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The Disgraces Of Scotland

Posted on December 21, 2022 by

Last night this happened.

The events marked simply and unquestionably the most shameful and contemptible moment in the history of the Scottish Parliament since 1707.

As well as somehow ceding the moral high ground to the Scottish Conservatives, the 64 SNP/Green/Lib Dem MSPs who voted down the amendment managed to cede the intellectual high ground to, of all people, Scottish Labour activist Ian Smart.

Meanwhile the SNP sniggered and gloated like children.

(Hunter, a former Glasgow SNP councillor and still the election agent and unofficial mouthpiece of Nicola Sturgeon, also spent the day amplifying the tweets of Beth Douglas, an aggressive, abusive male transactivist who recently posed with infamous Scottish Greens “nappy nonce” Eilidh Martin threatening to beat up women.)

The unamended bill hands known rapists a free pass into women’s spaces which can’t be challenged without risking arrest for hate crime. So we have no compunction about naming the following MSPs as disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling scum:

George Adam is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Karen Adam is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Clare Adamson is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Alasdair Allan is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Tom Arthur is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Colin Beattie is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Keith Brown is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Siobhian Brown is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Ariane Burgess is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Maggie Chapman is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Willie Coffey is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Alex Cole-Hamilton is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Angela Constance is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Graeme Day is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Natalie Don is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Bob Doris is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

James Dornan is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist lying scum.

Jackie Dunbar is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Annabelle Ewing is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Joe FitzPatrick is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Jenny Gilruth is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Mairi Gougeon is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Christine Grahame is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Neil Gray is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Ross Greer is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist virgin scum.

Emma Harper is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Patrick Harvie is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist racist scum.

Clare Haughey is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Jamie Hepburn is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Fiona Hyslop is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Bill Kidd is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Richard Lochhead is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Gordon MacDonald is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Fulton MacGregor is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Gillian Mackay is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Rona Mackay is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Ben Macpherson is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Gillian Martin is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Michael Matheson is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Mairi McAllan is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Ivan McKee is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Christina McKelvie is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Paul McLennan is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Stuart McMillan is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Marie McNair is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Jenni Minto is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Audrey Nicoll is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Willie Rennie is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Angus Robertson is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Shona Robison is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Emma Roddick is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Lorna Slater is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Shirley-Anne Somerville is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Collette Stevenson is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Kaukab Stewart is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Kevin Stewart is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Nicola Sturgeon is the queen of disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

John Swinney is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Maree Todd is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

David Torrance is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

Evelyn Tweed is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Elena Whitham is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Beatrice Wishart is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

Humza Yousaf is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

There are no excuses. There is no valid answer to Ian Smart’s question. The defeating of this amendment WILL, without the slightest shadow of doubt, lead to otherwise-avoidable rapes. When they happen, every one of those rapes will be at the door of the 64 wretched, cowardly, careerist sewer-scrapings above.

The pictures above link to their individual pages on the Scottish Parliament website. If any of those despicable reptiles are your MSPs, please do write to them and let them know in the clearest of terms what you think of them. Try to be a bit more restrained than we have. It’s taken every ounce of our strength.



The following eight SNP MSPs retained a shred of decency and voted in favour of the amendment. They can hold their heads high amid their party’s eternal shame, as can every Labour MSP in the chamber on this issue – although they voted for the gender reform bill overall – and all but two of the Tories (Jamie Greene and Jackson Carlaw abstained, but made no difference).

(Michelle Thomson also tabled her own amendment which would have paused the GRC application of anyone charged with a sexual offence, but it tied 61-61 and was defeated by the Presiding Officer’s casting vote. Kate Forbes is on maternity leave but could have chosen to vote remotely, but did not.)

But make no mistake – this is by far the lowest moment in the SNP’s 88-year history. The party suffered a catastrophic and pathetic collective failure of courage. It would have taken just THREE more SNP rebels to pass the amendment. (It would also have succeeded if the four Lib Dem MSPs had voted with the other Unionist parties. We of course expected no better of the paedophile-adjacent, queer-fetishist Greens, whose leader proclaimed that the new law was “only the start” of his plans.)

Every one of the 54 SNP members who voted it down should be scorned and shunned and treated with nauseated revulsion and contempt everywhere they go for the rest of their lives. Not a single exception, nor a hope of forgiveness.

Last night the SNP literally voted for rapists and paedophiles. Those are the cold facts. Anyone still defending them at this point deserves the fate of their soul.

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321 to “The Disgraces Of Scotland”

  1. twathater says:

    I am pleased and elated to announce I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR THE Scum Nonce Party or its deviant and perverted politicians AGAIN


    I contacted all my reps from all parties at the weekend and UNSURPRISINGLY I have received NO RESPONSES from any one of them , THEIR obvious contempt for voters THEIR EMPLOYERS has increased exponentially over the past few years , methinks they ALL need a good shake up

  2. Woodside Wullie says:

    Watching that result I was shouting aloud every expletive I could think of and then some more,

    The neighbours must have heard me.

  3. PacMan says:

    Anybody who votes for SNP again in any election needs to hold their head in shame like those in this gallery of rogues.

  4. MaggieC says:

    #ShameOnYou to every MSP who voted against protecting the rights of women and girls in Scotland. 🙁

  5. robertkknight says:


    Get them all out.

  6. Breeks says:

    Impeachment, impeachment, impeachment…

    The people are sovereign. We have the Constitutional Right, (it’s known as the Claim of Right), to SACK this bogus “Government” and depose these troughing charlatans.

    We HAVE the power. We HAVE the Constitution. STOP drinking the UK Koolaid which persuades you that Westminster can overrule the Claim of Right. Their King cannot, and neither can their Parliament.

    In addition to Scotland’s well documented and exceptional sovereign Constitution, we have rights under International Law to self determination and self defence, and we can expel Westminster’s colonial encroachment into the Sovereign Realm of Scotland, which manifests itself as a puppet Vichy “Government” in Edinburgh which respects the false sovereign ascendancy of Westminster’s parliamentary rule over Scotland’s Claim of Right.

    I DEMAND THE IMPEACHMENT of Nicola Sturgeon and immediate suspension of Holyrood pending a Scottish Constitutional Convention assembled to represent the sovereign interests of our Nation, of which a subservient Vichy style Holyrood itself is a direct violation.

    Sack the fuckers. NOW!

  7. DaveL says:

    Just like Ghislaine Maxwell, I’d bet those of you voting for this travesty of law and common sense have never considered you may well see the inside of a jail cell.

    When the first of the crimes you’ve approved see the light of day you’ll be saying ‘I wish I had’nt done it’, all you’ll hear in reply is ‘you should have thought of that sooner’. There’ll be no sympathy, there is no excuse.

    As for those still supporting the party of ‘disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynistic/handmaiden scum’ you’re complicit, you’re as bad. Is that what you really want?

  8. Geoff Anderson says:

    Any MSP who opposed they amendment to prevent sex offenders being granted a GRC should hang their heads in shame. They will try to deny their part in this but this article will and should be circulated on a regular basis.

    How anyone could still vote SNP never mind be a Party member baffles me.

  9. Cath says:

    You’d think someone being disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling scum would mean they’d lose anonymity for falsely accusing a man of sexual assault for putting his hand on their knee once ten years ago (proved to be false by the driver and layout of the car). But then this worthless scum unionist SNP got rid of Alex for a reason, and this was to allow the party to become what it now has. There’s no chance this SNP is ever bringing independence. It’s time to cut our losses and take the gloves off. Every one of these fuckers needs to be gone.

  10. Robert Louis says:

    This makes no sense. NONE. NOT one single good reason. NONE. So WHY??????

    These SNP MSPs are ALL going to be looking for new careers very soon, because make NO mistake, as soon as this legislation is passed the britnat media will have a field day. They are just waiting quietly for it to be done. Then it will be all out full front page condemnation of this odious bunch of careerist tossers.

    I know their were an honourable few in the SNP, as noted above, and they are to be commended, but sadly they will also be dragged down by this mire.

    And for what?? This gender business is NOT a vote winner, it is not something the general public are screaming for. It is Nicola Sturgeon’s personal pet obsession, and these SNP mugs are just nodding it all on.

  11. PacMan says:

    I wonder when these juryless rape trials come into effect, if the gender of the attacker will be taken into account or will the GRR legislation be tweaked at a later stage?

  12. PacMan says:

    Robert Louis says: 21 December, 2022 at 7:36 am

    These SNP MSPs are ALL going to be looking for new careers very soon, because make NO mistake, as soon as this legislation is passed the britnat media will have a field day. They are just waiting quietly for it to be done. Then it will be all out full front page condemnation of this odious bunch of careerist tossers.

    And make no doubt about it, Labour and the Libs will have a field day with this once passed. They will use the bare faced cheek of saying they were wrong and highlight every abuse caused by the legislation. Of course this will be allowed because the MSM will play down these parties part in it.

  13. Breeks says:

    O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as ithers see us!

    Here’s how Ivan McKee sees himself…,ivan-mckee-msp-getting-to-know-you

    And wae some Pow’r the giftie gien us,
    To see oursels as ithers see us!

    “Ivan McKee is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling misogynist scum.

    It’s alright Ivan McKee, MSP, we got to know enough about you last night without the rolling commentary.

    Don’t have many guilty pleasures eh? Just fucking over your country and the safety of our women eh?

  14. Margaret L says:

    We employees the bastards to represent us, we can sack the rape enabled misogynistic scumbags and handmaidens. High fucking time we did
    They don’t represent us, or Scotland. Only themselves, fetishists and rapists. Fling them tae fuck next election.

  15. K Campbell says:

    TBQH Stu, Kate should be added to your hall of shame.
    The supposedly good christian girl could have quite easily voted remotely, but chose not to.
    I’m not sure sticking your head in the sand is representing good christian values and given that she now has a wee one, I would have thought it would have been imperative for her to vote to protect the future of her family.
    Or does her protection of their future amount to $$ only and not morals.

  16. Robert Hughes says:

    Not only have these disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden/misogynist scum done grievous , irreparable harm to every female in Scotland , they’ve dealt a lacerating blow to the cause of Independence that may prove lethal .

    Not that there is any possibility of the Sturgeon/NSNP aberration bringing Independence about – that much must be clear by now , surely ? but the damage done by these people will taint any future incarnation of the SNP well into the future ; assuming the entire , rotten edifice doesn’t collapse under it’s own loss of structural/ moral integrity and rationality long before then . We can only hope it does

    Imagine if you were one of the * Undecideds * – the very people we’re always being told we need to persuade over to our * side * ; does anyone really believe , such people , seeing what a total disaster this ScotGov are making – of everything , really , will think ” Oh this is great , all my doubts are resolved , I definitely support Independence now ” ?

    I repeat …..there could not be a WORSE * Vehicle to Independence * than the current SNP . Even if it was handpicked by our unionist opponents .

  17. Mchaggis69 says:

    Sorry Stu but I cannot agree with your description of Maggie Chapman.

    You missed out ‘nonce-enabling dangerous lunatic who should be barred from ever being within 100ft of a child’.

    After her recent video where she determinedly stated the Bill did not go far enough and thatb6 and 7 year olds should also be entitled to change gender. Her and the rest of the Greens have openly admitted the bill in their view, is just the start.

  18. Breeks says:

    Never was a song lyric so frighteningly accurate…

  19. Tim says:

    Shame, disgust, anger. If ever Scotland needs decent folk to stick together, and overcome this dangerous, predator’s paradise legislation, it is now. Sturgeon is a goner.

  20. Patsy Millar says:

    Nae words

  21. Livionian says:

    I just don’t have the words to express how angry I am about this. I love Scotland with all my heart but I can’t help but feel utterly ashamed at this dark chapter in our history. Why would any decent human being vote against this amendment?

    We now not only have no legal barriers to stop sex offenders changing their gender, but now face the possibility of English and Welsh sex offenders moving up North to do so as well. What does everybody think about this then? Chilling thought

  22. Astonished says:

    You didnae miss.

    Journalism at its finest.

    Well done.

    As ‘Cath’ said – ‘Every one of those fuckers needs to be gone’.

  23. Mac says:

    Sturgeon’s Nonce Party.

    It really is true.

    Inching ever forward with their deviant nonce agenda. Remember them asking schoolkids about giving blowjobs etc… They just can’t help themselves.

    It is not a question of ‘if’ a woman gets raped in prison as a direct result of these rape enablers but ‘when’ she gets raped.

    Because it will happen without a shadow of a doubt as direct result of this woke depravity.

    And then the creepy vile perverted SNP slimeballs above will attempt to cover it up. I guarantee you they will. Just as the school board in the USA recently tried to cover up the rape of a girl after they allowed ‘trans-girls’ to use the girls toilets.

    Wings was onto the sheer evil masquerading as GRA policy right from the start. They called him obsessed blah blah blah but he was absolutely bang on the money. All of this is the tip of the spear for total depravity.

    These people are twisted perverts. Everyone who supports independence needs to clean house and remove them from office. Nothing else matters at this point.

    The SNP has rotted from the head down and now 8 years after the imposter and betrayer took over the whole damned party near enough is voting to put rapists in women’s prisons. Wow. They are completely gone…

    Anyone who cannot by now see how Sturgeon has systematically and methodically salted the fields and poisoned the wells of the independence movement in every measurable dimension is forever blind.

    Folk need to wake up to what so called woke policies are really a front for.

    This threat is much bigger than just to Scotland but we can only fight what is in front of us. And fight we must. The devil is at the gate.

  24. mike cassidy says:

    Not surprised at all

    Its an all-or-nothing ideology

    Exceptions cannot be tolerated or the whole house crumbles

  25. panda paws says:

    I wish this amendment had been passed and they all should be ashamed of themselves. Gillian Martin MPS has tweeted the following

    “My GRR amendments allowing Police Scotland to stop sex offenders gaining a GRC on the basis of RISK have just PASSED. They are competent, in line with EHRC, supported cross party, and will prevent harm.”

    So maybe some hope? That said when would sex offenders not be a risk to women with self id?

  26. A.Reid says:

    Honestly how anyone could want to live in an independent rapist republic of Scotland is now beyond me, I find myself hoping westminister steps in and with the fact I am having that thought means I can’t bring myself to vote yes in any future ref that has the SNP at the heart of it, I will now vote against them at every opportunity

  27. Nemisis Benn says:

    And when does the nonce party plan to lower the age of sexual consent? It cannot be far away.

  28. Lynn says:

    I now firmly believe democracy is broken . To prioritise sexual offenders over vulnerable people is beyond anything I can understand . I am political but not party political but I enjoy the Rev . However I no longer believe there is any representation for the general public . It’s all career politicians and something I will select to distance myself from . To use my vote to further this type of representation would be nothing more than an endorsement.
    It’s time to stop voting for more of this . Disengagement is the only tool in the box when you have this type of betrayal to the vulnerable .

  29. Breeks says:

    The Taliban in Afghanistan ban women from Universities… Perhaps they were inspired when 7 Trans Talibaneers in Edinburgh University “banned” 250 people from watching a video on women’s rights…

  30. Viscount Ennui says:

    Presumably, a GRC is only valid in Scotland?
    Not for a UK passport, driving licence, etc.
    Or for tax reasons (if there are any).
    So a Scottish trans woman would not be permitted to work in a protected job in England/Wales etc or have the right to enter female spaces?
    It’s a pretendy certificate for what has sadly become a pretendy nation.

  31. Davie says:

    The elephant in the room is that the lgbtq+ community have weedled their way into all key areas of public administration and politics. I work there, the policy departments are particularly affected. It’s impossible to get proper stats on how many lgbtq+ people there are but figures range from the official 2.5% (unlikely) to the claimed 10%.

    Look at the number of MSPs who are lgbtq+ that voted for this abomination. Look at the number of SNP MPs. There are of course many lgbt people for whom this queer nonsense is anathema, and the LGB Alliance has been particularly commendable in its efforts. But to revert to the main point – our representative democracy is simply not representative and is hugely overly represented by a special interest group. It has been enabled by people trying to be as decent, kind and inclusive as possible. And it has bitten them on the arse.

  32. Alan Black says:

    There is a protest planned on 25th January between 12 noon and 2pm outside BUTE HOUSE to demand Sturgeon’s resignation. After this disgusting vote last night I hope the turnout is huge, she has to be forced out NOW.

  33. Ottomanboi says:

    Planes, trains, buses and boats to Scotland fully booked for foreseeable future.
    Well, SHE is in favour of mass immigration, isn’t SHE?

  34. MWS says:

    Are we missing 2 ("Tractor" - Ed)s to women? Wasn’t it 64 against the amendment? I only see 62 photos. Unless I mis-counted. It is early for me. Just don’t want to leave anyone out from their moment of fame!

  35. MWS says:

    That ‘tractor’ in my comment should say ‘("Tractor" - Ed)’ obviously!

  36. Scotsrenewables says:

    I understand the SG backed another proposed amendment by SNP MSP Gillian Martin that would mean anyone convicted of a sexual offence who wants to apply for a GRC will need to be fully risk assessed.

    If the risk is thought to be too high, their application could be refused.

    Presumably future wiser governments will be able to make this ‘risk assessment’ as rigourous as they want/feel necessary.

    And before anyone jumps down my throat, I am just pointing out this tiny ray of light in what was, otherwise, a dark night in Holyrood.

  37. Ruby says:

    Keep signing:

    The solution to all of this is that there be zero sex changes.

    Scrap the GRA 2004 and look for a better solution to gender dysphoria.

    Make impersonating a woman a hate crime.

  38. Lynn Fraser says:

    I am sure I saw my MSP Evelyn Tweed on the shame list, but not for this vote? The one who caused great offence to Intersex/DSD groups.

  39. Ruby says:

    Why would anyone need a GRC it seems all men have to do is put on a dress and hey presto they are a woman.

    I’m not getting the fuss about a GRC.

    Can you explain?

  40. Ian says:

    It’s not often I disagree with Stu but I don’t think Jamie Greene and Jackson Carlaw should be in the ‘Roll of Honour’ section.

    In my mind, abstaining on this issue as is equal to supporting it.

  41. mike cassidy says:

    That Gillian Martin amendment is window dressing

    You can’t have exceptions to a system that presumes anybody can have any gender identity they want

    To deny one is to say its all bollocks

  42. Dorothy Devine says:

    I have grown to truly hate the party I once loved when Alex Salmond was at the helm.

    Funnily enough I was searching for a decoration this morning and came upon an ‘I’m with Nicola” poster from years ago – ripping it to shreds made me feel slightly better.

