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Posted on March 08, 2015 by

As promised earlier, here’s the full glory of Scottish Labour MP Ian Murray’s stellar performance on Sunday Politics Scotland today.

If we’ve got the time later we might compile a Greatest Hits of quotes from the Murray clip. Feel free to suggest your favourites in the comments, but we particularly liked:

“You can’t get a Labour government that risks a Tory government with the largest party for every single red seat that turns yellow in Scotland. They understand that and everybody across the country understands that as well.” 

We’re not sure we do, to be honest.

And as a special bonus extra, here’s some more from the heroic David Hamilton too.

We like Jim Murphy’s bemused expression 45 seconds in as Hamilton unleashes his own very personal reinterpretation of what “jobs for the boys” means.

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224 to “Watching the wildlife”

  1. Calgacus MacAndrews says:


  2. Geoff Huijer says:

    Shadow Minister for Business Innovation
    for Business & Skills?


  3. I can’t believe the statements that David Hamilton came out with……….broadcast it far and wide …..

  4. Joemcg says:

    The calibre of Labour MPs in Scotland never fail to underwhelm. Who the hell voted for these dafties?

  5. marydoll says:

    Did Lucy Adams say ‘that’s David Hamilton giving it to the SNP’ in her BBC voiceover?

  6. R-type Grunt says:

    Where do you start?

    @ Diddy – Why does Murphy becoming First Minister depend on Milliband becoming Prime Minister?

  7. heedtracker says:

    Roughly 3.30 in and Brewer says out loud and without hesitation, deviation but tons of repetition, “I voted NO in the referendum, to me its more important that we preserve the united kingdom than whether or not Cameron or Milliband runs the country, I’ll happily vote SLabour but only if you can assure me you wont do a deal with the SNP…”

    So much for vote NO and be a vital part of teamGB, or some such crock of BBC vote SLab or else propaganda.

    Stand for election as a SLab MP Brewer. Lets get some actual democracy going and not this pathetic reign by BBC power and glory farce.

  8. Lesley-Anne says:

    Oh boy!

    Does this eejit actually LISTEN to what he says?

    “They want rid of the austerity politics” (around 6 minutes in 😉 )


    Remind me Mr Murray, what door did you and your buddies walk through in the vote on the Charter for Budget Responsibility debate on the 13th of January 2015?

    Did you walk through the AYE door (supporting £30 billion of austerity cuts) ?


    Did you walk through the NOE door ( against £30 billion of austerity cuts) ?

  9. Ben says:

    “Most people tell me they don’t like back-room grubby deals done by politicians. The voters decide who runs the country and therefore we’ll take that forward when that comes to, comes to pass.”

  10. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Stand for election as a SLab MP Brewer.”

    In fairness, he’s posing as a hypothetical voter there.

  11. ronnie anderson says:

    SoS Rev am sitting this wan oot,ah hiv enough of Murray fur wan day.

  12. Joemcg says:

    A labour trade union rep from a mining village in the sticks who became a trougher talking about “jobs for the boys!?” oh ma sides!

  13. tartanfever says:

    Has anyone informed the police that David Hamilton has lost his wife ?

  14. Dr Jim says:

    So after he stands down as an MP (IN CASE HE LOSES)he’s going to stand for the Council where the real power lies eh
    If i was him i wouldn’t be booking my Juncket any time soon
    coz Labour Councils cards are marked as well
    No More Freebies Labour, in fact no more Labour, Labour

  15. Andrew Morton says:

    “The elections that really matter. The local elections!”

    And there you have it, a chance to give more powers to SLab councillors, more money in the trough, more chances to benefit self, family and cronies.

  16. Antimodean says:

    The Murray interview makes much more sense with sound off and subtitles on.

  17. Gary45% says:

    The sad thing is “Pies for the boys Hamilton” walks away with a hefty pension.
    Is there any way we can get this parasites pension stopped.

  18. gillie says:


  19. Ian says:

    Why was this conference/branch meeting given 2 hours of Saturday afternoon coverage on BBC2 Scotland? Is there going to any equivalent for other parties?

    I just don’t see how this can be justified as balanced so close to an election.

  20. Ian says:

    Why was this conference/branch meeting thingy given 2 hours of Saturday afternoon coverage on BBC2 Scotland? Is there going to any equivalent for other parties?

    I just don’t see how this can be justified as balanced so close to an election.

  21. Morag says:

    Heedtracker, Brewer was quoting an imaginary voter on the doorstep, not declaring his personal position.

  22. Les Wilson says:

    The seething hatred of democracy for Scotland can now be felt from every corner of Unionism.

    These people in particular, Slab, are among the worst.

    Those who blame the SNP for it’s demise, not their fault they think, despite sooo many years of feeding at the trough and offering nothing to Scotland.

    They just cannot accept that they have no right to votes, they have to earn them. They have failed on all counts.

    Let us bury them in May.

  23. galamcennalath says:

    The pro-democracy campaign in Scotland has many enemies. Some are very devious and dangerous beasts indeed. These particular examples from Labour’s Scottish accounting unit are, how best shall I put it, at the shallow end of the gene pool ( to quote appropriately from the Lion King), perhaps.

  24. Steven Roy says:

    It says everything about Ian Murray that when asked about the SNP being in coalition he didn’t just say the SNP being in government doesn’t actually lead to independence. If he had any sense he would say that being part of the government would lock the SNP into the UK for a period.

    Shocked to hear Hamilton use the word comrade in his speech. Miliband would have a coronary if he heard that.

  25. Democracy Reborn says:

    This year’s Higher Modern Studies question:-

    ‘David Hamilton MP describes Labour as a “socialist” party. John McTernan, chief aide to Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy, describes Thatcherite economics as “good”.


  26. Milady de Winter says:

    It sounds to me as if he says “stick it to the bl@@dy SNP” at the end but the sweary word was cropped out? Either way what a horrible twisted excuse for a man. To be fair to JoLa even she looked a bit disgusted but tis hard to tell as her normal expression is set to ‘scunnered’ by default.

  27. Davo says:

    I felt really low after the referendum. However, watching your dissection of these bottom feeders has really cheered me up. Roll on May and their consignment to the dustbin of history.

  28. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    A tradesunion rabblerouser, Hamilton. What Jim Murphy should have aspired to, and then slipped into financial obscurity on the back benches for the rest of his life.

    As for the Doorgate man, his thinking is just inchoate because he cannot afford to finish the loop without explaining why. Just SNP bad. All he needed to say was that we will rule nothing in or out but then he would have no unique selling point for the voters.

  29. Dr Jim says:

    Andy can do no more than he does or his sponsorship and support in his chosen trade would suffer badly
    It’s not Andy’s fault that the Media use him as a tool to further an agenda of their own
    Look what happened over the football gag, Alex Salmond producing Scotlands Flag, The famous Tweet
    The Britnat media would seek to end Andy’s career in a surge of racism against him
    They would set out to make the English hate him just for being Scottish instead of allowing him just to play his tennis, and anyway what’s not to be proud of he’s the best we’ve ever had, so what that the English want to claim him that’s what they do Rory McIroy he’s almost English isn’t he
    I could go on but you get the point

  30. Karen says:

    I like the fact that apparently (according to Ian Murray) Jim Murphy will make educational disadvantage a personal pledge. Isn’t he going to tackle it instead?

  31. Peter Campbell says:

    I would have had more respect for Davie Hamilton if he’d said “Let’s stick it to the tories”, rather than the SNP. After all, it is a General Election that’s coming up isn’t it?

    Also, I actually believe they still think they’re socialists! If they actually were, they wouldn’t have to be sticking it to the SNP.

  32. Calum Craig says:

    “Let’s stick it to the bloody SNP”? Presumably he doesn’t get how juvenile that sounds?

  33. heedtracker says:

    In fairness, he’s posing as a hypothetical voter there.

    Thats how he starts, with that “if I am” and “lets say I am” and “what if I was” but this all drops away and Brewer states quite clearly “to me its more important that we preserve the united Kingdom…”

    A lot of red tory boys want SLab to say no to SNP deal, if only because the BBC etc can all rewrite the game from May 8 but they have to save SLab first.

  34. Lesley-Anne says:

    Sorry for going O/T so early on but just heard on the Crufts show programme that a Red Setter that competed on Thursday on returning home to Belgium collapsed and died.

    The vet carried out a Post Mortem on the three year old dog and found around THREE poisons that must have been administered to the dog on Thursday.

    So it is not only politics where dirty deeds are done it appears.

  35. Peter Campbell says:

    That’s the other thing I wanted to mention! Davie Hamilton says that when Alec Salmond went, or returned, to Westminster three times \|/ that was “jobs for the boys”. I am assuming the Rt Hon Mr Hamilton knows that, in order to get to Westminster, you have to get elected? To spell it out for Mr Hamilton, that means you’d have to get elected three times \|/ doesn’t it?

  36. muttley79 says:

    @Andrew Morton

    And there you have it, a chance to give more powers to SLab councillors, more money in the trough, more chances to benefit self, family and cronies.

