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Better living through higher prices

Posted on March 28, 2023 by

Well, we’re off to a flying start.

This is certainly what the public want. So let’s see his plans.

Oh. Everything that doesn’t come packaged in organic Fair Trade hemp is going to get significantly more expensive overnight – something which has a proportionately much bigger impact on budget brands and the people who rely on them – and doubly so if you fancy a wee half to cheer yourself up a bit.

(All to marginally reduce Scotland’s absolutely microscopically tiny, basically zero, contribution to climate change, while boosting its already-enormous contribution to the international virtue-signalling mountain.)

Brilliant. Cost of living crisis sorted. Boy’s an economic genius.

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0 to “Better living through higher prices”

  1. Luke+Warm+Dave says:

    He might as well go all in for the entertainment value now. I really hope he makes Karen Adam a minister.

  2. Sean says:

    The DRS is another piece of dogshyte legislation.

    I had my suspicions that it was another veiled attack on casual drinkers, forcing up prices and reduced options.

    As usual this will hit the lowest paid as those that rely on public transport will not be seen carrying bags of enpty beer bottles and coke cans to reclaim their 20p….which wont be fixed and over time will steadily increase.

    Our only hope is the UK Gov derails this too.

    Sickening stuff that Independence supporters are now looking to the British establishment to save us from SNP failures.

  3. turnbulldrier says:

    My money’s still on the lettuce

  4. blackhack says:

    I never in my wildest dreams that I’d ever say this but.

    I’m finished with the SNP, I hit the 70 years old in a couple of weeks and have come to realise that I’ll never see the independence that I’ve dreamed of for most of my life.
    Himza Useless is just a continuation of the same old, same old….

    For me, the parties over.

  5. Alan McHarg says:

    Maybe he doesn’t think that the cost of living is high enough. Maybe he forgets that few Scots are on politicians wages with expenses. The old adage shite in – shite out! And here’s me thinking that “Green” was cheaper to the customer and planet. How naive of me.

  6. SusanAHF says:

    More social engineering from the yousaf bastard. A country that relies heavily on alcohol revenue prices it out of its own population’s reach. Presumably the rest of the world can become alcoholic though. Or will transport costs stop export too?

  7. Fraser Reid says:

    Now instead of people driving south of the border for cheap booze they will be driving to Scotland with a van load of empties to cash out….

  8. Alan A says:

    Getting a wiff if the ‘born to rule’ mentality from him already, which I suppose makes sense given his expensive private education (that he and Sarwar shared but ironically Douglas Ross or Alex Cole Hamilton did not) – assuming Wikipedia pages are correct. Anyway, just sayin..

  9. Robert D. Knight says:

    DRS really should be the SNP’s Poll Tax moment, but it probably won’t be because Scots will just meekly accept it like we do everything else.

  10. Den says:

    6 pack 500ml Morrison sparkling water – today £1.49; bottles recycled via Purple recycling bin (council) works well … wtf that’s gonna cost come August is anybody,s guess.

  11. Stuart MacKay says:

    He’ll need to change his moniker from Useless to Clueless. He’s no more able to address the inflation problem than Nicola was to address the independence problem. Play-acting at tackling inflation will only demonstrate that Holyrood is utterly impotent at addressing the country’s most basic needs.

    Perhaps if he declared UDI, nationalised all the energy companies and raised an army to fight off opponents of the plan he might stand a chance of delivering.

    However, he could be trying to cut his tenure down to the absolute minimum so he can, through self-sacrifice, wipe that stupid grin off Forbes’ face.

  12. Fraser Reid says:

    Instead of all the white vans driving south of the border to fill up on cheap booze. Those white vansd from south of the border will be driving north full of empties to cash in on the deal.

  13. Fraser Reid says:

    Instead of all the white vans driving south of the border to fill up on cheap booze. Those white vans from south of the border will be driving north full of empties to cash in on the deal.

  14. Anonymoose says:

    Luke+Warm+Dave says:
    28 March, 2023 at 1:42 pm

    He might as well go all in for the entertainment value now. I really hope he makes Karen Adam a minister.

    That’ll be another new ministerial position of zero benefit to Scotland and to siphon off more of our taxes into the SNP machine.

    I can almost predict her new title… the Minister for Blithering Idiots & Zealots.

  15. Lorna Campbell says:

    L+W+D: don’t jest. It will come to pass. He really can pick only the most oleaginous, rainbow-coloured dumbbells in the party to hoist to stardom. Anyone with even a tiny modicum of real independence-mindedness or anyone who professes to be able to tell a woman apart from a ‘trans’ woman-man will be given short shrift. His wee, elderly, headscarved mammy is going to have to share her space with men in frillies and high heels. I think, though, that if he faces real opposition he will cave. He may be the continuity leader, but he lacks the sheer bloody mindedness and pigheadedness of La Sturgeon.

  16. Fraser Reid says:

    sorry for the spam – got PEBKAK problems today.

  17. ScottieDog says:

    Pick on the wee people.
    Can upset the duke o buccleugh.

  18. John Main says:

    Fits a this aboot alky?

    The man disnae drink, FFS.

    Maybes that maks a wee bit difference tae his views.

    Aye, Naw?

    Jist saying, like.

  19. Ottomanboi says:

    Mr Yousaf,
    You have not been appointed HM Administrator General of the some Northern Border Province, so don’t play the wee «chamcha».
    A very proud people and nation expects much of you and your government.
    Chamcha: toady, yesman, arse licker.

    Of all the small nations of this earth, perhaps only the ancient Greeks surpass the Scots in their contribution to mankind.?
    Winston Churchill

    Scotland small? Our multiform, infinite Scotland SMALL??
    Hugh Mac Diarmid

  20. Ian McCubbin says:

    Joined Alba yesterday, before this waste of space had time to settle in.
    As for the policies he will push, let’s hope UK Gov derail the useless ones here.

  21. Willie says:

    Alex Cole Hamilton, Douglas Ross, Anas Sarwar, Humza Yousaf just confirmed as candidates. 2.22pm.

    Now they speak. But will Yousaf get it.

    Let us wait and see. We need an election. And so if not now, it will be along in the not too distant future.

  22. Republicofscotland says:

    Like many have said Yousaf is someone else’s puppet as will be “his” policies, things are about to get a helluva lot worse, Yousaf is in effect a conduit for the Greens and Sturgeon, and the gender brigade that inhabits both parties.

    Yes the fix was in yesterday, but I wonder how the SNP membership, and indeed the entire indy movement feels today knowing that the only candidate (Ash Regan) that had a plan to save Scotland from this rancid union came last, what does that say about the SNP and the membership, that a party (SNP) whose entire raison d’etre is supposed be to achieve independence and stop Westminster robbing our assets and interfering in our country sold Scotland out to preserve the status quo.

    If you support an independent Scotland and all the benefits that go with it, YOU MUST now drop the SNP and support the Alba party, far too many good folk who have fought long and hard for the cause have died in vain, sadly for those true Scots they’ll never see an indy Scotland.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  23. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “6 pack 500ml Morrison sparkling water – today £1.49; bottles recycled via Purple recycling bin (council) works well … wtf that’s gonna cost come August is anybody,s guess.”

    No mystery – they’ll go up to £2.69.

  24. robbo says:

    MSP’s only have one vote apparently! Unless you’re SNP of course.
    But Humza’s SNP will have 2 votes jist tae b shair.

  25. rogueslr says:

    Doesn’t minimum alcohol pricing lead to more drug use/deaths as it’s cheaper to get off your tits on smack than Buckfast?

  26. Red says:

    In a time of universal roasters, fly tipping is a revolutionary act.

  27. Cynicus says:



    Sarwar 1
    DRoss. 2
    Cole- Hamilton 3

    There is another guy standing. But he’s not worth a pig’s fart in a cold wind. Like the above three.

  28. sarah says:

    @ blackhack at 1.49: don’t despair. People power, not politicians, is the answer. If you haven’t signed the Edinburgh Proclamation on, do it now!

  29. Antoine Bisset says:

    Let’s get Net Zero out of the way. The only way to achieve Net Zero is to bring about the death of every oxygen breather on the planet.
    As regards deposits on bottles we need to go back to 1950 to make it work. 1950 was a different world with far fewer cans and almost no plastic bottles. Glass bottles circulated. That is they were actually recycled, not pretend recycled by being broken and melted and remade. The bottles went out to people and were returned to the supplier. Milk bottles went back to the dairy via the milkman. Beer bottles went back to the brewery, via the pub, shop and draymen. Lemonade bottles the same, although local household deliveries were often direct between household and delivery lorries. Jam jars went back via wee boys taking them to the shop and collecting the 3d deposits to pay for entry to the Saturday matinee at the local cinema.
    Almost none of that infrastructure remains.
    We do need to stop using plastic. We can use glass if the processes and mechanisms are put in place. Bottlers would need to install facilities to handle glass bottles. Local bottling plants would need to be put in place again, to bottle the likes of Guinness and Coca-Cola, just like 1950, and not shuffle container loads of the stuff hundreds of miles across the UK.
    Maybe more thought is required?

  30. Stoker says:

    Strike while the iron is hot:

  31. Wee Chid says:

    Just had notification from Scottish Power that prepaid meters in D&G will have a reduction in unit price of 1.12p per unit making a unit 32.872p while the daily standing charge is to increase by 11.05p to 66.74p per day. All these middle class arseholes trying to tell peole how to “cut down” on their electricity and how to save money by “batch cooking”- how the hell do you cut down on the daily standing charge? That’s nearly £250 per year before you even use a bloody unit. What’s useless going to do about that? Sod all – it’s the “lower caste” that is affected and he doesn’t give a toss.Time we all by passed our meters and refused to pay.

  32. Wee Chid says:

    I should also say I’m a carer to an alcoholic and I can guarantee Mr Useless that increasing the price will not stop his addiction – he’ll only eat less and risk malnutrition as well as liver disease. These people are fucking idiots.

  33. Geri says:

    We’ll all be vegan, chewing on foraged brambles & specialising in home brew by Christmas.

    That’s the cost of living sorted..

    Roll on election…

  34. Wee Chid says:

    Fraser Reid says:
    28 March, 2023 at 2:10 pm
    “Instead of all the white vans driving south of the border to fill up on cheap booze. Those white vansd from south of the border will be driving north full of empties to cash in on the deal.”

    If you live in Dumfries/Lockerbie/Annan areas you don’t even need a white van. Asda will deliver from Carlisle at bargain prices at as little as £1 for delivery.

    Elsewhere Amazon has subscriptions to alcohol deliveries. It looks though as if England will also be bringing in a minimum alcohol price later this year.

  35. Ian says:

    “I’m not the continuity candidate”, screams Humza as he continues with the failed policies of his predecessor.

  36. willie says:

    Just listened to our man’s pitch to parliament.

    And the pitch was………to protect devolution!!!

    Ah our man for continuity. But the vote – only another couple of minutes to wait. 14.48

  37. Wee Chid says:

    rogueslr says:
    28 March, 2023 at 2:31 pm
    “Doesn’t minimum alcohol pricing lead to more drug use/deaths as it’s cheaper to get off your tits on smack than Buckfast?”

    It leads to less money spent on food and death due to malnutrition. These idiots dont understand addiction – and even worse, they don’t provide facilities to help people who have addictions. They just don’t fucking care either.

  38. Ian Brotherhood says:

    We all have our own ways of dealing with disappointment and/or getting the auld batteries recharged.

    This is one of mine – a feature-length documentary about Gil Scott Heron called ‘Gone But Never Forgotten’. The music is braw but his take on language, politics, ‘mandates’, poetry and activism generally is a tonic.

    I hope some of you enjoy it.

  39. John Main says:

    @Cynicus says:28 March, 2023 at 2:31 pm


    You do realise that the only one of the 4 that is not wedded to the trans woowoo is Dross?

    Sarwar is as hell-bent on it as HY.

  40. 100%Yes says:

    He’s going to be the gem in the British crown. Oh, dear what can we do? He’s just been elected and already in Scotland we are going to pay more than the rest of the UK because of SNPbad policy making by trying to keep hold of the greens. Hardly making the case for Independence by saying to Scottish people your worse off under the SNP government but we’re going to make the cost of living a priority.

    It looks like people are leaving the party after yesterdays result, I’m only saying this just in case the SNP leadership don’t know what the membership figures are today.

  41. Andy Garrett says:

    How about we push for independence, take control of all our resources and get our rightful revenues, join efta and begin trading normally with the rest of Europe?

    That would be a good start.

    The independence movement has gone backwards 20 years thanks to Sturgeon and the SNP and this fool will do nothing to change this.

  42. Republicofscotland says:

    A picture can say a thousand words.×900

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  43. Andy Garrett says:

    How about we push for independence, take control of all our resources and get our rightful revenues, join efta and begin trading normally with the rest of Europe?

    That would be a good start.

    The independence movement has gone backwards 20 years thanks to Sturgeon and the SNP, and this fool will do nothing to change this.

  44. cirsium says:

    @Antoine Bisset, 2:33

    Yes, we are the carbon they want to get rid of.

    Very interesting comment on recycling. The Scottish Government led by Salmond organised the construction of the new Forth road bridge and the new Waverley railway. If a competent government was still in operation, organising the construction of new bottling works would be a possibility.

    Regarding tackling the cost of living, we need cheap energy and unhindered economic development. The only way we’re going to get this is independence.

  45. bipod says:

    I have always found the SNPs obsession with “net zero” odd. They have been talking about the “green industrial revolution” even during alex salmonds time and none of the so called green jobs they promised materialised (which is not unsurprising the combination of green regulations and very high energy costs stop any kind of heavy industry not heavily subsidised by the state dead in its tracks). Kate Forbes even admitted recently that they relabelled normal jobs as “green” jobs because they were so far off the target.

    The green promise of cheap, limitless energy for all has always just been a pipe dream as the technology currently stands. This obsession is one of the primary causes of the cost of living crisis. We replaced reliable cheap coal power stations with windmills that need to be backed up by natural gas, that was fine when natural gas was cheap but now its not and the entire country is paying the price.

  46. Peter Campbell says:

    Did anyone see all the Humza supporters on Twitter, upon learning of his victory, saying stuff like “onwards to independence” and similar? Are they that deluded or they just not listen each candidate’s manifestos?

  47. Jlm says:

    Don’t despair. As the World banking system resets the Soros/WEF Governments will collapse.
    Look at the French and Dutch out in the streets.
    Get organised.

  48. Luigi says:

    Sigh. Virtue signalling politicking (and that’s all this is, folks) is destroying the western economies. As the BRICS(+) nations get on with developing their economies, bringing their peoples out of poverty, the middle-class (straight out of uni) wokies and greens (who have infiltrated every party BTW) have set about destroying what’s left of the west. Armed with flawed information, they are on a green crusade. Did they ever consider (are they even aware of the fact) that green energy will never be enough? Do they realise the environmental disaster caused by spent lithium batteries? Contradictions abound (environmental and human rights), but inconvenient truths are ignored. Western politicians won’t give up their own lavish lifestyles, but they certainly wish to impose disastrous green policies on those who can least afford it. At least in communist China, people have a say. Choice of party + no choice of policy (the “free” west) or no choice of party but influence on policy (China). Democracy is in the eye of the beholder.

  49. Red says:

    Peter Campbell says:
    28 March, 2023 at 3:37 pm
    Did anyone see all the Humza supporters on Twitter, upon learning of his victory, saying stuff like “onwards to independence” and similar? Are they that deluded or they just not listen each candidate’s manifestos?

    They’re NPC’s.

