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And now for something serious

Posted on September 25, 2014 by

More information here. Wings Over Scotland endorses (and indeed, may well become actively involved with) this event or product.

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    375 to “And now for something serious”

    1. Betty Boop says:

      Donated with pleasure – come on folks, this is what we need!

    2. Neil Mackenzie says:

      I hope you’re one of the “three people”, Stu.

    3. Paula Rose says:

      So just a thousand of us donating a tenner?

    4. Betty Boop says:

      @ Paula Rose, 7:07pm

      Evening – it’s totally do-able – at least, getting it going is!

    5. Paula Rose says:

      Betty Boop honey – I want the agony Aunt half hour – first up a darling.

    6. Stephen Welsh says:

      Loved their videos, so only righty donated, fingers crossed…

    7. Betty Boop says:

      @ Paula Rose, 7.23pm

      Betty Boop honey – I want the agony Aunt half hour – first up a darling.

      I’ll look forward to seeing that! I might be first in line 🙂

    8. Betty Boop says:

      Waa hey – the fund’s on it’s way already. Bet we’ll be at the first thousand in 15 minutes.

      That’s a challenge, Wingers, by the way 🙂

    9. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Here we go…

      As someone once said:

      ‘Hing oan tae yer baws…an if ye dinna hae baws, hing oan tae sumbdy else’s…’

    10. Cath Maguire says:

      I see Derek Bateman is looking to pull something together too. I do hope they all don’t end up as small entities rather than one or two larger ones. Can someone fill me in on who these guys are? I may be living under a rock.

    11. ronnie anderson says:

      Cmon lads n lasses £528 at the moment £10.000 the power of Wings wont take long lads,Git tae work.

    12. ewen says:

      I get paid tomorrow. We got bought out of our bonus scheme and with the tiny bit the Irish government has left me after tax I have a bit to wings, a bit to this and join the snp (again).

      Also, pay for wife’s 40th, a trip to ypres, the family holiday next year and a shitload of new camping and trekking gear. Guess what I’m paying for first….

    13. Juan P says:


      Good on them for giving it a go.

    14. Betty Boop says:

      They should have asked really. Wingers could be the Lender of Last Resort!

    15. Craig says:

      Jack and James need to get in touch with Karyn and Mark at @_FreedomTV if they haven’t already. They’ve almost reached their target. Needs a focused approach here, no point splitting the cash over several channels.

    16. Betty Boop says:

      @ Cath Maguire, 7:36pm

      These guys, Jack Foster and James Devoy, kept us amused for a couple of months with their online news bulletin called “Dateline Scotland”.

      You’ll find it on Youtube. Very funny.

      Now they want to do it for real, fill the gaping hole where the news should be.

    17. Alex Grant says:

      Well done lads. Onwards and upwards. Donation sent!

    18. Helpmaboab says:

      I thought that my bank account would be spared for a few months. Clearly I was wrong!

      This is precisely the sort of enterprise that Scotland needs in the coming years. We may be unique among the nations of Europe in having no news service of our own.

      My best wishes to all involved. I’ll see you at the payment page.

    19. Betty Boop says:

      Got it wrong, they’ve already got over £1000. 🙂

    20. AuldA says:

      It’s a fake. There are not ginger. Ergo, they can’t be Scots. 🙂

      If they need a French correspondant in Paris, I can volunteer. I already own a French press card.

    21. ronnie anderson says:

      @Cath Maguire you need to see Dateline Scotland Cath lookin Archive for links, they kept us entertained with alternative news broadcasts a must see.

    22. A.N.Surgent says:

      Done. The first step to undermine and get rid of those government lackeys at PQ

    23. Helen Ross says:

      Where will it be broadcast? Satellite?

    24. ronnie anderson says:

      Now now Ian B ladies present & Paula Rose will get excited

    25. Ian Brotherhood says:

      I wonder if the Weirs will lob in a bob or two…

    26. Cath Maguire says:

      Thanks @Betty Boop and @Ronnie

    27. JimnArlene says:

      Donation made, let’s do this.

    28. Adrian Mowat says:

      Donated with pleasure. Hope this happens

    29. Betty Boop says:

      @Cath Maguire, 7:58pm

      All 7 Dateline Scotland episodes on Youtube at the following link:

    30. McV says:

      Are we talking free from advertising control? Or better yet, free from advertising altogether?

    31. Lenny Hartley says:

      that’s me finished with alias as well no more liquidlenny or jingly jangly 🙂

      Yeah lets do this, will speak to my pal up in Aberdeen and see how much he is wanting me to lob in on his behalf as he is an auld luddite, will put in both our donations at same time, then there is the one for wings, michty me its getting expensive being a cyber nat 🙂

    32. A.N.Surgent says:


      The only way to be free of advertising would be subscription, but that would basically limit the audience to those that support the idea in the first place. If the aim is to get to as wide an audience as possible, I would guess advertising would have to be part of it.

      But we already know those that wouldn`t be acceptable.

    33. Jamie Arriere says:

      Jack also produced the feature length documentary ‘Scotland Yet’ and the ‘Fear Factor’ short films (with Chris Silver)

      All excellent.

    34. kininvie says:

      @Stu @Jack Foster @Morag

      I’ll donate the minute they get rid of that appalling grocer’s apostrophe on the appeal site’s headline…

      Need to have SOME confidence in the editorial ability!

    35. liz says:

      Will need to check by bank account tomorrow see how much/little is there but sounds like a great idea.

    36. Elizabeth Sutherland says:

      Donated a Tenner from me a State Pensioner. Money well spent.

    37. AuldA says:

      Uh. Given my tithe to those guys too. Incredible. It started today, they already have almost £2,000. If it continues like this, that’s not £10,000 bur £100,000 they will collect at the end.

    38. Jim Mitchell says:

      I’ll send something!

    39. Paula Rose says:

      @ Alex Grant – well done lads? Buffoon, the lassies are in charge now.

    40. Grahame says:

      take my money – take all of it !

    41. Mrs Grimble says:

      Just chucked a few pennies their way and it’s already almost £2,500! What’s the betting it will have gone over its target by midnight – we’ve done it before!

    42. Papadox says:

      I’m in! The truth will set us free. EBC won’t that’s not their remit.

    43. Dan Huil says:

      Donation made.

    44. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @kininvie –


    45. call me dave says:

      Donated its just over £3500.

    46. David says:

      Thats 10 quid. Would love to give more but as of right now im between jobs!

      I do get the feeling everyone understands how important this is so im confident the 10,000 needed will be raised in no time.

      Probably one of the most necessary things to do in order to progress our nation!

    47. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Rev hasn’t even given this post the usual Twitter plug…

    48. Lollysmum says:

      Donation made-they’re up to £3709 already. Brilliant start.

    49. ronnie anderson says:

      £ 3.384 its moving at some pace keep it coming people.

    50. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Can I audition for weatherman?

      ‘It’s gonny be pure pishin where you are. And you. And you…’

    51. horacesaysyes says:

      This one will have to wait until pay day, I’m afraid, but that’s only ’til Monday. I wonder if the target will have been met before then?

    52. Malcolm Stevenson says:

      You can have my licence fee.

    53. Ian Brotherhood says:


      This is exciting, eh?

    54. James123 says:

      Would love to see these guys do a Jon Stewart type “Daily Show”, exposing the bias and corruption at the heart of the media. Jon Stewart is a major thorn in the side of Fox News in particular, the Dateline team could easily do the job if given a large enough platform.

    55. Hector says:

      No disagreement with need for alternative media….however, would like to know where Wings intends to go since it is my preference for donations first and foremost. But would also like to see a degree of co-ordination between all the alternative media to include Wings, Wee Ginger Dug, Bateman, Bella Caledonia and Newsnet. Surely all coming together as one under one umbrella will strengthen the outcome and bring together our most incisive, intelligent and investigative journos to provide a media which can rival and challenge the mainstream?

    56. Dan Watt (@DanPbass) says:

      Excellent idea and I hope it gets the backing it deserves. However, I think it’s pretty clear that the people we need to reach, won’t go to the internet for their info, instead they need to be drip fed their info through the telly and daily papers.

      Take the bull by the horns, fund an independent TV, radio and newspaper network. It will never be more profitable for someone to start it in Scotland than now.

    57. Betty Boop says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood, 8:42pm

      Can I audition for weatherman?

      So, you want the easy job? 🙂

    58. Paula Rose says:

      Ian Sisterhood honey – do I detect a wee bit of obscure wit – the weathermen?

    59. Paula Rose says:

      Betty honey – shall we let the boys know that we are the directors?

    60. AuldA says:

      About £5,000 right now.
      They can start hire the guys just right away 🙂

    61. Brian McHugh says:

      Come on folks… get Tweeting this… get donating and get this done before midnight.

      I’m having a night in and the money I would have otherwise emptied into the Yesbar toilet has been donated. :o)

    62. Betty Boop says:

      @ Hector, 8:44pm

      Co-ordination and co-operation is the way forward for everyone if alternative media is to achieve anything worthwhile.

    63. ronnie anderson says:

      Why are some people talking about advertizing thats down to the project management as with editorial control ,we know what they are capable of, just get behind & support them Full Tilt.

    64. Betty Boop says:

      @ Paula Rose, 8:47pm

      Betty honey – shall we let the boys know that we are the directors?

      Right on, PR 🙂

    65. Midgehunter says:

      As I understand it, D Bateman wants to do digital radio and these guys want to do TV.

      I know just as little as everyone else so a bit more info would be helpful.

      A daily news programme on an evening or spread over the day?

      Or is it a news programme of say 60 min from (guessing now) 9.00 – 10.00 pm.

      Every journey starts with the first step…

      I’ve donated. 🙂

    66. Muscleguy says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Only if you do it in drag as a weathergirl.

    67. steven stewart says:

      Donated. Is there a way to set up a monthly direct debit or will that ability come along if after 3 months we’ve got this going? I’ll happily give the licence fee equivalent.

    68. Midgehunter says:

      I hope (and beg) Briony is on board – she’s gorgeous 😉

    69. Betty Boop says:

      @ Muscleguy, 8:53pm

      @ Ian Brotherhood. Only if you do it in drag as a weathergirl.

      Central casting calling Paula Rose….

    70. Mealer says:

      Donation made.

    71. Fantastic news would be willing to donate.
      Lost count of how many times in a tweet I mentioned we have no voice in MSM
      Cath McRorie

    72. CRAIGthePICT says:

      Done. This could be the start of something special (and essential) although 10k is surely a drop in the ocean to what’s required. Got to start somewhere though, and it looks like here.

    73. Natasha says:

      Done it, donated, it’s over £5000 already! Just ordered a load of 45 t-shirts and badges ready for the Hope over Fear rally on the 12th. Cant’t wait!

    74. Ian Brotherhood says:

      There is a certain flippancy in the above remarks which is irking me somewhat.

      I’ve been studying Schafernaker, Batty, Quinan, Fish etc for decades, and demand that y’all take this seriously.

    75. EphemeralDeception says:

      Not seen this posted here yet:

      Some good news and another nail in the Scotsmans coffin. I’m amazed they managed to scrape up the cash.

    76. Natasha says:

      Or even Can’t wait.

    77. Aspen says:

      Who or What is Indygogo?

    78. Muscleguy says:

      Just bunged them some money too. They might well be up to their goal by the end of the night at this rate.

    79. James123 says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Didn’t Schafernaker give a BBC News presenter the finger, I can see you doing that.

    80. muttley79 says:


    81. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @James123 –

      If Paula Rose has asked you to be her straight-man then you’re doing a fine job of it.

      She should be along any second…

    82. Muscleguy says:


      Indiegogo are a crowdfunding site, where projects/products etc pitch for money. You have to state a target and a timeframe. If you do not reach it then the donors get their money back.

