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Every revolution starts with a lone voice

Posted on February 16, 2017 by

From these small beginnings shall our ultimate victory come.


The votes for “God Save The Queen” being driven by Tories, English-born residents and supporters of a particular football club probably won’t come as the biggest shock in the world to anyone.

(Alert viewers will of course have noticed that due to MI5 INTERFERENCE in the poll, there were actually two votes for Hoots Mon, which have been suspiciously rounded down to one. We are conducting an investigation, by which we mean brutal purge.)

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    2. 17 02 17 00:37

      New Wings Panelbase poll –

    254 to “Every revolution starts with a lone voice”

    1. schrodingers cat says:

      500 miles by the proclaimers

    2. Pitchfork says:

      1st choice: A Man’s A Man
      2nd: freedom come a ye
      Could live with Caledonia
      Please God not Flower of Scotland
      God Save the Queen – Whit?

    3. Macart says:

      😀 LOL

      Needed that Rev. Second best laugh this week.

      Still, interesting results on attitudes to a song.

    4. Betty Boop says:

      I agree with you Schrody!

      I’m still playing “Cap in Hand” as my phone ringtone. I’d rather it was a happier tune :-(, but, that’s how it’s been for a while now.

    5. Juan P says:

      Scotland’s story. Simply superb.

    6. Stoker says:

      Rev wrote:

      “(Alert viewers will of course have noticed that due to MI5 INTERFERENCE in the poll, there were actually two votes for Hoots Mon, which have been suspiciously rounded down to one. We are conducting an investigation, by which we mean brutal purge.)”


      WOS archive links for August 2013 now over on O/T.

    7. Proud Cybernat says:

      ‘Ode to Joy’ was doing rather well the other week.

    8. Now you are just being silly, Stu.
      I’d commission a Song for Scotland competition.
      Working Title for mine?
      ‘There’s A Ruth Loose Aboot This Hoose.’

    9. Ian McCubbin says:

      Love the dry humour Tec.
      Caledonia would be my preference out of these.
      Glad we will be a republic and not paying for royal.

    10. Bob MACK says:

      I suppose this is where we have give and take. I personally have no inclination to deprive Unionists of their perceived heritage— bar one thing, which is the Union.

      If they need their comfort blanket of Queen, anthem,Rangers, whatever, they as far as I am concerned can hang onto them. Time will erode that particular issue. We see as many as a third who support Rangers also support indy.

      As I have posted already, culture is one of the hardest things to break down, but it is happening. We must endure the unendurable sometimes as they say in Japan.

      The end result would be worth it.

    11. Joseph Simpson says:

      Lets come up with new one. In 100 years no one will give a shit about the old struggle to get shot of Westminster. Lets have a newly commissioned song that’s about the nation and its values. In time, we will not define ourselves by our relationship with our neighbour.

    12. G4jeepers says:

      Aww, whitabbot rool bratanyah?


    13. ScottieDog says:

      Just catching up on the day.

      Freedom come ye.

      Flower of Scotland has passed its sell-by date.

      Also reckon Kez for BT2. Seemless transfer from SLAB rather than the boot.

      WTF was robin McAlpine playing at with the culloden analogy?? Content of his piece was good but the yoons are loving the talk of claymores. Not even linking to it.

    14. defo says:

      Anything by Mogwai or the Cocteau Twins.
      FoS is a dirge, but it’s our dirge. 😉

    15. Fergus Green says:

      Agree with 500 miles.

      Uplifting and engaging, without nationalistic overtones.

    16. Morag says:

      Srsly, you may not like Scots wha hae, but it’s ridiculous not to offer it as a choice.

    17. Luigi says:

      2% for GSTQ among Celtic fans.

      There’s a surprise. 2% seems awfully high. 🙂

    18. Thepnr says:

      Nowhere in that question is Scottish Independence mentioned so it is interesting that although God Save The Queen is currently Scotland’s National Anthem only 10% want it to remain so.

    19. Doug Morrison says:

      Who cares. Do we even need one? But at the very least none of the tedious tuneless dirges such as FoS. And anyone suggesting GStQ needs a severe talking to, at the least, if not “re-education”.

    20. DerekM says:

      And i thought everybody had heard crazy ivan and the plastic generation`s brilliant version of hoots mon as well.

      lol you have to love Scots in polls there is always one that thinks yea that will do for a laugh 🙂

    21. David Mills says:

      Flower is a battle cry as is Cap in hand
      caladonia a lament for our wonder last soul Scotlands Story is a statment of who we are and want to be a fitting anthem for a re-born nation of the world

    22. gerry parker says:

      G4jeepers@ 5:26.
      Aww, whitabbot rool bratanyah?

      Marmalade and Jam?

    23. wull2 says:

      We just require new words

      O flower of Scotland
      Now we have seen your like again
      That fought Westminster
      In wee bit hill and glen
      And stood against them
      Proud Westminster’s army
      And sent them homeward
      Tae think again

    24. Joemcg says:

      Off the wall I know but Arrival by Abba is brilliant on the bagpipes or failing that highland cathedral. Both instrumentals but make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

    25. scottieDog says:

      Flower of scotland reminds me too much of BT (Better Together) Murrayfield.

    26. Albert Herring says:

      Whit aboot “Ye canny shove yer grannie aff a bus”?

    27. joannie says:

      Smack My Bitch Up by The Prodigy.

    28. Jim Thomson says:

      Puzzled a wee bit by the SNP folks wanting GSTQ. Is it an age thing? Are there SNP voting monarchists?

      Any chance of a table showing the selection as an age thing?

    29. DerekM says:

      Lets screw with the world and be the first nation to have an album 😉

    30. joannie says:

      The theme tune to Hawaii 5-0 would be great. That was played by mistake for the Star Spangled Banner once at some state occasion in New Zealand to welcome the new US ambassador.

    31. Macart says:

      FoS is a fine wee ditty, but it’s not an anthem. It really does get murdered and turned into the most gawdawful dirge at big events. TBF I don’t reckon any of the candidates on the selection fit the bill. (cough) Sorry Rev. 🙂

      They’re just not representative of who we are today. One in particular has extremely unfortunate connotations historically for Scots and naw, I don’t feel like obeying any monarch. I don’t care how sparkly their goonie and matching hat is. No callouses on these knees thangyouverramuch. Probably closest is Freedom come a ye, but even then.

      Nope! I reckon its about time some musically creative types had a serious think.

    32. Derick fae Yell says:

      God save the Queen. But only if it’s the Sex Pistols version

      Flower o bloody Scotland, good God

    33. yesindyref2 says:

      Apparently, this is MI5’s favourite anthem

    34. Croompenstein says:

      Theme tune from The Rockford Files or failing that Michael White’s Moustache.. 🙂

    35. yesindyref2 says:

      Yeah, 500 miles for me.

    36. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Shame on Labour voters for their abysmal support for the wonderful “Freedom come a’ ye”. Rather confirms my suspicion about a dearth of revolutionary zeal among the (voting) proletariat, despite the hopes of some.

      Though no great surprise given the Tories’ propensity for deferential royalist forelock-tugging, shame too on them for spurning it (and in favour of an anti-Scottish dirge at that!), since its tune is the fine military pipe march “The bloody fields of Flanders” dating from WW1.

      Clearly none of them have a clue about their own history. Not too surprising either, I suppose, given the pathetic lack of self-awareness imparted by schools for long since.

      That ignorance is something that has shackled us mentally for far too long, and really needs to be addressed among the population at large, and our young folk in particular.

    37. davidb says:

      I have declined to sing Flower Of Scotland since 2014. What kind of hypocrite sings “we can still rise now” then votes to remain in the UK?

      53% of those polled is a higher figure than the number who would vote yes tomorrow. So at least 70 of the responders are two faced arses.

    38. Dan Huil says:

      “The hen’s merch ower the midden”

      “The gow’s fareweel tae Covesea”

    39. Thepnr says:


      Totally agree, none of the above. A new anthem for an Independent Scotland.

    40. The Freedom Come A’Ye for me (and not just because the tune was written by Dunoon’s Pipe Major Jock McLellan). It epitomises what she should want to be in the world and a chance to expiate the guilt we share with the rest of the UK for the atrocities we perpetrated across the globe for the British Empire.

      Either that, or we steal the Foggy Dew or Erin Gu snooker loopy!

    41. Bruce L says:

      Christ it’s almost worth voting No to avoid living in a country with that shitty Flower of Scotland dirge as an official national anthem.


    42. glynbeddau says:

      This could be the only case when Wales is ahead of you. I doubt there’s would be much dispute over Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

    43. galamcennalath says:

      I’m a fan for Freedom Come All Ye. Sad that it isn’t widely known. Or, maybe no one likes it! 🙁

    44. stonefree says:

      “Anthem”…..The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

    45. TJenny says:

      yesindtref2 – surely MI5’s favourite anthem is ‘Every step you take’, no? 😉

    46. TheWasp says:

      A contest for a new anthem for me, I’ve been sick of that dirge “Flower of Scotland” for a long time, and as mentioned above the BT Murrayfield crowd singing it has left a really bad taste since indyref1

    47. Nana says:

      I would like a new anthem, c’mon Samllaxe get writing.