    This mob is already interfering in schools , they make me sick to my stomach .

  43. smitty says:

    Stuart, why have you missed Maree Todd off this list? She voted against this and she is the sports minister who has overseen the destruction of women’s sports. She seems to enjoy all the freebies from the SRU;tickets, hospitality, player access etc. However under her watch the SRU became the only home nation to allow biological men to compete against women, despite concerns being raised of the risk of serious injury. Every other nation acknowledged this risk and banned them.

  44. Fran says:

    Thank feck I didn’t give the snp my constituency vote, Kate Forbes is a fekking coward hiding behind maternity leave. If Alba doesn’t stand, I’ll be spoiling every ballot for what’s left of my life #donvotedeviants

  45. Shug says:

    Sound from the above that Nicola has almost completed her assignment.

  46. Republicofscotland says:

    Not surprised to see my spineless and gutless piece of shit SNP MSP among the paedo promoters.

    These people have just put your women folk and children in REAL danger.

  47. Andy Ellis says:

    A deeply shameful day for the Scottish Parliament, for the individuals who are voting this legislation through, and for the parties supporting it. Those of us in the independence movement have a responsibility and a choice.

    We have to put clear water between those of us who are rational, who believe in science and who will not accept the diktats of the odious TRA extremists and their apologists. Anyone voting for any of these individuals, or any of the parties supporting the legislation are part of the problem, not part of the solution: that includes people like Joanna Cherry, Michelle Thomson and others.

    Time for them to put their principles before their careers I’m afraid. It’s all very well for Joanna Cherry to say this is a matter of conscience for her, and to appear at and speak at today’s demo outside Holyrood, but action on her part would have a far greater impact. Stand down and provoke a bye election, join Alba or stand as an independent.

    Not that it will do any good, but I will write to my MSPs and MP to tell them that none of them can expect my support unless they recant.

    The general public aren’t going to wake up to this issue until and unless more high profile figures like Joanna Cherry make it a central issue. The lumpen SNP membership and voter base are a lost cause: we can’t convert them any more than we can convert the minority of dyed in the wool unionists who will never support independence.

    We CAN however deprive them of a majority.

  48. stuart mctavish says:

    Prolly all a pantomime to cover their Christmas party (albeit with Satan’s claws rather than nice gifts, etc), but I ‘d say that even more disgraceful than all of that (which can perhaps be simply explained by the concept of women being mean to each other – or more cheekily ridiculed by the idea of letting stupid women bring stupid men to the party) is the failure of Holyrood, despite many of the MSPs being active on social media, to set aside all programmed debate and focus on the revelations on twitter (about media manipulation, including social)* since its acquisition by Elon Musk..

    *tbf its not entirely clear how much aim has been taken at Scots (v how much has been left to our own devices such as the apparent cunning plan at WM to embrace the previous one of not having one) in this regard, as opposed to how much has been aimed at other sovereigns claiming an entitlement to simply organise and enjoy themselves but, to highlight a recent example, have yet to see much on any platform about how the streets appeared to be being cleared in Buenos Aries last night.

    (Merry Christmas & Happier New Year despite all that)

  49. Alin Scot says:

    If the SNP had left this debate until Scotland is independent and conentrated every fibre on the cause of independence, we might be a lot closer to our ultimate goal.

  50. Toddy19 says:

    Karen Adam struggles to answer the question of why they voted against the motion to specifically exclude male sex offenders from getting a GRC

  51. Andy Ellis says:

    @Scotrenewables 9.35 am

    I refer you to the estimable Roddy Dunlop’s tweet on the matter:

    Ms Martin’s amendment is welcome, and I agree wholeheartedly with her last sentence. But this measure will not *prevent* harm: it will reduce the risk of harm. What level of risk, in this area, is an acceptable one?

  52. Ross says:

    All this about the Gillian martin amendment..

    What are the actual criteria for REFUSING a GRC?

    It’s never been spelled out that I can see. Therefore how can they back up a risk based(?) Refusal??

    If they can fill out a form they become a women, unless… ?

    Ridiculous. Personalities are not sex.

  53. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    I request a correction to the list of eternal shame. MSP for Stirling, Evelyn Tweed, contemptible Woko Haram handmaiden has been omitted.
    My MSP but I didn’t fucking vote for her.

  54. Republicofscotland says:

    Those SNP rapist/paedo promoters are quick to back this, but snub utterly our way out of the union via collapsing Holyrood, allowing perverts and rapists into women and children’s safe spaces is far more important to them than Scottish independence.

    Scots must now back the Alba party at every turn, lets show these pervert promoters that they won’t be re-elected.

  55. Socrates MacSporran says:

    To be fair to Burns’ ‘Parcel o’ Rogues’ by their actions in 1707 they sold Scotland down the river into English hands, but, at least they were recompenced for their treachery in monetary terms.

    That bunch of wankers who voted through the GRA nonsense last night will have nothing to show for their treachery except the eternal contempt of any right-thinking Scot.

    They are as big a disgrace as their 18th century predecessors.

  56. Daisy Walker says:

    I keep coming back to the word ‘wicked’. Deeply, deeply, deeply wicked. And so obviously so.

    I think it very unlikely I will ever be able to vote SNP again… not even for Alex.

    And as for Joanna Cherry and Angus Macneil… fine words won’t cut it anymore.

    It’s your party, in your name… given you haven’t managed to change it from within, there does come a point where you have to change buses.

  57. David Holden says:

    Next election for me out in the sticks will be fun as it is likely I will have nobody to vote for as my MSP Jenni Minto has just excluded herself and can’t vote for a yoon and as for the creepy Greens I would sooner eat worms. Unless Alba or Isp gain traction and run in Argyll and Bute I am homeless on polling day. Westminster hardly knows we exist and Holyrood at times wishes we didn’t needing ferries and the like. From election agent for the SNP at polling stations to this in a few short years. I can only hope the collapse of the SNP is fast enough to let me see independence in the time I have left.

  58. Desimond says:

    I remember years and years ago talking to a friend and trying to get him onside with the YES argument and at the time Salmonds SNP who were pushing onwards and upwards.

    He was open to the idea but I remember him cautiously saying “Its fine to be strong SNP in Opposition, I will wait and watch what they do when actually granted power..could be a different animal”

    Its a whole different Zoo now!

  59. akenaton says:

    Well Stuart, that is a very good start to what I was advocating in the previous thread, but these people are very confident that they have the ewes and gimmers trotting happily behind them. When confronted either by letter or in person they openly laugh and ridicule.
    We must find ways of widening our platform to rid ourselves of this pestilence. Independence must be put on the back burner and our weight and strength must be used to expose what is really happening in Scotland, as without wiping the slate clean, Independence will be a disgusting sham, politically and socially.

  60. PB says:

    Androgyny has been used to destroy empires and nations for millennia.

    It wouldn’t have mattered if this bill had been stopped, it simply would have been reworded and pumped through on repeat until it passed.

    I often wonder how many of our ‘elected officials’ have woken up somewhere with a polaroid on their chest and a new master to serve, quite a few it would seem…

  61. Ruby says:

    Andy Ellis says:
    21 December, 2022 at 9:56 am

    We have to put clear water between those of us who are rational, who believe in science and who will not accept the diktats of the odious TRA extremists and their apologists.

    If you believe in science you must believe that human beings cannot change sex.

    I don’t see the Alba party calling for the repeal of the GRA 2004
    Alba party have nothing to offer me with regards to women’s rights.
    They also have the problem of high profile member Craig Murray.

  62. panda paws says:

    Petition to amend the Equality Act to make it clear protected characteristic of sex refers to biological sex now at just over 50k signatures. Needs 100k to be debated at Westminster. Start signing

  63. Scotsrenewables says:


    “Anyone who does obtain a GRC will need to live as their acquired gender for the rest of their life – and could face prosecution if they do not”

    So transitioning is to be made easy, but detransitioning is to be criminalised?


  64. Ross says:

    There is no good about this.

    However one thing it does do is distinguishe real women from fake ones.

    My sister and mother don’t have a GRC, they patently don’t need one.

    It’s only fake ones that will have it. It’s a literal asterisk.

    In some ways the documents proves the lie rather than disproves it.

    Doesn’t help women though

  65. Stevie says:

    Your most important piece ever.

  66. panda paws says:

    “It’s all very well for Joanna Cherry to say this is a matter of conscience for her, and to appear at and speak at today’s demo outside Holyrood, but action on her part would have a far greater impact. Stand down and provoke a bye election, join Alba or stand as an independent.”

    They’ll do everything to prevent her being the SNP candidate in the next Westminster election so frankly she has nothing to lose by resigning the SNP whip now.

  67. JockMcT says:

    Does anyone recognise half of those names, who are these people. They don’t care about Scotland or Independence. Infiltrated? Cored out, gutted more like! The absolute end of a once great party. FFS Fuck off Sturgeon and take your fkn sex pests with you, Pervert!

  68. James Carroll says:

    Rapist loving bastards.

  69. Lekraw says:

    I work with sex offenders. It’s my job.

    That is not something I generally mention or discuss anywhere, for what should be fairly obvious reasons, but I am making an exception here so that people know that this next statement comes from someone who knows what they are talking about:

    The voting down of this entirely sensible amendment is utterly, and I cannot stress this enough, utterly reckless and dangerous. I honestly cannot believe what I am seeing this morning.

    ANYONE who actually believes that sex offenders will not exploit this to gain access to vulnerable women and children, is an outright imbecile who knows NOTHING about them. I can only assume that these idiots have not made the slightest effort to understand the risk posed by these people.

    The average sex offender, in my experience, is extremely manipulative and single minded. I know some who would throw you in front of a moving bus to get access to a child. They will use any and all devious means to get what they want, and the Scottish Government just gave them a wide open door and said; “on you go lads, enjoy”.

    I’m just horrified. This is insanity.

  70. akenaton says:

    The poor response to the petition above, indicates that the SNP retains a strong grip on Scottish politics and don’t think for a moment that they incapable of winning a referendum should the chance arise; but what we have to ask ourselves is can we live even in an independent Scotland. under this vile and tarnished political hierarchy.
    “The people” is a beast of muddy brain that fights for its chains rather than be free”

  71. Lynn says:

    Deeply saddened to see how Annabelle Ewing and Jackson Carlaw voted . This is a blow for sure .

  72. SusanAHF says:

    My feelings exactly Stu. I’m only slightly mollified that my MSP voted for the amendment, but only slightly.

  73. Calum says:

    You can contact your MSP via:

  74. akenaton says:

    Sorry about repeat posts, but remember Sturgeon’s and the Greens paedophile enabling attempt to lower the age of sexual consent to 13 years will shame our country even more deeply.
    Scotland will become a pariah State.

  75. Dramfineday says:

    Well, that’s that then. After nearly a lifetime of support, the straw has broken the camels back. Not one more penny and resigned the membership this morning. Letter to Gordon MacDonald registering my disgust.

    My Wife, daughter in law and two granddaughters now exposed to this tyranny, what a bloody shambles.

  76. Breeks says:

    Daisy Walker says:
    21 December, 2022 at 10:12 am

    …And as for Joanna Cherry and Angus Macneil… fine words won’t cut it anymore.

    Good timing, and I agree.

    We need more than just an address at a Rally Joanna. We need action. We need to halt a rogue in a runaway train.

    Will you PLEASE Joanna lend your skills and experience in law to fortify the actions currently being formulated by SALVO and ALBA to create Constitutional mechanisms whereby Scotland’s Claim of Sovereign Right is respected; respected by both Westminster AND Holyrood?

    While we can fight and rebel against Westminster’s colonial encroachment into the sovereign realm of Scotland, we can also most surely impeach Holyrood and our disgrace of a First Minister. That “ought” to give you a particular satisfaction.

    We need action Joanna. ACTION. Words are getting us nowhere.

    If you believe in Scotland’s Claim of Right, then defend it. Wield it. Weaponise it. Reassert the ascendancy of Scotland’s Claim of Right throughout the Realm of Scotland. We all of us know it will come down to this sooner or later, but for some of us, “sooner” is already upon us.

    I challenge you Joanna Cherry to denounce the Westminster and Holyrood illicit usurpation of Sovereignty over Scotland’s Claim of Right. Stand with us Joanna, stand with SALVO, stand with the SSRG, stand with ALBA or beside ALBA, but stand with those who will defend Scotland’s Constitutional Rights and integrity, do NOT stand with the treacherous dogs attempting to destroy Scotland and our precious Independence.

    We can defeat these usurpers, and we can sweep away their lunatic infractions and colonial encroachment. Join that fight Joanna.

  77. Ruby says:

    Calum says:
    21 December, 2022 at 10:38 am

    You can contact your MSP via:

    What’s the point? It would take more than a letter to get through to these cultists.

    An exorcist might be needed.

  78. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    From now on anyone who posts the same comment multiple times is going straight on the ban list. I’m fucking BUSY, I have better things to do with my time than clean up the mess.

  79. Wilson McBride says:

    We now sit back and wait for the first casualties to come in.

    Maybe the good hearted sex offenders will give it a rest until after the New Year,,,then it’s, GAME ON!!!

    The buck stops with Sturgeon and all those who thought it was a good idea at the time, because it kept their boss happy.

  80. Viscount Ennui says:

    I work with children and young people who are neuro-diverse.
    The most dangerous part of the whole debacle is the ease with which ‘gender-confused’ kids will be permitted to become transgender without fully appreciating the long term consequences.
    Gender confusion is rife in the population with autism and ADHD and is well-documented and properly researched. Social media is very powerful as an influence because youngsters with such difficulties find proportion and perspective very difficult to grasp. They are also prone to extremely rigid thinking.
    The harm that people like Maggie Chapman will do to this vulnerable cohort is unimaginable.
    I predict an increase in suicide as a result of GRCs especially amongst those who ‘transition’ at 16/17 and then regret what they have cemented as a long-term personal attribute into their lives. It is very hard to pull back from such a committment when you reach 20 or later.
    The almost universal rejection of ‘medical’ involvement by that squalid bunch of parish councillors at Holyrood demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of such professionals and this includes the assessment of complexity in understanding and treating those with true gender dysphoria or those who are gender-confused.
    So for all the understandable concerns that there may be about sex offenders etc, the greatest casualties may occur in young people who assert their right to change gender at an age when no definitive decisoons should ever be made.
    Changing gender is not the same as getting a tatoo.
    The minimum age for getting a tatto is 18 without parental consent.
    So it has now become easier to transition that to paint your body.
    Well done Maggie Chapman.

  81. Liz says:

    Scotsrenewables says:
    21 December, 2022 at 9:35 am
    ‘I understand the SG backed another proposed amendment by SNP MSP Gillian Martin that would mean anyone convicted of a sexual offence who wants to apply for a GRC will need to be fully risk assessed.

    If the risk is thought to be too high, their application could be refused.’

    Just wondering how they will know? Imagine – A rapist fills in a form to apply for a GRC. Fails to mention they have been convicted for sex crimes. Pretty sure Registrar doesn’t have facility to check police records for all applicants or get police to check each applicant. Too much work involved in that especially if applications increase exponentially.

  82. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “TBQH Stu, Kate should be added to your hall of shame.
    The supposedly good christian girl could have quite easily voted remotely, but chose not to.”

    I did make that point in the piece, but at least she didn’t actively vote it down.

  83. Ella says:

    Ironically, women will now be safer using the men’s public toilets as the only men they will encounter there are regular straight guys or regular gay guys as all the “pervs” are in the ladies loos peeing on the seats!

  84. Milady says:

    I’m angry that Jackson Carlaw abstained on several key votes especially this and the Michelle Thompson one. I wrote to him as a constituent and he gave a reasonable, and measured, response from which I felt it was clear he would always err on the side of safety for women. He lied. Given his fellow Tories were all clear on it I wonder why Jackson abstained…family pressure perhaps?

  85. akenaton says:

    Cherry is no more worthy of trust than Mrs Murrell.
    These people have only one overreaching agenda.

  86. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “It’s not often I disagree with Stu but I don’t think Jamie Greene and Jackson Carlaw should be in the ‘Roll of Honour’ section.”

    They’re absolutely not included, they’re mentioned as EXCEPTIONS to the Tories who are.

  87. Gillian Martin says,

    `My GRR amendments allowing Police Scotland to stop sex offenders gaining a GRC on the basis of RISK have just PASSED`

    bit confussed.

  88. Doug says:

    So-called gender reform is obviously Sturgeon’s no.1 priority, way above any notion of wanting independence. When all the GRA crap has gone through I believe Sturgeon will walk – citing illness or family reasons – eventually into the arms of a cushy well-paid job with the UN or EU or similar. She will leave chaos in her wake but at least she will leave.

  89. Cenchos says:

    A troubling area of the GRA/ GRC is the issue of retrospectivity, an issue that seems to be a recurring wish-list item for the nuSNP under Sturgeon.

  90. Andy Ellis says:

    I wrote to my MSP Angus Robertson:

    “Dear Angus,

    I’m writing to you to express my outrage at your decision to vote against Russell Findlay’s amendment in last night’s Holyrood vote which would have prevented registered sex offenders from being able to self-ID under the proposed GRR Bill. You should be deeply ashamed of your vote and your party’s stance on this legislation.

    As a constituent, I will never vote for any party supporting this legislation. As a former SNP member who left the party at least in part because of its stance on the issue of gender and your shameful, misogynistic approach to it as evidenced by your treatment of Joanna Cherry and others within the party, I can assure you that I will do everything in my power to ensure that you and your party are not re-elected.

    As the estimable Roddy Dunlop tweeted last night: “At some point, there will be a reckoning. And the 62 will have to explain what in the name of all that is holy meant that they needed to give a near instant right to someone *standing trial for rape* to require universal legal recognition that they are a woman.”

    You and all your colleagues who voted with you on this and on the rest of the Bill should hang your heads in shame. The electoral reckoning WILL come Angus, and hopefully soon. If only you and your party leadership had the political courage to precipitate immediate plebiscitary elections at Holyrood rather than tear the independence movement apart with such deeply misogynistic legislation which is opposed by the overwhelming majority of Scots voters.

    Yours in disgust…”

    I wonder if he will answer?

  91. Ross says:

    Milady I got a carlaw newsletter through the door recently and it seemed he was supportive of the GRC, from memory.

  92. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Todd and Tweed added. It was a very time-consuming piece written late at night, I was bound to miss a couple.

