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A question answered

Posted on March 08, 2015 by

Lovers of blood sports enjoyed a very special treat on this morning’s Sunday Politics Scotland, as Gordon Brewer got his teeth firmly around the throat of hapless Scottish Labour MP Ian Murray and shook him like a rag doll for ten toe-curling minutes.

We’ll have the entire 18-rated clip for you later, but Brewer was having so much fun tormenting Murray by repeatedly demanding an answer to the question of whether his party would rule out an electoral deal with the SNP that he didn’t notice when, at about the 15th time of asking, he actually got one.

Murray couldn’t have been much clearer in that clip:

“It’s quite clear that if the Tories are the largest party come the 8th of May they will form the government of the United Kingdom.”

That’s unambiguous. What Murray said was that if the Tories get even one more seat than Labour, then Labour will turn their backs on the support of (current polls suggest) 50+ SNP MPs offering to keep the Tories out, and will instead let David Cameron and George Osborne back into Downing Street for five more years.

It’s the first open public statement of the “Tantrum Strategy” from an elected Labour politician. Murray just unequivocally told voters – “It’s quite clear” – that Labour will stand aside if they don’t get most seats, even if a confidence-and-supply arrangement with the Nats would give Labour a comfortable working majority.

Rather than deal with a centre-left social-democratic party offering to keep the Tories out, Labour will condemn the entire UK to five more years of brutal austerity.

There’s a name for that: blackmail. It’s what Scottish Labour have become. But we’re not sure that the people of Scotland are prepared to be bullied any more.

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    1. jimmyrob says:

      I think this is the likely outcome of the GE. Labour will walk away from an SNP deal lumping us with yet another Tory (and whoever) govt. At that point we can officially pronounce Labour as dead in Scotland.

    2. annie says:

      I reckon Ed Miliband will take any opportunity to get into No.10 he must know if Labour lose he is dumped.

    3. Casper1066 says:

      He was paddling fast but forgets he didn’t have a paddle. Pathetic attempt to guard his mantra,it made the interview boring tho. There was no way he was going to say it. I would have preferred a better discussion, this turns it into a farce

    4. Geoff Huijer says:

      Welcome to the real car crash TV.

      Wonder if the MSM will highlight this
      like they did with Natalie Bennet’s interview?

      Thought not.

    5. gillie says:

      Labour concede victory to the Tories

    6. Frost says:

      Did he blink like that through the entire interview? Classic sign of lying blinking like that.

    7. Steven Roy says:

      They are just so desperate that they will lose their seats on the gravy train that they will say anything that they think will get people to abandon SNP and vote for them.

      I can’t wait till after the election to watch them all change their tune.

    8. No no no...Yes says:

      Ian Murray filleted and found out, well done Brewer. I was rolling about laughing and didn’t hear this at the time.

      Ian Murray, Labour Party in Scotland:
      What a man, what a party, what a mess!

    9. wee sandy says:

      Iain Wacwhirter in today’s Sunday Herald says ” thankfully they(SLab)have dropped the constitutional nonsense about the largest party getting to form the next government “.

      Nope.That does NOT appear to be the case.
      They will keep spouting the same nonsense right up to election day hoping to convince waverers.

      But articles like this one,Stu, must be widely disseminated in order to counteract their deliberate lies and deception

    10. Taranaich says:

      “Better 100 years of the Tories…”

    11. scottieDog says:

      Not to mention the fact that Scotland voted overwhelmingly for labour in 2010..

    12. archie neil says:

      Can any Slab MP answer that question anyway. If Slab are routed the it would fall to English Labour MP’s to make that decision and no Slab caandidate, including Murphy, is in a position to give undertakings on their behalf.

    13. David McCann says:

      I was a bit disappointed that they didnt use the Robert McNeil ‘wheel’ graphic you exposed last week.

      Its pretty powerful evidence of what appears to be gaining traction in the unionist camp.

    14. Sinky says:

      This will be the same Ian Murray that voted for more Tory austerity on 13 January in House of Commons.

    15. chris kilby says:

      “It’s the first open public statement of the “Tantrum Strategy” from an elected Labour politician. Murray just unequivocally told voters – “It’s quite clear” – that Labour will stand aside if they don’t get most seats, even if a confidence-and-supply arrangement with the Nats would give Labour a comfortable working majority.”

      Is it, though? Or was it just a flustered eejit mindlessly parroting the same tired old SLab mantra and “mis-speaking” out of turn?

      A Lab-Con “grand coalition”? Could Labour really be that suicidal? UK-wide, not just in Scotland? The Chuckle Brothers’ (Ed ‘n’ Jim) stubborn refusal to rule out coalition with the SNP yesterday certainly seems to suggest otherwise.

      Just look at the blind panic on the front pages of the Tory arse-rags this morning. I LOVE the smell of Schadenfreude in the morning!

    16. iain taylor (not that one) says:

      What a greasy wee toad.

    17. chris kilby says:

      @ Frost:

      “Did he blink like that through the entire interview? Classic sign of lying blinking like that.”

      That is a MASSIVE blink, BTW. What’s his favourite band – Blink 182?

    18. W Nicoll says:

      I actually thought the whole of the programme was a massive anti SNP excercise. It was all about how to defeat teh SNP. E ven the Ian Murray interview.

      There was an anti NP interview with Alex Massie and a “how to tactically vote” piece. all against the SNP without another viewpoint.

    19. Fran says:

      It just proves that their hatred of the SNP out ways any principles that labour might have remaining.

      It shows their absolute contempt not only for the Scottish electorate but also for the left leaning citizens in the rest of the UK. They will condemn everyone to right wing policies instead of progressive, which according to the REVs poll that covered the entire isles, that the majority of the English wish for, but are being denied.

      The WM establishment do not want the Scots opening the eyes of the English electorate to the idea of ” their is a different way”

      Don’t rock the boat old chap, its taken us 300yrs to get things how we want it. We do the ruling while the peasants think they make a valued contribution, with their little Xs on their little bits of paper.

    20. yerkitbreeks says:

      I understand the pre – election rhetoric bittie, but as Labour clearly read your site, cannot for the life of me understand why the biggest party / government mantra is still up and running.

      Suggests other arguments are not open to labour.

    21. heedtracker says:

      Clowns. It’s THE VOW wot won it. What did they expect with a giant con like vote NO Scots for a devo max, federal UK campaign from Gordon Brown especially, then it all turns out to be almost nothing within a few weeks of 18th Sept.

      Bettertogether red and blue tory teamGB gets daily more desperate to prevent Scots actually running the Scottish economy.

    22. jimnarlene says:

      Toys flung, far, from the pram.

    23. Morag says:

      You know, Murray never did get the front door of his constituency office painted properly. It’s still the same vandalised mess it was five years ago.

    24. JLT says:

      It was pure car crash telly. At one point, Brewster even reclines in his seat with a big shark smile on his face, and continues to pummel Murray by asking again, and again, and again, that he will confirm that Labour won’t form a coalition with the SNP.

      Murray avoided the question like the plague, and towards the end, and realising that he was on a real hiding to nothing here, he just switched into Jim Murphy mode and kept stating the mantra of ‘Vote SNP, get Tory’.

      No wonder by the time the interview finished, Murray glared at the TV (and primarily, at Brewster). This was one very severely pissed off Labour MP (who must be wondering what the F*** is going on with their media pals this week, and their bear-baiting of the Labour Party).

    25. jethro says:

      ‘Though cowards flinch and ("Tractor" - Ed)s sneer….’?

