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What you did

Posted on September 11, 2015 by

We had no idea it was so hard to give money away, to be honest. Indiegogo delivered the final tranche of donations from our recent anti-poverty fundraiser last night, and we’ve now sent it all on to good causes.

We said previously that we didn’t want to spread it too thinly, because while the sum was 30 times what we set out to raise it’ll barely make the tiniest of scratches on the surface of poverty in Scotland, so we’ve split it between half-a-dozen organisations. For the record, this post lists where it went.

The decision on which recipients to choose from the near-infinite number of possible candidates was almost impossible and largely arbitrary – in the end it largely came down to how many obstacles charities put in the way of giving them cash. An absurd number offered no functional information as to how to make donations – we were invited to ring mobile numbers that nobody answered, or email Hotmail addresses that nobody’s responded to, when all we wanted was a sort code and an account number.

(We get that foodbanks and the like are staffed by volunteers doing a heroic job in their spare time, but that seems even more reason for their websites to have a PayPal donate button or provide bank details directly so that people can send money without everyone having to jump through a load of hoops.)

Anyway, admin grumping aside, here’s the end result:

£7,416.82 to First Base Agency
The only charity we identified by name in the fundraiser, so it seemed fair that they got the biggest share. Mark Frankland and his team have been serving the Dumfries area for years and are very highly spoken of, but were facing a funding crisis. This won’t end it, but it’ll help. The Borders is a heavily No-voting region, but this appeal wasn’t about independence.

£3,000 to Back To School Banks
School uniforms represent something of a hole in the current benefits system, and present a real problem for poor families with children. Lots of you asked us to make a decent-sized contribution to this Scotland-wide organisation – far more people than named any other individual charity, in fact – so we did.

£1,000 to Aberdeen Cyrenians
A homeless charity in the North-East.

£1,000 to West Lothian Foodbank
My own back yard.

£1,000 to Blythswood Care
Foodbanks in the Highlands.

£1,000 to Glasgow North West Foodbank
Because we got their bank details, unlike other Glasgow ones.

£500 has also been kept aside for Louisa Sewell, who’s the reason the fundraiser was created in the first place. Disturbingly, despite speaking to her solicitor and journalists, we haven’t been able to establish a sighting of her since the initial court case a month ago where she was fined £330 for a 75p theft. The police are now trying to locate her.

We’ll hold the £500 for another month, and if we’re still unable to trace Louisa by then it’ll be donated to a foodbank in her home town of Kidderminster.

[EDIT: When Louisa finally got in touch with her solicitor, she expressed her thanks to everyone but asked if we’d give the money to two charities on her behalf – Cords4Life and Birmingham Women’s Hospital. We’ve done so.]

Thanks to everyone who donated to the appeal, or who publicised it on social media and elsewhere. Thanks too to the numerous newspapers and broadcasters – almost all of them from outside Scotland – who covered it. You’ve done a good thing.

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    102 to “What you did”

    1. G H Graham says:

      The feeling one gets from giving money & then learning how its distributed & made good use of is infinitely more rewarding than reading about expense claims being settled in return for nothing more than sitting for 45 minutes in the House of Lords.

      Well done to everyone who donated & to you Stuart, for the ball breaking task of disbursing it.

      I predict that any minute now, someone from BBC Scotland will be calling you to … nah … they wont, will they?

    2. gordoz says:

      Sure this will piss off your besmirchers even more !

      Reminds of some words from Morrisey

      “There is no one I’m afraid of & no regime can by or sell me !”

      Brilliant choices for such generous donations – this is a big aspect missed by detractors of this site & yourself Rev

      Well done to WoS!

    3. Gillian_Ruglonian says:

      Excellent work Stu, well done!

    4. Lesley-Anne says:

      That is great news Stu about how you have split the fund raising money.

      I must admit that I, and I am no doubt not alone in this, am more that slightly concerned about the apparent disappearance of Louisa Sewell.

      This does not bade well I fear. I sincerely hope I am 100% wrong in this assumption but I can not help but fear for her safety. When the media who initially reported her case and even her solicitors can not locate her then something is seriously wrong. She must be in fear for her life.