    48. TJenny says:

      How about Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ changed to ‘Caledonia’ and the words wouldn’t need much tweaking either – one for the YewChoobers to work on, mibbe?

    49. Duncan MacIntosh says:

      Imagine singing a song about someone you will never meet and that you wish god to save them?

      Might be something in that when old liz gets to the pearly gates, god might ask her how she has justified living as she does whilst millions have little or nothing!

    50. Graeme Strang says:

      Can we no have the Peter Gunn theme?

      Honestly, I don’t really think any of those choices are any good – we need something new

    51. yesindyref2 says:

      Good one 🙂

    52. Derek says:

      No votes for Stop Yer Ticklin’ Jock? National anthems should be cheerier.

    53. Lenny Hartley says:

      I’m with Dave McEwan Hill on Foggy Dew, brilliant tune Black 47 used it for their song Livin In America , we could easily rustle up some words or we could steal the tune of the Italian National Anthem, that’s a great wee cheery tine 🙂

    54. Flower of Scotland says:

      It’s “Freedom Come all Ye” for me too. It’s wonderful.

      Listen to Karine Polwart singing it in the Italian Chapel in Orkney. It’s on YouTube. It’s spine tingling and people can learn it.

    55. Craig P says:

      I’d share a song I wrote for a competition years ago – unfortunately it is also a bit of a dirge! 🙂

      (och – here’s a bitty):

      I think hymn tunes work – they are easy to sing, good for a big crowd, have a bit of gravitas. We could take Crimond or Amazing Grace and write new words.

    56. Weechid says:

      “Don’t support 55% for Flower of Scotland”

      See, I told you that the “don’t support No voter in the other poll were middle class Rugby supporters and not women:-)

      I still like “Scots wha hae”

    57. Roboscot says:

      glynbeddau says:
      This could be the only case when Wales is ahead of you. I doubt there’s would be much dispute over Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

      Well if you’re not planning on needing it… 🙂

    58. robertknight says:

      FoS only ever listenable to if played by a single piper as a lament. (Flowers of the Forest style).

      Highland Cathedral would be much better IMHO.

    59. MorvenM says:

      Love this tune. Brings a tear to my eye. Viewers in England look away now.

    60. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      I discovered recently the Hoots Mon was a number 1 chart hit for a few weeks in the fifties by the band called Lord Rockingham’s XI.

      Definitely a fix – it deserves more than 1 vote!

      Enjoy 🙂

    61. yesindyref2 says:

      What this question shows though is that with one or two exceptions there’s a lot of common ground. So basically speaking it needs a squad of YES campaigners with different musical tastes, and when an undecided or NO walks along you find out their favourite anthem and the appropriate squad member goes across and says:

      “Yes, that’s my favourite anthem too, so you’ll vote YES then?”

    62. Effijy says:

      It would be a very good time for the Scottish Parliament to
      sponsor a competition to compose a new Scottish National Anthem.

      The French, Irish, Italians, Australians, Canadians all have great anthems.

      Perhaps they could throw in a line somewhere about the suppressors of the Scots finally getting a kick in the nuts?

    63. Luigi says:

      Leave Flower of Scotland for the 80 minute patriots. Those angry, Proud Scot Buts need something to cover their shame, even if the relief is temporary.

    64. Liz g says:

      Auld Lang syne.
      For ma choice,it’s not Military nae battles or bloody tombs, instantly recognisable as Scottish, it’s an old song and denotes that we are an old nation not a new one and most of the rest of the world can and do sing a verse while also doing the actions.

    65. galamcennalath says:

      A miserable 10% for God Save the Queen.

      Yes or No, Leave or Remain – shows just how far Scotland has moved in recent decades.

      My guess would be in the 50/60s GSTQ would have been a given.

      Would what % in England would vote for GSTQ? Even there the ‘social division aspects’ might mean it’s not all that popular. Or, maybe I’m wrong and Brexit South Britain would belt out GSTQ quite merrily.

    66. starlaw says:

      A new song, look to our Gaelic tradition find a good marching tune, put words to it, a song children would sing as it will be their song.

      The Australian Anthem was written for children .. and I’ve been in crowds where everybody sang it.

      As for GSOGQ .. God give me strength

    67. stewartb says:

      Flower of Scotland is a good song to sing but Scotland needs to move on and leave this song ‘behind’s an anthem – a song to sing (fondly) in the pub.

      In an independent Scotland we need to stop defining ourselves for the world by comparison with England, even in an historical context.

      I’d prefer an anthem with the sentiments of Freedom Come A Ye.

    68. Robert Roddick says:

      It would be nice if today’s school kids could be taught ”Freedom come all ye”.
      The sentiment should be what we all aspire to. Is their any Scot who was not moved by Pumeza Matshikiza’s rendition at the proms in 2014. If anyone doesn’t know of this. go and look for it.

    69. Capella says:

      Agree with Morag, Scots Wha Hae should have been on the list. I think it’s the SNP song they end conference with (or used to).
      I didn’t much like it till I heard Dougie MacLean sing it.
      Brilliant words by Burns.
      Pictures on this clip of Gillies Hill in Stirling which some people want to quarry into:

    70. Effijy says:

      Radio 4?s Nick Robinson has apologised to horrified listeners after suggesting live on air that Father Christmas is not real.

      Oh Yes he is or this lying Tory conman would be out of a job!

    71. Mike says:

      Engelbert Humperdincks 10 guitars. Doesn’t get more Scots than that.

    72. BJ says:


      Listening to a press conference withTrump just now talking about Fake news.
      Trump got the measure of the EBC?

      Jon Sopel stood up to ask a question.

      Trump “who are you”?

      Sopel “BBC”

      Trump, looking to his left “another Beauty”

    73. Cactus says:

      “From these small beginnings shall our ultimate victory come.”

      A howde TJenny ~

      Your 6:34pm is an excellent suggestion, I wanna hear it now 🙂

      Here’s another Scottish suggestion.. see if youse recognise this one and where you’ve heard it before..

      (“Talkin’ about) Something So Real”

      SO here’s tae us and cheers tae us, all of us.

    74. Dr Jim says:

      Mairi’s Weddin

      Now there’s a toe tapper, “Step we gaily on we go” ye can rock it up, ye can bang bhodrans in it, ye can bagpipe it, ye can football chant it, just change a word here or there for the rest of it

      Little belter of a tune with a footstomp every time you sing the word “GO”

    75. Cactus says:

      And while we’re at it, here’s one great thing that no-one can deny..

      Think of Scotland!

    76. tony little says:

      All nice tunes, but none are really a National Anthem. I like the idea of a competition; we need something that reflects who we are in the 21st century.

    77. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Ever since I first heard of it, on a previous Wings thread, I have been a huge fan of Marche Des Soldats De Robert De Bruce.

      Since the original is the tune to which Scots Wha Hae was set, it would certainly work.

      Re the suggestion of ‘Ten Guitars’, it would have to be the Billy Connolly version.

      I always liked Alan Rough’s suggestion: “They can play ‘She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain’ for all I care, I just want to get the game started”.

    78. Iain says:

      I think we need a new anthem which looks forward not back. We don’t want an anthem that mentions another country. Flower of Scotland is a good folk song but is not the kind of song for a progressive country. We don’t need to sing about getting our freedom after we have reasserted it. We need to think again.

    79. Jock McDonnell says:

      Fair play to the English born, half went for FoS

    80. heedtracker says:

      You take the high road and I’ll take the low and I’ll be in Scotland before you…

      Gender neutral, no one’s standing against anyone, and it always gives Morag a lump in her throat too.

    81. starlaw says:

      Love the idea of Scots Way Hay but feel we need to get away from war. A re write on Mairis Weddin sounds good to me
      Freedom come all ye … born and brought up in the Scottish countryside I cant make out the words, think its a mixture maxture of dialects.

    82. galamcennalath says:

      Hey guys, we need something really really Scottish we can all dance to!

    83. Clapper57 says:

      Scottish National Anthem

      How about Michael Jackson’s songs but only sung at England v Scotland football / Rugby games.

      1. Beat it
      2. Wanna be starting something

      Scottish fans could collectively hold their crotches at specific moments a la Jackson style.

      If anyone no likey these suggestions and you wanna be starting something you can beat it.

    84. TJenny says:

      Cactus – Hi, try singing Hallelujah replaced with Caledonia, it scans, but it also brings a lump to my throat – ‘so not so good for the singing? 😉

    85. Cactus says:

      “From these small beginnings shall our ultimate victory come.”

      That would look most-excellent under the podgamer boss.

    86. Ron Preedy says:

      500 miles? Just imagining the bit where 20,000 all go ‘dededete dededete dededederetderetderetdere’

    87. Cactus says:

      Welcome new people.

      It’s dark, it’s late, but The Sun is shining.


    88. Tam Jardine says:

      WE need to earn a national anthem- nations are not run by other nations from capital cities hundreds of miles away.

      First we do this thing then we can come up with the accoutrements and trappings of state.

      In the mean time Flower of Scotland pretty much sums up where we are- nothing much has changed: still under foreign dominion.

