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The Backstabbers

Posted on March 25, 2021 by

Today is going to be by some distance the quietest one in Scottish politics this week, so I hope you’ll forgive me a personal indulgence, readers. Because while I just ignore unimaginably vast torrents of online abuse every hour of every day of every year, once in a blue moon some things get said that you just can’t let pass.

Paul Kavanagh made a lot of unpleasant personal-attack tweets yesterday off the back of an unpleasant personal-attack article on his blog, which I don’t propose to get into the many individual falsehoods and misrepresentations of here.

(While I believe his evidence in the Dugdale case actually did more harm than good, I don’t hold him responsible for that and I appreciated his willingness to try to help when others I’d considered friends had turned their back.)

But the comments above are too much to bear.

They echo a line that’s recently been going around the parts of the Yes movement that despise Wings for our “disloyalty” to the First Minister, or because I believe in women’s rights, or simply because Wings is a lot more popular and successful than them.

So just for the historical record, here’s a (very incomplete) list of the other indy groups we’ve supported with articles on the site, usually in order to help out fundraisers that were dying a death before we endorsed and publicised them, and were then saved by the generosity of the same Wings readers that most of these people now hysterically decry as Nazis, bigots, Unionists and MI5 stooges.

Several feature entities that beyond any reasonable doubt owe their entire continued existence to support from Wings when they needed it.

The ones in red, incidentally, are those that have subsequently joined the Wings lynch-mob, pouring abuse on myself, the site and its readers.

Rough Justice Films

Bella Caledonia

Newsnet Scotland

Yes Scotland

Stephen Paton

News Scotland

Independence Live

Bella Caledonia (again)

Yes Glasgow

Labour For Independence

Future Of Scotland – Borders

The Indy Cyclist

Maryhill Foodbank

Angela Haggerty

Broadcast News For Scotland

The People Versus Alistair Carmichael


Wee Ginger Dug

James Kelly

Marky Booth


Phantom Power

AyeMail (again)

iScot (again)

Phantom Power (again)

Wee Ginger Dug (again)

Independence For Scotland Party

Many other fundraisers were plugged and linked on social media and on the Related Causes section of our Donate page. And we also raised almost £15,000 for a number of charities across (mainly) Scotland, as well as helping numerous people who I won’t name here (but including Paul Kavanagh) in various ways, financial and otherwise, that we never told anyone about or sought any credit for.

None of these things were “transactional”. We asked none of these people for anything in return for our help. (Though Wings has also directly funded Dateline Scotland, Greg Moodie and Lorna Miller by employing them to produce content for the site.)

I was happy to use the power and reach of Wings – and the kindness and trust of its readers – to strengthen the wider Yes movement, even to the benefit of people that I didn’t personally like (and in the case of Mike Small of Bella Caledonia had already endured quite a few screeds of private personal abuse from) but could acknowledge had an audience that perhaps Wings couldn’t speak to and thus still helped the cause. That view was and is not reciprocated.

(Though I should disclose that I did get free subscriptions to iScot for both me and my housebound stroke-survivor dad, who enjoyed and looked forward to it every month. After I expressed my disappointment when the mag ran one of James Kelly’s dozens and dozens of obsessed attack pieces over the idea of a Wings list party, editor Ken McDonald cancelled not only my sub – fair enough – but also my dad’s, which I must admit struck me as overly spiteful.)

That movement is now a toxic ruin of mutual hatred, mostly driven by careerism and naked jealousy. If there’s ever another indyref – and we don’t see any prospect of that happening for as long as Nicola Sturgeon leads the SNP – the idea of it all coming together in mutual support and tolerance as it did in 2012-14 is a bleak joke.

A whole new movement of new people will have to grow organically from nothing again as it did back then, and of course that also includes Wings. I know that I’d find it all but impossible to campaign for independence under the current SNP leadership, but as noted above I don’t expect that to be a dilemma I’ll ever have to wrestle with.

The future, though, is unwritten, and anything could yet happen. The past, however, is a matter of fact and I will not stand by and allow Paul Kavanagh, Bella Caledonia or anyone else to tell such despicable, contemptible, cowardly lies about it.

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351 to “The Backstabbers”

  1. Ian Brotherhood says:


  2. Mark Boyle says:

    Paul Kavanagh – the only person stupid enough to call the Rev. Stu “trans” in any context!

  3. JohnMcDonaldish says:

    Although I think your commentary has been well over the top recently. I hope you can find solace in the fact that many people appreciate your work and hope you can keep calm and carry on.

  4. Ian Mac says:

    It amazes me how utterly obsessed a lot of these people are with you. I can only assume it is a projection of all their deep frustrations and disillusions with the SNP and the indy movement – all conveniently projected on to you so they can deny the root cause of it all and not face up to what Sturgeon and co have done to the entire movement.

    They are bitter and looking for a scapegoat. Had they the confidence in what they profess to believe and the indy movement, they would not need to concern themselves with Wings at all. The truth hurts and they can’t handle it. Where is their support for Craig or Gordon Dangerfield btw?

  5. 1971Thistle says:

    Well said, and leave him and the the Nicolytes to their perceived utopia.

  6. AnneDon says:

    I don’t get involved in these arguments between bloggers – I still read whatever I find interesting, whoever they’ve fallen out with.

    However, I’m actually quite worried about Paul since his stroke. He seems angry all the time. For what its worth, he’s striking out at everyone from his twitter account; not just other bloggers, but ordinary individuals who disagree with him.

    And after their gleeful reaction to Craig Murray’s recent misfortune, I’ll be giving Bella a miss from now on.

  7. Mark Boyle says:

    Incidentally, something has been puzzling me about Wee Ginger Dug – why does he ask for donations for his blog?

    I can’t say I’m any sort of expert on these matters, but his blog looks like a bog basic WordPress free one, which comes with more free space to use up that most people will use in a lifetime, especially if it’s all text and few pictures.

    So what’s this “need donations to keep the blog going” pish?

    Or is he another of today’s people on the internet with a begging bowl next to all their social media accounts because they’ve no sense of shame and like waens are always looking for people to give them shit for free?

  8. susanXX says:

    I am deeply disappointed to read Paul Kavanagh’s tweets about you. I knew Paul many years ago and thought he was one of the good guys, despite disagreements btl of his blogs. I guess I was wrong.

  9. Garrion says:

    Crabs in a bucket. It’s a pity. You may be an irascible, mercurial bugger with no patience for stupidity, but you’re true, and you, sometimes very unfashionably, want actual independence for this country.

    The problem with the Mike Smalls of this world are twofold; they cannot distinguish their opinion from the truth, and, deep down, in their heart of hearts. They’re jumped up petit bourgeois pseudo radicals. It doesn’t take much for the veneer to crack, I have found.

  10. The Dissident says:

    And all taking their cue from the behaviour of their beloved leader, who uses the power of her position to lash out and bully and fails to condemn those who threaten her enemies.

    It must all seem rather lovely when (you think) you are on the same side as her.

    But everyone will find out, sooner or later, that there is only one person on her side and everything else is, what’s the word, ‘transactional’.

  11. McLaurin says:

    Folk have selective short memories, when it suits them.

    I’ve contributed to a fair few of the names on your list over the years. Innocent positive times compared to now. WGD can keep peddling to the National for subs. I’ll keep funding you if you can stomach this much longer.

    As always, nice touch with the links. Cannae beat a bit of the auld Soul Train and The O’Jays.

    “All the time they want to take your place
    The back stabbers (back stabbers)
    (They smilin’ in your face)
    All the time, they want to take your place
    The back stabbers (back stabbers)”.

  12. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Although I think your commentary has been well over the top recently. I hope you can find solace in the fact that many people appreciate your work”

    Wow, thanks for that extraordinarily back-handed “compliment”.

  13. katherine hamilton says:

    Given Mr. Kavanagh (who I used to really, really enjoy reading) used his output in the most transactional way imaginable- crowdfunding a house- he really does have a brass neck.

    However I never attack anybody on this or any other site. It’s too easy, juvenile and pointless. I only say this in support of you and everything you’ve done. Your point about a new movement needing to grow, “including Wings” is heartening, especially the Wings bit.

    There is a way to go and we need you to be part of it.

  14. Daisy Walker says:

    I contributed financially to Paul Kavanagh many times.

    I notice a change in the content, quality and integrity of his articles around the time his new husband immigrated here to Scotland.

    I made my last contribution to him, following his stroke, in order to contribute to his new house, and as a thank you for his previous work.

    And I made allowances for him suffering a serious illness.

    I wish I had not. His above comments show him to be a sleekit, 2 faced, ungrateful, wee beggar.

    And since the previous ‘support’ he provided was given under oath, in a court of law – is he now suggesting he lied, or just ‘over egged it’ – where’s the integrity in that.

    He very eloquantly spoke of the bravery of his first husband. Well, sadly, its not rubbed off.

    A hollowed out, empty vessel, with no spine and deep pockets is all that is left. Good luck with the next begging campaign Paul. PS I no longer buy the National – hows the job security feeling just now too?

    On the plus side, I have more to contribute to the upcoming legal funds of Craig Murray, and Alex Salmond. And a bit left over for Wings when the time comes.

  15. Flower of Scotland says:

    Quite right to be so angry. Wee Ginger has become quite despicable. Even a few years ago when he did his round of talks in YES hubs, he was becoming a bit of a dinosaur. The talks never changed. Same old, same old.

    Nicola Sturgeon has managed to create a huge rift in the YES movement which is unforgivable. Who knows what influences have been brought to bare?, I don’t care, she should have fought for Scotland. Wee Ginger supports every word this corrupt woman utters.

    Paul should be ashamed!

  16. Magnus Erlendsson says:

    Why’s The People Versus Carmichael getting the red pen treatment?

  17. Janelochleven says:

    Jealousy is a powerful emotion. You have the ability to shine a light on the murkier areas of Scottish politics, and are not afraid to speak up. That is why you have so many readers.

  18. Dave Hansell says:

    Give a dog a bone eh!

    What was that old rhyme again? ‘Hark! Hark! The dogs do bark?’

    Some beggars really do dress themselves in other people’s velvet gowns.

  19. WeeChid says:

    Disgusted at WGD’s comments. Used to enjoy his blog but it’s become no more than a Nicla fan club. Bribery or blackmail??

  20. Lulu Bells says:

    Is the WGD blog the only one left that cannot see what’s actually happening or are there others I don’t know about?

  21. Village Idiot says:

    Keep doing what you’re doing Stuart. Can only imagine the abuse you get.

    As an aside, every time I go the Ghana Tourism Authorities Twitter and I see the pinned post ‘Great News’, it makes me think that either Ghana is open again or Pete Wishart or has been flattened by a bus.

  22. maureen says:

    Whenever someone projects negativity at another person, it comes back to them in spades. Maybe these backstabbers should reflect on that. They are the cause of their own demise.
    Have never bothered reading many on the above list and see no reason to change on that score. I prefer to get my truth right here.

  23. P says:

    Bella and ginger are big supporters of the NS propaganda machine and as faithful lackeys to her, they both contribute to the lies and deceit.
    I’m glad you took this opportunity to tell them publicly where they can shove it.

  24. Big Jock says:

    What is WGD going to say to his timid followers. When they find out indy ref 2 will not even be contemplated until autumn 2024 at best.

    I find it really really sad that people like him. Encourage the cult to believe every word that comes out of SNP HQ. There are going to be an awful lot of angry people this year.

    Mind you Sturgeon might have been toppled by June if the police actually do their work.

    I know who leaked the story to the DR. I suspect 80% of the people on here do as well. It’s not exactly difficult to follow the trail.

  25. Sandra says:

    You’re the only blog I read any more. I hope you will continue, somebody has to tell the truth. Politics is a dirty business and there’s really no place for all this hero worship if we want to create a grown up country.

  26. Village Idiot says:

    hmmm, can’t use the greater than or less than arrows.

    should read ‘or {insert some other pricks name} has been flattened by a bus.’

  27. Chris Darroch says:

    I think Stu can expect a lot more of this.

    He will almost solely be attributed for any SNP election failure and thus for any indyref lost opportunity narrative attached to that.

  28. sarah says:

    Rev, as I have said before, I admire and appreciate you personally for the fact that you work from a sense of truth and justice.

    Sadly you have suffered for it – police set onto you, defamed by Kezia Dugdale, and all the ungrateful indy people you have identified above.

    I wish I could find the words to help you shrug off all these injustices, and convince you that there is a large number of Yessers who value everything you have done. And love you for it.

  29. AnneDon says:

    That’s a great point – I’ve been astonished at people who are old enough to know better turning on folk they’ve followed for years over recent events.

    I actually admire Alex Salmond more now than I did when he was First Minister. He made the different viewpoints of Yessers into a strength; he really believed in the Big Tent in the movement. I only appreciate it now that I have to contrast it with his successor, now any slight deviation is punished by casting out of the clique.

  30. Hatuey says:

    The shit is piling so high in Scotland that we need Wings to stay above it…

    Support and solidarity, Stu.

    The visitor numbers tell you everything you need to know, though.

    Please do a fund-raiser, if for no other reason than to piss the wankers off.

  31. Peter Kinnaird says:

    You should take the abuse as a compliment of the highest order. I did a trawl of many of these sites, and was horrified at the unquestioning acceptance of another delayed Indy campaign, and the outright dropping of Indy by others.

  32. David Lyon says:

    Paul’s suggestion that he regrets his court appearance in your defense simply because he doesn’t like you anymore is contemptible.

    Court and law are not a popularity contest or a test of loyalty. You go in, you tell the truth, you leave.

    At least that’s how it’s meant to be.

  33. Marty says:

    “It’s Easier to Fool People Than It Is to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.” – Mark Twain

    The Yes movement united for a common cause and seeing it drift away from them they need someone to blame. It must be Wings, the Torys, BritNats or whoever but it can’t be the party they gave all their trust – and donations – to.

    At the moment they are like a computer going wrong. Maybe it can be fixed but the most practical answer is a complete reboot.

  34. Munroman says:

    Stuart, don’t let the buggers get you down.

    No longer Wee Ginger Dug sitting in his crowdfunded wee Hoose in the country won’t get a penny from my family again.

    Wheest for Indy, no chance.

    Keep up the great work!

  35. Andy says:

    Sturgeon has a big Lesbian/Gay following, the Dug is just another one for her list.

    Throw in the Trans mob and you end up with a very colourful collection who are more Interested in fighting for their own personal oddities than Scottish Independence.

    Women with Dicks using little girl’s changing rooms seems to be their number one priority at the moment.

    What a vote winner that is…NOT!!!

  36. James says:

    Oh wow. Check out those MOVES! Hot Diggedy!!

  37. 1971Thistle says:

    What are the tax implications for the donations for WGD’s dacha? Anyone know?

  38. Roderick Laing says:

    I come here because I get information that stands up to scrutiny which is something sadly missing from most other sites. It saddens me to see others continualy attacking this site not on its content but its followers and on Stuart, surely the comparison between them and the MSM is not lost on them.

  39. Daisy Walker says:

    One theme I’m seeing in the Scottish Psychie (and I’m not qualified, its just an opinion).

    Is we have gone from the Labour lump voters saying, ‘we need the broad shoulders of the big WM party to affect any kind of meaningful change’, to, ‘we need the broad shoulders of the biggest party in Scotland to get Indy for us’.

    In both cases, it’s putting our power, into the hands of others, and change out of reach – always.

    We need capable, electable candidates, standing on a mandate for Plebiscite Indy at the next GE, and we need to vote for them.

    AFI – is getting there, but if you’re going to be an umbrella group, with a unifying message that all can rally round, the rallying cry has got to be catchy. That really needs to sharpen up.

    ISP – came out all guns blazing for Plebiscite Indy Election – and then don’t bother to put it in their manifesto, and keep referring everyone to a Petition for same. Petitions don’t win prizes.

  40. Vestas says:

    Never really understood what people saw in WGD.

    He’s a mediocre writer who has absolutely nothing new to say and frankly hasn’t since 2014/15. He appears to have made a reasonable living out of punting the same pish out week in week out and fair play to him for that but why anyone listens to him is beyond me.

    I read WoS because its not groundhog day every day – pretty much all the other indy blogs are exactly that with the possible exceptions of Scot Goes Pop and Munguin’s NR. The former because its one of the easiest places to catch up on polls and the latter because its not politics 24/7/365 🙂

  41. Bob Mack says:

    Playing Devils Advocate, he (Paul) has had a stroke. This I’m afraid leads to sometimes severe emotional lability.

    I contributed then Paul asked for funds to buy himself a new house more suited to his needs, because of his historical input to Independence.

    However Paul has become a prisoner of his audience and in turn now needs their finance because of his obvious disability. Therefore he will pander to the prevailing viewpoint whatever that may be. If tomorrow his followers condemn Nicola then so will Paul. It keeps the finances coming in.

    Remain true to yourself Stu. Never change. Truth is more precious than gold in the jungle of politics.

    I’m disappointed in many pundits other than Paul, but their lack of success drives them onward to more and more vitriol hoping to garner a following of sorts.

    Wee Ginger Dug now sadly has the grace of the canine who pisses on your leg whilst your not looking, where once he was inclusive and open to debate. Now his site is censored heavily because his contributors don’t like to read anything negative. Sad.

  42. sarah says:

    @1971Thistle: no tax on gifts, I think. Sadly.

  43. Jim Kennedy says:

    They are telling you they would like to be as successful as you.

  44. Astonished says:

    You can comfort yourself with the fact I have never read you stoking division or being fashionable. You just report things and frankly that is all that’s needed.

    How unlike the home life of Scotland’s churnalists.

    Disappointed in Paul. He should apologise.

    Police Scotland how about investigating the missing £600,000 ? Mike Russell how about a comment about the missing money ?

    I think the lord advocate should be jailed.

  45. Sadly there’s a lot of jealousy in the Yes “movement”. I heard about some stalls not wanting copies of the WBB last time.

    It seems like there’s a lot of “Naw – I want to be William Wallace” around.

    Good point above about WGD asking for donations for his site. You can get a domain name for about £15 and host if for a year for a fiver. Maybe he feels he deserves to be paid for putting the time and work in for his “journalism” – whether you agree with that description or not. Sounds fair enough to me as the guy has bills to pay same as everyone else. Maybe better to be more up front about it though.

  46. Harry mcaye says:

    Especially sad about iScot magazine. I’ll be cancelling my rolling subscription. I have also chipped in to help it over the years along with a few others on your list, notably Aye Mail and Phantom Power. At least they haven’t turned on you.

  47. Alison Whiteford says:

    You’re worth more than all of them put together. And fortunately you know it. Bleak times for people of principle as the truth deniers, careerists and tribalists make hay. Ach well it could be worse we could be them. I’ll take the pain of reality over comforting delusions any day of the week ?

  48. Black Joan says:

    Agree with all that Sarah says @12.03pm.

    Thank you, Rev. Some people are just too small and doggedly blinkered to recognise excellence. Some people just cannot bear to read the truth.

    Your work is worthy of the Orwell Prize. The author of Nineteen-Eighty-Four would surely agree.

    Disgusted that iScot cancelled your Dad’s subscription.

  49. Ian says:

    He’s grifted his way to getting people to buy him a house, he can insult all he likes now.

  50. Johnny Martin says:

    You say ‘today is going to be the quietest day in Scottish politics by some distance this week’.

    Does this mean tomorrow/the weekend is expected to be news-busy, or was there a ‘so far’ missing from the sentence? 🙂

  51. Joan Hutcheson says:

    Haven’t been an admirer of Paul K for some time. He majors on sweety-wife invective and minors on researched evidence.

    He also shares just about every emotion, which not only over-personalises issues but seeks money and attention as though other people in worse situations aren’t as important. I didn’t know until now about your father, Stuart. PK made sure that everyone not only knew about every aspect of his stroke but also how bored he was with being in hospital. And of course he raised funds for his own cause of buying a house.

    People weren’t forced to contribute but I felt an element of emotional blackmail creeping in. And did the world have to know as much as it does about other aspects of his life? It felt as if his relationship with his readers was part ego, part emotional prop. I stopped reading him in The National. And now I have stopped reading The National full stop!

    Wings shows WGD up in terms of detailed research/ hard graft. I also greatly admire bloggers such as Iain Lawson and Barrhead Boy, and very much appreciate the work of Gordon Dangerfield and Grousebeater. From a combination of all these, not WGD, I derive reliable information about what’s happening in Scottish politics.

  52. robert alexander harrison says:

    Paul has a very good point about you stuart Campbell like alex salmond you lost your damn mind you really need to stop attacking the snp right now because England rule cults job for them your so up your arse you cant even see it you raving lunatic.

  53. I remember getting WGD through to give us a talk a couple of years back. He asked for his expenses soon after arriving.

    At the end of his talk (but included in the talk) he added his “Maps of Scotland with Gaelic place names for sale”. He left us a number of those maps that he wanted our YES Hub to sell for him.

    So when he talks about “transactional” he wasn’t slow at coming forward to make a few bob from the Yes movement.

    Add hypocrite to Kavanagh’s character.

  54. 1971Thistle says:

    @sarah @12h08

    I think taper relief would apply, no?

  55. Johnmcdonaldish says:

    It was a bloody compliment!!

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    25 March, 2021 at 11:53 am
    “Although I think your commentary has been well over the top recently. I hope you can find solace in the fact that many people appreciate your work”

    Wow, thanks for that extraordinarily back-handed “compliment”.

  56. Willie says:

    I thought, and in fact did initially misread the titles a jobbyjabbers instead of backstabbers.

