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How That’s Working Out

Posted on April 03, 2024 by

This is from the Financial Memorandum prepared by the Scottish Government for the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021.

And here’s the reality after ONE DAY.

So that went well.

Police Scotland, which is at its lowest staffing levels for over 15 years and has already given up on even attempting to investigate a large number of actual crimes, has had to create an entire new unit – which we’re told by a very reliable police source has had to draft in officers from other forces too – to wade through thousands and thousands of demands for them to arrest people (mostly us, JK Rowling, Posie Parker and Graham Linehan, to a degree which ironically probably constitutes deliberate, overtly malicious harassment of us) for hurty feels on the internet.

(Although it hasn’t always gone how the complainers hoped it would.)

In fairness, nobody could possibly have predicted such an outcome, with the exception of people who were alive, most of whom have been warning for months and years that exactly such a thing would happen. (Despite the assurances of, um, Elaine C Smith.)

It is nevertheless vital that people keep reporting hate incidents using the quick and easy online form. Because what First Minister Humza Yousaf called the “rising tide of hatred” engulfing Scotland cannot be allowed to continue unchecked, no matter if it means the police doing literally nothing all day except investigating misgenderings of trans people.

Although it seems that the biggest contributor to the rising tide of hatred in Scotland is in fact… First Minister Humza Yousaf.


Police Scotland themselves still emphasise the need for reports.

Wings Over Scotland of course urges readers not to file trivial complaints. But if something “feels wrong” and you’re “not sure” whether it’s a crime (unhelpfully the Act does not include a definition of “hate” to guide you), then it is your civic duty to inform the forces of law and order so that they can make an informed decision.

Together, readers, we WILL defeat hate.

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0 to “How That’s Working Out”

  1. Dorothy Devine

    It seems that some have too much time on their hands and as the man said ,’ nurse their wrath to keep it warm’

    I never thought I would feel so heart sorry for the police but in this I certainly do , though I presume it is still a crime to waste police time and there are those who should take care lest they find themselves charged.

  2. KT Lorimer

    Soon there will be more officers investigating non-crimes than crimes.

  3. dearieme

    If I made a whimsical allusion to motorhomes would that be a Hate Crime against motorhomes?

    If I choose to identify as a motorhome surely my decision needs to be defended by law too.

    Justice for motorhomes!

  4. John Thomson

    Brilliance of truth and honesty is that it is believed by the majority. Keep it going Stu

  5. blackhack

    The lunatics have definitly taken over the asylum…..

  6. John Muir

    > If I choose to identify as a motorhome surely my decision needs to be defended by law too.

    Yes, but you will also need a valid MOT.

  7. Athanasius

    There is a “rising tide of hate” because people are keeping ridiculous records of so-called “non-crime hate incidents.” I tell someone to get lost, it’s a “non-crime hate incident.” I don’t see something your way, it’s a “non-crime hate incident.” I don’t blow your little nose for you, it’s a “non-crime hate incident.” What the hell is wrong with people nowadays?

  8. George Ferguson

    From the npcc guidelines Police charge out rates for a crime report (£107). So that is around half of million in costs already. The Scottish Parliament is in recess until 14th April. Another couple of weeks to endure this situation. First item on the Agenda when MSPs return, should be the suspension of the HCA pending a Parliamentary Committee review.

  9. Sven

    Dorothy Devine @ 12.29

    The challenge I’d see with the competency of a charge of “wasting Police time” would be that the definition of a “hate crime” in terms of this Act appears to lie entirely with the perception of the complainer, DD.
    Whilst the Police (or the appropriate Fiscal’s office as the prosecuting agency) may not agree that the behaviour meets the requirements to constitute a provable offence, so long as the complainer genuinely feels offended this in itself would appear to justify their complaint.
    My own view is that the intent behind the Act is more likely to be to attempt to cause persons to self censure their comments or behaviour as the very vagueness of the legislation leads to public uncertainty.

  10. Sven

    Athanasius @ 12.48

    Always good to see another, “contra mundum” … Scotland needs several such.

  11. Patsy Millar

    Quelle surprise!

  12. James Che

    I would have thought that the derogatory name “Terfs” for other members of society in Scotland , is a hate Crime.

    I would also presume that ” intent” can be proven, to cause distress and harresment by targeting certain sections of groups in society through advertising and coercing others to complain is a pre planned Hate Crime.

  13. Fairliered

    Oh dear. The sparkly dummy has been spat out so far that it’s just bounced off the moon!

  14. Garrion

    …the tragedy of Sophie Sparkles…I don’t go on twitter, but that was genuinely one of the funniest things I have ever read. It was like a comedy on the stages of narcissistic grief.

  15. Les Halles

    In reply to John Muir – hello and I hope you are well. Our friend Dearieme would not need an MOT if he SORNed himself. Perhaps keeping himself off road at his mother-in-laws house? Although the thought of that might mean he would seek other forms of self identification. What if he self identified as a policeman?

  16. Bob Johnston

    Trans people are indeed loved, Sophie. Trans peoples’ lives matter indeed. None of this is about trans people. It’s about activists who have hijacked the issue. I absolutely love that the first minister has finally been called out on his hate. Time for the gentleman to examine his unconscious biases methinks.

  17. Johnlm

    ‘Gold Group’
    That’ll refer to the overtime for our Kostumed Klowns.

  18. Rare

    Let’s do some quick maths given every report is looked at. Let’s say on average it takes 3 mins for someone to look at the report, and fill out the database with a drop down. It won’t be all automated due to the free text.

    3*4000 = 200 hours

    Living wage = £10.90

    Total cost day one £2180 and counting….

  19. Bob Johnston

    In another life I worked for RBS. Yes, the bank that incompetenced itself into extinction. It introduced a new complaints system and middle management were so eager to show their bosses that this system was an improvement that they ordered us to encourage customers to complain. Stupidity and incompetence are not the sole preserves of Holyrood. Fast forward a couple of months and executives are expressing concern at the enormous rise in customers complaining about the service. Expecting the unexpected isn’t easy but I’m not completely surprised that Mr. Yousaf has just been, as the bard would put it, hoist with his own petard. As Del Boy would put it, lovely jubbly.

