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Love spreads

Posted on February 28, 2014 by

We’re nowhere near done asking you for money in our second annual fundraiser yet. But with the original goal smashed to pieces in just 48 hours, we can afford to take a day off to direct you to a couple of other worthy pro-independence causes that could do with a little help just to nudge them over the finish line.

Independence debate – the case for Glasgow
A bold move by Yes Glasgow to call out “Better Together” on their cowardly refusal to argue their case for the Union, by sidestepping them and holding a major public event in Glasgow with speakers from both Yes and No sides, because there are still some Unionists less chicken than the pitiable official No campaign. Currently just £800 short of its target with less than a day to go.


Labour For Independence campaign
Labour voters will be key to winning the referendum. Help the party’s enlightened wing reach more of the people who will benefit most from a Yes vote. Plenty of time with this one, but also just £800 short.


The future of Scotland – Scottish Borders
The Yes campaigners working closest to England have one of the toughest jobs, in a traditionally Tory and Unionist region. There are huge potential gains from getting the facts out in that region, and we’re sure the folk slogging away down there would appreciate a hand. They’re a very long way from their goal at the moment, but it’d be nice if we could give them a boost.


The generosity of Wings readers is legendary. We know it’s asking a lot when you’ve just put your hands so deep into your pockets. But if perhaps you’ve held off donating to us in the light of how much we’ve already made, it might just be that you and these three highly-deserving projects are made for each other.

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180 to “Love spreads”

  1. Grahame says:

    Brilliant Idea Rev,

    a real case of community activism.

    more power to your elbow!

  2. chalks says:

    £10 on it’s way to Labour for Indy.

  3. John Gibson says:

    ” But if perhaps you’ve held off donating to us in the light of how much we’ve already made…”

    No, that’s not the reason. Works pension not in my grubby hands until the 15th. I just don’t have the spare cash for multiple donations and it’s your turn Rev, Robin Mc Alpine got it last time.

  4. chalks says:

    Holy fuck, why are they giving away Donald Dewar baseball caps. Jesus. Nae wonder they are struggling for donations.

  5. MajorBloodnok says:

    48 hours or 8 hours? Typical cybernat exaggeration. Tsk.

  6. Morag says:

    Can I add a wee plea for help for the Borders? It’s a huge area and activists are spread fairly thin. We’ve got braying Tory landowners laughing in our faces. Sometimes we look north and west with a wee bit of envy. So any support, even the moral kind, is welcome.

  7. Poppers says:

    @Morag, I agree. I live in the Borders too and think it will be a difficult area to win over.

    Money sent their way! 🙂

  8. Edward says:

    Small contribution done for Borders, did LFI and WOS yesterday, now all clapped out for the time being

  9. Lee Rogers says:

    Made several donations this month to various indy causes, particularly to Wings, which seems to be reaching more voters than any other; so I need to lie low for a month or so, hiding from the bank manager. 🙂

  10. Tasmanian says:

    Oh I am loving refreshing those IndieGoGo pages.

  11. Stuart Black says:

    Yes, I have lobbed something in to all three, but I had to decline the baseball cap, who came up with that?

  12. Lee Rogers says:

    @ Chalks, Isn’t that just the name of the Perk?

  13. alexicon says:

    I was going to send a second payment to wings in about 2 weeks time, but considering the success of wing’s fund raising I will send that second donation to any of the campaigns mentioned above. If they’re still fund raising that is.
    Rev, any chance of giving us a daily total of the wings fund raising?

  14. X_Sticks says:

    Already done the Glasgow event – was punting that last night to try and help them out.

    LfI done too (cheers chicmac).

    Just done the Borders one now.

    It’s been an expensive week but it’s these grass roots events that are going to win this for us, so I’m prepared to stretch to try and support them all. Lucky for me that I can.

  15. Alex says:

    Skint at the moment but donated £10 to Labour for Indy as getting the Labour support is crucial.


    I live in the Scottish Borders and may be able to help with free advertising boards on the A68.Dont know how you can contact me as i dont want to put any of my details on a public site

  16. Steven M says:

    Let’s get all of these funded and show Euan McColm we are real people with lots of love for the Yes side of the debate! 🙂

  17. Janine says:

    Done, done and done. Great idea to have the individual links handy for everyone!

  18. bookie from hell says:

    John smith,Donald dewar—?

    home rule isn’t independence

  19. Fergus Green says:

    O/T Just heard another union dividend. First class stamps going up by 2p and second class by 3p. Tidy profit for the new investors in Royal Mail who got shares at knockdown prices. The sooner we are out of this decrepit union, the better.

  20. Morag says:

    Alex, the co-ordinator of Yes Borders is Calum Kerr. I think you can contact him through the Yes Borders Facebook page. If you can’t manage that, post again and I’ll see what I can do. I have his email and maybe I could pass it on to you through Stu.

  21. Tamson says:

    @bookie from hell:

    Yeah, noticed the perk names on the LfI site too. Particularly irked by the Dewar one, given his history (Garscadden, comparing Scotland to Bangladesh whilst helping to suppress McCrone). Will still make a donation though.

