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Just passing this on

Posted on December 17, 2013 by

Because it’s aimed at you. (As judging by the increase in donor numbers set against the number of clickthroughs we registered from yesterday’s piece to the benighted Yes Scotland fundraising page, there’s no mistaking where the money came from.)


Bella and Newsnet both now over £10,000 too, even though it’s barely over a week until Christmas. Take a moment to give yourselves a wee pat on the back, readers.

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    59 to “Just passing this on”

    1. themadmurph says:

      Wish I could, but just back from holiday and not due to be paid till next week.

    2. With troops like this how can we fail? I still think we need a campaign co-ordinator. 

    3. Pin says:

      “With troops like this how can we fail? I still think we need a campaign co-ordinator.”
      Absolutely agree

    4. creigs1707repeal says:

      Doubt these much increased donations will ever see a headline in the MSM since they are interested only in portraying negativity. Thieving rats. (‘Thieving rats’ because they are full on attempting to steal our independence from us with their daily dose of downright lies, disinformation, distortion, misinformation and utter fabrications).

    5. Les Wilson says:

      I would pay a lot more to crowd fund a campaign directly at BT and the MSM. 

    6. Stuart Black says:

      Well, that’s shamed me into it, I had a go yesterday and felt exactly the same nausea as others regarding the information they insisted upon, and gave it up, but I persevered today, against my better judgment.
      Yes Scotland need to find a better client for this stuff.

    7. Macart says:

      Couldn’t donate to everyone, hard time of year, but sent off to a couple. 
      What’s a couple o’ pennies among friends? 🙂

    8. Doug Daniel says:

      “Yes Scotland need to find a better client for this stuff.”
      Don’t worry, in one of the comments yesterday, Stan from Yes Scotland confirmed they wouldn’t be using Bloom again!

    9. Holebender says:

      I hate that donation site they’re using, and I already make a monthly donation, but I couldn’t see them fail.

    10. Tasmanian says:

      Just a reminder – when you’re registering, you CANNOT leave the phone number blank – it won’t let you log in, or send you the confirmation email. You CAN leave a different number there, like 07000000000 or their own phone number. (And by ‘can’ I mean ‘technically can’, possibly it’s against their rules, I didn’t check.)

      You need a PayPal account to pay as well.

    11. Brian Ritchie says:

      Just made a donation to help it along. 😉

    12. TJenny says:

      Tasmanian – Thanks – I too tried making donations via Bloom to YeScotland for their crowdfund on 3 occasions, one of them yesterday, but eventually gave up and just donated to them via Paypal. (which wont count towards their crowdfund).
      As I don’t have a mobile phone, I left that box blank on application/set-up form. May try again using a spurious mob. phone number, and see if it then works.

    13. Les Wilson says:

      Well REV, I guess it shows the growing power of “Wings ” and although controversial at times, this will boost the fearties hearts. Well done to you, you must now be feeling, justifiably, Smug ! Lol! 

    14. mogabee says:

      Absolutely shows there’s a lot of good folk here….
      …And Rev. is awfy persuasive!

    15. Kev says:

      Had already donated to Newsnet, which was very straightforward,   tried today to give a few quid to Yes via Bloom, which must be the most frustrating site ive visited this year, but bravely persevered just for it to ask for my paypal password at the end which I don’t have at work, pain indeed…

    16. Michael says:

      It’s a such a bad platform. I tried to make a second donation yesterday but couldn’t because I hadn’t a scooby what my password was. It’s the most difficult and user unfriendly donation service it’s possible to imagine.

    17. Eco_Exile says:

      Why not give the phone number for the Better Together office.

    18. Marian says:

      Now that spin doctor John McTernan has returned from Australia following his unsuccessful smearing campaign against former PM Julie Gillards opponents see and does anyone know if he is involved in Labour’s anti-independence campaign?

    19. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      We need to take over running the YES campaign.
      Time for the Raggle Taggle Gypsies to emerge from the shadows.

      The Force is with us.

      I hope the SNP are reading and learning.

    20. MekQuarrie says:

      Judging from the comments, the ‘Bloom’ platform seems to have frustrated a lot of the donators by being over-complicated and not sending a receipt after payment. ‘Yes’ should look carefully at those views as people who donate once are the most likely to donate a second time. Best not to tick them off…

    21. Holebender says:

      That Bloom site seems mostly interested in harvesting contact details, tbh. I gave them a fake mobile number (07777777777) but my e-mail inbox has been getting far too many “thank you” e-mails for my liking already, so I’ve unsubscribed. If that effects my donation pledge, so be it. Why do so many businesses think it’s a good idea to inundate their customers with spammy e-mails? It puts me off and leads to me feeling ill disposed towards an outfit I might otherwise have used again.

    22. JasonF says:

      This further confirms that lots of people are reading Wings than get involved with the comments, so probably best keep things upbeat, polite and welcoming. 

    23. Andrew Morton says:

      I bunged them £25 to annoy OBE who was gloating like crazy. I try to donate that much every month and vary the recipients depending on who looks neediest!
      In February it’s definitely going to Wings. Incidentally, after a Yes vote, they should put up a plaque to Stu at Holyrood.

