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In another country

Posted on April 29, 2021 by

The BBC debate for the Welsh Assembly elections tonight included the leader of the Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party, which is polling at below 4%:

We make no comment.

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    70 to “In another country”

    1. Tommo says:

      Your point is well made and I dont doubt you but on the last poll I heard of the pro-independence vote was at either 13 or 14 % and the Abolish vote was at 14 or 15 %
      The independence campaign here is currently under the banner ‘Yes Cymru’

    2. Thomas Potter says:

      How long are we going to put up with this absolute pish.

    3. Kcor says:

      What was the outcome of ALBA’s complaint to Ofcom?

    4. Cath says:

      They have the “right” opinion though. You really must learn right from wrong.

    5. Johnny says:

      Of course, the difference is that one party wishes to diminish the status of the constituent country (and so gets on) and the other wants to no longer be a constituent country (and so does not). End of.

    6. Helen Yates says:

      It really is scandalous what they get away with in this country and more, what we’re prepared to accept.

    7. cynicalHighlander says:

      Democracy for some not for others though.

    8. kapelmeister says:

      As the BBC has always told its journalists…Scotland is different.

    9. Joan Hutcheson says:

      I am no longer outraged by the BBC. I am no longer even punch drunk by its unfairness and self assertion (when one complains) of impartiality. So if you were to complain about its unfairness in refusing a platform to Alba at Leaders debates (offering as examples the platform given to the Vrexut Party which had no Parliamentarians at the 2019 British State General Election or to the Party seeking to abolish the Welsh Senedd (2021) it would pretend that the decision was ‘devolved’ to BBC Scotland – as though the last weren’t a colonial outpost of ‘London Calling’.

    10. robertknight says:

      BBC… BritNat Brainwashing Channel

    11. Alex should identify as a woman up until the election,

      i`m sure the green goblin,she/her and the corrupt fearty media would all have an aneurysm trying to figure out how to attack Alexa without looking like woke hypocrites.

    12. Astonished says:

      Ofcom must be pleased.

      Is it true that Felix Dzerzhinsky invented ofcom ? Or was it Pol Pot ?

      The rules don’t apply to you uppity jocks – get to the back of the bus and shut-up.

      Thanks nicola for letting them get away with this for longer than necessary.

    13. Lothianlad says:

      British brain washing corporation.

    14. Mal de Wyn says:

      For the second debate the nationalist parties Gwlad and Propel are not invited, even though they have councilors and the leader of Propel Neil McEvoy is a sitting Senedd member.

    15. Effigy says:

      Rev, I recall you being invited in to speak to the BBC and
      listen to their Westminster sourced script about how they
      are not bias and of how we are all paranoid.

      Didn’t they say you could contact them directly if you thought anything was afoot?

      How do they justify Alba being completely ignored in debates while parties with lower
      membership numbers and polling stats are embraced?

      The answer we know but it would be nice to see them squirm in their sewer of unionism.

    16. Stephen says:

      The format for election debates has become staid and uninteresting anyway.
      Perhaps they should become interactive with viewers able to vote according to their view of the performance of the panelists.
      Those panelist’s who fail to answer the question would be at risk of being ejected from their seat, a la Room 101.

    17. Shocked says:

      @Thomas Potter

      Unfortunately until a bunch of folks grow a spine and stop voting SNP.

      BBC Scotland and STV are little more than propaganda arms of the SNP now, their coverage of the salmond inquiry was absolutely shameful and both of them are now going all out to ensure that the corrupt lying criminal Nicola Sturgeon is re-elected when she should be facing criminal charges. It’s like 1984, everyone knows what sturgeon did, we even know who conspired with her, yet we are not allowed to mention it and must pretend it never happened and BBC Scotland and STV do everything they can to perpetrate the lie and maintain the false reality surrounding Sturgeon. The country is fucked.

    18. Republicofscotland says:

      There lies the very fact that the biased state propaganda machine known as the BBC fears the ALBA party because its the only party at Holyrood that actually wants Scottish independence.