  50. Fran says:

    It’s as if they don’t really want to win the next election never mind getting us out of the Union

  51. Skip_NC says:

    Shona Robison as Deputy FM. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

  52. Ian Smith says:

    You can buy spirits from Spain that still work out about 30% cheaper than Amazon after paying international courier fees.

  53. Livionian says:

    Yayyy, more of the same nanny state politics and hitting the poorest hardest.

    There was absolutely no reason why a Humza win needed to happen. If Forbes and Regan could have found a way to be pragmatic and work together, then one of those much more desirable candidates would be our firs minister.

    Yet here we are, more of the same, happy with us being a Scandinavian style expensive woke nation, yet one forever colonized.

  54. Big Jock says:

    Peter , I don’t even think the Humza supporters think independence is coming. It’s now just a reflex action. Like a corpse that rises when the gases inside explode. It’s deid , but looks alive.

  55. indyfan says:

    Seems the Green tail is wagging the dog.

    ‘Ms Slater also suggested that Mr Yousaf would not be letting Ms Regan and Ms Forbes in his cabinet due to his “progressive” values as she was asked whether she could serve with them.’
    So much for ‘uniting’ the party. It can only get worse.

  56. John C says:

    I’m sure the DRS, like many an SNP policy, will fall apart within a few months at the cost of the taxpayer therefore wasting our limited funding which could have been better spent elsewhere.

    There’s no way in hell Yousaf will actually tackle the economy for the benefit of the poorest. He’ll tweak a few things around the edges, have a couple of flagship policies which will end up benefiting the middle class more or be ineffectual. He won’t tackle the real issues as like Labour before him, many in the SNP have realised if they throw one huge bone to some they’ll vote for them regardless. With Labour is was the dream of socialism, with the SNP it is the dream of independence.

    We’re in a situation where for most people now they’re a month at most from hitting extreme poverty. We also know that Scotland has a limited amount of funding,even with the ability to raise some taxes we don’t have the full range of powers to fully cure the issues people are suffering but yet, we can still focus on making the lives of people a little better. But Yousaf is pushing ahead with the GRA, will launch a useless Section 30 request, and fight a S35 order because he wants to look good for the Greens who have him by the balls, and for TRAs who today are on the whole, supportive of the violence we’ve seen escalating rapidly since Friday.

  57. Geri says:

    What’s NPCs?

  58. laukat says:

    Shona Robinson as DFM. The BBC report saying Robinson’s constituency office is in the Fun Factory – are they all just taking the piss?

    Scotland has Dumb and Dumber in charge. Who else for the clown car/cabinet?

  59. David Holden says:

    I wonder how long before we see Humza on the side of a bus with a catchy phrase like I don’t drink so suck it up plebs. Sounds like a certain vote winner.

  60. iain mhor says:

    I don’t doubt he has the economic sense of a wean in a sweetie shop and counts his change on his fingers. However, the singular ire for the deposit return scheme I find a bizarre thing for everyone, and their dug to get het up about.
    Throughout mainland Europe it operates very well, and far from being a burden it’s welcomed by the consumer, and communitiy.

    I mentioned to continental friends, that if introduced, Scotland’s streets would be clean overnight. The amusement ceased when I said it wasn’t hyberbole – I meant literally overnight, because our streets, and verges are drowning in a potential kings ransom of shite.

    I would bet a case of anyones choice brew, that it wouldn’t just be jaikies, and junkies collecting the discarded plastic, glass, and tinware.

    There shouldn’t be any need to educate anyone here, that deposit/return schemes operated quite happily years ago, and the sky fell on no-ones beelin nut.
    What you seldom saw was empty bottles of ginger kicking about, because the weans had them, straight to the shop for a chip roll, and swadgers.

    Travel the continent, and bin-rakers are a common enough sight, and no-one bats an eyelid. If you can’t be arsed cairting your empty bottle, or tin on your daily commute – then good luck to the bin-raker getting a few bob out of it – it’s not littering the verges and streets.

    I once cairted an empty plastic bottle from Germany to France, and back, just so I could get 15 cents back (the Pfand wasn’t redeemable with the French system) I was buggered if I was chipping 3 bob in the bin. I made sure to rake a few more, and had enough empties to buy a few brews afer dinner.

    Mind you, minimum alcohol pricing is a vague rumour in coutries where every other town has their own brewery, and beer is quite literally cheaper than bottled water.

    So, this is the new Scotland: What everyone else can do, and we used to do very well, is now an impossible burden of apocalyptic drama.
    It’s a brave new world – ye can keep it.

  61. David Holden says:

    OK the SNP are just taking the piss now with Shona Robison announced as deputy first minister. It seems like Humza has learned well from Nicola and is going to surround himself with nincompoops to make him look less bad than he is. A big ask but he may have just managed it. Humza I salute you.

  62. Skip_NC says:

    Geri, I’m going to guess that, in this context, NPC means Non-Playing Character. DuckDuckGo also tells me it means National Physique Committee. Context is everything, don’t you agree?

  63. Shug says:

    I am not sure I understand why journalists, when hearing, “my first priority is the cost of living” don’t respond with but you can’t control the cost if living that can only be done at a UK level.

    It is such an open goal but they let the off with it

  64. Wullie B says: Towo useless fuckers in charge, both incompetent at all their previous jobs, I suppose birds of a feather always stick together

  65. Den says:

    bottles recycled via Purple recycling bin (council) works well … wtf that’s gonna cost come August is anybody,s guess.”

    No mystery – they’ll go up to £2.69.

    @rev Stu , aye minimum ,that’s a simplistic view , you not think Manufactures etc will pass on tooling costs, scheme admin / reporting costs etc to the end Customer ? Canny see them absorbing cost.

  66. David says:

    What about the Special Conference? Is that cancelled for good? Is Humza not going to offer us any carrots?

  67. thursoberwick says:

    Humza Yousaf and Shona Robison team leading Scotland to independence?

    F@cking game’s a bogey 🙁

  68. Luigi says:

    If Nicola’s best pal becomes DFM, then we know who will be keeping tight strings on the puppet.

    (the plot thickens).

  69. wull says:

    Next election slogan, in Banner Headlines:


  70. Ian Spruce says:

    Shona Robison is Deputy First Minister!

  71. LantonParky says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    28 March, 2023 at 3:06 pm
    A picture can say a thousand words.×900

    Yes, and unfortunately no abstentions in the SNP ranks.

  72. A Bruce says:

    Iain Mhor

    The refund here in Germany is now 25c on every plastic bottle and can. Beer bottles are 5c. You never see a bottle or a can lying around anywhere.

  73. akenaton says:

    Ah well Therey’are! Famous words of Dermot Kelly, “Dead Man” in the sixties TV series The Lazy Acre.
    Dead Man always reiterated these word when something which was obvious from the beginning actually happened.
    Unfortunately, this time not only did we recognise the dread danger but we actually aided and abetted its coming.

    Kate Forbes was the wee jewel who could have put life back into the Nationalist movement AND put an end to the social deviance promulgated by the Greens and quickly adopted by a devious but ultimately doomed criminal regime.

    Is it too late to re-set society? Probably, as I see no other with the strength of purpose, the personality, or the political intelligence to re-motivate what has become a stupid and defeated populace. Fighting old wars wont cut it, as can be seen daily on this forum, the enemy are amongst us now, they have been cultivated not by parental love and care, but by a media and political class who have like Sturgeon, begun to believe their own twisted propaganda. It won’t end well for them, but by that time we will either be gone or have lost the will or wit to protest the madness.

  74. Colin says:

    Arguably one of the main reasons for voting for Kate Forbes was that there was a very strong chance she would have ditched the appalling Greens. Not satisfied with Yousaf being elected they are now trying to dictate who , or rather who not, should be in the Cabinet. Their influence on the SNP is vastly in excess of their voting strength!

  75. Republicofscotland says:

    Shona Robison is a very close friend of Nicola Sturgeon, it looks like the puppet Yousaf has had his first command from Sturgeon, who to be honest might have stood down as FM but she’s still running the party via Yousaf.

    The SNP are a lost cause.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  76. Breeks says:

    Jesus wept.

    SNP on course to “do a Labour” and sink into obscurity, and apparently without even waiting for an election to pull the chain.

    See all these months past, when I said we should have impeached the fkg place? Doesn’t sound so daft now does it?

    The only good news is Humza and Robison in charge of Scottish debacles, there’s absolutely zero chance of the SNP Perverts Charter becoming law.

  77. Daisy Walker says:

    @, ‘ Lorna Campbell says:
    28 March, 2023 at 2:11 pm

    L+W+D: don’t jest. It will come to pass. He really can pick only the most oleaginous, rainbow-coloured dumbbells in the party to hoist to stardom’….

    Doesn”t he have family he can promote/install?… asking for his wife/cousin/brother. Doh.

  78. Daisy Walker says:

    Wonder how long into his reign before the term ‘USELESS’ becomes deemed a racial slur?

  79. Republicofscotland says:

    Lanton Parky, link not working.

  80. socratesmacsporran says:

    Seeing Swinney and Sturgeon sitting side-by-side on the SNP back benches, during that travesty of installing Haunless Youseless I had a sudden thought.

    Which one is Statler and which one is Waldorf?

  81. Republicofscotland says:

    Alison Thewliss SNP MP, you know the one who brought a child to a trans demo and stood in front of signs calling for the decapitation of Terfs.

    She has joined the John Smith Centre at UoG, a well know UK security services safe haven and staging post.

    First spotted by Vivian Oblivion.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  82. A Bruce says:

    I’ve just heard the on the news that there has been a shooting in a school in Nashville where 3 adults and 3 children have been shot. The report started of by saying the shooter was a woman. I thought,that’s unusual, but it then transpired that it was a trans who was the shooter. A man therefore, but that’s not how Humza Useless would see it.

  83. Garavelli Princip says:

    Apparently the PervoGreens wouldn’t work with Forbes in the Cabinet. Useless was given an ultimatum.

    He couldn’t just sack her, so he offered her a job she couldn’t accept!

    I give him six months tops!

    It will end in a personal scandal!

  84. Kcor says:

    “The first Muslim First Minister”

    Is he a Muslim?

    Is he fasting during the day during the month of Ramadhan which is ongoing right now?

    Or is he exempted from fasting for being a Minister?

    Rev. Stuart Campbell, expose him on that front as well.

  85. robertkknight says:

    Can only hope all the political shysters in the SNP, who’ve suddenly started chucking the word Independence around again like rice at a Greek wedding, get their comeuppance at the ballot box.

    In the meantime, I hope their rancid party haemorrhages members as never before… 60k and falling!

    Indy for Scotland – SNP OUT!

  86. JGedd says:

    I get a very strong sense of aloof indifference towards the electorate from the Greens and their Woke chums in the SNP. This is evident in the Labour ranks as well in Holyrood and Westminster. In fact it is becoming a feature in the political classes of the EU as well.

    It isn’t just indifference – it is elite contempt, an elite that has no empathy with the ruled. We are back in the past with pre-revolutionary France as a model. However, we live in what is supposed to be a democracy yet we have the new elites of the political class who seem as dismissive of the interests of ordinary people as if whatever affects the mass of the people does not affect them. They pass legislation like the GRA against the wishes of the majority of the electorate which they know is unpopular. It’s almost as if they are ‘trolling’ us.

    I know what I suspect has fuelled this new elitism but I do not know all the elements involved precisely because they are so diverse and dissipated throughout connected societies. I can see one obvious way in which they have set the narrative to their advantage and that is, of course, the mass media.

    All of us know this but consider, for instance, how the American Revolution and the French Revolution were energised, then many commentators suggest an important driver was the growing, educated middle class chafing against the indifference of distant elites who governed them but not in their interest(in America’s case at great geographical distance.) The ideas of the French Revolution, of course, influenced the American Revolution.

    Also cited, however, is what was then mass dispersal of opinion to the educated through pamphlets and other print media. it was the beginning of the transmission of news and opinions that did not rely on word of mouth.

    Those also who refer to other countries who achieved independence in the past, like Ireland, do not take into account the way modern mass media now works against any radical ideas emanating from the ground up.

    Our media is so controlled by the elite that ordinary people are on the receiving of propagandizing almost daily, especially through TV, as immediacy of visual effects together with the carefully chosen narration has a subtle, almost subliminal effect.

    We were warned how this would come to bear on the attuned by the author of 1984 who knew how it worked in his day because he had worked within it as one of the propagators. Even he would have been surprised at how easily people today could be propagandized because of the ‘surround’ effect that can be achieved, infiltrating people’s thoughts while they think their opinions are their own.

    This is only one way in which people have been captured but it has to have been co-ordinated on a large scale which is not so difficult considering the global scope. There is nothing new about this really since it is the way control has always been exercised – keep the ruled uninformed and disunited – it’s just the means, which is modern technology. But why did the elite politicians all seem to be so co-ordinated, all once, so it appears, as with the Transgender movement? Strangely enough, this all-encompassing global epiphany has overlapped at the same time with the same political adherents having a recent great enthusiasm for NATO.

    Annalena Baerbock,(Green) and German Foreign Minister, when questioned recently about the impact of Germany’s support for for the war in the east on German citizens and rising fuel bills stated categorically that she did not care about German citizens, only about the aforesaid war. You couldn’t be any more frank than that.

  87. Kcor says:

    A Bruce says:
    28 March, 2023 at 5:35 pm

    I thought,that’s unusual, but it then transpired that it was a trans who was the shooter.”

    Non woke people should make it a point to always call such a creature “woman with a penis”.

  88. Skip_NC says:

    A Bruce @ 5:35pm, the shooter was a woman who used he/him pronouns. It is no surprise that Nashville police have described her as a woman. Firstly, because she was and secondly because, in the South outside some major metropolitan areas, social conservatism is predominant.

  89. David Holden says:

    Kate Forbes was offered rural affairs and has declined the kind offer. Whatever you think of her beliefs she was more than competent in her job in the last cabinet. She is a teuchter so give her rural affairs seems to have been a poorly thought out strategy but I fear we are in for more of the same. I wonder if they will offer Ash a job making tea or cleaning ? Five minutes in and Humza has shown he aint no leader in fact he is an over promoted idiot and hell mend the SNP.

  90. Alin Scot says:

    Kate Forbes is out of Scottish Government – BBC website.

  91. Rogueslr says:

    Looks like Kate’s been shafted, offered rural affairs she’s leaving the cabinet. Two scorned women sat behind Useless both anti the GRR will be popcorntastic.

  92. himagain says:

    A good start to the new consensus. Forbes turns down a cabinet role and leaves government. He offered her the Rural Affairs job, a calculated insult. God knows what sycophants and drones he will finally choose.

  93. Izzie says:

    When is Ash Regan going to move to Alba and join her leader?

  94. Bob Mack says:


    Come on !. You should really check out the numbers leaving.

    I hope in this case you are right though.

  95. Colin says:

    Kate ousted! Rules out a “deal” me thinks. This is not going to end well!

  96. Robert McAllan says:

    Wullie B @4:35,effter seein’that an’noo Gray intae his oxters an aw. we is totally BULL FUCKED, an’ if that wisnae bad enough Ash Regan on her twitter feed has made the maist tae curlin’ appraisal o’ the direction SHE THINKS THE SNP is noo traivellin’. She is richt aboot wan thing tho, the union will nivver quite believe its luck oan the shite that’s aboot tae come Scotland’s wey courtesy o’ the SNP. Whit a disappointment she’s turned oot tae be!!

  97. peter says:

    Stop stirring, Izzie. You are a troll. “join her leader”. Ha Ha.