    89. heedtracker says:

      And now the weather,

      before BBC QT freak show tonight, oh god.

    90. Col says:

      A lot of national anthems are really slow and boring. I think something that incorporates slow/fast/slow would be a good idea. We have great ceilidh music in Scotland and amazing gaelic songs which make the hairs on your arms stand up and bring a tear to yer eye. You could even have different versions that could be used in different occasions.

    91. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi MorvenM at 7:10 pm.

      You typed,
      “Love this tune. Brings a tear to my eye. Viewers in England look away now.”

      And a wee nod in the direction of Socrates…
      When the bagpipes come in on this, it fair makes the spine tingle. “The Auld Alliance is alive and well”.

    92. Cactus says:

      TJenny ~ aye it scans very well.

      Maybe a lump in throat when solo, but not so when you got the whole of the Scotland Chorus behind and with you..


    93. galamcennalath says:

      So, what should our guys in the Westmidden sing next time they want to piss off the Tories?

      Caledonia would be good 🙂

      Maybe the should sing it on the day they walk out for the last time!

      Caledonia, you’re calling me, now I’m going home

    94. The Rough Bounds says:

      Robert Burns wrote ‘Scots what hae’ and used the tune that he had heard played to him in several locations throughout Scotland, the story being that it was the tune that Robert Bruce’s army marched to on their way to Bannockburn. It was played in 14th century France by the Scottish troops aiding Joan of Arc and is known in France as ‘Marche des Soldats de Robert Bruce.’ The French play it every year at the Commemoration of the Siege of the Bastille. Just google it and you will get a surprise.

      As a National Anthem it has history and provenance. It is ridiculous and a disgrace that it was not included in that list.

    95. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Hmmm, on further consideration, this question was quite a clever psychological ploy by the rev., since it reveals by Freudian-esque slip the real proportion and distribution of truly hard-core unionists, namely those whose choice is the same anthem as the UK (GSTQ).

      And what do we see? That only 9.5% (98/1028) fall into that category (and some of those may possibly not bother voting at all, since only 86 of them are main-party voters).

      Among main-party voters, that distributes as 27% of the Cons, 11% of the LieDems, 9% of the Labourites and 3% of the SNP. (I know, the motives of some SNP voters are a mystery, but we already knew that some weren’t yessers.)

      And the conclusion: there’s all still to play for in indyref2. Still a lot of potential converts. Not least among the Labourites. (If they can be weaned off their self-defeating tribalism. So please, don’t slag off Henry, he’s getting there and he will take quite a few others with him.)

      (Oh, and there has clearly been MI5 interference in this section of the poll also. Although there are 98 respondents from all around choosing GSTQ, they have apparently smuggled one more into the footie/non-footie part… Now how dastardly is that?! =grin=)

    96. TJenny says:

      Cactus – maybe Ninja Penguin’s working on the lyrics as we type, in time for Jock’s (and you too?) gig at the BBC protest.

    97. Dougie Bee says:

      Whut aboot yon wee ditty that Benny Hill chased a the scantilly clad weemin tae..
      A think it wuss ca’ad Yackety Sax, could be changed to Yackety Scotts….
      Joking aside” Freedom come a ye” would be my choice, but can ye imagine a Hampden crowd after a few beers singin it…naw neither can I…..

    98. yesindyref2 says:

      @Robert J. Sutherland
      Yes, insights into attitudes. What’s in common – what’s not.

    99. Conan the Librarian says:

      I’ve always liked ‘Freedom Come All Ye’ masel; the lyrics sum up what most of us in the YES camp think about the British establishment.

      Yet Liz g has a point, Auld Lang Syne is an anthem already, sung by almost everyone in the English speaking world, or at least the first two lines of it anyway…

    100. Cactus says:

      Hay-he-hey, likey likey 😉

      Mon the Ninja Penguin’s!

      Till.. 26.03.17

    101. People Carrier says:

      Yip, Auld Lang Syne would be great.

      But……….please…………under no circumstances is it pronounced Zyne, correct at every oppor-fecking-tunity. Just stop the fecker singing it and correct them, ………..every fecking time. Drives me mental.

    102. mike cassidy says:

      There is only one candidate for a new anthem.

      Here it is sung to politicians.

      But best experienced like this

    103. louis.b.argyll says:

      I also love Scots Wha Hae..

      It has an ancient beating lilt..but its medieval reality is too heavy for us modern softies.

      By oppression’s
      woes and pains,
      By your sons
      in servile chains!
      We will drain
      our dearest veins,
      But they shall be free.

      Burns, fantastic. An artist.

    104. dunx says:

      “Nom Dieu! What make you here? Let ME lead MY Scots”

      Reportedly the words of Joan of Arc at Orleans, April 1429. Where about 1/4 of her army (6,000) were Scots.
      Some of her Scots knights and nobles listed here…

    105. yesindyref2 says:

      A Scottishified version of this I think, might even get Alistair Darling to make a guest appearance and laugh.

    106. AnTeallach says:

      How about Scotland Will Flourish? Gets me every time

    107. Joe McCusker says:

      Auld Lang Syne

      Imagine this at the Olympics e.g.

      The whole stadium would join in.

    108. TJenny says:

      Mike Cassidy – that’s reduced me to a blubbering emotional wreck – but in an awfy good way.

    109. Alan Moanagain says:

      I’m embarrassed to say ‘Hoots Mon’ was number 1 on the day I was born.

    110. Brian MacLeod says:

      Please let’s be like the Spanish and have an anthem that has no singing. Then we won’t have to listen to it being strangled or rearranged.

      Our anthem should be played on the bagpipes, and Scotland the Brave would be a good choice for that.

    111. Mik Johnstone says:

      Personally I think “God save the Queen” SHOULD be the national anthem …Nothing fills me with greater pride than Sitting in on a Saturday night Listening to the London Philharmonic Orchestra warming up the woodwinds and listening to the Cello, as the vocalists come on, in all their splendour, that opening line, I have never felt prouder….
      God Save the Queen, and her fascist regime … Brings a tear to the eye … But yeah … flower o’ Scotland … Hands down …

    112. ScottishPsyche says:

      Auld Lang Syne – known the world over. Great sentiment and no baggage.

    113. Cactus says:

      “From these small beginnings shall our ultimate victory come.”

      A quick and meaningful O/T interlude..

      This post is about iScot

      With only 5 days left to go now, it would be great if the team at Wings could do a personal plug for iScot magazine‘s annual fundraiser “Phase 3 ~ The Last Call“, to HELP the team at iScot cross the finishing line once again (like we did last summer.)

      Wings have the power!

      Yours aye,
      Ye Ken.

      Speaking of annual fundraisers.. I reckon there’ll be other things happening here in this fine place during (early) March ’17, other than the infamous A50.

      Stay tuned to find out some moresome.. getting exciting now!

    114. louis.b.argyll says:

      People Carrier..
      ‘..But……….please…………under no circumstances is it pronounced Zyne..’

      Except in Inverness etc where it’s
      Old-laang Zu-een, Mun.

    115. TJenny says:

      When we’re independent we could ask The Proclaimers to write a new song for Scotland as nearly all of theirs are really anthemic.

    116. One_Scot says:

      Looks like Trump handed the BBC its ass on a plate, and boy do they not like it.

      If May thinks Trump is Britain saviour, she’s in for a rough ride.

    117. TJenny says:

      People Carrier – maybe not a drive, just a short putt. 😉

    118. Glamaig says:

      listening to all these songs – how can anyone vote No? what an amazing country. Ive been on the verge of tears listening to some of them.

      my heart says Flower of Scotland

      A Mans a Man for A’ That has the best message.

    119. One_Scot says:

      Still can’t get my head around all the Fake New outrage. Scotland has been suffering Fake News for as long as I can remember and no one has ever raised that.

    120. Graf Midgehunter says:

      My opinion for what it’s worth is that “Scots wha he..” is a magnificent song but it’s not material for a Nat. Anth.

      We need an up-lifting, toe-tapper maybe, all round tune which is used not just for sporting events but everything from e.g. military commemorations to State visits to anniversaries and so on.

      It should inhibit Scottishness and not drag on forever..! 🙂 With words or not?? Short and snappy.

      I quite like F.O.S but it would need some re-writing of the words.