  93. Ottomanboi says:

    Effectively, independence has been mugged and «screwed» by the militant «homosexualists» tendency.
    In their self righteousness they are little different from Taliban, Islamic State and, to give historic local color, John Knox and wrecking crew.
    These people bring the concept of «rule of law» into disrepute for plainly certain laws have asses ears. They test tolerance, «live and let live» to the point of destruction.
    By the way, the Earth is still an oblate spheroid, for the moment.

  94. Colin Alexander says:

    Not surprised to see my SNP MSP in the list of shame.

    I figured out years ago he was a waste of votes. A charlatan. A joke. A gravy train colonial administrator

    But he’s sunk to a new low to please the First Minister betrayer.

  95. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Gillian Martin says,

    `My GRR amendments allowing Police Scotland to stop sex offenders gaining a GRC on the basis of RISK have just PASSED`

    bit confussed.”

    Keep up:

  96. Ruairidh says:

    This is always what “both votes SNP” was for. Imagine this going through if there had been a fistful of ALBA or ISP MSPs?

    It has been clear for a while now that our political parties, judiciary and media are corrupt (in all senses of the word). They need cleaned out and rebuilt, which is no quick job.

    The thing is, if we address those local to us (in Scotland) we have a chance. The desperation for control that we so regularly see up here shows you that – Boris and his ilk never give a fuck what we think.

    It is a long road, but we start now by supporting Common Weal, Alba, Salvo, etc. … and by gathering to protest!

  97. Skip_NC says:

    I suppose it’s too late for opponents of this legislation to self-ID as MSPs today, walk into the chamber and vote against all this nonsense.

    Yes, I know it’s a fantasy. It’s healthy to have one or two of those.

  98. David McA says:

    Last night the Parliamentary Christmas Carol service was cancelled to enable this debate, and the debate went on until the lights went out. Just about sums up where this government is taking our country. The cancellation of our Christian heritage, until the lights go out on the country, and we are left in darkness, not knowing who we are or where we are going. So sad.

  99. akenaton says:

    “`My GRR amendments allowing Police Scotland to stop sex offenders gaining a GRC on the basis of RISK have just PASSED`”

    Hasen’t Mrs Hurrell recently acquired Police Scotland? I think it’s part of her “portfolio”

  100. Allium says:

    Thank you for writing this important piece, for memorialising this betrayal. Can’t say any more than that, my contempt for these people is too great.

  101. Ruby says:

    Ella says:
    21 December, 2022 at 10:50 am

    Ironically, women will now be safer using the men’s public toilets as the only men they will encounter there are regular straight guys or regular gay guys as all the “pervs” are in the ladies loos peeing on the seats!

    I agree with that. Not sure how the men will like it. I suppose it will be OK if we don’t stare & take photos.

    Pee on the seats is the least of the worries.

    Some women pee on the seats because they don’t want to sit on the seat.

    Look out for pervs with cameras, flashers & masturbators who get off just listening to women pee.

    Their sticky mess is a lot more disgusting than some pee.

    Don’t dare challenge anyone who is in the ladies toilet even if you think they are a man and in the wrong toilet.

  102. Calum says:

    Yeah, I know I’m probably wasting my time but FWIW this is the letter I’m sending to my MSP who is on the list of shame above:

    Dear ,

    Yesterday the Scottish Parliament voted on amendments to the GRA bill currently passing through the body.

    (I will not comment on the bill itself other than to note that it is terrible legislation, deeply unpopular with the electorate and legalises the fantasy that human beings can change sex.)

    Russell Findlay MSP proposed an amendment to the bill that would prevent sex offenders from exploiting the obviously exploitable self ID process.

    There is absolutely no justification in voting down this amendment – you should be utterly ashamed of your actions as you have directly enabled sex offending in Scotland.

    I am struggling to express my abhorrence to this act in polite language.

    I voted SNP since I was legally able to cast a vote. I was a fee paying member of the party from Sep 19th 2014 until June 2020. (There were other contributing reasons to my leaving the party but this pursuit of self ID insanity was a major one.)

    I spoiled my ballot in the 2021 Holyrood election rather than give it to my SNP candidate. Rest assured that after the actions of the party yesterday I will NEVER vote for you again or give a penny of my money to it. There are many thousands like me.

    As a life long supporter of Scottish independence it pains me deeply to make such statements but the SNP have become the biggest impediment Scotland has to regaining its status as an independent country.

    I hope the expenses and pension were worth it.

    Yours sincerely,

  103. Tinto Chiel says:

    Struggling to control my disgust but three cheers for Stephanie Callaghan for resisting The Cult in my ex-branch and voting to protect women and girls. She trudged the streets with the rest of us to try to gain our independence but she’s now in the wrong party, in my opinion.

    My thoughts on the likes of McKelvie et al are pretty much unprintable.

    Probably your strongest piece yet, Rev. Let’s hope it brings some people to their senses before it’s too late.

  104. Flower of Scotland says:

    All I can see is that the Tories are now the good guys?? Come on people, this is pure British State work behind the scenes. The British State is scuppering any chance that the SNP will win the next election.
    There is NO way that I will vote for a Tory, Labour or LibDem Candidate. They are British Nationalists. WE will have to replace this SNP, or at least it’s leader and her cabal.

    The man that actually did get us over the 50% YES in the IndyRef has been attacked and smeared. Great job by the British!

    See through it all for what it is! There are NO Tories worth voting for even if you think that they’re coming to save woman, they are not!!

  105. Astonished says:

    What Calum just said.

    And I am sick of McNeil and Cherry pretending that they can change things. They give Sturgeon a semblance of reasonableness.

  106. Bill Cochrane says:

    OK email off to Elena Witham stating my confusion as to why she voted against this particular amendment. She also now knows that if the bill is voted through today she has lost my vote and the party has lost my membership. 52 years I have voted for the SNP and cannot believe I could come to this decision. I am angry beyond belief at this suicidal lunacy in pursuing this course of action.

  107. Morag says:

    I’m literally crying here. There are three women in that first list whom I have campaigned for, vigorously, believing they were committed to the cause of independence and generally good eggs otherwise.

    It’s like a nightmare you can’t wake up from. I wrote to Christine Grahame begging her to take the side of women and got a bland boilerplate reply that made it obvious that, despite signing that letter to the Herald a couple of years ago, she had decided to lick Sturgeon’s arse.

    I feel literally sick.

  108. K1 says:

    We do what we did in 2015, we wipe them off the map of Scotland. In Holyrood and Westminster. I’ve always been torn wrt ‘who else do we vote for, certainly not red, blue or yellow tories’.

    Now? I could give one flying fuck about independence. Until the SNP are wiped, until the end of eternity I’d rather stay in the UK than live in a country where the population is now de facto dismissed as transphobic and hateful because they don’t agree with a bunch of self serving fucking nut jobs who have taken over our parliament.

    I will not vote for the SNP again. All toward Alba now, all spoilt ballots. Anyone who votes for this party going forward is now supporting this legislation against the explicit will of the Scottish people.

    Fuck them all.

    The end.

  109. Peter says:

    Mac says.
    Folk need to wake up to what so called woke policies are really a front for.

  110. highlander says:

    both votes snp…..what a mess

  111. david mcpherson says:


  112. SusanAHF says:

    Slightly off topic, but connected: I think there is good cause to RAISE the age of consent, voting etc to 21. Scientific studies suggest the brain is still maturing until the early twenties.

  113. Ottomanboi says:

    «THE SNP’s new Westminster leader Stephen Flynn has pledged to make Scotland’s voice heard in London, but said radical actions such as “walking out the chamber on a weekly basis” will not achieve the aims of the party.»

    Bums on Westminster seats has done so much to achieve those aims?

  114. Ruairidh says:

    Should we give up on independence based on this?

    I reckon the Sturgeon cabal have actually slipped into showing us the true import of independence; you don’t like the way this is going – you have someone to complain to who is actually affected. You stay in the UK and Labour or Lib Dems impose this … what then?

    As I said earlier, the Tories are the only ones talking sense here simply because “both votes SNP” stopped the others getting in. But at least we got that “no ifs, no buts” referendum, eh?

    Don’t be fooled into thinking the Tories (and all the other English parties and media) care one jot about what we actually need up here. They have a completely different agenda (more heavily skewed to asset stripping) and they can and will continue to act with impunity, as we have no hold over them.

  115. Chas says:

    I have never actually met a ‘trans woman’ (is that the correct wording) in real life and I have not lived a sheltered existence.

    I tend to leave ‘each to their own’ however, if I ever come across a trans woman, who even tries to give me, or my family, abuse or cause harm, they might regret it.

    I shall leave it at that.

  116. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Thanks for amending the list to include Evelyn Tweed.
    A necessary correction as Scotland’s only woman’s prison is in HER constituency.
    The vulnerable female prisoners who will undoubtedly be raped and sexually abused as a result of Tweed’s dogmatic zealotry / unprincipled career self promotion (takes yer pick) should weigh forever on her nonexistent, sociopathic conscience.

  117. Big Jock says:

    Any reasonable law abiding citizen would not have hesitated in allowing this amendment.

    That they haven’t, the only conclusion that can be drawn. Is that there are sinister forces at work in our parliament and society.

    We need these enablers removed.

  118. Argentocoxos says:

    I came across this last night….
    Where we are & where we’re headed unless we ‘get a grip’

  119. Ottomanboi says:

    SusanAHF 11:41
    Im under 21 and can assure you my brain is very mature.
    Experience of the less pleasants aspects of being alive helps significantly towards maturity.
    People in the west live comparatively sheltered lives. Kids are over protected and screened from encountering the difficult.
    A bit of «hurt» and stress, like bacteria and viruses, stoke systemic immunity.

  120. Dorothy Devine says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of lost seats.

    I find it puzzling that the health secretary would vote for any part of this bill as I assume many of the Muslim faith voted for him. It will deny Muslim women access to swimming pools , public loos and indeed any female only space for fear of some fella in a frock occupying that treasured space. Maybe their menfolk will turn out to be greater protectors than the MSPs and take action on their behalf.

    Bye , bye SNP and Greens.

  121. Calum says:

    Got a reply within half an hour – almost as if he was expecting such letters and had a response prepared…

    Thank you for taking the time to contact me.

    Shona Robison MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Housing and Local Government addressed this matter in the Chamber of the Scottish Parliament last night.

    Ms Robison stated:

    “As I set out to the committee at stage 2, before the bill is commenced, the Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Veterans will introduce regulations to amend the sex offender notification requirements so that people who are on the register are required to notify the police with details if they apply for legal gender recognition. That will mean that additional information will be available to help to identify an individual and inform their subsequent management under the multi-agency public protection arrangements, or MAPPA.

    “That will allow action to be taken either in relation to the application itself, if necessary, or as part of the broader police role in managing the registered sex offender population. If the police believe that an application is fraudulent, they could apply, as a person with an interest, to a sheriff to revoke a GRC. Alternatively, the registrar general, if informed by Police Scotland, could reject such an application following a successful application to the sheriff, meaning that the applicant would be denied a GRC. That means that it will be possible to prevent someone who is on the sex offenders register from fraudulently obtaining a GRC.”

    In response to Russell Findlay MSP, Ms Robison went on the clarify:

    “I was just going to come on to the provisions in the bill having to be compatible with the ECHR. I cannot share the detailed legal advice that I have received, but I think that Russell Findlay would acknowledge that I was very clear with him and others when I thought that amendments were outwith the competence of the Parliament or in breach of the ECHR.

    “The letter, which was sent to members at about 19:41 last night, was to put beyond doubt that those amendments would put the bill in jeopardy, because we all have a duty, as legislators making good law.”

    I am sure you would agree that it is crucial that any legislation is competent and compatible with ECHR.

    I hope this response reassures you that steps are being taken to address your concerns.

    You can view the full exchange here:

  122. Shug says:

    I understand labour will support the act and allow the SNP the glory

    I wonder why they would do that

  123. Willie says:

    My priority for Scotland is to get these SNP scum bags gone. They deliver nothing on independence, impede it in fact, and the introduction of legislation like the GRC is just criminal.

    Like the Named Person legislation ruled illegal by the Supreme Court, this legislation is going to come unstuck big time. And truly a scandal the damage that it will do to our society.

    Not difficult to see now how the people’s party are clearing the parliamentary public benches threatening arrest, and how they have set up anti people exclusion zones round the parliament.

    But you know what. These scum live in our community. They don’t live, or at least not yet, behind armoured fortresses. Nor do they, like detested politicians in other states have the right to carry handguns. Of course Sturgeon’s close protection squad do.

    Hopefully these bastards that are putting woman at risk, turning our society upside down will be voted out. But they are playing an offensive game and they arrogantly spit in the face of orthodox public opinion at their peril.

  124. Mr Jones says:

    Now I understand why Nicola Sturgeon keeps shouting “No more Tories!”

    [Silly me, I thought it was because she was a unionist plant when she did it very intensely on the eve of indyref1, when every vote counted.]

  125. James Che says:

    Rev stu,

    Scotland has not had a Scottish parliament since 1707,

    We have a Westminster legislated devolved parliament from london.

  126. Peter says:

    The Glinner Update
    Sign in
    This Never Happens
    Except it does. All the time.

    May 27
    Men, as a class, pose a danger to women, as a class. That is an unequivocal fact. And male offending patterns are not altered by ‘gender identity’.

    Whenever women protest the inclusion of trans-identified males in our spaces, we’re shouted down and dismissed as transphobes and hysterics. There is no risk, we’re in no danger, this never happens, we’re constantly told. When we produce evidence to the contrary, we’re accused of bigotry and of demonising trans people. We cannot win.

    Twitter avatar for @glosswitch
    Victoria Smith
    Feminists are constantly caught between “that never happens” and “you’re using that one example of it happening to spread hate”, with an occasional dash of “you have so many examples of it happening you’re just obsessed”
    7:30 AM ? Sep 25, 2022
    The point is that men can pose a threat to women and children however they ‘identify’ and women have every reason to fear male violence. Since it’s impossible to tell which males are harmless and which are not, basic safeguarding means we exclude all males from women’s spaces. Even the ones who claim to ‘identify as women’. The list below demonstrates that we are right to do so.

    It is far from an exhaustive list – these are just some examples of which I’m aware – but there are a lot of names on it. Look how easily violent, dangerous males can claim a trans identity and be believed, accommodated and enabled. I’d like to ask all those shouting at us to be ‘inclusive’, how many victims do you deem acceptable collateral damage for prioritising male feelings over women’s safety?

    With each case described in more detail below, here are 122 examples of trans-identified males who have raped, assaulted, abused and/or murdered women and/or children. The thing that never happens…

    Karen White, Katie Dolatowski, Jessica Winfield, Tara Desousa, Janiah Monroe, Kristen Lukess, Lisa Hauxwell, Laken McKay, Aliea Rose Brown, Paula Witherspoon, Davina Ayrton, Johanna Wolf, Hanna Tubbs, Christopher Hambrook, Dakota Nieves, Tarah Jo Morgan, Marie Dean, Jessica Brennan, Rachel Smith, Marcia Walker, Synthia China Blast, Michelle Winter, Paris Bregazzi, Melissa Wilson, Barbie Kardashian, Jessica Smith, Wolfgang Schmidtd, Chloe Thompson, Denen Anderson, Kadence Pinder, Beth Hannay, Leah Harvey, Julie Marshall, Blaine Maney, Amber Thorden, Babs Longmire, Rachel Fenton, Jorven Seren, Claire Goodier, Kim Marie Johannson, Steven Hayes, Jacinta Brooks, Alexander Eshawn Lions, Ashley Winter, Steph Ricciardi, Vicky Green, Ella Davies, Melissa Addis, Madilyn Harks, Jessica Marie Hann, Michelle Martinez, Nicole Summers, Shauna Patricia Smith, Evelyn Young, Claire Goodier, Allison Woolbert, Nur Ahmed, Vyvyenne Ward, Laura McCann, Lisa Jones, Rayne Aloysius Constantine Rose Bennett, Louise Foord, Robert Glanowski, Joshua Bate, Alyssa Celusta, Sora Kuykendall, Lydia Helena Vision, Ava Jones, Alex Ray Scott, Diego Melendez, Paris Green, Tiffany Scott, Zoe Lynes, Vicky Green, Pauline Long, Chloe Walker, Toni Prince, Lana Laws, Christyl Knight, Carrie Cooper, Jasmine Hill, Nicola Florida, Dawn Love, Stacey Pool, Alexis Herschell, Scarlet Shadows, Karen Louise Lawson, Nicola Cope, Gina Owen, Kayleigh Louise Woods, Claire Darbyshire, Kira Leverton, Kathleen Carpenter, Donna Perry, Karen Jones, Carol Lea, Michelle Lewin, Alanna Nicole Partin, Yostin Murillo, Peter Selby, Wendy Jones, Rose Whitby, Daryl Graves, Diana Guevara, Jason Croker, Jody Matthew Burke, Patricia Trimble, Klaus T, Sally Dixon, Milan Wash, Adree Edmo, Jayden Dean, Paul Denyer, Bruno Meirelles, Pandora Electra, Robert Gordon Cummins, Danielle Rose Gemini, Amber McLaughlin, Brooke Lyn Sonia, Nonnie Lotusflower and Tianne Miller

    Karen White (UK)
    (Formerly known as Stephen Wood and David Thompson)

    White is a double rapist with previous convictions for indecent assault and gross indecency with a child. When on remand he was housed in a women’s prison where he sexually assaulted the female inmates.

    Xena Grandichelli (USA)
    (Formerly know as Jeffrey Willsea)

    Xena Grandichelli pleaded guilty to first-degree sexual abuse and aggravated second-degree sexual abuse (eleven counts in total) of a 3-year-old girl. He was sentenced to 59 years and began identifying as trans while incarcerated.

    On his release he became a much-platformed and lauded trans activist and he volunteered for AVP, the ‘largest anti-LGBTQ violence organization in the country’.

    Rebecca Louise Ormrod (UK)
    (Formerly known as Robert Ormrod)

    Robert Ormrod subjected a young girl to seven years of abuse when she was aged between eight and fourteen. He was convicted of six counts of rape, sexual assault and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. Ormrod now ‘identifies as a woman’ and calls himself Rebecca Louise.

    Kristen Lukess (UK)
    (Formerly known as Mark Turton)

    Mark Turton was convicted of two counts of raping an underage child. While incarcerated he began ‘identifying as female’ and changed his name to Kristen Lukess. On release from prison, he concealed his crimes to live with a woman and her 11-year-old child.

    Lisa Hauxwell (UK)
    (Formerly known as Craig Hauxwell)

    Lisa Hauxwell was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment for two rapes and seven indecent assaults which were described by police as ‘horrendous’.