  20. James Che

    Has any one placed a complaint against Humza Yusaf for his hate crime racist White Comments towards the police force officers being mainly White people,
    Or to his racist comments that most of the people in higher powers of position in Scotland are mainly white people in a Country that is over 90% white,
    That is racist, insulting and is targeting Police Scotland, The Advocate, , the Secretary of State in Scotland and Lawyers and Judges, and any Scottish people that wish to educate themselves in law and politics.

    He was very specific in which group of people he was targeting in his racism against White ethinicity in Scotland.
    In my personal opinion if he wanted to have the higher echelons of Scottish ” white” Society on board with his racist Comments, His racist speech that was televised went the wrong way about succeeding.

    If you want Police Scotland to feel inferior in their qualifications to Humza Yusaf himself because your parents did not consult you prior to being born,

    It appears that ethic Scottish people are Colour blind and do not object to other people holding places of powerful position and therefore not racist.

    However it appears the first Minister of Scotland has no such Colour blindness as the rest of Scotland and openly voices and displays his racism on television and Media,

  21. Dave Llewellyn

    Since when was fecking ugly a transphobic term

  22. ViceLedMonk

    I guess we’ll need to report ever instance a trans activist speaks ill of the rest of the Scottish population with their various hateful terms. TERF and CIS are words I never want to be called. They are hateful and cause rife division of our population. Clearly used to incite hatred.

  23. Dave Hansell

    “Belief” as in belief in the immutability of sex – and totally seperate from religious belief – is very clearly a protected characteristic under this Scottish Legislation.

    It also has legal UK precedent in a least one successful UK court case.

    Therefore, all those submitting organised complaints forms under this process against those who believe in the immutability of sex are themselves committing a “Hate Crime” and need to be reported themselves to police Scotland for their criminal acts.

    It is incumbent upon Wings readers and others who are the subject of this hatred to submit reports against all those such as Sophie Sparkles, Nikki B et al for the hate they are spewing against those in the Reality Based Community.

  24. Republicofscotland

    Siobhian Brown (SNP MSP) Minister for Victims and Community Safety had a fake complaint made in her name.

    Brown says there’s been so many hate crime reports that it feels like hate crime hysteria. Brown also failed to answer when asked whether comments made by J K Rowling were a non-crime hate incident.

    In my opinion Rowling has the funds to make sure that the COPFS and the Scottish Stasi aka Police Scotland backs off.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that many of these hate crime reports will just be filed under no action, but it wastes so much time of officers who are already ignoring minor crimes that the HC Laws are bound to have a very negative impact on crime solving/policing in Scotland.

  25. James Che


    But didn’t Humza Yusaf target (police Scotland) in his hate Crime racist speech for being White?

    I thought you could not choose the colour you were born in Scotland No more than he could.

  26. Alan Mac

    I was shocked and sad to read of the transphobia suffered by Sophie Sparkles at the hands of 2 women police officers.

    I have therefore submitted a hate crime report to Police Scotland to ask for this crime to be investigated

  27. James Che

    So how does this Hate Crime Bill protect the Scottish population under the Data protection Act, if when Charges fail, and many will.
    If Scots data is still kept On records afterwards even when charges fail.

    This has to be another one of those breached ECHR laws

  28. Luigi

    The FM himself was accused of making racist comments recently. I wonder if anyone has submitted a hate crime complaint against him yet?

    What goes around comes around.

  29. John C

    J.K Rowling’s thread on Twitter was a complete masterstroke. It’s now created a precedent that actually, misgendering isn’t a ‘hate crime’ even though many SNP & Green politicians said it was not to mention some police. TRA’s certainly thought it was hence why the likes of ‘Sophie Sparkles’ was so eager in reporting people, but now it’s clear that the main thing the TRA’s wanted out of the Hate Crime Act isn’t a thing.

    So the question is now what’s the point of the Hate Crime Act? It doesn’t ‘bring Scotland in line with the UK’ as England and Wales have nothing like the HCA in law and have made clear that people’s Article 10 rights come before ‘non-crime hate-crimes’. It isn’t going to stop actual bigotry, racism or solve any of the issues Scotland has and it’ll overload Police Scotland with complaints as we’ve seen so it is now just a complete waste of money after less than three days.

    At this point it seems unlikely to me that any report will go to trial or even result in an investigation under the new law. There might be prosecutions under previously existing laws but the HCA is a waste of time.

    This is going to end badly for the SNP, Greens and the entire Trans movement who are even larger laughing stocks than they were. Impotently raging that the police won’t arrest people for calling men, men. It could even cost the First Minister his job, not that Labour can gloat as they fully supported this so it falls on their shoulders too.

  30. Dave Hansell

    James Che 1:45 pm 3/4/24.

    “I thought you could not choose the colour you were born in Scotland”

    Which raises the intriguing solution to the problematic issues arising from the present First Ministers racist comments.

    Under post modernist intersectionality theory and the practices which ensue from it – such as self identification – all those in Scotland whom the present First Minister complains about need to do is self identify as non-white.

    Problem solved using the same Fantasy Based Community logic of the post-modernist numpties.

  31. Confused

    numerous vexatious and fraudulent complaints

    I’m shocked … shocked …

    – it used to be, to be “political” meant someone savvy, a bit clever, a bit subtle, and yet our “top politician” seems to be like a man wearing clown shoes, in a room full of rakes lying on the ground; he seems semi autistic, perhaps a bit ret4rded, but that is what you have advisors for, and there are a LOT of them, plus, the civil service, which is supposedly hired on merit with very demanding standards. Maybe not, maybe to get the job these days … some foolish masters graduate is giving a presentation about optimising data pipelines for putting the pensions data into the cloud … THEN – someone turns up with the pink hair and says “my girlfriend has a pee pee” – and YOURE HIRED, not you mate, take your laptop and your powerpoint and fuck off, you white racist!

