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The importance of kindness

Posted on January 29, 2021 by

When we saw this a few days ago, we wondered what they wanted to hide.

And now we know.

Because dear lord in Heaven, it’s Leeze Lawrence.

So for anyone joining us late, here’s a small but representative selection of some of the delightful, charming, ladylike and absolutely-definitely-not-a-man-who-utterly-despises-women Leeze Lawrence’s Greatest Hits.

(Pictured above: Lawrence in varying degrees of focus.)

Lawrence has of course subsequently attempted to claim that most of these tweets were faked, although confusingly also claimed on the same day that they weren’t fake but that he’d just been quoting people and he stood by them.

Despite claiming that “I dont [sic] delete my past”, ironically the second of those tweets has now been deleted. But fortunately people had archived most of the offensive tweets before he deleted them, including here and here and here and here.

Curiously, despite making threats, Lawrence has not sued the person who archived the tweets for the alleged defamation/fakery.

He’s particularly obsessed with publicly abusing Joan McAlpine, along with other SNP feminist MPs and MSPs – something which is of course expressly forbidden in party rules, but which no action has ever been taken against Lawrence over.

Lawrence also likes to celebrate the illegal use of recreational drugs.

In 2009 he was arrested in connection with a large amount of heroin and cocaine.

Five members of a network of dealers and couriers were subsequently imprisoned for multiple offences.

Lawrence was also charged but his not-guilty plea was accepted by the Crown shortly before the trial, for reasons which have never been revealed, but a very experienced lawyer has told us that it’s something that most commonly happens when a suspect has given evidence against their co-accused.

As an office-holder in OFI (even a comedy office like “vice co-convener”), Lawrence – who had previously claimed to be a “Scottish Government Equality Advisor” only for the Scottish Government to flatly deny it – is now involved in formulating the SNP’s panicked rush-job definition of “transphobia”.

His lie would appear to have now come true – something that we’re sure can only end well for biological women in the party.

But to be fair, there’s one thing we agree with him entirely on.

The new-look SNP couldn’t hope for a better ambassador.

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190 to “The importance of kindness”

  1. James Horace says:

    As much as I am enjoying reading about thr trans debate, I would much rather be hearing about Vietnam today.

  2. ken hunter says:

    I despair.

  3. Stuart MacKay says:

    That selfie, they could be sisters, em, brothers, em, whatever!

  4. kapelmeister says:

    Isn’t that middle photie in the Leeze tryptich actually Jimmy Cagney?

  5. Garrion says:

    Where are the SNP grassroots activists? There MUST be mechanisms to deal with this?

  6. SophiaPangloss says:

    And let’s not forget that the other OFI Vice-Convenor is Fiona Robertson, who stood for SNP NEC Equalities Convenor and lost, and is now the Disabled Members Group Vice-Convenor and OFI Vice-Convenor, *both* with NEC seats. Any SNP member who accepts this anti-democratic abuse of NEC seats can hold their tongue about Tory or Labour MSPs losing constituency elections yet sneaking back into Holyrood on the lists.

  7. David says:

    Not surprised in the slightest. By neither the appointment or the criminal past.

  8. Beaker says:

    OMFG. I thought Flowjob was bad.

  9. ScotsRenewables says:

    She’s a real charmer.

    Is there any real news today? I don’t think anyone here has any doubt that this is all a stitch-up aimed fair and square at Joanna.

    How’s the beasting of Kenny Macaskill going?

  10. Skip_NC says:

    I should have thought that the definition of transphobia was pretty much settled and that it requires no further input from Leeze Lawrence. I am sure Muscleguy will correct me if I am wrong but isn’t it “Someone with an irrational fear of unsaturated, hydrogenated fats.”

  11. newburghgowfer says:

    Lovely just had my lunch and thats enough to give me the boak!!

  12. McLaurin says:

    Ta Stu. Clicking through that Out For Indy Twitter link and seeing the shite the trans rights activists post during their pile on of the Cherry supporter in the thread allows me to wield my block finger widely.

    Misogynistic roasters every last one of them.

  13. Willie Jay says:

    In the comments on a previous thread someone asked, “Can’t we forget about all this Trans business and concentrate on Independence?”
    I want to be no part of an Independent country which encourages organisations like “Out for Independence”, which has the likes of “Leeze Lawrence” as an “officer”.
    I would sooner vote for the Union in an election or referendum than vote for any party which turns a blind eye to such above quoted Tweets.

  14. Liz says:

    Leeze is also BFFs with Daddy Smith, John Nicolson, Stewart McD. Does LL know where the metaphorical bodies are buried?

    That this person hasn’t been booted out permanently from the SNP, needs an explanation.
    This explains the Wakey, wakey post.

    It also puzzled me that LL was the only one not charged, I think I could guess the reason

  15. Mr B says:

    Expression Officer? What like my resting bitchface?

  16. Alex Sneddon says:

    What could possibly go wrong!

  17. Big Jock says:

    Sturgeon all over these social deviants like a rash. I think Sturgeon may have several skeletons about to come out of her closet!

  18. Effijy says:

    I couldn’t, wouldn’t and shouldn’t attempt to reach the
    end of that Charleston’s history.

    This can only be a kamikaze mission by Westminster’s representatives in the SNP.

    Guaranteed to remove party members and votes on a massive scale.

    I’d estimate that 99% of us would never, ever accept a representative who
    IS Racist, who uses disgusting language, and a serious criminal record and
    an anger management problem.

    This has left me wishing I still my cancelled SNP membership so I could do
    it today and add this incredibly stupid and irresponsible appointment to a long list.

    If there are any SNP members left, could you present the above and try to find
    some way this person could be seen good for any kind of job.

    Sorry Rev but now you must be ready for all the screening and fits of a lunatic
    faction busy destroying Scottish Indeoendence.

  19. Mac says:

    scotrenewables – is it no. Who is it then?

    Wait scrub that, if I spend anymore time on this subject I will lose my will to live.

  20. Patricia Spencer says:

    Honestly feeling sick. Time for all of this to be shared with everyone we know, friends, family and neighbours (yes had an interesting conversation over garden fence today with one).

  21. shiregirl says:

    You just couldn’t make this stuff up.

    This Leeze fella sounds a right charmer.

  22. Big Jock says:

    Why does a political vote on the future of a country need to have a gender or sex. What difference does it make whether you are straight , gay, bi or omni.

    Why do we need all these niche groups for independence. You either believe in independence or you don’t. It would serve all of these people well to remember that a countries independence has nothing to do with gender politics.

    What your nation becomes after independence is for us to decide. Voting for independence is not a vote for any of these groups. There is a narcisim to these people that is disturbing.

  23. Sharny Dubs says:

    This is depressing.

  24. Scozzie says:

    Leese as the Co-Convener of out for Indy is an example of the fucked up shit that’s infiltrating Scottish politics especially the SNP and Greens. Is this who you think will deliver independence? Is this who we want our FM to advocate for in the cult of trans rights- WTAF has happened to the SNP!!!!!

    4 months from the election and this is the type of so called SNP supporter that NS is pleading for them to return to the SNP. She is fucked up beyond all recognition. I actually think she’s gone beyond drinking the kool aid but is actually a cult follower who thinks she is a messiah trans leader. FUBAR.

  25. Karen says:

    It did occur to me that changing one’s gender was a good way of changing one’s criminal identity (Cop “We are looking for a male criminal”. Criminal “But I’m a woman, honey, so it aint me!”).

  26. stuart mctavish says:

    @James Horace

    Given the emphasis of recent chatter, most globally aware jigsaw haters of independent mind and a certain age are probably just grateful they didn’t call themselves Thailand.