      Beats me how any Labour politician these days could sing The Red Flag without choking on the words. I know what the likes of Aneurin Bevan would have made of this great socialist, who would prefer to see the Tories in office rather than join in a progressive alliance to stand up for the ordinary people.

      It’s getting bizarre when the biggest threat to Ed Miliband getting into No. 10 could be a large block of SLAB dinosaur MPs. Maybe he should start campaigning for the SNP if he really wants to be Prime Minister?

    26. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      If Labour turn down a chance to form a government with SNP support then The Union will be finished.

      The SNP would have to campaign in the 2016 election for another referendum, and there would be a yes vote.

    27. He also stated that, in his speech to conference, Jim Murphy had afirmed his commitment to educational inequality. Freudian slip or new policy announcement – you decide.

    28. Pam McMahon says:

      He’s got his mou’ clamped roon the chanter. So, what’s new? I can’t imagine why SNP MPs would even consider propping up a Labour government anyway, after their total sell-out of Scotland in the referendum campaign. I will vote SNP in May, which means I am NOT VOTING LABOUR, whatever feeble and half-hearted promises they might make.

    29. Defo says:

      Instead of a PPB, couldn’t the SNP just do a mash up of the choicest fuckwittery instead ?
      Scare the voters !
      Project McFear..
      A crowdfunder ?

    30. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      There are more Pandas than tory MPs in scotland and it’s not ‘scottish’ Labour but the SNP who look set to boot out that one remaining tory MP.

      The polls are, if anything, getting worse for ‘scotish’ Labour with Miliband and Murphy deeply unpopular with the scottish public.

      Murphy and his boss Miliband’s constant whining about their inability to beat the tories elsewhere just isn’t working but they simply have nothing else to offer the people of scotland.

    31. JLT says:

      …there’s a name for that: blackmail

      Actually, I don’t think this is what it is. I think Labour realise that they are potentially beat if they stand alone. Doesn’t matter if there is the potential of an SNP alliance or not. They really don’t want to share power with the SNP.
      This is more like ‘if we’re going down; you’re all going down’. It’s a bit like the Hitler-siege bunker mode in the last days of the Nazi regime when Hitler would rather see the entire German race annihilated, rather than compromise. This isn’t blackmail. It’s political suicide and taking the Scottish nation with it. This is punishment.

      Simply put. We will punish the people of Scotland for being so stupid for voting SNP …even though we all voted Labour last time …and got a Tory led coalition. Seems its all or nothing with Scottish Labour.

    32. Clootie says:

      It won’t be a case of just stepping aside if the Tories have one more seat than Labour. The LibDems won’t have enough. Therefore very early in the proposal of a government some form of issue/topic will take place triggering a vote. a) Do Labour MP’s support the Tory government, b)Do they abstain, c) Do they vote against it along with the SNP?

      a)or b) and English Labour voters will be in outrage
      c) The government will fail leading directly or indirectly to another General election.

      …that’s when the fun will start!

      Only Labour can let the Tories in again.

    33. ErinT says:

      “If Labour turn down a chance to form a government with SNP support then The Union will be finished.”

      Exactly. Not to do so is to suggest that Scotland’s voice isn’t suitable for participation in the running of the UK despite Scotland offering to participate.

    34. chris kilby says:

      @ JLT:

      “At one point, Brewster even reclines in his seat with a big shark smile on his face, and continues to pummel Murray by asking again, and again, and again, that he will confirm that Labour won’t form a coalition with the SNP… No wonder by the time the interview finished, Murray glared at the TV (and primarily, at Brewster). This was one very severely pissed off Labour MP (who must be wondering what the F*** is going on with their media pals this week, and their bear-baiting of the Labour Party).”

      They can probably smell the blood in the water

    35. Valerie says:

      Good for Mr Brewer, this and the James Cook comment make me wonder if they are reading the runes, and beginning to realise their future lies in becoming fair and truthful journos.

      I would love to see Scotland develop some TV journalists that question all politicians with equal tenacity.

    36. Doug Daniel says:

      And yet the latest seat projections on seem to show Labour with 44 seats more than the Tories even without their Scottish seats, but not enough to govern without some sort of deal with someone. I don’t think the Lib Dems would have enough seats to make up the difference, so their only chance is to have some sort of deal with the SNP.

      Quite simply, folk should just vote for who they think will best represent their interests in parliament. There are so many permutations possible that tactical voting is really a mug’s game at this point – unless your tactic is to see Scotland having a proper voice for once!

    37. velofello says:

      Gardening leave for Brewer now a possibility?

    38. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

      The cat’s out of the bag now (although we always knew it was wriggling about in there), and that’s that: BLAB will bury its stillborn. ad agency invention – SLAB – if that what it takes to preserve their Union and fcuk any collateral damage to the people of Scotland in the act of doing so.

      It is good to get these things out in the open even if it is in the form of this grudgingly articulated suicide note which is premised on a constitutional lie and a blatant falsification of the historical evidence.

      Talk about being hoisted by one’s own petard? This is the self-destructive impulse at its most ineptly classic.

      I wonder how Murphy and his team of Smurphs will try to spin this one (especially on the back of a call for a Westminster unity government by another BritLab MP)?

      Large Cohibas and single malts all round!

    39. caz-m says:

      I still find it difficult to congratulate Gordon Brewer on anything he does.

      This BBC Scotland Unionist bar steward tore the YES campaign to shreds.

      I will never let him forget that.

      Right after the Murray interview he obediently fell into line again and promoted websites that are planning the downfall of the SNP.

    40. scottieDog says:

      Maybe we need to simply ask
      labour MPS “would you rather a tory govt or a lab/snp coalition”. See if we get an answer?

    41. Dcanmore says:

      What Ian Murray forgets it will be London Labour calling the shots post election, not SLAB, considering that Murphy’s mob according to the polls will be wiped out in Scotland anyway.

      The only thing we are seeing here is a pathetic desperate attempt to stop the SNP gaining seats, that’s it, nothing more. Back to fear Better Together style ‘vote for us or else’.

    42. Another Union Dividend says:

      Ian Murray “Shadow Minister for London and the Home Counties Trade and Investment” as the last two Labour leaflets received in his constituency were printed in Essex.

      So much for helping small businesses in Edinburgh and Scotland.

    43. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Murray is just low hanging fruit, and his evisceration maybe a wee hint of Brewer spreading his bets on the control of broadcasting in Scotland? He, some “reporters” and the a producer or two?

    44. paul gerard mccormack says:

      I just listened to the 30min Murphy interview. It was of biblical proportion; of all that is evil and lies and manipulation.

    45. izzie says:

      Is that the same Ian Murray of ‘Doorgate’ fame?

    46. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      JLT says:

      That is called, appropriately enough a Viking Funeral.

    47. Morag says:

      Izzie, yes, and he still hasn’t had it painted.

    48. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      The various completely contradictory statements and idiotic positioning from Labour on this matter are a wide open goal for any journalist who isn’t a complete idiot.

      Yet whenever Labour are challenged on their incoherent positions the impression that’s given is sometimes ‘good on ye!’ to the journo that taps the ball into the net.

      It’s entirely understandable with the deluge of bigoted and rabidly anti-scottish propaganda that is seeping out of the westminster establishment newspapers and media right now.

      However, the fact is anyone could tear these idiots to shreds and Brewer is simply doing his job.

      Same thing applied when Lamont was forced out by Murphy. (Lamont is now a good deal more popular than her replacement Murphy ironically enough) Back then Lamont committed the ultimate Labour sin of telling the truth. When the former Leader of ‘scottish’ Labour tells the public that ‘scottish’ Labour are nothing but a branch office of London then it’s not as if an interviewer even needs to plug in their brains to destroy Labour party spinners. Yet when one or two did so (it is still sadly unthinkable for some of the establishment media to dare criticise ‘scotish’ Labour) the response was ‘well done!’