      I dearly hope that now the police are trying to find her as well that she will be found somewhere safe and as well as can be expected under the horrific circumstances she has had to endure over the recent months.

    5. Lanarkist says:

      Congratulations Rev and all those that made it happen even including the Media, gulp, near stuck in my throat!

      I don’t envy your task and don’t think that anyone can criticise your choices as there are so many good causes needing help!

      Interesting exercise though in finding out how difficult it is to give to charities in this day and date.

      Hopefully some people will read this who are involved in charity work and adopt your suggestions to make it easier to donate, even if only adding bank account pay in details on their web pages!

      Excellent project though, creating dispensable income and highlighting the systematic inhumanity at the heart of our legal system at the same time and getting the MSM to advertise it wider For you.

      At least this crowd funder had honest intentions and facts unlike that other fundraiser for a well known liar!

    6. ClanDonald says:

      “Of all the things I’ve ever been involved in, this attracted more hatred from Unionist trolls than almost anything” says the Rev on twitter of this fundraising initiative.

      God, how depressing, what’s wrong with people?

      Glad to know that all the generous wingers who contributed to this don’t think that way.

    7. Alexander MacDonald says:

      Well done mate, you’ve done a sterling job with the fundraiser and the distribution of said funds.

      Why would unionists hate?

      That’s really worrying news about Louisa Sewell especially if her solicitor can’t locate her. Hope that she turns up safely.

    8. Dcanmore says:

      you’re from the Central Belt ain’t ya, Dumfries isn’t in ‘The Borders’ 😉

      In an independent Scotland I want a return of the Shires (pre 1975)goddammit!

      … great fundraising folks and thanks Rev for giving a toss.

    9. Betsy says:

      That’s a good use of the money and whilst it’s only scratching the surface of poverty in Scotland, each sum is enough to be of significant help the the individual charities.

      That’s very worrying news about Louisa Sewell. I hope she turns up safe.

    10. liz says:

      Well done to all the contributers and to the Rev.

    11. mike cassidy says:

      Brothers and sisters
      When they insist we’re just good not enough
      When we know better
      Just look ’em in the eyes and say

      I’m gonna do it anyway

    12. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      Stu, like previous fundraisers little did you know what the response would be. I applaud your wisdom from the position of a rock and a hard place.

      Having been in the unenviable position of presenting myself to Aberdeen Cyrenians several years ago I know that they will be rejoicing. Their integrated policies with local government agencies provide a pathway of recovery of dignity and security. I would not be here on Wings without their help.

      Thanks Stu and to all donators.

    13. Finlay says:

      “£500 has also been kept aside for Louisa Sewell, who’s the reason the fundraiser was created in the first place. Disturbingly, despite speaking to her solicitor and journalists, we haven’t been able to establish a sighting of her since the initial court case a month ago where she was fined £330 for a 75p theft. The police are now trying to locate her.”

      I got the chills up the back of my neck reading that paragraph. I hope that she hasn’t come to any harm. Please update us with any more information you receive Stu.


    14. jimnarlene says:

      Magnificent,but who knew it was so hard to give to charity?

      I’m glad First Base is getting a lions share, I follow Marks blog and I know how much he’ll appreciate it.

      I do hope Louisa is found, safe and well, I have often thought about how she was coping.

      Well done, to all who donated or spread the word.

    15. Taranaich says:

      I had meal tickets when I was in school. My family couldn’t afford the priciest things. As I grew up, I thought things had to get better. Yet even I had a school uniform, backpack, pencils, and everything needed for education.

      It fills me with such shame to know that I had it better growing up than the poorest children of today in my home.

    16. Taranaich says:

      (We get that foodbanks and the like are staffed by volunteers doing a heroic job in their spare time, but that seems even more reason for their websites to have a PayPal donate button or provide bank details directly so that people can send money without everyone having to jump through a load of hoops.)

      Given my experiences with foodbanks, this is less to do with them and more to do with the DWP ensuring “security” and “transparency” and whatever other excuse they have to make things as difficult as possible for people who actually want to help.

