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The Grand Alliance 101

Posted on April 09, 2024 by

We have a solution to this problem.

(Story 1 and story 2.)

In a spirit of unity, Wings officially endorses both statements.

The Eleventh Edition 167

Posted on April 07, 2024 by

Upper pic: Scottish Greens Spring Conference 2023.

Lower pic: Scottish Greens Spring Conference 2024.

Who can spot the missing word?

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The Rules For The Rich And Famous 335

Posted on April 03, 2024 by

So here’s a thing.

But that’s not how the Hate Crime Act is supposed to work.

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How That’s Working Out 95

Posted on April 03, 2024 by

This is from the Financial Memorandum prepared by the Scottish Government for the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021.

And here’s the reality after ONE DAY.

So that went well.

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A Thousand Paper Cranes 266

Posted on March 31, 2024 by

Thanks to the dedication of our legal team in working over the Easter holiday, Wings has unexpectedly received the formal Opinion of legal counsel (hereafter called “the Opinion”, capitalised to avoid confusion with the ordinary use of the word in the article) with regard to the standing of the site in the light of the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021, which comes into force tomorrow.

We publish the Opinion below, partly to assist those worried about the Act’s impact on them but unable to afford their own legal advice.

But we also do so to place Police Scotland on notice that anything published by Wings Over Scotland is done in the light of the greatest possible care having been taken to ensure compliance with the law, and that in such a context any future attempt/s to improperly interfere with our rights of free expression under Article 10 of the European Convention On Human Rights (ECHR) will be viewed with regard to pursuing the maximum available recourse for wrongful restriction of our lawful activities.

We have both funds and the will to pursue such action.

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Yet another fine mess 408

Posted on March 04, 2024 by

There’s a Calvin And Hobbes cartoon we like to post on social media when someone’s got themselves in such a pickle that they’re just flailing around desperately firing off every slogan, argument or insult they can think of to get themselves out of it.

And so, wearily, to the SNP.

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Nip and tuck 243

Posted on March 01, 2024 by

It’d be nice if the Scottish Government could make up its mind whether it wants booze to be more expensive or not.

If only so we could all stop having our intelligence insulted quite this crassly.

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The Final Betrayal 174

Posted on February 29, 2024 by

The Scottish Government have just launched yet another nanny-state “healthy eating” intervention, and to be honest, readers, the cheap-shot open goals just queued up.

Our first instinct was to do a simple picture gallery of some of the insatiable pie-hounds squeezing their expenses-fed backsides onto the groaning, creaking benches and chairs of the Holyrood and Westminster parliaments, such as Kirsten “Elbows” Oswald (pictured above, slumped back under the sheer weight of her neck) – so known to other MPs because you get between her and a buffet at grave peril to your ribcage.

(And no, we’re not telling you which ones told us that.)

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Who Hates The Jews? 192

Posted on February 23, 2024 by

A couple of things happened at the Scottish Parliament this week.

They’re worth taking a moment to compare.

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Politics By Dummies 163

Posted on February 22, 2024 by

We’re reluctant to even mention the farcical, embarrassing goings-on in the House Of Commons last night, but the very short version is that the SNP somehow contrived to save Keir Starmer from an embarrassing mass rebellion of Labour MPs.

And in so far as anyone cared about them at all, the people of Gaza were the losers.

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Guided By Voices 63

Posted on February 16, 2024 by

If there’s ever been a (branch office of a) political party that could somehow manage to blow it in Scotland against the burning trainwreck in a ditch full of sewage that is the SNP right now, it’s definitely Anas Sarwar’s hapless Scottish Labour.

Honestly, this stuff is comedy gold. But in a winner-takes-all dumb-off with Humza Yousaf’s SNP, it’s way too close to call.

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Scooby Don’t 301

Posted on February 10, 2024 by

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