      If we had a competent and unbiased media in scotland then these low IQ chancers would have been ripped to shreds for their incoherent positions years ago.

      It’s only now, when the blood is in the water and it looks like the game’s a bogie for ‘scottish’ Labour and their chums, that there seems to be a few more signs of journos actually holding them to account. Previously the tame journos were only ever interested in scrutinising politicians words and questioning them harshly if it was the SNP.

      It has probably finally began to sink in that, with approaching 50% of scottish voters planning to vote SNP, a constant stream of bile against the SNP and uncritical praise of unionist parties from scottish broadcasters and newspapers is going to backfire on them big time.

      We are already seeing it with the scottish public’s trust in those newspapers and broadcasters plummeting ever further by the week.

    49. Sinky says:

      Keep digging folks

      Labour’s plans to outflank the SNP as the natural party of social justice were fatally damaged on 26 March 2014 when Jim Murphy and other Scottish Labour MPs, including Alistair Darling, Ian Murray and Sheila Gilmore voted in favour of further Tory welfare cuts. Gordon Brown as usual didn’t turn up.

      Some of top “Scottish” Labour MP expenses 2013 /14 (in addition to their salary)
      Anas Sarwar £204,606.89
      Jim McGovern £201,808.49
      Jim Murphy £196,969.33
      Ian Murray £189,015.53

      Margaret Hodge, the chairman of the Commons Public Accounts Committee and a senior Labour MP, said the secondment of PwC staff to work in the offices of opposition frontbenchers was ‘inappropriate’.

      Labour was last night urged to stop taking unpaid help from an accountancy giant accused by MPs of promoting tax avoidance schemes on an ‘industrial scale’.

      Read more:

      Ian Murray is using the services of a research assistant from PwC, from 10 November 2014 to 1 May 2015. The total value of the secondment is £45,000

    50. Jim Thomson says:

      If they changed their name to the Labour and Unionist Party I’m sure the Beeb would go easier on them

    51. Johnny says:

      Doug Daniel @ 1:40

      Indeed, I agree. If Labour are even on the same percentage of the vote as the Tories, they will have more seats due to the in-built advantage the current system awards Miliband and pals.

      Therefore, it is not in fact lies when Labour say they are trying to win a majority. It’s currently Scottish constituencies which seem set to deny them this and that’s why they are so angry. They clearly hope, as some have suggested, to bully enough Scots back into the fold as possible to gain said majority as, since some have said, they just don’t want to share power with anyone.

    52. As Scottish Labour continues to commit ritual suicide, a damning verdict waits to be handed down on them.

    53. Johnny says:

      Or getting closer to a majority, I should say, allowing them to have their pick of partners (probably those nice Lib Dems, who are for Home Rule don’t you know) in making up the required tally.

    54. Walking on Sunshine says:

      On the BBC Sunday politics programme today we had an extended interview with Margaret Curran (Labour MP).

      Then in the Scottish section we were shown highlights from Scottish Labour’s one day conference from yesterday, showing Jim Murphy and Ed Miliband addressing the audience.

      We then had two interviews with Ian Murray (Labour MP), along with interviews with Keziah Dugdale (Scottish Labour deputy leader), Pauline McNeil (former Labour MSP) and Alan Cochrane (anti SNP and staunch unionist).

      ‘Balanced’ on the other side with a 40 second sound bite from the SNP’s Peter Wishart.

      The BBC is making no pretence whatsoever now of impartiality. They are simply a ruthless propaganda machine for the Labour Party, and more generally the British establishment. And we’re paying for it.

      Shame on them.

    55. davidb says:

      And each year, the Conservatives table their budget. Demanding lower taxes for their supporters, and a squeeze on all those Labour supporters. And Labour are going to vote in favour? Or are they going to abstain? That will go down well with their supporters everywhere I’m sure.

      The comment above is right. The English and Welsh Labour party factions will negotiate. Willie Bain will be marginalised.

    56. BrianW says:

      The more I hear from Labour – UK and the Scottish Branch Office – on the Radio, on Telly and read about in the press the more I’m convinced they are clinically insane. Either that or Johnny McTeeernan has gone a bit King George Mad on us..

      Honestly. They are a shambles. It wouldn’t so bad if they were all signing from the same hymn sheet. At least then you’d think they were an organised party all with the same message. But no, they’re all singing from a different sheet and some may as well be in a foreign language.

      The only joy in seeing them all giving their own opinion – not the joined up one of the party – is that the MSM and BBC trip over themselves to get it out there as if the messiah him self had just delivered the message.

      Only. We are told a different message the next day and the day after, and the day after.

      No wonder folk are confused, and see through the daily MSM SNP Bad propaganda machine.

      Labour are confused, and I’m enjoying the whole spectacle unfold.

    57. galamcennalath says:

      This definitely looks like turning into the best-est general election ever 😉

    58. gus1940 says:

      Given Brewer’s filleting of Murray on Sunday Politics it must be obvious why, given that he was the star of the show at yesterday’s Labour Wake in Edinburgh, Murphy didn’t put himself up for interview.

      Surely it must have been clear that, given his wall to wall TV coverage over the last few months (but without serious questioning), today of all days he should have been in the hot seat instead of Murray.

      How long will we have to wait before Murphy receives a proper grilling?

      Given his destruction of Murray today could Brewer be in line to follow Izzy Fraser to the Limoges of Broadcasting.

      How long is it going to take for WM and the metropolitan media to realise that Independence is inevitable and that the sensible thing to do is to accept that as fact, open negotiations and get it over and done with?

      The Genie is out of the bottle and no matter what dirty tricks Perfidious Albion gets up to it won’t be put back in the bottle.

    59. Ian says:

      So both Labour and the Tories position in Scotland is – ‘Look we know that you don’t like all of our policies, but our’s aren’t as bad as theirs, so vote for us to avoid getting them’. They don’t like the idea of having the SNP as a sanity check on their policies. But then that’s also why they like the first past the post system rather than proportional representation. Good to see an interviewer doing his job. Laughing at them is sometimes the only sensible and effective thing to do. Sad but true.

    60. caz-m says:

      Similar car crash interview by Mags Curran on the English Sunday Politics show withy Andrew Neil. It was on the same subject about deals with the SNP and she also refused to answer it.

      Look at how twisted and contorted her face has become since the penny dropped that she is getting kicked out on her arse.

      “…And Am getting frustrated with you…”

      Listen out for Andrew Neil playing with words at the start when he repeats the lie that Nicola Sturgeon said Trident is no longer a red line in the sand.

      Starts 2mins in.

    61. The Rough Bounds says:

      Frankly I’m not interested in any sort of ‘deal’ with the Labour Party. Have we all forgotten so soon what it was like under Tony Blair? He of the illegal wars, the financial crash, the plans for 40 super casinos, the cash for honours scandal etc.?

      What happens if the Tories win the next election and they come up with something that would actually be good for Scotland but it didn’t suit the Labour Party’s ideas? It’s not an impossible scenario. Who would the SNP support?

      I hope there is some serious thinking going on within the SNP.

    62. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’m not quite sure, I may have to watch this clip a few more times to be absolutely sure here, but I thought I saw rivers of tears running doon his crabbit wee face when he was being asked that question.