    24. David McCann says:

      Thanks for drawing my attention to this, as Im just back from a few days in Paris. Ive donated through Pay pal direct to the Yes site, with no problems.

    25. Helpmaboab says:

      Deary me. Staging a separatist insurgency is an expensive business isn’t it? Thanks to the events of the last two days I’ll no longer be buying my least-favourite relative a Christmas present.
      It will be worth it in the end though. “nervos belli, pecuniam infinitam“.

    26. Andrew Morton says:

      The sinews of war are infinite money?

    27. scottish_skier says:

      Chipped in.

    28. Helpmaboab says:

      Andrew Morton, “The sinews of war are infinite money?”
      That was one of Cicero’s quotes, apparently. I wonder what he would have thought about crowdfunding? If Rome’s enemies had such a weapon at their disposal history might have turned out very differently.

    29. Alan Mackintosh says:

      They’re up to 90% now, £13,516, so its continuing. Hope they do take heed of this and avoid this type of target funding next time.

    30. Chic McGregor says:

      I tried to make a donation to YES campaign but the Bloom site wanted my mobile number.  I entered 1234567 so that seemed to go through but then when I tried to use paypal it refused and went back to a page asking me to register my paypal email address.  I swithered on that one, but eventually typed it in, this time I got all they way through but then came a page asking me to allow 2 future paypal payments, not 1.  Why would it need 2?  It wouldn’t let me change it to 1, so I cancelled it.  Sorry Yes campaign.
      Anyone else having probs with Bloom?

    31. FreddieThreepwood says:

      New laptop (having smashed the old one against a wall in frustration yesterday) but sadly same problem – round and round and round the PayPal/Bloom merry-go-round. Like everyone else here (despite our grumbles) I wanted to help them not miss this particular target. Donating in other ways (and I have before) can be done but it won’t be added to this total.

    32. Xander says:

      1 payment to Yes Scotland (total amount minus Bloom fee) and 1 payment to Bloom (fee)? Payments to be made when target achieved.
      Don’t know for sure as I am waiting on pay being deposited and haven’t tried yet.

    33. Gav says:

      I think the reason the Bloom site asks for permission for future PayPal payments, is that the money is not actually taken off unless the campaign reaches its total.
      But I saw another comment that Bloom asks for 2 future payments,  why it would need 2 I cannot fathom.
      In this case, because it is important to get Yes over the finishing line, I persevered.  Normally, faced with this sort of contact harvesting and unexplained payment methods, I would walk away.

    34. Vee says:

      @ Chic Mcgregor, I had the exact same problem as you.  It just wasn’t clear at all. so I too gave up on Bloom. I went direct to the Yes Scotland site & managed a pain free paypal payment.

    35. aldo_macb says:

      I couldn”t get the yes scotland page to work. I gave up after 3 attempts and gave my money to Newsnet instead. 

    36. Stevie says:

      well… I created an account (pssed me off already doing that)… then I couldn’t manage to donate… I don’t even now if they have Paypal. Who thought this one up?


    37. Stevie says:

      well… I created an account (pssed me off already doing that)… then I couldn’t manage to donate… I don’t even now if they have Paypal. Who thought this one up?

    38. Emma says:

      I wish Yes Scotland had given Stu some deserved recognition for advertising the fundraiser within their thank you statement. The ‘Wings effect’ shows who is really leading the charge for the Yes side, not that any of us needed to be told. We all gravitate here, whether we comment or not. I think those high up in the Yes campaign need to realise how vital WoS is and show their support to this site. Or at least take a leaf out of Stu’s book in terms of delivering our message with a bit more fight. Unfortunately Yes always seem to be on the back foot. Well done Stu. Again. What would we do without Wings Over Scotland (…shuddering to think)

    39. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      I managed to make a donation (promise) via Bloom when the campaign started, though I seemed to manage it through a combination of random clicking, funny handshaking and taking-away-the-number-I-first-thought-of.
      In parallel, my wife failed to muddle her way to the end of the process on her laptop, and gave up in despair.
      I later foolishly said “don’t worry, as I am set up on Bloom, I’ll make another donation on your behalf”.
      However I wasn’t in a rush to revisit Bloom for some reason.
      After yesterday’s kerfuffle she asked me to get back onto Bloom and make “her” donation.
      Naturally I had forgotten my Bloom password. I used the Bloom reset password facility and then sat pressing the send/receive button on my email for 20 minutes, hoping to receive the password-reset email that is obviously never going to arrive.
      To pass the time I searched for where I might have noted my initial Bloom password, and actually found it eventually. However this previous password turned out to be of no use, as I had now “reset” my password.
      So no money from “us” for the campaign tonight, and it looks like that’s me locked out of Bloom forever.
      Great to see however that so many have managed to donate, and that the target looks like being made.

    40. Albert Herring says:

      Finally managed to donate via Bloom.
      You can’t leave the phone number box blank, however you can type something like “no way”. This appears to set up an account, but actually doesn’t, as you can’t log in. There is no explanation. The password reminder request is ignored. You can, however, put in a spoof phone number – this works.
      The two payment thing could be the donation and Bloom’s fee, but who knows, there’s no explanation whatsoever.
      Quite probably the biggest load of shite I’ve ever seen…. well, there’s Alas tearmeanewarsehole Carcrashtakethemichael right enough!