  22. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “John smith,Donald dewar—?
    home rule isn’t independence”

    Folks, there’s no point in expecting Labour voters to vote Yes from an SNP perspective…

  23. bookie from hell says:

    ok will give ILP a tenner for honesty

  24. john king says:

    Nobodies mentioned the yes in the glen appeal really struggling with three days to go and only 500 and odd quid out of a request for 15.000.

  25. hedge says:

    Donald Dewar cap? Really? :-/ I’ll donate to help out these causes but some weird pledges to go with them I don’t want.

  26. Grahame says:

    All, i hope Rev won’t mind me publicising this but –

    a wee note of major Edinburgh YES event tomorrow, over 158 activists confirmed so far.

  27. balgayboy says:

    Well that’s them all done and dusted, anymore while eh’m a good mood.

  28. Alex says:


    I am so bad at facebook i cant find contact details anywhere

  29. hedge says:

    Labour for Independance are good bunch though and worth helping. I’ve met some at various levels and seem honest lot and I’d consider voting for them from my impressions. They are more true labour and something kier would be pleased to see.

  30. Morag says:

    It’s funny what you said about the Donald Dewar thing, because a week or two ago I went to that appeal half thinking about giving them £50, but couldn’t bear to be associated with Dewar and ended up giving them a tenner instead with John Smith’s name attached. I know an independence supporter who is a Labour member so I’ll try to give her the LFI badge perk when it arrives. Dewar baseball cap? No I really don’t think so.

  31. memaw says:

    I understand totally about the Borders but please don’t be mislead. I posted on another thread (the one with the pup) about my experience at a recent School Debate where the Senior School pupils seemed to be brainwashed Labourites! And that is in Argyll. So no need to be too envious about the West there is still lots to do. Good luck with plan.

    Have you managed to get enough for ronnie’ s badge? I have already donated to wings so will do something else. If you still need my donation tell me soon. Forgot to put the tick in the box last time for follow up comments but will do it now. If you have finished for ronnie, well done and I think it was a superb idea.

  32. Suzanne K says:

    Already donated to Borders and will do the same with Glasgow as it’s ending soon.
    LFI will have to wait for my next pay day!
    Have also shared widely yesterday on twitter and facebook.

  33. onzebill says:

    Contributed to WOS, Edinburgh trailers, LFI and another, wife’s going to ask questions just as well she is a fervent YES but as noted above the Donald Dewar cap thingy on the LFI site stopped me in my tracks and I had a serious wobble before biting the bullet and contributing but sheesh it was a heart stopping moment, being of old labour stock I had not realised the depth of my dislike and disdain for the current mob of liars and self serving, ignorant low life that make up “Scottish labour”, scary, come on LFI arrabest.

  34. Murray McCallum says:

    All good. Yes needs broad support particularly from Labour supporters who want their Party back in an independent Scotland.

    Hopefully we can print a few more wee blue books to.

  35. Tasmanian says:

    Hurrah! First one done!

  36. TheBannerBlue says:

    Thanks everyone who contributed to Yes Borders. There is support here, even amongst the farmers so please don’t tar us all with the same brush! It’s a tough job getting the word out and getting people engaged. Any help is massively appreciated. Thanks folks!

  37. Morag says:

    Alex, when I get home tonight and on my own computer I’ll ask Stu to email you Calum’s contact details. He lives in Cardrona but he’s all over the place promoting Yes Borders and he’ll welcome any help.

  38. Lee Rogers says:

    Wow! BBC Radio Scotland just reported Willie Walsh’s statement, unspun!

  39. Colin Cameron says:

    Also see the RIC’s fundraiser which is currently at £3706 – beating their £3000 target with 8 days to go.

  40. Morag says:

    Yay, that’s the Glasgow one sorted. The LFI one is coming along very nicely too. If you can help make it happen for the Borders – just, please? OK?

  41. Dick Gaughan says:

    Great idea. Just gave a wee bung to LfI.

  42. braco says:

    Sorry OT.

    Just to recommend this post bt Michael Greenwell. It has had a very powerful effect on my parents attitude and trust in the BBC and I think it’s an incredibly powerful visual tool. It’s had a similar effect on their trust in the BBC as the McCrone report had on their view of Westminster and its ‘Scottish’ political parties.

    My comment on Michael’s post explains this in more detail.

  43. onzebill says:

    John King YES in the Glen that was the one I couldn’t remember that I had made a contribution but was dismayed at the time by how far they were from their target.

  44. scottish_skier says:

    If you can help make it happen for the Borders – just, please? OK?

    You’ll get a wee something from me (near Lauder).

    Interestingly, I now have confirmed 3/4 cottages Yes in my hamlet (not sure about the last 1/4 as a new arrival). Stickers just appeared on cars suddenly a couple of months back followed by liking indy stories on MrsSS’s facebook etc. Now the talk of the cottages.

  45. Suzanne K says:

    From what I can see, folk are getting confused about the baseball cap perk on LFI?
    It states it’s a LFI cap not a Dewar one. It’s only the title of the perk that carries the Dewar name.

  46. balgayboy says:

    John King @ 11.50:

    Need a link mate.

  47. Vronsky says:

    Bravo, Rev, let’s flex our muscles. I’m unemployed but will send £10 to each of the armies you mention. We can have Hothersall wearing incontinence panties by COB today.