    However, on reflection, maybe both could be true. The vile hatred that is being spewed out, even in my own semi urban constituency is remarkable. Ant dissent, difference in view, criticism of the leadership focus is met with personal hostility from what could be described as the Nicola Fan Club is absolutely incredible.

    This is a party no longer fit to form a government. And it won’t because based on my own area, the SNP vote is dropping fast. If things are in disarray now, just think what would happen were the SNP, unlikely as it now is to form a government. Outright civil war.

    Thankfully there will be other candidates to elect to bring this absolute shit show to heel.

    Meanwhile keep the informative constructive criticism up Rev. People want change and they DO want independence.

  57. I remember getting WGD through to give us a talk a couple of years back. He asked for his expenses soon after arriving.

    At the end of his talk (but included in the talk) he added his “Maps of Scotland with Gaelic place names for sale”. He left us a number of those maps that he wanted our YES Hub to sell for him.

    So when he talks about “transactional” he wasn’t slow at coming forward to make a few bob from the Yes movement.

    Add hypocrite to Kavanagh’s character.

    Sorry about the double comment it was a twitchy finger

  58. Sharon says:

    This is good to know – but depressing that Scottish people have so few allies and so many impostors who just want to milk us forever.

  59. James Carroll says:

    Ive only been reading Wings for the last year. It has been the best source of evidence backed information. Nicola’s attack dogs are all bark and no bite, don’t ever let them stop you doing what you do. Your doing Scotland a great service.

  60. Lindy says:

    To be stabbed in the back by people we’ve supported is a bitter pill to swallow.
    Alex Salmond knows all about that. Many of those stabbing him in the back wouldn’t be where they are today without his help.
    How do these people sleep at night?

    You may call a spade a spade & don’t suffer fools gladly, but I for one trust your input and motives. You’ve done a massive amount for the cause of independence, and your problem with the SNP is based on their failure to prioritise that and be true to the movement.
    We get your frustration, because we feel it too.
    You are invaluable Stu. Keep going.

  61. Prasad says:

    Don’t care too much about the fight. I never read more than a couple of posts by WGD because i found them too soft and hypothetical. I prefer the hard facts of WOS.
    But i had to see what this was all about and so skim read the linked post. This is stunning!

    Stu is ‘wrong’ because ‘Nicola Sturgeon is still in office and the proof of the conspiracy always remains in a document which has yet to be made public. It’s in the nature of conspiracy theories that they cannot be disproved. ‘

    Wow, how blind can you be.

  62. boris says:

    The High Court in Edinburgh has confirmed the conviction of former British diplomat-turned-whistleblower Craig Murray on one of the contempt of court charges filed against him by the Crown. The charge related to Murray’s alleged “jigsaw” identification of the identities of protected witnesses in the trial of former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond.

    “The court has concluded that, having regard to the context in which the articles appeared, including the terms of the article of 18th January and the tweet referring thereto on the 19th of January, that the articles of 11th, 18th, 19th March, 3rd April and the tweet of 2nd April, must be considered to constitute contempt of court relating to material capable of identifying four different complainers. We therefore make a finding of contempt of court. The reasons will be issued in full, in due course. Those reasons have been shared in draft with Mr Scott and the Advocate Depute”, Lady Leeona J Dorrian said.
    The hearing only lasted a few minutes and adjourned until 7 May, 10AM, so that the parties may file their respective submissions in relation to sentencing. Murray faces up to two years in prison and an unlimited fine.

  63. Hatuey says:

    Paul Kavanagh: “despite my misgivings I went to court and spoke up in his defence. I deeply regret that. Unlike Stuart Campbell I can admit when I was wrong…”

    Isn’t that Contempt of Court?


  64. Andrew Davidson says:

    That about iScot cancelling both your and your Dad’s subscriptions… wow. Never mind spiteful that’s fucking childish.

    It’s embarrassing the amount of them I’ve put money towards over the years which sucks given their current ongoing attitudes towards truth (AS,NS), reality (GRA, HCB) and you.

    The one that I’m happy to say I’ve never contributed towards has been Bella Caledonia because from the off I’ve thought they were hand waving pretend intellectual wankstains and I’ve no time for that kind of person, whether they pretend to be on ‘my side’ or not.

  65. Andrew Davidson says:

    Wee question. Any reason my posts are now being pre-moderated?

    I don’t remember saying anything too dubious?

  66. stonefree says:

    Mike Small could have a look in the mirror,and see what he actually is
    I used to link various posts on an (English) forum from about 6 of those mentioned, in the time period 2012 to about 2016
    This was critisised by the Local toerag(or SNP Convenor as he liked to be called)citing against policy!!!!
    That did not happen
    obviously it both for me in point out the Scottish perspective and opened them up to wider audience.
    At the end up I stopped because they were boring
    Mike Small wants to be the big fish, jealousy I suspect, is the motivation

  67. DanDLion says:

    There seems to be two clear camps now – one for Independence and another for Nicola Sturgeon. I wonder what it’ll take for the latter group to catch up with the former for them to see NS as the primary block to the one goal we do all share.

    It’s a heartbreaking and difficult time for almost all involved. The fact we’re even here should mean SNP heads ought to be on the “proverbial” block. I suppose it says everything you need to know about them that that’s not the case at all.

  68. Shetto Al says:

    It seems that some people have forgotten that to get a majority for independence, you need the support of people that you disagree with on other matters and may even bitterly disagree with on those matters. 50%+1 is never going to be achieved by insisting that all involved should be enslaved by conformity to the political orthodoxy of the day. Some talk a lot about being in favour of diversity while simultaneously trying to extinguish diversity of thought and silence the diversity of voices in favour of independence.
    The more other issues that support for independence and the acceptance of that support is made conditional on, the less chance there will be of ever achieving it. I recall that this is called the “Buckaroo principle” in these pages.

  69. aulbea1 says:

    Gave up on Paul Kavanagh about 3 years ago. Never really bothered with Bella Caledonia from shortly after first referendum. They are not missed – WoS would be missed very much.

  70. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Your point about a new movement needing to grow, “including Wings” is heartening, especially the Wings bit.”

    Sorry, I phrased that clumsily – what I really meant was that the 2014 generation of Yes activists probably all needs to piss off if there’s ever another indyref, including Wings. Personally I’d happily go the rest of my life without ever hearing from Lesley Riddoch or Gerry fucking Hassan or Elaine C Smith again, and I can only imagine that normal folk feel pretty similarly about it after years and years of the same old voices. Is Paul’s 2000th “the Tories are bad” rant going to change anyone’s mind that the first 1999 didn’t? I doubt it, and I don’t think I’m an exception to that principle either.

  71. holymacmoses says:

    What’s to say Mr Wings:-) Human beings are futile at best and wicked at worst and we are in the worst of times.
    Given that the Dug wrote a ‘defence’ of you in the ‘National’ I think we can easily make a judgement on the cause of loyalty and friendship. In fact if it weren’t so offensive it’s actually laughable and we ALL KNOW that the Ginger Dug has BOTH his eyes on the wallet.

    Paul Kavanagh looks after himself and always did. My perception of him has never been positive, even when everyone else thought he was wonderful. He has none of your creative and research talents and always needs someone else to either lean on or blame – so don’t be upset by his sycophancy to a wicked cause.

    I know it’s not really relevant but if I’m low I usually find relief in remembering that many people have it worse than me (I abhor the ‘count your blessings brigade’) Imagine how awful these ‘killing’ times have been for Mr Salmond and his wife. I’ve had an awful lot of shit in my life as did my poor mother who died when I was 7 months old and HER poor mother who ‘disappeared presumed dead’ when she was 10 months old. I think I’ve worked out how not to be bitter, but the pain of unnecessary hurt from people who ought to have better things to do with their lives, can almost destroy any prospect of hope.

    Take care and rest and be assured that there is much ‘storge’ and thanks for all your efforts. Times will get better – even if they get worse before they get better.
    Ignore all the shills – they are what they are and because they are crutches to Sturgeon they will be either broken or cast aside at some point.

  72. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Mike Small wants to be the big fish, jealousy I suspect, is the motivation”

    Of that I have no doubt whatsoever.

  73. Mist001 says:

    It has to be jealousy, that’s all. I don’t know the Rev personally, never had any dealings with him but unlike the majority of blog owners, he plays it completely straight, no fucking about, no ego or power trips which most blog owners and mods tend to have.

  74. Corrado Mella says:

    It’s come to a point where intelligent people have no time left for the stupid and the gullible, the ignorant and the craven, the opportunists and the ditherers.

    We can’t carry you over the line, over and over again.

    We’re tired of your shit. Either get off and start walking with your own legs, or be abandoned behind forever to rot in your own crap.

    This is not a matter of rich or poor, privilege or disadvantage, or other accident of life.
    It’s about a chronic state of wilful ignorance and pathological denial.

    With all the empathy and compassion I owe to those that are victims of unfortunate circumstances, everyone else that doesn’t cut it will not get any more of my time.

    Want a piece of me? DESERVE IT.

  75. Breastplate says:

    WGD has transformed some time ago into part get well soon card, part massage parlour for Nicola’s ego and part petted lip.
    I don’t wish Paul Kavanagh any ill health in the slightest, I hope he gets better sooner rather than later physically and mentally.

  76. Kenny says:

    Thanks for all your hard work, dedication and genuine patriotism, Stuart. At the end of the day – and when we’ve been dragged out of EU against our will etc, etc – and still not a sign of a referendum under this bogus crew, we’ll at least have a conscience. ‘We’ll’ being anyone with the balls to call out criminality.

    I’ve often heard it said, have encountered it occasionally over my years, but some folk would indeed sell their granny for any old reason. The people stabbing you in the back can never be close to the man, the legend – yes, the legend – that you’ve become, and that’s probably partly their petty, wee problem.

    Great Scot, mate, thanks for being exactly who you are.

  77. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Isn’t that Contempt of Court?”

    He doesn’t mean he lied (he didn’t). He means he regrets his decision to try to help, because I’m such an awful person.

  78. Kate says:

    My biggest regret long before Ginger came out with his abuse of you Wings, was the donation I made to help him with his house.. I always found him BORING to listen to, & also to read. I stopped reading his “blog” some time ago. And blocked him on Twitter, I can’t stand the man who I refer to as a creep, he uses social media & YES supporters to finance his lifestyle. He is a user..And always was.

  79. Nally Anders says:

    Gave up reading WGD last year. No point really.
    PK says his blog is to put a positive spin on Independence but actually all he does is put the negative spin on Westminster.
    Well,Hold the Front Page, I know Bojo + Tories are corrupt, self serving bastards, otherwise I wouldn’t be supporting Independence.

  80. Lynn says:

    They do seem very threatened by you but to this floating voter it lacks taste !
    Think by the end of this process I might be less floating and more directed !

  81. Onlooker says:

    Bella Caledonia – Grousebeater is DYING. Mentioning him in that sarcastic tweetbis lower than fucking snakeballs.

  82. somerled says:

    I think the claims made against you are ridiculous and it is typical of Trans Activist & supporters & other left wings groups to project their own faults on to others. BTW I also remember you helping your friends fundraiser for their cat’s vet bill which i contributed to.

    I no longer support the Indy cause because i think its a lost cause and will never happen. I dont want to waste my time chasing a rainbow when i could be doing better things. I have no problem with others supporting Indy if they tell the truth.

    David Davis showed his support for Alex Salmond recently and you can be friends with people with different views and debate can be done respectfully. While i think many Indy supporters are good people, I also believe many in the movement are vile, delusional, cult followers, and very nasty. Every time i see someone say all tories are bastards or similar attacks or hatred of the British flag, the Armed Forces, attacking Vera Lynn, Captain Tom etc, I am glad I no longer stand beside those people. I suspect a large number of those views are from people with Irish backgrounds who are anti English for historical reasons and it is worth noting the largest areas for Indy support in 2014 were in Glasgow and Dundee.

    I am a historian and the British Empire had faults as did all other empires. Scots played a very large role in the GB empire in Civil Service, Military, trade and politics. While we can learn from the past, it is the future that matters more. I don’t see any realistic plans by the SNP for a Referendum or for currency, economy, EU membership, jobs or austerity when paying share of UK debts. Also the last 13 years of SNP administration has been poor especially in education and health. If Indy supporters believe Scotland will be better off in the future, maybe start by doing a good job of running the country now. We know Sturgeon, Swinney and all the Cabinet lie so how can you believe their claims for the future?

  83. David R says:

    “Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    25 March, 2021 at 12:30 pm
    “Isn’t that Contempt of Court?”

    He doesn’t mean he lied (he didn’t). He means he regrets his decision to try to help, because I’m such an awful person.”

    “ooh you are awful, but we like you”

    And that has never changed. Your crime is in questioning our glorious leader. You’d think that they’d see how worrying it is to see how much they are willing to accept for 5 more years of St Nikla.

  84. Ungrateful, jealous, snide simpletons couldn’t hold a candle to you son xx

  85. dodecostanza says:

    Stu, the first WGD link points to the same article as the iScot one above it.

  86. Cyc says:

    Over the years, I have found your pieces overly puglistic at times, which no doubt rubs gentler flowers the wrong way, but I have always admired your logic and steadfastness. Anyone reading your work who believes you are some sort of fly by night, fair weather friend is an idiot.

  87. Tartan Tory says:

    Stuart – you are a flawed individual, but so am I, and so are many others. Let those who believe themselves to be without flaws cast their stones from their ivory towers.

    Much as I wish you were an absolute paragon of virtue, I can accept the flaws for one very important reason. You have shown yourself to be, over many years, an insightful commentator with harsh truths and predictions which are typically very close to the target. Quite often, the truth is hard to bear, but that does not make it any less accurate.

    Your forensic journalism is to be applauded and although I’ve had to swallow hard on some of the more contemporary musings, I’m still clapping for you. Keep it up!

  88. FrankM says:

    The YES/Indy movement is broken and, as you say, “A whole new movement of new people will have to grow organically from nothing again”. This may, or may not come to pass, but I do not want independence at any cost. I abhor the victimisation of people who carefully speak up for the truth.

    I believe that the SNP has no desire whatsoever for independence for Scotland and that they are NOT the vehicle for independence any longer and not deserving of my precious vote, which will go elsewhere.

    You are due our grateful thanks Stu, for your bravery, for all you have done, for all you continue to do and for your support of those who are attacked for standing up for truth.
    I am sure we will all continue to support this site as you support us.

  89. Denise says:

    The toxic SNP culture is set from the top. The followers curry favour with the leadership and become part of the bullying culture. They are emboldened because they know that NS sycophants have their back. They feel untouchable, part of the powerful clique. And so feel quite at liberty to trash everyone else. But they are no longer part of the independence movement. They are part of the SNP establishment.
    All that is left of the independence movement is a small vilified, persecuted grouping that is trying to keep hope alive while the dream flickers and dies.

  90. dodecostanza says:

    my mistake Stu, I see WGD is mentioned in the iScot one too

  91. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Wee question. Any reason my posts are now being pre-moderated?

    I don’t remember saying anything too dubious?”

    [kills self]

  92. dramfineday says:

    What an absolutely dispiriting read. That’s all.

  93. Hugh Wallace says:

    Stu, anyone who knows me at all in real life knows I’m not a ‘follower’ by any stretch of the imagination. I regularly read sources I trust even if I don’t always agree with them & allow dissenting views to challenge my thinking whether I enjoy the experience or not. Several times in my life I’ve been persuaded to change my position radically on topics because people with evidence have convinced me of the strength of their argument. And it has nothing to do with liking them or not.

    I’ve been reading your blog on a near enough daily basis since 2014 because I trust your output more than nearly anyone else involved in Scottish politics.

    Please keep up the good work. And try to ignore the yapping of small dogs who wish they had a fraction of your talent & integrity.

  94. David R says:

    “You’d think that they’d see how worrying it is to see how much they are willing to accept for 5 more years of St Nikla.”

    Apologies for the above. Try again:

    You’d think they’d realise that their willingness to accept so much for 5 more years of St Nikla is worrying to non cult members.

  95. Republicofscotland says:

    Well said Rev, they couldn’t lace your boots when it comes to telling the truth, as for iScot, what a truly despicable thing to do to your ill father.

  96. James says:

    I for one am more than happy to frequent Wing’s. It’s a unique site and very entertaining. The rest are pale imitations. The fact that his detractors howls of despair are loud and constant, shows us he’s over the target. Take heart from this fabulous blog,it far surpasses all others,and the MSM.

  97. Cath says:

    Rev, there’s a comment you need to take a look at on the government piece at 10:28am.

  98. Allan says:

    Fuxxake. I’ve donated to most of these folks, from
    WGD to WoS.
    I’m sick of all of this.
    And I pretty much give up.

  99. Stu hutch says:

    So where now for WOS ? Will wings be endorsing a list party ? Can wings influence isp & afi to pull together ? Short of alex salmond entering the Frey wings seems to be everyone’s (including) the snp msps collection point.i think the snp and greens are hitching together to sideline the list partys for this election thereby ensuring the status quo and no movement.Only way we can stop this is to have one list party to get behind and with the backing of wings an inbuilt audience and voting base to give the snp/greens a run for their (our money) . Nicola is a manager we require a leader.DONT GET MAD GET EVEN .

  100. Andrew Davidson says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    [kills self]

    That might be a little extreme!

  101. Ottmanboi says:

    The art of followship.
    After you! No, after you! No, after you….until hell freezes over.

  102. Mac says:

    Never read WGD. Cant even remember why, I think I just thought it was pish for some reason when I visited many moons ago.

    In fact that whole list above is a list of sites I never visit.

    Newsnet actually sounds vague familiar, I see it was a merger with that Bateman guy (a blast from the past name) who I’ve not read anything from since 2014 (presumably when he merged).

    Bella Caledonia I read articles on now and then when people would link to articles on it on other sites, but not for many years, again probably since 2014. But even then I’d be amazed if it was more than half a dozen times.

    So I went and had a look at WGD.

    Wow, his entire article is one long whining bitch about the Rev. How old is this guy. He comes across as about 14.

    Campbell did this and Campbell did that and Campbell said this so I said that, so I did…. paragraph after droning paragraph. It was like reading some greeting faced teenager.

    I think someone said the guy was unwell but if you write something as snide as that you deserve all you get.

    Paul Kavanagh is a sniveling cunt. I can see why his site is a mecca for thick wankers.

  103. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Why’s The People Versus Carmichael getting the red pen treatment?”

    Same reason as the others. (Specifically down to Tim Morrison.)

  104. AnneDon says:

    That is very worrying news about Craig Murray, even if it was expected. He can’t now use his website to launch a fundraiser, which will be a real problem.
    I hope if he does a fundraiser for his legal fees, people on here will contribute to it and publicise it.

  105. Robert McAllan says:

    Stuart your contribution to Scotland’s quest for Independence shines a light into the dark side of deceit which has become a trademark of this current SNP Leadership hosted by Nicola Sturgeon and her husband in law Peter Murrell.

    I note iSCOT are on your red list and as a consequence they will cease to be supported in this house. Following the antics of twa collie dugs on the Isle of Skye appears to be its strongest suite judging by space allocated in every edition. Might it be the case that Sturgeons camp followers are aw dugs?

    Keep up the good work Stuart, it is essential, any future crowdfunder will be generously supported.

  106. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Rev, there’s a comment you need to take a look at on the government piece at 10:28am.”

    Sorted, thanks.

  107. Alistair White says:

    Dude, I will put my money where my support is, when its required. Keep the faith and we should re-group for when the time is right. I agree with you, its not any time soon. More’s the pitty.

  108. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Bella Caledonia – Grousebeater is DYING.”

    One man dying, one man probably being sent to jail, Mike doesn’t care so long as he can gloat and virtue-signal about it and try to make himself feel relevant.

  109. Douglas MacMillan says:

    Stay with it Rev – I may not always agree with your style of wording, but your analysis and presentation of narrative redolent with supporting evidence to back it is quite brilliant.

    You are Scotland’s champion and tower over all in intellectual terms, moral integrity and honesty.

    The problem is all politicians are dodgy – they lack critical facilities and ultimately can only be successful if they single-mindedly act to further their own self interest. Sad but true.

    To get Independence we need a true leader to emerge – pygmies like Sturgeon and Blackford are not up to the task but their egos are full to busting, so are unable to reflect, learn and thereby become better leaders.

    Please keep on doing what you do…. and don’t try to carry the YES movement. Leave those others to sink or swim.

    The Yes movement, if there is such a thing, is in pause mode. Sturgeon started and encouraged the divisions and I suspect there is worse to come.

    On the positive side, those within the SNP and the broader YES camp who are charlatans (e.g. Devo-Maxers like Swinney and Devo Whatevers like Pete the Slipper) will reveal themselves as such in due course.

    Perhaps the best solution might be to recognise that the YES movement now needs to morph into a broader coalition which recognises and respects different political perspectives, not just the WOKE agenda promoted by Sturgeon and Harvie.

    Therefore in the short term I hope ISP can gain traction by winning a handful of seats on the list – this will keep pressure on the SNP to stay honest at least with regard to independence and will allow the Independence movement to develop and mature.

    I will probably vote SNP on constituency because he is a good candidate with a long pedigree in supporting independence. If the SNP candidate was a WOKE I would not vote for them and would rather spoil the ballot. ISP gets my list vote.

  110. Iain Lawson says:

    Just to put on record that my modestly successful blog Yours for Scotland has never required any financial support from anyone, before they say it because I am famously wealthy (that is a joke) but I have enjoyed good relations with the Rev Stu and have always found him helpful. I admire his journalistic ability.

    I would warn WGD if he takes a dig at me I might compare my blog that runs without the need for money compared to his where only money could explain some of the outrageous articles he has authored defending the indefensible as he seeks to hold on to his Nikkla loyal readership.