      “March of the Soldiers of Robert de Bruce” is one tune I really like.. 🙂

    121. Juan P says:

      Scotland’s Story

      The Proclaimers


      Michael McGrory from west Donegal
      You came to Glasgow with nothing at all
      You fought the landlord then the Africa Korps
      When you came to Glasgow with nothing at all

      Abraham Caplan from Vilnius you came
      You were heading for New York but Leith’s where you’ve stayed
      You built a great business which benefits all
      Since you came to this land with nothing at all

      In Scotland’s story I read that they came
      The Gael and the Pict, the Angle and Dane
      But so did the Irishman, Jew and Ukraine
      They’re all Scotland’s story and they’re all worth the same

      Joseph D’Angelo dreams of the days
      When Italian kids in the Grassmarket played
      We burned out his shop when the boys went to war
      But auld Joe’s a big man and he forgave all

      In Scotland’s story I’m told that they came
      The Gael and the Pict, the Angle and Dane
      But where’s all the Chinese and Indian names?
      They’re in my land’s story and they’re all worth the same

      Christina McKay, I learned of your name
      How you traveled south from Delny one day
      You raised a whole family in one room they say
      And the X on the line stands in place of your name

      So in the old story I’ll bet that I came
      From Gael and Pict and Angle and Dane
      And a poor migrant girl who could not write her name
      It’s a common old story but it’s mine just the same

      All through the story the immigrants came
      The Gael and the Pict, the Angle and Dane
      From Pakistan, England and from the Ukraine
      We’re all Scotland’s story and we’re all worth the same
      Your Scotland’s story is worth just the same

    122. Kupo says:

      I though I was the only one who just didn’t get flower of Scotland
      ( not the history part, but the modern context of the anthem and of why it is used in today society).

      It certainly doesn’t fill me with passion about singing about sending the english hame tae think again( I would understand if it were the year 1412 people were belting it out or something but not 2017.

      On a philosophical side note, why do pro-union no surrender people sing with such a passion( you know the type)? A particular note comes to mind: “Those days are passed now. And in the passed they must remain. But we can still rise now. And be the nation again”.

      Yet given the chance they would refuse and outright deny this nations ability to rise again(independence) and their willful refusal to let go of their distorted view of a past( the one sided union) that continues to harm current and eventually future generations of this country.

    123. heedtracker says:

      Are there lyrics to Scotland the Brave? Its odd how Amazing Grace has become so Scots too.

    124. Gary45% says:

      Trump= Zionist Israel’s saviour.

      Yea, fu*kin sue me.
      You cannot sue the truth.( you can try but you will look like a ZIONIST TWAT)

    125. Tinto Chiel says:

      One_Scot said:

      “Still can’t get my head around all the Fake New outrage. Scotland has been suffering Fake News for as long as I can remember and no one has ever raised that.”

      Well said, OS.

      Trump may be a sociopathic Fruit-Loop, but when he heard the reporter was from the BBC, he said: “BBC? That’s a beauty!”

      Pricked Ian Pannell’s wee bubble, anyhoo.

    126. Cactus says:


      If you don’t watch tv at HOME and you’re interested..

      Check out Radio 5 Live for the Question Time show.

      Calling at Glasgow.

    127. Cactus says:

      I can’t see.. are there any familiars in the audience?

      All you can hear is Fluffy mumblin’ again and again and again.

      Mon the John, sock it to em!

    128. galamcennalath says:

      Perhaps it’s not a new tune we need to commission, but new and appropriate words to go with an existing tune.

      Scots Wha Hae harks back to Wallace, Bruce and the omni-present ‘proud Edward’ of Flower of Scotland. Surely our anthem doesn’t need to be about ‘English bashing’!

      Scotland the Brave has ‘dreaming for the homeland’, and like Caledonia refers to expats looking back home. Not quite right.

      Auld Lang Syne, farewells and looking back in time. Let’s look forward.

      Old tune, new words, that’s what’s needed IMO.

    129. Cherry says:

      Aaahhhh I’m watching QT Fluffy really makes my skin crawl! He reminds me of Uriah Heep all sleazy and cringing!

      Someone talk me down off the roof 🙁

    130. Phydaux says:

      A nice wee change of tune from the usual polls.Flower of Scotland is a droning dirge of a tune which is uninspiring and out of time.

      Auld Lang Syne is my choice.As well as being very well kent far and wide, it is one of the few Scottish songs which can be sung in 3 or 4 part harmonies. I have sung it this way in a community choir and it sounds beautiful, evocative and uplifting.The song describes family and friendship and feeling and goodwill, all of which is in tune with opening our hearts to a free and independent Scotland.

    131. Iain More says:

      Quite a few of us might not like FoS as the anthem but it is pretty much that by popular acclaim.

      Oh and I don’t think the English get mentioned in FoS or Scots Wha Hae, it is Edward that is the villain of the peace in both songs.

      I guess when the Yoons and Guffs drop Those Rebellious Scots to Crush then I wouldn’t mind having Freedom Come All Yee as the Scots anthem. Making it the popular choice would be harder since there seems to a division of opinion about what to replace FoS with.

    132. MJT says:

      Tried watching question time for the first time in yonks. What a fuckin shit show. Had to bail. We’re gonna keep getting it up the arse until folks become more informed. The guy talking about Scotland’s deficit was the last straw.

    133. Fireproofjim says:

      Question time has been astonishingly even handed on the question of Brexit Independence. Dimbleby holding Mundell to account, who is his usual pointless blustering self.

    134. Alba Laddie says:

      Where is the Scottish Labour party representative on QT tonight? Did they send their taxi to the wrong studio?

    135. Michael says:

      Rev. you missed the most important take away from the survey in the results for Q7:
      Most people in Scotland aren’t that into football.

    136. chris kilby says:

      How about the theme from Take The High Road…?

    137. One_Scot says:

      Something must have went right for the SNP on question Time, the Yoon bats are foaming mouthed howling on the Twatteratti.

    138. Conan the Librarian says:

      Fluffy blaming the SNP for how poor Scots education is.

      Perhaps seventeen Scottish schools – built under a Labour regime – falling down in a high wind, thus denying many Scots schoolchildren access to education may have had a teeny weeny something to do with it?

    139. Cactus says:


      1) pre-Article 50
      2) post-Article 50..
      3) ..pre-Brexit
      4) post-Brexit
      5) Xanadu

      Factoidium: Article 50 and Brexit are two different things.
      They happen in sequence.

      The Indyref2 call and date announcement happens somewhere in between, but not after.

      I don’t know, if you can see..

    140. Sandy says:

      QT tonight.

      Not a bad panel. Four intelligent people & Mundell.

    141. Jock McDonnell says:

      What happened was Mark Littlewood told the audience that Independence was a no brainer.

    142. HandandShrimp says:

      Mundell is a gift that keeps giving. I rarely watch QT but that was more even handed than I can recall for one held on Scottish soil for a long time.

    143. chris kilby says:

      Pick Up The Pieces by The Average White Band.

      (The Benny Hill Theme is actually called Yakkity Sax, BTW.)

    144. Ed t head says:

      How about powertrippin by The Almighty lowd fast and a Glasgow band.

    145. Cactus says:

      Come victory..

      Well in Willie, Anonymous, Sheena Kilpatrick and David Mackintosh to date.

      You’re an iScot 🙂

      “From these small beginnings shall our ultimate victory come.”

    146. Sinky says:

      On BBC QT. John Swinney should have said that the 3% deficit rule only applies to being part of the Exchange Rate Mechanism, two years membership of which is required before being part of the Euro zone. It has nothing to do with joining the EU.

      The UK also fails to meet the ERM convergence criteria as its Budget deficit to GDP and debt to GDP ratio are excessive and one off the highest in Europe.

    147. Conan the Librarian says:

      Not a repeat of Dundee then.

      Though there was a guy with with dodgy tats on his hands, he probably did come from Glasgow.

      Or at least Larkhall.

    148. Daisy Walker says:

      Eleidh MacKenzie’s The Welome Table – on National Collective (scroll down a bit to play it).

    149. HandandShrimp says:

      Don’t mind Flower of Scotland if sung well it is quite stirring…sung badly or too slow and it struggles.

      I do like The march of the soldiers of Robert the Bruce or as it was more prosaically known in Scotland Hey Tuttie Tattie. What the original words were is moot though. A challenge perhaps for someone to write something stirring, and visionary and without too much slaying?

      Auld Lang Syne is lovely but the world sort of owns it now. They play it High School graduations in Japan and at closing time in shopping malls.

    150. Hamish100 says:

      QT tonight . Question about why should Scotland give up all its powers to the EU rather than Westminster. What a liar Mundell is. The EU does not dictate what wars we fight nor whether we have nuclear weapons – even if they travel in the wrong direction (unlike North Korea).

      Listen to Radio 5 now- the English persons view of Scotland can best be described as total ignorance.

    151. NiallD says:

      To be fair that wasn’t a bad QT. 4 sensible debaters and Fluffy chewing his beard and throwing his toys out of the pram. Even Dimbers got stuck in tae him.
      BBC must have realised they couldn’t fix it again after the last horror show.

    152. JGedd says:

      @ heedtracker 10.33pm & @Graf Midgehunter 10.26pm

      Marche des Soldats de Robert de Bruce is Scots Wha Hae. I like it too. Also has the merit of being recognised in France as connecting to their history. I believe it is sometimes used as a military march in Germany too?

      Scotland the Brave has cheesy lyrics to go with the equally cheesy tune. I think the late Clifford Hanley wrote the lyrics as a kind of pastiche and wasn’t particularly proud of it. He didn’t expect it to take off and was slightly embarrassed by its success.

      A successful anthem to my mind has to raise the hair on the back of the neck even if it’s not your country. When it comes to anthems it has to be said that the Welsh and French anthems do that.

      Anyway, we have to become independent first!

    153. Still Positive says:

      QT tonight was the best from Scotland for a very long time. Fluffy was booed at least twice before 11pm. Pity he had the last word.