      But what do we expect when we allow a foreign country to rule our affairs. We trusted Sturgeon and the SNP to get us out of this one sided union, however she betrayed us, its going to be a long five years.

    19. kapelmeister says:

      If patriotic Scots have no rights according to the BBC then they have no rights to a licence fee.

    20. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Prof J Robertson has compiled a good body of evidence which highlights the difference between the British Nationalist State Broadcasters approach to reportage in Wales and in Scotland.

    21. Shocked says:

      Some folks are failing to understand BBC Scotland’s position, they are not britnats, indeed Brian Taylor was unashamedly pro-SNP and now his successor Glenn Campbell is well known as pro SNP and got involved in the propaganda campaign to smear salmond and clear Sturgeon during the inquiry.

      If BBC Scotland were really britnats they would have George Galloway on the debates, but like Alex Salmond he must be ignored as both of them must not be allowed to give Nicola Sturgeon a hard time.

      The BBC Scotland agenda is not so much to promote independence but to promote the SNP and in particular Nicola Sturgeon at all costs, Nicola Sturgeon must be promoted as oor ain Jacinda Ardern, it interestingly that lustre is starting to wear off Jacinda because of her selling out to China, unfortunately if the lustre doesn’t wear off Nicola Sturgeon in the next few days we will be lumbered with a criminal as First Minister and the Rev may have to find a new pastime and we’ll have to find a new website to read.

    22. Republicofscotland says:

      And on Sturgeon the betrayer, her hypocrisy knows no bounds.

      “This is an incredibly impressive list of people, all making clear that a future independent Scotland should be warmly and quickly welcomed back into the EU.”

      Sturgeon said the above yet she knows independence is the only way back into the EU, she’ll say anything to stay in power.

    23. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Total pish @Shocked says at 9:39 pm

      Glenn Campbell is a Labour NUJ BritNat, I remember he ripped up an SNP Manifesto on air and was caught with his head on the desk greetin’ like a bairn when the SNP got their Holyrood majority but still has a job as a political correspondent/editor despite his obvious lack of impartiality.

      As for George ‘Twat in the Hat’ Galloway his omission is for the exact opposite reason to that of Salmond.

      A4U will split the Unionist vote and potentially take Unionist List places, predominantly from the Tories.

      Salmond and ALBA are omitted because they will take Unionist List places but not at the expense of the SNP.

      A piss poor attempt at derailing the thread IMHO.

    24. kapelmeister says:

      JWT @9:50

      Neat derailing of the would be derailer.

    25. Auld Jock says:

      What a joke..if so eh. Bar stewards the lot of them for keeping Alba out of the picture. I genuinely hope we can unseat those green evil bar stewards…I’ve ask to help the campaign but not heard anything back. Then listening to the news tonight. Let’s speak to folks out in Edinburgh having a drink, not one interested or even mentioned the few token creeps thrown in. What a disgrace we have got ourselves into…

    26. Stephen says:

      On singing from the same hymn sheet
      Sometimes progression requires a change of key.

    27. Shocked says:

      @jockanese wind talker

      I know people who live near Campbell and I have it on good authority he is pro SNP and had SNP banners up on his home. No one can pretend he wasn’t in on the Salmond hatchet job to protect Nicola Sturgeon with his shameless interview of one of his “poor victims”… or as the rest of us would refer to as one of the criminal conspirators… all set up with the SNP front rape crisis.

    28. Shocked says:

      BBC Scotland is focussed on protecting Nicola Sturgeon at all costs, whether it is refusing Salmond airtime in case he creates a problem for sturgeon or allowing her to sidestep the leaders debate so she doesn’t have to face any difficult questions. People seem to forget that for the last 12 months they have allowed Sturgeon to promote herself as the saviour of the nation on BBC Scotland almost every single day, that sort of thing doesn’t happen by accident. All carefully coordinated, not to promote independence but instead to promote Sturgeon.

      It doesn’t surprise me that the SNP 1 crowd don’t like being told the truth, they are after all in on it themselves. Party first, country doesn’t even get a consideration. Utterly shameless.