    Correct SLAB are not interested in the electorate in Scotland. It is all about patronage, and getting yourself a place on the gravy train for them. Then they shout about socialism, while fighting against real change.

    David Hamilton is the same as the likes of Terry Kelly. Boorish, low intellect, bullies who would not know what socialism is if it bit them on the arse. They are being found out for the sell outs and selfish bastards that they are. No wonder they are so angry and filled with bitterness and bile.

  37. H says:

    Branch office Labour I got you number from the start, you aren’t after the general election clearly you know all is lost, you are after the local and Scottish elections, to keep yir pincers in, well SNP still need to fuck up to make your cunning plan work

  38. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    Here we see Ian “Blinky” Murray up against Paxman.


  39. paul gerard mccormack says:

    The truth is, fuck you Mr. Hamilton, I don’t give a shite for you and your ilk. I’ve been there. You’ve had a go since the likes of Bruce Millan and failed – you are no different. Failed lamentably. – see yon wee lassie, wae the tin helmet, run rings roun you son, run fucking rings right roun you, an yer lik, ye mak me spew, yer phoney loyalty tae whit? Socialism? – its Scotland. To Empire? – il est mort. I hate your sort, you have no idea what a grievance is. God bless the new nation. God bless it.

  40. Onwards says:

    It makes no difference if they rule out a deal or not.

    Why would anyone believe them?

    No-one believes Labour would actually hand power to the Tories if they end up a handful of seats behind.

  41. Charles Edward says:

    Blinky and , erm. . Stinky, sticking it to the SNP. Power to the people!
    (Where’s ma inhaler, too much passion there..cough .phew!)

  42. Lollysmum says:

    I thought we had some right numpties in London Labour but these two, along with Curran & some others I’ve watched in the last few weeks make the English MP’s look like political superstars. Believe me they aren’t but these are far worse.

    It looks to me as though Murphy has lined them up to take turns at who can make Labour look worse than the one before. It’s been one gaffe after another with Murphy leading the way & then abandoning the latecomers to their fate whilst he stays out of the limelight.Is he trying to show that he’s better than them by any chance?

    We have the same problem with them in England where all the different shades of tory answer different questions to those asked & that’s why people are saying we have no-one to vote for.

    It is frightening to think that these idiots have been making laws for the rest of us to obey. They can’t even put coherent sentences together. The sooner they are gone the better because clearly they are of no benefit to Scotland only lobby fodder for WM.

    I can however see why Scots are being labelled as thick (although that is not my personal experience of the Scots I know)these who are Scottish Labour representatives in Westminster really are, it would seem.

    We have better debates on Wings than this crowd could manage in a month of Sundays.

    I’m unbelievably shocked by what I’ve seen in the last week of posts here & would suggest that it isn’t just in Scotland where Labour has left the electorate, the same is happening in England too although not to the same extent YET. I wish it were.

    All I can say is please Scotland reclaim your country from these people who purport to represent you but carry on doing WM’s bidding every single day. Elect the people you trust to put Scotland before all else-it’s the only way.

  43. The reality is Labour do not have to agree any sort of coalition deal with the SNP because that is not what is on offer from the SNP; confidence and supply is the sum and total on offer.

    Labour’s Scottish bolt has been shot and fell off the end of their Spring Conference crossbow with a dull thud …. now the usual Blairite vultures are seeking to pick over the Labour corpse for their own benefit and ends.

  44. HandandShrimp says:

    I think we can take that interview as confirmation that Labour are leaving their options open to see how the land lies on the 8th. Brewer clearly knows that and was having a bit of fun. Murray actually did not do too badly but I think Brewer could have picked him om the assumption that Labour would not be the biggest party if they lose seats to the SNP. He is conceding defeat for Labour in England with statement because the Tories will damn few seats in Wales NI and Scotland.

  45. Morag says:

    Lesley, I don’t know what you’ve been reading but it’s impossible to get a diagnosis of poisoning as quickly as that
    The tests can take weeks. I know, it’s my job.

  46. Stephen says:

    There is a hell of a lot of blinking from Ian Murray in this interview. I always thought this was a sign of lying? I must be wrong!

  47. Valerie says:

    I was at a hustings in Cumbernauld today, hosted by Women for Independence.

    I waited my turn and told the Labour MP Gregg McClymont what I thought about his colleague, Hamilton’s performance. He said he hadn’t attended the conference, but he thought Mr Hamilton was wrong, in what he said.

    Didn’t cut any ice with the audience.

  48. anthony says:

    It was an absolute delight to watch him squirm every potential Labour voter will have seen right through this nonsense

  49. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    Actually every single time we’ve had an interview like this (and there’s been four or five already covering this same ground in the past few days) the journo always let’s a massive and easy hole in the Labour shills argument just fly past them without a comment.

    Every time some Labour idiot (including Murphy) tries to say Cameron would be the most pleased with the Ashcroft polls why do none of the broadcasters have the basic wit and IQ to point out that the Ashcroft polls indicate that to the ONLY tory MP left in scotland looking ever more likely to get booted out by the SNP?

    Now, we are still dealing with an out of touch coward of a tory PM in Cameron, but even he could hardly be credibly said to be pleased at the prospect of losing his one and only scottish MP.

  50. Grouse Beater says:

    “The bulldog – the national dog of Great Britain”

    – spoken by ignorant presenter of Crufts 2015 Dog Show, 10 minutes ago.

  51. Flower of Scotland says:

    Dear oh dear. This all makes me feel very nauseous!

    I’ve shared the YouTube of Ian Murray on Facebook and it will be interesting to see how some of my Labour voting relatives respond to THEIR MP!

  52. Barbara McKenzie says:

    Talk about Bitter together!

    The interviewer rather hyped up this notion that the English labour voters desperately want Milliband, but without a Scottish input. The impression one gets is that the Labour voter doesn’t want the tories, doesn’t particularly want Labour and Milliband, and doesn’t want the beastly Scots running the country either (though a few are wishing that SNP would stand someone in their electorate). It will be interesting to see how all this is reflected in the turnout in England come May.

  53. Jim Thomson says:

    @Flower of Scotland 7:34pm

    Unless you’ve spent some time training your relatives in debunking, detecting obfuscation and reading between the lines, they’re likely to think he turned in a sterling performance.

  54. Lesley-Anne says:

    Morag says:

    Lesley, I don’t know what you’ve been reading but it’s impossible to get a diagnosis of poisoning as quickly as that
    The tests can take weeks. I know, it’s my job.

    I was hoping that would get your attention Morag. 😉

    That was what was reported on the Crufts show on Channel 4. To be fair they did say that they would have to wait for further investigations to be carried out.

    I did think it was a wee bit *ahem* interesting that the way it was worded it gave the implication that the poisioning was a done deal. To be honest I think most folks know that any scientific examination of poisionings does take weeks and not days.

    I think the bottom line though Morag is that no matter what the outcome there is a certain suspicion about how this 3 year old dog died. I know there has been, over the decades, so much discussion within and without your exampanary profession about in-breeding problems in dogs.

    I just wonder, if anything will ever be mentioned about this instance, by any media outlet, once all the testing and examinations have been completed and the full results are known.

  55. Grouse Beater says:

    Lesley: The vet carried out a Post Mortem

    You’ll enjoy the clever comedy: “Best In Show” now on DVD.

  56. Betty Boop says:

    Gordon Brewer, barely able to contain himself yet again.

    I don’t think he does “aghast” since his interview with JoLo and her tax varying explanations. Now he just laughs straight out.

  57. Footsoldier says:

    Nevertheless, I thought Ian Murray kept his cool despite Brewer’s terrier dog style of interviewing.

  58. HandandShrimp says:

    Another thing Brewer might have explored is why so many of the Morphy policies are not deliverable by Westminster. He seems to be fighting the wrong election.

  59. chris kilby says:

    “Did you threaten to over-rule him?”

  60. chris kilby says:

    “Was that the question you just asked me there…?”

  61. Annette says:

    Um. At 1.40 and following, he starts to sound a bit like Hitler, don’t you think?

  62. chris kilby says:

    “The cameramen are laughing.”

  63. chris kilby says:

    I just had a wee swatch at Mr Hamilton’s voting record and you’ll never guess who just voted for another £30 BILLION of Tory austerity cuts in January there…


  64. Alan of Neilston says:

    Sent another complaint to the B.B.C regarding this episode of Sunday Politics. Await with anticipation of their Answer!! In due course.

  65. Des says:

    The weekend is not over yet, still time for a slabber or two to say something stupid.

  66. R-type Grunt says:

    I apologize for going o/t Stu but there’s a great story brewing on Twitter about Lesley Brennan, Labour hopeful for Dundee East. You could not make it up.

  67. simon says:

    It’s the look on Johann Lamont. While all the rest are heho laughing about wee lassie’s in tin hat’s she looks pretty disgusted at the whole thing

  68. chris kilby says:

    “The elections that really matter. The local elections!”