  27. susanXX says:

    He gives me the creeps, no he actually gives me the boak. He has nothing in common with me except species.

  28. Vestas says:

    Regardless of views on indy, the SNP party is now such a corrupt, self-serving venal cesspit I won’t vote for them.

    Comes a point when you have to do the right thing, even when its painful and NOT voting SNP is absolutely the right thing to do in May.

    First time I’ll have been eligible to vote in Scotland for 32 years and it WON’T be SNP under any circumstances.

  29. Andy smith says:

    Must’ve pissed him off being called male in news report.

  30. paul says:

    I do wonder what the payroll vote must be considering as the FM is pretty determinedly setting the controls for the heart of the sun.

    Some of them must be wondering what life without their cushy and, at least in their own regard, prestigious positions will be like.

  31. Mike says:

    Is the SNP now no longer interested in vetting its representatives? More and more of them seem to be dredged up from the sewer and one wonders what the cost of this is.

  32. shiregirl says:

    kapelmeister says:
    29 January, 2021 at 1:43 pm
    Isn’t that middle photie in the Leeze tryptich actually Jimmy Cagney?


  33. Breeks says:

    It’s like discovering the clown you booked for your kiddies party is Pennywise.

  34. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Smacks of more blackmail material.

    Remember the guy who used to do the ‘family trees’ of musicians in the NME and suchlike? We need him to do a big chart showing how all these complete howlers are connected.

  35. Andy Ellis says:

    It’s a sad indictment of the SNP that individuals like Leeze Lawrence are allowed to be members, never mind actual office holders.

    Considering the alacrity with which the party sprang in to action agains Gareth Wardell, Denise Findlay and Neale Hanvey one might almost think there was some agenda behind the differential treatment meted out to different categories of people.

  36. Hugh Jarse says:

    Would ‘unsavoury character” be too harsh?

    DYK Polis Scotland website has a quick link for “Hate crime and third party reporting “, but nada for your everyday non emergency crime reporting. Conspiracy, perjury, historic fiddling, abuse of public office, whatever’s.
    Third party,or not.

    Is That^, the post, not a litany of hate crime?

    And some dafty on here will be the one getting the chap at the door!

  37. Bob Mack says:

    Sounds as if he might be supplying something to important people .Sniff sniff

  38. Mac says:

    Was Leeze sharing the flat with the dealer she was arrested in with all the drugs or was she just there to buy some drugs off the dealer when the police came I wonder, either way it is not a good look.

    No doubt she sang like a particularly deep voiced canary to the police to get herself off with it.

    Quite extraordinary all this tranny privilege on display. Look at what they can say and do and get a free pass in the SNP. Promotions and medals in fact.

    If anyone else said a tenth of all that their feet would not touch the floor.

    Just another mental bin-fire day in NS’s SNPG.

  39. Sturgeon has thrown folk under the bus for less than is in these messages. Makes you wonder what hold they have on her.

  40. Republicofscotland says:

    Not so much out for indy, more out for trying and succeeding in controlling the SNP, for their own gain, is the SNP quickly becoming a party of misogynists.

  41. Lothianlad says:

    Did He not use to compete for the east German womens shot put team?
    Hammer thrower then?


    Barbarian wrestler??

    I know I’ve seen his face before,
    Ah… game of thrones…. dark lands north is the wall !

  42. Gav says:

    Sad days.

  43. Confused says:

    Rightwing Tranny Drug Dealing Grasses for Indy?

    – that Gurning Troll “Woman” has more vaseline on the lens (pic 3) than … (fill it in yersel)

  44. Dave Llewellyn says:

    LEE didn’t let the “grass” grow under its feet.

  45. Mac says:

    Hmmm it does seem like Leeze was involved in a network that were distributing drugs.

    Probably very low on the chain.

    I am guessing she grassed up the folk above her to get herself off.

    What a CV.

  46. Frank Waring says:

    You have formidable professional skills!

  47. Wee Chid says:

    Liz says:
    29 January, 2021 at 1:59 pm
    Leeze is also BFFs with Daddy Smith, John Nicolson, Stewart McD. Does LL know where the metaphorical bodies are buried?

    That was my thought – or is an undercover MI5 agent.

  48. Monica Worley says:

    Is there a salary with this position? WHo pays Leeze?

  49. Wee Chid says:

    Mac says:
    29 January, 2021 at 2:35 pm
    Hmmm it does seem like Leeze was involved in a network that were distributing drugs.

    Probably very low on the chain.

    I am guessing she grassed up the folk above her to get herself off.

    Maybe he threatened to grass up high end customers? Or Bosses?

  50. ClanDonald says:

    You forgot to add these beauts, Rev – Stirling MP Alyn Smith sending kissy faces to his best friend forever, Leeze Lawrence:

    and this one where they’d been celebrating Smith’s birthday together:

    God alone knows how Smith can associate himself in public with this scumbag, it proves he doesn’t give a damn about Leeze’s appalling, racist behaviour.

  51. Republicofscotland says:

    “kapelmeister says:
    29 January, 2021 at 1:43 pm
    Isn’t that middle photie in the Leeze tryptich actually Jimmy Cagney?”

    I rather thought he looked very similar to Charles Gray, who played Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the James Bond film Diamonds are Forever.

  52. PhilM says:

    I don’t know about anyone else here but I think you’re being a little unfair Rev Stu…don’t you think that people deserve a twenty-seventh chance…?

  53. Jimmy Cox says:

    Seemed like such a nice girl too ?

  54. Morgatron says:

    A true 20 pinter . Phannar Phannar

  55. Kenny says:

    Mac @2.25pm

    You’ve woefully misgendered him 4 times..

  56. @ Ian Brotherhood at 2.21pm: Pete Frame, if I remember correctly. I think I’m also right in saying he died many years ago.

  57. Kenny says:

    Mac @2.35pm
    You did it again

  58. Frank Gillougley says:

    If I, in a moment of weak sentimentality, maybe concerning independence or whatever, do not spoil my first ballot with the words, THE SNP ARE CORRUPT, then please feel free to hunt me down…

  59. Willie Jay says:

    @ ClanDonald who writes:
    “God alone knows how Smith can associate himself in public with this scumbag, it proves he doesn’t give a damn about Leeze’s appalling, racist behaviour.”

    I think it also proves that the whole upper echelon of the total, rotten, corrupt “High Heid Yins” of the SNP do not give a damn “about Leeze’s appalling, racist bevaiour”.

    Perhaps on Saturday night soirées, [S]Leeze may be a star turn ???

  60. James Carroll says:

    What has the SNP unleashed on us….

    Clearly a nut.

  61. SilverDarling says:

    What do these people have on NS that she will still associate herself with them?

    They are toxic garbage who bring nothing to the world except narcissism in the form of preoccupation with identity under the guise of ‘rights’.

  62. Anne McGaughey says:

    I resigned from the SNP, when Nicola Sturgeon comes on twitter not to decry the abuse directed at her MP but about the youngsters leaving the party, the very same youngsters who are doing the abuse. Sorry she is a liar and no good to Scotland she and her corrupt cohorts will never deliver us independence, time they shipped out

  63. colin findlay says:

    Dear God in Govan, how abhorrant is this? get indy done and drain this swamp.

  64. Bob Mack says:

    The SNP party have become a magnet for Sleaze. like Leeze.

    Controlled by some of the worst personality disordered you could wish to meet. Im out.

    My vision for Scotland is so very different from this.

  65. Nally Anders says:

    Proof if any was required, that putting on a dress doesn’t turn ye into a woman.
    This is a horrible man.