      It was sort of like a wee boy facing a big boy and begging him to stop hitting him with the towel a.k.a. the old towel flicking game … NOT that I’d know anything about that you understand. 😀

    63. galamcennalath says:

      Johnny says:
      ” …. trying to win a majority. It’s currently Scottish constituencies which seem set to deny them this and that’s why they are so angry.”

      Yes they are angry, very angry. They lash out aggressively at every available opportunity.

      What did they expect? By cozying up to toxic Tories, did they really think they would be forgiven? After doing the Tories bidding, did they think their usual argument of ‘vote for Labour against the Tories’ would remain credible?

      Cameron shafted SLab well and truly during the referendum!

    64. Kevin Evans says:

      Maybe it’s just me but I think independence is a given now (eventually) and if my health keeps ok (am 40) in my life time.

      But am really enjoying watching the slow break up now of the union. The car crash that is UK politics is amusing for me. Am sorta keen now for a grand coalition of lab/con just to watch the whole thing finally collaps in a grand form of anti democratic forced leadership.

      The final nail in the coffin isn’t enough for me now. I wan a watch the cremation also.

    65. Capella says:

      Irish protest against media bias and jailing of water tax protesters.

    66. caz-m says:


      I wonder how many Labour Party candidates will be tempted to accept the Blair Blood Money.

      £1000 to help your campaign.

      Who are the people who sacrificed their life to help Blair become so generous?

      Blair couldn’t care less. Do you?

      Who are you? We need to know if you are using blood money to run your campaign.

    67. Tackety Beets says:

      Yip , is Mr Murray not a cousin of Helen Adams ?
      ” I like blinking I do ”

      They are certainly both as daft as a brush .

    68. JLT says:


      That is called, appropriately enough a Viking Funeral.

      LOL! If Labour want to sail down the Clyde or Forth in a boat on fire, then that’s up to them!

    69. JLT says:

      The problem here is that even if Scotland does vote Labour, would it still be enough for Miliband to win outright? Yes, it would be close to the winning margin, but by no means a guarantee.

      As we have said many times, one poll does not mean the war is won. Far from it, and yet, Labour have been basing their argument of 272 v 272 with the Tories all week, and that only Scottish voters ignoring the SNP will win this decisive battle.

      However, that argument is flawed in so many ways.
      – The people of Scotland no longer have faith in Labour. We have been let down too often. Too many broken promises. No more.
      – We don’t like Ed. It says something when a Tory PM is more popular than a Labour Leader in Scotland. Seems hell did freeze over!
      – Blackmailing Scotland won’t work, unless you can actually PROVE that you will win for absolute certain! Ed can’t guarantee that promise …even with 59 Scottish votes (because something may happen in the next 2 months that traumatises Labour and sees English votes walking away in droves).
      – Scotland knows that Ed will ditch the Scottish voters the minute he is PM if it is a clear Labour majority. Only with having the SNP Doberman biting a part of his anatomy, is he forced to acknowledge them. If he reneges; the Doberman squeezes its jaws that wee bit harder. That is the real reason why he does not want to make a deal with the SNP.
      – Simply put …we see Labour now as the Red Tories. The name has stuck, and no amount of promises from Murphy and Miliband will clean it away. They shafted the Scottish people twice; once by getting into bed with the Tories; second by highfiving with them in joyful celebrations; thirdly by backing Tory proposals most of the time even though they say they don’t; fourthly by shafting Scotland on reneging on ‘the vow’

      The Labour party has nothing left to offer Scotland. If they did (and forgetting Murphy’s £1,600 offer to the kids …which is more liable to give a very f****** good reason for every tax payer in Scotland to NOT vote Labour), then we would hear it. Miliband would be laying our promises to Scotland. Simply put …he isn’t.

      And that is why, Scotland will vote SNP in May.

    70. Take Independence says:

      He rules out any deal with the Tories so that only leaves SNP.

    71. JLT says:

      When I mentioned that Scotland knows that Ed will ditch the Scottish voters the minute he is PM if it is a clear Labour majority. Only with having the SNP Doberman biting a part of his anatomy, is he forced to acknowledge them. If he reneges; the Doberman squeezes its jaws that wee bit harder. That is the real reason why he does not want to make a deal with the SNP.

      I should have also stated, that the Scottish public who are probably unaware of what voting for the SNP really means; is to have the SNP bound to Miliband’s hip, so that it literally guaranatees that we make sure that Ed acknowledges Scotland. Most folk probably don’t realise this little fact, but unwittingly, they are giving themselves a guarantee in this election …unlike what Ed is promising them if Labour did win with an outright majority.

      If people become very aware of that fact, then a good many Labour supporters in Scotland, who say they will vote Labour in the GE, would probably jump if they realised that they have just been given a cast-iron guarantee that Labour WILL deliver its promises to Scotland, if it was to be an SNP-Labour coalition.

    72. Robin Ross says:

      When a Labour politician says, “It’s clear,” you know it’s going to be anything but that!

      I suspect that Murray, in the unusual position of having to articulate something that might pass as policy was grasping at the fragmented wreckage of the ‘vote SNP get Tory’ liferaft.

    73. Karmanaut says:

      Excellent article, James. I think you’re spot on there.

    74. Gary says:

      This would certainly be the strategy of SLab. Their hatred knows no bounds. SLab, however will be like pandas after the election. Mr Millibland will decide. Not the parliamentary Labour Party, not the members, not the voters and certainly not SLab. Ed wants power and either he siezes this opportunity or he resigns as party leader being the leader to go down in the annals of Labour history as being the man who turned his back on a Labour government and resigned allowing the Tories another 5 years, all because he hated the SNP. Somehow I don’t see it…

    75. Macart says:

      They’ve made their bed.

    76. Lesley-Anne says:

      Just listening to that Muppet Curran there Caz and what a load of p*** she spouts. “We want to ban exploitative Zero hour contracts.” WHIT?

      I’m thinking that if she wants to *ahem* ban Zero hour contracts then before she does anything else she has a wee word with her best mate in G.C.C. cause, I believe, it is G.C.C. that is not only Labour run and it is this council that appears to have the biggest amount of Zero hour contracts! … DOH! 😀

    77. Karmanaut says:

      Excluding Scotland from a Westminster government would be the last straw. I don’t honestly see how they could do it and not expect mass civil unrest. Half of Scotland would march on London in protest.

      The fact that the Prime Minister is actually saying that we should be excluded, is utterly astonishing.

    78. Lesley-Anne says:

      I must admit I am rather enjoying all this politcs stuff on the TV and in the media these days. It just about all seems to be garnered around the “what if the S.N.P. get this number of seats” or “Why won’t you confirm this about dealing with the S.N.P.” or even “Look out England the Scots are coming down to rule over you.” :X

      I used to enjoy the old saying “there are more panda’s in Scotland than Tory M.P.’s” However, after May 7th there is a real possibility that this saying will have to be changed to “we have more panda’s in Scotland than the Tories, Lib Dems and Labour combined!” 😀

    79. Andy Howie says:

      What the fucktards in SLAB seem to forget is that in all the recent polls in Scotland, people overwhelmingly want a LAB/SNP government…

    80. Tackety Beets says:

      @ Walking on Sunshine @ 2.19

      Totally agree ,the lack of any balance from ANY other party was despicable . BBC form filled out and e-mailed AGAIN . I know it gets filed in the bin but we have to do something. Keep nipping @ the BBC heels .

      @ JLT @ 2.47 PM

      Agree again .
      I cannot re-call in the last 20 years when a Scottish MP , other than SNP , actually stood up for Scotland .The party whip situation does not represent the will of the people . I suspect Labour will struggle to get a full compliment of seats in England-shire as more people realise how far to the right the Labour Party actually are .