    Katie Dolatowski (UK)

    In February 2018 Katie Dolatowski filmed a 12-year-old-girl who was using the toilet in a female bathroom at a supermarket in Dunfermline. A month later, he sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl in the women’s toilets at a supermarket in Kirkcaldy. He grabbed the terrified child by the face, forced her into a cubicle and ordered her to take off her clothes, threatening to stab her if she did not comply.

    He pleaded guilty to voyeurism and sexual assault charges and was given a three-year community payback order, placed on the sex offenders register and banned from having any contact with children. In 2019, Dolatowski was back in court twice accused of deleting the internet history on his phone and then of making ‘alarming’ internet searches.

    In 2022 it was revealed that Dolatowski had been accommodated in a domestic violence refuge for vulnerable women and children after he tricked the centre’s staff by using a false name and pretending to be an abuse victim to gain access.

  127. Ruby says:

    Shug says:
    21 December, 2022 at 12:38 pm

    I understand labour will support the act and allow the SNP the glory

    I wonder why they would do that

    Perhaps because it’s the policy of the Labour Party.
    Any future Labour Government will bring in this legislation.

    What can we do?

    In the event of Scotland ever being Independent would you vote for or against a Gender Recognition Act which would allowed people to change sex? Yes/No?

  128. DaveL says:

    At the recent Alba conference a question was asked concerning civil disobedience. I think it was along the lines of, is it appropriate? if so when and what form should it take?

    Kenny MacAskill answered and as far as I remember replied that yes, it was a viable option but the problem was it must be around a single important issue and that that single issue must unite a majority of people in order for it to be effective. He mentioned the poll tax as an example.

    Well Kenny, if you’re reading this here’s the single issue that does unite a great majority of Scots.

    Alba, ISP and any other parties, organisations and unions should in my opinion be jumping on this right now. Get your high heid yins, members and supporters together to come up with a plan that will unite all sane Scots and rid this country of the poisonous blight that aflicts it, the SNP and the UK government.

    My immediate thoughts for the form of disobedience this should take (I have’nt considered it in any detail re the GRR Bill) would be refusal of jury service. Why this? Because I seriously considered it when I was called to jury service about six months ago. My reasons at that time will be obvious to anyone aware of the political and malicious prosecutions that are now part of Scottish life. As it happened I did’nt have to make a choice because I was’nt selected.

    That’s one idea, I’m sure there’ll be others, better and far effective.

  129. Stuart MacKay says:

    Here’s an interesting quote from

    “Contrary to what many people believe, there is no centrally held register of sex offenders in England and Wales.”

    From this,, it seems that monitoring offenders is a devolved process.

    So the devil would appear to be in the details. I’m sure the guardians of the law in Holyrood will have thoroughly researched this.

  130. Liz says:

    Sturgeon has sold her soul to the devil.
    The rest of the spineless creeps think they’re saving their careers.
    I agree about Kate whatshername, is also shameful.
    She could have pressed a button from her home and chose not to.

    All of them need booted put.
    I like the CoR idea impeach the bastards

  131. Ian Brotherhood says:

    UK Column has just highlighted what happened last night. (From approx 12 mins onwards – the whole episode will be viewable later this afternoon.) Mhairi Hunter even gets a mention.

    If there’s an upside to all of this it may be that Scots are much more aware of what’s going on than other Brits. (Kind of like the Poll Tax I suppose.)

  132. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “UK Column has just highlighted what happened last night. (From approx 12 mins onwards – the whole episode will be viewable later this afternoon.) Mhairi Hunter even gets a mention.”

    That doesn’t seem to be rewindable.

  133. Breeks says:

    Calum says:
    21 December, 2022 at 12:24 pm

    Ms Robison stated:

    “As I set out to the committee at stage 2, before the bill is commenced, the Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Veterans will introduce regulations to amend the sex offender notification requirements so that people who are on the register are required to notify the police with details if they apply for legal gender recognition….

    But meanwhile, these same perverts can simply waltz into female toilets and changing rooms simply by self-IDing themselves as women, and any “real” woman who questions that or objects can be wheeled into Court and prosecuted under Hate Crime legislation, and brought before one of Sturgeon’s cracked judges like Dorrian or Haldane.

  134. Ruby says:

    What would happen if someone with a GRC did commit a sexual offence would they have their GRC withdrawn?

    What would happen if that person had been diagnosed with ‘gender dysphoria’ and hadn’t gained a GRC through self-id but through the unreformed GRA 2004?

    This is all completely mental.

    The only solution is NO SEX CHANGES.

    Sign this if you agree.

  135. Morag says:

    I came across this last night….
    Where we are & where we’re headed unless we ‘get a grip’

    Interesting article, thanks.

  136. Stuart MacKay says:

    Any chance there will be a full run down of all the amendments to the bill and hence the full extent of the disconnect between our political class and reality.

    For example, there was another amendment to prevent men charged with a sex crime from applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate before their trial. That got voted down.

    You couldn’t make this up.

  137. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Rev (1.29) –

    That’s because it’s live. But the full broadcast will be uploaded later, probably about 4-ish. As well as that link it will also be available via Odysee.

  138. James Che says:

    The question must be asked can a Westminster legislated devolved government from London make Scots law?

    It must be remembered that this is not a Scottish parliament, is it legal for SNPs acting under Westminster legislation and statues to apply laws for a Scottish people only within in the equalities Bill of UK.

  139. Ruby says:

    Stuart MacKay says:

    For example, there was another amendment to prevent men charged with a sex crime from applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate before their trial. That got voted down.

    I seem to be on a different page from everyone else & coming across as a bit of a party pooper. Could be because I’m less well informed than everyone else. Feel free to help educate me.

    Am I correct in saying:
    In order to gain a GRC men are required to ‘live as women’ for 6 months before gaining their GRC and 2 years in England.

    What does it matter if a sex offender has or doesn’t have a GRC? What you would need is to deny them the right to ‘live as a woman’. How can you live as a woman in a men’s jail.

    Neither Eddie Izzard or India Willoughby have GRCs. They are just ‘living as women’

    If off now to buy some nice lingerie in ‘Agent Provocateur’ just in case I am required to prove I’m ‘living as a woman’. As it stands I really don’t know if I would pass the test.

  140. Breeks says:

    Ruairidh says:
    21 December, 2022 at 11:49 am
    Should we give up on independence based on this?

    I say no Ruairidh. We don’t give up, we exhort ourselves to try even harder.

    This whole sabotage of the SNP, selling out the Claim of Right, smearing Alex Salmond and stitching him up as a sex offender, dividing and dismantling the YES Movement and trying to jail as many YES activists as possible, squandering the outrage that was Scotland’s Brexit subjugation, and the whole infiltration of Transgender bullshit is, without doubt an orchestrated campaign to destroy Scottish Independence and wreck Scotland’s constitutional rights and integrity for ever.

    The way Scotland defeats this insurrection and treachery from Sturgeon and her chums, is to secure Independence in spite of these treacherous turncoat bastards. We see their sworded crooked objective, some of us have actually seen it for a long time, and we defeat their dirty conniving objective by powering through to Independence by any means necessary, and the Claim of Right, god willing, will deliver Scotland from the clutches of their evil.

    The enemies of Scotland, including Sturgeon, want Scotland’s future determined by Westminster. They want the Scottish Assembly bound hand and foot, and codified to be inferior to Westminster, to also be inferior to the UK’s Supreme Court, and they insist that Scotland’s parameters of action are contained inside the Scotland Act. This is brazen colonialism and an attempted constitutional insurrection which which must be defeated.

    The Scotland Act is ONLY the duplicitous constitution of the Holyrood assembly, that is masquerading as though it was the ruling constitution of our Nation. It is NOT. The “power” is professes to have is an illusion.

    Neither the Westminster Parliament, the Vichy Holyrood Parliament, the Scotland Act, the UK Supreme Court, nor even the latest King of England are sovereign in the Realm of Scotland, NONE OF THEM, because throughout the Realm of Scotland it is the Scottish people, and us alone, who are sovereign in the Realm of Scotland.

    Long live the Claim of Right and Scotland’s sovereign Constitution!

    If you haven’t already done so, get yourself, friends and family signed up to SALVO and Liberation.Scot

    Let us end this eight year long curse of Nicola Sturgeon and do it by defeating her Benedict Arnold style betrayal of Scotland.

  141. James Che says:

    This is surely a matter for the Uk government to say No to the gender bill, as the devolved government is UK. By statue and legislation.

  142. Lorna Campbell says:

    Dear God, how can these creatures sleep at night? ‘Trans’ fer your vote to ALBA or another independence party – not the f*****g Greens – and don’t let independence die. These people will regret the day they voted this stuff through. Go for deselection if you can, or transfer your vote. Campaign against by posting their names all over Scotland. Some, at least, of these MSPs will stand down before the next SE and skip off into the sunset clutching their gold-plated pension pot, but we know who they are, and we will find them again when this all goes belly-up. They are disgusting, self-serving sycophants to an ideology that no one except a few mentally-ill people actually believe in. THEY KNOW IT IS UTTER NONSENSE. Follow the money by following your MSP. Check which lucrative boards they are on. Don’t believe a word if they try to tell you this is international best practice and they absolutely have to do it. It is all lies. They have chosen to do it.

  143. Harry McAye says:

    Tinto Chief – McKelvie is scum and was so even before this.

  144. PhilM says:

    Just had a quick look at what Robison said in the context of the debate and how the safeguards against fraudulent GRC applications are supposed to work…but I can see a number of problems straightaway. Will write more later.
    What I will say here is that the safeguards put a lot of faith in various systems that do not work well in practice right now. The extra burden involved in policing fraudulent GRC applications will not lighten the burden…obviously.

  145. Ian Brotherhood says:

    All feels a bit Charlton Heston ‘Damn You All To Hell!’

    Hard to add to the comments thus far without writing something which will have Scotland’s Finest at my door before the day’s out.

    At least they’re all out there in plain view, sides have been taken and we all know where we stand.

    So, as my late and much-missed gran was wont to say from time to time, ‘Gloves aff ya bastirts!’

  146. Liz says:

    Scotland is now in the middle of the Lord of the Flies.
    The mad lunatic spoilt brat weans have taken over.

    We will prevail and I now want to see Sturgeon jailed, preferably sharing a cell with a hairy balled TIM

  147. Graf Midgehunter says:

    I’m late to the party because of work commitments but I endorse what the Rev wrote.

    Every one of them should be sent a yellow ribbon for the chicken failure to fight FOR women.

    Each of them should get a personal “White Feather” for the absolute cowardice to uphold the rights of all biological women.

  148. Andy Ellis says:

    Further to a discussion on Twitter and the piece by Micheal Foran on the UK Constitutional Law blog it’s worth pointing out that a GRC changes a person’s sex “for all purposes” with certain exceptions.

    One of the exceptions is for hereditary peerages.

    MSPs just voted against an exception for rapists though.

    Let the moral bankruptcy of that sink in for a moment….

    Micheal Foran also pointed out that the GRRB “will likely destabilise existing categories and frameworks for the purposes of the reserved matter of equal opportunities and could therefore lead the Secretary of State to issue a s.35 order prohibiting the Presiding Officer from submitting the Bill for Royal Assent.”

    I hope those who voted against the Bill will be pressing the Scottish Secretary to do just that. The supporters of this bill have no popular mandate for it.

  149. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This tweet contains the Mhairi Hunter one UK Column used in today’s episode (at 15 mins approx).

  150. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Shauny boy knows what the short arse Patrick Harvie really is:

  151. George Ferguson says:

    Joanna Cherry has joined the GRRB protesters outside Holyrood.
    @Andy Ellis 3:06pm
    Good points Andy.

  152. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    A resource for Scottish women
    Graham Linehan

    To be spread widely… (Remember to click on “Read more”)

  153. David says:

    Please Rev, tell Gregor to set up his own site, and stop him incessantly posting off-topic links on yours.

  154. Taxi for Sturgeon says:

    Has anyone monitored SNP pages? Are they gloating and celebrating like they have won independence? I have had a brief look and not much activity from the MPs. Maybe because they don’t want to loose many votes in 2024?

  155. David Hannah says:

    Solidarity with the women’s liberation movement in the Scottish Republic of Guilead.

    Women won’t wheesht. You will win. The public are on your side.

  156. David Hannah says:

    Stranded on an island, with no ferry in sight?

    Why not self ID, and legally flash in women’s bathrooms to help you pass the time?

    Donald, Where’s yer troosers?

  157. gregor says:


    Do you consider freedom of expression/speech as much of a threat as Stanford University (or is your issue personal)…

    Stanford University (19/12/2022): Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative:

  158. David Hannah says:

    Donald, Where’s yer troosers. That is the Sturgeon Philosophy.

    I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it again Vicar, what that Nicola needs is nicer bit of good old fashioned crumpet. Maybe then she’d be happier and stop trying to turn Peter into Petunina!

  159. Dorothy Devine says:

    BDT , that should carry a health warning – what a hideous bunch.

  160. Shug says:

    Is there a connection between the Balmoral hotel, a flying iron and fender rights

  161. Shug says:

    Sorry gender rights

  162. Stuart MacKay says:

    Andy Ellis @3:06pm

    I wonder if the Secretary of State is allowed to engage in politically motivated decisions compared to fulfilling their administrative duties objectively. Passing the bill on for royal ascent would likely sink the SNP for ever. However Charles might take a dim view of being asked to sign it since approval from the House of Windsor might create complications down the line.

    As for destroying existing equality frameworks. Surely that’s the whole point of the ideology – I say, therefore I am.

    I’m still trying to process this. It would be one thing to pass the legislation with some amendments on safe-guarding which allowed the SNP to keep the “progressive” label but still claim some pragmatism. However they went the whole nine yards with a slew of controversies which can only cause them extreme pain and suffering in the future.

    It’s the SNP’s Jonestown. Unless of course, they’re banking on a fractured opposition – the populace in general since the other parties are in on it – being unable to do much about it.

  163. George Ferguson says:

    @Ian Brotherhood 5:04pm
    Powerful speech.

  164. Andy Ellis says:


    I quite like the sound of fender rights: people have been denying guitar based rights for too long,

  165. Andy Ellis says:

    @Stuart MacKay

    ..the populace in general since the other parties are in on it – being unable to do much about it.

    In the end the populace – or at least the section of them who agree with “our” point of view will have to be persuaded to deprive the SNP and Greens of their majority. Nothing else will do.

    They are not going to change. They are not fit for purpose, nor can they be rendered so. Only a decent chunk of current pro-independence support defecting to Alba, ISP and / or other parties who don’t buy in to the gender-woo will produce the desired result.

    An independent Scotland dominated by the current SNP and Greens isn’t worth fighting for. Any immediate or short term progress was always a chimera: recent events show it would be undesirable and potentially illiberal.

  166. Ross says:

    From tomorrow do All women get a wee certificate or just the fake ones?

  167. Mark Boyle says:

    Andy Ellis says:
    21 December, 2022 at 5:09 pm


    I quite like the sound of fender rights: people have been denying guitar based rights for too long

    “They will take my air guitar out from my COLD DEAD HANDS!”

  168. Kcor says:

    “Last night the SNP literally voted for rapists and paedophiles.”

    The whole agenda is the work of powerful rapists and paedophiles, the purpose of which is to normalise and legalise paedophilia, IMHO.

    Great job, Rev. Stuart Campbell, for naming and shaming the disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

    Let this be “only the start” from our side.

    ALBA should have only one policy and one manifesto item – independence.

    The only purpose to get elected should be to carry out the manifesto promise.

    We have seen how the SNP was hijacked to become a governing party actively working against independence.

  169. Republicofscotland says:

    So now its our fault that the SNP’s rapist and paedo bill is successful, well according to Sturgeon the betrayers unofficial
    mouthpiece it is.

    “I hope these folk understand that their tactics have directly contributed to ensuring GRA reform passes, as it will.”

  170. twathater says:

    In reference to gillian martin’s amendment that is just another diversion of squirrel sighting, instead of voting for the REAL WORTHWHILE amendment (which is also a load of bollocks , the whole GRR should have been voted down ), martin’s amendment only pushes the responsibility of decision on to polis Scotland which we ALL know is sturgeon’s militia so the result would have been no different but the scum politicians could have blamed the polis for another error

    As others have commented , I posted a comment the other night about Joanna Cherry and the GRR , I understand Ms Cherry has spoken out about the GRR again and my understanding is that she has made the same statement that she did before , that the GRR poses a risk to LESBAINS and women, once more that strikes me as more about self interest than the concerns about WOMEN and GIRLS generally, also if she were SO CONCERNED about anyone’s safety surely she would have been more vociferous than a couple of comments

    Sorry Breeks I believe if she TRULY believed in independence and the protection of REAL FEMALES she wouldn’t have stayed in that reviled and putrid party of perverts for so long .

    Just imagine if she had fought Scotland’s cause through the COR and aligned herself with SALVO and SSRG her name would have been revered throughout history and the bairns would be taught about a great Scots heroine in classrooms, instead she remains within a party of amoral spineless amoeba whose governance of Scotland is FAILURE after FAILURE Led by a bullying deviant pervert with imposter syndrome who hasn’t the integrity or honesty to come out

  171. Republicofscotland says:

    When this bill passes unamended with regards to the above article, Scotland will see a flood of paedos and rapists head our way.

  172. Willie says:

    Ruby@ 21 December, 2022 at 1:32 pm says –

    “What would happen if someone with a GRC did commit a sexual offence would they have their GRC withdrawn?”

    Its an interesting question that. Because having facilitated this situation I think it would be fair to say that could be folk who would seek to make the point to the scum who forced this nonsense through.

    Out another way. What if your little girl, a minor was abused by a chick with a dick who through his GRC was helped perpetrate the crime.

    Might have been SNP legal, but you know what, I think there’s folks that could go hunting those who facilitated perverts through this flawed legislation.

    This legislation is going to cause big big problems.

  173. Breeks says:

    wathater says:
    21 December, 2022 at 6:27 pm

    Sorry Breeks I believe if she TRULY believed in independence and the protection of REAL FEMALES she wouldn’t have stayed in that reviled and putrid party of perverts for so long .

    No need to be sorry. It feels like we’re watching the SNP commit political suicide with this garbage, and anybody staying on board with that until the bitter end has nobody to blame but themselves.

    Nobody to blame but themselves, but in all sincerity, how many of these tow rags will be missed?

  174. JGedd says:

    Like Morag, I remember campaigning with our current SNP MSP, Emma Harper, in 2014. She seemed a decent enough candidate then but since has supplanted Joan MacAlpine by identifying as disabled to get to the top of the list, so the plan to remove Joan MacAlpine worked beautifully for her career and also the SNP leadership’s plot to rid themselves of a supporter of women’s rights.

