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They Saw Nothing

Posted on January 22, 2023 by

Our favourite of many amusing responses on Twitter today to the string of SNP MPs, MSPs and assorted other apparatchiks falling over themselves to say that they walked around yesterday’s anti-feminist protest in Glasgow with their eyes wide shut:

Wings will have a major article related to the subject dropping tomorrow morning, put together in conjunction with The Glinner Update. Please do tune in from 8am.

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0 to “They Saw Nothing”

  1. Eddie Munster says:

    The one holding the camera saw the sign and moved to obscure it behind their head.

    At every TRA rally there’s always a sign similar to it in the crowd.

  2. David Holden says:

    Oh well there goes both your twitter accounts. It should be fun.

  3. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    SNP reps are getting good at this sort of thing…

    Dundee SNP councillor slammed after comparing gender reform battle to ‘Auschwitz’

  4. Stoker says:

    Rev wrote: “Wings will have a major article related to the subject dropping tomorrow morning, put together in conjunction with The Glinner Update. Please do tune in from 8am.”

    Oooo! Feckin’ tease! 🙂

  5. robertkknight says:

    Surely an individual, (readily identifiable from video and still photographic evidence), who presents themselves in a public place carrying a placard advocating the beheading of individuals whom they considered to disagree with their opinion, is committing an offence under Section 38 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010:

    Threatening or abusive behaviour:

    (1) A person (“A”) commits an offence if—

    (a) A behaves in a threatening or abusive manner,

    (b) the behaviour would be likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm, and

    (c) A intends by the behaviour to cause fear or alarm or is reckless as to whether the behaviour would cause fear or alarm.

    (2) It is a defence for a person charged with an offence under subsection (1) to show that the behaviour was, in the particular circumstances, reasonable.

    (3) Subsection (1) applies to —

    (a) behaviour of any kind including, in particular, things said or otherwise communicated as well as things done, and if

    (b) behaviour consisting of —

    (i) a single act, or

    (ii) a course of conduct.

    (4) A person guilty of an offence under subsection (1) is liable —

    (a) on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years, or to a fine, or to both, or

    (b) on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months, or to a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum, or to both.

    Damned sure if I were to pitch up at the next AOUB demo with a placard emblazoned with “BURN AND BEHEAD ALL UNIONISTS” I’m pretty sure I’d have my collar felt by Plod and be frog-marched to the nearest waiting Black Mariah.

    Furthermore, the MSM would have a field day. Yet so far, outside the Twitterverse, tumbleweed…

  6. Turnbulldrier says:

    Oh, you tease 🙂

  7. Carolneill says:

    Wings plus Glinner , can’t wait

  8. Stoker says:

    Quote from Sturgeon’s fanzine bible, The National:

    “Scottish police chiefs recently ordered an action plan to build links with the transgender community amid concerns over a lack of trust in officers.”

    Aye! And a Police Scotland chief was also rewarded in January’s ‘New Year Honours’. Must have been due to allowing all the Hun scum away with trashing Glasgow city centre. We, the public, are still waiting on arrest updates etc. Thousands took part in the riots but arrests and successful prosecutions struggle to reach double-figures.

  9. Stoker says:

    Folks, what do you think might happen if i offered that cowardly shitebag, holding the placard, a square-go? I bet his sissy-screams would see me arrested quick-smart. Yet that piece of shit can parade his hate for all to see. Someone needs to make him eat his own words, metaphorically speaking of course. 😉

  10. Andrew scott says:

    @ 7.30
    Can you have a “black” Mariah” nowadays?
    With scotland having a problem with the demon drink-interesting that mrs murrell said
    “Why cant 16 olds drink in pubs”

  11. Geoff Anderson says:


    You are doing everything I hoped for on your return to the battle….thank you!

  12. mike cassidy says:

    And all of this around the statue of the Scottish politician who argued for the necessity of having a S35 mechanism inside the devolution legislation

  13. PacMan says:

    A SNP groomer posted a comment in the previous thread comparing TRA’s with 1930’s German Jews.