    29. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Rev, I recall you being invited in to speak to the BBC and
      listen to their Westminster sourced script about how they
      are not bias and of how we are all paranoid.”

      I don’t remember that…

    30. Gruff Williams says:

      The last four polls in Wales held within the previous four months have put independence at 32, 39, 35 and 32 per cent. This has not, however, transferred into support for Plaid Cymru which hovers between 20 and 25 per cent.

    31. John Martini says:

      Do people actually watch election debates? I have heatd rumours that some people still watch question time.

    32. Stephen says:

      Not me.
      I stopped after Robin Day retired.

    33. INDEPENDENT says:

      Unfortunately suggesting Stopping Paying the Licence Fee etc. Does not actually get through to 80%+ of voters, so they the
      B.B.C. / MSM just carry on regardless.

      We have to resurrect the YES movement ASAP. Grass roots for Indy. Even if we just speak and turn one more voter to ALBA.

      I think an awful lot of current / former SNP / Yes voters will not be bothered to vote this time, you know people who are not like us anoraks and who think that politics does not really affect them.

      Tragic really when you think what is at stake.

      C’mon Alex pull the rabbit oot the hat.

      There has to be one belter left up the sleeve?

    34. @shocked,

      ` Brian Taylor was unashamedly pro-SNP and now his successor Glenn Campbell is well known as pro SNP `

      i assume you mean they are both loyal unionists but pro SNP as in its present form,

      `cause from where i`m standing Taylor and Campbell aint never been Scottish patriots.

    35. Patrick Jones says:

      Rumours are that when Sturgeon heard the latest Poll figures today, she re-enacted the joyous celebrations of the moment when she heard that Jo Swinson had just lost her seat.

      Her and Pete where said to be doing the bouncy bouncy are their very expensive living room.

      This is all going to plan as far as Sturgeon and Harvie are concerned.

      She wants a goldilocks result on 6th May.

      Not too many seats, but also for safety, not too little.

      Just enough so her and Harvie have their majority, but not a huge majority that would trigger a push for Indy.

      The freaks have got it all sussed out.

      That way she stays in the spotlight, and with it all the trimmings if the Mansion and the double salary pouring in to the Murrells bank account.

      That’s what the SNP 1 Brigade are contributing towards.

    36. Patrick Jones says:

      I don’t pay the english broadcasting corporation to watch tv, but it doesn’t matter a hoot.

      The english broadcasting corporation sign a contract every seven years or so, and are gauranteed a set amount from the government every year.

      So it wouldn’t matter a hoot if 50% of the population stopped paying for their license, the BBC still get the money that is on that contract.

      That is why johnson is talking about scrapping this contract set up and let the BBC become a private company similar to ITV.

      He has them by the short and curlies.

    37. Patrick Jones says:

      I have been banging on about this for over a year now that there has to be a mass protest outside of Bute House.

      Covid put an end to that idea.

      But as soon as we can get the numbers together to make an impact, this idea has to be resurrected as soon as it’s safe to do so.

      September sounds a good choice.

      That’s if Sturgeon makes it past the May 6th election.

      C’mon the Sarwar guy.

      He could become the toast of the Yes Movement.

    38. What you won’t find in that “Leaders’ Debate” is anyone from the other three pro-Indy parties standing in this election: Propel (founded by the former Plaid MS Neil McEvoy after he was hounded out of that party because he wouldn’t go easy on Labour; Gwlad (a right-of-centre nationalist party) and even the Greens (although their commitment to Indy is dubious, given that less than two years ago their membership here voted by a ratio of 2:1 not to create an autonomous Green Party on the Scottish model, and to remain a branch of the Green Party of Englandandwales instead).

      They have all been more or less edited out of the picture in preference to the BritNat parties (including the Abortions – the home of refried KIPpers and other chancers from outside), and leave the people here thinking that there is only one party in favour of Indy.