      It’s the same for people wanting to use foodbanks: all this bureaucratic rigmarole just to eat. It’s despicable.

    17. Lollysmum says:

      O/T -also posted on previous thread

      Following on from Fionan’s comments earlier about supporting our fledgling independent media please don’t forget Independence Live. They’re only looking for £4500 total so not a huge amount & are at £930.

      Please help if you can & don’t forget to tune in tomorrow 2.30pm Glasgow Sees Syria

    18. Lollysmum says:

      Crikey-that posted straight away! Amazed 🙂

    19. Milady de Winter says:

      Delighted to see Cyrenians on list (in my home town). They do brilliant work.

      Well done Rev and all the wonderful Wingers.

    20. Chitterinlicht says:

      Thanks for doing this.

      The only thing you can judge somebody on is their actions, not what they say or think.

      Wings is alright.

    21. Craig P says:

      Hope Louisa is just being shy and not anything more serious.

    22. Robert Craig says:

      Looking in on this brilliant site and latest outstanding effort and result makes my heart swell with pride and my eyes fill..

    23. heedtracker says:

      Its still a seriously hideous fact of UKOK life though. Oh look, same old Britnat freak show that extracted Scots oil for our neighbours, still desperately trying to Project Fear Scots, with whatever the hell the lunatics think they’re doing. Scotland the poor, struck oil in 70’s, welcome to the 21st century UKOK soup kitchen line.

      Only in Great Britannia.

    24. call me dave says:

      Oh shame never mind eh!

      labour MSP standing down at the next election. Aye the writings on the wall!

      Tell Kezia carp is an anagram of crap 🙂

      Inverness V hearts on the list KO in half an hour.

    25. Lesley-Anne says:

      Ah, good old Golman Sachs eh Heedtracker. 😉

      This would be the same bank that good old wee Gordie Broon the Loon sold off the U.K.’s gold reserves, at rock bottom prices, to help out when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer.

      I just have one question. What dividend did Broon the Loon get for screwing the U.K. finances in order to help out his best mates in Goldman Sachs.

    26. Soozie says:

      Think you should hold onto it for longer than a month since it was the reason people donated. It would be awful if she turned up after you donated it and needed it.

    27. dramfineday says:

      Back pats all round to the supporters and the Rev. A good thing done.

    28. Cadogan Enright says:

      I think we can all remember useful Goldman Sachs contributions over the last few years from everything from the health of the international financial system to the independence of Scotland.

      I wonder why the MSM Still quote them as an authorative source?

      We need our own media – please post this to friends on Twitter and Facebook

    29. Dr Jim says:

      Wings’ll do for me

    30. Lollysmum says:

      RT is broadcasting amazing pictures live from Barcelonia

    31. Macart says:

      No bad at all.:)

    32. JLT says:


      ‘It fills me with such shame to know that I had it better growing up than the poorest children of today in my home.’

      Mate …the more things change, the more they remain the same. It’s appalling that the people of Britain are still subjugated to a system that is in essence, still the feudal system of the 11th century.

      I just shake my head these days…

    33. Helena Brown says:

      Well done Stuart, we all know that this will take some of the pressure of Mark Frankland and you have done a magnificent job of spreading the money over the land. I hope you are able to locate Louisa, very worrying that she is missing.

    34. liz says:

      @Lesley-Ann Do you think oor Gordie has a few skeletons in the cupboard?

    35. Robert Peffers says:

      @ClanDonald says: 11 September, 2015 at 5:20 pm:

      “Glad to know that all the generous wingers who contributed to this don’t think that way”

      Very true, ClanDonald, but here’s another couple of thoughts. I’m not surprised the lady has gone off to get left alone. I starved while the system tried to force me to put my kids in care after my first wife died, I felt ashamed and I had not broken any laws.

      Here’s the other thought – there has been cases of the big corporate charities, with rich and famous names on the corporate headed letterheads, causing the deaths of vulnerable people by demanding money from them.

      How different the food bank workers who give freely and have no big names or even offices.