  98. Anton Decadent says:

    The elephant in the room is the Greens having more pull in the SNP than the members or any MP who is not part of the kabal.

  99. A Bruce says:

    I have just read an article from Campbell Martin today entitled”A lesson from Ireland”
    I don’t know if Wings readers have read Sturgeon’s resignation letter to the palace, I hadn’t and it had me gobsmacked.

    “I should wish to reiterate that it has been my pleasure to serve Your Majesty, Her Majesty the Queen and the people of Scotland as First Minister since November 2014” CM says-Nice to see the people of Scotland getting a mention, even if in third place behind two English monarchs. Sturgeon concluded “I have the honourto be,Sir, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant”
    What the hell would Wallace have thought!

  100. akenaton says:

    I wonder if all the Proud Indy Warriors who demonised Kate are hiding their faces today.
    Time to grow up and join the 21st century.

  101. socratesmacsporran says:

    Haunless Youseless offering Kate Forbes Rural Affairs is the political equivalent of Celtic offering Jock Stein the job of running their lottery.

  102. Jm says:

    HY’s policies will be exactly those his handlers across the pond have planned for.

  103. Izzie says:

    Peter @ 6.05 I actually don’t know what a troll is (apart from the mythical creatures in fairytales that is). I would be grateful for a definition. I am a member of SNP have been for40 plus years. And no I didn’t vote for Humza because I am thrawn

  104. A Bruce says:

    Thanks for the clarification Skip. It just gets all too confusing.

  105. Shug says:

    So 24 hours after Kate decides not to challenge the integrity of the election she is offered a demotion.

    That’s what happens when you cut a deal with the Westminster candidate. They will always betray you.

  106. thothScot says:

    Yousaf continuing his stunning track record, by getting in some early terrible decisions.

    Ousting a person shown as capable and popular within the party, out of pettiness and spite. Perhaps Nicola has already told him who she wants her sock puppet to have in each post.

    Perhaps the other candidates are better out of the train wreck to come. Sadly, things will be even bleaker at any time they want to come back in.

  107. Robert McAllan says:


  108. robertkknight says:

    “I am a member of SNP have been for 40 plus years”

    That’s not a Troll. That’s the three wise monkeys rolled into one!

  109. Republicofscotland says:

    Two parts of Sturgeon’s (aka Cardinal Richelieu) trifecta now in place with Yousaf and Robison, next up to complete the set will be another puppet to replace Peter Murrell, and control of the SNP will be retained.

    The SNP is unsavable for anyone who wants to see the dissolving of this rancid union.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba

  110. Anton Decadent says:

    Edit to my previous post, that is one of an entire herd of elephants in the room.

    Just be kind, they told us, it’ll be fun, they told us…

  111. JockMcT says:

    I’m glad it’s Humza, he will fix himself eventually and in the meantime SNP slides off the board. Forbes was a worse choice, a true tory nodding dog neocon wee free. Regan the dream ticket – so not happening. The greens, FFS, get the bleach out, we need rid, and as for net zero – yeah, net zero greens please. Doesn’t it feel like the Brit state is rubbing our collective nose in this mess, saying you had a chance albeit slim, and rigged by us, nevertheless you had the temerity to try. Now just how much are we going to take, because it will keep coming until we do a French and say an oeuf is indeed an oeuf…Until then, enjoy the circus, the clowns have run amok.

  112. Wullie B says:

    So will Flynn be sacked. And Anam Qaisar be selected for Westminster group leader unopposed

  113. President Xiden says:

    Colin says:
    28 March, 2023 at 6:03 pm
    “ …this isn’t going to end well”
    To be fair it hasn’t exactly stared well never mind how it ends. Clown World.

  114. Mac says:

    Kate Forbes getting everything she deserves.

    Rural affairs. HA HA HA HA HA HA!

  115. Skip_NC says:

    A Bruce @ 6:18pm, no problem. I wasn’t sure myself, to begin with, because a woman shooting up like that is pretty rare. Then I saw a press conference on the breakfast news this morning where the Nashville Chief of Police clarified.

    What I find interesting is that the local news outlets around here (which lean “liberal,” some of them quite heavily so) have not sought to make a big issue of this. That may change in the days and weeks ahead but I daresay it would be a bad look to prioritize the perpetrator’s feelings over the death of three nine-year-olds and three people in their sixties. All of them attended or worked at a Christian school, so we can only imagine what it would be like for any TV station who took that angle so soon after the loss of life.

  116. twathater says:

    @Iain mhor 4.26pm TBQH Iain my problem with the BRS isn’t returning the bottles and cans as I was a midgie raker in my young years in sunny Govan and made money from beer bottles and ginger bottles ,it is that there is currently a facility in the council’s refuse collections to do this but unfortunately lazy arse people don’t want the bother of separating their rubbish
    I have a neebour who illegally fixes cars in his oversized garage and the parts come in cardboard boxes, sometimes quite big but he is too lazy to even tear the boxes up and his bins are literally overflowing, people like him it won’t matter what facilities you provide they will do their own thing ,but slater from tranada has made the usual green and snp fuckup by not thinking things through

  117. Republicofscotland says:

    I wonder if all the Proud Indy Warriors who demonised Kate are hiding their faces today.


    Why would we be hiding our faces? Forbes had no plan for independence, and who really cares whether she has or hasn’t a position in Yousaf’s cabinet, for we’d be going nowhere with her as FM.

  118. 100%Yes says:

    People on here should just IGNORE Izzie who’s a member of the Tory SNP unionist party.

  119. Bob Mack says:

    @Robert Knight,

    Still laughinh here. Belter.

  120. akenaton says:

    Shug and Robert, of course you are entitled to your opinions, but I’m sure when today’s events sink in, the vast majority will come to the view that the support of Reagan and demonization of Forbes was a missed opportunity of gigantic proportions.

    All to late now of course, Our country is about to become a Pariah State as all the latest crimes against women and children are rolled out.

  121. Chas says:

    A cracking start from Useless. Incompetence from day 1 but, let’s be honest, that’s exactly what was expected. A leopard cannot change his spots.

    I am thinking of setting up a new political party-Sane Scots for Independence. Every prospective member will be vetted. Unfortunately half of the posters on Wings need not apply as I am reliably informed that rejection often offends!

  122. Gordon Gekko says:

    The simple truth :

    The inflationary episode is being driven by profit gouging and interest rate hikes won’t help much.

    The reason interest rate hikes won’t help is because it is a myth.

    1. When interest rates rise the increase cost of credit just gets passed onto the consumer via higher prices. Interest rate hikes are price hikes.

    2. Those that have savings when interest rates rise receive a fiscal stimulas. They receive bigger interest payments and depending what they spend it on can be inflationary in a supply side constrained environment.

    Finally, The spot and forward price for a non perishable commodity imply all storage costs, including interest expense. Therefore, with a permanent zero-rate policy, and assuming no other storage costs, the spot price of a commodity and its price for delivery any time in the future is the same.

    However, if rates were, say, 10%, the price of those commodities for delivery in the future would be 10% (annualised) higher. That is, a 10% rate implies a 10% continuous increase in prices, which is the textbook definition of inflation! It is the term structure of risk free rates itself that mirrors a term structure of prices which feeds into both the costs of production as well as the ability to pre-sell at higher prices, thereby establishing, by definition, inflation.

    And all the empirical evidence proves it. After two decades of 0 rate policies the yen remained problematically strong and inflation very low. And the same holds for the euro and $US after many years of near zero-rate policies. In fact, theory and evidence points to the reverse- higher rates tend to weaken a currency and support higher levels of inflation because of the reasons explained above.

    Both Japan and the EU could never hit their 2% inflation target for years with zero and negative interest rates. Because they had the whole thing backwards.

    Of course he can’t do anything about it. The BOE sets the rate. Every price rise should have the competition and monopolies authorities crawling all over it. Yet we see nothing. As the poachers became gamekeepers and serve the banks.

  123. Ebenezer Scroggie says:

    If Forbes didn’t see that betrayal coming, then she’s a bloody fool.

    The photos of her at the announcement ceremony don’t indicate that she did see it coming. She looked like a cat that had licked the cream.

    What’s the price of a long-life lettuce these days?

  124. John H. says:

    All we need now is SAS in charge of finance. God help us.

  125. thursoberwick says:

    On the plus side, the Greens will probably just be left with Harvie as their only MSP after the next Scottish Parliament election. The SNP will have lost most of their MPs by then and all their Short money income, and with Yousaf dividing the party, p@ssing off voters and SNP MSPs and driving out thousands of SNP members by the time he leads the SNP to defeat at the next Scottish Parliament election they will be finished and the independence movement will need a true indy party. Time to start building one.

  126. MarkH says:

    Shona Robison as deputy, that sounds like the desperate circling of wagons.

  127. Merganser says:

    Where does ‘Rural Affairs’ rank in the hierarchy? Must be close to the bottom of the pile. Is Forbes still smiling?

    So predictable from Humza. More of the same to follow. Slater for Finance Secretary anyone?

  128. thursoberwick says:

    Anyone often think that Scotland is just fking cursed?
    Too many of us are on the take or all talk.

  129. Breeks says:

    There’s a comment in The National that Yousaf’s wife works for Robison. If that’s true, how cosy, but it reeks of nepotism… Don’t know why I’m surprised. Reading BTL comments at The National is worse than WGD… feel like I need a shower. Creepy peeps.

    Wonder if Forbes still has that big smile on her face. I’m guessing not. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course I’ll respect you after the ballot”.

    Best wishes and commiserations to the person who now has the most important job in Scotland… Not Yousaf, don’t be daft. I mean the person vetting ALBA’s new recruits. Dig deep and be thorough my friend. May they all be blessed with Christmas Trees.

  130. CR says:

    It seems that there is now an accepted story of Kate having done a deal all because she is smiling at the result reveal. Maybe, she was delighted to have done better than she thought, maybe she’s happy Humza has the poisoned chalice, maybe she’s just a happy wee soul, maybe her wean was across the room waving at her, maybe its …

    All the people on here that can see deals and read minds from a photo, paranoid as

    but no, its obvious init ..

  131. akenaton says:

    I don’t think for a minute that there was any deal done between Kate and Yousaf….do you not think that smile IS Kate? She seems a genuine girl, too good for politics.
    She almost won against all odds…..even the “very odds” here.

  132. Shetto Al says:

    Is it even legal to give a demotion to someone on maternity leave?
    At best it is a poor and misogynistic example to set for Scotland’s employers.

  133. Luigi says:

    The FM/BBC are trying to spin it that Kate Forbes had indicated that she didn’t want “a big job” and so they thought that the rural affairs would have suited her fine, given her track record and interest in the subject. They were shocked that she turned it down. Perfectly reasonable (if you believe that).

  134. 100%Yes says:

    Well done Kate.

  135. Luigi says:

    Breeks says:
    28 March, 2023 at 7:16 pm
    There’s a comment in The National that Yousaf’s wife works for Robison.

    Surely that cannot be true. They wouldn’t try to pull that one, not after all the furore about Mr and Mrs Murrell. Would they?

  136. Ted says:

    We can only hope that the same UK government which finished Sturgeon by using the Scotland Act against the gender woo woo, now brings in a root and branch public enquiry to investigate the inner workings of her nasty party. It may need to include a look at the party in 2014 too so we can see what they claim the previous leadership was up to and if there was anything, why it took until 2020 for Sturgeon to act.

  137. thursoberwick says:

    Yousaf’s wife worked in Robison’s constituency office in Dundee. Then she became an SNP councillor in Dundee. “Shona gave my wife a job, I’ll give Shona a job” 2023 in the SNP

  138. Gordon Gekko says:

    The fact the public believe their TV’s when their TV says interest rate hikes fight inflation is just another form of potty training.

    Question everything these mugs say. They lie about everything.

    The problem with the mainstream credit channel is that it relies on the assumption that lower rates encourage borrowing to spend. At a micro level this seems plausible- people will borrow more to buy houses and cars, and business will borrow more to invest. But it breaks down at the macro level.

    Why ? – Why does it break down at the macro level ?

    For every £ borrowed there is a £ saved, so any reduction in interest costs for borrowers corresponds to an identical reduction for savers.

    The only way a rate cut would result in increased borrowing to spend would be if the propensity to spend of borrowers exceeded that of savers.

    The economy, however, is a large net saver, as government is an equally large net payer of interest on its government bonds. Therefore, rate cuts directly reduce government spending and the economy’s private sector’s net interest income.

    And looking at over two decades of zero-rates and QE in Japan, 10 years in the US, and 15 years of zero and now negative rates in the EU, the data is also telling everybody that lowering rates does not support demand, output, employment, or inflation.

    In fact, the only arguments that they do are counter factual- the economy would have been worse without it- or that it just needs more time. By logical extension, zero-rates and massive QE for decades both in the EU and Japan failed to hit their 2% inflation targets. That tells you everything you need to know.

    If these idiots believe increasing interest rates fights inflation ( potty training for those who can’t think for themselves). Then slashing rates under their belief system causes inflation. As both the EU and Japan showed this was never the case with Quadrillion worth of QE and zero rates.

    Yet, the public just take what their TV’s say as gospel. Why these mugs get away with what they do.

    Prices will keep rising with rate hikes. Until the BOE breaks something with their insanity.

  139. JockMcT says:

    Name the alphabettys, someone, please…

  140. Benny says:

    There can only be two conclusions made by the recent appointment either one is it was fixed or the SNP membership is full of halfwit bampots .

  141. Carole Sharp says:

    You all watching Liz Lloyd on Ch4?

  142. Izzie says:

    Peter@608 Googled troll. I think that you may be right. I can cause trouble in an empty house. I used to do this at work when I got bored.

  143. thursoberwick says:

    @Carole Sharp at 7:55
    Why was Lloyd on Ch4? What was she saying? English Lloyd who turned up in the SNP when they came to power. Funny that? Another parachuted in wrecker.

  144. Republicofscotland says:

    “I am thinking of setting up a new political party-Sane Scots for Independence.”


    That rules you, akenaton and John Main out right away.

  145. David Holden says:

    Any word on the no ifs no buts defacto referendum we were promised by the last first minister. Asking for a friend.

  146. Garavelli Princip says:

    Saw Liz Lloyd unchallenged on Ch4 on the two court cases that Alex Salmond WON.

    Poor Nikla was ‘appalled’ when Alex took the Scottish Gov to Court.

    No mention that ScotGov was utterly gutted by that case and that AS was entirely vindicated., and that it took their advocates threats to close it down!

    Not challenged at all by the interviewer.


    Presumably Lloyd was paid for this sweetheart interview.

    I hope AS has his lawyers onto Ch4 immediately

  147. ronald anderson says:

    Luigi 7.37 .

    The SNP has always been rife with nepotism just look at the Ewing dynasty

  148. Paulk says:

    Masterstroke from Useless on day one. He now has Forbes on the backbenches, where she can cause all sorts of trouble for him. He really is thick as mince.

  149. Eric says:

    So much for party unity.

    The front bench appointments will be interesting.

  150. ronald anderson says:

    Paulk 8.11.

    Get with the programme Forbes is leaving Holyrood .

  151. Graeme George says:

    If Kate Forbes is saying she only wanted a small job what the hell was doing standing for leader/first minister

  152. socratesmacsporran says:

    Haunless Youseless had two choices:

    He could have had Kate Forbes and Ash Regan in the tent, pishing oot, but he chose to leave them ootside the tent, pishing in.

    The man is clearly a Numpty.

  153. Albert Herring says:

    So has Humza’s wife been appointed CEO yet?