      It’s an established player in the crowdfunding market and was much used to raise funds by individual Yes groups during the referendum. You can donate with confidence.

    83. turnbulldrier says:

      Donated.. now just over 6K.. fantastic stuff 🙂

    84. turnbul drier says:

      Donated.. Now just over 6K. fantastic stuff folks 🙂

    85. Brian McHugh says:

      CRAIGthePICT… just to clarify, I believe that the £10K is to hire a team to work with the extensive resources and contacts in the Yes movement for the next 3 months, to gather investors for the project.

      The market is there, it is a necessary venture and my belief is (as long as I am reading this correctly) that it will work brilliantly.

      Bring it on. 🙂

    86. A.N.Surgent says:


      Hoping the” Hope over Fear rally” is really big.

    87. Bronwen says:

      Great idea. Have just made a donation.

    88. David Wardrope says:

      I’m up for this!

    89. skozra says:

      Funny or not, great to see them back – just donated 🙂

    90. Paula Rose says:

      Ian honey – you can do the weather where you are xx

    91. Andrew Macdonald says:

      Thank you

    92. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @James123 –

      Unless I’m mistaken that was Simon McCoy he was fingering, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer chap.

    93. yesindyref2 says:

      There seem to be a lot more Jedi have returned than called for in the original script.

    94. David Wardrope says:

      Wee donation made, hope this turns big

    95. Dcanmore says:

      A bit skint coming back from summer hols but donated anyway. It needs to happen. Two things come to mind about small acorns flourishing and all that. Glasgow-based The Drum is now quite an excellent business (now with a London office) with an Independence supporting founder who pretty much started from scratch.

      Also it brings to mind TYT (The Young Turks) again started with nothing but now has a massive online and digital radio presence.

      This can be done successfully with the right business model and tone. But as others have said we can’t have separate fledgling networks pulling in different directions at once and ending up being small splinters. A cohesive strategy between all the players (Bateman, Newsnet, Dateline, bloggers and contributers) is needed even if it means merging teams, ideas and resources.

      Also I think the Scots Independent newspaper needs to be seriously looked at in growth and expansion terms, I think its subscription only at present with an really basic website and not very active facebook page.

      One thing’s for sure the Independence movement has brought together some amazingly talented people. There is lots of work to be done but it’s pretty bloody exciting too 🙂

    96. Betsy says:

      Wee donation made, not as much as I’d like but I’m not as rich as I’d like. Really hope it’s a massive success.

    97. Grouse Beater says:

      Great idea.

      The Jon Stewart Show has tremendous freedom to say what it wants in the way it wants because it isn’t the product of a US major broadcaster, and in the USA, freedom of speech is enshrined in the Constitution. (He also has a brilliant team of gifted writers.) The downside in the USA is the proliferation of fat, drug addled, loud-mouthed, lying, neo-fascist shock jocks who abuse that liberty.

      Maybe we need a shock Jock show of our own who speaks verifiable facts and tells the sons of bitches to go…

    98. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Just for the record, that’s it through 8k.

    99. Molly says:

      Donated .
      So the guys above for TV

      Derek Bateman and Newsnet for radio

      Kendo plus for a weekly iScot magazine/paper

      Feels as if we’re moving forward !

    100. crazycat says:

      @ Muscleguy

      I thought that for most (maybe even all) Indiegogo projects, if the target is not reached, whatever money is raised does still go to the project. Generation Yes, for instance, didn’t meet their target but were still able to produce some campaign materials. I think that’s one of its advantages over things like Kickstarter, where donations are really just pledges and only collected once the target is attained.

    101. Marcia says:

      Good idea.

      I see Scotland has dropped off the news radar in London. No mention in tonight’s London Evening Standard that I read on the underground train whilst on holiday. They think we are back in our box but we won’t be.

    102. Nana Smith says:

      Crikey, went out for a meal and come back to this. Just as well I’ve some dosh left after the nosh!

      Donation sent.

    103. John Thomson says:

      What a feeling best £50 ever spent only wish it could be more.

    104. Dezcore says:

      As a poor man waiting for pay day so can join the SNP and donate to this its now sitting at £8,756 @ 21.36pm

    105. Brian McHugh says:

      Molly. I feel the same. We know that the MSM tipped the balance in that referendum. This is not the time to get angry… its’ time to get even. 🙂

    106. boris says:

      Mythical new powers for Scotland have yet to be brought forward, for discussion between political parties in Scotland and any, “relevant groups or individuals within Scotland”. The UK Government appointed Lord Smith is Heading a Commission aiming to get agreement between the SNP, Scottish Labour, the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Greens on the way forward by 30 November 2014. Each of the 5 main political parties is to be asked to nominate two representatives to take part in cross-party talks.

    107. Betty Boop says:

      Got their £10,000 – Weel done, ye a’

    108. manandboy says:

      It just past £10,000 !


    109. Shadow says:

      Just passed the £10,000 now.

    110. David Wardrope says:

      60 days?! Demolished then

    111. Kenny says:

      Are my eyes playing tricks? They’ve raised the sum already?!?

    112. steven stewart says:

      Yes! 10k already.

    113. Steven Niven says:

      Christ, it made the $10,000 target already!

    114. msean says:

      My small contribution in,but I suppose it all counts. Nearly there already,but I guess you will need more,I’m sure the wingers will see you get it,good luck. Its not an easy thing to get off the ground I’m sure.

    115. Natasha says:

      @ A N Surgent Hope over Fear rally – me too, are you going to it? Desperate to get Tommy’s autograph!

    116. crisiscult says:


    117. OneScot says:

      There is a massive gap in the market for this. This needs to happen no question. Since last week I have not watched BBC, ITV or Sky news.

      I believe the next generation of Scottish entrepreneurs may just restore my pride in my country.

      I cannot thank you enough.

      You will have the shirt off my back if that is what it takes for Scotland to have a voice.

    118. yesindyref2 says:

      Good grief, over £10,000 already in less than 3 hours. Finances totally fcuked at the moment, if I get them sorted I’ll give later.

      I enjoyed the format, kind of real and very funny, good boost in the last couple of weeks. Defo want to see more.

      One week after the ref, and we’re already on our way to Indy Ref 2, stronger than ever. Wow. Excuse language, but starkly fucking amazing.

    119. bigeffindavie says:

      Like everything at this time we need to come together and work as one.
      The pro-indy people have to work together, members of different political parties and with differing political views (except on independence of course) have to work together.
      The massive number of Yes/independence/45% facebook pages, need to do something to amalgamate so we are not scattered across 50 different pages trying to coordinate different projects (i think i’ve liked about 50 pages in the last week.)
      And so the media sources need to work together. I don’t want to lose any of them as individual site, but a coordinate effort, particularly on projects like this.

      Also, why stop at a radio show or news program?
      Get a full bloody channel. Limmy, Frankie and Russell Brand can run the comedy FFS

    120. Brian McHugh says:

      Wooooo… People Power!

      How about we now target £20,000… I say this because, the stronger financial backup we get at this inception stage will provide a much better likelyhood and greater/faster success of the project.

      From little acorns do Oak’s grow… but from bigger Acorns do you get monster Oak’s. :o)

    121. Valerie says:

      £10734 at the mo!

    122. Fraser says:

      Done – and it’s done! way to go 🙂

    123. A.N.Surgent says:


      Yip sure am, bit of a journey by bus from my wee west fife village, but its a great way to show that we are still here and are not going away.

    124. Dezcore says:

      Congrats to those who donated already, it’s passing £11K, can’t wait to see what comes of this. Really hope that they do get together with the others and get a long term plan going utilizing each of their strengths.

    125. ScottieDog says:

      Bloody marvelous!

    126. Valerie says:

      Its just getting shared around, so I’m sure there will be more 🙂 Folk are amazing! Free the Unicorn!!

    127. Harry McAye says:

      £20 donated a few minutes ago.

    128. Cath Maguire says:

      @muscleguy With Indigogo there’s a flexible choice, which means even if the goal isn’t reached you keep what you raise. Which doesn’t matter in this case, they’re blasting passed the £10k goal, at £11500 now and with 60 days to go..who knows 🙂

    129. G H Graham says:

      We are going to need a bigger boat.

    130. call me dave says:

      The power of Scotland!

      Are we feart yet? Aye right!

      Well done everyone.

    131. ronnie anderson says:

      £11.465 awe you,s that hiv assigned yourselves jobs git the pit boots oon yer at the coal face,Ian B you better start practicing the Storms & Hurricane sequence.

    132. OneScot says:

      Donation made.

      I thought Scotland died on Black Friday.

      I was wrong.

    133. Robert Louis says:

      This is great news. Now at 11k.

      If I grew to totally despise one thing during the referendum, it is the lying, cheating, manipulative, anti-Scottish BBC. I don’t think I am alone.

      Scotland needs this project to succeed sooooo much.

      This really feels like an unstoppable movement now. The YES campaign never stopped.

    134. Boorach says:

      They absolutely require a slightly unkempt correspondent of advanced age and uncontrolable beard to give gravitas to the pensioner’s bulletin… Now glancing in the mirror! 🙂

    135. Sinky says:

      O/T Former General secretary of the Labour Party in Scotland, Tommy Sheppard, gives his reasons for joining the SNP.

    136. Nana Smith says:

      Well how fantastic is that.

      Perhaps Mr Joyce would like to chip in with taxpayers dosh..

    137. Midgehunter says:

      If you want something done properly – ask Wings 😉

    138. Macandroid says:

      Bunged in a few bob. Target already smashed!

      I’m happy to make the tea 🙂

    139. Franky says:

      Jeesh that was bloody fast! Donated as they were just below the target, while blabbing away to family, and now they are well over!

      Less than a week after the vote and already we have picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves down and now marching on with a bloodied nose and a fire in our bellies. I LOVE being Scottish!

      Now…how do we buy our own channel then? XD

    140. Rob says:

      Just made my contribution, it’s over 12000 now

    141. Grizzle McPuss says:

      Contribution made with pleasure

    142. Papadox says:

      Well done guys and all the wingers we need to unite and have independence as the one common number one denominator. All for one and one for all.

      When we achieve our independence then we can revert back to our own individual preferences in our own parliament.

      We must also get the corrupt and Westminster mouthpiece to either become honest and even handed (can’t see it) or get shot of them.


    143. Midgehunter says:

      Hi Boorach, how’s things?

      We’re not done yet, I’ve got my war chest ready.. 😉

    144. macart763 says:

      That was speedy. 🙂

    145. Robert Henderson (formerly Fat boab) says:

      My small contribution donated with the greatest of pleasure!
      There is definitely something in the air. Can you feel it? More tangible than before 18/9 even. I am so bloody excited and (dare I say it) effing proud!

      And, can I just say to Lenny Hartley – formerly ‘Liquid Lenny’ – (at 8.14 pm) – I’m with you 100%, bro – those who can (and I know that for various reasons that won’t apply to everybody) should consider dropping their aliases and come out of the closet – what have you got to lose, folks?

    146. j b moffatt says:

      I’m not Scottish but followed the referendum coverage and found the BBC (and general media) bias nauseating.

      Have contributed and hope others will to. No democracy worth the name can flourish in these Islands with the established media we currently have.

    147. caz-m says:

      The speed that amount of money was raised has got to be some kind of record. Amazing.

      The SNP should promote this new TV station.

      After all, Scottish Labour and BBC Scotland are an item.

      BBC Scotland pushes out any shit that Scottish Labour tells it to put out to the Scottish public.