    36. Iain More says:

      OT @Lollysmum

      I hope Catalonia gets its Indy majority on 27th Sept and goes UDI as seems to be their stated objective. It will shame the Naw voters.

      I hope there will not be a yee canna go UDI cringe on Wings if they do go UDI. I hope we will get behind them if they do go UDI.

      I wonder what ridiculous scare stories the Brit Nat Press and Media will run on that day in order not to cover what could be a significant event in European terms.

    37. jimnarlene says:

      Donation made, thanks for the heads up.

    38. LizM says:

      My mum an ardent nationalist, who unfortunately passed away before the SNP became the minority government in Scotland worked for the Cyrenians in Aberdeen in the early eighties would have been so happy with what you have done.

      She also would have agreed with all the other choices you have made. Mum was a great believer in helping people less fortunate than herself.

    39. proudscot says:

      Well done and well said, as usual, Stuart. Thank goodness your dedicate so much of your time and effort highlighting injustices. In this particular case I hope Louisa is located soon and that she is in good health and has merely been trying to avoid publicity.

    40. john king says:

      no bad,
      no bad at all.

    41. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Just cracked first Friday can – here’s to ye’s all. 🙂

    42. Cadogan Enright says:

      @ jimnarlene at 8.34

      Do you mean this fundraiser?

      Yes, I’d love to see Indy Live cover the Catalan Elections and cover their super-cheap operations for another 3 months

      Money sent

    43. manandboy says:

      Watching RT covering the rally in Barcelona. The crowds are huge. Very impressive. I’m ashamed of the No part of Scotland when I see the Catalonians.

    44. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Just had a swatch at the Scotland in Union website.

      Very interesting, in a nostalgic Vote No Borders kind of way.

      Here’s a particularly unfortunate typo –

      ‘Scotland’s schools are back – is it time that the Curriculum for Excellence to come under scrutiny?’

      Aw, bless…never mind chaps and chapettes, just keep calm and carry on regardless!

    45. galamcennalath says:

      Iain More says:

      I wonder what ridiculous scare stories the Brit Nat Press and Media will run

      They are at it already! Telegraph …

      “critics say bid has backing of less than half the electorate”

      Sounds like that old Unionist chestnut of counting those who don’t vote in the figures!

    46. John Sm. says:

      Well done Stuart, and thanks, you’re a good man.

    47. galamcennalath says:

      OT on Barcelona.

      RT, Yahoo and the police – 1.4 million march
      Guardian 1.5 million
      BBC “Tens of thousands of Catalans gathered in Barcelona”

      Don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

    48. manandboy says:

      Police figures for the crowd in Barcelona – 1.4 million. We must have overlooked something or is it that Scotland just isn’t Catalonia.

    49. call me dave says:

      Both by elections results for those who have missed it.

    50. Cadogan Enright says:


      Enjoyed my complaint to the BBC with my Chartered Accountants hat on

      1.5 million / 10,000’s of 1,000’s gives a 90 to 99% ‘misunderestimate’ as dear old Ronald Reagan used to say – or was that Bush the lesser?

    51. Ian Brotherhood says:

      BBC North Britain Radio News at 10.00 p.m. –



    52. X_Sticks says:

      Well done Rev. Can’t fault your choices. Must have been a scunner trying to decide that one.

      As I suggested earlier perhaps what the foodbanks need is a portal where you can find them and make a donation.

    53. galamcennalath says:

      manandboy says:

      is it that Scotland just isn’t Catalonia

      It may well be because they are just further down the road already. More devolved powers. More powerful parliament which was reinstated in 1980. They have their own TV service. They have achieved more of the trappings of statehood.

    54. Gary45% says:

      Nice one Stu, Well done for getting the fund raiser up and running.

      I thought the EBC would have broadcast, “45 Catalans march in Barcelona, each one carrying SNP Baad banners.”
      The EBC must be getting soft, or is it an evil ploy to con us into believing them?
      “NO CHANCE,” they better try something else.

    55. call me dave says:

      Is this driving a lot of Scots into the YES camp?