  154. Carole Sharp says:

    @thursoberwick, LLoyd was interviewed by Cathy Newman CH4 news never seen her interviewed before, quite shocked she was asked about Alex Salmond cases and yeah unchallenged

  155. Viscount Ennui says:

    There are still sufficient SNP MSPs who have a modicum of integrity who will not stand for the current nonsense.
    They will not act immediately but will become activated once electoral losses begin to mount.
    YH will not get a honeymoon boost in the opinion polls. In fact, the opposite is likely to happen.
    The second wave of dissent will come from those enjoying promotion when they realise that they might lose their seats.
    A third threat is likely to emerge from one of a number of scandals that will inevitably bubble to the surface depsite the best efforts of the puppets. NS looks done. She will lose any remaining ‘friends’ when they realise that she no longer has patronage to offer them and when, I hope, Mr Plod comes knocking at the door. Politics can be very cruel and it has become clear that she deluded herself that she had some special talent rather than a magic carrot to dangle in front of the sheep.
    Forbes may surprise us. I was not a fan and I am still unconvinced, but she has played an absolute blinder today by steering clear of the shit-show that is about to emerge. I doubt that many on this site will agree with me but now that immediate independence as a acause has been lost, we have to play the long(er) game and re-group as an indy movement around a credible figure and a credible strategy.
    Sturgeon is just a piece of fluff who did no more than occupy a post rather that furthering a cause.

  156. President Xiden says:

    On the jobs front huge increases in the manufacture of clown shoes is expected as the demand is now far exceeding the supply. A similar bonus is expected for the suppliers of clown cars to the Scottish cabinet.

  157. lumilumi says:

    Humza Yousaf as SNP leader and FM and Shona Robison as DFM! Like most commentators (and presumably Rev Stu), I despair.

    The cause of Scottish independence has been set further back. This is the legacy of Nicola Sturgeon. The words I have for her are unprintable. And the Useless is set to continue on the path marked out by her (and the DFM even more so).

    On one of the points touched on Rev Stu’s article, the DRS. I don’t understand the resistance, even by Rev Stu. The idea is that the consumer pays the price of the beverage + a deposit on the container. Next time the consumer goes to the shop, he/she returns the container and gets the deposit back. The beverage doesn’t actually cost any more.

    In my country, we’ve had a DRS as long as I can remember, so early 1970s. It was different from today’s system – for one, the bottles were glass and washed and reused. But bottle returning for a deposit never changed. It evolved to include PET (plastic) bottles and aluminium tins.

    Today, the recycling rates are in the high 90s for plastic and aluminium, low 90s for glass. Overall about 94%. Scotland or UK overall recycling is below 50%. In developing countries with no recycling schemes, it’s close to zero. The seas a swilling with plastic waste.

    I spent a couple of hours googling, trying to find out when the Finnish DRS first began. It was well-established by very early 1970s (personal memory). The Norwegian company Tomra made their first return machine in 1972 because a DRS was in force in Norway at the time and the shopkeepers wanted a faster and more efficient way to process the returning drink containers. Tomra are now a world leader, with a turnover of billions and very good expansion potential in East and South East Asia, in countries who want to reduce plastic waste and litter (especially in the sea, which spoils their tourism industry).

    We’ve had primitive DRS for at least firty years, ever changing and developing, now refining quite a complex system as an export product.

    For me, the main benefit is less littering. The litterbugs won’t bother to get the 20p or whatever deposit back, but some people will, like junior sports teams, who go collect empties and make hundreds as a fundraiser.

    My first shock of non-recycling culture was at the turn of 1970s-1980s in the USA, living in a very progressive univeristy town where people would throw all drinks containers to the trash. Forwind a dozen years, same happened in Scotland. Not returning your bottles/tins for a deposit was hard to understand.

    Recycling in Scotland and the UK has since progressed with sorting and various bins. But I still think not getting (admittedly small) money back for your empties is just… weird.

    As to the effort. Teenagers who’d had a party while the parents were away would take a wheelbarrow full of (glass, so heavy) empties a mile away to the nearest shop and bough more beer with the “empties money”. Been there, done that.

    It’s a cultural thing. Nearly everybody in my country takes their bag of empties with them when they go to the shops, because that’s what we’ve learned as kids from at least the early 1970s: recycle, and get the deposit back at the check out when paying for our shopping. Our roadsides and parks are not littered with empties because few throw them away and those trown away are collected by entreprising individuals, junior sports teams, local charities and the like as a fundraiser.

    I haven’t had time to delve into what the SNP-proposed DRS is. Probably a half-baked virtual-signalling disaster, not learning from well-working D/R -systems in other European or North American countries/states. The SNP and the Greens will probably want the scheme run by rainbow flag weilding trans activists and other “social justice” warriors. Because obviously the work done by materials and logistics engineers, economists, lawmakers, etc. in other countries to produce a well-working model isn’t good enough because it didn’t include enough “diverse” people.


  158. London Scott says:

    My theory re. Kate Forbes. She did not want to be FM…yet. Young, small baby, hopes to perhaps have another in a year. But she wanted to put down a marker for next time. So her result was ideal – she did not win, but only a few % behind Humza she will look like a front runner next time. So her smiles yesterday were of relief and happiness.

  159. Geri says:

    Forbes was the Tory plant to scupper Ash campaign.

    It worked. She was driven out of the spotlight.

  160. Eric says:

    I read the Forbes quits Government headline, I interpreted that as effectively resigning from the cabinet, but still sitting as an MSP.

    Like Ash did.

  161. Paulk says:

    @ ronald anderson 8.24pm

    You’re right. Apologies.

  162. 100%Yes says:

    @Viscount Ennui


    Half voted for Ian blackford to stay on as leader and the other half voted for Flynn who a pension and slipper sort of PERSON.

    I’m terrible tired of the SNP MP standing up and spouting Independence when not one of them means it, if they did when ALBA MP’s where sent out of the chamber, the SNP should have followed but they did, spineless the lot of them.

  163. Ian Spruce says:

    No way can I believe Kate Forbes would say that.

    It was a huge demotion for her from Finance where she did a good job. That is the real reason I am thinking she declined.

    I shudder to think who is going to be in his cabinet but at least we only have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

  164. Alf Baird says:

    Luigi @ 3:45 pm

    “Sigh. Virtue signalling politicking (and that’s all this is, folks) is destroying the western economies. As the BRICS(+) nations get on with developing their economies, bringing their peoples out of poverty, the middle-class (straight out of uni) wokies and greens (who have infiltrated every party BTW) have set about destroying what’s left of the west. Armed with flawed information, they are on a green crusade.”

    Yes, Scots have long been subjected to ‘Ecological Imperialism’, though it is not sheep that are replacing us today, according to the census. Now we also see our country covered in restrictive SSSI’s, National Parks, numerous rewilding schemes, HPMAs etc. Meantime our public utilities/monopolies, lands and resources are sold to offshore corps as modern forms of Ecological & corporate Imperialism exploit us and hold back the development of our nation and people.

  165. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh says:

    Liz Lloyd’s interview by Cathy Newman on Channel 4 tonight is essential viewing. The British State in the raw —

  166. Big Jock says:

    At least he is predictable. Shona Robison as number 2. He is surrounding himself with idiots, just like Sturgeon.

    I think we knew he would do that. It’s basically just Sturgeon with a tan. It’s almost as if he has a design for failure. Which then begs the question.Is he the MI5 trojan horse. Or is it just genuine stupidity.

  167. Big Jock says:

    Scotland 2 Spain 0 quite incredible!

  168. robbo says:

    Scotland winning 2-0 . At least something positive is happening today.

  169. 100%Yes says:

    How stupid can SNP MP’s and MP’s be, to back a guy who’s going to cost them their jobs at the next Westminster and Holyrood elections, I can’t wait to see who’s going to lose their jobs.

  170. Big Jock says:

    Anyone still think the SNP are worth saving?I think the sooner they disappear, the sooner we can get back to independence. Salmond may be about to take a big role in our movement.

  171. shug says:

    Any money running on Ash and Kate leaving and joining Alba

    They might as well they have heehaw chance of being reselected by the SNP and a much reduced chance of winning with the SNP

  172. thursoberwick says:

    100%Yes says:
    It’ll be like when Labour get wiped out in 2015, great fun to watch them getting kicked out, and so bitter that it was the party we trusted.

  173. Big Jock says:

    100%. They would elect a hampster to keep the bodies buried. This is about the cover up. Why do you think Sturgeon now looks so relieved.

    But Salmond might yet be the end of her.

  174. Graf Midgehunter says:

    After watching the complete chaos and blatant manipulation from the main players in the – so-called – scot nat party, I think I might be up to buying a lettuce and practising a bit of voodoo, you know, the bit with the needles an’ pins.. 🙂

    If it worked for Liz T……!!

  175. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Yes, Scots have long been subjected to ‘Ecological Imperialism’, though it is not sheep that are replacing us today, according to the census. Now we also see our country covered in restrictive SSSI’s, National Parks, numerous rewilding schemes, HPMAs etc. Meantime our public utilities/monopolies, lands and resources are sold to offshore corps as modern forms of Ecological & corporate Imperialism exploit us and hold back the development of our nation and people. ”

    Indeed , Alf . And the fckn demented cuckoo Greens having hatched their demon seed in the feathered nest of ScotGov , not content with inflicting their lunatic * Gender * fanaticism on our country, will also facilitate the continuing sell-off of our assets ( ’cause , y’know , only Green Capitalism can save the planet , right ? ) and what they can’t sell they’ll restrict eg car use, energy consumption ( does anyone really think the drastic rises we’ve seen will ever come down ? No , didn’t think so ) criminalise eg * unacceptable * language , ban eg EVERYTHING THEY DON’T LIKE .

    And now they’ve got their man in Mute Hoose – blind to everything accept his own imagined brilliance – they’ll be emboldened to impose the policies guaranteed to ignite the tinder accumulated under the floorboards , carpets n closets : in the process burning the SNP/GREENS aberration to the ground

  176. President Xiden says:

    Ian Spruce says

    “ It was a huge demotion for her from Finance where she did a good job. “

    Serious question, what is your evidence that she did a ‘good job’?

  177. Izzie says:

    Listening to all the 90 minute Nationalists singing Flower
    Of Scotland at Hampden.

  178. Republicofscotland says:

    Scotland 2-0 Spain, win against Spain tonight well done lads.

  179. Kcor says:

    akenaton says:
    28 March, 2023 at 7:23 pm

    “do you not think that smile IS Kate? She seems a genuine girl, too good for politics.
    She almost won against all odds…..even the “very odds” here.”

    Forbes is a rank opportunist, IMHO.

  180. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my last comment here’s the Group tables.

  181. Run the borders says:

    As a persuadable yoon I would say yooz just need a few non idiots in charge. The idiots in charge may be in disarray but you still have the most enthusiastic and committed suport. I think your demise is exaggerated.

    Be cool Jolanda.

  182. John H. says:

    Big Jock 8.56.

    I think Sturgeon was the MI5 Trojan horse. Humza was selected by her for his stupidity, so that she could work him from the back. I don’t think MI5 could trust him not to give the game away if they approached him directly. It’s as good a theory as any.

  183. Kcor says:

    lumilumi says:
    28 March, 2023 at 8:44 pm

    “On one of the points touched on Rev Stu’s article, the DRS. I don’t understand the resistance, even by Rev Stu.”

    The recycling scam is the mother of all scams, IMHO.

    Recycling almost certainly needs almost 100% of resources, machinery and energy if not more than producing a new item.

    The focus should be on not wasting in the first place.

    That is already happening out of necessity because of the total incompetence of governments and the end of dirt cheap resources.

    To the extent that people have to choose between food and energy.

    I trust that Finland has a “peace fund” which can now be used to buy weapons needed for NATO membership.

    Similar to the EU’s “peace fund” being used to pour oil on a raging fire.

  184. highlander says:

    The day humza takes over a ferry catches fire, a sign of things to come.

  185. Geri says:

    The SNP are dead.

    FFS at the donkeys who voted for Dumbo are now realising they’re out at the next election.

    *Quick! We better mention indy & that spring conference thingie about err, democracy*

    Do they think we’re as dumb as they obviously are?

    All of them are out..and what for?
    To save Sturgeons skin.. FFS LOL!

    Skip_NC 4:33pm

    Cheers! Yes, context is everything. I hate it when ppl assume everyone know who/what they mean..

    *NPC means Non-Playing Characters

  186. Anonymoose says:

    Cheers to those who spotted the Lloyd video on Ch4.

    Anyone alert to the body-language of others and with a keen eye for spotting a liar should pay close attention to the facial expression, the sudden change of facial complexion and the way she grips her own wrist around the 4:02 timestamp, she clearly didn’t know what question the presenter was coming with next, and again at 4:09 when she gives a small sigh of relief and following that her blink rate increases a lot compared to earlier in the clip right as she continues to propogate lies and smears against an innocent man who was found innocent of all the false allegations made against him in Scotland’s highest court by a majority female jury.

    I’ve archived it as it’s rare for a crook to be willingly caught on video further incriminating themselves.

  187. Ebok says:

    Merganser says:
    ‘Slater for Finance Secretary anyone’

    John H. says:
    ‘All we need now is SAS in charge of finance. God help us’

    It’s terrifying to think that Yousaf, Robison and whatever clown is Finance Sec. will have at their disposal for 2023-24 just shy of


  188. bipod says:

    No chance of kate or ash joining the alba party. With the best will in the world alba doesn’t have any chance of winning seats at either the Scottish or UK elections. They just haven’t achieved the breakthrough they need with the public and it is very unlikely they ever will given that they don’t get any media time.

    I think its more realistic to view them as a pressure group/campaigning organization. They can still achieve things like that, after all minority interests have pretty much ran the SNP for the past 8 years.

  189. John H. says:

    Fearghas 8.54pm.

    Thanks for the link. Pure spin from beginning to end by Lloyd. Poor shy wee Nicola.

  190. alba says:

    @ robertkknight says 6:28 pm
    “I am a member of SNP have been for 40 plus years”
    That’s not a Troll. That’s the three wise monkeys rolled into one!

    And THAT was enough to break my self-imposed exile long enough to say ‘oooft, that was as true as it was harsh; but still funny as f**k ‘. Or as my daugter wid say;
    Defo meme material that

  191. himagain says:

    Saw the interview with the reptile Lloyd. Unbelievable. Well, actually very believable as she is the foullest back stabber to infest Scottish politics in living memory. Evidently Salmond was annoyed at being falsely accused of sexual assault by the coterie around Sturgeon. NOT, I REPEAT, NOT, Lloyd. How dare he be even slightly irritated at being falsely accused by perjurers unknown, of heinous crimes. But Liz seemed to find it amusing, or at least she smiled (nice dental work, by the way Liz, much better than your previous placque covered fangs. A good investment of your undeserved salary.) whilst saying it. We are not, however, shot of them yet. Humza and Shirley will continue to listen to Nic and Liz, and take their orders accordingly. So much for independence. Only problem. Humza ain’t up to it, and he’s making powerful foes already.

  192. Alf Baird says:

    Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh @ 8:54 pm

    “Liz Lloyd’s interview ”

    Brexit happened, and Sturgeon ‘was worried about EU citizens’? What about us Scots forcibly deprived of our European citizenship and the single market, and Sturgeon/Blackford did nothing?

    So Sturgeon has a thing about Salmond going on RT, but fine with an anti-independence EBC?

    Lloyd still seems in denial – Salmond won the case?

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if she does” take a big international job – which everybody and their grannie knows the UK Gov must have promised her for leading the independence movement up a blind alley for the last 8 years.