      Keep up the good work out on the streets people , their WM cage is very rattled as they know some sort of change is inevitable , but they don’t know how to handle it .

    81. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      But if Labour appears agreeable to a deal with the SNP it gets hammered in England. (See the English Sun that Stu just gave us). We have their balls in our steely grasp.
      They can’t agree in England and can’t disagree in Scotland. The Irish have a word for it. “Fecked” is it?

      Another point. The more Murphy shouts vote SNP to beat Labour and give us a Tory Government the more a not unsubstantial element of Scots who don’t want a Labour Government will be tempted to vote SNP in marginal seats with a significant surviving Tory vote.
      Eastwood, for instance.

    82. Grouse Beater says:

      There’s a name for that: blackmail.

      Makes my oft reiterated description accurate: two mobster gangs willing to make a truce so that they can divide and rule over a third territory.

    83. Charles Edward says:

      The symbolic red necktie means nothing anymore.
      This is a par boiled Tory, incapable of changing any establishment.
      The truth is that Red Tories do not want change.

      The door campaigners are in for a shock.

      I want to know what creepy thinks about the grand coalition plans?
      Red tie Mondays and Wednesdays, blue tie the other days? Either way it’s quids in for these noble representatives.

      Only the SNP get Scotland.

    84. muttley79 says:

      Gordon Brewer is generally aggressive with politicians, he has nailed Iain Gray and Lamont before. I don`t think he is biased.

    85. Clootie says:

      “…he wants us to stay” – He just wants us to stay on their terms

    86. Mark says:

      Everybody should watch the next segment after the interview with Murray. At least two groups, Forward Together and Scotland in Union, are campaigning for Unionist voters to vote tactically to try and defeat SNP candidates. They’re encouraging Labour voters to vote Tory and Tory voters to vote Labour.

      Obviously for some people the frantic obsession with saving the Union takes precedence over electing a local MP committed to making Scotland a fairer, better society.

    87. Effijy says:

      For me the referendum result was catastrophic.
      No light at the end of the tunnel for me as most of my countries electorate appeared to be illiterate or frightened of shadows.

      The dawn brought new hope with the majority politically aware, and sickened by the last minute lies from 3 shades of Tory.

      I don’t care if the Blue Tories win the election!
      Red or Blue, they both want the same austerity cuts, and help their thieving banker friends and take well paid part time jobs from the big corporations.

      I’d love it Labour publicly announced that they would side with their right wing Tory Brothers before engaging with a left of center SNP.

      We could then get the spade out and bury Labour- North British Accounting Unit.

      Blair the Multi-Millionaire.
      Brown – Millionaire-taking out £10,000 per week in expenses from his own charity.
      Miliband Muti-Millionaire.
      Balls Millionaire.

      Don’t you just love so called socialists who
      make fortunes taxing the poor and telling lies to keep the cash
      flowing in?

    88. Cuilean says:

      I think Brewster and the other Labour members of BBC Scotland senior management have cottoned on to thon plant, tory councillor, on QT GLASGOW last Thursday.

      That QT tory unionist spin is that Labour must rule out a deal with SNP, post hung parliament. Because this will, in their view, make left leaning Scots vote Labour as the QT plant said, this declaration of ‘No truck’ with the SNP, makes the latter ‘irrelevant’ and neutralises the SNP threat in the GE.

      The Big Two in the UK can then get back to slogging it out between themselves, and normal service is resumed.

      So the BBC Scotland were not having a go at Labour today. Quite the opposite. Brewster, arch labourite/unionist was seeking to save his labour party from itself.

      The whole show was a stitch-up against the SNP, with all the usual unionist BT suspects present and not one balanced alternative view. It was a patrty political party on behalf of Better Together. WE even had a Northern Irish unionist explaining how to vote tactically.

      Expect a lot more of the same until 7 May, now just a month a half away.

    89. Defo says:

      Frradge, that most useful of idiots, must be rubbing his hands in glee.
      ? is, what will the coalition of the right/far right-lite become known as ? Conkip/Consip/Conskip….
      ConU it is then.

      All this total pish about the ConLab Unity coalition is for, is to
      scare the Eton boys back into their sponsor useful positions of power. With, or without the need for plan B. Frradge. His existence has also kindly let the original Tories re-position themselves in a rightwards direction, back to more familiar ground.

      BTW Does anyone know what thickness grade of tinfoil you need to break the ‘Frradge is nothing more than an establishment decoy’ barrier ?

      Mondeo mans socks are getting sweaty.Labour are being played in the media as at the mercy of us, whoever we vote for. That strategy, like the MSM output down south, isn’t aimed at us.

      As to the message we are currently receiving…When Eds bluff is called (Did he just use Murray to do it ?), he’s fucked, spit roasted even, whichever way he bends. NO SNP guarantees wipe-out here. YES SNP, and the MSM will help Dave to eviscerate him down south.

      Whoever persuaded SLAB to do the grunt work for Project Fear deserves a medal. Easy finding candidates at the time, just pick a couple of reliably pliant, egotistical Scottish ex gov ministers who will be stepping down next election, and dangle the ermine and non-exec earners in front of them. Branch office will do as they are fucking told, as per, and the job’s a good one. Independence delayed, and the Eton boys returned to power 2015.Quality!

    90. Cuilean says:

      Addendum; ‘patrty political party’ should read, ‘party political broadcast’. Apologies.

    91. Effijy says:

      Gordon Brewer is an out and out Tory but recognises his Party,
      and Employer are promoting Labour in Scotland to keep the old pals elitist politics running along the rails.

      Recently seen Brewer in action on his Radio show.
      People had very succinct and relative questions that they wanted to ask in the filtering process, but if they had anything positive to say about SNP, they selected some other alternatives.

      I managed to get a few words in and give Labour a bit of a qualified kicking, the majority of the audience where behind me,
      but as soon as he sees what your true colours were, you were
      not going to come back on anything or offer any other contributions.

    92. frogesque says:


      Enough doom’n’crap!

      Go Andy! Brill win against the US to secure 1/4 place Davis Cup round with France. Glasgow crowd going mad.

    93. Lollysmum says:

      Labour warned by Electoral Commission about postal voting

    94. caz-m says:


      That video (2.36pm) of Curran on the Andrew Neil show today was of a desperate woman who is inwardly coming to terms with the inevitable.

      Yer teas oot Mags.

    95. Jim Lynch says:

      What seems to be worrying Labour is that there is not enough support for them in England.

      In consequence, if they require the SNP to give them a workable majority this will lead to English voters claiming they did not get the government they voted for.

      Now where have I heard that before?

    96. Albalha says:

      As a Wings follower and supporter since the end of 2012, a few thoughts.

      The BBC in Scotland continues to get an unfair hearing. not to say there aren’t problems but just this week, for example, the Bill Whiteford Murphy interview and now this from Brewer.

      And on another point, I may not like David Hamilton’s politics, or his sexist remarks, but the attacks on him via Wings folks on his speech patterns, class etc is rather distatesful.

      For those that say they can’t understand him, I can only ask why? Really, most odd in my view. I may support an independent Scotland but not one that thinks it’s okay to attack people for their class, gender, spoken ability etc.

    97. Chitterinlicht says:

      I really do not want SNP to support a labour government but recognise that this may be the only outcome.

      If labour shun SNP support And let Tories in am not sure what will happen to be honest.

      Much as I want independence I don’t see this scenario being trigger. It may back fire against SNP.

      There needs to be some very clear and clever heads in the SNP to succesfully negotiate through these iceberg strewn unchartered democratic waters.