      Not that Plaid are convincing on that score, by the way. They spent thirty years – since a takeover by the hard left in the mid-1980s under now-Milord Dafydd Elis Elis Elis-Thomas Thomas Thomas (the church he was christened in had terrible acoustics) – avoiding the ‘I’-word or anything connected to it. Nowadays, their primary aim seems to be to keep unwanted minority Labour régimes in power, which is why I – as a nationalist of over forty years’ standing – cannot vote for them.

      Oh, and in relation to your own fair land, some of you might be interested in this, which I wrote a few days ago:

    39. Robert Graham says:

      The BBC website has the smaller parties listed I would have imagined as it was in alphabetical order with some weird and wonderful name starting with A at the top I assumed ALBA would be next Nope right at the bottom of the pile ,aye that’s BBC Spiteful behaviour for you , so fkn petty it’s farcical .

      The only party the others are shit scared of is ALBA and Alex the SNP because it makes people ask what the fk have they been doing since 2014 and why do we need another Indy party , the Unionists know they have a smart unpredictable opponent that won’t play nice like princess Nicola and that’s a fkn nightmare for them even their best would be flattened by Alex ,

      Sturgeons probably on Prosaic and Tramadol just to help her forget the vision she keeps having of Alex walking into the chamber and shouting ” HONEY I AM BACK ” now I would queue up for that gig ha ha .

    40. Lost says:

      I know it’s probably a dream, but I would love it if the SNP & Green’s did alot worse that expected and Alba picked up Green seats and SNP needed Alba rather than the Greens to form a majority.

      Happy Dancing commence!

      (I wouldn’t put it past Nicola Sturgeon to form an alliance with Labour or Tories or Lib Dems first).

    41. Famous15 says:

      Anyone who thinks Brian Taylor tootle do the noo is a supporter of independence is an agent provocateur .

      Video record of him teaching novice broadcasters how to shaft independence supporters!

    42. John D says:

      The BBc is as much an Edinburgh thing as London. Scotland needs to acknowledge our UKers. For me they have been half my family of dozens of Aunts and Uncles (not unusual) and more cousins.
      Edinburgh has , I heard, the highest % of Privately Educated pupils of any UK city. An educational apartheid system that underpins the UK .
      Quite the Jekyll and Hyde us Scotland.
      Looking forward to next week. Might change at the weekend.

    43. PhilM says:

      Don’t know where Tommo saw an Abolish vote at 15%, they don’t figure in any reporting of any opinion poll that I can find.

    44. true scot says:

      Two things that would make Sturgeon stand down pretty quickly.
      1/ Alex Salmond elected to Holyrood
      2/ A Yes vote in indyref2

    45. Elmac says:

      Words fail me. Why do the Welsh, with a substantially smaller population, have access to democracy when we do not? As someone said earlier, the only explanation is that the bulk of the Scots population are thick and tolerate shit from their government and the media without a whimper. I think that may be partially true but the role of an utterly corrupt media in brain washing us plebs is also likely. What is wrong with our nation for Gods sake? More people need to wake up to what Sturgeon is about and vote with their feet.

      I started off this month prepared to consider voting SNP1, ALBA2 because that was what AS advocated. After another month of lies and crap from Sturgeon’s SNP I cannot comply and will vote for their main challenger in my constituency. That happens to be a Tory, but equally it could be the Monster Raving Loony Party. I will be voting AGAINST Sturgeon rather than for anyone else so don’t bother responding with the usual supporting unionists rubbish. I will be voting against the greater of two evils. If enough people grew a pair this would be the end of SNP dominance. Sure it could mean 5 years of a Unionist coalition at Holyrood but, I ask you, would that be worse than 5 more years of corruption and criminality under Sturgeon? At the end of those five years we would have either a cleaned out SNP or a dominant Alba rather then being back where we started with a party in power who has no intention of promoting Scottish independence and clings on to power and the gravy train by the use of ever larger carrots.