    So the general election doesn’t matter? The Holyrood election doesn’t matter?

  69. Vince says:

    Hamilton – The biggest tragedy is that someone with such a low level of intelligence made it through the Labour selection process and of course much the same can be said for 9 years and no degree Murphy. Tells you much of what we need to know about the Labour party.

    I’m sure the other main parties have their equivalents. The Tories in instances through birth or patronage.

    Let’s hope the SNP have selected our new representatives well, My early impressions are that they have.

  70. Clootie says:

    New Labour had 13 years in power and did nothing for those who voted for them. They did plenty for big business and bankers. They certainly did plenty to develop “connections” in order that their personal wealth shot through the roof.

    Shouting the word “socialism” seems quite empty when you sat through the above excesses and didn’t open your mouth.

    If David held such strong views on Labour Party traditional values why did he do nothing when they were being shredded.

    David kept quite. He reserved his rousing speeches for local halls and meetings but remained quiet as the whip required.

    A loud mouth and a 70’s vocabulary does not mean a thing when your actions and policies are that of a Tory.

  71. JLT says:

    It’s not been a good week for Scottish Labour.

    So, who knows what joys will come this week…

    …for us, that is! Not Scottish Labour.

  72. chris kilby says:

    Murphy’s pained expression throughout Hamilton’s bizarre Hitler rant was a joy to behold – awk-ward!

  73. JLT says:

    Footsoldier says:

    Nevertheless, I thought Ian Murray kept his cool despite Brewer’s terrier dog style of interviewing.

    Sorry, mate. I have to disagree LOL

    Fair do’s, he didn’t lose the rag, but he did curl up with his imaginary blanket; eyes glazing over, and repeating the old Labour mantra of, ‘Vote SNP, get Tory

    Brewer – ‘You haven’t answered my question! Will you admit here that you won’t go into coalition with the SNP?’

    Murray – ‘Vote SNP, get Tory

    Brewer – ‘Why can’t you say it?’

    Murray – ‘Vote SNP, get Tory

    Brewer – ‘Just admit it. It’s so easy to say!’

    Murray – ‘Vote SNP, get Tory

    (tumbleweed …a soft wind …more tumbleweed)

  74. boris says:


    given her husband’s track record with the truth, can we believe her? An examination of some of the bizarre fads to which Cherie resorted while she was the chatelaine of Downing Street: crystal therapy, clairvoyants and inflatable anticellulite trousers, to name just a few. It is left to the reader to decide whether she’s “bonkers” or not.

  75. Clootie says:

    It is important to note that they don’t care about squirming. They only care about saving some votes.

    On that basis regardless of the performance or question they will stick rigidly to the mantra, their last chance of pulling back the polls to save some seats. The only hope now is to spin we only lost 20seats not 40.

    All you will hear for the next two months is
    …vote SNP get Tory
    …every red seat lost gives the Tories victory
    …only David Cameron or Ed Milliband can be PM
    …the party with the most seats forms the government
    …for the last 70 years the party with the most seats etc
    and on and on.

    This is a damage limitation exercise now. They are trying to hold as many seats as possible. Unfortuately not because they want to fight for Scotland but because they are fighting for self and party (in that order)

  76. heedtracker says:

    The fact is that this farce of an interview alone and just like all the rest the BBC are pumping into our homes, is merely SLab telling Scotland that only party with the most seats will be the next government and its all giant lie.

    Sweaty Brewer could have at least mentioned the actual real world of Westminster FPTP but not a peep out of him, just jolly japes at the expense of one more SLab seat warmer.

    Westminster majority needs 326 seats. Last election Con306, Lab258, LibDem57.


    “There was an aborted attempt to put together a Labour/Liberal Democrat coalition (although other smaller parties would have been required to make up the ten seats they lacked for a majority). To facilitate this Gordon Brown announced on the evening of Monday 10 May that he would resign as Labour Party leader”

    Brewer and all the Pacific Quay SLab placemen, hatchet men, liggers, call them what you will, all know their days are numbered.

  77. Patrick Roden says:

    R-Type Grunt,

    If it’s the ‘Tony Blair fund Story’ it’s broke in the ‘on-line Courier’.

    I will let you share the details 🙂

  78. Clootie says:

    The quote below sums up Westminster – time for change.

    “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”
    ? Mark Twain

  79. Roger Hyam says:

    He doesn’t have a plan B! Ian is my MP and I have given up trying to communicate with him as he doesn’t pass the Turing test.

    Thanks Rev. Great entertainment value.

  80. I thought that assisted dying hadn’t been enacted yet.

  81. Tinto Chiel says:

    Don’t be fooled by Brewer. He deliberately left the open goal unbreached, namely the six times since 1970 when Scotland has voted Labour and got Tory. He could have mentioned this simple fact to Murray. That is the best riposte to this “vote SNP get Tory” nonsense. And he could have asked him why, if his party cared so much about austerity, had its members abstained or voted with the Tories recently. The tiresome Paxman-like repeating the question was pointless. What response was it supposed to elicit? Labour might make an ad hoc deal with the SNP? So what? Simple showboating from Brewer.

    Brewer is a tool of the BBC/Establishment: remember his shameless displays during the referendum.

    Never trust the BBC and get along to Freedom Square next Sunday. Horns required for the Walls of Jericho.

  82. Balaaargh says:

    Sorry to go OT, but this:

    “Labour insiders: saving Curran’s a drain on resources”

  83. Martin McDonald says:

    I had never heard of this David Hamilton person until this weekend. Despite how many years as a MP?

    No wonder Labour have kept him under wraps all these years. What a thoroughly loathsome person.

    And I gather he’s not defending his seat because he knows he would lose it. What a shitebag.

  84. Graham MacQueen says:

    Interesting how Mr. Murray repeatedly squirmed out of answering the question regarding Labour’s position on a coalition with the SNP. Aside from the normal topic-changing fluff uttered by most MP’s when dodging questions, the ‘closest’ he came to giving an answer, which was repeated in various wordings at 2:30, 4:40 and 6:40, was ‘we are not planning a coalition, we don’t want a coalition’. Did your mother never tell you Mr. Murray that what you want and what you get are two different things? Is your, ‘categoric assurance’ to NOT side with the Tories simply another twist of the truth? I am pretty certain it is obvious to everyone, except yourselves of course, that that is your only other means of stepping over the threshold of No. 10 unless you cooperate with the SNP.

  85. dakk says:

    Murray was just your ten a penny evasive cagey Labour type giving soundbites that they know resonates with their vote fodder.That has always been enough to shoe them into their safe Tory hating seats.

    Hamilton was trying to sound earthy Scottish socialist with his’Fuurst Ministuur’ and’Muurphy’ bit.He was laying it on way too thick.He’s about as Scottish socialist as Tony Blair or Gordon Brown – not very.

    Perhaps he was trying his hand at Stand Up comedy and After Dinner speaking in advance of his ‘retirement’ from politics.

    He was’nt very funny and would certainly ruin the afterglow of a good meal,so looks like the cooncil beckons if he’s lucky.

    He should do his constituents a favour,retire and spend his fat WM pension in his local economy and not take up any employment that someone else more worthy could have.

  86. Scott Borthwick says:

    Grouse Beater. National dog of Great Britain indeed. Just for the record, it was Claire Balding who elevated the humble English Bulldog to that lofty (and made up) position.

  87. Indigo says:

    Haha Scottie winner at Crufts, chosen by a Scottish judge, will await outraged accusations of bias in the Daily Mail, Scotland taking over England’s dog show, and a Russian connection too, lol!

  88. caz-m says:


    A Scot has just won “Crufts”.

    Well, a Scottish Terrier, but that’s good enough for me.

  89. Bill Hume says:

    Socialists……brothers…….who the fuck is he trying to convince here?

    I’m a socialist. I was a union representative for 20 years. I don’t recognise anyone who denigrates my first minister as a socialist.

  90. Morag says:

    Lesley, if there’s anything in that story, it would be difficult to keep the lid on it now. But it all sounds a bit flaky, like journalists putting two and two together and getting 22.

  91. Author_al says:

    Just shared a few beers with a neighbour who was a reluctant No, while saying he is more a federalist than a unionist. Nope I don’t understand it either. Anyhow, he says Scotland is a great place and doing very nicely and much better than if Labour had been in power rather than the coalition. Said he doesn’t follow politics or news closely but is happy with his Pro Union decision. I reminded him that he had said if Smith did not deliver he would vote Yes next time. He replied that Scotland was now getting more powers than it had so he was comfortable with that. Cue lecture/minor rant from me…He shrugged, still happy. The world is mad.

  92. Patrician says:

    With people of this quality then the Labour Party in Scotland doesn’t need any enemies. Mr Hamilton wouldn’t recognise a socialist if they walked up slapped him. As remarked about Ms Curran, the average IQ of the Westminster Labour Party will increase when Mr Hamilton stands down.

  93. Another Union Dividend says:

    The self publicist Ian Murray is a devious chancer who got lucky.