  111. Magnus Erlendsson says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    25 March, 2021 at 12:52 pm

    “Why’s The People Versus Carmichael getting the red pen treatment?”

    Same reason as the others. (Specifically down to Tim Morrison.)

    Well they’re all private individuals and obviously very strong-willed and opinionated or they wouldn’t have done what they did. I don’t presume to speak for them but I know for a fact that some of those involved are still appreciative of your support. As a single-issue campaign group it never attacked anyone (unless you count Carmichael).

  112. Confused says:

    your words speak truth, unlike the fork-tongues …

  113. sog says:

    I remember the Orkney appeal, looking back I wonder how much of the crowdfund came via WoS. It had to be a shock to Parliament that ordinary people could take a senior MP to court.

    I think it was £200k raised. Perhaps one of the Orkney people might comment if they have an understanding of what proportion of that came via WoS. The original website seems to be down, or I might have asked there.

  114. Stephen Welsh (XY) says:

    As Rev Stu indicates, this does feel like the beginning of the end of the 2014 Yes movement that was so inspiring. Personally I attribute that inspiration to Alex Salmond’s passion and dedication to the goal. The Covid Queen had big shoes to fill and choose self fulfilment over selfless aspirations demonstrated by of her predecessor.

    We shall never achieve independence without acts of selfless conviction and well directed efforts. For those willing to look it’s very clear the Covid Queen will never get us there.

    Very sad times, zero to gloat about by the anti-wings cabal.
    Love your work Stu, for me you have my 100% support as long as you need it.

  115. SilverDarling says:

    The arrival of The National really changed a lot of people. From having their own voice they saw the potential of a steady income and a way to increase their reach.

    Unfortunately, the editorial line of The National has become one of unequivocal NS support so the tame bloggers had to find a way to be useful to that propaganda. Unless you have a bit more reach like Kevin McKenna (where his views vary depending on what paper he writes for) you are stuck churning out the same stuff for the troops.

    Even Lesley Riddoch has tempered her output now that she is a regular with the Herald. And as for Ruth Wishart, well she is a product of the Scottish Press through and through and they all revert to type eventually.

  116. a whole new movement of new people will have to grow organically from nothing again as it did back then, and of course that also includes Wings.
    For what it is worth (Barrheadboy) I would much rather be in the trenches with you than any of those you have highlighted above.

  117. Morag says:

    … an irascible, mercurial bugger with no patience for stupidity …

    That’s a keeper.

  118. Andy Ellis says:

    Galling as their ingratitude is Stu, it’s a back handed compliment really. None of them can hold a candle to this site: they envy and fear you in equal measure. The past few years have shown many of us the true character of these charlatans.

    I think you’re right about the need for something new for the next independence campaign. I’ve long been if there opinion that it was a strategic mistake for the broader Yes movement to basically be in hock to one dominant party. Let’s face it, that approach has comprehensively failed. I now have my doubts we can even anticipate having an umbrella organisation for the next campaign. I’d find it next to impossible to campaign shoulder to shoulder with three kind of folk supporting Sturgeon and the current SNP.

    The sooner we have a viable alternative the better in my view. Sadly, this won’t be the work of months, it will take years. We need to target 2026 for plebiscitary elections on the back of a new party committed to taking independence not asking for it, a party opposed to SNP gradualists, the HCB, self ID & the attack on self expression represented by the current SNP leadership.

    Independence needs to be established on the right foundations. Looking at the current SNP ensuring a new party is not anything like them would be a good start. Whether it’s the ISP, a new party or just ensuring that existing parties sign up for acceptable practices and principles remains to be seen. I suppose we’ll have to await the outcome of 2021 elections for a steer on where to go next?

  119. John H. says:

    It seems that you don’t intend to give up on Wings just yet. Thank God for that. We need you more than ever now. Even WGD and your other critics will need you someday. They don’t realise it yet, but they will.

  120. shiregirl says:

    I can only imagine the toll it takes on your mental health reading the vitriol you are subjected to relentlessly, everyday. You must be incredibly resilient.

    Having people you once regarded as friends treat you in this manner is the most hurtful – especially when you have plugged and helped them in their causes. Doesn’t matter how strong we are. It hurts and jades your perspective on who you can count as friends thereafter.

    Bit different, however I had similar happen after a separation. People I counted as friends stopped getting in touch. Sides were taken. Cue the slaggin’ off and nasty comments. Was my judgement about my so-called friends characters way off? No. People change when they get jealous or angry and this was their issue, not mine.

    Stay strong and don’t let them change you.

  121. Craig P says:

    There was a period Rev where you seemed to have lost the plot. Banging on about trans rights etc. As information and events emerged over the last year, your seeming abrupt switch to an anti-SNP stance started to make more sense. Murray and Dangerfield added more perspective and slowly my own views, not on independence, but on the fitness of the people professing to lead us there, changed.

    WGD made what at the time seemed the rational decision to stay in the tent, but the storm is just getting worse and the tent is leaking.

    I like Bella for the ideas (if not the lack of subediting).

    There’s other sites like Common Space, Business For Scotland, Tax Research, etc, that just don’t get enough publicity.

    Right now Scot Goes Pop seems to be taking the most pragmatic approach to events and the forthcoming election. Am I going to vote SNP? Or unionist? It’s the dilemma New Labour voters had. Obviously I’m not going to vote unionist, but if I re-elect my current MSP it will be with all the enthusiasm of clearing up cat sick.

  122. Jontoscots20 says:

    If my Facebook feed is anything to by there is a concerted attempt by various Foote (sic) soldiers to distribute Sturgeon worship to increasingly lumpen eejits. It’s crossed over into my Celtic fan feed with both votes bollocks and the idea that Celtic fans need to get behind her because of course everyone who opposes Imelda and Ferdinand’s rule is a yoon.

    I point out her less than even handed treatment of the Rangers riot and the role of Police Scotland in providing an escort. Goes quiet then. Or they come out with Sarwar is a Gers fan. As a Scottish patriot I don’t want Glasgow derby rivalry getting in the way of our destiny, and I’d love to see what other independently minded Indy supporters think of setting up a discussion. However ,the cynicism of the SNP who as their OBF legislation showed despise the working class culture and values of football is breathtaking.

  123. H Scott says:

    Paul Kavanagh has been going through an extremely difficult time because of his stroke.
    One reason people seek donations or subscriptions to a blog is that the time and effort required to do it well makes it hard to find an alternative source of income, especially if you’ve had a stroke.

  124. Cath says:

    Personally I attribute that inspiration [in the 2014 yes campaign] to Alex Salmond’s passion and dedication to the goal.

    Yes, totally. When people talk of Alex being “difficult to work with” or a bully, I don’t doubt that. I suspect he doesn’t suffer fools and if you did something wrong you’d feel his temper. People who are very successful leaders are often like that.

    But, as a member of the SNP under both his and Sturgeon’s leadership, the SNP (and Yes campaign) were brilliant and fun places to be. There was a huge openness, loads of debate, we were all learning vast amounts about politics and how to do it all the time. He was a brilliant leader, who took Scotland from a place where independence was a fringe lunatic position no one believed could happen to a place it so nearly did.

    Under Sturgeon it’s the complete opposite – it’s a tiny minded, closed, actually scary place to be. People are hounded out the party for not toeing the leadership line on absolutely everything, however crazy or counter to your own interests it might be. The wider independence movement are slated and silenced. There is no debate and Sturgeon acolytes actually seem proud about their “no debate” line.

    So I know if I had to actually work for either Nicola or Alex, it would be Alex every time. It’s patently obvious who the bigger bully is, simply from being a party member.

  125. ScottieDog says:

    The SNP LT have us all in a big sack tied off at the top, like a bag o ferrets. No real purpose, just to fight amongst ourselves.
    The only thing to do is gnaw our way out of the side and set off on our own..

  126. wull says:

    Never having been any use at jigsaws, or even interested in them, I have been quite unable to identify anyone. A couple of days ago, looking for something else, I stumbled on a site which explicitly identified one of the complainers by name, giving the letter of the alphabet that related to her. I was so astonished I did not even take note of the website, and haven’t a clue how to navigate back there (computers, and how they work, are in the same category as jigsaws for me!).

    Nor do I have any desire to find it again anyway. The issue doesn’t interest me, and I don’t need to know who any of the complainers were.

    What does interest me is the question of selective prosecution. If the names of complainers are still being openly bandied about on the web today, so long after the trial, why is Craig Murray the only person being prosecuted?

    I almost said ‘Why is Craig Murray the only person being prosecuted for it?’ – but if I had, the ‘for it’ would be wrong. As far as I understand it, Craig Murray never went nearly as far as the website I stumbled on the other day. He never did mention any name of any of the complainers, nor did he attach any name to a letter of the alphabet. All he is supposed to have done is to have said something or other through which some other people, if they were good at jigsaws, might use to guess who one or another or even three or four of the complainers might be.

    Yet I would not be surprised if there are people who read all the articles in question which Craig posted on his blog who are still – like I was until I stumbled on that other blogsite, nothing to do with Craig Murray, the other day – completely in the dark about the identity of any of the complainers.

    Granted the political implications of this and other selective prosecutions, this surely has to be a matter to be taken up with (and publicised by) Amnesty International and other relevant and high profile international bodies.

    Even though I am lousy at jigsaws, I think I am beginning to identify a strong link between the inordinate and unusual delay in Lady D’s arriving at a judgement in such a simple matter and the fact that the sentencing will not take place until the day after the election. Can somebody please help me – do these two pieces somehow fit together?

    (I have unfortunately forgotten the judge’s name, but I think it begins with a ‘D’. Maybe it’s better that I just stick to that alphabetical designation anyway, if only to spare Lady ‘D’ her blushes.)

  127. Magnus Erlendsson says:

    sog says:
    25 March, 2021 at 1:03 pm

    “I remember the Orkney appeal, looking back I wonder how much of the crowdfund came via WoS. It had to be a shock to Parliament that ordinary people could take a senior MP to court.

    I think it was £200k raised. Perhaps one of the Orkney people might comment if they have an understanding of what proportion of that came via WoS. The original website seems to be down, or I might have asked there.”

    13.8% of donations came as a result of referrals from Wings Over Scotland.

  128. Stu hutch says:

    So where now for wings ? Will wings be endorsing a list party ? Can wings influence isp & afi to pull together ? Short of Alex salmond entering the frey wings seems to be everyone’s collection point I think the snp and greens are hitching together to sideline the list partys for this election thereby ensuring the status quo and no movement . Only way we can stop this is to have one list party to get behind and with the backing of wings an inbuilt audience and voting base to give the snp/greens a run for (our money) nicola is a manager we require a leader . DONT GET MAD GET EVEN .

  129. Bob Costello says:

    It is refreshing to get some perspective on heated opinions and indeed stand back and look at the true picture. Your input and staunch support for the cause of independence is well appreciated Stuart and your commentary, especially in recent times has been invaluable.
    Thank you

  130. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “There’s other sites like Common Space, Business For Scotland, Tax Research, etc, that just don’t get enough publicity.”

    Common Space hasn’t existed for quite some time now.

  131. SilverDarling says:

    With regard to WGD, I never liked his writing that much as it seemed to always state the bleeding obvious. However, his stroke has brought some change in him as you would expect and apart from the problems he has documented he is now obviously much more irritable.

    Does that give him the right to rewrite history? Not as far as I am concerned. The only good thing he had going for him was his brave choice to support the Rev and now that he has gone back on even that, well what can you say? He is not the man I thought he was.

    If there is another IndyRef, campaigning will be so regulated and open only to those whose faces fit that grassroots organisations might as well not bother trying to join.

    Will the Wee Blue Book be consigned to the bonfire by the NuSNP acolytes as only regulated reading material look like it will be allowed?

  132. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “13.8% of donations came as a result of referrals from Wings Over Scotland.”

    So nearly £30,000? Wow. I had no idea.

  133. James says:

    Willie @ 12:16

    You seem to be capable of a bit of vile hatred all by yourself?

  134. Craig Murray says:

    Stu may wish to delete this tweet as it relates a personal conversation.

    Somewhere around a year ago I mentioned to Stuart that I was worried Paul seemed to be losing all perspective in matters touching on Nicola and her commitment to Indyref2, or lack thereof.

    Stu steered me away from any criticism, and said I should be more understanding given various difficult personal circumstances Paul was experiencing and related financial difficulties. He was concerned to make every allowance possible. Stu also much later contacted me with the news of Paul’s stroke with a view to our doing anything possible to help. I think that is important background.

  135. Shocked says:

    The ginger dug is a parasite. Anyone who crowdfunds their own wedding is little more than a common thief.

    Haven’t posted for a while, Hotmail thing is an issue but main reason is that I’m so pissed off that Sturgeon appears to have got away with it. I cannot believe that we have a situation where thousands of people know exactly what she did, we all know she needs to go to jail and yet she has faced zero consequences for her actions and yet is still walking around free with imbeciles like ginger dug and the rest fawning at her feet.

    It makes me sick to my stomach. I’m disgusted with the state of the country.

  136. Aunty Flo says:

    Keep strong Rev – the truth will always prevail.

    ‘When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him’.

    – Jonathan Swift

  137. Craig Murray says:

    My point being that I found Stu’s attitude to Paul to be of toleration, understanding and kindness that it took a lot of abuse to snap.

  138. Mac says:

    Does anyone know what Craig Murray was actually found guilty of i.e. what specific article or thing he wrote that was deemed contempt of court. Obviously don’t repeat it but was it something in his First Minister satire piece for example or was it something else.

    I ask because I read his stuff religiously during this all and try as I might I could not work out who the accusers were never mind which accuser was which alphabet woman.

    So whatever they found him guilty of it must have been pretty flimsy is my guess.

  139. Alison Brown says:

    Any chance, Rev of you going for a slot on the Edinburgh Fringe after COVID? I’d be buying a ticket!

  140. Liz says:

    Your is the blog I go to first every day.
    I also read GB, Gordon Dangerfield, Ian Lawson, Barrhead Boy, Tommy Sheridan, as you all have something to say.

    I stopped reading WGD a couple of years ago as I thought he had nothing to say of interest.
    That he has now become vindictive is very sad, as someone else said, a stroke can change your personality.

    I used to read Bella at the start cos they had some good articles on media, film and TV.
    Can’t remember the last time I looked.

    Yours is the only blog I have contributed to because it’s deserved.

    There has always been something iffy in the Scottish psyche.
    There is a lack of generosity of spirit which I have noticed before in many people.
    Probaly none of us have fully escaped unscathed from 300 years of colonisation.

    I hope you don’t give this blog up, though it would not surprise me if you took a long sabbatical

  141. Trans gammon says:

    Certain people in the Yes movement have been posing as radicals for years, while grifting for ScotGov funding with stupid box-ticking exercises (“rate your project out of 10 in addressing the Climate Crisis” etc. etc.), and then curiously enough, writing red-tinted panegyrics for the SNP.

    Peter Oborne, writing of New Labour, spoke of their “civil society complicity strategy” – funding for praise – and it was brought wholesale to Scotland. Before fundamental rights like free speech were at stake in our national debate, this all felt depressingly predictable. Now it’s enraging.

  142. fillofficer says:

    the king is dead, long live the queen
    your RT interview with AS was the turning point, probably, for
    many SNP loyalists
    there was a paradigm shift in your content, too
    blinkers were removed
    the reality of the indy situation became obvious
    NS nods to LE to enact retribution
    as unpredictable as that seems, looking back it was quite likely
    i sincerely hope that you continue after may 6th
    i visit every day & would miss your analysis
    however, i do appreciate what you are up against

  143. Colin Alexander says:

    I still believe in independence. I believe the people of Scotland are sovereign and should have their own sovereign state where the government and parliament can be held accountable to the people.

    My belief is the SNP no longer have any intentions of delivering independence. Their priority is power for themselves. They have become a corrupt party of colonial administration pushing their own agendas that’s nothing to do with independence.

    Even worse, some of their agendas threaten our human rights and are a threat to the campaign for Scottish independence.

    The SNP should be actively opposed by all legal means possible.

    Credit to Stu, he’s decided to speak out rather than be popular with pro-SNP, pro-Sturgeon people.

    So, it’s a shame when things get personal rather than sticking to debating the politics.

  144. Catherine says:

    I often think it must be lonely in your shoes given the amount of crap you put up with daily, much of which we don’t have a clue about. I know it’s not much help but remember there are a great many of us who know how big the yes movement’s debt is to you. I just wish you weren’t so right all the time and we were on track to winning independence next year. But for me, it’s over now. I just want to have nothing to do with the lot of them. If the UK government decides I am not to be allowed to stay in Scotland after all, maybe it will be for the best. I am no longer a believer.

    Sorry, I went all ranty (will I get the jail for saying my autocorrect changed that to randy?). I really just wanted to say thanks.

  145. Garavelli Princip says:

    “robert alexander harrison says:
    25 March, 2021 at 12:15 pm
    Paul has a very good point about you stuart Campbell like alex salmond you lost your damn mind you really need to stop attacking the snp right now because England rule cults job for them your so up your arse you cant even see it you raving lunatic.”

    Have you noticed Stuart, that your detractors such as the nutter above, are both illiterate and clearly deranged?

    This is very reassuring.

  146. Morgatron says:

    Stu, I don’t read or participate in any of their blogs any longer ,as I don’t agree with the majority of what is said there any longer. As far as a long time Wings reader , there has been no one else out there spilling the beans like you, so a big ta from me. With regards to the organisations and individuals who have bitten the hands who fed them – that is their loss. As my old boy always said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Don’t want you or my fellow wingers to change course one bit.

  147. robertknight says:

    Craig Murray…

    As you’ve popped up on here for some hopefully light relief, can I ask that you keep up your excellent work and make sure we’re all aware of how/when/what assistance can be given. Best…RK

  148. Scozzie says:

    What a week it’s been for treating justice and accountability like the height of shite!

    I’m cynical by nature, but even I’m astounded by the sheer blatant and in yer face corruption of government and Scottish institutions.

    Glancing through social media I can only hope the NS cult followers are bots. Coz if this is a reflection of the general public I think they’ve been rohypnoled by the NS propaganda!!!! Have people no critical thinking skills left in them?

    NS seems emboldened, I dread to think what 5 more years of an NS government will bring.

    Political persecution and corruption seems to be the new normal, and it seems like peeps want to vote for that – fucking bewildering!!!!!

  149. holymacmoses says:

    H Scott says:
    25 March, 2021 at 1:18 pm
    Paul Kavanagh has been going through an extremely difficult time because of his stroke.

    If I were to be a cynical person I’d suggest that WGD knows fine well that mentioning Wings drives up his readership and he’s become a shill in order to drive up his readership. Strokes can change people’s personality but in this case it’s changed very little that was of value in the man. he’s always been chasing the money.

  150. Robert Louis says:

    REVSTU, Your work is invaluable to the independence cause. I genuinely find it hard to believe that so many have seemingly forgot the role you actively played on a daily basis refuting unionist lies. Day in, day out, you sytematically and methodically destroyed every single unionist argument against independence. Yet, seemingly iScot, James Kelly and Bella, have all decided to forget that.

    I am always open to other view points. I don’t read Wings and nothing else, I read all the indy blogs and sources like the Torygraph and others. It is important to see how our opponents try to frame their argument. I do think you detailed forensic analysis and attention to detail, is way superior to anything else in the independence movement, and it is vital.

    Of REAL genuine concern to me, is what Paul Kavanagh has said. I had the very highest respect for his views (even when I disagreed), and I enjoyed his humour – I have two of his books, signed by him. I just don’t understand how somebody such as that can be so quick to forget your role in indy 2014, and before. Is it really just because you think a woman is an adult human female (an actual fact, btw)? Are these people really soooo shallow, as to condemn you outright simply because you will not drink the anti-women and homophobic gender woo-woo Kool aid?

    Of course I really do not think any of this nastiness within the movement would ever have come about, if the SNP had carried out their electoral mandates, keeping an independent Scotland within the EU. The endles do-nothing approach of the SNP leadership has left the indy movement squabbling among itself. To this day, some in the SNP hierarchy are still at it, with snidy conceited twitter postings mocking Craig Murray, Alex Salmond and youself. Mind, I am now solidy of the opinion, that a great many within the SNP hierarchy now serve England’s security services and NOT the people of Scotland.

    It is all designed to keep stirring things. All designed to keep fights going. They don’t want us to get past the Alex Salmond nonsense, they don’t want us to focus on independence. ‘Divide and Conquer’, is what England does to keep its colonies, like Scotland. Perfidious Albion is the right name, perfidious indeed, lying, treacherous, duplicitous, cheating.

    We cannot be free of them soon enough, them and their ‘Intelligence officers and covert human intelligence sources’ WITHIN the SNP, ‘scottishy’BBC and Crown office.

    O/T Looking forward to watching our National Scotland football team play their game tonight, live on SCOTTISH Television..Makes having the TV licence all worth while..

  151. Strathy says:

    Great to see The O’Jays – and those magnificent 70s afros!

    It is interesting that the blogs and news outlets that provide critical, well-researched articles have large numbers of visitors and can stand independently.

    The rest remain dependent on their benefactor.

  152. Fortsätte says:

    Rule of Law or rule of personality.
    Which is the prefered route for the ‘Traditional Values’ cult spawning?
    I do hope Craig Murray a once respected voice in the scheme of things doesn’t get too tough a time of it. You know what it’s like when you step out of line and get caught then refuse to accept responsibility or step back from the front.

  153. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Isn’t all this typically Scottish. Our history is absolutely littered with examples whereby we fought among ourselves and England took advantage.

    No nation on earth has a greater history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory – we reeally are a hopeless case.