    The SNP brains trust seems like the cast of the rocky horror show, locked in a room, doing groupthink – “let’s ram these unpopular policies down the peoples throats – its not we’re too radical, just not radical enough”.

    Humza is an empty coat, given a job and a script by unknown powers, and he dare not deviate. I think they all are.

    – there is an interesting, and plausible, “conspiracy theory” that -every- major politician is an empty coat, the point being it would be far too dangerous for any independent mind to get anywhere near a top slot, so these leaders are selected, for their venality, for their moral degeneracy; only the blackmailable are allowed to get near the top, and all have blackmail material on them. No honest man can get to the top, because he cannot be controlled, because he might have “principles” or “morals” or try to do something fucking crazy like – improve the lives of the people, or NOT start another war. Such extremists must be blocked at all costs.

  32. John C

    It seems that some have too much time on their hands

    I have no idea how these people make a living outwith of porn and probably whatever benefits they claim. Some pretend to be ‘journalists’ but they have an incredible amount of free time not to mention an incredible amount of disposable income for people who don’t seem to do anything.

    Then again what company in their right mind is going to employ the likes of Sophie Sparkles?

  33. Anton Decadent

    For things to reach this stage of insanity required a captured media, academia, advertising and entertainment industry with which to provide blanket propaganda saturation. Start noticing which other things they do the same with which are also not subject to support by the general public then look at the same pattern being repeated in other countries. Always follow the money.

    With regard to Aberdeen, isn’t that where the Rainbow Greens are based and which the media chose not to cover in any shape or form in the lead up to an election despite the people involved being active in producing paedophilia fiction? Why would the media choose not to report this, could it have harmed the Greens in the lead up to an election and if so what is the connection between the Greens and the media?


    When some people, mostly anglo-american, got hung up about the word «sex» they invented «gender» and now get hung up about that.
    Some people are never satisfied.
    From Scotland the Brave to Scotland the Big Sissy in one fell swish?

  35. John C

    From the npcc guidelines Police charge out rates for a crime report (£107). So that is around half of million in costs already.

    Which is repulsive when one sees how Scotland is falling apart. We need investment to repair so much damaged caused not just by Tory austerity and cruelty, but the sheer incompetence of the SNP. Millions is being wasted to pacify TRAs and they can’t do the one thing they wanted to get out of this act.

  36. Johnlm

    James Che

    It’s a pigment of his imagination.

    This legislation was passed in 2021, just after all the emergency powers nonsense, arresting people out walking, or not in their bubbles.
    I remember cops chasing victims down Glasgow street shouting ‘obey the advice’ ???
    We’re any charges laid, or were they all quietly dropped?

    It’s all a wind up, and keeps Independence off the table before the GE.

  37. Frank Gillougley

    From the wisdom of children,

    Whoever smelt it, dealt it!

    He’s starting to look more and more like a beleagured Saddam Hussein every day now, with that Rab C, ‘I’ll tell you this boy,’ look on his face. Hell mend him.

  38. David Beveridge

    Got to say that foot-stomping, spoilt brat tantrum from Sophie Sparkles was pretty hilarious! 🙂

  39. Bob Johnston

    Confused @ 2.05pm In the Hitch Hikers’ Guide to the Galaxy the Ruler of the Universe is a forgetful man who lives in a shack. He has been dragooned into leadership because it has been realised that those who most want to rule other people are ipso facto those who must be kept away from the job. In general, though, the empty coats in the story are in place to avoid doing anything disruptive. If Useless is indeed one then he’s creating an unholy fuss and has shown an astonishing aptitude for unforced errors and own goals.

  40. Steve a

    I think it’s a shame that care in the community is clearly not working for this individual formerly known as Violet Elizabeth Bott. The petulant tantrum is clearly an attempt to make good on the threat to ‘thcream and thcream till they make themselves thick’. I hope the carers in this case are able to adjust the meds to bring some measure of peace, and in the meantime take away the crayons and chalk for fear of any damage.

  41. Mac

    The complaints about Yousless and Sarwar are not in least vexatious.

    The only thing saving them is that they predate the Hate bill being enacted.

    I honestly don’t think you can find a better example of exactly what the Hate Bill describes as an offense than Yousless and Sarwar’s bizarre racist rants.

    As wings retweeted it is like moving to Nigeria and standing up in their parliament listing all the people doing the top jobs and then spiting out BLACK! in disgust. You would be run out the country or worse…

    It is an open and shut case of stirring up hate, but of course these smug arseholes really believe that they are immune from being racists. Which of course is itself an inherently racist view.

    Trying to make out it is a problem in a country that is 96% white that white people hold most of the top jobs is the very definition of shit stirring, of stirring up hate.

    Yousless and Sarwar are being race hustlers, race grifters. They face charges for this toxic, poisonous race baiting but of course never will.

    The fact Yousless got his wee Hutchy buddy to back him up by repeating his speech shows he knows he fucked up. Pair of disgusting racist wankers. And they really are.

  42. Dave Hansell

    “David Beveridge
    3 April, 2024 at 2:35 pm

    Got to say that foot-stomping, spoilt brat tantrum from Sophie Sparkles was pretty hilarious!”

    Self identifying as a cartoon character at the same time is also a rib ticker.

  43. JockMcT

    The biggest crime here is the total lack of vision and action on an Independent Scotland. Not content to fiddle while Rome burns, the FM stirs and fans the flames. Stand down and let some real people with a vision for Scotland take over. You are not and never will be a leader. SNP, how much more ridiculous can you actually get? As for the poor wee sparkler from the north east. Please get some help. Said with love and passion, and positive thoughts for the future.

  44. Mark Beggan

    When is a Muslim not a Muslim?

    When His name is Humza.