  66. Before Wings Over Scotland began exposing all this trans cult nonsense, my view was that a person’s sexuality was entirely their own business, and that what people did in private and with whom was neither my nor anyone else’s business. That all changes when people start shoving their sexual deviance in everyone’s faces and making it everyone’s business. Then we are entitled to have a view on it. If transvestites and transsexuals don’t want to expose themselves to bigotry and ridicule, they need to stop drawing attention to themselves and shut the fuck up about it. I am not justifying bigotry and hatred. I am saying that acceptance and respect works both ways.

  67. Blind Squirrel says:

    I’ve never understood why I should care about this. Just like I don’t care if you are a catholic or a protestant. What is it about us Scots that we have to get involved in such meaningless drivel?

  68. Smithy says:

    I think we can all guess at why his not guilty plea was accepted.

  69. Catherine says:

    He is a serial harasser of Joan McAlpine too. With impunity it would seem, even getting rewarded for it.

  70. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Michael Laing (2.50) –

    Pete Frame!

    Cheers. Couldn’t remember.

    I loved his stuff, it was so well done, must’ve taken ages. Sorry to hear he’s no longer with us.

  71. Astonished says:

    What are the new NEC doing about this ?
    Absolutely nothing. My patience is wearing thin.

  72. Bob Mack says:

    @Blind Squirrel,

    Your well named. in every sense.

  73. Cath says:

    Good to know who’s behind the thoroughly nasty attacks against successful lesbians in the party. What an absolute joke people think these are the people who will protect LBG rights, far less win us independence. Must be absolutely galling for Cherry to have fought very real anti-gay, misogynistic, anti-lesbian ideas and barriers to get where she is, only to have these horrors officially sanctioned to be misogynistic and homophobic towards her.

  74. Astonished says:

    Blind Squirrel @ 3.13pm

    Because a significant number of trans folk wants to shower with teenage girls and show off their ladydick. See the Stanisland question.
    But I’m sure you already knew that.

  75. Stuart MacKay says:

    Michael Laing

    It’s actually intentional and very clever, as is the bullying. It’s so in your face regular folks simply can’t process it. The assumption is that some existing norms apply when clearly they don’t.

    They’re well organised and use the same shock and awe tactics the Nazis used in their takeover of Germany, except this time the beatings and assassinations are online.

    Another clever part is that’s really hard to defend against it. I mean, what do you do? Be nice and tell them to stop? The policies in the SNP are totally compromised and everyone in charge of the rule books are busy rewriting them as fast as possible.

    As far as politicial party coups it’s right up there with the Militant Tendency except this one wins as it’s so outrageous that it beggars beleif.

    I think @Muscleguy nailed it a couple of threads ago. SNP finances are in to the toilet so delivering on a Woke agenda will trigger somebody to open a fat chequebook to bale them out.

  76. Livionian says:

    There’s absolutely no way on hell the rest of us would be able to say one sixteenth of this barrell of vulgarity and not get immediately ‘cancelled’ by the mob. I see no point being diplomatic here: who the fuck does this cunt think he is and how on earth can any of the SNP top brass look at themselves in the mirror for working with Lawrence? How did he pass a disclosure/fit and proper person assessment to do work on behalf of the organisation? (Obviously no such checks existed because that would be discriminatory)

  77. Mac says:

    Kenny I’d also call Widow Twankey a ‘she’ if I bumped into her. I am a very polite person.

    O/T. Next time I need to clear the snow off driveway I wonder if Leeze would lend me her chin.

  78. Stu Foster says:

    Is the Leeze material a Hate Crime.

    What is Humza doing about it?

  79. Wee Chid says:

    If he really has grassed up his mates to get off the charge he’ll be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life. No wonder he wants a complete change of identity.

  80. Wee Chid says:

    Blind Squirrel says:
    29 January, 2021 at 3:13 pm
    “I’ve never understood why I should care about this. Just like I don’t care if you are a catholic or a protestant. What is it about us Scots that we have to get involved in such meaningless drivel?”

    Until they come for you or yours?

  81. Lorna Campbell says:

    The SNPG is now openly insane. Are our elected representatives going to sit back and let this s**t pass? Well, are you? The members are doing all they can, so it is up to you now to stage a revolt from the inside, on both this nonsense and on making the election a plebiscitary one. These people need to be cleared out of the party once and for all. Let them all join the Greens and let the Greens be swamped by nonsense that bears no relation to any policy they have either. It’s the only way they’ll learn that these people are dangerous. Step forward the ISP. Alex Salmond, where are you?

  82. Ottomanboi says:

    More on the “trans/shut the fuck up” mentality.
    Twitter aka Twatter is on their case.
    Adios freedom of thought, opinion and all that enlightened shit.

  83. To those people wondering what’s gone wrong with the SNP, why there is such focus on issues that are irrelevant to independence and why we are no nearer to independence after six years when in 2014 we all expected Nicola Sturgeon to pick up the baton and run with it, it seems to me that when you take everything that’s happened together, a clear pattern emerges. That is that, far from independence being several steps down the SNP’s list of priorities as someone suggested here earlier, PREVENTING independence and wrecking the independence movement is actually the SNP’s top priority. Everything that’s happened and is happening now points towards that conclusion. Perhaps people can be forgiven for not seeing the bigger picture because it’s too scandalous and shocking to take in. But the facts speak for themselves.

    I’m coming to believe that Nicola Sturgeon is either a UK government agent or is being blackmailed and threatened by shady forces. Even so, if she had any integrity she would have stood aside instead of putting herself in the situation she is now in. Being loathed and despised will be her legacy.

  84. Republicofscotland says:

    From Iain Lawson’s excellent blog, wakey! wakey! indeed.

    “There is a special meeting arranged of the NEC on the 10th February where the NEC will determine the latest Woke attempts to take over the Party. What is proposed is that the Number 1 spot on every regional list is split with 50% of the regions having BAME candidates imposed on them, with the other 50% of the number 1 spots in the rest of the country being allocated to disabled candidates.”

    “To put that in perspective, the BAME population in Scotland measures just 4% but they are demanding 50% of the number 1 slots across the country. They have already decided what regions they want Glasgow, Lothians, North East Scotland and West of Scotland is their choice. The other four regions are to have their number 1 slot on the list reserved for disabled candidates, no doubt Woke disabled if they can swing it. Those four regions are Mid Scotland and Fife, Central Scotland, South Scotland and Highlands and Islands. There are reportedly 20% of Scotland’s population disabled but yet again the minorities proposal calls for 50% of the number 1 places. A quick bit of arithmetic confirms that no less than 76% of the population are denied any possibility of winning a number 1 slot in any region. Some equality?”

  85. Clwyd Griffiths says:

    Rev Stu, are you trying to say these inappropriate tweets are not fake? Do you know how easy it is to set up a fake account or tweet fake tweets to smear a person? Just ask Janey Godley how she’s been a victim of fake tweets. These tweets are horrible. But if Miss Leeze says they’re faked and not hers we have to take her word for it.

  86. MaggieC says:

    This from Shona Craven in the National ,

    “ SNP are learning the hard way that for some activists, debate is hate “

    “COME home where you belong” – that was the impassioned message from Nicola Sturgeon this week after she got wind of a mass exodus of young people from the SNP. “I know many of you personally, I considered you friends, I’ve campaigned alongside you,” she added. “You are a credit to our party and our country.”