    For two years, he had nothing to do with the Hearts supporters group that wanted fan ownership until it looked like succeeding, then his mentor Lord George Foulkes proposed that Murray should chair the fans group.

    For years, the local SNP MSP held regular surgeries at Sainsbury’s supermarket then a few months ago Murray copied the idea and started holding surgeries at virtually the same time and using his inflated Westminster expenses (which on average are about twice that of an MSP)now has a huge pop up banner greeting shoppers.

  94. Lesley-Anne says:

    R-type Grunt says:

    I apologize for going o/t Stu but there’s a great story brewing on Twitter about Lesley Brennan, Labour hopeful for Dundee East. You could not make it up.

    It wouldn’t have anything to do with this by any chance R-type? 😉

  95. Deontas says:

    Forget politics, forget political parties, forget indy for a moment, who the hell would want any association whatsoever with that self obsessed nobody screaming like a drunken loony???

    He reminds me of that character on chewin the fat who was in the golf club, loud mouthed shouting away about his wealth etc etc then everyone around him loses the will to live! Cant see further then his own wee world, dearie me May cant come quick enough.

    Bring on the positive changes ASAP!!!

  96. Tam Jardine says:

    Labour are really on the rack with this ‘rule out SNP deal’. It is going to run and run. They can’t rule out a deal because they are open to it, and ruling out a deal would mean labour would be finished in Scotland.

    Not ruling out a deal is not really an option either as it plays so badly with voters down south. So prevaricate…

    Murray is seriously unprepared for the obvious trap of ruling out a tory deal but not an snp deal.

    I don’t think it is unrealistic for voters to expect a bit of clarity as to who a political party will and will not work with.

    This GE is shaping up to be a full on constitutional crisis and no-one really knows what will happen. A 2nd General Election? A 2nd Indyref? Full Fiscal Autonomy? A tory labour government of national unity followed by UDI?

    I am loving it, but not as much as Gordon Brewer. Can you imagine the scenario: you are on telly with the country’s leading political interviewer – a formidable cross examiner who wears a necklace made from your colleagues body parts, teeth, ears and whatnot.. interview is tomorrow.

    He is going to probe 1 area for an answer, the SNP deal question. Do you prepare something convincing or just hope you can waffle through with the same auld non committal pish? Unbelievable.

  97. velofello says:

    The Collie is the national dog of Scotland. And that’s a fact.(ref my opinion).

    That D Hamilton is a silly old rabble -rousing throwback to the Z Cars era is a fact.
    ( ref. his speech).

    More facts – The Rt Honourable I Murray, inconsolable at the time, hasn’t had his office door refurbished following a Yes sticker being stuck onto it some years back. Edinburgh Polis may, or may not, be continuing surveillance of the door, in case the stickerer returns. ( ref Morag).

    According to a senior Labour insider, Mags Curran reduces the IQ coefficient of Scot Liebor.(ref Sunday Herald).

    More facts: Responses when out polling on Saturday- “I’ll no be voting Labour”. (ref. shoppers).

  98. Lesley-Anne says:

    caz-m says:


    A Scot has just won “Crufts”.

    Well, a Scottish Terrier, but that’s good enough for me.

    Don’t forget caz there was another Scottish breed in the final of 7 as well … the Bearded Collie. 😛

    Morag says:

    Lesley, if there’s anything in that story, it would be difficult to keep the lid on it now. But it all sounds a bit flaky, like journalists putting two and two together and getting 22.

    You are probably right Morag, but it does give us something else to hit them with if we want to at some point in the future. 🙂

    When I first heard the *ahem* story on the Channel 4 Crufts show they mentioned that the dog died at its home back in Belgium after returning from the Cruft’s event on the Thursday. As you say though probably some journo’s using the BBC calculator again. 😀

  99. Fred says:

    The Murray interview was unrecognisable on the evening news, Brewer’s input was left on the cutting-room floor and Murray emerged as a serious politician.

  100. Cuddis says:

    @lollysmum 7.15

    ‘We have better debates on Wings than this crowd could manage in a month of Sundays.’

    I totally agree. Over the three months I have been visiting this site (now three times a day) I have been encouraged, heartened and informed to an amazing extent by the incisive and intelligent comments, posts and discussions. The fact that in the face of this the knuckledraggers in SLAB persist with transparent lies and misdirection that wouldn’t fool my cat. They just don’t get it, do they.

  101. Morag says:

    I know this is off topic but just blame Lesley.

    I never cease to be amazed by the new and inventive ways animals find to die. (Though the ewe who stabbed herself in the heart with a piece of a rib she had broken several months previously will take some beating.)

    Owners of dogs who die suddenly very often believe they’ve been poisoned. It’s almost never the case – or not maliciously, anyway. I’m curious to know who did the post mortem on this dog. A genuine pathologist, or a general practitioner? Surely the former, but no pathologist would announce a diagnosis of poisoning at such an early stage. The most you’d say is that you couldn’t rule it out. It’s far too early to be sure.

    Of course it’s not impossible someone poisoned the poor dog, but I think a lot of people are running away with themselves here.

  102. Soda says:

    Hamilton is everything that disgusts me about Scottish politics thru’out most of my life and why i have been boring my friends since highschool about why we should vote SNP and gain our independence. I hate men like Hamilton and believe me i know a few. Thank f*ck those men and that kind of politics are coming to an end in our nation. Who needs them?

  103. Bob Mack says:

    A Russian owned Scots terrier according to the media.They can’t help it can they?

  104. Lesley-Anne says:

    It would appear that that eejit Davidson and his wee tin foil hat jibe has … well it’s sort of backfired. 🙂

    Twitter seems to be full of folks, men, women and kids, with tin pots, seives you name it on their heads. 😀

    I’m wondering if he feels an even bigger prat now than before he made that ridiculous jibe yet. 😉

  105. Grouse Beater says:

    Martin MacDonald: I had never heard of this David Hamilton person until this weekend.

    Join the queue!

  106. David S Briggs says:

    Anyone defending Murray in that interview must be viewed with incredulity. Brewer could hardly contain himself. Murray knows he’s defending the indefensible, but he just keeps ploughing on like they all do, it’s what he’s paid for after all.
    Saw it somewhere on twitterdom this afternoon that Brewer was a bit of a lefty in his youth and he certainly showed it in that interview. I’ve always had a liking for him. Good on you Big Man. Hope you haven’t damaged your career prospects. Bossieman might be wanting to boot your testicles.
    No comment on the old thug in the second clip.

  107. Lesley-Anne says:

    Morag says:

    I know this is off topic but just blame Lesley.

    Doff’s hat … I think. 😀

  108. velofello says:

    O/T, blame Morag, blame Lesley – last week I watched as a deer, after several attempts in a fenced cul de sac, get stuck in the steel railings of the fence. I did try, with trepidation, to steer the animal away from the cul de sac but to no avail.

    In some ways it was like witnessing Brewer’s interview with THE Rt Hr Ian Wha’ts his name of this article.

    I just love the humbuggery of the Right Honourable nomenclature. Seems just so utterly inappropriate.

    Aye Right.

  109. Lesley-Anne says:

    Erm I think I have to make an apology here.

    I said this in my last post.

    Twitter seems to be full of folks, men, women and kids, with tin pots, seives you name it on their heads. 😀

    It would appear I missed someone out. 😉

  110. Lenny Hartley says:

    Velo Fellow

    Re (Border) Collie, its an English Dug, first bred in Northumberland….

    Amazing dugs.

    My Velo’s are breeding like Rabbits, got 5 now…

  111. cearc says:

    Ah! A russian won at Crufts.

    Tomorrow’s headlines, ‘Did Putin poison belgian dog?’

  112. Cadogan Enright says:

    Never thought I would see myself typing this – but aren’t the media being a tad unfair to Labour?

    Why are the Tories not being grilled with demands to rule out a liaison with the insane racist and Economy-destroying EU-leaving UKIP? Or even worse the utterly sectarian DUP whose gun-licence waving paramilitary wing ‘The Third Force’ has never decommissioned the weapons imported for them from South Africa by UK security service agents (as disclosed in Belfast High Court)??? Will the Tories ask the DUP to hand in the Third Force guns first?

    How could Labour possibly be criticized for leaving the door open to the entirely reasonable SNP whose progressive brand of politics has been shown to work across Northern Europe and could transform not just the Scottish economy but all points South as well?

    It is apprently AOK for the Tories to partner with loons and fruitcakes – – – ? Am I missing something?

  113. Fred says:

    Scotland has a pack of national dugs, from Cairn Terriers to Golden Retrievers.

  114. Robert Peffers says:

    @Dr Jim says:8 March, 2015 at 6:42 pm:

    “So after he stands down as an MP (IN CASE HE LOSES)he’s going to stand for the Council where the real power lies eh”

    Ach! Weel! Dr Jim, There’s aye the Community Cooncil

  115. chris kilby says:

    @ cynicalHighlander:

    “Tin hats are the latest fashion.”

    Tin foil hats, mair like.