    Just like the other shameless operators in the SNP who voted to allow sexual predators’ entry to women’s private places, she apparently has no scruples about how dangerous her pusillanimous enabling is for children and the genuine disabled. I should say that they ought to be ashamed but I think that these people abandoned any conscience a long time ago in order to gain a place on the gravy train.

    The craven behaviour of the female MSPs will not be forgotten and demonstrates outright contempt for their women voters. it also demonstrates what I have encountered in the past and that is, there is very little solidarity among women. They are as capable of misogyny as men and especially if there is any favour to be found from men or personal advantage.

    I would like to think that they would be held responsible for any subsequent sexual crimes committed by predatory males but I think their fellow travellers in the media will protect them from that and from the odium they deserve for what they have helped to facilitate,

  175. Kcor says:

    The SNP is actively discrediting independence at every opportunity. It is its agenda.

    The independence movement has to be made SNP-free.

  176. Kcor says:

    Breeks says:
    21 December, 2022 at 6:44 pm

    “It feels like we’re watching the SNP commit political suicide with this garbage, and anybody staying on board with that until the bitter end has nobody to blame but themselves.”

    What would they care about being blamed after they had achieved their own selfish agenda and retired with their millions?

    Do the likes of Blair and Johnson care about being blamed by anyone?

    The Rev. Stuart Campbell has done all decent folks a great favour by naming and shaming the scum.

    It is now upto the people to put unbearable pressure to force them to resign.

    I am a supporter of Ghandi type pressure, not violence.

  177. Mia says:

    I cannot describe with words the level of contempt and anger I feel right now towards the cowardice, unbelievable level of ignorance, self-servitude and corruption displayed by those 64 individuals. I have never felt so let down and betrayed by politicians in my entire life.

    They claim to represent us. However voting down an amendment which would have protected females from rapists, paedophiles and perverted fetishists does NOT represent my interests nor those of any other female. And by female I mean a born XX female. It goes directly against us. I consider this a disgusting abuse of power, misuse of a parliamentary seats and a perverted use of the SNP brand, associated with the pursuit of independence, to pass this crap by force and then dishonestly claim it has support from the public when it does not.

    There is nothing, NOTHING progressive in a move to purposely erode female’s rights nor in bringing down the protective barriers to expose women and girls to predators. It cannot get any more regressive than this.

    I will never forgive nor forget this day, so it is better no SNP representative, libdem or Greens ever come knocking at my door. Otherwise I will take pleasure in giving them a piece of my mind and remind them of this day and the appalling level of betrayal they have displayed to women. They have made me feel today as if they consider females just as disposable toys for perverts, paedophiles and fetishists to play with. I cannot condone on that. I cannot look the other way nor I want to.

    Shame of them all. I cannot even bring to look at their faces in those pictures, among which sits my own MSP. I feel today the uttermost regret and remorse at having ever trusted and cast a vote for the SNP under the useless 2-faced Sturgeon. “Feminist to my fingertips” my backside.

    But something is clear to me: if these disgraceful cowards cannot even find the balls to stand up to their loser of a leader, if they cannot bring themselves to oppose the rich, perverted men using the trans people as a shield to push this agenda to hand sick males free access to females, and if they find acceptable to use a dodgy back door to artificially “balance” gender representation by having males standing as females, there is no hope in hell we will ever see these corrupt good for nothing cowards attempting to even find the balls to actually end this political union.

    Sturgeon’s SNP has failed us at every possible level. What an embarrassing waste of time and votes.

    Let’s sack this garbage and the garbage in Westminster sitting under the SNP banner. Let’s vote them out, every single one of them. They have proven to have no interest at protecting females and children from harm, nor they have shown any interest whatsoever in ending this union despite being given 7 long fucking years of majorities to effect it.

    I never had time for labour, libdems or cons. But hell will freeze before I ever cast a vote or listen again to any of these SNP and Green scumbags, who have demonstrated with this vote they happily put the wants of perverts and sex offenders before the security and wellbeing of women and girls.

    In the Rev’s thread about Murrell’s “loan” one of the comments suggested the figure represented almost exactly $150,000. This leads me to seriously wonder who might be really paying Murrell’s salary. I also wonder if there might be a chance the most strict secrecy around this man’s salary and SNP accounts might have been because somebody’s salary/funds might have been coming from an unofficial source that is neither the party’s membership nor the funds received from the UK gov.

    How many ex-SNP members, deceased members and non-members who were added to their emailing list for donating to the indyref funds or having signed an SNP petition or another feature within the “official” membership numbers?

    How likely/frequent among political parties in Scotland is the scenario where an inflated and blurred “official” membership figure might help to hide funds coming from an external source else?

    How likely are we to find within Scotland’s politics the unethical situation where a reliable revenue stream coming from an obscure source can only be secured for as long as that source remains in the shadows, for as long as the party becomes a shell and for as long as the membership is completely detached from any form of control? Of course, for such scenario to make sense, the revenue stream coming from the obscure source must be larger than the potential revenue loss caused by an exodus of members disgusted at the change.

    Why aren’t the SNP’s “leadership” changing direction despite the evident irreversible damage they have caused to the party and the obvious loss of revenue from the many members who have left the party?

    Follow the money they say. There must be a very good financial reason to implode the party, to transform it into another colonial political tool and to potentially lose their seats by viciously alienating membership and voters with this gender garbage.

  178. Dorothy Devine says:

    I just saw a bloke on ITN news saying there was no evidence that trans were a threat to women – someone should direct him to BDT’s link and while they are at it direct the lazy media who don’t bother to research and challenge.

  179. Stoker says:

    Ruairidh says on 21 December 2022 at 11:09 am:
    “This is always what “both votes SNP” was for. Imagine this going through if there had been a fistful of ALBA or ISP MSPs?”

    You took that thought right out of my head. 😉 100% Spot on!

    At Andy Ellis, and anyone else who has bothered to contact their MSP if they’re on that list of shame: Looking forward to hearing any responses but i’ll not be holding my breath. I fully expect all those snivelling self-serving scumbags to slink off under the cover of the Christmas holiday period. Then reappear in January expecting everyone to have forgotten and all the furore extinguished.

    At The Rev: Very very strong article. I don’t ever say this sort of thing to you but i feel differently about this one. I’ve a very strong feeling they will come for you with their weaponised police & legal friends.

    And if folk want to keep this article and the rogues gallery (list of shame) i’d recommend you archive and save it. Then post links directly to WOS and this article everywhere possible.

    I’d also like to state that i stand with those calling time on Joanna Cherry & Co. Actions speak louder than words. Now is the time to draw attention to this abuse of the indy movement vote by resigning from Sturgeon’s Nonce Party and moving to ALBA. All it takes for evil to flourish is for good folk to do nothing.

  180. Mark Boyle says:

    “I hope these folk understand that their tactics have directly contributed to ensuring GRA reform passes, as it will.”

    Aye, just like it contributed to your gravy train reelection campaign earlier in the year … 😀

  181. Iain mhor says:

    Yeah, that has sent some serious ripples through the electorate.
    I’ve heard from a good few, hard SNP voters( Men & Women) that it will be their last.
    Disbelief and grief abounds.

    Reap what you sow indeed.

  182. I’ve never been on Twatter Rev, but I’ve posted the link to this article on GETTR and spinster. I’ve asked all Scots on those platforms to send it to their MSPs, who, I’m sure, they will find in your list.

  183. Ruby says:

    Iain mhor says:
    21 December, 2022 at 7:29 pm

    Yeah, that has sent some serious ripples through the electorate.
    I’ve heard from a good few, hard SNP voters( Men & Women) that it will be their last.
    Disbelief and grief abounds.

    Reap what you sow indeed.

    Every cloud ……

  184. Wilson McBride says:

    Clyde 2 news headlines on car radio had it as their THIRD article.

    Newsreader made out as if it was just another Bill going through the motions at Holyrood,,,no big deal.

    This is the media taking the side of Sturgeon, don’t scare the horses.

    Keep it low key, no outage to report of.

    Sturgeon has the Scottish media eating out of her hand.

  185. Mac says:

    Tucker Carlson, the rogue almost solitary remaining ‘mainstream’ news reporter, on of all places Fox News, has recently reported explicitly that the CIA killed JFK.

    He is 100% correct. (This is not news to anyone who has looked but if he is saying it, it is coming out for a reason.)

    He also went on to suggest that democracy in the US died that day in 1963 and we have had a sham American democracy ever since.

    Again the guy is reporting fact, but it has been known for a long time for those with the courage to look. He is totally right on all of it. ‘They’ the US deep state as they are called today killed JFK, and that was the end of western democracy 60 odd years ago.

    But it goes beyond that. First they killed the democratically elected president and that worked for a while, a few decades… but then they realised we would just find a new JFK especially after the internet came about and people started to really notice things…

    So they decided to assassinate us as well, the electorate. And progressive / woke politics is their egregore, their intellectual trojan horse, their societal poison pill to achieve it. Destroy marriage, the family, childhood… do you see where they are coming from here. You are being broken down.

    If you want to understand the origins of woke politics, the stitch of Alex Salmond and the warfare being waged on the populations of the west, understand who seized power in the USA in 1963 and who have never let go since.

    Same cunts running Scotland and Nicky IMHO.

  186. Wilson McBride says:

    Watch out after the New Year for the exodus of English Trannys heading North of the border to the promised land.

    Sturgeon is their new Messiah.

    Pass the word,,, there’s a free-for-all in Scotland,,, anything goes.

  187. Andy Ellis says:


    If I get a reply from Robertson I will share it.

    I see Cherry saying on Twitter in response to similar queries to those raised above that she refuses to give in to bullies who want her to leave. Up to a point in the past that may have been a valid response. Now? Not so much.

    Sadly it has been obvious for a considerable period that the SNP is beyond salvation. It is too damaged. I’m afraid despite holding Joanna in high regard that given current events her decision to stay and fight her battle in the SNP rather than put the common weal first now looks hopelessly misplaced.

  188. akenaton says:

    Plenty of outrage here, bet that will frighten the shit out of wee Nick….not!
    Bot one idea as to how the removal of Sturgeon and her minions is to be accomplished.
    The sad truth is that the public cant be arsed with “politics” not even social politics and will just get on with their weary lives.
    Our people have become lazy and terror stricken, afraid to be caught on the wrong side of twitter or facebook.
    Our society will continue down the deviant road like Sodom in biblical times until it self destructs….long after ideas like Independence, sovereignty, freedom, have been forgotten.

    Just pull down the saltire folks and run up the white flag.

  189. Alf Baird says:

    As Aime Cesaire said, and much as we see in the ongoing activities of this despicable colonial administration:

    “a civilization which justifies colonization – and therefore force – is already a sick civilization, a civilization which is morally diseased.”

  190. Dave Hansell says:

    In addition to death and taxes the third certainty in life is that in every aspect of human activity there will always be some group, sub-group or individual who will take advantage to the point of, to put it in industrial parlance, ‘kicking the arse out of it.’

    This reality is why we have rules and laws which are, at least in theory if not always in practice, supposed to apply to everyone and which attempt as far as practicable to cover as many eventualities as possible.

    To take an example:

    Even a cursory check of the data will show that the percentage of all vehicle drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs is low. Not, of course low enough even today – there are, as stated above, always some who either ‘kick the arse out of it’ or take unnecessary risks.

    The point is, however, that no one would ever in all seriousness suggest that;

    A. Because there are a relative few among the whole population of vehicle drivers who do drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs that ALL drivers are likely to do the same.

    B. Because there are relatively few drivers in the population who do drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs that there should be no law which protects the rest of the public – be they drivers of other vehicles (whether trucks, cars, motor bikes/scooters or bicycles), passengers or pedestrians – from the consequences of those who do drive under the influence of such substances.*

    *sidebar: the objective reality being that collisions with other objects – whether other vehicles, stationary objects like telegraph poles, walls or lamp posts, or other people which result in injury or death to innocent parties – are significantly increased under such circumstances.

    C. The existence of laws and prohibitions against driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs represents some kind of bigoted attack on ALL drivers and is based on a phobia and hatred towards drivers per se.

    Yet, this is in principle the exact stance that those voting against the amendment have taken – as reported by Stuart Campbell in this article.

    If you see someone exiting a venue which serves alcohol who is unsteady on their feet attempting to drive a vehicle you would not expect a call to the police in order to prevent the higher risk of an accident which may injure or kill someone else (or even the driver involved) to result in the police cautioning you for being a bigot against drivers; elected politicians taking to social media to denounce you as a ‘hate criminal’; your employer terminating your employment; or a mob of puerile adolescents (of any chronological age) issuing death and other threats against you with no action by the police, politicians, or employers against those who make such “hate crime” threats.**

    **sidebar: Such a stance by said politicians, police and employers tacitly implying your concerns for your personal safety and that of others – previously known as social responsibility – are sufficient justification for taking a position that you brought such treats upon yourself. An inconsistent position given that the same principle is not applied in the normal reciprocal manner the other way around.

    Yet, today, this is precisely where we are with the defeat of this amendment in the Scottish Parliament.

    You are more likely to be prosecuted by the police or lose your job on a charge of ‘hate crime’ for raising concerns relevant to your individual personal safety or that of someone you are related to or know than an individual who has been found guilty of actions which are not only considered socially unacceptable but are also, at least at the present time, criminally illegal.

    The fact that institutions and organisations across these islands and beyond – from the police, judiciary, and legal profession to employers, the NHS, education service, media and politicians of all (alleged) stripes – are pushing and championing this anti-social, anti-society, anti-rational, and anti-woman misogynistic extreme subjective individualism should set alarm bells ringing.

    This is an Official Narrative. A Narrative totally in tune with the ravings of Ayan Rand and Margaret ‘there’s no such thing as society only the individual’ Thatcher. As such, like ALL other Official Narratives – from WMD’s in Iraq to supporting genuine full metal Nazis and fascists in Ukraine – it tolerates no argument , deviation or contradiction.

    As one,Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh, put it about eighteen months ago on another blog I follow :

    “Thus arises an intriguing ‘binary’ relationship between extreme individualistic subjectivism and extreme state authoritarianism. Assertion of non-negotiable pseudo-sacrosanct narcissistic power is common to both. Objective law as irreducible sphere of reality is subverted by arbitrary personalism. Might determines right. Autocracy of self-ID is mirrored by autocracy on high.”

    As with other Official Narratives this Narrative and what it represents is also existential for both sides.

  191. tricia young says:

    Just back from the GRR protest, excellent speakers and a good turnout which should have been better. Lots of local conversation on why Sturgeon is pushing this agenda when there is so much more to address – it seems global. Also participants had access to parliament pre rally with no security issues. Afterwards we were kept waiting up to 20 minutes just to get in, security asked us to remove belts, coats etc and leave all phones etc in view on the trays. All handbags were searched. My t-shirt was confiscated for security purposes, gotta say it was better than airport security! Wonder tho if this as a tactic to prevent us admission to the debating chamber by delaying us? The actual debate was appalling, a five year could do a better job. I’m still furious that these knobs are in charge. For|Scotland’s sake vote Alba.

  192. David Hannah says:

    I see the bills been delayed. Aunt Nicola does not tolerate gender ("Tractor" - Ed)s.

    An 11 hour saviour. It’s happening. Divine intervention itself.

    Nicola Sturgeon, me/I:

    “We would have gotten away with it tonight Petunia, were it not for those meddling terfs.”

  193. SusanAHF says:

    As their main aim of invading women’s spaces is validation +/- intimidation, don’t give transgender identifying males the satisfaction. Pointedly ignore them, but don’t risk being assaulted by them. Turn your back on them, it’s the least they deserve. Make them feel unwelcome without opening yourself up to prosecution.

  194. David Hannah says:

    The women’s liberation movement. The women of Guilead have spoken.

    Joanna Cherry will be getting sent to the colonies tomorrow to clean up the fastlane nuclear waste.

    Kate Forbes, she’s on maternity leave. Blessed he the fruit. Will she start the resistance tomorrow?

    Who will save Scotland’s women from Eddie Izzard?

    SOS. I send an SOS to world, I hope that someone gets my message in the bottle.

  195. Robert McAllan says:

    Dae ye ken Kate Forbes? aye her, that doyen o’ the wee free kirk that has aye somethin’ tae say aboot the sanctity o’ life. Weel she seems tae hiv gone intae hidin when her deeply held presbyterian values micht clash wi’ her ambitions o’ bein’ the next First Meenister. Jist anither handmaiden wi’ nae thocht for the consequences o’ haudin wheest!!

  196. David Hannah says:

    The president is on the line. As 99 red balloons go by. Come on ladies. You can do this.

    We will win. The public are on your side. Gender ideology is not our belief system in Scotland. We weren’t raised with the destruction of women’s rights. We will not be shacked and chained, we will not be erased. You can do this.

  197. Stoker says:

    @ Andy Ellis on 21 December 2022 at 8:11 pm, re; JC

    Agree 100%

    Also, there’s something i’ve been meaning to ask you so now is as good a time as any. Have you ever given any serious thought to standing for ALBA in your own constituency? I think you should. Seriously!

  198. Ruby says:

    Keep signing.

    No sex changes
    And make impersonating a woman to be a hate crime.
    Black face is a hate crime so why not woman face?

    What other solution is there to this madness.

    Further research into a cure for gender dysphoria.
    The current cure is barbaric & highly expensive.
    A better solution is needed.

  199. Tommo says:

    As a supporter of the Union (and A Welshman) I watch this site with great interest as a bell-weather of the way that my country will go
    I shudder
    At least the Cardiff assembly have only-so far- tried to reduce our (Already cheap) property prices
    This however is entirely something different-when the SNP’s only female QC with a brain larger than a walnut is disregarded then things have come to a pretty pass
    To permit a sexual offender-as of right-proximity to his/hers/their victim/s is insanity
    The principal problem as I see it is that I see no acknowledgement or regret that ‘you lot’ (Obviously I generalise wildly) have created this shambles-sort it or you will have to rely on Westminster or the courts to do so
    Compliments of the season meantime/Nadolig Llawen-Tommo

  200. Andy Ellis says:


    To paraphrase Sherman:

    “If drafted, I will not run; if nominated, I will not accept; if elected, I will not serve.”

    While I admire those with a bent for public service, I’ve no desire to tilt at those particular windmills.