  45. Campbell Clansman

    If the police were at all serious about “investigating” each one, it would take a minimum of 1/2 hour per complaint. Thus a police officer could process 16 complaints in an 8-hour work day.
    With 3,800 complaints a day, that will take 237.5 police officer days for “investigations.” Assuming they do a semi-serious “investigation.”
    That’s 237 officers not out there combatting actual crime. And I’m not counting here the administrators and resources also taken away from crime fighting.
    I wonder how many robberies and murders will go unsolved or unprevented because of this waste of resources?

  46. James Che

    Having researched many dictionaries today from different Countries,

    Trans is derived as a loan word from Latin, and is a Prefix.

    Meaning… Across, beyond, to pass over,


    TransAtlantic….To go across the Atlantic Ocean.

    TransParent …… to allow light to go across from one side to the other.

    TransGression…..against something that is a command of Law,..sin, breach, over stepping, crime, infringement,offence, wrong doing, wickedness,

    In the case of discussions around ECHR laws and Amnesty international discussions I presume this conversation under freedom of speech may be had To discuss what that actual prefix means when used in front of the word women, from world wide dictionary sources we take it to mean……. go across, to go beyond, to pass over Women might be a example.

    Perhaps Amnesty International on Women’s and Girls rights, or the ECHR could explain how they interpret the pre-fix before the word women Girls,

    Does it mean to go (across) women and Girls rights?
    Does it mean to go ( beyond) Women women and Girls rights?
    Does it mean to (Pass over Women’s) and Girls Rights?

    This is also appropriate discussion for the Advocates in Scotland along with the Judges of Scotland in Courts of law, and members of Police Scotland to discuss, as there appears to be little evidence in defining what a Woman is in Scotland when a random Prefix is attached and is used with multiple other words as a prefix from the variety of dictionaries from around the world.

    With the Hate Crime bill now in force but not being specific in Catagories as to women, are Terfs Women included?
    Is that a Hate Crime?
    Time for the higher ranking Advocates and Scottish Judges to have that discussion regarding the the Scottish devolved Governments new public Order and Hate crime bill as it includes all the Women and children in their families too.

  47. AnneDon

    Bear in mind, people, that MSPs from every single party in Holyrood voted for this dog’s breakfast. Professor Adam Tomkins was in the Herald defending it at the weekend. He was in charge of the Justice Committee at the time.

    To me, it looks like the legacy of Lesley Evans’ leadership of the Scottish Civil Service is still poisoning our public life. Whether by malignity or incompetence, or just sheer sycophancy towards the former FM, it is impossible to say.

  48. Bob Johnston

    I’ve just re-read the Sophie Sparkles pieces and they are terrifying. She seems to regard anything that doesn’t slavishly agree with her to be active abuse. And refusing to indulge her delusions makes the police phobes as well. As a teenager I had a visit from the police about harassing a woman who lived round the corner. I had never spoken to this woman or looked in her direction. Fortunately the police weren’t the Stasi in those days and knew she was crazy. Today? I would have a record on file for doing absolutely nothing. I worry that public trust in and support for the police is about to collapse.

  49. Alf Baird

    JockMcT @ 2:54 pm

    “The biggest crime here is the total lack of vision and action on an Independent Scotland.”

    Colonialism is regarded as ‘a crime against humanity’. Colonialism involves ‘hateful racism’ (Cesaire); hate is always a feature of oppression (Sartre). Colonialism ‘is a scourge’, a form of punishment, ‘which should be ended’ (UN C-24).

    Which brings us to our right to self-determination now being blocked by the Imperial power and its SNP colonial administrators, the latter of which has become ‘an implement of coercion’ (Fanon) holding the people back, as we see in its dubious laws.

  50. JB

    Re the reports against Yousef for the “WHITE” rant…

    Isn’t it the case that “stirring up hatred” on racist grounds was an existing offence?

    i.e. the reports against him could not have been dismissed due to being before this Act came to be enforced. Which would suggest there is a time limit for reporting under the prior Act, that those actions are not inherently racists / “stirring up”, or possibly some of it was “privileged speech”.

    Except in the latter case, I understood that the general rule for Westminster does not apply for Holyrood, and they only enjoy a limited for of privileged speech, maybe only in the chamber and committee rooms.

  51. crazycat

    I’ve just checked that this really is IW’s bio on X:

    India Willoughby
    World’s 1st Trans Newsreader. Cis. 21st Century Suffragette. Woman of Year nom 2023. Indisputably Female. “10th worst person in UK”: Dan Wootton

    That really does state that IW is simultaneously “trans” and “cis” (unless the trans status has somehow lapsed after the “process” was completed, which I’ve never seen claimed before), which surely implies that both prefixes are meaningless, which we knew already.



    …the tragedy of Sophie Sparkles

    Just nearly choked on my tea.

  53. Mia

    One of those tweets above reads:

    “Meanwhile TERF’s are gloating about abusing trans people and calling us a transphobic slur”

    Using the derogatory term TERF’s when referring to gender critical females is verbal abuse. It is a slur that targets gender critical human females and it is designed to be deliberately offensive and demeaning. As far as I know, there is no male equivalent for this derogatory term, therefore it is deliberately discriminating. It reflects hate towards adult females. It reflects hate towards the fundamental core belief that sex cannot be changed and nobody can be born in the wrong body. It reflects hate towards females attempting to protect their own rights.

    When this derogatory slur is directed towards middle age women, it also reflects hate towards age, which is a protected characteristic.

    When used gratuitously and unprovoked, as it appears to be in that tweet, its use can only be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to stir up and incite hatred in social media against both, gender critical females and against trans people themselves by deliberately provoking gender critical individuals so they retaliate.

    The date of the tweet is 2 April 2024, therefore AFTER the Hate law came into force. It is my personal opinion that this tweet is in violation of that law and very much deliberately so.

    Has this individual been reported to the police after displaying such a contemptuous level of hate towards females and seemingly attempting to stir up hatred and a pile on towards trans people through social media?