      Whilst it is lots of fun just now my uneasy bone is starting to throb.

      We are only 8% of UK population and it is unlikely this state of affairs will play out again.

      I am sure someone said that #indyref was as much about destroying Labour Party up here as independence and well that has pretty much happened.


    98. crazycat says:

      So, it’s “clear” that the Tories will form the government if they are the largest party, according to Ian Murray.

      This means that, if they get one more seat than Labour (which by definition could not be an overall majority – given the 18 seats in Northern Ireland which neither Labour nor Tory contest – even if they shared all the GB seats between them, which they won’t), Labour would decline a deal with any of the LibDems, Plaid Cymru, Respect, the Greens, or even the SDLP, and allow the Tories to carry on.

      Good to see he’s thinking things through.

    99. Sinky says:

      New poll by YouGov showing that all the Westminster party leaders have negative approval ratings – with even worse approval ratings in Scotland – compared to Nicola Sturgeon who consistently gains positive approval ratings.

      Nicola Sturgeon’s most recent approval rating was +10 which is 85 points better than Ed Miliband’s negative rating of minus 75 in Scotland, according to this latest poll.

    100. Fred says:

      Magrit so wants to get rid of the poverty she sees in her constituency, she’s already abolished it in her hoose, which would nearly qualify for the Mansion Tax. 🙂

      Remember she was fund oot telling lies at the last election, informing the peeps that she was born in Shettleston and was the only local candidate. She wasn’t even born this side of the Clyde. Who doesnt know where they were born for God’s sake.

    101. Effijy says:

      For one post that’s upset at Wingers responding to Mr Hamilton’s
      Let’s stick it to them jibe

      A day in the life of Mr Hamilton MP-

      “Doll ! I canae find my pants?

      Mrs MP- They are in your pants drawer!

      MP- I dinae Ken why I gie ye hoose keepin money, why huv ye no left them oot fur me?

      MP- Doll ! Whit side does that Y design on the pants go again?

      Mrs MP- The smaller side!

      MP- I’m running late noo wi’ awe yer carry on, Where are this weeks expenses sheets, that you printed oaf fur me?

      Mrs – Volume one is on the bedside table and Volume two is on the Chaise Lounge.

      MP- Ye’ll need to come up and help me wi’ this tie!
      I’ll maybe need to shed a few pounds as the last time you put it on, it was awfae tight.

      MP -Make sure my dinner is on the table at 6 O’clock sharp tonight. I’m oot fur a few pints and the greyhound racing tonight, so ye’ll hae tae feed ma Doos.

      Mrs MP- Where are ye rushing oot tae?

      MP- I’ve got a Labour Party meeting in half an hour to discuss equal rights fur Wumen!!!!

      Aye! I Ken Fine!

    102. Dan Huil says:

      These Labour politicians don’t give a damn about Scotland.
      It’s all about themselves – their own political careers. I hope the polls are correct.

    103. Clinton Rae says:

      Please please please can we keep reminding SLAB that when they weren’t the largest party in 2010 they didn’t immediately give up and ask the largest party to form a government. No, they tried to form a government in coalition. And they could have done, if Brown hadn’t refused to resign so that Labour could work with the LibDems. The largest party DOES NOT automatically form the government and Labour practice absolutely confirms this.

      (And Brown is to blame for the current coalition government.)

      I know they’re used to repeating a big lie often enough that people believe it, but some things have changed.

    104. ErinT says:

      Such a terrible interview. Campaigning on policies that can only be changed in Holyrood…

    105. Wee Alex says:

      Why would Tories become the Government if Milliband rejects SNP? They would have to form a minority and have to rely on support from all the other parties if the opinion polls are to be believed.

      They would be outvoted if Labour and SNP vote against them.

      I expect a 2nd election if no Labour/SNP deal, public left with no option then but to vote Cameron or Milliband. Normal service resumed.

    106. Christian Schmidt says:


      Another way of showing how ridiculous the idea that the largest party will be in charge is trawling through local government results.

      For example, in Aberdeenshire the SNP are the biggest group, but the council is run by a Con/LD/Ind coalition.

      In Stirling too the SNP is the biggest party. But the council is run by a Lab-Con coalition.

      In the Highlands, Independents make up the largest group, yet the council is run by an SNP/Lab/LD coalition.

      And in the Borders the Tories are the biggest party, while the council is run by an SNP-Ind-LD coalition.

      I bet there are plenty more examples

    107. Legerwood says:

      The Sunday Herald today had 4 stories today.

      One was about Mr McTernan’s remarks at the Tory Party Conference meeting covered by WOS earlier this week. The story ends with a crackerbof a quote from a Labour Party spokesman:
      ” He was at a Tory conference, what did you think he would say”

      Now sit quietly and think of all the ramifications in that statement.

      Second story was about a Mrs Curran. It would appear that there is disgruntlement within the ranks about how much of the party’s scarce resources and headline events are focussed on/in her constituency. The article also states that Mrs Curran is having a torrid time of it on the doorsteps of her constituency.

      Third story is that some Falkirk Councillors are going to register the name ‘Scottish Labour party, as a legal trademark in preparation for the Scottish branch of the Labour party to become a truly independent party. This is being done with a view to what will happen after the GE.

      And finally, Unison is going to pay for 1000 anti- austerity activists to Labour held seatsbthat are vulnerable to a surge in support for the SNP. This is likely to be a bit of a problem for Labour MPs who supported the Tories’ benefit cuts.

      They believe further cuts will lead to further public sector job losses – about 50,000 on top of a similar number that have already been lost.

      Interesting times.

    108. Lesley-Anne says:

      Defo says:

      Whoever persuaded SLAB to do the grunt work for Project Fear deserves a medal.

      That would be the GODOLL medal you thinking of there then would it Defo?

      Order of the
      Of the


      caz-m says:


      That video (2.36pm) of Curran on the Andrew Neil show today was of a desperate woman who is inwardly coming to terms with the inevitable.

      Yer teas oot Mags.

      I’m not so sure Caz. I think it was more a case of someone who has fallen overboard from a ship who cannae swim struggling to swim back to the ship as it disappears over the horizon. 😛

      I do agree that her tea is oot … but it is only cereal so she will, all together now … eat yer cereal Magrit! 😉

    109. Mealer says:

      The Labour Party are having to pay people to canvass? That really is quite shocking.

    110. ronnie anderson says:

      Smurph / Murray / Curran ect ect are fighting to stay on the Westminster gravy train & don’t give a fek for the devastation they leave behind them.

      Watch out Labour MSPs.

    111. pipinghot says:

      If that is the case with UNISON, then I would be resigning my membership PDQ if a YES supporter.

    112. gus1940 says:

      I have just finished reading Alan Massie’s ‘Rivers Of Blood’ article in the Mail on Sunday and feel digusted that a scotsman is capable of writing such a disgraceful load of racist rabble rousing filth attacking Scotland and its people.

    113. Cuilean says:


      Brewer’s wiki profile says that he was a member of the Trotskyist group, ‘Socialist Organiser’ and Simon Pia refers to his ‘Young Socialist’ connections. Brewer used to heckle the Young Socialists for not being more militant! Brewer was (still is)? a militant marxist. ‘Boots’ may have become less ‘militant’ on joining Labour’s BBC Scotland’s fastness, but he’s definitely not a Tory.

    114. Dan Huil says:

      @gus1940 Sadly, it seems those who hate Scotland and its people the most are Scots.

    115. handclapping says:

      @Legerwood / Mealer

      The one big no-no in election law is that you cannot pay people to canvass. It is a breach of Elction Law and if detected can make the perpetrator un-electable instantly and for a period of years.