    I think even if I was so inclined however I’m too scunnered with the current burach to throw my hat in the ring. Doubtless more than a few will be relieved. 🙂

  201. President Xiden says:

    It’s time people woke up to the fact that Sturgeon’s true agenda has now been revealed. THIS is what really motivates her.The independence movement was the Trojan horse she used to bring us to this shameful day. The degenerates have taken over the asylum.

  202. Ruby says:

    You might think this is a woman’s only issue but you are wrong. Do you think these ‘new women’ are going to be happy with just a certificate? Oh no trans rights will demand breast implants, laser hair treatment, feminine facial reconstruction, hormones & testosterone blockers, penis removal (maybe or maybe not)

    Changing sex is very costly and it’s not just women who will pay the price for all these procedures being done on the NHS.

    These ‘new women’ have been told the answer to their problems is a sex change.

    They are being conned.

    In the link BDTT posted it states:

    ‘In 2020 Smith was released from prison. Several news outlets reported that his early release was a result of his ‘transition’ and that, according to officials, lowering Smith’s testosterone diminished his sex drive and thus reduced the risk of him re-offending.’

    Are trans people so desperate that they will take drugs that leaves them with zero sex drive? Or perhaps they are not aware of this and all the other complications.

    I read that when Karen White was in a woman’s prison he boasted that he just pretended to swallow the drugs so that there was no diminishing of his sex drive.

    Blaire White (see You Tube) famous transwoman has admitted that he has no sex drive due to taking female hormones/testosterone blockers. That is very sad.
    Basically men are turning themselves into eunuchs with the approval of their doctors.

    I’ve just been reading about Alan Turing
    “A British court convicted him of homosexual activity in 1952. His punishment? Chemical castration, a process that involved pumping estrogen into his body.

    Sorry if the above is a bit disjointed I’m just researching as I write.

    I’ve only just discovered that chemical castration involved pumping estrogen into a male body.

  203. David Holden says:

    I didn’t think I could find Ms Cherry more impressive but today she was on another level. A lot keep asking why Joanna and Angus do not join Alba but I am sure they have their reasons whether financial or other but just savour them while you can as if they get papped out of Westminster we will be a lot worse off. Other than Neale and Kenny they are the only ones worth listening to and you could bin the rest as they are a waste of space.

  204. President Xiden says:

    Scottish Government , not in my name.

  205. rdsc says:

    Too strong. Calling people “scum” doesn’t really convince anyone that you have a political perspective that would improve things – unless you think that raging around and shouting abuse will somehow, magically, improve women’s lives. Too strong.

  206. Ruby says:

    I understand now why Sturgeon is all for men transitioning.

    Transitioning means chemical castration.

    It’s all very clear now!

  207. Garrion says:

    @ rdsc

    Not as strong as giving a green flag to access vulnerable people to every rapist and child abuser in Scotland, whilst absolutely destroying the SNP’s chance to further independence for the forseeable.

    This is not a fucking tea party.

  208. President Xiden says:

    If Katie Forbes had the courage of her purported convictions then she would have voted against. She chose not to. She chose to hide. Her purported beliefs are a sham and she a coward.

  209. Inverclyder says:

    If Stuart McMillan is reading this then you’ve lost any vote from me.

  210. George Ferguson says:

    I have been watching the debate since 1:15. The case for the GRRB has not been made by a considerable distance. But it will be shoehorned through tomorrow. The costs of the recent Supreme Court referral by the Scot Gov was £250000. That’s the sort of resource needed for a GRRB SC referral. So hopefully the UK Government will ride to the rescue under inconsistencies and incompatibility with the Equality Act 2010. Political consequences for the SNP/ Greens will be existential.

  211. Effijy says:

    I keep reading this bill as I’m sure I must be missing something as it’s impossible anyone
    except some bizarre weirdo would vote to allow male sex offenders gain access to women and girls private changing rooms and toilets.

    I just can’t be reading that I could be imprisoned for asking a trans person if they are trans as they attempt to enter a changing room where my daughter is dressing on her own.

    I’ve never been violent or had any type of criminal conviction but I’ll accept a fist fight and imprisonment before any man enters that room with my daughter in it.

    Is it mass hysteria within the SNP or a compromised Nicola ensuring there won’t be enough votes to justify an Indy ref 2.

    Her ideal must be her and Murrell £250,000 per year for another 5 years before docking their yacht next to Lousy Mone’s in the Caribbean.

  212. stuart mctavish says:

    @President Xiden

    Especially with Ross Greer hinting that, such is their respect for God, we can expect trans nuns etc in the not too distant future too..

  213. Mia says:

    “Too strong”

    What is too strong is to abuse one’s position of power to transform Scotland’s parliament into a tool to put the wants of perverts and sex offenders before the safety of women and children.

    What is too strong is to waste 8 years of majorities to pass this disgraceful bill instead of delivering independence.

    What is too strong is to so dishonestly abuse the trust of pro-independence voters and to hollow out the political vehicle for Scotland’s independence to push this crap forward, in a spectacularly dishonest attempt to claim the people of Scotland supports outrageous pervert enabling laws that will put the safety of women and children at risk, all for the sake of giving free access to women’s safe spaces to males and for the sake of artificially fabricate a gender balance in sectors where it does not naturally exist.

    Those who are stupid enough to believe they can abuse the voters’ trust, deceive the people of Scotland in such a cowardly fashion, and show such level of contempt and disregard for women’s and children’s safety deserve not only to be called scumbags but actually be ejected from their seats. One by one.

    Sorry, but women like me are absolutely fed up to the back teeth of being lectured on this useless softy-softy, absolutely toothless approach Sturgeon’s fake SNP has used for the last 8 years. It has achieved nothing worth mentioning. It has produced nothing useful. It has taken us nowhere. The only thing it has achieved is to waste our time, to generate dodgy laws that would make even the most ruthless and inhumane 20th century dictators blush with embarrassment, to waste our pro-independence votes and majorities, to glue us more into this union, to send Scotland’s native population into regression, to lose us rights and to lose control of even more of our assets.

    I think it is about time Sturgeon’s useless softy-softy, take us nowhere, look the other way while I destroy your rights- approach was condemned, together with the useless Sturgeon, the useless SNP MSPs and MPs who have indulged her and have used this approach for the last 8 years to justify their lack of achievements and serial time-wasting, to the bin of Scotland’s political history.

  214. sarah says:

    @ George Ferguson at 10.21: “I’ve been watching the debate since 1.15.”

    You’ve got a stronger stomach than I, George.

  215. I agree with some of the posts above regarding Kate Forbes. She clearly values her Cabinet position more than her Christian values. In which case what real value are her Christian values? Perhaps they seemed real to her up to this point but now, to the rest of us who do have some genuine Christian values, they are nothing more than window dressing.

  216. David Hannah says:

    I can’t believe they are debating this in the Scottish Parliament at 22.47pm.

    If being a woman means you’re guilty. Then we’re guilty one and all.

    The SNP have barricaded themselves in Holyrood. They have ignored the polling. They are talking to themselves. It’s pathetic. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  217. David Hannah says:

    Man the barricades. Ignore the polling. It’s time to bring back lobotomization for the SNP, they are trying to lobotomize Scotland’s right to independent thought, freedom of speech and free will.

  218. George Ferguson says:

    @sarah 10:40pm
    My wife has suffered quite a bit today watching the proceedings with myself. She is really upset. Doesn’t do social media so a lot of the consequences of GRRB are beginning to be understood by her now. I am more sanguine as it’s going the way I thought it would. Stu has kept us well informed and so have the guest authors.

  219. Astonished says:

    Inverclyder says:
    21 December, 2022 at 10:10 pm
    If Stuart McMillan is reading this then you’ve lost any vote from me.

    And me. And my family (14 folk). And my neighbours (both sides).

    And I haven’t even been out yet.

    Still it’s good to be cheery.

    McMillan you’re finished, because you won’t win the constituency (because of this) and Sturgeon won’t keep her promise to keep you near the top of the list (My guess is you’ll be 5th, at best).

    What a way to end a career.

  220. sarah says:

    @ George Ferguson: please give my sympathies to your wife. My husband and I too are very distressed and we knew what was being proposed.

    I was hoping that the 8 or so who rebelled last time might have attracted more to join them, including Kate Forbes. Plus the impact of the hundreds of emails the MSPs must all have received.

    But no, sadly they were prepared to go along with the version that it is only a procedural change and it is required under international law. Instead of opening their ears and actually thinking for themselves.

  221. Tartan Tory says:

    One of Scotland’s most notorious rapists – Peter Syme – is currently (still) in a Scottish jail. In the 1980’s, he attacked and raped a pregnant woman in her own home whilst her husband was forced to watch, bound and gagged.

    After serving a twelve year sentence, he was released in 1997 and within four months, he abducted another (pregnant) woman at knifepoint, as she got into her car after work. However, that night he was thwarted in his plans and apprehended by police.

    Both attacks occurred in what is now Mairi Gougeon’s constituency.

    Peter Syme is currently asking to be known henceforth as Jacqui McWilliam and has requested a move to a female prison…..

    Mairi Gougeon is disgusting, spineless, rape-enabling handmaiden scum.

  222. McDuff says:

    This trash will never again get my vote and anyway they are not a party that stands for independence. Alba now exclusively carries that torch.
    I cannot understand the minds of these people may who will have wives and daughters.

  223. And Spouse says:

    Well Stu, I’ve shown a few folks your comments about the “scum”.
    they have ALL suggested your language is quite brutal. Once I point out what these these folks are actually doing, they recognise the use of words. As someone who wouldnt use that language can I thank you for your use and for the great work you do.

  224. sarah says:

    Are we allowed to decide who we let into our house? And if someone forces their way in, we have legal redress?

    It should be the same with our personal space.

    Surely it is that simple?

    I have just emailed Kate Forbes making this point and asking her to vote against the Bill tomorrow. Whether she will see the email in time, or at all, I don’t of course know but it was worth trying.

  225. Wilson McBride says:


    If Kate Forbes votes AGAINST this Bill, does she not have to step down as a Minister?

    Not sure myself, I’m sure it read that somewhere.

    That is meant to be the reason this is getting rushed through before Xmas,,,so Kate Forbes doesn’t need to vote AGAINST the government.

  226. Goatsdontsave says:

    I am shocked and disappointed James Dornan voted in favour of this. I always found him to be sensible enough

  227. Terry says:

    1.30 am. It’s just ended. But before then George Adam snp was smirking at the tories and saying “ha ha nobody’s watching”. Oh but we are.
    Can’t stand the tories but by god they did well today. Well done the snp rebels too. They took great heart from the support they are getting so please, please write and thank them. I still can’t get over the fact nusnp prioritise the feelings of sex offenders over the safety and dignity of victims. Awful. Truly awful

  228. Sheepshagger says:

    Gender theory is being deployed to derail grassroots movements. Getting activists to fight over angels dancing on a pin head. 1

  229. Iain More says:

    Am I alone in thinking that Kate Forbes should resign her ministerial position and then challenge the ("Tractor" - Ed) Sturgeon for the SNP Leadership the first chance she gets? Or is it too late for that as the Transgender Nazis have full control of the SNP?

  230. Stoker says:

    Joanna Cherry:
    “SNP colleagues are afraid to speak out on gender reform laws”

    Then may i suggest a f@ckin’ career change? They do know they’re in politics, right? A career that involves quite a bit of talking and representing their public, right? Stop making excuses for the complicity compliant.

  231. Tony O'neill says:

    Stu, I think that the women and girls of Scotland have to protest right outside sturgeons front door, as well as the the scum msps who voted for this madness.

  232. Andy Ellis says:


    Perhaps the message is getting through? The publicity around the Holyrood debates on the Bill now seems to be getting through to more ordinary voters who may not previously have been aware. It’s probably too late to stop the flat-earthers and cancel culture acolytes winning the day, but with luck a seed has been planted.

    Many of the 64 mentioned in the OP will hopefully find themselves out of a job at the next election. The more people who join Alba or vote for them and other alternative pro-indy parties who oppose this repugnant and regressive Bill as passed, the greater our prospect of changing it and of gaining independence.

    Handing the SNP and their Green Party mini-me’s a majority will never get us where we want to be.

  233. Robert Hughes says:

    Sheepshagger says:
    22 December, 2022 at 1:47 am

    ” Gender theory is being deployed to derail grassroots movements. Getting activists to fight over angels dancing on a pin head. ”

    Oh , absolutely . And very * successfully * , as we can see .

    What alternative do those of us who vehemently oppose the Gender Ideology lunacy have than fight to resist it’s imposition ?
    Are we to stand aside and let the lunatics take-over not only the asylum , but the all the roads leading to it , the grounds and surrounding areas , the patients , staff and visitors ?

    Every hour spent arguing about this is an hour not spent arguing the case for Independence . To my mind , this is one – BIG – reason the Sturgeon/NSNP have, from day one , been so incredibly partisan on the issue ( other reasons being her desire to be seen to be in lockstep with the Globalist * Progressive * hive mind & ” possibly ” her own psycho/sexual orientation ) .

    The lethargy and strategic idiocy they’ve shown in regard to progressing the cause of Independence is in direct proportion to the energy and cunning they’ve displayed in * progressing * these policies in the face of serious criticism from within & without the Party and against majority public opinion in Scotland .

    Are we to imagine the ideological pyromaniacs who started this conflagration were/are unaware of the destruction it would cause ?

    No , they knew/know exactly the effects their actions would have; what they may have underestimated is the anger and – even – stronger commitment of the resistance .

    Whatever happens later today , the words ” we may have lost the battle , but we will win the war * may prove prophetic in ways unforeseen by that infamous backstabber

  234. Robert Hughes says:

    Correction .

    Meant to say ” …….from within and without the MOVEMENT ”

    The criticism from within the Party has been minimal to non-existent ; as we know

  235. PacMan says:

    Andy Ellis says: 22 December, 2022 at 8:10 am

    Many of the 64 mentioned in the OP will hopefully find themselves out of a job at the next election. The more people who join Alba or vote for them and other alternative pro-indy parties who oppose this repugnant and regressive Bill as passed, the greater our prospect of changing it and of gaining independence.

    From what I’ve read and the actions they have taken now, the Tories will be positioning themselves as the party to reform this legislation at the next Holyrood election.

    If they steal enough votes from Labour and pro-indy parties steal enough votes from the SNP, the complexion of the next Holyrood parliament may look completely different.

    The dilemma that I’m sure indy folk will face that are against this is that if there isn’t a viable indy candidate, do they waste their vote or vote for an anti-GRR Tory candidate? I know that won’t sit well with people but this is how tactical voting works where sometimes you need to vote for a party you don’t like to get rid of a party from holding power that you detest more.

    People need to look at their conscience and their principles to decide how they vote or don’t vote at the next Holyrood election.

  236. Terry says:

    22 December, 2022 at 1:47 am

    ” Gender theory is being deployed to derail grassroots movements. Getting activists to fight over angels dancing on a pin head. ”
    Actually it IS also about independence. Sturgeon is forcing through a usa globalist policy. She sucks up the Jacksie of American democrat party and big business. Do you think that lot want nukes off the Clyde or Scottish independence? No. In some ways it could be considered more detrimental to Scotland than British unionism. Mostly cos it’s better hidden.
    However what these social justice causes do extremely well is to divert attention away from
    The plight of the working class and poverty. For that they are scum. But we will fight on. On several fronts. Women can multi task. As I’m sure can men.

  237. PacMan says:

    Also in relation to my previous comment, the consequence of GRR, whether intentional or not, is to split the indy vote. The question that people have to ask themselves if there was a hypothetical informal coalition of parties at the next Holyrood election, how do they weigh up their concerns between principle and the safety of woman?

    This is a tough choice and thankfully I don’t need to make it because where I live the Tories have no chance of winning so I will either be voting or abstaining.

  238. Breeks says:

    Stoker says:
    22 December, 2022 at 6:49 am
    Joanna Cherry:
    “SNP colleagues are afraid to speak out on gender reform laws”

    Then may i suggest a f@ckin’ career change? They do know they’re in politics, right? A career that involves quite a bit of talking and representing their public, right? Stop making excuses for the complicity compliant.

    Aye… And yet these poor wee shrinking violets quaking in their boots over Sturgeon’s insanity are somehow going to face down the Westminster Establishment in a bare knuckle fight to resurrect the Independence of a sovereign Scotland?

    I’m just done with the SNP, proper scunnered. If people cannot recognise the evil and deception in Sturgeon and her malicious ill intent towards Scottish Independence, then that denial and self delusion is right up there beside the Jimmy Saville levels of wilful blindness and herd-like cowardice.

    This con has ran for eight fkg years! For the love of god, bring down the final curtain on it, and trust Scottish Independence to those with the heart and calibre to deliver it.

    That the World is not aghast at the disgraceful and disgusting misconduct, betrayal, treachery and deceit running rampant under Sturgeon’s corrupt regime, is a sad, sad measure of how normalised political corruption and depravity has become since the Watergate Scandal of the 70’s.

  239. Andy Ellis says:

    @Pac Man

    Isn’t that much the same situation as we were all discussing before the last election though? There was as I recall a lot of debate about the feasibility of Alba standing itself up as a party in time to make a difference, the SNP 1 & 2 debacle, what % of votes “other” minor parties needed to gain some MSPs to keep the SNP honest, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    None of it amounted to a hill of beans, because the pro-indy sheeple dutifully went out and (largely) voted SNP anyway. Perhaps enough of them will have learned their lesson by the time the next election comes round, perhaps not. The GRR Bill, the failure to deliver #indyref2, the failure to move on plebiscitary election at Holyrood and the economic crisis might all play a part.

    Hopefully by the time of the next election there will be a choice of Alba and ISP candidates for everyone. If as you say the Tories and even Labour pick up some votes from disaffected former indy voters, it is even more vital that we ensure a bloc of Alba MSPs to keep the SNP and Greens honest and deprive them of a majority. They certainly can’t be trusted to enact sane policies or to advance the cause of independence in any reasonable timescale.

    I’m not going to criticise folk who have stomachs strong enough to vote SNP or Green on the basis that they prioritise indy over everything because *eyes on the prize*, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I’d spoil my ballot first. I suspect I won’t be alone.

  240. Cat-Sith says:

    Thank you for bringing up some of the other issues this whole mess causes.
    Rightly most people are focusing on the safeguarding issues, then some groups will bring up young girls being convinced to cut off their breasts or the clash with the definition of homosexual.

    Less common to see people bring up that men may have reason to want care from someone of a certain sex, that it tanks the meaning of heterosexual and like you have just brought up giving men who think changing sex will fix their problems proper care.