    56. galamcennalath says:

      @call me dave

      Quote from that article “This is how Nationalists are customising the driving licences.” and a picture of a Saltire on a license.

      The Union flag was put there for purely nationalist reasons.

      “The government said the change was intended to allow drivers to “fly the flag with pride” in a move that “strengthens the UK’s sense of national unity.””

      As always, WE are the nationalists, but THEY aren’t.

    57. Graeme Doig says:

      Very good CMD. See what you did there 🙂

      Be happy to break the law if i ever get one of these flags of occupation anywhere near my licence.

      Well done to the Rev and all contributers.

    58. Paula Rose says:

      Catalonia has its own MSM – the people know what is going on.

    59. Capella says:

      Thanks Stu. Glad that the funds are helping the right people. Wings is a force for good in this part of the world and that’s good enough for me.

    60. Cadogan Enright says:

      @call me Dave
      They chickened out of Union Jacks on Drivers licences here in NI

      There would have been a major shit-storm and even the Torys could not face it despite militant requests for ‘equality’ laughably from DUP stalwarts like Ian Óg Paisley, Dodds and Robinson

      Regarding the quote “A spokesman for the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) said: “It could be difficult to prove that they have the entitlement to drive to authorities and employers.”

      This is plainly John Bullshit as the number, name, address and so on would still be there.

      I am offering £200 tonight to kick off a funding for expenses of the first person to be caught with a saltire on their drivers licence.

      Most police are not going to bother with this, and many Judges will just laugh it out of court.

      Does anyone have a link to the company that make the wee Saltires? I am putting one on my non-Union jack NI licence in solidarity.

    61. heedtracker says:

      I just have one question. What dividend did Broon the Loon get for screwing the U.K. finances in order to help out his best mates in Goldman Sachs

      Well now we have red tory Kezia and the whole SLab/BBC/press freak show raging away at student fees, scrap Scottish free uni and college for all those spoiled rich sprogs of the filthy rich Scottish richee rich, its the only way to UKOK greatness and socio economic equality in this permanent union of Great British greatness, vote Slab, we’re really were not 70+years of shite.

      This UKOK twerp keeps ragin awa at the Scottish rich gorging on their free uni and if only that freebie would just stop like what England did with such joy, it would solve all your SNP caused Scottish poverty, no really it would, make the Scottish rich pay you SNP fools and dupes

      I don’t exaggerate for effect

      UK already extracted over £1.5 trillion of North sea oil and gas, one and a half thousand million quid for the UK, but we have 21st century soup kitchens and ofcourse, SLabour/BBC rage at free Scottish uni and college.

    62. HandandShrimp says:

      First time I have looked in at the Hootsmon in an age. The article on driving licences is drivel. Brit Nats have been putting Union flags on the EU flag for years. Do DVLA care? It is just a sticker. The Bonnybadge company supply Saltire stickers btw as I am sure do other suppliers.

      A quick glance below the line shows that the Hootsman remains the hiding hole of Scotland’s last few reactionary right wingers. A shower that get hot and sweaty at the thought of turning the world into a Daily Mail theme park.

    63. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Rev just posted, via Twitter, the latest ravings of The Right Honourable Brian Wilson, where he mounts a hearty, well-crafted and utterly disingenuous defence of Fozzy ‘See-Me?-I’m-A-Liar-So-I-Am’ Carmichael.

      Just placing this here as a wee reminder of what Wilson was up to this time last year, on the road with unlikely co-star George Galloway – the climax of his speech here features the same Salmond-bashing which he’s repeated today.

      It should also be remembered that Brian Wilson (not long before this video was made, on Radio Scotland, on a Saturday morning) insisted that there is still a possibility of WMDs being discovered in Iraq.

    64. Effijy says:

      I just hope that Louisa Sewell is well.

      It must have been so hard for her to accept the appointment of a draconian government who removed her only meager source of Income, and then to find herself in front of a Judge for taking the only option that would keep her from starving to death.

      That Judge wouldn’t know justice if it bit him on the arse,
      but maybe it will help him gain promotion or a seat in the Lords
      for carrying out Tory style punishment?