      Many Yessers in the audience and few arguing that we voted to stay in the UK so should respect the result.

      I think with that audience indyref is definitely a goer.

    154. North chiel says:

      Off topic, however clip on BBC home page ” meet Kim from Blackburn” worth a view.
      Interesting perspective of her ” home” government from this brave lass near the end of the clip.

    155. Fireproofjim says:

      Liked the lady who told Mundell that farmers she met at the rugby in Paris, from around Langholm who had all voted No, were now Yes to a man. She said “you could have Knocked me down with a feather.”

    156. Hamish100 says:


      Q1 I wish Scotland to remain in the EU
      Q2 I wish Scotland to be part of EFTA
      Q3 I agree to the brexit conditions

      If Q1 & Q2 is more than 50% take No’s 1 preference.

    157. Sandy says:

      Hamish 100.
      Radio 5 QT
      Totally agree. Some of the views expressed is an insult to ignorance.

    158. Joemcg says:

      All the yoon contributors and audience members just parroted the same lies we have heard a hundred times and been rubbished on here and other places. Do they not have any “weapons” left in their arsenal? I don’t think they do. I could not stand to listen to radio 5 live any longer. Total ignoramouses.

    159. Cactus says:

      And then ‘David’ spoke up for Scotland on R5L.

      Lest the host speechless.

      Cheers good buddy!

    160. louis.b.argyll says:

      Watched QT all the way through…no division of principles, no vileness..Just Scottish pragmatism (as opposed to the English stiff upper lip)

      So why did the Labour politician open with obvious nonsense about referenda? (Indy and Brexit).. being necessarily BAD for society.

    161. Changed my mind again. Hs to be Scots Wha Hae but played properly like a march. Just listen to the pipes when they come in – and remember all through history it was France that was our friend

    162. gus1940 says:

      Re QT

      I am amazed – a balanced panel even balanced in favour of The Good Guys and even more surprising a balanced audience.

      I was expecting the worst from Littlewood but he was fine. Fundellymundeely was as useless as expected.

      Surely after that somebody at The BBC will be for the high jump.

      Re Anthem

      My choice is ‘The Dark Island’ with appropriate new lyrics.

      It has the advantage of being versatile – it can be played slowly and solemnly and can sound quite haunting with the capability of making the hairs on the back of the neck stand up and ones lip to quiver

      It can also be played up tempo with a bit of a swing and dare I say it a touch of arrogance and pride which would be ideal for sporting occasions.

    163. Ealasaid says:

      I agree with Pitchfork’s suggestion of Burn’s “A man’s a man for a’ that” so long as it is not played like a dirge.

    164. Dr Jim says:

      I’m puzzled:

      I really don’t give a toss about what happens in England because I figure its got sod all to do with me and I don’t get a vote there because I’m outnumbered every time anyway even my representatives votes don’t count, all 56 of them because they’re outvoted every time, so in the English parliament I’m a nobody a nothing a scab on humanity for all they care

      The reason I’m puzzled though is why do the English care so much about what happens in Scotland that they can’t seem to stop themselves interfering or keeping their very own big mouths shut about us

      They go to inordinate lengths to tell me to shut up in my own country while at the same time tell me I’ve no rights in theirs

      There’s one thing however they all seem to agree on and it’s that I’m a moron if I don’t agree with what they tell me
      once again displaying their absolute contempt and disdain for Scotland as (Not a country)

      As far a the Scottish Unionist cringing crawlers are concerned no matter what happens in any referendum I’ll still think they’re a bunch of Unionist racist sectarian crawlers and if Scotland should happen to lose a referendum again that wont make things get any better

      Look what happened the day after the last one
      Even if they win we’ll make sure they lose….again! and again and again!

    165. Joemcg says:

      Much like giving half a milllion English people a vote on Scottish independence Jim!

    166. David Smith says:

      As far as anthems are concerned I for one would like to see FoS stored quietly out of the road. It’s a dispiriting dirge in my opinion.
      A new set of uplifting words to the tune of The John MacLean March might be a no bad idea.

    167. jockmcx says:

      change to more scottish lyrics,but get this guy to sing it
      at scotland,s first olympic games…heh heh

      makes me smile.

    168. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Hamish100 @ 00:08,

      It’s bad enough getting people to focus sensibly on a single-question referendum. Make it 3 (!) questions and you’ll get a complete guddle. People pointlessly arguing the toss over everything except the one essential thing without which all the rest is anyway impossible.

      Divide-and-rule. Muddy the waters. Create as much distraction as possible. That’s the Unionist way, not ours.

      Keep it simple: a single question on a single issue – our future, our way (or total subjugation by England).

      The rest we can decide for ourselves in our own good time, free from all the vile yoon propaganda smeared like s**t over everything.

    169. Fillofficer says:

      Fluffy there. Did ye notice. DID NOT BLINK EVER on camera. Must be a lizard, he he (wotafanny)

    170. mr thms says:

      Sinky @ 11:52 pm

      He should have said that it was due to the current UK constitutional arrangements.

    171. Clapper57 says:

      Re QT

      Loved the lady in audience who corrected herself after saying Scotland was a region then quickly changed it to country….she’ll get into trouble for correcting that….” you had one job”.

      Noticed no one agreed with my previous post on Michael Jackson songs for new Scottish Anthem…..yeh I had one job…..blew it….I must be BAD …really THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL….personally I thought both songs would be a THRILLER…anyway just remember….YOU ARE NOT ALONE…..please send negative messages to me via telepathy.

      Personally not sure about Flower of Scotland as I have Hay fever.

      I would prefer Sex Pistols version of God Save The Queen….obvs sung in Johnny Rotten way…cause we don’t CAAAAAAAARE…….. pronounced care emphasising the ‘A’ ( just quick lesson in pronunciation for Dummies i.e. for Coburn and co’s benefit not Wingers…obvs ).

    172. Big Phil says:

      Auld Lang Syne is my No1. Handandshrimp says”Auld Lang Syne is lovely but the world sort of owns it now” .So when we take back OOR country we can take back OOR song.
      After Independence we can all have ne’erday every time we hear it. SORTED. 😉

    173. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Toom Tabard still peddling the lie that “we don’t want a referendum”, so maybe someone should stuff Stu’s new poll result where it gets noticed.

      On the other hand, maybe not. His pathetic attempts to deny the obvious in his usual shifty manner are an advantage…

      …for us.

      This useless Scottish Secretary’s feart o’ the Scots, and he shows it.

    174. Usually Dumblebor opens by describing the ‘Wonderful Guild Hall’, or some such, to praise the venue of the week; but not Glasgow. The location was a state secret? Lest the mob of Mad Nats invade?
      Mundell parroted the ‘could’ and should’ nonsense about a second Indyref , losing 4 times as much trade with England as the EU, and implying that England would cease to trade with Scotland the EU member while begging for trade deals with the other 27 EU countries, and lied that EU citizens working here would have their rights protected, lied that the English parliament had not cut funding to Scotland, and the hoary old chestnut, Scotland voted to remain in the UK 2014, and the UK voted Brexit 1n 2016, so fuck you, Scotland.
      The audience had more than its fair share of white middle class middle aged West Enders who applauded his every word.
      There were the usual plants. 3 bright eyed young men, one of whom, ‘Jason’, Dimbleby was on first name terms.
      A clean cut young man in Marks and Spencer jumper that his granny got him for Christmas reminded Swinney that our deficit was running at 9%, and the EU red line was 3%, just the sort of stat that is concentrating the mind of every young person, well every youngster whose granny still dresses them. Of course Scotland does not have a GDP at the moment; just the lies, damned lies, and statistics supplied by London.
      ‘Justin’ suggested that we adopt the English schools system, and another young man, from ‘a family of teachers’ had a go at Swinney over Scotland’s Vietnamese level of Education attainment.
      Nice little image stage managed by the Audience Manager. See all the young dudes Up Here are Unionist Tories. Aye, right.
      My views on the systematic starving of 200,000 young Scots so that many in the Unionist applauding audience can get another 5% tax break, then blame the SNP for the collapse of Education among the ‘less well off’, as Mundell ventured,is well documented. The New Labour Councils in charge of Education are in for a good kicking come May.
      Mundell is beyond parody now.
      All in all QT The Forbidden Zone a fairly tepid affair. Mundell remains a gibbering, quivering, chittering buffoon, of course.
      The lady just back from Paris and the rugby was a hoot revealing that Border Farmers who voted No the last time, will vote Yes the next time. Mundo’s face ‘was a picture’, as they say in Glasgow.

    175. Tackety Beets says:

      QT ,

      Watched it since Robin Day days, but lost interest recently.

      Tonight was definitely better.

      What struck me was a bit o passion and clearly more informed audience.
      Did the camera keep going back to SNP MP Stewart McDonald ?
      Or was that a good looky likey ?

      I have to say Mark Littlewood was much more reasoned than I expected.

      Surprise !

      As a former piper my fav is always “Barron Rocks o Aden”

      Some great suggestions up thread tho’

    176. Richardinho says:

      What about not having one at all?