    148. ben madigan says:

      great to see the target has been reached in a couple of hours not a couple of months.
      Agree with bigeffindavie – get a full radio and TV channel, a daily/weekly newspaper and link all the facebook pages, blogs etc. – not all by tomorrow morning of course . Lunchtime will do! Joking apart I agree an Indy news organization is essential and am happy to see the first steps being taken.
      At risk of seeming repetitive – the irish independence movement achieved the most when the people were united – go forward together
      In the meantime you might like to look at the fallout of the No vote

    149. Robert Louis says:


      Did you mean this petition on NewsnetScotland to get broadcasting devolved to Scotland?

      Please, folks, it is important to make the strongest point possible by signing this petition. Every single signature helps. Now at just over 24,000, and counting.

    150. Kenny says:

      I am feeling much more optimistic. I was getting all depressed again today, thinking of the might of the BBC, new war in Syria, the stranglehold the banks have on us, a week since Black Friday….. but we Scots are very creative and always lead the world in invention and creativity. I am sure this can be a great success and will hopefully take off: I have absolutely confidence in these fellows, and I am so glad that everyone is up for the fight and now seems to think that 18 September was actually the FIRST day of the campaign for an independent Scotland!

    151. MacCumhail says:

      Donation made. We really, really need this.
      Fantastic response, they have already smashed the goal.

    152. kininvie says:


      Must have been a brainfart – I could have sworn I saw an it’s in there. Anyway, now donated…..

    153. Dcanmore says:

      @Marcia …

      Yes, exactly what I was thinking, I scanned the London Evening Standard all of this week and noticed nothing on Scotland now. The chippy Jocks are back in the box or so it would seem. We’re okay to be ignored again, now back to proper news such affordable housing (laugh) and Boris’s garden bridge over the Thames (which we will help pay for of course).

    154. M4rkyboy says:

      Lol,we’re a fund-raising machine,so sick how fast these happen.
      Mony a mickle makes a muckle,right?

    155. Robert Louis says:

      Shouldn’t we contact someone like paddypower, to get some odds on it reaching 50k by the morning?

      Worth every penny, so we get proper news.

      just a point, one thing they could do is, to do proper European coverage. It is truly shocking how little coverage of European events is given by the London and pseudo scottish broadcaster. Only Eorpa on BBC ALBA seems to know that Europe exists.

    156. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @kininvie –

      You weren’t seeing things – it was there, (or, rather ‘it’s’ was there) but approx five minutes after you posted your comment it had been fixed!

    157. galamcennalath says:

      Robert Louis says:
      “If I grew to totally despise one thing during the referendum, it is the lying, cheating, manipulative, anti-Scottish BBC. I don’t think I am alone.”

      You are not alone. They behaved absolutely abysmally. They deserve to be consigned to history.

      Just donated. 14k plus. Let’s give them some real competition!

    158. Bob Sinclair says:

      I can just see it:
      ‘And now over to the weather where you are with the lovely Paula Rose’

    159. tonymac says:

      ot biasbbc talking about biasbbc on scotland2014 now
      can they get through without mentioning wings?

    160. Tartan Tory (John Clark) says:

      That’s my bit done and it’s up to £15k now! 🙂

    161. Brian McHugh says:

      £15K 😀

    162. muttley79 says:

      I saw a link to the American journalist who was over in Scotland on here earlier. I heard his first interview on the radio. Does anyone have a link to the newer one?

    163. Faltdubh says:

      This is exactly what we need, but we all need to speak together – all the pro Indy blogs/broadcasters for a major linkup/coalition of these.

      Don’t worry if you have no money, just donate (of course, if you wish) what we can afford. There are poorer than me and richer than me and 45% of us aka 1.6million are a heck of a lot of folk.

      Let’s push on and beat the system!

    164. Colin Church says:

      Mike Small tearing BBC goon a new one on Scotland 2014. Let’s do this… to coin a phrase.

    165. Nana Smith says:


      From about 28 mins in. Just listened to it and it’s very good.

    166. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Bob Sinclair – Will Paula Rose have to take lessons in flowing hand actions when it comes to describing a shower over Auchenshoogle? Will she need an Irn Bru crate to stand on or will high heels suffice? Panting somewhat. 🙂

    167. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ Bob Sinclair – Will Paula Rose have to take lessons in flowing hand actions when it comes to describing a shower over Auchenshoogle? Will she need an Irn Bru crate to stand on or will high heels suffice? Panting somewhat. 🙂

    168. muttley79 says:

      @Nana Smith


    169. Proud Cybernat says:

      Cash gladly given. You guys rock!

      Myself and my beautiful wife have decided to take the plunge and will be joining the SNP tomorrow.

    170. Proud Cybernat says:

      Cash gladly given. You guys rock!

      Myself and my beautiful wife have decided to take the plunge and will be joining the SNP tomorrow.

    171. ronnie anderson says:

      And dont forget the Wording on the Indygogo crowd fund

      WOS endorses, ( and may well become actively involved with) this event & product. a wee bit criptic but Rev has somthing up his sleave A Broadcast Slot WOS Live, (me thinks) Keep it up people, the cash wont go to waste.

    172. mary vasey says:

      A bit late tonight but just contributed woohoo nearly £16.000

    173. SquareHaggis says:

      Meanwhile, in other news;

      Lib Dem devolution move:

      Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, Willie Rennie, has appointed two representatives to Lord Smith’s commission on further devolution to Holyrood.

      The party will be represented by former Scottish secretary Michael Moore and Tavish Scott, the former leader of the party in Scotland.

      The Conservatives have asked former party leader Annabel Goldie and Professor Adam Tompkins to serve on the commission.

      All five political parties in the Scottish Parliament have been asked to participate. Deputy first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has confirmed that the SNP will take part, although the party continues to support independence.

    174. Brian McHugh says:

      We don’t stop till the Journey ends…


    175. Midgehunter says:

      Robert Louis says:

      …one thing they could do is, to do proper European coverage. It is truly shocking how little coverage of European events is given by the London and pseudo scottish broadcaster. Only Eorpa on BBC ALBA seems to know that Europe exists.

      Germany is very, very Scotland friendly. I could do reports about these folks: German (In English)

      And that is just the tip of the iceberg.. 🙂

    176. Paula Rose says:

      I was suggesting that Ian Brotherhood would be the weatherman, but darlings – you have given me so many ideas, I could lay the map on the floor and describe the weather under my heel!

    177. Ann says:

      People keep mentioning the Airdrie Building Society, but a put off for many will be their charges.

      Every 15p and 30p charge will be a killer to those like me who have many DD’s and use their Debit Cards for on-line shopping etc. or just day to day stuff (I prefer carry a card rather than money).

    178. Robert Louis says:

      Just so folks know, I just saw it tweeted by someone and noticed myself that the excellent pro indy business group Business for Scotland is going to continue.

      Seriously, unionists should be worried. They thought after last week we’d all give in. It’s actually made our resolve even stronger. Be afraid Westminster and Labour, be very afraid.

    179. Paula Rose says:

      But I still want to do the footsie stuff, I love shares.

    180. Robert Peffers says:

      Whoa! First there are a few questions:

      As Helen asked, “will it be broadcast on Satellite?”
      but what about, “will it be broadcast on Freeview?”
      “will it be broadcast on cable”?
      “will it be broadcast on-line”?

      To watch it will require a TV Licence collected by the BBC on behalf of the Westminster Treasury and the Government will make a grant to the BBC but not to Scots TV or whatever they call it. Legally you pay a licence to watch TV breoadcasts from any source.

      I really, really want to see this happen but it is not just going to be a matter of money

      Could we make it Pirate TV funded by adverts and donations and a bit of civil defiance?

    181. Colin says:


      What about the Scottish Building Society, we, my wife and I, are looking to move all our accounts and mortgage to them.

    182. Morag says:

      I went straight from work to the Yes Midlothian meeting in Penicuik. During the meeting we were talking about broadcasting and the problems and so on. I suddenly discovered I had a broadband signal and checked Wings on reflex. Found this page and discovered the fundraiser was already over £2,000 after only about an hour and a half.

      I was waving my phone in the air shouting hey look at this guys!

      There are plans to keep the Yes shop in Penicuik open and use it as a sort of Yes community centre. They were handing out SNP and Green Party membership application forms and there were loads of takers. The shop was packed, standing room only.

      Someone said the Yes people in Edinburgh have simply given up though, closed the shops and packed it in. Maybe someone needs to have a wee word there.

      Got home and thought about donating. Already over £12,000. Caught up on Twitter and wandered back to donate, to find it was over £14,000.

      Just checked back this minute and it’s over £17,500, with someone having bunged in £1,000. Looking good chaps.

    183. manandboy says:

      Four lead boots already appointed to the devolution commission with Lord Smith in the Chair:

      Michael Moore, Tavish Scott (Lib Dem),

      and Annabel Goldie and Adam Tompkins (Tory).

      Can you imagine the interminable boredom ?

      We need Tommy Sheridan in there as a basic minimum.

    184. twenty14 says:

      No feckin way – looked on about 2 hours ago at £1400 and thought yeh this will happen. Soundroom, cameras and coffee machine already bought – Heh ! Johann Lamont I’ll get yer coat

    185. Wings just mentioned on Question Time by member of audience.

    186. Meindevon says:

      Hey! Wings and Bella just got mentioned by an audience member on Question Time!

    187. Flower of Scotland says:

      I donated quite a bit on Mon on Indiegogo for Freedom TV. Is this the same thing or another idea for a Scottish Broadcaster? It was either on Newsnet or Bella.

    188. Meindevon says:

      Oops, forgot to say made a wee donation. Will have a word with mother and surely will be sending some more in her name.

    189. Robert Peffers says:

      Muscleguy says: 25 September, 2014 at 8:53 pm:

      “Only if you do it in drag as a weathergirl.”

      So, Muscleguy, You fancy Carol Kirkwood too?

    190. mungler says:

      boom, on the way to £20k already…. great work all, keep sharing it!

    191. drekken says:

      Over £17k now

      Look out world, here comes the Scots!

    192. Paula Rose says:

      Boys behave yourselves – you will be very lucky if we let you serve the serial.

    193. Gallowglass says:

      This is the shit.

      This is exactly what’s needed, print media would be handy too but I can see how it’s a bit ropey from the outset… shame it was a weekly that declared it could have saved some effort.

    194. Gallowglass says:


      I have an email from Edinburgh West saying blah blah blah, “We shal be in touch soon with future plans”.

      I’m in North & Leith and they were also very active, more so in debates. I can’t see them dying either, and I know the Southsiders and while I can’t really comment on the Yes I know it was carried by old school SNP activists.

      I wouldn’t worry too much, but Edinburgh’s always been a tough cookie outwith the estates, typically.

    195. liz says:

      OMG that’s fantastic more than 100% in ONE day.

      I think I might be getting a bit hysterical but LOL

    196. ronnie anderson says:

      ‘ Morag I had a look in the Yes shop on Easter Rd on Tues they’re packing up ready to leave.

    197. yesindyref2 says:

      Tomkins was put in to make sure nothing serious is going to get through the commission. His early writings on his blog were interesting though obviously “self-confessed” unionist. They deteriorated bit by bit over the last few months of the campaign, including during his speech to the Conservatives, until they just toed the Better Together line, even on such as the pound, and something he should in fact have some sense about, the Crawford & Boyle paper, where even the 2 authors discussed the three possible constitutional routes to Independence for Scotland.

      His is happy to use any quote (Lawyers for YES) out of context to further his own opinion, and self-admittedly though in not so many words, hates the SNP.

      The UK will reap the whirlwind he will sow, in less than 2 years. It’s called “Indy Ref 2”. It’s a YES from me.

    198. Alex Clark says:

      @Robert Peffers

      I believe that what is intended for now is a serious online news broadcaster going by what is said on the appeal site:

      A new player in the world of online news is not in itself revolutionary, but to present a genuine challenger to the national television news is.

      If that is the case then obviously a TV licence is not necessary.

      The important thing now though is to get something up and running, hopefully though it would grow and challenge the on air media such as BBC and STV directly also.

      if it is successful then it will grow.