  48. haartime says:

    Hi @morag, @poppers and @alex

    I’m on the east coast a few of us yes voters here. Might be a bit of potential support here from the working class vote. But the elderly and most English people will probably vote no. Hope to me up with you sometime. Maybe at the yes Berwickshire meeting on Thursday in Duns

  49. Tasmanian says:

    Two down!

  50. HandandShrimp says:

    It states it’s a LFI cap not a Dewar one. It’s only the title of the perk that carries the Dewar name

    LOL that makes a lot more sense…no harm to Donald but he was hardly a poster boy.

  51. chalks says:

    I’ve donated regardless of what the perk is

    Yes Rev, I get that SNP supporters will have different views etc…they could have thrown in a joke or two though:

    ‘The Lamont

    Look astonishing in this LFI baseball cap, it’ll make you a genetically modified Scot, capable of running their own affairs’

    For example : )

  52. First two targets surpassed! Amazing what Wings folk can do considering we don’t exist.

    Borders ticking along nicely but still a bit to go there.

  53. alexicon says:


    Just sent 20 quid to YES Borders, total now £1,651

    C’mon folks, let’s make this happen.

  54. ronnie anderson says:

    Res, You and the team, take the weekend aff,Jimsie weil look

    Jimsie ( ah take it he,ll want tae be the Moderator.

    Onnyhow I,ll mno be asking you tae fund the

    WINGS OVER SCOTLAND BILLBOARD ( reduced size ah kin only pee wie

    whit ave goat),

    One 4″x3.4″ ( wooden head board ) sorted.

    Nice shade of Magnolia, ( base coat,you nearly hud a fit there)sorted.

    White /Blue paint sorted.

    Measuring up sorted ( couple of batons required,buildbase 75yds aroon the corner sorted )

    Noo am awa tae pit the 1st coat oon.

    Ah prefer the battle scared LOGO

    as You & Us Wingers, hiv had mair Glesga kisses n tackety

    boots kicking us.


  55. Fergus Green says:

    @balgayboy 1215

    Link to YES in the Glen:

  56. HandandShrimp says:

    I will have a look at this tonight, what is the target for the Borders fundraiser?

  57. Jamie Arriere says:

    The three fundraisers above look OK – but it looks like Yes in the Glen is failing badly. Fife Labour will love that!!

  58. cearc says:

    Going well.

    Yes in the Glen would be a great event if they can manage it. I don’t know why it is so slow as there are of lots of people asking for a rally and they already have the permission.

    Off to my bi/tri monthly shop today so I will see if I have a spare tenner afterwards.

    Morag have you contacted re help in the borders? I don’t know if they intend to produce campaigning material but they would probably have better ideas about swinging the blue vote.

  59. Jiggsbro says:

    The generosity of Wings readers is legendary.

    (Surely ‘mythical’? Ed.)

  60. Pin says:

    Done. Tenner to the Borders.

    You know this would be easier if only someone would organise a boycott of the TV licence…

    If only… 😉

  61. HandandShrimp says:

    There are a lot of bases to cover. The Yes in the Glen is not something I am aware of it. Is it a good idea? We know we can attend rallies in numbers but does it connect with the voters when the BBC pretend no one turned up? Not against the idea but it hasn’t really been put out there by Yes as a big idea. I think there will be a lot of fundraisers for ideas for the next few months but we do need to be coordinated in our battle plans and spend wisely and strike targets with the highest scores.

  62. Some cash for the Borders from me. These folks probably have the biggest task in Scotland.

  63. balgayboy says:

    Fergus Green @ 12.23:

    Thank you and I donated. You guys seem to be really struggling getting near your target and if I may say I would deem the funding for this area very important for the cause.

    Come on all you great wingers and help this team out.

  64. Barbara Gribbon says:

    Redonated and made sure I got my perk this time – and a wee bung to the borders too. All the very best.

    Had an interesting dinner time discussion with the very Unionist ‘International Socialist’ in-laws last night after the hubby declared to a telephone pollster that both of us were Yes. Cannot tell you how horrified the rents were – not sure how they missed it tbh, but full and frank discussion is now underway, which suits me fine 😉 Wish I knew which pollster it was but he missed that detail.

  65. Linda's Back says:

    THE PROCLAIMERS have hit out at Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont for using their lyrics during a debate in the Scottish Parliament.

    However, the stunt drew an angry reaction from Craig and Charlie Reid. They said Ms Lamont had “distorted” the song, adding: “The reality is Johann Lamont believes the people of Scotland aren’t genetically programmed to take decisions. The lyrics in Letter From America are about job losses and closures that flow from Scotland not having control over her destiny – that is why Scotland needs independence now.”

  66. Albalha says:

    Willie Walsh on BBC this morning

  67. hedge says:



    Oh dear. Now where is nursie?

  68. Vronsky says:

    Of course there will not be a border majority for democracy, aka independence – there are just too many horsey toffs clogging the drains around there. But they’re all very queer Tories, further up themselves than you’d think anatomically safe. Ever seen Hawick Common Riding? Tories on horseback.

  69. Midgehunter says:

    Come on folks use the brain, think tactically.

    Yes Glasgow are just short of their goal but with precious little time left. Send your donations there quickly to get them over the line and into business. What they’re planning goes right to the centre of the labour heartland and can do a lot to get the YES campaign moving there.