    177. Still Positive says:

      Anthem: it has to be Paolo Nuttini’s version of ‘A Man’s A Man For A That’.

      Absolutely brilliant. Our young people are the future.

    178. yesindyref2 says:

      Very interesting development in The National, though it’s been rumoured – and still is effectively as a “leak”.

      It’s the EU Parliament, and the thing is that Greens/ALE + the EPP (PPE) are likely to support Scotland, as are a couple of other groups for a very good chance of a majority.

      So the SNP compromise plan could be a goer. Not what we want exactly, but let’s face it, it would be more than half-way there to Indy, the rest of the way almost inevitable, but progressive, safe and non-divisive. Indy by the back door and 62% happy. Perhaps even some of the Leavers, as it could be single market without the full EU.

      It would need a LOT of powers to be devolved …

    179. liam says:

      Oh sod it. I’m for not having one at all as well but if we do let’s have a National Anthem without any meaningful contentious words- something we can all sing along to. The Doctor Who theme. “Diddly dum diddly dum diddly dumwa-oooo!”

    180. yesindyref2 says:

      Scotland really does have a lot of friends in the EU.

      It’d bring a tear to a glass e’e so it would.

    181. Cherry says:

      Re the anthem I’m with the Big Yin
      Got to be The Archers theme. Lots of rumpty tumpty!! It’s a toe tapper at the right speed lol

    182. ian m says:

      Tackety The Barren Rocks is a cracking tune.
      When Amy sings FoS it is inspirational !
      Lots of time to come up with an anthem
      I would prefer something fairly upbeat and no treacle lyrics

    183. Dr Jim says:

      David Mundell says that Scotland as a country was extinguished by the Act of Union
      If that’s the case isn’t it an ironic anomaly that he’s the Secretary of State for somewhere that doesn’t exist
      And if that’s the case the English government created a title for a job that doesn’t exist which begs the question, if the country doesn’t exist and the job doesn’t exist

      Is that why Mundell isn’t a part of the Brexit talks or negotiations because we’re not here

      Hallo! Haalloo! Haaalloooo!

    184. Steambam says:

      Disappointed in John Swinney’s performance on QT tonight.
      Thought he let Fluffy get under his skin, left it to others to make the case for independence in Europe, and gave weak responses even in his own fields of finance and education.

      Is there a policy to lay off Fluffy in case May replaces him with someone competent?

    185. yesindyref2 says:

      Watched my recorded QT. McDermid did great, good to see her not afraid to be critical towards the end, I think it helps show some balance for the “impartial” viewer. Littlewood was a star, top performer which made the job of Swinney and McDermid easier. Hard to believe he’s a Brexiteer – he’s certainly not one of the usual rabid ones.

      Swinney did well, and it was good to see him respond so let’s say passionately to Mundell (Dimbleby sat in the middle looked uncomfortable) – and listen to the points other made and take notes. Chakrabarti was put down with the opening divisive stuff by just about everyone. Even Dimbleby did well, maybe he’s been made aware of his previous poor biased attempts. Mundell? I’m trying to be unbiased and about the only thing I can say is that he was “SNP SNP SNP” all the time – which curiously he was on his own with last night.

      Good one.

    186. “Every revolution starts with a lone voice”

      “As long as one hundred of us remain alive …”

      I’m still looking for the other hundred.

    187. yesindyref2 says:

      OT hope I’m not treading on Nana’s toes

      Austria sues Airbus over alleged Eurofighter fraud

      Saw some of them at the last Leuchars airshow.

    188. Michael McCabe says:

      @ Donald Anderson. You can count me in /:-)

    189. Luigi says:

      yesindyref2 says:

      17 February, 2017 at 2:04 am

      Very interesting development in The National, though it’s been rumoured – and still is effectively as a “leak”.

      It’s the EU Parliament, and the thing is that Greens/ALE + the EPP (PPE) are likely to support Scotland, as are a couple of other groups for a very good chance of a majority.

      So the SNP compromise plan could be a goer. Not what we want exactly, but let’s face it, it would be more than half-way there to Indy, the rest of the way almost inevitable, but progressive, safe and non-divisive. Indy by the back door and 62% happy. Perhaps even some of the Leavers, as it could be single market without the full EU.

      It would need a LOT of powers to be devolved

      Which is why it ain’t ever going to happen. Can you honestly see Mayhem agreeing to that? WM will jealously guard their grip on Scotland, whatever the cost.

    190. Ghillie says:

      How about ‘ Come By The Hills ‘

      I enjoyed it being sung by Rabscallion in Tongue = )

    191. Luigi says:

      yesindyref2 says:

      17 February, 2017 at 2:04 am

      It would need a LOT of powers to be devolved

      If Mayhem refuses to sanction IndyRef 2, perhaps the SG should hold an informal ref – not on Indy but on Devo Max (everything except defence). Support full fiscal powers for Scotland (as a way of retaining some ties with the EU).

      Following a huge YES vote, I would love to see the yoons squirm out of that one. 🙂

      Ah, but, but but but……….

    192. Smallaxe says:

      Tony Blair warns:

      “Brexit could lead to Scottish independence” and Brexiteers “should think again”.

      What’s Your opinion?: Answers on a skinhead to; Proud Edward’s army [at] homeagain [dot] fk [dot] off!

      Peace Always

    193. Nana says:


      SNP’s alternative budget plans for more than £200m investment in city

      Official: Scotland aims to be in single market after Brexit

      Share the link
      16 year olds can vote in Scottish Council Elections if they register in time

    194. Nana says:

      The president of the Supreme Court has accused sections of the press

      The numbers show EU workers are deserting us already – after Brexit, we’ll be in deep trouble

      Canada’s Trudeau tells EU – the world needs you

    195. Smallaxe says:

      Nana: Good Morning,

      Lots and lots of lovely links.Thank You.Kettle’s on!

      Peace Always

    196. heedtracker says:

      Dr Jim

      The reason I’m puzzled though is why do the English care so much about what happens in Scotland that they can’t seem to stop themselves interfering or keeping their very own big mouths shut about us”

      Its because their British country is the UK, British Isles, Great Britain. So they think that the top half of it, Scotland, is being taken from or worse, stolen from them by you and Alex Salmond, at its more elemental.

      Sunday Times had a big ref 1 thing summer 2014, headlined, “Nice country, we’re taking or stealing it” roughly, on Nic Sturgeon and the SNP.

      Or Rory the Tory’s been on the radio a lot recently pretending he knows about the middle east but he was often on Ligger Neil pre ref 1 shows explaining how, “we will lose the Highlands and Edinburgh if…”

    197. Nana says:

      Good morning Smallaxe. If there’s to be a competition for a new Scottish anthem, I hope you will contribute??

      Couple more links

      George Takei: How ‘America First’ puts many of us last

      Admit it: Trump is unfit to serve

    198. galamcennalath says:

      heedtracker says:

      Its because their British country is the UK, British Isles, Great Britain. So they think that the top half of it, Scotland, is being taken from or worse, stolen from them by you and Alex Salmond, at its more elemental.

      Yes, and that explains the ‘Scots don’t really want Indy’ rhetoric. It’s all the SNP’s fault for threatening the integrity of their Greater England,

      Often people say they want to ‘keep Scotland’ for economic reasons. Perhaps.

      However, I always think it has more to do with status, prestige, ‘face’.

    199. heedtracker says:

      Admit it: Trump is unfit to serve

      He gets an extremely free pass from UK tory BBC led media. Have you seen the gibberish he came out with about Israel and the occupied territories, during his Netanyahu press conference, all of which was not shown on any BBC news show.

    200. Nana says:

      For anyone who missed Mundell squirming when Mark Littlewood spoke up for Scotland last night

      Wee video here

    201. Smallaxe says:


      Your secret is out!

      Peace Always

    202. Macart says:


      Yeah, read that piece. That’s a pickle for the yoonitariat and the political class right there. 😀

      A First Minister who has done exactly as requested by the population.

      Explored means of retaining two unions which has found tentative approval of certainly one of those unions and under the Norwegian model t’boot.

      Ms May has a headache about now I’d imagine. As will Ruth Harrison and Kezia.

      Ruth couldn’t play her militaristic bullshit card because the FM has been seen to fulfill her duty of care toward both referendum results without fail.

      Kez couldn’t play her appalling and idiotic federalist card because the transfer of powers required to facilitate this deal would be as close to devo max as doesn’t matter. In the event of its happening, a devolution settlement delivered by an SNP First Minister. A settlement and transfer of powers that Labour with all its time in power in the UK NEVER could or would.

      The only person who could put a stop to this is PM May herself.

      Oh, and the message that would send out to every soft no and perhaps even a few loyal no voters, in Scotland? Jings!

      Confirmation, as if any were needed, that Scotland’s people and the precioussssss union are not and never were Ms May’s or Westminster’s primary concern. Acreage, geography, natural resources, tax base, some weapons of mass destruction and geopolitical standing in the world are ALL that matter to Westminster’s political class.

      Ms May could keep her preciousssssss union for a few years more and all it will cost her is the devo max the bitterthegitherness campaign and her predecessor promised the Scottish electorate two years ago.