    199. Nana Smith says:

      SNP membership currently at 64,673

    200. yesindyref2 says:

      I forgot to say: Tomkins appointment to the commission is just a post-referendum restatement of Ruth Davidson’s “line in the sand” on more powers for Scotland.

    201. Ian Sanderson says:

      Done & dusted…

      the Yes Alliance is also there for support etc.

    202. kininvie says:


      Yes groups’ circumstances will vary. Few will have the resources to keep a rented shop going for very long.

      Equally, things are changing so fast it is hard to keep up. It looks as though some kind of Yes Alliance may be on the cards. We’ve postponed an open meeting for Yes supporters for the simple reason that people’s ideas may be out of date alsmost as soon as they are mentioned… But we are running a Yes stall this w/e with sign-up details for all pro-indy parties, and we are delivering 35,000 ‘thank you’ leaflets branded ‘Yes’. We have also decided to keep our YesWestLothian social media going.

      But, as I say, Yes groups need to make their own decisions as to what they can afford. The important thing is to have some kind of a hub, online or not, where Yes supporters can find out what is going on. Also important to give our teams something to do and something to keep them motivated while the next stage plays itself out on the bigger stage.

    203. boris says:

      An independent Scotland would not have taken around £400 each year from families with children. A matter not given a deal of attention to by the President of Gingerbread, (JK Rowling). A bit late now.

    204. Mealer says:

      I hear a lot about Airdrie Savings Bank.Im pretty sure they were members of CBI Scotland who campaigned actively for a No vote.It is possible my source might have confused their membership of Chartered Bankers Institute with Confederation of British Industry.Readers might want to check that out if considering moving to them.

    205. ronnie anderson says:

      Am gittin cawfuddled here who’s in charge of the weather Ian B or Paula R,ah used tae read tea leaves kin ah get a slot,ok I,ll grab ah brush, on the way oot.

    206. planb says:

      OHBC News.

    207. Morag says:

      A minute after midnight, and the counter clicked over the £19,000 mark. They can certainly get going immediately and maybe accelerate their timescale.

      This is just for the funds to get the main investment in place. It seems to be a very large scale undertaking. I wonder how much they’ll need? Undoubtedly an eye-popping sum.

    208. James123 says:

      How embarrassing for the BBC would it be if an internet channel had higher viewing figures than they get, it’s entirely possible.

    209. ronnie anderson says:

      och ah dont care what the weather man says even if its raining, jist keep the lightnig thunder clouds over Westminster

    210. Dave says:

      Donated of course but I’m not sold. This is something I’d like to see for me who is fully online anyway. But if you really want to reach out to the 55+ who don’t use social media, there is no point in making an online show regardless of how much money you throw at it. If you want those people to watch it you need to put it on the actual telly. My thoughts.

    211. kininvie says:


      Jack Foster obviously doesn’t want to lay out all his cards in public. But, reading between the lines, he is obviously making a serious attempt to pull investment into a new broadcast news channel to rival BBC Scotland/STV.

      That’s a big money project. Way beyond crowd funding. I imagine Jack may well have to take a long spoon to various meetings with potential investors, but provided he has the wit to hire some tough-minded advisors from the crowd funding, he may do OK.

      What he’ll no doubt need to do at some stage, if he wishes to remain independent is to make sure that 51% of the shares are held by trustworthy people. I would hope he will offer many of them to Wingers and other Yes people in small numbers – because the more you spread your shares among the little people, the more bother it is for some predator to mop them up.

    212. Dave says:

      Plus Dateline Scotland and Fear Factor were very good but in all honesty that movie about the Yes movement really sucked.

    213. Capella says:

      Well I’ve just put in my tuppence worth and the fund is now about £20,000 or twice the asking price! Lets do this!

    214. kininvie says:

      @james @dave

      My reading is that this will not be another online project. The clue is in the word ‘broadcast’.

      It’s hugely ambitious, but we’re never going to break through online….

    215. ben madigan says:

      great to see the sum mounting up so incredibly quickly .
      I noticed someone mentioned the American reporter Will McLeod who made some very good radio broadcasts.
      Could whoever is in contact with him ask him to broadcast the appeal in the USA over the radio station he works for?
      and maybe pass it along to other radio stations in the USA?
      Just an idea for getting more money to finance a bigger radio/TV project or more communication projects (newspaper,magazine etc) .
      Totally agree about the lack of EU news in the UK.
      A rather longer-term idea might be to apply for EU funding to disseminate EU news

    216. kininvie says:


      Agree – ‘Scotland Yet’ was not good

    217. K1 says:

      Ye go oot on a Thursday night tae yer furst green party meetin, ye end up chattin tae Patrick Harvey and ye find yerself mini ranting tae him aboot the BBC and how upset ye are about the lies, them not speaking truth tae power. And how ye are so angry and ye think that this transcends party politics…and how you feel this is what needs to be addressed. It’s so busy that he gets pulled away, but before he goes he’s in the middle of telling me, that it was ‘difficult’ for many of those that work there…And ye think tae yersel, I’m no in the right place for this.

      Ye come hame, and go onto the only site where there are genuine people who wept as you did for what took place last week, who know that if people had been given access to the true facts, if a genuinely unbiased media had played a noble part in disseminating those facts and allowed people to make up their minds, without fear or prejudice, the result whatever way it went, would have been the ‘ settled will of the people’.

      As it is we were lied to, bullied, bribed, psychologically battered into submission. It didn’t work on 45% of us, and a great deal of that is down to this site’s owner and the genuine people who contribute information and analysis, with passion, humour, and integrity.

      And now…this…Just stunning! The crowdfunding sits at £19,583 and rising as I type. It’s not the green party (though they have a place in all of this), that will satisfy my deep and enduring righteous anger for the injustice of that cynically manipulated outcome last Friday. It is this kind of response that addresses the heart of how that outcome was made possible, and the possibility, now…that we can do something about this.

      Thanks Stu, and everyone on here…it is time to get serious, right enough.

    218. Betty Boop says:

      @Ian Brotherhood, 10:34pm

      @kininvie –

      You weren’t seeing things – it was there, (or, rather ‘it’s’ was there) but approx five minutes after you posted your comment it had been fixed!

      Thank goodness you found it, Ian. I went looking for that elusive apostrophe, couldn’t find it, and wondered if I was going nuts.

      Grammar police satisfied. 🙂

    219. Morag says:

      Sounds to me as if they’re intending to do something you can actually switch the TV on and watch. Though how I really don’t know.

      Would that mean I have to keep paying my TV licence?

    220. liz says:

      @Morag – I know how Edinburgh feels and you might be similar as we were all in quite pro No areas and it can be quite demoralising.

      When out campaigning in east ren one of the younger guys said can I not go to somewhere more pro Yes, as most other folk seem to be having a good time.

    221. Morag says:

      OK, that’s it. £20,000.

      Time for bed.

    222. kininvie says:

      @ian @betty

      Obviously Jack is watching – and knows the Wings’ grammar police will find him out!

    223. James Sneddon says:

      Mealer- ASB were/are members of CBI . TBF most banks are members of the UK one. Please remember tho’ the CBI didn’t ask nor consult with their members in Scotland regarding the referendum and what side to take. I’m sure we can all agree that the CBI in made an utter arse of the whole situation. It’s up to the individual whether to open an account or not. To be honest I do a lot of internet shopping due to my disability and the charges for that would soon mount up. That is the main disincentive to me (along with CBI membership) for opening an account. try this link for a list of members before some resigned after the CBI screw up.

    224. Morag says:

      Liz, obviously keeping Yes shops open could be difficult, but folding the tents entirely isn’t quite the spirit. We’re in a pretty No area (only 33% across the region) and we’re all determined to keep the teams together and consolidate for the 2015 push.

    225. James123 says:


      @Broadcast’ doesn’t give anything away, it doesn’t define a medium, a TV show, a radio show or a podcast are all broadcasts.

    226. liz says:

      This is completely O/T but relevant – I heard today that one of the queen’s horses was disqualified from an event due to doping.

      Now you might think what’s that got to do with anything – do you think in the recent past anyone would question anything to do with the queen? Just saying.

    227. Chris Baxter says:

      Haven’t read comments. Was already over 20k by the time I gave £100 at 00:28. Good stuff everyone.

    228. Inky Pic says:

      I just love this little website. It makes me smile every day 🙂

    229. Betty Boop says:

      @ K1, 12:17 am

      Glad you found your way “home” 🙂

      You fair brought yet another tear to my eye with your post. Anyway, many of us are now on the next phase and have found ourselves in a quite unexpected place, deeply involved in politics. The difference is that these are politics where we feel connected and “our” politicians feel like they are of us too, no matter their party. It feels right to be so involved.

      Wings is where we hang out and get things done when called upon. It’s precious.

    230. K1 says:

      Aye…further up thread someone mentioned Aidrie savings bank being member of CBI, yes seems to be the case, check it out: ( have appt. tomorrow, which I we going to rearrange, now I’m cancelling). Thanks for the heads up!

    231. James123 says:

      This is what the guys say on the indiegogo page:

      “Over the last 10 years, online media has grown exponentially; serious news providers of every hue have ploughed huge amounts of time and money into refining their online presence. A new player in the world of online news is not in itself revolutionary, but to present a genuine challenger to the national television news is.”

      Sounds to me like it will be online.

    232. yesindyref2 says:

      That was at 5pm, no updates since then, but at that time it seemed to be increasing at 500 per hour again, having been down to about 250-300 from the tweets during the day. If that keeps up, perhaps the next tweet or whatever it is will be for – 70,000?

      It’ll definitely need a hub – and a proper website, unlike the YES Scotland one, though in fairness in its early days it was good for starting groups, getting supporters and donations. No updates since last week which is appalling, it should be keeping the momentum going.

      Don’t know any website designers, on the other hand Business for Scotland would. Could be worth contacting them, their own site is fine, and already being updated with new articles. Their designer seems to be in Glasgoe (Intelligise). Gordon had all the contacts he needed in ‘tinternet from way back!

    233. Wee Alex says:

      Colin says:
      25 September, 2014 at 11:17 pm

      What about the Scottish Building Society, we, my wife and I, are looking to move all our accounts and mortgage to them.


      Another option is to support your local credit union.

      Let’s make sure we support local initiatives and foodbanks.

    234. Robert Peffers says:

      Well it’s just as well I don’t need to donate just now. The monthly pension’s not been transferred into the current account as yet. I’d still like to know if it is to be on or off-line.

      The reasoning being that the people we need to reach are the ones we didn’t reach that the BBC and Sky did. The older and poverty stricken who have no on-line connections. There were enough of the commenters on here running down the old folks for voting NO and for only getting their info, (propaganda), from the TV and newspapers hostile to the Independence movement. There were others who decried the old folks for voting NO so as to not miss East Enders, Coronation Street and the Great British Bake off.

      If we are funding an on-line Video Newsfeed then we still won’t get to those we need to get at. I read the bit at the top as saying, While on-line video was a great asset it just was not enough to get that extra bit of the population that we need to get educated. That means Freeview in my book for lots of folk do not have BSkyB or even cable and that means the viewers must, unless over 75 pay to finance the BBC via Licence fees.

      Anything other than terrestrial TV broadcasting is a waste of money and would be better covered by a DAB radio station on air 24/7. This would not only get to the old folks during the day but the youngsters with pop-music and news/celeb-news/spot evenings and wee sma hours.

    235. K1 says:

      Thanks Betty, agreed it’s good to be involved…still smarting over the ‘tactics’, don’t know when or if that’ll ever settle inside though, tbh though it’s what’s ‘driving’ the need to do something…en and out raged in equal measure. Not a ‘party political’ animal myself, so not sure yet what the right path is for me as yet. Still working this through, in my mind and heart.