    With Glasgow on its way concentrate the donations in direction Borders for materials and anything else they might need. Morag and Co. know what they need. If it’s a tough area then give them the tools to get on with it.
    Boots on the ground are needed to deliver the stuff and to show presence.

    Sorry LFI to have kept you waiting but you will also profit from the YES Glasgow effort which is why they needed first place with donations.

    LFI have a bit more time with their deadline so when the first two are moving forward then pack what you can into their piggy bank. Labour voters need to know that they do have an alternative.
    Combined with YES Glasgow they can pack a lot more punch into getting the message out.

  70. alexicon says:

    I’m not seeing this Borders are unionists’ thing.

    Wasn’t there a TV debate last year in that area, with Kirsty Wark, where the YES vote won out in the end?

    I think a little information would tip the balance.

  71. Macart says:

    Yeah, there’s a lot of landed types down our way, but we’re not exactly short of YES support down here either. 😉

  72. Appleby says:

    Stu had better get some new good causes lined up to help as I think these ones will all be sorted by the end of today! Good job. 🙂

  73. Morag says:

    It’s mixed in the Borders. Let’s just say there’s a lot of potential! And I don’t really mean that in a negative way either.

  74. tartanfever says:

    Ok, just donated £10 to the Scottish Borders appeal.

    The other two appeals have reached their target, our friends in the Borders are around £1800 away from their total.

    It’s a lot to ask, but with our legendary status as the readers of Wings, surely we can give it one last final push and help these guys reach their total.

  75. Betty Boop says:

    Just donated to the Borders. They still need approx. £1800 to reach target.

    Good luck

  76. Midgehunter says:


    Wings is amazing. I log-in, read an article and think I’ll say something about that. Have to put it off for half an hour due to making a living, come back, write the comment and voila it’s already completely redundent ;-(

    Well done Glasgow and LFI.

  77. Betty Boop says:

    @ Ronnie Anderson 12.22pm

    Ronnie, is your shed on wheels and does it have a towbar? 🙂

  78. Morag says:

    I know there was a feeling when the Yes Borders appeal was launched that it might be a wee bit over-ambitious. But this has changed everything! Can we do it, now?

  79. Robert Kerr says:

    OK now I am broke.

    Gave to Glasgow and Borders but LFI can wait.

    Glad to see the WoS total still climbing. 1384 non-existent folk as of now.

  80. MajorBloodnok says:

    My contribution to YES Borders now in.

  81. X_Sticks says:

    memaw says:

    “Have you managed to get enough for ronnie’ s badge?”

    Hi memaw – Just catching up here at lunchtime..yes, thanks we raised enought to get ronnie a Saviours badge – I think Rev Stu is going to accept our dribs’n’drabs as a Saviour donation 😀

  82. Macart says:


    Herald front page online leading with IAG quote.

  83. alexicon says:

    @Robert Kerr.

    What is the wings total?

  84. alexicon says:


    Unfortunately it will probably not be their front page headline (paper version) tomorrow.

  85. Morag says:

    Wings total was £92,000 including off-piste donations earlier this morning.

  86. Robert Kerr says:

    76856 GBP, check regularly at

    Good Karma

  87. Macart says:


    You had to throw a bucket of ice water on me. 😉

  88. Calum Kerr says:

    Thanks so much for the boost for the Borders campaign. I Chair the overarching Yes Scottish Borders where all our groups (currently 10, soon to be 12) come together to share ideas, success stories and collaborate.

    If anyone would like to get in touch with me (saw some comments above) then best email address is

    We have a lot of events planned over the coming months and the funds will make a big difference publicising and paying for these. Only last night we ran a Referendum Choices workshop in Peebles with 80 people (now to be replicated in the local High School) and there was another Referendum Questions and Answer session in Tweedbank. Future events include Independence Q&A Sessions sessions, NC events, further Referendum Choices workshops, Greens for Indy, Coffee Mornings, Wealthy Nation events (we have a lot of Tory’s…), Nicola Sturgeon event 19th May and more…

    Thanks again for the support.

  89. Gavin Greig says:

    Haven’t lived in the Borders since I was 5, but just made a contribution for Auld Lang Syne – and the future!

  90. Morag says:

    Haartime, I’m in upper Tweeddale (upper Lynedale, to be honest), so probably not going to be over in Berwickshire at this stage of the game. The distances involved in the region are a bit daunting sometimes.

    Maybe closer to the time we’ll all get together!

  91. alexicon says:


    Sorry, but the sad fact is that the herald is showing more and more of its unionist hand at the moment.
    I’ve had a couple of dozen of perfectly honest and non incendiary comments blocked in the last couple of days and the only reason I can think of is that it doesn’t play along with their spin on scaremongering.
    We live and hope though.

    Keep up the good work.

  92. X_Sticks says:

    Two over their targets already – well done guys!

    Just the borders appeal to go and they are more than halfway now.

    The power of the people, eh? Braw tae see it in action 🙂

  93. Macandroid says:

    I donated to YES in the Glen yesterday:

    They’re initially looking for £5000 but there will be another crowdfunding phase (£10,000 approx) and now I’m not so sure it’s the best use of time, effort and cash so close to the vote.

    I think the word needs to be taken to the people, trying to bring people to this event might not take off – don’t know – just my honest opinion – sorry!