    Why do I get the impression this individual is a paid agent-provocateur?

  54. Tommo

    Laugh ? I nearly paid my Council tax…. that said the anguished Ms Sparkles should understand that this laughable legislative shambles was not passed with she/her/they in mind; ‘they’ were simply the shrieking vanguard claiming victimisation; the real intent in my view was to preclude any comment on or examination of unrestricted immigration and the almost total failure of integration
    Yousaf claimed there was a rising tide of hate in Scotland. I don’t believe for a moment there was, but there may be now

  55. Campbell Clansman

    AnneDon says: Bear in mind, people, that MSPs from every single party in Holyrood voted for this dog’s breakfast.

    Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own “facts.”
    In this instance, AnneDon is clearly wrong.
    The one Reform Party MSP voted AGAINST the “Hate Crimes Act.” Nobody from Reform voted for it.

    In addition, the Conservatives voted 28-1 AGAINST.

    The other parties (SNP, Labour, LibDem, Green, Alba) are to blame for the HCA.

  56. Mark Beggan

    ‘Cry havoc, and let lease Police Scotland’

  57. moixx

    I still don’t understand why ‘age’ isn’t on the HCA reporting form – has there been any explanation given for that – does anyone know?

  58. Hatey McHateface

    @Dave Hansell says: 3 April, 2024 at 1:37 pm

    the Reality Based Community

    Excellent term. I’m a member of the RBC too.

  59. Stoker

    Sophie Sparkles’ use of the word “TERF’S” is not only offensive but is, itself, hate-based. Wonder how many folk in that 4000 have reported that person for their hate propaganda on social media platforms?

    And just wait until there’s a rendition of “f@ck the Pope” or “f@ck yer King” at a Celtic or *Rangers football match. I can see it now, smoke smouldering out of police switchboards with lights flashing and alarms going off everywhere at central command as fans inundate Police Scotland on an already busy Saturday night. LMFAO!

    Here’s some more food for thought with this farcical Hate Crime Law. It is not a crime to hate someone, or to even tell that person that you hate them. But it could be a crime if you say something else to them, or something they see written by you, or something they hear you saying not necessarily directly to them. And they only need to pretend to be “hurt” by it, and you’re right up before the Beak with a spell in the Bar-L hanging over you.

    WOW! What absolute whallopper thought this law up? One of the current solicitors in the SNP? Nah! Has to be a “Green”, surely. LOL!

  60. London Scot

    It occurred to me that the SNP & the Scottish Labour, LD, & Green Parties have a very LOW opinion of the Scots people. Apparently they believe that Scots are rampaging up and down the country being generally hateful and beastly to ‘marginalised’ groups. A dire situation which requiries draconian legislation to deal with it. Just as the Reichstag fire necessitated an end to freedom of speech in Germany.

    From Wiki:

    “The day after the fire, at Hitler’s request, President Hindenburg signed the Reichstag Fire Decree into law by using Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution. The Reichstag Fire Decree suspended most civil liberties in Germany, including habeas corpus, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, the right of free association and public assembly, and the secrecy of the post and telephone.”

  61. Mia

    “The other parties (SNP, Labour, LibDem, Green, Alba) are to blame for the HCA”

    I don’t see any petitions coming from the conservatives to get this law repealed. Do you? So far I have only seen the petition from Alba. If the conservatives are so against this legislation, what are they waiting for to call for its repeal?

    So far, the only thing I can see coming from the conservatives is how they are attempting to capitalise on the electoral power of this toxic legislation to get themselves elected: “vote for us and we will get it repealed”. Meanwhile what? Are we to watch their pretty faces while they do SFA to repeal this? I want that law repealed NOW, not if or when the conservatives “win” in Scotland.

    It is precisely this outrageous political opportunism what convinces me even more that this is all by design and the conservatives were in the passing of this law and the assault against females’ rights as much as the rest of the unionist parties represented in Scotland’s parliament, and that includes the SNP and the Greens.

    We do not live in a democracy. We live in a one-party absolutist state which is desperately seeking to quash increasing dissent and freedom of expression.

  62. James Jones

    @ Mia,

    My goodness, that is twisted logic. The Tories didn’t vote for the HCB yet you reserve your ire for them because they haven’t yet come back to oppose the vote. Your ‘I hate the Tories’ knee-jerk response just lets the real supporters of this unpopular bill off the hook.

  63. Ruby

    How do the police know that the complaints aren’t coming from fantasists, compulsive liars who can’t tell ‘fact from fiction’ and may make the complaints only for attention.

    I was shocked that this ‘troubled young man’ who couldn’t tell fact from fiction was able to report rape on seven different occasions.

    As a result, six men, who had consensual encounters with Smith in Newcastle, Wearside and South Tyneside, faced the trauma of being wrongly accused and questioned or even arrested, prosecutor Anne Richardson said.
    She said Smith started a chain of police investigations which were “not only unnecessary and time consuming but which caused appalling suffering and anxiety for those innocent men who were accused by him.”
    Leeds fake rape accuser warned jail will be ‘inevitable’
    Leeds ‘compulsive liar’ jailed for fake rape claims

  64. Republicofscotland

    The reason that the English media has been obsessing all day over the men killed in Gaza by the Zionists is:

    “The Britons killed in the attack were the three-man security team – former Royal Marine James Henderson, 33; former SBS (Special Boat Service – a sister unit of the SAS) soldier John Chapman, 57; as well as army veteran James Kirby, 47.”

  65. Mia

    “My goodness, that is twisted logic”

    Is it now?

    So how many petitions have the tories started to have this legislation repealed BEFORE the next Holyrood election?

    I have counted ZERO so far. How many have you counted?

  66. Muscleguy

    I must make an extra effort to be called a Terf on twitter again so I can make a complaint that I have been misgendered since I’m male.