    65. manandboy says:

      Seven billion people can’t believe that Scotland turned down the chance to be independent. Two million Scots don’t get it. What makes those 2 million different I wonder,from the rest of the planet?

    66. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @heedtracker (11.06 and pretty much all previous comments) –


      FFS, just start your own blog and go down the WGD route – you’ve your own style, and it’s braw…Tourettes-tinted stream-of-consciousness.

      More power to ye.

    67. CameronB Brodie says:


      What makes those 2 million different I wonder,from the rest of the planet?

      The ‘cringe’, plain and simple.

      Scotland’s lack of self-confidence is largely the product of a carefully enacted colonial deconstruction of Scottish cultural identity. Three centuries of cultural subordination can feck with a nation’s sense of self and being.

    68. Ian Brotherhood says:


      1.5 million punters on the streets of Barcelona?


      Not on the news ‘where we are’.

      Running order for North Britain Radio Midnight News:

      1 Saudia Arabia Mosque Disaster
      2 Brother of ISIS beheading victim forgives the killers
      3 Germany mobilising troops to deal with refugees
      4 Section of big Scottish-History tapestry has been nicked

      And now, it’s time for the Sport…

    69. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Stumbled across this CH4 snippet, filmed in ‘George’ Square, presumably not long before the imported neds arrived.

      I remember watching the WOS Twitter that day (still half-pished) and seeing the stills appearing – at one point, Rev tweeted to the Yessers to get out if they could.

      Did we ever hear from anyone who was there when it all kicked off? I honestly can’t remember.

      It all seems so long ago now.

      Channel 4 News – ‘Scottish Independence: How Historic Night Unfolded in Glasgow’ –

    70. Dr Jim says:

      The Personalisation of Government documents is not permitted within the law but as long as there is no attempt to create a fraudulent document ( Driving license )
      or to obscure the driver number or photograph this does not invalidate the document
      By placing one symbol over another this also in no way invalidates the document

      Such action as to deceive or mislead an appointed person with authority to require scrutiny of such a document may lead to a charge of fraud

      In other words Mr Cameron Stick it up your Arse

      No cop on the planet will waste police time on it

      (Two fingers waving and tongue sticking out thingy)

    71. Dex says:

      You’ve done a man’s job, sir.

    72. call me dave says:

      Prod up the gluteus maximus with a trident for Westminster says Salmond.

    73. mairi morrison says:

      I hope you can hold the money for as long as it takes. It seems to hold it for a month and then poof without finding out where she is..maybe she is already in jail and can’t get communications, maybe she is sick etc. is harsh and a bit living in a bubblish. I actually worked with poor people for a good while out of law school and one thing one finds is that they do not operate on the same time scale as those of us in work and/or with money to smooth the ways. I would really ask that you hold off on getting rid of the money that was the reason for the fundraiser and redouble efforts to find her and help her in a way that allows her her dignity. PS I still think she should be given more support if needed, but what do i know?

    74. Ian Brotherhood says:

      For anyone who hasn’t seen it:

      George Carlin, ‘The American Dream’ –

    75. John Moss says:

      Find Louisa Sewell and give her the cash or close this website down.

      Keep your word or wrap this up.

      No excuses.

    76. CameronB Brodie says:

      I would say that though, wouldn’t I? 😉

      Identity is primarily a product of an individual’s experience and interaction with their immediate/local social and physical ‘environments’ (Umwelt). Cultural signposts unique to local/national umwelten, inform the character of the individual’s environmental experience and so shapes the individual’s subsequent cultural identity.

      When a foreign culture dominates, indigenous signposts are easily submerged. The relative similarity between Scot’s and English cultures has made the BritNat project all the easier, IMO.


    77. CameronB Brodie says:

      Background reading. 😉

      Section 2: Human Perception and Environmental Experience
      Traditionally, the environment was thought of as the context for or container of human activity, and many areas of psychology have proceeded as if what is “out there” in the environment is perceived by humans “in” our brains. However, John Dewey’s (1896) landmark critique of the reflex arc denied the separation between external stimulus and internal response by showing the interrelatedness of events, environments, people, and actions.