      If you can prove canvass for payment let your local SNP Agent know, her name and address are on every piece of SNP stuff for the election.

    116. Meindevon says:


      I couldn’t agree more! How does he sleep at night?

    117. Dr Jim says:

      BBC are corrupt it’s not a guess or smear it’s a fact it’s been proven mathematically and in order to work at the BBC being related or married to the right person gets you in that’s also a fact
      The benefits of not being a politician are you don’t have to be politically correct so you can speak the first words that come into your head provided they are not an incitement to violence whereas politicians are accountable for what they say and are supposed to set a reasonable example
      David Hamilton deserved condemnation for every word he uttered nothing to do with class (not to be confused with lower, middle or upper) something of which he obviously has none
      and the colourful descriptions he has attracted are completely warranted given that eventually all species change and evolve over time, that’s an anthropological fact
      David Hamilton and his Ilk have not managed to achieve that
      and normally in that event extinction is inevitable so thus, it will be so
      Leave us not to mourn the passing of this mans attitude and type not to look back to the 1950s when many roamed free and be thankfull that Darwins theories have proven correct

    118. Joemcg says:

      Re-Scottish racism today in the press I posted on the Scotsman forum ages ago this “why is an Englishwoman giving away £1 million quid in an attempt to deny a foreign country it’s independence?” pretty innocuous and the Brit Nats and proud scots went apoplectic with rage accusing me of being a racist xenophobic Sep!!

    119. heedtracker says: Interesting point of view here on UKOK MacTernan’s bizarre I loved Maggie Thatcher tory boy display. Has the odd lad said anything about it or is this another slice of very creepy red tory SLab crap they’re sweeping under the carpet? Their office must be impossible to get into by now with so much being swept under said carpets.

    120. Effijy says:

      Cuilean says:
      8 March, 2015 at 5:27 pm

      Brewer’s wiki profile says that he was a member of the Trotskyite

      Yeh, That would be the same kind of Trotskyite that Alistair Darling Claimed to be. Old Flipper always said he wanted us all to be equal as he traded up a series of Tax payer funded properties in London.

      Similar situation with Michael Gove and Norman Tebbit being Union Reps. What do you need to hear me say to make me successful type

      Can you string 2 sentences together from Brewer that would suggest he has left of centre leanings?

    121. ronnie anderson says:

      Channel 4 news.

      Andy Murray Glasgow’s most famous SON

      OH er missis inaccurate.

      Must be because Glesga’s goat Ah Cathedral.

    122. Kevin evans says:

      Am watchin porridge on film 4 – they keep referencing david diddy hamilton … Lol

    123. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry for going O/T here folks but just seen this on Twitter. 😉

      Apparently the Labour candidate in Dundee East who is about to get her earse handed to her on a plate by Stewart Hosie can NOT, apparently, hand back wee Tone’s £1,000. 😀

    124. Banock1314 says:

      As a Hearts fan, Murray is one of the reasons I have not been back to Gorgie, or have engaged with the Foundation of Hearts – Because basically Murray is a clown, joke of a character as shown this morning and to be honest I don’t trust him !

    125. Lesley-Anne says:

      ronnie anderson says:

      Channel 4 news.

      Andy Murray Glasgow’s most famous SON

      OH er missis inaccurate.

      Must be because Glesga’s goat Ah Cathedral.

      Ah’m guessing nae one telt them aboot yon big sticky uppie cathedral thingy that is in Dunblane then Ronnie 😀

    126. Legerwood says:


      Apologies, should NOT have said ‘pay’. Unison are going to recruit the anti-austerity activists.

      Sorry for the confusion.

    127. Flower of Scotland says:

      I’m enjoying all the assumption that the SNP are going to walk the General Election here in Scotland. I’ve always voted for the SNP (for 50 years). This is my dream now, that we got a NO vote in the Referendum.

      However, I would still ca canny! I live in the NO village and have NO voting relatives and I can assure you that NOTHING has changed. The silent majority who are not at all politicised are still there and WILL go out to vote Lab/Libdem/Con whatever, definitely not SNP.

      We were all in a bubble here during the Referendum thinking we could get up to 65% YES. I’m still worried that the polls are a fix and even though we get good results, if we don’t get 50+ seats it will be all over the MSM that we failed.

      We must remain positive but not overly!

    128. orri says:

      Interestingly was the news that allegedly Scottish Labour have declared themselves constitutionally independent from the party in England and Wales. Thinking about it perhaps the implication is that any future Labour government would naturally be a coalition be both with the leader of Scottish Labour as deputy PM. Might backfire if Southern Labour can do it without Scottish though.

    129. Morag says:

      The polls aren’t fixed. You were saying they were fixed when they were showing No ahead, now you’re saying they’re fixed because they’re showing the SNP ahead? There’s no pleasing you!

      The thing is, 45% wasn’t enough to win the referendum but it is enough to get a landslide in the election. So long as Yes voters vote SNP and No voters spread their votes around. Which looks like happening. So just hope their tactical voting malarkey doesn’t get a head of steam, and the SNP vote holds up.

      It’s what happens after that that’ll be interesting.

    130. Onwards says:

      @Flower of Scotland

      I’m enjoying all the assumption that the SNP are going to walk the General Election here in Scotland. I’ve always voted for the SNP (for 50 years). This is my dream now, that we got a NO vote in the Referendum.

      However, I would still ca canny! I live in the NO village and have NO voting relatives and I can assure you that NOTHING has changed. The silent majority who are not at all politicised are still there and WILL go out to vote Lab/Libdem/Con whatever, definitely not SNP.

      I don’t see any sort of complacency at all. Polls are looking good, but still early days. We all know we will see PROJECT FEAR 2.

      There is a big difference though this time.
      I have a couple of friends who voted No, but now say they will give the SNP a vote because they want more devolution.

      This election isn’t about independence – that will need another referendum at some point in the future.

      But many people, including No voters, do want significant devolution as the next step. And the SNP is the best way to keep up the pressure for more powers.

      Labour just isn’t trusted to deliver without an SNP gun to their head.

    131. Andrew Walker says:

      Sorry, but don’t infer things just because a crap mp gives a crap answer. There is so much good in this site that is spoiled by articles such as this going over the top. No way is Labour going to rule out a deal with SNP. Yes, they might rule out a coalition that was never going to happen(cue headlines for a week), but they will not deny themselves the chance of power in the uk, and they will not risk becoming the new pandas in Scotland.

    132. Flower of Scotland says:

      Sorry if I’ve upset you Morag but I can’t help worrying about the polls.

    133. Lesley-Anne says:

      Can I just say to those looking at the referendum lead up and result and now the lead up to May that I’ve lost count of the number of NO voters who, obviously 😉 , voted NO in September but every one of them man and woman have said they are voting S.N.P. in May.

      I think this is what our dear masters, a.k.a. Labour, can not get their head around. They all think that cause Scotland voted NO in September then a Labour majority, in Scotland at least, is a given. With luck they will continue to think in this vein.

      Whatever happens I hope there are truck loads of tissues waiting outside every counting arena in Scotland ready to be issued in their barrow loads to EX Labour M.P.’s 😀

    134. Rob James says:

      I believe the Salmond masterplan is coming to fruition. At the time of the Edinburgh Agreement, support for Independence was barely over 20%. With experience of the machinations and duplicitous behaviour carried out at Westminster on a Daily basis, and an in depth knowledge of the dire standard of his enemies amongst the labour MSPs/MP’s, our Eck set out his plan.