  67. Tom Halliday

    Been saying for many weeks now that when this bill was being formed, the intention was to shape it in a way that provided additional protections for the Trans community, what they didn’t realise is that it actually criminalises their behaviour, they can no longer bully and scream transphobe at people for holding the view that sex is immutable, the first people to be charged under the new legislation are going to be from the TRAs community, and the uproar from them is going to be so sweet to witness.

  68. Campbell Clansman

    Mia, the Conservatives have repeatedly stated they want the HCA scrapped.
    They were the first part to do so.
    They’d vote in Holyrood to do so.

    Which is a lot more relevant than what a “petition” to Holyrood (or to Ruritania) would do.
    They took the lead in this. Why can’t you accept that obvious, easily findable, fact?

  69. James Jones

    @ Mia,
    lol! You still don’t get it. The party you voted for has brought in this dreadful bill and your only response is to complain that the party you didn’t vote for hasn’t yet taken the difficult decision to oppose (sadly, thanks to you and your single policy voting ilk) a democratic vote. You’ve brought this on yourself and, regrettably, on everyone else.

  70. Ruby

    Campbell Clansman & James still going on about how the Tory Party ‘Scottish branch voting against the ‘Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill’

    This is accurate they also voted against the ‘Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill’ but what does that tell us about the Tory Party?

    London Scot

    It occurred to me that the SNP & the Scottish Labour, LD, & Green Parties have a very LOW opinion of the Scots people.

    I think that applies to politician everywhere with regards to their constituents.

    Humza claims there was been a “rising tide of hatred” in Scotland & across the world.

    Were he referring to politicians I would agree.

    I don’t hate Humza but I have zero respect for him and I think he might be contributing to the “rising tide of hatred”
    Of course he’ll put ever criticism of him down to racism. I think he has a problem.

    “il n’est pas bien dans sa peau” as the French say.

    Basically he doesn’t seem happy with the colour of his skin and is blaming white people for that.

  71. Geri

    “By phoning 999 (emergency)”

    Are they fcking joking? These neurotic arseholes are being instructed to clog up an emergency phone line? WTF!

    Forget yer chest pain, pal. We’ve a he said,she said Gestapo emergency tae deal with..Haud oan.

    Get yerself tae…

    Who though this was a bright idea? Web forms are bad enough but emergency numbers?! That’s a scandal. What a shameful waste of money. Pffftt.

    I hope they meet the same copper I had the misfortune to disturb fae his doughnut when I called for intruders in my garden..

    “This is an emergency number. Do you know whit an emergency is? It’s risk tae life or a fatality. Is yer life in danger, hen?”

    Me. Naw. I don’t think so. I suppose I can wait & see. I’ll phone ye back if they move towards the door LOL…

    (Said in Jack/Victor style)..PRIIIICK LOL

  72. Stoker

    James Jones says to Mia on 3 April 2024 at 8:06 pm: “You still don’t get it. The party you voted for has brought in this dreadful bill and your only response is to complain that the party you didn’t vote for hasn’t yet taken the difficult decision to oppose (sadly, thanks to you and your single policy voting ilk) a democratic vote. You’ve brought this on yourself and, regrettably, on everyone else.”

    Yes! And you and YOUR ilk’s Unionist votes helped kill millions of innocent Iraqis, including women & children. Would you like a comprehensive list of what Unionist votes have brought on us, eh? How about Cyril Smith? And going on your reasoning, that makes YOU responsible for him and his actions. I could add many many more but i think i have demonstrated enough how much of a clown you are. Glass houses etc!

  73. Stoker

    “This is an emergency number. Do you know whit an emergency is? It’s risk tae life or a fatality. Is yer life in danger, hen?”

    Me. Naw. I don’t think so. I suppose I can wait & see. I’ll phone ye back if they move towards the door LOL…”

    Comedy gold! LMFAO! Cheers!

    Goodnight, Troops!

  74. Black Joan

    Do we know what odds the bookmaking community are offering on this ScotGov binfire consuming itself and being revoked before the end of this month/next month/or perhaps next week?

  75. Alf Baird

    Stoker @ 8:25 pm

    “Would you like a comprehensive list of what Unionist votes have brought on us, eh?”

    This would include, since the UK ‘union’, England’s parliament dragging Scots into some 170 armed conflicts against most of the world’s nations. Had Scotland been independent and neutral (as Ireland and others) we would likely have avoided most if not all of these conflicts. The UK union has therefore come at enormous personal and financial cost to Scots and with very little to show for it.

    England was and still is a warmongering nation and will continue to drag Scots into its conflicts unless we again become independent. Prior to the UK union Scots were frequently entering into friendly trading and cultural relations with many other countries, but our international reputation is spoiled by a continued subaltern role in the cultural illusion and constitutional myth that is the ‘Kingdom of Great Britain’:

  76. Robert Louis

    Surely it needs reported as a hate crime every time one of the ‘trans’ activists calls those who do not agree with them, TERFS. The use of the word TERF is abusive.

    Reporting ‘Hate’ works both ways.

  77. John Foerster

    There’s an additional (of so many) sad and depressing aspect to all of this, as reported in The Spectator:
    Anas Sarwar, our “alternative” potential FM, stated he would NOT repeal this act, having voted FOR it (along with 15 other Labour MSPs).
    ALL of the five Lib Dems were in favour of it.

    in conclusion:
    even if the SNP ends up as ‘junior’ partner in the arithmetic likelihood of a Labor/SNP coalition in 2026, this joke of a law will stand.

    And that, it seems, is all we have on offer in terms of using the right to vote to actually “change” anything– depressing, eh?

  78. Martin

    I would say, in perhaps more sombre tones, that the football game in Govan this Sunday is likely to be a breeding ground (both at the event and in the wider Scottish fitba world) for *actual* incitement to hatred. Specifically of the Irish Catholic community, but I’m not green tinted specs enough to deny there is likely some hatred against the Orange community going to be committed too.

    This one game of football and the antics around it will result in more actual violent crime in one day, than the trans community of the entire UK will face in a year, of that I have no doubt.