    Already it seems to be suggested practice within some circles to never question and only affirm those bringing up issues with their sexual identity. Could a doctor even begin finding out root causes and suggesting alternatives to permanent body damaging treatments when the first thing the patient does is say they are already legally the opposite sex.

  241. robertkknight says:


    “The dilemma that I’m sure indy folk will face that are against this is that if there isn’t a viable indy candidate, do they waste their vote or vote for an anti-GRR Tory candidate? I know that won’t sit well with people but this is how tactical voting works where sometimes you need to vote for a party you don’t like to get rid of a party from holding power that you detest more.”

    I see the reality as being that Indy, under Sturgeon’s rancid SNP, is dead, and any “campaign” to achieve it launched by them will be stillborn – just a cynical attempt to buy time and votes, with the result being sadly predictable.

    If independence is ever to become an achievable goal, then the SNP must be reset to its 2014 state. However, you will not change the SNP merely by replacing Sturgeon and Swinney with Robertson and Forbes. There needs to be a clear out if it is to be reset, therefore those MSPs and MPs in place now must be shown the door, and there is only one means to do so – vote for whoever is best placed to defeat them.

    The alternative is to abandon any hope of resetting the SNP and focus instead upon the other pro-Indy parties and groups, leaving the SNP to disappear up it’s own Woke, bench-warming arsehole.

  242. Ottomanboi says:

    Without the universal pacivity in the West in the face of American domination of so called social media, news media, advertizing, entertainment «gender-woke» would have remained a phenomenon of US social paranoia.
    The American «faucet» flooding the world with its home bred dysfunctions ought to be turned off by national governments, assuming such are still capable of «independent» action.
    The SNP, seemingly anybody’s catamite, is not just Britannia’s plaything but Auntie Sam’s as well. May all concerned live long in agony.

  243. Roger says:

    Terry says:
    22 December, 2022 at 8:42 am

    22 December, 2022 at 1:47 am

    ” Gender theory is being deployed to derail grassroots movements. Getting activists to fight over angels dancing on a pin head. ”
    Actually it IS also about independence. Sturgeon is forcing through a usa globalist policy. She sucks up the Jacksie of American democrat party and big business. Do you think that lot want nukes off the Clyde or Scottish independence? No. In some ways it could be considered more detrimental to Scotland than British unionism. Mostly cos it’s better hidden.
    However what these social justice causes do extremely well is to divert attention away from
    The plight of the working class and poverty.

    Exactly, Terry. And that’s why there is so much time and attention focussed on the suffering of those who feel they were born in the ‘wrong’ body while get nothing more than token jestures but no action.

  244. Roger says:

    *…while the homeless and addicted get nothing motr than token gestures,,

  245. Republicofscotland says:

    FFS I’ve read it all now.

    “A women was stopped from entering the Scottish Parliament today because a saltire was deemed political. An absolute disgrace”

  246. Wilson McBride says:

    This is Sturgeon’s baby.

    She’s on one huge adrenaline rush as this passes through the Scottish parliament.

    She met her soul mate in Pat Harvie, who is equally enthusiastic at the thought of this becoming law.

    They will die happy after today.

    And both couldn’t give a toss about Scottish Independence, or the Movement.

  247. Republicofscotland says:

    Sounds about right from Neale Hanvey who represents a real Scottish independence party (Alba).

    “The most powerful woman in Scotland turns her back and closes her ears to appeals on behalf of the most vulnerable women in Scotland.

    What a Christmas message. ”

  248. PacMan says:

    robertkknight @ 9:21

    The SNP will do whatever they want because they know without a mainstream indy alternative, wavering indy voters will bottle it at the last night and vote for them at elections.

    This GRR legislation isn’t going to overturned by popular civil disobedience. Outside the anger and energy in this site and others, the general public are apathetic to this issue.

    The only way it can be stopped is getting a future government to reform it by those who are willing to go out and vote.

  249. PacMan says:

    Need to repeat this article that contains the words uttered by Nicola Sturgeon:

    Much of what I’m going to say today is about male violence against women because it is men who commit violence against women. In my long experience, most men who commit violence against women don’t feel the need to change gender to do that. Those who do, my argument is we should focus on them because they are men abusing a system to attack women. What we shouldn’t do is further stigmatise a group of women who are already too stigmatised.’

    If Nicola Sturgeon is admitting that some men will abuse this system for a specific purpose then how then can you determine if other men are using the system without any checks to ensure they are doing so for the reason that the system was designed for?

    As others have said, this isn’t going to happen in practice because it is a house of cards as if you exempt even one, you have to exempt them all.

  250. smitty says:

    Can everyone stop talking about Kare Forbes being the second coming abd she is going to come down to rescue this bill. Her complete silence says it all and she has left the rebels out there to do all the heavy lifting. There is nothing stopping her resigning now or putting out a statement at the very least. The cynic in me would say that she has an arrangement with Sturgeon and this is being pushed through while she if off. She is being completely sleekit and she ain’t the fucking Messiah!

  251. smitty says:

    So parliament was briefly suspended last night as thete was an emergency at the back of the chamber. Emma Roddick had collapsed, but it was not genuine, and just one of her pseudo fainting episodes she has done often in parliament when she wants attention. Ambulances have previously been called and the whips and parliament staff are fed up of her doing this and all of the other associated, attention seeking bullshit from her.

  252. stuart mctavish says:

    Watched a bit of the show yesterday and remain somewhat surprised that this is the subject that keeps Scotland’s best paid political minds occupied until the small hours (what with everything else going on). That said, best bit by far was Shirley Anne’s kids making a vital intervention (long past their bedtime presuably) which deserved a far larger audience :).

    Anyway, setting aside the confusion over whether allowing people to indulge in their wildest fantasies (however harmful) is borne from a love of them, or their freedom to choose, or even a deliberate disrespect aimed at the people being legally forced to respect such choices, and just so that I fully understand the consequences, is today the day that, subject to credit checks, Gary Glitter can identify as a 13 year old and enrol in Mary Erskine’s/ St George’s* or does half the Scottish parliament hope he has to wait until tomorrow – whilst the other is still in two minds as to whether the enforced respect for someone else’s self id can apply to age/ nationality as well as sex..?

    *It being, in retrospect & armed with great stories from the one friend smart enough to take home eccy O grade back in the day, the sort of thing many a forward thinking teenage lad might be up for.

  253. David Hannah says:

    You’ve got to have some nerve to pull a pseudo seizure in Parliament. Jeesus Christ thank god Partick Harvie was on hand to perform an exorcism straight away.

    Maybe the power of Nicola compell you.

  254. Ruby says:

    Keep signing.

    No sex changes

    If there wasn’t this totally crazy act there would be no reforms.

    The GRA 2004 is the root cause of all the problems not just for women but also for those suffering from gender dysphoria/transness.

  255. What Mia said at 10.37 pm.

  256. frank gillougley says:

    and so it goes… with all the charm of a botched execution.

    As someone said, there really are no words.

  257. Ruby says:

    It’s good that this bill has waken people up to the problem of allowing men to change sex.

    Just quite why it’s taken people so long is a mystery.

    The power of the media & politicians to manipulate the public is absolutely amazing.

  258. PacMan says:

    Thought I’d have a nosey over at WGD. Not much comment on the latest article, the usual posters must be busy with 2 or 3 part time jobs to pay for PayPaul extravagances, this time a new laptop which was bought before the offers of second hand ones where offered by his fevered admires.

    There has been some debate on GRR over there on WGD and the mental gymnastics displayed by those to justify the SNP position would be amusing if the subject matter wasn’t so serious.

  259. Alf Baird says:

    stuart mctavish @ 10:30 am

    “this is the subject that keeps Scotland’s best paid political minds occupied”

    A key problem here is that supporters of this bill base their views almost entirely on the debatable evidence supplied by vested interests and lobby groups. What is missing from their argument is at least some knowledge and understanding of the established and basic theoretical principles relating to biological sex.

    We see the same bunch of fools drivelling over and deciding on other matters of law in which they have no knowledge of even basic theoretical principles, which also explains why their actions, laws, policies and expenditure on many matters too often goes to pot and creates many more problems for society than they were ever intended to solve.

    One relates to the subject of independence, for which decision makers really must understand some of the basic principles of postcolonial theory (independence is decolonization, efter aw), failing which they will end up in a mess, much as we see with the SNP and the now ruptured independence movement.

    Another subject which I have studied, researched and taught in depth for many years is ferries strategy and procurement where decision makers allocating large budgets to buy ships need to know about the basic theoretical principles of ship design and economics, such as ship displacement and block coefficient for example. MSPs know nothing about such matters and neither do civil servants. If the state wants to build or buy ships via such central planning processes it really should be aware of the basic theoretical principles of such matters beforehand, otherwise we get the mess we see.

    So there it is, a severe lack of theoretical knowledge or education across the board in most if not all policy areas. Which means our decision makers are largely ignorant and their laws incompetent. But postcolonial theory does warn us that all we can expect in a colony is “a mediocre meritocracy’ whose laws are more likely to oppress the people than help them.

  260. Ruby says:

    I haven’t watched any of the debate re GRRB.

    I have no idea what they mean by trans and they have no idea what they mean by woman so it all seems pointless.

    Probably not a good idea for Alba or the Tories to be claiming to be the saviours of women’s rights and just concentrate on independence for or against.

    If the Tories decided to go there and claim the only way to save women’s rights would be to vote NO all you would have to do is point at the GRA 2004.

    Alba don’t need to say anything about women’s rights, the EU, nato or anything else just emphasise the fact that in a independent Scotland we can make our own decisions.

  261. Christopher says:

    Imagine a country if you will, so far down the woke drainpipe, that it’s left to the Conservatives to protect our biological women and girls.

  262. Ruby says:

    What I would ask those who support trans rights Joanna Cherry for example

    What is trans? Is there any way to prove someone is trans?

  263. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Alba don’t need to say anything about women’s rights, the EU, nato or anything else just emphasise the fact that in a independent Scotland we can make our own decisions.”

    That seems a really bad plan, given that look what’s just happened when the Scottish Government made its own decisions.

  264. Sean says:

    Michael Matheson is my MSP.

    Emailed him both before and after the vote.

    He will be shamed for all time.

  265. Colin Alexander says:

    The National SNP mouthpiece has published an article rubbishing the Wings article and arguing a defence that the SNP Scot Govt introduced an amendment that sex offenders would be risk assessed for a GRC.

    In my opinion, a sex offender IS too much of a risk. That they committed a sexual offence is sufficient that they would present a credible risk in the future if allowed into female only spaces.

    I would not put my trust in Social Work services for the protection of women and children.

  266. Viscount Ennui says:

    Alf Baird says:
    22 December, 2022 at 11:40 am

    “So there it is, a severe lack of theoretical knowledge or education across the board in most if not all policy areas. Which means our decision makers are largely ignorant and their laws incompetent. But postcolonial theory does warn us that all we can expect in a colony is “a mediocre meritocracy’ whose laws are more likely to oppress the people than help them.”

    Always enjoy your posts, Alf.

    Please add to a) gender issues, and b) ferries:

    Health service provision

    I cannot identify a single devolved matter that is well-governed.
    Oh! Tell a lie. Baby boxes.

  267. Colin Alexander says:

    ““Alba don’t need to say anything about women’s rights, the EU, nato or anything else just emphasise the fact that in a independent Scotland we can make our own decisions.”

    Stu Campbell said:

    “That seems a really bad plan, given that look what’s just happened when the Scottish Government made its own decisions.”

    One of the arguments put forward by the SNP is that they are compelled to make these laws to be comply with the Human Rights Act 1998 / ECHR.

    Holyrood is only a devolution Muppet Show parliament, so is bound by the Human Rights Act 1998, as Scotland is only like a colony of England.

    Sovereign states cannot be compelled to comply with the ECHR if they choose not to. UK Parliament CAN make laws that don’t comply with the ECHR. That’s because the UK argues UK Parliament is sovereign so is not bound by law.

    Also, in an independent Scotland where the people are sovereign, if we had a rogue parliament, that parliament should be able to be challenged by the people by means of a Claim of Right.

    In fact, that’s something that should be done now, as Holyrood is NOT sovereign. MSPS are just colonial administrators.

  268. Ruby says:

    Christopher says:
    22 December, 2022 at 11:57 am

    Imagine a country if you will, so far down the woke drainpipe, that it’s left to the Conservatives to protect our biological women and girls.

    They’ve got you fooled. These Tories support the GRA 2004 which is the root cause of all the problems. Had there been no GRA 2004 there would be no GRRB.

    If you look closely at the GRA 2004 you will see that allows self-id. The requirement that you ‘live as a woman’ for a period of 2 years (which could be forever) allows men to id as women. No need for GRC, medical diagnosis or anything else. Men just put on a dress and hey presto they are women.

    Take Eddie Izzard for example he put on a dress and now he is a woman. India Willoughby had feminized facial reconstruction and now he too is a woman. Neither of them have a GRC.

    There is another aspect to all this madness that is never discussed that is the effect this has on the children of these men who become ‘women’ It must be pretty hard to see your dad turn into a woman.

    Speaking ahead of last night’s CBB launch, India – who was born Jonathan Willoughby and transitioned in 2015 – revealed she hasn’t spoken to her teenage son since becoming a woman.

  269. Ruby says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    22 December, 2022 at 12:06 pm

    “Alba don’t need to say anything about women’s rights, the EU, nato or anything else just emphasise the fact that in a independent Scotland we can make our own decisions.”

    That seems a really bad plan, given that look what’s just happened when the Scottish Government made its own decisions.

    I was referring to the Scottish people not the UK branch office at Holyrood.

    Do polls not suggest that the Scottish people do not agree with the latest decision made by the UK branch office at Holyrood?

  270. Andy Ellis says:

    That seems a really bad plan, given that look what’s just happened when the Scottish Government made its own decisions.

    Indeed. The slow learners within the movement and perhaps more surprisingly BTL here are still wedded to the magical thinking that the SNP are suddenly going to disapparate in a cloud of smoke due to some cunning plan for indy or deus ex machina ejecting them from office. The quotidian reality of course is that a much more likely outcome is that the SNP and Greens lose support and their majority.

    Those of us interested in advancing the cause of independence in the real world, rather than pirouetting ever more frantically on the point of constitutional needles, 300 year old treaties and post colonial theory have to keep reminding the devotees of miraculous intervention that the fastest and best route to beard the SNP lion in its den is to elect enough Alba MSPs to deprive them of a majority while delivering a pro indy majority.

    There is already enough clear ideological water between Alba and the neo Liberals and TRA extremists in the SNP to ensure that nobody paying any attention would think their post independence stances would be anything alike.

    Much as fantasies of a total SNP collapse or IPP style extinction event might warm our hearts, they are likely to be around for some time time. We don’t need to bury them, we just need to hobble them.

  271. stuart mctavish says:


    Labour were in office north and south of borderline in 2004

    Given the sordid nature of GRAB (over and above the staggering level of dishonesty from its proponents) if they do push through with it I wonder how easy it will be to go from hell yes to hell no* given the concept of a good Scotsman or a good Scotswoman can no longer have any meaning in the truest sense of such words.

    *The risk of nulabour rendering moot the concept of a reliable English dictionary cannot, sadly, be discounted from such consideration

  272. Colin Alexander says:

    Some on here would try to convince you that the Treaty of Union and the Scottish constitutional arguments are irrelevant to Scottish independence and Scots Law.

    They would try to convince you that historical facts and law are now irrelevant to current Scotland / UK.

    So, what’s the basis of the UK? The monarchy etc? Was this all established since 1928 when universal suffrage ( votes for adults 21 and over) was introduced?

  273. Willie says:

    Interesting points Alf.

    Unless we want a truly laissez faire society we will always need some form of government to decide and steer decisions on how our society makes it choices.

    State planned vs free market a huge topic all too often riven with ideological bias. But without getting into all of that, what would you summarise as the key things you would have changed to avert the Scottish Ferries bourach where we spend money and get no ships, and where essential services to our island communities are woefully under delivered.

    I ask this because state owned Calmac was at least to me, very much a good idea gone bad.

    Building ferries at Port Glasgow was also a good good idea but gone bad.

    And just look at the disaster of Scotland’s ports. Did the sell off help or hinder. And why unlike other countries has our port infrastructure not kept up.

    Maybe the answer is in the quality and integrity of the people who administer our colony. No vision, little ability, bought and sold, and disregarding of the absolute plunder and malmanagement of Scotland.

    With our resources we could be so much more. Up until 2008 our devolved government tried hard within it limits. Since then all change. And today we get GRC. Says it all really about the UK’s favourite colony.

  274. Ruby says:

    Andy Ellis says:
    22 December, 2022 at 1:02 pm

    That seems a really bad plan, given that look what’s just happened when the Scottish Government made its own decisions.

    Indeed. The slow learners within the movement and perhaps more surprisingly BTL here are still wedded to the magical thinking that the SNP are suddenly going to disapparate in a cloud of smoke due to some cunning plan for indy

    Any excuse to call people stupid.

    Let me repeat what I said to Stu:

    I was referring to the Scottish people not the UK branch office at Holyrood.

    Do polls not suggest that the Scottish people do not agree with the latest decision made by the UK branch office at Holyrood?

    Maybe try to come up with a better excuse why my suggestion is a bad idea.

  275. David Hannah says:

    Maggie Chalpman just used the word Terf in Parliament and quoted Judith Butler’s fiction novel.

    What a world we live in!

  276. David Hannah says:

    SNP Psychopaths every single one of them. I’m not watching any more of this reality denial in Holyrood. It really is a Handmaiden’s tale. Once they introduce this bill. They won’t stop. It’s non binary identities next. Maggie Chalpman calling people Terfs.

    They speak as if gender is reality. Cis gender Emma Roddick says in Parliament, she’s neither a man or a woman. These people are insane. They are insane!

    There’s no hope. Time to switch off.

  277. stuart mctavish says:


    further to the earlier observation about its source, a Conservative MP just got up and said that, as a gay man, he’d be supporting the bill – which begs 2. supplemental questions

    a) What interest do gay men have in it
    b) What is Neil Hanveys stance on the matter

  278. Merganser says:

    Sturgeon’s plan of a de facto referendum with only one issue is a sure fire way of trying to keep issues like GR off the menu. The other issues not to be mentioned – health, ferries e.t.c will also mean no scrutiny of anything if she gets her way.

    What other perversions are going to be introduced which are destined to become law, in respect of which the Scottish people will be told ‘this is a one issue election so forget any debate about other matters’?