  193. Wullie B says:

    Just thhinking about Kate Forbes refusing Rural Affairs, that would be a very smart move for any SNP MSP staying in the Highlands and Islands, Western Isles, or Argyll & Bute, because there is going to be a shitstorm due to the Greens insistance on HPMAsbeing part of the Bute House Agreement
    Rural Affairs covers many things, from Food to farming, but also fishing and marine stuff as well. HPMAs being shoved down islanders throats is going ton hit jobs in one of the few full time year round jobs going, and then a lot of seasonal work, as not only is fishing to be banned from HPMAs, but so is going through them on a boat like a rib doing wildlife excursions or kelp or mussel farming, and even sea angling from boat or shore could all be affected.
    There is a proposal for an HPMA to cover a loch where I took passengers out to St Kilda from, three creel boats with 11 crew supplying hotels allover the island with their pot, that’s 15 jobs just because of one HPMA.
    I think the ideal MSP to be offered this job should be either, Emma Roddick, Emma Harper, Maree Todd or Karen Adam

  194. Gordon Bain says:


    Youre absolutely correct. It’s all down to a Unionist MSM. Not something that seems to bother the likes of you.

  195. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh says:

    Tonight’s Channel 4 News interview (link above at 8.54 pm) of Liz Lloyd by Cathy Newman was as malicious about Alex Salmond as it was unctuous about Nicola Sturgeon. Whether Cathy Newman was complicit or naive I don’t know. But unmitigated animosity towards Salmond would certainly seem to be an editorial default, as confirmed by this older Channel 4 interview with Alex Salmond himself by a truly atrocious Krishnan Guru-Murthy during the early days of the Alba Party (26 Mar 2021) —

  196. Beauvais says:

    A thoroughly slanted puff piece interview about Sturgeon between Cathy Newman and Liz Lloyd. To think that C4 news was once held in high respect.

  197. Confused says:

    salaam aleikum my brothers

    let us congratulate our brother in faith, Humsa, for his victory over the kuffar

    thence to declare jihad over the union and final victory over the white devils (ANGLOS), inshallah

    I hope to see Kate and Ash wearing the hijab from now on in the chamber – it’s respect. RESPECT.

    and Wings should operate segregated BTL threads for male (average IQ poster 80) and female (average IQ poster 130)

    I have 47 opinions from religious scholars on this matter, watched “4 Lions” twice and read a book by Hilaire Belloc, so I know what I am talking about.

    I am involved in discussions to see if the Stuart Campbell can be made a wali

    and let us hope our brother Humsa will act as the Prophet LOT to the Green Party, who lie not in God’s favour

  198. Jockmcx says:

    Forgive them for they know not what they do
    …that wee guy was right,
    After the referendum in 2014’ he said bring it on let the
    Fu@&ing tories do their worst,bring the whole fu?@&ng thing
    Crashing down!
    Be your own independent self,and if people are too thick to see
    How they and they,re own country is being shafted by the very ones they put their
    Faith in to deliver democracy to Scotland,then fuck off the lot of u!
    It’s me and mine now…I’ve had enough!
    Tata …and u make ur own luck…Davy mcguinness snp member …for fucks sake!

  199. Al Dossary says:

    With all the hullabaloo from the woke brigade about Kate Forbes religious views and the GRA – how in hell can they square the circle regarding Humza’s views on it.

    As a (practicing?) Muslim his views will be every bit if not more strongly against wokeism as Forbes’, yet he is allowed because he can cross his fingers behind his back and go along with it.

    Meanwhile in the US the Trans movement is radicalising and trying to deplatform anyone who dares point out that the shooter in Tenesee was a biological male. As one blogger stated – when did a women EVER carry out a mass shooting?

  200. Breeks says:

    My biggest regret in life is not keeping hold of every back issue of 2000AD. I must have had 3 or 4 years of the older stuff. Maybe more.

    At the time, I thought it was just a dystopian comic. I didn’t realise how prophetic it was going to become.

    Whereas our generation identifies with dystopia as seen through the eyes of George Orwell’s 1984, and also Animal Farm, I have the uncanniest notion that future generations will see their own dystopia foretold in gnostic stories of 2000AD comics.

    Just this week we have the creepy, sexually ambivalent Transgender weirdos with their predilection for guns and violence, now responsible for 4 school shootings in the US, and “bravely” pouring tomato juice over a Womens’ Rights Campaigner, while another “man” with dysfunctional morality punches an old lady in the face… and the NZ Press attacks the women.

    I’ve seen the images of this before. This is the society and backdrop of the Judges, MegaCity 1, Judge Dredd… Even the androgynous body mutilation and degenerate values are spot on. The “Judges” are American style cops, armed to the teeth, and dispensing arbitrary justice which is essentially execution for petty infractions of the law. It’s already happening.

    Politicians pretty much everywhere are feckless, weak and corrupt, nowhere more so than right here in Scotland. 2000AD was all over that too. Remember the story Rev Stu picked out with the scary parallels to Donald Trump?

    Sports are degenerating into farce, when male bodied “athletes” are let loose to force themselves into womens’ sports, not just athletics or swimming, where male biology gives them every physical advantage, but even in full contact sports like Rugby, where women are going to get badly injured if not paralysed or killed.

    Remember 2000AD’s Rollerball? Hi tech Sports, where every sporting encounter had deaths and violence. Think Quidditch, Ice Hockey, and American Football rolled into one, with a bit of Roman Colosseum bloodshed thrown in…

    On the day UK tanks are arriving in Yookraine, a dribble of doomed tanks which the UK hasn’t enough of to defend itself anyway, the UK strategy is courting retaliation from the Ruskians, and suddenly I’m remembering another 2000AD story of plucky Brits in a Scorpion Tank fighting a war of guerrilla resistance in an occupied UK against “the Volgans”.

    Most of 2000AD was set in a post apocalyptic wasteland, with much of the planet destroyed by nuclear war, and the ravaged survivors living a Mad Max style existence at the edges of civilisation. But I dunno. It feels like I’m living in that actual world, except it’s the world for whom that nuclear apocalypse is still on it’s way.

    2000AD was the nightmare you need to have first, in order to witness the nightmare coming true.

    I’m tellin’ ya. Keep your old 2000AD comics and keep ‘em safe. They’re tomorrow’s artefacts… if they survive the blast. The kids of tomorrow might not be able to read, but luckily the story is told in pictures.

  201. Robert Hughes says:

    Managed about a minute of that * exclusive * ” first ever ” ( wow , scoop ! ) Chan 4 interview with Lloyd of London , before rising nausea obliged me to turn it off .

    What utterly repellent creatures she – and her ilk – are .

    Immaculately * groomed * lying bastards , overpaid , smug , entitled assassins convinced of their own superiority . Brazen apologists/celebrants for abject failure ie …Sturgeon’s people : the kind that would run a mile from engagement with real people .

    And no doubt Lizard Lloyd will not only face no consequence for her part in the criminal conspiracy to frame Alex Salmond , she’ll waltz off into some new extravagantly paid * position * to continue injecting her poison into the body politic .


    Oh to rid ourselves of these parasites and enemies within

  202. Muscleguy says:

    @Fraser Reid

    The bottles in the scheme will all have to have special barcodes on them. Which they think will stop English empties coming North. Unless people use tech to print their own. Cue an arms race.

  203. AndyH says:

    Alba needs to start pushing harder now.

    It’s obvious the media are doing their best to ignore them. Only Salmond himself seems to get any coverage.

    I see FB posts regularly with a handful of comments, This ain’t the way.

    Time for them to get out more in the towns and cities and take the SNP on directly now. Make it clear with bullet pointed facts that the SNP are no longer the party of Independence.

    Get posting leaflets, get involved with the wider Indy movement, Salmond needs to be the face of Independence again.

    Get in their faces, take them on in social media.

    Go for the jugular Alba.

  204. Viscount Ennui says:

    Emma Harper for Finance.
    Please let it be Emma Harper.

  205. Beauvais says:

    Has Humza claimed some of the credit yet for Scotland beating Spain at Hampden?

  206. PacMan says:

    Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh says: 28 March, 2023 at 8:54 pm

    Liz Lloyd’s interview by Cathy Newman on Channel 4 tonight is essential viewing. The British State in the raw —

    Like in those old westerns where the evil cattle baron’s plies the Native Americans with Whisky to get them to part with their land.

  207. Mac says:

    Cathy “So what you are saying is” Newman interviewing Liz ‘Leaky fat bitch’ Lloyd… wow.

    That is one huge pile of steaming shite interviewing another even larger even more stinking pile of steaming shite.

    I don’t think I’ll watch it. Both of them are so hideous it would be hard to get through it.

  208. Breeks says:

    Robert Hughes says:
    29 March, 2023 at 6:43 am

    Oh to rid ourselves of these parasites and enemies within…

    Do you actually see any current process doing it?

    Apart from the strongpoints of ALBA and SALVO, the Independence Movement looks like the proverbial fly which has had it’s legs and wings pulled off.

    Revered as the heart and soul of the Independence Movement, the SNP has been infiltrated, and it’s infiltration has been embedded by a Unionist media which has ZERO interest in any aspect of Scottish Independence that is external to the cosseted realm of the SNP and it’s tame mouthpieces.

    When have you seen anything of ALBA or SALVO aired on the mainstream media? And on the spectacularly rare occasion it is reluctantly mentioned by The National, it is invariably set upon by the SNP hatchet mob who relish every opportunity to defame Alex Salmond and ALBA with their unhinged, puerile vitriol.

    You would imagine any SNP which actually cared about Independence would reign in these malignant choir, but there’s no hiding the fact the troughers in the SNP would simply prefer that ALBA didn’t exist to embarrass them, and remind them they were meant to be promoting Scottish Independence.

    Take a step back, and ask yourself que bono? Who benefits? Who benefits from the SNP that’s divided, charging up one blind alley after another, sacking people with talent and replacing them with numbskulls, embracing toxic policies guaranteed to offend the wider electorate and lose votes, everywhere and in everything replace Salmond’s SNP competence and sure footed government with Sturgeon’s “asleep at the wheel” catastrophic incompetence? Que bono?

    EVERY attempt to steer the SNP back towards the light is met with acrimonious venom and unhinged hatred designed to discourage anybody from daring to mention the name Salmond. Que bono?

    Right now, who is the SNP answering to? Who is it pulling the SNP’s strings?

    The whole thing, from Vichy Parliament, the dodgy cast of players, the corrupted protocols masquerading as democracy, right down to shallow and artificial “balanced view” of the SNP shills at The National, – the whole fkg thing is a racket and a sham. Every fkg aspect of it.

    There is ONLY one way to progress Independence, and that is stepping back from the Vichy Holyrood Assembly and the subjugation of the 1998 Scotland Act, and remove Scotland’s political representation from all forums codified by Westminster and instead, set up NEW institutions wholly outside the realm of Westminster, which draw their legitimacy from the sovereignty of the people.

    NOTHING which the UK government creates for Scotland is in Scotland’s interests. Not Holyrood, not devolution, not Freeports, not infrastructure to plunder Scotland’s energy and resource, not Scotland’s colonial displacement and occupation.

    Rise up Scotland. Create for ourselves the Convention of the Estates which SALVO has been asking us to do for months. Assemble our Constitutional forces to represent the sovereignty of the Scottish Nation to remove the infestation paralysing our Nation’s ability to defend itself.

    Alex Salmond, Joanna Cherry, Ash Regan, Kenny MacAskill, Craig Murray, ALL OF YOU, set your Political Parties to one side and COMMIT yourselves to backing a Scottish Convention of the Estates with the express purpose of derailing the UK’s subjugation of Scotland and resurrecting Scotland’s sovereign constitutional status as an Independent Nation.

    The politics can follow. The referendums and plebiscites can follow. The campaigns can follow. Priority 1 Get the Scottish Convention of the Estates established.

    Give Scotland a Constitutional watchdog and troubleshooter which doesn’t have a First Minister who’s a servile wee toady to the King of England, who himself has sworn fealty to the Claim of Right and sovereignty of the people.

    If your nation is invaded by virus, you bring in emergency lockdowns to contain it,
    If your nation is invaded by tanks, you mobilise your armies.
    If your nation is invaded by colonial usurpers and treacherous turncoats, you mobilise your Constitutional defence mechanisms and restore Scotland’s corrupted Operating System with a reset the default factory settings of a constitutionally sovereign Nation.

    We stop playing Westminster’s games with Westminster’s rule book, and we stop allowing the colonial media to dictate the Scottish Independence narrative.

    We need Scotland’s Political Estate, Scotland’s Legal Estate, Scotland’s business Estate, Scotland’s Cultural Estate, and Scotland’s societal Estate to select their delegates and assemble as an Convention of the Estates to defeat the dismantling of our Nation.

    No more talking. Get Scotland’s Constitutional Dreadnought out of dry dock and into the water.

    STOP allowing Westminster and our Vichy Holyrood free reign to decide how and when Scotland is allowed to defend it’s rights.

    No more shite, assert the Claim of Right. And call a Convention of the Estates to drive it forward.

  209. Mac says:

    Incidentally if you want to see a so called journalist make an utter tit out herself (and I really do mean an UTTER TIT) on TV I recommend you watch Catchy Newman’s performance interviewing Jordan Peterson.

    It is hilarious to watch. Newman makes a fool out of herself over and over and over again (while revealing her shallow agenda). She can’t help herself, it is really quite extraordinary seeing it, she is like a dog repeatedly returning to its own vomit.

    Peterson repeatedly dismantles her. How she is still in a job after that no one knows. If you really want to grasp the calibre of ‘journalist’ employed by Channel 4 go watch that interview.

  210. Gordon Gekko says:

    Wullie B says:

    28 March, 2023 at 11:41 pm

    “Just thinking about Kate Forbes refusing Rural Affairs, that would be a very smart move for any SNP MSP staying in the Highlands and Islands”

    Wullie as your post suggests from your own experience it’s all about skills and real resources and how you organise them. I have a number of questions you might be able to help me out with.

    How big are our Scottish fishing waters ?

    How many boats would be needed to police it to stop other countries fishing in it ?

    If we seriously reduced fishing in our waters to replenish stocks. Do we have enough boats to change jobs. From fishing to patrolling our waters to stop fishing ?

    If our fishing fleet becomes our defend our fishing waters fleet will that create even more jobs in places that made their income from fishing ?

  211. Gordon Gekko says:

    Brilliant Beeks absolutely awesome.

    Where do I sign to get these Brussels and London shills out of our politics.

    An independence movement that sided with “remain ” in the Brexit referendum was sheer fuckwittery.

  212. thursoberwick says:

    So Kate Forbes was beyond the pale because of the prominence of her religious views and her “lack” of progressive values, but on his first day as First Minister Humza Yousaf is photographed in his official government residence saying Islamic prayers with not a woman in sight? Progressive my @rse. Who is the religious nut now?

  213. Mac says:

    Does anyone know anyone who voted for Yousaf? Out of all the SNP members I saw only one voted for him. I have heard similar stories from SNP members in other areas. No one knows who voted for him.

  214. Luigi says:

    The Alba party needs a Winnie Ewing moment before they will be taken seriously. Who noticed the SNP before Winnie took the Hamilton by-election in 1967? How many failed attempts and false dawns occurred before 1967? They certainly took notice after the event. The media will continue to ignore the party until the breakthrough comes. Chicken and egg, yes, but there are ways to break the cycle. Alba have to play the long game (no choice). By just existing, however, they are having an effect. An opportunity will come in time IMO. Not sure when but it’s coming. The SNP finally prevailed because they never gave up. Alba have to do the same.