  94. Morag says:

    I’m a wee bit ambivalent about Yes in the Glen, because I get the strong impression Yes Scotland is actively discouraging organised marches and rallies for some tactical reason I’m not privy to. However, if it’s taking off, then surely it’s worth supporting.

  95. Morag says:

    Macandroid, cross-posting there. I’m thinking what you’re thinking, without wanting to be too much of a damper on it. I’m doubtful that the Yes in the Glen initiative really fits in with what Yes Scotland have planned for that period.

  96. Robert Kerr says:


    Let’s not kid ourselves. The Herald is NOT for independence.

    Every Monday the execrable Magnus Gardham vents bile to set the tone for the week.

    The tokens Bell and McWhirter are just that.

  97. Jamie Arriere says:

    Yes in the Glen target now reduced from £15K to £5K.

    Can they do it? Can we help?

  98. ronnie anderson says:

    @Betty Boop 1.08, Naw its gaot a flow ting flair,take that oot

    it can be lifted by hand 8 strong boys,do you have a trailer,

    MA WEE SHED ON TOUR, BRILLIANT Betty, great idea,s come from

    joking about, that’s how MA WEE SHED came about,Airdrie Yes

    we,re talking about billboard,s & I offered my Shed,Betty &

    Stuart Gamble were the ones more supportive,Stuart photo

    copied BoB the builder/ Lion Rampant on 4×4 section,s stuck

    them together & stenciled the outlines,I painted job done.

    Its getting a new felt roof, so I need ma penny,s the noo.

    will donate to other funds next week.

  99. Macart says:


    The chances of the Herald turning over a new new leaf whilst Mr Gardham is there are somewhere between a cat’s chance and a snowball’s in a very toasty environment. 😀

    Mind you the fact its there shows they are open to pressure of the moment. There was simply no hiding Mr Walsh’s comments after their airing this morning, so I’m guessing they’ll have that headline replaced by late afternoon or early evening.

  100. mutters says:

    Donation on its way to Scottish Borders. Go for it doon there!

  101. Jeannie says:

    Wee donation made to Yes Borders – great wee video.

  102. tartanfever says:

    Morag says:

    ‘Wings total was £92,000 including off-piste donations earlier this morning.’

    Off-piste – Is that donations made whilst under the influence ? 😉

  103. Michael says:

    SNP vote in South of Scotland list vote in 2011 was 41%. Don’t underestimate the desire for change there.

  104. Morag says:

    Just need to have the message brought to them. That’s what we do, guys!

  105. thestooshie says:

    Really appreciating all of those sending cash the Borders way. My dad is the vice chair of Yes Galashiels, and himself and other activists in the Borders are working tirelessly for the Yes vote. The amount of weight that has dropped off of him from leaflet delivery around Gala is evidence enough!

    Having grown up in Galashiels, I feel that I have watched aspects of the area decline (against the odds) over the last 20 years under safe but ineffective Lib Dem representatives such as Michael Moore. The current state of Gala’s high street, bar a few wonderful independent businesses such as Moondogs cafe, is quite miserable at times. For many of my friends, young and talented, staying in the Borders does not represent a viable future to them and ultimately they seek a future elsewhere.

    It is for this reason that I cannot understand more of an appetite for Yes in the Borders. For every tweed-jacketed landowner, there is an ordinary person in a town such as Gala or Hawick whose prospects are considerably limited. What do these people really have to lose from a Yes vote? Just another area that doesn’t even register on the Westminster radar for more than two seconds. The people of the Borders, especially the young, deserve more than that.

  106. Morag says:

    I hope somebody pays me something for the Lockerbie book some time soon, otherwise my bank balance will be feeling a bit pinched.

    But come on, do you want to win this, or still have money in your pocket on 19th September?

  107. tartanfever says:

    Borders total has risen £600 in the last 45mins.

    Only £1250 now needed to reach the £4k target.

  108. thestooshie says:

    @Jamie Arriere

    To be honest, Wings could offer up some of that £76000? Does he REALLY need all of that? Considering this is a website largely read and appealing only by those who solidly support independence already like myself?

  109. Yes – In the Glen are struggling and may need to cancel…can you help out?

  110. Roseanne says:

    Just sent a wee donation to yes in the glen. Is there a link to donate to yes in the borders?

  111. Morag says:

    We gave that money to Wings, because we decided to invest in what he can do over the next seven months. If we’d wanted to give it to one of the other causes we would have done that.

    It’s more than just the web site.

  112. Morag says:

    Roseanne, the Yes Borders link is in the article at the top of the page.

    Stu just told Calum on Twitter that it might be a bit of an ask to get it all the way over the line. But Stu always underestimates us, right?

  113. Appleby says:


    He’s got some solid ideas in mind for it along the stretch goals, etc. Plus having some in the kitty for when they do more illegal DDOS attacks or for unforseen events and so on will be handy. People would be bit miffed if he just gave it all away as they gave to this place in particluar.

  114. Andy A says:

    Fabulous to see the help for us here in YES Scottish Borders. Because of our large area we have some particular challenges. We’ve established separate groups in Tweeddale, Galashiels, Hawick, Selkirk, Tweedbank, Melrose, Jedburgh, Kelso and Berwickshire to try and reach everyone – all under Calum’s benign influence !