    And we will always, I fear, have “tractors” like Jack in our midst, who would rather be ruled by England than have us rule ourselves.

    It suits the Tories to have Sturgeon in charge. She isn’t going to push for Independence the way Alex Salmond would; she is no threat to them, so, she will be kept in place.

    They don’t have a “Scottish” Tory who could attract midges to a picnic, and “Scottish” Labour is a waste of space.

    With the help of Sturgeon and Co, they have all but finished Alex Salmond – the one Scottish politician they really fear, now they are coming for the dangerous pro-Independence Scottish bloggers.

    I would be extremely worried as to my personal liberty, if I was Stuart Campbell, but, he is still our best media hope of alerting Scotland’s people to the dangers of this Tory Government.

    Keep fighting Stuart, we are still behind you.

  154. Fishy Wullie says:

    I remember Paul some time ago talking about publishing a book and naming it Wee Ginger Book clearly an acknowledgement of the contribution the Wee Blue Book made in 2014, what short memories some people have.

    Don’t let these people get to you Stu keep doing what you’re doing,I used to be a big fan of Paul but if he’s happy to sit back and say nothing when an innocent man is falsely accused and his life all but destroyed because it’s inconvenient to speak up he’s no friend of mine or the independence movement.

  155. Effigy says:

    And of course they will come back to apologise on the back of the
    proof that you just posted?

    They will come on hear to read about what they don’t know and
    what they don’t want to know.

    The Rev is hated as he records their marinations and holds them up to
    be accounted for them.

    That’s cheating in their corrupt immoral political circles.

    I don’t agree with everything that the Rev posts but I must say I’ve never
    encountered anything that I would call a lie.

    I dream of having a Scottish government I could one day say that of.

  156. Mac says:

    Anyone posting on any well know public forum who has been critical of Nicola Sturgeon and / or supportive of Alex Salmond over the last few years will have been attacked and smeared. I have experienced it personally and I am 100% positive so will you.

    The first example I saw of it was some old SNP hand who was starting to grumble about NS’s strategy getting immediately called a misogynist and being ruthlessly smeared. That was the beginning of it for me at least and it just got worse and worse.

    There is something about the so called ‘progressive / woke’ crowd that makes extremely vicious. It is always play the man and not the ball, every time, without fail.

    Even if you experience it mildly it is very unpleasant. Like being surrounded by a pack of bullies. But none of us I think can possibly imagine what it must be like to be SC.

    The level of abuse and spite is quite breathtaking. I actually don’t understand where it comes from. I read the articles on here and they contain nothing to merit this.

    If you try to pin them down it comes down to vague complaints about telling the odd person to fuck off BTL. They really cant come up with anything tangible…

    It is weird phenomenon and I saw the same thing with Alex Salmond as well. Some folk could never cut him a break no matter what he did.

    I suspect this is because they are both very effective in what they do, and that inherently bugs them.

  157. Allium says:

    I’d forgotten most of those sites existed, must be years since I looked at any of them, Scot Goes Pop excepted.

    I don’t really have anything in common with most Yessers these days, other than Yes. They venerate Nicola, they are in hysterics over Janey Godley, they defended Flow Job, etc etc. I look at them the way I used to look at New Labour people – except they never really sanctified Blair, they were just happy he took them where they wanted to go anyway. He wasn’t their God.

    You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel embittered by the response you’ve received, from people you considered friends. I hope the knowledge that your work is truly valued by your readership makes up for things somewhat.

  158. Ingwe says:

    A fu**ing disgrace to give the judgment today but to give the reasons later. After an eight week wait for a 90 minute hearing. Just part of the vindictive torture. nothing to do with justice!

  159. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “The ginger dug is a parasite. Anyone who crowdfunds their own wedding is little more than a common thief.”

    I was careful not to criticise Paul in the piece for stuff like that or for getting his readers to buy him a house, because the point about crowdfunders is that they’re ultimately self-policing. As long as you tell people what they’re donating for then it’s none of anyone else’s business.

    And even in the case of someone like “Bonnie Prince Bob”, who I think is completely at it with his “election” crowdfunder, if people want to give him money when he hasn’t even said what he’ll spend it on then it’s their money, and nobody else, including me, has any place moaning about it. He’s said “Give me cash for whatever” they’ve said “Okay”, and my opinion has no role to play in the matter.

    Obviously the SNP raising money for a “ringfenced indyref campaign fund” and then spending it on elections is another matter entirely.

  160. JGedd says:

    When I look back on campaigning for the 2014 referendum I see them now as days of innocence. Any unpleasantness seemed to come from the other side and it felt good to be on the same side as such optimistic, well-intentioned people in a movement set on the betterment of the country.

    Unhappily, with the SNP ensconced as the governing party and MPS in WM, the upbeat outlook began to dissipate and as time passed my misgivings and suspicions increased and I found that only a few sites actually gave voice to my own unease and actually had the evidence to support that.

    With the Salmond affair, it is as if we have been ricocheted back to the mood music of 2014 but this time the outpouring of vitriol and malice has come from many of those who had been on our side back then. As independence supporters, all idea of collegiality has gone out of the window and many are focussed almost solely on loyalty to Sturgeon.

    I have never given unquestioning loyalty to any politician and it mystifies me why these people are so invested in Sturgeon that they are blind to any evidence which would besmirch the Glorious Leader. The Unionists used to accuse us of being ‘cult-like’ and now Sturgeon supporters seem to vindicate that idea.

    Many of the people who used to exhort us to be polite to Unionist supporters as ‘just because we have different opinions we can still disagree civilly’ seem to have abandoned that when it comes to other independence supporters who are critical of the SNP.

    We have become the enemy and therefore they can turn their fury on us. All I feel now is the same revulsion I used to feel for the dishonest propagandising of the Unionists. Just as I won’t vote for the SNP then I won’t read the copy of Sturgeon loyalists and I find their fanatical loyalty and demonising of those who disagree with them hypocritical and downright ugly.

  161. Cath says:

    The level of abuse and spite is quite breathtaking. I actually don’t understand where it comes from. I read the articles on here and they contain nothing to merit this.

    I think there are two categories:

    The first are people who never actually read anything and just let others tell them what to think. These are the same people who’ll denigrate Wings, Salmond and JK Rowling, based on those they see as leaders telling them not to read those sources and also giving them a false idea about what they say. Trans rights activists are the most bonkers for this – they genuinely have no idea what people like JK Rowling actually said, but believe they are monsters because of what someone else told them they said. They have zero critical faculties at all and are just cult-like zombies. You’ll see them now demanding things like “Salmond must stop attacking Nicola” despite the fact he literally hadn’t said anything about her.

    Then there is another group who, I suspect, are jealous. They see others who are successful and better than them and there is just a venomous spite and desire to take them down. Some probably also see their comfortable way of life threatened if there is a change of leadership or real focus on independence.

  162. ahundredthidiot says:

    Fuck ’em, Rev, they’re a set a cunts.

    They wont even make a footnote in Scotlands history.

  163. El Mariachi says:

    Regarding the comment about this being the quietest day this week Stu – has that got anything to with Mark Hirst’s continuing forecast of sunshine for this week?

    Also can you advise why I also appear to be in pre-moderation jail?

  164. Jontoscots20 says:

    Garavelli Princip says:
    25 March, 2021 at 1:38 pm
    “robert alexander harrison says:
    25 March, 2021 at 12:15 pm
    Paul has a very good point about you stuart Campbell like alex salmond you lost your damn mind you really need to stop attacking the snp right now because England rule cults job for them your so up your arse you cant even see it you raving lunatic.”

    Have you noticed Stuart, that your detractors such as the nutter above, are both illiterate and clearly deranged?

    This is very reassuring.

    Garavelli Princip (Great name/handle if that’s still a thing!). Posters who use lower case for proper names show a special strain of numptiness. ?

  165. John Main says:

    Is this the quietest day in Scottish politics this week?

    I spent some happy time this morning trying to write a headline in my head. My best effort is:

    “Brave Scottish health staff cruelly denied fair wages by Tory toff Boris weep at the open-handed generosity of the Scottish NHS’s friend Saint Nicola”.

    I think this latest move a master stroke. Although I loathe and detest St Nicola as much as anybody else on this blog, credit where credit is due. None of the mass of disinterested voters in Scotland are thinking about Alec Salmond’s new court action right now.

  166. Jontoscots20 says:

    Garavelli Princip says:
    25 March, 2021 at 1:38 pm
    “robert alexander harrison says:
    25 March, 2021 at 12:15 pm
    Paul has a very good point about you stuart Campbell like alex salmond you lost your damn mind you really need to stop attacking the snp right now because England rule cults job for them your so up your arse you cant even see it you raving lunatic.”

    Have you noticed Stuart, that your detractors such as the nutter above, are both illiterate and clearly deranged?

    This is very reassuring.

    Garavelli Princip (Great name/handle if that’s still a thing!). Posters who use lower case for proper names show a special strain of numptiness. ?

  167. Ottmanboi says:

    The independence movement as represented by the SNP ought never to got into bed with the LGBTQ+, neo-feminist and « gender » politics crowd. They have contributed nothing barring a few votes here and there but have done wonders for UK Unionism by fudging and obscuring the National party’s foundational rationale.
    Effectively this is London rule via the nation’s bedrooms.
    They need to be politely shown the front door.

  168. CGraham says:

    Had to laugh at the end of “The Achievers” article linked above:

    “What all of the above also have in common is that they’ve been the subject of vicious attacks from the “radical” elements of the Yes movement”

    The more things change, the more they stay the same!

  169. Mac says:

    cirsium says:
    this article gives a summary
    Cheers, so it was jigsaw identification (but it does not say where and how most probably to avoid repeating it).

    So that is pish. You could not jigsaw identify anyone based on what CM wrote. Nor this site for that matter.

    As someone who does not know I was trying my best to work out who was who but it could not be done.

    The First Minister satire was before Salmond was charged. I re-read it recently and with hindsight it was brilliant considering when it was written. I missed about 80% of the satire first time around. It is only now with knowledge from other areas that appreciate it more.

    If this is it, then it is pathetic. When you think of all the really bad stuff that has happened, that journo-wally posting the name of one of the women (resulting in the secrecy order), Dani whatsherface identifying one woman using a jigsaw of about two pieces, that scandalous Herald hatchet job by Derek Mackay that was clearly designed to influence the jury, the leak to the Daily Record… and none of that faces any legal penalty.

    Yet mild mannered arch criminal Craig Murray in his wooly jumper is getting jailed for something that he is not even guilty of and for reasons we all know are political. He simply supports the wrong side, like wings, like Mark Hirst, like Salmond himself.

    To lose CM’s site is a huge loss. If this place went down we’d be pretty much in the dark.

  170. Mark Boyle says:

    @James Caithness says: 25 March, 2021 at 12:16 pm

    I remember getting WGD through to give us a talk a couple of years back. He asked for his expenses soon after arriving.

    At the end of his talk (but included in the talk) he added his “Maps of Scotland with Gaelic place names for sale”. He left us a number of those maps that he wanted our YES Hub to sell for him.

    So when he talks about “transactional” he wasn’t slow at coming forward to make a few bob from the Yes movement.”

    O Tempora! O Mores!

    I remember reading years ago when Leslie Von Goetz (aka Leslie Greene) stood for the Legalise Cannabis Campaign’s flag of convenience CLEAR, and she was scandalised to be offered “expenses” for attending some hustings or candidate meeting – she’d cut her electoral teeth in a different era when “expenses” were paid by your party or organisation, or more often than not your own pocket! In return for others donating their time to listen to them blah-blah, a cup of tea and a biscuit more than sufficed.

    It used to be that the number of candidates for a by-election or general election constituency could be determined by the quality of the local Conservative Club and Liberal Club, who always held a hustings. Even though the audiences would inevitably be rather partizen, the spreads afterwards were to die for (and if there were CPGB candidates, half the biscuits would end up in their pockets!)

  171. Westviews says:

    It’s jealousy, pure and simple. You are an investigative journalist and they will never be what you are. Before there was an internet they would be sending their little articles to the Sunday Post in the hope of being published. They don’t appear to have grown out of that wee parochial mindset.

    If I want to read an article where there are links to back up everything that’s said, I come here.
    If I want to read an article that has been very well researched and is well written, I come here.
    If I want to read an article about what’s really going on in Scottish politics, without any hero worship involved, I come here.

    You have never been more needed than you are now. We need your truth and honesty and the minute you start a fundraiser, I will be more than happy to contribute. Thank you for everything you do.

  172. MaggieC says:

    Rev Stuart ,

    As I’ve said before we thank you for your honesty and integrity in your reporting of the “ facts “ .

    If others cannot accept the truth that is their problem and no-one else’s .

    Also thank you for all your support for Alex Salmond .


  173. Cenchos says:

    The ruling bodies, and much of the favoured membership, of the SNP now comprise such a collection of irreconcilable odd-bods that the Party has had to prescribe imaginary monsters simply to detract its own members from falling upon each other in an orgy of subjectivity.

    Such a structure can only be maintained for so long, however, before the acidic small-mindedness necessary to such a state of affairs begins to erode the entire structure from the inside out.

  174. wull says:

    Mac says:
    25 March, 2021 at 1:31 pm
    ‘Does anyone know what Craig Murray was actually found guilty of i.e. what specific article or thing he wrote that was deemed contempt of court. Obviously don’t repeat it but …

    ‘I ask because I read his stuff religiously during this all and try as I might I could not work out who the accusers were never mind which accuser was which alphabet woman.

    ‘So whatever they found him guilty of it must have been pretty flimsy is my guess.’

    Thanks Mac. What you say there confirms what I thought would probably be the case for many, when I wrote @ 1.19 above the following:

    … I would not be surprised if there are people who read all the articles in question which Craig posted on his blog who are still … completely in the dark about the identity of any of the complainers.

    Thank you also to Craig Murray (@ 1.28 and 1.29) for supplying that very informative background information re the support and sympathy Stuart Campbell very generously provided to Paul Kavanagh. I hope you are OK, Craig, after this morning’s episode. Keep strong – Scotland needs both you and Stuart Campbell more than ever.

    The struggle is not just for an independent Scotland, but for an independent Scotland that is really worth having. Not the nightmare authoritarian and intolerant (and non-independent) version of Scotland that now displays itself ever more openly, and of which there will be so much more if no one opposes it.

    There is a pattern with totalitarian regimes. The more they get away with imposing themselves, the more openly they will do so, and the more brazenly they will bare their fangs, in order to make everyone afraid of them. They are also generally intent on denying reality, in one way or another. And they have to become increasingly authoritarian and intolerant – and downright unjust – in order to do so.

    Unreality, of whatever kind, but especially once it has become an ideology that is determined to reign over (and rein in) a whole society, can only impose itself by force. It cannot argue its point, because if it attempts to do so, the falsehoods and internal contradictions on which it is based will become obvious to more and more people, until it all comes tumbling down.

    Alas, we seem to be on the cusp of such a thing. I would never have believed it could happen here, in Scotland, and most definitely not in this way – but I do now. This is where we now are. We have to find the way to resist lies and falsehood.

    There are lessons to be learned by those of us wanting genuine independence, which cannot be obtained without including genuine freedom, regroup. The desire for independence must be broad-based, and in no way restricted to, or identified with only one political Party. Political Parties can too easily be infiltrated and manipulated for other ends. There must also be clarity, across the board, on the fundamental freedoms and rights of citizens that will form the basis of the independent nation to be born.

    In this regard, although it is only just beginning, AFI seem to me to be on the right track. An independent Scotland will require people of sound judgement and independent mind. It won’t be a matter of everyone being whipped into all saying the same thing, at the same time. We ought to be able to look forward to an independent Scotland where diverse views and standpoints are not only tolerated, but can be freely expressed and argued for.

    As I said, many thanks for what both of you, Craig and Stuart, do for this. Please don’t get discouraged. The present crisis in the independence movement even has a good side insofar as it helps us to sharpen our understanding of the kind of independent Scotland we want, and of what can go wrong. This latter alerts us to the kind of measures that will need to be taken to avoid this, and make sure it does not happen again. It will be no bad thing to shed some of our previous naivety. The better we are attuned to reality – and not just to ideas or idealism – the quicker we will be able to achieve independence.

    With all due respect to AS, and the phrase he used, independence is not just a dream. it is, and has to become a realistic and realisable reality. This provides the background against which present difficulties must be seen, understood and accordingly acted upon. We’ll be the better for them, after we have overcome them. Which we will, although it is still likely to be a rough ride before we get to that point.

  175. holymacmoses says:

    What I find utterly depressing is that the tone and demeanour of the Sturgeon Shills is as offensive and frightening as that of the far right Unionists. I had always been proud that the Independence movement was a body of kind, happy, hopeful and well-meaning people.

  176. James Barr Gardner says:

    In life back stabbers go but truth tellers stay !

  177. Colin Alexander says:

    The SNP bought off with colonial administration lifetime careers.

    Indy campaigners then being employed by the SNP.

    The SNP funding unionist media.

    Pro-indy freelance writers then getting regular columns from the Unionist media and toning down their criticism of the SNP and joining Wheest for indy.

    Others being jailed, prosecuted or suffering ad hominem attacks by the SNP Scottish colonial Establishment and their allies.

    The Empire Strikes Back.

  178. Garavelli Princip says:

    Jontoscots20 says:
    25 March, 2021 at 2:20 pm
    Garavelli Princip says:
    Garavelli Princip (Great name/handle if that’s still a thing!). Posters who use lower case for proper names show a special strain of numptiness. ?

    Indeed so Jontoscots – that is why I merely cut and pasted his numpty use of it from his post.

  179. Breastplate says:

    I think the fanaticism that consumes and encompasses many of the Nicophants is derives from the zealotry of a convert.

    Many of the people coming to the Yes Movement used Nicola Sturgeon as a convenient excuse to hide their shame for being a former No and to switch sides. These people had vilified Alex Salmond for years, they still do.
    Alex Salmond’s resignation allowed them to blame him and not themselves for arriving late to the independence struggle.

    The reason that they gave for changing was Nicola Sturgeon, not the actual arguments for self determination so they have nailed their colours to the mast of HMS Nicola and will go down with that particular ship.

    All in my own opinion of course.

  180. Nally Anders says:

    I’m prepared to bet money that if Craig had a jury trial, he’d be walking a free man.
    The 3 judges approach just leaves us thinking this is political.
    Very sinister indeed.
    Craig will you be appealing?
    If you need a crowd funder please let us know.

  181. Lorna Campbell says:

    That’s them telt. Just try rise above it, Rev, although I know it’s not easy. You’ll be proved right in the end. I have not the slightest doubt. This time is nothing like the hope and determination that there was pre 2014, and I, for one, have not forgotten your place in that hope and determination. The fact is that the SNP has changed beyond all recognition. It is not the same party. Too many me-ists. Same with the ultra socialists (and I don’t mean Tommy Sheridan and a few others): full of the brown stuff and not giving a toss about the rights of others; science deniers; all kinds of entryists and blood suckers. They think they’ve won. All they have done is open up the door wide enough to let the real vicious carpet baggers in. When that happens, none of them will be around too long. They think they are untouchable. They are very, very mistaken. Oh, and we are not going to get independence, referendum or no referendum. The SNP is now the party of devolution, and, if that gets too hot, the party of capitulation.

  182. velofello says:

    Rev., regard the spite you are being subjected to as you would if being cat-called playing footie or rugby by spectators. You are on the field of play, they can only watch and envy, or admire.

    WGD and Bella are not for me. I subscribe to The National but I’m beginning to find it dull, predictable. I’m down now to just 3 columnists I read. And ‘m not inclined to read the daily 2 to 3 pages about Celtic, 1 to 2 pages about Rangers.

    As for your “style”. I’ve following Wings from the beginning, so I suppose I must like Wings. Constancy to purpose, we need your journalism, and truth.

  183. Mark Boyle says:

    @holymacmoses says:
    25 March, 2021 at 2:31 pm

    “What I find utterly depressing is that the tone and demeanour of the Sturgeon Shills is as offensive and frightening as that of the far right Unionists. I had always been proud that the Independence movement was a body of kind, happy, hopeful and well-meaning people.”

    You obviously never went along to a Wallace Day Rally in Elderslie. Some of the perma-clenched teeth specimens on display there had nothing to do with ill fitting dentures.

  184. Mac says:

    Wait a minute here…

    So this guy (WGD) asked his readers to pay for his wedding and buy him a house?! And they did?!

    ooooooooh man alive, my sides.

  185. Ian Mac says:

    If I understand the Rev at all, he is just as upset and disillusioned at the degeneration of the SNP and thus the indy movement as the rest of us. The difference between him and these other bloggers is that he confronts what has happened and speaks out about it, trenchantly and powerfully. Most importantly, backed up with sources and facts, many of them deliberately kept out of the public gaze.

    For that he is invaluable to the indy movement, revealing what a lot of them don’t want to know, and want to wish away as lies or attempts to harm the movement. But of course honesty and truth are far more important than happy clappy attempts to paper it all over and pretend it’s all fine, one last push etc. They can’t handle it, and I can understand the crushing feeling that the dream is probably over for the immediate future. But far better to face up to it, in order to move forward.

    In that sense, the last paragraphs about building a new movement are right in my opinion, and also the requiem for the 2014 generation is on the button. Their time may be over, they are all very comfortably ensconced in the establishment with their gold-plated jobs and salaries. Nickla will probably scarper as soon as she can, having got away with it, and some nonentity with the same bully programme will take over. But better to recognise all that, and not spend your time fulminating and raging about it, and trying to blame the brave handful of people who have kept us informed of what is actually happening. Without people like Wings and Craig we wouldn’t know half the skullduggery that is going on, and we have to be grateful for that. Screw those who can’t handle it.