    46. boris says:

      The BBC prepare for the upcoming battle against the people of Scotland

      A few months before the start of the 2014 Scottish referendum campaign the BBC decided to clear out a number of Scottish based presenters replacing them with reliable Unionists. Broadcaster Sarah Smith, the daughter of the late Labour leader, John Smith, fitted the profile perfectly, and was lured away and recruited to the BBC at great cost from Channel 4 to anchor BBC2’s Referendum programme. Sarah was ecstatic since she and her husband have a very close family relationship with her mother , Baroness Smith, with whom she lives, in Edinburgh.

      Her sister Jane, now divorced, was married to Lord John Robertson’s son. A picture of links to the unionist Labour Party so strong it should have ensured she was the last person on earth to be contracted by the BBC to present an unbiased commentary in a referendum which could possibly bring an end to the Party in Scotland of her beloved father and all of her close knit family and friends.

    47. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Boris.


    48. Morgatron says:

      Well they know some airtime will just unstablise the whole fucking status quo and their fucked.

    49. Elmac says:

      I expect to see the gradual demise of the SNP as more and more people wake up to what they have done and the policies they are ramrodding through. They will lose at the ballot box at some point in the next few years but I suspect that before then their financial house of cards will have come crashing down as the effect of their declining membership bites. This could be exacerbated if Police Scotland do their job and investigate the theft of £600,000 of ringfenced funds by Murrell and his cronies.

      At some point soon our country will be free of the scourge of this corrupt, criminal cabal who control the Scottish Government for their own betterment rather than the Scottish population. When that happens their must be a reckoning. Sturgeon, Murrell. Swinney, Wolffe, Evans, Loyd and a some Alphabetties, to name a few, must be put on trial for criminal conspiracy and lies in public office. We cannot restore public trust in our government and judicial system until this happens. There must be serious jail time for these people if we are to discourage others from similar actions in future.

    50. Patrick Jones says:

      Elmac. 11.57pm

      Welcome to the other side.

      I have never advocated this SNP 1 shite.

      I and a few others got pelters for it. Being called out as a britnat and many other childish names.

      Do expect a bit of incoming.

      There’s still about half a dozen hard core SNP 1 Brigade left, but they are dying out fast.

      They realise they are wrong and we have been correct all along.

      And have you noticed the SNP 1 Brigade are crawling back up their own arses because they know they are putting women and young girls in serious danger of sexual assault with them voting SNP 1.

      And regards how thick the Scottish electorate are, you could mention about a dozen topics we have discussed on Wings and about 90% of the Scottish population wouldn’t have a clue what you were talking about.

      Their heads are full of soaps and reality TV.

    51. Hatuey says:

      Three things that are really so obvious they should be considered basic truisms;

      1) the BBC play is an integral part of the UK state propaganda system. It is institutionally and constitutionally bound to serve the British National Interest.

      2) Scottish Independence since the discovery of North Sea oil has been very clearly defined as a major threat to the British National Interest.

      3) The BBC has been openly supportive and protective of Nicola Sturgeon since the General Election of 2019.

      Everything you need to know about the current state of Scottish politics and the role of the BBC can be inferred from the above.

      In short, the SNP is managing Scotland on behalf of the British State in what is commonly referred to in international relations as a neo-colonial relationship.

      Nothing good ever comes from these sort of arrangements and in actual fact it has been argued that they necessarily depend on creating bitter divisions in both society and politics.

    52. StuartM says:

      Elmac said:

      “I suspect that before then their financial house of cards will have come crashing down as the effect of their declining membership bites.”


      It’s already happening – witness their desperate efforts to get members to pay their annual subscriptions in advance. I don’t live in Scotland but I notice people saying that they haven’t seen any SNP TV ads, another sign of the SNP’s financial crisis. The excrement will really hit the fan when the SNP’s 2020 accounts are finally published. Expect Murrell to delay that as long as possible, but will eventually have to submit accounts to the Electoral Commission.

      In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if matters come to a head a few weeks/months after the election when the SNP is unable to pay the election bills. Murrell’s days as CEO are numbered and Sturgeon can’t be far behind.