    “ The trigger for this week’s departures appears to have been a 31-word amendment to the Hate Crime Bill tabled by Humza Yousaf. The Justice Secretary has for some time been attempting to reassure voters that this bill is uncontroversial, and that it merely aims to “modernise, consolidate and extend” existing hate crime law. However, the attempts at extension and modernisation attracted robust criticism, including from novelists, playwrights and performers who feared the legislation could stifle freedom of expression. “

    “ Some activists are determined to have it both ways. When women expressed fears that the Hate Crime Bill could be used to prosecute them simply for discussing this ideology – becau doing so might make trans people feel “invalidated” or “unsafe” – they were told the answer was to stop promoting hate. Now that the bill is being amended to ensure non-hateful free speech is being protected, those who were hoping to shut them up are livid. Getting women banned from Twitter just doesn’t compare with getting them taken to court. “

    The above is just from some of the article but please read it all especially THE LAST FOUR LINES , LOL LOL .

  87. Stuart MacKay says:

    Another thing, this is being done clearly to provoke, but why? Is it the Murrells burning the SNP to the ground?

    Once the Hate Crime bill comes through all chances of stopping this madness are over. Cherry is a fool (apologies) for offering an olive branch on the latest ammendment. The first head on a pole will be hers.

  88. Cath says:

    “I know many of you personally, I considered you friends, I’ve campaigned alongside you,”

    Her “friends” might want to consider she could say the same of Alex Salmond.

  89. Jm says:

    Agents Provocateur Playbook Page 1: Sowing Paranoia and Division.

  90. @ Clwyd Griffiths at 3.32pm: Why would you give any credence to anything such a vile excuse for a human being says? Is there any evidence that this Lawrence creep ever reported the supposedly-fake Tweets, or that they weren’t posted from Lawrence’s own account?

  91. Stu Foster says:

    Every one of Sturgeon’s freaky pals have hitched their wagon to the SNP/Yes Movements Indy train.

    It’s a ready made product and garauntees instant publicity, ALL OFF THE BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS OF HONEST, HARD WORKING INDY FOOTSOLDIERS.

    Parasites is a very fitting word to describe these bastards.

  92. Andy Ellis says:

    @Lorna Campbell 3.27pm

    Well, yes….yes they are. None of this information is new. It has been widely circulated, not least by Rev Stu here:

    The members clearly AREN’T doing everything they can, any more than their actions helped @Grouse_Beater, @GraceBrodie or @JNHanvey. They have allowed the party, apparatchiks and leadership to get away with this.

    Complaints have fallen on deaf ears, the NEC has been worse than useless and frequently been a home for such individuals, and few if any elected representatives have had the moral courage to stand up to TRA entryism and extremism within the ranks.

    I suspect if things were going to change, it would already have happened. The partial changes in the NEC haven’t really helped that much. We now have the Woke Wahabbis calling for an independent inquiry into transphobia, bypassing of the NEC etc.

    Read the timelines of some of these zoomers. I wouldn’t trust most of them to run a bath never mind a country.

  93. Republicofscotland says:

    I urge everyone to read Iain Lawson’s eye opening article, the woke are in struggle to take back the SNP NEC, if they win I’d imagine the party’s a lost cause.

  94. X_Sticks says:

    I didn’t leave the SNP.

    The SNP left me.

    Now, where have I heard something similar before….?

  95. Stu Foster says:

    Ian Brotherhood

    Had a wee giggle at you reminding us that a group called “A Perra Bawz” once played at the Barrowland Ballroom in 1988.

    You are a fountain of knowledge big man.


  96. Andy Ellis says:

    @Clwyd Griffiths 3.32pm

    Unfortunately for Miss Sleeze many of the offending tweets were archived at the time, so she can’t realistically say they were/are fake.

    In general, when someone tells you who they are, you should believe them.

  97. Clwyd Griffiths says:

    @michaellaing I think there’s a lot of agents Provocateurs in this issue. We know the ukgov had 128 fake twitter accounts promote gov health response to covid19.

    We also now secretive propaganda unit financed by Ukgovt was manipulating social media against Jeremy Corbyn. We also know 77th brigade is a spooks unit that operate to target perceived enemies of the state.

    And there has been a marked increase of anti-Sturgeon & anti-snp activity online in recent months in an online war of attrition, while the support for snp + indy has increased and Nicola Sturgeon has been praised for her handling of the pandemic. A coincidence?

  98. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Stu Foster –

    It’s all true.

    The closest they got to a hit was an unpopular ballad entitled ‘One Thinger, One Thong’.

  99. Republicofscotland says:

    The next SNP NEC meeting isn’t on the 10th of Feb, its been brought forward to the 31st of January, A very woke coup is underway.

  100. Frank Gillougley says:

    The penny has finally dropped for me.

    That last photo of ‘Leeze’ and the FM – or, of Eric and Frank!

    Does anyone else here remember the 1984 prophetic, ‘The Wasp Factory’ by the late Iain Banks?

    just totes creepy.

  101. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Ian B and Michael Laing.

    According to Wikipedia, Peter Frame has not died.

  102. kapelmeister says:

    Shouldn’t Leeze be with the Scottish Tories? After all, Douglas Ross enjoys a gypsy eviction too.

  103. Steve davison says:

    I now know why there is so little in the news about the current state of affairs .ALl the reporters heads have popped like kids faced with a huge pile of Xmas prezzies they can’t decide what to go for first .If I didn’t know that she was capable you would think that the spiteful bitch is determined that if she can’t play with her toys then she make sure there all broke before she’s gone

  104. Clwyd Griffiths says:

    @kapelmeister Difference is we know Douglas Ross actually said that, that’s just a fact; but Miss Leeze has said the tweet was faked and wasn’t hers.

  105. ClanDonald says:

    I see the Leeze twitter handle has now been changed from Miss_Leeze to Ms_Leeze, probably to deny ownership of all these nasty tweets.

    Unfortunately for Leeze twitter still retains a memory of old account names so anyone can easily find any old names you’ve used. So if you do a simple search of @miss_leeze results are now from the @ms_leeze account.

    And if you try searching, say, Mr_Leeze nothing comes up, proving the link between Ms_Leeze and Miss_Leeze isn’t based on similar names but historical account names.

    Here’s an archive of what happens when you search @miss_leeze:

    And see these tweets for example of how the @Miss_Leeze tag still appears in @Ms_Leeze chats:

    Also that old archive kissyface tweet from Alyn Smith’s account which previously was addressed to Miss_leeze is now coming up as Ms_Leeze – for comparison:

    It’s still live – you can check yourself:

    Leeze should probably have shut down that account and started a brand new one to hide the link to @Miss_Leeze. This is just more evidence that we’re dealing with a deceitful scumbag.

  106. Nally Anders says:

    Good article and worth a read.
    As it is in the USA so it creeps here.

  107. John H. says:

    Willie Jay says:
    29 January, 2021 at 1:57 pm

    “I want to be no part of an Independent country which encourages organisations like “Out for Independence”, which has the likes of “Leeze Lawrence” as an “officer”.

    None of us do.If we cut off the head of the snake, the rest will fail. We must concentrate on that now. I have no idea what is going on in her mind, or when this all started, but she must be stopped, and soon. Then we can concentrate on getting indy.

  108. Andy Ellis says:

    @Clwyd Griffiths 4.18pm

    Leeze *claimed* some of the tweets were faked, but people at the time archived many of the tweets. Even if we are inclined to be charitable and accept that some may not be real, others certainly are.

    Leeze is also on record as saying she wasn’t ashamed of anything she’d posted, and insisted some of them were out of context or some such lame excuse. The fact remains that other people have been disciplined for far less, yet Leeze seems untouchable.

    Why is that do you think?

  109. Morag says:

    You lot actually had me going on to the BBC News web site, in the Asia section, to see what the hell was happening in Vietnam.

    It’s OK, I get it now.

  110. Strathy says:

    MaggieC at 3.33pm.

    Shona Craven’s article.

    ‘The party need to realise that whatever they do, it will never be enough.’

