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Things to do today

Posted on February 05, 2021 by

There’s currently a rather large and somewhat embarrassing vacancy at the top of the Yes movement. You may wish to be part of an organisation which includes some very good people seeking to do something about it.

In which case you should click on the image above.

Another thing you might want to do is join an actual pro-independence political party.

They also have an election fundraiser. But if that one’s not to your taste for whatever reason, maybe you might like to support legal action being taken against a car-crash of an SNP MP who was fundamental in getting the party’s most capable performer sacked, as well as a bunch of nasty transactivist bully boys:

You could certainly do a lot worse than reading this excellent and unsparing account of the current shambolic condition of the SNP, by the aforementioned Joanna Cherry:

Or this very good Iain MacWhirter piece on what happened to her. (SPOILER: Yes.)

(In the interests of balance, you could also read this characteristically terrible piece in the same paper from a deeply suspect idiot which blames exactly all the wrong people but reaches much the same conclusion about the state of the party of government.)

Or you could take a passing moment to contemplate just how batshit mad this is:

And of course you can still buy us some sweeties if you like.

Do whichever of the above you see fit, folks. Just please don’t kill the dog.

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137 to “Things to do today”

  1. red sunset says:

    Joined Now Scotland 🙂

    Donation to the Turkish Delight fund coming up in a minute

  2. ScottieDog says:

    Contemplating isp but having been a member of the greens and snp I’m a bit fed up with political parties atm

  3. newburghgowfer says:

    ISP for me, they are the only vehicle for some sort of vote in May even if its only a List seat. The 4 unionist Parties & the Woke Party will not get my vote & the deluded members who keep on telling me you will let the Yoons in well personally I dont give a fuck if the Mps are still turning up at WM doing diddlysquat !!

  4. Jim Scullion says:

    Joined ISP, joined Now Scotland, donated to the sweetie jar ?

  5. newburghgowfer says:

    Oh my Uncle Donald T donated too !!

  6. David Keenan says:

    Sorry if I have missed it but why did you not go ahead with a Wings Party Rev?

  7. X_Sticks says:

    Joined Now Scotland. No hesitation. Oor folk.

    Ye’ll hae to haud a bit fur yer sweeties Stu or the missus’ll be complainin aboot ma ootgawins. Again.

  8. newburghgowfer says:

    Was going to say if you have a few Bob left from the crowd funder I thought maybe a few dozen pairs of slippers for Cozy Pete to keep his feet warm in WM. Cant have Cozy Pete getting cold whilst reading your Blogs ?

  9. L says:

    ISP is unfortunately struggling to cut through to voters and isn’t even registering on polls. A high-profile endorsement from a big figure like Salmond/Cherry would help.

  10. Olive Sneddon says:

    I would donate but I spent all my money on Sarah Phillimore….

  11. John Jones says:

    Join Now Scotland why?
    get another person to vote yes?
    Why should I inflict the anguish and heartfelt pain of being let down, sold down the river by this shower of charletons, to have anyone else disturbed by asking them to vote yes when that is never going to happen any time soon if ever.
    I will keep trying to get our Indy for the rest of my life, but how can I ask anyone else to suffer what we are going through at the moment.

  12. X_Sticks says:

    Oops, finger slipped and I’ve signed the missus up for Now Scotland too! Oh well. Dughoose again. 🙁

  13. Al Hunter says:

    Good to see a bit more of a beefier alternative to the SNP on the sccene – hope it shakes them right up !

  14. 100%Yes says:

    We’ve joined NowScotland, need things moving.

  15. David Earl says:

    Hi. Alyn “Who’s The Daddy” Smith here. I always buy Jelly Babies and Rainbow Drops for my Stirling Young Team so you should perhaps help Stuart (vile Wings, anti-SNP blogger & demagogue) buy a wee sweety for all of his hard work 😉

  16. Lenny Hartley says:

    Just joined now scotland, going by the banner, they have a few joining ?

  17. JSC says:

    What’s the big idea with the cops not naming the bloke who threatened Cherry?

    He’s been charged so why isn’t he named?

  18. KathyT says:

    Thank you Stu, that screenshot of your fundraiser gave me the first genuine laugh of the day. Will contribute in a mo’. Already ISP member.

  19. Fionan says:

    Been waiting for the announcement of Now Scotland and will join as soon as I have the membership fee. I do think it is the way forward and I hope that ALL Yessers will be welcome and welcoming within it, even the ‘marmite’ characters such as Tommy Sheridan, who, lets face it, achieved a huge advance in human rights in Scotland by getting warrant sales banned. Something real and solid! And when he calms down a bit and stops the hyperbole, he is also a very good speaker.

    If Now Scotland can bypass all the silly bickering and stand-offs between the various indy parties on the basis of personalities and personality clashes, it can build the truly united and solid yes grassroots movement which we so badly need to finally progress us towards independence and bring it to fruition. This is what we have been lacking, unity, solidarity, leadership and a focal point.

    I have already held my nose tightly and joined ISP, and might even vote for them if they support a plebiscite election. And I have read the various articles above, so all the boxes ticked for now, except the sweetie fundraiser – again it will have to wait till my purse is replenished next week after large vet and pet crematorium fees due to the loss of my dear little doggie companion last week.

    It is good to have a vehicle to channel the tremendous anger, disgust and sense of betrayal left by the behaviours of the snp clique and their pretendy indy support and tonight I raise a glass to the success of the Yes movement in spite of the obstacles we have, and are, facing from those who we trusted once upon a time and gave so much to, throughout our lives in the pursuit of our dream.