    Thanks for your support – we’ll use the money wisely.

  115. Roseanne says:

    Thanks morag, donation on the way hopefully more people will see link and donate

  116. chicmac says:

    “I understand totally about the Borders but please don’t be mislead. I posted on another thread (the one with the pup) about my experience at a recent School Debate where the Senior School pupils seemed to be brainwashed Labourites! And that is in Argyll.”

    Hmmm ‘IT Filter’ issue perhaps?

    There was an identified issue with some Inverclyde schools across the Clyde. May not be an isolated incident.

    Hope this FB link works like it is supposed to or I’m in big doo doos.

    Post by Yes Inverclyde.

  117. Betty Boop says:

    “TheBannerBlue 28 February, 2014 at 12:01 pm says:

    Thanks everyone who contributed to Yes Borders. There is support here, even amongst the farmers so please don’t tar us all with the same brush! It’s a tough job getting the word out and getting people engaged. Any help is massively appreciated. Thanks folks!”

    Hi, would have thought farmers would be more than unhappy with the UK gov and their propensity for hanging on to EU money rebate.

    O/T Have heard BBC World Service have cut off the end of Willie Walsh’s interview, you know, the bit where he says nice, positive things about independence. Haven’t checked anywhere else, but, watch if disappear from view (if that makes sense!)

  118. Appleby says:


    Hope it goes over the lines. Donated and hope to give Stu another pleasant surprise! 😉

  119. Appleby says:

    Looks like the Wings fundraiser is about to cross another milestone!

  120. chicmac says:


    Sorry could only manage a tenner. My biscuit tin has now drawn a pentagram on the floor and plunked itself in the middle.

  121. Betty Boop says:

    @Ronnie Anderson, 1.38pm

    Sorry Ronnie, I haven’t got a trailer unfortunately! I’m a bit far from Airdrie too. That would be a sight trailing round put the call out, you never know!
    Love to see a photo when you’ve done decorating…

  122. Aikenheed says:

    Small donation sent from a doonhamer as a pavlovian reaction to “Tory landowners laughing in our faces”
    Go get ’em babes

  123. Harry Shanks says:

    Sent a wee tenner to YES In The Glen

  124. Allan Grogan says:

    Just wanted to come on and say a big thank you to everyone from Wings who donated to LFI, and to Rev Stu for promoting our appeal. We will ceontinue to fundraise until our indiegogo time is up. Any money above our target raised will be put to good use getting more leaflets, marketing and events happening throughout the last 7 months of the campaign. Any money we dont use at the end of the campaign will be donated to foodbanks across Scotland.

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

    Allan Grogan

    P.S. the baseball cap is an lfi one. you can also donate £50 and still opt for the john smith perk

  125. Appleby says:

    The borders project is getting there! Now it’s on the last stretch. Will Wings and co. make it a hat trick?

  126. thestooshie says:

    Just wanted to say that I AM grateful to Wings for promoting other groups for funding. I guess i’m just saying that it’s useful for those out there on the streets, such as the groups mentioned above, talking to the undecideds who will eventually win the referendum for us.

    Wings does play a massive role but I get overly concerned about preaching to the choir in this campaign at every turn.

  127. Morag says:

    Borders has broken through the £3,000 barrier!

    Can Wings readers make it a hat trick?

  128. Appleby says:

    Great minds think alike. 😀

  129. Betty Boop says:

    @ chicmac 2.36pm

    The Borders will appreciate your tenner, not matter what your biscuit tin is now doing.

    I think I confused you with my last post; I was responding to thebannerblue’s post about border farmers. So, really, your post should probably have been addressed to Morag who has no doubt taken note of your generosity.

    All grist to the mill! 🙂

  130. Scott says:

    “This campaign is to raise funds for a play written by Alan Bissett, to be staged at Edinburgh Fringe 2014, which aims to rally for a Yes vote in the referendum”:

    Another good cause!

  131. Morag says:

    Hi, thestooshie. I’m part of Yes Borders as well, and I don’t think you need to worry about Wings. Stu delivers amazing bang-for-buck ratio, and as well as providing ammunition for everyone in the Yes camp he has some great ideas for getting the message out there.

    Look what Wings has done for the fundraiser we thought at the Yes Tweeddale meeting was maybe overambitious! And that’s just as part of one wee article. Fret not.

  132. Thistle says:

    Any yes groups in Glasgow area looking for their event to be live streamed for FREE let us know and we will try and accommodate.

    We need internet access for this, so if you can try and findout if the building has internet or we can ask.

    If it doesn’t have internet in the particular room your holding event but building does we can always run a cable through to event area.

    Live Stream:



    Also on twitter…

  133. Aikenheed says:

    Of course all this has happened after I put up my Wings sticker in the car (thanks Ken)………………

  134. pmcrek says:

    Yes Borders just £600 short now to meet their target of £4k almost there!

    Cant stress enough folks chapping doors and talking face to face, is the most important thing Yes can do in this campaign.

  135. Appleby says:

    All these Indy fundraisers going through will be like the apocalypse or ragnarok to the Bitter Together crew. Fantastic.