    Nicola is finding out that her spoilt children are the same as all spoilt children.

  111. A Person says:

    Kind of off-topic:

    I was reading an article about something from 2015 which contained a link to a story about the SNP landslide in that year’s Westminster election.

    The writer was talking about how this meant “the break-up of Britain is imminent”- the exact kind of puff piece nonsense that you read on Indy Twitter and in the National.

    Except that was nearly six years ago…

  112. Clwyd Griffiths says:

    @andyEllis all I’m saying is, we can’t be sure how many of the tweets are fake, most of them could be. They are very old tweets. If they are hers then she could be warned about her past online conduct. But who haven’t used colourful language online before. Let he without sin cast the first stone and all that.

  113. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    The SNP should have no dealings with these sort of blokes.

    There is little chance these men will encourage no to yes for indi.

    Strong mental health issues present with this lot.

  114. Stuart MacKay says:

    Rhiannon Spear, gunning for Cherry:

    It is time for @theSNP to take action.

    You cannot on one hand promote free speech + on the other threaten legal action in an attempt to silence those that disagree with you.

    The party is being held to ransom by someone who thinks their ego is bigger than our cause.

  115. Checks notes says:

    kapelmeister at 1:43 pm
    Isn’t that middle photie in the Leeze tryptich actually Jimmy Cagney

    The middle photo (if you mean the one in the dressing gown) is from conference last year. The abomination turned up at the online conference wearing it, and held court in the OFI breakout room. Didn’t even bother to get dressed.

  116. Sylvia says:

    SNP transphobia row: why has Nicola Sturgeon’s party been accused of ‘transphobic views’ – and who is Teddy Hope?

  117. Kat says:

    The concept of Due Diligence is not something the SNP and their affiliate organisations appear to be familiar with.

    Kell soopreez!

  118. Beaker says:

    @Blind Squirrel says:
    29 January, 2021 at 3:13 pm
    “I’ve never understood why I should care about this. Just like I don’t care if you are a catholic or a protestant. What is it about us Scots that we have to get involved in such meaningless drivel?”

    Have you been paying attention?

    What about Flowjob being taken into a primary school?

    An individual’s sexuality / gender identity is their own business. However, when they become abusive to those not of the same cloth then it becomes everyone’s business.

    Sexuality / gender aside, do you think someone who uses such inappropriate language in public should have any influence with a political party?

  119. Cath says:

    The members clearly AREN’T doing everything they can

    What’s been happening recently around this issue and the Salmond revelations are making me re-think some things which happened in our branch. Don’t really want to say more than that, but I suspect some previously more active members may be in situations where they’ve been forced to take a back seat.

  120. Nally Anders says:

    It was noted by the branch members that it took Teddy a full 4 months before he levelled any complaint.
    Must’ve taken to his bed suffering a fit of the ‘Victorian Vapours’.
    The branch members were similarly outraged there was no investigation since Teddy’s complaint was accepted at face value.
    Blackford tweeted Transwomen are real women. Weasel.

  121. Fishy Wullie says:

    “These tweets are horrible. But if Miss Leeze says they’re faked and not hers we have to take her word for it.”

    If you’re gonna talk shite will you please get the terminology right, Leeze Lawrence is a male.

    it goes like this

    “These tweets are horrible. But if Mr Leeze says they’re faked and not his we have to take his word for it.”

    fixed that for you

  122. Ali Whiteford says:

    I’d like to dedicate the Fun Boy Three’s The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum to the SNP.

  123. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “But if Miss Leeze says they’re faked and not hers we have to take her word for it.”

    No we don’t, and nor do I have to put up with any more of your trolling.

  124. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Dude on R Scotland before the 5 News, a River City actor, claiming there has to be an immediate inquiry into transphobia inside the SNP.

  125. Liz says:

    @donny why would someone caught redhanded committing a crime, not be even charged?

    State’s evidence or just state?

    LL has been at parties with Alyn and John Ns crowd, knows what goes on there.

    A pro indy SNP politician put up on twitter a while back, that LL was in the drug car outside a school in Stirling, suggesting they were selling class A drugs to the school kids.

    LL threatened to sue him but natch nothing happened

  126. Dan says:

    The horror…the horror…

  127. Steve davison says:

    If the point Outforindy is to troll and cyber abuse anyone who does not share of fit their views on life in Scotland then the appointment of the gentlemen above seems to be a master stroke whose Cv is unparalleled it appears .As the self appointed co founder and inappropriate expressions advocate for the stayingasiwasbornthankyou group we are not giving a toss about the insignificant knobjocky

  128. Tannadice Boy says:

    I can’t remember in my long life where I have found a political party in awe of a small section of the community. A Government should represent the whole country. I have said on a number of occasions that Scotland is a socially conservative country but is also a tolerant country. Stu summed up the rights of trans people beautifully earlier on. Nicola has pinned her badge on a few hundred ‘persons’. Bringing the house down as she said she would. SNP elected members take note you are replaceable despite what you think.

  129. Wee Chid says:

    He’s admitted in his tweets that he made them a decade ago. As for your biblical reference – it’s like Christians who say slavery was OK back then because that’s what people did. These comments were not OK then and they are not OK now – however hard you try to defend an alleged drug dealing snitch.

  130. A Person says:

    Do they not realise that putting some fifth-rate actor on the news to drone on about transphobia is something that will repel many voters?

    Imagine you were a reasonably apolitical person, say a middle-aged woman driving home from a tiring day at work, who thought Sturgeon had handled the virus well (lol) and has never heard of Wings over Scotland or any of this mental stuff, but you hear that on the radio and groan.

    Then you get in.

    Then you say to your husband, “do you know what they were going on about on the radio”?

    Then you mention it to your friends.

    Etc, etc.

    Do they not know what Scottish folk are like?

  131. kapelmeister says:

    Ali Whiteford @5:10

    Aye indeed. And the FBT’s Our Lips Are Sealed does nicely for the Wheest for Indy believers.

  132. @ Brian Doonthetoon at 4.05pm: Thanks for the correction. I don’t know why I thought Pete Frame was no longer with us, but I suppose something must have led me to believe that. This is why I’m generally reluctant to say I’m sure about anything: it’s so easy to be wrong!

  133. MWS says:

    Scared to ask but does Sleeze now get a place on the NEC in one of those affiliated group positions?

  134. Garavelli Princip says:

    I’m trying to fathom the problem with these men. I’m not a psychiatrist – but that is clearly the professional help required.

    Gay men have been – quite rightly – liberated to be themselves. They have all the rights to which they are entitled.

    There is clearly more to it with these guys. I’m guessing a profound self-loathing.

    They are clearly gay – but they appear to have so much homophobia that they cannot accept what they are without hating what they are. They are revolted by themselves.

    Therefore, they must feel a need to be women in order to ‘justify’ what they must regard as their own ‘perverted’ impulses.

    It really is a terrible situation for them.

    But it is a far worse situation for the real women whose identities they seek to usurp, and whose private spaces they seek to invade – not to mention whose human rights they undermine.

    Instead of indulging them, the SNP should be encouraging them to seek the medical help they so clearly need.

  135. John H. says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    29 January, 2021 at 5:19 pm

    Dude on R Scotland before the 5 News, a River City actor, claiming there has to be an immediate inquiry into transphobia inside the SNP.

    He’s a crap actor as well Ian.

  136. Neil Wilkinson says:

    Fishy Wullie says:
    29 January, 2021 at 5:05 pm

    ” Leeze Lawrence is a male.”

    Until he has the full surgery , he’s a male. Lawrence is entitled to his own opinion, and I’m entitled to mine.

  137. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Until he has the full surgery , he’s a male.”