  116. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Doesn’t Gordon Brewer have a big, hearty, infectious laugh? It’s not quite Brian Blessed territory, but impressive all the same – can imagine he’d be good fun to go for a pint with.

    (Anyway, that clip was great. By my reckoning, GB asked him to rule out coalition 24 times.)

  117. Robert Peffers says:

    @Democracy Reborn says:8 March, 2015 at 6:55 pm:

    “This year’s Higher Modern Studies question:-

    ‘David Hamilton MP describes Labour as a “socialist” party. John McTernan, chief aide to Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy, describes Thatcherite economics as “good”.


    What’s to discuss? Way back when NuLabour were at their peak that practitioner of the Black Arts, Peter Mandelson is quoted as claiming, “We are all Thatcherites now”.

    Says it all, really.

  118. crazycat says:

    @ Cadogan Enright

    What I think you might be missing is this:

    You and I may think the SNP to be entirely reasonable, but the Establishment does not agree with us. They don’t want the electorate in England to have extended experience of the SNP, lest they start sharing our view.

    Therefore, they either want the Tories to win again (which requires that they not be grilled on their past unsavoury associations), or Labour to get enough seats not to need a deal with the SNP. They have calculated that Labour will be more likely to achieve that by doing well in England (which is true) and believe that voters in England need to hear that the SNP will be excluded.

    So their conduct is, perversely, meant to help Labour.

    Or maybe not…..

  119. Joemcg says:

    Andy Murray’s faux pas at the Davis Cup. The clip online is attracting abuse from our friends down south which would end up in court if he was any other nationality. They HATE us.

  120. Lesley-Anne says:

    cearc says:

    Ah! A russian won at Crufts.

    Tomorrow’s headlines, ‘Did Putin poison belgian dog?’

    I strongly suspect that the population at the Siberian salt mines will be increasing shortly once Putin gets his hands on the pepole who told him that dog was a danger to the Russian owned Scottie winning Cruft’s. The poor dog that died in Belgium came second and was therefore NOT a threat to Putin’s take over of Cruft’s 😉

  121. Robert Kerr says:


    The Scottish Breeds Championship Show is being held at Ingliston on 28th March.

    I posted after the Referendum that I intended to acquire a puppy. I did so. She is now six months old and a delight to be with. A Gordon Setter. The Scottish Setter produced for the 3rd Duke of Gordon.

    She shall be at her first Champ Show then.

  122. Training Day says:


    Anyone got any comments on the Britfest Davis Cup with Union Jacks flying high in Glasgow with independence supporting Andy Murray fist-pumping for the Brits?

    Seems it’s fine to wave the UJ in Glasgow but not the Saltire at Wimbledon.

  123. Free Scotland says:

    Why does the labour party spend so much money on red rosettes and party badges? They could save a lot of campaign funds if each member simply got the word “THICK” tattooed on his/her forehead. Mind you, on reflection, the savings might not be very substantial: from what I can gather, they don’t currently have that many members.

  124. Morag says:

    Assuming Andy Murray didn’t know his mate was two-timing his girlfriend, what on earth is he being blamed for?

    This is International Women’s Day, and people are behaving as if the scumbag cheating on his girlfriend is the one who should be protected. Double standards here.

  125. Lochside says:

    Who is behind the BT lovefest at the Davis Cup? All these union jack t shirts…what is going on? Have they been bussed in from somewhere?

    Naturally plenty of ‘loyal’ shots of UJ clad ‘fans’ on TV news and Andy accused of being ‘delighted’ to represent ‘Britain’ by BBC…tho’ I only heard him saying ‘these guys’ in reference to his team mates. Unfortunately I did see him press-ganged into doing the ‘bouncy’ with said Team GB.

    Just like George Square again on the 19th of September all over again……

  126. Joemcg says:

    Lochside-aye,how did they get so many no voters in one place? Also Glasgow of all places.

  127. Robert Peffers says:

    @Barbara McKenzie says:8 March, 2015 at 7:37 pm:

    ” … It will be interesting to see how all this is reflected in the turnout in England come May.”

    That it will, Barbara, for anyone who imagines Nicola is less that very astute best think again. Her statement to categorically NOT do any deals with Cameron while making no promises to Labour was a very, very astute move.

    If it has the same effect upon the English electorate as it has upon the media then, going by the flood of anti-Scottish/SNP hype by that media, there will be added incentive for the Tory vote to turn out expecting Labour to seek a deal with the SNP and thus be a greater threat to Cameron.

    However, to my mind the very best result for Scotland is a quite tight but no overall majority government of either the Red or Blue Tories. Then the SNP make no deal with either and thus are free to vote on every issue on whatever is best for Scotland.

    For example they can use such as Trident removal as a bargaining chip against both Unionist Parties. Anyone who thinks the Establishment will act differently after an election is fooling themselves.As I’ve been at pains to point out many times the Establishments of South Britain has been closing ranks against all outsiders since a certain J. Caesar first arrived on the South Coast of Britain.

    Why would they change now after around 2070 years?

  128. Chic McGregor says:

    Was the Border collie bred when Northumberland was part of Scotland or part of England or maybe even when part of Northumbria? Just askin’

  129. Lesley-Anne says:

    Sorry for going O/T here but there are some *ahem* interesting front pages tomorrow folks.

  130. Cadogan Enright says:

    Try googling potential Tory partner Peter Robinson

    “Robinson set up a paramilitary group called Ulster Resistance which linked up with the two major Loyalist groups, the Ulster Defence Association (estimated to have killed at least 300 people in the Troubles) and the UVF (death toll, at least 480). In its very first action, an armed group of Ulster Resistance members crossed the Border and invaded Clontibret in Co. Monaghan. Shots were fired but the group, with one exception, fled when the Irish police arrived on the scene. The sole Ulster Resistance member left behind was Peter Robinson who was arrested and charged. He later pleaded guilty to taking part in an unlawful assembly.

    Ulster Resistance’s claim to fame, or infamy, came when French police arrested some of it leaders in a Paris hotel as they were negotiating a second arms deal with representatives of the apartheid government in South Africa. Using its extensive contacts in Shorts missile factory in East Belfast, Ulster Resistance had already traded missile secrets for weapons and grenades. The second deal apparently involved passing over details of Shorts Blowpipe missile system, weapons that were at the centre of the Iran-Contra scandal.”

    And unlike the IRA – Robinson and friends have never handed in their guns.

    But that’s not a problem is it? These nutters are clearly AOK in a future Tory government – and Cameron MUST have them on a TV debate . . . duuuurrr??

  131. Ian Brotherhood says:

    The extract Radio Scotland has been using this evening is (in the video above) from 9.45 to 10.10, and finishes with the words ‘vote Labour’.

  132. caz-m says:

    Scotland would have had a great Davis Cup team.

    If only…

    And I think I know where all the Union Jacks came from, Ibrox is only five minutes from the Breahead Arena.

    I couldn’t bring myself round to watch this Britfest of Unionjackery waving NO Voters.

  133. ronnie anderson says:

    British Media gone mental MURDER AT CRUFT’S,Sherlock sent in his Bloodhound tae smiff oot the murderer.

    Sheeeesh ur Hacks infectious.

  134. Training Day says:

    Morag, please explain your last post about Murray.

    I’ve tried to decipher it, gawd knows..

  135. Morag says:

    Sorry. Murray apparently made some reference to another player’s Glasgow girlfriend, thus landing the othr guy in it as he has a steady girlfriend at home. Murray is apparently getting vile abuse for this.

    Now if Murray didn’t know that his mate was two-timing, then I fail to see what he’s being blamed for. I’m also a bit thrown by the bland assumption that the two-timing is OK, and should be protected, especially on International Women’s Day. How about a bit of abuse for the scumbag with the two girlfriends?

  136. Morag says:

    Not that I’m saying this pooch can’t have been poisoned, but allegations of malicious poisoning are almost always unfounded, and in this case it’s way to early to know for sure. I just hope somewhere behind all this media hysteria is a professional doing their job properly.

  137. Training Day says:

    Ah, no worries Morag, hadn’t picked up on that .

    Was too consumed with bile at the sight of Murray being forced to prove his Brit credentials..;)

  138. dakk says:


    I recognized quite a few faces from west end of Glasgow which is a very NO Brit Nat area unfortunately.

    You have to remember it was only just over 51% or so Yes so there’s plenty of Britjocks in Glasgow.

  139. Morag says:

    The other thing that’s baffled me today is that David Hamilton called Nicola Sturgeon “a wee lassie with a tin helmet”. You can all hear it quite clearly in the clip above. And Twitter goes wild with jokey tweets about #tinhat, and pictures of every sort of helmet (and colander) except what he actually meant.

    Hamilton was using Nicola’s hairstyle to call her a Nazi stormtrooper, and everybody seems content to let it roll right past them. I’m sick of Nazi slurs, personally.

  140. Lesley-Anne says:


    I missed this one off my last post.