  215. Xaracen says:

    “Get Scotland’s Constitutional Dreadnought out of dry dock and into the water.”

    Superb comment, Breeks, all of it! Bravo!

  216. Oneliner says:

    Cathy Newman has previous in the useless interviewer/presenter stakes.

    Her only documentary that I can remember was about Dr. Andrew Wakefield who had already been discredited. Quite an appalling piece of journalistic opportunism.

    Incidentally 1. Angus Robertson was interviewed by her on the evening previous to Lloyd’s ‘unveiling’.

    Incidentally 2. The only Channel 4 reporter who covers Scotland with any integrity is Alex Thompson. His piece on Gordon Brown’s cavalcade visit to Holyrood Palace to save the union will remain in my memory banks. Not least because it was curtailed by Special Branch – caught on film by C4 and no one else.

  217. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Haven’t seen the Liz Lloyd interview yet but the very fact of it happening reminded me of something…

    Remember when Alastair Campbell invited himself into the CH4 studio and had a go at Jon Snow over his reporting of the Hutton Report?

    That was, believe it or not, almost 20 years ago. So a lot of younger readers won’t have registered that at the time.

    It was sensational. And part of the reason it made such an impact was, before that evening, few were even aware of Campbell as anything more than a shadowy figure who stayed well away from cameras. I don’t believe I had ever heard his voice up until that interview.

    How many folk are aware of Liz Lloyd? How many have heard her voice? And yet she’s chosen now to come out and, and…and what? What is she doing?

    Campbell must have calculated that he was doing the right thing at the time. Lloyd, presumably, acted out of the same impulse. But in doing so she has made the same mistake that Campbell made – she has made herself ‘the story’.

  218. stuart mctavish says:

    @Robert Hughes

    My voice is one to talk but looks like she could do with a bit hill walking herself.

    Her voice, on other hand, had the sort of accent that can all too easily be imagined whispering imposter syndrome nonceness into Sturgeons ear – so much so that her cheeky smile at the memory(?) of driving a nail into the coffin of the Salmond-Sturgeon relationship had me seriously wondering where the cunning plan to resign (for no apparent reason) and appoint a poundshop muslim at the (intended?) expense of the career/ legacy of the two ladies most able and likely to deliver, might well have originated..

    that said, bright side of the successful execution of such a daft plan might be that if nobody joins the cabinet for fear of being tarred by association*, then a snap Holyrood GE (giving new opportunity to alba, if not necessarily a defacto ref) remains a distinct possibility.

    *irony being that had he been humble enough to keep Forbes at Finance, and made Regan deputy with roving indy brief, these amazing ladies might well have been kind/ good enough to mitigate the damage caused by his candidacy regardless

  219. Eric says:

    A lot of people on here putting a lot of hope in Alba rescuing Independence.

    They haven’t won a seat yet.

    I think sitting MPs or MSPs who change parties out to have mandatory bye elections.

  220. Viscount Ennui says:

    Tributes have been pouring in for a popular celebrity who died unexpectedly in his sleep surrounded by close fiends (Ed. surely ‘friends’) and family.
    Inn D. Pendants or ‘Indy’ as he was affectionately known was found unconcious by First Minister Humza Yousaf this morning. “I tried everything to revive him by blocking his airways with my hand and beating him around the head with a baseball bat, but it was to no avail”, he said lucratively. It was later discovered that ‘Indy’ had succumbed to a fatal stab wound in the back caused by a knife encrusted in diamonds with the initials , N and S.
    Indy will be buried today after a short ceremony at Holyrood.

  221. Dorothy Devine says:

    Is it a hate crime to say ‘I hate the Scottish National Party”?
    asking for a friend.

  222. socratesmacsporran says:

    On the back of Scotland gubbing Spain last night – a football take on things.

    Alex Salmond was the Alex Ferguson of Scottish politics. Sturgeon therefore has to be Louis van Gaal which means Youseless is Jose Mourinho.

  223. socratesmacsporran says:

    On the back of Scotland gubbing Spain last night, a football take on politics.

    Alex Salmond was the Alex Ferguson of Scottish Politics. Which makes Sturgeon – Davie Moyes. This makes Youseless Louis van Gaal, and, looking ahead, I can see Marmalade as Jose Mourinho.

    Mind you, either Youseless or Marmalade could be Tommy Docherty and get the SNP relegated to the Opposition seats.

  224. Republicofscotland says:

    The Yousaf backing Daily Record tipping this bunch for ministerial roles in his cabinet. Its all downhill folks from here.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

    “Mairi McAllan and Neil Gray are believed to be in line for jobs in the new First Minister’s top team.

    There is also speculation Michael Matheson, currently Net Zero Cabinet Secretary, could become the next Health Secretary.

    Backbenchers Natalie Don and Emma Roddick are also tipped for junior ministerial roles.”

  225. Big Jock says:

    Dorothy -No. It’s perfectly rational to hate someone or something who intends to harm you. I am probably more specific. I hate the Murrells, and what they did to our party and movement.

    Humza isn’t worth hating. He is just a little twerp being promoted by a malevolent force.

  226. Maureen says:

    Earlier on Tuesday, the new first minister-elect announced that Shona Robison would be his deputy.

    It’s laugh or greet time.

  227. laukat says:

    Yousaf is clearly emptying the government of anyone who didn’t back him. This is mad politics. If he wanted rid of some people the time to do it was after the next election as he needs these people onside and voting for Government policy between now and the next election.

    Including Regan and Forbes there were 13 MSP’s who publicly backed a candidate other than Yousaf. That 13 must know that they will be deselected come the next election without a change in leader.

    Facing that future what keeps them voting for legislation like the DRS which most of them don’t believe in? If they won’t vote for DRS will they vote for Yousaf’s budget?

    For that group of 13 they have 2 options. Sit tight, vote against the government in the hope that it secures a quick change in FM or defect to Alba/new party and hope they can create enough support in the next 2 years to get their seats back.

    I can’t see a third option for them unless they are happy to end their political careers with a whimper.

  228. socratesmacsporran says:

    Apologies for the double post – I suffered a rush of shite to the brain with the first one, but thought I had killed it.

  229. Dorothy Devine says:

    Remind me who Liz Lloyd is – is she one in the gunsights of an ex FM??

  230. laukat says:

    @socratesmacsporran says:

    You forget that after Moyes left, Ryan Giggs tookover as interim manager.

    Given Giggs short tenure, not having the skills to do the job long term and chequered personal relationships then perhaps Yousaf is more Giggs in your analogy?

  231. John H. says:

    Can we now expect Lloyd to follow her old boss Sturgeon when or if Sturgeon gets the expected high profile job with the UN or some other organization? Sturgeon will need a spin doctor, so who better to fill that position?

  232. ABruce says:

    Breeks @ 8:30

    Absolutely Brilliant.

  233. Chas says:

    Yet another lengthy, patriotic ‘cut and paste’ job from Breeks. I never read it all but it will be the same drivel as he/she/it spouts every week or so. I am certain that you will almost be able to hear the stirring bagpipes in the background if you listen attentively.

    He/she/it never seems to mention the mechanism of how anyone is appointed to the grandiose Conventions/Institutions. Who decides who will be included? What will be the individuals strengths/weaknesses? Is the ability to talk a good game all that is required? There will never be any ‘infighting’ as the participants jostle for position-will there?

    Will our brave Government put forward nominations for approval by somebody or, heaven forbid, the electorate to vote on knowing, that in doing so, they will be booted off the gravy train.

    Of course, it may be that it is Breeks himself, together with a few of his like minded souls who decides.

    Change will ONLY come via the ballot box and you can patently see how fraught with danger that is when learning of who the SNP picked for their new leader. Assuming that the ‘election’ was all above board!!

    Whatever you propose Breeks it will require the Scottish and UK Governments to put it to the people and over 50% of the electorate to agree on it. What are the chances?

    The only way Scotland will achieve Independence is after a lengthy period of competent, honest Government when the majority of the electorate can see that we could go it alone. Minority groups simply won’t cut it.

    Sadly Independence is now at least 10 years away, if at all. The majority on here will never see it.

    Realism is what is required in Scotland today. Patriotic, romantic guff only appeals to a minority-be honest.

    Apologies for the length of this post

  234. Wullie B says:

    Gordon Gekko says:
    29 March, 2023 at 8:38 am

    Wullie B says:

    28 March, 2023 at 11:41 pm

    “Just thinking about Kate Forbes refusing Rural Affairs, that would be a very smart move for any SNP MSP staying in the Highlands and Islands”

    Wullie as your post suggests from your own experience it’s all about skills and real resources and how you organise them. I have a number of questions you might be able to help me out with.

    How big are our Scottish fishing waters ?

    How many boats would be needed to police it to stop other countries fishing in it ?

    If we seriously reduced fishing in our waters to replenish stocks. Do we have enough boats to change jobs. From fishing to patrolling our waters to stop fishing ?

    If our fishing fleet becomes our defend our fishing waters fleet will that create even more jobs in places that made their income from fishing ?

    Think this will answer your query GG
    EEZ 250,000nm2, this extends out to 200 nautical miles, then you have the 12 nm fishery limits, and 6 mile fishery limits, but essentially, Scotland has the largest amount of territorial waters in Europe.

    How many boats do we have, over 16.5 meters in length, these are the boats that will fish out to the 200nm EEZ there are only about 400 vessels now, and very few target white fish as a sole catch, most target langoustine crew 5-6

    Under 16.5 possibly as much as 300, made up of small inshore trawlers, and creel boats, average 3-4 crew

    Under ten meters made up of potters and very small trawlers, maybe 6-800 average crew 2-3 men although a small number will work single-handed.

    Believe it or not, but the state of fish and shellfish are all at sustainable levels now, trawlers are forced to leave areas if large amounts of cod are found because cod are taking over large swathes of the North Sea again, then we have 34% of Scottish waters designated as Special areas of Conservation (SACs),Special Protected Areas(PSAs), and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) then each oil rig and wind turbine has an exclusion zone of 500m, which is essentially a circle with a diameter of 1km with 112 active oil rigs and 264 offshore wind turbines in 6 large wind farms, Robin Rigg 60 (Solway Firth), Beatrice 84(Moray Firth), Aberdeen Bay 11, Levenmouth 1 (Firth of Forth), HyWind 5 (Aberdeenshire) and Kincardine 6 (Aberdeenshire) are the numbers |I have found BUT 1000 more are planned, the mix of oil and gas rigs, as well as the turbines, are all areas that are excluded from areas where oats are allowed to fish,
    To patrol Scottish waters properly, I would think a minimum of 10 fishery patrol vessels are needed to work year-round, vessels similar to the proposed Offshore PAtrol Vessel OPV class that the Royal Navy has on order, but they need to start boarding and policing non-Scottish vessels more, as foreign netter and longliners are given free rein to do as they please including trying to disable Scottish vessels by means of fouling propellers and preventing local boats from fishing their traditional grounds

    Then onshore fishery officers need to check consigned loads that are landed from UK-flagged foreign-owned vessels that land in Kinlochbervie, Scrabster, Clash, and Ullapool to name a few ports rather than targeting Scots owned boats

    The only fishing vessels suitable for patrolling waters are the pelagic fleet that target Herring, Mackerel and Blue Whiting, and seeing as they only fish for 4- months of theyear max, thheey could ily swap, they have crews of 11 men usually but with 40 vessels would be,but not sure if it would be viable

    The problem is that its not just fishing vessels that will be hit with HPMAs, I skipper a boat that visits St Kilda daily, I would be stopped working if an HPMA was introduced
    Different MPAs
    Oilrig installation map
    Offshore proposed and active windfarm map

  235. Big Jock says:

    Two things we know about Humza.

    He is thin skinned and vindictive. Not good qualities for any leader. He will make enemies, that will be his downfall. Horrible wee man.

  236. socratesmacsporran says:

    Laukat @ 10.14am

    Excellent point, you could be onto something.

  237. Breeks says:

    Eric says:
    29 March, 2023 at 9:34 am

    I think sitting MPs or MSPs who change parties out to have mandatory bye elections.

    I feel the same way about Political parties elected to power on a pro-independence manifesto, who get elected on it, but then kick Independence into the long grass and pursue a Perverts Charter instead. As far as I can see, that’s a cynical bait and switch fraud.

    I have no problem with MP’s jumping ship on a political party when it’s to honour the cause they were elected to promote. There’s no fraud in it.

    In an ideal world, our political parties would honour the promises they make to get elected, and individual MP’s would not be compromised by their parties betraying the electorate.

  238. Lenny Hartley says:

    Chas you can also apologise for your drivel?
    Just because you are ignorant of the Claim of Right does not mean its not a valid mechanism to help achieve Independence.
    Why did King Charles the 3, not 9 months ago swear to uphold the Claim of Right? You cant cherry pick the parts of it you agree with, it is a valid document and it confirms that the Scottish People are Sovereign not Parliament.
    So you can fuck right off with your pretendy parliament is the only way to achieve National Independence pish.

  239. jockmcx says:

    Even liz fu**ing truss got it right…ignore the Fu***ing snp!

    respect to guy’s like breek’s…but unless scots start being what i
    alway’s thought scots were…then i am clapped out…done,too much,
    shite, bullshit,cowardice,little girly fan’s of the fake stugeonator nonentity…

    Everybody knows something is coming…something really bad..
    I know it…and in your bones you know it as well!
    This is no time in history for limp wristed halfwit’s who’ve never
    done a hard day’s work in thier lives.

    Fuck the snp and all who sink with it!

  240. Wullie B says:

    So Ivan McKee is no longer on the front benches either having also refused a demotion as such, Useless is making a big mistake alienating half of the party membership and this will cost him if a leadership challenge is made when he screws up big time as he has done in every portfolio he has held in government

  241. Bob Mack says:

    Ivan McKee offered lesser job than previous Trade Minister and quits government for back benches. It begins

  242. Chas says:

    Wullie B

    Very interested to read your informative post.
    I cannot help but think we have insufficient vessels/manpower to ‘police’ the job effectively. Especially if Russssia decides to hoover up our fish stocks.
    When there is money involved it always brings out the worst!.

  243. socratesmacsporran says:

    Kate Forbes, Ivan McKee, almost certainly Ash Regan – plus the likes of Marmalade, who wouldn’t stand.

    There’s going to be a queue of SNP people waiting to piss into the Youseless tent. Do they know something the rest of us can only suspect?

  244. thursoberwick says:

    Wullie B and Bob Mack
    Yousaf is already doing a Truss. 2 most competent ministers basically sacked. Hopefully he is FM as long as Truss was in power.

  245. Chas says:

    Lenny Hartley

    You have cut me to the bone. I am so upset.

    Please tell us all what the valid mechanism is for the famous Claim of Right and how it is incorporated and by whom? Is there a vote or does somebody simply decide? Do I get a say?

    Another dreamer of maybe a zoomer is more apt.

  246. Shug says:

    One has to wonder what planet the SNP leaders are on.

    Appointing a bunch of crayon munchers with a selection of BA social science certificates to plan and outflank the UKs best first class honours and Oxford Dons. It is beyond belief.

    The Robson’s of this world can manage a primary school fine but they are incapable of even understanding the game plan. This is clear they way the Trojan is working the narrative.

    Humzas only chance is to play his own game.

    Without doubt Nicola is the biggest disgrace ever to set foot on a political platform. I hope she understands how history will record her as the unionists are never kind to the people that work for them. Ask the Afghans

  247. thursoberwick says:

    Who is Marmalade? Must’ve missed that?