  79. Geri

    James Jones

    “lol! You still don’t get it. The party you voted for has brought in this dreadful bill and your only response is to complain that the party you didn’t vote for hasn’t yet taken the difficult decision to oppose (sadly, thanks to you and your single policy voting ilk) a democratic vote. You’ve brought this on yourself and, regrettably, on everyone else.”

    It’s you that doesn’t get it.

    “The Bill is a response to the recommendations made in Lord Bracadale’s independent review of hate crime laws.”

    WTF is Lord Bracadale? Does the Scottish parliament have Lords? Who appointed him?

    When Bills pass through parliament they’re given to **cross party** committees whose job it is is to scrutinise the bill in at least four stages, before each & every amendment & vote, before various parties invited to speak for or against, before it’s finally passed for Royal accent & written into law.

    Those committees obviously didn’t do their job very well.
    Neither did the government.
    Neither did the civil servants.
    Neither did the lawyers.
    Neither did the Police by the looks of it.

    The “Scottish government” isn’t the SNP either. The SNP is a political party. The Head honcho of the Scottish government is the permanent secretary I believe, who is Westminster appointed. The last one brought the GRR shit with her too. They delegate downwards.

    It’d be interesting to find out exactly who introduced this shit to Holyrood & if it was the same eejit who blessed us with GRR bullshit.

  80. Geri


    We have to laugh at unionists bleating about the “Scottish government”

    It wasn’t US who voted to keep it. It was them LOL!

    They voted to continue this farce & to keep the Westminster system. We didn’t. We voted to completely replace it.

    This crap would never have seen the light of day in an indy parliament. They’d have been removed from office immediately for acting against public opinion.

    No one on Scotland voted for this or the GRR. The fact Holyrood is Westminsters pup means we are absolutely powerless to stop them going off script & can do hee-haw for five yr terms.

    A lot of damage can be done in less as we see from HC, GRR & warmongering eejits.

    We voted to get off that path. Those eejits voted to keep it. They need to suck it up..Lol

  81. Geri

    Stoker – nitey, nite…

  82. James Jones

    So recent posters are bleating that, “It’s the Unionists wot dunnit to us!”along with some whatabouttery intended to excuse what’s happening in Scotland. When are you going to take some responsibility? It’s desperately sad. No wonder independence is so unlikely.

  83. Mia

    “The party you voted for has brought in this dreadful bill”

    During the 2021 Holyrood election I did not vote for ANY of the political parties which pushed this legislation through. I did not vote for the Tories either, in case you are wondering.

    This means that your assumption is false. Consequently, everything else you are trying to building over that false assumption is a falsehood too.

    You are purposely evading the question:

    How many petitions to have this toxic legislation, which impinges on the fundamental right of freedom of expression, repealed have the tories started?

    That will be the square root of SFA.

    I have zero interest in what the tories are promising they will do if they win. I am interested in knowing what are they doing RIGHT NOW to repeal this legislation.

    So why are you evading that question?

    That will be because you know the tories have no interest whatsoever in repealing that legislation.

    And why would that be?

    The answer to that question is here:

    and here

    What do you see in those pages?

    That the exact same shite that Yousaf and Sturgeon forced on Scotland has been applied to England and Wales too. In other words, there seems to be a concerted and coordinated attempt across the entire UK to gag the electorate and to impinge on their fundamental rights of freedom of expression.

    And why would that be?

    Because the UK government and establishment are increasingly detaching from and undemocratically operating in parallel to the electorate they are meant to represent, not to dictate to.

    And what political party was in control of the UK government when that legislation changed?

    That will be your beloved tories.

    Those websites say the following with regards to the hate legislation for England and Wales:

    “the law currently recognises five protected characteristics:

    sexual orientation
    transgender identity”

    That will be the exact same “characteristics” included in YOusaf’s toxic law.

    So it is not only in Scotland that sex and age have been deliberately discriminated by being left out of this legislation.

    Sex and age have been purposely left out also in England’s hate legislation despite them being protected characteristics under UK law and despite your beloved tories being in control of the UK government.

    I invite you to read those two websites and then tell me exactly what the differences between the tories’ hate law and Yousaf’s toxic law are.

    Because in the big picture, I see none.

    What I see is that the attempt to impinge in our fundamental rights of freedom of expression is a concerted and coordinated strategy being deployed across the entire UK.

    I also see that women and older people are purposely being discriminated across the UK. Sturgeon and Yousaf have just been behaving as the British establishment useful idiots of the day and running to do the dirty work of forcing this shite down Scotland’s throat on behalf of the British establishment.

    So, what political party was in control of the UK government when the UK government responded to recommendation 8 of the Law Commission’s report on hate crime laws saying:

    “The government agrees with the Law Commission’s recommendation that sex or gender should not be added to the list of protected characteristics for the purposes of aggravated offences and enhanced sentencing” “This response fulfils a statutory commitment made in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 to prepare and publish a response to recommendation 8 of the review within 12 months of the act being passed” ?

    That would be your beloved tories.

    Who is the entity that is informing the CPS in England on what should be included in this hate legislation? I bet you that will be the very same entity pushing the same toxic legislation down on to Scotland through the useful idiots sitting in Scotland’s gov cabinet.

    Seemingly, such entity has a vested self-serving interest in indirectly seizing control of the executive and legislative powers across the UK to force this impingement on our freedom of expression across the entire UK

    So, What does all the above tell you?

    1. The tories have no interest whatsoever in repealing this legislation in Scotland because they have rolled out something very similar if not identical in England. Tories, the same as labour and libdems want the exact same legislation in England and Scotland. Why? Because differences in legislation between England and Scotland makes government by a London-centric party, which is what these political parties always have in mind, far more difficult.

    2. It is evident this legislation did not originate in Scotland. It was either imported from down south or forced down in both Scotland and England from the same entity sitting above both governments. The question is who/what is that entity?