    53. Captain Yossarian says:

      For what it’s worth, I think that Glenn Campbell is the Labour Party’s man. If you ever speak to a Labour MSP they think somehow that they have the inside track to Glenn Campbell.

      I though his interview a few months ago with one of the alphabet women was the most bizarre piece of TV I had seen for ages. I remember he was asked by The Spectator about that: who suggested it, who facilitated it, what was the provenance of her story etc. I don’t think he replied.

    54. Luigi says:

      Despicable but hardly surprising. Reason being, at 30% they don’t see support for Welsh independence as a threat YET. For the BBC it’s still a novelty for entertainment. Don’t worry though – things will change and the good people of Wales will realise that good old Auntie BBC is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The Just as many Scots are already aware. Only a matter of time IMO

    55. akenaton says:

      All appears to be lost. Is it not about time for Alba and the big beasts therein to come forward and expose the Sturgeon administration even if it means the destruction of the present SNP cabal?
      If Sturgeon gets what she wants, no sane person would wish in Scotland free or UK controlled.
      Desperate times require desperate measures or are all politicians really self serving at heart.

      Without the help of Westminster Sturgeon will rule for ever and we will live in a Fascist State.

      Alex miscalculated, but there is still time to change the narrative, if we don’t, all here are simply pishing into the wind.

    56. akenaton says:

      Stuart M, the Murrells MAY be removed, but the great big corrupt hump of SNP MSPs will remain, plus a fully indoctrinated membership.

    57. Captain Yossarian says:

      We’re still waiting on George’s opinion on the school that’s sinking into the mud. It seems to be taking ages, doesn’t it. In the meantime, the following is opinion 31 from 47:

      ‘Having unintentionally altered groundwater you do not now want to unintentionally lower the level which potentially will induce settlement in the ground, building or adjacent properties; particularly if sands are present. Scour of fine sediment seems likely to be occurring based on the ‘dirty’ water and this is altering the volume of the ground and change in volume equals consolidation/ settlement. The foundation of the building is at risk where un-natural groundwater level exists’.

      This was from October 2017. The City Council and the Scottish Government had it checked 7-months later by their own experts, 5No of them, but they’ve managed to cover-up the results. Not to worry, we’ll soon know what George thinks.

      I contacted the teaching union last night and asked them to provide me with some assistance because it’s their teachers and pupils who use this building every day and they shouldn’t be leaving everything to me. I’m sure they’ll oblige.

    58. Don says:

      @Scot Finlayson 29 April, 2021 at 10:36 pm

      ` Brian Taylor was unashamedly pro-SNP and now his successor Glenn Campbell is well known as pro SNP `

      “i assume you mean they are both loyal unionists but pro SNP as in its present form,`cause from where i`m standing Taylor and Campbell aint never been Scottish patriots.”

      If this isn’t Taylor being pro SNP i don’t know what is.

      “SNP conference: Salmond ‘reaching out to disenchanted’
      BBC Scotland political editor Brian Taylor says that SNP leader Alex Salmond has used his conference speech to try and reach out to “disenchanted” voters, and encourage them to vote in favour of independence for Scotland.

      Its widely known Taylor is pro SNP , both Salmond and Taylor go way back, were at University together and were close friends from those days on as seen

    59. Meg merrilees says:

      Sturgeon on BBCR4 now nothing new to say!

    60. Frank Gillougley says:

      I just can’t physically listen to BBC approved politicians speaking total pish anymore.
      I will await the results. Still reading this website and the Twitter though.

    61. Breeks says:

      akenaton says:
      30 April, 2021 at 7:32 am

      Alex miscalculated, but there is still time to change the narrative, if we don’t, all here are simply pishing into the wind.

      Miscalculated what exactly? (No menace implied. Asked with respect).

      Alex Salmond delivered a gleaming sunbeam of opportunity in Sturgeon’s bleak grey sky of eternal winter. If the Independence movement, (which she broke), is now too factional in it’s beliefs and indoctrination to seize the opportunity presented, I don’t see how that qualifies as miscalculation on Alex Salmond’s part.