  248. Bob Mack says:


    Claim of Right is the right of Scotland to choose its monarch . That is why Charles stated at the accession that he had a legal obligation to swear to it.

    There is no Dieu et mon Droit in Scotland. It is an oath to the people of Scotland ,not the other way around..

  249. Stuart MacKay says:

    Wullie B

    Thanks for the link on MPAs – when a policy is pushing those cute puffins you know you’re dealing with virtue signalling and not science.

    What are your thoughts on a total ban on sandeel fishing? The hoovering up of species like that for cat food is likely the source of the decline in many seabird species. People have been pointing this out for decades but nothing was ever done and looks like it never will.

    It’s fine to have areas closed to fishing so there are natural reservoirs to restock others that are fished but when you look at the proposed MPAs it does look like someone is going for big numbers so they can crow about how Scotland is leading the world.

    I would have thought the maps would be much more of a patchwork that would seek to have a sustainable fishing industry rather than apparently closing off large areas. Look at the Moray Firth – all along the Caithness coast there is no protection – possibly because of the exclusion zone from the Beatrice wind farm, yet here we have (or used to) some of the largest concentrations of seabirds out side of Shetland.

    It seems that no-one is thinking this through.

  250. Saffron Robe says:

    Excellent comment and rallying cry at 08:19, Breeks, which I endorse completely. However, it was your earlier comment at 06:25 that I wanted to reply to. 2000AD was indeed very prophetic and it does feel like we are living in a world that is drifting inexorably towards a Third World War that has already obliquely begun and can only logically end in a nuclear holocaust if peace is not allowed to prevail. What brought it into clear focus in my mind was reading Albert Speer’s memoirs about his time inside the Third Reich and how he felt it was his duty to warn future generations that another great war would lead to the destruction of civilisation. It perturbs me that what Speer articulated so well and prophetically is now completely forgotten and ignored by the current generation of politicians. It seems that the lessons we should have learned from the Second World War and the Nuremberg trials that followed are no longer being heeded.

    ‘I thought of the consequences that unrestricted rule together with the power of technology – making use of it but also driven by it – might have in the future. This war, I continued, had ended with remote-controlled rockets, aircraft flying at the speed of sound, atom bombs, and a prospect of chemical warfare. In five to ten years it would be possible for an atomic rocket, perhaps serviced by ten men, to annihilate a million human beings in the centre of New York within seconds. It would be possible to spread plagues and destroy harvests. “The more technological the world becomes, the greater is the danger…As the former minister in charge of a highly developed armaments economy it is my last duty to state: A new great war will end with the destruction of human culture and civilisation. There is nothing to stop unleashed technology and science from completing its work of destroying man which it has so terribly begun in this war…”’

    “The nightmare shared by many people,” I said, “that some day the nations of the world may be dominated by technology — that nightmare was very nearly made a reality under Hitler’s authoritarian system. Every country in the world today faces the danger of being terrorised by technology; but in a modern dictatorship this seems to me to be unavoidable. Therefore, the more technological the world becomes, the more essential will be the demand for individual freedom and the self-awareness of the individual human being as a counterpoise to technology…Consequently this trial must contribute to laying down the ground rules for life in human society. What does my own fate signify, after all that has happened and in comparison with so important a goal?”

    And Speer’s thoughts were echoed by Harry L. Stimson:

    “We must never forget, that under modern conditions of life, science and technology, all war has become greatly brutalised, and that no one who joins in it, even in self-defence, can escape becoming also in a measure brutalised. Modern war cannot be limited in its destructive method and the inevitable debasement of all participants…We, as well as our enemies, have contributed to the proof that the central moral problem is war and not its methods, and that a continuance of war will, in all probability, end with the destruction of our civilisation.”

  251. DMcV says:

    “All to marginally reduce Scotland’s absolutely microscopically tiny, basically zero, contribution to climate change, while boosting its already-enormous contribution to the international virtue-signalling mountain.”

    Oh, dear, Stu, you, like your acolytes, really have gone Full UKIP.

    Coming soon, never mind public bleedin transport FILL THE BLEEDIN POTHOLES, wot bleedin ‘climate crisis’?, stuff the bleedin EU and e’s wrong abaht Scotch independence but ‘e talks a lot of sense that Farage…

  252. socratesmacsporran says:


    Marmalade is Angus Robertson. He is married to Lady Macbeth.

  253. stuart mctavish says:

    Dorothy Devine @ 9:39

    No idea what the persecution of free speech bill they gave the scapegoat might anticipate but going by reasonably high profile interpretations of their own code of conduct vis a vis Conservatives, it is perfectly ok to detest the party and its members (especially English ones) but not necessarily the people who vote for it (especially Scottish ones) – which is reasonably good news for the SNP1-Alba2 strategy in constituencies where the sitting MSP did not openly support the (intriguing) sabotage.

  254. akenaton says:

    Been wondering, where now for Scottish Nationalism?
    Speaking to a disillusioned SNP supporter yesterday and was horrified to hear her make vague references to “The armed struggle ” in Northern Ireland.
    I have always supported the idea of Independence, after proving to the electorate that we are capable of running or own affairs and are prepared to suffer any ill consequence’s with stoicism.
    I am not however prepared to accept Independence at any price, like the acceptance of the social deviance proposed by Sturgeon, or the horrific vision of the shattered streets and lives in
    Omagh transferred to some small town in Scotland.

    We must tread carefully as Nationalistic violence grows in dark corners and is easily spread in some demographics.

  255. David Hannah says:

    The illiberal liberals of the SNP disguised as ‘progressives.’

    NATO alignment thus keeping trident. Abandonment of working class policies. The destruction of the grassroots movement. No plan. No end game. Nothing for socialists to rally around.

    Kate Forbes now quit. Therefore losing the Conservative apeal in a socially Conservative Scotland.

    Ian Blackford wants to keep the pound. Tying Scotland to the bank of England. And making it impossible to join the EU. Because they stipulate a need for their own currency.

    And no evidence of infrastructure. They can’t even get a ferry to mainland Europe.

    Forbes has auctioned away ScotWind. Half of Scotland turned into a free port for deregulation. Stirling for example.

    No Independence convention. No unity.

    The Irish Independence Party 2.0.

    They will lose the next election as the Edinburgh elite are now indistinguishable from Westminster. They are fully embedded. They are totally disconnected from public opinion. They have woke indoctrinated the youth. So that they are fighting over trans rights. Instead of mobilising them as an anti establishment Independence cause.

    Agent Sturgeon. Return to base.

  256. Bob Mack says:

    Alex Salmond on politics live. Probably available on i player. He still has it.

  257. Ottomanboi says:

    BOB MACK 11:27
    An oath to uphold the rights of the reformed Scottish church.
    The people, as such, don’t figure in the Unionist set up at all.
    That is why the claim of right is of limited value in this century.
    It belongs to another world of Protestant ascendancy.

  258. ronald anderson says:

    Alex now on Politics Live now ? what gives with the Bbc .

  259. McDuff says:

    RE the football.
    Again Scots forced to pay to watch their national team while England is shown on free channels. Why do we accept this.
    Because this is Scotland and Scots just don`t care.

  260. wullie says:

    Breeks says 1045 am
    Ive been thinking about how fraudulent the SNP have been acting . I was stupid enough to contribute to the ring fenced indy fund. I would like that money returned.

    A further thought. I gave the SNP monies via monthly direct debit for well over 10 years. I am now of the opinion that I was being conned. Therefore I want that money back as well since it now appears certain that the SNP had no intention of delivering on their sole reason for Scottish independence

  261. Grouser says:

    Alex Salmond on the BBC’s Politics Live. He was head and shoulders above anyone seen speaking for Scotland recently. He had five minutes at the end where he talked about what should be done now. I hope the SNP were listening.

  262. SusanAHF says:

    Emma Roddick? How can anyone with a personality disorder be expected to be a MSP never mind taking on ministerial responsibilities? Christ what’s she gonna do if someone stands up to her, burst into tears and fake a faint? Beyond a joke

  263. Bob Mack says:


    The claim of right has just been sworn on oath by the king.

    It is most definitely not an is a prerequisite for any monarch to swear duty to the Estates of Scotland.

    The Westminster cabal would absolutely love it did not exist, but it does and they therefore have to acknowledge it.

  264. sarah says:

    @ Ottomanboi at 11.51:

    The Claim of Right is still legally enforceable, that is the point. The fact that Charles Windsor had to swear to uphold just one of its provisions is sufficient to prove the existence and validity of the CoR. If he had not sworn then he could not have become King of Scots.

  265. Ottomanboi says:

    From The Guardian

    «The Scottish secretary, Alister Jack, congratulated Yousaf on becoming first minister, adding: “The UK government wants to work constructively with him on the issues that matter to people in Scotland.”
    He said he was “pleased” that Yousaf told the Scottish parliament he also wanted to work together. Jack added: “I hope that Mr Yousaf will govern for the whole of Scotland. In particular, I hope he will put his obsession with independence aside and concentrate on working with the UK government to make life better for people in Scotland.»

    Concentrate on working with the UK government etc…just like the last 300years of steady anglicization and erosion of Scottish nationhood as resultof that tired old obsession with «The Union».

  266. Beauvais says:

    Humza pictured in front of Bute House in a long achkan jacket as if he’s in Karachi. He just can’t help grandstanding this accession to office.

  267. Cynicus says:

    “Remember when Alastair Campbell invited himself into the CH4 studio and had a go at Jon Snow over his reporting of the Hutton Report?”
    Oh yes- Hutton: the Irish judge who “cleared” Tony Blair

    Just like Hamilton: the Irish judge who “cleared” Sturgeon.

    What they also shared were terms of reference designed to deliver that result.

    When can we hope for an honest, Chilcot enquiry into the fit up of Alex Salmond?

  268. thursoberwick says:

    Ok, thanks, thought it might be him. Oh I know who he is married to 😉

  269. socratesmacsporran says:


    That’s a shitty comment. Would a new First Minister, wearing the kilt on his way to be sworn-in also be guilty of grandstanding?

  270. Wullie B says:

    @Stuart MacKAy

    Sandeels should def be a banned species, but the Danes will try and block that from happening, its what feeds their pigs for our bacon sannies.
    The sand eel fishery is the biggest danger to sea birds followed by the discard ban, yes it doesn’t look good seeing dead fish going back into the sea, but it did go back into the feeding chain, When Hugh Fuckwit Witteringshite first came to fishermen during the first Hughs Fish Fight, he had almost the whole industry on board with his views, when his programme aired he lost all of that support by showing things like scallop dredges being towed along a beach at 15mph with a JCB telehandler, destroying a sandcastle. Sandy bottom seabed are ever changing due to wind and tide, they are near almost always barren, but he tried to liken it to what dredges could to to a rock reef, as someone who scallop dredged, we wouldn’t go near reefs if you paid us a years wages, to risk losing a boat to capsize is stupidity, we used to fish shale or pebble bottoms for scallops in areas we had fished for 50-60 years with scallop numbers staying the same year in year out.
    The scientists need to start listening to the fishermen for data, take research vessels for instance, they use the same method they used in the 70s, nets sizes, mesh, and net design, which doesn’t relate to net design now which allows juvenile fish to escape or avoid them totally like the prawn boats whose nets only open up to 6-8 feet indeed of 25 foot so missing most fish apart from fish like monks or flatfish.
    The best people to manage their fisheries are the ones on the ground, who can make rules that benefit them, did you know west coast lobster’s minimum landing size is 10mm bigger than east coast lobsters, same with crab sizes, it makes for no rhyme nor reason

  271. Beauvais says:

    socratesmacsporran @12:34

    It would still be grandstanding a bit yes. But why didn’t Humza wear his kilt? We know he has one, since he’s been pictured in that too in the past. He does like dressing up. However a sober lounge suit would have done just fine.

    I suppose though that Humza’s just being smart for once. Wearing his achkan helps to generate interest in him in Pakistan, and when his career flops here, as it will, he knows he can always do a Mohammad Sarwar and begin a new political career there.

  272. Ottomanboi says:

    I watched the oath taking on tv. It was without doubt significant in the original Union treaty. It was however about the status and rights in the new dispensation of the reformed Church of Scotland. As a Syriac Catholic I had a vague sense of the kind of thing leaders in Muslim states are expected to do, uphold the ancient privileges of the Islamic faith.
    As the oath taker on tv was an Anglican it all looked rather bogus, archaic, anachronistic.
    Had he been, in another universe, a Catholic, it would have been surreal.
    From my understanding the only part of the treaty that has not been tampered with is that referencing the status of the Presbyterian church.
    In the latter regard we stray into the historian Linda Colley’s territory of Protestantism being the cement binding the two kingdoms together, and given the turbulent politics of 18th century Scotland it is easy to follow the reasoning.

  273. Lenny Hartley says:

    Chas, just because you are an ignorant twat, doesnt mean others are, now go back off back to the hole you crawled out off.

  274. Fletcher+of+Saltoun says:

    My spotify playlist has just started playing “Always look on the bright side of life” and i’m sitting here chuckling thinking of the senior civil servant that said to a minister “I’m fucked, you’re fucked, the country’s fucked, we’re all fucked”.

  275. thursoberwick says:

    Why doesnt Yousaf do himself and all of us a favour and try his luck NOW in Pakistan before his inept reign ruins him and Scotland? I thought he was a Celtic fan, so why did he wear Partick Thistle tartan when he took his oath as an MSP? Guy’s a mess.

  276. Wullie B says:

    Look who is in the 2nd row(will give you a clue, his bidey in), and his wife doesn’t look too happy about it

  277. Ottomanboi says:

    Scanning press references to Yousaf and independence he has the appearance of a militant on the matter, more so than Sturgeon. Passion, fifth gear, tireless, any means necessary etc
    He needs, like all politicians, a constant reminder of the essential.

  278. Colin says:

    Will be interesting to see if SAS continues as Education Secretary. Given that Humza at every opportunity during the campaign highlighted as one of his great successes was that no nurse went on strike in Scotland the same cannot be said for teachers under SAS’s watch. Was that a failure then?

  279. FionaN says:

    Thursoberwick , if you were Scottish, you would know perfectly well not just who Marmalade is, but why. You wouldn’t need to ask. And knowing who Marmalade is, you would know also who Lady MacBeth is and why.

  280. thursoberwick says:

    “To see the name Yousaf on a piece of parchment after all the years of being told to go back to your own country, it’s emotional.” Again? Who is advising this guy? At least he’s pleased to be leader of this racist sh@thole.

  281. Scot says:

    You sad “needs a constant reminder of the essential”
    If by that you mean that his understanding is superficial and limited to what he can see and understand then I agree with you.
    A more sophisticated and subtle approach is needed though.

  282. Beauvais says:

    In the C4 interview Liz Lloyd and Cathy Newman agreed that Sturgeon is a workaholic.

    Aye, a workaholic who couldn’t get an indyref, couldn’t get Scotland an EU deal like NI, couldn’t provide new ferries for the islands, couldn’t find out what happened to the £600 000, couldn’t stop the SNHS deteriorating and couldn’t stop tens of thousands quitting her party etc etc.

    Some workaholic.

  283. Ebok says:

    Declaration of Holyrood, March 29, 2023.

    For as long as 129 of us remain in power, never, under any conditions, will we be brought under the rule of The People of Scotland.
    For we exist to honour the Lord of Lies, to suppress proletariat freedoms, and to secure glory and riches and honours for our esteemed members, which no good MSP gives up except with life’s Golden Ticket itself.

  284. thursoberwick says:

    ROBISON FINANCE SECRETARY?! It’s not just indy done, it’s devo that’s finished too.