    Going by their behaviour, including the one highlighted in their which would get anyone else arrested on terrorist charges, they should be compared with 1920’s Nazi Beer Hall Putsch street thugs.

  14. Brotyboy says:

    Dundee SNP councillor slammed after comparing gender reform battle to ‘Auschwitz’

    Unsurprising. I had her marked as a wannabe after a few post-Referendum meetings where she always managed to get her oar in. When she stood as a Councillor it all fell into place. Unencumbered by intellect.

  15. Republicofscotland says:

    If only the SNP under Sturgeon had put this must time and effort into freeing Scotland from this prison of a union via independence as she and her party has put into this trans gender issue.

    But she and her MPs/MSPs haven’t, and for their treachery we will remove them from office whenever the chance arises and replace them with Alba candidates.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba, down with the SNP.

  16. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi PacMan.

    See the third comment on this page.

  17. sarah says:

    SNP MSPs only see and hear what they want to.

    No doubt they all accept what Murray Foote told them about having no power to call a Holyrood election. Despite the Rev printing the relevant part of the Scotland Act that clearly states that they can adjust their rules to permit a majority vote for an election rather than two-thirds.

    There is a new suggestion for progressing independence today on Yours for Scotland blog – a Privy Councillor can petition the King so why not ask Alex Salmond to petition Charles 3 to enforce the Claim of Right’s constitutional provisions [not merely the one relating to the Church of Scotland]?

    It is worth a try. The King can’t pick and choose which bits of the Claim of Right to be bound by.

  18. DaveL says:

    I’ve seen figures around 70% + – of Scots reject the GRRB, who in that particular transits (not a typo) world view would probably all rate as terfs. That would see more heads roll than ye olde worlde French Revolution, maybe that’s what it wants, a good old terf genocide.

    Now that’s what you call progressive.

  19. Garrion says:

    This is where, I think, demographics eat psychographics. Jolly Good.

  20. Geri says:

    Rumour has it on twitter that it was an SNP MP staffer.

    If true they can’t deny they didn’t know he/she/he/him/it/thingie.. didn’t have it. A business was helping the baby yoof with crayons & paint to make thier own signs FFS!! 😀

    LOL at that gif! 😀

  21. SusanAHF says:

    Nutjobs the lot of them who shouldn’t be allowed within a 100 yards of any women’s spaces.

  22. SusanAHF says:

    Trans don’t exist. There are gender dysporics, paraphiliacs and overt misognists

  23. SusanAHF says:

    Oh and in the cases of women pretending to be men, social contagion.

  24. robertkknight says:

    A Scott…

    What else if other than “Black Mariah”? “Paddy Wagon”? Guess I’m showing my age.

    Talking of age…

    “Why cant 16 olds drink in pubs”

    They already can, provided it’s with a meal, it’s beer, wine or cider, and somebody over 18 purchases it for them. All it must be said with the blessing of the Licencee, but if they’re happy, it’s within the letter if the law. (Except in N.Ireland).

  25. Dan says:

    Meanwhile in matters outwith the gender obsessed contagion.

    The geographically alert may notice where the pipeline from Culzean (and other fields in the Scottish sea area flow to, with live figures here.

  26. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    The madness of the SNP in Nic Stugeons last few months you can smell the madness in the air.

    Vote and join Alba the sane persons choice.

  27. Steve says:

    I look forward with great joy to the morning! I only hope it gives us a way to terf out the tractors in the snp administration!

  28. robbo says:

    She’s ma local msp

    She’s incomer fae New ZEALAND OR AUS.

    GOT kids anaw – ffs

    Just appeared fae naewhr

  29. Geri says:

    Sarah 8:25

    Scott suggested that on here weeks ago before he was ejected.