    He’ll still be a male after it, too. Human beings can’t change sex. You can implant a couple of tusks in your face if you like, but it won’t make you a walrus.

    of or denoting the sex that produces gametes, especially spermatozoa, with which a female may be fertilized or inseminated to produce offspring.

  138. Ebok says:

    Ali Whiteford says:
    29 January, 2021 at 5:10 pm

    “I’d like to dedicate the Fun Boy Three’s The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum to the SNP”.

    In truth, SNP has is now actually a rebrand of the 1960’s Screaming Lord Sutch Party – The Monster Raving Loony Party.
    He did a song titled ‘Dracula’s Daughter’. Just saying.

  139. Lorna Campbell says:

    Andy Ellis: yes, and I have thanked the Rev for all of those blogs on this issue. Did you think I was claiming ownership? I have a stake in this being a female. What I am saying is that this trans/pseudo ‘woke’ issue is very similar to the Alex Salmond affair in that it follows the same pattern.

    Why are our representatives not standing up to the coterie around Nicola Sturgeon? She allowed the party to be captured. Her mate, S-A Somerville, has been enabling all this stuff throughout the pandemic, yet we cannot talk about independence. It needs the whole corrupt edifice to fall, and that can be achieved only by our representatives within the party structure. Either they start to revolt openly or they are part of it.

    I know that Kenny MacAskill and others have spoken and suffered the consequences, but it will take more than that. Everyone has been silenced over this issue and the Salmond affair and on independence itself and how we get to it. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? I am betting that the infiltration of Stonewall Diversity Champions after 2014, and certainly by 2016, had already captured the party. The British Stonewall group tactics are too close to the American and Canadian models to be other than a massive concerted effort to destabilize right across the West.

    As usual, these extreme lefty idiots are being led by the nose by the right, all the better to soften the liberal West and open it up to a new capitalist initiative led by corporate America, under the guise of ‘rights’ – translated as ‘totalitarianism’ – to enable the next phase of the project to take place. The British State has been there all along, while Johnson, trying to keep it at bay himself, is gloating over Scotland’s capture by this pernicious lobby.

    Just as with the Salmond affair, no advice, no legal advice, no suggestions at all that what they were doing might be wrong, made them stop. This is now what the SNPG is – and we thought Margaret Thatcher wasn’t for turning.

  140. Garavelli Princip says:

    Neil Wilkinson says:
    29 January, 2021 at 5:54 pm
    Fishy Wullie says:
    29 January, 2021 at 5:05 pm

    ” Leeze Lawrence is a male.”

    Until he has the full surgery , he’s a male. Lawrence is entitled to his own opinion, and I’m entitled to mine.

    Well, actually Neil, he will still be male – even if he is surgically mutilated.

    I doubt, as gay man, he will want to do that.

  141. Cath says:

    < They are clearly gay

    No, they’re not. They’re the kind of “trans women” who absolutely always claim to be “lesbians”. In other words, they’re exactly the same men who always creeped around women saying things like “You just haven’t slept with me, doll” when they tried to get rid of them by saying “I’m a lesbian” even if you weren’t and just wanted rid of the creep. In short, same old same old. If MsLeeze is different and prefers men I’m willing to hear the evidence and go for gay but either way who cares?

  142. Highland Bill says:

    @Ali Whiteford, are you a welder from Black Isle

  143. Stuart MacKay says:

    From @Grouse Beater,

    “As an office-holder in OFI, Lawrence – on the left…”

    Ah, nobody tells them like you do.

  144. Dan says:

    @ Andy Ellis

    I notice this site’s No 1 fan has bumped one of his articles… The one he deleted your comments from! 😉

    I’ll link to Wings response to his blog.

    Plus your rebuttal.

  145. Dan says:

    @ Lorna Campbell

    Well, seeing as you mention SAS…

  146. Robert Louis says:

    Well, I’m gay and support independence, but I would not go near that organisation, or want anything to do with it if the above is the type of ‘person’ that runs it.

    Seriously, it needs asked once more, what on earth are the SNP thinking?? I mean, seriously, look at how utterly, utterly offensive those tweets are. And those earlier tweets are simply the sign of a hardened racist and bigot. And any person that regularly refers to themselves (apparently with some pride) as a “c*nt” via public social media, should be booted out of the SNP.

    What on earth is going on at the SNP???? WHY are they so utterly obsessed with promoting the abhorrent views of individuals like that??

    Just so folk know, most gay folk would not give the clown above the time of day.

  147. susanXX says:

    Lawrence will always be a male it’s in his DNA. No matter what drugs he takes nor what cosmetic surgery he has he will always be male. Expand the bandwidth of being male to acknowledge your gnc brothers.If I get antlers surgically attached to my skull does that make me a deer?

  148. wee monkey says:

    Well one small rainbow on the horizon, is that the SNP seem to be hoovering all the extremists up!

    Makes me laugh out loud when anyone [like the “National”] says the SNP stand for Scottish Independence.

    What is happening is Sturdgeon knows it is only a matter of time and is trying to feather her bed, perhaps quite literally….

  149. Neil Wilkinson says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says: at 5.58 pm

    ” Human beings can’t change sex ”

    Agreed, my bad, Should have said I’ve got more time for those (unlike Lawrence) who fully commit to their belief and try to live an ordinary life

  150. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Scared to ask but does Sleeze now get a place on the NEC in one of those affiliated group positions?”


  151. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Can’t remember who said ‘It’s not until the tide goes out you discover who’s been swimming in the nude.’

    There’s a lot of despair around, and many of us are now asking ‘what next?’.

    Rank and file SNP supporters have made it quite plain – by voting with their feet – how they feel about this damaging rubbish. Isn’t it time for elected SNP reps to do likewise?

    The dugs in the street know that NS has finally started walking the plank. It’s just a matter of time before the big splash. So why don’t decent SNP staffers put some distance between themselves and their boss’s weird clique right now?

    Come ashore before the tide goes out and we have to see just how bleedin ‘orrible it actually is!

  152. Highland Bill says:

    Forgive me if am wrong Rev, but did Sleazebag not publicly resign from the SNP about a year ago when others from Out For Themselves threw a hissyfit

  153. Grant Macmillan says:

    Are there any well-adjusted adults in Scottish political discourse anymore?

  154. Cath says:

    I actually have gender dysphoria. It’s a lifelong thing, not something you magically discover at puberty (that horrible feeling of disconnect at puberty is puberty) I went through a long process in my 20s of figuring out whether transition was the right thing to do. It was pre-internet so it involved books and talking to people. I decided not to transition and one of the major reasons for that was that most of the men I fancied were gay. Actually it was a running joke with my female friends – “if Cath fancies him, he’s gay”. It was very true. My sense of “being a man trapped in a woman’s body” seemed ridiculous when changed to “a gay man trapped in a woman’s body”.

    Twenty years later I actually think it’s not so daft. I still love gay men and women who look like men (so whatever Mhairi Black says which I disagree with I still think she’s fucking hot ?) But the point is, honesty is key to everything. I’ve had “relationships” with gay men, but they know who and what I am. So when men aggressively demand they are lesbians I will laugh at them and tell them to get to fuck because a man demanding he’s a lesbian is way more creepy and abusive than a woman who laughs at herself for feeling like “a gay man trapped in a woman’s body”. We all exist, we’re all “valid” whatever the fuck that means. None of us have a right to demand anything from anyone else though.

    Male lesbians do not exist. They are a product of men statistically being a lot less empathetic and more abusive than women.

  155. Andy Ellis says:

    @Dan 6.07pm

    Good spot! I’m not on Twitter, but hopefully after your bump here folk who are will link to Rev Stu’s piece and mine in the comments to it!