  141. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Andy Murray was playing for GB in the Davis Cup . What’s the problem if he celebrates if he wins. He is probably good friends with the rest of the team. As he should be.
    And Union Jacks were appropriate in that circumstance (whether I like them or not)
    His behaviour today was exemplary and did team YES a lot of good in the eyes of the English public who are fed continuous lies about nasty English hating YES voting Scots.

    Some folk need to grow up. We don’t hate the English

  142. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Anyone seen tomorrow’s National front cover yet? Just wondering what they’ll be leading with.

    Any guesses?

    Whatever it is, here’s hoping it doesn’t involve Murphy’s big coupon.

  143. Cherry says:

    @ Lesley Anne & Morag

    Here is an article about poor dog.

    Lesley Anne I have two beautiful Bearded collies one of which actually qualified for this year’s Crufts. It was her very first outing in the ring and she won both her classes and it gave her the qualification to go…but it’s not for her she rather get muddy in the park.

  144. Defo says:

    Since when was the Dug elected as party leader ?
    Last I knew, she was Branch office filler.
    The use of the word ‘schadenfreude’ is going to get a bit passe soon, so consider me totally schadenfreuded out, for the duration.
    So many opportunities to say GIRUY after their PF work too !

  145. Lesley-Anne says:


    Looks like a certain Michael McMahon has got some *ahem* competition. 😀

    I wonder how many times he’ll go into the WRONG office. 😛

  146. Training Day says:

    Ah, Mcewan Hill, the man who likes to upbraid people for not putting in enough ‘effort’ in areas which delivered a Yes vote while abjectly failing to deliver a Yes vote in his own area.

    If your effort was in direct proportion to your pomposity you might have secured a Yes vote.

    Still waiting on your ‘anon’ evidence of vote rigging in the ref by the way.

  147. Betty Craney says:

    Another cover up to be swept under the carpet .

    Jeremy Hunt is refusing to publish the results of an inquiry into the NHS until after the GE . This is in the Guardian ( sorry I can’t do links—computer illiterate ).

    Leveson, Chilcot , child abuse …. they need a bigger carpet !

  148. StevieMcB says:

    Anas Sarwar being torn a new one on 5 live now

  149. caz-m says:


    Is that picture for real. WOW that’s a cracker.

    Have you seen the picture of Alex Salmond with Ed Milibanmd in his top pocket.

    I am looking for it, no joy yet.

    @Ian Brotherhood. The National,

  150. dakk says:

    Training Day

    The Butchers apron was appropriate etiquette for Davis Cup as it was Team GB.

    The hysteria of the Brits Nats at Wimbledon was not appropriate since Andy Murray was representing himself and is Scottish as as well as British.

    The British are the biggest hypocrites whoever stalked the planet.Expect nothing more of them.

  151. Lesley-Anne says:

    Thanks Cherry.

    We had a Rough Collie, Tricolour, for 16 years. Unfortunately he has passed now. I think he was the doggy personification of loyalty. 😛

    I’d love to have another dog but neither my partner or I are really that fit to have another medium large dog.

    We’d love to be able to have another Rough Collie or even a G.S.D. or Malamut or…. 😀

    We’re not really small dog people but that said we’d never say no to a wee Westie or Scottie though. 😉

  152. bookie from hell says:

    Alex Salmond

    Diane Abbott-tweets

    Salmond and his ego must be loving all this Tory talk. He lost referendum, stood down but is all over news – bad for his health..and ours

  153. Markie Stewart says:

    would be great if someone did a funny clip of DH saying JM will be First minister then have the laughing baby.
    These are bitter people.

  154. Cherry says:

    @Lesley Anne

    I lost my first Beardie just over two years ago…I was lost without her and lasted just 3months before finding the right breeder.

    The first pup is 2 years end of the month, we got her a baby brother last year, he will be 1 in thing I ever did they are a joy to have but lots of work what with the grooming.

    I’ll let you borrow one for cuddles!

  155. Lesley-Anne says:

    You mean this one Caz? 😉

    Yet the party that keeps on giving.

  156. Lesley-Anne says:

    Thanks for the offer Cherry. 😀

  157. heedtracker says:

    Diane Abbot’s tweets got nothing on this little UKOK pacific quay prince, who interviewed bettertogetherists in the run up to 18 Sept as “we”

    At the very least Abbot got elected.

    “Either way, would they really be in as strong a position at Westminster as they hope?

    The notion of separatist social democrats imposing left-wing spending plans on the “Tory shires” and forcing the UK into a dramatic shift in defence and foreign policy would be controversial to say the least.”

  158. orri says:

    Nice to see Labour putting forward their plans to emasculate Holyrood ’cause they can’t control it anymore.

  159. rubber toe says:

    Jeezo, had the circus rolled up to the labour conference with big davy hamilton as the snp tamer, hammy or the hamster to his friends and fellow colleagues, what an absolute car crash, its one nugget after another, it looked liked murphy and friends as the judges at the labour has no talent show, stu you should put together a montage of labours finest starting with these two

  160. Rob James says:

    Lord Baker – the man who put the Dork in Dorking. Yet another self important eejit with the belief that everything he utters has the respect of his ‘subjects’.

  161. The Man in the Jar says:

    To all the doggie folk.

    Here is an appropriate article from a blog by Patrick Burns aka terrierman. Patric wrote the article in “Dogs Today” which was picked up by the BBC and was the basis of the expose of the cruelty practised by the rosette chasers of the Kennel Club.

    I have posted this in the past so apologies if you have seen it already.

    “Is it time to dump the Bulldog?”

  162. The Man in the Jar says:


    Thanks for that twitter link to Bellshill Hub photo.

    Im in the Bellshill and Uddingston SNP however we dont see much of the Bellshill crowd as Uddingston and Bothwell campaign separately. It is a strange arrangement as we are in a different county *South* Lanarkshire. But well done Bellshill thats a cracker.

    “The south shall rise again” 😉

    hopefully here is the link again.

  163. dakk says:

    @ heedtracker

    Sounds awfully like Mr Cook is telling his audience that there’s no point in not voting Red or Blue Tory.

    Maybe his bosses told him to get on message after his sinking ship delegate quote.

  164. The Man in the Jar says:

    I have been in and out all day so apologies if this has already been covered.

    Has any journalist asked any senior Labour MP this question and if not why not.

    GE2015 results in a hung parliament. SNP offer the keys of No.10 to Miliband. Miliband turns down the offer and Cameron forms the government. What would the long term consequences of ushering in a Tory government be for the Labour party?

    It kind of makes the well worn “Yooz let the Tories in, in 79” a bit redundant. Thank f**k. Sick of hearing it.

  165. Lesley-Anne says:

    I didn’t pay any attention before but I’ve just looked at that photo again TMitJ and actually read the BLUE notice stuck on McMahon’s shutters. 😉

    “Sell out. Everything must go!” 😀

  166. Lesley-Anne says:

    Hmm …

    I wonder how the good old BBC feel about this information being spread around. 😉

    Now we have the confirmation, not that it was ever in any doubt mind you, that the BBC do NOT do neutrality in anything they do.

  167. Stephen says:

    Ben Swain and Blink 182 come to mind.

  168. Cherry says:

    @Lesley Anne

    Where does the money from the donation come licence fees!? 😉

  169. Lesley-Anne says:

    Cherry says:

    @Lesley Anne

    Where does the money from the donation come licence fees!? 😉

    My lips are sealed Cherry. 😀

    However if you really want to know I think I might know someone who can help … Yo Mr Dimbleby you got a sec? 😛

  170. Cherry says:

    @Lesley Anne

    😉 on the QT obviously lol!

  171. Onwards says:

    Dave McEwan Hill says:
    8 March, 2015 at 11:42 pm

    Andy Murray was playing for GB in the Davis Cup . What’s the problem if he celebrates if he wins. He is probably good friends with the rest of the team. As he should be.
    And Union Jacks were appropriate in that circumstance (whether I like them or not)
    His behaviour today was exemplary and did team YES a lot of good in the eyes of the English public who are fed continuous lies about nasty English hating YES voting Scots.

    Some folk need to grow up. We don’t hate the English

    These sort of comments usually come from unionist politicians trying to smear independence supporters.

    Andy Murray demonstrates perfectly that there is no conflict with liking Britain in a cultural sense, while wanting Scotland to control its own destiny, politically.

    We will still be Scottish and British when we gain independence.
    We just won’t be ruled from London.

  172. Cherry says:


    🙂 that would be on the QT obviously lol!

  173. Onwards says:

    @The Man in the Jar says:

    Has any journalist asked any senior Labour MP this question and if not why not.

    GE2015 results in a hung parliament. SNP offer the keys of No.10 to Miliband. Miliband turns down the offer and Cameron forms the government. What would the long term consequences of ushering in a Tory government be for the Labour party?

    It kind of makes the well worn “Yooz let the Tories in, in 79? a bit redundant. Thank f**k. Sick of hearing it.

    That’s why ruling out Trident as a red-line issue makes sense. The SNP will still vote against it, but making it a condition for a deal would have given Labour an reason to avoid one. “Security of Britain comes first” and all that..