  186. Frank Gillougley says:

    I finally got the abandon the antediluvian hotmail message. Some of us are just glacially schlow! It must be exasperating. Apologies.

    As for the ungrateful wretches? Let the plodders plod, or the dead bury their dead, Stuart, whichever you prefer. Rise.

  187. Nana says:

    Just popping in to say I still support Wings and read every day.

    Keep telling truth to power Stu and let those who decry you live with their own conscience.
    Take care

  188. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Aye Mac but he managed to get some nice suits out of it.Much the same as Patrick Harvey.

    None of these guys get their suits from charity shops. I’ve certainly not been so lucky to find £500+ suts in any charity shop in Ayrshire I van assure you!

  189. Big Jock says:

    Remember when we only used to have to argue with unionists, because they were ill informed about Scotland.

    We now have to argue with so called independence supporters , displaying the same level of myopic ignorance.

    It’s now a two pronged attack of the ill informed fundamentalists, against ourselves. I am thinking back to my past, and there were moments that I was taken in by the SNP. Times when I trusted them , when the evidence was contrary to my faith in them.

    However there were always parts of me that questioned some of their motives and strategies. I gave Nicola a good shot. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. She let me down to often. Now I see her for what she is. To believe in her with all the evidence that is out there , is akin to believing the King Herard is the tooth fairy.

  190. Mac says:

    What is the background to Bonnie Prince Bob? (For the life of me I cant stop saying Side Show Bob. I think it is the hair.)

    I have to say I am naturally suspicious of someone who says, ‘Capitalism is bad, give me your capital’.

  191. sarah says:

    @ Nana: nice to hear from you. I see you can still tell the wheat from the chaff!!

  192. Skip_NC says:

    1971 Thistle, you raise an interesting point re taxation. One might argue that contributions to a blog or other site are gross income and should be taxed, subject to deductible expenses. Consider the Guardian, which is owned by Scott Trust Limited. They ask for contributions when you read an article. Although neither their accounts nor Guardian Media Group’s make specific mention (as far as I can see) I would expect they include such contributions in gross income. Indeed, the Guardian pays tax when it makes a profit.

    I would say that, here in the USA, contributions to a blog or other website run by a professional journalist would generally be included as gross income. The tests over here are the author’s motivations and why people contribute. If the author seeks to make a living and if the contributors contribute because they value the service that is provided, it is akin to purchasing a newspaper. The fact that it is on the honour system is, in most tax jurisdictions, irrelevant.

    Having said all that, one might argue that the contributions to the house purchase was a set of gifts from people who seek to assist a fellow human being recovering from a serious medical emergency. I do not think that is unreasonable. He could just as easily have set up a Gofundme page. I doubt it would have been quite as successful, though.

    There are other technical issues that arise, but they are perhaps a little meaty to discuss on a blog not dedicated to taxation. However, as noted above, there are ways to argue that some of the monies received are not subject to tax on income or chargeable gains and, as a tax professional, I would be content to make such arguments on behalf of a client, if supported by the facts of the particular case.

  193. Astonished says:

    I see an imperial master’s general has just been found guilty of embezzlement. I wonder if he’ll go to jail ?

    P.S. I regard using capital letters on someone’s name as optional. If I don’t regard as dubious or deceitful then you get capitals, hence Salmond and sturgeon.

    P.P.S. Has polis Scotland started investigating the leak or the missing £600,000 ? Has Mike ‘el presidente’ Russell commented yet ?

    P.P.P.S. In light of the craig murray decision. Has anyone any esteem for Scotland’s judiciary ?

    I think the lord advocate should be jailed.

  194. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Just as a normal person I’m going to bed now and trying to forget the abuse which has happened. Cheers nicla and everyone else that has been abused, not by Alex. I really hate nicla more than I did thatcher


  195. 100%Yes says:

    If the SNP do get a majority in May, if after 5yrs we still haven’t been given a referendum who’ll be singing on the same list in favour of the SNP. I’ve noticed a lot of people are making money and a career from supporting Independence who aren’t really F*cking bothered if or when it happens.

  196. Dee Dubya says:

    “Nazis, bigots, Unionists and MI5 stooges.” = Democrats first everything else second/disagreeing with St. Nic.

    The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

    I am enormously grateful for your journalism.

    Like many progressive all consuming ideas this current mob will eat each other. Reign of Terror, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Franco, – Natural selection seems to favour cannibalism when only dogma counts. Stand clear.

  197. crisiscult says:

    Re Craig Murray, we obviously haven’t seen the full judgement but based on what we know, I’d assume that Dani Garavelli and others listed here would also be found guilty. However, in contempt of court cases do judges decide who gets prosecuted or the COPFS? I’m assuming the latter. Very odd that those MSM journalists haven’t been charged.

  198. Frazerio says:

    Indy first, all else second.

    Indy is not, never has and never will be about one person. The cult of Nicola is embarassing. Her cultists are irrational and sheeplike. Even her biggest detractors can see her qualities. She is and has been able to attract people to Yes who may have been undecided/Salmond haters/’Scottish’ Daily Mail readers etc. But at the same time she has cast out Salmond and caused a massive split in the Yes movement. She has squandered a series of mandates, majorities and favourable circumstances we’ll likely never see again. She’s made catastrophic strategical errors like making a section 30 the gold standard or campaigning next to Alastair Campbell to overturn the democratic will of English voters. These things arent really open to debate. Her motivations for doing so certainly are.

    If Salmond announced tomorrow he was now a Unionist, I’d still believe in self determination for Scotland. If Rangers banned the UJ and said ‘saltires only from now on’, again, it wouldnt make a difference to my clear belief that Scotland should be a normal country that makes its own decisions.

  199. Ian Mac says:

    You can’t keep a good man down. Good news from Craig:

    “I intend to stand on the basis that every vote to put me into parliament is a vote for Independence: not a vote for a referendum, a vote for Independence.”

    Given the dark forces at work in our country, you have to ask the question: are they waiting to see if he is elected before passing sentence? Nothing is beyond these people.

  200. 100%Yes says:

    5yrs have passed since we left the EU no attempt has been made to rejoin the EU. The SNP are supposed to be a party dedicated to the EU project, well you wouldn’t have thought it when Ian Blackford is stating well have a referendum sometime in the middle of the next parliament. Well if the SNP stood by Ian Blackford word Scotland would have been out of the EU for nearly eight years and counting.

    Staurt keep up the good work we need someone to keep Independence on the table because if you didn’t we’d all be voting for the SNP to govern and these on the this list would be happy with that.

  201. Famous15 says:

    “This is Microsoft here and we detect that your computer has been hacked”

    Sorry ,which Microsoft office are you phoning from?


    Oh. How do manage to get to work through all that snow?

    “Yes it is so difficult, now could you log in to your PC and tell me what you see”


    Your point , writer.


  202. Big Jock says:

    Frazerio- Correct.

    This is where part of the movement has gone wrong. They are not following a movement, they are following a personality. Nicola is in temporary charge of the political arm of independence , the SNP.

    She has been found to be tactically inept, naïve, and now corrupted. So when you invest everything in that person , you become that person. You take any criticism personally , rather than seeing it from a third party perspective.

    It explains the defensive position now adopted by her cult.

  203. Scozzie says:

    The difference with these toe-the-line bloggers and Stu is that Stu fights truth to power and has a hide like a rhino.

    These other so called independence bloggers want to court the powers that be in the independence movement and get cushy guest articles in the National and such like. Mavericks like Stu and Craig Murray don’t need nor want those kind of ties. They want to be free thinking.

    I’d much rather read a blogger that’s not beholden.
    Seems like the happy clappy days of 2014 are long gone – but I think Stu, Craig Murray, Dangerfield, Iain Lawson, Mark Hirst, are on the right side of history on this.

  204. Alex says:

    Our support for Wings, and the reality it brings, remains undimmed.


    Scottish Linux users in Europe.

  205. tamson says:

    Maybe not too quiet. Kirsty Blackman has made an impressive bid for the Most Stupid Thing Ever Said On Twitter award today:

  206. Republicofscotland says:

    Joanna Cherry taking a sabbatical due to health reasons, she did say previously that she might leave the SNP and drop out of politics altogether.

    Mind you the genderwoowoo brigade, the Sturgeonistas, and a few other want her head on a plate for having the audacity to stand up for women and Scotland.

  207. Lenny Hartley says:

    I actually said on twitter the other day that Paul was an excellent writer (which I still believe)
    However as mentioned above recently his attacks on non Sturgeon sycophants have become more snd more shrill.
    I certainly won’t be buying anymore of his books etc, if he wants to cosy up to the Wokes
    Thats his decision, I think he will live to regret it.
    You have got to hand it to the spooks they have managed to split the Indy Movement whether Little Miss Blinky Is batting for the other side (in more ways than one) or just a stooge , history might tell. But what I do know is that she has split the Indy Movement and it or the SNP wont recover until she is gone.
    I guess the best to hope for is she is implicated or at least collateral damage in the fore coming court case.

    Whilst im on , thoughts with Craig Murray and his family today,

  208. Cuilean says:

    I contributed to WGD’s crowdfunders. Bought his books. Went to his talks. Gave the late Ginger (no a wee dug ava), doggie treats. After all, anyone who rescued a dug must hae a soul?

    WGD is an excellent wordsmith. A mercurial wit and some articles are a linguistic tour de force.

    But I seriously baulked at WGD’s most recent crowdfunder, for he and newly-wedded American husband, to buy an Ayrshire rural retreat, wi a gairden, forbye. I did not donate.

    Fine. No-one was forcing me to.

    But that fundraiser seriously disturbed me. It reeked, to me, of entitlement. There was a guy (two guys) boldly begging folk to live in a nice hoose, wi no stairs! I know Kavanaugh suffered a stroke but, hey, come on!

    Imagine the pelters Stu would get, if he’d asked us to buy him a new hoose!

    What disturbed me was the thought that some of the many guid fowk donating to Kavanaugh’s hoose, would no hae siller o’er spillin fae thur pootches. I imagine many who kindly donated to Kavanagh’s new hoose, were possibly a lot older and frailer than he & his husband and maybe finding THEIR close stairs a trial, too. But were they wanting the world and its mither, to buy them a new hoose or quietly getting oan wi things?

    To be honest, my own pride would have stopped me ever putting a begging bowl out for myself the way this man did. He didn’t bother Kavanaugh ava.

    Can anyone think of a more ‘transactional’ and self-centred crowdfunder, than one to award yourself and partner, a new fucking hoose?

    So I have lost faith in Kavanagh, Bella and the SNP ‘wokes’ and some others forbye.

    But I have not lost faith in Wings, Stu, or you.

    And so long as you never give me a bum steer, (as so many others on the Yes side have) I never will.

  209. frogesque says:

    According to a recent poll, 80 odd % of 20-30somethings belive in an Indy Scotland.

    Despite busy lives and often just getting by day to day clinging to the edges, they need to put heart, soul and the fire into campaigns to build the vibrant nation they aspire to.

    Its not just about flags, its the boring stuff like play schools, bins getting emptied and taxes as well as stuff like currency, defence, and governance.

    Just how do we enthuse them to get involved up to the oxters in the gritty-grotty when all they see is sniping and backbiting? Easy for the young careerist Tory with entitlement, education, privilege and money behind them. They are immune from grinding horror of daily graft.

    What are the career paths for young Indy supporters to the rarified and febrile airs of politics if all they see is disharmony from their own?

  210. Chris Darroch says:

    Disagree with you Stu on crowdfunders being nobody else’s business.

    This is what informing folk is about.

    For example. The Youtuber…Thunderfoot; is well known for busting ideas which are busy collecting massive crowdfunds. For ideas which are scientifically impossible.

    He has proven this numerous times.

    Though he deals with relatively unequivocal scientific phenomena….He is interfering in the business of crowdfunders.

    In the case of someone crowdfunding for a house or wedding etc…..Though we may not be able to offer as many, or any facts……Why not inform folk of your views on the person and their character?

    No different from any formal and informal character recommendations you might make in many circumstances.

  211. robertknight says:


    It used to be said of Glasgow that you could put a red rosette on a donkey and it’d get elected.

    The same can now be said of Aberdeen, only the rosette has changed to yellow/black.

  212. Republicofscotland says:

    Kenny MacAskill, on why a Green vote is a wasted vote if you want independence.

  213. Mark Boyle says:

    @ Mac says: 25 March, 2021 at 2:55 pm

    “What is the background to Bonnie Prince Bob? (For the life of me I cant stop saying Side Show Bob. I think it is the hair.)

    I have to say I am naturally suspicious of someone who says, ‘Capitalism is bad, give me your ‘Capitalism is bad, give me your capital’.”

    Here we go again!

    [7 Inch Radio Edit] Right, from the top –

    The same person who called Wings Over Scotland a ‘Snake Oil Selling Charatan Piss Artist’ three years ago now wants WoS readers and supporters to vote for him on May 6th 2021.

    [Album length version]

    His “hard-hitting campaign” video showed he’s nothing but a charlatan looking to blag money for his “other” (ie. “Make me a celebrity!”) projects – same stunt Mark Thomas did decades back.

    It starts with a full 2 minutes 57 seconds of waffle before he get to the point of his supposed campaign (ie. “Robertson’s a big jobby, vote for me!”.

    The first twenty seconds of his campaign video goes as follows:

    “‘Un Nin’een Sevvny Three, John Paul Sattra wrote a seminal essay entiled ‘Elections: A Trap For Fools’. In it, he explained why votin’ fur bourgeois polli’ikal par’ies is a trap, becuz bourgeois polli’ikal par’ies only represent the interests o’ Private Cap’i’al”

    Quite aside from John Paul Sartre’s irrelevence today, 99% of viewers will have turned off after “seminal” and “bourgeois” and thought “tech college gadgie who after one term thinks he’s Citizen Smith!”

    As for “Five decades later, and the fact that your teenage daughter thinks that selling explicit images of herself on OnlyFans is a legitimate career path perfectly illustrates the moral bankruptcy of neo-liberal capitalism.” – most under 30s will fall around laughing “OK, boomer!”

    Nothing quite says “sad aged misogynist technophobe” than saying “scary new tech’s entrapped your precious daughter into a world of sin”.

    It takes him a full 1 minute 20 seconds to actually start talking about Edinburgh Central – only to slag off all its “middle class wankers” (and thinks saying “middle class wankers” ad nauseum is edgy), private school types and anything to do with Hearts – a full minute of him alienating anyone in those categories OR have family, friends or relations under those categories who may have been willing to hear him out over Robertson.

    By the time he finally gets to what he stands for, it’s 3 minutes 48 seconds later – by which time most will have clicked away. It’s pretty obvious this is simply a publicity stunt like the Al Murray Pub Landlord one, except in this case to publicise a no-mark, not a genuine candidature even for any sort of protest vote.

    Elections have long been plagued with people like Bonnie Prince Bob abusing the system to take advantage of the free leaflet drop all candidates are entitled to, but nowadays some just want the mentions in the press and online media from being a candidate and don’t even bother with taking advantage of the free leaflet drop anymore. They see it as £500 well spent in order to get the sort of media coverage that would have cost thousands for no return. Rules have been tightened up against “advertising”, but there’s only so far you can go in a democracy – the rest is down to expecting people to respect the “spirit” of elections (ha!).

  214. Republicofscotland says:

    Rory Bremner going all philosophical.

    “RORY BREMNER ‘Brexit totally makes the case for #Indyref2… I’m mortified and sorry that events two years later (which I voted against) made my 2014 argument obsolete.'”

  215. Josef Ó Luain says:

    Paul Kavanagh and Mike Small simply don’t have the intellectual capacity, talent or steely strength of character required to affect change by means of their journalism. It is this shared lack of capacity, amongst their many other failings, which fuels their irrational prejudice regarding Wings and its peerless editor.

  216. Helen Yates says:

    Wow, I’m shocked at iScot. it is so disappointing to see that so many have taken this stance.
    It’s either jealousy or they’ve just all been brainwashed, maybe even a bit of both.
    You’ll always be my go to sight for information, actually I only read you, Grousebeater, Ian Lawson, Barrhead Boy and Gordon Dangerfield. them all.

  217. John H. says:

    Big Jock and Frazerio

    I read an article recently about the Trumpists unquestioning devotion to Trump being akin to a cult or a weird new religion. Blind obedience and the leader can do no wrong. That is understandable in the bible belt of America but in Scotland? I can barely believe the things I’m reading and hearing now. My relationship with certain old friends has come under something of a strain as they now are of the “I’m with Nicola” fraternity.

    Over at WGD where I occasionally look in out of curiosity and a kind of fascination, people I liked and respected in the past have been completely sucked in by Sturgeon, and won’t let anyone upset their dream of independence under Nicola, turning on anyone who tries to point out some facts to them.

    This can only end badly when they realise that independence isn’t coming any time soon.

  218. Intractable Potsherd says:

    As usual, not much for me to add other than my support for Wings because of the Rev’s uncompromising stance on honesty. The same goes for Craig Murray – the judgment is as dodgy as hell. I’m ready with money whenever it is needed. The Supreme Court has been mentioned – let’s see how the Scottish legal system is viewed by the best judges in the UK!

  219. MacCumhail says:

    The thing I find difficult to reconcile with all these bloggers who now demonise Wings is their complete lack of support for Alex Salmond. You know, the only First Minister who actually produced a referendum.

  220. Republicofscotland says:

    To all the SNP MSP’s retiring at the end of the term, you lot kept your mouths shut to all the illegalities lies and deceit within your party and the Scottish government.

    Not one of you had the courage to whistleblow for the good of Scotland and Scots, you’re all a bloody disgrace to Scotland, I hope your consciences gets to all of you, and you feel really bad about what you didn’t do.

    Good riddance to the lot of you.

    Aileen Campbell
    Bruce Crawford
    Roseanna Cunningham
    Linda Fabiani
    Jeane Freeman
    Richard Lyle
    Angus MacDonald
    Alex Neil
    Gil Paterson
    Gail Ross
    Michael Russell
    Stewart Stevenson
    Maureen Watt
    Sandra White

  221. Liz says:

    Re Joanna Cherry, she recently retweeted an article about the psychology of bullying.
    The Degradation Ceremony.
    Sad to say this is exactly what happened to her from her so called colleagues.

    Shame on them except they don’t do shame.

  222. Big Jock says:

    John – I have had to burst a few peoples bubbles when they have stuck up for Nicola , expecting me to be a nodding dog. Given my background as a previous 32 year member, they expected me to be one of the cultists.

    I probably said more than I should have said regarding Nicola. It was just after I watched her 8 hours of absolute bullshit at the enquiry. Someone messaged me to say she was blowing them away. I said that’s not what I am watching.

    Of course they weren’t watching it. They were getting Humza’s interpretation on Twitter feed. If I wasn’t actually watching it , like them , then I would have fallen for the invention of truth.

    It’s the same for the Salmond case itself. They haven’t the first clue about some of the ridiculous charges, because they haven’t read it.

    Like unionists relying on BBC and the Telegraph, they are relying on Sturgeon friendly bloggers and Twitter feeds. They aren’t getting the truth.

    Like I said before. The ignorance of the Nicola cult is now exactly the same as the intransigent ignorance on the unionist side.

    So glad I am not part of either.

  223. Wendy says:

    I cancelled iScot a year or so ago and received a phone call from Ken McDonald shortly after asking why I’d done so. The real reason was that I didn’t find the magazine that interesting, apart from the occasional article, but I felt rather put on the spot and being a ‘kind’ female pleaded poverty (lie)instead. He argued that it was a small business and every purchaser counted…so I relented and renewed my sub. Now I’ve decided to cancel for good. It is indeed mean to have stopped your Dad’s free copy, absolutely heartless.

    What a git.

  224. Kiwilassie says:

    Andrew Davidson says:
    25 March, 2021 at 12:25 pm
    Wee question. Any reason my posts are now being pre-moderated?

    I don’t remember saying anything too dubious?

    If your’re using a hotmail URL that will be the cause. If you don’t wish to go into moderation use another URL
    Hotmail URLs are being moderated at this time due to a specific troll.

  225. Mia says:

    “Given the dark forces at work in our country, you have to ask the question: are they waiting to see if he is elected before passing sentence?”

    I have to admit that such thought crossed my mind. Well, that and the main one that could dramatically change the circumstances for the Lord Advocate and the bullies in COPFS: if Sturgeon and her chosen successor fail to gain a seat in the upcoming election.

  226. ALANM says:

    No doubt the reasons for the verdict in CM’s case will (in due course) be given as redacted, redacted and redacted. The legal system has dug a huge hole for itself over the AS case generally and this was an opportunity to start digging itself out. No surprise that it’s been missed. Meanwhile the complainers are free to continue saying whatever they want about whoever they want from behind the cloak of anonymity.

  227. Ken McDonald says:

    For the avoidance of any doubt may I be allowed to correct some comments made about iScot Magazine?

    The Rev took issue with an article published in the magazine some months ago and clearly indicated to me that he wasn’t happy with it.

    He was offered a right of reply which he refused.

    He further intimated his displeasure at the article by publishing a post detailing his ‘betrayal.

    It was some days later that we noticed that the link to iScot Magazine on the WoS had been removed.

    We reluctantly drew the conclusion that Stuart wanted no further association with us and stopped sending out our free of charge ‘comp’ copies

    At no point in time did Stuart or his Father have a subscription with us.

    And at no-repeat, no point in time have we gone out our way to publicly bad mouth, undermine or show any malice whatsoever to Stuart Campbell or this website.