    Entirely par for the course with #cossyfeetPete that he deleted the BTL comments from his blog, despite them not being in any way abusive. He talks a the talk about wanting dialogue, but utterly fails to walk the walk.

    He’s someone I’d happily travel to Perthshire to campaign against when necessary.

  156. Lochside says:

    Rev Stu..’.You can implant a couple of tusks in your face if you like, but it won’t make you a walrus’

    I am the walrus..I am the eggman… you am the eggman, they are the eggmen..boy you’ve been a naughty girl.. Goo Goo cha chu..etc. etc.

  157. Annie 621 says:

    ” The Horror, the Horror”

  158. David Caledonia says:

    av seen this weirdo a few times, never heard o him before, maybe he should tackle his own tackle way a rusty saw, av got wan if it wants me tae dae it.
    Good grief if that thing came near my locality it wid get ma boot up its rectum, it might enjoy it actually, how on earth kin that prance aboot scotland, jist as well it puts some makeup on, wonder wit its like underneath all that gunge, cause its nae great shakes is a wumun, reminds me of a bag o mince left in the fridge to long.
    And another thing, that wumun Sturgeon AKA Dilly Dolly, have ye seen that mon she’s merrit tae, nae wonder she is inta weird, cause he’s the weirdest looking o the lot o them, and he claims tae be a man, a think when superman landed as a baby from krypton they changed his nappy and oot pooped murhell and there’s been a bad smell aroon him ever since, a think, an its only ma opinion, that wen the two monsters eventually leave scottish politics murhell will be a dance arranger, he certainly has the looks fur the ugly bug ball

  159. Andy Ellis says:

    @Ian B 6.27pm

    I’ve actually got to the point now with SNP members – and to an extent voters – that I have to say: “What more evidence do you want that his is now a deeply dysfunctional and regressive organisation?”

    The party would have an absolute melt down if Salmond, Cherry, MacAskill, MacNeil and a few others just up sticks and joined the ISP or set up their own “real” independence party. Even at this late stage, it’d probably take enough seats to deny the SNP a majority.

    I can’t see it happening sadly, but much as I admire Joanna Cherry, surely there comes a point when you just have to say: “Sod this lot of regressive misogynistic roasters, I’m outta here!”?

    The danger of not crossing the Rubicon is not just that things won’t change, but that they will get much, MUCH worse. Look at all the crowing going on amongst the woke Wahhabi’s about how they are going to have a definition of transphobia adopted and imposed, bypass the NEC and insist on an external independent inquiry. Odd that no such enquiry was necessary before now when the complaints were about their abuse and extremism.

    Sturgeons’s 2 minute suicide note the other night has emboldened them. Time for all the faint hearts in the party to stand up and be counted.

    Either face these trans-rights fascists down, discipline and if necessary expel them, or leave.

  160. Hugh Jarse says:

    Well, it’s official. The starting gun has fired.
    Aunties News quiz has The Union Jacks vs the Union cracks. Vv droll.

    Rifkind Jr playing for the cracks!
    I just discovered that his 2nd uncle was Leon Britton.
    Pa and LB both 2nd generation immigrants.

    They just did the ‘Freedom ‘ braveheart thing as i typed. !

  161. Cath says:

    The party would have an absolute melt down if Salmond, Cherry, MacAskill, MacNeil and a few others just up sticks and joined the ISP

    If that happens I, and many others, will be straight out there and into the ISP. Right now they seem quite fringe and have no “names”. If they gain the kind of names above, I’m with them totally.

  162. Andy Ellis says:

    @Cath 6.55pm

    Preach sister! Sadly I fear we may already be too late. Barring political earthquakes I reckon #HR2021 is too close for anything else to reach escape velocity. I’d love to be wrong, but I won’t be betting the farm on it.

  163. David Caledonia says:

    Me and my brother happened to wander into a pub in greenock many years ago, it just happened to be some kind of gay night, ( honest we new nothing about it )
    We stayed and got chatting to some lovely people, I was rather taken with the bi/women, I fancied at least two of them to be honest, but they where together, just my luck as usual, the gay men I had no interest in for obvious reasons, but they where nice enough as people
    My real fear was going to the toilet, not because of the guys, it was just I was a bit wary I might meet George Michael in there, well he was always frequenting mens toilets, and a don’t want tae get into trouble wae the police or be a witness in a case against Mr Michael, after all if it got into the papers it would not have done my reputation any good as the great lover ( okay wiv all got our dreams )

  164. Kenny J says:

    I was wading thro some of these O for I crazies Twitter posts,
    and came across one by Jack Deeth. Saying he had met you a few times, Stu.
    And the content of them. My God, it’s another universe.

  165. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Andy Ellis –

    It just seems such a no-brainer.

    MacAskill already has one foot out the door. He would have to say nothing more than ‘Ah’ve had enough ay this pish’. He would express it far more eloquently, of course, but it would be signal enough for an exodus/putsch.

  166. Dan says:

    @ Andy Ellis

    You’ll have to wait a while to campaign against the baffie clad one, but there are other options should you wish to visit Perthshire sooner…

    I’m looking forward to finding out if Estonia have ignored putting in place the basic infrastructure required to run a country, and instead focused on the rainbow shizzles.

    @ Annie 621 at 6:39 pm

    Did you notice my 5.32? 🙂

  167. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Cath says at 6:55 pm.

    You typed and quoted Andy Ellis @6.49,
    “[quote] The party would have an absolute melt down if Salmond, Cherry, MacAskill, MacNeil and a few others just up sticks and joined the ISP[unquote]

    If that happens I, and many others, will be straight out there and into the ISP. Right now they seem quite fringe and have no “names”. If they gain the kind of names above, I’m with them totally.”

    I wonder what would happen, within the ISP, if 6-12 “names”, like those mentioned above, were to approach the ISP with something along the lines of…

    “Let us stand for constituencies, as well as being #1 on the list for that region, and we’ll pay our own deposits.”

  168. cirsium says:

    @Dan, 5.32

    That’s an apposite quote

  169. crazycat says:

    From Iain Lawson’s article ( it seems that the Highlands and Islands list has been designated “disabled”.

    Does Rhiannon Spear describe herself as disabled? Or has she been out(pun intended)-manoeuvred?

  170. Colin Alexander says:

    For any newbies just dropping by: The SNP was a political party which was created for the purpose of restoring Scotland’s independence.

    Back in the auld days.

  171. Willie Jay says:

    There are a number of posts on here and other Indy blog sites often claiming that the likes of NS and others are agents of maybe UK Government forces or perhaps are being threatened/manipulated by shady forces behind the scenes.

    Does anyone truly believe that, because I for one certainly do not?

    Sometimes in life, as has often eventually been disclosed/discovered time after time, some devious people enter into politics, both local and national, not for what they can do for others, but simply for what they might just be able to do and grasp for themselves.

    It is my firm belief that quite a few of the high heid yins, both at Holyrood *and* Westminster perhaps joined the SNP with proper and very good intentions. However, some of them were soon astounded at the riches beyond any dreams of avarice which began to be awarded to them as they simply “did their jobs” as everyday politicians.
    No great skills needed at all. Just the confidence to “blather” about anything and everything, so long as the issue of Independence was always skated around.

    Those vast riches, way beyond the reach of an ordinary working person, *CONTINUE TO BE DISHED UP TO THESE VERY ORDINARY WORKADAY POLITICIANS*, so long as Independence remains just beyond the reach of their alleged ambitions.
    So long as these people keep allegedly striving for Independence, they are assured of a very, very happy and enriched future, whilst the people who voted them in have received exactly the same rewards as they have ever been given for the past couple of centuries:

    “One day … ” “We will not allow … ” or even, “Pie in the sky!” (when you die …)

    So long as Independence remains just over the horizon and always needs “Just one more Poll! Just one more push!”, these grasping people will forever continue to build up their huge personal fortunes whilst pretending to be “poor crofters” and all of the rest of it.