    Now they have NO reasonable excuse.

    They will be dead and buried in Scotland if they choose to let the Tories back in – instead of making a deal to devolve more powers.

  174. Defo says:

    “Main Gate of the programme will take place in 2016.”

    Pushing the decision back until 2020 isn’t amongst the options.

    The various shades of tory parties are all in on the idea of shifting another £100 Bn or so of public £$£ into private hands, on the more than iffy pretext of it being any fucking use. Strategically it’s of little significance , given that Nato is really just us all huddling under the warm and loving grace of the USA.

    Who’s zooming who?
    To think Blighty, in the lifetime of not just Trident, but also ‘Successor’, is going to come under mortal threat in some scenario that didn’t involve the USA is just mental.

    Would Trident keep the buffer Baltic states ‘safe’ ?
    Does it stop the Mad Mullahs centrifuges spinning ?
    China is winning the real war, wtf would they upset the customers by incinerating them!
    North Korea ?
    Alien invasion ?

    £100 Bn fills an awfy big trough, but you get absolutely zero bangs for your buck.

    Trident being useless won’t stop the Red Tories support the 2016 Blue Tory government in getting it passed.
    They would be wise to allow another £20 Bn or so, to pay for building somewhere to keep the new toys too.

    Main Gate. On the tap that fills the trough.

  175. Kevin Evans says:

    Hey fellow wingers – it’s been a great weekend actually seeing slab going to the dogs but like a few have said already let’s not get complacent – please – my mental health can do another disaster like after the refurendum.

    Let’s keep the presure on these people.

  176. Morag says:

    If that SNP hub is for real are they not in a bit of bother? We were told absolutely no saying red tories while representing the SNP. Hanging offence.

  177. Defo says:

    James Cook seems a bit lost here..

    “Although she insists her MPs would never vote to renew the nuclear weapons programme, Ms Sturgeon now appears to be suggesting they could support Labour on an issue-by-issue basis without the need for any pre-negotiation at all.

    If Labour were the largest party but short of a majority, that might work – at least for a while – but sooner or later it would surely run into trouble, perhaps in a vote of confidence, perhaps in a vote on renewing Trident, perhaps in a budget which included new funding for the nuclear programme.

    At that stage the SNP would hope to turn the screw on Labour, securing concessions in return for continuing support.”

    Aye James, Labour would really need SNP support, with 270 (very) odd slobbering tories lining up at division bell time on the same side as the SNP over Trident / ‘Successor’.


  178. Kevin Evans says:

    Ya know am sure the offices next to Mr Anas Sarwar are vacant – it’s in a very busy party of the Glasgow communter route beside west street subway also if someone wants to crowd fund the rental of the adjacent offices until the 8th of may for some factual campaign slogans.

    I’d suggest his expenses in big writing and red tory out.

  179. Macart says:

    If there was such a thing as a socialist in the Labour party, what any Labour leader worth his salt would declare would be – ‘Of course we’re willing to work with other progressive forces within the commons on a confidence and supply basis. Forming stable consensul government is the most important thing in such a scenario.’

    How and ever the Westminster establishment have invested so much time, effort and cash denigrating Scotland’s electorate they’ve burnt their own bridges. The first party to declare they actually need Scottish MPs legislate for the whole of the UK will effectively be cutting its own throat electorally in England. They were warned time and again that this was the road their ‘othering’ narrative was taking. They divided the peoples and social bond of the union all by themselves. Who knew?

    Let Westminster be Westminster.

  180. Ken500 says:

    Why do Trade Unions, who are suppose to represent their members, support this nonsense.

  181. Ken500 says:

    David Hamilton’s tribal tirade is just astonishing. Fifty years of Labour. Fifty years out of date. ‘Gie me, gie me’. Not worth it. ‘Ony’ thing’ to spite the SNP and the electorate. ‘Hold their feet to the fire’ Labour/Unionists have lost their way and their self entitlement to power. Boot them out.

  182. Ken500 says:

    The tribalist GB support at the Emirate Stadium, from a bunch of immature ‘look at me, ‘supporters’, should not have been allowed. They should have been told to pipe down or got thrown out. Spoiling it for genuine fans, it would not have been allowed in any other Stadium in the world. Fair play to all.

  183. john king says:

    JLT says @ 8.11pm
    “Fair do’s, he didn’t lose the rag, but he did curl up with his imaginary blanket; eyes glazing over, and repeating the old Labour mantra of, ‘Vote SNP, get Tory‘”

    I think he did what they’re all trained to do and retreated into his safe place
    Dakk says @8.44
    “He should do his constituents a favour,retire and spend his fat WM pension in his local economy and not take up any employment that someone else more worthy could have.”

    He could spend his money in the Dalkieth Miners welfare institute (god knows they could probably do with the money) he could play dominoes,
    he’s chappin anyway!

    Trust the SUN to make light of the death of that poor dog
    headline was “MURDER AT CRUFTS” with a strapline
    “Police are following all leads”
    sick bastards.
    Bob Mack says @9.31pm
    “A Russian owned Scots terrier according to the media.They can’t help it can they?”

    What next?
    Russian subs parked in the Clyde?
    Lesley-Anne says @9.31It would appear that that eejit Davidson and his wee tin foil hat jibe has … well it’s sort of backfired. :)m
    “It would appear that that eejit Davidson and his wee tin foil hat jibe has … well it’s sort of backfired. :)”

    Aa put a pot oan ma heed tae tak a photie,
    noo Aa canny get it aff

    mind you it looks kinda cool Aa think a’ll jist keep it oan.
    Lesley-Anne says @9.18pm

    R-type Grunt says:

    Did you see the first comment on the subject
    “Stewart Hosie is nothing to write home about”.
    I take it he hasn’t seen the video of the Robertson/Hosie debate in the university?
    where Hosie dismantled Robertson and built a Swiss Army knife out of the parts?
    Cadogan Enright says @ 10.00pm
    “It is apprently AOK for the Tories to partner with loons and fruitcakes – – – ? Am I missing something?”

    No I think that covers it
    Crazycay says @ 10.17pm
    “You and I may think the SNP to be entirely reasonable, but the Establishment does not agree with us. They don’t want the electorate in England to have extended experience of the SNP, lest they start sharing our view.”

    Lightbulb moment,
    Thats what JL meant when she described us as a “virus”
    the minute they hear the argument they’re sold! 🙂


    Robert Kerr @ 10.24pm

    Good luck to you and your (wee?) pup Robert.
    Dave McEwan Hill says @ 11.42pm
    “Some folk need to grow up. We don’t hate the English”

    What Dave says goes for me too!

  184. caz-m says:

    That’s the one Lesley-Anne,

    @Morag 4.04am

    Just read your post. Is that a genuine SNP rule? have we not to say or write the words “Red Tories Out”

    Because I would have thought that it was a bit of a vote winning slogan.

  185. Ken500 says:

    SNP rule? ‘Not write or say, ‘Red Tories’. Compete fantasy. Called, ‘making it up as you go along’.

    Alex, Nicola and Co, say it.

  186. David Stevenson says:

    I am maybe not used to my new specs yet, but that twitter photo from Bellshill looks like a photoshop job. Funny, though.

  187. David Stevenson says:

    Caz-m: The problem may arise from the fact that the SNP might allow the Red Tories IN depending on post election arrangements?

  188. Effijy says:

    Training Day says:
    8 March, 2015 at 10:28 pm

    Anyone got any comments on the Britfest Davis Cup with Union Jacks flying high in Glasgow with independence supporting Andy

    I watched some of Andy’s match yesterday and grew suspicious that
    the camera men changed their perspective as soon as a Saltire
    took up a prime position within the frame.

    Between sets there was an interview conducted with a former player, Everything going well until someone raise a Saltire a few
    seats further back- sudden Zoom right into the man’s face, and stay there until panning out when the flag had been lowered?

    George Orwell got it dead right. It was just the date he got wrong, 1984 should have been named 2014.

    You will imbibe what Big Brother puts before or ELSE!

  189. caz-m says:

    ken500 7.48am

    I agree with you, I’m sure I have heard Alex Salmond use the phrase,


  190. Ken500 says:

    ‘Business and innovation’ title. The twa Numpties that help bankrupt Britain and squandered £Billions of Scottish Oil revenues. Illegal wars, Trident and tax evasion. Now starving the most vulnerable. Sanctioning the most vulnerable, to walk to food banks. Giving the wealthiest tax breaks. The one’s who caused the crash score. Driving the most vulnerable out of their homes, world wide. Giving the wealthiest tax breaks. Cold, malnourished, worried people get sick. Austerity doesn’t work. It costs more than it saves.

    Labour/Unionists want even more public money passed doon, so they can waste on policing OO marches, destroying city centres by building carbuncles against the majority wishes or the public interest.

    Brown/Blair and the rest of them should be in jail. Every word they utter is a lie. Where’s the Chilcot verdict. Years late, being buried by unelected civil servants. The liars charter, the Official Secret Act. Westminster secrecy and lies. Still no apology, just lying VOWs.