    So, considering all the above, please stop trying to insult our intelligence and educate yourself instead in what the tories (and the entity controlling the tories) are really pursuing.

  84. Geri

    Responsibility for what?

    When was Lord Haw-haw a member of the SNP?

    Who instructed him to conduct a review of Scots law & who instructed the SNP to implement it?

    I’d love to know cause it was neither wanted or needed. We already had laws covering hate & race crimes. We didn’t need any tweaks to cover fantasy.

    Indy isn’t unlikely cause it’s shit like this & the GRR being FORCED onto us against public opinion that will hasten the end of imported bollocks from our overlords.

    I hope yer taking some responsibility for genocide & the hundreds of thousands of deaths in 404, not to mention losing them territory too, by sending BoJo the clown. Who voted for that eejit?

    BTW, I see yer another eejit that looks to blame a collective instead of individuals. Britnats need to stop that already. Zzzzzz away & play yer playstation..

  85. Xaracen

    James Jones said;

    “@ Mia, lol! You still don’t get it. The party you voted for has brought in this dreadful bill and your only response is to complain that the party you didn’t vote for hasn’t yet taken the difficult decision to oppose (sadly, thanks to you and your single policy voting ilk) a democratic vote. You’ve brought this on yourself and, regrettably, on everyone else.”

    Your argument is thoroughly inept and thoroughly bogus! NOBODY voted for the SNP in 2021 because they wanted the Hate Crime Act introduced, because it was completely absent from their 2021 Manifesto. The party leadership introduced it on their own after the election without any mandate for it from their voters, so those voters did NOT bring it on themselves or on anyone else.

    Blaming voters for any policy a party carries out that their voters had been kept completely in the dark about during the election is unjust and insane!

  86. Geri


    Well said.

    The Tories stood by & let this GRR nonsense take over schools, universities, the police force, the NHS etc, etc too & did absolutely zero to stop any of it despite their own motto of being the party of law & order. They could’ve nipped this in the bud but have chosen to let it run rampant.

    The hate crime laws England has introduced includes thought police. Even if they “suspect” a crime is about to be committed. All making way for a police state..

    Yet yoons choose not to mention that bit..

    As for the entity pushing this bullshit. It has Yoon written all over it. Their *one nation* bullshit.

  87. Geri


    “NOBODY voted for the SNP in 2021 because they wanted the Hate Crime Act introduced, because it was completely absent from their 2021 Manifesto.”

    Cheers. I never read it so couldn’t be sure. So just like Self-ID, it was completely left out the manifesto.

    Lord Bracadale was instructed in 2017 to write an independent review. By whom will be very interesting.

    That’d be Lesley Evans time at the helm.

    She really did a number on Holyrood.

  88. Peter Benson

    Who instructed Lord Bracadale to conduct an independent review? It is not difficult to find out…

    In January 2017, Annabelle Ewing, Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs, appointed me to conduct an independent review of hate crime legislation in Scotland.

    The hands of the SNP are all over this legislation and we should not pretend it is all someone else’s fault.

  89. Nick

    Surely the main issue that has caused this idiotic mess of a law is that most politicians are failed lawyers, who think that the law can be used to solve any problem. So we have more and more badly drafted law, which complicated but solves nothing. By the way I have always thought that Elaine c Smith was missing quite a few brain cells. To say that freedom of speech is not about being rude about people shows just how many are missing. That’s entirely what is about!

  90. Dave Hansell

    “Hatey McHateface
    3 April, 2024 at 6:20 pm

    @Dave Hansell says: 3 April, 2024 at 1:37 pm

    the Reality Based Community

    Excellent term. I’m a member of the RBC too.”

    I can’t take credit for that one Haley

    That one was down to a journalist by the name of Ron Suskin* in a interview in the New York Times with a member of the G W Bush team (reputed to be Karl Rove) on October 17th 2004:

    The relevant paragraph reads:

    ““The aide said that guys like me were ‘in what we call the reality-based community,’ which he defined as people who ‘believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.’ […] ‘That’s not the way the world really works any more,’ he continued. ‘We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality?—?judiciously, as you will?—?we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do’”

    However, unless I can find otherwise I will take credit for the term ‘Fantasy Based Community’.

  91. Mr Boyce N Franks

    This will definitely show a massive failure of the police to deal with crimes now.

    They were woeful before this but now the amount of crimes which will go reported and unsolved/prosecuted will soar through the roof. It will be a massive failure for police Scotland.

    What will they say when the data is put back to them on the number of crimes not being correctly investigated and prosecuted?


  92. peatSmokeIsBest

    Significantly, Police Scotland’s stated values do not appear to include justice.

  93. The White Rabbid

    Having ressurected the STASI/ Pol Pot method of shop your parents/teachers etc for being intelligent the new law should be renamed The Self Hate Act.

    Main purpose : Social chaos instead of cohesion.
    Distrust instead of unity
    Therefore to weaken mass organisations of
    Main casualty The Yes Movement
    As well as The Three Graces: (she / her) Truth , Sanity
    and Liberty
    The thing I have found hardest in my life is to have no value to authority /organisations / structures in Scotland giving me no access to work home family security hamstringing everything I did for myself. Keeping ordinary Scots down is structured on hatred of us. Councils quangoes they are all structured to keep out thoughtful innivative altruistic Scots with ideas and energy. Not just foreign agents and the Establishment to interfere with our lives our politics covertly we have it done to us by other Scots of the lowest common denominator guarding their fat spot on a seat. The type who like children in a playground stabbed Eck in the back to order. Hitler had the zealot-indoctrinated youth.
    We have blue haired reality challenged bullies who don’t get arrested for punching slight pensioners in the face.
    Thatcher will be beaming .
    Sit the fuck up and save your society your country your culture your humanity. Have compassion and realise we have been shoved out of our own lives never mind political party/ home town / country. Ten years ago we showed that we had a community it was smothered …to be out aside for a rainy day well it’s fucking pouring.

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