  20. Helen Yates says:

    Well I have joined Scotland Now.
    I am already a member of the ISP.
    I have shared those articles.
    I have donated to and shared the defamation case.
    And I can see you’re sweet tooth will be happy for a wee while, so all in all a good days work.

  21. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Just had a look at the “about us” page on NowScotland. I see Craig is there and George Kerevan, Angus BM. But I also saw Andrew Wilson… someone tell me thats not the same one that did that shit report – the Growth Commission and is Charlotte St Partners?

  22. James Horace says:

    Is turkish delight really your fave sweetie stu?

  23. Alain Mack says:

    Rev Stu…….as an act of kindness could donate an amount to get Pete Pisharts teeth fixed ??…….the’r like a row of broken headstones in a cemetery. That and he talks utter p***

  24. Ian McCubbin says:

    Joined ISP and will help them and continue helping Yes Perth City.

  25. Liz g says:

    Fiona’s @ 7.49
    As far as I understand it — ALL — are welcome.
    The only thing a memship says about you is you “agree Scotland should be an Independent Country”.
    That’s it !!!
    Everything else it seems , is for yer own group or party to promote, at their pleasure.
    I love it ..
    I’ve said for some time we mibbi over complicated stuff.
    At the end of the day all we are really trying to do is end the Treaty of Union.
    Who among our many groups would disagree with that ?
    At last the ONE thing there’s nae argument on has a voice …
    And we should try and make it the biggest voice of all 🙂
    I wish ….well now I’ve joined I can’t say them …. so … US every success ….
    Yay …. Now Scotland ……

  26. Graeme Hampton says:

    Not convinced by the NOW yet and nice to see Sarah reach her target but I’ll keep an eye out in case she needs more.

    Seriously considering the ISP which would be my first actual political party.

    Of course I chipped in a wee bit for Stu’s sweeties, naebody should be without sweeties.

    Overall though I’m cheered up by the breadth of the yes movement even though the SNP is a clusterfuck at the moment.

  27. Denise says:

    Does anyone know if NS will be given a copy of the James Hamilton report into breaches of ministerial code before it is published?

  28. Baronesssamedi says:

    Well, i was there before you in the Action in Defamation and I already bought you a sweetie. I’m still in the SNP supporting gender-critical sisters, but I’m voting ISP. And I’ve joined NowScotland. Thanks

  29. John Martini says:

    Not trying to be negative but the branding is poor. Scotland Now is not very inspiring. There are too many groups to choose from who have nothing new to say.

    The reality is that independence is a long way off.

  30. Winnie says:

    If Sturgeon is looking for a name for her trans activist doberdugs I suggest Sturgeon United Football Club

    Sturgeon United Football Club would give Mandela United Football Club a good game.

  31. Yoda says:

    Shouldn’t ISP join with AFI now that AFI has now been approved by the EC? Surely we don’t want the vote split between the two?

  32. Lollysmum says:

    @John Jones
    Your choice but I’ll have you know I’m a Winger first & foremost so mind who you are calling charlatans or I’ll have to borrow the Revs hammers.

    We are 15 people who have spent the last 8 weeks or more trying to create a democratic organisation that belongs to its indy-minded members as we were tasked to.

  33. Frank Gillougley says:

    The SNP need reset to factory settings as they are no longer fit for purpose. They are nothing but self-serving autocrat bureaucrats as can be seen the world over. This is not the Scotland we want. I’d much rather have all the BTL commentators here on WOS sitting in the Scottish Parliament than these careerist nonentities. As Jolly boy John would say, FOR REAL!

    Anyway, ISP joined and the sweetie jar topped up. Thank you Stuart for all your work.

  34. Hugh Jarse says:

    So not anytime, any place, anywhere
    Brands? Give me content over presentation every time.

    A weel kent figurehead is needed.

  35. Cath says:

    Was wondering earlier today if it’s possible that many people outside politics actually know *more* than some of the committee members. I’d like to think that’s impossible and of course they all know. But to be quite frank I don’t think that’s in any way certain. I suspect a committee is, for many, a duty and they maybe try and grab a summary of key things they should have read 5 minutes before the meeting. So if you throw thousands of long legal documents at them they don’t even know where to start. So yeah, the “read a redacted version on an inline blog if you want it” makes a certain horrible sense.

  36. Lollysmum says:

    @Alan Mackintosh @7.54pm
    No its ‘the other Andrew Wilson’ nothing to do with Charlotte Street Partners.

  37. Kenny says:

    The Andrew Wilson who is on the Now Scotland committee is NOT the same Andrew Wilson who wrote the Growth Commission report. He’s a long time AUOB worker. He is usually in charge of managing the “A Force For Good” counter-demonstration.

  38. I resigned from the SNP when they gerrymandered the selection for the Edinburgh Central constituency to prevent Joanna Cherry from standing. I’m reserving judgment on the ISP until we know whether Sturgeon is going to get the boot, and if so, who will take her place. If there’s a satisfactory resolution to that, I’ll rejoin the SNP. Having said that, I hope the ISP gains traction and becomes a force to be reckoned with. I don’t rule out joining if it the SNP fails to get a grip.

    As for Now Scotland, I’ve joined. I believe it’s exactly what’s needed just now. We need a united, mass campaign for independence which will put party and intra-party politics aside and focus on the main goal.

  39. Cath says:

    Also, I imagine if you really want a committee not to do it’s job too well, you make sure it’s reporting in the very last gasp of a parliamentary term when the members are thinking more about the election and maybe their impending retirement rather than being all keen and wanting to make a name for themselves.

  40. Mac says:

    All of the above is great but what we really need is a proper competing constituency independence party to offer a viable alternative to the SNP and alas it is just far too late to have any chance of achieving that now.