      The rise in support for Independence probably even surprised Eck himself, but I am sure he was aware that Westminster would throw the kitchen sink at him and the Scottish people. He was willing to sacrifice himself for the cause in the knowledge that the assault from Westminster would galvanise the movement.

      The vote for sixteen and seventeen year olds was a master stroke, and a sure sign that even in defeat, the future would hold possibilities.

      Westminster duly obliged with a smug arrogance, which rallied the Independence support even in defeat, outflanking the three amigos, despite their phoney vow.

      Cameron saw the referendum as an opportunity to deal Labour a fatal blow, and could not resist the opportunity. Labour, being Labour, fell for it, hook line and sinker. What Cameron, or the others for that matter, did not expect, was the refusal of the populus to let it lie. Labour, by joining with the Tories, had scored an enormous own goal, but the explosive growth of the SNP was an outcome not perceived by any of them.

      Now with their backs to the wall, and the threat of fifty or so SNP members holding the balance of power at WM, it looks as though the Tories may have to form a coalition with Labour to ensure continued power. In doing so, they alienate Scotland and it’s people.

      The Labour party in England may yet save itself by coming to an agreement with the SNP. Some 60% of Labour voters down south would be happy for some sort of arrangement. They see it as an opportunity to pull the party back towards it’s socialist ideals. However, in Scotland, I believe they are finished.

      We have them in check. Fulfill our demands or checkmate is on the cards.

      They are flapping. Let’s keep up the pressure.

      Personally I have no desire for home rule. I do not trust them with defence and foreign affairs. We should go in for the kill.

    135. Morag says:

      You haven’t upset me, I just think it’s daft to be constantly claiming the polls are rigged no matter what the result! I mean, what result could they possibly report that you’d accept as genuine?

      Worry about Project Fear mark 2. That’s the real danger. Just as Project Fear mark 1 was the danger last year.

    136. Flower of Scotland says:

      Thanks Lesley Anne, that gives me hope that we are not getting carried away. I suppose I live in a bubble surrounded by NO,s LibDems /labour and Conservative. I’m usually the only one with SNP stickers on my car and house windows in the village.

      Onwards and upwards though!

    137. Flower of Scotland says:

      Good comment Rob James @7.29

    138. Rob James says:

      Let’s not forget that this isn’t the referendum, and the motivation will not be so high. I think the turnout may be lower than 70%. Hopefully, the SNP support will turn out en masse, but when it comes to tactical voting, I am sure there will be many who will abstain, rather than give their votes to an alternative party.

    139. Alastair says:

      Looks like Ian Murray needs a wee tin hat to protect him.

    140. K1 says:

      Aye, well said Rob James, this sums it up especially;

      “They are flapping. Let’s keep up the pressure.”

      Strategy, strategy, strategy. We take everything we can and get out.

    141. Lesley-Anne says:

      Flower of Scotland says:

      Thanks Lesley Anne, that gives me hope that we are not getting carried away. I suppose I live in a bubble surrounded by NO,s LibDems /labour and Conservative. I’m usually the only one with SNP stickers on my car and house windows in the village.

      Onwards and upwards though!

      Ach dinnae worry aboot it FoS.

      Look at it like this, sort of. 😉

      Last Septemeber, despite all our hope and optimism we all knew it was going to be a tough call. There were those of us who believed and fought for indy and then we had two groups against us. One group were the out and out unionists and we were never going to win them over. The second group were the “I’m no really sure about this indy thing.” They were the ones who were scared off with Broon the Lonn’s LIES.

      Now however we are facing a G.E. for Westminster and the chickens are, as they say, coming home to roost.

      First up we have everyone who used to vote Labour. They, having seen how easily they stepped into the glove of Conservatism are now disgusted with the way Labour are heading and are looking for an alternative, a TRUE alternative and they have found that in the S.N.P.

      Second we have everyone who voted NO in September. They believed the LIES from Broon and company. Unfortunately they have seen NOTHING forthcoming with regards the LIES and are therefore moving, en masse in ny view, to voting S.N.P.

      Thirdly we have the 1.6 Million YES votyers from September. No matter how the voted in past G.E.’s they will I reckon be voting en masse for the S.N.P. because this is their way of not only giving Labour a serious if not fatal kicking but also Westminster.

    142. Robert Peffers says:

      @Mealer says:8 March, 2015 at 5:13 pm:

      “The Labour Party are having to pay people to canvass? That really is quite shocking.”

      Even more so when you realise they are up to their ears on debt

    143. Robert Peffers says:

      @Lesley-Anne says:8 March, 2015 at 6:16 pm:

      “Ah’m guessing nae one telt them aboot yon big sticky uppie cathedral thingy that is in Dunblane then Ronnie”

      As it happens, a few weeks back, I was looking for something else about Andy and Googled his biography. One biography also had him down as Glasgow Born. They too were wrong.

    144. Robert Peffers says:

      @Andrew Walker says:8 March, 2015 at 7:03 pm:

      ” … No way is Labour going to rule out a deal with SNP. Yes, they might rule out a coalition that was never going to happen(cue headlines for a week)…”

      I’m glad I’m not the only one to notice that, while Nicola has ruled out any coalition deal with the Tory Party, I can find no information where she says she will form a formal deal with Labour. Best I can find is that she has not yet said no.

    145. Robert Peffers says:

      @Alastair says:8 March, 2015 at 8:11 pm:

      “Looks like Ian Murray needs a wee tin hat to protect him.

      Ach! Jist because a Labour guy nictitates a bit doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. (Ahem!)

    146. Lesley-Anne says:

      Robert Peffers says:

      @Lesley-Anne says:8 March, 2015 at 6:16 pm:

      “Ah’m guessing nae one telt them aboot yon big sticky uppie cathedral thingy that is in Dunblane then Ronnie”

      As it happens, a few weeks back, I was looking for something else about Andy and Googled his biography. One biography also had him down as Glasgow Born. They too were wrong.

      Don’t these folks do any RESEARCH before posting this nonsense Robert?

      Ach off course not otherwise we wouldn’t be discussing it here would we? 😀

      As far as Nicola is concerned Robert, the only thing I’ve heard is that Nicola has said that S.N.P. would support Labour on a case by case basis. That is about as close as she wants the S.N.P. to get to Labour in my opinion.

      This means that we can pressurise a Labour government for MORE powers to Holyrood whilst holding the sword of Damacles over them if they refuse. 🙂

    147. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry for going O/T here but this guy gets my vote on … erm … May 6th! 😀

    148. Morag says:

      Why is everybody going on about tin hats when that’s not what he said and very much softens the vile Nazi slur implied in what he did say?

    149. rubber toe says:

      I agree with several other posts that the sunday politics show was just another anti SNP excercise in giving more airtime for pre programmed robotic labour mps to spout out the same old mantra ‘a vote for the snp is a vote for the tories’. I’m getting sick of these labour mps coming out and saying they want a more just, fair and equal society yet they vote for welfare cuts, austerity, trident etc. They’re certainly doing the rounds in my area, must have plenty spare cash lying around, 3 leaflets (wording suitably rearranged and posted back) and 2 visits.

    150. Ken500 says:

      Labour/Unionists and the Green. Destroying Aberedeen City Centre, causing even more traffic chaos, wasting £Millions of Public money and getting the City into £Millions of debt. Non mandated, against the majority wishes and the public interest. Just to try and spite the SNP. Willy Young not fit for Publuc office. Developers gives £Millions to the Labour Party, and have no problems with planning permission. People are protesting on street.

    151. Malky says:

      Bitter. Twisted. Angry. Dumped.

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