    She is happy to take the pish. And too many people are content to have it taken out of them. A worthless ‘yes’ or a tragic ‘no’ is on the horizon, and a whole raft of useless perversions are just waiting to be brought in under the radar. What we see today being voted through is just the beginning.

    Don’t sign a blank cheque for them to carry on conning people about independence.

  279. Andy Ellis says:

    Any excuse to call people stupid.
    Let me repeat what I said to Stu:…

    I will forbear my default position of ignoring low value input, especially yours on this occasion to say that stupid is as stupid does. It’s better for some folk to remain silent and be thought a fool than to wade in mouth first and dispel all doubt.

    Stu already answered your question pretty convincingly: you simply didn’t like the answer and now go around trying to provoke responses in your usual grievance chimp fashion.

    Maybe try to come up with a better excuse why my suggestion is a bad idea.

    Because writing blank cheques for any party or movement is a bad idea. The majority of folk support the death penalty in certain circumstances, but I doubt many of us would be too impressed if the indy movement decided it’d decide every area of policy on the basis of direct democracy.

    We don’t have to accept every policy position Alba comes up with, or indeed any party, but we shouldn’t expect countries to be run in the same basis as some folk interact BTL on blogs when their mouths write cheques their intellects can’t cash.

  280. Republicofscotland says:

    I saw Sturgeon the Judas on FMQ’s replying to the question on not voting down convicted rapists applying for a GRC, Sturgeon basically replied that predatory men (rapists, paedos) would still commit sexual offence regardless of whether or not that amendment was voted down or not.

    Sturgeon fails to see that she and her revolting MSPs, who clapped like obedient seals waiting for a fishy reward behind her, have made it much easier for the rapists and paedos to gain access to women and children via their safe spaces, by not voting down their ability to obtain an GRC.

    It was also clearly pointed out to Sturgeon the Judas and her rapist enabling MSPs that 63% of SNP voters DONT want this, also a majority of the other parties voters in Scotland DONT want it either. However Sturgeon and her disgusting MSPs have completely ignored what the PUBLIC wants, and not for the first time.

  281. David Hannah says:

    More protests in the Chamber. The public are crying out. The Scottish Government are detached from reality. This really is sickening stuff.

  282. Mark Boyle says:

    Christopher says:
    22 December, 2022 at 11:57 am

    Imagine a country if you will, so far down the woke drainpipe, that it’s left to the Conservatives to protect our biological women and girls.

    To be fair, it was Tinfoil Theresa – first as Home Secretary then as Prime Minister – who gave the Transmoonie toerags their initial toehold in this country in the first place.

    Thank fk for the likes of Kemi Badenoch who are determined to put a stop to it and the more they try to intimidate and get her “cancelled”, the more she’s motivated to have this secular cult stopped before it causes the same appalling damage it has in California.

  283. Republicofscotland says:

    This farce looks like continuing for a wee bit longer.

    “One final delay to the gender reform debate at Holyrood as protestors heckle Shona Robison from the public gallery during her closing speech – session suspended once again, but MSPs are due to hold the concluding vote on the finalised bill shortly”

  284. Hatuey says:

    Like everything else the fake politicians in the fake parliament discuss, I’ve struggled to take the gender stuff seriously. It’s like watching a bunch of kids playing at doctors and nurses or something — “let’s pretend we’re politicians with power, I’ll be the first minister, you be the leader of the opposition…”

    They must know when they go home afterwards that it’s all fake, that they have no real power. The gender stuff is a good example; Westminster politicians can wade in at any moment and put an end to the charade.

    For me, to oppose the gender crap would be to take the morons seriously and that’s something I couldn’t do even if I wanted to. The only issue worthy of being taken seriously is the constitutional issue, which is about ending the fakery, pretence, and charades.

    The things they should be discussing in the Scottish parliament are the things they aren’t allowed to discuss. In a quasi-colonial system, that amounts to almost everything that matters.

    In real parliaments with real power they’re discussing and passing legislation on things like macroeconomic policy, foreign affairs, trade, defence, industrial policy, capital investment, corporation tax, etc., etc., etc. The list of real and meaningful issues is endless but Holyrood can’t go near them.

    The whole world is crumbling and falling to pieces, people everywhere are struggling in all sorts of ways, we’ve probably never been closer to Armageddon, and our government in Holyrood decides it’s a good time to pass legislation that allows men into womens’ toilets.

    Case closed.

  285. Maureen says:

    Sturgeons is not for apologising

  286. Alf Baird says:

    Willie @ 1:44 pm

    “Maybe the answer is in the quality and integrity of the people who administer our colony. No vision, little ability, bought and sold, and disregarding of the absolute plunder and malmanagement of Scotland.”

    Yes Willie, its well worth considering what postcolonial theory tells us about those “who administer our colony”. A cultural division of labour means the best jobs (in the colony) are advertised mainly in the metropolitan capital (i.e. London), albeit with certain roles also reserved for specific native elite groups (e.g. law, which is mostly supplied from the private/’colonial’ schools and elite uni’s). This means that only the dominant values (e.g. British ‘one-nation’ ideology, monarchy, English culture, language etc) of the colonizer remain sovereign, and thus only his interests are protected by this meritocratic elite. Hence there are few opportunities for indigenous Scots, especially when it comes to appointments to run our institutions. As an illustration, in the ferries fiasco many of the most senior decision-makers involved are not Scots – in CMAL, Transport Scotland, and also at Ferguson’s, though the problem is presented by the MSM as a specifically Scottish one. Ministers of course just rubber-stamp whatever the appointed officials come up with. Which may not be dissimilar with the Robison GRR Bill and other questionable/ideological legislation and policies emanating from outside the colony/culture and imposed on Scotland’s people

  287. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon the betrayer and her degenerate MSPs have made it much easier for these lowlifes to attack women and children.

    We must shun these paedo enabling sickos.

    “There are 230 trans prisoners, 97 have been convicted of serious sexual offences, including against children, ie 42%.”

  288. Ruby says:

    Andy Ellis says:
    22 December, 2022 at 2:43 pm

    I will forbear my default position of ignoring low value input, especially yours on this occasion to say that stupid is as stupid does. It’s better for some folk to remain silent and be thought a fool than to wade in mouth first and dispel all doubt.

    Why have you decided not to ignore me on this occasion? Looking to impress Stu?

  289. Garavelli Princip says:

    Well, that’s it done.

    The Perverts’ Enablement Act has been passed by the parish council, wee pretendy “parliament” (Colonial Branch Assembly) in Holyrood.

    Lives of Women and girls have just become a whole lot less safe.

    We have become a perverts paradise. Prepare for an influx of creeps seeking Scotland as a place of ‘usual residence” and applying for their perverts’ season ticket.

  290. George Ferguson says:

    The GRRB vote has gone through, time to enjoy Christmas. This is the end of the beginning, not the end. Come back refreshed in the New Year. I have watched the debate for many hours and there is no way the case for GRRB was made. Ignoring your constituents is never a good idea.

  291. Maureen says:

    Very angry thread here about the vote at holyrood

    It’s hard to stomach this list but people are definitely waking up to what sturgeon is proposing as the below list has been posted on one of the responses.

  292. Oneliner says:

    The turkeys have just voted for Christmas

  293. stuart mctavish says:

    What a shambles

    Stupid is as stupid does I suppose but it must now be definitively the case that a trans person calling themselves a woman or a man, (instead of a trans woman or a trans man) is committing the (so called)* hate crime of transphobia.

    My guess is that only in FFS Scotland could politicians applaud themselves after legislating for such footshooting (ie self identify as stupid is as stupid does) only to, depressingly it now transpires, go on to put indy first thing on agenda in 2023 (FFS)

    *possibly considered common sense elsewhere, as it transpires!

  294. Republicofscotland says:

    Someone’s very pleased with bill passing.

    “Shona Robison has been an absolute star. Thank you for all your hard work.”

  295. Hatuey says:

    You’re right it isn’t the end. This slippery slope goes a lot further.

    If depravity doth prosper, none dare call it depraved.

  296. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    See, give em what they want and they’ll go away happy.
    Wot? NUS President, Green Party apparatchik, middle class rent-a-mooth and bloke in a dress, Ellie Gomersall has just demanded that children under the age of 16 be allowed to change their legal gender. FFS!
    There’s no appeasing these deranged zealots and mair fool the naïve, carpetbagging parasites that went along with it.

  297. Republicofscotland says:

    Maureen your link didn’t work for me so I posted it again.

    No doubt some of those monsters will now head to Scotland, thanks to the SNP.

  298. Maureen says:

    Thanks Republicofscotland. That list is horrendous. To think they can now pass for women…

  299. Maureen says:
    Alister Jack:

    “We will look closely at that, and also the ramifications for the 2010 Equality Act and other UK wide legislation, in the coming weeks – up to and including a Section 35 order stopping the Bill going for Royal Assent if necessary.”

  300. Ruby says:

    Maureen says:
    22 December, 2022 at 3:05 pm

    Sturgeons is not for apologising

    She is completely nuts!

    “Removing the need for medical diagnosis for a trans person who wants to legally change their gender is one of the purposes of this legislation because that is one of the most traumatic and dehumanising parts of the current system

    What on earth do they do to ‘trans people’ (whatever that is?) Is it any worse than having a smear test or a colonoscopy?

    Never mind the process for deciding if someone is ‘trans’ the process of turning them into women is pretty brutal.

    It you want to skip over the following it’s just saying when you take estrogen/testosterone blockers
    you become impotent, no erections, no sex drive and your balls shrivel up but on the positive side you wont go bald.

    After you begin feminizing hormone therapy, you’ll notice the following changes in your body over time:

    Fewer erections and a decrease in ejaculation. This will begin 1 to 3 months after treatment starts. The full effect will happen within 3 to 6 months.
    Less interest in sex. This also is called decreased libido. It will begin 1 to 3 months after you start treatment. You’ll see the full effect within 1 to 2 years.
    Slower scalp hair loss. This will begin 1 to 3 months after treatment begins. The full effect will happen within 1 to 2 years.
    Breast development. This begins 3 to 6 months after treatment starts. The full effect happens within 2 to 3 years.
    Softer, less oily skin. This will begin 3 to 6 months after treatment starts. That’s also when the full effect will happen.
    Smaller testicles. This also is called testicular atrophy. It begins 3 to 6 months after the start of treatment. You’ll see the full effect within 2 to 3 years.
    Less muscle mass. This will begin 3 to 6 months after treatment starts. You’ll see the full effect within 1 to 2 years.
    More body fat. This will begin 3 to 6 months after treatment starts. The full effect will happen within 2 to 5 years.
    Less facial and body hair growth. This will begin 6 to 12 months after treatment starts. The full effect happens within three years.

    Instead of becoming a woman they become eunuchs.

    Basically they are chemically castrated. See Alan Turing.

    So when you get annoyed at Robyn Woof you can think that in his quest to become ‘an adult human female’ he will become impotent, have no sex drive and his ball will shrivel up.

    It’s bloody tragic and a mean thing to think but when someone is being a totally bully you are not inclined to think nice thoughts.

  301. Republicofscotland says:

    You’re very welcome Maureen, I’m a man and I’m kind of spooked by that lot in the link, I cannot for the life of me imagine how a women and young girls will feel when they need to share their safe spaces with that lot. It’s just not right.

    Time to shun the SNP for Alba now.

  302. David Hannah says:

    Gender ideology must be the new religion for Scotland.

    What a dark day for women’s rights. Maggie Chalpman quoting a trans person who called his grandmother a terf, that could be the most shocking thing I heard today.

    Then Emma Roddick said she’s cis gender, and is neither male or female.

    Then the applauding like clapping seals of Sturgeon voting to put the rights of male sex offenders above women.

    And just the total denial of reality. I find hard to comprehend. Despairing women screaming in the gallery.

    It’s like a new religion has taken over in Scotland. The new masons all dissending voices will not be tolerated.

    I wasn’t raised with this. Scotland wasn’t raised with this belief system. I feel the pain of every woman today. Truely horrific stuff.

    Never thought I’d say I hope the Tories tell Sturgeon to sling her hook and stick the bill up her arse. Disgraceful what’s happened in the woke Scottish republic of Guillead. It really was like watching a Handmaiden’s tale. Chilling.

    Non binary rights are next. That’s what they want. So that anyone can enter women’s bathrooms just to pee of course.

  303. David Hannah says:

    You give these ideologues an inch. They take a mile. Barricaded in Holyrood. Not listening to the polls. Detached from reality. Not listening to the women’s groups. Not listening to the UN rapporteur. Not having the foresight of a resistance to gender ideology even in the United States.

    I’m scrunered. I really am.

    No male sex offenders, just look at Katie Dolatowski. The female sex offender that’s male in Scotland that attacked men in the male jail.

    Ignored by Sturgeon. She’s a wicked twisted areshole that’s all she is.

  304. Maureen says:

    I used to be an SNP member but cancelled when they went after Alec Salmond.What they tried to do to him is unforgivable and not something i would want to be associated with. Have been a member of Alba since its conception.
    I am housebound most of the time so get all my news through wings over scotland.
    So glad that I don’t need outside care and hope to not need it as there is no way I would allow a man self identifying as a woman to look after me.
    I have a young daughter and I am deeply concerned for her. A few folk have said it and I agree, I hope westminster step in and put a stop to the madness.
    Ruby, yes sturgeon is nuts!

  305. stuart mctavish says:

    Maureen @3:05

    I think this phrase* requires substantiation:

    “As a woman, I know what it’s like to live with the fear at times of potential violence from men.”

    * particularly in the context of her accusations against, and lack of support for, Alex Salmond.

  306. President Xiden says:

    These dopey msp’s in Holyrood are clearly under the spell of the cult of Nicola and are no different psychologically to those followers of Jim Jones who drank the kook aid. What a state of affairs.

  307. Ruby says:

    Keep signing.

    Nearly at 5,000 now. Standing at 4996

    “Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey”,

  308. President Xiden says:

    @DavidHannah You are correct it is a cult . Sturgeon is a cult leader and she is followed by deluded people.

  309. Linda McFarlane says:

    The below noted Petition now sits at under 53,500.

    Update the Equality Act to make clear the characteristic “sex” is biological sex
    The Government must exercise its power under s.23 of the Gender Recognition Act to modify the operation of the Equality Act 2010 by specifying the terms sex, male, female, man & woman, in the operation of that law, mean biological sex and not “sex as modified by a Gender Recognition Certificate”,Gender%20Recognition%20Certificate%22

    It’s over halfway. Please support it.

  310. Tommo says:

    Hitherto I would have been sad if Scotland had become independent- I support the Union for family and personal reasons
    Having seen the above posts and in light of this latest leftist lunacy I would be genuinely worried about having an independent SNP/Green Scotland attached to the remainder of the UK. One can just hear it now- ‘Would you care for a wee Chinese loan First Minister-just while you decide which currency you are going to fail in next, you understand ? Oh and by the way-all those former UK defence sites-you won’t be needing those now, will you…….? I’m sure we could add on a little something for your trouble…’
    In the name of the Tiny Little Man get rid of this rabble

  311. crazycat says:

    @ Linda McFarlane

    I’ve signed both the UK government petitions that have been being discussed here.

    I think, however, that it’s important to know how they work. You said

    It’s over halfway. Please support it.

    but these are the rules:

    After 10,000 signatures, petitions get a response from the government.

    After 100,000 signatures, petitions are considered for debate in Parliament.

    (Source:; my bold)

    So the Equality Act petition is already well past the point where the government must respond.

    The more signatures the better, of course, but there is no threshold for a guaranteed debate. Conversely, the government could decide to act anyway, with fewer signatures; they’ve already vaguely suggested that they might.

  312. akenaton says:

    I have signed the petition some time ago, but we must ask ourselves, why is it not into the hundreds of thousands by now?
    I think that the answer is one which none of us are happy to hear; that society is indeed changing in ways that resemble a type of madness. I call it making us “Believe the Unbelievable” and it has happened in former Fascist and Totalitarian countries many times in the past. The start of this phenomenon in the UK was the legislation regarding homosexual marriage which was jerrymandered in the same fashion as this latest lunacy.
    At its imposition by the UK government a huge number of thinkers and commentators protested that the legislation was wrong and would be the thin end of the extremely nasty wedge which is now splitting our country asunder.

    As Mr Burns noted ….and forward tho’ ah canna see, I Guess…..and FEAR

  313. steve davison says:

    The most baffling thing about all of this is how such a small lobby has overtaken main stream politics in the whole of the UK .How can the SNP belief that this furthers there cause as said this lobby is a minute number of the population .Back when I was young you identified with a music culture or your local area and did not feel the need to been seen as different sexually to stand out from the crowd .Where were these masses of trans peoples up till now I don’t seem to have come across many that are shouting from the roof tops that they are now free . Society will always have its fringe people who’s none main stream views and practices are a mystery to the bulk of a society. Some groups revel in been on the fringe and some are forced to it .As long as you don’t harm anyone and don’t push your agenda down anyone’s throat ( no gag intended ) then good luck to you.Heres hoping that the white fat male over 50 a new definite fringe group will soon have their day in the sun

  314. osakisushi says:

    There was a time, when I thought “Come indie, we must reward the politicians who brought us here.”

    Now, I favour a blanket ban on any of these morons standing for public office in an independent Scotland.
    Once, I also thought Jenni Minto had a brain and voted for her.

  315. David Hannah says:

    Dear SNP.

    The polling shows the Alba Party has 48 per cent Independence minds willing to back to free Scotland from the servile chains and English slavery.

    Na mair will we accept being second class citizens.

    As expected. The Irish Independence Party of 1918. 2.0. The SNP soup takers, have absolutely no intentions of delivering Indy Ref 2

    Nicola’s pretenderendum, 2 draft bills, a supreme Court case in the wrong country, 7 mandates, a lady date and a non binary date.

    It’s up to the Alba Party to save Independence and women’s rights. With big Eck.

    Independence has been all too much for retired SNP president Mike Russell and his 11 point plan. Unfortunately Mike hasn’t got the stamina for front line politics.

    Terrified of Independence, Nicola’s tucked him away under the covers in Bute House , given him a wee kiss and switched off the Indy lamp!

    Big Ecks done all the hard work. New party. He’s gone from town Hall to town Hall. He’s a hero. God bless him.

    England’s voting for mice guy Riki 2 snacks and matt handcock, the darling of the nation and Kangeroo penis water. That’s oor matt! I’m voting tory says NICOLA. No plebiscite says Steven Flynn in 2024.

    God save the King. Says Nicola. Under his Eye.

    Merry Terfmas ya filthy animals. And a happy new year.

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