    So what it will hinge on is whether we can get rid of Team Nicola at the leadership level (as a minimum) before the elections.

    If not and Team Nicola manages to limp her way to the election line and then she gets re-elected by the mass lump of snp voters who are about six months behind the awareness curve then that is a catastrophe.

    If we go into the election with Nicola in charge we have no choice. We send them to electoral Coventry.

    I have no doubt the independence movement will reform instantly, faster than anyone will believe.

    The SNP are like these minging pish stained old clothes we are still wearing long after we should have thrown in the bin or burnt them.

  41. Robert Louis says:

    Given RevStu spends a lot of time visiting his dentist, I would feel bad, buying him sweets.

    Will Join NowScotland. So should everybody who wants independence ASAP.

    Good also, to at last some folks take the fight to the hateful, women-abusing creeps WITHIN the SNP. Hope the defamation case proceeds and wins. Take them to the proverbial cleaners. mibbes then they all might grow up a bit, and stop being misogynistic pr*cks.

    and in relation to misogyny,

  42. Alec Lomax says:

    Yoda – split the vote between the ISP and the AFI. You mean who coughs up for the lost deposits.

  43. Republicofscotland says:

    Yoda @8.22pm.

    When did the die hard unionist Electoral Commission approve AFI, I was under the impression it took only 29 day to normally approve a party, but at the last count I saw in early January the BritNat ran EC still hadn’t approved AFI after a whopping 68 days.

    The unionist EC have left AFI very little time to make an impact, the games rigged, the decks are stacked.

    Its akin to Venezuela’s President Maduro needing permission from the US Senate, to form a government after winning an election.

  44. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Apparently eddie fecking lizard is the funnyest Sp don’t give a fuck

    funniest WOMAN comedian ffs well done guys

  45. Jacqueline McMillan says:




  46. Yoda says:

    According to Martin Keatings (yes the same Peoples action guy whose court case was today) revealed on Twitter that they did. Unless Alex Salmond leads that party or becomes an integral part of it, I doubt it will win at least 5% of the votes necessary to win seats. If he does, well the games a foot…

  47. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Thon Samuel is self id’ng as a wumen ffs. When will it end wae this clown !

  48. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Defo troll and defo Samuel and all the rest of his fecking names. Pest o hell

  49. Bob Mack says:

    Honestly ,if you didnae laugh you’d greet. A very cmplex set of circumstances going on here because of the fear of the general populace at the moment.

    Nicola is riding high in the polls and relying on that to translate into voting intention. It may well do as Unionists vote approval of her handling of Covid, whether or not they approve of her politics.

    They will replace disgruntled SNP members lost votes.

    Of course there is also the fact that financially it may seem the SNP compensate for Tory policies on Benefits. Ergo more acceptable.

    Would this translate into any type of majority for Indy after this pandemic is under control and normality resumes ?

    Possibly , but the time to maximise our chances becomes slimmer by the month. I have heard many on the media praise Nicola for her management of the crisis, but they would never ever vote Independence. These are two different issues.

    There is though the possibility the SNP will not get a clear majority. Events affect perception. We must have as many ISP candidates in power as we can manage. It is no longer optional or a luxury. It is essential I would suggest.

    There must be Members in Holyrood who represent our actual views, and will push those front and centre.

    A week is indeed a long time in politics

  50. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Lollysmum, Kenny, thanks for clarifying re Andrew Wilson. I had to do a double take when I saw that name there!

    Has there been any discussion between ISP and AFI so that they dont run against one another, so the non-snp Indy vote doesnt get split? I guess it cant be a formal thing but it would really crap if they got just enough votes to miss out on a seat but in total they would have picked one up, or more…

  51. Yoda says:

    I might add that AFI’s own Facebook page shows the same as well. ISP should join AFI. AS join AFI. Sorted.

  52. Achnababan says:

    In addition to voting for isp on the list….is there anyone with the chutzpah to stand against sturgeon and one or 2 of her wokey clique such as Stuart macmillan or sas? If one or all 3 lost and isp picked up 5 or 6 seats on the list we could deliver a very powerful message ….

  53. Hugh Jarse says:

    Prosecco is Stella fur wimmin.

  54. Republicofscotland says:

    Yoda @8.42pm.

    Ah, right had a peek on Mr Keatings Twitter and yes AFI are now in the game, though the Britnat EC has severely hindered them.

  55. Achnababan says:

    While keeping the Yoon parties in opposition

  56. Sheepshagger says:

    Born in Aberdeen, live in Ireland, just signed up for a weeish Now Scotland annual membership.

  57. Dave M says:

    Well, neither Joanna nor Iain missed and hit the wall – not that I expected any less.

    The Mackay piece bored be four or five paragraphs in.

    I heard Sarah Philimore on Graham Linehan’s podcast on Tuesday, so happy to donate to her; as well as to yirsel.

    It’s time to push back against these clowns.

  58. Pete Roberts says:

    Joined ISP, looking at Now Scotland, added to sweetie jar. Can anybody help? I have a friend who is a genuinely open minded but brainwashed Indy doubter and we have started discussing Indy. He sent me a link to a recent Severin Carrel article in the Guardian – tinyurl. com/4w66bgyz (remove space after the dot) and although I saw a site repudiating the article a few days ago I can’t find it anywhere. Carrel has form when it comes to twisting info against Scottish Independence and I don’t have the economic nous to take the article apart.

  59. Ian McLean says:

    What a lot of pish that McKay piece is. Alyn Smith a moderate opposing abuse? ??
    He surely hasn’t met his bear Cubs.


    From the Neil MacKay article posted ATL, fuck’s sake, a more odious trio you could not make up. Bloody breathtaking.