      If the SNP won’t purge itself of crooks, conspirators, embezzlers, Wokeratti deviants or gradualist invertebrates, then the SNP doesn’t need fixed but replaced.

      It looks like ALBA is step 1 towards that wholesale replacement.

      I can only speak personally, but folks familiar with my comments will know that stemming from personal experience, I have been a long term critic and cynic of the SNP. Even back in 2013/2014, I was a constant critic because I wanted the SNP to do more, try harder, and get less wrong. I thought YES was terrific, I rated Alex Salmond as a master strategist, but my confidence in the greater SNP was always threadbare. I have never been a member of the SNP. I have never drank the SNP Koolaid.

      I am a member of ALBA. First political party I have ever joined.

      ALBA for me represents the YES movement actually coming round to my way of thinking. In no small part that is down to their Constitutional resolve and apparent Constitutional literacy regarding Scottish popular Sovereignty. Alex Salmond’s references to the Declaration of Arbroath and Community of the Realm felt like words specifically written to put a smile on my face, and they did.

      It is my firm conviction that a Scottish Nation standing in resolute defence of it’s binary sovereign Constitution is a much more formidable adversary for Westminster to overcome than the mealymouthed and Constitutionally illiterate Holyrood Assembly, and a Scottish “democracy” which can be gerrymandered by monopolised propaganda, indoctrination, infiltration and irregular dark money transactions.

      This airbrushing of ALBA and Alex Salmond from the Unionist Airwaves is a potent reminder of the real political landscape for those of us in the know, a reminder just how resolute, corrupt and ruthless, the UK Establishment is about disrupting Scottish Independence. It’s like we travelled back in time to 2014.

      People complain about “fairness”, but the UK media’s every instinct is to reject YES as a legitimate political movement and malign it as an enemy of the UK state bordering on a Terrorist Organisation. The media literally is on a war footing against Scottish Independence. “Fairness” is the Geneva Convention they didn’t sign up to.

      They are not at war with Nicola Sturgeon, they are much more accommodating, because Sturgeon’s government is their equivalent of a Vichy Government, a predictable, pedestrian, puppet government which knows who it’s master is. It enjoys “liberties” commensurate with the threat level it poses.

      I said it before, and I’ll say it again, I think that prospect of an SNP / ALBA Supermajority was a test for the SNP to rediscover it’s backbone, or drift off with the current once we let go of the rope. I believe it has failed that test. We are on our own.

      Is it a setback? Many will see it as such. But me? For me it feels like we have retraced our steps, backward along our journey, back five, maybe six, lost and forlorn years, and for the first time since before the Brexit Referendum, Scotland has finally taken a step in the right direction.

      Sturgeon’s tenure as FM has been a long, painful, and wholly unnecessary detour for the YES movement and Scottish Independence, but Scotland is now much nearer to finding it’s way again.

      A “lot” now rests on whether ALBA is deadly serious about it’s Constitutional resolve.

    62. Shocked says:

      To the shameless sturgeonite @famous15. Show your evidence. Taylor now writes for the pro SNP herald/national stable and his reports after FMQs with never needing gushing praise for Nicola Sturgeon even if she got a mauling showed his true colours.

    63. Shocked says:


      Exactly, the sturgeonites don’t know when to stop. Fools the lot of them.

    64. Shocked says:


      Aye sturgeon’s tenure has been “painfull”, that’ll be why you are shamelessly campaigning for her day and night and blaming the BBC for her failings.

    65. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “What was the outcome of ALBA’s complaint to Ofcom?”

      They lost, of course.

    66. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Another example of BBC pro Union politicisation by omission.

      Remember the BBC/MSM were never away from Peterhead and interviewing fishermen who were Pro Union and Pro Brexit?

      Remember Ruths Fishy Friends?

      Not so keen on reporting from there now are they?

      ALBA going for EFTA has a lot going for it, get the word out but more importantly Get The Vote Out on Thursday!