  191. Ken500 says:

    SNP leadership and members and everyone else say it all the time. ‘Red Tories – out’. It’s comes under freedom of speech. Unionists liars, don’t like Democracy.

  192. caz-m says:

    I see that creepy, depressing bastard, Douglas Fraser, of BBC Scotland is back on the air waves.

    Another Scottish Labour Party “attack dog”.

    “We’re doomed ah tell ye, we’re doomed”

  193. R-type Grunt says:

    Lesley-Anne @ 09:18

    Yes, that’s the story. I was in a conversation – of sorts – with her on Twitter. It would seem Lesley Brennan was initially going to accept the money but then decided (after several comments from others re blood money etc) she was going to refuse it. I congratulated her on being a Labour candidate who’d at last found a principle. A couple of hours later the Daily Record were tweeting that here was a Labour candidate who was prepared to do the ‘decent thing’ and turn down Blair’s money. I was then on her case for selling her story to the Record and thus, even though, she was refusing the money, she was still getting maximum publicity for her campaign. Cynical?

    And then, lo & behold, the Courier reports that she actually has no choice but to accept the cash. Brilliant! Maximum exposure for Brennan & Labour. Mission accomplished.

    As an aside – last year I attended a car-crash of a meeting in the Queens Hotel in Yes City which was billed as a coming together of the broader Socialist movement. No it wasn’t. It was the usual Dundee Labour retards being told what to think by Brennan. She passed out many, many pieces of paper with incomprehensible graphs and bonkers stats. Total nonsense. I know Brennan is a ‘professional’ but to me she came across as a total moron. It was just any angle they could find to point the finger & say SNP BAD!

    The woman is an idiot of the highest order.

  194. Capella says:

    David Hamilton is cast in the same role that John “Two Jags” Preston had in Tony Blair’s New Model Labour Party. He’s there to persuade the Old Labour supporters to get with the programme. His style may go down well in Fife Miners Clubs bashing Tories but in the new media age it looks neanderthal.
    More bad advice from Mr McTernan probably.

  195. Auhor_al says:

    OT ish. The Mirror has an interesting article regarding Labour Trident and SNP. The additional poll regarding who you will vote for on the page gives SNP 6.3% and labour more but this is a red rag, I suppose. And nationwide. Seems the papers daarn sarth are worried.

  196. Brian Fleming says:

    According to Ian Murray, towards the end of that car-crash interview, Jim Murphy has made “a pledge to deliver educational disadvantage”. From the mouths of babes and idiots……

  197. Nana Smith says:

    Andrew Nicol in the sun writes to Scottish labour. It’s a corker.

    You can read it here

  198. Les Wilson says:

    Is it only me who thinks Hamilton models himself on Old Prescott? Look similar and the same kind of bellicose mouth!

  199. mumsyhugs says:

    Hahaha – I see Tin Hat has just donated to take the fundraiser to bang on £95,000! How appropriate – thank you whoever you are 🙂

  200. Robert Kerr says:

    @John King

    Thanks. She shall be in the ring with a litter-sister and others.

  201. Capella says:

    @Les Wilson
    yes I meant Prescott above, or Two Jags. Same role I guess, keep the Trade Unionists on board.

  202. Grouse Beater says:

    Dave McEwan Hill:
    Some folk need to grow up. We don’t hate the English

    It’s very difficult to accept their attitude to Scotland, the one that excludes Scotland, now in full spate.

    Had the English got a referendum asking if they wanted Scotland to remain part of the UK they’d have voted No.

    Unless, of course, they had been inculcated England needed the money and oil.

  203. Ken500 says:

    Electoral Commission rules? The Electoral Commission is a criminal Unionist joke. BT broke ever election rule in the book, from publicly funded illegal Polls and donations. Breaking Purdah with illegal VOWs. BBC lies and disinformation. Corruption of revealed postal votes. The Sunday Herald is a Unionist joke along with most of the lying Press, jealous of Wings superior investigated journalism. Wealthy, middle class, White male ‘journalists’ telling lies.

  204. dakk says:

    In my post at 12.04,when I say the British I refer to the Establishment and their apologists.

  205. Author_al says:

    Grouse Beater…

    The further people get in England from the Scottish Border the less engaged and informed they seem to be regarding Scotland and its culture and politics. Being Englsh, I received lots of bemused comments in Scotland as to why I was voting Yes. My English friends either kept out of the debate or were again bemused, citing various unionist newspaper headlines.

    Anyone from England who comes to Scotland for any extended time usually gets captivated by it, excluding the fair weather souls who can’t stand a bit/lot of rain.

    I think ignorance, unwillingness to gain the facts, distance and a misguided sense if glories past may account for some of the Scotland baiting and hating. I love it here.

  206. Grouse Beater says:

    Author Al: I love it here.

    A very fair and balanced observation of English insularity.

    I can understand why so many English, following tabloid crap, getting on with their stress-filled lives, have little time to study Scotland, its people, and history.

    Had they time they’d discover they lead lives missing real democracy too. Those that are aware I have to remind live in England and should attend to England’s ills because they keep assuming ‘England’ covers Scotland and we should join with them to aid their country.

    But the national and international institutions I deal with, entitled ‘British’ or ‘Royal’ have no excuse for their casual indifference, or worse, racism.

  207. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Training day at 11.48

    I have never “upbraided ” anyone for not putting in enough effort. We are all volunteers
    Perhaps. you can supply evidence that I have done so.
    My area – Cowal and Dunoon – delivered a very sound YES vote – perhaps because we all worked very hard for two years out of YES shop in the middle of Dunoon.
    We now have a very much larger Forward Shop on the main street (186 Argyll Street, Dunoon ) which is open six days a week and several evenings as well

  208. Les Wilson says:

    Capella says:

    I knew what you meant, no probs.
    Trouble was that I was posting before your post was apparent, takes a while to go up for some reason, never used to be like that.

  209. orri says:

    To head the whole accounts thing of at the pass it’d probably be an idea to publish them for the last year. I’m going out on a limb here but wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing is an effort to cast doubt on this site. The slow deliberate process of the Electoral Commission doing it’s job properly will be portrayed as something dodgy going on. No need for paranoia and reading the previous as deliberate slowness.

  210. Training Day says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill

    A couple of weeks back when I posted that I thought the SNP were too passive in their dealings with the media you misinterpreted my post and said that the Yes campaign on the ground was not passive (I agree) and that ‘perhaps (I) was not part of that effort’.

    I most certainly was.

    However, we are on the same side so let’s let bygones be bygones.

  211. Ali says:

    I like the “grubby backroom deal” narrative. They’d better watch how much they let that one become part of the story!

  212. Morag says:

    At our candidate’s adoption meeting, she asked us to behave in a dignified manner when representing the SNP on the doorsteps. No slogans like “red tories out”. She said it was fine for us to say what we liked on our own time, as it were, including “red tories out”, but not when we were acting as official SNP canvassers.

    Anybody who doesn’t agree, take it up with Emma Harper. She said it, not me. I see her point though.

  213. Jimbo says:

    To me, this is just the BBC giving the Labour Party another opportunity to constantly get their message across that a vote for the SNP will let the Tories in.

  214. Morag says:

    Someone has just tweeted an undoctored photo of the Uddingston and Bellshill SNP hub, and the Red Tories Out bit was photoshopped. It’s obvious when you see it.

    I blame the flu. I’m awfy no weel.

  215. orri says:

    If Scotland ever votes for independence it’s going to need over 50% or some ludicrously higher percent of the electorate to do so. In fact the way things are looking it might need over 50% of the votes to go to the SNP this time in order to sink the idea of an anti-SNP alliance. Kind of hard to play the more voters for other parties line when it just isn’t true.

    The danger with slogans like “red tories out” is that by doing so you’re not only slagging of Labour but pissing of those who might be persuaded to join you. It’s the same as the use of the 45 label. That paints you into a corner and chances freezing support at that level.

  216. Nana Smith says:

    Sorry to hear that Morag. Take care.

  217. Gary says:

    David Hamilton spelling it out quite clearly there, the most important election of them all is the council elections because that is where the real stranglehold over the population lies.

    That wasn’t a speech about making the country better, but a diatribe on why they must retain POWER AT ALL COSTS.

  218. Craig says:

    Why didn’t Brewer say

    “Labour were the largest party in 2010 and Scotland returned 49 Labour MP’s and yet, The Tories and Libdems formed a coaltion to govern the UK”?

    “Can you explain why you still say that only Labour will guarantee that Tories won’t get back into power, if SNP become the 3rd largest party in Westminster and they already ruled out joining forces with the Tories giving Labour the chance to become the ruling party in Westminster but needs the SNP to back them up?”.

    Those are the questions that MUST be asked

  219. Stuart Nicol says:

    Dear Gods…..I thought Neanderthal Man was extinct too…..after seeing David Hamilton, perhaps the Geneticists got it wrong?

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