguish, grief and trauma? What recourse in law – if any?
    What likelihood that they – or those close to them – might take vengeful action, outside the law?

    The narcissistic, selfish nature of extreme trans activism is characterised by either having thought these issues through – or by not caring at all about these entirely-foreseeable effects.

  108. Thistle's Bristles says:

    Sorry, my typo at 30 April, 2021 at 7:22 pm:

    The narcissistic, selfish nature of extreme trans activism is characterised by either NOT having thought these issues through – or by not caring at all about these entirely-foreseeable effects.

  109. David A. says:

    Ironically Patrick’s idea of “self declration” is the most logically consistent. Why would a paper or electronic certificate suddenly change reality or the laws of the universe any more than a verbal statement?

    If you’re going to open the door to it, you may as well open it all the way and accespt the lie fully instead of pretending half a lie or an artificially restricted one is any more true.

  110. Thistle's Bristles says:

    David A. says:
    1 May, 2021 at 8:16 pm
    Ironically Patrick’s idea of “self declration” is the most logically consistent. Why would a paper or electronic certificate suddenly change reality or the laws of the universe any more than a verbal statement?

    If you’re going to open the door to it, you may as well open it all the way and accespt the lie fully instead of pretending half a lie or an artificially restricted one is any more true.

    Official SNP and Scottish Green Party policy:

    ‘Some guys have a vagina;
    Some gals a penis, too.
    We’re not allowed to say
    “That’s wrong”:
    It’s normal and it’s true!’


    ‘You CANT be a FEM’NIST
    UNLESS you AGREE –
    a MAN with a PENIS
    is ALSO a SHE!’

    (These ditties may be used at will,
    or willy-nilly, re woke
    candidates in the run-up to the

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