    ”Those who did call out extremism vocally and prominently – centrists such as Angus Robertson, Stewart McDonald and Alyn Smith – became targets”

  61. Sharny Dubs says:

    Been a supporter of independence all my life (66 yo)
    Never joined a political party until after the stitch up in 14’
    Resigned from the SNP in disgust some months ago, can’t remember what tipped the scale there’s been so much shit since.
    Will never vote for them while NS and her crew are running things.
    ISP too woke.
    No one else to vote for.
    May will probably be the first time I will not vote.

    Unless of course there is movement of tectonic proportions.

    Sad days, sad days.

    Donated to the sweetie jar. Cheers Stu

  62. Stuart MacKay says:

    Exciting times. I bet in 2 months time the indy movement is utterly, utterly different.

    Would the next dragon please step forward for slaying.

  63. Andy Ellis says:

    @Michael Laing 8.32pm

    This, yup. The ISP may be the way to go: time will tell. It’s got to the point that I don’t just want the SNP to fail, I actually think it needs to be taken down. I don’t share the views of others that the party can be saved, nor indeed that it should be even if that were possible.

    I don’t see how anyone can honestly look at the SNP, it’s leadership, apparatchiks and in particular the woke wahhabis who have been allowed free rein in recent years and still want to see it within a country mile of power, still less actually join it!

  64. Stuart MacKay says:

    Michael Laing

    Empathy. You need to see what legislation like the GRA means for half the country. If so, you’d be down at Holyrood with a pitchfork and a blazing torch too.

  65. Runner 118 says:

    I hope this ISP are going to put candidates up in all the constituencies in May. Not enough to mirror Alliance4Unity in the lists.

  66. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Not fingering anyone here, but folk moaning about NowScotland really ought to wind their necks in. It only launched two fuckin hours ago!

    The people behind it are the real deal. And let’s face it – things have been pretty grim for longer than most of dare contemplate, so the appearance of this new player should be welcomed. Have yer doubts by all means, but please consider what you’ve done yourself before slating anyone else’s efforts.

  67. Stuart MacKay says:

    John Martini

    And people laughed at the name “Google”. The logo is actually quite good – clean, direct, recognisable, etc. The branding will come from their actions. Three months from now it won’t even be an issue.

  68. @ Andy Ellis and Stuart MacKay: Just to be clear, I am totally opposed to the GRA and all this biology-denying gender bollocks, and I can’t find the words to express my disgust with Sturgeon and the SNP at the moment. I just don’t want to make any rash decisions. I suspect we’ll be looking at a different situation in a few week’s time.

  69. robertknight says:

    Expensive day thanks to all of the above.

    But seeing as how it can’t be spent in a pub, money well spent as far as I’m concerned.

  70. Cath says:

    I wasn’t sure about joining NowScotland but I’ve just seen Kenny Farquerson tweet that it’ll be terrible for the SNP if it gains purchase, so that makes me feel it’s well worth supporting.

  71. Stuart MacKay says:

    Michael Laing

    No worries. I think it’s great that Jacqueline comes on here and lets rip. It’s a good sign that a lot of people see the discussion on here as a way forward.

  72. Fionan says:

    So glad that AFI are now approved by EC and are standing a candidate for NE list, so I finally have a party to vote for again. An inclusive party that doesn’t behave all precious, at least not so far. And they have a few well-known names with experience.

    I can now resign the ISP as I don’t trust them to deliver and don’t believe they are solely for indy, they come across as amateur bandwagon jumpers sniffing at the gravy train. They just seemed to be the only means of protest in the storm over the past few days, but now there is a safer option.

    So AFI and Now Scotland and of course Stu’s sweetie jar, all to be sorted Tuesday. Now we can progress at last. It is good to feel some hope again after these recent black days/weeks.

  73. Liz g says:

    Andy Ellis @ 9.16
    As I said before…..then what?
    If you have any sort of plan beyond the destruction of the SNP please do tell .. be precise this is my Country we’re talkin.
    Cause destroy the SNP as a stand alone proposition sounds only like rage.
    So.. If ye get yer way…
    After they are gone….and the British have Holyrood….what’s the next move … do tell?

  74. Dan says:

    The reality of Brexit…

    No shit Sherlock McBlinky! What with the terms of “Brexit’ being crap, it’s handy Scotland won’t be taken out of the EU against oor will… Oh.

  75. covidhoax says:

    CraigMurrAY is shilling for the vax on his latest blog, lost all respect for the guy now. what a hideous clown.

  76. Hugh Jarse says:

    In Now.
    Sweetie next week, i don’t want you to spoil yourself. (Skint, & car repairs..)

  77. cynicalHighlander says:

    @ Sharny Dubs says:
    5 February, 2021 at 9:16 pm

    ISP too woke.

    What the hell gave you that idea? They are opposed to GRA full stop that is what motivated them to set up a new party.

  78. Pete Roberts says:

    Dan@ 9.23
    Just the job, many thanks

  79. Republicofscotland says:

    The Now Scotland inaugural committee includes Craig Murray and Angus B. MacNeil, its worth a shout just for those two alone.

  80. Stuart MacKay says:


    I see what sharny is hinting at. It’s the “plebiscite issue”. The ISP were born out of opposition to the GRA – it’s baked into their DNA. The ISP, forgive me, are repeal the GRA first, independence after that. That’s the source of reluctance with regards to their motives.