      Social Signification And Social Representations
      With its emphasis on symbols and signification, social representations theory has a natural ‘elective affinities’ with semiotics, the study of signs and semiosis, more than any other area of cultural and social psychology. They both share a focus on human sense-making process via signs and symbols. There is, however, a hidden trail in social sciences about the role of signification that reveals it as an important part of theories in psychology, sociology and other social sciences. Concepts like symbol and sign have been part of psychology as a discipline since its emergence, and they still play a crucial role in several social psychological theories.


    78. CameronB Brodie says:

      P.S. Unionism in Scotland is now little more than a CARGO CULT, clinging grimly to the “myth-dream” of a ‘positive case for the Union’. The Unionist outlook and self-identification is informed by the droppings of ‘foreign’ media, which has fertilised the evolution of a unique, though limited, ‘Cargo cult science’. The most striking belief expressed through the iconography of the remaining CARGO CULTISTS, is undoubtedly SNP BAAAD!

    79. john king says:

      Thanks for that link heedy
      that made my day especially when I read this

      “Swing to SNP in Leith Walk by-election at 8% lowest recently. Growing awareness of SNP failure at Holyrood?”

      Whoohahahahaha that was George ffurfucksake Ffffoulkes
      frigging hilarious
      we came out of that one with out teeth intact but we’ll probably still need some facial reconstruction. 🙂
      Who left the window open?
      the moths are flying round the light bulb again,
      get the fly spray.

    80. bjsalba says:

      O/T I wouldn’t normally post off topic on a post of this nature, but it is not yet 7am and the BBC is already blaring out the new “dan sawff” version of Project Fear.

      Apparently the election of Jeremy Corbyn will bring about the complete annihilation of the Labour Party!

    81. Wulls says:

      There are a million ways to help those less fortunate than our selfs.
      The only way I can think of to help those more fortunate than our selfs is to vote Conservative and keep the big wheel turning.
      Well don Stu…. Good choices.

    82. Grouse Beater says:

      John Moss: Find Louisa Sewell and give her the cash or close this website down.

      A rolling stone gathers no moss.

    83. Grouse Beater says:

      Apparently the election of Jeremy Corbyn will bring about the complete annihilation of the Labour Party!

      Anything that doesn’t support neo-liberal policies, greatest wealth in fewest hands, and people without power, will bring down society as we know it. And won’t that be a grand thing?

    84. Wulls says:

      Apologies for the double post but I have just read John Moss’s appalling post.
      I’m not sure what you are having a dig at John but the lack of awareness you display is staggering.
      This is a homeless woman who has probably already sacrificed her last principles committing the heinous crime of stealing food.
      Your lack of awareness of the plight of the homeless should preclude you from commenting…..but it didn’t.
      That says a lot.

    85. Stoker says:

      John Moss wrote:
      “Find Louisa Sewell and give her the cash or close this website down. Keep your word or wrap this up.”

      FFS, John, if the police can’t find her what do you expect the Rev to do? He’s good but not that good! Besides, this sites main concern is with the fight for Scottish independence and media monitoring. It’s not a branch of The Sally Army you know!

    86. Alibi says:

      Great to hear that First Base has got a large amount of money. Desperately needed. Can I just point out that Dumfries is NOT in the Borders – you need to go over to Langholm before the Borders area starts. Also, although the declared vote in the Dumfries and Galloway area was 2-1 for No, there are some who are very suspicious of that figure as it is so far removed from canvass returns that it looks just a wee bit suspicious. much as INHO the re-election of David Mundell by a small margin looks like the sort of anomalous result that would be produced by dodgy means.

    87. Robert Louis says:

      Just a point, which I am sure has already been considered, but perhaps the lass who the money was raised to help doesn’t want to be found. Consider, she has nothing, may have other debts for which she is being hounded, perhaps a thug of a partner she has been avoiding, and then, of all nightmares, she ends up in the local and national newspapers.