  228. John Martini says:

    Stuart is right. You are going to have to remake the case for independence using arguments that make sense within the context of 21st century plutocratic technochracies.

    This is not post enlightenment scotland. Liberal democracies are a thing of the past. In a post truth world that is no longer absolute and politics is emotional you are not going to win using ideological arguements’

    It is only natural in a meritocracy that the wealthy will be your rulers.

  229. Wee Chid says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    25 March, 2021 at 4:06 pm

    Agree – can’t understand why not one of them has spoken out. It’s not as if they can be worried about their jobs.

  230. twathater says:

    @ Fileofficer 1.35pm I agree with you regarding the Stu/Alex Salmond interview , it must have ripped their knitting that that irascible bloody man Campbell had been CHOSEN to fuckin talk and interact with Alex Salmond , and not only that Campbell appeared ALMOST human and didny swear wance basted

    As others have said people come here for your forensic investigatory articles and your welcoming bon homie banter , you have been excoriating but PROVEN RIGHT on Sturgeon’s lunatic GRA and HCB which has enlightened and forewarned many many people when others like WGD REFUSED to even discuss them

    I believe that Barrhead boy, Iain Lawson , GB, GORDON Dangerfield , Craig Murray and a couple of others are the way forward for truth

    BTW Craig Murray thanks for that bit of knowledgeable info regarding SC and WGD , STU are you embarrassed that people might think you are soft

  231. Scozzie says:

    In many ways you have to admire the sheer brass neckery of NS’s latest ‘IndyRef2 if Scotland votes for it’ ruse.
    Aye right very good, same as 2016 and 2019????? (And we all remember it was off the table 2017).

    Electioneering at its finest eh! And the bugs bunnies will munch up their carrots.

    I can just imagine the campaign team round the table – ‘just dig out the old slogans they work every time on the plebs’
    Vote-shit bingo:
    – Indyref if you vote for it
    – Stronger for Scotland
    – Stop Brexit….oh mibbies chuck that one back in the drawer Nikla let’s just go with ‘Scotland in Europe’ they’ll lap that one up.
    – Chicks with dicks – but don’t mention that at the doorsteps that one’s just for late night vote begging videos

  232. Stuart MacKay says:

    Lenny Hartley

    The movement probably started to split as soon as Holyrood came into existence. The divide is simply between the managers and the revolutionaries. Revolutionaries don’t do administration and managers don’t do drives for independence.

    Things only got worse when Nicola came along and the first steps were taken in creating the cult of personality that we’re all have to bear the burden of now. That’s the thing that makes the revolutionaries crazy and even if nothing else happened it would push the sides further apart.

    To put further fuel on the fire the managers want, more than anything else, to remain in management. So any referendum will have to ensure the managers keep all their jobs.

    And here we are.

  233. Masslass says:

    Alex at 3.32pm

    Ditto Alex Support for Wings and Stuart.

    From this Linux user in the USA

  234. Kate says:

    I don’t even know where to start with this! But here goes:
    1) Jealousy. That’s at the roots of this whole thing. WGD, BC etc have never commanded the high readership that they think you are NOT entitled to. As someone else said, you can be irascible, you swear, you can be aggressive when it comes to what you see as stupidity – and they don’t think you deserve the high readership that they, with their ‘nice’ language & scintillating personality, should be due.

    2) Content. They hate that you are able to analyse political ‘goings-on’ with a forensic ability they can’t emulate, no matter how hard they try. They aren’t able to take current politics & foresee the a very likely future – as you can. They can’t put their fingers on statistics & sources that you can nor can/do they link to sources to back up associated opinion on a subject. They REALLY HATE that!

    3) Contributions to their fundraisers:- They are jealous of your ability to scrutinise, to analyse & to provide sources to back any opinion you might hold & it pees them off b/c what they write isn’t as popular & thus they have to accept donations from the more popular blogger. And then they are forced (in the sense if they don’t accept, they cut off their nose to spite their face) to accept monetary help from you, to keep their work & site going. To them, that’s like having their noses rubbed in the fact their work doesn’t command enough financial aid to keep going. THAT ANNOYS THE HELL out of them.

    4) Crowdfunding: They know you don’t crowdfund if you don’t have to. That the totals you achieve means you don’t have to BEG for support to keep your site going. But when you DO start your crowdfunder, each garners more funds than the last one! While they struggle to even reach their intended target, they have to plug & push to get what they need to keep things ticking over. They really don’t ‘get’ why they don’t command the same financial loyalty and – that angers them even more. Your last ‘little’ crowdfunder annoyed the hell out of them – the little £500. debt you owed a few weeks ago, which was very quickly crowdfunded within hours to the tune of £10,500! It really, really angered them that you can not just meet your target – but break it by ‘x times’ factors…

    And it all becomes a vicious – and unbecoming, circle, to the point they can no longer contain their anger over what they see as an injustice that you CONTINUE to command high numbers of readers that will financially back you at the drop of a hat! Those of us that read & support you are treated with contempt & become ‘Wings cult members’ or ‘Wing nutters’ or whatever other nasty name is in vogue at any given time.

    They just can’t see that FACTS is behind this whole thing. Readers come for FACTS. And FIGURES. And REAL INFORMATION, not just OPINION. When I first came to Indy media, I read BC perhaps about 1/2 doz times – and then dropped it. The sarky rhetoric toward other groups just seemed petty & I wasn’t there for petty nonsense. I think I’ve been back there, oh… maybe twice in 5 years. WGD was a fave for much of that time & while I saw right away it was an opinion piece, I was okay with that as it seemed good to get other people’s thoughts on stuff. I still hold with that. But in the last year, as you Stuart began to go down the SNP/Gender warning route, WGD seemed to become more aggressive & tense about genderism (yes, I can see how there would be some… conflict, in this area) and I became more uncomfortable with that. Then he had his stroke. Now – I was/am a qualified OT & have worked on a Stroke Unit, so I DO know, understand & appreciate the problems & associated changes both physically AND mentally that affect stroke patients. But I noticed changes in WGD that I really didn’t like. So I stopped reading him. Someone linked to one of his disparaging articles about Wings so I went & had a look. A nasty, snidey piece of writing that I thought totally not needed abt a fellow blogger. I was honestly sickened by the piece.

    I prefer what you do, Stuart. You CAN be irascible. You CAN be cutting to those of us that aren’t as ‘quick thinking’ as you (sorry abt that but there’s no fixing ‘stupid’ I’m afraid)… But I prefer to know the TRUTH of what is going on and I don’t care if it’s unionists or Scotgov that is getting it in the neck. If they deserve it, they deserve it! And I thank you for telling us what we need to know so we can decide how we can vote accordingly. My Grandma fought for the vote for women & I don’t take that lightly! What you do is irreplaceable in Scotland! And I would hate to see you stop b/c those daft tumshies in the list prefer to be snide, ungrateful bastirts b/c they can’t handle their jealous natures! I know it’s really easy for me to say ignore them. I don’t get the flak you do. But in the end – they’re just WORDS. You’ve loads of support & LOADS of readers, whether they admit to it OR NOT. They KNOW you have the rights of this! Please keep doing what you do. Scotland – and we – need you & what you do. If you don’t want to, I’d understand. But thank you & I’m sorry we can’t help more.

  235. Beaker says:

    @Stuart MacKay says:
    25 March, 2021 at 4:45 pm

    Sums things up perfectly. Even the revolutionaries and managers are fighting amongst themselves.

    That’s what happens when there is no party discipline, or more accurately, disciplined only enforced when the Dear Leader’s position appears under threat.

  236. Mark Boyle says:

    @Ken McDonald (iScot) says: 25 March, 2021 at 4:21 pm

    “For the avoidance of any doubt may I be allowed to correct some comments made about iScot Magazine?

    The Rev took issue with an article published in the magazine some months ago and clearly indicated to me that he wasn’t happy with it.

    He was offered a right of reply which he refused.

    He further intimated his displeasure at the article by publishing a post detailing his ‘betrayal.

    It was some days later that we noticed that the link to iScot Magazine on the WoS had been removed.

    We reluctantly drew the conclusion that Stuart wanted no further association with us and stopped sending out our free of charge ‘comp’ copies”

    Perhaps Stu felt that he couldn’t trust you to post his “right of reply” word for word, and so chose his own platform? Perhaps he also felt why should he bother aiding your rag by de facto contributing to it?

    That you were having to send him freebies and couldn’t get him to subscribe also suggests than you needed him – as friend or foe – more than he needed you.

    Which perhaps explains why he has – by his actions – given indirect notice of his wish to insert your publication in a robust fashion up your arse.

    But that’s for Stu to confirm, deny, or have better things to do with his time – this is merely hypothesis on my part.

  237. kapelmeister says:

    Republicofscotland @4:06

    I agree with you, however one name on your list doesn’t deserve censure. Alex Neil has been long calling for a judge led inquiry about the SG treatment of Salmond. In fact, AN had at least one article on Wings about it.

  238. Ruby says:

    The only way I know of these other bloggers and iScot magazine is through Wings.

    It seems to me ‘Wings’ is a great source of free advertising well worth a couple of complimentary subscriptions.

    I would imagine the advertisers on iScot would agree.

  239. maureen says:

    Kate at 4.47pm. Can I just say that is a belter of a post and agree with every word.

  240. Terry says:

    Your journalism is in a league of its own. The likes of the the Dug etc and Bella are cringeworthy.

    And Craig Murray – hats off to you on this awful day. You have just been up in court and yet you take time out to let us know about Stu’s compassion about PK. Touching but when you think about it it aint surprising. Stu’s compassion for women’s sex based rights is outstanding – plus he is an animal lover. Whats not to like?

    Don’t let the jealous buggers get ye down, Rev. Good times could be just around the corner?

  241. Wullie B says:

    Nana says:
    25 March, 2021 at 2:53 pm

    Just popping in to say I still support Wings and read every day.

    Keep telling truth to power Stu and let those who decry you live with their own conscience.
    Take care

    Hi Nana, good to see you about, been thinking about some of the folks who visited here pre indyref, I still see Robert Louis, yourself, Effigy Twathater, Ottomanboi and Lenny Hartley, I know others prefer WGD, but does anyone know what happened to Robert Peffers, he was always a voice of reason on here

  242. Cha B says:

    The SNP leadership have been wanting to shut you down for a very long time now to help them bring in their bent corrupted policies under the rader.

    They’ve failed largely of course although I imagine they nudge the other nicophantic blogs a wee reminder to rain hell fire on you and WoS. You wouldn’t have notice at all I guess, the effect probably mirrors pissing in a pot rather than raining missles.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    *Ken, you could always stretch a copy to his Dad. Maybe

  243. Vivian O'Blivion says:

    Craig Murray’s High Court hearing today and the background behind it is covered in detail on the Consortium news site. International coverage free from the sensoring restrictions of Scottish Court orders shows up the corruption of Sturgeon’s Stasi state. Very much to be welcomed.

  244. susanXX says:

    I was slapped down by Paul over the Gender ideology issue. I was brutally Frank and said Caster Semenya is a man. His disorder of sexual development is 5 ARD which is a disorder of males. Whether Caster was subsequently “brought up as a woman” is neither here nor there, by all accounts his preference was for male company. It always amazes me that a man born without a normal dick automatically is a woman despite lack of female sexual organs.

  245. ella says:

    A few years back I went to a talk, it was one of those “National Roadshow” ones promoting The National, WGD was one of the speakers, Phillipa Whitford was also there, after the talk there was an opportunity to speak to the speakers, I spoke to Callum Baird, and asked him why Stuart Campbell wasn’t a regular columnist, he said Stuart didn’t need the exposure or the money and publishing WGD was basically to give him an income. He also said Stuart was controversial, I said I found him to be forthright and truthful, which is what I expected from any journalist, and as a wee wummin in my late 50’s wasn’t in the least offended by anything he wrote or in the way he expressed himself either on twitter or his blog. And in fact if more people were exposed to his writing, via The National, they would see for themselves that there were only well researched facts and opinions, which should be the norm in a newspaper! He agreed Stuart was probably less controversial than was claimed to be!

    I attended a few talks in 2014 and by far the best, most inspiring speaker was Robin McAlpine, his ideas and energy were infectious. I would like to see him at the forefront of any new movement for indy!

  246. Carnyx says:

    I was, for a couple of years, at the same school and class as Mike Small. He left and later I did and I didn’t hear anything about him again until a while before the indyref when I realised he was Bella Caledonia’s editor, for a short while I was impressed cause he’d struck me as a sanctimonious prick back at school (this was a posh school BTW he and me were one of the few supporting Labour at that school at that time), but he seemed to be doing good work for indy, so good on him. Then he started sounding what we now call “woke”, I had a little argument with him on Bella (of course he didn’t know who I was) about foreign policy, regime changes and articles he been publishing, at that point I realised he hadn’t changed at all, he really was the same prick I knew at school.

  247. Colin Alexander says:

    Mac says:
    25 March, 2021 at 2:47 pm

    “So this guy (WGD) asked his readers to pay for his wedding and buy him a house?! And they did?!”

    To be fair to Mr Kavanagh, he told them what he wanted the money for and if people chose to give him that money, that’s their informed decision.

    He never pretended it was to fund an indyref campaign.

  248. Cenchos says:

    Looking at some tweets from an (erstwhile, I suppose, since yesterday) MSP doing the rounds today.

    Do prospective MSPs not have to undergo at least basic intelligence testing?

    And if not, why not? I mean, they vote to pass laws and stuff, don’t they?

  249. Ian Mac says:

    “This is government by gang. Scotland the victim.”

    Well said, Alex Bell, plus all the other points he makes, such as Sturgeon’s vacuity about independence and her stony-faced dissembling:

  250. Andy says:


    Are you the Ruby who told the guy Kcor that you are Voting SNP 1 and 2?


    1 AND 2 ?

    After everything that has happened regarding Sturgeon, you are STILL going to give her both your votes?

    Not being funny Ruby, but have you been away somewhere?

  251. Ian Mac says:

    Oh FFS, kcor and his alt identities still clogging up the thread with some vendetta?

  252. Lynne says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    25 March, 2021 at 12:40 pm
    “Wee question. Any reason my posts are now being pre-moderated?

    I don’t remember saying anything too dubious?”

    [kills self]

    Might it be worth a wee note above the Comment form warning Hotmail users about the issue, so you don’t keep getting asked?

  253. Big Jock says:

    It’s too late for me now. I was considering SNP 1, if there had been any form of retribution for the Murrells.

    It appears nothing has changed, except one thing. This guy ain’t voting SNP. They are dead to me.

    I say that in the clear knowledge that there will be no Indy ref 2. So I am not destroying independence chances.

  254. Ruby says:

    Andy says:
    25 March, 2021 at 5:29 pm

    Are you the Ruby who told the guy Kcor that you are Voting SNP 1 and 2?


    1 AND 2 ?

    After everything that has happened regarding Sturgeon, you are STILL going to give her both your votes?

    Not being funny Ruby, but have you been away somewhere?


    Yes I did.

    Are you going to start stalking me now like your creepy mate Kcor?

  255. Alan McHarg says:

    From what I have read today it has become blindingly obvious that there are two kinds of independence supporter. There are those, like Stu, this readership and myself, that want independence now. Yesterday even. But want it done and dusted, to taste that freedom from colonial rule and are happy then to move on and put our efforts into building a better Scotland. Then there are those that see it as a lifestyle, a job, a sense of being part of something bigger than themselves which gives them a purpose in life. Actual independence will bring an end to of the purpose the lives that they have created for themselves. It will burst their bubble and for those in power will put an end to that power and the wealth that comes with it. Hence the gradualist approach of being in no hurry to end their gravy train lifestyle. The desire for Independence has created an industry and some appear to put that before the desperate need for independence. The campaign of 2012-14 didn’t have all the personal baggage that we have today. It is sad to see what the movement has become since it was neutered by the New SNP. Keep up the forensic work Stu. Let them know that you are watching and not prepared to wheesht. You have a lot of support and the truth will win through in the end.

  256. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Ian Mac – “This is government by gang. Scotland the victim.” A gang of delinquent politicians, supported by another gang of delinquent civil-servant, supported by another gang of delinquent lawyers. The Police are just the footsoldiers.

    The city of Liverpool has been placed under Special Measures for much less than is going-on here in Scotland just now. Many of us here on these pages are disgusted that this is what we have become.

  257. Cuilean says:

    Kate @ 4.47 p.m. Bloody well said!

  258. Ian Mac says:

    Well, Nikla was right about one thing: she is an impostor. An impostor for independence. Not to mention competence, integrity and honesty.

  259. CyberMidgie says:

    Thank you for the article, Stu. It’s sorely disappointing to see how many people have backstabbed you – I donated to a couple of them myself after seeing their fundraisers via Wings – but I feel it’s important to know how those people are conducting themselves. I consider this article useful and in no way a self-indulgence.

    Should you run new Wings fundraisers in future, I will be happy to donate. The truth matters, even when it hurts.

  260. pogopat says:

    After unwisely reading the comments about Craig Murray in one of The National’s articles I came here for some solace…quality of readers often show the quality of publication. After a long time out of Scotland I came back to ‘nothing much happening’ and my attention was on geopolitics anyway. Craig Murray was a sole Scottish voice which was trusted internationally and when his focus came on the Salmond trial, I followed. Then came Wings, Gordon Dangerfield, Jeggit, Ian Lawson and others. Truth tellers are always hated and then those who should know better close their ears and bite back because the truth hurts and pride will not let them turn. When I read Mike Small call Craig Murrays writings “Drivel” followed by his very personal attack on Rev. Campbell there wasn’t any doubt who the truth tellers were. I’ve long debated my ‘pragmatic’ American friend why voting Democrat as a lesser evil is counter productive. I now have to look in the mirror, and as such voting SNP is almost irredeemable. Truth first, independence second.

  261. Andy White says:

    I have many books on Scottish History. We live in our times, with the many pressing personal concerns and challenges we have. But in the 22nd century, when the histories of the last Scottish century will be written, they will all reference Wings Over Scotland, and none of the red-lettered charlatans and ingrates referenced above.

  262. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Nana says:
    25 March, 2021 at 2:53 pm

    Just popping in to say I still support Wings and read every day.

    Keep telling truth to power Stu and let those who decry you live with their own conscience.
    Take care’

    NANA – YOUR HERE. FANTASTIC. So, so pleased to hear your voice. And very glad your still in the game. Best wishes.

  263. Ottomanboi says:

    Moderate and progressive and tools of the British.
    Politics in Scotland is now divided between those « moderates » who wish the country to wallow in wimpish servility and  « extremists » who wish it to take a rightful place among the sovereign nations of the world.
    « Extremist », a name to bear with pride!

  264. Big Jock says:

    My comment on the Sturgeon cult.

    16. “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.” — Sigmund Freud”

  265. Republicofscotland says:

    The kangaroo court judgement of Craig Murray, all 42 pages of it.

  266. Craig P says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    The divide is simply between the managers and the revolutionaries. Revolutionaries don’t do administration and managers don’t do drives for independence.

    What Stuart MacKay says. The day the Edinburgh managerial class is persuaded independence is to their personal benefit, is the day it becomes inevitable. Though where that leaves the rest of us I don’t know.

    Previously I mentioned Common Space and Stu pointed out it hadn’t been a going concern for a while. Shows you how much I’ve read it recently. I should probably have not mentioned it and not looked like an idiot.

    And most importantly, Craig Murray. Thank you. Your work exposing the inner workings of corruption to sunlight of has taken its toll. But we see it, we remember, and we salute you.

  267. Daisy Walker says:

    This from Joanna Cherry’s Twitter account : ‘A wee personal announcement. I’m taking some time out for health reasons. My constituency office will continue to deal with all enquiries. I hope my privacy will be respected’.

    So, one of our hardest working and most talented MP’s who has suffered incredible stresses and strains of being subjected to Criminal Threats of violence – to the point of needing Police action and protection, and received Nill public or private expressions of support from the leader of the SNP and Scot Gov – is suffering a break in health.

    Shame on the SNP.

    And deepest best wishes to Joanna. Take all the time you need, its no longer business as usual, the bus needs a complete rebuild.

  268. Robert Hughes says:

    I’d rather have painful truths and honest/accurate analyses than falsely comforting ( self ) deceptions and wishful thinking any day .

    We know who dispenses which .

  269. Hugh Jarse says:

    Hey Nana.
    Good to see you’re here. Defo.

  270. Ruby says:

    I thought the Alex Bell article was pretty rubbish.

    He tells Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are bullies.

    I would love him to name any well known politician who isn’t a bully.
    Politics is all about bullying.

    Alex Salmond wasn’t taken to court for being a difficult character or being a bully.

  271. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    pixal @ 6.06

    Am sure Stu will be less tolerant of Wgd trolls on here soon, so don’t be surprised when your residence is short.

    At least on here you can post your opinion unlike WGD and others where you’re immediately blocked if the post is not for cult of Nicola or SNP.You don’t even get registered.

    pixal will not be the username you use on WGD will it be? Naw didn’t think so.

  272. robertknight says:

    We exist in a one-party state where the Dear Leader has the executive, the judiciary, the media, her own party plus one other in her pocket to the extent that she can act with utmost impunity.

    The only part of the ‘machine’ outwith her control are those court cases involving a Jury – watch this space!

    The opposition are muzzled by their London ring-masters, who see the Dear Leader as being too busy locking down dissent and imposing her Woke Utopia to bother with thoughts of Indy.

    So long as whatever Gender-woo-woo-land she creates is wedded to England, and the nukes and oil and freshwater remain unaffected, Westminster will care not what goes on north of Hadrian’s dyke and will enable the Dear Leader’s every move, provided Indy remains forever the dream that was Rome.