    236. Capella says:

      @Robert Peffers
      That’s all well but some areas, like mine, don’t get digital radio and probably never will. Can we please devise a solution that will cater for the majority of the population?

    237. Betty Boop says:


      Our local Yes group doesn’t have a shop, but, we are carrying on as a group. We had a dinner together last night followed by a meeting and the enthusiasm for working on was fantastic. Our core group has grown and we have an even larger support group. A larger area meeting will be held soon and we will go on from there.

      I can imagine how some of the campaigners in Edinburgh must have felt during the campaign because our little town is quite affluent/conservative and canvassing could be challenging, but, having a committed group kept our spirits up; so important. It is a bit like having Wings.

    238. Betty Boop says:


      If you aren’t involved already, try finding a local Yes group. They will probably be on Facebook. It helps with the pain of last week and is quite empowering 🙂

    239. Ancientperson says:

      What we desperately need is a print media. This won’t reach us oldies, or the majority of the population.

    240. yesindyref2 says:

      “Silver Surfer”.

      The +55s might not be on facebook or twitter (I’m not and I refuse), but they’re certainly on the web, even when on holiday or a weekend away.

    241. James123 says:

      Do people really believe that a Scottish channel would get a license to broadcast on Freeview, it will never happen. It will happen on the internet, it may not reach out to the older generation but there are plenty of others who will be drawn in. If it’s done professionally it will give us a real voice in the world of broadcasting.

    242. donnywho says:

      if they refuse us a space they damage their credibility and this freedom of speech fantasy that they promote to cover their propaganda. Rock … hard place

    243. Chic McGregor says:

      Hmmm posted this originally at 7K somethin but didn’t appear

      Donated and shared with 1700+ on FB with message

    244. Chic McGregor says:

      Many times I suggested using Holyrood TV to do a lunchtime “Ask the Government” and “Ask the Opposition” phone in/email in/skype in type program where a recognised spokesperson, preferably a minister or shadow minister would answer questions from ordinary members of the electorate.

      In the Referendum Campaign this would of course have been “Ask the Yes Campaign” or “Ask the No Better Together Thanks United Devo-Max-at-the-last- minute Campaign”. This would be a milestone in Government transparency and I believe would have become massively watched during the RC and I think could have been pivotal in getting a YES vote.

      Just a format suggy for the new enterprise.

    245. Onwards says:

      “If you want those people to watch it you need to put it on the actual telly”

      Agreed, but an actual TV channel would be hugely expensive. Eventually thousands of internet channels might be easily available on TV sets, but it will still be hard to compete with the established channels, with evening news sandwiched between light entertainment, weather etc.
      Perhaps a Scottish current affairs show could be commissioned by STV, but it would have to be politically neutral.

      So for now, I reckon it will have to be be an internet only affair.

      For traditional media, I reckon the best chance is to get a weekly Scottish current affairs magazine on the newsstands, similar to Private eye or the Spectator.
      A metro style newspaper would be ideal, but that would take the likes of Brian Souter or other wealthy entrepreneurs to step in.

      Would be good to see a website with a broader reach than just politics – to get readership rates up.

    246. Alex Clark says:


      I agree of course that Jack Foster and all involved would not want to be revealing all their cards at once. I’m sure we all agree that an over air broadcast to rival the BBC and STV in Scotland would be the goal.

      However the most important target for now is to get something up and running as soon as possible and online would be the quickest. This also provides an opportunity to hone your skills and tune the format.

      I’m certain we will be hearing more in the near future. One thing is absolutely clear and that is anything we can do to weaken the already discredited media in Scotland is worth backing.

    247. Alex Clark says:

      What about a goal of a 24 hour online TV station that includes news, films, documentaries, sports etc?

      That way every Independence supporter could cancel their license and donate the money to the channel or keep it in their pocket. Kills two birds with one stone.

      I’d never have it off, an old laptop plugged into your telly would do the business. This is the way to go. You do not need to be over the air if you can provide an entire channel online with good streaming.

      The BBC and the government will be shitting themselves if this took off.

    248. tonymac says:
      2.5 mins in check bridge

    249. lizg says:

      BBC Hard Talk
      I think Hezeltine might have let the cat out of the bag about their view of the magic new powers.

      Said devolving power to Scotland didn’t mean devolving it to Holyrood but rather concentrating it closer to the people in the big city’s.

      Garbled on about his City Deal, pointing out this is how and why England’s further “evolving” devolution could quite easily be put in place in tandem, because they had already begun the process.

      Not using his exact words but that was the gist.

      Seemed to flim flam on why none of this meant Constitutional
      change waffling on about the merits of the unwritten one.

      Seemed to think that UK wont allow Germany to be the only dominant force in Europe any more than it would have allowed the Scottish vote to make France the only nuclear power.

      “Salmond’s” gone so his view doesn’t count [doesn’t do Irony then]

      The arrogance is breathtaking

    250. AuldA says:

      Uh. £22,000 with 700 contributors!
      That’s an average of more than £30 pro capita.

      Who said the Scots were stingy misers?

    251. Mealer says:

      Remember too,folks,that we have to continue to undermine confidence in the BBC.

    252. john king says:

      I get up at 6 oclock to see for the first time this post, then look at the Jack Foster and James devoy fund raiser and fir the £10.000 request is sitting @ £21.884 I am now crying tears of joy.

      The lost pride I had for my country is well and truly restored,
      now wheres my wallet?

    253. Grouse Beater says:

      Kininvie: That’s a big money project

      What you have in your imgination probably is, but an entire broadcasting enterprise, drama, reality shows, sport and all, is not necessarily what they have in mind.

      A single daily programme such as the Jon Stewart Show reaches around the world because of its inclusion on the Internet. In addition, newspapers pick up Stewart’s interviews, and a lot of his satirical sketches crowd YouTube.

      The question is, at whom is the broadcast aimed?

      The greatest number of Yes voters were the ones the SNP thought hardest to get – traditional Labour voters in Glasgow and Dundee. The largest number of No voters came from the well-heeled, old age pensioners, and if the post-referendum analysis is correct, almost all Tories.

      Knowing your audience and reaching it is the challenge.

      Which of the groups above need convincing their country is capable of governing itself, and will vote for it is one thing, which will actually watch such a broadcast is another thing.

      Since almost every newspaper and all media are against independence I’m happy to let the experiment happen and hope it has a beneficial effect.

    254. john king says:

      Paula mibbe you could do a wee gardening programme
      they could call it The Bitchgrove Garden. meeaaoo. 🙂

    255. Dorothy Devine says:

      I am an old fashioned luddite who was once conned out of not insubstantial funds and consequently will not put my details on the internet ever , ever.

      I know the lads have reached and exceeded their target, joyous though that is it will take a lot of shekels to run and keep running this project and I want to contribute somehow – any suggestions for a place to send a cheque?

      I know the Wings office helped old dodders like me when WGD needed a wee helping hand.

    256. Mealer says:

      John King,
      “Potting With Paula” ? The mind boggles.I think she’s better suited to the weather girl role.

    257. Mealer says:

      In fact,any input from Paula Rose should be after the watershed,rather than in the potting shed.

    258. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Can I do the naturist programme?

      In my fur coat natch

    259. Nation Libre says:

      It would be a good idea to also give the projects bank details to allow a standing order/direct debit to be set up. Cuts out indiegogo fee and allows monthly payments which may be easier for some. For this and WoS too

    260. yesindyref2 says:

      On NNS an article “Newsnet Scotland and Bateman Broadcasting set to join forces”.

      What is also interesting is they not only mention this venture, but provide a link to the appeal mentioning it’s already raised double its original target.

      Is this competition and collaboration at the same time? Share some material, costs, maybe business programs from Business for Scotland, a bit of Kulchur from National Collective, input from WFI, the mind boggles! I almost feel sorry for the BBC. Not!

    261. Fairliered says:

      Can we get a weather map that shows Scotland bigger than the rest of the UK?

    262. yesindyref2 says:

      (very) low cost advertising slots – might even appeal to a very small business like mine, for either or both ventures. Mmmmm.

    263. Muscleguy says:

      @Grouse Beater

      “The greatest number of Yes voters were the ones the SNP thought hardest to get – traditional Labour voters in Glasgow and Dundee.”

      And they didn’t get them, RIC did. But RIC aren’t going home either. Those people in the schemes we woke up and enthused? They are going to vote Labour out of Scotland and RIC is going to make it happen.

    264. Ken500 says:

      The Scottish gov should just set up a TV channel, or give one some enterprise money. Just ignore the Unionists. If they want to cheat and lie. Ignore them. Just pass a Law in Scottish gov to fund or contribute enterprise money to a commercial TV station.

      If Unionists want to cheat and lie, illegally gerrymander the Referendum just overrule them. Unionist politicians ignored every election rule, and knowing told a load of lies about pensions etc. They have admitted that is what they did. The ‘Vow’ was totally illegal. The YES campaign should sue the Record for malicious deception.

      Get every Unionist politician out of office in Scotland.

    265. john king says:

      Jinglyjangly/liquidlenny/LennyHartley says
      “that’s me finished with alias as well no more liquidlenny or jingly jangly :)”

      Welcome to the world Lenny. 🙂

      Kininvie says
      “Need to have SOME confidence in the editorial ability!”

      Never really watched Sky news have you Kininvie?

      Paula Rose says
      “Ian Sisterhood honey – do I detect a wee bit of obscure wit – the weathermen?”

      this you mean?

      Midgehunter says
      “I hope (and beg) Briony is on board – she’s gorgeous”

      AGREE. 🙂

      Ian Brotherhood says
      “There is a certain flippancy in the above remarks which is irking me somewhat.”

      “I’ve been studying Schafernaker, Batty, Quinan, Fish etc for decades, and demand that y’all take this seriously.”

      Now if you gonnie dae the Fife weather with any professionalism you cant come on and say it pishin doon in Auchtertool, yea hiv tae say ITS CHUCKIN IT DOON if you waant tae be takin seriously. 😉

      Betty boop says
      “@ Ian Brotherhood. Only if you do it in drag as a weathergirl. ”

      ma porridge, fur Goads sake. ;(

      Ronnie Anderson says
      “Ian B you better start practicing the Storms & Hurricane sequence.”

      what hurricane?

      Midgehunter says
      “If you want something done properly – ask Wings ;-)”

      Nothing to add,
      carry on.

      Archie(not erchie) says
      ” Panting somewhat. ”

      You do know that “you’ll go blind” saying wasn’t just an old wives tale?

      Paula Rose says
      ” you have given me so many ideas, I could lay the map on the floor and describe the weather under my heel!”

      Oh pulleeeaaasssee tell me your not thinking of a mirrored floor? 🙁

      Robert Peffers says
      “So, Muscleguy, You fancy Carol Kirkwood too?”

      Aw hey haw keep Carol Kirkwood out of it,
      Anyone who can look like Michelle Mone without actually being Michelle Mone is awright in ma book! 😉

      Paula Rose says
      “Boys behave yourselves – you will be very lucky if we let you serve the serial.”

      Ah, you can always rely on Paula- Rose to come in with the “killer” comment. 🙂

      Ronnie Anderson says
      “Morag I had a look in the Yes shop on Easter Rd on Tues they’re packing up ready to leave.”

      Kirkcaldy closed the day after the referendud, lots of tears.

      Inky pic says
      “I just love this little website. It makes me smile every day ”

      Kinda like saying the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier is a little boat,
      jus sayin like. 🙂

    266. AuldA says:


      Given your location, you better run a gourmet or cooking magazine.
      Fois gras poêlé and other delicacies…
      Get some help from some local chef!

    267. john king says:

      Fairliered says:
      Can we get a weather map that shows Scotland bigger than the rest of the UK?