      She really may have good reason for not wanting to be found. She may also be completely unaware of the money raised, and so be in fear of not being able to pay the court fine, in the knowledge that she might get sent to jail – which despite the rather naive way some political commentators discuss it, is very, very scary for most people. To top it all she is being treated like sh*t by ian Duncan Smiths blackshirts of the so-called ‘welfare’ state.

      I think, if I was in her shoes, I might want to disappear too. I’d suggest the money is kept back for her, for a wee bit longer than a month, if possible. Stick it in a bank account until she is found/comes forward of her own free will. Or just pay the fine for her etc..

    88. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Obviously, I write this before the result is announced, but, should Jeremy Corbyn be announced as the new Labour Party leader, it will, I feel, be a good move for the SNP and the broader cause of Scottish Nationalism.

      Because, the London-based MSM will immediately have a new, English bogey-man on whom they can turn their guns.

      Instead of: “SNP Bad”, as of tomorrow, a Corbyn win will make him the new principal target. It will be, in the Daily Heil and Torygraph, an immediate case of: “Corbyn Bad”, “Labour Bad”.

      This will, I feel, give the SNP a bit of relief to get their ideas and policies across.

    89. louis.b.argyll says:

      Indeed, Robert Louis, this publicly exposed scandal may be the tip of the iceberg for the individual involved.

      Student loans or TV license non payment, for example, has led many to fear that by even having a bank account may allow the ‘authorities’ to track them down.

    90. Dorothy Devine says:

      OT But RT is about to do a a report on the 1.5 million on the march for Catalonian independence – it looks fantastic!

    91. Anne Bruce says:

      Cadogan Enright @ 11.06

      Re mini Saltires to cover the UJ (or in N.I.s case a blank space!) on driving licence, contact thebonnybadgecompany[at]

      A pound for a sheet of 80 plus 54p p & p.

      They are on facebook but no website.

      I’m about to order mine.

    92. call me dave says:

      The four candidates will be taken to a room at 10:00am and the given the result of the election.
      The public announcement will be at 11:30am! Well it’s an idea but what’s the betting it’ll be leaked.

      Meanwhile Kezia trying to remember what speech to reach for in her handbag when the time comes and Mr Murray, the lone stranger, jumping up and down at the back, look at me, trying to keep his job as deputy SoS for Scotland.

      Let the heartaches begin! 🙂

    93. Brian Powell says:

      When people make statements, as John Moss did on this site, they are trolls or fakes.

    94. Robert Peffers says:

      Grouse Beater says: 12 September, 2015 at 7:38 am

      “A rolling stone gathers no moss”

      Or, “A trolling Moss gathers no stones”.

    95. ronnie anderson says:

      @ John Moss 1.56am. Its ok Interpols on the case , Wings has a outreach in many parts, even MOSSEND if you know where that is.

      John we have dealt with many many Onionist trolls on here,your not from Mossend , Your the Arse end of a Onionist.

    96. Cod says:

      Is there no way for Louisa Sewell’s solicitor to pay the fine to the court for Louisa? Does she have to pay it in person? Maybe the fine could get paid and the remainder of the money (or part of it) could pay for a load of posters telling her it’s been paid by WoS to be put up around her town.

    97. Cod says:

      Also, @John Moss

      Methinks you are confused about what is going on here – surely shome Mosstake?


      Now away back to your Daily Mail and let the adults talk.

    98. Neil Anderson says:

      Thanks Rev Stu for organising this
      Just Thanks. That’s All 🙂

    99. tarisgal says:

      Well done to all who helped with this fundraiser. I’m just so sorry it’s necessary. Thanks to you, Rev.

    100. Aldabra says:

      Surely you can pay the court fines through the solicitor?

    101. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Surely you can pay the court fines through the solicitor?”

      No you can’t, not without the person’s permission. As it happens, however, we spoke to Louisa Sewell’s solicitor today, who’d finally managed to get in touch with her. She expressed her thanks, but declined to accept the money and asked if instead we’d split it between two charities – Cords4Life and Birmingham Women’s Hospital. We’ve now done so.

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