  285. Bob Mack says:

    WGD in a state of shock. Reality sets in though they try to rationalise it thinking it’s all opportunism by Alba. What ?

  286. Dan says:

    Noticed this tweet last night highlighting a broadcast which includes more from Liz Lloyd.

  287. James Che says:

    The Claim of Right was passed by the Scottish parliament prior to the treaty of the union between Scotland and England and is incorporated into the treaty of union as a agreement.

    Scots laws were to be retained to Scotland, that includes the Claim of right, which has been reinvented and interpreted by Westminster version of what it means in Westminster parliament.
    Westminster thought it had inherited the Scots ” Claim of right” through the treaty.
    But the Scottish parliament was extinguished, was dissolved and was made extinct prior to the the British parliament entering into its date of existence.
    The Claim of right is Scots law passed by Scotland, and unalterable without breaching the treaty of the union.

  288. Anton Decadent says:

    I am calling it that a deal has been done and that by the end of the year Nicola Sturgeon will be the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

  289. SusanAHF says:

    Surprised the paedo Greens didn’t have one of their own as finance minister. They seem to be calling the shots. NOT democracy

  290. Ron Clark says:


    FFS even Clyde 2 radio station is getting eaten up by some English mob called Greatest Hits Radio.

    The bastards are taking every bit of Scottishness away from us.

    I don’t know how that will affect weather news and traffic updates.

    Only in Scotland do we accept our media being run by another fuckin country.

    I suppose it opens the door for a new Scottish/Glasgow radio station to come in and fill the gap.

  291. Andrew scott says:

    If shona robison is the answer to who should be Finance Minister
    What on earth is the question

  292. Beauvais says:

    Shona Robison as Finance Secretary. Hope she’s still on speaking terms with ex-hubby (he of the mad laugh) since at least he knows a bit about the subject.

  293. James Che says:

    Alf Baird

    I was watching the SSRG at a meeting / hearing with Councils,, Edinburgh Council if I am not mistaken.

    It was new information to me with regards to the legal political status of Scottish councils.
    As far as I understand the Councils in Scotland in particular have no authority to hold political views.

    Thus when we see or hear of them preventing protests or marches of independence or calling in the police to monitor/ prevent these marches they are acting in a illegal capacity.
    The burghs that elected Scottish Councils no longer have legal existence,

    The SSRG were referring to the Councils political restrictions and guidance on orly on legislation.

    Were you aware of the limitations of Scottish Councils compared to Englands Councils?
    And could you explain this to some of us if possible.
    It would be appreciated by many I am sure,

  294. Ian Spruce says:

    Humza Yousaf’s cabinet in full

    Shona Robison, the new deputy first minister, will take on the finance portfolio, including responsibility for the Scottish Budget
    Michael Matheson becomes the Cabinet Secretary for NHS Recovery, Health and Social Care
    Jenny Gilruth joins Cabinet for the first time as Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills
    Màiri McAllan joins Cabinet for the first time as Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero and Just Transition
    Neil Gray joins Cabinet for the first time as Cabinet Secretary for Wellbeing Economy, Fair Work and Energy
    Mairi Gougeon remains Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Land Reform and Islands
    Angus Robertson remains Cabinet Secretary for Constitution, External Affairs and Culture
    Shirley-Anne Somerville becomes Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice
    Angela Constance returns to Cabinet as the new Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Home Affairs
    Parliament will be asked to approve the new ministerial appointments on Thursday.

  295. Ian Brotherhood says:

    If Sturgeon was a ‘workaholic’ she wouldn’t have time to read Tartan Noir shite by the likes of Val McDermid.

    It’s telling that she’s managed to build a reputation as a great reader when she’s never demonstrated the slightest knowledge of Scottish history, language or culture generally.

    No, not ‘workaholic’ – that’s just another aspect of the fraudulent image we’ve all had forced down our necks by a compliant commentariat who were happy to have her in place despite the obvious shortcomings.

    And guess what? Those experts, pundits and commentators are all still in place. Nice work if you can get it, eh?

  296. thursoberwick says:

    Is Robison able to count without using her fingers? Some of the porfolio has been given to Neil Gray so they can both f@ck up our economy.

  297. sarah says:

    @ Ottomanboi at 1.01: I watched the oath taking on the TV…

    Did you watch on BBC? They clipped the film before the words “Claim of Right”! I wonder why? 🙂

    Anyway the best source on the significance and broader scope of the Claim of Right Act 1689 is, of course, on’s website. The CoR Act does NOT simply refer to the primacy of the Church of Scotland and the Protestant accession.

  298. Geoff Anderson says:

    Shona Robinson….Finance!

    They are making sure Independence will never be achieved. Do the Greens have a veto on cabinet appointments?
    We are going to have many, many rainbow lanyards around the Cabinet table.

    Vote SNP if you want to stay in the Union and have Stonewall dictating local policy.

  299. Stuart MacKay says:

    Wullie B,

    The shell size differences are easy to guess – larger is older so that would suggest the west coast lobster fishery is more heavily exploited than the east coast – though I’d have thought it would be the other way round.

    I found the “Landing controls for the Scottish crab and lobster fisheries: consultation outcome report” on the web site and one of the more common phrases is “lack of data”. Also if you check the references most are for American lobsters – how relevant that is for the east Atlantic is anybody’s guess. So it would seem that needs to shell out the cash in order to get the research done.

    If you have the time, is there any competition / conflict between inshore fishermen and salmon farmers? I’d have thought that all the pollution from farms would be detrimental to the likes of lobsters and shellfish in general which need the water to be pretty clean.

  300. Ottomanboi says:

    Too many advocates of the Claim of Right seem blind to the fact that it was essentially about preserving the status quo in religious matters vis à vis growing English power.
    Catholics and Catholic «powers» were the enemy, about that imperialist England was very happy to concur.
    Despite that it did not prevent Scotland being torn apart by civil wars and patterns of ethnic cleansing that endured well into the 19th century.
    Cui bono?

  301. Stuart MacKay says:

    Ian Spruce

    Lots of virtue signalling in all those ministerial titles. We already know what the outcomes will be.

    Where’s the minister who will be responsible for overseeing the closure of the food banks? where’s the minister for national infrastructure? Science and Engineering? Business Development?…

  302. James Che says:

    Slightly OT, and not to light hearted.
    Looking through the dictionary for meaning of.

    Scotlands (Green Goblins).

    While they are generally depicted as small mischievous creatures, while some are friendly and helpful, mostly they are Vicious, Dangerous, resembling grotesque versions of humans.

    A monstrous creature, discribed with the conflicting Abilities of temperament, and appearances depending of the country of origin, sometimes green, Their range includes from household spirits to “Bestial” thieves,

    (Bestial) meaning: savage, Cruel, Depraved, Brutal, Violent, Inhuman, Diabased, and gratifying ones sensual desires,

  303. stuart mctavish says:

    Ian Spruce @2:50 pm

    What happens if the Scottish Parliament discovers a sense of responsibility and says “naw”, Holyrood GE?

  304. Shug says:

    Wonder why the Trojans want Robertson to retain the construction and external affairs????

    Hmmmmmm let me think

  305. Ottomanboi says:

    It was most likely the BBC. I watched the affair thousands of kilometres away in my parents place in Qatar! How’s that for bizarre.
    I admit it was fascinating and educative viewing, the monarchic tetchiness coming through imperiously during the proceedings, the deference, the formal English and the realisation that this in some odd way mattered.
    I do recall he used the words «Claim of Right», as the term resonated with what I had read on Yours for Scotland.
    It did all seem to focus on the CofS status though.

  306. Cynicus says:

    @socratesmacsporran , 11.05 AM

    “Kate Forbes, Ivan McKee, almost certainly Ash Regan – plus the likes of Marmalade, who wouldn’t stand.”
    Old Marmalade remains as Constitution Secretary. That should suit this family man perfectly since there is hee-haw happening that impacts on his brief

  307. david logan says:

    Poor Keith Brown. Imagine being so irredeemably awful that even Yousless noticed.

  308. Ian Smith says:

    Have they given up having a Transport Secretary because it has all just become too embarrassing? Are we to be on permanent lock down so we cannot discuss what is collapsing all around us? Or is it subsumed into one of the wankly renamed Fair Just Zero Reform Departments?

  309. laukat says:

    If Yousaf has learned one thing from Sturgeon its to make sure that those around you are so bad that you no obvious replacement in government that can replace you.

    A truly laughable cabinet. Not one of those in post has not previously failed in another cabinet post or party position.

    Deeply suspicious of Neil Gray’s ‘rise’. Was he not the person who resigned his position as a MP to become a MSP after the party changed the rules to prevent Joanna Cherry doing the same?

  310. Ottomanboi says:

    The British aka in the history books as England, work on weakness.
    The history of the dismemberment of the Ottoman empire is instructive. Plenty of treaties which might be amended to suit the imperial politics of keeping the Russians away from India and annexing territory e.g. Egypt, by subterfuge. Only the rivalry with the ally France kept the deceivers in reasonable check.
    Scotland and England are not «friends». The history books confirm that.
    The true works of the deceivers may be found therein.
    Such delicious irony dissing England in its own tongue.

  311. Dan says:

    More top stuff for folk with small businesses trying to recover from economic effects of covid, cover extortionate energy prices, and cope with the ongoing cost of living existing “crisis”…
    Some local authority areas are reducing business rate relief for next financial year, so some small businesses will now need to find many thousands of pounds extra to cover business rates.
    And at the same time there’s talk of reducing council worker’s hours and the days recycling centres will be open.
    Ach, we’ll need to get another deposit return scheme up and running so we don’t end up with a load of fridges, washing machines, ovens, beds, couches, and other assorted trash dumped along our roadsides…

  312. Wullie B says:

    @Stuart MacKay, the west coast fishery isn’t as heavily targetted as the east coast, and none of the fishermen I know can understand why it’s different, as for the Canadian Lobster, it’s a different sub-branch, it acts differently, and moves differently and taste isn’t as nice, probably because it eats different food.

    Fish farmers and fishermen don’t have any conflicts but from my own observations, fish like cod became scarcer in sea lochs and sea lice has become more common in fish like saithe.

  313. James Che says:

    Stuart MacKay
    Wullie B.

    You will find Fisheries and Agriculture Scotland Colonial Act.

    Legislation, Gov.UK ( General Act Land settlement ( Scotland) Act 1919.

    Complusory Acquisition of land for the purpose of Small Holding Colonies Acts 1916 and 1918,

    With the consent of …..F1 the Treasury, Land may aquire by the Board of Agriculture for Scotland ( in this Act referred to as “the Board”) for the purposes of small holdings Colonies Acts 1916 and 1918 and the powers of acquiring Land by agreement under these Acts shall be excercisable,

    “The Board” was the Agriculture and Fisheries board.

    On May the 25th 1939 chapter 20, 2 and 3 Geo ( Reorganisation of Offices (Scotland )Act UK general Acts Transfer of Scottish Departments, functions to Secretary of State,

    The said departments ceased to exist and were simply changed to new departments and headings for Scotland.

  314. James Che says:

    Wullie B,

    All of Scotland was taken under Colonial General Acts passed by UK legislation,
    Which was and is totally illegal if they are and still attempting to declare that Scotland is in a voluntary union with Englands Westminster parliament,

    Either ” we” Scotland are under Colonial Legislation or we are in a equal treaty,
    It can not be both.

  315. highlander says:

    wullie says:
    29 March, 2023 at 12:03 pm

    A further thought. I gave the SNP monies via monthly direct debit for well over 10 years. I am now of the opinion that I was being conned. Therefore I want that money back as well since it now appears certain that the SNP had no intention of delivering on their sole reason for Scottish independence


    If you paid via DD you can claim it all back, just ring the bank .

  316. McDuff says:

    Ron Clark 2.40pm
    Quite agree. There is now nothing Scottish in Scotland. In the past fifty years i’ve watched the country being slowly dismantled from supermarkets to air travel to car, steel,shipbuilding industries and television etc etc.
    Once the tartan, shortbread, kilts and bagpipes have gone what will be left is Northern England and that is of course the plan.

  317. Luigi says:

    Who is responsible for transport (not clear)?

  318. Alf Baird says:

    Stuart MacKay @ 3:10 pm

    “Where’s the minister who will be responsible for overseeing the closure of the food banks? where’s the minister for national infrastructure? Science and Engineering? Business Development?”

    We might also ask where is the ‘Anti-Corruption Minister’. Most countries have one, which suggest they are needed. Scotland clearly has a need for an Anti-Corruption Minister. Though such a Ministry might find out certain things which the colonial administration wish to keep under wraps.

    And for improving trade and developing the economy, many countries have a Minister for Shipping to ensure the nation’s ports and international maritime connections are competitive and functioning well. But Scotland has no need for such a Minister so long as the bulk of our trade is plundered by the ‘mother country’. Including soon around £40 billion worth of renewable energy every year, at current prices.

  319. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    The latest Yew Choob video. Thanks to Wee Annie for the link.

  320. James Che says:

    The word “Colonial” became a dirty associated word by deeds in the UK british parliament. And Westminster wished to disacssciate itself from being incurred with the name Colonies and Colonial,

    There solution was to rephrase the terminology to CommonWealth Countries.

    This was suggested in a House of Commons sitting 25th March 1959-Colonial Developement and Welfare Bill.

    HC Deb Vol 602 cc 1471-7

    Mr Creech Jones,
    I beg to move in page 5, line 17, to leave out “Colonial” and to insert ” Commonwealth” A great deal of nonsense is talked about Colonialism, one knows that there have been many vicious practices under that heading.
    We have now reached a stage in human history, however when the word ” Colony” signifies an anachronism which is no longer applicable to the life of the world as we would like it to be, Consequently, in the case of of the British territories, We have got into the habit of talking of the Commonwealth and because the word ” Colony ” is covered with “opprobium” we prefer to think of what we call junior members of the Commonwealth or members of the Commonwealth not quite full members of the Commonwealth,
    What we suggest by Amendment is that henceforth, however fimiliar we may be with the term ” Colonial Development and Welfare” we should refer to the funds and the Act, as the bill will become.

    My Interpretation of this going through the house of Commons is the wish to change the name ” Colonial to Commonwealth.

    And that Westminster would then be able to dip into the share of funds and resources of other Countries under the new title of Commonwealth while hiding the Colonial stock funds under a new title that might not be so offensive to native Countries.

  321. Dorothy Devine says:

    BDTT, that’s brilliant!

    I am very glad that 2 folk have given ‘my friend’ carte blanche to keep on hating!

  322. James Che says:

    Alf Baird.

    “Commonwealth fund” was the replacement Word for Colony and “Colonial Assets funds”
    As we can see from the extract in my comments above that went through Westminster parliament on the 25th March 1959.

  323. twathater says:

    @ wullie 12.03 pm I commented the other day that anyone wanting their money back from the nonce party should attempt to create a class joint action with others to FORCE police Scotland and the COPFS to act , they have been investigating whether it is a crime for years , nae wonder these arseholes in the murrell corp feel invincible when oor SHITE prosecuters are more interested in ribbons than they are in FRAUDSTERS

  324. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Is he a Muslim?

    Is he fasting during the day during the month of Ramadhan which is ongoing right now?”

    Yes and yes.

  325. Shrugging says:

    Al Dossary, 6.19 a.m., asks when a woman has ever carried out a mass shooting. Never hear the Boomtown Rats song I Don’t Like Mondays? Look up the story behind it. And…

  326. Gordon Gekko says:

    Thanks Wullie for that reply.

  327. cost of living is everything now and our politicians dont have a clue how to deal with it

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