  136. X_Sticks says:


    I have to commend Independence Live Events – I’ve watched the last three live and they have ben excellent. I urge anyone who hasn’t watched them to do so, you’ll find them quite uplifting. Click on the LiveStream link on Thistle’s comment to access the archive.

  137. Flower of Scotland says:

    Just donated to YES Glasgow and it’s now over £5300 ! Well done everybody !

  138. Flower of Scotland says:

    Yep donated yesterday to that one too ! I think that will be great ! A play with Alan Bissett at the Festival !

  139. pmcrek says:


    Totally agree, watched my first indy live couple of days ago, thought it was great, looking forward to watching more.

  140. SquareHaggis says:

    A puckle or twa bawbees wingin their way to the borders.
    Keep yer chin up Morag, just you look doon yer wee nose and right back at ’em. NEARLY THERE 😀

  141. chicmac says:

    ““This campaign is to raise funds for a play written by Alan Bissett, to be staged at Edinburgh Fringe 2014, which aims to rally for a Yes vote in the referendum”:

    Another good cause!”

    Yeah I saw that one. Still deciding which book to get as a perk for the missus.(When my pen comes in).

    Also thought of a wee suggestion to email Stuart with.

  142. Andrew Morton says:

    Done! A tenner to Yes in the Glen.

  143. alexicon says:

    @Allan Grogan,

    I stay in a traditional Labour stronghold, Falkirk, and I would be more than happy to deliver leaflets for LFI.
    Your message is not reaching the punters here.

    How do I get hold of such leaflets?

  144. Steve B says:

    One other reason why I think it’s important to support the Yes campaign putting out as much information as possible in the Borders is that although all the Borders has BBC Scotland most of it, for the “third” TV channel, only has ITV Border and not STV. This, apart from the local regional news, has no local Scottish programming and is the effectively the same as the ITV English regions.

    Therefore they don’t get STV Tonight or any other specific Scottish political programs, and even their regional news is sourced from Gateshead.

  145. alexicon says:

    C’mon folks, only £480 left to reach YES borders target.

    I’m sure these tireless workers down there will take heart in our contributions to them.

    We can finish this today, so dig deep folks.

  146. Bill McLean says:

    Not a borderer but love the area. First wife had family in Melrose, Galashiels and Selkirk – despite that I want to help. Understand the distances and local attitudes create difficulty. None of us thought this was going to be easy.
    Good Luck!!

  147. SquareHaggis says:

    Two hunner pounds to go, go, go the borders

  148. Ian Mackay says:


    I looked at this in order of deadline priority and gave a tenner to Yes in the Glen.

    That has only 62 hours left, and its about £4000 short!

  149. pmcrek says:

    £115 left to go on the Yes borders appeal, smashing job everybody, almost there!

  150. J. R. Tomlin says:

    I’d like to add this one to the list as a fund raiser worth supporting. I intend to donate to it.

    Alan Bissett’s play The Pure, the Dead and the Brilliant which as he says, he is staging at the Edinburgh Fringe this August – “a month ahead of the referendum – rallying for a Yes vote”.

  151. Steve B says:

    I’ve just put only a few pounds on for Yes Borders as its all I could afford after earlier in the week 🙂

    But the good news is that there’s only £75 left for them to reach their target if anyone wants to tip them over the edge.

  152. Morag says:

    Only £50 to go now….

  153. alexicon says:

    @Steve B, only 50 quid to go.

    @Ian Mackay,

    Maybe the Rev could give them an advance and we could have a mini fund raiser next pay day.

    Do you have a link for payment to YES in the Glen?

  154. alexicon says:

    Maybe the Rev could give them an advance and we could have a mini fund raiser next pay day.

    To replenish the advance. 😉

    Or they (YES in the Glen) could start another fund raiser next month?

  155. Steve B says:


    From Fergus Green above:

    And I don’t think the Borders need an advance – they’ve only £20 to go now 🙂

  156. Morag says:


    Wings rules!

    3/3 hat trick!

  157. alexicon says:

    @Steve B, The Borders target has been reached.

    Sorry it wasn’t the Borders fund I was referring to, it was the YES in the Glen one.
    Sorry if I confused you.

    @Harry Shanks, Thanks £30 on its way.

  158. Calum Kerr says:

    TARGET HIT! As the Chair of Yes Scottish Borders can I thank everyone for their superb support! The strength of the Yes campaign is the passion and commitment of our supporters, and this is just the latest in a long line of proof points! Rest assured your money will be invested wisely and we will work tirelessly to drive the Yes vote in the region.

    Anyone who wants to get involved can contact me through our email address 🙂

    Thanks again.

  159. proudscot says:

    I’ve just donated to the Borders Campaign fund, and the Indiegogo site informed me my donation had taken the total to £3,980. If this is slightly less than the actual total, then I stand to be corrected. I really hope we reach their projected target (£5000?) so they can spread the word. so that ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s like their sneery wee Toxic Tory David Mundell can be dragged kicking and oinking from the Westminster trough.

  160. Morag says:

    Calum, there’s someone higher up this thread – Alex – offering free advertising space along the A68. I wonder if Stu could put you in touch with him?

  161. Morag says:

    Proudscot, it will be one of the highlights of the Yes vote to see Paddington Mundell’s face. I’m counting the days.

  162. Morag says:

    Oops, I didn’t read to the end of your message. Alex, there’s the contact email you were looking for.