      In her own time then. 🙂

    203. Nana says:


      Re Trump, I think he’s mad or on drugs, maybe both.

      Here’s yesterdays press conf. Not archived due to a video at the start. Press questions at the end, geez

    204. Macart says:


      That clip of Mark Littlewood is a beaut. 🙂

    205. Liz g says:

      Big Phil @ 1.02am
      I had thought that the rest of the world “owning”and using Auld Lang Sygn was actually a good thing,in fact the second best thing about it.

      If the rest of the world still want to sing our national anthem on special occasions we should, I think, take it as a compliment.
      But it is ours and we should claim it as such.

      But the best thing about it is that everyone takes one anothers hands during it,this is an action that everyone knows to do during the song even if they don’t know the words,and I think one that is symbolic of Scotland.
      It actually contains the words …. Here’s a hand o mine….
      This action, I think would be a very moving sight espically at sporting events should opposing teams take part,a bit of a trend setter …So to speak.
      And as I have said…Nae battles,nae kings, naebidy is deed, naebidy disputing that it’s originally a Scottish song, just minding yir friends.

    206. Les Wilson says:

      QT was as balanced as the BBC could muster,grudgingly. But not hard to spot the plants. Dimbelby really just had to call the question a lady had “requested” prior,an anti SNP one of course.
      He can’t help himself, he has his orders as always. That will never change.

    207. Ghillie says:

      Loved Paulo Nuttini singing an up-tempo ‘ A Man’s a Man ‘ = )

      And ‘ Auld Lang Syne ‘ is a great suggestion too.

      With all our poets, song writers and and our gifted population, I’m sure we could have Scotland’s National Anthem yet to come to us = )

    208. ALWI says:


      In EVERY hill and glen.

    209. heedtracker says:

      Nana says:
      17 February, 2017 at 8:28 am

      Re Trump, I think he’s mad or on drugs, maybe both.

      He told the press and Netanyahu that he wants Israeli establishment of settlements in the occupied territories to stop. Yet this was simply not reported. Why, its simply just tory BBC led media deciding what parts of Trump they want to use?

      Tory BBC are mad or on drugs. BBC r4 Today show are determined to see EU breakup and get Le Pen in office. Its a tory world media wise, so not only is Holyrood a load of shite, so is the EU,

      Katya Adler asks if the EU can survive the biggest challenge in its history

      Le Pen gets the BBC worship treatment, just like Farage is routinely pleasured with BBC style. Its not coincidence.

    210. Golfnut says:

      Scottish armies were among the fastest moving infantry in the world, and their tunes reflected just that. Scots wha hae, should be sung and played with a swing and a rant and a roll, not like a funeral dirge. It should also be sung in Scots and not anglised, the pitch and notes are easily reached by just about everyone.

      Great song, should be adopted as our anthem even temporarily, until such times as someone comes up with something better. It’s as appropriate now as its ever been.

    211. Clootie says:

      I like the idea of an instrumental dominated by pipes. However I care much more about Scotland having a national anthem than which one it is…with ONE exception “God save the Queen”…I’ll go with “Hoots Mon” before that.

    212. Liz g says:

      Ghillie @ 8.54
      Don’t know if you noticed….But I quite like Auld Lang Syne as the National Anthem.. LOL

      One last point about it then I will shut up (promise)
      The main thing about National Anthems is the Brand/ Nation is Reconised.
      Auld Lang Syne has no work to do on this score,it’s up there with the US,UK, Australia,France ect…But a new Anthem or one that’s really only known in Scotland will take years to be instantly recognisable.
      I would argue that Auld Lang Syne is as well ,if not better known than any of the other National Anthems of the west.

    213. schrodingers cat says:

      the corries, the dawning of the day

      would make an excellent anthem for yes2

      But our land it is owned by the faceless investor
      Our fish and our farming no longer our own
      Our industry’s ruined, our assets are squandered
      Our souls are in hock and our children in pawn
      It’s no use in thinking it’s too late for changing
      No use in thinking that it’s not up to you
      You must teach, you must learn and to change things be willing
      For you are your country and your country is you


      Too long we have blamed the foreign oppressor
      Too long we have hoped for our hero’s return
      We’ve raised all our banners in poem and in legend
      We’ve rested on laurels that turned into thorns
      To dwell on past glories at the cost of invention
      Is to squander the gifts that our forefathers gave
      So take strength from the past but declare your intention
      To change this dear land back to Scotland the Brave

      Oh Caledonia, we are your sons
      And will again be free

    214. Breastplate says:

      Agreed,I think Auld Lang Syne is an excellent choice. The whole world could sing along.

    215. Valerie says:

      @Mac art

      Isn’t it just? How oppressed are we when Twitter is aflame, in a good way, when this guy from the South speaks in a supportive and respectful way about us exercising democracy?

      Suspect no one knew he would be so helpful to us.

      So many people saying how noticeable it was no talk of immigration or blaming others.

      I was gobsmacked that the show was pretty balanced, and good no UKIP on there.

    216. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Golfnut makes a good point about the speed at which Scottish soldiers marched.

      Leaving aside the Cameronians, who were in any case a Lowland regiment who went at the absurdly-fast “rifleman’s pace” of something like 140 paces per minute, the best Highland regiment pipe tunes all have a fairly brisk tempo.

      Think “Black Bear”, “the Barren Rocks o’ Aden” “Heilan Laddie”, “Cock o’ the North”, not forgetting “Wha saw the tattie howkers” – what is that one’s real name?

      We’ve got some great pipe tunes which could be adapted as an anthem for a Scotland – free again.

    217. Clootie says:

      Composers of Highland Cathedral

      Co-composer Michael Korb says he was initially surprised that the tune he and Roever composed should spark such worldwide interest. But such has been the pressure for information, he has put the story of how it was written on a web site.

      Korb was always drawn by the sound of the bagpipes, and in 1975, fresh out of school, he took lessons with the pipe major of a Scottish regiment in Berlin. Later, he went to Edinburgh, where he took lessons with piping master Paddy Atkinson, aged 80 at the time.

      “He was leading an evening school in the West End,” Korb recalls. “When I came back to Germany, I met Uli Roever and I tried to make experiments with the bagpipes. We wrote a lot of tunes but Highland Cathedral was a fantastically successful tune.

      “We were surprised every year about the things that happened with Highland Cathedral. A lot of people think that it is a Scottish tune – we had to create a web site to let people see that it was not. And a lot of people think that it is traditional, but it’s actually quite new.”

      Of the title, Korb says: “I love Scotland. We were looking for a title of the tune, and I thought Highland Cathedral, because Scotland is very beautiful, and it’s like the majestic landscape and so on.”

    218. Robert Kerr says:


      I watched a recording of Katya Adler’s documentary of her travels round Europe. A really nasty piece of anti-Europe propaganda. Focus is on “populist” parties it an attempt to normalise UKIP and has lots of rioting scenes.

      Look up Katya Adler on the internet. Her parents were London based German Jews and she spent time in Israel (BBC Jerusalem office)

      Zionist sympathies?

      Not much to find there. But I also found this gem.

      Makes our problems at Pacific Quay small beer.

    219. carjamtic says:

      Sorry the lifestyle you’ve chosen, is not available, please choose another.

      Let’s try some Fake news to see what it feels like, you know just for a laugh.

      Did you know that,with FOI requests, you get a free snarker pen….that’s right free, just for enquiring.
      (Big Brother Corporation must have a huge special, pen warehouses full of them, amount of FOI they proudly send off every day).

      So what? If they do have all the pens, nobody uses them any more anyway, it’s all gadgets now, smart phones, pens are old tech. even writers don’t use them anymore, no pens don’t make me laugh, it’s no biggie.

      Writing Fake news is shit….of course we need pens, we will always need pens, for communicating, it’s one of our tools, yes, we do have other communication devices, all the hand held gadgets, phones, laptops etc.

      I mean everybody knows, it’s mightier than the sword, always has been, always will be. How could we vote without them or write songs or stories, not everybody can afford gadgets and what’s this message about lifestyles?

      It’s just a price of inequality, some people can have a voice, some can’t, one step away from having a vote or not…’some people, just need to shut up and there’s no singing either, so don’t bother writing any tunes’.

      My advice, listen to Lady Ga Ga….she sang at the recent Super Bowl, in the intro she sings a Woody Guthrie tune, just a couple of lines (This land is your land, this land is my land..).

      Remember wingers,whatever communication device you use, it is your voice, use it wisely, but use it, even just to put a cross in the right box at voting time or if you have the creative skill set, write us a tune.

      It’s just a price of inequality, some people can have a voice, some can’t, one step away from having a vote or not…’some people, just need to shut up and there’s no singing either, so don’t bother writing any tunes’.

      My advice, listen to Lady Ga Ga….she sang at the recent Super Bowl, in the intro she sings a Woody Guthrie tune, just a couple of lines (This land is your land, This land is my land..)but for a very good reason.


    220. heedtracker says:

      Robert Kerr

      Makes our problems at Pacific Quay small beer.

      We’re in the middle of an extreme hard core cons propaganda blitz pouring out of the BBC, who are now the worst tory outfit going in the UK.