    If ever Independence *DID* come about, the shallow careers of these phoney chancers would come to a very abrupt end, along with their vast salaries and huge expense accounts.

    Never have so many people been so conned by so few.

  172. Alasdair says:

    Staggering, but sadly not surprising, hypocrisy from someone who always stood by their own ‘combative’ style of posting on twitter before the were kicked off for their bizarre obsession.

    Absolutely embarrassing.

  173. Michael says:

    Michty me – a dastardly plan to take over the party structures whilst simultaneously leaving it in droves, these trans activists will stop at nothing!

  174. Colin Alexander says: “For any newbies just dropping by: The SNP was a political party which was created for the purpose of restoring Scotland’s independence.

    You sure?

    Its current behviour offers no evidence of that.

  175. Mia says:

    “Does anyone truly believe that”

    Yes. I do.

  176. witchy says:

    An idea:
    The SNP have to come to an agreement that TW are not natal women, and are in fact a sub-set of their own male sex. They have no right to FORCE their ideology on others, especially when it affects women. The SNP cannot force them conveniently onto women, or hide them in women’s spaces. They are not women.
    We are ALL covered by the EQA’s, and they have the same rights to health care, employment etc, but those rights should not be expanded to the extent of changing Women’s Sex based rights to accommodate gender fluidity.
    (They complain about not fitting in and being harassed and bullied. Point me to someone straight, bi, gay, poor, who has not felt that way.) I digress.
    If the SNP feel it is a serious issue, they should face this full on, and create trans spaces, trans officers within the parties (no more taking women’s roles), including unisex toilet cubicles, (giving choices), trans sports, changing rooms, scholarships, single sex prisons with trans wings, to keep them safe. I’m sure more can be added, but you get the gist.
    Some TV soap actor has called for a inquiry into transphobia in the SNP, Guileless or dangerous? look how well these enquiries on anti-semitism affected the LP. Personally I haven’t seen it, unless they count women asking questions as transphobic. Maybe it exists or maybe it doesn’t. I can only say that I have seen a lot of misogyny and sexism.
    We have to bring this into the daylight….and if Ms Cherry has the whip withdrawn through unfounded accusations, we really have to question the motives of this snap NEC meeting…

  177. deerhill says:

    How many thumps with a ball pein hammer did it take before the third photo in the triptych was taken?

    Or was the hammer used in the other two?

    He/She aint no April Ashley, thats for sure.

  178. Willie Jay says:

    Mia says:
    29 January, 2021 at 8:59 pm

    “Does anyone truly believe that”

    ‘Yes. I do.’

    Hmmm … One of the many, conned by the few …

  179. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Staggering, but sadly not surprising, hypocrisy from someone who always stood by their own ‘combative’ style of posting on twitter before the were kicked off for their bizarre obsession.”

    Dear stupid cunt,

    Swearing and racism are not the same thing.


  180. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Jack Deeth. Saying he had met you a few times, Stu.”

    Twice, IIRC. He was in Bath for some reason and we had a pint. Second time we argued about trans stuff but he wasn’t a total prick about it. Little while later he jumped fully onto the transcult bandwagon and started slagging me off with increasing venom, because if you move in these circles you have to.

    If you want to embarrass him for a laugh, tweet this pic sometime when he’s ranting with his wee TRA mates about how evil I am.

  181. Blind Squirrel says:

    @ Astonished – I’m not interested in this whole nonsense so i didn’t know that. However the use of the word “significant” – meaning an unknown number which makes me scared – makes me wonder why you all bother with this distraction. You and Nicola.

  182. Achnababan says:

    I think we need to give ‘Leeze’ a break – s/he is clearly menopausal

  183. Aquarius says:

    I used to enjoy reading WoS as I find that Stu’s articles are well written and often make me laugh out loud by the way he puts things. Having only recently bitten the bullet and gone online at home to enable me to continue working during the pandemic, I have now had more time to read the articles since late summer. Previously I managed to log on every month or so which seemed to be enough, more or less (sorry Rev!).

    Unfortunately, the articles rarely make me laugh any more. I almost didn’t vote in December 2019 as I could hardly bring myself to put my cross against SNP (what a misnomer!). I felt disenfranchised even then. I cannot do it now.

    I cannot be associated with a party which accepts tweets such as I read from that strange man Leeze.

    It is appalling that our independece aspirations have been stolen from us by a group of so called trans activists and movers in the circles of the leadership of the SNP and NOTHING seems to have been done about it.

    It makes be weep. Does this sound familiar:

    “As long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule”

    What is going on?

  184. David Ferguson says:

    I see RevStu inserted an image in one of his comments above. I’m not a complete idiot, but try as I might, I cannot work out how to do this, and I’m fed up wasting my time. There are dozens of “tutorials” on the internet puporting to explain how to do it, but they never work for me.

    The one thing I cannot fathom is, if I have a photo on my desktop and I want to insert it, where within the html code am I suppose to put a path to the photo, and how?

    Anybody who knows how to do it fancy explaining it?

  185. Ruaridh says:

    So this leeze person is also on dating websites with no reference that she/he is TRANS. I have photographic evidence.

  186. Daisy Walker says:

    I’m just catching up a bit.

    Just to clarify, this walking reprobate is now an official office holder within the SNP, and publically welcomed by the highest ranking leaders of the snp.

    In full knowledge of this openly displayed twitter content.

    And presumably after their famed ‘vetting’ process. The kind of vetting that rejected Craig Murray as too much of a loose cannon!

    Can’t help but wonder if they’ve been taking some of the substances he was arrested for, to show this much lack of judgement.

    The only thing surprising is not to see Kit Kat Blacks name in as an associate.

    This is electorial suicide, and it cannot be turned a blind eye to.

  187. Graham King says:

    “Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    29 January, 2021 at 5:14 pm
    “But if Miss Leeze says they’re faked and not hers we have to take her word for it.”

    No we don’t, and nor do I have to put up with any more of your trolling.”

    – Hear, hear!

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    29 January, 2021 at 5:58 pm
    “Until he has the full surgery , he’s a male.”

    He’ll still be a male after it, too. Human beings can’t change sex. You can implant a couple of tusks in your face if you like, but it won’t make you a walrus.

    of or denoting the sex that produces gametes, especially spermatozoa, with which a female may be fertilized or inseminated to produce offspring.”

    – Hear, hear!

  188. Willie Jay says:

    I’m very sad.
    Do you know that I am a proud Englishman (Northumbrian) who settled in Scotland in the late 1960s.
    I had encountered “Rotten Boroughs” in my homeland as was often reported in “Private Eye”.
    What really surprises me today is that there are “very many things rotten in the State of Scotland”, and there is not a single, solitary, Private Eye type of journalistic investigator who thinks it is worth a peep.
    Shame on the absolute WHOLE of the MSM in GB today.

  189. Craig says:

    I applaud this article, at no point were you targeting Alexandria but pointing out he/she is a clear risk to himself and to the public and is ill suited for the role within the SNP NEC, I am pleased to see that you have clearly advised not to engage with him, anyone who does has either not seen this article ot just don’t care, either way, you can’t be accused of orchestrating a “pile-on”.

    I am saddened to see that Nicola has allowed a minority of voices to kill the SNP for what it’s known for and if I was her, I’d watch that “Witch” video and remove these people from the NEC when clearly, they can’t deal with stressful situations.

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