    *Piggy-in-the-middle steps back*

  163. alexicon says:

    @Harry Shanks.
    £30 to YES in the Glen duly sent. I’m tapped out, but I do hope that those, who still have spare dosh, can send it to this worthy cause.
    We don’t want to see local headlines gleefully headlining funding crisis do we?

    @Calum Kerr, Now go out and get us those YES votes 😉

    Good for you all down there, I wish you all the best.

  164. Andy A says:

    Borders target of £4000 now reached – awesome power on WoS !

  165. Morag says:

    And still they come! £4,025 and counting….

  166. proudscot says:

    Great news that all three of our crowdfunded goals got reached. GIRFUY McColm and Hothersall! Was pleasantly surprised this evening to hear several mentions on the BBC Scotland Mews (I think by Hayley Miller?)about bosses of British Airways and RyanAir making statements favourable to our independence aspiration. Both gentlemen stated they think independence BENEFIT their respective businesses.

    Let’s hear the negative spin the ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s, Darling, Brown, Curran, Murphy, Davidson, Sarwar, Lamont and the Alexander twins, Dougie and Danny, attempt to put on that!

  167. thestooshie says:

    Fantastic news about the Borders fund. My dad and the others will do even more brilliant work down there as a result.

    I feel I should stress also that my comments are not at all reflected in my dad’s opinions. He’d defend Wings to the end of the Earth!

  168. Morag says:

    Wait and see what Wings does with that money. Bear in mind that it’s the culmination of an inhuman amount of work over the past year, and we now all trust Stu implicitly to make good use of it.

    Also, bear in mind that it’s not either or. The more activity that’s going on, the more people take a hammer to their piggy banks. Just for starters, how far would we have got with that £4000 appeal without Wings? I heard what Calum said about it in Peebles last week.

    Think about Wings as the agent that rescued the Borders fundraiser and got it to its target (because that’s the truth), rather than as some dog in the manger sitting on a pile of money growling at people.

  169. Braco…

    I just got back from work and responded to your comment at my place, sorry for the delay.

  170. kininvie says:

    Truth is, it’s the insane amount of readership power that Wings brings to the debate that matters. Wings has been funded by about 1400 people – that leaves an awful lot who may dip into their pockets for causes closer to their hearts or hometown.

    The trouble is, they may not know about them. I had no idea of the Borders appeal before today, as I imagine did many others.

    So a monthly ‘Spread the Love’ article maybe?

  171. Morag says:

    I didn’t know about Alan Bissett’s project till someone mentioned it on here. I went for it like a terrier down a rabbit hole. Especially for the “two tickets to the play” perk.

    I have a friend I believe to be a No. We go out to things together all the time. I plan to drag her to Alan’s play, as in “I won these two tickets, you see”. I also have a gift token for The Dome. It’s her birthday, too, a biggie.

    Will she be a Yes by the end of the evening?

  172. Michael says:

    Just extraordinary what’s been happening this week. We can do this.

  173. kininvie says:


    Indeed. No one can ever say that we aren’t prepared to put our money where our mouth is…

    All those deep pockets but short arms jokes are starting to look mighty sour.

    What has BT got to counter this dedication? Sound bites and lies.

  174. Jim says:

    I visited the Borders for a few days again a wee while ago with my good lady. Visted Melrose, Kelso, Peebles and Galashiels.

    Yes have a fight on their hands (simply due to geography and media output – I couldn’t believe the amount of Daily Mails sold there (albeit in tourist areas) e.g. – however, I was encouraged by what I saw.

    I spoke to a No campaigner at a road-side No gazebo who informed me that the people of England pay ” secret taxes” to help fund Scotland. When they are in a majority, BT lie with impunity thinking that the listener is daft. It was embarrassing. They were there for about 30 minutes and engaged very few people.

    Better Together are being found out, including in the Borders. What has happened here, on this site, with funding and contacts is greatly changing the balance of influence all over the country. It’s great to see.

  175. Calum Kerr says:

    Morag,in touch with Alex already, cheers.

  176. Morag says:

    The terrain is hard – in a way, maybe harder than the Highlands because there are more isolated dwellings. I think. But the real tweedy Tories are a visible and vocal minority I think. I don’t think we’ll get a majority Yes in the region so we really need people in more fertile areas to compensate. I think 35% is achievable if we work hard though, and if a bandwagon gets going in the final week or two, who knows.

    My view is that we were the front line for centuries, Selkirk still seriously mourns for Flodden, and what the hell are you thinking about if you’re going to vote No. But it may need a bit more nuance than that!

  177. Morag says:

    Ah, crossposting with Calum, that’s good.

  178. rhubarb says:

    Just want to echo kininvie’s idea of a monthly “spread the love” drive. I know that Yes Orkney has quite the uphill battle on its hands, and I doubt Yes Shetland is faring any better.

  179. Alex Wilson says:

    Just a quick post to thank everyone across Scotland for their kind donations to YES Scottish Borders. We are part of YES Berwickshire group working across a wide geographical area, supported by many willing volunteers. Its a tough gig but lots of positive feedback, with some 8000 newspapers out in last month. We are part of wider YES Scottish Borders group and donations received will really help us with our campaign in months ahead. Thank You Scotland

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