      Noo thats a great idea,
      Noowhosfurra a crowdfunding of a sattelite launch
      siting it above Iceland,
      Scotland would look huge! 😉

    268. john king says:

      Ken500 says
      “The YES campaign should sue the Record for malicious deception.”

      Have a swatch at this

    269. Ken500 says:

      Liar Brown having interfered illegally in the Scottish Referendum, went to New York for some more tax evaded revenues. People are being sanctioned and walking to food banks. Brown never resigned for the destruction and devastation he caused. The best FM in Scotland resigned because of Brown’s lies.

    270. Colin Dunn says:

      Maybe no-one knows this yet, but I’ll ask. How would this be transmitted?

      A webcast won’t do as the people this needs to reach are the older generation many of whom don’t use the internet as their main information resource.

      So that means a ‘real’ TV channel presumably transmitted via Freeview. But doesn’t that mean we’ll all need a fully paid up TV licence to view it? Granted the older TV viewer is unlikely to be cancelling their licence.

    271. FortBill says:

      Contributed £25 would love to have given more I have given hundreds over the last few months to YES so running a bit low, perhaps when the project is fully up and running a monthly subscription would be the way to go

    272. john king says:

      The removal of a householders right to object to fracking beneath his home by the UK government which Fergus Ewing is trying to get a Scottish government veto on this should be made a cause celebre,

      It is in microcosm all that is wrong with Westminster rule.

    273. Mealer says:

      The craic on here was crap a few days ago.Then the rev cleared off out the road and it’s better already!!!!!!”’????

    274. john king says:

      Jim says

      Can I do the naturist programme?

      In my fur coat natch”

      get em off!
      You can keep you hat on. 🙂

    275. Cuilean says:

      I know we have all dug deep for YES in the past but this might just be the most important donation u will ever make. Get they smackeroonies oot! Feck let’s buy they boys a whole station, or the rent o it! The BBC, The Scotsman etc beat us in the Referendum as our side of the argument was never examined or explored. YES was gagged and the last two weeks before the Ref was an utter disgrace to the law. They who hold the channels of information control history. It’s time to fight back against the full might of the BBC, mouthpiece to the warmongering British Establishment. If every yesser gives just £1, an actual unfettered Scots News channel would have 1.6 million pounds; alive and kicking unlike our country’s re–birth which the BBC smoored via infanticide). We need to keep donating to this and do it asap, for the General Election is just around the corner and the BBC big, slick, fat, lie machine has moved on to brainwashing folks to want to bomb iraq & Syria. The speed with which Scotland was dropped was breathtaking in its audacity. They think they have re-set politics in Scotland back to business as usual; that’s what they want and they are accustomed to getting what they want. They are covering the party conferences, thinking they have ‘put the people in their place’ and no doubt the backshop boys of the BBC are already working out the ‘General Election Scotland 2015’ along the same strategy lines, to ensure the Ref ‘vow’ is forgotten. Lining up the CBI and TReasury pals for the appropriate ‘soundbites’ at the right times.But THIS time, if we have a news service not filtered through Westminster & BBC & tory papers & bankers & City of London agendas, then Mrs McLatchie: 80, looks on the BBC as ‘auntie beeb’ who stood up to Hitler, only buys red top rags (coz her parents did), always votes Labour/tory etc. etc. gets to see the other side of the coin for the first time ever. The BBC cannot gever again in Scotland be allowed to ‘run the show’ & get it all its own way and that goes for STV, SKY etc. too. So email this to all your contacts, share this appeal on facebook, tweet it, retweet, write it up on the lavvy walls. The BBC needs that smirk wiped off its fat cat, pseudoleft face. THis is where the real fightback starts. Now. Noe we KNOW THINE ENEMY. They cannot scare us again and we must fight fire with fire. Time to make history again. We’re coming back BBC to get you. You are claimed. We the people are taking you on and we are going to ‘hold your feet to the fire’. Just as sure as the turning of the earth and this time WE win!

    276. JackPranker says:

      Now at £23160.

    277. Lanarkist says:

      I was wondering if Scotland had its own secure internet providers now that it has acquired its own domain name?

      Seems next time this will be a weakness in the campaign. Can we not have a home grown service with an aim to improve on broadband speeds and better access across all of Scotland.

      Any millionaire philanthropists out there willing to consider our information infrastructure in coordination with the Scottish Gov. Now that it seems our fledgling media industry will be mostly online.


    278. Illy says:

      And by the time I saw this video, it’s already fully funded.


      People are amazing.

    279. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Given your location, you better run a gourmet or cooking magazine.
      Fois gras poêlé and other delicacies…
      Get some help from some local chef.

      John King is a chef and anyway, it is available in numerous restaurants around g=here for about €15 a plate. That and, soon, Garbure and always Magret. They have not managed to get it into Ice Cream or Sorbet, yet, but some bugger somewhere is trying.

      AultA are you Scottish or French, d’origin(e)

    280. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ John King

      You mean a full Keith Chegwin?


    281. Nana Smith says:

      Morning all. What a wonderful total so far.

      None of us will take our eye of the Independence target.

    282. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      john king says:
      26 September, 2014 at 7:57 am

      Ken500 says
      “The YES campaign should sue the Record for malicious deception.”

      Does that apply in Scotland and if so, would it have to be the SNP or the Yes campaign which raised the action?

      Could it happen the other way round, a group of votes raised it?

    283. Graeme Doig says:


      Would it be an idea to have a demo/events page somewhere on Wings.

      Might be a bit easier than trying to keep up wi stuff via comments.

      Just a thought. (Frankly a bit early for me and thinking)

    284. Fairliered says:

      John King:
      If we want Shetland to vote Yes should we use the map that shows Shetland, with the rest of the British Isles in a wee box in the corner?

    285. Fiona says:

      Donald Trump on radio 4 this morning telling us that people voted no because of wind farms. Novel view but it is interesting how we all presume that our own concerns are widely shared. Does anyone else think this is true? I do know a lot of people who are seriously unhappy about the visual impact of wind farms, though that is not a predictor of how they voted in my circle

    286. Fairliered says:

      Graeme Doig:
      That’s a great idea!

    287. Edward says:

      Serious question, why not buy a controlling stake in STV?

    288. Nana Smith says:


      Well its certainly true for my neighbour. Even though I asked him prior to the vote where the nearest windfarm was. There are none within the area.

      I argued with him re NHS privatisation, means testing of pensions, free care for elderly cutbacks, foodbanks, and every other NO vote concern but to no avail.

      “I don’t like those windfarms” was his reply.

    289. Robert Louis says:

      You know folks, this is a great morning. 🙂 A quick check of some of the unionista comments online, and you can smell the fear. Comments like ‘why are they behaving like they won’, and somebody needs to tell the separatists that the decision is made’ etc..etc.. They just do not get it. This is not a one off event. This is a peaceful democratic movement for democracy and change, and the referendum was just round one.

      Next time, we will not lose due to the blatantly biased and anti scottish BBC propaganda channel, and the craven British Labour party stooges serving their Tory masters in London.

      Let’s face it, without the subservient BBC and the Labour party, the Westminster Government would have lost. As things stand we lost by just 5%. Had it been 80/20, 70/30, or even 60/40, even I might have given up, but that didn’t happen.

      Ignore halfwits who say ‘oh, but nobody has the stomach for another vote’, as that is just an assertion, fed and promulgated by the unionist media. As Harold McMillan famously said, when asked what might cause a Government to get blown off course, ‘events dear boy, events’, or as Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who might put it, ‘Things’.

      We have a scenario coming closer to the truth every day, that UKIP may trash a large part of Labour and Tory support in England, and just in time for MAY 2015, a horrendous involvement in Iraq (again), which both Labour and the Tories support.

      Our time is coming sooner than we think. More than ever we need a proper media in Scotland, made by Scotland for Scotland, free from London interference.

      ‘Don’t blame the media, become the media’.

    290. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ Edward

      Nice idea but the market capitalisation of STV (group) is £141 millions.

      A majority, which would require an outright offer all the shares would probably cost much more.

      My idea would to form an association with the Sunday Herald and get them to rent a channel on SKY which would work for both of us?

    291. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Nana Smith

      Did you ask him if he wanted a nuclear power station as his neighbour?

    292. Kalmar says:

      Already saw this on twitter and donated before I noticed it on wings 🙂

      This is possibly doomed to failure but I hope they’ll give it a good shot. One of the original arguments for the DTV platform was that there would be enough channel slots to allow public access broadcasting. The same is already available on digital radio, though woefully underused.

      Maybe they’re thinking bigger and more commercially. I dunno, good luck!

    293. Nana Smith says:

      @Bugger [the Panda]

      You know Panda I was getting so bloody angry with him I thought it best to walk away.

      Not seen him since, but have spoken with his wife who voted YES.

    294. john king says:

      BtP says
      “John King is a chef and anyway,”

      Do you know, I was sitting wondering how you knew that,
      I must have told you when were in that restaurant in Hope street?
      I have a memory like a hen Jim, 🙁

      Fairliered says

      John King:
      If we want Shetland to vote Yes should we use the map that shows Shetland, with the rest of the British Isles in a wee box in the corner?

      If we had a sattelite veiw from north of Scotland, there wouldnt be a box big enough to hold Shetland, it would be about the same size as Cornwall is just now. 🙂

    295. john king says:

      Nana Smith says
      “Well its certainly true for my neighbour. Even though I asked him prior to the vote where the nearest windfarm was. There are none within the area. ”

      I have found the “I dont like wind farms” folk are the same people as the “I hate that alic sammin” ones,

      Ask them why, and they dont have a reason, they “just do”
      these are the ones who get all there news from the BBC and the press,

      this is why it is so important we get our message out to those people,

      I had one guy at work who point blank refused to beleive the BBC lied to us as “it is in their charter to remain balanced and unbiased”, he absolutely beleived everything they said!

      Oh boy some people have one hell of an eye opener coming to them!

    296. john king says:

      And before anyone decides to invite themselves to dinner, my life as a chef was many many years ago (although it is true I am fully qualified) and now the wifes a far better cook than me.

      Im more like this

    297. Just made my contribution. Lets keep this going. When we get to where we need to be then I’ll be able to choose “Scotland” on the drop down menu on Paypal!

    298. Illy says:

      Am I the only person asking them “How much funding would you need to go straight into production *now*?”

    299. galamcennalath says:

      Broadcasting obviously needs to be added to the list of new powers.

      Thought. Since it is DevMax / Home Rule which is supposed to be on the table, instead of discussion new powers, would it not be more straightforward to be discussing reserved powers?

      DevMax / Home Rule should be everything except defence and diplomacy, plus a few other bits and pieces. It would seem easier to start at everything, and then discuss what is reserved.

      Since London simply can’t deliver relevant and impartial broadcasting to Scotland, that has been proven, media governance should definitely not be reserved to London.

    300. iain says:

      Donated. Good luck guys! Get in touch if you need any ui / graphic design services.

    301. Morag says:

      It’s pretty obvious that Jack and James are trying to choke people off now. They’ve achieved close to two and a half times the amount they asked for, pretty much in an evening, when they thought it might take two months to scrape it up. Now they have to go and do their thing and try to get the project off the ground.

      I wasn’t aware of the Freedom TV thing, but that looks well worth funding too. It’s close to its target. It seems to me the two ideas are complementary, and basically about different things.

      Freedom TV is explicitly going to be an internet offering, but it’s going to try to be a complete package of entertainment for Scottish viewers who don’t like the UK-based offerings. That’s us. We’ll go online for something like that rather than pay the BBC licence fee. I’m all for it.

      But look at the relatively modest budget they seem to be looking for. Obviously they’re not going to do all that for £6000, there’s going to be more fundraising, but the mood music isn’t referring to the eyepopping sums Jack and James are hinting at.