    67. Liz g says:

      Breeks 9.08
      Well said Breeks, feel pretty much the same way too.
      It’s shit or get off the pot time for the SNP ( well those who want a future for it anyway ).
      I just hope going forwards we don’t repeat the mistake of throwing everything behind Alba either.
      We should be putting those party’s who stood aside into the Councils next year too.
      Joining *NOW Scotland* to put the Yes Movement itself into the conversation and potentially a voice in the Convention to be,… not silence till the next march.
      To make all that effort from the thousands who turn out mean something more!
      While Indy should be obviously the lazer focus in Holyrood …. the one important thing missing from the Alba manifesto, never addressed since 2011 either is this stupid voting system.

      Firstly … It might have its merits but , if , after 20 years of the thing a huge number of people don’t easily understand it!
      Then it’s no the voting system we should have.

      Secondly … The Council elections have yet again a different system, making a third way of voting in Scotland to be explained.
      That’s an unnecessary complication.

      We ( as usual ) don’t have any power to change ( and hopefully won’t need to bother with it much longer ) the Westminister farce of a voting system, and I’d assume we wouldn’t want it for our Parliament anyway..

      To take a vote through Holyrood to set up a better voting system would be a better use of Parlimentry time than some of the shit they have been concentrating on ( e.g. GRA ) these past few years.
      I can’t see many parents having an issue with an ” understanding how to Vote, to Bank , to manage Utillites and Navigate our Tax system ” replacing the child’s guide to Anal sex ” in the schools either.

      This could also be done by reffrendum and be a hard thing for the SNP to refuse to work with Alba on.
      Setting two precedents here… mibbi three ( as in, Scotland installed its own system and are done with the Westminister one ).
      It would demonstrate that Holyrood can do more than pandemic stuff and keep voters engaged beyond this election.
      Obviously running in parallel with Alba’s efforts on the Constition and something to tick off the Indy to do list .
      I’d also take a good look at voter registration while we are at it…
      Is it nesecssary at all ?
      Why can’t we all just rock up with our Scottish tax code and vote?
      The Poll Tax ensures ( currently ) that councils can project how many over 16s they are to cater for, so why the need to register anymore ?
      Or alternatively in the age of the internet why the need for a cut off date ?
      Why aren’t there registration terminals at the polling stations that can register ye on the day ?
      I’ve spoken to someone at every election who had switched on to the poll late and had missed the registration cut off date.
      Could we have the vote counted at the Polling stations?… there’s a “Consultation” to set up that would be mair in line with Holyroods representing ALL of Scotland’s intresrests…
      To keep Holyrood and the Scottish Electorate focused on things that actually advance our Constional power on a practical but non confrontational way, is, I think, a good thing too !

    68. akenaton says:

      Good post Breeks, but Alex miscalculated the mindset of the Scottish people, things have changed dramatically for the worse in the years that Alex has bee out of Scottish politics.
      The wokies are strong and the Rev is correct that Sturgeon and Harvie are playing a blinder, for themselves , not Scotland.

      I have come to believe that the spirit and dedication needed to make Scotland a free and democratic nation simply does not exist any longer among the Scottish electorate they do not want to make things happen like they did twenty years ago, being content to be sucked along by a corrupt media and an administration dedicated to emasculation.

      As I said earlier the whole sordid business needs one or two brave politicians, people in the mould of the Rev, but with more political clout to expose everything which has taken place in Holyrood. Alex says he has proof of criminality can he not use his RT platform to prove it and to force the MSM to pick up the story and run with it? The media would love the sordid details and we must lose our unfortunate habit of being fair. It no longer works in Scottish politics.

      Sorry about the delayed response but I am at work most days.

    69. Kcor says:

      “What was the outcome of ALBA’s complaint to Ofcom?”

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
      30 April, 2021 at 12:48 pm

      “They lost, of course.”

      No surprise there then.

      Please please let ALBA hold the balance of power.

    70. David A. says:

      The BBC don’t need to care about what you or anyone thinks really as they don’t need to actually meet any real standard to get regular money via government enforcement, unlike any other business you can boycott if they treated you badly or failed to perform properly. It’s quite a racket.

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