    His plan was

    Have a bankbencher write the ref bill (no legal obstacles as outside Presiding officer/FM)
    Have a vote on parly to pass it.
    It’d move to legal challenge after the majority vote so off to court of session for legal challenge.
    At this stage have a KC (Salmond, Cherry) petition the King on the Claim of Right.. Scots Sovereignty.

    Arguing nothing to lose & above board.

    I do wish he was still here. He’d probably correct it & explain it better.

  30. robbo says:

    That either goof o a man that’s SNP MP for Ayr at WM x copper. I’ve never seen that man aboot AYR in the toon.

    I’d gee wee Bill Grant his due- he drinks in the local bars in Ayr- even noo and I’ve hud many a banter wae him over the years.

    Nice wee man four a unionist.

  31. Bob Mack says:

    SNP members must be a burglars dream target. They apparently don’t see, or hear anything happening all around them. How odd!

  32. PhilM says:

    Not sure you can describe SB MSP as coming frae naewhur (if you look at her wiki entry) but I’m often struck by how many of our elected folk joined the SNP just after the indyref and she’s wan o’ thaim. So many politicians are fairly recent arrivals but have no shame in burying their gums deep intae the pubic trough.
    If I went to live in Italy (which I would do in a different life), I wouldn’t dream of thinking a few year’s work/residence would make me feel entitled enough to think I could represent ordinary Italians never mind tell them they’re bigots for not thinking like me.
    On second thoughts as it seems to be a thing now in Scotland, if anyone wants to people traffic me to anywhere south of Rome, I’m prepared for a wee bit o’ hardship on the way there if in return you’re prepared to keep me in some hold or other with a 48-pack o’ Walkers Pickled Onion crisps and some chilled Pepsi Max. Accordo?
    Why Italy? Te lo dirò il mio amico, te lo dirò!!!

  33. Willie says:

    The picture of the MPs and MSPs fronting a guy carrying a ” decapitate terfs” is offensive. It is offensive both in word and in the depiction of a guillotine.

    Words and emblems such as this are a prima facie incitement to do physical personal harm. Absolutely no different from calling to “kick fucking terfs heads in ”

    That Police Scotland have not intervened is a reinforcement of their utter biased dereliction of their obligations as a police force. Corruption and political bias lies at the heart of Scotland’s apartheid police force.

    The Nazis used to break heads and more. And this guy, with this banner, with its message is no different. His banner is a call to violence. The guy and his supporting SNP MPs and MSPs are no more than vicious thugs who enjoy police protection.

    We most certainly are well down the road of a failing state. Time for ordinary folks to wake up to that inescapable reality.

  34. Willie says:

    And in California the Police have just confirmed the death of a Huu Can Tran,72 who is the suspect for shooting dead 10 people in another mad slaying.

    Makes you wonder if our man at the demo with the decapitate terfs banner had a gun would he have carried out a similar act.

    I suspect he might have. It’s only loon balls that carry banners promoting killing. Put another way, and this is a question to Police Scotland but what if our ruling party and their demonstrator had a banner saying ” decapitate police”

    Or what about ” decapitate Alistair Jack”

    Do you think they’d have a view on it. Or would, as they are doing, just let him get on with his exhortations to kill.

    Police Scotland would do well to reflect on this because folks do do what this guys banner calls for. Jo Cox MP or Sir David Amess MP being tragic examples.

  35. James Barr Gardner says:

    Remember this !

    The complainant purportedly told police that the bow of ribbons shared by Ms Millar represented a hangman’s noose, putting the complainant in fear of his life as a transgender advocate.

    Polis were fast enough aff ther’ statin’ blocks wi’ that yin. Lets see how fast they are wi’ an image o’ a guillotine wi’ they words agin it !

    Come Scotland’ finest all of Scotland is watching you, perhaps you need to ask permission ?

  36. Willie says:

    And one last note on encouragement to kill, to decapitate.

    Quite recently in Craigmillar in Edinburgh there were two killings.

    Reports emerging were that the killings were of the utmost evil nature.. and not that dissimilar from decapitation.