      Jack and James are only talking about an hour-long news programme. In effect, they’re talking about the “Scottish Six” that was denied to us so many years ago for the explicit reason that if we had our own news programme we’d probably vote for independence. I can’t help feeling that they’re genuinely aiming for something coming over the airwaves. Why the eyepopping sums of money needing to be raised, otherwise?

      In that case, the target audience is different. It’s not us. It’s the people who don’t watch internet-streamed video, but get their news from broadcast TV. It’s the No voters who didn’t know any better because they simply switched on the goggle-box.

      This is going to be very interesting indeed and I very much hope they can make a go of it.

    302. Nana Smith says:

      @john king

      That ‘chef’ made me laugh but this has so much class!

    303. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Why don’t the two projects pool their hardware and share a studio.

      Different horses, different courses, different trainers but same stable?

    304. Misteralz says:

      I’ll donate £145.50 in a few weeks when my telly tax is due…

    305. ann scott says:

      you should apply to see if theres any goverment grants kicking about to help.haha.i will donate this licence no of luck..x

    306. OneScot says:

      Clearly they are aiming for a TV output. What would be the point otherwise.

    307. Betty Boop says:

      @ Nana Smith, 8:55am

      I argued with him re NHS privatisation, means testing of pensions, free care for elderly cutbacks, foodbanks, and every other NO vote concern but to no avail.

      “I don’t like those windfarms” was his reply.

      Your neighbour is typical of many no voters. He can’t think of an argument about why the union is better and is too feart to consider any of the issues. Some folk just like being dependent, that way they don’t have to take think or take responsibility for anything.

      That is why we are not now negotiating independence.

    308. Edward says:

      Bugger (the Panda)
      Ok…a bigger crowdfunding then 😉

      Yeah I know , wishful thinking on my part

      Leasing a transponder from SCS (its actually SCS who own and operate the Astra sat’s which Sky lease transponders from) might be an option or to sub lease part or all carrier space from Sky on one of their transponders
      Or same exercise from another platform, such as one of the Germans or Russians? 🙂

    309. Albalha says:

      Spotted the Broadcast News indiegogo before realising it’s actually been fundraised by Wings readers, should have known given the level and pace of funding!

      On Yes groups and ‘what now’, Yes Dundee has a meeting between 2pm and 4pm on Sunday in the Bonar Hall, they aren’t going anywhere yet. Hundreds already signed up.

    310. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Two satellite dishes?

      We need too get into the wrinklies TV directly and without any buggering around or retuning etc.

    311. john king says:

      Nana @ 9.44

      Im sure I ate at Dirty Dickies myself. 🙁

    312. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      The Kiwi 2 snack corner at Albion Street / Ingram Street in Glasgow, 45 years ago, was probably the prototype.

    313. Nation Libre says:

      Nana Smith
      You should have pointed out that voting NO would not remove wind turbines since they are already there under UKOK.

      I think for most of these sort of people, they make their mind up to vote NO and then try and find some excuse to justify doing so. ie Hate Alex Salmond, hate turbines etc

    314. Nana Smith says:

      @Nation Libre

      I did and linked to various articles etc.
      Closed mind like so many of his kind.

    315. Mike says:

      I take it this news channel is to be broadcasted on TV? If so does that not mean we will have to re-subscribe to the BBC TV licence in order to legitimately watch it?

    316. Craig P says:

      That’s my tuppence in. Over £25,000 now. If they keep raising funds at this rate, my suggestion is to invest it in a giant lead hemisphere that can be gently lowered over Pacific Quay, thus freeing Scotland from unhealthy electromagnetic pollution.

    317. jackie g says:


      Can you keep me posted when the next meeting of YES in Penicuik is happening as i would like to attend.I was in the shop last Saturday, and was hoping they would keep it going so will try and go in again this weeknd and get an update.


    318. Edward says:

      Bugger (the Panda)
      Same dish actually 🙂
      SES provide the Astra sats they provide both SKY and Freesat platforms
      so no need for any additional dish as existing is already pointing to the shared sats
      (I said SCS earlier , meant to say SES – facepalm)

      For your further reading

      and also

    319. George says:

      Well that didnt take long … i havent dontated yet as im skint at the moment but i will so will all my rather large family this is exactly what the people of scotland need news that isnt just propganda for whatever those in power want to promote i think this could be massive guys and will be happy to donate

    320. muttley79 says:


      I think they want people to stop funding it now. They have easily met their target, and they are suggesting other projects for the media.

    321. liz says:

      @Nana Smith – well he might not like wind farms but he’ll probably hate fracking a lot more.

      WM has or is trying to remove householders right to oppose fracking on their own property.

      We knew that would happen, remember Vitol – contributor to BT – had put 10 fracking licenses to WM.

      Also it turns out, so is Ian Wood – the man who misplaced several millions of barrels of oil.

    322. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Would we need a licence from Offuk or some other UK authority and if we broadcast from a Gerry channel would there be same but in German?

      Serious questions

    323. Edward says:

      Bugger (the Panda)
      Actually, yes , all broadcasters, including the bum and tit ones require an Offcom broadcast licence
      but I think if its only based in the UK

      If your broadcasting from outside, you don’t. So if you piggy back on a German platform for example you don’t need a licence, if your outside the UK.

      The cost is also expensive, which is why some channels share space. That is only broadcast between certain hours

      Here are the channels and platforms for the Astra/Eutelsat sats at 28.2/28.5 deg (the all important positioning)

      As you will see its dominated by Sky and Freesat, but there is a couple of ‘minority’ platforms 🙂

      All the German channels are over on the other Astra sats at position 19.1 deg so you cant get on the Sky/Freesat dish

      Hope this helps

    324. Ken500 says:

      They are off again. The Westminster greedy, murdering low lives. The No voters must be
      complacent. Even more public money wasted by the lying tossers.

      No one who is unelected should participation in any Scottish discussion, especially biased academics and unelected Lords. A stitch up.

    325. manandboy says:

      So what would you say was the No Campaign’s BIGGEST LIE ?

      Howz about Dave Cameron’s LIE OF OMISSION about going to

      war ? The US and the UK must have done a deal on the

      bombing of IS in Iraq BEFORE the IndyRef vote on Sept 18

      Had Scotland’s No voters been told of the plans for war,

      Scottish Independence would have been done and dusted.

      So, let’s hear it once more for Dave Cameron, Britain’s Biggest Liar.

      It ought to be an annual award – televised by the BBC !!

    326. Craig P says:

      The biggest lie – the BIG lie – is that Scotland is subsidised. And they are still at it.

    327. AuldA says:


      Solution: start a crowd-funded project to erect an offshore platform, just beyond UK’s territorial waters. Build it. Then broadcast from here.

      Or seize an offshore oil platform, alternatively. This is better, because you’d be self-sufficient in terms of energy.

    328. AuldA says:

      @BtP: My first message went amiss it seems.

      To sum it up: no, I haven’t the weest drop of Scottish blood in my veins.
      But if I had to move to an English-speaking country, and were given the choice, guess where I would go? 🙂

    329. Onwards says:

      Re: Windfarms

      It may have swayed a few votes, but I don’t think it was a priority.

      I think people generally support green energy, but not in the most scenic areas. Pylons are more unpopular than the wind turbines.

      If the cost and technology keeps improving, eventually we can have massive schemes offshore.
      Vestas now has massive 8MW turbines.

      On land, personally, I think more should be approved in the South of Scotland.

      Scenery is relatively bland in comparison to the Highlands, and miles of cycle tracks can be added as a bonus.
      The Clyde wind farm on the M74 actually adds a point of interest on that drive IMO.

      And areas like the Borders and Dumfries voted heavily NO anyway, so there aren’t that many votes to be lost there 🙂

    330. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ AuldA


    331. Chic McGregor says:

      “Can we get a weather map that shows Scotland bigger than the rest of the UK?”

      Check out RHS here

    332. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ Onwards

      “And areas like the Borders and Dumfries voted heavily NO anyway, so there aren’t that many votes to be lost there”

      Careful there, that sounds like Maggie Thstcher


    333. manandboy says:

      if anyone wishes to brush up on why Fracking isn’t flavour

      of the month, take a look at the video on this site above.

      Cameron & Osbourne are totally behind it,

      as you might expect from two self serving dedicated

      neo-Liberal con men.

      The motive behind the stampede to frack

      is just unbridled voracious greed.

      It’s just the North Sea come ashore and big business

      knows that if they get in quick,

      and with this Gov to help them, they can make billions –

      in another raid on the nation’s natural wealth,

      none of which will ever reach the taxpayer

      which is a shame really as they try to cope

      with foul poisoned drinking water,

      methane gas through their water taps

      and toxic waste oozing up from the ground beneath their

      homes and premises.

      This piece is brought to you

      With the compliments of all No voters.

    334. Midgehunter says:

      @ AuldA

      “To sum it up: no, I haven’t the weest drop of Scottish blood in my veins.
      But if I had to move to an English-speaking country, and were given the choice, guess where I would go? 🙂 ”

      Is AuldA then “The Auld Alliance”? Blood brothers you could say.

      When I think of how much Scottish blood was spilt helping the French get their country back from England in the middle ages, then I would be very happy if the French government would help out when we need to ask certain direct questions to the EU which WM refuses to do.

    335. bald eagle says:

      tonymac @4:40am

      tony i noticed the 25plus and thought noway either im drunk tired or my partner had slipped me something when i wasnt looking also last week the same people done the same thing with a yes sign please tell me i wasnt seeing things

      i can now show the other half this as she says all this stuff with the vote is playing tricks with my mind for anybody that cant see what tony is talking about its the blue light on the bridge

    336. liz says:

      I watched QT on iplayer – I hate that programme and will never watch it live, but it was suggested that Lesley Riddoch was very good and she was.

      One of the questions was – AS isn’t giving up the idea of indy ref in the future why isn’t he accepting defeat – I paraphrase.

      So again trying to make this about AS but as JS said we await the promised powers and then we will see what to do next – anyway one woman said I voted No and don’t care about more powers – these folk annoy the hell out of me – it’s not about you dear – JS said it’s about the folk who changed from Yes.

    337. Albalha says:

      I see Jack Foster etc are saying they have enough cash and are suggesting people put their cash into other ventures, how much do they know of the other TV ventures.

      Never heard of the folks behind Freedom TV and Ref TV, which I was involved in for the Fringe, saw all the key players leave after the 14 programmes at the Hill Street Theatre. Worth asking why that might be. We were all volunteers and many high profile.

      Suggest people think carefully before they pledge their cash.

      I’d have thought if Broadcast News was serious about a rival to the BBC etc they’d need all the cash they could get.

      Who knows.

      Interesting to note which folks have contributed over the last two years to the range of indiegogo’s on offer. Think for myself, sure like others, sit at around 35.

      I only mention it as it seems odd to me that people now asking for people’s well earned cash, appear not to have contributed to any others.

      In the, yet to be delivered, promised land be careful of the takers.

      Clearly the online offerings they mention, we know who they are, no problem there.

      I’d suggest contributing to them Bella and Bateman, and for the record, as Ms Riddoch, is fond of saying, ‘I’ve no skin in any of them’.

    338. David Craig says:

      excellent idea! really needed.

    339. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Are you M or F?

    340. Chic McGregor says:


      If the new service is broadcast, transmitted at the same time with a scheduled timing so that many people will be watching on many devices simultaneously, then it still requires the purchase of a TV licence if the recipients are to remain legal. Regardless of whether it is online or over the air.

      If however, it just provides a repository for the programme which people can download/watch at a time of their own choosing (that’s the crucial bit, that’s what makes it non broadcast), like catch up facilities on line, then it does not require the purchase of a licence.

      I do not know if a certain delay time is required for the on line downloadable/streamable programme to qualify for being pre-recorded. But if it say 15mins or more then that may start to impact on immediacy requirements of a news channel e.g. breaking news.