  81. Liz g says:

    Fionan @ 9.39
    While I’m all for ditching party loyalty…cause it’s dumb.
    And you must do as you think fit!
    From what you’ve said about not trusting ISP I’d just like to point out that the Rev doesn’t seem to think that way.
    I very much doubt that he’d entertain them if they were in the least bit ” hinky “… in fact he’d most likely warn us off…
    Make of it what ye like …. but unless and until Wings finds something sinister about them… I’d wager they are real enough… ( not a member by the way … )

  82. alba says:

    Maybe not taken down, but one or two high heidyin scalps might remind the rest of the buggers that only by our good graces have they got their arses on comfy cushions; and our patience is wearing thin.

    If the ISP were to publicly endorse/support an “independent” independence supporter (or two) the worst case is a broadshot across the SNPs partys bows that some yes/snp folk are so pissed off with the direction things have been going that at this point they are happy to risk spliting the vote and allowing a unionist in. The best case being a couple of indie supporting MSPs instead of two useless muppets. Mibe then they might reel the shit in and get back to doing what we expected from them!

    Cos come the next election when the wokies run greetin across to the greens and most nationalist activists are in the ISP, the SNP party is finished….especially if we’re still tied to this accursed union and ISP decide to field list candidates.

  83. Fishy Wullie says:

    I’ll definitely join Now Scotland and give a donation to Sarah Philimore I listened to her on a Graham Lineham podcast and I like her she means business

  84. Andy Ellis says:

    @Liz g

    Simple: a real independence movement. I have no illusions that the SNP will disappear in the short to medium term. The problem for the independence movement as a whole is that the party has come to dominate the scene: that was perhaps understandable in the heady early days when it looked like we might be in with a shot of being propelled to independence on the back of “big tent” organisation, but now….? Not so much.

    Being a broad church movement had some advantages in the past, and seemed to work before, but now the SNP as a party is eating itself. It is clearly no longer fit for purpose, nor can it be rendered so IMO.

    Since they patently aren’t going to deliver indy any time soon, we may as well start preparing for the alternative. Doubtless the SNP will still be around, but decent people should be shunning them like the plague on recent evidence.

    If you love your country so much, do you honestly think the deeply corrupt and regressive party we’ve seen recently deserves either your support or the opportunity to run the country?

    As others have said, *perhaps* the party can be saved from itself, but I have my doubts. Those loyalists remaining inside it, and those who hate what it has become but insist on remaining, are going to have a lot of explaining to do when it fails to deliver.

  85. Tannadice Boy says:

    In case there is any doubt, the SNP will win an overall majority based on the constituency vote. What happens on the list vote is a distraction and irrevelant. You need 65-66 MSPs for a majority depending on who becomes the speaker. The SNP are polled to get over 68 MSPs on the constituent vote and possibly 72. The rest is meaningless. Example George Galloway and countless other new entrants will fragment the list vote. Good luck to them all, it means nothing. Stand on the constituency vote is the answer. Galloway would do better to stand in Sturgeons seat himself and oust her that way. Especially now there is no list vote option for Sturgeon not being Bame or disabled.

  86. Harry mcaye says:

    I already donated to Sarah Phillimore’s crowdfunder and as I type this I’m listening to her on Graham Linehan’s podcast The Mess We’re In. I can’t do links on this device but I highly recommend it. I also joined the ISP this week and donated to the sweety fund. Hilarious to see some on Twitter calling Stu a brighter for doing this. They don’t see the joke.

  87. Mac says:

    Going into this election I see the SNP vote in two camps. The aware-before-election-day (of what has been really going on) camp, and the unaware-before-election-day camp.

    If you are reading this site you are probably in the Aware camp.

    The Aware camp has a few sub-camps within it, a few subdivisions.

    Some of these sub-divisions are still (incredibly to me) intending to give one or even two votes to the SNP. Politely I would like to say to you this is a mistake.

    The Aware are few and the Unaware are many. You have to act as one whatever you do or you are doomed. The unaware all still think the sun shines out Nicola’s arsehole.

    If all the Aware YES voters, the people who read this site who read Craig Murray and who know what the hell has been going on in Scotland this last four years plus… if they unite and don’t vote for the SNP under Team Nicola at all, then there is a chance, a small one, that we can put a dent in them, and stop them in their tracks.

    Let’s be Team Elephant Bullet.

  88. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Sticking up for women really seems to be a problem now.

    Mustn’t upset the fecking boys. Esp those in dresses and shitty makeup, because that’s what WOMEN are. Cocktail dresses and makeup!! Jesus.

    This is a problem which will not go away. Sorry ‘lads’ or should I say ‘lassies’???????

  89. alba says:

    ‘Field list candidates’? Apologies. My heids still bilein from reading that pish fae Neil Mackay.

  90. Lenny Hartley says:

    Pete Roberts the link doesnt work, without the space, you can post the complete link, its only youtube links that need the https bit out, may i direct you to the Business for scotland website
    At , they should have most on economy to set yer pal straight

  91. Hugh Jarse says:

    There’s a dude on the Now team called Neil Mackay. Shurey not? Please not!

  92. Liz g says:

    Stuart Makay @ 9.50
    That’s no my understanding of the ISP is Stuart.
    They are primarily about taking list seats from the British Unionist party’s in Holyrood.
    Yes they stand against the GRA ( in its current form ) and would certainly be the only party to do so, but they are more than that … they are an Independence Party , the only one in Holyrood not willing to wave through the GRA…but they do not support the Union with the British Parliament.

  93. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Stuart MacKay

    They will be in opposition and what the agenda is will be set by the ruling party/ies. If it is Sturgeon then GRA wil be her priority and Indy in second/third even. ISP has pledged a plebiscite on their website for Indy so I cannot fathom why the reluctance in voting for them.

  94. TNS2019 says:

    Got this.