    The first man found is reported to have had his ears and nose cut off. The second man found in the bathroom had an axe in his head. However when turned over he was found to have had nails driven through his eyes.

    Staff in the Crown Office are reported to have said it is the most vicious evil crime they have ever come accross.

    Two men have appeared in court. What drove these killings who knows.

    However recognising the utter evil of crimes like this it does make you realise why calls for violence can never be acceptable or condoned in a civilised society.

  37. Luigi says:

    This is (another) wake up call to the SNP leadership meddling with things they don’t really understand. These are not vulnerable trans folk pushing this. This is being pushed by seriously disturbed individuals, or something more sinister. Play with fire and you will get badly burnt.

  38. David Hannah says:

    The decapitating Terfs banner, the furry convention coming to silence the women’s rights demo, Just another day in Nicola’s woke tartan Kingdom of Guilead!

  39. David Hannah says:

    Our elected Parliamentarians applauding the stunning and brave men in the Holyrood gallery who threaten women with axes and knives. Honestly.

    Our SNP MPs are in fact the people stoking a culture war – not the tories.

    It’s time to put an end to all this madness. Sturgeon has to be removed from office.

    I want Alex Salmond back front and centre of Scottish politics to save Independence, to stand up for women’s rights. If the SNP want to survive they’d bring him back and all of the intelligent people he’d have running the country. I’ll just have to vote for the Alba Party when the time comes.

    Hail Alba!

  40. Robert Louis says:

    It’s all a bit Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, as reportedly the recently forced to resign ‘new’ chief whip of the SNP at Westminster, ‘may have thought’.

  41. Breeks says:

    3 observations on other comments…

    It’s often forgotten that the three monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil, are actually described as the three wise monkeys. You’re “meant” to be wise and stay away from all evil, but in western culture we seem to latch onto the alternative interpretation that it’s turning a blind eye to evil. That’s not having a go by the way… no criticism intended. Just passing on an observation.

    Second point is agreeing there are serious disturbed individuals pushing this, but Sturgeon isn’t a victim of this, she’s one of them. How many years has this seed been growing? Judging by her illustrious legal career,.. ‘twas always thus.

    Finally too, it’s a brilliant reminder to compare the calls for decapitation and actual guillotines brazenly pushed by Transgender fruit loops, with the “implied” significance of a noose apparently the hate crime when there was simply a suffragette ribbon tied to a fence. They threw Marion Millar to the wolves and made her life a misery for the hate crime of tying a ribbon to a fence. Here’s hoping they reap what they sow, with interest.

    There’s still a long way to go, but at long last, it feels like the tide is turning. I think people generally are very slow to anger, but to coin the phrase from Tora! Tora! Tora!, they’ve woken the giant of public opinion and filled it with terrible resolve.

    Sturgeon sacrificed our dream of Scottish Independence to pursue this insanity. Scotland could have sealed the deal on Independence in 2016. We should build a great bronze statue of Nicola Sturgeon just for the joyous privilege of pulling it down.

    We have yet to quantify the damage she has done to us.

  42. Luigi says:

    Mmmm. The police investigation of the missing 600K was mentioned on the BBC this morning. Feels like the pressure is building now. I wonder if one or two individuals will panic and blow the whistle? These things can trundle on for ages, but when they do start to unravel, they can do so very quickly. Watch this space.

  43. Liz says:

    This is what happens when you give away any individual thought processes.

    Four of the Borg were told by the great leader to get themselves along to support our pervert siblings.

    They were just following orders.
    The lame apologies after were an insult to our intellegence, sack the lot of them.

    PS fed up with these ‘new Scots’ here 5 mins and in power bringing their WEF shite with them

  44. George Docherty says:

    If I held up a sign saying “Decapitate Trans People” I wouldn’t be able to post this comment as I’d currently be residing at His Majesty’s pleasure.
    One rule for the TRA & another for the rest.

  45. John+Guest says:

    The Arsene Wenger deflection.

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