      Oh, nearly forgot the question.

      Given a lot of us have resolved to stop buying a licence, is this being considered?

      I suppose one live for licence holders and another not quite so live for legal watching by non licence holders could be an option.

    341. Chic McGregor says:

      PS the above is based only on my interpretation of the sites I’ve looked at on licencing to try to find out how to do so legally.

      It occurs to me that perhaps news broadcasting might be exempt for public interest reasons e.g. a “Volcano has opened up in central Kirriemuir best take the back road round to the Coop”

    342. AuldA says:

      @BtP: No, I am of purely European extraction. Eastern Europe for the most part, stretching up to Lebanon. None of my ancestor crossed the puddle. In fact, I could say I’m the westernmost settler of all my family. Go West!

      @Midgehunter: I wish our government had a clearer stance regarding Scotland and the EU. I think they may be backing independence unofficially, but officially mum’s the word, for they cannot afford an international crisis with London. Besides, most of our political leaders, first of all our president, are wimps. Only De Gaulle had the guts to visit Québec and shout “Vive le Québec libre” from the balcony of Montreal’s city hall. Nowadays, everybody shuts up and puts a blindfold over their eyes.

    343. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      C’est M. or Madamme?

      C’est tout, svp?

    344. AuldA says:


      I am afraid to be born a lad and not a lass. Alas? 😉

    345. Chic McGregor says:

      PPS Should be fairly obvious, but the main reason for pointing out the ramifications of the ‘licence status’ of this new service is that IF it can be done so that it can be watched legally without a licence, then I am sure that many of those who have cancelled because of BBC bias would be more than happy simply to transfer their previous licence payment to a new quality service and hence gain a double hit on what has become the enemy without incurring any net financial outlay.

    346. Angus says:

      Gave a tenner and will do this once a month regardless…….tv licence for bbc cancelled as well, might just send the dose in a oner to this great idea!

    347. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Just for the records


    348. AuldA says:

      @BtP :

      You’re a NSA mole masquerading as a panda maybe? 😉

    349. Keith Hynd says:

      I also noted that Derek Bateman is joining forces with Newsnet, which will be another advance in the right direction.

    350. Illy says:

      “I suppose one live for licence holders and another not quite so live for legal watching by non licence holders could be an option.”

      No reason at all this can’t be done.

      The BBC iPlayer works on *exactly* this basis.

      And the issue is that we need to reach the people who *only* watch the telly, the target for this is the live broadcast. Anything else is just an extra bonus (bit like the oil money)

    351. Illy says:

      @BtP and AuldA:

      No reson we couldn’t do “offshore TV”, unless there’s an issue with the transmission shadows.

      Or we could rent a channel from one of the Satellite clusters servicing European TV.

      Lots of options.

    352. Chic McGregor says:

      “And the issue is that we need to reach the people who *only* watch the telly, the target for this is the live broadcast. Anything else is just an extra bonus (bit like the oil money)”

      Agree, but see the PPS re potential funding stream from ex licence payers.

    353. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      A Panda masquerading as a mole?

    354. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      et toi?


    355. izzie edgar says:

      Having trouble with paypal account can you donate without using it

    356. AuldA says:

      Technically, it is feasible. The major problem is coverage. As you know, TV, and especially DTB, uses UHF frequencies, and UHF frequencies are line-of-sight only, which is why TV emitters are located on hillocks or mountain tops. I won’t insult your intelligence by recording to you the mean altitude of the sea, but it’s not high. Therefore, you would reach a measly portion of the coast at most. Which means you’d need a platform every fifteen miles or so. Besides, OFDM/DTB modulators are expensive.

      With a satellite channel, you don’t have any coverage problem, and you feed and MPEG stream to the broadcaster who copes with the digital modulation scheme.
      Take my word of ham radio operator for it.

      @BtP: Unwind. I’m neither a panda nor a mole.

      Worse than that: I’m a skunk.

    357. Bugger (the Panda) says:



      Friday night and we are just entering the new moon.

    358. AuldA says:


      Beware of wereskulks in a fortnight!

    359. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      howling ones?

    360. Michael McCabe says:

      Not got a Bank Account or Credit Cards. Am on Benefits. Still want to Donate my wee bit. How do I go about it. Advice Please. Cheers.

    361. AuldA says:

      @BtP : sorry, I meant wereskuNks.
      It appears I am obsessed with vixens.

      Howling, of course. Who cares about silent ones?
      You celebrate Halloween in le Gers?

    362. Morag says:

      You know, in the 24 hours since the Jack and James show doubled its target to £20,000 and they more or less said stop giving us money and maybe look at Freedom TV instead, Freedom TV has put on over £1000 and made its target.

      And the Jack and James show has put on almost another £10,000.

    363. S.McLaughlin says:

      Seems we not only need to get rid of Beeb we also need to get rid of this ofcom mob.Says it all realy.

      For licensing, you need to contact the regulator OfCom, and for transmission, you need to contact the carrier (bSkyb, Virgin Media or the Freeview multiplex owner), to negotiate a contract for carriage on their transmission system.

      This section of the Code does not apply to BBC services funded by the licence fee, which are regulated on these matters by the BBC Trust.

      [Could we just bypass this lot ,Same as the Beeb And get a licence fee on the go for a new channel]

      To ensure that news, in whatever form, is reported with due accuracy and presented with due impartiality.
      To ensure that the special impartiality requirements of the Act are complied with.
      Meaning of “due impartiality”:
      “Due” is an important qualification to the concept of impartiality. Impartiality itself means not favouring one side over another. “Due” means adequate or appropriate to the subject and nature of the programme. So “due impartiality” does not mean an equal division of time has to be given to every view, or that every argument and every facet of every argument has to be represented. The approach to due impartiality may vary according to the nature of the subject, the type of programme and channel, the likely expectation of the audience as to content, and the extent to which the content and approach is signalled to the audience. Context, as defined in Section Two: Harm and Offence of the Code, is important.
      Due impartiality and due accuracy in news
      5.1 News, in whatever form, must be reported with due accuracy and presented with due impartiality.
      5.2 Significant mistakes in news should normally be acknowledged and corrected on air quickly. Corrections should be appropriately scheduled.
      5.3 No politician may be used as a newsreader, interviewer or reporter in any news programes unless, exceptionally, it is editorially justified. In that case, the political allegiance of that person must be made clear to the audience.

      What a laughable Broadcasting Code ,This day and age 2014 ,Scotland does not have her own broadcasting service(s).
      This should be a priority in the SNPs next Manifesto or any other political party that has Scotland’s best interests at heart.

    364. vambomarbeleye says:

      Is the Rev doing the epiloge.

    365. heedtracker says:

      vambomarbeleye says:
      27 September, 2014 at 2:09 am
      Is the Rev doing the epiloge.

      It’s epilogue! Dear oh dear oh dear etc

      So its only a few days away from 1st October and THE VOW timetable says a “Command Paper will be published out ALL the plans for MORE powers” and if they do do that it’ll be another teamGB miracle. Dont you know there’s a war on? Where’s your loyalty…

      Wonder who chose words like ALL, MORE, COMMAND PAPER anyway, shills like Torquil and Severin nae doot.

    366. tom says:


    367. Ron says:

      TV licensing – I see that loads of wingers are cancelling their tv licence and this is a good thing, I haven’t had a tv licence for around five years now and in that time I’ve had a lot of harassment from the tv licensing people. Here are a few points to help out anyone who is new to this world of threats and intimidation:

      1) “TV Licensing” is a private company run by Capita on behalf of the TV Licensing Authority, which is another name for the BBC. They run it this way to keep the BBC at arms length from the whole thing. “TV Licensing” try to give the impression they are a government body empowered with carrying out criminal investigations. They are not and they have no special powers in law.

      2) They will send you a series of increasingly threatening and harassing letters. These letters always request that you should contact them to explain your situation if you believe you don’t need a tv licence, which seems reasonable. However, you are not legally obliged to contact them and if you do they will continue to send you letters after a while anyway “in case something has changed” and you now need a tv licence. Don’t bother contacting them by post, email or phone. They aren’t really interested and will just defer the letters for three months at the most. By contacting them you’re just letting them know they’ve got a bite. You might even go on their list for special attention.

      3) The standard letters come in a variety of styles in an attempt to look more ‘official’ and intimidating. Some will be written in red ink and will tell you that “an investigation has been authorised” or that “our enforcement officers will soon be visiting” or that “your case has been referred to our prosecutions team for legal action” or even that “you may wish to refer to this letter in court“. They are especially fond of quoting sections of legislation and talking about the Crown Prosecution Service (funnily enough they never refer to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service). This is all complete bullshit aimed at getting you worried enough to just stump up the cash. Ignore these letters as you would ignore any other unsolicited junk mail – they’ve got exactly the same legal weight as all the shite Reader’s Digest used to send my mum. After eight or nine letters you’ll just go back to the start of the cycle again.

      4) Their “enforcement officers” are employees of Capita – salesmen on minimum wage and big commission who go from door to door attempting to intimidate folk into buying a license. They are private citizens just like you and me, they have no special legal powers. They will say almost anything to bluff their way into your house or elicit a confession of evasion. <bYou are under no legal obligation to let them in your home or speak to them or even acknowledge their presence. They can only enter your property without your permission if they obtain a search warrant from a Sheriff and by all accounts this is undertaken vanishingly rarely. They have to have very strong evidence of actual evasion taking place to obtain a warrant and simply not having a tv licence is not evidence of anything in itself. If they knock at your door don’t speak to them, other than to tell them to FRO, and definitely don’t sign anything.

      5) There is dubiety over whether or not “TV Detector” vans exist. Personally I choose to believe that while the technology is theoretically possible, the practical application is not. To date evidence from a “TV Detector” has never been used in a prosecution, which tells you something. I used to live in the attic flat of a big tenement block with seven other flats; I’d like to see them detect who was all watching tv of an evening in that building. Don’t worry about hi tech “TV Detectors” – the most reliable way of detecting a tv in use is looking through a window or listening at the letterbox, then chapping the door and eliciting a doorstep confession from a startled householder.

      6) You only require to have a tv license if you watch tv programs live at the time they are broadcast. If you watch DVDs, Blu Rays, iplayer, stv player, netflix, youtube, etc.. you don’t require a licence. You don’t need to detune your tv or remove/unplug your aerial as the offence is using the equipment to watch live tv, not simply having the equipment installed and available to be used.

      Finally a quick summary of the above: Ignore the letters, don’t contact them, never speak to their salesmen and don’t worry about detector vans. the best way to deal with them is to avoid all contact. You are not obliged to prove to anyone that you don’t need a tv licence any more than you’re obliged to prove that you don’t need a pilot’s licence, a fishing licence or an oil exploration licence. Incidentally although I’ve had hundreds of letters, I haven’t had a visit from TV Licensing in the five years I’ve been – entirely legally – unlicensed.

    368. Free at last? says:

      These are fun times. We are actually getting off our arses and doing something. I just wish I could make my English friends and family understand that this is as much about them as us – it’s not feckin flag-waving – the peasants are revolting, but not with pitchforks, but with the power of thought and discussion. It’s not freedom from England, it’s freedom from those bastard kleptocrats from the Bullington Club. We live in a (UK) country that is currently conspiring to assist in its own impoverishment – economical, moral and cultural. And as we speak, bombs that we are made to pay for are falling on more bewildered civilians on whatever part of the lost empire we are now fucking about with to protect Tory seats from UKIP. It’s mad, mad feckin world.

    369. kendomacaroonbar says:


      I need a little help here. Please see our new video promo here !

      Yours aye


    370. AuldA says:

      @Tom: You don’t have a Paypal account? I live in Paris and had not worry whatsoever.

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