    The ONLY way we can change the situation and remove the levers of power from her grasp is via the ballot box.

    Anyone who suggests that the solution is to gift her those levers for a further 5 years by voting SNP-1 isn’t just deluded – they’re certifiable!

  273. Kcor says:

    “That movement is now a toxic ruin of mutual hatred, mostly driven by careerism and naked jealousy.”

    “A whole new movement of new people will have to grow organically from nothing again as it did back then”

    As I posted recently:

    Kcor says (The uncertain future),

    “Vote out the Sturgeon regime by not giving either vote to the SNP.

    Launch a genuine independence supporting party.

    Make the next Westminster election a plebiscite election on independence. The Rev. Stuart Campbell has already written the manifesto for the plebiscite election to be adopted by the new party.

    I am sorry to say that at the moment the rag tag list only independence parties are in no credible position to offer a plebiscite election. Who in their right mind thinks they will achieve more than 50% of the vote in total?

    In any case, an election for a devolved parliament on such a platform is highly unlikely to be accepted internationally.

    Weaken the SNP as much as possible in the Scottish election and then lay the ground to take the battle to Westminster in 3 years’ time.

    Alex Salmond waited for 3 years to give us a referendum which almost brought us independence.

    In 3 years’ time from now it should be possible for a genuine independence party to win a plebiscite Westminster election.”

  274. Big Jock says:

    I just wish there was a united independence party alternative. One that we could join, and have our voices heard.

    One who’s ambition would be to take over the political vehicle to independence from the SNP.

    Most of us on here, are politically homeless. Indy ref 2 is not going to happen in the term of the next SNP government. So we have 5 or 6 years to grow a genuine party of independence. We have time. We just need some big beast leaders.

  275. JGedd says:

    Stuart Campbell is a prickly b*gger and I actually think that is part of his ‘charm’ and why his take on the Scottish scene is valuable. Some people are naturally ingratiating and that can be inhibiting to their judgement.

    During this wasteful hiatus in the independence cause, presided over by the SNP, many people have found that being obsequious to the SNP leadership, actually is profitable either in terms of their career or potential advancement in all those peripheral organizations which depend on the SNP government for grant aid. Or, for that matter, in the world of journalism where being a so-called independence supporter, is no longer a bar to getting a bit of freelance work.

    For these people in difficult times they do what they can to get a career and in politics in Scotland the only game in town for a thrusting grifter is the SNP. They are the new establishment. There is nothing revolutionary or radical about these bloggers or hangers-on. They will ingratiate, ingratiate.

    So, I would rather have a crabbit git than someone who is in some way beholden to political/idealogical patronage or a readership. Someone like that is more likely to compromise their principles. Crabbit gits usually tell the truth and damn the consequences.

    How any of those in the SNP or their supporters who have looked on gloatingly as Craig Murray is prosecuted can think of themselves as radical is beyond a joke. Let me say to them, you are no longer the revolutionary or radical of your uni days, opponents of the system; you are the establishment and have the soul of oppressors. We see you.

  276. “I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made”

    Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  277. Ruby says:

    Oh here’s my stalker!

    Hello Kcor.

    Can you tell me what the implications are of no votes SNP?

    Will it be Anas Sarwar or Douglas Ross as First Minister or will they be ‘Better Together’ in a cosy coalition?

  278. Kcor says:

    Kcor says (A matter of timing),

    “If only the Rev. Stuart Campbell had followed his instincts and set up the Wings over Scotland Party a couple of years ago, we would not have been in this dilemna.

    My wish is for the SNP-Green Woke coalition to be voted out of power.

    Followed straight away by the creation of the Scottish Independence Party, with the sole aim of fighting the next Westminster election on a plebiscite manifesto, which the Rev. Stuart Campbell has already written.

    Scotland could yet be independent within five years.

    But if and only if the New SNP has been voted out of power.

    The New SNP is a bigger obstacle to independence than the unionists.

    In fact with the unionists in power, there would be much more motivation for independence.

    With the SNP in power, loads of gullible independence supporters are readily taking the carrot bait time and again.

    In the meantime, The National and Wee Ginger Dug are milking these gullible independence supporters, IMHO.”

  279. Mark Boyle says:

    @Ruby says: 25 March, 2021 at 6:21 pm

    “I would love him to name any well known politician who isn’t a bully.
    Politics is all about bullying.”

    The FK????

    Excuse me, but politics is most certainly not – at least in a democracy. Politics is about consensus and trust.

    If there are those who act as if it is, why the hell should bad behaviours be justified with that old lie “oh well, it’s always been like that?” Maybe in the world of the far-left and far-right thug it’s about bullying – thankfully they are micro-minority views.

    Politics is only what we allow it to be – same as whether we wish to be an independent state or not is down to what we want it to be, not because we’re bullied or coerced into accepting or rejecting it.

  280. ScotsRenewables says:

    Latest Survation Scottish Parliament constituency ballot voting intentions:

    SNP 50% (+4)
    Conservatives 21% (-)
    Labour 20% (-2)
    Liberal Democrats 8% (-)

    Scottish Parliament regional list ballot voting intentions:

    SNP 39% (-)
    Labour 20% (-)
    Conservatives 19% (-2)
    Greens 11% (+1)
    Liberal Democrats 7% (-1)

    SNP overall majority.

  281. Ruby says:

    Kcor says:
    In fact with the unionists in power, there would be much more motivation for independence.


    Which one would be best? Tory or Labour?

    Why would you need the SNP voted out of power to create a new independence party.

  282. Pixywine says:

    Given that ginger dog is in “artistic” decline this mention on Wings will probably give him a momentary boost in readership. I suspect another agenda. Does anyone remember when Paul would adamantly assert he was a Green voter? Why would a Green want us to vote for an SNP with a heavier Green Agenda than Patrick Harvey? The SNP are in a position to push sorry enforce the Green New Deal which I don’t think will be good for the environment.
    The mining of rare Earth minerals is a dirty business which also involves dredging the Sea floor. An Electric economy will make more demands on the Planet. Batteries need replacing regularly. How are they to be disposed of? Seems I’ve strayed off on a climate hobby horse. I’m not entirely sure ginger is chasing Independence. If he still ” writes” for the Notional then he also pursues a Party line. I used to enjoy his work also. In 2014 we seemed…. Younger.

  283. Indy Now says:

    Another great article, no messing about. That’s what the Indy movement needs now.
    Everyone needs to pick a side, you either accept a corrupt SNP because they might (they won’t) have an Indy Ref, or you stand on the side of honesty. I pick honesty every time and if that means a regroup, and wait for a clearout, or an alternative party then so be it. SNP in its current form, will not lead us to Indy, not next year, not ever.

  284. Ruby says:

    Mark Boyle says:
    Excuse me, but politics is most certainly not – at least in a democracy. Politics is about consensus and trust.


    Like we see between the different political parties and our two governments?

    Do you ever watch politicians in action?

  285. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    SR @ 6.43PM

    Doubt that wishful poll will stand up come election day. Anyhow ,it may depend on how many more bribes come over the next few weeks I suppose.

    It will be interesting what is in the SNP manifesto in a few weeks. I suppose varieties flavours of jam won’t go a miß but there will be a distinct lack of substance of what the HCB or GRA means for the average person on the street.

    You bet though if they get a majority the GRA and the HCB will be their immediate priority and will be pushed through as quickly as possible.

    Of that I have no doubt.

  286. Pixywine says:

    I think rule by, apparently,pointless dictat is bullying also.

  287. Ruby says:

    Indy Now says:
    25 March, 2021 at 6:52 pm
    Another great article, no messing about. That’s what the Indy movement needs now.
    Everyone needs to pick a side, you either accept a corrupt SNP because they might (they won’t) have an Indy Ref, or you stand on the side of honesty. I pick honesty every time and if that means a regroup,


    Can you tell me the name of this ‘honest’ party that you are picking?

    Will they offer an IndyRef2?

  288. Pixywine says:

    What does it matter who the First Minister is none of the Holyrood Party “leaders” are particularly interested in Independence.

  289. Pixywine says:

    Now then Now then Ruby. What DO we have here?

  290. Mark Boyle says:

    @Ruby says: 25 March, 2021 at 6:53 pm

    “Like we see between the different political parties and our two governments?

    Do you ever watch politicians in action?”

    Evidently a lot more than you do. If you behaved as you’re suggesting is “normal” at – for example – the committee stage of a Bill in the House of Commons, you’d get your arse handed back to you.

    And it was only last week David Davis and the Speaker shot down an SNP tub of lard for trying to use bully boy tactics to silence free speech.

    So no, it is NOT normal.

  291. jim hannan says:

    For me the split in peoples support for the SNP is down to those who would be content with Salmond doing “Life” right now and everyone else. Its no way to build a country by pulling other people down especially when Alec passed her the chalice and she pissed in it.

  292. Grendel says:

    “H Scott says:
    25 March, 2021 at 1:18 pm
    Paul Kavanagh has been going through an extremely difficult time because of his stroke.
    One reason people seek donations or subscriptions to a blog is that the time and effort required to do it well makes it hard to find an alternative source of income, especially if you’ve had a stroke.”

    Am I not right in saying that there has been a donation button on WGD for many, many years?

  293. Ebok says:

    Haven’t managed to read all the comments today, but the first thing of note is that views are actually being expressed and topics discussed. It makes a pleasant change from the seemingly never-ending spats amongst children who gate-crash the site.
    Perhaps the Rev has wielded his axe?

  294. Ruby says:

    Mark Boyle says:

    And it was only last week David Davis and the Speaker shot down an SNP tub of lard for trying to use bully boy tactics to silence free speech.

    So no, it is NOT normal.


    So you agree with Alex Bell that Alex Salmond is just a bully & a difficult person & it has nothing to do with him being a politician?

  295. Billy Russell says:

    You said you in response to one comment you did not think you were the exception to the rule that the 2014 voices should make way for new voices.

    You are the exception. I direct all my unionist friends and family to your journalism. Some are not now die hard unionists because of your journalism. Some will vote indy because of your journalism.

    You for them, my (ex)unionist friends unlinked Indy from the SNP. That is something only you manage to do. That is exceptional.

    I could not suffer the abuse and betrayal you have had to endure and if you choose another path than this one, I wish you all the best and you deserve the best on merit. If you choose to continue being the exceptional voice for Indy, for reason and for facts that you are, you will continue to make Indy an option for unionists. Your reach is exceptional. Not I, not the SNP, not all those other blogs you mention cut though the great divide in Scotland. Only you do that.

  296. MorvenM says:

    Paul has definitely changed since his wee dug died and he had his stroke. Apparently, we’re all “minions” for following this blog.

    I’ve contributed to a good number of the blogs mentioned above and I’m sad to see what they’ve become now.

    I contributed to The People vs Carmichael, but blocked Tim Morrison (Orkney Vole) on Twitter after his hateful remarks about “terfs”.

    I got fed up with iScot – probably one too many articles by the odious Alyn Smith.

    I’ve now cancelled my online sub to The National. I’ve supported it since the first issue because it was the only daily that supported indy and because it gave a platform to bloggers like WGD. Now that it’s turned into a fanzine for Nicola, I can’t stomach it any more.

    I am sad beyond words at the bitterness and bile that’s broken out, but I’ve no doubt who’s responsible for it – the one who crushed the Yes movement beneath her tartan stiletto heels. And I’ll never forgive her for it.

    Like Katherine Hamilton above, my admiration for Alex Salmond and everything he did for us has only increased. You don’t really appreciate a giant until he’s followed by a pygmy.

    I now believe I won’t see independence in my lifetime, but I hope that a new movement can arise out of the ashes of the old one and the dream will never truly die.

  297. AYRSHIRE ROB says:


    Who is this Alex Bell you take of ?

  298. Carol Neill says:

    Late to the party as usual
    You seem to have upset a few twatters Mr c , o dear what a shame , keep up the good work .
    I would actually like a shiny new hot tub to add to my new abode , donations greatly appreciated, just click on the link at the top of the page ,
    I actually read wgd as I like to see both sides of an a point of view till I found out he’d crowdfunded his house ,I’d sleep on the streets first , well maybe a pals hoose

  299. Ian Mac says:

    It appears that the SNP, a la WGD, have but one argument in their locker, roughly speaking: “oooh, the tories, aren’t they awful?”

    That is about it. Of course they are, we know that they are lying, thieving scumbags. But what are you? Hiding behind the same old ‘look at them, not us’, a tired old diversion from their own abysmal record and corruption, is no argument at all. Stand on your record and your corrupt governance, explain your independence strategy without using a tired old meme about getting a referendum which you admit will already be years away. Publish some actual details and strategy.

    But you won’t. There isn’t one, other than get elected again. Then pass policy you haven’t put to the voters, and trash, smear and jail dissenters. While living high on the hog.

  300. Ruby says:

    AYRSHIRE ROB says:
    25 March, 2021 at 7:19 pm

    Who is this Alex Bell you take of ?


    Link to his article posted further up the thread.

    Alex Bell who I believe worked for Alex Salmond but got his jotters. Was also witness in Alex Salmond trial.

    Do you want to read his article? It’s shite but if you want I can get you the link.

    Basically he says Alex Salmond is a bully & a difficult person and Nicola Sturgeon is also a bully.

  301. Annie 621 says:

    When in the (distant future) the history of the victorious Scottish Independence movement comes to be written, I believe the names Alex Salmond and Stuart Campbell will feature most prominently.

    Btw, been singing ‘backstabbers’ for months.

  302. james says:

    right on wings of scotland… keep up the good work… that’s what you’re known for and why you stand head and shoulders above these folks.. the same goes for these scurrilous attacks… they will be known for their work too..

  303. Fiona Nelson says:

    @Daisy Walker, “ISP – came out all guns blazing for Plebiscite Indy Election – and then don’t bother to put it in their manifesto, and keep referring everyone to a Petition for same. Petitions don’t win prizes”. How do you know what is on ISP manifesto as it has not been released?

  304. james says:

    Survation … and who pays for these polls, or is this another extension of integrity initiative?? looks like it..

  305. Kcor says:

    To realists, politically independence is dead.

    Neither the SNP nor the Greens are in favour of independence.

    If they were, Scotland would have been independent by now.

    At no time was independence more achievable than during 2016-2021.

    As SNP leader, was it Sturgeon’s duty to save England from Brexit or to bring independence to Scotland?

    If your car is broken and beyond repair, you have to buy a new one.

    The SNP is broken and beyond repair. Not a single of its elected MPs or MSPs rebelled and resigned. There is not a single principled one amongst them.

    A brand new party is required. With persons of principle rather than careerists and opportunists.

    As the Rev. Stuart Campbell said a couple of days ago (The Switch):

    “You can quote us on that again in 2026, because there is not the slightest sliver of hope of a second independence referendum while Nicola Sturgeon resides in Bute House, and we’ll put any amount of money you like behind that assertion. Contact us with a wager for whatever sum you choose and we’ll take it.”

    We can only feel sorry for the optimists wearing glasses with a certain colour:

    Ruby says (“Three choices”),

    “I’m voting SNP 1/2 because I want Nicola Sturgeon to have to face the consequences of her actions.”

    Ruby, have you contacted the Rev. Stuart Campbell with a wager for whatever sum you choose?

  306. Kcor says:

    Ruby says,

    “Why would you need the SNP voted out of power to create a new independence party.”

    Why are you repeating the question I had already answered three days ago?

    Ruby says (Your country needs YOU),

    “Why would the SNP need to be out of the way for a new genuine independence party to stand at the next Westminster GE?”

    Kcor says (Your country needs YOU),

    “In opposition will mean it has been rejected as the pro independence party it used to be for decades until your heroine Sturgeon took over.

    The very excuses that the likes of you give for Sturgeon to be re-elected will no longer be valid.

    What has the SNP done since 2016 except hindering independence when it had become achievable like never before?

    Only a fresh start will put the cause of independence back on the track.

    Out with the corrupt lying criminal SNP.”

  307. Correction to Daisy Walker:

    The website for the plebiscite petition which went live on 4 January this year is still there ( but thanks to neither SNP or Green MSPs having the guts to seek independence directly, parliament has now headed to an election on the vague promise of asking for a Section 30 Order (again) or some other form of contempt for Scottish voters’ intelligence.

    Plebiscite remains the preferred means of securing independence because that’s how every other nation on the planet has achieved independence without use of force.

    Given candidates were only given sight of the first draft of ISP’s manifesto today, the idea that anyone who’s not a candidate, a member of the executive or the policy team can state definitively what’s not in our manifesto is – with all due respect – incorrect.

    It should be no surprise given our consistent stance on a plebiscite basis for independence to be told that it IS in our manifesto. It always will be. Unlike other parties competing in this election, the word ‘independence’ is not only in our name but it’s on our campaign literature.

  308. Alwi says:

    Maybe it was the dug that used to write his articles……?

  309. Lothianlad says:

    No respect for wgd. Stu outed the corruption in the SNP SG. Wgd stayed silent.
    Says it all.

  310. Kcor says:

    The Rev. Stuart Campbell, you were backstabbed as long ago as during the independence referendum campaign when Yes Scotland sided with a Tory MP or MSP whose hypocrisy you had pointed out.

    With hindsight, it can be seen that apart from Alex Salmond and a few others, the rest of the SNP was made up of careerists and opportunists who didn’t care that much about independence as long as they retained their comfy and lucrative jobs of pointless shouting like:

    “Scotland will not be taken out of the EU against its will”.

    We now all know the lengths Sturgeon and her corrupt lying criminal conspirators went to to jail Alex Salmond as he posed a risk to her hold on power in devolved Scotland.

    Not a single SNP MP or MSP has resigned in protest, Cherry, McAskill and McNeil included.

    Putting them out of power, even at the cost of a unionist coalition, is the only way forward.

  311. Andy says:



    I asked a civil question.

    From what I see above, it is you who is having a go at every second poster.

    A right little nasty piece of work.

  312. Andy says:


    You give good women a bad name.

    I asked you a civil question and you accused me of stalking you.


  313. Albert Herring says:

    “Sorted, thanks”

    Hi Stu.

    Just a wee suggestion:-

    In view of your Hail Caesar!/Quizmaster/Tractor ed. thingy, might it not be a useful safety feature to substitute the names of they that cannot be named with something like [REDACTED]?

  314. Fergus says:


    Right out of order

    To accuse someone of stalking is sick.

  315. Terry says:

    Quiz Question:

    Q: At what point did Jigsaw Identification become Hop Scotch Identification?
    A: Craig Murray

  316. Terry says:

    Scooby Ruby smoked a doobie before he/she went online

  317. ScotsRenewables says:

    Nil carborundum illegitimi, Ruby

  318. Kate says:

    Maureen says:
    25 March, 2021 at 4:59 pm
    Kate at 4.47pm. Can I just say that is a belter of a post and agree with every word.

    Thank you Maureen. Appreciated. I’m long winded sometimes, I know… (blame my schooling. They insisted we ‘expand’ on our themes!) but it’s how I see things…

    I get really annoyed by petty politics at a time when bloggers in our alternative media should be working together to get the truth out – about whoever, whichever ‘side’ is trying to use deceit for their own ends. The moment green eyes get the better of them & they start with the ‘jealous’ stuff and childish name calling of their fellow bloggers, my way of ‘kicking them up the bahookie’ is just switching them off and I know others are like minded to do the same. If that’s their objective, they’ve got this! It’s hurtful to both sides – but Wings can’t control THEIR jealousy. Only the bloggers who are doing the nasty smearing & vindictive name calling can do something about it… & it seems they prefer to keep smearing. Well… what can ye do???

    Anyway, thanks Maureen.

  319. Mark Boyle says:

    @Ruby says: 25 March, 2021 at 7:12 pm

    “So you agree with Alex Bell that Alex Salmond is just a bully & a difficult person & it has nothing to do with him being a politician?”

    Straw man fallacy. Where did I say that I agreed with Alex Bell anywhere?

  320. Ruby says:

    I’ve really wound up ‘The Stalker’ this evening!

    Air punch! 🙂

  321. SilverDarling says:

    @Nana 2.53pm

    I am so glad to see you still read the stuff here. I actually felt quite emotional reading your comment. A breath of calm and sanity.

  322. McDuff says:

    You tell the truth rev you expose the lies of both the Unionists and the SNP. You are not a hypocrite.
    These other so called independence journalists don’t care that the SNP is corrupt and rotten to its core.
    So what does that say about them.

  323. Brian Doonthetoon says:


    What’s going on with STV tonight?

    They trailed (or implied) that the Scotland vs Austria game would be broadcast tonight. What are they broadcasting? England vs San Marino!

    I despair…

  324. SilverDarling says:

    The problem people have with the Rev is they hold him to unreasonable standards. He has never claimed to be an oasis of restraint or balance. He has stuff he wants to write and many people want to read it and support him. WGD hooks people in for sympathy because he has little else to say now.

    If they are disappointed in the Rev’s tone or lack of reverence to the establishment clubs and cliques that is their problem. He is not an elected politician or even here to make friends. Friends are for real life and this is his job – for now.

    What has disappointed many of us here is the way people we once admired turn as soon as they think they are on the wrong side. ‘Weather vanes’ is the term, I think. The trouble with that is the wind can change very quickly and if you don’t have signposts pointing you in the right direction you are truly lost.

    There are a lot of people lost just now in the Indy movement.

  325. Fionan says:

    It really saddens me to see iScot in red in this article. Firstly, because Ken McDonald is one of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met, who has worked his butt off to try to contribute a much-needed pro-indy medium, which indy people were crying out for around 2012-14

    Secondly, because iScot is certainly NOT pro-NewSNP or Sturgeon and all at iScot are perfectly aware of the corrupt machinations of the Scotgov and their civil service nicophants and tame lord advocate/COPFS. To equate iScot with the likes of BC and WGD is to my mind quite disgusting and even deceitful.