    Please be aware that a nascent organisation could be vulnerable to funding slavery from a ‘benign’ benefactor.

    I am all for anything that is not the current SNP administration and for reasons other that independence.

    But do beware.

    Contrary to Rev Campbell, I am supporting the long game and not through obfuscation or procrastination but because any credible party has to demonstrate competence in the performance of services, and in the establishment of good government.

    We have had neither.

    There will be no referendum for many years. When it comes, the independence MUST have plurality, i.e. choice.

    Yours wearingly.

  95. Livionian says:

    Let this week bring an exodus of biblical proportions

  96. TNS2019 says:

    What I meant to say is that the SNP have destroyed the key arguments for separation.

  97. Neil Wilkinson says:

    Jacqueline McMillan says:
    5 February, 2021 at 8:38 pm
    Apparently eddie fecking lizard is the funnyest Sp don’t give a fuck

    funniest WOMAN comedian ffs well done guys

    he’s not even funny IMO

  98. @ cynicalHighlander: I looked at the ISP web-site a short while ago specifically to see if there was any reference to a plebiscite election, but I couldn’t find any. Can you point me to it?

  99. John says:

    Its Friday, with all what is going on, just see the Yes movement moving on to get what we want. No single party or group can now dictate to us.

  100. Lenny Hartley says:

    Shuggy Arse, are you real, makes me wonderbif your doing a shift for the 77th and not upto speed on your brief. neil McKay of Now Scotland and Aoub Founder.

  101. John Martini says:

    They are going to propose a UK clarity act like Canada did.

  102. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Michael Laing

    Let’s Make the May 2021 Scottish Elections a Plebiscite on Independence

    Stop using Specsavers.

  103. Tenruh says:

    Payment to the sweetie fund at lunchtime and just signed up for NowScotland

  104. Denise says:


    I don’t think SNP are going to win a majority on the constituency vote or at all.

    They are polling slightly down in 2016
    Nicola will be under pressure over AS from now on.
    I’m not sure you appreciate just how angry women are about GRA and Hate Crimes. Once the Tories weaponise those policies it’s bye bye women’s vote.

  105. Famous15 says:

    Support east Sutherland community groups attempting to make the SNP see sense as they attempt to turn around the effects of the Clearances.These are real people and not Trump types. There is a plan for Dornoch,Embo,Golspie, Brora and others to provide a unique golfing tourist trail for most of the year and not three months in summer.

    Embo young people deserve a future in their Sutherland home. SNP do not sell them out again to the fake science. Greens have an agenda which has no sympathy for those who wish to see East Sutherland provide a future for their children.

    Woke SNP wake up!

  106. Alice Timmons says:

    Ignoring my own rules here and posting when I’ve had a few sherbets. You’re a dick, Stu. But you’re OUR dick. You don’t drink and you know things. So tell me. Are the big boys and girls working in the background to give us some hope of independence in the not too distant future? Is there a (very distant) light in the tunnel? I accept I’m not going to live long enough to see it, but do you think there’s any hope that my grandchildren will?

  107. Ian Brotherhood says:

    The awful truth is that the SNP is actually a form of parasite which lives on the grassroots indy movement, isn’t it?

    Put it this way – the indy movement has been ongoing since 1707 and will still be going long after the SNP has folded i.e. rebranded.

  108. Lenny Hartley says:

    Shuggy Arse, Neil MacKay is a founder of AUOB not the one your thinking off.

  109. Indyisnigh says:

    Just watching today’s events and it takes me back pre- 2014. I see a movement happening. People switching on and getting re-energised – Independence Minded People doing things – Hail Alba

  110. @cynicalHighlander at 10.40pm: Thanks for the link. I mustn’t have looked at that particular page earlier. I gather I’m not the only one here who was unaware that the ISP is promoting a plebiscite election, so I think this is worth drawing attention to. I think the referendum boat has sailed, so I will certainly support them if they’re committed to a plebiscite election.

  111. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    More a leech than a parasite as leeches suck blood. Imo

  112. Indyisnigh says:

    When did Hail Alba become – hail Caesar !!!!? 🙂

  113. Sharny Dubs says:

    Stuart MacKay @9:50

    Sorry I was probably a bit sweeping in my statement regarding the ISP.
    Stuart you are correct in that I feel the ISP are more concerned with fighting an issue (GRA) which is just one of the many blindingly stupid things the SNP are happy to pursue in their champaign to make an independent Scotland into some sort of woke utopia.

    I am for independence first last and always. I rarely make mention of my political leanings here as there are enough distractions from the cause without me adding more, plus I’m almost certain they will not be well received by so many here.

    However for the record, having experienced a society where the general attitude seems that men are something akin to second class citizens, I tend towards being an MRA. The high suicide rate, the legal bias, the lack of action for Prostate cancer (which easily rivals breast cancer), longer prison sentences, more likely to be convicted for the same crime, lower life expectancy etc etc etc. are but some of the reasons.

    I still consider myself a feminist, however the sort of feminist who supports the ladies of the Peshmerger (Kurdish armed forces in north Iraq who fight and die alongside their menfolk to defend their country and who I had the privilege of clinking glasses with on more than one occasion) and the support of the 12 year olds I have personally seen married off to 60 year old men and end up pregnant before their young bodies are developed well enough.

    For these I will stand up, rather than for the ones who busy themselves measuring the distance between a mans knees on public transport.

    But and I say BUT! Let us put these issues aside until we gain our freedom and walk tall as Scots.

    After that we can worry about the fine tuning eh?

    And before any zealots scream MISOGAMIST!!! I will not be responding to any further posts on this subject. Like I say, we don’t need the distraction, eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize.