    41. Alan Mackintosh says:

      OMG, i went for a wander round St kilda  and then ended up on BT FB. I know i should have left, but I stayed for a bit. What deluded, small minded, twats, I cant believe they have over 110K likes on there. As others have said there must be some jiggery pokery going on. And as for the discussion, rambling rants… Dont think i’ll be back, not even for humour value

    42. Stevie says:

      Looking at the Newsnet appeal, it hasn’t been a run away success – speaking from the perspective of several people, Newsnet burnt a lot of bridges with their user-UNfriendly post comments policies.  They seem to think it’s great but they’ve dampened down greatly the enthusiasm of a number of folk.  Bella is doing well though – it was never as nuch a hit as Newsnet but it has come on in recent times. 

      WOS has  user-friendly feel about it and comments aren’t spat on from a distance   – it is in tune with the readeership – thiq explains a lot.

      YESScotland – wtf – couldn’t they have just used indiego?

    43. Indy_Scot says:

      I think the hurdles and barriers that had to be overcome for Yes Scotland to reach their goal is not unlike the road we will travel to reach our goal.
      I don’t think I have ever felt so confident that I will soon live in an Independent Scotland as I do now.

    44. john king says:

      Anyone getting bother with Bloom site not recognizing their email address?
      it keeps telling me not to hurry and highlights the email box (which I filled in already)

    45. fluffnik says:

      Well, I’ve donated to Yes but I think I’ll be deleting the Bloom account as soon as it’s done…
      Surely since they have a web shop already the sensible thing would be to sell limited edition themed donations through that.
      (Party tip: Why not put out bowls of “Yes” badges as well as crisps and peanuts.)

    46. heraldnomore says:

      Solved the blooming email box issue, and managed to add some groats.  95% and rising now.
      John you need to clkick on the paypal update box, go there and register your paypal address to your blooming account, with all the personal stuff that offended everyone who got that far much quicker than me; then log back into the blooming then and insert the newly updated email address, then make your promise.
      It was so much easier just donating to Yes directly.  Now if there’s a shiny shilling in the bottom of the festive stocking, we’ve a couple of weeks to add some more to Bella and Newsnet.  Damned expensive this Christmas this thing isn’ it

    47. crisiscult says:

      I haven’t donated yet though I did buy some yes merchandise the other day. Will donate this week to newsnet I think. I was volunteering for Yes today and I have to second (or third or fourth or whatever) what some people have been saying about Rev Stu and the aura he and his site exude that is a lot more than is coming from the official yes campaign. Fair enough that they have a different role to play but I’m excited about the idea of some leadership from the Rev next year – got the impression he was looking into organising some regional stuff. The fight for independence always needs leaders and figure heads. Yes and No both seem to be lacking enough of them.

    48. Better Together St Kilda says:

      @ Alan Mackintosh
      Better Together objected to our policy of presenting the positive case fro the union, choosing to stick with their own of negativity and scaremongering. Backed as they are by dark forces, they were able to close us down AND transfer our not inconsiderable support to their own page.

    49. john king says:

      that bloody site would NOT no matter what I did accept my email address and yet when I put my wife’s in it accepted it first time, so went to their comment page and tried to login , wouldn’t let me, gave up in frustration.

    50. john king says:

      thanks heraldnomore but I think I’ll leave it to the wife shes got more patience than me,
      I couldn’t be arsed with that.

    51. Brian Ritchie says:

      Target achieved! 😀

    52. Alan Mackintosh says:

      I’ll need to speed up, went for a look at BT Norge, and they beat me to it… there it was…gone
      100%, they’ve done it… wee’ve done it

    53. scottish_skier says:

      Target hit it would seem.
      Keep chipping in folks though if you can and want to.

    54. Scott Minto (Aka Sneekyboy) says:

      OK folks…
      Yes Scotland target met.
      NOW, lets get to helping Bella Caledonia – ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT

    55. Colin *M* says:

      I see the Yes Scotland fund raiser on Bloom is now over its target. That’s excellent news.

    56. Chris Paton says:

      Let’s hope the Herald puts that in its pipe and smokes it! Brilliant achievement – what the print MSM tried to knock down in a day, the pro-Indy social media sites sorted in a day! 🙂

    57. Kipper says:

      If they time it better and make it easier I’ll be happy to donate again. Don’t make it a struggle for me every time! Also, please no more triple drives at Christmas…crazy.

    58. Hi everyone
      The Yes Scotland crowdfund hits its target late last night. With two days left to run it’s likely to far exceed that target. I recognise that the coverage, criticism and debate on this website helped drive traffic to the crowdfund, so thanks very much to all of you who persevered and pledged a donation, and to those of you who made a direct donation to Yes Scotland through our own website instead. 
      Once again, my apologies that so many of you experienced problems with the third party Bloom VC system. It won’t happen again.
      All best
      Stan Blackley, Deputy Director of Communities, Yes Scotland

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