    But most of all, because both WOS and iScot are fighting their hardest for indy against a massive and downright vicious enemy, and to my mind should be working together, not fighting each other. Both have valuable contributions to make to the indy fight especially at this time when so much is against us all and things look so bleak. It makes me so sad that both have allowed SGP to score one over on both parties by splitting these two vital contributors to the Yes movement over something which, although I understand perfectly why Rev Stu felt hurt and betrayed by it, was never intended as any sort of slight or stab in the back. Ken just is not like that. And publishing contributions by SGP is very much part of the job of a magazine of giving different views and opinions so that people can make up their own independent minds. Yet Ken perhaps could also have thought twice before taking Stu’s reaction as a slight as if IIRC, SGP did make a slight dig at WOS in that article, or in one at the same time published in The National, and indeed many others on his blog.

    I just wish both of you would put egos, however bruised, to one side at least for now till we all see if we can put the indy movement back together to find a way round our current impasse and the current SNP blackmail re HE. SGP is not worth indy supporters falling out over him.

    On another topic, I have seen numerous comments complaining that ISP and AFI should get together and work together for the list.

    The whole ethos of AFI is to Max the YES – to gain sufficient list votes to give a pro-indy 2/3 of seats (that assumes snp constituency seats are pro-indy, which we know some are not). To that end, AFI has repeatedly approached and invited ISP to talk and to try to work together precisely so that they dont split the vote.

    ISP has refused repeatedly to even meet(zoom) or talk with AFI.

    AFI see the way forward as getting that supermajority 2/3 seats, then immediately preparing for indy, and not under the condition of the s30. If this worked out, we would be preparing for an indy plebiscite election before the end of 2021. It isnt realistically possible for any small list party to include referendum in their May manifesto unless SNP also includes it in theirs in May, which we know wont happen.

    Of course there are obvious holes in this plan due to SNP actions past, present and future but with a good portion of the indy seats being non-snp, they are more likely to be persuaded that their interests lie in that direction. We need to break the deadlock somehow, and that really means all pulling together, putting our egos aside for the good, indeed for the survival of Scotland and our nation, and right now, flaws and all, this seems as good a plan as any – if only all the list parties pull together for the good of the country.

    Right I am off to hide in my bunker before the hammers start flying in my direction. I know full well what horrible mass shit you get, Stu, I feel for you in what you put up with on our behalf, and I also appreciate your hard work and hope you continue. But it also hurt to see iScot listed here as if it was anything like BC, SGP and WGD, and to see two men who are actually on the same side rising to bait laid by SGP and in doing so, each causing more pain to the other. Ken doesn’t make a big thing of it, but he also quietly does everything he can, in gthr ackground, over and above what most people would be prepared to do, to help anyone he sees in distress or trouble to the limits of his ability. He just does not deserve to be placed alongside BC, WGD or SGP. Or indeed the Sturgeonites.

  326. Nana says:

    I’m a very picky eater, I don’t care for bits that stick in my craw.

    @Willie B
    I often think of Robert P as well. Sadly I have no idea how he is but I wish him well.

    Still here Daisy, good to see you are too.

    @Hugh Jarse
    Aye Defo I’m still here.

    Some days I find myself feeling calm, other days not so much. Overwhelming sadness at the state we are in, falling out with fellow travellers is disheartening.
    Still hoping for better days.

    Best wishes to all.

  327. Daisy Walker says:

    Andrew Bentley-Steed says:

    Andrew – I’m sorry if – now that ISP Manifesto has been published I’ve been incorrect. And I will be absolutely delighted if I can see that Front and Foremost an Indy Plebiscite Election is its fundamental Manifesto promise.

    Your comment has referred me to the Plebiscite Petition. I signed it when it came out. Petitions don’t win prizes and they certainly don’t win Independence. Repeatedly pointing people to a petition, instead of to published policy or manifesto – comes across as slick.

    Last time I looked at the ISP website – their Policy did NOT have Plebiscite Indy Election as Policy.

    When this was pointed out. They introduced somewhere in the site (but not as policy) a tiny wee sentence that said an Indy Plebiscite Election would be something they would ‘like’ – or wishy washy words to that effect.

    I’m sorry if the above is coming across as blunt… actually I’m not sorry – I’m raging. This kind of mealy mouthed, talk a good game, and dangle the right carrots has had the arse well and truely knocked out of it by the SNP – you’ll have to forgive a loyal Independence supporter if some of the tried and tested ‘tricks’ won’t wash anymore.

    Say what you mean, mean what you say, and have it first and foremost as policy and manifesto – and don’t get snippy if folk demand to see it in writing and examine the fine print.

    Won’t get fooled again.

  328. Daisy Walker says:

    Had a look just now at ISP website

    On Mission Statement and on Policy the nearest I could find to how they want to achieve Independence for Scotland is as follows:

    Once elected, the first action taken by the ISP in the Scottish parliament will be to call a vote on proceeding with an independence referendum. Our instruction to the Scottish government will be to hold a referendum on the question ‘Should Scotland be an Independent Country?’ at the earliest date possible and within the life of the new Parliament.

    We believe we must, by every peaceful means possible, act to secure the self-governance of Scotland. It is intolerable that our nation, so rich in natural resource, so admired for its contributions to science and the humanities, and with many and close ties to family of Europe, should find itself so diminished.
    Now is the time to act; and we call on all people of like mind to join us as we seek to return Scotland to its rightful place as an equal and friend amongst nations.’

    Where in that, is clear determination and statement to stand on a ticket for Plebiscite Indy Election – where? In fact, I’m pretty sure the word ‘plebiscite’ isn’t even in it.

  329. X_Sticks says:

    Hi Nana – I hope hackalumpoff passed on my wishes the other day. He did let me know you were all doing fine which is good to know.

    Best wishes to Foinan too – hope you’re doing well.

  330. Douglas MacMillan says:

    Daisy – there is no way this election will be a plebiscite for independence, no matter how many times you and Alf Baird mention it on here.

    Much more time is needed to get that message across to voters and there are other things going on right now which will make this message difficult…

    I agree we need a plebiscite, but I think the best moment will be the next Westminster elections as we will have time to organise and bring the SNP on board (hopefully with a new leader)

  331. Cadogan Enright says:

    Stuart, have you considered that you make be right at some micro levels but wrong in general ?

  332. Craig Sheridan says:

    Having been old Chief blog writer on I can vouch that Stu done all he could to help promote us with his wide reach. We still continue to have a great relationship. Indy Live has grown and prospered with a great team and a brilliant radio station.

    Others have turned against Wings and my strong belief is this is all about money. Bella has bleated repeatedly about this and seems to blame Wings that it can’t raise more funds. Bella has always seen itself as the self crowned leader of the indy blogosphere. The frustration has been evident for a long time and grew like a cancer.

    The thing about mutual respect is that its mutually beneficial, some would do well to remember that.

  333. Al-Stuart says:


    With respect, the answers to all you have written are simple…

    Bella Caledonia & Small Mike Small. No fact, just gossip.

    Wee Ginger Dug. Green ink, overpromoted fae the Letters’ Page.

    Pete Wishart Badly written blog. Moanings and Splatterings.

    They all have high-reader-number-envy.


    I just looked at each of their blogs. They are all into money first.

    Word W’hores.

    There is a reason people such as these lash out.

    Bella Caledonia is failing. His writing is abysmal and would not pass “O” level let alone Higher grade. There are no facts and bugger-all sources. Watching gray paint dry is more informative than suffering Bile In Caledonia.

    Wee Ginger Dug should have retired his angry green pen after three articles made it into mainstream editorial pages of The National. Paul was overpromoted then and his writing is ultra-derivative now.

    WetFarts Moanings & Mutterings is utter cringe. The thing is WetFart already receives a LOT of Westminster salary plus a TON or pension and MEGATON of expenses and an OBSCENE lump scum for chairing his Scottish Grand Commmittee. Yet he sponges even more money from his high profile by trying to string sentences together. Monkeys with crayons make a better blog job. Though Pete and monkeys have one thing in common: they both throw shit about..

    Meet Pete the capuchin shitflinger…

    We all know these Sturgeonite McWokists are WIKFULLY BLIND ~ from their ignoring the stitch-up of Scotlands best First Minister ever: Alex Salmond. To the Sturgeonite McBloggers acceptance of the weaving of £600,00

  334. twathater says:

    @ Cadogan Enright 11.21pm Cadogan if I remember right are you not now or were you at one time a councillor in Ireland

    I used to enjoy your comments in the past where they were positive and supportive of indy but for the past long while you have been making snide comments re Stu’s commitment to indy
    I know most people on here would be very happy to support the SNP if there was ANY credible sign that the party was the old real SNP fighting for independence not the shambles that it is, run by a narcissistic psychopath drunk on her own power trip that is actually dangerous for our citizens

    But each to their own CE

  335. Al-Stuart says:

    Bad news from Joanna Cherry…

    If I was a qualified QC and had been “Hate Crime Attacked” to the point the sheer avalanche of hatred from the Twittler Youth caused health issues, I would be tempted to take this new piece of Hate Crime legislation out for a test drive (when it becomes active 24 hours after Royal Assent).

    There appears to be no retroactive competence in the Hate Crime Act, but let this be a warning to the Twittler Youth. JUSTICE wears a blindfold. The gerrymandered process of your infiltrating the SNP for your own, narrow selfish desires may well end up boomeranging back and having some of the Twittler Youth up before the sheriff.

    Now that would be some Karma I would like to see.

    P.S. My apologies for the typo at the end of the last post. Stu. Please can I donate £85 so you can buy a WordPress website widget that enables BTL posters to edit their own comments for typos and errors etc. Thanks Chief and chin up.

    When Sturgeon’s political denouement arrives it will be awesome. Sad, bad and mad. The Sturgeon Bunker Rants. Introduction by Sir Pete Wishart, Baron McTrumpet and Lord of Old PerthTownHall.

    There will be avalanche in Wings Over Scotland readership numbers when Birgitte Nyborg of tv Borgen’s last episode arrives.

    P.P.S. I hear that Isa fae the “Still Game” tv series will, be playing the part of Nicola in the drama: “Sturgeon The Shoulderblade Politician”. Airs on BBC Gaelic at 2am in the morning.

  336. Richard Hunter says:

    I don’t know the ins and outs or who is at fault, but it’s depressing to see prominent voices in the indy movement at each other’s throats.

  337. Cuilean says:

    I would like to add my defence of iScot. I hope Ken McDonald does not mind me saying this, as he has a guid Scots tongue in his heid, but he has his eyes open on the SNP, the Scottish Government & the office of the First Minister of Scotland, in its current manifestation.

    Ken puts the iScot together entirely on his own, and does not edit or redact articles. iScot allows free speech, even if its editor does not agree with everything that it prints.

    In contrast to a previous poster who described WGD’s demands for travel expenses on arrival, I invited Ken & Jeggit to give a talk at our local Yes hub, about 2 or 3 years ago. Not only did Ken not ask any fee, he paid his own travel expenses (considerable, as we are a remote community). He brought along back-copies of the iScot, which his audience were invited to take home for free, as many copies as they could carry.

    At the time, Ken told me he & Jeggit had recently hauled their bahookies all the way up to The Orkneys to give a public talk. Although they were well looked after by the locals, Ken & Jeggit paid their own travel expenses which, between them, set them back £500, without a murmur. They wanted to do it. For themselves. For us. (Jeggit works in Dublin & the car ferry to the Orkneys isna cheap). Unlike many seat warmers at Holyrood & Westminster, iScot is definitely not in this fight of our life for the siller!

    Ken came to dinner after the hall talk. I had not met him before this talk night. His passion for Scotland and knowledge of Scotland’s culture shone, through a great night, in guid company. When he was leaving, Ken quietly gave me beautiful hand-tooled leather Scots passport holders, to give later to the other, departed guests. (Ken, also, when he arrived, gave me a beautiful, framed print o the wee lassie fae Greenock holding up her Saltire. It has pride of place now in my home). A more truly generous and selfless man you could not meet.

    Ken does not have an unkind bone in his body. He also does what he does at great cost to himself and his family.

    I was saddened at the rift between iScot & Wings. I know for a fact no hurt or slight was ever intended. But rifts can be mended.

    Scotland needs aw its ‘bonnie fechters’, its flame carriers, during these slow, wearing-down of hope years.

  338. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Douglas MacMillan says:
    25 March, 2021 at 11:03 pm

    Daisy – there is no way this election will be a plebiscite for independence, no matter how many times you and Alf Baird mention it on here.

    Much more time is needed to get that message across to voters’

    Douglas – I agree with you.

    Two things however, if it is introduced to the voters this election – that is the best advertising you could ever hope to get in terms of public awareness, and in terms of building support for it for the next GE.

    And secondly, if the new parties don’t put it slap bang in the middle of their manifestos now, then, they never will, there will always be excuses for ‘now is not the time’.

    And Scotland is running out of time.

    And a third thing, I assume both the new parties want to grow. But right just now, realistically, they are protest, single issue parties. They need to maximise that to the hilt. I loath and detest everything Nigel Farage and his Brexit party stand for – but in terms of political leverage (for what he wanted) he played a blinder. For those who wanted Brexit, if the Tories and the Labour Party would not deliver – their vote would go to Nigel.

    If ISP or AFI attempt to be the new sensible, gradualist, don’t scare the horses party and ‘steal’ SNP ground – then they offer nothing new, and nothing worth changing loyalties for, and nothing that is going to save Scotland – they also make it incredibly easy for the British Establishment to noble them from the outset.

  339. Peter Kinnaird says:

    Had a look at the Wee Ginger Dug yesterday. My word, he doesn’t like you very much. He is also a very cheap debater. His first move tends to be personal against any potential critics, and in this case he mocks anyone establishing Nationalist bona fides by attacking their age and, by implication, their honesty. This despite the fact that if they don’t do so they’ll probably be slated for being a Unionist. It’s the cheapest, nastiest trick in the book. Apart from that, it’s a litany of insults, abuse, regurgitated propaganda, and precious little rational thought. This guy’s mindless conformity is why the SNP is losing members and support – for myself, I resigned but to keep a promise to the candidate, will hold my nose and vote SNP 1, but a.n.other Indy group 2. Keep it going Stewart. Politics needs people who blow a bit of pepper and honesty into the arguments.

  340. Fungi guy says:

    Great news. Alba; a party I can give my list vote to, without boking. First vote, you ask. Probably spoiled

  341. Wee Crabbit Bas says:

    It’s rather poignant and telling Rev. that you reveal a personal insight here by mentionong your stroke-survivor dad, as anyone who has experienced the trauma that accompanies such an event understands that the stroke-survivor is not the only victim and that the family dynamic can, and often is, shattered. Also, even if you’re not really that religious but have been indoctrinated in anything approaching the Presbyterian tradition (i.e. Scottish), it can lead you to contemplate the idea that the Lord doesn’t need to take a life, to take a whole life away. When you witness a loved one reduced from an adult to a child overnight and have to watch them grapple with the basics of learning how to balance and move again, it’s no exaggeration to say that it can hollow you out too with guilt and leave you feeling helpless with endless questions and no answers. That might be more of a child to parent reaction but, nevertheless, I’ve thought of PK’s spouse often over the last year in this context, although I realise the circumstances are likely to be specific and complicated perhaps, and I have no insight or right to speculate. And I’ve thought too, naturally, about PK and his uphill recovery (a left-sided stroke being the most physically debilitating), and of his efforts to describe the experience. All very admirable and deserving of public attention, to bring more awareness and understanding to the issues surrounding stroke. The CHSS (Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland) charity could perhaps benefit too from an affiliation. But I haven’t been able to read his progress reports. See above.

    However, the devastation and the aftermath of stroke aside, I too have reservations over the transactional nature of content and product, and some mixed feelings about the charitable nature of The Comic in supporting PK personally with free promotion and additional column space (although saying that, there’s plenty space in the paper for other more useful and relevant content rather than the endless digital subs ads, puzzles and fitba. I will be cancelling my subs shortly in favour of the Alba party and a Eurosport Player punt for the upcoming Spring Classics, Giro and TdF. But I digress.).

    I’ve not read the WGD blog for over a year. I got rather tired, like a lot of folk probably, of reading the same old long- winded ‘Tories Bad’ gags over and over, expressed using the same tired string of long-winded metaphors, overly contrived like a mediocre Frankie Boyle gag from his earlier writing period (sorry Frankie but a lot of it was pretty shite eh).

    I have to just mention the WG Dugcast, which again I stopped listening to over a year ago, mainly because I was fed up with PK talking over either Callum (Comic Editor) or whoever was subbing for him in his absence. In nearly every episode there were promotional shout outs for this and that, the books, the maps, etc. I get it, folk need to earn and so have to sell whatever it is they’ve got, but what irked me most was the continuous, “That’s enough about you, let’s talk about me” mantra.

    There’s a song I’m minded of called, “Wish Them Well” which is about letting go and bidding farewell to those former friends who have either let you down, abandoned you, or stabbed you in the back. Perhaps we can all still wish PK well, and hope for the best possible outcome in his recovery journey and that it leads to his own independence again, as well as that of our country.

    Thanks if you made it this far.

    Alba gu bràth.

  342. David A. says:

    I think Stuart is absolutely right to be dismayed and annoyed or even angry at the kind of abuse and backstabbing that has gone on. At least his old oppponents in the unionist movement had the decency to spit and stab at him from the front… He is also correct to bring attention to it as such behavior and personal defects shape the direction of movements, parties, and policies of a country. If your leaders are unstable and nasty then how can you expect good things for the future?

    We have a leading party that is rife with corruption and cowardice. Every single politician in the SNP in my eyes is corrupt, a coward or so utterly clueless they are out of touch with everything despite it all being laid out (and how can you trust such a profesional numpty to run a country when even when they are in the party and paid to be political professionals they fail?). Why should I trust any politican so corrupt, cowardly, selfish or clueless they are saying nothing all this time despite it being so blatant and going on so long? If all they care about is their career more than the country then why should I vote for them ever? The silent SNP politicians are all enabling the problems and holding back Scotland. Do those sound like people you want to lead or form a new independent country? The whole of the SNP needs to be scrapped and anyone involved in it needs to be kept out of the new parties and grass roots movements that form or else you’ll have the same bad people doing the same bad things once more.

    Sadly I can only say I am glad we never got independence from the last referendum under the control or influence of these people. It hurts to say it after time and money I spent on it but I see what those people I naively supported were like and I feel like I dodged a bullet. The character of so many leading it has been revealed and they have been found to be completely unsuitable. Can you imagine what these cliques of backstabbers and careerists would do to a newborn country in its delicate formative years? We need people of quality and good character who can stay consistent and we WILL get this in the end. That I am sure of. The problem is we need the decent people to step up and get involved and not to just let those with a thirst for a career, money or fame step up and promise to do it for the humble, decent, average Scot who just wants a normal life.

    Let me make it clear – If you vote for SNP in the coming election you are EXPLICITY ENDORSING CORRUPTION AND THEIR POLICIES. That is undeniable. You can pretend you’re holding your nose and have some special super secret clever reason for it, but none of that will matter because Sturgeon will be the one standing on your votes in the end and declaring them as support for her…and she’s not far wrong. That’s how things work in all practical terms. I’d rather spoil than support corruption or something actively destroying any future Scotland has for another generation. We already have seeds of a new and better future to support now and there will be more in the future if we allow it and help it.

    We need to be practical and part of that is knowing when you’ve got to tear something down and let the grass roots have room to grow again, just like Stuart is talking about there. There WILL be new things very fast the second there is room in the political space for them. If people passively assume SNP is doing all the work for them and it sucks up all the oxygen of the room and takes up all the space then it will starve the new grass roots we need.

  343. Tam McClumpher says:

    Aye, except – on the back of support which also came from them – you published a piece saying ‘fuck independence’.

    That might be it? Whadya think?

    That was a line for me, and thousands of others. I fucking loved this site. The work you have done was extraordinary. I’ve backed it with £, supporting you 100%

    Fuck independence? Fuck you! The single goal *is* independence. Apparently, your want for personal tantrums trump any skill in acknowledging that – irrespective of difference.

    Perhaps you should stick to your guns AND not piss on the prize, eh? Brits have made much hay from you. No issue there either apparently. No skilful retorts.

    What a fucking let down.

  344. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Aye, except – on the back of support which also came from them – you published a piece saying ‘fuck independence’.”

    You are a very stupid person and should probably have an adult with you.

  345. Karen says:

    Hi Stu,

    You have breathing space now, take some time and obviously your too dangerous which is why they are nipping. But they don’t have the readership to be effective.

    Have a nice summer, regroup and engage with the next plan.


  346. Al-Stuart says:


    Paypal Paul Kavanagh adds more funds to his “buy me a house” fund.

    Stuart you were absolutely right, when you wrote further up this BTL section about WGD writing his 2000th “Tories Are Bad” piece.

    At least he recycles. Eco-Paul.

    Actually more like he repeats. BBC2-Paul.

    Just for curiosity and I need to go to sleep (WGD is a great cure for insomnia), I popped across to his latest offering on the Paypal-Paul’s webshite…


    “It’s hypocritical in the extreme for a columnist in a Conservative supporting newspaper to tell us that we need to co-operate, share supply chains, and boost our buying power by collaborating with neighbouring countries.”


    Words written by old Paypals paid pal Paul Kavanagh.


    The 2001st time WGD repeats his theme for cash, by a rehash of: “Tories are baaaaad”.

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