  114. Neil Wilkinson says:

    covidhoax says:
    5 February, 2021 at 9:42 pm
    CraigMurrAY is shilling for the vax on his latest blog, lost all respect for the guy now. what a hideous clown.


    He’s very unsceptical about CAGW too, which bemuses me

  115. Hugh Jarse says:

    Ta lenny
    In this crazy 300yo story, you never know!

  116. Graham says:

    On the issue of trans women using women’s toilets, I understand that a woman in a public toilet setting could be scared to see what they perceive to be a man in there. Phobia may be a bit strong, but taken literally it’s not a far stretch to call that reaction ‘transphobic’. The word in common usage obviously means more than that – it indicates bigotry towards trans people, so let’s set that word aside, and say the aforementioned woman is ‘trans-scared’. It’s a legitimate feeling to have. It’s understandable; trans women can be scary. It doesn’t mean she’s a bigot, just that she’s at least uncomfortable if not afraid. I absolutely want women to feel safe. Women are regularly victims of men and should be protected.

    You know who else is frequently a victim of men? Trans women. Even more so in fact. A woman walking into a men’s toilet is at risk, but not nearly as at risk as a trans woman. Every man knows it’s unacceptable to sexually assault women, and one caught in the act by me and I expect virtually anyone else, would be viscously attacked themselves. A woman is at some risk, probably mostly of being teased and harassed, and less likely (but still very seriously) of sexual assault. A trans women entering a men’s toilet is undeniably at high risk of being violently assaulted. It’s no secret that many men would consider this fair game. It’s those men who are transphobic in the common sense of the word – bigots who commit crimes against a person on account of their identity.

    My question for those – including myself – who want women to be protected is; where should trans women pee?

    Seeing as they are demonstrably at very high risk of assault (not to mention their own humiliation and fear), would you have them use the men’s room? If you answer yes, then can you honestly say you’re not transphobic?

    Hiding behind the argument that women need protection doesn’t wash. Either you respect the rights of all people to be protected against violence, or you make exception for trans women and happily see them put in danger.

    Where should trans women pee?

    The answer is in a gender neutral toilet. We don’t have to change the law to make it illegal to ask questions, we don’t need to shame people for having concerns, and we don’t need to be force trans women into situations where they’re at risk.

    I’m an architect. The past two public buildings I designed I made the toilets gender neutral. Problem solved, live and let live, be yourself, pee in peace.

  117. twathater says:

    To ANY official within the ISP I just looked at your website and below the banner of ISP it STATES ” Let’s Make the May 2021 Scottish Elections a Plebiscite on Independence ” as far as i’m concerned that is NOT an unambiguous declaration that the ISP is fighting the election on that mandated policy, sorry to be pedantic but if ISP don’t want to be accused of misleading voters you HAVE to make that a firm statement

    Also again ISP has this statement further down which is UNTRUE and causes confusion

    “Scotland’s Parliament is sovereign and it remains for the people of Scotland alone to decide how they are governed and by who.”

    Scotland’s parliament is NOT sovereign , it is Scotland’s people who are sovereign and make NO mistake we ONLY LEND the SP OUR votes, which is the mistake that the SNP are making

    This has to be corrected also as it is misleading

  118. susanXX says:

    The answer Graham is third spaces. Transwomen are afraid of men? Transwomen ARE men. Gay men have reason to fear straight men, why don’t they use the women’s toilets too? However you look at it, it’s a man’s problem so men should deal with it. Don’t dump it on women. Women don’t want transwomen in their toilets. Create third spaces.

  119. Muscleguy says:

    Thanks for the HT for the ISP Stu. You must be grateful Colette Walker took the ‘make a real Indy Party to stand on the List’ bear off your back.

    Note were are VERY pro Women’s rights (but not anti Trans, we have a Trans member here in the NE).

    We are a Centre/Left party and I keep reminding people not to fall into the trap of thinking Centrists should not be radical.

  120. Andy Ellis says:

    @Muscleguy 8.54am

    More power to your collective elbows! It struck me recently (reinforced by reading some of the comments on here from those insisting we still have to vote SNP and that there is no alternative, and recent events with the Twitler Youth etc.) that it is passing strange that the woke Wahhabis have hitched their wagons to a very neo-liberal, gradualist, Charlotte Street Partners/Growth Commission “engine”!

    It’s quite laughable seeing them turn ideological somersaults trying to justify their claims that those opposing them are alt-right, Trumpian and against LQBTQ rights etc. The truth is the Rainbow Stormtroopers are based firmly in sophomoric US collegiate cancel culture, the bases of which are closely aligned with libertarian, MAGA, conservative ideology.

    Truly these people march to the beat of a different drum, they’re just too blinded by their spittle flecked hatred of anyone who dares to disagree with them to see they’re marching in the wrong direction.

  121. ScottieDog says:

    I’m assuming those criticising phantom power will uphold the same moral values when it comes to a governing party which has bent the law for its own nefarious purposes

  122. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Graham 12.12

    Women and girls require women only toilets for our safety and dignity ………simple as.

    Get over yourself man.

  123. Kate says:

    Already a member of ISP, now joined Scotland Now, already donated to Sarah Philimore defamation. And bunged in to Wings Turkish Delight yesterday.

  124. Graham says:

    @susanXX. Where did I say they should use women’s toilets?

    “Transwomen are afraid of men? Transwomen ARE men.”

    Yes, and biologically yes. No contradiction. And yes gay men still have some reason to fear, but far far less than when I was young. I remember the first gay man I met, I thought he was joking and I jokingly pretended to shuffle away from him. I was 16 and remember how ignorant I was compared to the older group, and felt embarrassed. Societal perceptions change when ignorance is cured with understanding and fear of the other subsides.