      Evan Davies on BBC Newsnight last presented the most extraordinary pro PM May, anti Brexit thing I have ever seen before, PM May’s virtual silence on anything, is a great thing says Newsnight.

      Getting them out of Pacific Quay without independence is impossible but people are going to have to make a decision eventually whether or not any democracy, let alone Scotland’s can tolerate this relentless assault from the right, in the state broadcaster. They are out of control.

    221. Conan the Librarian says:

      @Socrates Mcsporran

      “Wha saw the 42nd?”

      Mind you the Corries used the same tune for “Wha wouldnae Fecht for Charlie?”

    222. carjamtic says:

      Rage Against The Machine ?

      Use a pen 🙂

    223. ronnie anderson says:

      The YES Movement better wise up quickly , & UNIFY all the Groups more. Having listened to Tony Blair setting up his all party Institute. People dont matter in Tony’s equation its COMMERCE & Political CONTROL ( Tony the Tricky Dicky of Politics )

    224. Dundee Graeme says:

      Personally I like “Highland Cathedral” as an anthem. Scotlands Story is an interesting idea. Of the ones there, Caledonia for me.

    225. Gavin Alexander says:

      Let’s have Flower of Scotland, but post-independence with a new verse or two to reflect our change in circumstances:-)

    226. Capella says:

      What about:
      “We’re no awa tae bide awa
      We’re no awa tae leave ye.
      We’re no awa tae bide awa
      We’ll aye come back and see ye.


    227. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Conan the Librarian

      Thanks for that. I knew the first line was: “Wha saw the 42nd”, but wasn’t sure if that was the title.

      In trying to find out I found a wee You Tube clip of the HLI receiving a new pipe banner from the then Lord Provost of Glasgow, in George Square in 1957 – very interesting.

      I remember an old soldier telling me of how, at the start of WWII, with things looking bleak, the HLI were recalled from India, where they had been for some years. They disembarked at the Broomielaw and marched up Hope Street on their way to Maryhill Barracks, exercising their right to hav bayonets fixed, Pips playing and drums beating as they marched.

      All these wee Glasgow guys, brown from the Indian sun, kilted – it stopped Glasgow.

      Frae scenes like these, auld Scotia’s grandeur springs.

    228. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Ronnie Anderson wrote:

      “Tony (Blair) the Tricky Dicky of politics”.

      Hardly, since the original Tricky Dicky (Nixon) was a politician, that does not compute. How about:

      Tony Blair – the Dave King of politics (a glib and shameless liar).

    229. Scott says:

      This is a bit O/T but it ties in with what Brexit means and how Westminster works.

      Were we not told that we would not get any of the assets after independence.

    230. orri says:

      The time might come for a new anthem after independence. The fact that “Flower of Scotland” has wide support despite being pro-independence is the key at the moment.

      I get where some criticise it for the line “But we can still rise now” but I class that along the lines of the infamous Eastwood quote, “But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and would blow your head clean off, you’ve gotta ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?”

      At the moment there are those who claim to be pro-independence or anti who lose sight of the fact that just because we chose not to vote for independence doesn’t mean we couldn’t.

    231. heedtracker says:

      BBC QT last night mentioned Scotland and Portugal in same sentence. BBC says,

      Spain and Portugal face first EU fines over deficit levels
      12 July 2016

      Portugal national anthem,

      Heroes of the sea, noble people, brave, immortal nation…

    232. heedtracker says:

      Meanwhile, in Wullie Dont call Me Stupid Young’s Aberdeen city council, where all Scotland flags are banned and no one can piss away money like Wullie Young OBE,

      “City council debt will hit £1billion next year.”

      Press and Journal-15 Feb 2017

      Aberdeen City Council’s debt will climb to more than £1.2billion by 2019 according to forecasts by financial officers. In a budget report,

      Its only fackin money, is the ACC yoon culture motto over ACC town hall grand entrance.

    233. Capella says:

      @ Smallaxe 8:18 – Not guilty! 🙂

    234. Desimond says:

      A new Scottish Anthem..lets go celebratory
      (‘to the tune on “Escape – aka Do you like Pina Colada’)

      “We invented Chicken Tikka Massala
      We drink Heavy, no Champagne
      We’re more pakora than yoga,
      Lets get a round in again!

      We start our parties at midnight,
      Welcome all from Atheist, Sikh, Jew, Prod and Pape
      If you want to have a good life
      Come to Scotland and escape!”

    235. Greannach says:

      What about Fandabydozy as rendered by the Krankies?

    236. Desimond says:

      Lets go for a Billy Joel style

      “Billy Connolly, Tom Weir
      Both fine men, born here
      Sardonic with Chick Murray,
      ‘Come on Allan’ Wells in a hurry

      Connery was The James Bond
      Michelle Mone, awful blonde
      Fraser, Mundell, Commander Ruth
      Every Family has a wee dark truth”

    237. Les Wilson says:

      Well Tony Blair has announced that the Scottish case is more credible with Brexit.
      Seems ok you would think but this is Tony Blair, the grand manipulator.

      Now we will see and hear much more of Brexit will break up the Union. Blair’s idea is an obvious one,he will try the fear tactic on the Brexit hardliners making Scotland the excuse, that they will be the cause of the down fall of the UK as it exists.

      There ARE very many scared of the result of Indy2, but he is trying for a double whammy, scare Brexiteers into wanting another Brexit vote, and if he pulls it off many are likely to say no as things start to get more worrying for them.
      So if he manages it, he will remove the cause of Indy2.
      (as if Brexit was the only thing!) He is looking to be Saint Blair again, who saved England( aka the UK).

    238. yesindyref2 says:

      I listened to the BBC during the night covering Trump’s news conference, and the BBC guy was telling us what Trump was saying, as Trump was actually talkng on screen, rather than letting us hear what Trump was saying. Hello BBC let me bloody hear it, and I’ll make my mind up. Ans here’s what one article sub-headlines on that WP link of yours:

      Trump’s 77-minute sparring match with reporters was full of dubious claims, false statements and inaccurate information.

      So – opinion, their opnion, which in its own sub-headline ” was full of dubious claims, false statements and inaccurate information.”

      I think Trump’s a fruitloop, but I hope he takes down the political media before he gets booted out of office.

    239. Taranaich says:

      Add me to the “Scots Wha Hae” chorus, especially after watching the “Marche des soldats de Robert Bruce” video Dave posted. That’s a fine, uplifting, positive rendition of the tune, and given how important Scotland’s place in Europe and the World is to the debate, what could be better than a tune whose making celebrates the oldest European alliance of all?

      I can understand issues people would have with the lyrics, but have you heard some nations’ anthems? Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, France – all are full of blood and thunder. Not saying we should copy other countries, or that national anthems are required to be all about defeating tyranny and glorious victory, but we shouldn’t be ashamed that one of our oldest songs, based on an ancient tune, with lyrics by one of our finest poets, would fit right in with our neighbours.

      (aside, of course, from Hoots Mon)

    240. Jack Murphy says:

      OT.Non-Reporting of Scottish Government’s Commitment to Affordable Housing.
      Talking Up Scotland,16th February:
      Professor John Robertson:
      “This was a response to my piece on affordable housing, from reader James McHale who has given me permission to post it separately to get more attention. He clearly knows a lot about this so I’m keen to see it shared.
      The non-reporting of the Scottish Government’s commitment to affordable housing reflects the inability of our political journalists to highlight any good news coming out of Holyrood……………..” 🙁

      I am putting it here because the people need information.

    241. K1 says:

      Thanks Jack.

    242. raineach says:

      To the tune of ChanChan: “There’s only one Alex Salmond”

    243. Big Phil says:

      Liz g.
      Auld lang syne, it would make all the people,in all the countries,in all the world, take notice of Oor wee country. Everyone would then know we ARE a country and not part of england. I’m lovin it more now.

    244. Liz g says:

      Big Phil @ 7.55
      Aye Phil we are oan the same page.
      There’s no many if any countries could say their National Anthems so famous most of the planet sing it at least once a year.
      And that song is ours and definitely says let’s take each other by the hands and be friends…Oh and Scotland..

    245. Big Phil says:

      Liz g.
      lol. My thinking exactly. its a no-brainer, everyone and their uncle thinks we’re part of england, so independent its Oors. SCOTLANDS. I feel all patriotic noo, lol.

    246. Ghillie says:

      Desmond @ 11.15 am Love it ! = )

      Liz @ 9.36 am

      Good point that Auld Lang Syne is already well known and loved worldwide – that’s a great place to start = )

      We’ll find it = )

    247. Eric Forbes says:

      I’ve stumbled upon this site since asking The Scottish Government if the Dept. for Culture, Media and Sport could commission a new anthem. I absolutely love Russia’s, France and Wales are pretty stirring…
      I’d like something to stand tall and proud to, with hand on heart that brings tears of pride to my eyes, not some drunken shout about some messy history.
      I know that we have some great composers and wordsmiths in our country. Let’s give them the chance to write something with trumpets and cymbals and pride in our country today.
      Flower of Scotland has its place on the terraces but not as our anthem.

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