    Do you respect and accept trans people and condemn violence done to them? (Not the extremists that revstu posts about, but ordinary trans people.)

    I only knew one, back in early 2000s. I recall my first reaction was something of bewildered repulsion. I’m glad I met her. God knows she went through hell and survived. She’s a genuinely good person who wishes no harm on anyone.

  125. Patsy Millar says:

    Joined ‘Now Scotland’ precisely because it’s not a political party. I’ve learned my lesson on that score since rejoining the SNP in 2015 after an absence of some 40 years. Even so long ago there was infighting and people trying to take over local groups but in the euphoria of the 2015 GE results I succumbed. The other day I sent in my resignation in the wake of the final straw (the Joanna Cherry sacking) and I can’t see me being back any time soon.

  126. Gordon Currie says:

    Somewhat O/T but I just found a link to this on an arch-unionist group on Factbook (sic)

    The pervading sense of ownership of their favourite pet Scotchland in the comment is staggering!

  127. Gordon Currie says:

    oops..comments is staggering!

  128. John Jones says:

    Lolly’s mum says
    You got the wrong end of the stick I’ve supported wings for years, the charlatans I was referring to were the ones we have in government,ie Nicla and her sycophants.
    What is the point of getting more people to offer to vote yes when they will never get the chance to cast that in a referendum?
    It is breaking my heart to come to this conclusion, but until we get rid of these chancers who are pulling us down there is no chance of Indy in my lifetime.

  129. Corrado Mella says:

    If anyone cares about what I write here, I said we needed a leader of the Independence movement (that wasn’t NS) over a year ago.
    One year lost.

    Can you please listen to me?

    Public opinion is fickle as hell and still driven by BritNazi Establishment media.
    They’ve been giving NS a very easy time to put her on a pedestal.
    Opinion polls put her at +10 points in public opinion and Alex Salmond at -60.

    An innocent man, proven innocent in court, smeared by the (in)action of the same NS.
    That’s the power of a corrupt media that is using its power to sway public opinion.
    Guess why?

    The higher you are, the easier you are to shoot down and the more damage you do to those around you when you fall.

    NS is a ticking time bomb planted deep into Scotland’s heart that the BritNazi Establishment will detonate as near as possible to the next election to inflict maximum damage.
    We know that.

    What do you do to protect people when there’s a bomb ready to blast?
    Evacuate the area, call in the bomb squad, have them run a controlled explosion, remove the risk, disempower the bad guys.

    NS and her clique must be given their jotters NOW.
    I don’t care how, I care when.

    This is more urgent than setting up an alternative that will take time to power up and spin.
    The BritNazi Establishment direction is to derail the next election and take control of Holyrood winning Constituency seats against an imploded SNP.

    Regional seats can be won only if a large enough percentage of independence supporters’ list votes converge onto a single party.
    This takes a level of coordination that’s difficult to achieve while we’re in lockdown.

    One thing you should know by now is that the BritNazi Establishment sociopaths are evil, but also very smart.
    We’re staring in the face of a very well thought out plan that, if you pull together all the elements they put in place, is clear to see.

    Delegitimise the SNP using against the whole party the shit NS and her clique did, by osmosis affect Holyrood’s perception and legitimacy, use the Union Hub they’ve staffed and stuffed with BritNats to take over, sway enough people, then agree to a second IndyRef, that we will lose burying independence stone dead.

    We must try our hardest to change things so we CAN vote SNP at the next election in May.
    If the election is postponed, we may be able to outflank the current SNP abomination.
    If elections are in May, we must take NS out before the BritNazi Establishment detonates her.

    Bookmark this page and come back here in a few months. If my predictions are wrong, I will shut up forever. But if I’m right, you’ll be sorry.

  130. Michael Gall says:

    Bit of a scunner when I tried the link to join ISP….got a security-alert wall then got 404’d. Any chance you can sort that?

  131. @nairnkev says:

    Now Scotland is a great way to starve the SNP of funds that they can’t divert or hide away in their artistic accounting endeavours.
    Consider a couple of your suggestions donated to Stu. The service you and the others mentioned provide is much appreciated, I take this opportunity to thank you for all you do to help my fellow independentistas and I stay informed.

  132. Kingu says:

    I whacked £10 in for you Stu but I’m joining nothing more. No more groups, no more parties. I’m not voting SNP, can’t even hold my nose and do it. I’ll wait and see who’s standing in my area but my SNP MSP is a total disappointment, career politician of no substance. We need to oust the SNP to get them to refocus their minds. They need to realise we put them there and can remove them. We’ve given mandate after mandate and again they are asking for another. Well they can ram it. I’m out until another option comes. Always YES but never SNP again.

  133. Jonathan Rainey says:

    Hi Stuart,

    Speaking of pro-Independence political parties, why don’t you also show other political parties that support independence like RISE, Solidarity, Scottish Libertarian Party and Saving Scotland Party?

  134. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Speaking of pro-Independence political parties, why don’t you also show other political parties that support independence like RISE, Solidarity, Scottish Libertarian Party and Saving Scotland Party?”

    As far as I know the only one of those that still exists is Solidarity, and everyone already knows they exist.

  135. Peter S says:

    “Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    7 February, 2021 at 1:40 pm

    “Speaking of pro-Independence political parties, why don’t you also show other political parties that support independence like RISE, Solidarity, Scottish Libertarian Party and Saving Scotland Party?”

    As far as I know the only one of those that still exists is Solidarity, and everyone already knows they exist.”

    It should be clarified that the Scottish Libertarian Party exists just fine and will be running in the elections in May.

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